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The Old Ways

Posted on February 24, 2023 by

Wings Over Scotland has been monitoring the BBC’s coverage of Scottish politics for over 11 years now, readers, and other than The Nick Robinson Incident we’re honestly struggling to remember seeing anything worse than this.

The Corporation’s “coverage” of Ash Regan’s campaign launch for the SNP leadership election ran for roughly seven minutes. And we suppose we should be grateful that it did at one point feature a brief, incidental cameo appearance from Ash Regan.

But not much of one. Just 90 seconds of the package was given over to an extract of her speech. Most of the remaining five and a half minutes was inexplicably devoted to the opinions of Alexander Swanson, a chubby-faced, English-accented inhabitant of – ALERT KLAXON! ALERT KLAXON!Stirling University.

Even we’ve never heard of this particular member of the party’s hyperwoke student wing, but for some bewildering reason the BBC decided it was far more important that we find out what he thought than the actual candidate.

Regan, in fact, was barely even mentioned in the conversation. Swanson started off by praising Humza Yousaf, spent a fair amount of time attacking Kate Forbes, and then expounded at length on the Gender Recognition Reform bill, the SNP’s coalition with the Greens and the party’s independence strategy, spouting flatly false statements with not the tiniest hint of challenge from the presenter, who served him up a series of softball invitations to share his wholly irrelevant views with the confused audience wondering who the hell this was and what he had to do with anything.

Swanson got more than three times as much airtime as Regan, to basically act as an unbilled Humza Yousaf spokesman. A more overt, flagrant display of bias would be hard to imagine. Had you asked us to film a satirical comedy video of what a BBC report of Regan’s launch might look like, we would have rejected this script as too far-fetched to be believable.

We’re going to pinch ourselves for a bit now in case we dreamt it.

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  1. 07 03 23 17:00

    Wings Over Scotland calls Stirling student 'wee pr*ck'

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  1. Calum says:

    For the benefit of my blood pressure I’m not going to watch that.

  2. Beauvais says:

    He’s certainly let us know what he finks.

  3. Iain More says:

    The Brit Nasty Press and Media obviosuly wants the Incompetent Useless Yousaf as leader of the SNP therfor that is the last person the mebers shoudl be voting for. The BBC continue to be rotten to thier diseased anti Scottish Yoon core.

  4. Dickie says:

    You can imagine conversations at BBC HQ.

    “We need somebody unbiased to comment on Ash Regan@

    “I know. Let’s ask Alyn Smith. He might know somebody”

    Cue Chubby Wokemeister

  5. David Beveridge says:

    Any time I’m faced with a major decision in life, or find myself at any kind of crossroads, I always think to myself, “What would Alexander Swanson do?”

  6. Ian says:

    I have no interest in what he ‘finks’.

  7. Daisy Walker says:

    Well, well, well – if they are going to this level of effort, they must be worried.

    Just as an aside – given the bad treatment she is receiving, if Ms Forbes knows where any of the bodies are buried, it is getting to the point where she won’t lose out by disclosing details.

  8. Jason Hoffman says:

    It’s quite amazing sitting watching the growth of our very own political establishment. Of all of Sturgeon’s many, many, many achievements, this is perhaps her greatest.

    Like the English/UK establishment, you can’t break it. It endures. Like her husband.

    All the talk of a progressive society in Scotland is bollocks. Instead we have a political class that you’re either in or you’re an outcast. You either are pro-SNP or you’re a unionist. Pro-trans or a bigot. Pro-same sex marriage or a religious zealot (unless you organised a meeting and missed the vote – that’s ok). There is no alternative allowed.

    As much as I’d like to see a fair contest we all know Humza Yousaf is going to be the next FM.

    Fun times in the gulag await.

  9. Wendy Wood says:

    He was scarcely able to string a coherent sentence together…at least he sounded like a northern English ghastly young pie-scoffer.

  10. Antoine Bisset says:

    Well, sorting the men from the boys? (No of course it does not make sense, but what does?)

  11. John Whyte says:

    A giveaway of what sort of student politician this gentleman is – the Americanised ‘mom.’ Regan wouldn’t be my choice for FM but it’s clear that the media doesn’t want to give her a chance and neither does the party.

  12. Mike says:

    An attractive looking, well spoken white lady who is genuinely pro Indy getting time on the BBC? Yeah, but where’s the angle? I mean is she gay or at least disabled? Sorry but we need some kind of woke line here to make this work.

  13. David Hannah says:

    You’ll need to save the day Wings for Scottish Independence and Ash Regan.

    Get all the Indy bloggers on the phone.

  14. jomry says:

    Coverage is a travesty. However, don’t see how anyone could be impressed with the contribution of Mr Swanson, who parades the utter mediocrity of the woke SNP rump.

  15. FionaN says:

    He was basically just reading the script that he kept looking down at, but I couldn’t watch till the end of his speil as his delivery was so monotonous and lacking spontaneity.

    The constant bigging up of the dreadful, dishonest Yousaf while attacking the two female candidates on rather spurious grounds has been a big turn-off in the whole leadership campaign. The result seems to be a foregone conclusion, with a behind-the-back hand-operated ventriloqist dummy being the obvious Murrell shoe-in to cover the leadership for a few months or so till the various murrell & co.s scandals are swept aside. At which point, with Useless Yousafs predictable mishandling of government, perhaps the glorious turdgeon will sweep back on-stage in Trump-like fashion, offering to ‘save’ Scotland from itself. Nothing would surprise me now – and she would be delighted to be seen to achieve what her mentor managed to do after swinneys screw-ups and make an amazing come-back. Though we all know she would never then go on to hold an indyref that took the very idea of indy out of the dark ages and into the mainstream, or to boost indy support from 25% to 45% and quite probably more in fact.

  16. Red squirrel says:

    “I don’t think…” about sums that up.

  17. Dan says:

    David Beveridge says: at 12:37 pm

    Any time I’m faced with a major decision in life, or find myself at any kind of crossroads, I always think to myself, “What would Alexander Swanson do?”

    These days watching all this shite play out, my go to is Ron Swanson! 😉

  18. Sharney Dubs says:

    It’s the BBC what do you expect!? Balanced, fare, impartial coverage?
    Lies, lies and more dammed lies.

  19. Jacqueline says:

    Sick. I’m raging. Can this fuckface shit get any worse.
    BTW BB effing C. I relinquished my fee to you in September 2014 and I still watch live telly. Up yours. Well and truly.

  20. Graeme Hampton says:

    Hope thats a Sunderland scarf hanging in his room

  21. Neil M says:

    You have to face the fact that 50%+1 in an election is a non-starter democratically and legally. What the winner should do is take Alec Salmonds approach and actually govern to show what’s possible and answer the really difficult questions on borders, currency, economy honestly.

  22. FionaN says:

    David Beveridge says: at 12:37 pm

    “Any time I’m faced with a major decision in life, or find myself at any kind of crossroads, I always think to myself, “What would Alexander Swanson do?””

    David, that made me laugh out loud! I’m sure we all value Swansons input equally as much [chortle chortle]

  23. Lynn Fraser says:

    The mammoth whale has been replaced.

  24. David Hannah says:

    I want to hear her full speech, and all of the journalists questions.

    We know the SNP won’t publish it on their social media.

    It appears the mainstream media won’t publish her campaign.

    She needs to do it herself, with her campaign manager. On the Independence blogs and podcasts. Full coverage.

    She needs to put it all on Youtube.

    Day 1 campaign launch and she’s been silenced. That tells me Ash Regan is the best candidate for Scottish Independence. She’s the one to unite us all. Her strategy. Her policies.

  25. Andy Griffiths says:

    This BBC in this instance isn’t anti Scotland, it’s just it’s usually left wing pro woke, even before they wheeled out the SNP student in a closet, the direction was clear. Claiming Ash opposes making it easier for people to change there legal Gender, rather than using the word self-I’d which even the BBC now knows is totally toxic. How they continue to ignore every opinion poll indicating public opposition to the Gender Bill is also beyond comprehension.

    The BBC loved Sturgeon because she was a left wing and driven by identity politics, and thats why they want the comical health secretary.

  26. DGP says:

    Indeed a laughable nonentity. Shows about as much political and human insight as a farmer’s bogie. (I normally say Tractor but that would be exaggerating in this case).

  27. Doug says:

    I wonder how many current members of the SNP [those with the votes] take the time and make the effort to find out the truth by visiting sites like this and Craig Murray’s etc?

  28. Achnababan says:

    At the risk of sounding Craig Murrayish… this is further evidence that the BBC is in cahoots with the UK government and global capitalists to ‘own’ Scottish’ Independence and replace their number one agent with a ‘duplicate’ that gives the appearance of being different (Useless)

  29. David Hannah says:

    I want to see, and hear from Ash Regan.

  30. Breeks says:

    “They came on in the same old way – and we defeated them in the same old way.”

    ~ Arthur Wellesley, First Duke of Wellington.

    This whole scenario is reminiscent of the 2014 Campaign, when the BritNat media led the narrative with their own agenda, and the YES Movement were never allowed to establish any forward momentum. Every show was just the same.

    The media is choosing who the front runners are, and who the outsiders are, and the Independence narrative barely gets a look-in.

    I wasn’t really a fan of the suggestion that the SNP boycotted the BritNat Media back in 2014 and beyond, (fat chance of Sturgeon the narcissist boycotting her audience anyway), but to chime with a political campaign which embraces the Claim of Right, and Scotland’s Constitutional integrity outside the UK “Parliaments”, I think we need to think hard about an alternative media that is also outside the system.

    We need a Broadcasting media that is at least as independent as the Convention of the Estates will be, because the BBC and other State flunkies simply cannot be trusted to relate to the people what the campaign is all about.

    The BBC will ALWAYS trawl up some non-entity who can be trusted to serve up the drudge they want served up, but maybe it is time for a ban or embargo on these Propagandists. Starve them of narrative and leave them to play catch up. Show them they aren’t indispensable.

    Let them get their news second hand from Scotland’s “Alternative” media, and if the SNP Government can lob millions at the failing BritNat Newspapers, they can bloody well lob a hefty pile of mula at our indie Indy Broadcasters. Just imagine what they’d have done with a cool 3 million.

    “We” are the ones approaching this in the same old way incidentally, and the State Propaganda Channels are the ones stopping us they same way they always have.

    We need to be more creative, imaginative, more innovative, and 100x more proactive. We need to find a different strategy or they will cut us to pieces…. Again.

  31. GlesgaJim says:

    The SNP is not salvageable. The woke rot is too deep. The London parties will use all of their influence to ensure it remains under the control of woke idealogues. From their perspective, this prevents the Independence movement from ever meaningfully uniting again, as it is consumed by identity politics.
    For me, Alba is the only viable banner to unite under now, but how long might it take for the numbers to rise to a meaningful mass…if at all?
    It’s bleak, and I don’t see a positive way forward. I blame Sturgeon for pandering to the woke lunatics and smashing a solid mass of an independence movement to smithereens. I hate her for what she’s done.

  32. Ottomanboi says:

    Alexander is Stirling Albion supporter.
    Is that a good thing?
    The BBC news anchor seemed equally clueless.

  33. Natal XY and proud says:

    Who is this guy rocking back and forward in his bedroom and seemingly incapable of stringing a few sentences together FFS!

  34. Anton Decadent says:

    Whilst studying in Glasgow I watched woke zealots, who, I have to add, were not popular amongst the other students as they tried to enforce compelled speech etc, take control of the student union which they clearly saw as being more important than the subject(s) we were studying as it would lead to vital connections within the political power structure.

  35. Gary says:

    “David Beveridge says:
    Any time I’m faced with a major decision in life, or find myself at any kind of crossroads, I always think to myself, “What would Alexander Swanson do?””

    Take a bow David, you fair made me chortle there! ?
    He (Alexander) was a very random political nonentity to be given so much precious BBC airtime, go figure eh… ?

  36. Luigi says:

    Perhaps Humza Yousaf has already been “elected”, and all the MSM are trying to do at this stage is make the yet-to-be announced result look authentic. Aye right! It’s not easy if at all possible to make a clown like Humza look good, but what they can do is make the other contenders look bad. Ah well, “Scottish” Labour is coming back, we’re staying in the union and everything is going to be hunky dory. Back to the good old days.

  37. mike cassidy says:

    Even taking into account the ‘BBC for Yousuf’ bias

    But Ash Regan just seemed to be delivering pre-prepared soundbites in a very unconvincing manner

    Say this – then wait for applause

    And repeat

    Hate to say this

    And I like what she stands for

    But there’s a touch of the Liz Truss about her

  38. Lollysmum says:

    On the BBC’s performance to date it would seem that Ash Regan is the one that worries SNP/BB & WM the most. Unknown quantity, full of ideas, not afraid to say what she thinks/opposes. Yup, she worries Yousaf, SNP & Westminster.

    If there are any skeletons in her cupboard they’d have found them by now like the Ciaran from Ch4 News rubbish being pushed yesterday because she failed to answer a question. Funny don’t remember him whining the same about NS for the same reason. A smattering of bitchy comments on FB & Twitter but otherwise nothing harmful to date.

    She’s the one to vote for! When the powers that be up their game against her then that will confirm it.

    So pleased I stocked up on popcorn 🙂

  39. robbo says:

    Watch the swaying to and froe. He’s got issues our little chub chub. If you asked me “Mental health disorder alert!” or maybe something stuck up his behind.

  40. Grouser says:

    That young man’s razor sharp analysis had me on the edge of my seat. Seriously, the only edge I was on was falling asleep. Is he the best SNP students can do? I hope not.
    The English media – tv and ‘news’papers – do not seem to realise that the only people who have any importance in this debate are the people who are still SNP members, however many or few they are. SNP members are unlikely to be affected in any way by what the English media trumpets from their strongholds. In fact, it is more likely to make them laugh at the delusions of the English media of having any influence at all with Independence supporters.

  41. Mac says:

    The soulless beady eyed Nick Robinson is top level on the loathsome scale as far as rotten ‘journalists’ go.

    Robinson is ‘up’ there with the likes of the odious Kirsty Wark and hideous Jackie Bird. Just nasty little sneering hatchet men and women of the UK state. Totally despicable individuals then and now.

  42. Peter Campbell says:

    I was put off right away with “I Fink”.

    Sounds like a 5 year old learning how to speak.

  43. Garavelli Princip says:

    Andy Griffiths says:
    24 February, 2023 at 1:01 pm
    “This BBC in this instance isn’t anti Scotland, it’s just it’s usually left wing pro woke….The BBC loved Sturgeon because she was a left wing and driven by identity politics”

    Andy, Not sure if you are a troll – but please believe me, Woke and Identity politics is NOT “left wing”.

    Identity Politics was invented by the 1% to drive the left down the dead-end of Woke and ID Politics, and take the heat off themselves. It is a distraction from confronting the issues of class, poverty and economic inequality – real political issues, rather than the silly bloody nonsense of whether a man can become a woman.

    The only leftish candidate in this competition is an fact Ash Regan who represents the Commonweal group in the SNP. But even that is not the point.

    The real reason they oppose her, and why SNP members should support her, is that she actually wants independence – as does Kate Forbes.

    Humbug Useless is the shill of the troughers and shysters of the gravy train that the SNP has become. For that reason the BBC will promote him in the hope that he kills off independence once and for all.

    That won’t happen, because they cannot kill our liberation movement.

    We need to eschew distractions (of which ID politics is the biggest and most obvious) and get right the heart of the matter.


  44. red sunset says:

    BBC – dearie me.

    I very much disagree that they push left wing etc, etc.
    They are very, very much ESTABLISHMENT. They will always push the establishment line.
    Whether that’s left wing (is that a thing anymore?) or right wing (remember the Farage advertising for years?).

    It’s always the establishment line.

  45. Luigi says:

    mike cassidy says:
    24 February, 2023 at 1:23 pm

    “But there’s a touch of the Liz Truss about her”

    There’s only one Liz Truss in this contest (that’s the one with the beard).

  46. Stravaiger says:

    I doubt the little dweeb’s incoherent ramblings will change anyone’s mind so there’s little to worry about there.

    The bigger concerns are whether there are enough true independence supporters left in the SNP membership and whether the SNP is actually salvageable.

    If the answer to either of the above is ‘no’, then we have to place our remaining hopes in Alba and Salvo and be prepared for a very long fight. Wasn’t there an old story about some bloke in a cave with a spider?…

  47. Johnny says:

    Mike Cassidy:

    She is making her first speech in such a campaign.

    Maybe she will get better over time.

    However, I have had quite enough of “good talkers”, and so should you have….where did the last one get us?

  48. Ottomanboi says:

    Whoever gets passed the baton will have to fight for Scotland’s soul.
    The agents of devilry are surely after it.
    Vade retro Britannia!

  49. Tartan Tory says:

    Pity we didn’t have this rocking little chub fighting our corner in 2014…..

    Can you imagine Andrew Neil being taken apart on live TV by this statesman from Stirling University?

    Why on earth would anyone wish to canvas the views of someone who may only have voted once in his puff and is probably still learning how to tie his shoelaces? Ah yes! Because it suits the narrative. silly me!

  50. Johnny says:

    Garavelli Princip @ 1:35pm:

    Hear, hear!

    It’s all a distraction and it’s worked so well.

    I had an insight into what’s gone wrong in some peoples’ heads elsewhere on the internet recently.

    Some soul was plaintively asking whether we ought not to be talking about cost of living issues etc during this contest and was met with the effective response that NO, we had to establish who the decent people were FIRST because only they should be able to pontificate on policy etc.

    So, no, we apparently must not do anything about sorting out peoples’ basic needs, nor even discuss how to do so, we have to decide who’s pure first.

    I’d prefer capability but if this apparently emergent view is widespread then nothing will ever be fixed properly ever again. And of course, it isn’t meant to be, because “but I am pure and not bigoted like you” is to to be the deflection from criticism for failing to fix anything forever after too.

  51. Lorna Campbell says:

    Do you ever get the feeling that the BBC has no comprehension of what is happening in Scotland. That piece was laughable. They stopped Ash Regan’s speech at the bit where she was talking about the GRRB, and cut off the bits about independence. The daft wee scrote who spoke after her, with about as much acuity as a soggy biscuit, also concentrated on the GRRB and its ramifications. Why are these people in the SNP? If anyone has any doubt about the infiltration and take-over of the party by the ‘woke’ parasites to advance their own agenda, then they need to get a brain transplant.

  52. gregor says:

    Status Quo: Whatever You Want (Live Glasgow, 1986):

    “Whatever you want
    Whatever you like
    Whatever you say…

    Whatever you need
    Whatever you use
    Whatever you win
    Whatever you lose…”:

  53. red sunset says:

    SNP leadership hustings

    Nominations have now closed in the SNP Leadership Contest, and there will be three candidates to choose from when the ballot begins on 13 March – Kate Forbes, Ash Regan and Humza Yousaf.

    Under the leadership election rules, the National Secretary arranges hustings events for the candidates. There will be 8 regional hustings events, as well as an online hustings. I hope that you’ll take the time to engage with events, and with the output from each of the three campaigns before voting begins.

    You can book a maximum of two tickets for one event, but all those attending must be current SNP members. Attendees will be required to show their membership card and a ticket to gain entry to the physical events.

    1 March Central Scotland
    3 March Mid Scotland and Fife
    4 March Highlands & Islands
    5 March Online
    6 March South Scotland
    8 March West Scotland
    10 March Lothians
    11 March Glasgow
    12 March North East

  54. Big Jock says:

    They used to say that David Murray ran Scottish football. Now it appears Murray Foote runs the Scottish media.

    Personally I think the longer the campaign goes. The more obvious the bias will become, and the more likely Humza is to have a Humza moment. He is calamity Jane.

    I don’t recall, it was over 10 years ago. He has already perfected the Sturgeon early onset dementia.

  55. Rob says:

    As a bewildered Yesser on the sidelines, the only solace I get nowadays is from beyond Scottish Indy. Take the recent survey results released by Queen’s University Belfast asking which government they trust to handle Northern Ireland’s interests in the ongoing NI Protocol debacle: 3% of the folks of NI trust the UK government to look after their interests – yes, 3%, not a typo; 14% trust their own NI assembly; 38% say the Irish Government; 44% say the EU.

    Who do you think will be first out of the UK?

  56. ghostly606 says:

    I’m a daft laddie, so can I just ask… Why are people who campaigned for independence in 2014 now trying their damndest to keep us in the Union?

  57. Neil Mackenzie says:

    Has Blair McDougall got a wee brother or a time machine?

  58. Al-Stuart says:


    I fink you are talking subjective echo-chambered excrement.

    I fink you should get some REAL statistics and evidence to support your vague waffle. I fink you are wasting our taxes by coming to Scotland for FREE education that we, the Scottish taxpayers pay. The least you should manage is to be semi-numerate and educated, at least to primary school level.

    What do you fink about that?

    Then again, you hyper-woke Amadan, as I fink you have NOT looked at the cold, hard facts when you say Sturgeon’s Nonce Party is still supported very well in Scotland, you are woefully ignorant of the fact that 98% of the Scottish electorate are AGAINST the Sturgeon Nonce Party’s tolerance of “Minor Attracted Persons”. As you are clearly unfit to be at university, let me spell that phrase out to you: An SNP “Minor Attracted Person” is a PAEDOPHILE. That means YOU and your Stirling University Woke Haven support PAEDOPHILES.

    Last time I looked, that was illegal.

    Alexander, I fink some of your lot will be visited by Police Scotland soon and if they refuse, then the Police Service of Northern Ireland will be visiting Police Scotland AGAIN until we get your PEDO supporting woke infestation put away in the pervert wing of the nearest nick.

    As for the BBC, obviously still riddled with Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris perverts to care about the laws or media balance or moral perversion of children.

    Tick tock, the time is fast approaching for a big dose of accountability. I fink it will be soon.

  59. Frank Gillougley says:

    So, the BBC’s Scottish political correspondent was actually a human ‘jobby’?

  60. Ottomanboi says:

    The geostrategic importance of Scotland cannot be overestimated, particularly as those Arctic seas open to possible year round navigability. BritState needs the territory and the West v East Nato antagonists likewise.
    An iScotland might offer rather too many variables for comfort.
    Naturally, the party of jam tomorrow already has its tank commanders readied for the fray, as preprogrammed.

  61. gregor says:


  62. gregor says:

    Guardian (2015): Welcome to U(redacted)e, the most corrupt nation in Europe:

    The SNP (24/02/2023): Twit:

    “Scotland stands with U(redacted)e


  63. David Hannah says:

    I’d like to see from Ash Regan, standing in front of the Queensferry crossing on a beautiful day. Ready to build bridges for all of Scotland.

    She’s an absolutely beautiful woman. I love her Tartan suit. She’d get my vote, I know she’s got the right ideas behind her.

    I see the Alba Party has beaten the Greens in the council by election. Excellent work.

    We can come together. I’m prepared to put my political differences aside, for Independence.

  64. dgp says:

    Hey all you nasty WOSSERS, that poor mr Swanson(g) will be reading all the negative comments about him and will be emotionally scarred before he has even recovered from the shock of the phone call from the BBC seeking his insightful and deep analysis of the SNP leadership contest.
    Well at least he’ll get appearance money from the BBC. I guess something around £300.

    When such a person is attacked on a public forum I always imagine his appearing here and making a defence of his position.But that never happens.

  65. Willie says:

    Oi finks the BBC is having a laff giving us five and a half minutes of this fat faced English accented nobody wittering on about what he finks.

    Why would anyone pay a licence to the BBC to watch absolute biased bigoted shite like this.

  66. Big Jock says:

    This reminds me of when Scottish Labour imploded. It started during McConnel’s leadership. The electorate changed their mindset. They shifted from wanting devolution to wanting more devolution and ultimately some kind of quasi independence.

    Scottish Labour completely ignored their base voters and the wider Scottish public. Ultimately the SNP came in and took their place, because the public thought Scot/Lab were WM puppets. Labours answer was to continue with their hard line unionism. They elected failed leader after failed leader. They are where they are today , because they wouldn’t listen and still ignore 30% of their members who want independence.

    The SNP are going down the very same route. They are ignoring the Scottish public and all the decent members left some time ago. Humza will be the last FM from the SNP , if he is elected. People can see what an idiot he is.

    If this comes to pass. I expect most of the good MSP’s will jump ship to Alba. The party will fall apart. The pro independence vote will be split from SNP/Alba/Greens. I believe they will still have the collective majority. However Labour could get in through the back door , by the SNP refusing to work with Alba.

  67. Big Jock says:

    David – I know we shouldn’t select a leader on looks, but I couldn’t agree more. But she also has the full package of policies that speak to the movement. Scotland would be mad not to have her as FM.

  68. Ted says:

    Rev, hang on mate, the Beeb certainly loves Wee Jimmy K, but that’s because they see her as one of their saviours against the Tories, since Conservatism,or even conservatism, is their real enemy.

  69. Johnny says:

    ghostly @ 14:25pm:

    Well, part of the answer is that a lot of them DIDN’T campaign for independence in 2014.

    A great number of unionists pretended to convert, for gravy, and cannibalised the SNP from the inside out. Its approach to independence (the leadership’s at any rate) is now essentially Labourite Devolution. Many of the practitioners have long experience of promising things to Labour voters “one day” and so find it easy to do – it’s just different branding to them.

    A goodly number of “No to Yes” converts (at least the ones where they were chasing a big slurp of gravy) were fake or, in some cases, still fake but actively intended to hijack and then mould the SNP in *their* unionist, devolutionist image.

    I’m sure everyone can think of examplars.

    And now here we are.

  70. James Che says:

    Does anyone know of a Scottish independence site or blog I can read and join,
    That has Scotlands independence as the main priority.

    The main stream media in Scotland had turned into a SNP site, compared to what it was in the previous decade and all the other media do is avoid not talk of it,
    Add to that political parties and the Westminster ( not Scottish) devolved management office

    One by one the people for Scotland, sites have disappeared, or been knobbled,
    The independence fight has turned to paper mashie name throwing game, (but ignores) just like the Snp, and the greens getting down to deep conversations and ways around problems,..

    The research is now restricted to gossip problems.

    The snp and the greens , along with many other blog sites for Scotland have fallen short of their reason d etre. and become gossip sites full of their own pet hates,

    Once again the Scots want for independence is shoved into the background, of minor problems by soft yessrs, dont knows, definate Nos, and Not me, And “I just like living on my piece of Scotland I bought, because it was cheaper than the land down south” type people.

    Diluted chit chat and diluted Scottish voices will never make a independent Scotland.

    Its absolute shit being a Colonised Country, not in a treaty of union,
    But then why should those fake independence supporters care, they have their cheap Scottish plot of land.
    Alway bought and sold for………gold.
    There seems to be no Shame nor guilt in the lack of fighting for The other people’s land and country, when you can simply buy it from under them as colonialist do.

    The awareness of being one of the few last persons standing here, coupled with the NUwingers is akin to listening to the NUbSnp and greens, In fact it is hard to tell them apart.

    Most of the wingers that used to comment have disappeared , they have not all died, nor have they gone, they just choose not to comment here any longer,

    I too, little by little do not comment every day and often miss days as it becomes monotonous talking of the SNP and Greens deliberately holding our attention for so long,
    Most of the older Scottish independence groups have found other alternatives and new ideas to forward independence,.
    Stealing by stealth and influx by union minded people on scottish blogs will not stop the Scots fighting to free their country and people from Coloniialism, nor for their independence.

    You simply have chosen to further your Colonialism into Scotland, this however has been on going over Scotland and its people for hundreds of years.
    The field has broadened and many people from outside of Scotland and Scots living abroad are more informed than they ever were.
    When the rest of the world continues on its path of global one government, of no energy, no cars, 15 minute cities, no NHS, when free speech has gone, when poverty is introduced to the middle classes, and antagonistic world wars drain your countries men and resources.
    What will be your regrets that you have no Country to escape to for salvation..that you did not save at least one Country for you and your family to live in.

  71. Beauvais says:

    Swanson is an International Politics student. I fink they might have had trouble understanding what he’s saying if he ever travelled abroad during his course.

  72. gregor says:

    Klaus Schwab, quotes:

    “Globalism is an ideology that prioritizes the neoliberal global order over national interests”

    ??? ?????? SNP (24/02/2023): Twit:

    “One year since the invasion of U(redacted)e and we have been astonished by the courage and determination of the U(redacted)n people. We will stand by them for however long it takes.”

  73. Ruby says:

    Could this have been organised by a disgruntled BBC employee?

    It’s brilliant!

  74. Doug says:

    Forbes/Regan to be Scotland’s McDonald/O’Neill?

  75. Maureen says:

    Ash Regan: I’m not afraid of Scottish Greens leaving Bute House deal

  76. Ruby says:

    highlander says:
    24 February, 2023 at 11:33 am

    (stu- i have some info for you)

    Did Stu get in touch?

    Just incase he didn’t I thought your message would benefit from being repeated and made bold.

    Stu – Highlander has some info for you

  77. Big Jock says:

    Maureen – In other words , good riddance to them. They are like flies on a windscreen.

  78. Dramfineday says:

    Ah the Old Ways (and days). Well I remember tramping around (usually wet and miserable) Glasgow with like minded people, protesting about BBC bias. What a great job we did sorting that lot out and ensuring fair play for future generations (NOT).

    The highlight of my strolling was to witness a young woman with two kids at foot, red faced and spit flecked, howling “("Tractor" - Ed)s and nationalist scum” at us. Such rage was a sight to behold and all because we wanted an even handed approach from BBC Scotland.

    Anyway 2014 duly loomed up – but that’s another story.

  79. Gunter Denlinden says:

    I suspect we have just had a preview of one of the list SNP candidates at the next HR election, should Mr Yousaf become SNP leader.

  80. Ruby says:

    James Che says:
    24 February, 2023 at 2:58 pm

    Does anyone know of a Scottish independence site or blog I can read and join,
    That has Scotlands independence as the main priority.

    Are you thinking of leaving Wings?

    Stu – Highlander has some info for you

  81. 100%Yes says:

    Why would we expect anything less from the British broadcasting channel Hence, I was surprised when people in the SNP were saying the SNP could win the British Supreme court case on Indyref2, when the detail is in the name.

    If people took a moment to lend Ash Regan their EARS they’d learn so much, unfortunately the contest has come down to the PERSON who Murrell family want to be FM. Like Ash said she doesn’t want continuity of the OLD REGIEM she wants a fresh new start with everyone involved.

    Hustings are going to be the key for Ash Regan, but the old SNP isn’t the same party I was once in we had one focus and only one goal Independence, the new SNP isn’t really interested in Scottish Independence, their only goal is to govern Scotland.

    If Ash Regan isn’t elected the SNP will not win another Westminster or Holyrood election and if Humza is elected things for Scotland and the SNP will only get worse for sure.

  82. Maureen says:

    STV: First TV debate confirmed for SNP leadership race

  83. James Che says:

    The Scots are not seeking freedom from a political party, thats small beans,

    They seek freedom from a dying Colonial Empire that loves any and all wars, in all Countries, for power and the sale of arms,
    To not have nuclear weapons of mass destruction where we live,

    To not have a energy crises in our country.

    To have a better health service, better education, less poverty, to maintain our beautiful land, not have it blown to bits in war training,

    If you want to live in Scotland and make it your home, what vision do you have for your future,
    This is not about Scottish or English as many conversations are instigated to cause divide, it is about changing your mindset about what type of Country do you want Scotland to be in the future, if you are living here,
    War torn, energy fuel poverty, bad health service, bad roads and no freedom of speech or right to roam, where our natural wildlife of Scotland that fits its scenic beauty is being killed to be replaced with foreign imports. No employment and industries, no shopping or shops near you,

    This is not down to one or two stupid parties in Scotland
    This is solely attributed to a Colonised Country,
    That has no voice. Or Choices.

  84. Maureen says:

    Full list of hustings dates for anyone interested

  85. 100%Yes says:

    @ Maureen

    thanks for this, as soon as I’m able I’ll pin this leaders debate to record.

  86. Antoine Roquentin says:


    “Swanson is an International Politics student.” Just like Angus Robertson was, for the information of anybody remotely interested in that kind of dross.

  87. Helen Yates says:

    If Swanson is a typical example of the youths for independence it’s fair to say we might as well shut up shop now.

    Sturgeon did her job exceptionally well, she alienated the best of the membership,( maybe she knew this day was coming ) therefore ensuring that the majority left with a vote would be the wokes and the deluded.

    Ash Regan is exactly what Scotland needs right now which is why I’m convinced she won’t get anywhere near the position of FM.

  88. Luigi says:

    David Hannah says:
    24 February, 2023 at 2:39 pm

    “She’s an absolutely beautiful woman.”

    Steady – You’ll get yourself labelled as a homophobic racist if ye don’t fancy Humza Yousaf.

  89. Republicofscotland says:

    I’m not surprised by this, especially when you look into certain aspects of funding for Stirling Uni, and we all know the state propaganda machine the BBC, is utterly opposed to anyone who might achieve Scottish independence

    Ash Regan will not get a fair crack of the whip from the Britnat media.

  90. Maureen says:

    100%Yes: You’re welcome. Would have like to go to the tivoli in Aberdeen hustings but no longer an snp member. Will be watching online though.

  91. Ruby says:

    Mhairi Black ‘incredibly hurt’ by Forbes comments on same-sex marriage

    Mhairi Black incredibly hurt because not everyone in Scotland agrees with same sex marriage.

    Boo hoo! Mhairi time to grow up!

    Mhairi Black claims

    I, like most people in Scotland, could not care less about someone’s religion

    There will probably be a lot of people in Scotland hurt to know that Mhairi but I don’t expect you care it’s only your feelings that count.

  92. Andouilette says:

    Luigi, I am a straight woman and I find Ash about 3 trillion times more attractive than Humbug Useless!

  93. Ruby says:

    Antoine Roquentin says:
    24 February, 2023 at 3:49 pm


    “Swanson is an International Politics student.” Just like Angus Robertson was, for the information of anybody remotely interested in that kind of dross.

    Don’t forget Andy Ellis.

  94. 100%Yes says:

    I’ve heard from my sources (Wife) that if Kate is elected as leader the SNP the SNP MSPs won’t vote for her to become FM.

  95. John Main says:

    @gregor says:24 February, 2023 at 3:05 pm

    “One year since the invasion of U(redacted)e and we have been astonished by the courage and determination of the U(redacted)n people. We will stand by them for however long it takes.”

    Great post Gregor.

    Somebody had to say it, and you are that person. Thanks.

    There’s enough potential freedom in the world for other nations to join us in the fight against colonialist hostility, exploitation and airbrushing from history.

    Even if we can’t get our own Scottish act together, that doesn’t mean we have to shit on anybody else who can.

  96. gregor says:

    @James Che re. “The Scots are not seeking freedom from a political party, thats small beans…”

    Well said. Our issues are far greater than mere politics.

    Keep driving such key messages home (we mustn’t lose sight of the bigger picture)…

  97. James Che says:


    Sadly, that is wavering in the back of my mind more and more, along with many others that have already left, as we become the gossip column for the Snp party and the Greens,

    Instead of actually finding alternative methods of escaping the parliamentary union that never happened.

    We will never escape the prison of our minds, if the perimeters are set by the deep governance of a Colonised branch office in Scotland. (Set up) to supply us with bad governance such as the snp and greens. As soon as independence looks close to winning,
    The Whole system is rigged to be set that way within the devolved government, that was its pupose.

    The Snp and Greens are playing us, they are keeping us talking of them and not actual independence methods other than themselves.snp, Labour, tories, Greens, o matter.

    Yes totally frustrated at how stupidly we are being played by the parties in a Colonial devolved government.
    Totally frustrated how the people on wings cannot see the long term aim of the SNP and Green is to keep you preoccupied.
    totally frustrated that Scottish blog sites do not see it or get it.
    Totally frustrated that we do not see who is running the Scottish devolved parliament from outside of Scotland,

    Just the sheer stupidity of falling for party politics diatribe instead of the independence of our Country.
    The Snp are attempting with the Greens to own the conversations,
    to claim the Sovereignty of the people in Scotland through little more than a branch office of Westminster,

    Yes I am considering it until we stop playing Dumb and Dumber to the tune that put in position parties in the Colonial branch office,
    Perhaps when others wake up to doing research of their own on the position of the old Scottish parliament.
    I can and have been supplying research on and from records, regarding Scotland, it ignored for cheap talk to take its place,
    but playing dumb and dumber is not a game I wish to continue,
    So yes, just about ready to leave and find alternative thinkers that have surpassed their thoughts on being restrictive gossipers helping the Snp and Greens stay in headlines.
    This gender nonsense was their party trick,

    With our own parliament in Scotland it could all be swept aside in one fell swoop.

    But the dance of minds in Scotland are hypnotised by the music of SNP and Greens and how bad a british legislated branch office is in Scotland.

    Not many here are seeing the truth of how the pied piper leads them away into stupor,

  98. laukat says:

    Listened to Ash Regan’s interviews and also Kate Forbes recent interviews. Might just be me but in the last few days I think Forbes has come a bit closer to Regan on how to take forward Independence.

    Forbes started out as a bit vague and talking about reaching out but has recently said she wants to involve the wider Yes movement and use the next election.

    They are fairly close on GRR and they are not far apart when it comes to pretty much every other policy. Is Forbes signalling that she could work with Regan? Regan did already through down an olive branch by saying the attacks on her were OTT and appealing for calm. Also noted when asked today she said Forbes was a good friend and very talented whereas with Yousaf she was less warm.

    Interesting that Forbes is not being accused that she is working with Alba or Salmond when Forbes is saying similar things. Almost as if the Murrell’s are only going with one attack line on Forbes or ignoring the possibility that Forbes may actually be just as likely to bring those that left the SNP back into the fold?

    Could make for an interesting TV debate if both Regan and Forbes show a similar view on Independence and other matters contrasted against Yousaf’s no clear plan. Yousaf could very well find himself being pigeon holed as the candidate with no clear plan on Independence, the economy, the NHS and on getting the GRR into law.

  99. Ignoramus says:

    I’m surprised that anyone would think that what the MSM put out will seriously impact upon the voting intentions of SNP members.
    If there is an intention to influence- which I find hard to see – then I would guess it would be minimal.
    I’m sure that most SNP members are as suspicious of what the BBC says as the next Nat.
    The coverage is slipshod & let’s be honest the rest of the UK doesn’t give a toss.
    Does anyone know who ran in the last Sinn Fein leadership vote?
    Regan is not a leader- she wants another level of quasi political class- aCitzens Assembly -what’s Holyrood meant to be?

  100. Stoker says:

    I got as far as 2 min 55 secs then OFF! Stutter! Stutter! Stutter! Eh! Uh! Eh! Stutter! Stutter! Pure pish! Stutter! Eh! Eh! Uh! Standard amateur bile from the British Broadcasting Corporation.

    If that’s the level of intellectual eloquence within the ranks of Sturgeon’s Nonce Party is it any wonder there has been zero progress on indy?

    Was i the only one, on seeing Alexander Swanson, who seen him as one of those nappy fetish blokes with a supersized dummy-tit stuck in his gob while sporting the latest frilly baby bonnet? LOL!

  101. SusanAHF says:

    All I can say is I don’t want anything to do with the woke lizard. Trannies turn my stomach and anyone who stands on that platform deserves shite.

  102. Andy Ellis says:

    @Ruby 4.14 pm

    Don’t forget Andy Ellis.

    You obviously haven’t. Good to know I appear to live rent free inside the empty space between your ears.

    Also worth pointing out that Ash Regan has a BA in IR (even if it is from Keele) an an MA in Development Management and a Diploma in PR from the London School of PR, not that it particularly showed from her recent performances.

    I see the quality of discourse in this place continues to decline…..colour us unsurprised!

  103. James Che says:

    You forgot the speech where the western world and Europe offered to fight until the last Uk-raine, you know, the bit, we are willing to empty their Country people before our take over bid and second regime change.
    But our pal-lensky is just an actor as I recall.
    Ahhh, but for the same method to be used on Scotland.
    Wait a minute ,

  104. gregor says:

    @John Main re. U(redacted)e

    I want ‘This Scot Gov/SNP’ to explain why it unremittingly places U(redacted)s national priorities and interests – ahead of its own people and nation.

    I want to see and feel the Scottish Government/parliament publicly express unwavering love, appreciation and admiration (support) – for Scotland and its people.

    This rotten SNP isn’t addressing any such concerns (the only thing I see is imminent SNP disaster and irrelevance…).

  105. gregor says:

    Super@Maureen (et al) is putting deplorable MSM to shame her national efforts (who needs rotten MSM when we’ve got our own Scottish champions keeping us duly informed)…

  106. Republicofscotland says:

    A warning for Ash Regan if she makes it into Bute House.

  107. Dan says:

    dgp says: at 2:45 pm

    Well at least he’ll get appearance money from the BBC. I guess something around £300.

    BBC paying the big bucks then, ITV only gave you £250 to make an arse of yourself on You’ve Been Framed.

  108. Republicofscotland says:

    Is this breaking party rules if the below is true.

    “There is a whole series of these videos by SNP ministers supporting Humza, each with the official SNP branding of the yellow box and black border used in official party presentations.

    Are these made with party HQ equipment and staff? Supporting one candidate?”

  109. Alf Baird says:

    Mebbe thon BBC cudna fin a Scottis student tae blether wi?

  110. Ottomanboi says:

    For those interested in what makes a certain eurasian nation tick I recommend Natasha’s Dance by Orlando Figes. It is an intelligent, in depth account of a people who know a lot more about suffering, courage and determination than any other.
    Fortunately it is still available for research to make your own assessment.

  111. socratesmacsporran says:

    Just read Severin Carrell’s take on Ash Regan’s campaign launch.

    She definitely has the Yoons worried, far-more than either Haunless Useless or Kate Forbes.

  112. Izzie says:

    I will not be voting for Regan as she is a loose canon. Not sure about Forbes but marginally better than Hamza who is hampered by being seen as one of the old guard. I think that I will abstain.

  113. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “You have to face the fact that 50%+1 in an election is a non-starter democratically and legally. What the winner should do is take Alec Salmonds approach and actually govern to show what’s possible and answer the really difficult questions on borders, currency, economy honestly.”

    And what? The UK will just GIVE us independence as a prize?

    If you get 50%+1 you HAVE convinced the people democratically.

  114. Ian says:

    This is the kind of sh*te that GB News and Talk TV run daily. Is that a coincidence, or has the BBC succumbed to their Fox News values of lying, fabricating and smearing? I believe they appointed an ex GB News man as part of their news output. This is the result. A complete disgrace, with no concern for so-called balance, or more importantly Scottish voters. What an insult to everybody’s intelligence.
    It isn’t the bias, it’s the flagrant and obvious way it is promoted, with no shame or the slightest attempt to camouflage it. Has the SNP infiltrated every news organisation in the country? It would seem so when you add up the concealment of evidence of corruption in the Scots Gov and the chicanery of its leaders.

  115. President Xiden says:

    Sorry but I’m still laughing at Swinney’s claim of being ‘deeply’ religious.

  116. Dan says:

    Izzie in a tizzy it seems. Reminiscent of another political commenter, Cat Boyd and EU vote…

  117. Stoker says:

    Jacqueline says on 24 February 2023 at 12:52 pm:
    “Sick. I’m raging. Can this fuckface shit get any worse.
    BTW BB effing C. I relinquished my fee to you in September 2014 and I still watch live telly. Up yours. Well and truly.”

    That lifted my spirits, Jacqueline. Gave me a good hearty chuckle.

    Cheers! 🙂

  118. stuart mctavish says:

    Ash giving James Cook’s brutal conversation all the right responses in all the right tones (from what i just heard on radio).

    Accordingly, first on agenda at hustings should be to agree to instruct the party/ Holyrood to take back broadcasting as early as next week. Let that be the S35/ supreme court order they get passionate about instead of the grrstapo stuff and rest of campaign could be epic.

  119. Breeks says:

    100%Yes says:
    24 February, 2023 at 4:15 pm
    I’ve heard from my sources (Wife) that if Kate is elected as leader the SNP the SNP MSPs won’t vote for her to become FM…

    Bring it on.

    If she’s elected then rejected, she can turn around, head straight for the door, and see how a Convention of the Estates can best put her to use.

    The Indy Mojo has already left the building, and is currently sitting safe with ALBA and being looked after. These wee shits who throw their toys out the pram everytime their toxic wee hegemony is threatened have no idea how close to the Abyss Holyrood currently stands, and it’s all thanks to their shit stirring and nonsense..

  120. Den says:

    FFS, another SNP/Green Stirling Uni INCEL, I fear for the future of this country

  121. Antoine Bisset says:

    It seems as if all three candidates have religious convictions. However they’re saying that they are not going to be guided by these beliefs and convictions when it comes to determining, defining, supporting or opposing the policies of the SNP.
    That is blatant hypocrisy. It is cowardice. If you are an MSP (or MP) and have Christian views on social matters, legal matters, relationship and sexual matters, I would expect you to promote them as fiercely as any of the loonies who are pushing their unscientific, mini-minority madness to the detriment and degradation of this country.
    If you are a Christian, sound the trumpet of the Lord, as it were. Do not give in to the ugly wishes of a small group bereft of knowledge, civility and intelligence.
    Pushing Christian views is essential to support democracy which must be fundamentally rooted in the views of the people, not those of a small, twisted clique.

  122. Jontoscots21 says:

    I kind of feel sorry for this poor woke Cnut trying to hold back the tide and earn Daddy Bear’s pride. Like many of these young activists he will probably look back and say “What a Cnut i was trying to hold back the tide for pride, when i should have been getting a ride. As for Ash give her a break. Don’t mistake the insinuating deceptive composure of politicians for people who genuinely want to change things. Faltering ? Its just uncertainty or even a kind of certainty someone like Forbes could falteringly have. For me its genuine politics not the soundbite assuredness of sleekit, shapeshifters like Humza.

  123. twathater says:

    IS there ANY Scots left in Scotland, just like the interloper from Tranada wee Alex, sorry is it Alex or alexa appears to be more interesting and informed on the SCOTTISH situation as the beeb obviously values new Scots over auld Scots even although they cannot string a sentence together

  124. gregor says:

    Pete Wishart (24/02/2023): Twit:

    “My understanding of this is that it is a form of ‘de facto’ but not quite because independence would be ‘part’ of a manifesto and if we get 50% plus we would declare independence and seek some sort of UDI. Thank that’s right?”:

  125. gregor says:


    “Knowledge about a subject, situation, etc. or about how something works.”

    “It certainly helped to deepen my understanding of the situation.”

    “His answer demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of the question.”

    “Some understanding of grammar is fundamental to learning a language.”

    “Academics sitting in ivory towers have no understanding of what is important for ordinary people.”

  126. Tom Halliday says:

    I am interested in finding out his evidence is for his claim that the public support the GRR bill.

  127. Doug says:

    Would it be fair to say Regan’s supporters second preference would be for Forbes?

  128. barelybare says:

    100%Yes says:
    24 February, 2023 at 4:15 pm
    I’ve heard from my sources (Wife) that if Kate is elected as leader the SNP the SNP MSPs won’t vote for her to become FM.
    They’ll vote for her once she tells them the alternative is a general election.

  129. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Rev Stu – Highlander has some info for you

  130. Aunty Flo says:

    I think any combination of Ash & Kate would make a formidable team!

    C’mon guys, we need to forget all these crapola horseshit gender woo distractions designed to divide us against each other, and focus solely on INDEPENDENCE.


    Everything else is subordinate to that and can be addressed by a post-independence democratic government of whatever flavour we the Scottish people may choose.

  131. Alf Baird says:

    gregor @ 6:18 pm

    “Academics sitting in ivory towers have no understanding of what is important for ordinary people”

    That is true for those coming from more privileged backgrounds, which accounts for most academics, certainly in ‘elite’ universities. But perhaps less so for those few of us from working class backgrounds who, deprived of opportunity, were forced to became economic migrants during Britain’s all too frequent recessions imposed on a resource-rich but exploited and under-developed Scotland. Our experience of ethnic oppression and discrimination in oor ain laund, combined with the study of postcolonial theory, reflects arguably the deepest understanding of our wretchedness as the basis of our fight for independence:

  132. Andrew scott says:

    This clown is the original richard head
    Snp dooomed with horrors like this guy/it/they/she/ whatever
    He/she/it/they/believes that the greens should remain as the tail waging the dog
    How did Scotland get to this??

  133. Kcor says:

    What would you expect from Pravda GB, the propaganda unit of the British establishment?

    Its main duty is to preserve the British state, including North Britain.

  134. Big Jock says:

    Barely says”I’ve heard from my sources (Wife) that if Kate is elected as leader the SNP the SNP MSPs won’t vote for her to become FM.”

    For that very reason I would love Kate to get elected. Let’s see these cowards face thd wrath of tge public if they dared to vote against Kate as FM. Personally I think they are a bunch of cowards. Its a simple ruse to make SNP members vote for Captain Mannering. They are the lowest scum ever to be elected to Holyrood.

  135. Kcor says:

    Once Regan has been roundly defeated by Yousaf, by foul means, she, Cherry and all those who support her should move to ALBA straight away.

    If they don’t, they are not genuinely interested in independence anytime soon.

  136. Tony + Hay says:

    Ash really has the establishment worried,if she performs well in the debates she will go close to winning.

  137. There will be so many in Scotland that have collaborated with the Murrells that will be fearful of Ash or Kate taking control,

    not just in politics but judiciary and media,

    from Lady Dorrian to David Clegg.

  138. Maureen says:

    Ms Regan, who launched her leadership campaign shortly before nominations closed on Friday, said Scotland is “not going to be asking anyone’s permission in order to become self-governing”.

  139. gregor says:

    @Alf Baird

    Thanks for your wisdom and contributions.

    Our rich history (and wretchedness) provides us with shining light to recognise our successes (and human faults) – to better determine our path forward.

    Why shouldn’t we value and embrace Scotland’s people – at our heart (as human equals), whilst treasuring Scotland’s sovereign integrity as our foundation.

    …What/who is Scotland waiting for…

  140. gregor says:

    Pete Wishart (23/02/2023): Twit

    “What ‘blocking’ does is get rid of the trolls who suggest that we aren’t in this to secure our nation’s independence but only in it for personal gain. ‘Blocking’ will always be applied to them. As you are about to find out….”:


  141. gregor says:


    “If something is blocked, no-one or nothing can move through it.”

    “The road is blocked – you’ll have to go round the other way.”

    “Prevented from reaching somewhere by someone or something.”

    “He scored by hitting a rebound from a blocked shot in the penalty box.”

  142. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (24/02/2023): Twitter:

    “I have unblocked everyone I blocked, apart from scammers. I recommend others do the same. Negative feedback is a good thing.”:


  143. gregor says:

    Fflur Dafydd (24/02/203): Twitter:

    “Made it to Scotland and @GraniteNoirFest just in time for this epic event with two legends – the Queen of Crime @valmcdermid
    interviewed by none other than @NicolaSturgeon. Wonderful to have insight into Val’s writing journey as well as hearing about their genuine friendship.”:

  144. Anon says:

    Didn’t get invited onto the TV again Mr Campbell?
    Ah well, better luck next time

  145. gregor says:


    “Soon or in the near future.”

    “See you anon.”

  146. gregor says:

    Classic Noir (Wedding Band Scotland, 2019): Video:

    “…Let’s dance
    Let’s dance
    For fear your grace should fall
    Let’s dance
    For fear tonight is all
    Let’s sway
    You could look into my eyes
    Let’s sway
    Under the moonlight, this serious moonlight…”:

  147. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (24/02/2023): Twitter:

    “This can’t be real”:

  148. gregor says:


  149. gregor says:

    Fiction Factory: Feels Like Heaven (TOTP, 1984):

    “Heaven is closer now today
    The sound is in my ears
    I can’t believe the things you say…

    Feels like heaven…”:

  150. gregor says:

    Saltire Threads (24/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Pete Wishart, you reading this?”:

  151. Geoff Anderson says:

    The MSM had people telling us what Ash Regan was saying instead of letting us hear what she was saying.
    We seem to havea very organised “Stop Regan” campaign.

  152. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (25/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Now is the time to fight the anti-human woke mind virus with everything!”:

  153. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum (2021): Agenda: Zero emissions areas tackle multiple city struggles: Why aren’t they everywhere?

    DailyExpress (25/02/2023): SNP’s controversial Low Emission Zones have cost cash-strapped government £36m – and none are active yet:

    “…Zone plans have cost the taxpayer a whopping £36 million- and they are not even up and running yet. A brainchild of the (WEF) SNP…

    Motorists driving diesel cars registered before 2015 or running on unleaded and made before 2006 will be banned from driving in the city centres. If they do head into the city centre then they will be fined, with penalties starting at £60 …to a maximum of £480, with cameras snapping rule-breakers…

    Glasgow cab drivers have blasted SNP-led Glasgow City Council …because it could make thousands of them redundant due to their old cars…”:

  154. gregor says:

    BusinessInsider (2020): 119 billionaires, 53 heads of state, and an $8.3 million security bill: A look at Davos:

    “an event that will be attended exclusively by the world’s richest and most powerful people. That’s exactly what the World Economic Forum does…”:

    World Economic Forum (2022): Themes: A Cost of Living Crisis:

    “Over the course of the pandemic, close to 100 million people are estimated to have fallen into extreme poverty and spikes in the price of food and fuel are creating a cost-of-living crisis…

    …while the wealth of the world’s richest people has doubled…”:

    Pete Wishart (25/02/2023): Twit:

    “On Monday the @CommonsScotAffs will start an inquiry in to the cost of living crisis in rural communities in Scotland.

    We will be looking at these issues.”:

  155. gregor says:

    Lewis Capaldi (2022): Pointless:

    “…You’ll wait for me too

    From all my airs and graces
    To the little things I do
    Everything is pointless without you
    Of all the dreams I’m chasing
    There’s only one I choose
    Everything is pointless without you…”:

  156. DMcV says:

    You may not have heard of him, but he is the National Organiser for SNp Students, Rev, so perhaps there are certain areas where your research is lacking. And whatever guff he talks – and it’s quite a lot – I have no idea why his ‘English accent’ is relevant. You should be careful not to dog-whistle the more blood-and-soily eye-swivellers who comment here.

    The easy path he got from the BBC Salford/London presenter seems less bias to me, and more their general ignorance. They don’t know Scottish politics, they don’t know Scottish politicians, they don’t know the issues, they’r uninformed. Imagine Gary Lineker trying to interview someone about the Dundee United situation. Same thing.

  157. Ochil Warrior says:

    It looks like they’re all on their way to a pie-eating competition.

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