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Why woke blokes abuse women

Posted on March 17, 2022 by

The trans-sex-role-stereotype movement has put what would have been concealed and kept behind closed doors on centre stage. This is why normal, decent men look aghast at other men’s behaviour while many women sigh with an ‘oh, this again’.

The woke bloke contempt for women is clear and abusive behaviours are on full display. Reading through Lundy Bancroft’s pivotal work “Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men”, the full cast of characters is present on Twitter, in the news and in our political parties and institutions.

Bancroft’s insights come from working with ‘angry and controlling men for fifteen years as a counsellor, evaluator, and investigator, and [having] accumulated a wealth of knowledge from the two thousand or more cases with which he’s been involved’. [1]

Bancroft’s work, sometimes criticised for being too inclusive and easily applied to any man, is corroborated by what women know personally from relationships with abusive men, the patterns we recognise and which are analysed by domestic violence charities such as Refuge and charities attempting to end violence against women such as Nia. We are currently watching the microcosm of male abuse go macro.

Bancroft convincingly argues that it is values which cause abuse not personality, or mental disorders, or a childhood history of abuse, or alcohol or drugs. Those factors only exacerbate an existing problem – the value system of the man – and can make him more dangerous. [2]

He also noted that ‘Their value system is unhealthy, not their psychology. Abuse tactics work well for the abuser, they get what they want most of the time’. [3]

The crossover between ‘trans rights activists’, incels and men’s rights activists has been frequently pointed out by feminists, but it is time to take a look at the supporting troupe. The bullying blue ticks, the fresh-faced student misogynists, the older self-serving politicians. Two things unite them all, and it is not a desire for social justice or a committed belief that clothes are magical and change one’s sex.

Forced teaming can only explain so much in the face of evidence, women’s concerns and the behaviour they exhibit. [4] It is in fact misogynistic values and pornography use which drive the phenomenon.

Men who bully and abuse women have dehumanised them and cannot see them as equals. Bancroft details how ‘most abusers verbally attack their partners in degrading, revolting ways. They reach for the words that they know are most disturbing to women, such as bitch, whore, and cunt, often preceded by the word fat. These words assault her humanity, reducing her to… a non-living object, or a degraded sexual body part’. [5]

Bancroft asserts that abusive men do this because ‘by depersonalizing his partner, the abuser protects himself from the natural human emotions of guilt and empathy, so that he can sleep at night with a clear conscience. He distances himself so far from her humanity that her feelings no longer count, or simply cease to exist’. [6]

This “less than human” view of women is promoted and reinforced by patriarchal culture. “Objectification Theory” (Fredrickson & Roberts, 1997) provides a framework for understanding ‘the experience of being female in a sociocultural context that sexually objectifies the female body’. [7]

We live in such a culture and pornography is the propaganda. It dehumanises and objectifies women, who are reduced to orifices to be penetrated, bits and parts (legs, breasts, bum, hair) to titillate. The trans-sex-role stereotype movement has reduced female further to a costume a man can wear when he chooses. Pornography sends the message that no matter who she is or what she has achieved her purpose in life is to be fucked and please men. Marcia Weskot argued that objectification ‘is the socially sanctioned right of all males to sexualise all females, regardless of age or status’. [8]

It is evidenced in the trans-sex-role-stereotype movement’s claim that the true innate female essence is a desire to be ‘surrendering holes’ and that ‘according to transgender ideology and the pornography used by trans identified males, to be sexually abused is to be ‘feminised’. [9]

We are seeing the results of frequent pornography use in males denying that women have an inner world and arguing that what someone looks like, their clothes and hair, defines them. The misogynistic slur ‘TERF’ is used to brutalise women further.

In 2019 the District Judge John Woollard acknowledged ‘TERF’ was a derogatory word aimed at, primarily, women while the All Party Parliamentary Group Report on Hate Crime, also published in 2019, recognised ‘TERF’ as hate speech which contributed to threats of violence against women. [10]

‘Terf’ is a clear example of male fury that women have views and opinions about their lives and resist male control. Women having their own thoughts and attitudes clashes with the schema some men have developed that women exist to gratify men. This mindset is the product of frequent pornography use and apparent in the antagonism and disdain men have for women, shown in the emerging abuse patterns. [4]

The pattern

There are general patterns women can spot from abusive men. These are the patterns that have women in a domestic violence setting ‘walking on egg-shells’, women wondering if abusers all get a handbook. That one expression, ‘the look’, that no one else seems to notice but can turn your blood to ice from across a crowded room.

The abusive and controlling man will start faux-nice in an attempt to manipulate the woman and his audience. He feels entitled to do this because he believes that women are lesser than him and perceives himself as smarter.

We see this view of women as lesser online in the men who ignore the thousands of responses from women and only respond to other men. We see it in the dismissal of the opinions and evidence given by qualified women and the elevation of male feelings as truth.

The woke blokes’ online behaviour is also mirrored in the behaviour of domestic abusers in how ‘one of the prevalent features of life with an angry or controlling partner is that he frequently tells you what you should think and tries to get you to doubt or devalue your own perceptions and beliefs’. [11]

The trans movement, particularly in this respect, is individual male abuse of women turned into a group movement. If the woman does not ‘play nice’ quickly [5], ie does not agree with his assertions, the woman will receive insults and witness his escalating rage. The blame will be turned on the woman, she will be held responsible for his outburst and the reactions of others. He will assert that he knows what the woman is thinking or that he knows her intentions.

The abuser will focus on his feelings, rather than facts. Bancroft details how ‘he draws you into focusing on the turbulent world of his feelings to keep your eyes turned away from the true cause of his abusiveness, which lies in how he thinks’.12

There will be an explosion when he doesn’t get his way, limited to verbal threats online but behind closed doors this is often when the violence occurs. Then, like the domestic abuser, he invariably blames ‘each attack on her, no matter how brutal his abuse or how serious her injuries’. [13]

This is because ‘part of how the abuser escapes confronting himself is by convincing you that you are the cause of his behaviour, or that you at least share the blame’. [14]

A red flag is that ‘abusers externalize responsibility for their actions’, indeed, ‘everything is someone else’s fault, and “someone else” is usually her’. [15]

As predictable as the sun will rise women, and anyone who has knowledge of his behaviour will hear a sob story and how he is a victim/hard done by. ‘Abusive men are sometimes masters of the hard-luck story’. [16]

He will not only claim to be the victim of the woman he has abused but also victimised generally by society. This is all part of his rewriting of events and gaslighting. The next stage is when he casts himself as a nice guy. A period of quiet will usually follow until the next time he explodes but he will be unable to let go of his target.


The woke bloke, like the abuser behind closed doors, is seeking to control women and feels that it is his right to control others. Thus, he expects to have the last word and believes he is [6] justified in punishing those who would challenge him.

As Bancroft outlines, ‘the abuser gives himself permission to take action on the basis of his beliefs’ and ‘a large part of his abusiveness comes in the form of punishments used to retaliate against you for resisting his control’. [17]

This control is often ‘exercised through wearing the woman down with constant low-level complaints, rather than through yelling or barking orders. The abuser may repeatedly make negative comments’.[18]

It is through chronic mistreatment, which in an online setting takes the form of a pile-on or the frequent messaging that ‘terfs’/transphobes are scum etc, that the victim begins to doubt herself and her confidence is impinged. The domestic abuser will physically isolate his victim through getting her to cut ties with friends and family, controlling who she speaks to, controlling when and why she leaves the home, and often moving her to a different location.

Online, this is what is happening with, for example, the periodic attempts by men to shutdown Mumsnet. Controlling men hate that there is a space where women can talk to each other and offer support to each other. Nothing poses a more direct threat to their control and manipulation than women speaking to each other. The sisterly support can clear the fog of male abuse so that the woman recognise it for what it is.

Another tactic the controlling and abusive male will use in the online world is to brand the woman and make it clear that anyone who interacts with the woman will share in her branding. This is how accusations of ‘transphobia’ or ‘TERF’ are designed to work.

It’s a message to other women that they will share in her social suffering if they stand too close. As well as punishing her for perceived transgressions, it serves to isolate the woman until she begs forgiveness, promises to stop thinking for herself and can be controlled.

The Cast Members

We commonly meet two of Bancroft’s abuser types in the online debate over whether women are fully human or a costume for male fetish: ‘Mr Always Right’ and ‘Mr Sensitive’. Bancroft delineates how ‘when Mr. Right decides to take control of a conversation, he [8] switches into his Voice of Truth, giving the definitive pronouncement on what is the correct answer or the proper outlook. Abuse counsellors call this tactic defining reality. Over time, his tone of authority can cause his partner to doubt her own judgment and come to see herself as not very bright’. [19]

Writing about domestic abusers in 2002 Bancroft managed to predict almost every conversation with a woke bloke. When a woman continues to assert herself ‘he is likely to escalate to insulting her, calling her names, or mocking her with imitation. If he’s still not satisfied that he has brought her down low enough, he may reach for bigger guns’, such as complaints to her employer, legal threats or threats of violence. [20]

If his behaviour is questioned, ‘Mr. Always Right attempts to sanitize his bullying by saying: “I have strong opinions” or “I like debating ideas.” This is like a bank robber saying “I’m interested in financial issues.” Mr. Right isn’t interested in debating ideas; he wants to impose his own’. [21]

In the online setting Mr Always Right is often combined with another one of Bancroft’s abuser types: ‘Mr Sensitive’. Mr Sensitive ‘loves the language of feelings, openly sharing his insecurities, his fears, and his emotional injuries’. [22]

He is, in other words, a crybully. Mr Sensitive is distinguished from genuine male allies and good men by his idea that ‘nothing in the world is more important than my feelings. Women should be grateful to me for not being like those other men’. [23]

He is further differentiated from the actual good men by the tell that he sets out for praise and attention rather than to help make a difference or to confront an injustice and thus dominates the conversation and speaks over women. He will often take the label ‘feminist’ or ‘male feminist’ because he feels he is entitled to things women have.

The self-perception of himself as one of the good guys feeds his prerogative to abuse women who challenge or question him. He then uses this ‘ally’ cover to conceal his abuse because ‘he’s not like one of those unenlightened men’, he is different from the cultural caricature of the violent, ignorant brute and so couldn’t possibly be bad. Bancroft warned 19 years ago [9] that this male abuser ‘presents himself to women as an ally in the struggle against sex-role limitations’. [24]

In this way, ‘Mr. Sensitive wraps himself in one of the most persuasive covers a man can have. If you start to feel chronically mistreated by him, you are likely to assume that something is wrong with you, and if you complain about him to other people’ they presume something is wrong with you, not him. [25]

The false face of ‘Mr Sensitive’ is why some women are quick to disengage while others wish to ‘give him the benefit of the doubt’ and argue ‘he didn’t mean that’. This is present in those who self-promote that they are ‘champions of diversity and inclusion’ but are often the first to exclude women for wrongthink.


While it does not necessarily follow that woke blokes are abusing women behind closed doors, the point of this essay is that they share the value-system of domestic abusers. The worldview that enables the abusive male we encounter in a domestic violence setting has become more common as females are dehumanised and objectified by pornography. This is one reason why the misogynistic transgender movement has managed to spread so quickly.


Dr EM is a disabled, feminist writer and historian. She writes under a pen name due to threats to her safety, and tweets as @PankhurstEM.


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  1. 20 01 23 14:45

    Pattern detection - Butterflies and Wheels

299 to “Why woke blokes abuse women”

  1. wull says:

    Thank you very much Dr. Em. This is an excellent article. Unfortunately, our FM is not interested in any of properly researched information. Her own ego, and ambition, are too big for her to take any account of it. I could add her own ignorance. The things she is proud of are things that most people would be ashamed of, and her actions are all about her own advancement and glory. Heaven help anyone who tries to get in her way.

    In other words, she shares pretty much exactly the same ‘value system’ as that described in the article. In other words, a value system that is the exact opposite of values of genuine worth.

    How did Scotland ened up in the hands of such a person?

  2. Ruglonian says:

    Excellent work, as always, Dr Em.

    Good to see such valuable information on this platform too. Nice one Stu

  3. Sandra says:

    “Mr Sensitive” sounds exactly like Pugsley. His twitter timeline is a disturbing blend of self-pitying victimhood, narcissistic posing and undisguised misogyny.

    I’ve suspected for a while that readily available porn is at the root of this new age misogyny. My generation laughed at the dire warnings about excessive masturbation from our elders, but I’m starting to think they may have been right after all.

  4. Jim Scullion says:

    An excellent article. Thank you.

  5. John Main says:

    @wull 17 March, 2022 at 12:00 pm

    Your entire comment reads like a script from cast member “Mr Always Right”.

    I am going to generously assume you are being ironic.

  6. Robert Graham says:

    Must be something that’s being added to the water supply when these deranged looney mistakes of nature believe they have the right to make everyone change to suit their weird view about the world and you can almost feel the hatred emanating from their comments

    The current Scottish Census has taken a weird turn and has included a abnormal amount of questions about sexuality Christ I thought it was to provide information for future planning and requirements for housing roads and health care .

    Just shows you the priorities sturgeon has at the top of her to do list any thoughts of Indyref2 are definitely not on her agenda and by the looks of it never were .

  7. ScotsWumman says:

    Once again, spot on, Stu.
    Despite you being a man ?, you are an articulate and important voice in this trans fiasco.
    Can you see an exit to all this? It will end, everything ends, but how and when? 5 years? 10? Or, God forbid, 50 or 100.
    If it goes on, and inevitably gets worse, for 10 years then I fear it will take generations to unravel the harm done.
    If the exponential rise of youngsters declaring themselves to be trans continues at the same rate then our NHS and social work departments will be overwhelmed with severely physically and mentally mutilated people who require intense life long care.
    I was going to say our prisons will be bulging at the seams, but as trans criminals seem to have a magic get-out-of-jail-free card then maybe the prisons will be empty.

  8. ScotsWumman says:

    Oops, apologies. My smiley emoticon (after “despite your being a man”) came up as a question mark. Not my intention… (embarrassed face).

  9. Jute Heckler says:

    Loving the Dr Em articles hosted on Wings, hard corps squared!

  10. James Che. says:

    A very appropriate scary article when you see the snp in charge the lack of care to women and children’s rights in Scotland,
    Is the Scottish Parliament to make Scotland a playground for such abusers.
    That aside it is quite diabolical to think we often see similar behaviour here from one particular person whom is often derogatory to women in their commentary and alway tries to imply everyone else is wrong and only they have the ability for correct thinking.
    Dr EM’s description is almost spot on.

  11. ScotsWumman says:

    Oops, oops, again. I have just noticed that this was written by Dr Em and not Rev Stu. (Really, really embarrassed face now).

  12. TweetStreet Scotland says:

    Another great piece by Dr EM. What a woman.

    Stu – fancy coming on TweetStreet?

  13. Graham Lamont says:

    Of all the hateful aspects of this entire debate, the desire to close down free speech is completely totalitarian and one which shows, how utterly sinister Harvie and the Greens are.

    It’s my way or the highway, as Andy Wightman found out, and when a man is telling a women to shut up, as Harvie did to JKR, it shows he’s nothing more than a misogynist despite all his supposed Liberal, new age 21st century approach…

  14. Liz says:

    Very informative, Dr Em, thanks.
    It explains a lot.

    My problem is, the women who hang on every word.
    The enablers.
    Are they weak, scared, low self esteem, it’s a mystery to me.

  15. Gordon Gekko says:

    Channel 4 news in the UK in 2014

    Channel 4 is considered by many in the UK as ” balanced” more ” balanced than the BBC. The go to place for the liberals Who think they are getting a balanced view point.

    Reuters in 2018

    BBC in 2019

    Who all now denying they Even exist.

    Why are you even surprised anymore when we have funded and armed to the teeth neo nazis in Ukraine ?

  16. Antoine Bisset says:

    Quick response to Robert Graham. We had a census 10 years ago, so what improvements have been made to our country in the last ten years?
    As regards blokes abusing women there has been a trend away from male chivalry and good manners. Holding a door open for a woman has become a difficult decision. if you do, don’t expect thanks.
    Equality does not mean identical. Nor should it. Yet there seems to have been a strand of that running through the last half century. Feelings are subjective, not objective and measurable, and have taken the place of rational analysis, of clear thinking. The insistence on minority views being imposed on the majority is not making thing clear or pleasant.

  17. Ruby says:

    The big problem with this debate is that there are many questions but we are not getting any satisfactory answers from our politicians.

    They dictate:
    Transwomen are women end of.
    Any fears/complains about self id are not valid.

  18. Stuart MacKay says:

    A lot of the traits here are not unique to men, though the worst aspects always come from males. Anyone who has been in any relationship, professional or personal, where there’s and imbalance of power will recognise many of these.

    Had a laugh when I got to “crybully” and Graham Lamont is exactly right, Patrick Harvie sprung immediately to mind.

    Thanks Dr EM, very interesting and informative. The link to pornography is important. It’s warped many men’s expectations and has a corrosive effect that will last a very long time.

  19. Ruby says:

    Vaush @Vaushy
    Replying to @jk_rowling
    Listen Joanne you don’t get to play the victim card when you’re the advocate for taking away women’s rights here
    Trans women are raped and killed in men’s facilities and you want to keep them there because of your trauma. Quit making your feelings other people’s oppression

    What stopping these men who rape & kill trans-women from entering ‘women’s facilities’?”

  20. Dorothy Devine says:

    it’s good to read some sound sense and analysis on this subject.

    I am so weary of the attempts to silence folk by those with vested interests .

  21. Ian says:

    Great article. Has Dr Em misgendered Lundy Bancroft at the start of paragraph 6 though?

  22. Ruby says:

    I’ve made quite few posts on another thread re the question ‘What is a woman?”
    Also about the new misogyny law.
    The whole thing seems to be totally crazy.

    The question I had re the misogyny law was:

    Are trans-women being raped & killed because they are women or because they aren’t?

    How could a misogyny law help trans-women who are women if the crimes being committed against them have nothing to do with misogyny.

    How do trans-women escape being accused of indecent exposure in the changing room when all they are doing is changing into their swimming suit?

    Will there be a new law allowing ‘indecent exposure’ in the changing room?

    Many many questions!

    Absolutely no answers!

  23. susanXX says:

    Transwomen are trans identifying males are men. I have absolutely no sympathy for the “poor gender dysphoric man” any more. It is psychopathic misogyny in play for the vast majority.

  24. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Very good article.

    There is way too much madness regarding this madness of unwell and fetishist men wanting to dress as ladies.

    Very great pity that some politicians and others who should know better give the subject any credibility.

    Many of these so called Trans types should be in a secure ward where they can get proper treatment.

  25. P says:

    Sincerely hope you’re reconsidering making a comeback ?
    You assist an awful lot of people with your work – Dr Em is gold

  26. Ruby says:

    The good news for those who are not that keen on Sturgeon is that she will be 100% answerable for any problem that might arise due to self-id.
    I predict there could be a fair number.

    M/s Sturgeon might want to remember:
    Hell hath no fury like women scorned

  27. dramfineday says:

    Excellent Article Dr EM. Enjoyed that. Good stuff.

  28. Stuart MacKay says:


    The Scottish Government are not stupid enough to leave themselves open to charges of culpability. This was covered in detail in

    Fife Witches at the Corn Exchange, Cupar. With Eva Comrie and Dr. Shereen Benjamin,

    I can’t remember where it is in the discussion but it’s worth watching in it’s entirety though it’s a bit long. It’s worth watching just to see Eva Comrie in action though.

    Basically for each law, the government, or probably more correctly the Civil Service, issues guidance on how the law should be interpreted and gives hints on “good practice”. That neatly decouples the law creators from responsibility.

    It’s quite sneaky and profoundly evil as the responsibility for anything that goes wrong is neatly handed to the poor sods on the front line, e.g. teachers, etc. who clearly misunderstood what they were supposed to do.

  29. Robert Graham says:

    Off Topic

    The Pfizer Serum so far hidden documents just released

    Comprising of 9 A4 sized close spaced adverse effects details now that’s more side effects than every other vaccine combined or produced in history.

    This single chemical has caused more deaths and serious harm than every other ever produced.

    And yet it’s still being administered and the extent of the damage it’s doing and has done is being deliberately suppressed

    This whole war is being used as a distraction to hide what the New World Order has been planning for the last two years , first it was the plague now it’s a manufactured war , in the meantime this new world government are changing everything to suit a few people and organisations ,

    shortly a proposal will be made to the United Nations under the guise of future medical preparedness that will make every government subservient , they will have to follow the dictates imposed by this new self appointed world government.

    The great reset is in full swing and our government is right behind it whether we like it or not democratic governance as we know it is a thing of the past, welcome to the New World Order , and it’s all being done in plain sight ,most of us will be surplus to requirements ,if you don’t contribute and are a burden well tough shit yer gone by whatever cost effective means available .

  30. James Che. says:

    These men are not born women even if they say they are women.
    If the Scottish government claim they are women then they first have to have no Male nuts and bolts.
    If they claim they are men trapped inside a women’s body, this makes a third sex gender,

    For this purpose they must have separate accommodations in every way from men and women.
    Not try to oust women from a long standing recognised sex gender by jumping on the band wagon.

    Spaces for females, seperate spaces for males and seperate toilets, prisons, and changing facilities for in between genders.

    If they want recognised in society for their gender, let’s do that.
    And separate them from Male or female until they have had operations.

  31. Ruby says:

    Stuart MacKay says:
    17 March, 2022 at 4:10 pm

    The Scottish Government are not stupid enough to leave themselves open to charges of culpability

    Thanks for the link that was a really interesting video.

    I still think Sturgeon, Blackman etc will pay in terms of votes.
    I will not vote for anyone I consider a misogynist.

    They discussed men not being very interested in the topic. I was going to ask earlier how long it would take for this thread to go off topic.

    It happened earlier than I thought.

  32. twathater says:

    Like others I thank Dr Em and SC for this phsycological breakdown of the various personalities , TBH I prefer my own descriptor of deviant perverted arseholes , it is shorter and easier to comprehend , for no matter how you attempt to be rational and empathetic towards these people it still leads to the same conclusion of self entitled , self serving , self aggrandising , bullying arsewipes whose mummy should have said no when she found her SON dressing in her clothes

    I despise sturgeon, harvie, slater and their woke taliban warriors for what they are doing to Scotland, BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE this LUNACY is endemic and supported througout ALL the political parties within the uk , it is NOT just Scotland being FORCE FED this poisonous rancid gruel , even the tories in the wider uk were and are supportive of this perversion BUT that waned when it became widely distributed and the anger started to boil
    Analyse who is PUSHING this science denying freakery , it is BIG PHARMA the drug pushing enablers , WHO is right at the centre of big pharma, the tories and their big shareholder payouts , and look back at history the tories are always embroiled in sexual perversions they love a good old sexual perversion
    So it is not just sturgeon , harvie and slater that are scum fixated on our children’s sex lives it is RIFE throughout the current lot of fake politicians

  33. Karen says:

    Something in the water … yes, I think it could be oestrogen from “the pill” ( no such pill for men, of course).

  34. Ruby says:

    I don’t really mind men not being interested in the topic but what really makes me very angry is when women like Sturgeon, Blackman etc aren’t interested.

    They’ve gone from being concerned about a woman receiving a flirty text to not giving a damn about women.

    A flirty text can be erased but a video of you undressing in a changing room cannot.

    There is no law stating you cannot use your iphone in a changing room.

    Digital sex crimes are on the rise around the world. They involve mostly men secretly filming women and girls and sharing the footage.

    Sturgeon would say any concerns about secretly filming not valid.

    Mostly it’s men secretly filming women and girls but this one
    is about filming in a male changing room. The interesting thing is how he did it and how he got caught.

    Davies’ clandestine filming was uncovered on February 1, when a health club user found a jacket that he thought had been hanging up for some time.
    When he went to hand the jacket in he noticed a recording device with a red light.
    Staff at the Waterton Lane health club alerted the authorities and when police reviewed the footage, they not only saw shots of men in the changing rooms but also images of Davies installing the camera pen in the first place.

  35. Confused says:

    The tranny is, when you dig into, some kind of homosexual with increased narcissism; given that Freud considered homosexuality itself to be a “narcissistic psychosis” we can see where this is going.

    The tranny has the stereotypical female mind – hysterical, emotional, lost to reason, prone to lashing out – along with the stereotypical male attributes of physicality, violence, and with the bodies to deliver it. This is an evil and explosive combination.

    I think trannies are mentally ill, they should be sectioned, they should have no vote, or civil rights, they should not be allowed near children; they are lunatics and should be lockedup, drugged up and experimented on for shits and giggles. People say the lobotomy was a bad thing, but maybe it needs to make a comeback.

    – if trannies are giving you shit, then this is the best way to deal with them : the YWNBAW copy-pasta

    You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

    All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.

    Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.

    You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

    Eventually it’ll be too much to bear – you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.

    This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

  36. Dan says:

    @ Ruby at 5.51pm

    I’ve been busy with work lately, and have also run out of workarounds to access twitter pages for more than a few seconds before a pop up block message appears.
    However, I did hear earlier in the week there were possibly some cases of disappearing pronouns from certain folk’s bios.
    I did manage to grab this link after some speed of light scrolling which had some screenshots further down the thread. Maybe someone can confirm this is 100% legit.

    In other news… I also ordered my paper copy census as a protest seeing as I don’t have online access due to data restrictions in these austere times… 😉

    Link to Liz g comment on the matter.

    If someone can find the link to the protest response which iirc suggested “Believe in biology” might be something folk would add in the “beliefs held” section.

  37. ian foulds says:


  38. ian foulds says:

    more mince

  39. William Habberley Steele says:

    A much needed expose. I shared it on FB.

  40. Stuart MacKay says:


    As for men being not interested – as mentioned in the video. I don’t think that’s really the case. Here’s a list of some “reasons” I’ve been mulling over since watching the witches video above:

    1. Not wanted. The likes of Graham Linehan was told repeatedly to stay out.

    2. The only real success will come if women fight this and win.

    3. Disbelief – if an existential threat to men appeared at 9am it would be neutralised, permanently, by lunchtime.

    4. With the charges of homophobe, bigot, etc. getting involved is sand in the gears for many relationships.

    5. Not knowing how to help.

    6. Fear of charges of man-splaining, see #1.

    7. And last but by no means least – nobody asked for our help.

    The most important one is #2. Since a large number of women are betraying their sex out of “kindness” this is really a problem you gals need to sort out. We’re happy to stand behind you for that extra shove over the line but first and foremost women need to fix this.

  41. PB says:

    Having followed the trans fallacy for years now I’m finding all roads now lead here:

    2030 – ‘Western Values Will Have Been Tested To The Breaking Point’…

    Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) is an approach to evaluating the extent to which a corporation works on behalf of SOCIAL GOALS THAT GO BEYOND THE ROLE OF A CORPORATION to MAXIMISE PROFITS on behalf of the CORPORATION’S SHAREHOLDERS.

    ‘Western values’ likely meaning common human decency and sense, not exclusive to the west, ESG ‘Social Goals’ not necessarily meaning something that is actually good for society either.

    ESGs being a money making scheme that has the potential of turning generations into unthinking compliant automatons with constant ‘nudging’ from corps. to their staff (I experience this almost daily) while funding to universities, churches/other similar orgs. and entry to students is on the condition you agree and don’t cause a fuss.

    It’s not conspiracy theory, they’re so brazen and choking on their own hubris they don’t even hide it, you just have to look.

    Sturgeon, Harvie et al want to be in a certain club along with Trudeau, Ardern and Macron or rather what the local SNP branch ambitious no marks would refer to me as ‘best international practice’ when I questioned the stupidity of the leadership’s actions.

    When the crowds dispersed at the end of the ‘Women won’t wheesht’ protest it was clear the counter protest were clearly a group of easily led, inadequate, unthinking, unshaggable, social pariahs with a few slightly smarter ‘leaders’ herding them.

    I don’t believe most of these people would’ve been a problem in a pre tech manipulated/dominated world, most would never have the nerve to speak up in public and probably not have gone down the path they now travel.

    The trans activists, the critical race theorists, the misogynists and especially the ‘MAPs’ are a big problem that needs to be fully addressed and lengthy sentences handed out to the criminals amongst them BUT they are not the root cause – the money, the power and the people who wield it are the problem and this whole debacle that will leave kids maimed and damaged for the rest of their lives won’t go away until that root cause is dealt with (peacefully of course).

  42. Effigy says:

    So sad that we know the overwhelming majority are against these
    additional risks and embarrassment this puts females through in
    order to let a small minority manipulate us by claiming we are attacking them.

    Good luck to them but while male genitalia remains in place they are male.
    If drugs and surgery can help them then let’s help them but common sense and the majority rules.

  43. cynicalHighlander says:

    @ Dan says:
    17 March, 2022 at 7:24 pm

    @ Ruby at 5.51pm

    Q21 religion in other put “Believer in Biology”.

  44. Ruby says:

    3. Disbelief – if an existential threat to men appeared at 9am it would be neutralised, permanently, by lunchtime.

    I’m not too sure about that.
    All these hate crimes particularly misogyny are a threat to men, trial without jury, the ease with which you can be accused of sexual assault etc etc don’t look as if they will be that easy to neutralise.

    The men who appear not to be interested in the topic are the least of our worries the big problem is the men who are overly interested in the topic of trans-rights.
    Men like Harvie, Alyn Smith, Starmer, Paisley etc etc etc

  45. Tannadice Boy says:

    Ruby 9:49pm
    I would agree with that analysis. Real Men will act in their own best interests as will women. We will see where this ends up. Doubtless nobody will win in Sturgeons Scotland

  46. Lorna Campbell says:

    There is big money behind this. There is power and influence behind this. Aggressive and unrestrained capitalism is behind it. Where there’s money to be made, everything is for sale. The sad wee craiturs on the bottom level and their vicious trans activists are males who feel that they need to bully to feel like men. They fear women, so they hate them.

    Some Scots person on-line pontificated recently about men objectifying women, stating that men always objectify women, objectify everything, because of the sex drive and their need to mate, etc., etc., so females should just let it go. So full of himself was he, that it never, ever once occurred to him that, if that is true, if that is natural, then women’s abhorrence of that must also be natural. Ergo, we have to find a middle ground.

    In most societies, that middle ground is marriage or partnership, but these can succeed only if men (or women) do not break the boundaries by exerting control or domestic abuse. It is now thought that much domestic abuse is actually down to secret cross dressers who want their wives or partners to acquiesce in their fetish by pretending to be lesbian, and they refuse to comply, or because they are jealous of the woman. That so many do break the rules is testament to the fact that many simply do not consider staying within the rules to be worth the effort, and, when the woman objects, she is beaten to a pulp.

    The other massive problem between the sexes is control of the female by the male in case she strays and the children are not his children. Barring a DNA test, he can never be sure the children are his and that his genes are passed on. She is always sure if she has given birth to the children. It does appear, though, that 99% at least of these ‘trans identified’ males are interested only in sex – sex is every which way, breaking all kinds of consent boundaries along the way. Many of them watch humiliation videos which show women being humiliated and abused sexually in every horrible way imaginable. That indicates that their wanting to be a woman is just a pile of ordure. They are liars. What they desire is a masochistic womanness that can give them an even higher orgasm based entirely on masculine control and abuse on a female persona that is a submissive, humiliated dollop of jelly.

    More and more of these men are attacking women and girls (and children of both sexes) whilst dressed as women and girls, as they become more and more emboldened by the trans lobby and the fawning and pandering by every public (and private) organisation. Then they have the added ‘wet knickers’ kick of insisting they are women and should be tried and sentenced as women and put in the female prison estate. It is all part of the performance and projection of hatred towards females. How dare Shona Robison say it never happens.

    What about the handmaidens, though: they must get something out of it? I think that they get to hurt and abuse other females without having to answer for it, like teenaged, vicious wee cats, and there’s the added bonus that some porn-soaked and sick bloke actually notices them. What a bunch of sad, immature, wee lassies. What goes around comes around, though, and they will discover eventually that they have harmed themselves, and theirs, as well as other females. They are a disgrace to their sex. Either that, or women are predisposed to be brainwashed. As for the female politicians who support this c**p, if they so stupid as to believe people can change sex, they should not be anywhere near power. They are too stupid to cope with representing their electorate. Let them rot in their own self-made hell.

  47. Lorna Campbell says:

    Stuart: you are right in that governments always find a way to cover their backs. However, we can all refuse to vote for their candidates in the forthcoming local elections, and in the General Election, then, the Scottish Election. A list of who supports this nonsense and who votes how is available for pubic record. Check the names and let them know that you will never vote for them again and will campaign to have them removed from office. The pseudo virtue signallers deserve no less. Not just the SNP. These people are in every party. Women’s groups are going to fight this stuff in the courts because it is illegal.

  48. Clavie Cheil says:

    I think the wokists hate men as much as they actually hate women. They just hate anybody who doesn’t agree with them and wont bend the knee or doff the forelock to them or swallow the chicks with dicks crap.

    Meanwhile in the Laich of Moray at the next local elections I have a man hater standing under the SNP banner possibly. I dont know if she is standing again but I know this; I wont be voting for her or him. I am not sure how she self identifies. It is enough to know that he or she hates my guts and they wont be getting my vote.

  49. Breeks says:

    There is a twisted insanity to all of this, across all levels.

    There is a fundamental delusion that biological male can become female. Science and biology are incontrovertible that they can’t.

    The misogynists want to identify themselves as women, but at the same time detest women.

    The Trans lobby claim they want less transphobia, but are running around creating layer upon layer of phobias which didn’t exist before by threatening women with barbed wire baseball bats, assault rifles outside their windows, and angry mobs disrupting assemblies and ruining people’s, (women’s) professional careers. Yet they claim to want acceptance?

    Even the campaign is a lie, because these parasites have hijacked the momentum and popularity of Scottish Independence to further their own self serving agenda with scathing disregard for the noble cause the greedy self-serving shits have sabotaged.

    I cannot imagine what goes through the mind of a vulnerable woman or girl being attacked or even just creeped out with a man in a frock invading the sanctuary of women’s only space, but I doubt you’d be more freaked out meeting Pennywise the clown himself, and he’s just a caricature of horror.

    It goes unsaid, but nevermind the dress, the surgery, the makeup or chromosome’s, some of these Transgender hopefuls are doomed to be men forever simply by their masculine physique and poise. I hate to break it to you, but no amount of makeup can turn that prop-forwards neck and shoulders you were born with into a feminine décolletage. Your “comfort” is relying on people having the manners to hold their tongue, but it’s a human reflex that their eyes and brain we’re discerning you as male bricklayer from about 100 meters out. It’s not a meanness or an insult, it’s a reflex human recognition detecting signs it has evolved to detect. Sure, it’s not infallible, but it is for a lot of the time.

    Part of the freakishness is the absurdity that there is anything remotely wrong or even controversial about women having women’s toilets, women’s changing areas, and women’s sports having women competitors. NONE of these provisions are problematic. The madness would be in not having them.

    I don’t even believe the reaction to any of this is sound, because it’s not for women to “fix” a malfunction and affliction in men. Women must defend themselves, sure, but it’s the masculine element in society creating the problems. That’s the source. I honestly think we are looking in the wrong places for explanation. The root problem with trans people isn’t their victimisation of women, but that they are men at war in their heads with being men, whilst riven with inadequacies and doubts about their own masculinity. What’s creating that sense of rejection? They are not women, they are misfit men, and it’s that misfit and alienation which is fuelling this ripple in society. That’s a man thing fellas. It’s our sex which seems to have a malfunction.

    The good news is being a misfit is a reversible condition that doesn’t need surgery. But it might need a tweak in the traditional male role of father, bread winner / hunter, provider, defender of the household, role model and warrior. When you take away all of those things, there’s a price to pay.

    The real problem is young men and their voluntary self-exile from being men, but the problem being addressed is their encroachment into the realm of women. We are thus addressing the symptoms, not the cause.

    What have we changed about the roll of men in our society that men feel rejected by their birth sex and see changing to an alien sex as the solution? Be happy in your skin dude. That’s the best deal you’re gonna get from Mother Nature.

    Bring back trades and apprenticeships. Not Micky mouse schemes and pseudo apprenticeships, but proper time served qualifications, knowledge, specialisation and tool skill. Not a paper NVQ anybody can earn ticking boxes, but practical expertise and competence taught and passed on by proper tradesmen. Put lathes, looms, drill stands and hand tools back into schools.

    Start building real houses that embrace skills, carpentry, stonemasonry, craftsmanship rather than bland and banal mass production. Start building bridges with stone again. Fall out of love with concrete. Give young lads and lasses the life long reward and perpetual fulfilment of craft they can spend the rest of their life improving and perfecting. Give them a purpose for being alive, and don’t abandon them to flounder as misfits in a world with no place for them.

    Have lads making furniture. Building boats. Tables. Drawers. Rediscover the value in quality, skill and a thing that’s built well and built to last. Have our lads and lasses competent with welders, drills, lathes, looms, chisels, engines, brakes, before they even leave school, and start building houses and workshops where these abilities are appreciated and rewarded.

    Don’t listen to the economists who make the banks rich and treasury full, listen to the economists who can devise a high skill economy with a place for everybody to thrive and enjoy their life skills. Make Clyde build mean what once did. Strive to make “Made in Scotland” a certificate of quality and “built to last”.

    That’s not a throwback to the 19th Century. It’s rediscovering a vital and essential component of our society we have abandoned, and putting back the value on our people. Life is not a rehearsal. Every generation abandoned to drift aimlessly waiting for “something” to happen is a blight upon us all.

  50. Robert Hughes says:

    Lorna Campbell @ 1.15 .

    Excellent post as per . You consistently expose the complete sordid madness of this ( well-funded ) cult , it’s warped adherents, pathetically eager to please facilitators and assorted bandwagon-jumpers , all intent on * flashing * their ” progressive ” right-on credentials , desperate to be in the * club * : it appears they HAVE to be for career advancement prospects .

    Sign on the dotty line and leave your intelligence and conscience at the door .

    Highly relevant and necessary article by Dr Em , though grisly with detail of how these practices play-out in real time , in real life .

    I’m glad I grew-up in the times before porn became so freely available and – by-and-large , acceptable .

    I can’t imagine what watching that loveless , mechanical , dehumanising garbage could do to a young man’s ( or woman , though I believe females are less likely to consume porn , maybe that’s changing too ? ) psyche . Inhaling that poison from early teenage – and younger – years cannot be healthy , for the individual or the societies they are part of

  51. Robert Hughes says:

    Great post also Breeks .

    ” Don’t listen to the economists who make the banks rich and treasury full, listen to the economists who can devise a high skill economy with a place for everybody to thrive and enjoy their life skills. Make Clyde build mean what once did. Strive to make “Made in Scotland” a certificate of quality and “built to last”.

    Indeed B .

    Don’t listen either to * Identity * obsessives , the * Self * inflaters , the primary narcissists lecturing you about the spurious * necessity * to attach a label to yourself

  52. Dorothy Devine says:

    Breeks , thanks for that.

  53. Ruby says:

    Breeks says:
    They are not women, they are misfit men, and it’s that misfit and alienation which is fuelling this ripple in society. That’s a man thing fellas. It’s our sex which seems to have a malfunction.

    Cheers Breeks I’ve got it now! Men didn’t like having misfit men in their spaces or even having them called men so men decided that these misfit men should become misfit women? Nothing to do with us ladies it’s your problem to solve. Trans-women are women they are definitely not men says a man.

  54. Ruby says:

    The most important one is #2. Since a large number of women are betraying their sex out of “kindness” this is really a problem you gals need to sort out.

    If these women are being manipulated by powerful men then this could really be a problem you guys need to sort out.

    Abuse of trans-women by men is also a problem for you guys to sort out. Why is it happening? If it didn’t happen trans-women wouldn’t have any excuse to be in women’s spaces.

    Re asking for help:
    At the moment women are asking for your help re Census and will ask for your help in May elections.

  55. Breeks says:

    Ruby says:
    18 March, 2022 at 8:38 am

    Cheers Breeks I’ve got it now!

    I didn’t mean it like that Ruby. I meant it in the sense that asshole men are giving women grief, it shouldn’t be the victim getting the grief who’s responsible for addressing the problem.

  56. James Che. says:

    Granny had the right train of thought years ago.

    Any one acting acting as a women while offending as a Male with nuts and bolts should be castrated.

  57. James Che. says:

    Maybe all sex offenders should automatically be castrated.
    That way every one of them are named and shamed,
    From the porn traders to the physical abusers that often with with porn.

  58. James Che. says:

    Traders of porn should be the first to be castrated as they begin the process of disassociation between human empathy an objectivity of a child, women, girl, boy or man.

    It has alway been a misfuction of males, whom act preditory on vunerable members of society.
    For those males whom understand and have empathy for all victims.
    We should not leave it for females to sort this out on their own, for that in itself categorizes women as of separate human value to man.

    Those with this disassociation should worry about how close mentally they to the predatory offender by their disassociation.

  59. Lorna Campbell says:

    Breeks: I think you might have hit on something important there. We need to ‘green’ our society and you are right that the old skills, traditional masculine skills, are required to build sustainable housing that will not fall down in a few years. I think it is too much to hope that the old heavy industries will ever come back, but we can go a long way to ensure that young men feel valued in our society. The old skills were also quite decently paid which serving cheeseburgers in McDonald’s is not.

    The thing is, though, that young women most definitely don’t feel valued, and I don’t really believe they ever have, because women’s work has never, ever been valued in ways that reflect their worth to society. I think that more women would be prepared to stay at home and raise children if they received a decent salary from the state, for example, throughout their childbearing and raising years, and that would reverse our population decline. If everything that women do is not even valued, I can see no reason for them to stay at home and not compete with men.

    However, at the end of the day, these trans identified men are men, and it is men who need to step up to the plate and tell them where to go. When you read all the guff produced by people like Ray Blanchard and Michael Bailey, and other sexologists and psychologists, it is much easier to understand how this happened. By encouraging non-conforming men to go into women’s spaces and pretend to be women, they gave impetus to this new, much more aggressive, dangerous and sex-driven lot. Hell mend them. They have been apologists for men who want to break all kinds of social and sexual barriers.

    I also think we have to understand and recognise that women are half the human race, and they are as they are because of nature, too. If we are alarmed by these men, frightened of them – of many men, really – then that is nature’s way of trying to keep us safe. I came across one coming out of the ladies’ loo at a well-known coffee place, and let him know with a look that I’d clocked him. He was well over six feet and looked just like a man in a skirt. They fool nobody. If they want to live their lives as pseudo women, that’s up to them – live and let live – but not – emphatically not – anywhere near female spaces and rights. If they want to win prizes, take part in sports, stand for parliament, they need to do these things as trans identified people. That, though, is not hat they want: they want into women’s spaces and rights and take them all from us. That really is the agenda, as is breaking down all boundaries around consent – which, for our children, would be disastrous. I have grown to loathe the females and the politicians who support even more than I loathe them. All empathy has gone.

  60. Ruby says:

    Sarah Everard’s killer Wayne Couzens has been charged with indecent exposure, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said.
    The 49-year-old has been accused of four offences in January and February last year, and faces allegations he “intentionally exposed his genitals intending that someone would see them and be caused alarm and distress”.

    How on earth will they police indecent exposure in changing rooms?

    “I was just changing into my swimming costume like all the other women, officer’

    What will the officer with the rainbow badge do?

    Will incidents of indecent exposure go unrecorded as in the case of Wayne Cousins

  61. Lorna Campbell says:

    Clavie Chie: where did it all go so wrong between men and women? I know it has never been paradise, but I have never known a time when relations have been so strained. We could have a good world to live in for our children and their children if we would only work out a modus vivendi that suits both sexes, with equal allocation of resources. The problem lies in our biology, of course, and the fact that women’s work is so undervalued across the board, with little acknowledgement that society would actually crumble if women did not hold up half the sky. Some men are underpaid, too, and work part-time and many men now look after their children, but we need to work out ways to allocate resources fairly between the two sexes. That would go a long way towards easing resentment, and men need to view women, not as something to be conquered, but as equal partners in a world that is dangerous and ill-suited to either sex’s long-term well-being or survival. We were getting a bit closer in the 1960s and 1970s, but it’s all gone pear-shaped, and I think the corelation between aggressive and vile capitalism that exploits everything and everyone is at least partly to blame, too.

  62. Lorna Campbell says:

    Clavie Chiel: where did it all go so wrong between men and women? I know it has never been paradise, but I have never known a time when relations have been so strained. We could have a good world to live in for our children and their children if we would only work out a modus vivendi that suits both sexes, with equal allocation of resources. The problem lies in our biology, of course, and the fact that women’s work is so undervalued across the board, with little acknowledgement that society would actually crumble if women did not hold up half the sky. Some men are underpaid, too, and work part-time and many men now look after their children, but we need to work out ways to allocate resources fairly between the two sexes. That would go a long way towards easing resentment, and men need to view women, not as something to be conquered, but as equal partners in a world that is dangerous and ill-suited to either sex’s long-term well-being or survival. We were getting a bit closer in the 1960s and 1970s, but it’s all gone pear-shaped, and I think the correlation between aggressive and vile capitalism that exploits everything and everyone is at least partly to blame, too.

  63. sarah says:

    @ Lorna C, Dorothy D, Breeks: it is the old story. Truth v Lies. Sadly it seems to get even harder to show the truth to people and for truth to win out over lies.

    I could weep -in fact often do especially when seeing the harm done to children by the falsehoods they are being fed by Scottish teachers presenting the Scotgov gender agenda, people they should be able to trust.

  64. Ruby says:

    Are ‘feminists’ responsible for the breakdown of good relations between men and women.

    Did they go too far with their demands?

    Was the trial of Alex Salmond the final straw?

    How does all this talk about men being violent help?

    Women not safe to walk in the streets because of men?

  65. Ruby says:

    What happens when crime statistics show that women are not safe to walk in the streets because of violent women?

  66. James Che. says:

    It all went wrong with two sets of leaders in society a long time ago.

    1) religion

    2) governments.

    Originally in religion men and women were equal, according to archaeology, then Christianities world leaders say that Eve lead Adam astray,
    Judging by Male predators nowadays this beggars believe.

    Governments for long enough had not treated women with equality by low pay or no pay, no voice with votes until the suffragets fought for it.
    Most big landowners were men and raped their female staff then turfed them out when pregnant to fend for them selfs as families thought of the shame.
    Segregation of unmarried mothers into unmarried mothers hospitals where they were shamed and blamed, babies where taken from them within hours sometime immediately were basically sold on the open market like animals.
    Again governments made it illegal and fined or imprisoned prostitutes but allowed the men to go free.

    It is only recently that the world is waking up to female and children abuse by councils, orphanages, world politicians, police and other Male orientated spaces like religion.

    Even the new industrial era abused women and children. And most industrialists were men held in high regard by governments.

    The abuse of women and children has been continuous since the invention of Adam and Eve story inserted into religion for the benefit of man. Whom is not to blame for his weakness.

    Because apparently it’s the women and children to be blamed for mans weakness when they fail to live up to gods standard.

    Neat get out clause.

    And nearly all religions today perpetuate this believe.

  67. James Che. says:

    Monarchies have often married children to older men, the abuse of children only becomes evident by monarchs happens to get noticed only if the new queen falls pregnant at a young age and a new blood line needed to be recognised,
    What went under the radar beggers believe in those days.

  68. Saffron Robe says:

    Very good article, Dr Em. I think there’s a great deal of chauvinistic arrogance in men who believe they know how it feels to be a woman and think they can somehow become one. It is the knowledge that they can never truly be a woman, and the jealousy which stems from it, which can make them so misogynistic.

    Interestingly the root of the word misogyny is “miso” hatred and “gynae” female reproductive system. Therefore one could not be misogynistic towards a transwoman because they do not have a female reproductive system. And is this not how we should define a woman, as someone who has a female reproductive system?

  69. Ruby says:

    The very sad thing is that there isn’t much either men or women can do about anything at the moment.

    Most men and women are helpless because nobody is listening to us. Those who should be listening seem to be on another planet.

    Are they getting lots of funds from trans-activists?

    I doubt they would get much from the general public at least not until the police discover what happened to the disappearing funds!

  70. Ruby says:

    “The attack took place a year ago and the woman reported it but when officers contacted the hospital, which has not been named, they were told “that there was no male in the hospital, therefore the rape could not have happened”.

  71. twathater says:

    There must have been a massive increase in trans people within the uk because I have noticed that there are so many now appearing in adverts , game shows , quiz shows , reality shows ,music shows and videos made by ALL the tv broadcasters especially the scum bbc and radio stations

    It is amazing how a group that supposedly consists of or represents less than 1% of the population has sooooooo much traction and influence and appears to have unlimited funds and is above the law or invisible when it comes to vicious and serious THREATS of violence with photographs of baseball bats encased in barbed wire with massive nails protruding from them against real women who believe in biology and science

    I find it incredulous that these twisted perverted deviants who publicly and openly threaten real women are IGNORED or INVISIBLE to our defenders and upholders of the law , yet there is a veritable army of police special forces can be assembled within seconds to arrest ,detain and search a reputable law abiding citizen’s home , computer and phone technology and his social media all because someone with CLOUT was offended by WURDZ ,and the reputational and financial damage done to that INNOCENT LAW ABIDING CITIZEN’s livelehood is incalculable

    SURELY there must be people within the justice SYSTEM who are APPALLED at this flagrant and reprehensible misuse of our police and procurator fiscal services , SURELY those people are not willing to stand idly by while their once world renowned profession is dragged through the stinking rancid mud that Sturgeon and her morons infest and wallow in

  72. Ruby says:

    It’s utterly shocking. Rape cannot be reported because transwomen are women and women can’t rape

    Will Sturgeon comment on this?

  73. Breeks says:

    Lorna Campbell says:
    18 March, 2022 at 12:22 pm

    The thing is, though, that young women most definitely don’t feel valued, and I don’t really believe they ever have, because women’s work has never, ever been valued in ways that reflect their worth to society.

    That’s true, and a shocking indictment that it is true, but I don’t think resurrecting the old trades would necessarily exclude women like it did in the old days. I have no problem whatsoever with female tradespeople. I’ve known some, employed some, and never had a problem. Though I cannot report the same being true for them. One in particular had a truly appalling experience with a former employer. She lost her job over it, but the rogue who couldn’t keep his hands to himself kept his with a reprimand. If that had been my yard, he’d have cleared the gate airborne with my boot up his arse.

    That was completely out of order, but proof what you say about women being undervalued is absolutely true.

  74. Robert Hughes says:

    Twathater n Ruby

    I read about that case earlier . Apart from the despicable act itself – in a hospital ffs ! how the response of the hospital staff who denied the crime – on that basis that there were no men on the ward, is not a crime defies belief

    Imagine a horrible event like that happening to you and a * battery * of supposedly rational adults telling you it couldn’t have happened because the man that assaulted you is a woman .

    C’mon tae fuck .

    The worlds’ always been pretty mad , but the stuff that’s going on now is on another level . Weapons-grade lunacy , all sanctioned and promoted by the same type of politically homogenised , identikit * progressive * line-towing agendists that pass as our representatives in our glorious Democracies .

    The * Moronic Inferno * is upon us . ” Be kind “

  75. Prasad says:

    Has Dr. Em been kicked off Twitter?

  76. Tannadice Boy says:

    It is good to see women commenting on this post. And being passionate about the subject.

  77. Ian Brotherhood says:

    FFS people – we’re in the middle of an actual ‘war’ which appears to be 90% propaganda.

    A lot of us were right here when the indyref was happening, following Stu’s analysis in real time – we know the techniques, the basics as well as the subtleties. Why aren’t we applying them to what’s happening?

    It may be hard to find out what’s happening right now, but it’s not difficult to find out what the political landscape was like in Ukraine before this sudden drama.

    And no, I’m not going to ‘provide links’.

    Do your own research, and trust no-one – especially me!

    🙂 🙂 😉

  78. robertknight says:

    Thanks Dr Em.

    I confess that when I see women campaigning for Trans rights, I simply don’t ‘get’ why they themselves don’t ‘get’ what the GRA actually means for women.

    Beats the hell out of me, but there you go…

  79. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Breeks says:

    “Bring back trades and apprenticeships. Not Micky mouse schemes and pseudo apprenticeships, but proper time served qualifications, knowledge, specialisation and tool skill. Not a paper NVQ anybody can earn ticking boxes, but practical expertise and competence taught and passed on by proper tradesmen. Put lathes, looms, drill stands and hand tools back into schools.

    Start building real houses that embrace skills, carpentry, stonemasonry, craftsmanship rather than bland and banal mass production. Start building bridges with stone again. Fall out of love with concrete. Give young lads and lasses the life long reward and perpetual fulfilment of craft they can spend the rest of their life improving and perfecting. Give them a purpose for being alive, and don’t abandon them to flounder as misfits in a world with no place for them.

    Have lads making furniture. Building boats. Tables. Drawers. Rediscover the value in quality, skill and a thing that’s built well and built to last. Have our lads and lasses competent with welders, drills, lathes, looms, chisels, engines, brakes, before they even leave school, and start building houses and workshops where these abilities are appreciated and rewarded.

    Don’t listen to the economists who make the banks rich and treasury full, listen to the economists who can devise a high skill economy with a place for everybody to thrive and enjoy their life skills. Make Clyde build mean what once did. Strive to make “Made in Scotland” a certificate of quality and “built to last”.

    That’s not a throwback to the 19th Century. It’s rediscovering a vital and essential component of our society we have abandoned, and putting back the value on our people.”

    It already exists, it’s called Germany.

    The manufacturing giant who says f**k the finance spivs..

    Base your economy on something solid, be innovative and make quality, sell it for premium prices round the world.

    Otherwise you’ll end up as England…..

  80. Effigy says:

    Update on Peoples Action on Section 30

    Dear Backers,
    Well, it has taken a long time, but I received an email from counsel today that the UK and Scottish Governments have agreed to an arrangement with regards to expenses.
    Our counsel has, to their great credit, put aside a number of their own costs and expenses in order to split the fund three ways. 1/3 of the funds raised will go to our council, the other 2/3 split between the Scottish and UK Governments.
    This staves off any potential bankruptcy for me personally, but the situation in my view is still abhorrent. I’d rather be bankrupt and have the question answered than in this situation and it not answered. That question, of course, is the constitutionality of passing a referendum bill.
    I see, now that we are in a run-up to the elections again, that once more, Nicola Sturgeon is promising to pass a bill and hold a referendum before 2023. This leaves a bitter taste because as you and I both know because of this case, the chances of a referendum in 2023 are almost impossible.
    If the First Minister had any belief in her own words with respect to this bill, she’d have already put it to the Scottish Parliament to pass the legislation. However, she’s not doing that, but instead talking about her intention to pass that bill.
    We all recall that this is what she in the run-up to our case being heard, but it never materialised. We know, because despite them saying it existed, they went on to tell the court that it didn’t exist when we asked for it.
    We all recall the so-called 11 point plan that fell apart at point 5. That didn’t materialise either.
    And now we sit with the FM saying she intends to pass the bill, immediately before another election. The problem is, that you, and I and the other 11000 backers of this case know, that without confirming the constitutionality of the Scottish Parliament to pass that bill, IT WILL DEFINATELY be challenged by the UK Government. Of course, that will lead to exactly the same situation that occurred with the continuity bill. A challenge means it can’t become law, the time taken to argue the matter in court will give the Tories at Westminster the time to pass new laws in London that will take parts of that bill out of the competency of the Scottish Parliament and the court, when it makes its ruling will have no choice but to declare the bill incompetent because Westminsters laws supersede devolved laws at Holyrood.
    Even if the bill gets passed the second time around, including time to prepare for a referendum, we’ll be talking the middle of 2024, and that’s if everything goes well, and the UK Government don’t rinse and repeat and challenge the second bill.
    The first minister is not passing the bill, because she knows what we all know – The Scottish Government actively fought to establish that the bill was competent to pass, and if they now try to pass that bill independent of Westminster, it WILL be challenged. Meaning she is now in the position of explaining why she blew the one chance to stop that from happening and leaving Scotland at the mercy of Boris Johnson agreeing to a section 30 order he’s already refused three times.
    Under that sort of scrutiny, best to just promise to pass the bill, rather than actually trying to do it.
    We like to say in this movement that there is no better recruiting tool for independence than the tories at Westminster. The problem is that this works both ways, sometimes the biggest impediment to a movement is its own self-proclaimed leaders.
    In the SNP’s latest obsessive pursuit of certain rights-based legislation, its leadership have taken their eye off the ball, because what’s to come is going to derogate the civil rights of every man, woman and child in Scotland. The cost of living crisis and a Westminster parliament reliant on Russian oil and gas, in seeking to detach itself from that situation is going one direction only. If you think any Prime Minister is going to issue a section 30 now (even though they never were), you’re dreaming. The reason for it is quite simple – Scotland has oil. England needs oil. Scotland has shale gas, Energy law is reserved. Prepare for Scotland to be fracked. Some may, of course say, that the only fracking setup in the UK has now been shut down, in England. And to them, I’d just ask: Where, and why are nuclear weapons stored in Scotland? – why is radioactive waste dumped into the Clyde? Because it’s too risky for it to be down south. The health and wellbeing of our population come secondary to the needs of Westminster. It’s really that simple.

    Martin Keatings

  81. Breeks says:

    Gaslighting in operation….

    ” But SNP MSP Rona Mackay (above, left) argued that the situation in Europe is not incompatible with continuing democracy here in Scotland.
    “Suggesting that Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine means the democratic process in the UK should be suspended would be grist to the Kremlin’s mill – Vladimir Putin should not be handed an effective veto over democracy in Scotland or anywhere else. You don’t defend democracy by suspending it…”

    Says one of the Constitutionally illiterate Holyrood Charlatans laying Scotland’s Sovereign Democracy at the feet of Westminster’s bogus and non existent power of veto.

  82. Alf Baird says:

    Effigy @ 5:58 am

    “sometimes the biggest impediment to a movement is its own self-proclaimed leaders”

    Well done and well said Martin Keatings.

    Scotland’s for sure a doun-hauden colony run by gangsters and a puppet ‘Scottish’ government leading the indy movement up successive S.30 blind alleys and more. Scotland’s daeless an deceitfu ‘self-proclaimed leaders’ fit the well-trod decolonisation template only too well.

  83. Gordon Gekko says:

    This was slipped into the Russian sanctions bill on pages 19,20,21. It gives the President broad authority to sanction virtually anyone, anywhere in the world, whether they are connected to Russia or not.

    Congress Escalates Pressure on Tech Giants to Censor More, Threatening the First Amendment


    Tony Blair makes a rare intervention attacking Corbyn & backing intervention in Ukraine with an article on the website of his institute which is funded by the US State Department, the Saudi government and Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk.

    The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change is also funded by the Blavatnik Family Foundation, a vehicle of Sir Leonard Blavatnik, a Ukrainian oligarch thought to be the wealthiest man in the UK.

    The UK Supreme Court has ruled that Julian Assange has no right to appeal his extradition to the United States.

    The US was spying on private conversations between Assange and his lawyer. This means there can be no pretence of a “fair trial” there, only a sadistic show trial.

    The British government will extradite Assange knowing that it is tantamount to a death sentence.

    The CIA planned to kidnap and/or kill him in London & the British agreed to assist by taking part in a hypothetical shoot out.

    The only BBC branch to cover it was BBC Somali.

    Alexander Corbeil is simultaneously Content Policy Lead at TikTok and the president of the NATO Association of Canada.

    The Global Lead on Trust & Safety at TikTok, Chris Roberts, is a former Senior Director of Technology Policy at the Albright Stonebridge Group. Yes, Madeline Albright.

    The White House is briefing TikTok users about Ukraine. It is also alarming that the current Livestream Policy Manager for Europe, Middle East & Africa at TikTok, Greg Anderson, worked in psychological operations for NATO.The

    As Google blocks a documentary about Ukraine by the award-winning Oliver Stone from Youtube, it is worth remembering that Director of Trust & Safety at Google, Ben Renda, was employed by NATO as a Strategic Planner & Information Manager.

    He is also a senior fellow at the Lockheed Martin & Raytheon funded Center for a New American Security think tank simultaneous to giving us trust & safety at Google.

    A free society is not shaped like this.

    There is nothing we can do about it. The name of anybody who can change things are never On the ballot box.

  84. sarah says:

    @ Alf Baird: it is absolutely terrifying how our law and society, and an entire political party, have been twisted by a small group of not even very intelligent people. If only The National would speak out and point to the hateful dangers being inflicted on everyone from school age upwards – that would get through to the bulk of the SNP membership at least.

    I’m feeling sick again. The only glimmer of hope is the new parties and the Convention discussion now being canvassed amongst ourselves.

  85. TheBuchanLoony says:

    If you want to know what is really going on in Ukraine then go to thegrayzone dot com and watch the interview with Former top Pentagon advisor Col. Doug Macgregor on Russia-Ukraine war.

  86. Republicofscotland says:

    Effigy @5.58am.

    Thank you for the update.

  87. Gordon Gekko says:

    We have funded and armed to the teeth neo nazis in Ukraine

    That is the side we are on. Those weapons will find themselves in the arms of terrorists all over Europe.

    It started in 2016.

    When Congress Removed a Ban on Funding Neo-Nazis From Its Year-End Spending Bill.

    And this a lot closer to the truth than the censorship and 24/7 propaganda from the mainstream media.

    The Maidan Revolution remains a messy event that isn’t easy to categorize but is far from what Western audiences have been led to believe. It’s a story of liberal, pro-Western protesters, driven by legitimate grievances but largely drawn from only one-half of a polarized country, entering a temporary marriage of convenience with the far right to carry out an insurrection against a corrupt, authoritarian president. The tragedy is that it served largely to empower literal neo-Nazis while enacting only the goals of the Western powers that opportunistically lent their support — among which was the geopolitical equivalent of a predatory payday loan.

    The same far right that had led the charge in toppling Yanukovych, including Parubiy, found themselves with plum roles in the interim government that followed, while the winner of the 2014 snap presidential election — Ukraine’s seventh-richest man, Petro Poroshenko — had a history of corruption. His interior minister soon incorporated the Azov Regiment, a neo-Nazi militia, into Ukraine’s National Guard, with the country now a Mecca for far-right extremists around the world, who come to learn and get training from Azov — including, ironically, Russian white supremacists who were hounded from their country by Putin.

    One of such NATO bases has just been obliterated by a Russian missile strike on the Polish border. 3 others have been completely destroyed. Nobody even asked why so many NATO bases are in Ukraine when they haven’t even joined yet. The Hypocrisy knot tightens.

    Despite far-right parties ultimately losing seats in Parliament, ultranationalist movements successfully shifted the country’s politics to the extreme right, with Poroshenko and other centrists backing measures to marginalize the speaking of Russian and glorify Nazi collaborators. Even so, far-right candidates have entered Parliament on non-far-right tickets, and extremists like former Azov commander Andriy Biletsky have taken high-ranking law enforcement positions. While far-right vigilantism spread through the country, Poroshenko himself granted citizenship to a Belarusian neo-Nazi and engaged in some borderline anti-Semitism of his own.

    With Yanukovych out, the interim government and Washington’s handpicked prime minister signed the EU deal whose rejection had started it all, solidifying Ukraine’s move to the West, and ushering in the brutal austerity measures demanded by the IMF. Over the years, Yanukovych’s successor signed off on a round of privatisation, raised the pension age, and slashed gas subsidies, urged on by then vice president Joe Biden.

    To anybody who understands how EU expansion traps nation states it should all sound very familiar.

    Putin clearly recognised it. Offered the Ukrainians the same loan without any strings attached straight out of the belt and road initiative playbook.

    In stepped the comedian who ran on a peace ticket Ran on the Minsk agreement. Told Ukraine everybody would be respected, represented in parliament and both the East and Western Ukraine would get a veto against either joining Russia or NATO. Ukraine would become an independent state that would trade with the West and Russia. All sensible Ukrainians liked that idea and voted accordingly.

    It was all a joke the comedian’s famous one liner.

    He done a complete 180 increased the Nazis power across the country and immediately started to build up troops on the borders of eastern Ukraine. Banned the Russian language in schools and bombed them over an 8 year period until 14,000 of them lay dead. Closed down 3 Russian speaking TV channels in true Orwellian fashion. Refused to sign the Minsk agreement that would have fulfilled the promises he made during the election campaign.

    Here we are living through the consequences.

  88. Gordon Gekko says:

    Yes, the Greyzone is that excellent !

    So is The Saker of the Vine yard

  89. James Che. says:

    The real men left need to step up to the plate here and not leave women to fight the Scottish government on their hands own,
    This is strange that men think it is a womens fight or a childs fight only.
    Why the psychological separation mindset from the rest of the human race?

    We mostly all have mothers, aunties, daughters grannies, and children and grandchildren.

  90. James Che. says:

    The template for scotland being colonised sticks out like a sore thumb.
    That a treaty holds two kingdoms together as one larger country is to be recognised by westminster, creating a constitution for both scotland and england from that said treaty.

    Scots law should never have a supreme court in england over seeing scots law according to the treaty itself.
    This breaks the treaty.

    Westminster/parliament ie the british government rewrote Scots law when they decided on the reform bill and took it upon them selfs to make void laws of scotland they considered obsolete or not understandable to themselves due to old scots words used they were not able to comprehend.

    The treaty of the union gave scotland and end a constitution in the same treaty.
    Without that treaty england also lacks a constitution.

    So where does law come from without a constitution as a foundation?

  91. James Che. says:

    England claims to have no fixed or static constitution,
    However the treaty creates guidelines for England to follow as law.
    But only For as long as the treaty is adhered to by the british parliament.

  92. Republicofscotland says:

    More on the witch hunt (no not Russians, for a change) against Dr Tim Rideout. One wonders if Police Scotland who are on the case right now, has a twenty-two man dedicated team looking for dirt on Rideout as they di with Alex Salmond.

    Sturgeon the betrayer will cast Rideout into the same abyss that she cast Margaret Ferrier to, and the innocent Mark MacDonald.

    “Asked if they would be cutting ties with Dr Rideout, an SNP spokesperson told The Herald: “This tweet is offensive and disgusting.” ”

    Mr Rideout should go (to Alba) before he’s pushed out of the now f*cked-up SNP.

  93. James Che. says:

    The treaty creates a foundation of set laws to be followed by agreement of the kingdom of Scotland and the kingdom of England including annexed Wales at that time.

    Scots Laws that were to be retained in/to scotland.

    The british parliament sees itself as inheritor of both sides of a treaty agreed by two countries, thus making the treaty of 1707 void.

    As the two parliaments of Scotland and england merged, the two countries stayed separate entities within the the view and minds of the new british parliament.

    Borders between scotland and england countries in the mindset of the newly formed british parliament remained and are still in existance today as much as BJ states there are none.

    For the devolved Scottish government to function and to exist it needs a recognised border between both countries, other wise the devolved government would possibly stretch all the way down to london.

    So with a border retained between Scotland and England, and Scots Laws retained as seperate to Englands.
    And land tax being retained by the agreement of the 1707 treaty of the union as unique to scotland as long as the treaty is adhered to by both sides and signiture countries.

    We can see these laws of the treaty create a constitution for Scotland and England.
    We can also see that in 1707 ( Scotland ) by the overall view of england would remain a seperate country from the great british england, for they were to be taxed differently,, police or lawed differently,
    And a border between Scotland and England was not only mentally retained but physically by the 1707 formed great british parliament for the devolved government not to have over reach into England and Wales all these yesrs later.

    one assumes that only trade and monarchy were truely to be shared, and both the countries continued functioning separately in all other regards.

    The great british parliament doing little more than replacing the old english parliament for it could not replace a Scottish parliament that prorogued ( sine die ) itself and has the ability to be reconvened as Margo MacDonald stated.

    However these idiosyncreciacies’s that have been overlooked through out the years and should follow laws laid out in the treaty of the union that are the foundation of a constitution for scotland.

    On the other hand, some from the unionist side wish Scotlands people to remember only what is convenient to the unionists, or even suggest that an old treaty from 300 years ago holds no importance and should be forgotton by the Scots.

    We are either to follow the 1707 events as a legal procedure or perhaps realise that the whole of Scotland and its people were not incapsulated.

    It seems personally to myself a rather vague treaty.

  94. James Che. says:


    The snp have been carving the legal tree to suit their own tree growth agenda for awhile now,
    It has little to do with humane actions of caring leaders. Or concerning themselves with the wellbeing of Scottish electorate.
    It is a globel pattern of leaders world wide.

    And more to do with a new age cult.
    These people hold no more surprises for us,

  95. James Che. says:

    As far as western leaders are concerned it seems they are all setting in place a collapse of society, its structure and their economies, our transport, fuel, food and a cashless monertary system.
    Other than that, we are in a swamp of political corrurption.
    All covered up by a appropriate looming war to bring in change that covid was perhaps meant to do.

  96. Republicofscotland says:

    Not that there was ever a snowballs chance in hell of an indyref being held next year, but this give Sturgeon the betrayer of Scots an excuse to say why there won’t be an indyref next year-as if she needed one.

    “STAFF in Downing Street have been told to start planning for a possible General Election in autumn next year.”

  97. John Main says:

    @Gordon 10:59

    Didn’t take long for the Putin apologists to infect this thread.

    Question for you Gordon. Did the neo-Nazi, far-right, NATO-supported, western-backed, capitalist-asset-strippers invade Russia?

    Writing as a decent, but thoroughly pissed off Scot, a simple Yes/No answer will suffice.

  98. James Che. says:

    Meanwhile the scaremongering about producing your own food in Scotland because of climate change,
    avian flu in birds,
    mad cows farting,
    salmonella in eggs,
    myxomatosis and rabbit Hemorrhagic disease,
    and a new form of CJD in deer, dubbed zombie deer disease, (Chronic wasting disease) for most hoofed animals.
    KHV and fungal infections in fish. In Staffordshire and Scotland.

    And Tescos Aldi, Asda etc keep recalling food produce for safety reasons throughout the last few years,
    Are you scared to eat meat yet?
    After millions of years of evolution suddenly all animals are becoming diseased in our generation.
    Perhaps we should question our governments more just as want us all to go vegetarian.
    Will we eat the grass, leaves, shrubs and plants these same animals have been eating thus spreading the same diseases to humans in future?

    It beggers believe that all animals are suddenly diseased, except for climate change animals to be re- introduced to scotland. Like wolves, bears and birds of prey.
    What the hell are they going to eat?

  99. Dan says:

    @ James Che

    Eat Beaver! That should keep at least some folk happy and content.

    My stealth fish farm project in a beaver made pool took a blow recently when an otter rocked up for lunch. 🙁
    Fortunately it has moved on… only to be replaced with a mink! Well that is an invasive species so I know it isn’t very civic of me but the bugger has been reported, as these immigrant animals are deemed to upset the natural balance of the indeginous species.

  100. James Che. says:

    John Main.

    Putins puppets agenda petty pat back and to word ball game on a scottish blog site should be the least of your worries.
    Where is your future food supply coming from, even vegetarians should worry about contaminated food sources from these animals.

    Keep it political by all means while you die of starvation or disease.

    The diseases in animals I mentioned above are already recognised by our governments, and can be found or researched on any scientific or government site.

    As Mr Bill gates seems to suggest in his interview covid could be the least of your worries next time a virus or disease hits humans.
    Lovely special man that he is.

  101. John Main says:

    James Che

    I am just back from the seaside. Mid-March, Scottish beach, people wading in the sea, enjoying the sunshine.

    The times, they are a-changing.

    Haud oan tae yer bunnet, it’s ganging tae be a wild bit ride.

  102. James Che. says:


    I am sure you know that beavers in america right now have rabies,

    Go look up Aquachigger on you tube, he does metal detecting but his job used to be enviroment, his wife is a vet,
    And while out metal detecting on the river this last year got attacked and bit by a beaver with rabies.

    Not scaremongering on my own but all these diseases are in the scientific reports and in government sources.
    Time to wake up and wonder how so much of future food resources are contaminated in one generation perhaps two generations at most.

  103. Dan says:

    Ach, we’ve aw got to die of something though.
    I’m currently giving a mutton curry its fifth hour simmering on the woodburning stove so reckon that will have boiled aff or killed most pathogens that could take me oot.

    Wondering when Restless Natives 2 will come oot. A film aboot a pair o loons hijacking fuel lorries on remote Scottish roads.
    I was fuel heisting myself today and scored what looks like a few hundred gallons of kerosene from a no longer used central heating system.
    Heating oil is over a quid a litre noo so that’s a pretty good haul for a few hours graft.
    Should keep a combined heat and power generator running for a good while.

  104. Ruby says:

    Caitlyn Jenner slams ‘WOKE world’ of gender identity, saying ‘I can’t even figure it out’

    Neither can I Caitlyn! It all seems very sinister.

    One of the videos talks about George Gascon which might be another story worth looking at.
    He was the DA who sentenced Hannah Tubbs who sexually attacked a 10 year old in a toilet.

  105. Ruby says:

    Anyone know the rules re non binary here in Scotland? It seems that in the California summer camp mentioned in the above article they could choose either the male or female dorms.

    I would imagine here in Scotland you wouldn’t be able to exclude ‘trans-girls’ from female dorms.

  106. Dan says:

    @ Ruby

    That’s interesting you mentioning summer camps in USA.
    I do wonder how that would work. I spent three summers working in the USA back in t’day as a kids’ camp counselor looking after both juniors and seniors. Pretty basic amenities such is the whole outdoor camp life experience, with just a couple of showers and sinks at the back of each bathroom in the cabins for the bairns to wash up.
    Mind you after typing that the cabins are probably like a Hilton Hotel these days for the snowflake generation to even exist…

  107. Ruby says:

    More than 600 deputy district attorneys back recall of woke LA DA George Gascon who admitted regret over sentencing trans pedophile, 26, as a JUVENILE – for a crime committed NINE years ago

    trans pedophile I like that term. It pisses me off that he is referred to as she.

  108. wull says:

    James Che poses a good question concerning reintroduced ‘wolves, bears and birds of prey’, granted that all our animals seem to have become diseased and unhealthy: ‘What the hell are they going to eat?’

    Answer: ‘Us’

    Further question: ‘What will they eat they run out of ‘us’, once we have become extinct?’

    Answer: ‘Millions and millions of ‘New Scots’, as the whole former country of Scotland – now empty space – is overrun by waves and waves of new immigrants from everywhere.’

    A bit like the famous Ricky Fulton sketch on Christopher Columbus. This begins with Columbus in all his finery (played by Ricky) strutting along an unknown shore-line, empty of all human beings, and devoid of any sign of human habitation.

    Then, suddenly, from behind a big rock, there emerges a fierce-looking local warrior with tied-back hair and painted face. Although he is not wearing much in the way of clothes, he is armed to the teeth with bow and arrows on his back, a spear in one hand and a tomahawk in the other (also played by same Ricky Fulton).

    Columbus stops in his tracks, and bravely hails this apparently threatening character from a afar, with a shouted but polite inquiry: ‘Excuse me, Good Sir, … Is this the New World?’

    Whereupon the local drops his guard and lets his arms fall loose, his weapons no longer held in readiness for combat. His perplexed look indicates his realisation that he has just been addressed not by an enemy but by a harmless idiot, wha’ kens nothin’ aboot onythin’. Seeking to inform this strange enquirer of what should have been self-evident to anyone with even a modicum common sense, he replies: ‘Naw, naw! This is Ardrossan!’

    So will it be with these waves and waves of millions and millions of New Scots Immigrants – except for one difference. They will land on the shore, and ask, in hushed tones, as if they have finally arrived at the Promised Land … ‘Is this Ardrossan, Scotland?’.

    To which the answer will come back, in a well-known female voice, recorded by Holyrood Productions in the dulcet tones of what by then will be known and cultivated as an ‘Upper Draghorn Anglicised Accent’: ‘No, no! Scotland is no more, Ardrossan is abolished! This … is The Global Reset!’

    With apologies to the good folk of Ardrossan.

  109. wull says:

    CORRECTION: ‘What will they eat WHEN they run out of ‘us’?’

  110. Ruby says:

    “Nicholson said that the case was a direct result of the NHS policy, known as Annex B, which allows patients to be placed on single-sex wards according to the gender with which they identify.
    Speaking in the Lords, she said: “The result of Annex B is that hospital trusts inform ward sisters and nurses that if there is a male, as a trans person, in a female ward, and a female patient or anyone complains, they must be told that it is not true — there is no male there.”
    ‘There was No Male In the Hospital’ – UK Hospital Covered Up Rape by Trans Patient

    In response to the rape, the NHS pledged to look into the situation, but has appointed Dr Michael Brady — an NHS “LGBT advisor” who has vowed to maintain and strengthen “trans rights” — to the review.

    Baroness Clair Fox has branded this appointee as “the opposite of impartial” due to his LGBT role and further complained that the review is being “carried out in secret”.

  111. Ruby says:

    I was wondered where else you might risk being raped and found this.
    It was fine sharing with another woman but not so much now as we don’t know what a woman is. I wonder if Caledonian Sleepers having read about self-id decided that sharing could become problematic hence the reason to ban it.

    Sharing with stranger on Scotland-London sleeper train to be banned

    Since the service was introduced 145 years ago, people have been able to share a cabin with another passenger of the same sex.

    However, from 26 February, they will have to pay for a separate room, with fares starting at £140 compared to £85 to share. Sharing is still permitted on Britain’s only other sleeper, between London and Penzance.

  112. Effigy says:

    EXCLUSIVE: PM attended a secret
    Tory fundraising dinner attended by
    at least one donor with Russian links
    on the night Putin invade Ukraine
    He told the approx 75 attendees he
    needed to leave early to deal with the
    crisis. Gove and Wallace also there.

    This must be covered up by giving it to the Met before disappearing.

    Further lies in parliament and a U.K. Media squirrel story must be conjured immediately!

  113. Fionan says:

    John Main says:
    19 March, 2022 at 5:02 pm
    @Gordon 10:59

    Didn’t take long for the Putin apologists to infect this thread.

    Question for you Gordon. Did the neo-Nazi, far-right, NATO-supported, western-backed, capitalist-asset-strippers invade Russia?

    Answer: No the neo-Nazi, far-right, NATO-supported, western-backed, capitalist-asset-strippers invaded the independent countries of the Donbass, Lugansk and Donetsk, where they killed Russian speakers – men women and children, over 8 years without Oligarch nazi sympathiser Kelensky lifting a finger to stop the genocide.The people of the Donbass pleaded for help from Putin, so that he did NOT illegally invade Ukraine, unlike what the media try to push down our throats, he went to the aid of Russian-speaking people who are closer to Russia in identity than to Nazi Ukraine.

  114. Fionan says:

    James Che “Perhaps we should question our governments more just as want us all to go vegetarian.
    Will we eat the grass, leaves, shrubs and plants these same animals have been eating thus spreading the same diseases to humans in future?

    It beggers believe that all animals are suddenly diseased, except for climate change animals to be re- introduced to scotland.”

    James, don’t be disingenuous. These viruses and bacterial epidemics are nothing to do with what animals eat naturally, they are due to the extremely unnatural, cruel and brutally stressful and filthy overcrowded conditions that factory farms use to produce animal corpses for food, not to mention the filthy conditions of slaughter – why do you think slaughterhouses have no windows and video-recording equipment is banned?. Just as when cramped overcrowded insanitary towns and cities were first created and the industrial revolution took place and wealthy capitalists built filthy, overcrowded ghettos to house their workers, without sanitation or any means of ensuring cleanliness, so that deadly diseases like cholera, typhoid and dysentery were rife. Also the unnatural diets fed to factory farmed animals to cut costs and maximise profits – at the expense of the human consumer – prevents the poorly nourished and stressed factory farmed animals from maintaining an adequate immune system to fight disease.

    When you then add in that meat and dairy are NOT natural components of the human diet, but by nature should only be occasional extras and mainly derived from carrion, (humans were by evolution hunter GATHERERS, emphasis on gatherers, with the successful hunts being very few and non-existent especially before weapons were invented) and cow/goat/sheep milk products being completely unnatural for adult humans, you begin to see where and why all these viruses and diseases are developing. CJD for example came from the thoroughly unnatural practice of feeding animal corpses to herbivores, while most gastrointestinal problems, allergies, auto-immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupoid diseases and asthma to name a few, arise from the consumption of pro-inflammatory dairy products, The human gut is not designed to consume dairy of any kind after the age of around 1-2 years old, and in fact cows’ milk and products in particular contribute a whole lot to all these diseases. Indeed, back in the 6os and 70s, the government-subsidised National Dried (cows) milk that human babies were routinely fed, breast-feeding being frowned upon and socially taboo,was eventually found to be one of the leading causes of so many ‘cot deaths’ of our babies, and was banned.

  115. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Fionan (9.10)

    Nice one, but I assume you’re addressing John Main rather than Gordon?


    Your 9.47 comment is also very thought-provoking. I’ve never known much about the whole ‘meat’ industry, but, given what we’ve all seen happening over the past few years, nothing would surprise me any more.



  116. James Che. says:


    Not disingenuous as you may think, as i was raised in the farming, crofting, and gamekeepers world,
    An old enough to remember the natural way we fed cattle in summer and winter, before supplementry nuts were fed to cattle,

    An old enough to remember horses still being used in many places rather than tractors, my own father used horses when i was young,

    An i have worked in slaughter houses that stank to high heaven, but not for long, i missed the sunlight an clean hell with the money which in those days was quite good,
    I married into a gamekeeping family that worked on some of biggest estates both sides of the border.
    The rest of my worked in forestry,

    So let just say my grass roots come from a sound basis of knowing the ways of animal welfare before greed and corruption higher prices and the EU took over,
    I remember farmers being upset having to slaughter their best cattle because of EU rules that came in,

    There used to be a time when the farmer knew his livestock, now they are taught to look upon them as tag numbers and dissasociate from the animal or long life of that animal.
    Disingenuous no.
    I know the score perhaps better than most whom come late to the ways of old farming methods.
    Before your water supplies and rivers where polluted with chemicals.
    Before animal feed experimentation took place.

  117. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Humans are omnivores – same as bears. We eat greenery and we hunt, and eat, meat.

    The processing of that meat should, rightly, be under scrutiny.

    Humans are not, naturally, vegan.

  118. James Che. says:


    Not disingenuous as you may think, as i was raised in the farming, crofting, and gamekeepers world,
    An old enough to remember the natural way we fed cattle in summer and winter, before supplementry nuts were fed to cattle,

    An old enough to remember horses still being used in many places rather than tractors, my own father used horses when i was young,

    An i have worked in slaughter houses that stank to high heaven, but not for long, i missed the sunlight an clean hell with the money which in those days was quite good,
    I married into a gamekeeping family that worked on some of biggest estates both sides of the border.
    The rest of my worked in forestry,

    So let just say my grass roots come from a sound basis of knowing the ways of animal welfare before greed and corruption higher prices and the EU took over,
    I remember farmers being upset having to slaughter their best cattle because of EU rules that came in,

    There used to be a time when the farmer knew his livestock, now they are taught to look upon them as tag numbers and dissasociate from the animal or long life of that animal.
    Disingenuous no.
    I know the score perhaps better than most whom come late to the ways of old farming methods.
    Before your water supplies and rivers where polluted with chemicals.
    Before animal feed experimentation took place. Snd before some perhaps born.

  119. James Che. says:

    The climate change is due to the governments around the world changing the natural ways of the earth for greed,
    A good example is cutting down swathes of natural forest to plant palm trees for oil produce eliminating diversity of plants an animals then blaming the poor local farmers.

  120. James Che. says:

    Brian doonthetoon.

    Well said, for that is what the structure of our teeth is based upon according to scientists.

  121. Breeks says:

    Are you under nine years old t42?

    Kinda hope so, otherwise your puerile immaturity is backward and kinda embarrassing dude. Might be best for your own sake to keep quiet until you grow up a bit and learn how adults hold a conversation that doesn’t include fart jokes.

  122. Ruby says:

    t42 says:
    20 March, 2022 at 4:23 am
    More men would sleep with her husband, than would sleep with Jakey Trolling.

    Are you referring to trans-women or trans-men? Do you think they should reveal they are trans before ‘sleeping’ with him?

  123. Ruby says:
    Man beaten up for telling group of trans women they should have female genitalia

    “You’re not a woman – you need a fanny to be a woman”.

    Judge says:
    ‘I do not in any way your condone behaviour but I accept that what happened to you at the beginning of the incident was entirely wrong and people like you should not be subject to that abuse in the public domain or anywhere.’

    Fair enough in the public domain but what about in the bedroom? What if the trans-woman has failed to disclose they are trans? Would it be entirely wrong to say “You’re not a woman – you need a fanny to be a woman”

    Would this situation result in violence? What are the circumstances of the violence against trans-women?

    Would self-id & using women’s spaces solve this problem?

  124. Fionan says:

    James Che. says:
    20 March, 2022 at 12:16 am

    Not disingenuous as you may think, as i was raised in the farming, crofting, and gamekeepers world,
    An old enough to remember the natural way we fed cattle in summer and winter, before supplementry nuts were fed to cattle”

    Your reply didn’t actually address what I said – which was basically that it is the shift to unnatural factory farming and caged animal farming which is the major contribution to the development of so many diseases among animals. With US being one the worst offenders in factory farming, they also have very high rates of food poisoning, which is one of the reasons they wash chickens for example in chlorine.

    Just incidentally, I also have a background in agriculture, I have worked on farms to fund my degree studies, ties to crofting, and studied agricultural science for two years which included microbiology. I have further qualifications in life sciences as well, including biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology. I was married to a shepherd for many years and was involved in sheep husbandry. I have worked in a farrowing unit, where my first task each day was to remove all the young opigs which had died overnight – and the unnatural stench was so bad that even after three showers, one still stank of the piggery. And I am also old enough to remember more natural farming methods. The current factory and caged farming is not only profiteering, it is also to meet the increased demand for meat and dairy because consumers now expect to eat meat and dairy daily. The human body is not adapted to eat that quantity of meat – as I said before, humans evolved mainly as gatherers with occasional meat and eggs thrown in, and insects also. As others have pointed out our teeth are those of an omnivore, they are not those of a carnivore and neither is our gut adapted to large amount of meat and dairy. We are simply not adapted to catch, kill and eat meat – take away th e weapons and the fire/energy source and you will quickly find that without these we can eat very little by way of meat in particular. Our teeth are not designed to rip raw flesh and our guts are not designed to pass it through us quickly enough to remove bacteria before they multiply to disease levels. Add in that people who eat a plant-based diet are healthier and live longer than those who eat a lot of meat and dairy. That is what the science tells us, very clearly. Incidentally, a plant based diet is not veganism. And in terms of natural resources a plant based diet is much more economical. A plant based diet means just what it says, a diet where meat is only eaten occasionally. Meat of course is carcinogenic and is now considered junk food in Belgium. Think of the rise in meat/dairy consumption, then of the rise in cancers, and you can see a st4rong positive correlation, again, scientifically verified.

  125. Ruby says:

    I get the impression readers here are not all that interested in trans issues.

    Am I correct and is that why Stu who is very interested in trans-issues has stopped posting articles here?

    Decisions, decisions, decisions should I stop posting articles which readers here are not interesting in or carry on in the hope they will become interested?

  126. Ruby says:

    I think everyone here knew this already!

    At what point will she reveal her true identity?

  127. Dan says:

    @ Fionan

    Interesting discussion and agree with much of what you say with regard to modern big agro farming methods being an issue on so many levels.
    Local to me there is a small cooperative farm project that really tries hard to grow healthy produce in ways that reduce many of the negative aspects of big argo practices.
    That small farm is surrounded by land that used to also be made up of numerous other small farms, but they have all been swallowed up into one large farm now.
    So the wee farm tries as much as possible to use no dig beds and I keep their old tractor running for the limited times it is required to plough or haul manure about the site. But in comparison the large farm uses 250 hp tractors that guzzle large amounts of diesel as they constantly power the various implements through the fields.
    Watching a field of carrots being sewn, grown, regularly sprayed, covered in straw to protect crop prior to lifting, then harvested, then the “repair” work to put the field back to flat for whatever the next crop will be is simply staggering when you witness it, and considered that such a method of farming is only possible by burning huge amounts of fossil fuels.
    There are no worms in the fields where the heavy tractor activity has occurred.
    Fortunately I have my own veg beds so can grow pretty much everything I need. And can catch fish and have access to local meat on the odd occasions I consume it.

    One thing you haven’t mentioned is the amount of wheat so many humans consume these days. Having had a bit of tummy bother for quite sometime, I gave up all wheat products at the start of the year. I feel a good deal better for it with far more consistent and sustainable energy and concentration levels. Also lost over a stone of weight and toned up well as shed the small fatty layer around my abdomen.

    Modern wheat is engineered to have various properties compared to old strains. Plus our as evolved digestives systems from hunter gatherer times would never have consumed the amount of grains some humans do now.
    I believe so many people could be in much better health if they were open to and disciplined enough to make changes to their eating habits.
    Of course, a bloated, lethargic or ill electorate won’t have the will to revolt so the powers that be won’t be to keen to significantly improve the health of society, plus big pharma can make a tonne of dosh treating all the ailments big agro produced food caused…

  128. John Main says:

    @Fionan 9:10 pm

    Yer keks are on fire.

    Shame ye dinna ken abody weel enough that ye can be telt tae yer face.

  129. Fionan says:

    Dan, that is interesting to be able to compare small farms with these large intense farms. Yes, current crop practices are not the healthiest, they are unsustainable, and of course the grains have been interfered with via GM and also the amount of pesticides and other harmful chemicals used. There was, and perhaps still is, a lot of research going on in europe looking at vertical and hydroponic systems in indoor controlled environments, but Uk is of course no longer involved and prefer to just permit greater use of harmful pesticides. The main thrust of these CEA systems is that they are many times more productive than conventional systems per area and require very little to nil of the harmful chemicals. Since they can also be set up in towns and cities, that reduces transport to market costs and environmental effects.

    I think when people think about a plant-based diet, they consider a very small range of crop foods – we can easily manage without wheat as many countries already do. Oats, which grow so well in Scotland are much healthier and help us to excrete surplus cholesterol = less arterial plaque formation. Potatoes can supply flour from starch, I have potato flour in my kitchen cupboard. I rarely eat wheat based foods.

    Controlled environment agri also allows for a huge range of foods – nuts, seeds, root veg. fruits and even fungi to be grown in UK. The enclosed CEA systems in Iceland allow them to grow all the Mediterranean foods we like to eat. They use geothermal energy, we could be using wind, hydro and wave energy if Scotgov and WM were prevented from selling off all these resources. With people consuming excessive amounts of meat, dairy and wheat, it is little wonder there are so many diseases and chronic disabling conditions nowadays.

    Your set-up sounds pretty good, it is something I am trying to work towards on a small scale (I am disabled so manual work is difficult), I grow my own mushrooms, herbs, lettuce etc and some fruits, though I don’t consume any animal products other than leather boots and what slips past me in poor labelling, but that is my choice as I got so fed up seeing the constant abuse of suffering animals, which only an idiot would deny is horrendously brutal.

    Re Sturgeon being caught out in interview on broken promises, SNP supporters – TELT!

    Shame the article then went on and gave her excuses for her though.

  130. James Che. says:

    The topic of trans is very important and i have advocated for womens rights and spaces to be maintained and improved for years on this site and in many areas of life,

    We seldom come into this world without a female in the family. To bring us up.

    Most trans in the media are abrasive, verbally aggressive, and willing to steal someone else’s space in life,
    thus showing a high degree of self centeredness, without thought for how women and children are intimidated.
    Wether this is a general majority flaw or delibrate, it comes nowhere near to being feminine, A women, is as a mother, nurturing in the sense of willing to self sacrefice ones own needs and wants, which are often relegated to second or third place like most mothers do. To help others through the early stages of life of learning.
    They show considerable care, attention and devotion to others, shouldering the burden of the hurt and pain often of the whole family..

    The mother has twenty- four – seven work, with no specific retirement or holidays, minimun pay and seldom gains a pension.
    They were the beginnings and the end to the backbone of any decent society.

    Until government and modern day education ( still government ) interfered.

    Trans on the other hand show little consideration towards others in their screeching for equality

    Genuine feminine females are under valued throughout history in the work they have carried out for society.

  131. James Che. says:

    Here is another possibility for climate change that could be blamed by MSM on citizens rather than governments.

    Changing our Atmosphere.
    Atmosphere nucleation.
    Cloud Seeding.
    Artificial nucleation.

    This was discovered as early as the 1940s, and has continued its experiments since then.
    Who is to challenge the governments for messing with our natural climate perhaps causing irreversible damage for our planet.

    Easy to pin the blame on people who cannot defend themselves

    For info on this, type in alternative word for cloud seeding on search engine.
    It used to be suggested it was a conspiricy theory. To deflect what now is mainstream allthese years later.
    This have a detrimental effect as a weapon for war against a country just as easily as a help.

  132. James Che. says:

    I wonder what the chemical compound of a wind turbine blade is made of?

    Selective blindness.

  133. Fionan says:

    James Che. says:
    20 March, 2022 at 3:39 pm
    “I wonder what the chemical compound of a wind turbine blade is made of?

    Selective blindness.”

    It shouldn’t be beyond the abilities of our engineers to produce turbine blades from sustainable and safe materials which are less liable to promote climate change. I am no engineer, so I cannot come up with such an answer, but I am sure there are a multitude of materials which havent yet been considered or researched for this kind of purpose. We see nowadays bamboo for instance being used to manufacture all sorts of things, including clothes. Bamboo is a lightweight yet strong material, and while I am by no means suggesting that it could be used for turbine blades, who knows, it may be a potential solution in time to come and is certainly an example of alternative uses for natural materials. But it is up to the engineers to solve that one, rather than saying ‘oh dear, turbine wings are so damaging to the climate’ and giving up on that note. Maybe people give up too easily and no longer try any lateral thinking or problem-solving. Maybe that is the consequence of the feminisation of men nowadays eg through drinking oestrogen-saturated water. (said tongue in cheek before anyone goes off on one)

  134. Fionan says:

    And of course these poor Icelanders, how much are they contributing to global warming through the manufacture of their massive growing tunnels and are these polytunnels made of deadly plastics?

  135. Breeks says:

    Fionan says:
    20 March, 2022 at 1:23 pm

    …The main thrust of these CEA systems is that they are many times more productive than conventional systems per area and require very little to nil of the harmful chemicals.

    I’m not following as closely as I used to, but I understood the concept of vertical farming less to do with food production, and more to do with algae that was a potential bio-fuel, which also captured Carbon from the atmosphere. Periodically, the green sludge had to be scraped off and oils extracted. Obviously a technology in it’s infancy, but with potential.

    For me however, the planet is not going to escape it’s terminal trajectory until humanity finally addresses it’s own excessive proliferation.

    Sustainability becomes harder and harder to achieve they more people you are trying to sustain, and the human population has DOUBLED since 1974. That’s not even 50 years.

    When every ecosystem on the planet is already blighted by human interference, and lets not kid ourselves, interference means destruction, it seems petty to be laying the blame on farmers.

    I believe in re-wilding, but not the Garden of Eden variety, I mean re-wilding where there is no human interference, and wildlife numbers are controlled naturally by viable populations of apex predators as nature intended.

    Every colony of species in it’s own environment becomes a gene pool for it’s species to avert catastrophe in the event of disease or misfortune wiping out a colony somewhere else.

    It is utter madness that human “husbandry” of this paradise of a living planet called Earth has witnessed the extinction of so many species, and left so many breathtaking species teetering on the brink. Tigers, Rhinos, Elephants, Whales, sharks… what a shameful indictment upon humanity. Truly, truly disgusting what we have done to these majestic and incredible creatures. For a bit of fkn Keratin on their nose??? A fin? Jesus wept. Just imagine every one of us being hunted to extinction for our fingernails. Even the bees in their countless billions cannot endure us.

    I’m not advocating a worldwide cull of humans, but unless we rapidly and dramatically control our own prolific pestilence upon this fragile resource, then sooner or later, (spoiler alert, – it’s sooner), the story does not come to a happy ending.

  136. Jontoscots21 says:

    So just completed the census. As a social and economic researcher of many years experience I can’t believe how shallow it is. It’s propelled not by essential societal needs to allow planning and expenditure , but rather the preoccupations of a vocal and overheard minority. The authoritarian adverts chide “it’s a legal requirement. You must fill it in” Do as you are told. The whimsical one has a hapless official pretending to deliver a library or a school to a befuddled rural pensioner. This situation actually sums up the whole process and the contempt behind it for most Scots.

  137. Fionan says:

    Breeks, I agree with much of your thinking. Yes human population growth is way out of control as is human greed and exploitation. At least Scots sadly are acting on this as our birth rate is still dropping relative to deaths. I would be very happy to see re-wilding develop further, rather than have more and more immigrants from south of the border for whom the current infrastructure is completely inadequate to support, and killing off our culture while by and large treating us as inferior beings – see community councils and similar. I hope I don’t live to see Scotland become a concrete jungle as England now is, with all our wild spaces turned into even more factory farms to feed all these people arriving here in vast numbers. I do not include genuine refugees in that, but refugees can bring their own problems also.

    Jontoscots21 says: I agree, I was shocked by the lack of relevant questioning in the census, and by the shallowness of the answer options and the focus. The census form used to be a very detailed and comprehensive booklet, which asked about skills, languages, social capital and much more. This form, I fear will have little information of any use for forward planning and it leaves me wondering why our money was wasted on such a feeble questionnaire which is of no value to the planners – if any still exist.

  138. Stoker says:

    “Unmarked military convoy carrying ‘up to six’ nuclear warheads passes through major UK city”

    HERE! Let me sort that for you:

    Unmarked military convoy carrying ‘up to six’ nuclear warheads passes through Scotland YET AGAIN

    “All the things that some of us have worried about constantly since the 60s, they come to pass really. People have forgotten about it but they are there. And this sort of tension is exactly why we said when the Soviet Union fell apart that Nato should respond by disarming the nuclear weapons – that was the time to sit down and get rid of them. It wasn’t just Russia that didn’t want to, it was America, Britain and France were all quite keen to keep them as well and play power games so it’s set us up for all this.”

  139. Saffron Robe says:

    The story about the woman who was raped by another patient in a supposedly female ward is really quite disturbing to say the least. I wonder how the hospital would have responded if they had been asked if there was a biological male patient present on the ward? Or a patient with male DNA? Or a patient with a penis? Surely they would have had to reply in the affirmative? The hospital can only have added to the victim’s trauma by denying the incident took place at all, despite all evidence to the contrary. What a sorry state of affairs when staff whose primary duty of care is to protect the safety of their patients actively aid and abet in their harm by accepting transgender ideology. One would have thought that hospital staff, comprised mainly of nurses and doctors, would have at least a basic understanding of human biology.

    Laurence Fox succinctly sums it up:

    “Once society breaks down to such an extent that objective reality means nothing, these vile events will escalate exponentially. We must come together to protect women and attack the woke cultural revolution that seeks to remove all the rights brave women who came before fought for.

    “Our foundational institutions are all infected with this repellent ideology.”

  140. robbo says:

    Shit happens.

    Welcome to the pleasure dome.

  141. Clavie Cheil says:

    Does anybody honestly now think we have any chance of actually winning any Indy Referendum with Sturgeon and her sleekit Brit Nat coven running things? I know I dont.

  142. Breeks says:

    Clavie Cheil says:
    20 March, 2022 at 10:26 pm

    Does anybody honestly now think we have any chance of actually winning any Indy Referendum with Sturgeon and her sleekit Brit Nat coven running things? I know I dont.

    I think that’s the wrong question Clavie Cheil.

    If we’re still trotting down the Holyrood Section 30 of the colonial Scotland Act, then we’ve already conceded our subjugation to the superior will of Westminster.

    Scotland’s Sovereign Constitution is correct and powerful enough to sweep the devolved nonsense of Holyrood aside like a bug on the Constitutional Windscreen, and Sturgeon’s inept bunch of Charlatans will be flushed away with it. Oh happy day!

    Scotland’s problem isn’t a tick on our back like Sturgeon, but 300 years of indoctrination that has blinded Scotland’s people to Scotland’s sovereign National integrity, and kept knowledge and comprehension of their sovereign birth right from Scotland’s people.

    If you embrace the white sovereignty of Devolution, the con-trick Sturgeon is peddling, then you’re already supping the Koolaid. Scotland needs to rediscover it’s red sovereignty, the stuff Westminster cannot touch.

    We don’t need a Referendum. Scotland is asleep and needs a Constitutional awakening like Rip van Winkle, after 315 years of induced torpor.

  143. Robert Hughes says:

    Indeed Breeks @ 7.45 .

    Not that there’s any chance of it happening under the Sturgeon sleepership , but the sooner we abandon the idea of another Union-manipulated free-for-all Referendum as the * best * / * only * route to Independence the better . It’s nothing more than a dead parrot choked on a carrot scenario .

  144. John Main says:

    @Stoker 8:01 pm

    Nine countries in the world admitting to owning nuclear weapons: USA, Russia, UK, France, India, Pakistan, China, Israel, North Korea.

    Interesting that you think that NATO and Russia should have disarmed theirs. That would still have left 5 or 6 countries keeping them, depending on how you view France’s ties to NATO and the west.

    The historical record proves that up to now, nuclear weapons have only ever been used against countries that don’t have them. It is precisely because of Ukraine’s lack of them that Putin can threaten to use his as part of his annexation strategy.

    Maybes we should get an outside opinion, eh Stoker? Ask a Ukrainian how safe they feel without nukes, as they fight for survival against a murderous, barbarous foe that is hoaching with the damn things?

  145. James Che. says:


    The turbine blades are made of carbon fibre plastic to date.

    And everything about turbines is quarried by machines out of extensively large quarries behind the scenes.
    Something similar to the large titanium quarries for electric batteries, which are dangerous to both animal and human life while their is no appropriate disposal plan in place.

    It is wise to curtail the way we live without thought for the future planet,
    But hair brained schemes from the basis of ideology lacks intelligence and fore thought other than for experimentation and financial profit for the few.

    Scots have often had to put up or shut up, and it seems no different here with rewilding Scotland,
    No one has put it to the vote of the population of Scotland to ask us if we want this globalist agenda
    Of re- wilding to take place here,

    Just as we were never asked did we want nuclear weapons in Scotland,

    Just as we are not asked do we want laws to change for a few people that will effect all of Scots and their children on gender issues and future health.

    The poll tax in Scotland a year ahead of the rest of great britain was another experiment.

    It also seems that we are told we do not want another stab at being independent in Scotland.

    I don’t know about other Scots people here but I am getting More than a little pissed of the way others tell us, this is what we are going to do in Scotland,

    Don’t bother consulting Scots, as they will probably say NO.

  146. Dorothy Devine says:

    Ottomanboi, that first one should have a warning- I know one shouldn’t judge by looks but blimey!

    The second essay sadly applies here too.

    Being taught how to analyse , how to think logically is an essential.

  147. James Che. says:

    I dare say those whom profit by wage or funding will like the prospect. Like big private estates and woodland trust registered outside of Scotland for tax evasion purposes.
    As is the case for nuclear weapon bases in Scotland. Money to be made there to if war can be perpetuated.

    It is such an ideology that it is contrary to common sense to have no food source available for these predators in Scotland long term at the same time as making farm land redundant.

    We are not a country park land. And should not be turned into a safari.
    Sustainability should include our food source being compatible with wildlife.

    The logical approach would have been to fund all farmers big and small to plant trees and build ponds that are maintained, To run open water corses and drains at the edge of their fields for wild life instead of pipe drains that leave land like a dessert in summer months,
    To take away chemicals from the farm land and return to an old fashioned way of sustainability.
    With manure from cattle, not pig slurry.
    And for reality to kick in and let the animal life we have at present to recover naturally rather than culling them.
    There are enough predatory shooting estates to keep the deer population down,
    But maybe that is not so profitable as big safari hunting in Scotland might be in the future.

  148. Republicofscotland says:

    I see Main the Nazi lover and lowlife is defending the Ukrainian Nazis again, many of the Nazis HQ is in Mariupol, and that’s why fierce fighting has occurred in that city.

    Russian forces put forward daily the proposal of ten corridors for civilians to leave everyday, and the Nazis always refuse only agreeing to one or two at most, and never towards the East.

    Of course Main’s vile buddies the Nazis, keep the citizens in Mariupol and use them as human shields or as in the Mariupol theatre use them as targets and blame it on Russian forces.

  149. Republicofscotland says:

    So the political agitator and journalist trainer Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has said how good it is to be home, and that she should have been home sooner, well, I’m sure she’ll now think twice before doing MI6’s dirty work for them abroad, and put her kids first.

  150. Republicofscotland says:

    Ian (Scotland won’t stand for it) Blackford is dangling the indy carrot again, because he wants the mugs to vote for his party come May’s elections.

    The SNP MPs will never leave Westminster there’s far to much short money on offer.

    “THE war in Ukraine should not result in plans for a second Scottish independence referendum being pushed back, Ian Blackford has indicated.

    The SNP Westminster leader’s comments came as a former senior member of staff within the SNP claimed it is “unlikely” a ballot on Scotland’s future in the UK will take place within Nicola Sturgeon’s preferred time frame.”

  151. Robert Graham says:

    Correction for Mr or Mrs Main “ resident MOD rep”

    Isreal has never admitted having nukes .

    Are you seriously advocating this MAD weapon system ever be used again ? I bet yer pals in the MOD would like to try this and their other little toys out just to see what the outcome is .

    The most dangerous country on the planet through their CIA actions over the last few years has brought them closer to their wet dream and that’s the total destruction of Russia then next on the psychopaths and lunatics list will be China .

    Aye something to look forward to permanent war and conflict I seem to remember someone writing a book on the subject I don’t think it was a best seller the plot was too unbelievable

  152. Republicofscotland says:

    Robert Graham.

    You are correct, not only has Israel got nukes its got nuclear subs that Germany built for it.

    Mordechai Vanunu, revealed that Israel had nukes, he was abducted off a street in Italy and drugged by Mossad, forced back to Israel and without any sort of fair trial, that was held behind closed doors and given 18 years in prison 11 of those years were spent in solitary confinement.

  153. James Che. says:

    Interest panic going on in the telegraph of late, and gb news regards scottish independence talk.
    Why the monicle focus?

    Its not as if sturgeon or SNP are going to do it, and if they did. There would be nothing good in favour of Scotland.

    So why are the ole brigade down south showing the whites of their eyes, telling themselves “not to worry, we would win it”
    Jim will fix it, ( apologise) boris & brown will fix it.
    I bet they will.

    Thing is there are a lot of other nationalities here including english that want to leave the mad over crowded down south. To have free perscriptions and beautiful scenary and perhaps to work in the oil industries should energy be in sudden short supply.
    And of course internet means most can sit working from home
    They all want to live in an independent scotland.

    If they vote to free Scotland from a mad mad globalistic ideology world and vote their sturgeon puppet out.

    I’ ll be more than happy to welcome any one that wants to live the old ways

    Interesting all the same.

  154. Republicofscotland says:

    “TORY Health Secretary Sajid Javid has defended his colleague Priti Patel after she claimed it would be “naive” not to suspect that some of the women and children fleeing Ukraine were Russian agents plotting “to strike at our very way of life”.”

    I don’t know about the above, children are innocent, however with million fleeing Ukraine adults heading to European countries, the same adults that tolerated a multitude of Nazi monument and street names named after Nazi sympathisers, I fully expect in years to come especially in Europe a rise in Neo-Nazism and fascism.

    Y’know there’s been such an outcry in Europe to take Ukrainians, and in the UK as well, yet most UK resident are quite happy to see boat people from France fleeing war torn countries in the ME stopped at France, and the Borders Bill allows for the boats to turned around, and if orphans are admitted there was a call by the Tory government to check their teeth to make sure they weren’t lying about their age, I wonder if they’ll do this with the Ukrainian orphans coming from Ukraine.

  155. Anon says:

    “I am giving up blogging”

    How’s that going for you Stu?

  156. `We (Scot Parliament) are seeking your views on the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill.

    You have until 16 May 2022 to share with us your thoughts on the key changes set out in the Bill`

    More details here ?

  157. Stuart MacKay says:

    This is intensely interesting,

    There’s the first part with Col. Doug Macgregor which is about Ukraine but the second half is amazing and all about American politics which tells you an immense amount about the current situation in the world. It’s also a useful insight into why Sturgeon called for a no-fly zone, not once, but twice.

    Thank God for independent-thinking, American Jews who support the working class – they just might save the human race from extinction.

  158. Robert Hughes says:

    Stuart @ 8.58

    Yip , the Grayzone is consistently excellent but that interview with Col Doug Macgregor was revelatory . Actually , not THAT revelatory for anyone whose perspective on this latest display of NATO/US manipulation/bad faith is not completely obscured by the relentless * Evil Empire * propaganda .

    That said , it was something of a shock to read that even former BBC obedient purveyor of * Official * narratives Andrew Marr finished a broadcast by saying it should be remembered there are many different/conflicting elements to the * situation * in Ukraine .

    Maybe such Establishment figures are realising the gravity of the situation and the potentially catastrophic hawkish atmosphere being promoted . Talking of which …..

    ” The woodwork squeaks and out come the ( warmongering ) freaks ” eg slimeball millionaire , the hypocrite’s hypocrite Blair , sociopath H Clinton and good ol’ boy Dubya Dumbo all calling for * stronger action * on Russia , that is , more extremely lucrative ( for some ) state-of-the-art weaponry to be deployed against that country .

    These psychos are intent on adding their inflammatory poison to an already periously unstable situation

  159. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland – 21 March, 2022 at 1:26 pm

    “I see Main the Nazi lover and lowlife is defending the Ukrainian Nazis again”

    I see Republic the skid mark on the manky undercrackers of Scots Indy is posting his lies again.

    How’s that Repo? I think my insult tops yours, but feel free to lie about it.

    How’s this helping Scots Indy, eh Repo? You know, that cause you have been carpetbagging for God knows how long in order to push your warped world view?

  160. John Main says:

    @Robert Graham – 21 March, 2022 at 4:08 pm

    “Are you seriously advocating this MAD weapon system ever be used again ?”

    Well Bob, I don’t think anybody with a reading age in excess of 8 could infer that from my post.

    By all means self-id as 8 if that makes you feel “comfortable”. An unfortunate decision Bob, given the recent OT subjects here, but it’s yours to make.

    BTW, where’s “Isreal”?

  161. Robert Hughes says:

    ” perilously unstable …. “

  162. Ottomanboi says:

    «No Fly» Sturgeon’s private war with Russia.
    Russia nukes Scotland, the sure way to postpone that troublesome referendum thing.

  163. Republicofscotland says:

    So the idiots running Edinburgh city council want closer ties with Taiwan, and in the process Scotland could find itself shut out form the huge Chinese market.

    The clowns running the city, are meant to be focused on internal problems, of which there are many, anyway the SNP, and what ever other party that co-runs the council, probably don’t even realise that Edinburgh is twinned with a Chinese city since 1985.

    “The biggest of Edinburgh’s twin cities, Xi’an in China, currently has a population of over 8.7 million people.”

    We need to get these SNP clowns out come May’s elections and get Alba in.

    “EDINBURGH City Council has passed a resolution affirming its friendship with the nation of Taiwan and calling for closer collaboration in the future.”

  164. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland – 22 March, 2022 at 9:29 am

    “EDINBURGH City Council has passed a resolution affirming its friendship with the nation of Taiwan and calling for closer collaboration in the future.”

    Jeeso, Republic, nothing rattles your cage more than signs of support for a free, independent country, exercising its rights of self-determination and the rights of its citizens to choose their own destiny.

    Why is it that for years now, nobody has pointed out to you that Scots Indy is not at all helped by your warped worldview?

  165. Robert Graham says:

    MOD rep Main

    Fuck off yah tosser

  166. Ebok says:

    ‘We need to get these SNP clowns out come May’s elections and get Alba in’

    If only, RoS.
    Sadly, it’s just not happening for Alba.
    What I’m hearing is that with around 8000 candidates contesting 1227 council seats, Alba has a mere 100 of those 8000 candidates: –
    “We are now just weeks away from the Scottish council elections and with over 100 candidates in place, from Fraserburgh to Hawick, to we are in a position to Alba councillors the length and breadth of the country” Leigh Wilson.

    These disheartening numbers reflect a poor membership uptake. After the initial surge a year ago when 5000 joined within a month or so, it had reached only 6000 by September’s conference, and has stagnated since.
    Can’t someone figure out what on earth is going on in the minds of the Scottish electorate? You would have thought that the sight of our ‘leaders’ beating war drums instead of addressing the crippling cost of living increases would be a wake-up call, yet citizens appear to be submissively accepting their lot.

    The only signs of despair I’ve seen are from those already struggling and are bracing themselves for what’s coming next month. They just shrug their shoulders and plaintively say that they just won’t be able to pay. But even they seem oblivious to the fact that come October, there’s another 50% hike in energy.
    And as billions are sucked out of folks fixed incomes en route to the accounts of a few despots around the world, small businesses that depend on cash circulating will find that it will dry up pretty quicky as soon as cold weather arrives in October, just in time for the next hike.

    Be in no doubt that a humanitarian crisis is coming, not only to some far off third world countries, but to energy rich Scotland as well. Will THAT be a game-changer?

  167. John Main says:

    @Robert Graham – 22 March, 2022 at 11:39 am

    “MOD rep Main

    Fuck off yah tosser”

    Hearts & minds, Bob. Try and mind that going forwards.

    Every convert to the cause is another vote for Yes.

    How many converts have you added today?

  168. Republicofscotland says:


    Oh that’s not so good, the electorate in part still believes that Sturgeon will hold an indyref, the carrot has been dangling for years now but the section of the electorate who want independence are still buying into that shit, and with the mass brainwashing via the media (cognitive warfare) on Ukraine, and Sturgeon not just jumping on the bandwagon but standing on it shouting for a no fly zone over Ukraine which increases the possibility of a nuke clear war in which Scotland is a first strike target, I think that indy is f*cked for the time being.

    If Sturgeon hasn’t pissed-off China as well by 2024, the next GE though Johnson has hinted that next years will see a GE, then AUOB and other prominent indy movements should not march but protest that we want a plebiscitary election in 2024.

    Sadly they’ll still be mugs that think Sturgeon actually gives a toss about Scots and that she will hold an indyref, such as the clown over on PayPal Paul’s site.

  169. James Che. says:

    Anyone from Scotland talking interfering war talk between sides one way or another needs their head examined.
    It has to be a case of insanity to show off.

    Lets put this into perspective.
    We are a tiny bit country with no weapons or army of our own,
    we do not have the capacity to defend scotland against gender issues never mind able to gain our own independence.

    I have my doubts about so called abrasive war mongering people in Scotland acting for the supposed well being of the net zero climate change Scotland
    while sticking their heads above the parapet with a massive sign saying “We hold nuclear weapons in our country if you want a target.

    Its not a matter of taking sides, war talk or taking sides should not come from any country that sits with nuclear weapons of mass destruction a few miles from thousands of people.
    Any person siding with so stupid a stance as the snp and NS, where mini dictators shout with big mouths and little brains and no awareness when to shut up beggers believe in human intelligence.

  170. Gordon Gekko says:

    Full video of shopping centre bombing

    It was deserted and being used as a rocket storage facility

    An Instagram model and an actress of three roles at once in the “Azov” production of “Mariupol Maternity Hospital Shot by Russians”

    Western Propaganda lied about it. Will probably get an EU army and if Nicola gets her way Brussels will decide which of Scotland’s some and daughters are sent to die.

  171. James Che. says:

    World wide globalist agenda on climate change is the polar opposite of world wide globalist western world wide war three with russia, china,india etc.

    Who is fooling you.
    When the globalist forget one of their agendas for another?

  172. John Main says:

    James Che 1:04

    Not much argument from me about anything that you wrote.

    I strongly support the right of the people of Ukraine to not be blown to bits or buried alive beneath the rubble of their homes, but I probably wouldn’t make much noise about that.

    But, a number of regular contributors here want to post enthusiastic support for Putin and his invading army, whilst crowing that the neo-Nazi, racist scum had it coming.

    As the evidence shows some neo-Nazis are expectant mums and the unborn, and some of the racist scum are kids and babes in arms, I see the need for some balanced commentary.

    Also, somebody has to counter the damage being done to Scots Indy here, by the more extreme and rabid nutters. The destruction of any free, independent, sovereign nation is a tragedy. That it should be cheered on from this site is beyond parody.

  173. Ebok says:

    at 11:51 am
    ‘with around 8000 candidates contesting 1227 council seats’

    Correction: 8000 was based on 6/7 candidates per seat, but of course there are 3 or 4 seats per ward, so actual number of candidates will be around 2,500.

  174. Republicofscotland says:

    “I strongly support the right of the people of Ukraine to not be blown to bits or buried alive beneath the rubble of their homes, but I probably wouldn’t make much noise about that.”


    The Nazis that you adore so much have been blowing to bits as you put it Russian speaking Ukrainians in the East for the last eight years, I don’t recall you mentioning that you twisted hypocrite.

    Your Nazi buddies weren’t shelling military bases or posts in the Donbas they were shelling (cluster bombs), homes, school, hospitals and peoples homes, there are many memorials in Donbas to the murdered children by your Nazi buddies, you snakes belly.

  175. wullie says:

    Stuart MacKay says:
    Thank you for this Stuart. Absolutely fantastic and should be seen as widely as possible I will be passing this on to as many as I can

  176. robbo says:

    Ebok says:
    22 March, 2022 at 1:24 pm
    at 11:51 am

    Can you tell us how many cooncil or MP seats in Westmoster the SNP or the Greens got in their 1st year auld champion? Not many I would have thought.

    Stop whinging and vote Alba or yir stuck wae that lot forever.

  177. Ebok says:

    robbo says
    ‘Can you tell us how many cooncil or MP seats in Westmoster the SNP or the Greens got in their 1st year’

    Sure Robbo, SNP had zero MPs from formation in 1934 until Motherwell in 1945.
    I’ve no idea when they won their first council seat, and I’ve no interest in the Greens.
    No point in shooting the messenger. I’ve simply relayed an Alba release, and I’m not whining about Alba’s lack of progress, I’m simply deflated with the numbers and the fact that staggering amounts of damning scotgov evidence available is failing to connect with Scottish folk.

    I’m still on board, but tens of thousands of former SNP members are not: where have they disappeared to? Not Alba.

  178. James Che. says:

    I am not taking anyones side in this looming rhetoric war.

    Knowing our side propagates wars in the past with Iraq, fuels the arms race supplies for profit around the world.
    With putin just as bad as the corrupt ukraine oligarchy, its wiser for us all to shut and not take sides.

    How about applying that same save a country and its people to Scotland.
    Lets be self centred just for once.
    No good bringing refugees to a country on its knees. With no economy, jobs, housing or free speech which harbours weapons of mass destruction.

    They would feel like we are not far behind the country they fled from.

  179. Breeks says:

    Ebok says:
    22 March, 2022 at 3:23 pm

    I’m still on board, but tens of thousands of former SNP members are not: where have they disappeared to? Not Alba.

    Might have been ALBA but for Sturgeon and her All Star’s vindictive toxicity. How is the wannabe Speaker of the House these days anyway? (Rhetorical… I don’t give a fk how he is).

    It might yet still be ALBA, though frankly I hope ALBA have something innovative planned on the Constitutional front than simply challenging BritNat Indoctrination and Gaslighting whenever there’s a vote on.

    Until we’ve seen the back of Sturgeon, who is a huge liability, then everything, literally everything is compromised and all roads to Indy are blighted… except perhaps a purely Constitutional initiative that I fear too many of us would consider a white knuckle ride.

    I didn’t go, but seeing Alex Salmond quoting Burns was a real tonic,

    “Here’s freedom to them that wad read,
    Here’s freedom to them that wad write,

    There’s nane ever fear’d that the truth should be heard,
    But they whom the truth would indite.

    The man is a statesman, a credit to Scotland and a legend. The truth will out, and when it does, for some, there won’t be many places to hide. Tick tock. Tick tock.

  180. Republicofscotland says:

    So our own kids are missing out on hot meals, but Sturgeon wants to open the flood gates to the Ukrainians, and enforce a no-fly zone over the country, the sooner we evict this grandstanding mouthpiece out of Bute House the better, Scotland has many domestic problems that need solving from our roads full of potholes to housing, education, our NHS need revitalising, land reform, oh and the so called reason her party exists and why we voted for her Scottish independence.

    However don’t hold your breath on the above being sorted anytime soon by Sturgeon the betrayer of Scots, next up is the GRA, which the majority of Scots don’t want.

    Don’t be daft enough to vote SNP in May vote for the Alba party if they have a candidate or candidates standing in your area if you want change.

  181. Breeks says:

    wullie says:
    22 March, 2022 at 2:12 pm

    Stuart MacKay says:
    Thank you for this Stuart. Absolutely fantastic and should be seen as widely as possible I will be passing this on to as many as I can

    Agreed. I commented earlier, but it disappeared, but its a very good use of your time watching this.

  182. twathater says:

    @ Ebok 3.23pm, as a lifelong independence supporter I have never been a member of any political party and TBH I have no intention of joining one now , I would say that the current ruination of Scotland by the despicable boak inducing scum that infest the SNP is a perfect example of my reluctance

    The SNP has evaded and avoided ANY move towards independence since 2015 massively supported by the SNP membership and when any person DARED to point this out you were rounded upon and vilified by ALL the usual suspects most of whom now occupy PayPal pauls site and have varying shares in a new HOOSE ,

    When SC posted his BETRAYER post you would have thought it was the end of the world , how very dare he , HE was a closet unionist , HE now worked for WM , THEY (WM) had something on him , it’s because Nicla disnae like him he’s took the huff

    EVEN now people who left the party STILL say there are GOOD people still in the party (BREAKING NEWS !! NAW THUR ISNAE ) WHAT’S left is a shower of corrupt lying cowards who are more interested in their bank balance and pension than they are in PROTECTING and SERVING the people who put them there from an amoral perverted deviant who is more interested in the SEX LIVES of OUR CHILDREN than she is in freeing our country and resources from a band of parasitical thieves

    THAT is what the membership of the snp has condoned and STILL condones WHEESHT FOR INDY NICLA HAS A PLAN , unfortunately that plan isn’t independence it’s cocks in frocks

    Even just now ALBA are being so diplomatic and respectful to scum who are destroying our country , I don’t want diplomacy or respect I want all out no holds barred WAR , I want ALBA and the ISP to be SCREAMING at voters about MASSIVE HIKES in heating and energy prices that will CRIPPLE them while sturgeon GIVES AWAY FOR PEANUTS our seabed to the same PARASITES that are HIKING THE PRICES and her DELIBERATE failure to form a NATIONAL ENERGY COMPANY which looks related

  183. robbo says:

    Apparently Scotland is running oot o watter! Wid yi fecking adam and eve it!

  184. Ebok says:

    ‘as a lifelong independence supporter I have never been a member of any political party’

    I was the same until 2015 when I joined the surge and signed up to SNP, but I’d never considered it as a political party, I just thought of it as part of who I am and did it in a show of defiance aimed at WM, and in recognition of what Salmond has done for the movement.
    It didn’t take long for me to wise up to Sturgeon’s top-down control freakery, and I left a year later.

    I’ve said before that political parties are the problem not the solution, but that’s not going to change anytime soon, so we’ve got to play the cards we are dealt.
    The Alba thing is different because, for now, they are without sin, they are the only Indy ‘party’ around and if we do not support them, if they fail, then all we are left with is unionist troughers and we can kiss Indy goodbye.

    I get it that you can still support Alba without becoming a member, i.e., voting, but that to me is leaving others to pick up the tab: membership numbers say something, particularly to a fledgling party in need of volunteers and, especially, finances. Monthly dues are critical to keeping the dream alive, so I’ll continue membership and contribute extra when I can.
    I’d urge all pro-Indy supporters to give Alba the support it desperately needs by becoming a member and/or contributing. Alex Salmond and his team can’t do it all on their own.

  185. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland – 22 March, 2022 at 5:18 pm

    “So our own kids are missing out on hot meals”

    “Sturgeon wants to open the flood gates to the Ukrainians”

    “Don’t be daft enough to vote SNP in May vote for the Alba party if they have a candidate or candidates standing in your area if you want change”

    So what’s the Alba policies on Ukraine, Putin, refugees, school meals, potholes, etc? Provide some links, Republic, so we can assess what if anything will change, otherwise it just looks as if you are venting yet again.

    And for the record, replacing one set of useless troughers with another set of newer, face-lifted, re-badged, but just as useless troughers is not the sort of change I can get excited about.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot, what’s the Alba plan for Indy?

  186. robbo says:

    Read for yirsel Mr Main ,read fir yirsel. Surely you don’t want to be spoon fed and you can read a website?

  187. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Have been working my way through the video to which Stuart linked earlier.

    Here it is, for anyone who can’t be bothered scrolling back –

    Not having watched it all, I offer no comment on what I’ve seen and tend to agree with previous commenters who suggested that we keep our noses out of it all.

    But it’s hard *not* to take a side when you’re surrounded by generals of the armchair variety who insist on telling you what they would do if they were Zelensky/Putin/Johnson/Sturgeon etc. And it’s particularly difficult to keep quiet about it all when regulars right here use insults such as ‘Putinista’ and ‘Putin’s Puppet’ to close down any chance of a reasoned discussion. The guilty know who they are – they cannot hide behind the ‘I didn’t know’ defence because they are well-informed people.

    The reason that these characters are now so exposed and, therefore, easy to identify, is partly because this site has taught us all a great deal about propaganda. It would not be possible to read WOS articles on a regular basis over the past decade and not learn a huge amount, not only about the art of ‘spin’ and the brutal nature of politics generally, but the real motives of people who once appeared trustworthy, nay heroic (and you can take that to refer to whoever you like).

    It’s every bit as difficult for an intelligent person to imagine what it’s like to be stupid as it is for a stupid person to imagine being intelligent. As George Carlin observed, you have to strain to get your head around the fact that someone with an IQ of 100 is of ‘average’ intelligence. It’s not pretty. And then, with horror, the realisation dawns that at least half of all people are *even more stupid than that*.

    Those fellow citizens – because they are so ignorant and incapable of critical thinking – are the target audience for Sturgeon, Johnson, Jason Leitch, and a never-ending chorus-line of ‘experts’ on every topic under the sun, selling the current plague, the next war, virtue signalling project or whatever else. (*) The latter understand that fear and war are marketed and sold like soap powder, using basic triggers such as colours and tear-jerking stories. (The same people who believe that the characters and stories in Coronation street, for example, are ‘real’, are surely amongst those who attack Paediatric Units because they believe them to be where the ‘pedos’ lurk. Ongoing analysis suggests that there is a direct correlation between the number of times a person has been jagged and their acceptance of mainstream Ukraine-related narratives – one assumes this is to do with the psychological profile of the person rather than ‘vaccine’ ingredients?)

    Ignorance may be a kind of ‘bliss’ sure enough. A couple of nights ago I decided to try and find out ‘the truth’ about something which had been bugging me. I’m not going to provide even the slightest clue as to what it was in case anyone else ends up following the same trail. What I found out, after a couple of hours, was so sickening and shocking that I haven’t slept properly since.

    The people ‘in charge’ have sold their souls. What that process involves is not something that most of us ever have any experience of, and we should be thankful. Because even if we don’t believe in the diabolical, in ‘evil’, ‘Satan’ etc, the point is that a lot of very powerful people do, and that ‘faith’ guides their behaviour on a daily basis. The people in this ‘big club’ (to borrow another Carlinism) are guiding the destiny of the human race. They own everything. They are, for all practical purposes, beyond the reach of law or discipline, so they do whatever they like. It’s not rocket science to work out that anyone who aspires to join such a club must demonstrate that he/she/they are ‘suitable’ for consideration as a member.

    People in Ukraine/Russia, and pretty much everywhere else, are oblivious to our ‘struggle’ for independence. It simply doesn’t register as anything of more than academic importance. Likewise, we are largely ignorant about Ukraine and Russia. One thing’s for sure – if we’re suddenly being called upon to ‘pray for Ukraine’ and condemn Putin, there’s a reason for it, and someone’s behind it. The same scriptwriters who gave us Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and that timeless classic, ‘Gaza’. The same bogeymen, the same sabre-rattling, the same fear. Those people, devoid of love, hope, ‘soul’, have no problem arranging for other people’s children to be killed. Like Blair, they know they have to be seen to be paying ‘the blood price’. So they go right ahead and do things that we, the relatively ‘stupid’, ‘ignorant’ people, would never ever dream of inflicting on another sentient being.

    And they get away with it because we’ve always let them.


    (*) I must clarify that I’m not basing ‘stupidity’ on IQ alone. We all have friends and family, neighbours etc who are intelligent but not particularly smart when it comes to certain topics. I, for example, don’t have high ’emotional intelligence’. And having voluminous general knowledge is not, as many of us know from painful experience, certainly not an indicator of ‘intelligence’. Too many variables here, but you get the gist – basically, I don’t see ‘stupid’ as a pejorative – we’re all ‘stupid’, in very different ways.

  188. Robert Hughes says:

    Ian B @ 9.56

    Well said compadre

  189. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Robert Hughes (11.13) –


    I seem to have a knack for killing threads stone-dead.

    Some might argue that’s not always a bad thing, but hey-ho, so it goes.


  190. Robert Hughes says:

    Lol : )

    Thread Killa B on the mic . Respect Yo !

  191. Saffron Robe says:

    Yes, very good comment, Ian. One of the most thoughtful I have read in a long time. The ruling elite have souls as black as the Devil’s tongue and it would seem the blood price they are willing to pay is that of humanity itself. Any empathy, or moral compass, they may have had is lost in their lust for debauchery, self-aggrandisement and blood letting.

  192. wull says:

    Thank you very much, Ian Brotherhood, for your excellent post @ 9.56 pm yesterday. I don’t think you killed the thread stone dead. To the contrary, it is more likely that you made some people STOP and THINK before they post. All of us need to do that, at least sometimes, indeed more often than not … including myself. Thank you again.

  193. Dorothy Devine says:

    Morning Ian and another thank you for a post worth reading.

    Saffron Robe , I have never heard the expression ‘black as the Devil’s tongue ‘ but I like it!

  194. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Ian B: just caught your musings and can only echo what others like SR have said. Most people are pretty honest and decent so they simply cannot conceive how wicked, cynical and devoid of empathy and moral scruple the shadowy ones who control the world are.

  195. Andy Ellis says:

    @Ian Brotherhood 9.56 am

    I imagine many people will regard advice to “keep our noses out of it” as taking a side Ian, whether you like it or not. It is of course a stance you and anyone else is perfectly entitled to take. We as citizens could simply turn our backs on the world, concentrate solely on our own concerns and hope that we never need any support from the outside world. Recently we’ve seen plenty of people in here complain about welcoming ANY Ukrainian refugees from the war on the grounds that we have out own problems. Again, that’s a view of the world they’re perfectly entitled to take, but it’s also perfectly valid for those who disagree with it and find it uncaring, morally questionable and at odds with basic decency, to say so. As Scottish nationalists, it seems odd that so many who have commented in here over the past month in relation to the war in Ukraine, are quite happy to see a larger “imperial” neighbour move successively from trying to intimidate a smaller relatively newly independent neighbour and dictate what policies it can and can’t pursue, to questioning its very validity as a state and its right to exist, to actually waging war against it in an attempt to enforce its will. Of course, you and others might still think that the situation has nothing to do with us, and that the subjugation of Ukraine – or even its reabsorption into a neo-USSR – is just a price worth paying to avoid conflict or bring the current war to an end, and that it would have no “real” implications on us, even if it did for the unfortunate Ukrainians who would thereafter have been denied their self-determination.

    Perhaps you are right, that the “game isn’t worth the candle”, and we should sacrifice the rights of the vast majority of Ukrainians to avoid the steps currently being taken. It is of course also being argued – at least by some – that we should not intervene because there is a moral equivalence between “western” actions and those of authoritarian regimes like Russia and China. According to them “we” are no better than “them” because *Iraq/Syria/Afghanistan* and / or because they (apparently?) sincerely believe the Russian apologia for their “special military operation” being necessary to de-Nazify and demilitarise the Ukraine and to stop “genocide” against the Russian population of the Donbas. Once again, this is a point of view people are perfectly entitled to have and to express: this is after all a democracy. We’re free to call a special military operation a war without fear of 15 years in prison. Whether the Russian view of the situation is true and evidenced by independent sources, and whether you accept that it serves as a rationale for Russian intervention to change the regime in Kyiv is a different matter.

    You criticise me – without actually naming me – and presumably others who share my views for using epithets like “Putinista” and “Putin’s Poodle”. Interestingly you can’t quite bring yourself to criticise those espousing their support for the Russian action, or at least their expressions of understanding why Russia felt “threatened”, for routinely calling those supporting Ukrainian resistance Nazis, or supporters of neo-Nazis. As a regular of this site, you’ve doubtless seen the abuse, but you appear to be selectively blind in your responses to it.

    If you think what is being presented by Moscow isn’t propaganda and agitprop, but the output of western media is, then I don’t really know what to say to you. It is of course right for us to be open minded, critical and not to take everything at face value. Whether the issue is the civil rights implications of Covid, the rights and wrongs of vaccination, or the war in the Ukraine, there will always be strong opinions. Recent months have been an eye opener for many of us as we’ve seen people “pick a side” on some fairly contentious issues, and people we may have interacted with don’t always fall in to the same group as us. Such is life. As you rightly observe many very intelligent people have zero common sense and many lack “emotional intelligence”.

    As to you comment about ignorance being bliss I’m tempted to observe that, in the words of the estimable Karine Polwart in her song “Skater of the Surface”:

    “And if it’s true that ignorance is bliss. Then you must be coming all the time.”

    The problem for many of those posting in here recently is that they have convinced themselves that their world view is both morally right and widely shared. In point of fact many of these views are decidedly on the outer fringe politically. there’s the frequent references to “no longer trusting experts” we heard in the brexit and Trump playbooks, the fact that many have convinced themselves – as you appear to have done – that there is some grandiose conspiracy seeking to “guide the destiny of the human race”. It’s all a bit Illuminati and space lizards in the end isn’t it? To say I’d have thought better of some folk who posted here would of course be an understatement.

    Finally, there’s the question of whether the opinions being given voice to here by those you appear to support serve to help or hinder the cause of independence. Obviously in my view I think they’re a hinderance. The average Scottish independence supporter (or voter more broadly) must look at folk in here unselfconsciously describing the USA as “the Great Satan”, or saying the Ukrainians “had it coming” or parroting the Kremlin’s (debunked) talking points to justify their actions, and be horrified, or perhaps just amused. The fact people like Republic of Scotland and others sincerely believe these things doesn’t make them any more true of course. It does however give opponents a stick to beat the independence movement with if they can point to forums like this and see evidence of views that the vast majority would find pretty “out there” and worthy of scorn, if not actually morally repugnant. There’s a reason for example that the Alba party moved quickly to remove the individual who opined that Putin was his hero: not only would it be electorally suicidal to have a candidate espousing such fringe views, the view itself is inherently wrong and has next to zero resonance with the views of Scottish people generally or independence voters more narrowly.

  196. Robert Hughes says:

    Saffron Robe

    ” The ruling elite have souls as black as the Devil’s tongue and it would seem the blood price they are willing to pay is that of humanity itself. ”

    As John Mearsheimer said ….” the US will fight to the last Ukrainian …..”

  197. Alf Baird says:

    Ian Brotherhood @ 9.56

    Brilliant synopsis and one of the best things I’ve read since Sara Salyers revelations last week on YfS about the Claim of Right.

    “having voluminous general knowledge is not, as many of us know from painful experience, certainly not an indicator of ‘intelligence’.”

    Aime Cesaire described this reality we still face by reference to the petty bourgeois who: “has read everything; Only his brain functions after the fashion of certain elementary types of digestive systems. IT FILTERS. And the filter lets through only what can nourish the thick skin of the bourgeoise’s clear conscience.”

  198. John Main says:

    @Ian Brotherhood – 9:56 pm

    Thanks for providing this insight into your thought processes. I would summarise them as being of the “Wouldn’t it be much nicer if people would just [ INSERT DESIRED OUTCOME HERE ]” kind. That’s good, certainly, but of limited to no use in daily life when dealing with somebody of a different world view.

    One or two of your statements stand out:

    “if we’re suddenly being called upon to ‘pray for Ukraine’ and condemn Putin”

    Sorry, Ian, I don’t need to be called upon to do these things. I can clearly see naked, imperialist aggression for myself when it comes 150,000 strong across the border and into a free, sovereign country.

    “regulars right here use insults such as ‘Putinista’ and ‘Putin’s Puppet’ to close down any chance of a reasoned discussion”

    Sorry again, Ian, but what reasoned discussion has there been?

    Your position, which I could respect if clearly and honestly stated, is that we should do nothing, not get involved, stand to one side, look the other way. In short, “turn the other cheek”.

    So, assuming we/Scotland/the UK/the EU/NATO do just that, what does that mean for the ordinary Scots who’s children you want to avoid getting killed (as do I, BTW)?

    Let’s say, for arguments sake, we/Scotland/the UK/the EU/NATO do zilch, allowing Russia free annexation of Ukraine.

    How many Ukrainian refugees in total, and in Scotland? What’s the acceptable Ukrainian body count, as the Russians round up the politicians, military, civil service, intellectuals, church leaders, intelligentsia, etc and start the ethnic cleansing they will need to do?

    What response to Russia if Russia claims we are harbouring “Nazis” and wants them back?

    What do we/Scotland/the UK/the EU/NATO say to Russia as it moves on the Baltic republics, Poland, etc?

    What do we/Scotland/the UK/the EU/NATO say to the Baltic republics, Poland, etc as we resile from our treaties and undertakings?

    How do we/Scotland/the UK/the EU/NATO, from our position of “doing nothing”, influence those countries in the direct line of invasion? The awkward bastards might choose to fight and fight hard. Should we be telling them to surrender immediately and get it over with?

    How does the absorption of the eastern parts of the EU into a new Russian Empire affect the prospects for Scots Indy?

    Do you have any red lines whatsoever as the Russians move west?

    I’m hoping, Ian, you will have some response to these questions, as I am genuinely stumped for answers.

    Then again, you may just choose to “do nothing” 🙂

  199. John Main says:

    @Robert Hughes – 23 March, 2022 at 9:00 am

    ” The ruling elite have souls as black as the Devil’s tongue”

    Good one Bob.

    Let’s clean out the stables, line up every incumbent of WM, the HoL and HR against walls and shoot them now.

    We will need new leaders, committees, etc to make decisions, stiffened with citizen’s assemblies to ensure all decisions benefit only the people of Scotland.

    Uh oh, here come those pesky Russkis, surging across the border, arrest warrants for the ruling elites in hand, so that they can install their own pro-Russian puppet administration.

    Do you see the problem, Bob, or do I have to spell it out?

    I’ll spell it out. The ruling elites are with us always, just like the poor. The entire shebang is non-functional without ruling elites. Somebody has to make the decisions and give the instructions and somebody has to carry them out.


  200. Ian Brotherhood says:

    The following passage is from Orwell’s ‘Freedom of the Press’.
    The paragraph breaks are mine – Orwell, apparently, wasn’t that fussed about them.

    It is important to distinguish between the kind of censorship that the English literary intelligentsia voluntarily impose upon themselves, and the censorship that can sometimes be enforced by pressure groups. Notoriously, certain topics cannot be discussed because of ‘vested interests’. The best-known case is the patent medicine racket. Again, the Catholic Church has considerable influence in the press and can silence criticism of itself to some extent. A scandal involving a Catholic priest is almost never given publicity, whereas an Anglican priest who gets into trouble (e.g. the Rector of Stiffkey) is headline news. It is very rare for anything of an anti-Catholic tendency to appear on the stage or in a film. Any actor can tell you that a play or film which attacks or makes fun of the Catholic Church is liable to be boycotted in the press and will probably be a failure. But this kind of thing is harmless, or at least it is understandable.

    Any large organisation will look after its own interests as best it can, and overt propaganda is not a thing to object to. One would no more expect the Daily Worker to publicise unfavourable facts about the USSR than one would expect the Catholic Herald to denounce the Pope. But then every thinking person knows the Daily Worker and the Catholic Herald for what they are. What is disquieting is that where the USSR and its policies are concerned one cannot expect intelligent criticism or even, in many cases, plain honesty from Liberal [sic — and throughout as typescript] writers and journalists who are under no direct pressure to falsify their opinions.

    Stalin is sacrosanct and certain aspects of his policy must not be seriously discussed. This rule has been almost universally observed since 1941, but it had operated, to a greater extent than is sometimes realised, for ten years earlier than that. Throughout that time, criticism of the Soviet régime from the left could only obtain a hearing with difficulty. There was a huge output of anti-Russian literature, but nearly all of it was from the Conservative angle and manifestly dishonest, out of date and actuated by sordid motives. On the other side there was an equally huge and almost equally dishonest stream of pro-Russian propaganda, and what amounted to a boycott on anyone who tried to discuss all-important questions in a grown-up manner. You could, indeed, publish anti-Russian books, but to do so was to make sure of being ignored or misrepresented by nearly the whole of the highbrow press. Both publicly and privately you were warned that it was ‘not done’. What you said might possibly be true, but it was ‘inopportune’ and played into the hands of this or that reactionary interest.

    This attitude was usually defended on the ground that the international situation, and the urgent need for an Anglo-Russian alliance, demanded it; but it was clear that this was a rationalisation. The English intelligentsia, or a great part of it, had developed a nationalistic loyalty towards the USSR, and in their hearts they felt that to cast any doubt on the wisdom of Stalin was a kind of blasphemy. Events in Russia and events elsewhere were to be judged by different standards. The endless executions in the purges of 1936-8 were applauded by life-long opponents of capital punishment, and it was considered equally proper to publicise famines when they happened in India and to conceal them when they happened in the Ukraine. And if this was true before the war, the intellectual atmosphere is certainly no better now.

  201. John Main says:

    Andy Ellis 8:59

    Excellent post.

    I can respect anybody who is prepared to make an honest case for keeping out of it, but so far all I have heard are dishonest cases, using pathetic excuses such as Nazis, racists, provocation, etc.

    Within the context of Scots Indy, an honest case has to examine the ramifications for a Scotland still aspiring to independence. A war ravaging the eastern extremities of the EU, and a Scotland “minding its own business”, is not going to be welcomed back into the EU by some, or so I would guess.

    Conversely, a truly independent Scotland would have to steer a tricky course between a militarised EU and a belligerent Russia.

    My own view is that everything changed on Feb 24. Many life-long Indy supporters have yet to adapt to the new “normal”.

  202. Ruby says:

    Why do woke blokes abuse women?

  203. Republicofscotland says:

    The people of Scotland have been so brainwashed (a few exceptions exist) by the UK media (cognitive warfare) that to even suggest that Russia isn’t evil or the bad guy can have serious consequences for you and your career.

    “University of Edinburgh professor Tim Hayward is being hammered in the media for sharing an article suggesting the bombing of a theater in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol may have been staged by Ukrainian nationalists. Hayward’s skepticism has already led Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi to promise a “crackdown” on such wrongthink.

    Hayward shared an article on Sunday from the Grayzone, a left-wing news outlet. Citing eyewitnesses in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, the article claims that Ukrainian ‘Azov’ fighters – once described by western outlets and lawmakers as “neo-Nazis” – sheltered behind civilians in a theater in Mariupol, before blowing the building up as Russian forces entered the Ukrainian city.”

  204. Ruby says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    22 March, 2022 at 9:56 pm
    Have been working my way through the video to which Stuart linked earlier.

    Here it is, for anyone who can’t be bothered scrolling back –

    Not having watched it all, I offer no comment on

    Well that’s a shame. I watched it all and thought there were quite a few things worth commenting on.

  205. Robert Hughes says:

    No John Main

    ” Robert Hughes DIDN’T say ……”

    Saffron Robe said …..

    I’m only interested in the underLYING causes of this – and all the other – conflicts . Not on which particular elite is causing it at any particular time

    It doesn’t take a genius to see which one is most often reponsible . This one is no exception

  206. Andy Ellis says:

    @Putin’s Poodle 10.19 am

    It’s probably necessary to make a distinction between those who are honestly promoting “broadening the discussion” and pointing out that we can have a rational debate about the issues at hand. It’s arguable that Russia is justified in feeling threatened or encircled but in the end it is largely a subjective argument based on which sides arguments you find more convincing. Other issues are however more objective. Either the Mariupol theatre was bombed by the Russians, or it was bombed by the Ukrainians / Azov battalion. Of course it isn’t ipso facto wrong to point out that “some people” say that the Mariupol theatre was a false flag operation, but in the end it’s a binary issue: it’s either true or false.

    Dr Hayward is on record as saying: “Even if sometimes one side is clearly wrong, hearing what they say can still be important”. Amen to that. Hayward – according to press reports – also has no issue condemning Putin and Russia and explicitly states that they are the aggressors in the current conflict. That would appear to be at odds with your take on the matter, since you’ve never towed back from your “the Ukrainians had it coming” statement as far as I can recall.

    Undermining faith in objective reality makes the job of authoritarian regimes and dictatorships much easier. If “asking awkward questions” and “seeing both sides of an argument” allows everyone to invent their own normality and their own history, divorced from objective facts, it supports the view that those doing so are guilty as charged of being useful idiots.

    Perhaps someday after the war it will be definitively “proven” that the Mariupol theatre was bombed by the Russians. It won’t stop a minority insisting that it was the Ukrainian neo-Nazis of course. The same goes for those insisting that it wasn’t Russian separatists in the Donbas who shot down the Malaysian Airlines flight, or those agreeing that there has been genocide against ethnic Russians in the Donbas, or that the Ukraine is so riddled with neo-Nazis that the Russian invasion was justified.

    People like Hayward may not actually believe that the Ukrainians bombed the Mariupol theatre, but courtesy of the internet a lie has travelled round the world by the time the truth has laced it’s boots. As we’ve seen with Trumpists and brexiteers, suspicion of experts and the “elites” makes even the most outlandish conspiracy theories seem plausible to significant sections of the population. They sincerely believe Trump was cheated of victory, that Covid vaccination is a plot for world domination by the World Economic Forum or Bill Gates, and that the war in Ukraine was engineered to keep us all in our place.

    Hayward himself may not be a bad actor of course. Unlike folk in Russia he’s free to air both sides of the argument. Whether the same can be said of folk who describe the USA as the Great Satan, or folk who say Putin is there hero like the now expelled Alba candidate, or opine that the Ukrainians had it coming is perhaps a different matter.

    We are under no obligation to accept that the world view of people who refuse to accept
    objective reality is valid. They’re entitled to air their views, but they aren’t entitled to their own class of facts.

  207. Ruby says:

    During the Kosovo Air Campaign I had a British major who was in the intelligence section of the joint operations sector where I was the director he got into something of an argument with people who worked for Alistair Campbell these were professional spinmeisters who had been sent across by Tony Blair to help quote/unquote spin the air campaign as a big success. This British major got into an argument with him and finally the British major said ‘look you can’t say that that’s not true’ he said (spinmeister)’ of course we can it doesn’t matter if it’s true or false’
    British major said ‘if our cause is just why do we have to lie about it’. I think that’s where we are right now in Washington. Col. Doug Macgregor

    I don’t think the above would come as a surprise to anyone.
    You would think people reading Wings would be aware that what we are being presented with by the MSM could very well be spin.

    I’m wondering why it was so necessary to ban RT.
    Obviously many people working for RT have lost their jobs.
    Do these people not matter being that they are considered ‘("Tractor" - Ed)s/Putinistas’

  208. James Che. says:

    Ian Brotherhood.

    Good thoughtful comment yesterday 22 march 9: 56pm.

    I Was at hospital yesterday so did not read it until today,
    It is a worry that those knowing the msm propaganda of the last decade here in Scotland should fall unintelligently for the same msm spun hype today.
    What makes these people so fallable to msm brain washing.

    It is common sense not to be used as a instigator of war by msm.
    Sewing delibrate devision has been a tool of great purpose by leaders that often share the same dinner table as msm.

  209. Ruby says:

    When you start to hear people refer to anyone they disagree with as a **’Putinistas/Putin’s Poodles’ you are in a lot of trouble. That doesn’t speak of strength that suggests real weakness in the government
    Col. Doug Macgregor

    ** I’ve edited what Doug Macgregor said and replaced the T word which would been replaced anyway with ‘Putinistas/Putin’s Poodles’

  210. James Che. says:

    The devils tongue = MSM, wined and dined at partygate recently.

  211. James Che. says:

    I am not so sure that going back into the EU is such a good idea,
    When these countries propagate war by withdrawing deplomacey meanwhile mentally absent biden or crazy giggley harris is in control of Scotland nuclear red button from distant america.

  212. Ruby says:

    James Che. says:
    meanwhile mentally absent biden

    Have you listened to what Col. Doug Macgregor says about Biden in the video posted by Stuart MacKay

    Also interesting what he says about politicians being led by donors

  213. robbo says:

    “Only the dead are safe; only the dead have seen the end of war.”

    Never forget that.

  214. Andy Ellis says:

    @Ruby 12.11pm

    “You would think people reading Wings would be aware that what we are being presented with by the MSM could very well be spin.”

    I’m sure alert readers if Wings are quite aware Ruby. What sort of spin do you discern in the news reports coming out of Ukraine then?

    Leaving aside binary issues of whether it’s true that the Mariupol theatre for example was hit by a Russian missile or blown up by Ukrainians in a false flag operation (only 1 of which can be true), are you saying that none of the coverage by any MSM news outlets covering e Ukraine can be trusted or is truthful? If that’s not what you think, are there any we should check out for “the truth”?

    Won’t most folk check out a number of different outlets and make a judgement on which they think is most convincing? I’m by no means uncritical of the UK MSM and in particular the BBC, but am I obliged to consider (for the sake of argument) live coverage of fighting in the Ukraine by say Lyse Doucet and Orla Guerin suspect because they’re reporting for the BBC? If people there on the ground directly contradicted one of the Russian claims – say for example the one when they claimed that the women evacuated from the bombed maternity hospital were actresses and it never really happened – what would it take for you to be convinced that the Russian claim was false?

    I mean, it has to be one or the other right?

  215. Republicofscotland says:

    “Perhaps someday after the war it will be definitively “proven” that the Mariupol theatre was bombed by the Russians.”


    No it won’t.

    As for Zahawi.

    Nadhim Zahawi is an Iraqi-born UK Deep state operative and politician who chaired Le Cercle from 2015 to 2017, he also funded the YouGov poll site that constantly put the support for Scottish independence at the lowest of any polling outfit .

    For those unaware Le Cercle is a deep state milieux, similar to Bilderberg but much darker with far more spooks and warhawks.

  216. Ruby says:

    Andy Ellis says:

    I mean, it has to be one or the other right?

    Only to people like yourself who think everything is either black or white.

  217. John Main says:

    I guess that the logical destination of those who believe that the “usual elites” are the underlying cause of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is that those elites are so machiavellian and so clever that they can force/persuade/manipulate President Putin to do their bidding.

    “Stress testing” that hypothesis, I am forced to examine the likelihood that anonymous posters on Wings BTL are smarter than Putin, the man who has run Russia for decades.

    They are smarter because they can clearly see how Putin is helpless putty in the hands of the “usual elites”, but Putin and all the advisors and forces of the Russian state, can’t.

    Intriguing, interesting even. But nope, does not compute. Soz.

  218. Andy Ellis says:

    @Ruby 1.15 pm

    I don’t think that, but surely you’re not disputing that in the case of the question: “Who bombed the Mariupol theatre, the Russians or the Ukrainians” there is only one objectively true response? That is a binary black or white choice. Of course you can “believe” what you like, but that doesn’t change the facts about who actually blew the building up.

    It’s no huge surprise that Putinistas insist the Azov battalion and Ukrainians did it themselves of course. They have form for uncritically accepting the Kremlin’s talking points, whether in this issue or many others relating to the current “special military operation” or violence perpetrated by Russian nationalists against Ukraine since 2014.

    I’m genuinely interested to hear whether your reading of recent events leads you to believe say RoS’s take on events or that being reported in the MSM?

  219. John Main says:

    @Rubes 1:15

    Good one. So Russian forces got together with Ukrainian forces to blow up the building.

    Thanks for clearing that one up.

  220. stuart mctavish says:

    Breeks 22 Mar @5pm

    Re: something innovative on the constitutional front

    a) Setting aside fears of abuse related to face masks and sensitive men in skirts, can any independence supporter advise the downside of an Alba/ ISP 1, SNP 2 voting strategy for the council elections?

    b) Can anyone advise how the old parliament (ie pre Norman census) assumed authority if it was not through some form of agreement at the (high) council level?

    c) Following from (b), and setting aside any valid financial constraints, can anyone advise where Scots Law must stand were the regional councils to form a high commission that revoked the treaty of union and introduced a continuity bill (ie retaining Holyrood in its current form, albeit not at Westminster discretion) to aid during the transition?

  221. Ruby says:

    Andy Ellis says:
    23 March, 2022 at 1:28 pm
    @Ruby 1.15 pm

    I don’t think that, but surely you’re not disputing that in the case of the question: “Who bombed the Mariupol theatre, the Russians or the Ukrainians” there is only one objectively true response? That is a binary black or white choice.

    I give in!

    “Who bombed the Mariupol theatre, the Russians or the Ukrainians”?

  222. James Che. says:

    Interesting to note that whatever topic discussed on wings we have the same voices of opposition saying were wrong on every topic.
    Some are acting as constant opposition to Scots talking and thinking freely on a Scottish site.

  223. Andy Ellis says:

    @John Main 1.28pm

    Perhaps it was the folk in Ian Brotherhood’s “Big Club” who apparently control human destiny that did it.

    Them or the space lizards in the human suits? This place reeks of delusional conspiracy theorising worse than Putin’s Poodle flat reeks of borscht and tears.

  224. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    23 March, 2022 at 1:28 pm
    @Rubes 1:15

    Good one. So Russian forces got together with Ukrainian forces to blow up the building.

    Thanks for clearing that one up.

    Why don’t you tell me

    “Who bombed the Mariupol theatre, the Russians or the Ukrainians”?

  225. James Che. says:

    Does the same mantra apply as with the russia rhetoric.
    If your not for us, you must be against us as someones puppet.

  226. John Main says:

    James Che 1:41

    It’s a vicious killing war, tempers get inflamed.

    I’m livid that my savings, pension, retirement prospects, holiday prospects, transport, heating, lighting, healthcare, etc. etc. have all been adversely affected by Putin’s “man of destiny” quasi-religious quest to reconstruct the Russian Empire.

    Perhaps you are sublimely unaffected, in which case, good for you. You are in a very small minority.

    I’m guessing that the survivors of decimated families will feel even more strongly than I do. But why not ask them personally? These women and kids will be on your local High Street soon enough.

  227. Ruby says:

    Looks like Ellis & Main are asking question they don’t know the answer to.

  228. Andy Ellis says:

    @ Ruby 2.43 pm

    Both John and I know the answer, as do all reasonable members of the public.

    We’re just giving the Putinistas enough rope to hang themselves with.

    Who do you believe bombed the theatre then Ruby?

  229. John Main says:


    What theatre?

    I’ve just been looking on Google Earth. All I can see is rubble.

    Looks like the theatre story was just made up to paint Putin in a bad light.

    Or, it fell down itself, like that school we all used to post about on here. Ah, the good old days.

  230. Stoker says:

    @ John Main on 21 March, 2022 at 9:56 am

    First of all if you’re going to comment on something i post then make sure you know what you’re talking about and you’ve read my post properly. The large paragraph is actually in quotes, it’s an extract from the article in the link. They are not my words so how you think i have the opinion that only NATO & Russia should get rid of nukes is beyond me. Even those behind the article aren’t saying that, they advocated a time were everyone should scrap them at the same time.

    As for all the “expertise” on here regarding Russia/Ukraine, i’ve deliberately avoided getting caught up in it all because i have my own opinions and nothing i’ve read on here, whether from you & Ellis or RoS & Co, has altered those opinions one iota. And there’s a lot about it that i don’t know with any degree of certainty due to not being Russian or Ukrainian or not having ever lived in or even visited either country so i can’t speak with any form of authority on the matters.

    What i do know, however, and it’s the only time i’ll respond in this “debate” and state my case is 2 things.

    (1): I’ve always had a soft spot for Russia, until they invaded a sovereign country to murder its unarmed civilians. Whether we believe Putin’s reasons etc is neither hear nor there. But as a supporter and believer in self-determination i’d be a hypocrite if i supported Putin’s actions. Those who want to believe the “Neo-Nazi” line are perfectly free to do so, i on the other hand don’t, and i believe it’s a load of bullshit, and i don’t see the need for me to attack those who hold those views. Meanwhile i’ll go on knowing what i know and believing in those who have studied the area’s politics for over 30 years and written books on it. Folk such as Helen Dale (also a trained lawyer & author).

    BTW, a lot of Russian soldiers were duped into the reasons of their “mission”, they weren’t told they’re going to war to attack civilians in Ukraine. And that would involve their fellow Russion speakers being killed too, not quite Neo-Nazis.

    (2): And anyone with just the basic knowledge of history would know that Putin’s tactics are *EXACTLY* what the Nazis did to the old Soviet Union, under ‘Operation Barbarossa. The Nazis operated, originally, a three-pronged attack, with instructions to kill and level *everything* in sight. The Nazis bombarded utter shit out of Russian cities, towns and villages etc, raping and killing as they went, and flattening all before them. When they attempted to go for Moscow their luck ran out and a combination of factors saw the tide starting to turn in Russia’s favour.

    The Nazis had inflicted death and destruction all over Russia but due to severe winter conditions, poor supply lines and every single Russian told to take up arms (or be killed for treason), and the introduction of Russia’s famous Siberian troops (winter warfare specialists) Russia started coming out on top and the Nazis were soon defeated.

    During all of this, when the Nazis were “winning”, Stalin panicked and ordered Russian troops to adopt a scorched-earth policy. To destroy everything before the Nazis got their hands on it. This included the largest dam the world had ever seen. Living below that dam were Ukrainians, and the dam was destroyed without any warning being given to the Ukrainians, because Stalin despised them. Well over 100,000 Ukrainians were killed.

    At the same time, before the Nazis attacked Russia, Stalin had imposed a famine on most of the southern-half of the Soviet Union and this killed far more Ukrainians than any other part of the Soviet Union. So when the Nazis arrived in Ukraine they were met by a very desperate people who hoped the Nazis would treat them better than Stalin did. Trouble is, the Nazis despised Ukrainians more than Stalin did, they used the Ukrainians for propaganda purposes then once they had their use out of them the Nazis raped, tortured and killed thousands of Ukrainians.

    So Putin’s “Neo-Nazi” schtick doesn’t wash with me. Bad feeling between the two peoples (Russia & Ukraine) runs a lot lot deeper than just recent history. It goes way back hundreds of years. Putin doesn’t want to see a strong neighbour and he wants Ukraine taken back under Russian control, or at the very least he wants to see Ukraine totally destroyed and broken up into smaller parts.

    So there you have it, that’s my position, and i’d much rather we (Scotland) got our own house in order before trying to play international politics. We’re not even a proper country yet, being run by a self-serving egomaniac who certainly wouldn’t like it if some lower level county councillor started telling her how she should be running London’s Scottish administration.

    As for nukes? No country should have them. And they’re not “deterrents”. As someone once said: “If you fire first your bombs haven’t been a deterrent and if you fire in retaliation then your bombs haven’t been a deterrent.” All those countries who have nukes need to abolish them but that’s never going to happen. Me? I want Scotland to lead by example and kick them out of Scottish territory at the first opportunity.

    Now you know my stance! Officially the longest post i’ve ever written and hopefully it’ll be my last contribution on the topic.

  231. Republicofscotland says:

    “or that being reported in the MSM?”


    You mean the same MSM that’s lied to Scots over Scottish independence for more than a decade, if the MSM in the UK reported that it was raining outside, I’d need to look out my window just to make sure.

    It never ceases to amaze me that for the last decade the UK MSM has lied constantly on Scottish independence and most Scots who want independence know this and take what they report on Scottish independence with a pinch of salt.

    Yet when the same lying media reports on international matters the same people (well most of them) believe the shite that they spout. Critical thinking in Scotland is thin on the ground, and it has and will continue to be Scotland’s undoing.

  232. Ruby says:

    Andy Ellis says:
    23 March, 2022 at 3:22 pm
    @ Ruby 2.43 pm

    Both John and I know the answer, as do all reasonable members of the public.

    We’re just giving the Putinistas enough rope to hang themselves with.

    Who do you believe bombed the theatre then Ruby?

    Weird that neither of you are prepared to say who bombed the theatre.

    If either of you have a definitive answer then as I said earlier everything for you is either black or white.

    My answer to your question is I do not know who bombed the theatre.

  233. Ruby says:

    Was bombing of Mariupol theater staged by Ukrainian Azov extremists to trigger NATO intervention?

  234. John Main says:

    Hey Ruby 7:00 PM

    I’ve read the link. Let’s see if I understood it:

    Neo-Nazis controlled the theatre building and the territory around it.
    Neo-Nazis held civilians as human shields in the area and beneath the theatre.
    Neo-Nazis evacuated the civilians when it suited them.
    Neo-Nazis then blew up the building (being empty, there were no casualties).
    Neo-Nazis then blamed the Russians.

    Tell you what, let’s simplify everything and say that every single word of the above claims are true.

    Would any of the above have happened if Russia had not invaded Ukraine: Yes or No?

    FFS, the answer is No.

    So who is ultimately to blame for all of the above? Anybody able to join the dots … ?

  235. John Main says:

    @Stoker 5:15 PM

    An excellent post. My thanks, and apologies for mis-interpreting your original.

    Hope you will re-think your determination not to post on this subject again. I feel we are in for a very long haul indeed. There will be much to comment on in the months (years?) ahead.

  236. Andy Ellis says:

    @ Ruby 7.00 pm

    The answer is very simple: no, the Ukrainians did not bomb the theatre in Mariupol, the Russians did. Similarly the Ukrainians didn’t shot down the Malaysian Airlines flight, the Russian nationalist separatists in the Donbas did. In other news, there has been no genocide against ethnic Russians in the Donbas, nor is the Ukrainian state a nest controlled by neo-Nazis, or in need of demilitarisation.

    D’you see where this is going yet?

    You don’t HAVE to be a credulous moron to believe the alt-facts….but in the light of some of the folks in here, it certainly helps. Nobody has to accept that the MSM generally or the BBC in particular is lilly white to weigh up the available evidence and see conspiracy theorising for what it is.

  237. Republicofscotland says:

    “Meanwhile i’ll go on knowing what i know and believing in those who have studied the area’s politics for over 30 years and written books on it. Folk such as Helen Dale (also a trained lawyer & author).”


    You mean the same Helen Dale that was caught lying that she had Ukrainian ancestry, Dale is Australian, a country that’s currently the tip of the Great Satan’s (US) spear in the economic war against China a close ally of Russia.

    Unsurprisingly Dale’s best known work, The Hand that Signed the Paper, is about a Ukrainian family trying to survive a so called Stalinist purge.

    At first Dale, (not even her real name) presented the book as fact, only to later recant the claim after being found out.

    Its no wonder Main the Nazi lover and scumbag wants you to pen more comments.

  238. Republicofscotland says:

    The Chinthe @8.06pm.

    Save your BS for those that buy it.

    It’s Now as Obvious as the Nose on Your Face that the MH17 Shootdown was a False Flag Executed by Elements of Ukrainian Intelligence, Military, and Air Traffic Control.

    The best rundown of event I’ve came across on the Ukrainian murder of the folk on MH17.

  239. Andy Ellis says:

    @Stoker 5.15 pm

    Ignore Putin’s Poodle and his credulous posse. The light to some is an unwelcome friend. No amount of evidence would ever be enough for such people. The pilot of the Russian plane who dropped the bomb on the theatre in Mariupol could appear live on Vremya the Russian state broadcaster’s flagship news programme and boast what a great hit it was, and chumps like RoS would still be touting their conspiracy theory bullshit that actually the Ukrainians did it.

    It’s a shame you and others who aren’t Putinista shills don’t contribute more. It would dilute the stupid which has overrun the BTL comments recently.

  240. Republicofscotland says:

    Re my 8.15pm comment.

    Dale has been dismissed from employment for countless acts of plagiarism, she’s about as reliable as Main and Ellis when it comes to telling the truth.

  241. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile as the UK media fawns over the cute piccies of the political agitator Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, spare a thought for a real political prisoner held without charge in a maximum security prison in England (Belmarsh) without charge.

    Julian Assange prior to being held illegally by the UK government suffered years of arbitary detention confirmed by Nils Melzer a UN Special rapporteur who reported back on Assange’s unjust position, of which the West did nothing to help the journalist except use Sweden to fit him up on fake sex charges.

    On a brighter note for Assange whose Wikileaks is the most reliable source of info having never lied, got married today in prison. Assange has two kids but the UK media didn’t report and show cute photos of his kids as they did with Zagari-Ratcliffe’s daughter.

    The UK is a cesspit of lies and hypocrisy, its part of the Empire of Lies.

  242. Republicofscotland says:

    So former Great Satan (US) Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has died aged 84, Albright once said on the deaths of half a million Iraqi children killed by the Great Satan, and its minions, that it was a price worth paying.

    There’s a special place in hell for people like Albright.

  243. Andy Ellis says:

    @Putin’s Poodle 9.19 pm

    It’ll probably be punishment enough when she realises you’ll be next to her for telling the Ukrainians had it coming.

  244. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland 23 March, 2022 at 8:15 pm

    “a so called Stalinist purge”

    FFS Republic, you re-writing the history of the 1920s and 1930s now.

  245. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland 23 March, 2022 at 9:19 pm

    “half a million Iraqi children killed by the Great Satan”

    Stalin’s forced agricultural collectivisation policies caused the Great Famine (Holodomor) of 1932–33 — a man-made demographic catastrophe unprecedented in peacetime. Of the estimated five million people who died in the Soviet Union, almost four million were Ukrainians.

    See if you can’t re-post this Republic, inserting “so-called” where your warped attitudes need to make it more palatable for you.

    Busy wee place, Hell, eh Republic?

  246. Andy Ellis says:

    @John Main 9.46 pm

    “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past,…”

  247. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland – 23 March, 2022 at 8:56 pm

    “The UK is a cesspit of lies and hypocrisy”

    Ach, don’t be too hard on yourself, Republic.

    You’re not doing it all on your own. Some other people do chip in from time to time.

  248. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland – 23 March, 2022 at 8:56 pm

    “The UK is a cesspit of lies and hypocrisy”

    Ach, don’t be too hard on yourself, Republic. It’s not just you.

  249. Ruby says:


  250. Ruby says:

    The answer is very simple: no, the Ukrainians did not bomb the theatre in Mariupol, the Russians did

    Fine, that’s your opinion. What are you expecting me to say?

  251. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    23 March, 2022 at 7:55 pm
    Hey Ruby 7:00 PM

    I’ve read the link. Let’s see if I understood it:

    Frankly me dear I don’t give a damn what you do or do not understand.

  252. Breeks says:

    stuart mctavish says:
    23 March, 2022 at 1:30 pm
    Breeks 22 Mar @5pm

    Re: something innovative on the constitutional front

    a) Setting aside fears of abuse related to face masks and sensitive men in skirts, can any independence supporter advise the downside of an Alba/ ISP 1, SNP 2 voting strategy for the council elections?

    Skating on thin ice to advise, but ALBA / ISP 1 is fine obviously, but I’m not voting SNP2. I’ll leave second choice blank. It’s a single transferable vote, so it’s a second choice rather than a list seat, but my second choice would only go to pro-Indy party, not a bunch of charlatans and frauds. It’s not “revenge” for the SNP 1 and 2, it’s simply the SNP are a liability to Independence. What advantage is there to Independence in having some rainbow fruit loop Councillor spouting garbage about GRA while using Indy as their meal ticket?

    I’m not sure I correctly understand your next question. Do you mean the Councils could potentially align themselves as an Constitutional Authority with adequate democratic legitimacy to end the Union?

    Difficult, but I think it’s arguable they could, but I think there are easier ways to do the same thing. Coordinating Scotland’s Local Councils to act in unison would be like herding cats.

    It’s one thing to treat a General Election as a Plebiscite on Independence, but more complicated I think doing that for Council Elections. It might be possible in theory, but I think you’d be stretching that theory. By their nature, there are a lot of local issues with local elections, and you’d need to win more than argument to see those results being interpreted as a constitutional mandate.

    I think it would be much easier to challenge Scotland’s unconstitutional subjugation and breaches of the Treaty of Union directly in a Court of Law, because a legal principle is defined by the letter of the law, and doesn’t need a democratic mandate. While an amalgamation of Councils probably could sponsor this, there would be less ambiguity about what it stood for if a separate Constitutional Convention or assembly was established.

    I think the “nature” of a Constitutional challenge is more likely to resemble what Martin Keatings did. One man is all it takes to test a legal principle, but while I fully respect what Keatings tried to do, clarifying the powers of Holyrood is not exactly going for the jugular. However it’s a bit rich for me to condemn a man for not being bold enough in his ambitions when that man has been much bolder in his ambitions than I have.

    I believe we might yet see attempts to turn a UK General Election into a Plebiscite on Independence, but I don’t think local elections can be used in a similar way. Perhaps yes in theory, but highly problematic in reality.

  253. John Main says:

    Guardian Online is covering arrival in Scotland today of first Ukrainian refugees (orphans aged between 2 and 18).

    “The saddest thing is I couldn’t talk to them, although some had Google Translate on their phone.

    There was one boy who, while doing Google Translate about mundane issues, showed me his message and it said ‘Thank you so much, I am grateful that I’m not sitting under the shelling any more’. That probably touched me more than a lot of other things in my life.”

  254. Robert Hughes says:

    ” I believe we might yet see attempts to turn a UK General Election into a Plebiscite on Independence ….”

    I was just reading that the F UK is ” facing the biggest drop in living standards since 1956 ” – an * organic * Great Reset back to mass poverty/unemployment-with the added twist of new laws constraining public protest ( coincidence ? ) .

    This sparked a now extremely rare thought… could the SNP be right ? eg could – assuming it is the case – the strategy of waiting until things get so bad and people are so desperate for relief Independence would be * inevitable * bear fruit ?

    It requires an enormous leap of faith to have any confidence in this mob having the will and political acumen to capitalise on any circumstances beneficial to our cause – a litany of failures trails in their wake , but massive , negative changes are pending and people are going to be VERY angry : we need leaders that can take charge of that anger’s energy and direct it where it can be most effective eg at Scotland’s quasi-colonial status within a Tory ( blue or red ) dominated Union .

    It’s nigh-on impossible to imagine Sturgeon as that leader and if she remains as such and Scotland remains in the Union after what’s coming we’ll know beyond any doubt she’s a common agricultural vehicle .

    It would be infinitely more confidence-inspiring if we had someone other than her , or whoever the anointed successor would be . Hard to see where a genuinely inspirational leader might emerge from any time soon . In time to steer us through the coming storms into the * New World * of iScotland

  255. Andy Ellis says:

    @Ruby 10.31 pm

    “Fine, that’s your opinion. What are you expecting me to say?”

    I’m asking you to make a judgement call on which of the binary choices is most likely to be true. Nobody seems to be arguing it was an accident or spontaneous explosion, so logically given everything we know it was either bombed by the Russians, which is what most people believe to have happened, or it was a false flag operation staged by tje Ukrainians themselves.

    Given it’s a current war zone it can’t be proven 100% either way. Most reasonable people will however be able to look at the reports and come to a conclusion. As noted above there will always be conspiracy theorists or those ideologically unable to accept facts, who will argue black is white even in the face of overwhelming evidence (see also tje Malaysian Airlines flight, allegations of genocide in Donbas amongst others).

    Sitting on the fence insisting you have no opinion, or that you don’t have enough evidence or that you refuse to accept one side’s account because you think the MSM is tainted but are prepared to credit the words of randoms on the internet just looks intellectually dishonest.

  256. Ruby says:

    Andy Ellis says:
    24 March, 2022 at 8:14 am
    @Ruby 10.31 pm

    I’m asking you to make a judgement call on which of the binary choices is most likely to be true


  257. Ruby says:

    Andy Ellis says:

    Sitting on the fence insisting you have no opinion, or that you don’t have enough evidence or that you refuse to accept one side’s account because you think the MSM is tainted but are prepared to credit the words of randoms on the internet just looks intellectually dishonest.

    Fine! You can think whatever you want about me. Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.

    PS Why do woke blokes abuse women?

  258. Andy Ellis says:

    @Ruby 8.26 am


    Because I’m trying to ascertain how someone can look at the available evidence and not take a stance, other than bloviate lamely about “not everything being black and white” in an attempt (presumably?) to disguise their tin-foil hattery?

  259. Andy Ellis says:

    @Ruby 8.35 am

    “Fine! You can think whatever you want about me. Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.

    PS Why do woke blokes abuse women?”

    Don’t try the bullshit about being abused (particularly given your past record), particularly on the basis of your sex, when you’re simply being called out for you lack of intellectual honesty. It simply proves the point.

  260. Ruby says:

    Andy Ellis says:
    24 March, 2022 at 8:44 am
    @Ruby 8.35 am

    “Fine! You can think whatever you want about me. Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.

    PS Why do woke blokes abuse women?”

    Don’t try the bullshit about being abused

    Just trying to get you back on topic.

    I think everyone knows already what you think about me. Most reasonable people will be asking why you keep hounding me asking me questions when you think I’m a thicko scheemie lump of pork etc etc.

  261. Ruby says:

    Andy Ellis says:
    24 March, 2022 at 8:40 am
    @Ruby 8.26 am


    Because I’m trying to ascertain how someone can look at the available evidence and not take a stance

    Have you not already ascertained that I am a thicko?

  262. Ruby says:

    The battle for Ukraine, with ex-UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter

  263. Republicofscotland says:

    Main @9.53pm.

    Oh so we’re going back in history a wee bit, fair enough, what about the North American genocide or the British Tasmanian genocide, or the British starving to death millions of Indians.

    Do you want me to continue you Nazi loving creep?

  264. Republicofscotland says:

    The English authorities banned Craig Murray from attending Julian Assanges’s wedding yesterday Murray turned up fully expecting to attend the ceremony but the spiteful authorities claimed that Murray would be a danger to the security of the prison.

    First they try and set Assange up, then they imprison him, they then keep him in prison illegally the UK courts look like they are kowtowing to the Great Satan (US), then they refuse one of his good friends Craig Murray the right to attend his wedding behind bars for no good reason.

    Murray is 63 years of age with multiple health conditions, some serious, he too was fitted up and sent to prison, for reporting the truth on another fit up.

    Like I said the UK is a cesspit of hypocrisy.

  265. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland 24 March, 2022 at 9:51 am

    “Do you want me to continue you Nazi loving creep?”

    Alright, go on then. Fill your boots.

  266. Dorothy Devine says:

    RoS , you could suggest Kenya -certainly a far from proud moment and continues to this day.

  267. Dorothy Devine says:

    May I recommend Grousebeater’s piece today.

    Most instructive.

  268. Breeks says:

    On your marks, get set, …. Yawn.

    Remember when people asked “You YES yet?”

    Now I feel like asking them “You scunnered yet?” Because I fkg am.

  269. stuart mctavish says:

    Aim was to confirm independent root of Scots law as understood by treaty of union since even electoral victory on unambiguous manifesto will be open to challenge and some form of legal triple lock might be needed regardless.

    Accordingly, my thinking was that whether the plan involves a coup de grace delivered by referendum, general election or even a covid briefing, a common law declaration from the regions, boroughs, districts, etc to support it will add legal standing to any holyrood statute – irrespective of any agreement that can be reached under contract(S30?) – not least because any contempt of such declaration might be akin to proclaiming the original contracting parties (Kingdoms of Scotland & England) illegitimate under Scots law(!), and rendering the treaty entirely voluntary in any event 🙂

    Perhaps not so easy in practice if, as you imply, the support is not yet there – but if Dominion were open to doing most of the hard work, Arbroath could be as good a venue as any for the conference leading to the easy bit.

  270. John Main says:

    Francis Fukuyama writing in Unherd today: “This war can save liberalism”

    “With this invasion of another democratic country, Putin has created a certain amount of moral clarity. The biggest advantage of a liberal state is the fact that it’s not authoritarian. It’s not a dictatorship; it doesn’t kill people; it doesn’t invade neighbours. Putin’s demonstrated what the alternative to liberalism is.”

  271. Robert Hughes says:

    ” Now I feel like asking them “You scunnered yet?” Because I fkg am.”

    Max-scunnered here .

    F.O.I = Frazzling Of Intelligence .

    Paralysis of will n heat-death of enthusiasm presides .

    Let’s all limbo

  272. James Che. says:

    John Main.

    The russia thing or propaganda rhetoric does not particularly affect my purse as i have not been two faced and had money or saving connect to russia in the past.

    As for russia being responable for heating prices in britian going up, bulls…t brain washing propaganda .

    We have voluntary been deconmissioning our oil rigs around britian due to going green with the climate change agenda.

    Prices going up are britans political choices.

  273. James Che. says:

    It will be the people whom make independence happen not the devolved government or the snp.
    And the fear of that happening soon must be on the cards due to the conservative like Dougie Ross, gove, and BJ setting up the unionist parties.

    That alone should spell out the worry the have over this issue.

    As for damage control over the actual treaty,

    Well one would reason when Scotland is mulling over withdrawing from that treaty.

    that the great british parliament is acting as a solely english parliament when it sets up a unionist party with all the power and services of the great british parliament behind it being used to prevent scotland making that choice.

    That the great british english parliament is colonial in its actions.

  274. James Che. says:

    The constant eroding damage over the years to the treaty of the union by the english acting great british parliament while treating Scotland and its people as being owned by the british parliament ,

    rather than in equal of two countries in partnership that created the great british parliament, reeks of colonism.

    To prevent by all devious means possible one half of great britian ( being Scotland ) from re- viewng it modern position 300 years later simply implies that england thinks it is the sole owner of that treaty today.

  275. Republicofscotland says:

    I would have thought That Sunak would’ve known the answer to this question.

    “With transgender issues in the news, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak was asked on Thursday, “What is a woman?” The Conservative MP refused to answer directly.”

    No doubt Sturgeon the betrayer of Scots and her ultra woke clique will be proud of him.

  276. Breeks says:

    stuart mctavish says:
    24 March, 2022 at 12:24 pm
    Aim was to confirm independent root of Scots law as understood by treaty of union since even electoral victory on unambiguous manifesto will be open to challenge and some form of legal triple lock might be needed regardless…

    I’m not sure about a challenge. You could very well be correct, but I think Westminster knows how fragile the Union actually is, much better than many Scots actually know it. They’ll never admit that of course, but even Thatcher knew Scotland could end the Union with a straight pro-Indy Majority.

    You have to hope that a Constitutionally alert Scotland would never be so dumb as to fall backwards into a Union it had just escaped based upon some contrived technicality. Even if Westminster did want Scotland’s Independence disputed, they’d have to persuade the International Community something was unlawful about it, and that would need to be something unlawful under Scots Law… I think.

    Provided Scotland does it’s due diligence, and heeds the advice it’s given from people like Craig Murray to name just one, I don’t think Westminster will have much success challenging Scotland once it has reconnected with it’s Sovereignty.

  277. Ruby says:

    “Rishi is not the only person having unexpected trouble defining a woman. In the US senate on Monday, Biden’s nominee for the US Supreme Court, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, said she was unable to define what a woman was – saying she was not a biologist:

    What is going on that highly educated, high status individuals can no longer explain what differentiates their mothers from their fathers? This is madness…”

    Well done to the journalists who are asking this question.
    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    All these politicians must be getting shit loads of money from trans supporting donors to put themselves into this position.

    The question I would like to ask is:

    What is a trans person? How easy is it to pretend to be trans?

    I’m sick of being a woman. It’s shit being a woman. Even shittier being a Scottish woman.

    I want to be in a category that can be defined. I’m transitioning into a ‘super woman’. I’ll help out these struggling politicians by handing them a definition of a ‘super woman’.

  278. Ruby says:

    Now I feel like asking them “You scunnered yet?” Because I fkg am.

    Well past scunnered.

    I’m scunneredissima!

  279. twathater says:

    @ breeks and Robert Hughes, of ALL the FOI requests that have been made over the last decade that I have seen re ANYTHING I can honestly say that the information released and received is 99% useless , there are more hoops and get outs used basically just to tell the enquirer or investigator to FUCK OFF WUR no telling ye , this gobbledegook bullshit and the old stand by “it is NOT in the public’s interest” really rips ma knittin , WTF do these people think they are , TBH it’s not just the politicians that NEED a swift boot up the arsenal it’s also these wee jobsworths that are trying to build their own wee kingdom

  280. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeon and her incompetent party of chancers couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery.

    The latest from Robin McAlpine, a wee taster.

    “Setting aside the merits and demerits of that argument there is a more fundamental problem we need to think about; how do we persuade Scotland we can build a new country when we can’t build a ferry?”

    So very true.

  281. stuart mctavish says:

    ‘You have to hope that a constitutionally alert Scotland would never be so dumb ..’

    Optimist 🙂

  282. Effigy says:

    I’m surprised at the focus on attention is hate SNP and Sturgeon when
    they are just not in the league of the Tories and Boris.

    Never so blatantly corrupt and immoral party in my lifetime.

    They have millions in Russian money among so much more but read this

  283. Robert Hughes says:

    From a person who should be rightly be considered a genuine Scottish National Treasure , instead is hounded and persecuted by vacuous , political plankton not fit to shine his shoes .

    The TRULY honourable Craig Murray

    ” There is no salvation to be had from the elite and their stranglehold on the political system and the mainstream media. We have to go back to the basics and build again the notion of horizontal solidarity in society. Liberal philanthropy did once assist the development of a more equal society in the UK, which reached its zenith in the 1970’s, but working class self-organisation, particularly through the union movement, was always essential to societal advance.

    We now live in a society where liberal philanthropy is reserved for emoting about distant conflicts or channeled into identity, rather than class, politics. We live in a society where inequality in wealth distribution is returning to nineteenth century levels, but many of those left behind consider themselves too genteel to identify with working people and do anything about it.”

  284. Breeks says:

    twathater says:
    24 March, 2022 at 5:23 pm

    @ breeks and Robert Hughes, of ALL the FOI requests that have been made over the last decade that I have seen re ANYTHING I can honestly say that the information released and received is 99% useless…

    Agreed. An honourable intention to pierce the impenetrable sophistry of Government is now nothing more than added layer of that impenetrable sophistry.

  285. Breeks says:

    Robert Hughes says:
    25 March, 2022 at 6:51 am

    ” There is no salvation to be had from the elite…

    Very true. But I think we need a more accurate word to describe them than “elite”.

  286. Robert Hughes says:

    Agreed Breeks

    ” elites ” is a bit vague , for one thing because the visible elites – the Sunaks , Moggs , Johnsons , Starmers and our own homegrown wannabes Sturgeon et al – are only the outer shell .

    The increasing power and influence of entities like the WEF – all those * Young Global Leaders * hatched by that chicken are coming home to roast ( sic ) US ! and * philanthropic * billionaire messianic sociopaths for whom the rest of humankind are at best an inconvenience , at worse a malleable material to be shaped into whatever form best suits the interests of the Ubermensch are the real elite , yet still largely unknown to most * ordinary * people .

    Something wicked this way comes . Has , in fact , already arrived .

    Resistance is – not yet – futile . Not dark yet . But it’s getting there

  287. Alf Baird says:

    Republicofscotland @ 7:15 pm

    “Sturgeon and her incompetent party of chancers”

    Every colonised nation is let down by its own native elite and bourgeoisie, even ‘nationalist’ politicians among them, who enter into a cooperative alliance with the oppressor (Fanon; Memmi) and thereafter act as the ‘watchdogs of colonialism’, and where, according to Aime Cesaire (Discourse on Colonialism 1955/1972):

    “ will hold as enemies… not only sadistic governors and greedy bankers, not only prefects who torture and colonists who flog, not only corrupt, check-licking politicians and subservient judges, but likewise and for the same reason, venomous journalists, goitrous academics, wreathed in dollars and stupidity, ethnographers who go in for metaphysics, presumptuous theologians, chattering intellectuals born stinking out of the thigh of Nietzsche, the paternalists, the embracers, the corrupters, the back-slappers, the lovers of exoticism, the dividers, the agrarian sociologists, the hoodwinkers, the hoaxers, the hot-air artists, the humbugs, and in general, all those who, performing their functions in the sordid division of labour for the defence of Western bourgeois society, try in diverse ways and by infamous diversions to split up the forces of Progress – even if it means denying the very possibility of progress – all of them tools of capitalism, all of them, openly or secretly, supporters of plundering colonialism, all of them responsible, all hateful, all slave-traders, all henceforth answerable…” (and Cesaire calls for the people to) “..sweep out all the obscurers, all the inventors of subterfuges, the charlatans and tricksters, the dealers in gobbledygook. And do not seek to know whether personally these (individuals) are in good or bad faith, whether personally they have good or bad intentions. Whether personally – that is, in the private conscience of Peter or Paul – they are or are not colonialists, because the essential thing is that their highly problematical subjective good faith is entirely irrelevant to the objective social implications of the evil work they perform as watchdogs of colonialism.”

  288. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Breeks (7.11) –

    What about ‘grasping’, ‘diabolical’, or ‘throbbers’?

    Better yet, how about all three?


  289. Stuart MacKay says:

    Robert Hughes

    On the contrary there might just be a spark of light with the Russians issuing an arrest warrant for George Soros. A somewhat futile gesture, however it’s indicative that the map of world influence is being redrawn. The days of the likes of the World Economic Forums are drawing to a close, possibly a lot faster than people realise.

    Sturgeon and her sycophants are part of the old order. They can only deliver more of the same neo-liberalism that got us into to the mess we’re in whether that’s the new offensive NATO or climate change. It’s all they know and they’re beholden to the powers that put them in the positions they occupy.

    Scotland’s future should be non-aligned, in a strong partnership with our Nordic neighbours. Americans are a great people and the American Project has a long way to go. However right now we really need to be putting some open water between us and the neo-liberal/conservatives in Washington as they have us on the road to Perdition, with a lot worse to come.

  290. John Main says:

    @Alf Baird – 25 March, 2022 at 8:11 am

    You give us much to think on.

    I am particularly struck with the phrase:

    “chattering intellectuals born stinking out of the thigh of Nietzsche”

    It seems to me to be the sort of thing one of the “dealers in gobbledygook” may come out with, thus justifying being “swept away” by “the people”.

    Perhaps all revolutions eventually consume their own children, as is frequently claimed.

    But as you write, there is no point in “seek[ing] to know whether personally these (individuals) are in good or bad faith, whether personally they have good or bad intentions”. But just out of interest, would you be able to define what is meant by “the people”?

    It’s a serious question.

  291. John Main says:

    @Stuart MacKay – 25 March, 2022 at 8:56 am

    “Scotland’s future should be non-aligned, in a strong partnership with our Nordic neighbours.”

    Six weeks ago, I would have thought this a great idea.

    Now I have to ask, just how many of our Nordic neighbours are, or intend to remain, non-aligned?

    Seems to me that an Independent Scotland cannot opt out of picking a side in a rapidly polarising world. That’s just realpolitik.

    And for all those voters out there who are still lazily thinking that Independence means joining the EU, then the side Scotland will be joining is pre-ordained.

  292. Clavie Cheil says:

    John Main says:
    25 March, 2022 at 11:01 am

    @Stuart MacKay – 25 March, 2022 at 8:56 am

    “Scotland’s future should be non-aligned, in a strong partnership with our Nordic neighbours.”

    Six weeks ago, I would have thought this a great idea.

    Now I have to ask, just how many of our Nordic neighbours are, or intend to remain, non-aligned?

    Seems to me that an Independent Scotland cannot opt out of picking a side in a rapidly polarising world. That’s just realpolitik.

    And for all those voters out there who are still lazily thinking that Independence means joining the EU, then the side Scotland will be joining is pre-ordained.


    According to a Swedish friend, Sweden has been rearming and expanding its military capability slowly and quietly for the last 6 years at least. They fear the Russians are more exactly Putin and his cabal.

    The Nordic Nations might be ‘ahem’ ‘non aligned’ but they all fear Putin. You cant accuse them of having their heads stuck up their arses or of being bought and sold for Russian Oligarchic Gold like the English Tories are.

    I am not sure the Nordic Nations were ever non aligned in the strictest sense of what non alignment is.I think all Putin has done is or will be to make NATO bigger.

    I have always viewed and Independent Scotland should be neutral like Eire but that is my view. We shouldn’t be volunteering to be anyone’s Canon Fodder ever again. We have given up more than our hair share of flesh and blood and for nothing most of the time.

  293. Stuart MacKay says:

    John Main

    I’ve said before that and independent Scotland would likely be obliged to join NATO. However the recent meeting over Ukraine seems to indicate that NATO is going to take a more “pro-active stance” in future. Given all that has happened with USA adventures and the hard reality that the next big adventure will be against China I don’t think anybody can really subscribe to this new role for NATO and Scotland should stay well clear of it.

    That does not mean that Scotland does not have a military capable of defending itself. Like Sweden, we’d be fools to assume any larger bloc would be benign, whether it’s capital was in Moscow, Washington, Brussels or London. We can be a strong partner to EU countries and even to NATO when it comes to defending Europe’s NW border. I just don’t think we can participate in any power structure that espouses regime change in countries it does not like. As Clavie Cheil says, we should be done with being cannon fodder in someone else’s machinations.

  294. Stuart MacKay says:

    From The Herald:

    Alex Salmond: Nicola Sturgeon aim for Indyref2 next year ‘does not look credible’,

    An entire article painting Salmond and Alba in a “positive” light. WTF is going on?

    Most likely it’s just taking a few more pot-shots at the SNP however presenting Salmond as having a somewhat credible plan for independence would seem to overstep the line a little. Is this the first sign that Our Lady of Betrayal’s days numbered?

    If Russia prevails in Ukraine and assuming we don’t all suddenly die from over-exposure to bright lights in the sky as a result, then perhaps a large amount change will happen quickly and we’ll get a clear-out of the oligarchs, in both east and west, along their apologists and enablers.

  295. Ottomanboi says:

    Non aligned Sweden cooperated with the Germans providing the Reich with iron ore shipped through occupied Norway’s Narvik.
    Switzerland too had a cosy financial arrangement with Germany. The Swiss Red Cross was obliging when reporting on conditions in concentration camps.
    Non alignment should mean what it implies, no aiding and abetting other states in their «policies».
    That puts NATO well beyond the pale.

  296. twathater says:

    @ Effigy 5.22am , you ask why people are so focused on denigrating and exposing sturgeons corruption and deviant perversions when the tories are SO much worse

    I personally equally despise both sturgeons despicable treasonous BETRAYAL of Scots and Scotland and the tory scum and the insatiable greed they have for money whilst standing on the faces of ordinary working class people

    The difference is we voted for the betrayer because of her promise to lead us to independence which she has spectacularly and significantly failed to do , whilst simultaneously wrecking the independence movement and it’s cohesion through unneeded divisive perverted and deviant policies which NO ONE consented too

    The only people who vote tory which is thankfully the minority in Scotland are of the same self centred greed focused group who care nothing for the poor or working class , unfortunately we have a neighbouring country who outnumber us in population and are either TOO STUPID OR TOO SELF CENTRED to see that the scum tories don’t care about anyone but themselves and their own enrichment , as you will be well aware Scotland hasn’t voted tory since 1955 but WE still SUFFER their governance and no matter the widespread and commonplace knowledge of their continued fraud and corruption our neighbours who are either TOO STUPID or TOO SELFISH will still vote for them ,and THAT is another reason to despise sturgeon for her continued betrayal on independence

  297. Robert Hughes says:

    Stuart @ 8.56

    ” The days of the likes of the World Economic Forums are drawing to a close, possibly a lot faster than people realise. ”

    I sincerely hope you’re right . Have the likes of Trudy , Jacey n He Manuel Macaroon been informed ?

    Recently auld Herr Swab was boasting about how they’ve * placed * more n more of their alumni in positions of power and expect * great things from them * . Great things FOR THEM more likely .

    I’m curious to know why you think such unelected * influencers * as the WEF are on the way out .

  298. Helen+Yates says:

    Something tells me the Trans movement along with many politicians may have just overplayed their hand this weekend.

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