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The Rorschach Test

Posted on January 10, 2023 by

The release of some early 2021 census statistics relating to gender was greeted with glee and elation by Nancy Kelley, CEO of Stonewall in the UK. Vindication at last!

(Kelley declined to mention that her figure of 262,000 was substantially less than half the number of trans and non-binary individuals – 600,000 – that her organisation has habitually claimed for years.)

The census suggested that England and Wales are home to 48,000 transwomen (and 48,000 transmen), from the total who’d answered No to the voluntary question asking if their gender identity aligned with their sex at birth.

(The largest number that said No, around 118,000, didn’t tick the boxes of transwoman, transman or non-binary, nor wrote in their own. An unknown number of these may have been rejecting “gender” altogether. 30,000 ticked “non-binary” and 18,000 wrote in a gender because they were REALLY special.)

But, as we’ve been told time out of number, we must accept what people say about themselves. So 48,000 transwomen it is. So few. So vulnerable. And that number got me thinking.

Because one of the few places we’ve been counting transwomen, transmen etc all along has been the prison population, for the fairly obvious reason that we (officially) have single sex prisons in the UK, and trans offenders need to go somewhere just like everyone else does.

You would have needed to suffer from a fairly extreme form of sensory deprivation not to have at least heard of or read the “scare stories” like Karen White, a trans-identifying male sex offender who was put in the women’s estate, and proceeded to sexually assault female inmates who could not escape White’s predations because, y’know, prison.

Trans activists have targeted prisons as a place where self-ID can be rolled out in practice before it was made law. A series of FoI requests of the Ministry of Justice had found an ever increasing number of trans prisoners, and there was a significant kerfuffle when Fair Play For Women (FPFW) – a feminist organisation that has done a lot of work on the clash between women’s rights and trans rights – reported that 48% of trans prisoners in the England and Wales system were incarcerated for sex crimes, while the percentage for women was miniscule.

BBC Reality Check infamously followed this up in 2018. I say “infamously” because when their initial enquries proved that FPFW were broadly correct – 60 of 125 trans prisoners at the time were sex offenders – they provided a series of excuses and reasons why readers shouldn’t believe those figures.

Some of those reasons were not wrong. There very well may be trans prisoners in the system who are “closeted” for the stay and don’t show up in those stats. The hard number of 60, however, was reliable. It was the floor, the number we were certain of at that time. There were at least that many trans-identifying offenders in the prison system for sexual offences.

At the time, we simply didn’t know how many transwomen were in the country, so we relied on estimates by groups with skin in the game. In 2018 the Government Equalities Office, using some work done by trans advocacy group GIRES, produced a tentative estimate of between 200,000 and 500,000 trans people in the UK, which would suggest (assuming a roughly even distribution by sex) between 100,000 and 250,000 transwomen.

The Prison Service also helpfully provided statistics for the number of prisoners by sex and offence type for the period in question (click to enlarge):

At the moment in question there were 125 women incarcerated for sexual offences (mostly as accomplice to male offenders and mostly against children). The same spreadsheet shows 13,332 males were in prison for sexual offences

2017 was bang between censuses, so we only have an official estimate of the number of women in England and Wales at the time: 30 million (and 29.5 million men). Still, we now can do some basic mathematics to work out proportions of incarcerated sex offenders to wider population:

13,332 men out of 29.5 million = 1 in 2,212 men

125 women out of 30 million = 1 in 240,000 women

Given the tentative GIRES figures, there was a little ambiguity over the possible trans figures, so we’ll calculate both a min and a max.

60 out of 250,000 (max) transwomen = 1 in 4,166 transwomen


60 out of 100,000 (min) transwomen = 1 in 1,666 transwomen

So, it seemed, transwomen were somewhere between a bit more likely than men to be imprisoned as sex offenders and a bit less likely. In any case they were, many, MANY times more likely to be sex offenders than actual women.

But then a funny thing happened.

Partially due to COVID, the number of incarcerated sex offenders of both sexes went down. As of 2021, men dropped as of 2021 from 13,000 to around 11,000 and women dropped from 125 to around 110.

But transwomen sex offenders went up. Way up. Over 50% up. So when the question was asked in Parliament in 2022, we got the following answer:

We checked, and the number held in the women’s estate is exactly five at last count (we believe it was four at the time of the question). This meant a total of 92 transwomen were in jail at that moment for sexual offences, compared to 60 just a couple of years earlier.

So now we have hard counts for sex offenders in prison as of March 2021: 11,660 men and 103 women, plus 92 transwomen.

Alert readers will not have forgotten the start of the story – the 2021 census, and Nancy Kelley’s delight at the first firm count of transpeople in England and Wales. So we can match those numbers up to the now-known numbers of transwomen.

11,660 men serving time for sex offences out of 29.5m = 1 in 2530 men

103 women serving the same time out of 30.4 million = 1 in 295,000 women

92 transwomen serving the same time out of 48,000 = 1 in 522 transwomen

That suggests transwomen are five times more likely than other men, and 566 times more likely than women, to commit sexual offences. That’s not a sample, not a poll, not a survey, not a representative focus group. It’s a hard count.

However, it may be a low count of transwomen, because we know that only around 20% of the people who said their gender identity didn’t align with their sex specifically identified themselves as transwomen. For all we know, the non-binaries and others might all be males, treated as transwomen for prison purposes.

We don’t think it’s at all likely, but for scrupulous fairness let’s add them:

92 out of 96,000 [transwomen AND non-binary AND “other”] = 1 in 1,044

That would still make transwomen more than twice as likely as other men, and 292 times as likely as natal women, to be sex offenders.

But is it just England and Wales, and perhaps the denial of self-ID, that has produced this disturbing behaviour trend? Let’s compare with a haven of self-ID: New Zealand, where it was introduced late in 2021.

According to the 2021 NZ Stats Household Economic Survey, New Zealand had 19,400 trans or non-binary people, from an overall population of 2.5m females and 2.4m males. From that total 4900 were transwomen, 5500 were transmen and 9000 were non-binary or ‘another gender’.

According to the NZ Dept of Corrections in mid 2019 there were 5442 sentenced prisoners on the NZ prison estate, consisting of 5149 males and 293 females. Of these prisoners, around 35 were transwomen.

Just over 21% of New Zealand’s 5442 prison population were primarily incarcerated for sex offences – 1175 prisoners, of which five were female and 15 were transwomen, leaving roughly 1155 ‘cis’ males.

So, assuming there was no cataclysmic change in numbers between 2019 and 2021 we can make the following rough calculations – not as definitive as England and Wales, but good enough for government work :

1155 males from a 2.4 million population = 1 in 2018 men

5 females from a 2.5 million population = 1 in 500,000 women

15 trans identifying males/transwomen in 4,900 = 1 in 326 transwomen

Or, if we were super-generous and again assigned EVERY non-binary a male sex:

15 transwomen in 13,900 = 1 in 927 transwomen

And even with the kindest possible interpretation, transwomen were incarcerated for serious sex offences at more than twice the rate of men, and more than 500 times the rate of women.

Thankfully one of the few limitations of self-ID in New Zealand is a more or less hard bar on any sex-offending transgender prisoner being sent to the prison of the sex they attacked. Readers may recall that the SNP and Greens voted down a similar protection in Scotland, where the Scottish Government’s botched census means Scotland will have to wait another year for its hard population figures.

But from currently available statistics we can note that Scottish prison stats show the number of female sex offenders on the average day in 2021 was 3.9.

The Scottish Prison Service has also stated that six trans sex offenders, out of 16 trans prisoners in total, were currently in the estate, all of them males (ie transwomen).

Scottish Transgender Alliance estimate the Scottish transgender population between 1500 and 4000, according to Scottish Women’s Aid. If the England and Wales experience holds, the real number will be toward the lower end of that estimate, and the number of transwomen will be between 700 and 2000, tending towards 1000. But for the sake of argument we’ll be generous and take the top end of the range: 2000.

The last estimate of Scottish women (by Eurostat) was 2.74m, and 2.65m men. Which would give us 2021 figures for Scotland of:

1298 men in jail for sex offences out of 2.65m = 1 in 2042 men

5 women in jail for sex offences out of 2.74m = 1 in 548,000 women

6 transwomen in jail for sex offences out of 2000 = 1 in 333 transwomen

The small numbers cause larger deviations, but the trend is as clear as a bell. Per capita, transwomen consistently appear far more likely to be convicted sex offenders than either natal women OR non-trans men.

These proportions seem to repeat everywhere. Although Ireland’s self-ID privacy laws try very hard to conceal the figures, we can glean from various media reports that there are at least four transwomen currently in Irish prisons for sex offences, compared with three natal women – basically very much in the same ballpark as Scotland.

We find similar ratios in Queensland in Australia:

It is of course possible that these figures are being distorted by the large numbers of prisoners who self-identify as transwomen when convicted, serve their time in female prisons and then decide on release that they were men all along after all.

But that would seem to a rational observer to be a good reason to be much MORE restrictive about allowing criminals to self-identify their gender, not LESS – the precise opposite of the direction the Scottish Government is doggedly charging in.

Because everywhere we look, we see the same distinct and worrying pattern. As a famous Australian (male) sex offender was known to say : “Can you tell what it is yet?”


Mar Vickers has extensive experience in equality law.

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0 to “The Rorschach Test”

  1. KT Lorimer

    Am I correct in thinking that these are males self-identifying as trans rather than males with a diagnosis of gender dysphoria or do we not know?

  2. Shauny+Boy

    Excellent work Mar, you can’t argue with maths. Although I’m sure the SNP, the Greens and the rest of the transcult will try anyway.

  3. Ally

    If the census has made anything abundantly clear…

    In public people profess to be “queer” and identify as TQIA+ but when it comes to official records and the privacy of their response they responded with the truth… Of course they know what they really are… on twitter they can pretend to be what they aren’t.

    We used to call that a delusion. Now they call it “being your authentic self”. Yes, “authentic” with the same meaning as “lying”.

  4. David W Ferguson

    In 2018 the Government Equalities Office, using some work done by trans advocacy group GIRES, produced a tentative estimate of between 200,000 and 500,000 trans people in the UK, which would suggest (assuming a roughly even distribution by sex) between 100,000 and 250,000 transwomen…

    There actually isn’t any good reason to assume “a roughy even distribution” Mar, and there’s a very good reason for assuming exactly the opposite – that the distribution is far from even.

    The vast, vast, majority of “transpeople” who are actually transitioning are female transitioning to male (or more accurately teenage girls transitioning to boys). So the incidence of sexual offending among “transwomen” is probably even more appalling than your analysis indicates.

  5. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    “The vast, vast, majority of “transpeople” who are actually transitioning are female transitioning to male”

    That’s the case now, but it’s a fairly recent development. Previously there were way more transwomen than transmen.

  6. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    “Am I correct in thinking that these are males self-identifying as trans rather than males with a diagnosis of gender dysphoria”

    Yes. The prison service operates on self-ID.

  7. Chas

    What concerns me is that the number/details of sexual offences committed by men pretending to be women, will be supressed by the SG. All under the direction of Sturgeon. The Judiciary, Police and whole sections of the media seem simply to do as instructed by the Supreme Leader, Mr Campbell excluded of course.
    Scotland is going downhill fast under the SNP and this fact seems to have escaped millions of the population,. I will ask again, if Independence is achieved any time soon, who will form the bulk of the SG?

  8. shiregirl

    Brilliant reading and top notch analysis – thank you for the very informative read.

    Care to debate this, Nancy Kelley?

  9. Gregory Beekman

    Am I right to read this as the stats show that trans people are not sex offenders but that male sex offenders will use self-id to give them the opportunity to continue committing sex offences in female prisons?

    Or is there data to show if a male was trans prior to committing a sex crime?

    (Apologies, there’s a lot of data there and may have missed it.)

  10. John Main

    To be scrupulously fair to Nancy Kelley, CEO of Stonewall in the UK, as one of the elite “movers and shakers” who control our lives, she probably never goes much into ordinary, public places, nor lives in any realistic expectation of ever doing time.

    Thus, she can say with some honesty, transwomen do not and will not present a threat to “cis women like her”.

    Much as they won’t present any threats to our political ruling elites, as they shuttle in their limos and jets from their rural communities to their security-protected places of “work”.

  11. Wullie B

    Rev Stu, what about crimes by transgenders marked down at court as being female, would that skew the figures of biological female sex offenders even more?

  12. Geri

    It’s barking mad.
    There’s no hope for women in prison but what of the guards?

    A female prison officer is expected to body search a male as well as try manhandle them in the event of an attack. A few have been raped already. Something the Tories are well aware of so it beggars belief they continue with this madness.

  13. Lorna Campbell

    Excellent work, Rev. I believe that the American and Canadian statistics also bear out the much higher rate of sex offending in ‘trans’ identified males. I don’t think that should surprise us as so many of these men have paraphilias (rape and sexual assaults being in the paraphilia grouping). Why did the SNP bring in GRR, apart from the fact that they rely on the odious Greens for support, and this was the odious Greens’ price for that support? It would not have taken a genius to work out a method whereby ‘trans’ identified people could have easier lives without taking away women’s spaces and rights, but we must assume that they simply do not care about children and females. The only other plausible explanation is that there are people in high office, in all the professions, who have similar paraphilias that are hidden from the public. Now, keeping your paraphilia under control is probably a good thing because the public don’t have to witness them and become unwilling or unwitting participants in someone else’s sexual fantasy. However, imagine what these people would do – if many are paraphiliacs – in office. Paedophilia is also a paraphilia. It would be very much like appointing or electing socio- and psycho -paths to high office and top jobs in the professions: they could use it to their advantage, causing all kinds of mayhem for others. Jimmy Savile? The other problem is collusion. Silence when possessing knowledge of wrongdoing is collusion. Some of those MSPs on the day when the GRR was passed at Holyrood – and let us not discount the treacherous Labour and Lib Dems, who are also extremely eager to sacrifice Scotland children and females, applauded the ‘trans’ identified men (audience) in the chamber, while the women were ejected for being angry. Come election time, we will not forget the enablers, the spineless, the silent, the colluders.

  14. Geri

    Do trans males opt for the men’s prison? They should. That’d soon show solidarity with Thier trans allies.

    I didn’t know criminals had a fkn menu of where they’d prefer to go based on their *feelings*.

    I’d pick the Savoy, ta.

  15. Geri


  16. James Che

    Excellent statistic and analysis from a broad range of sources, you put fake journalist to shame in the mainstream.
    Is it time to change our devolved legislated snp government from Westminster now? , and therefore be able to have a true Scottish parliament that can create just Scots law for our people.

    As you’re analysis proves that this gender issue is going on around the world, in most governments, not just in Scotland.

    In Scotland We need to govern ourselves from our own parliament. Solely with Scots laws, not laws bought into Scotland through Uk legislation needing royal assent to pass a gender Bill,

  17. Lorna Campbell

    Gregory Beekman: I think that for sex offenders in general, self-ID is believed to be an excuse to serve a sentence in the female prison estate, and it is self-ID that is the bugbear because the prison situation proves without a shadow of a doubt that violent men are already using it as a shield.

    Holyrood knew this before they passed the GRR, remember. However, anyone with a paraphilia/fetish (and the ‘trans’ movement now is made up mainly of autogynephiles and paraphiliacs. To be fair to transsexuals who have undergone surgery, they are not a threat to females and they, generally, do not support self-ID or entry into female spaces and rights, sports, etc., except female toilets. No one has ever asked women.

    I think we have to make that distinction, though, between this recent wave of ‘trans’ and transsexuals, for whom, it must be deduced, the 2004 GRA was passed. No one even knew about this latest wave then, and the GRA is now defunct, with other legislation superseding it, which makes a nonsense of the reform, too.

    Perhaps it is also in point to state that at least a part of the male ‘trans’ activist community (not necessarily ‘trans’ themselves), the ones who shut down women’s meetings, etc., are driven by men’s rights, and some of them are very extreme in their misogyny. Whatever way you look at it, though, this whole ‘trans’ movement is at best a sham and, at worst, very dangerous. The protection of children, and their capture by this vile nonsense, must be our priority.

  18. Geri

    Comments section still playing up folks.

    You have to close & open again.

    Just a heads up.

  19. James che


    Criminals with a menu of choices.

    That is a very good point, do natural women get to choose where they go, does any one else get to choose how and where they go for punishments other than this trans group?

    Special treatment for some prisoners and not others should make a multitude of prisoners without any choices mad at the governments justice system showing bias you would think.

  20. James che

    The only way to permanently protect Scottish people, is to have our own parliament, close enough to our own people, where if we dont like what they are doing to our society, We can remove them.

    Other than that you have to flow with the rest of uk politics and politicians the likes of labours Keir Starmer whom could not identify a women either,

    A quick glance make you realise that this is rife across Britain,
    Just a matter of which patsy government introduces gender dysphoria first, Scotland or England, England or Scotland, good cop, bad cop, but the same enforcement at the end of the day.

  21. smitty

    Not only do trans women have a high sexual crime rate against women and children, they also have a high conviction rate for bestiality. They are more likely to be imprisoned on bestiality charges than women are for all sex crimes.

    Have a look at to see what they gey up to. Truly appalling.

  22. Ger

    It is a sham.
    Hiding in doublespeak.
    Trans influencers have been polluting the debate for years.

    They don’t need dysphoria at all. Or a sex change.

    So it’s basically what it’s always been. Men with a fetish wanting to live out thier fetish in public with no interference.

    Now thier next stage, banning conversion therapy that’s not related in any way shape or form to what the general population assume that to be.

  23. James Che

    Still a problem for you’re regular Commenters posting on Wings, and perhaps for newer commentators.

  24. stuart mctavish

    Sounds a bit like the covid scam – dangerous nonsense to the benefit of no one.

    Of which, fair enjoying the indy debate (that finally got started) exposing the staggering absence of counter argument from Holyrood unionists. They should do this every Tuesday.

  25. James Che

    Comments still diappearing into the ether or turning up ages afterwards,
    Having to post details mail address multiple times.
    Error with 503 etc
    I have been closing the site down and opening it up again for months now due to this problem, sometimes it works under this method sometimes not so lucky
    The problem is relatively new, ie the last year or round about that time period.

  26. Roger

    I find the figures they give of EXACTLY 48,000 transwomen and EXACTLY 48,000 transmen odd. OK, maybe the numbers are rounded up or down to the nearest thousand, but it’s still odd that there are exactly the same number of transmen as transwomen…

  27. SusanAHF

    Thanks Mar Vickers. So what these stats do is confirm what many of us already argued. That “trans” is an umbrella under which paraphiliacs find welcome shelter. This is not surprising as most trans identifying men are so because of sexual fetishism, some dangerous but all a damned good reason why they shouldn’t be in female spaces.

  28. KT Lorimer

    SusanAHF – the “trans” umbrella was unfurled by Stonewall for such men – no-one asked the “transwomen” about this.

  29. twathater

    @ Lorna Campbell 4.31 pm , you ask why are the sturgeon nonce party bringing in the GRR then you explain that they require the support of the odious greens , you have said this a few times , YOU know I support every comment you have made re this reviled lunacy but I am sorry Lorna your wording appears to offer an excuse or a suggestion that sturgeon was FORCED into going along with sick paddy , I see no evidence of that, what I do see is a piece of scum who has brought a reviled perverted deviant legislation into what was considered a small “c” conservative nation , a nation who prided themselves in being compassionate and caring and who have been conned by a repulsive pervert who has planned this abomination in detail

    Paddy the perv has always been WEIRD that is why nobody but wackos voted for him and that is why he was a loser to NORMAL people , but this deviant gave him and his other sicko a part in government to facilitate the power of majority

    So sturgeon far from being FORCED arranged the takeover

  30. SusanAHF

    No one asked the women either, whether they wanted men of ANY type using their facilities, KT Lorimer. I don’t think transexual men have any more right to women’s facilities than others.

  31. Cenchos

    I wonder when Sturgeon will be announcing that the 2022 Scottish Census data has gone missing.

  32. KT Lorimer

    I totally agree as do my transsexual friends but they are getting well hacked off at being associated with these perverts who have hijacked their condition for their own ends.

  33. Willie

    When will Sturgeon say that the 2022 census has gone missing.

    Well she won’t. She’ll say she didn’t know anything about it. Not guity, not involved, didn’t know – you know the script.

  34. Willie

    James Che @5.26pm and others.

    Yes there is still a big problem of posts vanishing into the ether or appearing much later.

    It’s being happening to me and has in fact just happened again a few minutes ago. Roddy MacLesd over on Barrhead Boy is reporting that his subscriber mail is going missing.

    Salvo and Liberation have also had problems with people being unable to register. Alba also had registration problems.

    Without a shadow of a doubt the security apparatus monitors all the indie site traffic. And I’d guess very much interfering too.

    Scotland is in the grip of a black art security attack. No doubt about it. This is a dirty war they fight.

  35. Bob Mack

    Do I prefer to spend my jail time in an establishment full of hard cases, or a prison where I could possibly set the rules due to my physical advantages, by claiming I’m a woman ?

    Hard to answer that one !!

  36. SusanAHF

    KT Lorimer, that’s quite understandable, as are those with DSDs, also Co opted in.

  37. Douglas Leighton

    I must admit to find it difficult to fully parse this situation-broadly it seems that transwomen have a higher or increased rate of sexual offending, and will be placed in a women’s prison.Surely the nature of the offence is important, as is the timing of self declaration. Can offenders apply for a GRC while on remand, during a trial, or after conviction?
    Surely the trial result(conviction or admonishment) will be potentially influenced by the sex of the alleged offender.
    Surely prison management will be affected by the nature(sex) of the prisoner. Would it require special supervision in the event of an unreconstructed male placed in a female prison. What about transmen (whatever the offence) in a male prison. Is there any increased risk to a transman in a male prison from male prisoners? Would a transman be offered a choice of male or female prison. If so, what would the equivalent position be for a transwoman -would ‘she’ be equally empowered to choose? It seems to be contrary to the idea of conviction(crime and punishment) that an offender is given the opportunity to choose an important component of their incarceration. My experience suggests that some people will
    grasp every opportunity to be as disruptive as possible.
    Excuse me for being a bit dense but I feel as if I have fallen down the rabbit hole.Am I being naive in thinking that such matters have surely been considered and policies worked out in detail?

  38. Scot+Finlayson

    I wonder if men get a more lenient sentence if they pretend they are woman.

    Are all male prisoners, not just the sex fiends, who pretend to be woman incarcerated in the woman`s prison.

  39. Chas

    Douglas Leighton

    You are putting down your thoughts in writing and believe me you are not dense in questioning this ill thought out policy with all it’s dubious and dangerous ramifications.
    All sane Scots are doing exactly the same as you.

  40. KT Lorimer

    Douglas – the women in prison are being further punished – it’s deliberate.

  41. Ruby

    Anyone got any suggestion what we do about this trans madness.

    What sort of gender recognition would you like to see in an Independent Scotland?

  42. Willie

    Oh well, looks like another tsunami of British pride has evaporated into the ether with the failure of yesterday’s rocket launch.

    With all the pride Britannia could muster the failure of hthe great British has sadly once again brought into absolute focus the fading nation that the UK really is.

    Space ports to rival the successful East of Russia and China its another devastating inadequacy.

    And all those folks attired with Union Jacks and who got tickets to watch Cosmic Girl with the duff rocket underneath the planes wings, must be once again crestfallen. They’ll have headed home trying to think of what dirty foreigner to blame as Britain bombs again.

  43. SusanAHF

    Simple Ruby. I would like to see biological sex trump gender at all times. No gender recognition, it’s a quasi religious, unscientific piece of nonsense.

  44. Joe McSoap

    It’s not just a matter of “don’t forget” Labour, Labour wants self-id and a ban on “conversion” therapy across the UK, and having narrowly failed to bring it in with similarly deluded Tory sympathisers, they are the foundation stone for the SNP’s transgenderist lawmaking. It’s classic Denton’s strategy, if you can’t enforce your view one way, sneak round about and do it another.

  45. Tam Norrie

    Now we know two reasons why the census was delayed. First was the alarming demographic shift and second was that they had to get this bill through before facts became available.

  46. ronald

    A lot of hot air expelled in Holyrood re Indy debate but no date for a referendum .

    Angus Robertson will take us into the next election as per Sturgions plans .

  47. McDuff

    Stumbled on a channel called Epoch tv where a parental rights campaigner called January Littlejohn talked about the dangers of trans issues raised in the classroom and the dangers it posed for impressionable or confused children. It was a powerful interview and showed there is a deep concern in the US among many people at the seeming promotion of trans ideology.
    I still don`t get how this transgender thing has so quickly exploded onto the world arena and is given so much publicity and promotion given the tiny numbers involved.

  48. Andrew scott

    At Willie
    Gloating re Virgin
    Gloating over ferries??

  49. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    “Comments still diappearing into the ether or turning up ages afterwards,
    Having to post details mail address multiple times.
    Error with 503 etc”

    I know. I’ve said several times. Jetpack is broken and that’s affecting comments. It’s a WordPress issue, nothing I can do to fix it until they do.

  50. Effijy

    Do the Hokey in the Pokey and you turn around
    That’s what Nicola is about.

  51. Soda

    Is it possible that part of the motivation by these sex offending males to proclaim transosity is to avoid a male environment where they are despised and routinely attacked by male prisoners as well as allowing them the opportunity to commit further disgusting acts towards female prisoners?

  52. Willie

    Fair enough Rev Stu. It it’s a WordPress issue then it’s a WordPress issue.

    Folks will appreciate your advice that it is not in your control to sort the issues.

    We will just have to wait and see if WordPress ever get round to sorting the the disappearing posts. No doubt just the way it is and we need to get used to it.

    Thanks for the update Rev.

  53. fruitella the hun

    Those contributors who regard the Greens as “vile” mustn’t have met typical members. Even the most ardent activist for gender “reform” in parliament, Maggie Chapman, doesn’t deserve that description. Her Marxist beliefs are likely her motivation. Here are two articles in a marxist publication. The first gives a marxist’s response to the second – a gender critical piece most on here would agree with (I don’t know if that author regards herself as a Marxist but some, like Bea Campbell, are/were gender critical). The thinking on display is one reason I’m not a Marxist and object to their takeovers – they have done a lot of damage.

  54. twathater

    Off Topic, watched a programme tonight on the scum bbc called “Who Owns Scotland” 1st episode of 8 I think, VERY entertaining and enlightening, Andy Wightman the green woke apologist was on it exposing some information about councils appropriating Common Good Funds that are supposed to be utilised for the benefit of citizens

    Sara Salyers if you read Wings it is well worth a look for the common good points exposures
    Alf Baird the head of the Registers Of Scotland as you will probably guess is english FFS, they were also talking about the dry dock facility in Govan which I know you have an interest in

    For Edinburgh residents it is well worth watching as it brings up the opposition to PRIVATE companies hogging princes street gardens with the cooncil heid trying tae justify it

    Breeks you will love it as it highlights Peebles and THEIR common good fund

    A really interesting programme which I would advise watching even although it is a scum beeb production

  55. twathater

    @ stuart mctavish 5.24pm Stuart I watched THIS

    And quite honestly it was MINCE all Robertson did was rehash all the wind and pish that they do every time, it is just the SAME moans and groans assembled into a numerical order, it is just more grievance mongering with the bad tories being blamed for everything

    FFS it was like an episode of paypal pauls hitlist

    Maybe I missed it (hahaha) but where was the part about action being taken or is that maybe for another day

    MY opinion, they are realising that the bears are getting ANGRIER at the immobility and this is ANOTHER desperate move to keep the apologists and sycophants appeased and onside , take a look at the comments below that link, apart from mine it appears to be working

    The praise for that odious boak inducing arsewipe is unbelievable

  56. Al-Stuart

    The very fact we have one of the finest, forensic journalists and this week’s guest writer, up a one-way cul-de-sac analysing ink-blots…

    … and some of the worst laws (GRA) I have ever seen is testament to, shows:-

    The genius of the mudddrrr of the Scottish Independence movement for at least 25 years to come.

    Unless by some miracle Alba picks up the SNP seats when Nicola’s junta implodes and she flucks off to a very well paid job in Quangoland as Supreme Head of Dirking Atwixt The , the Indy movement is a corpse with rigor mortis on its stiffened way through.

    On the cesspit of Twitter, the SNP is trending as the “Scottish Noncce Party” (misspelt so as not to lose its meeting with this websites word polis control).

    The British State have played a blinder at this. Fair play, they really have.

    How on Earth does the SNP or any sullied version of it come back from the extinction that awaits it?

    When the Scottish Labour dinosaurs were all booted out, they were shocked and struggle to this day to recover.

    Right now, the political meteor is headed towards the seat-warming sloth-like dinosaurs on the Jurassic gravy-trains at Westminster and Holyrood.

    Someone at GCHQ will be getting a genuinely well deserved knighthood or dame-hood for orchestrating this Bourach.

    The warning signs were there on 19th September 2014 when David Cameron’s erse purred with incontinence… NEVER would a close-run-thing like Britain losing Scotland forever, ever happen again.

    As always, the electorate take a while to cotton-on. They are too busy working in the real world…paying their rent or mortgage and a ton of other bills to see what has happened in the political train wreck.

    But please mark my words, the Twitter trend is sticking. It is amassing to a tipping point. The voters will never ever forgive the Scottish Noncce Party.

    Nicola has “Jimmy Savillled” the Scottish IndyRef movement. Well played. She is a tractor and way worse than anything in history before her. Small price to pay for the end of IndyRef.

    We were all warned and really should have seen this coming.

    I am a floating voter. Beguiled for a while to be a member of the local SNP branch. Over £260 paid for 3 years membership subs and raffles and all the other fundraisers. But never, ever again will I vote for the bunch of sexual predators and deviants such as the one photographed at the top of this page.

    I am almost anticipating being attacked on here by the usual suspects. But that is another point lost by IndyRef campaigners. I am not the enemy. I am a voter. It was my vote, along with tens of thousands of others that helped get Alex Salmond into government by a ONE seat MSP minority. Yet such is the Indy psyche that anyone questioning absolute feilty is piled on by the troll-mob.

    Psephologically, it won’t take much for the SNP to be wiped out. Back to an impotent 5 MPs at Westminster and perhaps 12 MSPs at Holyrood.

    A lot to do with pro-Indy websites arrogantly assuming that pro-Indy parties are in power for the long-term. That pro-Indy parties “own” large chunks of the electorate.

    Labour did that and look what happened to them.

    Voters are no longer “owned” by anyone. They are mainly politically promiscuous.

    Your average voter is much more concerned with being able to afford the rent/mortgage and put food on the table.

    I’d give £100 to read one of Stuart Campbell’s articles about IndyRef and likening it to a game of chess. The SNP have been slaughtered after they were woke-captured. Do you think the Noncce Party epithet happened by accident?

    We can all look back to the 18th September 2014 fondly and recount how close Scotland was to becoming independent. But right after that, at a time when it mattered, GCHQ put in place a sequence of 8 chess moves to destruct the SNP and IndyRef.

    The article that could do with being written and with a brain as competent as Stuart Campbell is about the NEXT 8 moves on the IndyRef chess board?

    The “trans” movement is best described as: “Go woke, go broke”. That will fade just like LSD being mainstream in the 1960s or flares being a permanent fashion icon of the 1970s.

    But Scotland has been trying to regain independence for 300 years and the SNP have failed catastrophically. So what chess moves after the woke lot go down the anals of history and histrionics?

    Is there any hope left?

    Frankly, I have seen more jobs come to Scotland from Unionist driven organisations (apart from the financial rrapists such as Amazon kkklling off their Scottish factory and shipping the jobs to China).

    After Sturgeon tried to frame the properly qualified and best leader Scotland ever had… the economist, Alex Salmond, the Woke SNP have been killing off jobs.

    So the floating voter cyclical migration looks like flying away with their votes to a political home where jobs are assured (and that ain’t with Sturgeon, Swinney Robertson, Harvey, Robison, Somerville or the horrendous Massey Ferguson tractor Keith Brown and God help, save us from the toxic pile of excrement that is Fiona Hyslop).

    If only one of the other Holyrood parties could get their act together and find a competent leader.

    Better still, it’s getting guy close to the closure of Holyrood being the best option. Allow yourself the radical permission to think about closing Holyrood and it becomes very attractive.

    What an almighty FUBAR mess.

    This is Scotland FFS, we are supposed to be a nation of engineers, inventors and problem solvers. Ewan McGregor had it right. It’s a shyte situation Tommy and….

  57. Robert Louis


    I think you are correct, and the SNP seat warmers are in for a shock like that which happened to the Scottish branch office of british labour. Why do political careerists fall into such a trap? Presuming the public is with them, when every sign is that they aren’t.

    As regards why this all happened? Not an accident in my opinion. Virtually from day one, Sturgeon has set about dividing and upsetting the independence movement. That wasn’t an accident either. Quite, quite deliberate. Now, we have this gender rubbish, which harms gays, lesbians and women’s rights, foisted by Sturgeon – again to deliberately cause division and weaken pro indy arguments.

    This is what the british English intelligence services and associated outfits have done with every english colony they ever tried to cling onto. Divide and conquer. Rampant colonialism at its very worst, with Engerland bitterly doing anything it can to keep its grasping greedy, thieving claws onto Scotland’s wealth and resources. Sturgeon is right at the top of the tree of it all.

    I also hope and pray that the ALBA party will be able to take at least some of the seats the SNP will lose.

  58. fruitella the hun

    Amanda MacLean (second link in my previous post in the early hours) has a more recent piece in the Weekly Worker which is as clear a description of the issue as anything I have read. All done from a Left viewpoint.

  59. robertkknight

    And in other news…

    Weak Pishart in Nicla’s fanzine today spouting about de facto referendums states… “Nothing like this has ever been tried in a western democracy before and the risks are huge. If we fail to pull it off, we may surrender our leading position in Scotland…”

    Who is the “we” in “we may surrender our leading position in Scotland” I wonder?

    Would that be the ‘Trougher in Chief’ putting Party before Country?

    Too worried about losing the bench warming privileges at Westminster to bother about freeing Scotland from the Union?

    There you have it – all you need to know about the SNP.

  60. Scotsrenewables

    The signs are apoearing on Facebook as well. The cracks are appearing. The acolytes are shuffling off in droves and an increasingly angry contingent are demanding action.

    The SNP will be in tatters by March. All self inflicted. ALBA need to be ready to pick up the pieces.

  61. Ebok

    Al-Stuart says:

    ‘Unless by some miracle Alba picks up the SNP seats when Nicola’s junta implodes’

    Therein lies the problem. There’s no evidence that disenchanted voters are turning to ALBA and the greatest danger is that once the electorate awaken to just what SNP has been doing in their name, they will equate SNP bad with INDY bad.

    Apart from the obvious departure from democracy to 1984 style party controls, the record of this administration in day-to-day governance and policy making is so appalling it is really hard to comprehend.
    There is every chance the electorate will conclude that Scottish politicians are just not up to governing, with the considerable success of the Salmond era pre-2014 a distant memory.

    And of course, the timing of any transfer of allegiance from SNP to Alba is also critical: as I have pointed out in the past, if the rise and fall of both meet close to midstream at election time, then both will suffer badly, and unionists will sweep the split Indy parties aside.

    The softly-softly approach favoured by Alex will work eventually, but sadly, we do not have time on our side. For that reason, it is crucial that on Saturday there is a complete U-turn in Alba’s strategy and we come out with all guns blazing, making sure to distance Alba and the YES movement from everything that SNP has become since 2014.

    Alex must do some real soul-searching and accept, as most of us have, that 25 years of his life’s work has been decimated because THERE ARE NO GOOD PEOPLE LEFT IN SNP. Time now to move on with plan B.

  62. Breeks

    Al-Stuart says:
    11 January, 2023 at 6:40 am

    The genius of the mudddrrr of the Scottish Independence movement for at least 25 years to come…

    There is a lot in what you say Al-Stuart, and the possibility you are correct, but sometimes you just need a steady nerve.

    I know merely mentioning the Ruskis is unpopular with many, but in 1941 they had Barbarossa punching their lights out, and Soviet forces virtually routed everywhere, and the fate of their nation hung in the balance.

    On D-Day, the Allies put an army of 150,000 men onto Normandy beaches. On the opening day of Barbarossa the Nazi’s put an army 4 million strong into Russia. It wasn’t seaborne, that’s true, but it was still D-Day x 25.

    I don’t think there will be another Nation on the planet who has gone through such an ordeal that 26million of it’s people were lost. But the ordinary Russian people held their nerve.

    I agree Sturgeon is our enemy. That has been transparent for many, (sadly not enough), since the moment she turned on Alex Salmond. Scotland has a (trai)t-or to humble Benedict Arnold, and a scandal to dwarf Watergate, and for now, the gullible majority have been duped, and their plot is in the ascendancy.

    With the benefit of hindsight, it is easy to see why Salmond’s place in the SNP represented such a palpable threat to the SNP’s carefully orchestrated implosion. He would have been a bulwark of resistance, someone around whom dissent would have coalesced, so he had to be got rid off. It was worth them risking all to get it done; the whole nest of turncoats from the Lord Advocate and Crown Office right down to the Police “special” unit had to risk showing their hand, just to be sure Salmond was taken down.

    The same opportunity, though with less potency, fell to Joanna Cherry. She could have held the course steady, so she too had to be spiked, and was.

    Anybody who doesn’t see this, in my humble opinion, simply isn’t looking hard enough.

    While I concede their malicious scheme is currently ascendant, I do not accept that all is going to plan.

    Alex Salmond being found guilty, and jailed as a sex offender was an integral part of their scheme. But they failed. Alex Salmond was a free man. A free and innocent man, yet the smears against him had to stick – as an improvised Plan B.

    And of those who would dig for the truth? Craig Murray jailed on Mickey Mouse charges, Wings Over Scotland cancelled on Twitter and gratuitously maligned and vilified throughout the SNP by Sturgeon’s back door delinquents. Aye, not pleasant, but a wee bit more of crooked family had revealed itself.

    Is it too much to say that Scotland’s Legal Fraternity had a Lord Advocate and Judges doing to Scots Law, what a crooked First Minister and bent Civil Servants had done to Scotland’s Independence Movement? We cannot know or say, because the path leading to the truth has been mined and cross-crossed tripwires for contempt of Court, set to go off on the merest tangential contact.

    Mind what you say, if you’re an independence supporter. Not so much, if you’re a Unionist, or better yet a deaf, dumb, and blind Sturgeon acolyte. You can say whatever you like, even with anonymous impunity if you like.

    Now yes, they failed. Alex Salmond escaped their ambush, but there were many who found their conspiracy credible. Nevertheless, a critical core survived who believed Alex Salmond.

    Scotland’s enemies had actually been correct. Dissent did indeed coalesce around Alex Salmond, but not as an SNP figure rescuing the SNP from within, but as ALBA, an SNP alternative from without.

    So suddenly the wheels of the Establishment had a Player 2 entering the game, and ALBA had to be smashed and smeared from every direction. Smeared and insulted by the Media, declared public enemy No 1 by Sturgeon, and airbrushed out of existence by The National, the “alleged” Independence paper.

    So Scotland suffers another smear campaign against Independence, but again, it’s of limited success. ALBA is damaged, but not destroyed, but needs time in dry dock for repairs.

    But then along comes SALVO. Player 3 enters the game.

    So, to summarise where we are;

    Player 1. Sturgeon’s SNP. Corrupt and delinquent. Living on borrowed time, (and stolen mandates), but dependent upon gullible fools drinking the increasing bitter SNP Koolaid.

    Player 2. ALBA. The Independence Movement’s “Political Wing”, now stalking the SNP the way Sinn Féin stalked the Irish Parliamentary Party in 1918… a repetition complicated by Devolution.

    Player 3. SALVO. A fresh and articulate presentation of Scotland’s Constitutional Rights, and advocating a Constitutional challenge to Treaty of Union, by focussing upon International Laws and Protocols as Scotland the Sovereign Nation, rather than rigged domestic protocols as Scotland the Region.

    So where does my confidence lie? With SALVO first and foremost. Yes, we have a rock face ahead of us, but SALVO is currently filling our pack with carabiners and belays.

    I still have faith in ALBA too. I see others who talk disparagingly about ALBA, but such people seem taken in by the poisoned rhetoric of Sturgeon and despair that there hasn’t been an exodus of support. I believe that will come.

    My bigger fear for ALBA, is that ALBA believes in democracy, and believes democratic principle can prevail in the rigged parliamentary system of UK “white” sovereign democracy. ALBA will contest UK General Elections, Scottish Elections and UK / Scottish Referendums. What I see, is an ALBA Party which needs to step outside the white sovereign rules dictated by Westminster and Westminster’s Scotland Act, and embrace the Red sovereign rules of Scotland’s Constitution, and draw it’s political integrity from the Claim of Sovereign Right unique to Scotland.

    My biggest fear for SALVO is that SALVO has thrown the UK Establishment a curve-ball it wasn’t expecting. It has “nothing” on SALVO; no hooks in it’s flesh. But I strongly suspect the UK Establishment will be working hard to change that. Be on your guard SALVO.

    Since there’s no prospect of me being elected, I can be absurdly radical in a manifesto I won’t have to deliver; but if I were in charge of it all, I would have SALVO and ALBA, plus whatever other elements of the YES Movement will rally to the flag, create a modern day Convention of the Estates, drawing it’s authority from the Constitutional Sovereignty of the Scottish people. Radical-ish, but I think folks will go along with that.

    The summoning of a Convention of the Estates hasn’t happened for a very long time, but urgently needs to happen now, because Scotland is in the middle of an existential Constitutional Crisis, and our Sovereign Rights are being directly stolen. We NEED those Sovereign Rights like never before, because Scotland’s nation state and economy is being dragged down the drain and we now need Scottish Independence restored in order to save our Nation from the abyss.

    Speaking for myself, not as a spokesperson for ALBA, SALVO, SSRG are any body else, just me… It is my belief that assembled Convention of the Estates can indeed move directly towards Independence by denouncing the legitimacy of the Treaty of Union, citing the litany of historic breaches to the Articles of Union as due cause to end the Treaty, and securing International Recognition for an Independent Scotland.

    More controversially however, I would like to see the Convention of the Estates also “taking down” Holyrood in the passing; denouncing Holyrood and Sturgeon’s obsequious Vichy “Government” as puppets of the UK Establishment who are guilty of pandering to Westminsters colonial encroachment into the sovereign Realm of Scotland.

    The people are Sovereign in Scotland, NOT the Palace of Westminster, and through it’s deference to the Scotland Act and obnoxious LACK of deference to the Claim of Right, Holyrood and Sturgeon’s are in violation of Constitutional Principle, should be impeached, and disassociated with any aspect of Scottish Government.

    A Scottish Government with no respect for the sovereignty of the people, is not a Scottish Government.

    If we step out from the long shadow of Westminster’s colonial encroachment, sweep aside the subordinate disgrace of Holyrood and it’s phoney Gauleiter, and embrace the Sovereign Realm of Scotland as it exists in Law, then what does any UK vote matter? What does any UK poll matter? What does any prevailing prediction of seats in a discredited colonial assembly actually matter? We are FREE to play by our rules, not theirs.

    I want Scotland as an Independent Nation. Independent of London interference, independent of Union Propaganda, independent of colonial encroachment, independent of interference from any other country; particularly a parasitical country stealing our nation’s wealth and prosperity and truncating the lifestyle and prosperity of our Nation.

    Embrace the sovereignty you were born with people, and the Sovereign collective of our people will decide Scotland’s future. In the Realm of Scotland, WE are the community of the Realm, WE are the sovereign authority of the Realm; us, and nobody else.

  63. Daisy Walker

    Some interesting comments btl today.

    With regards Pete Wishart’s article in the National and for those looking for Alba to up the anti – cast a weathered eye over the proposed consituent boundary changes.

    For the east, central, Perthshire areas, they look gerrymandered to turn the map tory blue. Any canvassing for Alba in this area will need to take account of this.

    Reading the tea leaves, the rumour is that for the more traditional Labour areas, the Brit Nats and media are going to throw everything at them to return them to the Labour fold. It would appear there is sufficient momentum on this to have worried the SNP seat warmers at Westminster and hence cause the mini coup at Westminster and have Flynn and Black make a flurry of empty gestures.

    One thing I know for certain, I cannot (not even for Alex) vote for the Shameful Nonce Party ever again. They have no carrots to dangle in my direction ever again.

    Anyone still remaining in that party, no matter how well intentioned, you are actually giving it a credibility it no longer deserves and enabling the GRR policy to go through.

    There does actually come a point where you have to stand up and be counted, or the reality is – ‘in your name.’

  64. Douglas

    “Katie Dolatowski, 22, a convicted sex offender” Look this one up. How can Gilruth support this bill knowing this!?

  65. Daisy Walker

    Further to my last, for those remaining in the Shameful Nonce Party, if the Alba party did not exist, your position might be more understandable.

    But since it does exist, and has good policies and leadership, you really don’t have a leg to stand on.

    If it remains an issue and a step too far, then stand down from the SNP and become independent. The GRR issue is too important not to do so.

    As for a Constitutional Assembly – we will have to do this. It’s a complete no brainer that if the first step to making it happen is asking the SNP nicely to arrange it – it will never happen.

    And last but not least. I’m always a bit cautious of the Polls. That said, they’ve been consistent at around the 50% mark, during a period where the population movement has changed (in Scotland) significantly. That tells a story.

    As always, keep in mind, that the British Establishment cannot afford to lose Scotland’s assets. Scotland is England’s Cash Cow, even more so Post Brexit than before.

    Everything they do, will be from the point of view of keeping Scotland, and will have nothing to do with straightforward, sensible governance.

    Expect a snap GE if it’s in England’s interest to do so in order to spike the Yes Movement.

    Incidentally, over the festive period, 2 of my father’s neighbours, both well off, pensioners, firm No voters – informed me! that Scotland is tremendously well off when it comes to Energy resources. And that means that within their circle of influence that information is now current, and accepted.

    I find myself in the position of having to take my own advice – and previously I said that no good deed was ever wasted. I have to put my hands up to being exhausted and disheartened at where the Yes movement is currently positioned. And yet still, there are positives and there is hope.

  66. Ruby

    What’s Causing the Trans Explosion? – Helen Joyce

    You are not meant to understand. You are just meant to accept

  67. Colin Alexander

    On 12 May 1999 an SNP and independence legend proclaimed:

    “…the Scottish Parliament, which adjourned on March 25, 1707, is hereby reconvened.” I do not wish to denigrate a stalwart of Scottish independence but, what she said was clearly untrue, as confirmed by the UK Supreme Court. Yet, it’s a falsehood believed and repeated by many in the indy movement ever since.

    As for an indyref, my own view is that indyref 2014 was not conducted fairly due to much discussed factors such as the imbalance of pro-UK propaganda on TV and other media outlets and it would be foolish to seek a repeat of this.

    However, it seems that that’s a moot point, as the days of UK cooperation on self-determination ended in 2014, when the UK state realised the number of people prepared to embrace Scotland’s independence was much higher than anticipated. So, there won’t be another UK approved indyref. Huge turnouts for AUOB in recent years and Sturgeon’s requests for a S30 have achieved precisely nothing as regards persuading the UK state to cooperate with an indyref.

    My concern for Alba is that that they are led by politicians – and delegates – who seem to see becoming the Scottish Govt and obtaining a s30 indyref as the pinnacle of success, and whose primary goals are to repeat this or SNP Mark 2 for short. I believe the devolution UK-approved indyref ship has sailed, never to return.

  68. Ebok

    Daisy Walker says: –

    ‘I have to put my hands up to being exhausted and disheartened at where the Yes movement is currently positioned. And yet still, there are positives and there is hope’

    Well, Daisy, plaudits to ALBA for recognising the urgency, post SC ruling, of bringing the YES movement together – not waiting 6 months – hence the first National Assembly last month in Perth, with the follow-up this Saturday in Edinburgh.

    There will, hopefully, be some discernible outcomes, unity, and action plan following this Assembly that enable us to get on the front foot while SNP dither for a further 10 weeks.

  69. stuart mctavish


    Touché !

    Admittedly it was sometimes hard to tell which side had the most staunch unionists (a soft ball like SNHS being overwhelmed by people in despair meriting a more lighthearted or even cheeky response in more ambitious, and dare I say competent, times) but that just all the more reason for them to continue talk the nonsense out each other every Tuesday – and set stage for better weeks ahead, every week, imo

  70. ronald

    @ 12.17

    ( My concern for Alba is that that they are led by politicians – and delegates – who seem to see becoming the Scottish Govt and obtaining a s30 indyref as the pinnacle of success,)

    Don’t talk rubbish Alba have never said they would ask for permission of a S30 order .

  71. Tinto Chiel

    @Dan: seems pretty catergorical that the euphemistic MAP term was used in a quotation and did not represent the PS’s official position on or attitude to paedophiles.

    Taken at face value, this is reassuring, since the use of “minor attracted person” is a weasely one at best and would be totally unacceptable to the vast majority of people.

  72. RedStarTrout

    Other countries have no problems with transwomen sex offenders apparently, but that’s because they don’t count them as trans.
    In Belgium, @RoisinMichaux reports that since they brought in Self ID 5 years ago there hasn’t been a single transwoman convicted of a sex crime, because they count them all as women.
    Same in Norway. The site matriarken .no/ menneskerettigheter/ do-women-count-in-norway-no (remove spaces for the link) report that the number of women reported for rape has gone up by over 300% since Self ID, and there are no transwomen in their prisons, because they count them all, even the rapists, as women.

  73. Mark Boyes

    There is a flaw in the maths, conflating convictions with prison population.

    Consider a jail with two cells, one contains a murderer who is in for life, the other has a different (or sometimes the same) vandal locked up for a week, every week.
    Jail population of murderers: 50%, regardless of the time sampled.
    Proportion of the crimes which are murder from the population: less than 1%.

    Sex crimes have long sentences, so will distort the figures.

  74. Al-Stuart

    Hi Stu.,

    Looks like your highlighting of this trans matter has started garnering some interesting results.

    The Charities Commission have put a big red warning triangle on their “Mermaids” page and are now conducting an inquiry into that bunch of curious people on fitness to retain the charity registration…

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