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The silver lining

Posted on February 22, 2020 by

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    1. 22 02 20 07:56

      The silver lining | speymouth

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    1. robertknight says:

      Well that’s a tricky one for Jackass Carcrash. Failed used car salesman isn’t he? Eminently over qualified for his current role if that is indeed the case.

    2. TJenny says:

      Chris – you really are awfy good with these coloured pencils and the captions are sooperb.

      Thank goodness Stu has kept you/us going with the toons. 🙂

    3. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Mr Cairns – cruel, very cruel, but also very true.

      If their brains were dynamite, Jackass and Little Orphan Annie couldnae blow their specs off.

    4. sassenach says:

      Has Rev started posting again?
      The last few ‘cartoons’ have been posted by Chris – but today it’s the Rev!!

    5. Andrew (Andy) Crow says:

      Fist they came for the low skilled, but I did not speak out because I was not low skilled……

      We all know where it goes from there……..

    6. Rm says:

      Jackass and all the rest of the unionist MSPs who can’t see any good in Scotland at all, why don’t they move down south where I’m sure they’ll be welcomed, can’t understand why they stay in a country they despise so much.

    7. Malky says:

      I like this site as the Chris-Cairns-political-cartoons-on-a-Saturday-morning-experience. Less bile, more balance.

    8. Morgatron says:

      Magic Chris. Dumb and Dumber. Two scarily frightening morons. Jacton Carlot and his wee Maryhill Moll must surely go to bed at night and say , how the fuck did we get here? Proof that the PR voting system in Scotland needs changing. Loved the midweek toon of the fisherman and farmer, two industry’s who I detest and love to see them getting shafted. Great work again Mr C.

    9. winifred mccartney says:

      Carlaw thinks he speaks for the Newton Mearns set and need someone like orphan Annie to speak for the rest of us forgetting that Annie allegedly only joined the tories because she fancied Ruthie, she was the last tory on the list system to be elected and even she was astounded.

      She is there because she has the nerve to go on TV and defend the indefensible when even Carlaw does not have the nerve.

      Just look at this week not a tory from WM or Holyrood willing to appear on any TV programme or radio programme to defend immigration but the very next day and within 12 hours there is wee Jamie Green throwing stones at the snp about education. They are only good for a ‘moan-fest’ as someone so elegantly put it.

    10. Auld Rock says:

      Hi ‘Robertnight’, not only a twice failed ‘Arthur Dailey’ but a twice BANKRUPT as well, though I don’t think Arthur was ever made bankrupt. Anyway, twice bankrupt seems like a prime qualification for a wannabee Tory FM!!! Thankfully Scots have more sense in the Polling Booth.

    11. kapelmeister says:

      The Scottish Tories do so much bowing to their London masters they must spend half their lives looking at their shoes.

    12. Effijy says:

      Failed Second Hand Car Salesman and a Shelf Stacker?

      Sorry, No room for you here with those skills.

      Perhaps they could find another country that pays well
      For running down their economy and stifling democracy.

      Good Riddance!

    13. Republicofscotland says:

      Nice one Chris, Wells has all the charisma and oratory skills, of a rusty gate squeaking on a windy day.

      Meanwhile the QT racial hatred speech from that woman, that went unchallenged has reached over 4 million hits on Twitter.

      Covertly this is where the state propaganda machine the BBC stands, Brexit however has pushed it further into the limelight.

      The female equivalent of Billy Mitchell, thought that England and not the UK ad 60 odd million residents already.

    14. vlad (not that one) says:

      @manandboy (from previous post, 22 February, 02:19)

      Very apposite comment (re Surkov, Cummings and Prof. Grey’s blog). In particular, I was taken by Prof. Grey’s description of Stasi tactic of Zersetzung:

      “The generation of constant uncertainty, the endless revisions of even very recent history, the half-truths and lies, the divisiveness and the distractions are all plain to see and they are intended to have the effect of confusing and manipulating the public.”

      This brings to mind the quip (attributed to Milovan Djilas, a prominent Communist leader turned dissident cca mid-1950ies) that the most difficult thing for a Communist was to predict the past.

      To quote Prof. Grey, … it is important to keep attempting to hold on to recorded facts and rationality as the only antidote to these dangerous and shameless tactics.

    15. Breeks says:

      Deputy Opposition leader on a decent salary just for getting a shade over 2000 people to vote for you. She’s not that daft. Wherever there’s opportunity you won’t have to look too hard to find an opportunist. The indictment is surely a reflection on Holyrood recruitment.

      Then add in Jamie Greene, James Kelly, and one or two other sparkling allstars, and you have conclusive proof that being thick as shit is no obstacle to having a glittering high profile career in Scottish politics.

      And then you look further afield, at the Labour leadership contest, Angela Raynor pledges her self sacrifice to do missionary work here in Scotland and live amongst the heathens, and across the floor, the eugenicists, fascists, and Priti Patel’s buzzing around the Westminster Government like flies round a shite… and you think to yourself…. the UK, irrespective of Indy or Union, in Scotland and England both, the UK itself has a MAJOR problem recruiting people of any kind of true caliber, integrity and capacity. There is lots of pond life, but the water quality is so rank, there are very, very few big fish anymore.

      And in Scotland, when the tiny minority of fanatics, in the tiny minority of radicals, in the tiny minority of Trans people, in the tiny minority of LGBT people, can affect such disproportionate influence that it fucks up Scotland’s prospects of Independence, you’ve got to ask if there’s a cog or two missing in the machinery.

      In 2014, there were aspirations for a second Scottish Enlightenment. In 2020, I’d sell my soul for a tiny wee re-emergence of humble common sense, and nevermind the luxury of dreaming about deliberate, purposeful steps being taken to defend Scotland’s Constitutional Integrity.

      I know it’s a conversation we can’t have at the moment, but for all kinds of reasons, the future direction of the UK, either it’s evolution into something (or things) better, or a spiralling tailspin into bottomless misery, might very well depend on “someone’s” emphatic acquittal and timely political resurrection.

    16. Pete says:

      I quite agreed with the woman on QT.
      She just said what around 70% of the population think.
      I’d also love to hear her views on the GRA.
      Back to Scotland, education is in a dreadful mess.
      I know from my grandchildren’s experiences. In the 6th year it is almost impossible to get the subjects needed. Fortunately, my granddaughter has an unconditional offer to Uni so has left and is working till Uni starts in the autumn.
      As a contrast my grandchildren at private school have no such problems.
      Thus the attainment gap!! A no brainer.
      Swinney needs to get his finger out.

    17. Republicofscotland says:

      “I quite agreed with the woman on QT.”

      You would, this your weekend on at Denison then, I’ll bet you Reeves has a lackey to do his weekend work, Fleming as well.

    18. Golfnut says:


      Apologies, but came across the poster on FB ‘re SNP with swastika armband, attributed to revs Twitter. 259 comments already. Looks like the referendum campaign against Scotland is now in full swing. Wonder if this part of bojo’s love bombing.

    19. Republicofscotland says:

      “Then add in Jamie Greene, James Kelly, and one or two other sparkling allstars, and you have conclusive proof that being thick as shit is no obstacle to having a glittering high profile career in Scottish politics.”

      The only requirement is to oppose the advancement of Scotland in any shape or form. Placating their Westminster masters in the process.

    20. HandandShrimp says:

      The Carlaw Wells combo is a blessing to the SNP. The SNP have from time to time made mistakes, even though intentions have been good, but their get out of jail card has been the shocking standard of opposition. The notion of Carlaw, Wells, Rennie and all the rest being in government is truly sobering. We must work hard to ensure it does not happen.

      Always enjoy Chris’ Saturday morning cartoon. It does pull me back here regularly despite Stu’s distraction with a topic I don’t think we should waste energy over (Stu’s site he can focus on what matters to him, although his Godwin on Twitter surprised me and delighted anti-SNP types on Faceache).

      Those wound up to impatience and intemperate anger by the ever increasing concern trolls here, who I think sense a site kill in the offing should take a step back and refocus. We are in this to win over the long haul and nothing good and lasting is ever easy.

    21. Dan says:

      With so many fat gammon overlords now in place it can’t be long till pigs become a protected and worshiped species, and thus the bacon roll will be off the menu.
      That might actually be considered a good thing when food standards and regulations drop to allow crappy low quality meat into the food shops.

      Ach well, at least I’ve just read some positive “Brexit” news:

      “Children open to seeing insect-based meals on school dinner menu, study suggests

    22. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I think we are now seeing what “Henry VII Powers” actually mean.

      I feel BoJo is embarking on a period of “Rough Wooing,” to force Scotland to his will. Better not tell him the Rough Wooing of Henry VII led to James the Sixth succeeding to Elizabeth I’s English throne.

      I have a feeling, the Scots will win this time round too, but,hopefully it doesn’t take as long for us to triumph and be free of them.

    23. Republicofscotland says:

      Grassroots independence movements are springing up all over Scotland. The latest is (PIA) Pensioners for Independence Ayrshire.

      There’s a wave of unity and optimism that we might not see at Holyrood or in the media for independence, that’s growing into a tsunami.

      We just need to hold on and watch it wash away the union.

    24. Allium says:

      lumilumi @8.29 last post

      I can’t understand SAS’s zeal over this. She seems enraptured by the GRA stuff, yet utterly unable to sell it convincingly. Either unquestioning handmaiden-ing is her calling (she’s not too thick to understand the arguments against this, she just pretends she can’t hear them) – or she’s now too scared of the activists targeting her (the way they do Joan) to have a debate. She absolutely knows she’s punting an illogical position, and that’s her own fault.

    25. dakk says:

      “With so many fat gammon overlords now in place”

      Would be nice if a new outbreak of swine fever struck now.

      Cmon China do the world a favour.

      Unleash SWIVID 20 please.

    26. Den Cairns says:

      That cheered me up no end!! Just as much as my imminent Retiral on Tuesday ;o)

    27. sassenach says:

      Den Cairns@11-48

      Congratulations, now you are a target for Preetie’s conscription workforce. Enjoy the fresh air, or elderly care duties!!

    28. mike cassidy says:

      That outpouring on Question Time is hardly surprising given the publicly stated audience policy of the programme.

      As usual, our audience has been selected to reflect the current political picture, depending where we are. So here in England that means there are more Conservative than Labour supporters plus a smaller number from other parties.

      Its the ‘as usual’ that is the killer there.

      At least the Scottish weather continues to be representative.

      In this part of Fife this morning.

      High winds, heavy rain, snow, sleet and currently blue skies and sunshine.

      And its not even midday!

    29. SilverDarling says:

      Well there is an open goal for Carlaw and Wells if they position themselves against GRA reform. People don’t need Titans of intellect to vote for and can hold their nose if they take a position they agree with. God knows we have done it enough with the SNP.

      It will be interesting to see how the vote in Parliament goes if it gets to that stage. I suspect the SNP are rushing this through because they reckon they have the support of the Greens and some others. If they cannot get it through, it becomes an election issue for 2021 and they may fear they will be hammered on it and it will be an issue.

      I have said it before, what a hill to die on. This does not need to happen if they would just regroup and look at sense and proper evidence. It has been mentioned before by others but I suspect the Greens have a bargaining chip as they have been reported as onside with the budget.

    30. mike cassidy says:

      That outpouring on Question Time is hardly surprising given the publicly stated audience policy of the programme.

      As usual, our audience has been selected to reflect the current political picture, depending where we are. So here in England that means there are more Conservative than Labour supporters plus a smaller number from other parties.

      Its the ‘as usual’ that is the killer there.

      At least the Scottish weather continues to be representative.

      In this part of Fife this morning.

      High winds, heavy rain, snow, sleet.

      Now blue skies and sunshine.

      Weather update.

      Currently blizzard conditions

    31. Den Cairns says:

      Sassenach 11:57. Preet can go take a flyin fluck tae herself. I’m 49 and the only job I’ll be doin is delivering Indy leaflets – but Gaud bless ye anyhoo.

    32. Scott says:

      Alister Jack SOS He currently owns a farm of 1,200 acres in Courance.
      I wonder how many people he employs and where they come from would be interesting in they are EU Nationals,help anyone.

    33. robertknight says:


      So the “iconic blue passport” is to return next month. About as “iconic” as a boil on your bum! Why not sh1t brown? Be more appropriate surely.

      Prefer to get my hands on one of these…


    34. Mist001 says:

      Alister Jack = no more EU subsidies for his farm either. He must’ve known, so what’s his plan B? How does he intend to turn a profit? Is it a tax dodge?

    35. Dan says:

      @SilverDarling at 12:06 pm

      Aye, it’s a remarkable thing for a government to choose to be focused on when there are so many other important issues at this particular time.
      Interesting too that so many of these new “young” political voices in the SNP and Greens are so vocal on Self ID, rather than say Land Reform and more particularly Housing, which for a lot of young folk across Scottish society is a real issue.
      But I guess the folk struggling to keep their as born bodies warm and a roof over their heads are to preoccupied with that, so don’t have inordinate amounts of time like some appear to have to push the Self ID agenda…

    36. McDuff says:

      Watching the rugby Scotland v Italy and as usual we have two English accents and one Scottish commentating . This game has nothing to do with England but it is imperative that they are always seen to be in charge.
      Petty? If it was the other way around we would soon see how petty it is.

    37. Dr Jim says:

      @McDuff 2:32pm

      But, but it’s English Telly, we’re not allowed to have Scottish Telly in case we say Scottish things on it and that would be offensive

      How very dare we

    38. manandboy says:


      Until the people who are actively orchestrating the entire UK political circus meet with impassable failure, or opposition, then the current disintegration of the UK will continue, to be replaced by the rise of a resurgent Imperialism and Colonialism, with all its lofty entitlement and brutal enforcement.
      To the fore in this national regression, is of course the UK’s resident egghead and supreme mastermind, Dominic Cummings, architect of the Leave victory in June 2016, and disciple of the recently toppled Russian political guru, Vladizlav Surkov. To understand what is currently happening in the UK, one has to understand what has been happening in Russia these past 20 years under Putin. Putin is to Surkov what Johnson is to Cummings.
      So far, however, this simple fact has met with a brick wall of disbelief in oh-so-superior UK, particularly in England.

      And so we go on, hopelessly brainwashed and confused but stubbornly in complete denial. We know best.

    39. Republicofscotland says:

      This is how we deal a blow to unionist MSPs at Holyrood and Westminster as well.

      Not only will it oust the likes of Murdo Fraser it will force Sturgeons hand into naming a date as well. We must support it.

    40. Republicofscotland says:

      Well the Scottish ruby team made heavy weather of defeating Italy, in my opinion if we’d have faced any other Six Nations team and played the way we did, we’d have been severely punished. Scotland are just above the level of Italy with regards to the Six Nations teams, and it showed today.

      Still “Proud Scot” Gavin, or was it Scott Hastings who was one of comentators, thought that our colony did well. Sir Ian McGeechan, added his “Proud Scots” tuppence worth in the studio after the game.

    41. jfngw says:

      People like Willie Rennie, Gordon Brown, Jackson Carlaw and the cohorts of London financed British Nationalists only input now is to sap the moral of true Scots. They have nothing positive to say, their sole contribution is to run down any Scots achievements that are not the result of Westminster input, ignore them they are yesterdays men (some are women).

      I’ve excluded Rumbledethumps Leftovers as he only rots your brain but otherwise is totally inconsequential.

    42. Socrates MacSporran says:

      The Australians are always going on about: “Whinging Poms,” English visitors who moan about everything.

      You come on here and get “Whinging Jocks,” going on about English accents at Scottish games. In the coverage from Rome we had Jill Douglas (Scottish), Scott Hastings (Scottish) and Sir Ian McGeechan (Yorkshire-born son of an Argyll and southern Highlander, who is a former Scottish player, captain, coach and Director of Rugby for the SRU.

      These three formed half of the commentary team, so, I don’t think we have too-much to complain about.

      And, think of all these years when the Number One commentator was Bill McLaren – another Scot. We also have Andrew Cotter regularly commentating on games, while Lee Mackenzie, Andy Nicol and John Barclay are other Scots regularly heard during rugby commentaries.

      I would say, for a wee nation, we punch above our weight – and our representatives are nothing like as annoying and myopic as John Inverdale or Jonathan DAvies.

    43. twathater says:

      @ ROS 3.37pm as I have stated on here numerous times I welcome a NEW indy party standing on list votes , but it has to be ONLY ONE party with a stated aim of independence ONLY as their reason d’etre , that way everyone who supports independence knows EXACTLY the aim of the new party , there is NO point in proposing divergent groups , it is all under one group or nothing and ANY deviation from that agreement risks exclusion and ANY posturing or attempting to forward egos or policies should lead to same exclusion

      This could be a watershed move providing egos and affiliations are left at the doorstep , LET’S DO THIS RIGHT AND EJECT THE SEAT WARMERS

    44. Gfaetheblock says:

      SNP civil war to be played out in Edinburgh central, Angus vs Joanna.

    45. Go Joanna!

      It should go to the candidate that the people in that constituency want as their representative. I’d happily have Ms. Cherry as my MSP and she will be a terrific addition to Holyrood. Lookout Mr. Tomkins.

      Angus can always stand for Stirling since Bruce Crawford is stepping down as our MSP …. oh drat! I forgot, no he can’t, because we’ve already been told that our next list of candidates to replace Bruce will be an all – female list.

      A light bulb moment – Angus can self ID as a woman and qualify for the list. Nifty solution.

    46. Dr Jim says:

      I think Joanna Cherry would be fantastic to have here in Scotland but not as FM, she could do a lot more damage to the opposition in a constitutional role something along similar lines to Michael Russell, and we’ll need more people in those types of positions with more freedom to represent the party, whereas the FM job is to represent everybody in Scotland which limits the freedoms of expression you can get away with

      I don’t think having Joanna Cherry visiting schools and hospitals and such would be the best use of her abilities, that side’s for a congenial salesman/woman and there’s no doubt the current FM has proven she’s top notch at all that stuff, I don’t want Joanna Cherry to be congenial, I’d want to see her armed tooth claw and the law sticking her fangs into the opposition and doing the Telly stuff setting them straight

      Keep the gloves off her and let her loose on them

    47. Jock McDonnell says:

      wise words Dr Jim

    48. Dr Jim says:

      A BBC Spokesperson inadvertently admitted in a statement that the TV licence which is now being hotly disputed because of their demands it should be paid one year in advance by direct debit is a tax on watching TV just like a driving licence they said

      The BBC did not say the licence was for the BBCs contribution to broadcasting they said a licence to watch TV, that’s a different admission entirely
      plus you only pay for a driving licence once until you either renew because of age or to change address

      The end is nigh for the BBC at this rate, folk can spot a company on the make

    49. wull says:

      With all due respect to the owner of this site, I am not in favour of launching a new pro-Indy Party. The time to organise such a thing seems to me too little. If it’s a political party in the normal sense of the term, all those who stand for it will have to be in the same position on a whole range of issues, not just having an Indy ref.

      This includes issues which will come up immediately after an Indyref is won. For instance, what should be done with the nuclear weapons on the Clyde? The SNP is still clear that they will have to go, and as quickly as possible. I imagine that that is a position with considerable support among pro-Independence Scots. However, the owner of this site has suggested that these weapons be used as a bargaining chip, so that we could keep them for our neighbour, provided they are ready pay sufficient rent to Scotland for the privilege.

      That is not necessarily an unreasonable position from the economic point of view, but I think many pro-Indy supporters will oppose it on ethical grounds. Will pro-Indy anti-nuclear-weapons people ever cast a vote for a Wings Party which espouses such a pragmatic and purely economic approach to the Faslane issue?

      Even those who oppose the SNP’s unpopular position on GRA but support the SNP’s opposition to nuclear weapons on the Clyde are likely to prioritise the latter issue over the former, and stick with the SNP.

      Having said that, I think there genuinely IS a place for non-SNP pro-Indy candidates standing. Not for the first preference vote on the ballot paper, but only for the list vote. As far as I know, that is how Margo MacDonald managed to get continually elected, after she had fallen out with the SNP, and was no longer one of their candidates.

      I think Margo provides the model for what is needed. Namely, some prominent, well-known and broadly respected pro-Indy individuals standing as independents on the list vote. They wouldn’t all have to agree on everything, but only on independence.

      They could even all call themselves by the same or a similar name: for instance, something like ‘Independents for Independence’. Or, to distinguish each one from the other, each of them could add their own name, putting it in front of the ‘Independent for Independence’ banner.

      Or else, I suppose, they could organise themselves into a list, indicating the key points on which they are all agreed – especially independence, but maybe commonly prioritising some other issues as well. This would include publicly stating that there will be no Party whip, allowing for differences of view and more space for each one voting according to conscience.

      Many will say this is unworkable … But it worked for Margo.

      I am not 100% sure of how the voting system works, but my understanding is that the country is cut up into areas, with a specific number of list seats being allotted to each area. With a bit of organisation, there could therefore be just the right number of registered ‘I for I’ (or ‘Independents for Aye’!) standing in each area. In that case, of course, they would need to agree a pecking order among themselves, prioritising which of them was best known and respected, and most likely to be popular in the area concerned. Not easy … but not impossible either.

      Another way would be to have only one, or at most two (well maybe three?) ‘I for I’ list candidates in each geographical area. Or a different number in each area, in accordance with what seems a genuinely possible outcome. Even if only one were to be elected from each area, these independents could well hold the balance of power in the parliament. Even if they did not vote the same way on every issue, if they did vote together on whatever fosters independence and brings it forward, and against everything that kicks it into touch … (notwithstanding the possibility that they might very occasionally disagree on the best way to foster that common agenda) … we would be well on our way.

      There are obviously going to be objections to these suggestions. But I think some people would rather vote for an individual (or a couple of individuals) than a Party, as such, anyway. That is, quite a lot of us want to be represented by an individual who is immediately personally accountable to us – i.e. those who elected him or her – and our area, and not to anyone else.

      A lot of people don’t like the present situation whereby all those who appear on the ballot papers do so only because they consistently conform to the diktats of the (largely unknown) Party machinery that provides them with the ‘ticket’ they hang around their necks, to stand on. Which means they are primarily accountable to their Party’s bureaucracy, not to their electors, or to the people of the area they represent.

      People are fed up with this. Not least because it means that when the MSP’s Party bureaucracy bows down and keels over to some tiny-minority pressure group, he or she automatically does so too. They belong to their Party first, and the people who run that Party, not to the electors who made them MSPs in the first place.

      Thus, it often turns out that the vast majority of their actual electors – and indeed pretty much the whole population in the area that voted them in – are ignored by their MPs and MSPs. GRA may be the obvious example, but there are many others. Our so-called ‘elected representatives’ don’t belong to us! Instead they belong first and foremost to the bureaucratic decision-making processes of their Party, and these processes are largely hidden from public view.

      To get a genuinely democratic Scotland, we will need to vote out all those Party-hack gravy-train self-serving so-called parliamentarians who represent their Party, not their people. The list system has been their harbour and their haven. Why not give them a rocket, and PI them, by voting in more genuinely independent-minded (as well as independence-minded) MSPs.

      Think of Margo MacDonald. Or, beyond Scotland, think of the likes of Martin Bell. We need people of real calibre in our parliament, not all these dummies with their ventriloquist’s hand up them.

      When we do become independent we want a real parliament, with real people who really do represent us. Not the kind of shambles that we see at Westminster and – alas – in our own Holyrood, or indeed in every parliament in the UK. If the SNP have got nowhere by then on the independence front, as seems increasingly likely (I still retain a faint glimmer of hope, but hardly anything like optimism), we could make a start by sending in some of the right kind of independence/independent-minded people at the next Holyrood election.

      And it would surely be easier to organise quickly than a whole new Party (at which not a few of us would no doubt groan, as, essentially, just ‘more of the same old thing’).

      Just a thought …

    50. Rm says:

      If there’s going to be a new Independence Party solely for list votes someone will have to organise it in plenty time so everyone knows in time for best results, if the SNP can get involved that would be great, if not the new party will take over from them it might take a bit longer to achieve the dissolving of the Union but the way everybody’s up for it, it’s just a matter of a wee bit longer and we’ll be there.

    51. Adrian B says:


      There is an acute shortage of teachers right across the whole of the UK. It isn’t a specific Scottish problem. It is actually worse in parts of England, but the real issue is that there isn’t enough teachers and those that do go into the profession don’t stay for long.

      Maths Teachers are in really strong demand with many schools and local authorities not being able to fill vacancies for months or years on end. It is a problem in private education also.

      This isn’t good anywhere is the UK and with education being politicised many teachers are moving to ireland.

      It is fair to say that Ireland is picking up a lot of business moving to get access to an English speaking base that is in the EU.

      Many of the teachers that have been in UK education have come from abroad. The UK doesn’t have enough teachers. The Scottish Government has been trying for many years to recruit enough teachers to plug the short term problem and potentially fix the big problem on the horizon with a large number of teachers coming up for retirement.

      If you are a teacher then you have skills that are desired, then you have the ability to travel to where you will be valued. Ireland is doing better than the Uk in many ways right now.

      The constant stories from other parts of the UK where schools don’t have basic books and materials for day to day teaching, failing school buildings and even some where schools are only open for three days a week is sad and indicative of a central government that doesn’t want to spend money on education as it values the private sector where education is something to be bought.

      How can people in England buy an education when they themselves are on low wage jobs that barely if at all cover the family outgoings.

      England is creating a large underclass with the market led education and health policies that have been in place for a number of years – the private sector is also additional money that needs to be spent on top of normal taxation, so in effect it is a further taxation for services.

    52. Adrian B says:

      You should all be well aware that Conservatives at Westminster have called 3 General Elections in the last 5 years. Another General Election could well be on the cards within the next year – due to Brexit slow ongoing process and the lack of actual movement.

      Scotland will lose 9 constituencies shortly as the boundaries of constituencies are being redrawn. Johanna Cherry is only one MP were the entire constituency will be absorbed into surrounding constituencies.

      Johanna Cherry has never liked the way that Westminster operates, she has tolerated it but clearly feels she is more use in Scotland. i don’t think that she will stay in politics for long after Independence is gained – which is a shame as she has contributed much to date.

    53. Adrian B says:

      If at the last Scottish Election is ALL of those that voted for the SNP on their SECOND vote had also voted for the SNP on their FIRST vote then the SNP would have gained more Constituency MSPs.

      As things stand many voted for the Greens or another party as their priority FIRST vote and possibly only lent the SNP their second vote. It isn’t unknown for Unionists to vote for the SNP as they feel that they are at least competent.

    54. SilverDarling says:

      I can understand and appreciate the points made by Dr Jim @ 6.33 pm if the boundary change wasn’t going to be foisted upon us. Joanna Cherry is obviously a target for the Tories and those within her own party who fear her clear and resolute voice on Women’s rights. She is very much needed and losing her through gerrymandering would be a travesty.

      I would rather have her in Holyrood than in Westminster. As for the leadership contest that doesn’t exist (yet). I would like to hear her leadership bid if it comes to that as I feel she would be unafraid to air some uncomfortable truths which might lead to better and more honest leadership no matter who wins.

    55. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Adrian B at 8:39 pm.

      You typed,
      “If at the last Scottish Election is ALL of those that voted for the SNP on their SECOND vote had also voted for the SNP on their FIRST vote then the SNP would have gained more Constituency MSPs.”

      I’m assuming by second vote, you actually mean “regional” vote and by first vote you mean “constituency” vote.

      I don’t know how you can claim the above with regards to the 2016 Holyrood election.

      SNP had 1,059,897 votes (46.5%) in the constituency vote and 953,587 votes (41.7%) in the regional vote.


    56. jfngw says:

      @Dr Jim

      The BBC was ever thus so, an arm of the state financed by the state, the licence fee is just a tax to offset the state cost. If it did finance the BBC directly then if you did not watch it they would be using extortion and it’s likely this could have been used in Scots law to stop them harassing people.

      What is amusing is many who work at the BBC actually believe they are not state funded and are free to broadcast what they want. Not long ago the BBC used to have hidden broadcast sites and secret communication links for government use ready for any state of emergency, only changes in technology made these effectively obsolete.

    57. Fireproofjim says:

      I agree wholeheartedly that there should be a second Independence Party on the regional list vote.
      A million votes there for the SNP produced three seats. As Stuart pointed out some time ago a second Independence Party standing only in list constituencies would have gained ten or twelve seats with such a vote, ensuring that there would be no chance of combined Unionist parties defeating the SNP.
      There should be only one policy. Independence. The arguments over Trident, Capitalism, socialism, Royalty etc can wait til that is accomplished.
      The party should be called THE SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE PARTY.

    58. Dr Jim says:

      I’m watching the professional boxing from York in the country of England and there’s a young lad from Carstairs in Scotland who’s tipped to be a good prospect, so they do the announcing of his record and name then the screen flashes up the UK political Union flag next to his name, now we all know that’s not the flag of any country it’s a political trademark the same as the EU flag

      But the lad who’s his opponent from Latvia gets flashed up the flag of his country Latvia

      The whole grimy British system at work with their own grimy media, and if somebody points it out they’ll get the surprised look on their British faces and say it was a natural mistake

      Because we’re all better together aren’t we and there’s some blue in the flag so stop whinging you sweaties

    59. Mist001 says:

      Who cares about list votes, constituency MSPs, how many are returned whatever? It doesn’t matter one jot if the SNP is not, as has been witnessed by all, determined to achieve independence for Scotland. All the signs are seemingly pointing out that they’re doing everything they can to avoid Scottish independence.

      So, it doesn’t matter. Independence and the SNP HAS to be proritised and sorted out first. There’s no point in voting SNP then coming on here next year whining about how you voted SNP because you *thought* they were working towards independence and it turns out that they aren’t.

      How about a vote of no confidence in the current leadership at the forthcoming conference (assuming it won’t be postponed again)?

      Independence seems to be the furthest thing from Joanna Cherry and Angus Robertsons minds because they’re more interested in standing for Edinburgh Central at next years elections, rather than the more pressing matters that are happening right on their doorstep. They’re only the two high profile ones, what about the others who are more concerned about where they’re going to stand in the next Holyrood elections, rather than thinking about Scottish independence?

      BTW, did I happen to mention how absolutely furious I am with the SNP?

    60. Adrian B says:

      @Brian Doonthetoon

      The Conservatives and Greens scored higher on their second votes – there is a lot of swirl. It wasn’t all about Independence, it was also about local issues specific to some areas.

      The Greens clearly voted for the SNP as a first vote in many areas. Interestly enough many die hard SNP members were so confident that they didn’t place any second vote.

      For the SNP a good showing on the second vote wasn’t enough to secure many additional votes as they had performed stronger in the first vote. It was ironically the conservatives that did well. Scroll down at the following link and count all the Regional Conservative MSPs – also worth noting all the Labour List MSPs

      Any new party needs to get at least more votes than these candidates on the second vote. If you take in some instances say 2,000 Pro Indy votes away from the SNP and fail to gain that seat, then you may also hand the seat to the Unionists because the SNP didn’t get enough votes.

    61. Adrian B says:

      @ Mist001,

      I get it, there still isn’t enough support for an Indy Scotland and Nicola hasn’t called one, She wants Indy more than Salmond though – when did he last campaign for Indy?

      “All the signs are seemingly pointing out that they’re doing everything they can to avoid Scottish independence.”

      That is why there have been all the trips abroad talking with members of the EU , Scandinavian neighbours and accoss the world on trade trips to reassure and build our export market to support Scottish jobs.

      Independence is going to remain a process that is unfortunately only obtainable if there are the numbers to vote for it.

      You can see the Unionists are starting up with events to gain money and minds to fight against the upcoming vote – they are more than aware that there will soon be a vote and they WILL fight against Scotland gaining its Independence.

      They have fought dirty in the past with screams of a HARD BORDER, Questions over currency. Scotland is not going to be allowed into EFTA or the EU. Scotland can get into the EU but it will be FORCED TO USE THE EURO! All nonsense, and Scottish Government have been briefing abroad so that when a vote happens it is very well understood what the position will be.

      Sorry for appearing to shout- read ‘CAPS’ as a screaming Unionist on the BBC and you get my drift 😉

      The issue around a border or currency is really bogus. We will have a currency – and it might change in due course, Westminster has created a border all around the UK coastline and a sea border with our Irish neighbour (even Northern Ireland which is a part of the UK! FFS)

      As we have seen in the past few days there has been much fallout out from business in allowing workers from the EU into the UK and especially Scotland to serve in business and across all parts agriculture and tourism in particular as these are areas where very few Scots normally work.

      In order to survive these companies have to get staff from somewhere or they will go bust. You could say this is going down like a cup of cold sick for many who have likely now more than ever to be former stronger in UK in viewpoint. If the Tories can and will damage the lives and opportunities of their own flock of voters as a matter of policy, then there will be many in a number of sectors that seriously have to consider some hard choices that the Conservatives may not have their best business interests at heart.

      There is only so many natural SNP voters or sympathy voters to be had and in order to win the upcoming referendum we still need to support of those that actually vote often for parties with a Unionist agenda.

      There is a good reason that the Tories have fought every election since 2014 as the party that will stand against change, against the SNP and against “Independence”. It works for them and it has helped kill Labour. The Lib Dems are in the doldrums, but still have reasonable pockets of support.

      In order to win in 2020 or 2021 or when ever the vote happens. We need the support from more former voters of the now hard line Unionist opposition parties.

      Getting independence will be hard but it is once we have the independence of any normal country then that is when the real hard work really starts. Devolution was hard to gain but once we had gained Devolution, Scotland started to change for the better as policy was being made closer to the people who voted for it.

      You don’t need to be a party member to want to complain at certain policy and policy direction. I am sure that it is annoying sometimes though.

    62. Adrian B says:

      I have locally three confirmed parties that I am aware of wishing to contend the list seat. Stu hasn’t yet decided to take part – if he does that will be a fourth.

      The greens may decide not to stand as they have some funds but probably not going to keep their deposit.

      A lot of votes up for grab – will we lose the SNP representation locally due to a spread of opposition parties?

      Tune in in May 2020. Hope we get an Indy vote before then, it would be dire to see the Conservatives take over in Hollyrude. Mind blown…

    63. Confused says:

      jackedup carcrash and calamity annie – you could leave the captions blank and have a competition

      – to me it looks like jackson is back in car dealer mode and is -gently- informing ann that her new car warranty isn’t worth “jack” as the car lies 300 yards down the road, with the wheels falling off …

      – tony blairs smooth shtick was often vilified as being that of a “used car salesman” – now Scotland could, if it went completely insane, have one for real as leader. This is progress, of a kind. He is not, as yet anyway, trying to cut all our dicks off.

      – he also makes me think of “swiss toni” from the fast show
      – “you know(to) gordon (brewer), being in the union is very much like making love to a beautiful woman …”
      you creep up behind her in the dark with a claw hammer
      chloroform her
      do the deed, ravenously
      then tell her – she was asking for it, she came too and its not really r4pe coz “she enjoyed it”
      since we are BETTER TOGETHER

      “laughter is the best medicine”

      – not really since we get free prescriptions, with full access to opiate painkillers and happy pills … but anyway, try this

      and this is not so funny, but will make you better informed

    64. Robert Louis says:

      More ‘Britannia propaganda coming your way. Looks like the Scottish Government have gone along with this p*sh, and changed the May bank holiday date in Scotland.

      No other countries outside of communist china and N.Korea behave in this absurd way. But, hey, at least on the upside, their will be a flypas in London by the racist English Red Arrow flying group. (these are the guys who will trail the smoke of ANY country, except that of Scotland).

      I must make sure I am out of the UK, during all this pro war, pro London rule propaganda.

    65. Rm says:

      Why doesn’t the Scottish government tell the people exactly what’s happening regarding the dissolving of the Union, they will get the people on side if they do, if not who knows what might happen, the vast majority of Scots born people want a divorce so we can rejoin the world in the 21st century not to be part of the medieval union which has ran its course, so time to split in an amicable way, we can still be close neighbours and can still trade with each other, and Scotland will think for itself, we’ll be a modern country that will attract lots of attention round the modern world.

    66. Breeks says:

      Dr Jim says:
      22 February, 2020 at 6:33 pm
      I think Joanna Cherry would be fantastic to have here in Scotland but not as FM, she could do a lot more damage to the opposition in a constitutional role ….

      You may not thank me for pointing it out, but you and Mist001:
      Who cares about list votes, constituency MSPs, how many are returned whatever? It doesn’t matter one jot if the SNP is not, as has been witnessed by all, determined to achieve independence for Scotland.

      …are making the same point.

      There is no point in a Joanna Cherry being First Minister if all we can expect from the role is the same lame, supine compliance from Holyrood we have witnessed to date.

      For myself, I agree with both of you. I want Joanna Cherry driving a Constitutional tank through Westminster and the constitutional protocols of the Union, and don’t consider her presence in either Holyrood or Westminster to be more important than her presence in a Constitutional Courtroom fighting to win, and emancipate Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty from the lies and perfidy of the UK Union.

      That said, (and heartfelt), the SNP party machine, including FM whoever that may be, needs to be riding shotgun, backing to the hilt a Constitutional challenge to the contrived “conventions” of the Union, and scotching any ambiguity about whether it recognises validity in the Westminster view of sovereign convention. It must be 100% Scottish Indy all the way. No hesitation or compromise. Scotland MUST go for the jugular, and cannot afford a mealy mouthed indecisive “Scottish Government” riding along as passenger shooting compromises from the hip.

      We need Joanna the Constitutional Guardian of Scotland fighting for Scotland in a Constitutional Court, not just seeing a line of disembowelled MP’s or MSP’s who dared to cross her in Westminster or Holyrood. The liberation of Scotland is not, in my opinion, a political game anymore. It needs faster, more incisive, and more decisive action which only a Court can deliver.

      And kinda off topic, or rather different topic, I’m curious to learn what SNP folks who deplore the notion of a List Seat Indy Party make of both Joanna Cherry and Angus Robertson both going for Edinburgh Central. I won’t make more of that, just the observation.

      It seems however Joanna’s candidacy has the Woke Brigade working itself into a tizz, no doubt worried about saving their own bowels from unnecessary surgical removal.

      So, for my part, I back Joanna Cherry as Scotland’s best hope. She can wear Holyrood as a crown if Holyrood is backing Scottish Sovereignty, or she can wear Holyrood a Boy Scout badge if Holyrood is determined to remain servile to the will of Westminster,

      It’s Constitution, Constitution, Constitution. We need Joanna’s Legal brain, not her political hat.

    67. admiral says:

      As one of Joanna’s constituents and as a member of the local SNP branch who campaigned for her in the GE, I am ambivalent towards her standing for Holyrood.

      Not, I hasten to add, on any grounds of doubt about her ability, or commitment to independence, but purely because it is a gift to the opposition and their fellow travellers in the Scottish MSM. “Edinburgh Central needs a FULL TIME MSP!” the headlines will scream day after day – never mind that with Ruth Davidson we haven’t been represented at all in the last 4 years. It will be so loud that everything else will be drowned out.

    68. Breeks says:

      SNP proposes a Visa system which betrays more belief in a post Brexit Scotland stuck in the Union, than any belief that Scotland might be independent and require no poxy Visa… and automatically gets herself a slot on the BBC…

      To be told Boris says No… Zzzz… I should just had a lie in.

    69. Rm says:

      Aye if the SNP really want to dissolve the Union between the four independent countries they’ll have to start really fighting for it and let the Scottish Nation know they are going for it, if they do millions will be behind them all the way, but show some grit.

    70. Jock McDonnell says:

      FM on her A-game there on Marr.

    71. Rm says:

      Nicola Sturgeon on the Andrew Marr on Sunday, he keeps going on about if Scotland break away there will be a border so ok what’s the problem with that a border with a forty foot fence as well whatever but we’ll be free, but I’m sure english people wouldn’t like that and we could come to a compromise, it looks like they’re starting to worry a bit, their media and the bbc will be working overtime very soon.

    72. Dr Jim says:

      The two SNP schools are 1 Keep grinding away and win by attrition, that’s Nicola Sturgeon’s preferred option but risks pre emptive action from Westminster to stymie that option
      2 The go for the throat option, take the chance and do it now and also risk the possibilty of losing now

      You pick one or the other whichever you fancy but the only one that’s going to happen is the Nicola Sturgeon option unless the majority of the party think differently and at the moment they don’t

      Ian McWhirter said this morning that “every newspaper in Scotland is and always has been vitriolically against having a Scottish parliament at all” so there we have it it’s not just SNP bad, it’s Scottish parliament bad, but if we have to have one it might as well at least be a Unionist one

      @Breeks 8:44am You could hit me with a hammer all day every day for life and I’d have nothing in common with @Mist001

      I both despise and like the list system equally because it allows useless articles to occupy seats in our parliament but at the same time offers the opportunity for talent that might just not be good salespeople at winning elections, it’s a big blunt knife smeared in butter that only cuts sometimes if you saw away for long enough, if it’s as near democratic as we can get then it has to do until somebody comes up with something smarter

    73. Republicofscotland says:

      “This could be a watershed move providing egos and affiliations are left at the doorstep , LET’S DO THIS RIGHT AND EJECT THE SEAT WARMERS”

      Indeed Twathater, if they can stop squabbling among themselves for five minutes and unite, then we could really make a big change, of which the greatest would be a independent Scotland.

      I for one will give whatever party arises from their deliberations my list vote.

    74. Republicofscotland says:

      “This includes issues which will come up immediately after an Indyref is won. For instance, what should be done with the nuclear weapons on the Clyde? The SNP is still clear that they will have to go, and as quickly as possible. I imagine that that is a position with considerable support among pro-Independence Scots. ”

      You’re going on about what you would like to see happen in an independent Scotland, which is fair enough, yet you’re not in favour of a way that could achieve it. Lets get independence first then we can debate nukes etc.

    75. Republicofscotland says:

      “There should be only one policy. Independence. The arguments over Trident, Capitalism, socialism, Royalty etc can wait til that is accomplished.
      The party should be called THE SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE PARTY.”

      That’s it that’s the goal for now everything else is a side issue.

    76. Republicofscotland says:

      “Who cares about list votes, constituency MSPs, how many are returned whatever? It doesn’t matter one jot if the SNP is not, as has been witnessed by all, determined to achieve independence for Scotland. All the signs are seemingly pointing out that they’re doing everything they can to avoid Scottish independence.”

      Oh it matters alright a new indy party could put pressure on or withhold votes or align with the Greens to block the SNP policies, if Sturgeon doesn’t snap out out of her complacency on independence.

      Along with this if theres still no movement towards independence in the coming years we can switch our votes to that party if need be.

      Anything that puts pressure on Sturgeon to keep to her promise of holding a indyref is the right way to go.

      To fall into whinge mode which you clearly have isn’t helpful at all.

    77. kapelmeister says:

      Dr Jim

      Grinding away is an option, but I wouldn’t call it strategy. Scotland has just experienced the enforced loss of EU membership and faces years of being dictated to by a very right wing and anti-Scottish government.

      Scots should be alarmed. The majority of us are. Yet the SNP leadership, instead of harnessing that alarm, are carrying on with conventional politics and the complacent attitude that it will all come together eventually.

      We are told that things are moving and that the 51% and 52% for Yes opinion polls show this. I agree. But things don’t keep moving in your direction of you don’t keep on pushing hard. If people get weak or confused signals from their leaders then the are apt to lose any enthusiasm. How long before that 52% in the polls reverts to 47%?

      Surgeon has to show she is more than just a hit and hope type. If she can’t then she’s out of her depth.

    78. kapelmeister says:

      Rep of Scot @ 11:33

      You are right that a new party should be entirely focussed on independence. That being so it would be better not to have the word Party in the name. This would let people know that it isn’t just another conventional outfit.

      Also, having the prefix Scottish in the name gives the notion that you are accepting, even if unconsciously, that Scottish politics is a satellite of Westminster politics.

      How about simply calling a new party Independence? Loud and proud.

    79. Joe says:

      @ Kapelmeister
      Sorry but no. I know its the popular narrative in certain bubbles but the current government in London is not far right wing. By any stretch. Far right wing might be on the horizon however if the shitshow that passes for left wing politics isnt reigned in tightly and soon

    80. Joe says:

      As for the SNP…the minute i saw Nicola Sturgeon crinkling her nose at being called a nationalist (not a very progressive and inclusive word, wouldnt you know?) I knew what was in store. The rest was just details to be filled in. Scotland does not actually have a nationalist party.

    81. Joe says:

      To cut a long story short – if you want to get Westminster out of Scotland (or any other foreign powers) yer gonnae huv tae gee the SNP the boot. Ye ken?

    82. Breeks says:

      Dr Jim says:
      23 February, 2020 at 10:39 am
      The two SNP schools are 1 Keep grinding away and win by attrition, that’s Nicola Sturgeon’s preferred option but risks pre emptive action from Westminster to stymie that option

      2 The go for the throat option, take the chance and do it now and also risk the possibilty of losing now

      I just don’t see it like that Dr Jim. Winning by attrition means exhausting the enemy’s resources before exhausting your own, but the Scottish Government simply isn’t causing any attritional damage to the UK. It is delusional to think the SNP is having any influence on Westminster. Even if all the SNP’s dreams came true, and Scotland held an IndyRef later this year, win, lose or draw, the UK Government can simply discredit it as advisory/unlawful/unconstitutional/non-binding… whatever reason it likes, because the Scottish Government hasn’t taken care of the Constitutional end of business, and has failed dismally to secure a constitutional mooring point for such a ballot to count.

      Your second point is wide of the mark too. I do not angered by a sense on impatience. Yes, I was infuriated that the window of opportunity presented to Scotland through Brexit was squandered for nothing, but you are making a big mistake scratching frustration as being down to impatience.

      If I thought the SNP was on course to deliver Scottish Independence, I would hold my tongue and stand in line indefinitely. But what I see with my own eyes and ears is a dismal, pedestrian, lacklustre “campaign” for want of a better word, which seems utterly forlorn and doomed to failure, – just like their lame and gutless campaign to save us from Brexit. I repeat, even if Scotland gets its IndyRef and wins it, the Scottish Government has conceded to Westminster all the proof it needs that Scotland’s Government is, by its own concession, a lesser constitutional power than Westminster, and thus, as “recognised” sovereign authority, Westminster can forevermore denounce any Scottish referendum as impotent and non-binding.

      It is utterly delusional tunnel vision to believe the SNP is winning a war of attrition, because by affording Westminster the respect as Constitutional overlord, the SNP is conceding the very same right of colonial interference and influence over Scotland’s affairs as the 13th Century Scottish Nobles conceded to Edward 1 by inviting him to oversee Scotland’s internal constitutional wrangles. IT IS THE SAME INGLORIOUS CONCESSION. Do you not see???

      It is INEXCUSABLE for the Scottish Government to kneel before Westminster and ask them to be charitable under the colonial Scotland Act, when a true and proper Scottish Government would be denouncing the low hanging fruit of devolved authority, and mounting an indefatigable defence of Scotland’s Sovereign Realm and Constitution, raw, and uncorrupted by any perfidious usurpation of Sovereign authority.

      If the Scottish Government does not feel bound to defend the Sovereign Constitution of the Scottish Nation, then we must cease and desist from calling it our Scottish Government, and cease and desist from calling Holyrood our Parliament. Call it what it is… a Westminster sub-committee administering Westminster approved directives in a satellite Westminster assembly.

      It is not an issue of patience, Dr Jim, but an aching desire for this never ending perpetuity of “wrongness” and hubris to be abandoned so that at last, finally, true progress can be made restoring the Nation of Scotland to its rightful place in the family of Independent Sovereign Nations.

      If Holyrood refuses to be part of the solution, then it becomes a big part of the problem, and genuinely risks impeachment by falsely professing to represent the sovereign Constitution of Scotland.

    83. shug says:

      I understand people getting edgy about Nicola delaying action but the reality is the longer she leaves it the better the SNP vote will be.
      The bottom line there is no point in a referendum until we know the result will be.

      We have to convert more NO voters

      If we fail this time there will ne no more Scotland

    84. Joe says:

      @ Shug

      I do agree. But can we honestly say that SNP policies are a net draw or a net drain to the cause? Id suggest SNP policies are not in themselves something that gets Mrs and Mr Ordinary very enthusiastic. In fact, id say they were completely off putting. So what does that leave us?

    85. Shug says:

      Sadly I think this site has been taken over by 77 brigade

    86. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi kapelmeister at 12:13 pm.

      You typed,
      “How about simply calling a new party Independence? Loud and proud.”

      There is a Dundee band going by the name “Independence”. They’ve been on the go for years. I’m sure Frankie Cosgrove would be well chuffed to see his band’s name on every voting slip!
      Here they are recorded in April 2014.

    87. Joe says:

      If i was the head of an Intelligence agency id make it my priority for the only viable national party in Scotland to push policies that are unacceptable to anyone with any sense. Oh wait…

    88. kapelmeister says:

      Brian @ 1:09

      Hi Brian. Good band. Good attitude. I reckon Pete Wishart won’t be auditioning as their keyboard player!

    89. SilverDarling says:

      The FM is ‘demanding’ a meeting with Boris Johnston regarding immigration.

      I think there will be some token movement on immigration for Scotland but it will be done in a way that gives the kudos to Alister Jack or in return for a deal done between English and Scottish universities or some other sneaky way.

      The FM or Scottish government will never be dealt with in a respectful or equal way which makes the constant begging for a S30 all the more humiliating. While former SNP Youth members Angus Robertson and Nicola Sturgeon are dictating the narrative we are utterly stuck.

      The idea that they are wearing down the opposition to a S30 by being nice is ludicrous. Scotland is being systematically neutered economically and politically by Johnston and co.

      We are giving them time and space to rearrange the landscape to make sure Independence never happens.

    90. Republicofscotland says:

      “You are right that a new party should be entirely focussed on independence. That being so it would be better not to have the word Party in the name. This would let people know that it isn’t just another conventional outfit.”


      Yes I agree, and I’m sure there’s a catchy name somewhere still to be thought up, one that appeals to indy supporters and those thinking of becoming a indy supporter. However more importantly is that we know what it stands for and as you rightly say independence is the target.

      We really need this new party or whatever they call it, to change not just Sturgeon mind to push harder for indy but to try and reduce, if we can, the Tory MSPs at Holyrood.

      Things can’t go on the way they are, with only two parties at Holyrood having the best interests of Scots, and not England at heart, something must change.

    91. Republicofscotland says:

      “To cut a long story short – if you want to get Westminster out of Scotland (or any other foreign powers) yer gonnae huv tae gee the SNP the boot. Ye ken?”

      Not necessarily there are other pro-active indy SNP MSPs/MP’s such as Angus McNeil and Chris MacEleny. Yes Sturgeons in my opinion dropped the ball on independence, however lets see if she includes a referendum in her partys manifesto for 2021, and more importantly acts upon it. If not then options must be on the table , or if the new pro-indy party is a success next year that gives us a glimmer of hope.

      I’d really like to see the Rev and Craig Murray involved in the new party.

    92. Republicofscotland says:

      “I understand people getting edgy about Nicola delaying action but the reality is the longer she leaves it the better the SNP vote will be.
      The bottom line there is no point in a referendum until we know the result will be.

      We have to convert more NO voters”

      There’s a glaring flaw in this tactic, what if the number never reaches say 60% until you name the date. You see a lot of folk aren’t interested in politics, but become aware and more interested when there’s a date for an event.

      They say if you are unsure do nothing, but independence won’t come to us, Johnson won’t willingly break up the union, a union that’s been, and still is, incredibly profitable for England, why would he, because Sturgeon is asking for a S30 which he can ignore till the cows come home.

      Also, say we follow your tactic, and wait, for how long, just when would that magic figure be achieved, 5 years 10 years, or sooner maybe, after Johnson has used the full weight of the unionist machine to damage our cause.

      No matter what happens, Sturgeon will need to take, as we all will, a risk on independence sooner or later, or be sidelined in order to let someone in who will before we suffer a major set back brought on by Westminster.

    93. Dr Jim says:

      Folk can disagree till the cows come home but it will be done the FMs way unless the party say different, and so far they haven’t
      I’d like Independence yesterday but that won’t make my wish come true or anybody else’s, Nicola Sturgeon’s got the job and there’s no one on the horizon who’s going to challenge her for it, because they’d lose, so they won’t

      Sure there’s folk in the party that look like we could do without, the aforementioned Pete Wishart being one of them and I know folk won’t agree with this but Angus Robertson’s another one that’s why I was pleased to see Joanna Cherry putting herself forward as MSP and I wish Phillipa Whitford and three or four of the others at Westminster too, because they don’t want to be there serving little to no purpose by being ignored and jeered on a daily basis, not that I think they can’t take it, they obviously can but they’re being obstructed from doing the job they went there for by a bunch of Nazis supported by the Labour party who are more pro Union than the Tories (they call it solidarity) solidarity my Arse

      With the Tories their only interest is money and assets or Scotland would’ve been discarded like an old shoe by now, Scotland’s got what England needs to survive, and they want to keep it, Oil, Cash assets, Free electric power, and the biggest area of coastal waters in Europe, that’s strategic power apart from the fishing which means nothing to them

      Power position location and a place to park their big bombs, if Scotland was on homes under the hammer nobody could afford it

      We can go to court, of course we can and the English would keep us in there for 20 years and spend Scotlands own money doing it

      Scotland will get no help from anybody but we will get International recognition if we do it ourselves the FM has that side sorted out, if the world won’t do anything about America and Russia’s manipulation of the wars and conflicts around the world all we’ll get is condemnation of Westminsters position but not action, we’ll have to do that part

      Will enough of Scotlands people join in or will they just accept what they’ve always had and always moaned about, that’s the question

      Sumdy should’ve dun sumthin, how did naebdy dae anyhing aboot this, Sturgeon shoulda dun sumthin and Boom! the Labour party’s back and it’s day one of the new old order all over again

      There is one thing Nicola Sturgeon has massively succeeded in, and that’s creating a wave right across the country of more and more people paying more attention now than we ever had before for lots of reasons, will that translate into the tool for prying ourselves free of England, we’re all in the dark, is inaction the action, is saying it but not doing it creating more demand for doing it, it’s enough to waste your head

      Anybody want to win $64.000 dollars for the answer

    94. Mike d says:

      Hows about the ‘Scotlands voice’ party.

    95. Elmac says:

      Just watched Sky News at a friend’s home. Their sports section covered the English Premier League results, then the Italian, Spanish and German league results in that order. They then moved on to rugby. The fact that the top two football teams in Scotland were playing today apparently escaped them. Tells you everything you need to know about Scotlands place in this union and their tame MSM.

      To think that some people actually pay a licence to receive this crap is gobsmacking.

    96. Tinto Chiel says:

      There is a good argument to be made that Sky, along with the gross incompetence of the Scottish football authorities (SFA and SPL) has been largely responsible for the cliff-edge decline of Scottish football since the late 80s. The financial inequality between the eye-watering sums being pumped into the English game compared with the dire poverty of ours is obvious.

      The last time I chanced to see Sky Sports, the Scottish Premiership featured after the “national league”, which is what we used to call English non-league football.

      I believe BBC Shortbread (according to The Rev’s twitter) ignored the highly-entertaining Motherwell V St Mirren and Killie V Aberdeen cup-ties this week, which produced over 13 goals, including a penalty shoot-out. It also fired TV pundit and Yes campaigner Michael Stewart because he dared to suggest RFC’s PR guy James Traynor got an easy ride from the corporation.

      The Renton Doctrine i.e. “It’s shite being Scottish” seems the dominant one on Pathetic Quay.

      Sky or the BBC? A plague on both their houses.

      You know it makes sense…….

    97. I have to laugh at all you heroes on here who have plenty to say but hide behind nom de plumes and not giving your real full names what are you afraid of or trying to hide ??? It is obvious to me that the SNP have been infiltrated by mi6 and are being destroyed from within and some of them the SNP I mean seem to be compliant about, it and as for gay rights what about normal rights the right to be homophobic or racist or is that a right to far ??? It seems that only certain rights are right and allowed and who decides ., I think we are all entitled to have opinions on things in a so called free society Ps I will not reply to anyone who hides their name

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