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The Big Sleep

Posted on April 09, 2021 by

If you still can’t see it, you’re probably never going to wake up.

But have a little think about those highlighted words this morning anyway.

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    1. David Caledonia says:

      A letter came through my letter box this morning, I never opened it cause its addressed to someone called The Legal Occupier.
      There is nobody in my house called that.
      My postman is a very nice young chap so I won’t bother him with it.
      It doesn’t look very important so I think I will just throw it in the bin with the rest of my outgoing rubbish, unopened of course, I don’t want to be accused of having a nosey into Mr The Legal Occupiers letters.
      If anyone knows this person, kindly inform them that I had to dispose of a letter to them, as I have no way of contacting them.
      And btw, George Galloway is around somewhere, if you see him, tell him I have a spare hat going if he wants it to cover his bald napper, I noticed the hat he is wearing is getting rather old and wrinkly.
      tell him I can’t deliver it as I am to busy laughing at his old tired worn out coupon.

    2. Rikali says:

      I gather they had a 41 gun salute in Canberra today for the death of the Queen’s Consort!

      That’s going to heaven with a bang (or 41 to be exact).

      I’m wondering what is the significance of 41 when everyone knows that 42 is the answer to the question “what is the Meaning of Life” (Hitchhikers Guide)?

      The monarchy at least generates significant questions!! 🙂

    3. Confused says:

      Brave post from “Anton Decadent” concerning Govanhill. Seems to be an “omerta” in operation about this place, even online, if you see a story on the Times, the comments all get deleted. Even on WOS, the response was muted, which shows what a hot topic it is.

      Gerry Hassan wrote about it once, using words like “vibrancy” and “diversity”; in summary – they had a pride march and a writers workshop, so everything was really just hunky dory.

      Lots of uncomfortable facts when you go digging about its problems; “exploitative landlords” – by jove, that’s the ticket !! … slide that back a bit, they are all pakistanis, you racist. And the criminal gangs are all organised ethnically (- criminals keep to their own, fuck diversity).

      You hear “stories”, only to be told they are racist slurs; asylum seekers pimping out their own kids(?) Or the bizarre – charity donation bins had to start fitting locks on them to stop the locals stealing from them (using their kids). Hanging around the streets in gangs, at all hours, seems to be a cultural practice – but you’re a racist if that makes you feel uncomfortable.

      R4pe? – only evil white men do that, this is merely cultural misunderstanding, or sexual emergency : “ficki ficki”

      Most people in Scotland do not know what “multiculturalism” actually is; they think it means being “friendly” or “nice to strangers” but its far deeper than that. It means having a balkanised, ghettoised, hellhole, where everyone is at each others throats; it is an idea which does not work and has never worked anywhere in history. Moving people around, to set them at each other, is a classic tool of the imperialist.

      According to the “Baizuo”/woke, “multiculturalism” is an unqualified good, and there can never be too much of it, and so any criticism of Govanhill, which is the “beach head” is very dangerous for them. None of these pricks will live there; their virtue signalling will be done from Byres Road.

      Scotland is essentially an “ethno-state” still; and yet it has serious problems, for example, a hostile foreign elite, a corrupted middle class, a forgotten but live class war, anglo settlers, plus the local favourite – “brand loyalty issues” around types of Christianity, that is bad enough. Do you want to add islamic issues as well – sunni v shia? Or Hindu v Islam? Or kurds v turks v syrians v persians?? How can it be a good idea to import the rest of the worlds problems? Note also the cartoonish inventions of the woke have no relevance to the real world : “BAME” – is not “a thing”, e.g. “blacks” and asians do not get along; as for “blacks” do you mean africans and caribbeans, they have their own “issues”, and even africans – do the somali and the nigerian see themselves as “africans”; shall we get the hutus and the tutsis round the campfire and sing kumbaya?

      – but no matter how carefully you express and qualify these “mis-givings”, if you express them publicly, you will get “swarm attacked” by the virtuous signallers, denouncing your “racism”. Which is easy for them as their “principles” never come at a cost to them, only others – it might be a good jest, to allow them “skin in the game” by, e.g. turning Jordanhill High School into a hostel, for all their little pets.

      “To claim to accommodate all the misery of the world is not charity. At best, it is weakness and laxity. At worst, it is a calculation in favour of the interest of THOSE WHO PROFIT FROM SERVILE LABOUR AND A CHEAP MARKET. The FOREIGNER ALSO HAS A HOMELAND and A RIGHT to LIVE WELL THERE, a right to ROOTEDNESS. Therefore, to accept an uncontrolled flow of immigrants into our country is not the solution to the miseries of Africa and the Middle East. On the contrary, IT GIVES A MORAL GUARANTEE TO THOSE WHO WOULD TRANSFORM THESE UNFORTUNATE PEOPLE INTO URBAN SLAVES. BETWEEN THE FALSE GENEROSITY OF PRO-IMMIGRATION LOBBIES AND THE CYNICAL “COMPASSION” OF CERTAIN SHADY EMPLOYERS, THERE LIES A WORLD OF HYPOCRISY.”

      Govanhill is a lab experiment. You don’t want it to escape confinement.

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