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The blind eyes

Posted on April 23, 2015 by

Earlier today we highlighted some of the social-media charm of Labour blogger and BBC pundit Ian Smart, after the Scottish branch office deputy leader Kezia Dugdale demanded that the First Minister should take a more pro-active role in policing the comments of party members on Twitter and Facebook.


Mr Smart’s history of incredibly abusive and offensive comments stretches back many years. But of course, it wouldn’t be reasonable to berate Scottish Labour for its failure to act if it wasn’t aware of them. So we had a trawl through his Twitter followers list just to see if there was anyone who might have noticed and brought it to the leadership’s attention so they could have a quiet word.

NOTE: we didn’t include anyone at councillor level or below, or the accounts of any constituency parties and party groups, or we’d have been here all day. It may also not be a complete list – not everyone identifies themselves fully on their Twitter bio, and to be honest by three-quarters of the way down our eyes were glazing over a bit.

We also don’t suggest that all of the people below approve of Mr Smart’s comments – follows are not necessarily endorsements. We merely note that these are people with a reasonable expectation of having the ear of the Scottish leadership and who could have raised concerns (and for all we know, did so to no avail).

WESTMINSTER MPs/CANDIDATES (technically nobody is currently an MP)

Douglas Alexander
Gordon Banks
Anne Begg
Johanna Boyd
Russell Brown
Margaret Curran
Braden Davy
Thomas Docherty
Gemma Doyle
Archie Dryburgh
John Erskine
Mary Galbraith
Tom Greatrex
Tom Harris
Jim Hood
Cathy Jamieson
Mark Lazarowicz
Michael Marra
Michael McCann
Gregg McClymont
Anne McGuire
Ann McKechin
Jim Murphy
Ian Murray
Pamela Nash
Fiona O’Donnell
Sandra Osborne
Jamie Reed
Anas Sarwar
Melanie Ward
Tom Watson

(Total: 31)


Jackie Baillie
Claire Baker
Jayne Baxter
Neil Bibby
Malcolm Chisholm
Kezia Dugdale
Helen Eadie (NB recently deceased)
Neil Findlay
Iain Gray
Mark Griffin
Hugh Henry
Cara Hilton
James Kelly
Johann Lamont
Ken Macintosh
Jenny Marra
Paul Martin
Michael McMahon
Duncan McNeil
Elaine Murray
Graeme Pearson
Alex Rowley
Drew Smith

(Total: 23)


David Martin
Catherine Stihler


Blair McDougall (Scottish Labour adviser)
John McTernan (Scottish Labour adviser)
Susan Dalgety (Scottish Labour adviser)
Jack McConnell (lord, former First Minister)
Wendy Alexander (former Scottish Labour leader)
Jamie Glackin (Scottish Labour chair)
John McFall (Labour lord)
Maggie Vaughan (Mrs Alistair Darling, noted troll)
Brian Wilson (columnist)
Paul Sinclair (speechwriter for Scottish leaders)
Simon Pia (pundit, former Labour spin doctor)
Duncan Hothersall (editor, Labour Hame, host to numerous articles by Smart)

Smart’s followers list also includes pretty much every politics journalist in Scotland, none of whom evidently found any of his pronouncements newsworthy, even as vast swathes of column inches were devoted to random internet nobodies on the Yes side occasionally saying mildly rude things to C-list celebrities. Readers can, as ever, form their own conclusions as to why.

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89 to “The blind eyes”

  1. heedtracker says:

    They all think they own Scotland and if you disagree, watch out. Sad to see Anne Begg in the lineup.

  2. Greannach says:

    Anne Begg – pal of the National Front – doesn’t surprise me.

  3. Macart says:

    Depressingly and unsurprisingly, conclusion formed.

  4. Pam McMahon says:

    What a sorry bunch of (hopefully) losers. And nobody deserves to lose more, than these sad chancers.

  5. gordoz says:

    rogues / parcel / o’ / nation / in / a / Sic / a.

    Thinking of a poem by Burns that uses these words; but the shock of reading that list of wurthies means I cant quite get the title together at the moment.

  6. BrianSJ says:

    Of course, if Sturgeon had announced plans for tighter control of what SNP officials (members?) put on facebook or twitter in response to Dugdale’s demand, there would be an outcry about the oppressive centralised control.

  7. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    What kind of sway does a lunatic like Ian Smart have over ‘scottish’ Labour that so many of them are happy to follow along with his sickening hatred and lies.

    Yet another ‘cunning plan’ from Murphy and his Blairite chums backfires in his face and with two weeks to go he’s fast running out of time to avoid being London Labour HQ’s fall guy for the coming SLAB catastrophe.

  8. EdinScot says:

    Hypocrites plain and simple.

  9. Dinnatouch says:

    He’s a Troll. Like Katie Hopkins, the best thing to do is just ignore him.

  10. Kevin evans says:

    There really ramping up a smear campaign now aren’t they. Try and attack a voter who is not voting for the Tory/labour/lib allience.

    Some will fall for it, some won’t, some will change there vote, some won’t.

    I just hope it means new members join SNP.

  11. Absolutely incredible Rev, lol …

    On another note, I posted a link to my latest blog on the last page. As a wee amendment to it let me just say that NONE of what I have suggested NEED come to pass … if Labour’s leadership gives Scotland respect and allows our MP’s to have a say. It is NOT good enough for them simply to ignore us, and if they do there should be consequences.

    It is NOT the job of the SNP to prop up a Labour government that pisses all over us. If they win a significant number of seats they’ll be going down there to represent SCOTLAND … Labour ignores that at its peril.

    There are ways to bring a government to its knees without removing it from office. This will only become necessary if they treat us with such cavalier disrespect as has been suggested by their own members.

    How fucking dare they.

  12. stewart fae stoney says:

    Ouch!!! a few well known names there that must have their heads well buried in the sand when mr smart tweets
    Another good piece of work Stuart

  13. Juteman says:

    Nice scoop, Rev.
    I’m sure this will be all over the Scottish Unionist media the morn.

  14. Calgacus says:

    My guess as to this apparent blindness to this man’s disgusting tweets is that all of the abovementioned suck on the teats of our imperial masters – they are all on the take, all looking out for number one, all lying hypocrites.

  15. desimond says:

    And by the Company one keeps, one shall be known…

  16. Joemcg says:

    Not one of the above to my knowledge condemned what happened on the 19th in George Square Glasgow. Too busy nursing hangovers after supping champers with their Tory pals. Blind eyes alright. One rule for them…

  17. gordoz says:

    “We also don’t suggest that all of the people below approve of Mr Smart’s comments – follows are not necessarily endorsements.”

    Totally get that part Rev, absolutely incredibly unlikely that any one of those on the list of ’67’ Labour North (and of that ilk) could actually endorse or approve Mr Smarts spicy commentary and vitriolic narrative. Scotland 2015’s impartial newshounds will be strait onto that no doubt.

    That’s the way Scotland’s so called impartial press and media will read it (with fingers crossed anyway) 😉

  18. Luigi says:

    Ian Smart is an obvious target, but he is a bit of a lone wolf, and as such can be brushed aside by the red tories as a silly man who speaks for himself. What would really stick, however, is if there are other offensive nutters in the Labour party who cannot keep their gobs shut. Bringing attention to them would show that Smart is not alone and would cause enormous damage to the Labour party. Anyone else out there?

  19. Murray McCallum says:

    If his abusive public behaviour is acceptable in Labour circles, it makes you wonder what goes on in private.

    What do the dinosaurs get up to off the record?

  20. steveasaneilean says:

    There’s none sae blind…

  21. Robert Louis says:

    So now we know, that nearly ALL Scottish Labour MP’s are followers of Ian Smart and his rantings, yet their deputy branch office manager, Dugdale today has the temerity to criticise the SNP because of some old tweets by an SNP candidate that are pretty silly rather than offensive.

    Today, I think, goes to the root problem within the Labour Scottish branch office. It is a complete and utter lack of integrity. Time and again, we see Labour running with demonstrably false stories, or running around from door to door scaring the living daylight out of pensioners with lies about pensions.

    The only surprising thing about Dugdale today, is that she had the brass kneck to raise such an issue, then, seemingly pretend she had no knowledge of what many would regard as the truly obscene remarks of Ian Smart.

  22. manandboy says:

    The lists prove that Ian Smart is one of them. They go together. There is nothing in his character or output that is not consistent with the society he keeps. We are talking Labour here – one of the most corrupt political Mafia groups anywhere.

    Ian Smart and Labour are very comfortable with one another; the way wolves are happy together in packs.

  23. Kes Smith says:

    It is very curious that Dame Anne Begg may have seen Ian Smart’s immoderate tweets, because she was seen campaigning in Aberdeen during the referendum with Dave MacDonald the leader of National Front Scotland.

    It seems very unlikely that she did not know who Dave Mcdonald was because he has stood for election in Aberdeen.

  24. Robert Louis says:

    James Forrest,

    You make a good point.

    I think there are many in the Labour party in England who would back the end to trident, and an end to austerity. The only obstacle is the Labour leadership.

    Have to say though, Labour are not going quietly, and we still have to make sure the result on 8th May reflects the polls. Two weeks is, as the saying goes, a long time in politics.

  25. Disco Dave says:

    My goodnes, The Lord Foulkes of Cumnock does not feature? Too busy attempting to snare CyberNats no doubt.

    It would be interesting to see if, prior to today any Twitter folk had attempted to advise any of the Labour high heid yins via Twitter of any of Mr Smart’s contributions to the political discourse. I’m sure Baron McConnell of Glenscorrodale was well aware of Mr Smart’s “Poles & Paki’s” Tweet no?

  26. annie says:

    No wonder this guy thinks he can say what he does with impunity when half the Labour Party are aware and no one pulls him up on it. Presumably they all agree with him, guilty by association.

  27. Stoker says:

    Well, well, well, what d’ya know, the Dug is a follower afterall.

    As for scummy Anne Beag, well, i’m sure she knows what a nasty nazi is, eh, some of her companions are exactly just that.

    By-the-by, Deputy Dug, you’ve got a bit of a cheek, have you not, eh, asking the First Minister to take a more pro-active role policing etc etc.

    Some SNP councillors were recently swiftly suspended from the party for only burning a piece of white paper in public.

    Now consider some of the filth you call colleagues.

    Yer a feckin heed-the-baw hen. Away and grow up.

    Red Tories Out – Vote SNP.

  28. James says:

    A truly damning piece of reportage Stu. You raise an interesting point about endorsement. Whilst it is dangerous territory to simply attribute guilt by association; for me this specific example is verging on collective complicity and tacit support for Ian Smart’s comments.

    Opening a Twitter account is the result of a conscious personal decision. As is the rational decision to follow someone. What follows is about context. If someone you are following is an incidental or accidental offender when it comes to using abusive and offensive language, you may make the conscious judgment to attribute aberrant behaviour as a one-off or a mistake.

    However, when the offender is the serial variety, when he repeat offends in the context of his acolytes making public proclamations about the unacceptability of such behaviour, when he offends over an extended period of time, and when he has faced legal threat for his behaviour? I suggest if you are a long term follower who interacts with this individual on his feed, retweets his messages, or simply allows them on their account you ARE culpable and liable to the charge that you endorse his comments or at a minimum view them as acceptable public discourse.

  29. Richard Lucas says:

    I think that two losses at Holyrood elections and the Referendum taught Labour that it would never be glad confident morning again. This has spread bitterness through their ranks, and they began to believe their own #ProjectFear propaganda. As a result the bizarre frothings of Ian Smart appear sensible and credible to the few remaining members of the cult.

  30. asklair says:

    Well done, thank you.

  31. Craig says:

    I watched First Minister’s QT today and watched with pride as our First Minister set a demolition ball in the direction of Kezia Dugdale and her hypocrisy and swing it back to the diection of Ruth Davidson with her “U-Turns” comment.

    Nicola quite rightly said that this is why people get fed up with politics when they hear comments like a policy has been steamrolled through and a then the Government does a U-Turn.

    On the point of the U-Turns, she explained that they listened to concerns and acted upon them, this again is why I am asking you all that we work together in matters that are vital to the people of Scotland, we want to get it right.

  32. gordoz says:

    Still think that people would be gobsmacked if so called impartial journos just once did their job and looked into this sewer of BritNat bile online, but seems they are either shit scared or complicit – can be no other rational explanation if Stu has put this list together but you can bet yer maws savings this will go no further in our papers or on TV.

    Scotland be ashamed of these people.

  33. Derek Mclaren says:

    wow its like a who`s who and none of them thought maybe we should have a word with Mr Smart who clearly has some kind of delusional fixation with fascism and calling people it or is he nothing more than an angry little troll.

    But then he is just another wanna be labour trougher ,wanting a nice cushy number at the tax payers expense, sorry we had to spoil that for you Mr Smart, ehh no we arnt really.

  34. G. Campbell says:

    The BBC gives all political parties an equally hard time.

    Your search – “ian davidson” “bayonet the wounded” – did not match any documents.

  35. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Wilful blindness.

  36. gordoz says:

    Just seen our local Labour candidate:

    Remember to raise this twitter info on the hustings people and the Nazi comments – seems fair game to ask for an explanation if they are viewing this material – no ?

  37. Dr Jim says:

    Every one of these people are…(insert Ian Smarts own words here)
    How do you like that then you bad people you

    See how polite we can be

  38. dmw42 says:

    Dug dale misled the Chamber, she must be reprimanded by the PO

  39. Juteman says:

    What we have to remember is that in their eyes, his behaviour is normal. He is British.
    It is us that are weird for not understanding the truth of his words.

  40. Robert Louis says:

    Interesting to note, that the Labour candidate Ian Murray standing against the SNP’s Neil Hay in Edinburgh south is also a follower of Smart’s twitter account.

    Let he that is without sin etc…

  41. galamcennalath says:

    And, not one of these listed felt Ian Smart was out of control and a liability.

    They just didn’t/don’t care. It doesn’t penetrate their thick layer of entitlement.

    You missed Gordon Federal Brown. 🙂

    Then again, he considers himself an ex MP and he could hardly be classed as ‘Significant Other’.

  42. Wulls says:

    But that can’t be true ….. Kezia said she’s never heard of him
    I’m truly shocked.

  43. desimond says:

    In a tweet he says “Speaking on behalf of (Scottish) Labour Party”

    I assume whoever was leader at the time sanctioned him for this misrepresentation.

  44. One_Scot says:

    The hypocrisy of these people and the unionist media knows no bounds. Roll on May 7th and let’s purge Scotland of this repugnant Labour party once and for all.

    Let us start to make a difference and vote for Scotland.

  45. Grizzle McPuss says:

    My god, what a billboard that would make.

    Smart’s tweets accompanied by a list of those guilty by association, ie those (pious ones) who fail to comment on Smart’s, shall we say, fruity rantings.

    I wonder how the beastie will react at being poked by the Rev’s stick?

  46. donald anderson says:

    Sir Fergie of Manchester and Bitter Together is supporting the WWI Rent rets trike Heroine of Govan.

    His Royal Labour Party scabbed on the rent strikers. Davie Kirkwood, Labour MP, said the rent would only go up over his dead body.

    The strikers shouted him off the street wanting to know why he was still alive when the rents went up. He became Lord Kirkwood for treachery.

  47. Foonurt says:

    Whaur dae ye stert wae yoan bawheid smart?

    Ah yissliss choaclit tea-pit.

  48. Lollysmum says:

    If you follow someone making such tweets, the onus is on you to challenge them or unfollow otherwise it is tacit approval.

    If you retweet an abusive tweet then that is tacit collusion & you are equally guilty.

  49. Almannysbunnet says:

    Kezia’s question was hypocritical and made her look dumb. I have no doubt it was planned though. Timed to coincide with the postal ballots starting to drop through the letter box. The damage to her is nothing compared to the damage to Neil Hay. With two weeks to go hopefully it is not terminal. The boys and girls campaigning in Edinburgh South will soon know if it has hit a chord. They might have to work a wee bit harder than they are doing now but don’t despair, unlike labour most voters are not total morons. 🙂

  50. JLT says:

    It really is a sad state of affairs. Honestly, it is.

    We have our wonderful state media such as the BBC and STV. And lets not forget, the BBC loves to perpetuate with great pride, that it a voice of authority when delivering news. It believes it is thee ‘standard‘ in that role.

    We then have the major national newspapers. Printing promises that can’t be delivered, or helping to hound, deceive and vilify anyone that protests or condemns the British state or culture of it.

    And yet, in all that time, not one of them has denounced the likes of Ian Smart, Jim Murphy, Kezia Dugdale, or denounce a Prime Minister who is stirring nationalist feelings with ill advised rhetoric. In all their supposed journalistic integrity, none of these papers have brought any of these politicians to account over bare-faced lies, half-lies and complete and utter drivel.

    And yet …one SNP candidate; Neil Hay is front page news because of a ‘word’.

    If this is supposed to be journalism, then they are fraudsters to the core when it comes to their field of work.

    Shame on them.

  51. Lollysmum says:

    Was the author of the Scotsman piece, David Maddox on that list of journos Rev? If so it indicates that he had prior knowledge of Ian Smart’s online behaviour & chose to ignore it until now.

    Disingenuous doesn’t even begin to describe it. Neil Hay -3 years ago-not OK

    Smart-AOK- carry on old chap, fill yer boots.
    Lying turds the lot of them & for Kezia you have no excuse-what happened to your integrity and honesty. I’m sure you weren’t brought up to be like that. My condolences to your family-you sully the family name.

  52. jimnarlene says:

    Why did Kezia cast the first stone?

  53. galamcennalath says:

    Lollysmum says:
    “If you retweet an abusive tweet then that is tacit collusion & you are equally guilty.”

    Indeed. Wonder which, if any, on Stu’s list might have been daft enough to retweet.

    Now that would be interesting to find out.

  54. icyspark says:

    So Neil Hay gets attacked not only in public, but in the seat of Government by the Labour Branch in Scotland’s deputy leader for linking to a post by BBC Scotlandshire?

    Seriously WTF?

    The words in his tweet, that he is being attacked for are the same as the post title on BBC Scotlandshire. This does NOT mean that he endorses, or said such a thing. It is quoting the title of the piece he is linking to. I post links the very same way all the time. Post title then link. Not to mention it is a comical spoof site.

    Absolute stupidity from SLAB for attacking Neil Hay in such a fashion. No doubt, the media will run with it anyway.

    Absolutely disgusting behaviour from Kezia Dugdale today.

  55. Big Jock says:

    Unlike Ian Smart.The Snp candidate has apologised and shown remorse. It just tells us everything about the media cover up and collusion. Why is Ian Smart still part of Labour and some of his remarks deserve a chap at his door from the Police.

  56. Brian Powell says:

    Is Brian Taylor on the list of journalists?

  57. Legerwood says:

    Perhaps ‘Blind mouths!’ ( John Milton, ‘Lycidas’)
    might be a better title for this piece.

    Labour mouths criticism but is blind to its own shortcomings.

    O/T short item in the Herald today reports that the BBC’s James Cook is taking up a new post as the BBC’s reporter in Los Angeles. Holyrood to Hollywood.

  58. Joemcg says:

    I’m sure if someone said something similar on Facebook they would get immediately pulled up by people on their friends list. Not these Red Tories on twitter though. So by association they endorse these vile tweets.

  59. Soldierwhy says:

    You missed Jayne Baxter MSP from your list.

  60. Tinto Chiel says:

    Thanks, Rev. for providing us with a list that I hope will live in infamy (at least until the 7th of May).

    You keep thinking Slabbers can’t get any worse but they keep sliding down the razor-blade of their utter lack of principle.

    We need a complete clear-out, starting in a fortnight.


  61. George S Gordon says:

    Had a general idea how SNP could influence Labour in HoC. Then I read James Forrest’s blog and it all fell into place. Great work James!

  62. Andy-B says:

    From what you say,it would appear the vast majority of his followers have an idea of his nasty comments,as do the journalists but they don’t feel the need to do or say anything about it.

  63. john king says:

    Nichola Sturgeon has just been described as “Scotland’s first female Scottish NATIONALIST” first minister, absolutely fucking raging STV FEEL MY WRATH!

  64. JGedd says:

    His remark about Osborne being “our bastard” is revealing. The Labour party drank deep of forgetfulness when they went to Westminster and realised that they could keep Scotland easily by doing nothing at all and at the same time ensure a good living for themselves and probably family and offspring too, as long as they forgot their principles.

    They hated the idea of independence since that would end their chance to enjoy these special Westminster privileges far from the people who voted for them. It couldn’t be allowed to happen and hence the comradely feelings for the likes of Osborne on display. They were all on the same side when it came to preserving their system. At least for some of the electorate, seeing Labour cavorting in glee with the other unionist parties at the result of the referendum, must have been their “Animal Farm” moment, and they turned away in disgust.

  65. Maxi kerr says:

    You know!,this is as it always was about money and power and all that goes with it.They are targeting people who are not used to engaging in political thinking and there is lots out there.Remember these are the foot soldier serfs of the establishment that see the gravy train coming to an end and will become even more desperate.

  66. jock mc X says:

    I was 2 years old when kennedy was shot,i dont remember that.

    I was six years old standing in my granny’s flat in govan
    watching on an old black and white telly those bulldozers
    pushing bodies into pits,i remember that.

    Scots calling other Scots nazi’s should be deeply ashamed,
    don’t care who they are or what party they represent.

    The snp guy has been very stupid.

    The representatives of labour in Scotland are just disgusting

    Remember the whole idea is provacation.

  67. EphemeralDeception says:

    What a Rogues Gallery that list of followers is.
    Essentially the collective noun could be:
    A flock of Labour

  68. Calgacus says:

    Aye fuck you STV

  69. john king says:

    email sent to STV
    “I am absolutely furious at the comment made by the reporter Debi Edward, who said on Spotlight aired @ 7.30 pm on 23/04/15 that “Nicola Sturgeon was the first “NATIONALIST” first minster in Scotland, I am outraged at a micron thin attack on the Scottish NATIONAL party , this has become a common thread among the broadcasters in Scotland as it’s disparaging comments about the democratically elected party in power in Holyrood is seen as de rigueur in the msm in Scotland,I find the casual disregard aimed at the SNP has reached a level that it will become unforgivable when we have devolved control over broadcasting in Scotland, have a care STV, WE ARE WATCHING! (in more ways than one)”

  70. jock mc X says:

    provocation…my spelling is getting bad

  71. Craig P says:

    Anyone with Cllr Terry Kelly on the payroll has a hard neck calling out others for their internet zoomers.

  72. Robert Peffers says:

    Oh! For heaven’s sake: Smart is a regular article writer and commenter on Labourhame. The whole bloody party knows all about him and furthermore a good many of them in both the Commons and the Lords have posted downright disgusting comments as have Labour MEPs, MSPs and councillors. There’s not a single one of them who would not have been dragged through the courts and found guilty if not for such insults then condoning them..

    The press have always ignored even their most evil stuff. However, if you really need the truth there are probably more ex-Labour votes because of the abuse than Labour recruits because of it.

  73. Robert Peffers says:

    @gordoz says: 23 April, 2015 at 5:32 pm:

    “We also don’t suggest that all of the people below approve of Mr Smart’s comments – follows are not necessarily endorsements.”

    Totally get that part Rev, …

    Perhaps it might be germane to point out the very obvious point that even if those Labourite names on the list do not agree with Smart they muist, at very least, condone it. Otherwise they would be compelled to have spoken up and condemned it.

    It is a bit like telling lies you can lie by telling an untruth or by omission of a truth you know to be a lie.
    There isn’t a single person on that list, who knowing Smarts often expressed views, is not guilty of lying, and thus condoning, his vileness.

  74. Casper1066 says:

    Integrity…….or the lack of

  75. Martin McDonald says:

    Kezia Dugdale lied to Parliament today when she claimed not to be aware of Smart’s behaviour. It has been brought to her attention and to the attention of Labour boss Jim Murphy by people on Twitter on many occasions.

    This should be a resignation issue for Dugdale.

  76. Fred says:

    @ Donald Anderson, Kirkwood’s autobiog’ “My Life of Revolt” was dismissed by Willie Gallagher? as “My Revolting Life”.

  77. rongorongo says:

    If the guy was just a loser at the end of a bar or a reality TV narcissist then that would be one thing; these are not categories of people who are accustomed to being aware of the power of published words to get one into trouble. But Ian Smart made it to president of the fucking Law Society!

  78. Robert Peffers says:

    @Lollysmum says: 23 April, 2015 at 6:34 pm:

    “If you follow someone making such tweets, the onus is on you to challenge them or unfollow otherwise it is tacit approval.

    If you retweet an abusive tweet then that is tacit collusion & you are equally guilty.”

    That’s it in a nutshell – following someone tweeting such bile implies condoning their behaviour.

  79. donald anderson says:

    Fred commented on The blind eyes.
    in response to RevStu:

    @ Donald Anderson, Kirkwood’s autobiog’ “My Life of Revolt” was dismissed by Willie Gallagher? as “My Revolting Life”.

    Willie Gallagher was guilty of abuse himself. He and the Communist Part of GREAT Britain spread lies on John MacLean’s sanity. Jim McLean Scottish Republican Folk Song writer said he visited Gallagher on his sick bed in Paisley and Gallagher said he was sorry for the lies he told about John MacLean.

    Gallagher double crossed MacLean on the formation of a Scottish Republican Communist Party after his visit to Lenin. MacLean should have gone, but refused to travel illegally in order to have his Soviet Consul in Glasgow officially recognised. Harry McShane told me that at meeting to form a party both came down opposite sides of the hall towards each other and had to be separated. Harry himself chose to go with the Brits, but in his latter years he wrote to Thatcher saying that the minimum demand for the Scottish Working class was Devolution and the maximum demand was a Scottish Workers Republic. Harry spent several decades in the John MacLean Society promoting John MacLean and his work.

    Sir Basil Thompson, Head of security in Scotland ordered his entourage to spread lies about MacLean and Sylvia Pankhurst by encouraging those who monitored him 24/7 to say he was paranoid. Sylvia Pankhurst supported MacLean.

    Isn’t it sickening Fred to see the latter day Labour Saints and collector of the Poll Tax, claim Mary Barbour, leader of the Govan Rent strike?

    Incidentally, Lord Shinwell of the period was another who earned hos ermine selling out and principles he never had. When Kirkwood was batoned On George Square he was scuttling off to his Tam Union Office to “protect his papers”. Aye right.

    I was told by older factory workers, In Pilkington’s Possi works, that (Lord) Shinwell and (Sir) Patrick Dolan and other Labour ites stopped HLI sojers marching down Garscube Road, after burning the Butcher’s Apron, to join the rioters in George Square against English troops. He promised he would get them off lightly if they returned to Maryhill Barracks. Instead they received heavy sentences for mutiny. I have not seen this in writing anywhere. I have pamphlet based on official records on the plot to smear MacLean.

  80. Wee folding bike says:

    When people ask what Labour members are still worth listening too I have long said Mr Chisholm but then he is on that list too. I wonder if he really set that up or if someone in his office did it.

    Perhaps I’m just too hopeful that there is one worthwhile Labour politician in Scotland.

  81. terry says:

    well done Wings – again!
    You’re like the Columbo of politics or Poirot – or maybe Quincy due to the forensic analysis – cheers!

  82. maureen mangan says:

    In tonight’s news Douglas Alexander has said that he wished he had taken his wife’s name on marriage as it might have resulted in him not being placed at the top of the naughty list.

  83. Ghillie says:

    What an unimpressive bunch.

    What on earth are they all going to do for employment when they are forced out of politics?

  84. Stoker says:

    dmw42 wrote:
    “Dugdale misled the Chamber, she must be reprimanded by the PO”

    Does anyone know if there is a public formal complaints process for this sort of thing, making a complaint about a member deliberately misleading parliament and/or lying, or does this sort of thing have to come from within, ie; only from other members?

    If there is a process open to the public then we should be inundating the appropriate facility with complaints.

    We have all the evidence we need, supplied right here on WOS.

    What is the procedure in these matters?

  85. gerry parker says:

    @ stoker,
    from John King next thread.

    I usually write to Tricia Marwick the Presiding Officer first, or to my List MSP’s.

  86. gordoz says:

    Robert Peffers

    Re list – I concur (They disgust me the lot of them)

  87. Cuilean says:

    Regarding Ian Smart’s former ‘Presidency’ of the Law Society of Scotland, (it’s a one year tenure); there are circa 10,000 Scottish lawyers; members of the Law Society of Scotland, but they don’t get a vote on ‘their’ ‘yearly’ President (or vice-President).

    If you want to know how ‘Presidents’ of the Law Society of Scotland are appointed each year, please ask the Law Society of Scotland.

  88. Stoker says:

    Thank you gerry parker @ 8.33am

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