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Nicola Sturgeon’s Identity Crisis

Posted on February 08, 2023 by

The title of this article might sound a bit like the name of a band making their debut at Glastonbury this year, but in fact it’s something infinitely more serious.

News broke late last night that the person we must presumably now refer to as an “individual” who had been arrested in connection with the disappearance of a missing Galashiels schoolgirl (happily found safe and well and back home with her parents) had in fact been charged with an as-yet-unspecified crime.

But the alleged crime wasn’t the only thing going unspecified.

Curiously, none of this morning’s newspaper reports of the charging gave the suspect’s name, even though several papers had named him yesterday.

The exception was the BBC website, which confirmed previous statements that the suspect was local butcher “Andrew Miller, also known as Amy George”.

Wings Over Scotland once again emphasises that there has been no trial, and that we have no idea whether the person who will appear in court tomorrow to be formally charged has in fact committed any crime. Every accused person has the right to the presumption of innocence.

But what we can talk about is how extremely peculiar it is that every news outlet in the country, and Police Scotland, are suddenly quite sure that their suspect is a man.

Because as we revealed yesterday, and as numerous sources had attested, Andrew Miller/Amy George (also known as Amy Miller or Amy G Miller) has been living as a woman – to use the Scottish Government’s official yet undefined terminology – in the small Borders community for several years.

And we now have hard evidence of that fact. A little over two years ago, “Amy Miller” was featured as part of the Scotland Loves Local campaign highlighting small businesses fighting to recover from the effects of the COVID pandemic.

Five months earlier “Amy” had featured in a similarly-themed piece in the Daily Mail.

We won’t know until tomorrow what name the suspect will be charged under. But it doesn’t really matter, because while “Andrew Miller” and “Amy George” do maintain separate current Facebook accounts, BOTH of them identify as female.

That means that under the stated policies of both the Scottish Government and Police Scotland, the suspect who’ll appear in front of a sheriff tomorrow is a woman, and referring to him as male is both a breach of the SNP’s “transphobia” rules and a breach of Police Scotland’s policy on self-identification.

It’s also very likely to be an offence under the Hate Crime And Public Order (Scotland) Act passed by the Scottish Parliament almost two years ago.

(Although it’s impossible to state that with any degree of certainty, as the Act is so vaguely and subjectively worded. The Act does, though, expressly include cross-dressers as “transgender”, so any suggestion that Andrew Miller is simply a cross-dressing man, as an explanation for how he’s being referred to in the press and by Police Scotland, would appear to fail immediately.)

And what that means is that the awkward questions which have plagued the First Minister for the last couple of weeks aren’t going to go away any time soon – in fact, they’re going to be joined by even more that she doesn’t have any good answers for.

Is Andrew Miller a man or a woman?

Is Amy George a man or a woman?

Are Andrew Miller, Amy George and Amy Miller – who appear to exist simultaneously in the same body – the same person, or are they only one of them at any given moment?

(There’s already a precedent in Scotland for someone being charged with crimes as both a man and a woman.)

If one of them is found guilty of a crime, could the others be innocent? If they were convicted and sentenced to imprisonment, would they go to a men’s prison (because of their body), a women’s prison (because of how they identify), or would they have to be separated somehow?

If they’re only one person but that person identifies as a woman some of the time and a man some of the time (like bank director Philip/Pippa Bunce), would they have to be moved between prisons on a day-to-day basis?

Nicola Sturgeon has been running away from these questions for a long time. It looks as though they may finally be about to catch up with her, and it seems highly unlikely that the effect on the campaign for independence will be a positive one.

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0 to “Nicola Sturgeon’s Identity Crisis”

  1. JohnH says:

    Please no more difficult questions for the dear leader or her head will explode.

    Seen elsewhere

    NS: A chewy toffee short of a fried Mars Bar.

  2. DJ says:

    I posted this on the last thread and I will also post it here:

    Haven’t commented much of late but, in my humble opinion, the SNP are a busted flush and a term or two in the political wilderness will do the Scottish electorate a power of good – and that’s from someone who has voted for them for decades. In the meantime, Alba will surely grow to become the party we can all believe in.

  3. rogueslr says:

    Whenever the question is asked she’ll hide behind ‘this is sub judice and I cannot comment’.

    The police, on the other hand, can be questioned as to who and what they have in custardy and why have the gendered him/her as they have.

  4. WingsOverFrance says:

    Oh what a tangled Web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

  5. Eileen Carson says:

    Oh this is gonna run and run. Crime possibly “obstructing/hindering a police investigation” beyond that I daren’t go.

  6. Viscount Ennui says:

    Appreciate the care that has been taken by the Rev to define clearly the scope of the blog above.
    I.e. this is not about the guilt or innocence of he/she who has been arrested but the very predictable dog’s breakfast that has been cooked-up by the ultra-wokes in the SNP and most mainstream parties.
    The only point I want to make is that, under Mr Salmond, this would not have happened because he had the political nous to recognise the risks that might ensue from digging beneath the tokenistic veneer that covers-up the MDF of current government policy.
    It is very interesting to view his current rise to respectable status once more after the nadir of his court case and the maelstrom that blew-up after his arrest. He has conducted himself with dignity, intelligence, and passion, and I will never forget his statement to the Holyrood committee when he, quite rightly identified that the failings in his case were not the result of a generalised misfeasance, but failings in leadership.
    I was no AS admirer 10 years ago but I have to salute his courage in fighting on for a just cause and biding his time to strike back at those who sought to destroy him.
    I have no doubt how that independence will only come though Alex. NS, in terms of independence, is dead.
    Best get the body buried as quickly as possible before putrefaction sets in and a rotten stench infects the whole indy movement.

  7. Stephen says:

    But but but Nicola said this would never happen! All trans woman are all lovely humans and women have nothing to fear as after all a trans woman are indeed a woman. How dare anyone say otherwise on fear of being jailed. ????

  8. I. Despair says:

    The Daily Telegraph (in an article released last night) also went with reporting the male and female names of the man who’s been arrested. Interestingly, the story’s take was that this was a “snub” to Queen Nicola by refusing to indulge any nonsense about claiming to feel like a lady and therefore being one. I see more likelihood in the current sad state of public life in this country that the authorities will quietly collude to try and save Nicoliar’s blushes by not meeting the trans word.

  9. Towbar Sullivan says:

    Reality is a cruel thing…

  10. Marie Clark says:

    Dearie me what a mess the blessed Nicola has gotten herself into. Oh dear, how sad, never mind. See that’s whit happens when you’ll no listen tae anybody else who may actually be talking sense. My way or the highway right enough. Hell bloody mend her.

    Stuart, how on earth do you manage to remain sane having to wade through this day after day.

  11. Giesabrek says:

    “If one of them is found guilty of a crime, could the others be innocent?”

    Extending that logic, if the cube was committed as one identity, does that mean the individual could avoid prison by reverting to the other identity and argue against false imprisonment?

  12. Calum says:

    Think both the Record and the Sun ran “Trans butcher” headlines?

  13. I. Despair says:

    Link to the DT article I mentioned a little earlier:

  14. Shug says:

    There are now more spooks in Nicola’s office than there are in GCHQ

    This leven of clusterfuck can’t be an accident or stupidity, it is in a completely different level.

  15. gregor says:

    Kellie-Jay Keen (08/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Parents, it’s time to take our children back.”:

  16. Christopher says:

    If only one of his/her personas is found guilty then do the other personas suffer any sentence ?

  17. Lorna Campbell says:

    Thank you for this, Rev. At least this time, she cannot claim that it was a man larping as a woman at the last minute before sentencing. This person, if he turns out to have committed an offence, has been known as a ‘trans woman’ for some time. But, hey, this never happens. As India Willoughby put it, “there are bad apples in every group”. Yes, that is true, but there seems to be rather a large number of them fermenting away in the ‘trans’ barrel, if the evidence is correct – which makes sense if you consider that the ‘trans’ phenomenon is deeply rooted in sexual lady feelz. Jordan Peterson, Canadian psychologist recently called autogynephiles who claim the condition has nothing to do with sex, liars.

  18. Dave Llewellyn says:

    Do you like girls or boys ?
    Or individuals , rapists, paedophiles, kidnappers or butchers?
    Its confusing these days.

    And David Bowie thought it was complicated .

  19. Bob Mack says:

    Will the presiding judge ask if the man or the woman is bejng charged with a crime. If this gender legislation is taken at face value,one of them is innocent.

    Oh boy!!

  20. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (07/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Going forward, Twitter will be broadly accepting of different values, rather than trying to impose its own specific values on the world”:

  21. Gregory Beekman says:

    Time to just use fingerprints and/or DNA as the identifier, and the court should assign the birth name against the fingerprint/DNA, then list ‘additional names used’ or similar (which can also include married names).

    I mean, it’s not rocket science.

    Original name and DNA as main identifiers works for me.

  22. John Main says:

    I can remember back to the good old days when Scotland featured in the “big” news so seldom that you could almost believe that Scotland did not exist.

    Now every day sees a new national and international story from Auld Scotia, as she forges a brave new identity on the world stage. And what an identity that is!

    Yup, things were defo better in the past.

    But to be serious for a mo:

    That means that under the stated policies of both the Scottish Government and Police Scotland, the suspect who’ll appear in front of a sheriff tomorrow is a woman, and referring to him as male is both a breach of the SNP’s “transphobia” rules and a breach of Police Scotland’s policy on self-identification.

    I am very happy indeed to support a crowd fund for a private prosecution if this “mis gendering” breaks any Scottish law.

    Let’s hang out to dry the hapless losers, chancers and wasters who are trashing our nation.

  23. gregor says:


    “The principles that help you to decide what is right and wrong, and how to act in various situations.”

  24. Catherine says:

    I can’t get enough of this slow motion car crash.

  25. gregor says:

    Snowgoose (2016): Harmony Springs:

    “…Can’t you see that harmony springs
    Can’t you see that harmony springs
    Head into the future…”:

  26. Tinto Chiel says:

    Does anyone know how many people have been found guilty and sentenced under the Hate Crime and Public Order Act?

    I suspect a good defence lawyer could take advantage of its vagueness and subjectivity.

  27. matthew says:

    according to reports he made ‘JK Rowling-themed pies’. Does anyone know what kind of pies these were? Were they sort of Buffalo Bill cannibalistic efforts, or was it less sinister than that?

  28. gregor says:

    Scotland4Indy (08/02/2023): Twit-ter:

    “Bless does the truth hurt?”:

  29. Neil in Glasgow says:

    Take it the door to the editor’s office at the Record has been slammed shut? Does that mean Dundee will be named the new seat of government? Surely her man at the Courier is still on speaking terms?

  30. Geri says:

    It’s no way to run a country eh or identify who the fk is who & who committed the crime.

    If Alba don’t get in to stop this madness, or rebels don’t force her out – then let the yoons have it for a while. I’d be up for that.

    It’d soon reveal to all the die hard nawbags who romanticise the bygone years of Slabber, that they’re actually shit at playing pretendy branch office manager too. Only they’d do it without all the mitigation of *free stuff* they bitterly complain about.


    Let the games begin. I’m beyond caring now. RUK will flood here for trans rights & with it comes more Unionist nawbags..

    What a legacy to have ‘I fucked up my own Nations right to self determination permanently & I did it all for a bunch of porn addicts*

  31. Dave Hansell says:

    “Are Andrew Miller, Amy George and Amy Miller – who appear to exist simultaneously in the same body – the same person, or are they only one of them at any given moment?”

    An answer, of sorts, can be found here:

    And, lest anyone considers the situation described on this WOS blog post to be head explodingly complex, consider the potential complexities of the self-id trajectory should – as in all liklihood it will – a future case emerge involving someone who self-identifies as ‘Wolfie the Furry Fox’, ‘Bernie Bull B*****ks’ ‘Billy the Friendly Goat’, or ‘Don Key the Scrumptious Hee-Haw’.

    The men’s/women’s prison/toilets/spaces/whatever question could well become expanded to accommodate the self-id demand to be housed/incarcerated in the local cattery/dogs home/(secure) factory farm/zoo/wildlife park?

    For the hard of thinking – you know who you are – the argument of this being far fetched is no more far fetched than the present situation, as accurately described here, would have been even five years ago.

  32. Geri says:

    As far as I know it’s been delayed because Police Scotland can’t figure out how to even begin to police it.

  33. AlbaPartyTime says:

    In which prison would ‘gender fluid’ people be placed? Cos their gender apparently fluctuates?

  34. James Barr Gardner says:

    Boorach, jist aboot sums it aw up, SNP keep oan diggin’…..

  35. Holymacmoses says:

    ‘Using a female name’ is interesting.
    My best friends family (now sadly deceased) was

    Eddie Keith and Sam

    Two of these people are females

  36. gregor says:

    Dr T CritThink | Human values | Phil. & Com. Sense (08/02/2023): Twit-ter:

    “Replying to @StormySturgeon

    Well, we all knew he would destroy the UK.”:

  37. GlesgaJim says:

    Our First Minister is an utter clown. An embarrassment to Scotland. Having voted yes in 2014, there is now no way in hell I’d vote for her or her party of woke fundamentalist maniacs.

  38. John C says:

    Tinto Chiel says:
    8 February, 2023 at 2:25 pm

    Does anyone know how many people have been found guilty and sentenced under the Hate Crime and Public Order Act?

    I believe it won’t really come into effect til next year due to police, judges, etc having to undergo extensive training. It won’t however stop the usual subjects trying to use the act to silence opponents, which of course was the entire point of the bill in the first place. I would however imagine that once fully enacted the act will fall apart after a few major cases come to court.

  39. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “according to reports he made ‘JK Rowling-themed pies’. Does anyone know what kind of pies these were? Were they sort of Buffalo Bill cannibalistic efforts, or was it less sinister than that?”

    Less sinister. She mentioned the shop in one of her detective books and he had a display in the front window with a signed photo.

  40. James Che says:


    This does not make one iota of difference to the indepence movement in Scotland,
    However,It was meant to.

    If anything it should encourage us further to achieve our goal, for our society is being experimented on, our laws are being changed from afar,
    To separate ourselves from the cult running rife around the world of ideological theory thinking.
    And return our Country of Scotland back into a reality based structure of older values.

    Where people will once more, be Sovereign and will be able to hold a more local government to account.
    For me and many more like me, I have had enough of idiotic political policies from abroad and down south.

    It is time to stop the intrusion into Scotland, to become a independent Country, where people literally throw out politicians like the snp, Greens Labour, lib Dems and tories and start new choices of who to vote for,
    At the moment under UK laws politicians are protected parties of people by laws, this should not be so, they should be subject to criminal offences, like, “Intent to defraud and mislead the public/ people for financial personal benefits” the return of Scottish sovereignty in a independent Scotland would see many dispotic laws against society removed.
    Scots people, do not think like the elite and landed gentry of outside politics.

    Last month I watched the House return to the Republicans in America, under “Questioning” the Democrats were asked why they had funded research for scientist to research.


    For God sake why would you want to know that,
    Unless you were thinking of babies and children as sexual objects.

    To some degree Scotland more than ever have to become independent sooner rather than later,
    No more imported laws to gain access to women, Children or babies,

    We in Scotland have to be legally able vote as sovereign people to throw out this sexual perversion and domination preys on the weak and the vulnerable in our society.

    Here is another good reason to take back control of Scotland.
    What was the resulting decision of a bad judge, when Mr Carmicheal, the politician was taken to court for lying by his constitutents,
    The judge decided that it was legal to lie to people.

    The rot in America, UK, Canada, and many western and European governments is Embedded so deeply it is beyond mending.

    Scotland has to be able to choose a new path, to find its own safer future away from perverted politics, and return to at least some old fashioned values of morality.

    It is akin to living through Sodom and Gomorra times with our present leaders, full of sins and lies.

    Scotland Country and people have to walk away and don’t look back.

  41. gregor says:

    Clown World (08/02/2023): Twitter:

    re. The state of the union (2023): Video:

  42. John C says:

    Are Andrew Miller, Amy George and Amy Miller – who appear to exist simultaneously in the same body – the same person, or are they only one of them at any given moment?

    It could get even more insane if they identify as non-human seeing as ‘anime-gender’, ‘cat-gender’ and other equally crazy examples exists and must be declared valid if you want to avoid being accused of a hate crime.

    All of this could have been avoided if the SNP remained to be a party where science and facts mattered and if it hadn’t purged hundreds of members as entryists came in to exert an incredible amount of power over the FM.

    As for independence, it’s dead for at least a generation. The cracks aren’t going to heal in weeks, or even years as ‘Queer’ ideology is going to be with us for a while yet. Even if it collapses over the next decade (which I think will happen) people have given their lives to what is cultlike thinking so deprogramming them will take time. The best thing we can do is try to keep the idea alive until this passes as is seen as a dark point in human history

  43. Ottomanboi says:

    This is the grave systemic problem.
    British democracy is a phony democracy.
    Holyrood is its twisted spawn.
    Silk purses, sows ears etc.
    Zero restart. New architects. New design.

  44. Mac says:

    I think when we look back on the downfall of Sturgeon the vote against that amendment to exclude trans ‘women’ rapists and the like from female prisons will be seen as a really pivotal moment.

    Nothing has focussed the public and media’s mind on the fundamental insanity that the GRRB entails than putting that horrible double rapist into a woman’s prison.

    Most ordinary people are so staggered that someone could do that it has made them realize that the SNP they voted for are fucking crazy bastards.

    Since then the awareness damn has been breached and the gap with the water pouring through is only going to get wider and wider and then the water is going to become a torrent that will sweep this lunatic regime away.

    Salmond as FM proved that an SNPG could outperform Westminster with ease.

    Sturgeon as FM is proving the SNPG are a danger and we need WM to protect us from there lunatic policies. It is almost like it is deliberate. I mean sending rapists into women’s prisons… not even the world’s biggest moron does that.

  45. Geordie says:

    Has anyone asked the FM what It identifies as ?

  46. James Che says:

    It is of upmost importance that Scotland escapes from the debauchery, lie’s and deceit, and ideology.
    To choose a new government for our independent Scotland with laws that do not protect lobbyist, outside funding and politicians,

    Our biggest achievement would be to protect its “real”citizens,
    And then Scotland will attract like mind people to its Country,

  47. gregor says:


    “We can see no easy way around this complexity.”

  48. desimond says:

    “Nicola Sturgeon has been running away from these questions for a long time…”

    But I wonder…given the ACH and Labour approving GR Voters…Who is going to push on asking her these questions for it to actaully have real material impact? ( please god!)

    Are we really at the stage where the greatest hope for saving Scottish Independence Campaign is Douglas Ross?

    Do we expect a mainstream newspaper to go after Saint Nic?

    Anpther thought…what impact will all this have on the up and coming Conference…a need for a new Agenda other than Independence on the Horizon?

  49. gregor says:

    truthScotland (08/02/2023): Twitter re-Tweet:


    Non-binary Jeffrey Marsh, who uses TikTok to try and push Gender Ideology on teens just posted a video saying he coaches Teens to ‘cut off contact with parents’

    Why? Because without parental protection Gender Ideology can be pushed on kids!”:

  50. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Geri, John C: thanks. Yes I’m hoping the HC&PO Act will prove very difficult to apply and will fall apart when challenged. The SG has form when it comes to bad legislation and poorly framed laws.

  51. gregor says:


    “To make a mobile phone able to be used on any mobile phone network.”

    “To discover important new facts about something and make them known to people.”

    “To make it possible for something to be used well, when previously it may not have been used enough.”

    “We must unlock the potential of all our people, not just some of our people.”

    “The company’s mission is to unlock the value of images and videos produced everyday across the web and social media.”

  52. Mutters UWS says:

    Apparently if it comes to decisions on remand or incarceration, it won’t matter whether this person is a man or a woman because according to the FM, allocation to a M or F prison is based on the offence! Simply nonsensical way to run a criminal justice system.

  53. Republicofscotland says:

    What’s intriguing about this story is when it broke the media referred to the “individual” as a MAN which contravenes Sturgeon’s GRRB and it will in the future if they continue to name the “individual” as a man be at odds with Holyrood’s HCB.

    What’s also interesting is that the Scottish press in later headline then changed their tune and referred to the “individual” as a trans butcher.

    So what changed between the first headlines and the second headlines to go from calling the individual a MAN to then calling the “individual” a trans butcher.

    The first headlines describing the “individual” as a MAN was probably an attack against Sturgeon’s unamended GRRB, the media falling into line with the Westminster governments take on it and the S35 block by Alister Jack.

    But why the latter change to trans butcher in the description of the individual, possibly another angle of attack from the media on Sturgeon and her woeful unamended GRRB. I’m under the impression that the media are onboard with the trans gender movement regardless of how many young folk it maims, Sturgeon however is still seen as the figurehead in the Scottish independence movement in Scotland and ergo she’s fair game on the subject, even though she has no intentions of ever pushing for Scottish independence.

    Sturgeon’s utter incompetence, and selfishness, and pig headedness to try and push through her GRRB when the majority of Scots neither wants it or voted for it, has given the Westminster government and the unionists a great opportunity to demonise the entire indy movement via its supposed figurehead Sturgeon through the unwanted GRRB, yet Sturgeon is so focused on making sure her unamended GRRB does reach the giddy heights that she wants it to, that she prepared to make a fool of herself (she can’t say a male rapist isn’t a woman) and by making a fool of herself she as figurehead of the indy movement she makes a fool of us all, and in the broader picture Scots as a whole.

    I think Sturgeon will bring Scotland to its knees before she gives up on her unamended GRRB, the more vulnerable in Scotland are already close to if not already over the tipping point on the cost of living in the union crisis along with the disgraceful cost of energy in an energy rich country.

    Sturgeon MUST stand down as FM with immediate effect for the sake of the entire country.

  54. Old Fashioned Straight for Yes says:

    It has taken a while, but Rev Stu warned a long time ago that this day would come. And that day has come because the ordinary, sensible, decent people of Scotland have been made aware of what Stu told us would occur. Those who follow Wings have been given a heads-up on this.

    The crazy bollocks that duped the mentally sub-normal of Holyrood was concocted elsewhere, and incubated among the Edinburgh Toff class. The private-school educated Anglos of Edinburgh; Its salons, law chambers, golf clubs, saunas, bordellos and bath-houses frequented by the Nomklatura, the upper reaches of the SNP, Lib Dems, New Labour, and the Greens and other libertines and perverts.

    But now it is in Sun and the Record – and so out in the schemes and the pubs and the gyms and fitba teams. Whit the Fuck!

    I am not young anymore. When I was growing up it was second nature that men who wanted to dress up as women were up to no good. That ladies toilets and changing rooms were for women and girls, and that any pervert who lurked in the vicinity, never mind enter them would be dealt with either by very formidable women – or by the polis or both.

    Any boy who had the idiocy to express such a desire would have been educated out of it by his peers. But somewhere along the line, something rotten set in, and the Edinburgh cognoscenti gradually leaked out their sewage.

    The hollowing out of civic Scotland and the replacement of grass-roots political parties by SPADS and short money, among other things,has allowed this to happen

    Well the plain folk of Scotland – especially in the non-nonsense West are onto them. Their time will be called. Their time is up. Thanks Rev!

  55. Ottomanboi says:

    Who’s the Daddy….of all this?
    On his sex spectrum all inclinations are «normal», nothing is perverse.
    Like all research the devil is the sample.

    «To the general public, Kinsey’s presentation of his data as scienti?c was convincing, as his books acceptance and incorporation into popular culture amply demonstrate. It helped that the research had been funded by the prestigious and extremely well known Rockefeller Foundation. Within the wider scienti?c community Kinsey’s ?ndings and methodology were greeted a fair amount of skepticism. Beyond the basic problem of self-report data, a larger concern is the representativeness of samples. Although Kinsey presented his data as broadly representative of the American male population, a substantial element of his samples consisted of prisoners and sex offenders, a fact widely criticized at the time. Kinsey simply worked with a population that was cooperative and easy to ?nd»

    The «science» here is flawed. Scientific method traduced.
    This no sphere for serious politics.

  56. gregor says:

    The Soup Dragons (2018): I’m Free:

    “Don’t be afraid of your freedom

    I say love me love me forever
    Hold me and love will never die
    Love me, hold me ’cause I’m free…”:

  57. James Che says:

    I think some people need to wake up and do some wider research,
    This theoretical gender dysphoria is imported to Scotland through funding infiltrating ” the British devolved government ” to Scotland.
    The Snp are merely paid for puppets, bought and sold.

    But you have to ask question of yourselves like.

    Why is Canada having the same problems of trans self ID’ing ?
    As was Austrailia.

    If it is a Snp idea how did they change trans law in other Countries ?

    How come the SNP energy Crises is in Germany and across the Western world.

    How Has the SNP controlled the restriction of petrol prices when the same problem is in the other major Western Countries?

    Basic homework finds the Snp, and EVRY other political party around the world acting as paid for puppets to big corporation funding,
    The SNP are bad, awful, wicked and perhaps following a world wide cult, they are simply one piece of a bigger jigsaw puzzle, that is causing Chaos and instability around the world.

    You save your Country, you Save your people, from bigger politics than the orders received by the SNP
    yes the Snp are dead ducks, yes they are taking the same orders as all other governments, yes they are being paid to do it.

    But without checking the facts of what is going on else where, your blind, you think if The SNP go, the other problems will too,
    NO, That is naive, they will simple replace the SNP with other ducks that are ready and waiting in the wings, no pun intended.

    No matter how many paid for puppets go through the devolved governments revolving doors .
    It ain’t gonna solve our problem.

    Why lower your Standards to lowly SNP, the solution to the difficulty in Scotland is to make all the chaos causing political parties that think they are above the law, and therefore steal your sovereign rights as humans, Homeless,

    The body of corruption is salient in the devolved parliament, A devolved parliament that barricades itself from public accountability.
    By all means just change the party in office, But the next party that enters is also protected under UK law, and will act the same corrupting way,

    We, the people of Scotland, have to choose a new government, not just a new party. If we are serious about looking after, and protecting the people that live here.

    It would be a truely enlightening moment when suddenly Scots realise they have not had a Scottish parliament since 1707,
    But that is asking to much of most people that do not do their homework in research.

  58. Breeks says:

    “IF” the SNP had ANY individual decency and true desire to see Scottish Independence, they should be using their time left in office to build bridges with ALBA, and try to undo some of the damage Sturgeon has done.

    People whom Sturgeon has led up the garden path are going to be angry and disillusioned with Sturgeon, but they’ve also been briefed that ALBA is the devil incarnate. We need to make it easy on those people to admit they were wrong; a lot like YES attitudes towards NO voters moving over to YES. You had to bite your lip sometimes, but it had to be done.

    That said, I see precious little evidence of wisdom breaking out amongst the SNP. In fact, between Smith remembering to mention Europe, MacDonald advancing his opinion that a de facto referendum, Swinney, Robertson, Yousaf… If you were cynical like me, you might be forgiven for thinking they’re trying to raise their profile as if they anticipated a Leadership election happening soon… With Sturgeon in trouble, they’re coming over all brave.

    Contrition, and the mere prospect of working with ALBA still seems a remote shout… at least for now.

    The Twitler Youth are unhinged in their misguided hatred for Alex Salmond. The toxic indoctrination seems strongest in the young and impressionable, but I get the unscientific impression that it’s much less resonant now. People are challenging the defamatory rhetoric, but we cannot let these immature children decide such things. Independence is too important.

    There’s almost a parallel to be drawn with an honourable MP who’s been accused of something, and steps back from politics to clear his name. It’s feels like the entire SNP needs to take a big time-out from politics and just get their shit together.

    Meantime, if the transition to ALBA is still too steep a climb, then at least start talking up the chances of a Constitutional Convention, or Convention of the Estates, where ALL Independence Supporters can come together and leave their Parties and weapons at the door beside any asinine theories on gender.

    Nobody knows how devastating this might be to Independence. Sturgeon isn’t even finished yet. But surely there need to be contingencies drawn up just in case the SNP is blighted and utterly beyond redemption, even under new leadership.

  59. George Ferguson says:

    I got a surprise when I saw the titled heading of an article “Wings For Freedom”. Thought something is happening. These pesky MSM journalists keep teasing us. Turns it was a quote from another Independence Freedom Leader. I do hope the Scot Gov don’t waste another 250k on a referral to challenge the S35. The public have had enough of this imported ideology to quote yet another great Independence Freedom Leader.

  60. Mel says:

    Interesting that, as part of living as a ‘woman’ – in brackets as we women just live, one of the requirements is to have a female name in official documents such as passport or driving licence. Is Brookly, Tiger Lily, Blue or Harper male or female?

    Never knew it was so easy. Though must be a pig to keep track of everyone, though I imagine dodging tax bills and debts would be a great reason for anyone to change. Can real women living as a woman change their name willy nilly (no pun intended).

    So how does it work? Can we all just choose any name to appear on any official documents? Must it be the same for all? Anyway, I’m changing mine. Is CHER or Brad Pitt more likely to get me an upgrade on a flight?

    The mind boggles.

  61. JGedd says:

    John C and Tinto Chiel

    Police Scotland are already expressing disquiet (exasperation?) about the time scale and there are doubts about being up to speed for the implementation of the Hate Crime legislation in 2024. There have also been concerns about costs to policing.

    However, you might think it easier to prosecute someone for a ribbon tied to a fence than arrest someone for threatening posters so it could become a bit of a pick-and-mix as to which ‘crimes’ are prosecuted and which simply ignored. Partial exercise of the law, if it happens too often, might bring the law into disrepute. ( Some members of the bench are too lofty to care about public perception of their sometimes bizarre interpretations even yet.)

    Anyway, we have already seen how legal institutions as well as other institutions like universities, schools, NHS, have rushed to implement legislation before it is actually law as we can see from the ridiculous situation of the double rapist being addressed as a women in court. You know, when the law makes itself ridiculous then it risks losing consent.

    Perhaps that is what Police Scotland might be afraid of. How many arrests for charging people for some of the many inadvertent infractions of the future Hate Crime Law will it take before the public becomes angry?

    How many of these daft prosecutions could the media stomach too? In the recent past they have been perfectly amenable to collude in hiding details (as in the Alex Salmond trial) to misdirect the public, so I suppose, they are perfectly capable of doing that again.

    The recent reporting of the Galashiels case shows a certain amount of confusion in the ranks regarding how to address the person arrested. In the past they have been perfectly content to report crimes committed by transgender males as crimes committed by a woman. ( A little wobble in the fabric of the media universe perhaps as a result of the Adam Ramsay scandal?)

    Some people in power might relish a virtual police state. We certainly have everything in place for it – complaisant media, public institutions, even part of the public already captured by an authoritarian mind set. I can think of quite a few members of the Scottish Parliament who would love that kind of control and they are not all in the SNP.

  62. James Che says:

    Many of the yes movement for a independent Scotland are patient, have been since 2014,
    We are also kind but worried that it so many people just want to change a political party, but do not want a full independent Country.
    However We will wait for others to realise for themselves that repairing a small crack in a window will never make the window unbroken.
    Please excuse my sarcasm, it is only aimed at those whom want to change parties but to stay in the in the treaty of the union.

  63. President Xiden says:

    Everyone thought the blessed Nicola would lead us to the promised land of an ‘independent’ Scotland when in the end she has led us to CLOWNWORLD .

  64. Bill Mclean says:

    Miller has been reported as a “trans butcher” in the Scottish Sun.

    Is that a new gender?

  65. Antoine Roquentin says:

    Unlike her elected parliamentarians north and south of the border, Kenny and Neale, on-foot of all this, can’t conceivably go wrong in terms of their future political careers.

  66. gregor says:

    Rep. Jim Jordan (08/02/2023): Twitter: Video:

    “Twitter got played by the FBI.”:

  67. Ottomanboi says:

    Just in case it gets missed.
    Norway laughing all the way to the bank.

  68. Angry-Weegie says:


    Another thought…what impact will all this have on the up and coming Conference…a need for a new Agenda other than Independence on the Horizon?

    Maybe they’ll be forced to talk about independence because it’s now the least controversial ScotGov policy.

  69. gregor says:

    Russell Findlay (08/02/2023): Twit-ter:

    “Is anybody ever held accountable in Nicola Sturgeon’s Teflon Scotland? My latest Paisley Daily Express column”

    “…the reality of living in Sturgeon’s teflon Scotland…”:

  70. Robert Louis says:

    Another day, and yet more stupidity from the Scottish Government’s gender ideology obsession.

    For those quite rare individuals, who in the past slipped under most folks radar, who genuinely have some difficulty with their biological sex, this must be annoying. Before the likes of pro trans diktat group stonewall started huffing and puffing, I do not doubt that the Prison service used common sense. But no, the gender cultists screamed and shouted that we MUST accept that trans women are indeed, actual REAL women.

    And now look where we are. Like many folk, if a bloke wanted to dress as a lady and get called by a lady name, I frankly would not care, and would indeed have no problem calling them by their chosen name. Seriously, it is of no matter whatsoever. BUT, if they insisted that it simply wasn’t good enough, and they demanded the right to undress (with their tadger out) in girls changin rooms, or use womens toilets, on threat of violence, rape or murder of REAL women, then I’d take issue.

    In my experience, most folk didn’t really care in the past. But they certainly do now. You simply cannot be having ‘trans’ folk walking about posing with axes and threatening to rape and behead women, without society reacting badly. And THAT is exactly what has happened. Well done ‘stonewall. Well done, ‘Scottish equality network’.

    I do not doubt their are genuine transexual folk, or similar, who really just want to get on with their lives as best as possible without drawing attention. I do feel sorry for them. In all of this, sadly, they have been let down by the gender cultists, the violent misogynistic thugs and their abusive, violent associates, and, by extension, the SNP Scottish government.

    One does wonder when, or even IF, the Scottish Government will recognise the magntiude of the damage they have done. Fools, driven by an unproven homophobic, women-hating ideology that denies medical and scientific fact.

    My goodness, Nicola, what an utter shambles, eh?

  71. Wilson McBride says:

    I got talking to a few ladies at the Women’s demo in George Square on Sunday,,,and to my surprise, they were telling me that they actually have to watch GBTV, because that is the only TV channel that is willing to attack this Gender nonsense head on.

    It seems the right wing press are the only section of the media that these women can relate to in their fight against the Trans Cult.

    And they also put Wings front and centre of the campaign to bring down the detested Sturgeon.

  72. gregor says:

    Mercurius (2023): Reaction – Editorial Board: The end is near…:

    “Nicola Sturgeon…

    The previously Telfon coated first minister of Scotland…

    Whatever happens now
    The cult of sturgeon
    Is over
    She is a busted flush…”:

  73. Wullie B says:

    I just thought of something that could be seen as tin foil hat material, but it also makes sense, this butcher/transwoman kidnapper, could he have been offered a deal where he gets less time if any if he goes my the male pronoun, that way, the MSM and all reports online woiuld not be classed as transphobic and Dear Leader Chief Mammy Nikliar “I Don’t Recall” Sturrell would not be called a hypocrite again in any media interview and she gets herself out of the trap, as I said, it’s conspiracy file time but it makes sense as well

  74. Colin Dawson says:

    I believe that the Scottish Government’s longstanding policy of allowing gender self-ID (i.e. without a GRC) and insisting that all public bodies and publicly funded organisations do likewise or face the existential threat of losing their public funding is a breach of the Equalities Act and is thus unlawful. The UK Government’s interpretation of the Equalities Act aligns with mine as evidenced by their response to a recent petition asking that the Equalities Act be amended to clarify what a woman is. In my opinion, the Scottish Government could be subject to litigation from anyone who has been adversely affected by this unlawful policy. This could result in hundreds of thousands of claims and a cost to the public purse that could run into the billions. Perhaps the Scottish Government and/or publicly funded organisations in Scotland are belatedly realising this and adjusting their policies to become lawful?

  75. Tinto Chiel says:

    JGedd: “Perhaps that is what Police Scotland might be afraid of. How many arrests for charging people for some of the many inadvertent infractions of the future Hate Crime Law will it take before the public becomes angry?”

    Yes, and ridicule as well as anger may undermine this act in the long run. I doubt whether the more Olympean-minded Law Lords would lose much sleep about what the proles might think about it but I suspect that the police, who would be confronted with its absurdities on a day-by-day basis, might themselves feel uncomfortable and even resentful about enforcing it.

    If extensive training for judges and police is deemed to be required to implement this law then it suggests it is deeply flawed.

  76. gregor says:

    @Glory to Scotland!

  77. gregor says:


    “Praise and thanks, especially as given to God.”

    “Glory be to God!”

    “He dedicated his poetry to the glory of God.”

    “Great admiration, honour, and praise that you earn by doing something successfully.”

    “He revelled in the glory of scoring three goals in the final eight minutes.”

    “This was her final professional match, and she wanted to end her career in a blaze of glory.”

  78. gregor says:

    MarkGrundy (2009): The Figure of Mercurius:

    “…prime matter, secret fire and Stone… Mercurius… is one’s own soul and also the Soul of the World; as personal as a lover, as impersonal as a god. Like the Tao, he is everything and nothing, everywhere and nowhere. Like a trickster deity he is both sublime and ridiculous, never allowing his spiritual side to become divorced from matter, never allowing the high mystical goal of the Great Work to become altogether divorced from its dark physical side.

    This is the language of alchemy and mythic consciousness, and is rather foreign to modern sensibilities. Yet the psyche, as anyone who pays attention to dreams and waking imagination knows, does not behave like a machine…

    Mercurius is a guide. It is also the level where real changes in the individual can begin to take place as the process of becoming oneself – what Jung calls “individuation” – moves forward…”:

  79. Southernbystander says:

    Could it be that the media are finally coming to their senses?

  80. gregor says:

    @We’ve got consciousness and reality on our side (and everything else:)…

  81. gregor says:

    Jamie Halcro Johnston MSP (08/02/2023): Twitter:

    “The SNP’s Transport Minister today told us what we already knew – that the A9 won’t be dualled by 2025 as promised.

    There was no new timetable for delivery, no new estimate on costs and no apology.

    And she wouldn’t even say when she was told the 2025 date had been dropped.”:

  82. gregor says:

    Feet Of Clay (2021): No Apologies:

    “…Dark and dusty moonlight
    Pretending to be sunlight…

    We’re going to die in glory…”:

  83. gregor says:

    James Kelly (08/02/2023): Twit-ter:

    “No, I don’t really buy that. Just as likely is that her numbers will bounce back after the trans prisoner controversy dies down (as it will, except for viewers in Wingsland).”:

  84. gregor says:

    The People of Scotland (08/02/2023) Twitter:

    “I see Nicola Sturgeon trending and hope that she has resigned or better been kicked out.”:

  85. gregor says:

    Spectator (08/02/2023): Nicola Sturgeon is going nowhere:

    “Received wisdom has it that Scotland’s embattled First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is considering her position. ‘She’s finished’…

    But Sturgeon emerged from her bunker and was back in action… Maintaining an absurd position is hard though… It is undoubtedly true that public anger has been stoked and inflamed by the GRR Bill shambles…

    The easiest way would be for Sturgeon to stand down…

    It has long been speculated that she was in quest of a post-Holyrood career in an international NGO…”:

  86. John C says:

    If extensive training for judges and police is deemed to be required to implement this law then it suggests it is deeply flawed.

    It isn’t unusual for the police, etc to undergo training when new laws come in, but what is odd is the sheer amount of time being taken as these new laws are just going to end up in a mess. I don’t think the SNP took into account that the police, the people at the front line of this, would have to know what they’re doing. I think the SNP expected them to just fall in line so they could go and nick all the people they didn’t like for saying ‘transphobic’ things.

    FMQ’s should be interesting tomorrow with this latest case of ‘something that never happens, happening yet again’.

  87. gregor says:

    Donna Thomson (08/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Even the police know they are MEN @NicolaSturgeon”:

  88. matt says:

    . Despair says:
    8 February, 2023 at 1:28 pm
    The Daily Telegraph (in an article released last night) also went with reporting the male and female names of the man who’s been arrested. Interestingly, the story’s take was that this was a “snub” to Queen Nicola by refusing to indulge any nonsense about claiming to feel like a lady and therefore being one. I see more likelihood in the current sad state of public life in this country that the authorities will quietly collude to try and save Nicoliar’s blushes by not meeting the trans word.

    I get the feeling that elements of the police have been able to use the debate around recent events (the GRR Bill, the rapist, & now the trans identified butcher) to adopt a clear stance. The February edition of online mag 1919, which says that it is Police Federation funded but editorially independent, has two articles critical of SNP conduct, in government generally, by Alex Massie, & on the failure to consult the police on the GRR Bill, by 1919 staff .

    Article New gender laws risk ‘heaping further pressure’ on police
    URL https://
    quotes David Hamilton, Chair of the Scottish Police Federation who said the force was not consulted on these new responsibilities, and “It was utterly irresponsible of the Scottish Parliament to foist this additional workload on Police Scotland at such a late stage in proceedings.
    It is frankly unbelievable that nobody consulted policing on the cost or practicalities of these well-intentioned but ill-thought-out amendments.”

    It is worth also having a look at their article by Alex Massie article https:// Why is so much Holyrood legislation ‘second-rate’?</B
    " if the experience of the Scottish Government’s gender recognition reforms proves anything, it is that the committee system is not functioning properly."

    "the Scottish Government now contracts out significant parts of the legislative process to third parties.
    Often these are favoured interest groups, many of which depend on the government for a significant portion of their income.
    This then helps create a closed policy loop, impervious to revision. "

    "Untrammelled authority very easily slips into arrogance and complacency.
    Hence the manner in which the SNP, grown fat on victory, now governs Scotland in increasingly imperial fashion. "

  89. Viscount Ennui says:

    I met a traveller from an antique land,
    Who said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. . . . Near them, on the sand,
    Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
    And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;
    And on the pedestal, these words appear:
    My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
    Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

  90. gregor says:

    NationalNews (2022): Raytheon to open defensive weapon centre in Scotland:

    “…Raytheon’s new base in Scotland will host its European centre for the testing, fielding and maintenance of defensive high-energy weapons…

    The company has set up the regional centre as it has licences to export configurations of its high-energy laser technology in the UK and throughout Europe. It expects the demand for high-energy weapons is likely to increase…

    “Not withstanding the war in U(redacted)e, many conflict zones in the world today are seeing asymmetric threats…””:

  91. gregor says:


    “To be strong enough, or not be changed by something, or to oppose a person or thing successfully.”

    “To receive without being changed or damaged by something powerful; bear.”

  92. Geri says:

    Colin Dawson 6:09

    That’s not the only thing that’ll cost £billions.

    Wait until the trans yoof wake up to find they’ve been chemically castrated/sterilised by government funded & approved organisations & they were only gay.

    Fast tracked through to a permanent state of sexual limbo & a lifetime of medical he’ll & complications.

    The lady feelz pixie dust is slowly but surely wearing off to the big fat lie they were sold that they were *born in the wrong body- Sturgeon will fix it for you*

    Scotland will be bankrupt. How can you even begin to put a cost on that?

    I still can’t believe it sometimes. If any other country did this there’d be public outrage at crimes against humanity.

    It suits those who are obsessed with population control & big pharma. They’re the only winners here. Get them early..

  93. gregor says:


    “The amazing thing is that we withstood it, not that we wavered under it.”

    “I know that our institutions have withstood many upheavals, but there comes a time in history when they collapse or are overthrown.”

  94. gregor says:

    Jonny Bell (08/02/2023): Twitter:

    “And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain

    Nicola Sturgeon (First Miniature) 2014 – 2023”:

  95. gregor says:

    The SNP (08/02/2023): Twit:

    “As Labour continue backing the disastrous Brexit which makes us all poorer, here’s what people in Edinburgh had to say.”:

  96. gregor says:

    The Corries (1968): Flower of Scotland (original version):

    “O flower of Scotland
    When will we see your like again
    That fought and died for
    Your wee bit hill and glen…

    The hills are bare now
    And autumn leaves lie thick and still
    O’er land that is lost now
    Which those so dearly held…

    Those days are passed now
    And in the past they must remain
    But we can still rise now
    And be the nation again…”:

  97. Lekraw says:

    If someone wrote a comedy show about a government creating this absolute farce, nobody would find it funny, because it would just be too ludicrous.

  98. gregor says:


    “To make an artist’s work available for the public to see.”

    “Our aim is to make it easier for young unknown artists to show their work.”

    “If a cinema or television station shows a film or programme, or if a film or programme is showing somewhere, you can see it there.”

    “It’s the first time this movie has been shown on television.”

    “Now showing at a cinema near you!”

  99. gregor says:

    Frances Moran: (09/02/2023): Twit-ter:

    “Your narrative is self owned, an entitled fecker unaware of reality, your reality will totally blow you and other like minded idiots out of the imaginary place you live in when we, Scottish people, guided by NICOLA STURGEON will vote for INDEPENDENCE from your corrupt”:

  100. Lorne says:

    Since 2004 the GRA was supposedly designed for for a narrow use for cross dressing men/autogynophiles/gender dysphoric/won’t admit they are gay men who were in a marriage with a women (poor woman) when same sex marriage was not yet legal…it was supposed to hdlp them get a GRC.
    But all of it was a mess from the beginning and some in Westminster warned that it would open the floodgates to the discrimination and loss of legal protection for women. And undermine safeguarding.
    Long before the self I.D reform,deviant men have been housed in womens’ prison in England and Wales and Scotland and this increased substantially from 2018.
    Trans lobbyist have had hundreds of thousands of pounds and years to promote trans ideology to school children even without parental knowledge or consent.
    In fact the model from the USA is to remove the care of the parents from the cult victims so that they can be put on the path to destroying their fertility and minds.
    I am sure it is not all stupidity and that some MSPs and MPs
    either follow the ideology or are agents of the destruction of Womens’ rights, childrens’ safeguarding and utter fracturing of society.
    It is vital to support women now.
    The youngster who think they are Trans mainly don’t look any different except for blue or purple hair they don’t often don’t even dress as the opposite sex that they desire to be but call themselves the opposite gender as if the idea is all they neec. They have bought the language & ideology .
    On the one hand you could say the FM was courting the youth vote but on the other hand they are being groomed to have no loyalty to family, community, peer group or country if it doesnt mirror their cult ideology. So in effect they are not voters at all.
    It is mental torture to he female vulrable and encarcerated a d have the threat of men being somewhere on the estate.
    But the threat and changes women are facing in a daily basis in health care settings, social, etc is enormous. Women who say a trans identifying man is not a woman have been arrested.
    It is thought police for standing up for your own safety amid a culture awash with misogyny and violent pornography accessible even to young children.
    Time everybody spoke up and say this is not acceptable for society. Women and children are murdered every day and we are supposed to take any deviant at face value because he has a label that says he is a woman.
    Really if you are so deluded that you think your are the opposite sex you are a danger anyway, you challenge women when you cross dress you demean them and you take rights faway from women to be safe when you already have your own rights as a MAN.

  101. gregor says:

    Auchtomonkey (09/02/2023): Twitter:

    “A bloke in a dress”:

  102. Willie says:

    Busted, utterly busted. No ifs, no buts, but all trust in the SNP has gone.

    Sturgeon, her wokes and the cosy comfortable have seen to that.

    And with them also goes any respect for Police Scotland which has been exposed as rotten and corrupt. No one can have any trust whatsoever in them.

    What we do about a rotten police force remains to be established because the Crown Office is also utterly compromised. However a good start would be to get rid of Sturgeon and her tribe as soon as practicable.

  103. gregor says:

    LiberationNews (07/02/2023): PSL Editorial: State of the Union: Biden presents disaster as success:

    “Joe Biden’s speechwriters had a difficult task tonight: How can the near-total failure of an administration to deliver on what it had promised be packaged as a rousing success story?

    Unsurprisingly, the monologue they had Biden stumble through was filled with distortions and omissions…

    …Rather than seeking peace and cooperation between the two main world powers, Biden is barreling head-first into a new Cold War that threatens the world with disaster. All the talk from elite politicians about the supposed danger posed by China is an excuse to justify the trillion-dollar-a-year war budget — money diverted from the real threats people are facing like hunger, rising rents and collapsing schools. 

    For working people, Biden’s presidency has been a complete failure…”:

  104. gregor says:

    NationalScot (08/02/2023): US Congress members tell SNP MPs they are ‘aghast’ at state of UK:

    “US CONGRESS members are “absolutely aghast” at the state of Westminster and the UK’s constitutional set-up, an MP has claimed following a visit to Washington DC.

    …Scotland’s Choice podcast… SNP.. spoke about their recent bid to enhance Scotland’s “friendship” with the United States when they visited the nation’s capital last week… particularly during private meetings with members of Congress…”:

  105. gregor says:

    Clown World (09/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Go woke, go broke”:

  106. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (09/02/2023): Twitter:

    “The Woke Stasi felt the heat today”:

  107. gregor says:

    BBC (09/02/2023): Three hundred jobs to go at publisher DC Thomson:

    “About 300 staff at DC Thomson will be made redundant, sources within the company have been told.

    It emerged on Wednesday that jobs would be lost at the media company as they tried to plug a £10m gap by “reshaping its portfolio”…

    Sources within DC Thomson described the atmosphere within the newsroom as “grim”.

    Senior editors are believed to have been angered by the handling of staff redundancies, having not been consulted on plans to axe jobs…”:

  108. gregor says:

    Hellripper (2023): Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags:

    “O’ Prince of Hell, I bow to thee before thine blackened throne
    Your servants dwell in blasphemy wherever they may roam
    I vow to live in lechery, and may you walk behind
    Temptation plants its wicked seed within thine willing mind

    May the hangman take their souls
    From church to flaming hollow
    May the hangman drag their souls down

    Warlocks – one with the fire
    Withered hags – sink your claws into me
    Warlocks – in kirkyards conspire with death…”:

  109. gregor says:

    DailyExpress (09/02/2023): Graham Linehan says Nicola Sturgeon’s GRR reforms benefit ‘predators’ like Isla Bryson:

    “The SNP’s transgender reforms are making it difficult for Scots to tell the difference between “predators” and those genuinely struggling with gender dysphoria, according to Graham Linehan.

    He was known for TV sitcoms such as Father Ted, The IT Crowd and Motherland before becoming one of the most high-profile critics of gender ideology that deems “trans women are women”…

    He also said the Scottish Government is actually making it “harder and harder” to care for those vulnerable trans-identified people they claim are at the centre of reforms.

    Linehan, 54, was in Glasgow at the weekend to attend the Standing for Women rally in George Square as hundreds protested against the SNP’s Gender Recognition Reform (GRR) Bill….”:

  110. gregor says:

    Facundo Savala (09/02/2023): Twitter:

    “When she looks back and reflects on her time as First Minister…

    What will Nicola Sturgeon list as her single greatest regret?”:

  111. gregor says:

    BBC (09/02/2023): Roger Waters: Pink Floyd star’s UN speech criticised by U(redacted)e:

    “…He called for a ceasefire and condemned R(redacted)’s “illegal” invasion, but also denounced “provocateurs” in the West who he claimed were responsible.

    U(redacted)n ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya called Waters’ speech “another brick in the wall” of R(redacted)n disinformation…

    …the 79-year-old singer, who appeared with his dog…

    “The invasion of U(redacted)e by the R(redacted)n Federation was illegal. I condemn it in the strongest possible terms,” he said via video link.

    “Also, the R(redacted)n invasion of U(redacted)e was not unprovoked, so I also condemn the provocateurs in the strongest possible terms.”…

    He continued: “So what do the voiceless millions have to say? They say thank you for hearing us today. We are many who do not share in the profits of the war industry.

    “We do not willingly raise our sons and daughters to provide fodder for your cannons.

    “In our opinion, the only sensible course of action today is to call for an immediate ceasefire in U(redacted)e. Not one more U(redacted)n or R(redacted)n life is to be spent, not one, they are all precious in our eyes.”…”:

  112. gregor says:

    Julie Scott (09/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Outside the parliament, women are protesting about men, even rapists, being put in women’s prisons.

    Inside that very building, Nicola Sturgeon, is claiming that this is down to the Equality Act. It isn’t. It’s a SPS (exec agency of govt) decision.


  113. gregor says:


    “In some countries, a group of politicians who have been elected to make laws for the country.”

    “They are hoping to push a radical income tax reform through parliament.”

    “Currently, women’s issues are not being dealt with properly in parliament.”

  114. gregor says:

    jinty (09/02/2023): Twitter: Replying to @NicolaSturgeon:

    “The U(redacted)e War is draining the people of the UK!”:

  115. gregor says:


    “Armed fighting between two or more countries or groups, or a particular example of such fighting.”

    “Can any country fight two wars at the same time?”

    “War is something to avoid.”

    “Several nations were at war.”

  116. gregor says:

    The Clans March United (2020): The Hellish Bagpipes: Scottish War Music:

    “Clans March United is a theme based in the medieval ages of Scotland, myths and legends…”:

  117. gregor says:

    NWO@(Woke Stasi)@No Escape…

  118. gregor says:

    MSM Monitor (09/02/2023): Twit:

    “Alex Salmond has said the Gender Recognition Reform bill has set back independence by years. Some Yessers have argued his own admitted behaviour whilst drunk with younger female staffers when FM caused *more* damage.

    Which do *you* think was more objectionable?”:

  119. gregor says:


    “Used to describe people or things that you dislike or oppose because they are so unpleasant or wrong.”

    “An objectionable smell.”

  120. gregor says:


    “The way that someone behaves.”

    “Her behaviour is often appalling.”

    “He was notorious for his violent and threatening behaviour.”

  121. gregor says:

    NBC (2022): Biden attacks Trump, MAGA Republicans as a threat to democracy in blistering speech:

    “…Joe Biden accused former President Donald Trump and his supporters of promoting an extreme ideology that threatens democracy…

    “Too much of what’s happening in our country today is not normal. Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic,” Biden said in the speech…”:

  122. gregor says:


    “Ordinary or usual; as would be expected.”

    “He seemed perfectly normal to me.”

    “The temperature is above/below normal today.”

  123. gregor says:



  124. gregor says:

    Leader of the free world – Joe Biden (2021):

    Falls down (again) walking up steps of Air Force One:

    Clown video:

  125. gregor says:

    The Bluebells (1984): Remastered Video: I’m Falling:

    “…I been falling on down again
    I been falling on down again
    Falling on down
    I been falling on down again
    I been falling on down again
    Falling on down

    Last night when you were crying
    How I wished that I was dying
    I need you to help me tow the line…

    These things just happen I guess
    You know they can now…”:

  126. gregor says:

    Telegraph (09/02/2023): Nicola Sturgeon’s tax returns make Westminster look downright stingy:

    “Her tax returns are straightforward, even boring…

    Her tax returns are straightforward, even boring, with just one source of income – her salary – £140,000 in 2021-22, and she chooses to take less than her full entitlement.

    The only wrinkle is that for each year her pension “saving” exceeded the maximum “annual allowance”, triggering a total pension tax bill since 2014 of around £120,000.

    The current allowance is £40,000 a year…

    Surprise, surprise, the real annual cost is not 20.2pc of salary, but a whopping 75pc. Total pay and pension for an MSP is really £117,000 – £67,000 salary and £50,000 pension – much, much higher than the official figures…”:

  127. gregor says:

    Daily Mail (09/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Nicola Sturgeon refuses to say whether ‘findings’ of review into trans rapist case will be published in full”:

  128. Natal XY and proud says:

    The Galashiels Butcher thing has been charged with abduction of a chid.

  129. Wally Jumblatt says:

    Nicola thought that if she said blue was pink with enough conviction, then she would carry the day.
    Like all dictators, she didn’t realise that you can only push people so far until they reach the point that they are moved to get off the arses and object. Once the great mass objects, since they are doubly annoyed that they had finally had to, then it’s game over.
    Bullies only survive if they don’t cross that line.

  130. gregor says:


    “The act of making a person go somewhere with you, especially using threats or violence.”

    “There has been a series of abductions of young children from schools in the area.”

    “He was charged with abduction.”

  131. gregor says:


    “A strong opinion or belief.”

    “Religious/moral convictions.”

    “A deep/strong/lifelong conviction.”

    “It’s my personal conviction that all rapists should be locked away for life.”

  132. gregor says:

    Love is all you need (09/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Nicola Sturgeon reads books, now local councils are having to close libraries!


  133. gregor says:


    “One of the parts that a very long book, such as the Bible, is divided into.”

    “The book of Job.”

    “She published a book of poems and followed it up with a novel.”

  134. Stoker says:

    ‘gregor’ GTF with the dictionary corner. We all know how to find the meaning of words. It’s hard enough trying to get a comment posted on here with all the delays without you hogging every fuckin’ thread. Stop being so fuckin’ selfish and give other folk a chance to have their comments read. Selfish c@nt!

  135. gregor says:

    @Stoker-GTF-We all know-c@nt!

    …Keep showing what you know…

    I’ll be striving for Scotland and its people (I cherish Scotland’s wonderful array of people/arts/music/history/culture, etc – Itself…)


  136. gregor says:

    The Lumineers (2018): “Scotland”:

    “They all need something to hold on to
    They all mean well
    Pay your respects to society giving me hell
    You could never feel my story
    It’s all you know
    You could never feel my story
    It’s all you know

    May your dreams come to reality
    If all else fails…”:

  137. gregor says:


    “Treating people like tools or toys, as if they had no feelings, opinions, or rights of their own.”

    “To deny the significance of these voices, or to silence them, would in fact be a form of objectification and oppression.”

  138. gregor says:

    Mark Irvine (09/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Men, Women and ‘Tadgers’

    Lib Dem leader Alex Cole-Hamilton joins Nicola Sturgeon in being unable to tell whether trans rapist Adam ‘Isla Bryson’ Graham is a man or a woman.

    Jim Spence points out that his possession of a ‘tadger’ or penis leaves no room for doubt.”:

  139. gregor says:

    visceralview (09/02/2023): Twitter: re. Another trans politician’s story ends in disgrace:

    “He’s been photographed with Harvie and Cole-Hamilton both happily smiling along with him. He’s a cross dressing male prostitute who posts the most vile sexually deviant posts. Oh dear what does that tell us? More to come out I think! #scumMSPs”:

  140. gregor says:

    Scumpulse (2019): Rotten (Rotten):

    “Time forfeit i’ve not forgotten
    The passing leaves the taste more rotten
    All chewed up and left to digest
    Inside a predator
    Ran like dogs this hare’s a brass ring
    Never caught another’s plaything…

    Hung from here
    For all to see
    No more sound
    The end of a predator…”:

  141. gregor says:

    Cathy Mchugh (09/02/2023): Twitter:

    “She seems to wish to finish it off before she goes.

    No doubt hoping that Scotland will take years to recover from the desecration she has brought upon our country. She has spent years wrecking all she can out of spite.

    We will just rebuild, but her legacy will always be mud.”:

  142. gregor says:


    “The ninth letter of the English alphabet.”

    “The sign used in the Roman system for the number 1 and as part of the numbers 2 (ii), 3 (iii), 4 (iv), 6 (vi), 7 (vii), 8 (viii), and 9 (ix).”

    “Used as the subject of a verb to refer to the person speaking or writing.”

    “I love you.”

  143. gregor says:



  144. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (10/02/2023): Twitter: re. @Reality:


  145. gregor says:


  146. gregor says:

    BBC (10/02/2023): Hogwarts Legacy game comes out amid online debate:

    “Hogwarts Legacy, a major video game adaptation of the wizarding world created by JK Rowling, has arrived, following a fierce online debate.

    An open world adventure title like this has been at the top of some Harry Potter fans’ wish lists for some time…

    Despite the controversy, it is predicted by some to be the biggest-selling premium release of 2023…”:

  147. Louise Hogg says:

    Bill McLean @4:56.
    Since a ‘transwoman’ = that which is NOT a woman, and indeed is the opposite of a woman, impersonating, claiming or purporting to be – a woman.

    Then by the same logic, a ‘trans butcher’ = a person engaged in the slaughter, processing and trade of that which is NOT, and indeed is the opposite of, meat. Ie a vegan ‘butcher’. One who slaughters Quorn and makes them into burgers. One who catches and dresses veggy haggis. A person engaged in selecting live ‘meat substitutes’, jointing them and (perhaps fraudulently?) Selling them to the public.

    Not to be confused with a ‘trans dairyperson’ – who milks lactating almonds, oats etc for a similar purpose.

  148. gregor says:

    Times (11/02/2023): ‘Human beings can’t change sex. We’re not clownfish, it’s fixed at birth’:

    “Who is the leader of the opposition in Scotland? Douglas Ross? No. Anas Sarwar? No. The effective opposition to Nicola Sturgeon’s government right now is three women in their 50s armed with little more than logic and smeddum.

    Lisa Mackenzie, Kath Murray and Lucy Hunter Blackburn call themselves “a policy analysis collective”. They wince slightly when they hear this description spoken out loud…

    They have provided a line by line feminist critique of a policy which, despite a healthy majority in parliament, remains deeply unpopular with the public and deeply divisive within the SNP. Gender reform has convulsed Scottish politics and shone a harsh light on how we are governed…

    Blackburn says of the Scottish government: “I don’t think they stopped and thought. I think they bought a package of words off the shelf from advocacy groups.”

    What is at stake, Blackburn says, is a fundamental question of the power of the state…”:

  149. gregor says:

    Telegraph (10/02/2023): Sturgeon is imploding – as is her extreme agenda:

    …something has dissolved into so much farce that it signals it is well past its best and in decline – if not on its way to oblivion. And it could not be a better descriptor for Nicola Sturgeon’s absurd political performance over the past few months…”:

  150. gregor says:

    Tom Gallagher (10/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Camilla Tominey: ‘Sturgeon has actually done us all a favour. For the implosion of her transgender policy has opened millions of people’s eyes to the wider spread of extreme gender ideology in hospitals, schools & firms across the UK.’

    Queen of the Union!”:

  151. gregor says:


    “A woman who rules a country because she has been born into a royal family, or a woman who is married to a king.”

    “How long did Queen Victoria reign?”

    “The Queen is meeting the prime minister today.”

    “Any woman who is considered to be the best at what she does.”

    “She’s the reigning queen of crime writers.”

  152. gregor says:

    Silly Wizard (2006): The Queen Of Argyll:

    “Gentlemen it is me duty
    To inform you of one beauty
    Though I’d ask of you a favour
    Not to seek her for a while
    Though I own she is a creature
    Of character and feature
    No words can paint the picture
    Of the queen of all Argyll…”:

  153. gregor says:

    HuffingtonPost (11/02/2023): Is Time Nearly Up For Nicola Sturgeon?

    “Three weeks ago, Nicola Sturgeon could not have been clearer about her plans for the immediate future…

    Sturgeon said: “If I ever reach the point which she (Jacinda Ardern) has clearly reached, where I just think overall I can’t give the job everything it deserves, then I hope I have the same courage she has had in saying ‘OK, this is the point to go’.

    “But just for the avoidance of all doubt, I don’t feel anywhere near that right now, nowhere near.”

    However, many observers believe that Sturgeon is now in the final chapter of her time as Scotland’s first minister, a job she has held since 2014.

    Transgender row:

    She finds herself beset by challenges on all sides, most notably on the issue of transgender rights…”:

  154. gregor says:

    Pete Wishart (11/02/2023): Twit:

    “An important and sensitively written article by David Leask.

    The far right will look at any opportunity to exploit.

    All of us must be vigilant.”:

  155. gregor says:

    Wikispooks: David Leask:

    “David Leask is a journalist who has been openly working with the Integrity Initiative.

    In 2019 he was chief reporter for The Herald. He was introduced to the group by “former BBC Monitoring colleague of Chris Hernon”.

    Craig Murray termed him a “Russophobe nutter”…”:

  156. gregor says:

    Wikipedia: Institute for Statecraft:

    “…think tank …based in Fife, Scotland. …objects are to advance …fields of governance and statecraft… Its funders include the UK government.

    The organisation manages the Integrity Initiative amongst other projects…


    …international hacktivist group Anonymous released documents about the Integrity Initiative, that purported to show the programme was part of a disinformation project to interfere in other countries…


    In December 2018, the Sunday Mail reported that The Integrity Initiative’s Twitter account had been used to attack then Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party and Seumas Milne, the director of communications for Corbyn…

    …the charity was not meeting the requirements of a charity in Scotland because its purpose was not entirely charitable…”:

  157. gregor says:


    “Someone who is crazy, silly, or strange.”

    “He’s a bit of a nutter.”

  158. gregor says:

    Pete Wishart (10/02/2023): Twit:

    “It’s hard to think of anything more contemptible than to release the illegally acquired private communications of someone you don’t know.

    But there are some people below contempt. Craig Murray showing he is one of them.”:

  159. gregor says:

    The Nutter Family Harmonica Band (2018): Scotland The Brave:

    (Live at Prostaid 2018 Jazz Bash. The Musician Pub):

  160. gregor says:

    Pete Wishart (08/02/2023): Twit:

    “It’s all over for the SNP” episode 147 of…”:

  161. gregor says:


    “A single event or group of related events.”

    “This latest episode in the fraud scandal has shocked a lot of people.”

  162. gregor says:


    “A strong feeling of disliking and having no respect for someone or something.”

    “She’s beneath contempt (= I have no respect for her).”

    “You should treat those remarks with the contempt that they deserve.”

  163. gregor says:

    Guardian (11/02/2023): Nicola Sturgeon faces fortnight of criticism over trans prisons policy:

    “Few can be anticipating Holyrood’s recess next week as keenly as Nicola Sturgeon.

    She has endured a fortnight of relentless and increasingly personal criticism, punishing headlines and lacklustre polling.

    Meanwhile, her critics in the media have declared her career is “over”…”:

  164. gregor says:

    @EdStandon2 (11/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Sturgeon is imploding – it really is time you resigned

    @NicolaSturgeon. Out of touch, out of time, out of favour due to years of failure, shocking judgement, incompetence, mis-management & lack of delivery. ?

    @ScotGovFM = failing society every day.”:

  165. gregor says:

    DailyExpress (11/02/2023): Muslim Council withdraws support for Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘disastrous’ SNP/Green government:

    “The Muslim Council in the UK has withdrawn support for the Scottish government, claiming Nicola Sturgeon is taking the country “down the wrong path”.

    Mr Wasif Ahmad who is the Chair of The Muslim Council of UK, the leading Muslim community has said they will be joining the Scottish Indian Council in abandoning the SNP/Greens.

    In a scathing statement, the group said morale is “at an all-time low”, claiming their “civil liberties” have been taken away by social policies with the latest gender reform Bill seemingly being the final straw…”:

  166. gregor says:

    Al Firdaus Ensemble (2015): Celtic Salawat:

    “Al Firdaus Ensemble new video clip “Celtic Salawat ” in praise of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). From the album “Safa””:

    (Safa meaning: Clarity. Purity. Serenity):

  167. gregor says:

    BBC (11/02/2023): Top lawyer to investigate if Scottish ferries contract was ‘rigged’:

    “Scotland’s ferry procurement body has appointed a senior lawyer to investigate if a £97m contract for two new ships was “rigged”.

    CMAL asked its legal firm, Addelshaw Goddard. to appoint a KC to lead an independent probe into the process.

    The two CalMac ferries are now £150m over budget and five years late.

    A BBC Disclosure investigation obtained a leaked dossier which suggested that successful bidder Ferguson Marine Engineering had preferential treatment…”:

  168. gregor says:

    Worst Minister (11/02/2023): Twitter:

    “A poisonous, self-serving cretin who’s done nothing but screech for others to resign while avoiding accountability for disastrous decisions and countless scandals under her ruinous watch.

    She’s finished.

    Even folk who don’t do politics have had enough.


  169. gregor says:

    Ev (11/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Supporters for @NicolaSturgeon, @theSNPand @scottishgreens dropping like flies.

    “Time is chasing after all of us” seems it might be about to catch up with the above.”:

  170. gregor says:

    Beggars Opera (1971): Waters of Change: Time Machine:

    “…Away across to Mars
    Like shooting stars, hm hm
    We’ll stay and see
    It’s mystery…

    Maybe we can find a place where our minds will run
    Together like the water in a stream
    Life would be sublime if only words would rhyme
    To a melody within a fantasy…

    We’ll take our love
    And arts…”:

  171. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (09/02/2023): Twitter:

    “One day, Starship will take us to Mars”:

  172. gregor says:


    “Being, relating to, or belonging to a person or to people as opposed to animals.”

    “Having the qualities, faults, and feelings that people have, as opposed to gods, animals, or machines.”

    “Of course I make mistakes, I’m only human.”

    “When he laughs it makes him seem more human.”

    “It’s very human to have regrets about the past.”

  173. gregor says:


    “A computer program that works automatically, especially one that searches for and finds information on the internet.”

    “Criminals create networks of bots that roam the internet infecting PCs with malware.”

    “A person’s bottom.”

    “Is Kylie’s bot the greatest ever?”

  174. gregor says:

    @Glory to Scotland!..

  175. gregor says:

    Mirror (11/02/2026): Ruthless Scotland run riot against Wales as Finn Russell shines in Six Nations win:

    “Scotland made it two wins from two in the Six Nations with a 35-7 victory over Wales in which they led throughout and head to France later this month with a perfect record…”:

  176. gregor says:

    re. date apology: Mirror (11/02/2026): “Ruthless Scotland run riot”

    @I’m only human…

  177. gregor says:

    Times (11/02/2023): Four in ten voters want Nicola Sturgeon to resign now:

    “Four in ten Scots want Nicola Sturgeon to resign immediately…”:

  178. gregor says:

    The People of Scotland (11/02/2023): Twitter:

    @You know what to do…

  179. gregor says:

    GRAVE DIGGER (2010): The Clans Will Rise Again: Hammer of the Scots:

    “Do you remember, the first son and king
    Longshanks we call him, death he will bring
    As we see him coming we running for our lives
    At the end of the day we pay for their lies

    Listen my friend his name carved in stone
    My skin burned the sun, no fear we show

    Raise your swords high Hammer of the Scots
    We’re like thunder from the sky
    Hammer of the Scots hold your flags high
    Hammer of the Scots we are born to die…”:

  180. gregor says:

    Must See Scotland (2023): Stone of Destiny or Stone of Scone, it’s probably fake:

    “The Stone of Destiny is another name for the stone on which the monarchs of Scotland were crowned at Scone, just outside the city of Perth, Scotland. To some Scots it is an icon and a potent symbol.

    Others wonder at the fuss about an obviously faked chunk of sandstone from Perthshire.

    The Legend Of The Stone Of Destiny:

    According to legend, it was the biblical Jacob’s pillow. It was taken to Scythia, by Scota. She was the daughter of a Pharoah. No, really.

    She married and her descendants became Kings of Spain. One of them carried the stone to Ireland then an early king of Scotland took it over to Argyll…”:

  181. gregor says:

    GREEN MAG (11/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Home Office to send more Channel migrants to Scotland as “hypocrite” Nicola Sturgeon fails to house fair share.”:

  182. gregor says:


    “Someone who says they have particular moral beliefs but behaves in way that shows these are not sincere.”

    “This lie is not, however, the first to be uttered by the hypocrites of the yes camp.”

    “To-day we have to practise what we preach or be denounced as hypocrites and lose our authority in the councils of the world.”

    “Any interchanges which might follow, with each statesman describing the other as a “hypocrite”, might have some result.”

    “So, we choose to be hypocrites instead – and life goes on as usual.”

    “Some critics are quite rightly calling us hypocrites.”

    “However, if we continue like this, we shall continue to be hypocrites.”

    “In the unprejudiced judgment of impartial minds you will appear to be something in the nature of a hypocrite.”

  183. gregor says:

    Wings Over Scotland (11/02/2023): Twitter:

    “We’re delighted that the police appear to have finally been given the go-ahead to interview current and former SNP officials about it.

    We gather they’re being told some rather damning things.

    We hope their enquiries go well.”:

  184. gregor says:


    “The official organization that is responsible for protecting people and property, making people obey the law, finding out about and solving crime, and catching people who have committed a crime.”

    “I think you should call the police.”

    “The police are investigating fraud allegations against him.”

    “Thank heaven, in this country we have not got a corrupt police.”

  185. gregor says:

    The End Again (11/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Should transwomen be allowed to play rugby for Scotland and on what team ?”:

  186. gregor says:


    “A group of people with a particular set of aims or ideas.”

    “A situation in which people change their opinion or the way that they live or work.”

    “An occasion when something develops, changes, or happens in a particular way or direction.”

    “Previous events in a sequence influence outcomes and trajectories, but not necessarily by inducing further movement in the same direction.”

    “Information pick-up from the global array is not sufficient without adequate exploratory movements and learning to support perceptually guided activity.”

    “In their study, participants were required to make fast movements to targets that either remained stationary or jumped to a new location.”

    “We thus metaphorically refer to this kind of movement as ‘agnostic’ movement.”

    “The internet has thus functioned for the burgeoning movement as an anchor and definer of identity.”

  187. gregor says:

    The Decadent Movement (2022): Bring me down:

    “Bring Me Down portrays the world we live in today, where people are quick to judge others without thinking of the effects their words and actions can have on a person. No matter how a person may be behaving, there is always a reason for their actions and we should try and be more understanding”

    – The Decadent Movement:

  188. gregor says:

    Scottish Music (2015): My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose (Lyrics):

    “An old romantic ballad written by Scotland’s National Poet, Robert Burns. Sung and played by Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker.”:

  189. gregor says:

    SkyNews (12/02/2023): Julian Assange: Hundreds of supporters stage ‘night carnival’ calling for WikiLeaks founder’s freedom:

    “Campaigners fighting for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to be freed have staged a “night carnival” in the capital.

    Around 2,000 people from the Don’t Extradite Assange campaign assembled at Lincoln’s Inn Fields, close to Holborn, before marching past Parliament Square at around 6pm on Saturday.

    Assange has been detained at HMP Belmarsh in southeast London since he was expelled from the Ecuadorian Embassy in 2019, after being holed up there for more than seven years.

    He is currently fighting extradition to the United States after submitting an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in December.

    Assange’s wife, Stella, addressed crowds at a rally in Westminster, holding up a scarf made by one of her husband’s most loyal supporters, the late Dame Vivienne Westwood.

    Mrs Assange said the carnival made “a big impact on central London” and hailed the “incredible” response.

    “We need to keep building until the movement is so big that those in power and the courts realise that there is nowhere else to go than to free Julian,” she said…”:

  190. gregor says:


    “The Traitors Tower still stands in Rutherglen, Scotland a symbol of Scotland’s many ("Tractor" - Ed)s of today…”:

  191. gregor says:

    Wikipedia: Guardian of Scotland:

    “The Guardians of Scotland were regents who governed the Kingdom of Scotland from 1286 until 1292 and from 1296 until 1306. During the many years of minority in Scotland’s subsequent history, there were many guardians of Scotland and the post was a significant constitutional feature in the course of development for politics in the country…

    Guardians of Scotland during the First Interregnum 1286–1292:
    The First Interregnum began upon the death of Alexander III of Scotland in 1286. Alexander’s only surviving descendant was Margaret, Maid of Norway, who was a young child and living in Norway where her father Eric II was king. She was finally sent to Great Britain in 1290, but she died before arriving in Scotland. The next king of Scots was not determined until completion of an arbitration in 1292.

    The following persons served as guardians during the First Interregnum:

    • William Fraser, Bishop of St Andrews

    • Robert Wishart, Bishop of Glasgow…”:

  192. gregor says:

    ArkInvest (12/02/2023): Ark Invest on $1.4M BTC, Possible Julian Assange-Linked File on Bitcoin Blockchain:

    “…Reddit User Discovers 7zip File Possibly Linked to Julian Assange Hidden in Bitcoin Blockchain…

    According to a post on the Reddit community r/bitcoin, an old file was discovered that may be linked to Julian Assange, the whistleblower and founder of Wikileaks.

    The encrypted 7zip file is in the output script from a transaction that took place on Jan. 5, 2017, and was mined at block height 446,713…”:

  193. gregor says:

    Al (12/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Nicola Sturgeon and Ian blackford are in the privy council.
    The kings privy council.

    Thats why they have His/her right honourable in front of their names.

    It’s a pure con this left right paradigm. Uniparty”:

  194. gregor says:

    Horrible Histories (2022): Savage Songs: Mary’s Rhapsody:

    “Mary Queen of Scots stands on trial, accused on treason, & tries to sing about her side of the story – but in a court with Walsingham & other English men, proving her innocence proves difficult. Although she doesn’t want to, Queen Elizabeth I feels she must sign Mary’s death warrant.”:

  195. gregor says:

    NationalScot (08/02/2023): Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh: The UK has no right to our Stone of Destiny:

    “England decapitated Charles I in 1649. Almost 400 years later, Australia have found their own way to do it to Charles III – by deciding that his head will not appear on their new fiver…

    …the monarch has never appeared on Scottish notes. Instead, over the years, the Clydesdale, Bank of Scotland and Royal Bank have all featured designs based on Scottish history, culture, scientific and sporting achievement…

    However, this move portends the shape of things to come. Within just a few years, Australia will most likely follow the most recent example of Barbados in 2021 and disengage from the British crown, leaving the Commonwealth for good.

    This trend will be accelerated by the passing of the much-loved and respected Queen…

    …The Stone may be a lump of Perthshire sandstone but it is also the most ancient symbol of Scottish nationhood.

    Often referred to as the Stone of Destiny, it was looted by Edward Longshanks in 1296…

    …the Stone is due to be taken back to Westminster for the Charles coronation. But I ask, why on earth should this happen? Stolen property is not meant to be returned with strings attached. It is meant to just be returned…”:

  196. gregor says:


    “The things that will happen in the future.”

    “The destiny of our nation depends on this vote!”

    “She felt that her destiny had been shaped by her gender.”

    “People want to control/determine/take charge of their own destinies.”

    “I understand the frustration that they feel when decisions about their livelihoods and work destinies are taken so far away from local level.”

    “In a life-and-death struggle we cannot afford to have our destinies in the hands of failures or men who need a rest.”

    “At some time or other, if luck comes our way, we may be called upon to control the destinies of the nation.”

  197. gregor says:

    DailyRecord (12/02/2023): Crisis for Nicola Sturgeon as 30,000 quit SNP over gender reform and IndyRef2:

    “The First Minister is under rising pressure to ­abandon her Gender Recognition Reform (GRR) Bill altogether in a bid to halt the meltdown…”:

  198. gregor says:

    bash (12/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Sturgeon has treated the electorate with contempt.

    The whole electorate, yes voters, no voters, women, transwomen, muslims, christians, islanders, the rich, the poor, the kids, the sick, the old, the whole damn lot”:

  199. gregor says:

    Ignite the Sky (2015): Stream: Breeding Contempt:

    “Breeding Contempt Of Gods and Man Blind…”:

  200. gregor says:

    Miss Wright (12/02/2023): Twitter:

    “@NicolaSturgeon you are letting teachers down.
    You gave us little credit during the pandemic.
    You stoke parents to hate us not you.
    You have NO flipping clue the hours an average teacher does or the amount of their OWN money they spend on resources.
    #payattention @EISUnion”:

  201. gregor says:

    Susan Dalgety (12/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Not the best of weekends for Nicola Sturgeon:

    Party membership plummeting
    Nearly half voters want her gone immediately
    Possible financial scandal involving her husband brewing”:

  202. gregor says:

    Michelle (12/02/2023): Twitter: re. wikileaks editor-in-chief @khrafnsson speaking at London Night Carnival to free Julian #Assange: Video:

    “The support for #julianassange is growing around the World.

    Stop this political persecution NOW.

    Great speech….#stopthepersecution of #julianassange.”:

  203. gregor says:

    Grumpy Man in Perth (12/02/2023): Twitter:

    “If @NicolaSturgeon was running a business she’d have been dismissed.

    In any other democracy the police would be investigating fraud, in a timely manner.

    What in the hell is going on in Scotland?

    Run by a zealot who has no recall of difficult matters.

    Amnesia or downright lies?”:

  204. gregor says:

    Julie Scott (12/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Great to see Nicola Sturgeon, finally getting the recognition she deserves, at the Scottish Parliament, for her incredible dedication to the advancement of men’s (& individuals/rapists) rights.”:

  205. gregor says:

    Alan H Jamieson (12/02/2023): Twitter:

    “I do not think the general public realise how much damage is being done by Stonewall, I would ban them from the UK.

    The SNP/Greens are not any better.”:

  206. gregor says:

    The Jesus and Mary Chain (2022): Damage And Joy: Facing up to the Facts:

    “My transplanted head needs a change of direction
    I can’t find a hole I can put my erection
    I hate my lover and she hates me
    I don’t know what I’m supposed to be…

    You know there’s no safety net
    You know this is all we get
    You know I can’t take no more

    Don’t worry, be happy
    Don’t worry, be happy
    Don’t worry, be happy
    Don’t worry, be happy

    Facing up to the
    Facing up to the
    Facing up to the facts…”:

  207. gregor says:

    gregor says: 10 February, 2023 at 1:13 am


    “The ninth letter of the English alphabet.”

    “The sign used in the Roman system for the number 1 and as part of the numbers 2 (ii), 3 (iii), 4 (iv), 6 (vi), 7 (vii), 8 (viii), and 9 (ix).”

    “Used as the subject of a verb to refer to the person speaking or writing.”

    “I love you.”

    Elon Musk (13/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Halftime Show Super Bowl LVII”:

  208. gregor says:

    HeraldScot (12/02/2023): Sturgeon under pressure as police step up SNP ‘fraud’ probe:

    “Nicola Sturgeon is facing more questions over the SNP’s finances as police step up their investigation into a potential fundraising fraud…

    After preliminary contacts when the probe began 18 months ago, Police Scotland have started to contact key witnesses about taking more substantive statements.

    One senior figure told the Herald on Sunday they expected to be interviewed imminently as ‘Operation Branchform’ shifts gear…”:

  209. gregor says:

    Albannach (13/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Independence is now less appealing to voters because Nicola Sturgeon sided with the feelings of rapists over the safety of women. She was warned, she was told, she ignored everyone. Any reasonable person should be able to see that she’s a political liability.

    It’s that blatant.”:

  210. gregor says:

    Albannach (2012): Unleash The Albannach:

    “Just a simple video to showcase an amazing song! Whenever I hear this one, it makes me feel like I should be dancing wildly around a towering bonfire…stomping and yelling…answering the call…Enjoy!”:

  211. gregor says:

    DailyExpress (13/02/2023): Nicola Sturgeon told to explain ‘extraordinary coincidence’ over Peter Murrell’s £107k loan and SNP fraud probe:

    “Nicola Sturgeon has been urged to explain an “extraordinary coincidence” relating to her husband’s £107,000 loan to the S NP and the fraud investigation into a ‘missing’ £600,000 from the party’s coffers. It has emerged Peter Murrell handed over the money the day after party bosses met to discuss the ring-fenced independence fund that has prompted a Police Scotland probe…”:

  212. gregor says:

    EdinburghNews (13/02/2023): Edinburgh education cuts ‘would hit poor children’ and could make staff ‘finally break’, warns union:

    “Cuts planned to Edinburgh’s education budget would undermine vital work to tackle the attainment gap between children from rich and poor backgrounds, a teachers’ leader has warned. And staff working under “intolerable strain” could reach a tipping point where they “finally break”…”:

  213. gregor says:

    Neale Hanvey MP (13/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Devastating reading. @ScotGovFM is destroying support for independence over her #GRRBill gender obsession & other policy failures, yet she claims she’ll battle on & educate the 97% of Scotland who don’t agree with her.

    Decades of work trashed on her toxic vanity project.”:

  214. gregor says:

    Righteous Fist ‘Talk Sick’ Scottish Rap Remix (2013) (Dragon Tracks Vol 1.): Britney Spears – Toxic:

    (…available for FREE download from @Reality…):

  215. gregor says:

    BBC (13/02/2023): Golden eagle found dead on south Scotland estate:

    “A golden eagle believed to be part of a project to boost numbers in southern Scotland has been found dead.

    The discovery was made by the gamekeeping team on the Queensberry Estate north of Dumfries on Saturday. The bird is understood to be part of the South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project (SSGEP).

    Buccleuch – which runs the estate – said the bird had no obvious signs of injury and tests were being carried out to establish the cause of death…”:

  216. gregor says:

    Gaberlunzie (2014): Spirit Of The Eagle:

    “When you see the mist sweep ghostly o’er the bracken
    And down through the corries o’ the high Beinn Mhor
    Then think on me, the spirit that is Scotland
    Scotland old and Scotland now and evermore
    For sometimes I soar on high like golden eagle
    And I gaze upon my country with disdain
    I remember honour, majesty and glory
    And I wonder shall I see the likes again…”:

  217. gregor says:

    Telegraph (13/02/2023): Nicola Sturgeon given the message loud and clear as ‘resign’ billboards pop up in Glasgow and Edinburgh:

    “The wishes of Scots could not be clearer for Nicola Sturgeon – it’s time to go. And in case she didn’t get the message, new billboards have popped up in Glasgow and Edinburgh with the slogan ‘ResignSturgeon’…”:

  218. gregor says:

    BBC (13/02/2023): Covid forces Camilla, Queen Consort, to cancel visits:

    “Camilla, the Queen Consort, has tested positive for Covid, Buckingham Palace has announced…

    She has previously had Covid and is understood to be fully vaccinated and is said to be in “good spirits”…”:

  219. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (13/02/2023): Twitter:

    “True words lol”:

  220. gregor says:

    The Populist’s Playbook: Helping Nicola Sturgeon Resign:

    “It will be hard for Nicola Sturgeon to go, and unclear who will replace her: but go she must. It is less a question of ‘when’?, and more of ‘how soon’?

    We can make it easier for her, as there is an obvious time to go – when her party rejects her, and it is her, unpopular policy of treating an election as a de facto referendum.

    To that end, we have drafted a sample resignation for her, which she is free to use as a template…”:

  221. gregor says:

    Craig Murray (13/02/2023): Twitter:

    “My legal team have registered a caveat at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

    This means nobody can go to Scottish judges for an interdict to prevent me from publishing, without my being able to argue the case.

    Normally interdicts are just quietly nodded through for the elite.”:

  222. gregor says:

    Jonathan Engel (13/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Seems to me that #Sturgeon had this totally mistaken understanding of the role of the Kilt in Scottish Culture.”:

  223. gregor says:

    CBS (2018): Scotland’s tradition of bagpipes and kilts marches on:

    “Two hallmarks of Scottish heritage, the bagpipes and the kilt, have survived hundreds of years to become, well, cool…”:

  224. gregor says:

    John Stuart Wilson #CABEMA (13/02/2023): Twitter:

    “I realise my ability to play 3D chess is not equal to that of Nicola Sturgeon…but I probably would have test-marketed the de facto referendum idea before booking the EICC for a conference to plan it.”:

  225. gregor says:

    Epic Bagpipe Sound (2012): Scotland the Brave (Alba an Aigh):

    “Hark when the night is falling
    Hear! hear the pipes are calling
    Loudly and proudly calling
    Down through the glen
    There where the hills are sleeping
    Now feel the blood a-leaping
    High as the spirits
    Of the old Highland men

    Towering in gallant fame
    Scotland my mountain hame
    High may your proud standards, Gloriously wave
    Land of my high endeavour
    Land of the shining rivers
    Land of my heart for ever
    Scotland the brave…”:

  226. gregor says:

    THE MEDIA LIES: MSM Monitor (13/02/2023): Twit-ter:

    “Listen as a senior BBC presenter James Naughtie tells listeners that Nicola Sturgeon is looking tired and asks whether she should step aside.

    This type of misogynistic comment is all too typical of the right-wing, pro-Union media.”:

  227. gregor says:

    oneColourworld (13/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Don’t you worry @NicolaSturgeon.

    Intelligence not moronic mantras and propaganda will win

    …but @theSNPMedia is definitely losing the media war..beware !!!”:

  228. gregor says:

    Uk Scot (13/02/2023): Twitter:

    “The Murrells are terrified that once they are gone, their past will be investigated and they wont be there to prevent the truth coming out.

    The truth will come out…”:

  229. gregor says:

    Mercurius (12/02/2023): Twitter: Video:

    “Not long now…


  230. gregor says:

    BBC (14/02/2023): Controversial diamond won’t be used in coronation:

    “The controversial Koh-i-Noor diamond will not be used in the coronation, says Buckingham Palace.

    Instead Camilla, the Queen Consort, will be crowned with Queen Mary’s Crown, which has been taken out of the Tower of London to be re-sized for the 6 May coronation.

    It is thought to be the first time in “recent history” that an existing crown will be “recycled” for a coronation…”:

  231. gregor says:

    Talking-up Scotland (14/02/2023): Twitter: re. .”..Scottish history isn’t adequately represented…”:

    “Things have got better”:

  232. gregor says:

    Jonik (14/02/2023): Twitter:

    “The Coronation will be a great day for our United Kingdom for the British People, and I am pretty sure the nationalists great leader Nicola Sturgeon will be there somewhere in the mix cheering and clapping, get with it to celebrate our new King.”:

  233. gregor says:

    Scotland History Tours: DEATH OF ALEXANDER I OF SCOTLAND: Kings that Changed Scotland Forever:

    (re. same corporate interest groups ruling over our nation/s: “not a coincidence – that’s colonisation”):


  234. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (14/02/2023): Twitter:

    “There are no coincidences”:

  235. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (14/02/2023): Twitter:

    ColonisedNinja (14/02/2023): Twitter:

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