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The suggestion of blueberries

Posted on January 06, 2023 by

Alert readers of Wings will know that I have a fondness for sweet and fruity things, and a particular favourite of mine are Tropical Vibes still lemonades. (NB Other drinks are available, this site is in no way sponsored by or financially affiliated to Tropical Vibes.)

I especially like their Ocean Blue variety, a deliciously sharp and tangy refresher which contains real blueberry juice.

Just not very MUCH real blueberry juice.

The first time I noticed that stat on the bottle, I spent a few moments trying to picture what that amount of blueberry juice looked like. In a 300ml bottle, 0.01% would be 0.03 millilitres, and it’s very hard to describe what a small amount of liquid that is. It’s about one 150th of a teaspoon, for example, and that’s tough to imagine in your mind.

It is, however, at the smaller end of the scale of measurable raindrops.

That is itself also quite hard to visualise, so here it is on a chart.

A droplet that size would be visible to the naked human eye, but only barely and depending on distance and circumstances. The taste of it in 300ml of drink would certainly be completely undetectable. A shark would be able to pick it up, but humans have absolutely no chance. It’s there purely for show. It does not meaningfully exist. It’s a sort of virtue-signalling, in essence (of blueberries).

Today the UK government released a tranche of data from the 2021 census of England and Wales. (Scotland’s catastrophically bodged version will be some time away yet.) One of the datasets revealed was a recording of respondents’ gender identities. And it immediately gave us some Tropical Vibes.

At first it’s hard to see the number of people who declared themselves as having a different gender identity to their biological sex – which is marked in dark blue – at all, so let’s zoom in a bit. Ah, there it is.

(Incidentally, we’ve marked the percentage of that blue line who have LEGALLY changed their sex – ie are in possession of a Gender Recognition Certificate – on this next picture in pink. As it’s only 2.7% we had to zoom in a bit more to make it legible.)

Weirdly, almost half of that tiny blue sliver declined to state what their “gender identity” actually was, even when given four options encompassing all possibilities (the list of known genders below is from 2020 and therefore likely to be out of date, but it’s a start), so it’s probable that at least some of those were joke responses.

But let’s assume they’re not. What they tell us is that a MAXIMUM of 0.34% of the population of England and Wales considers themselves to be “transwomen” (the 0.1% who declared themselves as such plus the 0.24% who wouldn’t say). We have no reason to believe those numbers will be significantly different for Scotland.

Here’s what that looks like on a graph next to the proportion of actual women:

(The blue bar IS there, honestly.)

(By a strange coincidence, that’s almost exactly the same proportion as the amount of real blueberry juice in a bottle of Tropical Vibes Blue Ocean to a teaspoon.)

And yet it’s the column on the left that’s the focus of all the Scottish Government’s priorities. All of its energy and all of its political capital is being expended on “gender recognition” and banning “conversion practices” for this microscopic group of troubled people, not only to the direct detriment of women but also as everyone else with mental health disorders is being shamefully abandoned.

(Because let’s be honest, transwomen specifically are the issue. Transmen pose no threat of rape, have no advantage in sports against natal men, etc. And though it shouldn’t need to be pointed out for the thousandth time, NOBODY is saying that ALL transwomen are rapists. But they are all men, by definition, and all men are potential rapists. There is not one scrap of evidence that men calling themselves women present any less of a danger than other men – indeed, the available figures suggest the opposite. Rapists don’t wear ID badges, so the only way to keep women safe is to exclude EVERYONE with a penis from women-only spaces, and anyone trying to override that safeguard instantly places themselves under suspicion.)

We don’t think it’s unreasonable to feel that in the midst of a horrific cost of living crisis, with COVID still a lurking threat, with the NHS falling apart at alarming speed, and with the UK government determined to keep Scotland a prisoner, an SNP government really ought to have more pressing things on its mind than invisible blueberries.

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0 to “The suggestion of blueberries”

  1. Maths says:

    My maths may be wrong but I reckon that based on 0.1% there are roughly 2,000 trans women in Scotland. The power and power influence they wield is incredible.

  2. sarah says:

    Hurray, Rev. It couldn’t be shown any more clearly how perverse the Scottish Government is in prioritising this issue above all others, with total disregard for all the other problems that are begging for attention.

    Well done. I expect this will now be picked up by The National [my subscription is on a very shoogly peg], BBC Scotland, and all the other main and blog media….

  3. Frank+Black says:

    Excellent comparison.

  4. Outraged of Lanarkshire says:

    Well said Stuart.

  5. And+Spouse says:

    At the start, I thought you’ve really lost it now!

    Excellent piece, well written right to the last word.

  6. Ian McCubbin says:

    Well done and totally brings into perspective the lack of real governance Nd law making for the majority of electorate in Scotland. We have one corrupt group furthering agendas for less than 0.5% of the population.
    Bizarre is the best I can say.

  7. Jeremy Wickins says:

    I’ve had to stop reading that list of genders – I’m sat in a city centre and people are looking at me oddly. It might be something to do with the loud guffaw of laughter!!

  8. Tam+Norrie says:

    This is a brilliant exposé of the idiocy at play in Holyrood. They proudly boasted that this law has been six years in the process. SIX fucking years! Think of what else could have been looked at. These politicians are very dangerous people. They shy away from real problems but embrace the just plain daft. God help us all.

  9. James Cheyne says:

    Invisible blueberries statistics reminds most of those in Scotland, with the Statistics between those that want a fully self governing independent Scotland,

    And those that simply want to regime change the SnP political party,

    At first its hard to see with the naked eye.

  10. desimond says:

    Not so much low lying fruit it would seem…

  11. SusanAHF says:

    I don’t think scotgov give a shit about “trans” people ( though I don’t either so fair enough). I think this is about divide and rule, keeping people confused and unsure about anything so that control can be near total.

  12. Breastplate says:

    It’s almost as if the upper echelons of the SNP are deliberately fucking everything up, and it does seem to be everything.

  13. Eddie+Munster says:

    1 in 100 of children are autistic, it’s going to take over a year and longer to get an Autism assessment, but their throwing all they have at speeding up gender identity.

  14. SusanAHF says:

    Also, Stu, not only is there no evidence that transgender identifying men sexually offend less than normal men, there is evidence to suggest that they sexually offend at a HIGHER rate than normal men.

  15. Ian says:

    I expected this matter to be the death knell for support for the SNP from women. It seems that the seriousness of it has yet to sink in or become widely known. Compared with other matters (pensioners trying to survive another winter & kids brought up in poverty to mention just two), the broader context of this makes me feel sick.

    Nicola “I’ve got democracy on my side” needs to learn the true meaning of democracy.

  16. Lorna Campbell says:

    Indeed, Rev. Your piece forces us all to ask: why? For starters, I think that there are far more people out there with these proclivities (the paraphilias/fetishes) than would admit to them. Some of these will inevitably be in positions of authority, so they will try to push through anything that will be of benefit, even under the radar, to them. Secondly, the Greens are the main ‘wokerati’ here, albeit many in the SNP are, too, and they have made the legislating for this stuff their price for co-operation in government, the SNP needing it, to retain power in Scotland.

    For others, who may also be in positions of power, the chance to dish it to women whom they think have made too many advances, is irresistible. Misogyny plays out every day in Westminster and there is no reason to believe it is any less prevalent in Holyrood. For others yet, the mantra of “just be kind” is also irresistible for more complicated reasons, such as having a ‘trans’ relative or child. Then there are those who are genuinely afraid of the ‘trans’ lobby and lobbyists – afraid for their careers/jobs.

    Most of the supporters are middle-class, educated people, mainly young and relatively well-heeled, with time and money on their hands to worry about intangible bilge while the rest of us worry about eating and heating, and so on. Most of them are oblivious to the dangers of this movement and the dangers that require to be visited upon the population in order to push this stuff through: embryonic totalitarianism (at the moment). The Hate Crime guff takes us into very dangerous territory.

    Behind it all are the billionaires that want to set in motion a whole new wealth-creation scheme for themselves courtesy of the mugs (us) and the planet, what’s left of it to exploit. Our NHS is being starved deliberately to set it up for take-over by private (American) concerns. The spin-off for Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Medicine, Big Porn, et al, is almost endless money-making. The Scottish government is marginally less neoliberal and unregulated capitalist than Westminster, but just barely. The aim of Stonewall and the rest of the ‘trans’ creeps, all enablers of the billionaires who are financing them (follow the money) is to let this stuff spread and radiate out from Scotland to the rest of the UK. Everything is about money or sex, or both, and money probably just edges ahead.

  17. Confused says:

    The true skill of a western politician is NOT to “do what the people want” – that is POPULISM, and is the wrong, evil kind of democracy (Orban)

    – but rather to ram through deeply unpopular policies, against the peoples interests, while staying in power and using whatever sophistry, propaganda and gaslighting techniques they have to do so.

    The problematic anti-democratic nature of this is explained away as a MORAL mission, being on the right side of history, and shitting on the people, who have regressive opinions, is thus a good thing, as the “adults in the room” must take a moral stand, on the side of progress. If you are a lefty you can think of yourself as being in “the vanguard”. Whatever floats your boat.

    These policies are being imposed top down, from elites; how many votes is the tranny and paedophile demographic?

    “Does not make sense” – but … everything makes sense, once you know all the facts.

  18. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Having to post twice, 1st comment disappeared into the ether again,”

    What it says, in bold text, directly above the comment box:

    “If your comment does not appear immediately, DO NOT REPOST IT.”

    Do it again and you’ll find yourself on the pre-mod list. I am so very, very tired of telling people.

  19. laisydaisy says:

    Blistering blueberries! Bloody brilliant!

  20. Republicofscotland says:

    Scotland is falling apart at the seams, and all the SNP/Green rapist, paedo enabling government are focusing on is giving men dressed as pretendy women access to women and children’s safe spaces, to rub salt into the wound this group of pretendy women is in reality miniscule in size when compared to the general population.

    Add in the Expert Advisory Group’s report, and we can see that the SNP/Green government have their own nefarious agenda.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba, get the vile SNP/Greens out.

  21. Effijy says:

    It seems that pundits reporting on male football matches these days must have female representation.

    This is unfair on trans men, trans women, non binary people.
    None of them are disabled, none of them immigrants, there doesn’t seem to be Jewish or Moslem people represented.
    Why don’t we have teenagers and pensioners on it and of course they have a right to be there.

    Maybe they could reduce the number of players to make space for them.

    The world is beyond saving now that common sense has become illegal.

  22. Frank Gillougley says:

    As clear a case, if ever a case could be, of ‘Stars upon Thars’ (A Dr. Seuss very short story from 1961, suitable even for children) Well worth looking up, for the crystal clear moral of the story.

  23. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    In the religious section of the 2001 Scottish census, 0.28% of people identified as Jedi.

    On last inspection, we weren’t issuing free light sabres to this uniquely oppressed and marginalised minority.

  24. Josef+Ó+Luain says:

    Another incisive piece from the Ed.
    Colonial administrations have always used policies of “fascination” to confuse and deflect the attention of the colonised. Realizing that, doesn’t make it any more acceptable or less fucking infuriating, of course!

  25. Gregory Beekman says:

    Kill me with hammers already.

  26. Gregory Beekman says:

    From 27 Feb 2023, under-18s in England & Wales will no longer be allowed to marry (even with parental permission).

    But in Scotland – well, under-18s have rights, you know!

  27. Robert Hughes says:

    Solace for that quantum ( quark ) of * Trans * comes at the expense of EVERYONE/THING else and , at the very least,severe damage to the prospect of achieving Independence .

    The SNP and it’s apologists like to point to results of the last SGE – ” biggest vote share ever blah blah ” – and use it as some kind of * proof * Gender Issues are not impacting negatively of Indy support . Totally spurious reasoning , as we would expect from that mob of anti-Rationalists .

    How many of those who voted for them were/are even aware of these issues , and of those that had at least heard of them , had/have any inkling of the social impact of such issues ? A tiny proportion , I would say.

    There’s also the % who vote SNP for a variety of reasons but do not support Independence and would vote against it if the opportunity ever arises .

    All this before our opponents & their mouthpieces in MSM unleash the rabid dogs on the subject .

    Let’s see how the SNP vote holds-up in the next round of elections . I suspect their paper houses are going to get blown away when the inevitable hurricane of disapproval hits

  28. FrozenWillow says:

    Absolutely spot on Rev. The absolutely crazy thing for me is this.

    My nephew, is trans questioning and has said, removing the protocols puts women in danger.

    My daughter who was trans questioning because the trans cult told her she could not possibly be a lesbian, said that removing these protocols puts women in danger.

    Two of the above people in my family have denounced this GRR or GRA or whatever they want to call it as being dangerous and opening a world up to male rapists and male paedophiles and whilst there is a sliver of female rapists and female paedophiles, it is such a tiny proportion. Many of the M2F’s have been listed as having committed a crime of sexual revulsion and that is what makes this whole GRR/GRA BS, very dangerous to women and girls.

    There has been a petition going around called PE1905 and I fear it will never even see the Scottish Government unless we become independent and put in a better party who can actually see the woods for the trees and truly make Scotland a better place.

    Right now, that isn’t going to happen I fear because we have a dictator on our hands. More fool me for believing the trollop for years. She will never get my vote again.

  29. David says:

    I was assigned lemon at birth, but I self-identify as a blueberry.
    If I pay £5 can I make it legal?

    Fruity of Fintry

  30. Haagsehighlander says:

    Today in Inverness Courier ,
    Emma Roddick backs,
    gender and sex orientation survey in Merkinch PRIMARY school.
    That’s what both votes snp got you.

  31. panda paws says:


    “we weren’t issuing free light sabres to this uniquely oppressed and marginalised minority.”

    I didn’t declare myself as a Jedi but I’ll have the free light sabre and Yodi as a mentor please! 🙂

    It will be interesting to see how many people declared themselves, as I did, as “believers in biology” when the Scot census results are declared. Bet it’s more than declare themselves to be “trans”!

  32. SusanAHF says:

    Haagsehighlander, Inverness? Is nowhere immune from these authoritarian deviants?

  33. SusanAHF says:

    Panda paws, I was a fellow ‘ believer in biology’ in the (paper) census too

  34. Taxi for Sturgeon says:

    Could the SNP be pulling the old classic political trick of making us focus on utter nonsense whilst not actually looking at their appalling record in government?

  35. SusanAHF says:

    Marginalised minority – trans? As I posted on a previous thread there are often very good reasons for a minority to be marginalised

  36. Liz says:

    @breeks responding to the comment on the previous thread.
    Yeah I don’t care if Holyrood closes any more, as it’s a hindrance rather than a help towards indy.

    I’d also love to see all those troughers chucked out on their ears, having to claim UC.
    I would howl with laughter.

    Also Rev, the number of bots on twitter claiming you’ve sold out for English gold due to the exposure of Sturgeon and the Greens, proves you’re doing something right.
    Lang may yer lumb reek

  37. Gregory Beekman says:

    When will 16 year-olds be legally allowed to buy alcohol and go to pubs in Scotland?

    If they can get married and change sex, they can buy a round.

  38. Gregory Beekman says:

    Maybe Sturgeon hates trans people and thinks it’s a heritable condition, hence she’s making it easier for them all to sterilise themselves?

  39. robertkknight says:

    “262,000 people identify as a gender that is different to their sex at birth, according to the 2021 census.” (Sky News)

    Given the population ratio of Scotland to E&W, that’s roughly 25,000 in Scotland of similar persuasion.

    To give you some idea of that number, 19,000 were in attendance to watch Hearts beat Hibs on the 2nd of Jan.

    So, not a huge number more than were at the New Year Edinburgh Derby have somehow got the SG by the short’n’curlies and are attempting to turn the rest of us, who do not agree with the gender woo-woo zealots, into criminals.

  40. Kevin Cargill says:

    I can just see the animated Ribena Berries identifying as blueberries with placards saying “Invisible Blueberries Have Rights Too”!

    Thanks for coming back Stu but I fear without the cowards in the MSM or Holyrood getting on board it’s a futile intervention. We’ll all too shortly have a new NHS physical and mental health emergency as this generation of teenagers realise their mistakes, try to detransition, seek non existent mental health care and break up families as they blame their parents for failing to risk criminalisation by taking proper care of their welfare. A shitstorm is coming and no amount of impotent words will stop it. Independence won’t stop it either (though I remain committed to it) so what can we do? I feel like a post op transwoman, spunkless!

  41. LarsMoller says:

    Sure, yes, but if the numbers of trans women are so low then maybe some people will be asking why all the fuss.

  42. sarah says:

    @ SusanAHF: “Inverness?”

    Yes, and we are also so “lucky” to have Maree Todd, the minister for Public Health, Women’s Health, and Sport, as our constituency MSP. Maree persists in saying there is no evidence of problems where self-id has been implemented despite there being bucket loads of evidence. AND her background is in mental health pharmacy!! Yet she doesn’t seem to recognise that “genuine” trans issues are a health matter, either psychiatric or a genetic disorder.

  43. Morgatron says:

    Got original Opal Fruits for Christmas. Wonder what % of fruit is actually in these and did they make my mouth water?
    Great Post and great analogy Stu.

  44. prj says:

    Blueberry will soon be a derogatory term.

  45. Stuart MacKay says:

    0.3% of 66 million is 250,000 people yet if you look at the government figures, see the “possession of a Gender Recognition Certificate” link in the story only 6010 certificates have been issued since 2004. That indicates a lot of people are just playing at being trans.

    That puts Lorna Campbell and Vivian Oblivion as the thought leaders on this. Lorna because this really is all about men wanting to wear women’s panties and Vivian because the politicians really are creating a storm in a teacup – most likely because it’s distracting everybody while they run away with the family silver.

    Alternatively, if you can get figure of 0.3% to increase then the money to be made from plastic surgery and hair removal is easily in the tens of billions.

  46. Haagsehighlander says:

    From the IC

    Pupils at Merkinch Primary were asked to complete a survey that included questions about sexual orientation and gender identity.

    Highland Council explained that the survey was intended to collect insights on pupil wellbeing to help inform wider school improvement and Highland MSP Emma Roddick later also offered her support for the initiative.

    Ms Roddick recently voted in favour of the Scottish Government’s Gender Recognition Reform Bill and said: “The primary school has my full backing in looking out for its pupils.

    “I understand its survey asked if children would make fun of others for having two mums or dads, a situation it’s likely many are in.

    “It’s right that the school knows if homophobia is causing anyone distress.

    Bairns understand and notice a lot more of what goes on around them than many folk give them credit for, and with better visibility and acceptance of queer identities, it’s right that they are given the space to understand their part in continuing that acceptance.

    “They might have two mums, or a friend with two dads, and, by late primary school, may very well know more about themselves than their parents did at the same age.

    “Unfortunately, hate crime towards those in the LGBTQI community is on the rise, and intolerance is a learned behaviour.

    Katie Gillies, from Inverness and now studying gender studies and LGBTQ+ rights at Edinburgh University, also responded to the original report of the survey.

    “Children should be allowed to have their voices heard and be granted a space in which they feel safe to discuss and understand matters of gender and sexuality,” she said.

    “Providing them with this space is something that is desperately needed.”

    They don’t mention the other questions!!!

  47. AndrewF says:

    Not sure about the neverending “COVID” problem. The article in the link in massively underwhelming.

    “Concerns”, “we don’t fully know”, “remains to be seen”, “may be contributing”, “some preliminary research indicates that it may be”, etc…

    Dr Peter Hotez ….(no comment)

    The mainstay for the “abc” story is the abc contributor Dr John Brownstein who is not a medical doctor but has a PhD – good for him.

    I’m absolutely certain that the “Trans” issue is inextricably interwoven into a much broader agenda of “reforming” pretty much everything.

    As a Barrister for over 25 years I am horrified by the last few posts about that issue. But I also note that similar legislation is being introduced around the world to outlaw criticism of all manner of government policy – especially including that relating to anything to do with this disease or surrounding policies.

    In several states here in Australia, upon the nominated official being of the “belief” or “opinion” that there is a risk of some sort, people can be forcibly removed and detained and forcibly injected with anything the official deems necessary. An added bonus is that the detained must also pay the costs of their detention. We literally have government constructed “camps” already.

    I’m just as horrified by that as by the idea that a parent could be jailed for parenting their child.

    I’ve been an avid reader and follower for years and I know the host has a different view on that specific topic, but civil discussion of differing views is the most fundamental basis for intellectual discourse. Happy new year and best wishes to all.

  48. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeon’s unofficial mouthpiece at it again.

    “Christian Institute out on manoeuvres claiming a ban on conversion therapy will criminalise innocent parents.”

  49. SusanAHF says:

    Haagsehighlander I would say children need to learn that life is NOT a cotton wool experience and they should start learning THAT early. These people are so fos I’m enraged.
    Sarah I didn’t realise Maree Todd was my rep, I thought it was Fergus Ewing who seems halfway decent, though I’m not sure anymore about anything SNP.

  50. SusanAHF says:

    I also notice that children are to “understand their part in continuing that acceptance” so what is actually happening is indoctrination, not listening to views. Also the use of “queer” a red flag if ever I saw one and considered a slur by many in the LGB community. Lots to digest in that post of yours. Many thanks.

  51. Astonished says:

    By my reckoning the Sturgeon/Swinney/transcult must be spending over £200 million promoting this pish (including the £45m keeping the newspapers/rape crisis/unis/ bandwagon jumpers onside) .

    To the detriment of everyone else.

    I heard a suggestion yesterday that if you can’t get a doctor/dentist appointment tell them you’re trans ( and likely to complain) and see what happens. When you get there refuse to discuss it – ‘family issues’.

    Surprisingly/unsurprisingly this appears to work ( completely anecdotal – I do not have stats). I would be interested if anyone else has any input ?

    Thanks Dundee/Glasgow Humza.

  52. sarah says:

    @ SusanAHF: You’re right – Maree Todd is Caithness, Sutherland and Ross constituency – but we share Roddick – aren’t we lucky!

    Fergus Ewing was one of the people voting against GRR Bill – that’s a big plus but he should have kicked up more of a fuss in the last 8 years. After all, they all know the case v Alex Salmond was perjury.

  53. Derek says:

    Homeopathic blueberry juice! The rest’ll be e-numbers.

  54. akenaton says:

    It’s called “INDOCTRINATION” Haagsehighlander. Primary children are not equipped to discuss or digest these deviations from the sexual norm, even if they were provided with unbiased information…..which I am certain that they are not.
    Family life is being attacked and National pride is a corner stone of The Family. More and more parents and children are being separated in favour of State indoctrination.
    As I said on another thread, this practise has been ongoing for decades. It may look as if people are waking up to the danger, but I realise how quickly rage against the machine turns into apathy.
    Anybody remember Mario Savio?

  55. Daisy Walker says:

    Which just goes to show, if you WANTED to be Transphobic… you would need the patience of a saint and the eye sight of an eagle, there are so few out there.

    Police Scotland put an aggravator mark on all and any hate Crimes/incidents, domestic, rasist, transphobic – are all there.

    Since 2014 – on average there are about 65,000 domestic aggravation crimes (where women make up 4 out 5 victims and men are the assailant)… Transphobic incidents – from memory I think the highest in one year was 20, other years 6 or 7.

    Both figures are for the whole of Scotland!

    But yeah, Trans people are the most put upon victims ever.

  56. Mac says:

    Vapogender is a gender identity that closely resembles smoke; Smoke can be seen on a shallow level but as you grow deeper, it disappars and you are left with tiny wisps of vanished gender identity.


    So I think I identify as ExplosiveDiarrheaGender, a gender that resembles orange gravy, that can appear in an instant, and usually leaves a lasting impression, on all surfaces, it is usually heralded by the sound of bum trumpets but rarely lasts more than a day or two, leaving just tiny pockets of caustic sulphur gas in nooks and crannies.

  57. Liz says:

    Hunter and Roddick, two more trans cult loons who have no children.

    These people need to be removed from all connection with other peoples children, they’re dangerous.

  58. Mia says:

    I think the homeopathic levels represented in the overall population by the sector for the benefit of whom, allegedly, this legislation is being forced down our throats against our will and against our interests, might be in fact a massive overestimation.

    Because for the life of me, I cannot see what can possibly be the benefit for genuine transsexual males who have undergone hormone therapy and surgery to mimic female’s secondary characteristics, of having male fetishists, potential rapists, perverts, or genuine violent transsexual-phobes entering the female toilets and changing rooms without any legal barrier.

    I cannot see the benefit for transsexual females of entering male sports and being set to fail from the set go.

    I cannot see the benefit for troubled children with underlying and undiagnosed mental health conditions to be treated as lambs through the slaughter through legalised but inmoral enforced mutilations and enforced ingestion of toxic, disrupting chemicals which may lead them to physical harm and potentially an even worse mental health condition even suicide.

    But then, there is absolutely no benefit whatsoever for any child to be forcefully separated from their main protectors, their parents, and deprived from medical counselling and assessment by a corrupt to the core state whose political class is overflowing with self-serving deviants, self-serving paedophiles, overtactile individuals and disgustingly corrupt, unprincipled cowards who would readily accept brown envelopes from hungry pharma or the tentacles of other states for looking the other way and abusing our seats.

    Beyond self-servitude, this seems perversion and inhumanity of the most reprehensible kind and brings back disgusting thoughts of the eugenics and experiments of the sort performed during the nazi era.

    But then, I am so old school that I even see the nonsense of “gender theory” and the concept of “transgenderism” as an oversized empty vessel, an hastily put together word to artificially expand the classic concept of “transsexualism” into accommodating a large number of perverts, fetishists, deviants, rapists, paedophiles and potentially murderers who have less of “transsexual” than a bottle of wine.

    I can only see three explanations for such monumental stupidity:

    1. we all know there is an over-representations of perverts, sex-abusers and paedophiles among politicians. This is because this weakness makes them the perfect puppet for the powers that be, being these controlling powers in the UK or somewhere across the Atlantic or Middle East. I wonder if there is a way to estimate how many of those are within the parties who voted for this (labour, SNP, libdems and Greens). Could the passing of these dodgy laws be a self-serving opportunistic attempt by those dodgy politicians to protect their own dodgy selves from public scrutiny and manipulation from the powers that be?

    2. This could be a massive political smokescreen specifically designed to push us all down the pyramid of needs right to the bottom where our basic needs, among which the safety of our children and our own is sitting. The practical scenarios when it could be useful to subsume the public by deployment of this authoritarian, undemocratic tool are endless. In Scotland, for example, it helps to put people off independence, but other governments may use this approach for other purposes, like forcing people to remain silent while the power hungry, self-entitled corrupt villain in the driving seat is helping themselves to hijacking law enforcing and courts to impose absolute rule. In other words, this is project fear on steroids and under a different trademark, which is conveniently portraying the SNP and Greens, with their full compliance, as undemocratic, authoritarian parties of pro-rapists, pro-misogynists and pro-paedophiles making themselves deliberately unelectable to avoid independence.

    3. This could be a large scale, over-elaborated whitewashing exercise disguised as a political movement to rehabilitate the public profile of all those dodgy big fishes who were caught right in the middle of the Epstein and co. scandal. Let’s remember the guy had even been invited to the palace to the birthday of one of the princesses, with potential for having interacted with lots of important people there. How many of those sitting in those dodgy committees peddling this nonsense through are controlled by the crown?

    Personally I think it is a combination of all factors. Scotland is of course the perfect testing ground for the purpose of the third, because there is an urgency here to stop independence, which is where the second factor comes in. The first factor might just be the sweetie dangled in front of the noses of all those perverts hiding among our political ranks to make them compliant and rush to betray their constituents by passing this aberrations through.

    If somebody at the other side of the Atlantic or in the Middle East has hijacked our government, political parties, parliamentary seats and political and financial resources, we need to know and prosecute the bastards among our political ranks who allowed this takeover to take place instead of doing their fucking job, which is representing the interests of and JUST OF the people of Scotland.

    There is absolutely no moral, financial, political, ethical, social or demographic justification for the ridiculous amount of time, resources, opportunities to progress independence and voting power Sturgeon and her hollowed out SNP have unforgivably wasted for something that is of absolutely no benefit whatsoever and it can cause a great deal of harm to the bulk of the population in Scotland.

    Somebody should be passing a bill to Nicola Sturgeon and her SNP for the exaggerate and inexcusable mismanagement of our resources she has presided on with this. All while her MSPs and MPs sat over their hands like compliant cowards, instead of stopping this drunk-on-power on her tracks and eject her from our driving seat before she crashed the car, burnt the tyres and knackered the engine.

  59. Patsy Millar says:

    Brilliant and from now on, I think the best response to some of the idiots on Facebook and Twitter should be ‘Blueberries’.

  60. SusanAHF says:

    Indoctrination akhenaten, we disagree on some things but I’m in total agreement with you on this one

  61. SusanAHF says:

    Sorry akenaton sorry damn autocorrect!

  62. Patsy Millar says:

    Bottom of page looking rather strange. Having to fill in my name and email address, tried to post a comment, seemed to be going OK but didn’t appear, page jumped to top and my previous comment is definitely not there.

  63. Patsy Millar says:

    Apologies, first comment has now appeared. Mea culpa!

  64. Haagsehighlander says:

    You’re welcome, also the usual “the most marginal group in society” pish!,as the blueberry juice above exposes. Unbelievable it’s come to this.

  65. crazycat says:

    That tiny percentage of people whose “gender identity doesn’t match [their] sex” also includes people who answered No because they don’t have a gender identity at all, eg:

    Such people are, of course, not “trans” either. Presumably they are in the group who didn’t specify an identity.

  66. Breeks says:

    SusanAHF says:
    6 January, 2023 at 4:03 pm
    Haagsehighlander I would say children need to learn that life is NOT a cotton wool experience and they should start learning THAT early…

    It’s not directly related, and yet it is.

    I’ve trained a few apprentices in my time, so I have a primitive kinda yardstick of what to expect. But sometimes I am still taken aback by the lack of general knowledge.

    One young lad of 17 described how a mechanic had set about fixing his car with “a lump of metal on a stick”.

    I remember thinking, is this young lad describing a hammer? Do you mean a hammer? Vacant reply. Anyway, it turns out the lump of metal on a stick was actually a socket set, and some spanners.

    I was fairly astounded that this young lad at 17 (with his own car), didn’t know what a socket set was. But what really blew my mind was that he genuinely didn’t know what a hammer was either, for comparison.

    I’m not trying to imply the lad was stupid. It wasn’t his fault, and he was actually reasonably intelligent, but what kind of upbringing has a young lad had, when by 17 he’s never been introduced to a Mk1 hammer? How is that even possible?

    Some of these young kids today, even having left school, have seriously empty heads, perhaps even dangerously empty heads, which is why all this Transgender nonsense is something they need protected from, or at a minimum, given enough rudimentary information to develop critical analysis skills and a degree of healthy cynicism.

    But what has gone wrong with the education system when a 17 yr old laddie doesn’t even know what a hammer is? You hear that some kids leave school while still illiterate and innumerate, and I absolutely believe that could be true. It’s really kinda scary.

    Without that analytical capacity, I fear a lot of these kids are wide open to attack from the unscrupulous, and furthermore the stupidity they “share” becomes infectious within their peer groups.

  67. akenaton says:

    No Problem Susan, there are myriad ways of spelling my name, as I’ve had it some time. :0)

  68. Chas says:

    Does any one know how many of our brave SNP MSP’s and MP’s are gay and what this figure is expressed as a percentage?
    It would be interesting to compare this percentage figure against that for the whole of Scotland. I suspect that the politicians figure will be significantly higher and the question has to be asked why?
    Before someone takes offence I should add that I have nothing against gay people. Each to their own but not for me.

  69. radgie+gadgie says:

    Homeocracy: (noun) a state governed by a barely detectable trace element of the electorate (from homeopathy and democracy).

  70. SusanAHF says:

    Crazy cat, yep, I don’t have a gender identity because I don’t believe in gender ideology. I’m female and everything else is just personality.

  71. Merganser says:

    Taxi for Sturgeon @ 3.04.

    I think you are right, and I think this distraction technique is working. The SNP have very cleverly used independence to divert scrutiny of their abysmal performance in Government and have realised they have flogged that to death so they have mobilised the trans issue as an alternative.

    Not only that, they have found a way of preventing scrutiny at the next election by saying it will be a single issue de facto referendum – they don’t want to talk about health, education, ferries, non-jury trials etc. That way they get back for another term and carry on troughing.

    They will run the trans issue as long as they can until their next distraction idea is dreamt up – or a return to the independence carrot dangling finds favour again. Anything to avoid being held to account.

  72. JGedd says:

    SusanAHF @ 5.44pm

    ‘I’m female and everything else is just personality.’

    Excellent comment! Says it all really.

  73. Robert Louis says:

    Yet another excellent piece of writing. Work that puts other so-called Scottish ‘journalists’ to shame.

    That the SNP, and in particular Sturgeon, have become so very obsessed with this exceptionally small group of people really should raise serious questions.

    Just WHY are the SNP seemingly so utterly obsessed with this subject? Just how does that help Scotland become independent? (clue: it doesn’t).

    It is almost like Sturgeon is doing everything she can to destroy the independence movement, and make the SNP wholly and completely unelectable. It really, really looks like that is what is happening.

  74. Caol McCuithein says:

    I love your work. Along with Craig Murray, you’re one of the few reasons to have any optimism at all when looking at the journalistic landscape in contemporary Scotland. That said, can you please, for the love of goodness, give it a rest with the tiresome feminazi hate-slogans?! All men are NOT potential rapists, you dullard. I’m not a potential rapist. None of my male friends or family members are potential rapists. Are you a potential rapist? If so, then that’s on you. Don’t go tarring other men with the same brush. All men have the ability to sexually assault people if they’re so inclined, but then all women have the same ability. So you might as well say all women are potential rapists. It makes the same amount of sense. Children are murdered at higher rates by their own mothers than any other demographic (including their own fathers). Does that mean we should start chanting that all mothers are potential child-murderers? The reality is that the proportion of actual rapists amongst the male population is considerably smaller than the proportion of actual blueberries in your fizzy drinks. Of course the safety of women in woman-only spaces is important. All people should feel safe when they leave their homes. And in reality we really are all safe for the most part in the Western world when we leave our homes – with women many times more safe than men, statistically. The REAL reason gender ideology is so odious is that it’s trying to undermine basic biological reality. And I’m afraid feminists are as much to blame for that as anybody. For 50 years they’ve been bullying people into accepting their idiotic conception of ‘gender’, and bullying them into accepting that it’s somehow separate from sex. All we’re seeing now is the chickens coming home to roost from that little excursion into complete fantasy

  75. Ruby says:

    How sure can you be the actual women figure is correct?

    India Scarlett believes he is a real woman.

  76. fruitella the hun says:

    Democratic Left Scotland is a Marxist organisation some of whose members have prominent positions in the Greens. Maggie Chapman is currently the most notable, and Adam Ramsay (Open Democracy, Bright Green) has consistently supported the trans allies. As far as one can tell, these people are not deviants or perverts (in sexual terms) but they are committed to socially-led rather than ecologically-led policy and have shaped the Scottish Greens accordingly. The speculation about what is driving this stuff needs to consider what communist interest is served. If they are indeed leading this then the Labour, Libdems and SNP look like useful idiots, as are the big corporations funding it all. But I suspect they are all temporary allies with the shared purpose of keeping the destruction of nature underway – how else can we have a growth economy?

  77. Shug says:

    Anyone counting how often the BBC refer to the north of Britain instead of Scotland.

    Might be me but just heard it three times in an article about space launch sites

  78. Ruby says:

    It’s great that the SNP have become obsessed with this madness is it not?

  79. Taxi for Sturgeon says:

    Was there not a bridge light up in Inverness recently to remember the fallen trans folk? I remember the usual suspects SNP/Greens promoting the display but in reality the fallen trans folk was about 1. Many said a bridge remembering those woman killed as a direct result of domestic abuse would have been much more suitable! Unfortunately we have two parties running the Scottish parliament absolutely obsessed with gender ideology. We all thought it would be independence but alert folk know that was all fake!

  80. Douglas+Leighton says:

    Maths@first comment on the post.
    The stats are not absolute due to definition issues but if we take the % as 0.3 of population having some kind of variation from the majority position i.e. unequivocal male or female and the population of Scotland as 5.5m. that gives 16,500.I guess that’s approximately the pop. of a small town like Inverurie+a satellite.
    I doubt if the issue is numerical. I am sure the sgp/snp would say it’s the principle that matters and extending maximum human rights to maximum numbers of people.That’s not a bad position and I guess the majority of people would concur with that idea but eventually it all boils down to priorities and some degree of personal choice, and the perception of any deficit of ‘rights’.Cost is obviously a major factor. Motivation is also a significant factor. All these and many others are all very variable.How we distribute our resources(time/energy/ money)is another highly variable, compounding matter. Most people here think Scotgov are devoting more effort than the issue merits. I guess one might try to distribute resources equitably but that is an extremely difficult( impossible) thing to determine.
    I think the disproportionate political activity related to ‘gender’ reflects the extreme variability and difficulty in making reliable judgements but it is also a clear indication of a displacement behaviour. Its a bit like the behaviour of a bird behaving obsessively in its mating ritual. This is obviously a bit trite but is also important because it is a clear indicator that the main substantive purpose of Scotgov is blocked. This observation calls into question the very existence of Holyrood. It is doing exactly what was intended when Donald Dewar helped set it up. Dewar was an arch Labour Unionist who would never have given a Scottish Parliament a second thought if he believed it would ever be dominated by the SNP. I am fast(already)coming to the belief that Holyrood is simply an expensive distraction that closes down an authentic movement in Scotland. If the SNP was authentic they would be assigning all their time and energy to setting up a credible civil service, credible fiscal and monetary plans, and agitating and arguing and developing policy such as benefits and social security systems which are not shadows of the UK versions.We could have an entirelt devolved passport saervive and a Scottish DVLA. I am sure the SNP have ceased to have any meaning or any authenticity.They have become a charade. Alba is just a different shade of whatever the SNP is.Independence will only grow out of genuine discomfort in extricating ourselves from the centuries of colonisation. If I could, I would simply close down Holyrood, and abandon Scottish elections.

  81. Wilson McBride says:

    Patsy Miller 4.53pm

    “Bottom of page looking rather strange. Having to fill in my name and email address, tried to post a comment, seemed to be going OK but didn’t appear, page jumped to top and my previous comment is definitely not there.”

    It’s been happening to me for a couple of days now Patsy.

    Any idea what the problem is Rev?

    Forgot it’s Friday night,,, maybe Rev has packed up for the weekend.

  82. Wilson McBride says:

    It’s taking about 20 minutes for post to appear.

  83. wullie says:

    Excellent post Mia at 4.47 pm

    If somebody at the other side of the Atlantic or in the Middle East has hijacked our government, political parties, parliamentary seats and political and financial resources, we need to know and prosecute the bastards among our political ranks who allowed this takeover to take place instead of doing their fucking job, which is representing the interests of and JUST OF the people of Scotland.

    you could maybe change a couple of words. Atlantic for BORDER and Middle East for WESTMINSTER.

  84. Ruby says:

    That Smurf juice looks absolutely disgusting.

    I would have to close my eyes to eat or drink anything turquoise.

    Stu has weird taste. I remember his friend telling us when he returned from holiday and Stu had stocked up his fridge he found all sort of weird and wonderful thing.
    ie fluorescent green milk & magenta pink cheese. 🙂

    prj blueberry is already a derogatory term it’s another name for a smurf. I think a smurf/blueberry is someone pretending to be something they’re not. Used in gaming.

  85. KT Lorimer says:

    How many times – this is nothing to do with males with a diagnosis of gender dysphoria – they gain nothing from all this – they lose.

  86. Anne Johnston says:


    Mrs Death..
    Madame Midazolam..
    Poisoned Dwarf..

    Which current high ranking politician does this refer to?

  87. Muscleguy says:

    That is almost certainly less than the juice of one blueberry in each bottle. I bet it’s the skins though. They’re the darkest bits. So to get that blue it’s essence of blueberry skin. That is certainly what I would use.

  88. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “That said, can you please, for the love of goodness, give it a rest with the tiresome feminazi hate-slogans?! All men are NOT potential rapists, you dullard. I’m not a potential rapist. None of my male friends or family members are potential rapists. “

    I don’t think you’re understanding the word “potential”. It’s not used from your perspective. I’m sure you’re not a rapist and I know I’m not. But WOMEN DON’T KNOW THAT. When they look at us, they can’t tell. Rapists don’t have “RAPIST” tattoos on their foreheads or little “I WILL PROBABLY RAPE YOU” lapel badges. And because women can’t identify the rapists on sight, they have to treat ALL of us as potential rapists, because the only alternative is to find out by being raped. And it’s a bit late at that point.

    As for how many men are ACTUALLY potential rapists, this article may disturb you:

    “The reality is that the proportion of actual rapists amongst the male population is considerably smaller than the proportion of actual blueberries in your fizzy drinks.”

    Unfortunately it’s not. The most conservative number I’ve found for what percentage of men are rapists is 0.17%, which is still more than five times the amount of blueberry juice in Ocean Blue.

  89. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Not sure about the neverending “COVID” problem. The article in the link in massively underwhelming.”

    You may want to look into what’s currently happening in China.

  90. Muscleguy says:

    I read today that half of a planeload of people landing in Italy tested positive for Covid.

  91. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “That is almost certainly less than the juice of one blueberry in each bottle.”

    Much less.

  92. Deepdivedave says:

    Didn’t realise I was still an SNP member till a recent emsil. Happily resigned yesterday! Great piece Rev!

  93. Anne Johnston says:

    Not All men are rapists
    But ALL RAPISTS are MEN.

  94. Mia says:


    “Atlantic for BORDER and Middle East for WESTMINSTER”

    Nope. That those south of the border, particularly in Whitehall/ Thames House/Buckingham Palace have hijacked our Parliament/gov/every high administrative governing structure, is a given since at least 1707.

    In fact, it would be impossible otherwise to make any sense of the current arrangement which has no replication in England. An arrangement which seems in place despite it having being highlighted as a source of abuse in the Parliament of the uK years ago. An arrangement which remains in place thanks to the Scotland Act despite lawmakers down south, responsible for that Act, knowing perfectly well it is a no go zone in any democracy worth its salt.

    I am referring to the situation in Scotland, under Sturgeon, where there are no boundaries between civil service in government in Scotland and the elements representing the crown in the prosecution service. If this was a full functioning democracy in practice and not just in name, both elements would have been completely separated.

    I am also referring to the aberrant situation where in an allegedly democracy, we have an element of the crown dictating top down to the police who to investigate when in a functioning democracy, the information should be flowing in the opposite direction.

    I am referring to the aberrant situation where representatives of the crown deliberately curtail the scope of a parliamentary inquiry to hide information from the public, to keep corrupt individuals in power and protect perjurers. This is a ridiculous situation because in Westminster, members of parliament have complete freedom of speech in parliament without the threat of being prosecuted. The crown representatives ensured the same does not apply to Scotland. Again, this does not belong in a functioning democracy.

    I am referring to the aberrant situation where an unelected representative of the crown is parachuted right to the middle of what should have been a democratically elected government cabinet. Again, this does not belong in a parliamentary democracy where the crown has limited powers.

    Clearly, there is zero interest in Westminster and at crown level to close this aberrant revolving door because they would be depriving themselves and the crown of its convenience.

    So, since Sturgeon got in, the crown appears to be controlling in Scotland our lawmaking, the scope of our parliamentary inquiries to the point of gagging and denying a witness a fair defense, what information of high public interest the public can see or cannot, who the police must or must not investigate, who or who not prosecute, and how the civil servants in government can generate/apply complaints procedures. Then of course, representatives of the crown make the decisions in the courts of law of who to send to jail.

    So much for a crown with limited power when it is sticking both hands in all powers simultaneously, eh? If this is not absolute rule, what is.

    And let’s not forget that it will be ultimately the crown who will put the stamp to the rapist/perverts charter transforming it into law against the will and interests of the majority of the people of Scotland, so not only the crown decides what laws can be debated in our parliament, it also decides what becomes law.

    In my post above I was referring precisely to those forces at the other side of the Atlantic and the Middle East which are commonly called “allies” (but allies to whom?) and which have zero legitimate business sticking its uninvited nose in our democratic affairs.

  95. John Main says:

    @Douglas Leighton 6:44

    Good post.

    Total agreement about HR. It’s hardly a secret that it was set up to spike Indy. It is succeeding perfectly.

    I used to believe, though, that competent, efficient management of the non-reserved powers at HR (e.g. the SNHS) would have finally laid the “too wee, too poor” trope to rest. Boring, bread-and-butter stuff, but if done right, could have been used as the springboard for the campaign to push on for Indy.

    Instead, of course, it’s mostly been done wrong. That springboard has collapsed.

    Up until this year, I still thought that simply appealing to the baser, mercenary instincts of the old and new Scots might still swing it. “Show us the money” would be the rallying cry to turn things around.

    Now I see that too is a lost cause. Lunacy, financial illiteracy and totalitarianism are the hallmarks of the HR regime.

    So I have a new slogan for 2023. “Show us the reality”.

    It ties in with my favourite slogan, “The truth shall set you free”.

    The reality is that the regime at HR is hostile to the rights and freedoms of all of us Scot’s, whether we support Indy or are Yoons. Add in the incontrovertible fact that they are not pursuing Indy anyway, and there is no reason why anybody should vote for them ever again.

    They know that too, of course. Just like with the WM Tories, poorly managed decline, coupled with an iron determination to postpone the inevitable day of reckoning with the voters as long as possible, is their only interest in the coming years.

    When they have finally strung it out the final day, milked the maximum perks and pensions possible, and spent as much taxpayer’s money as they can get on the sidelines most likely to guarantee a post-politics sinecure, they will hand over to Starmer’s mob without a backwards glance.

  96. Dave+Llewellyn says:

    Blueberries rights are helicopters rights.

  97. Breastplate says:

    I think you’ll find that there couldn’t possibly be any Covid problems in China as they have administered more than 3,500,000,000 doses of the vaccine. More than enough to vaccinate the entire population… unless, of course, if the vaccines don’t actually work the way we have been told.

    Muscleguy, yes, the plane load of infected will cause havoc for 0.03% of the population that suffer from any form of affliction.

    Let’s all have another lockdown that kills more people than the thing we’ve been told to be frightened of, after all, we don’t have enough excess deaths, do we?

  98. McDuff says:

    When you put it in that context rev you really have to recognise that there is something sinister going on.
    Another great piece of journalism.

  99. Derek says:

    “radgie+gadgie says:
    6 January, 2023 at 5:30 pm

    Homeocracy: (noun)”

    I don’t think we’re diverse enough yet for a homieocracy.

    “…cruising in his Pinto he sees homies everywhere…”

  100. Katie says:

    If @Maths is right, there are apparently more than twice as many people with Down’s Syndrome in Scotland than there are declared transwomen.

    I’m closing my eyes and imagining a Parliament sitting up til 1am two nights running – cancelling the annual Parliament Carol Concert – to bravely fight for the rights of people with Down’s Syndrome.

    It’s all baffling… why did they do this?

  101. Denys Partington says:

    Fantastic! For the first time,I have read something on this whole subject that makes sense.

  102. Jacqueline says:

    Brilliantly done Stu! This piece should be delivered in schools as a balanced view to Swinney’s Nutella and banana lessons. Excellent.

  103. Robert Hughes says:

    Breastplate @

    Thanks for that , you took the words right out of my mind/mouth .

    You’ll prob have noted the attempts in MSM create another round of hysterical fear ; disappointed to see it getting credence here

  104. Jontoscots21 says:

    Stuart McKay, Lorna Campbell and others this article in an American right of centre website explains the payoff from making a tiny percentage bigger and blowing up the blueberry juice. Obviously I don’t support everything here but it’s worth a read if the link works.

  105. Dave Hansell says:

    One aspect of this “marginal group” manifestation, within this context, which appears to be neglected in terms of profile is that of ‘status’ within that definition.

    Whatever descriptive term is used – marginal or oppressed – the often unstated and unrecognised elephant in the room is that a hierarchy of oppression/marginalisation is operating as a default state.

    Thus, both implicitly and explicitly, the more often than not unchallenged claim is that of being at the top of such a hierarchy. The undisputed and immovable claim of being not simply THE (as in THE definitive article) most oppressed/marginalised group which presently exists but THE most oppressed/marginalised group of the past AND into the future.

    Plenty of examples are to be found of this in operation. Most recently the case detailed by Graham Lineham here:

    Where even someone with Downs Syndrome is considered to be further down the pecking order of that manufactured hierarchy.

    Like all hierarchies the purpose of this one is to ensure those who sit at the top of it – via their own self-definition – obtain and maintain the most power (whether social, economic or political) compared to other marginalised/oppressed groups within that power hierarchy who all compete with each other for positional space in the artificially manufactured pyramid.

    Salami slicing into ever more exotic and fractal groups in an orgy of differentiation which totally destroys co-operation towards common interests.

    This represents a kind of inversion of the traditional class hierarchy with the implicit purpose of – as Jonathan Pie describes at 4:04 here…..

    …. “bringing people together [sarcasm alert] by segregating them into smaller and smaller groups” – in much the same way as organisational structures in every sphere of life have been disintegrated into entities which are less than the sum of their parts.

    Totally undermining, as a deliberate act, any unifying and co-operative ethos of what used to be recognised as Class politics via the chimera of intersectionalism in which the only valid and valued representation is that of individualised self-constructed reality.

    Where the insistence on the primacy of subjective based individual/group narratives over testable evidence based objective social reality, because objective society does not exist, only the subjective feelings and narratives of the individual and the group represents the only operational principle.

    If that sounds somehow vaguely familiar it should because this is the narrative of “no such thing as society, only the individual and the family” philosophy of Thatcherism. Ayan Rand on steroids.

  106. Cookie says:

    Did the 0.24% in Others category get to fill in their own free format answer?
    I bet a lot of them were:

  107. Cuilean says:

    A friend recently came home to Scotland from 2 years working in the Falkland Islands (Malvinas). She said it was a hopelessly corrupt place with little accountability but huge sums of money pumped into it by UK Govt with a bronze bust of Thatcher in Port Stanley. She shared a bus stop shelter with a sleepy sea lion once and was followed by a walrus another day. The wind never stops blowing there but she did bring me back a jar of diddle dee jam. Didddle dee berries only grow there.

    There’s a home made Swedish drink you might like:a couple of cups of blueberries, water and 3 heaped tablespoons of sugar, called ‘blabarrsoppa’.

    Or in IKEA you can buy a blueberry concentrate drink, called ‘Blabar’ which I guarantee will have more blueberries.

    Keep holding their blueberries to the fire.

  108. Bob W says:

    @Pand Paws

    “believers in biology”

    At least two of us then.

  109. Wullie+Halliday says:

    So around 2k in Scotland ID as trans women, of that I would suggest 1.5k are sexual deviants the remaining 500 real trans womnen who just want to keep their head down and get on with their lives, just wish that the 1.5k would fuck off and stop claiming to be what they are not.

  110. Moley says:

    A tiny percentage – let’s just call it Homeopathy gender.

  111. Terssa says:

    Great article which shines a bright light on what’s happening. To plagiarise Churchill (I’m sure he won’t mind):
    ‘Never has so much been taken from so many, by so few’

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