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An inexplicable silence

Posted on January 24, 2023 by

More than a day on from our disturbing exposé of how the Scottish Parliament has been captured by a tiny, sleazy nest of pornographers, drug addicts, fetishists and abusers, there still hasn’t been a single comment distancing themselves from the group by any of the MSPs identified in the article, including Patrick Harvie, Ross Greer, Joe Fitzpatrick, Paul Sweeney and most notably Alex Cole-Hamilton, who made the remarkable public statement that MSPs were directly and specifically passing gender reform laws for the benefit of male sex worker and violent serial abuser Beth Douglas.

We’ve asked Alex Cole-Hamilton for comment several times without reply. (Although there has been an unverified third-hand answer via Willie Rennie and a Twitter user.)

Wings Over Scotland makes absolutely no assertions about why MSPs wouldn’t want to very clearly and unambiguously disassociate themselves from such an unpleasant character after information about him had been brought to light in a widely-read (over 200,000 views) article which was trending on Twitter all day yesterday.

For the avoidance of doubt, we have no information about any interactions between Douglas and any MSPs that we’re keeping secret. But we’re not the least bit surprised that people have started wondering what possible reasons a whole string of male politicians could have for not wanting to upset a male prostitute, particularly given the long and sordid history of male politicians and male prostitutes in the UK.

To quash such speculation, we once again urge all MSPs who have associated with Beth Douglas to clearly and publicly disavow him and assure voters that he will no longer shape or influence legislation passed in the Scottish Parliament.

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0 to “An inexplicable silence”

  1. Ian McCubbin says:

    Wow I think you are brave pisshing on with this. Yesterday you were being called out on FB as an anti Trans blogger.
    When I defended you by stating not only were you calling out these abusers but so were a few others who had found evidence of violence threats from people like this. A silence followed.
    Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end to these marginal violent abusives having influence.

  2. PacMan says:

    Only in Scotland and Gomorrah.

  3. SusanAHF says:

    I thought prostitution was illegal so why are politicians listening to this man? Putting the views of a violent, perverted male prostitute above those of women? Holywood is SICK to the core

  4. sarah says:

    Rev, thank you for going through the sewage in order to inform people as to what is going on. You are brave to expose yourself to the filth – I couldn’t do it.

    Has there been anything about your article in the MSM or is it getting the cold shoulder?

  5. robertkknight says:

    I guess that’s the real beauty of a photograph…

    It’s permanence.

  6. Stuart MacKay says:

    The Silence of the Lambs. Soon to be The Screaming of the Sacrificial Lambs as Sturgeon realises that this will take down the ship and her with it.

    Bravo on making that connection Rev. It seemed obvious but rather perilous to suggest it.

  7. Mike says:

    I mean, it couldn’t surely be possible that some of these politicians have paid money to see Beth’s 7” surprise?

    Surely not – I mean it’s just possible is it?

  8. Liesel. says:

    The resounding silence is a statement in itself, is it not?

  9. Stuart MacKay says:


    The Telegraph has this, “The Scottish Gender Recognition row has caused some particular nasties to crawl out”, which uses the placard photo, but cropped. The article by Suzanne Moore only refers to other Telegraph articles but it seems clear where the inspiration came from.

  10. Alison Rollo says:

    The silence is deafening! What are the media afraid of? What are the politicians afraid of?
    We need more honest investigative journalists like the Rev. Scotland is sinking into mire. And Independence? Forgotten about.

  11. Lorna Campbell says:

    You’re saying what others are thinking, Rev. Just why are so many of these politicians into this stuff, cavorting at Pride Marches with obvious sexual fetishists? Well, virtue-signalling is one part of it, fear of being cancelled is another, “just be kind” might, conceivably, be yet another, but I do believe that some are themselves autogynephiles/paraphiliacs/fetishists, among other things. It makes sense when you think about it. The “I’ll support this because I know how these men feel” or because “I’m part of this scene myself” and a contender for ‘D**k of the Year’. That might apply to the men, but the women? Some might be ‘queer’, but others will be just daft, empty-headed bints whose credentials for the award of ‘Handmaiden-cum-Auntie of the Year’ trump the number of brain cells in their modest wee, hollowed-oot neeps atop their shoulders.

  12. Dickie Tea says:

    Until it hits the MSM there will be radio silence.

    As we know it will never hit the MSM

  13. Geoff Anderson says:

    Unlike the cesspit called a Holyrood Parliament I think most Scots would welcome the debate denied them by Joe’s pretend committee.

    I welcome this as a topic being investigated on a regular basis. The bias of our MSPs to the detriment of the Women in our society is a task worthy of great effort and continuous focus.

    Why the silence over the questionable characters they champion and mix with instead of the concerns raised by the good Scots who elected them?

  14. Luigi says:

    What the heck is going on? Something stinks. I really hope that no senior politicians in Scotland are compromised in some sordid way (is that a silly question?). Whatever the truth is, the optics are terrible, something not nice is going on methinks. The UK security agencies would love this – a very easy way to control politicians. I don’t know if senior SNP politicians are compromised in some way – there are certainly quite a few recent events (missing 600K, Alex Salmond court case, ferries fiasco, the Balmoral Hotel iron throwing incident etc etc) that could possibly be used by the British state to control certain individuals. If so, then they will be given clear instructions and warned not to step out of line. Once a politician is “owned”, that’s it, for them it’s over folks.

  15. sarah says:

    @ Stuart Mackay: thank you for the link to the Telegraph article that includes the SNP MP Kirsten Oswald and MSP Kaukab Stewart with the Decapitate placard.

    I know it is an English paper but it is MSM – every bit helps.

  16. Heaver says:

    So, if you are of vanilla sexuality, you’ll get nowhere in Scottish politics.

    OR if you want to get on the gravy train of Scottish politics you have to surrender your vanilla sexuality at the secret initiation ceremony.

    If the latter then they’re all prostitutes, because none of them are doing it for Scotland, or green concerns.

    Scum rises to the top.

  17. Eddie Munster says:

    Fear of a label of being transphobic.

    You’d think that they would of done a background check on them, maybe they have and it was worth the damage to be seen as “the most progressive” what ever the cost.

    Lots of men have gotten away with a lot, though people’s fear of losing their job or being labelled as racist or a “phobe” of some kind.

  18. sadscot says:

    An article has appeared in the last hour on The Herald featuring claims by Maggie Chapman that trans hate crimes are through the roof because of a “campaign of vicious lies” by those “with powerful voices”. (She seems to forget that the voices drowned out are those of women out here by people like her!) The article has been comment-disabled so she’s been able to hurl all sorts of poison out there without anyone being given the right of reply.

  19. Patsy Millar says:

    It just seems to be going from bad to worse without any end in sight. Keep up the good work Stu and hopefully don’t take the outrageous critism too much to heart, though that might be difficult.

  20. Bob Mack says:

    Well Stu. That’s going to leave a mark!!

  21. President Xiden says:

    It is now clear that Sturgeon and her gang are weirdos.

  22. Dramfineday says:

    Sssssh, do not disturb – evidence deletion in progress

  23. Cuilean says:

    Stu, under your website’s useful links in the ‘Transcult’ war, I would suggest adding Dennis Noel Kavanagh’s substack. He is an English (perhaps a K.C.) and chats with another Englishman (both gay) about the cult’s negative impact on women and gays. It’s very insightful and funny, although they don’t know anything about Scots politics or Scots culture since 2014 which can jar at times.

  24. David Beveridge says:

    “…people have started wondering what possible reasons a whole string of male politicians could have for not wanting to upset a male prostitute…”

    Must admit that thought has been starting to cross my mind too. Doesn’t explain the way the female MSPs have been slavishly throwing themselves behind this nonsense as well though.

    Is that Cole-Hamilton in the black gloves in the pic? He looks like Howard Hamlin from Better Call Saul!

  25. Ted says:

    Was that Bonnie Scotland or Boner Scotland?

  26. red sunset says:

    Sky News this morning had Stephen Flynn on about something or other, and asked him about this.
    They didn’t credit you with the expose though, Rev.

    Anyway our Stephen said our MPs/MSPs didn’t see the signs, and Sky let him off with it.

    That being said, I seem to detect a nuance with some of the MSM. Different treatment whether it’s oor Nicola or the SNP. Oor Nicola won’t have a bad word said about her.

  27. twathater says:

    The continuous fingers in the ears whilst humming lalalala will only work for so long for these parasitical deviants and perverts, there will eventually come a day of reckoning, the ONLY problem with that is it may be some poor innocent that will suffer the violent outcome of this lunacy

    Let it be recorded and let us all NOT FORGET that these elected liars and frauds of ALL parties have DELIBERATELY IGNORED the wishes and demands of the majority of the people and have PUBLICLY PROMOTED and ADVANCED despite overwhelming opposition this deviants and perverts charter so exemplified by the almost deification of this abusive violent knife wielding thug

    The SCUM will come BEGGING for our votes to ensure their position at the TROUGH let us REMEMBER they DON’T work for us

    To all sane independence supporters gathering at BUTE HOUSE tomorrow in an effort to force Sturgeon to resign, my thoughts and support goes with you , you have my wife and I proxy vote, unfortunately I am unable to attend in person due to health reasons

  28. Geoff Anderson says:

    Perhaps People will now start to ask why the MSM are ignoring these facts.
    When an article does appear in the media it is always biased towards the TransCult.
    It appears that the MSM are as captured as our Politicians.
    What are they afraid of? It is not Public Opinion so who is manipulating the reports?

  29. desimond says:

    Every day, another day lost on the road to the Horizon.
    The Woods of Obscurity grow ever thicker.

    The Establishment just sit back and laugh while gesturing for a top-up.

    Look at the state of Scotland and the UK, how many years will this possibly take to get refocused, 30?

  30. John C says:

    I think we have to strongly assume that the likes of Cole-Hamilton has skin in the game as if you really want to promote Trans issues, then tell the stories of kids with dysphoria & have them as your examples as opposed to someone who has an appalling history of violence, including it seems sexual violence.

    As for Sturgeon her press conference yesterday was bizarre but it did make it clear that she stands with the violent TRAs putting their wishes ahead of the rights of women, children and the disabled. At a time when the Tories are destroying lives, we have the First Minister risking everything for a small group while the majority suffer horrendous cuts. It’s all very well to say you ‘detest Tories’ but doing the one thing which stops this is something she refuses to do.As many do, I wonder why the Trans issue is clearly so personal to her when people in poverty is something she’s letting happen?

  31. Liz says:

    Rev, it needs said.
    Why are they going out out of their way to protect a kink sex worker?
    Said weirdo posted a tweet seeming to say he was privy to a info by the ScotGov trans committee, oh sorry, equal rights committee, re a meeting they were having today.

    He could be mixing it but it did suggest he was in receipt of inside info.

    As for Maggie Chapman, the more that deranged lunatic speaks, the more ordinary people’s jaws hit the deck.

    This abuse nonsense needs nipped in the bud, it means people disagreeing but her and her ilk are stirring up disquiet which could possibly have a bad effect on the very people she claims to support.

  32. Mark Boyle says:

    Stuart MacKay says:
    24 January, 2023 at 2:11 pm


    The Telegraph has this, “The Scottish Gender Recognition row has caused some particular nasties to crawl out”, which uses the placard photo, but cropped. The article by Suzanne Moore only refers to other Telegraph articles but it seems clear where the inspiration came from.

    Stuart, nobody ‘owns’ this battle (indeed, The Times also spoke about this today). J K Rowling and Sharron Davies have been giving it big licks too over Saturday’s events, and the Dreadnought has a large number of ex-Guardianistas in their ranks (Julia Burchill and Suzanne “F**k Me Shoes” Moore) who left the Kings Place Cult under a cloud due to their diminishing “wokery”.

    Stu is FAR from the only person that’s been banging on about this topic – indeed credit where credit’s due when a large chunk of that joint article with the Glinner was taken from some of the latter’s old exposes and investigations. If you thought ‘The Grooming Of Hollywood’ was stomach turning, the saga of David Challenor will keep you awake for a week.

    (I really wish thoough The Glinner would get rid of that stupid Smug Middle Aged Middle Englander logo of his, I don’t suppose it dawns on him how many people he alienates with it … coming across at first glace as loving the smell of your own farts more than Gyles Brandreth doesn’t win battles, esp. with the limited attention span Twitkiddies he needs to get paying attention)

  33. Republicofscotland says:

    No real response or distancing from this, simply because the MSPs at Holyrood have until 2026 before they can be held accountable for their vile actions, so ultimately they don’t give a toss what you or I say or think, the same applies to the MPs, although they are first up for re-election.

    Holyrood has turned into in the most part a nest of vile MSPs who don’t really give a monkeys what the electorate wants until these vile creatures want re-elected and even then they’ll tell us a pack of lies to get their snouts back into the taxpayers trough.

    First up at the next GE vote out the SNP MPs who’ve done f*ck all for the indy cause replace them with Alba MPs, the when the next Holyrood elections comes around vote out the SNP/Green MSPs and replace them with Alba ones.

    We cannot give these perverted degenerates another term in office to threaten our women folk and put our children and grandchildren in danger.

  34. SusanAHF says:

    Well said Twathater

  35. Effijy says:

    Can I state again that we have no ill will with Trans people who do their best to fit in with Society and don’t expect or want extra rights beyond those we all have.

    There were a couple of male to female contributors on radio who said all these big mouths are turning people against them.
    They understood the disadvantages imposed on others.

    I can’t believe that during austerity, cut backs and recession with thousands freezing and hungry at home there is spare cash going to these viscous and violent exhibitionists.

    Looks like they use the same checks as the Met Police recruitment team.

    Cuts to police, military, fire brigade, social workers, civil servents, council workers, rail staff.
    Closure of parks, libraries, swimming pools etc but money for this.

  36. Gregory Beekman says:

    FMQs should be fun this week!

  37. lothianlad says:

    Brilliant again Stuart.

    I believe there are several worried Scottish politicians, and several with close connections to them, who have much to hide and lots of reasons to worry.

  38. Republicofscotland says:

    Twathater @3.06pm.

    The SNP no longer cares what WE the electorate thinks, nor do they give a toss what the membership thinks either, they get their money from elsewhere.

    “That is the same all over Scotland. The average Alba member is not just ex-SNP (and over 90% are), but were the heart and soul of SNP membership, the people who chapped the doors and delivered the leaflets. A year ago, it was being suggested the SNP would be seriously damaged without these people.

    That turns out to be completely untrue. Because those who lead political parties – and here comes my promised perception – believe they don’t actually need members any more. Almost nobody attends hustings meetings, nobody reads leaflets and nobody engages with canvassers. Elections are now fought almost entirely through the mainstream media, and online.

    For the modern campaign, parties need paid PR practitioners and they need paid troll farms. They don’t need little old men and women going door to door, other than once or twice for a candidate photocall.

    The members, bluntly, are redundant old nuisances in the eyes of the political class. Nobodies who presume a right to have a say in party policy which should be dictated by the professionals.

    Nor do they need the members’ subscription money. Starmer is delighted to have shed hundreds of thousands of Corbyn supporting members, to pursue instead corporate and billionaire money. The SNP Conference in Aberdeen was simply a festival of corporate lobbying. The Tories have always run on dark money in huge tranches.

    Then there is the ever increasing largesse of Short money – taxpayer funds which the political class have awarded themselves to fund their party administrations. This state funding of political parties is one of the very worst innovations of my lifetime and fundamental to the development of our careerist and unprincipled political class.”

  39. Wee Chid says:

    David Beveridge says:
    24 January, 2023 at 3:00 pm

    “Must admit that thought has been starting to cross my mind too. Doesn’t explain the way the female MSPs have been slavishly throwing themselves behind this nonsense as well though.”

    They need a cause to assuage their middle class guilt and cheerleading fetishists is much more trendy that actually helping us “schemies”.

  40. Antoine Roquentin says:

    There was piece last-night on Reporting Scotland (I know, I know … ) where the ‘decapitation’ pic was shown, along with Oswald and friend, uncropped. The tame panel put it all down to the irresponsible actions of a tiny minority and went on to suggest that both sides of the argument really need to have dialogue. Quite how, when one side doesn’t do dialogue, was never made clear. Anyway: without your piece yesterday, the pic would never have been shown.

  41. Mac says:

    The guy Beth is described by the people most intimate with him a serial abuser.

    Combine that diagnosis with all the explicit threats of violence and the knives and axes and the association with people who fantasize about having sex with children then it could be a conspiracy of silence we are seeing here. Maybe they are in on it.

    For all we know Beth here could be Scotland’s very own budding Jimmy Saville Jnr (or should that be Jenny Saville), procuring abuse victims for his high ranking politician friends, who after all seem strangely loyal and adoring towards him, which is odd considering how nasty and and aggressive he is towards women and well everyone who knows him it seems…

    Who knows but it all looks very sleazy and incestuous with Beth and Alex, ‘this is for you Beth’ as he chokes back the tears… You’d think Cole Hamilton was talking about Nelson Mandela and not a ‘serial abuser’.

    The silence is deafening and grows more deafening by the hour.

  42. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    You would use the Mark Oaten case as an example. From memory, this involved coprophilia. If you don’t know already, stay uninformed, believe me, you’ll thanks me.
    I believe the Oaten case provided the inspiration for the “politicians wife” meme from Little Britain.

  43. JGedd says:

    The silence calls to mind the silence about Jimmy Saville, a sexual predator with years of predation on young and vulnerable people, carried out while he was a public figure and able to boast friendship with many high profile people such as the present King then PoW.

    He was able to go where he wanted, hiding in plain sight, lauded by members of the elite while he carried out his disgusting acts apparently under the radar of major institutions like the BBC where he worked for decades, hospitals including Broadmoor where he had an office and even his own keys to go where he wished.

    Despite all of his vile depredations coming out following his death still there is no explanation from these institutions, politicians who praised him for his charitable work ( which he was able to use as a successful disguise for his depraved character) as to why he was never suspected or discovered by them. The excuse always was that they were as fooled by him as everybody else. Totally incredible.

    Only Jerry Sadowitz outed him before Saville’s death and is still suffering for that today.

  44. Old Fashioned Straight for Yes says:

    “It appears that the MSM are as captured as our Politicians.
    What are they afraid of? ”

    I suspect it might be because many in the sordid MSM avail themselves of the same services!

    Others of the predominantly Yoon persuasion will be aware of the use made of any known ‘indiscretions’ by the so-called security services.

    No doubt ‘revelations’ will be made as and when required!

  45. SusanAHF says:

    Effigy, no, these trans people were never supportive of women. They invaded women’s toilets and took fear to mean acquiescence. I don’t bear them ill will but I do know and will always say, they are men invading women’s spaces. Put some work into acceptance of gnc men in MEN’S spaces. I am not a support human.

  46. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    Wee Chid @3pm
    I think you hit the nail on the head.
    The female MSPs are doing the latest version of 5 minutes of poverty work to get their Socialist badge. However the Cult support takes less effort.

  47. Merganser says:

    He/she seems to have quite a few by the short and curlies to be able to exert so much influence at Holyrood.

    Do you think he will do a guest article for Wings?

  48. Garrion says:

    I’m thinking that there is a LOT of Kompromat out there, much derived from the shenanigans of Beth and friends. this is nothing to do with trans anything, it’s about power.

  49. Merganser says:

    I think I make that 30 super injunctions granted now in the past hour.

  50. Ottomanboi says:

    A crossdressing sexual deviant who preys on women is sent to a female prison by a Scottish judge…..maybe one day in the showers he might have his wish to be «unmanned» granted by the authentic ladies of the prison.
    The fountainhead of this new world order, the Dreghorn lady, must be well pleased.
    Scotland, where every deviance may find a wee «hame».

  51. Morgatron says:

    Magic, Just fucking magic Stu.

  52. SusanAHF says:

    O/T I realise but a male rapist has been remanded to Cortenvale. I hope they gang up on him and rip his dick and balls off.

  53. SusanAHF says:

    Sorry, Corntonvale. So horrified I can’t spell right.

  54. Bernard de Linton says:

    My wife from the North East has a unique take on this.. i thought i would share..” Wha wants to go to the toilet when there’s pish a’ oor the place”

  55. Bernard de Linton says:

    My wife,who is from the North East,has a unique take on this,i would like to share ” wha wants to go to the toilet when there’s pish all over the place”

  56. Kevin Cargill says:

    Hello. Excuse me. MSM here. What’s all this about Jimmy Savile?

  57. Dave Hansell says:

    “Alison Rollo says:
    24 January, 2023 at 2:16 pm

    The silence is deafening! What are the media afraid of?”

    Could it be the case, and this is mere reasonable speculation, that the word ‘journalist’ (in the sense meant by a quote attributed to Alain Soral) could be substituted for the words ‘MSP’ and ‘politicians’ in the penultimate paragraph of this article?

    Or maybe the ‘journalists’ in the corporate media are scared of the competition from Mr Douglas?

  58. christine says:

    Bravo Stuart, again and again. Thank fuck you’re back. As one of many scary Wings subscribers, I appreciate the quality analysis and outstanding journalism. We will always have your back as you delve into the horrors unfolding in front of our eyes.

    That placard photo is there for all to see, with the SNP politicians gazing at the camera, a bit too leery for my liking. Anytime I’m being photographed, I want to know and see what’s behind me. One would think that those in the glare of the media would/should be savvy to that. Otherwise they’re endorsing violence to women by “ Transwomen” who are so sexually dysfunctional, so afraid of women, that their hatred of them shines through in everything they say or do and their never ending search to find something to be offended by.

    As for the sexual grooming of children, as advocated by Maggie Chapman, we now know that she poses a clear and present danger to the safeguarding of our children. My robust risk assessment is based on the utter garbage and crazy beliefs she spews out and proselytising her own brand of deviant and dark gender ideology on young, like a religion.

    Not in my fucking name. I am not religious but this seemed apposite: “ It was said that child molestation is the one sin Jesus denounced so vehemently that he warned the perpetrators they would be better off not born or fastening millstones about their necks and casting themselves into the sea.”

    Looking forward to the demo tomorrow.

  59. David Holden says:

    Very telling that the two men who would be king or should that be queen are keeping their heads down as this shit storm gathers speed. Angus and Alyn not a backbone between them.

  60. Colin+Dawson says:

    The SNP has been turning a blind eye to vile abuse by trans activists for about six years. When members became angry and frustrated by this inaction, they elected representatives during the autumn 2020 conference that should have been able to control the disciplinary committee. It made no difference though. The cabal that controls the party simply prevented the disciplinary committee from ever meeting.

  61. Shug says:

    You can assess if Nicola is being played by the security services based on the questions at FMQ

    I suspect they are playing her like a piano.

    I hope the MPs are worried about their pensions now. They are toast if they don’t get the finger out

  62. Maid Marion says:

    I noted that some wag on Twitter mentioned “why would no male politicians decry the activities of a male prostitute?”

    Hmmm ?

  63. Maid Marion says:

    I noted that some wag on Twitter mentioned “why would no male politicians decry the activities of a male prostitute?”

    Hmmm ?

  64. PhilM says:

    There have been a couple of ‘sex scandals’ in the recent past (very heavy use of euphemism here), one in Belgium and one in Portugal, that were bad from the first allegations but only got worse and worse and ended up involving people at the top of those particular societies, much more so in the Portuguese case. The fallout from these scandals led to huge changes in how Belgium’s institutions were run and led to Portuguese society opening up to the notion that child sex-abuse was much more widespread than anyone had previously believed. Belgium and Portugal were fundamentally altered by these ‘experiences’.
    This emerging scandal here in Bonnie Scotland does not seem to reach anywhere near the magnitude of those just mentioned but something is clearly very wrong when no-one in OUR parliament has publicly condemned such a disturbed individual or shown regret for allowing this person some influence over the legislative process.
    I have personal experience of how corrupt Scotland is – I mean deeply deeply corrupt – but this Bethgate scandal is of a higher order than anything I have seen. We expect better of our elected representatives because it is much harder for them to avoid scrutiny but you lot – yes, you MSPs – are now avoiding scrutiny and we the people – the ones who still care about this country – we deserve answers. Second-hand admissions are not going to cut it. In the recent past many of you were quick to castigate one of the people who has bravely broken this story but now you cannot summon up a single instance of public comment. Some MSPs have gone from shooting the messenger and have now sunk much lower by ignoring the messenger and their message.
    I doubt any MSP has degraded themselves to the point of availing themselves of this unhinged character’s ‘private services’ but the silence of the MSPs who boosted this disturbed person into the spotlight is symptomatic of the public corruption throughout Scotland. If we just ignore it, it will go away…but what if this time it doesn’t? The longer your silence goes on, the more complicit you will appear, and the worse the fallout from this will be.
    Public decency demands this matter be discussed. Remember it’s the cover-up that eventually brings politicians down and causes the public to lose faith in politics.
    For the health of our sorry ailing political system, we need to discuss Bethgate…

  65. SusanAHF says:

    I hope the rapist gets killed in prison. I would support the women who did so.

  66. Morgatron says:

    Do you think that they may have been enjoying some of Lola’s extras? She may well have 7″ down there but is there an LP in it?

  67. Big Jock says:

    So we have a male rapist, heading for a womans prison. Because he changed his gender. BBC describing it as first case of a female rapist. The world is truly insane. Women cannot commit rape with penises, only men have cocks. He is not a woman.

  68. Dan says:

    John C says: at 3:11 pm

    I think we have to strongly assume that the likes of Cole-Hamilton has skin in the game as if you really want to promote Trans issues, then tell the stories of kids with dysphoria & have them as your examples as opposed to someone who has an appalling history of violence, including it seems sexual violence.

    Depending on what type of “skin in the game” you mean… It’s been known for some time that the LibDems have received substantial donations from the Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

    And from a a few years back Jean Hatchet was all over this.

  69. David says:

    This is nothing compared to the other scandals the SNP has shrugged off. Honestly, they could be standing in a lift with one other person, fart and then say that they didn’t do it and still believe themselves. Water off a ducks back. Without a media in Scotland who will call them out, they will always retain their power.

  70. Liz says:

    Talking of Angus and Alyn, has anyone heard anything from John, I hate women, Nicolson of late?

    Ever since he got pulled up in WM for doxxing the Speaker, he was nearly greetin’, haven’t heard or seen him since.

    I can’t abide Hoyle but I fair chuckled watching Nicolson, grovelling at the feet of the chair, small victories.

    We have a serious problem with Holyrood, covered up by our obnoxious press.

    FMQs is a joke as all questions have to be entered in advance and the PO chooses which ones are answered.
    Nikla has her team write detailed responses which she reads off a sheet

  71. Tom Kane says:

    As for the Jimmy Saville stuff, I am convinced that Thatcher knew, and her infamous Christmas Card with Jimmy was a “don’t mess with me, or my agenda, or else” warning to the BBC.

    I am worried that the MSM silence will only be for as long as it takes to justify putting the current Scottish Parliament into mothballs, a la Stormont. A moment of reckoning with ole Blighty, with decorum on the side of ole Blighty and a complete shambles in Nicola’s disfunctional parish Council from hell, and the place will be shut down for a major clean up and reset. For long time… For as long as it takes to gut and chop up Scotland.

    Very worried.

    SNP, these are dangerous weeks and months ahead. If you can clean this up, now is the time to do it. Otherwise, after the fact, you will just be like Esther Rantzen of “That’s Life” telling Piers Morgan you heard rumours about Saville, at parties, but didn’t make much of them. And you will get the same measure of belief.

  72. Big Jock says:

    Dan -Just read that link.

    What the hell are we doing to our kids and society. There is being Liberal and there is abdication of your responsibilities. We can’t have a free for all, there needs to be a moral compass. Even if it’s just based on biological science.

    The reason we can walk the streets without being mugged or robbed every five minutes. Is because we don’t have a free for all for criminals. We have police, courts and prisons. Otherwise its anarchy.

    It seems the SG want a free for all for every fetish , no matter how depraved. To become mainstream in order to have equal opportunities, even for the criminally insane.

    Describing a male rapist as female cannot be allowed to stand. This madness has to stop.

  73. Ruby says:

    I didn’t have Alex Cole-Hamilton down as someone who was into sissie porn John Nicholson, Patrick Harvie & Alyn Smith on the other hand.

  74. David Hannah says:

    Scottish male rapist on his way to Corton Vale female estate.

    The beast of Bute House Nicola Sturgeon should be locked up with him.

  75. David Hannah says:

    Sturgeon should be removed from office after today.

    The beast of Bute House. The UK Government needs to intervene how can that male rapist be housed with female prisoners?

    Absolutely despicable. Sturgeon. RESIGN.

  76. Bob Mack says:

    @Tom Kane,

    Everybody knew about Saville. Johnny Lydon (Rotten) of The Sex Pistols reported him to BBC chiefs after appearing on a show. He told them about Savilles antics with adolescent girls which he found disgusting

    His reward? Excluded from ever appearing on BBC again.

  77. Mac says:

    I was surprised reading one of the characters in the exposé admit to writing ‘smut’ about kids.

    I would have thought that was an outright crime, i.e. producing child pornography, but I can only guess that this is a loophole, people’s written fantasies… still surprised you can get away with it if that is the case.

    However it is just another step towards actually abusing kids. Which is why I think it is probably illegal.

    They say people who commit suicide mentally prepare themselves for it by fantasizing about doing it in advance, ‘ideation’ they call this apparently.

    So surely it is the same with child abuse, first they fantasize about it, and when that becomes normal to them they take it further…

    When you then see them attracted to positions that give them access to vulnerable kids it really should be setting off major alarm bells.

    The double standards applied to heterosexuals guilty of sending tongue in cheek texts to grown adults or whatever incredibly trivial ‘offense’ versus these deviants openly boasting about writing child porn is breathtaking.

    I wonder how the decent coppers in Police Scotland feel about their collective role in all this. Task forces for hair pinging, but turning blind eyes for groomers and serial abusers.

  78. sarah says:

    Seems like a good time to sign these petitions:

  79. panda paws says:

    Isla Bryson – who was previously known as Adam Graham now convicted of raping two vulnerable women and whom apparently has previous sexual assault convictions is tonight remanded in Cornton Vale women’s prison.

    We need to start a crowdfunder for a Judicial Review into the SPS Trans Risk Assessment Process. The man who led the process was later convicted of child pornography offences AND the policy did not consult women nor consider the risks to them, neither prisoner and guards. Enough!

  80. Ruby says:

    The ‘I eat Terfs’ placard is pretty disturbing.

    It reminded me of this guy

    and this
    Cannibal killer ate ex-girlfriend’s brain after brutally stabbing her to death

  81. Joyous Hate says:

    From my own experience of small-town behaviour in the 80’s, the scene was full of married ‘straight’ men who largely seemed attracted to cross-dressing or very effeminate gay men.

    I assumed it allowed them to indulge in gay sex without damaging their manly self-image, but there was often a significant number of them who were also into wearing lingerie.

    I doubt the psychology which drove that has changed much even in these enlightened times and given the proclivities of politicians for extra-marital sexual activity alongside their need to project an image of wholesome family man, I also assume they haven’t moved on much since then.

    One local married politician from that time earned the nickname of ‘Don’t tell anybody’, the phrase being his oft used parting refrain to the gentleman caller of the day.

  82. Tartan+Tory says:

    Anyone else here going to Bute House tomorrow? I’m planning a 200 mile round trip on my (Yes)Bike. Weather looks favourable. Look for the gold Wings badge on my leather jacket and say hello! 😀

  83. tricia+young says:

    Let Women Speak meets in Glasgow on the 5th February and we are already being warned off by various tra’s. I’m going anyway despite the threats, these people need to know that ordinary Scots are appalled at what’s happening our country. I won’t let them attack women and children and put disabled people at terrible risk. ANY woman or man in Scotland supporting this crap deserves to be jailed. Sturgeon needs to be jailed for what she has deliberately enabled. I could weep for Scotland and I think my dream of independence is over in my lifetime.

  84. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Tartan+Tory (even with the + sign).

    Good to see you’re still active.

    The SNP under Nikla has fair gone to hell, iye?

  85. James Carroll says:

    Hamilton does seem the type to enjoy his bum being licked by a chubby rent boy. The question is would it be 15 minutes or 30.

  86. Tom Kane says:

    @Bob Mack
    I didn’t know John Lydon did that. But I do know that Top of the Pops knew, and any assistant who complained, lost their job. A lot of very good people, or so they thought they were, let very bad people get away with very bad things.

    Where are you SNP?

  87. Dan says:

    2 min sound clip of the John Lydon radio interview from back in the day. Though of course him stating he wants to kill folk is a tad extreme in itself, plus some may have a quiet chuckle at him talking about supposed anarchists turning into bourgeoisie considering his own path.

  88. McDuff says:

    This is an explosive story of political sleaze and like others am amazed and disturbed that the MSM remains silent.
    I believe there must be a reason an agenda.

  89. OfCole-Hamilton says:

    I knew that it was a wider issue and always believed there was profit and power behind egging on of a captured youth, for drug profits and perhaps a sterile generation.
    But for all these politicians to trash society and human rights for a sleazy minority of woman hating disturbed men, who seem to behave in the same way as the ones who cause mass shootings cos somebody said No to them, is perverted and insane.
    It is a fantastic way to throw a grenade into society, and probably encouraged to undermine independence.
    So why are our politicians getting paid? They are working against us.
    The other article reveals just how dangerous and hate filled some of these folk are.
    Women will be put off by attending any discussions or meetings or rallies for fear of violence.
    Apparently according to the news Cornton Vale is shut for redevelopment presumably to build a TRANS-GRESSORS WING

  90. Mark Boyle says:

    Bob Mack says:
    24 January, 2023 at 6:12 pm

    @Tom Kane,

    Everybody knew about Saville. Johnny Lydon (Rotten) of The Sex Pistols reported him to BBC chiefs after appearing on a show. He told them about Savilles antics with adolescent girls which he found disgusting

    His reward? Excluded from ever appearing on BBC again.

    Tom Kane says:
    24 January, 2023 at 9:23 pm

    @Bob Mack
    I didn’t know John Lydon did that. But I do know that Top of the Pops knew, and any assistant who complained, lost their job.

    That’s because everything Bob Mack just said is complete and utter fantasy.

    People putting sauce and sprinkles on a story to romanticise it into their little ‘more entertaining’ one in lieu of the facts.

    If Johnny Rotten was “excluded from ever appearing on the BBC again”, then what was he doing on Juke Box Jury on 30th June 1979?

    Or on the Old Grey Whistle Test of February 12th 1980 singing Poptones and Careering?

    Or on Top Of The Pops (in person, not video):

    on 12th July 1979 with Public Image Limited singing ‘Death Disco’?
    on 8th April 1981 with Public Image Limited singing ‘The Flowers Of Romance’?
    on 20 February 1986 with Public Image Limited singing ‘Rise’?
    on 4 April 1996 with the Sex Pistols singing ‘Pretty Vacant’ and ‘New York’?


    It’s how people from the Carter Rucks to Aamar Anwar to those people on Twitter calling Stu a racist, transphobic Death Eater etc, get away with what they do … because there’s always someone out there for whom cold facts come second to a good story.

    It’s how we’re in the current mess we’re in right now.

    All that psychotic nonsense on Saturday? Symptomatic of a world where conspiracy fairy tales and “this is my truth” have been allowed to take over more and more from boring old truth.

    Try asking yourself sometime, ‘what part am I playing in keeping this miasma of madness alive, in making the unacceptable acceptable?’

  91. Anne Johnston says:

    I feel the same, tricia+young, It’s Sturgeon’s base and who knows what they’re capable of..

    ‘Whats to be done?’

    I’m going too. I have to..and I won’t be alone.

  92. Tartan Tory says:

    Hi Tartan+Tory (even with the + sign). Good to see you’re still active. The SNP under Nikla has fair gone to hell, iye?

    Hiya Brian

    Will be passing doonthetoon on my bike this morning. Aye, the whole thing has gone titsup in so many ways.

    I often said that a positive aspect to independence would be the ability to protest and be heard in Edinburgh, rather than going to London to be ignored.

    Never envisaged protesting to/about the deviant leader of the SNP though.

    Still….. Needs must! 😀

  93. Jack Coats says:

    I think Peter Murrell is the cloaked spectre hovering all over this.
    Nicola has been played royally over the last few years.

  94. willie says:

    Distance themselves you say Rev.

    Utterly not I’d say. The elected clique in control together with party apparatchiks are in reality of the absolute same ilk.

    But you know what. Sturgeon and her crooked crew are for the electoral chop sooner than they think. They are just a blocker on independence and their removal will be no bad thing.

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