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The lifeline

Posted on March 26, 2021 by

Okay. So we hate the name and the first half hour of the online press conference was a complete shambles. But none of that matters.

There is now a pro-independence party with a serious chance of winning a significant number of seats that sane people who believe in science and women’s rights and civil liberties (and actually meaningfully pursuing independence rather than just using it as a carrot to generate pension contributions) can vote for.

Wings Over Scotland has never told its readers who to vote for. But what we can say is that if we lived in Scotland we would be voting for it without a moment’s hesitation. We don’t believe it’s at all an exaggeration to say it’s the last chance to save Scotland as a country that we’d want to live in if and when it finally does achieve its independence. A country worth winning.

If you feel the same, click the pic above.

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754 to “The lifeline”

  1. Stephen Welsh (XY) says:

    Joined within seconds of finding our the great news, lets GOOOOO!!!!

  2. P says:

    Well said Rev
    Great start to the weekend

  3. Dorothy Devine says:

    Tried to donate but it left me at the latter stages with my details stuck on line.
    Got to the final bit and nought happened.

  4. McLaurin says:

    Alba party. Yay you’ve fixed it 🙂

  5. David R says:

    I see the cultists are taking it well. It would seem that miss-pronouncing Gaelic is a sure way of getting a bite. They also really do have a problem with the court system when it puts evidence before ‘she said’

  6. Michael B says:

    Here’s how the BBC explains voting for the regional list…

    ‘In the regional ballot, people vote for a party. The parties are then allocated a number of MSPs depending on how many votes they receive, to make the overall result more proportional.’

    True, as far as it goes, but doesn’t begin to explain the complexities of the d’Hondt system, or why voting 1 and 2 for the same party is a wrong, wasteful move if your intention is a majority of parties with the same goal.

  7. I’ve joined too. Hope of indy at last.

  8. Grahame Case says:

    I’m member number 39 it seems.

  9. Robert Graham says:

    Eh anything planned for the weekend ms Sturgeon ? because I heard you were planning a quiet relaxing weekend how is it going so far ? .

    Throwing cups plates and swearing is not befitting a First Minister calm down and Franks no at the door so stop the swearing please

  10. Stoker says:

    Stoker says:
    26 March, 2021 at 3:21 pm
    I’m ecstatic! A pro-indy political party i can support with all my heart & conscience and my favourite 2 pro-indy sites in WOS and

    I’m all politically tooled up again so bring it on. We now need a clearly set out voting guide for each area. And i don’t think we should be promoting the Greens as a first OR second vote anywhere.

    At least now if we achieve the majority and a referendum is held, or indy declared LOL!, there will now be folk involved in making sure London does not ride us rotten.

    PS: I’ve already blocked one snp arsehole on twitter less than 10-minutes after Salmond’s announcement for his negative attack on Salmond & the Alba Party. And that’s *EXACTLY* what i’ll be doing with *ALL* negative snp sycophants.

    Aye! A week really is a long time in politics. 🙂

  11. kapelmeister says:

    Vote Alba to stop Sturgeon creating the new Albania!

  12. ScottieDog says:

    Cmon Joe cherry

  13. Chris Baxter says:

    I’m a founding member now!

  14. crisiscult says:

    Posting something erudite to express my nuanced views on this announcement.

    It goes


  15. Paul Patience says:

    Ok ok we get it you despise Gàidhlig and any reference to it, we know.
    But even withstanding AS constant mispronunciation I think it’s a good move not using the anglicised name that’s already being used by the other (ahem) Indy party.

  16. ScottieDog says:

    Wow the stench of unionist journos..

  17. osakisushi says:

    Hopefully ISP and AFI see sense. While 3 x indie parties vs 3 x union parties on the list makes slight sense, would it not be better with just 1 x list indie party fighting for Scotland?

  18. AwakeNotWoke says:

    The ONLY downside of today is I can Imagine how Colette/ISP must feel. I’ve got nothing but respect for them but they simply won’t be able to compete with the accretion of ALBA/Salmond. I’d like to go on the record here and thank them for all the work they’ve done. I hope there can be accommodations and unifications between the two parties, who appear to have almost identical priorities and possible policy.
    But, my list vote and my meagre financial backing will be going to ALBA/Salmond. I’d imagine anyone who wants Independence and gives a damn about Scotland’s women and children will be doing the same.

  19. Mairi says:

    I’ve signed up for the women’s conference as a start, curious to see what they’re all about other than independence. Slightly gutted for the ISP who have put a lot of effort and money into their party.

  20. dan macaulay says:

    cliked – Huzzah

  21. Craig Macinnes says:

    I love the name and feel positive for the first time in ages. I really feel this party could grow into a considerable force for independence.

  22. ScottieDog says:

    It really does look like the bank of Scotland logo.. :/
    What a woeful man Tom Gordon is.

  23. Robert Louis says:

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! this is what the indy movement needs.

    1st vote SNP, 2nd vote ALBA. That gets us a pro indy suprmajority in the parliament, with potentially ALBA as the second biggest party. THEN we start negotiating independence.

    Just thinking, now we are on the up, might we see Hamish tomorrow????? Surely he’ll be celebrating too!

  24. Chris Baxter says:

    Joined! And now a founding member

  25. osakisushi says:

    Now I think about it, Mr Salmond must obviously have no skeletons left in his closet.
    Doubt any other party can say that.

    And can we even use the word closet, when discussing the Murrells?

  26. Andy says:

    Don’t forget the Big Picture, Sturgeon and Swinney STILL need to go on 6th May.

    I have personally converted other true Indy supporters to my way of thinking, and will be Voting Labour 1 and ALBA 2 in the Constituency of the First Minister of Scotland.

    You know it makes sense.

    Robertson, Yusef and a few others should also be hounded out of Scottish Politics for ever.

  27. tricia young says:

    Just joined. YES!! So happy, now emailing and texting friends and family to do the same.

  28. Scott says:

    I’m wondering though, isn’t it an issue that we now have several independence parties on the List?: Alba, ISP, AFI and some will still stupidly vote for the SNP & Greens.

    Isn’t it a risk that votes will be split among too many parties and we don’t obtain more pro-independence MSP’s as a result?

  29. Dan Watt says:

    Rev. With sycophancy for Sturgeon at an all time high after the enquiry and Salmond surely a more divisive polarising character than ever before, how can he hope to make this work. Sorry for pessimism, I just cannot see him getting many votes at all. It surely must also mean that both AFI and ISP need to stand down?

  30. Arch Stanton says:

    Graham Case 3.22 pm

    The Thirty Nine Seps?

  31. Mr Underhill says:

    Joined immediately. The tone of some of those so called journalists is disgraceful

  32. Republicofscotland says:

    We should also vote tactically, in regions where say ALBA stands but ISP or AFI doesn’t then the ALBA candidate should get the List vote. Or where ALBA isn’t standing the List vote should go to ISP or AFI, and so on.

    Lets maximise the pro-indy List vote, that doesn’t include the SNP or the Greens, by using this technique.

  33. Liz says:

    I only joined ISP a few weeks ago as some others have said.
    I feel bad about resigning already but I really do want to join Alba.

    On the other thread, someone suggested the Rev for media, I agree.

    The other good thing is all the pro indy blogs will be getting the press releases.

  34. John says:

    Game changer, phrased use often, this time it’s true.

  35. Helen Yates says:

    I had said in a reply to Grouse Beater before the announcement that we had strangely never heard anything about the Alba party which we knew had been passed by the electoral commission, I did wonder if this could be it, I’m so over the moon.
    This is exactly what Scotland needs right now and I don’t see how Alba couldn’t easily become the second largest party in Holyrood. imagine Sturgeon having to face Alex on a daily basis.

    Oh happy days.

  36. Mist001 says:

    This could be what Scotland needs, a viable alternative to SNP. I joined immediately.

  37. Hatuey says:

    It’s up to us now. We need to support this with everything we have.

    I’ve just signed up and hope others will too.

    We have a dog in the race again, people.

  38. Robert Louis says:

    I see, as expected, Comfy Pete is not happy. The SNP still trying to smear Alex as well – and that kind of disgusts me, since they KNOW their is zero substance to their thinly veiled pseudo-accusations. Really quite shoddy. Surely they should welcome a pro independence party??

  39. MrRocknRoll says:

    “I am committed to the national independence of Scotland, a social-democratic form of governance and a written constitution to enshrine equal rights for all.”

    I’m also a founder member of the Alba Party. And very proud of it.

  40. Bill Cowan says:

    Joined as a founder member just minutes ago. Great to see the excellent Eva Comrie as top of list in Mid Scotland & Fife, a straight move over from her position as top of the SNP list.

  41. Paul McRae says:

    What’s in a name? What matters, when all’s said and done, is what it stands for.

    I suspected Alex would be announcing his decision to run, although I half expected it would be via the ISP or the AFI. Ideally, Alba, ISP and AFI could present a united front, though how realistic that may be remains to be seen.

    Any minority pro-indy party was always looking likely to make only modest progress without any political heavyweights on board, but, now that Big Daddy (apologies for an awful pun) has launched his title bid, I would not be surprised to see others come for the fore. I won’t name anyone for pretty obvious reasons, but I’m sure folk can work out whom I mean.

    The SNP’s churlish press release and comments by the usual crowd, particularly the odious Stewart McDonald, do nothing to disguise their true feelings – they are genuinely alarmed and worried about this development.

    Things certainly have certainly become very interesting!

  42. Scott says:

    Great news. I see someone else got the relevant .scot domain though.

  43. kapelmeister says:

    There’s a proper independence party again after a seven year hiatus.

  44. Robert Louis says:

    Right, can you indy bloggers all stop squabbling now, and focus on indy??? This is our chance. This IS our time.

  45. Lenny Hartley says:

    Love that you have until 6 April to sign up and be a founder member )
    Brilliant Declaration of Arbroath day.

  46. Steven Allen says:

    Spelt Alba wrong on the website FFS Abla Party HQ!

  47. Robert Louis says:


    So, very true, and it is shocking that it is the case.

  48. ALANM says:

    If I’m right in saying that parties are listed alphabetically on the ballot paper then it should appear at the top of the list.

  49. highseastim says:

    Not for me,thanks all the same.

  50. David Lyon says:

    Take my fucking money.

  51. Lady Lyon says:

    Love how questions are coming from those smeared by SNP such as the bloggers. Let’s see Twitter explode with #I’ve left the SNP #I’ve joined Alba

  52. Daisy Walker says:

    I’ve joined but its saying there is a problem with the security code on my card – never had that before. Now the page is locked.

    Hopefully a volume of calls thing. I’ll keep trying.

    So great to have a master tactitian back in the game.

    He’s making the Scottish Parliament represent the Sovereign will of the people of Scotland.

    This is better than the SNP asking for a S30 and time limiting the reply before an election.

    He’s giving Nicla no hiding place, forcing the SNP to make the Scottish Parliament to represent the Scottish People, and those who remain in the SNP – deliver Indy, or decant to Alba – you now have a good conscience choice. No more holding your nose.

    And I trust him, in charge, to ensure it delivers.

    I’ve got someone and a party I can vote for again.

    Thank you Alex.

  53. Nick Stevens says:

    I’m super excited about this and want to sign up as a founder member.

    Sadly, I can’t get the payment form to work. 🙁

  54. Livionian says:

    This should have been made public months ago. I’m sorry but do people realistically think that this party, who nobody in Scotland has heard of before today, is going to get 20-25 percent of the list vote? NOBODY IS GOING TO KNOW WHO THE ALBA PARTY ARE THIS CLOSE TO AN ELECTION.

    Why did the only realistic plan B only come to fruition 6 weeks before an election? Madness. Too little too late.

    And before anyone accuses of being an SNP troll, I am going to vote for the Alba party and I hope I am wrong. I just think this whole process has been terribly executed. Months if not years people have been discussing the indy alternative and nothing has been done until 6 weeks before an election. Mindboggling

  55. Mark Boyle says:

    You can see the simplicity and beauty of Salmond’s plan.

    Take the balance of power at Holyrood via a rout on the lists.

    Condition of coalition – a certain lying, scheming, backstabbing wee nyaff and her hubby are removed from the corridors of power.

    SNP left with nowhere to go as the Greens are wiped and they can’t team up with the LibDems/Lab/Tories, even if they were interested, because their supporters would never forgive them.

    You could almost call it surgical.

  56. Grahame Case says:

    he’s just said “Substantial women candidates” would be coming forward. That’s got to mean Joanna right?

  57. Craig P says:

    Dan Watt says:
    Rev. With sycophancy for Sturgeon at an all time high after the enquiry and Salmond surely a more divisive polarising character than ever before, how can he hope to make this work. Sorry for pessimism, I just cannot see him getting many votes at all. It surely must also mean that both AFI and ISP need to stand down?

    That’s the beauty of standing on the list. Alba doesn’t need to get 40+% to be sure of a seat. Just 6%. Can you see 6% of people voting for a Salmond party? In an election when we had begun to despair there would be no realistic pro-independence option? I think that’s quite reasonable. The rest of the electorate can despise him if they want, Alba only needs to persuade 6% of us to vote for them to get a seat in each region.

    It’s entirely up to AFI and ISP what they do next, but they will probably get RISE-levels of both publicity and votes if they remain in contention.

  58. Robert Louis says:

    Lenny Hartley, yes, it is the kind of thing, that sadly the current SNP leadership wouldn’t even think about.

  59. Big Jock says:

    Joined and offered some time as well. Chris Mceleney is one of the good guys, so delighted he has left the SNP.

    I can vote SNP 1 knowing that ALBA will carry the torch, as the SNP inevitably try to continue like scratched record.

  60. PaulieMac says:

    Excellent news, clear advancement towards independence. The vitriol of the status-quo elements is off the charts.
    Alex will have to be ultra vigilant to avoid a milk shake, custard pie or worse.

  61. ScottieDog says:

    I see the SNP have thrown the toys out the pram

  62. Tartan Tory says:

    I’m now a founder member of the Alba Party!

    To paraphrase Donald Dewar….. “I like that” 🙂

  63. Bobby McPherson says:

    Yahoo. A country worth winning. Ive already joined and donated and will be volunteering my heart out between now and May 6th to win. Thanks Rev You’re a star. I’d have loved you to stand. another time perhaps.

  64. Moone says:

    So does this mean we’re all going to do as AS suggests and
    forgive NS for a bit and vote SNP 1 Alba 2?

    I’ll go with it for him, but also because our real enemy
    is undoubtedly W.M not an internal war with Sturgeon.

    I refuse to do W.M’s bidding for it, as our Parliament is
    genuinely facing an existential threat.

    Salmond is careful to avoid splitting the party. He’s asking
    for lots of ‘healing sauce’ to be poured on the party’s open

    Sturgeon’s house of cards can wait till after the election.
    I’m sure it’ll fall apart soon enough.

  65. Andybhoy says:

    Great news, although I would imagine the Greens have more to fear at this point in time, given the number of voters who voted SNP 1, Green 2 the last time.

  66. Nally Anders says:

    Must admit I thought it would be a huge ask for one man to carry our hopes and dreams, but now that he’s gone and done it I’m ECSTATIC!

  67. Big Jock says:

    Grahame – Jo on compassionate leave. So it is a possibility. Surprised if McAskill didn’t jump ship as well.

  68. Robert Louis says:

    Graham Case at 0344pm,

    Oh!!! that would really get some attention, if it happened. “laugh out loud funny’ as they, too often (and somewhat inaccurately) say at the Fringe.

  69. Unlimiter says:

    From deflation to elation in one fell swoop. Dare I sense some optimism at last.

  70. Quite funny that I was asking Eva Comrie if the big news at 2pm was her defecting. Might just buy a lottery ticket for tomorrow.

    Hopefully more excellent candidates to come.

  71. AnneDon says:

    SNP hacks are already attacking the Alba Party, and Alex Salmond, on twitter, so they’re obviously worried. I was blocked before 3 o’clock by one long-term twitter “comrade” for saying I would vote Alba 2 – less than one hour!

    We’ve really needed the boss to come back and show some Big Tent thinking to get our independence.

    This is the happiest I’ve been for weeks!

  72. Carol Neill says:

    Daisy , the site wouldn’t let me use my debit card , I’d to use my c/c

  73. Big Jock says:

    Moone- For me yes. I still despise what the SNP has become under the Mirrels. However SNP 1 is the only option to keep the Brits out.

  74. Cenchos says:

    That’s me joined.

    Ya Dancer.

  75. Anton Decadent says:

    I’d recommend that the membership keep a close eye on who looks to cross the floor from support of other parties as a tactic of the woke is a presence within every political party.

  76. TheItalianJob says:

    This is great news. AS back in charge and with his great political nounce and abilities we are on our way again. Thank God. Let’s get as many Alba candidates including AS voted into our (Scotland’s) parliament.

  77. John Martini says:

    Can’t register without a mobile number. Pity as I would have signed up.

  78. Allium says:

    Looking forward to seeing the SNP response, their media game has been flat-footed of late.

  79. Dinny Vote SNP says:

    SNP 1 – Holding nose, crossing fingers behind back, ALBA 2 and one day ALBA will be running the show – if they fulfil their promise. Now wait for the full on MSM/SNP Onslaught… cacking it!

  80. Lulu Bells says:

    Joined, what a day.

  81. John McNab says:

    Isn’t this fragmentation really just the secessionists’ SDP moment, with yesterday’s men and women (in the sense of what these terms used to mean) looking to regain a sniff of their former glory?

    Do you really think Alex Salmond being recycled is a good idea?

  82. Morag says:

    Hard one. I’m still an SNP member. I’ll have to resign in order to join the Alba party. I had intended to stay a member until after the election, even if I wasn’t going to vote SNP.

    This is all a bit sudden. I need a minute here…

  83. Nally Anders says:

    Ps. Still not voting SNP1 though.

  84. McHaggis69 says:

    My old £5 donation per month to the SNP now with Alba.

    Looking forward to a pro-indy supermajority.

    Well played Mr Salmond, well played…

  85. Dinny Vote SNP says:

    John Martini says: Can’t register without a mobile number. Pity as I would have signed up. Contact them! or on their facebook page.

  86. Bruce says:

    Game changer. No more standing on the sidelines. It’s now pick your side time.

  87. Robert Louis says:

    Lulu Bells,

    Indeed, what a day. Worth celebrating!

  88. Ian Mac says:

    My god, a man talking coherently and intelligently about the tactics and strategy for independence. Concepts and words which have not crossed the minds or lips of the feeble, bossy SNP lickspittles and lapdogs. Three cheers. Puts their whiny, self-regarding, defensive, paranoid bullshit in perspective. Like a grown-up has just walking into the toddler’s room.

  89. Shug says:

    Where is the fund raiser link

  90. McHaggis69 says:

    For May it has to be (sorry to the *really* grumpy ones at the back) –


    If the SNP screw around we all know it will be Alba1 and Alba2 next time.

  91. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Spelt Alba wrong on the website FFS Abla Party HQ!”

    I’ve caught a few typos for them this afternoon, should be fixed now 😀

  92. Nick Stevens says:

    Actually, I got it sorted. I too am now a founding member. It’s been a while since I felt generally enthused about anything in Scottish politics. It’s a nice feeling.

  93. Paul says:

    There have only been 3 times in my life where I have been properly moved, good or bad, by political events other than feeling disgust at the wars, corruption and everything that makes me believe separation from Westminster is the only way forward for Scotland…

    The election of Obama in 2008 (the disappointment in what would follow only now matched by Sturgeon).

    The 19th of Sept 2014.

    And now today.

    As Sturgeon continues to act as the very thing I want Scotland to get away from I suspect she will do her very best to crush, block or at least limit the impact of the Alba party. But for the moment I’ve got a smile on my face watching and reading about Scottish politics, been a while since that last happened…

  94. Roger Mexico says:

    Well Stu may not like it, but presumably one advantage of calling a party Alba is that it goes to the top of the ballot paper. A bit like “Alex Salmond for First Minister”.

  95. Skip_NC says:

    Apparently, I am the 641st member of the Alba Party. They have my address as being in the United Kingdom. Oops. I’m sure it will all get sorted out.

  96. Robert Louis says:

    Morag at 354pm,

    You could of course donate, whilst staying in the SNP. The ALBA strategy (as stated on their website) is 1st vote SNP, 2nd Vote ALBA.

  97. misteralz says:

    On the day after I found a pile of unused SNP stickers and threw them in the bin, this is exactly what I needed. Just joined. Member number 699, apparently. GIRFUY Sturgeon.

  98. Ottomanboi says:

    The opposition response to Mr Salmond leading the new party seems to be he is « not suitable ».
    What a parcel of rogues!
    Alexander has sundered the Gordian knot of byzantine Scottish politics.

  99. TheItalianJob says:

    I forgot to mention. Wellcome back to politics Alex Salmond. Go get them. Yahoo!

    The Revs now got his work cut out in the next few weeks on this Blog to rally around support for the Alba Party.

  100. robbo says:

    Grahame Case says:
    26 March, 2021 at 3:22 pm
    I’m member number 39 it seems.


    How’d you manage that ? lol

    I signed up around 3.10pm ish and am member 770 i think if i read it right?

  101. Robert Louis says:

    Roger Mexico at 357pm,

    It’s amost like they have done it deliberately.. 🙂

  102. Ian Mac says:

    What I like about the concept is the one the hatchet-faced NS has opposed all along – a grand coalition of mutual indy interests and co-operation across a broad range of talents. No more autocratic ‘it’s all about me, and no-one else is allowed to have an indy movement’ bollocks. Maybe this will tip her over the edge and she can go off and get her baroness gold-played payday.

  103. McDuff says:

    Ross Greer of the Greens on Sky hissing venom and white hot hatred at AS to the extent that the interviewer had to caution him. These people are consumed by their own bile.

  104. Kev says:

    Stu, what do you reckon the chances are of Alex being invited onto the TV debates? I’d imagine a possible ding-dong between him and Sturgeon would be far too good to miss!

  105. Ian McCubbin says:

    I echo what awakenotwoke says.

    ISP I hope joins with Alba and gives the biggest fright to the SNP.
    I will give Alba my list vote. Let the invigorated journey to Independence begin.
    Hail Alba

  106. Allan says:

    Joined and donated ???????

  107. Sharny Dubs says:

    Yay founder member, so very happy.

    Now to work

  108. Ian Mac says:

    Ooh, the pretend democrats hate being challenged and upstaged by someone with far greater class and intelligence than them. Their cosy little cartel is under threat, with some leading questions going to be asked at what exactly they have been doing and are going to do on indy. Questions for which they have no answers, just a few limp slogans and false promises. Bring it on.

  109. You seem to need a UK address to join the party. The SNP has many members abroad – is it just an oversight?

  110. Ian says:

    Impressed with the first three candidates announced. Bit of a coup to get two SNP list candidates.

    I did have my fingers crossed though that one of the three was going to be Joanna Cherry. Perhaps that will come to pass.

  111. PhilM says:

    I was briefly a member of the SNP around 2003 and I seem to remember there were about 8-9,000 members at that time.
    I feel pretty certain the Alba party can hit that number…is there anyone out there want to hazard a guess at a higher figure?

  112. robbo says:

    Ian Mac says:
    26 March, 2021 at 3:56 pm
    My god, a man talking coherently and intelligently about the tactics and strategy for independence. Concepts and words which have not crossed the minds or lips of the feeble, bossy SNP lickspittles and lapdogs. Three cheers. Puts their whiny, self-regarding, defensive, paranoid bullshit in perspective. Like a grown-up has just walking into the toddler’s room.


    Correct Ian.

    Also he never dodged a single one of their questions. He respects/accepts all of the results of enquiries AND court cases! That’s what you call HONOUR and INTEGRITY.

    Now will NS and her minions do the same.? RESPECT THE COURTS DECISION AND THE JURY VERDICTS?

    See, that’s

  113. Martin McDonald says:

    All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

    From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
    A light from the shadows shall spring;
    Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
    The crownless again shall be king.

  114. TheItalianJob says:

    This the exact kick up the xxs the Independence movement needed. We need strong willed brave people to stand up to the British Westminster establishment to counter them. The pussy footing around of the last few years as the Rev as been talking about has been a wasted opportunity. Let’s not lose any more time.

  115. Edward MacD says:

    Well, now we may see change, as stagnant Sturgeon has a challenger, one for real Independence.

  116. Grahame Case says:

    Kirk J Torrance is involved in this, he was the Digital Media strategist for the SNP 2010-2016 and responsible for a lot of the good stuff that the party did back then. Has the chance of success

  117. Struan Born says:

    Joined & donated this is the best news in a long long time.

  118. finnz says:

    osakisushi says:
    26 March, 2021 at 3:28 pm
    Hopefully ISP and AFI see sense. While 3 x indie parties vs 3 x union parties on the list makes slight sense, would it not be better with just 1 x list indie party fighting for Scotland?

    As soon as a party wins one seat on the List, the chances of another one is greatly reduced.

  119. Kenny says:

    I liked the first speaker very much. Eva Comrie, I think. The sort of person you want as a *representative* in your parliament or negotiating the end of the union.

    Shame Alba is not standing in the constituency, of course, as a vote for the SNP is completely unthinkable.

    The funny thing is that the more the SNP will rage, it will only turn off voters even more. It’s enough to make a cat laugh!

    Likewise, the MSM trying to rip Alex to shreds actually gives him *publicity*, so more people will start to look at the d’Hondt system, besides being aware of Alba in a way that the ISP or AFI never could. The only thing worse than being talked about is NOT being talked out…

    I noticed Tommy Sheridan saying very positive things about collaboration on the feed. I am in the West of Scotland and will be very pleased to give my vote to Chris and whoever else stands on their list. But voting SNP would make me feel dirty, disgusted with myself and would be a terrible betrayal of women – and, indeed, all law-abiding citizens.

  120. Stoker says:

    Folks, word of warning, when clicking on links to join The Alba Party make sure you’re on the correct site as there is an ‘albaparty’ link doing the rounds on social media that takes you directly to the snp site.

  121. Willie Hogg says:

    Thanks for the heads up Stu. I am thrilled to see the master strategist AS back in the field. However, I am not a Social Democrat and will stick with ISP as I am fed up with left wing political parties.

  122. Mosstrooper says:

    Can’t get the payment site to work.

  123. SilverDarling says:

    All this stuff about pronunciation.

    If it is said in English surely it is AlBa and in Gaelic as Alapah?

    In the same way that Paris is Paree in French but -IS in English? Reminds me of Basel, don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.

  124. Hamerdoon says:

    I too would like to say thank you to the ISP for sticking up for their principles and raising awareness of the problems with the SNP.

    Thank you.

    Time to reflect on what to do for all smaller Indy parties.

  125. Neil H says:

    Hope at last.

  126. Cath says:

    Well, I’ve signed up. With any luck there’ll be some more high profile names put forward as candidates over the next few days. What I really hope for is some big hitter MPs jumping ship. There was a lot of talk about MPs leaving Westminster and coming home after Brexit, but coming home to what? To set up some kind of provisional government alongside Holyrood? This would be a way to bring the ones we want home and democratically hand them seats. We could really use people like Kenny MacAskill and Joanna Cherry in Scotland right now.

  127. Yasmin says:

    I like the name. What’s in a name?Everything. Back to roots.
    Only disappointment is that sturgeon is still there but slowly but surely the ("Tractor" - Ed) will be removed.

  128. JGedd says:

    What to do now? I can’t bring myself to vote for Harper. Help me Morag!

  129. WeeChid says:

    David R says:
    26 March, 2021 at 3:20 pm
    “I see the cultists are taking it well. It would seem that miss-pronouncing Gaelic is a sure way of getting a bite.”

    Most of the cultists mispronounce Scots language words all the time because they think it is slang – and they are too posh for slang. It has to be Anglicised into “proper English”. F**k ’em.

  130. The Dissident says:

    Despite what Alex said, the SNP can whistle for my first vote after that utterly obnoxious statement of theirs.

    All the mood music was of the reunification of the Yes movement until the SNP and Greens opened their bitter and twisted mouths.

    If ever evidence was needed that neither have any interest in putting Independence first, that was it.

  131. Robert Louis says:

    Silver Darling at 411pm,

    Don’t you mean Ba’l?? 🙂

    But anyway, alba is as written in English ,and as you write, in Gaelic (it is a gaelic word).

    Haha, just remembered their is a garage somewhere in Edinburgh called Alba motors, I wonder if their site hits are up today?

    And what of BBC Alba? Pathetic quay will be in meltdown..

  132. beflox says:

    AS’s assumption that, should there be a supermajority, Boris Johnson would “find it much more difficult to say no to a parliament and a country” seems quite baffling. BJ can easily hold that position until the end of his term and experience absolutely no negative effect on his popularity where it counts (everywhere outside Scotland) due to this policy.

    The same problem we have now is still going to be the same problem we have after the election, regardless of how many indy supporting MSPs we have.

  133. Hugh Jarse says:

    I probably joined, but the process froze at payment, so not sure!
    Try again later.

  134. JBS says:

    Good. New SNP isn’t happy, they thought they were home and dry. The desolation of the smug.

  135. CGraham says:

    First time I’ve felt positive about Scottish politics in an age! Great day.

  136. Robert Louis says:

    Remember folks, it has to be first vote SNP and second vote ALBA, or you are quite literally wasting both.

  137. @ Livionian at 3.43pm: Your comment is ridiculous. You are aware that, for the past three years, Alex Salmond has had to fight a scandalous conspiracy to imprison him on false charges, aren’t you? He was hardly going to be able to set up a new party while that was going on. In fact, I suspect the conspiracy was designed to prevent precisely that.

  138. Daisy Walker says:

    I got an e-mail saying I’ve joined but I can’t see my membership number.

    Also does this mean my credit card has now been accepted. If so, so’s my debit card. Oops.


    AFI were always clear that they stood under an umbrella for Indy agenda. There would be no hard feelings on my part, and a lot of gratitude for their maturity, if they were to mothball their aims at the moment and put their shoulder to the Alba Party – Alba For Indy.

    I gave money to ISP – if you folks feel the same, I’d be happy for my contribution to be folded into the Alba Party effort.

    And in both cases, in spite of ‘teething’ problem type issues I’m very grateful that you stood up to be counted and started the parties that you did.

  139. WeeChid says:

    SilverDarling says:
    26 March, 2021 at 4:11 pm
    “All this stuff about pronunciation.

    If it is said in English surely it is AlBa and in Gaelic as Alapah?

    In the same way that Paris is Paree in French but -IS in English? Reminds me of Basel, don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.”


  140. Republicofscotland says:

    Lets take out the Greens and as many BritNat List MSP’s as possible, by voting ALBA, ISP and AFI.

  141. Alan McHarg says:

    Alba – I’m home!

  142. TheItalianJob says:

    @Robert Louis at 4.19pm

    Spot on. SNP 1 Alba 2 on the vote is the way to go.

  143. Craig says:

    I must admit, I slightly welled up when I read my email.

    Dear Craig,

    Today you have etched your name in history. A warm welcome to you as our newest Founder Member.

    701 years ago the nobles of Scotland put their names to the Arbroath Declaration for Scotland’s independence; today you have put your name to the Alba Declaration:

    “I am committed to the national independence of Scotland, a social-democratic form of governance and a written constitution to enshrine equal rights for all.”

    I am politically alive again, thank you Alex for allowing us to dare to dream again.

  144. laukat says:

    Brilliant! Finally some hope has arrived. Really looking forward to see who the other candidates are. Would it be too much to hope that MacAskill, Joanna Cherry and Angus McNeill join and instantly give the party a cohort at Westminster?

    Jim Sillars statement in support of the new party was very good and I would like to think he might stand.

  145. Liz g says:

    Re Joanna Cherry & others…
    Is it not possible to resign as an SNP MP and become an Alba Party MP in Westminster ?
    Which would untie her / their hands from the Section 30 only route demanded by the SNP and allow them to provide a voice down there too !
    Would that not be a better use of their position rather than stand on the list in Scotland ?

  146. goodgollymissmolly says:

    Alba will alphabetically come before All for Unity and Anas Sarwaar for FM on ballot papers. All’s fair etc. He could have chosen Caledonia or, heaven forbid, Scotia.

  147. Al Hunter says:

    That’ll be their server bogged down for the next 72 hours as they process tens of thousands of members 🙂

  148. Mark Boyle says:

    @John McNab says: 26 March, 2021 at 3:53 pm

    “Isn’t this fragmentation really just the secessionists’ SDP moment, with yesterday’s men and women (in the sense of what these terms used to mean) looking to regain a sniff of their former glory?”

    Strangely enough, I’m currently reading the late Anthony King and Ivor Crewe’s “SDP: The Birth, Life and Death of the Social Democratic Party” just now. It should be remembered the original Gang of Three (four later) were members of Labour’s Shadow Cabinet and all previous UK government cabinet members – they were far from being “has beens”, and that’s why they rode so high in the polls to begin with.

    Discovering David Steel and the Liberals were duplicitous shits, and the Falklands War, was what did for the SDP, along with (as Arthur Scargill pointed out) Labour throwing all its energies into destroying the “competitor” and giving the Tories a clear run when it was already on the ropes due to Militant/SWP/IMG infiltration. In 1992, Labour threw away half its election budget just to get Rosie Barnes and John Cartwright’s seats “back” off the SDP – absolute lunacy.

  149. beflox says:

    All of this ….

    WeeChid says:
    26 March, 2021 at 4:16 pm
    David R says:
    26 March, 2021 at 3:20 pm
    “I see the cultists are taking it well. It would seem that miss-pronouncing Gaelic is a sure way of getting a bite.”

    Most of the cultists mispronounce Scots language words all the time because they think it is slang – and they are too posh for slang. It has to be Anglicised into “proper English”. F**k ’em.

    … is why this site gets laughed at.

  150. Robert Graham says:

    The Indy live stream was eventually fixed , maybe they shouldn’t have bothered , the personal shite was way over the top , Alex cornered them by saying he accepted all the Inquiry’s findings and said the court cases should also be accepted in the same way , are you listening Nicola ? .

    The hitler youth were all over the Indy live broadcast weren’t they Mr Smith ? .I also see a few on here it’s to bad we didn’t have access to the proverbial hammer that Stu has .

  151. Morag says:

    I’m wondering though, isn’t it an issue that we now have several independence parties on the List?: Alba, ISP, AFI and some will still stupidly vote for the SNP & Greens.

    Isn’t it a risk that votes will be split among too many parties and we don’t obtain more pro-independence MSP’s as a result?

    Yes. It’s a huge issue. If voters don’t rally round a single party for their “I support independence” list vote, it will backfire horribly.

  152. Kevin Cargill says:

    I’ll still be spoiling my first ballot and voting ISP on the second. I simply cannot vote for a corrupt party on principle and I’d rather give my list vote to a party who went with Stu’s plan first, with no egos, no scores to settle, no MSM distracting them from Indy every 5 seconds and therefore they can be 100% focused on Independence and holding the SNP’s feet to the fire!

  153. Hurrah Alba! I thought Jox was good but name already taken (Java language). The day of Heedrum Hodrums versus the Fi fi fo fums approaches, which faction is which, does it matter? Of course it does, the difference between Independent Scotland (North Korean mode) and Liberated Scotland (Icelandic model), in no particular order, both democracies of course! Work it out!

  154. Morag says:

    You could of course donate, whilst staying in the SNP. The ALBA strategy (as stated on their website) is 1st vote SNP, 2nd Vote ALBA.

    I imagine so. I’m close to deciding to resign my SNP membership though. It’s just been a bit of a shock.

  155. John Jones says:

    no way is SNP getting my vote. it’s a spoiled paper from me.
    As far as I’m concerned it is a way of registering my disgust with the lot of them.

  156. Peter Kinnaird says:

    Unionists, Greens and SNP in meltdown. All they can do is pump out the usual abuse, which is just a very small figleaf for the fact that if we take list seats, we basically cut their essentials off. Ross Greer’s input was that of an hysterical schoolboy. Great to hear them worried.

  157. panda paws says:

    “Ross Greer of the Greens on Sky hissing venom and white hot hatred at AS”

    Oh I really hope he loses his list seat in the West. I’ll be doing my best to ensure it.

  158. Robert Louis says:


    Haud on, it was started by comfy pete. Alba is pronounced as it is written, in English, some folk use the gaelic pronunciation. Nobody cares, but comfy Pete did.

    Besides, given this is the most visited Scottish political website by some quite significant margin, I hardly think it ia laughed at.

  159. Chris says:

    I hope that they have a strong vetting system and a blacklist; otherwise I fear that the wokists and trots will infiltrate as they did with Labour and the SNP.

  160. SilverDarling says:

    @Robert Louis

    And the 5 other pronunciations for what we know as Basel as I recall!

    Anyway as a non-Gaelic speaker and non-linguist I will be guided by others here and do my best! Maybe the first statement should be the official pronunciation.

  161. Wee Willie says:

    Wasn’t Alba derived from classical Greece as the description for the whole of Britain.? It’s later derivation being Albion. Perhaps Mr Salmond has colonial ambitions.

  162. Stuart MacKay says:

    Actually I like the name it will be so easy to draw it in chalk or paint.

  163. Ian Mac says:

    Interesting, is it not, that AS can accept the court’s judgement and look to implement the recommendations made by the various inquiries. While the SNP misrepresent what was said, and refuse to do either of those things.

    Also interesting that Alba accepts that they are part of a wider movement and aspiration, while the SNP absolutely hate anyone else holding the indy banner aloft.

    And lastly, Alba and AS actually understand the voting system, are willing to explain how to maximise it for indy, while the SNP obscure the issue for their own agenda, patronise voters and think it is all about them and not indy.

    So who is the more credible, trustworthy and cares more about indy than personal and party fortunes here? No wonder they are throwing their toys out of the pram. They are, after all, like toddlers in a jam factory. And now they are going to be faced with serious challenges and questions, for which they are spectacularly ill-equipped and inept. Ha ha.

  164. Village idiot says:

    Thomas widmann, I’m in Western Australia and I’ve joined and donated.

  165. Russell says:

    A very considered and astute development by Mr Salmond. I wish him every success and sincerely hope his sagacity and conciliatory approach permeates across the independence movement.

    Ms Cherry and others may well stand up to the mark. Other voices should adopt the same approach, particularly Mr Campbell and Mr Kavanagh – whose separate contributions to the ’cause’ have been monumental.

    Bury the hatchet. Apologise and make your peace. Move on. Both.

    The same applies to the two primary actors too. Whether it makes any difference in the face of what we all face is debatable. But it would be a welcome example for all, nonetheless.

  166. ahundredthidiot says:

    The SNP must now move to a plebiscite election on the supermajority, if they dont, then their true colours will be revealed.

    It’s a Catch-22 for them. They have absolutely zero to gain by promoting both votes SNP (what? – maybe one, possibly two Seats before ALBA stood up) so if they truly wish for Scotlands Independence, they will have no choice but to back the supermajority strategy of SNP 1 ALBA 2.

    Time for the SNP to put their big boy pants on.

  167. DAVID COUTTS says:

    Just resigned SNP membership in North Edinburgh and joined ALBA.

    If the SNP had any sense they would support SNP 1 ALBA 2 and withdraw all their List Candidates.

    Mind you that would make certain of an Independence majority that would GO FOR IT!

    Get rid of the idea in the Lothians for example of having a Glasgow Councillor representing the Lothians – a complete nonsense.

  168. Neil in Glasgow says:

    Great news, although let’s hope the PR and Comms team (if there is one) give themselves a bit of a shake in the next week or so (and I say that constructively). I had no intention of voting for the SNP in the constituency because of what they’ve put AS through but if the man himself is “happy” enough to endorse we do that then (I’m sure deep down he’s not really) I’ll grudgingly do it

  169. Josef Ó Luain says:

    Not everyone has a credit card, some folk won’t be able to join as a result.

  170. Ian Rubie says:

    Would one of the candidates be by any chance the same Cynthia Guthrie who resigned from the SNP Finance and Audit Committee, because the CEO of the SNP refused them access to the accounts?

  171. Probably someone else has posted this, but Alba gets it to the top of the ballot paper doesn’t it?

  172. Mr Bonobo says:

    There’s nothing wrong with naming a party after budget own-brand hi-fi. It could have been worse, it could have been Amstrad.

  173. Wee Jonny says:

    Woo Hoo, just joined.

    Got an email sayin “Dear Jonny, today you have etched your name in history.” YES!

    I’d given up on politics aboot three years ago coz o aa the negativity towards ’meh Nicola’ and thought “THAT CUNT CAMPBELL HAS LOST IT!”

    I’d hae a wee dabble on here now and again but still thought “YIP HE’S HOWLIN AT THE MOON”

    Then last September/October sumb’dee mentioned checking oot Denise Findlay, Mark Hirst and Barrhead Boy.

    I checked them oot on Twitter and saw aa the negativity towards meh Nicola was right.

    Sorry Stuart.

    Since then my routine is – check oot Wings, Grouse Beater, Craig Murray, Denise, Ralphie old/bag (pretty sure she was Ralphie Dog), Iain Lawson and Barrhead Boy.

    I’d given up on the SNP and even given up on independence.

    I took the YES sticker aff mi car windee just on Tuesday.

    Meh Nicola (fukin boak!!!)

    It’s been pretty depressin readin these last few months but hopefully this news will cheenj the gemme.

    The dosh that I’d given the SNP since 2014 now goes to Alba.

  174. Mikey d says:

    Snp 1(except sturgeon, swinney , pishfart and robertsons.constituencies).Alba 2.

  175. Tried to join, but site not working.

  176. Robert Louis says:

    The irony (and utter hypocrisy) of an article by Patrick Harvie from today in The National is awesome. Given the outrageous behaviour by his underling, boy-child, Ross Greer on SKY news this PM, it seems Harvie’s plea for civilised debate has been ignored by his own MSP’s.

    Harvie wrote today;

    “THE campaign for the Scottish Parliament election in May is formally under way. I firmly believe that Scotland deserves – and is capable of – a political debate which lifts our country up and empowers voters with competing positive visions. But this isn’t how everyone approaches elections. Some people seem determined to drag the tone of our political debate down.

    The level of personalised attacks has grown in recent years, whether it’s childish name-calling, absurd conspiracy theories or silly attack memes online. It’s got far worse in the last year, and it’s now coming from high-profile politicians, not just from their supporters hiding behind anonymous accounts.”


    And then Ross greer went on SKY news, and let rip. I guess Patrick’s appeal for civility doesn’t apply to the Green party MSP’s??

  177. Daisy Walker says:

    @ beflox says:
    26 March, 2021 at 4:18 pm

    AS’s assumption that, should there be a supermajority, Boris Johnson would “find it much more difficult to say no to a parliament and a country” seems quite baffling. ‘

    I don’t think so beflox. Boris and before him Terrible May have both gone out of their way to use unclear language (now is not the time) when refusing to grant a S30 order.

    There is a reason for that. To point blank refuse it, is to grant a determined Indy party a very large stick with which to beat them at the ballot box.

    What is even more tactically brilliant – is that it means the SNP MUST make Indy their core reason for existence. They cannot be the wishy washy indy party, with another Indy party in Government, showing them up… and they know it.

    The People of Scotland are Sovereign – but it means nothing if they have no offical and democratic means of demonstrating that. The Scottish Parliament does exactly that, IF, the Scot Gov in power makes it so.

    And what is worse for Nicla, is that the SNP MP’s and MSP’s who have bitten their tongues for the greater good – can now jump ship to a valid party if she does not play ball. She no longer has them by the short and curlies.

    I suspect what is happening now is a BritNat/Nicla meet about damage limitation.

    If Nicla does a slash and burn campaign on the SNP and ensures they become unelectable. Will that be a price worth paying, given the short period of time that Alex has to set up this new party, campaign and win a big number of seats.

    If she does that, then after the election, she will have to go, and its not clear who would take over from her – Alyn Smith is an MP – but in place, Robertson may not be elected as an MSP.

    For the first time, in a long time, I feel the BritnatNicla brigade are the ones doing the Firefighting.

  178. Mark Boyle says:

    @Willie Mclean says: 26 March, 2021 at 4:34 pm

    “Probably someone else has posted this, but Alba gets it to the top of the ballot paper doesn’t it?”

    Only if Action for Independence stands down.

  179. Elizabeth Sutherland says:

    I now have a political party to follow. Welcome back Alex.
    Let’s get this done. Go team Alba. Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssss.

  180. Ian Mac says:

    One of the clever and fascinating things about this tactical masterstroke is that it will smoke out who in the Nikla fan club actually care about indy more than their own status or fragile egos. Because if you are fully focussed on indy you will welcome a broad front, an alliance of the best and broadest talents which will make a real difference to the campaign. If, however, you see it as a threat, then it tells us a lot about you and your cosy little career, as well as your willingness to support a narrow cult and not a broad front.

  181. Allan B says:

    Kick in the bahoosh for the first one that says Kezia should join Alba.

  182. Cenchos says:

    Ironically, my pronunciation of ‘Pete Wishart’ sounds nothing at all like the words look.

  183. Red says:

    This is great and encouraging news.

    Scotland is in a bad place, not just with the SNP’s shameless corruption and woke totalitarianism, or Westminster’s shameless corruption and tory totalitarianism, but fundamentally at a biological level.

    More people are dying in Scotland than being born. It’s gotten worse since the lockdowns. I don’t know why this is treated as a footnote in the news, it should alarm people as much as smelling gas in your kitchen would. Presumably we don’t want to live in the “Children of Men” cinematic universe.

    Our nation is failing to perpetuate itself. Something about modern life in general is destroying fertility and slowly killing us off. The implications of that in the not too distant future will ruin the welfare state and cripple the NHS. If we don’t change course, the Scots will dwindle and fade into history like the Scythians or the Sioux.

    The one unambiguously good thing, albeit not nearly enough, that Nicola Sturgeon has delivered is the baby boxes. It’s a modest start, we should do much more.

    Politics doesn’t necessarily have all the answers, but it’s worth a try. What if we had a government that actively encourages people to start families, and works to make having children more affordable and secure? And makes Scotland the kind of place people want to have children in?

    My idea for a campaign name “Get shagging for Scotland” probably needs some work, but you get the idea. I’m hoping the new parties think bigger than just trying to augment or displace the establishment parties. We don’t need business as usual. We need a more radical approach to building the future.

  184. formerly Bleak Future says:

    Thank you Stu for the link. I have just joined. Watched some of the news on Sky. I hope the vitriol from Ross Greer comes back to bite him on the bum. Thanks again you have given another former SNP member somewhere to go in the pursuit of Independence.

  185. El Tweedie says:

    Looks like the Aldi logo…

  186. Hatuey says:

    It’s a day for positivity and celebration. But I won’t lie, there’s no way I’ll give the SNP any votes as long as it’s under the control of those people.

    Ideally a few respected independent candidates would fight for first votes in key seats.

    The reaction to today’s news by the SNP tells you everything you need to know about their twisted priorities. They’re walking right into a huge backlash here.

  187. Frank Gillougley says:

    Excellent, fantastic developments – will join.

    Name and logo? quibbles? who cares. Any murmuring of complaint reminds me of the Israelites at the parting of the Red Sea, when they complained that it was a bit muddy.

    I have posted this under a gmail address so if it goes into moderation i am just going to go into a corner and cry.

  188. Bob Mack says:


  189. Republicofscotland says:

    SNP HQ staff piling into Chris McEleney’s brother.

    Lets get resigning from the SNP/Greens and joining ALBA/ISP/AFI and giving them our money, which will not be contributed to Peter Murrells gigantic wage packet.

  190. David R says:

    Hi beflox,

    My point is the fake rage at how a word is pronounced. If only the cultists had the same passion for independence.

  191. Daisy Walker says:

    How does that gaelic pronounciation of Wishart go again?

    Oh yes, Wanker. That’s it isn’t it.

    I get the reason for SNP on vote 1. But for where I am – that is Swinney. And after his appalling behaviour – there’s no way.

    If Joanna Cherry were to stand down from the SNP and join Abla and stand as an MSP in her area, there would be no requirement for her to resign as an MP. That is SNP policy only.

    And my goodness, would it not be good to have her back on the front seat in WM giving Boris and Mogg pelters once again, in a way that the failed drama student has yet to even attempt.

  192. ahundredthidiot says:

    Red (a little OT)

    Israel have been particularly successful at deploying a specific strategy valuing women becoming mothers and they now stand (last time I looked) at 3.1 children per woman (and again, last time I checked that was the highest of any western society) which is a fantastic achievement.

    Basically, they celebrate motherhood. Not sure that we do the same. Shaking off the ‘do as thou wilt’ brigade will take some time.

  193. Peter Kinnaird says:

    Best Wishes to Craig Murray. We ain’t quitting, keep the faith.

  194. stonefree says:

    I wonder if Wishart will be singing any Runrig songs starting with A

  195. Mr Bonobo says:

    Is it correct that if either/both SNP and Alba officially promote SNP 1 Alba 2, that they run the risk of being considered a single party when the list seats are calculated?

    Do they need to at least nominally oppose each other?

    Can Alba say to vote independence for 1 if the SNP is the only options?

  196. Mutualist says:

    A bit rich of SNP, having deified their leader, to be attacking anyone for egotism.

    The leader is not the party: in Switzerland, virtually no-one can tell you who the First Minister even is, because power is devolved to canton level….

    So if I were Alex, I’d commit to: 1/Resigning once indy is secured & implemented 2/Devolving power massively to regions (Andy Wightman’s proposed bipartisan regional MSP caucus is on the right lines) 3/Focusing on decentralised mutualist policies delivering services as locally as possible.

  197. cynicalHighlander says:

    @Daisy Walker

    I think they have hiccups as I tried to donate but they said I hadn’t completed Capcha,will try again once flood has calmed down.

  198. beflox says:

    Hi there David R

    My point was actually the constant use of words like “cultist” and the assumption that other people don’t want independence as much as we do and things like that.

    It’s not healthy, it’s no good … there are many people who want independence and zero chance that everyone will agree on the best way to get it or who is the best person to lead us and to try and achieve it. The constant in-fighting and childish name calling within the independence movement has reached an absolutely ridiculous level, and you can be completely assured that none of that is going to help anything.

    Just wait for the day we have independence and all we hear is everyone bickering about who was most responsible for achieving it.

  199. Republicofscotland says:

    That nasty piece of work, Mhairi Hunter being particularly scathing about the ALBA party and Chris McEleny, lets make sure we don’t give the SNP our money, or our List votes.

  200. Robert Graham says:

    The Hitler youth are on the site under assumed aliases I have counted 4 so far , I guess the warmest of welcomes from SNP HQ has dragged them out from under their stones in panic , the vitriol spiteful personal attacks that have become synonymous with Sturgeons government are in overdrive right now ,

    Alex laid so many traps for the SNP management to fall into it just shows how fkn useless they are
    Alex I want to help the SNP win a super majority , answer from SNP HQ fk off we don’t want your help , probably followed by personal insults that show they don’t accept any of the Court verdicts

    The SNP management lost , Nicola Sturgeon you lost, you didn’t win, your plan to Jail Alex didn’t work , and it’s cost the taxpayers over £1.000.000 to fund your petty vendetta,

    Question how do you want to pay Cash or Cheque ? do you need time to pay ? . Government funds I really don’t think you can do that one again, so it’s SNP funds then you or your husbands personal account ? either will do we ain’t fussed , eh before the end of the month please a discount is on offer for prompt payment .

  201. Mark Boyle says:

    @David R says: 26 March, 2021 at 4:45 pm

    “My point is the fake rage at how a word is pronounced. If only the cultists had the same passion for independence.”

    It’s like the Student Grant types when the Pogues started becoming popular amongst people who were also pretending to be Irish. Living languages are always dynamic, and since “ALBA Party” is in English, people will pronounce it accordingly.

    If it was someone saying Pàrtaidh na h-Alba incorrectly, they’re have a reason to be such torn faces, but my guess is what they’re fearing is every time they hear someone say “ALBA Party” what they’re hearing is “your application for Universal Credit” – there’s a lot of list MSPs and their entourages who will get VERY little sleep tonight.

  202. AndyH says:

    Signed up! Better spent on them than the SNP.

  203. Ian Mac says:

    If we ever got as far as negotiating indy, who would you want in the room – Alex and his associates or the wee hatchet faced prissy little middle manager who has never uttered a credible word on the route to indy? In fact wouldn’t you want a broad coalition of the brightest, the best and the most experienced? I’m not seeing many of them in the SNP, most of them have been targeted as unbelievers in GRA etc anyway.

  204. laukat says:

    They have their first MP

    Yessss go Joanna!

  205. orri says:

    Fun times to be had. Thought I recognised the name Eva Comrie. Looked here because I suppose the SNP are rewriting history as we speak.
    She was top of the SNP list in Mid Scotland & Fife. So the question is what happens now. Does John Swinney move up or do they promote another candidate ahead of him?

  206. Robert Louis says:

    Seriously, what a masterstroke it was choosing the name ALBA for the party. Not just because it gets to the top of the list, but for other reasons too (which some may have guessed, but I am not about to reveal here..).

    Currently laughing my socks off at some SNP twitter accounts. They do seem to be collectively losing their heads.

  207. Max Vight says:

    Alex (The Bruce) Salmond v Nicola (The Red) Sturgeon, bring it on.

  208. Robert Louis says:

    Oh joy!!!!! Joanna Cherry to stand for ALBA!!! 🙂

    BOOM! (as some might say)

  209. ahundredthidiot says:


    I think you need to verify that.

  210. Frazerio says:

    The police were called to the house of the UK Prime Ministers pregnant girlfriend during a row.
    The UK PM once tried to get an old Etonian mate to beat up a journalist.
    The Scottish First Minister is alleged to have misled parliament and lied under oath.
    The last US President discussed Uganda with a porn star and was caught on tape boasting about grabbing women by the pussy.
    Alex Salmond once had a tipsy consensual extra marital cuddle.
    Alex Salmond once quipped that a pair of stilletos that set off a metal detector in an airport must be “killer heels”.

    Rank this list in order under the title ‘innappropriate behaviour. Naebdys perfect. Politics can be a dirty game. Eyes on the prize.

    The parties under threat, those who rely on the List for election are about to go full on shrill. The tories, Labour, Libs & Greens. Theyre all going to lose seats. Guaranteed. In a perfect strategical check mate move, AS has clamped the SNP too. If they dont promote Alba 2nd vote, they’re voting against indy.

    Just effin priceless!!!!!

  211. Andy Ellis says:

    Finally, some light at the end of the tunnel.

    Just joined, Founder Member #1224.

    Let’s do this!

  212. David R says:

    beflox point taken, I’ll stick to [redacted] *tongue placed firmly in cheek*

  213. Gman1424 says:

    I joined and am member number 80 and frankly, it’s given me and the election, a super charged dose of adrenalin. A genuine majority of independence focused MSP’s is an achievable goal.

    I’m also delighted to give a big “get it right up you” to all the Unionist media today and the cosy cabal surrounding the SNP. That’s so welcome and I hope it causes a few sleepless nights among this bunch of sell out, spineless goons

  214. Bob W says:

    Trying to join, Process payment button not responding.

  215. AllyG says:

    Resigned my current party membership and joined ALBA today!

  216. Heaver says:

    John Martini says:
    26 March, 2021 at 3:53 pm

    “Can’t register without a mobile number. Pity as I would have signed up. ”

    Just put in your landline number, I did, it works fine.

  217. Fraser MacKintosh says:

    Come on Joanna you can still remain(independen) in Westminster and join us in ALBA. Two finders to the Murrells.

  218. PhilM says:


  219. Grey Gull says:

    Well, I’ve given some money to the cause and wish Alex and the new party well. If the questions asked at the launch are anything to go by, he’s going to face a lot of flak about the court case. One woman asked if he was still a bully and a creep, FFS.
    Will be interesting to see how Nicola can argue against the case for a huge Indy majority at Holyrood. At the moment, all they seem to have is Alex is a bad man and shouldn’t be allowed near women.
    By the way, I do wish they would pronounce Alba properly. It’s not difficult.

  220. Mark Boyle says:

    @laukat says: 26 March, 2021 at 4:55 pm

    “They have their first MP

    Yessss go Joanna!”

    I don’t think this can be overstated – Cherry’s defection to the new party is a complete disaster for the SNP, as rapidly all those of high calibre come together.

    This is not like the pathetic TIGgers of Corbyn, but people that have achieved something in their time.

    Yer tea’s oot, Nicola!

  221. Ian Mac says:

    Why are the SNP goons losing their minds over this, and not welcoming a wider coalition for indy which will bring more talent to the table? Who ever said the SNP own independence? How parochial, small-minded and insecure can these people get? In what future Scotland would these people be prepared to work with others after indy when they can’t stomach it before indy? Did they really think indy would be a one party SNP state? Obviously they did. Glad to be informed of their position and their presumptuousness that they own the indy movement.

  222. James Barr Gardner says:

    Raise the Appin Banner !

  223. Colin Alexander says:

    Stu Campbell

    Thank you for bringing me some good news after a rotten week.

    Hopefully you will now lift the block on using the word A-L-B-A.

    Hopefully, all supporters of Scottish sovereignty / independence will get behind this party and give it their full support.

  224. dodecostanza says:

    That Joanna Cherry news above isn’t true (yet?)
    Thats a fake site – Politics for All

  225. I’ve joined. Today’s news has certainly transformed my feelings about the whole situation. There’s inescapable logic to ALBA’s strategy, and although I’m sure it’s going to be a bumpy ride, I feel we might be getting somewhere at last.

    I’m in Edinburgh Central and although I see the logic of the SNP #1 ALBA #2 strategy, I’m going to have great difficulty in bringing myself to vote for Robertson. He might as well be from another planet for all he knows or cares about ordinary people in Edinburgh. What would you do if you were me, folks?

  226. Nick Stevens says:

    The Twitter account trumpeting Joanna Cheer’s defection literally has “Believe me if you’re an idiot” in it’s bio.

    I get that folk want to see it happen, but always read carefully before celebrating stuff on Twitter.

  227. Ross says:

    im supportive of this.

    I hope the policy is left of centre and pro indy.

    hope they avoid at all costs any debates on GRA. avoid that rabbit hole at all costs.

  228. ahundredthidiot says:

    I wouldn’t get too excited about JC unless you see the actual words coming out of her mouth.

    I want it as much as everyone else, but let’s just hawd oor horses the noo

  229. Nick Stevens says:

    Correction: *Cherry’s

  230. @ Colin Alexander: It’s lifted! Alba Alba Alba!

  231. PhilM says:

    ALBA…chosen because it looks similar to the popular and subsequently critically acclaimed 70s Swedish Europop outfit ABBA?
    Is that it?

  232. Ian Mac says:

    Just imagine: Alba get off to a good start. As the campaign progresses during April more damaging truths leak out about Sturgeon, Evans et al. They might have painted themselves into a corner, just as they thought they’d got away with the heist of the century. lol

  233. EdinScot says:

    Happy fkn birthday oh wait …it is my birthday lol ! Thanks Alec. I was so despondent this week and now this ! I will definetly be voting for the Alba party no question.

    The smearers can still only smear. Its all theyve got ! the Greens gravy train could be hitting the buffers and dont they know it. Ross Greer (who?) or Alec Salmond. Ha ha !

    Greers’ a nobody and a never was. They dont like it up them. Bad end to the week for Nicola too.

    Gaun yersel Alec.

  234. Sharny Dubs says:

    Cherry signed up!! Oh yeah!!

    Welcome to the party Johanna!,

  235. Wee Willie says:

    As I recall Alba was a brand name for some seriously crap TVs in the eighties.

  236. Skip_NC says:

    laukat, I am not sure about that Twitter account – it’s very new. A grand total of four tweets so far.

  237. I Wright says:

    Been away for the week. I don’t suppose anything’s been happening?

  238. Robert Wilson says:

    My first contribution here is to say that i am now a founder member of The Alba Party. In my patch of Mid Scotland & Fife, SNP losing their number one list candidate is, unfortunate. But Alba & Scotland are sure to gain from the excellent Bionic Woman, Eva Comrie.

  239. stuart mctavish says:

    Great stuff

    Not unlike a timely goal from John McGinn.. well done all concerned

  240. Effigy says:

    Tried to join but last continue button doesn’t work?

    Well I hope it isn’t working or ive got 12 payments each month.

    Maybe crashed due to high demand?
    I hope so

  241. Bob W says:

    Sorted, phone number required but no error message to tell me that. This is the first political party I have ever joined.

  242. Sylvia says:

    Joanna Cherry has defected to Alex Salmond’s new Alba Party to contest a seat in the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections

  243. ahundredthidiot says:


    Well, thanks to you all I have is Abbas Waterloo going around in my head…..only the word isn’t waterloo…….its alipah!

  244. Morgatron says:

    Founding Member, it sounds like I’m now from Swedish porn movie. Thanks Mr Salmond.

  245. K Campbell says:

    Fekking fanbloodytastic!!
    I have never been a party member before, but now that’s two signed up from this household
    I have goosepimples!!!

  246. Mr Bonobo says:

    Why are SNP goons losing their shit

    Careers and pensions – not just the elected posts, but the vast army of spads, constituency office staff and other bag carriers they had set their hearts on.

  247. Bob W says:

    @Sharny Dubs

    A spoof account apparently.

  248. Skip_NC says:

    Sylvia, take a close look at that Twitter account. I doubt that news is correct at this time.

  249. Meg merrilees says:


    Although – process button not working. Gon yersel Joanna.

    THANK YOU ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!

  250. @ Ian Mac at 5.02pm: I think the problem the SNP have is that they don’t want to “own” independence, and now they are going to have to answer for the fact that they’ve made zero progress towards it since 2014. They’re now going to come under heavy pressure to secure independence, and they’re throwing the toys out of the pram about it.

  251. 100%Yes says:

    Fantastic news for Scotland and its people, already the Alba Party is talking and promoting Independence and all other parties talking anything other than Independence including SNP.

  252. Liz g says:

    On the bright side for the SNP at least the British party’s and their media ( wasn’t it great to see the Indy media finally given the place it should have, and should have had since 2014 ) cant run with “the SNP and Alba are in collusion and are really the one party ” complaints . 🙂

  253. Frazerio says:

    BBC Alba in absolute hissy fit meltdown for sure.

    Re pronunciations. Most folk in Scotland dont even pronounce gaelic right (saying gay instead of gah). We’re so ignorant of our culture & heritage its laughable. Aa long as we can all understand each other, thats enough, dont get misled by pedants who were taught to speak proper ken!!!

    Ps, Im not a gaelic speaker.

  254. greeneyedcat says:

    Brilliant. Just joined. No longer have to spoil my vote; haven’t felt so hopeful in ages.
    The Lifeline indeed.

  255. Lost says:

    Ya dancer!!!!

  256. Famous15 says:

    Pete Wishart says “In all my 25 years in politics etc etc”

    He is really excited for the first time in that time.

    Pity he was not more excited by independence in that time.

  257. Ian Mac says:

    Good god, I have completely forgotten what it is like to hear a comprehensive, detailed manifesto and explanation of a strategy, the Holyrood voting system and the economic future of Scotland. I don’t remember hearing anything as mature and considered for years. It’s like waking up from a bad dream to the reality of a possible, achievable future.

  258. James Barr Gardner says:

    List vote sorted, answers on a post card, what quip to write on the constituency vote ?

  259. Benny Nevis-Hill says:

    There was a strange smell o’ shite in Edinburgh today, am just wondering if that was Sturgeon filling her breeks after hearing Big Eck had returned to politics 😀

  260. PacMan says:

    At last the possibility of some mature and responsible politics at Holyrood rather than the student/Disney woke stuff we have had to endure of the SNP & Greens over the past couple of years.

  261. Hatuey says:

    “We’re so ignorant of our culture & heritage its laughable.”

    What you call “our culture and heritage” is actually as alien to me as Kyrgyzstanian culture and heritage.

    Naturally I don’t give a fuck how you think we should pronounce it. No offence. seems to be telling me I have it right, though;

    Does any of that make me inferior in your eyes?

  262. Bob W says:

    @Colin Alexander 5:04

    That’s already been done.

  263. holymacmoses says:

    The site is great. clear and concise. The name will grow on me and the aim is perfect.
    I’m in. The only other things I’ve joined ever are CND and ‘Prisoners of Conscience’

  264. Garavelli Princip says:

    Just joined Alba.

    Resigned from SNP after 36 years – new hope in dark times!

    Thank you Stuart Campbell.

    You, Craig Murray, Iain Lawson, Grousebeater et al have been our salvation.

    There’s a puir wee ginger dug greetin doon in Ayrshire in a hoose blagged frae some gullible folk – including me!

  265. megs says:

    At least now when you get the condescending question ‘well you are you going to vote for if not the SNP’ there is an answer

  266. Mark Boyle says:

    @Bob W

    Sadly yes, someone ran up PoliticsForAII on Twitter to leach off the PoliticsForAll aggregator some schoolkid had set up which largely reprints other people’s tweets.

    It was set up only four days ago, and by the look of it is hoping to get the liberapay donations the genuine account would have got (although considering all the original was doing was retweeting, why they needed donations in the first place seems dubious enough as well).

  267. PhilM says:

    I think Leslie Evans will be facing her own Waterloo shortly…
    To quote from the song, ‘I was defeated you won the war’…Evan’s own choice of words after losing the judicial review may end up being heavily ironic…

  268. Davie says:

    I’ve joined but trying donate and the page is freezing at the donate point ?

  269. PacMan says:

    Ian Mac says: 26 March, 2021 at 4:54 pm

    If we ever got as far as negotiating indy, who would you want in the room – Alex and his associates or the wee hatchet faced prissy little middle manager who has never uttered a credible word on the route to indy?

    I assume you are talking about Nicola Sturgeon.

    During the Brexit negotiations under Theresa May, it was alleged that at one of the meetings, she said that Sturgeon wasn’t bright enough to understand the deal on offer.

    At the time I had seething with rage at the personal abuse levelled at NS but in light of recent events, I wonder if Sturgeon was hysterical and running her mouth off with nonsense at these meetings with the UK government which prompted this alleged comment?

    Even if it isn’t true, Nicola Sturgeon’s personality traits as shown with her recent public appearances shows that she isn’t capable of prolonged, tough and strained negotiations that will occur in the event of independence.

  270. ScottieDog says:

    Truly incredible. AS makes me once again think about giving my constituency vote to SNP, then the SNP comments make me think, sod it, spoiled ballot.

  271. Effigy says:

    Still stuck at the final stage of joining Alba.
    The system must have crashed due to a genuine unprecedented demand!

    Could this be the fasted speed in history a party has ever grown?

    I’d have loved a day one membership so I’ll try 3rd time lucky later!

  272. MattyP says:

    Joined! Resigned from SNP too, feels good to finally shake that dirt off.

  273. Keeno says:

    I have known Alex since he was 16 (even though I was born in 1980) and have took the plunge and joined!

  274. Ian Mac says:

    Well, the arrogance of the SNP whose sole argument was that if you want indy you have to vote for us however corrupt and dishonest we are, is out of the window. They thought they had us by the short and curlies and we would have to hold our noses and vote for them. No wonder they’ve gone into headless chicken mode. Them ranting incoherently only makes them look worse, while Alex is very dignified and uninterested in slanging matches. The more they squeal the worse they look. Just makes me laugh. What comes around comes around.

  275. Mark Boyle says:

    The original Politics For All website is now reporting the following:

    “Folks – this account is pretending to be me. Would appreciate it if you could all report it.”

  276. Davie says:

    Was going give spoil my Edinburgh central constituency, And my regional vote to Bonny prince Bob , anything to keep that tougher Robertson out , so happy I can now give my regional vote for a party that can make a difference for Scotland .

    Great end to a crap week

  277. Bob W says:

    @those stuck on Process payment

    Check you have entered a phone number, land line works, then click on preferred/ or not contact options. Worked for me after that.

  278. Bob Mack says:


    All components must be filled in. Phone( home number) is ok.

    Don’t leave anything blank .

  279. 10/30 says:

    My ALBA receipt Confirmation was 1094, 2 mins later my wife was 1110. If 16 new members join every 2 mins that’s approaching 500 new members/hour…….

  280. ahundredthidiot says:

    Mark Boyle

    try be less fitbaw and more rugby.

    just put your hand up, say yer a dafty, and move on.

  281. Meg merrilees says:

    Davie @5.25

    Keep trying. I had about 6 goes at getting through and finally got through to complete m’ship. Now member no. 1369 ( missed out on 1314 and 1320 but quite happy to be 1369.
    I didn’t realise how despondent I had become all I know is, when I heard the news, my heart has lifted and I’m smiling now.

  282. Wally Jumblatt says:

    I’m wondering if the 20,000 new members Wee Krankie’s party claimed they got in the past few weeks, have all just upped sticks and jumped to Alba.
    Would be the only way for her to explain the fact that they now don’t exist and didn’t pay their subs while they were there.

  283. Confused says:

    ALBA !?

    – fuck yeah!!

    needs a soundtrack, I suggest –

    thin lizzy, the boys are back in town
    gloria gayner, I will survive (… and now IM BACK )

    it’s all happening –

    murrells starting a crowdfunder to pay the mortgage

    list fodder MSPs enrolling on online IT courses, get their BTEC in spreadsheets to bolster the CV

    trans activist infiltration in 3 … 2 … 1

    accusations of transphobia, homophobia, sexism, misogyny, racism, anti-semitism and killing bambi … in … 3 … 2 … 1

    just remember kids – taking practical steps to achieve goals, never works, we must procrastinate and delay, delay, delay – only by a succession of sidetracks (and cul de sacs) shall we win the day – Blackford is thinking about “having a go” in 2024 – give him a chance – Gerry Hassan is planning a “national conversation about what Scottishness means” in order to build for a real go in 2030 …

    careful now, down with this kind of thing !

  284. Jim Arnott says:

    The Alba Party has just solved my problem for the 6th May Holyrood Election. I recently terminated my SNP membership and was in a dilemma on who to vote for. Now I can vote SNP in the Consistency vote and the Alba Party on the List vote. A super Independence majority via The Alba Party is the best way to achieve Independence for Scotland which I have supported for 64 years. This has made an 82 year old Scot very, very happy.

  285. Bob W says:


    @17:04 I was 1284

  286. Mark Boyle says:


    Yer tea’s oot, Nicola!

  287. Cenchos says:

    An SNP spokespersxn has released the following statement:

    ‘SNP membership applications have risen by over 1.3 million since Alex Salmond launched his new Alex Salmond Party Party earlier today. ‘

  288. Kathleen McKechnie says:

    Yes. He’s back !
    Who else could have survived what that man has endured the last three years?
    The grilling from most of the media today was brutal yet Alex handled it with a measure of decorum that some of these so called journslists can only dream of.
    Welcome back Alex , it’s a tall order that awaits you …but if anyone can fill it … you can .
    After supporting SNP since the 60’s I am now a proud member of Alba and my faith is renewed .

  289. Andy Ellis says:

    @Michael Laing 5.11 pm

    Looks like we might have the beginnings of the Alba Party Edinburgh Central group bud! 🙂

    Like you, I can’t see myself voting for Robertson. Bonnie Prince Bob 1, Alba Party 2.

  290. Cudneycareless says:

    Alba party has 10000 new (real meaning of the word) members in 34 hours?

  291. Steve davison says:

    To be attacked by all sides of the political spectrum on day one must be a vindication of both the need for a alternative indie party with Democratic values .It also must raise a wry smile from Alex that to have them running scared already on his return to the fray .
    The hope is that he can attract the very best under this banner and with the banner raised high standing on the extra height of the moral high ground rising above the shambles that is the SNP

  292. Andy Ellis says:

    Please tell me the new party has negotiated the rights to use Runrig’s “Alba” as their theme tune.

    It’d be worth it just to watch #CosyFeetPete have an aneurism. 🙂

  293. Dan says:

    Should one eagerly await for some positive spin on today’s developments from ListVoteSense… 😉

  294. Luigi says:

    To those SNP members still undecided and probably agonising right now:

    You don’t have to quit the party to quietly vote Alba on the list vote.

    Of course, be sure not to tell the SNP leadership your intentions – you could get in big trouble. 🙂

  295. AnneMarie D says:

    Mojo back in full swing.

    Little tip for those having problems joining. I did too and figured it out.
    There is a line that says contact by email and you have to select Yes or No.
    The next line is contact by phone and you still have to select Yes or No.
    Just ticking email is not enough. Each one has to have a Yes or a No. Very annoying but this worked as when I only selected email the payment screen wouldn’t progess.

  296. Gregor says:

    What’s ‘The Greatest Embarrassment’ (public & national shame):

    Making a genuine trivial mistake, or a malicious SNP hierarchy’s (elected officials), playground-level, speech discrimination (and bigotry ?):

    “Hope someone actually asks him ‘why don’t you pronounce Alba properly’?…This is just embarrassing now. I actually feel sorry for them….. Wings Over Scotland!!?…”

    Furthermore, what kind of loser mocks the genuine shared hopes and aspirations of others’ (whom, apparently, share the same fundamental goals re. an independent, inclusive, tolerant & cohesive: successful Scotland), from an elevated, Teflon coated, social media pedestal.

  297. Frazerio says:

    Hatuey. You’ve agreed with me in argumentative tones.
    1) we’re ignorant of our heritage & culture
    2) matters little how its pronounced, only matters if its understood.

    Your post is therefore nonsensical. Did u stub your toe just before brainfarting it out?

  298. WeeChid says:

    Just checking OH’s emails when notification came from WGD latest post “It’s still SNP 1& 2 for me”.

    I’m still struggling to even consider SNP 1.
    His receipt no was 1380 at 17.30

  299. PhilM says:

    Bearing in mind the ultra-paranoid nature of Don Sturgleone, I wonder how many sleeper agents she’ll get to join the Alba party?
    The new party might need to devise some kind of surreptitious test to smoke the infiltrators out early… perhaps leave a £20 note lying about. It’ll disappear sharpish to pay those massive bank charges that don’t exist.

  300. Skip_NC says:

    Luigi, any SNP member who reveals that they voted for any other party, list or not would, not could, get into trouble. I am pretty sure any respectable political party has a rule that you cannot vote for a party that competes with them. When I was an SNP member (a long time ago) there was such a rule.

  301. cynicalHighlander says:

    @Michael Laing @5.04pm

    Bonnie Prince Bob

  302. WeeChid says:

    James Barr Gardner says:
    26 March, 2021 at 5:15 pm
    “List vote sorted, answers on a post card, what quip to write on the constituency vote ?”

    How about “Alex Salmond for First Minister”.

  303. SilverDarling says:

    Lots of butthurt from SNP wokerati accusing AS of, amongst other things, spite to take votes away from the SNP, and Chris McEleny of careerism!

    It may come as a surprise to some of them but Alex Salmond owes the SNP nothing, that he is endorsing them for the constituency vote is remarkably generous.

    How on earth do they think parties begin? I suppose they are all so young they think the SNP was always the force it has been. Unfortunately, it is now the party equivalent of the EverGreen stuck in the Suez.

  304. Luigi says:

    Aye SKip_NC,

    SNP members voting for ALBA on the list would get in trouble – if they revealed it. IF. That’s the beauty of the ballot booth – noone need know who you voted for, whatever party you may belong to.

  305. sarah says:

    Re pronunciation of “Alba”.

    Three languages are used in Scotland. Gaelic pronun “Alaper”; Scots – I don’t know; English “Allber”.

  306. PacMan says:

    I’ll be honest, I only have a basic understanding of how the Holyrood electoral system works but it seems that an element of forecasting possible results is based on previous voting patterns.

    That makes sense but how will that forecasting method go with the creation of a new political party which has a well known and respected figure in the form of Alex Salmond entering the fray?

    From what I can gather the best way to get as many as the new party elected is to vote SNP on the constituency vote. As much as we don’t like it, is not best to be cautious, hold our noses and vote SNP 1 & A.L.B.A 2?

  307. sarah says:

    or English “Alber” depending how “posh” you are. And Gaelic “A la per”.

  308. Frazerio says:

    Ok cant resist…

    Braveheart, the Scots army are lined up behind the nobles, Lady Sturgeon, Lord Murrell & Sir Wetter Pishfart. Sturgeon appears to be broken, repeating the word ‘hold’. Murrels horse is slowly sinking into the mud due to the weight of all the bags of gold he’s carrying. Then, from nowhere, a wee palfrey with a bejowelled commoner atop, gallops into view. ‘This way’ he says, ‘if you want your country back, follow me’.

  309. Skip_NC says:

    Wee Chid, after your post, I just had to look at the dug. Oh dearie me. My wife was a psychiatric nurse for many years. I believe she’d call it “Projection,” if she knew enough about Scottish politics.

    I couldn’t bear to read the comments.

  310. ahundredthidiot says:

    This is where people like WGD don’t get it. Their personal worldview overtakes any objective, rational thinking (Not unlike TDS).

    The real test of someone is when they’re under pressure. People like WGD fail these tests repeatedly.

    No surprise he favours SNP 1 & 2.
    Just like he favoured raking in all that cash to buy himself a new hoose.

  311. Netflix commissioner says:

    They came for Salmond,Murray and Hirst
    The Scottish Nonsense Party will rue the day

  312. Republicofscotland says:

    The useless SNP MSP Mhairi Black having a go at Alex Salmond, lets hit them where it hurts and tear up SNP memberships and stop contributing to Peter Murrells huge wage packet, instead give the money to the ALBA/AFI/ISP indy parties.

    Remember no List votes for the SNP, and no votes at all for the Greens.

  313. Republicofscotland says:

    Re my previous comment, useless Mhairi Black is not an MSP but a MP.

    Meanwhile Whitehalls pet SNP MP Stewart McDonald, who does Johnsons dirty work for him on China, Iran and Russia is also in meltdown over the resurgence of the maestro Alex Salmond.

    Again don’t give the SNP a single penny, nor a single List vote, that goes for the Greens as well.

  314. Dan says:

    @ PacMan

    BDtt has put together some figures in several posts over in Quarantine that may interest you.
    FYI If a party isn’t contesting constituency seat in a region, then it can’t win a constituency seat so it won’t kick in a divisor for votes cast for that party on that regional list.

  315. Heaver says:

    Frazerio, that’s tomorrows cartoon !

  316. John Moss says:

    Was happy to hear the news about the Alba party and became a Founding member.

    This has really cheered me up and I’m now looking forward to the elections.

  317. Luxybob says:


  318. Natal XX and proud says:

    At last something positive to vote for!! The website must be overwhelmed with people wanting to join. Will wait til later when website traffic

  319. maureen says:

    So, I’ve been for my vaccine and came home to this! Brilliant news! Now there is hope.

  320. Natal XX and proud says:

    Cont when website traffic has reduced a little.

    GO ALEX !!!!!

  321. dodecostanza says:

    Joined at 17:57
    Membership No 1570

  322. Mac says:

    Founding member, fuck yeah.

    The payments page is clunky. Took a couple of attempts.

    Clear your cookies and start again if it hangs.

    There is no distinction between billing address and home address.

    And it forces you to input a City name even if you don’t live anywhere near a city. Just put the name of the village or whatever into that field and it will go through.

    Are you allowed to join if you live abroad? Does not seem to offer that option if so. Assumes you are in the UK. I therefore doubt you could join using a non uk credit/debit card. Early days but get it going for non UK residents as well.

    Debit cards work as I used one.

    Anyway absolutely marvelous to be able to have an independence party I am proud to be a member of again. It feels great!

  323. Frank Gillougley says:

    #1584 yay!

  324. Menstruator says:

    Mhairi Black’s tweet is inane. Every candidate gets tips on presentation. It used to be called “Folletting” because Barbara Follett did if for the Labour party.

  325. Dan says:

    Further to my previous post. If you scroll down the following linked page there’s also stats. that may be useful in seeing the regional vote shares and how they equated to seats.
    It clearly shows the significant numbers of 2nd votes cast for SNP in 6 out of the 8 regions that didn’t result in any seats.

  326. Hatuey says:

    Frazerio, you don’t seem able to imbibe a basic point. I’m not ignorant of my culture and heritage. I have zero interest in or connection to Gaelic — it is alien to me. It means nothing to me. I wish to have exactly nothing to do with Gaelic.

  327. Auld Jock says:

    The knives are out for AS. Just listening to the news. Biased of’s a new beginning and hopefully Alba can make some headroom in the election…Sturgeon and Swinney are toxic..time for change

  328. Republicofscotland says:

    Ross Greer and Jamie Greene of the Greens doing Alex Salmond and the ALBA party down on STV news, lets make sure we don’t give the Greens a List vote nor any funding whatsoever.

    Ian Union Jack suit Murray also having a go with his typical BritNat shite.

    Meanwhile Sturgeon making promises on the news that her party won’t keep.

  329. Bob Johnston says:

    Re Luigi’s point about no one knowing who you voted for. Your vote is cross referenced. Now, in the normal run of things anyone trying to get hold of that information would be chased. But imagine a government that thinks it can do what it likes and has the justice system in its pocket.

  330. Mac says:

    I second Daisy Walker’s (I think it was) comment above about the pronunciation. No need to replicate the authentic Gaelic pronunciation unless you are speaking Gaelic.

    If you don’t get hung up on that it is a really good name. Sometimes something that is imperfect is perfect. It will really resonate with a lot of YES voters.

  331. Another_Ian_Blackford_Speech says:

    The rage on r/scotland has gone a way towards making my day. I hope they can put up decent numbers at the election, have joined already. Wonder what this means for ISP etc.?

  332. Republicofscotland says:

    Re my 6.08pm comment Jamie Greene is a Tory MSP, not a Green MSP.

  333. Mist001 says:

    If Alba replace the Greens as 2 on the list vote, then the Greens won’t be able to prop up the SNP, so they lose their power and influence. There will be no more Green policies dressed up as SNP policies. The power shift could also mean the end for Mrs. Murrell. Suddenly, Scottish politics has become more interesting and exciting.

  334. Ruby says:

    It’s terrible when words are not pronounced properly I always make sure that I pronounce all the French words used in English with a good French accent. 🙂 My friends tell me I sound like a pretentious prat but they are just jealous ‘cos they can’t pronounce apéritif and say ‘a pair o teeth’

    I’ll be listening out to check ‘Pierre la Pantoufle’s’ French prononciation!

    I try to do the same with Gaelic words but the bus driver got a bit upset when I asked for a ticket to Glaschu same on the return journey when I asked for a ticket to Dùn Èideann.

  335. Stephen P says:

    The unionists stand to lose seats on the list which may increase the chances of tactical voting by them in the constituencies.

    This could get very interesting.

    Thankfully Alba has given me something to vote for.

  336. Republicofscotland says:

    To all you women out there remember the SNP’s Hate Crime Bill doesn’t protect your rights, so vote for the ALBA/ISP/AFI with your List vote.

    The Greens are trans minded and see real biological women as TERFS, a derogatory term, give them neither your funding nor your List vote.

    You know it makes sense.

  337. Mark Boyle says:

    Okay, the comedy gets better, Mhari Black MP going on about Salmond’s behaviour – the woman who took a professional “drag queen” called” Flowjob” with a sideline in porn into a Primary 1 classroom in order to indoctrinate kids with thinly veneered “gay is good” propaganda, and called the parents “bigots” for daring to be more than a little unhappy about this – not least of all because it was all done without the parent’s knowledge, never mind permission (which she, the school and Renfrewshire Council knew they’d not a hope in hell of getting) and the first most knew about it was when it appeared in the papers.

  338. Paul D says:

    Rev, I am surprised you don’t like the name. A more literal name featuring the words independence or Scotland would risk confusing voters (ala Judean People’s Front / People’s Front of Judea).

    The name ALBA is distinctive, relevant and (most importantly) memorable.

    They have also done a nice job on the visual identity, which is bolder and more contemporary than the SNP’s (conveying a fresh start), while communicating the party’s purpose through the flag. The photography on the website is also superb, aligning the party with the power of the wider movement.

    These things matter and my sense is that they have done a very professional job. Congratulations to everyone involved.

  339. Ruby says:

    Hatuey says:
    26 March, 2021 at 6:05 pm
    Frazerio, you don’t seem able to imbibe a basic point. I’m not ignorant of my culture and heritage. I have zero interest in or connection to Gaelic — it is alien to me. It means nothing to me. I wish to have exactly nothing to do with Gaelic.


    Difficult to have nothing to do with Gaelic if you live in Scotland.

    What do you call a ceilidh, a sgian-dubh & a quaich?

  340. Hatuey says:

    Gotta laugh at Patrick Harvie. He just went all in with the SNP.


  341. Trans gammon says:

    Re. all this squabbling about the pronunciation: isn’t “Alba” at this point just a Scottish-English loan word like “whiskey.” I never hear anyone telling me whiskey should be pronounced “uisce”.

  342. stuart mctavish says:

    Robert Louis @4:36

    Not sure about civilised debate, more likely it’ll devolve into a carnival – so if Lesley Evans has a wicked enough sense of humour to accompany any foreboding she may have for what the future might bring (eg Edinburgh witch trials, etc) maybe she could do worse than getting the girls together and, invoking the spirit of 1604, setting up an Accusers party to trump Alba’s place at the top of the list and hoover up any protest or unthinking vote..

  343. Minekiller says:

    The Alba party will simply replace the Greens. Sturgeon’s position will be bolstered not diminished with ALBA performing the role that the Lib Dems played to Cameron’s Tories in 2010.

    Sturgeon will only be defeated by defeating the SNP in this election.

  344. ALANM says:

    I don’t normally watch the BBC News but I made an exception today. Sarah Smith was in full panic mode (a sure sign that things must be going well). Who’d have thought the BBC would end up promoting the SNP as the best option for voters in Scotland?

  345. Hatuey says:

    Ruby, it isn’t difficult. It has no greater a part in my life than Turkish kebabs. Are you saying using the word kebab implies culture and heritage too?

    I’d happily not talk about this today. A bunch of people, as usual, jumped at the opportunity to try and dominate us with the pronunciation of Alba and the usual crap about Gaelic. That bunch included Pete (pronounced “prick”) Wishart.

    Gaelic is alien to me. It means nothing. If that annoys you, you should go an have a word with yourself.

  346. Mac says:

    This is glorious.

    It feels like the first time in ages I can talk positively about independence and the party I am in at the same time.

    The SNP had become a dreadful, heavy weight around my neck that went everywhere with the discussion of Independence.

    How wonderful it is to simply let go of it. To be free of it.

    This is liberating.

  347. Republicofscotland says:

    We should also vote tactically, in regions where say ALBA stands but ISP or AFI doesn’t then the ALBA candidate should get the List vote. Or where ALBA isn’t standing the List vote should go to ISP or AFI, and so on.

    Lets maximise the pro-indy List vote, that doesn’t include the SNP or the Greens, by using this technique.

    Not a penny should be given in funding to the Greens or the SNP.

  348. Robert Graham says:

    Oh the spitting vile and person remarks are getting to the hysterical level oh how upsetting eh , the greens have looked into the abyss and the Job Centre is looming ,

    As this is your first attempt at meaningful employment Mr eh what was your previous employment Mr Harvie , oh really was that legal just asking like I suppose takes all sorts , well you are not really qualified for any of the positions we have presently you see we don’t have much call for ares lickers who have a permanent sleazy look about them , try next year

    Next oh I recognise you Mr pension Pete and what can we do for you ? Oh you expect to be made redundant shortly and what was your employment situation , oh the same line as Mr Harvie now that’s interesting we have been getting a lot of your type in today must be Brexit eh .

    Aye expect some really bad fkn news all you seat warmers the games up by by .

  349. Don says:

    @McDuff 26 March, 2021 at 4:03 pm

    “Ross Greer of the Greens on Sky hissing venom and white hot hatred at AS to the extent that the interviewer had to caution him. These people are consumed by their own bile.”

    Well Ross is the bloke who got his own vurrent expense account for coming in 4th place in an election cos he is extra speshial

  350. Kate says:

    What a glorious day it has been, I joined ALBA right away, feel bad about the ISP as they have put a lot of work in since forming. I felt terrible ditching them so soon, but no way could I not join the Alex Salmond party.. I do hope that Colette & others in the ISP will start talks with Alex and sign up to his party, & hopefully they will get a good chance at getting 1 of the list seats if not 2 in some regions..
    But today it is ALBA day, all the way…

  351. velofello says:

    Pleased as Punch I am. Signed up, enlisted to volunteer, and donated to Alba.

  352. Mac says:

    The name is perfect. It really is.

    It is lush.

    Only 4 letters that open and close with the ‘A’ vowel.

    Almost palindromic.

    Super malleable and photogenic.

    Lends itself perfectly to merchandising and marketing.

    And it has real depth and heart and chimes with us all.

    It is probably the name the SNP would chose if they could go back in time.

    I love it.

  353. GRUNT says:

    As expected the SNP are on the full on offensive , many of the membership attacking the Alba party and claiming it will “split the vote”. Many of those same people will probably vote for the greens, the hypocrisy is shocking.

    The SNP just don’t want to answer the question – why do they overlook thousands of votes for the greens but attack any other attempts to create pro indy parties?

  354. Glen Clova says:

    So Alba will be at the top of the ballot paper, a tactic Alex has used before with his controversial ‘Alex Salmond for First Minister’. The master tactician at work.

  355. Dan says:

    Aye, that would be that special kind of “awkward” you get when you completely disregard or ignore all that has occurred since 2016…

  356. Sue Varley says:


    The Bonny Prince is standing against Angus Robertson in the constituency, so you can vote Bob 1, Alba 2. What joy!

  357. Mac says:

    No disrespect to the Rev whatsoever but it is very funny that he had to change his own swear filter before he could post this article.

    Hail fucking Caesar on that one!

  358. Sharny Dubs says:

    Oh what a day what a day what a day.

    Now we just got to meet them pesky French on the field.

    Win or loose don’t care as long as we play to our full abilities with honour and dignity

  359. shiregirl says:

    I’m number #222

    What a day.

  360. Jim Bo says:

    That’s me joined too. Upset that my user name was taken tho! Was that you Jimbo?

  361. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    I’ll stick with the ISP. I’m going for the long term post Indy option.

  362. Ruby says:

    Hatuey says:

    Gaelic is alien to me. It means nothing. If that annoys you, you should go an have a word with yourself.


    Why would it annoy me?

    I’m curious to know why Gaelic or any mention of Gaelic annoys you so much.

  363. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    The outrage from SNP MPs/ MSPs is astonishing. What right do the have that they think they own our vote?

    Entitlement . Fuck off I vote for who I want Pishart.

  364. Grey Gull says:


    Bet the wine is going down well! One day we will all meet up and have a big party!

  365. Stuart MacKay says:

    Oh dear, I see that Scot goes Pop! is now persona non-grata over at the Dug House. All the commentators are working themselves into a virtuous lather over how pure their adoration of the SNP will be in May.

    It’s like seeing a bunch of wildebeest after seeing the lions make a kill. Salmond and the Rev are so awful, but they can’t stop talking about them.

  366. george wood says:

    Was really depressed about politics and the chances of getting Independence, but then one of my work colleagues emailed me the story and things have turned on it’s head.
    My email reply to him was bye-bye Greens and I fervently hope we see them cleared out of Holyrood.

  367. ahundredthidiot says:

    Alba Party is big news and a game changer.

    Hopefully ISP/AFI will show real leadership and desire for Scottish Independence by standing down.

  368. Andy Ellis says:

    Folks, unless you routinely use “native” pronunciation for all other languages, give it up with the crapola about whether it’s “Al-ba” or “Alahpah”, huh? Does anyone pronounce Paris “Par-ee”?

    Unless you have the Gàidhlig and are talking to a Gael, Al-ba will be fine, OK? 🙂

  369. Tommo says:

    I am Welsh and for the Union but I have deep family, romantic and personal attachment to Scotland
    Things down here are very far from perfect- to the extent that one poll had ‘abolish the assembly’ at +1% over independence- but the sheer volume of bile directed at Mr Salmond today and previously is appalling
    I suspect that with him in charge the case for Independence would be put as strongly as it ever could be; the result remains to be seen
    From a purely personal point of view however anything that sticks it right up the abysmal ruling cabal that have taken up residence in your Parliament and officialdom-and frankly made it a bit of an embarrassment- will find favour with me
    I’ll get me coat

  370. Clavie Cheil says:

    Did I hear somebody say that Alba had “13,000 new and real members” already? I couldn’t resist that.

    Thats me joined.

    This news about Alba has lifted me out of what was a very dark place.

  371. Sir Fortescue Wankworthy says:

    I say,

    I knew Alex Salmond when he was sixteen. A robust fellow of great integrity and wit. Jolly splendid chap and all round good egg. For these reasons there will be a monthly contribution from Wankworthy Hall to his fine cause.

    One will toast him this evening with Islay’s finest and a Havana.

    Now good day to you.

  372. Mark Boyle says:

    @AYRSHIRE ROB says: 26 March, 2021 at 6:52 pm

    “The outrage from SNP MPs/ MSPs is astonishing. What right do the have that they think they own our vote?”

    The SNP now has the same sense of entitlement that Scottish Labour had. They’ve forgotten how well that one ended for it!

  373. @ Andy Ellis at 5.36pm and cynicalHighlander at 5.44pm: BonniePrinceBob #1, ALBA #2 looks like the best plan to me.

  374. Effigy says:

    Ross Greer looks like a drawing left over from the Tin Tin cartoon.

    Of course he is upset. Where would he ever got another job that pays this well
    and where he isn’t allowed to be told to shut up?

  375. Willie says:

    What can one say other that we have just had the very best news in a long time.

    A new party with a heritage. Something that we can work for, work with, and in doing so deliver a super majority. It’s like being invited back home to old friends.

    Eva Comrie was head of the regional list in her region. A well respected solicitor she is now the Alba top list candidate. And Salmond, well having him back in harness what can one say of the contribution he will make. Or of the rest to follow. Perchance SNP Westminster MPs.

    Yes folks, and despite our many graves reservation about some in the SNP we now have the chance to change all that.

    Fantastic because this is now our opportunity.

  376. Pixywine says:

    By the way the SNP are still treating Alec Salmond its clear they have no interest in Independence.SNP 1 Alba 2 might be worth a punt if only to piss off the SNP Politburo.
    To the Twitler Youth Independence is normal and good for you. Stop watching porn and switch off the BBC. You know it makes sense.

  377. Edward MacD says:

    Alba site still playing up when it comes to joining, must be swamped I guess.

  378. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Yes Mark B @ 7.04 pm

    I remember NS begging for us to lend them our vote.P Wishart begging for our vote. What have done with that vote- nothing.

  379. Baxter1967 says:

    George Galloway saying two heavy weights now going head to head. Him and Eck. Well Holyrood will be the richer for it; if both get a seat. Just wish Galloway would jump ship ( after all he has a natural talent for it). With the two of them combined we’d be Independent in half an hour.

  380. @ sarah at 5.48pm:

    “Re pronunciation of “Alba”.

    Three languages are used in Scotland. Gaelic pronun “Alaper”; Scots – I don’t know; English “Allber”.”

    While I’m reluctant to get into this debate about Scots vs. Gaelic, which is at best of no relevance to the independence issue and, at worst, needlessly divisive, how can you possibly not know how the majority of Scots pronounce ‘Alba’? I think I’m right in saying Gaelic is spoken by something less than 1% of Scots. The rest of us speak Scots, some more Anglified than others, and we pronounce Alba exactly as it is written: ‘Alba’. I’ve reached the age of 57 without ever having heard of it being pronounced ‘Alapa’ or (‘Alaper’?) until today.

  381. DAVID COUTTS says:

    The vitriol from the SNP is astonishing and all the other parties.

    Only sure fire winners are the ALBA party and the real Independence supporters.

    Whilst ALBA numbers will go through the roof.

    SNP membership is in fretful.

    My branch until i resigned 2 hours ago had 481 members in February last year and last month it was 444 and that is OFFICIAL and that is FORTH BRANCH in Edinburgh.

    Down by 10pc!!

    I cannot tell you Peter Murrell’s salary or the bank balance of the party but neither can the Finance Committee – that have all resigned.

  382. Robert Graham says:

    Just about to dive into the depths of despair and depression aye you guessed it WGFud , Despite his usual rantings snipe infested shite he attempts to say Alex is not as popular as he thinks he is that’s why the big ego has to be in charge of the ALBA Party, oh dear sour milk tut tut .

    Alex is more popular than he will ever be despite his arse licking of Princess Nicola in order to deflect attention from him .

    A high point in his usual Snide outflowing he blames Alex for the Tory taunts of once in a generation it’s all his fault ,

    As usual Snide bitter venomous remarks should be a good fit in Sturgeons circle of hate filled pond life that if given the opportunity would have half of the independence movement Arrested if they didn’t agree with her twisted approach to human biology .

  383. Ruby says:

    Menstruator says:
    26 March, 2021 at 6:04 pm
    Mhairi Black’s tweet is inane. Every candidate gets tips on presentation. It used to be called “Folletting” because Barbara Follett did if for the Labour party.


    Wasn’t Mhairi Black a bit lost re wardrobe when she went to Westminster. I believe she had to ask her mother to take her to Marks & Spencer.

    “Makes me wonder if the women standing for his new party have been offered a makeover yet, like he did with me in 2015”

    He didn’t offer her a makeover he
    suggested she speak to Tasmina.

    Bad show from Ross Greer a Christian and member of the Church of Scotland.

  384. Ian Brotherhood says:

    It’s still sinking in, isn’t it?

    We’ve waited so long for a day like this.

    Really quite overwhelming.

    Thanks Alex, and all the loyal supporters who helped make this possible.

    We owe all of you, big-time.


    PS Slainte!

    *cracks the first of many*

  385. ahundredthidiot says:

    SNP have let Scotland down.

    They are of poor quality throughout their ranks. Childish, rude, slightly perverted and their behaviour in public office is quite unacceptable.

    Fortunately, the Teacher has returned.

    They’re in for a fucking shock.

  386. beflox says:


    What’s a “real Independence supporter”?


  387. It`s like Bannockburn where the `common/small folk` (though told to stay out of it) decided to join the fight and helped destroy the spirit of the English army.

  388. Ruby says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:

    PS Slainte!


    Steady on with the Gaelic some people might get upset.

  389. Lekraw says:

    Way ahead of you. Joined within minutes of the conference, (despite the shambles, that’s irrelevant).

    I do think they need a new web/IT guy though. I mean what idiot made the noob mistake of registering, but not the other common domains? goes to the SNP website ffs. Their emails were also failing domain authentication this afternoon, resulting in them getting binned in my spam folder.

  390. Ian Mac says:

    How hilarious if Alex Salmond and Alba held the balance of power in Holyrood. It is absolutely hysterically funny listening to these jumped up jobsworths desperately telling us telling he is ‘yesterday’s man’, nobody is interested etc etc. Have they looked in the mirror recently and pondered how relevant they are to independence? The squealing is delicious. SNP and Greens thought they had stitched up a very cosy deal, and now someone has the temerity to challenge them and force them to answer some pertinent questions. How shocking for the pearl clutching swindlers.

  391. ahundredthidiot says:

    I have a bottle of Spirit of Freedom ’45’ whisky.

    I thought about opening it last week, it was getting that bad.

    Today, I’m glad I didn’t. Thank You Alex Salmond.

    Our day will come. (And I don’t need the Gaelic for that!)

  392. AndyMcKangry says:

    Great day!!!
    Had seriously decided to opt out of the world.
    The SNP hierarchy have brought this on themselves. Dirty tricks brigade fitting up Salmond and then employing the crown office to cover things up for them. Spending 3-4 years trying to keep England in the EU against the wishes of that population instead of gaining independence for their own country. And worst of all placing the bonkers gender bill and the equally bonkers thought police bill ahead of their most important task and their whole reason for existing, the independence of their country.
    He’ll mend them and of course the slimy greens who we will now hopefully see the back of. Said for years they would sell independence for their own agendas every day of the week!!
    Good to be back in the world!!

  393. Baxter1967 says:

    I’m looking for some advice before I sign up:
    I know for a fact that Salmond is 1000 times more economically literate than Sturgeon and strategically aware.
    But is Alba less inclined towards identity politics and self ID?
    I’m pro social justice, ok with paying more tax, but see all this virtual signalling woke drivel as superficial.
    If so I’m in, but can anyone assure me here.

  394. Sir Fortescue Wankworthy says:

    Re beflox 7.19

    I say,

    When the stable is piled high with ordure and methane, a real independence supporter dons his gumboots and starts mucking out. Putting on a ladies petticoat and lighting a cheroot is simply not acceptable.

    Now good day to you.

  395. dropthevipers says:

    More than a touch ironic that this development arises directly from Sturgeon’s shameful and nefarious to prevent just this. Apart from being a truly nasty piece of work she is pretty thick, all told.

  396. Edward MacD says:

    SNP using Boris Johnson’s lines when commenting on the new Alba Party; “the covid pandemic recovery ought to be the focus of the election”. So superficial, so pathetic.

  397. george wood says:

    There’s a few thinly disguised trolls trying to take the piss. There efforts to be smart are just making them look ridiculous. I would guess they are Twitler youth foot soldiers.

  398. Mac says:

    Like an idiot I completely forgot about Salmond’s statement today and went to Tescos at precisely the time it was kicking off.

    Came home about two hours later, saw this and joined up. I think / hope I just got in before the mad rush crashed the payments system.

    A March 26th join up date… oh yeah.

    Get in now before it is too late.

  399. Ian Brotherhood says:

    An hour ago I asked the following on Twitter:

    ‘Who *in your opinion* is the most committed to achieving independence for Scotland?’

    Alex Salmond 77%
    Nicola Sturgeon 23%

    Votes cast: 313

    Twitter polls don’t mean a thing – obviously! – but it is what it is.


  400. STEVEN ELLIOTT says:

    paypal yes but don’t see any security on credit card payments, so no till I see security

  401. John H. says:

    Another hatchet job of an interview of Alex Salmond on Channel 4 news. Embarrassing really.

  402. Menstruator says:

    Republicofscotland at 6.17

    Thank you for the announcement but we do already know….

    Well, those of us on here anyway. The problem is getting the message across on a broader front.

    Just one further note on Mhairi – she called women who don’t agree that humans can change sex “Jeremy Hunts”

    Which I don’t think Alex has ever stooped to.

  403. beflox says:

    Hi George Wood

    It’s “Their efforts …” not “There efforts …”


  404. TJenny says:

    Joined ALBA and I’m #1850. Yippeee. 🙂

    My email conf is showing as a credit card payment even though I paid by debit card, so hope that desn’t bugger things up. Why would you want to pay a monthhly payt by cc?

    Form did accept my landline number.

  405. wee monkey says:

    What the giddy ****?

    “On May 6th you have two votes. On your constituency ballot paper, #voteSNP for your local SNP candidate. On your regional ballot paper, #voteAlba Party to ensure an independence #Supermajority.”

    The Song Remains The Same.

    Vote for Sturgeon & Woke? Have you actually read this?? FFS.


  406. KOF says:

    A couple weeks ago I had reluctantly decided to voted SNP on the constituency vote. However, a mere couple days ago I considered not voting at all, so scunnered I was of the SNP’s recent behaviour. I even toyed with the idea of voting Conservative yesterday, I was that mad at the SNP.

    Now, with the Alba Party and Alex Salmond leading it, I WILL definitely vote SNP now. No question, or doubt about it.

    Once again Alex Salmond saves the SNP.

  407. Ottomanboi says:

    How strange the name of the new party has brought out in some what Gaels call the mi-rùn mòr nan gall. No wonder England gets away with it, with such touchy « Scots » to play around with.
    Al ba or alapa the new rose smells very sweet indeed.

  408. ScottieDog says:

    Hmmm given today’s events could it be that SNP WON’T put indy on their manifesto?

    Then there would be no super majority of course….

  409. MacLam says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    26 March, 2021 at 3:57 pm

    “Spelt Alba wrong on the website FFS Abla Party HQ!”

    Ellos no Abla Gaelic, quizas.

  410. Robert Louis says:

    A great day, made even better by all the folk getting upset at Gaelic. Seriously, if it weren’t for lockdown, I’d suggest you get out more.

  411. June Maxwell says:

    Hi Stu

    Joined Alba. If I remember right, back when, this list party idea was yours – and you took absolute pelters for it. Now look… people falling over themselves to join – and not one word about our Wingman. Well, thanks Stu. xx

  412. beflox says:

    And then you all woke up and realised you still have to vote for Nicola (as most sane indy voters will be doing) to make Eck’s plan work …

    On May 6th you have two votes. On your constituency ballot paper, #voteSNP for your local SNP candidate. On your regional ballot paper, #voteAlba Party to ensure an independence #Supermajority.

  413. Clavie Cheil says:

    Oh and according to my email I am founding member 1865. Any advance on that?

  414. Pixywine says:

    To all silly pedants. What does it matter how Alba is pronounced?.

  415. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeons Twitter feed promising all sorts for Scotland if we reelected the SNP, of course she’s also promising independence as well, and we know that’s an outright lie.

    Eck, says give them our constituency vote, fair enough, but that’s it, not a penny funding, nor a List vote, same applies to the Greens.

    Vote ALBA/ISP/AFI on the List vote.

  416. Pixywine says:

    I have more advice for the SNP goon show vote Alba with your 2nd vote. Also stop worshipping scoundrels.

  417. Frazerio says:

    Hatuey. I get u now. Fair enough.

  418. shiregirl says:

    Grey Gull says:
    26 March, 2021 at 6:53 pm

    Bet the wine is going down well! One day we will all meet up and have a big party!

    Oh it is! Bottle 2 on the go. A definite Wingers get-together is needed post lockdown. Hope everyone is having a great evening. This is (politically) the most positive I have felt in years. A much welcome turn of events.

  419. Red says:

    ahundredthidiot – that’s a good shout, we can definitely learn from other countries.

    John – Another hatchet job of an interview of Alex Salmond on Channel 4 news.

    The mass media is the sworn enemy of all that is good and true. I’d be worried if they weren’t attacking Alex Salmond.

  420. Andy Ellis says:

    @pixal 7.42 pm

    It’s not 2016 anymore….

  421. Meg merrilees says:

    Wee Chid@ 5.43
    I was number 1369 at 5.18
    OH was 1380 – at 5.30pm
    Frank Gilloughley – 1584 at 6.03pm

    Any updates?

  422. george wood says:

    Yes the pedants are out in force. Apparently the spelling of words is more important than the substance of what is said. A cynic like myself just sees people trying to divert the discussion down dead-ends.

  423. Graham says:

    Are they standing in all constituencies?

  424. Big Jock says:

    This week started with dejection on Monday, hope on Wednesday and joy on Friday. Only thing that can top it. Scotland beating France by 8 points and finishing 2nd in six nations. Would be highest position ever.

  425. Breeks says:

    I don’t think it matters a jot whether folks say Alapba or Al-ba, but however you pronounce it, it just seems a matter of good etiquette to know that our Gaelic language pronounces it one way, and auld Scots, or whatever, pronounces it Al-ba. Both are correct.

    A wee bit respect for each other goes a long way, as we share our culture in our shared Scotland, and nobody needs to get upset about it.

    And if you still don’t like it, get yourself logged in to Duolingo and learn a wee bit Gaelic yourself. It doesn’t hurt, I promise. Just learn a few words and maybe you’ll get hooked.

    There’s no need to feel threatened or “less Scottish” because you can’t speak Gaelic or don’t have a Mc or Mac surname. Have a wee go and see how you get on. Mac is Gaelic for son by the way, and clan is the Gaelic word for children. So you kinda do speak a wee bit Gaelic already. Smashing! Or is that s’ math sin. (that’s good). See? You’re on a roll! Lol

    Wee secret? I’ve never actually joined a political party in my puff… until today. 😉

  426. Andybhoy says:

    I am glad I never sent off that postal vote application form now.

  427. Andybhoy says:

    I went out for a few hours, have had a quick wander round the interweb, I can`t believe how many SNP dummies, as in the things babies suck, that have been spat out this evening.

  428. Big Jock says:

    Get the popcorn out for the day when Nicola has to be in the same studio as Alex during the Hastings.

    Let’s see her look him in the eye and tell her porkies!

    If I was a TV producer I would be salivating.

  429. Big Jock says:


  430. sarah says:

    @ Michael Laing: I live in a fringe Gaelic area in the west, not in Scots areas in the east so I’ve only heard the Gaelic channel BBC Alba and English versions. 🙂

  431. Robert Louis says:

    John H. at 0733pm,

    Aye the interview was shockingly amateurish. It was clear Krishnan did not undertsand how the Scottish parliament electoral system works.

    However, really Krishnan needs to hang his head in shame, a man is found innocent, but seemingly, according to Krishnan of Channel 4 news, he isn’t. How would Krishnan like it if he were found completely innocent of made-up, malicious sex charges, but then despite being found innocent, every journalist thereafter talked to him about his ‘behaviour’.

    Really, overall a very poorly prepared piece by Channel 4 news – really rather amateurish.

  432. Mac says:

    I feel I should confess, I am actually a ‘Mc’ and not a ‘Mac’.

    I thought if I used that as my name you’d think I was a rapper DJ or maybe a wedding host so I inserted an ‘a’.

  433. Cath says:

    I had a wee half bottle of fizz in the fridge I’ve never had an occasion to use in lockdown so I broke it open tonight. I worry for Alex- I didn’t want him to have to do this. But when you see the publicity garnered, compared to the silence for ISP and AFI you see why it has to be. Also, watching the ire and venom directed at him by the media, and the SNP suddenly being the media darlings, you see what a great strategy it actually is for independence. I just hope his health can take it and/or there are some excellent candidates to be announced who can let him step back from having to do all the media.

  434. shiregirl says:

    I’d love to see Jim Sillars get behind Alba. Or am I just being daft? Big respect for him. Also Dennis Canavan. Massive respect for him also. Wouldn’t it be good…

  435. beflox says:

    Hi Robert Louis

    AS’s “behavior” though is definitely now a subject that is up for discussion, and AS will know this. It’s a given in politics – anything that’s happened in your life is up for discussion. He doesn’t need to address it, but it has to be accepted that it’ll be brought up.

  436. Robert Louis says:

    Breeks ta 0747pm,

    Totally agree about Gaelic. Congratulations on joining a political party.

    Now, at last after six wasted years, we can focus on independence again.

  437. shiregirl says:

    Cath says:
    26 March, 2021 at 7:54 pm
    I had a wee half bottle of fizz in the fridge I’ve never had an occasion to use in lockdown so I broke it open tonight…


  438. Lothianlad says:

    Just joined!!

    Never thought I’d see the day I would leave the SNP, but, if Stu backs this and Alex is involved, then it’s a done deal for me!

  439. ALANM says:

    Just watched the Alex Salmond interview on C4 News. As expected, he was baited on numerous occasions by Guru-Murthy keen to push the line that he (Salmond) wasn’t a fit and proper person to be standing for election due to his past behaviour towards women.

    Who do these autocue readers think they are to come on air and question the verdict of a jury? The last time I witnessed such antagonism towards an interviewee was when Alex Salmond was interviewed on C4 News prior to the 2014 referendum. Looking on the bright side, I suppose it means he’s got them rattled.

  440. Al-Stuart says:

    Thank God.

    We have HOPE again.

    Thank the BBC.

    I was filling in the Alba Party membership form online with the British State Broadaster BBC on in the background and sending £10 a month to the Alba Party.

    Then the BBC put the odious dodgy Orwellian SNP Humza Yousaf on. He spouted utter pish.

    So I upped my monthly Alba Sub to £20.

    Then the BBC put the dodgy 3-job referee Tory Douglas Ross on. He spouted utter pish.

    So I upped my monthly Alba Sub to £30.

    Then The BBC put the dodgy Buggins-my-turn Labour Sarwar on. He spouted uttter pish.

    So I upped my monthly Alba Sub to £40.

    Then the BBC put the pathetic tuition fee/Carmichael liar, wee LibDim Willie Rennie on. He spouted utter pish.

    So I upped my monthly Alba Sub to £50.

    The BBC have covered themselves with excrement today. It takes something as bad as the BBC reporters (licence fee thieves) to remind us how really bad they are. Shit reporters all trying to recycle fake dirt that was extinguished by a court. Not one of the State broadcaster’s reporters have mentioned the perversion of justice in attempting to frame an innocent man for rape.

    Each one of those BBC scum buckets should be jailed every time they try that: but, but, BUT! They use the word “but” followed by some shit the monkey-dung-hurlers deploy and then some slanderous fakery about bad conduct.

    So BBC every time you pissed this voter OFF tonight I bunged an extra £120 a year into the Alba Party. £50 per month is £600 a year. It should have just been a tenner.

    The BBC have been taking lessons from yon Dex that cannae work a calculator and turned £350 into £50 whilst fundraising £10,000 for our Stuart Campbell (and hopefully 10% for Chris Cairns cos he is very good),

    BBC, every time you piss off a Scotsman or Scotswoman with your Unionist lies, deceit and dishonesty, more and more and more money will be donated to the Alba Party.

  441. Robert Louis says:


    well aware of all that, my point was in relation to the interview. If we accept justice, then we simply cannot constantly re-run and re-smear by innuendo a wholly innocent man.

    Besides, such a line by political opponents will cease to have validity, as people will tire of hearing the same old made up nonsense.

    Alex Salmond is a man of great integrity, and the smears just don’t wash anymore, as evidenced by the huge numbers signing up to ALBA.

  442. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Big Jock

    Aye.Sure a Scottish hustings in Hasting wouldn’t go down too well. Lol

  443. Jontoscots20 says:

    Hi busy today and missed live. Can anyone copy link for the full interview. ?I am going to join. Never joined SNP just cancelled labour after forty years and really enthused. Did join ISP. Can I say to those with misgivings re the Social Democratic label. This party will be different from the woke captured parties of the soft left. But it will I am sure be big enough for debate and discussion.

  444. Robert Louis says:

    ALANM at 808pm

    I think you are right, they are throwing dirt, because he DOES have them rattled, and they have no rational response. This is a revolution – at least it feels like it.

  445. Lothianlad says:

    Horrible tweet from mhairi black! Remember her?? What a disappointment that turned out to be!

    Still hounding Alex Salmond about his sexual behaviour…..

    If evervtgerecwas a dodgy character, its mhairi black!

    By the way she, he, it….. really could do with a make over!!!

    That’s not a compliment hen!!

  446. Ian Mac says:

    Guru-Murthy was pathetic. Trying to force Alex to ‘apologise’ to the women. If you are found innocent, what do you have to apologise for? The women who exaggerated and fabricated charges should be the ones asked to apologise. Taking his cue from Sturgeon KGM clearly assumes the women were wronged – despite the evidence clearly pointing the other way, and the verdict of the jury. As Alex said, he should do some research before asking such pointed and deliberately misleading questions.

  447. Daisy Walker says:

    Tweet from Joanna Cherry 2 hours ago – she is still ill, and still an SNP MP – not sure if the 2 are connected. (Wee joke).

    Hope she gets better soon.

    Took a wee look at WGD – I found his most recent article – poor and soor grapes.

    Interestingly he has a wee video up of Kit Kat Mairhi – speaking about Indy. I watched it. Although more polished in delivery than a few years ago, there was nothing knew there.

    And the thing is, she might not have been polished when she first appeared, but my god I believed her. I don’t believe her now.

    Thinking more on Alex’s tactics – I think his clear cut Vote SNP 1 and Alba 2 may well be the thing that ultimately saves the SNP.

    I really struggle to see how (as much as Nicla will try) that can be spun into – ‘see he’s trying to undermine the Indy vote.’

    And lastly, for now, if there are 1 million list votes up for grabs, and 10% join Alba… Wow.

    But lets speculate a litte bit further – if voting Alba on the list, becomes the defacto Indy vote, and since over 2 million voted for Indy. What if they get over 50% of the vote?

    Isn’t that something to aim for, and something that will make history.

  448. stephen hodge says:

    Joined, and the best news ever! Superb!

  449. Annie 621 says:

    You could win a seat if you stood up here. Even if you lived on the moon, never mind Bath,
    You’d win.

  450. tartanfever says:

    Just joined this minute. Receipt by email confirmed that i’m number 2022.

  451. beflox says:

    Hi Robert Louis

    I agree in principal with what you are saying – however, outside of comments boards such as this I think this story is still a big deal with the general voters, (and I suspect this may be a big miscalculation on AS’s part) and because of that I don’t think any journalist is going to let that one lie. There is definitely a feeling out there of “where there is smoke there is fire” and regardless of what we may wish for, it’s a “story”. After all, I’m guessing NS is going to spend the entire campaign batting off questions about all the other bullshit connected with this story, regardless of whether or not her supporters believe it’s relevant.

    Anyway, in the end the voters will decide …

  452. John McNab says:

    It augurs well that one of the first topics of discussion is the “proper” pronunciation of the term ‘Alba’. Great stuff guys!!!

    I wonder what they’ll do when they realise that ‘Alba’ refers to that part of Britain that is currently administratively recognised as Scotland, that lies north and west of the Forth Valley, as ruled by the Albany Stewarts. Where does that leave the rest of us?

    PS. Joanna Cherry?!?!?! ?

  453. beflox says:

    tartanfever says:
    26 March, 2021 at 8:12 pm
    Just joined this minute. Receipt by email confirmed that i’m number 2022.

    Is this important?

  454. Andy Ellis says:

    @Daisy Walker 8.07pm

    I’ve no wish to help save the SNP. They be a necessary evil in the short to medium term, but ultimately our aim should be to destroy them for the corrupt bunch of charlatans they have become. With friends like them, we don’t need yoons.

  455. shiregirl says:


    Welcome to you – you are amongst friends here. Many of us are disillusioned SNP. I was a labour voter way, way back when I lived in Falkirk as a newly qualified nurse. I also feel optimistic regarding open discussion within this party but stopping short of the pathogenic woke movement which enveloped the party I gave so much to over the past few years. Onwards!

  456. Daisy Walker says:

    I’ve received an e-mail thanking me for joining, but when I login, it does not say what my membership number is. I’m rather looking forward to being a founding member…

    Still not clear if it eventually accepted my donations.

    Anyone know how to clarify things. Appreciate its probably cause they’re a bit busy…

  457. Lothianlad says:

    I’m sorry but I just need to vent…

    That WGD hunt has a check criticising AS when WFD Failed to condemn the corruption of the murrels.

    Hey WGD…. put your begging bowl away now, you’ve fleeced the pro indy supporters enough ya chancer!

  458. Kcor says:

    To his eternal credit, Alex Salmond has come back to rescue Scotland and the cause for Scottish independence.

    We can now all unite in giving Alba our list votes.

    Agreed Ruby? Or will you still give your list vote to the SNP?

    Agreed Mia? Or will you still withhold your list vote?

  459. Ruby says:

    Jontoscots20 says:
    26 March, 2021 at 8:00 pm
    Hi busy today and missed live. Can anyone copy link for the full interview. ?

    FF to 5.30

  460. Hatuey says:

    Well done, breeks, and well done to everybody that has joined Alba. Isn’t it great that we have something to fight for again…

    Independence supporters have been tragically let down over the past few years. We have watched in shock as our supposed leaders conspired to marginalise us and destroy our heroes.

    Today we fight back. I’m putting everything I can into this.

    For the record, I have no problem with Gaelic, people speaking Gaelic, or the existence of Gaelic. If I seem slightly pissed off about Gaelic, it’s because I’d rather the focus was on the positive implications of the new party and the hope it offers rather than how to pronounce its name.

    But fuck it. Slainte. Beannaich Dia thu uile (god bless you all according to Google translate), and may your lums always reek, etc.

  461. Pete M says:

    Joined! 2001st member which isn’t bad going

  462. Robert Graham says:

    Hey Stu yer Aniti Trans did you know that ?

    Well I guess that means WGFud welcomes everything Princess Nicola supports including everything her strange youth Wing are posting on every site available they are in overdrive I guess it might be the mixed up hormones and the difficulty identifying with whatever today’s fad is .

    Maybe just as well Alex supports a Independent Scotland eh could you imagine the language and the Flack he would attract if was advocating support for the Union it doesn’t bare thinking about

    Not going as I expected on La La Land a few dissenting voices slipping through and posting some reasonably well thought out arguments and very difficult to counter unless you’re a brainless Nicola follower ,

    Alex has given the Independence movement a bigger boost in the last few hours than Sturgeon has in the last 4 years or since Alex left the stage that’s when the Rot set in and the infighting started because of her lack of movement that’s Why all these other parties started up sheer fkn boredom

  463. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    OK, finally up to date, having read all the comments on today’s active WOS pages. Sorry to start off all pedantic like.

    Willie Mclean at 4:34 pm.

    You typed,
    “Probably someone else has posted this, but Alba gets it to the top of the ballot paper doesn’t it?”

    Surely “AFI” or “Action for Independence” will come before “Alba”?

    As others have alluded to up above, this video featuring SNP Weet Pishfart and the Labour singer, Donnie Munro, is a bra’ tune.

    Today’s event has blown the Scottish political scene to smithereens. I can’t decide whether to cancel my SNP membership immediately, to join Alba, or leave it until 6th April, which is a significant date. It would be nice to be a founding member on that later date.

    BTW: the Channel 4 interview: Krishnan was attempting to be all Jeremy Paxman but failed. I noticed that Alex used both pronunciations – Alba and Alapah.

  464. DHall says:

    Okay so I just joined and the lovely welcome email says I’m number 12 … but I joined after other people on here who say they are higher numbers.

    Does anyone know how this works? Does it work in reverse?

    I’m happy to be number 12, it doesn’t need explaining what this means. Which number is the cut off point for real independence supporters? I would say number 1314 should be about right. Does anyone know? Does it work in reverse?

  465. tricia young says:

    Daisy, I had a thank you email too and tagged on at the end was a receipt and number in the top right hand section which I think is the membership number. My partner also had difficulty joining and is still not sure if his payment had gone through as the site kept freezing (maybe crashing?)

  466. merganser says:

    Sorry I only have a hotmail address.

    I love the name ALBA. Suggests whiter than white (politically speaking) and a pop at Alphabetties at the same time.

  467. beflox says:

    Okay so I just joined and the lovely welcome email says I’m number 12 … but I joined after other people on here who say they are higher numbers.

    Does anyone know how this works? Does it work in reverse?

    I’m happy to be number 12, it doesn’t need explaining what this means. Which number is the cut off point for real independence supporters? I would say number 1314 should be about right. Does anyone know? Does it work in reverse?

  468. Ruby says:

    Kcor says:

    Agreed Ruby? Or will you still give your list vote to the SNP?


    ‘The Sockpuppet Stalker’ is back!

    Fuck off Stalker!

  469. Daisy Walker says:

    Andy Ellis says:
    26 March, 2021 at 8:14 pm

    @Daisy Walker 8.07pm

    I’ve no wish to help save the SNP. They be a necessary evil in the short to medium term, but ultimately our aim should be to destroy them for the corrupt bunch of charlatans they have become. With friends like them, we don’t need yoons.’

    Andy I get where your coming from, but there are a big chunk of good people still in the SNP who have been holding on and holding on, thinking that its the best way to keep Indy alive, and that its the only way we’ll get Indy is with the SNP.

    Alex has just given them a way, to vote SNP 1 and Alba 2 – and promote Indy, without skuppering the SNP, without being disloyal. A way to stay true to the ‘united we stand/divided we fall’ cliche.

    A way, in reality, to enable the divide between the Yes movement to heal.

    He’s also made it impossible for SNP politicians to fail to push for Indy. He has removed their comfy hiding place.

    Did I mention he’s a brilliant tactitian.

  470. Cath says:

    I NEVER GOT A NUMBER!! Why did I not get a number?

  471. Robert Louis says:


    Does everybody know what a concern troll looks like now? Here’s how it goes, ‘I really support ALBA, but I must admit, I worry about ‘x’.

    I’ve been here way too long to give it time of day.

    Alex Salmonds opponents must be getting desperate.

  472. Andy Ellis says:

    @Daisy Walker 8.16pm

    I got an email confirming my membership: it had a receipt number (mine was #1224) which I took to be the membership number?

    I had trouble trying to join earlier in the PM from a phone, but it worked OK from my Mac later.

    Hope you get it sorted!

  473. Hatuey says:

    It’s a good sign that the Alba servers are struggling.

    On one hand we have the SNP hiding the books, on the other we have Alba breaking the internet as people surge to donate.

  474. Robert Louis says:

    Cath at 824pm,

    I never specifically got a number, I think mibbes folk are talking of the number on their acknowledgement, or payment receipt?

  475. Shinty says:

    Daisy Walker,

    It should be on your receipt?

  476. John Mcphail says:

    Daisy Walker says:
    26 March, 2021 at 8:16 pm
    I’ve received an e-mail thanking me for joining, but when I login, it does not say what my membership number is.

    If you click on “Your Account” and then “May Recruiter Link” there is an ID number. Perhaps this is it. I was in quite early and mine is 144…

  477. crisiscult says:

    by the way, trying to use the donate page via google chrome didn’t work, but opera worked.

  478. Michael B says:

    Rhiannon Spear:
    ‘ Launching the Alba party whilst being completely incapable of pronouncing Alba is litrally the embodiment of white male privilege.

    I present to you Alex Salmond.’


    Yes, ‘litrally’.

    I’m fairly sure that Alex will give it its Gaelic pronunciation when he is speaking Gaelic. Just as he’ll say ‘Paree’ for Paris when speaking French.

  479. Nally Anders says:

    Albert Herrings @8.01
    I read that as, Weak Pishart had just Defecated. (laughs)

  480. Cath says:

    Oh right Robert. There is a number in my receipt right enough, but i doubt that is related to membership numbers. Will be interested to see how many sign up in the first 24 hours with nothing but horrific media coverage…

  481. tartanfever says:

    Just joined this minute. Receipt by email confirmed that i’m number 2022.

    Belflox – Is this important?

    Not at all, just earlier posters asking where the numbers were regarding those joining.

  482. Willie says:

    Oxymoronic as it may sound let’s hear it again.

    Partaidh Alba a NEW party with a HERITAGE. A party that brings with it years of experience and talent, A party that seeks not to compete with the SNP in the Constituency but to support the SNP through the influx of Regional list members.

    And so now, the combination of SNP and Alba, can deliver us a super majority Parliament. What not to like about that?

    Most excellent, most super excellent!

  483. beflox says:

    Robert Louis says:


    Does everybody know what a concern troll looks like now? Here’s how it goes, ‘I really support ALBA, but I must admit, I worry about ‘x’.

    I’ve been here way too long to give it time of day.

    Alex Salmonds opponents must be getting desperate.

    It’s completely legitimate to have concerns, otherwise what are these discussion boards for? Do you define a troll as someone who doesn’t toe the line and blindly accept what they are hearing? Of course it’s correct to have questions … surely you would prefer your opinions to be put to the test?

  484. Lothianlad says:

    See the SNP are crapping it?!

    Ladt night they were feeling g oh so comfy about the opinion polls. Now there is a real chance they will loose support a d a true independence party will pick up support.

    Well done Alex Salmond!!!

  485. beflox says:

    Hi tartanfever

    Okay cheers

  486. shiregirl says:

    Daisy Walker says:
    26 March, 2021 at 8:16 pm
    I’ve received an e-mail thanking me for joining, but when I login, it does not say what my membership number is. I’m rather looking forward to being a founding member…

    Still not clear if it eventually accepted my donations.

    Anyone know how to clarify things. Appreciate its probably cause they’re a bit busy…

    I had a receipt back – the one that said ‘Thank you!’ if you scroll down on the right had side there is a confirmation number on your receipt. I had to look for it also.

  487. ian murray says:

    Politics is a funner place when Alex Salmond is involved.
    I don’t know where he gets the strength after what he has been through.
    The prospect of A.S. rising to his feet on a weekly basis to ask about the SNPs progress on their Independence mandate is just delicious

  488. robbo says:

    Regarding these numbers. I think someone from the party need to clarify what the membership numbers are or how they work.

    I seem to have two numbers.

    Now receipt number is Confirmation # 383, but in referral link it is 770.

    The receipt number i assume is for accounting purposes- very important- account receipt (in) for ledger. So if you signed and donated you will have that.

    Now the referral link says 770 so i assume that’s the membership no ?


  489. Republicofscotland says:

    Jim Sillars doesn’t see eye to eye with Alex Salmond, but, he knows in this small nation Alex Salmond is too big a fish to be left out in the cold.

    Possibly as close as a compliment that Salmond will get from Sillars.

  490. Toby says:

    Mhairi Black, to use her own words, ‘has failed to show any reflection, remorse or basic understanding of he own unacceptable behaviour’.
    Let her constituents remember when her time for her re election comes round that she took a drag queen into a primary school without the knowledge or permission of the parents to satisfy her own personal agenda and denigrated the parents for objecting.
    As a Parliamentarian she should also be acutely aware of the principle of the Presumption of Innocence not only in Scottish Criminal Law but throughout the U.K.
    Alex Salmond therefore had the presumption of innocence before trial and found not guilty after trial, so what ‘unacceptable behaviour’ is she referring to in her inane tweet.

  491. Mike Fenwick says:

    Worth commenting on one specific that happened today, or rather in the pre-planning “inclusivity” – namely that who was involved in asking questions was NOT only the MSM – but very deliberately included the bloggers, and that Independence Live were given access and allowed to broadcast – all of which required secrecy, and none of that was breached by any of those involved.

  492. @ Daisy Walker at 8.24pm: You did mention that he’s a brilliant tactitian, but it would have been better if you’d mentioned that he’s a brilliant tactician!

  493. Ruby says:

    Anyone got a link to the
    Krishnan Guru-Murthy interview?

    The only Channel 4 one I can find is the one that start with Nicola Sturgeon digging a hole.

  494. Kate says:

    Already done so! You’re right – last chance saloon & by golly I’m taking it & using my credit card as proof! I truly believe this new party is going to make such a huge difference! And I believe that Independence COULD actually happen now! Goooo Alex!

    How you kept this a secret I will never know! Such good news, I’d have had to blab it!! However, it’s out and we now have something worthwhile to work toward! What I particularly loved about the announcement today (and something I hope and truly believe today is the start of) – giving the Scottish Blogging community the edge on the news & giving many of you the chance to take part in the Q&A – as per YOUR RIGHT TO. You guys have earned your right to be up there with ‘the big boys’ in the journalistic arena! And I’m looking forward to that right being recognised in the coming months – though I doubt MSM make it easy for you! Too bad for them… SNP is gonna HATE it! LOL! 🙂

  495. robbo says:

    Whoever has membership no 1314 ? I will pay you handsomely for it.


  496. disillusioned half Scot says:

    Long post, copied & pasted from Telegraph, as it’s paywalled. Stu, delete if appropriate, but MSM waking up…..Special report: Sturgeon clings to tarnished crown after inquiries ‘lift lid on the sewer’ of SNP politics
    First Minister has been cleared twice but, with Alex Salmond chief among threats, whether her leadership survives may decide future of Union
    By Gordon Rayner,
    The inquiries into the handling of sexual misconduct allegations made against former leader Alex Salmond have exposed the toxic civil war in Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP
    “It’s very clear that Nicola Sturgeon is damaged goods and her days are numbered. She is by no means off the hook.”
    The sort of verdict you might expect from a flag-waving Unionist at the end of a tempestuous week for the Scottish National Party. Except that those words were spoken by a former deputy leader of the SNP itself, even before Alex Salmond’s extraordinary return to politics yesterday.
    The jubilation among the First Minister’s supporters after she survived two inquiries into her role in the Alex Salmond affair lasted all of three days before Mr Salmond pulled back the tarpaulin on his ultimate vengeance weapon, the Alba Party, which threatens to blow up the SNP’s chances of a Holyrood majority in the May 6 elections.
    If the SNP – currently a minority government – achieves an overall majority, the party’s plans to force a second independence referendum will be rapidly accelerated.
    There is a growing belief within the SNP, however, that the party will fall short of the mark, and that if “IndyRef2” does happen, it might not be with Ms Sturgeon at the helm.
    The SNP’s poll rating peaked at 58 per cent last autumn, and stayed above 50 per cent for the whole of last year, putting the party on course for a majority, but that figure is now 46 per cent, according to a recent Opinium poll, suggesting the controversy has taken its toll.
    The twin inquiries into the SNP’s handling of sexual misconduct allegations made against former leader Mr Salmond have exposed to public view the toxic civil war between the Sturgeonites and the Salmondites, like a manhole cover being lifted off a sewer. Mr Salmond now intends to go another round with Ms Sturgeon in a fresh court case that could reveal damaging details suppressed in the inquiries.
    Then, at 2pm on Friday, came the unexpected announcement that Mr Salmond is to lead a new party into the elections. Its aim, he claims, is to achieve a “supermajority” for independence in the Scottish parliament, but its effect is more likely to be splitting the vote between the SNP and Alba (the Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland).
    Mr Salmond said on Friday that Alba was “planting our saltire on a hill” and that “in the next few weeks we shall see how many will rally to our standard”.
    In truth, he is parking his tanks on Ms Sturgeon’s lawn, driving a wedge into the split that already exists in the SNP, and calling on its members, MPs and MSPs to defect to his side.
    If he is elected to Holyrood, it will be the start of an all-out war between Ms Sturgeon and Mr Salmond for the leadership, and the future, of Scotland.
    Jim Sillars, the former deputy leader of the SNP, said: “I was a long-term critic of Alex Salmond when he led the SNP, and he of me. I take back not a word, and I expect him to be the same.
    “But Brexit, the pandemic, the failures of the SNP, the embarrassing stark lack of quality in its ranks in Holyrood, means we are in a new situation when old grievances need to be set aside. I welcome his return to frontline politics.”
    He added: “People have seen a face of the Scottish government that is unacceptable. People are not stupid. They know the government has misbehaved and engaged in a gross misuse of power.
    “This government is politically corrupt and the tentacles of political corruption have spread to institutions in civic society.”
    One serving SNP MP admitted: “Nicola’s brand has been tarnished. I think this will have an impact at the polls because people have seen the in-fighting and the rage.”
    For those who have not followed the labyrinthine progress of the Salmond affair, the basic facts are these: in 2018, details were leaked to a Scottish newspaper of sexual misconduct allegations against Mr Salmond, dating to 2013 when he was first minister. Mr Salmond denied the claims, accused the Scottish government of an abuse of process in its handling of the claims, and won a 2019 court case against the government, which had to pay him more than £500,000 for legal expenses.
    Weeks after winning the court case, Mr Salmond was charged by police with sexually assaulting nine women while he was first minister. He was cleared of 12 charges at a trial last year, the jury finding the 13th charge “not proven”.
    Mr Salmond accused members of the Sturgeon administration of trumping up the allegations by encouraging women to make complaints against him, which the SNP has always denied.
    He claimed Ms Sturgeon had known about the allegations for longer than she had admitted, and had lied to the Scottish Parliament about when she found out, a resignation matter if true.
    An independent inquiry by Irish barrister James Hamilton cleared Ms Sturgeon of misleading Holyrood, though a committee of MSPs found her version of events “hard to believe”.
    At the heart of the problem with Scottish politics is what Mr Sillars terms a “cult of personality” that began with Mr Salmond and was continued by Ms Sturgeon when she took over as SNP leader following defeat for the independence campaign in 2014’s “once in a generation” referendum.
    The SNP has not had a leadership election since 2004, such has been the dominance of Salmond and his former protege, but as one long-standing SNP member complained: “Any political party should be much bigger than one figure, because people always turn out to have feet of clay.”
    A cult is the opposite of a democracy, and the charge sheet of undemocratic behaviour by the SNP is growing. The party’s opponents cite the role of the Crown Office, the equivalent of England’s Crown Prosecution Service, which was able to exert considerable influence – some say malign – over the two inquiries.
    In most democracies, the principle of the separation of powers means that prosecutors and politicians operate independently, as with England’s director of public prosecutions. But in Scotland, the Crown Office is headed by the Lord Advocate, who is also a member of the Cabinet, meaning the person who ultimately decides who does and does not face prosecution is a politician loyal to Ms Sturgeon (currently James Wolffe).
    As the former Brexit secretary David Davis pointed out in Parliament last week, “that leaves him conflicted and compromised, with his department’s independence undermined”.
    When the two inquiries’ reports were published this week, large sections were redacted on the orders of the Crown Office; Mr Hamilton himself complained that the redactions meant his own report “presents an incomplete and even at times misleading version of what happened”.
    Evidence given by Mr Salmond was redacted to protect the identities of complainants, according to the Crown Office, but Mr Davis, and others, have claimed the redactions did not identify the women and were designed only to protect Ms Sturgeon.
    Critics point to a ‘cult of personality’ in the SNP, with Alex Salmond’s leadership followed by that of Nicola Sturgeon
    Meanwhile, the somewhat toothless committee of MSPs which carried out the parliamentary inquiry complained that key evidence it requested from the Scottish government arrived with widespread redactions, with some documents “almost completely blank” and others with “pages and pages of fully redacted text”. The committee complained: “We did not know the basis on which redactions were being made.”
    Mr Salmond, ominously for Ms Sturgeon, has a plan to get that evidence out in the open. On Wednesday, he announced his intention to sue the Scottish government’s Permanent Secretary, Leslie Evans, whom he blamed for “catastrophic failures in this matter”.
    He pointed out that the courts would have “all the proper powers of recovery of documents” which the parliamentary committee lacked, and friends of Mr Salmond have confirmed that he believes those documents will implicate Ms Sturgeon’s office in what he sees as a conspiracy against him.
    He has also made a complaint to Police Scotland about the leaking of a story about the complaints against him in 2018, which could further embarrass the SNP if it proves to have come from someone close to Ms Sturgeon.
    “This could go on for a long time and could yet bring Nicola down,” admitted a senior SNP source.
    Amid the fevered anticipation of the inquiry reports, another potential time-bomb for Ms Sturgeon went largely unnoticed last weekend. Three members of the SNP’s Finance and Audit Committee resigned, reportedly because they had been denied full access to the party’s books by SNP chief executive Peter Murrell, also known as the husband of Nicola Sturgeon.
    One of the departees, Cynthia Guthrie, was announced yesterday as an Alba Party candidate.
    The SNP has not reported or even confirmed the resignations, let alone the reasons for them, and party sources have told The Telegraph they are “having a hard time” getting to the bottom of the matter.

    Questions about management of the SNP’s finances are not new: the party raised £600,000 for a second referendum campaign which it claimed was “ringfenced”, but only had £97,000 in the bank in its most recent accounts, and members now report being asked for more donations for a referendum “fighting fund”.
    A spokesman for the SNP said three people had resigned from its finance and audit committee following concerns about leaks to the media, and denied Mr Murrell had failed to provide access to the accounts. It said the £600,000 raised for a referendum “is allocated to our 2021 budget and will be spent in this financial year”.
    Despite the whiff of scandal that has hung over Auld Reekie for the past three years, relatively few public figures have dared to speak out against the SNP, such is the culture of fear its power and electoral dominance have engendered north of the border.
    Jack Perry CBE, the former chief executive of Scottish Enterprise, the national innovation and investment agency, has witnessed it at first hand.
    “The SNP party machine is good at intimidation,” he said. “It’s implicit that if you oppose them or offend them, you won’t get much business in the future. I have been at business events where every single firm is anti-independence but when an SNP minister turns up not a single person challenges them because they are afraid to.”
    Glasgow-based Barrhead Travel faced calls for a boycott from nationalists when it backed the No campaign in the independence referendum. Tunnocks faced similar threats when it branded its teacakes “British” rather than Scottish south of the border. Other businesses have learnt to keep quiet for fear of a fight with the so-called “cybernats” who launch attacks via social media.
    Alex Salmond with independence supporters
    Alex Salmond with independence supporters. The SNP party machine and an army of cybernats have been swift to attack opponents of independence
    Earlier this week, it emerged that former Manchester United football manager Sir Alex Ferguson, not normally regarded as a shrinking violet, had turned down entreaties to help front the pro-Union campaign in the 2014 referendum because “the people putting their heads above the parapet were getting shot at”, according to Alistair Campbell’s latest diaries. Sir Alex feared “dog’s abuse” for standing up for the Union, in which he is a passionate believer.
    Scots rely far more heavily on their government for employment than the English: the public sector accounts for 21.8 per cent of jobs in Scotland, compared with 16.4 per cent in England, meaning “a lot of private companies are reliant on public sector contracts”, Mr Perry said.
    He added that quangos which were once headed by independent-minded patrons ready to challenge the government and improve policy were now all too often populated with unquestioning SNP supporters.
    Even the education of Scotland’s children is up for grabs when it comes to promoting the nationalist cause, critics say. In December, Education Scotland finally withdrew a timeline of Scottish history after Sir Tom Devine, the country’s leading historian, described it as “arrant propaganda”.
    Among its false claims was that Sir Winston Churchill “dispatched English troops and tanks” to stamp out a major protest by striking workers in Glasgow in 1919 while locking up Scottish soldiers in barracks. Other errors included a suggestion that Flower of Scotland – written in the 1960s – dated as far back as the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.
    Academics had raised the alarm almost two years before the timeline – “clearly designed in the cause of Scottish independence”, according to one history professor – was eventually removed.
    Nor is the supposedly politically neutral civil service immune from the SNP’s iron grip. A taxpayer-funded Scottish Government video released at new year described the Brexit trade deal as “a bad deal for Scotland” that would cause “greater risk to national security”, prompting accusations that the civil service was being used to create party political broadcasts.
    While the SNP is ruthless in targeting its opponents, it reserves its most sinister threats for those within its ranks.
    Joanna Cherry said she had been threatened with ‘corrective rape’ by an SNP party member.
    Joanna Cherry said she had been threatened with ‘corrective rape’ by an SNP party member CREDIT: PA
    Joanna Cherry, the SNP MP for Edinburgh South West, was sacked as the SNP spokesperson for home affairs last month following a row over transgender law reform (Ms Cherry QC believes the SNP is going too far in simplifying the legal process for changing gender). She later revealed she had been subjected to “an 18-month campaign of abuse” culminating with “a threat of corrective rape from a party member”. Other SNP members had bombarded her with abuse, calling her a **** , while friends said she had been subjected to “bullying, lies and smears” from her colleagues.
    “It has become an anti-free speech party,” said one Sturgeon critic within the SNP. “Anyone who dares to depart from the party line and suggest new ideas is pretty much crushed.”
    Fraser Nelson, the editor of The Spectator and a proud Scot, has also faced apparent attempts to intimidate him after his magazine went to court to fight for the right to publish Alex Salmond’s evidence in full (opposed, inevitably, by the Crown Office). Trisha Marwick, the former presiding officer (Speaker) of the Scottish Parliament tweeted: “We see you Fraser,” with sinister overtones of “we know where you live”.
    Douglas Ross, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, said: “Sturgeon is clearly suffering from hubris. She is not out of the woods. Neither she nor any other person has been held to account for this litany of scandals.
    “Most people are rightly repulsed by this unedifying feud and her scorched earth approach has undermined public faith in Scotland’s parliament.”
    As a senior member of the SNP told The Telegraph: “If I didn’t depend on the SNP for my employment, I would have cut up my membership card by now.”
    A recent survey found that only 8 per cent of Scots rank independence as one of the top three most important issues ahead of the May elections, with Covid recovery, jobs and healthcare their more pressing concerns.
    For Ms Sturgeon, independence is a useful megaphone to drown out any discussion of her failures, which are numerous. Under her watch educational attainment is down; drug-related deaths have more than doubled (to three and a half times the rate for England, and by far the worst in Europe); life expectancy has decreased in some areas, and even before Covid, Scotland was running a deficit which was proportionately seven times higher than the rest of the UK.
    The SNP also has no answers to key questions around what an independent Scotland would look like – what its currency would be, whether it would have its own armed forces, how it would pay its way without its current subsidies from Westminster – with one SNP MP blaming “intellectual laziness” within the party for its failure to come up with a plan.
    Despite such failings, after 14 years in power, the SNP seems certain to be the largest party yet again on May 6, either with a majority (for which just four more seats out of 129 are needed) or as a minority government backed by the pro-independence Greens.
    It will leave the SNP defying political gravity by retaining power for at least 18 years by the time of the 2025 election, a record matched only by the Conservatives during the Thatcher and Major era.
    What then? Ironically, the issue of independence is likely to present a threat to Ms Sturgeon from within her party. She will face significant pressure from the radical wing of her party to call an indicative referendum straight away (which would not be legally binding without consent from Westminster), capitalising on Boris Johnson’s unpopularity in Scotland.
    Ms Sturgeon, however, is by nature more cautious, preferring to build support for independence until the polls suggest a virtually guaranteed win, which at the moment they do not.
    Were Ms Sturgeon to succumb to activists’ wishes for a quick referendum but fail to win it, she would lose not only the leadership, but very possibly her hopes of breaking up the Union for decades to come.
    Whether she even gets to make that choice could yet be in the hands of Mr Salmond.

  497. rob says:

    Just Joined ALBA, but didn’t get a number like many seem to be getting . Just a welcome email and a message to expect my membership card in 4 to 6 weeks.

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