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Plan A Final Final FINAL 3

Posted on February 08, 2023 by

Diligently alert readers may have noticed that the SNP MP, former vomit-mopper and permanent embarrassment to braincells Stewart McDonald has an article in today’s National about the best way to look like he’s trying to secure independence without risking losing his cosy lucrative job in glamorous London with all his fancy MP pals.

(McDonald is also one of the party’s most virulent advocates of its massively unpopular gender reforms, which isn’t relevant to anything but we’ve got a streak to maintain.)

Unfortunately it’s 4,000 words long and unbearably boring, but since you pay us we’ve taken the bullet for you, read the whole thing and now present it here in précis form:

“Westminster will not recognise a vote of over 50% in a de facto referendum, but it WILL recognise a vote of LESS than 50% as a mandate for another referendum. Even though we’ve already achieved that four times and they’ve refused to recognise it, it’ll be different a fifth time because it just will.”

That’s it. That’s all you missed. As you were.

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0 to “Plan A Final Final FINAL 3”

  1. Dave M says:


  2. Awkward Westie says:

    Think you could summarise it further to … “I get another 5 years of MP pay & expenses”

  3. Bob Mack says:

    I condense it further. Rinse and repeat last 7 years.

  4. Lorna Campbell says:

    Read his piece in The National today. Nah, I couldn’t understand it either. Made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Just another dangly carrot, dangling a bit lower this time, before being snatched away when we’ve reached out to grasp it. The point of it? Search me. I wonder how many times they can say: just you jump over this little fence one more time and we’ll fell you with a stun gun when you reach the other side? When are the faithful going to realise that they will do nothing about independence because the GRR project is just started? They have to get all the laws prohibiting any sort of come-back for public displays of sexual lady feelz knocked down first. Even then, there’s still further to go with Queer Theory. Independence will never come via the SNP or the Greens or both. Meanwhile, as Queer Theory rolls over everyone else, they can sit and warm their bachookies on the green benches for another stint.

    Sorry, I’d rather not vote than vote for the SNP/Greens ever again. The only way I’d break that vow would be if they changed tack and fought, really fought, for independence with ALBA and all the other pro independence parties, but that’s not what they want. They want to expand their own political life span, get their annual salary increase that no ordinary joe gets, with corresponding pension, and introduce more insanity courtesy of their coalition with the Greens and Stonewall.

  5. sarah says:

    Thank you, Rev, for sparing us from having to consider whether or not to read the tripe from this MP.

    Meanwhile over at our independence-supporting newspaper, the very brief report of the arrest of the Galashiels “individual” makes no reference whatsoever to the transgender aspect. Strange that they have overlooked it…

  6. Astonished says:

    I can’t wait to read his e-mails (actually, I’m relying on you).

    McDonald was a big supporter of the trans nonsense. And deserves to go. In fact he never deserved to be a MP in the first place.

    The nuSNP are falling apart – And still no challenge to the leadership. It is not going to get any better, until she’s gone and the truth is exposed.

  7. P says:

    Nu SNP getting their combat fatigues ready for “action”

  8. Alex stewart says:

    I read it and this is an accurate condensed format. Good job, ???

  9. Bob Costello says:

    I see he is also saying that “ Russia “ has compromised his email account and he is preparing every one for some “doctored” emails which they will release. What a plonker but I can’t wait to see what is in these “ doctored” emails

  10. Daisy Walker says:

    Actually, without intending to do so, he’s highlighted where a lot of the SNP ‘Indy’ supporters are – on an emotional level, so to speak.

    The rational goes something like this:-

    We mustn’t ask a straight question (or have Indy on the ballot), which we might win, because if we do win, Westminster will cheat and deny it and then there might be trouble.

    We have a big chunk of so called Indy supporters, who want Indy – in theory… who love belonging to the Indy ‘team’ (in much the same way many ‘socialists’ loved belonging to Labour, but not when it came down to standing up for genuine labour core beliefs), but genuinely feel that (once a democratic demand for Indy was won at the ballot box) Westminster will deny, by force if needs be, Scotland’s right to self determination, and they have no intention of standing up and fighting for Scotland, and no intention of letting any of the rest of us reach that point either, or make that decision (one way or another).

    It is a rank capitulation, matched only by hypocrisy, and none of us ‘plebs’ are supposed to notice.

  11. Bob Mack says:

    “It’s the same carrot, but we have shortened the stick”.

  12. PacMan says:

    Liz says: 8 February, 2023 at 6:03 pm

    Just to compound the SNP full capture

    It’s has been reported that Russian TV presenter Olga Skabeyeva, termed “The Iron Doll of Russia TV”, has made some bizarre comments towards the UK like people here having to eat cat food due to the cost of living crisis and that British prostitutes unable to make money due to the rail strikes.

    With Scottish politics now in Putin’s sights because of this, I’m sure the “Iron Doll” will have a feast on this GRR debacle but people will dismiss it as outrageous propaganda fantasy until they actually read about it and realise it is true.

  13. Cuilean says:

    The SNP is just completely taking the mickey now. I actually read and what a load of waffling excuses.

    It’s true, empty vessels make the most noise. The nuSNP is completely out of gas and running on air.

    Alba is our only way out of this ‘Slough of Despond’.

  14. Bob Mack says:

    It’s comforting to watch the independence brainchild of Nicola Sturgeon advance into middle age but still wearing diapers. Freudian slip?

  15. Jesus H. Cunt says:

    That’s what you get paid for – wading through the shit that we don’t have time to. I actually did try to read McDonald’s thing earlier but gave up about a quarter way through. Totally not worth the effort. Any plan that assumes independence is Westminster’s to withhold or grant is worthless. It’s 4000 thousand words though, so he weally, weally did try. The hacked emails must be beauties if that shite was the preemptive contrition.

  16. Big Jock says:

    I also heard him today saying. If we build independence and get it above 60% , then WM will have to accept it.

    Unless he has been living in a box for 9 years. Let me explain. The reason the referendum is being denied. Is because it’s too close to call, or was until Gendergate. WM can’t risk losing. So the higher it climbs the less likely they are to agree to it. He is either being duplicitous , or he really hasn’t a clue how England functions.

    The way the polls are going WM might well grant a referendum now. However I would fully expect Nicola to run away as fast as she can.

  17. Republicofscotland says:

    McDonald is a die-hard unionist masquerading as an indy supporter, nothing new I say in that within the SNP government and its MSPs/MPs, the big difference with McDonald is he is actively doing Whitehall’s bidding on the domestic and international fronts, when we elected him to get help get us out of this prison of a union.

    If we still have the misfortune to be held prisoner in this onesided union when the next GE comes around, and I see no one at Holyrood who could change that, McDonald MUST be one of the first to be removed from office when we hit the polling stations.

  18. David Hannah says:

    Details of the location of the next furry convention will be going out live on tonight’s Russia Today evening news (RT).

    Disinformation of course. He wrote the paper on it.

    He obviously just wanted to seem relevant to Zelensky so he could a selfie.

  19. David Hannah says:

    Disinformation in Scotland that didn’t mention the BBC. He’s not for Independence.

    One can only shudder to think what his fursona will be. Enough to make Vladamir spew up his borscht.

    Disinformation of course. All speculation.

    I hate the SNP. No Independence on the Agenda but align themselves with perverts.

  20. stuart mctavish says:

    On bright side, and from a strictly unforeseen selfish perspective, having found my sense of self to be somewhat violated during the independent review of Prevent by the SNP suggestion to put coughid deniers on the terrorist blacklist, such appalling procrastination from those best placed to be running the show post indy could mean I’ll not be barred from ever returning home just yet.

  21. Willie Fleming says:

    P says:
    8 February, 2023 at 6:15 pm
    Nu SNP getting their combat fatigues ready for “action”

    I’d like to see Flynn and the Hon member for Kiev Shawlands in fatigues bound for Bakhmut – along with every other SNP rep who has a blue and yellow fascist rag on their profile.

  22. Jim Tadgercock says:

    Quoting David Hannah “I hate the SNP. No Independence on the Agenda but align themselves with perverts” Nailed it man how did we come to this. People seem to think Sturgeons days are numbered and I hope they are right but I fail to see the mechanism that will bring this about considering her man is El presidenty .

  23. McDuff says:

    Independence is donald ducked as long as this crowd are in power.

  24. James Jones says:

    As a 60 year old Home Counties Englishman interested in UK politics who has drifted from the Left to the Right over the years (voted for Brexit but never voted Tory) I’ve followed the Scottish Independence debate and think it would harm both parties. What I want to ask in this, my first post, is how Scottish Independence supporters square, “We didn’t vote for the Westminster government,” (I’m not sure I ever have either) with the devolved government the Scots keep ending up with. It seems no better than Westminster, in some ways worse, and an independent Scottish Parliament would be an empowered version of the madness you have now. How will you engineer better representation?

  25. Red says:

    “Let’s bomb Russia!” was funny when Kenny Everett said it, but Stewart McDonald is legitimately stupid enough to think it’s a good idea.

    Remember when Alex Salmond warned them against bombing Kosovo and invading Iraq? Now the SNP is led by people who are already in favour of NATO’S next war.

    Funny old world, ain’t it Jimmy?

  26. George Ferguson says:

    @stuart mctavish 8:12pm
    I got my jabs but I understand your position on coercion from the Scottish Government. It has been the case since Nicola Sturgeon took the SNP and the Scot Gov over. Evidence in abundance since 2015 of extraordinarily control of the Scottish Public. Lot’s of Scottish Parliament leglisation is in the bin. Offensive Football, Named Person, Hate Crime Bill, unsubstantiated lock downs and now GRRB. Luckily Police Scotland have woken up. The latest Galashiels incident being an example. They police with public consent and not the consent of the SNP. I wager 100 pound your not on prevent.

  27. Desimond says:

    Im starting to think this is getting to the same point where Gordon Brown should have called an early election and solidified his next few years. He didnt and sure enough he was the spare part as Cameron and Clegg showed him the door.

    Would Nicola dare double down in a “I take myself to the people!” Challenge or does she hope another big UK issue comes along to capture all the attention and headlines?

    At some point, the SNP must realise their glamour isnt convincing everyone anymore and just how long before Indy public attention turns to Another or even worse one of the Union parties actually discover an appealing personality in their ranks who can group that side of the argument and gain control..decisions decisions…

  28. Merganser says:

    Rev Stu.

    Your summary is very good, but possibly a little on the lengthy side, so I’ve summarised your summary:

    “Westminster just will. And as a McDonald, I’m loving it”.

  29. Geri says:

    Yessers need to forget these charlatans & go right back to basics with a Scottish convention.

    It’s the only way we’ll win Independence.

    The SNP have just highlighted, for the 100th time, that thier reason for being elected is a total waste of time because it’s always excuse after excuse of why they see no urgency.

    Get them sacked & vote for a competent political party for the day job & take the cause for independence out of thier hands completely & go external & international.

    Yessers are relying on the wrong ppl. Politicians.
    They’re clearly wedded to Westminster’s groundhog Day.
    They’re not the people who’ll get us out of this union.
    They’ll always be distracted by Westminster’s daily shite, it’s pay & it’s lifestyle.

    McDonald is a complete waste of a seat. He’s spent 8 yrs on our buck getting shagged & cozying up to dodgy as fk lobby groups. A warmongering space cadet that’s not doing Scotland any favours on the world circuit.

    They’re all about to lose thier jobs & they know it. The gigs up. So now they’re trying to dangle the wilted, crud covered carrots to give them another 5 yrs at the trough.. GYTF!

  30. Mia says:


    It really is a sorry sight to behold: fake anti-union MPs furiously peddling away from independence. Worse even, thinking their word is gospel and people will still listen to their excuses and lies.

    What a collection of spineless and deceiving cretins. I wonder how long is going to take for some of these crown tools in the SNP start telling us that what we want is Devo Max or FFA. Why don’t they just grow a backbone and cross the floor to go to Labour, which is where they belong?

    I wonder how long is going to take for some of the other crown plants in the SNP to come along with the same nonsense but different wording. Who will be next one to tell us we cannot vote in a plebiscite? Will it be Smith, will it be Black, will it be Nicholson, will it be Robertson, will it be Flynn or would it be their favourite “influencer” pickle bee?

    Gordon Dafoe-Brown’s federalism propaganda must be about to hit us for 100th time. Next we will have the PM of Uk raine telling us we cannot have a plebiscitary election on independence.

    Gosh, I am sick of it all. Sick of their incompetence, sick of their rehearsed lies, sick of their propaganda, sick of their fabricated pathetic excuses, sick of their procastination, sick of their self-servitude, sick of their carrots, sick of their standing on the breaks, and sick of their betrayal. But what I am most sick of is their condescending attitude thinking that, after wasting 8 years of our time and flushing down the toilet every opportunity given to them, they still can keep fooling us.

    The crown bribed and blackmailed our MPs in 1706 to force this union on Scotland against its will. Today, it seems a similar strategy is being used to keep Scotland a prisoner of this union. Same as in 1707, anti-union MPs are transformed into innocuous and useless copycats of Labour who, overnight, become enthusiastic unionists and warmongers.

    In 1706 all what the crown requied for this union to come about was to get a majority of MPs to vote for it. In the same way, all what is needed now to end this union is a majority of our MPs voting to repeal the treaty and act of union with England. So this unionist plant in the SNP can stick his deception and lies where the sun does not shine.

    We do not need permission from Westminster. Westminster is a byproduct and subordinate of the Treaty of Union, therefore also subordinated to the parliaments of Scotland and England, not above them. The old parliament of Scotland is represented by our 59 MPs. THEY are the ones currently forcing this union on us.

    If Mr McDonald and the other crown tools in the SNP really wanted us to have a referendum, they could have gathered the SNP MPs, vote to temporarily suspend the treaty of union and transfer all their parliamentary powers to Holyrood so that referendum could take place. So he can cut the crap, the crown propaganda and the lies.

    It stands to the obvious these liars do not want to revoke the treaty and terminate the union. What they want is to demote Scotland to the status of a region of the Kingdom of England and exit with nothing, so England can retain everything. They can go and fuck themselves as far as I am concerned.

    They have been deliberately useless for 8 years, so what reason can we possibly have to continue wasting our votes on them? I see none.

    I am determined to vote for independence on each and every election from now on. Either I vote for a party that has the revoking of the Treaty and Act of union with England in its manifesto, or I spoil my ballot by creating that option in the ballot myself. But what come may, I will vote for independence until this union ends.

    Mr McDonald and all the other crown tools in the SNP can stick their propaganda, their lies, their carrots and their useless referendum mandates where the sun does not shine.

  31. Jordanhill says:

    The gender issue is understandably generating a huge amount of concern and despite the MSM taking a belated interest I firmly believe the worst elements have yet to be discovered. That said, don’t expect any subsequent disclosure to lead directly to the door of our blessed leader.

    What is more likely to achieve a direct line of connection are the two fiscal elements where she and her other half do have a link. The explanation of the “woven through” but essentially missing £600K requires much closer attention and some forensic analysis. A competent auditor should be able to follow the route into & presumably out or through the SNP bank account and don’t forget these funds were meant to be ring fenced. Mr Murrell should be pursued to provide a detailed explanation which he’s so far managed to avoid.

    Next up for him is the matter of the £100K + loan he’s provided to the party. The recent disclosure that his failure to make a timely disclose of this has breached certain statutory rules should also require him to explain away his actions and why he failed to make the required disclosure at the appropriate time.

    My understanding was the £600K element was under review by Police Scotland but as they and the Scottish legal establishment are so intertwined with the SNP at Holyrood there’s no great surprise that it’s been buried. The loan issue stinks and IMO this is one scenario where they can only throw each other under the bus but it needs a whole lot more attention but it does have the potential to be the smoking gun.

  32. Tommo says:

    The above points are unarguable from the independence viewpoint; however those who ostensibly represent‘Indy’ know that if they actually get a referendum it is pretty much a racing certainty that they will lose. And that-from a well-upholstered cushy seat viewpoint-would be that.
    You do the math,as they say in the USA

  33. Itsagoinwrang says:

    I’m amused to hear that somewhat suspect McDonald who’s rumoured to have some “security” connections is worried about Russian hacking of his emails and is concerned whatever they publish will be “doctored”. Look forward to some embarrassing revelations which I suspect will be true, irrespective of his protestations.

  34. Effijy says:

    Couldn’t we save money by making these useless clowns redundant and just buy a parrot and perch to repeat Section 30 Please, Section 30 Please, Another Mandate, Another Mandate,
    another referendum next year if, another referendum if.

    As there doesn’t appear to be any Trans parrots it might be able to make greater progress toward independence than the cosy feet sheep bleating.

  35. Geoff Anderson says:

    Anyone in the over 70 club think you will ever see Independence?

    Will anyone currently alive today ever see Independence? We have moved so far away from that confidence surge of September 2014.

    One reason….Sturgeon the Champion of every nutcase who wants to replace Women.
    She has disregarded every rational thought and argument to built the Political Wing of Stonewall.

    The Nicophants kneel to her cursing anyone who tries to discuss the reality of what she is doing.

  36. ronald says:

    Zelensky’s been promised wings of freedom I hope your not included in that Rev

  37. James Barr Gardner says:

    Sir William Wallace, Guardian of the Kingdom of Scotland.

    I always showed myself in the face of day, asserting the liberty and independence of my country, while some others, like owls, courted concealment and were too much afraid of losing their roosts to leave them for such a cause.

  38. Effijy says:

    Never before has the U.K. had so much in common with Turkey and the Ukraine.

    Millions in each country unable to access a permanent source of heating, of having enough food loss of infrastructure with craters in roads and train services suspended along with shortages of Doctors, Nurses and hospital beds.

    With an estimated 900 Covid related Deaths each week and hundreds of deaths due to shortages and strikes across the NHS we have the highest death tolls.

    Will the Red Cross and Oxfam come to our aid?

  39. George Ferguson says:

    We have an ex comedian who is now an International Statesman in an existential environment. And A leader in Scotland who had served her apprenticeship with lots of support who is now a comedian.

  40. Big Jock says:

    Zelensky asked for “English Jets” in WM. You see , to the world England is Britain and Scots are versions of English people.

    Zelensky is a man fighting for the right of his nation to exist, yet he doesn’t even have the decency know the UK is not just England. Of course no-one made comment on BBC Scotland of his error.

    Same when Obama came to Cop26 in Glasgow. And referred to the great Bard Shakespeare as our countries port. Shakespeare was English and the UK didn’t exist. And everyone knows Burns is our bard.

    Scotland needs independence just to exist in the minds of others.

  41. Dramfineday says:

    To Geoff Anderson @ 10.30 pm.

    Dear Geoff

    In answer to your over 70 club question: NO.

    Yours sincerely


    Chair(man) of the Pissed-off Club.

  42. Shug says:

    I see Mr wishart has put up a blog headed De facto 3

    It presented such an infantile view it really is embarrassing

    There is nothing that makes me think these views have any chance of success

    On top of Nicola totally hopeless

    I have some popcorn ready for FMQ. Waiting to see if Ross nails her or lets her live to fight a another day

  43. Peter Campbell says:

    I saw this article in Twitter earlier today and read a little of it. I think I got as far as the jist of it when I realised that what he was saying was “let us do essentially more of the same which has so far not worked”.

    There is absolutely no point in having an elected SNP official in post who works against independence, as surely this is.

  44. Geri says:

    Zalensky was asking for English jets?

    Lol, he was asking for German top of the range tanks last month.

    It must be nice to go visiting armed with a shopping list of freebies to come back with..

    *Someone shouts as he’s boarding the plane*

    Don’t forget to bring back some yachts! 😀

  45. Towbar Sullivan says:

    Mcdonald is a useful idiot of empire and nothing more.

  46. Big Jock says:

    Peter. The SNP are effectively blocking the movement. They are stopping independence, not the Tories.

    So unfortunately the SNP need to be brought down in order to get independence. This sounds like twisted logic, but it’s now the only way. The party needs to make way for the people.

    Realistically it will require high end defections to Alba, or to form a new independent SNP. Either way its going to be slow and painful. We have to accept independence is dead for at least a decade.

  47. Geri says:

    There isn’t any point to them.

    The SNP are having thier DUP moment.

    If peace exists then they don’t.

    If Scotland is indy then they’re gone.

    They’re going to hit us with the last acts of desperation now. Too late. Gigs up. Shove yer excuses & yer fkn ‘democracy conference’

    We’d never win an Independence referendum amid the farce they’ve created. They made sure of it.
    The undemocratic internal shenanigans, the secretive shite, the bulldozing ahead against public opinion, allowing prostitues to shape policy & being totally incompetent at the day job. Painted on Windaes? FFS. It has all the ingredients for a comedy flick.

    Get them out & regroup with someone sensible in charge.
    Any pro indy but deffo not SNP & Greens. Leave them to the nonce vote.

  48. Holymacmoses says:

    MacDonald is proud possessor of Order of Merit (3rdclass) (awarded 2019) Ukraine.
    This award has NEVER been given to any other Scotsman. I can only assume that Stewart met Zelenskyy at one or two parties when he visited Ukraine , otherwise, it’s difficult to understand how any one in Ukraine thought he had any braincells to be embarrased. (great line Wings :-))
    One suspects that MacDonald’s emails have been hacked by Ukraine to ascertain whether he can actually write and if so does he still hate Russia and China. The Ukranians must be disturbed by Mac’s love of fluid-gendership and may feel they have to discredit him themselves in order to rescind the OM (3rd class)

  49. George Ferguson says:

    It’s already a new day. The Procurator Fiscal in Galashiels will have to state the charges against the butcher. We will see whether ‘it’ pleads guilty or not guilty. Everyone watching if the imported ideology has undermine the Scottish Judiciary System and Police Scotland.

  50. Garrion says:

    Looking forward to Mr. McDonald’s personal emails coming to light and all of the lurid unpleasantness that should entail.

    Loving the idea he put forward that it’s any kind of priority for the GRU to smear Stewart’s up til now unimpeachable character with, I’m guessing, sordid and potentially law infringing engagement with the less savoury members of the trans brigade. Because it’s clearly in Russia’s interest to destabilize…the SNP…

  51. fruitella the hun says:

    I wonder what the deal for “English planes” will be? The US kept us in the game last European war, but at a high price. We became something akin to a colony. “Fighting for freedom” may just boil down a choice of masters for medium-sized countries. As for wee ones, is the hope that we will be too small for empire builders to bother with?

    Too survive we will have to control – and be able to defend – our food and energy supplies at the very least. That’s the real Green mission, not the bogus social justice crusades the current leadership favours.

  52. Stoker says:

    I just seen this story as told by the Unionist ‘Evening Standard’ online and came on here to alert readers to it because i’m seeing another angle going on here, another angle on top of the SOS calls highlighted here on WOS. The ‘Save Our Skins’ campaign.

    The SNP seem to be on a recent mission to convince folk that the upcoming “special conference” on “the route to independence” is not a foregone conclusion etc. That they haven’t just spent the previous several years railroading through an issue that was *NEVER* made clear in *ANY* manifesto whilst begging Westminster for something they knew fine-well was *NEVER* going to be granted, Westminster’s approval.

    First we had Sturgeon going public, very deliberately, just days ago to state that those within the party who oppose her ‘Perverts permit’ don’t need to stand down, in a fake pretence of being a believer in democracy.

    Now we have this scumbag, McDonald, waxing lyrical about his “paper”, that he’s prepared for the “special conference debate”. The perverts pal, after enthusiastically promoting the ‘Perverts Permit’ for several years, has the audacity to state:

    “the SNP should be focusing on driving up support for Scotland leaving the UK,” and that the SNP “need to get that campaign fired up now.”

    Yes, ‘Operation Save Our Skins’ is well and truly under way.

    Correct me if i’m wrong but has the fake indy-supporting rag The National not informed us all a multitude of times that the metaphorical indy gun has been fired? Has Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp not reiterated that very same deception? I await anyone correcting me.

    Come the next UK General Election we should all be looking to hand those SNP skanky fraudsters their P45’s. They’ve selfishly pursued their own agendas since 2015 and they’ve abused us and our votes to do so. Now they are laying the groundwork in ‘Operation Save Our Skins’ whilst pretending the “special conference” isn’t a foregone conclusion.

    I will be boycotting all UK general elections and only voting for ALBA candidates in Holyrood elections. Let the Unionists have their Westminster and stuff Sturgeon’s SNP at the same time. These skanks have abused our votes to live a life of luxury whilst we all suffer at the hands of Westminster’s cost-of-living crisis. We should be fully independent by now. Sturgeon & Co need to be held accountable for that. Payback time!

  53. Cat-Sith says:

    For some reason I was under the impression talking about the current ongoings at the eastern edge of Europe was a no go topic for the comments.
    If that’s changed I might get off the phone and fire up the keyboard.

  54. Robert Louis says:

    So obvious now, that these folk are just grifters. Where else would such folk get employed on 85k plus per year, with expenses, free flights to london for them AND their family, plus a free second home in London, and the very best gold-plated pension in the entire UK. You really, really don’t get those kinds of pay or perks with club 18-30.

    The diehards in the SNP really, really need to wake up.

    Of course folk such as this, will ALWAYS tell us that we need another mandate. Of course they will. They are coining it in. Literally awash with money. Their are precious few, if any jopbs in Scotland that would pay such talentless individuals such vast sums.

    That is what is keeping us under the Westminster jackboot, that is why after over three hundred years, England STILL regards Scotland as a posession and Scots as inconvenient, irrelevant chattel.

    For Londons gold thay are bought and sold, as Robert Burns so aptly wrote so many, many years ago. True then, true now. These people are the very worst of Scotland.

  55. auld highlander says:

    Last month it was tanks.

    This month it’s jets.

    Next month? Men?

  56. Stoker says:

    Cat-Sith says on 9 February 2023 at 5:17 am:
    “For some reason I was under the impression talking about the current ongoings at the eastern edge of Europe was a no go topic for the comments.”

    It has never been “a no go topic”. Stuart put restrictions on it because of the constant dominant bickering by 2 or 3 individuals on here. He repeatedly had to warn and tell them to take it elsewhere, maybe that’s what’s confusing you?

  57. Cat-Sith says:

    Cheers Stoker that is likely the cause of my mistake.

    Now just need to decide if it is worth potentially sparking new bickering by disagreeing with what seems to be the prevailing opinion of those commenters bringing the topic up here.

  58. Geoff Anderson says:

    Apparently Sturgeon has just received a £8k tax demand after posting her income tax return. She exceeded the Tax Avoidance limit of Pension contribution by almost £20k.
    Her Pension pot is now over £500,000.
    This Tax Avoidance is quite legal and the Lifetime Earnings cap will come in during the next decade. I fully expect that Pension pot to deliver a substantial index linked income for an early retirement.
    Peter Murrell, Pete Wishart etc have very strong financial motivations to keep the Independence Campaign in neutral.

    Those in the current SNP have very little to gain from the pursuit of Nationhood.

    The little people chase the carrot of a better life. The carrot danglers already have.

    The hunger and passion vanishes as the pension pot grows. The expenses entice….the London lifestyle corrupts.

  59. Patsy Millar says:

    @Geoff Anderson – I’m now 74 and have given up any hope of independence in my lifetime. Even so I’ll go on fighting for it thought it’s probably a waste of time that I could use for more useful tasks like doing the ironing!

  60. Steve The Pirate says:

    I saw details of this report yesterday.Been completely unimpressed with virtually all things SNP the last 3 or so years, but I’m not sure if I’ve found myself getting as annoyed by something as I did reading that. An absolute piss take.

    On the basis of that alone he’s straight into my list of worst Scottish politicians (I think Maggie Chapman is still the leader though).

  61. ScottieDog says:

    We really need to ask how many British plants there are now in the SNP. It makes Kew gardens look sparse.

  62. Ottomanboi says:

    When everything is failing at home go east.
    Two comedians looking for a gig.
    Oh what a lovely «so macho» war we gonna have in springtime.
    Mac Donald must be on heat. All that sweaty butch militarism.

  63. Bernard de Linton says:

    To be fair, if Wishart is in politics then at least there will be no more “Loch Lomond to a disco beat records” for the clap along gullible, (clap along so nobody notices how shite they are)

  64. Wilson McBride says:

    We don’t need any Westminster MPs.

    This UK election is a farce.

    Having the SNP win all the seats, or having them win none makes no difference to the day to day running of our own council chamber at Holyrood is run.

    If the UK election never happened, would we really notice any difference?

    It’s another con, and this arse Macdonald is trying to make out that it is really really important that we vote SNP at the next general election,,,and I would like to ask him, why?

    Why is it really really important to vote any Scottish MPs back into Westminster

    Pension Pete has schooled them all well.

    The art of troughing on an industrial scale continues.

    The SNP are living proof of that.

    Just how many SNP MPs hang around the place when an Alba MP stands up to make a point regarding Scottish independence?

    Very few, if any.

    No more votes for the SNP, ever.

  65. Breeks says:

    smitty says:
    7 February, 2023 at 2:16 pm

    These are my leak updates….

    ….There is still no rebellion in place and there won’t be. Nobody is going to do anything as Sturgeon whilst Sturgeon is fucking things right up.

    I missed this smitty update from the Führer‘s bunker…

    Try so hard to see something positive in it, but you can’t even look at a bare wall without seeing the concrete is going mouldy from the condensation.

  66. Dorothy Devine says:

    Geoff Anderson , I am in my 77th year and like Dramfineday and Patsy Millar I don’t think independence is going to happen before I fall off my perch.
    Like Patsy I will continue to urge people at bus stops to think of Scotland as a proud independent nation – even though I am far from proud at the moment.

  67. Ruby says:


    Trying to figure out why my post is in moderation.


  68. Wilson McBride says:


    You mentioned the “Führer‘s bunker”.

    At least Adolf and Eva had the balls to call it a day when they saw there was no way out.

    The problem we have with our own Peter and Nicola is that these two selfish cowards don’t have the bottle to call it a day, even when everyone in the real world is screaming for them to do it.

  69. Ruby says:


    Andy Ellis

  70. Liz says:

    Apparently, SNP are according to a poll on track to win loads of seats at WM.
    Also still comments on twitter backing oor Nikla, Alba are unionists, its all WM fault.

    If all this is true, then the voting public are thick.
    If SNP get voted in again with a big majority, I will have to give up politica and go live in a cave.

  71. Ruby says:

    What is the ‘mad mod bot’ up to now? It’s only fun trying to figure it out when you have time. I’m in a hurry today. I’ll trying posting this again although it’s probably not going to make a lot of sense.

    Cat-Sith says:
    9 February, 2023 at 5:17 am

    For some reason I was under the impression talking about the current ongoings at the eastern edge of Europe was a no go topic for the comments.
    If that’s changed I might get off the phone and fire up the keyboard.

    Looks as if it’s OK now. Uk-raine is no longer a banned word and Andy Ellis is no longer posting here.

    When you fire up your keyboard don’t be tempted to indulge in a 24/7 pis-sing contest with someone with opposing views.

    People who are more interested in what’s going on in Scotland or have doubts about what the truth is about Uk-raine can just ignore you however if the whole thread is taken over by a ‘pis-sing contest’ about Uk-raine then people will just drift away and Stu will probably take steps to stop the ‘discussion’ and Uk-raine will be on the banned list again.

  72. Ruby says:



  73. Alf Baird says:

    Geoff Anderson @ 8:50 am

    “Her Pension pot”

    This unfortunately is what a national party elite (which “is nothing more than a gang”) running a colonial administration does; it becomes “an accomplice of colonialism”, according to Frantz Fanon, and it uses its time to “build up its pensions”. It also becomes “an instrument of coercion”, as we see with ever more oppressive laws, which “makes it look busy” as it seeks to camouflage its ever more apparent hypocrisy. Its real purpose now is to “delay the opening of negotiations” on national liberation, and in this regard it “protects the interest of the colonizer”. As it compromises and settles within the colonial system the national party elite and even the native intellectual “comes to forget that the defeat of colonialism is the real object of the struggle”.

  74. ronald says:

    Dorothy Devine 9.53

    We’ve both come a long way in attending rallies ect like U I don’t think I will see Independence anytime soon .

    Take care Dorothy .

  75. Ruby says:

    Ottomanboi says:
    9 February, 2023 at 10:30 am

    Think we may have something in your size sir.
    Sludge grey OK?

    They are the same height but I don’t think Rushi’s suits would fit him or that it would it be appropriate for him to wear a suit.

  76. Dorothy Devine says:

    Morning Ronnie – hope you are taking care too!
    Sad isn’t it that we have come to disillusionment and despair instead of a bright new world for all Scots working on making it even better.

  77. Geri says:

    Scotland needs to stay in Westminster.

    I know it seems a pointless exercise under the SNP & you’d be right..

    But that wouldn’t be true of real Independence MPs – think of 59 MPs like Neale & Kenny. What a joy that would be. Highlighting On a daily basis how Scotland is being shafted.

    I’m scunnered too at the current mob. Clear them out.

    But we have to face reality. Westminster is recognised as the real seat of authority. Not Holyrood.

    Holyrood is a glorified county council with hee-haw clout & still under Westminster control. Most countries have probably never even heard of it far less what it votes for.

    We need to stay in Westminster through Alba or independents because SNP have been sleepwalking us into a totalitarian state for the last 8 yrs. Make no mistake that a New Act of Union is being drawn up with the full intention of locking us in forever. WM can’t lose its cash cow – it bankrolls England & it’s status in the world.

    Someone had the idea on here (can’t remember who, sorry) of voting individual independents with only one agenda.

    I don’t know if that’s workable but it would surely get rid of MPs sent there dancing to anothers tune like we have now.

  78. Ruby says:

    For flipping flip sake! moderated again.
    Is UK-raine banned or not?

    UK ‘doesn’t have enough’ RAF fighter jets to send to Uk-raine, ex-Navy chief warns

    UK does however have some decent charity shops where you can buy some decent gear.

  79. Geri says:

    Liz 10:29

    If it’s true then it’ll be because the Trans cult have moved to Scotland.

    It’s been happening for yrs. Sturgeons *come to Scotland* ..

    Scotland has been on a house building mission with no locals buying them so who is?

    With every new house there’s 2+ votes.

  80. Geri says:

    It’d be interesting if Stu ever did a deep dive into who is buying all the new builds.
    Exactly who has crossed the border & when.

    Maybe it’d end up as nothing to report or maybe it won’t?

    2014 spooked the shite out of them. Highly suss hundreds of thousands registered to vote a week or two out from indy ref (from a nearly 2 yr campaign?!) I’d expect late comers to the party but hundreds of thousands??

  81. sarah says:

    @ ronald anderson and Dorothy Devine: agreed that we are in a slough of despond created by the false SNP and aided and abetted by all the media including The National.

    Nevertheless I am pinning my remaining hopes, and efforts in supporting, the restoration of our people’s sovereignty over all the politicians. That way the b…ds will never ever have the upper hand again. So it is and for me. I expect you have both already signed the Edinburgh Proclamation but for anyone who has missed it here’s the link

  82. John Main says:

    @auld highlander says:9 February, 2023 at 7:16 am

    Last month it was tanks.

    This month it’s jets.

    Next month? Men?

    Let me just correct that for you:

    Cis Men

    Defo not woo men.

    These boys on the eastern fringes of Europe don’t fuck around. They don’t accept reality-denying shite.

    Sometimes I think that is the primary reason why a notable few on here hate them so much.

    Sadly, it’s still there – that underlying current of disparagement, contempt and outright hatred for brave people fighting for their nation, culture and freedom.

  83. robbo says:

    Ruby says:
    9 February, 2023 at 10:59 am
    For flipping flip sake! moderated again.
    Is UK-raine banned or not?

    UK ‘doesn’t have enough’ RAF fighter jets to send to Uk-raine, ex-Navy chief warns

    UK does however have some decent charity shops where you can buy some decent gear.


    The guy is right .

    It’s preposterous idea

  84. PacMan says:

    This policy of handing kit to Uk.raine sounds like getting rid of old stuff as and use it as an excuse to justify buying new, mostly American stuff.

  85. Mac says:

    It is so obvious looking at the complete dearth of talent in the SNP ranks that it is not accidental, but instead a long term reflection of Sturgeon’s natural aversion to anyone competent, capable and generally smarter than her. Those types either never make it (never selected to begin with) or are pushed away (Cherry etc).

    Looking at thick boring robots like this lad above, and the other one who was talking utter shite to Ella Whatsherface in the other article, they are all atrocious lightweights selected first and foremost for the grovelling subservience to Castle Murrell and all its putrid ideologies. Shrill voiced careerists and court grovelers, that need to wiped off the sole of the independence movement.

    How many words was that?

  86. John Main says:

    @robbo says:9 February, 2023 at 11:47 am

    The guy is right.

    It’s a preposterous idea

    Hmmm. Good article on Unherd yesterday about the reality of the war we find ourselves in.

    And before anybody starts on about the use of “we”, hold your fire until Scotland is Independent, cos right now, Scotland is not, and that means in reality, we are in it to the same extent as the rest of the UK.

    One obvious conclusion is that the UK will not be allowing Indy before the war is over. Not under any circumstances. I recall pointing this out in February 2022, or maybes early March. Soz.

    The aggressor is settling in for the long haul – that’s a useful aspect of being a totalitarian dystopia. Our friends in Eastern Europe and the EU are doing the same, albeit with the resigned support of their voters.

    An Independent Scotland could have decided to sit it out. WM has different ideas. Soz again.

    I like reality and the freedom to write it as it is. Otherwise, you end up believing that the bearded guy pissing his initials up the wall with his todger is a woman.

    That’s self-evident shite, and so is believing that Indy can be pursued while pretending there is no war on.

  87. Liz says:

    @Geri you could be right.
    It amazing the number of ‘new Scots’ who are in positions of authority.

    Many of the spokestrans I’ve seen have Yank organisers.

    Everythings gone to shit in such a short space of time.
    Warmongering now at WM, whilst we sit on WMD a few miles up the road.

    Nothing the Brits like better than a war to get their teeth in to.
    Has Russia ever been defeated?

  88. Bob Mack says:

    Sturgeon “its the UK Equality Act 2004 that caused this”


  89. Geri says:

    Sarah 11:24am

    That’s the way I’m going too. Right back to the proven method that works & has bore fruit before.

    Take Independence out of a political parties control altogether & back into the hands of the people.

    The SNP, under Sturgeon, shut it all down & along with it yrs of progress. They need to reconvene asap & never, ever let a political party, or one power trip individual, hijack it again.

  90. ronald says:

    sarah 11.24

    already signed I support Alba/Salvo as already said in the past i would hope Salvo would bring forward the Claim of Right in the Court of Session to test our Sovereignty .

  91. Geri says:

    John Main

    ‘Sadly, it’s still there – that underlying current of disparagement, contempt and outright hatred for brave people fighting for their nation, culture and freedom.’

    They’re fighting for fuck all.

    They’re occupier’s doing an oppressors bidding to destabilise whole regions for control. The American empire & it’s need to dominate.

    What have they actually done since WW2? Nothing.

    They shouldn’t command respect like the ppl of WW2 who were fighting an advancing army at the door.

    What we have now are invaders & no one ever looks kindly to them.

    & The woo has already been awarded positions. Where have you been hiding? They want a woman’s job cause it’s usually at a desk.

  92. jockmcx says:

    Geri says:
    9 February, 2023 at 12:23 pm

    Sarah 11:24am

    “That’s the way I’m going too. Right back to the proven method that works & has bore fruit before.

    Take Independence out of a political parties control altogether & back into the hands of the people.

    The SNP, under Sturgeon, shut it all down & along with it yrs of progress. They need to reconvene asap & never, ever let a political party, or one power trip individual, hijack it again.”

    Scotland was (slowly) heading towards independence for decades
    before Alex Salmonds time, He just gave it a mighty push!

    We know now that these arshole poloticians cannot be trusted!
    No more MSPS or MP’s
    They are supposed to be Public servants…not dictators.
    Stand as Scottish public servants…or FUCK OFF!

  93. Ruby says:

    The prisoner has polished pink nails.

    What further proof do you need.

    I would however take issue with them being described as pink. They are red.

    Isla on the other hand had pink nails although they were false & pretty long.
    Maybe a ‘Beauty School Drop Out’ but the pink false nail were spot on.

    Isla would probably have been fine if we had only seen the nails. It was the tight leggings what caused the controversy.

    Maybe they don’t do ‘tucking’ at ‘Beauty School’

  94. Geri says:

    Maybe it’s back on the list lol!

    Or maybe it was mentioning another?

    Understandable I guess.

  95. sarah says:

    @ Geri and ronald anderson: the legal basis for the Claim of Right and hence people’s sovereignty is rock solid. Evidence of the fact that Scotland does not belong to the UK or England is that Charles 3 had to swear to uphold the Claim of Right AND, even more clearly, there had to be a transfer of the 6000 sq miles of seabed from Scotland to England. If we already belonged or were in a territorial union there would have been no need.

    Salvo/Liberation’s plan of going to the UN and the International Court of Justice will put the Court of Session and the “Supreme” Court in their place. It would be nice of course if the Court of Session spoke up in advance but given Scotland’s legal establishment I can’t see that happening.

  96. Geri says:

    Ronald 12:38

    That was brought up before during one of thier zoom meetings.

    Anything relating to the constitution, or anything suspected to relate to it, is automatically diverted to the Supreme Court for consideration.

    It’d be pointless. Far better to bypass it all together & go external.

  97. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    9 February, 2023 at 12:08 pm

    Hmmm. Good article on Unherd yesterday about the reality of the war we find ourselves in.

    One obvious conclusion is that the UK will not be allowing Indy before the war is over. Not under any circumstances. I recall pointing this out in February 2022, or maybes early March. Soz.

    It’s such a good article you haven’t bothered your ‘soz’ to post a link archived or otherwise.

    The UK Gov in case you haven’t noticed doesn’t need doesn’t need a war in another part of the world to say no to IndyRef2.

    All they have to say is ‘Now is not the time’ ‘Once in a generation’ or any old excuse.

    I didn’t know what you meant by Soz so I check


    Nonsensical internet slang term for “sorry”, used by illiterate morons who for some reason substitute a “z” for “rry”, the latter of which would take an entire quarter of a second to type out.

  98. Liz says:

    Slightly off topic but it is sickening how many politicians from all parties and how many media people are fanboying over that thug Zelensky

  99. shug says:

    It will be interesting to see in Nicola excludes glass from the recycling policy like other countries or if she keeps it in to upset the distillers and publicans and make it unworkable in order to crash the system and make independence seem more unworkable

    GRR to upset women
    Recycling to upset Distillery’s
    Ferries to upset islanders
    A9 to upset everyone on the A9
    No independent currency to let Westminster stay in control and upset anyone with an O grade in economics.

    There seems no end to the policy car crashes to destroy hope of independence. Is she smart enough to work this out herself


  100. Ruby says:

    The effect transition has on families & especially children is not something that is discussed much if at all.

    I suppose that would be considered ‘conversion therapy’

    Your crossing dressing is more important than your children.

    I believe ‘Holy Willyboy’ has no contact with his son. Very sad!

  101. stuart mctavish says:

    plan a – final final final -3

    Variation Order No1:
    Instead of going to court over GRR garbage, stop bleating, invoke a preferred solution to the energy crisis and, if challenged, go to court over that.

  102. ronald says:

    Geri 1.28

    That’s where Salvo should have had representation to promote the CoR but they didn’t .

  103. Breeks says:

    robbo says:
    9 February, 2023 at 11:47 am

    The guy is right .

    It’s preposterous idea…

    I think it’s worse than preposterous.

    At the risk of being on the naughty step for mentioning the unmentionable, for any advocate of sending more weapons, what is your end game / exit scenario? What are your contingencies if it escalates the conflict?

    And when you get to the bit you’re not sure about, keep going, because by the time we get there, there won’t be a handbrake you can pull to stop this. I want your end game conclusion.

    Divorce yourself of emotion. When people run out of weapons, they stop fighting.

    But if those weapons are re-supplied, you are telegraphing to the enemy that something greater than being fought to a standstill is required to deliver an end game / exit strategy. You are telling them, not only do they have to win again, but next time win by a bigger margin.

    I firmly believe the threat of further invasion is just that, a threat. It’s a gambit, an invitation to begin dialogue. Escalate the fighting, keep sending more weapons, and the “ascendant” force will know they have to go further. The dialogue ultimatum will have failed, and the threatened offensive will have been provoked. Right now there is the Dnieper river. The next possibility of “containment” and practicable stand-off will be what?

    Don’t forget too, the enemy will be acutely aware that tanker crews, air defence and missile specialists are currently being trained. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you simply wait for those specialist to be readied?

    Don’t take sides, do the sums, and pursue the peace and dialogue option wherever it’s possible.

    Ceasefire / diplomacy / Peace talks and negotiations. Anything else is stupid.

  104. Shug says:

    Add to my list above national care service to piss of the workers and patients.

    I feel there is a need for a list of past failures and horizon failures to consider

    I simply don’t see the trend ending until Nicola is out

  105. Shug says:

    Oops add the A9

  106. Ottomanboi says:

    LIZ 1:19
    Before Brit media canonized Pres. Z of ancient «Little Russia».
    The Guardian ran this story
    Doubt things have changed. Volodymyrko’s body language suggests ill at ease.
    «Here’s the shopping list, don’t come back without the goods», kind of ill at ease.
    No one messes with Vitali Klitschko and buddies….kapow, sock, thwack, craaack!
    Somehow can’t see him as grand whatsit at Kiev Pride, Stewart Mac.

  107. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum (2019): Agenda: The answer to nationalist fervour isn’t less globalism. It’s more:

    “…The trouble with rising nationalism is its ability…”:

  108. John Main says:

    @Ruby says:9 February, 2023 at 1:09 pm

    I assume that anybody can find Unherd online. I assume that if they can’t, then they won’t be able to understand the article anyways.

    Or even read.

    How long did it take you to type “illiterate moron”? I bet a lot less time than it would take you to respond constructively, or even politely.

    See if you can’t find a shorter response in future, more suited to your own personality and intellect. Bet you could get it down to 4 letters. Just a feelz, but I’m confident.

  109. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    9 February, 2023 at 6:38 pm

    How long did it take you to type “illiterate moron”?

    That is not something I could measure.

    Have you heard of copy & paste?

    I couldn’t even measure the time it took me to paste entire dictionary definition of ‘soz.


    Nonsensical internet slang term for “sorry”, used by illiterate morons who for some reason substitute a “z” for “rry”, the latter of which would take an entire quarter of a second to type out.

    What is your definition of replying politely and constructively?

    Does that mean not pointing out your inability to post links and agreeing with what you say and not trying to find the dictionary definition of slang words that you keep using?

    For all I knew it could have meant ‘Save our Z’

    FYI. there’s no be more talk of Z here on Wings.

  110. Muscleguy says:

    If we prepare the ground properly in advance by talking to the international community then WM not paying attention won’t matter if we get Recognised after a Plebiscite election.

    it will be Recognition which will bring WM kicking and screaming to the negotiating table. We have to make realpolitik work for us.

    The problem is I can’t see Sturgeon and her cabal doing the necessary.

    BTW it doesn’t matter a tuppenny damn if WM knows what we do. They can’t stop us voting.

  111. John McGregor says:

    The GRR bill has the Greens hands all over it n is a red line in the support of the scotguv me thinks

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