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The contaminant

Posted on September 27, 2019 by

Remember this guy? Go on, give it a minute, it’ll come to you.

He popped up today to chuck in his tuppence-worth about inflammatory language in politics, and how – like everything else bad – it all started with vile cybernats in 2014 (because as you’ll of course remember, it was Yes supporters who never shut up about “surrendering”) and has now sullied even the dignified halls of Westminster.

We wonder how that can have happened.

Oh. Right.

One day they’ll learn that the internet remembers, folks.

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123 to “The contaminant”

  1. Doug says:

    Nice one, Rev. A keeper, to use when the bbc and other britnats say Murphy is right.

  2. johnj says:

    Wot’s e doin now?

  3. Jk scobie says:

    Is he still alive !!!!!??

  4. Liz g says:

    I cannot wait to tell them to mind their language in the next Indy Ref!

    That “No Surrender” is a Slur and part of the language of violence that has no place in the debate!

    That to call me British is MisCountrying me, my preferred pro noun is Scot!

  5. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Och, this deserves re-watching…


  6. He has fundilly mundilly underestimated our memories.

  7. TJenny says:

    ‘One day they’ll learn that the internet remembers, folks.’

    And that Karma doesn’t need your addres. 😉

  8. JOML says:

    Don’t be too hard on Murphy, he’s not the full shilling and is a bit lost since his step-dad, Blair, left him….

  9. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    And that video, leads me on to this…

    Jeezie peeps! On creativity alone, we should have triumphed in 2014.

    One more go…

  10. doug_bryce says:

    Labour would rather Scotland was run by Tories than Scots.

  11. TJenny says:

    Oops, should be address. 🙁

  12. thomas says:

    Midget walks intae govan library.

    Says tae the librarian “any books on midegt descrimination?!”

    Librarian say “aye pal. Tap shelf!”

  13. Iain mhor says:

    @BDTT 8:41pm
    By the auld gods! Why have I never seen this before!?
    Unadulterated genius – thanks for the link.

  14. Giving Goose says:

    Doug Bryce

    Because many in the Labour party are Tories.

  15. thomas says:

    Phone rings , govan woman answers.

    Pervert heavy breathing says “ah bet you have a tight arse wae no hair!”

    Govan woman answers “aye , hes watchin the fitba. Who shall i say is calling?”

  16. Cubby says:

    Murphy a Celtic fan who attended St Josephs in Clarkston and a raving looney Britnat. So much for Gove and all the other Orange Order and Rangers supporters who like to claim that independence supporters are Catholics.

    John Reid, ex Celtic Chairman and ex Britnat Labour Home Secretary.

    Gove and his ilk do not like to let facts get in the way of their sectarian smears. Nothing like a good old sectarian divide and conquer attack from the Britnats. Despicable people.

  17. Tam Fae somewhere says:

    Has he gone back to Strathclyde to have another crack at finishing his degree?

  18. TJenny says:

    thomas – lol moments there. Keep them coming, but keep them clean.

  19. Robert Peffers says:

    @Jk scobie says: 27 September, 2019 at 8:39 pm:

    Is he still alive !!!!!??”

    Didn’t someone assassinate him by throwing an egg at him?

  20. Bob Mack says:

    Jim Murphy as reported by the “Scotsman”

    “Mr Murphy was big by a high velocity shell which exploded on impact,causing jagged shrapnel to fly in all directions,endangering innocent onlookers. Mr Murphy heroically declined treatment within the shelter of a local dry cleaner,as the onlookers scrambled away. ”

    Mr Murphy stated that “people who do these things are just chicken”

    What a filthy war that was.

  21. mike cassidy says:

    Love his tweet from 21/9

    For 1st time in 5yrs I’m going to pop into Labour conference

    I’m not surprised to learn he hasn’t been back since he destroyed their Scottish branch!

  22. Cubby says:

    The Cameron Years BBC

    A lot of Britnat politicians trying to justify their actions whilst at the sand time slagging off each other.

    The best part for me was the lengthy section on the Britnat Lib Dems betrayal ( can I use that word? – yes seems fair to me) on the matter of student fees in England. Hopefully all the pics of the massive demonstrations against Nick Cleggs betrayal (that word again) knocks a big hole in the Lib Dem vote as people remember you cannot trust the Lie Dems.

  23. schrodingers cat says:


    very well done stu, take a bow 🙂

  24. Cubby says:

    Bob Mack a cracking comment. LOL

    I always suspected it was a false flag attack. Why waste an egg on the plonker.

  25. mike cassidy says:

    Feck me!

    This is what he’s involved with now.

    Do you think his time leading Scottish Labour over the cliff has been erased from his cv?

  26. galamcennalath says:

    Like the nastier intruder. They enter your home uninvited, daub foul language everywhere, shit on your carpet, and are never seen again.

  27. Just saw Jim Murphy in the gym this week,working out in East Renfrewshire.I think he is still alive,unless he has been cloned.

  28. Robert Peffers says:

    @Cubby says: 27 September, 2019 at 9:47 pm:

    ” … I always suspected it was a false flag attack. Why waste an egg on the plonker.”

    Or alternatively, Why plonk an egg on the waster?

  29. Fairliered says:

    Jim Murphy has 90 degrees. I know cause I saw him in WH Smiths in Largs yesterday buying a protractor.

  30. ElGordo says:

    Jim and those bonds that still hold us together..

    Mr Murphy dodged the cannabis question when it was put to him by Radio Clyde political editor Colin MacKay, saying that glue sniffing “was the thing” in the housing scheme where he used to live.

    Mr Murphy said: “In the housing scheme where I lived glue sniffing was the thing.”

    Apartheid era South African, returning, draft dodging, uni failing, 11 year student, tho student grant cancelling, never had a real job in his life, Labour for Eastwood, Labour friend of Israel, planted provocative victim, for the people, who tell him what to do…

    Never show your melted face in Scotland again.

  31. Cubby says:

    The Cameron Years BBC

    Two things turned my stomach:

    1. The sight of Cameron trying to boast how he got the Queen to help him win indyref1 without appearing to be trying to boast now he got the Queen to help him win indyref1. A neutral monarch – aye right.

    2. Scots jumping up and down celebrating the 2014 no vote. Celebrating a continuing diet of subservience, subjugation and humiliation for themselves and the rest of Scotland. Made me feel sick seeing that.

  32. Graf Midgehunter says:

    O/T but needed.

    I’m very, very happy that Chris Cairns has got the money required for his new book and a decent new pair of trousers as well… 🙂

    However most folk won’t be going to marches and waving his book in the air, running his book up flagpoles, YES bikers with his book flying from the back of their motorbikes and, and, and…..

    You’ve all seen the photos which make us proud, of AUOBs with Saltires, YES flags and flags from all over the world.

    Mark Piggot/Tartanpigsy’s doing everyone a huge favour and working hard to get the next generation of flags etc. made which we’ll all need when the call to arms is sounded.

    In spite of everything he still hasn’t managed to get enough to even break through halfway which to me seems a pretty bad state of affairs for the Indy community.

    It’s actually a shame on us all.

    The petition for Indy is at 287,750 from 300,000. Just over 12,000 still needed:

    NS NEEDS YOUR PLEDGE – get folk signing up. 🙂

  33. Dr Jim says:

    Never forget his partner in Scotland’s stitch up

    Eddie Izzard

  34. call me dave says:

    Boris now reported to the Police says BBC Radio 5 for investigation for possible ‘dealings’ while Mayor of London.

    Saw it on WoS twitter earlier but no source given.

  35. Jimbo says:

    When you see how the English party leaders, their factions in England and their branch “leaders” in Scotland with their little coteries constantly lie to Scots as if we’re thick as shit, and then this latest piece of projection from Murphy, you’d be forgiven for believing that these people actually think folk in Scotland don’t have access to the internet.

  36. Welsh Sion says:

    I wrote this during his election campaign to be Branch Manager of SLAB/BLiS. Happy Days! (And yes – I did know the other, ‘Scottish’ meaning of ‘balloon’).

    50. (of 60.)

    They’re all balloons!

    Once upon a time, there were three balloons who were trying to establish themselves as the spokesballoon of their fellow red balloons. I say, ‘red balloons,’ but the reality of the situation rather proves otherwise. You see, upon closer examination, you would have discovered that there was a tinge of blue about all these seemingly ‘red’ balloons. It was rumoured that the shopkeeper no longer kept any purely red balloons in stock – they just didn’t sell. In consequence, our particular shopkeeper did not stock any other type of balloon, other than these reddish-blue balloons.

    Now although these three balloons were essentially of the same colour, they did have slight differences between them – differences which each one tried to market for himself/herself as standing apart from his/her compatriots.

    The first reddish-blue balloon when inflated considered himself to be the most important balloon in the shop. This Murphy balloon had been especially imported from the central (southern) branch of the shopkeeper’s store, and as a result tended to look down on what he considered the more ‘parochial’ balloons in the shop. He was not averse either to lording it over the other balloons and presenting himself as the ‘must buy’ balloon for the shop’s customers. He also considered that the hot air with which he was carried was of a superior, Westminster brand, and so he had to be, almost by definition, the ‘natural’ spokesballoon on behalf of the other reddish-blue balloons.

    The Murphy balloon had not, as yet however, settled into his position at the shop. Some of the other blue reddish-balloons were discomfited to learn that the Murphy balloon was (in their opinion) taking over their patch, claiming more hot air than he was entitled to and with the approval of the Chief Executive Officer of the shop chain (whose Head Office was based somewhere in the south) was sidelining the other reddish-blue balloons – those who had been in the shop much longer than he had.

    These ‘old guard’ reddish-blue balloons were thus reminded of a similar situation where the Chief Executive Officer of the shop chain had imported in the Michael balloon (a similarly reddish-blue balloon) to the western branch of the shop some years previously. His presence there had similarly irked the ‘local’ balloons, (you could say his presence went down like a lead balloon), and so, in a show of unanimity, the reddish-blue balloons at the western branch shop had resolved to puncture the Michael balloon. This they duly did, resulting in a slow and painful deflation of the Michael balloon and the subsequent appointment of the Morgan balloon (a rather redder creature) in his place.

    But we are being rather unfair here concentrating solely on the Murphy balloon and not referring to the other reddish-blue balloons in the shop, who were also in contention to be spokesballoon.


    A seemingly quieter, Boyack balloon, had also presented itself as the representative of the rest of the balloons. However, being of a quieter disposition than any of the others, no one knew very much about her. She was, it was said, a worthy enough balloon, having been inflated on natural, green and environmentally friendly gases.

    But, and as so many of the reddish-blue balloons were, she was also noted to be full of hot air. Interest in the Boyack balloon outside the shop was negligible; indeed even within the group of reddish-blue balloons, she was something of a mystery.

    It was considered by some (rather cruelly, I feel) that she was not really capable of being inflated in any case, and that it would have been better had she been left in a dark corner, all wrinkled and unloved. It would come as no surprise if the Boyack balloon was not appointed the role of spokesballoon for the reddish-blue balloon tribe.


    A third reddish-blue balloon also fancied his chances as being the leading representative of the clan of balloons in the shop.

    The Findlay balloon prided himself as being a fixture of the shop since it had opened; a ‘local’ balloon in comparison to the ‘interloping Murphy balloon’. Consequently, he had high hopes for himself in this regard and that he would be able to prevent the Murphy balloon from taking over the role of spokesballoon, and that he was better, far better than the Murphy balloon. He couldn’t actually say this of course – the reddish-blue balloons had to show some sort of solidarity amongst each other, even if they were vying with each other as the lead spokesballoon of their tribe. The Findlay balloon was also said to have the support of the UNISON and UNITE air pumps, and this was considered by many outsiders to be a useful prop for the Findlay balloon to lean on, in order to be filled with its own version of hot air.

    All in all then, the battle to become leading spokesballoon for the reddish-blue balloons looks set fair to be a bitter contest among the three mentioned above.

    We’ll just have to wait and see who has the most hot air!

  37. call me dave says:

    Archive not working for me. 🙁
    The police watchdog is to decide whether or not to investigate Boris Johnson for a potential criminal offence of misconduct in public office while he was London mayor.

    It is alleged businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri received favourable treatment due to her friendship with Mr Johnson.

    The prime minister was referred by the Greater London Authority on Friday.

  38. call me dave says:

    @Welsh Sion

    SNAP! 🙂

  39. kapelmeister says:

    Murphy and Michael Gove were both leading lights of the neoconservative Henry Jackson Society.

  40. Fireproofjim says:

    Having just dusted off my walking shoes and Saltire for tomorrow, I am informed by my wife that the Edinburgh March is NEXT Saturday.
    She’s right dammit.

  41. Capella says:

    Although, to be fair, in those days he at least knew who to attack – the Tories. Seems like centuries ago.

  42. dakk says:

    I recall the camp shallow one acquired a sinecure with some NGO called Crisis Management Institute in Uzbekistan after his electoral downfall.

    Was hoping Karimov might’ve got a haud’ of him.

    No such luck.

  43. Iain 2 says:

    The greatest day of my life was when I saw him deafeated at Williamwood.

  44. James Barr Gardner says:

    Jist remember this Jim Murphy was a Co-op Labour and apart from Being a friend of Israel he is a member Henry Jackson Society. Right wing credentials need more be said !

  45. Mad Jock Macmad says:

    I think the egg was thrown by a disaffected Labour constituency worker, Jim, nothing to do with Yes and everything to do with a failed Labour branch manager in Scotland.

  46. Colin Alexander says:

    Will Nicola save the Union from Brexit and Bojo?

    Will Nicola finally have her dearest wish fulfilled? Propping up a BritNat Labour Govt at Westminster.

    Will Nicola ever be daft enough to ask for an S30?

    What’s more rigged: a UK-sponsored Indyref or an SNP conference?

    Will independence supporters see any point in voting SNP to get British Labour who are just as anti-Scottish independence as Boris Johnson’s mob?

    If the UK stays in the EU, and the people of Scotland believe Brexit is such a disaster, why would any Scottish voters then vote YES indy to leave the UK and EU at the same time?

  47. dadsarmy says:

    Sorry, eh? (fx:wakes up). Gove you say? Here he is amongst others:

    Grun did an article 2011 or 12, not just the one about Werrity, and there’s other stuff online, or was.

  48. Cubby says:

    BBC Newsnight

    Now running a series called State of the Union part 1 Scotland

    In the borders a woman says she will vote to stay in the union because Scotland has a huge deficit and she doesn’t see how it could work out if Scotland was on its own. It’s a financial decision she says. There you have the perfect example of someone totally brainwashed by the media. Of course there is no huge deficit for Scotland and Scotland would not be on its own as it would be in the EU.

    It’s actually England that would be on its own with the huge deficit. The influence of the Britnat media propaganda in all its Britnat glory. 100% lies.

    This woman is a perfect example of the Britnat at the bottom of the Britnat lie pyramid.

  49. dadsarmy says:

    “Will …”

    Well, Will, as Wull almost said, it won’t be long before Westminster will be on their knees begging “Nicola” to take a Section 30, a gold-plated one studded with precious jewels and rubies and sapphires and and gold and platinum an’ that. Westminster will be gagging for Scotland to have Indy Ref 2.

  50. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Jim Murphy now has a well paid post with The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

    I seriously suspect the man who threw the egg in 2014 was Ross (handy) Thomson MP he is present in the video footage (back then an Aberdeen City Councillor aka aNobody / member of the public) prior to his election as an MSP then Tory MP.

  51. Tam the Bam. says:

    All things aside Stuart

    Nicola has nailed it.

    Now please SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

  52. Graeme J McAllan says:

    He’s really went downhill since he left “Beechgrove Garden” 😉

  53. Dr Jim says:

    @Colin Alexander

    You such a wee pointless Nyaff aren’t you kid

  54. SlimJimmy says:

    Murphy was just a crazy mixed up kid
    ….must have been the fumes wot done it.

  55. Dorothy Devine says:

    Dr Jim , someone had to say it – ta!

    Re Eggy Murphy , I seem to remember the egg was not a missile more of a placement.

    BDTT , it’s worth watching again and again but I’ve forgotten why they decided to seek and search Scotland for a visit , mob handed even.

    I also remember seeing E.Izzard and thinking ‘ that wifie fae the labour party is awfy unbraw , puir soul

  56. Ken500 says:

    UK Debt £1.78Trillion

    UK Assets £8.8Triillon

    Scotland 12%

    Scotland will be leaving with an exceptionally large nest egg. Under International Law,

    Scottish assets and revenues have bee fleeced for years to fund London S/E. The financial records prove it forever. Scotland has never been treated equally under the terms of the Treaty of Union. Used for conscription and taxed to pay for Westminster unionist illegal campaigns and criminality.

    Iraq, Dunblane. Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Brown and Blair should be jail. Along with the rest of them. They are an absolute disgrace. Ruining the world economy. Causing death and misery world wide. Appalling people. Brexit will ruin the world economy. Making money from other peoole’s misery.

    Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. Get one other to vote as well. Make the world a better place. Stop the unionists imbeciles at Westminster.

    Blair is an absolute crook. He has caused the absolute mess, death and devastation in the world. He should be in jail.

    Scotland would be Independent now without D’Hond’t. Illegally imposed on Scotland by Blair and his cohorts without a mandate to try to keep control of Scottish resources. The bunch of the biggest crooks ever.The Westminster unionists and the establishment. Now coming apart because of Brexit. Wicked beyond belief. They reap what they sow. Into oblivion.

  57. Breeks says:

    In fairness to Jim Murphy, he’s not without talent. There’s nobody can milk an egg like Murphy.

    I see all reference to Scotland, Joanna Cherry, Scots Law, Scottish Popular Sovereignty and the Court of Session was expunged from BBC Question Time discussion. The principle whereby no person is above the law has been mysteriously transformed from Scottish Legal doctrine into a British constitutional principle, without passing reference to Scotland.

    Except it hasn’t… The Scottish legal doctrine is that the people are sovereign and as such have no ‘other’ sovereign. The UK Establishment and media are now manipulating this principle by fudging the distinction between the people and the Parliament.

    The Establishment view of the Supreme Court Judgement is that it merely clarified that the Government Executive should be a rung lower in the hierarchy of power from where Boris Johnson thought it was.. The Executive isn’t above the Parliament, and that “Parliament” is also being obfuscated with “the people”.

    That is English doctrine creeping in, and Scottish doctrine being squeezed out. Parliament and “the people” are NOT synonymous in Scots Law. They are NOT the same thing. In Scottish doctrine, the people are sovereign, and thus any Parliament, Assembly, Legislature or Committee is SUB-sovereign to the people.

    The Supreme Court Judgement isn’t merely Boris Johnson’s Executive sliding down a notch in the pecking order, the essence of the judgement lies in “the people” being able to hold their government to account. That is Scottish, not English or British Constitutional doctrine, and that rolls back the whole infrastructure of government to “below” the pinnacle status of the “Sovereign”, and in Scotland the “sovereign” isn’t the Parliament, it is literally “the people”, as in you and me, and everybody else…. in Scotland.

  58. winifred mccartney says:

    To be a good liar you need a good memory – he does not even have that.

    The placement egg thrower was a ploy to grab headlines because he was being ignored and then when even that failed Eddie Izzard was drafted in (in womens clothes) to try and incite the Glasgow man and even that did not work but showed him up for what he was – a failing red tory.

  59. Ken500 says:

    The EU matters finished off Thatcher. The Tories could not make a bigger mess. Geoffrey Howe. Deja Vu. It was only closer ties with the EU/Europe which improved the UK economy. After the disaster of Thatcher. A lying sychophant. An evil person. Especially for Scotland.

    The EU costs Scotland (UK) nothing and brings benefits. The benefits far outweigh the contribution. The EU countries have to pick up the bill for UK/US/France illegal wars and destruction. The worst migration crisis since 11WW. The Westminster UK government caused it. The EU countries have to pick up the bill of Westminster illegal actions, under International war. Westminster imbeciles total incompetence. Lining their pockets on other people’s misery. They are in it for what they can get. They will get voted out. Someone else will have to sort out their mess.

  60. Robert Louis says:

    Garf Midgehunter at 1038pm,

    Totally agree regarding the flags for indy fundraiser. Please keep re-posting the link etc..

    Here it is, so folks can donate to this very worthy indy campaign;

    Come on folks, even a wee donation helps.

  61. Robert Louis says:

    Fireproofjim at 1109pm,

    Aye the Edinburgh indy march, is on 5th Oct (Saturday), and will commence from Holyrood park at, heading up the rotal mile, then George IVth bridge and on to the meadows.

    Even if you cannot make it to the march, the gathering at the meadows should be great.

  62. Breeks says:

    Haha. Wee giggle to myself…

    The Gina Miller Case initial floundered and failed because the High Court judged the prorogation of Parliament non-justiciable. Miller appealed, and the Supreme Court subsequently ruled it was justiciable… under Scots Law, and by Scots Law!

  63. RM says:

    The problem is folk like Murph and his pals get plenty media coverage, that’s what gets through to people the papers, radio, television and online Scotland have to control our own media outlets, couldn’t we have a deal with Corbin so we could our own media get the truth out instead of false news all the time.

  64. Effijy says:

    Glasgow colloquialisms seem best places to moderate the aggressive political language currently
    Being employed.

    Fundimudily, Dim Jim is pure fanny!

    A washout.

    A stoat the baw

    A rocket

    A Tadger

    A man who could peel an orange in his trouser pocket so he
    Doesn’t need to share anything!

    Wish I knew which stone he lived under these days so I could send
    Him an omelet.

    Is he on the Broo and off the Bru?

  65. Colin Alexander says:

    Dr Jim

    I am deeply concerned the FM is tying my nation’s and my future to a dodgy UK-controlled indy-referendum process that will be more crooked than a meeting involving HM Queen and a Tory Govt Minister.

    Let’s look at the facts we know regarding UK referendums: Indy-ref1, followed by EU-ref. Both seriously crooked – “dark money” involved in both, BBC bias etc etc.

    Is there anyone – apart from Boris Johnson – who thinks UK-controlled referendums in 2014 and 2016 were fairly conducted?
    Referendums involving the UK state have been discredited.

    The SNP should be honest and admit: the reason the SNP are fighting so hard to keep the UK in the EU is because they are planning for Scotland remaining part of the UK for a LOOOOONG time to come, so that’s why it’s so important to keep Scotland in the EU. (And it’s not just about the economic benefits of the EU either, important though that is).

    The FM is wedded to the idea of gradualist devolution. Brexit means a huge devolution power grab to Westminster.
    It DESTROYS the FM’s devolutionist gradualist plans in a single stroke.

    Nicola wanted more crumbs from the Master’s table: Brexit will mean the almost the whole Mother’s Pride snatched out her hands. (Or maybe that should be a Hovis medium pan loaf with the Union Jack wrapper, seeing as Nicola revels in administering the North Britain colony for the Empire).

    The UK state has already reneged on the devolution settlement of 20 years. Reneged on the Vow and many other promises.
    Breached constitutional impartiality of the BBC, HM Queen, UK Civil Service etc etc.

    Let’s do it all again says Nicola. It’s “the gold standard”.

  66. Ottomanboi says:

    The first symptoms of the onset of totalitarianism is the regulation, proscription and prescription of language employed in discourse and debate.
    It is also a sign of cultural ‘immaturity’ that the word must be subjected to vetting before use.
    Sticks and stones etc.

  67. Giving Goose says:

    For strawberry lovers, a heads up.
    Tesco (at least in Dingwall) are selling Union Jack packs for half the price of the Saltire packs.
    Considering the UJ packs are from English producers and taking into account transport costs, seems a bit odd.

  68. Ottomanboi says:
    Independence……….a cause whose day came, and got mislaid in a personal vendetta.
    Cometh the hour, cometh the man, in Scottish politics we should be so lucky.

  69. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    I don’t know if it is physically possible to produce convoluted pish but “Colon Alexander” has to be complimented for trying.

    A referendum is of course “Gold standard”.

    Any suggestion that some authority trying to interfere with it somehow invalidates that is infantile.

  70. admiral says:

    Breeks says:
    28 September, 2019 at 8:15 am
    Haha. Wee giggle to myself…
    The Gina Miller Case initial floundered and failed because the High Court judged the prorogation of Parliament non-justiciable. Miller appealed, and the Supreme Court subsequently ruled it was justiciable… under Scots Law, and by Scots Law!

    This is an important point to emphasise every time some lying Tory goes on about how the English High Court judges backed the government’s case.

    The judges there decided that the case was beyond their competence to judge (non justiciable) and therefore passed it onto the Supreme Court to decide the matter in law. The High Court judges at no time considered any evidence on behalf of either the government or Gina Miller. In effect, they had no legal view of the merits or otherwise of either party’s case.

    So neither party won and neither party lost in the High Court.

  71. Davosa says:

    What a prize prick Murphy is/was. Why can’t these dinosaurs just fuck off and leave us alone.

  72. Remembering all the things that happened 5 years ago, how in the name of God, did they beat us?

  73. HandandShrimp says:

    Heard a Lib Dem, possibly Alex Ftang-Olay-Bicuit-Barrell, talking about the no confidence vote. It became clear that the Lib Dem view is different. He didn’t want Corbyn to head up the Unity Government to secure an extension because he suggested that the Unity Government could govern for months to deliver a second referendum rather than an extension and then immediately an election.

    Tricksy things Lib Dems. The Labour chap seemed to think Labour is now the largest party in Westminster…(possibly borrowed Johann’s abacus).

    Was happy with SNP proposal to consider Corbyn, get extension, then go for an election in November. Think Corbyn will too. Would the Lib Dems back Boris rather than have an election? Tricksy things Lib Dems.

  74. Ghillie says:

    Jings that takes me back.

    Yesterday’s wee man.

  75. Cubby says:

    Astonishing win for Japan against the Irish.

    Also on the sporting front there is a major golf tournament – The Dunhill links – taking place in Scotland – Carnoustie, St Andrews, Kingsbarns – people from across the world participating eg Justin Timberlake. They turn on STV News not a word of coverage. Where else in the world could this happen. A major sporting event in Scotland and absolutely not a word.

    The media in Scotland are a disgrace for so so many reasons.

  76. HandandShrimp says:

    Actually, Labour chap was Sweeney so nuff said.

  77. ScotsRenewables says:

    Here’s a thought . . .

    Maybe Nicola is doing what she is doing not because she has lost interest in independence but because she knows the immediate threat is the destruction of devolution if Johnson and his cabal remain in office.

    Of course, some of you think that we can just walk out of the Union . . . . if we try that then we will just become another Catalonia, a puny rebel province – but with no parliament, no legitimacy and polling way under 50%

    I too have been swirling around in the turmoil of SNPdoubtery raised by Stu and others on this site and elsewhere in the movement. The one thing I do agree with is that Scotland is in grave peril.

    But I have now come to the conclusion that Nicola probably has a much better idea of what she is doing and what she needs to do than the whole lot of you doubting naysayers put together.

    And it may well be that ousting Johnson is more important than anything else right now. And that having sunk the spectre of fascism, being pure dead reasonable and helping achieve a soft Brexit will bring a flock of soft ‘noes’ into the camp.

    Hard Brexit and an increased Johnson majority might bring us into 60% territory, but if the fascists are prepared to shut down our parliament and put tanks on our streets what good will that do us?

  78. Cubby says:

    I will be at the March next Saturday just like last year. An even bigger crowd is being planned for -The National is saying a crowd of 250k is the figure the organisers are working to.

    I also know that people like Robert the Truth won’t be there because he said that the SNP are never at the marches. Well they have been in attendance at all the marches I have been on so I don’t think Mr truth is telling the truth if he says he goes to the marches. Of course if he does not go to the marches then how does he think he is qualified to make the statement that no SNP politicians go to the marches. I mean SNP politicians even make speeches at the end of the march which are broadcast on independence live.

    Mr Truth also says there are no Britnats posing as independence supporters on Wings.

  79. kapelmeister says:

    Maurice Golden’s Twitter remark “As long as the SNP exist there will be hatred…” is made even more sinister by using exist instead of exists.

    If he’d used exists it would have been clear he was referring to the party and arguably was meaning he hoped the SNP would go into electoral decline.

    By saying “exist” (plural) it is clear he is referring to the party members and his remark takes on far more sinister undertones.

  80. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Browsing the Rev’s twitter feed, I was suddenly struck by the thought – maybe we should start referring to Jo What’s’ername, the Lie-Dems leader as: “Posh Spice.”

    I can see the similarities, except, she doesn’t have a David Beckham to give her likability, dignity and intelligence.

  81. callmedave says:

    Heard Hosie on shortbread this morning suggesting a temporary UK Gov PM to oust Boris and guarantee a Brexit extension and then a GE.

    Lib/Dems oppose Jeremy but other names are available..Aye! 🙂

    The gist of it here:

  82. Doug says:

    Hatred and lies are what British nationalists must rely on since they have no logical arguments against Scotland regaining its independence.

  83. Ghillie says:

    Aye. Interesting times indeed.

    I am 100% sure that our First Minister and entire team are keeping up with and are mostly at least one step ahead always in the bizarre political dance we are witnessing.

    Keep the heid and keep the faith folks =)

  84. Jack Murphy says:

    Jockanese Wind Talker said at 12:45 am:

    ” Jim Murphy now has a well paid post with The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

    I seriously suspect the man who threw the egg in 2014 was Ross (handy) Thomson MP he is present in the video footage (back then an Aberdeen City Councillor aka aNobody / member of the public) prior to his election as an MSP then Tory MP. “.

    I don’t know anything about an egg throwing video with Thomson, but here they both are in Aberdeen back in 2014 Pre IndyRef


  85. Colin Alexander says:

    Dave McEwan Hill

    Dave, I respectfully ask you to apologise for the insulting remark regarding my name.

    You are an intelligent, experienced and widely known campaigner and writer in The National and represent YES and the SNP. You are better than this.

    Slag my comments by all means if that makes you feel better but, personal insults do the SNP and YES no favours at all.


    When’s Nicola asking for the S30?

    Will it be the customary 28 days allowed for a reply or an open-ended request?

    So if no reply ever comes, you can boast: The UK Govt never said no to an s30.

  86. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    OK. I apologise. It was of course a joke.

  87. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    How very convenient. We have the whole media now promoting a split in the SNP. At this very point.
    As our opposition is in meltdown.

    And with SNP figures playing into the plot.
    What a surprise.

    Time to get a broad based Independence Convention on the road and an independence campaign.

  88. barpe says:

    Coco @ 11-49

    Indeed DMH was brutal to you, diddums.

    You say “…personal insults do the SNP and YES no favours at all.” Yet you in every post you make, attack the SNP and Nicola, when they are the ONLY party able to get us our independence.

    Awa ye go, snowflake the hypocritical!!

  89. Some say the EU Ref was advisory and not legally binding,

    would that depend if Parliament is Sovereign or the People Sovereign,

    and if the People are Sovereign does that not make the EU Ref legally binding because the People voted for it.

  90. Colin Alexander says:

    Dave McEwan Hill

    Thank you. Respect to you.

  91. Liz g says:

    Colon Alexander
    Are you sayin ye were a bit butt hurt?

  92. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Dave McEwan Hill has the decency to apologise.

    That’s to be applauded and others would do well to take note.

  93. Cubby says:

    If Britnats come on Wings posing as independence supporters please explain why they deserve any respect.

    Someone want to take up the challenge. I always have an open mind to a well made argument. HYUFD deserves a measure of respect because he makes it clear who he is. Phoneys?…

  94. Bob Mack says:

    I cannot say there is a split in the SNP. I can say there is a split with regard to the methodology to obtain a referendum.

    Those are entirely different things.
    SNP are always the vehicle.

  95. Cubby says:

    All Mr Alexander posts is SNP/Scotgov baaaaaaad. That’s it nothing else – thousands of posts,

    Does he really expect respect. I don’t think so.

    Any sane person really think he supports independence.

  96. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Cubby –

    I hear you, and agree.

    There’s always been a degree of suspicion around certain posters on here, right from the outset. That’s inevitable on any open forum.

    But recently, right here, some have taken it upon themselves to lay into other commenters if they’re perceived to be at all critical of ‘SNP/SG/FM’.

    It’s become increasingly personal and nasty. Newcomers have been hounded off the main thread. Regulars who don’t toe the line are accused of being provocateurs, double-agents, ‘trolls’, ‘tractors’ and heaven only knows what else.

    I’m fuckin sick of hearing ‘the SNP is the only vehicle to independence’ being used as a lazy pretext for condemnation of those who even countenance alternative routes, or methods which the SNP has flatly rejected.

    It’s also worth noting that those voices quickest to condemn fellow contributors fall silent when Rev Stu publishes criticism of the SNP/SG/FM. Why might that be? Because they want to exploit the reach of WOS for their own purposes whilst simultaneously clearing btl of what they regard as ‘dissent’.

  97. RM says:

    There maybe is split in the SNP some want independence in Europe others want independence without being part of Europe or engerland, but they all want independence, every other party has the same probably a lot more split than the SNP just look at the state things are in with all the foreign party’s at Westminster.

  98. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Below is link to an ongoing thread by Rev Stu.

    It addresses many of the legitimate questions and scenarios which, if raised right here, prompt finger-wagging and name-calling.

    Therefore, we can conclude, using The Peffers Method, that Stuart Campbell is trying to undermine the independence cause.

    Isn’t that how it works?

  99. Colin Alexander says:

    I don’t slag Nicola Sturgeon the person. I respect Nicola Sturgeon the person and the politician. She’s one of the best politicians Scotland has EVER had, to my knowledge. But, like any person, she is not perfect. Play the baw, no the person.

    To those who think the Supreme Court cases is an SNP triumph for indy, consider the reasoned words of Aileen McHarg:

    ” …the interventionist decisions that have been made – in Miller (1), in Wightman (the Art 50 revocation case), in the Scottish Continuity Bill reference, and now in Cherry/Miller (2) – have all been directed at upholding the authority of the Westminster Parliament”.

    However, I would like to see the Courts rule on how the Union can be legally dissolved and what is the legal result.

    I would like the Courts to rule, as someone referred to above: Do Scotland’s people remain ultimately sovereign within the UK?
    Or do they only become sovereign by independence? ( Mr Peffer’s or other opinions though welcomed and interesting are not legally authoritative).

    Was Scotland (and England) subsumed into Great Britain, like two eggs used to create a cake that cannot go back to being two eggs?

    Or does Scotland (and England) continue as parts of the Union cake, like the parts of a Battenburg cake, where the pink can be separated from the white and we both get a share of the marzipan.

    We know what the Acts of Union say. Agreements that are supposed to be forever – but have been changed.
    What is the modern day reality in law?

    Which raises further questions such as: Could Scotland’s people unilaterally amend the Union even WITHOUT UK Parliamentary approval?
    eg Declare Scotland’s politicians as the supreme govt of Scotland, without declaring independence, until a confirmatory Scottish indy referendum is held by the (what would become the ) supreme Scottish Govt / supreme Scottish parliament – and Scotland votes YES:

    That’s effectively what countless SNP manifestos proposed for many decades, until Holyrood devolution came along twenty years ago.

  100. Al-Stuart says:

    This is why I love reading Stuart Campbell.

    Exquisite excoriation of excremental emissions by an ex-MP.

    Forbye the feckless failure that is Jim Murphy contaminating things with almost hilarious hypocrisy…

    I will forever be grateful to Jim Murphy. Why? On the 7th May 2015 this over-promoted university dropout was so utterly incompetent at leading Scottish Labour, his actions helped ensure that Scotland’s contingent of 6 MPs at Westminster were historically maximized to 56 MPs.

    In all the bittersweet times of losing IndyRef1 and the murderous Tory/LibDem killing of the disabled…

    … there was the euphoric feeling in Scotland when 56 SNP MPs were sent, by us, down to Westimnster.

    Since Jim Murphy’s days, euthenaising Scottish Labour, it looks and feels as if a full QUARTER of the Westminster seats in the House of Commons are occupied by Scotland’s SNP MPs … visually clear as a huge phalanx of our ain at the bottom right hand screen of the parliamentary television channel, Westminster has never been the same.

    No more can rabid donkey Tories roar down our 6 MPs House of Commons. They can ignore 6, but 56 is beyond the braying Tories. Especially as we have some particularly fine minds and orators.

    Refreshingly, we had Angus Robertson and now Ian Blackford as the voice of reason, decency and common sense at a Tory/Lab/Lib self immolating Westminster Parliament.

    Thank you Jim. You did win one prize: The worst politician in Scotland this century. But you helped give us one of the best results at Westminster too.

  101. Clapper57 says:

    @ Cubby

    Cubby I posted a response to you on OT….I hope you take it in such a way that it was intended to be written and NOT see it as a attack on you directly…….I also added a ps onto it in respect to a comment I made in my response to Ian B’s comment….confused…..yes me too.. Lol

    Thank you for your kind comments that you made to me on OT it is appreciated…see we can all be nice on here….until someone else comes along and spoils it…..Lol….just joking in case anyone offended.

  102. Colin Alexander says:

    Indyref via s30 devolution has been tried and tested.

    Proven as seriously flawed. Gold standard? Gold-plated. Base metal when you scratch the surface.

    I’m told Mr Salmond requested an s30 because his real goal was to get the Edinburgh Agreement? That Agreement was broken:

    eg “Ensuring impartiality of broadcasters
    21. The governments agree that it will be important to ensure that
    broadcast coverage of the Referendum is impartial. Broadcasters, Ofcom and
    the Electoral Commission will discuss the best way to achieve this”.


    “Government activity during the 28 days before the referendum
    29. It is customary for there to be a period before elections in the UK,
    during which Ministers and other public bodies refrain from publishing material
    that would have a bearing on the election. Section 125 of PPERA sets out the
    restrictions that apply to Ministers and public bodies in the 28 days preceding
    referendums held under that Act. Both governments recognise the importance
    of respecting the 28-day period prior to a referendum, in the same way that
    both governments already respect each other’s pre-election period for
    Parliamentary elections. The Scottish Government will set out details of
    restricted behaviour for Scottish Ministers and devolved public bodies in the
    Referendum Bill to be introduced into the Scottish Parliament. These details
    will be based on the restrictions set out in PPERA. The UK Government has
    committed to act according to the same PPERA-based rules during the
    28-day period”.

    Cameron’s Vow and request for the Queen to intervene clearly broke that Agreement. I expect the agreement to respect the result would also have been broken by the UK state if by some miracle YES could win under those circumstances.

    For reference, Edinburgh Agreement:

    It was worth doing though. It proved you cannot have a fair s30 indyref. It made the UK state play its rotten hand of lies and fear and corrupt practices.

    It made Scotland’s hunger for democratic freedom even stronger. We lost the indyref1 vote but: we are not defeated. We have become stronger.

    The FM insists on a repeat performance of an s30 indyref, calling it the “Gold Standard”. The FM wants a second flip of the British Empire’s double-headed coin, where Scotland calls “Tails”, in the hope of winning next time.

    Is it any wonder many independence supporters question the wisdom of this decision?

  103. dadsarmy says:

    @Colin Alexander
    Is there some reason you pick just one single paragraph from the article by Aileen McHarg, without referencing the 3 final paragraphs taht come after it? Here you are:

    Other arguments, particularly those arguing for a more plural understanding of the UK constitution, in which the power of the UK Parliament is limited by the claims of the various devolved territories, or which recognises a constitutional role for the people, have so far met with little success.

    It remains to be seen, of course, what the UK Parliament will do with the power that the Supreme Court has handed back to it. It also remains to be seen how far the courts are willing to push their constitutional assertiveness.

    The latter question might be tested very soon, since the Inner House has already been asked to use its power under the nobile officium to ensure that the Prime Minister complies with the Benn-Burt Act.

    “have SO FAR met with little success” (my bold and capitalisation)

  104. Cubby says:

    Clapper 57 no offence taken. Sorry that you might worry about that . I have responded on OT and hopefully you will also see it as a respectful reply.

  105. Clapper57 says:

    @ Cubby @ 3.20pm

    Thank you. Yes it was a respectful reply…and I should apologise to you for my comment that I added on OT to Ian B in respect to your comment on MT…..I added it in haste before seeing your nice comment to me..perhaps I should practice what I preach…and respect everyone has the right to voice their opinion how they choose….perhaps I am in danger of becoming a wee dictator….not intentionally…but most definitely with only the best intentions…Lol….think we are all up to ninety because we can see Indy is within our grasp….and we’ll get it…would have had by now too….”if it wasn’t for those pesky pro Unionist kids”……Scooby Dooby Doo

    Have a nice evening.

  106. Colin Alexander says:

    dadsarmy asked: “Is there some reason you pick just one single paragraph from the article by Aileen McHarg, without referencing the 3 final paragraphs that come after it?

    Aye there was. Brevity. I am regularly slagged for writing too much.

    So instead, following consideration of Aileen’s comment that:

    “It also remains to be seen how far the courts are willing to push their constitutional assertiveness.”

    I addressed that by saying that I would like the courts to rule on the Union and Scotland’s sovereignty.

  107. Cubby says:

    Ian Brotherhood @1.34pm (comments do not relate to your subsequent post – don’t do twitter)

    I would just like to point out that I did disagree with the site owner’s case he put forward recently that Sturgeon is a liar and I did actually present my argument to him directly why his various scenarios that related to Sturgeon were wrong. We disagreed. But that’s life and he did not ban me because it was done in a decent manner. No telling him to F off etc. And he didn’t tell me to F off.
    Not sure if your comments on this matter were directly referring to me but if they were then the above example perhaps assures you that I will challenge the site owner if I think he has got it wrong.

    Sorry you are upset by the use of the vehicle analogy but I’m afraid that is the reality whether it is liked or not.

    I would just like to point out that I have expressed opinions on Wings in the past that I do not favour an s30 for example or I do not disagree with obtaining independence via a general election result etc etc. So some posters (not you for clarification) who have accused me of being part of an SNP cult or hive are just plain wrong. I am not even an SNP member.

    My position is straightforward I do not think it is a useful approach at this time to turn Wings into an Scotgov baaadfest. I may well be wrong and I have asked plenty of times for some evidence to convince me I am wrong that the Scotgov are not genuinely going to use the mandate or do some other action to gain independence. Proof that the SNP are a fraud or just getting it wrong. Perhaps the site owner had more evidence, for example, that Sturgeon is a liar but he did not share it with me. It’s his site and he obviously can post and say what he wants.

  108. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Cubby –

    Thanks for the response and clarification.

    I’m annoyed I was vague enough that you felt I was referring to you personally, so I should provide further clarification of my own comments…

    I don’t have a problem with anyone pledging undying allegiance to the SNP or the FM, SG, in whatever permutations.

    I don’t have a problem with commenters asserting that NS is the embodiment of all known evils and that the SP is an elaborate hoax by the British State to keep us Scots quiescent.

    What I do have a problem with is being told what I may or may not say in relation to any aspect of the many debates ongoing, and being besmirched if I don’t comply.

    My comments have more to do with common decency than anything political – the fact we can have this exchange proves that civilised discourse is possible, even if we disagree.


  109. Cubby says:

    Ian Brotherhood

    No problem. I just wasn’t clear if you were talking generally about that point and/ or including me. So I thought I would clarify.

    If people think it helps at this time to criticise the Scotgov then they are entitled to their opinion. I do NOT think that everyone who holds that view is a phoney independence supporter just that their opinion is wrong. If the SNP do not use the mandate or gain independence by some other means before 2021 then I will have no hesitation in criticising them. I will not however give up on independence as some are saying on the new thread (just what Britnats want to hear – drag it out and they’ll give up) I may just have to support alternative democratic means.

    As far as I can see the Scotgov are preparing for Indyref2 next year. It’s only Britnats on the Britnat media that keep saying a new mandate in 2021 election. Setting an exact date is clearly a problem – a winter referendum – no thanks – any GE or EU ref also needs to be out the road as well. I don’t envy Sturgeon picking a date. A lot harder than Salmond with indyref1.

    If I remember correctly a lot of posters were calling for Indyref2 to take place last year as it couldn’t be a better time to hold it. Now on the new thread now is the best time to hold it.

  110. Chicmac says:


    He is an animated movie actor, I think.

  111. Gary45% says:

    Jings the FUD’s still sniffing. What a FUD.

  112. K1 says:

    ‘I am regularly slagged for writing too much.’

    No you’re not, you are criticised for being selective about what your purport to be informing others about, the above was an example by Dads of this habit of yours.

    You have an axe, your’ve always had an axe, and I don’t think DMCH said anything that is not obvious even to a casual reader of these pages, you demand apologies from others who point out the fact of your convoluted pish.

    It’s always been convoluted, I debated with you for months many years ago now Colin, you are intellectually dishonest. Prone to blabbering on and if that is shorthanded to ‘yer talking pish’, you decide that’s some sort of ‘personal insult’ and take faux offence at it.

    It’s not a personal insult, you talk pish, convoluted unadulterated pish wi whistles and bells, it’s a statement of judgement and opinion about whatever your are talking pish about. It is not a ‘personal’ attack.

    Get over yourself you jumped up little wanker*

    *this is a personal insult


    *so’s that.**

    **just for clarification, you understand 🙂

  113. Bobp says:

    Thomas 9.06.told that one to my nephew, he said wow thats in student speak brilliant. Any how here’s one for you , apologies for anyone offended. Woman wakes up in hospital after labiaplasty op, on seeing two bunches of flowers on her bedside cabinet, she says to the nurse, who sent those?. Nurse replies one is from your husband who says you were so brave after your op. And the second bunch is from john in the burns unit as a little thank you for his new ears.

  114. Clapper57 says:

    Language matters….depending, of course, on who uses it.

    But sometimes it matter more, to some, whose language is deemed acceptable and whose is deemed unacceptable.

    Why is it that some politicians can use certain words but others cannot ?

    Why is the use of the same words given a different interpretation and context ?

    Who sets the bar on this ?

    Who gets to decide…the speaker who uses these words, the writer who writes these words OR the listener or reader ?

    Who decides the use of ‘certain’ words are to be interpreted as acceptable because somehow they are relevant in the context of their argument or statement ?

    Who decides the use of ‘certain’ words are to be interpreted as unacceptable and irrelevant in the context of their argument or statement ?

    Is it ‘democratic’ or partisan to ignore when some people use ‘certain’ words which they view as legitimate to their argument while somehow denying the same legitimacy to others i.e. opponents using these very same ‘certain’ words.

    Of course the above is rhetorical…language and the use of ‘certain’ words are used as a tools in which to convey a collective sense of how we, the people, are being let down by those ‘others’ ….and we all know that before all of this Brexit mess started it was entirely legitimate for us in Scotland to use these ‘certain’ words.

    Betrayed…by those who promised so much pre 2014…and failed to deliver….and let’s not pretend that Jim Murphy is not 100% aware that he and his party, as part of the BT campaign, betrayed Scotland and did it by surrendering any decency and morals he, and others, may have had to ensure we, the Scots, would remain tied to his Union where Scotland was and never will be an equal member of…he also via Brexit surrendered our democratic right to remain in the EU as once again we were made to be bound to the decision made by those in the more populated area of UKOK.

    Jim Murphy is not in any way in denial about how the use of ‘certain’ language was deployed by him and his BT colleagues in the run up to the 2014 Indy Ref….. in fact the only real problem he has with the words ‘betrayal’ and ‘surrender’ is that he is more than aware that their meaning applies more to the behaviour that the BT campaign employed that resulted in the farce Scotland now finds itself in via this Tory driven Brexit….as opposed to those he falsely, and conveniently, accuses as using these words as weapons against BT supporters.

    If one looks at the current mess of UKOK it is plain to see that yes we , the Scots, have been betrayed and Jim Murphy should take some responsibility for that because yes, it was he, who asked Scots to surrender their belief that Scotland should be an independent country ….and for what….this clusterf**k …

    So yes Jim take ownership of these ‘certain’ words because they are entirely applicable to you and all of your colleagues in the BT campaign….own them…as language, via words used, may now conveniently matter to you…. but actions speak louder to us…and your actions, as part of BT, has greatly resulted in Scotland being put in this intolerable position NOT our language on the yes side….

    Words and actions have consequences and it is your words and actions that YOU used in the run up to the 2014 Indy ref that has resulted in the serious consequences that Scotland now finds itself in…so yes we are justified in using words such as ‘betrayal’ and ‘surrender’ in the context of your actions via the BT campaign and if you pretend you do not recognise their legitimacy in this context then the only thing “grotesque’ is your insistence that somehow it is only the current Tory government , the, in your words, ” outer fringes of Scottish nationalism” that are jointly culpable in using these words while YOU present yourself as somehow distinct from the language that you have clearly used yourself, as shown by the above Rev’s post, to convey YOUR message.

    Mr Murphy please do not ever try and revive your political career…your kind of politics is the kind Scotland does not need or want when it eventually becomes independent.

  115. Cubby says:


    A very good post and glad to see you back posting on main thread. I would like to add to it by saying they also betrayed Scotland by failing to honour all the promises they made during indyref1 and in particular the infamous vow.

  116. Chris Kilby says:


  117. bobajock says:

    Soon we’ll be shipbuilding ….

    He’s now head cow milker for the MMB.

  118. Gary says:

    Maybe old Jim is trying to use the current mudslinging as a way to push himself very slightly above the parapet to see how he is perceived this time. He should’ve stayed under his rock, if you ask me!

    At least SIX people like his comment, big whoop! Lol!

    I don’t know what he’s doing with his life now, working for some ‘think tank’ that’s surreptitiously funded by Labour perhaps? Being kept on ice until they let him out of his box for Indy2? I wonder if he’s kept in the SAME box as Gordon Brown???

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