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A surprising development

Posted on September 01, 2014 by


The rather sour Times leader linked in the tweet doesn’t actually specify the numbers, and the poll isn’t officially released yet as we write this, but we’d been hearing rumours of a Y47 N53 (excl. DKs) for a little while beforehand, so it looks like they were true.

Less than a month ago, YG stood at Y39 N61. If these numbers are confirmed, that’s a colossal 8% swing in three weeks, from the most No-friendly pollster around.

Game, as they say, on.


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    1. 01 09 14 23:01

      A surprising development | Scottish Independence News

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    1. RogueCoder says:

      HOLY SHIT – that’s the ultimate pro-unionist poll! Six points? That means the reality is probably a 54% Yes with still two weeks to go… GAME ON!!

    2. Flooplepoop says:

      My £100 bet at 7/1 for Yes 55%+ is looking safer and safer as the Referendum approaches.
      If it’s just 54% for Yes, i’ll dip into my new PC savings and spend it on drink instead 🙂

    3. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      Anybody not yet placed their bet on YES?

      If so, move fast.

    4. Indy_Scot says:

      I predict a landslide.

    5. McHaggis says:


      John MacIntyre OBE, Woking, will likely self-combust when he sees this.
      Strangely, he’s the one guy I will actually gloat to when we win.

      Kinda like I did with the great see’r of Falkirk, Grahamski, in 2011.

    6. Twenty14 says:

      And so it came to pass – the fecking tipping point

    7. Colin Erskine says:


    8. Mike Robertson says:

      The No camp are in utter melt down right now. Truly the beginning of the end for what has been one of the worst political campaigns I’ve ever known.

    9. BigRik says:

      And yet i still feel that it’s a bit generous for NO… but no doubt Prof Curtice will say that the poor have been breeding quickly to sway the vote. 🙂

    10. Just a 3% swing to do it. So excited by this and I’m not even a Scot!

      Also there is an attempt to get The Proclaimers ‘Cap in Hand’ to number 1 this week. More info via this FB group.

    11. Lewy Tee Bee says:

      That’s one hell of a jump. I would caution that due to the 3% variance that its more likely 44/56 but even then that still equates in the YouGov No friendly world as an arse kicking.
      Let’s bring this home folks.

    12. Kryczek says:

      If that’s what it is now. Let’s push even harder for a decisive win. I’m still convinced it’s going to be over 60% and it’s the never voted who’ll win it for us.

    13. Gordon Hay says:

      Looks like that Times leader has been removed – now *page not found*

    14. Jiggsbro says:

      Change is coming.

    15. Juan P says:

      Footage of the assault on the woman by the BNP guy is apparently up on the bbc website.

      Tried to watch it and just get the message:

      ‘This content doesn’t seem to be working – Please try again later’

      You can’t make this up!

    16. Karen says:

      I filled this one – most extensive poll I’ve seen. Lots of questions on post independence, and on whether people think certain statements such as ‘we will have a currency union’ are statement or opinion. I think the full report will make interesting reading.

    17. Devereux says:

      @Jiggsbro It’s in the air……

    18. AberdeenLoon says:

      I actually took part in this poll and was wondering when the results were being published

    19. Calgacus says:


    20. horacesaysyes says:

      Would that it put it within the margin of error?

      Astounding numbers from a Yougov poll, all the same!

    21. heraldnomore says:

      Murphy’s Law

    22. Marcia says:

      Do we feel sorry for the person placing that large bet on a No vote? 🙂 Not really.

    23. benarmine says:

      Ever since the second debate, they have been preparing the ground for yes, still the wrong numbers but getting there. Their private polling must have been telling them yes was ahead for weeks. We are going to win!

    24. Rogue_tk421 says:

      Do you think there will ever be a poll showing Yes ahead?

      True, the previous non-voters will swing it, however how can we ensure that they get out to vote on the day? I’ve asked RIC a couple of times via Twitter, but no response yet.

    25. Ronnie says:

      To use an old footballing phrase, “it’s the hope that kills you”.

    26. Grendel says:

      I was out today giving out copies of the WBB and signing up unregistered voters. More and more people were saying Yes. Some folk look at you as if you are daft. “What am I voting? Yes! Du-uh…”

      The one thing I’ve learned though is that we need to get out and TALK to those undecideds and the wavering No’s. “Voting No? Fair enough. Do you mind if I ask why?”
      Before you know it they are telling you exactly why we aren’t better together.

      When you get people one to one it makes a huge difference.

    27. Paula Rose says:

      Only one poll will show Yes ahead – the one on the 18th.

    28. CM says:

      Just viewed the footage on BBC page. Of course, while the lady is kicked (at the very start), there’s still a good while of footage of some BT activist featuring highly on the clip, mouthing off. BBC don’t do balance…ie, Egg-Gate

    29. aldo_macb says:

      If You Gov with their notorious Kellner correction have Yes at 47 I reckon Panelbase and some other polling companies will have Yes in the lead right now. But shhhhhh don’t tell Blair McDougall 😉

    30. fred blogger says:

      yes indeed.
      i’m reminded of sam cookes song “A Change Is Gonna Come.”

    31. Luigi says:

      Now we can see why BT are getting so desperate. With egg gate and the other recent nonsense all over the MSM, they are getting their excuses in early for a possible defeat on the 18th.

    32. Gordon says:


      I may not have gotten 7/1, but a risk-free flutter at 7/2 (courtesy of cashback) will net me a nice wee night out if Scotland grasps the thistle.

    33. Harry McAye says:

      Marcia – No because he or she doesn’t exist!

    34. Luigi says:

      Only one poll will show Yes ahead – the one on the 18th.

      Yep, the only one that matters.

    35. Bill Cruickshank says:

      Was leafleting in Ballater today (‘Royal’ Deeside) got a very warm reception and saw Saltires and YES signs on houses that I had to take a double take on. If Ballater is YES Scotland is YES

    36. Kirriereoch says:

      James Kelly just posted this on Scot Goes Pop:

      Tonight’s sensational YouGov findings –

      Should Scotland be an independent country?

      Yes 47% (+4)
      No 53% (-4)

    37. Clootie says:

      @Lewy Tee Bee 9:28pm

      Why does the variance go that way?
      It could be 50/50

    38. Luigi says:

      After the 18th September, the union may no longer eggsist.

    39. Sinky says:

      As Sam Cooke wrote:

      Oh there been times that I thought I couldn’t last for long
      But now I think I’m able to carry on
      It’s been a long, a long time coming
      But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will

    40. Luigi says:

      That’s what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket.

    41. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      If 2 or 3 to 1 of the 10 % of dont knows vote yes which i believe they will, this poll is even better.

    42. kestral says:

      WBB are on ebay again 2-4-6-12

      PLEASE PLEASE do not buy multiple packs – 1 each – be fair – and it makes a nightmare of my packing

      We also have some flyers left

      So let’s get out there and get these to the people

    43. Roll_On_2014 says:

      Looks as though it’s broke in the SUN.

    44. BigRik says:

      17 days to go… keep the heid folks , don’t rise to their baiting.. the calmer we are , the more BT look like screaming buffoons. Just think about how good you will feel waking up on the 19th.

    45. Clootie says:

      Wait until the WBB starts hitting the streets in numbers. I reckon that has to be worth a five point swing to YES.

    46. Maid_in_Scotland says:

      Bill (@ 9.48) – have you popped along the road to Balmoral to have a wee look? “My husband and I …. say YES.” 🙂

    47. Craig says:

      Hehe, my flutter at the bookies may pay off after all.
      Got £100 on yes and got a free bet worth £100 so stuck it on yes over 55%. If they both come in I’ll scoop £1400! 🙂

    48. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sky reporting on this now and claiming it is sending shock waves through the NO camp! 😛

    49. Quentin Quale says:

      Sky news just said “No vote collapsed”! “The trend is the shrinking lead of the No camp”.

    50. Albaspark says:

      Suggest you convince your taxi driver to change from no to yes….his line is now ” do you like porridge? You’d better get used to it if you vote no” ????

    51. Croompenstein says:

      Fly Wee Blue Book Fly.. 🙂

    52. dadsarmy says:

      Good grief, it’s even articled in the Herald.

    53. gman says:

      Good news.

      Let’s keep the hard work up – speaking to undecided and soft no’s.

    54. seanair says:

      The Sun–“within 6 points of victory”. Surely within 3 points plus 1 vote?

    55. FergusMac says:


      Waking up? BR, do you really think any of us will be able to sleep?

    56. Scotsbob says:

      Westminster will have something up it’s sleeve to pull out at the last minute. My bet is it will be a scare story that voting yes will cut your benefits. That’s the only group they haven’t targeted their lies at yet.

      We, every one of us, has to see this through. If each of us can persuade just one undecided or better still one no, then we can do this.

    57. Marcia says:



    58. HandandShrimp says:


      Maths was never the Sun’s strong point.

    59. Indy_Scot says:

      Just checked Ladbrokes and the odds have dropped again in the last hour.

    60. Lesley-Anne says:

      seanair says:

      The Sun–”within 6 points of victory”. Surely within 3 points plus 1 vote?

      They must be using wee Danny Alexander’s calculator then seanair. Boy that calculator gets around a bit doesn’t it? 😛

    61. Croompenstein says:

      Has big Bliar McDonut seen the poll, he’ll defo be blowing his hat off with his tuba now 😀

    62. john king says:

      This is it boys this is war!

    63. BuckieBraes says:

      Never underestimate the power of face-to-face contact, especially with people whom you know.

      This afternoon, while in one of the workplaces I routinely visit as part of my job, I casually asked the man on duty, ‘You Yes yet?’

      ‘No!’ he replied curtly.

      Minutes later, he was sitting fascinated while I outlined various aspects of the independence case. Then he was standing eagerly by my shoulder when I went to the computer and showed him how to access the WBB.

      You can almost see the scales falling from their eyes. There are very few genuine No voters.

    64. Paula Rose says:

      John darling – we don’t do war, now behave.

    65. Daibach says:

      Interesting American take on the Referendum, sort of like the News should be here – without bias 🙂

      (may have posted twice, sorry)

    66. seanair says:

      Hand and Shrimp
      Nor mine, so I’m glad that you and Marcia agree.

    67. Grouse Beater says:

      I am still convinced a great many No voters won’t bother to vote.

      Whatever their reason, apathy, inertia, a protest personal to them, they see the 18th as just another ordinary day.

      There are two out of nine I work with currently.

      Obviously, I am not troubled in the least.

    68. BigRik says:

      @ Fergusmac… unfortunately i work shifts… so i’ll have to try and sleep 🙂

    69. Marcia says:

      All we need now is the Yes campaign to release a poll with Yes in the lead. That will have the No side in a spin. I take it BT are not tweeting these new polls figures?

    70. Graeme Doig says:

      Keep going folks. I’ve posted on the ‘carnage’ thread about an elderly woman i got speaking to delivering papers. Definite no. 15 minute chat and she has a copy of WBB and on her way to YES.
      We’re doing this one by one. But when we’re all doing it it’s got the potential to be a tidal wave.
      Proud to be part of this movement.

    71. Alistair Sheehy Hutton says:

      It’s up on “What Scotland Thinks” with those numbers so I think we can say confirmed?

    72. Donald mac says:

      I fear a no vote more than I fear the relative unknown of a yes vote. This latest poll is great news. AS has said it will be a last minute swing and a decisive vote which seems to be proving right. The important poll is that on the 18th

    73. Croompenstein says:

      Please please get Skull Murphy back out on tour, roll the red carpet out for Nigel Farage(pronounced Garage) and welcome the better together Orange Order walk in Edinburgh let them shoot themselves in their unionist feet

    74. No no no...Yes says:

      I was a public meeting in Perth tonight, over 350 crammed in, where the First Minister was doing a Question and Answer session for undecided voters.Pete Wishart is a fine compere and all the questions were indeed from undecideds. Needless to say the FM answered them fully. He also said that there was a poll out tomorrow, and although he was sworn to secrecy, the figures were very good. I would not be surprised if it shows YES over 50%

    75. yerkitbreeks says:

      No surprise – canvassing two months ago in Selkirk, many didn’t want to be bothered. In Galashiels and Hawick in the last few days people are really engaged and visibly coming round to YES on the doorstep.

    76. call me dave says:

      Promising poll and more progress to make.

      Dundee debate Courier says BBC cant get a balanced audience.

    77. ScottieDog says:

      Wonder if this will see the MSM start to turn…?

      Non-violence is a weapon of the strong – Gandhi.

    78. davidb says:

      @ Bigrik

      I won’t have to get up on the 19th if we win, because I will be taking the day off, drinking champagne, and singing Caledonia.

      Let me tell you that I love you, that I think about you all the time……..

    79. Nation Libre says:

      Excellent, Ladbrokes has fair shifted today also

    80. Stuart Blair says:

      BWHAHAHAHA. I have a £150 bet on Yes that I was able to place at 6/1. I love the idea that the winnings will come from Tories who thought it was safe money. Think I’ll give a portion of the winnings to a food bank just to make the victory sweeter.

    81. Graeme Doig says:


      Nae worries. Westminster can do one. They don’t have the power over the truth of their agenda any more.
      That power is shifting into the hands of the Scottish people.

    82. Lesley-Anne says:

      As everyone is sick of hearing from me, I have always believed that we will win since day 1. This result from YouGov merely reinforces my belief. As we all know YouGov are very pro union then they will do whatever they can to *ahem* ensure that they produce the figures that best suit their side. However we have now reached the point where they can no longer keep secret what we all know is the TRUTH. If this result is from a pro union pollster then, in my view, we are ALREADY ahead in the REAL world and this will only INCREASE up to and including the 18th! 😛

      I have also heard about the sort of YES voting percentage we can look for Dan Suff here in Dumfries and Galloway that will confirm a YES win. I don’t want to reveal this figure just yet folks but let’s just say it is somewhere between 1% and 51% 😉

      Yee Ha!

    83. Tom Foyle says:


      Naturally that’ll hit us scrounging scots hard…
      But of course, we just reply that wasteminster lied about the pensions, too. And the pound. And the oil. And the taxes. Etc., etc., etbloodycetera.
      I’m hoping it’s not something a good deal more sinister, I wouldn’t put it past the bastards to sacrifice one of their own and blame it on the yes crowd. Like a Jim Murphy, but with a hand-grenade. Which will conveniently have a sample of DNA still amazingly attached to a fragment of shrapnel proving conclusively that it had, at some point, been in the possession of Alec Salmond. It may subsequently be disproved, but, of course, by then it will be too late.
      Someone please awaken me from this nightmare!

    84. Lesley-Anne says:

      I wonder how Pinky and Perky on Sky news paper review will take the news about the YouGov poll, not well I reckon! 😛

    85. Robert Louis says:

      OK, so a big gain, but as others have pointed out, no matter what we like to imagine, we are still behind, and there is a great deal of work to be done. Every vote will count.

      I will not be celebrating until the result of the ONLY poll that matters, on the 18th, shows a YES win. Anything else is speculation.

      Let’s try to keep calm heads, it is a nice gain, but we are still behind and have not yet won. Let’s not lose focus, and let this distract us. Still 16 days to go.

    86. Deontas says:

      Lets keep out feet on the ground here, I have had a good feeling for some months now but keeping that inside me, but what has surprised me is the amount of work colleagues, friends of friends, neighbours etc that I would have put in the NO or DK band then they say ….I’m ready for it, its a YES for me I have genuinely been shocked so lets hope this is multiplied throughout the land, Heads down feet on the ground, keep up the amazing work everyone, Thanks!

    87. UncleBob says:

      Caw canny lads and lassies

    88. john king says:

      I had a customer calling me to cancel his account today, and his reason was because he could not get into his new house which has sat empty since may in spite of being completed, apart from one thing,

      NO WATER,
      He is waiting for the water company to install his water, and he cannot move in (obviously) until he gets it, the water company (French) have fobbed him off with excuse after excuse he desparately didnt want to end his 15 year relationship with my company but he had no choice since he had to finance a bridging loan while waiting for those people to provide him with a basic human need,

      I cancelled a (huge) account with a heavy heart, not because I had lost a big account but because a fellow human being was being treated like that by a multinational company as if he was of no account.


    89. HandandShrimp says:

      I saw the WBB being handed out tonight after a public meeting in Largs. People were actually pushing forward to get copies, dozens went in a few minutes until a local Tory did the “I’m a Councillor and (therefore by dint of office God almighty himself) you can’t hand those out on council property.” One despairs of the human condition at times.

      However, in the immortal words of Ray Stevens of Bridget the Midget fame…”he was too late”

      It was a good meeting, near capacity crowd of 500 and had Jackson Carlaw and Brian Wilson speaking for No and Dr Whiteford and Robert Crawford for Yes. They were all good articulate speakers. I liked Dr Whiteford a lot but Crawford was good on the technical economic details. Jackson was an impassioned No speaker but said he would man the barricades for Scotland if it was a Yes vote. I liked his honesty. Brian Wilson is an enigma. He stuck with the Better Together line, called the English NHS privatisation issue a scare story and I don’t think he stood up for Miliband/Burnham once. He sat looking askance at the crowd and shook his head a lot. The least sympathetic of the speakers and there were a few boos.

      We did a hand raising thing on Yes and No and I would say Yes had the edge. Pretty good in a fairly middle class town with a lot of retired people. I think the polls are picking up on something. There definitely is momentum.

    90. Muscleguy says:

      I’m with Kryczek, no slacking on the effort, no resting on perceived laurels. Shoulders to the wheel again for the run in. EVERY SINGLE VOTE COUNTS, because the bigger the majority the fewer the court challenges and recounts, the less the griping and attempts to sabotage things. A decent majority is more than desirable for all sorts of reasons.

      Remember the House of Lords has, shamefully, discussed what might be done to ‘frustrate’ a Yes vote and even ignore it. The bigger it is the harder it is to even contemplate that. Even the British state respects clearly stated democratic wills, most of the time (Gaza being an exception, but they are not alone there).

    91. CM says:

      Without going in to details, 3 more YES today. My parents and an elderly woman who has never voted before, but wants to use this vote as her last 🙂

    92. Auld Rock says:

      Just listening to ‘Flipper’ lying his way through interview with that dreadful woman Smith.

      Auld Rock

    93. Martin says:

      Project fear should’ve listened to “we shall overcome” (Personally I’d go for the Pete Seger version)

      Particularly the “we are not afraid” verse. We’re not, but I think someone is…

    94. heedtracker says:

      What must the punter with £800 grand on No be thinking.

    95. Macandroid says:

      Tom & Bob

      I thought it might be a minor royal that would be the sacrificial lamb!


      Perhaps we should all come up with a worst case scenario so that ‘they’ can’t pull a fast one on us!

    96. call me dave says:

      Tom Foyle

      That’s too dark a scenario for me. Cant see anything like that happening too risky; too late and Scots don’t all have buttons up the back of their heads.


      Two No’s for YES yesterday and a third one today! All I did, a few months ago, was to point out the nonsense in the paper headlines and tv news and gently pushed a positive tone for Scotland at all times.

    97. seoc says:


      Power is shifting into the hands of the Scottish people.

      Indeed, and those employing their useless scary tales will be getting scared themselves that we might find other commercial partners. They may openly, if reluctantly, now declare for YES to head this possibility off.

    98. Lesley-Anne says:

      I assume you mean apart from “Oh Shit!” heedtracker. 😛

    99. Tom Foyle says:

      Stu, given your dedication and inspiration , the incredible work that you and your supporters are doing, the continuing fuck-ups by BT, and, judging from comments by several folk I thought were convinced “nos”, I believe this heading should actually say, “An Unsurprising development.”
      Just a (pleasant) thought.

    100. Indigo says:

      Omg Alistair Darling, it’s painful listening to this, stfu!

    101. Stewart fae stoney says:

      just watch the BT scaremongering and lies now, david Cameron is shitting it just now as he will go down as the man who gave the go ahead to SCOTLAND gaining their rightful place and the UK loosing Oil and whisky revenues,

    102. Lesley-Anne says:

      Well, well, well.

      Unite union comes out and spills the beans on Westminster and the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership).

    103. Maid_in_Scotland says:

      Can foresee a load of COBRA meetings in Whitehall looming, lots of heed-scratching, facial tics and so forth. Or as the Romans liked to put it, beating of breasts, tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth. Jeez, what a picture that conjures up 🙂

    104. Indy_Scot says:

      I cannot imagine why anyone would wake up on the 18th of September and think, hmm, what will I do today, I know, I’ll go out and vote against my country.

    105. heedtracker says:

      Flipper’s looks like very panicky liar in front of very soft interview with Smith. Lose a million jobs, grandchildren won’t get a job, but not asked why ofcourse. Another BBC disgrace in action. Wonder if Flipper will start actually weeping and pleading.

    106. macart763m says:

      Under three weeks to go and lots to do.

      This is a lift no doubt, but its not done yet.

      Let’s do this. 🙂

    107. Tam Jardine says:

      Great stuff… though I have to say it is the vibe from people I talk to that is encouraging me most. The polls have been used to suppress momentum throughout. I still expect a last minute dip to try and persuade people the support is collapsing. Wait and see.

      The polls have been used mercilessly by the unionists – I hope the good news continues but having dismissed them for 2 years I am not about to start trusting them now.

      Not meaning to be a killjoy team: I honestly believe we are well over the line already.

    108. Juan P says:


      Just said the same thing to my girlfriend.

      Darling is almost hysterical. Mumbling and stumbling over every word.

      What on earth is he gibbering about.

    109. call me dave says:
      1 September, 2014 at 10:27 pm
      Promising poll and more progress to make.

      Dundee debate Courier says BBC cant get a balanced audience.


      Looking at the debaters YES team will wipe the floor with the NO lot.

      With that good poll I am waiting for a barage of scare stories or one big something or other. Wait for it.

    110. Luigi says:

      8 months ago: “BT are aiming for 70:30 for NO.”
      (We need to win decisively and put this nonsense to bed)”

      6 months ago: “Ach well, we can still achieve 60:40”
      (damage limitation)

      This week: “We will be bloody lucky to get 50:50!!!!
      (panic – survival mode)

    111. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’m doing it, I’m doing it Macart. 😛

      p.s. hope you like my piece accompanying my wee photo 😉

    112. Sinky says:

      From the Times

      Mr Murphy said he had recognised the same faces appearing at demonstrations across the country, suggesting that the protesters are using social media to target the Labour MP’s talks throughout Scotland.

      He also claimed that some demonstrators have been filming Better Together supporters and people who are still undecided about which way they will vote.
      Jill Stephenson, emeritus professor of history at Edinburgh University and a campaigner for Better Together , said the tactic was being used to intimidate voters. She said: “This is deliberate intimidation. Filming people at public meetings is a form of intimidation and it is intended to intimidate. Nationalism has always had a darker side and it’s appearing now.”

    113. Fairliered says:

      Jackie Baillie beating her breasts.
      Margaret Curran tearing her hair (hsving first removed her wig)
      Johann Lamont gnashing her teeth (having put them back in)
      None of which are a sight for the faint hearted!

    114. call me dave says:


      Exactly and who would/could do a thing like that..

      Carmichael etal. and ‘about a another 1.5 million’ and falling. 🙂

    115. Tam Jardine says:

      Tam Jardine

      “Well over the line already”? Macart763m is right – no room for complacency. Lots still to do.

      What I meant to say was I think we are winning.

    116. Lesley-Anne says:

      Mr Murphy said he had recognised the same faces appearing at demonstrations across the country,

      Well off course he’d recognise the same faces they were his travelling companions for goodness sake and one of them has his return train ticket! 😛

    117. Minty says:

      Just home after a very long day at work – what the hell happened? MSM appear to be adopting the brace position. This is it.

      I am stunned.

      We are so close now.

    118. Paula Rose says:

      Is that dark side my fishnet stockings?

    119. handclapping says:

      And IF (big if) we lose by a whisker there are a third of Labour voters pissed off with their “leaders” and 2015 GE round the corner. Last GE Labour vote less 1/3 is about 27% and with the LibDems also collapsing you end up with 1 Tory 3 LibDems, wait for it, wait, 12 Labour and 43 SNP. That in itself is enough to put Labour short of a majority even if they manage to keep their present poll lead in rUK

      We live in interesting times; one way or another Scotland will be independent soon

    120. fred blogger says:

      “Pro-independence Scots narrow gap to victory ahead of vote: poll.”

    121. Nuada says:

      I put a tenner on YES back in February, but only got odds of 7/2 at Ladbrooks. Wish I’d plunged now.

    122. Minty says:

      Also, driving to work this morning – signs for Wee Blue Book all over east Edinburgh towards the A1 – good work!

    123. X_Sticks says:


      Scottish government should put through a bill stating that in the event of independence TITP contract will NOT be honoured.

      Scotch them before they stitch us.

    124. shug says:

      If you watch the video of Murphy you will see a chap in front of him holding a no poster, wearing what looks like a leather jacket – looks like the egger to me

    125. macart763m says:


      Youbetcha. Soon as I saw the job come my way I had a smile on my face. Hullo I said, I know that face. 😀

    126. liz says:

      O/T but I am now banned from the Herald web site for placing the police response to their outrageous article.

      They are complete fools if they think they can suppress the truth in this digital age.

      Today was the day the daily Herald jumped the shark.

      I can visualize scenes of mass panic in the Herald news room.

    127. IcySpark says:

      @ Lesley-Anne. Sorry, missed missed your post about TTIP before reposting. Though it is huge and should be posted many times more.

    128. X_Sticks says:

      @Paula Rose

      “Is that dark side my fishnet stockings?”

      Your fishnet stockings with the Yes heels are definitely the dark side Paula 😉

    129. Lesley-Anne says:

      I agree with you there X-Sticks.

      Mind you I’m just thinking out loud here, well it is late and no else is around 😀 , but would any TITP contract signed BEFORE 18th September, or more likely BEFORE independence, still be valid in a new and independent Scotland? 😉

    130. Lesley-Anne says:

      I thought you might enjoy my wee *ahem* piece Macart. We were supposed to all do 250 words or there abouts but as you know me once I start I can never stop. I had run out of verbal diarrhoea tablets. 😛

      I agree IS. This is the sort of article that can really highlight what is coming down the line if we vote NO.

    131. fred blogger says:

      no, it would not apply to an indy scotland unless of course scotland wanted it to.

    132. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      Get it riiight up ye unionist media. 😀

      Turns out almost nobody in scotland trusts a word you say.
      You know, just like in 2011. 😉

    133. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Many thanks Rev, Kininvie, Jim/Betty Boop, and everyone else involved in the delivery chain – collected three boxes of WBBs from Troon earlier this evening.

      SSP Ayrshire will ensure they all end up in the hands of Irvine/Ayr/Kilwinning No/DKs over the next fortnight.


    134. Cod says:


      Good job mate, I had a couple of postal voters who haven’t posted their votes yet, who need to read the WBB, so that 12 pack I just ordered is gonna come in handy. Also got homes for the rest lined up too. Hopefully at least a dozen more Yes votes in the bag.

      This is so close, I can almost taste it. At least this time there is no damned Cunningham Amendment to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. And I can’t believe how many Scots I’ve had to explain what the Cunningham Amendment was to, and that we actually won the 79 vote!

    135. geeo says:

      Marcia says:
      Do we feel sorry for the person placing that large bet on a No vote?  Not really.
      Hell no, i LOVE that guy, without him we were never getting the Yes prices we are getting !
      I would crack open my 16 year old Rosebank for this dude.

      When i say ‘crack open’ i mean of course re-open…!

    136. Lesley-Anne says:

      Thanks for that Fred. I thought that would be the case but as you know I am always capable of getting things wrong. 😛

    137. Patrician says:

      So it is on a knife edge now, with every vote counting. So what are wingers doing? They are planning a night out 5 days before the vote, yea, go us.

    138. fred blogger says:

      not if you just listen to the man on the telly, eat your cereal, and go to work! 🙂

    139. BigRik says:

      They must be cacking it in WM…how can you have massive backhanders if we get rid of trident?? What if those damned Scots find out the truth about their finances?… i sense a news blackout approaching 🙂

    140. Paula Rose says:

      Patrician honey – are we supposed to interrupt Dr Who?

    141. Trikes for Yes says:

      O/T First time post here but on another thread request for people to inform about distribution of Wee Blue Book. I am based around Inverness/Black Isle and am willing to print off as many Home Printing editions of the Wee Blue Book as possible between now and 18 September for free. Not sure how many that may be but my partner and I hope to get started tomorrow and as we both work part-time we do have time to dedicate to the task. Not sure how best to contact the right people to get the books out there. Have tried the Yes Black Isle facebook page and the Wee Blue Book facebook page without any response at present. Any ideas/suggestions/contacts greatly appreciated.

    142. Trikes for Yes says:

      O/T First time post here but on another thread request for people to inform about distribution of Wee Blue Book. I am willing to print off as many Home Printing editions of the Wee Blue Book as possible between now and 18 September for free. I am based around Inverness/Black Isle. Not sure how many that may be but my partner and I hope to get started tomorrow and as we both work part-time we do have time to dedicate to the task. Not sure how best to contact the right people to get the books out there. Have tried the Yes Black Isle facebook page and the Wee Blue Book facebook page without any response at present. Any ideas/suggestions/contacts greatly appreciated.

    143. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      As a wee aside here I just wondered how @Boorach was doing up North of Inverness for WBB. Are you online and got a supply? If not then email me and I will bus up with a full hill bag.

    144. Lesley-Anne says:

      fred blogger says:

      not if you just listen to the man on the telly, eat your cereal, and go to work! 🙂

      But I don’t like serial! Oops wrong type of cereal. 😛

    145. Mealer says:

      When canvassing,recently I’ve noticed folk seem to be apologetic if they say they’re voting No.

    146. Thepnr says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      SSP Ayrshire will ensure they all end up in the hands of Irvine/Ayr/Kilwinning No/DKs over the next fortnight.

      what do you mean the next fortnight? Didn’t you mean the next two nights?


      What’s wrong with a day off, allowing time to recharge the batteries? Might not be to your taste but getting out there in their faces is one of the reasons I believe we are where we are now.

      You shouldn’t knock it.

    147. muttley79 says:

      No time for complacency. We need to work flat out until voting starts.

    148. No no no...Yes says:

      Decided against my better nature to watch a recording of Scotland 2014. Ms Smith interviewed Flipper and her questions were actually very good, albeit easy set up ones. However, Flipper was diabolical: incoherent, babbling, stuttering, plucking figures out of the air. Any undecided’s who bothered to watch it will NOT be convinced of his argument.
      She is to interview the First Minister tomorrow- I wonder if he will get a fair run?

    149. fred blogger says:

      me neither, i’m diabetic.

    150. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ Trikes for Yes – Welcome to Wings and am sure someone from Inverness will be in touch with you very soon. Boorach can you help?

    151. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ Trikes for Yes – Welcome to Wings and am sure someone from Inverness will be in touch with you very soon. Boorach can you help?

    152. geeo says:

      Darling was in full cliche mode with Sarah “i believe you” Smith.

      Talk about Fluffer meets Flipper…!

      Stunned when she asked him for those 3 pesky job creating powers…
      Did flipper really say “housing benefit” ??
      So busy laughing i missed the other one before hearing Smith saying “thats only 2”

      Too many painkillers today or i have been transferred to a parallel universe tonight.
      Ok, it wasn’t much of a grilling but it was the first time Smith has ever asked anything like a challenge to the endless No rhetoric.

      Darling trying to defend the moronically insulting to women broadcast was brilliant, that should further harden the female Yes vote.

      Alistair Darling, the gift that never tires of giving, the Scottish referendum rampant duracell bunny, he just goes on and on and on and on….!

      (steady as you go lesley-anne, and lovely to have you back.

    153. Robert Peffers says:

      Well I’ve not beet slacking. I cannot go rapping doors any more but I’ve beet kitting up my wee motorhome with a Tannoy system, a Audio player, YES decals, several small saltires and a muckle big YES Saltire on a flagpole on the rear. I’m waiting for some larger decals to arrive and we’re ready for the road.

      No one will be misled as to what we stand for.

    154. Ian Brotherhood says:

      ‘Dougie Alexander: Portrait of a Cereal Killer.’

    155. X_Sticks says:

      Aye, LA, unlikely anything signed before 18th now surely.

      If between 18th and indy then we pass legislation negating any TTIP contracts effected by the WM govt. Might give us a chance of fighting them later if they do anything before 2016.

      PFI bad enough, but this is really nasty.

    156. Paula Rose says:

      Now Threpnr dear, we all know the Patrician wants to have a night out – he’s just making sure that we do it with all due whatsits.

    157. crazycat says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood / Jim T

      I’m not sure whether I should be posting this here, or Off-topic (so I’ll do both).

      Kilmarnock Yes shop has run out of WBBs – I think we are due 4,000 more but have no idea where they are coming from. If they are (going to be) available from you, I could collect if given details.

    158. Thepnr says:

      Didn’t have time today to post on the fantastic figures for August. Well done Rev on a most amazing result.

      Now that the WBB is Winging it’s way across Scotland I feel you will have even more cause for further celebration soon.

    159. Grouse Beater says:

      The American radio interview – see Wings Twitter and click on Patronising Lady photograph – is the best summation of the debate I have ever heard, without equal, honest, open, ascerbic, and to the point, shaming our own press and BBC.

      If anybody on here has not listened to it – switch on now!

    160. Paula Rose says:

      Ian honey are you coming to share some muesli on the 13th?

    161. kininvie says:

      Went out for a pizza at Pizza Express after hard day on pinning down WBB distribution network. Asked waitress ‘how are you voting?’ After a moment’s hesitation, she said ‘Yes’ then ‘In fact, I think all the staff here are Yes’ – Made the pizza taste so much better!

      O/T WBB update.
      We are hoping to get the last shipments of the 230,000 WBB run delivered to our hubs either tomorrow or early Wednesday. Thereafter our wonderful ‘hubbers’ will distribute according to order lists they have. WARNING Very few will get a full allocation – we are massively over-subscribed. Some people won’t get any – sorry.

      All our hubs are in the hands of committed Wingers, who naturally are plugged into their local Yes networks. So copies of WBB should spread around by the usual Yes osmosis. That’s what we hope for, and if you look on Twitter, that’s what’s happening.

      A wee warning: The WBB is designed for undecideds, and that is the ONLY readership Stu wants or needs. So please don’t hang onto a copy as a souvenir – it could mean 1 fewer Yes votes. Stu is talking about a Souvenir edition once we win….so please wait for that.

      PS To those who’ve got hold of my email address and are sending in frantic pleas….please don’t. The whole order is spoken for; it really clutters up my inbox and prevents me concentrating on getting the deliveries out as fast as possible:

      But I love you all – the response to our appeals for help has been fantastic, and there are people out there who never realised what they were signing up to who are now busting a gut to get these books to where they need to go

      Thanks – you know who you are.

    162. mogatrons says:

      Can I recommend viewing the BBC News ‘The Papers’ which leads on the Times headline ? … I found it tragically hilarious, astounding yet unsurprising and reckon it perfectly represents all that is amiss with the BBC and Yookay media in microcosm … even the host delicately had to suggest to the commentators that perhaps there’s a swing because the Scots actually understand the importance of the vote, so embarrassed was he with their contribution! lol! 🙂

    163. David Stevenson says:

      Sinky @10.52:

      It is hard to believe that Jill Stephenson is any kind of Professor. Total joke. Murphy’s tour has been filmed to expose it as the useless waste of time it is and expose Murphy as a no-mark who NEVER answers a question.

      As to intimidation, his pathetic trip to Blantyre was videoed and put up on Youtube. The footage shows clear intimidatory tactics aimed at the guy with the camera by one of Murphy’s local haunners. Murphy is in close attendance in one instance and James Kelly (my rubbish Labour MSP, not the good guy from Scot goes Pop) is seen talking to the Charles Bronson wannabe immediately before he closes in on the guy with the camera for a second time. He backs off when threatened with police action, but Kelly is a couple of yards away and does nothing to intervene. Not very “democratic”.

    164. fred blogger says:

      we can just refuse to join the EU.
      that way we will even be exempt from health and social care act conditionality

    165. X_Sticks says:

      Sorry O/T

      Probably been posted already, but worth reposting anyway

      “American take on the Scottish referendum with NO MEDIA BIAS”

    166. fred blogger says:

      my mistake health and social care act does not apply to scotland.

    167. Stevie boy says:

      @ Stuart Blair

      Yeah I knew the odds weren’t showing the truth ages ago.

      Like u if we do it I will also donate some winnings to a food bank.

      Good call mate. This is the new forward thinking, socially just Scotland we want. Help everyone in society and not the few.

    168. Lesley-Anne says:

      Great to be back geeo just hope everyone has stocked up on keyboard/screen cleaners. 😛

      I think that sounds a reasonable approach X-Sticks. I think the one saving grace for us is that any American company wanting to get involved with our NHS would have to deal with SG and they do not have any contracts up for negotiation at present as far as I’m aware. I’m sure they will not put any up for negotiation until after independence either.

      I totally agree about Gordon Brown’s PFI experiment, what an absolute unmitigated disaster it was for the Scottish NHS and councils.

    169. Paula Rose says:

      I am encouraging everyone to sign the WBB and pass it on – the souvenir copy will be the one with the most signatures xx

    170. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      Be certain your dedication and the SSP’s is being noticed and is massively appreciated.

      Goan yersel big yin! 😀

      Keep in mind the Yes shops are a wee bit o a madhoose right now because of last minute registering. Nae doot it will be even worse tomorrow.

    171. Stevie boy says:

      I know it could be seen as complacency but I honestly believe that this will only galvanise Yesser’s even more to push on now.

      We don’t just want a narrow win.. a BIG win will unite us even more and send a massive message out!!!

      Keep going you good people you!!!!!!

    172. Grouse Beater says:

      It wasn’t much of a grilling but it was the first time Smith has ever asked anything like a challenge to the endless No rhetoric.

      Her stewardship of BBC Scotland’s political ‘show’ has been a sad failure. It’s tone would not scare a kitten.

      And while I am still angry: what BBC executive decided Scotland’s most profound political decision in 300 years should be met with a cheap, low-rent magazine format?

    173. crazycat says:

      @ kininvie

      Thanks – you’ve answered the question I asked above – now I just have to hope we’re on your list! Thanks also for doing all this, it’s much appreciated.

    174. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @crazycat –

      I’d give it a day or two yet, but if you don’t get the allocation, I’d try Irvine Yes Shop, 183 High St (01294 570 020) ask for Mary, and mention my name – they should, in theory, have more than me, but if they can’t help, no probs. I’ll keep some aside for the final week, in case I can’t get any more. I only have approx 700, but expect that to be down to 250 by this time next week.

      Please drop me a line so we have each other’s details:

      ian [at] stevenston4 [dot] fsnet [dot] co [dot] uk


    175. Ian McEwan says:

      Someone asked this earlier……I live in the Glasgow area and it would be a privilege to drive all day getting folk to the polls. Do we need drivers? If so how do we make the connections?

    176. kininvie says:


      Contact your local Yes group in the first instance…. They should be able to tell you where undecided Black Isle Voters are to be found
      We don’t have many WBB ordered from the Black Isle to far as I can tell, apart from some in Cromarty, so if you can push copies around Rosemarkie and Fortrose, that might be really useful.

    177. ronnie anderson says:

      Polls are the way that people thoughts are conditioned, dont believe the polls, the only poll that counts is on the 18th Sept so dont stop working until the polling stations close

    178. Murray McCallum says:

      Peter Kellner, CEO YouGov 28May’14

      “We found that just 33% wanted Scotland to become independent, while 57% wanted it to stay part of the UK. This is in line with past polls by YouGov and other companies.

      In fact, the mountain Salmond must climb is even higher than those figures suggest.”

      The “mountain” seems to be getting smaller as we approach it. Father Dougal would have been very confused.

    179. G. Campbell says:

      BBC Papers: Patronising BT Ladies

    180. G. Campbell says:

      BBC Papers: Patronising BT Ladies

    181. Marcia says:

      If this poll is correct then the No camp will be worried as this poll may also be an ‘exit poll’ as postal votes were received during the period of the poll and should be reflected in the votes actually cast. The big cushion they were hoping from the postal votes may be not there.

    182. crazycat says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood

      Thanks – have e-mailed you.

    183. Thepnr says:

      Pity he got the date wrong, Father Dougal.

    184. fred blogger says:

      G. Campbell
      surely that’s a spoof!
      i know it’s not, bizarre, surreal.
      the yes baddies ganging up on the naws, dear oh dear oh dear.

    185. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Iain Gray’s Subway Lament –

      You’re too kind. No, really, you are. SSP has always maintained the same position on Scottish independence, and affirmed it in the Calton Hill Declaration (2004) which we hope will help inform and construct the Scottish Constitution.

      Hope to meet you someday, along with all the other fancifully named WOS characters who’ve made this journey such a pleasure.

      And let’s face it – if common decency means anything at all, it means knowing, at the gut level, when the right thing is being done. We’ve always known we are on the right side of this debate. Fellow citizens who (for whatever reason) shun political parties of any shade are perhaps the most objective observers of all – they will have no difficulty identifying which side has been ‘out of order’.

    186. IcySpark says:

      @G. Campbell

      LOL that was hilarious in all the wrong ways. They haven’t got a clue. Speechless.

    187. Training Day says:

      @ G Campbell

      Holy moly! The patronising BT London bubble-ite ladies ended their stupendously idiotic contribution by concluding that because people who have left Scotland can’t vote in the referendum that Scotland ‘is not a democracy’.

      They are now definitely preparing the English for a Yes vote.

    188. TD says:


      Thanks for that link to the American radio item. Truly refreshing to hear a media report that was accurate, stated the truth and had not been spun to the No campaign’s advantage. Not something we are used to these days.

    189. Grouse Beater says:

      G campbell

      The two women twittering on about the swing to Yes shows perfectly how the No campaign, and unionists with a big or small ‘u’, are utterly lost about what the plebiscite is about, or indeed, what democracy means.

      They are talking about keeping control and call that ‘democracy. Jeezus.

      The poor news reader does his level best to get them to face reality – the vote is likely to be a Yes! Yet they remain in yesteryear, discussing the situation like the good colonials they are.

      That’s why Yes will win the day.

    190. Onwards says:

      This shows the momentum is with YES !!

      There is a suspicion that all polls are underestimating the YES vote, due to a huge number of first time voter registrations, including large housing schemes where people are signing up in droves to vote YES for a fairer country.

      There are plenty of people without landlines or internet that the polls miss out on, and these folks that can swing it over the line with a huge turnout.

      Then you have no-minded voters who just can’t bring themselves to vote against Scotland.

      With a real chance of winning, you will get people switching to YES just be on the winning side!

      Who wants to be on the wrong side of history !!

    191. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’m with you there Icy, what an absolute pair of utter dimwits! Still to be fair I did learn a few of things.

      First of all NO ONE from the YES side ever gets trolled. Hmm…

      Secondly I never knew that for ever means erm for ever. Thanks for teaching that wee nugget Petrie.

      Thirdly, apparently because the only people being given the right to vote are those in Scotland so everyone else living outside Scotland does not get a vote and thus we have the highly intellectual claim also from Petrie that Scotland is thus a very UNDEMOCRATIC country. Hmm…

    192. fred blogger says:

      they were stutteringly desperate to find something negative to say.
      oh what fun!

    193. crazycat says:

      @ Onwards

      We still have to ensure that they actually vote, though. I have given registration forms to people who then reveal that they think that means they have voted, and I have to explain that they need to go to the polling station on September 18! If they’ve never voted before, and did not read the Electoral Commission’s booklet, they just don’t know what to do.

    194. Trikes for Yes says:

      @kininvie says

      Thanks for info. Yes Black Isle facebook does have details of stalls over next 2 weeks so will try and contact them. We are also within close travelling distance of Drumnadrochit if interest there.

    195. liz says:

      @ G Campbell – I wish I hadn’t listened to that.

      But why?why? why? – there debates between AS and AD were 50/50 over the two debates.

      These people are so out of touch as to be on a different planet – they have No idea about the meetings, the canvassing, the talking to folk on their doorsteps.

      They think we decide on a debate between 2 leaders – god help us.

      And – oh now it’s undemocratic because I am half Scottish and I don’t have a vote – FFS

    196. Devorgilla says:

      @g campbell

      The interviewer tries to suggest that maybe for ever is part of the appeal… but still they don’t get it. They are totally unaware of the grass roots campaign.

    197. Lesley-Anne says:

      I know I’m about to piss off the majority of folks here, mainly cause I keep repeating this 😉 .

      From what I’ve read in the past Onwards all the polling companies seem to use the idea that what ever poll respondents voted in 2010 or 2011 will be how they vote vote in the referendum. Therefore they have totally omitted, probably cause they can’t calculate it, the massive numbers of Labour, Tory and LibDems voting YES. I guess cause folks voted for the Tories, LibDems and Labour in significant numbers then none of them will vote YES in the eyes of the polling companies.

      This information, voting intentions is what the polling companies use to correct their polling results. So if you assume, as I do, that they are still using the voting intentions of 2010 or 2011 then I’m not surprised in the slightest that they still have YES behind. In my view if they used something like percentages of Labour/Tory/LibDem voters voting YES in their correcting formulae then we’d already be seeing YES well ahead by now.

      I agree there Fred. They were just so far out of their depth it was excruciating to watch but also extremely hilarious. 😛

    198. HandandShrimp says:

      O/T What is the situation with the main print run of the WBB? Are they all spoken for? If not our Yes Shop could undoubtedly use a few.

    199. Thepnr says:

      @G. Campbell

      That did bring a wee grin to my face, they really don’t have a clue and will be in denial right up to the day of the vote.

      Let’s put them right by making clear that no matter what they might think, that on the 18th Sept we ARE voting Yes.

      Red faces all round LOL.

    200. JWil says:

      Alistair Darling doing his ‘avoidance of answering the questions act’ in his interview with Sarah Smith last night.

      A serious interviewer could have easily shredded his answers as they were so full of holes, but while Sarah tried to give the impression that she is being tough she didn’t actually follow through with more searching responses to what he said.

      But why should I care, as it look very much like Darling has shot his bolt. Another failure to add to his CV.

    201. HandandShrimp says:

      Once a Yes vote has been secured we are going to have to work overtime to convince people like the ladies on the News that we have done this for ourselves and our future andnot to spite them.

    202. fred blogger says:

      i should think after that performance it will be “in my office NOW!”

    203. fred blogger says:

      i should think after that performance it will be “in my office NOW!”

    204. David Stevenson says:

      Poor Polly and Petrie: clueless to the last…. They would no doubt assess our shaking heads and rueful laughter as more Nationalist Attack Dog action…. Best just leave them to it.

    205. Thepnr says:

      One thing I can guarantee you fred is that I for one will accept the vote for what it is.

      I expect to celebrate a Yes vote, but if it was to be a No then I will get on with my life much as I do now.

      However, I can understand politicians lying while trying to state their case though I will never forgive our media for the fraud unravelling in front of my eyes.

      They will lose, Yes or No.

    206. Onwards says:

      Good point, Lesley-Anne.

      Of course, some previous SNP voters could vote no, but I suspect this will be a fraction of ex-Labour voters going for a YES vote, for a fairer Scotland.

    207. Lesley-Anne says:

      You are right Onwards. I do believe that some SNP voters will be voting NO but as you say their numbers are small compared to Labour voters etc who will be voting YES.

      Can you imagine the froth running out of Blair McDougall’s mouth if the pollsters actually used a system that took into account how people will be voting and ignoring their previous voting intentions. I think he’d have been signed into a mental asylum by now. 😛

    208. Grouse Beater says:

      I do believe that some SNP voters will be voting NO.

      I have no idea why they joined the SNP. If you alter your stance on full independence since joining resign. Why buy a boat and then refuse to go sailing?

    209. seanair says:

      Just to add to my pleasure at the poll, how did tonight’s Stornoway debate go?

    210. Rock says:


      “No time for complacency. We need to work flat out until voting starts.”

      Absolutely. Even if we get a poll showing 60% Yes. And I would say until every single vote has been counted.

      We don’t want to end up like Neil Kinnock and John Smith did in 1992 after celebrating prematurely.

    211. Proud Cybernat says:

      If it’s a YES (and I really believe it will be) then Rev. Stu should be honoured by giving him the freedom of every village, town and city in Scotland. He deserves no less.

    212. Lesley-Anne says:

      I have no idea either Grouse, it seems rather weird to me. I can only assume they kept voting or joined SNP cause of other SNP policies like anti nukes etc rather than their independence stance. I do find it rather strange all the same. In my view I do not expect party members to agree with every policy of a political party but in the case of the SNP their whole raison d’etre, up to this point, has been Scottish independence every thing else has come secondary if you like.

      As far as the Stornaway debate went seanair well let’s just say that the ambulances were kept busy transporting the NO panellists to Stornaway hospital’s A&E department after Nicola was finished with them. 😛

    213. Faltdubh says:

      An excellent poll, but we still have lots of work to do.

      We’re getting there, but we cannot stop now. Keep chapping the doors, sealing the envelopes, emailing those links to undecided/no pals and family, wearing your yes badge/tshirt/hat/scarf/whatever.

      Keep on keepin’ on!

      We all have been feeling change for months now. Now the polls and considering YouGov our worst Yes pollster has it at this score. Well, well, we are…. we certainly are, but remember.

      Keep a NO vote in the back of your mind. Think how dark and gloomy we’ll feel if No prevails.

      With that thought, it helps me push on and fight Yes corner, walk that extra 10 doorsteps, etc.

      We have such a great chance of this, folks.

      17, no 16 days to go! Let’s give it our all.

    214. Thepnr says:


      As far as the Stornaway debate went seanair well let’s just say that the ambulances were kept busy transporting the NO panellists to Stornaway hospital’s A&E department after Nicola was finished with them. 😛

      That was really funny, but where have you been? The searchlights were out and we still didn’t find you. Ignoring your emails also else you may have had lots of WBB’s to deliver. 🙂

    215. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sorry Thepnr I was around but my computer was never on.

      I put a post up earlier yesterday that kinda explained what happened but here it is again.

      I’ve had a few wee *ahem* problems but I’ve got over them, sort of, so I’m back in fighting fettle now.

      I just reached the point where I wanted to hit something, or someone, over the constant negativity in the papers and the news channels from Better whatsit. I just needed a break from everything regarding the referendum, or at least as much of everything as I could avoid. I’m not normally violent, as you know from my posts on Wings , but if anyone from Better whatsit came to my door I’d probably be writing this from inside prison now!

      I had also hit the proverbial wall with regard to big American business trying to take over the world, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Twitter to be precise!

      I am NOT a number I am a person!

      Still I’ve got most of this out of my system now so I’m back to kicking earse!

      Sorry for the anxiety to everyone!

      I’m sorry I didn’t reply to your e-mails but as I say my computer was never on for around 12 days. I had had enough of computers, well not actually computers but BIG American computer linked companies. 😛

    216. Rock says:

      Grouse Beater,

      “I do believe that some SNP voters will be voting NO.”

      “I have no idea why they joined the SNP. If you alter your stance on full independence since joining resign. Why buy a boat and then refuse to go sailing?”

      Most if not all SNP MEMBERS will vote Yes.

      But some SNP VOTERS (non members) in 2011 voted SNP for good government, rather than independence and might vote No. But I hope that many of them will now have converted to Yes.

    217. Lesley-Anne says:


      Sorry Thepnr my post has gone AWOL and is sitting in moderation it might appear soon hopefully. 😉

    218. Daibach says:

      I agree with you, yes or no on the 19th, I’ll get on with life like we all will do.
      However, the media will never be viewed in the same way, nor the politicians.
      Many eyes have been opened in the last few weeks/months, this shows the power of the Internet and “ordinary”people (and “extraordinary” people)
      As a Wellhead living in Scotland with a Welsh wife I can not wait for independence!

    219. seanair says:

      Thanks Lesley-Anne but I would love to get the gory details. Any link from someone who was there would be appreciated.

    220. Daibach says:

      Wellhead? Lol
      Dam autocorrect. 🙁

    221. Lesley-Anne says:

      You mean like this seanair. 😛

    222. mr thms says:

      “Just one group of voters appear to have resisted the tide towards a higher Yes vote – older voters. Despite the particular importance of the NHS for such voters, at 31% support for Yes amongst the over 60s is actually slightly down (by two points) on a month ago. Indeed, but for the Yes side’s weakness amongst this group YouGov would be putting Yes in the lead. Will pensions now be one of the crucial battlegrounds in what promises to be a very keenly contested last two weeks?”

      Thanks for the tip Professor!

      “Britain’s pension shame: UK state pensions are the LOWEST in Europe – and even Slovenia and Slovakia give their old people more

      Pensioners in the UK are entitled to a maximum of £110.15 per-week

      Report says that is almost £70 below what is a ‘living state pension’

      Nations such as Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia offer more generous deals

      Salary replaced by UK pension is 32.6%, compared to 67.9% in Slovakia”


      “Steve Webb, the Pensions Minister, said: ‘We are building a UK pension system that is more sustainable for the future.

      ‘As the OECD recognises, by combining the state pension and income from workplace pensions people many people in Britain can expect an adequate retirement income.’”

      How much is adequate?

    223. Lesley-Anne says:

      Anyone here worried or concerned about what would happen to the Scottish banking system after a YES vote … me neither even less worried no I’ve read this. 😛

    224. Doug Daniel says:

      Well I’ve just chucked a grand on for a Yes vote at 7/2 with William Hill, so everyone get out there chapping doors and so on to make sure I don’t lose my money!

    225. Doug Daniel says:

      (Had to be put on in two instalments – they wouldn’t accept £1000…)

    226. Lesley-Anne says:

      I think the head of William Hill is a YES supporter Daniel, he was Dan Suff at the Annan game on Saturday. 😛

    227. Lesley-Anne says:

      Oops Sorry Doug got your name back to front in my head DOH! 😛

    228. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      Great poll – would have loved to have seen Kellners face.

      I was over on the Telegraph most of the night for a change. Took great delight in publishing the You Gov poll results before they got them.
      One guy actually used the old You Gov poll results as justification that the Yes campaign was miles behind. He got a bit of a shock when I posted the new one.
      Also told them about the 230,000 WBB coming in the next days when they slagged off wings.

      They started drifting off to bed – unsurprisingly.

      Great sport.

    229. Lesley-Anne says:

      I saw a tweet from Stu yesterday Doc that said the WBB had been downloaded over 400,000 times. Add that to the 270,000 hard copies of the WBB and the NO camp might as well start packing their bags and heading South now. 😛

    230. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      I do actually know one SNP voter who is voting No.
      He thinks it is fine for the SNP to run a “2nd tier government” and votes for them as they make a good job of running the country.
      But they cannot be allowed to run an independent country for some bizarre reason.
      He has even got his own No website that nobody goes to.
      But he is a bit odd.

    231. seanair says:

      Don’t have Facebook etc but thanks for trying to help. I will just have to imagine Nicola in top form sending the Noes homeward to think again.

    232. IcySpark says:

      Everyone, please help Will McLeod, the person from the US radio show that’s going viral get to Scotland.

    233. The_Duke says:

      You beat me to it IcySpark

      Just popped in a few dollars for Will. Give what you can fellow Wingers.

      All the best to Will

    234. Michael McCabe says:

      So good to see you back and in fine form Lesley-Anne. I Predict the Sun will come out for Yes this Week. How do I know that ? Well my next door Neighbour is a Weather Man. Only Joking. I think the Sun Newspaper will come out for Yes this week.

    235. Stevie boy says:

      Just donated $30 to Will McLeod.

      Even his reporting so far deserves my money!

      Please donate if you can!!!

    236. Stevie boy says:

      Will McLeod’s voice will help tell the truth about the shameful No campaign and the disgusting bias in it.

    237. Stevie boy says:

      Remember folks…

      The shamefully biased media and politicians must never be forgotten for trying to sell their country and fellow Scots down the river for their own personal gain.

      None of them should be allowed to ‘worm’ their way back in.

      They need to be ditched!

    238. Marco McGinty says:

      “until a local Tory did the “I’m a Councillor and (therefore by dint of office God almighty himself) you can’t hand those out on council property.”

      Bet you it was Tom Marshall!

      I agree with your take on the speakers, although I did think it was shambolic at times, with the chair not stamping his authority on the proceedings. I have to publicly state that I think the unassuming Dr Whitford was the best speaker of them all, and must now be approaching legendary status of the independence movement.

      It would be nice to think that Jackson Carlaw would stand up for Scotland in the event of a Yes vote, but trust could be an issue. Is his stance one of honesty, or a career-saving measure? Time will tell.

      Since this debate, you are the second person to describe Wilson as an enigma. I can think of many other ways to describe him, but I’ll keep it polite and diplomatic. Agreed, he held the NHS privatisation issue as a laughable myth, and didn’t appear to offer any support for his own party. In fact, from memory, his sole contribution to the debate centred on criticising almost everything that the Scottish Government has offered, or lambasting the SNP whenever he felt there was opportunity. Then again, we shouldn’t be surprised at this, as his whole political life has been based on his dislike for Scotland, and his total, decades-long opposition to devolution and independence.

      The more I think about, I just feel that he is an odious, argumentative little man, and he would argue black was white just for the sake of it. One not to be trusted in any capacity.

    239. Michael McCabe says:

      @ Doug Daniel 1:30am Just had a grand on at William Hill at 7/2 Good on you. William Hill now showing at 3/1 Ladbrokes are only 11/4 and Corals at 3/1 The 3 main Bookies know we are Winning now and are Adjusting there odds Accordingly. The Party on the 19th of September will make the Queens Jubilee bash look like a picnic. Vote Yes.

    240. Andy smith says:

      To the no campaign…. You better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone, cos the times they are a changin !

    241. john king says:

      Grouse Beater says
      “Why buy a boat and then refuse to go sailing?”

      I think the number of SNP supporters who dont really believe in independence has a direct corrolation to the amount of libdems who really believe in federalism! 🙂
      eg vanishingly small.

      Meanwhile on the other side of the looking glass mzzzz smith says on BBC
      “the thing that makes me sad is that anybody who tries to speak out in favour of the union gets hugely hugely trolled every time every time somebody puts their head above the parapet, it seem they get swamped with mean unpleasant and nasy comments”, (drum roll please)”WHICH DOESNT SEEM TO HAPPEN THE OTHER WAY ROUND”


    242. john king says:

      Handandshrimp says
      “However, in the immortal words of Ray Stevens of Bridget the Midget fame…”he was too late””

      it was this 🙂

    243. john king says:

      “ahead to SCOTLAND gaining their rightful place and the UK loosing Oil and whisky revenues,”

      Thats it,
      I’ve had it,
      wheres my shotgun?
      will people pleeasssee stop putting two bloody o’s in losing?
      its driving me up the bloody wall!

    244. CameronB Brodie says:

      Perhaps folk are waking up to the fact that a No vote ensures this future for Scotland.

      Privatisation of the NHS: Allyson Pollock at TEDxExeter

      @ No Better Together Thanks
      Is there something you’re not telling the people of Scotland?

      @ Jim Murphy
      Where are your ethics?

    245. Ken500 says:

      Unionists and the Press have been unlawfully using public money to manipulate the Polls. Gerrymandering. The crooks should be in jail.

      Celebration time.

      Bring it on.

    246. Stevie boy says:

      *** GREAT BET!!!!!!!!!

      Paddy Power are going odds of 10/11 for the YES vote to be higher than 45.5%

      It has to be well past that already and will only get stronger!!

      Get on and make a few quid!!

    247. Mealer says:

      Search YouTube for….David Cameron flying by seat of pants…share it on Facebook etc.

    248. caz-m says:

      Brave Westminster MP Jim Murphy will take to the war-torn streets of Edinburgh today. He will get up on his Irn Bru crates on Princes St to spread the good word of the Union.

      Alex Salmond advised us to ignore the charismatic MP and carry on with the shopping.

      But surely one glance at Mr Murphy would remind you that you have still to buy a large turnip.

    249. Stevie boy says:

      Lad brokers also have 10/11 on the YES vote being above 45.5%

      What a steal!!!!

    250. Stevie boy says:

      Ladbrokes that is!

    251. Ken500 says:

      A couple of wee wimmin pensioners can’t resist the temptation to tell YES folk why they are maybe voting No. Out of devilment. If they can be bother to get to the Polling station.

      ‘You have the lowest pension in Europe’
      – ‘Aye but I’VE got a second pension’
      – ‘You pay tax’ – exit with an Independence booklet.

      ‘I’ve just come to tell yer’, pause – skewed up coupon – ‘I’ve known that Alex Salmond for years for years. ‘ A sense of foreboding. Then nothing. Beat the retreat. Scurry’s off.



      WE are within touching distance of a lifelong dream but we must never forget we are standing on the shoulders of giants :-
      Winnie Ewing
      Jim Sillars.
      Alex Salmond
      SNP X MP`s at Westminster suffered constant abuse.
      Liam Fox and SSP (last socialists left)
      Patrick Harvie

      AND ALL those who founded the Independence Movement.
      Their “Rapture” is Close.

      Thanx to Rev Stuart Campbell,Scott Minto etc AND all the WoS Contributors who have enlightened and informed the IndyRef debate every day.



    253. CameronB Brodie says:

      steven Seagull
      I certainly thought Murphy’s primary aim is to incite. I hope No Better Together Thanks heed what I think was a clear warning to them from Police Scotland, to stop stirring up trouble

    254. Hewitt83 says:

      I’m so glad I took the week of the referendum off work. I already cannot concentrate on anything else.

    255. schrodinger's cat says:

      Ian Brotherhood says:

      ‘Dougie Alexander: Portrait of a Cereal Killer.’

      Yer wheetos are oot Darling

    256. Haggis Hunter says:

      Work colleague gave a WBB to another colleague who was a No. After reading it, he is now a Yes, and will show all in his house the WBB.
      Am still waiting on a thoosand copies to deliver

    257. Wee Alex says:

      Doug Daniel says:
      2 September, 2014 at 1:31 am
      (Had to be put on in two instalments – they wouldn’t accept £1000…)

      Never been to a bookies. If you are limited to £500, how come someone can bet £600,000 and then the same person puts on £200,000 on No.

      I’ll ask Gordon Brown, he’s good with figures.

    258. Graeme Doig says:


      It’s hard to concentrate on much else when the future of our country is at stake.
      Folk at work know I’m ‘afflicted’ 😉

    259. crazycat says:

      @ mr thms

      ‘As the OECD recognises, by combining the state pension and income from workplace pensions many people in Britain can expect an adequate retirement income.’

      And by implication some cannot – but Mr Webb does not see fit to mention them.

    260. Nan says:

      WantonWampum at 6.50 am
      I think you mean Colin Fox and SSP (last socialists left)

    261. HandandShrimp says:


      It was indeed Tom and his indignation at the breach of rule 410, subsection 23 paragraph 4,256 was palpable…it was also particularly funny as he had a young mini-me somewhat agitatedly saying “there is another one doing the same thing in the hall, make him stop” It was all too late though, the WBBs were nearly all gone by then.

      What amazed me was the hunger for the WBB, the chap couldn’t get them out the box fast enough.

    262. Stevie boy says:

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if u can donate to Will McLeod to get him over here and help shed the real light of what’s happening in our media to the rest of the world then please do so.

      Need around $5000.. already at $845.

      We need all the help we can get with the media we are stuck with.

      If u haven’t heard his American take on the radio station then please do so (link above).

    263. Stevie boy says:

      Will McLeod at $955 now!! Getting there!

    264. David Stevenson says:

      Wanton Wampum: lIAM Fox is definitely not in the SSP! Unless he has been sent deep undercover to split the Tories….

    265. Para Handy says:

      Makes the BBC poll tracker look very interesting:

      To me the most significant thing is that it shows No at below 50% for the first time.

      Chust sublime, Dougie. Chust sublime.

    266. JWil says:

      I don’t usually buy The Times and I don’t have any access to it now because I don’t pay to get through their paywall, but I was persuaded yesterday to buy a copy as I attended hospital with a relative. The paper on the newstand in the hospital shop was shouting out about these bad YES people attacking boor old Murph. The front age was almost full of it.

      They are certainly going to town on the story.

      Still no disclosure as to how many of his 100 visits he had done before he stopped. It must be a state secret.

    267. Nigerian Pirate says:

      @ Seanair

      You don’t need Facebook to log in to the livestream debate from last night. You can log in with an email and you will be sent a link. The debate is still available to view on the link that Lesley-Anne provided.

      Hope this helps 🙂

    268. Liquid Lenny says:

      The other week one of my elderly neighbours put a a4 sized Vote Naw poster in his window and in the shared front door there were two small vote naw stickers, I left on Sunday for a few days,and on my return this morning notice that the a4 Vote Naw poster is down and the small stickers on the shared door have been replaced by YES stickers. Don’t know if he put the YES stickers up but he is no longer actively supporting No.
      It appears that YES has gained a lot of momentum since I was away in the Isle of Man and England. Always knew it was going to happen, but very glad to see the plan is working.

    269. GrantPotter says:

      I am looking to organise a print run of the WBB.

      I would probably take around 300-400 copies.

      Is anyone interesting in lumping together?

      Reply or email me grantpotter1 AT gmail DOT com

    270. MochaChoca says:

      Of the six firms doing regular indy polls YouGov has consistently presented YES support at the lower end of the range (only Ipsos-Mori is lower, and only by 1 point).

      The average figure for each of the pollsters in comparison with YouGov prior to September is as follows:

      Ipsos-Mori: -2 points
      TNS-BMRB: +1 point
      ICM: +5 points
      Survation: +6 points
      Panelbase: +7 points

      If the latest YouGov figure represents a swing rather than a convergence and that swing is reflected by the other pollsters we should see YES in the lead with three of the six pollsters in their next polls.

    271. HandandShrimp says:


      The number of published polls seems to have tailed off a bit but I will interested to see what the next Panelbase and Survation polls say. Even if it is a mixture of swing and convergence we could be looking at 51% Yes 49% No.

      The establishment reaction to such a poll so close to the vote will be fascinating. I have already seen people saying that a Yes vote is just a mandate to have negotiations not get independence. We need to make sure our goalposts stay put.

    272. MochaChoca says:

      H+S it does seem like the polls have tailed off, but it’s maybe just that we are very keen to see new ones every day or so.

      August actually had more indyref polls than any previous month (9)

    273. Colin says:

      @ john king

      “This is it boys this is war!”

      This is what we’re waiting for
      This is it boys, this is war

      Nina, 99 red balloons 😉

    274. Gary says:

      Interesting. If the polls follow the pattern of those in the last Holyrood election then it looks good for a YES. Having said that, being a referendum, with voters aged 16-18, huge turnout and a massive print and TV news campaign against Indy its just too hard to predict anything. The pollsters have no idea if their weightings are correct so only the trends could be considered accurate. Time will tell..

    275. David Smith says:

      I imagine that COBRA meetings are increasingly resembling that scene from Downfall.????

    276. scunnered says:

      just seen a clip on yahoo from the telegraph telling us we will learn within weeks how much our pensions are going to be….i wonder what they are waiting on eh…i bet they will tell us on the 19th of september..
      New ‘flat-rate’ state pension: how much will you get?
      Within weeks, older savers will be able to learn their state entitlement – and there are shocks in store, reveals Dan Hyde

    277. Tom Foyle says:

      Proud Cybernat:

      Even if it’s a no (shudders uncontrollably) Stu should Still be given the freedom of Scotland.

    278. Stevie boy says:

      Don’t mean to go on but 2 things, if anyone can help..

      BBC protest at Pacific Quay Sunday 14th September 2pm – 4pm.

      Also if anyone can donate to Will McLeod to try and get him over the $5000 mark. Just over half way there at the min, see if we can push it up!

    279. Sandra Wilson says:

      I fear Mr Darling may be incoherent because he sees his knighthood (arise Sir Alistair, saviour of the union) slipping from his grasp. But then maybe I just an old cynic.

    280. JET JOCKEY says:

      Mr Darling has lost his case, being a lawyer he will know when in the witness box , the Sheriff looks for questions being answered directly and any hesitation is looked upon as being ” economical with the truth” for the man in the street that means , HE IS LYING.

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