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From The Twitter Archives #2

Posted on January 07, 2023 by

For what these are about, see here. This one’s from 23 August 2019.


I’m going to talk about this story for a bit, and I’m sorry because I’m as sick of this subject as everyone else is but it’s really really important. Tune out for 10 minutes if you must.

I’ve never been a person who suffered from blackouts. In my younger days I would frequently drink Olympian amounts of booze and pass out in a heap (and/or pool of my own vomit) under a table, but when I woke up I always remembered how I got there. I also went under general anaesthetic a couple of times at the dentist when I was wee, and always remembered counting down from 10 with the mask on before I woke up. (“10…9…8…zzzzzzzz”)

In my entire half-century on this planet, there’s only one gap in my memory. (Like, I don’t remember what I had for dinner on 8 July 1987, but you know what I mean. I remembered it the next day, just not any more.)

It happened when I was about 14, playing rugby at school.

The game was approaching the end, with the action up near the opposition’s try line. I was hooker, hanging back in a defensive position just inside their half. Suddenly there was an interception, and the other side’s John “Cheesy” Bryce came bombing up the pitch with the ball, five metres or so from the touchline, straight towards me.

From the side of my eye I could see James “Big Hendo” Henderson of our team haring across from centre, on a 45-degree trajectory. Cheesy and Hendo were the two biggest laddies in the school – both already over 6 feet, muscular, broad-shouldered and solidly-built.

Hendo was really fast for his size, and even though he had the longer distance to run, almost immediately my blood ran cold with the realisation that he was going to catch Cheesy, and they were going to meet right where I was standing.

I, meanwhile, was 5′ 7″ on tiptoes and just about nudged the scales to eight stone fully clothed and soaking wet. Every atom of me wanted to turn and run away, but I knew I had to stand my ground. I also knew, at least in theory, how to deal with the situation: you don’t need to stop this hulking great runaway train of a boy, just roll with the hit and wrap your arms round his legs as you go over. Take him down with you. Okay then.

At this point they were both still maybe 20 yards away. And then I’ve got this:

The next thing I remember is waking up off at the side of the pitch, the PE teacher kneeling over me, white as a sheet with horror on his face. Every other player in the game was gathered around, looking terrified. It must have taken them a wee while to get there.

I have no idea how long I was out. I remember nothing of the seconds leading up to what I assume was the impact. I was groggy and confused but basically felt okay, or at least not physically hurt, and after a minute or so I was back on the pitch. The only other part of the game I remember is fumbling a pass six yards out in front of the opposition posts in the dying seconds of the game, because my brain was still lagging about a second behind events.

As we walked back to the dressing rooms, I asked the PE teacher what had actually happened. He looked really uneasy and basically just waved the question away. I didn’t have the presence of mind to ask any of the other boys, so now I’ll never know.

But my point is this – even as a 5′ 7″ skelf, I’d still be pretty big for a girl. The average adult woman in the UK is 5′ 3″. And the nature of rugby is such that you get all sorts of different sized players in the same team, from teeny Greig Laidlaw (below, left) to gigantic Sebastien Chabal (below, vast).

I don’t know what happened to me that day, but I’ll never forget the PE teacher’s face. It was clearly something pretty bad. And we were still just barely-pubescent boys. If we let enormous adult men play rugby against women, sooner or later there’s going to be a tragedy.

It’s not like cycling or weightlifting, where men against women is only cheating. It’s not even like MMA or boxing, where there are at least weight categories. Rugby pits giants against (relative) midgets, and you can’t predict when one might collide with the other.

The idiot in this story isn’t even taking it seriously, laughing off the injuries he’s already caused. When some lassie gets permanently disabled or worse, questions are going to be asked of everyone who didn’t speak up before it was too late.

And of course, men have already been crippled or even killed playing rugby against other men. It’s a thing that happens. It’s an inherently dangerous game, more and more so as pro players become freakish meat slabs.

There are of course a thousand other consequences of this insanity, some of them even related to Scottish politics. But all I’ve been able to see in my head all day is some lassie’s mangled body being carried off a pitch.

And fuck you if you’re one of the cretins who lets it happen.


[Since the above tweets were written, World Rugby has outlawed the participation of transwomen in women’s rugby.]

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  1. MrRocknRoll says:

    Be like Sturgeon against the Union. (Like that’ll ever happen)!

  2. Dave M says:

    And this describes a situation that ‘just’ resulted in a concussion. It’s great that World Rugby made its decision but I believe there are national governing bodies who have not followed suit. Mixed rugby will result in deaths. It’s not worth gambling with women’s lives.

  3. Paul Davies says:

    A thousand likes for this story. It is hard to imagine the depths of idiocy or shear malign intent which would allow women to compete in full on contact sports against men.

  4. Lorna Campbell says:

    I think death or severe injury is almost guaranteed at some point, as are rapes and sexual assaults, probably on children as well as women, and lord only knows how many animals are injured fatally or otherwise at the hands of bestiality fetishists. I’m not claiming that all ‘trans’ women want to harm females, rape them and/or injure them, but a fair number of men do just that every year in the UK. “trans’ women are men, many, the majority, are paraphiliacs and fetishists. What’s that irritating expression? It’s not rocket science. No, it’s not; it is enabling abuse, sexual sadism and psychopathic behaviours. Any man who insists on entering female sports is a sadist and wants to hurt and harm, and gets a kick out of it. The whole ‘trans’ thing is sadistic, based, as so much of it is, on men choosing to be the thing they despise most in the world – females – then pretending to be one, so it ends up being sado-masochism in the same person.Watching them, it is not hard to detect the fact that they know they are not women.

  5. James Barr Gardner says:

    Three concussions and rugby is over for you, MND further down the line ?

    One of my relative’s sons had to give over a promising rugby career with the 3 strike plus he had broken a leg too !

    His new career ? The British Army, sadly something wrong ! Surely there are better options for a young man, I worry about his future.

    This state is down to the cancerous state of the English Media and their ongoing paranoia of Jonnie Foreigner, time Scotland and Scots walked away from this xenophobic toxic farce of a so called Union of Equals.

  6. Alf Baird says:

    “It happened when I was about 14, playing rugby at school.”

    Private school?

  7. ScottieDog says:

    Played rugby from mini-rugby age through till my 30s. Thinking back, the disparity in secondary school kids was often pretty frightening. Of course the idea was to literally ‘put your body on the line’. In later years I was lucky enough to play against a couple of international players. But that was still the amateur era and so you would never come up against the absolute machines which play international rugby now. Hard as nails yes, but not monsters.

    Measures were introduced over the years to make the amateur game safer. For instance scrum laws were improved. In a cup game you could be packing against forwards several leagues above you. The prime directive after all was safety.

    But here we are, allowing it all to be unravelled by people who have probably never taken to a sports field in their life. I wonder how many refs can take to a rugby field knowing biological males will be playing against biological females.

  8. Derek says:

    Being a similar skelf, I did my best to avoid rugby. I chose something else… and played hockey instead. Much more violent, especially when we challenged the girls to a game.

    “shinty shots”, etcetera…

  9. akenaton says:

    Couldn’t agree more Mr Campbell, but there is another side just as devastating for female athletes.
    My friend’s daughter holds the record time for one of the Scottish Marathon races it was set about 8 yrs ago and has never been bettered, She trained endlessly for years to reach peak fitness and sacrificed much of her young life to the sport.
    Tomorrow a Trans athlete could easily break her record and the hearts of thousands of female athletes in Scotland.
    This is another facet of the GRR which brings real inequality into women’s sport.

  10. PhilM says:

    I didn’t go to private school but all the Borders schools -all comprehensive – were rugby-playing first. I always thought it was funny that Scotland had such a mixture of ‘former pupils’ type of rugby clubs and plain old Borders clubs. I imagined somebody like John Jeffrey having to provide dressing-room simultaneous translation services before Scotland games.
    However, using my detective skills, I’m going to say “Cheesy” and “Big Hendo” do not sound like private school nicknames. Plus the only other person from Bathgate I’ve heard of – Elliot Bunney – ended up playing rugby. So my deductions tell me oor Stu did not go to a private school. Was Bathgate just an anomaly then?

  11. SusanAHF says:

    The idea of men competing in women’s sports is monstrous. That of men competing in women’s contact sports frightening. But that’s just what they want, inadequate men feeling superior, when in actual fact what they are is pathetic.

  12. Breeks says:

    Once upon a time, and not so long ago, there was a large body of opinion that being paid to play rugby, turning the sport professional, ran contrary to the spirit of an honourable amateur sport. You didn’t play for money, but for the sport of 15 vs 15 dookin’ it out to see who won on the day.

    It wasn’t confined to rugby. Olympic sports were for amateur contenders, not professionals. A boxer for example would have 3 x 3 minute rounds, wearing head protection, and the emphasis was on his skill at landing punches, not pummelling his opponent to the point of brain damage. On the subject of boxing too, opponents were divided into weight categories for both fairness on the contest and safety of the competitors.

    There was another element to sport too, and that related to performance enhancing drugs, and the stigma of cheating was such that even residual presence of some cough medicine could even be enough to see an athlete kicked out their sport in disgrace stripped of their titles and prizes and booted out the sport in disgrace. Remember Ben Johnson? Lance Armstrong?

    The essence of sporting endeavour and the purity of legitimate competition has been at the heart of sport for as long as there has been sport.

    But somehow, in these “modern” times, the notion that pitting the fittest and healthiest physique of a woman in a full-on contact sport against the heavier and stronger musculature of a conditioned male athlete was “somehow” inside the envelope of sporting competition.

    To me, this has nothing to do with sport. It is closer to the bloodlust of the Roman Colosseum, where people wanted to witness individual’s put to death for the spectacle of their execution “dressed up” to be a sporting competition because there was perhaps a chance in million they “might” be victorious against all odds.

    People content to watch a “male” ringer charging about a women’s rugby pitch flattening women, aren’t watching it for the sport but for the unpleasant spectacle of women being overpowered, dominated and injured. That is no closer to “sport” than blasting defenceless birds with shotguns to satiate a revolting bloodlust and desire to kill, and dress it up under the nobility of a “sport”.

    For this to be happening, and perish the thought “normalised”, means we are accommodating both delusional competitors and sporting authorities who have no concept of what a sporting competition is. What they want is a free for all, where the rules don’t apply to them. That isn’t the doctrine of the sportsman or athlete, but the infantile demands of spoiled brat Trans extremists for whom the binary rules of biological sex are suddenly “optional”.

  13. McLaurin says:

    Rugby was the main team sport at my school in East Lothian.

    It wasn’t a private school and we used to play fixtures all over EL and the Toon against other state schools. This was the norm in the 70s.

    I’d imagine West Lothian was the same.

  14. smityy says:

    Scotland is the only country in the 6 nations to allow men to play rugby in the women’s game. Welsh Labour MP and ex rugby internationalist Tonia Antoniazzi spoke out about what is happening in Scotland, warning that women are going to get seriously hurt. Our own sports minister and gender ideology extremist, Maree Todd has said nothing. Her idea of being a sports minister is getting corporate freebies to fill up her Twitter feed with celebrity selfies. However I wonder how much she has influenced the SRU’s decision during her frequent meetings and corporate days at their expense? It seems like she only cares about rugby and only male involvement. Currently there are two men who like to wear dresses that play rugby in Scotland, but expect this to explode in the next few years under Todd’s extremist ideology. There is now no such thing as women’s rugby in Scotland.

  15. SusanAHF says:

    I think you’re right Breeks about it being about overpowering and injuring women for entertainment. Just look at MMA fighter Fallon Fox and how he boasted about fracturing a woman’s skull and threatening all TERFs with that.

  16. Haud says:

    The idea that if its rugby it must be private school is just nonsense. Stirling played rugby in preference to football as I recall and most other local schools did likewise. And of course in the Borders rugby is compulsory…

  17. Effijy says:

    If they were to try and be selected by merit they would never get near the pitch.
    The cheat is a biological male looking to rule in a woman’s team.

    No insult to women or trans it’s just nature, God’s will, evolution you name it but if you don’t have balls you won’t be touching balls of any shape in men’s sports.

    The Rev’s blow to the head must be the reason he takes on the union giant.

  18. smitty says:

    Here is the link to the concerns of welsh MP Tonia Antoniazzi and the dangers posed to women playing rugby in Scotland. Scotland is the only 6 nation country to allow men play women’s rugby. Our sports minister will not be happy until a woman is paralysed by a man.

  19. Effijy says:

    China may have been very cute here faced with an exploding population that needs food, energy and jobs.

    Did they manufacture Covid?
    Would such a virus help get rid of millions in the population?

    They started off isolating the nation to a brutal degree so much so people were rebelling
    so now they can let the virus run riot on the people’s will.

    Their government don’t do people’s will or democracy as it should be.

    They could now wipe out millions and report it as thousands without question easing a burden they can’t resolve otherwise.

    We might be fortunate if it can be contained in China or else they might decide war for additional food and energy sources is an option.

    Who could stop a Chinese Army of billions.

  20. Wilson McBride says:

    Rugby and cricket always reminds me of the English.

    It’s mainly played among the English colonies. And in the colony of Scotland, I would say the majority of participants are Unionists,,as in the Hastings brothers.

    The crowds that go to Murrayfield are of a similar breed.

    As for men participating in women’s sports such as rugby, well it’s fairly obvious that there should be an immediate world wide ban on it.

    It’s an absolute no-brainer.

    Someone who weighs 20 stones crashing into someone who weighs 7 stones would lead to severe injury,,,or even death.

  21. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Private school?”

    Not even slightly.

  22. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I would say the majority of participants are Unionists”

    This is a myth.

  23. Mac says:

    The sports angle to this is particularly good at bringing home the reality and complete insanity of trans women claiming they are in any way real women.

    How many people ever thought they would allow a male MMA fighter to get in the ring with real women and beat the shit out of them. It is really disgusting and evokes them same sort of reactions when you see a guy beating up a woman on the street.

    A fit strong man who knows how to fight versus a fit strong woman who knows how to fight is not even a contest, not even remotely. It is just abuse.

    Invariably the male athletes that become trans women athletes are mediocre non-entities as men in their chosen sports and then suddenly as a trans woman they are standing atop the podium, shattering records set by real women that stood for years, and beating the shit of girls in the octagon pretending they are a woman.

    It is totally repellant to any sense of fairness which lies at the heart of all competitive sports. It takes the concept of an ‘even playing field’ for all and drops a massive steaming shit right in the middle of it.

    These gender grifters are just failures who decide to cheat. Bullies and cowards and I personally cannot stand them and I think most people watching feel exactly the same.

    (I had to laugh as that ‘female’ basketball player who was jailed for pot in Russia is very likely a bloke.)

    As bad as it is I am glad they are being indulged for now at least as it is a major alarm bell for women as to what this trans ideology means for them. All of you will be displaced by these widow twankey sportswomen who can see an easy way to grift a sports career where normally they would not even get close.

    To me it is a like a grown man pretending he is a kid to enter kids events and dominate them. Sad pathetic cunts who are no better than a drug cheat, in fact a lot worse, no drug gives you the innate physical advantages over your own sex like men have over women.

  24. John Main says:

    No doubt this is just asking for a pile on, but somebody has to ask the obvious questions:

    Don’t female athletes have agency and free will? What is stopping them from refusing to engage in competition with teams/individuals who are male?

    (Using the terms female and male in the sense they have always been used, right up until yesterday)

    And, of course, if discussing team sports, another nasty question arises:

    Why would a female team permit a male to be assigned to it, unless winning is the only thing that counts?

    As I see it, the solution is in the hands of the women themselves. Strike, boycott, direct action. I can’t think of a group of people better situated to fight back against the gender woo woo than professional athletes, as everything they say and do is guaranteed publicity.

    They are at the opposite end of the scale from the anonymous, powerless, voiceless ordinary women and girls most affected by this nonsense.

  25. David Holden says:

    Like Stu we got taken to Murrayfield while at school to watch the five nations during the amateur era and it was a great day out. I played rugby at school and club level and was lucky enough to only suffer concussion once and it was a clash of heads while two of us jumped for a high ball and I was out cold for a few seconds. The other player was harder hit and with slurred speech taken to hospital. Back then at 6 foot 3 inches and about 14 stone the thought of playing against female players was something I would not have taken part in unless it was a game of touch rugby. Rugby union is a full contact sport and there is no way biological males should be allowed to self declare as female and compete in the ladies game for both safety and sporting reasons. The fact that this is allowed to happen in Scotland is shameful and I want no part of it.

  26. Mac says:

    The rugby like combat sports is a perfect example of the insanity.

    If it is ok for trans women (i.e. men) to compete in female only versions of these sports then surely we would expect to see at least one or two examples of trans men (i.e. women) playing at the top level in the male only version of these sports.

    If it is competitive’ for trans men to fight in the top level of women’s sports then surely we would should see a couple of examples at least of the biggest, toughest, meanest trans men (i.e. women) making it and competing in male sports.

    But of course the trans men (i.e. women) can’t even get close and would get demolished in the first tackle, first round, utterly flattened.

    So given this why would anyone think it is ok to set loose a man in women’s only sports. There was a reason these highly physical sports separated men and women to begin with.

    How can people forget this fundamental truth or suspend their common sense just because of some bullshit woke garbage. To the point they are putting man into a ring with woman and letting him beat her up on TV.

    It really is like a spell some people fall under when they start buying into this lunacy. As the quote goes…

    “With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil – that takes religion.”

    This is what woke/ progressive / identity politics is to them, a new religion.

  27. John Main says:

    @Effijy 9:23

    Somebody posted on here just last week claiming to be in China and that there was absolutely no Covid at all.

    Somebody else posted that Covid was China’s revenge for the opium wars.

    A bit OTT to punish the entire world for Britain’s historical wrong doing, IMO.

  28. J+Galt says:

    My father defined Rugby as “organised thuggery”.

    I’m glad I never got involved in it at school.

  29. Ruby says:

    Now at 11K

    What is the answer to all of these problems caused by this gender recognition madness.

    Is it
    Repeal the GRA2004
    No more ‘sex changes’
    No more men masquerading as women
    (make womenface a hate crime)

    Totally end all the madness?

    Do more research into gender dysphoria and come up with a better solution.

  30. Ruby says:

    I’m going to talk about this story for a bit, and I’m sorry because I’m as sick of this subject as everyone else is but it’s really really important. Tune out for 10 minutes if you must.

    I’m interested in why so many people are sick of the subject and don’t walk to talk about it.

    Is there a belief that if you don’t talk about it and focus on China, UK-raine, Scottish Independence all the problems caused by this gender recognition madness will all go away.

  31. KT Lorimer says:


    Repeal the GRA it is no longer fit for purpose as same sex marriage is now legal.

    Only offer body modification as a last resort.

    Then make sure reality and facts are taught in schools.

  32. SusanAHF says:

    Absolutely, Ruby. Repeal the GRA and stop the falsifying of official documents. Do you know that if a sex offender gets a GRC any crimes committed before are ” lost”?

  33. Ruby says:

    How did it all get so crazy?

    Is it one of the side effects of Covid & the lockdown?

    I learn something new every day about gender recognition each day I am convinced something needs to be done about this madness but I just don’t know what.

    My question to independence supporter is

    ‘Should iScotland have a gender recognition act and what should it look like?’

  34. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    8 January, 2023 at 10:31 am

    No doubt this is just asking for a pile on, but somebody has to ask the obvious questions:

    Don’t female athletes have agency and free will? What is stopping them from refusing to engage in competition with teams/individuals who are male?

    Totally daft question from someone who obviously hasn’t been paying attention. That’s what happens when you focusing on the EU, UK-raine, China, flamebaiting etc.

  35. SusanAHF says:

    Ruby, in a word, NO. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Scottish constitution should state that humans are a binary sex, male and female. Sex is determined at conception and is immutable. It is not possible to be born in the wrong body nor to change sex.
    A rather intransigent view I know but that’s the stage I think we have reached

  36. James che says:

    The thing is this is not just a issue of Scotland but more a perception of who is running the Scottish government from within n behind the scenes with funding and infiltration into Scotlands laws.

    An appropriate example of this globalisation politics infiltrating many government today can be found on the Guardian, today which covers the same gender topic around the rest of the world, starting with The England and Wales Cenus coverage.

    In fact it gives the % of how little of the gender population is running the world,
    Now theres an eye opener.

    The politics of the non binary non Scottish government being run from Sweden, America, and England, all of whom have vested interests in Scotland not gaining independence.

    We need our own government first and foremost to run our own country.

    It is pretend shock and horror what fake Scots law are passed in Scotland on gender when it is obvious to the dumbest of people, that The English and devolved governments are running the same agendas,
    They just play good cop, bad cop under hidden agreements who goes first to bring in new laws.

    Wait until they have control and access to your finances in your bank! With the ability to withdraw or , freeze your money. Leaving you with no way to buy food, energy, etc, If you do something they don’t want you to do.
    Universal credit will be the first target.

    Whoops that just happened……not so long ago in Canada.
    Wait for the big government near you to roll out the same policy,

    Scottish government, Bulls..t
    Linked government to the world government.

  37. John Main says:

    @Ruby 12:51

    Awa an pick a fecht wi a mirror. Gie it laldie.

    For anybody else who doesn’t understand my point, there is a vast difference between powerless, often victimised, ordinary women and girls, who will be discriminated against in everyday situations by the gender woo woo, and have little or no recourse, and women competing at the highest levels of sport.

    We all have a responsibility to get behind the former group. I can’t think of a better group than the latter, who are in a position to help themselves and by extension, all women.

    The latter group contains household names. Standing together in solidarity, by refusing to accept males in their sports, they would be all over the MSM. These women are role models. People listen to what they say.

    There is little point in us all agonising over the takeover of women’s sport by males, if the women most affected are, for whatever reasons, going along with it.

  38. Breeks says:

    I played rugby from about 12 to 25, and probably peaked getting a trial for Glasgow U21s, and in all that time, I never once considered rugby to be “Unionist” sport.
    Yes there were a lot of private school ok-ya teams, but it was always nice to gub these teams and watch poor Crispin’s game plan for subduing the beastly ruffians fall apart before his eyes.

    And as you get better, and play a bit of representative rugby, sometimes you’d start seeing these goons appearing in your team, when it suddenly stopped mattering whether they were Rupert types, and started mattering if they were any good or not.

    Far worse for Scotland’s reputation was Frank Hadden putting out a Scotland’B’ team to face the All Blacks in 2007. What an insult to New Zealand, and a stab in the back for your own team. I wasn’t really playing any more by then, but that, and the way the game changed with professionalism to resemble a poor man’s rugby league, kinda killed off my interest in the game which once upon a time, was pretty much all I lived for.

    But I rather suspect, even Frank Hadden would have drawn the line at a man playing full on contact rugby with women.

    If you only want to watch one match of Rugby and know exactly what Rugby is was all about, then I recommend France vs Scotland as the opening game in the first ever Rugby World Cup in 1987. It started about 4 o’clock in the morning live, and by the end, the whole flat was up and riveted to the TV screen. It ended a draw, but as an exhibition of a sport at it’s finest, I think you’ll struggle to find anything better. So much edge of the seat drama in the dying minutes, Scotland could have won, but it finished a draw, and France went on to lose to New Zealand in the final. The Rugby World Cup got off with a bang.

    These days, introduce a 6th tackle rule, and Rugby Union pretty much is Rugby League, (yawn), and I don’t even it watch it anymore. It wasn’t Professionalism that killed it, but the greed that goes hand in hand with professionalism.

    I truly cannot imagine a woman being paralysed by a hard tackle from a man doing anything to enhance the sport’s reputation, but those values didn’t stop professionalism that was driven by greed.

    What a world we live in.

  39. Ruby says:

    I would support ‘The Other Party’

    Finger crossed they will stand in Scotland and also support Independence.

  40. Republicofscotland says:

    I agree men are far more muscular than women and eventually women rugby players coming up against men (pretendy women) will lead to a real woman dying from injuries sustained on the field via contact with one of them.

    Meanwhile Childline part of the (NSPCC) is actively pushing the trans ideology onto children.

  41. Luigi says:

    Another excellent piece, Rev. You really know how tell a compelling story and make a point. So glad you are on our side. A huge concern for (biological) female rugby players, but this is only an example of the potential/ likelihood for serious physical harm in a number of contact sports. For example, what happens if/when, the first 6’5 giant decides he/she wants to become a professional female heavyweight wrestler or boxer. It doesn’t bear thinking. And if the Boxing/ Wrestling authorities think they can prevent it, will we see a challenge and a repeat of the Bosman ruling that effectively destroyed competitive European club Football?

  42. John Main says:

    @Breeks 1:45

    Good post.

    I believe the term “professional sport” is an oxymoron.

    But live and let live.

    For good or bad, professional sport is a huge part of many people’s lives, far more important than politics, Indy, etc. etc. Thus sport is a key battleground in the fight against gender woo woo.

    So in my view, it is absolutely critical that professional sportswomen come out fighting in defence of their rights.

  43. George Ferguson says:

    The basis of sport is fairness in competition. Transmen playing womens rugby is a non starter for me and is unworthy of further comment. Scottish Rugby has introduced a six year strategy at a cost of 3 million to promote the successful participation of State Schools in Rugby. If you look at the Scottish Schools Under 18 Cup winners for the last 20 years. With the exception of Bellbaxter, won by Public Schools every time. Compare the number of State Schools with Public Schools. So well done to Scottish Rugby in addressing this issue. I have been to Murrayfield, Hampden and Athletics venues many times. A great day out watching sport at the highest level.

  44. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    8 January, 2023 at 1:40 pm

    @Ruby 12:51

    Awa an pick a fecht wi a mirror. Gie it laldie.

    Why use Scots/Doric in your reply.

    Why would you assume I understand Scots/Doric?

    Is it because you have me categorised as a member of the ‘Bonny Purple Heather Brigade’ and all the members of ‘Bonny Purple Heather Brigade’ don’t speak English?

    Why would you ask a question when you have:

    No doubt this is just asking for a pile on, but somebody has to ask the obvious questions:

    Someone asking a question & expecting a pile on is the definition of a flame-baiter.

    You got any idea why the women most affected by the takeover of women’s sport by males are saying nothing? Are you sure they aren’t saying anything? Would that be because it isn’t in The Guardian.

  45. Jame che says:

    The world climate change policies are beautifully set into motion by declaring wars and bombing all nature, in the eastern countries uk-raine and ruskies, housing, animals and humans blown to smitherien’s.
    By sending gas guzzling rockets into space,
    By the elite rich changing laws to buy up the farmers land that produces you’re food.
    By allowing dredge fishing across the world.
    By cutting down forests, reducing natural habitats to produce more financial productive plants to businesses.

    Destroying natural habitats By massively huge quarries digging for the minerals that make wind turbines and solar panel and electric batteries, with no plans for disposal when these things come to the end of there life span.

    The selectively killing and culling of natural animals that have evolved in you’re environment over centuries for the preference environment of big game animals.

    Has any one read the history of when extreme weather patterns naturally occurring causing, floods, fires, droughts, starvation periods for humans and animals from the 1200’s to present day,
    Has any one questioned why we capitulated from ice age to tropical Britain, to wet and windy , during the roman period without human interference,

    From gender issues to climate change the leaders of governments around the world ( were bought) into these ideologies,
    History says otherwise.
    No wonder they have stopped teaching in schools the three R’s and have re-wrote children’s education, on genders, climate change, energy, eliminating parents input or consent.

    Our children, our grand children and great grandchildren will be brain washed idiots unable to think for themselves.

  46. Ruby says:

    ‘Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies urges Scottish Government to listen to female athletes’ GRA concerns’

    Did they listen?

    How can any sporting organisation turn away a ‘woman’ with a GRC/birth certificate stating he is a female?

  47. James che says:

    Money-less, Home-less, Job-less, and re-Educated-less. With a reduced uniform one gender in the future,

    It is interesting reading the father of Boris Johnstone’s books. Stanley Johnstone.
    I dare say it would be interesting reading many other politicians theories for the future plans of governments.

    For instance Henry Kissinger’s words on taken seven eastern countries into war, then Ruskie land and finally China.

    Talk, of long term planning and patience for humans and the world, by Stanley Johnstone and Henry kissinger,

    Educate yourselves by research, and you will understand the crazy upside down world we are having to live through.

    Gender issues to confuse, to divide, are no different from climate change, or one race of people set against another, or children separated from parents, changing how your finances are no longer yours to invest or save, these are all tearing down history to rebuild, they are just part an parcel of control.through division,

    I stopped worrying about the peep hole of the snp a long time ago,
    For it is outside of Scotland, that the changes are coming to us,
    We are seeing just a small corner of a bigger picture, and that is the way it is meant to be, keep us occupied individually in small town talk,
    And some take to small town talk, like a duck to water, not wanting and refusing to open their eyes more than a slit,
    for fear it lets in to much light, more than they can cope with, a small corner of light they can cope with, keep it small.

    One of the oldest war strategies on the planet. Is confusion. So you do not see the bigger advancement of artillery coming towards you.

  48. Morag says:

    In 1979 my 18 year old cousin, who played football for Queen’s Park (he was a PE student at Jordanhill at the time) suffered a head injury during a match. He lost a whole day.

    Some weeks later he simply keeled over, dead, in the family home, while he was talking to his grandmother.

    So I think you were lucky not to have had any more serious consequences.

    Of course there were no girls playing. My cousin was a pretty well-grown hunk of young man himself. But obviously girls are going to be more vulnerable to injuries of that sort if they are playing either with or against men.

  49. James che says:

    John main,

    “Far more important than politics, Indy, etc etc”

    For whom is sport far more important, than Indy? In Scotland.
    On this site that supports Scottish independence.

  50. Alf Baird says:

    Breeks @ 1:45 pm

    “I never once considered rugby to be “Unionist” sport. Yes there were a lot of private school ok-ya teams”

    My recollection of the cultural aspects involved are rather different, albeit from 1960s Edinburgh. At primary school then it was noticeable that playing fields on a Saturday morning were often segregating two groups and two games (and two cultures) – with state school and hence working class kids playing football, whilst private school/middle class kids played rugby; each were usually separated by a high fence, with a better kept pitch for rugby (the latter often with a pavilion and covered spectator stand too). Later, at state secondary school (late 60s/early 70s) the teachers (who were generally privately schooled and sending their own kids to private schools) forced on us only one option – rugby – and actually deprived us of football at my school at that time. Rugby then was a game totally foreign to almost all of us working class kids at state schools.

    I recall once being given free tickets by a teacher to attend a rugby international at Murrayfield. This was another new experience for us working class kids who until then had only known a lift-ower the turnstiles at Easter Road and Tynecastle. My recollections of that solitary visit to Murrayfield are of a great many rather well dressed people speaking what then seemed a different language to me, and row upon row of private school kids all dressed up in their fine uniforms and caps – on a Saturday afternoon! I did not know then that I was probably looking at Scotland’s future meritocratic elite drawn from the 3% or so privileged enough to attend private schools –

    By the early 70s I was regularly attending Scottish football internationals at Hampden. The contrast between Murrayfield and Hampden was like being in two different countries, and two different cultures; what postcolonialism describes as ‘two psychical and cultural realms’. Both experiences offered a heady flavour of Scottish national consciousness, though arguably only a football crowd at Hampden was at the time truly natural and passionate for their nation (i.e. 136,000 mostly working class Scots with no uncertainty about their national identity!); whereas Murrayfield’s crowd (60,000 mostly middle class Scots) was/is clearly subject to a high degree of ‘cultural assimilation’ and consequently reflects a divided/false persona and identity (i.e. the British and ‘proud Scot’ identity) which is a ‘cultural illusion’ and depends on an assumed Scottish national inferiority.

    This perhaps helps explain to some extent why Tory Party conferences and ‘events’ in Scotland were/are often held at Murrayfield rather than Hampden, and also why there was a campaign group called ‘rugby legends for No’. The private debenture shares scheme employed to help finance the re-build of Murrayfield also maybe tells a story that this sporting shrine to the Scottish middle classes is primarily for a certain type of folk, culture, and values, i.e. predominantly anti-independence.

  51. paul says:

    Gender issues to confuse, to divide, are no different from climate change, or one race of people set against another, or children separated from parents, changing how your finances are no longer yours to invest or save, these are all tearing down history to rebuild, they are just part an parcel of control.through division

    I am in complete agreement with this.

    The first line of the agenda is always to bolster the status quo.

    The nature of the material used is almost irrelevant.

  52. sarah says:

    @ BDTT: I enjoyed that link very much. The Prince of Liechtenstein or Diana’s son William as James II’s heir? It would be nice to be shot of any connection to the English monarchy.

  53. SusanAHF says:

    Maybe more correct to say one religion against another. And yes some religions ARE better than others though none are perfect. I want no part in a relativist Scotland. Some things are just WRONG. And no , I am not a Scottish citizen, I am Scottish by birth and ancestry

  54. Shug says:

    One thing to think about re gender issues

    If you are on the same side as the pro life and anti abortion campaigners you might be a tad far on the right wing.

    All the anti abortion/pro gun/trump esque types are not to savoury. If they are on your side you might question your position

    Just a thought

  55. Breeks says:

    Alf Baird says:
    8 January, 2023 at 3:25 pm

    My recollection of the cultural aspects involved are rather different, albeit from 1960s Edinburgh…

    Aye, it could very well be just a question of perspective. I grew up in the Borders, when those communities were very insular and parochial in their outlook. (Did I say “were”?) Playing Edinburgh teams or the occasional Glasgow teams was just the next team in the fixture list, and you never really had to suffer spoiled toffs in your face outside of that.

    My first recollections of Murrayfield are joyous occasions, rolling about terraces with pals and team mates and having a laugh. It was only later, when they did away with the terraces and brought in debentured all seater stadiums that getting hold of tickets became a nightmare. The atmosphere was never the same after that.

    That seemed an Edinburgh thing however, a lot like Hogmanay and floating about the Tron waiting for the Bells. Even more happy days, but they had to spoil it and start bringing in rules and barriers where before there was laughter and spontaneity. Though, I probably wouldn’t want to wear a kilt again while making your way around Edinburgh streets on Hogmanay.

    After a sheltered upbringing, I suddenly understood why most people in a kilt carry a weapon for self defence. “Aye Happy New Year to you too lass, but you might want tae let that go my dear”. It was funny the first time, but the novelty wears off almost as fast as the sheltered upbringing.

  56. SusanAHF says:

    Oh shug, it is possible to support one thing without buying into the whole set. That’s what’s being an ADULT is all about.

  57. SusanAHF says:

    He’ll should I not believe the sea is wet because a right winger might also believe it? Scrape the barrel a bit more.

  58. Doug says:

    I liked the way Peter Brown turned his back to the ball before facing it again to kick a penalty or conversion. I turned by back on rugby after it turned professional.

  59. JGedd says:

    Breeks makes a very good point @7.40am. It isn’t just the motivation of the transwomen participants in contact sports which will physically harm women opponents, it’s also the people who will spectate at such events.

    It’s disturbing that people who come to watch these events must be aware that women players will suffer serious harm. If and when such injuries take place, then they are as culpable as those who have allowed this dangerous situation to play out and you have to wonder why they are turning up to watch such a spectacle? You would expect that people would find such a mauling of women players sickening and would stay away. But where is the outcry either from the players themselves or the clubs to which they belong?

    JM is right though. If women refused to play in matches like this or accept transwomen as team mates or opponents then it could be brought to a head. However, would it even be acknowledged by the press, who have done a pretty good job of concealing disturbing sexual crimes committed by those claiming to be transwomen? Being deliberately concealed, too, by politicians so wilfully determined to pass the GRR without amendments which might have provided some safeguarding.

    If all comes to pass, as all of us fear who think that the trans ideology is dangerous and no longer even hides that the main target is women’ rights, then all of those who colluded in helping it to be perpetrated (whether in sports or in the many professional bodies and organizations who have enabled or been silent) should have their motives examined.

    I have the sneaking presentiment that when so many are implicated then they will escape culpability. When so many in a society are part of this then many will escape the censure they deserve. It’s just too easy to escape justice when practically the whole of the establishment is involved. ( Probably why according to the Dentons scenario, that the aim was to capture the main institutions of society and achieve a top-down penetration.) The rest of society wakes up too late and finds itself impotent to do anything. A classic authoritarian takeover.

  60. Ruby says:

    I’m going to talk about this story for a bit, and I’m sorry because I’m as sick of this subject as everyone else is but it’s really really important. Tune out for 10 minutes if you must.

    Hi Stu can you clarify which subject you are referring to?

    Having read the comments I think I may have misunderstood.

  61. George Ferguson says:

    @JGedd 4:48pm
    On an optimistic note a prominent Sunday Newspaper has quoted sources close to Alistair Jack that he will prevent Royal Assent of the GRRB leglisation. As oppose to a Supreme Court referral. This will probably lead to a Judicial Review by the Scottish Government. The Scottish Secretary is banking on the good sense of the Scottish people.

  62. Geoff+Huijer says:

    Damar Hamlin, an American football player for the Buffalo Bills suffered a cardiac arrest last week on the field of play. The game was cancelled as he was rushed to a nearby hospital.

    As you know, American football players have all sorts of padding to alleviate forceful collisions. He is still in a critical condition but it appears that the force of a tackle (hit) around his chest was enough to cause his heart to stop. These are (nowadays) very fit, toned young professional athletes and this particular guy is 24 years old.

    Point being, men and women are, as you say, (and as if this should need saying ffs) physically different specimens and should not be playing physical, contact sports together.

    Some lassie is going to end up dead because of all this current nonsense.

  63. John Main says:

    @James Che 3:23

    I’m thinking sport, mostly football, is more important than Indy for many Scots.

    I know from first-hand experience that sport is more important than politics for some Scots.

    Scottish premiership season tickets cost hundreds of pounds, then you have all the other costs associated with attending a game on top. The SPFL is generating something like £40 million PA, and hopes to get that up to £50 million. That money ultimately comes from the paying punters.

    Are Scottish Indy supporters paying those sort of sums in promotion of Indy each year?

    I don’t think so, so what does that tell us about how we Scots rank Indy and football in importance?

  64. Chic+Murrays's+Chiropodist says:

    Rugby – an ugly game for those without the skill or intelligence to play proper football. Loved by middle class schools so they dont get their arses handed to them by the wee scruffs from the schemes.

    The only possible justification for the pastime (lets face it, its hardly a proper sport) is to keep some tractor boys in the Borders fit.
    And they will be between me and the English so thats OK.

    I walk with a permanent limp right now that cut short a promising football career cos I was made to play their game at school. Promising in the sense that I could one day have dreamed of playing for Kirkie Rob Roy but so what?

    Ban rugby now for ALL humans – civilisation can do better than that mince.

  65. msdidi says:

    My Wings Over Scotland Twitter page has gone again! (angry face) How are they managing to keep doing this?

  66. msdidi says:

    Re last post
    The link to Twitter from here works fine but earlier I put Wings Over Scotland into Twitters search box and it came up blank

  67. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    8 January, 2023 at 5:56 pm

    @James Che 3:23

    I’m thinking sport, mostly football, is more important than Indy for many Scots.

    I know from first-hand experience that sport is more important than politics for some Scots.

    I don’t think so, so what does that tell us about how we Scots rank Indy and football in importance?

    we Scots?

    Does that include women?

    Can you supply any proof that some men in Scotland find football more important than politics.

    What sort of numbers are you talking about?

  68. George Ferguson says:

    I am no longer on Twitter but can access Stus account. On other matters what world is Humza living in? It’s long past the date of his resignation. Many months ago I got angry and frustrated about the lack of action. I was rightly challenged by a fellow contributor and I acccepted the criticism. But things come to pass and we are now accepting hundreds of avoidable deaths. Not in my name.

  69. Republicofscotland says:

    Get with the programme or lose you job, what next the cage with the rat placed over ones face. Wrongthink, and not approve opinions will not be tolerated in this brave new world.

  70. Ruby says:

    John Main says:

    Scottish premiership season tickets cost hundreds of pounds, then you have all the other costs associated with attending a game on top. The SPFL is generating something like £40 million PA, and hopes to get that up to £50 million. That money ultimately comes from the paying punters.

    Are Scottish Indy supporters paying those sort of sums in promotion of Indy each year?

    I don’t think so, so what does that tell us about how we Scots rank Indy and football in importance?

    What % of these men are Unionists?

    Do you judge someone’s interest in Indy by the amount of money they donate?

    Not sure that this ‘show us the money’ judgement isn’t a bit bonkers.

    Probably even more bonkers since the disappearance of the 600K.

  71. Ruby says:

    I have to type in my user name & email each time I post.

    Does this mean my post is going into moderation and being treated as a new user?

    Is that why it’s so slow to upload.

  72. John Main says:

    @Ruby 7:14

    Maybes you missed it. I already posted that “show us the money” has been ditched.

    The new slogan for 2023 is (regrettably):

    Show us the fucking sanity!!!

    Until such time as the gender woo woo is exterminated, and sanity restored, Indy is gubbed. The money issue is moot.

    I don’t know how the Indy movement is going to exterminate the gender woo woo, but right now, growing Alba looks like the only available route over the two years until the next GE. So, expect to hear this a lot:

    Show us the fucking sanity!!!

    OK, your turn, as loud as you can, I want to hear the roof rattle.

  73. Ruby says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    8 January, 2023 at 7:09 pm

    Get with the programme or lose you job, what next the cage with the rat placed over ones face. Wrongthink, and not approve opinions will not be tolerated in this brave new world.

    Extremely interesting article!

    One comment says:

    ‘Jordan Peterson has enough fuck you money to tell the CPO just that.’

    That same would apply to JK Rowling but how many people are in a similar position?

    Also interesting that it only took a dozen people from around the world to complain.

  74. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    8 January, 2023 at 7:41 pm

    @Ruby 7:14

    Maybes you missed it. I already posted that “show us the money” has been ditched.

    Is that except when it comes to judging football fans dedicating to Indy.

    Show us the fucking sanity John Main!

    or at least try not to come across as totally bonkers!

  75. George Ferguson says:

    So now I know Stus account has been suspended on Twitter. An attempt to silence the last bastion of free speech. It won’t work. The information and data will get out. Shame on the MSM for standing by and doing nowt. I have moved the lever from no violence to neutral. Meaning resistance comes in many forms. Disengage with the Scottish Government.

  76. Ruby says:

    The new user ‘Ruby Tuesday’s’ post uploaded very quickly however the new user ‘Ruby Soho’ got modded.

  77. Republicofscotland says:

    Fuck me, it didn’t take long for the b*stards to suspend your Twitter account, the revealing of the truth is always one of the first casualties in war, and we are at war.

  78. Robert Louis says:

    ….and wings twitter account is suspended, again. All the gender nutters must be furiously pleading Elon Musk to ban Rev Stu, since he disagrees with their stupidity.

  79. Tommo says:

    One of the problems with this lunacy- as with most things leftist-is that they control ‘the narrative’ by controlling the language.
    ‘Transwomen’ are banned by the WRU (Quite rightly) but such people are not to my mind transwomen-they are male trannies; once you lose control of words everything else becomes difficult or impossible to analyse or critique rationally- more particularly so in the licensed lunatic asylum ‘Indy’ supporters have created

  80. Ruby says:

    Tommo says:
    8 January, 2023 at 8:20 pm

    One of the problems with this lunacy- as with most things leftist-is that they control ‘the narrative’ by controlling the language.
    ‘Transwomen’ are banned by the WRU (Quite rightly) but such people are not to my mind transwomen-they are male trannies; once you lose control of words everything else becomes difficult or impossible to analyse or critique rationally- more particularly so in the licensed lunatic asylum ‘Indy’ supporters have created

    Well Tommo you might call them male trannies but the law will call them women. Check their GRC, birth certificate & passport.

    I can’t see how the WRU or any other sporting body can ban someone who is legally a woman.

    Keep signing this:

    Do as George Ferguson suggests. Disengage with the SG and resist in any way you can think of.

    Maybe open more Friends of Twitter accounts. ie Friends of Twitter 01 right up to Friends of Twitter …. to infinity & beyond

    Also monikers ‘I am Wings Over Scotland’

  81. Muscleguy says:

    Remnds of playing infterfloor Sevens at university (our Halls). Terry played 1st division rugby but sportingly handicapped hismelf playing in a lava lava (Tongan/Samoan Men’s long narrow skirt). Terry had the ball so I went to tackle him. Ran head first into his fend. Just had the presence of mind to wrap my legs around his legs and bring him down as I collapsed. I retired hurt, my head ringing something shocking.

  82. velofello says:

    I’ve played football and rugby.I switched to rugby because I was fed up with the petty unsporting nature of football.Rugby soon told me that I was no great athlete -lack of pace.

    Consider the current football angst over handball in the penalty area. Why shouldn’t a player be allowed to use their hand or arm? Head, leg, torso contact OK but not your hand or arm? Seems a silly rule.

    And offside – football offside needs to be “dimensioned” a shoulder or elbow shouldn’t be a reason for offside. A full body clearance should be the criteria. But then with the current trans epidemic, full body would need to be dimensioned too.

  83. msdidi says:

    Is there a problem here tonight too? Has everyone gone to bed early? What are we going to do about Twitter. #BringBackWings is up and running and Elon Musk is hopefully getting an earful.

  84. Scotsrenewables says:

    Stu’s Twitter is back

  85. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I have to type in my user name & email each time I post.”

    You don’t. It LOOKS like you do, but if you just hit Submit with the boxes blank it should still recognise you.

  86. PhilM says:

    One distant and indirect outcome of the now likely intervention by the UK govt over the GRR bill is the dissolution of our current government. The Greens are clearly going to be very unhappy if they lose the bills that they favour over everything else and it is easily foreseeable that his might lead them to withdraw from the coalition, even if it is just to shore up their measly list vote. We then turn to the SNP who’ve managed to create a split in their own ranks by pushing this stuff so hard and fast. We now have a distinct bloc of SNP MSPs who have not backed down from their dissent.
    With the Supreme Court debacle and now this current mess and having to march the indyref troops back down the hill later this year,it will become apparent that Sturgeon is actually a terrible leader, she has no political strategy, cannot do political tactics, and has a resume of repeated failure. The First Minister photo album will be a cracking memento but her record in govt will be the worst we’ve had so far. The longest reign with almost nothing to show for it and with the added bonus of the reputation of all – and I mean ALL – Scotland’s institutions soiled as a result of her clientelistic approach to running our country.
    And all her current Twitter followers and defenders be like …Nicola who?

  87. Wilson McBride says:

    Rev 12.04 am

    I have had a similar problem for a while now.

    Also, when try to contact you through your contact section, when you put the cursor in the email box to fill in your name and email address, no keyboard appears on your phone,,so you can’t type in your details .

    It’s all went wrong since the New Year.

    The box at the bottom of the page that you tick to get email notifications has disappeared .

    All going a bit pear shaped.

    When you do post a comment, it takes about ten minutes to appear.

    Any suggestions as to why Rev,,, very frustrating.


  88. Wilson McBride says:

    And the number at the start of the comments that tells you how many comments have been posted is permanently stuck on “0”.

  89. Willie says:

    Can I maybe digress topicto say that there is an excellent article by Kenny MacAskill in Your For Scotland explaining in detail how our renewable energy wind farms are all owned by predominately foreign corporate interests and foreign state owned power companies like ESB and France’s EDF.

    He also details how none of the engineering procurement from turbines to towers to blades is from Scotland whilst our facilities lie empty.

    He also details how Scottish workers involved in the offshore works, have like ferry staff, bee. Sa ked to be replaced by foreign low cost workers.

    MacAskill rightly raises in detail the rape and pillage of Scotland.

    And meanwhile hundreds of thousand of households go cold in an energy rich Scotland.

    And here’s some Scottish Ambulance Service and other data, confirming the tip of the cold houses holocaust.

    BBC Scotland is reporting that ambulances were called out to 800 people suffering from hypothermia during freezing weather in Scotland.

    Figures from the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS), published by The Herald newspaper in Glasgow, showed that about 44 people a day were taken to hospital between 1 and 18 December.

    During that period temperatures plummeted to minus double figures while households faced soaring energy costs

    And these figure are but the tip of the iceberg. But read MacAskill.

  90. Willie says:

    Ah Rev, I see my earlier post has now appeared whilst my follow up a minute ago is being shown as awaiting moderation.

  91. Northman says:

    Some of the reasons I like WoS so much is that it is well sourced, it analyses things that matter, and that there is a sane connection from information and arguments to conclusions.

    I’m not able to give a source for the following sadly, and though I’ll try to be as accurate as possible, it is taken from memory. But I consider it important enough to provide information about it.

    Many years ago I read about what seamed to be a hostile takeover of a trans community. Written by (especially one of) the people that experienced it first hand. And then the same happened elsewhere.

    I found it peculiar. The methods that were described mimicked what labor movements, civil rights movements, independence movements and so on had experienced. But those could pose a challenge to western oligarchs. And they were of a size that mattered.

    The typical (IMO) infiltrator were also strikingly different from the genuine community member, especially new members. Whereas the common new member almost clinged to the one, newfound, community where the person didn’t feel the odd person out that didn’t fit in, the infiltrators went for power.

    And they excluded people, and they expelled people. Both very brutal things to do to people that cling to the only community where they felt OK. And they used violence if psychological abuse didn’t suffice.

    And they were keen on recruiting people to the community. To grow it.

    And they decided what the community should be all about.

    And above all else, they did not take no for an answer, imposed themselves wherever they chose,

    The victims didn’t seem to understand that they were being infiltrated, they were just scared, horrified, and confused. Like, why did they exclude people from a group they claimed they wanted to belong to.

    Now, much later, the present persons claiming to be trans have a very disproportionate political power, is used both against men, especially men that stand up against abuse against women, and against women with even the term being made meaningless. And invading female only places is an extraordinary nasty method.

    I wonder if the “movement” is still managed (by a small minority), or if it now has a life of its own.

  92. Ruby says:

    I have to type in my user name & email each time I post.”

    You don’t. It LOOKS like you do, but if you just hit Submit with the boxes blank it should still recognise you.

    If I do that I get the message

    Error: Please fill the required fields.

    It’s not a big deal I can type in my user name & email easily enough. I just mentioned it as I thought that might be the reason posts were so slow to upload.

    Updates are a pain I’m sticking with Mac High Sierra as I know if I update things will go haywire. There have been about five newer version of the Mac OS since High Sierra. My OS is well out of date but I am not updating.

    Keep up the good work Stuart you are doing a brilliant job. I’m sure you could do without folk complaining about having to type their user name & password each time they post.

  93. auld highlander says:

    Gas prices are back down according to this. How long will it be until joe public gets his gas bill reduced, if ever.

  94. Dramfineday says:

    Re your (short) twitter ban, they never learn do they? They provoked you into restarting your blog (to great effect) you would have thought they might have noticed – kick the wasps nest – get stung. Looking forward to your next swarm attack on the roasters.

    PS How are all the ladies at the Ghanaian (I think it was) tourist board? They seemed a jolly and colourful outfit with plenty to say.

  95. Ruby says:

    I would have made one long post with many links that might be of interest but I believe you you can only do one link per post hence reason for many posts.

    Dad-of-two legally changes gender in bizarre bid to gain custody of daughters from wife

    René’s stance has angered many trans activists in the country who fought to have the law changed to allow citizens to change their gender.

    That seems fair enough.

  96. Ruby says:

    I’ll risk it and post two links.
    Finger crossed!

    SNP members ‘silenced at cult event’
    Now that’s Kr*nkie
    (I think Kr*nkie might be a banned word)

  97. Ruby says:

    Scots gender certificate ‘invalid’ south of border

    No problems with trans issue is other parts of the world we are told yet Dad in Ecuador and women in another Spanish speaking part of the world ask

    ¿Por qué el blackface se considera racista y el womanface no se considera misoginia?

    That’s easy enough to understand even if you don’t speak Spanish.

  98. Robert Hughes says:


    Remember how the imaginary Independence Party said recently how the imaginary funds for the imaginary Referendum that was * mooted * for October this year would instead be used to help with crippling energy costs ?

    Is there any way we can check/ensure that there will be Real help for REAL people in Real fuel poverty ?

    And we’re only a third of the way through Winter

  99. Cuilean says:

    Went to Greenock High School in the 70s. Boys all played rugby as did all the other schools.

    We could not have been more working class.

    Only the boys were allowed to play rugby back then.

    We could also opt to learn Russian along with French, German and Latin.

    Apologies for digressing Stu from your articale with which I totally agree, but I just want to say that my generation did not know it, but we were living through a golden age of social progress ans parity.

    I went to Aberdeen Uni (’79 to ’82) and went to Pittodrie a fair few times too. Back then we totally took for greanted our universal students’ grant. I could even send money from my grant home to my widowed Mum at the end of each term. There was also free rail journeys to and from Aberdeen at the end & beginning of terms on a national (UK) rail service.

    I stayed in Uni halls (Crombie Hall) of residence for free which provided free breakfasts & free dinners in a lovely private canteen and a free laundry service. Students left bed linen out of our rooms every 2 weeks and new linen was provided by the Hall’s laundry staff. Hall cleaners even came in once a week to hoover and dust our student rooms! The hall also provided washing machines which were free, we only had to buy our own washing powder.

    All said student services now privatised and monetized.

    As the song goes (and this includes women’s rights to single sex spaces and child protection),

    ‘Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot’.

  100. Republicofscotland says:

    Ruby some good info in links thanks.

  101. John Main says:

    Innarestin article this morning on Unherd about the looming constitutional crisis brought about by the gender woo woo lunacy.

    Could well be that NS has blindsided us all. When the gender woo woo lunacy is struck down by the SC, the SNP will walk out of WM and HR, call an immediate plebiscitary election for HR, and use the resulting clean sweep of seats as an overwhelming, undeniable mandate for, erm, uh …

    Of course, how could I forget, gender woo woo lunacy.

  102. Ruby says:

    The other things I saw on Twitter this morning were:

    A man dressed up as a woman giving himself a helium enema in order to inflate his stomach to simulate pregnancy.

    A ‘translesbian’ saying he wouldn’t date another ‘trans

    A man dressed up as a woman exposing himself in what is though to be The House of Fraser cafe in Nottingham.

    A video from a Spanish speaking part of the world of two transwomen beating the sh*t out of men.
    (Comment saying ‘It’s no wonder they want them out of men’s spaces’)

    That was all just within a space of less than 10 minutes.

    Hard to believe that that transness isn’t a mental illness and everything is hunky dory in the world of trans and that any complaints aren’t valid.

    Now that’s definitely Kr*nkie!

  103. Robert Hughes says:

    Sorry , that link didn’t open

    It was referring to how in December ambulances had been called out 800 times to attend cases of hypothermia in Scotland . Info from the Scottish Ambulance Service

  104. Ruby says:

    Robert Hughes says:
    9 January, 2023 at 11:17 am

    Sorry , that link didn’t open

    Mornin’ Robert

    Your link didn’t open because you posted it twice in a row.

    No typos allowed in HTML.

    Here you go Robert

    Ambulances called to 800 people suffering from hypothermia

  105. Robert Hughes says:

    Hi Ruby . Thanks for that .

    Thought maybe it was because the item was from a couple of days ago , when I checked to see if was working I got a 404 ” Page Cannot Be Found ” notification .

    Gracias , hermana 🙂

  106. James che says:

    I am still having problems with posting on wings, are are other contributors,

    Have to do mail address each individual time I press submit, and the post disappears into the ether,

    Or arrives later on after the topic has moved on,
    Had to do the same to post this.

    I would presume Rev you will be losing a lot of people whom usually comment through this difficulty.

  107. Dave Llewellyn says:

    You are not the first person who couldnt remember what they had for dinner on a certain date but at least you didnt have to check Alex Salmonds book to confirm it.

  108. James che, says:

    Still having to go through contortionist manouvres to post on wings. Yep.

    I have been on your site since the beginning almost, it is only the last year roughly that there seems to be a problem.

  109. Wilson McBride says:

    Nae mates Main 10.56am.

    The resident, ever so correct pedant pain in the butt of Wings Over Scotland, has actually come up with a new word nobody has ever seen before.

    Can you explain what “Innarestin” means?

    Us lessers are dying to be ejucated.

    Maybe teach you to keep your mouth shut in the future when others make typos.


  110. James che says:

    If fail to see how the gender law introduced into Scotland is anything other than Westminster laws.

    The devolved governments very being of Existence comes under Westminster laws

    I suspect that NS and the Snp are illegal in promoting this gender issue as Scots law in that Context.

  111. James che says:

    The east midlands are now getting devolution more ore less same as Scotland.
    Will they be able to pass trans issue laws under devolution as English laws?

    I wonder what pretext the treaty of union exists under if it is to be treated the same other devolved counties from Westminster central legislation?

    What laws are Scots are Scots laws?

  112. msdidi says:

    Owen @ 2.23pm
    followed your link and my first thought was I’d seen it before. 2nd thought “how come its only got 2 likes? So I played it and found it’s a new one. Brilliant …listen out for Lady Macbeth!

  113. Republicofscotland says:

    “Ambulances were called out to 800 people suffering from hypothermia during freezing weather in Scotland.”

    What an utter f*cking disgrace this is, that treacherous b*stard Sturgeon the Judas, has left Scots suffering when she could’ve mitigated much of the problems around energy with independence, but no the rat decided to keep us tied into this onesided prison of a union, and push her own and the Greens sordid agenda.

    Sturgeon has sold Scotland out by her inaction on independence she is hurting Scots who can’t afford to heat their own homes when Scotland is awash with energy sources.

    We need to get her and her SNP MSPs/MPs out of office at every opportunity

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

    Thanks for the link Ruby.

  114. Gregory+Beekman says:

    “Orville, you can fly.”

    “No, Orville, you fucking can’t!!”

  115. James che says:

    I have a independent Scotland would have its own parliament,

    Is this true?

  116. James che says:

    Correction to above post.

    I have heard that a independent Scotland would have its own parliament,

    Is this true?

  117. Owen Mullions says:

    WTF has Stu said to James Kelly? His SGP site is completely doolally these days!

  118. Republicofscotland says:

    “NICOLA Sturgeon has said that Scotland’s hospitals are “almost completely full” as the NHS tries to cope with the “most difficult winter ever”.”

    This incompetent Judas closed down at least two major receiving hospitals in my home town of Glasgow, and worst of all she betrayed us on independence that would’ve allow us to spend more than we get from Westminster’s NHS funds and independence would have kept many Europeans in Scotland who worked in our NHS but left after Brexit as they felt unwanted.

    Since Sturgeon the Judas has sold us out on independence, all the major problems and some that existed before Brexit fall squarely on her and her rapist/paedo enabling party’s shoulders, it typical that she’s moaning about problems that she and her party have helped create.

    Yet she has no such problems implementing her own sordid agenda, Scotland will continue to circle the plug hole as long as the Judas and her party are in office.

    Get them out, vote them out.

  119. LarsMoller says:

    To whom it may concern.

    “NICOLA Sturgeon has said that Scotland’s hospitals are “almost completely full” as the NHS tries to cope with the “most difficult winter ever”.”

    Okay, but why?

    The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes…

  120. Ebok says:

    RoS, Vote Alba, join Alba

    I’ve been with you all the way in promoting and supporting ALBA. Paradoxically, I’ve said many times that political parties are the problem, not the solution.

    As a founder member, I joined because my (political party) views are highly unlikely to become mainstream and Alex/Kenny are the only leaders capable of delivering independence in my lifetime.
    Following the euphoria after launch, I became frustrated at the slow pace of ALBA, but listened to the argument put forward in comments here on Wings, asking for patience in building support for a new party.

    I’ve embraced that as best I can, contributing what I can over and above membership dues, distributing Wee Blue Books, buying merchandise, introducing new members, and attending numerous meetings across the country.
    However, patience is again being stretched. The terrifying direction our country is being dragged in is like something from a horror movie, except there is no hero coming to the rescue.
    Recently, I visited my daughter who lives in a very upmarket, middle-class area and on leaving mid-afternoon, could see across the street what appeared to be a woman covered from head to toe in winter clothing. So, your comment on hypothermia in Scotland came as no surprise: I warned of this months ago.
    And if folks in well-to-do areas are ‘feeling the heat’ (yeah, awful absurdity) we can only imagine what it’s like for proles, for the young and elderly.

    How we are going to escape this malaise is anyone’s guess. But I am underwhelmed by Alba’s highlights on a ‘call to action’: –

    1. Calling on UK Gov to tighten legislation on rogue lenders
    2. Calls on HR to increase in family allowance and extend free school meals
    3. Calls for WM to cease Scottish built arms selling to Saudi
    4. Elated at recent polling showing 23% support on the ‘list’

    Principled though these aims are, they are the wrong focus at the wrong time. We need to celebrate 23% on the constituency vote, not the list with strings.
    The country is in total meltdown, it’s going to get a whole lot worse, and after forty town hall meetings up and down the country over the past year, an open YES meeting last month and a further meeting this Saturday in Edinburgh to establish a collective way forward for the movement, surely there will be some meat on the bones of a more detailed action plan, rather than ‘calls’ on WM and HR to listen to an Independence movement that is being laughed at by every elected politician – bar 2 – in the UK.

    We really must start throwing everything we have – and in any manner possible – at the criminals who are responsible for attempting to destroy the hopes and dreams of a nation. Saturday, for me, is a defining moment for ALBA. Give leadership, give direction, or give up.

  121. twathater says:

    ROS I always find it hysterical that anytime the fanzine even slightly (I know) attempts to criticise the dear leader they ALWAYS include a wee prompt embedded in the article that shows paypal’s face and touts his column as “exclusive analysis that you won’t get anywhere else” maybe that’s because it is full of fawning shit and EVERYTHING is the fault of the BAD TORIES, Nicla is the bestest FM in the world

  122. Owen Mullions says:

    The template is always the same (there are four videos in total). Only the captions have been changed to protect the innocent!!!

  123. ronald says:

    De-facto election off the table ( I wonder what kind of shit Indy truck Davy & Milligan) will spout on this revelation .

  124. Robert Hughes says:

    LarsMoller says:
    9 January, 2023 at 5:34 pm

    ” To whom it may concern. ”

    It should concern everyone . As should the abnormally high excess mortality rates we’re seeing in the UK , US and elsewhere ( see Dr John Campbell’s calm , un-conspiratorial videos on this ) , which the Medical / MSM Establish insist on attributing to everything/anything other what it * could * be .

    Obviously , I don’t know the cause of this excess mortality – but the absolute refusal to even mention the possibility it could have something to do with the mass , indiscriminate roll-out of these * novel * vaccines is a shameful dereliction of duty , and I wonder if it will take something like a Thalidomide/AZT type scandal before serious questions are asked about this situation .

    BTW …I’ve been following Dr Aseem Malhotra ( and other credible * dissidents * ) for a while

  125. John Main says:

    @ Wilson McBride says:9 January, 2023 at 1:32 pm

    Fit ye dying Wilson?

    Hope it’s nae yer coupon!

  126. Derek says:

    “Ruby says:
    9 January, 2023 at 9:18 am

    I have to type in my user name & email each time I post.”

    You don’t. It LOOKS like you do, but if you just hit Submit with the boxes blank it should still recognise you.

    If I do that I get the message

    Error: Please fill the required fields.”

    I get that too, but I’m still on Windows 7.

  127. Effijy says:

    Not only up to 500 unnecessary deaths per week under Tory rule but over 7 Million on waiting lists for treatment but pain and suffering abounds right across England but the Banks get a tax reduction and energy companies say they make more money than they know what to do with.

    Nichola is this less important than some Trans bill in any sane person’s book?

  128. SusanAHF says:

    I have to fill in my name and email address each time too.

  129. PhilM says:

    If I had any money whatsoever, I would bet ALL of it that not one single MP or MSP will walk out of Westminster or Holyrood as a response to any striking down of the GRR bill. If the Scotland act allows a bill to be struck down, the SNP troughers are going to look petty walking out when they’ve offered no visible dissent about the Supreme Court judgment. I might also take a bet with my monopoly money that there won’t be a spring conference to discuss the way forward.
    As for Joan Smith and her ridiculous notion of a ‘constitutional crisis’, it’s clear she’s been paying no attention to Scottish politics. The crisis is rather that half of all Scots have consistently stated for ten years that they want to end the union and this despite the fact that the Don Sturglione’s SNP are feckin useless at governing and have scarcely bothered to ‘keep making the case for independence’.

  130. LarsMoller says:

    “These Doctors Pushed Masking, Covid Lockdowns on Twitter. Turns Out, They Don’t Exist”

  131. Wilson McBride says:

    SusanAHF. 9.46pm

    Welcome to the club Susan.

    It’s a pain.

    And posts take about ten minutes to appear.

  132. Iain More says:

    Doug says:
    8 January, 2023 at 4:36 pm

    I liked the way Peter Brown turned his back to the ball before facing it again to kick a penalty or conversion. I turned by back on rugby after it turned professional.

    I turned my back on Wuggah because it became a hot bed of sniveling grovelling Yoonery.

  133. John Main says:

    @ PhilM says:9 January, 2023 at 11:06 pm

    half of all Scots have consistently stated for ten years that they want to end the union

    Where and how have we done that then?

    We didn’t in the 2014 referendum. By my maths, that’s 9 years ago.

    Rev Stu regularly posts graphs showing Indy support has been flatlined at 45% for most of the time since.

    If I had any money whatsoever, I would bet ALL of it

    You a betting man then? Might explain how you have no money!

  134. Robert Louis says:

    So, according tio the National today, the Scottish Government remains willing to engage with the UK government on a route to indyref2. Honestly, I despair. Every person in Scotland, aside from the SNP gliteratti, know the lying barstewards in London will NEVER voluntarily allow their wealthiest colony, Scotland, to leave voluntarily.

    Seriously, what is going on at the SNP? Can they not understand this?? Do they seriously think billionaire Sunak is going to read that today, and think, ‘you know what, let’s allow Scottish independence’.

    Seriously, every person in Scotland knows it will not happen. Instead, the Scotgov should be seeking to take every action possible to advance independence by ANY means.

    The SNP, still playing by England’s rules.

    Scotland is a rich country. It is literally dripping with energy generation capacity, and oil and gas, and more fresh water than in the rest of the UK put together. England will NEVER voluntarily give up this, the richest of its colonies. Besides where alese are they going to dump their nuclear waste and missiles?

    Sadly, their are still some SNP diehards who will swallow today’s irrelevant and pointless nonsense from the SNP yet again.

    The SNP, the do nothing useful party.

  135. John Main says:

    @ Robert Louis says:10 January, 2023 at 8:53 am

    Every person in Scotland, aside from the SNP gliteratti, know the lying barstewards in London will NEVER voluntarily allow their wealthiest colony, Scotland, to leave voluntarily

    Sorry Robert, you’ve got that one erse o’er tit.

    Everybody in the SNP knows there is no hope for Indy on the present course. Why do you think they have adopted the distraction therapy of GRCs and anti-witchcraft policies?

    It’s the people of Scotland for whom the penny has yet to drop. Why do you think they keep voting SNP?

  136. John Main says:

    @ Effijy says:9 January, 2023 at 9:12 pm

    Thought I should warn you Effijy, there’s an innarestin article published on Unherd today – “The slow death of the NHS”.

    Keep well clear of it. It doesn’t at all conform to your standard MO – “Tories Baaaaddd” – I don’t want your brain to explode when it encounters real-world facts incompatible with its fixed prejudices.

    For other grown up readers, as I say, it’s an innarestin article.

  137. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    10 January, 2023 at 9:23 am

    @ Effijy says:9 January, 2023 at 9:12 pm

    Thought I should warn you Effijy, there’s an innarestin article published on Unherd today – “The slow death of the NHS”.

    Keep well clear of it. It doesn’t at all conform to your standard MO – “Tories Baaaaddd” – I don’t want your brain to explode when it encounters real-world facts incompatible with its fixed prejudices.

    For other grown up readers, as I say, it’s an innarestin article.

    I think I have asked you a similar question with regard to ‘The Guardian’ now I will ask you how can you be so sure that the facts that you are reading in ‘Unherd’ are ‘real-world facts’?

    innarestin article innit! yet you fail to provide a link.

  138. Ian Brotherhood says:

    This tweet contains a clip from a panel discussion featuring a dude called Yuval Noah Harari.

    If you’ve never heard this guy and what he has to say, please give it a couple of minutes and see what you make of it.

    Is he insane?

    Just exaggerating the truth a wee bit?

    Trying to frighten people?

    All three?

    You decide.

    But it might be best not to ignore these people – when they’re actually given a platform and use it like this, we can’t say we weren’t warned.

  139. Breeks says:

    Iain More says:
    10 January, 2023 at 3:02 am

    I turned my back on Wuggah because it became a hot bed of sniveling grovelling Yoonery.

    Not saying it to spark a debate, but far worse than Yoonery in Scottish Rugby was professionalism, and in particular, the deliberate strategy of moving the epicentre of Rugby out of the Borders and into the Central Belt. It was kinda like Murrayfield debentured seating all over again… The celebration of greed and privilege by the haves basically…

    But for actual yoonery, I think Scottish Fitba fans need to have a word with themselves and mibees a wee look in the mirror, at the rampant Unioinism in one club in particular, but more than that, the enthusiasm which existed for both Rangers and Celtic to play in the English Premiership. What Scottish Team would even think that way?

    For decades, the wee towns and villages of the Borders took inordinate pride that their small communities were a veritable factory for Rugby Internationals who put their heart on the line for Scotland, aye Scotland.

    The Scotland Grand Slam squad of 1984, the ‘first’ Scottish Grand Slam since 1925, ran Jim Aitken, Gala, Peter Dodds, Gala, Colin Deans, Hawick, Alan Tomes, Hawick, Keith Robertson, Melrose, Roy Laidlaw, Jed Forest, Alistair Campbell, Hawick, Ian Paxton, Selkirk….

    But the funny thing is, a mate of mine worked up North in the Highlands, I won’t name where, he got grief for being a Lowlander, a sassainach, not a “real” Scotsman… But when these Amateurs in the Blue Jerseys were putting France to the sword at Murrayfield to win the clean sweep Grand Slam, (and I was there watching it happen), he said the bar he was in was louping aboot, and roaring their hearts out of for Scotland. Funny that eh?

    Basically ten years later, it was a big fk off to Hawick, Gala, Kelso, Jed, Kelso, Selkirk, Peebles, Duns, Langholm… the “home” of Scottish Rugby is suddenly a pro-team in Edinburgh or Glasgow. Borders Rugby? Fk it.

    Aye, so that’s what “Grateful” Scotland thinks of the Borders… I’m not saying that’s the cause, because in spite of it all, there are plenty patriots in the Borders, but dinnae go greetin’ about how the Borders is vulnerable to Unionism when Scotland wouldn’t even fight for us to have Scottish Broadcasting on our TV’s.

    Scotland knows nothing about the Borders, that bit of perennial scorched earth between the Central Belt and North of England, where Borderers had to look after their own because nobody fkg else would.

    Have you even heard of the Chevy Chase? Ever? Not the actor, but The Chevy Chase was the Cheviot Chase for hunting game like deer, but it ran through “bandit country”, where running into the enemy in disputed border territory could see you killed or captured for ransom, or even escalate into battle like the Battle of Otterburn in 1388… Aye don’t worry, it’s safe to read up about it. Scotland also won the Grand Slam that day, against the odds too.

    Folks can denigrate the Borders, as they will, but Berwick is a Border Toon still in enemy hands, and the “peace” brokered with England saw Scotland’s Kelso and Roxburgh Castle and the port of Berwick transposed north to become Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle, and the Port of Leith.. all the Borders got left with was devastation. Mair sacrifice and under fulfilled destiny borne by the Borders. Where is our prosperity?

    The reason why the Borders vote blue is a lot, I suspect, the reason Aberdeenshire votes blue. But the rest on the Nation, whether you’re a city dweller or a Gael, need to understand that there are patriots in these areas, folk who know better than you do what Independence for Scotland means, but they’re on the front line and support from the Nation is essentially non existent.

    Oh aye. You built a railway to Gala. Err… thanks. I’ve “heard” it’s lovely, though I’ve never actually seen it myself, but I’m sure the Herring will get to the market in Edinburgh while it’s still fresh.

    You want the Borders voting for Scotland? Where’s the white paper on what a hard border actually means for the Borders; the Customs jobs, the infrastructure. Can we expect the return of Berwick to where it belongs, and finally avenge the slaughter of 17,000 Scottish Borders civilians by the bastard Edward invading army 1 in 1296? Is that not worth of a museum? Or is the Borders set to retain the traditional status of Scotland’s punchbag; the expendable buffer zone between Scotland and England?

    Tell me Scotland, if they ever laid waste to Edinburgh and the Central Belt, and even the castle was ruined, would you rebuild it for the Nation? Did you know that Dunbar once had a castle where a ship could sail inside it’s walls? I know, castles are an odd one, because more often that not is was the English needing them and Scots destroying them, but in peaceful times, surely more can be made of these bumps in the landscape?

    Because here is me, a Teri, and ardent Independentist, and the first thing I’d do upon Scottish Independence is develop Scapa Flow as a Global Hub for International Trade, and I wouldn’t stop developing the North until the whole epicentre of Scotland, with unknown wealth and prosperity, graduated North to where it would have been, had Scotland never suffered the molestation of English Kings or plundering of the cursed Union and it’s barbaric clearances.

    Truth be told… so dramatic a change, maybe you wouldn’t thank me, perhaps you’d even curse me for all the foreigners swamping your community in their thousands. But your kids and grand kids wouldn’t have to move away to have jobs, careers, and prosperity.

    But we could, and should, be brothers and sisters under the one Saltire, and that means looking after the Borders too…

    I know, I know, I know, these old medieval buildings are no longer buildings, but relics, and documents of a long ago era, but a big part of me would want to see even just a fraction of them rebuilt, and restored to former glory. Not merely to restore a venue or tourist attraction, but to restore and monetarise the trades, careers, and expertise which went into building them. Look at Guédelon Castle in France, and tell me such a project in the heart of Scotland’s battlefield Borders wouldn’t be spectacular, … and fitting. – Scottish Independence marked by large scale traditions and reconstruction in the Borders…

  140. Robert Hughes says:

    @ Ian B

    Harari is a fckn lunatic zealot for * technocratic*/*chemical * solutions to every existing socio/political * problem * , who views humans as ” Hackable Animals ” ( his term ) and one of Schwab’s wunderkind ( along with Trudeau , Ardern , Macron , VD Leyen et al ) whose contempt for the complexity , emotional/psychological richness and – above all – right to freedom of thought and expression is apparent in every word he utters .
    The truly disturbing thing is he and the equally dementedly messianic WEF that funds him are being given more and more opportunities to disseminate their views and are having more and more influence on the idiot Politicians we’re currently cursed with .

    It’s probably just a matter of time before aspiring Globalist puppet – Sturgeon -gives a ” keynote address ” @ Davos .

    Woke Totalitarianism is well underway . This SNP/Green Gov enthusiastic facilitators

  141. John Main says:

    @Breeks 12:02

    Fascinating post.

    Off topic, and said just for info, but I was watching a programme about Northumbria last year. The presenter started in Edinburgh, because as he pointed out, at one time you were effectively in Northumbria when you passed through the southern gateway in the Edinburgh city walls.

    Just old history? Last week I was reading an article by NE England Indy supporters. They claim that the UK really consists of 5 nations, and are actively campaigning for the ancient kingdom of Northumbria to get devolved status. Who knows, if they reject the gender lunacy, support may grow exponentially.

    Fascinating stuff, history.

  142. Ian Brotherhood says:

    The ‘Raise All The Flags’ post has received coverage in the latest UKColumn News, broadcast yesterday.

    Close to the end of the programme, starts approx 1hr 11mins.

  143. sarah says:

    @ Breeks at 12.02: re the Borders, I have just finished re-reading “The Steel Bonnets” by George Macdonald Fraser. I expect you know it. What an eye opener on life in the Borders up to c 1610 in peace [supposedly] and war.

    A phenomenal gathering together of information by Fraser from State Papers and the like, presented in a very readable style.

    He makes clear what a dreadful life the Borders folk had given their crops and animals, houses, goods were impossible to defend successfully from reivers, Scottish and English. And those reivers might even be Border officials. A bit like now under Holyrood and Westminster but more physically apparent.

    Let’s have the Scottish Constitution back so the politicians and civil servants are no longer safe from a citizen’s wrath. If anyone reading Wings hasn’t yet joined BOTH Salvo and, for heaven’s sake do so now. It is the only way that a civilised society can be re-established in Scotland.

  144. Jane Doe says:

    (1) Schools – I attended a Glasgow comprehensive in the 1970s. The boys played rugby and took part in inter school leagues. they were coached by an eccentric (English) History teacher who used to come into class with a rugby ball under his arm. He would organise trips to Murrayfield for big games.
    (2) Men vs Women – The Rev makes the point of average men’s and women’s sizes and weights. But it is worse than that. A 5′ 7″ 12 stone man has 60% more upper and 40% more lower strength than a woman of the SAME height and weight. It is only a matter of time before a woman is killed/crippled/brain damaged by a trans woman tackling her. When that happens I hold the politicians and sports leaders who support such nonsense responsible.

  145. Breeks says:

    sarah says:
    10 January, 2023 at 1:38 pm

    A phenomenal gathering together of information by Fraser from State Papers and the like, presented in a very readable style…

    Quite funny, but Googling around for the Chevy Chase, I came across the Chevy Chase Sideboard, which I’d never even heard of.

    The highly decorative carvings in an oak sideboard look stunning, and are considered one of the finest examples of 19th Century Victorian wood carbpving… but of all the chances, were sold and moved to America, but found themselves in a flooded warehouse in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

    The piece was damaged by flooding, staining and mould and needed extensive restoration. It’s not clear where it is now. It’s an English antiquity, not a Scottish one, but a spectacular looking thing all the same.

    But don’t you think it would be even more spectacular if Scotland was training tradespeople and craftspeople who were capable of making such things today, and furthermore, given the opportunity to do it, and actually add to the cultural richness of Scotland?

  146. James che says:


    British Nationality Bill ( HL )
    HL Deb 21 June 1948 Vol 156 cc 992-1083.


    ” In fact, to cover the Colonial Empire the term ” citizenship ” must be wrenched from its proper significance. It can be defended, if it is to be defended–and this is what we dislike and wish to avoid–only as a convenient legal fiction,……Citizenship,” after all, ought to mean, and in its proper sense does mean, equal rights and responsibilities. Do noble Lords opposite really suppose that, if that term is used in regard to the Colonial Empire, it will not be exploited against us by every malcontent, by every political agitator? It would be a poor answer”

    The State, therefore has coerced and deceived free human beings to contract with it from birth since the parents, unknowingly, have already succumbed to the deception of the ” legal person” and do not understand precisely the full implications ( the consequences ) of registering the child with the state and do it, most times, automatically, in the knowledge that, if they do not, they will be fined if not incarcerated by the state.

    So, to the person who is responding to these FOI requests for information, I say to you: You are either deceiving and lying to the public when you suggest there is no contract and you do not understand what is meant by ” consequences ” or you are, quite frankly, immensely ignorant. You are allowed to choose which. After all, it is a “free country” haha.

    So please, do not insult my, and others, intelligence by attempting to evade and deceive over this matter again. Insodoing, you are displaying corruption of the highest order and should, in fact due to malfeascance in public office at the very least, be jailed


    So every parent has been deceived into falsely registering their children into a contract with the Colonial government, under coercion threat of fine, and imprisonment.

  147. Tinto Chiel says:

    “Fascinating stuff, history.”

    Indeed, John. Strathclyde once extended to the Rey Cross near the Westmorland-Yorkshire border:

  148. Tinto Chiel says:

    And then, of course, there’s the vexed Doncaster Question, and since The Rovers play in Hamilton Academical shirts, there’s obviously something spooky going on 🙂 .

  149. ronald says:

    Grant Shapps must be shaking in his boots The Sturgionite will resist his bill at every stage . /

    If I were a union member id tell her tae fuck off wan thing they don’t need is a political chancer

  150. sarah says:

    @ Breeks: “Chevy Chase Sideboard”!! What an extraordinary piece of furniture – Gerrard Robinson took 6 years to carve it per Wikipedia.

    I agree we need real jobs, real products – the Arts and Crafts ethos again. And real produce – woollen clothes and textiles made from local sheep for example.

  151. Dan says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood at 11:12 am

    It’s fairly obvious to those with our eyes open that the big “news” media, and social media platforms with their content / narrative punting endeavors, and resulting data harvesting will have and continue to create an increasingly large bank of personal information to exploit and further steer societies on chosen trajectories.
    It plays out all the time on various levels from global to local as I’m sure you are well aware.
    A local example being of how easily manipulable the Scottish electorate were with the pre-stitch up polling Stu did on voters supporting a Salmond led list Party, and how that actually played out… Something like a potential 40% list vote support turned out to just 2% off the back of the fit-up.

    The thing is there is now virtually no need for the powerful to implement sinister covert methods to collect personal information on folk, as so many freely give it up themselves as they go about their daily routines. EG. Internet activity tracked, phone activity and location movements tracked (even with location switched off as masts still pick up phone signal), and shopping purchases tracked through digital payments and club points systems. Those are just basics and then there is all the other stuff like facial recognition / fingerprint / eye scan bio security on tech goods, and apps that harvest fitness levels and heart rate data up into server clouds.

    Back in the early 70s my old man was working on implantable bio-telemetry systems. I flicked through some of his writings earlier after reading your post, and back then there were certain radio frequencies used for different types of transmission that were under the control of the General Post Office!
    He was a scientist interested in the technology, and the tech he designed was impressively small when you consider it had to fit sub dermal, and that was almost a couple of decades before mobile phones the size of a breeze block arrived on the scene.
    He had concerns what he was working on could be used for sinister purposes. But nowadays goodness knows what is flying around in the ether with all our smartphones, tracking systems in nearly anything that moves on the planet.

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