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Apropos of nothing in particular

Posted on February 09, 2023 by

Some sage advice from one of your elected representatives.

Let’s all be careful out there, folks.

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  1. ronald says:

    Keeping himself in the public eye poor wee lamb

  2. Soda says:

    You can hear his bum squeaking from up here…

  3. Dave M says:

    Sound advice, Mr McDonald… 😉

  4. Tam Norrie says:

    Forgive me if I have a little chuckle to myself. “He has nothing incriminating is his emails and even if he did he would not have written them as they would be fake”. The only thing fake is McDonald.

  5. Andrew F says:

    Very good advice!

    Firstly: Absolutely trust the BBC, they are 100% trustworthy.

    Secondly: Absolutely trust the GCHQ. They only want what is best for you (a trait they share with the BBC and your elected masters).

    Thirdly: This might be the most important thing to pay attention to, you must absolutely trust the BBC and GCHQ when they tell you that “sources” say the bad thing is “believed to be” linked to other bad things, such as Russia. Russia is bad. The BBC and GCHQ are good. And “sources” are purveyors of truth.

    On the other hand, don’t be a dickhead. Don’t assign your entire existence to the digital world. Minimize your use of digital “convenience” and never trust anything that demands you “log in” unless you are certain that you have requested it.

    Always pay cash – it might save us all from digital enslavement.

    Bonus tip: Don’t get an “Order of Merit” from a deep state puppet regime – it only makes you look stupider than you obviously already are.

  6. Ruby says:

    Hacker sent me an email that he has hacked into my computer.
    I said “prove it” and he sent me the username and password of my email, bank and social media accounts.

    I replied “Thank you, that was the easiest Forgot Password process I have ever come across”.

    I never forget my password it’s 1234. 🙂

  7. Xim says:

    His unfortunate email hack explains why we’ve had to do a ridiculously simple “stay safe online” training package for the second time since before xmas.

    Guess the Party and associated govt services knew about this since at least early January.

  8. Garavelli Princip says:

    Whit a plonker!

    Do we think he might be worried about something?

  9. Astonished says:

    He must have a whole lot he wants to keep hidden.

    Timely and helpful article.

    Working with Sturgeon, McDonald will be well aware that con-artists have no empathy, pity or mercy.

    Sadly, Sturgeon has used up all the nuSNP obfuscation points. And the nuSNP are so skint they couldn’t afford the blackmail.

    I told the transcult Karma was coming.

    I have no sympathy for the useless scrote. In fact, I’ll delight in his downfall.

  10. Ruby says:

    From Stu MacDonald’s book of helpful hints on how to stay safe
    on the internet:

    if your are password needs at least eight characters and at least one number, try using ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’

    Using your dog’s name as your password could result in you having to change your dog’s name if you get hacked.

  11. Astonished says:

    Possibly the e-mails contain the nuSNP membership numbers.

    They definitely don’t want that to get out.

  12. Republicofscotland says:

    McDonald, the UK’s version of Chris Steele (fake Steele dossier) McDonald is UK security services puppet, this man is a danger to Scottish independence.

  13. ronald says:

    Andrew F 2.24

    It was a member of his staff who sent him the e mail Why would he be required to sign in to their E mail account they must have exchanged E mails in the past sounds iffy .

  14. Geri says:

    Remember folks, this *security expert* had a best mate who could 100% guarantee who was a Russian bot on twitter as she linked well known indy accounts to her timeline… 😀

    We didn’t earn the McBot name for nothing..

    He’s like that Kenny Everett character who thought he could do DIY & answer viewers questions.. 😀

    I think I’ll just stick to my original safety tip. Don’t log in to dodgy shaggin sites on the works lappy.

    I hope whoever has his emails fleeces that wee prick dry of his annual salary.

  15. Cameron Lochiel says:

    George Ponsonby AKA MSM Monitor AKA The Snivelling Nicolaphant has a poll up on Twitter:

    Those of you who use Twitter know what to do…

  16. Stuart MacKay says:

    Yes, because nobody in the SNP would ever consider “intentionally releasing selected information about an individual to influence public perception of that individual”.

  17. Dorothy Devine says:

    I’ve just read a whole load of nonsense about SNP membership from 2022 by Tom Gordon siting covid as the catalyst for membership dropping – folk not able to afford the fees. Apparently most folk said covid had cost them dear and they struggled with the fees.
    Obviously didn’t get to see my ‘resignation ‘ e-mail which sited many things but not covid.

    March ’21.

    It is with regret that I have decided to leave the party.

    My reasons are as follows:

    GRA, ill thought through and pandering to an extreme and overly vocal minority who can insult and threaten with no action taken.

    Hate crime Bill , more ludicrous than OBFA , ill thought out and pandering to goodness knows who but allowing a load of finger pointers to be ‘offended’ and contact the police.

    600,000 ring fenced pounds – time to say EXACTLY where they are

    But mostly the harassment and continuing smearing at all possible opportunities of Alex Salmond – a man found innocent of criminality but presumed guilty by every Tom , Dick and Harry in the Scottish media and it seems in the SNP.

    It also appears that ‘evidence’ has been withheld by the Scottish government – some slow , some hidden That doesn’t fill me with confidence of the honesty of the withholders.

    I want my country independent the sooner the better and as such I believe that the more the merrier is the policy I would understand and not the ‘it’s ma baw and’ you cannae play wi’ it ‘ which now appears to be that of the SNP.’

    I would really like an accurate figure of the membership or the membership loss over the last few years.

  18. Mac says:

    From the BBC article…

    “Mr McDonald says he has decided to go public to warn others of the risks and limit the potential damage as he waits to see what the hackers do with the stolen material.

    “If it is indeed a malicious state-backed group, then, in line with what I’ve seen elsewhere, I expect them to dump some of the information online.

    “And I can expect them to manipulate and fake some of that content and I want to get out ahead of that to ensure any disinformation attack against me is discredited before it’s even published,” he told the BBC.”

    Faked you say! Hilarious.

    Man there must be some embarrassing shit in these emails that they are coming with all this codswallop to attempt to discredit it before it even breaks.

    ‘Shadow’ defence spokesman for the SNP gets ‘penetrated’ faster than a barnyard hen. Gosh, how reassuring, another magnificent woke appointment in action.

    Our twenty something year old IT manager has been warning against this sort of obvious phishing type shit for years.

    And my guess, if anyone is behind it will be his Ukrainian friends…

    Overall though, what a berk. Level: Liz Truss

  19. mjack says:

    Twitter files have enlightened us, the public, that Russia is always to blame, always, so everyone MUST blame those nasty Rushkies, its definitely not our SS, definitely NOT its the Russians, OK?

  20. James Che says:

    OT, a bit soon I Know,

    See the Guardian, running a piece on Mary Queen OF Scots,

    NOT Mary Queen Of Scotland. The Country and Territory of Scotland.

    For once the title is recorded correctly in the media.

    The “The declaration of Arbroath” and the “Claim of Right” being confirmed by the Scottish parliament then transferred the sovereignty over from Monarch to the Scots people as a nation of that territory,

    The Scottish parliament was extinguished by simply agreeing to the treaty of the union with the Commissioners, prior to the union being ratified.

    So what is the Scottish position legally.

    No Scottish parliament in the treaty of the union.
    No Monarch above the Sovereign Scots,
    Scots retained their land, their territory and their Country.

    What is the need for Scots to hold a referendum pleading acknowledgement from outwith on varying percentages of votes that may or may not be recognised by people that did not except the Scottish parliament into a treaty of union, were the Scots are sovereign over monarch in their Country,

    The hogwash of propaganda , for many centuries has made Scotland and its people believe they have been bound since 1707, when you’re parliament did not enter in to a treaty, it was extinguished.

  21. robertkknight says:


    Let the exercise in arse-covering commence!

    He’ll end up making Trump look like a moderate, nay occasional, user of the phrase “fake news, fake news.”

    Pass the popcorn…

  22. SteepBrae says:

    Ordinary citizens, concerned about public perception, rush hither and thither locking their stable doors after vulnerable individual’s credibility horse has bolted.

  23. Mac says:

    And before any of the clever folk on here point out that chickens don’t actually have penetrative sex, I know.

    It was a lazy. What can I say, but I could not readily think of another slutty animal out there that would get penetrated as quickly and as easily as Stewart McDonald.

  24. James Che says:

    Scotland and its people are a Colony by choice and by ignorance by their own lack of factual research into history.

    The UK parliament 2023 laughs and mocks your ignorance when it states on its site, QUOTE.

    “The Scottish parliament extinguished itself by agreeing to the treaty of the union in 1707.”

    Not by Joining.
    The agreement with the Scottish parliament was made solely by the Commissioners, not with the english parliament and Scottish parliament.

    Ratification of that agreement by the English parliament confirmed the Scottish parliament was extinguished “prior” to The english parliament changing its name to British parliament.

  25. James Che says:

    Westminster quite rightly has the right to mock and laugh all Scots whom choose to stay ignorant of legal reality between England and Scotland.

    They are openly taking the p..s when they tell you on their site that the Scottish parliament was extinguished in 1707 before any treaty was ratified.

  26. Alison+Whiteford says:

    I hope he’s taking hydration salts for all that sweating.

  27. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “George Ponsonby AKA MSM Monitor”

    Oh, is THAT who that is?

  28. Ruby says:

    Mac says:
    9 February, 2023 at 3:47 pm

    And before any of the clever folk on here point out that chickens don’t actually have penetrative sex, I know.

    You are pulling my leg!

    Do you think I don’t know what a cock does?

  29. James Che says:

    Go check Colonial Stock Scotland Act.
    And Agriculture and Fisheries Acts where Aquire, Scottish small Crofts and land by Westminster.
    where Scotland is considered as a Colonial asset of Westminsters Empire,

    A genuine treaty with Scotlands parliament in 1707 would not make it come under Colonial Acts.

  30. Republicofscotland says:

    “Scotland and its people are a Colony by choice and by ignorance by their own lack of factual research into history.”

    James Che.

    There is much truth in that sentence James, but its also equally true that we’re being kept in this union only with the aid of multiple House Jocks, remove them and independence will follow.

  31. Geri says:

    The declaration of Arbroath is Catholicism in a nutshell.

    No one had/has a devine right to rule over another. Scots exercised popular sovereignty. The ppl are Sovereign & would remain so. Even a pope needs elected.

    Mary, queen of Scots.
    Elizabeth, queen of England.

    You can see where they were incompatible & why it’d be erased from thier retelling of the tale.

    This is why it bugs the shit out of me when snivelling SNP shits come out with *Westminster won’t allow..*

    On whose say so? Thiers? Who automatically elevated them to be our lord & master?

  32. Ruby says:

    On 13 January Mr McDonald was walking down the street when he received a notification on his phone.

    These folk who check their emails in the street and don’t watch where they are going really flipping annoy me.

    Had the pdf opened would he have been reading that in the street too?

    Wasn’t there someone from the Scottish Office who did that had the open document filmed. I’ll check that.

    His password could also have been filmed.

    I don’t think I’ll pay much attention to McDonald’s advice on internet security.

  33. Geri says:

    Who is George Ponsonby?

  34. Cameron Lochiel says:

    “Oh, is THAT who that is?”

    Aye, I’ve known for a while. I was willing to respect his anonymity, but that was a step too far

  35. Republicofscotland says:

    The Lib/Dem branch manager in Scotland isn’t qualified (by his own words) to know the difference between a man and a woman, this tool must be voted out as soon as we get the chance, God help his constituents.

    Meanwhile Sturgeon the Judas who failed on thirteen occasions, yes thirteen occasion, to answer Douglas Ross, on whether Adam Graham, aka Isla Bryson is a man or a woman, also failed to answer the same question on a violent male prisoner held in a Scottish jail who identifies as trans today at FMQs.

    Also revealed at FMQs today, via a retired SPS officer, is that female prison officers have to give fully intact males identifying as female full body cavity searches, and they’re not happy about that, SPS officer who complains about it or uses the wrong pronouns will find themselves facing disciplinary action.

  36. Garavelli Princip says:

    “Mary, queen of Scots.
    Elizabeth, queen of England”.

    Important observation. The Scottish crown is ancient an deeply embedded in Gaelic culture, where possession is a fluid concept. Thus indeed – King/Queen of Scots. At the pleasure of the Scots (not King of the land which is deemed a common asset).

    An interesting insight into this concept in gaeldom is that in the Gaelic language there is no verb “To Have”. Possession is transient, contingent and provisional. A recognition of providence and human precarity , notto mention common ownership of the means of life.

  37. James Che says:


    I am sorry to say you missed the point of what I quoted from the Westminster UK parliament site 2023.
    I think many people do exactly the same. So no offence meant,

    So I will repeat ( their ) quote from their up to date site.

    “The Scottish parliament extinguished itself by agreeing to the treaty of the union in 1707”

    What do you actually read?

    The commissioners made the Agreement.
    The agreement cancelled and extinguished the 1707 Scottish parliament.

    It cancelled the Scottish parliament from entering the treaty of the union in England,
    The ratification of THAT AGREEMENT later on by both the Scottish and English parliaments agreed individually that the Scottish parliament (was extinguished prior to the treaty of union) in the Country of England. (ie ) it agreed not to be in the treaty of the union as the 1707 Scottish parliament.

    So no 1707 Scottish parliament could have entered into the treaty of the union. Due to the prior agreement made by the commissioners, which was ratified by the parliament in Scotland and the parliament in England each under their own domestic laws of their Countries.

    They have both ratified that the 1707 Scottish parliament had been extinguished before the union was to be continued.

    There is No Scottish parliament in the treaty of the union.
    This is what the Westminster UK parliament site in 2023 is mocking and laughing at the Scots for.
    Being dupe’d.

  38. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:


    The inclusion of a couple of articles about Stewart McDonald does NOT signify any change of policy about discussion of the Russia/Ukraine war in Wings comments.

  39. Ottomanboi says:

    OK if the personalities are east of Minsk it seems.
    What’s sauce for the goose etc
    No end to that man’s «sauce à la hubris».

  40. Cameron Lochiel says:

    “Who is George Ponsonby?”

    He wrote London Calling: How the BBC stole the referendum

  41. James Che says:

    Garavelli Princip.

    That is spot on and correct, and Scotland has not changed that, nor can England.
    The Queen/ monarch in 1707 was not monarch of Scotland ” the territory of the Scots” it belongs to the people at that time as it does today.

    Which begs a secondary Question,

    The territorial country of Scotland could not be negotiated by the commissioners sent by that monarch in 1706/ 1707 without the permission of the Scottish population, and that was not given nor asked for.
    That legally infers that the Territory of Scotland is still a independent Country.

  42. Geri says:

    Cameron, thanks!

    I couldn’t place where I’d heard of him before.

  43. Stuart MacKay says:

    Rev. @5:07pm re the no change of policy

    Awww, I was going to mention that maybe McDonald’s conscientious comment was a reminder to personnel to turn off location services on their phone just in case they start showing up in unexpected places.

  44. robertkknight says:

    GP @5:01

    Medieval monarchs of the Kingdom of Scotland were known both as Rex Scotiae and Rex Scottorum – the terms being used interchangeably.

  45. twathater says:

    OH NO!!!!! Maybe Stewart should immediately contact ACH just in case (we did it for you) Beth sends Alex an email and this rushki group decides to publish it (Oh please pretty please)

    This fanny’s fanny is fair bricking it (I want to get in front of it in case they publish FALSE information) don’t worry Stewarty boy you being an ex defense SHADOW (WTAF) spokesthingmy your friends in the security services already know what you have been up to

    I notice all these snp mp’s are fair becoming war mongering supporters and HAWKS, Doogan was on coburn yesterday pushing a higher percentage spend on defense which he said was snp policy , is there anything nicoliar wants to tell us are we being threatened by bad he/she/its/them/those

    A wee question will the Scottish Armed Services have to have different regiments for Men , Women ,Individuals , Rapists , Incels , Non Binary, or the other 100s of grenders or is it Gunts

  46. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum (2015) Agenda: What is information warfare?

    “…defined information warfare as the “conflict or struggle between two or more groups in the information environment”. You might say that just sounds like a fancier way of describing hacking. In fact it’s a lot more sinister and a lot more dangerous than its somewhat tame name implies…

    Information warfare combines electronic warfare, cyberwarfare and psy-ops (psychological operations) into a single fighting organisation, and this will be central to all warfare in the future…”:

  47. James Che says:

    Gravelli Princip.

    Legally due to the prior agreement between the two sets of commissioners the 1707;Scottish parliament was to be extinguished, both the Westminster parliament and the three estates (Scottish parliament ) agreed to this,
    This agreement was ratified by both countries parliaments.

    Scotland nor its parliament were ever subsumed into the British parliament. Legally it was prevented from taken part in and joining the treaty of the union, by the commissioners pre-agreement.

    The commissioners themselves maybe did not like the idea of a union between the two Countries,
    What ever the case may be we will never know,
    But the results of what they did back then are still with us today,

    They pre-nupted by agreement the Scottish parliament was to become extinguished, prior to the treaty of union,
    This agreement was put before Westminster parliament session and the Monarch, which they then rapidly ratified.
    This is what actually ratified.

    They ratified the exclusion of the Scottish parliament from entering and being in the treaty of the union as a Scottish parliament.

    The Scottish parliament is not in the treaty of the union, as the UK Westminster parliament states in 2023.

  48. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Rishi Sunak:

    Nicola Sturgeon:

  49. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum (2019): Agenda: The answer to nationalist fervour isn’t less globalism. It’s more:

    “…The trouble with rising nationalism is its ability…”:

  50. James Che says:


    No one is forcing us to stay in a union we are not in, but us and our ignorance,

  51. Ebok says:

    RoS @3.09pm

    I noticed this further down the twitter thread you posted: –

    ‘The Glasgow City Council leader has said in a “scathing” article that the cash crisis hitting local authorities are hard enough without “additional limitations placed on our powers by ministers at Holyrood”.
    This comes as Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville warned councils she would be prepared to take back funding if they failed to maintain teacher numbers, an SNP manifesto pledge for Holyrood’

    Sarwar got in the act too and was quite animated at today’s at FMQ’s, really having a go at Sturgeon over further decimation of council services which, naturally, will adversely affect the poorest and most vulnerable.

    He could have helped her by saying he understood that her scope was limited because WM will always take a lot of Scotland’s wealth and give just a tiny bit back.

    And she could have helped him by giving reassurance that no matter who won the GE, she had no intention of rocking the boat by trying to change this grubby arrangement.

  52. gregor says:

    NationalScot (09/02/2023): Stewart McDonald’s ‘miasma’ and our indyref2 strategy:

    “…the independence policy papers which roused a modicum of excitement last October, then stopped and were instantly forgotten…

    Or the last few months when two fairly seismic constitutional moments prompted no plan of action from Scotland’s governing party…

    The SNP’s ability to make common cause with other parties and Yes groups is zero.

    The SNP’s ability to excite people about independence is also virtually zero…”:

  53. Mac says:

    London Calling. Is that the one that features Paul Kavanagh and Craig Murray? Bizarrely I watched quite recently and if so I thought it was pretty good. Shame the Ponsonby guy has lost his marbles with that ‘when did you stop beating your wife’ type poll on Salmond. What happened there then?

  54. Dan says:

    @ Geri at 5:23 pm

    You may also have recalled a different Ponsonby, Bernard.

    Defence related shipbuilding article from 2016.

  55. gregor says:


    “The physical or mental power or skill needed to do something.”

    “There’s no doubting her ability.”

    “She had the ability to explain things clearly and concisely.”

    “She’s a woman of considerable abilities.”

  56. gregor says:


    “Very strange and unusual.”

    “A bizarre situation.”

    “Bizarre behaviour.”

    “She’s a strange girl.”

    “I always thought there was something a bit odd about her.”

  57. Dan says:

    Stuart MacKay says: at 5:29 pm

    Awww, I was going to mention that maybe McDonald’s conscientious comment was a reminder to personnel to turn off location services on their phone just in case they start showing up in unexpected places.

    Aye, I recall a few years back when Strava published global heat maps of the app’s user activity, loads of military personnel turned up in places they shouldn’t be.

    Apps like Strava have uses outwith their original design though. I recall during the consultation process for the dualling of the A9 I mentioned to one of the engineers and also a lad doing a dissertation on community engagement of the process, that they may want to look at Strava heat maps as a way of identifying where crossing points may be identified for hillwalker and mountain biker activity in locations that may have been thought unimportant.
    But then I have the ability top use independent lateral thought, unlike so many of oor politicians…

    Zoom in to wherever you want to see traffic.

  58. James Che says:


    Regardless of the occasional interchangeable mistakes that may occur in anyone misunderstanding the Scotland concept, the Declaration of Arbroath, and the Claim of right, are very specific, in reference as to were the sovereignty lies in Scotland, both being written down and acknowledged as reference documents.

    I believe? the library in the UN holds a Copy of the Declaration of Arbroath, and Scotlands devolved parliament and Englands parliaments recognise the Claim of right, as did prince Charles.

    Sovereignty in Scotland is held by the people, the Monarch is at the will of the Scots, the territory of Scotland is not held by the monarch nor parliament,

    This is history of the Scots and Scotland.
    And it was the commissioners of the monarch that made a pre- agreement that the Scottish parliament would be extinguished from entering into the treaty of the union by ratifying the agreement.
    A extinguished Scottish parliament prior to the treaty cannot join in a treaty with any parliament in England.
    It is what it is.

  59. gregor says:

    Stanley Odd (2020): She’s A Wee Witch:

    “She’s a wee witch, she be witching
    Come the witching hour, in the kitchen
    Smoke drifting, eyes mischief
    Pour another drink for the dawn in the distance See her?

    She’s a wee witch
    In certain light you can see it
    Every morning at first when she wakes
    And every night as we burn at the stake…

    They say witches aren’t real and they’re just make-believe
    I don’t know about that but I’m only really real cause she believes in me…”:

  60. JGedd says:

    Rev Stuart Campbell @ 5.07pm

    That’s a relief. Thanks for clarifying. I did hope that the ban was still in place. We don’t want to go back to the bad old days of whole threads being dominated by hostilities between entrenched opinions on the war to the east. It often generated more heat than light.

  61. Stuart MacKay says:

    Dan @6:25pm

    That’s clever. Everyone in our house are Strava junkies – except me, since somebody has to deal with the essentials like earning money and cooking.

    I thought the likes of Google’s location services would have been a goldmine during the pandemic since you’d be able to see when shops were busy. With some common sense on ventilation and a little education we could likely have fended off the worst effects of the lock-downs. Alas we all had to stay at home, penniless and going slightly insane.

  62. Mac says:

    O/T What is the difference between shooting down a very high altitude spy balloon versus a low attitude spy satellite.

    I would say nothing.

  63. Republicofscotland says:

    “Sarwar got in the act too and was quite animated at today’s at FMQ’s, really having a go at Sturgeon over further decimation of council services which, naturally, will adversely affect the poorest and most vulnerable.”


    I missed the Labour branch managers questions, as someone in the public gallery began shouting at the FM, I was in the car and Radio Shortbread cut the feed to FMQs.

    It becoming a regular occurrence at FMQs for someone to shout at Sturgeon the Judas, long may it last I say.

  64. gregor says:


    “The brightness that comes from the sun, fire, etc. and from electrical devices, and that allows things to be seen.”

    “A beam/ray of light.”

    “Light was streaming in through the open door.”

    “It’s a north-facing room so it doesn’t get much light (= brightness from the sun).”

  65. David Hannah says:

    Sturgeon doesn’t listen to anyone. She doesn’t admit she’s wrong. She doubles down and escalates. No wonder they public are screaming at her from the gallery on a weekly basis. This SNP are accountable to no one.

  66. gregor says:


    “Able to be easily physically or mentally hurt, influenced, or attacked.”

    “I felt very vulnerable, standing there without any clothes on.”

    “Alison’s story is a reminder of how vulnerable women can be in what is still essentially a man’s world.”

  67. Dan says:

    @ Stuart Mackay

    Strava also has other uses… like identifying narcissistic arseholes that don’t filter their rides into the relevant section and thus use their E bikes to beat the times of folk using pedal power alone.
    Plus Strava could be asked to provide data of how many pretty useless blokes in terms of fitness have changed their profiles to be female to climb higher up the leaderboards.
    I still hold a few KOMs and various top ten times in the male stats as a display of my once stunning athletic prowess. But it’s no doubt only a matter of time till they will be stolen by fuckers on E bikes.

  68. David Hannah says:

    Sturgeon can add she can’t build roads and recycle bottles to her CV of failure. Alongside gender Self ID.

    Nicola is taking Scotland on the road to nowhere.

    ScotWind sell off. God save the king. Under his eye.

  69. stuart mctavish says:

    @ Cameron Lochiel

    I dont remember BBC reporting too much about “young female staffers” prior to the referendum so not sure what relevance it has to the poll question in question

    Assuming its not a red herring, I do recall that that sort of statement is likely to pass some sort of jigsaw identification test and, the law not being arbitrary, liable to earn 8 months prison without due process or appeal.

    Accordingly, what odds the hidden agenda is to change his surnom de plume to Sand and write her next best seller from perspective of a female prisoner in a grown man’s body?

  70. robbo says:

    Miss World has gone downhill dramatically since I was a boy. Just saying like.

  71. Tommo says:

    A propos of little save the ‘assembly’; who is the seemingly addled crone who sits to the left and behind the ‘First Minister’ as viewed from the main camera angle ? In footage from today (?) she seems to have dyed her hair to match the colour of Sturgeons latest ‘power suit’.

  72. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    In other news, this is worth reading. According to the MSM, the wheels are wobbly on Nicola’s bus.

    A Week in the War on Women: Monday 30th January – Sunday 5th February GOOD NEWS SUPPLEMENT

  73. David Hannah says:

    I can’t remember the last time the SNP have done anything of any benefit to my living standards in Scotland. They haven’t shown that we can do it better than the World’s lowest barometer tory run England.

    They lack compassion.

  74. ronald says:

    gregor 7.05/7.18

    we know the teachers are on strike . are you missing school why don’t U piss off an take your dictionary with u .

  75. gregor says:


    “A book that contains a list of words in alphabetical order and explains their meanings, or gives a word for them in another language; an electronic product giving similar information on a computer, smartphone, etc.”

    “A biographical/science dictionary.”

    “A dictionary of quotations.”

    “The world’s most ambitious online dictionary of Architects has been launched in Scotland.”

  76. John Main says:

    @Mac says:9 February, 2023 at 7:02 pm

    O/T What is the difference between shooting down a very high altitude spy balloon versus a low attitude spy satellite.

    I would say nothing.

    A satellite in low Earth orbit is traveling at around 17,000 mph, whereas a balloon is traveling at wind speed, maybes up to 150 mph in the stratosphere.

    A balloon at an altitude of 65,000 feet is around 12 miles high, whereas low orbit is around 120 miles high.

    A balloon when destroyed falls to the ground (or sea), whereas a satellite may well be reduced to fragments but most of those fragments will remain in orbit. Any fragments that do enter the atmosphere will burn up, due to that speed of 17,000 mph. The chance of anything reaching ground level is remote.

    So, I would say something.

    Did you mean “what is the difference in terms of realpolitik fall out and the knock-on increased potential for inter-state conflict?”

    Fucked if I know. Soz.

  77. Stoker says:

    From the BBC article Stuart links to:

    “Mr McDonald continues to be unsure what – if anything – will be done with the stolen material. Even though he was aware of the risks before the incident he has since then taken additional steps to secure his accounts. It can catch people even those who are alive to these threats, he said.”

    Does McDonald not realise just how much of an untrustworthy & unreliable twat he has exposed himself to be? A politician, a person of importance and a person who is in part responsible for ensuring the national safety of Scotland needs to have his work email account “hacked” before he takes steps to protect that email account.

    And then he actually goes running for advice to the very folk who probably hacked his account in the first place. That is if you even believe it was hacked. And this grade-A roaster was the SNP’s “Defence” spokesman? Is it OK, folks, if this Atheist starts praying? FFS! We’re going to need all the help we can get.

    If it truly was hacked, i wonder what embarrassing muck he’s trying to get ahead of being released? Or will it give away his true Unionist credentials? Either way, he’s another walking, talking, living example of why a vote for Sturgeon’s SNP is a vote to keep Scotland chained to London rule.

  78. Stoker says:

    ronald says on 9 February 2023 at 7:34 pm
    “gregor 7.05/7.18 we know the teachers are on strike . are you missing school why don’t U piss off an take your dictionary with u.”

    Well said, Ronnie! I’ve just posted a similar comment. Utter fuckin’ selfishness. Infesting just about every thread these days.

  79. Ruby says:

    Brian Doonthetoon says:
    9 February, 2023 at 7:31 pm

    In other news, this is worth reading. According to the MSM, the wheels are wobbly on Nicola’s bus.

    A Week in the War on Women: Monday 30th January – Sunday 5th February GOOD NEWS SUPPLEMENT

    Cheers Brian that is excellent!

    I want to hear more of the Sunak interview & I would also like to know if the football mad dog is OK and he didn’t hurt himself when he went flying of the sofa when a goal was scored.

  80. Liz says:

    @tommo no need for the ageist remark.
    That’s Christina Grahame, another major disappointment.

    Some of the older women in the SNP seem to think its their job to mother oor Nikla

  81. John Main says:

    @Stoker says:9 February, 2023 at 7:49 pm

    a person of importance and a person who is in part responsible for ensuring the national safety of Scotland

    Very unlikely any serious grown-up people will ever have let him near anything important. There are still plenty of serious grown-ups around, just not in ScotGov.

    We can all sleep safe tonight. If there is to be any insomnia, it will have to be through excited anticipation at the thought of the lunacy, degradation, criminality, or incompetence the leaked emails will reveal.

    Bring it on!

  82. Tommo says:

    Talk TV interview with Salmond; interesting-
    A couple of quotes as near as I can record from Salmond;
    ‘Should this’ (trans rights) be a defining issue ?’; ‘get the national movement off this hill and back to independence’
    ‘The independence movement must not die on this hill’
    This able if oily politician is clearly so much more interested in the ‘indy’ aspect of this disaster than the rights of women-even to BE women ,and therein to my mind lies the problem here. And he is clearly a man who does support independence as an aim not simply a jobseeker with an indy CV.

  83. ronald says:

    Stoker 7.57

    Same mo as Cameron Brodie posting irrelevant piss to disrupt the thread

  84. Big Jock says:

    Is someone trying to hack his phone to find his secret formula for independence? So secret even comfy slippers doesn’t know about it.

    So genius that MI5 are offering a reward to whoever cracks his code.

  85. Republicofscotland says:

    Looks like SPS bosses are no longer going to take the heat for Sturgeon the Judas GRRB nonsense.

    “Scotland’s prison service has abandoned Nicola Sturgeon’s self-identification policy, announcing that it would base decisions on where to send new prisoners entirely on their biological sex.

    In a major climbdown following the scandal of a transgender rapist being placed in a female jail, the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) said it would disregard a prisoner’s gender identity when making initial decisions about whether to send them to a male or female jail.”

    The people have lost faith in Sturgeon’s ability to govern as FM she need to resign with immediate effect.

  86. David Hannah says:

    He’ll be on the front page of the Sunday Mail in his favourite fursona with daddy bear. Ahaha. I’ve never met the man. Just a Unionist thst isn’t working for us. Johnny English.

  87. gregor says:

    @Stoker, et al

    Keep proving yourself…


  88. Bob Mack says:

    Did not McDonals ask for Braverman to be sacked over phone breaches of potentially secure information ?

  89. gregor says:

    Telegraph (09/02/2023): Scottish prisons abandon Nicola Sturgeon’s trans self-identification policy:

    “Scotland’s prison service has abandoned Nicola Sturgeon’s self-identification policy, announcing that it would base decisions on where to send new prisoners entirely on their biological sex…”:

  90. David Hannah says:

    Is liz Lloyd an agent of Vladamir?

  91. John Main says:

    V innarestin article published on Unherd – “The Rise Of Ireland’s Anti-Migrant Protests”.

    Here’s a wee quote:

    grassroots anti-migrant protests are sweeping across the country, rallying around the slogan “Ireland is Full”. There were 307 anti-migrant protests in 2022, while 2023 has already seen 64. At the latest demonstration in Dublin, on Tuesday, more than 2,000 protestors took to the streets

    Bizarre that the Irish care enough about the assault on their jobs, housing, medical services, educational prospects, incomes, etc. to get out on the streets in protest, whereas we Scots can barely exercise ourselves to complain when the New Scots are quietly scuppering our demographics and pushing the prospect of ever getting a pro-Indy majority into the long grass.

    I mean, the Irish already have their freedom and their EU membership. Why should they care?

    Yet increasing numbers of them do, but I see no sign of that happening here. Is it that we Scots are just too, darned nice to make a fuss? Even when it will cost us our Independence, our resources, our culture and our nation?

  92. Cherrybank says:

    In the National’s 2019 commemoration of the 2014 Referendum,Paul Kavanagh credits G.A Ponsonby with starting Newsnet and thereby revolutionizing online Scottish politics.

  93. James Che says:

    The information available in historical research will be a divider in going ahead for a independent Scotland.
    It will divide the wheat from the chaff.
    It will divide those with determination to look at all documents in history for all out independence for Scotland.
    With those whom would prefer a better ruling party in Scotland for Westminsters benefit of maintaining the union,

    Nothing was off the table for discussing in the yes movement for a independent Scotland before 2014, and every one did research. All people learned something new they had learned and educated others
    But when the NuSnp took over, many many people on Scottish sites suddenly emerged as party preferences in Scotland, rather than a independent Scotland.

    The change of influence the NuSNP bought into Scottish independence sites across Scotland has not been missed,
    Not so long ago this new influence of deterring enthusiasm, redirecting purpose, and shielding would have laughed at.

    The orinal commenters would have recognised the many deflections.

    It is sad that the Snp, the soft yessers, and the no’s, and unionists in disguise are now running Scotland, through many sites

    If independence of Scotland was still in the hearts first, not just regime change of a political party while remaining within a union or federalising Scotland within the union, or levelling up Britain,
    We would be much further on than we are,

    I miss the old names that used to post, their enthusiasm for a independent Scotland, the research every one on those sites used to contribute, the learning of knowledge that grew the enthusiasm for 2014,

    It has died with the many people that have passed away, and Scotland is a poorer country for the loss of so many like minded people,

    Now there are a few solo drummers, beating a drum in the dark.
    And the NuSnp have you so busy nowadays talking constantly of them, what they do, what they do not do, what they could have done, what they should have done etc etc etc.

    The Nusnp have secretly won your hearts and taken over your minds,
    The old Scot fought tooth and nail for their Country to survive, alas we fight tooth and nail for the next occupying word from the snp.
    Each one, wether you’re Scottish or not, living in Scotland will regret the brain washing subjectivity of the snp, as Britain fails it citizens and brings poverty across Britain while giving Millions to support wars and other governments with your money that could have helped the NHS, or the energy crises,
    Sad though I am, I gain some salvation in knowing what the snp Are doing now to occupy the Scots away from complete independence, has a way of returning that very same karma back to Scotland and the people living here.

    How many regrets there will be that you couldn’t see the woods for the trees, we will have to wait an see.

  94. gregor says:

    pam g (09/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Soon to be known as ‘Disgraced former SNP defence spokesperson Stewart McDonald’.”:

  95. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Tommo.

    You typed,
    “This able if oily politician is clearly so much more interested in the ‘indy’ aspect of this disaster than the rights of women-even to BE women ,and therein to my mind lies the problem here. And he is clearly a man who does support independence as an aim not simply a jobseeker with an indy CV.

    That’s one of the most incoherent comments I have ever read on WOS.

    Could you, perchance, be more lucid? IE, what is your point?

  96. Geri says:


    That’s Christine Grahame.

    *Nae nonsense* ex deputy presiding officer.

    Someone clipped all her rulings together in a vid. It was hilarious. Dunno if it’s still out there somewhere..

    When yer time was up speaking – it was up! 😀 😀

    Allison Johnstone face was a picture (a face like someone had just stole her ice-cream) & ACH, both routinely told off & everyone had heard enough lol

    A good egg & a campaigner on the ground. She attended & spoke at AUOB a few times. She has also admonished Sturgeon in the past over not reassuring old ppl over thier pensions.

    She suffers tremors.

  97. robbo says:

    OMG . It’s getting really mental now.

  98. Alf Baird says:

    John Main @ 8:26 pm

    “I mean, the Irish already have their freedom and their EU membership. Why should they care?”

    Perhaps they don’t want their sovereignty taken, again, and rightly don’t trust their neoliberal political class. As we know, Ireland was subject to significant ‘plantation’ and its people still live with the consequence of that. The Scots on the other hand have only a rudimentary understanding of ethnic oppression or the meaning of independence, and some still believe in the cultural illusion of ‘union’.

  99. Andrew scott says:

    A must watch
    TONITE Justice minister blabbing on in beeb scotland interview re the Prison review
    Was asked so “only violent trans prisoners will go into “the male estate(prison)-he said that is correct
    However his assistant broke in-the i interview paused and then resumed and he said all prisoners will be assigned to appropriate “estate” based upon their gender AT BIRTH
    No wonder mrs murrell did not want to address this issue at FMQs
    What an utter shambles

  100. John Main says:

    @robbo says:9 February, 2023 at 9:03 pm

    That’s a great link – thanx for posting it.

    How many Scots realise that if we were independent, with a sovereign wealth fund like Norway, we could all self-ID as disabled and sit in wheelchairs? We would have the money to pay for it – probably more!

    All these years we have been missing out – us healthy, able-bodied Scots – forced to walk about on our own two feet – always turned away from the Priority Queue for aircraft boarding.

  101. SusanAHF says:

    The report by the SPS only covers the INITIAL placement of “trans” prisoners until they’re assessed. The “assessment” sounds just as vague as it did previously and only prisoners with a history of violence against women will be affected. So not as great as it sounds.
    Apropos gregor, I just scroll on by, best way.

  102. Geri says:

    Dan 6:10

    Aye. I know of him from hosting election night results.

    It was the use of George that threw me & not GA.. d’oh!

    PS. That app sounds really interesting.

    It’s amazing how technology can locate & record crimes too & when they can spectacularly fail..

    I’m a bit of a follower of true crime. A recent one where a woman is heard screaming ‘Alexa, call 911!’ as Alexa didn’t bother her arse.
    Woman was being murdered by her ex..Fk! Bad, bad Alexa!

  103. DaveL says:

    Aye Robbo, mental as anything. Check out this crowd:

    There’s also the really fat folk that identify themselves as being anorexic…

  104. robbo says:

    Fucking what? You get enough ya twats, plus all the expenses you get. You don’t pay feck all for travel , food other things that normal workers have to pay for. Get it roon ye.

  105. gregor says:

    The Lumineers (2018): “Scotland”:

    “They all need something to hold on to
    They all mean well
    Pay your respects to society giving me hell
    You could never feel my story
    It’s all you know
    You could never feel my story
    It’s all you know

    May your dreams come to reality
    If all else fails…”:

  106. robbo says:

    Can you tell us Alex, who are the men and who are the women in this photo please?

    You couldnae smash an egg ya fanny.

  107. Geri says:

    The gender verses sex mismatch gobbledygook misinformation continues.

    Stick to sex. All problems solved.

    It’s worked since time immemorial.

    No one can change sex. The end.

    All the gender shit is *feelings* & laws wouldn’t be able to keep up with that ever moveable bullshit.

    Can someone please escort Sturgeon to the exit already? Sheesh! So much time, money & effort wasted on another shit brain fart by Sturgeon that she’s unable to see to completion.

    Alf, so true about the Irish. They won’t ever risk thier sovereignty again & no one could blame them. There’s also a lot pissed off that properties are being snapped up, but not by the locals. Turned into Holiday homes by foreign owners.

  108. gregor says:


    “Treating people like tools or toys, as if they had no feelings, opinions, or rights of their own.”

    “To deny the significance of these voices, or to silence them, would in fact be a form of objectification and oppression.”

  109. gregor says:

    Mark Irvine (09/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Men, Women and ‘Tadgers’

    Lib Dem leader Alex Cole-Hamilton joins Nicola Sturgeon in being unable to tell whether trans rapist Adam ‘Isla Bryson’ Graham is a man or a woman.

    Jim Spence points out that his possession of a ‘tadger’ or penis leaves no room for doubt.”:

  110. Merganser says:

    Beth Douglas suspended by the Greens. Take a bow Stu for all your great work. It’s beginning to pay off. Keep the pressure on, especially on Cole-Hamilton. He’s a total disgrace, as are the rest of the idiots who forced the self ID legislation though and clapped in support of those in the gallery who wanted it.

    Exposure of the truth works. You are leading the way.

  111. Emil says:

    Gordon Corera has ‘all the hallmarks’ of a BBC Spook. He has form…

  112. gregor says:

    visceralview (09/02/2023): Twitter: re. ‘Another trans politician’s story ends in disgrace’:

    “He’s been photographed with Harvie and Cole-Hamilton both happily smiling along with him. He’s a cross dressing male prostitute who posts the most vile sexually deviant posts. Oh dear what does that tell us? More to come out I think! #scumMSPs”:

  113. smitty says:

    Wild times being reported from Gestapo HQ. There are now real concerns that the GRR will seriously damage the chances of the defacto referendum succeeding. Constituencies across the country are not only losing members, but activists are withdraw help and many CA meetings are now reporting that they are not being attended by enough to make a quorom. Income is expected to be down by 40% from 2019 with a loss of nearly 40k members and big donors. Plans are being drawn up to make redundancies at party HQ by Q2. They do not have enough activists or money to fight the GE as before.

    The talk of a rebellion at Holyrood is not going to happen but there are strong rumours of a coup against Sturgeon at Westminster. Todd,
    S Brown, Allan, Minto & Adams all now have organised rebellions in their constituencies and will face strong challenges for reelection.

    There is a growing anger against Forbes who has ducked out of the GRR debate citing being on maternity leave but has been found to be on maneuvers. Both sides of the GRR debate are furious that she has been trying to ride out the debate and not taking a side for her own ambitions. She has lost key support in Holyrood.

  114. gregor says:

    Wikispooks: BBC: Gordon Corera:

    “Gordon Corera is a British author and journalist. He is Security Correspondent at BBC News, where he was “frequently in contact” with the Integrity Initiative…”:

  115. gregor says:

    DailyRecord (2018): Secret Scottish-based office led infowars attack on Labour and Jeremy Corbyn:

    “A secret UK Government-funded infowars unit based in Scotland sent out social media posts attacking Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

    On the surface, the cryptically named Institute for Statecraft is a small charity operating from an old Victorian mill in Fife.
    But explosive leaked documents passed to the Sunday Mail reveal the organisation’s Integrity Initiative is funded with £2million of Foreign Office cash and run by military intelligence specialists…”:

  116. gregor says:

    BBC (10/02/2023): Hogwarts Legacy game comes out amid online debate:

    “Hogwarts Legacy, a major video game adaptation of the wizarding world created by JK Rowling, has arrived, following a fierce online debate.

    An open world adventure title like this has been at the top of some Harry Potter fans’ wish lists for some time…

    Despite the controversy, it is predicted by some to be the biggest-selling premium release of 2023…

    You can zoom around on a broomstick, learn to cast spells, explore the castle, fight giant spiders and collect a variety of hats and scarves to wear as you go…”:

  117. Dan says:

    I guess Stewart’s Email Protection Armor was the same level of IT security used by another SEPA…

    And on the subject of IT… Will there be any resolution and improvement on this site’s recent WordPress “upgrade”?
    Various posts disappearing (not held in moderation), and no preview function, plus it’s usually taking ages and multiple page refreshes and cache clearing to check post submissions have actually loaded. Yet sometimes my post appear instantly…

    If I recall correctly Stu downgraded Wings server function whilst taking a sabbatical to reduce costs and less expected traffic, but has that been reset back to optimum setting now that he’s out of retirement.

  118. ross says:

    There should be an effective ban on any serious discussion of SNP independence policy on personal or work emails.

    maybe i’m being overly cautious but we’re talking about the party’s so called ideas to break up the state. The state will be all over it. It’s a fact the Spanish state snooped on Catalan leaders (operation pegasus). but they actually forcefully wanted indy… mistakes made there not to be repeated. But the spying angle remains the same.

  119. gregor says:

    Craig Murray (10/02/2023): Twitter:

    “I have obtained access to all of Stewart McDonald’s emails, after approaching a number of people to find out who might have them. This is something the entire Scottish mainstream media have failed to do. I had no hand in obtaining the emails nor prior kn”:

  120. gregor says:

    Shame on you rotten fake mainstream media loser (re. conspiring against Scotland and its people)

    Glory! to Scotland/free press/humanity…

  121. gregor says:

    Facundo Savala (10/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Craig Murray is about to give Nicola Sturgeon some SERIOUS headaches.”:

  122. gregor says:

    DailyRecord (10/02/2023): Notorious blogger Craig Murray threatens to publish leaked emails from SNP MP Stewart McDonald:

    “…Craig Murray, a former British diplomat once jailed for contempt of court, said he now planned to publish the messages from Stewart McDonald.

    The blogger claimed the emails were shared with him by an unnamed third party and he had no part in hacking the MP’s account.
    Murray said he “had no hand in obtaining the emails” but was “grateful they have been so generously shared” with him…

    …Murray said: “I want to reassure Mr McDonald that his hysterical ranting about being hacked by a state intelligence service, when he appears by his own account to have fallen for a phishing scam the average 12 year old would see through, is hilariously wide of the mark.”…”:

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