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Two separate facts

Posted on April 05, 2023 by

Presented without comment.

And a bonus one, from two years and one day ago:

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0 to “Two separate facts”

  1. Calum says:

    Ooh, popcorn time!

  2. ronald anderson says:

    Oh err Mrs Who knew whit/where n when/memory loss kicks into gear .LoL

  3. Tartan Tory says:

    BBC have confirmed it’s Murrell. Police tent outside the home!

  4. Morgatron says:

    Opps a daisy

  5. Geoff Bush says:

    Suggest bail is set at £106,000 or so

  6. wulls says:

    Oh how totally unexpected……..

  7. ICantDance says:

    Rather explains the speedy election, doesn’t it?

  8. Republicofscotland says:

    I hope the b*stard gets sent down for years, next up to be nicked is the betrayer I hope.

  9. PhilM says:

    Well I don’t know about you chaps…
    I’m not angry…I’m just disappointed…

  10. Derek says:

    Just been on Radio 4 news.

  11. Neil in Glasgow says:

    Can’t believe the New York cops were so Murrellian with the Donald last night…

    Tell it to the Judge, ya schmuck

  12. ronald anderson says:

    It’ll be a Trumpian charge I hope lol

  13. That solves the question of Sturgeon, ‘why resign so suddenly?’

  14. Frank Gillougley says:


  15. Republicofscotland says:

    Geoff Anderson.

    In your link it says Police vans are outside the SNP HQ, inside the shredders are overheating.

    I hope the SNP house of cards is about to collapse big time.

  16. AnneDon says:

    Evidence that the Scottish news corp don’t want to speak truth to power. They just want to eat succulent lamb with power.

    Now there’s a chance the SNP won’t win the next election, I expect they will suddenly find many of the other events indy supporters have been talking about for years will suddenly become “newsworthy”.

  17. Tartan Tory says:

    I think we can now surmise the reason that the Cornton Vale closure has been delayed.

    I can think of at least a dozen cells needed there. Cell A, Cell B, Cell C….. and an especially good Cell H. 😀

  18. Senga says:

    The ‘man’ in question is Peter Murell. All the mainstream media have his name plastered over their pages (as if we couldn’t have guessed anyway, or did we think it was Santa Claus). It is safe to publish his name without fear of litigation.

  19. desimond says:

    Just when Easyjet started flights to Lisbon this week from Glasgow too…

  20. Big Jock says:

    Explains why Sturgeon is learning to drive. Yon taxis are expensive. She must think , or know she is getting off with it though?

  21. Den says:

    ROLF shits getting real. No opportunity to correct your evidence now.

  22. Dramfineday says:

    Mmm, soor dook from Leask and Gordon back in the day. How’s it today chaps? Nice one Stuart.

  23. Stravaiger says:

    Shoulda bought that house in Venezuela, not Portugal…

  24. The police have actually set up a very large blue and white tent in Sturgeon’s front lawn.
    Didn’t they do this at Fred and Rose West’s house?
    After eight years of Sturgeon the Snp have finally hit the buffers.

  25. BLMac says:

    Be careful with the comments folks.

    Remember what happened to Craig Murray – the truth is not necessarily a defence.

    Maybe it will be when the stables are finally mucked out, but there’s still an awful stench with the ‘continuity’.

  26. Tinto Chiel says:

    What could be under the floorboards?

  27. Effijy says:

    Murrell has plenty of examples from Boris on how to get away with it!

    An advisor that I won’t name said it was OK to take the money.

    I didn’t know it was Party Money.

    I thought I bought the £200K wallpaper but on checking someone else did.

    I did not knowingly realise I was trousering that money.

    Or the Zahawi it’s just an accounting over sight so I can still keep my job.

    Strange the Tory criminals never got cordoned off and a police tent in the garden?

  28. Ian McCubbin says:

    Wow at last , let’s hope more go this way .
    Wonder what Humza Useless will say now.

  29. robertkknight says:

    ‘Sfunny how only yesterday the response to the FoI request lands, then today…

    Ever get the feeling they were trying desperately to keep the lid on it for as long as possible? Obviously not long enough for someone to have time to get their grubby paws on a one-way ticket to Panama City. (Probably had to surrender the passport some time ago).

    Let’s hope the whole thing comes down. Let’s hope the whole f***in’ diseased, corrupt temple comes down upon their heads. Hopefully it’s gonna be biblical… mene, mene, tekel, upharsin.

  30. fillofficer says:

    hah, sweet
    the birdman of BarL
    magpies eh
    one for sorrow…

  31. Senga says:

    What’s the deal with that huge forensic tent on the front lawn? Are bodies buried under the patio?

  32. James Devlin says:

    Well done WOS. Just proves how much of a grip the Murrells and their cabal had/have on the Scottish MSM, who should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Here’s hoping they have the balls to apologise? I very much doubt it though. This also begs the question, why was Sturgeon given a heads up on this, enabling her to skulk off before the stuff hit the fan. This stinks, and a lot of people in high office in Scotland have serious questions to answer. Let’s see what fairytale Humza comes up with to explain this? Why on earth would anyone now even consider voting SNP?

  33. thursoberwick says:

    I hope Sturgeon is enjoying all the shame of having the cops and media camped outside her home and making her look like a crook. Maybe no international organisation will want to be involved with her? ?

  34. harry mcaye says:

    Next up his missus then the Alphabettys. Glorious.

  35. Mac says:

    Apologies for O/T. In response to Alf on the second previous discussion.

    Alf Baird says:
    Mac @ 10:17 am
    “Wokeism ideology/religion therefore seems to be another ‘tool’ of Imperialism and hence oppression, imposing new ‘values’ and beliefs on a people. ”

    Yeah. Another way of thinking about it is that ‘Wokeism’ is essentially an egregore. In the same sense that Marxism is an egregore. It is a carefully crafted set of ideas and beliefs that effects change, that takes on a life of its own, and survives beyond human lifespans, sometimes across centuries maybe even longer.

    Wokeism as such has two obvious key design features (at least).

    First it is designed to be very appealing to young people. In the same way that political correctness was very appealing to teens growing up in the 80’s (which was the bridgehead for what was to come).

    At that age your understanding of the world has no real depth and believing you are a crusader for good against evil / hate is very appealing. Wokeism was cleverly designed to lure in an entire generation of young people and they used our schools and universities to indoctrinate them right at source. Pave the road to societal hell with good intentions…

    The second key design feature is the purpose. What is the purpose of the egregore known as wokeism.

    It is a societal poison designed to look like candy. It destroys the cohesion of societies from within. It is designed to divide us, to make us weak. To make sure we are looking in the wrong direction. To make sure we are fighting each other. To make us dumb and unable to think clearly. To make us say things we know to be false, to make us conform to lies.

    Divide and conquer works. And what is a banner of wokeism, ‘diversity’.

    So it is targeted at our youth, our kids, and it is designed to poison them and us, to weaken us, to divide us. And this has been rolled out all over the empire at the same time over several decades.

    Wokeism defines the borders of the empire.

    The US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Western Europe, increasingly parts of central and eastern Europe… Anywhere wokeism has been introduced.

    The empire has attacked its own people with wokeism because it fears them. It fears us and it despises us in equal measure. It wants to cut down the poppies, us, eliminate us a threat to them for another generation at least, and and wokeism is a tool for achieving it. War is another. Causing mass uncontrolled immigration is also part of the same strategy.

  36. ronald anderson says:

    Its obvious now that Sturgeon had prior warning of this pending investigation /

    Humza’s left to carry the can he’s got to sack Murrell irrespective of what the NEC say /

    who’s leading the charge to pick up the poisoned chalice of Chief Exe .

    Don’t be eating aw yer popcorn just yet 72 hours + whatever time the Polias / Crown office make the charges public

  37. Den says:

    I could not give a flying fuck about the SNP finances, If the accused has taken one brown penny of taxpayers money illegally that’s what we need to know. As my granny used to say , you can watch a thief but you can are watch a liar.

  38. Chas says:

    You have to feel sorry for ex Queen Nicola. She will of course be totally unaware of what has taken place in the past. As Leader of the cult how could she possibly know what her husband, the CEO of the cult, has been getting up to? Or maybe she simply cannot recall!
    How the mighty fall.

  39. Gordon Bain says:

    That didn’t take long. Excellent news!

  40. SusanAHF says:

    Shame the police took so long to act, plenty warning given

  41. Tidecutter says:

    You did this Stuart. I love you for it.

  42. Den says:

    If sneaky Pete thinks that this is just another Holyrood type enquiry we’re you get a chance to correct your evidence and create WhatsApp groups to cover your arse , he is is for a shock.

  43. Stuart Campbell says:

    Investigation active due to contempt of court act? Is this a standard thing or does it tie into the Salmond trial?

  44. Alan A says:

    Big Jock – “ Explains why Sturgeon is learning to drive. Yon taxis are expensive.”

    Her whole exit is stage managed to lessen the link between herself and hubby, incl letting everyone know she doesn’t drive – just in case there were fancy motors (she never drove).

  45. LantonParky says:

    Well done WoS with your FOI request and its ‘smoke and mirrors’ answer. The Polis were obviously alluding to something, were they not.

    I suppose it’s too late in the day to suggest that the media use Roman numerals to protect the true identity of the alleged criminal(s) so as not to confuse with the Alphabetties. Or perhaps Greek with Alpha, Beta and Zeta etc or maybe even go the whole hog (pardon the pun) and use the Arabic alphabet.

  46. Beauvais says:

    There goes the UN job for his missus.

  47. Mac says:

    After the Humzafix I am just assuming this will all end up in Murrell being whitewashed / cleared.

    Not allowing myself to get my hopes up that Police Scotland and the COPFS will suddenly start doing the right thing.

  48. Beauvais says:

    Keith Brown might be having another meeting with the police soon. This time in his capacity as Acting FM.

  49. Oneliner says:

    I’m thinking of setting up a crowdfunder for Peter’s defence. We’ll have to be quick – Matron doesn’t know I can access the computer.

  50. George says:

    Is Alex going to need an operation to get the smile of his face…

  51. James Devlin says:

    Anyone who expects us to believe that Sturgeon had no idea of what was going on, is as dumb as a grape. Surely the question is now: How much did Yousaf know about this ? Who trusts him to tell the truth?

  52. Senga says:

    It is a full moon today. Coincidence?

  53. Robert Louis says:

    Well done Stuart Campbell, the only actual REAL Journalist in Scotland. Seriously, well done.

    My comment earlier today, in the last article, around 0640am, seems to have been right. The police were evasive in the FOI, so as not to prejudice matters. It needs serious evidence, before the polis go searching the house of the forner FM, then arresting her husband. This really has legs, and will run.

    Questions, however, do need asked about the legitimacy of the recent SNP leadership election, given it was controlled by Murrell.

    SNP folk might wish to join the Alba party now before the rush starts. The SNP are finished.

  54. Dramfineday says:

    Late thought, what’s likely to happen to the NEC finance committee if there are charges etc brought? Are they then not likely to be held responsible for any losses? Is it likely they may be charged with complicity?

  55. Bernard de Linton says:

    One liner…ha ha ha should be on the Stage….Wells and Fargo.. leaving in the morning.

  56. AndyH says:

    This stinks so badly now of a cover up that they simply cannot hide from.

    Way too much has been out in the open for so long.

  57. Kevin Cargill says:

    I’m in tears of joy here. This vindication has been a long time coming. I have fallen out with so many friends and SNP sycophants over this and the conspiracy against AS that at last my faith in your diligence and research is being rewarded. I know this is probably the tip of the iceberg that will sink the SNP for good but I feel it’s the start button being pushed on the clear out we’ve all been waiting for! A lot of the former sycophants will now have to make sincere apologies if a new unified movement is to be created but I’m sure we can still rise now and be a nation again!!

  58. Angus Files says:

    See it on the Sun see the black van at the end with a sat nav jammer on it..

  59. David T says:

    Why is his age circled in red?

  60. Stoker says:

    BBC now telling us all that Murrell has been arrested. Am i the only one who isn’t getting too worked up about this? Can’t help but feel it’s all just for show, that nothing will come of it. Will he actually end up on trial in Court? Time will tell.

    Meanwhile, Sturgeon’s *REAL* reason for quitting is becoming more exposed by the day. Oh the shame of it. At least ‘Wingers’ didn’t buy into her pathetic pile of pish she copied straight from Jacinda Ardern, “i can’t give any more’. Outwith her gender preoccupation Sturgeon achieved nothing.

    Ardern may have had a genuine reason for saying that but as we all know Skanky Sturgeon never gave anything to begin with. Her and Murrell took took took. Let’s hope the past is now beginning to catch up with them both. But don’t hold your breath, folks.

    Trump & Murrell both arrested within hours of each other. LOL! I’ll have an even bigger laugh when/if Skanky Sturgeon is arrested. Let’s see her play dumb the way she did with that pathetic political inquiry that questioned her.

  61. robertkknight says:

    I was just thinking I haven’t felt this good since Archie Gemmill scored against Holland in 1978.

    Then I remembered where I live, and the calibre of the agencies of the State, in all their glory, with which we are blessed in Scotland.

    As you were people… as you were.

  62. All those cops, to arrest one middle-aged man for fraud? Evidence tent? Raiding SNP HQ?
    I sincerely hope there aren’t any REAL skeletons in the closet!

  63. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    Today is a good day.
    Let tomorrow be even better.
    WGD will be screaming about a Unionist plot.

  64. Lenny hartley says:

    Been told lbc news at 11 reported sturgeon also arrested
    Not on any other news channel

  65. I predict they will find that the money was funneled into companies running hotels to house illegals, and/or p-d- enabling organisations.

  66. Patrick Roden says:

    Now reporting that he ‘remains in custody’ and the police are actively searching several properties!

    Oh dear, if the police keep this up, someone might need to put his wig on and identify as a woman!

  67. Achnababan says:

    Congratulations Rev – not only for your peerless investigative journalism but your reading of the situation from a very early stage.

    Still I wont be popping the champagne until he is charged and in the dock… still too much wriggle room for a veritable Houdini such as Murrell.

  68. George Anderson says:

    That police tent in her front garden cheered me up a lot.
    I wonder if Peter remembered to remove his gimp mask and PVC attire from his room?

  69. Mac says:

    I wonder if the truncated timing of the SNP leadership election was really to do with the Police being unwilling to postpone their raid any longer.

    The short timing obviously hugely disadvantaged Forbes and Regan and it seemed quite crude and odd at the time, but they would have been desperate to get the Humzafix done and dusted before Murrell was arrested.

    It was going to take months to do the election properly and according to the SNP rules. Maybe the cops said that was too long for them to wait. So they just massively truncated it and the fact it also disadvantaged Regan and Forbes was a bonus.

    Everything just stinks about that election.

  70. Marty says:

    Has Wee Ginja Dug been crying yet ?

  71. Ian Stewart says:

    An unmitigated disaster for Scottish Independence is my first thought and only thought at the moment, I’m sure the utter anger will be along soon.

  72. London Scott says:

    NS would be a member of the NEC. She would have been at meetings where Derek Chapman, Joanna Cherry and members of the Finance and Audit Committee raised the issue of the £600k and their lack of access to the party books. She would have read their resignation letters. She and all current members of the NEC have been complicit and negligent in their fiduciary duty. So I expect more arrests. And the auditors need investigating as well.

  73. akenaton says:

    A round of applause for our courageous leader Mr Campbell, without whom these reprobates would have scuttled off into the sunset.
    Everyone deserves one small mistake “A R”, but the fact that it led to the place man being elected is a remarkable example of “sods law” and of of M&Co being “too clever by half.”
    I think a new chapter has just opened for Mr Campbell in Scottish politics.

  74. Shiregirl says:

    Bail set at…£600,000?

    Long time coming. I’m gonna get the snackettes in and have a chuckle to myself reading the batshit posts on twitter.

  75. confounder says:

    Will the trans community be acquiring another member (phnarr, phnarr) soon?

  76. Liz says:

    Natalie McGarry got 2 years for £25k.
    Just saying.

  77. Cuilean says:

    Well done.

  78. orri says:

    Did he loan the SNP money and if so where did it come from and how much tax, if any, did he pay on that income?

    I mean Rangers skirted the law as far as Employee Benefits Schemes went but at least they reported them, if not to the SPL. If, and I stress if, there’s been off the books loans involved in the missing £600,000 then it might not technically be theft but it sure as hell might count as tax evasion/avoidance . Take your pick.

  79. Skip_NC says:

    Robertkknight, aye, you’re right. In any case, there will be a scholarly paper next week stating that anyone over 55 has diminished culpability because, well, they’re old. So if a 58 year old man is charged, brought to trial and convicted, the sentence will be to cut some wild biddy’s grass a couple of times. Mind you, the Proceeds of Crime Order would mean that Scotland starts life is an independent nation completely debt-free.

  80. Merganser says:

    robertknight @ 11.05

    Very true. No point in jumping up and down at this stage. Time will tell if there is real reason for celebration.

  81. anon says:

    The dam breaking? Or a pawn sacrificed? Or a show, to steady the ship?

    “A Full investigation was carried and no charges will be brought”?
    How will this be spun?

    “We stand with Mr Murrell.”
    Up to a point…

    “If he has done anything wrong then he must of course face the full force of the law”

    Stepping back.

    Once they believe that he is a goner they will distance themselves to try to save their own hides. Once that is seen its over. For him.

    What of the others? He didn’t do this on his own.
    Deals to be done, offers made.

    What of the SNP? and Independence?
    Can all those involved in this be removed? Or will they move to fil the power vacuum?

    Who could sort this mess out properly, completely?

    Cometh the hour, cometh the man?

  82. stuart mctavish says:

    Den @10:33

    Excellent point.

    Setting aside how much lager might be getting smuggled into the fancy government owned property on what was previously thought to be his chief sponsor’s lawn, the second last paragraph of the police statement being a direct contradiction of the one that precedes it could prove an excellent opportunity for the new boy to show his worth and give the Lord Advocate 48 hours to produce full cost breakdown of the 20/36 month investigation, together with details of the monthly(?) budget approvals, risk assessments & progress meetings between the investigation team and its supervisor(s), etc, etc..

  83. Astonished says:

    Have they just been thrown under the bus by our imperial masters ?

    Hope so.

    Let’s clear out all the the transcult nuSNP and their handmaidens (of whatever sex).

    Be in no doubt, the Sturrells thoroughly deserve this.

  84. himagain says:

    I’ve been saying this to friends for a very long time now. That there was a toxic and potentially criminal coterie in charge in the SNP, who destroyed the party’s internal democracy and accountability, and bullied and marginalised anyone who disagreed with them. The pathetic aspect of this is how many downright stupid people tried to blame Salmond for the SNP’s ills. Anyone rather than an associate of the pure and blameless “Wee Nikla”, who will, I confidently predict, go down as the foulest, most crooked ("Quizmaster" - Ed) in Scottish political history. Hanging drawing and quartering is now illegal. Personally, I’d pay good money to see it back again. (Joke, in case our security pals are watching)

  85. Lenny Hartley says:

    Correction Surgeon not arrested, mate says they did report it but now saying murrell.

  86. ben madigan says:

    @Radical Cartoons says:

    “All those cops, to arrest one middle-aged man for fraud? Evidence tent? Raiding SNP HQ?”

    The investigation may have moved beyond the missing Referendum Fund

  87. Patrick Roden says:

    I’m not someone who easily gives gushing praise, but when I think back to when your house was raided and your PC was taken away for the most trivial of reasons, (that’s when you know the establishment ‘fix’ is on) as well as the relentless hate from friend and foe alike. for you to still keep going and keep fighting when most of us would have given up years ago, shows you are truly the warrior that Scotland has needed, ‘for such a time as this’
    That’s not to disparage the amazing work of the many true patriots in our nation (too many to mention), but if we ever do get independence, nothing will stop me from telling anyone who will listen, that it could never have happened if it wasn’t for a wee guy from bath called Stuart Campbell.

  88. Kate says:

    @London Scot says:

    ‘NS would be a member of the NEC.’

  89. Slim Jim says:

    Well, I hope the Polis and the PF do the right thing and investigate this thoroughly, without fear, favour, prejudice or malice and let the dice fall where they will as there be lots of folk watching this situation very closely. If they don’t, then the reputational damage to those agencies will be immense.

  90. Paulk says:

    Time for the SNP faithful to dig out those Trumpian conspiracy emails again. What a mess.

  91. kismet says:

    There’s a night of the long knives coming in the SNP, and all the backside lickers and liars should be kacking their breeks. Wonder where LL is these days?

  92. paulk says:

    My head will explode if he’s sent to jail and then transitions to female.

  93. PhilM says:

    To the out and out cynics popping up BTL…
    Can ye stop harshin ma buzz and just give us th’day?

  94. Mac says:

    So Sturgeon’s sudden resignation may also have been specifically to get the Police investigation suspended while a new leader was elected. Giving her and Murrell crucial time to ‘houseclean’ and obscure their tracks.

    If Sturgeon knew the police were going to be arriving to search the house the next day, and she knew and she was not ‘ready’ for them, then by immediately and suddenly resigning she caused the police raid to be frozen and delayed by weeks. Maybe her resignation was to buy herself some time…

  95. Angus Files says:

    Michael Russell allegedly knows were the money is??

    Mike Russell denies £600k went missing from the SNP despite ongoing police investigation
    The SNP president also attacked journalists for asking questions about the missing cash and claimed Nicola Sturgeon had not dodged questions about it.

  96. robbo says:

    Jeez. The number of coppers involved here is astonishing. Is there any cops left in Edinburgh for day to day policing atall?

    See big bubble eyes is on telly noo wearing a nappie.

  97. willie says:

    Thin end of a very much thickening wedge.

    Police visit parliament, two weeks later FM unexpectedly announces resignation for work life balance. Then a procession of departures – chief constable resigns two years early, then David Harvie the crown agent head of COPFS and ex (?) Mi5 man, followed by chief SPAD Liz Lloyd, head of SNP communications Murray Foote, then Murrell himself.

    But to all you kind hearted benevolent Wings readers can we not spare a thought for poor wee Nicola who resigned for life work balance.

    I mean chucking in the job, losing the tied house in Edinburgh and now her house in Glasgow all taped off by police and with an incident tent at the front door where is the poor soul going to sleep.

    I mean with the Party Headquarters also under police lock down it’s not like she could even cadge a camp bed on the floor of the party HQ.

    It’s just awful now isn’t it. Poor girl. Poor poor girl.

  98. Ian Smith says:

    With a tent full of documents and devices being taken, they cannot clear him any time soon.

  99. Maureen says:

    From following the posts on here, we knew it waas coming but jesus christ, it doesn’t lessen the impact of seeing it in black and white. Well done Stu! I shudn’t be this happy Hahahahahahahaha

  100. Bumsrush says:

    Who’d have thought it! Trump and Murrell within 24 hours.

  101. Oneliner says:

    Just when Spring is around the corner and everything is in bud – someone goes and pitches a tent on your lawn. That’ll take some repairing.

  102. Colin Spalding says:

    “So we hope you’ll forgive us if we enjoy today with no small degree of personal and professional satisfaction.”

    Forgiven. Keep up the good work. Someone has to before the movement becomes a parrot sketch from Monty Python.

  103. Muscleguy says:

    Man admitted to hospital with rictus grin emitting constant giggling. A sedative may need to be administered.

  104. gregor says:

    Magnificent (Wings):

    “Causing admiration esp. because of an unusual quality such as great size or beauty.”

    “The magnificence of nature.”

    “If somehow, difficult to believe, this magic has passed you by, then this magnificent atlas is the perfect remedy.”

  105. David Hannah says:

    The Indy Swindler.

  106. Viscount Ennui says:

    Worried about the old “insufficient evidence” outcome or convicted on a lesser charge.
    I am the eternal pessimist – but for very good reasons.

  107. Ebenezer Scroggie says:

    When the Poileas put up a blue and white tent on your front lawn, you know you’re in deep shit.

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