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Armageddon 2

Posted on March 25, 2022 by

Just for a little bit of fun. This is actual footage of North Korean TV news (source: NK News) from today, but I thought it deserved a more moving soundtrack.

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128 to “Armageddon 2”

  1. David says:

    Was kinda expecting a Psy pisstake… until there wasn’t one :/

  2. carjamtic says:

    Cue 200 million occidentals (including all food critics)eating their edible Chinese Lampshade Hats.

  3. Milady says:

    Just missing a wistful Liv Tyler at the end.

  4. Breeks says:

    They’ll never get to the Moon in that! Far too small.

    And with no windows, what would be the point?

  5. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Was kinda expecting a Psy pisstake… until there wasn’t one”

    Someone already went there:

  6. Republicofscotland says:

    The missile a Hwasong-17 landed in the Sea of Japan, NK said it fired the missile in order to prepare with the longstanding confrontation with Washington.

    I suppose with the war in Ukraine, who knows what the the Great Satan (US) could get up to with the eyes of the world focused on Ukraine, no doubt the Japanese and South Korea will rail bitterly about the test.

  7. holymacmoses says:

    The modern love affair

  8. Ian Brotherhood says:

    What was the name of that big shop near The Barras that sold those leather jackets back in the day?

    Pure gallus man!


  9. Patsy Millar says:

    It’s always good to see you posting Stu.

  10. twathater says:

    Who said size isn’t everything , Kim jung mirroring Tom cruise in the walk with the boys n’the hood

  11. ian murray says:

    It looks like they got their watches from the barras probably thrown in when they got a deal on crockery.
    And it wisnae 20 pounds no no even 15, but a tenner! Thats right a tenner and a handful of watches! today only !

    Talk about channeling Tom Cruise

  12. Dan says:

    Aye, but cool guys don’t look at explosions…

    NB. Even cooler guys wouldn’t entertain the building of such destructive devices, because if the monumental effort and technology that has been put into developing and building weaponry had been put into something more constructive and beneficial to human kind and the planet we would not be where we are now.

  13. Linda McFarlane says:

    Oh Stuart,

    You are the one!!!!

  14. Stuart MacKay says:

    Surely you could have picked, “Blinded by the light” by Manfred Mann. Failing that some Death Metal by Autopsy or the like.

  15. aulbea1 says:

    Serious bit of kit, right enough – imagine having that kind of power in your back door ?? – Postcode Pa2, I have = seriously, seriously fucked.

  16. Doreen A Milne says:

    ? Perfect, Stuart.

  17. Shiregirl says:

    Oh wow.
    Expecting Bruce Willis any moment…

  18. Jimmy says:

    Gangsta style.

  19. Sharny Dubs says:

    Not wonder they are all happy with the launch, because if not…..
    Someone has to die

  20. stonefree says:

    Is that a short arsed Steven Seagal?
    plus a re-doing of a scene from Desperado

  21. Bernard de Linton says:

    We know Republic of Scotland has a limited use of English..but thanks to 175 posts with the cliche ” The Great Satan” i now know he means the USA. Wow, thanks,look forward to next weeks Great Satan mentions,Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  22. Ian Brotherhood says:

    This clip is about a potentially ‘real’ Armageddon, and is almost as funny.

    Ben Wallace, Defence Minister, being pranked by dudes pretending to be the Ukrainian Prime Minister.

    Wallace says he knew right away it was a wind-up and ended the call immediately.

    Well, did he?

    Make your own mind up.

    Astonishing stuff, from approx 30mins on…

  23. auld highlander says:

    Kim Jong un ‘Riding the bomb’ or will it be Vlad the Mad tomorrow?

  24. John Main says:

    @Republic 5:10

    “No doubt the Japanese and South Korea will rail bitterly”

    Yeah, no doubt, eh Republic?

    I could explain why, but I no longer believe you have the capacity to understand.

    Russia is the world’s biggest prison. NK is the world’s biggest concentration camp. It’s not the Great Satan, or any of the other Satans, that have made it so.

  25. Fionan says:

    And OT but quite possibly relevant, a lot of very fast, very low-flying roaring aircraft over West Aberdeenshire, one after the other. Dogs were terrified and tbh I got quite a fright myself and half-expected bombs to start dropping. Probably NATO manoevres – why might they be so busy and so in our faces as that?

  26. Confused says:

    North Korea just shows what a small independent nation can do if it sets its mind to something; still in a state of war with the US, and under all kinds of sanction, it has developed the ICBM, MIRVs, the H Bomb, submarines, SLBMs, and even its own secure operating system based on Linux. There is also the rumour that the norks have made perfect copies of the $100 bill (but some folks think this is the CIA, up to funny business).

    – the sad articles down South content themselves with making smartphones and really superb televisions; K Pop is also rated, but is not to my taste. Admittedly, their horror movies are superb.

    ALL HAIL BEST KOREA (on a tie break)

    note that with your own nukes, your own territorial integrity is absolute and no one can have a serious war with you; even the UK does not have an independent nuke deterrent – it just rents Trident off the Americans, and the launch codes are in the US Ambassador’s safe. Bojo needs to ask permission if he wants to nuke something, the clown. Also, the UK never managed to make a true H bomb on its own.

    Kim DONG never called me A SUBSIDY JUNKIE neither.


  27. Bernard de Linton says:

    Fionan,Raf pilots have scrambled several times a month from Lossiemouth,and previously Leuchars, to intercept Russian warplanes in our airspace wrongly since the 1960s.I remember the old Vulcan bombers flying up the East coast whilst at that was loud…Real Scots doing their jobs. But hey, we have Russia Todays Salmond now ..Get yir Bairns not Bombs badges on folks!

  28. Alan Monaghan says:

    Great video, but a shame Aerosmith decided they needed Diane Warren to wright songs for them.

    What? Just me?

  29. Alan Monaghan says:

    Great video. Just a shame Aerosmith need Diane Warren to write songs for them.

  30. Alan Monaghan says:

    Oops! Sorry for the duplicate post, but got an error message first time.

  31. Hugh Jarse says:

    I for one salute the outstanding corsetry of NK.
    The aforementioned Barras leatherette did its bit for the dear leader too!

    Speaking of dear leaders, nice to see you, to see you…

    ‘Wings over Planet Earth’ has a nice ring.

  32. Heaver says:



  33. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    Well, I’m glad I bothered doing that.

  34. Hugh Jarse says:

    Ian B.
    Ben Wallace. He should be for the high jump after that, he needs to be!

    Blighty noising up the Russian navy in the Black Sea could (very quickly) get out of control.

  35. Breeks says:


    You know when you read stuff like this, you think it’s targeting sectarian marches, but then you remember it’s Sturgeon’s SNP, and you wonder whether it’s Queen Sturgeon wanting to control those pesky AUOB YES marches.

  36. P says:

    Nice one Stu

  37. Effigy says:

    I think this is a Tory Trick again.

    That’s Baroness Ruth Harrison behind these shades coming out of the Barras

    Those rockets fell off a lorry and are currently on special offer.

    When she sees the price of Rocket Fuel she’ll regret it.

  38. holymacmoses says:

    This is a HUGE story Mr Campbell.
    Good to see the WEE book is ready too.
    How’s your other book going?
    Hope you’re taking care of the animals.
    Beckford the Enslaver’s Tower open again yet – I might pop down and see that one day having just re-read Vathek

  39. Effigy says:

    Stooshi with Rishi

    Latest Tory Double Speak- Your billionaire wife with ongoing massive investment in Russia
    is nothing to do with her husband?

  40. Alison Brown says:

    Where were all the women?!!! A question that doesn’t need asked.

  41. Robert Hughes says:

    Those missiles would be even more lethal if they were accompanied by that song .

    What Capitalist Paper Tiger could resist the awesome force of an 80’s AOR power ballad .

    Let’s pray they never develop a fusion of K Pop + Rap

    Wu Tang Gangnam Clan weaponry would be a global game-changer n make Lil Kim truly Supreme Leader

  42. Ruby says:

    Alison Brown says:
    26 March, 2022 at 8:02 am

    Where were all the women?!!! A question that doesn’t need asked.

    They might all have been women whatever that is.

    Julia Hartley-Brewer: ‘I will be asking every politician what a woman is’

    If you don’t respect my sex don’t expect my X

  43. Ruby says:

    Another reasonable article about Alex Salmond in The Herald.
    What is happening?

    Alex Salmond claims RT ‘not Kremlin propaganda’ and UK ban is ‘counterproductive’

  44. Stuart MacKay says:

    Rev., The Wee Alba Book is an ICBM all by itself. Can you to do a post on at least some of the contents and the game plan, or at least get a guest post from someone from Alba or even better, Robin McAlpine.

  45. Robert Hughes says:

    ” If you don’t respect my sex don’t expect my X ”

    Top slogan Ruby

    You could supplement it with ….

    ” If you respect my ex don’t expect any sex “

  46. Ruby says:

    Woman, 48, charged with murder after body found buried in garden in Northampton

    What do they mean by woman? This headline is meaningless.

  47. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Rev., The Wee Alba Book is an ICBM all by itself. Can you to do a post on at least some of the contents and the game plan, or at least get a guest post from someone from Alba or even better, Robin McAlpine.”

    The last version of the book I saw was sometime in late January.

  48. James Che. says:

    This reminds me of the previous article,
    Woke blokes being bullies by waving big projectiles around 🙂

  49. James Che. says:


    Like the comment.

  50. John Main says:

    @Confused 9:07 pm

    NK shows what a country can do when it is isolated from the rest of the world by minefields and barbed world, and half your population has guns pointed at the backs of the other half.

    And instead of pet dogs, you have attack dogs trained to rip the bits off people who fail to sing enthusiastically enough. But on the plus side, those dogs which aren’t vicious and aggressive enough, or just get old and slow down, make a tasty and nutritious stew.

    None of the above sounds good to me, but I am a democrat first and foremost. Let’s get some of Confused’s NK achievements onto the Alba aspirational manifesto and see how the votes stack up.

  51. Effigy says:

    Alex is in full control of his RT show with regards to who his guests are and
    the topic of conversation.

    What change of any form of corrupt and controlled U.K. Media giving him that opportunity?

    As he says 3 Judges and a mainly female jury found him innocent of all charges but the U.K. media are not having it.

    He spent his fortune defending himself so he probably has to work and there are no queues
    to offer him gainful employment.

    What difference to allowing RT TV employing U.K. citizens and showing clips of what is on Russian national TV from the BBC showing clips from Russian national TV?

    We know the Tory politicians have taken millions from Russians, are happy to launder their dirty money, take very well paid jobs from them and Mrs Rishi making millions ongoing from her investments in Russia. Pot a Kettle just fits the bill.

    Always remember the nondom owners of the Daily Mail wanted Britain to join Germany in conquering the rest of Europe and possibly the world during WW11.

    A new book much hushed up proves Englands abdicating King acted as a German Spy during that period and advised on the best route to invade France.

    This has been verified and is thought to explain the hate the Queen Mother and Churchill had for him and refused to socialise with him.

    Freedom of information has never existed in Britain and never will.

  52. “Talk quietly, but carry a big stick”… or was that ‘WALK quietly with Weapons of Mass Destruction ~ Insanity!!?

  53. Cuilean says:

    Eeh, a ‘Grand Day Out’ Gromit.

  54. Breeks says:

    Ruby says:
    26 March, 2022 at 9:30 am

    Another reasonable article about Alex Salmond in The Herald.
    What is happening?

    Alex Salmond claims RT ‘not Kremlin propaganda’ and UK ban is ‘counterproductive’

    Just wait for the cacophony of anti-Salmond abuse which appears below in the comments.

    Trust your instincts, which should be telling you the National is a Sturgeon / SNP fanzine, and comes complete with a healthy chorus of SNP lunatics who see Sturgeon as their very own Nurse Ratched, and R. P. Salmond as her arch enemy who’s disruptive spirit threatens her personal fiefdom.

    Not to mix my dystopian analogies, but broadcasting positive news and views from Alex Salmond might very well serve as the SNP’s daily two minute hate. We know from her 2021 Election Campaign how much Sturgeon identifies with 1984 Orwellian principles. 😉

    (Jesus, was that only a year ago? Honestly? It feels like five years ago. Time doesn’t exactly fly under Sturgeon’s reign), and things never change, clearly, because we all know we’ve always been at war with EuroRussia.

  55. Breeks says:

    Whoops… Sorry Ruby…

    I had a page open at the National featuring Alex Salmond’s Wee Blue ALBA book… Got my wires crossed about papers.

  56. Ruby says:

    Oh dear!

    Earlier this week the First Minister said “the buck stops with me” but moved to pin the blame for the fiasco on the disgraced Derek Mackay

    But last night it emerged Mr Mackay was on holiday when the contract was given the green light

    Earlier this evening @LBC
    caught up with Alex Salmond at the launch of his party’s new book on independence. We’ll get to that & other things. But we asked him about the demands for Derek Mackay to answer MSP questions on the ferries fiasco, as it has been dubbed.

  57. Ruby says:

    The whole disgraced Derek MacKay & the schoolboy story didn’t sit right with me.

    Had he texted the followeing questions I might have had a different opinion:

    Have you had vaginal or anal sex (penetrative sex) more than once?

    How old were you when you had sex for the first time?

  58. Robert Hughes says:

    ” … SNP lunatics who see Sturgeon as their very own Nurse Ratched… ”

    Those self-lobotomising numpties may like to think of A.S as R.P McMurphy , but here’s hoping he turns out more like Big Chief Bromden .

    Th one who DID fly over the cuckoo’s nest

  59. Robert Hughes says:

    * on a serious note *

    This ” Ferries Fiasco ” ( and that’s an understatement , it’s a national embarrassment ) and the snivelling attempt to put the blame elsewhere may be just one of the things about to blow-up in the face of the hitherto Teflon Administration .

    That sound you hear could be the wheels falling off the Sturgeon Bandwagon . The other sound is the scuttling of minions desperately attempting some damage limitation

  60. Ruby says:

    Breeks says:
    26 March, 2022 at 11:21 am

    Whoops… Sorry Ruby…

    I had a page open at the National featuring Alex Salmond’s Wee Blue ALBA book… Got my wires crossed about papers.

    No problem Breeks. Not that long ago you would have expected a flood of anti-Salmond abuse on The Herald but the comments are not too bad.

    ‘Two years on from the seismic court trial, the party leader was reticent to comment in any detail on it because of an ongoing police investigation into the leak of information to the Daily Record and a subsequent one to the Times.’

    These investigations are taking a long time!

  61. Republicofscotland says:

    Main @8.51pm.

    Actually Main the world’s largest prison is the Gaza Strip, as for prison populations, Mind you if your Nazi buddies keep holding civilians prison in Ukraine who knows.

    The Great Satan is world leader in that field.

    “The United States has the largest prison population in the world, and the highest per-capita incarceration rate. One out of every 5 people imprisoned across the world is incarcerated in the United States.”,with%20more%20than%205%2C000%20inhabitants%20per%20square%20kilometre.

  62. Republicofscotland says:

    So Prince William has said in a speech that the monarchy will show respect.

    “we respect the decision of countries like the Bahamas, Jamaica and Belize when it comes to their future.” He said: “Next year, I know you all are looking forward to celebrating 50 years of Independence- your Golden Anniversary.”

    Meanwhile the same monarchy and its attack dog MI5 headed by a treacherous Glaswegian called Ken McCallum does everything in their powers and then some, to put Scotland down and thwart independence, mind you these scumbags have a very helpful puppet in Sturgeon the betrayer, and the 5th Column in Holyrood, and a multitude of gatekeepers parachuted into key positions.

  63. Republicofscotland says:

    Ukrainian torture chambers found in Mariupol, which make Guantanamo Bay look like Disney World.

    The Azov torture chamber had been know about for a while by HRW and Amnesty International, but its exact position wasn’t until now.

  64. Effigy says:

    Ferries Fiasco?

    How about Labours Edinburgh Trams Fiasco and their Holyrood build cost increasing
    12 fold as their friends in construction filled their pockets.

    We have the Tory HS2 railway that isn’t going near it’s intended final destination and it’s easily doubling in cost add £10’s Billions.

    Anyone want to look at the £45 Billion disaster Track and Trace filling more Tory pockets?
    Perhaps the £4.5 Billion lost on grants to companies that never existed.

    On a nautical theme how about Chris Graylings £150 million hiring ships that don’t exist from a Tory supporter who didn’t know the sharp end from the blunt end of a ship.

    At least the attempt at Fergusons was to save jobs and keep the last Scottish Ship Yard on the Clyde to keep our world renowned skills alive.

    Unfortunately those running the yard took a disastrous course and hit the rocks.

    If you had to chose errors above I’m with the Ferries not the Fairies!

  65. twathater says:

    Effigy I am with you on ALL the disgusting corruption by ALL the political parties but where is the evidence that it was THOSE RUNNING THE YARD that took the disastrous course

    When you commission ships, boats,planes,statues ,paintings the commissioner is the one who determines how their money is spent and if the commissioner continuously changes or alters the specifications of the commission there inevitably follows increased costs and further delays , no credible commissioned company would or could absorb the increased costs or employ more people at THEIR expense to keep within time parameters

    Ask any tradesman who has been asked for extras that takes days or weeks and the customer still expects the same fixed price

  66. Republicofscotland says:

    Scotland’s lands can be given away as a trinket and there’s nothing Scots can do about it, the betrayer of Scots Sturgeon hasn’t really done much on land reform in Scotland, she is on the side of big business over the people.

    Andy Wightman pointed this out as has Robin McAlpine, meanwhile those from across the border in England can sell a mediocre house in London and buy a castle or estate in Scotland, whilst our own young folk can’t even get a council house in areas outside Glasgow and Edinburgh.

    The SNP has betrayed Scots, why reward them at the polls for it, vote for the Alba party in your area.

  67. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland – 26 March, 2022 at 2:39 pm

    “The United States has the largest prison population in the world, and the highest per-capita incarceration rate.”

    Hmmm, Republic, let’s “stress test” that one shall we?

    North Korea, as the very rare escapees from your favourite utopian paradise attest, has a per-capita incarceration rate of 100%

    So for your claim to be correct, the USA must have a per-capita incarceration rate greater than 100%.

    Naw, Republic, does not compute anywhere outside of your heid. Soz.

  68. Breeks says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    26 March, 2022 at 4:46 pm

    Scotland’s lands can be given away as a trinket and there’s nothing Scots can do about it, the betrayer of Scots Sturgeon hasn’t really done much on land reform in Scotland, she is on the side of big business over the people….

    Given the Glencoe Cottage of that other “celebrity”, that whole Oscar business seems to be in extraordinarily poor taste, even for America. Scotland treated little better than a toilet.

  69. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland – 26 March, 2022 at 2:58 pm

    “Ukrainian torture chambers found in Mariupol”

    Strong stuff Republic. I had never heard of John Platinum Goss before today, but I may in future get all my news from his site.

    Haha, just my little joke.

    The companion piece on his site “8 years of war versus 1 month of liberation” consists of a straight translation of a Kremlin communique. Even I can see that most of the claims in that communique are shite.

    Here’s about the only nugget of truth I can find:

    “Inevitably there have been losses, lives cut short, on both sides.”

  70. Republicofscotland says:

    Craig Murray loses his legal challenge over unjust imprisonment.

    “Lord Calloway added Murray showed “a total lack of remorse” about his actions, “and perhaps insight into the consequences of his actions”.”

    Murray was given an eight month sentence, for something that wasn’t proven, he wasn’t even allowed to present his entire evidence at the trial.

  71. Republicofscotland says:

    “Scotland treated little better than a toilet.”


    Because the people of Scotland allow themselves and the country to be treated as a toilet, oh we’re okay with happy clappy flag waving marches that are ignored by Bute House, broadcasting isn’t devolved, and by the sheer brainwashing of Scots over the Ukraine conflict we can see quite clearly that the foreign media that broadcasts in Scotland also gets their messages across pretty well on Scotland being best served as part of this rancid union.

    Its not Westminster that’s stopping us from leaving this union, Sturgeon is a big part of the problem but the real onus lies on us, and we’ve become complacent, even accepting of the shite that we are served up in Scotland every single day.

    The likes of Sean Clerkin has made moves, but he’s been demonised by the foreign media and the brainwashed Scots who now feel political correctness trumps any form of action that isn’t seen as acceptable by those that set the agenda such as Sturgeon.

    Christ we’re such a gutless and apathetic bunch that we allowed an eighty-year old man Brian Quail to lie down in front of the nuke lorries that pass through our cities carrying foreign WMD’s.

  72. holymacmoses says:

    On first impressions, it seems to lack the elegant simplicity of your books but I’ll get back here when I’ve looked closer

  73. Effigy says:

    On the Ferries I am led to believe the specifications were continually changed throughout.

    There should have been a ready made design to keep it simple rather than reinventing proposed improvements over and over.

    Like the hospital pigeon droppings in the ventilation system.
    Does anyone suggest the architect, main contractor, or ventilation installers only made a small but costly mistake due to Scot Gov telling them how to do the job?

  74. Cactus says:

    Yin frae me, will try to condense things into one fine post for yer interest. ALBA kicked ass on both Friday and yesterday. A thoroughly impassioned delivery and speech from Alex, the kind that makes you feel amazing and all tingley inside, again. Every-guid-buddy was there at the show. Currently enjoying Mr Majid’s post gig pakoras from a penthouse apartment (top flat) in the Gorbals. I can see the morning smoke a-rising from the Glasgow skyline and daylight is coming. Just keep doing what ye wanna do cause they won’t. Dans la vie, there are political weapons, some go boom and some can fill the room. The Wee ALBA Book is excellent and has been a long time coming, so let’s get it out there. Thanks Stu.

    Merry Mothers Day.

  75. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland – 26 March, 2022 at 6:50 pm

    “the sheer brainwashing of Scots over the Ukraine conflict”

    Red alert – even Republic is falling for the brainwashing! Are any of us safe?

    FFS Republic, there is no “conflict” in Ukraine.

    What is going on there is a “special military operation”. You of all people should know that. I am deeply saddened to see that the relentless propaganda of the assorted Satans is starting to get to you.

    President Putin announced a “special military operation” to “demilitarise and denazify” Ukraine. Those widows and orphans we are starting to see amongst us are Nazis who have been expelled from Ukraine. Don’t you start to waver or backslide from your beliefs now, Republic, we need you to stand fast for the truth.

  76. Breeks says:

    I’m not at the ALBA Conference, but I’ve read Alex Salmond’s speech.

    I liked it, of course I did, but it struck me as a little subdued because of the farcical situation we have with Sturgeon’s SNP.

    I need to pinch myself to believe Scotland forfeited a leader and statesman like Alex Salmond to make way for a professional charlatan like Sturgeon. That demonstrated a sinful lack if diligence Scotland, and we’ve now suffered 7 years bad luck because of it. I pray Scotland will not suffer for such a gross misjudgement indefinitely. We cannot afford it. Scotland is failing and Sturgeon will destroy all that’s been built by our army of good and decent people.

  77. Stuart MacKay says:

    With the BBC full of social-media savvy types who are not so keen on heading out to a war zone, where there’s no croissants and lattes and they might just get killed for their trouble, it’s no wonder they rely on PR agencies to get the material for their “independent, impartial and honest” reports:

    BBC correspondent-fixer shaping Ukraine war coverage is PR operative involved in “war-messaging tool”, The Gray Zone,

    While easily attributed to incompetence the BBC absolutely know the material they are republishing is outright fabrications but since it fits their master’s objectives they do it anyway.

    This is not so much about the war but more about just how far the mainstream media will go in order to support a given narrative. We all know that, but it’s s useful reminder of what any push for independence will trigger, particularly if it’s on Westminster’s terms.

  78. stuart mctavish says:

    Republicofscotland @6:30pm yesterday

    Seems only the other day we were hoping Scotland, let alone its law, could never be so dumb..

    Intriguing decision on the face of it due in part to the apparent collusion to ignore salient fact whilst taking advantage of the ethically questionable anonymity protocol to introduce potential straw men (mental health) to render moral judgement despite new argument from the prosecution normally being disallowed for reasons of double jeopardy.

    The implication of the justifying principle is very interesting though since intelligent people, and services, must now have retroactive legal responsibility for the mental health of anonymous women (and each other?).

    ie Setting aside the arbitrary elements of the judgement, the precedent implies profound changes to employment law (not least where it concerns the P45 of experts guilty of escalating the expected trauma from hair ruffling, knee squeezing, seasonal flu, reporting inconvenient truths, etc, etc) in addition to providing more fuel for mutual assured destruction in the private courts in event of anyone needing to explain why penises in women’s toilets, if at all, should be by invitation only!

  79. Robert Hughes says:

    Breeks says:
    27 March, 2022 at 10:11 am
    ” I’m not at the ALBA Conference, but I’ve read Alex Salmond’s speech.

    I liked it, of course I did, but it struck me as a little subdued because of the farcical situation we have with Sturgeon’s SNP. ”

    Aye , that was my impression too . I suppose there are limits on how forthright he can be on Sturgeon personally – both legal and * diplomatic * and I imagine he hopes to save the SNP as a political force whilst criticising it’s 7 years of abject failure in progressing our cause . A tricky high-wire act for sure .

    In compensation , seeing Sara Salyers articulating the Constitutional argument with force , clarity and genuine emotion was wonderful . ALBA would do well to have her as candidate , if not in May , then at the earliest opportunity after and assuming she was up for it .

    That kind of passionate intelligence is exactly what’s needed .

  80. Republicofscotland says:

    “Seems only the other day we were hoping Scotland, let alone its law, could never be so dumb..”


    In my opinion what’s happening now with the likes of GRA and Self-Id the imprisoning of indy bloggers, the intimidating other indy supporting bloggers, the attempted fit up of an ex-FM who actually supports an indy Scotland, the dangling of the indy carrot for years by Sturgeon, the machinations of the COPFS, and don’t forget the above shite is occuring not by Westminster but by our own supposedly SNP government, whose sole existence is to achieve Scottish independence, is the real hurdle to us leaving this rancid union.

    The politically woke agenda has been set by the SNP and its so strict that any form of outspoken action that’s not within the very tight parameters set by the SNP/COPFS is quickly clamped down on, the only recent event that I can recall where Scots actually took a stance against this though it was against the Home Office was the mass gatherings and obstruction on Glasgow’s SouthSide to stop the HO from removing men.

    Imagine what we could achieve if we moved that kind of action over to the indy cause. May’s council elections will give us a fair idea of how many folk still believe in Sturgeon.

  81. Breeks says:

    Robert Hughes says:
    27 March, 2022 at 12:12 pm

    In compensation , seeing Sara Salyers articulating the Constitutional argument with force , clarity and genuine emotion was wonderful…

    Sara Salyers was also a massive part of the Claim of Right Articles hosted by Iain Lawson.

    It is this Constitutional angle which personally, I believe is much more likely to deliver Scottish Independence than fickle and untrustworthy politicians, and Holyrood as it stands. It is so heartening to see Scotland at last beginning to reacquaint itself with its Constitution, and put sovereignty in the vanguard of the Indy Campaign.

    We need so much more of this!

  82. Robert Hughes says:

    Yes Breeks , I read – avidly – all those articles on YFS and agree that this approach could – if enthusiastically embraced by ALBA and other genuine Independence groups and individuals – prove much more productive than the tiresome , well-trod road of Holyminster elections , with all the predictable blather that surrounds them

    Though such an approach doesn’t preclude focus on the here and now – the rank awfulness of Tory Govs , Brexit , Internal Market shenanigans etc .

    It could be another weapon in our armoury

  83. Jack Murphy says:


  84. Breeks says:

    Robert Hughes says:
    27 March, 2022 at 1:06 pm

    It could be another weapon in our armoury…

    I think that’s absolutely right.

    The “weakness” of it, isn’t actually a weakness at all, but the very polar opposite of weakness. Scotland’s Sovereignty is too strong, and there becomes an issue whether people will respect it’s commanding authority. The Law I think will, but the people? Handled badly, it could potentially deliver a somewhat awkward scenario of technical and legally binding Scottish Independence, but without the popular support of the people. That could get messy.

    But where I see Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty being absolutely pivotal, is in dictating, and I mean dictating, how a Constitutional Referendum, plebiscite, or even a ratification plebiscite, is put to the Scottish people. (I would hope that’s the process which puts Sturgeon in her place and her kowtowing to the Scotland Act).

    That’s the mechanism whereby Scotland can ensure every vote or election becomes a plebiscite on Independence. (Scotland’s MP’s at Westminster could also have a whale of a time exercising a sovereign veto over anything and everything that moved in Westminster).

    And even though Scotland could commute the Union at the flick of a switch, don’t be too hasty to force the issue, but be magnanimous and allow Scotland’s NO voters a brief period of contemplation to dwell on what is inevitable, and come to realise for themselves that the Union is already irretrievably doomed.

    Let them be the ones to realise their votes are worthless and forlorn. One way or the other, Scottish Independence is happening.

  85. Derek Cameron says:

    It’s no joke. This is how the human world ends.

  86. Robert Hughes says:

    Breeks @ 1.53

    Spot-on Señor

  87. Republicofscotland says:

    “One way or the other, Scottish Independence is happening.”


    Not in the near future it isn’t, Sturgeon the betrayer is in office until 2026, and then its likely Angus Robertson will be SNP leader, and will probably be FM, unless indy minded Scots vote for the 5th column at Holyrood, Labour/Lib/Dem/Tory, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon, at least I hope not.

    Also in play is the continuous stream of folk moving from South of the border to Scotland, in my opinion we’re already at the tipping point, or past it, to out vote them, along with unionist minded Scots, and with Sturgeon falsely claiming that time is on our side, which is isn’t, who knows when an indyref or plebiscitary election will take place in Scotland, and how many more union supporters will have made their homes in Scotland by then, and I haven’t even mentioned the gatekeepers who can hinder an indyref if in the unlikely event there was another.

    We had our best chance in 2014, then another incredible chance arose with Brexit, unless something major happens on the political scene in Scotland and soon, independence will be on the back burner for a long time to come, and with Scots who want independence lacking gumption to be more militant on the indyfront, possibly due to the SNP/COPFS strictness in which Scotland has become an ultra woke “Politically Correct” and increasingly authoritarian country, I see no way out of this union for the time being.

    Unless you know better that is.

  88. Breeks says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    27 March, 2022 at 4:38 pm

    “One way or the other, Scottish Independence is happening.”

    ….Unless you know better that is.

    I meant what I said in the context of a referendum or plebiscite happening where Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty was actually respected. Scotland’s Unionists would know that the Union Treaty was doomed as a lie that was incompatible with our sovereignty every which way..

    Whether the end of the Union came by referendum, legal judgement or arbitrary pronouncement, it wouldn’t matter. Unionists and Devolutionists would already know the Union was at an end.

    I agree that Sturgeon is an absolute nuisance to progress, but I disagree she holds all the cards. If you’ve read my red and white sovereignty piece over on Barrheadboy, you’ll maybe agree that Holyrood itself is on a shoogily peg in Constitutional terms. And if Holyrood’s small “c” constitution called the Scotland Act lies in shreds, then so does the office of First Gauleiter Minister.

  89. Ian Brotherhood says:

    If ‘Brexit’ is a significant and material change – one which justifies reviving calls for another independence referendum – how significant is the fact that the Scottish National Party has been commandeered by people who don’t appear to want one?

  90. Dan says:

    Ach Ian B. Your post nudged me to look back at some of the pages I’d saved.
    I guess oor FM is jist a she / her / ignorer of mandates / not a material change in circumstance prompting decisive action kinda girl…

  91. Breeks says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    27 March, 2022 at 5:44 pm

    If ‘Brexit’ is a significant and material change – one which justifies reviving calls for another independence referendum – how significant is the fact that the Scottish National Party has been commandeered by people who don’t appear to want one?

    Better yet… Let the significant and material change be Scotland’s people becoming recognised as sovereign, and Brexit then becomes an act of subjugation which tears the Treaty of Union to shreds in both fact and spirit…

  92. Effigy says:

    For the first time ever I have agreed with not 1 but 2 Tory rules they set in stone.

    The claimed the EU had too much say in Englands legislation.
    They said no sovereign nation should accept such a situation.

    On the Ukrainian crisis they say that Russia should have no say in the running of sovereign
    nations like Ukraine.

    Let’s agree that no lying corrupt cabal of an English government should prevent the sovereign nation of Scotland from having any referendum at any time

  93. ronald anderson says:

    Back on the Indy trail in person yesterday I attended the Alba conference & spoke with Alex Salmond re the success of interview with Stu , great meeting old & new Indy friends .

    Vote ALBA .

  94. sarah says:

    @ Ronnie – great to hear that you are getting out and about, rubbing shoulders with fellow patriots. Best I could do was watch on-line and the recording didn’t really give a flavour of the response. Was there as much enthusiasm for Alex’s speech as there was at the 2021 conference?

  95. ronald anderson says:

    There was a great atmosphere for all the speakers Sara’s speech U could hear a pin drop Alex was as buoyant as ever

  96. Breeks says:

    I think Sara’s stuff is terrific, I really do, and a Constitutional dimension to Scottish Independence is ultimately what’s going to deliver it.

    The very sad part is, Sara will likely become the new bête noir of SNP back biting shit stirrers, and their unhinged contempt for all things ALBA.

    With their selective deafness, all they will choose to hear is the implicit criticism of the SNP, but they haven’t the guts to look in the mirror and see what a contemptible bunch of dysfunctional charlatans the SNP has become and thoroughly deserve to be criticised. If they don’t like the criticism, then maybe they should have got off their backsides at some point these past 7 years and done something.

    It’s a time for ALBA and ALBA supporters to be strong and supportive of each other, and defend Sara from the SNP bile brigade without sinking to their level of bickering.

    ALBA has genuine initiative in this, but until it’s firmly rooted in the mainstream psyche, there’s a fragility to the Constitutional arguments, and the SNP will be beside themselves with cantankerous jealousy.

    We must not allow the burgeoning Constitutional debate to be silenced, belittled, or shut down by SNP detractors.

  97. Breeks says:

    Just imagine how refreshing it would be for someone in the SNP to say some magnanimous words of encouragement and camaraderie in response to Sara’s speech.

    Sadly, you probably will have to imagine it.

  98. Robert Hughes says:

    ” Sadly, you probably will have to imagine it. ”

    Indeed B .

    The only Claim of Right most of the Identikit SNiPpers care about is how much expenses they have a right to claim .

    You’re also right about this area being ALBA territory , another way of being distinct from the ( not particularly ) * Magic * Roundabout of SNP * strategy * . ” Boing ” said Pete Wishywashy

    There are some brilliant people and ideas in and around ALBA .

    Hope the Party can capitalise on them

  99. Dorothy Devine says:

    Ronnie good to see you here – hope your health is much improved.

    I do miss the camaraderie of the ‘old ‘ days – all that hope ,joy and ambition .

  100. twathater says:

    @ Robert Hughes you say , there are some brilliant people and ideas around ALBA , PLEASE SEE the comment from Kurikat on YFS Iain Lawsons blog re the conference and Neale Hanveys response to Sara Salyers presentation

  101. ronald anderson says:

    Dorothy Devine Kemo treatment now finished 6 weeks so trying to get back on my feet ,thanks to Liz G who gave me a rollator where I can walk & sit when im tired

    I,ll be in Arbroath coming Sat

    U take care XXX

  102. Robert Hughes says:


    Yes mate , read that earlier . pretty dismal reading .

    I think you and I are of a similar opinion about ALBA so far .

    Don’t want to be publicly critical. Suffice to say , it would be a shame if they just , more or less , follow the same meandering trajectory as those they are supposed to be an alternative to

  103. twathater says:

    @ Robert Hughes , sorry Robert i’m sick of these politicians and their belief that they determine the routes that should be taken , the correct way of the world is that the employer tells the employee what he wants done not the other way around , at £80,000+ and great pension benefits I think they should be more aware of what is expected from them and should be worried that their employers may not be impressed with their work and feel they need sacked

  104. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeon the betrayer of Scots said in an interview with Glen Campbell, that the ferries fiasco that’s saw ferries years late and millions of pounds over budget, that the buck stops with her, we need to hold her to that and be accountable.

    There needs to be an inquiry into this shambles that has made Scotland the laughing stock of the world, we live on an island yet we can’t even build a bloody ferry without it running years late and millions over budget.

    The inquiry now that Sturgeon has admitted her culpability must hold a vote and return a vote of no confidence in Sturgeon, of course the arse-licking Greens will save her skin just as they did twice with John Swinney Holyrood’s king of dodging VONC’s.

  105. Robert Hughes says:


    As the person who made that comment said …..what’s the point of applauding and congratulating someone – presumably in full agreement with their ideas , then voting against those ideas ?

    The perennial problem of every hierarchical group/organisation/party . Where does the power to determine any course of action lie , the leaders or the members ?

    Why I’ve never joined a political party until ALBA last year . Never been much of a * joiner * , my interaction with ALBA is kinda peripheral, so I can’t complain too much about what’s happening with it.

    To have a say in the direction and policy-making would require direct involvement , attending meetings etc , something geography and temperament make unlikely .

    I wish them well though , and will support them . They , at least , represent something better than the current SNP .

    Not difficult

  106. Dorothy Devine says:

    Ronnie , glad your chemo is over , hope it wasn’t too arduous and that you keep progressing to better health.

  107. Stuart MacKay says:

    Phase 2 of operations, The Duran, is rather good. I’m only 54 minutes into the program but it has a lot of interesting stuff, which just might be relevant to independence.

    The basic idea is that the Americans are going to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian but the real question is why is the EU pursuing this without question when it’s going to result is massive hardship for all it’s citizens (BTW, Brexit is now effectively cancelled, since it’s working in close coopoeration with the US and the EU).

    Anyways, one possibility of all this, is the re-drawing of the political and economic map of the world with the basic idea is that globalisation is rapidly coming to an abrupt end, along with all the institutions that promote it. That means the likes of the World Economic Forum, etc, etc.

    The upshot of all this is that power base that Sturgeon’s mentors and protectors rely on is going away. That’s probably far-fetched, but it’s definitely going to be significantly weakened and there lies the opportunity to prise ourselves away from the SNP, away from the UK and towards EFTA – assuming it still exists once the dust of this insanity by the neo-cons in Washington D.C. starts to settle.

    It doesn’t much matter if this is grounded in reality or not but it’s certainly entertaining to consider the consequences.

  108. sarah says:

    @ ronnie anderson at 10.30 p.m last night: thanks for that “conference report”! I thought the speakers all came across well – that young Robert Reid looks hopeful for the future.

    Have a great time in Arbroath.

  109. Breeks says:

    Robert Hughes says:
    28 March, 2022 at 7:02 pm

    Yes mate , read that earlier . pretty dismal reading .

    I think you and I are of a similar opinion about ALBA so far .

    I hear you too, but the constitutional candle is lit. Sovereignty is a defined legal status beyond the writ of any politician, or indeed political party.

    It’s very disappointing that Hanvey would move to extinguish that flame, but it isn’t his flame to extinguish.

    I don’t believe the Scottish Sovereignty Research Group will let this lie, but Hanvey’s reaction is a measure of the work which still needs to be done.

    Sovereignty is difficult for politicians, because they are caught between two masters; the democratic will of the electorate and the non-democratic absolute condition of sovereignty.

    We are conditioned as a society to respect democracy as the ascendant principle, but actually it is not. That position is reserved for Sovereignty, Without the prerequisite power and authority of sovereignty, democracy is just an weightless opinion poll. Sorry democrats everywhere, but it’s true.

    Sovereignty is a higher principle than democracy, but particularly in Scotland democracy has a much better Press Agent. (I’ll leave you to judge whether that “Press Agent” is the UK Establishment, with it’s ingrained aversion to the concept of Scotland being a sovereign entity).

  110. Breeks says:

    Stuart MacKay says:
    28 March, 2022 at 7:54 pm

    Anyways, one possibility of all this, is the re-drawing of the political and economic map of the world with the basic idea is that globalisation is rapidly coming to an abrupt end, along with all the institutions…

    I’ve got to admit, I was quite shaken to learn that the global population of humans has doubled in the last 50 years.

    If the population had halved in that time, it would be seen as an unprecedented catastrophe greater than the medieval Black Death. But it didn’t halve, it doubled.

    If we needed 10 houses in 1975, we now need 20. If we needed 50 fields producing crops in 1975, we now need 100.

    Conservation of the wilderness is not going to be enough. Being “green” is not going to be enough. How can recycling resources, however efficient we might be doing it, possibly accommodate a doubling of people wanting to consume that resource in just a 50 year period?

    Humanity’s population is an explosion happening right before our eyes, and sooner or later, a way must be found to radically slow down our unsustainable proliferation. There will soon be 8 billion of us.

    8,000,000,000 of us, 415,000 African Elephants, 175,000 jaguars. 100,000 giraffe. Less than 30,000 rhino… a whole host of species critically endangered.

    Humanity has a MASSIVE problem heading it’s way, and that is how to stop our own unsustainable procreation before starvation and climate change takes the matter out of our control.

    The scariest science isn’t natural biology, it’s simple arithmetic.

  111. Stuart MacKay says:


    COP26 was when I realised that we simply don’t have the institutions, politicians or the will to solve the climate crisis other than tinkering around the edges.

    The absolute number of humans I’m less worried about since the population is scheduled to level off relatively soon. Also worth bearing in mind that the hand-wringing on over population has been going on for a couple of hundred years without really amounting to much. I do agree that we’re pushing the limits of what the planet can handle though.

    Perhaps the reset in the world order that is happening right now will result in more diversity of thought and action. We probably don’t need to be shipping the likes of lamb from New Zealand all around the world, tasty though it is, or having fresh-cut flowers flown, daily, in from Ethiopia, or being able to fly to Prague from the UK for £40. There are millions of ways humans are profligate. Cutting down on the excesses would be a good start.

  112. Robert Hughes says:


    I noticed newer comments on that YFS thread re Sara’s speech giving a less negative interpretation of how it was responded to .

    I’m not familiar with the processes or terminology , but it appears despite the motion being * rejected * ie not * remitted * back , the actual ideas were not , and could be given a motion of their own at a future conference .

    It still seems a little * jam tomorrow * – politicians telling members promoting * controversial * ideas they’ll consider them * later * more often than not means never , the ideas get quietly abandoned .

    Sovereignty , aye , not really that complicated an idea is it amigo ?

    Yet it seems to send shivers down the spine of just about all pro-Independence politicians ( those that have one ) .

    The spectre of – the entirely abstract notion of – * International Recognition * seems to haunt their imaginations , acting as a kind of prohibiting ” Super-ego ”

    The * Id * of instinctive feeling and acting has been repressed too long it seems .

    Time to let it off the leash ?

  113. Robert Hughes says:

    Good posts Stuart .

    Interesting thoughts on where we might be heading .

    Bit pressed for time to respond in detail – work !

    Just to say re your last point …..absolutely ! Lamb being imported from the other side of the world , and being hyped as a great trade deal , sums-up the idiocy of * Free * Market economics

  114. Covid seems to be rife in Edinburgh just now.
    So many people that got through the last two years now coming out positive.

  115. Stuart MacKay says:

    Robert Hughes

    The comments on Yours for Scotland over Sara’s speech reflect that people have great hopes with Alba. I can also see why, six weeks from the local council elections, that the party hierarchy might not want to shake-up their plans by adopting something somewhat radical, particularly since this was the first time a lot of members had ever heard what Sara had to say.

    The real test will be the next conference. By then people will have had more exposure to the Scottish Sovereignty Research Group. I certainly hope to hear more from Sara in the coming months. If there is still a lukewarm response then will be the time to start asking some pertinent questions.

  116. Breeks says:

    Robert Hughes says:
    29 March, 2022 at 7:54 am

    I noticed newer comments on that YFS thread re Sara’s speech giving a less negative interpretation of how it was responded to .

    I don’t know the plan, I don’t know the strategy, I don’t know who is steering what, but I do know that this Constitutional approach is correct and in my opinion, it will bear fruit. Once it develops momentum, I believe that momentum will be unstoppable and it will carry Scotland to Independence.

    But there is a problem which needs to be negotiated with a degree of diligence and delicacy. While sovereignty IS the superior principle to democracy, handled badly, we could produce a situation where Scottish Democracy lay at odds to Sovereignty.

    For example, where would we be if Scotland successfully asserted it’s Sovereignty, even won a Constitutional Court Case, but had the “democratic” Holyrood Assembly refusing to recognise that assertion of sovereignty because it didn’t have a democratic mandate? (Sovereignty would still win the argument, but it could get very messy, especially with the Westminster Government stirring up mischief and division).

    Personally, and it is just my personal belief, I think Sturgeon’s reverence for Section 30 of the colonial Scotland Act leaves Sturgeon and Holyrood vulnerable, and standing on the wrong bank of the Constitutional river just when that river goes into spate.

    That would be my thinking, but my thinking is often left two or three leaps behind that of Alex Salmond.

  117. Republicofscotland says:

    One compliant House Jock replaced with another as Laura Kuenssberg takes over from Andrew Marr as the host of the BBC’s Sunday Politics Show.

  118. Republicofscotland says:

    So the SNP government are demanding that the UK reform the charging system on energy, as Scots pay a higher price than England for their energy, and with huge rises coming in a few days, even more Scots will fall into the fuel poverty.

    Sturgeon the betrayer could’ve prevented this, or at least partly mitigated it, if she had held an indyref at the time of Brexit, it would have allowed our own government to act without the usual “demanding” Westminster do something, which is just a ploy to get you to vote SNP.

    However as is it beginning to dawn on some Scots that Sturgeon isn’t interested in saving Scots from this fetid union, and that’s she’s quite happy to govern within it, and set her own agenda such as the GRA, and pardoning witches.

    Its also apparently clear that her clapping seals who sit behind her at FMQs and slap their flippers together every time Sturgeon quips or gives a response to a unionist politician have decided to keep stum and go with the flow.

  119. John Main says:

    @Stuart MacKay 28 March, 2022 at 7:54 pm

    “The basic idea is that the Americans are going to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian but the real question is why is the EU pursuing this without question when it’s going to result is massive hardship for all it’s citizens”

    Let’s see now. Germany attacked Russia in 1914, and ultimately took Russia out of WW1 by infecting it with revolutionary Bolshevism.

    Germany attacked Russia in 1941, very nearly defeated it, and killed maybes 21 million Russians.

    The EU is really the new Greater German empire, guided by France as second partner, and with a host of other little countries that don’t add up to very much. Fundamentally though, realpolitik means that the EU does what Germany wants.

    Russia is an out-of-control military aggressor, responding only to the whims of one unstable man, seeing existential threats everywhere, and haunted by a history of violent invasion from the West, most recently from Germany.

    Seems bloody obvious to me why the EU intends to fight Russia. It’s because Germany and many other EU countries will be on Putin’s list.

    One last point, Stuart. One of the unfortunate side-effects of the “Scottish Cringe” is that many Scots find it impossible to conceive that any independent nation could be pursuing policies for itself. Just about everybody commenting BTL here is unable to grasp that Ukraine might be a truly independent country, with a popular and internally supported government, and not guided, controlled, ordered about, instructed or forced by external actors. Continually denigrating the independence of Ukraine is not a good look for those who claim that Scotland could be independent.

    Ukraine is going to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. Show them some respect for that. It’s not much to ask from any supporter of Scottish Independence.

  120. Breeks says:

    John Main says:
    29 March, 2022 at 11:03 am

    The EU is really the new Greater German empire, guided by France as second partner, and with a host of other little countries that don’t add up to very much. Fundamentally though, realpolitik means that the EU does what Germany wants.

    Is that you Mr Farage? It is, isn’t it?

  121. Confused says:

    Lies to War, is a short distance and pretty much a straight line. Alas, the main lesson of history is – no one learns the lessons of history … repeats … tragedy … farce

    but it doesn’t just repeat, it turns on a roundabout and just keeps coming.

    Being wise after the event is not much good to anyone; case in point, C4 had a prog on the Falklands on last Sunday with all the principals talking to camera. Men with a lot to get off their chests. Rivalries, fuckups, the close run nature of it all. Being on C4, it was a bit better than the beeb, but still short of the full story.

    these guys did a good writeup and took tremendous shit for it at the time

    – not many reprints, the volume now an antique, memory holed

    40 years on, we get some idea of what it was really like, but I remember the drum beating and the hysteria of the time – just like Ukraine today, just like Iraq, the Gulf War, and so on … the Malayan Emergency (a british special military operation) to keep our rubber from the communists.

    The tragedy of the ukrainian is his leaders have sold him out, allowed him to be used as a pawn in someone elses game of geopolitical chess – never be a pawn, they get taken, exchanged, are expendable. If crazed neocons in the us govt, or tribalists with an insane hatred of russia because “the czar killed my great grandad” want to stir the shit with russia, they need to send their own sons, and daughters – gender equality remember.

    When you know people lie all the time, then you can’t start listening to them because, once in a while, they might be telling the truth; most of the stories in the papers seem made up; twitter has banned the posting of maps, so go figure.

    The very deep roots of this – weaponised lying – go back a long way; for a good example, lookup “the Jameson Raid”, this was a lot of made up stories, put into the Times, by the Round Table group (invented boer atrocities) to give the empire cause to invade lands where, coincidentally, precious minerals had been found.

    And this “war atrocity” propaganda was used so effectively by the empire in WW1, that a young austrian painter “went to school” on it.



  122. Stuart MacKay says:

    John Main

    Ukraine might be a truly independent country, with a popular and internally supported government, and not guided, controlled, ordered about, instructed or forced by external actors.

    If you believe that then you’ve clearly not been paying attention. Why did Biden call for regime change in Moscow? Why are there calls to open up a second front with Russia either in Georgia or Nagorno-Karabakh? Washington will burn Europe to the ground in order to get rid of Putin. Just ask Victoria Nuland.

    The EU as the Greater German Empire has some truth to it since they control the purse strings but it’s the globalists who are in charge and everything that’s happening in Ukraine comes at the behest of Washington. Zelensky is just an actor playing his part in the run up to WW III.

  123. John Main says:

    @Stuart MacKay 1:18

    Aye, Stuart, everybody has been bought, hoodwinked, or turned.

    Apart, of course, from those who have not been bought, hoodwinked, or turned. You have them listed somewhere.

    Why not save us all a lot of guesswork and tell us who is on your list?

    See the bit you don’t fucking well get Stuart? Somebody starts shelling my house, or school, or hospital, I decide myself whether or not to fight back.

    You are trying to tell us that if somebody starts shelling your house, you are too smart and savvy to fall for that shit. You can see right through that scam. You won’t fight back, that would be falling for the “big lie” like a patsy.

    Awa and shite man.

  124. John Main says:

    Breeks – 29 March, 2022 at 12:28 pm

    “Is that you Mr Farage? It is, isn’t it?”

    Jeez, Breeks, that was funny the first one, two or ten times.

    We are at 1000 times now.

    Maybes you too have a list of those who have not been bought, hoodwinked, or turned, and the German Government is on your list, unlikely as that would seem.

    Why has Germany performed a U-turn since Feb 24 and decided to re-arm then Breeks? One of the Satans get to them?

    [Asking for my good friend Nigel]

  125. Stuart MacKay says:

    John Main

    World War II ended 77 years ago. I’m rather keen on avoiding the next one. If you’re looking for Nazis to fight then phone up your pal Zelensky.

  126. Republicofscotland says:

    Main, spouting his Nazi loving shite as usual, away and polish your Wolfsangel insignia and gies peace.

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