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Mobilising the payroll

Posted on December 08, 2020 by

For anyone hoping for an outbreak of sanity and decency, this is a bad sign.

Rape Crisis Scotland, who are almost entirely dependent on the Scottish Government for funding, have chosen this evening to wade into the debate over the wording of a new law which is intended to lessen the trauma of people (nearly all women) who’ve been raped. We can only speculate as to whether they were pressured to do so, but the intervention seems likely only to pour petrol on the fire.

We completely agree with the Scotsman’s tweet attributed to the organisation’s chief executive Sandy Brindley – the “gender row” should not be allowed to get in the way of the wholly laudable aims of the new law. The best way to do that is for the Scottish Government to do what its own committee recommended it do, and replace the word “gender” with the word “sex”.

So we’re not sure why Brindley is picking a fight over it.

If there’s one thing the transgender cult and the “gender critical” lobby absolutely agree on – and there probably only is one – it’s that the words “gender” and “sex” DON’T mean the same thing, so that penultimate sentence is a dangerous nonsense.

(“Gender” is in fact a word with no actual meaning in law at all. Only sex is recorded in any official identity documents, and if you ask 1000 transactivists to define “gender” you’ll get 2000 different answers and 950 death threats with the picture below in them.)

But of course, if Brindley’s point WAS true, then there’d be even less reason to object to the change being made. Why complain about swapping out one “interchangeable” word for the other? The entire point of interchangeable things is that they can be safely interchanged, so why not just do it and kill the whole row stone dead instantly?

The above rather puts us in mind of Peter Murrell’s comments this morning that he isn’t currently a user of WhatsApp. But once again – if there are no transwoman examiners in Scotland then there’s nothing to be lost by changing the wording. Nobody will have their feelings hurt, and victims will be reassured that on a horrific day in their life that’ll hopefully never come, they won’t ever risk also being unexpectedly faced with a bloke in a skirt wanting to poke around their privates.

The fact that Brindley has surfaced with this entirely pointless article two days before the vote is a worrying indicator that the Scottish Government is planning to stick to its guns and oppose Johann Lamont’s amendment, against the recommendation of its own committee, for no discernible reason other than sheer pig-headed cussedness.

(With the honourable exception of Kenny Gibson, who we understand has said he’ll vote for the amendment, readers contacting their SNP MSPs all appear to have received automated “Your email is important to us” replies or no replies at all.)

Scotland’s rape victims deserve better.

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  1. Calyx says:

    I haven’t received a reply at all. Previous emails about other things have been replied to within a couple of days.

  2. Joan Hutcheson says:

    Totally correct, Stu.
    I have contacted all MSPS – List and Constituency – and to their shame, SNP, Greens and Libs shy away like nervous horses from my inquiry as to whether they will support the amendment that states ‘sex’ should be used rather than the nebulous, p.c. captured term ‘gendered.’ What it gets down to is this: women, especially those who have been raped, should be able to refuse to have males inserting fingers or spatulas into their vaginas. End of.

  3. Astonished says:


  4. Astonished says:

    Sorry forgot moderating :

    The way the SNP MSPs vote on this will permanently mark them.

    I would also suggest that we defund “R**e Crisis Scotland” until they start showing that they care more about rape victims than the genderwoowoo science-deniers.

    P.S. Well done Kenny Gibson. He always struck me as a good guy.

  5. Milady says:

    The only reply I’ve got so far is from Jackson Carlaw. Says something when the Tories are the only party guaranteed to stand up for vulnerable women in this case.

  6. Mac says:

    It is hard to see where they are going with all this GRA, Trans stuff, hate bill madness but it definitely is a bridgehead for something a lot worse.

    People quote 1984 a lot these days but there is something to it.

    When Winston was being broken it was explained to him.

    Control is making you accept something you know is nonsense and then making you endorse it publicly.

    Then you are mentally prostrating yourself before them

    Why? everyone is asking are we being made to bend around the madness of a tiny proportion of the population who are arguably suffering from a mental illness.

    Because they can. And that is the message.

    We have to slaughter this current generation of SNP leaders at the next election.

  7. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    8 December, 2020 at 9:06 am
    Haven’t caught up since yesterday afternoon so something similar may have been posted already, but check this out…

    Maguire R (Ruth), MSP
    07:29 (1 hour ago)

    Dear Ian,
    Thank you for your email. I agree this is a matter of huge importance, understand that sex and gender are not interchangeable and confirm there is no doubt in my mind that women should be able to choose a female practitioner.
    I will vote accordingly when the bill is debated on Thursday.

    Kind regards

  8. Bugger le Panda says:

    One word missing from the asserti9n “that there are no transwomen examiner”



  9. Livionian says:

    Obviously I’m not happy with the developments in this debate over the last week and I’m on the side of women, but I’m just wondering if anyone knows roughly how many of any transwomen doctors there are in Scotland at the moment?

    Not that it isn’t important to protect woman’s sex based rights. And allowing transwomen doctors to perform these procedures sets a dangerous president. I would just like to know the numbers for perspective.

  10. Dan says:

    There was also this response posted earlier today.

  11. Dan says:

    Ah, quick off the mark Ian, you beat me to it.

  12. Ellie says:

    Replys from Alex Rowley and Murdo Fraser, both supporting Johann Lamont’s amendment. Still waiting for other 6. Even if they don’t agree with my request They should reply explaining their reasons. I will in any case find out how they vote. I’ll also send reminders tomorrow.

  13. Denise says:

    I’m not entirely sure it means the SNP will definitely stick to their guns. I think they sent rape crisis out to test the waters to see if they could calm things down. Instead by tweeting incoherent, insulting , drivel they’ve just poured petrol on the fire.
    Nicola is undoubtedly chief TRA and has built a nice wee power base around the gender cult, plus she wants brownie points for a woke job In the future. Her cult is presently really angry and they need appeased
    The Tories are currently defending rape survivors against the SNP
    Her MSPs are taking heat and need to get re-elected in May
    Her party has just sent her a message to quit the gender woo woo

    What does she do appease her base but put MSP seats at risk next May and let the Tories gain the moral high ground.
    Infuriate the base but save her so called ‘feminist’ credentials?

    It’ll be interesting

  14. MWS says:

    I e-mailed my 8 MSPs. Only one has replied so far. A list Tory. This won’t be forgotten come election time in May. I actually can’t wait for this vote on Thursday. It will really let me see where my elected reps stand. No hiding place for any of them now. And you’re right. It’s totally disingenuous for Scot Gov ( and their paid lackeys Rape Crisis Scot) to say there is no difference between the words sex and gender ( when there categorically is a massive legal difference – ie one isn’t even defined in law), but on the other hand be verging on spontaneous combustion at the mere idea of swapping the one for the other in this bill. If they mean the exact same, what’s the harm? But we all know the real reason I think. And it’s beyond shameful.

  15. Beaker says:

    I’m worried about the combination of these policies.

    Let’s say, for example, a woman who has been seriously sexually assaulted agrees to an intimate medical examination, with the aim of gathering forensic evidence to convict her attacker.

    She discovers that the medical examiner is a female-identifying male, and she objects to this, only to be told that to object for that reason is actually breaking the Hate Crime law.

    That is what worries me. Because there will be some bastard who will press for a conviction against the woman even in that sort of scenario. There always is.

    I’m probably being paranoid, but I’ve not seen any absolute safeguards for such a scenario.

  16. Col.Blimp IV says:

    Joan Hutcheson

    Contact them again and remind them that their voting record is available to all and may very well come back to haunt them.

    In fact, in respect of this issue there are a considerable number of people on both sides of reality who will try to ensure that it does.

  17. Muscleguy says:

    There have been lecherous, irresponsible doctors. Often dealt with quietly by the medical regulators. But they exist. As the number of female doctors has increased so the idea that you can be a male obstetrician and gynaecologist doesn’t occur to most junior docs.

    To be a transwoman medic or nurse and choose and offer yourself in dealing with rape victims is a priori to out yourself as a lecherous pervert willing to take advantage of women at their most vulnerable for sexual thrills.

    I nearly went to medical school, I knew quite a number of people who did go. Some were excellent people, some okay but money and status driven too, others you wouldn’t want anywhere near your family if you could help it.

    So relying on the good offices of transwmen doctors and nurses not to go there is huge hostage to fortune. The mrere prospect of being intimately examined after rape by a male would understandably put many women off making a complaint.

    Rape convictions in Scotland are not as bad as in England currently but they are also not good enough. We can do without anything which reduces the number any further.

  18. Mac says:

    As bad as things look if only a third of the SNP support stayed at home next election the SNP would get destroyed.

    From that political forest fire, we would get a complete clear out at the top, and then a bucket load of new candidates selected by a new NEC next time around… basically a new party in the shortest time possible given how messed up it is now.

    Forget about replacing NS and all is hunky-dory by May. No chance.

    Burn this rat infested abomination down at the next election before it really is too late.

    The reborn SNP and/or Replacement SNP Party will reform around a hyper-energized and reinvigorated Independence movement lightening quick and far, far stronger than before. It will be politically cathartic to do this.

    This stale party of corrupt windbags have been sitting on the chest of that electrified movement that scared the piss out the UK establishment in 2014. I want that 2014 movement back. Not this pile of rotting corrupt shite.

    It sends the perfect message, putting all these wanks to the electoral sword. This is about Independence, including the stinking, sell-out SNP.

  19. Lorna Campbell says:

    “… Gender” is in fact a word with no actual meaning in law at all. Only sex is recorded in any official identity documents… ”

    By deliberately blurring the lines between sex and gender, the one a scientifically-proven fact and the other a societal construct and stereotype, you can rub away any legal anomalies. Basically, that is what the trans lobby and its gullible supporters have been doing. That is why they are so desperate and determined to actually BE women – not feel like women, not act like women, not believe they are women, but actually, biologically, ARE women because their brain tells them they are. If they don’t use this ultimate redefinition of what a woman is, they in in deep doo-doo.

    They absolutely must be women in order to break down the legal barriers to a full-scale onslaught on all women’s spaces and rights. As Decartes did not say: I am, therefore I am. An Irish feminist blogged recently that “we have just changed one set of men in frocks who want to control us for another set of men in frocks who want to control us”, when she described the hi-jacking of a women’s meeting on abortion by trans women who took over the meeting and gave everyone the benefit of the lifelong experience of being a female – because they are so much more women than natal women could ever be, of course. Have p***k will travel – straight into women’s spaces and rights.

    This stuff has to be deconstructed and argued against scientifically and in terms of delusion versus sense,, because the minute that we let our guard down to concentrate on something else, there they are trying to sneak it under the radar. I am quite certain they will try to use the SNP vote in 2021 to do just that, and independence will be as far away as ever.

    It is not that there is some inherent prejudice against having a trans woman act as a rape doctor, it is that we can never be sure that ‘she’ is what ‘she’ says ‘she’ is – a woman in a male body – because there is absolutely no standard of scientific proof that can corroborate that – and, remember, corroboration is usually necessary in Scots Law. Furthermore, as Sandy Brindley should know, as should the Scottish government via their legal representatives, every institution and business and organization, public or private, owes a duty of care to its clientele/staff, etc. (established by the 1932, and still extant, Scottish case of Stevenson v Donohue, and the basis of every legal jurisdiction in the English-speaking world, including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and so on. It is the deliberate and arrogant disregard for existing law that protects women that galls so much. There is a plethora of laws that are being breached without as much as a ‘please’.

    It is not enough to say: trans women are not a threat because I say so, you have to prove that they are not, that they will not take over all women’s rights and oust them. Sorry, but a wee shuftie at the reasons why women required safe spaces in the first place, precisely because of the vulnerability of their sex, it seems to be eminently fair to surmise that men will act like men. Sandy Brindley and Rape Crisis Scotland should be utterly ashamed of themselves and have the courage to speak up in favour of the vulnerable, natal women in their charge.

  20. Republicofscotland says:

    In my opinion it should be compulsory that women are examined solely by other women (not trans etc) in the terrible event that they have been raped.

    Rape Crisis Scotland should make this abundantly clear, however if their entire budget comes from the coffers of the Scottish government, then their position on this might end up as clear as mud.

  21. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    But some of us are “gittin’ on”.

    We need independence as an option this year or next. Never mind later years – it’ll be to late for us to bask in the sunshine of an independent Scotland.

    “Death is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”, to paraphrase John Lennon.

  22. Sandy Brindley (and whoever backs her) of Rape Crisis Scotland is opening the door to any male doctor pervert to (forensically examine) abuse the most vulnerable of woman,

    she cannot not know this,

    this is misogyny on stilts by a perverts handmaiden.

    This is not about trans doctors this is about the perverts that could use the guise of being a trans doctor to get access to the most vulnerable woman and girls.

  23. Cuphook says:

    In an attempt to stop this cultish nonsense For Women Scotland have been granted a judicial review into the Gender Representation on Public Boards Act 2018; and yet here we are again. They are determined to embed this concept into law.

    I hope there are enough SNP MSPs brave enough to stop their science denying clique.

    And I hope someone starts the conversation on how to get Stonewall out of government departments, NGOs, and public sector. This organisation has managed to set up a protection racket throughout society: pay up or you’re a bigot. And we fund this over and over from central government, local government, the police, the courts service…

    They misrepresent the law through trainers and mediocre middle managers can win prizes and call themselves Diversity Champions by repeating TWAW TWAW TWAW.

    This is not what I marched for.

  24. Daisy Walker says:

    A friend is a doctor – GP – when first she trained, she had hoped to enter the Gynaecology field of specialism.

    She decided against doing so, as the field was dominated by male Consultants, and the general atmosphere for that department was not encouraging with regards recruitment of female doctors. One can but hope that things have changed in recent years.

    Anyone who thinks the medical profession does not have a history of being incredibly sexist (both to female staff and female patients) hasn’t done any research.

    For those saying ‘ah yes, but how many male doctors pretending to be females actually are there’ are completely missing the point. This legislation enables them for the future.

    Lets rephrase the question – peodophiles should not be allowed – under law – to work with children.
    Ah yes, but how many peodophiles are there actually wanting to work with children at this time’ – practically none, what’s the worry.

    If you see my point.

    And I don’t want to be misconstrued. I do not see transgender persons as sexual offenders. I do not see men as sexual offenders – but in both cases some are.

    If a woman has been sexually assaulted by a man – common decency would say she may well not feel comfortable to be intimately medically examined by another male.

    And if that male feels they have been born in the wrong body and are actually a female – well, that is up to them, However a vulnerable rape victim should not be the person who has to affirm that feeling for them.

  25. shug says:

    I don’t know if I am getting paranoid or not, but watching the news about the Royal visit last night the reporters were right on Nicola failing to support the royal visit. Only latterly did they concede that people up here might not appreciate the ‘one law for them and a different law for the rest of us’ approach. There was a very definite sudden realisation that Nicola might be right. Was the visit planned by Westminster as a trap for Nicola??
    Today I see very little about Royal visits to cheer up the masses. If William ever wants to inherit the crown of Scotland he needs better advisers!
    I caught a bit of Johnny Beattie’s drive time and the usual uninterrupted airing was given to anyone who did not like the Scottish Government’s approach to pubs, restaurants and hospitality. Not because they are concerned about people dying but the fact they can’t sell drink. The BBC is such a toxic institution.

  26. Elaine says:

    I emailed Kenneth Gibson, my constituency MSP, and he has replied confirming he will vote for the amendment. Of my regional list MSPs only Ken Macintosh has replied and, since he is the Presiding Officer, doesn’t vote but at least he replied, unlike the others.

  27. Sweep says:

    Can I ask – anyone thinking of writing to their MSPs about this (and I know many already have), could you please, PLEASE use the term ‘female’ rather than ‘woman’.

    Scotgov’s argument is that they’re determined to protect women’s rights – but they’re including “trans” women, i.e. fully genitally intact males.

    If you argue that you want to protect ‘women’s rights’, they will simply say that’s what they’re trying to do as well.

    If you specify ‘female’ they have to justify – including to people who are not yet aware of the issue, i.e. the voting public – why they’re including males.

  28. Graham Adamson says:

    You are correct Stu, Kenneth Gibson did confirm to me by email that he will support Johann Lamont’s amendment and he should be applauded for standing up for common sense.

  29. Terry says:

    Just a thought that although it’s women who are overwhelmingly the victims of rape some men are raped too. Nearly always by other men. So it would clearly affect them too.

    None of my MSPS replied so I wrote again. Sad eh?

    Thanks again for everything you have done on this, Stu.

  30. ClanDonald says:

    Sandy Brindley, Chief Exec of Rape Crisis is a trans rights activist and good mates with Mr idul Wadhwa. If you were to phone Sandy to tell her you object to trans women working in rape crisis centres she’d tell you that trans women are actual literal women and you’re a bigot. She’ll tell you that excluding trans women from rape crisis centres is exactly the same as excluding black women from rape crisis centres. I kid you not. She’s reading from exactly the same handmaiden hymn sheet as Nicola Sturgeon, Mhairi Hunter, Shirley Anne Somerville and Lesley Evans.

  31. Kenny says:

    Ha. Shower of utter clownscheiße – they’re at the ‘regrouping after devastating defeat’ games. Just earlier, while on Twitter, I was attacked for an innocuous comment in support of Joanna Cherry. I wonder if a certain mammoth-wonk is still spitting feathers?

    If anything, all of this only serves to remind us that these dangerous extremists aren’t going away soon.

  32. Barry Hughes says:

    Still waiting on a reply from ‘Chicken;’ George Adam in Paisley – although going by past experience that could be one hell of a long time! He won’t put his head above the parapet, he’s loyal to anyone who’ll keep him in post. His reputation locally is of a lazy incoherent MSP who can’t be bothered with his constituents. A few friends have contacted him on serious issues requiring their MSP to reply and he simply doesn’t. If you phone his office it’s never answered and there’s no point leaving a message as they never return a call. In fact a lot of locals now turn to councillors to get action as they can’t rely on an MSP who is too busy ignoring his constituents to give a damn about anything!

  33. Kenny says:

    Meant to add: no reply, so-far, re the letter to my MSP. Will keep you posted.

  34. Derek says:

    I have no SNP representation. MSP is Ruth Davidson and MP is Alex Cole-Hamilton…

  35. Keith fae Leith says:

    Hi Sweep,

    In my e-mail I made reference to women (Adult Human Female)* when asking for clarity & how they would vote on the amendment. I also spelled out clearly that we are about to enter an election cycle.

    Sadly, the only responses I’ve had in ~28 hours are from 2 list Tories supporting the amendment & a holding reply from a list Green’s assistant saying they’ll get back to me.

    2 Labour, 1 Green & 1 Tory still to reply, plus my incumbent SNP constituency MSP.

    *OED definition of the word “Women”

    Also included as a notation in my e-mail

  36. rob says:

    From all 8 MSP’s I wrote to only one had the decency to reply and that was Ken MacIntosh. As presiding Officer he has to remain neutral and is only able to vote in the event of a tie. Though he gave no indication which way he would vote if called upon to do so.

  37. wull says:

    I have always heard that Kenny Gibson, MSP for North Ayrshire, is firmly opposed to GRA. And also that he is ready to vote against it if it ever comes before the parliament, no matter what the SNP establishment want. Is that the main reason why there was such a concerted effort to deselect him?

    I am not sure how that deselection campaign ended up, or if it is still in process. Nor do I know everything about whatever lay (or still lies?) behind it. But it certainly didn’t look as if it was ‘honourably’ motivated to me.

    We do need MSP’s who have some personal principles, and are not just careerist Party hacks.

  38. Derick fae Yell says:

    Twitter. Mhairi Hunter. Imbecile

    that is all

  39. Stuart MacKay says:

    I’m surprised at all the non-responses from MSPs and some questioning whether this is really an issue. It does not matter.

    Even if Mridul Wadhwa hadn’t conned his way into a Rape Crisis Center. Even if there were no transwomen anywhere in Scotland. Even if gender-shifters was just some tale for scaring children. It does not matter.

    The real issue here is whether women command respect and whether their concerns are going to be taken seriously. Decade after decade they have struggled to gain identity, equality, etc. and yet here we are poised to let 0.015% of the population take everything away.

    This is clearly a hot-button issue for them and rightly so. If you don’t stand and be counted on this issue then there’s never going to be independence because 51% of your potential support will never forget if you fail them now.

  40. Jan Cowan says:

    So far no reply from my SNP MSP.

  41. crazycat says:

    @ rob at 9.24

    Convention is that the Presiding Officer (like the Commons’ Speaker) votes with the government.

    @ Wull at 9.26

    Kenny Gibson has been re-selected.

  42. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Derick fae Yell –

    She blocked me yonks ago but I just had a quick swatch and can work out what she’s done.

    What a plonker!

  43. ronnie anderson says:

    Derek 9.05 cole hamilton is a MSP

  44. Fairliered says:

    Wull, Kenny Gibson was reselected with a big majority. I think he got over 70% of the votes.

  45. crazycat says:

    @ Ian B at 9.41

    Did you see this one?

    What a wonderful prize they’re offering!!

    (Sarcasm aside, I find what it says about a certain person’s priorities sickening.)

  46. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @crazycat –

    Can’t see it, I’m blocked.

    The mind boggles.

  47. Lorna Campbell says:

    Cuphook: they are breaching a number of laws in order to embed ‘woke’ laws. The very thing that the SNP leadership accuses Westminster of – breaking the law to change the law – is the thing they themselves are guilty of. From my own researches, it must be close to half a dozen laws or more now – both statute and Common Law. It is a disgrace that they are getting away with this, but the bigger disgrace is that many of those who presume to represent us and rule on our behalf are so gullible and unthinking – far too gullible and unthinking to be in the positions of power they are in.

    Either they don’t have a clue what they are supporting or they know it is ‘gaslighting’ nonsense that so much abusive behaviour displays, but are too cowed to stand up for reality, sense and science – and most of their female constituents. Either way, they are a disgrace to Scottish politics. Our health service, schools, prisons, sports, teaching of science and biology, public spaces, etc. will all be affected and that will prove a very costly and massive problem for society in a decade or so when this nonsense is exposed finally for the delusion that it is. Yes, people do feel very deeply that they need to live their lives in the gender they choose. No one disputes that. What they have no right to do is force everyone to believe that being trans is being of the sex that they choose, which is a very different thing from gender.

  48. crazycat says:

    @ Ian at 9.55

    I don’t have a twitter account; I looked at it on-line by googling her account. I think that if you were to sign out of twitter and then paste the link I’ve given into whatever browser you’re using, you would be able to see it. It’s not protected.

    I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle of doing that, though.
    I’ll let you fret about it for a while then tell you 🙂

  49. Ricky says:

    That’s the second time in a few days that you’ve referred to a Scottish Parliament committee as being the Government’s “own” committee despite publishing a separate FOI piece pointing out that both organisations are completely independent of one other. I’m inclined to agree with the amendment but this is disingenuous to say the least.

  50. ScotsRenewables says:

    Wipe out the SNP to secure independence. Scrap Holyrood.

    Aye, right.

    And I came up the Clyde on a water biscuit.

    There are one or two folk on here who are here for all the wrong reasons, stirring up the genuinely worried.

  51. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Ian B.

    Log out of Twitter before you try to look at stuff from people who have blocked you.

    I don’t “do” Twitter – I only read stuff that is flagged up by others and I can read stuff that “Twitterers” type that they can’t read ‘coz they’re blocked.

  52. Brian Hill says:

    It will be interesting to see how the Parliament deals with this important issue.
    Just on a point of accuracy, although your article refers to the Scottish Government planning to stick to its guns “against the recommendation of its own committee”, the Health and Sport Committee is a committee of the Scottish Parliament (the Parliament of course not being the same as the Government).

  53. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @crazycat/BDTT –


    Thank you both – useful knowledge!

  54. Derek says:

    “ronnie anderson says:
    8 December, 2020 at 9:45 pm
    Derek 9.05 cole hamilton is a MSP”

    Yes he is, sorry. Still a Lib Dem MP, though: Christine Jardine.

  55. Dan says:

    @ Lorna Campbell

    On the hypocritical point of the SNP accusing and complaining about Westminster breaking the law to change law.
    There’s also the campaigning point they make that Scotland returning to a fully independent status would stop us having to endure policies forced on us by governments we didn’t elect…
    So it’s pretty screwed up rational on their part to expect us to endure policies forced on us by a government we did actually elect.
    Guess when they’re so busy scheming and fighting for their own self-advancement they just forgot the small matter of the wonts of the folk that empowered them to represent us.

  56. INDEPENDANT says:

    Shug Says at 8-25pm

    OK so decimate the licensed trade, where 90% of outlets have been providing safe facilities.

    If alcohol is the REALLY BIG BADDY!

    Shut the OFF SALES! I.E. TESCO / ALDI / ASDA / LIDL etc.
    Its in the uncontrolled house / student accommodation environment with no controls whatsoever, that the rises are occurring. When did you last go into a Supermarket and see numbers controlled or track and trace implemented. NOT ONCE I BET!

    Also no ONE WAY / MASK WEARING systems enforced, why? Because it might be dangerous for their employees, but the Bar Staff / Restaurant Staff and Licencees / Owners can be CLOSED by councils for non enforcement.

    Also no multiple hand sanitisers AVILABLE EXCEPT AT THE ENTRANCES and no legal need to enforce 2 metre observance in Supermarkets. Why????????

    Also loud music pumped out over the tannoy systems but again not allowed in Restaurants or Pubs.

    Cut out the booze from the giants and just wait to hear the Supermarkets / Brewers SCREAM FOUL.
    They sell more alcohol by the lorry load via the supermarkets than they can hope to sell via their other outlets.
    One rule for the big boys and crumbs for the independent retailers.

    Rant over and I rest my Case.

    PS I Also back the Amendment
    as a father of 2 daughters and with 3 Grandaughters womens voices and wishes should always be respected.

  57. When Johann Lamont is seen as the voice of reason you’ve got one hell of a problem.

    Another thing… the SG are fond of proclaiming that they’ve got a “gender balanced cabinet”. If that’s the case why aren’t there 60 or 70 of them in it by their definition?

  58. Mist001 says:

    Why anybody is going to vote for this shower of shits come next May is beyond my comprehension.

    They will NOT deliver independence which is their remit, but they WILL impose their warped ideology on the people of Scotland if they’re returned to power in Holyrood next May. That, you can be assured of.

    Don’t vote for them, take their power away from them, problem solved.

  59. Robert graham says:

    This lot still at it ? it’s like a dog with a bone never gives up until you make it ,no point standing back looking at it intervention is required and sometimes immediate .

    Question is there a Vote on this bill or legislation ? , if so when ? , will all Voters be identifiable ? , a quiet reminder to my SMP representative Don’t even think about not supporting the amendment.

    Memories of 2014 with regards to the News a full scale selling job is underway , come and get yer Jab roll up roll up in short supply to a lucky few stocks are going fast get yours today , oh don’t worry about the manufacturer being find 2.3 Billion Dollars it’s not a big deal it’s only 2.3 Billion chicken feed, talking about poultry all chickens and Turkeys to be kept inside until this outbreak of bird Flu is over , eh remember the Swine Flu Vaccine that was tested by the same organisations

    And all this in the capable hands of the worst government in living memory WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG it’s like the MARX brothers running a Hospital without the Laughs

  60. Graham says:

    We’re in the Middul of a wRiddul
    (I trust you catch my drift?)
    Some push a warped a-gender;
    I’m feeling rather miffed.

    If the doctor is not female
    But a male who’s paid this fee,
    Having first become a she-male –
    Why should raped women trust he?

    They’re owed clear reassuring,
    Not the unexpected twist
    Of some pseudo-gyn appearing –
    Who real women’s life has missed.

    There’s no right to insist, here,
    That ‘trans feelings need protected’:
    Claimed victimhood is nonsense sheer;
    ‘Gender’, not sex? Rejected!

    A woman wants a woman as
    Examiner? So be it!
    Or whoever complainant has
    Asked, all should agree it.

  61. Effijy says:

    O/T. On the radio today I felt everything was being teed up
    for Boris to overcome insurmountable odds and get a deal.

    It will be a stinker of a deal, it will be Boris giving the EU what they want
    Providing they are willing to pretend he got something significant back.

    England will be well on its arse without an EU deal and they know it.
    They have bluffed and puffed to no avail and now the house and trousers
    are on the way down.

  62. Lenny Hartley says:

    Wull, Re Ken Gibson , nothing to do with GRA ,there has been 21 written complaints of bullying By Ken Gibson from Party members and Officials to SNP HQ. Four of the six branches in Cunninghame North and the majority of SNP Councillors in the constituency Are not on speaking terms with him. That is the problem. SNP HQ should have dealt with these allegations 2-1/2 years ago when they were made, to date it has been swept under the carpet. Whether the new NEC will properly addresses these concerns IS anybodys guess . However, if these allegations are still hanging over him come next May then they will be used against him whether he is guilty or innocent. It would be far better for all if these allegations are put to bed one way or the other as soon possible. Labour have brought back Baroness Katie Clark to fight the seat m he is highly respected in the constituency , its maybe stretching it a bit to think that even her personnel vote will unseat Ken Gibson but stranger things have happened.

  63. Shug says:

    Away and play cricket in the street
    Pubs are not essential supermarkets are and 99 % of the people I see in store wear masks
    The wetherspoons of this world only got a pass due to their association with conservative politician s and it is why we are back where we were at the beginning of the year. Are you related to sensibledave

  64. AYRSHIRE ROB says:


    Neither will tories,Slabour or Fib dems.

    Off you pop.

  65. James says:

    MIST001 – Unionist wanker. WE SEE YOU.

  66. Famous15 says:

    God how I hate my suspicious mind.I see little nudges and nuances like the vaccine isnae safe,people in pubs shouting or singing in inebriation IS safe.if they bastirds in the SNP dinnae dae this or that am nogonnae vote fur independence (btw wi an E).

    Well I hate wokism and I hate making thoughts a crime but dyou know what:

    If the devil incarnate led the SNP and that was the only possible route to independence in my lifetime,I would vote for them.

    What an unprincipled scoundrel I am but once we are independent you can punish me by making me assistant ambassador to say Somalia but I would still have a smile on my face!

  67. susanXX says:

    R*pe crisis are not fit for purpose, Wadhwa’s employment shows that clearly.

  68. Astonished says:

    Lenny Hartley @ 11.18 – Alex Salmond was stitched up by a great many SNP members. Many of whom woked at SNP HQ.

    I don’t think it takes a great stretch of the imagination to imagine who are making the complaints regarding Kenny Gibson.

    As I said previously. I regard him as one of the good guys. And I believe he is one of the very few male SNP members willing to stand up to the wokeratti, so that’s another plus.

    As I recall he can be litigious. I would be happy to contribute to a Kenny Gibson crowdfunder.

    Let’s both hope the new, much less woke, NEC decide they need to deal harshly with any clique of inventive, serial, group co-ordinating, vexatious complainers.

    They could make a good start by saying anyone using the slur “TERF” will be expelled from the party.

    I hope you agree. Remember we must be kind.

  69. CameronB Brodie says:

    That is disappointing, as the semiotics and semantics of legal reason, are crucial to the potential for justice. So here’s some cognitive linguistics.

    Generative Semantics:The Background of Cognitive Linguistics, George Lakoff (2004)

  70. MorvenM says:

    I’ve only had 2 replies, both from Tory list MSPs, Jeremy Balfour and Gordon Lindhurst. Looks like all the Tories will be voting for the amendment.

    Alison Johnstone’s assistant says she’s on sick leave, but I don’t hold out any hope she’ll vote for it.

    No replies from any of the others. I know Ash Denham is in a difficult position, as she is a minister. However, there’s no point in voting for a gender critical MSP if she just toes the party line on this.

    Well done to Kenny Gibson and Ruth Maguire.

    I felt I had to drop a note on Twitter to Johann Lamont to thank her for doing this. I never had a high opinion of her when she was SLAB leader, but when you look at the list of “leaders” who succeeded her, she looks like a genius.

    And, folks, according to Mhairi Hunter, in the Out for Indy Christmas quiz, you can win a rainbow flag signed by Nicola!

    I wonder, has she ever signed a saltire?

  71. graham says:

    A bit late but and I know it might be a silly question but what does TERF mean I gather it’s a form of abuse but not sure what it’s supposed to mean

  72. Beaker says:

    @INDEPENDANT says:
    8 December, 2020 at 10:49 pm

    Shug beat me to it.

    All you care about is the fucking pub.

    Do some proper research into the Spanish Flu epidemic – a lot of it was spread via pubs.

  73. CameronB Brodie says:

    By conflating sex with gender, you diminish the legal certainty of judgement. So here’s a look at “Conceptions, Categories and Embodiment: Why Metaphors are of Fundamental Importance for Understanding Norms.”

  74. A Person says:

    Funny that the only SNP member on the committee willing to say boo to this goose is the one who is being targeted for deselection.

    Funny too that he’s been accused of “bullying”. Seems to be the new go-to, catch-all phrase to target any politician that refuses to toe the line.

    Good for you Kenny Gibson.

    Never thought I’d see the day when Davidson and Lamont were more deserving of respect than Sturgeon. Jesus wept!

  75. twathater says:

    Famous15 and Scotsrenewables have you actually read the comments on this and the previous thread ,lots of comments and support for OUR FEMALES from the posters , Lots of requests to email OUR REPRESENTATIVES and lots of posters saying they have done what was requested .

    Also LOTS of posters saying that they have NOT received ANY response , that is ANY response from their SNP representatives ,I myself emailed my 8 reps and recd 2 acknowledgements to my email , 1 from a tory the other from Ken McIntosh pres officer , NOTHING , NADA , ZILCH from my SNP reps George Adams or Gavin Newlands

    Can I ask is it a conspiracy of SILENCE being enacted by our SNP reps to the electorate , or do they ALL agree with the proposals of gender , or are they afraid to cross Nicola and the woke brigade , OR are they just so CONTEMPTIBLE of US voters that they can ignore us

    Is Sturgeon so sure that the electorate voting dummies will vote SNP irrespective of the shite she forces them to swallow and ingest
    So famous 15 , Scotsrenewables and others , dispose and ignore your integrity by voting for these arsewipes but don’t have the temerity or affront to disabuse others who still have theirs ,at 69 I am as desperate if not MORE desperate than others for independence but this shower of liars and chancers are irredeemable

  76. susanXX says:

    Didn’t get any responses to my email yesterday about JL’s amendment.

  77. Abalha says:

    A reminder of the 7 MSPS who signed the ca canny on GRA letter last April, so far 2 Gibson and Maguire have said they’ll support JL WHAT about the others, anyone a constituent? If they don’t that is barefaced hypocrisy,in furtherance no doubt of their own bloody ‘careers’.

    The 7 are;
    Kate Forbes, Ash Denham, Ivan McKee, Joan McAlpine, Ruth Maguire, Christine Grahame and Kenneth Gibson.

  78. Ian says:

    ‘Women were decisive in delivering a No vote in 2014, with a post-referendum poll indicating that while 57% of women voted No, 47% of men voted No’ – BBC September 2015

    ‘Women are shifting towards Scottish independence because they are attracted to Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘style of government’ and key polices on childcare and gender-balance across civic Scotland, research indicates’ – The Scotsman Nov 2018

    Yet with GRA and now this Bill, any rational person would think that the SNP leadership want to actively sabotage any increase in support from women for independence and maintain a 50/50 position in the polls so they can delay doing anything towards independence and simply continue doing their comfy day job as they have for the past six years.

  79. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Crazycat: the symbolism of a signed LGBT flag as a Christmas prize from our first Minister is…delicious.

  80. Effijy says:

    Uriah Gove on TV quoting Ian Paisley politician
    from the ministry of bigotry.

    He said his voters are British but the cows they sell are Irish?

    So the DUP Knuckle Draggers can wave their wee butcher’s aprons
    and wear their sashes while trading as members of the EU.

    A special EU arrangement for N Ireland, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands
    but not for the colony of Scotland who voted overwhelmingly for Remain.

    This smashes the act of the Union and yet I can’t hear a solitary SNP voice?

    Scottish Unionist Demand Scotland must not be treated equally, must not have a say in our own future and want right wing governments that we have never once voted for in 65 years and counting?

  81. Terry says:

    Anyone else notice how radio shortbread aren’t covering this or, more astoundingly, the Peter murrell appearance yesterday? John swinney just on and neither brought up. Hmmm.

  82. Alf Baird says:


    Aye, you would have thought by now that our democratically elected National Party majority might have dipped its toe in the supposedly solid constitutional ground of Scottish sovereignty before Westminster liquidates it for good on 31st Dec. By then we will surely be a colony, constitutionally as well as politically.

  83. If this goes through I will be handing back my SNP membership and joining a yes group. No reply from my MSP

  84. A Person says:


    Very curious but then again it is on the front of most papers, I wonder which has more of an audience? Both declining of course!

  85. Willie says:

    Well done Kenny Gibson and Ruth Maguire.

    And for those who will not support this amendment let it be clear to them that they do so marking themselves out as against public opinion – and I for one, like many others, would withdraw my support for members so identified.

  86. Muscleguy says:

    Why Wadwhas employers have not suspended him for lying on his original application form is beyond me. It seems supposed Trans people get a free pass in breaking so many rules.

    Our Stonewall trained judges (wtf? there as well) who reduce the sentences of violent trans people are just licensing more of this behaviour but they cannot see it.

  87. Ross says:

    In 2013 there was a semblance of sanity that nobody really thought gender and sex were different – not so today.

  88. Breeks says:

    Effijy says:
    9 December, 2020 at 8:02 am

    ….A special EU arrangement for N Ireland, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands
    but not for the colony of Scotland who voted overwhelmingly for Remain.

    This smashes the act of the Union and yet I can’t hear a solitary SNP voice?

    I reckon I’m an undecided voter.

    I can’t decide if the SNP is ridiculously incompetent, or thoroughly infiltrated from the top down with toxic insurrectionists determined to render the SNP unelectable.

    Truth be known, I think there’s a degree of symbiosis between both… they compliment each other perfectly.

    As it stands, the SNP is just unfit for purpose, and suddenly I’m undecided again. Would I rather see Scotland’s Government impeached and removed from Office prompting elections, or just humiliated at the next Scottish Elections?

    It’s not a Plan B we need, it’s a “Party B” that’s needed, and not one to be content with List Seats.

    There seems no momentum from the success with the NEC, and we’re so nearly out of time to defend our Constitutional Sovereignty from Brexit. … A task made infinitely more complicated because we must first defend our Constitutional Sovereignty from the inept and useless SNP.

  89. Alf Baird says:


    “I can’t decide if the SNP is ridiculously incompetent”

    The just published Holyrood RECC report on the two ferries fiasco would seem to confirm this beyond much doubt:

    However, probe deeper and the ever guiding role and actions of a range of state agencies and senior civil servants who determine and implement policy and spend Holyrood budgets is there for all to see. Sound similar to the Salmond enquiry?

    Thus, an incompetent out-of-their-depth SNP political class getting the runaround by a mischievous meritocratic (and mostly unionist) elite run bureaucracy combine to make a fine mess of Scotland’s governance – and in numerous policy areas.

    Fowk cannae ser twa maisters – thay aye luive ane an laithe the ither.

  90. Karen says:

    Liam Kerr, Tory, and responding on behalf of his NE colleagues, is supporting Lammont’s amendment.

  91. Ottomanboi says:

    There is something rather mealy mouthed and prim about the usage ‘gender’ to signify sex, a 60’s feminist borrowing from linguistics.
    Sex in our time has come to mean erotic intercourse. So a rather taboo word in ccntemporary Wokeistan
    No sex we’re British might well apply here. Ooooh matron!! What a carry on.

  92. Colin Alexander says:

    I’m a decided voter.

    I want a plebiscite election: a vote for x is a vote to declare the Treaty of Union is resiled / dissolved and that Scotland is now an independent sovereign state.

    So, I’ve decided I won’t give any votes for devolution Holyrood, as it is the colonial parliament of the British Imperial rulers. It is one of the means used to suppress the sovereignty of the people of Scotland.

  93. gus1940 says:


    Does anybody know what were the ‘Unforeseen Circumstances’ which ‘deprived’ us of the half-hourly propoganda bulletins on BBC1 Scotland this morning?

  94. I’ve had one reply so far. Jeremy Balfour is going to support the Amendment.

  95. Another reply just in. Alison Johnstone is in hospital for a planned op. Don’t know if she will vote or which way.

  96. Bob Mack says:

    Several years ago I marked Nicola Sturgeon down as a very “promising” politician. I was actually right.

    She promises much, but delivers little.

  97. Mac says:

    As an example its not like the Mridul Wadhwa geezer is even that convincing as a ‘woman’.

    Can you imagine being a young girl who has been raped and then they wheel in basically Widow Twankey to do the physical examination on you. This is like a sick joke on these women. You’d think their trauma would trump the trans agenda here but no.

    It really is disgusting seeing how this is obviously at the forefront of their minds when drafting the rules and the victims preferences and totally secondary.

    The SNP are clearly obsessed by it and it is all being empowered from the top of the SNP. This is Nicola’s real agenda. I think it always has been.

    Independence is just a carrot to NS to mug you into giving her another whopping majority. They are going to really push through all this crazy shit if she does get it. I think she will see it as her last term as FM so will really pull out all the stops.

    We really have to stop this.

  98. Jeremy Balfour said ‘we’ so presumably all tories will support amendment

  99. Mac says:

    Jeez. Moderation again. I think it must be because I keep forgetting to turn my VPN off.

  100. gus1940 says:


  101. Bob Mack says:

    Does anyone remember the Two Ronnies sketch about men being deprived of their rights and women ruled the roost.

    Amazingly we are getting there but in reverse.

  102. Allium says:

    Wonder who else will be telling us how wrong we’ve got it today. It will be instructive to see which orgs and people are still taking instruction from the Woke lobby.

  103. stonefree says:

    @ Lenny Hartley at 11:18 pm

    I agree ,however a lot on here think Kenneth Gibson and Ruth MacGuire are good guys
    They are not.
    MacGuire stood down as a Councillor to give Robin Sturgeon the seat,she could have stayed till the end of her term. As Labour councilors across Scotland did a move that cost the SNP the majority of the council.The Herald covered this, it was done not in a particularly “bad” way
    Anyone with an iota of sense and strategy could see RS at that time was stupid, leaving it for the 18 months he would have no doubt been elected as it would have been a follow on, but he was was put in the position of fighting against a sitting councillor ….A stupid move by N Sturgeon
    Kenneth Gibson he doesn’t like Kenny I’m told
    I’d suggest one looks at his previous.
    He is not a nice man.
    Labour and Clark? I think they would have been better with Baxter, as she stood before against P Gibson, And no one will convince me K Gibson was not behind , the abuse launched at her

  104. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Bob Mack – it was called The Worm Has Turned. I gave posted it a few times on Facebook over the last few years, for obvious reasons.

  105. Sarah says:

    @ Abalha at 5.00 a.m. [or so!]: well done for remembering that there was a letter from 7 SNP MSPs about being careful with GRA.

    Two of them have said they will support the Lamont amendment [K Gibson and R Maguire].

    The other 5 – Kate Forbes, Ash Denham, Ivan McKee, Joan McAlpine, Christine Grahame.

    What is the betting that the Bill will be withdrawn for “further consideration”?

  106. Scottish questions in UK parliament 11.30,

    don`t know which Brutish Nationalist answers (or doesnae) questions,

    the fat linesman, (too much) apple Jack, or the sneering git.

  107. Lenny Hartley says:

    A Person and Astonished, conspiracy against Gibson you say, utter crap.he has not been targeted by anybody.
    People I know, People some of who have been working their socks off for The SNP for over half a century have made complaints about Gibson’s alleged behaviour.
    There is only one person who has brought this upon Ken Gibson and that is Ken Gibson himself, the sooner it is addressed by the appropiate dept of SNP HQ the better for all.
    You would need to be a special type of fuckwit to believe that its a conspiracy against him , i remind you there have been 21 written complaints about his alleged abusive and bullying behaviour from Officials, Councillors and Members with the majority of branches and five of seven Councillors in the Constituency not on speaking terms with him.
    My branch has lost hard working , effective and highly dedicated office bearers who have resigned from their positions because of the Parties inaction on these claims. And none are Wokes the exact opposite in fact.
    As far as I am concerned he is innocent until proven guilty , but these complaints need to be addressed now by HQ they have dithered too long, in fact I think there Should be an inquiry why these claims were swept under the carpet. They lack of action by SNP HQ has done a lot of harm to the Party in Cunninghame North and the repercussions will be felt for a long time to come.

  108. Dreamer says:

    Response I have just received from Patrick Harvie.

    Thank you for your email regarding an amendment to the Forensic Medical Services Bill lodged by Johann Lamont, to be debated on Thursday.

    I have discussed this amendment with colleagues and with relevant organisations such as Rape Crisis Scotland, who have strongly advised that it should not be supported. They are of the view that the legal effect of the amendment, if it was passed, would be non-existent. However they are also clear in their view that the problem which needs to be addressed is the lack of women recruited to carry out medical examinations covered by the Bill.

    Rape Crisis Scotland recently set out their views on this amendment in this article:

    The original legislation which the new Bill related to was passed in 2014. By 2017 women were around 30% of the available forensic medical examiners, and this figure has risen to around 60%. However this needs to continue to rise if we are to ensure that survivors of sexual assault who make a request can be seen by a woman examiner, without delay. Making a single word change to the legislation about the request will not solve this problem, and appears to be motivated by views on other issues.

    There has also been a certain amount of inaccurate information circulating about this amendment. I have received emails from people who are under the impression that it is an amendment to the Gender Recognition Act, and from those who appear to have been told that passing it would give survivors of sexual assault the right to be seen by a medical examiner of their choice. Neither of these claims is true.

    I share the Government’s desire to ensure that survivors of sexual assault can have forensic medical examination carried out by a women if this is their preference, but the only way to achieve this is to continue to increase the recruitment of women to this role, as Rape Crisis has made clear.

    Yours sincerely,

    Patrick Harvie MSP

  109. MaggieC says:

    Re my email to my 8 Msps about Johann Lamont’s amendment and so far 2 automatic replies and 1 of them has just been followed up with a personal reply to me saying that they’ll vote for the amendment and that came from Maurice Corry , Tory list Msp .

  110. Dreamer says:

    I’ve received a response from Johann Lamont and Patrick Harvie and 6 automatic replies.

  111. Gordon Lindhurst supporting amendment as well as giving stick to SNP… be expected

  112. Gregory Beekman says:

    It’s getting to the stage that if you’re not a tran vegan cyclist, you’re a cis animal-eating polluting monster.

  113. ElGordo says:

    @Colin Alexander says: 9 December, 2020 at 9:42 am

    “So, I’ve decided I won’t give any votes for devolution Holyrood”

    Still trying hard to suppress the vote London Colin?

  114. Nally Anders says:

    I’ve received two automated replies.
    Ken Macintosh and Maurice Corry. Zero from others. No expectation to hear from Ross Greer – Green.
    Others are a mixture of Labour and Tory so a bit more optimistic they’ll vote for the amendment.Who knows?

  115. Gregory Beekman says:

    I’ve been thinking for a while now that what we need to do is rephrase things in terms of penis-people and vagina-people.

    Then, there is no confusion.

    Example: These toilets are for those people with a penis.

    And so on.

  116. Kenny J says:

    I’ve had a reply from Paddie —
    “I have discussed this amendment with colleagues and with relevant organisations such as Rape Crisis Scotland, who have strongly advised that it should not be supported. They are of the view that the legal effect of the amendment, if it was passed, would be non-existent. However they are also clear in their view that the problem which needs to be addressed is the lack of women recruited to carry out medical examinations covered by the Bill.”
    Standard boilerplate reply.
    Surprised I did not get axactly the same wording from SNP. Share around for economy.

    A reply from Pauline McNeil—-
    “I apologise for the brevity of this response however I wanted to advise that Pauline will indeed be supporting Johann Lamont MSP’s amendment and will be speaking in the debate also.”
    Automated acknowlegements from A. Sarwar and Annie.
    The other 4, nothing so far. Although Kelly and Johann are certain. Leaves Kidd, and Tomkins.

  117. Allium says:

    Backroom lobbying, since winning over the public isn’t going too well.

  118. CameronB Brodie says:

    If there is one thing I can claim with certainty, that is that those who support the GRA amendments do not know how to support the rule-of-law. Or Scotland’s constitutional identity. That means they are ill-prepared to defend Scotland’s democracy from Expansionist English nationalism. So here’s a look at “The Role of Language Cognition in Legal Method”.

  119. Sue Varley says:

    For those asking about Kate Forbes, I e-mailed her yesterday afternoon at 1pm. I told her I would not vote for her if she did not support the amendment. I campaigned for her last Holyrood election. Haven’t had a response yet. When I contacted her about the GRA bill, she did reply but it took several days.

    I haven’t had anything from any of the regional MSPs either.

  120. Bob Mack says:

    Fscinating to watch a programme last night about the infamous Peter Sutcliffe. It helped me completely understand why women feel so strongly about being in compromising situations.

    It wasn’t just about there being a killer on the loose, but more about the reaction women received from society.

    Women were told to stay indoors. They were told to not go out to clubs,pubs. Women of course fought back eventually and had marches on which they demanded men were kept off the street rather than themselves.

    Social investigators also found women became more susceptible to abuse from strangers on the street. Total strangers saying things like “I hope the ripper gets you” just to scare them for a laugh.

    Women have not and do not have an easy time. They have fought for so much because it wasn’t given freely. If you think depriving them of rights now is ok then reflect on what I have just written.

    People will say that it was years ago, but sadly the veneer of civilisation we wear is very thin and apt to wear out in some circumstances.

  121. CameronB Brodie says:

    Scotland’s democracy desperately needs competent politicians, not a bunch of diddies who are happy to place their own self-interest above the needs of natal women, thereby destroying the cognitive coherence of Scots law. So here’s a look at “The Body of the Mind: Embodied Cognition, Law, and Justice”.

    “Recent research from embodied cognition strongly contests the dualist notion of the mind as distinct and apart from the biological machine of the body – a conception that has powerfully shaped our laws, legal practices, theories, and institutions for centuries. According to the embodied (or grounded) cognition perspective, the body is involved in the constitution of the mind. Thus, beyond our conscious awareness, an abstract concept, like trustworthiness, may be primed by sensorimotor experience, like feeling physical warmth.

    This Article introduces recent insights from this budding field, discusses some of the potential implications of experiments in embodied cognition for courtroom interactions, and addresses the significant challenges to using this research as a means to reform.”

  122. robertknight says:

    Replies from one Tory, (on behalf of whole group), and one Labour list, both supporting. Nothing yet from SNP or Green…

  123. Graeme Hampton says:

    I wrote to my MSP Keith Brown and got an automated response, a day later someone from his office replied to say they were busy and would be back in touch in due course. My Green and Tory List MSPs have not replied at all.

    I told Keith in my email to him that I would not vote SNP again if the Lamont amendment did not go through.

    I meant it. I’m 56 and have never voted for anyone else.

    Enough is enough.

  124. Sarah says:

    Patrick Harvie is taking the Rape Crisis line, per his reply to a member of SNP Members for Independence.

  125. Republicofscotland says:

    So some English mayors have written to Johnson asking him to save the union, it wasn’t that long ago that the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said that those seeking Scottish independence were akin to racists for wanting it.

    Its more than likely the English mayors wanting the union saved, have in mind more powers for their English regions, via Johnson possibly relenting to their request and giving more powers to Scotland, but even so, if that was the case, we want nothing less than full independence.

    England’s mayors have no choice in the matter but to deal with Johnson, Scotland on the other hand can ditch this awful union for good.

  126. John says:

    An observation, WoS appears to be ahead of the curve on many issues, then we all play catch up, well I do anyway. I am trying to understand what is going on, the more research I do the more I understand we have be played for fools by a very well organised group. What I want, no what I demand how far is this group inbeded in the inner structure of the SNP. I am sure WoS will keep us all up to date.

  127. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “That’s the second time in a few days that you’ve referred to a Scottish Parliament committee as being the Government’s “own” committee despite publishing a separate FOI piece pointing out that both organisations are completely independent of one other. I’m inclined to agree with the amendment but this is disingenuous to say the least.”

    It’s a fair technical point, but the Government is the executive branch of the Parliament.

  128. CameronB Brodie says:

    I honestly never saw the day coming when I’d be putting my limited legal competence into action, as I honestly didn’t imagine I was competent to do so. It just goes to show you what is possible when the chips are down, and you’re about to become a legal procession of English Torydum. And the SNP have been neutered by ideological gibberish. So here’s a look at “Four Applications of Embodied Cognition”.

    “This article presents the views of four sets of authors, each taking concepts of embodied cognition into problem spaces where the new paradigm can be applied. The first considers consequences of embodied cognition on the legal system. The second explores how embodied cognition can change how we interpret and interact with art and literature. The third examines how we move through architectural spaces from an embodied cognition perspective. And the fourth addresses how music cognition is influenced by the approach. Each contribution is brief. They are meant to suggest the potential reach of embodied cognition, increase the visibility of applications, and inspire potential avenues for research.

    To help illustrate embodied cognition’s potential sphere of influence, and to inspire alternative avenues for research, we provide four brief essays. These four essays suggest ways in which embodied cognition can be applied to law, art and literature, the built architectural environment, and music cognition, respectively.”

  129. INDEPENDANT says:

    Shug says:
    8 December, 2020 at 11:33 pm
    Away and play cricket in the street
    Pubs are not essential supermarkets are and 99 % of the people I see in store wear masks
    The wetherspoons of this world only got a pass due to their association with conservative politician s and it is why we are back where we were at the beginning of the year. Are you related to sensibledave

    Old enough to have played football in the streets. Cricket how very English of you.
    I never said Supermarkets were not essential, I said if alcohol was the problem there was no need for them to be exempt and allowed to serve ALCOHOL, maybe you would miss your fix of Buckie? Is that why you had to resort to being so touchy!
    As to the Sensible Dave remark it certainly isn’t Sensible Shug then is it.
    Yours for Scottish Independance (ASAP)

  130. christine says:

    Just to say my previous moniker was Phydaux, as in French for Fido and now want to post in my real name.

    I’ve had 5 automated replies from my MSPs, 2 replies from Jeremy Balfour and Gordon Lindhurst, Conservative MSPs who will vote for Johann Lamont’s amendment and 1 from Green MSP.

    How do people explain the Murrells, apart from their having shit for brains? The reality is that Nicola Sturgeon must actually believe in trashing women’s’ rights. The SNP has made a conscious choice to embrace the monstrous ideology of science denying GRA and to embrace the monstrous assault on our right to freedom of speech with their appalling Hate Crime Bill. There are no big secrets about the monstrous and indefensible actions they took to “ Get Salmond “. Their cowardice knows no bounds and saving their own skins is paramount here.

    Does Nicola Sturgeon think that women are a soft touch when it comes to fighting for our hard won rights? There are numerous examples, throughout history, of women who were true Scottish stalwarts. Mary Barbour, 1915, who directly challenged the authority of landlords and the state when she organised rent strikes in Glasgow in response to unscrupulous landlords trying to evict the families of men fighting and dying on the Front. Women played a key role in supporting industrial action being taken by their menfolk, in the coal and shale mining industries. Providing food, mutual support and stoning and heckling “ blacknebs “ Those women had great fighting spirit and their struggles brought great masses of women together. This struggle will be no different.

    I am ashamed and so angered by Nicola Sturgeon’s claim to be a feminist. And to those who wish to be conned by this snake oil saleswoman, it is a contract of mutual deceit. Mind you, history tells us that the most loyal adherents can become their executioners, just as Robespierre’s followers trundled him over their heads to the guillotine.

  131. Colin Alexander says:

    MSPs swear or affirm: “I (Member’s Name), do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Her Heirs and Successors, according to Law. So help me God.”

    MSPs swear to serve the Queen of England, not the sovereign people of Scotland. They swear to serve Purrin Betty, an enemy of Scotland’s freedom.

    ‘Cos MSPs are nothing more than colonial administrators.

    But you can believe what you want to, if it makes you happy: The SNP will not allow Scotland to be dragged out of the EU. The SNP will deliver an indyref. Blah Blah Blah.

    Heard it all before. People should not get all wound up about it though.

    I find it funny how willing people are to deny what’s obvious reality, when it does not fit with what they want to believe.

  132. Prasad says:

    This was my unedited and full reply from Michael Russell

    ‘There is no intention of forcing a woman to do anything and indeed the bill greatly helps women in these circumstances. I expect this amendment to be passed as I am all in favour of putting the matter of choice beyond doubt.

  133. Graham says:

    I emailed all my MSPs (indicating that I vote according to stance taken on issues I consider critical, of which this is one) and have been heartened to have had replies so far as follows:

    “Dear Graham
    Thank you for your email regarding the amendment to the Forensic Medical Services Bill. I will be supporting my colleague Johann Lamont’s amendment tomorrow.
    Regards, Claire
    Claire Baker MSP
    Mid Scotland and Fife Region”

    Thank you for your e mail and I would confirm that I will be supporting Johann Lamont’s amendment to change the wording from ‘gender’ to ‘sex’ in the forthcoming Forensic Medical Bill
    Alex Rowley MSP
    Office of Alex Rowley MSP, Mid Scotland and Fife”

    “Dear Mr King
    This long-overdue Bill aims to improve forensic medical services for victims of sexual crime, who have been repeatedly failed by the SNP Government.

    In their ‘Stage 1’ report, the Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee recommended that the Bill be amended to guarantee an individual’s right to choose the sex of the forensic medical examiner, in preference to the word ‘gender’. ?

    In line with this recommendation, we will support the amendment in the name of Johann Lamont MSP which seeks to change ‘gender’ to ‘sex’ in regard to the request of a forensic medical examiner.

    Victims of sexual crime go through the most appalling circumstances, and the system that is meant to support them often makes things worse.

    This Bill is an important first step, but the SNP Government must do more to create a justice system that finally puts victims first.

    Yours Sincerely, Liz Smith MSP
    Lorna Thompson
    Office Manager
    Murdo Fraser MSP, Dean Lockhart MSP, Liz Smith MSP & Alexander Stewart MSP
    Mid Scotland & Fife Parliamentary Office”

    I’ve not yet had a reply from, or on behalf of, Shirley-Anne Somerville.

    Re what Dreamer says on reply from Patrick Harvie
    (9 December 2020, 11:08 Am)
    ..”I share the Government’s desire to ensure that survivors of sexual assault can have forensic medical examination carried out by a women if this is their preference, but the only way to achieve this is to continue to increase the recruitment of women to this role, as Rape Crisis has made clear.
    Yours sincerely,
    Patrick Harvie MSP”,

    Before drawing any comfort from his last sentence, I’d want to ask what exactly he means in it by “women” – since the mantra “A trans woman is a woman” is so often heard repeated, and he signed the recent ridiculous and defamatory ‘open letter’.

  134. BLMac says:

    The GRA Bill reminds me of when Indiana tried to change the value of Pi to a more convenient value in 1897.

    It was not passed because the govt did not see itself as having the ability to legislate on a scientific truth.

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