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Losing the plot

Posted on February 23, 2023 by

This is beyond insane.

Like, obviously Rangers aren’t better than Celtic.

But also, just in case anyone DIDN’T already think the SNP leadership election was going to be a massive stitch-up, it seems the party’s 64 MSPs – roughly 0.03% of its membership – are now attempting to blackmail the other 99.97% by saying that if they vote for the wrong candidate, the MSPs will throw a tantrum and put Anas Sarwar in charge.

To be honest, readers, further comment seems superfluous.

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0 to “Losing the plot”

  1. fran says:

    Why would it be Sarwar & not Duggie Dross? surely there’s more Tory MSPs to vote for him or are the SNP backstabbers going to vote Sarwar?

  2. Morgatron says:

    More needle work than Frankenstein heid.

  3. Ian McCubbin says:

    I say call there bluff. Worst that can happen is we get best candidate if this is ignored.
    If it scares enough to put Useless in post then we have have potentially a Johnston/Truss scenario and within a year they are gone.

  4. Big Jock says:

    The SNP are beyond the pail.

  5. Iain More says:

    Call thier bluff and get the Quizzers and Tractors and Collaborators with English Rule out. That is what they are!

  6. Alastair R says:

    This is like turkeys voting for Christmas after a turkey interpreter has told them what happens at Christmas then puts leaflets up in their coop reminding them the day before the vote. If Humza wins the apathy at the next election will let Unionists back in anyway

  7. Tim says:

    This is the party machine asserting that it gets to overrule the membership. The exact same method worked against Jeremy Corbyn.

  8. gregor says:


    “A particular government or a system or method of government.”

    “The old corrupt, totalitarian regime was overthrown.”

  9. El Tigre says:

    Hell is other people. The New SNP.

  10. Dislogical says:

    ~213,000 members? Although it’s hard to be sure with their lack of transparency I thought the last estimate was closer to 60k?

  11. Caroline Wilson says:

    Bloody hell, the SNP really are determined to self-destruct. To be entirely frank, I’m at the ‘let them’ stage. Let them burn it all down.

  12. PhilM says:

    Think it’s time the SNP started there own streaming service. Who needs Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ when all the comedy, drama, true crime, erotic thrillers and endless horror is available from our governing party…

  13. Hector says:

    Looking at you, Murray Fòote, We can expect your resignation any time now. Thank you. At your own convenience, by the close of business tomorrow will do.

  14. Jeanne says:

    First up I’m a Unionist.Does no-one in the SNP have a subscription to The Times? You can safely assume the vast majority of the BTL posters on Times Scotland are Unionists. We’re all rooting for Yousaf.

    Oh and well done Stu for your excellent research over the past few weeks. I don’t agree with your politics but almost no one else seems to be interested in shining a light on Scottish politics.

  15. Big Jock says:

    Is it worth saving the SNP. This lot need to be sent to the dungeons in Edinburgh Castle. What a horrible nasty wee bunch of cretins.

  16. gregor says:


    “The story of a book, film, play, etc.”

    “A secret plan made by several people to do something that is wrong, harmful, or not legal, especially to do damage to a person or a government.”

    “The plot was discovered before it was carried out.”

    “A devilish plot.”

  17. Shug says:

    Wonder if Livingstone’s resignation is linked the Craig Murray’s e mails

    Just asking

    Any bets on the crown office

  18. highlander says:

    Stu what’s your e-mail? don’t use twitter…

  19. Anthem says:

    Do we frame this Headline garbage next to the “Vow”?

  20. Al+Harron says:

    Fran, Sarwar has a better chance of getting the Lib Dems & Greens (and, God forgive them, any prospective SNP rebels) on side.

    I genuinely thought they’d at least have more sense electorally than this – but what independence supporter, what democrat, what SNP supporter who claims to support the party worth their salt could ever forgive them for this?

    Truly we’re in interesting times.

  21. Janes says:

    If this did happen and it resulted in an election when no First Minister was elected, does anyone know how much power an SNP leader has to deselect candidates? BoJo got rid of his anti-Brexit awkward squad in 2019. Could Forbes (or Regan?) do something similar?

  22. twathater says:

    Is there any sensible members left in the perverts party that has ANY integrity , So these arseholes are now THREATENING the wider electorate by implying that if the Sturgeon Nonce Party members don’t elect their chosen deviant they will take the huff stamp their feet and make it probable that the new fm will come from the unionist parties

    Are Nonce party members so stupid that they cannot see what REAL independence supporters have been exposing for ages, STURGEON AND HER TARTAN TALIBAN WOKESTERS DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT INDEPENDENCE
    This is just another kick in the hehaws for you sycophants and apologists but don’t worry you can always console yourselves with sturgeon’s mantra

    WM and the Tories are bad bad bad they are responsible for everything wrong in Scotland and paypal paul will write another column about it

  23. Mav says:

    Yousaf is the Sturgeon camp continuity puppet candidate. There will be string pullers.
    Yousaf is inheriting a government with a record of systemic delivery failure right across the board. Yousaf will fail as FM just he has in both Transport and NHS ministerial positions. Remember the ferries. The Auditor Scotland report is damning about his managerial capabilities. Then there will likely be a convenient plan as his unpopularity grows … for Sturgeon to replace him.

  24. Colin says:

    That’s ‘The Rangers’

  25. Stuart MacKay says:

    There’s nothing wrong with the SNP. It’s doing exactly what it’s says on the tin – a progressive, social justice party that uses the promise of independence as a sales pitch. The only problem is the label which is slightly out of date and the font size for ‘independence’ makes it too small to read without a magnifying glass.

    It’s slightly surprising that they’d come out and say they’d effectively give up power to stop someone with convictions that were slight different from their own. But then again in the land of jellyfish someone with a backbone must be pretty scary.

    At this point there can be no doubt that is the SNP cleaned house of those soft on independence, there would be nothing left.

    Perhaps, once the tide of woke madness has receded, leaving only stains on the walls, can the SNP be rebuilt to put independence first and foremost. Until then…

  26. Garrion says:

    Hello. Looks like they’re going for the scorched earth mutually assured destruction option. Oh well.

  27. Geri says:

    Would they be so stupid? Absolutely.

    Sturgeon is a mentally ill narcissist. She’d see parliament go up in flames before she’d see Alex Salmond back there under the Alba party. She’s a failed FM. She failed to deliver Indy. She’s failed at GRR. They despise losing – they’d rather destroy the whole lot than give it over to someone else. Humza is her puppet she needs to rule through cause she’s staying put on the backbenches.

    As for the MSPs who’d rather give way to a Labour FM. They’re probably labour anyway. They’re not Independence supporters.

  28. joolz says:

    Some of her personal views are abhorrent, true, but as long as she keeps them that, personal, there is no big deal.

    We all know that Yousless-as-eff is already,saying he will force his abhorrent personal views on GRA changes on the public *and* he has a track record as a liar.

    I’m supporting Ash, but far better Forbes than Useless as I know which one I’d trust to follow the result of the public’s views as expressed in a consultation and many, many polls.

    Useless-af is Sturgeon 2.0, but with even less brain power. As an atheist I’d rather have a FM who believes in an imaginary sky fairy than one who believes men can become women.

  29. Adrian says:

    What an absolute clusterfuck

  30. Tom H says:

    I have been bleating on about the erosion of internal party democracy for years, its the reason I left the party, but even I couldn’t have envisaged the fools giving as big a “fuck you” to the membership as this, having the NEC selecting candidates is one thing, having them whip the MSPs to select the FM is on another scale. Why even bother with the pretence of an election.

  31. Robert Louis says:

    Honestly, I couldn’t give a monkeys about all this. I am just genuinely sickened by the number of folk on here and within the SNP happily cheering on Kate Forbes, who is an openly homophobic bigot, the likes of which we rarely see in modern Scotland. From the dark ages, a knuckle dragging neanderthal.

    But, but, but, then those same folk say, ‘oh, but that’s quite alright for her to be a hateful homophobic bigot, because she believes in an imaginary invisible magical deity in the sky’.

    To be clear, Kate Forbes can believe in whatever magic she wants to, but when as a potential political leader she opnely states that equality for homosexual people is wrong, or that folk born outside marriage are wrong, or that abortion is wrong, it has an impact. It really, really does.

    This is not just some random joe expressing such hateful opinions, it is a potential First Minister of Scotland, and THAT, for the very hard of thinking IS THE PROBLEM. Her words, from HER position, give succour to the bigots of this world.

    This is NOT a trivial matter.

    Too many folk I fear, who care NOTHING for religion, or the free kirk in any way, are so happily jumping on the homophobic bandwagon.

    Aside from that, Kate Forbes has zero intention of pushing independence forward, just like her mentor Sturgeon.

    So, it matters not one jot, regarding the Daily Record story, because come the next election, the SNP would be toast, with bigot Forbes in charge. She would make Labour and even the Tories look good.

  32. Viscount Ennui says:

    Robert Louis says:
    24 February, 2023 at 7:06 am

    “I am just genuinely sickened by the number of folk on here and within the SNP happily cheering on Kate Forbes, who is an openly homophobic bigot..”

    Errr…she is not.
    She has taken a leap in faith to embrace a spiritual code that includes amongst other things views on marriage.
    The same Christian faith could be interpreted as being hostile to war and acts of aggression, to greed, envy, etc.
    It is not homophobic to hold aview that same sex marriage is on a spiritual level, wrong, but to tolerate it and accept that we live in a secular society.

  33. Bob Mack says:

    Who the hell do these SNP MSP’s think they are? They have completely forgotten that they serve us, not the other way around.

    If they carry out anything like these actions then retribution will inevitably follow.

    We have another banner in the wings waiting. Perhaps our reality is that we need to remove the SNP as being a hindrance to Independence rather than the vanguard.

  34. John Main says:

    First class article by Kathleen Stock on Unherd: “The Crucifixion Of Kate Forbes”. Here’s a wee quote:

    what we have here is a clash of two religions. One of them is full of sanctimonious, swivel-eyed moral scolds, rooting out heresy and trying to indoctrinate everybody into their fantastic way of thinking. The other is a branch of Calvinism. One of them asks “what would Jesus do?” and the other “what would Owen Jones think?”.

    I have reached my own conclusion. Kate comes across as a decent, thoughtful, conscientious, considerate, committed, hard working Scotswoman.

    She should abandon her bid for FM and return to anonymity.

    Scotland is a cesspit and a shithole. We Scots are not worthy of a decent woman as leader. The treatment of Kate proves it.

    Give us a lying, hypocritical, useless, criminal, venal, backstabber of a leader. It’s what we deserve. It’s all we deserve.

    Most of all, it’s what we are used to. It will keep us in our comfort zone, crying into our drams about how unfair everything is.

  35. ScottieDog says:

    Well it does contain more British plants than Kew Gardens
    We are indeed, a colony

  36. President Xiden says:

    Robert Louis………Waaaggghhh!

  37. John Main says:

    @Robert Louis says:24 February, 2023 at 7:06 am

    I say BS.

    Yousaf shares the same beliefs as Kate. He has to, cos his religion tells him to. He can’t repudiate his religion, cos if he does, he will spend the rest of his life in hiding and in fear, while the assassins seek him out.

    Pick the knuckle dragging neanderthal bones out of that one.

    Or tell me just why it is that Yousaf gets a free pass, while Kate does not.

    Go on. Be fucking honest.

  38. Gary MacDonald says:

    Not gonna happen though is it? A “senior source”. Aye, good one. Reality is whoever is chosen all MSP’s will fall in line and vote for them.

  39. Oneliner says:

    Thanks for the Daily Record, Rev.

    That reminds me, we’ve run out of toilet paper.

  40. Debatable Lands says:

    The SNP is not a political party in the normal sense. It does not represent the views of its members or constituency at large.

    It is an activist group of entrists who saw an opportunity to put on a Yes badge, say the right sort of stuff and be gifted a seat in Holyrood. At the heart of it all are a small group that have simply subverted a whole movement and repurposed it for other ends.

    The fate of the Conservative party at the next GE will show what happens when people finally see through the veil. About time all this ‘wheest for indy’ stupidity was canned, or the Scotland that emerges isn’t going to look much like a place to be, independent or not.

  41. Bob Mack says:

    @ Robert Louis,

    I think you are jumping the gun. Forbes has been working with LGB folk for several years without issue. Like everyone else apparently she is finding recent events beyond the pale.

    There are gay ministers you know. I cannot see her leading a mob to “unfrock” them.

  42. Beauvais says:

    Kate Forbes and Humza Yousaf. Great choice. The Wee Free or the wee brain.

    As for Ash Regan. My instinct is that she smiles too much to be the steely figure that is needed to lead a nation to independence, or indeed to first sort out the mess that is the SNP.

    Alba is most probably the way forward now.

  43. Wee Chid says:

    Both religios nuts, neither should be considered. Not just because of their religious zeal but because neither gives a stuff about getting independence for Scotland -but then, neither does the SNP.

  44. Tony Hay says:

    The DR poll indicates to me that the Bute house Bonnie & Clyde gang are shitting themselves.

  45. Graeme George says:

    Being against gay marriage does not necessarily make you a homophobe just someone who understands the true meaning of marriage

  46. DMcV says:

    The SNP has brought a serious mess upon itself, true. But the overall impression I get from reading these comments is the hubris of swivel-eyed Alba zealots, sometimes expressed with a worrying Ukipiness. Electorally, you gave no chance. Get used to it.

    The only hope is for the SNP to prioritise tackling poverty, NHS issues, climate change, Brexit etc over Trans madness and Christophobia. And Labour too, perhaps, who are also in thrall to Trans ideology. Oops, I didn’t mention Independence. So shoot me. In any case, Alba will always be the few dissident wailing noises and nothing much more.

  47. Tony + Hay says:

    Very odd betting pattern on betfair on this market…mmm

  48. Robert Hughes says:

    ” Scotland is a cesspit and a shithole. We Scots are not worthy of a decent woman as leader. The treatment of Kate proves it.

    Give us a lying, hypocritical, useless, criminal, venal, backstabber of a leader. It’s what we deserve. It’s all we deserve.

    Most of all, it’s what we are used to. It will keep us in our comfort zone, crying into our drams about how unfair everything is. ”

    Can’t find anything to disagree with in that .

    In the future the Salmond Gov years will appear like a candlelight which all-too-briefly lit-up the prevailing socio/political darkness .

    Never , in my lifetime , has Scotland’s prospects looked as grim as they do now .

    The much worked for – over decades – glimmer of hope that Independence could be achieved , bringing in it’s wake a genuine hope of better days , has been destroyed ( temporarily ? ) by , principally , a sick in the head narcissist , her shady-as-fuck kid-on * husband * , who squats , seemingly untouchable , in the shadows injecting poison into everything that once held value and a chronically tame , uncritical , easily-pacified SNP membership that have stood-by and done precisely fuck-all as a group of unhinged , vicious fanatics have taken control of the Party , their lunatic policies now – as anyone with a brain knew was inevitable – exploded in the public arena causing incalculable damage to the cause if Independence .

  49. panda paws says:


    Utter rubbish. Forbes has stated she personally wouldn’t have a child out of wedlock but friends and family have and she’s welcomed the new baby. She wouldn’t have an abortion but wouldn’t judge anyone who did and that she believes marriage is a man and a women but wouldn’t roll back existing rights.

    Basically she says

    my religion doesn’t let me do these things.

    She’s not saying

    I’m not going to let you do these things.

    As for the independence bit, you might be right. I think Ash Regan will push for indy more than either of the other two.

    Either woman would make a better leader and FM than Yousaf. I they are allowed to be FM that is!

  50. David Hannah says:

    Its very clear what they are saying.

    If the SNP don’t put Nicola Mugabi’s puppet in Bute House the SNP are going to break up the party, and join Scottish Labour.

    It’s very clear, that the woke faction are blackmailing Scotland and the Yes movement, because to them, nothing gets in the way of the gender religion.

    Nicola won’t be entering onto a power sharing agreement with her own party, she’s our very own Arlene Foster.

  51. Frank Gillougley says:

    ‘Scotland is a cesspit and a shithole.’ err, mibbe make that a 6,000 year-old cesspit and shithole just to be on the safe side?
    Scratch beneath the surface of anyone at this end of the Christian spectrum and this is what you’ll no doubt find.
    Fucking hell.

  52. Andrew Sinclair says:

    Just a wee reminder that English religious leaders automatically get a seat in the House of Lords. If it’s OK for them to make and vote on the laws which control us all, every single thing said about Kate Forbes and her religious faith is sheer hypocrisy.

  53. 100%Yes says:

    Will SNP members listen to the MSM no, will they listen to their MPs and MSPs yes.

    Let (SNP) destroy themselves they did it to Indyref2.

  54. panda paws says:


    This is a quote of Kate Forbes’ views

    “My position on these matters is I will defend to the hilt everybody’s right in a pluralistic and tolerant society to live and to love free of harassment and fear.

    “And in the same way I hope that others can be afforded the rights of people of faith to practice fairly mainstream teaching. And that is the nuance that we need to capture on equal marriage.

    “Equal marriages is a legal right, and as a servant of democracy, rather than a dictator, I absolutely respect and defend that democratic right.”

  55. David Hannah says:

    The Scottish Government has been taken hostage, democracy is under siege by the woke, Petunia Murrell and Patrick Harvie want to fix the election.

    Harvie won’t be wanting to give up his 30K a month cabinet minister wage increase.

    If Humza the puppet and the gender’s chosen one isn’t anointed they will deny democracy and kill Independence stone dead.

  56. Beauvais says:

    Robert Hughes @8:27am

    Your last paragraph sums up the situation brilliantly. Alas.

  57. Mark Boyle says:

    Why is is male homosexuals and trannies demonise woman doing WrongThink ten times more than they do any man doing the same, as encapsulated in the Forbes/Yousaf example?

    Someone once said male homosexuality was male chauvinism taken to its ultimate conclusion. I thought it ludicrous at the time but now I’m beginning to see their point.

  58. David Hannah says:

    The SNP gender police have placed Scottish Independence under arrest.

  59. Bob Mack says:


    Time will tell. A week is a long time in politics right enough. Just a few days ago Forbes was apparently dead and buried. Now she leads.

    If the SNP do as Stu thinks they will open the door to Alba, and the rush to join will be something to behold.

    A great many people are waiting on the platform for a suitable mode of transport to Independence, and they will take any train that takes them there.

  60. Alastair says:

    Once nominations close its time for Ash and Kate to announce a joint coalition UNITY campaign.
    Separate FM role from Party Leader with one Party Leader/ Deputy First Minister and the other First Minister/ Deputy Party Leader.

  61. Den says:

    It’s a new low for the SNP, I thought the stitch up of Salmond was a despicable act that would take some beating, however using a condemned man as an excuse( and that is all it was) for not having the courage of your own convictions shows how spineless useless is, I’m sure this man’s family will be horrified at him being used as political capital like this.

  62. robertkknight says:

    Personally, I hope that the SNP disappears up it’s own Woke backside – the effect upon Indy can only be positive in the longer term. And let’s face it, troughers gonna trough so there’s no chance that any opportunity for Indy will be “missed” in the event that the SNP decides to practice a spot of seppuku.

    Those left in the SNP who don’t consider identity politics and social anarchy as being more important than Indy and the common weal might just jump ship to ALBA. You never know…

  63. Alastair says:

    Any MP or MSP who doesn’t support an elected Party Leader with the new mandate of the membership should be given immediate notice of their deselection for future elections. Flip the threats.

  64. Ruby says:

    Robert Louis says:
    24 February, 2023 at 7:06 am

    Honestly, I couldn’t give a monkeys about all this. I am just genuinely sickened by the number of folk on here and within the SNP happily cheering on Kate Forbes, who is an openly homophobic bigot, the likes of which we rarely see in modern Scotland.

    Oh grow up! I’m fed-up with grown men having tantrums.

    BTW. I am genuinely sickened by the number of misogynistic gay men there are in ‘modern’ Scotland. You can add me to the list of homophobic bigots.

    I always suspected there were a number of misogynists within the gay male community in Scotland due to hearing them say ‘I smell fish’ I dismissed them as being a minority but now I have changed my mind.

    Your acceptance in ‘modern’ Scotland is not set in stone.

  65. Mac says:

    From what I have seen the Church of Scotland for example seems to be nauseatingly woke.

    Honestly from what I am observing in wider society the full bore naked and aggressive bigotry on display is anti-religious in nature and especially anti-Christian.

    Man, they really hate the Christians for some reason. The things you can say about Christians in polite society is jaw dropping.

    If you said it about other faiths you would not get away with it but the reverse PR job done on Christianity emboldens open prejudices that are really unacceptable, but look around… it is very common especially among the wokies (but sadly not just them).

    As Kate Forbes said in the interview clip I saw, she has friends and family who have done all these things she is talking about. Just because you personally think it is a ‘mistake’ to do these things does not mean you are judging others who do.

    The original translation / meaning of the word ‘sin’ is I understand ‘mistake’.

    Early Christianity (pre bible) was called ‘The Way’. As in I think The Path…

    Again just my observations but Jesus himself seems like an incredibly tolerant, forgiving and loving religious character.

    So I think people are maybe confusing and conflating those teachings with the endless abuses of the Church many centuries later… Plus the old testament / torah is pretty nasty in places

    Hollywood of course has been doing a number on Christianity and Christians for decades now.

    I am not a religious person but it is very curious to me why Christ / Christians are hated so much.

    Whatever it is I think it backfired and helped Kate Forbes now. She took a chance, she was brave talking about it all and I think it paid off and won her a lot of friends in the rank and file.

    It also conveniently surfaces all her enemies in the SNP should she get the job.

    There is a part of me wants to see the SNP melt down here and part of me wants to see them elect the best leader to save them.

    The Sturgeon selected MSP/MP drones are now well out in the open and are visibly determined to destroy the party. This has been a bit of a wake-up call to some of the milder Sturgeon supporters it seems.

  66. Martin says:

    And there goes any SNP votes from non weirdos… Anyone not in the twitter youth would rightly see this as a ridiculous step and it would kill the party. Completely.

    Which at this stage… Might be the best thing

  67. Ruby says:

    I’m seeing a lot of similarities between men insisting that everyone must accept gay marriage in the same way as woman must accept men in their spaces and that ‘trans women are women’

  68. David Hannah says:

    Sturgeon’s servile chains. It all makes sense now. Nicola Sturgeon wants Scottish Labour in Bute House.

  69. Beauvais says:

    Maybe Fashion Sakala should be the next leader of the nuSNP. The lad appears to have the requisite level of self-delusion.

  70. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    “swivel-eyed Alba zealots”

    The only word there that I know the meaning of is “Alba”. Anyone care to explain the rest of that phrase?

  71. Luigi says:

    I wonder when “Humza’s Vow” will appear in the Daily Record.

  72. Breeks says:

    Bob Mack says:
    24 February, 2023 at 7:31 am

    We have another banner in the wings waiting. Perhaps our reality is that we need to remove the SNP as being a hindrance to Independence rather than the vanguard…

    Not remove them Bob, no need. Just set up SALVO’s Convention of the Estates to lead the Independence fight without hindrance from the Scotland Act, and quite literally, take the fight outside; outside Westminster, outside Holyrood, outside UK domestic legislation, and outside the jurisdiction of the Westminster Supreme Court.

    The red sovereignty of the Claim of Right awaits outside the door ready to take us wherever we want to go. Set up the Convention and invite MP’s and MSP’s to swear an oath to Scotland’s sovereign Claim of Right.

    What use to Scotland are charlatan MP’s or MSP’s who put Party and career above the interests of Scotland?

    Set up our Convention of the Estates, and begin to look upon thatas our provisional Government in waiting and route to Independence, since Holyrood manifestly doesn’t want the job.

    Watching the divisive demolition of Kate Forbes, and Ash Regan, I feel somewhat inclined to believe the Establishment Media probably has a dossier every Independence supporting MP, and knows where the Skeletons are kept. Cast your mind back to 2013/14 I think it was, when the BritNat Media let slip they had “something” on Alex Salmond but we’re sitting on it… it’s how they operate. Dig for dirt that can be used against someone and file it for a later date.

    It doesn’t even have to be true. It doesn’t even have to be dirt half the time. The Media simply sees itself as kingmaker, and demands the right to roast, or not to roast, as it’s prerogative, and we are constantly reminded that Scotland, particularly Scottish Independence, has absolutely no friends in the UK Media. And I include the The National in that.

    Yet here we are giving their innuendos and muckraking credence. When Independence should be top of the agenda, we’re all examining someone’s pretty anodyne religious proclivities. Do you remember how we lost in 2014? Because the Unionist media were in total command of the narrative and agenda.

    And by the way, to “excuse” Kate Forbes’ views on gay marriage by saying Humza Yousef has similar views on gay marriage, or else to ask why Wee Free credentials for Forbes should matter but not for Iain Blackford, you are simply walking in to the trap.

    And yes, it’s understandable, but heads up… the UK media doesn’t care about it’s own hypocrisy. It never did. Name me anybody who got justice from writing a letter of complaint to the BBC governors back in 2014.

    They’re not giving you “news”. That isn’t their intent. They’re sowing the seeds of dissent and acrimony, and trying to blacken the names of our candidates and front running people. That is the intent.

    The effect is also pernicious, and after a while, nobody of any calibre wants to enter politics and have their lifestyle put under the microscope and dissected for public consumption.

    Some of the most knowledgeable people on drugs are former addicts. Some of the best business people know what it’s like to fail. Some of the most devout pacifists are ex military. Some of Scotland’s best Kings and military commanders were reformed murderers who even knifed people in church.

    Ok, so maybe nowadays we draw the line at killing people in churches, but in general we WANT Scottish MP’s to be seasoned and well informed, and far, far, far more worldly than the current crop of “under performers”. For someone’s mainstream religious conviction to be career defining event is just nonsensical in the liberal Scotland we should be aiming to create.

    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” …Voltaire.

  73. Mac says:


    You could consolidate a lot of the above into…


    Makes you wonder what the Sturgeon created SNP actually does stand for… they seem to despise most of the population.

  74. Big Jock says:

    David – Sturgeon just wants whoever will protect the Union.

  75. Dave Hansell says:

    “They despise losing – they’d rather destroy the whole lot than give it over to someone else.”

    Geri: 4:53am February 24

    An observation applicable across any number of contexts it is possible to identify across what passes for the dominant culture in these parts of the World.

    The only quibble being not explicitly stating in all these identifiable contexts that what it is they despise losing is what is considered to be the exceptional right to control everyone in their own narcissistic image.

    Others, a recent piece by Robin MaCalpine springs to mind, have noted the way in which the Executive of the SNP has re-written the Party Constitution to prevent any meaningful democratic input which might curtail the absolutist control of this particular set of incompetent freaks.

    Following this type of approach all that would be required to achieve the desired result of ensuring the ‘right’ candidate is elected would be to follow the logic of the playbook currently being applied by another bunch of incompetent freaks presently running rampant in what passes for the Labour Party.

    Who apparently have issued a decree from on high that local Party Ward and Constituency Units are henceforth barred from affiliating with a range of groups and organisations from CND to Jewish Voice for Labour; Stop the War to Palestine Solidarity.

    Presumably (and I accept this is based entirely of the application of logic which may or may not apply), given that the rule book is being quoted this proscription would not be limited to Party Units but would also encompass individual members.

    From this point it would be but a small step on the part of the crazy’s in the control cabin of the SNP (or anyone else in similar circumstances for that matter) to simply define the campaign of any other candidate as a proscribed organisation along with any individual members associating with that proscribed campaign.

    Effectively de-legitimising and outlawing all other campaign organisations apart from the favoured candidate under rules and constitutions the crazy’s have control over.

    And, following the precedent set by the Canadian Government last year in which citizens were effectively outlawed via freezing their bank accounts for having the temerity to donate to the ‘wrong’ crowdfunder it does not bode well to have any of these numpties holding Government level decision making power over any populace.

  76. sadscot says:

    Alex Neil has stated emphatically today that Yousaf missed the final equal marriage vote on religious grounds because he was under pressure.

  77. Effijy says:

    Look you are reading the Daily Ranger and Unionist rag who stole the referendum with the package of lies known as the Vow.

    They have a source my arse.

    If MSP don’t agree with the memberships preferred leader they are stating the case that they are anti-democratic so sit false in a supposed democratic parliament.

    They seem to like their easy jobs doing nothing toward independence so they could easily become unemployable elsewhere when kicked out of office.

    They will do whatever is needed to stay on the gravy train.

  78. Viscount Ennui says:

    TBH, I would prefer a Forbes leadership that delivered good governance of both the SNP and the country. Should that happen, we would not become socially conservative overnight but rather the woke agenda would be de-prioritised.
    I see this as the best route to independence even though it will take some time to restore credibility after all that the Murrells have done to drag the nation into the gutter.
    But, and this is a very real fear, should Frobes get elected, the knives will be out for her from the very start because current air-head ministers like Gilruth would have to go.
    As for the Groan Party….

  79. Ottomanboi says:

    Other than her opinions on homosexual unions not much is aired about Forbes’ strategy were she FM but just enough to send her to secular hell. So much for «tolerance», diversity of views etc.
    Yousaf, who belongs to a religion which in practice is not exactly known for its toleration, is an odd choice for those wee wokees, though maybe not.
    «There is but one Thought and Woke is its Prophet» repeat often, many times a day and very very loudly.
    Ya Salaam! Ya don’t say!
    How many Free Kirk members are there….>billion?
    I have two loving Muslim uncles so don’t accuse me of that «phobia».

  80. Tommo says:

    The Scotsman are running a hatchet job on Forbes; while conceding that she is ‘leading in a poll’ they then go on to rubbish her entire campaign in what is clearly an unbalanced and biased way.

  81. willie says:

    I wonder if members votes, like the £600,000 of independence campaign funds go missing.

    Or will members votes, like the campaign funds be declared to be woven through the results.

    I wouldn’t trust anything the SNP say or do in matters like this.

  82. Ali Clark says:

    Why oh why are folk in a tizzy over a Daily Record front page? It is hardly a renowned source of honest, truthful journalism. Just like the “Vow” its purpose is merely to insert a spanner in the works. Marvel at its lack of subtlety, let it reinforce your views on poor quality of Scottish print media, be reassured that its staggering to its grave and move on whistling a merry tune.

  83. osakisushi says:

    Suspect the 0.3% shall not be heard from, due to them currently earning substantially more than they used to receive in unemployment benefit.

    Never underestimate the power of greed. The Westminster SNP MP’s set the example.

  84. Astonished says:

    I see the rabid pro-transcult lobby (nuSNP/Green/Yoon) are trying to paint the situation Scotland finds itself in – as being all Alba’s fault.

    The transcult are always the victim. Always.

    Every sane person knows the problems are all as a direct result of Sturgeon’s actions. The plotting, the bullying, the dogma, the corruption, the carrots, the nepotism, destroying the NEC and the yoonery.

    They are lying in their beds knowing their end is nigh. Some of the rats have already deserted as far as they can.

    There won’t be a prison transwing big enough to hold them all.

  85. Liz says:

    IF, and it’s a big if (remember this is the Daily Record) any of the MSPs were stupid enough to do this they would open themselves up for deselection at the very least. Most of them are more interested in staying on the gravy train than anything else. They won’t do anything to threaten that

  86. John Main says:

    A wee quote from Unherd:

    Don’t be afraid of chaos, but provoke and channel it. Forget labels such as “government” or “opposition”, “liberal” or “conservative”. Sow doubt and anxiety by backing, then thwarting, every competing social movement: “bikers and hooligans, anarchists and skinheads, communists and religious fanatics, the extreme right, the extreme left…” Foster the war of all against all, turn reality inside out, and in the wake of furious unrest restore “vertical” power with the almighty state and its leader-saviour in sole charge.

    Sometimes the mist clears, and the intended destination can be clearly seen …

  87. Alf Baird says:

    Viscount Ennui @ 10:01 am

    “TBH, I would prefer a Forbes leadership that delivered good governance”

    You mean like the Scotwind gie-awa, green freeport Cromarty, ferries an shipyard £m wastit, nae land reform, Scot Invest Bank loans tae its freends, UK supreme court ‘naw ye cannae hae a ref’, SG ‘neutral’ on Keatings, rinnin awa fae GRR vote, SG attacks on Salmond and others…….etc etc

    Wis KF no mebbe recruited at Cambridge or Ed uni an wheeled intae poseetion by UK plc? A nationalist? Ye think sae? Raelly? Whits her plan fer indy? Disnae hiv ane! Actions wad suggest mebbe mair a Tory?

  88. Mia says:

    All this brings a sense of deja-vu, doesn’t it?

    Isn’t a fabricated “rebellion” what the blairite labour MPs did to Corbyn a few years back as well? Weren’t Blairites like Umuna blackmailing the membership into submission against Corbyn threatening with not following the whip?

    Same modus operandi leads us to the same boss.

    The increasing parallelisms between the way the SNP is being mis-governed under Sturgeon and manipulated, and what was done to labour under Corbyn gives us every reason to believe the entity which controls labour (and the blairites unit) is the exact same entity controlling Sturgeon’s fake “SNP”.

    That Paul Hutcheon article linked at the end of the Rev’s article says:

    “Party bosses fear the potential rebellion could end up with Scottish Labour Anas Sarwar succeeding Nicola Sturgeon”

    And that is where the biggest lie of them all sits:

    1. SNP party bosses (whoever those are and at whatever side of the border and the Atlantic they sit) do not “fear” the rebellion. That is utter bollocks. They welcome the rebellion, and that is if they have not fabricated it themselves. Real rebellion or simply an exercise on mass disinformation peddled by the powers that be, this is clearly an attempt to pervert democracy by blackmailing membership and voters into submission. It is an appalling abuse of power and show all those MSPs as embarrassing wankers who are not fit to hold a seat in our parliament.

    2. It has been demonstrated that Yousaf is the worse candidate of the three by a mile, and that is despite the entire MSM, including the National, pumping propaganda and an utterly disgusting campaign of mysoginy and overt discrimination against Ms Forbes. How this is not seen as a hate crime is beyond me. But it isn’t working: voters can see what is going on. Voters know Yousaf is not leadership material.

    So, the establishment is resorting to the tools it has tested and used so many times before – how do you make something really bad look acceptable?

    a) by removing the candidate that is taking the middle ground. Voters do not like extremes, therefore the middle position is always by default what most voters would go for. That middle ground is currently being taken by Ms Forbes, hence the attacks.

    b) by adding to the race something perceived by voters as being even worse than the bad candidate. In this way, the worse candidate can be pushed artificially to occupy the “middle ground”.

    The mentioning of Sarwar as a threat is quite revealing. Yousaf is so far towards unionism that the only way to artificially bump Yousaf towards the middle ground is by bringing to the race an staunch unionist.

    They could have mentioned Ross, but I guess even for the disgusting betrayers sitting within the SNP ranks, acknowledging they would give preference to a tory against Ms Forbes would be seen as an step too far which may have led to an actual rebellion of the membership and voters. Also, STurgeon’s SNP is labour anyway, so I guess choosing Sarwar comes up naturally.

    If I am not mistaken, as the so called unionists do not have a majority in parliament, for Sarwar to be elected as FM, the greens and/or elements of the SNP will have to either abstain or vote for him. So here we have another parallelism with the blairite labour’s modus operandi: didn’t Dugdale publicly resourced to encourage labour voters in certain constituencies to vote tory “to keep the SNP out and stop a referendum”? The same modus operandi resurfacing again.

    All the “faults” they are attempting to ping on Ms Forbes because of her religion, can be pinged down on Yousaf for the exact same reasons, and that is why the campaign against Ms Forbes is not working for them. Yousaf and Ms Forbes may follow different faiths, but the beliefs the establishment are pretending to demonise are similar in both religions.

    At this moment in time, Yousaf has, in the eyes of the voters, all the ills Ms Forbes has with the added bonus for opponents of Yousaf that, when compared to Ms Forbes and Ms REagan’s pitch, he is clearly an unionist who is explicitly and willingly throwing the towel on independence. In other words, he is, at present, unelectable as leader of a party of independence. There is no way to hide that fact. That is why they need a unionist of pedigree artificially entering the race.

    With Kate in the race, the powers that be have to divide their efforts towards fighting on two fronts: independence and the GRR. We all know the GRR is just a ruse, a trojan horse. But even that is failing miserably and proving too weakening. They say what does not kill you make you stronger. I am sure by now they are realising that if they do not defeat Ms Forbes soon, they would have made her even a stronger candidate in the eyes of voters, hence their desperate attempts to manipulate the gay community into joining in the fight against Forbes by bringing forward gay marriage issues.

    Sarwar, like Yousaf, is Muslim and of Pakistani descent. If I am not mistaken, Sarwar voted for and whipped the labour MSPs to vote for the dodgy GRR legislation. Bringing Sarwar artificially into the competition as the bogeyman removes the problem of having to fight on the GRR front, its acceptance will be a given, allowing them to concentrate their efforts on fighting the battle that matters to them most: the neutering of the present and any future majority of MPs elected on a mandate to end the union. I am sure that when Forbes is out of the way, they will go full on for Ms Reagan on that very subject.

    Once again, the British establishment behind all this appears to think we Scotland’s voters are zipped at the back and we cannot see clearly their fingers behind the scene.

    Yousaf will render the SNP unelectable for far too many, increasing the chances of their much trumpeted (and desperately pursued) “labour revival”. If even that “revival” fails to materialise, the powers that be (being those in London, at the other side of the Atlantic or in the middle east) can ensure they have in Yousaf a useless puppet through whom they can control the party to maintaining the current SNP MP majority on a neutered state, and to ensure in the next GE any anti-union MP majority is never elected on a mandate to terminate the union.

    It is becoming totally obvious that since the fraud STurgeon took control of the SNP it all has been about neutering any anti-independence MP majority Scotland elects, because that majority is lethal to the union. The rest is just smoke and mirrors.

    Let’s fight back. Let’s name and shame the betrayers sitting in our parliament who are attempting to force a useless Yousaf on us. Let’s find out who the disgusting cowards attempting to blackmail membership and forcing voters to submit to unionism are. Those individuals who are perverting democracy for their own gain and violating the Claim of Right need to be exposed and ejected from our seats, as they are no longer representing us.

  89. Franck says:

    I think a lot of people are falling into the trap of giving Forbes undeserved kudos simply because she is being unfairly targeted in comparison to her opposing cult bootlicker. Being the lesser of two evils wouldn’t make Natalie McGarry a better choice of parliamentarian than Jared O’Mara.

    Reminder: Forbes is still an underqualified, inexperienced, bootlicking careerist with the gravitas of a 12 year old.

  90. Ottomanboi says:

    Kenneth Douglas McCallum is a British intelligence officer who has been serving as the Director General of MI5 since 2020.

    Nuff said eh guys!

    There is not enough whitewash in the world to cover that INDEPENDENCE sign.

  91. Lenny Hartley says:

    In the Daily Retard, obviously coming from Foote, Sturgeons Spin Doctor , so from Sturgeon herself, they must be bricking it. I suppose i would as well with all the stuff coming out recently, the question is can you be jailed if you orchestrate a conspiracy to jail somebody where multiple witnesses perjure them self as part of the conspiracy?
    is that legally attempting to defeat the ends of justice?

  92. Daisy Walker says:

    I’m no good at crunching the numbers on STvotes… but I find it very interesting that they are desparate to oust Forbes.

    To me she looks like another Nikla, out to do the unionist bidding while making nice noises (although I’m prepared to admit the evidence is not fully in to justify that position yet).

    So why is the establishment so agin her?

    It would appear they want a 2 horse race. Ash (clearly laying out a route to Indy) and Useless the Scottish version of Boris.

    If Forbes is a Nikla 2.0, then perhaps the Britnats have decided that diet is played out now. Perhaps Forbes would have to close a semblance to competence.

    It might also be a less than flattering assessment of where the SNP members and supporters are at… and they want another Nikla, looking good, making nice noises, but never actually delivering.

  93. John Main says:

    @Mia says:24 February, 2023 at 10:34 am

    All the “faults” they are attempting to ping on Ms Forbes because of her religion, can be pinged down on Yousaf for the exact same reasons, and that is why the campaign against Ms Forbes is not working for them. Yousaf and Ms Forbes may follow different faiths, but the beliefs the establishment are pretending to demonise are similar in both religions.

    Of course.

    Mia never wrote a truer paragraph.

  94. ronald says:

    beauvais ( she smiles to much ) FFS if I were on a scrutiny panel for Alba U wouldn’t get in the door with that outlook

  95. Mia says:

    “So why is the establishment so agin her?”


    1. She is taking the safe middle ground among the three and has the prospect of appealling to a much larger voting base than Yousaf – she is threatening their much desired and pursued “labour revival” for the next GE.

    2. Because making her a target against GRR due to her religious beliefs will immediately make Yousaf a target for the exact same reasons. The only way he can defend himself is by denying those beliefs, which would allienate the religious communities against Yousaf. In other words, by attacking Forbes, the establishment is turning their own political weapons against themselves.

    For the above, speaking in practical terms, Ms Forbes is like a shield in between then and Ms REagan, which is their obvious and most feared target. They need Forbes out of the way so they can go full on against Ms Reagan.

  96. Luigi says:

    It’s becoming painfully obvious that the MSM really really want Humza Yousaf as the next FM because they believe this will make their long-term objective so much easier – a “Scottish” Labour revival. I mean, how difficult will it be for them to knock down a clown like Yousaf? The next idiotic thing he says or does and BOOM! He’s out for the count. Yes folks, you know the dream of the Scottish MSM – bring back their beloved Labour party. And Humsa Yousaf is the vehicle they will use to achieve it. I hope what’s left of the SNP rank and file don’t fall for it, but I think they may. Humsa Yousaf will become FM, but will this lead to a Labour revival in Scotland? Oh how I would laugh if huge numbers of voters moved directly to Alba. If only…

  97. Dan says:

    Decent responses by Ash to these questions. But then it is a more formal and appropriate setting for taking questions which should be the norm, and not trying to give an interview whilst on the move like the C4Ciaran questions yesterday.

    Control the setting as best you can, don’t put yourself in a position where it can create the impression of being evasive, nor able to respond quickly because you are distracted by navigating your way through a sea of cameras and dealing with being blocked by the reporter, such an environment will inevitably compromise and impede your thought processing abilities with the multitasking.

  98. Achnababan says:

    This is dreadful, terrible stuff that actually threatens the very essence of our country as a tolerant and open society. On the positive side, the more attacks on Kate Forbes and Ash Regan the more we know they are the 2 to support!

    We also now know who cannot ever trust the ‘Scottish’ Greens . Harvey and his motley crew have done to the Greens what Sturgeon and her crew have done to the SNP.

    Independence to them is a sales pitch to harvest votes to pursue their agenda.

    Importantly those attacking Forbes and Regan have now broken cover and we know cant be trusted to campaign and deliver independence – including folk like Lockhead who was suspiciously quick to condemn.

  99. Ottomanboi says:

    «According to political scientist John J. Mearsheimer (Why Leaders Lie), during peaceful times, inter-state deceptions have little traction as the level of trust between states is usually already very low and therefore being caught in a lie would be ruinous. On the other hand, leaders in democracies move up the ranks largely by employing POLITICAL DECEPTION and thus are not only familiar with deceiving the public for personal gain but also have considerable POLITICAL CAPITAL and PUBLIC TRUST following their election. With this comparatively high level of trust, democratic leaders are the most likely to successfully target the public with deceptions, particularly with FEARMONGERING. Following this successful deception, the two democratic leaders were effective in launching the Iraq War with little opposition.».
    From Wiki. Denial & Deception framework in MI.

    The submission of the people to DEMOCRATIC government lockdown was another example of fearmongering in the service of ???

  100. John H. says:

    Under Alex Salmond Scotland was growing in confidence. We were ready to take back our country and make it the place it could and should be. Now look at us. Reading comments here today is truly depressing. Squabbling with each other where once, not so long ago, we were comrades, united and with a common aim.

    People like the WGD community were our friends. We met at rallies and laughed and joked with each other. Friends, optimistic and forward looking, with a bright future we thought. We worked together.

    Now having lived under Sturgeon’s regime for over eight years, we have become infected by her illness. A devious, twisted, divisive, and extremely sick woman by any measure, and a “tractor” to boot.

    I think it’s time to give ourselves a shake. Look in the mirror and see what we have become. We need to reset our thinking and forget about Sturgeon and her cronies. Personally, I’m not sure that the SNP can be saved now. We should make a new start under an older, wiser leader. We should join ALBA for the sake of the Scottish people if not for ourselves. I’m seventy seven now, so I don’t say this for my own sake. Think of your children and grandchildren. Work to create a decent future for them. Let’s climb out of the quagmire that Sturgeon made of our country.

    As we have seen over the last few days, things can change very quickly in politics.

  101. Dave M says:

    Perhaps the majority of the talentless principle-vacuums that populate the SNP seats in Holyrood are bored of being in Parliament and want to be relieved of their posts?

  102. Alf Baird says:

    Mia @ 11:03 am

    “Ms Forbes is like a shield in between then and Ms REagan”

    Yes, Forbes is merely a stalking horse intended to take votes away from Ash Regan, thereby helping Yousaf to win. She has no support among the SNP elected payroll and trans cult but will divert some of the more ‘conservative’ SNP members away from Regan.

    The real battle for the soul and future of the SNP is between the unionist/woke wing represented by Yousaf, and the nationalist wing represented by Regan.

  103. Bob Mack says:

    Apart from trying to influence friends who are still members of the SNP, we are impotent as to who ultimantely takes the post.

    How we react to that choice is very much down to us. The two women have promised to revive the coalition for yes. That at least is some progress for, now.

  104. highlander says:

    anyone can be the 1st minister

    sturgeon didn’t get a majority of msp’s to vote for her but was still fm 64/129

    (stu- i have some info for you)

  105. Ottomanboi says:

    PHOBIA: anxiety disorder, extreme form of fear.
    Are we witnessing the birth of a new one,
    Bring on that monger of fear!

  106. David Hannah says:

    I’ve waited for an hour and a half to listen to Ash Regan, on BBC.

    A 15 second segment is all we get.

    Then they get Alexander Swanson, of Stirling University SNP Students to discuss the leadership campaign.

    I despise the BBC. Stick your license fee.

  107. laukat says:

    I think the Daily Record Story tells us a few things.

    First of all how much the SNP is in bed with the media. Further example of this is how little airtime was given to Ash Regan’s launch. Not surprised that Murray Foote still carry’s some sway at the Daily Record but the SNP also appear to have some input at the BBC and ITV.

    Secondly the prospect of Yousaf not getting in is truly horrific to the Murrell’s. They are burning the SNP house done to avoid any other candidate.

    Third, the Murrell’s will know how many nominations each candidate has so we can take it as read from this headline that Yousaf is not doing well.

    Last, the Murrell’s fear Kate Forbes to a greater degree than we all gave her credit. However I don’t think its because she will be massively better on Independence (anything is better than the current nothing though), I think its because she is a rarity in politics.

    The last few days has shown he doesn’t lie and now she has put her religious views in the open they don’t have any skeletons in the cupboard that they can force her to cover things up. I suspect with her as FM she would insist on proper financial accounting for the SNP which may well mean a certain person or two have some more problems. Also suspect she will look to cut SG funding to some groups which will force all the right people to get a proper job.

  108. Ebok says:

    Yesterday’s Aberdeen by-election won by SNP on 30%, down 11% from last May.

    Charlie Abel – ALBA – got 178 votes – 3.7%.

    Turnout was 28%.

  109. Ebok says:

    Labour candidate elected at stage 8.

    My previous comment was on vote count, where SNP had most votes, but stv transfers resulted in labour being elected.

  110. Daisy Walker says:

    Thanks Mia and Alf, for clearing up some of the shenanigans ongoing.

    How cynical are the Britnats, attempting as they are to ensure there is an Asian male leader of the labour party in Scotland and the SNP.

    Voters would have a choice of 2 untrustworthy types, but not a choice between of ethnicity of candidates.

    It would fit in nicely with the Britnats tendency to stoke up racism whenever they are pushing through unpopular policies.

    Incidentally, apologies if I’ve worded the above in a clumsy way. I’m not worried about either persons ethnic origins, but very concerned about their competence and their propensity for corruption.

    There may be a scandal waiting in the wings for Usless and the Party, if rumours are true. It has been disclosed to the press… however, they appear to be sitting on it just now. No doubt it will hit the headlines during the next election, just in time to benefit the Labour resurgence.

  111. Ottomanboi says:

    On the subject of DECEPTION.
    Welcome All to GCHQ.
    N.B. Those nice images….king, cute kids & protect the UK…koool!

    Ultimately, it all boils down to this.
    Scottish Nationalism is an enemy.

  112. Merganser says:

    Whether you agree with the views of Muslims or not, I have always found them to be consistent in their faith and the principles they follow. Devout is a word regularly used to describe them.

    And then some become politicians, which causes problems, because politicians are not always consistent, and as for principles, they are very flexible. They would be highly qualified as second-hand car salesmen working for Arthur Daley.

    So in order to survive in this environment, a Muslim politician has to tread a very careful path, and on occasions reaches an irreconcilable position.

    A devout Christian politician is in the same position.

    How they explain to the people how they intend to act when caught in this dilemma speaks volumes for their overall integrity, and people can judge what has been said and done by Forbes and Yousaf when coming to a conclusion about their suitability to be a leader of a political party.

    Given that the SNP is a discredited, dishonest gang of charlatans, there is an obvious choice to be made between the two mentioned above.

  113. sadscot says:

    @ Daisy
    There’s a scandal already for him today. Seems he lied about why he missed the final equal marriage vote. Said to people he was getting grief from his community. So he lied this week about why he missed it.

  114. Iain mhor says:

    We owe Johann Lamont an apology, and a bunch of flowers.

  115. Effijy says:

    Starmer I must say has finally realised that in order to win an election you must come up with
    Whopping great lies that please the dumb electorate.

    The Tories gave us tells of paying off U.K. debt before 2015.
    Lower Taxes
    Better infrastructure
    Improved NHS
    Brexit Boom to the economy
    £350 million extra per week to the NHS
    Greater political transparency.

    Let me know if you think any of these issues turned out as they promised.

    Starmer with different words is going to Unite the U.K. despite every chance Scotland and N.Ireland are pointing in another direction.
    He is going to make the U.K. with the strongest economy on the planet.

  116. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Not gonna happen though is it? A “senior source”. Aye, good one. Reality is whoever is chosen all MSP’s will fall in line and vote for them.”

    I wouldn’t put money on it if I were you.

  117. gregor says:

    Owen Jones (2017) Twitter:

    “I’ve had it with male hacks…”

    “Stephen Daisley is a misogynist who has a particular problem with left wing women.”:

    Spectator (24/02/2023): Stephen Daisley: Can gender rebel Ash Regan win the SNP leadership race?

    “…Under questioning, Regan struggled… Regan used her speech to stress her left-of-centre credentials…

    She trails in all polling and bookmaker odds…”:

  118. twathater says:

    MAC @ 9.33am says

    Mac says:
    24 February, 2023 at 9:33 am


    You could consolidate a lot of the above into…


    Makes you wonder what the Sturgeon created SNP actually does stand for… they seem to despise most of the population.

    I heartily endorse everything you wrote here, and some of us have been aware of this for years and tried to say it BUT the WHEESHTERS and apologists got their way for a time , I would also like to see ALBA showing more support and consideration to discussing the FRANCHISE

  119. Effijy says:

    I’m a James O’Brian fan on LBC but today he had a go at Kate Forbes’ morals with actually reading her full statement that has the U.K. media in a frenzy.

    She has stated her preferences which fall in line with her religion but no one is will to read the part where she says she would no impose her way of living on others and if people wish to have or hold gay marriages or have kids out of wedlock then that is up to them.

    She wants everyone to have the right to make their own personal choices but she is being accused of having her own personal choices that don’t fit in with other people’s ideas.

    It’s those making the attacks that are denying personal freedom to choose their lifestyle.

  120. Daisy Walker says:

    @sadscot, yeah to what you say, however, that is relatively small potatos.

    I despise the Britnat habit of rewarding those who have leverage over them, or donate large amounts of money to political parties in order to give them a seat in the house of lords.

    Be a very bad day indeed if political parties ‘trickled down’ the habit, to reward them with MP Candidate selections.

    Even more of a double dunt, so to speak, if that type of action, made news of an extra-marital affair with a staffer go away, coupled with a large monetary donation from father of said staffer to go on and become an MP.

    All hypothetical of course. But, from an SNP point of view, were they to select a Boris type shagger as leader, and then, worse case senario, a scandal of this type and magnitude hit the press – then suddenly a Labour party resurgency might not seem so unlikely.

  121. Anton Decadent says:

    This is where pathological altruism/tolerance have lead us, the leader of Scottish Labour and potential leader of SNP being applauded for being frank and open with regard to their hatred of white people whilst the leader of the Lib Dems applauds a group of befrocked bampots in the gallery along with that nonentity from Largs who is trying to be the Conservative face of woke. All four parties and captured and compromised, blinded by personal ambition completely at odds with the will of the people.

    Re the accusations of homophobia further up the page, did you really think that the people of Scotland were going to sit back and watch the systemic queering of their children in nurseries, schools and colleges?

  122. sadscot says:

    Not sure it’s small potatoes. He’s lied about this while telling people Forbes could not be trusted.

  123. Viscount Ennui says:

    Alf Baird says:
    24 February, 2023 at 10:33 am

    Alf. You are a good man and a true Scot. We differ on the route to independence and not the cause itself. The point I am making is that the indy movement can only move forward by solidifying the pro-indy vote and this will require a huge effort to convince the soft No vote.
    There is, IMHO, no other option.
    For that to happen, Scotland needs to show that it can govern itself competently.
    NS has damaged the cause immeasurably and it will take years to repair the harm that she has done.
    Forbes or Regan?
    OK, we can quibble.
    Regand would unite the SNP and Alba but her political base is flimsy.
    A leap of faith may be required (!)

  124. Thomas Box says:

    Expect Forbes to be disqualified as a transphobe in 3 , 2 , 1 …

  125. Alf Baird says:

    Viscount Ennui @ 1:13 pm

    “Scotland needs to show that it can govern itself competently”

    Naw it disnae, thons a myth because Scotland cannae ‘govern itself competently’ the noo onywey. Colonial administrations are seldom if ever run ‘competently’ because their primary purpose is to serve the interest of the colonial power, and are destined to be run by a ‘mediocre meritocracy’, much as we see. We should not confuse colonial government outcomes with the real McCoy.

    Some o us hae mair confidence in oor ain fowk, we ken we’ll be yable tae govern oorsels juist fine.

  126. Lorna Campbell says:

    Kate Forbes is a Wee Free, Humza is a Muslim. Their respective religion’s views on many issue will be broadly similar, yet no one is putting Humza through the third degree. Nah, too feart of the backlash, and anyway, like Cole-Hamilton, leader of the Tory Lites and the Braindead, he has been snuggling up to a man who pretends to be a woman, whose bristles put one in mind of Peppa’s daddy. Humza had beter be hoping he doesn’t end up looking like a total prat as Cole-Hamilton has ended up.

    In a party where gay men and women predominate per capita of the population (and probably a few who are still in the closet), this reaction To Kate Forbes’s religious beliefs is to be expected to an extent. All Kate had to say was that she has her own beliefs, that she will not allow them to interfere with day-to-day politics and that she will obey the laws of the land as they stand. The same party was cock-a-hoop at the prospect of depriving women of their safe spaces, dignity and privacy. That tells us a great deal about the hypocrisy of this whole leadership trial.

    The biology deniers and sundry ‘wokerati’ want things to go their way to the point where they are happy to try to expunge a woman’s career before it even starts, in order to get their own way. The immaturity at the heart of the SNP is its greatest enemy, nobody and nothing else. The entire parliament is a laughing stock in normal circles precisely because it has allowed itself to be hi-jacked by a small minority of ‘trans’, enabled by more than half the gay contingent in there (and that’s just the ones that admit to being gay). Note please, that I have not said that being gay is a deviance and I am well aware that at least half the gay population detests the parasitical ‘trans’ takeover as much as most women do. Personally, what people are or want to be is neither here nor there so long as they don’t impinge on others.

    Fetishism is deviant, but may be harmless if kept indoors among those who consent and are able to consent, and I think we have more than a few fetishists in Holyrood, bashing the drum for ‘trans rights’, which they have already, same as the rest of us. They just do not have female rights, which is what they really want, on top of their own. The parliament has disgraced itself by pandering to a minority, and that is always both stupid and dangerous. If these undemocratic political figures are allowed to barge through all the rules and all decency to place the crown on the head of Nicola Mark II (in male form), the SNP is finished. It will be the end. With that end will come the end of all our hopes on independence because these foot-draggers, devolutionists, pension-huggers, ‘trans’ enablers, et al, do not want, and have never wanted, independence.

    I wish the membership could get that through their skulls because it is the loyalists, still very much in evidence in the letters pages of The National, who are giving the nod and a wink to this malfeasance within the party. If they can’t see now what has been going on, they will go down with the sinking ship, and no one is going to throw them a lifebelt because no other independence party can be so stupid and negligent that it would welcome these ‘wokerati’ apologists aboard – at least, I would hope not, because they will infiltrate it and take over as they did the SNP. Choose the leader on merit. On no other false nonsense.

  127. Mia says:

    “Reality is whoever is chosen all MSP’s will fall in line and vote for them”

    Personally, I do not think this is true at all.

    Judging by the industrial scale propaganda and disinformation being deployed whenever the prospect of socialism or the dissolution of the treaty of union becomes a reality, one can guess they are the two biggest existencial threats for the British state.

    In my view, any suggestion the British establishment and the crown are not behind this or behind the stitch up of Mr Salmond, is naive. After all, it was the crown what orchestrated the Treaty of Union in 1706 by bribing a large number of MPs and by deploying large amounts of propaganda after several failed attempts in the years before.

    There were four sides colluding during Mr Salmond’s stitch up: the UK civil service acting as Scotland’s government, the crown agent representing the COPFS, the lord advocate serving as the link between the COPFS and the executive power, and the police.

    COPFS, the lord advocate and the courts represent the crown. In the case of Mr Salmond, if I am not mistaken, these elements were colluding with the civil service in the Scotgov on the complaints procedure, they were the ones reporting Mr Salmond to the police and asking the police to conduct an investigation, and they were determining what information could be released to the public during the parliamentary inquiry.

    Lesley Evans, in charge of of the UK civil service in Scotland was protected until she retired. Wolffe and Di Rollo stood down from their roles. Livingston announced his retirement only yesterday. On the quiet, it sems the ex MI5 crown agent Harvie has also been moved to a safe sheriff court out of the way.

    It seems, of course, that none of these crown elements is going to be disciplined for their actions, as nobody was when the malicious prosecutions were made public.

    The crown has new people in place and it can use the same strategy all over again. At the end of the day, nothing has changed. The lord advocate position continues its dual role, malicious prosecutions of pro-independence supporters have continued with impunity, and nothing is stopping the new crown agent to still decide first whom to prosecute and then instruct the police to build a case to justify the prosecution.

    One has to wonder how many MI5 plants and operatives are currently hiding among Scotland’s judiciary, COPFS, police and civil service. It must be quite a few.

    Remember what happened when Corbyn (a very light socialist) was leader of Labour? Suddenly, the 2-party politics that has served the British establishment so well morphed out of nowhere into a temprorary 3-party politics.

    Umunna and the blairites among labour MPs (which included some tory elements) fabricated overnight a brand new third “party” without ever having campaigned under that party banner at all.

    The party disappeared as fast as it appeared, but it served its intended purpose: to make Corbyn look powerless and socialism hopeless in the eyes of the voters so they would accept the next anti-socialism blairite in charge as the only possible choice.

    As a testament of the political promiscuity of the blairites, Umunna ended up as a liberal democrat candidate and, if Wikipedia is right, is now working in a nice high ranking cushy position within banking. Nothing further from socialism.

    The entity controlling Sturgeon’s SNP appears to be seeding the grounds to deploy the same strategy used against Corbyn should the puppet candidate Yousaf not being elected. And if needs must, I am sure they will deploy it. At the end of the day, this is an existential fight for the union.

    Take a look at the crap calibre of SNP/Green MSPs we have in our parliament at present. How many of those self-serving charlatans would you seriously trust as pro-independence warriors?

    The powers that be know they are treading quick-sand on this. They know the election of Yousaf cannot be seen as directly forced on people because voters will retaliate as they did after the ruse of the vow in 2014. The powers that be need voters to believe it was the SNP membership themselves who chose Yousaf. In that way the party will be discredited in the eyes of the voters even more.

    If they fail to do this, they risk a stampede of pro-independence SNP members themselves and voters towards ALBA on time to re-group for the next GE. This would completely eviscerate their plan.

    They appear to be following a very similar strategy they used to chuck Mr Corbyn out of the party and weakening labour for the GE. The added twist in our case is that we have ALBA waiting on the sidelines and ready to go. Momentum had nowere else to go.

    When you look at it from that perspective, you start to understand why the British state and its plants in the SNP are so desperate to keep Alba out of HOlyrood and for voters to continue seen Alba as a niche political party.

  128. Lorna Campbell says:

    Geri: not being a smarta**e, but it is not so much that they hate to lose – which, you are right, they do – but that the ultimate aim of the ‘wokerati’ is to change society, turn it on its head, to the point that it can no longer exist. the TQ+++++++ part of the LGB is a nihilist death movement, like all nihilist death movements. Think of Pol Pot and his youthful adherents. We have precisely the same thing here, but in the West, so it has been fitted to suit the West, but the end will be the same. If these people get their way, we will enter into a totalitarian society, where you will be punished harshly for speaking truth or for not chanting the mantras of cultural Marxism (equity, equality of outcome rather than opportunity, language distortion, etc.). This is already happening. Kate Forbes is being put on trial for daring to speak the truth about her beliefs, which, crucially, she is not expecting others to bow down to. The ‘wokerati’ have spoken.

    Gradually, or, more likely, if this bill passes into law, if Westminster caves, very quickly, we will move from a less-than-tolerant totalitarian society into one where death is meted out to those who are not part of the movement. I’m not kidding. Anyone who has studied the history of Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, etc., will see the parallels, even as they think it would never happen here. The Rev has shown us examples of the young activists – usually male, but some female, too – who absolutely believe in this bilge, who threaten and terrorise, and this bilge needs youngsters to transition and join the victim movement, hence the work that is being done on teachers and on the kids in our schools. It is just one step from there to the death camps. If this is not stopped – and God knows, too many of our supine, spineless politicians will not stop it (and they will probably be its first victims) – we will have to do it.

    If you employ youthful adherents to this bile, who have come out of university having been indoctrinated in this bilge, then it is the bilge they will push on to the politicians who won’t or can’t see reality till it is too late. They are so out of touch that they still think this is about poor souls who just want to live their lives in peace – in female attire and woman face, admittedly, but, hey, women don’t matter – but it has absolutely nothing to do with sexual fetishism and utterly denuded of political motive. Ay, right!

  129. Geoff Anderson says:

    The result must comply with the TransCult directive. SNP, Greens, LibDems and Labour are all Cult controlled. Therefore the FM must be of the Cult.

    Will the members rebel? We have seen no sign of that in the last few years.

    It is hard to believe that so many will put an extreme Cult ahead of Independence and a better life for so many people

  130. gregor says:

    NationalScot (24/02/2024): Twit:

    “Mhairi Black said she had been “incredibly hurt” by Kate Forbes’s comments on equal marriage”:

  131. gregor says:


    “Used for saying that something is very difficult to believe.”

    “Incredibly, no one was hurt in the accident.”

    “Their shows are always incredibly camp and flamboyant.”

  132. gregor says:

    Darius Danesh (2010): What I Meant To Say: Incredible:

    “…You are incredible
    You are amazing
    You blow my mind
    One of a kind
    I’m having a melt down
    You are incredible
    You are amazing
    But sometimes telling the truth
    Is easier said than done
    Don’t leave baby
    Now that’s what I meant to say…”:

  133. sadscot says:

    She said more besides. Claimed Forbes has “alienated” the public. I think she’s been at the Buckie. What alienated the public was the GRR bill!

  134. akenaton says:

    I’m an atheist but i find myself in complete agreement with Mrs Forbes and the good number of commentators who have supported her here.
    I agree with her but for different reasons, on social grounds and health grounds. The health statistics for male homosexuals are abysmal and can still be found on PHE and CDC in the USA.
    Homosexual marriage and legal unions are in a large number of cases “open relations” involving very large numbers of sexual partners, this behaviour is not what marriage was designed for which was the producing, nurturing and protecting of children.

    The high rates of promiscuity among male homosexuals can be traced back to this important point. Males are programmed by nature to want lots of sex, but our social system demands a degree of order in sexual matters and the family system especially natural born children exerts control on male sexual behaviour.

    No one should be punished for expressing their views as in the case of the honest Mrs Forbes

  135. gregor says:


    Don’t be sad. We’re on to these unmitigated duplicitous frauds (mass destructive fuckwits).

    We’re gonna annihilate the New Woke Order (loser) with an unlimited human-wall/supply of rationality.

    Fronted with our @Reality (e.g. relentless NWO Hammer/truths)…

  136. gregor says:


    “The feeling of being certain that something exists or is true.”

    “Recent scandals have shaken many people’s belief in (= caused people to have doubts about) politicians.”

    “Something that you believe.”

    “All religious and political beliefs should be respected equally.”

  137. gregor says:

    NationalScot (24/02/2023): Kate Forbes must realise that faith offers no immunity to criticism:

    “…Let’s not mince words: I believe her statements that she would have voted against equal marriage rule her out of the running for the job.

    I believe those views have no place in the governance of a modern country and there should be a distinct and enforceable separation…

    For this, I will be branded intolerant, illiberal and dangerous…”:

  138. gregor says:


    “(of a law or rule) possible to make people obey, or possible to make happen or be accepted.”

    “There are clear, enforceable rules regarding intellectual property and copyright protection.”

  139. gregor says:

    NationalScot (24/02/2023): Twit:

    “Tomorrow’s front page First TV debate of SNP leadership race confirmed, and Michael Russell on independence opponents’ ‘malevolent stirring’”:

  140. Calum says:

    Tbf if they’re talking fashion then obviously Rangers is better than Celtic, as is every other football team. Celtic have the ugliest strip in the history of professional sport.

  141. gregor says:


    “Causing or wanting to cause harm or evil.”

    “The central character is a malevolent witch out for revenge.”

    “Maybe so, but what is intuitively relevant is the distinction between a piece of benevolent behavior and a piece of malevolent behavior. Innocent people’s body-of-the-shades, in turn, could be harmed or captured by malevolent individuals… The world, as he saw it, was full of chisellers and con-men, hypocrites and grifters who were either ludicrous or malevolent or both…

    This kind of documentary research, masquerading as sociological history, is frequently based on gossip, mean interpretation of private correspondence, malevolent imputing of base motivations… For him, it had sunk to an object, acted upon by malevolent external forces keen to seize parts of it.”:

  142. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (25/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Kids were put in jail for this?”:

  143. gregor says:

    Broadcasting Scotland (2018): Video: re. Richard Walker hosts Mhairi Hunter, quotes:

    “…There are different points of view…”

    “…we really need to think much – much harder…”

    “It is about educating boys, and girls… equality and respect…”:

  144. gregor says:

    Mhairi Hunter (25/02/2023): Twit:

    “I see Murdo Fraser responding to the Daily Record story on Kate Forbes by demanding Humza Yousaf is interrogated on his views on women clergy. He is an absolute moron. The outcome of all this could be people of faith being less inclined to get involved in politics.”

    “Kate Forbes to voluntarily introduce her religious beliefs…

    I’m clear her views are unacceptable…”:

  145. gregor says:

    Dave (2018): Twitter:

    “Mhairi Hunter, moron!! I’m ashamed to have the same Surname!

    oh watch what you say, she will block you for saying the truth”:

  146. gregor says:


    “The fact of refusing to accept ideas, beliefs, or behaviour that are different from your own.”

    “Racial/religious intolerance.”

    “We do not have room for hatred, intolerance, and bigotry.”

  147. gregor says:


    “limiting freedom of expression, thought, behaviour, etc.”

    “Illiberal policies.”

    “While political considerations were clearly vital to politicians’ implementation decisions, these illiberal initiatives were developed, framed and delivered by policy elites.”

    “In the process of instructing the world, they developed a political culture that nourishes both liberal dreams and illiberal monsters.”

    “Each of these threats – and many others – provoked distinctly illiberal rules and prohibitions.”

  148. gregor says:

    Jaadie (2013): Scottish Female Rap (ZMBeats): Dangerous:

    “…Gonna f**k with me
    I’ll f**k you back
    No saying I’m hard
    Or this, or that
    But dinnae f**k with me
    I’m a fuckin’ radge…”:

  149. gregor says:

    Stewart Hosie MP (25/02/2023): Twit:

    “Fantastic campaign event in #Dundee from @HumzaYousaf @theSNP

    “I want to be First Minister, but also First Activist –
    First on the doorsteps, First on the phones.”…”:

  150. gregor says:


    “To wish for a particular thing or plan of action. “Want” is not used in polite requests.”

  151. gregor says:


    “Used as the subject of a verb to refer to the person speaking or writing.”

    “I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to phone you yesterday.”

    “I’m sorry you’re ill – I hope you get well soon.”

  152. gregor says:

    REDUXX (25/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Norway’s most prominent trans activist and gender clinician has had his medical license revoked by authorities. Esben Benestad, 73, had been prescribing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to children. One of his minor patients committed suicide.”:

    REDUXX (25/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Norway’s most prominent trans activist and gender clinician has had his medical license revoked by authorities. Esben Benestad, 73, had been prescribing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to children. One of his minor patients committed suicide.”:

  153. gregor says:

    The Exploited (2021): Punk’s Not Dead:

    “Punk’s not dead

    Say to me that punk is dead
    I wish you more contempt
    Don’t like the music? Don’t like the words?
    You can all piss off, you’re a bunch of turds…”:

  154. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (25/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Now is the time to fight the anti-human woke mind virus with everything!”:

  155. gregor says:

    Mercurius (23/02/2023): Twitter: Show (video):

    “Sturgeon & her broken @theSNP have become a laughing stock. She has only herself to blame…”:

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