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Christmas is coming

Posted on August 09, 2023 by

Three weeks of summer left.

How’s it been for you?

TFI Friday was really popular once, of course.

But its time ran out too.

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0 to “Christmas is coming”

  1. Neil Mackenzie says:

    Really? According to Google Calendar the first day of Autumn was two days ago.

  2. Morgatron says:

    Chuckles to myself.

  3. Grahame Case says:

    *crickets chirp*

    SNP need to be ousted, can we derail the gravy train ?

  4. Ian McCubbin says:

    Nice to have a break from the on going Useless show

  5. Ted says:

    Anyone taking bets on how big the Labour majority in Rutherglen and HW will be after this “summer push”?

  6. Astonished says:

    It’s all over for them – And they know it – And they thoroughly deserve it.

    I have no sympathy for them.

    I have a great deal of sympathy for those who haven’t seen through them yet.

  7. 100%Yes says:

    Crying wolf again the only winner is The Rag. Doesn’t the summer end in August, nice one almost fooled me I don’t think so. This campaign was short and sweet and I missed it entirely.

  8. 100%Yes says:

    The SNP must be so disappointed that the general public still wants Independence and it’s been riding at 50% for years. The leadership of the SNP along with the greens has pulled out every Waco policy to try and turn the public away from voting for Independence, but wait the SNP is still going to win or should I say win a victory but not the war. The SNP is on course to lose seats at the next Westminster election with only 30% of the public still wanting to support them that means the other 20% don’t and who will they vote for!
    The SNP and Sturgeon took our constitutional case to the British supreme court and made no attempt to win it, sturgeon even employed a QC who was apposed to any idea of Scotland being Independent this was a victory for Sturgeon and I feel sure she was going to secure Scotland place in the union for a long time to come, but she couldn’t foresee what was coming over the next couple of months. Sturgeon stood down not because of this 600K, she isn’t even bothered about it. She left in a hurry because of the Bryson question, is HE a Man/Woman and to make this your career policy and not to be able to answer the simplest of questions, the answer being, he would always be a man. Because of this she had to stand down as she was petrified of the public turning their back on her and because of that she wouldn’t be re-elected.
    The SNP has a new plan one that might destroy the SNP for good but they hope will destroy the matter of Independence for good! The plan at the behest of the British state to go into the next Westminster election and lose seats but claim to have won a victory by winning the majority of seats but not winning the majority of votes casted 50% plus 1 vote. They’ll then go to the international community and asked to be recognized as winning Scotland’s Independence. This will fail, and will allow the British government to say that the SNP lost in the supreme court and now the international community as they have stated they don’t recognize Scotland as a country. This will close the final door to Independence they hope and therefore the SNP will be able to give up on Independence for good. The additional jeopardy is if the parties stand as Scotland United as the Alba party advocate and this also fails to get 50% plus 1 vote of the votes cast this will be a bigger stick to hit Scotland with. Is the leadership of the SNP bothered, no I don’t believe so. This has been their plan since Sturgeon took over

  9. Beauvais says:

    What the SNP didn’t tell us was that by Summer of Indy they meant Summer of Indolence.

  10. Nemisis Benn says:

    “Hosie”? Does that mean that he’s wet?

  11. TURABDIN says:

    Exclusive…SNP types find ancient independence material in attic.
    Could be useful said a venerabld spokesX, when we get it translated.

    The above was brought to you by voltarol, the gel for creaky old bones.
    Always read the label.

  12. Johnlm says:

    Maybe it’s an Indian Summer.

  13. John Main says:

    Big text says “Indy”.

    Small text says “EU and Indy”.

    Nobody can claim they keep their EU plans quiet. To the SNP, Indy and the EU are one and the same.

    And why not? Swap one distant source of funding and restrictions for another distant source of funding and restrictions, but this time with better restaurants and more generous expenses. Seamlessly continue with the familiar MO: our hands are tied, we don’t control the purse strings, their Tory policies stop our distinctively Scottish ideas, we need another 5 years in their foreign capital to fight Scotland’s corner, YOU CAN’T HOLD US RESPONSIBLE.

    Soz and all, but if they can’t be honest about their intentions they can GTF.

  14. Glenn Elder says:

    Off topic, I know however having seen no mention on WoS, I thought this may be worthy of comment:

  15. Antoine Bisset says:

    On and on it goes, round and round. At every turn some new failing is revealed. Freebies for civil servants, on taxpayer funded cards.
    Apparently this big outpouring of money, in dribs, drabs and large and handsome amounts has passed unnoticed by anyone in a ministerial position, and by government auditors. ((Auditors and the SNP/Scottish government seem to have a very relaxed, even lackadaisical relationship.)
    Happily, there is still time for the freeloaders to buy all their Xmas cards and presents before the Magic money Roundabout is switched off.

    As an aside there is an old piece of film on Youtube of a former UK PM arriving at 10 Downing Street and getting money out of his pocket to pay the taxi. Changed days.)

  16. Antoine Roquentin says:

    If there’s any truth to the adage about people getting the governments they deserve, we must be an unbelievably-sinful electorate, indeed!

  17. Red says:

    This is all theatre, and not just the SNP clown troupe led by the imbecilic racist.

    You won’t recognise “Scotland” by the middle of this century, because it’ll look exactly like London, Paris, Dublin or any other mass immigration magnet. The future of Scotland will no longer be determined by the Scots.

    Most of our politics is about keeping the plebs distracted until it’s too late for them to choose a different fate. Our politicians are Judas goats.

  18. Andrew scott says:

    @glen elder
    I threw up when i read that article re mrs murrell 4coming book
    I assume if it is ever published the book will be found in the fiction section of any bookstore

  19. Alf Baird says:

    Ian Brotherhood 9:52 am on ‘Gone Fishin’

    “Swinney being fingered?”

    In case anybody missed the big story of the day.

  20. Nemisis Benn says:

    @Glenn Elder:
    The Bookseller describes it as “non-fiction” – given that the lady (?) has such difficulty remembering things, how can that assertion be true?

  21. Stuart MacKay says:

    John Main

    You just have to look at Italy and Premier Meloni. The EU put her on a tight leash pretty much immediately. Apart from the spat with France and Germany over the boat people she’s fully onboard with the neo-con, globalist programme.

    We’re sure to be encouraged to welcome with open arms the arrival of French submarines at Faslane, otherwise that application for development funds might mysteriously get lost.

  22. Johnlm says:

    If we’re going to persist with this stupid electoral system then we should at least make manifestos and pledges legally binding.

  23. David Hannah says:

    Love not hate remember!

    And, “F*** the bigots”

    Yousaf has had it up to here from “white middle aged men!”

  24. ABruce says:

    Alf@ 11:36

    I had already read the story this morning but thanks for posting the link. It’s a story that everyone here should be reading.

  25. David Hannah says:

    It wisney me. The white people were bad to me and stole my dummy!

  26. arthor49 says:

    Here we go again – it must be getting to within a year of an election for them to pull independence off the shelf, dust it down and waggle it in the face of Yes voters.

    They have pulled that trick once too often because by now even the most ardent follower of the SNP surely must know that they are the Party of Devolution.

  27. Karen says:

    Ah yes, but I think you’ll find they didn’t say which summer!

  28. Dorothy Devine says:

    Hailstones the size of golf balls in Minnesota yesterday – my niece was kind enough to send photos home – so Christmas is definitely coming. How long it takes is up for debate but I’m sure there will be a fully decorated Christmas tree somewhere.

    I am astonished that the Record is headlining this tosh from the SNP however after yesterdays effort I really shouldn’t be – both organisations are a waste of space.

  29. Colin Dawson says:

    I saw the headline in my email alert and thought that charges had been brought under Operation Branchform. I’ll just need to be more patient.

  30. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Some really interesting comments about high-level infiltration, btl, here:

  31. Johnlm says:

    Only 18 more clapping days till Christmas.

  32. Antoine Bisset says:

    “Alf Baird says:
    9 August, 2023 at 11:36 am
    Ian Brotherhood 9:52 am on ‘Gone Fishin’
    “Swinney being fingered?”

    Barrhead Boy’s comments are very interesting. I was an active member of the Scottish Socialist Party and it was fairly incoherent. Little could be agreed. The Sheridan “affair” pretty much ended it.
    Apart from that the State was all over me. My phone was tapped. I was interrogated by somebody from one of the shadowy agencies. MI5, Special Branch? Nicely done and no rubber truncheons. (It was actually some time before I realised exactly what had happened.)
    The SWP fell apart and had little or no impact on the 2014 Referendum.

  33. Viscount Ennui says:

    Alf Baird says:
    9 August, 2023 at 11:36 am

    Ian Brotherhood 9:52 am on ‘Gone Fishin’

    “Swinney being fingered?”

    Just as Speer was the architect of Hitler’s Germany, so was Swinney the dominant but covert force behind Sturgeon and the debacle of the last 10 years. His malign influence pervades all aspects of what was once a proud civic sector and is the principal reason for the nation’s first genuine regression since the Enlightenment.
    NS in my view was just the performer who excelled in projecting a credible face to the media where Swinney would have bored the pants off everyone, but the two together used defamation, threats and and the abuse of power to sustain their own positions.
    For all their malice and misfeasance a sombre tone must be struck when considering how and why the most passionate of indy supporters felt compelled to believe and support them. That is what is most concerning to me as we re-build for the future; the weakness within the movement.
    For all that we are currently becalmed in the political doldrums of the ‘silly season’, this article really must be read and digested by those wavering in their support for indepence and the SNP:

  34. dearieme says:

    Oh well, maybe the McMedia could cover this:

    It’s only a mater of life and death, happiness and despair. You know, the little things.

  35. TURABDIN says:

    Scottish Independence: the useful fiction.
    How a cloaked faithless clique created an illusion.

    An Amazon ebook coming soon, sometime, all in good time. certainly before the end of it.
    Price. tba. but think mega$¥€£

    Trusted Reviews….100% positive on no verifiable purchases.

  36. Viscount Ennui says:

    Apropos my comments above..

    Discriminating between bona fide indy supporters and gravy train robbers is becoming increasingly difficult and when taken to the extreme means that we can trust nobody.
    For all that we know, Rev Stu has been setup my MI5 as a free-thinking indy supporter to tease-out ‘dangerous’ separatists for future incarceration in ‘re-education’ camps in the Siberian wasteland of Airdrie.
    Be careful what you write on these posts.
    I will never divulge that my real name is Hugh Janus (Bank: 7720486, Sort: 80-44-84, Exp: 30 Feb 2029) just in case their are ‘tractors’ amongst our ranks.

  37. Johnlm says:

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” – Lenin

    Most of what goes on in this world is not as it seems.

    Miscarriages of justice to protect police informers..
    Real or fake terror events sponsored by those attacked.
    Political parties led by intelligence puppets

  38. Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh says:

    I have no doubt that Campbell Martin’s article published by Barrhead Boy is valid (in essence at the very least). And of course the well-proven process will already be incipient within Alba and Salvo. Let us never be naive again.

  39. Captain Yossarian says:

    Viscount Ennui – Whoever you are, sir – well done. It seems that my rare contributions to this site nowadays are invariably to congratulate you on a fine, measured post. Captain Yossarian used to use a redactor pen in Catch-22 to redact everything other than prepositions from the men’s letters home. Other than that, Captain Yossarian was the polar opposite of John Swinney.

  40. David Hannah says:

    I’m reading that article on Barrhead Boy’s website. Fantastic reading.

    “Today’s SNP is so corrupted by British agents that it has sidelined independence and embraced gender policies that make the party unelectable. For the British State that is job done.”

    “However, the people of Scotland are the sovereign power, not the SNP. In terms of the Independence Movement, the SNP is the past. The future is Scotland United for Independence. One pro-independence candidate in each constituency that the people can unite behind.”

  41. robertkknight says:

    Troughers gonna trough…

    Until someone puts a stop to their troughing.

  42. Lorna Campbell says:

    The SNP is not willing to do what it will take to force confrontation with Westminster in order to loosen the shackles. It succumbed a long time ago. That is the long and short of it. Neither they nor the Greens have anything to offer the people of Scotland. Nothing. They must all have had a lobotomy the moment they were elected – or beforehand. Not one of them, nor their cohort, nor their civil servants, SPADS, researchers, etc. appears to know anything about the law (either Scots Law, English Law or UK Law) or has no intention of knowing in case it derails their insane policies.

    They are not interested in independence and never were. John Swinney, a superficially decent sort, couldn’t politick his way out of a paper bag. Ditto Mike Russell. These people, with others, have been taking the Scottish electorate for mugs. Both, however, are well-endowed with sleekitness.

    What SALVO and LIberation have unearthed in the archives and hidden away in ancient documents is well known to Westminster: Whitehall and the Thames Embankment lot are full cognizant with the true legal and constitutional position of Scotland but they have deliberately covered it up for many generations. What is even more galling is that Hansard, the Westminster record, contains a mountain of evidence to substantiate SALVO’s findings and evidence – hiding in plain sight.

  43. Northcode says:

    These headlines are from a more serious kind of newspapyrus. It’s news that’s over 3,000 years old, but still more than relevant in the world of today:

    Do not converse falsely with a man,
    For it is the abomination of God.

    God hates one who falsified words,
    His great abomination is duplicity

    from ‘The Instruction of Amenemope’

    The most complete text of the Instruction of Amenemope is British Museum Papyrus No.10474, which was acquired in Thebes by E. A. Wallis Budge in early 1888.

    The author contrasts two types of men (apologies to women, but the text is the text): the “silent man”, who goes quietly about his business without drawing attention to himself or demanding his rights, and the “heated man”, who makes a nuisance of himself to everyone and is constantly picking fights with others.

    Contrary to earthly expectations, the author assures his readers that the former will ultimately receive divine blessing, while the latter will inevitably go to destruction – literally in Latin ‘to tear down’, or ‘unbuild’.

    Amenemope counsels modesty, self-control, generosity, and scrupulous honesty, while discouraging pride, impetuosity, self-advancement, fraud, and perjury.

    Amenemope says, “attempts to gain advantage to the detriment of others incur condemnation, confuse the plans of God, and lead inexorably to disgrace and punishment” – sounds like pretty bad news for colonisers. I hope God isn’t too harsh with them – me being a ‘silent man’ of generous spirit and all.

  44. David Hannah says:

    Sturgeon to write a deeply revealing book about her memoirs…

    I won’t be buying your book Nicola. It’ll be as deeply revealing as your resignation speech. Complete fiction!

  45. Duchess of Puke Street says:

    It’s 2023,the summer of tumble weed.

  46. David Hannah says:

    Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell. The Scottish Bonnie and Clyde.

  47. Wee Chid says:

    Johnlm says:
    9 August, 2023 at 11:58 am
    If we’re going to persist with this stupid electoral system then we should at least make manifestos and pledges legally binding.

    I agree – treat the manifesto as a job application for every candidate individually. People can be jailed for lying on a job application and that is what should happen to individual members if a govt fails to deliver.

  48. President Xiden says:

    To be fair I’m surprised the blessed Nicola has any recollection of anything to include in her book knowing how poor her memory is.

  49. Johnlm says:

    I hear that Nikklas’ new political tome is based on Hobbes’ ‘Leviathan’

    It is entitled ‘ Nasty, Brutish and Short’

  50. So, the “Chief Mammy” is already writing her memoirs. Should be a good, fictional read in 2025! I wonder if she’ll include her splendiferous VIP treatment at taxpayer’s expense and possible financial help with sitting her driving licence theory test?

    i can hardly wait.

  51. Big Jock says:

    David – How does a serial liar write a book about her memoirs? But who the hell would buy it? Knowing it was all invented to paint Nicola as something she isn’t.

    She is the Lance Armstrong of Scottish politics. Mind you at least he did what he set out to do. She told a pack of lies and lost everything.

  52. Stuart MacKay says:

    Time for a competition. Name the Dear Leaders new tome. I’ll throw these in for starters:

    Me, myself and I

    #metoo Struggle*

    *extra points if she has to write it from the comforts of a prison cell.

  53. Terry says:

    @big jock
    Your comment is 100% on the money.
    I wont buy it either. Unless it’s on sale for a £1 in bargain books when nobody wants it. It would then come in handy as toilet paper. Cos it will be crap.

  54. Viscount Ennui says:

    At his time I recommend a re-read of Alex Salmond’s statement to the Parliamentary inquiry:

    “The Scottish civil service hasn’t failed. Its leadership has failed. The Crown Office hasn’t failed. Its leadership has failed. Scotland hasn’t failed. Its leadership has failed.”

    Those in leadership positions then remain in place.

  55. Karen says:

    The latest Scotgov looming disaster, potentially 61% of Airbnb type holiday lets will not continue after end of September. Also, even pockets doing house swaps for no exchange of cash will have to get a license!

  56. Karen says:

    Correction of typo – “people” not “pockets”!

  57. Johnlm says:

    ‘ The French Ambassadors Woman”

  58. Graf Midgehunter says:

    “Last exit for Barlinnie”

  59. Wullie B says:

    Andrew scott says:
    9 August, 2023 at 11:35 am

    @glen elder
    I threw up when i read that article re mrs murrell 4coming book
    I assume if it is ever published the book will be found in the fiction section of any bookstore

    More likely in the True Crime section of the book shop, ,aybe she should get her pal Val to ghost write it

  60. Johnlm says:

    ‘Arse, Nic and old H’

  61. Ian Brotherhood says:

    C&Ped this from Barrhead Boy’s latest:

    Vivian O’Blivion says:
    9 August 2023 at 2:48 pm
    Also for consideration, we should reference COINTELPRO.

    ‘?Are the hierarchy of the SNP good faith actors seeking to deliver Scottish independence or have they been captured by the British Security State?
    If they were truly acting against the fixed interests of the British Security State, they would presumably be subject to COINTELPRO or a modified variant there-of, updated to incorporate the Internet age and an environment where msm has been reduced in bandwidth and systematically forced under the control of a tiny coterie of oligarchs.

    COINTELPRO originated in the pre-Internet world. Nonetheless it remains the basic instruction manual for covert, counterinsurgency as practiced in the developed world. Some additional tactics may have been evolved to suit the present day as revealed by the Al Jazeera documentaries on New-New Labour. Equally, some techniques may have been modified (as we shall see).

    The purpose of COINTELPRO can be summarised as Distract, Divert and Divide.
    From the original document there are six key tactics. We can take them in turn, each time asking the question; is SNP HQ being subjected to interference in this form? The examples given in the original document relate to radical, racial and class based activism in 1960’s America.

    1) Create a negative public image for the target group (for example through surveilling activists and then releasing negative personal information to the public).

    Analysis: At this point, the hierarchy of the SNP are if anything protected by the Security State. Sturgeon’s inner circle have mair skeletons in their cupboards than the Natural History Museum, yet breeze through life unconcerned by potential exposure by either the State or msm.
    Alex Salmond on the other hand was clearly subject to a complex conspiracy to damage him, incorporating various branches of State and its compliant msm.

    2) Break down internal organization by creating conflicts (for example, by having agents exacerbate racial tensions, or send anonymous letters to try to create conflicts).

    Analysis: This may at one time have been a tactic directed at the SNP. As with tactic number one, there is no evidence of State infiltration of the SNP to create internal strife and division. The Stalinesque control exercised by a pathologically “cautious” HQ on ordinary members renders this technique simultaneously unworkable and redundant.

    3) Create dissension between groups (for example, by spreading rumors that other groups were stealing money).

    Analysis: This may very well be applicable to the broader, Yes movement, but hardly applies to the SNP. The management board of AUOB was fractured by such rumours. I question the State’s dogged pursuit of the Natalie McGarry case, v’s the COPFS‘ catatonic handling of Operation Branchform. Could the SNP suffer collateral damage through such State activity, for example through decreasing membership subs? Yes; but if the hierarchy has been captured by the State, it is hardly in a position to complain.

    4) Restrict access to public resources (for example, by pressuring non-profit organizations to cut off funding or material support).

    Analysis: With the SNP, the contrary applies. Party finances are substantially supported by the State through Short money. For financial year, 2022 / 23, £1,178,000, not inclusive of individual, Committee allowances that may be clawed back by HQ. Of note; Short money isn’t ancient Parliamentary practice, it was first introduced in limited form in 1974 and has subsequently expanded.

    5) Restrict the ability to organize protest (for example, through agents promoting violence against police during planning and at protests).

    Analysis: Again, the contrary applies. The State doesn’t seek to restrict the campaigning of the SNP. Rather, SNP controlled Glesga Cooncil is less than welcoming to AUOB. SNP high heed yins are conspicuous by their absence at AUOB marches or any other grass roots demonstration.

    6) Restrict the ability of individuals to participate in group activities (for example, by character assassinations, false arrests, surveillance).

    Analysis: Oh the irony. The specific examples offered apply exactly to the opponents of the current SNP hierarchy within the Yes movement.

    So, in summary the hierarchy of the SNP is not the victim of a programme of Security State, covert, malicious activity. Rather, that description is applicable to the Yes movement with SNP HQ playing the role of State sponsored agent of disruption.

    Should this feel all very conspiratorial, the stuff of tinfoil hats, I would strongly argue to the contrary.
    Such covert, anti-democratic, State activity would in fact be LEGAL.
    The Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Act 2021, allows for, criminal conduct to be ‘authorised’:
    Reference section 5.
    5)A criminal conduct authorisation is necessary on grounds falling within this subsection if it is necessary—
    (a)in the interests of national security;
    (b)for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime or of preventing disorder; or
    (c)in the interests of the economic well-being of the United Kingdom.

    If the Security State has shown itself capable of Distraction, Diversion and Division, is it in its interests to proceed to Destruction? The assumption has to be; No. A permanently divided Yes movement presents the ideal scenario for the Security State. Cut down a diseased tree and a new, vigorous sapling will take advantage of the gap created in the canopy.’

  62. Viscount Ennui says:

    It has come as something of a relief that after all this time we will finally discover through Nicola’s unabridged autobiography what really happened at the Balmoral Hotel.
    Hence my money is on the title: ‘The Flying Iron’ or wahtever the French is for that.

  63. TURABDIN says:

    From the corporation that brings you TikTok.
    How to be a better human being….Inspire creativity, enrich life, pursue mutual growth with «organization» etc
    What might this set of notions remind you of? A.i. maybe.
    Be nice, TikTok is scanning you.
    So Happy Christmas to everybody (except those stiff necked Uyghurs)

  64. Viscount Ennui says:

    “If the Bill is passed in its current form, Scotland
    will be viewed internationally as a country whose legal system is open to political abuse.”

    Response from Senators of the College of Justice to the call for views on the Regulation of Legal Services (Scotland) Bill

  65. President Xiden says:

    I wonder if this is connected to those resignations from the Covid inquiry which the media never really asked the reasons for.

  66. Beauvais says:

    The American concert pianist Oscar Levant wittily called his autobiography Memoirs Of An Amnesiac.

    Given her performance at the Fabiani Inquiry etc, Nic could nick that for the title of her tome.

  67. twathater says:

    TITLE “Imposter syndrome made me rich and famous but it affected my memory” or “Narcissism MY curse”or “Tales of the IRON lady”or ” The IRON Y of Frenchgate”or just simply “Memorable lies and I don’t give a fuck”

  68. Alf Baird says:

    Viscount Ennui @ 5:11 pm

    “Scotland will be viewed internationally as a country”

    Looking forward very much to that day, but first we need to be rid of the mankit treaty arrangement!

    Scots might have expected our legal establishment would by now have considered the innumerable violations to the Treaty of Union as rendering that corrupt agreement void and worthless. If they don’t do it soon they and ‘Scots Law’ may also be rendered void, along with our country. The church has gone, the burghs are gone, only the ever diminishing dregs of ‘Scots Law’ are left ‘safeguarded’ by that mankit treaty and its disrespected articles. Scottish advocates and judges should step in where the politicians have failed and lawfully end this ‘union’ charade and deceit, and where else but in a Scottish court. One assumes our legal eagles have such a procedure, so go find it, and use it.

  69. John Main says:

    “Spammer Of The Scots” has a certain ring.

  70. James Che says:

    Did he mention specifically which summer?

  71. Captain Yossarian says:

    Alf – “Scottish advocates and judges should step in where the politicians have failed and lawfully end this ‘union’ charade and deceit, and where else but in a Scottish court.”

    Scottish lawyers are bought and paid for by our low-grade politicians. Swinney used to keep them chained-up; I don’t know who does it now. Anyway, lawyers only work for Swinney.

    I was reading this morning that the SNP have been infiltrated by the Brits and that’s what has caused their dénouement. I have heard this postulated before but never took it seriously, but this morning’s article made quite a convincing case.

  72. Shug says:

    It has never ceased to amaze me how many senior SNP MPs and MSPs totally failed to exercise any degree of professional competence in the matter of Salmond.

    There were no repocussions for the Vietnam group
    No repocussions for woman H
    No repocussions for the HR team

    On the matter of finance no suggestion that they accept they spent the money

    No acceptance that the auditors resignation was an indication of a problem.

    The failure of the party was caused by the Murrells but their failure was an inability to step up and stop the behaviours.

    “it was wrong and unacceptable”.

    That failure of basic integrity is their downfall and they deserve it.

  73. Oneliner says:

    Fire Hosie

  74. robbo says:

    Bute Hoose- Crooked Hoose.

    I see that pub doon sooth has the their local plods saying their treating it as arson.
    You wouldn’t need tae be a Sherlock Holmes to suspect that wid ye!

    How can oor polis no get they’re act the gither in our crooked hoose?

    Makes ye wonder dinnit.

  75. Shug says:

    sorry repercussions I need new thumbs

  76. Black Joan says:

    That headline should be cut short– what leaps out is: “FM has put indy back”. Say no more.

  77. Astonished says:

    And the winner is :

    Johnlm says:
    9 August, 2023 at 4:13 pm

    ” The French Ambassadors Woman”

    Had me laughing out loud.

    My suggestion :

    Although I doubt Warhol is available.

  78. James Jones says:

    People only take in the headlines, ergo it’s been a summer of Indy. You’ve been told to believe it. No further action required. That’s politics.

  79. James Che says:

    Alf Baird.

    The Crown of England in Scotland pretends to be (Scottish Courts) but is in fact a deliberate misnomer,

    The king of England is not crowned the king of Scots 2023, just like those before him in previous eras.
    The two kingdom are still separate in where Crown sovereignty lies, within or out with the political treaty of union.

    Those peddling and posing as the law groups in Scotland under any title heading of the Crown are Fraudulent, and dishonest, it is a wilful perversion of the truth and breaches the hoax treaty of union itself in 2023.

    For the love of God I cannot understand Alex Salmond wishing to perptuate this nonsense of the English Crown authority over Scotland by going along with the SNP (version) and the supreme court of England that the “Claim of right” means nothing to him regarding Sovereignty of the Scots, wrote into the treaty of union,

    If he was voted in as future pm or head political party is this what he would do to us,
    Sell us down the river as fast as Nickola,
    He needs to stop hanging hellfire to his past, and work with the Sovereign Scots,

    For a longest time I held him in the highest esteem as a political hero,
    Even joined Alba and posted the usual phamlets door to door in the coldest of weathers, up one street down another, missing meals.

    But I will never be fooled again as we were with the nuSnp,
    Salvo and SSRG are the way forward, through the spanner at the treaty of union,

    It is looking more like politician nest feathering and carrot dangling to the longest route to independence could be cut short,
    as long as we are more aware and notice whom is leading us another garden path to nowhere fast.
    The Snp have had more than seventy years as a party to right this wrong and Alex should ditch the SNP and work with the people instead.

  80. Viscount Ennui says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    9 August, 2023 at 6:58 pm

    “Scottish lawyers are bought and paid for by our low-grade politicians. Swinney used to keep them chained-up; I don’t know who does it now. Anyway, lawyers only work for Swinney”.

    This, from personal experience, is certainly the case.
    But financial conflicts are very different to political conflicts and that is why the Faculty of Advocates and others are taking a stance.
    This is massive in terms of the ‘constitution’ and the separation of powers necessary to sustain a true democracy.
    If ScotGov influence judicial appointments we will truly be closer to Zimbabwe than to New Zealand.

  81. Livionian says:

    Another exclusive plan just spare us FFS.

    I’m personally really enjoying the switch off from Scottish politics. I’d encourage everyone to sign off for a while too, look after yourselves and worry about anything bar the absolute toilet that is Scottish politics. Life is too short to still be caring so much 24/7 over things we have no influence over

  82. first post here after many a year lurking but I saw in the Herald online someone
    called it MEIN KAMPFERVAN.

    made me giggle

  83. Northcode says:

    Lorna Campbell

    Just finished reading Killers of the Flower Moon; what a terrible and tragic tale.

    If you don’t already know, Martin Scorsese has made a movie based on the book. It stars Leonardo Di Caprio and Robert De Niro.

    The movie premiered a couple of months ago at the Cannes Film Festival, apparently to widespread critical acclaim, and is set for general release in October (although that might just be in American cinemas).

    Thanks for drawing my attention to the book; a good, albeit a disturbing, read.

  84. Confused says:

    Nikki’s tome will probably be badly plagiarised chick-lit of the most entitled and self indulgent variety; possible titles

    sneak prey snub

    my struggle

    120 days of pride

    dyke club

    i remember nothing

    in and outlander

    confessions of a justified grifter

    last exit to holyrood

    50 shades of payday

    iron in the sole of the hand

    if she has any sense she will let chatGPT to the heavy lifting, stylistically JK Rowling farting in Maya Angelou’s face while Sylvia Plath huffs down the gas.

  85. David Hannah says:

    Sturgeon’s behind the conspiracy.

    I wouldn’t wipe my arse with the toilet paper one of her friends in the Daily Record writes for her.

    I wonder if it’ll be that swine David Clegg.

    The one that wrote the libellous book about the fall out between the two of them.

    You wonder how scumbags like them sleep at night. You really do. Low lifes.

  86. David Hannah says:

    It’s time for the Male Me Too Movement.

    The Alphabetties and all the conspirators have perjury to answer for.

    Sturgeon’s memoirs as far as I am concerned can written from a cell in Cortnon Vale.

    Peter Murrell. The Vietnam Whatsapp messages to Sue Ruddick as revealed by David Davis.

    And of course the jigsaw identification from Danny Garavelli. These people are the lowest of the low.

    Will Sturgeon remember to write about the Fabiani Whitewash with a panel that included Alex Cole Hamilton comforting an alphabettie?

    Or what about the censoring of Parliament from the evidence published by the spectator newspaper. Already in the public domain.

    Every single one of them knew it was a conspiracy and turned a blind eye.

    I will never buy her memoirs. Full of fucking lies that’s what they’ll be full of. And conspiring.

  87. David Hannah says:

    The conspiracy was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life play out before us.

    How they could treat another human being the way they all did. The scars that will leave.

    I hope it haunts them. There will probably get away with it for life. But I hope that living with a guilty conscience for the rest of their lives, destroys them inside.

    I wish them the worst.

  88. Alf Baird says:

    Viscount Ennui @ 7:40 pm

    “This is massive in terms of the ‘constitution’”

    The protection of Scotland, as well as Scots Law, is at stake. The Scottish legal establishment haes tae mak its chyce.

  89. Cynicus says:

    I propose a Gaelic title for the Sturgeon memoirs:

    “Mise, Mo-fheinag, Aonar”

    (Me, My selfie, Alone)

  90. George Ferguson says:

    The memoirs of Sturgeon. How about the title of Mein Kampf on the basis of the author of that book was in jail when he wrote it as well.

  91. Dorothy Devine says:

    How about , I’ll Make You Cry -Beloved Country ‘

  92. stuart mctavish says:

    How about a 3 volume set aka the Hitchiker’s guide:

    Dont cry for me, Thank Tasmina (the good old days)

    Little woman (Theresa May (&) I )

    A Tale of two Tory’s (the Johnson/Truss(t) experiment)

    The Thief’s apology (Goodbye and sorry for all the inconvenience)

    The Chosen one (Fuck you bigots!)

  93. Johnlm says:

    ‘ The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover’
    ‘Beattie, Murrell, Murrell and Colonna’

  94. Johnlm says:

    * allegedly

  95. Shug says:

    Saw Mike Russell promoting hands around Scotland.

    Where was he with AUOB?????

    Wonder if he will bring his horse box??

    A complete and utter failure of moral leadership with AUOB, Salmond case and a whole list of Sturgeon supporting nonsense.

  96. Stephen O'Brien says:

    A third party can legally conduct the mandated IndyRef2. When is that information gonna become mainstream?

    The electorate demands implementation of IndyRef2!

    One-stop shop for restoration of democracy & equitable process..
    The Inner House of Court of Session.

    The People versus The Scottish Parliament

    Scots Law, Summer of Independence Special, now on!

  97. James Che says:

    I refuse to hero worship any political party member mp, or msp,

    But I will, follow the man or woman that gets the job done fast, efficiently, and without selling parts of Scotland off in negotiations, or selling the the Scots short, but quickly ends the hoax treaty,

    My loyalties do not attach themselves to a political party nor to a “non” scottish governance. They lie with whom-ever sets Scotland free with limited damage to Scots and Scotland.

  98. James Che says:

    Ahh Mike Russel, one of the people whom believed Scottish Sovereignty should be in the Scottish parliament NOT with the people of Scotland.
    Along with labour. Mps.

  99. James Che says:

    I briefly watched some Reaction videos on you tube last night.

    Watching the videos on “American’s reacting” to the “Scottish anthem” , a bit of confusions on what was the Scottish anthem, most chose “flower of Scotland,”

    A rewarding watch and unexpected, wether it was sung at football stadiums or by the Corries.

  100. Owen Mullions says:

    Mein Kampfervan

  101. Graf Midgehunter says:


    We seem to have viewing connections to X (Twitter) back again but not from the actual date, probably the cut-off time from when Musk went wonky..!

    Apart from opening an account with X, is there a way of viewing the up-to-date X accounts of our Indy friends e.g. WOS, Grouse B, Craig M. etc.?

  102. Ted says:

    @Owen Mullions,10.22am. Brilliant, I saw what you did there!

  103. robertkknight says:

    Nicla’s fanzine reporting that less than 2/3 of those who voted Yes in 2014 now support her rancid SNP, with voting intentions currently showing the SNP polling at less than 40%!!!

    The slide continues… SNP Out!

  104. Cynic says:

    Anyone seen the bold Ms. Given’s bizarre navel-gazing in The National today? She’s got long covid, apparently! Got the disease a mere week before going to NY last year. Totally floored her, supposedly, barely alive, but somehow photographed happy and smiling in NY and pretending she was in Gossip Girls.

    Then back to the near-death woe-is-me grind, barely alive…yet somehow managing to get to Greece a couple of weeks ago. You have to hand it to the woman: she knows how to bravely come back from the lip of the yawning beckoning grave to tell us about a disease she has never mentioned before, that she has bravely overcome to have two expensive holidays in less than a year.

    What an absolute fucking bullshit artist. She and Vonny ‘I Have The Trendy Disease Du Jour’ Moyes (remember her?) Must be swapping notes. What a super trouper! And long may the Good Ship Horseshit sail on down the brown chunky mendacity river…

  105. TURABDIN says:

    Flower of Scotland, the lyrics.

    O flower of Scotland
    When will we see
    Your like again
    That fought and died for
    Your wee bit hill and glen
    And stood against him
    Proud Edward’s army
    And sent him homeward
    Tae think again

    The hills are bare now
    And autumn leaves lie thick and still
    O’er land that is lost now
    Which those so dearly held
    That stood against him
    Proud Edward’s army
    And sent him homeward
    Tae think again

    Those days are past now
    And in the past they must remain
    But we can still rise now
    And be the nation again
    That stood against him
    Proud Edward’s army
    And sent him homeward
    Tae think again

    Just think for a second, what on earth has the above tedious whinge to do with 21st century Scotland. Even the tune is lugubrious.
    Scotland, a country not short on music, could do far better.
    Btw «Be a nation again»…thought Scotland was one already.

  106. Gordon says:

    It’s be THE nation again!

  107. Johnlm says:

    Re infiltration of Government.
    The N.I. Filth have just been doxxed.
    I don’t think there is any info. on their lodge numbers tho’.
    It would be nice to have Chief Constables, Judges and politicians declare their hobbies.

  108. TURABDIN says:

    Definite or definite, still the same maudlin sentimentality.

  109. Merganser says:

    Sic transit gloria Nicola.

  110. Den says:

    Re: Sturgeons memoirs: Isn’t it incredible that when there is a few bob involved the selective amnesia shown at the Salmond enquiry by Sturgeon is cured. How people could not see through this women (2019 almost full majority for SNP) continues to baffle me.

  111. McDuff says:

    I can think of no better way of exposing the hypocrisy of the SNP than the rev highlighting the Rag’s continuing meaningless headlines . Doesn’t this stupid paper ever look at them.

  112. Republicofscotland says:

    Johnlm 1207pm.

    I’ve no doubt that Martin Campbell is correct and that the SNP have more unionists within their ranks than a Swiss cheese has holes in it, the same can be said of any other party at Holyrood.

    As for the PSNI, the new face of the ugly RUC having info released accidently the chiefs at Mi5 will be nervous that their intelligence moles imbedded in the PSNI will now be vulnerable.

    Again I have absolutely no doubts that Police Scotland is strewn with what Martin Campbell calls M-I-C-E (Mice), which stands for: M – money; I – ideology; C- compromise; and E – ego. why people betray a cause.

    Christ we even had a known Mi5 agent (they never retire) working as the crown agent in Scotland, who if I recall right made a brief appearances at Craig Murray’s kangaroo trial and spoke with the judge. Again I have no doubts that the COPFS and the judiciary in Scotland are compromised.

    As Craig Murray has pointed out this is a must.

    “At the time Independence is declared, immediate action must be taken to ensure all civil servants, judges, police and military take an oath of loyalty to the people of Scotland and its new government, and renounce any previous loyalty to Crown and to UK political institutions. Anybody refusing must be summarily dismissed from their positions.

    We have the example of Catalonia before us. We also have the example of Egypt’s only ever democratically elected leader, President Morsi, who died horribly in jail after being overthrown by a CIA coup because he failed to take the elementary precaution of dismissing and imprisoning all the military regime’s corrupt judges. He should have learnt from Fritz Bauer.

    Let us not make those mistakes.

    Ultimately, it boils down to this.

    1) Westminster will never agree to Scottish Independence.

    2) Scotland therefore has no option but to declare Independence unilaterally.

    3) Any independent state must be prepared to defend itself by physical force from foreign attack. So must a newly declared Independent Scotland.

    4) All who refuse to serve an Independent Scotland must then be removed from all organs of the state.

    5) Once an Independent Scotland has physical control of its territory and resources, international recognition will soon follow. Brexit has completely changed the political atmosphere with regard to the crucial attitude of the European Union to London’s government.”

  113. McDuff says:

    The sturgeon releasing her memoirs at this particular time suggests to me that she knows she isn’t going to be prosecuted .

  114. Republicofscotland says:

    “INDEPENDENCE is more important to Scots than the environment, education, housing and Brexit, according to a new poll.

    More voters said the constitutional question was a key factor in how they would vote versus other hot topics like schools and the climate, according to research carried out by top pollsters Redfield and Wilton.”

    We’ll never reach our goal with the current SNP in government, get them out, Vote Alba, Join Alba.

    Some countries treated as colonies which have had their assets stripped for decades and division sewn between their people to keep them divided such as Mali and Burkina Faso, and now Niger, are saying enough is enough, you can’t pit one group of our folk against another whilst you steal our assets and use your puppet government to brutalise us when we see and speak out about what’s really going on.

    The above countries, and the likes of Venezuela have made a stand and it will be a difficult one, but they have no other choice, one day we may have to make such a difficult choice before its too late.

  115. Johnlm says:

    Oaths are interesting things. The State seems to put great importance on them.
    I think I took one once as a Christmas postman.

    If you take more than one can there arise conflicts of interest?

    I don’t know what The Masons pledge to, but I hear stories of throats being cut below high tide.
    Does a bloodier oath cancel out a milder oath?

    Does pledging to a higher deity trump a pledge to a crown or a State?

    If some oaths are inextinguishable can these people ever be employed in public office ever again?
    Questions. Questions.

  116. Republicofscotland says:

    Professor Richard Murphy gives good reasons as why Scots voting for Labour will see no change in the status quo, frankly its a waste of time giving them our vote.

    Labour and their (OIM) Optional Image Mark, that’s what the Electoral Commission called them as they ARE NOT a real political party, are really just Red Tories.

  117. Republicofscotland says:

    Being sex pest seems to be acceptable to the SNP to be welcomed back into the SNP fold, however breaking Covid rules sees you shunned forever.

    “An SNP MP who was found guilty of harassing a teenage staff member has been spotted out campaigning for the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election, according to reports.

    Patrick Grady, who was previously suspended from the SNP for six months, canvassed in South Lanarkshire alongside the party’s Westminster leader Stephen Flynn and candidate Katy Loudon.”

  118. Republicofscotland says:

    “If some oaths are inextinguishable can these people ever be employed in public office ever again?”

    Very true Johnlm, however on dissolving this rancid prison of a union we’ll need to start somewhere, and at that time Scotland will be vulnerable, I don’t have all the answers and neither does anybody else, if these people take the oath of loyalty to Scotland and its people who am I to doubt them though its very possible that some will play both sides of the field as they do in other countries.

    The fifth column parties at Holyrood would need to change or die out, even here some old timers would probably still pass on info, I guess that happens in every parliament around the world.

    At this point we’d need the best people we can get to establish our very own intelligence services to counter those working against us in and out of Scotland.

  119. James Che says:


    Once Scotland recognises the Sovereignty of its people and there is no united kingdom,
    All it takes is to walk away regardless of Msp or mps or the devolved government Operating under the Crown of England,
    Or Court challenges operating under the Crown of England.

    I personlly thought that rather than go all the palaver of challenges that Scotland would have to face through the devolved government,
    And being as the Scottish parliament was extinguished in 1707 by agreeing to the treaty as Westminster parliament states & claims in 2023.

    Why not start a Sovereign Scots parliament more central in Scotland,
    That is true democracy.

    We would not have to touch the devolved parliament, just leave it to die a natural death of decline,
    It is not signed into the treaty anyway,
    And Scotland has no parliament in the treaty anyway,
    We do not have to declare UDI from The UK parliament as the UK Westminster parliament has never held a signed treaty with the old Scottish parliament since it was extinguished,
    What is westminster going to challenge Scotland on?

    Breach of the treaty of union?

    Extinguishing the England parliament from the treaty of union?

    Colonisation of the treaty of union?

    Challenge Scots for breaking a treaty of union they were deliberately not invited into, as the Westminster parliament explains, States & claims in 2023?

    Accuse Scotland that was extinguished from the treaty of union as far back as 1707 of leaving the treaty of union today.

    The treaty of union is Desuetude the Scottish parliament was extinguished from it in 1707.

  120. Johnlm says:

    James Che
    I expect you are right.
    When enough of us are fed up and walk away, – don’t fill in their paperwork, stop self-policing, questioning them every step – their game will be up.
    I think the Italians call it a white strike, a work to rule.

    With the collapsing banking system. It maybe closer than we think.

  121. Garavelli Princip says:

    There have been some interesting and apposite suggestions for Nikkla’s memoirs here.

    But surely, as a political thinker at least on a par with Antonio Gramsci, there must surely follow the Prison Notebooks?

    These will have to have the right title. How about:

    Sharing my cell with a trans woman: A cock and ball story!

  122. twathater says:

    It’s reported that Kate Forbes has opined that Scottish Nonce Party members should have the opporchancity to vote on whether the green fraudsters should remain part of Scottish governance , is this the same LATE Kate who AVOIDED voting on the reprehensible and repugnant GRR bill , is this the same LATE Kate who refused to CALL OUT or legally challenge the corrupt DEBACLE of choosing a MORONIC serial failure in her reviled party
    Is this the same LATE Kate who has willingly embraced and promoted the capitalist dream of free ports where tax avoidance and evasion is looked on as beneficial, but only if you are one of THEM

    In her time in HR did she make it clear to her substitute god, sturgeon of the fake female religion that she was opposed to including green party hingers oan that hardly anyone votes for into government , or is she now just realising that inviting 2 deviant perverts who have cost the Scottish taxpayer over £100 million pounds with their gross incompetence and stupidity was really not a good idea

    Is it only members of the Scottish Nonce Party that should have a say because its only them who pay taxes, or is it the whole tax paying electorate who DIDN’T VOTE for the GREEN TURNIPS in government as we weren’t aware that was in the snp mandate just like the GRR bill

  123. David Hannah says:

    Nicola doesn’t want to make up with Salmond even though he’s forgiven her:

    “We don’t have long on this planet, we’ve got a limited amount of time to spend with people. I want to spend the time I have with people who make me happy and who I like.”

    What an absolute complete and utter cow she really is. A classless jumped up ned. Torn faced and greeting.

    I hope she’s writing her memoirs in Coton Vale, titled:” ma struggle.”

    Rot in hell Nicola. Rot in fucking hell!

  124. aLurker says:

    Graf Midgehunter @ 10:53 am


    is there a way of viewing the up-to-date X accounts of our Indy friends e.g. WOS, Grouse B, Craig M. etc.?

    Indeed there is.
    Use the privacy improving service called Nitter

    Hope that helps. 😉

  125. Shug says:

    I see Nicola is not interested in working for indy with Salmond. says a lot about her priorities (it must be about me)

    having said that as someone who is guilty of trying to have him imprisoned it might be a reflection of her guilt and shame.

    to be honest she is no loss. I was originally a fan but having considered what she did to Salmond we are well rid of her

  126. David Hannah says:

    Nicola’s knocked back big Eck’s olive branch.

    Suit yourself Nicola. We know what you did last summer. Everyone does.

    Let’s hope the British State have balls to cage one of their own, having arrested her already as a suspect in a massive scale fraud police investigation.

  127. George Ferguson says:

    Watching Sturgeon at the Fringe today I don’t think her book will be an exemplar for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. More like a more vindictive version of “Spare”. Tin hats for those that have criticised her in the past.

  128. Republicofscotland says:

    “NICOLA Sturgeon has said “not taking Scotland to independence” is one of her regrets after standing down as SNP leader.

    The former first minister told the Iain Dale All Talk show at the Edinburgh Fringe that she believes Scotland will become independent “sooner rather than later” as she hit out at the “Westminster establishment” for blocking democracy.”

    Apart from the foreign government blocking democracy the rest is utter shite from Sturgeon the betrayer, she had been totally compromised by England’s intelligence services, and had no intentions of rocking the dis-united kingdoms boat, she sold Scots out as did many in her party to further advance their careers, and to keep any skeletons in their cupboards discovered by England’s security services well and truly hidden from public view.

    The SNP and the Greens are strewn with MSPs that have made agreements with England’s intelligence services, aided by US intelligence services now working in the dis-united kingdom to promise never to really try and achieve dissolving this rancid union.

    Scots aren’t ready to do what needs to be done to exit this hostage of a union.

    We can send hundreds of Scotsmen to fight in the Spanish Civil war but we can’t muster the courage to free ourselves from our asset stealing neighbour.

    There was a time though when we did have the courage.,Universal%20Suffrage.%20Those%20joining%20the%20United%20Scotsmen%20pledged%3A

  129. Captain Yossarian says:

    Just looking at the political scene just now at Holyrood, the ground has been salted by 10-years of Sturgeon and Swinney. That’s more than long enough to cause damage that will be generations in the fixing.

    Firstly, it was Swinney that hollowed-out our Press and made them fearful. It was Swinney that filled the Scottish civil-service with liars and a gang of henchmen and it was Swinney that hollowed out our legal profession and our Education system. All these things took Scotland about 100-years to get right and that malevolent idiot has crippled them, maybe beyond repair.

    The chap was a gangster and thank God he is gone for good.

    You cannot replace concentrated malice like that with Kate Forbes or Ash Regan and so it had to be Humza. He’s not malicious, he’s just lazy, a bit daft and he has absolutely no concept or interest in law and so its precipitous drop will continue and gather speed.

    I really hope that they just close Holyrood. Personally speaking, I cannot stand the place any longer.

  130. David Hannah says:

    Sturgeon: “What I’m about to say doesn’t come from a place of anger”

    “It maybe comes from more of a place from indifference actually than anger.”

    Why are you angry with him? Why angry Nicola?

    He was an innocent man so she can’t be angry at his guilt?

    He won his case so you can’t be angry that a free man is innocent?

    You took his job and won so you can’t be angry that he lost his job?

    So the only thing she can be angry at is herself, because YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’VE DONE NICOLA!

    You’re trash Nicola. Utter trash. Your anger is self loathing!

    Rot in hell Nicola! Always trying to rewrite history!

  131. David Hannah says:

    Sturgeon is black hole of hate. She absorbes other people’s hate as she walks past.

    Psychopaths like her only have hate. She has no compassion. No love.

    No joy. No joy in that woman’s life. With her lavender marriage.

    Who the hell would even want to go and listen to her?

    Good riddance.

    I hope big Eck comes out all guns blazing now. Screw her!

  132. Breeks says:


    Takes a couple of listens to get tuned in to the lyrics, but then this wee tune kinda rocks.

    You maybe disagree, but I’m suddenly thinking about Dylan and Joan Baez. I think Oliver Anthony has got “it”.

  133. Chas says:

    The majority of posters on here all seem to be part of the same ‘Happy Clappy’ club, regularly applauding each others drivel.
    The strange thing is, there are very few who actually appear happy!

    I visit ‘Wings’ on an irregular basis and most times scroll past more posts than I actually read. I am always astonished that the same posters appear again and again. Have they not got any real substance in their lives?

  134. Captain Yossarian says:

    Chas – No-one realizes how profoundly serious this is. 10 years of Sturgeon and Swinney is more than long enough to extinguish democracy in a Nation like ours. In the meantime, folk roll-up to listen to Sturgeon and Dale and vex about her lack of contrition. Football in Glasgow remains great but politics in Edinburgh is putrid.

  135. akenaton says:

    Cherry shows her true colours again.
    She thinks the SNP implosion was simply a “small blip” “I’ve always got on with Humzah” As I said months ago. she is not to be trusted and has designs on leadership of a Party which still contains considerable power, but her vision has always been slanted towards her personal views and as with most of these grubbers “Scotland” is simply a vehicle to achieve their alternative society.

  136. Ron Clark says:

    David Hannah 8.13pm

    “I hope big Eck comes out all guns blazing now. Screw her!”

    David,,,I can tell you now, with 100% certainty, that you, nor any other male will NOT have a hope in hell of “screwing” Nicola Sturgeon.

  137. Viscount Ennui says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    10 August, 2023 at 7:39 pm

    Sir, you have hit the proverbial nail…..

    Swinney’s legacy is a once proud nation now resembling a third world country.
    Most of the damage is deep-rooted and thus unseen by the public.

    Timw will tell if it is ever exposed.

  138. Johnlm says:

    Where have you yoons been all day?
    Was there a Morris dance competition on somewhere?

  139. Chas says:

    Captain Yossarian

    Since Homo Erectus evolved on this planet there have always been and always will be, individuals who were leaders with the majority happy to follow. If you were lucky, you might have had a leader who showed some interest in his followers but, make no mistake, ALL of them put themselves first.
    This will never change but, I admit, some were/are better at masking their true intentions than others.
    Politics attracts individuals who could not hack it the real world-a glance at those at the top in Scotland and elsewhere on the planet only serves to confirm this. Obtain power and money then hang on to it, doing whatever needs to be done to do so. It generally all ends in failure but by that time they have built up a nice wee nest egg to tide them over.
    The obvious solution to me is that no one can stand for election until they have shown competence, for a number of years, in an alternative field. This process would have weeded out Sturgeon, Humza, Black along with countless others

  140. David Hannah says:

    SNP. £14 million credit card bill.

    VIP travel. Yoga classes and nail polish.

    Sturgeon’s ilk also made £25,000 on fraudulent transactions.

    Sturgeon. First Class. Indy Swindler. Pie in the Sky.

  141. bluegrass banjo says:

    @AngusMacNeil SNP

    The Summer of Member Expulsion, has indeed come to pass.
    As I have been expelled as a rank & file SNP member by a “member conduct committee.”

  142. North Chiel says:

    “ ROS @ 0125 pm” , absolutely 1-5 bang on the money Sir . Nailed it with these statements .

  143. wull says:

    Ten Possible Titles for Sturgeon’s Memoirs (Take Your Pick):

    1. Betty Alpha Remembers


    2. Backflips Galore


    3. Royal Sturgeon: Queening it over Holyrood


    4. Flying Kites: A Guide for the Perplexed


    5. Green Grow the Nasties, Oh!


    6. Scotching the Salmon’: (Sub-title: How I Sturgeonised the SNP)


    7. Flying in their Faces: (Sub-Title: How to Wing it Over the People of the Nation on a Completely Empty Tank)

    8. The Cream will Never Dry: Oiling the Palms with Politics

    9. I Did it My Way: How I Ruled the Roasters (OR should that last word be ‘Roosters’? Or both?)

    10. From a Pawn to a Queen: (Sub-title: How I Swept the Board)

    This last one could develop Dreghorn Nikkla’s theme song as follows – with apologies to (and no disrespect intended for) the likes of Ned Miller and Elvis Presley and various other golden oldies:

    From a PAWN to a QUEEN
    From loneliness to MY wedding DREAM
    I played an ace and I GOT THE CREAM
    And walked away with your (AND THE SNP’s) heart

    From a PAWN to a QUEEN With no regrets I stacked the cards THAT night
    And lady luck played her hand just right
    And made me QUEEN of your (AND THE SNP’s) heart

    For just a little while
    I thought that I might lose the game
    Then just in time I POKED your eye, and MUD-SLUNG YOUR NAME

    To which last verse may be added one further line (not present in the original, nor bearing any resemblance to it, but which opens up variant possibilities) as follows:








    Not much good any of them, but anyway… I don’t know how well Nikkla sings, but maybe she can do a Nancy Sinatra as well, with her own version of These boots were Made for Walkin’ (ALL OVER YOU! YOU, THE SCOTTISH PEOPLE, THAT IS…).

  144. Ewan McTeagle says:

    Graf Midgehunter, 10:53 am

    “Apart from opening an account with X, is there a way of viewing the up-to-date X accounts of our Indy friends e.g. WOS, Grouse B, Craig M. etc.?”

    Aye, jist replace “” with “”:

    Click the blue cog wheel on the right hand side of the banner to change your viewing preferences, including infinite scroll and colour scheme (best one is “Auto (Twitter)”.

  145. Stoker says:

    “STURGEON RULES OUT RECONCILIATION WITH SALMOND” shouts a desperate Unionist media.

    For starters, why would the leader of a true independence party want to waste his time meeting with an ordinary member of the anti-indy party, the SNP, who achieved nothing of note in her short stint as Scotland’s First Minister?

    When Salmond said, “never say never”, he wasn’t referring to the failure who orchestrated a smear campaign against him with inflated false accusations of rape. Accusations a court of law, with mostly female jurors and a female Judge, found him NOT GUILTY of. He was referring to the SNP’s current top brass. Or should that be puppet?

    Get back in your box, Skanky. Your ego precedes you but we will be here to deflate it at every opportunity. And no amount of fictitious rewriting of history (books) will change that. You sold Scotland out, and all for self-gain.

    In your political career you went from a pair of jeans and a black pilot bomber jacket in Ayrshire to fancy expensive suits, jewellery, junkets, 2 homes and a hidden motorhome. And that’s just the perks we can see. And in return you gave the world…wait for it…baby boxes. An idea that wasn’t even yours and was in the pipeline before you sat your corrupt, scrawny arse on London’s Scottish political throne.

  146. Paul Davis says:

    @John Main

    Well said sir.

    The EU provides a ready made scapegoat and a rich seam of excuses, as well as plenty of subsidy, for an independent Scotland. It’s the only explanation for the cognitive dissonance inherent in a desire to leave one union and walk straight into another much bigger one where Scotland would have less say. Without either union an independent Scotland will stand or fall entirely on it’s own merits. That terrifies many hence the opposition to Brexit and the desperate desire for a safety net.

    Being in the EU is not independence. It just recreates the same position you’re in now only with a more autocratic, bureaucratic and less accountable controlling entity. It is perfectly possible for a Scottish nationalist political party to hold the balance of power in the UK. It isn’t even theoretically possible in the EU.

  147. Iain More says:

    I never ever thought that I would see the day that I hoped the SNP would get humped in a By-Election. Well that day has arrived. I hope that the ("Tractor" - Ed)ous anti Indy Yoon Wokists lose their deposit.

  148. wull says:

    Another potential title for Wee Nic’s Autobiography, which might fit with her own perception of herself, and with which she might be able to identify:

    Confessions of a Justified Winner: How I Succeeded in Politics and Made Others Losers

  149. TURABDIN says:

    Mr Angus Mac Neil has, according to some media, been expelled from the sic Scottish Nationalist party….nationalist indeed!
    However, hope springs eternal and like clichés.

  150. pipinghot says:

    So John Curtis thinks it’s because of Dumbza that the snp are loosing popularity. More like they are trying to protect the reputation of their asset and make her look like she was doing a fine job. All of my family left the party when the midden went after Salmond.

  151. Den says:

    Sturgeon does not want any part of a reconciliation with Alex Salmond. Well she wouldn’t would she, how could she ever look him in the eye knowing the part she played in attempting to send him to prison for the rest of his life.

  152. stuart mctavish says:

    Setting aside the old police chiefs influence, or not, on their current state of mind, if they wont even talk to each other (or have agreed to wheesht for devolution) it kinda rules out any positive angle to their disagreement (ie constructive debate between competing indy icons to let Cherry pick the best bits)

    Accordingly, best option at this stage must be to follow world’s best practice, and resolve their nonsense with a mud wrestle..

    Might even knock the Musk – Zuck cage fight off of top billing if the fiesty one gets a head start on the training (to paraphrase Tristan Tate’s revelation to Tucker Carlson, 6 months @ 5 hours a day would do it -bit more/ less if the networks prefer a Christmas special)

  153. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Ewan McTeagle says: at 2:42 am

    Graf Midgehunter, 10:53 am

    “Apart from opening an account with X, is there a way of viewing the up-to-date X accounts of our Indy friends e.g. WOS, Grouse B, Craig M. etc.?”

    Aye, jist replace “” with “”:

    Click the blue cog wheel on the right hand side of the banner to change your viewing preferences, including infinite scroll and colour scheme (best one is “Auto (T


    Many, many thanks. That’s fantastic, I’d never heard of Nitter..! 🙂

    The only thing that I can’t get “right” is the colour scheme, it’s black which makes reading a little bit harder. Compared to having nothing before it’s of course a massive improvement..!

  154. David Hannah says:

    The expulsion of Angus McNeil signals the death knell of Independence at their next conference whenever that may be.

    Joanna Cherry doesn’t know it yet. But the SNP are a busted flush. She’s not even going to get elected again on an SNP ticket.

  155. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Who would you like to write Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘unauthorised’ biography?
    Stuart Campbell (Wings)
    Kevin McKenna
    Craig Murray
    Someone else
    858 votes
    1 day left
    4:39 PM · Aug 10, 2023

  156. David Hannah says:

    I bet you Cherry would run again for Westminster. She has a kit to he proud about from her work down there. And her cause is a life issue. Gender self ID and women’s sex based rights. She’ll feel she is able to affect change. She might even run as an Independent herself.

    Perfect for Scotland United for Independence.

    She must know the SNP are finished. Along with all their student written papers on Independence. Incomplete plagerised homework. It’s no wonder exam passes are falling with the SNP at the helm.

    The country is fucked. For as long as these swines remain in office.

  157. Ebenezer Scroggie says:


    My suggested name for her book is Mein Kampfervan.

  158. David Hannah says:

    Aparently Nicola fled home to mummy and daddy when the cops came calling for the search.

    She was obviously tipped off by Ian Livingstone, who’s destroyed police Scotland’s honest reputation self describing them as racist sexist mysogynistic trash.

    I bet you this new chief of police is a colonial operative. Imposed at the top from England. Like the civil service.

    Corruption runs deep in Scotland.

  159. Scotsrenewables says:

    Stu writing a biography of Sturgeon – now there is someting I would read!

  160. James Che says:


    10 August 3:00pm.

    “When people have had enough they will walk away,”
    That is sad but true, they could walk away now with out to much legal come back or challenge.

    after all Westminster cannot challenge a 1707 Scottish government that was dissolved and extinguished from the treaty over three hundred years ago,
    as that entity has been in Desuetude for 300 years and is no longer a legal entity in the treaty of union.

    When people are pushed to “Their” personal limits then they will recognise and take up this way through the quagmire.

    But here it sits “waiting” for some smart ass politician , making on he, was the one who thought about how ” Scotland ” we hypnotised ourselves into believing that our none existent Scottish parliament was in the treaty and it could be sued,

    Those who are smart now, know you cannot sue a business or entity that has not existed for three hundred years,

    The Scottish side of the agreement treaty of union has been under the legal term “Desuetude” because the Scottish parliament was dissolved and extinguished,

    That leaves only “Westminster” as a one side parliament to and in the Treaty of union, actively running all of Britain under false pretences for the span of over 300 years,

    When people are and the end of their tether, then they suddenly wake up.
    But your right, not until they are at the end of their own personal limits will they care enough for themselves,

  161. Dorothy Devine says:

    Ebenezer Scroggie , round of applause from me.

  162. James Che says:

    Scotland not having a parliament since 1707 to take to the united nations,
    after the supreme Court fails to find a target in Scotland for breaching the treaty of the union,
    will also fail to find a target To sue or hold accountable/responsible for Breaching the treaty of union.

    It is the one point that Westminster, the UN, and the Global industries and Corporations had not given much thought too,

    And we can forget about the devolved government being held accountable as it is actually a legal entity and construction of Westminster.
    Not Scotland,

    We have no monarch crowned in Scotland,
    We have no Scottish parliament in the treaty of union,

    We have no legal Crown court system in Scotland due to the Scots Sovereignty over Crown,
    We have no Sovereignty above the people in Scotland,

    We can walk away, but…..are not fed up enough of the gender dysphoria, the illegal Crime bill imposed on Scots,, our new bill to attack our children and women, Ulez and limited travel without being fined,
    To stop constant wars and nuclear danger to our country,
    Not fed up enough to regain our own resources.
    Not fed up enough to stop operating under a Colonial Scotland and to govern our selves
    Not fed up enough to regulate our own energy prices,

    One day when it might be to late to save Scotland…..we may be fed up enough.

  163. Cynicus says:

    Nemisis Benn says:
    9 August, 2023 at 10:41 am
    “Hosie”? Does that mean that he’s wet?

    I referred to him some years back in a BTL comment in the Hootsmon. Its internal spellchecker “corrected” his name to “Stewed Hosiery”

  164. John Main says:

    @Ebenezer Scroggie says:11 August, 2023 at 11:08 am

    “My suggested name for her book is Mein Kampfervan.”

    Like it!

    Happy to award you first equal to my “Spammer Of The Scots” if you agree.

  165. Ewan
    Many thanks for the info as these are the twitter accounts that I choose to skim read and have missed them. What about Grace Brodie/Denise Findlay?
    I cannot change the background from black either

  166. Ewan McTeagle says:

    You can change to the lighter colour scheme on Nitter via the Settings, but for it to take effect your browser must be able to save cookies, at least for that site. The instructions vary from browser to browser, so just look up how create an exception and add one for “”.

    You can view it as a one-off by adding “?theme=Twitter” at the end of the URL. e.g.

    You can also view the lighter colour scheme (as a one-off) by adding “?theme=Twitter” at the end of the URL. e.g.

    GraceBrodie’s page seems to have vanished from Twitter (or, so obviously it can’t be viewed via Nitter either.

  167. Ewan McTeagle says:

    For reference, Nitter unexpectedly went down yesterday – due to an undocumented change to the X/Twitter API. It’s possible Elon Musk is trying to shut out webscraping by any system not using a personal account. Something similar happened in June and it took nearly a week to fix. It’s not yet known whether/how/when this will be resolved. See the discussion on Github:

    In the meantime, an alternative is still operational – twstalker:

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