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Tears Of Terror

Posted on February 23, 2023 by

We read some harrowing tweets this week from an Edinburgh SNP activist. Sensitive readers should look away now, as the following article contains potentially triggering information about the wild and lawless streets of [checks notes] Corstorphine.

Steel yourselves, folks. Unsettling images follow.

Amber Roberts holds multiple offices in the Edinburgh Western SNP. (We hear from sources within the party that this is a growing phenomenon in the capital especially, as branches are now so short of members that people have to do several jobs.)

He’s a trans-identifying male who for reasons unknown has been repeatedly refused a Gender Recognition Certificate – something that happens in fewer than 1 in 50 cases and suggests some kind of serious problem or concern.

He was keen for people to see his “tears of terror” at the thought of having to venture out in public in the leafy and well-heeled EH12 suburb that’s home to Edinburgh Zoo, and to blame his fears on SNP leadership contenders Ash Regan and Kate Forbes.

He also blamed Regan for the tragic murder of trans teenager Brianna Ghey.

But there was good news, because just one day later he was feeling much better, and delighted to meet the other contender in the race.

(Quite what Yousaf, who lives in Dundee and represents a Glasgow constituency, was doing campaigning for a council byelection in Edinburgh Western on a freezing cold Wednesday night when he has a leadership contest to attend to is anyone’s guess.)

Cynical and heartless readers may feel that Roberts, second from left in the pic above, looks like a sturdy, square-jawed lad who could probably handle himself in the highly-unlikely event of an attack. (No trans person is ever known to have been murdered in Scotland.) He towers a full head above the 5’3″ Nicola Sturgeon, for example.

But if not, he can always count on some hauners from his pals. Last December he was sat next to Jack “Beth” Douglas – a violent, abusive transactivist recently suspended by the Scottish Greens after multiple-rape allegations – in the Holyrood public gallery, being applauded by MSPs who’d just passed the Gender Recognition Reform bill.

And we know Douglas is always keen to offer his considerable physical bulk in support to other trans-identifying men.

Roberts considers Douglas a “hero”, which we’re pretty sure counts as misgendering.

(Incidentally, footage surfaced this week of Douglas – then still identifying as a male and using his original name – giving evidence to a Holyrood committee in February 2017, struggling to control his smirking as he pontificated about sexual consent.)

(Just four months later, Douglas was a female-identifying prostitute.)

It probably goes without saying that Douglas is also backing Humza Yousaf.

And Roberts is confident that Yousaf will “stand up” to “the terf and GC quizlings” (ie women defending their legal rights) within the SNP should he become First Minister.

So hopefully the danger is at a minimum. Relax and breathe easy, everyone. As long as you’re not female, white, Muslim, Indian or a Rangers fan, Humza’s got your back.

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0 to “Tears Of Terror”

  1. Bob Christie says:

    Well done Rev for highlighting the puerile gender nonsense from ” Amber ” and its pal ” Beth “.
    For my sins, I am still a member of SNP, albeit a very disillusioned one with more than 60 years membership……but it looks increasingly likely that I will be casting that aside all because of a pile of shite from ” Amber ” and ” Beth “.

  2. Tony says:

    Why the fuck is he scared to go out? He just looks like a hulking great unit of a lad.

  3. Astonished says:

    I remain astonished at the level of power these men have obtained.

    The crybully must always be the victim. Always. And our shit media fall in with them. Always.

    The repeated refusal of a Gender Recognition Certificate would seem to me a strong endorsement of the old system. But if you, your party, and especially your leader are in thrall to these weirdos you must always give them what they want.

    Hopefully that will stop soon.

  4. FionaN says:

    It would be more appropriate for [spit-it-out, white] females to be too scared to go out if Yousaf wins and lets his hulking great ladyboys with their pink baseball bats and axes out on the streets!

  5. SteepBrae says:

    Crocodiles in Corstorphine?!

  6. Wee Chid says:

    I’m just as concerned at his poor level of literacy. Can just anyone be a councillor these days?

  7. robertkknight says:

    Oh, FFS…

  8. Kenny says:

    “They are legion.” This is literally the language of the Bible about Satan. It’s pretty nuts that in modern Scotland, the Wee Free candidate does not hold the most extreme or bizarre beliefs in the contest.

  9. David Beveridge says:

    What an absolute fkin roaster. I wonder where they’ll all flounce off to if Ash or Kate get the job? They could always form their own party and find out just how much support their delusions attract.

  10. John H. says:

    I’ve just posted this on the last thread, so I’ll repeat it here.

    Craig Murray –

    Operation Branchform enquiry into missing £600,000 has thrown up embarrassing detail on where money went with reference to the campaign to get Salmond.
    Livingstone called on Sturgeon shortly before her resignation. Now he is resigning too.
    Nothing to see here, obviously.

  11. William Habib Steele says:

    Neo-Marxists, like traditional Marxists, weaponize anything handy that gives them the chance to present themselves as victims. Everything is permitted to gain power and control.

  12. John H. says:

    Sorry for being o/t so soon Stuart, but I thought it was important.

  13. Midge says:

    The blonde standing between them to the left of Humza is the ‘all aboard the gravy bus’ staffer. Making sure they have their ticket stamped early!

  14. dgp says:

    Speechless. I find it difficult to comment, but have suspicions about reasons to not be granted a GRC.
    He says he has had “surgery” hinting that this is related to his gender choice,(who knows- maybe it was an ingrowing toenail?) which is actually a bit alarming, if he has been repeatedly refused a GRC.

  15. SusanAHF says:

    Fkn pathetic weirdo. DARVO most likely, or someone has called him “he”. Personally I think women should fear men like him more than normal men

  16. Gunter Denlinden says:

    Quizling? Is that someone who questions the GRR bill?

  17. Big Jock says:

    Why are these Trannies so ugly. Surely if you want to impersonate a female. They could at least make some effort. They look like Les Dawson.

  18. David Hannah says:

    Men out of women’s spaces. No males in female jails.

  19. P says:

    Amber needs to take care of his 5 o’clock shadow – very distracting

  20. John C says:

    The fact that Roberts has been refused a GRC when it is relatively easy to get one (and I know people who have) suggests he’s probably got serious medical issues, probably mental issues and almost certainly has been identified not as a transexual with dysphoria issues, but a fetishist. Looking at these Tweets it’s clear he’s a narcissist, and possibly a dangerous one as spreading the lie that Trans people are the most exceptionally vulnerable in society (they’re not, women and disabled people are, especially if you’re an immigrant) means it drives this panic that’s seen Brianna Ghey’s murder being so politicised the world over.

    As for ‘Beth’ Douglas. How the bloody hell has he been so close to power in Scotland for so long without anyone (Stu excepted) doing any scrutiny on him? He’s inveigled himself into this powerful position where political leaders fawn on him from the First Minister down to Scotland’s media class and seems to be lauded as a massive civil rights activist when it is perfectly clear, even before Stu’s articles, there was something rattling in his closet.

    Also, how does he earn a living? He can’t be claiming if he’s earning from prostitution (and there’s suggesting he’s acting as a pimp) but I can’t see him living in the manner he appears to be unless he’s got some very wealthy clients? How can someone who hasn’t had a job outwith of the world of student politics live like he does?

    I’d love to have a wee look at his little black book and see who exactly he’s servicing.

  21. sydthesnake says:

    OMG words fail me

  22. gregor says:

    Stonewall (2023): The truth about trans: A Q&A for people who are hungry for real info:

    “If you are questioning or exploring your gender you can speak to MindLine Trans+, LGBT Switchboard…

    There is no right or wrong way to be trans… Transition means different things for each person… and no end goal to transition beyond what the individual wants….

    And, frankly, it’s no one else’s business…”:

  23. Bob Mack says:

    Is this one of those who wanted to terrorise actual women?

    Oh my!

  24. JGedd says:

    What a drama queen. Like many of his fellow(?)transwomen Amber looks pretty formidable physically but also delusional. How could anyone not laugh at Amber’s pretence of vulnerability and victimhood? Where are the hordes of hate-filled women waiting to handbag him on the mean streets of Corstorphine? I’m sure he could defend himself easily with his own handbag.

    This only plays to the other transwomen who love to project their own hatred and propensity for threatening behaviour on to others. Looks a bit silly when they stand beside an actual physical woman, towering over her with their male bulk.

    The oleaginous and dishonest Humza is their kind of guy. There to make sure his core vote was on side.

    (By the way, the link to Adam Graham’s incarceration was evidently referring to the time he was sent to Cornton Vale immediately following sentence. It was actually a link to Medhurst of the SPS trying to obfuscate about who had made the decision. The mistaken impression given in the original comment was that the rapist had been sent backagain which was alarming.)

  25. Den says:

    The whole Trans community have had their day in the Sun , what amazes me is how easily they managed to get access to MSPs and how much influence they wielded over them, from here on in every eye will be on those who would legislate in favour of such communities to the detriment of natural born women. Scotland has had a lucky escape we are on to them, and those who continue to support this GRB will never be elected to HR again.

  26. John C says:

    William Habib Steele says:
    23 February, 2023 at 1:27 pm

    Neo-Marxists, like traditional Marxists, weaponize anything handy that gives them the chance to present themselves as victims. Everything is permitted to gain power and control

    Back in my own activism days amongst the left you’d always find things went to hell whenever the Marxists came in and took over. They are, on the whole, people from comfy backgrounds who are looking to find a hook to gain and exert power and control over people.

    Which is why social media, Queer Theory and the Trans movement attracts them. Here’s a way they can control people hiding behind the guise of social progressivism while trying to impose a socially conservative and authoritarian ideology upon everyone.

  27. Grahame Case says:

    I’m a former activist in Ed Western SNP (2010-2015) I recognise none of those faces. None of the stalwarts I was a member with are with the party any more. The SNP left us,

  28. Guybrush Threepwood says:

    The far-left have always been scathing of Christianity in a way they wouldn’t dare do with Islam. You see, the overwhelming majority of Christians in the western world are white, so it’s perfectly acceptable to attack them. While Islam is practiced predominately by non-whites, so you don’t dare criticise their religion (to a point).

    What we are witnessing is the importation of American-style identity politics into Scottish society – which is a distraction from dealing with pesky matters such as poverty and improving the economic opportunities of the working class. What is the point in creating safe spaces on U.S. college campuses if the average working class American cannot afford to go college? Why is there such an emphasis on gender pronouns in the U.S., when there is little campaigning for universal healthcare? The focus on social issues seriously distracts the American ‘left’ from delivering services that are the norm in the rest of the developed world. Although, the U.S. Democrats are fiscally and economically further to the right than European conservative parties.

    The SNP leadership debate has been focused on religion and gay marriage, which is bizarre during a cost-of-living crisis. Humza Yousaf made one of the most idiotic speeches that I have ever heard in the Scottish Parliament. He was lambasting the fact that most people in positions of power within Scottish society are white. It is hardly surprising that one of the most homogenously white countries on Earth (Scotland is 96% white) would be run almost exclusively by white people. This has nothing to do with racial discrimination and everything to do with the demographic realities of Scotland – similar to how most people in positions of power in South Korea are ethnically East Asian or how most politicians in Pakistan are ethnically South Asian. He conveniently ignored the fact that people who attended private schools are massively over-represented in positions of power, probably because Humza Yousaf is part of that 7% of Scottish elites who attended a private school. We are not the United States. We do not have the same demographics as America. Social class plays a much larger role in Scottish society compared to race.

    Identity politics is something that the YES movement should avoid. I’ve heard people state that the over-representation of straight, white males in Scottish politics is a problem as we should aspire towards a more representative style of democracy. Fair enough, but the problem arises whenever another group within society becomes over-represented. It is illogical to denounce the over-representation of one facet of society but not another. For example, the Holyrood Magazine conducted an interview with Kezia Dugdale a few years ago, who described Holyrood as the ‘gayest’ parliament in the world. The article went on to state that around 30% of MSPs (at the time of publication) were openly LGBTQ (and that is not including party members, staffers and councilors). Yet, most recent census shows that only around 3% of Scots identify as LGBTQ, which means this tiny community are MASSIVELY over-represented in Scottish politics. If you proport that Scottish politics should mirror the community it serves, then you would need to reduce the number of LGBTQ individuals in Scottish politics, but again, the far-left don’t want to go there.


    I have stopped listening to Lesley Riddoch’s podcasts.

    1. She is a coward who stayed quiet during the GRR debate.
    2. Her husband is a complete and utter simp and has the backbone of a worm.
    3. She is a bit like Gordon Ross and constantly flip-flops on issues.

  29. sog says:

    Yonks ago I was told by one who lived there – ‘Corstorphine is a place where residents take out their rubbish in briefcases’.

  30. gregor says:

    Saint-Laurent420 (2018): 80s Limmy: Wrong Way Down A One Way Street:

    “…What’s up?
    What was that?
    What’s what?
    That song
    What song?
    Awrite that, I dunno, just a wee song I made up
    You made that up?
    That’s beautiful

    (Wrong way down a wrong way street)
    Stay tuned folks, this could get interesting…”:

  31. DGP says:

    Speechless again

    Alison balharry on twitter “All going well someone will run the story about Anum Quisar shagging Humza Yousaf Done what I can”

  32. AlanS says:

    Just to be clear on the Rangers link at the end, the general rioting and destruction in George Square at the league win which the quotes refer to in the article is well documented. I think in general terms Rangers fans have nothing much to worry about from the snp as no action was taken regarding the long march and accomapnying trouble that day, which has not been an atypical response over the years. The tweets about sectarian singing were aimed at the players in response to a video circulating at the time which was then found to be doctored. Humza probably can’t remember when there was actual proven sectarian singing from the players in the past no doubt, but I suppose that is no excuse for jumping to conclusions.

  33. gregor says:

    European Union Agency for Human Rights (2016) re. the human population is wrong/wrong LGBT views:

    “Wrong and outdated views towards LGBT people endanger their fundamental rights”:

  34. Debatable Lands says:

    Maybe we’ve just got the wrong kind of trans women?

    Just seen a link to an American trans woman fighting for the Ukranians. I know Stu dislikes links, but if you search twitter for (at) SarahAshtonLV.

    She’s taken a shrapnel wound and isn’t complaining about it. Now that’s proper activism.

  35. Big Jock says:

    Sturgeon created a Scotland obsessed with sex, gender and gay culture. Most of us are just bored with the whole thing. It’s become like a Frankie Goes to Holywood after party.

    The problem is these people have managed to take over the SNP and have driven the genuine indy supporters away. They only want independence on their terms. Hence Forbes has been gas lighted.

    I just want independence. Not my type of independence, any feckin independence. Because ultimately I am Scottish not British , and that’s enough for me.

    I am a raving fundamentalist according to these loonies.

  36. Big Jock says:

    Yes I know it’s the spectator, but this sums up everything that is rotten about the SNP and this pretender to the throne.

  37. Owen Mullions says:

    ‘She’ might have had the decency to shave befpre meeting Humza.

  38. Eh? says:

    Where the fuck do these politics-and-country-ruining paranoid melodramatic nutcases come from….and why don’t they just FUCK OFF BACK THERE FOREVER?

  39. SusanAHF says:

    Big jock I’m a lesbian and I’m a fkn fundamentalist compared to these loonies. I’m happy with equal rights, I don’t want to rule the world or compel its speech and thought.

  40. Andrew scott says:

    What is it about the snp that attracts these weirdoes and how come they get positions within the party

  41. Doug says:

    Reminds me of Glenn Quagmire’s dad/mum who, to be fair, had a distinguished military career, but who also had sex with Brian the dog.

  42. Alex Browne says:

    Tears, right enough.
    Though it’s hard sometimes to know whether to laugh or cry.
    But this did make me laugh.

  43. Mrs Grimble says:

    If this person has had surgery, it almost certainly wasn’t the so-called gender-affirming kind. Going by those chin bristles, he still has normal male levels of testosterone.

  44. Doug says:

    @Big Jock 2:28pm

    100% agree.

  45. Lenny Hartley says:

    Big Jock go on admit it! “your obsessed with Independence” cant be having that in nuSNP
    Whatever would our Trans friends think.

  46. Jon+Drummond says:

    To think of the amount of time I was an SNP member and worked to assist them on all fronts (in Edinburgh)…
    It’s like having recommended what one thought was the best local restaurant to all your best friends and family only to later find out that the chef was sticking his dick into every serving of mince and tatties.

  47. Maureen says:

    EXCL: SNP Leadership candidate Ash Regan walks away when asked about comments from a key adviser who said Nicola Sturgeon was ‘up to her dark eyes’ in a ‘coverup’ in 2021.

  48. Doug says:

    Believe in Scotland have done a poll, 241 of its congress delegates, asking,

    “Have the pro Yes political parties, specifically the SNP, done enough to promote and explain the benefits of independence?”

    Yes 3.5%
    D/K 5.5%
    No 91%

  49. Debatable Lands says:

    @ Guybrush Threepwood at 2.08pm

    The reason why they go after identity politics is twofold.

    Fist it is designed to capture groups of electors based on their most valued identity attribute. It creates the idea that you can’t possibly be gay, muslim, a cyclist, in the health service, a gaelic speaker and vote anything BUT SNP. It would be a betrayal of who you think you are…..

    Second is that independence is a goal with a very broad ideological constituency. You don’t want to remind ex Labour, Conservative or Liberal voters that they are giving their votes to a party that doesn’t follow actual economic or social policy they believe in, except (when it suits) independence. So they keep everyone’s eye firmly away from the serious stuff. And, I should add, all this permanent controversy throws a convenient shroud over serial cock-ups.

  50. gregor says:


    …only reality will keep us grounded…

  51. Ottomanboi says:

    Transgender propagandists are wont to invoke science in their campaigns. Governments, loving «science», are willing believers; the science being infallible
    Note the title, «are false» not may be false.

    The role of deliberate bias, conflicts of interest etc is the virus infecting much scientific research regardless of field. It is a very hot topic which few dare to handle.
    Ioannides, a Stanford U. Professor believes social media pressures have made the problem worse. To be found off trend could be fatal for career health not to mention the research business.

  52. Ruby says:

    Kenny says:
    23 February, 2023 at 1:20 pm

    “They are legion.” This is literally the language of the Bible about Satan. It’s pretty nuts that in modern Scotland, the Wee Free candidate does not hold the most extreme or bizarre beliefs in the contest.

    Can you give me an example of ‘Wee Free’s’ extreme & bizarre beliefs?

  53. Soda says:

    All i can say about the guy is…

    Da fuckin state a’rat!!

  54. lothianlad says:

    Well done Stu! yet again!
    I can imagine every day the trans cult and careerists have palpitations and real fear at looking to see what you’ve posted on Stu!

    Its the closest thing to justice we have at this time!
    No hiding place! 🙂

  55. Why did she/they go for the Kardashian middle parting and long hair look? It’s difficult enough for most women, never mind a big round face with stubble…None so blind, eh?

  56. Ottomanboi says:

    The European Union Agency for FUNDAMENTAL Rights.
    Make of the fundamental what you will.
    It is a fundament that moons at real human rights.

  57. Steve Lannigan says:

    As a Python fan I can’t help but laugh when I see a man in makeup with stubble – it reminds so much of their sketches.

    I know that I shouldn’t but I just can’t help myself.

  58. dearieme says:

    “… as branches are now so short of members …”.

    “Short of members”: what smut!

    You might as well say that the SNP is suffering from entryists, or has been penetrated by extremists.

    Low humour has no place in Scotland! In fact I suspect that any humour will soon have no place in Scotland.

  59. Louise Hogg says:

    From the Free Church Website:

    Free Church of Scotland responds to media enquiries
    WED 22 FEBRUARY 2023
    We have received a number of media enquiries and have subsequently issued the following statement.

    Over the past few days, the Free Church of Scotland has become a national talking point because of Kate Forbes’ bid to be leader of the Scottish National Party and First Minister of Scotland.

    We have received a number of media enquiries and have subsequently issued the following statement.

    A Free Church of Scotland spokesperson said: “As a nationwide denomination the Free Church of Scotland is composed of people from all political persuasions, some of whom will not share Kate’s politics, particularly over an independent Scotland. Regardless of these differences, Kate is highly respected within the church as a skilful, hard working and competent MSP. Furthermore, she is consistent about what she believes, irrespective of the consequences, a quality which makes for an honest politician.

    “The issues raised by Kate Forbes’ intention to run as SNP leader have displayed a level of intolerance that we believe is uncharacteristic of the wider ordinary Scottish population, and indeed does not represent authentic Scottish identity which is historically grounded on hard work, common sense, respect, truthfulness and the family. It is lamentable that Kate’s honest adherence to simple traditional values would, for some, disqualify her from contributing to the public good of Scotland.

    “The Free Church of Scotland is concerned at the level of anti-Christian intolerance which has been displayed on social media, and by some political and media commentators. Kate Forbes is standing on the basis of her policies – the fact that she is being criticised for her Christian convictions shows a level of bigotry that has no place in a pluralistic and diverse society.”

    When asked for comment on specific ethical issues, the Free Church of Scotland affirmed its historic Biblical position on marriage.

  60. JGedd says:

    Maureen @ 3.11pm

    Has Ciaran questioned Humza as aggressively – if at all? Looks like the media are attacking Humza’s challengers. Frankly, I think the SNP deserves Yousaf as leader. Ash Regan is too good for them but she would be better moving to Alba. The SNP is such a rats’ nest, who could possibly lead them out of the sewer they have got themselves into?

  61. Louise Hogg says:

    My only query upon reading the FC statement was: Does the use of the word ‘particularly’ in the third paragraph imply the Free Church is more divided on the Constitutional Question than upon other political issues such as economics?

    However, I think that a plain reading of the statement is that people inside the church, as outside, are divided on the Constitutional Question. Whereas opinion on other political issues is more muted and more of a nuanced spectrum. Again reflecting the wider population.

    That plain reading would fit with my own experience of the Free Church.

  62. Maureen says:

    Not that I have noticed. If you go to the link, there is further video of him questioning Ash after FMQs. Ash and her adviser have put out a statement in the same link

  63. Dan says:

    @ Maureen

    Pretty disrespectful and bullish behaviour by C4Ciaran blocking Ash’s path multiple times, would he have done that to a bloke?
    Why anyone would want or thinks it useful to give an interview and take questions whilst on the move is bizarre, as they clearly won’t be concentrating 100% on matters as they navigate themselves through the building and other stimuli.
    I understand he is meant to be a reasonable reporter and trying to get a story, but what’s the ultimate objective he was trying to achieve with that line of questioning.
    It just reeks of trying to create an issue now as Ash is a threat, when he could have doggedly questioned any number of relevant folk on the matter over the past years to get a story.
    In his position he absolutely should know well what the heck went on with the whole Salmond debacle and those involved, and that anyone that knows stuff has to be rather careful and measured in what we say or it may have legal ramifications.
    And because of that, anyone with basic media / pr training might consider just responding to such questioning with “I’m not going to comment on that specific matter”, rather than get tied in knots and look sketchy by evading to answer.

  64. Achnababan says:

    If there are any members of the SNP who still believe in independence for our country then ask yourself this… why is the English media going so hard against Kate and Ash? Is it because they believe in independence. It is so obvious Useless is the choice of the English state to succeed their previous appointment.

  65. Maureen says:

    Not sure if my last post went through, got the 503 message
    Ash Regan and Kirk Torrance response:

  66. Ottomanboi says:

    People who have a religion faith are suspect because they will exert influence on the basis of that religion even by their very presence.
    That does not apply when the exerting of influence does not carry a religious label.
    A very small tail may with impunity wag a very big dog i.e. governments, political parties, media etc in that instance.

  67. David Hannah says:

    Ash Regan will be a brilliant First Minister, if she’s got Commonweal economic polices.

    Sturgeon’s agenda and her NEC, have turned the Scottish Government into a get rich quick scheme.

    Amber Roberts is a man. We’ve had enough years of these woke idiots running the show. Humza can pose for selfies with him all he likes.

    The Alba Party were the brains of the SNP until the woke took over and forced everyone out.

    Ash Regan has to win.

  68. Ruby says:

    Louise Hogg says:
    23 February, 2023 at 3:49 pm

    From the Free Church Website:

    the fact that she is being criticised for her Christian convictions shows a level of bigotry that has no place in a pluralistic and diverse society.”

    I’m really shocked by what is happening to Kate Forbes.

    Add my name to the list of those who are ashamed to be Scottish.

    I’m hoping Kenny will get back to me with a list of Christians extreme or bizarre beliefs.

    Well at least the ones that are more extreme or bizarre than any other main religion.

    With regards to faith I did have faith in the people of Scotland to run a successful independent country so I was happy to vote YES.

    I have very serious doubts about that now.

    Scotland looks like a shitty wee corrupt perverted bigoted stupid country.

    As for Amber Roberts I feel really sorry for that guy. It’s tragic! Whoever told him ‘transwomen are women’ has sold him a lie.

  69. Steve Lannigan says:

    In reply to Achnababn
    “why is the English media going so hard on Kate and Ash?”

    I read the Telegraph, Guardian, FT and Spectator daily, none of these papers have been overly critical of Kate or Ash and in fact several have carried articles supporting Kate Forbes.

    Tbh you’ll struggle to find articles on Ash Rogan as she seems to have become a bit of media black out.

  70. Lenny Hartley says:

    dearieme My branch went from around 35 members attending each meeting to so low a number they were not quorate, and could not get enough volunteers for the Committee so several people had to have multiple roles.
    in fact they had to change the rules on how many attending to be quorate in order to carry out Branch Business.
    A friend who was awarded lifetime membership of the Party for his long and distinguished service to the SNP told me that his branch in the North East could not get a Committee together.
    I have heard 2nd handbof others.

  71. rogueslr says:

    Whilst some media fail to credit the good Rev for his reporting of Ferguson Marine, it’s good to see he does get a Hat Tip from Guido for his coverage of the National’s vote fiasco. Some kind words in the btl too for the Rev.

    Credit where credits due.

  72. Bob Mack says:

    This could be turned into a Hammer horror production, where young “maidens” were set upon by ghouls in high end clothing ?

  73. Garavelli Princip says:

    Amber’s beard is nearly as good as Humza’s. Like twins really. Which is good.

  74. Ruby says:

    One thing I wonder about Robin Moira White was why he didn’t have a GRC and why he was waiting for Theresa May to introduce self-id in the hope of being the first to self-id.

    Was he in the same boat as Amber and was refused a GRC.

    Although on saying that I can’t see how they can tell the difference between someone with gender dysphoria, an autogynophile and a rapist.

  75. James Che says:


    If you destroy the vipers nest,

    They have to disperse.

    As we can see from all the tweets and social media it covers and crosses all parties in the Scottish devolved government plus think tanks and stonewall.

    And no, the tories in Scotland are just keeping their head down in Scotland to be the next elected party,
    If there was no UK GR passed in Westminster in

  76. Alan McCrorie says:

    If he has been refused 3 times I reckon he is the 1.8% of all applications refused all by himself.

  77. ScottieDog says:

    Think ash needs a bit of media coaching before tomorrow

  78. President Xiden says:

    How is the very ‘deeply’ religious John Swinney doing, and how has his ‘deeply’ held views manifested themselves today?

  79. gregor says:


    I know you (et al) have a better (rational/authentic) understanding of our shared predicament (re. is there any true value of worth – in anything ‘They’ tell us, now)

    TeamScotland/humanity is counting on good people like you…

  80. Anne+S+Forte says:

    That big fat laddie is built like a brick shithoose! He has nothing to fear from a crowd of wee ladies!
    Mental health issues oozing from that one.

  81. Burgh says:

    I’ve noticed the false narrative spreading now that Brianna Greys death was a hate crime and people using this to silence criticism of trans activists.

    There is no evidence or police confirmation that it was in anyway related to the fact they were trans. Zero.

    Facts once again are the victims of TRAs

  82. Iain More says:

    Rev you have a horrible talent for putting me off my supper. What a beast is Amber.

    I hope Alba keeps such nasty creeps and poisonous deviants out of the Alba Party. I fear they have infiltarted every Party including the Tories though and subverted our Democracy such as it is totally.

  83. David Holden says:

    With the SNP gender bill Amber will be able to compete against biological women in a rugby match and also shower and change with them after the game. He is a big lad and while I have never stood next to the former first minister I have stood next to Humza so have a scale to work with from the pictures. I think the rev is being a bit harsh as the Corstorphine street gangs are not to be messed with. Not.

  84. JCH25 says:

    “What Yousaf, who lives in Dundee and represents a Glasgow constituency, was doing campaigning for a council byelection in Edinburgh Western on a freezing cold Wednesday night when he has a leadership contest to attend to is anyone’s guess.”

    …and no mention of his job as Health Secretary? I see what you did there, good one… 😉

  85. Mac says:

    Big Jock I also demand a stewards inquiry into how Scotland ended up with such fantastically ugly trannies.

    Anyone who has ever visited Thailand will understand.

    I knew an expat in Bangkok who worked there for years and I asked him how you could spot a ladyboy from a lady and he said completely sincerely, ‘if they are too good looking’.

    Sigh, Scotland.

  86. President Xiden says:

    A damning report on the NHS and its missed targets.Headlining the STV news tonight. Now children, can you tell me which politician has this responsibility? It begins with H…U…..M……

  87. sadscot says:

    I take my hat off to you. We wouldn’t know any of this if you didn’t track it down. I worry about your mental health tho’! I think I’d go mad having to trawl through so much “stuff”.
    Thank you.

  88. Anton Decadent says:

    @gregor, a branch of the EU was, along with Reuters, party to the creation of the Denton Files with the Dentons law firm which, coincidentally, no doubt, bought a Scottish law firm about five years ago in the lead up to Scotland becoming a sketch from Viz.

  89. Dorothy Devine says:

    Having seen an interview with India Willoughby I kind of assumed the entire bandwagon would work on their victim status.

    It has a dishonesty which pisses me off.

  90. gregor says:

    The Cinematics (2009): Love and Terror: Love And Terror:

    “…Love, I can’t tell you what I can’t see
    I only know what’s true to me
    The mirror you’re holding is blocking my view
    So I can’t see and feel like you
    Hey! You give me love and terror

    We’re not fooling each other…”:

  91. Lenny Hartley says:

    Mac , been told that in Singapore, Thailand and San Fransisco, in the latter there is a Scots pub called the Edinburgh Castle, its on Geary Street which is on the Red Light District.
    Mate and myself were admiring this stunning long legged blonde with mini skirt walking in front of us.
    When we got to the Pub, i said to Alan the Doorman, that was a stunning hooker, he looked out the door and said over 5ft 6 in, definitely a Man.
    Just as well I didnt have time to get a pint otherwise I would have choked on it !

  92. AnneDon says:

    I was with Yes Edinburgh West, and we worked closely with members of SNP Edinburgh West during the Yes campaign and after. (People like Grahame Case above).
    After Sturgeon’s statement on the day we Brexited in Jan 2020, the party started losing people like Grahame. Some had been members since their student days in the 1960s. Some have gone on to join Alba, some are involved in other pro-indy organisations. Obviously that has left a vacuum, which folk like “Amber” have rushed to fill now there’s a potential career in it for them.
    WTF do they do when they need canvassers, since their keyboard warriors are so much more comfortable telling others what to do. Incidentally, I hope Ash Regan has her lawyers on the case over his claims.
    Sturgeon was the first female leader of the SNP. Like all Queen Bees, she seems determined to be the only one. The sexism and downright misogyny of the Woke Stasi is on full display, and I hope ordinary members of the party are paying attention. No wonder the NEC demanded such a short election – imagine how a full display of these self-centred narcissists would play outwith their own wee circle.

  93. sadscot says:

    @Burgh 5.50pm
    The Herald columnist Neil Mackay used the Brianna Grey murder as proof of extremism against Trans people in a recent column.

  94. Andy McColl says:

    I’m sure all of this activity is designed to spike the guns of Elaine Miller (@GussieGrips), the merkin flasher who’s standing as in independent in that ward (and should hoover up most of the female votes at least).

  95. Merganser says:

    AnneDon says: ‘I hope ordinary members of the party are paying attention’.

    No such thing in the SNP now as ordinary. All extra-ordinary, taken in and taken over to become the cult it is.

    Ordinary people left some time ago.

  96. Doug says:

    @Lenny Hartley 6:22pm

    Sorry to butt in [pardon the phrase]. I remember finding the Edinburgh Castle pub in 1991 at the end of a long holiday travelling east/west across the USA. I can’t remember it being in a red light district but I do remember the free pint of McEwan’s Export I got for being Scottish. On draught it was! Memories memories.

  97. gregor says:


    “A person admired for bravery, great achievements, or good qualities.”

    “The hero is the main character of a story, play, or movie.”

    “With rebellion came the birth of a terrible beauty and, for the rebels, a rebirth as heroes and martyrs.”

  98. Dave Hansell says:

    On the subject of such activity as highlighted in this article the comedy writer Graham Linehan – Glinner – is being sued by a Trans Rights activist for libel.

    The link to Glinner’s crowdfunder can be found here:

    Thank you for your kind attention and consideration.

    Dave Hansell

  99. Robert Hughes says:

    Gregor @ 6.21

    That’s my son’s band ( The Cinematics ) – well , was , they broke-up about 10 years ago . ” Musical differences ” . Aye , n * other things * 🙂

  100. Derek says:

    “Gunter Denlinden says:
    23 February, 2023 at 1:50 pm

    Quizling? Is that someone who questions the GRR bill?”

    Nah, it’s one of their children…

  101. John H. says:

    Lenny Hartley/Mac.

    I’ve been told that when meeting a woman in Thailand it’s best to treat her like a box of chocolates. Check for nuts.

  102. Ian Brotherhood says:

    If Kirk Torrance’s tweet caused a few moments of discomfort for Ash Regan, that has to be weighed against the value of the whole Salmond frame-up being raised again via MSM.

    Remember when Salmond left court, exonerated? That was around the time the lockdowns started. Feels like a loooong time ago, right?

    Well, a lot has happened since then. Many have changed their opinion on Nicola Sturgeon in the past three years (for all sorts of reasons) and they may well review the mainstream narrative they were force-fed by Garavelli, Wark etc.

    Be cheerful chums! Just a few weeks ago all seemed hopeless but things have shifted swiftly in our favour. Alex Salmond may yet have his reputation restored – the only people who wouldn’t welcome his return to the forefront of a revitalised Yes movement are those who conspired to wreck his life. They abused a justice system and created extraordinary disciplinary ‘procedures’ designed to retrospectively condemn someone they feared and hated.

    Now that the sheer depth of corruption is being exposed, only the wilfully ignorant or terminally gormless can avoid revisiting the whole shameful episode.

  103. John C says:

    Ruby says:
    23 February, 2023 at 4:57 pm

    One thing I wonder about Robin Moira White was why he didn’t have a GRC and why he was waiting for Theresa May to introduce self-id in the hope of being the first to self-id.

    Was he in the same boat as Amber and was refused a GRC.

    Although on saying that I can’t see how they can tell the difference between someone with gender dysphoria, an autogynophile and a rapist.

    Evidence gained through questioning and their medical records for one. If someone is dysphoric there’s going to be evidence normally going back to childhood, so possibly eating disorders, self harm, etc. Explorative questioning then narrows it down further so if it’s something else such as say, autism, causing their dysphoria. Once that’s done there’s then a star chamber of professionals who work out the best course of action and whether a GRC is going to help along with surgery, etc.

    It is not an easy thing to get. As I’ve said up the thread, I know a couple of people who have got a GRC and it isn’t an easy, or pleasant, process. You will however see if you read into the subject that most people who transition (transexuals in old parlance) have much of their dysphoria relieved by the process and all they want to do is live their life as part of society unlike the new Trans movement which wants to dominate.

    Self-Id cuts out the process the professionals play. To not get one now screams to me they’re a fetishist and it’s been caught in the safety net. Without that safety net the likes of Roberts can get one, be legally a woman and allowed into woman’s spaces, something I suggest is a major cause for concern.

    And that’s why self-id is such a popular idea among the more extremist fetishists and people like Douglas. They get a free run in women and girls spaces. They can walk into a toilet and there’s not a jot you or I can do as the laws now passed thanks to the SNP it’d mean we’d be guilty of a hate crime. Sure, the fetishist might have upset a few people, maybe even exposed themselves but he’s a woman now and it’s a woman’s penis.There’s going to be people dealing with this for years as it unravels as I don’t think the public are fully aware of just the consequences here. If the expectation there’s going to be an extra 500 GRC’s issued a year then in a decade we’re going to have a serious issue and like usual, females of all ages will suffer as will LGB people not to mention transexuals caught in the slipstream of what the Trans movement is forcing upon society. This is why they’ve pushed ‘no debate’. This is why they’ve hid behind LGB rights. This is why they push ‘the most vulnerable minority’. They want power and they want access to women and children.

    Not all Trans people do of course. There’s millions of confused young people not to mention well meaning folk who think this is just like gay rights but there’s hundreds of thousands of men like Douglas and his wee clique who want this to enact their fetish and that involves harming females.

    So no,

  104. John H. says:

    According to Craig Murray on Twitter, the chief constable Iain Livingstone called on Nicola Sturgeon shortly before she resigned. Now he has resigned too. I wonder why. It’s like watching a house of cards collapsing.

  105. David Hannah says:

    There’s absolutely no reason to back Humza Yousaf, he tells the Scottish National Party.

    Speaking to ITV Yousaf says there’s no “sustained majority” for Independence.

    “Anybody that comes to this campaign and has a ruse cooked up in the oven that suggests we can get independence tomorrow, I’m afraid, is not being honest with the party membership.”

    Sarcastic. Disrespectful and throwing the towel in already.

    SNP secure in power until 2026. Yousaf says, lie down, roll over and think of England.

    Scottish National Party – SNP kick him out. Pathetic stuff from Yousaf. Failing his way upwards under Sturgeon.

  106. John C says:

    sadscot says:
    23 February, 2023 at 6:29 pm

    @Burgh 5.50pm
    The Herald columnist Neil Mackay used the Brianna Grey murder as proof of extremism against Trans people in a recent column

    I won’t type what I think of MacKay as it’ll get Stu in trouble.

    I don’t agree with the rising homophobia and intolerance (some of which sadly is getting to the point where you can’t escape it, including some comments here which aren’t great) but the weaponisation of Ghey’s murder is vile.

    Three women a week, on average, are murdered by their partner or ex. With the odd exception society shrugs and moves on, but the Trans movement are hammering into us how unsafe Ghey’s (and there’s a whole discussion to be had why the lad picked that word as their female surname) death has made them feel, while at the same time using this to go harder on women standing up for their rights.

    I fear for the worst. I fear a woman is going to be more than assaulted by a Trans activist (we’ve had a load of such examples happening on a regular basis) and I fear society as a whole will shrug and move on.

  107. Tommo says:

    Dear Heavens- what have ‘you lot’ (And yes, I generalise and yes you all ‘left the party ages ago’) done ?

  108. Big Jock says:

    Hey Doug. I think I can top that. We were skiing in Whistler Canada. We visited the local Indian Restaurant. They had a choice of lagers from India. But my eyes were ablaze when I saw McEwans export in a green can. Never seen that before. Of course I had a few of them. Turned out the owner knew all about Scotland and couldn’t wait to visit.

  109. PacMan says:

    I have stated in numerous posts in this site that I support progressive politics and could be described as woke.

    However, my support for this has wavered recently over this Trans issue and at the present time over this leadership contest.

    I don’t like Forbes as a politician and in general throughout my life I have come across quite a few self confessed practicing Christians whom are arrogant, patronising, hypocritical and frankly don’t practise what they preach. However, the treatment of Forbes and her faith by so called progressive politicians and media individuals has been appalling.

    While I have been in low spirits recently about my political beliefs, the thought had sprung to my mind that considering Unionists always go on about independence being a generational event, political movements are generational as well.

    I wonder what we are seeing now is progressive politics being supported by a new generation, Gen Z as they called, and existing politicians are scrambling over themselves, both to appease this new generation and to appear relevant so they don’t lose their highly paid positions?

    Also, with quite a few posts on this topic, there has been an insight in the workings of political parties at branch level. As the SNP has all but given up on independence, they need activists to fill these places and the only ones willing to do it are young activists who support this new generation of progressive politics. To attract these activists, the SNP have had to promote the policies that these young activists believe in which is Transgender rights.

    Going back to this idea of generational politics, progressive politics and woke are now dirty words but they were born out of the African American civil rights movement which was very much progressive in the sense of furthering individual rights both for the African American minority and the general American population in general. I’m sure nobody on who views themselves as politically to the left could find that bad.

    Over the years it has been co-opted by mostly white middle class movements and has now become anything but progressive. Of course you could argue it has been hijacked but also these ideals means something different to newer generations who have their own battles to fight in the society they live in.

    The question is what happens to those of us who believe in progressive politics that has nothing to do with this new Gen Z version and the current batch of hopeless politicians are falling over themselves to appease?

    It is hard as with this Trans issue, those of us who have left leaning political views are siding with those on the Conservative right.

    For myself, I have been watching bits of GB News and Talk TV and while you can see right through the typical knee-jerk right wing political shock jock presenters of these channels, I have been impressed how they have handled interviewees and let them air their views without the constant interruptions, aggressive interview techniques and obvious lead questions that is the norm for MSN news media.

    While I don’t agree with a lot of what these interviewees say, they do have some valid points and I can see where they are coming from. In that way, I do feel now that there are times where all views and required to be taken in consideration and compromise is sometimes required.

    I know this is hardly an epiphany but as I have only really taken an interest in politics over the ten to fifteen years, I’ve been used to this confrontational style of interviewing and viewed old interviews clips of say Jimmy Reid as something belonging to a bygone era.

    In that way, that while on a vast range of subjects, there will be disagreements, as it should be between those who view themselves either to the left or fight but there are some issues that both sides agree on and should work together for the best of society.

    As to this idea of progressive politics, the more light that is shone on this Gen Z version as seen with the Trans issue, the better so it can be knocked on it’s head and we can work towards sensible goals and retake the progressive ideals so it is no longer a dirty word.

  110. Lenny Hartley says:

    Doug, aye it was a good pub, doorman was from Airdrie or thereabouts.
    We were chatting to him same night as mentioned before, four americans came in and said “can we find pussy here” he replied what do u want pussy for? they said we have been at sea for a week.
    The doorman says pointing at us, see these Guys, their from the Isle of Arran Scotland, they row their boats out into the raging Atlantic for three days and fish for three weeks, all in an open top boat and then row for three days back again, they looked at us and said , that true? Yup we said, they bought us beer all night lol.
    Btw its at the edge of the red light district, we were staying at a hotel nearby after attending a Celtic Music Festival in a place called Sebastopol near Santa Rosa.

  111. John C says:

    Dave Hansell says:
    23 February, 2023 at 6:57 pm

    On the subject of such activity as highlighted in this article the comedy writer Graham Linehan – Glinner – is being sued by a Trans Rights activist for libel.

    How does the person suing Graham (I won’t say his name as he regularly searches sites for his name) get the money to do all these dubious legal actions when he’s a jobbing actor at best? Where’s all these tens of thousands coming from and surely it’s time for him to be pulled up for all these legal cases?

    Remember as well that it’s the process which is the punishment. The Scottish Actor probably realises he’s not going to win or the case is dismissed but he’s out to make people’s lives hell, even if they do bend the knee for him.

    There’s another one who could do with a bit of scrutiny put on him for a change.

  112. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Stu, you’re quite unfair. I too have experienced tears of terror on the mean streets of Corstorphine: frisked on entry at a veggie organic turmeric-coffee establishment owing to my Lanarkshire origins, an opened jar of Shippam’s bloater paste unaccountably fell from my pocket and rolled along the floor, so I had to pure leg it before I was beaten over the head with an olive fougasse. Those Corstorphinans are well hard.

    @Ian B: I’m pretty sure all sorts of pips are going to start squeaking now the Heid Polis has decided to spend more time with his family/stamp collection/whatever.

    And so we go on…..

  113. Big Jock says:

    Deary me. What a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive!

  114. Lenny Hartley says:

    John H, Craig tweeted earlier that it may be connected to the criminal investigation into the alleged missing £600k and monies being spent on a Private Detective allegedly closely linked to the Chief Constable to investigate Mr Salmond.

  115. gregor says:

    @Robert Hughes re. “…that’s my son’s band ( The Cinematics )”

    Awesome, a public inspiration (credit to you and your son’s band).

    I love sharing and celebrating Scotland’s cultural heritage, and its unlimited wealth of arts, music and talents (coincidentally, when did anyone hear ‘This Scot Gov’ publicly express its love for Scotland and its people).

    Why shouldn’t we keep positively exploiting glorious Scotland as our leading beacon (re. Scotland’s-Power-Max).


  116. David Holden says:

    The leadership campaign for the SNP is over as the National newspaper poll shows that out of the 7.5 million votes Humza has over 6.5 million. No way back from that so welcome Humza our new dear leader. We are not worthy.

  117. David Hannah says:

    It’s been box office stuff this election campaign so far. Canny believe it. Extremely entertaining and all consuming.

    Long may it continue.

  118. Lenny Hartley says:

    John H, got that wrong, apologies to Craig , this is what he saidbon twitter after being asked if money was spent on a Private Detective
    Quote Who may have been ex-policemen with close links to serving policemen. But I merely speculate.? unquote

  119. robertkknight says:

    Hmmm… All has a familiar ring to it:

    Incompetence, cover-up, infidelity = Kompromat

    Another hostage to the British State running the SNP circus.

    Plus ça change…

  120. Mac says:

    It is funny but if Scottish transvestites were as ‘hot’ as Asian or South American ones I think people in Scotland would be cool, especially the blokes.

    This idea that people hate them or are waiting on the streets of Corstorphine to give them a kicking is very far from reality. Very.

    I remember seeing some edgy reality TV program ages ago where a guy was being questioned about why he was just visiting transvestite street prostitutes. I think it was in Brazil and he had been maybe busted and induced into talking to the cameras to get off with a charge…

    But anyway his said that he went there for a blowjob as they were at that level indistinguishable and a lot hotter that women and that ‘they really knew what they were doing being men!’ No joke.

    You can’t make it up really. All this chat about people hating trans is bollocks.

    I think in Scotland it is more a case of Beth and Co being horrible people AND ugly as fuck.

    That is why people don’t like you.

  121. robertkknight says:

    I just wish @CraigMurray would publish and be damned.

    Although if I were him I’d avoid road tunnels/underpasses for a wee while afterwards…

  122. George Ferguson says:

    The Greens are running the Scot Gov. Priorities for them are, fighting the GRRB S35, a ban on Conversion Therapy, proscribed zones around abortion clinics, restrictions on North Sea to name a few. Here are my priorities can we reduce the number of avoidable deaths in the SNHS. Can someone tell Humza it’s about retaining staff and not recruitment from abroad. Can we make a decision on the half billion Ferries overspend, you know what the options are. The Scottish Covid Public Inquiry, any chance of a beginning. Because the UK Inquiry is looking a better option. The centralisation of Care in Scotland. The outgoing Police Scotland Chief Constable took many years to compensate the instability of centralisation. Let’s make the same mistake. The Energy crisis do they really know how to handle the price escalation? That’s me out second half coming up. The Greens are an insult to donkeys.

  123. Doug says:

    @ Big Jock

    Green cans of export? Nope, that’s a new one on me. Maybe the red cans were a wee bit too similar to a Canadian brand. Never made it to Canada. Too old for that now I’ afraid. Lots of folks in Canada with Scottish connections as you’ll know.


    Maybe I was a lot more innocent in them days and didn’t notice the “night workers” around me. I remember I met a lad from Ireland when I was in the Edinburgh castle who told me where the best/cheapest place was to book a phone call back to Scotland. This was all pre internet days of course. My hotel was up on Grant street. Cannae mind the name. Near the Chinese district. I liked SF even if there were a lot of hills. There was another howf on Market Street where I liked to drink. I think it was called MacDonald’s. I once spent a lovely afternoon watching half a dozen attractive lesbian women playing pool. They liked to celebrate with each after winning a game.

  124. Robert Hughes says:

    @ Gregor

    ” I love sharing and celebrating Scotland’s cultural heritage, and its unlimited wealth of arts, music and talents (coincidentally, when did anyone hear ‘This Scot Gov’ publicly express its love for Scotland and its people). ” .

    Never . The Sturgeon years have sucked all the vigour n joy from the idea/ideal of Independence . What great music , art , literature has came out of Scotland in the last 8 years that has been informed/inspired by the progress of our aspiration ?

    Good on ye for being passionate about Scotland & it’s culture . It’s easy to forget the richness of both

  125. Ruby says:

    John C says:
    23 February, 2023 at 7:47 pm

    Evidence gained through questioning and their medical records for one. If someone is dysphoric there’s going to be evidence normally going back to childhood, so possibly eating disorders, self harm, etc. Explorative questioning then narrows it down further so if it’s something else such as say, autism, causing their dysphoria. Once that’s done there’s then a star chamber of professionals who work out the best course of action and whether a GRC is going to help along with surgery, etc.

    What would eating disorders & self harming have to do with gender dysphoria?

    I can’t figure out how a certificate can possibly cure dysphoria. It’s like magic!

    You’ve got this debilitating condition called gender dysphoria which makes you believe you are a woman trapped in a man’s body but if you get a certificate which states you are a woman then all is well. Gender dysphoria all gone.

  126. Confused says:

    – the shoulders on that lad, he could play for WIGAN

    corstorphine never looked sexier

    oh my – that article from Bloomberg :


    is a bit of a belter; and full of backhanded insults about oxbridge and english education compared to Scotland – you would think it was written by a nationalist, but no – it’s an english dude, educated at Balliol and All Souls, i.e. OXFORD

    his argument is an english education teaches you how to become a – BULLSHIT ARTIST

    which is funny as you read the guys own bio, Wooldridge, and he was a top dude at the Economist for 20 years

    and he compares Nikki to Boris, as the great dissemblers of their era

    if one of us had written this we would get panned for being … parochial, grievance orientated, chippy porridge wogs and so on

  127. Dan says:

    @ Tinto Chiel at 8:07 pm

    Your posts begs the question, wtf were you doing going in to a veggie organic turmeric-coffee establishment in the first place!
    Greggs scran nae good enuf fer ya wannabe posh bastirt!

    Yon gentile Amber needs to harden and tone up up a bit. That 70s Barbapapa look is so passé. I was a Hibby growing up in fookin Gorgie! The regular running of the gauntlet to get away from intolerant Hearts fans kept my physique and cardio-vascular system in tip top condition.

  128. Carol Neill says:

    @johnc , I literally asked this question on the linehan site , where is he getting his cash ?

  129. Derek says:

    “Big Jock says:
    23 February, 2023 at 8:02 pm

    …McEwans export in a green can. Never seen that before.”

    Was the green can – and tap – not a pale ale or IPA? Been a while since I’ve seen one, but I did encounter Export (red tap) in a wee hotel in Sweden as their exotic foreign beer…

  130. Lorna Campbell says:

    These woman facers, all built like brick kazis with an extension added on, have the gall to say they are frightened of going to pee. Their lies are so transparent, so ridiculous and over the top that it’s a wonder their noses don’t trip them up. Just so sick of this bilge. Hope they are all swept away very soon, and the enabling politicians with them – every one of them. That video piece of them all back-slapping and clapping at having destroyed women’s safety, dignity and privacy, sports, sex-based jobs, services, et al was vomit-inducing.

    Do we need to spell it out to those Stonewall enablers who masquerade as our elected representatives that a GRC would confer the legal status of ‘womanhood’ on ANY man who self-declares for one. Think about that. You would also have undermined the 2010 Equality Act exceptions for females, gay people and the disabled (and you are busily undermining the exception for religious belief now, too, by attacking Kate Forbes on her religious beliefs) and conferred at least TWO protected characteristics on ‘trans’ – a state of being that is quite impossible in biology, in evolution. Children would still be transitioned at a rate of noughts, too. You should be hanging your arrogant heads in shame.

    What are you all doing in Holyrood? You are not fit to govern, any of you, except those who had the decency and sense to vote against, or abstain from, this utter bilge. Let’s have a wee game in our parliament – called ‘Hunt the Body’, where parliamentarians try to find the body that these ‘trans’ pals should have occupied. That way, we’ll save a fortune on hormones, puberty blockers and surgery, and you will all be doing something vaguely worthwhile to earn your fat salaries and pensions. Make hay while the sun shines, because you are all out at the next vote.

    Everything you have touched has turned to ashes, and it has not been for the want of proper and fit advice. Nah, you have preferred to listen to your schoolboy and girl ‘researchers’ and SPADS who are steeped in this bilge up to their armpits as they simper through one Stonewall Diversity Champions course after another – all at public expense. You have made Scotland a laughing stock with your idiocy – and we are no nearer independence. Salmond for Depute FM.

  131. Merganser says:

    PacMan @ 8.04.

    I was very impressed with the calm and reasoned way that you made your points. Far more impressive than even the best of the so-called politicians at Holyrood (or Westminster). I will look forward to your next contribution.

  132. Doug says:

    I think we are fast approaching a situation where it would be better for the independence movement if the SNP self-destructed and politicians and supporters from there were to embrace Alba and/or other pro indy supporting groups to recharge their batteries for the fight.

    Our last hope as far as the SNP is concerned is Regan. But it’s asking a lot of her to stand up to the msm and Sturgeonites and especially Yousaf in the upcoming tv debates etc. Yousaf, as has been quoted by David Hannah above, has thrown in the towel on independence and is already trying to suppress the movement. Even SNP diehards will see that.

    Regan must stand by her 50%+1 policy at the very least. If remaining members don’t choose her the SNP is toast for all the various reasons already expressed by posters here.

    Support for independence will not, in my opinion, be much reduced by the SNP’s demise, and will be quickly regained and surpassed by the work of Salmond and Alba and other pro indy organizations – as long as they come out fighting for independence and don’t try to con pro indy voters.

  133. Big Jock says:

    The general consensus in my wider family. Is that Sturgeon left a bombsite in her wake. Some indy supporting others not. That Humza would last two minutes and Forbes was set up. The general public aren’t buying the Murrel inventions.

    Now do the SNP membership gave the sense and gumption to end the Murrels. That is the million dollar question.

  134. gregor says:

    @Robert Hughes

    re. “…being passionate about Scotland & it’s culture . It’s easy to forget the richness of both…”

    What can we remember – should we forget our-self
    What do we value – should we not value our-self
    What are we protecting – should we not protect our-self
    Where are we going – when we don’t know our-self
    How can we/we don’t recognise our-self

  135. Effijy says:

    On radio and TV I’ve come across some Trans people who seem quite nice people
    actually quite articulate and slightly introvert.

    They just get on with their lives recognising their plight of being in the wrong body isn’t a priority for other people struggling with the cost of living.

    They consider the loud mouth violent extroverts as doing nothing but damaging their image and position in society.

    The trans people that have featured recently confirm themselves to be violent, rap*sts,
    prostitutes, attention seekers who don’t give a damn for other peoples rights.

    How many people would give a Trans a job if they have read about these dangerous lunatics
    a job, rent them a house, or take on as part of your social circle?

  136. gregor says:

    Simple Minds (2019): Don’t You (Forget About Me):

    “…Don’t you forget about me
    I’ll be alone, dancing, you know it, baby
    Going to take you apart
    I’ll put us back together at heart, baby

    Don’t you, forget about me
    Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t
    Don’t you, forget about me…”:

  137. wee monkey says:

    Hope it’s ok to post this

    Link to a very short video clip from today’s panto.

    Short, but very telling.

  138. Big Jock says:

    Doug. Salmond will rebuild Scotland from the ashes of Sturgeons fire pit. Her legacy will be the lady who nearly killed Scotland. History will not be kind to her.

  139. Geoff Anderson says:

    I’ve had enough of this shit!

  140. Lenny Hartley says:

    Just went to the National website to check status of Poll.
    Only viewable to subscribers now. So i guess only a couple of hundred people can see it and vote now.


  141. The main danger to his health in Corstorphine is the pollution from traffic on St John`s Road,

    couple of pubs that if you`re not local you might get a wee look over,

    not local means living there less than 40 years,

    or hit by a stray tennis ball or jack from a hefty drive at the bowling green.

  142. Big Jock says:

    Geoff we all wanted rid of Sturgeon. The problem is, she hasn’t really gone. Murrell the puppet master is still guiding with the invisible hand.

    Let’s hope that the potential crimes are exposed. The other problem is the Chief Constable has gone. So are we witnessing the cover up continuing , and deals have been done.

    If Humza is elected then the Murrells are still running the SNP. But Humza being elected will be the best thing that could happen for Alba. Humza is the patsy for the Sturgeon crimes. Like Boris and Brexit.

  143. Dan says:

    Big Jock at 9:52 pm

    As she / her is such a keen book person, I expect her legacy may be recorded in an autobiography with a C.S. Lewis style title:

    The Iron, the Stitch(up), and being in the Closet

  144. Doug says:

    @Big Jock

    Agreed. We need a cool pint of McEwan’s Export not another warm tumbler of lemonade shandy.


  145. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Dan 9.14: “I was a Hibby growing up in fookin Gorgie!”

    1) Re your question: I may have strayed into Corstorphine looking for some New World hipster beans. Thank God it wasn’t the proletarian wastelands of Stockbridge or God knows what might have happened to me.

    2) You think you had it bad? My Dear Old Dad and His Da afore him were Hamilton Accies to the core. I don’t have to harden my amber (!), thanks, although my claret may need some attention 🙂 .

    FYI, the first football match wot I done attend as a spectator was in 1962 (Third Lanark V Dundee at Cathkin Park) and featured the demi-god Gordon Smith, the ex-Hibby Nijinsky (310 games). Now there was a player!

    Eat your heart out and Pax vobiscum.

  146. ronald says:

    WeeMonkey 9.49

    That looks like she’s flipping Humza the finger

  147. fruitella the hun says:

    George Ferguson 8.56pm

    North sea oil is the biggest test for independence. If we can “exploit” it – or rather if venture capital can exploit us for it – then what are the chances the English will let us split it off? Only if it is not seen as an asset will we cut that shackle. There are more shackles – Faslane and defence installations, sporting estates, tax, skiing (joke) but oil has always been the big one.

    There are compelling reasons based on physics and chemistry why it should not be pumped. What is the basis for dismissing those reasons and trying to get it? By all means damn the Greens for the Stonewall and communist policies they have promoted but their stance on oil is a genuine environmental policy that makes sense. If you can’t make an independence case without retrieving and burning the oil then we need to seek Scotland’s future some other way:

  148. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum, quotes:

    “Globalism is an ideology that prioritizes the neoliberal global order over national interests”

    “The answer to nationalist fervour isn’t less globalism. It’s more”

    NationalScot (23/02/2023): SPECIAL REPORT: Rise of the far right: ‘UK has parallels with Trump’s America’:

    “…a senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Dundee, drew parallels between the political climate of Donald Trump’s America and what we’re seeing across the UK now…”:

  149. Big Jock says:

    The first game I remember was Partick v Aberdeen. It must have been 1979/80 ish. From memory. Aberdeen would only lose the league to Celtic if Thistle won. My dad was a Thistle fan, but it was amazing how many Celtic fans were at the stadium that night with Thistle scarves!

  150. Big Jock says:

    Fruitella. Norway is still pumping oil.My take on this. Scotland lost 50 years of profit from Oil. Wouldn’t it be ironic if we got independence and then didn’t use our natural resources to build our nation.

    It’s about time this wee country got something for its people for once. Oil won’t last forever. But we need to sort out the mess England has left Scotland in. I say pump it until the well runs dry. But do it as Norway has done. Invest the profits.

  151. Big Jock says:

    Ash seems to have a solid grip on public opinion. She doesn’t want to stop oil production. 70% of Scots agree. She will drop the Gender bill that Scots unanimously oppose. She will hand back independence to the people, she will listen. The movement have demanded this for years.

    Meantime Humza pursues agendas and Sturgeon fetishes. Political suicide. But he doesn’t really think for himself.

    Ash is a slick operator and launches her campaign tomorrow for maximum impact.

  152. Dan says:

    @ fruitella the hun

    Fossil fuel use would reduce if there was a bigger push to move folk over to renewable generated leccy power fed through the grid to heat their homes and businesses, instead of burning gas and oil.
    But energy policy is reserved to Westminster and there just doesn’t seem to be the political will to rein in the excessive profiteering of the leccy energy companies by nationalisation / partial nationalisation / better regulation, nor the will to decouple the energy market price of fossil fuels and renewable generated energy.
    So this means leccy price is high and sustains the situation where folk burn fossil fuels to produce heat rather than using cleaner renewable generated power.

    The recent ScotWind auction sold off blocks with an approximately 10 times more generation potential total than we currently have. And what we currently have is enough to nearly always power ourselves, and often export the same amount. A quick check shows that we are using approximately 2.7GW and still exporting 4.3GW down south.

    There is the making of a strong case that Scotland could do so much better in so many ways if we had control of all the significant powers that currently reside in London.

  153. Iain says:

    I think the newcomers only joined the SNP when the party became more successful than their previous host, the Labour party.
    They have no interest in independence, just advancing their own projects, so they switched party and became “active” at branch level (taking officer posts but probably not so much doorstep work), and turned it from within, by getting unelected special interest seats on the NEC, to become the NewSNP.
    Then the real SNP activists left so now, with no-one doing the work at branch or elected MP/MSP level, the popularity and election success of the party will fall and the parasites will just move on to another host where they can try again.
    Hopefully other parties will learn from the bitter experience of both Labour and SNP with these infiltrators.

  154. Lenny Hartley says:

    fruitella the hun So are you suggesting we go and live in caves?

    Stop producing our Oil, i have never heard anything so stupid since I was told that a man could become a woman by saying he was one.
    So your plan, we either go and live in Caves or we import somebody else’s oil, meanwhile the rest of the Planet dies laughing at us and hey bingo Global warming reduced by 99.8%.
    You could be onto something not.
    I did not pluck that figure out of thin air, it is estimated that the UK contributes 2% of greenhouse gases , therefore Scotland Contributes approx .2%
    Well worth going to live in a cave for eh..

  155. Big Jock says:

    Dan. WM deliberately sabotaged Scotland’s renewables sector. We would be moving quicker on that, had they not done so.

    Meantime a quick observation. It was widely known that Humza ducked out of the Equal Marriage stage 3 vote. Craig Murray mentioned it a few days ago. Yet it is only today that Humza was asked about it. Are the MSM genuinely incapable of research. So they rely on bloggers drip feeding stories. Or are they so used to being led by the Sturgeon press office, that they have forgotten to check facts.

    Either way. After the roasting they gave Forbes. They should hang their heads in shame. Humza is a lying toe rag.

  156. Iain More says:

    Having sen teh above phtos I am now genuinely terrified of going to me bed for fear of being eaten by something monstrous or tansgenendered painfully against my will.

  157. fruitella the hun says:


    You’ve put your finger on the problem. Oil is profitable and so those entitled to that profit, people with wealth, will invest in the extracrion infrastructure – hardware, political power for the necessary legislation and mass media promotion of the “benefits” until it is all used up. They do this with all natural resources. They get richer, everyone else gets poorer. If you think it would be different in a Scotland that buys independence by enabling their pillage then I don’t know what to say. I guess you are not convinced climate damage by CO2 isn’t a hoax. We can meet real needs from sustainable resources if we get our act together.


    I’m on board with political independence if it is a pathway to a more sustainable system. If it is sold by promising unsustainable benefits then that would be a mistake, leaving it’s achievement as a short-lived victory. There is a lot of economic woo woo out there

  158. Big Jock says:

    Iain. It was down to Sturgeons obsession with niche culture and extreme liberalism. She encouraged them, and pushed us out. This was a Trojan Horse tactic by Sturgeon.

    I have always argued that the anything goes society. Ultimately leads to abdicating your responsibility. The guy that says och people can do what they want, dress up as women blah blah. Is the same person that complains when his daughter gets gay sex lessons at school. Everything has consequences!

    There needs to be a moral compass in society. Otherwise it allows dangerous people into positions of influence and authority.

    Liberalism ultimately kills itself.

  159. Scotsrenewables says:

    fruitella the hun says:
    23 February, 2023 at 10:34 pm
    There are compelling reasons based on physics and chemistry why it should not be pumped. What is the basis for dismissing those reasons and trying to get it? By all means damn the Greens for the Stonewall and communist policies they have promoted but their stance on oil is a genuine environmental policy that makes sense. If you can’t make an independence case without retrieving and burning the oil then we need to seek Scotland’s future some other way:

    Oh dear.

    Listen, it’s pretty simple. Scotland is going to need oil and gas for many years to come. Once all transport (including lorries, ships, planes) is electric or hydrogen powered, once the last gas boiler and the last heating oil tank have been scrapped, then we can shut down our oil and gas fields.

    If we shut them down before then we will be importing the oil and gas we need. The carbon cost of imported fossil fuels is greater than natively produced fossil fuels. Plus we have the chance to power the new fields West of Shetland with green energy form the Viking windfarm, making the production of the oil and gas net-zero.

    And – we have the opportunity to levy carbon taxes on the industry, carbon taxes that are directed into renewable technologies.

    Oh, and of course we have a fantastic engineeering resource in NE Scotland,. that can be retrained and directed towards the production of new and improved renewable technologies.

    Until all this has come to pass, shutting the North Sea down prematurely is just dangerous, mindless virtue signalling.

    Ash Regan has the right idea. And the fact that the toxic Greens will bail from government if she gets in is the icing on the cake.

  160. PacMan says:

    Merganser says: 23 February, 2023 at 9:21 pm

    PacMan @ 8.04.

    I was very impressed with the calm and reasoned way that you made your points. Far more impressive than even the best of the so-called politicians at Holyrood (or Westminster). I will look forward to your next contribution.

    Thank you Merganser for your kind words.

    I’ve been posting occasionally on here for years and have tried to bring a bit of balance to some of the heated subjects although I’ve rubbed a few posters on here the wrong way with this Trans issue.

    I don’t really have that much to say. I have been sick to my back teeth of these so-called progressives suggesting that anybody who does not support their aims are far right and in particular this leadership contest where these two legged rats of the SNP suggesting that they aspire to progressive ideals.

    As others have said, the SNP are using social progressive polices as a front to push neo-liberal economic ones. They aren’t left wing or progressive in any way and their BS needs to be called out.

  161. gregor says:

    re. ‘climate crisis’

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2022): Earth can regulate its own temperature over millennia, new study finds:

    “The Earth’s climate has undergone some big changes, from global volcanism to planet-cooling ice ages and dramatic shifts in solar radiation. And yet life, for the last 3.7 billion years, has kept on beating.

    Now, a study by MIT researchers in Science Advances confirms that the planet harbors a “stabilizing feedback” mechanism that acts over hundreds of thousands of years to pull the climate back from the brink, keeping global temperatures within a steady, habitable range…”:

  162. fruitella the hun says:


    “Once all transport (including lorries, ships, planes) is electric or hydrogen powered, once the last gas boiler and the last heating oil tank have been scrapped, then we can shut down our oil and gas fields.”

    I can’t figure out if your post is sarcastic or if it’s a glimpse of your plan to split serious greens from he independence movement. “From my cold dead hands”. I might take those points in turn as source material for future posts. We see very different futures, high tech vs intermediate tech in 80s parlance.

  163. craig murray says:

    I remember speaking to a meeting of Edinburgh West SNP as guest speaker on Independence. Room was absolutely full of great activists. Also attended a celebration evening of the party there I think after Michelle Thomson#s election. We all got splendidly pissed.

    So sorry to hear it has all disintegrated. It quite depresses me.

  164. Dan says:

    Energy related article to add to previous comments on the subject.

    All these folks punting the idea that heatpumps being clagged onto every house are the answer should try living next door to one and the noise they kick out destroying what were once lovely quiet neighbourhoods.
    They are generally only economically viable due to the subsidies that help with installation and running costs.
    Economies of scale and simplicity mean that we can move towards having pretty much every building heated by renewable power through their existing leccy grid connection. This removes all the extra hassle, cost, and burden of ongoing maintenance and repair of installing heatpumps on a much smaller percentage of suitable buildings owned by folk with enough cash to fit such a system.

  165. gregor says:


    “A person who says or writes unpleasant things about someone or criticizes their achievements, especially on the internet.”

    “Forget the haters – they’re just jealous.”

    “Someone who dislikes the stated thing.”

  166. gregor says:

    Pete Wishart (24/02/2023): Twit:

    “‘Uniting’ us with an unelectable and hateful Alba Party whilst pushing out the Greens. That’s quite a ‘unity’….”:

    Joanna Cherry KC (24/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Early polls on ?@theSNP leadership suggest our supporters value integrity & care more about bread & butter issues & #independence than people’s personal beliefs. I’m looking forward to helping ?@AshReganSNP launch today.”:

  167. gregor says:


    “The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change.”

    “Her probity and integrity are beyond question.”

    “The precursor to having one’s integrity protected (embodied by the requirement of one’s consent) is the capacity to exercise will, make choices, and communicate desires.”

    “State and society have been debilitated by the former’s lack of legitimacy and by cumulative onslaughts on the economy and societal integrity.”

  168. JockMcT says:

    Is it true that Manchester will now be called Transchester? and what of Corstorphine, sounds too masculine to me…

  169. James Carroll says:

    Probably refused a GRC as he’s a nutjob. Should be in a mental institution being medicated.

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