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Lipstick On Your Collar

Posted on April 05, 2023 by

Until a few weeks ago Calum Steele was the chief of the Scottish Police Federation, so as due-credits go we particularly appreciate this one.

So let’s remind ourselves of a few things.

Firstly is that Peter Murrell is entitled to the presumption of innocence like any other suspect, even if he wasn’t so keen to extend it to the man he owes his entire career to.

Secondly: the story that £600,000 of fundraiser money supposedly ring-fenced for a second independence referendum had gone missing was broken exclusively by Wings Over Scotland in January 2020.

I attempted to draw the attention of Scotland’s mainstream press to the story. My own Twitter account had just been banned, so I DMed most of the political press pack from a covert account I used to keep track of Unionist trolls.

I sent messages to Paul Hutcheon (then of the Herald, now editor of the Daily Record), Severin Carrell of the Guardian, Kieran Andrews of the Times, Andrew Picken of the BBC, Andy Philip of the Sunday Mail, Gareth Rose of the Daily Mail and Davie Clegg (then of the Daily Record, now editor of the Courier), suggesting it was something they might want to look in to.

Even when fed the story on a plate, not one of them replied or did anything.

Thirdly: when three members of the SNP’s finance committee resigned in March 2021 over Peter Murrell’s refusal to let them see the books and investigate where the money was, that story was exclusively broken on Wings Over Scotland.

We’d already written to SNP treasurer Colin Beattie in October 2020 inquiring about the whereabouts of the money on behalf of concerned party members/donors who’d contacted us. Mr Beattie ignored us. We then repeated that request to new treasurer Douglas Chapman in January 2021:

Mr Chapman attempted to get to the bottom of the matter, was also refused access to the books by Peter Murrell, and he duly also resigned, in May 2021. (We didn’t get the exclusive on that one, because by that point we’d retired.) Hilariously, he was replaced by Colin Beattie, the man he’d been elected to replace specifically in order to provide greater transparency.

Fourthly: the month before Chapman’s resignation when a formal complaint was made to Police Scotland in respect of the missing money and the story of their investigation was exclusively broken on Wings Over Scotland, the Scottish political press pack didn’t just fail to take it seriously, they actively sneered at and rubbished our reporting on the matter.

(In the interests of our trademark scrupulous fairness we must note that a couple of years later Tom Gordon did eventually give Wings proper credit over the story. Such grace still eludes David Leask, as one would expect.)

Fifthly: when it was found that Peter Murrell had made a loan of £107,000 to the SNP, which hadn’t been properly declared to the Electoral Commission, that story was exclusively broken on Wings Over Scotland.

For investigating this matter, Wings has been subjected to endless, horrendous abuse from the SNP and its supporters, despite our years of dogged work for the cause of independence. We’ve been smeared in the vilest imaginable ways by supposed indy supporters for simply reporting undeniable facts, while also being mocked and traduced from the other side by the people whose job it was to report those facts but who failed to do so.

(The whole affair has some uncanny parallels with the death of Rangers FC in 2012, a massive story about a huge Scottish institution which had to be chiefly broken by so-called “internet bampots” because once again the Scottish press couldn’t see what was staring it in the face, on account of the fact that it was face-down on its dinner-plate sucking up the gravy from succulent lamb.)

So we hope you’ll forgive us if we enjoy today with no small degree of personal and professional satisfaction.

We just wish it hadn’t taken so long, and that such terrible damage hadn’t been wrought on the Yes movement in the meantime, because people didn’t want to believe it and lashed out at the whistleblowers telling them uncomfortable truths, even when those truths were screaming in black and white from the pages of the SNP’s published accounts.

We hope there’s a lesson there, but we’re not holding our breath.

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  1. Turnbulldrier says:

    Vindication at last.. Outstanding work, as ever Stu.

  2. maxxmacc says:


    I have waited years, nay decades to see this ‘couple’ get their come-uppance. The damage they have done to the independence movement is almost incalculable.

    Popcorn and TV News for the next 24 hours!

  3. Gregory Beekman says:

    Great work!

  4. Fi says:

    at last, boil lanced, waiting for it to be drained now, then onto the healing……..
    Wonder how many rats will leave the sinking ship today..?

  5. SusanAHF says:

    Thank god for your journalism Stu, nobody else was prepared to lance the boil. Hopefully the police and COPFS do their duty impartially

  6. Jo says:

    I never thought Murrell would get arrested the whole clique must be extremely worried especially woman H.

    Wonder where Nicola is

  7. Patsy Millar says:

    Never lost faith in you Stu and your ability and grit in getting to the truth despite all the aggro you have received. There should be a log Pulitzer Prize for you.

  8. Rab Dickson says:

    You’ve earned a self-satisfied smirk mate…..well played

  9. blackhack says:

    The brown stuff is certainly hitting the air circulator….Time for the popcorn me thinks….

  10. duncanio says:

    Thank you Stuart Campbell and Wings Over Scotland.

  11. KLF says:

    scotlands own watergate

  12. Ian McCubbin says:

    Well you can feel reassured that all along you have been the only true investigating journalist in this matter.
    Let’s hope msm now take up the matter with some urgency.

  13. Lollysmum says:

    Very well worth the wait Stuart. Added to all the well deserved egg on face the Scottish press pack are sporting today it must have made your day. It did mine.

    Well done sir & to the press pack I say “Does it smart? I do hope so & for a long time to come” They deserve it.

  14. Smithers says:

    Today’s arrest is the beginning of the result of the culmination of:

    “Wheesht for indy”
    “But.. but.. what about the Tories?”
    “Wings is a unionist”

    Etc, etc, etc. It’s a result of what was obvious to pragmatists. I don’t believe the above crowds will have a change of heart today and it is a blow to Indy movement however framed. That said, it is not Wings, Murray, Salmond, etc who’s heads should hang low today. It’s the carrot chomping enablers, section 30 challenging intellect vacuums. Lets all enjoy today, despite the damage. Vindication has been a long time coming and I hope there is much more to come. Especially for Alex.

  15. AndyH says:

    This is all great, but they have had an awfully long time to be prepared for this.

    I just hope that justice is truly served and that other items might become clearer in the fullness of time.

  16. Frank Anderson says:

    The sound of silence from the twitteratti and the Progressives is deafening. Are they waiting for the Party line from HQ, which I presume is currently closed whilst being searched.
    So following on from your FoI, was anybody tipped off that this was in the offing and have they been given enough time to get rid of evidence? The interviews will of course be fed ‘ can’t remember’ line to almost everything. Makes a change from ‘ no comment’.
    Sad to see but was inevitable. Does that make the NEC members liable for any lost money?

  17. Geoff Anderson says:

    Apparently a car arrived at her home pick up Sturgeon 20 minutes before the Police Circus arrived…what an amazing coincidence. It is almost as if she got a heads up!

  18. Keith Montgomery says:

    I have regularly contributed to Wings fundraisers and now give £5 per month. Please keep up the good work. Many times I have wished that you were wrong but the truth will out and soonest turns up here. Wings and the Grouse Beater have kept me sane. Membership of Alba gives me hope for the future.

  19. Antoine Bisset says:

    So, what you are saying is (© Cathy Newman)that Rip Van Livingstone has woken up ?

  20. robertkknight says:

    There is indeed a “lesson” there, Rev, but the fact is that the entire pro-Union MSM in Scotland ran 1000 miles in the opposite direction from a story which risked tarnishing the public image of the person supposedly pushing for Scottish Independence.

    The question remains why would they do so, and at who’s bidding? Let’s face it, you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure that one out.

  21. Tackety Beets says:

    Funnily, you mentioned Rangers 2012.

    Apparently Park resigned last night & Sevco accounts have not filed their accounts due Jan 2023

    Shakes head & wonders if my granny was right “It’s always in 3s”

    Next it’ll be Trump getting charged………. Doh!

  22. Stephen O'Brien says:

    What odds of SNP going bankrupt? Could that be considered a clean slate, for a ‘new’ independence party to stand for election?


  23. HadEnoughNow says:

    I was beginning to give up hope that this day would come.
    Thanks for giving the entirety of the UK’s ‘journalists’ a masterclass on how to do actual journalism – this is probably only one of two subscriptions currently worth the money. Top work Stu.

  24. Dai4Scotland says:

    Finally all your hard digging has paid off!
    I wish none of this ever happened but it did and you brought the “Rot” to light.
    Well done Rev 🙂

  25. Lulu Bells says:

    Well done.

    I hope Alex Salmond is laughing his head aff!

  26. HadEnoughNow says:

    I was beginning to give up hope that this day would come.
    Thanks for giving the entirety of the UK’s ‘journalists’ a masterclass on how to do actual journalism – this is probably only one of two subscriptions currently worth the money.
    Top work Stu.

  27. Marie Clark says:

    Very well done Stuart, you certainly have had to put up with a lot of abuse in the past, so nice to be vindicated. You must have a big smile on your coupon today.

    Squeaky bum time for some in the SNP, as Peter knows where all the bodies are buried, doesn’t he.

  28. Daisy Walker says:

    Well done, and thank you for all that you’ve done. Outstanding.

    Can I just caution folk a wee bit re the term ‘arrested’. Big difference between Arrested because they’ve enough to charge him and put a report to the Fiscal, and ‘arrested on suspicioun’ which is the legal process which replaced the former ‘detained’ which is a means of taking the suspect into custody, for interview….

    It appears Nikla was driven from the house at 0805 hours… I wonder (not really, but for appearances sake) if she was forewarned.

  29. Beauvais says:

    He who laughs last laughs best.

    He who laughs first laughs Leask of all.

  30. bluegrass banjo says:

    pete wishart quiet as a door mouse

  31. PinkFlamingosForever says:

    Far too much complacency has led to dreadful cronyism in the SNP. Talent has been sacrificed on the alter of political correctness and woke politics. Too many running scared of screeching men in high heels and not enough courage to stand up. Well done Stu. You have been the one shining light in the murk.

  32. d wade says:

    Well done.
    In passing does anyone know what disciplinary offences Mrs Murrell was being charged with by the Law Society?

  33. Am I correct in saying that all the NEC may be liable for repayment is fraud is proved?

  34. AndyH says:

    Dying to see what Wheat Pishfart comes up with

  35. Graham Ballantyne says:

    I won’t be gloating today that that pair finally look like getting their comeuppance. I am f*****g furious. They are the worst thing that’s ever happened to the independence movement. They’ve corrupted the SNP, corrupted Scotland and set back independence for years. I don’t now expect to live to see an independent Scotland but I hope to see those two in Saughton.

  36. Kathryn says:

    Bravo Stuart ?

  37. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Thank fck you came out of “retirement” to finish off the job, it’s not over yet but as of today the rats on board will be looking for any escape route they can find. 🙂

    To save their skins they’ll squeal loudly, the day of reckoning is coming. (Nicked that one from Pulp Fiction.) 😉

  38. Patricia Spencer says:

    The absolute state of these so called journalists and reporters who aren’t fit to write their own names let alone cover the real stories Scotland needs. WINGS is, and has been, an absolute rock during these times of obfuscation, deflection and cronyism. Thank you once again ??

  39. Patricia Spencer says:

    The absolute state of these so called journalists and reporters who aren’t fit to write their own names let alone cover the real stories Scotland needs. WINGS is, and has been, an absolute rock during these times of obfuscation, deflection and cronyism. Thank you once again ??

  40. sarah says:

    Tremendous work by you, Rev, at great cost to yourself.

    Now if COPFS can be trusted [??] we should see multiple charges and prosecutions of other people as well.

    How is Mhairi Hunter coping? Is she alright, do you think? And all the other Murrell/Sturgeon friends. I can’t help but worry about them…snigger.

  41. Garavelli Princip says:

    It really is true. If this was left to the MSM it would have stayed buried

    Well done Stu.

  42. Mark Boyle says:

    History has a Nemesis for every sin.

  43. Lisa says:

    Aw babe, time to polish that armour for you truly are a knight.

    I have noticed though that people who do their jobs well usually end up with the biggest workload. I wouldnae be planning any holidays soon 😀

    Thanks for your dedication babe, Scotland needs it.

  44. Big Jock says:

    Has to be an election. Humza is implicated in terms of the transparency of the election. His appointment is now unsustainable. He might not last as long as Truss.

  45. Ebenezer Scroggie says:

    This is fun!

    The blue and white tent in the front garden is gorgeous theatre!

    She’s lost it. And it now shows.

  46. Graeme George says:

    Maybe the forensic tent is there too conceal a shallow grave and if your wondering what that sound is it’s my happy heart you hear 🙂

  47. Geoff Anderson says:

    but Humza thought Peter was wonderful only days ago! An election winner

  48. Paul B says:

    Obvious credit should go to Wings for this, and I don’t think we need say more about the utter mess this all is.

    Genuine, decent indy supporters have also been abused, traduced, and bad-mouthed by the mob.

    As said elsewhere, a lot of people have a lot of humble pie to eat, a lot of back-peddling to do, and dare I say, apologies to make?

    More than anything else though, what an absolute regrettable mess this all is. The people truly responsible will never admit it and probably get away with it, with the chants of their blind, stupid followers still ringing in their ears.

    What a mess.

  49. PhilM says:

    Well done Stuart you’ve put a smile on all the right faces today…

  50. Calum says:

    Have to say, the fiver a month I punt you Stu is the best value for money imaginable.

  51. President Xiden says:

    Something else which our succulent lamb eating media refused to investigate was why did all those lawyers including the presiding judge resign from the Scottish Government’s Covid response inquiry? Could someone please ask Ms Sturgeon or Ms Freeman this question which apparently dare not speak its name.

  52. Big Jock says:

    Intriguing setting up a tent for financial embezzlement? What else is there???

  53. Astonished says:

    Brilliant. Beauvais. Brilliant.

    We should always refer to him as ‘Leask of all’.

    The yoon hacks have been exposed for the ‘Quizmasters’ they are. I hope their names go down in infamy. I hope they have to face their corruption every day.

    ” I am not speaking to you – you are a proven liar” should be the stock response to any of these hack’s questions.

    Think what we could have achieved if they had only reported truthfully.

    I hope they are sued.

  54. christy m says:

    Don’t think any of this will stick to Nic, unfortunately. They’ll put it down to the vagaries of a very modern marriage. Sturgeon will be kept clean so that Salmond can remain soiled, in the public perception.

  55. Derek says:

    The Hives’ album was called Tick Tock Boom, which also seems quite apposite.

  56. Garrion says:

    I’m hoping that this surfacing of the truth can be used to further us to the destination of independence.

    I fear that it will be used by the self same “Scottish” media to damage the idea of and drive to independence, especially in the hearts and minds of the underinformed who DON’T read Wings.

    I’m hoping that somewhere there are conversations on how to weaponize this in the cause’s favour.

  57. Calum says:

    Would it be too much to hope for that this could implode and take Useless with it?!

  58. Milady says:

    Oh well done Beauvais, very well done!

  59. Alisdair Mclean says:

    Kudos to you Stu.

    Do you suppose that Nicola will forget she is married to Murrell?

  60. Den says:

    @revstu, keep shining that beacon of light in those dark murky holes as for the msm they are gutless soup taking stenographers , there are none so blind as those who cannot (or will not ) see.

  61. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Just going to pop out for a pet lettuce, I think I’ll call it Humza.. 🙂

  62. Al Hunter says:

    Many thanks to you Stuart, your helpers and your followers for keeping me from being a total mug – much obliged.

  63. BLMac says:

    Maybe they told the truth that the 600,000 was ring-fenced but they simply forgot to say whose pocket it was ring-fenced into.

    The sort of simple accounting error quite common in politics…

    We can now live in hope.

  64. Politically Homeless says:

    Ah the notorious cranks! They’ll have their day in the sun yet.

  65. Anne Johnston says:

    Said it for years..Wings, best journalism out there.

  66. Confused says:

    Buffet of Schadenfreude / Popcorn Time? / Lock-in at a Popcorn Factory??

    This is like being a child, having a sweetshop to yourself and too much to choose from.

    Was there an “incident” or an “altercation” – NOTHING TO SEE HERE MOVE ALONG.

    I expect the fake nats will now fuck-off, routed, and the gradualists and middle-class woke re-defect to oursevles, the extreme far right alt-nat nationalists – maybe not.

    – no one likes a smart arse, or a tattle-tale – or that guy who was right, when you were wrong, makes you look bad; don’t expect to ever be forgiven.

    The fake nats are incredibly good at not-talking about things they don’t want to talk about.

    – the national claims “we can’t talk about this as its contempt of court … ” (- didn’t stop you in the past)

    Certain bloggers are spanking their members like a chimp at a zoo about … Donald Trump; no presumption of innocence there and what did he do – give an annoying woman money to fuck off?

    I expect to hear a lot of silence … (rolling brushwood) … then maybe a “let’s not play the blame game” and “let’s move on for the sake of the movement”

    Here’s a trick – if you get the public behind you and get a “freedom number” – guildford 4, birmingham6 – then you are innocent


    and maybe he should get Lord Findlay of Handlebars as his lawyer.

  67. Debatable Lands says:

    Well done. Stu, were you do nothing else with your life, this is an achievement to be proud of, that was worked had for.

    I am not pro-indy, but that doesn’t make any difference to my views on the SNP. And I have always respected this website’s balance and integrity.

    I watched in dismay as this party was obviously taken over as a vehicle into power by activist groups and petty mobsters. I simply couldn’t believe what they were doing and getting away with to cement their hold on power. The country is barely a democracy. The rule of law means nothing to them. The cronyism. The autocratic political seizure of all elements of the state. The confident lies knowing that anything could be denied as long as you used the magic word.

    When ordinary people are actually frightened of a political party and hesitate to express their views for fear of retribution, then you know you have got it VERY wrong. When the press hesitate to say anything that raises the ire of a party, you have no press. When the police are open to direction by the party in power, you have lost the neutral protection of the law.

    We’ll see how this investigation goes. I wonder if the previous Chief Constable’s retirement will turn out to be instrumental in removing whatever barriers were there to try to slow walk this into the long grass.

  68. Sharney Dubs says:

    Well played young man, a good day indeed. Many congrats!!

    But the sadness is the damage done to the independence movement, which it would appear, was their aim all along.
    We need to regroup and come back stronger than ever, the dream shall never die.

  69. Liz says:

    Well done Stu.
    Our press are fucking useless, oh wait, that’s racist or something.

  70. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Under live investigation so I will reserve comment until later.

    However I will say Bravo Stuart.

    Take a bow sir.

  71. ScottieDog says:

    Take the afternoon off.
    (Pictures Andy defrain on the prison roof at shawshank).

  72. Paul Newton says:

    If It’s any consolation Stu, your not the only one to get smeared in the vilest imaginable ways by supposed indy supporters. I asked similar questions and found myself deeply unwelcome in my local YES group.

    (and I love the Hives).

    Thanks for putting a smile on my gimp today even though the cause of Independence has been flattened and the Celtic supporters and Rangers supporters united for Independence will stay in my attic until there’s a genuine reason to unveil it again.

  73. Dramfineday says:

    Stuart Campbell – you’re the man!

  74. Daisy Walker says:

    I wonder if similar Police activity is taking place in Portugal, and if there is an international aspect to this investigation.

    Be useful to know.

  75. Willie says:

    Chucked the job, salary cut, lost the tied house in Edinburgh with the one in Glasgow locked down by police, with her man out of job too and in the doo doo, the ex FM’s work life balance has taken a turn for the worse.

    The way thing are going she could be selling the Big Issue outside a certain Big Hoose in Glasgow when she goes to visit her man. In fact she might join him too, self identified of course as a man.

    Levity aside. Well well done Rev Stu Campbell. So many of us owe you a huge debt of gratitude for the reporting that you’ve done over the years.

    And just great that you didn’t retire.

  76. Al-Stuart says:

    I was just round at Brian Souter’s Stagecoach HQ.

    Help ma boab, there wiz wee Nicola buying a bus!

    How does her new theme tune go?

    The wheels oan ma bus go roon an roon.
    Salmon didn’t fit and it cost me five hundred thousand poond,
    It’s time for me to drive someone else into the groon,
    A’hm noo the Dippy Clippy fae Dreghorn Tooon.

    Oh the wheels oan ma bus go roon and roon.
    Has anyone seen Penfold yon girnin balloon,
    It’s time for him to go under the bus,
    Cannae hae Penfold makin a fuss.

  77. John H. says:

    Thank you Stuart for all you’ve done for us and the entire independence movement.

  78. Noggin says:

    In the end we will see a ‘lessons have been learned’ statement from the SNP. But far, far too late. The leadership has betrayed a movement that I’ve spent a lifetime supporting, and seems to be filled with apologists and riders of the gravy train. Its past time for the stables to be completely cleared.

    And as for MSM, a shocking dereliction of duty. Some of those responsibly even claim to be ‘journalists’.

  79. Rookiescot says:

    But of course only happens AFTER Yousaf is presented the leadership.
    The entire thing stinks.

  80. James Devlin says:

    I’d imagine this is a bitter sweet day for AS. Bitter at the damage the Murrells have done to the YES movement, and the trashing of the party he left them, whilst sweet that the people who tried to destroy him have finally been found out, due to their inane paranoia, incompetence and lust for control and power.

  81. llornamac says:

    We knew who to believe and trust! Well done Stu!! We can but hope that all those who shot the messenger might start believing too.

  82. Jm says:

    Well done Stu,absolutely vindicated.

    To all you cowardly trougher so-called journalists..this is how real journalism is done.

  83. Red says:

    Hey, anybody remember when everybody’s favourite honest journalist Tom Gordon was printing malicious stories about Alex Salmond that were obviously being fed to him by SNP HQ?

    I remember, and I bet Alex does too.

  84. Daisy Walker says:

    Any Police activity in and around Dunblane by any chance?

  85. Breeks says:

    If you, or someone you know, has been affected by any of the issues raised in today’s Wings Over Scotland, here are some details of organisations that can offer help and advice…


  86. Lynn says:

    As a soft no voter I came here to keep an open mind and see what the Independence movement was all about . I keep coming back as I recognise The Rev to be the last investigative journalist on the go . None of this has been a surprise to regular readers .

    You deserve the credit and I think single handedly you have brought accountability to a process that had long severed any pretence of democracy .

    I have been quite shocked at the lengths some people have gone to silence people in the independence movement who were becoming concerned . Several names are springing to mind . They played their part well at a cover up when they should have been representing the greater good in society .

    They should be ashamed of themselves . A lot of you have been let down and deserved better .
    I hope going forward things improve for you . I doubt they will have enough integrity to apologise but apart from that you have all done well in getting Scottish politics to a better place .
    All of us should desire that .
    Well done each and everyone of you .

  87. Jim Bo says:

    And we’re laughing right along with you. Just wonder how WGD is handling all this…

  88. desimond says:

    I think Holyrood has shut down for a fortnight at present…that will save them having to hire a rentamob to get FMQs abandoned tomorrow to avoid another airing.

    Can you imagine all the usual Scottish Luvvie rentaquotes looking at their phones right now with the paralysiing paradox of them dying for it to ring but praying they never need to answer it!

    Im going on holiday next week, no not Portugal, I usually dont bother with the news in absentia…not this time though!

  89. Antoine Roquentin says:


    “Now if COPFS can be trusted [??] we should see multiple charges
    and prosecutions of other people as well.”

    If the whole thing falls, the first part of your question will be answered.

  90. Confused says:

    – jaysus … the dibble have the house taped off and an incident tent set up.

    will there be men in white suits?

    shurely not digging up the garden?

    “where the bodies are buried” – that’s a metaphor, right! right?!

    I hope Peter has not used the old “usb key behind the skirting boards” trick; been used a few too many times


  91. radgie gadgie says:

    The UK media ruthlessly destroys enemies of the UK establishment, eg Salmond and Corbyn.

    The UK media gave Sturgeon star treatment when she took over and shielded her & “hubby” throughout her reign.

    Draw your own conclusions.

  92. Stephen O'Brien says:

    The Wee Free, released a statement…

    “His judgment cometh and that right soon!”

  93. PhilM says:

    I wonder if anyone’s feeling regretful today for not taking Alex Salmond’s advice eight and a bit years ago…

  94. Zander Tait says:

    Happy days. Congratulations Stuart Campbell on staying the course. Flawless victory to quote from Mortal Kombat.

  95. Vestas says:

    Some of the comments on other sites are positively “Trumpist”, no other word for it. They simply can’t believe that their dear leaders would be in this position unless it was “politically motivated”. Simply priceless.

    Also the comments about how “This doesn’t look good for the ‘movement’ regardless of party” are fucking pathetic. Stop trying to smear other parties – you KNOW who you are Munguin!

  96. Thankyou for being honest.

  97. bipod says:

    You know I actually kind of feel sorry for humza he was the anointed candidate because he seemed like the safest bet to keep the gravy train running, but clearly the murrells didn’t fill him in on what was actually happening and now his leadership is probably irreversibly damaged.

  98. Kate says:

    Thank you, Stuart. You deserve every right to smile & smirk today. The absolute garbage you have put up with, gives you that right. I’m sorry so many people were so willing to give you such abuse in order to protect that woman. You have proved you had much more integrity and honesty than them. And proved Scotland has NO MSM just WM apologists. Thank God for your wish to make Scotland independent. Because without your investigations into this vile ‘family’, who knows how long Scotland would be the loser.

    I’m not sure anything will come of all this police activity, but at least people are aware & perhaps it will jog the elbows of many who were still prepared to believe in this party. I really hope so.

    I won’t give them a hard time if they’re prepared to accept you were right. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in Stuart.

  99. Big Jock says:

    You do not set up tents and raid HQ for £600k. Something way bigger is going on!

  100. Ali Clark says:

    “Later police were also seen searching the back garden.” from BBC News.

    Not the type of searching you would normally expect in a “Fraud case”. Anyone else find that somewhat odd?

  101. Anonymoose says:

    Has anyone seen Colin Beattie today?

    If I was him I’d be sweating it today, as the person responsible for the SNPs finances, working alongside Murrell – some might say hand-n-hand, you’d think that Police Scotland might want to interview him, perhaps even under caution and to hold on to his passport incase he absconds.

  102. Luigi says:

    Folks, just a respectful reminder that this is a live police case, so please ca canny with your comments. It will all come out in the wash, eventually.

  103. Morphy Richards service engineer says:

    WGD has went all po-faced about “active police investigation” and decided that today is just the time to share some personal issues with us.

    I’m sorry for his mother and even sorrier that he would choose to use her misfortunes as a shield.

    But Im not surprised in the slightest.

  104. Graham Lamont says:

    Vindication Rev, it’s a wonderful feeling and big congratulations to you and for everyone on this site who refused to look the other way when salient facts were 6 inches in front of their face

    On a personal level, I certainty took loads of abuse and derision from family members and friends who refuse to believe that ‘Oor wee Nicka’ could be anything other than a mix of Mother Teresa, Ghandi and Father Christmas, a completely unimpeachable and sentient human being.

    Looking forward to catching up with them all very soon. Keep up the good work mate and just like Jack Nicholson in a Few Good Men, “they can’t handle the truth”

  105. Antoine Roquentin says:

    Those of us with longer memories will know that Stuart Campbell’s record for exposing corruption in Scottish society and politics has always been, and remains, peerless. And tf for that!

  106. Den says:

    Humza must resign. Scotland needs a general election without delay. We need to rid Scotland of this corrupt SNP cabal. They cannot (The current SNP cabinet) be allowed to re-write the history books by distancing themselves from Sturgeon and Murrell.

  107. Stephen O'Brien says:

    Arrests and on going police investigations, aside. What is the current financial state of SNP?

    Bankruptcy a possibility? That could definitely be described as a clean slate, for whichever indy group attempted to fill the void left by SNP.

  108. PhilM says:

    I suppose we should all give Smitty a quick round of applause too…

  109. John says:

    Scottish Government deleted Humza Yousaf correspondence with the Pakistan Consulate

  110. Rob says:

    Well done Wings.

    I have been following your coverage of this and the money was clearly missing in the accounts which were available on line.

    As a Glaswegian in exile, I am flabbergasted by the Scottish press not only in this case but also over the Salmond fiasco which I followed on TV.

    I really don’t see the Scottish press as pro union. But can’t understand why they are completely absent on any criticism of the SNP, deserved or otherwise.

    You also brought us the information about the letter sent to the SNP members prior to the leadership vote. Again dodgy SNP behaviour not covered by the msm.

  111. Big Jock says:

    Phil. Smitty said it was something way bigger than the missing funds. Anyone doubt that now? I don’t.

  112. Doug says:


  113. Gordon Gekko says:

    Excellent work Stu.

    Just look at how they got the GROUPTHINK to come after you. How many times did they try and paint you as the baddie and try and destroy you.

    You were nearly the Scottish version of Julian Assange.

    The GROUPTHINK will still defend Sturgeon no matter what. They’ll come up with numerous ways to defend the Group. Mhairi Hunter’s and thousands of other SNP Twitter accounts are a textbook case of it.

  114. Gordon Keane says:

    Had Nurrel been arrested before or during the recent SNP leadership contest, Yusaf would not have been made its leader.
    And in fact, in view of today’s events, we wonder if the whole thing should be rerun?
    It would seem SNP leadership had no intentions of having Independence, but strung the loyal followers along, and those same loyal followers dismissed out of hand all warnings from everyone could see it.
    Well as things go, they know see they have been most bitterly betrayed!
    SNP will pay a high price for this.
    That said, would we not still have to keep voting them in at Westminster level for time being, as the alternative is to allow in the likes of anti Scottish pro London groups.
    We don’t want that!
    However, when we do get Independence, SNP could see itself wiped out!

  115. Daisy Walker says:

    Folks, look at the dates in the below.

    Nikla resigned on 16th February, but rumours indicate, she and CC Livingstone had a wee meeting and planned some stuff (including Humza’s take over) in the week before.


    LONDON, Feb 24 (Reuters) – Indian businessman Prateek Gupta plans to challenge a $625 million global freezing order on him and his firms imposed by a London court, his spokesperson said on Friday.
    Commodity trader Trafigura, which sought the order, said on Feb. 9 that it had booked a $577 million charge relating to what it alleges is “systematic fraud” by Gupta’s companies over nickel cargoes.
    “A robust response to the allegations is being prepared,” the spokesperson for Gupta said in an email.
    “We intend to file an application to remove the freezing order on or before April 6.”
    A London court imposed the freezing order, dated Feb. 8, on bank accounts and other assets tied to Gupta and seven companies Trafigura said are controlled by Gupta, including those in Britain, Singapore, Malaysia and Switzerland.
    That order was in force until today’s hearing.

  116. sydthesnake says:

    Anonymoose says:
    5 April, 2023 at 1:09 pm
    Has anyone seen Colin Beattie today?

    Maybe that’s why the polis are searching the Murrells garden (under the patio ala Brookside lol)

  117. What Rot says:

    Thank feck you came back. You, sir, are a good heart, a bonny fechter and you will be a bloody legend, up there wi Bruce and loyal Wallace.

    I shall raise a glass to you and Alex tonight, and I’m upping my monthly donation. Take me fokkin munny!

  118. Jim Adamson says:

    What’s the forensic tent on the lawn about. Is the loot buried? I know you all hate this couple but this public arrest is a panto. Entertaining but silly.

  119. Confused says:

    when they come for you, at least do it in -style-

  120. Doug says:

    Alex Salmond taking the high ground as always. All the more classy; all the more effective. Vote Alba; vote independence.

  121. John C says:

    At the absolute very least, even if Murrell is found to be innocent, there needs to be a Holyrood election after the SNP rerun their leadership election. Anything less is going to see the SNP destroyed in elections going forward and it’ll hurt independence as well. The SNP should be kicking not into damage control mode but showing a load of transparency we’ve not seen from them in years.

    Obviously, it’s hard to speak too much about the Murrell situation now restrictions are in place but it strikes me that Stu’s been handing the Scottish media a story on a plate but nobody has touched it or possibly even looked into it. There is another option that they knew about it, sat on it to protect Sturgeon, and played a part in covering it all up.

    Personally this is what I believe as it’s the only option that makes sense.

  122. Gordon Gekko says:

    adgie gadgie says:

    5 April, 2023 at 1:02 pm

    “The UK media ruthlessly destroys enemies of the UK establishment, eg Salmond and Corbyn.

    The UK media gave Sturgeon star treatment when she took over and shielded her & “hubby” throughout her reign.”

    She was the Queen of the neoliberal globalist, liberal left Guardian. The EU uber alles, remain, status Quo, no change candidate. Firmly planted on the right wing spectrum. Privatisation after privatisation. Straight out of the new labour/ Tory handbook.

    If she had done what any independence leader would have done and come out for ” leave ” the Brussels rule based order. She would have been given the Salmond and Corbyn and Boris and Farage and Trump treatment months ago.

    It’s all geopolitics the only game in town. The Yanks loved her, she signed up to the status quo the US rules based order. That’s why she was not to be touched.

  123. Red Squirrel says:

    Your investigative skills have been a beacon in these extremely dark times. While the delay in MSM actually doing their job is frustrating, it will hopefully open more eyes to the cesspool the SNP have become. Although as I say that, I’m sure the bots and troughers remain loyal to the regime.

  124. Mac says:

    Anyone got links to Smitty’s comments? There were at least two that I saw separated by a few days I think. I get zero results when I type his name into the search bar.

    To accurately predict Murrell would be arrested is a pretty bold prediction to get right. I’d like to refresh my memory of what else he predicted. The timings seem to be a bit off but the outcomes get there in the end.

  125. Big Tam says:

    Fabulous work. I’m – in your terms – a Yoon – but have a great admiration for what you and your supporters have achieved. I’m not personally in favour of Scotland leaving the UK, but would of course accept a vote if it went that way, and should it happen, you and your people will undoubtedly have made a difference in the kind of independent country that emerges – one with greater transparency and integrity.

  126. Graeme George says:

    Word has it Nicola Sturgeon was last seen driving a mini in the direction of Edinburgh Airport

  127. LantonParky says:

    Ah, the Scottish msm kowtowing to the financial weight of the SNP Government’s ‘Advertising’ carrot (sorry budget) and calculating how much of a nibble will be their allowance. This, in turn, ties the fingers and tongues of their own reporters and prevents them from producing independent, incisive, clinical, veracious and ground-breaking articles, the likes of which leaves WoS streets ahead in the journalistic field.

    And Humza – how’s continuity working for you? Is this continuous enough? You’ve just lost one puppet master, when will the next fall? Perhaps a re-think and change of direction is required after all.

  128. Big Jock says:

    You could say it was a STEEL Daisy…??

  129. Graeme George says:

    I see Paypal Paul has closed comments on his Blog and is taking some time off 🙂

  130. KLF says:

    why did STurgeon leave the house shortly before the cops bust
    who collected her….smells to high heaven. Also the normally in yer face ex FM hasnt spoken at all today leaving the job to Useless to pass comment…..

  131. Gordon Gekko says:

    There is no way the neoliberal globalists jail one of their own. It just doesn’t happen.

    Jail and ruined careers are for people who attack and stand up against the US rules based order.

    So it will probably end up being a whitewash. The greens have already changed their stance and now fully support NATO. I fully expect the SNP to do U turn on Trident. They’ve already been testing the water and making noises about it.

  132. Maureen says:

    Whatever the outcome, today is a good day! You are one hell of a manifester Stu. You brought all the pieces together and created this outcome. Let it be a just one.

  133. mike cassidy says:

    Nobody predicted the tent

    Not even the greatest living Scottish journalist

    Surely to feck they didn’t bury the money in the garden?

  134. Stephen O'Brien says:

    We all have our secrets…. #SquatCobbler

  135. Daisy Walker says:

    If there is an international enquiry ongoing into major fraud, it means that the British Establishment cannot control the enquiry/process to the same extent that they can if it’s an internal political party/government going rogue – for that they just need to control the Police and the Courts.

    The Police will do the slowest enquiry ever, then botch it… and the Judge will kick it into the long grass, then pick the result the Brits want.

    Meanwhile the press will spin it whatever way suits their paymaster. Genuine dirt on one of their players – ignore and downplay. Malicious, crap on a genuine Independent player, and go to town.

    We, as Indy supporters need to know which it is, if only to ensure we are not left hoping against hope, that the story will Break on the home front. Not without international influence it won’t.

  136. JGedd says:

    All plaudits are due to you for indefatigable investigating and standing up to all the charlatans who wanted to shoot the messenger. The Scottish media is a disgrace and I like the description of them ‘face-down in their dinner plates sucking up the gravy.’

    There is well-deserved vindication for all your efforts but shame for the rest of us if everything we suspect is eventually revealed. We campaigned in the referendum of 2014 for a better country. Little did we know there already was a worm in the bud that would eat away at the wee white rose of independence. There is now so much distrust of the whole Scottish establishment in those of us who have been following Wings through all of this that even with this news, some of us are still cautious.

    I think many of us thought there would never be a day of reckoning. The trouble is, it seems they thought they were unassailable too.

  137. KLF says:

    Are we honestly expected to believe that Sturgeon was coincidentally whisked away from the scene 20 mins before the police arrived? When parliament is not in session and she has no job to go to?

  138. laukat says:

    I get this is a shock to some of the Sturgeon fan club but you would think that some would be asking themselves the following question:

    If Rev Stu and Craig Murray were right about Murrell being arrested what else are they right about?

    Comments I have seen online still calling the witnesses at Alex Salmond’s trial as “victims”, none of them wakening up to the possibility that SNP HQ has more to hide, none of them asking where Nicola is and how could she not know. Above all else none of them asking why Murrell has allegedly spent £600k he shouldn’t of and on what.

    Perhaps it will take a few others to be arrested and charged before they will start to think for themselves.

  139. Daisy Walker says:

  140. John says:

    “Mac says:
    5 April, 2023 at 1:43 pm
    Anyone got links to Smitty’s comments? There were at least two that I saw separated by a few days I think. I get zero results when I type his name into the search bar.

    To accurately predict Murrell would be arrested is a pretty bold prediction to get right. I’d like to refresh my memory of what else he predicted. The timings seem to be a bit off but the outcomes get there in the end.”
    Ongoing police investigation, not a lawyer but I would not post that content at the present time or a link to it.

  141. ronald anderson says:

    d wade 12.05 .

    No charges could be brought against Sturgeon by the Law Society as she resigned prior to any investigation being started or complaint being made .

  142. Gordon Bain says:

    @Graeme George

    Aye, wi’ UJ back lights and a trans Jesus on the dashboard.

  143. Peter A Bell says:

    I have long admired and, to be honest, been a bit envious of Stu Campbell’s forensic journalism. Having always insisted that only those who are uncomfortable with the truth shun and vilify Wings Over Scotland, today I share just a little of the vindication… and the schadenfreude!

  144. Gordon Bain says:

    It looks like that tent is in the front garden. God knows what’s going on round the back. Ooer.

  145. DGP says:

    One has to congratulate wings for the really hard work they have done over the last few years in uncovering the story.I hope someone like Leask is made aware of his journalistic shortcomings, but I fear his narcissism is of such a monumental scale that he is impervious to all demonstrations of his vacuous reporting, no matter how comprehensive these are.

    On the other hand the police activity and arrest is not a formal charge, a formal charge is not a trial, and a trial is not a foregone conclusion.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think the money is particularly important. One of the pair can almost certainly just issue a cheque for the 600K.

    The deeper issue is the quality of democracy in Scotland.

    I personally find it difficult not to form an opinion that there has been some kind of machiavellian dirty work by elements within the wider political UK political architecture.

    Such activity is, by its nature, almost undecipherable but there are “clues” in how the respective players behave in the future. The principle players within the SNP will have the choice of coming clean and rescuing the independence movement or they will retire
    to some inaccessible, comfortable bolt hole and live a life unable to show their faces and reveal the insincerity of their intentions.

    Humza Yousaf’s legitimacy is seriously holed below the water. Forbes and Regan could quite reasonably ask for a re-run of the contest. Tories Labour and Lib dems demands for a Holyrood election suddenly acquire some credibility.

    My only hope is that the SNP will attract the fire, and the independence movement will be strengthened by the revelation that the leadership has contained bad actors, acting badly.

    It seems to me that the “couple’ cannot be separated from one another, or we would have to believe the hypothesis that there was no communication between them despite compelling reasons to initiate a conversation.Apparently, at no point did male Murrell say “bit of trouble in the office, dear” . or female Murrell at no point asked for some information about the unprecedented storm which her dearly beloved appeared to be at the centre of.

    I doubt if that would wash with the most gullible or enthralled Sturgeonites that the relationship was so extremely dysfunctional.

    The final point that will come under some further reflection is the AS affair.Although I know nothing, |I could well understand the desire for retribution .AS and his family were seriously personally damaged,(possibly slandered, possible perjury) by what occurred. There is an overwhelming impression of a coordinated smear campaign. Such behaviour is utterly deplorable but if the recent interview with Liz Lloyd is anything to go by there appears to be virtually no reflection, or insight into the outrageous behaviour, and deficits of integrity within the central governing clique that was revealed throughout the affair.

    Curiously, I must confess to a shred of sympathy for people like Pete Wishart (I said shred) and Mhairi Black who have been obligate supporters of what is now appearing to have been a deeply flawed noisy, teem box (empty vessel) for independence. It is now arguable that the whole SNP presence within WM is now utterly compromised

    They will now be exposed to the combined unionist malignity, who will know that many or all of the SNP MP’s are unlikely to retain their legitimacy.

    I cannot say how this position can be resolved but I can say that bravery and steely determination will be necessary.

    One possibility is to resign en masse and force by-elections, fighting on the principle of independence- re identify as unequivocal independence seekers and distance themselves from the morass of double talk of the devolutionists and gradualists.

    Any who are uncomfortable with such a bold process would be best to leave the field open for genuine independence seekers. The time is right when the Tories are in such disrepute and Starmer is self-revealing as an unprincipled apologist for a barely disguised shift towards the faux radicalism of delicately coutoured pink Nazism.

    It is a high risk move but success would deliver clarity to the movement and hopefully end the equivocation and accusations of narrow self-interest, and reveal Holyrood as a nicely adorned building without any sincere political resonance. I am sure that in time it can be adapted to accommodate a degree of honesty and integrity that has been notable only for its
    absence until now.

  146. Kevin Evans says:

    This is why I pay a month subscription.

  147. George Ferguson says:

    Congratulations Stu yet another story you broke. I was interested in Alex Salmonds response. A circumspect calm reflection. I hope this is not a Tower of Babel event and the integrity of the Independence movement is undamaged.

  148. Daisy Walker says:

    GFG/Liberty steel took over Lochaber Alu Smelt in 2016.

    5/5/16 Holyrood Election and 16 Candles took over Finance Minister role from Honest John…

    I can’t find the month when GFG/Liberty took over in 2016. Anyone know.

  149. Dougie says:

    Now Rev, Im hoping the focus of your investigations will be whether the Crown Prosecution service and Police Scotland delayed the investigation and informed Sturgeon to allow her to resign andget Humza in place before this arrest.

  150. Beauvais says:

    Where’s Sturgeon? Gone hame to Ayrshire most likely.

    Her public career’s certainly gone West.

    A bye election in Glasgow Southside would seem on the cards. Imagine Alex Salmond winning it for Alba. That would be sweet.

  151. Effijy says:

    Guys, come on it is going to end in Semantics.

    They will say the Part couldn’t survive to fight Indy Ref 2 if they didn’t use the money on
    more recent elections.

    Yes it should have been ring fenced but they could afford to do so having cast off so many members.

    Do you remember the Tories promised some run down areas of England would receive an extra £1 Million for regeneration.
    Rishi boasted how he didn’t send it to some areas as they voted Labour so he handed it out to rich Tory areas.

    What happened to him or Mone’s £200 million PPE contract- NOTHING!

  152. Doug says:

    Wearin ma vile
    hoodie wi pride the day.

  153. Cenchos says:

    Someone at HQ should’ve said:

  154. Daisy Walker says:

    In what month of 2016 did the Gupta family take over Lochaber smelt.

    Lots of newspaper articles saying 2016, but can’t find any that specify the month…

    Which could be important. Holyrood election 5/5/16 and Nikla replaced Honest John with 16 Candles.

  155. Shug says:

    Every SNP official, SNP MP and MSP is responsible for letting this happen.

    They were witness to the conspiracy and did nothing.

    They all deserve to lose their jobs and hang their heads in shame for what they have done to the movement

  156. Ted says:

    I come here as a Unionist to read the best investigative journalism available in the UK. The Rev may not even “identify” as a journalist, but he is and, a brilliant one too. I also get a clear view of what genuine nationalists are, but that’s a different matter.

  157. Anton Decadent says:


    You played an absolute blinder, sir. They thought they had you down during your short period of retirement.

    I was going to PM this to you but I do not use twitter. Incase it is somehow connected. Whilst walking through Govanhill last night I saw that a large part of it was taped off by police with people in forensic suits coming out of houses. The area taped off ran down Calder Street from Hickman Street to Aikenhead Road and up as far as Govanhill Street.

    Up to you whether you post this or keep it to yourself to check it out.

  158. Mac says:

    The tent is probably just to stop the media scrutinizing anything that gets removed from the house like PCs, filing cabinets, Peter Murrells massive dildo collection, Shergar, Lord Lucan, Cthulhu…

  159. London Scott says:

    Not all the MSM have ignored this story and other SNP scandals. The Times has covered it, and the Spectator for well over 2 years. Indeed I came across WOS a couple of years ago as a result of a comment posted on an article about missing money in one of those publications. The BBC,ITV and Channel 4 have ignored the story till this year.

  160. Lewis Moonie says:

    It will be interesting to see how they propose to justify spending the money on SNP campaigning and day to day expenditure.
    Money which was ring fenced for campaigning IN a future referendum.
    I have a feeling that “IN” is going to prove their downfall.

  161. Chic McGregor says:


    Longs ago.
    The SNP office in Perth used to be in Watergate until Watergate happened and then they moved it.

  162. Daisy Walker says:

    How is Derek MacKay these days. Anyone seen him. I wonder if he’s feeling OK.

    And why, oh why, is it suddenly difficult to find out which month the Lochaber Smelt was taken over by the Gupta family in 2016.

    The same year when Honest John stood down from Finance and Derek took over.

  163. Owen Mullions says:

    So good to see you vindicated at last Stu. Here’s hoping Alex will achieve the same in the near future.

  164. Vestas says:

    Effijy says:
    5 April, 2023 at 2:37 pm

    “Guys, come on it is going to end in Semantics.

    They will say the Part couldn’t survive to fight Indy Ref 2 if they didn’t use the money on
    more recent elections.”

    No its not.

    The SNP Party has either committed electoral fundraising fraud or someone within the SNP stole the money. Those are the choices because the money did not evaporate into the ether of its own accord.

    Either choice is a CRIMINAL (not civil) offence and is punishable by imprisonment.

    We know the Scots Justice system is “malleable” at best & corrupt at worst. We’re going to find out which one it is. My money is on #2 but one thing this won’t end in is “semantics”.

    The SNP will never be trusted again by the majority of Scots. Remember who did this. It wasn’t the British state. It was the SNP.

  165. Mac says:

    Random things you might find in someone’s back garden.
    A BBQ.
    A firepit.

    This does seem to be about a bit more than the missing 600k of ring fenced indyref2 fighting fund money.

    That one would be relatively easy,
    Cops: “Where is the 600k of ring fenced money Peter?”
    Peter: “Gone. Spent it on some other shit.”
    Cops: “You’re nicked.”

    Can’t believe the cops are looking for the missing 600k under the back patio. So this is a real curiosity.

    I did find Smitty’s comments (there were three) and he indeed says this is about something much bigger than just the missing Murrell moolah.

    I don’t even like popcorn but I am nipping out for some.

  166. Astonished says:

    Just refresh my memory :

    Who or what was it that annoyed you enough to bring you out of retirement ?

    I think we need to know.

  167. 100%Yes says:

    I’d love to know why the police would pitch a tent outside the Murrells house.

  168. Jlm says:

    Don’t forget it is a Scottish Police investigation so they will probably find Shirley McKie, Nat Fraser, Luke Wilson, TC Campbell, Paddy Meehan or Oscar Slater guilty. Bless.

  169. Waffle says:

    Scotland owes you an enormous debt of gratitude for your superb investigative journalism. A few questions spring to mind: why hasn’t Nicola Sturgeon been arrested too? Was Nicola Sturgeon and/or Peter Murrell notified of the arrest in advance (as seems likely) – if so, surely the police officer responsible should be investigated for malfeasance? I’m sure there are other key questions to look into next.

  170. Daisy Walker says:

    Folks, when you control the courts, judges, police and press… you don’t have to resign suddenly, or worry about missing moneys, or other crimes.

    You do have to worry, if some of your involvmenent in crimes are financial, huge and have crossed international boundaries.

    At that point, international pressure will force an investigation that you cannot stop, and will have great difficulty directing the outcome you want.

    Were that to happen, then the British Establishment would shut Holyrood. £600,000 would be the least of it.

  171. Fireproofjim says:

    Brilliant, brave and persistent work, Mr Campbell. Nobody else comes near your integrity.
    Me, I’m just sad that the Independence campaign will inevitably take a knock as innocent believers will suddenly flee the SNP. I don’t think that, at my age, and after fifty years of voting and working for the Cause, I will ever see an Independent Scotland. Hope I’m wrong.

  172. panda paws says:

    “The Rev may not even “identify” as a journalist, but he is and, a brilliant one too.”

    Given he’s been a card carrying member of the NUJ for decades, he probably does!

  173. bluegrass banjo says:

    nicola 10 years of power

    your thinking william wallace at english border & hes taking morris dancing lessons morningside

  174. Skip_NC says:

    Daisy Walker @ 2:29pm does this answer your question? Busy time at work so have only scanned thew article. May not be relevant.

  175. Scot says:

    The Scottish press can surely obfuscate no longer as the truth is staring them in the face.

  176. Dan says:

    @ panda paws

    Be more alert… But I might also need to be corrected if things have changed since this article.

  177. Den says:

    Who tipped Sturgeon off the cops were enroute? , what did she take with her, we’re did she go? This is the political equivalent of time for flushing your stash.

  178. Daisy Walker says:

    December 2016… 16 Candles was finance minister…. funny how difficult it was to locate.

  179. Sheepshagger says:

    Well done Sir.

  180. Bernard de Linton says:

    These Newspapers, with useless, moron reporters,are only use for wrapping chips or cleaning shoes.No wonder newsstands are full of them at shop closing time.

  181. Ebenezer Scroggie says:

    Was she at the Brig o’ Allan lovenest with her ffrench scissor sister at the time of the ‘unexpected’ raid by the cops in Weegieland?

  182. Daisy Walker says:

    Thanks Dan and Skip-NC. Clarifies things somewhat.

  183. James Devlin says:

    “There are none so blind as those who will not see”

    If ever a saying applied to SNP voters, this is it. They refused to listen, or accept criticism of their beloved leader and her party, despite the warning signs being pointed out to them on a daily basis. Incredibly, there will still be supporters who believe they can deliver.

  184. 100%Yes says:

    Well done Stu, glad your back.

  185. Graeme George says:

    Bernard de Linton says:
    5 April, 2023 at 3:41 pm

    ”These Newspapers, with useless, moron reporters,are only use for wrapping chips or cleaning shoes.No wonder newsstands are full of them at shop closing time.”

    We used to wipe our arse with them as well but of course now they come pre printed with shite

  186. The Dissident says:

    I wonder if Sturgeon told Murrell why she was leaving this morning…

  187. Wee Chid says:

    So has anyone ventured to the dug site to find out whether this was all a set up by the Rev and his evil Wings followers?

  188. Karen says:

    I posted this in the previous entry.

    Angus Robertson’s drag queen friend.

  189. laukat says:

    I’m confused, why are they examining the garden?

    Is the allegation that the Murrell’s spend the money on an underground palace? Is the inside of their house like a Saddam Hussein palace with gold plated wallpaper? Is Murrell suspected of murdering and disposing of the magpie in the back garden?

  190. Tommy Sheridan says:

    Well done all at Wings and Stu in particular. You continued to pursue the truth even when traduced and ridiculed. The high heid yins within the SNP and the mainstream media should hang their heads in shame and embarrassment.

  191. Daisy Walker says:

    Random, slightly, ironic thought.

    A married spouse cannot be compelled to give evidence against their partner in a court of law….

    All together now… ‘love is in the air, la, la, la, la, la’

    Looks like the divorce might need to be re-scheduled.

  192. Izzie says:

    The only people who should be celebrating are the Unionists sadly this debacle will probably usher in that nice Mr Sarwar and a Labour Branch government. Back to the seventies I think.

  193. PhilM says:

    I really don’t think there’s any mystery about Sturgeon getting into a car before the police turned up…it’s a well-known fact that clairvoyance runs in families…

  194. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Mac at 1:43 pm.

    You typed,
    “Anyone got links to Smitty’s comments? There were at least two that I saw separated by a few days I think. I get zero results when I type his name into the search bar.”

    To find comments on WOS by, eg, “Smitty” or “Brian Doonthetoon” or whoever…

    Go to,
    Paste or type the username into the “this exact word or phrase:” box.

    In the “site or domain:” box, paste
    then hit enter/return.

    You’ll get a list of hits. Click on each to open in a new tab and go to that tab.
    Press CONTROL and F (Windows) or COMMAND and F (MAC) and a bar will open at the foot of the tab.
    Type or paste the username into the text box there, then use the up/down arrows to find the pertinent comments.

  195. socratesmacsporran says:

    Sturgeon has probably fled to her safe house, reportedly in either Bourtreehill or Castlepark – two areas of North Ayrshire where the Polis reportedly fear to tread.

  196. Graeme George says:

    Wee Chid says:
    5 April, 2023 at 3:58 pm

    ”So has anyone ventured to the dug site to find out whether this was all a set up by the Rev and his evil Wings followers?”

    Paul’s closed all comments and decided to have some time off 🙂

  197. Luigi says:

    And we are still expected to believe that the contest to elect the current FM was above board?

  198. Merganser says:

    The latest ‘cunning plan’ of the SNP seems to have unravelled rather quickly. The rush to install Humza can now be seen for what it was. The members should demand a new election for leader, as Humza won’t do the decent thing and resign.

    Forbes and Regan must be delighted they didn’t win this time in view of today’s developments.

    Humza sure was sold a pup. For those with bridges to sell, he’s your man.

  199. Chas says:

    Outstanding work Stu. Standards do matter in life and hopefully criminal charges will be forthcoming very soon.

    Great to see so many ‘new’ names posting on this thread. Makes a pleasing change from the repetitive bilge we see day in, day out from the BPHB.

    Times they are a changing!

  200. stuart mctavish says:

    I get that they’re having a laugh but who approved the raid?

    Sunak, Jack or Yousaff

  201. desimond says:

    Will the lawyer come out of the SNP or Govt funds?

    Boris sure wasnt paying for his last week…

    I see Publics Kübler-Ross level is peak Denial “Heavy conspiracy vibes… only talking 600k..look at Track and Trace £32b and Michelle Mone £120m …”

    Jockholm Syndrome is alive and well

  202. The friendly sassenach says:

    A truly astonishing, patient and persistent investigation, entirely scooping the MSM

  203. Big Jock says:

    I can only think they are looking for hard drives or USB sticks. But why Bury them in a garden? Unless of course it is something much more sinister.

  204. David Hannah says:

    I hope they check down the back of the couch and all of the trouser pockets.

  205. Muscleguy says:

    In terms of the payroll someone I know who lives in highland Angus tells that there are two “SNP people” there who seem to be on the payroll as they don’t work just strut about making nuisances of themselves.

    So I doubt there’s just a few bods beavering in head office. It seems they have been a bit profligate in employing boys and girls.

  206. stuart mctavish says:

    I get that they’re having a laugh but who approved the raid (at such a late hour)?

    Sunak, Jack or Yousaff

    ..and does the (ahem) contempt of court act 1981 cover reporting of any miniatures (or other such gifts in kind from the spouse’s employer) discovered in the fridge?

  207. Big Jock says:

    The more you think about this. The vist by the chief constable etc. Was it something bigger that the police had uncovered. Something sinister , that even Sturgeon didn’t know about. Was at a warning that she had to bail out ASAP.

    All will be revealed, but it can’t just be 600k. That’s not exactly the crime of the century.

  208. Livionian says:

    (Terminally ill since 2014)

    Succeeded by whom?

  209. JGedd says:

    Graeme George @ 4.12pm

    Paul’s closed all comments and decided to have some time off.

    To be fair, his reasons for time off are actually entirely legitimate and understandable.

  210. David Hannah says:

    The cops are in the garden digging it up.

    Something has been hidden in the soil.

    The is being ransacked from top to toe.

    Nicola’s in hiding. Has someone checked the closet?

  211. Skip_NC says:

    Maybe it’s my aging eyes, but is that an old-style computer monitor that the police bagged in the back garden?

  212. Ottomanboi says:

    In the Irish Times this is reported under the rubric «UK»
    RTE & Irish Independent don’t even bother
    So much for that Celtic cousin blarney.

  213. Iain More says:

    It is unfortunate that Police Scotland and the CPS in Scotland cant be trusted because they are so frikkin corrupt and in the back pockets of the spooks at GCHQ.

    It is also unfortunate the the Rev is not the Witchhunter General in this case.

  214. Daisy Walker says:

    Wonder if this means Nikla won’t get an invite to Charlies do in May.

    Damned shame if so, after all she’s done for them.

  215. North Chiel says:

    I wonder if Alex Salmond would consider standing for Alba in any future Rutherglen bye election ? That might prevent a catastrophic haemorrhaging of SNP votes to Labour

  216. Scot says:

    Big Jock
    Was it something bigger than the 600k
    They will have gone in looking for evidence relating to the money but who knows what they found when they got in!

  217. Daisy Walker says:

    Interesting update from Craig Murray. It’s much bigger than £600,000.

  218. Republicofscotland says:

    Yes Rev you did a great job pointing out what the establishment MSM didn’t want to know about kudos to you.

    I just hope that the LA Bain who was a gutless minion and aided the betrayer on shutting down the indyref route has the got what it takes, and instructs one of her PFs to prosecute Murrell, let see the b*stards fighting on as many fronts as possible, a saying Murrell the GCHQ lover likes to say.

  219. panda paws says:

    @Dan and be alert

    “Given he’s been a card carrying member of the NUJ for decades, he probably does!”

    My defence is that “he’s” is short for “he has”, “been” is the past tense and it was for decades 🙂

  220. Craig says:

    panda paws says:
    5 April, 2023 at 3:18 pm
    “The Rev may not even “identify” as a journalist, but he is and, a brilliant one too.”

    Given he’s been a card carrying member of the NUJ for decades, he probably does!

    Actually, Rev Campbell tore up his membership a few years ago, he wrote a blog explaining why he did it, I can’t remember the title and hope Stuart will be kind enough to remind us why he resigned from the NUJ.

  221. JockMcT says:

    Will Mike Russell fall on his sword..? I know, unlikely…

  222. David Hannah says:

    Alex Salmond is in the Alba Party.

    He’s not tainted by the SNP corruption.

    Sturgeon is a filthy rat. And so is Petunia Murrell. Ransack their house. Turn it upside down.

  223. JockMcT says:

    Doesn’t it make Humza look like a right wee patsy too! Cue soundbites.

  224. Anton Decadent says:

    Just back from the shops with two Scotch eggs and a jar of marmite instead of popcorn.

  225. David Hannah says:

    All Nicola has to do is roll over in bed and ask Peter to cough up the missing 600K.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if these two charlatans sleep with the missing stolen Indy Ref 2 funds in their pillow cases.

    They make me sick.

  226. Doug says:

    @Ottomanboi 4:58pm

    I was in Dublin last week when I was alerted in a pub by a local chiel about Yousaf’s election “win”. I thanked him and told him to keep a look out for further SNP “developments”. I spent a fair bit of the remaining few days there informing those who were interested [and there were quite a few] about Alba and the current state of independence politics in Scotland.

  227. JockMcT says:

    I want my money back, who else? Let’s up the ante here…!

  228. Margaret says:

    Amidst the dross that is Scottish ( UK) journalism, Wing# is a bright shining star. Take every bit of credit you receive today…you’ve earned it x 1000 for this, and your championing of women’s rights. Keep up the stellar work Stu.

  229. Ottomanboi says:

    Yousaf would be a fool to persist with that «continuity» rhetoric.

  230. David Beveridge says:

    Folk were wondering why Kate Forbes looked so happy at Humza winning… well, now we know. If ever a smile said, “Well, thank fk for that!”

  231. Holymacmoses says:

    Well Mr Wings, you’ll be feeling a weight lifted and a lightening of your heart, I’m sure.
    Is it possible the Mr Salmond was dealt with so badly because of money in the first instance?
    I think Murrell and Sturgeon have done much more than fraud and I hope that it’s not just the money they go down for in the final analysis.
    I’d like to see Mr Salmond given peace alongside that which you should surely begin to get from hereon.
    I am delighted for you and for Scotland

  232. Republicofscotland says:

    The arse licking acolyte of Sturgeon/Murrell, WGD has forbidden any comments on Murrell’s arrest on a new thread about it.

  233. Willie says:

    All this speculation about what could be bigger than a relatively small missing £600k that police have been investigating for years now is intriguing.

    I mean why the arrest of Mr Murrell now. Why the lockdown of him and his wife’s house as a crime scene. Why the lockdown of his place of employment, the SNP HQ Lamb House, Edinburgh.

    This is a big investigation. What’s going on.

    And his wife where is she. What is she doing today. Is she a loose woman. Writing a memoir about a man she cannot remember meeting, remember marrying because she wisnae there. Old Timers is a terrible thing. I wonder what else she doesn’t remember. Maybe she was never First Minister or leader of a party, whatever its name was.

    And who was that woman Wiz Lloyd. Where’s she now. Or are we thinking of someone else, who may or may not have existed.

    But amnesiac attacks aside something is going on. Maybe it’s just a Spring Clean. Police Scotland spending their budget before the fiscal year end.

    We’ll just have to wait and see.

  234. Republicofscotland says:

    Conveniently the Keystone Cops (Police Scotland) waited until the leadership election aided and betted by Murrell’s buddies at GCHQ was over before arresting him. There should be a new leadership election as Murrell should not have been with a hundred miles of the contest as he was actively aiding a live investigation at the time.

    I’m not in the slightest bit confident that the Sturgeon appointed puppet the LA Bain will allow one of her PFs to prosecute Murrell, if that’s how the investigations proves any wrongdoing.

    Bain sold us out to the UKSC not that long ago on the indyref route.

  235. The Isolator says:

    My ten bucks contribution every month is lookin like a steal. Get in there Stu.

  236. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Stuart McTavish,

    The decision to start arresting alleged infractors and interviewing them under formal police caution will have been taken by Chief Constable Sir Iain Livingstone in concert with the relevant DCC/ACC and Procurators Fiscal. Possibly with external advice from appropriate independent counsel retained exclusively by Police Scotland.

    The law severely prohibits those with whom Sir Iain might have had contemporaneous discussions, literally about the letter of the law.

    In this instance, it will have been most improper and legally compromising to have mentioned this matter to any politician.

    The way this has gone might account for the reason Stuart Campbell got the discordant staccato reply to his FOISA request about the two senior Police Scotland high rankers visiting Holyrood.

    There is more to add, but I don’t want to risk Stuart Campbell’s website in breaching sub juice matters.

    Cheers, Al.

  237. Well I never comment here but have to say that Mr Campbell is a bold and fearless journalist in such sharp contrast to the supine lackeys who dominate the Scottish media. We are eternally grateful. For exposing the Trans self ID nonsense and for long, calling out the corruption in the SNP. He is a hero. All power to his elbow.

  238. Republicofscotland says:

    Alex Salmond said on hearing the news of Murrell’s arrest.

    “Look, I led the SNP for a long time so I’m very sad about what’s happening to it and indeed about what it’s become, but we should remember the cause for independence and the case for it has never been stronger.

    “And that’s what myself and Alba concentrate on putting forward.”

    We’re all sad as to what Murrell and Sturgeon did to the SNP and inturn the indy cause, but now we must focus on electing Alba at the next GE and to Holyrood when the time comes.

    Vote Alba Join Alba, save Scotland.

  239. Dan says:

    @ Willie

    Re. She/ Her writing a memoir.
    I believe the title will be a play on a CS Lewis book.

    The Lying, The Stitch (Up) and (being in) The Closet

    OT. Been busy past few days so only just caught up on a few past comment threads. All the best to commenter George Ferguson and hope you are comfortable and recovering well. And that today’s events re. Murrell may bring you a bit of cheer or satisfaction that so many of the wrongs we have endured may be beginning to be addressed.

  240. Neil in Glasgow says:

    Jeez, Jim Sillars not pulling any punches on Sky News there.

    Clearly no one in the camp willing to cover Murrell’s back today on the old telly box.

  241. robertkknight says:

    I’m all in favour of “continuity”, so I’ll be looking forward to a few more of those ‘animals more equal than others’ having their collars felt and bracelets applied.

    Poor Wee Ginger Fud, sat in a corner greetin’ intae his parritch… Bless… His blog is the second funniest thing I’ve read today!

    Camelot in flames! 🙂

  242. Den says:

    I am convinced Ferguson Marine will make big headlines in the coming months and it won’t be because the Glen Sannox has set sail. Big tranche of public dosh not accounted for down Port Glasgow way.

  243. PhilM says:

    I bet you’re wishing now there was an edit function on Wings…
    “If I could turn back-a-time”…

  244. President Xiden says:

    Any truth in the rumour that the police teams are now digging up the garden as they have been tipped off that several stories have been buried there over recent years? The media are swarming about since it was them what buried them.

  245. JockMcT says:

    The CEO of the main party in Scotland up on financial charges. That is massive, even if it is only our wee 600k ringfenced pot. Imagine if it was labour, or tory? What about the rushed anointing of the continuity kid? What a farce, way beyond Brian Rix, light years in fact. What next for our democracy? SNP are compromised, the “FM” is compromised, is Holyrood and the devolved wee pretendy P also compromised? Looks like it. At least a general election is required to clear this lot out. There is no way that SNP can just ‘continuity on’ like nothing has happened. NS has a lot to answer for on the face of it, even more than her obvious tractor driving (expert, not learner level) through our Independence movement. Will she pop-up again or stay down, and out? There is much more to come here, and when will the Brits step-in?

  246. Beauvais says:

    Sturgeon’s gone full circle. Hiding under a table again like she did at her 5th birthday party.

  247. James Barr Gardner says:

    JockMcT says:
    5 April, 2023 at 5:14 pm
    I want my money back, who else? Let’s up the ante here…!

    Good luck with that ! I asked, so far no cash, no reply ! Still I expect nothing until the Law has run it’s course !

  248. Kcor says:

    “So we hope you’ll forgive us if we enjoy today with no small degree of personal and professional satisfaction.”

    Rev. Stuart Campbell, you thoroughly deserve your personal and professional satisfaction, not only today but for ever.

    Your loyal readers too will be extremely satisfied.

    But a word of warning.

    IMHO, the corrupt criminals from the SNP, Scottish government, Scottish civil service, Scottish police and Scottish legal system have had years to prepare for this.

    The police searches are nothing more than a show – the corrupt criminals have been given plenty of time to destroy the evidence.

    The biggest tractor in Scottish history has been given plenty of time to forget anything that happened, including her marriage to Murrell.

    Enjoy your day of satisfaction, but between yourself, Alex Salmond, Craig Murray and others, do not let any of the corrupt criminals get away with their crimes.

    Smitty had said it is nothing to do with the stolen £600,000 but something much bigger.

  249. socratesmacsporran says:

    The Murrell Arrest just might be one of the biggest “Squirrels ever. The timing is interesting, on the same day as The Guardian announces it is running a series about the billions which have gone to the Royal Family.

    Of course, their series has yet to mention the way The Crown Estate (Scotland) has reputedly screwed thevcpeople of Scotland out of even-more billions over the years.

    But, very-little media interest in The Guardian story, while Murrell’s Arrest is the lead story in the BBC Six O’ Clock National News.

  250. sparrow says:

    Did Nicola not change the rules so that Former First Ministers could be investigated- handy,perhaps-a bit of Karma!

  251. twathater says:

    YOU!!!! Are what these snivelling cowardly PRESSTITUTES should be inspired to be , instead they are BETRAYING and DENIGRATING their profession every day by RUNNING AWAY from the TRUTH, their profession boasts about holding power to account YET every one of them couldn’t hold a candle to your and other bloggers investigative journalism

    I salute your indefatigability Mr Campbell, Scotland needs heroes like you who are NOT AFRAID to EXPOSE the TRUTH whilst all others CRINGE in subservience and cowardice

    I PRAY that these scum will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and that those who celebrated the removal of duly elected officials to be replaced by lying troughing placemen face the financial responsibility for REPLACING the original £600,000 + all interest accruable on that money

    This snp should be wiped from the current political sphere and reformed from the ground up, COLLECTIVELY every one of the politicos currently in office ARE RESPONSIBLE for any fraudulent activity carried out by members of the party as they were warned REPEATEDLY by Stuart Campbell that all was NOT RIGHT yet chose to ignore those warnings and denigrate and demean the honest person who was TRYING to PROTECT THEM

    I have nothing but total contempt for those cowardly craven officials who stood idly by while Scotland and Scots were BETRAYED by a deviant corrupt liar

  252. Ebenezer Scroggie says:

    When yurr breeks are doon, yurr breeks are doon.

    It’s that simple.

  253. Johnny says:

    Anton Decadent @ 5:13pm:

    What sandwiches have they got?

  254. stuart mctavish says:

    Big jock @4:36

    BBC still running with misallocation of a crowdfund so if that turns out NOT to be fake news then precedent may have been set to seize all Canada’s in country assets (if any) pursuant to their shenanigans with the trucker protest gofundme cash.

    In that regard reports elsewhere suggest that first Humza knew about the raid was after it happened. Accordingly, assuming he’s not fibbing or been duped during his first days in office by the same police state argument AI Stuart appears to favour, the raid itself MUST have been approved through UK government channels – and may thus be excellent news in so far as it brings Canada’s strategically placed embassy in Grosvenor Square into play for forfeiture to the Scottish Estate (eg in unlikely event that it is not already deemed to be ‘ours’ in accordance with the arrangements made in 1604).

  255. Iamsmurphslaw says:

    “Just one more thing…..”
    It’s just as well you and a few other Columbos are still around, otherwise where would the rest of us be? In the dark under a giant mushroom I think.
    Keep that big light shining in the places they don’t want to be seen!
    Thanks for your hard work.

  256. Liz says:

    It appears Alex T has deleted that tweet, interesting.

  257. Natal XY and proud says:

    Well Craig Murray alluded to looking for the £600K and finding something entirely different. Smitty even alluded to international money laundering and people smuggling. Wow -get the popcorn out.

    Congratulations Stu-totally totally vindicated.

  258. paulk says:

    The big fuck-off tent and the garden-digging seems a bit OTT for a fraud crime, unless the police had specific intelligence pointing them in that direction. Maybe Sturgeon has thrown Murrell under the bus and told the police her hubby had been acting strangely in the garden (or rather even more strangely than usual!).Might also explain why she got the heads-up prior to the 8.30am visit.

  259. PhilM says:

    12-hour charging deadline is looming…will it be extended to 24 hours?

  260. Gordon Gekko says:

    Of course why Keir Starmer is protected by the press.

  261. Republicofscotland says:

    That bastion of utter unionism Glenn Campbell, on the BBC in Scotland’s teatime news channel said that Sturgeon was in the house when Police Scotland came a knocking on the door.

    Campbell also said that the LA Bain has recused herself from involvement in this case, and it will be entirely up to one of her PF’s to prosecute it, if wrongdoing is found to have occurred.

    No doubt Police Scotland suspending the investigation for an entire month before today has allowed any wrongdoing (If it occurred) to be well and truly covered up, which begs the question is todays events just a sideshow for our benefit? I certainly hope not.

  262. Al-Stuart says:


    I do not wish what you suggest.

    Your initial post the other day was that of an obnoxious pedant. An ignorant one too.

    As a courtesy, I made considerable effort at rapprochement with you when replying further down the BTL section. You ignored that reply.

    Apologies to the Rev, but if you know anything (and you have the aroma of a know-it-all) you will know the affliction from which Stu’s Dad suffers. I have the same. Ironically that affords both of us with significant protection under ScotGov law.

    PhilM when take the pi55 out of someone recovering from a TBI or similar, because they make errors, it makes you look an unpleasant person IMHO. What is your encore? Knocking wheelchair users out of their chairs?

    I would concur that an “edit” button would help on the Wings site. But only because no matter how many times I check my contribution BTL, a typo or grammatical error appears. I believe others have that proof-reading frustration too.

    PhilM, only perfect people such as you never make mistakes. The rest of us are mere mortals. Some not even that.

    As for your snide comment at 5.58pm above, IF you had been reading what I or folk like Smitty had been posting BTL., it was exactly what happened today.

    I don’t know Smitty, or where he gets his information from. But I know my sources and having been a law officer, I attach importance to bona fides and corroboration.

    We are now in the phase of sub judice so no matter how smart you boast you are PhilM., I would strongly suggest you are CIRCUMSPECT about what you post BTL in relation to the arrest/s made so far and those that may follow in the next days and weeks.

    If you have any doubt about how HM Courts view such matters, maybe you should book an hour or so tutorial with Ambassador Craig Murray.

    Now Phil, please go away and play with yourself. I’ve seen enough of you and what I have seen, I really don’t like. Goodbye Phil.

  263. Kcor says:

    The resignation of the vow writer was nothing to do with false membership numbers.

    The membership numbers are still false, IMHO.

    It was a cover for the rat to abandon the sinking ship.

  264. ABruce says:

    What’s with the garden secateurs and the spades that the police are inspecting. Has Peter been amputating magpies and burying them in the garden?

  265. Big Jock says:

    Republic. Craig Murray suggested today was just a charade.

  266. Shug says:

    Well I guess it’s time for MPs and msps to consider joining alba if they want any hope of keeping their job.

    I do hope Salmond’s team are selective in who they let join.

    The SNP as an organisation is now dead in the water. Some legacy Nicola!!

  267. Anton Decadent says:


    As someone with a specialist diet I had to bypass their selection but I got a blues cd on the Hallmark label and one by Evil Gazebo.

  268. Big Jock says:

    This will make a great movie one day. How deep does this wormhole go? An entire country taken over by one couple.

  269. Wullie B says:

    I wonder if Nicoliiar is up at Lesley Evans wee but n ben in the heilans visiting her next door neighbours 7 sheep with lambs just now

  270. 100%Yes says:

    Has Mr Murrell sealed his own fate by donating that 100k to the party, I just wondered if this donation was a act of desperation and will it come to bit him on the arse.

  271. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi R-o-S,

    Direct from the Faculty of Advocates a tipping point was reached.

    To an extent, the same happened in the fractionalised Police Scotland.

    Basically, it is Scots Law being brought into far worse disrepute than Auld Hangie’s original bargain from 19th September 2014 projected.

    Enough is Enough.

    The Occam’s razor point of view tends towards the entire 8 year enterprise being to make the September 2014 SNP UNELECTABLE for a generation.

    But websites such as Wings Over Scotland and Craig Murray and Yours For Scotland plus the indubitable Grouser have made it LOUD and clear that the Crown Office et al were BRINGING THEMSELVES INTO DISREPUTE on an industrial scale.

    The tipping point has long been passed, we are now at a phase that the yanks call policing one’s brass.

    Thereby tidying up loose ends and restoring good repute to the pillars of society.

    By the way R-o-S., I bet you a bottle of the finest Orcadian Highland Malt that the final monetary value IF matters go ahead, will be well over a million pounds.

    Original BTL reference…

  272. Mac says:

    Craig Murray is right. The searches are a farce. The Murrell were effectively given weeks and weeks advance warning to destroy any incriminating evidence before the cops turned up for the show-search.

    The laughably called justice system in Scotland when it comes to someone like Alex Salmond is a vicious and malicious animal. But when it comes to the Murrells it is a toothless clawless clueless blind bag of impotent shite.

    You think we don’t see it or why you do it.

    Shameful c**ts.

  273. robbo says:

    Well we should all know in the next hour what’s happening. If he was arrested at 8.30 am then polis have got to charge or release him or ask for 12 hr extension.

    So, we will see.

  274. Effijy says:

    What a Unionist Politician, Police and Media charade this Murrell situation is.

    How pathetic to have around 50 police offices assault the Murrell’s Home and SNP Office.

    On TV I could see 4 police vans and an unknown number of cars at their door.
    For me it shows how little the police actually do these days that so many are idle waiting for a chance to look under the marital bed and on top of the wardrobe for a shoe box with £600k in it.

    On TV I saw a very large machine being carried in by a struggling investigator.
    Is there a machine available that can seek out £600K in used notes or is all for the benefit of the voter.
    Even one of those tents that you see a murder scenes being erected on the driveway.
    What would that be for?
    Has the money been buried under the mono block in front of the neighbours?

    Can anyone bet me this Circus won’t bring down the curtain before the election.

    STV for England have him guilt before any evidence has been produced.

    Over to Sarwar to condemn without evidence.
    Apparently SNP Mired in Scandal.
    Thank goodness Boris, Rishi and the Tory party are squeaky clean so it’s fine for Labour to partner up with them to stop SNP support.

    If Murrell is guilty I have no problem with him facing punishment but not before a evidence is gathered and a normal investigation is concluded without 50 Officers, overkill tents and a fleet of vans.

  275. Big Jock says:

    100%. That 100k may have triggered a process where the police investigated Murrells own finances. Thus revealing the source of some of his income. Then caboom! Every money trail was traced back to its source.

  276. christine says:

    Astonishing events, the Murrell’s hoose an active crime scene. Who whisked Sturgeon away before the polis arrived? Will she go see him in custody? Give him her death stare?
    Humza spoke of the SNP being a large tent. I can see it now, in front of Sturgeon’s hoose! Will Humza be the Last Minister of Scotland?

    The Scottish people are sick to death of and greatly concerned by the corruption and culture of secrecy at the dark heart of the SNP government. Thank fuck you came back Stuart. Your output has been prolific, knocking seven shades of shite out of these shysters. No wonder we all rallied round to make it happen. We love you for it. Thank you.

  277. Tom says:

    The Murrells’ garden ..

    why would the police be digging it up (as reported, anyway)? What do they think they could find .. a buried filing cabinet? Why is the front of their house so heavily screened off, but not the front of SNP HQ? Screens are not normally needed to hide the removal of files, computers etc (like at the front of SNP HQ) so, again, what’s so different about the Murrells’ house??

    Just asking rhetorically, of course.

  278. Natal XY and proud says:

    Sale of the kinlochlevin smelter- someone was looking for dates/details.

  279. Vestas says:

    Effijy says:
    5 April, 2023 at 7:25 pm

    “What a Unionist Politician, Police and Media charade this Murrell situation is.”

    You are a waste of oxygen.

    Fuck off back to whatever SNP shithole forum you normally reside on – oh wait you can’t as they’ve closed their comments.


  280. PhilM says:

    I literally have no idea what you’re talking about Al…honestly not a clue because I tend not to hover much BTL. Today’s been different because my personal experience of corruption in Scotland’s public bodies has made today’s events seem like a parting of some very dark clouds. If I were to step back a bit I suppose I write stuff on here to clarify what’s in my head. Once I’ve done that I don’t have too much time to check back as I have no choice but to move on to the personal stuff that takes up most of the day. So all this stuff about rapprochements is news to me.
    I also don’t know what you’re talking about in relation to health conditions but…I hope I’m sensitive enough to someone else’s irritation with me to apologise to you if I somehow stepped out of line without meaning to. So please accept a frazzled insomniac’s apology and I hope that you can also accept that my quip about an edit function was only meant as a kind of ‘bloody typical’ aside. The autofill on my tablet is so shit that I’m constantly having to correct stuff, so that’s where my little comment came from. I wasn’t trying to be smart. I guess I am opinionated though…if it ever comes across as being a know-it-all, well I’m getting on a bit in years and I’m at the point in life where I want to speak about things that I have some knowledge of and not be too concerned about being forthright. Anyway…Al…I hope you’ll not be too sore about something I said which definitely wasn’t meant to sound like I’m an utter bastard.

  281. Wullie B says:

    I wonder if Nicola is representing her husband during his questioning, if so he should just ask the judge to lock him up just now

  282. K1 says:

    So ‘reportedly’ direct from bbc 6.30pm news (ahem) Sturgeon was in the house this morning when police arrived, so no head’s up beforehand. And… the knock on the door came at 7.35 am, so we should know any time now whether he’s being detained for further questioning or let go as the 12 hour period has now passed.

  283. Neil in Glasgow says:

    No matter whether it’s all been a show today, fact is he’s been arrested, she’s gone to ground without a hint of standing by him and the shit’s hit the fan big time Europewide. Hopefully Imelda’s reputation is now tarnished in the same way they tarnished Alex Salmond’s

  284. Shug says:

    What about Ruddock and co where are they

  285. President Xiden says:

    So the question everyone is asking tonight, is Nicola in the tent pissing out or outside the tent passing in?

  286. Big Jock says:

    Effijy. The Murrells have known about the investigations for months. So even if by some miracle he gets off. It will probably be down to having those months to bury some evidence, rather than his innocence.

    The whole thing stinks. The problem I have,is that I don’t think we will see justice in this corrupt country.

    The biggest sin committed by the Murrells was trying to jail Salmond. No doubt they will never pay for that crime.

  287. Izzie says:

    Neil @ 750 And how does that help anybody. How does this advance the cause!

  288. Skip_NC says:

    Liz @ 6:28pm, that being the case, I wonder if my post of 4:55pm should be deleted, out of an abundance of caution. I am not a Twit and the WoS contact form still isn’t working so have no way of getting in touch with Stu except here. Wouldn’t want my comment to cause any difficulties.

  289. Gordon Bain says:

    Lbc seem to have a statement from Sturgeon denying all knowledge. My question is simple. Where the fuck is she?

  290. Graeme George says:

    I have so little faith in our police my worry is the reason they’re digging up the garden is to bury evidence rather than uncover it

  291. Gordon Bain says:

    Sorry, me again. People keep saying he’ll have shredded the evidence. Am I wrong to think that doesn’t really matter? The money is still missing. He had it. It’s gone. Where?

  292. Chris says:

    NS….peter, I’m just nipping out for a pint of milk, do you have any cash?
    PM…..yeh,just grab some from the garage…….

    NS…. See ya!

  293. Jlm says:

    Luckily the Murrells have an even house number.
    If it was an odd number it would doubtless have been put in the DUMY file and we would still be waiting for the filth to call.

  294. Phil MacVee says:

    From Polis:

    Investigation into Scottish National Party funding and finances – update

    05/04/2023 19:45:15 A 58-year-old man who was arrested as a suspect earlier today, Wednesday, 5 April 2023, in connection with the ongoing investigation into the funding and finances of the Scottish National Party, has been released without charge pending further investigation

  295. Stephen O'Brien says:

    A crate full of Gary Glitter albums, with 50 year old letters addressed to Jimmy Savile, recovered from the wheelie bin.

    Police Scotland have sent for a carry out from the off sales and a neighbours record player.

  296. K Campbell says:
    Daisy, I found this which shows a new CFO (Mark Hutt)appointed on 2nd May 2016. I think that the electricity generation firms and smelter were also linked
    (not sure how to respond directly to a btl on this site, sorry Rev)

  297. Fairliered says:

    Wullie B says:
    5 April, 2023 at 7:14 pm

    Is that the same part of the highlands that Willie MacRae was found?

  298. Beauvais says:

    Gardeners’ Question Time.

  299. George Ferguson says:

    Murrell released without charge pending further investigation. I am going to suspend all rational thought in Scotland by order of Nicola. @ Dan, Cheers I am OK.

  300. David Hannah says:

    I see Jacinda Arden has been given a job with the Royal family.

    Nicola Sturgeon’s application has been unsuccessful. Rub your eyes Nicola and weep. She’s been disposed of by the British State.

    The SNP Government will now collapse. An early general election looms.

  301. Big Jock says:

    Ending custody – being released or charged
    Depending on the evidence they have, at the end of the custody period the police might decide to:

    release you – because they no longer suspect you of a crime, or
    release you pending further enquiries – because you’re a suspect but the police need to investigate further, or
    release you with conditions as a suspect – this is called investigative liberation, or
    charge you with a crime and keep you in custody, or
    charge you with a crime but release you to appear at court on a specified date (called an undertaking)
    charge you with a crime and release you without an undertaking to be called to

  302. KLF says:

    Murrell released without charges…….a farce cop ? Craig Murray called this out earlier today check his blog ….

  303. David Hannah says:

    He’s been released. Oh get to fuck.

    Jail the fucking bastards

  304. Iain mhor says:

    Kudos to you, Stu, a dram is in order. Wings Over Scotland soars indeed.

    I note Murrell has been released without charge (pending etc)
    This will continue to run, and I can think of no-one better to cover this story, and much more shadiness besides.


  305. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Phil,

    Thankyou. That is a very decent reply and much appreciated.

    More than friends…


    Not many folk on the internet do what you just did. I really respect what you did there. If ever our paths cross, I owe you a very fine malt whisky.


  306. Wullie B says:
    Shock horror, its not as if he didn’t have time to get rid of the evidence

  307. Neil in Glasgow says:


    I didn’t mention the ’cause’. Sturgeon and Murrell have done nothing since they took power to advance any cause other than the one of their own ego trip. The evidence is clear that they played major parts in trying to have AS sent to prison for no reason other than advancing that cause. That is unforgivable. Hopefully karma is a bitch to them both.

  308. Wullie B says:

    Fairliered says:
    5 April, 2023 at 8:15 pm

    Wullie B says:
    5 April, 2023 at 7:14 pm

    Is that the same part of the highlands that Willie MacRae was found?

    Nope, Evans has a home near a humble crofter who likes to share sheep and lamb pictures 😉

  309. Mac says:

    The chances of Peter Murrell facing a real police investigation are about as high as Humza Yousaf facing a real leadership election and the chances of Humza Yousaf facing a real leadership election are about as high as Peter Murrell facing a real police investigation. And so the circle goes…

    Peter Murrell made sure Humza Yousaf was fixed in as the new FM to protect Peter Murrell. Humza Yousaf went along with it so he he could parade himself as the new FM without having a clue what to do next.

    Yousaf is not in anyway the legitimate leader of the SNP never mind the independence movement.

    Alex Salmond is.

  310. JGedd says:

    Izzie @ 7.55pm

    Any chance that you might actually name the people responsible for the crisis which has overtaken the SNP? You know, the leadership that you followed so faithfully for the last 8 years?

    Instead you scold or admonish people who comment in criticism as if they are responsible for the forthcoming troubles that will engulf the SNP and inevitably damage the independence movement.

    This blog has been reporting and investigating certain matters which were pointing us towards the destination where we are now. No doubt you thought blog writers should have steadfastly kept on ignoring this decline as you and other members closed your minds to everything except blind support.

    It really is quite cheeky to upbraid people for their comments on the present developing situation while not addressing the huge problem staring you in the face – that what you believed is coming apart at the seams. You will have to confront that reality as the future unfolds.

  311. President Xiden says:

    Forever known as the theatre on the lawn.

  312. David Hannah says:

    Nothing but in corruption in Scotland.

    No doubt Dorothy Bain has stopped the prosecution from the honest officers of the police Scotland fraud department.

    It’s despicable. There is no justice in Scotland. These people are a disgrace. The sturgeon cabal. Criminals in high office. Scotland in chains.

  313. Big Jock says:

    I suppose we all have to hope Murrel will be re-arrested after the evidence is unlocked. I hope its not another cover up of a cover up.

  314. Senga says:

    I wouldn’t worry that Murrell has been ‘released without charge’. This is normal procedure and as expected. With any luck an Indictment will follow in six months time and he will be making his first court appearance shortly afterwards.

  315. Dan says:

    2 mins footage of Stuart Campbell trying to get to grips with slippery Murreel

  316. Mac says:

    The chances of the Murrells facing charges for their crimes would be similar to the Clintons or the Bushes or the Blairs facing charges for theirs, unlikely.

    Don’t hold your breath folks. As discussed on here ad nauseum a deal was likely made and all this police posturing is probably all show to make it look ‘real’.

    Come on does anyone think Police Scotland just turned into the good guys.

    Maybe I will be proved wrong and Police Scotland will discover Peter Murrell’s secret stolen miniature stash or his horrendous serial hair pinging.

  317. Izzie says:

    JGedd @836 What I believe in is that Scotland should and could be an independent country. The SNP are a means to an end. This schadenfreude is distasteful any can only lead to a majority unionist Holyrood but if you people prefer that you are going the right way.

  318. Dougieboy says:

    Looking for some advice.
    I’m still a member of the SNP. A former branch convenor, former parliamentary candidate etc.I have an SNP branch meeting next week that I was considering attending for the first time in ages. The party itself has been damaged, possibly irretrievably so and it’s clear that there are enough of those at the top of the party who would see it destroyed before they would countenance any reform. The NEC are set to carry out another governance review, the most recent one led by Keith Brown disappeared without trace. We’re also set to have HY appoint an ‘inspirational’ figure to be Murrell’s replacement.
    Is there anything that we as party members can do to seize this opportunity to turn the ship around? Any mechanism that exists for me or my branch to have the constitution addressed and new NEC elections called? My suspicion is that there are no routes to facilitate change.
    Any helpful solutions welcome!

  319. Graeme George says:


    We already have a unionist majority in Holyrood they’re called the SNP.

    Do try to keep up

  320. Derek says:

    I’ll be honest with you, I’m a supporter of Scotland remaining in the UK and I hate nationalism and the SNP, so you’d probably absolutely despise me if you met me. But I like your writing, and the blog has been a joy to read over the past few months as you lay into these crooks. Thanks, mate.

  321. Republicofscotland says:

    I thought this was pretty funny with Yousless in mind and his earlier rant.

  322. Big Jock says:

    Mac. The only ray of Hope for me. Why would you dig a garden just for show? That to me seems over the top and inappropriate for the alleged crime. That part baffles me. Either police Scotland are really bad at faking, or is there genuinely more to this.

  323. ronald anderson says:

    Astonished 3.01.

    We don’t need to know we’re just glad Stu’s still on the go / as I always thought he would .

  324. Iain More says:

    The sooner the SNP is supplanted by Alba Party the better for the cause of Scots Indy. The SNP hasn’t been an Indy Party since 2014 at least.

    The sooner those charlatan snake oil selling Greens are booted into touch the better as well for the cause.

  325. Merganser says:

    Izzie you are right in one respect. The SNP are a means to an end of independence.

  326. John Main says:

    @Effijy says:5 April, 2023 at 7:25 pm

    Apparently SNP Mired in Scandal



    Why wisnae ah telt?

    Ach, look on the bright side. There’s gonna be another million people around the world who will be able to finally find Scotland on the map, thanks to today’s headline news.

    Nae sic a thing as bad publicity!

  327. Mac says:

    Cheers Brian.

  328. John Main says:

    @Izzie says:5 April, 2023 at 8:56 pm

    Hollyrood is a dead end.

    That’s why it was set up – to kill Indy stone dead. That was never a secret at the time HR was conceived, it’s never been a secret since.

    I think you can surely agree it’s been a great success at doing exactly what was painted on the tin from the first day the damn place was opened.

  329. JGedd says:

    Izzie @ 8.56pm

    I want an independent country too but it isn’t going to come about with the presently-constituted SNP. The past 8 years has been a period of stasis, of governmental incompetence and worse. I could not have gone out to campaign for such a government for Scotland.

    They had turned into the same kind of party as Labour, a party which had contempt for its voters. They showed little regard for the poverty and drug deaths in Scotland, for the scandal of care home deaths due to the government’s own criminal negligence.. I could go on but what’s the point? Where have you been during the 8 years of government mismanagement?

    I could not, in all conscience, go out and vote for such a party of incompetent careerists or campaign for such a party. I want independence but for Scotland to be a better country not one as mired in corruption and greed as Westminster. But you go on ignoring the evidence that the SNP is not the party of independence. They are no threat at all to the Union. You just refuse to see it.

  330. Bobbyp says:

    Sadly this will now be pushed by the ‘scottish’ media as snp corrupt, hoping that Scotland will go back to voting london labour. Hence the reason why Alba are being starved of any publicity.

  331. PhilM says:

    Cheers bud. Same to you.

  332. twathater says:

    Are you guys aw stoopid wee nicky jist goat aw her pals in the polis tae come doon tae her hoose and dig up the gerdin tae plant mer carrots, as the ones she had been dishin oot ower the past 8 years wis fer rancid and humzie baby wis planning a promise o an indy ref so he wanted the c+ntinuity supply

    Peter wis gonny dae it himsel but he’s too busy talkin tae they bloody magpies so nicky promised her pals a wee vidyo ae the coronation wi chic and cammy wishin abody aw ra best

    Kin yeese mibbe suggest somfin that nicky and pete could gie tae chic tae show how much Scoatland loves the pair ae them

  333. Rogerborg says:

    Yet there will still be plenty of Mammy’s Boys who will be blaming you for the consequences of the Murrell-Sturgeon hegemony’s actions.

    To paraphrase Naz Shah, you should have “shut your mouth for the sake of Aye, Oot.”

  334. James J says:

    Is anyone thinking the problem isn’t Westminster, it’s politicians of all persuasions?

  335. John McGregor says:

    Those who Laughs last Laughs longest Keep up the great work

  336. Carol Leech says:

    £107,620 = 1 brand new camper van
    Less25% depreciation = £80,000 tangible assets under vehicles in 2021 accounts and should be in the asset register.

    £107,620 loan from CEO in June 2021
    Less repayment (1) Aug 2021 £26,905 = 25%
    Balance = £80,715
    Less repayment (2) Oct 2021 £20,715 = 25% plus rounding up
    Balance = £60,000

    CEO resigns and buys camper van still in the wrapper for net book value of £60,000 OR even less if 25% depreciation applied for 2023 ie £45,000

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