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The hardest word

Posted on October 03, 2015 by


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    1. 03 10 15 07:43

      The hardest word | Speymouth

    97 to “The hardest word”

    1. donald anderson says:

      The people’s flag is deepest red,
      It should be Labour’s necks instead.
      And ere their necks grew stiff and cold,
      Their chicken hearts beat London gold.

      Then raise the scarlet standard high. (chorus)
      Within its shade we’ll live and die,
      We cowards flinch. We Traitors sneer,
      We’ll keep the red necks grubbing here.

      Look round, the Frenchman loves its blaze,
      The sturdy German chants its praise,
      In Moscow’s vaults its hymns are sung
      While Glasgow swells the cringing throng.

      It waved above our widow’s mite,
      When all ahead seemed dark as night;
      It witnessed many a dirty deed and lying vow,
      We must not change its colour now.

      It well recalls the sellouts past,
      It gives no hope of peace at last;
      The banner bright, the symbol plain,
      No human rights and personal gain.

      It suits today the weak and base,
      Whose minds are fixed on self and place
      To cringe before the rich man’s frown,
      And haul the sacred emblem down.

      With heads uncovered swear the vow
      To kneel and cringe and still we bow;
      Come Cheezy Dugtails or Jerry Corbetts
      we’re still the same old Labour wets.

    2. theMadMurph says:

      @donald Anderson, absolutely brilliant.

    3. Ghillie says:

      Donald Anderson, that is amazing!

      Chris, surely to goodness Corby has finaly run out of things to renege on…

    4. John Sm. says:

      Thank you Chris for another excellent Saturday morning smile, and donald anderson, your poem’s brilliant!

    5. Sinky says:

      Great stuff.

      Another terrific front page in The National pointing out to David Cameron what the Vow actually said.

    6. R-type Grunt says:

      Thanks for another cracker Chris. And thanks to Donald too, that is wonderful!

    7. S.kilday says:

      The peoples flag is coloured blue
      We’re tories now so fuck off you
      You’re out of work,
      You’re on the dole
      So stick yer red flag up your pole
      The working class can kiss my arse
      I’ve got the gaffers job at last

    8. Jim Thomson says:

      @Donald Anderson

      thanks for that “red flag” ear worm. I really needed it this fine Saturday morning.

      You hit the target with every verse.


    9. The Isolator says:

      Excellent summary of Labours duplicity Chris with wonderful backup from Donald.

      Fair made ma day that did!

    10. galamcennalath says:

      A great start to the weekend! Chris’s cartoon and Donald’s rendition of ‘The Red Neck’.

      And, in the National – Cameron Digging the grave for his Union even deeper!

      Cameron said: “There was clear result in the referendum … “. Aye, but only when you’ve delivered your side of the contract, Laddie! And, he’s never going to, is he?

    11. Jim Thomson says:


      You probably considered all the other things he’s blown out of his arse but then realised there’d be no space left for the ‘toon.

      Another well considered rendition of reality.

    12. Marie Clark says:

      Yip,absolutely spot on Chris.Great to start the day with a smile.

      @ Donald Anderson, great work sir. Doffs Bunnet.

    13. jimnarlene says:

      Chris, nailed it.

      Donald Anderson, absolutely brilliant, Labour summed up nicely.

    14. X_Sticks says:

      Two for the price of one today!

      Great cartoon from Chris and superb ditty from Donald.

      Makes a Saturday morning worth getting up for 😀

    15. Edward Andrews says:

      Donald Anderson I love it

    16. Richard Anderson says:

      I thought it was S****and that was the hardest word.

    17. Croompenstein says:

      Nice one Chris, the SNP are quite clearly responsible for climate change due to the heat build up in the unionist zoomerati and I blame them for the pish summer 🙂

    18. Richardinho says:

      I had thought that Corbyn’s elections would herald a new era of conviction politics and of the Labour being a bearer of strong left wing principles but it’s becoming clear that all it’s done is thrown the Labour party into utter confusion and chaos.

      I’m actually a little disappointed by this turn of event.

    19. Helena Brown says:

      I read Donald’s Red Neck earlier and thought it was wonderful. I thought a conviction Politician was one with convictions not one which deserved convicting.
      I caught the laughter on Twitter this morning, well I hope there is a red coupon going with the red neck they so deserve it.

    20. Andrew Brown says:

      What about calling ourselves “England Adjacent” ?

      That’d make everyone happy, well all except me and a couple of million of my fellow countrymen and women that is.

      Can’t help thinking about the old saying “Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad”

      There’s just no beginning to Labour’s talents, is there ?

    21. Macnakamura says:

      Death by a thousand cuts in speeches.
      Cut out that Iraq apology, cut out ‘Scotland’, cut out Trident, cut out republican references ……. It will continue.
      Insert Irn Bru, insert lies and half truths.

      He has time to recover but he will have to be quick or he will be lost forever to the Party machine: the same machine that will spit him out when the time is most propitious.

      All the more reason to keep voting SNP, of course.

    22. ronnie anderson says:

      Dear Royal Privitized Mail.

      BBC have be having been trying to intice me into a correspondence coarse with them ,it is now more complicated should I wish at any point to reply as their based in Darlington ( england) & Im based in ?.

      Yours Sincerely
      Ronnie Anderson
      Airdrie ( i think )
      Back Of Beyond or somthing

      PS/ Do yous have a appropriate postal code for me/us here in the BoB.

    23. Robert Peffers says:

      Wow! That one is a real classic, Chris. I was really unable to get much rest last evening and was feeling very low.

      This morning I find the Chris Cairns Cartoon and the D. Anderson verses a real pick me up.

      Like the original old wartime cartoon with the badly wounded soldier in the cartoon saying, “It only hurts when I laugh”, I often find wings humour is the best medicine.

    24. Farthnorthdavie says:

      It’s clear that the dug and the corgi, sorry Corby, have been ‘promoted’ to their level of incompetence. A perfect recipe for a disaster.

    25. mogabee says:

      To both Chris and Donald, well done!

      Just shows you that all the talent DOES NOT go south…


      Just listened to John know-it-all McTernan on G Galloway’s Sputnik. He is still acting as the voice of Mr Reasonable!

      Oh and where is the outrage at the USA destroying a hospital in Afghanistan and killing Doctors without Borders?

    26. Davy says:

      Excellent work lads, I am sure all of us here in TridentLand are having a good laugh this morning.

      We tridenties are now looking forward to the tory conference tomorrow and I can’t wait for their chief Baconiser to tell us all about the VOW again.

      Hail to the Bacon.

      PS, no pigs were hurt in the making of this comment ‘maybe’, pass the red sauce.

    27. A new lexicon of words needs compiling to match these toons fandab…..

    28. A new lexicon of words needs compiling to match these toons fandab…..

    29. CameronB Brodie says:

      I think Mr. Corbyn provides living evidence the ‘we are all neo-liberals now’, or we at least live in a neo-liberal world.

      He is a spineless ‘stunt’ who is apparently content to sup on the vomit coughed up by the banksters and their pet politicians and prestitutes.

      An English Socialist?

    30. Dr Jim says:

      I just couldn’t let this pass this morning listening to Radio Scotland
      We all know David Clegg fabricator of vows serial deceiver and outright liar of the Peoples champion Daily Record Corbyn supporting anything Labour party newspaper

      So I was shocked and amazed given that Mr Clegg probably knows what time Jeremy Corbyn gets out of his bed in the morning to hear there was something Mr Clegg didn’t know about the new Labour party leader

      David Clegg spent the entire day following Jeremy Corbyn around Holyrood kissing his Arse like every other Scottish “Journalist” and yet, when asked about the not mentioning Scotland by name or anything Scottish in general which was a story in other newspapers and the other “Journalists” who were with him knew all about it

      David Clegg Arse kisser to the Media and BBC Labour party said, and I quote:………. “I never heard that”

    31. Midgehunter says:

      What a good start to the day!

      A toon which says about everything that Corbyn is – a facade – and a hard hitting jingle from Donald. 😉

    32. K1 says:

      Cannae say much more than everyone else has, as ever encapsulated in a ‘toon Chris has captured the zeitgeist of Labour’s folly. Donald, that was just brilliant…what talents amidst our movement 🙂

    33. carjamtic says:

      Nice one Chris :-))

      ….and tomorrow ‘the man who ate the boiled ham raw’ will piss down our backs and try to tell us it’s raining.

      BT are a boorach o dubs…..tick tock


    34. HandandShrimp says:

      Indeed the NBNP (North British National Party) are in fact responsible for Labour being incompentent and they should apologise immediately.

    35. Flower of Scotland says:

      Thanks Chris, Donald and Wings for a much needed pick me up after a night in the pub surrounded by Unionist bitters.

      The humour and fantastic links keep me sane!

    36. Marcia says:

      The cartoon omitted the facts that the *NP were also responsible for the War of the Roses,the English Civil War and the demise of the television programme Crossroads. The tip of the Iceberg but not the Titanic as Mhairi Black has been cleared of that charge.

      * refers to S*******

    37. Ken500 says:

      Sorry is the hardest word.

      Another lying, greedy, devious trougher. Elected on a pack of lies and broken promises. Thirty years in a Party with fundamentals they totally disagreed. Those who can do, those who can’t become Unionist politicians.

    38. The Man in the Jar says:

      A good toon and tune to start this lovely fresh Saturday morning.

      Im off out to walk the dug. But before that I see some comments regarding Cameron pointing at “The Vow” or not.

      May I suggest that the reason he (Cameron) cant point at any part of “The Vow” that hasn’t been delivered is most likely because he has his fingers stuck up the ***** of a **** ***.

    39. nodrog says:

      With Cameron now doing a “Carmichael” on Scotland and Jeremy now showing up as a piece of Plasticine there is no opposition left to the SNP. Roll on May 2016.

    40. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Chris Cairns never fails on ah Sat morning Laughter starts with a Toon.

      @ Donald Anderson Big Tammy doff tae You Sir I,ll bring Jock Scotts (Yew Choob) attention to your post,hope you dont mind ah bit of plagiarism for the cause, with graphics lol.

    41. Marcia says:

      Just saw this on twitter and if the good Rev allows it deserves a wider audience;

    42. Capella says:

      Nicely sums up the Labour Party. Thanks to both. How Donald got away with tractors is a mystery!

    43. Tinto Chiel says:

      Where would Scotland be without its weekly dose of Cairnsicillin? Good against swine ‘flu, Corbynitis, and Dugdale’s Foot and Mouth disease (an obscure northern form of this debilitating disease).

      I’m still confused about Not S______d, though. Am I in Northern UKOKia now?

      Carjamtic: “boorach o dubs”.


    44. boris says:

      Jeremy Corbyn. “The lie who came in from the cold”

    45. The Man in the Jar says:

      at 10:47am

      I was going to say that you are on shaky ground with the “English Civil War” until I noticed that you had written *NP and not, well you know “That place”

      A wee bit of pedantry here. Many historians now refer the the “English Civil War” by its more proper title “The War of the Three Kingdoms” Basicly `cos Charles the first was king of three kingdoms and managed to kick off a war in all three of them. England claims more than enough as its own. We shouldn’t encourage them.

    46. Macart says:

      A big thumbs up to Chris and Donald. 🙂

    47. Tinto Chiel says:

      Thanks for the great link, Marcia.

      An excellent article, written clearly in straightforward English which even a Labour MSP might understand, particularly: “Between 1999 and 2007 the Labour led governments, which also ran underspends in each of its years in power, simply returned the unspent funds to the UK Government.”

      I don’t expect that paragraph will get much attention from the Daily Record, P&J or Hootsman (is it still around?).

      It’s a funny old game, Saint.

    48. X_Sticks says:

      @Paula & Archie

      See O/T for Dundee tomorrow.

    49. dakk says:

      Tremendous depiction of the disrespectful,grey,dowdy old BritNat ‘socialist’.

      Thanks Chris.

    50. Chic McGregor says:

      Another great cartoon Chris. Labour can’t tell democracy from hypocrisy.

      Brilliant rewrite Donald. A Tonal Poem perhaps? 🙂

    51. Fred says:

      @ The Man in the Jar, The Wars of the Covenant in Scotland!

      Good wee poem Donald!

    52. Schrodingers cat says:

      The party formally known as SLAB


    53. Schrodingers cat says:


    54. OT: Protest the Tory Party Conference starts at 12.00

    55. CameronB Brodie says:

      @ Dr Craig Dalzell
      You can not be serious! Well possibly you are but I couldn’t tell as your webpage is unreadable. White text on a green background is not a million miles from green ink. Nobody pointed this out to you?

    56. SteveW says:

      There really needs to be a scientific investigation into that force field on the Scotland/ England border that can even strip truthfulness from an apparently honest person.

    57. Ken500 says:

      In the UK Labour were raising £600Billion in taxes and borrowing and spending £150Billion = £750Billion.

      The Unionists in Holyrood handed back any underspend to Westminster, unchallenged. That’s how useless they are. That has changed.

      The Tories are raising £466Billion in taxes and borrowing and spending £90Billion = £556Billion.

      £54Billion is raised in Scotland (under UK Gov) £39Billion is raised (pro rata) in the rest of the UK. The UK tax Laws are not being enforced. (Foreign) Mutinationals are tax evading £Billions (illegally) through the City of London, damaging British business and competition Laws.

      The Oil sector in Scotland is being taxed at 55% despite the price falling by half. Thousand of jobs have been lost. The Tories have ruined the Oil sector and damaged the balance of payments. More fuel is imported. Two different tax system are being operated in Scotland and the rest of the UK despite under the terms of the Union they should be equal.

      Scotland is poorer paying, for illegal wars, tax evasion, Trident, ‘loss leading’ drink laws, no control
      over it’s own economy or tax raising/spending powers. £220Billion lost as a result of Westminster corruption.

    58. caz-m says:

      Not long to wait until we see the,

      “Revolt of the Three Pounders”

      You have been sold a pup, taken for mugs.

      It’s just another Labour Party con trick.

      It’s a total mess.

      The only option left for the Labour Party is to split into two Parties, because there is definitely two different Parties within it.

      Corbyn could even join the SNP.

      I think Nicola should hold out the hand of friendship towards him.

    59. Nana Smith says:

      Excellent cartoon Chris.

      Donald Anderson, great poetry. What a way to start the day.

    60. McBoxheid says:

      Another great cartoon Chris and a crackin’ bit o’ verse from Donald Anderson too.

      Well done both.

      For Scotland you could substitute Caledonia, which is similar sounding to Catalonia, almost an anagram in fact. Two bits of Europe very close to independence. The world order must indeed be bricking it.

    61. Free Scotland says:

      For once – and I really do mean “once” – Kezia Dugdale may have got something right: she warned that a Jeremy Corbyn victory in the labour leadership contest could reduce labour to “carping on the sidelines” for years.

      However, if the Corbyn-Dugdale gaffe machine keeps rolling, it is more than likely that Scotland will vote to ensure that labour will not have enough personnel to carp and will not even get near the sidelines.

    62. heedtracker says:

      Dont forget Snatcher Thatcher JC. That’s all on the SNP too.

    63. Bob Mack says:

      Corbyn—–“On behalf of the Labour Party ,I will tell you if we are sorry or not, once we decide if it will damage our already slim election chances”.

    64. heedtracker says:

      In Where to Invade Next, Oscar-winner Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9-11) tours a variety of mostly European nations to hold them up as inspirational examples for the US, but notably excludes all of the UK. The omission was intentional.

      “The UK has in recent years started to look too much like us,” he said at a press conference for the documentary at the New York film festival, where the film had its US premiere on Friday.

      He continued: “The UK charges tuition – not as much as we do – but they changed their value system to believing in a system of inequality, especially when it comes to income. And so I wanted to go to places that we could learn from, and I don’t think we have much to learn from the UK right now. I’m sorry to say that.

      “At least in England, they have started to act like us, think like us and look like us – our fast food is everywhere. They’re kids are now looking like our kids.”

      Its OK now though, new and exciting JC’s their future PM in waiting, he’s nothing like red toryboys Bomber Bliar and Crash Broon, he just wants to Trident 2 dumped in his Scotland region for the jobs in Faslane, he’d never fire Trident at anyone, he’s so honest y’sse.

    65. CameronB Brodie says:

      “Yes, they probably know that you certainly wouldn’t”.

      Yes, Prime Minister: Nuclear Deterrent – Scrapping Trident

    66. heedtracker says:

      It is interesting to try and find out the where and why JC turned out to be just another Westminster old school chancer, lair and sound bite merchant

      “I discovered in a Karachi traffic jam today that Jeremy Corbyn intended to make use in his conference speech of a passage I wrote some years ago with the theme of “you don’t have to take what you’re given”.”

      BBC vote SLab Scotland freak show says you do though.

    67. HandandShrimp says:

      I heard Ian McWhirter and David Clegg on the radio this morning. They were talking about TITP and Michelle Thompson and actually how few SNP targets there have been over the last 8 years – it was a reasonable and balanced discussion but I was struck by how matter of fact Clegg was regarding the gubbing he expects Labour to get next May.

      The 7 by-elections clearly indicate that Labour in ******** are not experiencing a Corbyn bounce and may have fallen back further so I guess we will have to expect Kezia and Baillie going for smears and distortions in ever increasing desperation to stop their party slipping further backwards.

    68. Sinky says:

      Highland Shrimp

      Full details of the seven council by elections here.

    69. tarisgal says:

      Soooo… if we are not to be called Scotland anymore, perhaps we can work with that? As the ‘NBNP’ (North British Nationalist Party), and part of ‘one nation’, it would naturally follow that Nicola Sturgeon would be eligible to put candidates up for election in every Southern British constituency. Plenty of SB’s (Southern British) wished for an anti-austerity option. Perhaps it’s time to give them that option. As a wise man once said, ‘be careful what you wish for’. If we’re going to be NB’s, let’s get even more NBNP’s in that contemptible house of Westminster!

    70. Tam Jardine says:

      We are not quite at the propaganda level where the First Minister’s voice is banned from the BBC but we are now somewhere between impartial portrayal and a blanket ban on SNP being heard in the media.

      Corbyn is nothing new – another unionist politician who has nothing to offer Scotland except more lies and smears. The momentum is unstoppable. We’ll never go back in the box.

      Question Time on Thursday was a wee snapshot of how Scotland would be without the SNP and Yes movement surge. A country (Wales) full of impotent rage, with no credible alternative to tory austerity and labour mismanagement.

      Those who doubt the way forward we are all pursuing would do well to watch the public in Wales clap at the suggestion of the Welsh assembly being canned in favour of rule by a tory Welsh Office. Mind blowing stuff. A reminder of how far we have travelled and how we can never allow the progress towards an independent Scotland to falter or recede.

    71. CameronB Brodie says:


      WARNING: Contains simulated violence and a lot of potential potentiality.

    72. Iain More says:

      Stop it you lot, my ribs hurt too much.

    73. ronnie anderson says:

      @ CameronB ronnie wags finger the slappins no hard enough lol.pity its no the Dug on the receiving end lol

    74. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Cameron B, you beat me to it. Saw this linked on Rev’s twitter and was going to link to it. Hilarious!

    75. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Cameron B, saw this on Rev’s twitter and was going to link to it. Absolutely hilarious! For the others reading, dont pass by, only takes 30 secs to watch…


    76. CameronB Brodie says:

      Alan Mackintosh
      Hi Alan, I just had to share it. 🙂

      Ronnie. 😉

      Alt. WARNING: Contains nuts and simulated violence.

    77. Ruby says:

      That cartoon is PDB!

    78. Ruby says:

      When you initially look at the cartoon and see the bit about Corbyn suggesting the SNP should apologise for the Poll tax it’s funny but then you sober up and think oh hang it really is not beyond the realms of possibility for Labour to blame the SNP for the poll tax.

      The cartoon is defo PDB because it makes you laugh and at the same time provokes some sobering thoughts!

      The only negative thing I have to say about it is that Chris might be giving the ‘propagandistas’ ideas.

    79. Richardinho says:

      @CameronB Brodie

      I like Corbyn. His main crime as regards Scotland is that he is simply completely clueless about it. This is not unusual amongst English politicians and is one of the reasons why we need independence.

      His main problem as regards his own party is that he represents Labour supporters but he is miles away from those who actually hold power in the party and therefore his reign is likely to be marked by chaos. This isn’t really his fault: this is a fault of the Labour party. Clearly

    80. ronnie anderson says:

      @ CameronB Ah like Nuts as ah UM wan smilies .

    81. heedtracker says:

      Two guys on a rickshaw meet their imperial masters bringing their own Project Fear to the Scotland of UKOK. And now they’ve all gone, bar one twerp and all their placemen in Pacific Quay.

      Farage etc need to ask far more interesting questions of MacDougal Project Fear than

      “Would losing the referendum be the end of Ukip? Everybody thought, when the Scottish National party lost the referendum in Scotland, it was the end of the SNP,” he said.

      “And actually what happened was they went on to completely dominate Scottish politics.”

    82. K.A.Mylchreest says:

      @ C B Brodie
      “An English Socialist?” = INGSOC at last?

      The Corbyn phenomenon demonstrated that there was a mass of folk in England who were unrepresented politically. Now that JC is proven to be a washout, where are they to go? Will they disperse peacefully (‘nothing to see here’) or riot, or form a new party if that’s even possible?

      Meanwhile over in that other place next to England, if you saw the last QT, you’ll have seen that Leanne Wood has also let the side down badly, actually admitting that Wa.. err.. that other place, is too poor to let go of Mother England’s guiding hand. Oh Dear!

      Looks like we’re on our own again …

    83. K.A.Mylchreest says:

      @ Tarisgal

      NBNP … hmm … where is North exactly? To Our Imperial Masters it’s probably anywhere beyond the Watford Gap Services. An anti-austerity march south gathering support as it goes? Who knows?

    84. Wuffing Dugj says:

      Superb cartoon, you could just keep going…..

      Jeremy Corbyn

      The fannies fanny.

      A gift to us though.

    85. Ruby says:


      ‘Rickshaws banned from Glasgow streets on safety grounds’
      See Herald 24th Sept.

      One poster reckons

      ‘Next, they’ll be banning the music from Star Wars!?’

      That video is a work of art! Brilliant!

    86. Ruby says:

      ‘The Corbyn phenomenon demonstrated that there was a mass of folk in England who were unrepresented politically.’

      When were these folk represented politically? Was New Labour their party of choice?

      I found it quite sad that during the referendum there were people in England begging us to stay to prevent them having a Tory Gov. they seemed so helpless.

      I just wonder if even if we didn’t gain Independence if the ‘beacon of light’ that Alex Salmond predicted is shining in England.

      I hope that make some sense. I’m in a bit of a rush.

    87. CameronB Brodie says:


      I don’t think the disenfranchised Corbynites are the rioting sort, so I think they are more likely to drift towards political disengagement or UKIP. This can only hasten the ascendance of far-right values and attitudes in England. The ‘left’ has proven completely ineffectual in the face of neo-conservatism, which seeks to discourage participatory democracy.

      On one level, as a compassionate human being, I hope I’m wrong. Such a scenario would hasten Scottish independence though, IMO.

    88. Ghillie says:

      Andrew Brown @ 9.51am : There’s just no beginning to Labour’s talents, is there?

      Love it!

    89. donald anderson says:

      Sorry, must have had a senior moment, Couldnae mind Jerimiah’s second name

      So it should maybe read:-

      Come Cheezy Dugtails or Jerry Corbyns
      We’re still the same old Labour empty bins.

      Sorry, cannae think o onything else tae rhyme wi Corbyns.

    90. Chic McGregor says:

      “Sorry, cannae think o onything else tae rhyme wi Corbyns.”

      “Has bins”?

    91. Biniput says:

      Since when does he have to say sorry for the Iraq war? Does he have to say sorry for all previous policy mistakes even if he voted against such policies? How can they move on with you lot qualifying what “progress” is?

    92. McBoxheid says:

      donald anderson says:
      3 October, 2015 at 8:59 pm

      Sorry, must have had a senior moment, Couldnae mind Jerimiah’s second name

      Jerimiah’s talkin’ bullshit
      Said he was a friend of mine
      He’s going back on every single word he said
      He’s nothing but a waste of time

      Tick Tock

    93. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Since when does he have to say sorry for the Iraq war?”

      He doesn’t have to. The point is that he said he was going to, but then didn’t.

    94. Biniput says:

      Did he say when though? Maybe there will be some sort of official announcement or something. Also if Milliband did it in his first major speech then why repeat this? It’s all a bit odd but not worth denouncing him over.

    95. Bill Fraser says:

      Thanks Chris for the smiles,and Donald-A brilliant piece of poetry.

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