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You WILL mourn, peasants

Posted on September 19, 2022 by

An incomplete list of TV channels showing the royal funeral today follows.

BBC News
BBC Parliament
Channel 4
Sky Showcase
Sky Atlantic
Sky Witness
Sky Max
Sky Documentaries
Sky Crime
Sky History
Sky History 2
Sky Nature
Sky Arts
Sky Replay
Sky Comedy
Sky Sci-Fi
Sky Cinema Premiere
Sky Mega Hits
Sky Hits
Sky Greats
Sky Animation
Sky Family
Sky Action
Sky Rom Coms
Sky Thriller
Sky Drama
Sky Sci-Fi Horror
Sky Sports
Sky Sports Main Event
Sky Sports Football
Sky Sports Cricket
Sky Sports Golf
Sky Sports F1
Sky Sports NFL
Sky Sports Arena
Sky Sports News
Sky Sports Racing
Sky Sports Mix
Movies 24
Bloomberg TV
GB News
NBC News Now
Talk TV
The God Channel
Craft Extra
Create & Craft
Cruise 1st
New Vision
The Sikh Channel

There is of course no conceivable justification for this. Everyone with a TV can get BBC1, ITV1 or Sky News. If you want to watch the funeral – and many millions will, good for them – you can see it on any of those, with your choice of commentators.

If you don’t, however – and many millions don’t – you’re pretty much out of luck. Your licence fee and your subscriptions buy you no service.

You will mourn, or you will shut up on pain of arrest. Enjoy your diversity and freedom.


[EDIT 2.09pm: incredible work, STV.]


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299 to “You WILL mourn, peasants”

  1. Ian Brotherhood says:

    We’re pretty much at Full Mourning Speed.

    Wonder what channel will be first to dare return to normal?


  2. Heaver says:

    Can’t even go to the shops.

  3. Ian McCubbin says:

    At least Netflix is still available with Grace and Frankie to bring some relief and laughter.

  4. Scott says:

    I stopped watching telly in 2005, there’ll be no watching of mourning in this hoose.

    Am gonna get pished and play golf on the PS2; 2 shots adrift on -46 heading into the final round over Tiger’s Dream 18. EA Sports, it’s in the game.

  5. Graf Midgehunter says:


    SAT 1
    France 24 English
    France 24 French
    TV5 Monde
    AL Jazeera

    then I stopped looking when I got to USA, China, Mongolia, Middle East etc, etc.

  6. Effijy says:

    Yes the Queen has a remarkable life and the lady deserves respect but life should
    be about choice and anti-monarchists like Liz Truss before it became a negative on her
    career prospects was one.

    It yet again shows how the media are totally controlled by the elite.

    Time now to put all this in history books and look to readdress the distribution of wealth as we head toward consecutive year 68 where the gap between those who have and have not has grown wider.

    Let them eat cake needs to be addressed in this country

  7. Rab Davis says:

    I have avoided looking at anything relating to the Lizzie funeral.

    I might even head down to sunny Saltcoats.

    And tomorrow King Charlie the Turd (wife killer) takes over as head of the “Firm”.

    Where corruption and bribery will rule supreme…

    “Prince of pegging”? Probably not. Prince of gratuitously suspicious financial transactions? Apologies to the perv Prince Andrew: Charles has stolen that crown. Britain’s future king has apparently been wheeling and dealing in a reckless manner, according to a new report from the Sunday Times, entitled “Prince Charles accepted £1 million from family of Osama bin Laden.” This news comes mere weeks after the same paper announced that Charles personally accepted suitcases full of cash from a foreign dignitary, and raises a pertinent question: “Why would you do this?”, as one source framed it to the Times.

  8. Saffron Robe says:

    In a democracy you have a choice. We are no longer living in a democracy. And as you say, Stuart, there is no logical justification for having it on every channel.

  9. Confused says:

    You people need to lighten up – record it on the hard drive and just watch the highlights, e.g.

    The Blood Orgy at 4pm – where the dungeons of Balmoral, filled with un-documented refugee children, are bled for the glory of her Majesty :

    – Blood for the Blood Queen of the Empire of Blood

    An original soundtrack by Brian Eno will be played – a mashup of the Smiths “Queen is Dead” with Bauhaus “Bela Lugosis Dead” – sounds like a massive banger.

  10. Republicofscotland says:

    I agree it’s all just extreme pageantry for the masses, I caught a glimpse of King Charles III and his brothers and sister walking behind the coffin, dressed in full military regalia, with more medals on their chests than an African dictator would have.

  11. Milady says:

    Currently watching last night’s golf that we recorded. Bwahhahahahaha. Up yours Sky Golf (and well done Bob MacIntyre). Off out shortly to have lunch at a republican cafe where I will greet like minded spirits with a “Good Mourning” in the style of the policeman from ‘Allo Allo.

  12. Sandra says:

    Twitter are suppressing my notifications too. Do they really think this will make us love them more?

  13. @nairnkev says:

    A Scottish Republic can’t come quick enough IMHO.
    If anyone needs me I’ll be in my greenhouse.
    Don’t start the revolution without me.

  14. Mrs Grimble says:

    Today I’m bingeing ‘Night Sky’ on Amazon Prime. It’s decent SF; I’m only four episodes in but it’s already developing a promising “alien overlords” vibe. And Sissy Spacek can never be not wonderful to watch.

  15. Ian says:

    Even the soft porn channels are showing the funeral.

  16. Republicofscotland says:

    Today is a very sad day, a day of mourning here in Scotland, but not for Queen Elizabeth, oh no, today is a day of mourning, for its the 8th anniversary of the day after our 2014 indyref, when most of us found out that we had lost the 18th of September indyref vote, and along with it, the freedom of Scotland from this union, and that chance of making it a better place to live in.

    That chance will come again.

  17. Patsy Millar says:

    Thanks be for Channel 5 browse and ‘Criminal Minds’!

  18. Republicofscotland says:


    You can watch him say it in the SKY interview provided.

    “Did I just hear Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, say ‘there are hard times for the people ahead, but the most important thing is there was a seamless change in the Head of State’?”

    As Grouse Beater pointed out in his latest excellent article, the Queen reigned when rationing was still on the go, and ended her reign when foodbanks are a everyday necessity.

  19. auld highlander says:

    For just over a week now I have been avoiding all uk news whether it’s local or english. It’s being rammed down our throats whether we like it or not and very difficult to avoid unless you are living on an undiscovered island in the Pacific.

    Makes me wonder if the Walt Disney empire have anything to do with the arrangements as it seems like a Disney epic on steroids.

  20. ScottieDog says:

    I’m sure there will be a large number of remourners too..

  21. David says:

    At least we’re now peak Funeralfest and it should taper back down to normality.

  22. BaronessSamedi says:

    And all the BBC radio stations are except Radio 1 and CBeebies.

  23. Southernbystander says:

    Anyone actually watch the funeral service? It was really good. The bagpiper at the end was an excellent touch.

  24. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    Polling is consistent. Support for the monarchy amongst autochthonous Scots is net 8%. Support for the monarchy amongst autochthonous English is net 51%. The handful of (apparently, mostly non-Scots) gathered at the “big screen” in Edinburgh is hilarious.

  25. stuart mctavish says:

    Watched it on TF2, loved the bagpipes.

    Did wonder whether condolences painted on the road might have been covered with sand though – ..and what the coffin was sat on, how the 2 minutes silence started 2 minutes early and whether, after singing GSK rather than a final GSQ – and failing to bow to either King or Queen immediately thereafter – the church hierarchy might somehow have forgotten its place in the order of things

  26. Anne Johnston says:

    I need some food.

  27. ronnie anderson says:

    12.59 Anne ah hope coronation chickens no oan the menu

  28. Hazelwoods says:

    Just did a quick skip through all news channels. Worldwide they are still watching this spectacle.

    Thank goodness the official “national mourning” stops tonight. Can we go back to “normal” now, please.

    As an example of England’s exceptionalism it was a glory to behold. 95% of people interviewed called her The Queen of England. 50% of the people are from outwith UK. I suspect a great many of those watching are doing so to see just how patronising BBC and Sky can be.

    Tomorrow we can go back to wall to wall War in Ukraine, and it’ll be just like it hasn’t been ignored for almost 2 weeks.

    Meanwhile UK continues to be ungoverned. No attempt to even try to fool us that they are working. There has been no government since July. (Only a pretendy one before that)

    I suspect The Queen had been very ill for quite some time and was using every bit of her remaining strength to ensure she got rid of Johnson, Bruising on her hand suggests cannula. Doctors will have known how long she felt she needed to carry on. Tories gave her a timescale. Once she had dumped Johnson and installed Truss her job was done. Less than 48 hours after dumping Johnson she was gone.

    Operation London Bridge began with the announcement she was under doctors’ orders to rest. Look at the protocol for London Bridge and Operation Unicorn. That was the announcement to “those in the know”. Broadcasts don’t continue like that for a Head of State who is ill, but they do for one who is already dead.

  29. Wee Chid says:

    I’m online watching all the old Taggarts from episode one on UKTV Play while crocheting an autumn decoration. Drove through the village at the wrong time and witnessed the faux mourners gathering to lay a wreath next to a photo of the oligarch Betty Windsor – bloody hypocrites,most of them, and noticed the kids park was awfy quiet. Don’t know if the weans are being barred from playing or not.
    I give not a f**ck for the royals and won’t be forced into pretending the auld matriarch was anything other than a money grabbing billionaire who was quite happy to rob the poor to pay for her heating and to fund a bribe to keep her son out of jail.

  30. Wee Chid says:

    Southernbystander says:
    19 September, 2022 at 12:40 pm
    “Anyone actually watch the funeral service? It was really good. The bagpiper at the end was an excellent touch.”

    Naw,did he play “Wish Me Luck As you Wave Me Goodbye”?

  31. Wee Chid says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    19 September, 2022 at 11:32 am
    “We’re pretty much at Full Mourning Speed.

    Wonder what channel will be first to dare return to normal?”


    Nothing will return to normal. 2022 is the new 1966 – they will never shut up about it.

  32. Soda says:

    When the whole crowd looks like a sea of nazi salutes… iphones at the ready!

  33. alan scott says:

    Commercial channels will be broadcasting the funeral because they believe it will bring them more viewers. I suspect they haven’t thought about how much this will aggravate Scottish Nationalist PS2 players and gardeners.

  34. Dorothy Devine says:

    Wee Chid , my thoughts exactly .

  35. Breastplate says:

    I missed that but I’ll probably get to see the highlights later on the Comedy Gold channel with the Sex Pistols soundtrack.

  36. Norman Mackenzie says:

    Which is the reason I am sipping beer in Bucharest.

  37. James Che says:

    So before queen elizabeth 11 of England was cold or buried the royals were scrabbling in the dirt to ensure they had inherited their moneies and titles, making proclimations of what they were to inherit around The Colonies on televised media during the ten day mourning period,

    Now that the inheritance has been secured they are forcing the world to do something that the royals, the media and the, clergies and officials did not do,

    Respect their mother/ grandmother before she was cold and buried, Discourteous, disrespectful, dishonourble, and a public displace of inheritance greed.

  38. James Che says:

    The Royals, the MSM, and clergy would have perhaps garnered more respect from my household for the death of a loved one in their family if this had been displayed by the future king of England himself.

    However it was not his or his sons first priority
    I will not watch such hypocrisy on any media.

  39. Rocko says:

    Most telly is unwatchable cack, so today, if you’re a republican, is hardly any different.
    But if you’re not a republican, it’s the Queen of Scotland’s funeral.

  40. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Naw,did he play “Wish Me Luck As you Wave Me Goodbye”?”

    Walking On Sunshine.

  41. Cuilean says:

    “And with a torrent rush,
    Rebellious Scots to crush,
    Gaw Aw Aw Aw Aaawaaa D,
    Save the King’.

    I hope the Murrells enjoyed belting that out in London, today.They have done more, single handedly, to crush Scots, than any English monarch, since Edward Longshanks.

    Oh, they don’t sing that verse any more?

    I wonder why?

  42. James Che says:

    There was something crude, dishonourable and and disrepectful to their mother and grandmother from Charles and william to use the official mourning period for inheritance greed.

  43. Morag says:

    Radio 3 isn’t broadcasting the funeral, but we’re stuck with “a special sequence of music for this day of contemplation”. It’s not that the music isn’t good, but the unmitigated mourning and funeral theme combined with the hushed tones of the continuity announcers is getting on my tits.

    I just fetched a CD set of the entire “Ring”. That’s 14 hours of music, or more if the conductor lingers a bit. Let’s see them interrupt that.

    If I get as far as the Funeral Procession in “Götterdämmerung” it will probably be tomorrow by then anyway.

  44. Dan says:

    On the positive side… All that funeral coverage has strongly motivated me to get away tae fook from being exposed to any of it, resulting in me being very productive with the house renovation work.
    But my hands need a rest now after being stuck in gloves for hours whilst using lime mortar, so may go fishing later…

  45. Republicofscotland says:

    I still get a kick out of reading Salvo’s opening sentence in the Notice to Quit.

    Addressed to the House Jock Alister Jack.

    “You, your employees, staff, servants and lackeys are hereby served with notice that you must quit, leave, depart, remove yourselves, your goods, gear and effects from all offices and departments occupied within the sovereign territory of Scotland.”

  46. Peter says:

    Did you watch the Queen’s funeral on television ?

    Oh! – was it on telly ?

  47. big Morag says:

    Sorry, Did I miss something ??
    You’d think someone had died……

  48. Effijy says:

    It seems that the British Crown legally owns 6.6 billion acres across the globe.
    That is around a sixth of earth’s land mass.

    I don’t know how much of that once belonged to Scotland

  49. James Che says:

    Can a Westminster legislated devolved government in Scotland proclaim him king of Scots without consulting the Scots,.

    After all it is not a Scottish parliament but a westminster legislater.

    I do not want him or his son as king of Scots after he displayed such hypocrisy and greed before his mother was buried,

  50. ronnie anderson says:

    2.15 Maggie C wee Annie attends every rally wie the Wings flag

  51. Scott says:

    Dan says:
    19 September, 2022 at 2:19 pm

    But my hands need a rest now after being stuck in gloves for hours whilst using lime mortar, so may go fishing later…

    Fish shops are traditionally closed on a Monday.

    Not sure if it’s for the same reason as the hairdressers, which I assume is recovery from all the ching they take on a Saturday at closing time….although I’ve done no proper research; what do I care – am baldy.

    Tight lines.

  52. Southernbystander says:

    Also a really good James Macmillan choral piece in the service. I did not know the final lone bagpipe tune but I suspect some here will. It was apparently chosen by the queen.

    I know this is all so much baloney to most here and tbh I am no royalist, and I am not in mourning, not by a long way, but I just thought the service was pretty moving, with really great music and very well done overall.

  53. JLT says:

    Along with the TV Presenters, I must be one of the very few who is working today. At least I’m being paid treble time to watch the funeral. That’s the only upside.

  54. Alison Whiteford says:

    Saw a screenshot on twitter of some channels showing the funeral that you missed. Hopefully tissues will not be required
    Adult Channel
    Babes and Brazzers
    Get Lucky TV
    XXX Public Pickups

  55. Morag says:

    My doorbell just rang. It was my gardener, asking for a top-up to his water bottle before he started to mow the lawn.

    There is yet hope for humanity.

  56. MaggieC says:

    Ronnie Anderson @ 2.31pm

    I met Wee Annie last year at Glasgow Green when it was the Women’s rally and had a good blether with her, I must look out my “Wings” flag for the Women’s rally at Holyrood on 6th October. (:

  57. Dan says:

    @ Scott

    Thought fishmongers being closed on Monday was because the fishing boats don’t go out on Sunday. Fisherfolk and fish need a day of rest after all, or there could be an residual religious tradition element to it.

    There’s other conundrums of shop retail etiquette too.
    A couple I think I have worked out is that the big furniture shops like DFS and Sterling near Tillicoultry near Stirling suddenly drop their perpetual SALE if there’s been significant flooding through residential areas.
    And post Crimbo, a lot of shops have sales with much reduced prices.
    It’s almost like the shops are taking the piss out of victims of flooding and gullible folk by extracting a higher amount of monies for products from the punters.

  58. James Che says:


    Going fishing, wish I could join you,
    I have not been fishing for ages, years in fact, I used to go with my brothers and their friends on a regular basis,
    How peaceful it was every time, surrounded by beautiful sounds and views, I remember stand on the banks of a river so still and quite just enjoying the serenity when from the corner of my eye I spotted some movement on the edge of the river bank,

    You have no idea how long I held my breath and stood like a statue fishing rod paused to the sky while this stoat amble right up to me,
    I thought it would take of as soon as it got wind of me, but no,
    It paused for awhile assessing the situation, then suddenly ran towards me over the top of my wellie, zipped between my two boots and into a hole in the bank behind me,
    I had not realised that I could hold my breath for so long.
    Caught three small brown trout that day, but it was that other special moment that made my day,
    Something similar happened on a crunchy frosty moonlight walk with hubby when a fox ran along side a field fence towards us, it stopped a few feet away, sniffing the air, looking at out dog, about the same size as each other, before it slowly turned, looked over its shoulder and disappeared into young trees.

    Fishing is not just about catching a fish to eat, but the pleasure of being at peace and part of nature,

  59. Josef Ó Luain says:

    As many are about to rediscover: totemic-spectacle has never paid the utility bills or placed nourishing food on the table.

  60. Scott says:


    Shop etiquette?

    There’s selection boxes on the shelves; that’s not right unless every day is Hallowe’en.

    It’ll be foosty by the feast of Steefen.

  61. Republicofscotland says:

    We demand your attention and respect, an excellent article from the journalist Jonathan Cook, on the death of Queen Elizabeth.

    “Anyone in the UK who imagined they lived in a representative democracy – one in which leaders are elected and accountable to the people – will be in for a rude awakening over the next days and weeks.

    TV schedules have been swept aside. Presenters must wear black and talk in hushed tones. Front pages are uniformly somber. Britain’s media speak with a single, respectful voice about the Queen and her unimpeachable legacy.

    Westminster, meanwhile, has been stripped of left and right. The Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour parties have set aside politics to grieve as one. Even the Scottish nationalists – supposedly trying to rid themselves of the yoke of centuries of English rule presided over by the monarch – appear to be in effusive mourning.

    The world’s urgent problems – from the war in Europe to a looming climate catastrophe – are no longer of interest or relevance. They can wait till Britons emerge from a more pressing national trauma.”

  62. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Caught three small brown trout that day, but it was that other special moment that made my day,

    I’ve stood for half an hour at the wall opposite my house, motionless and silent, watching the badgers 18 inches away (at chest height) chomping on some dog food, so close I can smell their fur. It’s spellbinding.

  63. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

  64. JGedd says:

    Morag @ 2.18pm
    I sympathise, Morag. Enjoying the music but the interjections from the presenter every now and again to remind us, with tones of solemnity, that the Queen is being buried today is annoying. Especially when on first tuning in, I had actually forgotten. I resented being reminded.

    However, the sequence of music is good but only until 4pm when we are warned we are going over to St George’s Chapel for the interment. Not me. I’ll be disconnecting. I can find musical accompaniment to what I’ll be busy with then. (Probably clearing out cupboards. Have to get rid of junk. There’s a way to commemorate the passing of a monarch after all.)

  65. Vestas says:

    Is it just me or does Truss have VERY small teeth?

    Or is it just that she has a huge mouth?

  66. Grouser says:

    We are not all mourning, believe me. Standing in a shop queue at the weekend to the sound of a elderly woman sounding off about the whole business. Nobody in earshot disagreed with her.

    Memories of the 18th September, 2014? Driving from the YES hub to my polling station I passed an elderly man standing waiting for a bus. He was holding up a Vote Yes poster while he waited. That is a mental picture I will not forget in a hurry. Still brings a lump to my throat.

  67. Andy Ellis says:

    I think a lot of people – including many “instinctive” unionists and folk I know who are anti independence, or non-political are totally scunnered with the whole shebang. None of the folk I know think this appropriate. It’s a similar vibe to the period after the death of Diana: most will shrug, say it’s unfortunate and sympathise for their loss, but a small and noisy minority go totally off the deep end.

    Of course if we had a functioningYes movement, or a nationalist government worth its salt it would be pointing out that all this medieval frippery, kow-towing and mandatory grieving could be a thing of the past. They certainly shouldn’t be joining in wholeheartedly in the schlockfest.

    Let’s make Charles the Third Charles the Last. It’s as good an argument for indy as any.

  68. Karen says:

    Horror AND Comedy channels, just about sums it up. At least in North Korea the busses probably turn up.

  69. Confused says:

    mick travis, on the roof

  70. Morag says:

    However, the sequence of music is good but only until 4pm when we are warned we are going over to St George’s Chapel for the interment.

    I’d already switched off and was well into act 2 of Die Walküre by that point. I only realised what I was “missing” because I follow the Radio 3 Now Playing bot on Twitter.

  71. Morag says:

    This reminds me of the time, more than 30 years ago, when I was in the choir singing at the “Forty Glorious Years” event to celebrate forty years of Liz’s reign. At the start I was quite chuffed at being part of such an important event. By the end of it I was firmly in the “bunch of parasites” camp, where I have remained ever since.

  72. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    I am confident that his Gracious Majesty King Charles will make a rip roaring arse of the job of monarch.

    Us republicans/ democrats, think Charles is just what is needed.

    Watch this space.

    Republic are currently seeking new members, if you have a spare sheckle, a good cause.

  73. Tinto Chiel says:

    Luckily I avoided all this by climbing Tinto Hill, which for some reason was extremely busy.

    Maybe it was the dry weather and the excellent views.

  74. Anne Forte says:

    I’m on holiday on a secluded Greek island and nobody here gives a f*ck about it. Bliss.

  75. Robert Louis says:

    OK, I get it, some folk in England, and a tiny wee handsful elsewhere find this all ‘very moving’, but the rest of us don’t. I cannot believe how utterly over the top it has all been, especially at a time when their are so many dependent upon foodbanks and cannot heat their homes.

    As for avoinding it, gosh, I wish I had thought of Wagner’s ring cycle, like Morag.

    I always thought the monarchy an irrelevancy, and didn’t think it relevant to independence, but all this wall to wall British nationalistic propaganda,has finrly changed my mind. Scotland really needs to call an end to its participation in this rotten, undemocratic, unwanted union with England.

    Surely by now she has been buried? It’s been going on all day.

  76. Robert Louis says:

    Anne Forte,

    You are so very lucky. Leaving the country seems the only option.

  77. Breastplate says:

    Just noticed the edit.
    I think the massive gathering to watch the funeral says it all.

  78. Ruby says:

    I’m listening to an audiobook while doing some overdue spring cleaning.

    Too busy for TV & mourning.

    Now I’ve done my best, I know it wasn’t much
    I couldn’t feel, so I tried to touch
    I’ve told the truth, I didn’t come here to London just to fool you
    And even though it all went wrong
    I’ll stand right here before the Lord of song
    With nothing, nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah

  79. James che says:

    I like your vid of the badgers, lucky to get so close to them, nice also supplementing their diet as a lot of food sources even for wildlife is scarce in certain areas. It looks like it might be a female with three youngsters, a beautiful moment when wildlife trusts you within their vicinity. Animals know instinctively
    Spellbinding and breathtaking, magic.

    Have they continued to visit over the years or was that their first year on your video. They will remember they can trust you.

    I do put food out for wild animals, but I have to make sure it is not near houses, farms, or shooting estates,

    The sad paradox is that very people whom go on about climate change and re-wilding are the very first people that kill the wildlife around us,

    I remember you used to put some wildlife picture up here to, in amongst all the political chaos,
    A very peaceful way to stay grounded

  80. Dorothy Devine says:

    Rev , beautiful video of your badgers – I met a young one once, it bit my toe obviously thought it was a juicy worm.

    Lovely photo of Annie.

    Ronnie , good to see you here – hope all is well/improving.

  81. Andy Ellis says:

    Just saw this on FB (…so, you know it is sometimes good for something!) credited to Kevan Hughes:

    You’re angry that ‘your’ queen is dead
    And you know that I don’t care
    You’re angry that I don’t recognise
    Her ‘rightful Son and Heir’

    You’re angry that I don’t show ‘respect’
    To something I don’t believe
    You’re angry that I have the freedom
    To choose when I should grieve

    You’re angry, that unlike you,
    I wasn’t put upon this earth
    To bow and scrape and know my place,
    Like some medieval serf

    You’re Angry that somehow,
    I’m allowed a point of view
    You’re angry when you realise
    I don’t agree with you

    You’re angry that I don’t embrace
    Your feudalistic rules
    You’re angry because you know that I despise
    Such grovelling, fawning fools

    But you see, I am angry too
    About so many different things
    Born in a world of sycophants,
    And all the grief it brings

    I’m angry at the BBC, the Daily Mail,
    The morons that they quote
    The puerile propaganda
    They’re ramming down my throat

    I’m angry that I’m mourning,
    For a vision that has gone
    Angry that we can’t make a world
    That works for everyone

    I’m angry that we’re still held back
    By forelock tuggers such as you
    Angry that you’re wedded to your masters
    And your own outdated view

    I’m angry that you worship
    The people at the top
    Your whole world’s an anachronism
    It really has to stop.

  82. Breastplate says:

    Andy Ellis,
    Thanks for posting that, well done to Kevin Hughes.

  83. Tinto Chiel says:

    So, for perhaps the first time in history, the musical choice today is Wagner or The Sex Pistols?

    Strange times indeed.

  84. robertkknight says:

    Wot Ellis quotes…


  85. twathater says:

    The hypocrisy of the TV arseholes knows no bounds , sky and all the other commercial channels frown on showing flippant advertising articles during this sombre respectful time (hahaha) , so you have to accept them turning the clock back to the 50s where instead of ads you had the boring musical interludes , I think it is Elgar’s requiem that has been playing during the breaks but as soon as it has finished they then immediately produce their own advertising version of the forthcoming progs on their and other channels , maybe Betty wants to know what’s on the box in the future
    What a load of pish

  86. twathater says:

    Kevin Hughes for FM at least he has BALLS

  87. James Che says:

    Andy Ellis.

    Thank you for posting that here on wings.

    Very appropriate in this mad world at this moment in time.

  88. 100%Yes says:

    Dam it, why wasn’t anyone told beforehand about the big screen at Holyrood Palace, I love watching big screens. I’m really annoyed, I could have watched the Simpsons. I know what happened to the crowd they must have been showing a nightmare on elm street, I can’t abide watching the horror channel.

    This shows that people weren’t mourning the queen when her coffin was driven through Edinburgh, it was just tourist and general public looking on at what was happening.

  89. Bob Mack says:

    Only a Coronation to go now,..Oh God !!!! Where’s ma passport.

  90. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Have they continued to visit over the years or was that their first year on your video. “

    The foxes (up to 7) have been here for about two and a half years now – they more or less coincided with lockdown – and the badgers (up to 5) for maybe a year.

  91. Shug says:

    What’s the chances of them saying yes to a referendum and making it around a coronation

  92. Bob Mack says:

    My granddaughter just asked why the Queen chose Over the sea to Skye and Flooers of the forest as her funereal music as they are about the rebels. Ie us.

    Maybe she was a closet Indy fan.?

  93. Geoff Anderson says:

    Has somebody died?

  94. Republicofscotland says:

    This is what happens to you, if accidently got anywhere near the royal convoy today.

  95. solarflare says:

    CITV makes me laugh. Might as well irritate the kids whilst they’re at it and ban cartoons for the day.

  96. Republicofscotland says:

    The Welsh are fed up with the Crown Estate robbing them bind, and want it devolved.

  97. Republicofscotland says:

    “Dam it, why wasn’t anyone told beforehand about the big screen at Holyrood Palace”


    The big screen event was in an article by the Holyrood magazine online.

    In any case this is how it turned out.

  98. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Whereby I don my ‘Proud Pedant’ badge
    and orp* about this:

    This morning, Huw Edwards was talking about the procession but then went on to mention that so-and-so and so-and-so were processing down the road.

    NO! NO! NO!

    If you are taking part in a procession, you are PROCEEDING in the same direction.

    Bernard Matthews PROCESSES turkeys; other companies PROCESS chicken into chicken nuggets.

    So much for the language skills department of the BBBC.


  99. Republicofscotland says:

    This is an interesting comparison point, if true, whilst Scotland is in this union.

    “If just one island in Argyll contributes more net income to HM Treasury than the UK’s second largest city, Birmingham, who is supporting who?”

    “Did the calc years ago. In 2015 19,950,000 Litres per annum produced on Islay (although nothing compared to Speyside, value per bottle also significant). 70% of value of whisky sold in UK goes toward excise duty & vat. Meanwhile Birmingham ran a net deficit to treasury.”

  100. Republicofscotland says:

    I’ll never think of the island of Islay the same way again.

    “If Islay was an independent state, its GDP per head would be enormous—it would be like Monaco.”

    And that’s just Islay!”

    “And that doesn’t include Islay beef, lamb, seafood (including Gruinart oysters) and cheese. It’s a massive income for the U.K. Treasury for only around 1,800 actual workers.”

  101. L.U.T.B says:

    If there was some central mind organising the global TV schedules then I’m sure that most of them would have been on business as usual. But there isn’t and I suppose none of the channels wanted to miss out on a slice of history.

    Anyway, I vowed when I retired 6 years ago that I would only watch day-time TV once I became too knackered to do anything else. So loyal monarchist though I am, I headed out at 11 for a long walk with the dog.

    Also, these days I get more than my fill of funerals of people I actually know. And it will probably get a mention on the evening news.

  102. Republicofscotland says:

    I wonder where they’ll be, I mean the City of London is already one big tax haven so probably not there.

    “Kwasi Kwarteng wants to create twelve tax havens within the UK because they been such an obvious and powerful force for good in the world if, that is, you’re wealthy and a banker, lawyer or tax abusing accountant.”

  103. Lenny Hartley says:

    Turned off the tv when the c hook o dunedin snuffed it well about ten mins after, since then i mainly listen to Manx Radio, anyways when qe1 eft us it was in sycophant mode so retuned my internet radio to celtic music radio coz it dusnae hae news and i quite like it, well it was all slow airs, dirges and laments.
    So I thought listen to a radio station from a Republic so looked up the USA , first lot of radio stations were in Albama m tuned into Hicksville and first item on news and any studio chats is well you have guessed by now.
    Gaslighting on a global scale.

  104. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Dundee Annie.

    This is my favourite pic of Annie. Story behind it…

    We Wingers were in the Yes Bar on the Saturday Evening (2016) and Ronnie had gone out for a smoke. When he came back in, he brought Sarah Johnson with him.
    She blethered with us for a while and Ronnie invited her to come to the Friends of WOS stall at Glasgow Green the following day.

    She turned up at WOS stall and I captured this pic of her and Annie.

    And, in case you need a reminder…

  105. Stoker says:

    Every single channel on peasants tv (Freeview) has just suspended all advertising from 19:26 hrs to 19:30 hrs. Some channels replaced adverts with a notification that the advertising is temporarily suspended but normal programming will resume after “this short break”. And others put a postage stamp type picture of lizzie with from/to dates under it.

    I see too that ‘The Duchess of Dysart’ was killed in a crash on the A9 on Friday (16/09/22). Aye! Me too! Never heard of her but she of the Rothiemurchus Estate was a much-loved figure according to the BBC in Scotland text service. Her and her husband have done a lot for wildlife in the Highlands, apparently.

    I’ve just been informed that all advertising has been suspended for the entire day as “a mark of respect for the queen”. How the hell is that a ma…………….forget it. Words fail me!

  106. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Nicola Sturgeon: Office of the First Minister of Scotland:

    Kwasi Kwarteng: Chancellor of the Exchequer, HM Treasury of the United Kingdom:

  107. Republicofscotland says:

    The SNP have lauded the idea of freeports in Scotland however Professor Richard Murphy gives us the lowdown on freeports. In a step-by-step guide.

    “I have been asked on here if I have ever looked at the benefits of freeports. The honest answer is no, but that is because I have never been able to find any such benefits. I have, however, looked at the massive downsides to this idea that both Sunak and Truss support.”

  108. Republicofscotland says:

    Words fail me here.

    “”Sir Lindsay Hoyle: “We should not let anything overshadow the most important event the world will ever see and that is the funeral of her majesty””

    Watch him say it in earnest.

  109. Stoker says:

    Robert Louis says on 19 September 2022 at 5:01 pm
    “I cannot believe how utterly over the top it has all been, especially at a time when there are so many dependent upon foodbanks and cannot heat their homes.”

    Want to know one better than that, Robert? Just a couple of days ago the BBC in Scotland text service was announcing, as if doing us all a great big favour, how the companies who run the Foodbanks are going to allow a select few to remain open today around Glasgow.

    I don’t even know where to start with that. It’s something we should all be ashamed of. That in this day-and-age we even have foodbanks. And just because she popped her cloggs folk don’t stop being hungry. I honestly thought for a split second some Tory was having a laugh then i realised they were serious. Shameful!

  110. Robert Hughes says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    19 September, 2022 at 8:13 pm
    Words fail me here.

    “”Sir Lindsay Hoyle: “We should not let anything overshadow the most important event the world will ever see and that is the funeral of her majesty””

    Lol . Aye,that famous English understatement , what ?

    The Heat Death of the Sun pales in comparison to the cosmic significance of Q.E.2 R.I.P . It’s probable this Singularity will cause the Universe to stop expanding , in fact , to reverse , until all matter – even the black stuff , contracts to the size of Buckingham Palace and eventually into the personage of KC3

  111. holymacmoses says:

    Well Holyrood did Scotland proud

  112. McDuff says:

    Love the video rev beautiful animals.

  113. Skip_NC says:

    Sky crime is showing the funeral? Is there a story here?

  114. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    James Hewitt / Prince Harry.

    Then Harry marrying a non WASP.

    Can anyone surmise why the royal ‘family’ could have a downer on Harry and Meghan?

    Is that the story?

  115. Big Jock says:

    Spent the day cycling with my daughter and wife. Quite a few oot and about. Always a knowing smile from normal people.

    Yes I think most royalists and professional mourners are a weird lot. Mostly so brainwashed. They fail to see the hypocrisy of grieving for a multi millionaire stranger. While passing homeless people in their own neighbourhoods.

    I want no part of their world.

  116. Derek says:

    I was at work today – and doing overtime – much to the horror of my mother; as I opened the flat door, the phone was ringing and I was still in my motorbike gear as I answered it… and sat there for an hour being indirectly chastised for my insufficient loyalty. Hey ho, that’s her generation.

  117. Wee Chid says:

    Derek says:
    20 September, 2022 at 12:10 am
    “I was at work today – and doing overtime – much to the horror of my mother; as I opened the flat door, the phone was ringing and I was still in my motorbike gear as I answered it… and sat there for an hour being indirectly chastised for my insufficient loyalty. Hey ho, that’s her generation.”

    What age is she? I’m 63, my sister is 70 and my brother 77. None of us are royalists and, if any of us had still been working for a living, would have insisted on working today. None of us believe any of the Windsor clan are due any respect and the only mourning I’m doing is for the fact that this hasn’t brought about the fall of their dynasty.

    So not necessarily a generational issue- in fact I’d bet that my yuonger, English based niece and nephew and their offspring are far more likely to be entralled by all this crap.

  118. Rab Davis says:

    The bastards have cancelled Family Guy!!!

  119. Breeks says:

    Clare Daly Irish MEP… Aye, speaks for me.

  120. Luigi says:

    Regarding all the expected, over the top, blatant propaganda the mainstream outlets have been churning out these past two weeks, all I will say is: “Never interrupt your enemy when he/she is making a mistake”. They have massively overplayed their hand. They just couldn’t help themselves, poor souls. This is the Swansong of the union, folks. The last great Hurrah. Once it’s over, that’s it. Finito.

  121. Robert Hughes says:

    ” Clare Daly Irish MEP… Aye, speaks for me. ”

    Me too . If only we had one – even ONE – voice like this in the former firmly Anti-War SNP

    We don’t . Not one .

    Instead we have a pack of pampered lapdogs , pathetically eager to display their obedience to every mendacious idiocy going , grateful for every ” fetch the stick , good boy ” pat on the head from their masters . Licking the hand they should be biting

    ” who’s a good boy then , good boy , good boy ; now back in your kennel , you know you’re not allowed in the house , good boy “

  122. Ruby says:

    Queen’s funeral leaves Glasgow city centre deserted as mourners stay home to pay respects

    The Vue cinema in the St Enoch Centre, where the ceremony was being shown, was very quiet with just a trickle of customers using the tickets they had booked in advance.
    Monterey Jack’s, in the Merchant City, was showing the funeral on a big screen but there were no customers. Apart from the security guard and the staff the only people around were a confused Canadian couple, from Quebec.

    Nae respect! At least they stayed home to watch it on TV.

    Hang on! How do the D.Record know what people were doing at home?

    I stayed home and did a load of cleaning & tidying.

    I listened to ‘Mrs Harris goes to Paris’ on my ipod while cleaning.

    ‘Mrs Arris goes to Paris’ was entertaining enough but there was nae sex, nae violence, nae motorcycle clubs & nae cleaning tips.

    I don’t think I’ll be going to the cinema to see that film nor will I put Paul Callico on my list of must read authors.

  123. Rab Davis says:

    Ruby 8.24am

    It’s amazing how the establishment and their media love to tell us what we are thinking and should be doing.

    Arrogant bastards!!!

    Glasgow was empty yesterday because every fuckin where was SHUT.

    It wasn’t empty because we were all stuck in front of a telly mourning some auld English wummin.

    And those empty scenes from Holyrood yesterday are priceless.

    Or was it empty at Holyrood because the people of Edinburgh decided to mourn at home also?


  124. Dan says:

    @ Ruby

    The second book, “Mrs Harris Gets Involved With Plaster of Paris” will be more up your street.
    After losing her EU citizenship, and the cost of living “crisis” both making her jaunts abroad to alleviate her boring and unsatisfying existence more difficult…
    Well, I don’t want to give the plot away but the jist of it is Mrs Harris decides to stay local and address her unfulfilled desires by taking up molding dildos out of plaster of paris.
    Her man comes home to find her testing driving one for quality control purposes (there’s yer sex).
    He loses the plot with her so she ends up coshing him over the napper with the phallus shaped baton, but that heavy blow renders him stone died (there’s yer violence).
    Mrs Harris proceeds to dismember his body so the sections will fit in her moped panniers so she can ride to remote locations and dump the evidence (there’s yer motorbiking).
    Mrs Harris returns home to extensively and thoroughly clean the entire house to remove all traces of the macabre occurrence. (there’s yer cleaning).

    A life less ordinary indeed for another Mrs H. 😉
    Me, well I’m back on the lime mortar again this morning… 🙁

  125. Gordon Currie says:

    In Dublin, a coffin marked “RIP British Empire” was floated on the Liffey during an anti-Monarchy march.

    Let’s hope they’re right…..

  126. stuart mctavish says:

    no worries gregor @8:06pm

    It might look like some sort of satanic initiative, introduced in parallel with dropping the gold standard*, over and above being an international organisation for public-private cooperation but the mission statement clearly requires that:

    “moral and intellectual integrity is at the heart of everything it does”

    Accordingly, honest members will resign of their own volition as soon as any lies or evil plans are exposed to them – and any dishonest ones not already US citizens can be obliged to pledge allegiance to Sovereign Scots in preference to experiencing the wrath of our powerful new King in his role as Defender of the (one truth) Faith..

    *Any one else notice that the imperial orb had a bar ‘welded’ on the bottom to keep it steady on the coffin and required all the might of one man’s core to lift it off with 2 hands, but only one hand (arm at full stretch) was needed by the gentleman receiving it? – appears the exhibition can be partly explained by the revelation that the orb is (genuinely?) a glass ball wrapped in gold foil weighing in the order 1.2 Kg (about 1/50th of a solid gold sphere of similar size) and was not necessarily meant to have been symbolic of publicly owned families, heirlooms, properties and utilities, etc being managed in cooperation with WEF influence(rs) since 1971 😉

  127. Breeks says:

    Robert Hughes says:
    20 September, 2022 at 7:55 am
    ” Clare Daly Irish MEP… Aye, speaks for me. ”

    Me too . If only we had one – even ONE – voice like this in the former firmly Anti-War SNP

    We don’t . Not one .


    Instead we get “No Fly Zone” Patsy Sturgeon… And all the spineless milksops fall into line behind her, just to keep their snouts in the trough.

    A conflagration in the Taiwan Straight will be even worse than mainland Europe because it’s another proxy war, but with the US Navy to the fore. That means ships and aircraft, and a detached and “sanitised” view of the carnage as we’ve seen in the Middle East.

    Worse too, even if it goes disastrously wrong for the US, it just becomes big business replacing whatever ships or hardware they’ve lost. It’s difficult to see how China could injure actual US military production unless the whole thing went absolute Tonto. We all know how the US loves to war at arms length.

    The West REALLY needs to get this warmongering element that’s poisoning Western Governments under control, because there seems a dangerous complacency about conventional weapons and conventional wars, and how easily it could escalate into something nuclear.

    “My” Independent Scotland would be much closer to Clare Daly and Mick Wallace, kicking Trident out of Scottish Territorial waters, and telegraphing to the whole planet that “Wee” Scotland doesn’t take shite from anybody, speaks for itself and not some grubby wee clique of warmongering psychos.

    I believe there will be a legacy from Scotland’s role in the British Empire. But at the same time, Scotland is uniquely placed to put the last nail in the coffin of “British” gunboat imperialism.

    But sadly, it’s all just a pipe dream, currently being dismantled by the gutless SNP and their pious acolytes and suckling invertebrates. How thoroughly depressing that WGD is averaging 100k visitors per month. That’s a lot of dumbness, giving succour to the indolent SNP sucking their thumps with the tired old safety blanket of “convincing soft No voters”.

    How are they going to convince anybody when they don’t even try? Osmosis? Bullshitting wankers every one of them.

  128. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Someone on the Twitter joked that 5.1 BILLION people watched that clown show yesterday.

    Folk are believing it and merrily RTing, saying ‘Told you so! The whole world loved our Queen and the UK is great!’

    That’s the level of idiocy we’re dealing with.

  129. Colin the keelie says:

    My girlfriend was in mourning, looking so bereft that even I felt sorry for her loss: she missed PopMaster on Radio 2.

    My girlfriend’s family used to defend the BBC when I said it’s UK state propaganda. They admitted they couldn’t cope with anymore brainwashing about the Royal Family and had to put the TV off.

    I never thought I would see the day when I would be wishing for adverts but yesterday it happened.

  130. Ian Brotherhood says:

    “We knew how important Scotland was to the Queen and, over recent days, we have been reminded just how much Her Majesty meant to the people of Scotland.”

    Nicola Sturgeon.

    As a ‘joke’ I wrote to a friend, when the news of her death broke, that Sturgeon’s statement would be ‘She loved Scotland and Scotland loved her.’

    It’s not *that* far away, is it?

    Does she not realise the utter absurdity of referring to a human being as ‘Majesty’ in 2022? She didn’t have to, did she? Is it somewhere decreed that she must use such language?

  131. Effijy says:

    A so called journalist on LBC said the French Wish they had a Monarchy to link them with
    their sense of history.

    If I recall correctly the French were starving and living in abject poverty when they decided
    those responsible on the throne should go totally off their heads.

  132. Breeks says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    20 September, 2022 at 11:27 am

    Does she not realise the utter absurdity of referring to a human being as ‘Majesty’ in 2022? She didn’t have to, did she? Is it somewhere decreed that she must use such language?

    Whenever there’s a school shooting in America, or anywhere in fairness, there are always those people who crop up “wise” after the event, telling everybody the “warning signs” were there to be read, and “somebody” should have done something.

    That’s how I feel about Sturgeon. She couldn’t be more blatant in her utter contempt for Scottish Independence, and though it’s a small consolation in what is a great catastrophe for Scotland, I take some comfort that I’m not one of the brainless amoebas who have enabled Sturgeon’s sabotage of the SNP and grievous injury to the YES Movement to grow to full fruition.

    If I’d had my way, she’d have been in trouble for doing nothing to prosecute the infamous “Vow” in 2014, and impeached in 2016 for her abject and dismal failure to defend the democratic will of Scotland’s sovereign people over Brexit, to Scotland’s great calamity.

    Just imagine where we’d be now if Sturgeon had been sacked 6 years ago. Instead we haven’t progressed by as much as an inch, and that wee shit bag just laughs at us, and find’s some new way to troll the YES movement.

  133. Republicofscotland says:

    Thank goodness the shit show is over though we’ll have months of detritus on documentaries and all sorts of programmes on the Queens life. This is why broadcasting will never be devolved.

    Yesterday was the 8th anniversary (the day after) our 2014 indyref 18th of September, that was in my thoughts far more than over the top royal pageantry that flooded our lives from all angles.

    I mourned for that loss not the passing of the queen.

  134. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Breeks (12.13) –

    It seems the Scottish Parliament was reconvening this morning, kicking off with yet more tributes.

    The coverage of the funeral was at least bearable because it was intended to be a spectacle. And whatever one may say about the British State, it does this sort of thing very well (in the same way that the BBC excels at period drama).

    But more faux grief and even-longer-faces-than-usual in the Scottish Parliament? Who cares? Where is the intended audience? Who is meant to be affected or impressed by this unctuous pishery?

    And this on the day after news emerged of child malnutrition figures in Scotland hitting approx 1000 per year.


  135. James Che says:

    These two pensioners were outside in the rain trying to get our car ready for its MOT, cos every where was closed,

    Ordinary people trying to survive another ordinary day on a tight budget under this monarchy while the money thrown into this display of pompas wealth and ceremony stops food to the poor, stops other families funerals etc.

    Its like living in the wrong time period, not 2022.

  136. James Che says:

    Well I suppose there could not be be a more desperate and obvious attempt at trying to reassure themselves that the union is working because we the people were forced to mourn with snipers on the roofs above the peasants scenario,
    Says it all really.

    Listened to Neil Oliver turncoating after a year of protesting there is to much unaccountable few wealthy people at the top running the lives of the us all in the countries.
    He then bows and fawns over the very same system.

  137. Republicofscotland says:

    James Che you may find this interesting, if you haven’t already read it, it’s our own politicians that are holding Scotland back from leaving the union.

    “The Scottish Claim of Right was never extinguished by the Treaty of Union; rather, the treaty
    was and remains conditional upon the continuance of the Claim of Right in Scotland.
    Westminster, which is not a party to the Treaty of Union but merely an outcome of it, cannot
    itself alter the original conditions of the treaty, this may only be done through agreement of
    the respective signatory parties – Scotland and England.
    Rather than a case of England’s parliament subsuming Scotland, the treaty established and
    states as such that a new parliament was created as the First Parliament of Great Britain. ”

    “Westminster is and remains a joint legislature and governing administration established by
    treaty and is therefore a consequence of a treaty-based alliance between two sovereign
    nations, each still holding and retaining separate and distinctive constitutions. In other
    words, the two sovereign signatory party nations to the Treaty of Union continue to exist, as
    does the continuation of their quite different constitutions, the respect of which remains a
    condition of that agreement, failing which there can be no ‘union’.”

    “The real problem here is that Westminster has and continues to pay lip service to the reality
    of Scottish sovereignty, while treating Scotland as subject to England’s constitutional
    parliamentary sovereignty, and hence dismissing Scotland as a distinct sovereign entity with
    its own constitutional rights. England, and it has to be said also the Scottish elites, has
    disregarded the Claim of Right as enshrined in the treaty and ignores the fact that ultimate
    power in Scotland rests with the sovereign Scottish people, a power which they have the
    right to exercise through the Convention of the Estates as the assembly of all the
    communities of Scotland.”

  138. Dan says:

    @ James Che at 12.52pm

    It isn’t just the inequality of wealth, and the hardship endured by many in 2022 as I’m sure you know, but it’s the way it’s always been…

  139. Jeremy says:

    @Effijy 12.03pm

    Actually, it was mainly because of Louis XVI trying to flee France to one of the several hostile foreign powers on its borders that the country was in conflict with at the time (1792). The French Revolution took place in 1789, and the original intention was that France would become a consitutional monarchy, with much more limited powers, Louis even wearing revolutionary emblems on his clothing for the first few years and seemingly co-operating with the new regime.

    It was only because of his failed attempt to leave France, in the hope of getting military support to try and regain his crown on an absolutist basis, that the French government concluded he was too unreliable and treacherous and voted to both abolish the monarchy and put him on trial for treason. And even then, after he was found guilty, it wasn’t necessarily a forgeone conclusion that he would be executed. The parliament took a vote to determine on whether or not he should recieve a death penalty.

    Just a point of interst really – what I’m getting at is that the original French revolution, in 1789, was more about political representation for working people and other non-nobles – it didn’t become explicitly or overwhelmingly republican until 3 years later, and that was mainly in reponse to the king’s own actions.

  140. Republicofscotland says:

    Another interesting snippet from the article.

    “In 2016, the High Court in England heard an appeal against the government’s decision to
    trigger Article 50 of the Treaty on the European Union without consulting parliament. In its
    ruling, (which went against the government), the High Court took pains to assert that the
    authority of parliament is supreme in all parts of the UK and to state explicitly that it has no
    need to take account of the wishes of the people”

    “the principle of the unlimited sovereignty of Parliament is a distinctively English
    principle which has no counterpart in Scottish Constitutional Law”

    “Not only has it no counterpart, it might be more exact to say that the constitutional right of
    the Scottish people to override parliamentary legislation or set aside the government itself,
    has no counterpart in English Constitutional Law. In fact, under the Claim of Right, the very
    assertion that Westminster has absolute sovereignty over the people of Scotland is an
    explicit violation of “the fundamental constitution of Scotland”. Which makes the High
    Court ruling not merely erroneous but unlawful. “

  141. Hatuey says:

    It’s aggravating that the Wings’ filters don’t allow us to discuss in any detail the points made by MEP Clare Daly. These international issues are of increasing importance to domestic politics and voters. Everything is connected.

    And I suspect yesterday’s forced lockdown is connected too. On the face of it, it was simply a massive overreaction to the queens death. I struggled to get petrol and get to work, something that was never difficult during the covid lockdowns.

    But why? Why force the whole country to mourn like that?

    I suspect they are priming us for a major war. And in important respects it has already started. Russia so far has been fighting with one arm tied behind its back, under the auspices of its “special military operations”, but the word on the street is that they are about to escalate to a full on “counter insurgency” war. If that happens, it will represent a massive step in a highly destructive and dangerous direction.

    The SNP could and should be providing an alternative opinion. It wouldn’t make much difference, of course, nobody far beyond the Holyrood trough really gives a fuck what wee pudding-face and the gang thinks, but when you’re edging towards war every little helps.

  142. Republicofscotland says:

    More on our very important Claim of Right.

    What I take from this, is that our MP’s have been attending Westminster for centuries and have ignored willfully, or not our popular sovereignty, and in modern times decided to settle down for their own benefits and the benefits of their parties, and that of England’s instead of protecting Scots and the Scottish constitution.

    “The force of the ratified Scottish constitution cannot lawfully be replaced by the force of the
    English Constitution simply because Westminster wishes it so, which is why Lord Cooper
    made his obiter as he did. And rewriting or recasting the terms, context and meaning of the
    Treaty of Union are not among the ‘sovereign’ powers of Westminster. The UK government
    is – and long has been – in breach of a permanently binding and still ‘live’ condition of the
    Union. It is past time to rectify that breach and to return to the rule of law instead of a
    version of law that is simply establishment wishful thinking.
    The people of Scotland have the right to demand the return of their sovereignty over the
    government, both in Westminster and Holyrood.”

    ” This includes the right to challenge and
    strike down laws and statutes that violate “the lawes and liberties of the Kingdome”,
    (especially human and civil rights), and the right to declare a government “forfeit” which has
    abrogated the sovereignty of the people and assumed an absolute authority to “case anull
    and disable” the laws that exist for the protection of the freedoms, lives and wellbeing of
    the people.”

  143. Alastair Naughton says:

    Fortunately I was travelling the whole day yesterday so managed to avoid the whole ******* circus! Even when it came on in the ever present TV screens in the airport, I managed to look away! Managed to dodge a bullet there methinks! 🙂

  144. Republicofscotland says:

    “The Claim of Right Act was ratified along with the Treaty, not as one of the articles of
    the Treaty (though it has been inserted under Article XXV), but in its own right, as, “a
    fundamental and essential Condition of the said Treaty or Union.”

    This is why on becoming king, Charles had to swear an oath to uphold the Claim of Right. Do you think he would’ve sworn it if he didn’t have too.

    Watch him swear it here.

    The importance of the Claim of Right cannot be stressed enough.

  145. Ruby says:

    Dan says:
    20 September, 2022 at 8:52 am

    A life less ordinary indeed for another Mrs H. 🙂
    Me, well I’m back on the lime mortar again this morning… 🙂

    What’s your nom de plume Dan I’ll definitely be checking out your erotic novels. 🙂

    I’m keen to read more of the erotic adventures of Mrs H?
    Any of them include a ‘crime passionnel’ involving a steam iron?

    You do realise that you have outed yourself now. Your secret occupation is no longer a secret.

    What may I ask will be doing with the lime mortar?

    I smile when I’m angry
    I cheat and I lie
    I do what I have to do
    To get by
    But I know what is wrong
    And I know what is right
    And I’d die for the truth
    In my secret life
    In my secret life

  146. Republicofscotland says:

    I fail to see how the UKSC can shootdown any indyref that has a mandate from the Scottish people, let alone Sturgeon’s mock one, when the Claim of Right (will of the Scottish people) ultimately supercedes the UKSC.

    “It can hardly be argued that the Claim of Right is merely a historical curiosity, when one of the first acts of the new King is to be required to swear an oath to uphold it! This is the sort of history which can shape the future.” Right Hon Alex Salmond MP

    “The new king must swear to uphold the Claim of Right. Presumably his predecessors did likewise. The constitutional implications of this commitment may need to be addressed. John Drummond”

    “The Scottish Parliament acknowledged the Crown’s responsibility to the people through the
    practice, from 1592, of offering ‘salvo’ at the end of every session: any person who wished to
    do so was invited to challenge the legitimacy of any legislation that prejudiced their civil
    rights or freedoms. (It was made law by the Act salve jure cujuslibet in 1663.”

    Does this leave open to us the right to challenge the SNP governments lack lustre, on pushing for Scottish independence, I think it does.

    It would appear that the Claim of Right had been hidden for so long that many folk in Scotland don’t realise its powers, or the implications it has for our own Scottish government and the union as a whole.

    And if you think it was just Charles that swore to uphold the Claim of Right think again. Queen Elizabeth also swore the oath.

  147. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Powerful new comment from Campbell Martin:

  148. Republicofscotland says:

    “Power in Scotland is vested in the people and loaned to the monarch and parliament for the
    good of the realm. A bit like a bank loan, this power loan has always carried certain
    conditions which form a compact between the lenders, (the people), and the borrowers, (the
    government). Under that compact no government may infringe the rights and liberties of the
    people, or violate the laws that protect them, on penalty of removal. This is the heart of the
    Scottish constitution, popular sovereignty.
    The compact was embodied in two separate assemblies. One, known from the 16th on as the
    Convention of the Estates, (Assembly of the Communities), represented the lenders, the
    nation or people. The other was the parliament or Three Estates which, along with the
    monarch, was the borrower, the government.”

    Okay with the above in mind, could we resurrect the Convention of the Estates, (Assembly of the Communities). The Claim of Right appears say we can, as it is WE the people who are sovereign.

    Anyway, here’s an idea I’m just throwing out there.

    What if we the people, elected one, two, or even three folk from each of the 32 local council areas, by elect, I mean the people of each local authority elected their own representatives to sit on the Assembly of Communities, no politicians or councillors currently serving would be allowed to apply for the Assembly.

    Obviously, some local councils would be hostile to the idea, of electing your every day average person to the assembly, so we’d need to find a way to allow locals to vote who they wanted to represent them on the assembly for each of the 32 councils in Scotland.

    Once the 32, or 64, or 96 people from the 32 local councils are elected and put in place on the assembly, they would speak for the people of Scotland, on matters of holding the Scottish government to account, on independence and other matters, the Scottish government could hardly ignore them as they would be a representation of the people of our 32 local council areas from all walks of life.

  149. Republicofscotland says:

    Re my 4.52pm comment.

    Okay so we can resurrect the Convention of Estates, or as I prefer the name The Assembly of the Communities.

    “The Convention itself has never been recalled. But so long as the sovereignty of the people
    remains the basis of Scotland’s constitution, the Convention remains as a legitimate
    mechanism of popular authority. ”

    And the The Assembly of the Communities does have powers under Scots law.

    “There is a facility in Scots Law, for example, whereby, if the People choose to
    universally and completely reject a piece of legislation, the Court of Session
    can declare that law to be ‘in desuetude’ or obsolete.”

  150. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum (16/09/2022): Agenda:

    What are Young Global Leaders, and how are they tackling the world’s biggest challenges?

    “…What’s the connection between Jimmy Wales, Amal Clooney, Emmanuel Macron, Jacinda Ardern and Answer? They’re all Young Global Leaders…

    …basically the forum of Young Global Leaders is an accelerator for dynamic community of exceptional people. …we mean that they have the vision, they have the courage, they have the influence…

    …we are around 1,200 YGLs, that’s how we call them, in more than 120 countries. And we have YGLs from the business sector, educators, activists, entrepreneurs, public figures, you name it, …from all over the world…

    …It’s been existing since 2004. Exactly. When Professor Klaus Schwab, who’s the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, created the YGL community…

    His vision was to create a proactive, multi-stakeholder community of the world’s next generation of leaders to inform, influence, decision making and mobilise transformation…

    …every year we select a class of YGLs… we bring them together to create a safe space where they can learn, …and they can basically become better leaders…

    …they’re mostly people in their 30s, as that’s the young part of the young global leaders.

    We collect them before they turned 40…”:

  151. twathater says:

    IMO there are only 2 ways to bring sturgeon down and that is either by weight of numbers on the streets or LEGALLY and that entails someone willing to go to jail by exposing her lies and corruption

  152. Grouser says:

    John Swinney referred to Charles (whatever his surname is today) as King of Scots. That is a pretty hefty claim since nobody has asked the Scots if they accept him as King of Scots. Certainly, nobody has asked me, I am Scottish as I do not accept him as King.
    In modern times, we should not have anyone foisted on us because of which bed they were born in. We should have a voice.
    By the way, the fawning attitude of the Scottish Parliament is sickening with the SNP well up there in sooking up.
    I’m scunnered.

  153. Dan says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood at 4.22 pm

    What I find hard to understand is why apparently so few Scots aren’t in alignment with what Mr Martin is saying.
    My guess is that disappointingly, it’s jist us political nerds that have actually bothered to study and take onboard how the UK is run that “get it”.

    @ Ruby

    I have an ever-developing repertoire of books to write but I’m too busy with other life stuff to get round to typing them out.
    There was the bones of a post “Brexit” apocalyptic dystopian romance posted btl a couple of years back, but it was apparently similar to an idea Ian B had so I jist let him crack on with it and make the royalties out of it.
    The current lime mortar work (NHL2 for the building conservation anoraks out there) is for the last of the internal stonework and pointing around new douglas fir rafters.
    Whilst carrying out the dusty mortar mixing and work I developed the idea of a series of books called “The Powder Chronicles”.
    Obviously the arse has been torn out of the whole cocaine / Escobar thang with so many versions.
    But with the new cost of living existing “crisis” there could be multiple takes on the various forms powder is required to get by in life.
    EG. One story is called “The Sugar Dude/Gal” and is about a simple cake maker initially having to go rogue to source reasonably priced icing sugar to glaze their cakes, but it leads them into the murky world of unofficial global commerce and trafficking, whereupon he/she/they quickly rise through the ranks and become the dominant global force in sugar trading.
    Nobody gets sweet without The Sugar Dude/Gal getting a cut…

    Obviously the diabetics might not be interested in reading about sugar… So there was “The Limestone Cowboy” about the guy/gal who started out only wanting to buy a wee box of Polyfilla for a diy task, but ended up becoming a plastering legend as an interplanetary importer of Moon and Saturn stoor…

  154. John Main says:

    @ Hatuey says:20 September, 2022 at 1:55 pm

    “I suspect they are priming us for a major war. And in important respects it has already started. Russty so far has been fighting with one arm tied behind its back, under the auspices of its “special military operations”, but the word on the street is that they are about to escalate to a full on “counter insurgency” war. If that happens, it will represent a massive step in a highly destructive and dangerous direction.

    The SNP could and should be providing an alternative opinion.”

    Funny how, over the months, the overwhelming military and moral superiority of Russty has withered away, so that they now are going to have to escalate.

    Funny how, over the months, the clear “Nazis who had it coming” narrative has swirled down the drain, and the justification for calling for a Russty victory is now just naked fear.

    But do tell us all what the alternative the SNP should be providing is. Destruction of a sovereign nation and enslavement of its people? Naw, the SNP can’t do that, for reasons that are fucking obvious to any rational Scot.

  155. John Main says:

    Grouser 6:18

    Sorry to have to break this to you, but John Swinney has a better grasp of reality than you have.

    Like it or lump it, Charles is King of Scots.

  156. John Main says:

    @ Republicofscotland says:20 September, 2022 at 4:52 pm

    “What if we the people, elected one, two, or even three folk from each of the 32 local council areas, by elect, I mean the people of each local authority elected their own representatives to sit on the Assembly of Communities, no politicians or councillors currently serving would be allowed to apply for the Assembly”

    Believe it or not, I like your idea.

    Of course, I am betting that you have left something unsaid. Your 96 folk would be expected to all be fully signed-up to Indy, republicanism, and EU membership, cos that’s what you mean each time you write about the sovereignty of the Scots.

    In reality, for each local council area, we need an Indy supporter and a Yoon, a monarchist and a republican, a proud, free, self-governing Scot, a craven EU enthusiast, and maybes an advocate for free trade without the baggage.

    Cos here’s the clincher, Republic. Scots who hold all of those views, plus others, are sovereign too.

    Awkward, no?

    Why not try persuading them of the merits of your cause, rather than corralling them into something they don’t want?

  157. Andy Ellis says:

    @John Main 6.29 pm

    I note that those advocating for the SNP / indy movement / post independence Scotland following the advice of the far-left Trotskyist Irish MEP still haven’t explained how they think their world view chimes with “ordinary” Scots voters?

    It is of course fruitless to try and persuade the small coterie of ideologues that their “America is the Great Satan” vibe doesn’t really resonate with the general public, but it remains odd that they think it’s a vote winner, or will in any way help persuade more people to support independence, particularly amongst the demographic of “soft Noes” who remain open to persuasion.

    I have my doubts the segment of the electorate which has to be convinced contains many who think the inhabitants of Country 404 “had it coming”, or would agree with Ms Daly’s general worldview. The kind of far left politics she represents in Ireland would probably struggle to gain 5% of the popular vote here, as RISE/SSP know only too well. I doubt there will be many takers post independence for a Scotland outside NATO or outside the EU given recent events.

  158. John Main says:

    @ James Che says:20 September, 2022 at 1:26 pm

    “we the people were forced to mourn with snipers on the roofs above the peasants scenario,
    Says it all really”

    Sorry to hear you were forced to mourn, James. That oppression somehow or other passed me by. I could even find alternative stuff on the TV. Jammy, or what?

    But my main point is that if you think the snipers were looking out for us peasants, then you can’t have been paying much attention in recent years.

    As it is overwhelmingly us peasants who get run down, knifed down, gunned down, or just blown into tiny bits, maybes we all should be calling for more snipers on rooftops to keep us peasants safer.

  159. Republicofscotland says:

    “Of course, I am betting that you have left something unsaid. Your 96 folk would be expected to all be fully signed-up to Indy, republicanism, and EU membership, cos that’s what you mean each time you write about the sovereignty of the Scots.”

    John Main.

    The answer is no, the 32 council areas appoint their own people to the Assembly of Communities, those people are appointed to represent their council regions regardless of their stance on independence.

    It would be the Assembly as a whole that holds the Scottish government, and the Crown to account, and whilst we remain in the union it makes sure Westminster doesn’t further impinge upon Scottish citizens human rights and sovereignty (Brexit as an example). Of course, the dissolving of the union would make the current agenda as the people of Scotland have given the SNP government multiple mandates to hold an indyref and the Scottish government has ignored the will of the Scottish people on this.

    “The sovereign power of the Scottish people is equally divided amongst us. It has force only
    through the combined will of the majority of Scots. If we are to reclaim that power, we will
    have to unite, to reestablish the once flourishing tradition of Councils, Conventions and
    Assemblies, to begin the process of declaring the “invasion” of our constitution unlawful
    and to begin replacing an unconstitutional government and power system with the best
    expression of self-government that we can imagine.”

  160. Dan says:

    Alba leadership to argue against NATO membership for independent Scotland

  161. Andy Ellis says:

    @John Main 6.41 pm

    The various “cunning plans for indy” remain the stuff of fantasy as Roddy Dunlop argued. How is this new body to be called? Who constitutes it? How does it demonstrate that it represents the clear and settled will of the Scottish people – or at least enough of them to ensure international recognition of its decisions and enactments in place of the result of either an “agreed” referendum or plebiscitary elections?

  162. Republicofscotland says:

    Dan @6.59pm.


    When you look at Europe committing economic suicide to please the USA, you wonder why the likes of Germany doesn’t ditch Nato, if this Winter is a cold one, then revolution might be in the air in Berlin. Already large scale demos are under way in Europe over the cost-of-living crisis, which most European countries are in denial exists to a great extent.

    Of course, the likes of Scholz, who’s either dumb as f*ck or an Atlanticist, like Ursula von der Leyen, who puts US interests ahead of German interests, doesn’t think the German people will go one step further than protesting.

    A recent RAND report (leaked) set out the path to what’s happening in Europe and how the US companies will make a fortune out of replacing European ones that go bust, Europe will then be beholden to the US, especially on energy at a much higher cost.

    I sincerely hope that when Scotland dissolves this union, that Scots have the good sense to stay out of the warmongering alliance known as Nato, which ceased to be a defensive alliance decades ago when it bombed Bosnia.

  163. James Che says:


    Sorry for lack of feedback this afternoon,
    Getting pre-mot done on car to see if we had missed anything yesterday in the rain. And we have to travel quite a way to go to the garage, so took most of our afternoon away, just starting our supper.

    We still have to finish sawing up the dead tree we took down this week before the winter storms come and topple it onto the road or our own car.
    Its been a busy month in general for us DIY oldies,

    Re the ” Claim of Right” and “the treaty of the union”

    This is where I differ from most to suggest that it is the treaty of the union, that has been Colonised by Westminster parliament from start to finish,
    This has resulted in the treaty of the union being little more than a mythical story for Scotland and its people,
    The have you’re cake and eat it corruption of the treaties articles due to alterations by Westminster parliament alone with legislation and Statues belies what could be a recommended as a valid treaty any longer.

    If however one suggests it is still a valid contractual International Treaty in and of all it original context,
    Then the Claim of Right for Scots is indeed written in as terms and agreements. ( regardless of it being part of Scottish constitution before the treaty was even signed as our history). The fact remains the treaty of the union is breached if Westminster chooses to further Colonise that said treaty.

    The treaty has become unrecogisable for the Scots, and the Country of Scotland,
    Westminster is not the owner of the treaty to do with as it pleases, neither was the British parliament that came before it.

    To uphold the treaty Westminster should not have requested the Scottish parliament members in 1707 to close their parliament doors, after electing new members to enter the new British parliament
    as the old English parliament members without elections being held in 1707 simple slipped into the new British parliament unheeded and in Breach of the treaty.

    Two contradictory positions are held on the treaty of the union.
    The Scots one as sovereign people that were not captured or beholden to the treaty, where Scots are sovereign in their own Country of Scotland.

    The english Westminster parliament that thinks it captured the Scots, own the Scots, and their land, They think that a westminster now UK parliament that has never held a treaty of union with the old Scotland parliament in documented history is the new owner.

    The problem we have is not our leaders, any one could do their job with their eyes shut working for Westminster in Scotland,

    The problem we all have is not having a Scottish government,
    A government that would kick ass on the way the treaty of union has been Colonised and breached many times by Westminster,
    A Scottish government that could walk away if the breaches were not amended by Westminster immediately.
    But we do not.

    We have two governments of Westminster running Scotland and its people into poverty, while we are mineral rich country, meanwhile our whiskey, food, farming, fishing, shipping and ports are dessimated.

    We have no media of our own like other countries
    Our employment and industries are going down the tubes, a rise in crime and drugs, and our culture being buried under the Colonialism of the treaty of the union. All with MSm media help.

    The SNP are the Westminsters “Look Squirrel” for the Scots, they play the game of pass the political parcel in turns.

    We need a Sovereign Scottish people meeting? assembly ? Congress,? Parliament?
    (I would avoid the word citizen until we have checked its meaning in the larger context of political legal language,)

    It would be debatable wether Westminster could prevent us from forming our own entirely new parliament as England Westminster did not cease in 1707 themselves as they were supposed to.

  164. Republicofscotland says:

    Thank you for that comment, James, I hope the car passes its MOT without you spending too much on it.

    Anyway, the Claim of Right is separate from the Treaties of union, that’s why Charles III and his mother Queen Elizabeth and so forth had to swear the oath as well.

    This is interesting.

    “Action and force have been overtaken by time and social change. The grounds on which the
    Act was passed, however, the limitation of governmental power and the right of the nation
    to enforce those limits, or popular sovereignty, represent a written and protected
    constitution. Specifically, the Claim asserts:

    I. a “fundamental constitution” by which the government in Scotland is legally limited

    II. a definition of unlawful ‘invasion’ (violation), of Scotland’s constitution which is the
    replacement of a “legal limited monarchy” (government) with absolute (sovereign)

    III. examples of constitutional violation through breach of those laws that preserve civil

    IV. the prescribed consequence of violation: the forfeiture of power in Scotland

    V. the right of the nation to act through the Convention of the Estates as the “full and
    free expression of the nation”

    VI. the right of the nation, through the Convention, to declare the violator illegitimate

    Whatever status historians or courts would prefer, now, to believe about our longstanding,
    Scottish constitution or the principle of popular sovereignty that is its heart, with the Claim
    of Right Act, it became written and statutorily codified. Along with the articles of Union, it
    was ratified and protected as a condition of the Union itself. A legal barrier exists, therefore,
    to any government seeking to remove Scottish civil rights and liberties. This has not,
    however, presented a practical barrier to successive governments in either Westminster or,

    Indeed, Holyrood who have behaved as though they were sovereign over the people, rather
    than the other way around, and without so much as a gesture towards the Act of Salvo, or

    Article V is particularly interesting, I think.

    “V. the right of the nation to act through the Convention of the Estates as the “full and
    free expression of the nation””

    Or as mentioned further up the thread The Assembly of the Communities, made up of Scots of which I put the idea of choosing them from the 32 council regions, chosen by the people of the 32 council regions, to represent them on the Assembly of Communities.

  165. Hatuey says:

    It would be great if Andy Ellis, whose views in here are quite unanimously rejected across a range of subjects (not counting the dumb stray dog (JM) that would follow anyone home), could explain how he knows what the ordinary voters think of the war in the east when they’ve been subject to the most intense and one-sided propaganda campaign that any of us have ever seen.

    Actually, don’t bother — we know you’re just going to to through the usual dumbed-down bullshit routine.

    In the real world, opposition to the war continues to rise and spread. There are protests in Germany nearly every week. People in other countries are rising up in opposition too;

    “Tens of thousands protest in Prague against Czech government, EU and NATO”

    Outside of the Eton/BBC/Arms Industry propaganda bubble, where alternative opinion is tolerated, the pope and ordinary people are free to discuss NATO’s role and aggression towards Russia.

    That censorship doesn’t make your argument stronger, it makes it weaker; so weak that you need a bodyguard of lies to protect it.

  166. John Main says:

    @ Hatuey says:20 September, 2022 at 7:36 pm

    “It would be great …”

    “Outside of the Eton/BBC/Arms Industry propaganda bubble, where alternative opinion is tolerated”

    Guess what, Hatuey, alternative opinion is tolerated here too. Beats me how that one passed you by, but never mind.

    It would be great if you would state your solution to this problem. Your poster boy believes it his manifest, divinely-sanctioned destiny, to add a sovereign nation of 45 million free men and women to his imperialist, new-empire, prison camp.

    Obviously your solution, completely uncensored as it will be, will crush all arguments against it with its self-evident brilliance.

    Tell you what, let me simplify it further. There’s a fucking madman sending tanks and troops into neighbouring countries, destroying, killing, torturing and raping as they go. Why should we follow your lead and side with the murdering aggressors?

  167. John Main says:

    @ Hatuey says:20 September, 2022 at 7:36 pm

    “they’ve been subject to the most intense and one-sided propaganda campaign that any of us have ever seen”

    Naw, Hatuey, your memory is as poor as your ability to reason.

    The most intense and one-sided propaganda campaign that any of us have ever seen was prior to the Brexit vote. Beats me how you could have forgotten that.

    As I recall, you fell for it, hook, line & sinker. To the extent that you still weep for your lost EU to this date.

    Boo fucking hoo. Or maybes bow fucking wow.

  168. Andy Ellis says:

    @John Main

    Apparently it’s just thee and me John: we’re not representative, but a handful of folk representing the political far left of the movement are somehow representative.

    How does that work exactly? You never hear anyone in real life voicing full throated support for Vlad and his nice bunch of lads, or going on about the Great Satan. I’ve never heard the like of it since uni days and even then the various flavours of lefties hated each other more than they hated the bourgeois capitalist running dog lackeys.

    It’s sad they’ve taken up residence BTL here, but their fringe beliefs signify nothing in the great scheme of things.

  169. sarah says:

    O/T: ooh look, badgers!

    Your video of the badgers was wonderful, Rev – thanks for posting it. As badgers follow traditional routes I think you are now committed to feeding them for life!

    A neighbour of mine frequently finds cause to say “The only stupid animal is man [and women too, of course]” and he is completely right. Look what a mess humans have made of society, the planet, and even btl here. You wouldn’t think it was so very difficult to be polite and constructive on an independence supporting blog, would you?

  170. Scott says:

    “I’ve never heard the like of it since uni days and even then the various flavours of lefties hated each other more than they hated the bourgeois capitalist running dog lackeys.” – Ellis on WoS

    “Scots, lefty, pro indy.” – Ellis on GETTR


  171. Dan says:

    @ Scott

    Presumably as we’re in Scotland 2022 one can simply Self ID as being a lefty, which as in other claims of Self ID, doesn’t necessarily make it so.
    But we need confirmation that “lefty” isn’t referring to being left-handed (and that’s genuine southpaw, not trans-lefthanded, natch).

  172. Scott says:

    Dan says:
    20 September, 2022 at 10:10 pm

    @ Scott

    Presumably as we’re in Scotland 2022 one can simply Self ID as being a lefty, which as in other claims of Self ID, doesn’t necessarily make it so.
    But we need confirmation that “lefty” isn’t referring to being left-handed (and that’s genuine southpaw, not trans-lefthanded, natch).

    I’m Brian Ellis and so’s my wife.

  173. Breastplate says:

    John Main,
    The catalyst for the clusterfuck that is country 404 started in 2014 with the violent overthrow of a democratically elected government. It didn’t start in February.

    The people in LPR and DPR have spent the last 8 years telling the rest of country 404 that they don’t want to be part of it any more.

    We’re not the good guys, the Americans aren’t the good guys, the youcranians aren’t the good guys and the Russkies aren’t the good guys.

    There are no good guys.

  174. Hatuey says:

    We had Question Time specials and all sorts for weeks, with both sides of the European argument discussed in detail, in the run-up to the referendum. Nigel Farage could have made it into the Guinness Book of Records with the number of appearances he was given on QT in 2016…

  175. jockmcx says:

    I’ts a price worth paying!

    this is the end!…. oh! you did’nt notice.

    then you were’nt there.

    i fuckin was,and i aint paying twice!

  176. Robert Hughes says:

    Hatuey @ 7.36pm

    Excellent comment

  177. Andy Ellis says:

    @Robert Hughes 5.39 am

    The fact that a handful of the “usual suspects” in here agree with one another doesn’t make their argument any more convincing Robert, still less representative of all those who support or read WoS or of Scottish opinion as a whole.

    The sundry far-left friends of Vlad, nativists, WEF obsessionals and Treaty of Union bores are a tiny minority. It’s not hard to understand except for those who don’t want to see…or those with a penchant for being on here positing in the wee small hours.

    The disinformatsia is of course strong for some folk: they can simultaneously believe Vlad’s propaganda that the people of the pretendy republics were uniformly in favour of “independence” from Country 404, then union with the mother country while denouncing anything from suspect Western media as propaganda.

    Odd that so many on the left in other countries seem to disagree with them, including all those folk in Sweden and Finland now fast tracking membership of NATO, including the Greens?

    The handful of Byers Road Bolsheviki bumping their gums in here will have about the same levels of support for their worldview post indy as RISE and the SSP do now….if they’re lucky!

  178. John Main says:

    @Breastplate says:20 September, 2022 at 10:36 pm

    “There are no good guys.”

    Agreed, Breastplate, but there might be some guys that are gooder than others. Yes? No?

    It’s not a midnight black and snow white situation. It’s a messy, real-world, clusterfuck with roots going back for centuries.

    And in the middle of it, is a group of 45 million people who want to have a sovereign, free, independent country they can call their own. No amount of hand-wringing over the fact they lack sufficient ideological purity to satisfy the permanently student purists on here can obscure that fact.

    The situation sounds familiar. Yes? No?

    And thus, no sophistry can obscure the fact that genuine, grounded, real-world, rational Indy supporters can’t be seen to be sitting on the fence.

    Despite all of the criticism of the SNP on here, they at least have the sanity to get that decision right.

    But to return to the post from Hatuey (20 September, 2022 at 1:55 pm) that kicked this off:

    “The SNP could and should be providing an alternative opinion. It wouldn’t make much difference, of course, nobody far beyond the Holyrood trough really gives a fuck what wee pudding-face and the gang thinks, but when you’re edging towards war every little helps.”

    I asked Hatuey what that alternative opinion should be. In true, Hatuey style, apart from a wee personal insult, answer came there none.

    Strange that. In a world where everybody and their dog wants a resolution to the dispute, an outbreak of peace, resumption of food supplies to the starving third world, stability and falling prices in the energy markets, hence stability and falling prices in economies all over the world, I would expect that Hatuey’s “alternative” would be grabbed, published, circulated, and immediately put into effect.

    Meantime, Hatuey would become the world’s greatest living Scot, pushing Gordon Broon into second place.

    But naw, Hatuey ain’t gonna spill the beans, and Gordon retains the top spot.

  179. Andy Ellis says:

    @John Main 7.52 pm

    There you go, applying logic to the situation again John!

    It’ll never catch on, ah telt ye afore!

    I often wonder exactly how secure these folk think the early days of our better nation will be when the fruits of their world view are realised? Country 404 will be part of the neo-USSR, followed by Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Azerbaijan no doubt. China will engineer a crisis to take over its renegade province in Taiwan. Doubtless the unfortunate inhabitants of all these places will be duly thankful to have been saved from the embrace of the Great Satan?

    Still: cheap gas and oil from Vlad is the main thing eh? It’s “I’m alright Jack” elevated to a worldview. Im not sure our ancestors who stood up for the plucky Belgians and Serbs in 1914 and the Poles in 1939 recognise those people, but I bet they’d recognise the ones who are entirely relaxed about sitting on our hands and doing nothing about quarrels in far away countries between peoples of whom we know nothing.

  180. John Main says:

    An interesting article in Unherd today:

    Worth a read if your opinions are theoretically capable of changing when influenced by reason and facts.

    The old certainties were shaken by Covid and are now flattened by The War. Scotland will be as affected by the new reality as everywhere else. And that is true whether we remain in the UK, become a free, sovereign Independent nation, or allow the tractors to dissolve us in the EU.

    If you personally favour the latter option, the article looks at some of the factors that are making the EU near helpless in the face of the coming historical storms.

  181. Breastplate says:

    John Main,
    Perhaps the gooder guys should have let the people of the Donbas region withdraw from the geopolitical construct of a country they no longer thought represented them, peacefully?

    Wouldn’t that have saved all the bloodshed? Asking for a comrade.

  182. John Main says:

    @Andy Ellis 8:24

    I spent a lot of time in February trying to think of some way we could stay out of it.

    Like President Macron, I couldn’t at the time, and still can’t.

    I respect the opinions of those who know best what it is like to be under the boot of the oppressor: Poland, the Baltic Republics, Moldova, etc.

    When they tell us that they are willing to pay a high cost for their freedom, nations and culture, it makes sense to me to believe them.

    The Unherd article I just referenced explains how a long, benign period of living a cossetted, protected life, has left the West and Europe psychologically unable to understand that the real world contains aggressive, hostile actors.

    That seems particularly true of a certain strand of the Indy movement, whose sense of “Scottish exceptionalism” leads them to believe we should be the nicest wee nation in the world.

    All that on top of being one of the richest.

    Rich, nice, defenseless. What could possibly go wrong?

  183. Robert Hughes says:

    ” The sundry far-left friends of Vlad, nativists, WEF obsessionals and Treaty of Union bores ”

    This is the problem with your attitude Andy – herding people into groups you consider ” deplorables ” – nice that you’ve adopted sociopath Hilarious Clinton’s term for anyone that doesn’t fit into her highly exclusive * Inclusion * , predominantly WASP * Diversity * and economically unequal * Equality * so-called * Progressive * club . The club Sturgeon is so desperate to be a member of .

    Asking serious questions about the character of the U regime and WTF Nato/US are REALLY doing there , advocating negotiation rather the continued pumping of $billions of weaponry ( at a time when the * citizens * of the US & Europe are facing severe economic difficulties ) into an already volatile , unstable situation and – * quite * important this – expressing grave concern about this escalating into full-blown conflagration , does not make anyone a ” far-left friend of Vlad ” – have you never heard of Negative Capability ? It’s perfectly consistent to be against the invasion whilst still being cognisant of the machinations of * certain elements * that provoked it . The idea , as it’s always described , that it was * unprovoked * is so blatantly false only congenital liars , those with ulterior motives and – as Hatuey refers to – the * majority * whose view of this latest fuckery is via the utterly biased , propagandising MSM . If so many in our own country can’t see through the deceit of NS , what chance do they have of forming an informed view of this – or any other – global conflict .

    Likewise . Having doubts and suspicions about clearly politically motivated/influential , unelected groupings like WEF doesn’t make one a * Conspiracy Theorist * ( how anyone can still use that term with a straight face is laughable ) , neither does emphasising the ” Scottish ” part of Scottish Independence – kinda relevant I’d have thought – make one a ” Nativist ” , at least not with the connotation you give it .

    Never met any ” Byres Road Bolsheviki ” myself , have you ? As for Sweden ” fast-tracking it’s NATO membership ” – is that the same Sweden that just voted for a Hard Right Party with Nazi origins ?

  184. Breastplate says:

    Andy Ellis,

    “Country 404 will be part of the neo-USSR, followed by Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Azerbaijan no doubt.”

    My own personal opinion is that the LPR and the DPR will be established as autonomous regions recognised by much of the non West as time marches on.

    Unfortunately there will probably be a buffer zone, the size of which will depend on frictional military activity.

    You may think that Vlad is trying to take over the world but I think you’ll find that you are in the minority.

  185. Hatuey says:

    “I spent a lot of time in February trying to think of some way we could stay out of it.”


    Brains are like computers; most things simply take a lot longer if you have the processing power of a toaster as compared to that of a quad core i9.

  186. Republicofscotland says:


    The Donbas republics are holding referendums at the end of this month on whether or not to join the RF, if yes prevails an attack on the LPR and the DPR, will be seen as an attack on the RF itself.

    From there I see the RF taking the gloves-off and going full tilt. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

  187. Hatuey says:

    How about a franchise based on IQ so that dumb people have a reduced say in decision-making?

    If they did that in UK elections, I’d be a Unionist.

    Right now the system allows dumb people to be very easily manipulated and harnessed to serve causes that most normal people wouldn’t go near — Brexit, wars, conservativism, immigration policy, etc.

    And it’s cheap these days. Brexit hinged on a few thousand pounds worth of Facebook adverts. You could talk them into anything with a few quid and a couple of fake photoshop images.

    Maybe we could talk them into voting for their own disenfranchisement… that would be beautiful.

  188. Republicofscotland says:

    More people in the UK tuned in to watch the Euro 2020 final than tuned in to watch the queens funeral, the monarchists the politicians and the media won’t like that.

  189. Republicofscotland says:

    The Westminster staging post in Edinburgh Queen Elizabeth House welcomes a new lackey. David Duguid, MP for Banff and Buchan, he will be a junior minister at the staging post.

    Notice to Quit.

    “You, your employees, staff, servants and lackeys are hereby served with notice that you must quit, leave, depart, remove yourselves, your goods, gear and effects from all offices and departments occupied within the sovereign territory of Scotland.”

  190. Hatuey says:

    RoS: “More people in the UK tuned in to watch the Euro 2020 final than tuned in to watch the queens funeral”

    Astonishing really, given the number of channels covering it and the way they locked the whole economy down.

  191. Willie says:

    And now that the outrageous stage show of trailing old Lizzie round in a box has come to an end other news is now hitting our screens.

    Seems that whilst we have been away the West is now winning the war against Russia. Or at least that is what the news is telling us. Seems also that Russia is now calling up many of their two million reservists. That is more than suggestive of a bigger war to come.

    But hey, the news releases and briefings about our winning the war is only today’s diet of propaganda. British, American and other foreign protagonists fighting and operating western weaponry are being killed and you’d be daft to think that the war is won and over because it isn’t.

    Anyway, what the peasantry doesn’t know keeps them happy. The fog of war is all around.

  192. Breeks says:

    Breastplate says:
    21 September, 2022 at 8:50 am
    Andy Ellis,

    My own personal opinion is that the LPR and the DPR will be established as autonomous regions recognised by much of the non West as time marches on.

    There are moves in the Donbas and Luhansk regions for a democratic Referendum on straight up joining Russia. The result is entirely predictable. I don’t mean that cynically, there’s no appetite to be part of “U”.

    The West won’t recognise it, but realistically, what can they actually do about it? Don’t forget, it was effectively a US funded coup in “U” which kicked this whole can of worms off…

    Ruskis just mobilized another 300k troop by the way… But that’s still a fraction of what they’re capable of.

    I’m not backing the Ruskis by the way, but being objective, it was a catastrophic decision for “U” to antagonise their neighbour. I mean really, what outcome did they expect? The Minsk Agreement was their optimum result, but they reneged and squandered that and for what? They have simply been pawns used by NATO / US, and the big question now is how that realisation shapes opinion in “U”. How to throw away your country when it really was so unnecessary.

    The Ruskis are most assuredly not going to back down. I don’t believe they ever were. The stupidity of the West has gifted the “bad guys” the moral high ground, and they’re only the bad guys in Western eyes. The West in general really has quite the most appalling leadership I think I’ve ever seen.

    The easiest route to peace is for “U” to get rid of Mr Zel, and sue for peace. If they just pump in more NATO weapons, they’ll only be guaranteeing the deaths of more “U’s”, and there’s a very real risk that Ruskis will run out of patience and flatten the place.

    The West is collectively being very dumb about this in my humble opinion.. Jaw, jaw, not war, war.

    But so far, the only “jaw jaw” we’re getting is withering disinformation and Propaganda. It’s literally incredible. Jakanory eat your heart out, while the suppression of information from the “other” side is deeply troubling.

    What do want to get from all this “U”? When you’re in a hole that’s all your own making, step 1 is stop digging.

  193. John Main says:

    @ Hatuey says:21 September, 2022 at 9:34 am


    Thanks for answering the question with your usual ego-affirming contempt. Us Scots, eh? Aren’t we uniquely nice in the world?

    I’ll post it again. There could be some adults reading, and maybes they too can’t wait for the answer:

    Hatuey (20 September, 2022 at 1:55 pm) writes:

    “The SNP could and should be providing an alternative opinion. It wouldn’t make much difference, of course, nobody far beyond the Holyrood trough really gives a fuck what wee pudding-face and the gang thinks, but when you’re edging towards war every little helps.”

    So, once again Hatuey, what should that alternative opinion be?

  194. John Main says:

    @Breeks says:21 September, 2022 at 11:22 am

    ‘The stupidity of the West has gifted the “bad guys” the moral high ground’

    Some moral high ground. Mass graves, torture & rape of captives, deliberate destruction of civilian infrastructure, forced deportations of “undesirables”. Nuclear brinkmanship that risks a new Chernobyl across the heart of Europe.

    Still, always good to get a clear insight into another’s moral compass.

    I can but assume that if rUK military forces ever sweep into iScotland in order to protect the most likely breakaway regions of Edinburgh and St Andrews, Breeks will be out cheering them on.

    After all, if iScotland resists, there will be a very real risk WM will run out of patience and flatten us.

  195. John Main says:

    @ROS 10:13

    “In 2021, the polling found that the number of UK adults saying the monarchy was “not at all important/abolish” had reached record highs of 25%.”

    Wow, as high as that!

    If only we could get record highs of 25% of Scots prepared to say the UK was “not at all important/abolish”, we would be independent.

    Erm, haud oan, let’s just parse that again.

  196. John Main says:

    @Hatuey says:21 September, 2022 at 9:59 am

    “You could talk them into anything with a few quid and a couple of fake photoshop images.”

    Ah, Hatuey. The gift that just keeps on giving.

    Still, folks, Hatuey has outlined the Indy road to success. It is now the task of us under-achievers to make his vision happen.

    A few quid and a couple of fake photoshop images will provide the majority for Yes.

    Go to it, all!

  197. James Che says:

    And their might be some guys over there fighting that have been told to take of their uniform.?

    A bit like the treaty of the union, the news is as much what you are not told, as it is what you are told.

    And still scotland and england send No real diplomats, just money, weapons. And people trained in Britain,
    It give you an inclination of what decision Britain would prefer. war proxy at first the head to head.

    Wonder if the unemployed and those on benefits will eventually be conscripted in Britain, along with immigrants.

    Ready made army in times of food and energy crises,

  198. Andy Ellis says:

    Nobody will recognise the putative referendums in the pretendy republics, or their inevitable subsequent union with the RF, any more than the international community recognised the annexation of Crimea, or the validity of Transnistria or Abkhazia or South Ossetia. Vlad saying that they will be part of the RF signifies nothing. The former owners will proceed to use their gathering superiority in weapons and morale to eject the invaders from all of their territories, including the parts of the Donbas occupied before February. Vlad and his mates won’t be able to hold on to the Crimea when they lose the rest of the territory they occupied in the last 6 months.

    The outcome of the conflict is much more likely to be the deposition of Vlad, and the confirmation that the RF is a paper tiger and very much beholden to and a client of China, which will be quite happy to capitalise on that weakness for its own purposes in the east and Central Asia. Country 404 will rebuild, be integrated in time in to the EU and probably NATO. The people of the RF have a choice: depose Vlad and reform their gangster state so it can be transformed as its former client states in the Warsaw Pact have been, or descend further in to a dystopian mafia state shit hole in hock to Beijing.

  199. James Che says:


    woke up the morning with new thoughts running through my head,

    King Charles is king of Scots, ( for as long as the Scots decide it is so)

    The westminster parliament cannot be legally sovereign, over Scotland due to the Claim of Right, within the treaty, that king Charles confirmed in his recent assesion.

    Here is a scenario that has probably not occurred to any of us,

    How can the monarchy lay claim to all treasure found in Scotland if she was queen of Scots not of ScotLand. Same goes for Charles,
    On a larger scale, How can the monarchy lay claim to anything of value in Scotland soil.?
    They ore not kings or queens of Scotland?

    Then we come to the NON sovereign UK Westminster parliament whom has never held a Treaty with Scotlands old parliament, and cannot inherit Sovereignty of the 1707 Treaty of the Scottish parliament and the 1707 English parliament due to the “Claim of Right”

    Under both these Conditions neither the Non Sovereign monarchy in Scotland nor the Non Sovereign UK Parliament can lay Claim to the Scots as a nation.

    But that also leaves it it is very debatable as to wether any of the Non Sovereign entities has any claim to any monies for the UK treasury from Scotland.
    Neither have a Sovereign claim on Scotland soil or sea as a result.

  200. James Che says:

    The uk parliament nor the monarchy are sovereign in Scotland,

    How many years have the monarchy been receiving treasure trove from Scotlands artifacts and historical sites from land to sea, while not being monarchs of Scotland? Including the stone of destiny that recently went down to England,

    How many years has the Non sovereign UK parliament of Britain been taking oil and minerals out of Scotland for the non sovereign Treasury of GB?

  201. James Che says:

    Thats the referendum democracy thrown out the door if elections will not be recognised by other countries,
    And instead replace it with foreign regime change of their leaders,

    How well do we think a referendum or election request would be recognised in Scotland.

    Oh thats right, the same lack of democracy is going on in Scotland right now,
    Just regime change the leaders, imprison them if you have to.

  202. Hatuey says:

    I see Andy Ellis has started having conversations with himself too.

    Most of us aren’t interested because we can get that sort of dumbed-down propaganda on any one of 4000 TV channels these days.

    Do you think people come here to read badly written regurgitations of Daily Star articles?

    You’re drunk. Go to bed.

  203. Republicofscotland says:

    “Nobody will recognise the putative referendums in the pretendy republics, ”


    You mean nobody in the West that is, the US will threaten other nations with sanctions if they try to recognise the Donbas republics, either way it won’t matter to the republics and the RF, for they needed to do something to stop the eight years of murdering by 404.

  204. James Che says:

    The UK parliament nor the Monarchy are Sovereign in Scotland nor over Scots.

    We do not have to beg for a undemocratic referendum or election that will not be recognised from the Uk or Monarchy, we do not have to wait years for their permission,
    And we do not have to have a ” majority” dictated to us by the non Sovereign UK parliament,
    The Claim of Right certainly makes no such stipulations,

    As sovereign Scots you can set up you’re own new parliament.

  205. James Che says:

    This up talk of aggression and regime change of leaders in other peoples countries is vaguely fimiliar to Scotland don’t you think,

    Not being allowed to have a election or referendum when the people choose, but a country outside your own will decide for you,

    Force will used with arm and weapons, sound fimiliar, is that not how the treaty of the union came about,

    Is that same habitual aggression and dictatorship of Colonial control choice being forced down Scotland throats right now,

    You will have no choice Scots, WE the colonial masters will tell you who your leaders will be, and We the Colonial masters will tell you if we will allow you to be free from us,

    Mmmm so similar in tone and stratergy.

  206. Scott says:

    @James Cheyne

    UK Parliament has sovereignty insofar as it has the right to make and amend laws. The Scots still retain the common law right to depose the monarch, and seek to have any action undertaken on behalf of the crown declared unlawful at the Court of Session.


  207. James Che says:


    Hi Scot. Do you not mean the Great Britain parliament would have had the right to amend laws,
    The Scots do not have a treaty with the UK parliament.

    In fact once the Scottish parliament was asked to close its doors by the English parliament in 1707
    The Treaty of the union ceased to exist, one half of the treaty was cancelled.

    The english parliament went into the the rest of the treaty by itself, it entered the false British parliament on its own without elections taken place as the English parliament

    So who is the old English parliament, the British Parliament or the UK parliament going to hold accountable for breaking the treaty of the union, The old 1707 Scottish Parliament?
    It does not exist.

  208. Scott says:

    a dystopian mafia state shit hole‘ was the working title of Leonard Cohen’s album ‘The Future’…he loved the country but couldn’t stand the scene. I don’t blame him – I’d love to live in Vermont but the thought of interacting with some of the stoopid fat cunts that call themselves ‘Americans’ negates the appeal. English-Americans don’t like to acknowledge that Mexican-Americans & Black-Americans are their equals, but they have to so they do it real slooo…ow. Democracy is coming to the USA, but when?

    It’s coming to America first – the cradle of the best and of the worst.
    It’s here they’ve got the range of machinery for change, and it’s here they’ve got the spiritual thirst.
    It’s here the family’s broken, and it’s here the lonely say that the heart has got to open in a fundamental way.

    Crackpots, the most of them. Sheep anaw.

    Baandy Ellis goes tonto whenever anyone dare criticise his beloved USA…it’s a cesspit. 100000 children go missing every year and are never found. Still, it keeps milk carton manufacturers busy.

  209. James Che says:

    The 1707 Scottish Parliament held elections to decide whom would become member to the new created British parliament as represenatives of the Scottish parliament,

    But when the Scottish parliament was asked to close the Scottish parliament doors and did so,
    They Cancelled themselves out as representatives of the 1707 Scottish parliament.

  210. Shug says:

    Imagine the Tories having to sack someone because they did not work for Labour!

    That is quite a funny twist

    Had he worked for Murphy he could have kept his job.

  211. James Che says:

    Either the British parliament has breached the treaty of union from the very onset, by cancelling the Scottish parliament but not the English one which entered the treaty of the union as the english parliament (only)

    Or the Treaty is not valid because we have no Scottish parliament representitives in the british parliament since the Scottish parliament closed.

    Breaching the treaty of union since 1707.

  212. James Che says:

    The old english parliament is in the treaty of union by itself.

    But there is NO Scottish parliament in the British parliament nor the treaty of the union since it began in 1707,

    Just the old english parliament.
    They can amend any legislation they please to the treaty of the misnamed union,

    But not for Scots or Scotland since 1707, as they cancelled our half of the treaty in 1707.

  213. Hugh Jarse says:

    Gammons gammon, Ben Wallace, isn’t remotely suitable for defence secretary, and could be the death of us all.
    If in doubt, please check the video of him being prank called, ostensibly by a senior member of the government of the country that we are barred from mentioning.
    Are we now entering the “next phase”?

    It appears that YouTube has memory holed the full length video.

  214. Shug says:

    I wonder if the tartan army will think of turning up with sheets of white card

  215. Shug says:

    I am fed up with them singing flower of scotland.
    Send him home again- we can still rise again

    Now ye didnae you were heart – they laugh at you

  216. Breeks says:

    James Che says:
    21 September, 2022 at 1:09 pm

    And still scotland and england send No real diplomats, just money, weapons. And people trained in Britain…

    Lurking in far off places, yes, you do see a load of ignorance, stupidity, bile and prejudice, (just like here lately), but you also get some objective commentary, and a handle on what “they” are thinking, morale etc… I noticed one comment which kinda jarred at first, but then resonated a bit…

    I always thought Western Military training was universally recognised as being pretty good, and I still believe it is. The SAS are meant to be right up there with the best of them, plus your Paras and Marines are both feared and respected… aren’t they? But the rhetorical question I saw asked on a forum which really got me thinking was somebody asking “who have the US or UK ever trained who actually won their conflict?”

    I was just lurking, not even registered to comment, but dang it, if the fella didn’t have a point. From the Taliban, ISIS, Columbian cartels, even to rhino poachers in Africa… who has actually been defeated by Western Military training? And just look at the state Libya is in thanks to it’s Western trained “insurgents”.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the training is qualitatively effective, but the point is it’s not effective enough to be decisive… Get’s you thinking eh? Our “enemies” don’t rate our training skills as highly as we do… but then, they’ll always say that anyway…

  217. sarah says:

    O/T Good news from Craig Murray: his appeal against his conviction for contempt and imprisonment has been accepted by the EHCR. Time to buy some popcorn…

    Other Good news: For Women Scotland met the costs of their first case against the Scot Gov from a crowdfunder. They have been awarded £147,500 costs against Scot gov and are using this to fund a second case against the Scot gov.

    Uneasy lies the head that wears the FM crown – I hope.

  218. twathater says:

    @ Sarah 4.37pm And that is what makes me incandescent with anger , sturgeon’s pet pervert and deviant charter is opposed by the majority of people who know about it and the effects it will have on women and girls safety , YET she continues to push this shite uphill, and not only do WE have to pay a crowdfunded action to take her to court, BUT when she is shown to be the incompetent arsehole that she is we AGAIN the Scottish taxpayer have to PAY AGAIN for her folly

    She will continue with pushing this perverts charter and AGAIN WE the Scottish taxpayer will be faced with an enormous legal bill , to ADD to the other enormous legal bills her and her grossly incompetent CLOWNS have cost us , THE 3 SALMOND DEBACLES , THE totally inept RANGERS trial , THE PROVEN malicious vendetta carried out against RANGERS directors , THE Craig Murray vendetta , THE Mark Hirst vendetta , THE Martin Keating’s vendetta , THE Manny Singh revenge and so on , MILLIONS of pounds spent NEEDLESSLY that would have fully supplied the SHAMELESS food bank growth industry in Scotland

  219. Hatuey says:

    Great news on both accounts, Sarah.

  220. James Che says:


    Both of those pieces of information you posted are excellent news, I will pray and keep my fingers crossed for them to win.

    It is a shame that a devolved government to Scotland is so obvious in its open attacks against the Scottish people on nearly every topic,
    From freedom of the press, free speech, to human rights on women and children through interfering with family life and the right to chose,
    The devolved government in Scotland has Just about eliminated every human right in favour of bias towards a selected few.

  221. James che says:


    I usually do not talk about any proxy war that we invited ourselves into.

    It is only important if we intend staying attached to the mythical union for foreseeable future,

    My focus is not to be attached to a warmongering country, and not have nuclear weapons parked in Scotland.
    Even all the new influx of people to Scotland over recent years cannot want such dangerous weapon parked next to their front door without supposing what would happen to them and the property they bought not so long ago. Should there be leaks or damage.

    My focus is on Scotland being independent sooner rather than later so we are not in all these wars
    A passing comment occassionally, but only when I see Scottish tax payers money being used to instigate and up the rhetoric in building up war,
    Why have we not trained more diplomats?
    Why is Scotland got money to give to other Countries when it could not keep all the food banks open a few days ago?
    Why does Scotland have food banks at all if it has spare millions to give away?

    Lets sort Scotland and Westminster devolved government first, for at the moment we are heading for the same lack of democracy as that other country. with some people all ready thinking to eliminate Scots while trying to instigated division amongst the Scots in Scotland, preparing the ground perhaps for future excuses for invasion.
    All The wars are choice made by bad governance and no true diplomats.
    Half the union and you the danger, halve the problems of going or being dragged in to foreign wars.

    Lets make Scotland one of the first peace loving nations, where people thrive, and governments are held to account in the name of its people.

  222. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Just noticed that the Scotland v Ukraine match is on ITV4.

  223. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Just noticed that the Scotland v the other lot match is on ITV4.

  224. sarah says:

    @ twathater, Hatuey and James Che: Craig Murray and For Women Scotland’s good news – I put it on here as I thought we all needed to be cheered up!

    It may be that these two cases will help move the blockage, being the FM and Scot gov, between we the people and our rightful independence – oh, and our sanity. As you say, twathater and James Che, their current policies are enough to drive one mad.

  225. Dorothy Devine says:

    Sarah , thanks for the relative good news – you are right we do need cheering up.

  226. Robert Hughes says:

    ” Lets make Scotland one of the first peace loving nations, where people thrive, and governments are held to account in the name of its people. ”

    Word , JC . What better aspirations could we have for our country

    The current ( mal ) Administration is aspiring to make Scotland the exact opposite of those you mention

    Howling with the Dogs of War .

    The people ” not waving , but drowning ”

    Those entrusted to act always in the interests of the people who put them there and whose interests they are – first and foremost- there to serve , instead , serving themselves , seemingly immune to accountability

  227. Fionan says:

    I add my thanks, Sarah, you are the bearer of some good news for a change. The ECHR verdict on the appeal will be interesting – and so will its consequences, whatever they turn out to be.

  228. Doug says:

    Incredibly depressing. Not the funeral, not even the coverage. It’s the unquestioning acceptance of Anglo/British establishment practices and the disgusting sycophancy exhibited by SNP politicians who claim to want to end the union between Scotland and England.

    These pathetic excuses for politicians are even now ticking off the days until they can go down on their knees to kiss the erse of another windsor at his co-called coronation.

  229. Republicofscotland says:

    I don’t like the look of this at all.

    “A Bill to provide a renewed constitutional form for the peoples of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

  230. Ayrshire Rob says:

    Well done Scotland!

    That man Boyle will be most gutted.

  231. sarah says:

    @ Republicofscotland: ” I don’t like the look of this at all. “A Bill to provide a renewed constitutional form ….””

    Indeed. See Mia’s article on Yours for Scotland today.

    It really makes it essential that we have plenty of gutsy parliamentarians who will impose Scotland’s sovereignty and crush Westminster’s attempt to deny our right.

  232. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Doug.

    You mentioned,
    “It’s the unquestioning acceptance of Anglo/British establishment practices and the disgusting sycophancy exhibited by SNP politicians who claim to want to end the union between Scotland and England.”

    This is worth a read and then subtly interjected into blethers with friends.

  233. sarah says:

    Scotland 3: 0 Ukraine

    A surfeit of good news today. 🙂 🙂

  234. sarah says:

    sorry Scotland 3; 0 the U team

  235. Skip_NC says:

    Republicofscotland, that is old news. it’s a Private Member’s Bill introduced to the house of lords in 2019. It didn’t get its second reading, never mind get sent to the house of commons.

    I see Scotland cannot now be relegated from Nations League B. Now, if Armenia beat Ireland and Ukraine, we just need a point in the return v Ukraine and we’re going up to League A, just as England and Wales might be heading down.

  236. John Main says:

    @Scott says:21 September, 2022 at 3:12 pm

    “Baandy Ellis goes tonto whenever anyone dare criticise his beloved USA…it’s a cesspit. 100000 children go missing every year and are never found. Still, it keeps milk carton manufacturers busy.”

    Hey Scott, it falls to me to tell you you’re pebble-dashing Wings with shite. Again.

    “According to our research and experience, out of the half a million children that go missing every year in the United States, nearly all of them are found. That’s 97.8%. So, half a million children go missing, but nearly all of them are also found.”

    I honestly don’t know why it falls to me to try to fix some of the spectacular lunacies that regularly disgrace this site.

    An objective observer might expect the Wings BTL community to keep some of the more obviously moon howlers in line.

    But naw.

  237. Skip_NC says:

    Republicofscotland, that is old news. it’s a Private Member’s Bill introduced to the house of lords in 2019. It didn’t get its second reading, never mind get sent to the house of commons.

  238. Skip_NC says:

    Are we not allowed to mention the team that Scotland beat this evening? What did I miss?

  239. sarah says:

    Skip: you missed a wonderful game – Scotland pressing all the time though the 3 goals all came after the 70th minute. The other team didn’t score at all.

  240. John Main says:

    @Breeks says:21 September, 2022 at 4:37 pm

    So what you are saying is that western military training sucks, but customers keep signing up for it regardless.

    Or maybes they don’t sign up for it – we force it down their craws. And the west is able to force it down their craws, even though our military sucks. Well, of course it would suck, because as you have already stated, our military training sucks.

    Does not compute, Breeks. That’s what happens when you start with a set of skewed conclusions and try to work back from there.

    But here’s a question for you. Did anybody ever, or does anybody today, train the IDF? Who? Does the IDF suck?

  241. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    You’re not allowed to mention the country that won Eurovision in 2004.

  242. John Main says:

    Brian DTT

    Oh yes you are.

    UK raine.


  243. Big Jock says:

    Twathater. Who would be the Scottish martyr who did time to expose Sturgeon? She must worry about that everyday.

    Most of us could throw in most of the names. But Salmond has the most on her. He said he could bring her down anytime.

    Personally I think now would be good.

  244. David Hannah says:

    I’m extremely proud to be Scottish tonight. Brave sportsmen. Grit. Determination. And a resounding rejection of Queen Elizabeth booed off Hampden Park.

    Football is part of the psyche of the Scottish people. When the team does well, it lifts the nation. When the Tartan Army boos The Monarchy, you know its a moment in history that will have the British State shaking.

    Hail Alba. Free Scotland. Our day will come.

  245. twathater says:

    @ big jock 11.45pm This is what I cannot understand ,surely Kenny McAskill or Neil Hanvey could raise it in the HOC under parliamentary privilege , surely the likes of David Davies has some integrity and honesty , but I suppose we saw the depth of corruption and lies when she was interrogated at the enquiry and the multitudes of redactions by the SWINE all in the public name

    And people talk about a truth and reconciliation committee FFS, while the wee bachle heads off into the sunset with her ill gotten gains

  246. Breeks says:

    UK Mercenaries sentenced to death, Aslan and Pinner, have been released to Saudi Arabia in a wider release of 200.

  247. Willie says:

    The price of soaring inflation and a wrecked economy due to the economic war being waged against Russia is a price worth paying declares Liz Truss.

    Can’t but agree folks. We need to bleed our deepest veins, we really do. And it’s now set to get worse with interest rates set to rise creating a mortgage and debt servicing holocaust for the many. Oh how my Britannia breast swells with pride as we fight the good fight.

    And apparently with Russia now mobilising 300,000 troops and declaring that it will use all of its weaponry to protect its country, it cannot be long until our fine Britannia Forces get the opportunity to display the lethal global force that Tory ministers have long crowed about. The new flagship aircraft carrier the Queen Elizabeth 2 may be languishing laid up awaiting repair but with the now fixed type 45 destroyers back in service, together with troops already being deployed to locations near the Russian Federation, I think we can look forward to the big one.

    King and country will be served. Our fight will not be in vain. And in the West of Scotland, with our nuclear submarine base and warhead storage facilities we will be particularly ready to play an even bigger part if things go truly big style,

    Dulce est decorum et in pro patria mori.

  248. John Main says:

    @Willie says:22 September, 2022 at 7:43 am

    “And apparently with Russia now mobilising 300,000 troops and declaring that it will use all of its weaponry to protect its country”

    Let me fix that one for you, Willie:

    “And apparently with Russia now mobilising 300,000 troops and declaring that it will use all of its weaponry to protect its recently seized colony”

    I take your point about military facilities based in Scotland. I will start to think that any Scot believes that point has any substance to it when the reports of Scots fleeing start to come through. Seemingly, plenty of Russia’s reservists are fleeing. I guess the difference is that they have a grasp of reality.

    I like the bit of Latin at the end. But dinna fash, Willie, nobody is expecting you to die for your country. You’re safe.

    Finally, on a more general note. I assume from the constant sniping and poo-poo-ing on here that “true” Scots look forwards to a decisive BritNat defeat as a stepping stone to Indy. So, should the “true” Scots not be cheering all of this on?

    Why the constant negativity? Does it arise from a deep-seated, never-to-be-stated, fear that Russia, despite its possession of the “moral high ground”, is going down to defeat?

    Surely naw, eh?

  249. John Main says:

    @Breeks says:22 September, 2022 at 6:01 am

    “UK Mercenaries sentenced to death, Aslan and Pinner, have been released to Saudi Arabia in a wider release of 200.”

    Fair sized number of Azov “Nazis” released too.

    Makes you think, eh? Remember when The War was all about the elimination of the Nazis?

    Almost as if they are making it up as they go along, as they strive to justify armed colonisation of a neighbouring, free, independent, sovereign, nation.

  250. Breastplate says:

    John Main,
    I’ve asked before but had no answer, what does a Russian defeat look like in your eyes?

  251. Hatuey says:

    The Queen’s death got me wondering about the role and purpose of the monarchy in the UK today, and in history. The funeral had a real military flavour and that’s interesting when you think about it. You could have a monarchy that wasn’t so intertwined with the military.

    What’s going on?

    Basically, when you think about it, Britain in history is a country that shamelessly went around the world fleecing people at gunpoint — the military was central to doing that. In most other contexts we’d call that armed robbery or mugging, of course but whatever you call it, that’s what Britain was good at and it is that and that alone that explains the rise of Britain.

    But, and here’s where the monarchy comes in, if we wrap everything in royal standards, put crowns and royal emblems on everything, and tell ourselves what we are doing is “for king and country”, well, it means we can pretend there’s some respectability in what we are doing… ‘a cloak of respectability’, as they say.

    If that’s the lie, the truth is we are just a bunch of skint people that have been going around the world murdering and robbing people for material gain; to put a finer point to it, going around the world robbing people for cars, fridges, books, lamps, shoes, carpets, and various other creature comforts.

    A few questions naturally spring from all that.

  252. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Those following the twists and turns of the constitutional arguments may find this quote of interest:

    ‘The first order of business at the Accession, as laid down by the Act of Union 1707, is that in right of Scotland, the new monarch must acknowledge that he has no governing role in the church’…the short of it is – if Charles had not sworn that oath on the first morning of his accession then the United Kingdom, both the Crown and subsequent parliament union, would have ceased to exist. That’s how vital that is.’

    Alex Thompson, UKColumn News, 21.9.22

  253. Shug says:

    I see a few articles in the press today about Scotland’s shame of sectarianism. Can I ask everyone when commenting to highlight it is not Scotland’s shame it is unionists shame

    The claim of right was a rail against the Stewart’s enforcing bishops and the church of England on Scotland. Yes beyond that was the church of Rome but the critical complaint was bishops.

  254. Shug says:

    Feel free to add any whataootary

  255. Shug says:

    Feel free to add any whatabotary

  256. Breeks says:

    Willie says:
    22 September, 2022 at 7:43 am
    The price of soaring inflation and a wrecked economy due to the economic war being waged against Russia is a price worth paying declares Liz Truss…

    Troubling, given her self declared enthusiasm for pressing the red button…

    Strange too how Brexit is being written out of the equation.

    Thatcher started her own war to divert attention and restore the Tory misfortunes, but it seems Truss will have to make do purloining someone else’s war.

    You could of course draw similar comparisons to someone else closer to home…

    Fk sake Scotland. How hard can it be to get rid of one trumped up narcissistic charlatan? 8 years of this shite. Shouldn’t we be trying the National defibrillator around now? We’ve been flatlining an awfully long time and there is growing evidence of brain damage in some…

  257. Andy Ellis says:

    I’ve asked before but had no answer, what does a Russian defeat look like in your eyes?

    I think most of us could sketch out a preferred outcome from Vlad losing, being deposed, Country 404 restored, reparations, the Russian Federation being dismantled and democratised, the various peoples it oppresses being given their self determination etc.

    How about what you think a victory for Vlad looks? What would the work look like after that, and what are the implications for small countries seeking their independence everywhere?

  258. Scott says:

    Thanks to John Main for pointing out a ‘typo’ in his attempt to defend the most hypocritical & corrupt ‘fascist commonwealth’ on the planet, where Uncle Sam needs you to obey the constitution or be executed…

    2% of 500000 isn’t 100000, so only ten thousand children just vanish forever yearly.

    Mind you, a quick Lycos search on the internet (0.53s v Googly’s ubiquitous 30s) churns out quite a few blogs that claim accuracy in their figures while posting different ones…although all agree that even ohfishyal figures are likely to be guesstimates.

    ‘Land of the freaks, home of the bravado. In propaganda we trust’-
    that’s them, that is.

  259. Breeks says:

    Well, voting for you pretty much nails it.

    In mitigation, we “thought” we were voting for a party that would have delivered Independence back in 2016/17, but instead we elected a shower of deadbeat tossers and troughers who’ll think up any excuse to sit on their arses doing nothing except periodically cocking their leg to piss on ALBA and the YES movement…. Oh yeah, and publish two High School essays on… I dunno,.. ”something”.

    We should really looking at Brexit, the cost of living crisis, and rampant profiteering from Private (hint! hint!), Energy Companies, all from the comfort and security of Scotland’s rear view mirror, but thank’s to Sturgeon’s elected no-hopers we’re still up to our necks in UK horseshit and looking down the barrel of a war with Ruski.

    Sadly, the SNP has “lost” the keys to the Indy bus, so the people in the real Independence movement are having to find our feet, and we’re now mobilising and preparing to make rest of our way on foot.

    Quid pro quo Mr Wishart… I have absolutely no idea what Scotland has done to deserve the likes of you.

  260. robertkknight says:

    Breeks @12:02…

    Weak Pishart doesn’t do irony, but if he did…

    What has Scotland done?

    Returned a party guilty of deliberately missing the open goal gifted by Brexit, to hold Westminster’s feet to the fire and demand (Yes, Mr Blackford… remember those heady days in the HoC – you utter invertebrate), that either Westminster simply ‘took note’ of the referendum result OR the Scottish Government would run a referendum, with or without Westminster approval, for the sake of the 62% who voted remain, thereby winning friends in the EU whilst simultaneously standing up for the majority here.

    That’s the reason we’re being f**ked repeatedly by a bunch of self-serving Tory w****rs, Mr Pishart, nothing more, nothing less. And you and your ilk do nothing about it but sit and wring your hands whilst filling out your expenses…

    Thank God I don’t do Twitter – I’d be banned for life in less than 10 minutes.

  261. lothianlad says:

    We really should organize for a protest when the new king of England has his coronation.
    with significant numbers, it could cause a break in the colonial damn.

  262. Hatuey says:

    So, basically, Andy Ellis is a nihilist. A lot of people get like that when they’re older and the realisation that their life has been completely fruitless and pointless weighs on them. Maybe people should devote more effort to doing things that they actually enjoy, instead of chasing money (which they invariably suck at anyway).

    There is no permutation of events that leads to defeat for Russia. Everybody knows that. Russia has been conducting its war so far with about 20% of its military resources and with major self-imposed restrictions in terms of its rules of engagement. That’s about to change.

    The recent victory for the forces of democracy and freedom that everybody is so excited about will soon be forgotten. According to Ritter, the area of Luhansk wasn’t even occupied by Russian military forces in any conventional sense — it was occupied by armed police.

    A better question is what will NATO and the gang do if Russia flattens Kiev and turns it into another Fallujah?

    I don’t think anybody has thought this through but cities like Kiev getting flattened is exactly what NATO escalation will eventually lead to. Then what?

    If those that purport to care about the welfare and prospects of the people in all this really cared, they would sign an agreement that restricted NATO expansion and operations in the area. Russia’s war aims haven’t changed in that regard.

  263. Hatuey says:

    Where’s Ruby today, btw? I hope she hasn’t been cancelled or anything…

  264. James Che says:

    First we will take 7 eastern Countries, The we will take Russia and then we will take China,

    The quote is by ” Henry Kissinger” when he was in office.

    Well planned wars 30 or more years ahead of time by America.

    How is that long term aggressive plan for the eastern countries going?

    Well I suppose they must consider job done because they have causing insurgence against Russia since 2014.

    Do not believe the planned media narrative it is a new war, It Was a Planned War. A long time ago.
    And Andy I dont forget that you told us you are contracted to the MOD.

    For the Rest us, lets focus on getting Scotland the hell out all these agressive wars, begore they turn on us.

  265. James Che says:

    Before they turn on us or conscript Scots, Welsh and Irish as Cannon fodder once again.

  266. Andy Ellis says:

    Oh Hatuey, your abilities in psychoanalysis are about as advanced as you analysis of Russia’s war and what is likely to happen. That’s what happens when you let your ideological prejudices infect your worldview. Vlad’s war has shown that the Russian military to be a paper tiger – both its materiel and training/leadership have been found wanting in the “special military operation”.

    The Russians aren’t going to flatten Kyiv: they have neither the will not the equipment to do so. Soon enough the west will have ensured the locals have the wherewithal to defend their cities from indiscriminate Russian attack.

    Russia’s war of aggression has achieved the opposite of what Vlad and his mates wanted: Country 404 will emerge strengthened and integrated in to the EU and eventually NATO. Sweden and Finland will soon join. The EU states are all furiously increasing their defence expenditures and cutting their dependence on Russian energy, which was always a mistake.

    There is no way the west generally will accept a Russian victory: the only question is how bad a defeat it will be for them. It can either be existential with the RF essentially collapsing and being Balkanised, which might be seen as just desserts by many, or it may end with Vlad’s downfall and a negotiated settlement returning the territories occupied and illegally annexed and payment of suitable reparations.

    Whatever the eventual outcome, it’s not going to end well for ordinary Russians.

  267. Scott says:

    Hatuey says:
    22 September, 2022 at 1:04 pm

    Where’s Ruby today, btw?

    Maybe busy reading comments btl on the Hootsman website to see if oor ‘John Main’ really is the ‘Vikingbloke’ alluded to previously from left field btl here. (Norse mythology seems more like Ellis’ area of ‘appropriated expertise’ to me but…)

    John Main previously suggested ‘Hatuey’ & ‘Ruby’ were the same person.

    Ellis goes radge at the suggestion he has sock-puppet ‘accounts’, but acknowledges the likelihood of them existing is high.

    Boyle accuses anyone not ‘him’, Ellis, Main et al. of being one person.

    Chas inspires them to use BPHB or variations.

    And, as well as seemingly fancying the pants off each other, they all have very similar writing styles – syntax and punctuation, “etc etc“.


  268. James Che says:

    I was watching Through a Scottish Prism yesterday evening holding a question and answer for the public.

    I must have had one of those telepathy moments as in the early afternoon I was talking about how the monarchy took treasure trove from Scotland but were not monarchy or Sovereign of Scotland,

    Then I had pointed out that that the UK parliament was not Sovereign in Britain, therefore neither was the treasury, and how they were not entitled to Scottish oil and minerals.

    Whoa, in the evening I sat down and watched Through a Scottish Prism, and low and behold, what was one of the topics.

    Scotland as a Sovereign Territorial Country at present.

    Must be psychie moment.

  269. Republicofscotland says:


    It’s not about a military victory as such, the West has already lost.

  270. James che says:

    Compensation perhaps for stealing Scotland minerals and oils from Scotlands Sovereign Territorial land and sea,

    “Through a Scottish Prism” explain this much better than I do.

  271. Scott says:

    Could an ancient treaty place a Doncaster-based club in the Scottish Cup?

    Treaty of Durham cedes Doncaster from the kingdom of England to the kingdom of Scotland…as reflected in the annual GERS figures released on behalf of UK Parliament.

  272. Ruby says:

    Hatuey says:
    22 September, 2022 at 1:04 pm

    Where’s Ruby today, btw? I hope she hasn’t been cancelled or anything…

    I don’t think I’ve been cancelled. I’ll know for sure if this post uploads! 🙂

  273. Breastplate says:

    I think you’re delusional if you believe that the people of the Donbas region will be cheering a defeat of Russia. These people were attacked by the army of 404 for the temerity of not rejoicing a violent overthrow of their democratically elected government and have been fighting them ever since.

    Let’s assume the nasty Russians get defeated, obviously without them making use of their “paper tiger” nuclear arsenal, how will country 404 be enforcing the peace in the east of their country?
    Will they be bombing them into submission?
    Will they round up the ring leaders and execute them as a lesson to others?
    Will they wave a magic wand to make everything 2013 again?
    Will the people of Donbas be ordered to self ID as happy and content?

    P.S. It goes without saying that I’m a moonhowler, I’m one of the basket of deplorables, I’m returning to my own vomit, I’m not in the majority, I’m Vlad’s lapdog, yada yada…

    Try and answer sensibly and not sound like a man who drinks his own urine constantly.

  274. `Oikophobia` – hatred/fear of your home,country,culture.

    `Xenophilia` – love of a foreign nation or foreign culture.

  275. Merganser says:

    The budget for the Scottish Government’s office in Brussels this year is two and a half million pounds. It has 17 members of staff, including a director and a deputy director paid at least £95,00.00 and £77,000.00 per annum respectively, plus 9 policy advisors.

    Where do I apply for a job there?

    Did anyone vote for this?

    For those who still think a plebiscitary election is the way forward, just think what the SNP could get up to if they won.

    They could bring in whatever policies they wanted without fear of being held to account by people claiming ‘this wasn’t in your manifesto’.

    They would just say that they could do what they like because the only thing voted on was to put them back in power.

    Don’t fall for it. We’re being conned (again).

  276. Shug says:

    In fmq Nicola whines prepared answers on NHS waiting times but I see no sign of an attack back on the conservatives recruiting labour advisers.

    Why does she miss open goals

    Is it intentional

    When you have the floor use it. Does she not want to win

  277. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Just back from a relative’s house being cleared. West Coast Furniture Bank (based in Stevenston) took away fridge-freezer and washing machine, will be back again tomorrow to take a stack of chests of drawers, bed, wee cabinets, bookshelves and suchlike.

    The guy in charge told me they’re flat out every day. Many of their referrals come from Women’s Aid.

    They don’t have a ‘shop’ – they pick stuff up and take it directly to folk who need it.

    Just this morning he was at a flat where a woman and her three children have been ’emergency’ housed after she was beaten. Her face is black and blue. He said they have nothing. Literally nothing. No furniture, no carpets, beds or anything else. 2-yr old twins and an 8yr old son. The clothes they own are lying in heaps because they have no wardrobe or drawers. The lino in the place has been partially taken up but is riddled with tacks which the wee ones are crawling over. They don’t even have a microwave to heat food. God knows what they’re living on.

    He couldn’t take the big recliner chair because they have loads of them already and the hearth (with electric fire) will be left because it’s too expensive to use. The stuff they’re looking for is so basic that most of us wouldn’t be able to imagine not having it. Normal ‘chairs’ for example – imagine being in a house but not having a simple chair let alone a sofa?

    This is the reality we’re already in before the winter arrives.

  278. Ruby says:

    My comment is awaiting moderation.

    Nothing left to do
    When you’ve got to go on waiting
    Waiting for the miracle to come

    I’m fed up waiting so here goes again: Finger crossed.

    Scott says:
    22 September, 2022 at 1:37 pm

    Maybe busy reading comments btl on the Hootsman website to see if oor ‘John Main’ really is the ‘Vikingbloke’ alluded to previously from left field btl here. (Norse mythology seems more like Ellis’ area of ‘appropriated expertise’ to me but…)

    Did you know of the No_rse Warrior? That particular moniker got banned. He kept getting banned and opening a new account. In one particular day he opening around five different accounts within the space of an hour. It was fun to watch.

    John Main reminds me of ‘No_rse Warrior’

    After that there was a poster nicked-named ‘The Chinese Spam_mer’ for around 5 days there was a post every 10 seconds all in Chinese.
    That particular spam_mer had a good knowledge of programming/hac_king. He set up a ha_ck which just kept churning out the same post every 10 secs.

    Compared to that the spam_mers on Wings are total amateurs and really you have nothing to complain about.

    The Scot_sman was a hoot!

    Not forgetting ‘Fi_fi la Bon_bon’ she always managed to get the first post on every thread. I’m going with ‘Dor_othy Gra_ce El_der’ being the person behind Fi_fi definitely not the Dug_dale.

    I haven’t been on The Scot_sman for years but I might take a visit just for a change from Wings

    I might see if I can spot any ‘dups’ of Wings posters.

  279. DavidRitchie says:

    Yep wall to wall been planned for years a big bugbear for me is the constant daily repeats programmes on Freeview programmes on in the morning are on again at night and the next day. I am more interested in the cost of living crises and the so called mini budget on Friday which I think will be a full blown budget and anyway will affect all of us .

  280. DavidRitchie says:

    Yep wall to wall more interesting for me will be Fridays so called mini budget which will hit all of us.

  281. sarah says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood at 3.14: “..a woman..beaten – black and blue. three children. Have literally nothing.”

    Thank you for putting this report of reality and truth btl. Perhaps it will encourage some others btl to focus on the needs of those who are in desperate straits.

    Another truth which will cheer some of us up is that spoken by Through a Scottish Prism panel – Barrhead Boy has posted a youtube of the Q&A session Part1. What a refreshingly honest and constructive group of people they are. Highly recommended.

  282. James Che says:

    Ian Brotherhood,

    Been there done that, only I didn’t get a house either, I was homeless, Council claimed I voluntary left the house,
    They did not bother to check my medical records which stated being beaten up and having broken ribs while I was six months pregnant.

    Aye some people can spout all day from books but those that live through difficult times have gained the experience of life.
    I raised my two children myself, no benefits, no furniture, no washing machine just washed our clothes in a stream at back of the old house the Council, had condemmed long ago, used to boil water from stream by filling a tiny geyser in the kitchen which you used to get electric shock from,

    I have full sympathy for those abused mums and children with little money or heating,
    I still have little money and limited heating,

    But I turned into a mini DIY entrepreneur of make do and survive,
    Learned basic mechanics, learned how to do with out electric, learned how to get by with a couple of Quid,
    learned how to chopped wood, learned how cook and bake with Scratch amount of food on the fire,
    Learned how turn curtains into nappies,
    Learned how to invent work craft skills that I co at home, became self employed,
    Learned how to grow a vegetable garden,
    I learned what shell fish and seaweed you can eat,
    I learned all about wild food and herbs,
    About natural medicines.
    During the virus I got hold of a old sewing machine, watched youtube to learn about sewing, constantly running up and down the stairs from telly to sewing machine,

    All this month, between car mechanics, felling dead trees and making a winter coat for my daughters birthday next month I am a busy lady,
    Still learning yet,

    When the shit hits the fan this winter as a pensioner nowadays I will survive and look after my self and my relatively new hubby who’s not well with cancer,

    And I listen to those talking up war that creates these very same conditions for the people in those countries under attack, and think.
    These people whom talk up war must have to much money, plenty of time on their hands, very little common sense, never truly suffered and have no empathy or kindness in their hearts for other humans suffering no matter what their nationality.

    War moungerers and antagonists in general must be the most self centred people on the planet,
    What do they care for climate change while blowing up the planet with jet fuelled missiles and military deaths.
    Rant over.

  283. Andy Ellis says:


    Even before the recent invasion the evidence was that the inhabitants of the pretendy republics didn’t support joining Russia, but remaining part of Country 404. You’re entitled to believe Vlad’s playbook talking points, and even to regurgitate them uncritically here as others do, but nobody with a sense of perspective believes the Kremlin agitprop. Your support for the de-nazifaction and demilitarisation narrative is only accepted by a tiny minority of far-left cranks and sophomoric opponents of “the Great Satan”.

    It’s a racing certainty that the Russians will be defeated, and must be seen to be defeated. The only question is how long it takes, and how much they drag it out. As the forces of Country 404 roll the Orcs back from recently invaded territory, the wheels will start to come off Vlad’s charabanc. Once they are cleared from the territory invaded in February, the job of ejecting the Orcs from the Donbas and Crimea can start.

    Any hopes the Russians had of coming to a negotiated settlement and perhaps trading land for peace and permanently annexing the Crimea and all or parts of the Donbas evaporated when they staged their invasion. Doubtless those who collaborated with the invaders will make their own choices: face the music and the trials for their collaboration or leave with the Orcs as they retreat. Seems fair enough to me.

  284. James Che says:


    I watched Through a Scottish Prism last night, it was light hearted, full of information and a delight to watch,

    They try do a programme every week if they can manage for those that don’t know.

  285. twathater says:

    I approached GCC 20years ago to get premises to set up a trades training school to teach people how to make and repair furniture and have an area where people who had nothing and were given housing could come and take items for nothing .

    For 2 years they pissed about stringing me along then decided they didn’t have any premises , that was liebour cooncillors and no doubt it wouldn’t be any different with snp cooncillors , basically they don’t give a f**k they are only interested in themselves unless there is publicity for them

  286. James Che says:


    You sound like the Anti- christ, no personal offence meant, but these are humans you are talking about.

  287. Andy Ellis says:

    James Che

    And you sound a tad unhinged, no personal offence meant naturally.

    Saying someone sounds like the Antichrist doesn’t exactly help what passes for your case.

  288. Breastplate says:

    Ffs Ellis,
    I just agreed with you that the terrible Ruskies will be defeated next Wednesday after teatime but you didn’t answer any of my questions apart from the one about guzzling your own pish.

    Do you seriously believe that the people of the Donbas haven’t been fighting the Youcranian government these past 8 years?

    Perhaps you’re right and it’s just an attempt at getting into the Guinness book of records for the biggest and longest pantomime ever.

    Do you never tire of being the only person who knows everything?

  289. John Main says:

    @Breastplate says:22 September, 2022 at 8:36 am

    “I’ve asked before but had no answer, what does a Russian defeat look like in your eyes?”

    Russian military forces back in Russia.

    Mad Vlad retired, to eke out his days looking over his shoulder, wondering when his appointment with Novochik will come.

    Strong deterrent forces either side of the border – think North & South Korea, or Cyprus, to ensure neither side gets cocky again.

    Sadly, but inevitably, some ethnic cleansing will be unstoppable, probably in both directions.

    Realistically, there isn’t going to be much in the way of reparations for the surviving victims.

    But they will have raised a generation of proud, brave, free, committed nationalists, to celebrate and practice their language and culture.

    Compare and contrast to the situation closer to home.

  290. John Main says:


    Sorry, forgot to add an etc, etc, just for Scott.

  291. Andy Ellis says:


    It’s not necessary to know much to best most of the mouthbreathers in here, still less have to know everything. Your hot take on the situation in the pretendy republics is a case in point.

    It’s worth pointing out that, despite what you and some others purport to believe, most of the populations of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts were not in favour of joining Russia. Doubtless even fewer are now, though years of war and the recent invasion are hardly conducive to gauging opinion are they?

    Insisting that your take is right, or accepted by any more than a tiny minority simply makes you look foolish. Nobody in the real world outside of BTL comments here and a few other cranks takes the Russian explanation of the situation in Donbas and Country 404 remotely seriously. It’s like arguing with the type of loons who used to make excuses for the Soviets back in the day, or indeed those who thought that nice Mr Hitler was someone we could do business with.

    Sheesh…no wonder the movement is dead in the water… 🙁

  292. John Main says:

    @Hatuey says:22 September, 2022 at 9:58 am

    “the truth is we are just a bunch of skint people that have been going around the world murdering and robbing people for material gain; to put a finer point to it, going around the world robbing people for cars, fridges, books, lamps, shoes, carpets, and various other creature comforts”

    Oh FFS Hatuey, change the record.

    Or at least acknowledge that even if you have been going around the world murdering and robbing, etc, etc, most of us have not.

    Hows about taking an inventory of your possessions if you feel that bad about it? Start by counting your shoes.

    Do let us know if the total exceeds the total of your brain cells.

  293. John Main says:

    @Andy Ellis says:22 September, 2022 at 7:43 pm

    Nobody was more convinced they could bargain with that nice Mr Hitler than that nice Mr Stalin.

    I am reminded of that each time I read how that nice Mr Mad is cosying up to that nice Mr Xi.

    Does history repeat itself? We shall see.

    etc, etc

  294. Breastplate says:

    No doubt your right, nothing like the legs being blown off your 3 year old daughter to make you love Kyiv more, whodathunkit that killing people in the Donbas for 8 years would have been a unifying experience for country 404.

    All we need is to get rid of the Russians to go back to normal. Yes, I can see that you’re correct.
    Here was me thinking that having one’s own family being blown to bits could have created a bit of friction going forward and a tad inconvenient.

  295. Breastplate says:

    John Main,
    Don’t worry about China, we’ll get to them once we’ve dealt with the Russians. They don’t stand a chance.

  296. Hatuey says:

    How exotic. We have a couple of armchair gammons, full of the usual bitterness and hate, telling us how the world works, bowing to State propaganda and power, and gagging for another bloodbath.

    Some day the world will be free of these disgusting lowlifers.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could put them on a battlefield and watch them cower… not one of “their” crummy ideas is worth fighting for, though, and they know it.

    Gold clubs are full of obnoxious peasants who are wired like that, which is why I stopped playing. Their definition of respectable is a Lyle & Scott jumper.

    Civilised people wouldn’t believe the sort of racist and hate-filled bile these types exchange on golf courses.

    Stinky-breath boring, though, above all else.


  297. Iain More says:

    I was told that an estimated 28 million braindeid Britishers sat through hours of drooling goggle box English Royalist and English Tory propaganda. That means that an estimated 40 million Britishers didn’t give a fuck or couldn’t stomach any of it.

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