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Another show, another scene

Posted on August 12, 2023 by

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  1. PIND DADAN KHAN says:

    An absolute belter Chris!

  2. Morgatron says:

    And to think I defended and supported this narcissist. I’m ashamed of myself but more importantly depressed on what she and Swinney have done to the SNP and the YES movement.

  3. Stoker says:

    LOL! Says it all, Chris. Attention seeker personified.

  4. Stoker says:

    When this “story” broke, about her staged Fringe appearance it got me wondering if it was set up by Sturgeon or her people? And if so, to what point was Iain Dale in on it. It also got me thinking if we will ever get her trapped in front of a proper interviewer rather than one who will just play along to her demands. One that will ask all the right questions and hit her with all the inconvenient truths she hides from. Someone who will make her confront all those denials she runs from.

    My conclusion: Not bloody likely!

  5. Astonished says:

    Great cartoon , Chris.

    The wee narcissist’s chickens are coming home to roost. And no one is buying the inventions she’s trying to sell.

    I sincerely hope she ends up in jail for a very long time.

    Morgatron – Me too.

  6. Jan Cowan says:

    Chris, you always hit the mark!

  7. The Isolator says:

    Absolutely ,back of the net as always Chris. Thank you for brightening up our Saturdays.

  8. Dorothy Devine says:

    Bang on!

  9. robbo says:

    Her whole demeanor is awful. She can’t do interviews. She never has good eye contact ,always fidgeting , mainly looking down. Never gives a straight answer and as always- I CAN’T REMEMBER!

  10. McDuff says:

    Spot on Chris.
    She doesn`t seem at all bothered about the police investigation,

  11. Doreen A Milne says:

    Spot on, Chris.

  12. Johnlm says:

    Big advance.
    Straight to the bargain bin.
    Job done!

  13. 100%Yes says:

    I’d be more interested when Peter Murrels publishes his deeply personal memoir. You just know the motorhome is where he kept all his chapters.

    She’d dance over anybody’s grave just to steal that byline, Alex Salmond on GMTV put her right in her place with, sad she almost a reduced figure left Independence in a cul-de-sac and she under police investigation where she might end up getting all the publicity she rightful deserves, finger crossed.

  14. Nemisis Benn says:

    It’s a pity she will never be lampooned, Harry + Me-Again style, in South Park – mainly because her notorierty has never crossed the Atlantic.

  15. Willie says:

    In an interview just given –

    Ms Sturgeon went on: “We don’t have long on this planet, we’ve got a limited amount of time to spend with people. I want to spend the time I have with people who make me happy, and who I like and enjoy spending time with.

    I don’t know about other folks but this is a truly interesting statement into the character of Nicola Sturgeon.

    It’s all about her, her, her and how she only wants time with people who make Her happy and who She enjoys spending time with.

    Me, me, me and only with people she enjoys. Not difficult to see the narcissist, control freak and pschophantic clique builder that is now all so clear for all too see.

    A dangerous vicious nasty woman who through her actions and those of her handlers has brought the SNP to it’s knees.

    The Establishment chose well in the promotion of Agent Sturgeon as their asset to hollow out the SNP.

  16. TURABDIN says:

    Mwaah, Mwaah,

  17. Dumbarton Rock says:

    She hasn’t learned the lesson that silence speaks volumes. What an insult to her mentor. A sad diminished figure right enough. She has trust in the police investigation but has never respected the verdict of the majority female jury in the AS trial. A bitter ,nasty , cruel woman.

  18. Ian McCubbin says:

    Absolutely captures the image of the narcissistic destroyer of SNP as it was in 2014.

  19. Oneliner says:

    Who’s going to fill in the bits that she can’t recall?

  20. Beauvais says:

    Great toon Chris!

    Surely though, Sturgeon’s book cover would have blue to go with the red and white.

  21. Beauvais says:

    On second thoughts, red and white is appropriate. The colours of England, the country she has served so consistently well.

  22. Garavelli Princip says:

    Stoker 7:27

    “It also got me thinking if we will ever get her trapped in front of a proper interviewer rather than one who will just play along to her demands”.

    That would be the procurator fiscal – or even better the advocate depute!

  23. Beauvais says:

    When writing it she’ll probably dictate the book to some minion. Since she’s a very experienced dictator.

  24. Johnlm says:

    I can’t help thinking about those poor trees.
    They must be so ashamed, being used in such a book.
    Especially tree H.

  25. Republicofscotland says:

    Spot on Chris, looking into Sturgeon the betrayers cold dark eyes, it isn’t hard to tell that she’s an egotist and a sociopath who is all about me, me, me.

    Sturgeon the Judas is a big fan of Hillary Clinton which says it all really.

  26. She has BEEN INTERVIEWED by a jouraList who didn’t let her away with anything – Andrew Neill some years ago, now on YouTube.

    I am told that Julia Hartley-Brewer has been trying to interview her for years but no dice! That would be an encounter i would cherish.

    How about our own dear Rev. inviting her? Even a spoof interview!

    I live in hope.

  27. Ron Clark says:

    BBC Scotland must have been tipped off early on into the Sturgeon leadership that they were to go easy on her.

    Note to all BBC Scotland journalists:-

    “Back off guys,,,she’s one of us”

  28. Beauvais says:

    She’ll find it a lot easier to secure an editor after all the trouble she had trying to secure an auditor.

  29. Alf Baird says:

    ‘How to thwart Self-Determination’ might seem an apt book title.

  30. Republicofscotland says:

    How the SNP MPs have settled in a bit too well at Westminster, and are living the good life, its no wonder they want to remain in the HoC, and will tell the Scottish electorate back home just about anything they want to hear, to keep their snouts in the gravy boat.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba, its time for change.

  31. Dramfineday says:

    Hahaha….very good

  32. Beauvais says:

    When the thing does come out (unlike it’s author) it should be placed by the bookshops on the fiction shelves. Sturgeon the fiction writer. You’ll find her work on the S shelves between that of Danielle Steel and William Styron.

  33. Liz says:

    Exactly this.
    Sick of the sight of her and her self promotion

  34. Stoker says:

    William G Walker says on 12 August 2023 at 9:46 am: “She has BEEN INTERVIEWED by a jouraList who didn’t let her away with anything – Andrew Neill some years ago, now on YouTube.”

    Your key words being “some years ago”.

    Garavelli Princip says on 12 August, 2023 at 9:28 am: “That would be the procurator fiscal – or even better the advocate depute!”

    Now that would be one i’d pay top dollar to see. Wouldn’t like to be the one responsible for cleaning the chair she sat on.

  35. Doug says:

    Sums it up perfectly. I predict her book, which I won’t be buying or reading, will contain only two characteristics: her self-pity and her vindictiveness.

  36. Cynicus says:

    Great stuff, Chris.

    Great minds DO think alike!

    Cynicus says:
    10 August, 2023 at 1:21 am

    I propose a Gaelic title for the Sturgeon memoirs:

    “Mise, Mo-fheinag, Aonar”
    (Me, My selfie, Alone)

  37. David Hannah says:

    What a sad. Almost reduced figure she really is.

    What will be written in her book will not come from a “place of Anger” against Alex Salmond. “But a place of indifference than anger.” As we’ve learned.

    Why are you angry with him? Why angry Nicola?

    He was an innocent man so she can’t be angry at his guilt?

    He won his case so you can’t be angry that a free man is innocent?

    You took his job and won so you can’t be angry that he lost his job?

    So the only thing she can be angry at is yourself, because, you know what you’ve done!

    Her new fiction novel will be mental gymnastics in trying to rewrite history.

    There’s no joy in Nicola’s life, her lavender marriage. Think of the neighbours, she says. Then invites the press pack to stand outside her front door.

    “I’m innocent” she claims, trying to undermine a police investigation at every turn having been arrested as a suspect.

    “Ma struggle.” by Nicola Sturgeon. Under his eye. The destroyer of women’s rights and the Swindler of Independence.

  38. David Hannah says:

    She could be facing corporate manslaughter charges, if the government has been found to have ignored nurses concerns about sending the plague into the care homes. I believe there’s an investigation ongoing?

    Our Vogue magazine, selfie cover girl Nicola, we know she never wants to shake another man’s hand again. She’s a complete mysandrist. Just like her failed Me Too conspiracy. More Me Me.

    I’ve had enough of her. A period of silence would be wise until the honest officers of police Scotland conclude their investigations.

  39. robertkknight says:

    I’ve got an advance copy of Sturgeon’s memoir so I’m afraid I have to tell all you punters that your efforts to guess the name of said publication are all wrong.

    It’s actually titled…

    “Soft, Strong and Very Long”.

    I’m already on chapter three, having had a rather spicy chicken madras on Friday.

  40. Republicofscotland says:

    Put the tv on there, to see what was on the supposedly “Scottish” STV channel and lo and behold its the English women’s football match, on the one supposedly Scottish channel that Scots can call Scottish.

    Do you honestly think if the shoe was on the other foot the English would stand for this bollocks, of course they wouldn’t.

    Scots ARE the most propagandised people on the planet of that their is no doubt. ITV controls what’s on STV and its 99.9% mainly English content.

    Our minds have been flooded with English content, now our country is in the process of being flooded with English people, time isn’t on our side.

  41. David Hannah says:

    I do wonder what Nicola’s handlers are thinking?

    Knowing she’s that much of a sleekit, lying, backstabbing bint to the people closest to her:

    We know “she can’t speak for hubby.”

    Then it might not be wise to offer her the British state sponsored UN job after all?

  42. Alf Baird says:

    Cynicus @ 10:55 am

    “I propose a Gaelic title for the Sturgeon memoirs”

    An fowk micht propone a guid auld Scots teetle, hou aboot: ‘A Bletheranskate’

    [blether(an)skate: a silly, foolish person (who talks too much)]

    Much as Mr. Salmond implies.

  43. David Hannah says:

    I suspect the Royal Family knew just how much of a gibbering fawning imbecile she really was at Cop 26. Joe Biden gave her the begging bowl, when she gave the Royal Family the ScotWind billions for an invite to the party!

    That’s why they gave the former Prime Minister – of the Independent New Zealand – Jacinda Ardern the job instead of you sweetie!

    Silly Nicola. I wouldn’t be so sure about that UN job hen!

  44. panda paws says:

    Apparently in the interview with Dale when asked about the campervan parked as Ma Murrells said I don’t see my mother-in-law that much, my work, her work…

    She’s 92 and I’ve heard just been admitted to a care home, what work was she supposed to be doing!

  45. Breeks says:

    Cynicus says:
    12 August, 2023 at 10:55 am
    Great stuff, Chris.

    Great minds DO think alike!

    Cynicus says:
    10 August, 2023 at 1:21 am

    I propose a Gaelic title for the Sturgeon memoirs:

    “Mise, Mo-fheinag, Aonar”
    (Me, My selfie, Alone)

    How about “Independence for Dummies”.

    Then the nuSNP sycophants can bask in the adulation, that the holy high priestess has written a book all about them.

  46. robertkknight says:

    Is it reasonable to conclude that Nicla’s preferred pronouns are no longer She/Her but are now Me/Myself…

  47. Skip_NC says:

    RepublicofScotland, it is a World Cup quarter final. It is a big match and it just happens to involve England. I suppose the question is whether STV would have broadcast it if England had finished second in their very easy group and ended up playing elsewhere.

    It’s actually a good game, although the fake Australian accents on the half-time adverts are rather irritating. Plenty of choices on TV here in North Carolina. If I didn’t want to watch the game I could always watch Major League Fishing.

  48. Ebenezer Scroggie says:

    “When the thing does come out (unlike it’s author) it should be placed by the bookshops on the fiction shelves. Sturgeon the fiction writer. You’ll find her work on the S shelves between that of Danielle Steel and William Styron.”


    Or on the Fact shelf.

    Somewhere between Shit and Syphilis.

  49. Captain Yossarian says:

    Sturgeon and Swinney have poisoned the well at the SNP. They would have been as well pouring in a litre of mercury before they left. I have SNP members in the family and so I looking at this reasonably and pragmatically, but the SNP are dying, quickly in front of us. Folk are laughing at them.

  50. PhilM says:


  51. Pete Short says:

    For a ‘proper interview’ by a ‘proper interviewer’ I assume we have to await a properly prepared and truly independent Procurator Fiscal?

  52. Ebenezer Scroggie says:

    Mein Kampfervan

  53. James Che says:

    Good artist work Chris,

    The spine of that book has to be yellow.

    We should do a bud light on her book.

  54. Ebenezer Scroggie says:

    “She’s 92 and I’ve heard just been admitted to a care home, what work was she supposed to be doing!”


    She was driving the Campaign Bus, Silly.

    It’s all woven into the audited accounts, y’know.

    Funny how easy it is to piss away £667k.

  55. Merganser says:

    Robert Knight @11.22.

    Good title, but something more modern is needed.

    ‘A meme a day, the Sturgeon way’ comes to mind. Two syllables of course.

  56. John Main says:

    “Folk are laughing at them”

    There’s a rather unkind article about Mrs Murrell on the DM Online. The figure of £1 mill for her memoirs is mentioned. If true, perhaps she will still have the last laugh.

    “Poundshop Marie Antoinette” is how she is described. As I wrote, it’s all rather unkind.

    Now I know it’s the MSM and the hated DM to boot, so it must all be a lying hatchet job put up by the WM Deep State. Still, the 16 bags of frozen peas claimed on expenses has piqued my interest.

    Hands up if you know the usual emergency purpose for bags of frozen peas. Anybody?

    Who had an appendage severed? Who severed it? What appendage was severed? Was it ever successfully re-attached? Is it working now?

    We Sovereign Scots need to know. OK, maybes not the working now question. Some things are best left secret.

  57. panda paws says:

    “She was driving the Campaign Bus, Silly.”

    It wasn’t insured so surely that was Humza’s job…

  58. Northcode says:

    Those soulless eyes.

    Sturgeon is Scotland’s Smeagol; only not as likeable.

    A shrunken, shrivelled shadow of what once she was; oozing that spiteful self-pity peculiar to those who bring about their own ruin and blame all others. Devious in the relentless pursuit of all things precious to herself alone. Careless of the hopes and dreams of any but her own. Blind to her fate; glazed eyes wide in fascination, spellbound by shiny trinkets clenched in bony hands as she falls oblivious to her fiery doom.

  59. Antoine Roquentin says:

    Ghost-written by a spook, no doubt. (Sorry!)

  60. George Ferguson says:

    Another excellent cartoon Chris. The parallels with Prince Harry are there for all to see and the subsequent dive in his reputation. Perhaps South Park is close in a rewrite starring Sturgeon. I think Alex Salmond was right to issue an advisory note of caution to Sturgeon. This is going to end badly for her. A difficult watch.

  61. Johnlm says:

    My copy has a red jacket, no spine and looks a bit short.

  62. McDuff says:

    Republic 11.50am
    Absolutely. I’ve got a 1967 copy of the R/times and there are four Scottish Drama/music programs with all Scottish content made in Scotland and broadcast every week across the the UK. Now there is nothing and we even have to pay to watch our national teams. It’s England England England expects.
    It’s ethnic cleansing and Scots seem indifferent to the dangerous consequences which will result.

  63. SophiaPangloss says:

    Judging by the photograph I saw of her sitting on the stage with Dale, I think you’re going to have to brush up your ‘ageing’ techniques Chris, and fast, it looked to me like she has a 10 or 20 year head-start… maybe dust off your album of Mollie Weir cartoons for reference…

  64. Stuart MacKay says:

    John Main @1:03pm

    > Hands up if you know the usual emergency purpose for bags of frozen peas. Anybody?

    That’s way too easy. They’re for soothing swellings. However whether that’s for ankles from wearing uncomfortable shoes or for jaws that have been struck by blunt objects is anyone’s guess.

  65. twathater says:

    It would be nice if we had any Scottish REAL journalists (apart from SC) working to expose corruption and lies in our political sphere , when you think that journalists from across the world have suffered life changing injuries and death to expose greed and corruption in politics in their countries, and we are left with a shower of sycophantic pampered cowardly arselickers who eagerly embrace being subservient and owned by the establishment and MSM

    Every one of them should hang their heads in utter shame and guilt for betraying their profession????? and their mantra of HOLDING TRUTH TO POWER is meaningless

  66. Confused says:

    some more title ideas for nikki’s book –

    The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstruous Regiment of TERFS (- our own ayatollah, john knox, the calvin without nuance)

    unlikely stories, mostly (alasdair gray)

    without conscience (the work on psychopathy, by world expert robert hare)

  67. sarah says:

    @ Johnlm at 1.50 “my copy has a red jacket, no spine and is a bit short”

    Just got it! Very good. 🙂 🙂

  68. Stuart MacKay says:

    David Hannah

    The wee, sleekit, not so timorous beastie is angry at Salmond as he denied her the chance of adulation and fortune on the American talk-show circuit talking about her #metoo moment and how she survived, stoically living in the misogynist world of British politics. The book is likely an attempt at rekindling that hope but since she was idiotic enough to slink away from the limelight and not leave by being forced out there’s not really much of a story.

    The queue of failed western, female politicians gets longer by the week – Ardern, Marin, Gavrili?a… And soon Baerbock and von der Lying. Sturgeon’s slot gets pushed further than further back the longer she dithers and with no successes and only a catalogue of failures to rest on there’s little very little in the way of burnishing of credentials by being associated with her.

    If only Megan and Harry’s series on Netflix wasn’t a failure. I’m sure there would have been a multi-million dollar deal there retelling the Salmond-gate affair, with extra embellishment and ripping of bodices to frighten all those Karens in the USA.

  69. ALANM says:


    The media landscape has changed a great deal since the 1960’s but what you say remains valid. In any military coup the local tv station has traditionally been the first target for any self-respecting general. Once you control what the people see and hear you’re just one step away from controlling what they think.

    That’s not to say I’m anticipating a coup of any sort in Scotland. There’s no need for force when you’ve already got a compliant population and the tv station has been under your direct control for decades. The only consolation for Scotland is that nobody watches itv anyway and ten years from now we’ll all be getting our news and entertainment via the web.

  70. ALANM says:

    Re. the Sturgeon legacy…

    I think it’s fair to say that for many of us who joined the SNP back in the 1970’s the dream was always of becoming a free, confident, self-governing oil-rich country. A land of plenty where nobody got left behind. Sturgeon has taken away all that. Hard-won freedoms have been whittled away one by one to the point where you can’t even say what you think in your own house without risk of prosecution. Self-confidence and individuality have been abandoned and replaced with a level of conformity akin to Soviet Russia. Oil and gas will now play no part in Scotland’s future which is suddenly beginning to look worryingly bleak. Cheers Nicola!

  71. Black Joan says:

    Did we know that back in May she was actually bragging about her “travelling squad of Scottish lesbians” ??

    “Fabulous to see Nicola Sturgeon receiving an Ally of the Year accolade with a standing ovation for her Inspirational speech which began with the immortal line ‘I am joined tonight by my travelling squad of Scottish Lesbians’ ”

    (From the Twitter account of Linda Riley)

    There are more than a few notable Scottish lesbians who know that she is anything but an ally.

  72. Republicofscotland says:

    “Skip_NC says:
    12 August, 2023 at 12:30 pm
    RepublicofScotland, it is a World Cup quarter final.”

    As if it was only about this one game, its not, its about decades of watching sporting events through the eyes of English broadcasting, and English commentators, we’re a country but we don’t even have the right to broadcast unless Westminster says so, what a sad lot we are.

    What’s even more galling is that the first place in the world that anyone could ever watch tv was in Scotland, Glasgow’s Central Hotel to be precise, a Scotsman also made the first coloured broadcast and the first transatlantic broadcast.

    Yet here we are with no rights to broadcast in the country that invented tv, (patented it first) it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad and pathetic.

    Scots have come to accept that a foreign country England determines what we watch on terrestrial channels, we meekly sit down on our sofas and chairs and watch whatever the BBC/ITV/Channel4/Channel5 networks dish up for us from their larger selection of English content, whilst on STV some wee Scot sitting in a broom cupboard speaks (voice over) through a mike telling us to watch the STV player, if we want to watch thirty odd years old Scottish content, Taggart/Take the high Road etc. The idea is still to give us a sense via a Scottish accent that STV is still a Scottish channel, when it isn’t.

    Broadcasting is such a powerful medium that England’s government will never ever devolve it, the lies that the Britnat media spewed out in the run to the 2014 indyref via our tv’s aided and abetted our defeat.

    What kind of people actively accept another country’s entire (almost) media content as Scots accept England’s.

  73. wull says:

    Fantastic cartoon – one of your ‘best of all(s)’, (and there are already many of them). Terrific! And so accurate, in every detail. Thank you!

    O/T (or maybe not, since there could be an association: I just noticed BBC Scotland’s website has just introduced what seems to me (unless I missed something) a new place name into Scotland. This new place is called ‘Glen Coe’.

    Although I did not know he had moved up here to North Britain, I am wondering if someone working at BBC Scotland has renamed the place after Sebastian (Lord) Coe.

    If so, it struck me that maybe – given the BBC’s involvement – the person concerned would really have liked to call it ‘Glen Saville’, since that might be the only thing he or she has ever heard about the place. Should we all, therefore, be grateful that everybody’s favourite ‘Lord Sebastian’ got the accolade instead?

    Maybe BBC Scotland will soon be renamed as BBC SCEngland, with a ‘hard C’ pronunciation of the ‘C’, as a sop to what remains of some old local sensibilities, which now belong to some distant, misty, murky past, during a long since redundant and bygone era.

    The hope might be that soon everyone will forget what the SC originally stood for. Changing place names can often be a way of obliterating memory, and eradicating history. Even when the change is only slight to begin with and happens surreptitiously, as if by accident, and only takes on little by little.

    Does it happen by accident? Maybe. But not necessarily, and not always.

    I certainly know of a place where the street names on an actual street can be changed overnight. To be more precise, a place where two of the three names can be changed overnight, for the street signs are written in three different languages.

    If you know all three languages, you go to bed at night and they all say exactly the same thing. When you wake up the next morning, you find the sign with the old street has gone. Instead the street now has a new street sign. In English and the language spoken by the occupying forces in that place, it has been given a new name altogether. In the language spoken by almost all the people living there, on that very street, it’s still the old name, but for how long?

    You might think that the intention of the occupying force when it retained the old name in the language spoken by the actual inhabitants, who have been there for centuries, was a nice gesture on their part. Full of respect for the past, and for the people of the place. Or you might not. I suppose you could think it was motivated by a hope that the inhabitants wouldn’t know much English or Hebrew, and wouldn’t really notice, or make a fuss about the change. You could also think it won’t be the last change.

    Maybe in a few years’ time there will be another change of sign, in which all three languages will say exactly the same thing once more. They will all give the new name, and the old name will have disappeared for ever.

    Or – maybe – the intention is that not only the original place name will have disappeared, but also the original inhabitants. A sign written in only two languages – one that of the Occupier and the other the most commonly known language among the many foreign tourists and pilgrims who walk down that street every day, will be quite enough, thank you very much.

    Any memory of the previous inhabitants, or of the lives they lived there, of the great events that happened there, and even of their very existence in that place over many centuries, will have been erased, and need no longer be referred to. Even the street names will have phased them out, in two or three or maybe four stages, each leading to the deliberately intended conclusion that that place belongs exclusively to its new ‘owners’. And anyone who walks down that street will be given the impression that it always did!

    From ‘Glencoe’ to ‘Glen Coe’ doesn’t seem like much of a change… After all, it’s probably only part of a very slight and tiny ‘phase one’ of something much bigger which, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, is happening all over Scotland… And has been for the past fifty years, gathering momentum little by little, one tiny teeny-wee step after another…

    PS As for the ‘SC’ in ‘BBC SCEngland’ it only reminds me of how totally SCunnered I am with BBC Scotland. Indeed, with the whole of the BBC. Why are we forced to buy this worthless tabloid if we want to watch television in our homes?

  74. Republicofscotland says:

    “It’s ethnic cleansing and Scots seem indifferent to the dangerous consequences which will result.”


    Yes, Scots are, well most of them, totally apathetic to what’s happening, at the same time the England’s women footie match was on a supposedly Scottish tv channel, BBC Scotland, the name gives the clue, aired England’s Football Focus programme, and BBC2 had a English women’s ruby match on.

    They don’t care now its utterly blatant and open that Scottish content has been replaced by English content, ask yourself this if we had had a main stream media channel for independence in 2014, would we have had a much better chance of dissolving this vile union, I say yes.

    Even the utterly oppressed Palestinian people have their OWN tv channels, what does that say about Scots.

  75. Merganser says:

    ‘H is for Hawk’ won the Costa book of the year prize in 2014.

    Nicola’s version could be ‘H is for Perjury’.

  76. John Main says:

    @wull 5:10

    An innarestin post. There is one place name change that has always rankled with me because I think it deeply significant. Maybes you will agree.

    Virtually everybody conspires to pronounce the name of the wee pretendy parliament as Hollyrood, yet as it is still spelled as Holyrood, that is of course exactly how it was pronounced through all of Scottish history until the troughers, grifters and time wasters were first all brought together there in October 2004.

    Only two explanations have ever occurred to me:

    1 Ashamed of or contemptuous of Scottish history, the new elite decided to make a clean break with the past by changing the name, but dishonestly. Knowing there would be an outcry, they did it by stealth.

    2 The entire pretendy parliament production being nowt but a fantasy of an illusory competent assembly, the occupiers of the place thought it amusing to name it after Tinseltown, where they can act out going through the motions of ever achieving anything.

    I prefer explanation 2.

  77. covidhoax says:

    Gnasher’s memoirs will undoubtedly be the greatest work of fiction since Anne Frank’s diary.

  78. John Main says:


    I know you never pass up any chance to bring the Palestinians into the debates, but have you thought your most recent post through?

    OK, so they have their own TV channels. Just how is that working out for them?

    Last I heard, it was doing them no good whatsoever.

  79. David Hannah says:

    I’d love to see the Salmond Sturgeon, failed Me Me conspiracy on Netflix.

    Unfortunately for Nicola, the ending hasn’t been written yet.

    Time is precious isn’t it… for the woman with time on her side.

  80. Albert Herring says:

    @John Main

    I was brought up a few hundred yards from Holyrood Palace in the 1950s/60s, long before the invasion of the troughers, grifters and time wasters to whom you refer. It was pronounced “Hollyrood” then and is still pronounced so now.
    Please desist from changing the names of our places.

  81. John Main says:

    @Albert Herring

    “Holly” and “holy”. Different words, different meanings, different pronunciations.

    I was brought up in the days when there was still some lingering traces of the best educational system in the world – the Scottish one.

    The Holy Rood can be traced back to the Scots haly ruid. It’s a part of our Scottish linguistic, cultural and Christian heritage, which probably helps to explain why its true meaning is being extirpated.

    There never was a Holly Rood, Albert, soz.

  82. McDuff says:

    John main 5.54
    The Palestinians are involved in a violent armed struggle, so what’s tv channels got to do with a situation like that. The point being made(as if you didn’t know) is that Scotland unlike any other country in the world doesn’t have one proper tv channel . Even Yorkshire has Leeds tv channel representing Yorkshire and showing a variety of programs.
    And if Scotland had had a pro independence channel in the lead up to the ‘14 ref churning out the a positive Indy message to counter the volume of lies, bile and scare stories

    I have no doubt we would have secured a result. It’s because television is so powerful that we are not allowed to have our own channel.
    Hope you find that inerestin..

  83. John Main says:


    You are confusing two different things.

    A Scottish TV channel and a pro-Indy TV channel.

    Careful what you wish for. Given the state of Indy right now, the best you can hope for is a neutral Scottish TV channel. The worst is a pro-Yoon Scottish TV channel.

    Incidentally, while I am sure belief that we are “not allowed” a Scottish TV channel is great when greetin into a dram, I am not buying it as truth. Innarestin to think how much TV might have been broadcast by ScotGov at HR with the money splurged on the ferries and the DRS.

    And innarestin to ponder on how the Palestinians manage to do it. Are they “allowed” do you think?

  84. Michael Laing says:

    @ John Main and others:

    I am almost 60 and I have never known Holyrood to be pronounced as anything other than ‘Hollyrood’ during my lifetime. From 1971 to 1975 I lived in Kirkliston, just beyond the western city boundary of Edinburgh. I recall one of my primary school teachers telling the class about about the Palace of Holyroodhouse, and she definitely pronounced it ‘Hollyrood’, as did my parents and grandparents and everyone I knew.

    I understand that the name is spelled ‘Holyrood’ and that it means holy cross, but that doesn’t alter the fact that it is universally pronounced as ‘Hollyrood’.

    Admittedly, it really grinds my gears when people spell it incorrectly, but I’m a stickler for correct spelling.

  85. George Ferguson says:

    @John Main 6:53pm
    The UK Government leglisated on the protection of sporting events. The Scottish National Football team is not a protected sport in terms of TV rights. The number one sport in Scotland is whored to the highest bidder. Gordon Broon I think. As for watching England. I am a football fan so I watched the game this morning. I found myself frustrated with the commentary. England go a goal down and the goalkeeper gets the blame. Here is the reality the goalkeeper has it drummed into her don’t get beat on the near post. Her positioning was OK. She was under the flight of the ball what beat her was her height compared to 6 3 plus guys. Although the commentary obviously forgot about Shilton losing a simiiar goal to Brazil. So fair unpartisan commentary please and the statutory right to see on terrestrial tv Scottish National Football games. It’s not much too ask. A failure by the SNP in power to secure tv rights. I can pay for whatever but lots of Scots can’t. And before any comment on England protected rights the ITV network always manages to find the money to secure the England games.

  86. Dorothy Devine says:

    Alf ,you have just reminded me of my Granny and her put down of ‘away you bletherskate’ – we didn’t have the ‘an’ in our Aberdeen version or it could have been Dumfriesshire version as that’s where she spent a good deal of her life as a young woman.

  87. David Hannah says:

    Viaplay sports has ceasing it’s UK trading, and will be exiting Scottish Football. Current payments have been made but the channel will soon stop broadcasting.

    With the Scottish national football team, and our league cup and Scottish cup matches without a broadcaster. This is the perfect moment for our Government to step in and do something small, but incredibly meaningful to the entire country.

    By getting the Scottish football games on national television, free to view. Like England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

  88. Sven says:

    Just occurred to me, if Ms Sturgeon’s new autobiography has a chapter on the prosecution (sorry, that should be persecution) of Mr Salmond (who was acquitted on all charges, which should be mentioned every time the trial is referred to) it could well be entitled ‘V For Vendetta’.

  89. Alf Baird says:

    Michael Laing / Albert Herring

    “‘Hollyrood’ ”

    Aye, yer baith richt. A wis brung up in a hoose in front o whit fowk aye cawed ‘Hollyrood’ Park, aka ‘The Queens Pairk’ (then).

    ‘Calton’ Hill’s anither common English mispronoonce, Edinburray cawed thon affront ‘Cawlton’ Hill.

  90. David Hannah says:

    It could be political football, the ball is in the SNPs court.

    Think of the old folk. The care homes don’t pay for subscriptions. They are lying in their hospital beds dying. And The game on the TV screen could lift their spirits.

    They are the ones I feel sorry for the most. They can’t get to the games anymore. Everyone is talking about the big match coming on to reminisce and jog their memories. And they can’t see it on the TV. Having paid their TV licence all their lives. And now being forced again to pay it is that correct?

    We need to get the football on the TV.

  91. Euan Whazermy says:

    In October, UEFA will award the 2028 Euro championships to the UK and Ireland, the bid is unopposed as Turkey has pulled out. There is no UK football team, so there are five host nations. Uefa has said that they will only allocate two automatic host nation places. What will happen then? Presumably the Republic would be offered one of the places, leaving Scotland England, Wales and Northern Ireland. I cannot imagine a Home Internationals type play off for the other place, as the powers that be would not allow the possibility of England not being there. I know, I know, they would probably qualify anyway as they always have an easy group, but does anyone else have concerns that the prospect of “Team GB” might rear its ugly head?

  92. David Hannah says:

    Speaking of Scottish football. It feels like barely a week goes by these days that there’s not some sort of ticket row in Scottish football.

    Rangers cancelled celtic fans. Aberdeen want to reduce the away allocation. Kilmarnock has chosen to reduce. Following St Mirren and most recently Hearts.

    Which means that the argument for not extending the league for the old firm away day is null and void. As they no longer need the old firm money.

  93. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Interesting 2-minute summary of what’s happening in Niger and why the USA doesn’t like it (which means that we don’t like it, obvs).

  94. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Euan Whazermy (8.39) –

    Thanks for the heads-up about that situation. Wasn’t aware of it.

    If nothing else it will concentrate some minds.

  95. David Hannah says:

    Great idea Ewan. A Euro 2028 home nation play off. Football means so much to us all.

    Hampden Park, Euro 2028. It’s Old school. I personally wouldn’t change it for the world. I love everything about Hampden. The train journey to mount florida. The Tartan army walking through the tenement streets to Hampden. I love everything about Hampden. Apart from taking the long way around… I’d introduce rail seating to Hampden safe standing like the Germans have. This would also increase capacity in these sections if required. Because Hampden is lowly sloped. So you can fit everyone in.

    Bring euro 2028 home.

    Bring the commonwealth games back to Glasgow.

  96. Captain Yossarian says:

    Morgatron @ 7.15 – Well said. That putrid pair have had more than long enough to ruin Scotland and that is what they have done.

  97. Alf Baird says:

    Dorothy Devine @ 7:58 pm

    “‘away you bletherskate’”

    Aye Dorothy, for Lothian fowk like masel hit wis ‘bletheranskate’, sae juist a wee bittie different fae yersel in the nor’east. Whit a braw Scots langage tho; an aw Scots bairns stappit fae lairnin! Haes Sturgeon tae a tee an aw, whit a bletheranskate wis thon.

  98. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @David Hannah (9.00) –

    For the residents of Mount Florida, a perennial topic of conversation is desperate fans doing jobbies in their front gardens. This problem has been exacerbated in recent decades due to the introduction of secure-entry systems at tenement closes.

    In the good old days (e.g. at the tenement where my family lived, on Battlefield Road, above Cakeland and a cracking wee record shop), there was no big main door/buzzer so those struggling with ‘the burden no man can carry’ would just come in and crap anywhere they could, sometimes on the stairs themselves.

    Ah…the banter!


  99. Ian Brotherhood says:

    This is always worth watching again – a very young Brian Cox, playing Fletcher of Saltoun, in the brilliant STV/CH4 production of Tom Steel’s ‘Scotland’s Story’.

    Doesn’t feel like ‘ancient history’ when you see it enacted by professionals, even if the wigs are a bit dodgy – that was the style!

  100. PhilM says:

    From hearing the word Hollywood almost daily to mispronouncing Holyrood is a very short step. Could it be that?
    As a related curious observation from the past, did anyone when they were growing up have the following experience…which is…certain Scottish men, probably born anywhere between the 1920s to the 1950s, affecting a kind of weird transatlantic drawl when speaking?
    I can think of three or four of these types all living in a small Borders town and all speaking in an unself-conscious non-specific American accent and I think none of them were friends with any of the others. I seem to remember the accents becoming more pronounced when these local worthies were telling stories, most of which were probably made up I suppose.
    They all probably saw too many Westerns but does this ring a bell with anyone else?

  101. John Main says:

    Innarestin to witness Alf Baird denying his beloved Scots language.

    It’s “haly ruid”, coming down to us today as holy rood, but with meaning constant at “holy cross”.

    As is so often the case, pointless points scoring trumps factual accuracy. It does make the alert reader wonder just why this habit is so prevalent in the posters on here.

  102. PhilM says:

    @John Main
    I have to admit your breezy certainty was highly confusing but the only way to make sense of your last comment is if you’re ascribing historical and etymological ignorance where none exists. People are making a simple point about pronunciation and nothing more. Your constant pick a fight with everyone attitude has led you to a rhetorical dead-end.
    Anyone with any education knows what Holyrood means…no-one here as far as I can see is confused about this.
    I know you don’t do humility but looking foolish in public is surely to be avoided.

  103. Dorothy Devine says:

    PhilM, that drawl seems singularly easily adopted by Glaswegians, I noticed it when I first came down from Aberdeen -didn’t analyse the specific sounds to make comparisons though.Maybe I’ll revive my knowledge ( limited!) of phonetics and give it a go!
    There has been phonetic input from someone on here perhaps they can give it a try.

    Alf , I love accent, dialect and language in general – vive la difference!

  104. John Main says:


    I have a breezy certainty that Alf Baird wrote “anither common English mispronoonce” above – it’s still there.

    The difference between “holly” and “holy” is as clear as anything can be, as is the way they are pronounced.

    Looking foolish for pointing that out – get a grip.

    With all humility, it’s possible to be rational about this and accept that “Holyrood” is commonly and locally mispronounced as “Hollyrood”, and that is a Scottish mispronunciation.

    To twist it around and make out it’s an English mispronunciation is risible.

    But it sure fits the ethos on here – it wisnae us, some English bastards mispronounced it and ran away.

  105. Alf Baird says:

    Dorothy Devine @ 8:09 am

    “I love accent, dialect and language in general – vive la difference!”

    Aye, aw fowk’s ain languages is whit gies thaim thair diversity (and identity) across the hale warld, an Scots arena unalike.

    The colonizer forces a doun-hauden fowk tae shauchle aff thair ain langage an mimic his, tae gie him authority ower thaim an thair launds. Thon’s whit gies fowk a confuised identity – the ‘I’m Scottish and British’ cultural illusion and ‘mindset’ that is maistly anti-independence.

    Upo’ independence a leeberated fowk foremaist aye gresp mair thair ain ‘rusted tongue’ langage – for they find the colonizer’s language ‘burns their lips’ (Fanon) and is a reminder of their oppressor (doun-hauder).

  106. Republicofscotland says:

    “You are confusing two different things.

    A Scottish TV channel and a pro-Indy TV channel.”

    The above made me laugh, as opposed to what we have now, all Britnat unionist channels, its you that’s confused.

  107. A Scot Abroad says:

    I’m a believer in law enforcement following due process. Quite right. But also enough of a realist to recognise that the public interest isn’t well-served by endless silence or non-statements. There should be a way that could allow statements to be made as to the nature of the investigation without prejudicing any future trial.

  108. A Scot Abroad says:

    Alf Baird,

    I’m not sure what the most ridiculous element of your post was. Either the cod-academic attempt to push your failed ideas of Scotland being colonized, or the utter disaster of you trying and failing very badly to write in Scots.

    On balance, those elements were equally ridiculous.

    You are becoming a parody.

  109. Effijy says:

    The bbc helping the corrupt English Tory Heath minister Barclays spin of there crippling the NHS and its patients.

    To mask their incompetence and embarrassment of having a growing 7.57 million nhs treatments outstanding and on-going strikes by consultants and Junior Doctors he suggests

    Scotland isn’t doing as well as England in catching up on treatments a year plus overdue.

    Be shocked to find the lying bastard who won’t even discuss pay rises with these life savers
    is totally wrong. Scotland has around 21,600 now but with no strikes here we are making progress. England’s numbers increasing due to strikes and doctors leaving the NHS had over 300,000 waiting for over a year back in February 2023.

    The bbc of course had a closer look at Wales and N Ireland but no way on earth will they fact check anything that puts Scotland in a better light over England.

    The devolved governments should tell Barclay to sit with the Doctors as we want nothing to do with the source of this crisis.

  110. A Scot Abroad says:


    there is no way on God’s green earth that an iScotland could afford an NHS. Absolutely mental to think that it could carry on “as is”, even it’s already rubbish.

    iScotland is going to have to get a health insurance industry going to fund healthcare, like the rest of the grown ups in Europe. But the premiums will be steep, without a properly backed currency.

    Who knows? £50 a month for anything beyond basic A&E?

    Welcome to iScotland not funded by Westminster.

  111. Alf Baird says:

    A Scot Abroad @ 4:04 am

    “Welcome to iScotland not funded by Westminster”

    As you frequently seek to demonstrate, the native’s feeling of absolute ‘dependency’ on the mother country forms a key part of the colonial hoax.

    Colonialism depends on ‘debasing the colonized’ (Memmi), and you seldom fail to remind us of our many inadequacies.

    Keep up the good work!

  112. A Scot Abroad says:

    Alf Baird,

    you know nothing at all about colonialism. It’s pretentious shit that you write. And demonstrably untrue.

    Scots have been the world’s greatest ever colonisers. There isn’t another country that’s done more colonising than Scotland.

    Stop whining about it.

  113. Cynicus says:

    Alf Baird has proposed a book title in Scots.

    Earlier, I proposed one in Gaelic.

    To complete the hat-trick, here’s one in English recommended to our much self -trumpeted book lover. A tribute act to Oscar Wilde:

    “The Ballad of Cornton Vale”

    The author seems particularly appropriate.

  114. Gordon says:

    A scot a broad @4.04am

    You don’t half talk some shite. “Without a properly backed currency”. Sunak whilst still Chancellor was brazenly crowing about getting £80 billion over 5 years from the North Sea, (without a peep from the SNP I might add) and that’s with the oil being hawked off cheap. He’s now issuing 100+ licenses for an asset that’s worthless according to your average Brit Nat, and that is in addition to the £80b. Scotland generates tax revenues in excess of £75bn (add there’s lots more “lost in translation” and not declared as it all goes through HMRC.

    Meanwhile, the BRICS countries are about to release a reserve currency (22-24th August) incorporating their central banks + 25 other countries including Saudi Arabia (which has set alarm bells ringing for the petro$ and the USD as a reserve world currency. Guess what? The reserve currency will be backed by Central Bank holdings of various assets including gold, with no fractional banking allowed (i.e QE). This Central Bank setup is a fundamental shift in world finance at the behest of the IMF and WEF and will be adopted by all the world’s nations.

    Palau is in the process of implementing a CBDC using Ripple as a technology Partner:

    Scotland can easily follow suit and the Scots stablecoin (it would be suicide to adopt the £) would be backed by all the above revenues plus renewables, water, tourism, food & drink, life sciences, gaming, etc etc (Scotland GDP $230billion).

    It’s the rump UK that will be lacking “a properly backed currency” when it’s deprived of the resources it currently stals from Scotland

  115. JockMcT says:

    Before you all get stuck in all over again, go back and read Confused @ 12.05pm in the previous post – near the foot. Nails it.

    In fact, here it is again;

    Confused says:
    16 August, 2023 at 12:05 pm
    First of all, Main isn’t smart enough to use logical fallacies like the ones in that list by Schopenhauer, his brain is just a tangled mess

    Secondly, Scotland has a right to have whatever kind of government it wants, no matter how bad it turns out, but you know, being able to choose our own government and not outvoted 10:1 by inglund, we can always get rid of them, can’t we? That is what you get with INDY.

    Thirdly, what is this “good cop/bad cop” nonsense with the nuisance/aggressive Main/Scroggie/ASA personas, contrasted with the “gentle dissemblers” like Yossarian (I get the reference – it’s still a shit book, way overrated), and Akenaton (moses?) – time for some “important shit”

    A meditation on lying with numbers – “oh fuck its awful … ”

    – it’s GERS DAY again, in which we are supposed to believe PROVED WITH NUMBERS AND AN XL SPREADSHEET that the Scots are hopeless, running up bills they cannot pay, but rescued, time and again, by the generosity of the ANGLO, who stuffs our mouths with gold, even though we are INGRATES and fail to appreciate the PHILANTHROPIC MISSION OF THE ANGLO SAXON, that gave the hottentot the railroad, vaccinated the picaninny, and brought freedom and civilisation via central banking, fiat currency, fractional reserves, usury, the masonic lodge, heretical religion, leg chains and the slave market (- thanks for all the smack says the CHINK … )

    song time :

    pick up pickup


    (Rudyard Kipling, eh? – a great NEW INDIAN by Jove)

    while there are “numbers” there are also real numbers : “money?! – get away …”

    while we can’t really take at face value UK accounts which then assign or extrapolate for Scotland, like GERS, even without the taint of shamelessly fraudulent and manipulated numbers – you can’t rely on them, there are numbers, somewhere. It is my belief that there is a true set of accounts, but you will more likely see those for the King, or what happened to Lord Lucan …

    international bodies, like the IMF, do their own numbers and their guys are not all DELUDELY NARCISSISTIC ANGLOS with EXCEPTIONALIST ideas about themselves, so there is no bias, they are not trying to prove anything, they have no agenda.

    so we have a TABLE FOR GDP IN ABSOLUTE TERMS – china and the US out front, more than 20T USD economies, japan and germany around 4T, UK about 3, south korea near 2, taiwan just under 1; our country “peers”, swiss, norway, ireland have approx 800B and 600B economies (but their GDP per capita is the highest in the world).

    GDP is a measure, it measures “something” – it is a decent enough proxy for what you would call “the real economy”, the making and consumption of “stuff”, the means of life; this is what makes a difference to your life and its quality.

    But it does not discriminate in how it treats economic activity – 100 bucks of trade is the same whether it is making computer chips or stuffed into a lapdancers knickers … so we see China produces, while the US consumes, the japs and krauts “make stuff”, South Korea makes incredibly cool electronic devices, while Taiwan is the world’s chip foundry; Norway has oil and oil is the world’s most important commodity.

    For an INDY SCOTLAND, with any level of SEMI-COMPETENT political and economic leadership (and this is no small ask since we have right now incompetents leading us and tr4itors running things, or is that the other way round?) – we should expect, once up to speed, an ECONOMY IN THE 600B A YEAR RANGE 2023 USD, the same ballpark as the swiss, norwegs, irish; we have all they have, potentially even more. Scotland’s current GDP is listed as 205B USD. Work that one out? What could it be?

    – without Scotland, the FUKEW (former UK now England and Wales) successor state, shrinks to around the 2.5T mark, between France and Italy.

    A country 1/12 the population of England, will have 1/4 of its raw GDP.

    We have the potential to be VASTLY RICHER than our ball and chain siamese twin, and in a land unlikely to be affected by climate change, even on the worst projections. It is there if you want it, an argument in money terms, over above the demands of history, justice, self determination, a right to our own culture, respect … if money is all you care about there it is; and even in the short term you get the benefit of the full tax take coming to your coffers, not some cents on the dollar swindle. But it is what you can build on top of that, that is mind boggling.

    The first thing a new Scotland should do is get a comprehensive INFRASTRUCTURE project on the go; run the country on renewables, sell the hydrocarbons, and finance these projects yourself, in your own currency, from your own investment bank (- you don’t pay any interest to foreign bankers). Over the space of 20-30 years you can turbo charge the country – the “600B economy” could be small potatoes; then you might leave for your kids and grandkids, the richest country in the world to live in. You can also then pay for, by bribing the young women, an indigenous population boom, to REPOPULATE the highlands and take our numbers to a more natural, 10-12 million. Then we can eat popcorn as england collapses into a children of men dystopia, a caliphate for the midlands and london, the new liberia, and a tiny rich elite, cowering in their homes, now fortresses.

    But the very, very first thing you need to do would be to RUN THE TR4CTORS AND FREELOADERS OUT OF THE PLACE – politicians, bureaucracy, the business class, the quangos and NGOs (including anyone and anything with a rainbow flag) – anyone who is an agent of a foreign power needs to go. If these guys are still on the inside, wandering around, queering the pitch, they will always be there gumming up the works. If they don’t “work for you”, then they are working for someone else, even if it is just to fill their own pockets.

    – of late the english, of all people, have found a brilliant way of dealing with their own freeloading, ingrate, wastes of space with criminal tendencies, STICK THEM ON BARGES; I say we should follow suit, with 2 massive ones, one each for the clyde and forth, and maybe a processing centre in gruinard. Hell, we can even advertise it on airbnb and make a profit on it.

  116. JockMcT says:


    Brilliant. It needs to be semi-competent, and 100% Honest with absolute integrity, and so yes, we need the middle management strata surgically removed. With the right Leadership, with vision and the ability to implement and deliver, we grow our economy and deliver for our people, we re-invest, we don’t do austerity, and we become a vey rich wee country. We will however have to invest in our military, just in case the greedy eyes to the south get interested in re-acquiring us. Perhaps to head that off we’ll need to bail them out a bit with a few quid, perhaps a reverse Barnett Formula, and a kind of CELTIC accounting.

  117. Cactus says:

    With personality comes many privileges…

    After the show comes The Final Scene:

    It’s an old favourite.

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