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Time to get busy

Posted on September 03, 2014 by

All 250,000 copies of the Wee Blue Book have now left the printers and should have reached their destinations, from which they’ll be spread far and wide. Many are already in Yes shops and on street stalls and thousands are in the hands of the public.


If you’ve got one, please read it and PASS IT ON afterwards – we’ll print truckloads of souvenir editions after a Yes vote, so you don’t need to hang onto it as a keepsake. It’s no good adorning the mantelpiece, it needs to be in front of undecideds and soft No voters. (Or hard ones if you think there’s even a sliver of light in their minds.)

We don’t have a definitive list of where the books can be found – the Yes movement is an organic grassroots network and there’s no way of predicting where they’ll end up after the pallet comes off the printers’ lorry. We’ve shipped boxes to Shetland, Skye, Stornoway and Selkirk and all points in between. (Some not beginning with “S”.)

But we’ll keep you updated when we hear of sightings. The info hotline is our Twitter feed, and you can also keep an eye on the dedicated Wee Blue Facebook page.

Meanwhile, though, there’s other stuff you can do.


We’ve got tens of thousands of our new flyers available. They’re free (except for a small contribution to postage), and you can order them here.

You can also help us publicise the Wee Blue Book. We’ve already published designs for business cards, and readers have already made their own posters like the one below, which have appeared all over Edinburgh. (Obviously we urge people only to post home-made materials where it is legal to do so.)


We’re not going to take ALL the credit for recent shifts in the polls, of course, but if you study the available evidence the SCIENCE conclusion is inescapable:


So let’s keep getting stuff out there, folks. Something’s working.

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    609 to “Time to get busy”

    1. Nana Smith says:


      Thanks for the links.

      Labour Party? Mo thón!… thoin sa cuidachd

    2. Dick Gaughan says:

      bookie from hell says:
      “Bob Geldof”


      My favourite Geldof story is at the time of Live Aid when most of the African bands were shunted away from London down to a stage in Cornwall. One of the Africans took serious umbrage at this and asked Geldof why they weren’t on the main gig in London.

      Geldof: “Because you don’t sell millions of records.”

      African: “But neither do you, Bob.”

      Probably apochryphal, but I’d love it to be true! 🙂

    3. heraldnomore says:

      Any word from the Streets of Raith yet? Dancing?

    4. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Ron, we can spare 100 here on Arran and I can get someone to take them to Cloanaig on the ferry if you can get someone to collect them from there.”

      None went to Campbeltown because we didn’t actually get an order. We’ve got some on the way there now, no need for anyone else to cannibalise their order.

    5. TD says:

      Fred blogger

      Thanks for that link to the solidarity for Scotland video. Heart warming to see such great levels of support from all over the world willing us on to do this.

    6. Ken500 says:

      The hostage is British. If he was Scottish the ransom would have been paid. Westminster are killing people all over the world. Westminster are responsible for the whole world crisis. Funding and supporting killing and destruction the world over. Funded by UK taxpayers money. The hypocrites are in Westminster. Alcoholics. Fradge, Cameron et al. Alcoholic make poor decisions.

    7. Silverytay says:

      John King @ 9.47 are you sure it’s not Silver 19 your responding to ?

      Regarding the W.B.B , I got my full quota and have already given half to YES Airdrie & Shotts but in the words of Paula Rose I don’t mind spreading a little love .

      If anyone in the Airdrie , Chapelhall , Newarthill and Holytown are desperate for some contact me at mmccabe [at] ea [dot] n-lanark [dot] sch [dot] uk by the weekend as I hope to give all mines away by middle of next week .

      If anyone further away needs some I might be able to meet halfway one night next week .

    8. bookie from hell says:

      brilliant dick gaughan

    9. sydthesnake says:

      just heard some crap on the radio that in the last 2 weeks of a big vote there is usually a big swing to the status quo!!!!!!!!!!!!
      any stats to show this or is this just some more media bias toward NO??

    10. ronnie anderson says:


    11. sydthesnake says:

      Forgot to say it was on BBC Scotland

    12. Les Wilson says:

      Fred Blogger

      Yes, thanks for that inspiring video, something that came to mind. Is that Milliband and Labour et al preach for solidarity across the UK, well how’s about Scottish Solidarity across the world.

      Come on ED, tell us what is bigger and better! Who has the bigger vision? We will change the world, not just Westminster.

      I repost the video here and it should be put everywhere.
      Hats off to Fred for finding it!

    13. HandandShrimp says:


      If it was on the BBC you would need to overdose on salt to swallow it. Each vote is different and is framed by its own dynamics.

    14. sydthesnake says:

      thanks HandandShrimp
      ahh thought so, I had never heard of that happening before
      they will stop at nothing.

    15. HandandShrimp says:

      Any word on our eggman yet?

    16. caz-m says:

      Ronnie Anderson

      Take five Ronnie, make yourself a wee cuppa and have a Tunnocks tea cake as a reward for all your hard work.

    17. Jim says:

      France has put on hold it 2 warships they were making for Russia, wonder if those lumps of woods in our media will say iScotland could now take over that contract because AS VP are best buddies

      “DAVID Cameron’s Government wants the backing of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the battle against Scottish independence, the former USSR’s leading news agency has reported.”

      How do you like them apples Syd?


    18. Stevie boy says:

      I’ve been scratching my head to notice the bookies have increased the odds for a YES vote despite the latest surge in the polls and the momentum with us.

      I’m guessing they believe the big wigs from Westminster coming up and the no doubt ramp up of Project Fear will slap all us wee Jocks back into place!!

      More reason for the odds to get shorter I guess lol 🙂

    19. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:


      It’s getting there but it needs more help, (if anyone can spare it and is kind enough) so as we can avoid the horror of it only being the likes of Fox News and their chums reporting the Independence Referendum when the world’s media arrives in scotland.

    20. sydthesnake says:

      very concerning

    21. Harry Shanks says:

      @ Stevie Boy – bookies odds are easily manipulated. All it takes is some BT punter lumping a sizeable wedge, and the odds are revised. The odds reflect only the total stakes on each outcome, nothing more.

    22. galamcennalath says:

      Cameron asks Putin’s help to stop Scottish Independence. Fell off my chair with that one.

      Sigh, it gets more ridiculous every day!

    23. fred blogger says:

      Les Wilson
      yes it’s heart warming.
      i watched it with a lump in my throat.
      like every thing in my life i stumbled across it!
      as for geld-off!

    24. Stevie boy says:

      Harry Shanks

      Yeah sorry mate, I get that. Just seems strange that the guy working in William Hill said there are loads of bets going on a Yes vote up here. Some BT people must be betting fortunes to keep the odds for No down..I can’t wait to laugh at them all losing their hard ‘earned’ cash haha.

    25. Macandroid says:

      manandboy says:

      I hear tell the world’s press will descend upon us very soon.

      They will be parked outside the parliament and it would be wonderful if they all had a copy of the WBB for the facts 🙂

    26. tiderium says:

      Forgot to mention I was at the courier debate in Perth. Managed to grab a wee word with prof Curtice as he was leaving so decided to ask him directly what he thought the vote would be. response is verbatim he thought for a second “this is no’s to lose and with the no campaigns ability for screwing up”… smiled shook my hand and left.

    27. Stevie boy says:

      Mac android

      Yep I agree.. let’s print the souvenir editions for them all 🙂

    28. fred blogger says:

      the origins of solidarity with scotland vid posted above…

    29. Squeaky bum time.

      The City clearly believes Scotland is necessary to prop up the economic status quo. But this isn’t just a question of yes or no – the Scottish referendum is an opportunity for the whole UK to force open a debate about our hideously imbalanced economy: its failure to create decent jobs, its hopeless dependency on debt, and above all the damaging impact of the City of London.

    30. Brus MacGallah says:

      Maybe Bob “I love George Bush” Geldof should concentrate on being a better parent

    31. ronnie anderson says:

      DAILY POLITICS Andrew Neil getting his AH torn by Jane Freeman on NHS AN could,nt the Scottish gov just take money from they,re budget & subsidize the SNHS F/in muppet, Scotsman Unionist.

    32. fred blogger says:

      solidarity with “BRING CLAIRE, WHO HAS AUTISM AND CHALLENGING BEHAVIOUR, BACK HOME TO US IN SWANSEA, WALES WHERE SHE WANTS TO BE WITH US, HER FAMILY” bring-claire-who-has-autism-and-challenging-behaviour-back-home-to-us-in-swansea-wales-where-she-wants-to-be-with-us-her-family?

    33. X_Sticks says:


      BBC Scotland in overdrive on radio too. Yes bad No good is the message and boy are they pushing it. All pretence of balance seems to have gone out of the window.

    34. Luigi says:

      Forgot to mention I was at the courier debate in Perth. Managed to grab a wee word with prof Curtice as he was leaving so decided to ask him directly what he thought the vote would be. response is verbatim he thought for a second “this is no’s to lose and with the no campaigns ability for screwing up”… smiled shook my hand and left.

      Aye, it’s like 2011 all over again.

    35. msean says:

      I notice the nhs on the news channels this morning,talk of charges for treatment and paying more if you are over 40. Amongst other thing suggested are benefit cuts to older folk,we have been warned. Vote yes.

    36. YESGUY says:

      John King.

      beat me to it pal. The uk/gu gap is the most strategic area on earth. It is nato’s job to keep logistics lines open from USA – Europe.

      Even if we did NOT join Nato , the area would be policed by them. It;s a shit scare paricularly when The former ambassador to Nato told us yesterday that we would be a shoe in , And without NUKE too.

      I have a real buzz about me today. At the shop folk walking past Daily Records as they have Darlings face on the front cover. Ask a mate why he grabbed the sun instead of his usual paper and he pointed at Darling and said ” anything that liar has to say i don’t wont to hear”

      YESSERS are everywhere.

      And a wee message to all.

      Stop the petty arguments please. New readers would be put off and we don’t want that. We laugh at trolls not abuse them , It’s the Wingers way. We all want the same thing and thats all that counts. Other than that

      Stu and all who are working to get the WBB out , thank you so much for your effort. You are a shining example of what people power can do. I am “astonished” (sorry) by the amount of DK’s being turned to YES.

      I am really proud to be part of this historical time. My grandbairns will hear me telling them this when they are old enough.

      This is how we won your country back .

      I doff my hat to all Wingers.

    37. Jim says:

      @galamcennalath & sydthesnake

      Print a copy of that and show it to any knob that accuses Salmond of being a Putin apologist!

    38. Quentin Quale says:

      O/T Housing bubble, what housing bubble? House built in Harringay, London, is seven feet wide ( width of three wheelie bins & built across a driveway between two houses) is expected to reach more than the guide price of £235 000. The living room is the bit under the stairs. It does, however, boast a ‘roof terrace’. Good buy to let potential – £1300 a month.
      It really is a different world down there.

    39. dramfineday says:

      Oh YESGUY,

      You’re not going to bore the grand bairns mightily with this are you?

      I am really proud to be part of this historical time. My grandbairns will hear me telling them this when they are old enough.

      This is how we won your country back .

      Too right mate, and so am I!

    40. Jim says:

      @Quentin Quale
      That is why there are so many from the rUK moving to Scotland, they can buy a croft with 60 acres for the price of a broom cupboard in England!

    41. ronnie anderson says:

      Just received a £30 charge from Glasgow District council for contavention of the Bus Lane at Mandela Pl, shall I appeal it lol.

    42. Jim says:

      As Bill Leckie said today, he is voting YES now because when he was a no voter he was thinking about himself not the lives of his son and future generations. Children are the single most important thing here, not pensions, not oil, not whether we use the pound but can we create a better standard of living for those children as an independent country and YES we can.

    43. TD says:


      I agree with everything you say. The petty bickering on this site by people who should know better does not help us to win more Yes votes and that is all that matters. Self-appointed guardians against trolls often get it completely wrong – I have been a victim of this myself.

      In any debate, there is going to be some disagreement even amongst those who share a common goal. Just because someone has a different perspective to your own does not mean they are a troll – they just have a different perspective.

      Lets do what Stu has asked – leave it to him to decide if someone is a troll or not and he can deal with it. The rest of us should concentrate on getting the WBB out, engaging with people in the workplace, door to door, online and in every other way we can think of. That is what is winning this – not calling each other trolls.

    44. CameronB Brodie says:

      As someone with experience of the logistics involved in producing and distributing the WBB, I would say those responsible did a remarkable job. Especially as this was a one-off and the team were making it up as they went, I imagine.

    45. Jim says:

      @ronnie anderson
      Just received a £30 charge from Glasgow District council for contavention of the Bus Lane at Mandela Pl, shall I appeal it lol.
      Tell them you are a sovereign and you will not be paying it as it is illegal.

    46. ronnie anderson says:

      The Mafia started parking charges in Chicago.Glasgow City council are the new Mafia ££££££. Me no pay, Me fight it.

    47. liz says:

      @YESGUY – remember there will be plants.

      @msean – that’s why it annoys me that some of the ‘I’m alright Jack’ brigade don’t realise this is coming.

      There will be means testing, I’ve said it a few folk and also if SLAB get back in – god forbid – council taxes rises will be the 1st thing they will implement.

      Some poor soul at the STV debate seemed to think that a council tax freeze had an effect on NHS spending.

      When canvassing on Sat, we gave an OAP the WBB and he was engaging in conversation when this harridan appeared and was jabbing her finger in the guy’s face -a la Darling – saying don’t you change your vote over and over.

    48. Jim says:

      Well, if you or anyone suspects someone of trolling then do the simple thing, do not respond.
      As you say, let Stu be the judge of whether they are trolling or not.

    49. Clootie says:

      Jane Freeman Yes “Woman for Independence” on Daily Politics. An outstanding performance you took Andrew Neil apart 😀

    50. TD says:


      I think you misundestand. When I say “I have been a victim myself..” what I mean is that I have been accused (although not in so many words) of being a troll. This was because I had expressed an opinion that Salmond’s performance in the first TV debate had disappointed me.

    51. Scotland set for oil bonanza that heralds a new golden age for the North Sea lasting for another century.

      “The prize available to the UK or Scottish Government through unconventional oil and gas could be colossal and as a nation we could be sitting on a fortune of black gold that will last for another century, well after conventional oil and gas runs out. Should the proposal outlined in Denver prove to be viable, then we must grab the opportunity it presents with both hands, prolonging the life of the North Sea as well as creating an oil fund on the scale of the Norwegian oil fund, to serve both this and future generations.”

    52. TD says:


      If that’s true I might break the habit of a lifetime and buy a copy of the Record tomorrow. Could make a good souvenir.

    53. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      Anyone heard about Murphy’s egger today?

      You would think after all the publicity that Murphy milked from it, that the evildoer would at least get a mention in the press wouldn’t you?

    54. Misteralz says:

      Today I have given away three of my remaining Wee Blue Books, and had a compliment on my Yes lanyard. When I asked if he wanted one, the response around me was along the lines of ‘how many do you have?’ Taking in the only ones I have tomorrow…

    55. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’ve checked the Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court listing of appearances and there is one with the correct Christian name. The surname is different to the one I forwarded to the Rev. though. It was close enough though for time to have mangled my memory.

    56. goldenayr says:

      When is the next poll out?

      I’m asking because if,as I suspect,it shows another leap to YES.Then the money markets will force Osborne to confess there will be a CU.

      And then we can sit back and watch the YES votes rolling in.

    57. Robert Kerr says:


      Present total is $4031 target $5000.

      Just keep a browser tab open and refresh to see any changes.

      We have the technology.

      I donated $50. Maybe some good will come out of it.

    58. fred blogger says:

      you’d think would welcome 5m fewer mouths to feed. printed/spoken by BT 60m+ contribute to uk pensions etc.
      farage 50% of scots on benefits.
      reality check, a shade over 30m people are in work.
      over 20% of them on benefits.
      12m below 16 on some form of benefits.
      13m above 62 some in work and on benefits (PGC/state pensions/private pensions).
      9m economically inactive.
      all who use the NHS are on benefits.
      £70bn+ unpaid corp tax.
      end wealthfare state vote yes!

    59. X_Sticks says:


      see Flooplepoop’s post just a few up and follow the twitter link

    60. Caroline Corfield says:

      Conan here’s the all the cases due to be heard to day, see any names you recognise?

    61. Jim says:

      I think you misundestand. When I say “I have been a victim myself..” what I mean is that I have been accused (although not in so many words) of being a troll. This was because I had expressed an opinion that Salmond’s performance in the first TV debate had disappointed me.
      If that’s true I might break the habit of a lifetime and buy a copy of the Record tomorrow. Could make a good souvenir.
      Sorry, I did misunderstand, people are edgy, reds under the bed sort of thing, BT agitators, etc which I can understand.
      Whether Salmond did badly or not is subjective and you are entitled to your opinion as are those that thought Salmond was setting Darling up for the second debate and therefore a success in the first. I certainly wouldn’t have pulled you up on that point.
      As for the record I will never buy that again even if I ran out of toilet paper and the shops had nothing but the record to wipe my backside with.

    62. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      Thanks CameronB and Caroline.

    63. Malcolm says:

      Hi Rev,
      While we’re at it, could you please promote this great series of Business for Scotland videos in a post?

    64. Clarinda says:

      Wow – just watched Jeane Freeman on The Daily Politics give an outstanding lesson to Mr Neil on intelligent and factual debate over the Scottish NHS and the block grant. Boy, was he miffed when his usual snide-ridden questioning was shown for the biased toot he usually gets away with. Highly recommended viewing for extra cheer today.

    65. YESGUY says:


      The pages that the Libations put up on you tube have been removed for some reason. I gather it’s happening to a lot of YES minded sites. Bastards.

      if you can Wingers check out the son “Caledonia” at the link and if you like it download and the whole lot goes to food banks. The lads where at ” Loaves and fishes” with a check for over a grand,last week, photo’s on Munguins if you want a peek. Fantastic job.

      link here.

      get it on the public radio folks. Everyone is singing it, Dundee had a flash mob singing it . Chuffed to bits.

    66. Jim says:

      Have you got a link, Thank you?

    67. Thepnr says:

      Just had a laugh 🙂 sitting inside the pub with my brother in the Ferry. I went outside for a smoke and heard two guys discussing the referendum.

      I said “excuse me for interrupting but I’ll give you some information” So I went back in the pub got two Wee Blue Books and offered them to the gentlemen.

      The first on took and said thanks, the other said “I don’t want it, I don’t wan’t it”

      Fair enough I said but why get so angry. “I am angry” he said. “Fair doos” See Ya 🙂

    68. TD says:


      I have to say that my disappointment with Salmond in the first debate was an initial reaction. I subsequently changed my mind as I understood the rather clever game he had been playing. However, my opinion as expressed at the time was an honest one and was shared by many including other Wingers.

    69. Lochside says:

      Condolences to Paul on his sad loss.
      Suggestion to Geldorf… song: ‘I don’t like numpties’

    70. Jim says:

      Yep, that was my initial reaction as well.

    71. manandboy says:

      Conan_the_Librarian says:
      4 September, 2014 at 1:47 pm
      Anyone heard about Murphy’s egger today?

      By not following up the egg incident, which, if the culprit was a Yes supporter, could give the No campaign more mileage with which to damage Yes,
      Murphy & No are merely adding to the the very firm suspicion that it was all a set up.

      Indeed, the more I watch the original incident on video, the more un-natural and contrived it looks.

      At least the police actually did something about it which both pleases and surprises me.

      With more details to come after the court appearance today, hopefully, perhaps the backfire will occur. Though I think the steam has run out of this story. And the damage has been done.
      When all this is over, Murphy will be left without a name in Scotland.
      If indeed that has not already happened.

    72. Clarinda says:

      Jim – I’ll try!

      start 40.50 mins in if you can bear with the Ed Miliband intro nonsense first.

    73. MochaChoca says:


      Just been reading an article supposedly by Carrick and Cumnock MP Sandra Osbourn who got the opportunity to put forward the case for NO in the local press.

      As expected it included the usual scare stories, but it all sounded rather too familiar.

      Googling extracts of the piece showed that rather than being her own words entire sections were just copied verbatim from other articles written by other Labour bods.

      These clowns must just hate modern technology.

    74. Jim says:

      Suggestion to Geldorf… song: ‘I don’t like numpties’
      Geldof can frack right off. Feed the world my backside, how about the food banks in Scotland, does that meet your criteria Mr Geldof.

    75. McTim says:

      clootie thanks for the headsup on Freeman. Just watched it. I hate Andrew Neill with a passion and to see him trounced like that gave me the best experience of watching anything on the BBC for some time, save Eck’s demolition of Flipper last week. Here is the link for anyone wanting to see it; it starts at the 44 min mark.

    76. CameronB Brodie says:

      To me, it was the pantomime show afterwards that was a bit of a giveaway. It looked very rehearsed and Murphy was loving it. I only watched a couple of times and I may have just seen what I wanted to. See what you think.

    77. Jim says:

      Thank you so much, I do love to see that Alex Neil get an intellectual pasting.

    78. McTim says:

      ah, sorry, didn’t see that clarinda beat me to it. Apologies.

    79. Jim says:

      Thank you also McTim.

    80. Quentin Quale says:

      Lookin’ after Number 1, eh, Mr Geldof? I remember when that was an ironic song.

    81. Chic McGregor says:

      Cameron B
      I had a quick swatch at the Rolls as well, but none of the Facebooks of that name (either spelling) which had piccies looked like the guy, Kirkcaldy or otherwise.

      Ditto for the day before and after (in case rescheduling occurred).

    82. galamcennalath says:

      Geldof. Wiki ” …..recipient of the Man of Peace title which recognises individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to international social justice and peace”.

      They why the Hell isn’t he pro-Indy ? Answer, he’s been reading the gutter press and believes what they say.

    83. Chic McGregor says:

      PS That just means no positive match found of course, not that it isn’t him.

    84. Misteralz says:

      O/T, as my posts usually are, but I’ve just been sent an invite to a conference about servicing the Atlantic frontier. It’s in early October. They can’t keep a lid on it and it’s going to be mucking fassive…

    85. Jim says:

      Yep and if the papers did their job properly, unbiased then Yes would be a certainty months ago.

    86. CameronB Brodie says:

      Chic McGregor
      I don’t think he was computer literate when we shared a flat. Not that that means much.

    87. Quentin Quale says:

      And there it is – the one I’ve been waiting for. On Herald website “War veteran: Yes vote would be a betrayal of fallen WW11 comrades”.
      With that they have now exhausted every scare story. Or have they? Disnae matter, the WBB is out there countering every argument.

    88. Nana Smith says:

      My neighbour is off down to Glasgow tomorrow on a bus with the bowlers, I printed off the wwb and she is passing it round on the journey.

      Lots of dk’s going so the wwb might be just the ticket!

    89. Footsoldier says:

      When out canvassing, 95% of the “don’t know” doors we knock have never heard of the WBB. For those who take our leaflet and give us feedback, it is like an awakening for them.

      The one thing I cannot understand why this was not done earlier by Yes etc.

      Last night in the debate from Aberdeen the accusation that the SNP voted to let Thatcher in was not challenged. Why?

    90. CameronB Brodie says:

      The other giveaway, of course, was there was no response from Murphy’s security team. No response whatsoever. The supposed Yes supporter was able to take his time lobbing several eggs, before calming walking up to Murphy and patting him on he shoulder. I certainly wouldn’t employ that security company.

    91. YESGUY says:

      Cynical Highlander

      Superb read my man. So when they offer the currency union … should we say YES. and play hard ball.

      We have all the cards, this is easy. Thanks for that , posted it on comments pages at the telegraph and guardian. lets see how they manage to re buff this.

      Big Cheezy grin stuck on my face today.

      Two weeks and the Scots are having a party.


    92. manandboy says:

      What I refuse to take from No is that none of their spokespeople,
      from Cameron through Osborne, Darling, Brown, Milliband,
      the Alexanders, Carmichael, Lamont, Sarwar, Curran & Baillie, and all the way down to the bottom, to Ruth Davidson and Kezia Dugdale, and no, I haven’t missed out Willie Rennie by mistake,
      all of them have failed completely to show Scotland any respect for this nation’s right to self-determination.

      Instead, they are so full of their own personal political ambitions for UK fame and fortune on the WM gravy train, which is what passes for political life these days, they can only pour contempt on the legitimate aspirations of Scotland to a better life as an independent country.

      They disgust me. They alienate me. They repel me.

      I owe it to my family – past, present and yet to come –
      and I owe it to myself and to all fellow Scots,
      to vote for Scottish Independence.

      YES. Forever.

    93. YESGUY says:

      Spot On Jim and TD and Dram..

      Wee bit of strain showing, and who can blame anyone really. Abuse i for the other side. We YESSERS and WINGERS don’t do abuse. We laugh . or ignore. There is no defence for that.

      I think this will be the LONGEST two weeks in our lives. Time to take up Yoga or deep breathing and fancy candles Thanks.

    94. IcySpark says:


      I posted the wonderful Jeane Freeman interview with Andrew Neil video on Facebook and it’s going a bit mental

    95. call me dave says:

      Andrew Neil. Daily politics show. NHS in Scotland.

      Starts at 42m:40s in enjoy!

    96. YESGUY says:


      Boy does that lassie Jeane Freeman no make you feel all proud. Takes the spin and turns it on its head.

      brilliant stuff Ma’am. Your a credit to WFI and the whole of Scotland.

      Seems all the drivel and scares are worth nothing now. If the record comes out with a YES lead poll i’ll no sleep till the 19th. getting a wee bit trembly today. feels magic.

    97. Lesley-Anne says:

      I have to admit CMD, watching all that pontificating anti nationalism, supporting nationalism this time, look at France shite just turns my stomach and makes me even MORE convinced that we WILL win and I will keep doing whatever little I can to ensure victory on the 19th! 😛

    98. ElaineS says:

      Got ours today Stu! Much appreciated! I had a visit from a policeman who I was talking over my concerns of postal fraud and though he said obviously they can’t talk about their opinions on Indy on duty, he did say he hadn’t really read much into it. Before he left he said he would download the wee blue book since it was time he read up on Indy. Lets hope he encourages others at Fife Police to do same:)

    99. Les McDonald says:

      For many years our household have been Express readers and unionists. Over the last few months their campaign to discredit the independence movement through deceit, misinformation and omission, which was initially disconcerting, has now reached fever pitch and is totally unacceptable to anyone with a modicum of common sense. Suffice to say their warped campaign has been very successful – the whole family will now vote yes, the Express is banned from our home, and we now buy only “news”papers worthy of the name instead of rags.

    100. colin adam says:

      i am a taxi driver and spreading the word about this website, as in 1974,and 79 ,Westminster are trying to pull the wool over our eyes again, thank god for the internet and this website , keep up the good work people lets get this yes vote done !!!!

    101. Will Podmore says:

      Simon Jenkins just wrote in the Guardian, “after independence, … the reality must be public sector belt tightening. Scotland’s budget would lose Treasury underpinning. Its borrowing would be at risk. Its ministers would be on their mettle. Financial crisis would lead to Greek-style austerity …” True – breaking away from Britain would be bad for Scotland. It is not fearmongering to warn a family member against walking off a cliff.

    102. Graeme Purves says:

      People were asking for copies of the Wee Blue Book when I was canvassing in Bonnington yesterday!

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