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The fateful day

Posted on February 23, 2020 by

A few weeks ago when we said Wings was going to take a break for a bit, we also said “There may be posts now and then if something particularly significant happens”. Well, this week something particularly significant happened.

It was a development that we’d been predicting ever since Boris Johnson became UK Prime Minister, but it’s no less important for that. And it’s not an exaggeration to say that it could be the deciding factor in whether Scotland becomes independent.

Until now, advocates of “gender recognition reform” could dismiss it as an irrelevance in terms of the independence issue on the grounds that the Tories were planning to introduce it in the rest of the UK anyway. But that’s no longer the case.

Should there be an independence referendum any time soon – and we remain firmly of the belief that there’s no chance of that while Nicola Sturgeon leads the SNP, a belief she reaffirmed today on the Andrew Marr Show – there will now be a distinct choice facing all Scottish women: the choice between independence and protecting their sex-based rights to at least some degree by staying in the UK.

For many women (particularly after an abysmally glib, dishonest, condescending and evasive defence of the proposals by Shirley-Anne Somerville on Scotland Tonight on Thursday), that’s going to be no decision at all.

We could post another 100 examples. But to assess how significant the effect might potentially be, it’s worth restating just HOW unpopular gender reform is among women (and all other voters), even when the question is framed by those in favour of it.

(Interestingly, the Pink News story that Herald piece refers to has now been vanished from the Pink News website. The poll data can still be found on YouGov, showing that fewer than one in five women back letting people self-declare their legal sex.)

Poll after poll after poll, using every imaginable variant on the question, has found broadly identical results, with very little difference between demographics – male or female, Yes or No, SNP, Labour or Tory, wealthy or poor, Remain or Leave.

In October 2019, only 25% of Scots thought people should be able to change the sex on their birth certificate at all, never mind doing it purely on their own say-so without a medical diagnosis.

In March 2019, only 17% of Scottish voters supported self-declaration of sex.

In the same poll, only 14% thought transwomen should be allowed to compete in sport against biological women.

In October 2018, only 19% considered a person with male genitalia who identified as a woman to actually be one.

In the same poll, only 13% thought a biologically male person should be allowed to compete in women’s sport.

In the same poll, only 14% thought a person with male genitalia should be able to use women’s changing rooms.

In the same poll, only 12% thought a criminal with male genitalia should be able to serve their sentence in a women’s prison.

In the same poll, only 9% thought a genitally-male doctor/nurse identifying as a woman should be able to conduct gynaecological exams on a woman without her consent to that specific person carrying out the procedure.

In the same poll, only 13% of UK voters thought people should be allowed to legally redefine their gender without a supporting letter from a doctor.

In July 2018, as we’ve seen, only 18% agreed to that same proposition.

In May 2018, only 19% of English voters thought self-ID was a good idea.

In December 2017, only 18% of Scottish voters thought self-ID was a good idea.

Let’s put those numbers on a chart just to visualise it.

But what if we focus only on the sort of people likely to vote for independence in the first place? Late last year we polled SNP voters specifically on the subject, and the number who described themselves as “totally opposed” to the gender reforms – 0 on a scale of 0 to 10 – was 18%.

(Or 33% if you include anyone ranking their support between 0 and 3/10.)

If we use the 2019 UK general election as a basis for the number of SNP voters, 18% is 223,628 people. The number of switched votes required to reverse the result of the 2014 independence referendum would have been 191,969.

We saw earlier in this article that some people are indeed so opposed to self-ID that they would vote against independence to prevent it. If only those SNP voters who describe themselves as “totally opposed” to the reforms switched their votes, a Yes vote would be effectively impossible.

If you add in those from other parties who might otherwise be persuadable, and those SNP voters whose support for gender reform is rated only fractionally higher than total implacable opposition, the size of the task becomes insurmountable by any rational assessment – particularly given the toxic, abusive attitudes and methods adopted by trans advocates in the party.

(The same goes for those who oppose the reforms but tell women to hold their noses, vote SNP/Yes and wait to sort it all out after independence. We invite readers to share with us in the comments all their experiences of successfully telling women to shut up about things they care about and just do what they’re told by men.)

Until this week, it was still possible to cling to the hope, however optimistic, that there would be no clear dividing line between an independent Scotland and the Union over gender, and therefore the policy would do no harm in a referendum. That hope has now been shattered.

The SNP’s dogged determination to alienate the vast majority of the electorate for the benefit of a microscopic minority of loud, aggressive entryist extremists may have sounded the death knell for independence in our lifetimes.

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945 to “The fateful day”

  1. Pete says:

    Don’t understand what you’re on about.
    The Rangers game was on live last night plus the goals were shown on BBC news.
    Please get your facts correct.

  2. Breeks says:

    End the union! says:
    27 February, 2020 at 7:14 am

    ….Challenge, don’t follow blindly!

    P.S. I have no axe to grind either way in this debate, merely my annoyance results in having to come forwards to point out absurdities to people acting foolishly by endangering the very thing that brought them to aWings in the first place!

    This blog should be discussing immigration policy of uk government and the drugs summit, etc, not this nonsensical distraction!

    You seem to have a blind spot if the “challenge, don’t follow blindly”, philosophy if it is applied to the SNP.

    Rev Stu got pelters of abuse and condemnation for floating the idea of a Wings List Party to wrestle list seats from Unionists without injuring the SNP. He was vilified as a tractor-d to the cause risking that the SNP vote would be split. Fast forward a few months and we have two of the SNP’s biggest hitters battling for the same seat in Edinburgh.

    We have a Scottish Government in denial about Scotland’s National Constitution and Sovereignty of the people, who defer instead to the colonial legislation of the Scotland Act, the constitution of a devolved assembly not a Nation, in order to keep Scotland in a Section 30 straight-jacket and squander mandate after mandate from the Scottish electorate.

    The same abandonment of Scottish Sovereignty saw NO action being taken to defend Scotland from colonial subjugation of Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty and suffering the embarrassing capitulation of the Scottish Government to acquiesce to Scotland’s Brexit, when a more competent government would have secured anything from a Scottish Constitutional Backstop right across the spectrum to the actual demise of the Act of Union through unconstitutional breach of the Treaty through Brexit.

    Considering where Scotland stood poised in 2014 before Sturgeon came to power, and where we stand poised now, it seems entirely appropriate and fitting that the SNP should be challenged, and challenged vociferously for abandoning Scotland’s Constitutional interests over Brexit, while pursuing a bizarre and unnecessary abandonment of science to pacify a bizarre minority of Trans-Rights activists who seem to exercise a bizarre and unwelcome influence over SNP strategy.

    Nicola Sturgeon has for years benefitted from loyal supporters of Independence who quite naturally see an attack on Sturgeon as an an attack on Scottish Independence and the SNP, but it is arguable that insulating Sturgeon from criticism has also spared the SNP’s strategy for Independence from rigorous scrutiny. Sadly for us all, Brexit has cruelly exposed beyond doubt an undeniable naivety and impotence in the SNP ideas department, married to a disgraceful Constitutional illiteracy and an impeachable abandonment of Scottish Constitution principle.

    It is inevitable that squandering so many open goals, an apparent stubbornness to invariably do things the hard way, and stoically ignore one material injustice and subversion of Scotland’s rights and entitlements after another, and all the time sitting on enough mandates to fill to a scrap book, that ad you say End the Union, this MUST BE CHALLENGED, and we must not follow blindly, because Brexit is living proof that the SNP’s aura of being in total control is nothing but a cynical con being played upon us all.

    Unlike some, it is not Sturgeon’s desire for Independence I doubt, but her capacity to deliver it. I fear she doesn’t know how to deliver Independence any more that she can extricate herself to make way for someone else without plunging the SNP into turmoil. That is understandable given the political lightweights and these utterly bizarre “wokists” she has around her, and an extended failure to develop SNP strength in depth that is properly focused on Independence.

    Since taking over from Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon has done nothing to alleviate disquiet or concern amongst the YES movement. The entire YES family has been left to fend for itself on pretty meagre rations from the SNP’s command bunker. As time progresses, those most peripheral to the SNP have felt best able to criticise and raise genuine concern, only to be slated and silenced by SNP party faithful as trolls, Brigade 77 subversives and self interested egotists, and this has bred mistrust and acrimony because more often than not, nothing could be further from the truth.

    I lay this too at the foot of Nicola Sturgeon, because a degree of leadership was required to see these concerns addressed and wildcard frustrations allayed and nipped in the bud. But no, if you criticise the Royal House of Queen Sturgeon, you are unworthy, a heretic, and don’t deserve an answer to your question.

    When Sturgeon volunteered to compromise over Brexit in 2016, and arbitrarily declared she would accept Brexit on condition Scotland secured access to the Single Market, I asked what Constitutional authority she had to overrule the sovereign mandate of the Scottish electorate. If I’d been given an answer, back then, Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty could have been adhered to, and perhaps Scotland would never have been Brexited, nor would Scotland have been subjugated, and it is all but certain the Treaty of Union would no longer exist.

    You’re damned right I feel like challenging the SNP, and not following on blindly. Right now, I’m trying to find out whether I can actually impeach them.

    The bottom line for me is that I don’t want the naive and amateurish SNP fucking up Scotland’s Independence they way they totally fucked up Scotland’s Brexit. I demand nothing less than Scotland’s devolved Government being shackled in irons and forced to abide by the inviolable principles of Scotland’s Constitution and the Popular Sovereignty of the people.

    “Yet if he they should give up what he has they have begun, and agree to make us or our kingdom subject to the King of England or the English, we should exert ourselves at once to drive him them out as our enemy and a subverter of his their own rights and ours, and make some other man Parliament who was well able to defend us our King Government”.

    Fuck the Scotland Act, Sewel Convention, and shady “Parliamentary Sovereignty by Convention” boasted by Westminster, and every other tawdry colonial encroachment upon Scotland’s Popular Sovereignty and National Constitution. Scotland is sovereign and governed by none of them.

  3. Joe says:

    @ EndtheUnion

    Firstly im probably without a doubt one of the most unpopular entities to post on this site.

    Second WOS probably only tolerates me due to a commitment to free speech. We are probably at opposite poles in the political spectrum in real terms.

    As for women? The reason I have nothing to do with the left, and actually utterly hate the modern incarnation of leftist politics, is because I am actually for minority rights. The ultimate minority is the individual. What is happening, thanks to identity politics and the underlying intersectional philosphy is that group rights are being placed before individual rights at an international and national level.

    Further – the most aggressive, threatening and hostile behaviour in the last decade or so has continually been from certain groups attacking anyone who steps out of line with what they believe to be moral and just. Antifa, giving out personal details of people they disagree with, getting people fired from work, censorship etc.

    This trans rights issue isnt just Nicola Sturgeon making an arse of herself. Its an international agenda. The kind i have been talking about and its an example of how the rights of the individual are being disregarded.

    People are being coerced at work, we are being threatened with hate speech laws, we are being named as filth…all because we want to call a carrot a carrot and a turnip a turnip, so to speak.

    Im used to it. Ive been in this basic debate for more than 13 years now. I saw this coming to Scotland and I mentioned it on this site. I also warned that once identity politics gets into an organisation, at any level, it will utterly destroy it. Im being proven correct.

    I dont want my country being turned into an anti democratic neo marxist, post modern shithole basically ruled from above by unaccountable international organisations. It seems that the women/trans rights issue is where we dig the trenches and start the real fight. Im happy with that. I thought it would be at the point when paedophilia acceptance gets pushed but im pleasantly surprised.

    Historically the harm caused by merely selfish or insular people is nothing compared to the absolute apocalyptic destruction caused by those morally superior ideologues who have big plans for everyone else.

  4. Republicofscotland says:

    So Willie (Never to independence) Rennie and his band of naunce protectors are keeping a low profile, after it was revealed the extent the Lib/Dems went to, to put party interests before child safety.

    Rennie and Co really are vile creatures, never to be voted for.

  5. shug says:

    This is an interestingly quiet time. Will there be a referendum this year or not?? Can Nicola survive if not?

    If Boris decides to change and supports section 30 he loses face, but if he allows one, the tide could be with him, given the yes vote is still only around 50%

    The depressing thing is Solidarity set up a list only party. Fortunately, they are not the brightest still thinking people in Scotland was a socialist republic and the usual range of 1930’s trade unionist sound bites.

    I am fed up with the SNP whining in the background, they are as repetitive in their grievance as the Tories are in their arrogance. They are developing into a small issue party, gender rights, appointed persons are good examples.

    I want to hear that Boris crashed the union when he put the border up the Irish sea.

    I want to hear independent reports about the impending disaster for fishermen and farmers.

    I want the Scottish Government to be writing to the fishermen and farmers outlining what’s ahead to prepare them – call is disaster management

    I want to her if Westminster got the EUs permission to have a referendum.

    I want the SNP to fore a referendum or crash the Scottish government and call an election

    Listening the SNP is starting to sound like a call Kaye show

  6. robertknight says:

    Well said, yet again, Breeks @10:13.

    I fear that the Yoons will get their wish of “once in a generation” as far as IndyRef2 is concerned, but it will not be as a result of any action on their part, rather it’ll be the result of persistent inaction on the part of the SNP.

    I’m coming to the conclusion that if Scotland is either unable or unwilling to leave the UK then, as multitudes have done throughout history, this particular Scot will be leaving Scotland.

  7. Dorothy Devine says:

    Sitting on the bus this morning in close proximity to a conversation by ladies that I thought were uni ancillary staff , I overheard that wee Nicky should be shot – it was her fault that the rates / rents were going up , no-one had done anything about the ice on her street ,the roads were in terrible condition – this without noticing that the trip into town was peppered with stops for roadworks.

    Her daughter was trying to decide which uni she was going to – obviously it went unnoticed that her daughter would be in the happy position of NOT paying fees- but that wee Nicky in it for herself.

    There must be thousands of folk who don’t know the good being done by the SNP on their behalf and read only the terrible press and listen to only the terrible broadcasters , because the other thing mentioned was Derek Mackay and Alex Salmond – well done Scottish media you are the great slurry spreaders.

  8. Dr Jim says:

    Scotland and Wales are territories of the United Kingdom Michael Gove said this morning when talking of the overwhelming vote for Brexit, and how the UK which has been instructed by the sovereign people in the huge victory at the general election to negotiate with the EU on the *Fffk you* basis of an Australian style deal (double speak for no deal because Australia has no deal with the UK) and if that’s not acceptable then it’ll be all over by June

    If you read that in a newspaper you’d laugh, but excepting the *Fffk you* part that’s what he said in words from his mouth

    With every spittle flecked word that Michael Gove splatters over the despatch box you can see that man’s only desire is when does he become the next Prime Minister

    It’s a game to them because they’re so rich nothing matters

  9. manandboy says:

    UK says it will consider walking away from Brexit talks in June
    Negotiating mandate reveals Johnson seeks Canada-style deal and ‘regulatory freedom’ (Guardian online)

    From now until Independence, there will be no good news for Scotland. None.

    Scottish Independence. If ‘Brexit Boris’ doesn’t get you, then Trans-gender will.

  10. Dr Jim says:

    SKY news Adam Boulton chided reporter Beth Rigby for not repeating the words *Australia style deal* which he told her they were instructed to call it

    Beth Rigby said “It’s a no deal and that’s what I’m calling it”

    Who is it says the media are free and fair *instructed*???

  11. dakk says:

    ‘If ‘Brexit Boris’ doesn’t get you, then Trans-gender will.’

    Or Covid19.

    Maybe that will be a blessing.

    At least we’ll take a few Yoons with us.

  12. Ottomanboi says:

    Gove is the political personification of that organic matter that floats in the open sewer styled the British state. His anglophiliac worldview is stereotypical of the ‘Scotch unionist catamite’ coterie.
    No holes barred to the colonial boss.

  13. mr thms says:

    Pete at 9:59 am.

    The facts are correct.

    A lot of people do not watch the BBC. On ITV’s News at Ten last night they had a report on the result of the Manchester City match, but ignored the result of the match involving the other ‘British’ team that had been played.

  14. liz says:

    well said, Breeks.
    I believe NS has neither the confidence nor the expertise to deliver indy.
    It’s why she relies so much on all those SPADS.

  15. manandboy says:

    “Xi Jinping has buried the truth about coronavirus | Ma Jian”

    Johnson & Jinping – both corrupt, both intoxicated with power, both deluded, and both quite capable of ruthless brutality.

    Unionist Scotland remains asleep.

  16. cirsium says:

    @Breeks, 10.13

    What a post. Bravo, sir. I am planning to go to the Arbroath march on 4 April and was reading the Declaration again. Your amended section sums up my thoughts exactly.

  17. Dr Jim says:

    FMQs was the usual it always is with Tory leader Jimson Complan telling lies filled with furious faux outrage
    Labour leader Robin Leopold totally unable to lie without his coupon becoming beetroot coloured with embarrassment at being just rubbish

    BBC crapispondant Bryan Taylor summed up by asking and then answering his own questions with his “journalistic chums” one of which the Daily Express guy was allowed to answer all of Bryan Taylors questions without interuption but the National’s representative Kathleen Nutt wasn’t afforded that luxury of answering any questions as she was constantly spoken over by Mr Taylor just in case the National woman said anything controversial like the FM won the arguments, or something equally unacceptable for the viewing audience to hear

    Although Tory bag packer Annie Wells did get her just deserts over her comments about her *letter to the people* telling us how fed up and disappointed we all are that the SNP still have us voting for them

  18. Bill Hume. says:

    Joe @ 10:15 am

    “Firstly im probably without a doubt one of the most unpopular entities to post on this site.”

    Well, you at least got that much right.

  19. Republicofscotland says:

    As the English government tells Scotland, no you can’t have a drugs consumption room, we have the power and we say no. We can’t have you Jocks attempting to do somethimg really positive about saving lives in Scotland.

    Already the English government is making noises about going for a no deal Brexit putting out that if by June they haven’t gotten their way no deal will be the answer. Tactics? Or more like no deal was always the plan, the latter sounds familiar.

  20. North chiel says:

    “ Liz says@ 1158a.m.” I believe that NS has neither the confidence or expertise to deliver Independence” . Mmm .. our FM it seems to me ( by nature) is a “ compromise” individual. A good personality trait where “ negotiations “ are necessary . A possible example ( today) would be the deal” with the Greens over the budget ( Aka Kate Forbes) . However for compromise you require “ reasonable” parties on both sides . However, with the delay on the devolution of Social security , is possibly “ the expertise” the issue here? Looking forward , if we enter negotiations with Westminster on Independence, it would appear to me that our representatives would have to deal with possibly “ unreasonable negotiators” on the other side ( let’s see how the negotiations pan out between Westminster and the EU over the forthcoming months). Perhaps , a different style of leadership would be required if a “ reasonable” Independence negotiation/ timetable was “ off the table” . Consequently, obviously dependent on what transpires over the forthcoming months , could point the way to whether the current SNP leadership ( both at Holyrood & Westminster) , have the “ confidence & expertise” to prosecute the case & steps towards independence against what would appear to me to be an “ uncompromising Britnat extreme right wing Tory Junta” . ? Perhaps the time for “ reasonableness & compromise “ is drawing to a close , if Scotland , our economy & people are to be “ threatened” by a “ belligerent & hostile neighbour”. If so , then perhaps our FM’s increasingly frequent trips to “ friendly” EU states , makes sense?
    Further, perhaps our leadership should study more closely how the “ so-called velvet Czechoslovakian divorce “ was achieved so speedily , from the point of view of the Slovakian new Sovereign state being fully accomplished . ( including presumably Social security and all other previously “ reserved” departments of state).

  21. Republicofscotland says:

    In the National newspaper today the McCrone Report in full.

    For those lurkers who haven’t yet read it.

    How England, hid then stole Scotland’s massive wealth, as it has done so for centuries.

  22. Sensibledave says:

    @ Joe 10.15

    I used to be a regular contributor here. I had declared my general political position (a middle aged Englishman, living in a tory “shire” in the SE of England and someone who, more often than not, voted tory) and, it is fair to say, that I held a different views to most other Wingers.

    My observation of the current situation is that what we are seeing is the natural result of time passed. The SNP is now part of the established establishment in both Holyrood and Westminster, they have a history, they have “form”, they have been tested, they have their crooks and flawed characters ike other parties and, inevitably, in my view, there is also an innate desire to continue to exist and carry on – simply in order for MSPs, MPs, party members and activists to keep doing what they do.

    As a more mature party, that has been in government in Scotland for some time, they have a record – and people can judge them on their ability to govern and their policies. They can also be judged on their ability to deliver the main aim of the party, i.e. Scottish Independence. Clearly, as shown above and in recent threads, there are increasing numbers of Independence supporters that now have serious concerns about the current strategy and the leadership’s ability to deliver that aim.

    By accident or design (or a bit of both), I believe Ms Sturgeon knows she is in an almost impossible situation. It is my view that she does not believe that an Independence referendum can be won this year. She knows that the UK’s exit from the EU has queered her pitch by introducing enormous uncertainty and that the 10% of voters that are probably “floaters” on the issue will be targeted mercilessly with a Project Fear campaign that would make the previous referendum look like a picnic. Importantly, she can’t actually counter or argue against many of the potential Project Fear points because no one knows how the UK is going to fair post Brexit.

    The “floaters” will be hammered with a “not now” message based upon their potential fears of being out of the EU and the UK. Currency, Debt, fishing, handing back control to EU, immigration, tax levels, etc, etc. I make no comment with respect to those issues – just that it will be relentless. Ms Sturgeon knows this – which, in my view, is why a 2nd referendum is not being pursued with any vigour at this time.

    I believe Ms Sturgeon is nothing if not intelligent, shrewd and absolutely committed to the cause of Independence for Scotland. I think she also knows she cant win a referendum until 2022 at the earliest (assuming Brexit is perceived as failing by then) or further away if the UK is doing well.

    Another regular “trope” here on Wings that I have seen over the years is the notion that as the “Old Yoons” die from old age, they will automatically be replaced by “Young Indy” voters resulting in automatic growth in the popularity of the SNP and the Indy cause. What we see now though, is the “Young Indy” voter also has different views to middle aged Indy supporters – on many other issues, including “wokeness”!

    So, like the Labour party trying to accommodate the views of Corbynites and Blairism; like the Tory party try to accommodate the views of the Hezeline/Clarkes and the Cash/Rees Moggs, … the SNP now have to try and accommodate a “broad church” and life becomes more and more difficult as the “single issue” is diluted in its importance because other issues also have prominence.

  23. Republicofscotland says:

    English news channel reporting that someone in China who had the Coronavirus and survived, has contracted it again.

  24. Pete says:

    Joe and Sensible Dave
    I congratulate the two of you on your interesting, revealing and absolutely spot-on points.
    Joes point about the ‘ultimate minority is the individual’ is so, so right.
    I am someone who dislikes abortion on demand, dislikes gay marriage, dislikes transgenderism and basically has an ultra conservative view of life. I am not religious but I cannot see why I cannot hold these views and express them without receiving a ‘bucket load of shit’. As Joe says, the ultimate minority is the individual and, as such, I am entitled to my viewpoint however far off the current norm it appears to be.
    Encouragingly, I am noticing that a lot of SNP supporters are now starting to think beyond the ‘party line’ and express views which would, hitherto, have been considered to be blasphemous and ("Tractor" - Ed)ous to the cause.
    Really great to observe.
    If only you could encourage your MP’s and MSP’s to do the same and start thinking for themselves rather than just, boringly, spout the party line.
    My respect for the Conservatives went away up when individuals started deviating away from party policy.

  25. Republicofscotland says:

    You just have to loo, at the SNP’s donations in the last quarter of 2019, to know that there was never going to be a indyref this year.

    One wonders have donations especially on the business front dried up for the SNP, and if so did that happen when Sturgeon succeeded Salmond, and did the fact that Sturgeon put Brexit before independence have a knock on effect on SNP donations. Thus damaging the chance of a indyref any time soon.

  26. Republicofscotland says:

    Even the Scottish Greens received more in donations than the SNP in the last quarter.

    As did Plaid Cymru, who in my opinion on independence were more honest with the public than Sturgeon.

    The Offical Monster Raving Looney party, recieved roughly the same donations in the last quarter as Willie (Never ever to independence ) Rennies Lib/Dem branch office in Scotland, the former of the two parties being the more sensible and pragmatic in my opinion.

  27. After the treaty of union was forced on the Scotand Lord Belhaven said I am going to live abroad for Scotland is now only fit for the cowards who live here it is said he died of a broken heart aye when will we see your like again maybe never ???

  28. Ottomanboi says:

    @Sensibledave 13:43
    The SNP leadership squandered the three years of the Brexit process as well as the 56 seats secured at the Westminster GE.
    It may have become a ‘mature’ political party, a mature British political party that is, but it has also become smug and complacent and rather too comfortable with the status quo. The growing factionalism and the flirtation with mawkish wokery is a result of a loss of focus, purpose and dynamic.
    The irony is that the wokery, which is believed to be a vote winner among ‘the young’, is being peddled by middle aged men and women whom we might expect ‘to know better’, but in a society that considers a teen from Sweden with ‘issues’ to be an oracle/prophetess on matters meteorological it should come as no surprise.
    The National party requires a refresh, neither Sturgeon nor her allies ought to be part of that. Independence is a serious business, we need leadership that accords with the bullish, altered political state.

  29. Sandy says:

    Pete @ 2.08pm.
    When individual Tory MPs deviated from the party line, your beloved Boris sacked them, Hitler style.

  30. Dan says:

    @Republicofscotland at 2.18pm

    Businesses may well have been preoccupied and using any “spare” monies they had to look into and assess what they might need to do so their business remained viable once out the EU in whatever form “leaving” might take.
    Other businesses might just have spent any surplus cash on the staff crimbo party as they were told Scotland wouldn’t be taken out of the EU so wouldn’t have to worry…

    Either of the above circumstances would explain a lack of donations from frustrated businesses.
    Some businesses are of such a size that they are effectively sustaining the viability of small towns or communities.

  31. mike cassidy says:

    Joe and Pete joined by Sensible Dave.

    The Holy Trinity.

    Three in one?

    Or one in three?


    Just the Three Feckiteers.

  32. boris says:

    Business leaders are ready to donate more money to fight Scottish independence in a second referendum than they did in 2014 and several have already promised six-figure sums, a controversial campaign group has said.

    Richard Cook, who chairs the pro-Union Constitutional Research Council (CRC), said “several” wealthy backers are prepared to hand over major sums to “a new and positive campaign” to keep the UK together.

    Cook broke his silence following claims CRC funnelled money from unknown sources to the Democratic Unionist Party to fund its Brexit campaign.

  33. mike cassidy says:

    It must be immediate custody because I see nothing in the offence itself or indeed in you that would render it unjust for me not to implement it,” the judge said.

    To a man

    Until his lawyer pointed out he identifies as a woman.

  34. Republicofscotland says:

    “Cook broke his silence following claims CRC funnelled money from unknown sources to the Democratic Unionist Party to fund its Brexit campaign.”

    We can’t rely on a captured English body, the Electoral commission to properly investigate Tory dark money, it just won’t happen.

    The games rigged, the decks are stacked, only independence can save us.

  35. J Galt says:


    Hi Willie, Moron here!

    Free travel for over 60s etc has not served to increase bus usage overall – indeed the way it is administered it serves to decrease usage.

    When it started the proportion of the fare paid to the operator was a lot more than 50%, over time the SG has reduced the percentage paid to the operator because said SG can’t really afford it. Do the operators take this on the chin? No of course they don’t, they raise the adult single fare in order that their take from the SG stays the same – result a decrease in full fare paying punters, a spiral of decline if you will.

    In Kilmarnock the single fare from where I stay to the town centre – a journey of barely 5 minutes costs £2.30. For two persons a taxi is cheaper, as is taking the car.

    People tend to abuse things they get for nothing, an unfortunate human trait but true nevertheless.

  36. Sensibledave says:


    … on the generality, Boris is not my “my beloved Boris”. Darn Sarf, there is a more general distrust and a healthy lack of respect for political leaders. We tend not to worship them in the way Ms Sturgeon … errr… was. We know, in the end, they will probably let us down. The winner of an election is one that is perceived as being the least worst.

    In the last election, my choice was Corbyn or Johnson. So unless, despite every scrap of evidence ever produced, I still believed that socialism made populations healthier and wealthier, the was only one real choice.

  37. Pete says:

    J Galt
    Your conclusion is absolutely correct.
    Anything free is abused.
    Rail fares
    bus fares
    Free sanitary products
    GP visits (even the Irish pay)
    At the end of the day, all those services need to be paid for,
    The only question is ‘By whom’
    I suppose, if you are a socialist bent, then the answer is the ‘wealthy’
    Funny thing is, the thing that we need the most I.e. food and drink- we all pay equally!!
    The answer is not freebies but a decent minimum wage to ensure that most things are affordable.
    That’s why I like the policy of reducing low skilled immigration as it will force up wages because of the shortage.

  38. Joe says:

    @ Sensibledave

    I appreciate the big post. Unfortunately ive already said many times what I think is going on. However, if im wrong and SNP performance is down to ability rather than being owned by outside interests then they are the most incompetent shower of limp wristed twats Scotland could ever have been cursed with and need to be replaced asap. Ive made ham sandwiches with more innate leadership qualities and drive than they have shown since the Brexit referendum.

    @ Pete

    Regarding homosexuality. Im not interested. I dont see why someones sexuality needs to be paraded as some sort of positive (or negative characteristic). What some man or woman likes to legally get up to in their personal life is their business. Its all the LGBT+ fannies that seem to think they need to make it everyone elses business though? In my opinion anyone who see’s that a major defining characteristic for themselves is their sexuality are either sad empty people in need of some meaning in their lives or really do need some meds. Either way, they can keep out of my way whether they be straight or otherwise.

    As for the economy – I find this frustrating. There’s a severe amount of ignorance when it comes to this subject but its not something im getting into at the moment. Nobody gives much of a damn anyway…until they actually experience socialist policies 1st hand.

  39. Liz g says:

    Mike Cassidy @ 2.52
    Aye and as delusional as ever they were during Indy Ref 1

  40. Joe says:

    @ Liz g

    Im not sure what you are on about? Care to explain or is it beyond you?

    Wait…ive got a better idea – just say something thick and vaguely dismissive like mike. That’ll do fine 🙂

  41. mike cassidy says:

    Out of curiosity

    How do people entitled to a free bus pass abuse it?

  42. Dan says:

    @mike cassidy at 5:28 pm

    Re. Abuse of bus pass. Well there was talk of folk taking numerous bus journey “tours” because the bus was comfortably warm and they couldn’t afford to heat their living accommodation.
    But that situation says more about how a country like Scotland that is a next exporter of fuel and power still has folk in living in such energy poverty…

  43. Joe says:

    RE: tax payer funded bus pass for under 18’s

    On the bright side that gives more freedom to youngsters, less motivation to buy a car, less stress on youngsters that are not well set up in life.

    On the bad side that’s companies getting paid for servicing a large section of the population but without the need to take quality or price into consideration.

  44. Dan says:

    Re. Abuse. Just wait till all these Scottish lads Self ID as women so they can get free sanitary products and punt them on ebay to ladies down south…

    Of course all these free or subsidised products and services wouldn’t be required in the first place if people actually lived in a society where businesses offered jobs that paid the workers enough of a wage so those employees could actually afford to pay the full price for the product or services.

  45. Joe says:

    There’s only one thing that makes things affordable in real terms.


    Supply is dependent on enough people being there to make the product or offer the service.

    Make too many demands on people who would otherwise make a product or provide a service and they either A: wont or B: go elsewhere to do it.

    Money is just a relative measure of value. Its the supply of products or services that determine its worth. Therefore the balancing act is to make money available to people who are disadvantaged while not diminishing the private sector to the point where it all becomes pointless.

    There have been very, very, very few politicians of any affiliation with the talent to do that in a way that doesnt end up causing more long term harm than short term good. That long term harm usually forms as government debt which pays the very wealthy nice annual interest on the backs of ordinary people.

    The common demands of – we want more jobs, we want more pay and we want you to pay more taxes is all very well but its not quite as easy as that.

    As for the very wealthy – as unfair as it might be the more money someone has the less they need to put up with demands from any 1 particular country. If you want their taxes it has to be in a measure that wont get them to leave or you get nothing. Which defeats the point.

  46. Bill Hume. says:

    Joe @6:17
    Correct, rich people who pay no taxes in a particular country can up sticks and go elsewhere.
    The thing is, the country they leave is no worse off as they were contributing nothing in the first place.

  47. mike cassidy says:

    If you tax the rich, they won’t leave: US data contradicts millionaires’ threats

  48. cynicalHighlander says:

    I don’t remember back when taxes were 19s 11d in the £1 scores of very wealthy people leaving these shores.

  49. Sandy says:

    Sensibledave. @ 4.08pm.

    As a resident, I assume, of England, you have my sympathy for your voting options. Corbyn, as a person comes over as quite a decent chap. Just wish he’d keep out of Scotland as his knowledge of my country is very limited to say the least. The other lot, well***
    The two who come to mind are, surprise, surprise, “Back door Boris who’s afraid of journalists” Johnson & his backstabbing best pal (sic) cohort, the sleekid Michael Gove.
    And, no surprise, Ms Sturgeon is still the most respected politician/diplomat in the UK, if not in Europe by popular choice. Pay no heed to your fellow trolls.
    There’s hope for the real Monster Loony Party yet darn sath.

  50. Willie says:

    Re – concessionary travel.

    The issue with concessionary bus travel is all about providing subsidy to deliver services that would otherwise not operate.

    Distributing that subsidy principally by extending free fares to senior citizens has very good social benefits. Aside of facilitating services that would otherwise operate, it provides mobility to the elderly, it helps keep them active, it allows them to participate socially whilst for others i5 may even allow them to undertake work paid or unpaid.

    It is also good for the environment reducing car journeys, congestion and pollution. So what not to like.

    Moreover, extending the scheme to include youngsters many of whom will be students, will also have very worthwhile social benefits. We all like the idea of free education, so why not free bus travel for children, students and apprentices. Indeed, in extending the scheme i5 may we’ll be that this will cost little or no money since increasing the take up numbers whilst reducing the percentage that’s paid over for the fare will have effect of keeping the overall subsidy broadly the same. ( put simply in broad terms the bus needs the same subsidy to run irrespective of whether it has two or twenty two concessionary travellers)

    The alternative of course for those who do not agree with subsidised bus routes is of course to let market forces dictate and if a run is unprofitable, then irrespective of it’s need, it should be axed.

    One doesn’t need to think too hard to imagine how that would play out. Whole communities isolated, senior citizens isolated, bus drivers and mechanics out of a job, substantially less social interaction and especially so for the elderly man6 of who ever are on restricted incomes.

    An enlightened policy and really folks should look past the narrow negative sour and frankly uninformed Tory perspective of somebody getting something for nothing.

    Well done the SNP and the Greens for this policy. And if economics be ones driver it has been estimated that a rather modest £250m of subsidy delivers over £2 billion of increased economic activity plus untold health and societal benefits.

    I hope these comments are helpful.

  51. Joe says:

    Socialist rhetoric – always bring it down to the very wealthy v the people who have nothing.

    Reality – in an independent Scotland ordinary people who have skills and/or money to invest will have a very easy choice if policies are too restrictive on productive people.

    What im seeing here is talking points taken from a litany of corrupt, hypocrite leftist politicians down the years.

    Hasnt anyone noticed that the talk seems to be about ‘billionaires’ lately instead of ‘millionaires’?

    Why would that be? A factor of inflation?

    No…its because the lying bastards selling you socialist snake oil are all becoming millionaires themselves, if they didn’t all start out that way to begin with.

  52. Pete says:

    Bill Hume
    You are taking extremes as your example.
    The Laffer theory expounds that there comes a point when increasing taxes produces lower revenue as the rich either move or find ways round it.
    The secret is to find the correct level of taxation which keeps the rich and doesn’t chase them away.
    There was a time in the 70’s when the rich could pay tax on a portion of their income at over 90%.
    That forced the wealthy, including rock stars to move their residence abroad.
    Thatcher came in, reduced the top rates, the rich returned and the government received more money.
    Simple economics!!

  53. Joe says:

    @ Willie

    I agree in a balance. But one would get the impression that there is such a thing as ‘free’ anything. There isnt. It all comes from someone to someone. Secondly there are definitely systemic negatives that come from this that many appear to want to ignore.

    This is the thing. It all makes sense in moderation. The trouble is i can find more chickens teeth than socialists who know where the limit is.

  54. Sinky says:

    Back in the real world. Keiran Jenkins on Channel 4 News has just attacked Scots Gov on support for drug rehabilitation without any info on the £20m budget pledge to support rehabilitation.

  55. Joe says:

    As a personal example my single biggest reason for not living in Europe is that the tax I was paying made life unlivable.

    That’s tax that is not going to pay for services or the needs of the vulnerable.

    I know a guy who left London to live in Singapore. Again, taxation.

    If people want to believe that taxation is not a factor as to where people want to do their business then be my guest.

    But then I think the people who are making themselves believe this probably aren’t working 12+ hour days to see most of what the earn taken away from them.

  56. Pete says:

    Joe has just personalised my point.

  57. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Got pure Scottophobic shite on Tuesday night while out with brother and his wife in Hebdon Bridge. From a woman (transman?) called Liz dressed as a man. Would’ve been a total scattering match if we hadn’t just left.

    Have complained to the venue (‘The Trades’) and the manager has promised to take action.

    So sick of this shite.

    That place is well-known for being really trendy, politically right-on, open to pretty-much everyone so long as you’re not a fuckin Tory. Mirrors the image of Hebdon Bridge generally. We’ve been in it loads of times and never had the slightest vibe of bother so why it’s happening (and, more worryingly, why no-one intervened) is really worrying. If the whole Brexit scenario is affecting places like that (and they did, to their utter shame, unless I’m mistaken, vote in a Tory) then we are all in serious bother.

    And btw, this wasn’t the usual ‘what’s up yer kilt!’ rubbish, it was serious in-yer-face mockery, shouting ‘Dinna fash yersel laddie!’ in a really bad east coast accent, really goading. She hadn’t even been part of the company, someone had told her about ‘the couple of Scots in the corner’. ‘Her’ defence, as we were leaving, was that she had a granny from Dundee.

    Fuck that shit. No more.

  58. Dr Jim says:

    Scotlands FM talks to foreigners at Edinburgh castle tonight
    Englands PM says she has no right to talk to foreign people

    Jimmy Carr points out to his guest comedians on a comedy show when talking about Scottish Independence that they’re all behaving like angry spouses telling their wives that they’re nothing without them as they collectively mock Scotland and angrily claim everything belongs to England

    Tory MP Kit Malthouse comes to Scotland for talks on England and Wales drug problems and says the Scottish solutions to drug problems (which are the same as everybody else’s and used around the world and produce good results) are a distraction, so they came all the way to Scotland to say that then refused interviews with journalists preferring to go on the BBC radio

    If you’re of the Green persuation you must be astonished at English Tory Ministers massive carbon footprint travelling to Scotland to talk about the place they just came from only to be shot down by Scotlands chief medical officer for
    not knowing what they’re talking about

  59. Pete says:

    Dr Jim
    All I can say is that our drugs policy hasn’t exactly been successful.
    Maybe we are doing the wrong thing?

  60. Dan says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    Yer Hebdon Bridge incident. The locals were ragin’ coz they thought el jocko was doing one of those amazingly lucrative bulk alcohol procurement runs to avoid the minimum pricing policy we have here.
    I did a Border Reiver run to Berwick over the festive period and bought a couple of 15 can slabs of Tennent’s Lager for £10.50 which is 1.59 @ litre. That is about 50p @ litre cheaper than I’ve seen in my local shops.
    It cost me about 30 quid in fuel for the round trip journey and I don’t even drink lager, but it just feels so good when you score a bargain like that. lol

    T’was also fine to see the RBS Bank in the toon had been wrapped in Union Jackass flag bunting for some reason…

  61. mike cassidy says:

    Pete 10.04

    I remember the days on this site when trolling was of a high standard.

    You current trolls make this guy sound like Einstein.

  62. Dan says:

    Correction. Just checked my phone pics. T’was Bank of Scotland in Berwick, not RBS.

  63. Joe says:

    @ mike cassidy

    Go n read yer Guardian ya fud

  64. vikilix says:

    There has long been legal debate over whether the Scottish Parliament, rather than MPs at Westminster, could pass the laws needed for a new vote on independence to be held – but the matter has never been tested in court.

  65. Dr Jim says:

    Adam Holloway is the new Boris Johnson appointed Minister for rough sleeping and in laying out his strategy towards this new challenging role he said *Many rough sleepers choose to be rough sleepers*

    I understand that in the new Boris Johnson order these words mean in percentage terms *very much* or *a lot* followed by %
    When quantifying amounts by numbers, that refers to more than you might normally count on your fingers but certainly less than a football stadiums worth of a very big stadium in a land very far away, but could shrink over time, followed by a graph with colours on it and the word optimism used as a pointing stick

  66. Liz g says:

    Mike Cassidy @ 10.04 pm
    They did Mike and they even knew that The Guardian is as irrelevant to us as the BBC.
    Having said that, when they’re reduced to channelling Margaret ” there is no other way ” Thatcher!
    I’m more minded to pity than blame.

    To be thinking that the limit of our ambitions for Scotland is a pale imitation of Westminster,doing a pale imitation of Washington,doing a pale imitation of that auld stinking corpse of a British Empire
    They really have drunk the Kool aid.

    How bloody old is the “don’t tax the rich, they’ll disappear like snaw aff a dyke” troupe now ?
    And nae understanding that there are a fair few rich that we actually want to get gone ….but they are taking nothing with them.
    The Land owning corporations and billionaires,the oil companies,the Laird’s of all those shooting estates.
    They can pay up or fuck off but the Land and the resources, they stay hame!
    I can think of one massive shooting estate we can tax the whole of England for 🙂 and a massive Naval Base that would be a right wee ( deficit sized ) money pot if we were stuck.
    Also,there are other revenue streams too.
    Since we make nae claim to Gibraltar,Spain will have to bring something worthwhile to the table for our fishing water’s!
    As will NATO if it wants to continue to use them…
    Don’t even get me started on the financial services we can poach from London,not to mention having a stable legal system and EU access opens up mergers and acquisitions at a much more competitive rate.
    All before we need to look at massive personal and business tax rate changes.
    We make the most of the bounty that IS Scotland and capitalise on that!
    But naw, according to the whining of the terrible trio we have to run to catch up to be mimicking the failing UK and US model,cause that’s how the world works and “there is no other way”.
    Although to be fair they haven’t said ” Don’t Tread On Me ” should be enshrined in law…. Yet. 🙂

  67. Effijy says:

    Question time last night needs a degree of notice.
    Tory MP working to justify the unjustifiable tackled
    The Labour MP on how badly Labour controlled
    NHS Wales is being run after 20 years of Labour control.

    He was about to say Tory England NHS was the best ran service
    When he realises it’s Scotland’s NHS.

    He could have but off his tongue after but he did say Scotland does very well.

    This needs to be recorded and shoved down the Tories, Westminster’s and UK Media throats
    On an hourly basis.

  68. Effijy says:

    Greece didn’t tax the rich and to say the least it didn’t go well.

    Millionaires who created jobs didn’t pay Tax as they might take the jobs elsewhere?

    Doctors would earn €100,000 per annum at minimum.
    They where allowed to predict that they would earn half that and pay €2,000 to the tax man
    As insurance that if they did earn more, they couldn’t be taxed on it.

    Millionaires would buy a peasant farmers small property, build the Taj Mahal on it but leave a corner
    Of the property unfinished as no council type tax would be due until the property was fully developed
    No limit on time restrictions.

    Millionaires are here because they make lots of money and have the government in their pockets
    If they move away tax their money as it moves.

    Someone else will always be willing to buy a profitable company.

    Remember too that England’s richest man has £20 Billion still working in his 60’s
    He could spend a £Million every day until he dies and not be broke and yet he is
    Looking to relocate to Monaco to avoid paying tax?

    That just seems so sick to me as he gazed out at Tory induced Food Banks, period poverty,
    Zero hours contracts,Universal Discredit, attacks on the disabled with the bedroom tax but he stil
    Wants a bigger slice of the cake and drive the forces of evil further.

  69. Craig Murray says:

    Been missing Wings while having a very tough time in Wolwich. Hope to be back up in Edinburgh soon. Just thought that I would let you know that a member of the Wikileaks team just said to me “we got great support for Julian from the SNP until Alex resigned. Since then absolutely zero except for Craig, who doesn’t count”.

    I think they meant the last bit in a kindly fashion! Very true though, and deeply shameful. The snp is much too busy supporting the Britnat Empire nonsense on Syria, Ukraine, the Skripals etc.

    Stewart MacDonald FFS.

  70. James says:

    Well done Craig. Your blog is a real eye opener, comparing your reporting to what is not reported in the msm. Tried setting up a monthly dd but the paypal on your site is a pain. Will do it through my bank instead.
    If you did not do this how would we know?
    Dark days indeed.
    Btw. Some moderation on this site would be great.

  71. Joe says:

    @ Effijy

    Having lived in a badly governed shithole southern European country I can say hand on heart that everybody from the bottom to the top evades tax to the max. The government answer is to tax the people who cant avoid it all the more. The biggest culprits tend to be the ones doing the taxing

  72. Joe says:

    @ Craig Murray

    The SNP will like Assange less when he gets to give evidence against Hillary and others back in the US.

  73. Joe says:

    @ Liz G

    So your going to poach financial services from London by having a higher rate of tax on big earners? Ok then.

  74. Liz g says:

    Effigy @ 8.09
    Too much is never enough for those types.
    The beauty of what I’m suggesting for Scotland is that our main wealth can’t be taken away.
    We need to direct taxes at those who must pay or go away.
    As I understand it one fifth of Scotland is in the hands of billionaires and private faceless corporations using our land to bank money!
    We can’t just take it from them,but this is where we need to Tax. They can sell to whom ever they like and leave,the new owner will still have to pay. They can also just hand the Title back to Holyrood,either way out Land will work for us.

    The same goes for the oil and gas companies if they stay they pay,if they go we will have a state oil and gas company like Norway has.
    I’ve never been able to find out if NATO pay anything to Westminster to use our waters and airspace,but I cannot imagine that they don’t! Either way after Indy they pay or go away.

    Then there’s fishing,why people a taken in by this independent coastal state nonsense is beyond me!
    If it’s perfectly fine to sell the rights to “foreigners” for the oil and gas in our waters why are fish suddenly sacrosanct?
    If a decent price in what ever form comes to the Scottish Treasury it doesn’t matter which fleet is doing the fishing.
    And in the early days of Indy Scotland doesn’t have much of a fleet anyway.

    The very wealthy,I understand,pay a lot of money to blast Scottish wildlife to bits…let’s just see how much they are actually willing to pay before they go else where too?

    All of this is entirely possible with the political will to do it and then and only then do we turn to business and personal tax.
    While I can’t say for sure, apparently, “a land value tax” would not only be fairer but would fund the council’s and end the need for the Poll Tax……. As I was alluding to above ” there is Always another way ” and Scots are particularly good at exploring innovative change that the rest of the globe embrace,to tax properly and share wealth fairly shouldn’t be beyond our ken!
    Considering the mess the Capitalism and Communism have made no before time either…

  75. Liz g says:

    Joe @ 9.02
    Read it again Joe…. Slowly…

  76. iain mhor says:

    My consumed media roundup for February.
    Concerted attacks on the SNP, Labour and the LibDems.
    The Tories? Meh.
    Odd, it’s almost as if…. nah.

  77. Republicofscotland says:

    So Willie (Never to independence ) Rennie, has point blankly refused to apologise for his partys whitewash of #Paedogate.

    However Rennie has praised to high heaven David Steel. The damning child report by (IICSA) effectively showed that Cyril Smith confessed to Steel, of what he did to little boys at a local childrens home.

    Steel who led the Lib/Dems from 1976 to 1988, even recommended Cyril Smith for a knighthood.

    Rennie bent over backwards yesterday to inform journalists of just how good a politician Steel is.

    What a wee vile man Rennie is, lets kick him and his band of paedo apologists out of Holyrood next year.

  78. Republicofscotland says:

    Johnson wants to stuff the Scottish Affairs Committee full of English Tories, the (SAC) oversees and scrutinises Johnsons staging post in Scotland, the Scotland Office.

    This would lead to the Tory led (SAC) doing more damage to Scotland, via the Scotland Office than they’re doing at present.

  79. Golfnut says:

    @Liz g.

    Nor will any action that you have proposed prevent, hinder or put off inward investment into Scotland. Massive structural change in Scotland will happen, not might happen, but will happen.

  80. Dan says:

    @Liz g at 9.07am

    Don’t forget our electricity production.
    Current UK demand is approximately 40GW.
    Scotland’s population makes up approximately 10% of the UK, so I presume we are using around 4GW of that 40GW figure.
    But when you look at the system transfers within the GB Grid you can see that Scotland is currently exporting 3.8GW to England, so it appears we are creating almost double the power we actually use.*

    *I’d appreciate if anyone with more specific knowledge on this subject could chip in to confirm this is correct.

    Graeme McCormick who occasionally posts on here has spent time looking at and giving talks on Annual Ground Rent / Land Tax Reform.
    It is a very interesting subject and he has evolved the concept several times so that it could include a universal basic income which covers the problems with state unemployment payments and the issues with pension provision due to differences is birth rate trends over time.

  81. Golfnut says:

    @ RepublicofScotland

    Johnson’s intentions regarding the SAC are pretty clear and presents a clear opportunity for Scottish MP’s to reform the Scottish Grand Committee, preferably by withdrawal from westminster to sit in Scotland permanently, review the Treaty of Union breaches with a view to repeal the Acts of Union and withdraw from the Treaty.

  82. Republicofscotland says:

    Scottish Health secretary Jean Freeman has had to have a police officer stationed near her constituency after numerous threats of violence to her, and an arrest of one man.

    We can partly thank the unionist media for this ramping up of blame to the point of violence.

    As Freeman says I’m not personally responsible for every NHS mistake, however I am accountable for how well our NHS performs.

    We have the best performing NHS in the UK.

    I bet Matt Hancock hasn’t go a police officer standing outside his constituency office.

  83. Famous15 says:

    Steel is not the only deaf Libdem. Deafness is not an excuse as the people I know who are deaf keep reminding me.

  84. Joe says:

    @ Liz G

    Your telling me to read your comment slowly but have assumed im a Unionist and a Thatcherite. Also if you believe that the US hasnt done well relatively, especially in the last few years, then youve not been paying attention

  85. Joe says:

    Its funny but with the Yes movement if you are not basically a socialist you are just a Unionist in disguise.

    Thats not the best recruiting stance for the cause

  86. Joe says:

    Increasingly in public basic perception voting for Scottish independence = higher taxes, nanny state, dimunition of womens rights/safety, public officials deaf to complaint and signing on to another dying and corrupt political union…and anyone who sees the problem is a troll? The future is bright i can tell

  87. Republicofscotland says:

    Joanna Cherry and why shes standing as a possible MSP.

    Meanwhile Highland SNP MSP Gail Ross is standing down next year, as is the SNP’s James Doran, Richard Lyle and Bruce Crawford.

    Also standing down next year are Labours Neil Findlay, Tory Ruth Davidson, and Green MSP John Finnie.

  88. gus1940 says:

    Why has this site’s WGD Link been disappeared?

    I noticed in yesterday’s Daily Heil an article on WW2 which referred on 2 occasions to England’s Royal Air Force.

  89. Republicofscotland says:

    “Why has this site’s WGD Link been disappeared ”

    I think the Rev and the Dug got into a wee stooshie over a comment on the Dugs site by the Rev.

  90. Republicofscotland says:

    “noticed in yesterday’s Daily Heil an article on WW2 which referred on 2 occasions to England’s Royal Air Force.”

    Well, it is Englands, is it not?

  91. Republicofscotland says:

    Nasty Tory Annie Wells is way out of her depth here, as usual.

    It would fit Wells better if she held her London master Kit Malthouse to account over point blankly denying Scotland the right to open a (DCR) Drugs Consumption Room which could save lives as it is doing in Copenhagen right now.

    But no, as usual Wells has England’s interests at heart and not Scotlands.

  92. cirsium says:

    @Craig Murray, 8.33

    Well said.

  93. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Republic of Scotland I have repeatedly advocated, on these threads, that the SNP MPs make greater use of the Scottish Grand Committee to put a spanner in the works of Westminster.

    If every item of business which affected Scotland had to be discussed by the SGC, it would not half piss-off the Tories and mess-up their business agenda.

    Then, when every item brought forward and agreed on by the SGC was immediately voted down by the Tories, it would surely let even the dimmest Proud Scot But, Unionist see just how little England thinks of us – and surely persuade more that Independence is the only way forward for Scotland.

  94. If we on here know what to do to confront all the Tory wrongs on Scotland why do the SNP not appear to know what to do their silence on these wrongs are beyond belief .Come on SNP do something now

  95. jfngw says:

    It’s shows how far we’ve fallen when a tweet from Murdo Fraser actually makes more sense than the crap coming out of some SNP people. Just think of that, some of our SNP politician’s are actually worse than Murdo Fraser, how could that be possible and why are they still in the SNP.

  96. jfngw says:


    I suspect this is because WGD deleted a comment from RevStu on his site. Unfortunately, IMO. the WGD is intolerant of even he mildest criticism of the SNP and will remove the post.

  97. jfngw says:

    How do you get 1 + 1 = 5, you put James Kelly and Annie Wells in the same room to do the sums.

  98. Scozzie says:

    Craig Murray @ 8.33pm
    It is utterly shameful that the SNP has not spoken out on the human rights violation of Assange. Nothing more that WM puppies.

    Thank you for all you’ve done on the Assange case. Julian Assange is the biggest political prisoner case of the 21st century and the world is willfully ignoring the importance of this in terms of the future impact on journalism and publishing.

    As for Oz, they are even more shameful. Living here, I cannot get over how absolutely no-one cares – the people, journalists, government etc it’s just not on the radar. It’s so very tragic.

    I know you have Roger Waters but I think there has to be high profile Oz supporters to try to get Aussies engaged to help free Assange. Does Roger Waters have contacts?

    For SNP peeps – given the SNP is doing hee-haw on independence right now, please direct your support to Assange via social media, protests, writing to MPs, etc etc.

    If people want a free press and whistle-blowers to be truth tellers then the Assange case is the most important judicial case in ther entire world. This is Global Elite vs us Plebs. people in the UK please stand up.

  99. Liz g says:

    Joe @ 10.01
    And I’m telling ye that again Joe…. I’ve said nothing of the kind.
    How are we ment to take any of your comments seriously when you are struggling so much to comprehend a half dozen or so paragraphs?
    Then project what you think I said into your reply!
    Accuracy is important for credibility joe!

  100. lothianlad says:

    Many things have been bugging me lately about the apathetic SNP, I am an SNP member and joined before sturgeon, so I have shown my fair share of loyalty over the years, not to mention the hudresds and hundresds of hours campaigning for the party I believed was committed to Independence.

    But… the strategy of the SNP is way off what is needed. I know Im not the only one who is utterly pissed of at the SNP always meekly explaining and pandering to the vicious questions and attacks from opponents.

    The numner of times we have had weakness from the SNP in response to the attacks is infuriating, when we could so easily turn the tables and have the unionists on the ropes dodging for cover every time!!

    The SNP has stopped being fighters and have become the nicey nice explainers trying to give reasoned arguments to every single whine and gripe from opponments.

    How many times has sturgeon been interviewed by a unionist media clown and taken hit after hit when the response could have been so much more devestating!!

    Explaining about domestic policy that is being attacked for lack of investment etc, could so easily be turned on the unionists by rightly stating that the Scotting parliament does not have full access to our massive natural resources which only Independence can bring. Policy is managed in at tight budget within the barnet formula.

    Being nice just isnt cutting it. How many of us have sceamed at the telly or radio demanding the SNP hit back, but no… this pathetically weak response only gives credence to our unionist attackers in the eyes of the public because its not challenged.

    I know the unionist media is the worst in the world and will manipulate SNP bad stories to the hilt, but in an interview the SNP can really hit back but they dont!!

    Ive often wondered why,, but its clear that the SNP p;olicy strategists dont want this. Its as if the top brass are comfortable with the status quo!

    Are the birbed, blackmailed and or infiltrated by the british secret service?? They have to be!!
    Fucking things up this close to independence can only be done by them!

    Those of us who are SNP members must act now to have the leadership removed!! The focus must be on independence as craig murray says!
    Begging for Wesminsters consent, legitimises their claims of soverignty. WE the People of Scotland are soverign!
    Time the people made the SNP leadership aware of this!!!

  101. Ottomanboi says:

    Abandon reason all who dwell on planet Earth?
    Thunberg idolatry and COVID-19 panic, to cite but two manias.
    What greater destruction to civilization Hitler might have achieved with ‘social media’ access.
    All those zombie ‘brains’ to feed on.

  102. Joe says:

    @ Liz G

    Quote – ‘They did Mike and they even knew that The Guardian is as irrelevant to us as the BBC.
    Having said that, when they’re reduced to channelling Margaret ” there is no other way ” Thatcher!
    I’m more minded to pity than blame.’

    Quote ‘Aye and as delusional as ever they were during Indy Ref 1’

    So im a thatcherite and Unionist apparently. FFS

    You do not need to tell me what Scotland economic potential is so I dont see the point in responding to that. We appear to be on the same page on that.

    However you have done exactly what I was saying before – im not specifically talking about billionaires.

    Im talking about more or less ordinary people with ability to earn who will have the option of taking a very short drive to another very similar English speaking country should Scotland prove to be too oppressive tax-wise and do business there.

    Do what you do best Liz and hold that Saltire, eh?

  103. Republicofscotland says:

    Tory List MSP, Adam Tomkins getting it in the neck for joke like innuendo about child sex abuse.

    Meanwhile the Bank of Scotland prints new £20 pound note with the Queensferry Crossing on it. No doubt Alex Cole-Hamilton will find something wrong with the note.

    Maybe the note will ice up under unusual weather conditions, or it will fly out of your hands in a strong wind, or it will be too broad for ones wallet. I’m sure Cole Hamilton will say something to turn heads away from the Lib/Dems paedo whitewash scandal.

    Meanwhile the first person from the UK has died from the Coronavirus, on a ship in Japan.

  104. dakk says:

    With free tuition fees, free personal care and free prescriptions the vast majority of ordinary taxpayers in Scotland would have to be paying PAYE for 150 years before they would be worse off with the Scottish income tax rate.

    That would explain why English people are coming to work/live here in record numbers, and Ive heard of no idiot who has left for England because of a miniscule tax rise here.

  105. willie says:

    Craig Murray @ 8.33

    Points taken absolutely. Post Alec Salmond the SNP has morphed into the pretendy independence party.

    Quite why this has happened I do not know.

    Nor do I know why why Nicola Sturgeon has allowed two of the most talented people in the SNP to go head to head in a gladiatorial contest to secure the nomination for Edinburgh Central Hollyrood seat.

    Both could have been found seats without the need for a damaging fight where someone has to lose – and Angus Robertson has this week already gone to press criticising in all but name Joanna Cherry as being a part time candidate without experience.

    What is going on. Why has the First Minister effectively abandoned independence and allowed us to be dragged out of Europe. Why is she allowing a divisive fight between two very capable politicians. Something is wrong. Something has changed. Why?

    And why is it when you ask a question like this you get howls of comments that one is a shit stirrer.

  106. cynicalHighlander says:

    @ Joe says:
    28 February, 2020 at 2:49 pm

    Im talking about more or less ordinary people with ability to earn who will have the option of taking a very short drive to another very similar English speaking country should Scotland prove to be too oppressive tax-wise and do business there.

    That is just nonsense on stilts get real.

  107. Republicofscotland says:

    “Im talking about more or less ordinary people with ability to earn who will have the option of taking a very short drive to another very similar English speaking country should Scotland prove to be too oppressive tax-wise and do business there.”

    The overal tax burden in Scotland is lower than for the UK as a whole thanks to lower income tax levels for 56% of payers. Lower rate poundage for 95% of businesses and lower average domestic rates (by 28%).

    Also there are no university tuition fees, benefits are higher thanks to the new Scottish Child Payment, and there is free homecare for the elderly. Meanwhile under Tory as you say just a short drive away, UK taxes are at their highest since WWII.

    Deloitte states that: Lower earners continue to pay less tax that those in the rest of the UK. As a result 56% of taxpayers in Scotland pay less income tax than if they lived in another part of the UK.

    In February the Scottish Budget thresholds for Basic and Intermediate rate payers were frozen. While those for Higher and Top Rate payers rose in line with inflation.

  108. Liz g says:

    Joe @ 2.49
    Sigh…nope …third time wasn’t the charm then!
    I said your bought what Thatcher was selling and are still running with it.
    And I’d demonstrated that we’ve a way to go yet before we get to ordinary tax pay’ers.
    Jumping to the assumption that it will be the ordinary worker’s and their employers who will bear the burden of paying for the services that the people of Scotland enjoy is a blinkered view,which gave the impression that you infact were not aware of the extent of the resources Scotland has to utilise.
    But we can only realise that potential if we Do Not follow the old failing doctrines of the UK & US that you assert we don’t really understand.
    And for the avoidance of doubt following socialist magical thinking would be utter madness too.
    While I did all of that, and gave you three opportunities to comprehend it…… I still didn’t call you a unionist I only indicated you a fool to be regurgitating the received wisdom of carpetbaggers!

    The so called great and the good the world over, who follow the doctrines of capitalist and socialist/communist systems had them put in place when the population was quite ignorant of the wealth and resources available to them….
    Why I say we can do this differently is precisely because a fair few of us in Scotland have a good idea of Scotland’s actual wealth now.
    All we need to get started is our government brought within slapping distance.
    So you and your two buddies can keep punting a mini me Westminster all ye like.
    But most people here are well beyond believing “there is no other way”and have been for quite some time…

  109. twathater says:

    Right fuck it , Liz g get yer arse in gear and set up a perty alang wi that mental opposer to the woke fantasists SC , we need someone wi spirit , aggression , sense of right and wrong , determined and down to earth , to get us out of this shithole mess that we have been suckered into

    I like your proposals upthread Liz and they are workable and worthwhile , we need people to waken up and smell the rancid fecal matter that is coming our way if our representatives don’t get their fingers oot their arses and MOVE

  110. Joe says:

    Yep. You are all correct now that I think about it. People who work for their living wouldn’t worry about taxes going up on the backs of socialistic policies.

    So, now that Boris is in number 10 with a huge majority and the Scottish electorate voted 60%+ for something that isnt being granted for a subordinate future inside little Britain…how about we address that indy support number that can never seem to hold for long above 50%…

    Hmmm…that’s a puzzler so it is. Why would that be?

  111. Joe says:

    @ Liz G

    Banter aside I like a lot of what you say.


  112. Republicofscotland says:

    Re my last comment on tax.

    As a result of the 2020 Scottish budget more than 95% of properties in Scotland, will be subject to lower rate poundage than they would face in othsr parts of the UK. Some like to perpetuate the myth of a high tax Scotland.

    The fact is since the Tories came to power in 2010, the overall tax burden in the UK (expressed as a share of National Income) has infact risen.

    According to the (IFS) Institute for Fiscal Studies total UK tax revenues will reach £760 billion in 2019/20 or 34.5% of National Incomethe highest sustained share since WWII.

    Tory policies since 2010 have increased overall tax revenue by about £20 billion altogether desite large giveaways increasing the income tax personal allowance cutting the headline rate of cirporation tax and freezing fuel duties.

    Tax raising measures including regressive rises on VAT and National Insurance contributions exceeded these giveaways overall in revenue terms.

    As a result low income households in the UK have lost out overall especially those with children the poorest 10% of households have seen losses of over 11% of their income (£1,200 per year) on average, among those with children the figures rises to 20% (£4000).

  113. Confused says:

    ian brotherhoods experience he recounted last night left a nasty aftertaste …

    – this is why, I canny be bothered with the whole damn lot of them; we should “ghost” them once independent and build the wall against the english, that trump said he would build against the mexicans

    – honestly, fuck the lot of them. Now this goes against the “wings etiquette” of being over-precise and caveating-everything-to-fuck when discussing “the english” but … spare me … don’t give me “the working class of liverpool and the working class of glasgow”, bbc, guardian, “the english left” – they are no allies to us.

    – they are ALL just fucking awful CUNTS, and they should “do one” from our country

    and … they are culpable, for they keep voting in vampiric tory arseholes, or spook created “moving the overton window to the right” acts like farage.

    I spend a lot of time reading awful crap in other places – it’s ignorant, arrogant, narcissistic, xenophobic, kleptocratic – and all I can say is low grade idiots like FUD-man are the nice and reasonable end; shit they talk – “the anglosphere”, get brexit done, enoch was right, bring back mosley, its the EU wot let in all the pakis … brexit will disappoint, but the bomb of it has yet to land.

    – which made the FMs strenuous attempts to “save england from itself” (a ridiculous folly) so infuriating.

    This is one drawback of “democracy” – you get 10 morons who know fuckall, one guy who is an expert – but then you decide what to do with a show of hands … or 550 MPs against 59.

    Online I don’t bother debating these pricks – you can post all the data, mccrone, jappy, colin dunns stuff – but it never registers, they are addicted to their own confirmation bias, so I just -troll the shit out of them- … bait them, e.g. saying “england does not exist” youze are all reject-germans, or “it was the scots who built the empire” or “the english ran like cowards at dunkirk while the highlanders fought” … all is fair, in love and war, or national liberation struggles.

    I have my fun, and that’s all that matters

    – now someone will say “I am english”/”my granny is english” – whataboot “english scots for yes” … so what? You do not base policy on outliers, on the statistically insignificant – these can be handled on a case by case basis.

  114. Dr Jim says:

    It’s always been in the best interests of England if Scots leave Scotland

    First they killed us, then they threw us off our land and out of our homes, then they dispatched us to countries throughout the world, then they even paid our cheap fares to emigrate to other countries promising wonderous new lives for us if we’d just get out of Scotland, they moved our work places to England and told us to do well in School so we could get jobs in the big London (they called that the brain drain at that time) even today they’ve paid money to companies like Youngs fish processors and others to move to England a method they’ve always engaged when they decide
    leaving those Scottish workers to seek work wherever they could, and in between all that they conducted wars in which strangely the percentage of Scottish soldiers killed was higher than that of England (are our lads worse at fighting than anybody else? I doubt it)

    We were going to have a referendum to leave Englands political system in 2014, what did England do, did they say oh we’re sorry to hear that, did they even say maybe we haven’t been fair to Scotland, did they even say let’s talk about how we can solve this problem like grown ups, no, they didn’t say anything like that

    The threatened us with starvation of income, withdrawal of businesses, closure of banks, refusal of the use of an International trading currency, they employed ex politicians like Gordon Brown to threaten blood bank closures and co operation and the denial of pensions to the elderly, all of which were lies

    Aye England is great we should defo stick with them, look at all the advantages of having neighbours who really like us and beg us not to leave them or they’ll punish us to hell

    We’d be nothing without them

  115. Liz g says:

    Republicofscotland @ 3.25
    LOL forgot that bit….
    This also makes the assumption that tax just that short drive away won’t be increased to make up the shortfall of Scotland’s resources and tax take being brought back home!!
    That Westminster can carry on spending at the same level and not raise the tax burden on their own population!
    To sneer at Scotland competing with London when it’s no rocket science to work out that Glasgow could comfortably double it’s conference and corporate accommodation prices and still undercut London…. a 40 min train ride away from the seat of law and government and less of a target for nutters who either want to shut the city down to wave flags a billionaires or ejjits who attack people randomly and drive cars at them.
    Aberdeen office space is better value for money than London which bodes well for it as the oil capital of Europe!
    Dundee as the centre of culture media and sport.
    Inverness could handle banking and finance And so on And so fourth…. not compete with London my aunt fanny..
    Once in place the market would pretty much take care of the Cities leaving us to develop rural Scotland

    And we’ve no even included that Scotland won’t be contributing her tithe to the hallowed halls of Westminster or funding their vanity projects either 🙂
    Handled right we would probably be looking around for more free stuff to share out.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  116. twathater says:

    Joe can I tell you why that number of 50%+ does not appear to be going up ,it is because we have a SNP government who cannot get airtime or newspaper articles to PROVE how well Scotland is run , the bias of the MSM is PROVEN time and time again , and even when given ANY airtime they FAIL MISERABLY in refuting any and all accusations

    When you are having a daily brainwashing infusion of negativity from all TV ,radio , and mainstream newspapers it is a miracle that we have reached 52% , not only that it is worse when the SNP SG embrace these charlatans and tractors and when giving press interviews they always pick these same chancers toodleoo , kuenssberg , smith and company which gives them credibility

  117. Clydebuilt says:

    Prof. Danny Dorling Oxford University
    BBC4’s Beyond 100 Days

    ” infant mortality began to rise in 2015 and each year thereafter more babies died at a higher rate in England. They didn’t in Scotland, where they actually decided to spend more on infants and babies and they have reduced the infant mortality rate”

    ” England is getting to be more like a state of the United States. Scotland interestingly is moving towards being like the Scandanavian countries which have incredibly good health outcomes”

  118. Clapper57 says:

    Apparently, being reported, UK Government ministers are refusing to appear on the main radio news programme of the so called largest public-service broadcaster, even to explain what’s going on with the #COVID2019 crisis?……….

    Also now not allowed to say the word BREXIT….obvs this new Tory adopted strategy is post GE 2019 Tory ‘Get Brexit Done’ slogan to win over Brexiteer voters… they think if we all stop using the word we will just forget it is happening ?

    Also not allowed to use term ‘No Deal’….connotations and all that old chap.

    Are they doing an Edna Rennie…..

    Talking of Edna Brass neck Rennie….I see the man with NO SHAME has had a Union uber alles puff piece published in the Scotsman…the Unionist enabler newspaper……sweep sweep deflect deflect…when is that non entity going to be held to account and challenged for readmitting a child molesting enabler back into the party…..when will the Lib Dem ‘inquiry’ into Steel last year be released….or challenged as to how they came to their ultimate conclusion that Steel was not guilty of turning a blind eye thus enabling Smith to continue abusing both children and the position Steel allowed him to hold within the Lib Dems.

    “I Vant to be Alone”…..” You vill not mention ze word Brexit oder ze terminology No Deal as reference as to ze means by vich vee vill depart from ze Union of ze EU”……” Also you vill not mention Cyril Smith oder David Steel or ze inquiry vee held last year ven talking vith me ze Edna Rennie”……translated ” Are vee, ze Unionists parties, ze baddies ?”

    The Scotsman…”Hi Willie also known as Edna…please allow us to help you out of your current, and if you were SNP ‘untenable’ position, which we will try to deflect by allowing you, although at a most inappropriate time, the opportunity to divert the attention away from the Lib Dems current ‘awkward’ position and draw upon your support for the Union against the SNP’s awful position on independence……

    it is our role BTW, Willie aka Edna, to deflect attention away, or rather ignore altogether, from Unionist scandals and UnionBad stories and to focus pretty much 24/7 upon SNPBAD/IndependenceBad stories…both real (in our own special Unionist concocted way) and also by using our most imaginatively contrived version of Unionist ‘truth’, against both independence and the SNP ,when the Pro Union chips are seemingly down………….thinking of you Willie aka Edna at this most precarious time…if we, the Scotsman, can be of any further help should this ugly situation re Smith and Steel rear up again then let us know”…..

    BTW See yon Tory on BBC QT bigging up Scotland against Wales…obvs Jonathan Ashworth Labour dismissing it in a way that came over as it being a ludicrous assertion… per Labour never ever miss an opportunity to declare ‘Scotland is Sheeite’…….while in denial about badly run Labour Wales….their current achilles heel… of many……they even had yon Ian Murray coming LAST in Deputy leadership elections….Scotland lead us don’t leave us….just don’t get too ambitious in the labour party and think you can lead us in any way via deputy position in our party….Lol

  119. Liz g says:

    Joe @ 3.45
    Nothing up wi banter Joe,or a different of opinion 🙂

  120. Republicofscotland says:

    “Ruth Davidson has been urged to resign after it emerged she was paid £7500 on top of her Holyrood salary to appear as a pundit on ITV’s election night show.”

  121. Dr Jim says:

    Ruth Davidson should have been fired for never having conducted constituency surgeries which is a requirement of the job of every MSP, that’s what the public vote for, a representative for them in parliament

  122. Clapper57 says:

    @ liz g

    Hi Liz how you doin ?

    My God Liz you are fair gaen it laldy Lol

    Guid on ye….your no feart….wish I was as brave as you..your a good girl..Lol…who BTW is STILL the only one on here who I will accept, with grace,to call me Flapper….seriously considering changing me mantle to FlapperGirl49…..Lol

  123. Republicofscotland says:

    “Glasgow City Council has agreed to fund 70 organisations, through its Children’s Holiday Food Programme, with £2.3million to deliver a wide-ranging programme of free healthy meals and activities during school breaks.”

  124. Liz g says:

    Twathater @ 3.38
    Ha….I’m holding oot fur Queen of the Scots because I want those landowners in ma sights…. 🙂
    That’s where I tell them I’m ending hereditary wealth!
    If they didn’t earn it, or cause it to be there,beyond their dwelling they don’t get to hand it to their offspring.
    They buy the use of the land and resources to make their money but, when they pop off,their kid’s only get first refusal to purchase it.. Ultimately Scotland belongs to the Scots….. As they say….in perpetuity 🙂
    So their kids better start skilling up and earning 🙂

  125. Liz g says:

    Clapper 57 @ 4.25
    Hey flapper…. 🙂
    Hope this finds ye well…
    You’d think I didn’t have a million and one things to be doing the day….
    I honestly need to get me backside in gear and switch this thing off…. LOL
    Take care of you my friend xxx

  126. Republicofscotland says:

    “LOL forgot that bit…”

    That’s alright Liz, I had the figures at hand, busting the higher tax myth is akin to busting the old we’ll need to use the Euro right away, or there’s no oil and gas left in the North sea.

  127. Republicofscotland says:

    Here’s a piccy of the new Bank of Scotland £20 pound note, with the Queensferry Crossing on it.

    Shut your eyes Mr Cole-Hamilton.

  128. Republicofscotland says:

    Being part of the union is bad for your health if you’re poor.

    “A study has linked a spike in mental-health problems among the unemployed with the rollout of universal credit and other government welfare changes.”

    “The number of unemployed people with psychological distress rose 6.6% between 2013 and 2018, it suggests.”

    “And this represents an extra 63,674 people in England, Wales and Scotland – 21,760 of whom became clinically depressed over the period.”

  129. Breeks says:

    Socrates MacSporran says:
    28 February, 2020 at 11:55 am
    Republic of Scotland I have repeatedly advocated, on these threads, that the SNP MPs make greater use of the Scottish Grand Committee to put a spanner in the works of Westminster.

    The problem is, you could give the SNP a Challenger Tank to bully it’s way around the House of Commons, but it wouldn’t do you any good if there is no appetite for putting it to good use.

    You have Scottish Sovereignty, the ultimate casting vote on what does or doesn’t happen to Scotland, yet it’s ignored time and time again.

    lothianlad says:
    28 February, 2020 at 1:14 pm

    ….Are the birbed, blackmailed and or infiltrated by the british secret service?? They have to be!!
    Fucking things up this close to independence can only be done by them!

    Something stinks, yes, but you have to determine what, what can be done to fix it, can the damage that’s been done be reversed, or is it better to cut your losses and start fresh.

    This insipid SNP attitude has cost us a lot. If the Scottish Governments attitude toward Brexit negotiations was as lame and anaemic as their apathy about Brexit itself, is it any wonder Scotland was excluded from the negotiations?

    We should have had a Scottish Backstop even stronger than the Irish Backstop, but instead, complete disinterest from the SNP.

    An emphatic Democratic majority to oppose Brexit from a population that is Constitutionally sovereign, and the SNP didn’t want to touch it with a barge pole. Within hours the mandate was already compromised because the SNP led the charge to forfeit Brexit and Scottish Constitutional Sovereignty on condition that Scotland kept access to the single market.

    Party of Independence? You’re having a laugh.

    Every root and branch of the YES movement has been starved of nutrients since 2015. Blogs and Scotland’s burgeoning new media have been left to their own devices and abandoned to sink or swim. If it wasn’t brand SNP, it didn’t happen.

    The SNP drop or alienate YES, Wings, Craig Murray, Grousebeater, AUOB, collectively known as the YES Movement, and drop their own Neale Hanvey and effectively forfeit a seat when every seat mattered. Anti-Semitic? Behave. Now he’d deserve to be sacked if he’d something utterly stupid, like taking a drag act into a primary school… oh.

    Then there is Theresa’s May Election which the SNP barely summoned any enthusiasm to fight.

    Then there is this infuriating adherence to a Section 30 route to a Referendum. Is it only me who thinks something stinks when the “ONLY” legal route to an IndyRef just “happens” to be the very route which the U.K. Government can arbitrarily kill off with a flick of the wrist? Funny that.

    Let’s not overlook the bushwhacking of Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson losing their seats, and the way the Scottish Government altered rules retrospectively to injure Mr Salmond…

    Ian Blackford… Scotland will not be Brexited against it’s will… Aye, wheesht Ian Blackford.. Did you ever hear Sturgeon say it? Did ye no read the memo?

    In fact, since 2014/15, the SNP Government under Sturgeon has really done virtually NOTHING to advance the interests of Independence, but meantime it’s gone out of it’s way to indulge this Woke bollocks to alienate the entire female electorate. Kinda weird priorities for the party of Independence. Is than an unfair thing to say? I’m trying to recall…

    The only glimmer of light there has been since 2015 is the glacial and painfully slow improvement in the polls, for which the SNP wants to claim all the credit, but which they’ve done nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING to cultivate or nurture. Boris Johnson and Theresa May did more to shift opinion than the SNP. Just look at any No to YES video and listen to the monologue.

    Talk about playing for the draw… Ask yourself a truly nasty and uncomfortable question…Now just for arguments sakes, just IF, you know, IF the SNP actually wanted Independence to stutter and fail, and enthusiasm and momentum to be lost and give way to pernicious attrition designed to lower the spirits of the YES movement… well, wouldn’t you have to say the SNP were certainly posing some awkward questions?

    And the latest joyful incredulity? Joanna Cherry and Angus Robertson fighting the same seat, and while the SNP squeals about a possible List Party splitting the Indy vote… Who needs a List Party when the SNP can split it’s own vote? Don’t you think “Somebody” is taking the piss?

    It’s quite a track record when you sit down and go through it.

    I think there is something very, very, rotten here, and we really do need a stewards enquiry into our lame and spineless Scottish Government. This is not apathy. This is not merely incompetence. This is not inaction bred of cowardice. This more and more looks like the wilful and deliberate undermining of Scottish Independence. Somebody needs to ask some poignant questions at Spring Confer… oh.

    I confess, I wasn’t sure at first, but now I am 100% behind Scotland developing a second Independence Party. Screw the list seats, we need a whole party in reserve, because there may be something fundamentally wrong with the A-team. I fear there is a credible possibility that it might have a black heart.

    Maybe we should ask Gandalf to pop in on his travels and rap Nicola on the nose with his wizard’s staff, just to see if anything strange happens…

    Meantime, I’m backing Team Cherry, and I can tell you, it’s a great positive feeling when feel the doubts just start to wash away…

  130. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I have to admit. I like the cut of this chap Breeks jib. He’s posting a lot of sensible stuff these days.

  131. robertknight says:

    Breeks @ 5:12

    “Something stinks, yes, but you have to determine what”

    Ever heard of Kompromat?

    “compromising information collected for use in blackmailing, discrediting, or manipulating someone, typically for political purposes”.

    Call me paranoid, but I have difficulty believing that our current constitutional situation is the result of simple incompetence on the part of the SNP ‘leadership’ and nothing else.

  132. Terry says:

    Nailed it.

  133. liz says:

    @Breeks, absolutely.
    Something stinks to high heaven but there are still too many – NS walks on water types to get rid of her.

    She’s surrounded herself with nodding dogs.
    The fact this so called feminist, is making women jump through hoops to justify our rights, enshrined in law when we should be pushing for indy, shouts volumns.

    I keep hoping the AS trial will be the start of a fight back.
    AS must be distraught seeing the mess she’s made since she took over.

    I agree, we need a new indy party.
    I hope Joanna gets the nomination but I wouldn’t rule out dirty tricks there either.
    AR is an arrogant arse, he got pulled up for saying Edin Central was one of the top constituencies, like the others were rubbish

  134. Hammerton says:

    The SNP are killing independence for me.
    I believe in independence not membership of the EU which is not independence.
    I don’t believe in self declaration.
    I don’t believe in legalised drug consumption rooms.
    I certainly don’t believe that people under the age of 25 should avoid prison because of their age – WTF?
    No SNP votes from me, someone else needs to take up the independence reins.

  135. Ron Maclean says:

    The Scottish Grand Committee was described as neither Scottish nor Grand.

  136. Joe says:

    @ twathater

    Ive been telling people the mainstream media is a shitpit of lies and propaganda since about year 2000 when I got rid of my TV. I do understand the hand they have played in the indy argument.

    However its not just the media that is turning people off now. Its a portion of the Yes movement and the SNP.

    Anyone who looks at the current SNP and their activists and doesnt feel something of a chill at the 1984 style of the fuckers and what being run as an independent country by them would be like isnt really thinking in my opinion.

    We all seem to be wisening up to the SNP now. Thats good. Its just the tip of the iceberg though.

    As for tax – my main point about tax is not as things are. Its as things may well be under the kind of government we will get if Scotland actually became independent on the terms with which we are dealing.

    Im sorry, i’ll repeat, if that’s not bringing a pang of concern then your not thinking.

    Now heres why im a disrespectful arsehole to you all about it – you were warned. By myself and a few others, mostly notably WOS, but nearly everyone wanted to bury their heads in the sand and pretend we were just paranoid.

    People cant afford to be this naive if you ever want to have a government that is operated for the benefit of the people and you can’t expect people who are not convinced by indy yet to ever be convinced by the kind of garbage that is currently on offer.

  137. Bob Mack says:

    ‘@ Breeks

    Excellent post

  138. cirsium says:

    well said, Breeks (5.12pm) and liz (5.58pm)

  139. dakk says:

    Let’s not kid ourselves SNP has suddenly become a colonial management government within the UK.

    Much though I like and respect Alex Salmond, even under his governance pre indyref I used to rail as to why the entire Scottish population were not made aware of McCrone and the fact Scotland subsidises the thieving liars of britain.

    Alex also appointed as leader of the Yes campaign that tosser Blair Drummond.

    SNP since being in government have been successful in governing Scotland extremely well as part of the UK.

    The nice softly sofly approach re Scotland’s abuse and exploitation at the hands of the british liars and theives is nothing new imo.

  140. Republicofscotland says:

    “Alex also appointed as leader of the Yes campaign that tosser Blair Drummond.”

    You mean Blair Jenkins, Blair Drummond is a small community five miles North-West of Stirling.

  141. Golfnut says:

    If your not following Craig Murray’s commentary on the Julian Assange’s extradition, then I would recommend that you do. Not just because the machinations of the British state are in full view but because there are some very interesting points in the commentary( Tony Dawson), as well as the article regarding domestic law and Treaties.

  142. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    No comment from me, although I did converse with him at a “media” event at the DCA in Dundee, back in the day.

  143. sassenach says:

    We are all feeling the despair of seemingly very little happening regarding Indy, but it was McMillan who once said “Events, dear boy, events” when asked about governance.

    Just lately there have been ‘events’ causing worldwide stock market crashes, virus health issues, climate change issues etc – it would be suicidal to be attempting to be playing the ‘sovereignty’ card (or anything else) at this time!

    Imagine Carlot, Leopold and Runny hitting us with “All you ever think about is Indy, even when there are real crises”.
    Hold hard, mes braves!!

  144. dakk says:

    ‘McMillan who once said “Events, dear boy, events” when asked about governance.’

    It wasn’t McMillan who said that. It was me on this blog 2 days ago 🙂

    But you’re correct.

    A referendum anytime soon would be a farce,and I think that has to be recognised.

  145. cynicalHighlander says:

    In two parts by the way 50 mins ea.

  146. Liz g says:

    ———— Just Because ———— Scotland ——
    On this day the 28th February in 1638 The Covenanters signed the National Covenant.
    For the next few decades they were persecuted with as many as 18,000 being killed between 1661 to 1680.
    They are remembered today as heroic fighters for their religious freedom 🙂

  147. kapelmeister says:

    Remember, Boris Johnson only has the power over Scotland which we choose to concede to him.

  148. mike cassidy says:

    First, They Came for Assange

    And how the USis treating someone who refuses to testify against him.

  149. Breeks says:

    dakk says:
    28 February, 2020 at 8:25 pm

    …Much though I like and respect Alex Salmond, even under his governance pre indyref I used to rail as to why the entire Scottish population were not made aware of McCrone and the fact Scotland subsidises the thieving liars of britain…

    I would agree that Alex Salmond made mistakes, especially where the media was concerned, but I also remember how little enthusiasm there was for challenging the BBC’s monopoly back in 2013/14. There was a general feeling that attacking the BBC was like kicking a hornets nest. Scotland’s alertness and cynicism about the media is much healthier now than it was in 2014, when people were still naive enough to believe writing complaints to the BBC Governors would change things.

    I also think Alex Salmond was also weak on the Constitutional realities, but strategically weak, not illiterate. Alex Salmond was, if I remember correctly, highly critical of Blair’s Supreme Court and the Constitutional ramifications.

    It was also Alex Salmond who agreed to the Section 30 precedent of 2014, although I think if I’m correct, much of the work setting up the Edinburgh Agreement was done by Sturgeon.

    Blair Jenkins was weird appointment for me too. Never quite worked that one out.

    But you’re right dakk, it’s easy to forget Alex Salmond made mistakes, but he also doubled support for Indy during his tenure, actually got Scotland as referendum, and came mightily close to winning it too. The first Holyrood and Westminster elections both returned emphatic surges for SNP representation… but mandates, majorities and momentum which were all squandered under Sturgeon, culminating with the low point of Theresa May’s snap election and Tory resurgence.

    Don’t forget too, Alex Salmond had neither Brexit nor Scotland’s emphatic rejection of Brexit to lend power to his elbow. In 2014 the Unionist media had stolen a march on Europe and promoted the fallacy that Independence meant Scotland being out of Europe, not in it. If Alex Salmond had thereality of Brexit in 2014, or if Salmond had still been in charge after 2014, it might have made all the difference …

  150. twathater says:

    @ sassenach and others , obviously the covid virus can be utilised as an excuse to hang fire temporarily on a indy2 ref , as if NS needs further excuses , but what is the excuse from the EU ref in 2016 and all points forward as breeks so eloquently dissects , that period and ALL the mandates gained since then and with marches of over 100,000 people taking to the streets in support of indy means hee haw to NS and the SNP hierarchy

    Sassenach you and others have come on here and berated and denigrated Stu for many of his blogs pointing out the truth , so much so that he has been called a unionist plant deliberately causing division in the movement through his outspoken views against the GRA

    But I and many others have pointed out that it is not Stu who is creating the division but the rabid proponents of the legislation the SNP wokeists and SG ,there has been numerous requests for the SNP and NS to shelve or reject this policy all are ignored
    So pray tell me and possibly others , when you encourage HOLD HOLD what are we holding for , what is the grand plan , IF Nicola and the SNP refused to challenge the constitutional integrity of Scots and if we don’t have a ref what are we holding for

  151. Rm says:

    Watching the parliament channel on the 25th Feb, the oil and gas future, the SNP MPs hardly got a say they were laughing and joking with the english mps who are dictating what the future will be regarding the moving into renewables, Scottish well Scottish MPs who want to dissolve the union should be putting up more of a fight, nothing ever gets done except they keep getting their salary, their down in Westminster to fight for Scotland, they’ve done nothing in four years, somethings wrong, is something happening behind the scenes? Our Scottish SNP MPs have to start taking the fight to them, they’re are laughing and joking while getting stabbed in the back at the same time, I wish they had more pith like some Irish MPs.

  152. Golfnut says:

    Having read Craig Murray’s excellent analysis of the extradition hearing a couple of times now, plus some what appear to be well informed comments regarding Treaties and domestic law, I find myself even more at a loss as to why the legal sword hasn’t as yet been loosed from its scabbard.
    Treaties trump domestic law, why then are we allowing Westminster to dictate, using no more than conventions, what constitutes legality concerning our right.

  153. Robert Louis says:

    Breeks at 512pm yesterday,

    Excellent post. I fully agree, that something stinks. What has the Scotgov done this week to advance independence? ~NOTHING.

    Brexit continues apace, and SNP MP’s draw their fat salaries, whilst constantly whining about how awful Westminster is. But still they do nothing. Still the SNP ‘leader’ ignbores it all, seemingly happy to let it all be done to Scotland, so she can then whine about how unfair it all is.

    Brexit continues apace, and Scotland is being ignored, yet our Scottyish government do nothing to stop it. NOTHING.

    Breeks, I admire your posts, since they set out EXACTLY the reality of how Scots are being quite literally betrayed by the current Scottish Government. Let us not forget, they were elected on a mandate of calling an indyref, explicitly if Scotland is taken out of the EU against its wishes.

    Still, NS blabs on about section 30. The whole world realises Boris won’t give one, yet Nicola carries on regardless, either willfully or in complete delusion.

    Breeks is right, something is rotten at the heart of the current Scottish Government, wholly unweilling to even argue with Westminster. A bunch of cowards, in all but name. The SNP leadership have shown that when the chips are down, they, the SNP, will NOT stand up for Scotland. They do not have Scotland’s back. All too cosy, all too complacent.

    And as for Iain Blackford? He promsied repeatedly in the HoC that Scotland would not be removed from the EU against its wishes. Many in the indy movement believed him. More fool us. A man in his shoes now, would advisedly stop whining. He had his chance, and literally blew it. Yet another SNP blowhard ‘toom tabard’.

    The latter part of Breeks post is worth re-quoting;

    QUOTE “I think there is something very, very, rotten here, and we really do need a stewards enquiry into our lame and spineless Scottish Government. This is not apathy. This is not merely incompetence. This is not inaction bred of cowardice. This more and more looks like the wilful and deliberate undermining of Scottish Independence. Somebody needs to ask some poignant questions at Spring Confer… oh.

    I confess, I wasn’t sure at first, but now I am 100% behind Scotland developing a second Independence Party. Screw the list seats, we need a whole party in reserve, because there may be something fundamentally wrong with the A-team. I fear there is a credible possibility that it might have a black heart.

    Maybe we should ask Gandalf to pop in on his travels and rap Nicola on the nose with his wizard’s staff, just to see if anything strange happens…

    Meantime, I’m backing Team Cherry, and I can tell you, it’s a great positive feeling when feel the doubts just start to wash away…”

  154. susan says:

    I would support an Independence Party that was against the GRA, and I feel Scotland needs one. The SNP have us over a barrel, legislating woke rubbish with the knowledge that if we want independence we have to accept this nonsense. Just not on.

  155. Ottomanboi says:

    BritUnionist fleas are growing fat and not even a scratch.
    Our Sometime Never Party is plainly in need of a “physic”.

  156. ahundredthidiot says:

    If five different surveys were returned today confirming that between 65% and 75% of people living and working in Scotland, over the age of 18, now favoured Independence for Scotland.

    What would the SNP do about that?

    Answers on a postcard please, addressed to;

    15b More of the Same Road,
    Who gives a fucksville,
    SNP Headquarters,
    Spineless land,
    PO BOX 666.

  157. Stoker says:

    For anyone unaware, another one getting out:

  158. Bill McLean says:

    I think i’ve asked this before but does anyone think, and can rationalize why,maybe the SG is waiting for the result of the Alex Salmond case? I was waiting for a miracle right throughout 2014 expecting a clincher to appear – I don’t want to go through that again!

  159. Clydebuilt says:

    Bill McLean

    Well surely it’s better to get the Salmond case out of the way before starting up Indy Ref2 .
    Having a daily dose of negativity from the case being drip fed into a campaign would be very damaging.
    Can’t think of anything worse!

  160. Bill McLean says:

    Clydebuilt – Thanks. I agree with you but many are impatient to be getting on with it. I’m looking for, if it’s possible, some in-depth assesment not jut my opinion!

  161. Clydebuilt says:

    Bill McLean

    There will be a constant drip of negativity during Alex Salmond’s trial. This would be very damaging during an Indy Ref. Campaign.

    Hard to think of anything worse.

  162. Mist001 says:

    I don’t think it matters if Alex Salmond is found guilty of anything or not. His reputation will be trashed, which is the whole point of this farce.

    On the otherhand, I believe Mrs. Murrell is one of the complainants, so if Alex is aquitted on all charges, then we can expect a major shake up at the top of the SNP.

  163. Clydebuilt says:

    Is everyone who is impatient to get on with it, working for independence. Is Westminster just sitting back and letting us get on with organising our independence campaign without interference?

  164. meg merrilees says:

    So if we had held a referendum 6 months ago and lost – ask yourselves where would we be now????

    I’m as frustrated as the next person that we haven’t had our vote for freedom yet but, and it is a huge but, we have to keep the goal in sight and focus on what we want to achieve.

    Everyone that is posting on this website with genuine grievances about the SNP/NS and other issues- have you actually spoken with your MP, your MSP, your local group, written to NS – or are you content that grumbling on this webpage makes you feel better?

    There is so much happening around us just now – look at the mess Boris and co are making – the Part-Time Prime Minister attending a tory Ball while swathes of England are flooded, corona virus and the impact it will have on the NHS in England, the lack of any preparation for EU/UK negotiations… even the fishermen in the NE are talking about coming out for Indy now because they realise they will be sold down the river by WM.

    Nicola may not seem to be moving things on but she maintains she wants a referendum this year; there is the AS trial to come and that will be uncomfortable at best and downright horrible at worst.

    Politics is a bit like the weather just now, one storm after another.

    GRA is doing nothing to help or to calm things down but I truly believe that this is being stirred up deliberately to cause unrest, unease and insurrection. We can’t let that put us off our goal.

    I don’t have the answers but muttering and moaning won’t get us anywhere – we need action and sometimes that has to start at the bottom – not wait for top.

    When it is this close we have to hold steady.

  165. Golfnut says:

    @ Clydebuilt and Bill McLean.

    We will have a shit load of negativity regarding AS, win or lose, remember they have also charged him with Breach of the Peace.
    After the trial they won’t be able to use it as headline news as readily as they would if indyref ran at the same time. They have no positive message to use during indyref, so they will use smear instead.
    Nicola, could if she was as smart as we think she is, announce a date for indyref at the start of the trial. Some counter move must be made and made soon.

  166. Republicofscotland says:

    Now we have the former editor of the shitrag the Scotsman newspaper Magnus Linklater defending David Steel on the Lib/Dems #Paedogate whitewash scandal.

    Linklater praised his friend, and hit out at critics of the peer. One creep defending another on the whitewash of child sex abuse.

    We must make sure the Lib/Dems branch office in Scotland is reduced even further at next years election.

  167. Republicofscotland says:

    As the Scottish government holds up their end of the Scotlands City Region deal by pumping in £1.8 billion pounds, Westminster has reneged on its end of the deal, by coming up £407 million pounds short of what was promised.

    Bruce Crawford SNP MSP said the Tories might talk a good deal but they’ve yet again under delivered.

    Scotland as part of this unnatural union is getting robbed blind.

  168. Joe says:

    Is it true we are thinking about considering people under 25 to have brains too immature to warrant jail time?

    Not sure if its just usual media pish.

    If so does that not extend to deciding on having their baws hacked off and voting?

  169. Republicofscotland says:

    “On the otherhand, I believe Mrs. Murrell is one of the complainants”

    Where did you get that from? I’m under the impression complainers (In the Salmond case in Scotland) have complete anonymity, which I don’t agree with.

  170. Republicofscotland says:

    “Is it true we are thinking about considering people under 25 to have brains too immature to warrant jail time?”

    You’ll be okay then, Chinthe brains never mature.

  171. Effijy says:

    Watched a fascinating show earlier this morning:
    “The Krays and the Pervert Peer.”

    The Profumo prostitute scandal involving a Tory Minister
    and a Senior Russian sharing in turn a hot bed.

    All possible was done to keep it buried but it blew up
    And the publicity was a major negative for the Tories with an election looming.

    Next a Tory Peer Lord Boothby is suspected of using young men for his pleasures
    And the Krays build a relationship with him and one of these nutters had sex with him
    Before supply boys for him.

    Now having him in a position to blackmail him, he manages to pull strings in the corrupt UK
    establishment and gets them off a serious violent offence.
    Later he is used to relocate one of the gang to a prison of the Krays choosing.

    Another Labour MP is lured into the same web and is forced to use his powers to help the main
    Gangsters of London.

    A gay Express journalist witness all the going’s on, had pictures too and reports to the Editor
    The biggest scoop of the decade.

    Great excitement until the papers owner tells them to bury everything quickly?
    Seems the government asked favours of the owner for favours returned.

    Next a left wing journalist in a left wing paper prints a picture of gangsters and political Lords
    Socialising with one of a renowned rent boy.

    A follow up story is written with all the juicy details about to come out
    When shock to all the paper tears up the evidence, drops the story, apologises and pays
    Out a record fee for compensation?

    The Krays drunk with power carry out more killings, end up on trail and are refused bail
    As evidence overwhelming.

    The Blackmail the politicians to pull strings to get them released again but this loses them
    All credibility as everyone knows the Krays to be murdering gangsters with a hand in just about all
    Criminal activities.

    Krays in prison and full cover up in play by the political parties covering up
    For their criminal perverted Lords, everything looks settled.

    A few years later a journalist decides to write a book about all of this.
    He uncovers previous and new evidence and has a potential best seller
    On his hands. Publishers all start out very excited, talking big numbers,
    and then they drop it without feedback.

    The Guardian wanted to serialise it, then they drop it?

    The proof is all there?

    The journalist goes on holiday and both his home and his secretary’s homes are
    Burgled and all files disappeared?

    He still works on the story with freedom of information rights but to this very day
    Those in power involved I the story have their names redacted.

    Today the establishment still cover up the criminals who were in their parties.

    Labour, Tory and Liberals all corrupt to the core for generation after generation

  172. manandboy says:


    Brexit is going feral

    “What is happening with Brexit is something different. As I, along with many others with much greater authority and larger audiences, have recorded on this blog, most of the things that Brexiters want are simply impossible to deliver – possibly all of them, when taken in combination – and are often based upon deliberate or accidental falsehoods. This generates a faith-based politics in which what matters is loyalty to the cause and purity of belief. Possessed of such belief, the impossible becomes possible and inconvenient facts disappear.”

    “We’ve now reached the stage where the government has purged from office all those who do not display this loyalty and do not have (or are not willing to simulate) this purity of belief”

    Please read the rest of this article if you have time.

  173. Pete says:

    I suppose that makes them just like the SNP then?
    Trying to claim the political high ground is just plain stupid.
    They’re all just as bad as each other, just like the general population, I suppose.

  174. Willie says:

    Post 2014 the British establishment resolved that never again would an upstart independence movement run them close.

    Accordingly, in that we see today an SNP under a Sturgeon and others whose leadership is absolutely not committed to NOT pursuing independence. Lots of hot air abut a sometime S30 referendum but no real commitment. Indeed, instead of galvanising the wider independence support – Yes, AUOB, Wings, Craig Murray et al the SNP turn against them. It is if the SNP are trying to destroy the independence drive – which when you consider the contest between Joanna Cherry and Angus Robertson seems to reinforce the point.

    Indeed, on that last point particularly why would Nicola Sturgeon have two star performers battle it out for the Edinburgh Central especially when Joanna is effectively the sitting MP from the area, whilst Angus is from Moray.

    Something does not gel in all of this. Although she says differently Nicola and her coteries now seem to be the blockers. Why is this, and how do we change direction from a non independence direction.

  175. Willie says:

    Puting things in perspective it is not difficult to see who will be the winner with the SNP tearing itself apart uncommitted to independence whilst the wider independence movement looks on trying to imagine how it can operate without the support of an independence focussed SNP.

    This state of affairs I think has its gestation in the British Establishment who watches and infiltrates so that it can influence entire movements.

    No one should underestimate the dark power of the British state.

  176. manandboy says:


    A flavour –

    “I have been increasing uneasy about the politics in both the US and UK. The methods used by both Trump and the current Tory party increasingly resemble those employed by fascists.

    I don’t expect gas chambers, but believe that in both countries amoral techniques are being used to gaslight the public and consolidate power in the hands of a very wealthy global elite.

    The 26 richest people on earth in 2018 have the same net worth as the poorest half of the world’s population, some 3.8 billion people.
    There is no question that many of the “elite” would like to keep things that way. This “elite” of course also includes mega-corporations, many with wealth greater than even middle-sized nations. Much of this wealth is hidden in offshore accounts and tax evasion and avoidance by the 0.01% is rife. Globally, the only organisation with the power and will to tackle this is the EU, which is why it has enemies on the right.

    The EU is also a bastion of citizens rights. Workers rights, in particular, limit the profits that the wealthiest individuals and corporations can make. The “level playing field” is detested as it prevents a race to the bottom.

    Standards, in quality of goods, food and environment, very much a part of “the level playing field” are also a brake on libertarian capitalism. The EU is by far the greatest champion of these issues globally and is increasingly effective.”

  177. manandboy says:


    “Why is the destruction of truth, as a shared ideal, so critical to the (Johnson/Cummings) project? (edit.)

    It’s important because truth is the heart of liberal democracy. The two ideals of liberal democracy are liberty and equality. If your belief system is shot through with lies, you’re not free. Nobody thinks of the citizens of North Korea as free, because their actions are controlled by lies.

    Truth is required to act freely. Freedom requires knowledge, and in order to act freely in the world, you need to know what the world is and know what you’re doing. You only know what you’re doing if you have access to the truth. So freedom requires truth, and so to smash freedom you must smash truth.

    There’s a great line from the philosopher Hannah Arendt, I think in her book about totalitarianism, where she says that fascists are never content to merely lie; they must transform their lie into a new reality, and they must persuade people to believe in the unreality they’ve created. And if you get people to do that, you can convince them to do anything.”

  178. The Isolator says:

    I suspect Nicola Sturgeon has her sights set on the keys to Downing Street via a resurgent Labour party with Scotland providing the canon fodder MP’s.She and the rest of the Labour sympathisers can GTF out of the party ASAP.Thank you

  179. Craig Murray says:

    Mist, Republic of Scotland

    Mrs Murrell is not one of the complainants. Six of her closest cronies are though.

  180. Dorothy Devine says:

    Good grief! there is a lot of ordure being spouted on this site – utter crap from the usual and not so usual suspects

    We have always said that the SNP were only a catalyst to independence and there were those in other parties and none who wanted independence – the folk who are surprised by this appear to be Carlaw , Rennie and whatisface of Labour in Scotland.

    We have a media intent on destroying the Yes movement and it appears they aren’t doing a good job as we now have the twisted , manipulative infiltrators to add to dissent – one or two of whom seem to be ‘last word charlies”

  181. Mist001 says:

    “Republicofscotland says:
    29 February, 2020 at 10:57 am
    “On the otherhand, I believe Mrs. Murrell is one of the complainants”

    Where did you get that from? I’m under the impression complainers (In the Salmond case in Scotland) have complete anonymity, which I don’t agree with.”

    Yes, complainants have anonimity, I’m saying what I believe to be the case, that Mrs. Murrell is one of the complainants.

  182. Joe says:

    Thats Slovenia voted in an ally of Orban. The future isnt all bad. Cant wait to see how the Italians do in the next couple of years.

    Now that Turkey isnt stopping migrants we can watch the EU continue break under the weight of people who vote on personal experience and not do-gooder positive feelz

  183. Joe says:

    Eastern Europe is leading the way in rejecting this progressive pish. Now there are cities declaring themselves LGBT ideology free zones. But then, they did experience communism and have know what Islam is about from a millenia of experience.

  184. Joe says:

    Just need Trump 2020 landslide and George Soros (Rothschild public figure) hanging by his balls and things will definitely be rosy.

    Oh…sorry…is anyone offended? Do excuse me, ill leave you all to your bubble:)

  185. Tatu3 says:

    Meg merrilees @ 10.16.
    Well said. The moaners on here should read her comment above.

  186. jfngw says:

    Those that are dismissing the current transgender issues as irrelevant should watch this report (taken from Rev’s twitter).

    What we have is a Dr Mengele experimentation being carried our in the western world on you people. The transgenics of the 21st century (same as the eugenics madness in the 20th century, which is still active).

    I’m half expecting soon to be told Jimmy Saville was not evil but just a misunderstood person in the wrong body.

  187. jfngw says:

    That should be young people not you people.

  188. kapelmeister says:

    It is give years since the SNP won the 56 seats at Westminster. Four years since Scotland committed to the EU with 62% remain. It is not impatience when independence hardliners on this forum find fault with the softliners of the SNP leadership. It is clear sightedness.

    People who find ready excuses for inaction will never find enough will power to act. Another lost indyref now would be far preferable than meek submission to Johnson. Submission is highly addictive and a hard habit to break.

    As for people on here bleating about divide and rule being used on us. I say good. The keener students of history know that when divide and rule is used just once too often it creates a leaner, determined grouping that goes on to overturn the tyranny.

  189. David says:

    I think its you lot who were mentioned in the National keyboard warriors with nothing to say only insults

  190. boris says:

    The Whitehall Civil Service gets involved in politics tactically delaying Brexit and the Tory’s didn’t like it. But when they did the same thing in the 2014 Scottish referendum the same lot were praised, promoted and awarded top civil service awards

  191. jfngw says:


    Says someone who comes to post an insult, very amusing.

  192. kapelmeister says:

    Pete Wishart is so soft he should have been playing keyboards in Blancmange instead of Runrig.

  193. Ayeright says:

    Is this still a site where supporters of Independence can exchange views, ideas and knowledge in pursuit of that goal?

    I’m only asking because it seems to be a site for moaning about the SNP and replacing Nicola Sturgeon since 75% of the posters do exactly that.

    It’s now a sad parody of what it once was. Pity.

  194. Dr Jim says:

    The Goldilocks principle:

    Everybody knows the political system in Westminster is a fudge between pretending to be a democracy and a monarchy by having elections, then the winning party elects themselves a leader who in effect is the replacement King/Queen of the UK if they gain a majority of votes

    The job of that replacement King/Queen should be to implement the will of Parliament, but that’s not how it works in fact, the new King/Queen implements the will of their party who in effect have become the new courtiers to the crown of the Prime Minster King, and they jockey for position whithin that herd for promotions and favours just as was the case in the past with the Monarchy, and we all know that the Monarchies are in effect dictatorships

    In Scotland we have a devolved form of the same system albeit our history and constitution is slightly different
    The problem in Scotland at the moment is that the current First Minister is not using her position in the same way everybody criticises her English counterpart for abusing

    We don’t like what King Boris is doing because we can all see clearly that it is dictatorship, but in Scotland many on the Independence side of the argument demand that Scotland’s First Minister behave in the same way by only favouring her own political party and doing what we want and she’s refusing to deneutralise herself from a position of one side or the other because the numbers are close

    The question is are we really demanding that Scotlands FM behave in the same way as Englands King Boris and if she does will she cause Scotland to degenerate into the same chaos as King Boris has done in England post Brexit vote

    I personally don’t believe that Scotlands FM is not up for a political fight or feart of anything, except for one thing, and it’s the similar repercussions or worse in Scotland she could cause by not having sufficient numbers on her side to put to the country which will gain popular acceptance following a YES vote

    I believe the YES vote is their to be had but the aftermath is the problem for the current FM
    King Boris Johnson has no principles, FM Nicola Sturgeon appears to have too many

    The porridge is not just right

  195. Republicofscotland says:

    “Is this still a site where supporters of Independence can exchange views, ideas and knowledge in pursuit of that goal?”

    “I’m only asking because it seems to be a site for moaning about the SNP and replacing Nicola Sturgeon since 75% of the posters do exactly that.”

    Ask yourself this, why has the Rev taken a break, and virtually stopped posting?

    Could it be because like others he knows that there’s not going to be a indyref anytime soon, that Sturgeon has had years of Westminster in turmoil but still she couldn’t name a date for independence.

    Also its very unlikely a indyref will be called anytime soon, not this year anyway, what with the Coronavirus, the Salmond fit up, no indy funds forthcoming, SNP donations down, and the SNP fully focusing on next years election.

    When you step back and put all those things together, you see a picture, a picture that tells you that they’ll be no indyref, if at all, until at least 2022.

    Its been four years since the EU vote, four years that Sturgeon has had time to plan meticulously for a indyref, consultative, advisory (the EU ref was advisory ) whatever you want to call it.

    Tell me in that time what has Sturgeon achieved that’s brought us any closer to independence?

  196. Republicofscotland says:

    “I’m saying what I believe to be the case, that Mrs. Murrell is one of the complainants.”


    Is that just your personal belief opinion, or do you have any info to back it up. If its the former fair enough, however if its the latter pray do tell.

  197. Republicofscotland says:

    Re my above comment Mist001, it would appear Craig Murray @1.20pm, has answered the question.

  198. Ayeright says:


    Also its very unlikely a indyref will be called anytime soon, not this year anyway, what with the Coronavirus, the Salmond fit up, no indy funds forthcoming, SNP donations down, and the SNP fully focusing on next years election.

    When you step back and put all those things together, you see a picture, a picture that tells you that they’ll be no indyref, if at all, until at least 2022.

    What point are you trying to make?

    That we shouldn’t be having a referendum this year OR despite all the reasons you cite not to have one that actually we should go ahead anyway and it’s Nicola Sturgeon to blame for not doing so?

    You contradict yourself, it’s pathetic, no wonder I’m laughing hahaha

  199. Breeks says:

    Ayeright says:
    29 February, 2020 at 2:40 pm
    Is this still a site where supporters of Independence can exchange views, ideas and knowledge in pursuit of that goal?

    I honestly don’t expect ardent believers in SNP strategy to come here and like what is being said. Frankly, I would feel much happier if you were angry and upset about what was being said here, then resolved to go and do something constructive about it.

    Those of us dissatisfied with the SNP are not the ones creating the dissatisfaction.

    Those of us outraged at the loss of our European Citizenship are not the ones responsible for losing it. We did our part. We handed Nicola Sturgeon an emphatic Democratic mandate backed by the Constitutional Sovereignty of the Scottish people opposing Scotland’s Brexit, and gave Nicola everything she required to create a Constitutional Stand-off over Brexit, like the Irish Backstop, which required either Westminster’s capitulation over Brexit or the dissolution of the Union when Westminster refused to climb down.

    Like it or not, that created a precedent. Our Scottish Government contrived to lose over Brexit when it held all the necessary cards to avoid Scotland’s Brexit, affirm the Constitutional Sovereignty of the Scottish people, and render the 1707 Treaty of Union wholly and completely untenable as a direct consequence of Westminster’s unlawful colonial misadventure.

    Our Scottish Government is now showing every indication that it fully intends to flout Scotland’s Sovereign Constitution again, by recognising the colonial Scotland Act and Section 30 requirements asked of a devolved assembly, as the superior authority over and above multiple mandates laid before the SNP by the sovereign electorate of Scotland.

    That the SNP Scottish Government is content to pay lip service to Scotland’s Sovereign Constitution, seek no constitutional clarification in law, ignore multiple mandates for holding an Independence referendum, and pander to Westminster’s arbitrary conventions and constraints speaks volumes.

    If the SNP doesn’t like criticism, then stop acting like Westminster’s poodle, recognise it’s the people of Scotland you answer to, NOT Westminster, and get on and do the job you were elected to do; protect the integrity of Scotland, save Scotland from colonial exploitation and subjugation , and end the goddammed Union!

    The SNP Government is NOT a free agent at liberty to pick and choose it’s own bizarre agenda. It is the appointed government of a sovereign electorate which makes decisions which are binding. Start doing what you’re bloody well told to do. You’ve already fucked up Brexit with your inglorious and creative insubordination. While I have breath in my body, you will not fuck up Scotland’s Independence with the same arrogant hubris and Constitutional illiteracy.

    I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like it. Where’s my fucking EU Citizenship you promised to protect?

  200. Ayeright says:


    Couldn’t read that long winded speel as are all your posts.

    You’re a blowhard with your head so far up your own arse that I’m surprised you’re still able to breathe.

  201. cynicalHighlander says:

    @Ayeright says:
    29 February, 2020 at 4:11 pm

    Couldn’t read that long winded speel as are all your posts.

    Maybe you should then and you might actually learn something

  202. Ayeright says:

    Pile ON! 🙂

  203. twathater says:

    @ Breeks , AGAIN AND AGAIN very well said , so ayeright , meg merrilees , Dorothy, all please explain why breeks is wrong and what NS has/is doing to correct this undemocratic fascist quandary we are being FORCED TO ENDURE , ayeright don’t just come on to TELL people not to air their views , TELL us what the SNP are doing to PROTECT AND USE our sovereignty , otherwise YOU just sound like a NS and SNP apologist

  204. Breeks says:

    Ayeright says:
    29 February, 2020 at 4:11 pm

    Couldn’t read that long winded speel as are all your posts.

    Aye, that wee attention span explains a lot.

  205. Ayeright says:

    As I said earlier, this is a sad parody of what this site was. Look at the state of you. Pity.

  206. Breeks says:

    Ayeright says:
    29 February, 2020 at 4:29 pm
    As I said earlier, this is a sad parody of what this site was. Look at the state of you. Pity.

    We’re not the enemy Ayeright.

    Come back when you can answer some the questions being asked. Have a go explaining something. You wanted an exchange of views, so on you go….

    Brexit was the easy ride for you guys. Blind faith and unquestioning allegiance isn’t going to cut it next time.

  207. cynicalHighlander says:


    Well stop looking in your mirror then

  208. Dorothy Devine says:

    I did not mention Breeks at all , neither did I intend to – I may not always agree with him but I am more than happy to read his arguments – there are others with nothing to say other than denigrate , imply and name call.

  209. John H. says:

    Well said meg merrilees 10.16am.
    Objectively, I know it is wisest to wait until after the AS trial for a referendum, but when I read of the antics of Boris Johnson and Priti Patel I feel so frustrated. I feel that I want to put as much distance between Brexitland and us as soon as possible.

    It’s hard, but we don’t want to screw it up now or we will never get away. Having said that, if we don’t get a referendum this year then it will be much more difficult next year. Of course, Joanna Cherry said that there are other ways to achieve independence than a referendum.

  210. Republicofscotland says:

    “What point are you trying to make?”

    “That we shouldn’t be having a referendum this year OR despite all the reasons you cite not to have one that actually we should go ahead anyway and it’s Nicola Sturgeon to blame for not doing so?”

    The point I’m making is that Coronavirus aside, the other factors are of Sturgeons own making. If you still believe they’ll be a indyref this year, then you’re a bigger optimist than myself, and many others in here.

    From 2016, when leave won the the EU vote and Sturgeon knew then that there was a very strong possibility thst we’d be dragged out of the EU, she shouldve planned for a indyref, and had a date by now, she didn’t, we haven’t.

    Will we ever see such turmoil and confusion and lack of unity at Westminster again this century than we saw in that last few years over Brexit, and what a fantastic opportunity that was that Sturgeon let slip away on breaking this unfit for purpose union.

    I really hope I’m wrong and you’re right and Sturgeon holds a indyref later in the year, then you can laugh till the cows come home, but I for one won’t be holding my breath on that happening pre-2022.

  211. Dan says:

    Cause and effect…
    Breeks could produce shorter posts if said posts didn’t have to highlight and catalogue the ever increasing array of missed opportunities and bizarrely inappropriate for the times policy chasing that’s occurring under the watch of our politicians that many in the YES movement have worked our arses off to get elected over the years.

    It would be braw if some new btl poster could rock up this afternoon and proffer some insight and an explanation to the various points raised in the following “long winded” post by Breeks.

  212. Effijy says:

    No Pete,

    Nothing like SNP.
    SNPare not part of the London Elite who control Westminster and the Police.
    They don’t redact freedom of information, they don’t have spooks steal from
    Peoples homes and if they know someone in office has committed an offence
    They are out of the party and presented for judgement.

  213. Republicofscotland says:

    “As I said earlier, this is a sad parody of what this site was. Look at the state of you. Pity.”

    If anyones in a state it would appear to be you, a state of denial.

  214. Bill McLean says:

    What has happened to the Saturday cartoon and where is Cameron Brodie? I have been reading this blog since it began and found it informative and insightful and even, sometimes amusing when the obvious trolls put their nebs in – now I read it with despair as it becomes clearer and clearer that the Britnats are doing their usual and we, the mugs, are assisting in destroying this blog and with it a major weapon in the independence movement. Don’t know how much longer I can go on reading this constant complaining, insulting and criticism of those who try to educate!

  215. Liz g says:

    ——– Just Because —– Scotland 🙂

    The origins of the traditional leap year proposal has been attributed to many historical figures.
    One of the most popular urban myths is that Queen Margaret of Scotland issued a law that fined any man who turned down a proposal on this date.
    Historians point out that as she was 5 years old and lived in Norway it’s unlikely to be true.

  216. Sarah says:

    @ Bill McLean at 5.38: Chris Cairns is in Berlin judging by his twitter photos. Possibly on holiday – a rare event for him, I understand!

    Cameron BB may be over on Off Topic?

  217. Mist001 says:

    “Republicofscotland says:
    29 February, 2020 at 3:17 pm
    “I’m saying what I believe to be the case, that Mrs. Murrell is one of the complainants.””

    No, that’s just my own believe. I’m not privy to any insider information but it’s difficult to think of any women apart from Mrs. Murrell who would be alone with Alex Salmond in Bute House late at night.

  218. Famous15 says:

    Oh look a squirr…a baby.

  219. robertknight says:

    ““Is this still a site where supporters of Independence can exchange views, ideas and knowledge in pursuit of that goal?”

    Absolutely. But if you thought you’d arrived at a venue where the leadership of the SNP reach a level of near sainthood and are free from catching the occasional pelter from the one-time party faithful, then you’ve come to the wrong place.

    I suggest you try the next door down the hall marked Office for the Committee of the Willfully Blind. I’m sure you’ll feel far more at home amongst the like-minded souls who dwell therein.

  220. Bill McLean says:

    Thanks Sarah!

  221. Ayeright says:


    You winding me up? LOL

  222. End the union! says:

    @ robertknight

    It’s not the occasional pelted, it’s undermining THE cause for an EGO that sheep follow!

    Wings has long gone as a tool to undermine the union, it’s now a cult for sad individuals who can’t think for themselves!

    I don’t wish to insult you personally, but ask yourself do you want to see an independent Scotland with all the flaws it will have, or a continuation of rule by Johnson and his ilk?

    You and others like you need a wee think and to prioritise!

  223. mike cassidy says:

    When someone who views the prospect of an independent Scotland as being as attractive as sharing a bath with Whitney Houston writes this clearly on the Trans issue

    Are women’s libraries still a safe space for women?

    Hell’s bells!

    He might even be interesting on the upcoming Robertson/Cherry fight.

    Time to lie down in a darkened room and contemplate how this season’s Scottish Cup will survive without the Queens Eleven

  224. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    As a rejoined member of the SNP (from October 2014) I am not entirely happy with the way party policy is going but I’m willing to allow a bit of leeway.

    However, if we get to the end of 2020 with no path forward to to the chance for independence, I will not be a happy chappie.

    I BELIEVED Ian Blackford when, in the HOC, he stated, umpteen times, that “Scotland will not be dragged out of the EU against our will”. I thought that there was a plan up the SNP’s sleeve to back that up.

    I won’t be proved wrong in my belief until either June, when Boris confirms “no deal”, or December, when “no deal” is confirmed bt the EU as the way forward.

    I’ll still attend as many marches/rallies as possible this year – the grassroots has to show the SNP management where we stand, in relation to independence. Whether it’s AUOB or the various independent events, like Stornoway, Dunfermline or Midlothian, they need bodies to turn up to demonstrate the desire for Scotland’s independence.

  225. Republicofscotland says:

    “You and others like you need a wee think and to prioritise!”

    That’s rich, I think you should aim that particular sentence at Sturgeon.

  226. Ayeright says:

    “That’s rich, I think you should aim that particular sentence at Sturgeon.”

    You think? Tell me why that should be aimed at Sturgeon.

  227. McDuff says:

    Ayeright 8.24pm

    Again I ask.
    In the past six years tell me exactly what NS has done to promote independence other than simply react to events.
    We are talking about the independence and self determination of our country so there must be a list of game plans that she has executed.

  228. shug says:

    I have recently attended a number of dinners and in all cases I encountered jokes about Salmond, Sturgeon and Mackay. Some funny some less so.
    What is it about the Scots that they are so willing to ridicule people who have only done their best to make life better in Scotland, but are so willing to support a government in London that openly ridicules them and describes them as ‘biddable dogs that will come to heel soon enough’ or ‘a verminous race that should be extinguished’.
    People seem to ignore the fact that Scotland has contributed 50 year of oil to the UK and not only saw no benefit but Westminster wasted it and has little to show for it. Our industries have been asset stripped
    It could be Westminster is correct and the scots are to wee to poor and to stupid.

  229. Ayeright says:

    “there must be a list of game plans that she has executed”

    Glad you posted because you’re one of the dumbest fuckers on here. Thanks for the confirmation.

  230. Republicofscotland says:

    “You think? Tell me why that should be aimed at Sturgeon.”

    You mean you can’t figure it out for yourself, I’d have thought the last four years would’ve been a big clue.

    If Sturgeon had spent the last four years preparing the route for a indyref instead of trying to save England from itself, via stopping Brexit, we might not be in this predicament right now.

    But she didn’t and many who want indy feel let down by her naive tactics, or not so naive if you want to keep your party in government but without having a indyref.

    Who else are you going to give your constituency vote to. We desperately need a indy list party for the 2021 Scottish election.

  231. Republicofscotland says:

    “Glad you posted because you’re one of the dumbest fuckers on here. Thanks for the confirmation.”

    Teapot and kettle spring to mind.

  232. Ayeright says:


    What do you care 🙂

  233. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @BDTT –

    You’ll already be aware, but others may not, that the next ‘Friends of Wings’ gathering will be in Dows, Glasgow, on Saturday May 2nd.

    By then the landscape will have changed again and there’ll be plenty to discuss. As always, lurkers are welcome.


  234. Republicofscotland says:

    “What do you care”

    What do I care, you can’t even see (by your 8.24pm comment) that Sturgeon needs to be held to account yet you claim McDuff is stupid.

    Have learned nothing in the past four years? The blind loyalty that I see from some in here for Sturgeons tactics is staggering if not a little depressing.

  235. Ayeright says:


    “Sturgeon needs to be held to account”

    Aye so she does. She needs to explain why for the first time ever 3 polls have shown support for Independence at or above 50%.

    Yes, that’s right support HAS gone up for Independence under Sturgeon, should she not then be due some credit?

    Not according to you and the other moaners on this site.

  236. ben madigan says:

    off topic folks – hope you don’t mind the interuption!
    even though I know there are no Co-Vid 19 cases in Scotland (as yet?), I hope you will appreciate this account of the epidemic in Italy.

  237. mr thms says:

    The Scottish Government did the right thing by supporting Prestwick…

    “New £22 million Spirit Aerosystems factory to create 100 jobs in Ayrshire

    Facility to create parts for Airbus A320 opened by First Minister Sturgeon”


    “The Scottish Government’s figures indicate the aerospace sector in Scotland had a turnover of £2.3 billion in 2017 and 5,250 employees, with Prestwick and the surrounding area home to 50% of the country’s aerospace industry.”

  238. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Craig Murray gives good value! – a lot of reading here.

    We should all be paying close attention to this stuff in advance of Big Eck’s trial.

  239. Ayeright says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    I’ve been reading Craig Murray’s account of the extradition trial of Julian Assange in absolute horror. It’s unbelievable but we know that it’s true.

    The magistrate overseeing this is…

    I don’t have words to describe her behavior, what’s new?

  240. Republicofscotland says:

    “Yes, that’s right support HAS gone up for Independence under Sturgeon, should she not then be due some credit?”

    The polls are up despite Sturgeons inaction on the indy front not because of her, infact I’d say Brexit is the real reason coupled with Johnsons disgraceful tenure as PM.

    Imagine how higher the polls might have climbed if Sturgeon had named a date for indy but she didn’t even though we have countless mandates.

    Finally who else are we going to vote for, she knows fine well the faithful will vote for her next year. We missed a golden opportunity, now unless something remarkable happens this year, I think it will be 2022 before a indyref is seriously, if at all, thought about by Sturgeon.

  241. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Ian Brotherhood at 9:30 pm.

    You typed,

    “You’ll already be aware, but others may not, that the next ‘Friends of Wings’ gathering will be in Dows, Glasgow, on Saturday May 2nd.

    By then the landscape will have changed again and there’ll be plenty to discuss. As always, lurkers are welcome.”

    Oh, I’m well aware, Ian. In fact, I have already booked my weekend in Glasgow. From a Friday visit to to the Riverside Museum, to a visit to my sister-in-law on the Sunday.

    WOS get-together on the Saturday evening, after the rally. All we have to work out is where we will spend Friday evening.

  242. twathater says:

    @ Ayeright 9.19pm so now you are being abusive to people who are asking genuine questions , I have also asked you the same questions does that make me a dumb fucker as well , yet you have still not answered any of the questions put to you

    @ Endtheunion 7.13pm you talk about undermining the CAUSE , does HONESTY figure anywhere in the cause , if you are honest point out the people who in your opinion are doing so and explain how what they are saying is LIES , also could you explain what SC has posted is NOT a true reflection of where we are

    It is NOT Stu Campbell that is keeping us under the control of the bozo Johnson regime with all their sickness , Stu Campbell is only a blogger with no power , I think you mean it is NS and the SNP who have the power to remove us from this clusterfuck but she has refused to take ANY opportunity to do so despite promising too

    Dorothy Devine I apologise for including your name in my previous post I was referring to you asserting patience

  243. Ayeright says:

    Imagine how higher the polls might have climbed if Sturgeon had named a date for indy

    You really think so? You’re having a laugh or are you claiming to predict the future?

    You can of course, imagine all you like but facts are facts.

    Support for Independence has increased under Sturgeon, support for the SNP has increased under Sturgeon. Like it or not it is the truth.

  244. robertknight says:

    End the Union

    “I don’t wish to insult you personally, but ask yourself do you want to see an independent Scotland with all the flaws it will have, or a continuation of rule by Johnson and his ilk?”

    I fear that, given it’s performance since 2016, the biggest obstacle to Independence is the SNP in its current form.

    The 50% in the polls mentioned elsewhere isn’t down to any action, (or should that be inaction), on the part of the SNP, but a reaction to a Boris-run Tory Party of Little Englanders with a majority of 80 seats and hell-bent on a no-deal Brexit.

    If, as should have been the case, the SNP had put it’s shoulder to the wheel we’d be at 60%+.

    Instead, we’ve got a leader at best luke-warm to IndyRef2 and who conveniently shackles the prospect of such to Boris granting a S30 – fat chance!

    We’ve a leadership which courts the ultra-Wokes at the expense of 50% of the electorate for the sake of rainbow flag waving twitteraty zealots in the youth wing.

    We’ve a leader at Westminster proven to be a paper tiger in a three piece suit when it came to Brexit and who is at freezing point on the credibility scale.

    We’ve got the Mackay scandal, the pending AS trial, drag acts in primary schools, rumours about press reporting gagging orders, a growing list of MSPs not looking to stand next year, two senior party figures set to slug it out over a single Holyrood seat, the list goes on and frankly you could be accused of making it up, but sadly…

    Like I said – what’s the biggest obstacle to an Independent Scotland?

  245. Davie Oga says:

    Aye right
    “Aye so she does. She needs to explain why for the first time ever 3 polls have shown support for Independence at or above 50%.”

    That’s incorrect. There were consistent majorities for independence around 2001/2002 when a binary question was asked. Also in 1998.

    After the Salmond trial, some other excuse to delay will be proferred by the party apologists still posting on here. Anyone who thinks the Queen of Mandates is going to lead Scotland to independence is deluding themselves.

  246. Daisy Walker says:

    Some questions.

    If I were a former No voter, who had come to realise that Brexit was a disaster and at the last GE, held my nose and voted for the SNP, so that a different route was available, and then the SNP do nothing with that mandate, and nothing to campaign about using the mandate at another time – why would I vote for them again.

    And if, in the interim, their current support of the ill written, science and fact denying GRA reforms, gets fully aired on the MSM – in all its unelectable, nastiness and bonkersness – would a former No voter (more than likely of a conservative-with a small c – bent), not be quite right to put their vote away.

    What is it about both those positions which is going to convert Former No voters.

    And lastly (for tonight) if the gradualist approach, is to let Brexit happen, and once the full damage is inflicted on Scotland, the voters will see the light and be converted to Yes on mass, a la 1998 and the Devo vote – then why should I vote for the SNP in the next election, bring the hurt on quicker I say, lets not have the SNP going around mitigating all that WM damage.

    The question that has still to be answered by leaders of the SNP – if the next Holyrood election is going to be about giving them ‘yet another mandate’ – what is it about that mandate (compared to all the previous ones) that will make Boris say yes.

    I lived through the Thatcher years when she lost every single seat in Scotland, and continued to rule for a couple more terms. She didn’t give a shit and neither will Boris, or all the English parliamantarians – red and blue.

  247. Ayeright says:

    @Davie Oga

    FFS Like we were going to get Independence in 2001/02

    Where’s your evidence, I’m calling bullshit, prove me wrong.

  248. Old Pete says:

    The English in their long history have controlled other countries by intrigue and disruption within them. To think that this is not happening in Scotland today is daft. It seems odd that as support for Independence has slowly passed 50% the discourse within the Independence movement is also on the rise ?

  249. mike cassidy says:

    Old Pete

    Of course the discourse was going to rise.

    Cos the 50+% are asking themselves

    Are we really expected to wait on a Westminster-approved referendum that’s never going to happen unless the SNP hold the balance of power

    And maybe not even then!

  250. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Daisy Walker (10.30) –

    Hear hear.

  251. Benhope says:

    We have to stay optimistic that Independence is coming soon. A big boost is The Dons going through to the Scottish Cup semi-finals. We must also give sympathy to The Queens Eleven for their failure to advance.Life is hard!At least Rev Stu can enjoy his evening.

  252. susan says:

    @Daisy Walker. Spot on.

  253. jfngw says:

    Good to see a BBC journalist tweeting his excuse for Ruth Davidson accepting large fee from ITV. They are so keen to protect her back they will even make the case for an opposing channels foibles.

  254. jfngw says:

    It would seem that Boris Johnson is now the proud own of a six pack, old shagger Johnson what can you do with him. Now he’s off to watch ‘Get Some In’ on Forces TV.

  255. Davie Oga says:

    Ayeright says:
    29 February, 2020 at 10:30 pm
    @Davie Oga

    FFS Like we were going to get Independence in 2001/02

    Where’s your evidence, I’m calling bullshit, prove me wrong.

    ICM polls

    The question being

    “In a Referendum on independence for Scotland, how would you vote?”

    I agree that Scotland should become an independent country.
    I do not agree that Scotland should become an independent country.
    Don’t Know.

    January 2007 51% 36% 14%
    November 2006 51% 39% 9%
    January 2000 47% 43% 9%
    April 1999 47% 44% 9%
    March 1999 42% 47% 11%
    February 1999 44% 47% 9%
    January 1999 49% 42% 9%
    November 1998 49% 43% 8%
    September 1998 (25th) 48% 37%
    September 1998 (5th) 51% 38%
    July 1998 (31st) 49% 44% 7%
    June 1998 (29th) 56% 35% 9%
    June 1998 48% 37% 15%


    “Should Scotland become an independent country?”

    Yes/ No /Dont Know

    November 2006 52% 35% 13%

    TNS System 3:

    “Do you support or oppose Scotland becoming a country independent from the rest of the United Kingdom?”

    April 2005 46% 39% 15%

    Yougov also had yes majorities in March and September 2006

    Effectively gradualism and SNP governance since 2007 has had no effect on opinion polling for independence and in some cases has reduced support. Gradualism has been a failure. Sturgeon’s leadership has been one of failure and capitulation unless you consider turning the SNP into the wokist, gayist, most right on, national liberation movement in the history of the world. One going nowhere anytime soon by the way

  256. crazycat says:

    @ Daisy Walker at 10.30

    Pedant alert!

    I lived through the Thatcher years when she lost every single seat in Scotland, and continued to rule for a couple more terms.

    I’m posting this because the same claim was made on here not long ago (I can’t remember by whom), and it’s not true:

    1974: Con 16 (Wilson)
    1979: Con 22 (Thatcher)
    1983: Con 21 (Thatcher)
    1987: Con 10 (Thatcher)
    1992: Con 11 (Major)
    1997: Con 0 (Blair)

  257. North chiel says:

    Looks like the centre of the “ English “ government/ Home Office ministry is beginning to implode with the resignation of its Permanent Secretary and an unprecedented “ War of words “ accusing Patel of being “ a lying Bully”. Now that the Euphoria of his Brexit “ win” appears to be over and with a worldwide economic crisis , major flooding & Health “ emergency “ staring Boris “ in the face” , let’s see how “ the Junta performs” , when they have to “ walk the walk “ instead of “ talking the talk” . This lot is the biggest bunch of “ bluffers and bullshitters “ that ever walked in shoe leather , and that’s quite saying something , in the context of “ the English establishment” . Even the normally calm & surefooted propaganda news channel “ presenters” appeared somewhat nervous this evening , as they must know that “ the sh—t will be hitting the fan “ very soon . The Independence & Yes movement should remain calm , resolute & steadfast in the coming months as what is beginning to unfold “ down south” might well result in “ the Westminster establishment dam being breached .

  258. Davie Oga says:

    Incidentally why did “Rock” get banned/stop posting? Another Sturgeon led government next year and I’m sure he would revise his 2054 prediction outwards.

  259. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Courtier Kerr has always been a Colonel Yadaftie Fanboy @jfngw says at 11:56 pm

  260. Breeks says:

    When you’re listening to this, just keep it in your mind that the Sovereign people of Scotland, by emphatic democratic mandate, rejected Brexit, yet our own anaemic Scottish Government ignored that sovereign edict from the people, volunteered acquiescence and submission on condition, and then stood back and did nothing as Scotland was subjugated to the will of Westminster and robbed of its European Citizenship.

    Even if we allow the SNP dubious credit for the polls shifting above 50%, where does it lead us, when the same SNP has allowed Scotland’s will and sovereign Constitution to be arbitrarily overruled by the will of Westminster? If our Brexit mandate was meaningless, even supposing our overlords allow us referendum, how will a mandate for Independence fare any better?

    So ask yourself, is the SNP Government under Sturgeon a tool for our liberation as it likes to claim, or is it actually a mechanism enabling the material subjugation of our Nation?

  261. Willie says:

    Ben Madigan @ 9.41

    COVID 19 is certainly not off topic and it’s impact could be huge.

    From statistical data thus far from folks identified as having been infected the death rate is being reported at around 2% to 3%. Albeit that the risk of death is concentrated in the over sixties, it therefore is clear that should the virus spread to infect maybe 80% of the world population then the impact could be huge.

    As pandemics go it would most certainly reduce the age skewed section of our populations. A real bonus for those in our society who currently argue against the burden of a section of our community who having brought us all up, having worked for us, are but now a burden. ( think Tory policy of relentlessly increasing pension age, restricting winter fuel credits, and all of the other such policies and one gets the picture. But maybe I cynically digress. )

    However, on the other side of the virus and in the potential economic shut down another grim reality appertains. With potentially the biggest slide ever in the FTSE 100 as stock prices have plunged over the last week it isn’t difficult to imagine how over recent weeks our government could have been down playing perception of the risk so that the masters of short trading could make a killing once the risk became apparent – and stock prices fell as they have.

    With a Westminster Government full of black arts money men why were the UK populace being told only weeks ago by HMG public health advertisements that everything was under control only for a few weeks later it to emerge that the virus was heading to the tipping point of pandemic.

    So has public perception, industry perception been manipulated to allow the money masters to lay off shorts in anticipation of the stock slide that has just occurred.

    Otherwise I suppose, have a lovely virus, because for some, like war, it’ll be an opportunity to make money in a rotten financial system.

    That’s it, back to Nicola Sturgeon, Alex Salmond, the SNP and the wider Yes movement. Apologies for the digression off topic. COVID 19 will not be a problem – honest!

    One thing for sure is that China is taking the virus seriously. It’s caused economic and social chaos over there and now parts of Italy are in lockdown as the virus emerges in every continent in the world. So with the knowledge of epidemiology and of a view of what was happening in China why was UK Gov spending a fortune only a few weeks ago telling us they had everything under control.

  262. Robert Louis says:

    Breeks at 405pm,

    Yet again, you hit the nail on the head. And I hope you will not mind if I re-post a bit of your comment. It is EXACTLY how I and many others now feel.

    Iain Blackford repeatedly stood up in the House of Commons in England, and stated that Scotland would NOT be dragged out of the EU against its wishes. Yet when the time came for action, we had a speech from Nicola Sturgeon, which was essentially a manifesto to do sweet F all. I am furious that the SNP Scotgov have sat by and let Brexit be imposed upon Scotland.

    The SNP can give speech after speech and seek mandate after mandate after freaking mandate, but they will get NOTHING until such time as they actually get the cajones to stand up to Westminster, and assert Scotnad’s consitutional rights.

    I especially liked the last part, and quote it here;

    QUOTE : “If the SNP doesn’t like criticism, then stop acting like Westminster’s poodle, recognise it’s the people of Scotland you answer to, NOT Westminster, and get on and do the job you were elected to do; protect the integrity of Scotland, save Scotland from colonial exploitation and subjugation , and end the goddammed Union!

    The SNP Government is NOT a free agent at liberty to pick and choose it’s own bizarre agenda. It is the appointed government of a sovereign electorate which makes decisions which are binding. Start doing what you’re bloody well told to do. You’ve already fucked up Brexit with your inglorious and creative insubordination. While I have breath in my body, you will not fuck up Scotland’s Independence with the same arrogant hubris and Constitutional illiteracy.

    I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like it. Where’s my fucking EU Citizenship you promised to protect?

  263. Rm says:

    Breeks is the person we need to lead Scotland.

  264. Dorothy Devine says:

    Welsh Sion if you are there , Happy St David’s Day – wee Wales has one of the best flags in the world but then I am a sucker for dragons!

  265. Papko says:

    I think I was the only one to advocate a rigorous post-mortem in 2014.
    It is not sufficient to attribute our loss to a lying media and “the VOW that won it”.

    Its now that the debating must be done as the whole movement stands in a crisis.

  266. Ottomanboi says:

    Sadly the vast majority are not interested in the concept of sovereignty. It is just a word bandied about by politicians with little real impact on the lives of citizens.
    Talk on here about treaties and sovereignty of the people etc is for that majority an academic abstraction.
    England has been ruling Scotland for over three hundred years so the masses have rather got used to the status. It’s a comfort blanket made all the cosier by the deception of devolved government.
    Scots need a shock to the system and I suspect it is the English rulers who by snatching away the blanket will shake the country out of its comfort zone.
    Leaders emerge as a result of circumstance, of conflict.
    Johnson & co may yet prove Scotland’s saviour.

  267. Terry says:

    Agreed about Breeks. That’s how a leader of a party of independence speaks. Sadly the snp is now the party of devolution. Nae, even worse – because if it fails to act over the power grab (beyond the usual lame bluster) it will be worse than the tories because at least their unionism is transparent. I so hope I’m wrong.

    Trying to get the GRA issue out there on Facebook. Got pelters and been called a bigot and all because I showed concern for children and puberty blockers and women’s safe spaces. The groupthink around this issue (and the anti semitism one) smacks of weird right wing manoeuvring. And ha ha. The snp has fallen for it.

  268. Famous15 says:

    Remember a baby is not just for Christmas and is not an Easter bunny.

  269. PacMan says:

    Robert Louis says: 1 March, 2020 at 7:47 am

    Iain Blackford repeatedly stood up in the House of Commons in England, and stated that Scotland would NOT be dragged out of the EU against its wishes. Yet when the time came for action, we had a speech from Nicola Sturgeon, which was essentially a manifesto to do sweet F all. I am furious that the SNP Scotgov have sat by and let Brexit be imposed upon Scotland.

    Apart from posting one comment, I have been lurking in this particular topic. This part you had mentioned about Blackford has got me to write another one.

    I was genuinely convinced that the SNP’s strategy towards Brexit was that they wanted to show the futility of being part of the Westminster system where we Scots have no influence to overturn a policy that is very unpopular here. Maybe that was the case but in proving it and there was never any plan B despite the likes of Blackford’s constant bombastic rhetoric that suggested otherwise, it does feel like a right good kick in the guts.

    I don’t bother with social media but with this cornavirus, a lot of ones in at work have been showing me stuff they get from social media. A lot of it is fake news. That has given me some insight about how people are easily influenced by this fake news from social media and make no doubt about it, that is exactly what is shaping peoples views against independence.

    With this, it is easy to share the views on here about the SNP but I have to humbly say, take a step back and give them some reconsideration.

    It is seeming now obvious that the SNP can’t deliver independence. However, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be used as a tool to gain independence.

    While you may think that the Tories are the braying monkeys and buffoons that sit on the benches in Holyrood and Westminster, there are a lot of smart people behind the scene. They know that the SNP are in a position where they are no threat and with them, the Scottish public are firmly in their box. However, they opinion would change if there was another political party that had a serious of influencing the independence debate like the often mentioned Wings party.

    Imagine if that Wings party was starting to gain momentum amongst the Scottish population that it forced the SNP to change to a more hardline position. If that happened, the SNP would have to be considered more seriously by the Westminster establishment and enough concessions would be given to them to keep them in power and stop the Wings party in it’s tracks.

    However, what would happen if there was so much antipathy towards the SNP by indy supporters in supporting the Wings party? The Westminster estbalishment could play one off against each other by divide and conquer tactics which they are well known throughout the centuries for.

    It is going to be a fine line in using for example the Wings party to give the SNP the good boot up the jacksy which they deserve and totally undermining them to the point where they are useless. Whether you like it or not, the SNP are the biggest party in Scotland and will continue to be in the near future.

    The way it needs to be done with the strategy of having another alternative indy party is to use that to drive the SNP, a sort of power behind the throne, so to speak, not to wreck it.

    It is something to think about.

  270. mike cassidy says:

    Terry 9.33

    Sadly, its not a right-wing conspiracy

    Courtesy of the Rev’s twitter page

    How the Trans Pledge Damaged the Labour Party

  271. mike cassidy says:

    Must-read interview with Joanna Cherry.

    I don’t want to replace Nicola. I want to get to know her

  272. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Crazycat

    Thanks for the statistics and correction Crazycat – my memory playing tricks on me. Certainly that was what it felt like.

    Was it under tory rule that they put Lord Strathclyde into the Secretary of State for Scotland’s role? Not even an MP. If so, that is probably why I keep thinking Thatcher lost all her Scottish seats. ( I wonder what the party make up was on the Scottish Select Committee back in those days?)

    From the info you provided, that was 18 years of Tory destruction before the Devo vote went from 51% up to the seventies. And compared to current economic and political dynamics, there were, in those times, significantly more institutional safeguards around than currently. Not to mention the influence of EU membership and the jobs it brought with it.

    If gradualism is the official SNP policy – then the Yes Movement needs to be let in on the plan, and the plan needs to be much more pro-active at highlighting the British Governments responsibility and what a realistic alternative policy could be, or else the British Establishment and the MSM will put all the blame, for all the destruction, at the SNP’s door, accompanied by loud renditions of ‘told you, yous were too wee, too poor and too stupid’. (The absence of this proactive message – is, without a doubt a very serious lack of leadership.)

    And why would the British Establishment not do the above, as a policy, its been working just fine for over 300 years.

    So, we have a choice, try and get the SNP back on track (and its anyone’s guess – and ultimately neither here nor there – as to whether they’ve been deliberately knobbled or have genuinely lost the plot) – or ensure all our eggs are not in the SNP basket and we have independent candidates who are for Indy, that we can vote for.

    For those who think the above is heresy and will split the vote, can I just point out that the current GRA Reforms being supported by the top ranking SNP members (coupled with their lack of campaigning for Indy) has already split its own vote – very substantially.

    Here’s a wee speculation – if the SNP remains the only horse in town to vote to try and get Indy – the MSM will weaponise the GRA reforms big time and it will make the SNP unelectable.

    If an Indy Alliance Party springs up, offering viable alternative candidates to vote for, I think it is likely that the MSM will not play the GRA Reforms card at this time, as it would herd the voters towards candidates more likely to deliver.

    It would be really useful to know which seats would be worth targeting.

  273. bittie45 says:

    In contrast to Heathrow airport not even taking passenger temperatures to partially detect COVID19, at least the SG is proactively testing patients in 40-odd health centers whether or not they are showing any symptoms.

    Whilst the SG may have its faults, in every area, its way WAY better than the alternative.

  274. TheBuchanLoony says:

    Cheer up everyone, tomorrow things will change…the EU negotiations begin.

  275. mike cassidy says:

    Independence is in the air!

    Council funding crisis: local government chiefs’ call for independence from Scottish government

  276. Republicofscotland says:

    So Kit Malthouse UK minister for Crime and Policing, couldn’t even be bothered to listen to the devolved administrations concerns on drugs.

    Malthouse walked out of the conference after 30 minutes. This is what Englands Tory minister thinks of the devolved admins,they have no respect for their proposals or ideas.

    But then again some of us already know this.

  277. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile failed car salemans man, and Londons Tory branch manager in Scotland Jackson Carlaw, has come under fire for new Dark Money donations.

    “While £17,165.99 was in cash, the remaining £5280.11 were “non-cash” donations including £3960 for premises.”

    “The Scottish Tories refused to say which premises were donated or what they were used for.

  278. Republicofscotland says:

    Some of the indy grassroots movements are beginning to realise that Johnson won’t grant a S30, or that Sturgeons continued stance of no Plan B might not be the way forward.

    Ultimately it will be the people of Scotland who’ll decide when they’ve had enough of Sturgeons wait and see stance.

    “It was felt the present policy of pressurising the UK Government to grant a section 30 order must have a finite time limit. We therefore felt if no such order is obtained by April 30, the Scottish Government should look to taking the initiative away from the UK Government and bring forward a Consultative Referendum in October 2020.”

  279. manandboy says:


    HEALTH SECRETARY, MATT HANCOCK – Sounds like somebody lying.

    “Hancock also denied Labour claims Boris Johnson was shirking his responsibility by delaying chairing a Cobra emergency committee on the outbreak until Monday.

    He told Sky:

    The prime minister has been all over this. I have daily calls with him often more than once a day. And I’ve been updating cabinet weekly. I’ve been chairing those Cobra meetings across government – a case of ministers and officials working incredibly well together. And the prime minister is fully on top of all of this, and and that’s the way it should be.

    Last week he did a night shift at a hospital to find out what it’s really like on the frontline at two o’clock in the morning. I applaud him for doing that

    Clearly, I’m leading the operational response and working incredibly closely with him and every other member of the government.”

  280. Effijy says:

    Tory propaganda trainer has a very limited vocabulary.

    Working incredibly Hard
    Working incredibly well
    Working incredibly closely

    Oven ready is another favourite.

    Unfortunately it’s oven ready lies, deceit and corruption on the menu.

  281. Clapper57 says:

    I see Willie Rennie is demanding ANOTHER (real) inquiry today in a certain newspaper….that’s THE Willie Rennie who has much form on demanding the resignations of Scottish government ministers but thinks he , as leader of Scottish Lib Dems, is NOT responsible for the farce of readmitting Steel back into his party last year after Lib Dem (pretendy) inquiry and thus should not resign….so we all should just move on and focus all of our attention upon the Scottish government….via negative perspective.

    I also heard that Sunday Politics Scotland CHOSE to ignore this story on their programme…..they chomp at the bit to dissect, vilify and spread political manure on individuals within a certain political party here in Scotland….i.e. non Unionist one however seem reluctant to pursue certain individuals from other parties..i.e. Unionist ones…..wonder what will be discussed in their programme in March ?….perhaps Willie could participate in that programme…sure he will have much to say as he extols the virtues of HIS party while trying to destroy and infer the lack of morals within the Scottish government…perhaps he will demand a (real) inquiry…but not like the Lib Dems whitewash (pretendy) inquiry…a real one where he can act like Judge and Jury on every aspect of (real) inquiry.

    Willie is now confident that no media outlets are pursuing the disgraceful behaviour of David Steel in respect to Cyril Smith also the Lib Dems dismissing findings of his personal culpability in seemingly endorsing the continuance of Smith’s perversion in their (pretendy) ‘inquiry’ and accepting him back into the party after his (pretendy) suspension… Willie proceeds as normal by carping from the sidelines on #SNPBAD while wearing the crown of King Hypocrite to those of us who see him being , once again, given free rein to state Do as I Say Not as I Do………

    BTW Willie Rennie is DEMANDING an inquiry today not asking but DEMANDING… is anyone going to DEMAND that Willie should release findings of Lib Dem (pretendy) inquiry last year on Steel that concluded he was not responsible in any way re Smiths heinous acts against children being suppressed by his, Steel, acceptance of Smith into Liberal party ?


  282. jfngw says:

    The press and politician’s like to give laws names often to make them public friendly. How do I think of GRA, it to my mind is Saville’s Law.

  283. Liz g says:

    ——- Just Because —– Scotland 🙂
    On this day, March 1st, in 2004 The Arbroath Smokie gained “protected food name” status under EU designation.
    A true Arbroath Smokie must be made within 8 kilometres of the Town and smoked in the traditional manner.
    They’ve been up there with the same status as all the culinary greats produced in Europe for the past 16 year’s.
    But hey Blue Passports!
    Happy St David’s Day to all our Welsh cousins 🙂

  284. Republicofscotland says:

    So the lunatics took over the asylum, as powerless, unionist Gordon Brown waffled on to those others that would listen to him and then they waffle on themselves at the Discovery museum in Newcastle England.

    Paedo apologist Willie Rennie was there, gibbering as usual about SNP this and SNP that, as were a few Tories and Labours Douglas Alexander who gave it the SNP bad bollocks.

    It sounds like a sorry state of affairs as tired old unionists with the same old debunked bollocks on how the union is great and Scottish independence is bad and how can we thwart those nasty folk who want independence routine.

  285. ben madigan says:

    @manandboy who said:


    Note the rising pattern of infections and deaths over the past week in Italy – despite the Italian Government’s immediate policy of lockdown and quarantine – which is very different to the UK’s laidback approach “We’ll have a meeting next week to decide on what to do!”

  286. susan says:

    GRA reform should be put to a referendum but the SNP won’t do it because they know the majority would vote against. They have dropped right down in my estimation and I don’t think they’d be competent to run an independent Scotland. Bring on an alternative Indy party!

  287. Confused says:

    thought experiment
    – if england disappears under the floods going the way of doggerland 10000BC, and/or the chronic-virus kills every single englishman, leaving all of scotland untouched (this is Gods country, he plays golf and likes macallan)
    – would the SNP still be asking for a section 30, even if there is no one left alive to grant it?
    – would they hold a seance for bojos ghost to tell them to fuck off?
    – and would they still be trying to stop brexit?
    – and if every tranny died because of a genetic weakness to the virus (not that one), would they still be trying to push thru GRA?
    – and if scotland was the last country on earth, in a walking dead, fallout timeline – would the bella twats still be talking about “Building support” in a “national conversation” to be ready to go for it, in … 2030 … or so

  288. Breeks says:

    Another burning skip pulls up outside SNP HQ.

    Irrespective of your views on Gender Recognition I’m not sure it’s a great look to announce the results of a public consultation that’s still ongoing.

    What a monumental fuck up this is turning into. They’d be doing less harm to Scotland if they were holding a burning match to the Declaration of Arbroath.

    My head is now at the point that Scotland should just cut to the chase, cite Brexit as formally breaching the Union, and also breaching the UK Parliament ‘s own Convention of Sovereignty, which only exists by consensus, since there was clearly NO consensus for Scotland to be Brexited. The shameful fact we were, is thus an act of “Union Busting” colonial subjugation. Get that entire debacle put before the UN and Council of Europe, and demand the colonialism is declared unlawful and secure International Recognition for the Constitutional Sovereignty of Scotland.

    The question unfolding in my head is now whether the Scottish “Devolved” Government should have any part in it, or be impeached for their complicity in that act of subjugation, and the deliberate abandonment of Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty. Go canny Joanna Cherry, don’t be too hasty getting seat in Holyrood because there is maybe more for you to do outside of Holyrood than in it.

    Meanwhile get these frauds and dithering idiots out of power and replaced by diligent supporters of Scottish Independence and Sovereign Constitution, sitting in session as the true Scottish Parliament reconvened after 313 years absence, and focussed exclusively on Scotland’s emancipation from this farce of a Union.

    Holyrood’s puppet democracy and eyesore building can rot where it stands as an empty shell and we’ll graze sheep in the grounds to remind ourselves what Devolution delivers for Scotland.

    I’m away to watch Christine Graham again, recounting the Truth about Scotland’s Constitution from 2014 when Scotland was at least trying to get back on its feet, and at least some of the SNP seemed to know what they were doing.

    You’re right Joanna Cherry. It’s time for Court Action, but not for a pokey wee referendum. We need the big one, the main event, the race for Sovereign Recognition from the International Community. We all know it’s coming, and the sooner we win, the more of our farmers will survive, the more of our economy we can salvage, the more of Scotland’s potential we can harvest and keep safe.

  289. cirsium says:

    @breeks, 2.27

    Well said and this is so true the sooner we win, the more of our farmers will survive, the more of our economy we can salvage, the more of Scotland’s potential we can harvest and keep safe.

    The current situation is like watching a train come powering down the line and being tied to the tracks.

  290. robertknight says:

    The biggest obstacle to an Independent Scotland is the SNP in its current form and the biggest obstacle to the SNP in its current form securing a majority in 2021 is Nicola Sturgeon.

    The party members, if they’re brave enough to open their eyes and see what the party is in danger of becoming, need to oust her and her cabal of ultra-Wokes and cosy-devolutionists ASAP.

    Whilst I see the merits in having a new pro-Indy list-party, we desperately need to sort out the largest supposedly pro-Indy party we already have. If not, the chance for an Independent Scotland will be put back by a decade at least.

  291. McDuff says:

    Aye right 9.19am
    And there we have it, I ask a very reasonable question and you resort to swearing and pathetic insults.
    But it is significant that you didn’t answer my question.
    So go on answer it!!!

  292. mr thms says:

    mike cassidy says:
    1 March, 2020 at 11:01 am
    Independence is in the air!

    Council funding crisis: local government chiefs’ call for independence from Scottish government

    How will ‘independence’ resolve their PFI repayments and crumbling PFI schools?

    “3.1 Local Authority Debt

    Local authority capital expenditure is financed from a number of sources. When this is by borrowing money or a credit arrangement (e.g. finance lease, Public-Private Partnership (PPP) or Private Finance Initiative (PFI)) a debt liability is created to be repaid by the local authority from future revenues.”

  293. Sandy says:

    This self ID issue.

    Ok, go ahead with it. Anyone then breaching it, treat him/her/it as the worst type of paedophile/pervert and put it out of circulation for as many years as deemed possible.
    I’m sure 99.999% of the population would agree. With regard to incarceration, build ONE prison so that they’re all in one place. This would be deemed adequate to uphold their “human rights”.
    Personally, I’m getting a bit more than pi**ed off with the whole issue.

  294. Simon Curran says:

    @breeks 2.27
    According to leaked emails in today’s Mail on Sunday (don’t worry I didn’t buy it) a senior government adviser says agriculture and fishery production “certainly isn’t” critically important to the UK economy. That wouldn’t affect Scotland at all, would it!

  295. Republicofscotland says:

    SNP Minister Mike Russell, to stand down before the 2021 elections.

  296. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Now Mike Russell is standing down. Can the SNP still insist, all is well at the top of the party?

    I am becoming more and more concerned, they will manage to mess-up Independence.

  297. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson is also standing down before the 2021 election.

    “Stevenson, who represents Banffshire and Buchan Coast, has served in the Scottish Parliament for almost 20 years.”

    Do they and the other SNP MSPs standing down, know something we dont?

  298. Republicofscotland says:

    SLAB MSP Neil Findlay, who’s also standing down tells SLAB to back another indyref.

    Of course Leonard and it looks like Baillie for deputy, are totally opposed to another indyref, so I wouldn’t hold out much of of SLAB backing one.

  299. Republicofscotland says:

    Not only does the MoD want to dump radioactive waste at Faslane, it wants to dump waste that exceeds the limit.

    Also a plethora of old and new subs are destined for Faslane.

    Scotland is to be the UK’s nuclear dumping ground, and will be until we exit this onesided abusive union.

    Of course I’m sure Jackie Baillie will be pleased this being her constituency.

  300. Republicofscotland says:

    One hopes that the at least half a dozen SNP MSPs that are standing down next year aren’t replaced by the woke brigade pushing GRA.

  301. mike cassidy says:

    For your Sunday entertainment.

    From last May.

    While reading, keep in mind the person auditioning for the part of Thor is a man.

    A man who trained Police in Equality and Diversity issues.

  302. Chic McGregor says:

    David Oga.

    These poll results, which I have often posted, were buried and kept hidden from our then, new, MSPs.

  303. cynicalHighlander says:

    They’ll be woke every last one of them.

  304. dakk says:

    For anyone soaking up the dopey british news and state response to Covid19, bear in mind you should divide the ‘cured’ number of patients with the dead numbers to best estimate the kill rate.

    The number of cases is not a good guide since we don’t know how many will die or be cured.

    There are also reports of ‘cured’ patients being reinfected or suffering recurrence.

    Out of 90000 cases 45000 ‘cured’, 2990 dead.

    Italy has 1500 cases 105 in intensive care and 38 dead.

    I’m thinking the kill rate could be nearer 7% with another or 5% left in a debilitated state permanently or requiring lung transplants.

    But by all means keep bedwetting over whether the odd trans person may or may not commit a crime in a toilet.

    It’s not like non trans people have never committed a crime anywhere including toilets is it?

  305. Dr Jim says:

    Michael Russell is 67 years old, Stewart Stevenson is 73 years old, with the exception of Gail Ross the others retiring are over 65 years of age, there comes a time when doing the job in Holyrood plus travelling a couple of thousand miles per week and on top of that the constituency work becomes too much
    These MSPs are retiring from Holyrood, not the SNP

    Ruth Davidson’s half their age and has never done constituency surgeries as most of the rest of the Tories haven’t either

  306. Republicofscotland says:

    The knives are out by the British government for pro-EU academics in England.

  307. Republicofscotland says:

    So the British government hasn’t denied that 50,000 new customs officers will have to be appointed post Brexit.

    The English teatime news claims that Johnson wants a Canada style deal now, tell me how many HGVs travel from the UK and back to the EU?

    Now tell me how many HGVs travel from Canada to the EU?

  308. SilverDarling says:

    @Dr Jim 5.57 pm

    I agree but it feels like the end of an era with so many AS allies leaving.

    The worry is who will replace them? If the younger generation are all like Mhairi Black and Stewart McDonald then the SNP are in trouble. The loudest ones are those who dominate branch meetings, committees and increase their profile on social media and they are not necessarily the best to represent the fear of people in an uncertain time. But they will get votes because they are known.

    Those who are retiring served a lot of their time in opposition and learned how to win after losing so many times, there was a sense of reality about how things can change. I fear the new generation assume they will always win and they behave like entitled toddlers.

  309. Dr Jim says:

    @Silver Darling 7:12pm

    Everything gets replaced and renewed by the next generation, whether it’s products or ideas, policy or law, it’s a reflection of why we as a population get older we become more conservative, small c, and when the police call you sir, shop staff infuriatingly offer to help you when you don’t need it and your grandchidren look at you like a dinosaur without hiding they’re doing it anymore

    The world’s changing faster than it used to (in my day)

  310. SilverDarling says:

    @DrJim 7.39 pm

    Aye, everything has to change, sometimes for the better – I’m edging nearer the old fogey category myself!

    I hope I’m pleasantly surprised.

  311. Republicofscotland says:

    First case of Coronavirus diagnosed in Scotland, Tayside, person came back from Italy.

  312. Tannadice Boy says:

    Everything gets replaced by the new generation.Sure….Does that mean our rental support is null n void. I don’t have to give them a couple o grand on demand. Read Sunday Times Column Rod Liddle. Old people being ignored. Your welcome SNP. Also read Pringles column on GRA

  313. manandboy says:

    With the belief that the UK has separated from the EU, I get the impression that the Tories in particular and the English Ruling Class in general, are already behaving as if they can do anything they like inside the UK because there will be no EU consequences.

    Very bad news for Scotland.

  314. Dan says:

    SilverDarling says: at 7:12 pm

    The worry is who will replace them? If the younger generation are all like Mhairi Black and Stewart McDonald then the SNP are in trouble. The loudest ones are those who dominate branch meetings, committees and increase their profile on social media and they are not necessarily the best to represent the fear of people in an uncertain time.

    Ach, I’m sure* the SNP’s vetting processes will mean all candidates put forward will be the uber clean brightest and best, with them having no baggage or history of views that could be deemed as antisemitic…

    *Not sure.

  315. Tony Hay says:

    Yesterday I was discussing the GRA with a friend from Dublin,he pointed out to me that the Republic already had a similar act in place for a number of years and apparently it’s not been problematic.
    Could anyone confirm this is true? If so,why would it cause such a stink in our country?
    Thanks in advance

  316. SilverDarling says:

    @Tony Hay

    I posted this in response to another poster who brought up Ireland. It might answer some questions.

    Also Mumsnet have done a number of threads

  317. mike cassidy says:

    Background to GRA in Ireland here.

    The Judge held that the Irish State had failed to respect Foy’s rights under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights by not providing any mechanism for her to obtain a new birth certificate in her female gende

    The Irish Government’s proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act have been criticised for excluding non-binary people and children under 16.

  318. Mist001 says:

    There’s a new St James Shopping Centre complex being built in Edinburgh right now. Why don’t Scotgov cut all this crap and stipulate that it’s a legal condition for any new developments to incorporate a third toilet facility for those who self ID, change their gender or whatever?

    Personally, I don’t care if anyone wants to self ID or not, or regard themselves as male/female/whatever but just build these third toilet facilities into every new build and let them get on with it. Their beliefs have been accommodated, so there is no more discussion about them using female only facilities.

    Or is this too complicated for Scotgov?

  319. Katie says:

    @Republicofscotland. The info that travellers/tourists from north Italy is bulshit! I returned from north italy last week…. not in a locked down town but no symptoms im free to go about my business..I had to voluntarily self isolate…. if I turned up to work…. all.hell would break loose….so chose to work from home! On Italy atvstart of trip… temp was taken and im guessing if it was too high you wouldnt get into country. On arrival back to scotland …. no checks whatsoever!!! Its all abt money obviously… our so called government (westminster) dont give a sh1t!!!

  320. mike cassidy says:


    For those who thought “His Dark Materials” was a fantasy.

  321. mike cassidy says:


    Isle Of Arran during WW2

    Look, guys.

    If I’m going to take off and land here

    I want you to be standing as close as possible.

  322. Willie says:

    Very much a pity that old hands like Mike Russel is standing down. Ditto Stuart Stevenson.

    Everything changes as time moves on. Not sure however that all change is for the better. Especially so now that so much of the selection process for candidates is rigged from central high command.

    Gone are the days when a local constituency association or branch voted to select a candidate. Instead convoluted application processes announced with little or no forewarning and little application time to meet drop dead deadlines makes it very difficult for those, other than the preselected, to winning a nomination – with of course vetting being another mechanism to restrict candidatures.

    Like New Labour the parallels are chillingly similar with control being exercised by the central high command. And in that lies the seeds of destruction.

  323. Number Six says:

    It’s a fine aim, but first let’s bring the ‘public transport’ back into public ownership first…oh, wait, that might annoy some of the current private owners of our ‘public transport’…and when the likes o’ Scotland’s answer to the Piranha Brothers get annoyed, things get a wee bit toastie for some folks…not so much physically these days (though old habits, being old habits…), they now also employ attack lawyers, anyway, cross them and you’ll get a roasting, one way or the other.

    And finally, I’ll just leave this here..

  324. Willie says:

    From today’s National piece about Mike Russel announcing that he would be standing down in 2021.

    “ Party bosses wrote to all SNP MSPs last month telling them to inform headquarters by 6 March if they were not standing.

    It is understood the move is part of an internal party process to identify which constituencies will have an all female shortlist of candidates.”

    And yes you got it. Party “ bosses” and not party members deciding who will be candidates. A
    rigged party, rigged utterly.. New Labour can eat it’s heart out!

    Message to Queen Sturgeon. Why are you not supporting Joanna Cherry for Edinburgh Central preferring instead to have candidate Robertson publicly attack In all but name Joanna Cherry as being inexperienced and unable to be a full time candidate!

  325. Ahundredthidiot says:


    I’m afraid that is a wrong assumption. (putting a third cludgie labelled gender nuetral) scotgov building has these, men still want into the females, evidenced by female hygiene products in the gents as the angle.

  326. admiral says:

    All the “Scottish” (sic) editions of the tabloids this morning have headlines including the phrase “killer virus”. Their equivalent UK editions only have the word “virus”.

    You’d almost think the editors were being directed from some central agency, in respect to their “Scottish” editions.

  327. susan says:

    TRAs don’t, as a rule, want third spaces, they want access to women’s spaces. Either as ” validation” of their “woman” status and/or just for the thrill of pushing at and violating women’s spaces. Nice people.

  328. Ottomanboi says:

    Oh were the SNP to put as much effort into fighting for independence that it shovels into the greedy maw of genderism, feminism, identitarianism, lgbtxyzism and the rest.
    Plainly there are far too many idle hands.
    Should SNP government functionaries and minions be determining the direction of the cause?
    There is another SNP is there not, one whose aim is collective national liberation, not one of individual caprice and self-imaging?

  329. Breeks says:

    Open question to all…

    Don’t care if you’re a lurker, don’t care if you’re shy, don’t care if you’re angry, don’t care if you’re gay, straight, only part human or married to your sister. Don’t care if you’re SNP, Labour, Green. Hell, even if you’re Tory, why don’t you lob in ideas to salvage your idea of Union? Yes I am serious, but just don’t expect an easy ride obviously, but I know I’m intrigued to learn how you see any repair to the Union being a remotely viable option.

    So, Open question…

    How would you “address” this period of stagnation and get Scotland over the line for Independence?

    What would you fix or alter, even if you don’t have a full answer but do have part solutions worth airing?

    It’s not my forum I know, but I would ask people to suspend the criticism. Be nice, be tolerant, hold your tongue, and count to 100 before flaming any ideas you don’t like. Quite literally, if you’ve nothing good to say, say nothing.. be polite, be respectful. No point scoring, no judgements, no tribalism, and try to stay focused explaining the strategy, and keep the emotion and subjective feelings under control and focus on the practical steps we might take.

    If there’s idea you agree with, say so. By all means augment a good idea with your own perceptions, specialist knowledge or area of expertise, and see if we can get some creative and progressive discussion happening.

    We can argue later with the normal acrimony, bile and kicks in the head and baseless defamatory accusations afterwards, but let’s have a listen to ourselves first, and draw a Venn diagram of Common Ground and hopefully a full and complete spectrum of options.

    If it’s a good idea you have, but it might be compromised by open discussion, then of course, keep it to yourself, but let’s go fishing for good ideas we can discuss.

    Over to You Scotland….

    Or maybe over to you Rev Stu, how about an open invitation Wings Article specific to the question? “What would you do?”

    Maybe the best ideas can get fleshed out a bit, and perhaps an airing at Arbroath on the 4th….

  330. Breeks says:

    For a start, I’ll propose a suggestion I don’t necessarily agree with, but how I would make it better… the SNP’s slow and steady referendum campaign, slowly and surely building a solid majority for Independence before holding a referendum we will definitely win.

    But I would improve on that strategy by securing the legal status of that referendum, and challenge without delay the legal status of recognition the result will command.

    In parallel with the referendum, I would “shadow” the referendum process by inviting foreign countries to take an active interest in the process, perhaps even going as far as inviting an informal letter of intent to recognise an Independent Scotland if certain listed criteria were met. Few will do it, but we might ask.

    I would further enhance that proposal by setting up a dedicated SNP Independence Task Force which exists solely to coordinate an Independence strategy with all elements of the YES campaign, and hold regular summits to coordinate activities, and take great pains to foster two way communication across the various contributors. Perhaps the session might be filmed by Phantom Power or Independence Live, and aired online, or turned into a weekly or monthly “Indy News”, with “exclusives” from the big dogs in the campaign.
    Exclusive stories and news content can be worth money, and why should it be the propagandists who get the scoops and good stuff? Get in line an pay for it. Can we look into Scottish media getting deals to cover Scottish sporting events online? Maybe not in competition at first, but as a means to build revenue and established presence.

    I would embrace YES and AUOB events with a full compliment of SNP MP’s and MSP’s,. If you’re uncomfortable about stealing the thunder of YES or AUOB, by all means come along dressed head to foot in SNP regalia, but you really should be there and addressing the troops and hearing the grumbles. If you’re not there, where’s your sicknote?

    I would also set up an SNP Emergency Constitutional Task Force, under Joanna Cherry, to challenge and formally dispute the UK’s Convention of Parliamentary Sovereignty. As a layman, I can grasp that a sovereign convention might have a legitimacy I don’t like, but that legitimacy requires consensus, and that protocol of consensus was destroyed by the colonial subjugation of Brexit. Do NOT rule out or inhibit this strategy if takes on a momentum of it’s own and downgrades IndyRef2 from decisive referendum to ratification plebiscite.

    I would kick GRA into the long grass, not for Trans issues, but because it’s Indy First, and divisive controversial issues are on hold until after a Independence.

  331. Republicofscotland says:

    “Katie says:
    1 March, 2020 at 11:19 pm
    @Republicofscotland. The info that travellers/tourists from north Italy is bulshit!”

    I’ve no idea either way I was just informing of the first confirmed Coronavirus case in Scotland.

  332. Socrates MacSporran says:


    You’re on fire at the moment dear boy, keep it up.

    I have been saying for some time – since after the moger of the 2017 GE, the SNP ought to have had the big hitters they lost there: Wee Eck, Angus Robertson etc, working alongside the Scottish Government in moving forward Indyref2. The fact they didn’t was yet another mistake.

    I repeat my oft-stated belief, the MPs in the HoC should be operating an unashamed guerrilla campaign, to obstruct, undermine and mess-up HoC business at every turn.

    Whenever BoLo or one of his henchmen comes up with shite such as “Once in a Generation” or “Scotland is the highest-taxed part of the UK,” call them out. Call them liars. This will immediately halt proceedings and hang-in there until they retract.

    It will be tiring, it will be tough, but, after a few months, the Tories will get fed-up and stop insulting Scotland – then we can move forward.

    When it becomes too-much trouble to try to hold us, they will cave in, but, we have to drive them to that point.

    Same at Holyrood, whenever Jackass Carlot, Rheingold Leotard, Wee Willie or either WATP Fraser or the Mad Professor talks shite – say that’s shite. Leave them doing goldfish impressions.

    I just wish, once, Nicola would, in response to a stupid question, just say: “That’s a stupid question, it’s pure shite, so I am not answering it.” They would go ballistic.

    Mind you, I kind of fear, we may have gone too-far down the road of the SNP morphing into Scottish Labour – quite happy to do nothing, since they have no credible opposition. And that didn’t end well.

  333. Republicofscotland says:

    Departing SNP Europe secretary Mike Russell, has said Scotland will be a independent nation back in the EU within ten years. Surely Russells prominent position within the SNP hierarchy gives us an inkling as to what time scale to expect on independence.

    Then again Russell adds I would like a referendum this year, and feel that its perfectly feasible to hold on. Russell added he thinks this year is the right time to hold one.

    So Russell has covered both bases there and we’re none the wiser as to where the chips may fall on a indyref any time soon.

  334. Republicofscotland says:

    We’ll be left out of the EU’s early warning pandemic system because the English government doesn’t want to cross any Brexit red lines.

  335. kapelmeister says:

    Looks like May’s Now Is Not The Time meme is highly infectious and has spread to certain sections of the indy movement.

    Well if you think a hard Brexiting, Scot hating PM like Johnson, with the biggest Commons majority won in 15 years, surrounded by people such as Cummings, Rees-Mogg and the psychotic Patel(who is in charge of MI5) doesn’t mean now is the time……..then your’re simply a feartie. And don’t delude yourself that you’re being a sensibly cautious strategist.

  336. shug says:

    If you are thinking that pushing ahead with a wild cat referendum can I suggest you consider the following:

    1) The conservative, labour and lib will not take part and any result will be deemed irrelevant as there was no NO campaign

    2) London would not recognise any result and neither would the international community

    3) The Scottish government would be deemed as acting illegally

    4) The number voting yes is not likely to be more that half of the electorate, giving the no supporters justification

    In respect of all of the above Nicola’s position of absolutely correct

    There has to be a vote that involves the other parties meaning there has to be continual progress in Holyrood and Westminster.

    A wings party taking list seats is an excellent plan for Holyrood more because it undercuts the unionists

    Nicola can either crash the Scottish government and call an election or wait till next years election at which point the farmers and fishermen will see they have been shafted. This makes waiting till next year the better of the two options.

    Any comments

  337. kapelmeister says:

    Anyone perplexed by the current debate on indyref2 should read a fascinating short book called The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude by the 16th century French lawyer Etienne de la Boetie.

    La Boetie, a poet and friend of Montaigne, had interesting things to say about how dictatorial regimes maintain their power only with the help of those they oppress.

  338. Willie says:

    Socrates MacSporran @10.31

    Couldn’t agree more with your comment that the SNP have gone down the road of morphing into Scottish Labour. That is something very many of us feel.

    Indy has been put on the back burner, we have been dragged out of Europe with our EU citizenship removed against our will and we haplessly play the Westminster game going nowhere.

    Meanwhile there is a complacency that has set in. No longer a party of open opportunity a small coterie of Wokerati control the show gerrymandering candidate selection whilst imposing policies like GRA that most folks either have no interest in or actually detest. But like Scottish Labourv could all end in tears.

    So where do we go. I and many others want my party back. A party that’s focus is Independence. Not a party whose focus is devolution, comfortable well paid seats and micro minority interest that the majority of folks either couldn’t care about or despise.

    The grass roots need to take a stand on this. They need to tell their complacent, and yes there are many complacent MPs that their job is independence – else the history of Labour’s Feeble Fifty will continue to play out as it is.

    And ditto if equally complacent MSPs continue to play the micro minority interest woke policy game instead of independence and real life enhancing policies then these politicians need equally to be told.

    The skids are well and truly under the SNP as an Independence Party. We need to change that. There are those within the party who know that’s. Let’s all support that objective and if it means changing the current hig( command then let’s do it.

  339. Breeks says:

    Socrates MacSporran says:
    2 March, 2020 at 10:31 am

    “…I have been saying for some time – since after the moger of the 2017 GE, the SNP ought to have had the big hitters they lost there: Wee Eck, Angus Robertson etc, working alongside the Scottish Government in moving forward Indyref2. The fact they didn’t was yet another mistake.

    Agreed. All these big hitters being idle is a waste, but don’t forget Craig Murray, Peter Bell, Rev Stu,….We could pull a leaf out the Tory Book and have a Pro-Scotland Think Tank periodically issuing statements or reactions to events. It wouldn’t matter if the Unionists dismissed it, just as we dismiss the Tory Think Tanks, but if and when you’ve got a think tank saying a thing and the SNP reacting to it, you have two two voices in conversation and at least a chance to steer your own narrative… especially if IndyLive or Phantom Power are making that debate accessible. I think that would gather a steady audience. Suppose it went live online on a Sunday after Brewer…

    Cairns cartoon on a Saturday, and an Indy Broadcast on the Sunday…

    You could lift the whole Indy debate to a higher level, and leave the flumps in Holyrood to talk about closing bridges on windy days.

    Done a while ago, perhaps there wouldn’t be such an appetite for a second pro Indy party, although the logic of the second Party was aimed at list seats wouldn’t change…

  340. dandydons1903 says:

    The fake Scottish media are just doing their anglobrit masters job of spreading lies and propaganda as per usual, they and their anglospook pals are the real virus to Scotland and its people.

  341. Breeks says:

    shug says:
    2 March, 2020 at 11:33 am
    If you are thinking that pushing ahead with a wild cat referendum can I suggest you consider the following:…

    In respect of all of the above Nicola’s position of absolutely correct…

    I see that logic Shug, but don’t you think it’s worth testing the water to see whether the legitimacy of any referendum has it’s roots in Scottish Constitutional Law rather than an ephemeral opinion hovering around the tipping point?

    If Scotland takes care of the Constitutional housekeeping with regards to Scottish Sovereignty, then the result of ANY Scottish referendum, win, lose or draw, will stand as the declared mandate of a sovereign people, and it will not present Scotland with the constitutional dilemma of a Scottish mandate having to fight its way past Westminster’s attempts to block it, on a never ending case by case basis.

    We could then have an Independence referendum every other week, having made safe our Constitutional Sovereignty is not disputed, whereby neither voting YES or NO constitutes any erosion of our Constitutional rights. We DIDN’T do this in 2014, and Westminster is now exploiting that indecision and attempting to misrepresent Scotland’s NO vote as empowering its own Constitutional legitimacy to the cost and demise of Scotland’s Constitutional legitimacy.

    Challenge Westminster’s “Sovereignty by Convention” with a Scottish ‘counter’ Convention whereby Westminster cannot overrule a Scottish Sovereign mandate, because that breaches Westminster’s own convention about shared sovereignty being consensual. Scotland could secure a sovereign veto by our own Scottish Parliamentary Convention.

    If you don’t want your referendum to be discredited as “wildcat” or “illegal”, then isn’t the OBVIOUS step to establish constitutional legitimacy of the referendum in law before holding the referendum?

    Joanna Cherry is finally talking about doing just that, but surely, it’s a matter which should have been addressed a long time ago. Even now, I’m not sure how much of this initiative is down to Joanna Cherry herself, rather than Party doctrine.

  342. shug says:

    No I am not suggesting a wild cat. Non participation of the others and no guarantee on the results makes it a daft idea.

    I agree I don’t like the ‘assumption’ that we need Westminster’s permission, I believe this does need challenged.
    What is important is Westminster cant challenge the outcome and that they recognise Britain is not a unitary state

    We need to make the Unionists participate

  343. mike cassidy says:

    Remember the 50+% of the population that SNP transactivism is clearly pissing off.

    Well, they no longer exist.

    I give you

    via a science festival in Edinburgh

    humans with uteruses

    No idea if the human with a uterus giving the lecture will approve of the description

    Already looking forward to the next Humans With Uteruses Football World Cup!

  344. Republicofscotland says:

    “If you are thinking that pushing ahead with a wild cat referendum can I suggest you consider the following:”

    It would be for the courts to contest whether a consultative referendum is legal or not, hold it and let the courts text it.

    As for the unionist parties at Holyrood, would they really boycott it, knowing that the courts could find the referendum legitimate. Wouldn’t that be a very big gamble on their behalf.

    As for the international community, whose recognition in my opinion is more important than Westminsters, if Johnson fails to concur on a S30 long term what other option would we have.

    I think EU nations would be sympathetic and recognise it.

  345. Ottomanboi says:

    Gerry Hassan.
    “So here is a challenge for independence opinion. There is still work to be done. It was always thus. History is only made by those who understand their opponents accurately, confront their own myths, don’t remain static and face inconvenient facts”
    A pointer to the many inhabitants of Nubicuculia.


  346. AmanwhowascalledJoe says:

    @ Breeks

    The main problem as I see it is that the SNP and the Scottish independence movement to a lesser degree has allowed themselves to be tagged to an ideology that is in the beginning stages of being universally rejected by voters across the world.

    The repulsiveness of fake progressive hypocrites, such as many in the SNP, who call for equity on one hand and proceed to set up their own hierarchy of victimhood/privilege to dictate the rights of others is being noticed by people who are 1 by 1 sitting up and starting to pay attention. The most recent and obvious example being the GRA debate.

    The Labour party weren’t just soundly beaten in the GE only because of Tory tactics and a ridiculous manifesto. Its because they increasingly represent a way of thinking that only the complete hypocrite can attempt to support.

    We could say that another Scottish independence party wouldn’t have to follow the path of the SNP. This is certainly true, and I would hope so, but political parties are also an avatar of the people who support them and unless the indy movement starts to get more of a hold on runaway ‘progressive’ thinking the next party that comes up will end up resembling the SNP. Perhaps not in its totalitarian tendencies but definitely in its thinking.

    The politics of the modern left is increasingly sheltered middle class hypocrites spouting idealistic and contradictory beliefs on the TV as priority over the basic sound management of country and the protection of its people.

    The mode of thought that gives us concepts such as white privilege, toxic masculinity, critical theory etc needs to be rejected root and branch as completely as basic old fashioned racism and real misogyny. The trouble is our educational institutions seem to be infested with this.

    Yet the paradigm is shifting and Scottish Independence cant afford to be tied to a poisonous and increasingly rejected mode of ‘thinking’. To put it charitably.

    People who are truly independence minded will be a little uneasy about international groups influencing education, the legal system, the police and political parties towards an agenda that is harmful to innocent people and obviously totalitarian.

    Could well be wrong but to me this is the underlying issue and anything else is like moving the furniture on the titanic. There are reasons why despite the massive electoral support for staying in the EU in Scotland, the obvious farce that is the British Prime minister and the obvious undemocratic situation Scotland finds itself that indy support cant stay above half. We can bury our heads in the sand and talk about propaganda all we like but its more than that.

    Anyway, have fun folks. Ill be back on board the indy train when it looks like its actually worth having. Cheerio!

  347. Mist001 says:

    Mrs. Murrell is in all the papers today, doing her usual of reacting instead of leading but get this, plans are in place to deal with any Coronavirus outbreak in Scotland.

    I’ve seen how their fucking plans have worked out for the past four years!! How’s this one going to be any different?

    I honestly detest her now. Their behaviour over Brexit just killed it for me and I just can’t take Mrs. Murrell seriously anymore.

  348. Almond Chutney says:


    That’s fine by me, you can remain as a shit stain on this planet for all I care with your own admittance to transphobia, homophobia and whatever. Your breed of prejudiced hate is dying out, so either go find some shitty rock to live under or go live in some degenerate country that penalize LGBT+ people just for being born with an alternate alignment of sexuality. This is not a fucking debate when people’s freedom of choice is at stake you fucking despicable human being.

  349. Golfnut says:

    @ Shug.

    1) There wouldn’t be a no Campaign.

    It would be wall to wall , you can’t, we won’t recognise it, you won’t be allowed into the EU, we’re going to boycott, all relayed 24/7 by the media.
    That’s campaigning.

    2) London or the international community won’t recognise the result.

    London’s recognition is irrelevant if its a Yes vote, even so its very unlikely they would accept a Yes even with a Section 30.
    International acceptance is the key and you or really anybody else are not really in a position to determine whether they would accept or not. The EU are more likely to accept than say the U.S, in any case Westminster will challenge at the ICJ as are we if Westminster refuse to accept a Yes vote. In short, this will end up in court.

    3) The Scottish Government would be deemed as acting illegally.

    That’s prejudging, its never been tested in court and only the court can determine legality.

    4) The numbers voting yes are not likely to be more than 50% of the electorate.

    The whole point of the exercise is to determine exactly how many of the electorate would vote yes, if only 51% of those entitled to vote, actually vote, and vote yes, how is that not legitimate.
    It’s wrong to assume that because liblabtory party advocate abstaining, somehow that removes legitimacy from the referendum. We know that there are within each of the British nationalist party’s those that support independence, would they refuse to vote. Abstaining doesn’t prevent law being made at Westminster, Labour mps abstained on votes for austerity, did that prevent austerity.

  350. Republicofscotland says:

    I wonder if those folk advocating that we wait in an obedient fashion until Boris Johnsons decides to grant the S30, which there’s no guarentee of, have a waiting period in mind.

    Say what a year, two years, or even five years. The logic behind that flawed argument is plain to see. Johnson is no ordinary play by the rules democratic PM, he’s not the chiverlous type who’ll honour the polls or how many MPs/MSPs the SNP have nor mandates.

    We have no protection from the EU anymore either, no, I cannot agree with such a hairbrained scheme waiting until Johnson has caused, inflicted terrible economic damage to Scotland, whilst weakening the powers of Holyrood in the process.

    If we want independence we’ll need to be pro-active and take it, we must hold a indyref regardless of Westminsters stance. Not to do so would only strengthen the hand of Westminster that the UK is not a binary state.

    International recognition is the goal, for Westminster will never willingly let Scotland leave this unfit for purpose union. Yes there’s risks involved, but also rewards, what is our options, to plead to the International community or sit tight for how many years in the hope that Johnson or his successor gives us the nod to hold a indyref.

    If we truly want Scotland to be a thriving prosperous welcoming nation, and I’m sure all do then we must grasp the Thistle and hold a indyref.

  351. Republicofscotland says:

    A interesting and valid point from the Rev. But are the Tories in Scotland smart enough to really understand it.

  352. Dr Jim says:

    A Danish fisherman smiled today as he said *Europeans have been fishing in these waters for 1000 years for Herring but if England wants to take back control the English had better get used to eating a lot of fish because the Tarrifs will be so high they won’t be able to sell them in Europe and we will still continue to fish in Irish waters anyway*

    Is Johnson prepared to follow through with his bluff to the EU over a Herring, a fish that most of Scotland England and Wales consumes very little of now for an outcome that could see the decimation of Scotlands fishing industry because they would have nowhere to sell to because Donald Trump’s told him to

  353. Breeks says:

    shug says:
    2 March, 2020 at 12:27 pm

    …We need to make the Unionists participate..

    Not necessarily.

    If dissolution of the Union occurs because the UK Government has broken its own Sovereign Convention by subjugating the sovereign will of Scotland when even it’s own rotten convention properly requires the consensus of Scotland to share sovereignty, then the Union will cease to exist irrespective of any referendum even taking place.

    The whole game changes from being trapped in Union we voluntarily want to exit, to there being no Union at all, – not as a consequence of fickle and ephemeral public opinion, but as a direct legal consequence of Westminster’s unconstitutional misadventure, which breaches both the Treaty of Union, and it’s own Sovereign Convention.

    There would be no referendum to bring the Union to an end, it would die through being breached, and instead of any IndyRef, there would be a ratification plebiscite, which, for any UK Union to survive, the Unionists would have to win, then petition England to negotiate a new Treaty of Union from scratch. They would have to participate in such a plebiscite, or accept the Union was breached by the Westminster’s infidelity, and no longer existed as a consequence.

    Use Brexit and Scotland’s subjugation as a stake driven in to the heart of the Union, and at a stroke, Unionism is no longer about saving the 1707 Union, but resurrecting a new 2020 Union from scratch, and ‘good luck’ to them getting that to fly.

    If they are outraged at the demise of the Union, let them rage at Westminster, since it is unequivocally the gross and arrogant misadventure of Westminster which flouted the Union Treaty, breached it’s constitution, and brought about it’s demise. If you don’t like it, away to London and take it up with Boris.

    Why should Scotland pay the price for Westminster’s flagrant abandonment and disrespect for the 1707 Union? Have a bit of self respect Scotland, and stand up for yourself and your Constitutional integrity. That, and international recognition of it, is all that is required.

  354. bittie45 says:

    Breeks at 8:59 am (2 March, 2020)

    My thoughts are the SNP when in opposition had to make as much noise as possible. Now in Gvt, they need to be cautious and by-the-book etc. etc, so as to include everybody in their policies.

    We’re just over the 50% mark, so its still touch and go as far as calling for a referendum as regards winning certainty for the SNP.

    So the ball is in the Indy movement’s (our) court to boot the figure into 60-70% area. Then the ScotGov will have no option (or else), but to move. I also think thats what they are waiting on.

    So if its up to us to do the ground work for what its worth my ideas are:

    1) Everyone put up posters in their window with links to Wings,, (also on youtube), IndyLive radio at,,,, or whatever they think to be the most effective. IndyCar Gordon Ross at and youtube is another very good one. Just three or four, so as to not overwhelm readers.

    2) Obtain and give or lend Business for Scotlands “Scotland the Brief” full version with links from, or the existing Wee Blue Book etc. Our Rev Stu will hopefully be bringing out the latest WBB version when the timings right.

    3) Make yourself visible by switching off your lights for five minutes and then switch them on again an hour after sunset.

    4) Someone volunteer to collate mail and post their intention here and elsewhere if they have the resources to do it. Then everyone write to 10 downing street to demand a section 30 in a first class envelope and enclose that envelope in a letter to the volunteer, who when numbers have gone over a threshold, 10 thousand letters, a million, whatever, send them in bulk. A lot of work and volunteers, but it would certainly make an impact. Repeat until desired result.

  355. Breeks says:

    Also… if you wanted to be ‘nice’ about it, before declaring the Union Treaty breached and at an end, you could warn Westminster of your intentions, maybe give them an ultimatum and deadline to undo their wrongdoings and unconstitutional misadventure, and give them one last drink in the Last Chance Saloon.

    Personally, they’ve robbed my country blind for three centuries and I don’t feel any compulsion to be nice. The grasping obnoxious arseholes flouted a rigged Treaty which granted them everything. Let them pay for their stupidity, and for taking for granted a golden goose which they ought to have respected and treasured.

    The slobbering clowns have given Scotland our ticket to freedom. Use it. For fk sake use it Scotland, don’t let them off the hook with a poxy “UK” referendum and another propaganda-fest.

  356. Dr Jim says:

    Downing street has blocked Ministers access to the early warning health system (EWRS) used throughout the EU to assist in the co operation between countries in events of pandemics such as the Corona virus that we’re having right now and vetoed any further engagement with that body

    The Scottish government says they will continue to co operate with the EU and (EWRS)

  357. Mist001 says:

    Mrs. Murrell on Coronavirus in Scotland:

    “We’re expecting perhaps 50 per cent or as much as 80 per cent of the population would be infected during that epidemic,” she told journalists at the Scottish Government’s St Andrews House headquarters in Edinburgh.

    Expecting 80% of Scotland to be infected?

    She’s fucking pathetic, reduced to scaremongering and inducing panic in the Scottish population.

    It’s time this haridan was out.

  358. One_Scot says:

    I didn’t read your last pile of shit. You can post all day it makes no difference, still won’t read it.

  359. manandboy says:


    “Greenpeace activists have shut down more than 95 Barclays branches all over the country – and 5 of them are currently hosting pop-up exhibitions showing the effects of the climate emergency.

    They’re there to demand that Barclays stop bankrolling climate breakdown and start funding a better future for the planet and its people. Banks are as guilty for the destruction of our climate as the fossil fuel companies they fund – we can’t let them get away with it anymore.”

  360. Socrates MacSporran says:


    You wrote:

    “My thoughts are the SNP when in opposition had to make as much noise as possible. Now in Gvt, they need to be cautious and by-the-book etc. etc, so as to include everybody in their policies.”

    Fair enough, that’s straight from the Unionists play book, whereby they allow the village idiots from Eastwood, Glasgow, North Yorkshire and Kelty to spout all the pish they like inside the Holyrood chamber. However, at Westminster the SNP IS in opposition, and ought to be making the biggest possible nuisances of themselves.

    They neerd a two-pronged strategy – good solid government in Edinburgh and making absolute nuisances of themselves at Westminster.

    Right now, the Unionists, and in particular the Tories, are fooling too-many Scots into standing by the Union. But, they cannot go on doing this, we in the Independence movement should be working harder to remove the scales from the eyes of those who have yet to see the light.

    And I feel a two-pronged attack will hasten that day.

  361. Republicofscotland says:

    “We’re expecting perhaps 50 per cent or as much as 80 per cent of the population would be infected during that epidemic,” she told journalists at the Scottish Government’s St Andrews House headquarters in Edinburgh.”

    “Expecting 80% of Scotland to be infected?”


    There’s no doubt about it, the Coronavirus, has gotten Sturgeon off the hook with regards to excuses why not to hold a indyref this year.

    Even though the virus has raised its ugly head Sturgeon should still be held accountable as to why four years later after the EU in out vote were still no nearer to gaining independence bar a few medium shifts in the polls.

  362. Alec Lomax says:

    Mist001 says:
    2 March, 2020 at 3:02 pm
    Mrs. Murrell on Coronavirus in Scotland:

    “We’re expecting perhaps 50 per cent or as much as 80 per cent of the population would be infected during that epidemic,” she told journalists at the Scottish Government’s St Andrews House headquarters in Edinburgh.

    Expecting 80% of Scotland to be infected?

    She’s fucking pathetic, reduced to scaremongering and inducing panic in the Scottish population.

    It’s time this haridan was out.

    Comedy gold.

  363. Liz g says:

    —– Just Because —- Scotland 🙁

    While the Spiritual home of Golf is recognised as The Old Course At St Andrews.
    Scotland’s oldest Course is
    Musselbrugh Links, which has a Documented history dating back to This day March 2nd, 1672.

  364. Mist001 says:

    I honestly can’t believe she came out and said that pyblicly. This is winter, it’s normal and probably to be expected that people will catch colds and flu but because she’s hyped it up, over-reacted and yes, played to the gallery, all these people will be flooding doctors surgeries and hospitals thinking they’ve caught the Coronavirus. All these places and staff will be overcrowded and overworked and when they point it out, Mrs. Murrell will revert to her default state and blame Westminster.

    80%?? Where did she get that figure from? Why not 100% or 50%? How come 20% of Scotland wont be infected by it?

    Mrs. Murrell is a balloon, a total liability to Scotland.

  365. Willie says:

    Dr Jim @ 2.52

    If the Westminster Government stopped and or blocked ministerial access of the EU disease control virus Early Warming Health System then people need to be made aware of this.

    Seems that there has been a hidden agenda in all of this and it might not be too off the ball to suspect that the Westminster Government deliberately played down the risk of the virus to allow the dark money men to lay off tens, if not hundreds of billions of pounds of short trading, in advance of the stock market slide that has now occurred.

    In fact it was only two and a half weeks ago that HMG were publishing full page adverts to say that they had the Coronavirus under control. And only today it has emerged that the Mayor of London is being excluded from emergency coordination meetings, and therefore, you have to ask what is going on.

    But as I have opined before there is money for some in war, and there will be money for others in a pandemic, whatever the social cost. Short trading, it’s in the Tory high command’s DNA, and I for one think that Johnson and his chum Trump have been managing down the holocaust that may come to facilitate the special few to be able to take big money stock positions.

    And like sheep in a pen or rats in a trap, the ordinary people sail on blissfully unaware of how their Patrician masters are operating behind the scenes.

    So Dr Jim, tell me, why would you restrict access to a European Early Warning Health System, deny the Mayor of one of the world’s largest cities access to planning, whilst in the preceding weeks place public health adverts to say everything is under control.

    Or is this just a coincidence?

  366. Republicofscotland says:

    Erm..Nope, never, I’d rather sing independence when do we want it, we want it now.

    “Members of the public should sing God Save The Queen as they wash their hands to try and combat coronavirus, the UK’s Heath Secretary said”

  367. Ayeright says:


    “Mrs. Murrell is a balloon, a total liability to Scotland.”

    What does that make you then dunderheed? Spreader of fake news?

    The quote you have been attributing to Nicola Surgeon is not hers at all, it is from Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer.

    Dr Catherine Calderwood, the chief medical officer, added that there is good evidence that Scotland has been successful in containing the virus and she would not expect the peak of cases, where “large numbers” occur, for another 2-3 months.

    “We’re expecting perhaps 50 per cent or as much as 80 per cent of the population would be infected during that epidemic,” she told journalists at the Scottish Government’s St Andrews House headquarters in Edinburgh.

    This is based on the epidemiological pattern of the outbreak in China, but it’s not clear whether Scotland would follow a similar pattern.

  368. ahundredthidiot says:


    Sturgeon isn’t plucking figures out of the air over this – that’s the reasonable worst case scenario as presented by the leading subject matter experts. There are too many unknowns and Governments need to be seen not to be impotent.

    If you want to get more info on this go to the US site for CDC and listen to the audio brief they give the Press. The Yanks are far more transparent, decisive and informative.

    This truck is coming down the road – if you want to linger about in the central reservation, fill your boots. Flu itself is serious, this one is ten times more deadly and there is no vaccine for it. I’ve also had enough of NS, but when it comes to lives, its time to work together – without prejudice.

  369. Ottomanboi says:

    This link puts COVID-19 in the context of influenza type illness in the USA.
    The numbers are ‘interesting’.

  370. ahundredthidiot says:

    Almond Chutney @ 1:38

    That really hurts my feelings.

    Actually, on LGBTQ+ I have no issue with LG (and would put myself in a position of danger to protect them) don’t quite believe there is any such thing as B – and genuinely think TQ+ is where the mentally ill live, (and that they need our help, not us enabling them).

    As for you, you’re a Drama Queen, how the heck did you get through Basic?

  371. Willie says:


    “ Short sellers borrow shares, sell them, buy them back at a lower price and profit from the difference — unless the stock rises. The biggest headlines these days are being made by so-called activist shorts, even though they account for only a small slice of short selling. Most shorting is done by hedge funds and institutional investors to cushion their investments against falling stock prices or to bet that shares have risen too high. Activists, on the other hand, research companies to find targets that they allege have dodgy business or accounting practices, spread the word (sometimes anonymously) and, if all goes as planned, watch the stock slump. Although activist shorts have been calling out companies for decades, their numbers have swelled thanks to the rise of social media as a platform for disseminating theories and analysis. In 2017, shorts began campaigns against 186 companies globally, versus 130 in 2013, according to Activist Insight Ltd. The campaigns have spread geographically, too, with shorts turning their attention to Australia, Japan, Singapore and South Africa. In June, the chief executive officer of Hong Kong-listed Samsonite International SA resigned after a short seller alleged he had falsified educational credentials. Many authorities dislike short selling “

    Banned by France, Germany the UK and the USA during the 1930s Great Depression, short trading in our new neo-liberal world is back and back big time.

    Rumour suggests that ex hedge trader Nigel Farage May after polls have closed talked up Leave having failed thereby driving up Sterling on the worlds currency markets only for it to absolutely collapse the next afternoon when the final tally revealed a Leave had one.

    With one particular Tory short trader in the name of Sir Crispin Odey having made a reputed £400 million one can see how saying one thing, whilst hoping for another makes money – or at least for some.

    Maybe that’s why Gideon Osborne was paid around a reputed £500,000 a year for one day’s work with hedge fund investors Black Rock. ( which hedge fund incidentally held one of the biggest short positions in Carillion before they went bust in one of the UK’s biggest bankruptcies. )

    Or what of Brown’s Bottom when Gordon Brown sold off half of the UK’s gold reserve at the bottom of the market. Rumour has it that some international banks were having trouble closing off shorts because the gold price was to high – only for Gordon to flood the market with gold to stabilise the price, thereby protectting the bankers.

    And maybe it’s that’s why Brown, Blair and Darling all after leaving office got hyper well paid jobs with the big finance boys.

    Maybe therefore in the current virus emergency some of our SNP MPs could maybe make enquiries here in the public interest. Ian Blackford after all was a merchant banker. Or is it Jonson and his ilk would never manipulate for and on behalf of the dark money men whilst everyone else loses their shirt, and in this case, their health too.

  372. Fireproofjim says:

    Liz.g @4.08
    Another interesting thing about Musselburgh Old Links is that the diameter of the golf hole at 4.25 inches was devised there.
    The green keepers had the idea of using old cast iron drain pipe sections to line the hole and they just happened to have some pipe of that size. Before that the holes were just cut in the grass and were any size.
    Now 4.25” is used worldwide.
    Well it’s a change from writing about GRA and Corona virus.

  373. Stuart MacKay says:

    Just read the following on the BBC web site:

    The government has estimated a post-Brexit trade deal with the United States would boost the UK economy by 0.16% over the next 15 years.

    So is that 0.01% growth per year, or 0.16% after 15 years. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t decide.

  374. Stuart MacKay says:

    Just to get back on-topic. There’s a fantastic article in the Smithsonian Magazine, which explains why everybody gets worried with these virus outbreaks.

    Didn’t archive because sites with articles of that level of quality deserve support.

  375. jfngw says:

    Matt Hancock tells us to sing ‘God Save The Queen’ whilst washing our hands, I only know the first two lines.

    God save the queen
    The fascist regime

    Anybody else know the rest?

  376. cynicalHighlander says:

    I’ll just leave this here on Coronavirus.

  377. Stuart MacKay says:

    God save the queen
    The fascist regime
    They made you a moron
    A potential H bomb
    God save the queen
    She’s not a human being
    and There’s no future
    And England’s dreaming
    Don’t be told what you want
    Don’t be told what you need
    There’s no future
    No future
    No future for you
    God save the queen
    We mean it man
    We love our queen
    God saves
    God save the queen
    ‘Cause tourists are money
    And our figurehead
    Is not what she seems
    Oh God save history
    God save your mad parade
    Oh Lord God have mercy
    All crimes are paid
    Oh when there’s no future
    How can there be sin
    We’re the flowers
    In the dustbin
    We’re the poison
    In your human machine
    We’re the future
    Your future
    God save the queen
    We mean it man
    We love our queen
    God saves
    God save the queen
    We mean it man
    There’s no future
    In England’s dreaming God save the queen
    No future
    No future
    No future for you
    No future
    No future
    No future for me
    No future
    No future
    No future for you

    God bless: Glen Matlock / John Lydon / Paul Thomas Cook / Stephen Philip Jones

  378. Famous15 says:

    Some demented anti SNP anti Nicola Sturgeon and anti Mrs Murrell (who is that?) frothing at the mouth utter rubbish on this site.

    Top is Mist001 who is not 77 th Brigade as he is too obvious.

    Not being a member of the SNP I do not know how much if any of his bile is even faintly true but as friendly kinda guy could I suggest there would be more belief in their message if it was toned down.

    Personally I hold the truth to be self evident that independence is normal for a country.

  379. Dr Jim says:

    There’s definitely money to be made in Corona virus futures and when you take a look at the stock exchanges you see who’s making it

  380. mike cassidy says:

    How the battle for the soul of the Scottish National Party erupted

    And its not about Wings!

  381. Joe says:

    @ Republicofscotland

    Disclaimer: i support Scottish independence. This might seem like a Unionist argument but its not. Its an anti-socialist argument.

    This argument could go into the kind of detail only an expert, or someone with nothing to do, would want to get into. So here’s some basic sources. I dont have much time so ill be brief:

    Avg wage in Norway is about 30% higher than UK –

    Avg cost of living in Norway is about 40% higher than UK-

    Taxation in Norway is higher in the UK with higher VAT, lower personal threshold, higher social security contributions.

    Norway has pretty high taxes. Despite being a very oil rich nation. The reasons for this? Im no expert so I wont try to understand. But there it is.

    Now (without looking) this must mean its poor, disadvantaged, disabled people are all much better looked after and with much better security than in the UK. Probably a much nicer country to live as well generally.

    Its not the poor, disadvantaged and disabled that generate the productivity though. Its people who want to work, run their own business and do something. Unless you want to rely solely on a commodity that is very, very slowly going the way of coal.

    Which is the other point – the political class of the indy seem to be open borders and free healthcare to all comers because we are a kindly and generous lot.

    Are there any oil rich socialist nations? Yes, Venezuela.

  382. Liz g says:

    Fireproofjim @ 5.34
    :-)…. Just a wee cheery snippet about Scottish stuff from a book I was given at Christmas…. I thought I’d share them here as a wee bit o’cheer while we wait. 🙂

  383. Liz g says:

    Joe @ 8.08
    I think the open borders support is self evidently a position ( which I support ) Scotland takes because currently in the here and now Scotland needs people.
    It’s not about a desire to be inclusive but rather to be practicle…. And to be practical …for it to successfully work, we have to nudge the zeitgeist to in turn, be inclusive.
    Our space on our part of this island is not full up and unless you ( not you personally ) are to go down the route of advocating more home grown Scots with all the obvious but unsaid connotations that that brings, we have to grow our population somehow.
    One day we may have to address over population but that’s not in the here and now.

    As to health care…. If.. what I gather about Cuba is true!
    I’d say that’s a model worth following.
    I don’t buy we can’t keep paying for unlimited health care for all our citizens…. What else are the Government ment to put before it?
    They represent us ( in theory ) and if a population give them funds and indicate that we want it to be used for health care!
    That’s exactly what they should be doing!
    Not paying tax and they get to choose whats the limits to what we can and cannot have!
    Or, paying for a crazy American model that is no more than a stealth tax without limits or consequences for government.
    Health care is obviously self limiting by medicine it’s self clearly we all die…. It’s not socialism it’s sense
    What else should a Country spend it’s wealth on?
    What’s the point of becoming a wealthy country?

    The Cuban model of public education is ment to be worth looking at too.
    It’s not about what “ist” or “ism” politicians cleave to its about what politicians are actually for !!!
    I Personally don’t care what kind of policy any given country is viewed as having.
    If it works we in Scotland should go with it.
    To reject a policy because it’s been traditionally labelled as Capitalist or Socialist thinking ( who decided ) is narrow and backwards…. If it’s good, it’s good, and we should be havin it!

  384. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Just to be sure.

    When I wash my hands I sing “Bohemian Rhapsody”, the skin’s more or less gone now but by god it’s clean. 🙂

  385. robertknight says:

    Personally, I’ve no problem singing “God Save the Queen” whilst trying to scrub an undesirable foreign body from my skin. There’s a certain satisfaction in the association between a virus and Royalty, especially when watching everything swirling around then disappearing down the plug hole.

    Oh, to be rid of both!

    Where’s the soap…

  386. Sharny Dubs says:

    Wings over Scotland Party!,

    Has a ring to it!!

    Woo woo!

  387. Joe says:

    @ Liz g

    Sorry cant do your post justice with a good reply. Though my biggest point isnt tax payer subsudised healthcare for scots. Its that no country on earth can have a high end welfare system, not be choosey on incoming people and for it to last very long. Cheers

  388. Dr Jim says:

    It’s ironic when you think of it, they say sing *God save the Queen* while you wash your hands

    sing about a mythical deity and a pretend Monarch?

    You might have more luck singing a nice wee thank you song to the soap

  389. ScottieDog says:

    Contrary to popular belief, taxation in a currency issuing state like Norway is not used to fund government – currency has to be spent into existence before it can be taxed back. The likely reason in Norway’s case is that it is a measure to control inflation. Govt surpluses are run in high exporting nations to cool the economy – dampening purchasing power. Taxing money out of the economy is one way to do this.

    As for Venezuela, it pegs its currency to the US dollar and so it’s central bank is hampered with having keep large amounts of dollar foreign reserves. This actually restricts spending in step with the reserve of dollars. Most countries float their currency for this reason and Venezuela should too.
    As for oil, Venezuela exports low value products (crude oil) and imports high value products (refined oil). So a trade deficit puts even more pressure on the currency.

  390. Liz g says:

    Scottie Dog @ 10.11
    I think your right about why there is high tax in wealthy Norway.
    I was chatting to a native Norwegian at my brother’s wedding and according to him,there is most certainly poverty in Norway and Norway doesn’t just hand out citizenship either!
    Partly because of that conversation I am a wee bit dubious about this Norway model for Scotland.
    Imitating their oil fund as best we can… sure…. but not much else.
    I’m more of an advocate of looking everywhere and adopting a Scottish versions of what ever works best…

  391. Liz g says:

    Joe @ 10on
    No worries Joe… I did ramble at a bit of a tangent.
    But… High end health care and cheery integration is IMHO a very good incentive to attract the people we need.
    Once we’re operating at capacity then we can have a different conversation.
    But a justifiable,dignified and righteous one!!

  392. jfngw says:

    Jackie Baillie believes Labour problem is the Scottish people don’t know here they stand on big issues. Her problem is the people of Scotland do know where Labour stands in Scotland, we discovered clearly in 2014. They have been the handmaidens for Boris Johnson and his total disregard for Scotland, they prefer Johnson in Westminster running Scotland that any Scot in Holyrood doing it. They are BritNats to their core, always will be, merely Tories with a different song at conference.

  393. dakk says:

    WHO has gone from ‘health emergency’,to ‘grave threat to the global population’ to ‘uncharted waters’.

    Anyone who can’t read between the lines is in for a shock.

    Our immune systems are about to be tested.

    Maybe Africa will be the last man standing.

  394. mike cassidy says:

    Interesting general takes on the Norwegian Wealth Fund.

    Based on two principles

    1)Its ours – not the private sector’s.

    2)We will not allow the income flow to feck up the overall economy.

    97% of the annual interest gets reinvested.

    Which is why the fund keeps agrowing.

    3% goes into the government’s purse.

    Think about the political willpower required to stick to that.

    This 3% accounts for 15% of government spending.

    Which means 85% of government spending is not derived from the country’s mineral wealth

    This read claims that the 3% may account for as much as 20% of government spending.

    One fifth of income in the state’s budgets is covered by the Fund, financing generous welfare services and (when the conservatives are in power) tax relief.

    Of course, all good things must come to an end.

    But what a problem to have.

    Especially when you can be investing in this level of infrastructure.

    (£28.6 billion is the convertible cost if my arithmetic is corrrect. You can barely get a new London tubeline for that!)

  395. auld highlander says:

    Twitter instantly bans account for ‘Wings Over Scotland Party’

  396. cynicalHighlander says:

    @Dr Jim

    Carbolic no doubt

  397. cynicalHighlander says:


    No word about pensions then I wonder why

  398. Fireproofjim says:

    Mike Cassidy
    Re Norway’s sovereign wealth fund. The beauty of it is that it will never come to an end. It is all invested in things other than oil and grew at £28 billion last year.
    Even when the oil runs out in fifty or a hundred years Norway will still be the richest country in the world if they continue their present policies.
    Meanwhile, in fifty or a hundred years, unless we are independent, we will look across the North Sea from our impoverished and robbed country and curse the opportunities we threw away.
    Tell everybody you know about the MacCrone Report. It’s all there.

  399. mike cassidy says:


    Just what is it about men and threats of violence against women

    Like the exposure precedent though.

  400. Effijy says:

    Seen some really disturbing videos that came out of China.

    So many videos of bodies dropping dead in the street.
    Another video shows 10’s of thousands of young chicks
    Being tipped into a vast pit while still alive.

    The same situation with more live pigs than I thought graced the planet.
    Thought was that the workers who worked with them died with Corona virus
    So these creatures may be contaminated.

    This must represent a vast amount of food that is no longer available.
    So food shortages must be looming now.

    Yet another video was taken from the roof top of a very tall city centre building.
    You can see a major motorway and many streets and roads and I couldn’t see
    Any kind of movement of vehicles or people?

    Does this too indicate that getting food into the city is minimal as drivers
    Would not want to delver in the epicentre of this deadly virus.

    A contact in Glasgow has a massive warehouse that supports high volume internet sales for many
    Different ranges of products.

    Much of his stock is manufactured in China
    He already is seeing stock dwindling significantly
    As manufacturing facilities are being closed down
    After becoming contaminated.

    This could be the most devastating event we face since the Second World War.

    Take every precaution that you can to avoid contamination now.

  401. meg merrilees says:

    Willie @ 1.15 am

    re all-female lists

    I am a Human With A Uterus.
    I live in Stirling,
    I have supported the SNP since I was at school – along time ago … 47 years plus.

    I’ve always thought that you win elections by having the best candidate for the job, by having someone that the constituency knows and wants to have representing them and by inspiring your followers to vote for your party.

    You inspire people to vote for you by respecting them and listening to their views.

    I do not want an all female list just because someone thinks it is time we had more women or fewer men representing us. I want the best candidate, who will make the most effective representation.

    If I was the female to be elected I think I would feel that perhaps I had only won’t that position because I am a woman NOT because I am the person the constituents want most of all to represent them. In fact I might end up feeling that I was the person least disliked rather than the person most wanted.

    Also, how can you have a GRA discussion and be considering some of the points in question and then turn round and say only one gender is being allowed to stand in this area or will the all-female list possibly include persons living ‘as a woman’.
    Either way, it’s still discrimination against a sizeable chunk of the population.

    To misquote Ken Clarke … ” I think we are heading down the rabbit hole”

    This is a daft idea.

  402. dakk says:

    And then there will be the test to our finances.

    Those of us in the real economy will suffer severe disruption to business/unpaid leave or worse.

    Those in public employ,an extended paid holiday of sorts.

    Banks will get another state QE bail out.

    The centralised british state will let the invisible hand deal the cards.


  403. dakk says:

    @ effijy

    Seen that footage and worse a few weeks ago.

    We are not even at the end of the beginning of this.

    And some people want an indyref now lol.

    On the bright side.

    In a couple years the electoral demographics will likely look quite different.

  404. twathater says:

    Went on to the national to see what the article was re the WOS twatter page , on reading the comments it appears that most of the commenters are unfazed re the GRA , the usual trust in the SNP it’ll be alright on the night or it’s a storm in a teacup , I have never wrote in a letters page before but felt the need to join to post some truths

    I would ask some of our female contributers to go on to the national comments and inform these Neanderthals of the real GRA
    And BTW Stu getting pelters for protecting women

  405. Al Dossary says:

    Love the “Negativeness” about Norway. Get a grip people. Get off your ass and go visit the country. Or any other successful country in Europe for that matter. You will come back with your eyes opened as to just how much of a shithole the UK is to live and work in at present.

    High taxes – not really. When I worked there 2008 the net rate is tax was 42% compared to the UK’s net rate of 38%. Yes it is an expensive country, but the salary rates make up for that. They have a proper social service statement, good pension and sickness benefit system.

    The most striking thing about the drive down the west coast is that it is much like the highland west coast of Scotland with only 1 difference – There are actually small communities with people living on them rather than mile after mile of grouse moor.

  406. Rob says:

    On the subject of free bus passes. Both me and my wife have had thes passes for the past 7yrs but have never used them9Same applies to all elderly people in my area) .The reason being is because there are no buses and no bus stops, I live on a busy trunk road A736. The SNP are unable to help

  407. Rm says:

    Time for Scotland to close its border with england check all lorry drivers for this virus, stop flights coming in nobody allowed into Scotland unless their checked, we’ll have to do what all countries will be doing time for Scotland to start being on its own.

  408. ScottieDog says:

    @Liz g
    No I don’t hold Norway up as an example of how Scotland should conduct her affairs. I look to Iceland – for a number of reasons..
    Firstly, no we don’t have an oil fund and a huge pot of foreign reserves and we just have to accept that. Also the oil fund is a bit of red herring in that it assumes the necessity of the state to save. The fact is Norway can easily have a healthy and wealthy economy without an oil fund. It always comes down to resources and have a sovereign free floating currency to put these resources into full employment. Scotland too can flourish without an oil fund as long as we make the correct currency choices.

    Now to Iceland. Here’s an example of a country held up by the unionists as part of the ‘arc of austerity’ – a warning to Scotland that we like Iceland would sink beneath the waves under the weight of huge financial crises without the help of the broad shoulders of the U.K.

    Well Iceland didn’t need the broad shoulders of the U.K. they recovered very well from having a fraudulent and ultimately catastrophic financial sector which was 11 times the size of the economy. Having a floating sovereign currency and having the ability to implement temporary capital controls (against the rules if you’re an EU member) allowed Iceland free reign to invest in their economy. Sure there were tough times but there was no harsh austerity.

    If Iceland can thrive out of adversity then so can we. I notice the unionists don’t mention Iceland anymore because it blows their neoliberal version of macroeconomics out of the water.

  409. Breeks says:

    Al Dossary says:
    3 March, 2020 at 4:23 am
    Love the “Negativeness” about Norway. Get a grip people. Get off your ass and go visit the country. Or any other successful country in Europe for that matter….

    Never been to Norway, but really like to do it someday. I’ve noticed DuoLingo has a wee Norwegian flag too… Part for the cultural exposure, but the big kid in me really wants to go to see that Viking longship museum in Oslo. Before smartphones and tech, Dinosaurs and Vikings are what museums were invented for. Lol.

    To be honest, I think Scotland has missed the boat for an oil fund. Unless there are major developments in carbon capture, oil is the new coal. There is a time component to Norway’s success, not just doing the right thing, but catching a wave and doing it at the right time.

    I don’t want to look towards oil. Renewables is where it’s at. While Norway’s oil fund means the Norwegians could choose to live tax free, renewable energy gives you the same “money for nothing” opportunity to exploit a limitless resource which renews itself and doesn’t destroy the planet.

    Scotland, with a glut of clean energy can use the excess to subsidise development of Hydrogen fuel and engines, and if we’re fast enough, maybe steal a march on manufacturing Hydrogen Cars, Hydrogen aircraft, in Scotland while the rest of the world heads down a cul-de-sac with electric cars. Hydrogen is virtually inexhaustible, coming from water and going back to water, whereas the resources to make car batteries are finite and toxic.

    I didn’t go to a private school, but I know people who did, and you know what one of the big differences is? They see education and success differently. In a state school, you’re groomed to stick in, get a good education and aim for a well paid job. Nothing wrong with that. But the “haves” have a different attitude. Their priority is getting themselves financially independent, that is, they have enough income from property rental, savings interest, shares and dividends that they don’t actually have to work at all. They do work of course, but they will never be destitute if they just take care of their assets, and they have a lifetime of wages to spend as they like.

    That’s how Norway thinks, and it’s how Scotland needs to think, plan ahead, and invest in resources which will look after you in the long term. Thats not oil. It coulda been, but we allowed it to be stolen. Now, it’s renewable energy and ancillary research and technology.

    After that begins taking shape, it’s infrastructure next, and as sustainability starts turning into wealth, and piggy bank starts filling up, you can improve social provision and altruistic green issues like re-wilding habitat or establishing generous nature reserves.

    With Scotland’s epic history, languages, and cultural diversity, from the vitrified forts of the Picts to the production of the World’s best whisky and produce, Scotland can build any number of Museums to make the Vikings envious. Not one of Scotland’s bountiful resources is operating at it’s optimum.

    The one thing that Scotland has which Norway doesn’t, is the Curse. – The curse of our Parasitic Union, which sucks the life and wealth from Scotland leaving us impoverished and undernourished, and our minds contorted by hostile indoctrination and instilled self doubt.

    End the Union. End it by any means possible. There is no consequence so grievous or terrible it is worse than 300 years of death, suppression, expulsion, exile, exploitation and deliberately contrived underachievement. Gold standard democracy? Oh my, aren’t we posh all of a sudden? If it liberated Scotland, I’d pick our democracy out a muddy puddle and it wouldn’t matter if it was made of tin and dented.

    Besides, there is nothing gold standard about a democracy that is skewed by colonial interference and monopolised propaganda and media manipulation. Once upon a time, Scotland was the poster child for courage and bravery against all odds. – That where Scotland’s gold standard lay. End the damned Union. Break it with the Constitution which Auld Scotland earned with it’s gold standard courage, bravery, and Constitutional genius.

  410. Ottomanboi says:

    Scotland can never be a clone of Norway but it can be a much better Scotland. The raw material is there. The will power, constantly drained by the vampiric union, quite another matter. That of course is where nationalist politics comes in and ought to be providing the daily sustenance.

  411. jfngw says:

    I see a member of the SNP NEC is promoting a pile on to try and have the RevStu remaining twitter account shut down. If this is the intellectual level of the SNP then we are truly sunk, reminds me of the antics of new Labour.

    I don’t see how I can remain a member with the some of the current crop of people at the top. Looks like I will not vote at the next election, there is literally no current party that now reflects my political viewpoint.

    It’s as if the party has been infiltrated at the top with the agenda of destroying the SNP, and it seems to be working. Or the new Labour types that want power but independence is of no interest have joined to achieve their ambitions.

  412. Norway has one massive problem `inflation`

    if it puts to much money into the economy prices rise and you get inflation,

    you can`t just keep putting money into the economy,

    tax takes money out the economy

    the main reason for tax is to control inflation,

    Norway can`t eliminate tax.

  413. Chinese researchers have found that COVID-19 patients may have no fever or CT abnormality, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine recently,

    the absence of fever in COVID-19 is more frequent than in SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV infection, and such patients may be missed if the surveillance case definition focuses on fever detection, it said.

  414. Effijy says:

    Have a look too at what oil money did for Baku in Azerbaijan.

    One day, after independence, we will have futuristic cities that look like Baku.

  415. Joe says:

    RE: Norway and tax. Im just pointing out that an oil rich country can have high taxes imposed on people despite oil wealth. The reasons I dont care. Neither will people who you need to convince to vote for an independent Scotland. Being in denial is not an argument winner. Cheers folks, catch you some other time if theres anything left after the woke mafia are done

  416. kapelmeister says:

    Scotland is going to be subjected to a summer of union jackery.

    First, there will be the the 75th anniversary of VE day in May. Then the Olympics in late July, with Balding in full Britnat mode. Followed by the 75th anniversary of VJ day. And rounded off in August and September with the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

    As if all that isn’t enough there will also be the usual charade over the England football team taking part in the European Championships.The

    And all this presided over by ringmaster Boris.

  417. kapelmeister says:

    What happened to Carlaw’s supposed trip to imperial London to meet Johnson and voice the Scottish concerns over the new immigration plans?

    Did Carlaw’s trip take place? If it did take place, he probably just got five minutes of being bullied by Priti Patel.

  418. Golfnut says:

    Scotland’s first priority is to lift half a million children and their parents and probably their grandparents out of poverty, that can’t be done without increasing their spending power. Having low tax and systems that allow tax evasion and avoidance for the rich while rickets is on the rise isn’t an aspiration, its a fucking disgrace.
    The argument that you you need low tax systems to attract the right sort is nonsense, in fact its the opposite, they attract the predator, the leach and invariably the type that ke bad employers, so fuck them, they can stay where they are. The type we need are those who recognise opportunity and potential, prepared to work hard and grow with this country. Scotland is awash with money, we just dont have control of it, even so money will flow into Scotland. Infrastructure, housing, social services, military, ports and industry investment all require urgent attention. Can’t wait let’s do it.

  419. dakk says:

    Norway overtook Denmark last year as the happiest country in the world in the OECD index.

    Both those countries have relatively high taxes.

    Danes and Norwegians are not flocking to stealth taxed little England.

    Red herrings all over the place from the anti Scottish britnat troll.

  420. dakk says:

    Norway overtook Denmark last year as the happiest country in the world in the OECD happiness index.

    Both those countries have relatively high taxes.

    Danes and Norwegians are not flocking to stealth taxed little England.

    Red herrings all over the place from the anti Scottish britnat troll.

  421. dakk says:

    Apologies for duplicate.

  422. dakk says:

    Hope you’re all assured by the shifty chief medical officer Whitty.

    Says 90000 cases,45000 survivors and 3000 dead.

    Then says kill rate will be around 1% lol.

  423. dakk says:

    At least Phillipa Whitford is more honest/accurate.

    4% of popn. hospitalized.

    I’m sure the hospitals can manage another 2 or 3 million turning up at A and E.

    Still fancy trying to tell the plebs we need a date for areferendum this year.

  424. Pete says:

    Always a bit sceptical about this definition of ‘poverty’.
    It never seems to take into account people’s spending choices.
    One person can live like a lord on a modest income whilst another can be destitute on a high income.
    One person can squander money on drink, cigarettes, gambling whilst another does none of these things and, as a consequence, lives well.
    Every morning, at my local paper shop, I see folks who I know are on modest incomes buy lottery tickets, scratch cards,cigs,you name it.
    How are these factors taken account of in the definition of POVERTY?

  425. Willie says:

    Jfngw @9.40

    Couldn’t agree more with your comments. Having an SNP NEC member attempting to have banned Stu Campbell’s Twitter account tells you all you need to know.

    When the SNP starts waging war against independence supporters who disagree with the current ( failed ) strategy you know that the SNP is no longer the vehicle for independence.

    The SNP needs to revert to its roots, it’s core reason for existence, else like Scottish Labour before it, it will die.

    A new party is I suspect coming. Sturgeon and the Wokerati do not have a God given right to do as they please, selling independence down the river, whilst taking their pieces of gold in salaries and expenses.

  426. Breeks says:

    kapelmeister says:
    3 March, 2020 at 10:12 am
    Scotland is going to be subjected to a summer of union jackery.

    I actually surprise myself how unmoved I am by Union Jackery. I feel like it should be making me wince, but I feel nothing. I don’t know how to describe it, it’s like the “Not-Scotland” flag, and after that, I really don’t care what it stands for. It’s Not Scotland.

    I feel a lot more despondent about our political situation.

    Every day that passes, the temperature of Scotland’s unconstitutional subjugation via Brexit cools off another degree, and the window of opportunity begins to close.

    Somebody woke up Ian Blackford by disrespecting Scotland, again, Scotland has a political squirrel diagnosed with Corona Virus, and the wokists are digging in and getting stronger, not weaker. The SNP is haemorrhaging big hitters, (apparently, no summary of anything hit ‘bigly’), not standing for re-election. Doesn’t really inspire confidence in 2021 Elections being anything other than another chance for the SNP to treat its referendum mandate like fkg road tax. Do you want it for 6 months or another year?

    I hope Arbroath is a pick-me-up. I know it will be, but I want something concrete happening, something constructive and progressive emerging from so many Yesser’s in one place focussed upon Scotland’s Sovereign Constitution. I’d love a word with Joanna Cherry, but don’t even know if she’ll be there.

    Right now it feels like Scotland is being suffocated by SNP indifference to pressure, disquiet, or urgency, not to mention indolent boredom concerning Independence. That to me looks a bleaker prospect for our summer than red white and blue graffiti we can at least despise as invasive.

    Alex Salmond being cleared would be a big plus, but I’m not sure that’s how trumped up show-trials play out.

  427. dakk says:

    Correction to earlier post.

    4% of cases could be hospitalized,not population.

    Still likely to be over a million people.


    Your excellent posts coincide with my views,but this is a giant man eating squirrel which will neccesstate SNP gov focusing on the day job.

    This time I really do believe ‘now is not the time’ to coin a phrase.

    It might be over in 3 or 4 months,but until the worst is over and people feel safer I can’t see how indyref is feasible.

  428. Breeks says:

    I stand corrected, I didn’t mean to underplay the virus dakk, just the “letting off the hook” factor it provides as a distraction.

    Not sure that sounds any better… I’ll just stop digging now.

  429. North chiel says:

    State propaganda channels now in full state emergency mode . “ Chairman” Bojo will maximise the “ Central state knows best” mantra. The Junta can now bring in their emergency powers and down the line blame any economic slump on “ the virus” . The usual “ friends” of the Junta ie. the police & military will of course be “ the useful tools” used to “ herd & restrict” the population as the government requires to respond to the changing “ situation” . Meanwhile in the “ outposts” of Edinburgh, Cardiff & Belfast , all heads must now turn & look towards the Imperial capital and obey all “ dictacts “ ( frozen in the “ headlights” being beamed from Chairman Bojo & his centralised politburo ) . The post crisis “ verdict” as the “ war” is eventually won will be “shoved down our throats by the State Propaganda “ doctors” that when it comes to “ war” then we are “ all better together “ and all Independists should now “ keep calm and carry on “ . The “ union will save you” .

  430. Republicofscotland says:

    EU expert lawyers say Scotland could keep free movement if the English government slightly adjusted its immigration plans.

    The English government has said no.

    Meanwhile a ex-drug addict is setting up a Drug consumption van in defiance of Westminster good on him, if only the SNP had the guts to be defiant.

  431. dakk says:

    I get you.Yes there could be an ‘off the hook’ element to this.

    It is also not inconceivable that Nicola Sturgeon developed and planted the virus in Wuhan herself.

    My money is on her,or Greta Thunberg 🙂

  432. dakk says:

    That was in reply to Breeks.

  433. mike cassidy says:

    Gordon Bown backs Jackie Baille’s plan to become Scottish Labour’s Deputy Leader.

  434. mike cassidy says:

    John Oliver on the Trump Administration’s response to the virus.

  435. Republicofscotland says:

    Looks like Neil Hanvey will be allowed back into the SNP, according to a SNP insider, Hanvey will find out today.

    Hanvey stood as a independent, after the SNP dropped him he comfortably won the Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeth constituency by 1243,seats from Labour’s Lesley Laird.

  436. Republicofscotland says:

    Today is Super Tuesday, when the US DNC picks their Democrat candidate to run against the Republican candidate.

    One wonders if the DNC will,bypass Bernie Sanders the socialist in favour of more Neocon candidate. Sanders at the last time I looked was the frontrunner.

  437. Republicofscotland says:

    So Jackie Baillie has written in her new column in the Scotsman newspaper,(birds of a feather so to speak) That Labour’s values should be held true and that’s why the Labour branch office in Scotland cannot allow a second indyref.

    Labour values? Hold true? is Jackie Baillie learning to become a stand up comedian.

  438. Almond Chutney says:


    btw, I actually laughed at the ‘chutfucker’ comment, that was actually pretty good. I tried to comment with but was awaiting moderation..

    I appreciate that you support LG rights then, as a G myself, it’s pretty difficult to avoid confrontation in day to day life just because I seem ‘a little camp’, or just being outside with my partner. Why I may be a bit of a ‘Drama Queen’ about this is maybe because I know personally and very well the experience that somebody goes through when they transition, or want to transition. You call these people mentally ill – while I object, but there is something going in their head that differentiates them from the normal crowd. The psychological detriments associated with Ts is that which you associate the ‘illness’ is just a byproduct of rejection and loathing, not just from other people but also themselves, because they’re are not comfortable in their own skin, just as someone who would also feel self rejection/loathing and go on to have plastic surgery or whatever.

    As I said before, differentiate cases from those that are fully committed to become the opposite sex through pyschoanalysis (no take-backs so to speak) and none of this ‘floating inbetween genders’ shit, because I strongly agree that somebody waking up one day declarign the opposite sex is not OK. Transitioning can take up to at least 10 years of therapy, hormone replacement, surgery and rehabilitation, not to mention the prior years of anxiety and depression that is associated with the desire to also transition.

    Gender self ID is not a thing, as it never should be which is why I don’t support GRA, but helping those accept who they are should be encouraged, through commitment and professional assistance.

  439. bittie45 says:

    Socrates MacSporran wrote
    However, at Westminster the SNP IS in opposition, and ought to be making the biggest possible nuisances of themselves.

    They neerd a two-pronged strategy – good solid government in Edinburgh and making absolute nuisances of themselves at Westminster.

    Totally agreed. As to your point about unionist playbook – you may be right – but as in a game of chess its a case of whos fooling who, and how many moves ahead are played.

    At some point the ScotGov has GOT to move decisively. When though? If they act too soon then westminster will act to block, but if too long and Holyrood is shut down…

    Its Wing’s job to hold everyone to account. Including the SNP. And if they are secret yoons, will they listen? They’ll continue to say what they’ve been saying. But what if they’re totally dedicated independentistas, and what they are doing is the exact way that will lead to independence? They’re going to keep on doing what they need to do.

    IF the SNP are doing their job properly, either way, they are NOT going to change direction. So aye, be critical of the SNP, but also convince new visitors to this site of all the very good reasons for the independence of our country.

    There’s no-one who will deliver Scottish independece, not the ScotGov, not boris, not brexit, not westminster, not the SNP, but Us.

    So the more ideas on what individual action can be taken the better – it can all be discussed – if bad, dismissed – if good, promoted.

    Its up to us, the individual sovereign people, to up the ante.

  440. jackie says:


  441. Willie says:

    Ah well that’s FlyBe gone bust this morning with thousands of passengers left stranded.

    Reports are that reduced bookings due to Coronavirus pushed it over the edge. In the background however it seems that £100m in state aid previously promised by the UK government was ‘ withheld due to conditions not being met ‘

    Certainly makes one wonder if Coronavirus is being used as the excuse to let the airline collapse. with 2,000 workers now finding themselves jobless with thousands more passengers left stranded.

    With many of these job losses being here in Scotland, and indeed with Scottish routes being affected, this will be a hit on Scotland’s economy.

    Well done Boris

  442. jackie says:

    Flybe,,,,up up and away,,,,,for good.

  443. Davey says:

    Why is this always presented as a ‘woman’s rights issue’? Trans propaganda is almost entirely targeted towards young boys and it is they who suffer the most from it. If caught up in the delusion they go on to have their genitals surgically removed and replaced with an open wound. Yet we’re to believe this is ‘an attack on women’. There’s a lot of truth to the satirical axiom ‘planet destroyed, women most affected’.

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