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Posted on August 11, 2023 by

Even quite alert Wings readers may not recall our brush with thoroughly obnoxious SNP councillor (and former chair of the misleadingly-named Aberdeen Independence Movement) Fatima Joji, because it happened such a long time ago.

But sometimes when someone behaves particularly egregiously in their professional role you have to at least give the proper grievance procedures a try (although it can prove very expensive to do so), and 13 months ago that’s what we did. We still have no idea how close we may be to the end of the process, but we have an update.

The short version is that the Ethical Standards Commissioner has upheld both aspects of my complaint and found that Cllr Joji DID in both cases breach paragraph 3.1 of the Code Of Conduct For Councillors:

Perplexingly, it has however found that on the first count, Cllr Joji’s freedom of speech to defame me as a racist bully without giving any grounds or justification for that allegation overrides her responsibility to adhere to the Code.

(In my view Cllr Joji would be entitled in law to accuse me of racist harassment and defend that view as a legitimate opinion ONLY if she gave some sort of basis for the claim, which she has repeatedly refused to do.)

However, on the second count – to my mind a lesser charge of simply using disrespectful language – it has found that she has no excuse.

But weirdly the ESC appears to have merely formed an advisory opinion, and the matter now has to go to the Standards Commission, which can disagree on one or both findings, and then decide whether to take action or not, and there’s no hint of whether we might have to wait another 13 months or more to find that out. Going by the glacial speed of the investigation so far, it seems wholly possible that Cllr Joji could be out of office at the next council election before any final decision is arrived at and any disciplinary measures taken.

Fatima Joji – a beneficiary of the SNP’s controversial selection rules whereby people from self-identified minorities are treated preferentially – does very nicely out of being a loyal payroller. In addition to her councillor’s salary of around £20,000 she’s also employed as a caseworker by SNP MP Richard Thomson, taking her total wage from the taxpayer’s pocket close to £50,000 a year.

It remains to be seen whether that makes her accountable in any meaningful way for how she interacts with the public. We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. willie galbraith

    Yup…… I raised a similar complaint some time ago when she accused me of harrassing her because of her colour and instigating a pile on…….
    Neither are remotely true and she, despite being offered ample opportunity to retract, has doubled down on her unsubstiantiated accusations.
    As you say the pace is slow but at least accountability is heading in the right direction.

  2. Geri

    Well done… I think! If you can call waiting 13 months on an answer to a straight forward complaint.

    Jeez at it taking so long but well done in pursuing it. They shouldn’t get away with calling members of the public *scum* That’s instant dismissal in any other walk of life..

    O/T Do we know who was on the committee dealing with his expulsion? Or is that yet another closely guarded secret?

  3. Red

    I’m sure Fatima Joji only cares about Scottish independence and the wellbeing of the Scots.

    Just like Humza.

  4. Geri

    Sorry, didn’t add his name, I was referring to Angus..

  5. Vivian O’Blivion

    The John Smith Centre for Public Service play this game also.
    And we’re paying for it.
    “The John Smith Centre Minority Ethnic Emerging Leaders Programme” is “Funded by the Scottish Government”
    “Participants on the programme receive” amongst other things, “ Membership of the John Smith Centre’s Alumni Network in perpetuity”
    That’s an invisible web of networking these compliant young apparatchiks will use to begin the established process of career advancement from office worker to researcher to SPAD to MSP.

  6. Red

    she, despite being offered ample opportunity to retract, has doubled down on her unsubstiantiated accusations.

    It’s almost as if she has nothing to offer except false accusations of ‘racism’ and demands that she be allowed to consume more taxpayer money.

    I’m excited that the SNP is increasingly a party for professional race baiters and other angry losers who don’t like Scotland or the Scots though.

    Maybe self abasement is part of the kink of being in the SNP?

  7. Lorna Campbell

    The problem with allowing people to do whatever they like because they belong to certain groups in society will always have a downside because it is human nature to want to use that power. In using that power, the disaffected and ‘marginalized’ often step way over the boundaries of decency and respect for others, making them no different from the supposed culpable majority they tend to despise, and, sometimes, makes them worse.

    I can honestly say that I have never read anything by you that even dips a toe into racism, let alone makes blatant reference to race. People cannot be held responsible for the shoulder chips of others, even though the shoulder chips might well be there for very good reason. Ergo, evidence is necessary when citing individuals or groups or other races as being culpable, just as evidence is necessary when defending allegations against you.

    People from all races, ethnicities, beliefs, ideologies, both sexes, etc. are all capable of the most disturbing behaviours, so we really need to have evidence to determine whether, in reality, any type of offence in law, in morality was caused and that the reasonable person in the street would see it as an offence. Being a member of a minority group bestows no celestial ‘rightness’, per se, on anyone.

  8. Andrew Davidson

    That’s utterly ridiculous.

    Yes she accused you or racist behaviour with no evidence but that’s ok.
    Yes she called you nasty names but that’s not.

    Sticks and stones is not on but defamatory comments are a-ok.

    What on earth gives with that kind of cockamamie sense of right and wrong!?

  9. Stuart MacKay

    If you head over to LinkedIn to see the good councillor’s profile, apart from her initial internship at STV it seems likely that her entire career has been funded in large part, either directly or indirectly by tax payers.

    I guess you need to find all those people with degrees in international development and politics something to do, because the Devil makes work for idle hands, and the economy, but at some point you have to ask yourself at what point do these NGO types actually start generating value to society instead of simply destroying it.

    The politicians have been quite clever with this as it creates a vast Praetorian Guard who owe there living to protecting the hands that feedeth but at some point, moving money endlessly between accounts leaves the country vulnerable to it being syphoned off be people who actually make stuff, namely those dastardly and inscrutable Chinese.

    OK, rant almost over. The politics we have an the inability to get anything done is likely in large part due to this layer of troughers. It creates a class, completely insulated from the mainstream, yet completely dependent on the sweat of other people’s toil. This is basic economics – you can’t have an economy only of paper pushers. If the country is to gain independence and stand on it’s own two feet and support the people who, right now, really need a helping hand you’re going to have to reform the way things are currently organised and exorcise this parasitic host we’ve acquired.

  10. Mac

    Isn’t it obvious that this talentless race-hustler feels she can accuse you of all these odious things simply on the basis you are white. In her tiny pea sized brain that is enough proof, case closed in Fatimaland.

    It is a great irony that the wokies imaginary world of perpetual phoney victimhood has turned them into full bore fulminating racists the like of which I have not seen since the 70’s. Only now the racism is anti-white. And they are also just as bad sexists and ageists.

    And interestingly the attitudes to this anti-white racism is also still rooted in the 70’s. I.e. it is still socially acceptable to be brazenly anti-white racist in public and get away with it. Just look at what is going on in South Africa. Openly calling for white genocide. Elon Musk tweeted something like this situation is ‘down stream’ from where we are now in the west. And he is right.

    I’d bet good money if you got Fatima explaining her views on white people she’d put the Klan to shame and there would not be a gram of self awareness about it.

    Dumb self entitled race grifter whose been playing the race card for so long she just fires out these accusation shotgun style at anyone who displeases her. A typical Sturgeon hire.

    I so want rid of all these SNP frauds.

  11. dearieme

    “By the Book”. And just which book are you alluding to, oh Reverend one?
    Could the eponymous Wings over Scotland refer to the wings of the Archangel Gabriel?
    Surely not.

    Anyhoo, you’re in England, she’s in Scotland. If you were mad enough to go to law about defamation, which courts would you use?

  12. Stoker

    Disgusting! I had forgot all about this. It’s also unacceptable that they don’t give a reason for the delay. In my experience that habit is becoming more common. I’ve always believed it to be an incomplete apology when an explanation is omitted. And they have the nerve to call this a complaints process. There was a time i would have urged Stuart to take her to Court but why bother? Remember the ‘Dippy Dugdale’ case, folks?

  13. John Main

    Well I’m stumped.

    Doesn’t she get a bye?

    What some odious people would refer to as a “carte blanche”?

  14. James Che

    Stu, well done for persevering in such a long wait for a response,
    It has to be said that these establishments and departments were much quicker and more efficient and faster prior to the digitalisation conversion that took over their offices.
    Something to be said for paperwork.

    If I am reading correctly ” Fatima Joji ” by your first commenters response to your article having been a victim themselves and issued a complaint, is weaponising the racist card element for personal use to become racist in attitude herself and to incite racism in Scotland,

    Wether it is personal or party racism that comes forth from her responses, she has had more than one complaint against her it would appear,

    Now you and we, will have to wait for a long process that is slower and less efficient in these offices than the old fashioned paper work replies.

  15. David Hannah

    She’s an idiot.

    We’re not all born free and equal.

    Some of us are born into poverty. She’s on 50K.

    Are you building any houses Fatima?

    A victim on 50K. Gees peace.

  16. CR

    Would it be improper to suggest that the speed of complaint handling is at all related to the identidy of the complainer/complained about?

  17. Vivian O’Blivion

    Off topic, heads-up.
    New survey on YouGov site including attitudes to Gay & Lesbian, Bisexual, and Trans.
    (Excluding neutral & don’t knows) 88% of public view Gay & Lesbians positively.
    Same metric for Trans is 62%
    Folk ken mental illness when they see it.
    R.D. Laing’s chickens are hame tae roost.

  18. David Hannah

    I see Angus McNeil’s been expelled from the SNP today for expressing an opinion on Independence.

    Had he touched a young boy, like sex pest MP Patrick Grady, then he’d have been welcomed back into to the fold, to campaign the Rutherglen by-election.

  19. Ella

    I would have thought being a councillor was a full time job, this sounds like another “public money channelling” exercise for those with the right kind of friends.
    I read with interest your comments on twitter about playing an old ZX81 Spectrum game, it brought to mind an old board game my husband had from the early 70’s called North Sea Oil, various things could affect the the oil price, including which party was in government, I think it was nationalised when the Nationalists won an election! Anyway, I thought about how we all could come up with ideas on how to spend public money and as Stuart showed in his game, the nhs was fully funded, we would all want better services. But also looking at various other sites with info on what groups are directly funded either in part or fully funded by the Scottish government or Westminster, and I began to wonder what if we ceased all funding to these groups, as it looks like channelling public money to friends of people in power, wouldn’t we have enough then for better services for everyone and not just niche groups with very little relevance to and often harmful to wider society.
    Surely no public funds should be given to any niche group until our services fully funded and working well!

  20. Red

    Does anybody know if Nigeria puts up with racist foreigners lecturing them about politics?

  21. Pot Ace

    At the last HR election, I got into a debate with this galactic class airhead when she demonstrated her complete lack of knowledge of the AMS system. She was actually a list SNP candidate, which made it worse, and she tweeted (later deleted) that she would be entering HR assuming that the list vote was akin to FPTP. When I pointed out her inaccuracy, in a cordial manner, I was duly blocked. I’m surprised that the same mud she threw at you didn’t come my way.

  22. David Hannah

    The SNP would rather have a toucher upper of others people’s children. Patrick Grady.

    Rather than Angus McNeil in the party talking about Independence.

    This Fatima also, I’d imagine. Another reverse racist. We know Humza doesn’t like “white middle class men” lecturing him. Fatima is one his ilk.

  23. Confused

    (smacks lips)
    (sucks teeth)

    … plays the RACE Card …


    Stu is a gude boi and dindu nuffin

    a skim of her linkedin tells us what she is about – pure grifting, all the way

    funnily enough, other africans often find themselves “having enough of their (nigerians) shit”; the nigerians think they are a special type of african, even more so if they are igbo (bizarrely, connecting to ideas of them being a “lost tribe of jews”)

    they did invent the email scam after all; has she sent you any emails concerning 20B in a bank account once owned by the Abacha regime?

    will the genetics students BTL give us the origination of the igbo strain among the bell beaker/WHG/yamnaya/p celtic/q celtic peoples?

  24. London Scott

    When a local Conservative Councillor said something stupid and offensive on twitter, he was reported to the Standards Committee and Monitoring Officer, suspended by the national party and had the whip removed by the Conservative Group.

    The Monitoring Officer stated that as he had been on a private twitter account and did not mention he was a Councillor, the Council could not take action against him. However the national Conservative Party having investigated expelled him from the party for LIFE.(A bit harsh in my view, given it was one off event at 2.00 am on NY Day, so do doubt he was well lubricated). He sits as an independent and will never be able to stand for the party as a candidate. Seems the SNP only suspends or expels members if they disagree with the the leadership or believe transwomen are men.

    Incidentally, I wonder if Cllr Jodi supports the party stance on GRR and would welcome women with penises into the women’s section of her local mosque?

  25. John Main

    @Red says:11 August, 2023 at 1:57 pm

    Good question.

    Naw, they don’t.

    Neither does Pakistan, in case you are wondering about that country as well.

  26. Republicofscotland

    I’m surprised you got a reply after such a long time passing by.

    It appears to me as a type of response from the ESC that okay you’re mostly correct in your complaint but we’ll send it back through the bureaucratic red tape machine, to waste more time so f*ck all happens.

    Basically the ESC is pullin yir puddin.

  27. Republicofscotland

    Also I’m not surprised that your complaint has been and will continue to be past about from pillar to post, as The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body appoints the head of the ESC.

    The same SPCB that asked Westminster to give it the power to shut down protests outside OUR parliament.

  28. Republicofscotland

    Vivian 12.15pm.

    Excellent informative comment.

    Take a look at the SPCB’s presiding office and board which appoints the ESC commissioner.

    “Maggie Chapman MSP: Business support and Officeholders
    Jackson Carlaw MSP: Finance and organisation governance
    Claire Baker MSP: Digital services, resilience and sustainability
    Christine Grahame MSP: Engagement and communications.”

  29. Republicofscotland

    From the ESC’s website, basically to me it says we’ll prioritise complaints as we se fit to.

    “Please note that we triage complaints when they are first submitted to our office. Not all complaints, therefore, are allocated to a member of the investigatory team in the order of when we receive them. ”

  30. Stuart MacKay

    London Scott

    Joji has been the co-chair of the Aberdeen Independence Movement since 2020. I’m certain she’s fully signed up to it’s agenda. In fact, you’re clearly r****t, s**m for suggesting otherwise.

    Her profile,, (sorry LinkedIn doesn’t allow archiving) is of a quality that would make Rhiannon Spear curse under her breath.


    It will not be nuclear bombs that put an end to the human race, it’s…
    TikTok, TikTok, TikTok and the brain dead narcissists who worship themselves therein.

    And you thought that sexual identity fetishism couldn’t be «bettered».

    Is Ms Joji a devotee?

    On another matter, assuming she is a practising Muslim, Islam has this to say on speaking «falsehoods»
    «If one invents or speaks a lie about a person, his actions, or his character, or his deeds, behind his back, that will be called ‘bohtaan’ or slander; and that is indeed a grave sin which has a punishment prescribed for it in the life of this world, and a very severe accounting in the Hereafter!». Islamhelpline.

  32. holymamoses

    As the complainant,
    Can you elect to get the hearing heard online?

    It’s a strange decision and difficult to know why it has been put into writing in this way at this time.

    I suggest that the letter upholding your claims is a double-edged sword.
    Although Ian Bruce is named as ‘acting’ Commissioner – a post he has undertaken since April 2021 when the failure of the previous incumbent finally became acknowledged

    I also consider that the ‘Ethics’ people are playing fast and loose with the idea of what is acceptable as a matter of opinion and what breaches legal constraints… as has happened to you in the past in a different environment. It is interesting that Ms Joji quotes from Ms Dugdale in one of her interviews for the P&J in 2021 which was written by Adele Merson

    Patience isn’t a virtue – it’s a necessity for you so much of the time. You are quite the stoic Mr Wings.

    The following is copied from the Ethics commissioner’s report of 2021 – 2022 and refers to opinions and how they should be expressed as a public officer.

    A lack of trust in politicians and others in
    public life can also have an adverse effect on
    participation. Members of the public may be
    discouraged from standing for office if they have
    no faith in those in charge. We need as many
    people as possible to participate in a democracy,
    to ensure all views and interests are represented.
    Adherence to the key principles also helps ensure
    that standards of public debate do not fall below
    an acceptable level. Differences of opinion and
    policy are both normal and vital – there would be
    no progress without these differences and without
    challenges to the status quo. There is, however,
    a marked difference between, on the one hand,
    respectfully arguing a case and, on the other,
    attacking an individual who holds a different view.
    Being respectful does not prevent politicians or
    others in public life from criticising each other’s
    views, proposals and decisions. Rather, it allows
    space for differing opinions to be heard and
    enables an environment in which courteous,
    free and varied public debate can take place.
    The Standards Commission is clear, though, that
    politicians and those in public life are, themselves,
    entitled to respect. Individuals in public life
    should expect that not everyone will agree with
    their views and decisions, and understand that
    members of the public have a right to make their
    own opinions known.

    Judgement in your case could be a long time coming if we go by an article in the Sun dated 20th December 2021.
    ‘Audit Scotland told how the body – led by Caroline Anderson, who is now on “long-term leave” – had seen a dramatic increase in cases “not pursued further”, rising from 43 per cent in 2016/17 to 84 per cent in 2020/21.’
    I wonder if Ms Anderson is still on extended leave?

  33. Den

    False allegations of racism if proven should carry the safe severity and charging structure as false allegations of rape. This councillor has nothing to lose by playing the racism card. Those accused have everything to lose in reputation.

  34. David Hannah

    I would really like to see some up to date polling on the issues that matter to the Scottish people.

    And the latest approval ratings of our Scottish polticians. Are they going up of r going down,

    Since self ID the pretend convention, the English coronations, the give away of the stone of Destiny. The police investigation into the SNP finances. HMPAs. Green Free Ports. The new oil bonanza. Lack of social housing. The new LEZs. Cost of living.

    And people’s opinion on civil servants. Are they working well or badly we know they don’t pay for anything, but like to run up a £14 Million. SNP credit card bill.

    What about the commonwealth games, can we not bring it back. Can we not build new houses for the people.

    The city is in ruins. Was walking down Glasgow high steet yesterday. The newer forever 21 store that closed down is a building site. While people sleep rough below it. Susan Aitken ploughing on regardless destroying our city.

    Something has to givf.

  35. David Hannah

    The destitution of Glasgow City centre. Not even a world cycling championships could force the lazy work shy Susan Aitken to clean up our cities streets.

    She’s a criminal in office. She loves cake as well. She infuriates me.

  36. David Hannah

    SNP gentrification. They are destroying our way of life. How long until the election, these next years will be the longest yet. We’re almost powerless to stop the corruption, the theft, the sell off our wonderful and loved Glasgow.

  37. Red

    David Hannah – there’s no such thing as “reverse racism”, only racism. White people (as Humza calls them) are a tiny minority on this planet and there are very many who feel hatred and jealousy towards them, and no longer care to hide that fact.

    Some are in our government.

    John Main – I would like Scotland to be as jealously protective of its own interests as Nigeria and Pakistan are.

    Strange that the “Scottish” “national” party doesn’t agree, but they’re probably too busy trying to encourage children to get their genitalia removed on the NHS.

  38. David Hannah

    How many council houses can you build with £14 million.

    The SNP. I hate them so much. I hate what they’ve done our country. A total clear our needed. Total capture.

  39. Anton Decadent

    Two things which officially do not exist in Scotland and the rest of the West are anti white racism and loxism. From my own personal experience and all of the research I have done into written and online sources the two go hand in hand, where you find one you will also find the other but neither of them exist and if you suggest otherwise you will be victimised, smeared and/or sidelined/ignored.

  40. Johnlm

    What’s sauce for the goose …
    We need to get proficient at plate spinning right back at them.
    Get offline. – make them correspond by post.
    Multiple requests for clarification to their letters.
    Reapplications due to misfortunate events such as correspondence being eaten by pets, dropped in the bath by mistake etc.
    The possibilities are endless.
    Don’t self-police, – that is doing their work for them.
    Waste their time.
    Make them come to heel.
    First, get them offline.

  41. Republicofscotland

    “I would like Scotland to be as jealously protective of its own interests as Nigeria and Pakistan are.”

    Red, don’t you mean Niger?

    Nigeria is a close ally of the USA, it president the chair ECOWAS is a known CIA asset. As for Pakistan its PM Imran Khan was couped by the CIA via the Pakistan’s military, Khan wanted to stop US drone strikes in the country, he wanted to put his own peoples interests ahead of those of Washingtons.

    Now he’s languishing in a Pakistani prison cell along with thousands of his close supporters, his crime doing what’s best for his own people.

    Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Venezuela, among others have stood up and have decided to defend their assets of course this takes courage and action, I’m sad to say Scots aren’t ready to defend what’s theirs.

  42. David Hannah

    Great to see big Eck, an honourable, gentleman with class. Intellect and compassion bite back at Nicola Sturgeon.

    Sturgeon. A sad reduced figure.

    He says: “sthe reality is she led independence into a cul-de-sac, she’s left her successor with a difficult, almost impossible legacy, and she’s under police investigation.

    “I don’t know who’s advising Nicola at the moment – if anyone – but I’d have thought a period of silence might be a good policy. But it is very sad.”

    Alex Salmond. A class act. He’s doing poltical debates every night at the fringe with people across the political spectrum, something most of the SNP and indeed Sturgeon could never entertain. She could only listen to herself.

    Sturgeon, I hope the cops the arrest you and you spend the rest of your life begins bars.

  43. AnneDon

    Trump is attempting to use the freedom of speech argument to justify trying to subvert the US election that he lost. It has all the sincerity of this.

    Aren’t the AIM the obvious group who believe they have the right to police the rest of the Yes movement and force us to sign up to their definition of “transphobia”?

    And, of course, we had a woman’s rights campaigner punched in the face in an Aberdeen park two weeks ago. Democracy and respect have no meaning for these people.


    India & Pakistan reap the tornado of the partition. That Muslim and Hindu could only live in harmony apart was the driver of the tail end of British imperialism. Quit India and leave a mess. Churchill believed India ought never to be free of British dominion.
    A great «Hindustani» Hindu-Muslim hybrid civilization based in Delhi, Lahore, Lucknow and other northern cities was destroyed by the burocrats from London, notably Cyril Radcliffe, who knew little of what they were dealing with but wanted out «jaldi», quickly.
    Contemporary Pakistan looks to China, India to Russia.
    Divide, confuse and destroy thus, operates imperialism whether British or US.
    Scotland, look around and learn.

  45. David Hannah

    Black supremacy, is on rise with Humza Yousaf. So much so that recently Glasgow City Council advertised for an African, black only teacher.

    And the Royal Air Force discriminated against white males…

    Unbelievable. It’s time for the Male Too Movement.

  46. stuart mctavish

    Not sure why they took the complaint seriously (other than the anti Scottish element of SNPs rotten AIM) but setting aside genuine disadvantage that still manages to go under the radar for whatever reason – eg UCI or Stirling council being unwilling or able to lend Grace Ayuba* a modern time trial bike for the day/ week, you have to wonder what the ethical standards commissioner means by :

    « A RESTRICTION on the Respondents right to freedom of expression under Article 10 of the ECHR CAN be justified »

    A strict interpretation of the exchange wrt ECHR is that Fatima was invoking public authority interference in YOUR right to freedom of expression via the cllr title.

    That title, when used officially or in correspondence, would normally imply her publications carried the authority of an inhumane entity (the council)

    An inhumane entity does not have human rights, by definition, but is nonetheless obliged to respect them in event it is itself an association of humans capable of doing so (such as, one would expect from a council in Scotland)

    That respect necessarily precludes tolerance of unsubstantiated claims from positions of authority (ignorance is an excuse in the other direction) so it follows that the defamation in complaint (i) is more serious than name calling of the type upheld in complaint (ii).

    Accordingly, an intent to mitigate 3rd party risk could explain in part why the commissioner decided in such an odd manner

    However the decision that councillor Joji was NOT acting for the council (in order for her correspondence to benefit from ECHR provisions) in respect of complaint (i), is contradicted by its determination that her right to freedom of expression CAN be restricted in respect of a second complaint (ii) arising from the same conversation.

    In other words, the commissioner appears to be committing the same offence against councillor Joji (rushing to an unfair conclusion from a position of authority ) as it decided cllr Joji did against you, albeit the ethical standards commissioners offence is even more farcist because of the relationship between demos, employer & employee (and the likelihood of the demos wanting their employees to literally spit fire on their behalf) and fact that hers was heat of the moment whilst theirs took about 12 months – possibly @ rate of about 1 triathlon bike/ day !

    * (about 8 minutes in)

    She also figures on the intro here (but they dont talk about her or the relative handicap of her bike):

  47. Karen

    Horrible woman. Sorry she represents my hometown of Aberdeen, which I doubt she knows anything about.

  48. John Main

    @RoS 4:53

    Does it ever occur to you that logically, if the power and influence of the USA and the CIA are as all encompassing and all powerful as you make out, that there is no point in ever going up against them?

    It would be as pointless as trying to hold back the tides.

  49. David Hannah

    It’s time for a government where people are given a job because of their ability. Not because of their virtue signalling woke agenda. Of which white men are discriminated against.

    It’s the truth.

  50. John Main

    @TURABDIN 6:03

    The peoples of what are now India and Pakistan took the chance to slay around 1 million of each other.

    Some English and Scottish people started it and then ran away doesn’t cut it as an explanation, soz.

    Unless, of course, you want to claim that the people of these countries were unfit to be left to run their own affairs. And I can’t believe you will go along with that explanation.

    People, nations, cultures and religions need to take responsibility for their own actions.

  51. David Hannah

    We are all born free and equal. Unless you’re a white male.

    White males have to be seen as the enemy by the woke. We’re not to be given jobs. We’ve not to be happy.

    Time for the era of ability rather than the era of virtue signalling for morons like Fatima, to smear a good man’s name in the press.

    A horrible horrible woman she really is.

  52. David Hannah

    It’s not just jobs that the woke get given before the rest since Sturgeon rule.

    I don’t mind women and children.

    However. Asylum seekers, refugees, disabled people that don’t work. Every single group of people. Gets a house before a white single male. Who just wants to get on in life.

    I’m sick of identity politics. And I’m not racist. But what about the men? No one gives a fuck about men anymore. Unless you put on a dress. We’re all struggling.

    I wanted Independence for my country. Self determination. Sturgeon wanted identity politics and self identification.

    Well she’s got it now.

  53. ALANM

    Stu’s been round the block a few times and knows fine well that there’s only going to be one winner here (and it’s not going be him). Doesn’t mean it’s not worth putting in a complaint though just to make a point.

    As an aside, this takes me back to 1977 when the Race Relations Act (passed the previous year) was implemented. I was working in a busy town centre pub owned by a well-known Glasgow licensee. He was pissed off because the the Act ended his de facto right to refuse service without giving a reason. I think we now refer to this sort of thing as the law of unintended consequences.

  54. Ian Brotherhood

    Looks like a lot of people would very much like Rev Stu to do the unauthorised biography of She Who Works From Home.

    Just trying to think of topics from her tenure which may slip her memory and Stu might be forced to cover if he decides to accept the task.

    There’s the biggest, most obvious one, involving Alex.

    But what else will she forget?


    That meeting with Theresa May.

    The Margaret Ferrier scapegoating.

    Off-the-record blethers with/about Stonewall.

    The broom-cupboard address.

    What first attracted her to Peter.


    Blimey – there’s the bones of a Netflix six-parter right there.

  55. John Main

    @Stuart MacKay 3:11

    Thanks for providing that profile.

    The story about the stolen scarecrow stands out for some reason.

    I remember that. I don’t think anybody touched by that story was ever the same again.

  56. David Hannah

    Men worry about being stabbed to death by other men on the way home from town. Or getting into fights by criminals. Just as much as women.

    We are the protectors against the bogey men. Other angry frustrated and forgotten about me. No one cares about us.

    That’s why so many teenagers are listening to that clown Andrew Tate or Jordan Peterson. They need better role models. They don’t feel valued. They are demonised by the woke left.

    People like Fatima. I’ve got no time for her or her politics. We’ll take no lecturers from her.


    When power and influence begin to wane, then look out.
    The situation of America at the moment.
    The USA was never very good at «foreign affairs», despite the considerable expertise available. Distrusting those considered to have «gone native» by knowing too much is now normative in the anglophone West.
    The war in eastern Europe is a classic of paying heed to all the wrong advisors.
    However, no matter how huge the bully….

  58. David Hannah

    In war. There’s no woke either. Only 350,000 conscripted dead males for the NATO war. While the rest are given free houses in Glasgow before the indigous Scottish male population.

  59. Republicofscotland

    “A great «Hindustani» Hindu-Muslim hybrid civilization based in Delhi, Lahore, Lucknow and other northern cities was destroyed by the burocrats from London, notably Cyril Radcliffe”

    And now Modi is doing everything in his powers to destroy any chance of a Khalistan, of course not all Sikhs want to see a Khalistan, some in my home town (Glasgow) think its a good idea others think its a bad idea, I won’t repeat what Hindus I’ve spoken to think about a Khalistan.

    Also lets not forget England’s government of the day part in this.

    “UK files on India highlight involvement in the bloody 1984 Amritsar raid and an assassination attempt against pro-independence leader, Subhas Chandra Bose, among other policies.”

  60. Republicofscotland

    “It would be as pointless as trying to hold back the tides.”

    Yet some nations do, like Venezuela, China, Russia etc, what Scots need to realise that they have common traits with the likes of Niger, Mali etc, in that like them and many other nations our assets are being plundered by a foreign country, they have puppet governments installed to keep the assets flowing out of the country, and we in Scotland have a government that seems content with the status quo.

    Oh they might be a world away in a desert country with the likes of the US and France poised to send in proxy forces to reinstall their puppet leader and keep the asset draining taps open, here in Scotland its far more subtle, we are propagandised by the foreign media 24/7 the majority of our politicians are in it for the money and our larger neighbours government suspends democracy by telling us we cannot leave this union unless they say so, but the outcome is the same as if we were thousand of miles away in the Sahel.

    The USA has three military bases in Niger, the number of Nato and US military personnel in the dis-united kingdom is growing, infact the US has around 200 military personnel floating around the dis-united kingdom and no one is allowed to know where they are or what they are up to, not even Kenny MacAskill who asked what they were up to at Westminster.

    Mali, Niger, Guinea, Chad Burkina Faso, Scotland the techniques to steal their assets might differ, but the outcome is the same, the denizens of the countries having their assets stripped are poorer, unhealthier and are frustrated at the status quo.

  61. Andrew scott

    How TF did someone like her win an election in airburdeen

  62. John Main


    “war in Eastern Europe”

    Oh FFS. Call it what it is – the precursor to WW3. Already involving all of Europe, including Scotland, no matter how much denial is posted on here.

    And get a grip. Nobody is making the Orcs and 404 fight. Just as nobody made India & Pakistan fight. Just as nobody is pulling Modi’s strings now.

    Jeezo. The default position of just about every poster on Wings BTL: It wisnae oor/their fault – the Anglos and/or the Yanks made them do it and then ran away.

    And BTW. There is no Scottish interest that is advanced by victory for the Orcs. Just as there is no UK interest, no EU interest, no European interest, no developing world interest, no environmental interest, no human rights interest, no progressive interest, no world interest.

    Not one single interest is served by wishing for a success for 21st century colonialist, murderous imperialism, other than that of the Orcs themselves.

  63. Johnlm

    It’s quite simple really.
    The MacKinder World Island

  64. John Main

    RoS says:

    “200 military personnel floating around and nobody is allowed to know where they are or what they are up to”

    The truly jaw-dropping fact about that claim is the cognitive dissonance on full view. Once seen it can’t be unseen, yet RoS and his acolytes persist for year after year, post after post, without the penny dropping.

    All these ghastly “secrets”, yet all blown wide open by some nutters in their bedrooms.

    Yeah, right.

    Tell you what though RoS. No organisation extracts national assets from a country and ships them abroad, enriching a tiny number of local elites to keep things sweet, like Wagner.

    The day you post critically about these murdering, raping Orcs, will be the day you start to build some credibility.

  65. Johnlm

    Quite simple really.
    The M4cKinder World Island.

  66. Derek

    O/T; various mentions of various Scottish things in the new Private Eye. I also note that Angus MacNeill has had the heave-ho from the SNP.

  67. Cameron Robson

    11 August, 2023 at 1:57 pm
    Red says: Does anybody know if Nigeria puts up with racist foreigners lecturing them about politics?

    My father worked in Nigeria and the local mob who got their hands on a malefactor would stuff him into petrol soaked tyres, set him alight, and roll him screaming down the motorway. No, I don’t think Nigerians would put up with racist foreigners either. (Would many other places – except Wokeland?)

  68. Republicofscotland

    “The truly jaw-dropping fact about that claim is the cognitive dissonance on full view.”


    We all know what your agenda is.

  69. John Main

    @Anton Decadent says:


    Fess up time, I had to research that one.

    Turns out that loxism has never caused me to tell my kids they can’t go to a pop concert, never caused me to feel uncomfortable in a restaurant when spotting an abandoned rucksack, never forced me to turn up 2 hours in advance for a 1-hour flight, never left me shuffling in stockinged feet whilst holding up my beltless trews with both hands.

    Turns out that rational Scots have nothing whatsoever to fear from loxism, which explains why many (most?) of us have never heard of it.

    Got to say, Anton, that compared with some of the other “isms” we all endure daily, loxism seems benign.

  70. Ian Brotherhood

    The 7.53 and 8.05 comments, use of the word ‘orc’ – out of order.

    Yet again.

  71. Johnlm

    Strewth !
    There are folks on here who still believe Bin Laden did 911. ????

  72. John Main


    Oh dear, you must be tewibly upset.

    Tell you what I’ll do, just for you. You come up with an accurate descriptive term for a Russti released, convicted murderer, rapist or violent thug, who is given weapons and then sent to a foreign country to destroy, kill and steal as much as he can, and I’ll use that instead.

  73. John Main


    “We all know what your agenda is”

    Sure RoS. It’s no secret. Rolling back the embarrassing and dysfunctional clusterfucking shitfest you and your deluded ilk have made of my Scotland covers most of it.

    That’s a good link BTW. Secret troops at secret locations eh? Is it 183 or 200? No, don’t tell us!

    Honestly, what is it with “secrets” these days? Has the meaning of “secret” been changed and nobody has told me?

    Come to think of it, by your pretzel logic, my agenda is a secret.

  74. robertkknight

    It’s no wonder that Scotland is in the state it’s in under Sturgeon’s rancid SNP.

    Anyone in public office under the SNP banner needs booted out of office and/or jailed.

  75. Effijy

    Sorry Rev, the State has decided that you are guilty of anything and everything and you need not trouble yourself to actually do something bad.

    There is no truth or justice available in this country or in England especially.

    Blair’s illegal war in Iraq- Off Scot free.
    Tory crooked track and trace and PPE debacle – Off Scot Free.

    The lying coven trying to stitch up Salmon- Scot Free and fear to hint about them.

    Boris Friday night Covid Parties on Camera, on video, on attendee’s statements- Scot Free.

    Just like imbecile Dippy Dug winning a case by being too stupid to know what she says so give her a job as party leader and university lecturer.

    Wings has more chance of an MBE than winning any kind of judgement.

  76. Republicofscotland

    “That’s a good link BTW. Secret troops at secret locations eh? Is it 183 or 200? No, don’t tell us!”

    Yes it is a good link Main, and if you’d bothered to double check my comment I said around 200, however you need something, anything to deflect from the jist of the story.

    You’ve been reduced to producing sarcastic rhetoric laced with offensive name calling, this is what happens when you simply have no counters to the info posted, this is expected from the likes of yourself and a few other in here.

  77. Ian Brotherhood

    Here’s Colonel MacGregor’s latest take on what’s happening.

    He manages to acknowledge the bravery and dignity of combatants on both sides whilst showing contempt for the pocket-lining fucks who are perpetuating this nightmare.

    (replace the * before trying link)*raines-worst-nightmare-has-been-exposed/

  78. Shug

    I do wonder what fuck wit is making the decisions at the SNP

    Angus Macneil out
    Fergus Ewing disciplined
    Joanna cherry ostracised
    Salmond almost sent to jail
    Sex predators protected
    Cant say what a woman is
    Countless MPs seeing the writing on the wall and moving onto their plan B

    I do hope they waken up to how people see them. They look and sound like complete and utter Muppets.

  79. Andrew scott

    Tonite at a fringe event-why to politicians go to these things
    Useless was heckled by a member if of the audience “fuck you”
    Ye shall reap what you sow
    Get gone NOW

  80. Breastplate

    John Main,
    You seem very pessimistic about the idea that the USofA and allies will no longer have carte blanche to threaten and invade countries willy nilly, break any law it likes including international law, kill as many people as it feels like in the name of truth, justice and the American way.
    I’m a bit more upbeat about the idea of less wars in general and the humorous prospect of the US sanctioning every other country in the world to teach them all a lesson.

    It certainly would be nice if hostilities could end sooner rather than later for the sake of the young men and their families in all warring factions.

    Chin up, don’t be so downhearted.

  81. Billy Carlin

    Everyone going for selection should be treated equally and there should be NO preferential treatment or byes for anyone – the best person for the job should be getting put forward.

    It should also be two terms and out for Councillors, MPs, MSPs etc and NO pensions etc either and MINIMAL expenses if any – time to get rid of “professional” politicians as this system just breeds corruption and greed. Most of them are totally USELESS clowns and that is being nice about them – many of them are CORRUPT.

  82. David Hannah

    Humza Yousaf told F*** you today. Brilliant during an event at Fringe.

    A heckler said: “Excuse me, Humza. A few days ago you said we’ve to call out bigots and say f-you. Didn’t you not?

    “Your white, white, white speech was the most bigoted thing Scotland has ever, ever heard. So, on behalf of Scotland, f*** you.

    “You’re a pestilence on the land. You’ve thrown women and children under the bus.

    “You’re despicable. You should be behind bars.”

    Yousaf replied: “There’s good people here who’ve paid money for this show.”

    Get it up him I say.

  83. David Hannah

    “Your white, white, white speech was the most bigoted thing Scotland has ever, ever heard. So, on behalf of Scotland, f*** you.

    Fantastic. Straight talking from the heckler! Humza Yousaf slap down ahaha.

  84. Alf Baird

    Billy Carlin @ 11:40 pm

    “Everyone going for selection should be treated equally”

    I knew the SNP were a compromised pile of manure when they rejected Ambassador Murray’s offer to stand for the party, for they have no-one of similar standing or experience.

  85. Morgatron

    you Fatima Whitbread?, no only rifted in your Guinness.

  86. Anton Decadent

    @John Main

    Between 1999 and 2001 Blairs Minister For Immigration And Asylum was Barbara Roche. Under her instruction the numbers were increased, ageing population etc. If anyone in her department expressed concern at the increase she would ask them if they were a racist and they knew that their careers were on the line. In an interview to I think the Guardian she said that as a jewish woman she feels safer in a London with less white people in it.

    When this pattern is repeated in different countries you realise that it is statistically impossible for it to be a coincidence.

  87. John Main

    @Breastplate 11:00

    Is there another online forum somewhere, with a poster with the same or similar name to mine, that you are responding to, but due to some fuck up, your response ended up on Wings?

    Only your response is comprehensively unrelated to anything I have posted.

    Do you really need to have this pointed out to you? You are tilting at an imaginary opponent.

  88. John Main

    @Anton Decadent

    Thank you for your response.

    If she did indeed say that, then the woman is/was an eejit.

    The people who indiscriminately like to kill the likes of me (and probably you) will make a point of discriminatingly trying to kill her. It is these people who form a big chunk of the demographic changes that are making everywhere in the U.K. less white.

    Agreed that the influx is widespread across the west. I don’t necessarily see the conspiracy behind it though. We have brought it on ourselves by awarding ourselves early, paid retirement and lifelong freedom from the responsibility and hard work of rearing families.

    The resulting gerontocracy has to be funded somehow, so we are where we are.

  89. James

    Johnny ‘Foreigner’ Main’s been tippling the night nurse again…. *yawn*

  90. President Xiden

    General rule of thumb. If fairly straightforward complaints takes this long to resolve then it’s safe to assume your concerns are substantiated . The reason for the delay is that they are kicking the can down the road because they don’t want to take the decision which the evidence merits. I have found this observation to be true in almost all instances.

  91. Breastplate

    John Main,
    You were lamenting a few hours earlier at 7:53pm that there was no upside to a Russkie victory. I understand completely if you now, don’t agree with yourself or are trying to distance yourself from the ravings of Westlife fan.

    I think that a bloody nose for the US and friends will make them think twice before they continue their presence in places they are not wanted all around the globe, hence saving lives.

    As I have said before, which you seem unwilling or incapable of grasping, if the people of the Donbas were simply allowed to go their separate way as is their democratic right, there would have been no bloodshed, not a drop.

    Unfortunately, people like you demanded blood be spilled even though I pointed out that you hadn’t given it a second thought until 7 years later when you were given an opinion by the likes of the Daily Mail.

    You are of course entitled to believe that you are not susceptible to the media narrative and all your opinions are the culmination of debate and excessive thought on your part but I’m reminded of noise and empty vessels.

  92. John Main

    @Breastplate says:12 August, 2023 at 2:35 pm

    Gawd, he’s back. Oh well, it’s raining for another hour, so I’ll bite. Takes less effort than a kid’s sudoku.

    You were lamenting a few hours earlier at 7:53pm that there was no upside to a Russkie victory

    Hearing the pibroch were you? Fraid that’s in yer heid. I was stating there is no upside. Not lamenting, stating.

    ravings of Westlife fan

    Naw, does not compute.

    I think that a bloody nose for the US and friends

    And here we have the crux of your argument. Freedom, sovereignty, nation, language, culture, etc etc count for nix if it’s not the right kind. Give you ideological purity or give you ongoing genocide. The fact that the coalition of the willing is now at 45 countries or so matters not. According to you, they all have it coming.

    there would have been no bloodshed, not a drop

    Wow, such certainty about a hypothetical. So what was P’s manifesto then – you know the one – about the bastard country and culture that has no right to exist?

    Unfortunately, people like you demanded blood be spilled

    Man, that I have such power in your steaming heid. I’m now demanding that the Orcs return to their own country. How come then, that is not happening?

    you hadn’t given it a second thought until 7 years later when you were given an opinion by the likes of the Daily Mail

    This is getting serious now. You’ve been stalking me for 7 years, including planting surveillance devices in my home.

    Or you’re just making stuff up. For any bored but still alert reader, it’s worth pointing out that the Guardian has been quite a bit more pro-404 and anti-Orc than the Daily Mail. Still is.

    You are of course entitled to believe

    Jings, you’re too kind. In return, let me generously admit that you are entitled to do some research before posting. It’s not mandatory, but it sure will improve the relevance of your posts.

    I’m reminded of noise and empty vessels

    Aw, that must mak yer heid stoon.

    But like the lamenting and maybes imaginary pibroch, it could just be tinnitus. If it’s linked to dizziness, that could be narrowing blood vessels in yer heid, and that might be why you believe half the EU deserves a bloody nose. Get it checked out.

  93. Karen

    Reading it again, I suppose “hounding and harassing” is a matter of opinion, which could apply (in her opinion) to any public interaction you have ever had with an ethnic minority person. However “disgusting scum” and “toxic” is just plain old abuse.

  94. Janet Mary Cuthbertson

    On a totally different tack – has anyone noticed how many trees managed to stay standing and often keep their leaves amid the fiery devastation of the Hawaiian island of Maui?

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