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Posted on February 03, 2021 by

Tonight somebody’s sent us a copy of the SNP’s official Social Media Policy, which is exactly the sort of awful corporate wonk-drivel you’d probably expect it to be.

Our favourite part was this masterpiece of unrememberable gibberish in the vein of the Scottish Government’s hopeless “FACTS” slogan (honestly, without going and looking can you remember what ANY of the letters represent?) for the coronavirus :

And here’s a tweet from earlier today from a prospective SNP candidate:

We’re not sure which of the letters that conforms to.

Mennie – a grown man who proudly announces that he uses women’s toilets and who sometimes sends his mammy into the Wings comments to defend him – had been boo-hooing at great and whiny length about this article, which had simply reported the events of the SNP’s most recent NEC meeting, and he wasn’t alone.

(Although he was in the replies to his tweet, which were just dozens and dozens of people all telling him to grow up.)

And that’s because “Justice” Secretary Humza Yousaf had also piped up tonight for another of the people mentioned in the article, the grotesque Fiona Robertson.

Yousaf – who hasn’t uttered a single word of support for Joanna Cherry despite her receiving serious threats and endless torrents of abuse from SNP members this week, all clearly in breach of the Social Media Policy – sprang to Robertson’s defence with a tweet to which he disabled replies, as he frequently now does:

So naturally, because we care about getting our facts straight on Wings, we’re happy to address Robertson’s complaints.

And it is indeed true that the NE region has been allocated to preferential treatment for BAME candidates rather than disabled ones, which would exclude Robertson unless she identified as an ethnic minority, which wouldn’t surprise us in the least.

But her claim not to be seeking nomination is curious, since it’s only two weeks ago (at the previous NEC meeting) that she declared that she definitely was:

She declared it again at the 31 January meeting, which readers might think is weird behaviour for someone with no intention of doing it. You might even say it’s a lie.

Her explanation – “I put my name in just in case the vote didn’t pass so there’d be a chance for some representation in the contest at least, even if the system is still unequal and discriminatory” – makes no sense at all.

Because if the vote hadn’t been passed, BAME people would still have been able to stand – just without an unfair advantage – so it wouldn’t have needed her to provide “representation” for minorities. Even though she claims to have been voting for BAME people to have that advantage (“because it’s the right thing to do”), in that situation she would then have been competing against any BAME candidate who still wanted to stand in a fair contest, making it less likely that they’d get elected.

To tell you the truth, readers, our suspicion is that Robertson simply hadn’t noticed that the NE list was BAME rather than disabled, and as soon as she realised she wasn’t going to be the one getting the advantage she quit the whole contest in a strop, knowing she had zero chance of winning fair and square.

But of course we can’t know which of the two possible explanations – that she’s a liar, or that she’s really really thick – is the true one, so we’ll just give you the facts and let you make up your own minds.

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183 to “CRITICaL mass”

  1. P says:

    Decisions, decisions – liar or thick? Thick liar?

  2. Lenny Hartley says:


  3. Hatuey says:

    Hahahahaha haha

  4. Graeme Hampton says:

    Intrigued by “Do not be inpatient” is this some campaign to relive stress on the NHS perhaps?

  5. MaggieC says:

    A bit of both = Thick liar LOL .

  6. Balaaargh says:

    So she wasn’t standing anyway, which she only said after she was found out. Sorry, I mean misrepresented…

  7. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Stu, typo just above image of Humza – “sprang to Robertson’s defence with a tweet to which he disabled replies:”


    Unless my comprehension has gone to sleep…

  8. Astonished says:

    I like most folk really hope humza “privately educated” useless loses his seat.
    Then we wouldn’t have to keep voting against his family members becoming candidates and the average intelligence of the SNP group would increase.
    Was useless in the “vietnam” group ? And just as importantly did he coin the title ?
    The woke are losing their precious collective as folk are recanting and retracting as they face legal action. Soon they will start turning on each other. Can’t wait.

  9. Lothianlad says:

    I love the way you have them crapping it Stu!!
    They dont like their corruption being exposed.

    I bet there are a few other careerists who have cold sweats wondering if you have them in your sights.

    Keep ploughing on Sir!

  10. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Sorry ignore that last, disabled ability to reply, I get it.

  11. Derek says:

    …Fiona Roberston…

    “I can’t spell Baccaruda”

  12. Morgatron says:

    I wish Humza would have defended Joanna Cherry so readily. Funny that eh!

  13. kapelmeister says:

    “If you have been complicit…” says our Justice Secretary.

    Naw Humza mate. The slagging off of political foes is part of the rough and tumble. It is not complicity. Look up the definition. What your wretch of a boss did to Alex Salmond, that is complicity.

    Humza laddie, you really do come across as a rather bitter and confused little man.

  14. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Disabling the comments! Dirty ableist (yank made-up word) bastirt! You know, I have worked with the disabled, severely disabled, and loved doing it. Wiped tears and arses. And never once in my time doing it did I ever hear somebody use the made-up term ‘ableist.’ Hilarious.

    Derek, thanks for reminding me of that great Barracudas song with your reference to it. Playing it right now.

  15. Betsy says:

    “I put my name in just in case the vote didn’t pass so there’d be a chance for some representation in the contest at least, even if the system is still unequal and discriminatory”

    I’m genuinely interested who Fiona imagines she represents. She reminds me vaguely of a bag of laundry with a face and it saddens me to think there are people out there who think so little of themselves they want Fiona making whining noises on their behalf.

  16. susanXX says:

    Is Josh Mennie BAME then?

  17. dodecostanza says:

    That’s put me in mind of an expression we had growing up in Dundee “you’re as thick in the hade as shite in a bottle”.

    Inclined to go with liar though.
    OK, maybe both.

  18. A Person says:

    Meanwhile in Rev Stu’s inbox…

    From: Mrs. Robertson (
    To: Wings Over Scotland

    Dear Rev. Campbell,

    I am Fiona’s mum (preciously Fiona’s dad), I was having a chat with Mrs. Minnie, I would like to ask, could you please stop holding my daughter to account as this is an unfair thing to ask of a prospective member of the Scottish Parliament.

    You seem to be uncertain as to whether my daughter is disabled or BAME. As you will see, s.1008 of the SNP Party Rules, last updated next Tuesday, clearly states that “ the term “disability” now includes a phobia of household pets, and this entitles the sufferer to special treatment in candidate selection” Fiona doesn’t like cats much, especially if the cats have ever wondered whether Nicola is quite all she’s cracked up to be. Moreover, s.1009, recently redrafted by Liz Lloyd, lists numerous minority-ethnic identities, of which “willing to do anything Nicola says and not overly fussed about independence as long as she can have an easy life as an MSP being paid a fortune, whining about how badly discriminated against she is, and threatening anybody who asks questions” is one, and Fiona certainly identifies as this. I hope this puts your readers’ minds at rest.

    I hope you will reflect more on this, otherwise I shall be forced to ask Pete Wishart to call you “vile” again.

    Yours faithfully,

    Mrs. Robertson (not that one)

  19. Morgatron says:

    Alan Mackintosh…..its not disabled its only got a built shoe. One way traffic now, all give, no take at all. The party of aural has went deaf, like the turtles.

  20. Rab says:

    She didn’t lie, she just made the usual SNP communications errors.

  21. Neil Wilkinson says:

    Betsy says:
    3 February, 2021 at 11:56 pm

    I’m genuinely interested who Fiona imagines she represents. She reminds me vaguely of a bag of laundry with a face and it saddens me to think there are people out there who think so little of themselves they want Fiona making whining noises on their behalf.


  22. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Susan xx, no, Josh isn’t BAME, he’s just a BAM

  23. kapelmeister says:


    He’s stark raving BAME, I’d say.

    His Mammy will no doubt be alang shortly to fight his corner.

  24. Willie Jay says:

    ” […] (honestly, without looking can you remember what ANY of the letters stand for?): […]

    Honestly, and totally honestly and even truthfully, EACH and EVERY ONE of those “letters” stand for:
    P*** Off, Ya Bampots
    F*** off, Ya Bampots
    or [even!]
    Wh***sht! Aal o’ ye Dumbo Wingy Peoples who don’t even want Indypencesense even when Oor Nicola hands it tae ye on a plate!

    Ye’s shuld Aal be ashamed o’ yoursel’s, so ye shud, expeshilly ‘cos nen o’ ye’s simply cannot ha’d your Wheesht!

    Wheesht for Krankie!

    Wheesht! Wheesht! Wheesht!!

    [My apologies for being so drunk at this time on a Thursday morning, *BUT* – “In Vino Veritas” ! ]

  25. Marion says:

    Betsy says: She reminds me vaguely of a bag of laundry with a face

    I literally guffawed

  26. David Earl says:

    Can I have the 3rd option please Bob, A thick liar? A Scottish justice secretary who doesn’t pay car insurance, supports NEC cheats & TRA bullies, hates women and tells us, from his high horse, to have a look at ourselves! A snivelling, little coward of a man

  27. wee monkey says:

    Stu, you know you’re getting there when you have your own label applied to your readership by the wokeratti! “wings acolyte” indeed.

    On a more serious front, my yellow Lab has more integrity than those cunts..

  28. Bob Mack says:

    I have a minority group connection.

    I joined a gym called Jehovah’s Fitness.__

  29. Samuel says:

    Thank fuck Stu you have your “Wings Brains Dept” all over this, because I just can’t keep up with all the different names that appear out of nowhere.

    Thanks Stu and all your legal eagle Lieutenants for keeping on top of all this.

    It reminds me of trying to untangle the Christmas tree lights after being up the loft for the past year.

    But I will stick with it, because it seems to be reaching some kind of final scenario.

  30. Bob Mack says:


    How can you NOT KNOW your not a member of a Bame group.?

    Did somebody tell her?

  31. Suz says:

    I actually had Josh Mennies Mammy on my twitter timeline earlier this evening telling me that my comments about Josh were disgraceful and I should be ashamed. (I had been explaining to someone else what had happened with Josh at the meeting on Sunday and had stated my opinion that he was “at it”.) I also got chapter and verse about how he was diagnosed, who the doctor was and all of Josh’s symptoms.

  32. Bob Mack says:


    Sounds like mammy has a future plan for you two.

    A cosy nest just built for ____three!!!

  33. Am i right in sayin that any Black,Asian or Minority Ethnic person hoping for top spot for a list seat in Mid Scotland and Fife,Central Scotland,South Scotland and The Highlands and Islands,

    will be refused by the SNP,

    is that not discrimination or even worse racist.

  34. Betsy says:

    Josh’s Mum is hilarious. I almost want him to get elected so we can see her storming into Holyrood going tonto at anyone who makes Baby Josh cry. It would do wonders for the morale of the nation to see her trap a startled Willie Rennie in an evil headlock whilst roaring “Josh has toooooooooourettttes” at all and sundry.

  35. Josef Ó Luain says:

    I’ve just been advised by the National that a book of Nicola Sturgeon’s speeches will be available to buy after the May elections. Ponder the absolute temerity of that, if you will.

  36. Beaker says:

    Josh is off to a fine start. Looking at the CRITICaL list, he’s already breached C, R, I, T, I, C and L.

    It is, I assume, an official SNP post.

  37. Samuel says:
    4 February, 2021 at 12:24 am

    It reminds me of trying to untangle the Christmas tree lights after being up the loft for the past year.


  38. Daisy Walker says:

    messages have gone… hmm

    Test message

    dum,de,de,dum,de,dum, de dum de de dum de dum de da da de de dum.

    You take care Stu. Let as know as soon as if help required.

  39. Beaker says:

    @Scot Finlayson says:
    4 February, 2021 at 12:37 am
    “is that not discrimination or even worse racist.”

    Probably racism due to a protected characteristic.

  40. Kenny says:

    We don’t ‘always’ have a good day on Wings but the overall trend is undoubtedly up-up-up! – I love it when we win.

    Sing when we’re winning,
    We only sing when we’re winning,
    Sing when we’re wi-nning – we only sing when we’re wi-nning

    ..I’ve been hoarse for months now.

  41. Betsy says:

    You’re right. If you’re BAME but want to stand in a seat reserved for the disabled you’re blocked from the top spot and vice versa.

    In any case as the SNP are unlikely to get many list seats you could argue that reserving a no hope slot for BAME/Disabled candidates is discriminatory.

    I notice there are no serving MSPs offering up their FPTP seat to a BAME or disabled candidate in order to demonstrate their passionate commitment to equality. Some nice big majorities there, too- could really give someone a great start to their career. It is striking how they’re all for equality when it’s other people getting shunted down the list but seem curiously reluctant to sacrifice anything themselves.

  42. Daisy Walker says:

    If you’re ever captured, I’l rescue you!

    I have GOLD paint and a bikini!

    If that does not inspire you to escape, nothing will.

    dum de de dum.. fuck it not typing the rest, yoos are jist no taking it seriously

  43. Bob Mack says:

    David Paisley wants the SNP to do something about Joanna Cherry because she is supporting a lawsuit against him ,(a member) ,and Blackman .

    What a bloody woos. Wants to hide behind mummys skirt because big bad Philmore is after him, having been funded by a lot of SNP members.

  44. Jack says:

    Does anyone know where I could get a large “Resign Sturgeon” or, idk, corruption-related flag from? I know we cannot gather in protest, but I’m thinking of doing a silent (or shouty!) one-man protest from castle down to Holyrood. I know it’ll garner zero attention, but I’m sick and tired of everyone standing by. We aren’t even allowed to dissent anymore. I for one want to stand up to these corrupt bullies. I have rights. Staring at a screen isn’t doing much good… indeed, it is doing more than a little harm. (Sorry, I’m young, angry and disillusioned. Edinburgh law student, you see. But really, “Edinburgh” and “law” should not be used in the same sentence).

    Hope my children (if I al lucky enough to ever have any) never have to experience this.

  45. Bob Mack says:


    Perhaps Josh confused Critic with citric. and has become a greeting face instead. A soor ploom.

  46. Jack says:

    Ah but damn, that’d be a procession, which, under Scots law, requires prior registration and police approval. Blast.

  47. Brian says:

    Woke must mean stupid the way bad means good???????

  48. Jack says:

    Wait, no… I’m only one person. So it isn’t a procession. Duh. Excuse me, not very lawyerly. Thinking out loud.

  49. Denise says:

    The leak didn’t specify the order of business it could have been at the time of voting the regions hadn’t been decided and she thought it was going to benefit her.

  50. Abell says:

    Official social media policy “inpatient”, what a bloody embarrassment.

  51. Jontoscots20 says:

    Spot on Betsy

    Certainly some of the Holyrood cushion depressers who think there should be greater representation from minorities should fall on their pensions. However for them FPTP means Feet Planted (in) Tame Parliament.

    I notice there are no serving MSPs offering up their FPTP seat to a BAME or disabled candidate in order to demonstrate their passionate commitment to equality. Some nice big majorities there, too- could really give someone a great start to their career. It is striking how they’re all for equality when it’s other people getting shunted down the list but seem curiously reluctant to sacrifice anything themselves.

  52. Betsy says:

    He’s having quite the evening. I notice he’s also made further libellous comments about Sarah Phillimore which strikes me as unwise.

  53. Daisy Walker says:

    Whaur’s Matt McGuinn when we need him?

    Be’ in deid is nae excuse

    When hairy Mary, aka Jim McLaughlin…

    went in tae a wimmins recloose

    Whaur’s Matt McGuinn when we need him?

    Like Taggert to point the shatter’t lock

    …. sorry really can’t see where this one’s going for some reason. Writers block. Is that a Self IDing thing by the way. Could I get elected? I could wear a wig.

  54. Beaker says:

    @Samuel says:
    4 February, 2021 at 12:24 am
    “”up the loft for the past year.”

    I think you may have taken self-isolation a bit too seriously…

  55. Steve davison says:

    I’m my mind I see josh’s man rubbing his face after spitting on a bit of rolled up hanky as a prelude to the most amusing positive discrimination candidates team photo ever .It would be interesting to see the caption that would be underneath you could only guess to that.I must take my prescription

  56. Daisy Walker says:

    It occurs to me, some of you may not know of the poet, songwriter and Scottish historian that was Matt McGuinn.

    Of particular relevance to today – and isn’t history a fine one for repeating the same memes, is his historically acurate song depicting the war between the MacLeods and MacDonalds over in the Western Isles.

    An uneasy truce was brokered, when the MacDonald Clan provided a high ranking daughter of the clan to Clan Chief MacLeod as a wife, but the contract between the two stated, she had to provide a child from the union within one year – or the deal and the marraige was off.

    Tragedy struck, and in the course of the year, the woman lost an eye (I kid you not) and did not conceive. Its not known if the ‘eye’ thing gave her a headache – somethings, history does not record. But you know, seems reasonable.

    At year end, MacLeod bundled her up, put her on a one eyed horse, with man partially sighted on only one side of his face, and with a dog with only one eye left – to escort her home.

    What are the fucking odds on that!

    And it was foggy! which helped Matt no end in the rhyming when it came to writing the song.


    And if the above does not work, try googling you tube, matt mcguinn theres a one eyed woman on a one eyed horse, lead by a one eyed dog…

  57. Hatuey says:

    I kinda like that thing they do with the first letters, FACTS, etc…

    I’ve never been much good with words and stuff, though. I know what I want to say, I just can’t seem to put it all together the way they do.

    Corrupt. Undemocratic. Narcissistic. Scum. Traitorous.

    See what I mean… “cunst” isn’t a word.

  58. crazycat says:

    @ Bob Mack at 12.56

    David Paisley’s mother is deceased.

    From this obituary – – it looks as if she was in a different league from her son.

  59. Daisy Walker says:

    Wee bit out there, but

    Sarah Phillimor’s crowdfunder to take legal action against Kirsty Blackman etc for defamation.

    has passed the £20,000 mark which is good, but is now making no mention of that being the intent of the crowdfunding .

    It is still looking to take – what I would suggest is important legal actions on this subject – but have we just been used once again with clever carrots.

    I truly hope not. And it would of course weaken her case considerably, if she’s been crowdfunding on a published set of conditions, and then changed them willie nillie once the money is in the bank… no matter how well intentioned she is.

    And Sarah I contributed. Dont even think about it. Its called FRAUD, its dishonest and I am now at the stage I DONT CARE IF YOU ARE BEING INTIMIDATED OR BRIBED BY THE BRITISH STATE – its called theft by fraudulent means in Scotland. And its a crime.

    Does anyone have any screenshots of yesterdays crowndfunder specifics. Looks like they will be needed.

  60. paul says:

    at says:
    4 February, 2021 at 1:57 am

    @ Bob Mack at 12.56

    David Paisley’s mother is deceased.

    From this obituary – – it looks as if she was in a different league from her son.

    Let’s hope the other apples fell closer to the tree.

  61. kapelmeister says:

    Josef O’Luzon @12:43

    “..A book of Nicola Sturgeon’s speeches will be available to buy…”

    The rainbow champeen has a book coming oot?

    Will it be titled Mein Camp?

  62. Geezer Bird says:

    I can see why the bloke might feel a bit uncomfortable in male toilets. Show the punters the list candidates and justice will prevail. As a rule geezer birds with green hair tend not to be first pick for moms and pops.

  63. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Slightly O/T: the once-proud, noble, therapeutic discipline of yoga has been taken over by fascists and conspiracy theorist nutters. Is nothing sacred? Will people ever be able to do a Chaturanga Dandasana in good faith again? Chilling and heartbreaking.

  64. David F says:

    As Fiona Robertson will certainly be reading this article, I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate her on the masterful contribution to social justice that is her devising of the concept “technically consensual”.

    Essentially this means that when a woman is in a relationship with a work colleague who is her senior in some way – for argument’s sake let’s call him “Alex Salmond” – she might imagine that the relationship is “consensual”. However wiser heads than hers, such as Fiona, can see that due to the imbalance in the “power dynamic”, the relationship is in fact abusive, and in truth it is only “technically consensual”.

    It is clear that this shrewd analysis applies to a whole host of other types of relationship in which the power dynamic may not be fully balanced. For example, consider the evocative expression “a bag of laundry with a face”. To sum it up simply and succinctly, Fiona is an ugly fatty.

    And it should be obvious to anyone of good conscience that while an ugly fatty in a relationship with a normal-looking person might think her relationship is consensual, wiser heads – me for instance – can see the reality. Her partner is abusing the power dynamic by taking advantage of the ugly fatty’s natural desperation to chuck herself at any man she can get hold of. Really, it’s only technically consensual.

    People of good conscience like me should therefore step in and prevent such exploitation from occurring. Furthermore, the partner in question should suffer the full consequences of his abuse, and be subjected to public opprobrium, social media pile-ons, and ideally, criminal charges.

    To Fiona, I might seem like an obnoxious interfering busybody, sticking my nose into matters that are none of my business. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am in fact a noble crusader for justice, selflessly protecting ugly fatties like Fiona from the consequences of their stupidity, weakness and folly. I hope that many other Wingers will join me in my quest.

  65. Willie says:

    You’d need to a mental gymnast to keep up with these folks.

    But don’t these folks just come across in their social media tweets as just vile. And they certainly have a dislike for you Rev Stu.

    And what kind of policy is it for a candidate to tweet ‘ if you really want to piss Wings off Josh Mennie #1 for your NE vote. Imagine that as an encouragement to North East voters to cast their 2nd vote for the SNP.

    This is the SNP calling and asking you for your second vote to elect Josh Mennie whose policy is to piss off wings ( and use ladies toilets )

    RIP (sic) roaring success – because most certainly guarantee for a vote for anyone but the SNP.

    But tell me this because folks out of curiosity will be slightly intrigued. Does Josh stand up or sit down when go to the the ladies, because peeing on the seat is associated with women with penises who have bad aim. Worse still, does he miss the pan altogether.

    Yep, there could be more to his slogan on why to vote for him than initially meets the eye. Vote to piss people – and for a stout pair gum boots or waders

  66. David F says:

    Hatuey says:
    4 February, 2021 at 1:52 am

    I kinda like that thing they do with the first letters, FACTS, etc… I’ve never been much good with words and stuff, though. I know what I want to say, I just can’t seem to put it all together the way they do…

    Persevere Hatuey. Try other forms of wordplay. Anagrams, for example. You never know what you might achieve…

    “CUNT! LIAR! SO GONE!” (anag. 6; 8)

    “O! A CUNTING LOSER!” (anag. 6; 8)

  67. David Caledonia says:

    You would have to be in a bit of a mess
    To give your vote to a guy in a dress
    But maybe its all just a bit of fun
    What comes next, a guy as a nun

    Mmmm It would not surprise me see someone sue the catholic church
    for not having any men as nuns, its discrimination I tell
    you…………….. LOL

  68. Breeks says:

    CRITICaL? How about FLATLINE?

    Fucked up both Independence and Brexit.
    Lie pathologically.
    Abuse and attack their critics.
    Take down people’s Twitter accounts maliciously.
    Lynch people with trumped up conspiracies.
    Independence must not interfere with insatiable troughing.
    Nicola Sturgeon should be in jail.
    Extinction awaits the SNP next election.

  69. Hugh Jarse says:

    Maybe FR could claim bame lineage through the Jam jar label line!


    Jack says:
    4 February, 2021 at 12:58 am
    Does anyone know where I could get a large “Resign Sturgeon” or, idk, corruption-related flag from?

    How about these people? I like your idea BTW.

  71. Al Dente says:

    I love the advice about being “inpatient” rather than “impatient”. Do SNP members spend a lot of time locked up in health care institutions?

  72. Col.Blimp IV says:

    “…which would exclude Robertson unless she identified as an ethnic minority”

    Now there’s a thought.

    I can see how the Wokies arrive at the conclusion that white entertainers donning black face-paint and effecting a “Black” singing voice, stereotypical hand gestures and the like, can legitimately be construed as inflammatory and offensive to black people. Though it is in many ways, less overtly derogatory than Russ Abbott’s “See you Jimmy” character.

    So how do they square that with the notion that it is a “Human Right”, that a man can put on some makeup and a dress, effect a girlie voice and actually become a woman in the eyes of the law and that anyone who disagrees, male or female should have their eyes plucked out?

    Without the benefit any medical qualifications, I would feel confident to bet that the anatomical and physiological differences between men and women are pretty significant compared with the superficial differences between those of the same sex but different race.

    Looking forward to Ali G making a comeback to contest any election Eddie “Don’t leave us Scotland – We love you” Izzard decides to stand in.

    PS Is that his real name, or did he pinch it from Larry Grayson’s fictional friend?

  73. Meg says:

    If she wasn’t trying to get one of the disabled spots why did she self ID as disabled?

  74. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Are the SNP purposely creating all these bat shite crazy policies to make them unelectable whether it be for upcoming May elections or beyond?
    I’m seriously worried with a majority in Scot Parliament for next 4 years, policies with be introduced that are so dammed mental we’ll be a laughing stock across the Europe and world.

  75. Willie says:

    You’re right with your last line Breeks.

    Extinction is where they are going.

    The Freaks, Arses, Charlatans, Trougher’s, SNP (or FACTS ) are going down the pan.

    There I remembered the in memorable health acronym!

    Well prompted Sir.

  76. Terry says:

    Have you seen the “Wanted for Perjury” posters with a picture of Peter Murrell on them and a reward? Think they’ve been posted at the snp headquarters and other places round Edinburgh. Oh dear.

    Also with Leezes deplorable, racist comments on gypsies and Irish travellers and the fact they are excluded from the SNP’s list of BAME (in stark contrast to the 2010 Equalities Act) – it looks like that is actionable.

    You’d think they would know what is in the Equalities Act. Oh, wait…

  77. ScottieDog says:

    So important to have some decent pro-indy opposition at holyrood now and possible investment in a new party for next Westminster elections if the issues can’t be resolved.

    Big advantage of a strong pro-indy opposition is that MSM can’t conflate performance in governance with the prospective success of an independent Scotland,

  78. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    That Suzanna Reid fucking grates on me. Just saying.

  79. Jill Mackie says:

    I think your previous posts has done the Highlands a favour. Rhiannon Spear has not been pushing her disability line and Emma Roddick has retreated into her bunker. However I would not put it past them to have a brass neck and try to pull this off at the last minute. I really hope Jamie Szymkowiak throws his hat in the ring. He seems to be a genuine contender who would be a great addition to the parliament.

    Roddick is a total liability to the party. Word is that she is the one who leaked Ash Denham’s private conversations to the Herald as revenge for being sacked (for being utterly useless). Her relationship with Richard Laird needs to be questioned. How much does she know about the lurid circumstanes behind him resigning as a Councillor? Is she involved in a cover up?

    Spear is beyond belief. Never has the party had someone so narcissistic seeking office. Behind the smile lies a charmless individual who would knife you in the back to get to the position which she believes she is entitled too. She believes that she is the future of the party and of Scotland. What is the point in fighting for independence if we are just going to replace one set of morons for another?

  80. Bob Mack says:


    Mummy in this case is the SNP, not his biological mum.

    Just to clarify.

  81. Jack says:


  82. Fishy Wullie says:

    “If you really want to piss off Wings vote Josh Aaron Mennie”

    That statement probably cost him 10000 votes and added 10000 readers to Wings

    You couldn’t make it up

    what a F@cking blockhead 🙂

  83. Samuel says:


    Have you been in mourning for your old english army colleague who died the other day?

    Is that the same guy David Bowie sang about?

    Good to see all you englanders coming together in support of one of your own.

    And don’t forget the old english army motto:-

    “Never leave your friend’s behind”.

    Nudge nudge NOB!!!

  84. gullaneno4 says:

    The only tactic that Johnson and Gove have against Scottish Independence is the standard ‘divide and rule’.
    It has been used by England since the 12th century and seems to still be pretty effective.
    We seem to fall for it every time.

  85. Muscleguy says:

    Remember people Josh is standing on the List here in the NE. Last time when the SNP took all but one of the constituencies the divisors on the List meant only unionists got seats.

    They’re on track to take all the constituencies this time. Their List vote is hovering around 40%, divide by 8 (7 seats +1) and their vote is reduced to just 5%.

    Vote ISP2 and return Yessers instead of unionists on the List. We will have divisors of 1 since we won’t have any constituencies (until we get our first seat then 2). So a vote for the ISP is worth 8X a vote for the SNP on the List. Surely your vote is worth that much?

  86. Jack says:


  87. Bob Mack says:


    Ah. So you dont see your own mule like intransigence on Nicola as being divisive? Why is it always the other guy you point to in self righteous arrogance?

  88. Robert Hughes says:

    Is the reference above to a book of NS speeches true ?

    If so , can someone contact charity shops to ask them to clear a space on their shelves , somewhere in between the Ruth Davidson opus and the collected witticisms ( an exceedingly slim volume ) of Pension Pete – How My Big Twitter-Blocking Index Finger Won Independence subtitle A Teenage Space Fantasy .

  89. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Bob Mack – Agreed and I was going to say the same. I thought that yesterday’s performance by Sturgeon was disgraceful. Holyrood was set-up for a reason and that has been lost by ALL parties there. It’s now a weekly cabaret act which is no interest to any of us.

  90. Jack says:

    I wouldn’t trust Humza to arrange his car insurance never mind run the legal system in Scotland.

  91. R Ross says:

    Betsy @ 11:56pm

    ” a bag of laundry with a face ”

    What a wonderful phrase and more descriptive of Fiona Robertson than any picture.

  92. Captain Yossarian says:

    ‘Scottish independence: Joanna Cherry and other Alex Salmond supporters are waging civil war within SNP at precisely the wrong time’ – Laura Waddell, The Scotsman.

    Staggering….this used to be a great ‘paper. Is Alex Salmond supposed to just accept his punishment from the firm?

    Joanna Cherry too?

  93. Mia says:


    “Vote ISP2 and return Yessers instead of unionists on the List”

    What is the point? To waste another 5 years so we can be in 2021 the exact same position we are right now?

    Is ISP going to include in their manifesto a plebiscitary election or not? Because if it doesn’t, what is the point to even bother voting for them?

    In light of how the plants Sturgeon and Murrell, the new British State puppet waiting in the sidelines and their MI5 handlers and crown agents have disembowelled the SNP, abused COPFS and trashed trust in the police, frankly the word “yessers”, particularly when referring to cowardly SNP MSPs and MPs who cannot even find the balls to say a word in defence of their colleague Ms Cherry, means absolutely nothing.

    You want the vote for ISP to be meaningful in the eyes of the electorate and not more of the same infiltrated SNP prevarication crap?

    Then make that election a plebiscite. Anything else is a waste of time.

  94. MaggieC says:

    From Joanna Cherry this morning ,

    “ Pleased to advise that police Scotland have arrested & charged a man in relation to the threats I received on Monday night. I’d like to thank them for their swift action. But this is not ok. Other enquiries are ongoing. “
    I see that there’s still not been any public statements from the Snp or Mrs Murrell condemning what happened to Joanna Cherry .

  95. ahundredthidiot says:


    F – Facemasks are Useless
    A – Avoid all Propaganda
    C – Consolidate your Finances
    T – Think for Yourself
    S – Smile, the madness is here to Stay

  96. Ottomanboi says:

    and while the children play their silly games, the driverless independence train has left the station.
    Scottish nationalism is become a farce.
    Well and truly subverted.
    MI5 job well done.

  97. Effijy says:

    It was nice to see someone in the SNP found wanting here
    actually attempting to excuse the facts against them but all she
    did was dig herself a deeper hole.

    Nicola and Humza a disgrace not to condemn the vicious thugs threatening
    their star colleague Joanna Cherry.

    It is incumbent on SNP to change selection policies and and insist applicants
    have an IQ level higher than their age.

    These people fail to represent themselves well let alone being capable of representing a nation.
    Perhaps this young woman should start in the Brownies and try to work her way up?

  98. Karen says:

    Yes, if blacking-up is offensive so is drag. Just joined ISP. Stu, how about a little purple book of some of the insults, take-downs and jokes by your commentators – absolutely hilarious in these dark times!

  99. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Ach, these things happen…

    I remember once I popped in to the council offices to make a query about something and I had to fill in a form and next thig you know I was standing for election to be Provost of Kilmarnock and I won, had to do three years at it!

    What a laugh that was!

  100. Andy Ellis says:


    Because it’s better than nothing? Given recent events in particular it’s obvious the SNP need to to be taken down a peg or three, but there isn’t the time left to stand up a whole new party that can tackle the SNP head on in both constituencies and the list. That *might* have worked months ago, but people weren’t really ready for it then were they? Too many still clung to the belief that “Nicola’s got this!”: indeed many deluded cultists still do believe it.

    The best case scenario for the ISP or any other pro indy party was holding the balance of power at Holyrood so trust could hold the SNP to account. It’s not impossible that could happen, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it, would you? Given that it’s still more likely the SNP will have a majority after May 2021, it’s surely better that we have a clutch of ISP MSPs that britnat seat warmers?

    Unless there is a political earthquake in the next few months, we’re still looking at 5 more years of SNP gradualists dragging their feet on indy. If that’s the new normal it’s up to those of us horrified at what the party has become to build a viable alternative: hopefully people like Cherry, Salmond, MacAskill, MacNeil, McAlpine and mebbe Andy Whightman can be persuaded that they should join?

  101. Vronsky says:

    Sorry, I’m a freak. I really struggled to get past ‘differently to’. I know it’s acceptable nowadays, but it still grates like fuck.

  102. Bob Mack says:

    The SNP, hereafter titled.

    Party of Double Standards. PODS

    Everything they condemn, they do.

  103. Breeks says:

    I’ve slept on it, but I’m still having a massive problem with an allegedly Scottish Government providing a multifaceted front to smear and destroy Alex Salmond through a criminal conspiracy which should never have made it to Court, but ‘mysteriously’ did because the COPFS and Lord Advocate were in on it, and hiding in plain sight is their MI5 go between…. literally ‘the’ go-between, because he’s the person at COPFS to whom Lesley Evans reported the allegations against Alex Salmond, NOT the police.

    And this cosy chicanery can throw a blanket over the upper echelons on the SNP “leadership”, many of whom, whether pawns, plain stupid, outright rogues, or openly complicit, are deeply implicated in an evil conspiracy which promises to be more infamous than Watergate.

    Under this “management” Scotland has been bumped out of Scottish Constitutional Backstop on Brexit, bumped out of Europe against our emphatic democratic will, and bumped out of our Constitutional sovereignty by T(ractor) in Chief at the head of it all, Sturgeon.

    This “management” has just ‘iced’ Joanna Cherry.. Scotland’s most potent and effective presence in Westminster by a country mile.

    This “management” is right now manipulating the information about it’s own complicity in it’s own conspiracy, and skewing the Parliamentary Inquiry which is allegedly trying to sort out what nefarious activities went on.

    People of Scotland, the stakes could not be any higher.

    I’m TELLING you Scotland, if this was France, or Germany, or USA, or ANY modern democracy, these ‘people’, this ring of co-conspirators, would have been rounded up by Scottish Security Forces, (the forces we don’t have), and all put in prison, denied the means to communicate with each other, pending their investigation and possible trial for espionage and sedition.

    I’m sorry Scotland, but while this ring of corruption remains intact and hidden in plain sight, it seems both fanciful and delusional to be contemplating democratic elections in May.

    We MUST remove these ‘players’ from the game. We MUST circumvent and confound their established fiefdom. We MUST put a perimeter fence around this brazen colonial beachhead which is right now encroaching over more and more of Scotland’s Constitutional integrity.

    This is not a drill people. Do NOT sleepwalk into the May Elections where a trap is already prepared for us to further ‘legitimise’ the positions held by these rogues, and through a compromised Holyrood, embed yet more disruptive and divisive instruments (GRA reform and Hate Speech) to destabilise our political society and disrupt the cohesion behind Scottish Independence.

    This Conspiracy MUST be brought down, and Scotland MUST be ready to step outside the ring and go to the higher authority of the UN and Council of Europe with a plea for help to rescue Scotland from this unconstitutional colonial onslaught.

    Friends, tell me you see this too. “This’ is the coal face where we need Joanna Cherry and Alex Salmond fighting for Scotland… outside the UK ‘system’, but embedded deep inside the Constitutional Scottish system.

    Democracy can wait. What might normally be our salvation is currently our weakness. Our Democracy is compromised, so our democratic process is meaningless until the filth has been purged from the system.

    “Now Scotland” ( has never been more aptly named. We have to act now. But not Holyrood, we must mobilise our forces and take our plight to the UN the moment we are ready with our Constitutional initiative.

    I hope you read this and agree Joanna Cherry.
    I hope you read this and agree Alex Salmond.
    I hope you read this and agree … all of Scotland.

  104. Mac says:

    Ahhhh the gender hustlers and race baiters that make up another glorious day in the on-going circus that is Nicola’s Sturgeon’s SNPG.

    Gender and Race grifters gotta grift. Its what they do.

    Still I suppose it is a bit of light relief from corrupting the judicial system in an attempt to send an innocent man to likely die in prison just to stop him re-entering politics and rivalling you.

    On with the show!

  105. Andrew F says:

    They don’t have an “I” in their acronym.

    No room for Independence in SNP values obviously.

  106. Andrew F says:

    Ooops, they do have one but they waste it on dreaming.

  107. The Isolator says:

    Re the latest Joanna Cherry tweet involving the arrest of a man in connection with threats against her.

    “Who do you think his accomplices were?”

    “Watch this space” she replied.Interesting you say.

  108. Cenchos says:

    To be fair, some SNP members these days need a set of values laid out for them just so they know what to flush down the toilet next.

  109. Daisy Walker says:

    Re Sarah Phillimore defamation fundraiser.

    Re the above which was looking to raise £20,000 to start defamation procedures against David Paisley and MP Kirsty Blackman.

    The money has been raised, however, the update on Sarah’s page appears to no longer have any reference to these people and is goes on to explain about legal actions against the Police in England for the recording of ‘hate incidents’.

    She did say, that she would be seeking a retraction from them prior to taking legal action and that may have happened, however a quick look on their twitter accounts would appear to show both to be unrepentent in referencing the original tweets.

    If anyone knows more, it would be good to get a more complete update. I contributed to this fund (there’s no contact button on the crowdfund page). I would be very disappointed if the aims have been changed without any explanation.

  110. Astonished @
    3 February 11:44 pm

    Then we wouldn’t have to keep voting against his family members becoming candidates and the average intelligence of the SNP group would increase.

    They could do that by having a “bring your pet collie to work” day.

  111. crazycat says:

    @ Bob Mack at 8.11

    Thanks for the clarification; it was still worth my linking to the obituary, because she was an interesting woman.

  112. Breeks says:

    Do you still believe Joanna Cherry was sacked for her views on feminism?

    If Scotland was Syria, they’d be taking us out by drone strike.

  113. Betsy says:

    @Daisy Walker
    The page you’re referring to relates to an entirely separate action. The only changes made to the defamation case page have been updates and there has been no change at all to the purpose of the fundraiser.

    As you can see from Sarah’s profile there are two fundraisers.

  114. gullaneno4 says:

    Bob Mack @ 8.23am

    Arrogance eh,
    FYI…I blame both sides of the divide.

    I am the wee guy in the middle shouting that I want to live in an Independent Scotland as soon as possible, whatever way it is delivered.
    I wish that all Independence supporters could join me in that quest

  115. Dansey Macclogs says:

    Interesting that she was even contemplating going for MSP at all, because she was steadfast against being considered for the council elections in 2017 due to what she claimed as the inability to handle the campaigning and workload requirements.

    I’m not sure what the difference is here, aside from about £50K a year…

  116. Robert Hughes says:

    Breeks @ 9.07 .

    100% compadre .

  117. crazycat says:

    @ Daisy Walker at 9.19

    When I follow the link in my e-mail receipt for Sarah Phillimore (, it hasn’t changed, apart from a couple of updates.

    The more recent one (today) says this:

    Thank you all so very much. In what seems like a very long and dark night, I hope that sunrise is coming.

    I really hope my solicitor agrees I have a strong case – if so I may need to come back and ask for your help again, or I may be able to enter into a conditional fee agreement – some kind of ‘no win no fee’ type deal.

    It is entirely your choice what you do with your money, so if you want to keep donating and I don’t proceed with legal action, you know the money will go to a good home. I would like to add For Women Scotland to the list of recipients because it is our sisters in Scotland who are facing some truly terrifying new laws.

    I propose to update you all if (when!) I get the green light to proceed.

    If my solicitor gives me disappointing news, I will be downcast for while. And then I will get up and keep on fighting.

    That is all any of us can do. We have to keep moving forward.

    Thank you again for all your support. It means a great deal to me and I will never forget this.

    Does she have a more general “page”? I believe she’s part of We Are Fair Cop, who may have other crowd-funders on the go.

  118. Andy Ellis says:

    @Daisy Walker

    There are explanations and edits on Philimore’s crowdfunder, so not sure what your issue is?

    Edit 3rd Feb. says she wants to pursue Paisley, Blackman, Katie Montgomery & Pink News. All are being given the opportunity to retract. Paisley & PN have refused, Blackman has a deadline of 5th Feb to respond & KM hasn’t been contacted yet. She says for those refusing to delete that she won’t proceed if they agree publicly to retract, pay her legal costs to date and make a contribution to Vancouver Rape Relief Centre.

    Seems pretty clear….?

    I hope she bankrupts all of them, which In Blackman’s case would have the added advantage of disbarring her from parliament.

  119. crazycat says:

    @ Betsy at 9.24

    I see you can type faster than I can!

  120. David F says:

    Betsy says:
    4 February, 2021 at 9:24 am
    @Daisy Walker etc…

    It’s good to see the defamation crowdfunder has already exceeded its target.

  121. Mac says:

    If I was Alex Salmond and when the time is right I would create a list of all those people who have libeled and defamed you with the most egregious cases at top and then the rest in descending order of severity.

    Then I would start at the top and take them to court. It makes sense to pick people who have assets of course, houses etc. And then I would take them to the f***ing cleaners.

    Then I would select the next person / entity on the list and do the same… and then the next… and so on.

    Until these snide pricks get the message that we are not putting up with this shit anymore.

    We would all happily crowdfund it I am sure.

    Just start with the low hanging fruit.

  122. Daisy Walker says:

    Thanks for the updates re SP’s fundraiser. As you can see from Betsy’s update, I was looking at the wrong fundraiser page and so getting the wrong update and jumping to conclusions.

    Glad its all going as previously advertised and I had got my facts muddled.

  123. Effijy says:


    Getting all your facts muddled up.

    Are you trying to get an SNP candidacy by the back door? lol

  124. Mac says:

    And then of course when the time comes we will all support Alex’s case for malicious prosecution similar to what the Duff & Phelps guys just did.

    Alex’s payout is going to make theirs look like chump change.

    I am chomping at the bit to contribute but I guess we will have to wait until a few on-going things work themselves out first.

  125. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Breeks – It’s not just in any modern democracy; in my experience almost any other country in the world, including some that are semi-authoritarian, would round-up these conspirators and place them uner house arrest. They would not still be sitting in chairs in our parliament, crown office, legal offices and civil-service offices.

    Their culpability is in plain sight for most of us and the longer this goes-on for the more likely it is that there will be a move to place Holyrood in ‘Special Measures’.

  126. Strathy says:

    What is this Wings with which prospective/no, hang on, I’ve changed my mind SNP MSPs are obsessed?

    Obviously not a blog that nobody reads; that wouldn’t make sense.

  127. Neil Wilkinson says:

    Daisy Walker at 9.19 am

    As I recall from listening to Sarah Phillimore on Graham Linehans site, she estimated she would need £20 k as a minimum. More would obviously be beneficial, in so far as things always seem to cost more than you estimate
    Hope this helps.

  128. Mac says:

    Also let’s not forget that utter disgrace of a double page spread that had Alex Salmond pictured with the Bulger murders and other infamous people. I think that was on the eve of his trial FFS… staggering.

    That wasn’t the Sun or some other red top doing it, it was The Herald. The supposedly most pro independence paper prior to 2014.

    The Herald is owned by the same people who own The National.

    So anyone who thinks the National is genuinely pro independence is kidding themselves on IMHO. I would not give that entire publishing group the steam off my shite never mind buy any of their rags. They crossed the line man, fuck them forever.

  129. X_Sticks says:


    Sound analysis IMHO.

    Scotland has never been in such danger since 1707.

  130. laukat says:

    Salmond’s response has been laid out in a much clearer and easier to understand way than you would expect. I suspect its largely because he has all the evidence and clarity of case that is easier to do so.

    However I also wonder if he made it so to ensure it was easy for less able politicians and media outlets to follow? One of the big problem when Rangers were relegated was Scottish sporting journalists and and the Scottish media in general did not have the skills or time to understand the detail or implications of what was happening. Some would also say they had no interest in exposing something that paid their wages.

    It led to people turning to social media websites who did have that expertise but who struggled to be heard in mainstream media and who in turn the mainstream media tried to discredit to avoid anyone questioning why the mainstream media hadn’t done their job properly. Sound familiar?

  131. Denise says:

    Does any one know why the identity of the 30 year old man, who is reportedly close to a SNP MP, who was arrested for threats to Joanna Cherry, is protected?

  132. Grouse Beater says:

    Just posted on the Grouse Beater site at 10.00:

    “Briefing against Wings will be BLOCKED

    If you feel inclined to do that, do it to his face *on his site* where he can answer the accusations. You are warned.”

    It is placed above a blatant attempt to smear:

    Jenny @ ????????????????????? @FlikeNoir
    If WoS is the only source for a piece of information – no matter how feasible you believe it to be – put it to the side until other more authoritative sources run with it & there’s some proof of a thing. Don’t & ye’r no better than a QAnoner imo.”

  133. Mia says:

    “The best case scenario for the ISP or any other pro indy party was holding the balance of power at Holyrood so trust could hold the SNP to account”

    Personally I do not think it is. The best case scenario for the ISP is to distance themselves from the SNP as far as they possibly can and to act like a proper pro independence party by awaking Scotland into the only way it can ever become independent: by ending the union cold turkey and that means a plebiscitary election every single time.

    If the only thing they are prepared to offer is another carrot referendum con-act manana manana, like the SnP has been doing for the last 6 years, I will not be voting for them because to me it will be the same sht under a different banner: giving the British state yet another opportunity to infiltrate them and continue to deny us our right to self determination.

    Andy Ellis I am looking (or trying to look) beyond this small picture the British state and their puppets keep forcing too close to our noses so we do not look beyond. It has just been shown that an agent of the crown, and “ex?” MI5 operative is in control of our COPFS, the same COPFS that openly admitted to commit malicious prosecution against Rangers, and that has very recently done what might look like malicious prosecution against Mark Hirst, Craig Murray and of course Mr Salmond.

    That same unelected COPFS is in control of what evidence our own democratically elected representatives can see or not to conduct what should be one of the most serious democratic processes which is a parliamentary inquiry into the conduct of the Scottish government. In other words, that COPFS appears to be deliberately limiting the scope of that inquiry rendering it toothless and useless.

    The crown via its agents and UK civil servants, individuals who were never elected by the people of Scotland but have been forced on to us by our neighbour country, are strangling our democratic processes, our democratic institutions and are using our police forces as an instrument of political repression, all to work tirelessly, seemingly unlawfully at times as we are witnessing with this complaints procedure, to render those democratic structures completely useless and hollowed out.

    What the hell is the point to go and vote when these unelected crown agents, the UK civil servants helping them and their plants in the political parties are the ones who will be governing no matter what we vote for?

    What I am trying to say, probably not eloquently at all, is that, in light of what it is being discovered, every “democratic” vote in Scotland is a fckng farce. Our parliament is a farce. Our government is a farce. The COPFS is a farce. The political parties including the SNP are a farce.

    Looking at the events from November 2017, it is clear they are all colonial instruments designed to give us the illusion of democracy and autonomy and designed to hide the fact that Scotland is unlawfully being governed as England’s colony in direct contravention of our Claim of Right.

    This to me means that the only use of every single faux democratic election that is put in front of us from now on, is to become a plebiscitary election. Anything else is just to play their game, to add to the farce and to add to the colonial status of Scotland. Why? because it will never matter what policies or party we vote for, MI5, the crown agents, the UK civil servants and their plants will always find their way into those parties and policies for as long as they keep control of COPFS, our government, our parliament and the police.

    The key here is time: if you give them just enough time to infiltrate a new party, they will infiltrate it – it took them 6 years flat to completely destroy the SNP and transform it into a weapon against independence. If you give them enough time to react, they will use the COPFS and police to react. The SNP is the best example in front of our noses but not the only one.

    ISP will not be an exception, no matter how good intentions they have now. The SNP was full of good intentions when it started, and so was labour. The only way to safeguard a party is by ensuring the plebiscitary election is included in the manifesto and permanently in the constitution of the party. In the 2000’s the SNP made the mistake of taking that commitment out of their manifesto and that opened the door wide for its own complete destruction that we see today.

    And THAT is the reason why I see absolutely no point in wasting a vote on anything other than a plebiscite. If Scotland is a colony and is being governed like a colony, perhaps is best for everybody to let that veneer of faux democracy to fall off and to see reality for the ugly sight it is. Perhaps at that time, somebody will finally see the light and apply to the UN to demand the decolonisation process to commence, because for as long as we continue to be fooled with the carrot of a referendum that will never be delivered or if delivered it will never be fair because the British state through its crown agents will ensure they have control over it, we will continue to be a colony exactly as we are now and our resources will continue to be taken away from us and our children just as they are being taken now.

  134. Kevin Cargill says:

    Stu, just found this which contains all of the wording from SNP NEC Equalities Mechanism. They didn’t spend hours debating it. They cut and paste it all from the English Equality Act. In which it should be noted it describes Jodi whose husband left her a year ago as disabled because she finds it hard getting out of bed in the morning and needs her daughter to encourage her. It says she doesn’t need proof although a diagnosis of depression might help.

    I’m sure our paraplegic friends and other physically and seriously mentally disabled people will be heartened to know that someone who is still feeling down a year after their partner left is in the same category as them. I’ve no doubt that people can feel terrible with depression, whether diagnosed or not but I’m equally sure when organisations seek more representation from the disabled community they don’t mean Jodi!!

  135. Black Joan says:

    Mia @ 10.09 am.
    Agree with all you say. But, given who and what are actually in charge, is there any prospect of a plebiscite via the Holyrood election in May being allowed to demonstrate a majority for independence when plague conditions and restrictions will inevitably lead to many votes being of the postal variety?

  136. Bob Mack says:


    For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.

    Im surfing twitter constantly and Im finding lots and lots of people who deserted Wings as a fifth columnist rag because they couldnt believe what Stu was telling us.

    They now know better. They will return.

  137. crisiscult says:

    Can anyone help to succinctly clarify the QAnon phenomenon? I’ve skimmed a few articles and it comes across a little bit like the media and Governments’ use of Al Qaeda and subsequently ISIS i.e. a catch-all label for disparate groups but giving a sense that there is something cohesive or tangible behind them.

    I see QAnon being used by SNP loyalists against those critical of the SNP. Is this just another “Nazi” “Trumpist” poisoning of the well, or are there genuinely a lot of really mad theories out there against the SNP? The only conspiracy theory I know of that’s gaining major traction is that of the Salmond stich-up which does appear to have a lot more substance than claims of devil worshipping Democrats in the US.

  138. Captain Yossarian says:

    Salmond: ‘Actions have consequences…the rule of law requires that those who have acted illegally are held to account. It is now the job of this committee to resolve how that is best done’.

    Jings man…old Jackie and Linda will be alarmed when they read this…they have work to do, don’t they.

  139. Eileen Carson says:

    “Breeks says:
    4 February, 2021 at 9:07 am

    I hope you read this and agree … all of Scotland.”

    With you 100% Breeks, shoulder to shoulder.

  140. Sweet Cherry Pie says:

    Does this official Social Media Policy also apply to Kirsty Blackman on Twitter? Asking for a friend.

  141. Daisy Walker says:

    Denise says:
    4 February, 2021 at 10:08 am

    Does any one know why the identity of the 30 year old man, who is reportedly close to a SNP MP, who was arrested for threats to Joanna Cherry, is protected?

    Not a clue, but I’m guessing that right just now the lawyers are getting another big cheque in order to draft an injunction preventing anyone from publishing details. Times we live in eh.

  142. Black Joan says:

    How many of us knew that Ian Blackford was a Vice-Chair of Christians in Parliament? Has he said anything in support of Kate Forbes and Chris McEleny, both of whom have been condemned for their Christian faith by the SNP gender police?

  143. Mia says:

    “But, given who and what are actually in charge, is there any prospect of a plebiscite via the Holyrood election in May”

    Personally, I only need one political party that calls a plebiscitary election in their manifesto. That party is what I will vote for. The rest can go to hell. If there are two parties, one in the constituency and another in the list that offer a plebiscitary election, I will vote for both. If any party mentions the word “referendum” referring to a farce pre independence referendum, they will automatically lose my vote.

    Just picture this:

    A majority SNP seats with the British state puppet Angus Robertson in charge in Holyrood with lots of SNP MSPs that could not even find the balls to speak up for Ms Cherry after she received a life threat or after Swinney and the COPFS have been strangling the inquiry by refusing to release the evidence, the buffoon Blackford in control of the SNP at Westminster undermining Scotland at every opportunity and legitimising every abuse England MPs have in store for us and Oswald chairing the NEC making the SNP constitution redundant. What use is that horror show for? What progress do you realistically expect to achieve with such defective material to work with no matter how many seats the ISP wins? The SNP as a pro indy party has been destroyed. The ISP would have more chances of success by pushing the tories for independence.

    We have to start somewhere and for me the demonstration loud and clear that the electorate, or at least a sizeable part of it does no longer fall for this abusive colonial arrangement by refusing to vote for anything other than the only mechanism that may bring actual democracy to Scotland, is as good starting point as any other.

    No plebiscite, no vote from me.

  144. Graham says:


    – Fabricate Evidence

    – Apply Rules & Laws Asymmetrically

    – Control The Narrative and Flow Of Information

    – Tell Lies To Protect The Leader

    – Salmond Is Our Enemy

  145. Eileen Carson says:

    Denise says:
    4 February, 2021 at 10:08 am
    Does any one know why the identity of the 30 year old man, who is reportedly close to a SNP MP, who was arrested for threats to Joanna Cherry, is protected?

    I wonder …………… isn’t the renowned foul mouthed troll Jordon aged 30? Oooo err now that would be one in the eye for a certain SNP MP!

  146. I got to the “SNP Critical…” and laughed. When you think of all the lies, smears, abuse and blocking the SNP MPs/MSPs get up to towards activists and members. Folk like Wishart but more especially Yousef and Sturgeon herself (when they called the border protesters racist and morons).

    It makes you laugh.

  147. Bob Mack says:


    The longest journey begins with the first step.

    ISP are a first tentative footfall on a journey to Independence. My hope is that they will fkrce a re focus for the SNP rather than just a rival. The SNP can no longer dangle the carrot of Indy without cost, or rival, to offer a bigger carrot. One you might actually get to eat.!

  148. Mac says:

    As I said on a previous thread we are going to need a bigger analogy.

    Because in terms of breadth and depth and sheer evilness The Sturgeon Affair utterly, totally and completely dwarfs Watergate.

    Watergate was child’s play relative to what Sturgeon has done. Richard Nixon looks like a thoroughly decent man versus Nicola Sturgeon.

    Ooooooh breaking in and spying… whoopy-fucking-doo.

    Team Nicola tried to jail a former FM and an innocent man. Given his health conditions he would likely have died in jail.

    Watergate in comparison to this is just a modest shack sitting next to the empire state building of scandals.


  149. Mia says:

    “The longest journey begins with the first step”

    Indeed and the first and most painful step will always be to recognise that until the point Scotland returns to being an independent state, democracy will never exist here because what we have in front of us is a colonial arrangement designed to crush democracy.

    Trying to continue playing the exact same colonial arrangement year after year, election after election and expect a different result is a complete waste of time. While we waste time, our children lose the benefit of our resources that are being exploited instead for the sole benefit of our neighbour country.

    Another referendum con-act carrot or the promise to force the SNP to deliver one will never take us to independence. Only a real plebiscite election will. Time to take the first step by including that plebiscite in the manifesto.

    No plebiscite, no vote.

  150. Anyone suing for defamation might want to ask Stu the pros and cons of entering into this action,

    `but Sheriff Nigel Ross ruled that while Ms Dugdale was “incorrect” in implying that Mr Campbell was homophobic, her article was protected by the “fair comment” principle.`

  151. katherine hamilton says:

    Slightly O/T. Re Twitter. I’m not on it but enjoy linking to the WoS page on the site. When I click on it now it goes to a “Politics in Scotland” page not the WoS one set up when the Rev was banned. Can anyone advise? Have I pressed a wrong button somewhere?

  152. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Denise 10.08

    FFS might have known. Would really like to say more but don’t want to get into trouble 😉 or more importantly get Wings into trouble! On this Nicla trajectory I expect at some point to go to jail because I will not back down and will not pay a fine. Do you think they will force feed me??

  153. limey says:

    Will be interested to see the identity of the man charged with being abusive to Joanna Cherry.

    Is Jordon M aged 30? That’s a coincidence. If its him, I wouldn’t like to be Daddy Alyn. The papers will have a field day.

  154. Contrary says:

    Right. I’ve been thinking. (Not too hard in case I damage myself)

    The trans(phobe) / TRA issues, whatever, are far to incomprehensible, (mainly because their arguments fail any logic test), and so the general public will not take the time and trouble to fathom what’s going on, and so they don’t understand how many of the changes being made – supposedly in the name of equality – are going to be detrimental.

    But since I noticed the point being made that: dressing up and blacking up in a parody of a black person is most definitely offensive, so why isn’t dressing up in a parody of a woman deemed offensive. This is simple to understand, easy to see the parallels, and not hard to figure out – it IS offensive, by any measure. If you want equality, it’s the same rules for all.

    Women tend to accept that they’ll be offended frequently through their lives (some more or less than others, but let’s face it, we are brought up to just live with so many forms of discrimination – and even to support them – and deal with whatever we need to on an individual basis, and just keep progressing the best we can, without scaring the horses etc) – but it’s a very good point – why aren’t we outraged and insulted by men dressing up as parodies of women?! Well, mostly because it’s been a minority low-level mostly hidden issue, up until now.

    Now we have men dressing up in their parodies of us – claiming a bit of lippy and high heels do a woman make – and trying to say they are therefore women! Well, they can fuck off, I’m not wearing lippy or high heels, and I’m a woman, and I’m not conforming to that insulting image of what they think I should be – just as I will never show cleavage just to get a fucking job. And I can swear if I like.

    Okay – calming down a wee bit – I’m thinking that this simple equalities issue is the one to hammer home to the general public – women need to start thinking ‘hold on, why ARE we treated like objects still, and it’s how we dress and look that’s seen as our only attributes of our sex – why should men get to dress up then claim they ARE women (were the black and white minstrels ever claiming to really be black people, and that’s still offensive) – pigeonholing us even further into the gender stereotypes that already restrict our lives’,,, well, people will think their own train of thoughts, but the simple fact is, dressing up ‘like a woman’ is taking the piss.

    I think sticking to a simple message like this, and not getting embroiled in pointless detailed debate (pointless, because the demands are not sane, and it wrenches your brain trying to reason with insanity), not veering off course, a basic ” how DARE YOU,,” ,, it’s not okay to parody black people, but IS okay to parody women folk? Where is the equality in that? This could allow the general public to grasp part of the ‘debate’ – an important one that matters – but needs to be promoted in MSM I guess.

    I hate pantomime by the way, so I wouldn’t be sorry to see the convention of men dressing ‘as women’ in any sense gone from public life.

  155. Daisy Walker says:

    I see Luke Graham former tory MP for Ochil/Perthshire has been sacked from his fall back job in the ‘save the Union Unit’.

    Seemingly he had a big row with Boris after Boris’s most recent trip to Brigadoon.

    Luke – as much as detest his policies – was an extremely energetic, hard working Britnat tory as an MP.

    By hard working MP, I mean he was all over Perthshire as an MP, very media / publicity savvy, very high profile.

    Reports seem to suggest he’s upset his employers by trying to get them to ‘do more’ in all parts of Scotland.

    If that is the case – and it fits with what I saw of his work ethic – then I wonder if Boris is going to replace with a bone idle chancer, or a ruthless hard liner?

  156. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Apparently they’re not sh***ing partners any more. Aye right!!

  157. Willie says:

    Previous comment made was why are Police Scotland not releasing the name of the 30 year old man arrested for threatening Joanna Cherry. Well why not?

    If as is rumoured he is connected to an SNP politician then Police Scotland or the Crown or the Government have a duty to release the details. In fact they can release them to the Daily Record.

    C’mon the sleaze team let us all know. Don’t keep it anonymous now.

  158. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Mia – Holyrood was set-up at fantastic cost and the control levers were handed to Nicola Sturgeon. If she had worked collectively, transparently and honestly with the other MSP’s, then independence would have been much closer today than it is. In fact, just now I cannot see independence happening in my lifetime.

    Had Salmond remained at the helm, things would have been entirely different.

    This is Sturgeon’s fault entirely.

  159. David Holden says:

    Speculation about the ID of the young man involved in the threats to Joanna Cherry is a bit of a fools errand as certain MPs and MSPs seem to have an endless supply of not very clever young men who like to act the hardman with the ladies.

  160. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    David Holden 11.06

    Good point

  161. Stuart MacKay says:

    I always thought talk of MI5 involvement in the conspiracy and the First Minister’s actions were fanciful. Well ,Iain Lawson just cured me of that delusion,

  162. Stuart MacKay says:

    Contrary @11:02am

    > I’m not conforming to that insulting image of what they think I should be.

    You hit it exactly. It’s either just a sexual fantasy for men and has little or nothing to do with identity or it is pure and simple misogyny.

    It’s a paraody of the problem that a few people face when their body or brain chemistry doesn’t match their outer appearance. It should be considered as offensive as playing at being black (or anything else).

  163. Marie Clark says:

    Chap and chapesses, when someone is arrested in Scotland, their name is never made public until they have appeared in court.

  164. Mia says:

    “This is Sturgeon’s fault entirely”

    As a democrat, as a democratically elected representative, as a parliamentarian, as the leader of a pro independence party, as a self-proclaimed feminist and as FM Sturgeon has, by design, failed at every possible level and she deserves all what is coming her way.

    But in light of that MI5 crown agent and all those UK civil servants being so close to the epicentre of this matter, so close to the reasons why the evidence is being withheld and why a fair case was denied to Mr Salmond, to even suggest that “this is Sturgeon’s fault entirely” is either profoundly naive or an attempt to move the attention away from what is in front of us.
    What is in front of us is the fact that Scotland is not a democracy and its “democratic” structures are just shells designed to crash democracy rather than facilitate it and to ensure England’s colonial rule over Scotland remains no matter what the people of Scotland chooses or what party is elected to government.

    It is becoming obvious that Sturgeon is just one of the many British state puppets and plants in this picture, and not necessarily the main one either. But she is the one that is keeping control of their newly refurbished anti-indy weapon until their new puppet can take over.

    It is now becoming more and more obvious that the reason why that evidence is being withheld is not so much to protect Sturgeon’s arse as it is to protect the British state plants, the civil servants behind the plan to push Mr Salmond out, and of course to protect their next puppet chosen to take over from Sturgeon to “lead” the new anti-indy SNP weapon on behalf of the British state.

    If this was only about Sturgeon she would have been thrown to the wolves long time ago. It is all those other plants and “assets” who they are trying to protect.

  165. Stephen P says:

    Daisy Walker says:
    4 February, 2021 at 11:03 am
    I see Luke Graham former tory MP for Ochil/Perthshire has been sacked from his fall back job in the ‘save the Union Unit’.

    A gaggle of adolescent private schoolboys representing the Tories turned up at my door canvassing for the 2019 election asking for my vote. I asked them about their understanding of democracy and the denial of the mandate for another vote on independence. While grappling with the unfamiliar concept of being challenged in a very favourable pro Tory part of the constituency, an older man, who turned out to be Luke Graham, came to their aid. Before he got started I said to him two words “Margaret Thatcher”. Turning on his heels he left muttering about how that was such a long time ago.

    Those of us who lived through those times will never forget.

  166. Eileen Carson says:

    David Holden says:
    4 February, 2021 at 11:06 am
    Speculation about the ID of the young man …….

    Read Wings – The Poison Within

  167. T.C. Nu says:

    Qanon, regarding the current use of the label against tbis site and it’s denizens.

    It’s primarily a USian obsession, a label used over there by one group of their fraggles to describe another group of their fraggles.

    As to what it is…best way I can describe what I’ve seen of it, it looks like a compendium of every conspiracy theory ever, but put together by a writing team comprising a pothead, an acid freak, an alcoholic and a 4 year old (who is their voice of sanity).

    Our wee friends, this side of the pond, apparently think that they can use the label over here as a smear, as per ‘…Wings type folks using language which is *identical* to that of Q and Q-adjacent folk.’.

    Of course, if you’re not as anal a follower of, as our wee friends obviously are, the USian political theatre (something that they’re all so curiously invested in) you’ll be going ‘what the fuck is this Q shit?’ and then hit Google and see the fraggles in all their glory.
    Our wee friends are hoping people do that, like the cheeky wee monkeys that they are they are engaging in their second favourite pastime: throwing their shit at ‘the enemy’ in the hope that they’ll go away..and, as their own turdery isn’t up to the task, they’re hoping importing this rancid USian nonsense to be used as ‘ammo’ will help.

    It’s just the usual suspects, our own rainbow arsed baboons, up to their usual tricks. In my opinion, as an attempt to smear it’s a bit of a desperate reach, which, in it’s own right is a bit telling…

  168. Alf Baird says:


    “I hope you read this and agree … all of Scotland.”

    Thar’s nae doot aboot it at aw in ma heid!


    “If Scotland is a colony and is being governed like a colony, perhaps …. somebody will finally see the light and apply to the UN to demand the decolonisation process to commence,”

    We can forget Westminster and its agents. UN C-24 is where we need to have Scotland ‘listed’ as a people and territory seeking decolonisation and to bring an end to what the UN calls ‘the scourge of colonialism’. Sounds like a job for Ambassador Murray and Now Scotland.

  169. Ann Rayner says:

    Can’t find a way to link this to the comment I want to reply to but thanks for the link to the UK Government definition of Diability which I found very interesting.
    I am deaf,apparently medium to severe impairment, but deafness is not mentioned at all among the criteria on the website, whereas, as some pointed out, the woman with depression resulting from her partner leaving her is.
    I cannot understand this ruling as my impaired hearing has a huge effect on my social life as I have to rely on hearing aids and a bit of lip-reading, both of which are far from perfect. I can no longer enjoy music as I used to, cannot hear properly in theatres and cinmeas, and struggle to understand phonecalls.
    Just as well I am not planning to stand on a list seat for any party!

  170. Yasmin says:

    Hamza is a disgrace.
    The party has become the Looney party. It is hard to believe that in 6 years sturgeon has done so much damage.

  171. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Stephen P re Luke Graham.

    I agree he’s a posh boy tory… but he and his gaggle did turn up at your door and attempt to canvas your vote… and I’ll tell you straight, he will have also canvassed every other house in the street.

    My point was not to promote his policy, but to highlight his strengths and speculate about what Boris is now replacing him with.

    Hope that explains it a bit better.

    Luke Graham to my mind was one of the English nationalists, who take the view, do it a bit slower and a bit nicer, maybe even do a few good things now and again, than the all out Beat em, stip em, rape em type.

  172. T.C. Nu says:

    Stuart MacKay@11:15 am

    I always thought talk of MI5 involvement in the conspiracy and the First Minister’s actions were fanciful.

    The article, published in 2007, mark you, talks about the infiltration of the SNP back in the 50’s.

    I have known since the 70’s that the SNP were infiltrated, I’ve recounted on here before about the character who tried to join the local communist party back in the day, they asked around, the words ‘police spy’ were uttered, and that was that. Next thing we know, there he is, in the SNP, picture in the local rag…I think I was then accused of being 77th for posting that.

    I seem to remember reading something about a plan to place as many ‘ex military’ officers into ‘positions of authority’ within the UK’s civil administration as possible, I think that was in one of Kitson’s books. He was planning years ahead for his future coup, but it wasn’t a new idea, Spooks have been at that particular game for centuries.

    After a thousand years (give or take) of backstabbing and Intrigue, the English state is, I think, more than capable of playing these sorts of ‘long games’ with the SNP.

  173. ALISON BALHARRY says:

    In response to Ann Rayner at 12:16, below from the 2010 Act, would not that not cover you?

    ”A disability can arise from a wide range of impairments which can be:
    • sensory impairments, such as those affecting sight or hearing;”

  174. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Replying to
    This enquiry has been a mess from the start, half those involved just wanted the opportunity to damage Scotguv and the other half wanted to protect them. I don’t think there are many there whoa actually just want the truth, why was £750,000 of tax payer’s money wasted.

    Robbed from a Panda


  175. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    This disability nonsense is, for the nicla gang and excuse to get ………………….stop. I’ve just spoken to a friend in Ayrshire who thinks I’ve lost the plot and think I’m on the singing ginger!!!!

    She doesn’t actually believe that st nic would do this


  176. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    This is what we’re up against. People don’t fucking know….

  177. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Says something when moggy sticks up for Joanna Cherry and not auld fecking nic…..I’m getting to the stage I fucking hate the devil

  178. Stuart MacKay says:

    T.C. Nu

    Most of my original (now gone forever) skepticism came from reading Craig Murray’s blog where the socialists, because they believe in the power of the state saw any action against creating a socialist society to be the action of the state.

    Rather simplistic and naive I know but not everything is a conspiracy and while I was getting up to speed I wanted to keep an open mind and not get sucked into the emotion of it all. From what I’ve seen of the SNP’s implosion so far it seems to be a mix of:

    1. An import of #metoo politics from the USA along with American Feminism in general.

    2. The import of Woke ideology, again from the states into the SNP youth and manipulated for nefarious ends by the leadership.

    3. A general adoration of all things neo-liberal and a desire to remake Scotland as a flagship Progressive country.

    After all that there does not seem to be much work left for MI5 as the whole edifice was pretty much going to collapse on its own once the rot set in.

    The one thing I would add is that there’s probably more involvement from pro-Atlanticist elements rather than the British state as such. The rise of Boris, Cummings, Singapore on Thames, etc. seems designed to pull the UK to the right and tightly align it with the USA – much more than it is already. Given the mix above the involvement of the security services might have more to do with securing the interests of people like the Koch Brothers and the Tech Elites of Silicon Valley rather than preserving the remnants of the British Empire.

  179. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    I’d rather write long hand so this isn’t the place for me.

    What’s going on just now is disgusting and designed to thwart Indy.

    Full bloody stop.

    I feel so much shame.

    Just watch Lesley Riddoch films. Therein lies the answer.

  180. Daisy Walker says:

    Moggie rather siezed the moral high ground there didn’t he, even if he probably never meant a word of it.

  181. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    open fecking goal

  182. Alastair Ewen says:

    “Tenacity: Do not be inpatient…” So, be an outpatient?

  183. Night owl says:

    Jacqueline mcmillan aka Ronald Fraser aka Clyde aka Samuel etc etc etc..think this is your girlfriends name your using now

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