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The Limpet

Posted on March 27, 2021 by

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152 to “The Limpet”

  1. Turnbulldrier says:

    You do have to wonder if, even after a zombie apocalypse, she’d still remain behind that desk.

  2. Dorothy Devine says:

    Brilliant! and accurate too!

  3. Kenny says:

    Out-and-out pro-british, troublemaking, crooked anti-Scot. Get-her-the-eff out!

    (Great work, Chris)

  4. Scozzie says:

    Lesley ‘cockroach’ Evans could survive even a nuclear attack.

  5. MaggieC says:

    Chris ,

    Absolutely wonderful , this deserves 10 out of 10 at least .

  6. Jan Cowan says:

    Absolutely brilliant.

  7. Robert Louis says:

    Aye, secure in her post, busily working in Englands interests. Some might think she’s only still there, because she KNOWS ‘where the bodies are buried’. As Francis Urquhart might have said, ‘you might very well think that; I couldn’t possibly comment’

    Great news about the new independence party, with Alex Salmond at the helm. The man really is a class act, with the midas touch. I mean, he launches his new party, and just a few hours later, Scotland hump France in Paris for the first time, since 1999.

    Suddenly Scottish politics has gotten very interesting. Suddenly, independence is right back on the agenda.

    Meanwhile, in other news, suspected spooks SNP MP’s, seeking meeting with spooks

  8. Heaver says:

    So how’s this going to work?

    Alex saves the SNP from a kicking by encouraging Snp1 Alba2.

    We’re still left with the Murrels, Wolfe, Evans and the rest of the worthless in charge.

    If Alba does hold their tootsies to the fire to exlore all other routes to indy, the snp will do it sulkily, and badly.

    The Snp is still damaged goods, an obstacle. Were it not better to give the snp a kicking, enough that it has a diahorrea of its poisoned guts?

  9. Lindy says:


  10. Dave M says:

    Lovely stuff, Chris

  11. Alison Brown says:

    Talent! That is perfect!

  12. David Holden says:

    The only thing wrong with it is you make the old witch look almost human.

  13. Effigy says:

    Rank Evans for little shills
    as Maurice Chevallier once sang?

    I opened that link above and every story they headline is SNP
    and Scotland bad.

    Thank God they don’t do rampant propaganda for the Union.
    It has twisted more than the Chubby Checker fan club.

    PS I’ve had 6 failed attempts at joining Alba?
    At the last press of the button nothing happens?
    I wonder if Daddy Smith has asked MI5 for some interference?

  14. The Isolator says:

    Fantastic as always Chris.

    26th March 2021….Alexander Elliot Anderson Salmond back in the game!

  15. Craig Murray says:

    Effigy you get an email with a link you have to activate.

  16. Grendel says:

    Tried clicking on the ALBA party link, it appears to be down.

    On a related note Stu, there’s a link on your page page to the Sealand Gazette. It appears to be permanently closed now.

  17. McDuff says:

    One of your best Chris.

  18. Anna says:

    Evans has fulfilled her remit. A Lady or just a Baroness?

  19. Eileen Carson says:

    Can’t stop chuckling Chris you hit several nails on the head with this ‘toon.

  20. Grahame says:

    Effigy , have you tried to use a different device ? I couldn’t sign up using IOS and safari but went on the pc and it worked fine

  21. Geoff Huijer says:


  22. Frank Gillougley says:

    Frightengly accurate. Yo da best, Chris, yo da best.

  23. Stuart MacKay says:

    Some patience with the Alba Party web site is probably in order. It’s a canned solution from NationBuilder. Think of it as WordPress on steroids.

    The problem is that once you get site to a certain size an out of the box solution is going to need tweaks and adjustments. That the site stayed up at all given the deluge of people trying to sign up is a pretty good start.

    Registration, taking payments, sending out mail is all run of the mill stuff (actually, payments are hard) but life gets a lot more complicated when you have to deal with floods of new sign ups.

    It’s a lot of stress and I’m sure everybody at NationBuilder is working hard to make this project succeed.

    In other news, I woke up, excited for the day. Suddenly there’s the chance of progress on many fronts. Years of dithering, obfuscation and foot-dragging on a wide range of issues is evaporating like morning mist. There’s a chance to make a real difference. To make progress. To get Scotland standing on it’s own two feet. All thanks to Alex Salmond, Nation Builder in Chief.

  24. Village idiot says:

    needed a picture of thatcher on the desk, otherwise excellent.

  25. Gerry Parker says:

    “ The most powerful devolved admistration in the World” The UK Civil service that is.
    Great cartoon Chris.

  26. Robert G says:

    Leslie Evans, the Ulster born unionist who was hand picked by the Westminster Civil Service has Sturgeon dancing to her tune.

  27. Kiwilassie says:

    Heaver says:
    27 March, 2021 at 7:24 am
    So how’s this going to work?

    Alex saves the SNP from a kicking by encouraging Snp1 Alba2.

    We’re still left with the Murrels, Wolfe, Evans and the rest of the worthless in charge.


    Are you forgetting there is now a judge held enquiry into Evans.
    All documents will be released, no redactions. The swamp will be cleaned out.

    The police have also been informed about the leak to the newspaper that they are legally bound to investigate as it’s a criminal offence.

    If you want a majority of Independent politicians in HR you need to vote SNP 1 & ALBA 2 for the list.

    It’s up to you now guys & if you have trouble understanding how the D’Hondt system of voting works have a listen to this.

  28. kapelmeister says:

    She’s the permanently cross shredder.

  29. Robert Graham says:

    It used to be said The only guaranteed things in life were Death & Taxes looks like a additional category has surfaced Evans , let’s hope a Vaccine is being worked on to rid us of her and her poisonous far reaching tentacles, she’s must be a U.K. Government plant or someone’s girlfriend . Either explanation could make sense who knows what the inner circle gets up to .

    A very good post by Breeks on the previous thread and worth repeating for anyone who missed it because it was posted pretty early and just before the thread changed , I hope that the post is read and digested by some folk intent in keeping up the un – Civil War going a definite oil on troubled waters post and if you’re reading this post it again it needs a wider audience in my opinion.

    On a slightly different matter Hutchins of the Daily Record was on LBC this morning he was asked by the presenter to explain the situation after Alex announced his backing of the ALBA party , the presenter said to him without swearing how would you assess the reaction by Nicola Sturgeon of the news , his words oh she wouldn’t be at all surprised we all had a idea about it , aye that raised a smile from me , lying fkr . Anyway he continued he said after all Alex has nothing going on in his life no children or other distractions so politics are the only thing that keeps him going it was probably anticipated and prepared for by Nicola Sturgeon ,

    What a scabby fkn rat bag he is and I hope a inquisitive cop decides to have a very close look at how the information they were gifted came to be in their possession and who suppled that information which I believe was a criminal offence as it was interfering in a ongoing criminal inquiry

  30. Fairliered says:

    Brilliant, Chris!

  31. Tom says:

    Interesting ..

    A neighbour has removed SNP posters promoting Catriona MacDonald for Edinburgh Southern from their windows. I understand Catriona to be from the Joanna Cherry wing of the party, so this could be a sign we’ll see her announced as an Alba candidate when the names are announced next week. (Although as of now she’s still listed on-line as the SNP candidate for Edinburgh Southern).

    Maybe a hint of something even more interesting to come from Joanna Cherry, as some were speculating here last night?

  32. Ottomanboi says:

    Ad hominem attacks on Mr Salmond everywhere. The woke media just cannot stand the man.
    Fear, as we know from current experience, does strange things to human reason.
    We can expect a very dirty «save the union » war.
    The wolves are running!


  33. Al-Stuart says:


    I agree with you…



    Is a HUGE problem for people like you and me and all here on Wings. I NEVER want to vote SNP again.

    But 80% of the 56% of YES and/or SNP voters out in the real world do NOT YET KNOW that Nicola Sturgeon is a scheming, lying piece of excrement.

    What I think Alex will be doing is NOT scaring the horses.

    It is VERY clever stratagem and one he successfully deployed between his election as First Minister in 2007 up secured, as promised, our IndyRef1.

    But a big rule is do NOT scare the voters.

    Heaver, you may have seen the initial coverage by the BBC Spin Unit of the Alba Party launch. Even supporters of Alex Salmond on the voxpop street interview were saying they felt safer with Nicola.

    We do NOT need to persuade Wingers to vote Alba. We DO need to carefully get the SNP VOTERS on board.

    You must have seen Alex Salmond carefully navigate a minefield in his Alba speech. He avoided
    attacking the SNP. It”s a sign of political genius to focus on #supermajority.

    If Sturgeon and her coven were honest, they would have come out and said the first SNP First Minister who brought us IndyRef1 deserved a fair hearing about #supermajority.

    But in their panic the SNP careerists like PishyPete fae Perth came out with his usual anti-Wings and hate-Salmond pish. Already the Sturgeonite McWoke cabal have fallen into the first bear-trap.

    At this point I would like to say “hello” to Wings’ regular visitor, Nicola Sturgeon. Poor Nicola did not get much sleep last night and I between watching Youube videos of her friend Jane Godley, Nicola is sneaking onto Wings Over Scotland.

    Heaver, please don’t fret. With Alex in the driving seat, we have the wiliest canniest, smartest politician in Scotland at the helm. As a bonus he is the finest Statesman Scotland has ever had.

    Whatever else, once Alex Salmond gets near to a microphone and to camera the electorate will listen. Fact.

    At that point, slowly, excruciating, the penny will drop with MANY of the 80% of YES/SNP voters that they have been duped by the lying car us of that overpromoted fannny that currently squats in Bute House.

    Nobody, but nobody other than the RT Hon Alex Salmond could convince me ever to vote SNP again. But with D’Hondt if it ensures a new crop of 24 x Alba SNP MSPs and that require ps me to vote…


    Then I will hold my nose and do that.

    It is a frustrating fact that the MORE constituency seats the SNP secure, then the FEWER List seats they are allowed.


    If 15% of the Scottish YES movement accept the premise of…


    Will get them a SUPERMAJORITY and IndyRef2, then Alex has Nicola in checkmate.

    She has no counter-attack.

    IMMEDIATELY the Alba Party have 6 to 24 MSPs they are in the CONFIDENCE AND SUPPLY zone.

    At that point we will have around 2 years of clearing out of the Sturgeonite McWokeists AND new leadership, including the LIMPET at the top of this page and the dodgy head of the Clown Office.

    Heaver, the vast MAJORITY of vorters and even a majority of SNP voters are not up to speed on the crimes of Murrell and Sturgeon.

    Alex Salmond just got his microphone back and his political voice too.

    Thank God the next 6 weeks we are back in the game. The SNP and especially the Twittler Yoith who are looking at the business end of jail sentences and must be crappping themselves. You can see them dumping in their nappies if they come onto the television like that turgid little shit Ross Greer and lose the plot.

  34. Willie John says:

    Her favourite word *REDACTED* could soon go over *Permanent*. Permanently!

  35. Kenny says:

    Stu, what’s ‘Error 503 Backend fetch failed’?

    Was doing a search; ‘How many Scottish elections has Murdo Fraser lost’ and your page came page 1, number 1 – then I got the 503?

    Incidentally, I could see the Wings page text, ie; Conservative list MSP Murdo Fraser is Scottish politics’ undisputed king of rejects. He’s had a 16-year career in the Scottish Parliament without once winning any … but can’t get into the site from that particular link.

  36. Kiwilassie says:

    In the clip I put up replace alliance with ALBA

    Politics in Scotland has become exciting again.
    God how I love Alex. I also appreciate how he has given his whole life trying to achieve independence for Scotland.
    He is my hero. A king amongst men/woman.

    No I don’t mean trans women that are really men. LOL 🙂

  37. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Evans is, for the moment, a shield for Sturgeon.

    I sense, once Alex sues her and the case comes to court, her defence will be: “I vas only obeying orders.” She will hide behind the Civil Service code, which will be that any action she took, was at the behest of her political amster – Sturgeon.

    If she gets away with that, Sturgeon is toast.

    It also suits Sturgeon that, with Alex forming Alba, the unionist media will turn their fire on him. Alex, rather than Sturgeon, is the Nationalist they really fear.

    The amount of shite the unionists, and the Sturgeon Party will hurl his way between now and 6 May will be breathtaking. However, I am sure Alex can handle this.

    Strap in for a bumpy six weeks folks.

  38. Heaver says:

    Kiwilassie, I hope you are right, and maybe Craig Murray knows something when he says, towards the end of his latest blog:

    “There are still many very good people in the SNP. But their claim that this time, if we elect them to well-paid positions, they will actually do something about a new Independence referendum, is unconvincing. We have heard it again and again. In five years time, we may find they have vanished from their apparently dominant position, as swiftly as Ireland’s Redmondites, and for the same reason.”

  39. 100%Yes says:

    Well done Chris, it’s a good one and right to the point and the heart of Sturgeon arrogance with regards to this woman.

  40. Breeks says:

    Heaver says:
    27 March, 2021 at 7:24 am
    So how’s this going to work?

    Alex saves the SNP from a kicking by encouraging Snp1 Alba2.

    We’re still left with the Murrels, Wolfe, Evans and the rest of the worthless in charge…

    Aye, for a while maybe we will be, but a super majority for Independence, and Alex Salmond and Tommy Sheridan in Holyrood, will change the whole landscape, and properly shame the SNP if it kicks Indy into the long grass.

    And if the SNP still cannot get it’s head out it’s arse, there’s always the prospect of disgruntled SNP MSP’s “crossing the floor” and defecting from the SNP to ALBA without compromising the numbers for Independence by doing so. That brings a new dynamic to the game.

    A second new dynamic is that the ALBA Party is just a List Party until the May Election, and afterwards, all bets are off. Next Election, whenever it happens, (and it could come quickly if Sturgeon is disgraced by Evan’s revelations in Court), the SNP might be in a straight fight with ALBA for Constituency seats.

    A third new dynamic is the extent to which ALBA sees off the Unionists. Not just a super majority that’s pro Indy, but potentially, the shadow opposition in Holyrood being another pro-independence Party. Imagine FM questions… Eck as Leader of the opposition, and likely as not, the Presiding Officer a pro Indy voice too. Just imagine the challenge the BBC will have editing that for mass consumption…

    EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED. Alex Salmond is bang on the money, again. The SNP vote must not collapse, and ALBA must do well in the List seats.

    People must understand the d’Honte Proportional Representation is a mechanism designed to prevent the strong being too strong and the weak being too weak. If you have a Party which dominates in the Constituency, then you must expect to be hammered in the List seats, and vice versa, if you don’t do well in Constituency Seats but poll well in List seats, beating the Unionists, then a super-majority for pro Indy is a very real possibility. The PR is a balance mechanism, and optimum permutation is a massively strong SNP Constituency vote being complimented by a massively strong ALBA List Vote. They DON’T cancel each out.

    Leslie Evans is being taken to Court, and no Court in the land will be as weak and compliant with her lies and amnesia as Fabiani’s Inquiry, so it’s relatively safe to call time out on bringing the Murrell’s to justice, get this pro-Indy super-majority over the line, and trust that Sturgeon, (if she hasn’t jumped ship beforehand), will get her just deserts when Evan’s is eventually brought to book and the truth finally spews out. That torpedo is launched and in the water, but little will happen before May.

    For now, until May, Scotland has one objective. A pro Independence super majority. That’s it. Pay dirt.

    Hold your nose, stifle your rage, and do it. SNP 1 and ALBA 2.

    That result, and only that result, puts our YES family back in control.

    And yes, another brilliant toon from our star performer.

  41. Cuilean says:

    Ooft. Zing!

  42. Ian McCubbin says:

    Excellent and totally to the point. She needs to be gone.

  43. Willie says:


    Let’s get the Andrex like the starship enterprise it fights the Klingons.

    Big bottle of sanitizer too.

  44. Dan says:

    @ Breeks

    Indeed, just posted similar on previous thread re. the potential of a number of SNP MSPs crossing the floor to Alba after the election, thus reducing any SNP majority and empowering Alba.
    That gets round Alba not standing for constituency seats!

  45. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    The Civil Service has for centuries been resolute in putting the APPARENT reputation of the organisation above any individual. Their silence regarding the actions of the PS can only be explained by one factor – She was acting as directed to damage the Independence cause.

    It appears that protecting the Union is the Primary role of the Civil Service.

  46. Famous15 says:

    “It is all about his ego” says the man-child Pete Wishart as he glories in a technical glitch at a press conference,a common occurrence from BBC to WM .

    “Ego” you ask?

    In psychoanalysis. “ the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity.”

    Not a bad trait for someone helping to lead us to independence!

  47. Ottomanboi says:

    O Brave New World that has such people in it.
    Money, money, money…..deep cleans that democratic virus.

  48. Fergus says:

    If the SNP are truly the Party of independence, then they should be embracing the ALBA Party.

    Why do they fear having a Supermajority of Indy MSPs in the Scottish Parliament?

    Surely it’s all their Christmases rolled into one coming true.

    The announcement of this new Party will sort out the SNP troughers from the real deal.

    Using a scale of Sturgeon is zero, to Salmond being a ten. It will let you judge just how enthusiastic your local MSP candidate is on the idea of Scotland becoming an independent nation within the next five years.

  49. Robert says:

    Limpets, unlike humans, can change sex (they are male when small and become female when they grow bigger).

  50. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    Watched SKY News this morning (Papers Review). It was hilarious watching their clueless assessment of the ALBA announcement. They have zero knowledge of Scottish Politics and as a News Channel the lack of awareness of the D’Hondt system in Scotland was comical. I suppose I should not be surprised by the level of ignorance but 5 minutes on Google by a researcher could have reduced the obvious ignorance displayed by SKY today.

    I wonder how they are going to report the actual election results given the crap predictions being rolled out this morning. They are locked into the FPTP mindset.

  51. Dan says:

    @ TheSNPLeftMe

    Re. The Civil Service

    “HM Treasury team wins special Civil Service Award”

    “Meet the behind-the-scenes analysis team that helped government shape the Scottish referendum debate”

  52. Brilliant!!

    Thanks for that. Genuine laugh-out-loud moment!!!

  53. Kiwilassie says:

    Robert Graham says: 8:30am

    On a slightly different matter Hutchins of the Daily Record was on LBC this morning he was asked by the presenter to explain the situation after Alex announced his backing of the ALBA party , the presenter said to him without swearing how would you assess the reaction by Nicola Sturgeon of the news , his words oh she wouldn’t be at all surprised we all had a idea about it , aye that raised a smile from me , lying fkr . Anyway he continued he said after all Alex has nothing going on in his life no children or other distractions so politics are the only thing that keeps him going it was probably anticipated and prepared for by Nicola Sturgeon ,


    Well Hutchins doesn’t speak for me. You don’t have to be a birth father to have children in your life.
    To many Scots Alex is the father of our nations people

    Alex has so much going on in his life. He has half of a countries residents loving him. He even has Scots living abroad, as I do loving him.
    When I hear Alex speak he reminds me so much of my long lost father whom I adored. I’m in my 70s so can’t obviously be one of his adopted children. 🙂

    I really envy Moira that she has been blessed with such an upstanding man by her side in marriage.
    I can see what attracted her to him in their younger years. He had good standards & was & is still a very handsome man.

    He has been loyal to you Moira. A sleepy cuddle after imbibing a few drinks by both parties, is in no way infidelity. Yes a lapse of judgement, but no more.

    We have all done it at one time in our life & for anyone who says they haven’t is a liar.

    If you were to know what goes on in corporate life, your husband Moira, is an angel.

  54. Fergus says:

    Stupid question,

    Is Salmond standing as an MSP and if so, where?

    Or is he the “face” to promote the Party?

  55. Was the Permanent Secretary and David Clegg (the journalist who published the leaking of prosecution of Alex) acquainted before they both immigrated to Scotland from Northern Ireland,

    are they still acquainted,

    they are of similar age.

  56. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    Dan @9:24am

    I know! You are quite correct of course. However they still push the neutrality angle constantly. Their behaviour during the departure of every Country from the Empire displayed that.
    I put “apparent” in Caps but I may still not have conveyed the sarcasm well enough.

  57. Fergus says:

    Stupid question,

    Is Salmond standing as an MSP, and if so, where?

    Or is he the “face” to promote the Party.

  58. Mia says:

    First of all, I must admit that I am no computer savvy and this may sound ridiculous, but I thought interesting to point out that when you do a google search using the words Alba Party, the website of the party does not appear to come up. You get lots of entries about recent news about the party, even a wikipedia entry, but not one for the party’s website.

    Considering the number of people trying to register since its launch, I would expect the website would have made it to the first google page by now after such an obvious search.

    Considering how little time is left to the election, I think their communications team may need to work on it to get the website link in the first page after a google search. As it is, if people who does not read Wings is trying to go to the page to learn a bit more about the party or to join they may struggle, as the site does not appear to come up when doing a simple google search.

  59. Helena Brown says:

    Anna, Baroness is better, money, status with a position to interfere without a vote in all our lives. As I keep saying a knighthood is a mere cap where a baron is the cats pyjamas,hence the disgusting Ruthie.

  60. Heaver says:

    Fergus, he’s standing in NE Region.

  61. Dan says:

    @ TheSNPLeftMe at 9:31 am

    I knew you knew! Just added some supporting evidence. 😉
    Interestingly when searching for that first link I found the second article which I hadn’t previously read, and it hadn’t even been saved to archive, so I captured it before posting the link.

    All that “it is for the Scottish people to decide” during the Indyref campaign when the opening line of their article states. “Meet the behind-the-scenes analysis team that helped government shape the Scottish referendum debate

    Looks like outside interference to me but guess because it wasn’t “The Russians” the UK is cool with that sort of thing…

  62. ClanDonald says:

    Huge mistake by Nicola Sturgeon to continue to endorse someone who was found guilty by a parliamentary committee of abuse of office. The fact that Nicola Sturgeon believes presiding over an illegal, biased process that cost the taxpayer millions (and counting) isnt grounds for resignation tells you everything you need to know about how corrupt Nicola Sturgeon is.

  63. Willie says:

    This is an easy sell. SNP1 and Alba 2.

    No reason whatsoever to waste a million votes delivering nothing. Let’s get the super majority over the line.

    And with a super majority filled with talent, and I mean talent, things will change, change utterly.

  64. Kiwilassie says:

    Scot @ 9:26 am

    It’s Liz Lloyd & David Clegg that’s in a relationship. Not Evans & Clegg.

  65. dramfineday says:

    Nice one Chris!

  66. Willie says:

    As for Sturgeon and Yousaf spilling the bile, spilling the personal poison, let them get on with it.

    Folks recognise that type of behaviour for what it is. In fact Yousaf’s intervention on the television broadcasts yesterday more than showed that. Like a rabbit caught in the headlines he showed all that needed to be shown.

    But let them get on with that. Folks as I say see it for what it is. We have the opportunity to deliver a super majority and with that comes great change, great opportunity. A Parliament tooled up to deal with Westminster, and the boys and girls who know how to do it.

    Better times, much better times ahead, and now there is real hope, real impetus.

  67. Frazerio says:

    Its like a serendipity fest.

    Anyone who questions Alex Salmond’s character, just say ‘wheesht for indy’.

    The Murrells having to fight on so many fronts too. Just as Alex pressures the police to investigate alleged criminal behaviour. What a time to be alive!!! As SNP Spokesperson for Defence, Stewart McDonald MP might say, Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Particularly enjoyed this line from Iain Lawson; “The creation of ALBA establishes the now solid reputation of Nicola Sturgeon as the creator extraordinaire of more pro Indy Parties than any SNP LEADER that has gone before.”

    By trying to take out Salmond, they’ve actually done us a huge favour. What doesnt kill you makes you stronger. And then some.

    Thank you MI5. Sincerely!!!


  68. Fergus says:

    Heaver 9.37am

    Thanks for that.

  69. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “ I know this is not a structured, weighted sample and is thus lacking reliability but it’s somewhat better than any TV street vox pop survey. Until we get a proper poll, it is at least thought-provoking.”

    “Our poll results suggest that the Alba Party might attract around 33% of the SNP vote or around 314 000 votes giving them around 12 seats. If they attract votes from the Greens or Labour, they might gain even more.“

  70. carjamtic says:

    As I read about the Scottish golfer who yesterday, drilled his drive 370 yards onto the 18th green then putted to effectively knock the World No.1 out of the tournament.

    I am mindful of a previous No.1 Mr Tiger Woods, who is in hospital recovering from a horrendous car accident, my mind goes back to his first Masters win, Red Top,Power Walk, Fist Pumping.

    He went from that,to hell and back on a personal level, he did however admit to the error of his ways, apologised to all concerned and got his life back on track.

    So much so that his fellow pro’s all wore Red Tops as a mark of respect and to show him their support while he recovers.

    It was this in mind as I watched our FM giving her evidence to the enquiry , I mean, come on, does she even like golf, it was all there though, the power walk, the Red Top, her supporters fist pumping.

    As the great man’s ex, Miss Vonn wished him well and a speedy recovery, I thought what a wonderful classy thing to do and watched as our FM slalomed her way through the enquiry, even though all of the difficult bits of the track had been removed, she stuck gamely to the pre-determined course.

    What a wonderful silent tribute to the great man from our FM, lets hope it aids his recovery, he obviously learned from his mistakes, worked hard and redeemed himself, lets hope his injuries are not too serious and his health improves.

    Sometimes, just sometimes we can learn some things from our friends across the pond and maybe, just maybe when people are given a second chance, they can surprise us, in a good way.

    Does Scotland deserves a second chance ? damn right it does, we all do.

  71. Hatuey says:

    The SNP are going attack the idea of giving second votes to Alba.

    People will naturally wonder if Sturgeon’s spite is more important than Scotland’s independence.

    SNP1 ALBA2 is a very clever argument.

    We should argue for it, if for no other reason than to make them look bad, whether we intend to do it or not.

  72. Fionan says:

    To paraphrase: Sturgeon has nothing going on in her life, no children or other distractions so politics are the only thing that keeps her going – and so determined to cling on to power that she stitched up an innocent man and tried to get him jailed for many years.

  73. Republicofscotland says:

    Very true Chris, entitlement is what she’s all about.

    Lets not forget that Sturgeon extended her contract, and neither she nor anyone else has even been reprimanded for the costing the Scottish taxpayer a fortune.

  74. ALANM says:

    Just seen this in this morning’s Guardian (Libby Brooks):

    “…she now faces a six-week campaign during which she will be yet placed in opposition to her former mentor – whatever he might say about this new party being complimentary to the SNP’s own hopes for a Holyrood majority”

    It’s news to me that Alex wants his new party to be “complimentary” to the SNP. There was me thinking he intended Alba to be “complementary” – shows how much I know.

  75. Fergus says:

    All the Salmond/ALBA haters out there, your absence is noted.

    And these same people will have the utter brass neck to stand at a Wings Stall and tell the passing punters how much they done to promote the ideals and principles of Rev Stu and Alex Salmond, when in reality they done nothing of the kind because they detest the two of them.

    These Chancers fill their buckets with the money of the unknowing public, all under false pretenses.

    Then it’s the usual “one to you, one to me” routine.

    You know who you are.

  76. ALANM says:

    Just seen this in this morning’s Guardian (Libby Brooks):

    “…she now faces a six-week campaign during which she will be yet placed in opposition to her former mentor – whatever he might say about this new party being complimentary to the SNP’s own hopes for a Holyrood majority”

    It’s news to me that Alex wants his new party to be “complimentary” to the SNP. There was me thinking he intended Alba to be “complementary” – shows how much I know.

  77. Doug McGregor says:

    The reason she won’t budge or take blame is because she wants to take ermine alongside Ruthie in due course , being drummed out with a scandal attached would screw that up for her.

  78. Josef Ó Luain says:

    The foreign media, which dominates, has a huge amount to learn about Scottish politics—as if nobody had already noticed.

  79. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    @ 10.28pm

    You’re full of crap

  80. A Person says:

    -Robert Graham at 8.30-

    What an utterly minging thing of Hutchins to say about Alex Salmond. For all he knows their lack of children could be a great sadness to Alex and his wife Moira. It used to bug me when similar snide remarks were made about Theresa May and it would bug me if said about Sturgeon- it’s a completely disgraceful thing to bring up.

  81. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Not you ALANM

  82. jockmcx says:

    Elizabeth the first of Scotland (not that one silly)
    Elizabeth Fraser

    is asking a question…

    Welcome back Alex…lets go!

  83. Fergus says:


    You’re funny.

    And as bright as a 3 watt bulb.

  84. Kiwilassie says:

    Yousaf, to me who lives in a multicultural society is racist against white people.

    Yousaf needs to look at Singapore for guidance. He is an ignorant person who has lived his life feeling persecuted.

    Personally I don’t care what the colour of his skin is, or who he worships. He is nothing but a pain in the neck of Scottish society.

    Yousaf has personal personality problems. It’s time he sorted them out. His problems is his, not the Scottish peoples.

    He really comes across as a pathetic individual of a man.

    Yousaf you have a dark skin. Scots don’t, suck it up & be proud of where you come from, rather than being a truly bred Scot who you aren’t.
    You will never be a true blue Scot no matter how you want it.

  85. Heaver says:

    Stu, just been listening to Shereen. One of those acid drippers said “Salmond should make the profoundest of apologies for his past conduct, and go quietly into retirement instead of keeping Scotlands 10th most read political blogger on speed dial.”

    I’m sooo disappointed, Stu, I thought you were bigger than that.

  86. robertknight says:

    Evans… The power behind the throne.

  87. EdinScot says:

    Let the damaged goods (Evans) stay in position all before and during the court proceedings brought against her. The more that comes out im certain Evans wont take all the blame on behalf of Everyone. That type never do and why shoud she. I believe it will all lead to Sturgeons doorstep. Revenge is a dish best served very cold.

  88. Daisy Walker says:

    The sun is shining, its a beautiful day and my garden needs attention, so, just a quick comment.

    I do not believe the SNP under current leadership got to where its at by accident and / or incompetence – although I grant you incompetence is aplenty.

    The screaming headlines about Alba and Alex, plus the very good recruiting figures – indicate the British Establishment are now at Defcon 9.5.

    So, what are they going to do, and make Nicla do.

    If they cannot stop Alex – and the smears aren’t working now, apart from anything else, saturation point is well past and folk don’t want to hear it anymore.

    That leaves them – remove him by other means – they’ve done such things before. But that would be obvious and risks martyring him and uniting the Yes like never before.

    Or spike the Supermajority in other ways… and that means getting Nicla and co to go full tonto and scorch the earth – become totally unelectable zoomers.

    If they do that before Candidate registration closes, then existing SNP candidates could defect to Alba very easily.

    I’m not so sure they would be able to defect after registration is closed, if they’ve been ‘booked in’ on an SNP ticket – it would likely be up for legal challange. But since once elected, its the person who gets the seat, not the party, I think the law would win on it – eventually.

    What I’m trying to get at, is if you are sitting on an SNP Constituency seat – thinking your going to breeze into it, and hoping that – as much as you don’t agree with Nicla’s policy, you don’t want to be the one to rock the boat – I think you might be in for a very rocky ride just shortly – and not from Alex.

    This is going to be a very nervous time for SNP candidates on the Constituency vote – the better they do, the harder it is for the personality disorders on the SNP list to win – and for all their learning difficulties, they are FULLY aware of that fact. A call on them to go full zoom is not far off I fear.

    For those in AFI and ISP – I suggest you stand ready to register candidates in some choice CONSTITUENCY areas. Not all, go strong, local and tactical.


  89. Winifred Mccartney says:

    I too was listening to Shareen – 2 Salmond haters giving a critique of Salmond – the poor women – these women were given their day in court and found to be lying colluding and generally making things up and Salmond was found not guilty – when will the BBC get that into their heads. I could name you a 100 at least mp’s msp’s whose behaviour is not perfect do we hear about them – every women my age has probably worked with someone or other who was a bully/demanding in terms of work etc – heaven help any bosses nowadays who tries to tell someone to get something done. I have experience of a few people who would quickly quip ‘that’s not my job’ and as for workplace affairs or liaisons – the sky is the limit and the courts will not be able to cope with the cases.

  90. sarah says:

    @ Chris: you have got it spot on – the magician’s trick of looking us in the eye, gesturing in one direction to distract us from what her left hand is doing.

    Pure genius. I hope the Rev is paying you what you are worth!

  91. Jack McArthur says:

    I could never again vote SNP because they represent lies, fraud, corruption and perversion. A child could have told Alba yesterday not to do an interconnected presentation which was an invitation for things to go wrong either by design or by mischief makers.

    Does the average person understand tactical voting as being advised here? I have no intention of voting other than perhaps spoiled means but I would have considered voting for Salmond if he had stood on a platform of justice, truth, anti-corruption, reform of the legal system and renewal.

    Independence at any cost is the sin of idolatory – the worship of something not worthy of worship.

  92. P says:

    Rev you get a mention in the new statesman re Chris Deerin piece.
    He’s absolutely furious.
    It must be all your fault!

  93. sarah says:

    @ Robert at 9.14: “limpets change sex…”

    Have you told Stonewall? They could use limpets as their logo – and perfect trans example.

  94. Kiwilassie says:

    Fionan says:
    27 March, 2021 at 10:24 am
    To paraphrase: Sturgeon has nothing going on in her life, no children or other distractions so politics are the only thing that keeps her going – and so determined to cling on to power that she stitched up an innocent man and tried to get him jailed for many years.

    unfortunately Sturgeon hasn’t got a proper marriage, She is a lesbian, he is a transvestite,

  95. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Scottish Greens live conference.

    It runs for approx 46 mins.

    It’s 29.30 secs before anyone turns up to speak.

    Think it was 3 speakers. Never seen any cheering crowds either. Never seen Greer either- bless.

    Think I’ll pass on greens, rather eat raw brussel sprouts.

  96. Scozzie says:

    Can’t get the late great Nina Simone’s song out my head – feeling good

  97. Lothianlad says:

    You can almost smell the fear from the SNP in midlothian. The list woke a d spew green lurkerers now have a threat to their candidacy.

    Squeaky bum time careerists!!!

  98. Jack Murphy says:

    I joined ALBA today for a Supermajority, plus a wee donation [wee smiley thing]

    Constituencey Vote: SNP

    Regional List Vote: ALBA

    YES !

  99. ScottieDog says:

    Is it just me, or are the SNP completely omitting any mention of independence? That would certainly derail an independence supermajority..

  100. Meg merrilees says:

    Still smiling since tea time yesterday!

    Absolutely brilliant cartoon Chris. So apt.

    The SNP reaction to ALBA/AS speaks volumes – if serious about prioritising Independence for Scotland, any other party would, surely, welcome an ally. They would not see it as much of a threat, more of a thankful way of removing some of the opposition list MSP’s and lending weight to a vital cause but not the SNP… seems Angus Robertson and Pete Wishart think it is just an AS ego trip.
    I suppose that is the standard press release answer for today and tomorrow’s reply will be equally dismissive.
    By their actions ye shall know them!

  101. Fergus says:

    Was is not Sturgeon who “used” two of the alphabet women against their express wishes not to?

    Not a peep from our Sturgeon Loving media.

    Nothing to see here…

  102. Meg merrilees says:

    Kiwilassie, Fionan and others:

    can we just leave people’s private lives out of this please.
    I don’t have any children, my marriage broke up but I’m not a bitter, twisted, scheming nasty person – least ways, I don’t think I am, and my life certainly isn’t empty.

    This is a new start with ALBA , can we raise the tone?
    To quote Michelle Obama – “When they go low, we go high”

  103. Effigy says:

    Salmond had a cuddle he shouldn’t have, he apologised for it,
    it was accepted and both parties were able to continue working together.

    Shereen is an apology for a journalist.

    Any mention of this again must be put up against the sordid sex life
    of Tory PM Boris.

    We know of 6 kids with multiple partners but he won’t confirm that to be the total?
    I’d there a 7th or 8th out there bought and paid for?

    He is an adulterer no doubt.

    He has a sexual relationship with a blond American business women based in the U.K.
    spending a great deal of time promoting her. Is that the right word.

    He physically restrained Carrie in her home after an argument about his womanising.
    An argument so bad the neighbours called the police.

    Now should we demonise the man totally admonished by judge and jury or this
    arrogant sexual predator of many years standing who leads the country between

    Britain’s Boorish Bonking Boris

  104. Scozzie says:

    Can’t seem to link to the song but this is how I feel – said by the amazing Nina Simone….

    Birds flying high, you know how I feel
    Sun in the sky, you know how I feel
    Breeze driftin’ on by, you know how I feel
    It’s a new dawn
    It’s a new day
    It’s a new life for me, and I’m feeling good

    This is the most excited I’ve felt about Scottish independence in years. But I think it’s gonna need a truck load of peeps helping Alba get the word out on supporting them. Social media is full of vote SNP 1 and 2.

    Living on the other side of the world all I can do is give them $$$ which I’ve done, but please Wingers be the campaigners and activists. Word needs to get out about how best to use the list vote, I just don’t think peeps understand the list system.

    Anyhoo, I’m still smiling like a Cheshire cat, glad the big fella is back in the game.

  105. Willie says:

    Anyone heard what the Alba membership take up is. Apparently it is absolutely huge. And it’s only just begun and not even 24 hours old.

    The show I have to say, and the plan for a super majority, is very much in play. Missiles launched, the next Parliament is going to be a cracker.

  106. Tinto Chiel says:

    A striking image, Chris, although for a minute I thought she was sporting suffragette colours, which would have been most ironical.

    @Robert Louis 7.23: good catch with the story on McDonald and Smith wanting to meet MI5 to discuss the FOREIGN MENACE. What more proof do you need that the SNP leadership has been thoroughly compromised, effectively cooperating with who should be their mortal enemies if they were truly interested in independence? This Russian nonsense will come in useful, of course, to smear Alex Salmond for his RT appearances.

    Smith was on Pravdasound 4 this morning being nicely cued up by Nick “Chromedome” Robinson to repeat the sexual smears against AS and add a few others for good measure (“Trumpian…George Galloway without the hat”).

    Strangely, Robinson lapped it up in a very cosy interview……

  107. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    Daisy Walker@11:08am


    The ISP is a Party with a Manifesto. The members selected candidates who had been vetted by the Party. I am a member of that Party.

    It is for the members of the Party to decide. To be blunt it is none of your business.

    When I vote, I want to know what I am voting for. I suspect some “deal” has been done by the AFI exec to secure places on the ALBA list. If the “names” look after themselves without a discussion with the members then they are no different to the SNP.

    In addition D’Hondt continues to operate. If ALBA win two seats in any Region they are unlikely to get a third. Even with 30k votes they would fall below the threshold whereas an ISP candidate with 15k could win that seat. D’Hondt kicks in for ALBA just as it does for the SNP. Labour achieved 7th. Place seats with 11k votes.

  108. holymacmoses says:

    I like this one Mr Cairns. We should remind her of the transience of everyday commodities like hair-dye and ink:-)

  109. Alf Baird says:

    Scotland’s under-development, inequalities, and meritocratic elite reflects a ‘Cultural Division of Labour’.

    Would an independent Scotland still primarily advertise its top jobs in London?

  110. Republicofscotland says:

    As Alex Salmond was magnanimous towards the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon in particular at yesterdays launch of the the ALBA party, asking us to give our constituency votes to Sturgeons party. She today on radio news called into question Alex Salmond’s character saying is he really a fit and proper person to be elected to Holyrood.

    Sturgeon is running scared of the ALBA party and rightly so, with so many voters no prepared to switch their list votes to the ALBA party, a party that actually wants independence, Sturgeon can only resort to ad hominem attacks on Alex Salmond.

    Meanwhile the Tory branch manager in Scotland Douglas Ross has written to his Brit Nat counterparts Labour and the Lib/Dems at Holyrood, to come together and vote tactically to do down the ALBA party and any chance of independence.

    My local SNP MSP Bill Kidd has written to me asking for both votes SNP, he certainly won’t be getting my List vote that’s for sure.

  111. limey says:

    Kenny MacAskill has defected to Alba, which now has 1 MP.

  112. Andybhoy says:

    Wonderful, a cartoon that says what can`t be said in a hundred words.

  113. sarah says:

    O/T: Great news – Kenny MacAskill quitting SNP and joining Alba!

  114. John Martini says:

    Are the SNP bankrupt?

  115. robbo says:

    Good man Kenny MacAskill .

  116. ahundredthidiot says:

    Jack McArthur @ 11:14

    and while you strive for perfection, nothing will get done.

    I was spoiling my constituency vote right up until yesterday.
    Now it’s going to SNP. My List to ALBA.

    This is the way.

    Stand Together SNP 1 ALBA 2

  117. Republicofscotland says:

    Along with the SNP we now have the Greens promising Scotland all sort of fabulous benefits if we vote for them come the 6th of May, of course they’ve both been promising to hold an indyref for years, how did that one turn out.

    ALBA will upset the cosy tight fit between the SNP and the Greens, hopefully ALBA will wipe the Greens out, along with umpteen BritNat MSPs and a fair few SNP List MSP candidates too boot.

    Craig Murray reckons at least 14 List seat at Holyrood for ALBA, lets hope they do even better than that.

  118. Scozzie says:

    Sarah @ 12.00pm – Kenny MacAskill that’s fantastic news. Come-on Angus and Joanna – it could be a dream team.
    Surely they can’t in good conscience continue to be part of the GRA / HCB / WOKE party????

  119. limey says:

    Actually looking forward to the election now, results should be very interesting.

    Makes it easier to have a party to vote for on the list, the South of Scotland was looking hellish before this announcement.

  120. Liz g says:

    sarah says:
    27 March, 2021 at 12:00 pm
    O/T: Great news – Kenny MacAskill quitting SNP and joining Alba!

    Tis indeed great news , I wonder if this puts Alba in the running for more air time and maybe other rights too ?
    It certinaly puts someone in Westminister not obliged to parrot the section 30 shit.

  121. Republicofscotland says:

    Iain Lawson has a good article on ALBA and Kenny MacAskill.

  122. ahundredthidiot says:

    I have yet to see any verification of Kenny joining Alba and would appreciate a link/pointer…..

  123. Frank Gillougley says:

    Having given this considerable thought, I am still going to spoil my constituency vote, as I cannot in all conscience vote for the SNP. Of course, this is a purely personal view and I make no attempt to convince others to do likewise. My list vote will go to Alba. That’s just how it is. However, I do understand those who still want to vote SNP on the constituency vote, but I am just not made of such strong stuff.

  124. ALANM says:

    Interesting to contrast the MSM treatment of Alex Salmond with that of Nicola Sturgeon. I haven’t witnessed such vitriol since Alex was last our First Minister. This is further proof (if further proof were needed) that Sturgeon hasn’t being doing her job properly. If she had then she wouldn’t be getting such an easy ride.

    My advice to her is to listen to voters, reflect on her behaviour and apologise to all those independence supporters she’s let down.

  125. limey says:

    Angus MacNeil’s tweets over the last 24 hours do look like he might be following Kenny MacAskill.

    Did his bio say SNP MP before, because it doesn’t now?

  126. Richard says:

    Thats Kenny Mac Askil defected to Alba no doubt a few more to follow

  127. ahundredthidiot says:

    Frank G

    The irony is though, the more seats SNP win on constituency, the more seats ALBA win on the list, so your approach may well be self-defeating.

    Please consider holding your nose for the first vote.

  128. Meg merrilees says:

    Certainly seems that ALBA’s birth has ruffled a lot of feathers.
    Lots of people have absorbed the scandal around AS but few have actually read the facts as to why he cleared from all allegations simply because his ‘side of the story’ was not widely reported by the media.
    The salacious gossip left its mark and few really want to hear the truth if it is not a little bit scintillating so they are happy to perpetrate the gossip.

    Most commentators on the media are only showing their ignorance a) – of the actual facts of the case and b)- the way the Scottish voting system works and they don’t actually want to have to analyse what this all means because their comfortable position has been challenged, so it’s easy to slag him off.
    Alex is recommending SNP constituency vote and ALBA list vote because he is hopeful that his lawsuit will proceed and through that, the truth will out.
    If that is successful then hopefully there will be changes within the SNP.
    Also, the more ‘first’ votes the SNP get, the harder it is for them to get list seats.

  129. ahundredthidiot says:


    Put up or shut up about Kenny or anyone else joining ALBA.

  130. Winifred Mccartney says:

    Does anyone know when the candidates nominations closing date is – have tried to find out and can find it for parties but not for candidates.

  131. Ottomanboi says:

    ALBA is barely 24hrs old and already there is talk of Unionist coalition.
    Labor, Cons and Libs.
    Neutered cats in a bag. .

  132. Alan Thoms says:

    I think the demise of Wee Krankie and her Regime is much exaggerated. I fear that the main effect of the re emergence of AS into mainstream Scottish Politics will simply exacerbate the poisonous atmosphere in Holyrood. The internecine warfare between the two factions will just grind on in a new chapter of division.

  133. Daisy Walker says:

    TheSNPLeftMe says:
    27 March, 2021 at 11:45 am

    Daisy Walker@11:08am


    The ISP is a Party with a Manifesto. The members selected candidates who had been vetted by the Party. I am a member of that Party.

    It is for the members of the Party to decide. To be blunt it is none of your business’

    I contributed – in good faith – £100 to your party, when at the time, you were making all the right noises about Plebiscite Indy Election. And I came within a hair of joining you too. Except that Plebiscite Indy Election never reached your Policy, instead all I got was signposted to a Petition. Petitions don’t win prizes.

    To be blunt – if its none of my business – I want my money back.

    To be blunt – if you talk to people like that, not only will they not give you money, but they will also not vote for you.

    This has been a remarkably difficult time for all Indy supporters, badly betrayed by the leaders of the SNP and let down by a great big chunk of the rest.

    For any new party to ‘borrow’ tricks from that play book, and not expect to get held to account for it and to reply in your bad mannered, petulant way, deems you unfit.

  134. maureen says:

    Defections continue-Corrie Wilson & Kenny Macaskill

  135. sarah says:

    @ Daisy at 12.24: don’t let this wonderful new day in Yes world be spoiled. Rise above, as my old Mum used to say. 🙂

  136. Kenny says:

    The one problem with the Alba strategy of asking voters to give the SNP their constituency vote…

    Just look at the calibre of SNP MSPs on the Harassment Committee. Do you really want to give legislative power to these people? Fill half of parliament with them?

    Because then there will be no excuse if, say, a supermajority does not happen and there are five years of HCB, GRA, weird obsessions with toilets, men working in rape centres and discussing sex with primary-school children.

  137. SilverDarling says:

    The morality police are out in force. This morning on ‘Shereen’ (yes I know) a more po-faced sanctimonious bunch of people you have never heard. One was a lawyer whose personal disgust at Alex Salmond verged on the pathological. Another was that woman who writes about whisky and who also appears to hate Angus McNeil more than is healthy.

    There was no dissenting voice, all were agreed AS was a very bad man and the ‘women had been let down’. One did timidly suggest NS could have done better but it was quickly moved on from.

    The rage was almost laughable and it is already having a numbing effect whereby anyone who pontificates on how bad AS is will either reinforce the hatred of their target audience or switch people off as most have already made their mind up.

    The SNP could not remove AS from the political landscape through nefarious means so their rage at having to do it in public is delicious to watch. But if those who are most vocal have skeletons in their cupboards (closet) they should tread warily.

  138. robbo says:

    Regarding Blackford’s comments .

    WTF, isn’t that Ian Gray MP not creating a stooshie and costing the tax payer 160 k with his resignation in parliament ? so he can stand somewhere up north?

    Then there’s JC debacle.

    Pee off Blackford.

  139. Mark Boyle says:

    Well done MacAskill – Sturgeon, yer tea’s oot!

  140. Daisy Walker says:

    If they get MP’s over to Alba – will they get WM short money. Not that I think they need it, not having accrued the same level of debts as a more established party might have run up…

    Oh dear. Soon there will be so little money in the SNP trough, and so few members, there will be nothing left to pauchle.

    It would be terribly good, if Dr Philipa Whitford was to come over to the Alba team. Cherry and McNeil too obviously.

    I’m going to say this again, because I think its important.

    Nicla will have her orders. If the Britnats cannot stop or oust Alex and Alba – they will absolutely concentrate on ensuring no Supermajority.

    That means rump SNP will go full tonto, scortched earth on the Constituency SNP seats.

    Once registering is closed, those SNP Constituency candidates will not be able to jump ships.

    If they think this is likely to happen, they need to jump ships before close of candidate, constituency registration.

    Likewise for those selected for ISP and AFI – look again at certain Constituency seats. Go strong, local and electable and go for just a few, concentrate on them.

    If the SNP spike their own Constituency candidates – and the zoomers they’ve selected on their lists will jump at the chance, because it will be the only way they can get elected, then the Supermajority is goosed. And Nicla is corrupt enough to do it.

  141. Robert Graham says:

    I gather that the first minister of Scotland does not and by the looks of it never will accept the jury verdict in a criminal trial held in full view of the media right in the centre of our capital ,
    The trial followed one of the biggest investigations ever undertaken by police Scotland, hundreds of statements taken countless hours by a team of police I have heard the number being in the region of 40 officers , and the Holyrood inquiry stretched into weeks,

    The total cost probably will never be known.

    Result 0 – nothing

    Resignations 0 – Not one person

    Sacked 0 – Not one person

    All this Pantomime for nothing it’s no ones fault it just happened all by itself, Christ on a bike eh and people are supposed to say oh well these things happen FFS and we are being asked to endorse these fkn clowns these bent lying hunts , now that’s a really big ask ,

    Involvement by the first minister absolutely guaranteed she was at the centre of the whole fkn fiasco if she wasn’t she is bloody stupid and shouldn’t be in charge of a bus queue

    Loads of clips exist of her praising Alex Salmond her mentor her hero someone she looked up to ,she must be really fkn stupid not to be involved in the ballsup that was being played out around her and Alex Salmond terrorising every woman within 10 feet of him she was his fkn deputy his closest political aid she went where he went , was she fkn blind as well as dumb , for her to do a 360 now is beyond belief then again her memory lapse during her presentation to the committee was also way beyond credibility.

  142. robbo says:

    Well done Corrie Wilson. Respect.

  143. Daisy Walker says:

    Winifred Mccartney says:
    27 March, 2021 at 12:19 pm

    Does anyone know when the candidates nominations closing date is – have tried to find out and can find it for parties but not for candidates.’

    It looks as if its Wed 31/3/21. From the Electorial Commission site, as far as I can make out. Hope this helps.

  144. maureen says:

    Alba Party will worry the SNP and the Greens, but appeal to many independence voters – Kenny MacAskill MSP

  145. AKA-Kieran says:

    Douglas Ross shitting it, check out his tweet from 10 mins ago.

  146. Craig P says:

    John Martini says:
    Are the SNP bankrupt?

    Perhaps Douglas Chapman could defect and let us know 😉

  147. David Caledonia says:

    She is a true nipple, one of the best lol

  148. Don says:

    @ Robert G 27 March, 2021 at 8:11 am

    “Leslie Evans, the Ulster born unionist who was hand picked by the Westminster Civil Service has Sturgeon dancing to her tune.”

    Christ are we all still this pitifully informed ? The Woman is Sturgeons Bestie , worked for Sturgeon for years in another job previously and was Sturgeons own singular choice , Her Husband is an SNP activist fir Gods sake , wake up at the back.

  149. Dan says:

    Don’s Herald link archived.

  150. Kiwilassie says:

    Kenny says:
    27 March, 2021 at 12:33 pm
    The one problem with the Alba strategy of asking voters to give the SNP their constituency vote…

    Just look at the calibre of SNP MSPs on the Harassment Committee.

    Two of them have retired. Fabiani & Watt.

  151. Neil H says:


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