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From The Twitter Archives #1

Posted on January 06, 2023 by

We don’t know how long our Twitter account will survive for this time. But even if it does, there are some threads which Twitter hides from its Search function, for reasons unknown. Try it yourself – search Twitter for any phrases from the text below. You won’t find them. (Also, some of you don’t use Twitter, so hey, new content for you!)

A handful of those threads mean something to me, so I’m going to preserve them here, unedited, for posterity, just in case. This one is from 24 November 2019. The tweet it references at the start is from a now-banned account so I don’t remember it exactly, but it was something about lesbians being thrown off a Pride march.

[NB as it’s from Twitter, it’s a little bit swearier than you’ll be used to here.]


I’m going to talk for a bit about why I care so much about this issue, because I know some of you are sick of it.

I’m opposed to the idea of self-ID on every possible level. It’s against science, it’s against reason, against tolerance, against women. But those are all intellectual, dispassionate judgements. They’re not the reason I feel so deeply about it.

The reason is lesbians.

For the whole first decade of this century, my social circle was about 90% lesbian. I fell into a little crowd by accident. And soon, we were all out three or four nights a week in a bunch of pubs with names like “Does Your Mother Know?”

Most of them are now closed – the era of Bath supporting four or five gay bars seems to have passed, although the one we always ended the evening in, Mandalyn’s, is still going strong. It was a fabulous place, in every usage of that word.

Thursdays to Sundays it was absolutely mobbed, with a proprietor who’d come round with a trolley of ridiculous-flavoured £1 vodka shots at random intervals, ringing a little bell. But I digress. Point is, I was knee-deep in lesbians and it was awesome.

I’ve always preferred the company of women ever since I was wee (I was raised in a very female environment, aunties everywhere), and here was a woman-heavy social group with none of the awkwardness that sexual attraction involves.

I learned a lot about what women are really like when they’re not moderating their behaviour out of fear of males, and about how they relate to each other, that you just don’t get as a bloke in other circumstances. It was enlightening and occasionally terrifying and mainly a pile of fun. But anyway.

I eventually fell out of the social circle, largely because I got too old (and skint) to keep up the pace of drinking four nights a week. But I kept some of the friends, and they’re some of my very favourite people – mad and lovely and marginalised in a way even gay men aren’t.

And I can’t begin to tell you, readers, the burning fury I feel when some disgusting little woke prick starts calling my friends bigots for their “genital preferences”, and demands that they start accepting penises where they don’t want them. I am unable to detect any meaningful practical difference between that and the old-fashioned vanilla homophobia that I still remember from the 1980s.

How DARE you attack my wonderful, glorious, harassed friends like this? Who the FUCK do you think you are calling them “vagina fetishists”?

How can we possibly have arrived in a place where Pride – PRIDE! – is a hostile environment for lesbians? That it’s a place they can’t feel safe from violent hatred? How can it be that the biggest threat to lesbians is now the LGB establishment meant to protect them? On top of all the other shit they have to deal with?

(I kinda have some sense of how that feels as an indy campaigner who’s been under increasingly vicious attack from elements of the Yes movement in recent years, I guess.)

So there it is.

If you hate me going on about this stuff – and I do know I’m doing it – that’s why it’s in my heart as well as my head. And that’s why I’m afraid I’m not going to stop until this madness ends. Leave my fucking friends alone, you despicable arseholes.

I want no part of a Scotland where facts and words and science count for nothing, but more to the point, where my pals don’t matter. And fuck every idiot in the SNP, all the way to the top, who are making me feel this way.

PS Mandy’s got so busy at weekends they issued special cards to regulars for priority entry. Kept a couple of mine as fond mementos.

(So I’m LITERALLY a card-carrying friend of the gay community. And that’s why Kezia Dugdale can fuck off and die down a well.)

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0 to “From The Twitter Archives #1”

  1. Aulbea1 says:

    Yeah – nothing else to be said. Thanks again, Stu.

  2. K+Campbell says:

    Wanted to say something profound and meaningful, but haven’t the words right now as you have choked me up.
    Thankyou for sharing such a personal viewpoint, and don’t ever ever apologise for standing up for what’s right (and yer pals)
    I always knew you had a good soul and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
    Just a teeny bit envious at the fun you must have been having back in the day, i was too busy bringing up weans, and it is for them and my grand-daughter that I am fighting now to protect from this Orwellian sickness/filth that is Queer Theory/Yogyakarta.

  3. tobydog says:

    Bloody well said Stu, strikes a very important chord with me anyway.

  4. Margaret+Eleftheriou says:

    Mr Campbell, I remember this entry very well. It was clearly sincere and heartfelt, which I why I remember it, I suppose.

  5. Geoff Anderson says:

    With you 100% on that campaign. Go fo it…as if you need any encouragement eh!

  6. Dazed & Confused says:

    My small subscription to your work is worth every penny.
    You’ve already ruffled a lot of feathers on Twitter, and it’s great to get email notifications of your great articles again.
    Thank you.

  7. Fairliered says:

    Thanks, Stuart for sharing this. Please say hello to your friends and tell them that you’re not the only male that respects their right to not be male.

  8. robertkknight says:

    Not a Twitter user so thanks for sharing.

  9. BaronessSamedi says:

    Lived experience right there. Thaks

  10. Gregory Beekman says:

    A passionately fabulous article!

    Nicely put.

  11. ScotsRenewabkes says:

    Fucking excellent post Stu

  12. Tom Jones says:

    I am in awe of the Learned Editor’s clinical dissection of the bile that your assembly ruling Edinburgh comes up with-though I oppose his politics and those of the majority on this site; I have no knowledge of these clubs but who in their right mind could argue with the rights of women of that persuasion and expose them to the strident and possibly physical attacks of the tiny deranged minority of males who insist that they can be females ? Answer (out with the ‘right mind’ aspect)-the ‘parliament’ that you lot (I generalise) have elected

  13. Garrion says:

    just want to say that beyond the hideous bunch of cluster b personalities, sociopathic sexual predators, professionally self victimizing zealots and of course the venal slickers of mouthbreathing arsecheese that are the self promoting opportunists running the SNP, there is still a lot of decent, socially inclusive or at least tolerant, ordinary Scots who are probably looking at all this in complete bewilderment.

    I don’t know how, beyond cleansing with holy fire, we wrest the discussion back towards what independence should really mean to Scots, but we have to do it, and also remember that, as per your previous post about homeopathic quantities of fruit in a drink, these are not ‘the people’, they are the enemy of the people.

  14. Fairliered says:

    Garrion. I’m sadly getting to the stage where I’m thinking we need the SNP to lose control of Holyrood, if necessary to Labour and the Lib Dems, so that we can press reset and start again, either with Alba and the ISP, or with an SNP purged of Sturgeon and her fellow tractors and quizmasters.

  15. PhilM says:

    Larry David and Stuart Campbell!
    Excellent thread. Real life trumps ideology every time.
    Can I pre-order your memoir?

  16. Joyous Hate says:

    I can hear the BBC reading your obituary:
    “…he was an insightful but divisive figure, a real Dorothy’s dorothy”

    Thanks to you I’m going to spend the rest of the evening wondering what is the male equivalent of a fag hag. Well and truly living rent free in my head.


  17. akenaton says:

    Obviously heartfelt entry, but confusing. If Lesbians really do think that all men are scum and that they despise them for having a penis, how did you get on so well with them Mr Campbell?

    Personally, I think the whole plethora LGBT++++ are self obsessed fruit cakes with very little positivity to add to the mix.
    I want to hear more about the ordinary family orientated folk who really comprise the mainstream of society.

  18. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Here a link to the IMDB reviews of ‘The Banshees of Inisherin’.

    If you haven’t seen it, well worth a watch.

    How relevant it is to our current situation is debatable but thought-provoking all the same.

  19. sarah says:

    Thanks for sharing this one, Rev. I wonder if that “Professor” at the John Smith Institute will read it too?

  20. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “If Lesbians really do think that all men are scum and that they despise them for having a penis”

    It’s possible to like something without wanting to have sex with it, which is good news for pets everywhere.

  21. David says:

    I remember you posting about your friends before.
    There’s loads of people in the same situation, with groups under attack by the science denying loonballs.

  22. JGedd says:

    Fairliered @ 8.59pm

    I’ve been at that stage for quite some time now. Ever since the Murrells had Alex Salmond set up I couldn’t support them. When people show you what they are capable of, you should believe them.

    It is highly unusual for people to do what they did to come back from that. Moral decline is a slippery slope and it is not possible to climb out of the slime. It’s always a downward slope.

    People have remarked that they can’t imagine how they sleep at night. Well, I would suggest that they sleep very well. You reach that level by incremental steps, always with what might seem justified compromises until you come to see everything you do as no worse than what went before.

    You’ve crossed that proverbial line when your only touchstone is what your fellow conspirators think and they will be continually supporting and encouraging since none can be allowed to slip from their embrace. Your group is both your protection and your prison. They are bound together by what they know of one another.

    I don’t believe in giving second chances to those who have stooped so low. We can see how the leadership proceeded from there, conniving to make the Party merely a machine they controlled. Now it’s obvious they actually disliked many of their voters and activists and that was inevitable since people like that don’t trust anyone outside their secretive inner core collaborators.

    I can think of only one way to try and rid ourselves of these unprincipled charlatans and that is simply to withdraw your vote. It’s the one thing left to us and I no longer believe either that we can just vote for them hoping that we might get independence, almost despite them.

    People throughout the history of democracy have gone on shoring up undeserving politicians in the hope that things might just get better by themselves. It’s that weakness that they will exploit just as the SNP will go on exploiting the still gullible loyalists.

    Others can do as they wish but I don’t believe that we can form a coalition for independence. I might vote for Alba but I will never vote for shameless rogues who can’t hide their contempt for us. Never again the SNP.

  23. Ruby says:

    akenaton says:
    6 January, 2023 at 9:13 pm

    Obviously heartfelt entry, but confusing. If Lesbians really do think that all men are scum and that they despise them for having a penis, how did you get on so well with them Mr Campbell?

    I was going to say that is not what lesbians think but I realised that I have never known any lesbians.

    I’ve known loads of gay men, I’ve had loads of gay workmates, a gay boss, gay friends that I socialised with, I even a gay flat mate but never any lesbians. I got on very well with gay men perhaps for the same reason Stu enjoyed the company & friendship of lesbians.

    What I imagine it would be like for a lesbian to be told she should date a transwoman would be similar to me being told I should date a woman. I like woman but I wouldn’t want to date one. I just don’t fancy women.

  24. Lorna Campbell says:

    Great stuff. It is beyond sick to try and force this on people who simply are not into maleness in any way. Do you think this is half the kicks they get? It’s bad enough claiming to be a woman, but claiming to be a lesbian woman! That is extracting the michael just a tad too far into sicko territory. How any woman could support this bilge is beyond understanding.

  25. Bob Costello says:

    What a bloody nice blog

  26. Ruby says:

    ‘Transwomen’ who are lesbians want to have sex with lesbians what about ‘transwomen’ who are heterosexual do they want to date straight men?

    Is this desire to date straight men the cause of the violence they experience?

  27. Anne Johnston says:

    Wonderful Rev, I remember this one. .it always stuck with me..

  28. akenaton says:

    Ruby, My confusion was not regarding Mr Campbell’s opinion of Lesbians, but rather their opinion of him. In his initial post he inferred that lesbians detest all men, penis’s, and anything attached to them.
    Now that’s a pretty upfront statement and begs the question why was Mr Campbell the exception to the rule?
    Widening the debate into the realms of “Zooism?” leaves me even more confused.

  29. Mia says:

    ” we need the SNP to lose control of Holyrood, if necessary to Labour and the Lib Dems”

    Absolutely not. Labour and libdems helped the SNP and Greens to force this disgusting aberration against the wellbeing of women and children. From that perspective, they are as disgusting as the SNP and Greens.

    I am convinced the whole thing down to the number of votes was planned long time ago and so was the role of the tories as the “good ones” in this charade. There had to be a reason for those undemocratic cowards to rush and ban demonstrations in front of Holyrood. I am convinced this was it, as I am convinced that by then, the draft script for this charade and for the project fear on steroids that is coming our way, had already been planned, written and rehearsed.

    Getting back labour in power by the back door, aka the much trumpeted “revival”, is what I suspect they are all after. The only way forward they have to bite time and stop independence is to foist on us their Devo max/FFR or whatever they choose to call their new version of useless devolution, because it is beyond crystal clear now the SNP has no intention to move us towards independence but as far away from it as they can.

    But for this they need labour in power and the SNP in minority. Not because the current shower of betrayers in the SNP ranks would not settle for Devo Max of FFA, but because that would irreversibly damage their “brand” of pro-independence party and will place the Nicola Sturgeon brand in the eyes of every voter as the biggest, most inefficient, most wasteful and most incompetent loser Scotland has ever seen. That may not look too good in the history books.

    There is no doubt in my mind the yes vote will be divided in the next GE, but again this has been deliberate and there is no way back from it now unless every SNP voter cast their vote for Alba/ISP. I am sure I am not the only one who will never vote SNP or Green ever again, but that does not mean I will ever walk into the jaws of the beast by voting for any colonial party.

    Not voting SNP or Green in my book means to vote Alba, ISP or whatever party pro independence other than Greens and SNP is available. If there is none, then spoiling the ballot it is, either by adding a handwritten “Alba” with a little square and a tick and a handwritten “repeal the treaty of union 1707” with a little square and a nice fat tick.

    All this gender nonsense has, in my view, been deployed in Scotland with the purpose of forcing the soft yes, soft no and undecided towards the colonial parties. I will not fall for this disgusting betrayal and abuse of democracy.

    Hell will freeze before I cast my vote for labour, libdems, SNP, Greens or Tories. As far as I am concerned, they are all in the same team: Team union.

  30. Ruby says:

    Dickie says:
    6 January, 2023 at 10:05 pm

    Can we post links here?

    This is hilarious

    Thanks for that Dickie.

    Like Hobnob I find the name Dickie very phallocentric! 🙂

    Only kiddin’!

    Dickie is a fine name.

  31. robertkknight says:

    Rev Stu says…

    “It’s possible to like something without wanting to have sex with it, which is good news for pets everywhere.”

    Keyboard meet coffee… LOL

  32. JGedd says:

    Ruby @ !0.07pm

    Quite right Ruby. It’s all about sexual attraction over which, poor animals, we have no control. It’s all decided at puberty not by us, but by ancient processes that have been in motion for millenia, the machine of evolution which creates and destroys species by natural selection.( What Darwin referred to as the sculptor that kept on ruthlessly cutting and carving into an already beautiful face, endlessly reforming it.) The individual does not matter, only the species, and not even the species if it’s unable to survive whatever annihilating event/s may overwhelm it.

    Akenaton does not understand. I don’t think that lesbians dislike men or think they’re scum ( though some might) but it’s not necessarily that they dislike you, it’s simply that they don’t find you sexually attractive. That’s what same sex attraction means. Again it is not a choice any more than it is for heterosexuals.

    My 10 year old self didn’t get it either. It seemed like a trick perpetrated on women to tie them to a domestic arrangement in which I couldn’t perceive an upside for women. With puberty and all the hormonal turmoil it brought and my first crush, I got it. I also understood that the same had happened to people who were homosexuals. Something over which they had no choice had swept over them like a tidal wave and left them changed. It dawned on me then that no one had a choice.

    ( I still think it was a rotten trick for evolution, through sexual reproduction, to load all the burden of conceiving and carrying the next generation on to females of the species. The biologist Steve Jones called it ‘freeloading’.)


  33. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “In his initial post he inferred that lesbians detest all men, penis’s, and anything attached to them.”

    I wasn’t implying any such thing.

  34. Anne Forte says:

    Thank you Stu.
    Scotland under the cosh of the cult has become a nasty and homophobic wee shithole of a country, with that useless and ignorant lot in Holyrood on their highly paid gravy train mocking us daily.

    If the English hadn’t locked us out of Europe with their senseless Brexit, I’d be off and out of it.

  35. alan_b says:

    Mia @ 10:41pm

    Spot on. There’s a profile of Wes Streeting, current health spokesman for Labour at Westminster, today’s Times.
    I hadn’t realised that before entering politics Streeting had been head of education at Stonewall. If he becomes health secretary, what happens to the Cass report?

  36. Morgatron says:

    I remember the original post very well Stuart. It was as powerful and more relevant today as it was 3 years ago.

  37. Derek says:

    I’ve kind of been in the same world; in a band with two women and making a racket and occasionally doing so for gay and/or lesbian clubs. Nobody’s bothered about your orientation, because you’re there as the entertainment, and as long as you play music and folk that want to dance can dance, they’re happy.

    You might get chatted up but, same as anywhere else, if you say no then it’s respected.

  38. SusanAHF says:

    Ruby you’re probably right about trans identifying males trying to date unsuspecting straight men being a potential source of violence. But most of the violence I’ve read about concerns trans prostitutes.

  39. Big+Jock says:

    It makes you wonder what Sturgeon’s endgame is. Just what is going on in her personal life. I think it’s going to be extremely sinister indeed.

  40. Josef Ó Luain says:

    Great piece, Stu! My lesbian friends are sound people. Nothing to add, really.

  41. Breeks says:

    I get all of that Stu, I really do.

    But what frustrates me is the way this whole Transgender Saga of endless bullshit has forced it’s way onto the agenda, while simultaneously forcing Scottish Independence off the agenda.

    These bastards were never invited, yet they’ve gate crashed the party, (literally), and stolen our oxygen at a critical juncture when NOTHING was more important than securing Scottish Independence. They are worse than fucking thieves, they are thieves which target our most sacred icons.

    Accordingly, while I fully respect your own sensibilities and frustrations, I feel every article written in response to the latest Gender related lunacy is another victory for these toxic insurrectionists, once again drawing “Me! Me! Me!” attention to themselves, but in the process, yet again stealing Scotland’s time and focus in the spotlight.

    The irony is, it isn’t only Scottish Independence these wankers have all but wrecked. The whole world of Feminism is in uproar, and has also been forced into throwing time, resources, and sacrifice, into winning a Kafkaesque war with these unhinged but ludicrously well funded lunatics who seem unburdened by any rational grasp of scientific biology, objective reason or practical reality. Worse still, the insanity “infection” seems to have infiltrated the “system”.

    The Gay community too seems dragged into a battle it never needed to fight, but now finds the battles it actually did want to fight swept off the agenda, and drained of resources and impetus because these Transgender creeps have laid claim to their decades of worth of progress, hard won status and integrity, and even their corporate rainbow coloured identity has been usurped and turned into a dirty word.

    These fuckers are out of control parasites addicted to the success and accolade of host organisations which they infiltrate and destroy from within, for their own sworded and despicable advancement.

    If I live to be 100, I never want to read another story or article about these degenerates, but so serious and dangerous is their grip on the throat of society that I cannot afford “not” to read up and stay up to date with what these perverts are trying to get away with next.

    Independence is fucked. Kids Education seems fucked. Kids health and welfare seems fucked. The Law is fucked. The Police are fucked. The prisons are fucked. The TV is fucked, (ok no change there), The structure and fabric of society is fucked and falling apart because of this infinitesimally small delinquent section of society have VIP access to multiple Control Rooms… Scotland is especially “blessed” because these fuckers have taken over our actual “Government”.

    Right now there’s a war brewing, with the lunatic yanks pumping billions of dollars worth of weapons into a needless, European conflict that will stink for decades, and without even going into detail about it, to every potential enemy soldier we might end up fighting, “NATO” troops are fighting beside actual far right Nazis, we “condone” the Israelis, while “forcing” the spread of Western style depravities, perfidious dishonesty, cross dressing pervs, threats to kids with sexual deviancies and perversions…

    Now there’s already so much utter “shite” flying about, neither the Ruskies, nor indeed ourselves, know where truth ends and horseshit begins, but the signs are if these Ruskies get let off the leash and a big war does kick-off, these guys will have no qualms whatsoever about slaughtering every last one of us and stopping the spread of our delightful Western ahem, “culture” dead in it’s tracks.

    We have GOT to get the Adults back in charge of Western Governments and make rational sanity popular again, FAST, or this fire will get so out of control and there will be no stopping it. As it currently stands, come WW3, the West will not be the “good guys”.

  42. Kenny says:

    Excellent, passionate thread, that’s the first time I’ve read it. (jeez, I thought you had a swinging brick instead of a heart 😉
    Dude, you have a cracking book in you, fact or fiction, I’d read your work.

    Keep on doing what you’re doing, good and just Scots will always gravitate towards you. We’ll win.

  43. De stefella says:

    I think the proportion of lgbt is likely be higher in England then in Scotland..there is strong evidence that children of non-hetero parents are more likely to be gay explains this as English people are the most likely to be gay in the whole world.

  44. SusanAHF says:

    Nice to see you showing your softer side too Stu.

  45. jockmcx says:

    The Attendant | Short film about a man beating the system
    12 mins

  46. jockmcx says:

    light relief

  47. Robert Louis says:


    Mandalyns sounds like it was a hoot. I recall a time when their were many gay bars in various places, which were run by slightly eccentric but thoroughly genuine people.

    Breeks at 1240am,

    I agree with much of what you say about the trans loonies taking over. They have effectively hijacked gay rights. I recall attending actual gay pride in London. Not lgbtqiaaa+++ pride, where lesbians are not welcome. This trans stuff has nothing to do with being gay.

    I note that we now have the LGB alliance fighting this, and in the USA, their is a new-ish group ‘gays against groomers’, which as been set up by gay folk to protect children from this fetish nonsense, and medicalisation of being gay.

    You are right, it does detract from the indy fight, and yes, I agree, that is exactly why Sturgeon has embraced it. This is something the SNP will NEVER get past. They are finished electorally, and I think there will be a seismic shift come the next Scottish elections. Our only real hope now is the Alba party.

  48. Robert Hughes says:

    Excellent writing , thinking & defending , Stu . Bravo .

    Breeks @ 12.40

    I agree with every word of that comment .

    ” Western ” Culture/Society is under severe , concerted attack : and NOT from the East . The enemy is much closer to home . Some parasitic creature has inserted it’s demon seed into the body politic , that seed has hatched , and is now eating our culture alive from the inside

  49. Tom Kane says:

    Sweary words aside, this is a metoo moment. My love of the power of women is in how the civilise working class poverty when alcoholism and disfunction abides. When the last decent person standing is a woman, you still have a chance. When a group of women work together to support each other… When they know each others burdens, you will survive.

    My mother worked at National Semiconductor in Greenock when it was an all women work force and alcoholism, pawn shops, bookies raged among men, particularly catholics, who could not find work. I too know that power, Stuart. I watched miracles happen.

    Ordinary women heroes aside… The treatment of lesbians is totally wrong.

    We cannot pretend that lesbians being attacked at gay pride gatherings for preferring biological women to biological men is anything but cruelty, or that any society that tolerates it is anything other than cruel and bigoted.

    How such a society teaches its children to tolerate it is misogynystic and warped.

    Swear away Stu… And I am right with you on this.

  50. Dorothy Devine says:

    Thanks Rev , like this and the comments.

  51. akenaton says:

    ” I still think it was a rotten trick for evolution, through sexual reproduction, to load all the burden of conceiving and carrying the next generation on to females of the species. The biologist Steve Jones called it ‘freeloading’.)”

    In fact it is called the Nature at work, Buck it at you peril. All previous attempts have ended in disaster.
    The reproductive cycle did not come about by accident, but took millennia to perfect in order to ensure the continuation of the species. We have simply lost our grip on reality and live in a world where we are encouraged to fight for “self” rather than family or indeed Nation. The two main reasons that I joined a Party which used to believe in Scottish Independence. To encourage self belief in our population even if we were to be less well off in the short term and to recreate the pride that we all once had to say “A’m Scottish”!

    Today we hide our heads from the society which we allowed to come about. Time to leave the sexual skip behind and concentrate on building a society that Scots can be really proud of with family at its core!

  52. Mike says:

    I actually really enjoy these pieces about the woke gender nonsense that’s infected society.

    Wondering what the driving force is behind Sturgeon’s determination to bulldoze it through? Why does she care so much? Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors but I suspect she’ll reveal something quite personal when she steps aside as FM in the next couple of years.

  53. Breeks says:

    Mike says:
    7 January, 2023 at 8:55 am

    ….. when she steps aside as FM in the next couple of years.

    Jesus H Mike, I was hoping for weeks, maybe a couple of months at most…

  54. Luigi says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful, honest, timely and heartfelt explanation. You’re getting soft and sentimental in your old age lol. Seriously though, it’s great and explains fully why you feel so strongly and spend so much effort on the gender legislation. Long before most of us were aware of what was going on, you saw the writing on the wall and where this was leading. TBH I never gave it much thought before but your articles gave helped me to catch up. This dangerous nonsense has to be confronted head on – now. Keep it going, Rev. It may annoy a few but the majority are with you on this.

  55. Dramfineday says:

    You carry on keeping us alert Stuart. If not for you, I would never have noticed much about the subject. Thankfully you and a host of other women (and men) have opened my eyes.

  56. Allan+Faulds says:

    It’s fun that there are “gender critical” gay men like wings scolding inclusive lesbians for “saying what gay men can call themselves” even they otherwise spend all their time telling inclusive lesbians they’re not real lesbians.

  57. John Main says:

    @Anne Forte

    TBH, not seeing what’s locking you out of Europe. I fully expect that most (all) European countries will welcome you with open arms if you have anything useful you can contribute.

    TBH, that’s exactly what I want to see for Scotland too. All are welcome if they will contribute. Freeloaders can GTF.

    Just another common sense attitude that used to be universal. Yet has somehow managed to become “unfashionable” in recent years.

  58. John Main says:

    @Breeks 12:40

    When somebody comes at you with tanks, destroys your town, kills your neighbours and abducts your daughter, you might start to grasp the nature of ‘reality’.

    You often post a lot of sense. But you still seem to have some remarkable blind spots.

    You probably will never have to find this out for yourself, thankfully, but if the scenario I outlined above ever comes to pass, you won’t be hurling the N word at the guy or gal standing alongside you, fighting to defend what remains of your world.

  59. Outraged of Lanarkshire says:

    As ever Stuart first class writing. Please keep doing it.

  60. Ian Spruce says:

    Well Said Stu. I agree with you 100%.

    It is clear that Pride was set up by LGB people only and they are generally really nice, down to earth, ordinary people who just want to go about their daily lives like anyone else.(As do genuine Trans people who have jumped through all the hoops)

    LGB = sex/sexual orientation
    TI+ = Fetishists/Sexual Predators/Paedophiles

    I feel sorry for the LGB and genuine dysphoric trans folks having their organisations overtaken by these hateful TRA/MRA idiots.

    Under Self-Id how many of these “Trans” people are going to medically transition. My personal feeling is a very small minority at best.

    Scotland is fecked under the current Holyrood government.

  61. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “telling inclusive lesbians they’re not real lesbians.”

    “Lesbians” who also sleep with men are bisexuals. Words mean things. There’s nothing wrong with being bisexual, so why gaslight people?

  62. SusanAHF says:

    Ian Spruce, who are these ‘genuine trans’ people? Do they still want to use women’s spaces? Do they still want to date lesbians or straight men?

  63. JGedd says:

    Akenaton @ 8.37am

    I was joking Akenataton! As was Steve Jones. I thought that was obvious. I refuse to put LOL in after something that I have written light-heartedly. I prefer to leave it to people’s common sense to realise when something is not meant seriously.

  64. akenaton says:

    Until we recognise that legislation in favour of LGB split the nation and started the ideology which was initially used to introduce the mega madness of Trans and the first full scale attack on freedom of thought and freedom of speech we will achieve nothing politically.
    Our society is in decay and has been so for several decades

    From a personal perspective, I know a middle aged homosexual couple who several years were given two infant boys to bring (with State aid), what chance have these children got of growing up like the 98% mainstream?
    I also know two Lesbian couples who had been married and brought up children, after the children grew up they decided to try an “alternative lifestyle” so that rather demolishes the idea that sexuality is determined at birth.

    It is all bullshit including LGB Trans is just another and presumably darker step on the road to anarchy. I’m afraid no one is served by encouraging this madness to be adopted by our children.

  65. Iain Hamilton says:

    Great thread Stu. I remember the original well.


    Can we have the rugby blackout one next please?

  66. akenaton says:

    Sorry to DP, but I did mean to add that we are allowing tiny minorities to set the social and political agenda.
    This must be discontinued before we can even think of making Scotland Great.

  67. Neale+Hanvey says:

    All of this Stu. Absolutely spot on. Neale

  68. akenaton says:

    You may have been joking Mr Gedd, (which I had deciphered), but you happened to put your finger directly on the subject which appears to motivate a huge group of middle aged women who have discovered that nature is not woke and that “equality” is a sham used mainly by politicians with bad intent.
    Grievances like this are bad for everyone not least the women involved, as we must not fight with nature, history tells us what becomes of any society that does so.

  69. SusanAHF says:

    Quite right Stu “inclusive” lesbians are bisexual, not lesbian. Any attempt to say otherwise is gaslighting, plain and simple.

  70. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Can we have the rugby blackout one next please?”

    Can do!

  71. Kcor says:

    “So I’m LITERALLY a card-carrying friend of the gay community. And that’s why Kezia Dugdale can fuck off and die down a well.”

    More than her, the corrupt judge.

    Injustice has to be avenged, although I am not talking about any violence.

  72. Jeremy Wickins says:

    Lesbians are far too important for them to be thrown under the bus in the way they have. Or maybe, its because they are so important that they are so important. They shouldn’t need the support of people like us, but they do, and I’m glad they are getting it.

  73. velofello says:

    Simply and briefly Rev, I agree with you with regard to enjoying the company of agreeable people.

    Remember Militant Tendency? Where are they now? And so is the likely destiny for trans- militancy faced against the 99.9% non-trans population.

  74. ian foulds says:

    that is all that needs to be said

  75. JGedd says:

    Akenaton @ 1.06pm

    Actually I am a ‘Mrs’, Akenaton. I don’t know a huge group of middle-aged women so I can’t confirm or deny whatever it is you are implying. Could you be referring to feminists by the way? I’m trying to get at what is at the bottom of that itch you can’t scratch.

    I am a feminist, too, but I don’t know quite what you mean about not accepting nature. There are of course feminists and ‘feminists’. The latter variety are usually young and rather happy to go along with whatever is the current fad – like ‘men can be women too’, sort of thing – and often actually driven by what men think. (You know, ‘sex work is just a career choice’ or the current gender madness which is about accommodating men in women’s spaces too, since after all ‘they’re women because they say so.’) Now that is denial of nature. The latter variety do not like feminists of my vintage either.

    But then there’s that weasel word ‘equality’ which seems to mean different things to different people.

  76. Jamie says:

    It’s a fair point you make well put. I keep out of this business as much as possible, but you are good at highlighting key points, that polling has backed up that increasingly quiet homosexuals are being marginalised by the new generation, a tiny minority of whom seen to have very entitled expectations of others.

    The recent increase in support for Alba is quite possibly linked to this issue and whilst I wish it was not so (because to people who are not personally connected it seems needlessly toxic), it probably is worth pushing and when you put it the way you have, it seems to be the right thing to do.

    I still suspect that the worst of this, the pro GRA unwilling to compromise brigade, revolutionaries who want to overthrow the current social construct and replace it with their “better” one is at its worst led by a small number of mentally ill highly motivated criminals based on the tweets you have shared.

    A compromise between everyone could have and should have been found by now and the fact it hasn’t beggars belief but probably due to their all or nothing attitude.

  77. akenaton says:

    Apologies Mrs Gedd, there must be some trait at work which led me to believe that you were male :o). My work brings me into daily contact with that demographic, so I do know what I’m talking about.
    The grievance in my opinion, is instigated in most cases by the fledglings leaving the nest and their place unfilled both physically and emotionally. These women begin to question their role from puberty to middle age and come to the not unreasonable decision that Nature has given them a very bad hand.
    Unfortunately as I mentioned earlier, Nature always wins the game and slipping out an extra ace never works.
    Regarding “Feminism”, I think that most women are feminists, being members of a club who have to endure the same arduous problems like menstruation, child bearing, and associated health problems, unlike men who appear to get of Scot free?
    However their militancy will always be self defeating as railing against Nature is a thankless task.
    Women’s role in family life should be recognised, their natural attributes appreciated, their connection to their children praised and motherhood raised to a much higher level in society.
    I am fairly old now and I fear for the future if this understandable militancy is commandeered by bad actors like Sturgeon and her deviant friends, who will and do use it as a weapon to acquire personal power.

    BTW thank you for you interesting and polite response.

  78. Holymacmoses says:

    You’re a lovely man Mr Campbell

  79. Jams O'Donnell says:

    I think there are more reasons than that as to why Kezia Dugdale can fuck off and die down a well.

  80. Iain+More says:

    “(So I’m LITERALLY a card-carrying friend of the gay community. And that’s why Kezia Dugdale can fuck off and die down a well.)”

    Please don’t pollute the water table.

  81. Auld Nickum says:

    I have a friend who on a visit Jerusalem, happened upon the Wailing Wall, where it’s traditional for the faithful to push little notes of wishful aspiration into the cracks in the hope of them being acknowleged by the Almighty. My pal is an expert climber and always up for a challenge, clambered up to where very few had ever dared to go and inserted his note, which simply said “Fuck Israel”
    There’s an enormous volcanic plug riddled with cracks and fissures sited conveniently just across the road from our Regional Assembly in Edinburgh that could serve extremely well as a depository not only for the vile Trans, Trojan agenda, but also for the sicko legislators who concocted this time wasting and divisive crock of sharn. With Indy in tatters Arthurs Seat could become Scotland’s Wailing Wall, it’s a big enough monument.

  82. Eric says:

    Stu, I get what you’re saying but can’t you just lay off this stuff until we get indy? It’s harming the movement, we can always sort this later. After all we won’t need to pander to the Green weirdos after 00:01 on Independence Day.

  83. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Stu, I get what you’re saying but can’t you just lay off this stuff until we get indy?”

    The entire point is that under this SNP we won’t get indy.

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