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The Full Nelson

Posted on February 23, 2021 by

It really can’t be overstated what extraordinary tweets these are.

That’s the editor of the conservative, ultra-establishment Spectator openly linking to a document that the Crown Office – the agent of the Queen herself – has threatened to prosecute the Scottish Parliament for publishing, and which has officially been deleted but is for some reason actually still available on the Parliament’s website.

The Spectator is giving the Queen the finger. And that’s not even the mad bit.

The magazine’s chairman got in on the act too.

This, of course, is the second time that publishers of Salmond’s evidence on breaches of the Ministerial Code by the First Minister have been threatened with prosecution and potential imprisonment by the Crown Office.

The first time was six weeks ago, when this site had exclusively published Salmond’s original submission to the Hamilton inquiry (as vetted by his lawyers), The Spectator stole it off Wings and put it on their own site, and a week later the Crown Office sent us both very menacing letters demanding it be removed.

The Spectator redacted only a single paragraph. We pulled the whole thing, because the Crown Office has a substantial track record of only prosecuting supporters of Alex Salmond on contempt-of-court charges.

Wings is also in an extremely difficult position in such matters. The Spectator is a large magazine and could easily brush off having a couple of its office computers seized by the police. But we know from previous experience that if the police come round to Wings HQ – my home – they’ll take everything in sight.

Last time they walked off with every desktop PC, every laptop, every tablet and every mobile phone in the property, and then hung onto them for several months, just as they’ve done with Mark Hirst.

In 2018 that was a surmountable problem – we just went out and bought more. But how do you do that in the middle of a lockdown when Currys and the Apple Store are closed? You can only shop online, and how do you get online when you don’t have any computers? A prosecution would close Wings down completely and indefinitely, so we can’t take any chances.

But we digress. The Spectator has published almost the entirety of Salmond’s original submission for six weeks without being prosecuted, having gone to the High Court to establish what was and wasn’t a breach of Lady Dorrian’s anonymity order, and now it’s very actively and publicly directing people to the new version – which is essentially the full original NON-redacted one but with the paragraphs in a different order.

It’s even gone to the trouble of archiving it just in case someone at the Parliament DOES wake up and remove it from the inquiry website – a clearly deliberate, to the point of being provocative, further publication of a “prohibited” document.

Nelson’s tweet linking to the supposedly-deleted, supposedly-contemptuous version from last night has been up, as we write this, for five and a half hours and yet the Scottish Parliament has STILL not removed the document from its website and as far as we’re aware the Crown Office has made no attempt to make it do so, or to tell Nelson to delete his tweet.

But what does that tell us? It tells us this: the hasty last-minute redaction of Salmond’s evidence has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the identity of the complainers against him. Its sole purpose is to make it impossible for Salmond to give evidence in person to the inquiry tomorrow.

Indeed, we know this doubly, because it’s only the redaction that suggests the identity of one of the complainers at all.

The evidence itself – which had once more been extensively vetted beforehand by lawyers – made no discernible reference to anyone being a complainer. But redacting passages which all refer to a particular person on the specific grounds that they might identify a complainer, while ensuring that people can still see the original version and observe by comparison which names have been removed, is like putting up a big flashing neon sign with giant arrows pointing directly at them.

So let’s just spell that out again: the Crown Office has effectively directly identified a complainer to anyone who wants to find out, and has then ensured that that identification stays in the public domain, with no possible other purpose than making it impossible for Alex Salmond to give any useful evidence to the inquiry about Nicola Sturgeon’s breaches of the Ministerial Code, on pain of his being prosecuted by… the Crown Office… for… identifying complainers.

We’ve just read that sentence back to ourselves three times and it doesn’t get any less crazy with repetition.

The Crown Office – led by the Lord Advocate, who is also a minister of the Scottish Government which is coincidentally the subject of the inquiry – is a catastrophically corrupt and broken entity which now seems to be totally, rabidly out of control.

It’s rampaging around Scotland burning literally tens of millions of pounds of public money on malicious prosecutions (which for anyone else, incidentally, would be a criminal act), and repeatedly interfering with an inquiry of the Scottish Parliament by helping the First Minister and her associates conceal a potential criminal conspiracy.

The Crown Office has Scottish democracy and accountability in a deadly, apparently inescapable neckhold, and it doesn’t appear to be answerable to anyone for anything.

If that doesn’t scare the living daylights out of you, readers, we’d suggest you might need to open your eyes a bit. Because it sure scares hell out of us.



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220 to “The Full Nelson”

  1. Brotyboy says:

    Who leaked to the Daily Record.

  2. ScottieDog says:

    There will be calls for ‘more oversight’ of the Scottish Parliament from WM in the coming months.
    She needs to go now

  3. Dee Dubya says:

    This what I type when I’m speechless with disgust, horror and fear. Oh and anger.

  4. Captain Yossarian says:

    Thank God for The Spectator. Would you have believed it possible for Wings over Scotland to say that.

    I think the May election must be stopped until such times as we can restore probity to Holyrood.

    I have to say that, the way it looks now, that might not be possible.

    Who would pay £250/hour for a Scottish lawyer eh?

  5. Cyril says:

    While it is titled the ‘Crown Office’ it is under the control of the devolved administration.
    “The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service is the independent public prosecution service for Scotland, and is a Ministerial Department of the Scottish Government the department is headed by Her Majesty’s Lord Advocate, who under the Scottish legal system is responsible for prosecution, along with the area procurators fiscal. In Scotland, virtually all prosecution of criminal offences is undertaken by the Crown. Private prosecutions are extremely rare.”

  6. Alastair says:

    This shitshow is now in the realms of the surreal. At what point does Parliament stop this disgraceful embarrassment continuing and bring those responsible to account. I’m really struggling to put into words just how angry this has got me. Chaos will surely follow now, and the great cause of our time will be a lost one. I could weep.

  7. Cenchos says:

    Is there not at least attempted entrapment here somewhere?

  8. Sally reed says:

    The Scottish government are corrupt to the core, but they will still win a majority in the election. Their supporters don’t care about lies or trying to send Salmond to jail.

  9. Graham says:

    Ashamed to say this, but I actually think you’re safer living in England Stuart.

  10. Captain Yossarian says:

    By the way, Levy and McRae no doubt didn’t get a reply to their excellent letter. The spoofs that reside at Holyrood and St Andrews House would have found it much too complex.

  11. “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past”. Orwell

    ‘This is why BBC Question Time [14th Jan’21] continued with the ongoing British State propaganda campaign, not only to downplay the fact that domestically, ‘Global Britain’ is being deliberately driven towards becoming a failed State, but to spin Scotland as a basket-case too in order to “manufacture consent” (Chomsky) that ‘justifies’ a British military presence – a military occupation – on the streets of yet another neighbouring Celt nation’.

    ‘Tory Brexit: Angling for the Occupation of Scotland’ by #GaslightingGilligan

  12. Frank anderson says:

    No, Alex has not pulled out, he has been forced out. Remember, ‘bring it on’. Alex has to produce any evidence around a conspiracy so I can answer all the allegations.
    Then Alex produces the evidence and everyone in the SNP cabal goes into overdrive to ‘rubbish it’ before it was even out. Trying to turn it into ‘no more trauma for the anonymous alphabet women’, who have lied and attempted to get a man jailed.

  13. Captain Yossarian says:

    Does Fraser Nelson fancy himself as Bob Woodward? I think he does.

  14. Artur sweet says:

    I am physically and mentally exhausted today just trying to follow this. I can’t concentrate on my work any more. It has become an unhealthy addiction. So I doff my hat to those like you Stu who are reporting it. You must be shattered sir!

  15. Anonymoose says:

    The levers that the Scottish Government are pulling in concert with the Clown Office/COPFS in order to protect the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon and her close associates both in the Government and the SNP are unfathomable.

    This needs to be held to account, this needs intervention by the Scottish Parliament, they need to stand their ground and kick the Clown Office, the Crown Agent and the Lord Advocate into touch.

    The Clown Office is REFUSING to publish the legal reasoning behind their insistance that all of Alex Salmonds evidence must be redacted in this paliamentary inquiry of national importance.

    For them to do that it must be very shaky legal advice and is not the first time they have maliciously threatened people with prosecution to get their own way.

    For the Scottish Government’s Crown Prosecution Service to be acting like a rogue agent of Government AGAINST the Scottish Parliament is something which needs to be stamped out of existence, this should never be happening in a modern democracy!

    We cannot have a Government department, led by the Lord Advocate who is himself a minister of Government, be dictating to the Parliament of the Soveriegn People of Scotland what it can and cannot do by threatening it with legal action.

    I call on any MSP who is reading this and who still has a resemblence of a spine to call out the Lord Advocate and issue a VONC on him in the Scottish Parliament before this week is over.

  16. wee monkey says:

    To plagiarise Peter Finch…Network..

    I don’t have to tell you things are bad.
    Everybody knows things are bad.
    It’s a Pandemic.

    Everybody’s out of work or scared of losing their job.
    The pound buys a 20p’s worth, everyone’s going bust.
    Punks are running wild in the parliament and there’s nobody anywhere who seems to know what to do, and there’s no end to it.

    We sit watching our TV’s while some local news tells us that today we had 750 deaths and 3000 new cases.
    We know things are bad – worse than bad.
    They’re crazy.

    It’s like everything everywhere is going crazy, so we don’t go out anymore.

    We sit in the house, and slowly the world we are living in is getting smaller, and all we say is, ‘Please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms.

    Let me have my PC and my TV and my internet and I won’t say anything.

    Just leave us alone.’

    Well, I’m not gonna leave you alone.

    I want you to get mad!
    I don’t want you to protest.
    I don’t want you to riot – I don’t want you to write to your msp because I wouldn’t know what to tell you to write.

    I don’t know what to do about the Pandemic and the Corruption and the Lockdown.

    All I know is that first you’ve got to get mad.

    You’ve got to say,

    ‘I’m a HUMAN BEING, My life has VALUE!’

    Things have got to change.

    But first, you’ve gotta get mad!… You’ve got to say, ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!’ open the window, stick your head out, and yell, and say it:


  17. covidhoax says:

    The Swamp has decreed it’s illegal to call the Swamp the Swamp.


  18. pogopat says:

    I have been following this closely for the last year and had no clue of any of the ‘accusers’
    I read the unredacted version this morning… still no clue
    I then read the redacted version this afternoon and voila.
    Guess I now know why the Aberdein evidence was not allowed

  19. David R says:

    There’s a thing on social media with the two German Officers and they ask “are we the bad guys?” The SNP leadership know they’re the bad guys and don’t give a shit as to who knows it. And the so called progressives and the organisations they fill keep quiet whilst stuffing their pockets with cash.

  20. Frazerio says:

    Salmonds submission cannot be made public. It brings down the whole debacle. Thats been clear for weeks.

    But Salmonds submission has been made public. On Wings, on Craig Murray, on The Spectator and with the clear and unambiguous comment by Gordon Dangerfield summing it all up beautifully. The genie is well and truly out of the bottle.

    Dig harder girls!!!!

    Stopping the Fabiani Inquiry using Salmonds submission, questioning about it etc is now a dead duck. Thon ship has well and truly sailed. The MSM cannot ignore any more, its out, its clear. It is game over for The Coven. The dam has burst, the water is rushing down the valley.

    Keep digging girls for all the good it will do you. Its time to run or turn and face up to the grim inevitability. Its not going to be pretty.

  21. Kenny says:

    Resignations and disgrace? yes, but how much of what’s taking place is/are actual offences with appropriate prison sentences? The most heinous and obvious crimes against the people of Scotland deserve fitting punishment.

    Are we looking at, say, 5-10 years in Cornton Vale – with those criminally sick abusers identifying as women?

  22. Astonished says:

    The plot thins as the plotters appear to be revealed, allegedly, by their own actions.

    If I was involved – I would be getting my lawyers ready to try and avoid jail.

    I really want the bigwigs jailed. ( I assume I wont be allowed to think this after humza useless has his way).

  23. Louise Hogg says:

    Is it possible for a vote of no confidence, by the Scottish Parliament to unseat the Lord Advocate? Any MSPs who think Nicola is keeping their seats safe, must surely realise by now that SHE’S NOT.

  24. Lawrence says:

    Captain Yossarian 7.34pm

    Been saying for a while now,,,


  25. Frazerio says:

    When the SNP is polling at 10-15% because of Sturgeon, I’m going to find it very difficult not to say “but look at the polls, she took us there from 45%”.

  26. Kenny says:

    Sally reed at 7:36 pm

    The Scottish government are corrupt to the core, but they will still win a majority in the election. Their supporters don’t care about lies or trying to send Salmond to jail..

    Exponential pennies dropping everywhere now, cats leaving bags at breakneck speed, friend advising friend, Ministers losing their shit and ready to clipe? – don’t be too sure about that.

  27. Sheepshagger says:

    You could not make it up.

    I’ve a spare room in Ireland if you want to go off the reservation.

  28. katherine hamilton says:

    The Crown Office in the person of the Lord Advocate is accountable. He is a member of the Government. It’s up to Parliament to hold government to account. As I said earlier today, they are het. It’s up to them.
    This inquiry is over. 2 things need to happen. Firstly The non SNP reps should resign, so it can’t produce a whitewash, at the same time planning for a public inquiry in the new parliament.
    Secondly a campaign to oust the SNP from power in May. It’s the only way to stop her.
    Douglas Ross for FM
    Monica Lennon for Health and Covid.
    Willie Rennie for Finance
    Murdo for Education.
    Howdya like them apples!!!

  29. Christian Schmidt says:

    I am sure there are many well-meaning, intelligent and totally incorruptible people working for Crown Office. And many of these will be lawyers, members of the law society of Scotland, who would not dream to be part of this. There is a time to tell your boss when he/she is bang out of order, and I think at the Crown Office the time is now

  30. Ravenhawk says:

    Could it be that the redaction is due to an ongoing investigation rather than related to a complainer?

  31. Gordon Keane says:

    The whole thing’s a shambles, and has potential to threaten the wider Independence movement. In that voters might be put off in sufficient numbers to vote SNP in May. That would be a total disaster, we can’t let happen. And in that sense, they do have all of us in a Lock.
    But at same time, we have demand action of some kind over this chaos we see. SNP members really have to get to grips with this for the sake of the country.

  32. Desimond says:

    So job done, no Salmond, no case to answer. Lets move into Election prep and wash our hands.

    That may be pretty thinking by Mr Murrell ( he just so reminds me of Freddo Corleone) but they are not factoring in the lengths others may go to in order to see Justice done.

    That could be publishing outside borders, Court actions and straight forward “leaks” as well as Press Conferences and public declarations.

    If they think this is over, i reckon they may be premature

  33. Josef Ó Luain says:

    None of this must be allowed to stand. Alex Salmond must hold his press-conference, but with international news-agencies. A relatively simple matter with Zoom type communications, these days This story must get out of Scotland and on to an international stage. It is, objectively, a political-corruption story, but not in some remote African state, this is taking place in real-time, here, in one of the world’s oldest nations.

    We should be very angry, not to mention, very alert.

  34. Robert graham says:

    I really hope Alex Salmond at the very last moment turns round and says ah fk this I am not playing yer fixed game come on boys let’s have a we talk .

    Taking the assembled press with him because they are all anticipating some action, Take the waiting press to a open air socially distanced point right outside Holyrood and gives his unadulterated version of events as he perceives them .

    Let’s hope it’s a dry and reasonably calm day tomorrow ,

    Eh lights on in Bute House anyone know, I think it’s sound proofed so we won’t be able to hear the anguished screaming or the banging of doors or maybe even fisticuffs and slapping .

  35. highseastim says:

    Graham @ 7.36

    I don’t know where your coming from, I feel entirely safe living in Scotland, but then I don’t live in the sectarian cesspit of the central belt.

  36. John H. says:

    This in a democracy. Or a former one. – Andrew Neil.

    Bang goes Holyrood.

  37. Astonished says:

    Desimond – I doubt mr murrell knows any prayers. murrell thinks God answers to him !

  38. McHaggis69 says:

    I’m tempted to do another Hitler bunker parody, this time with the SNP, Civil Service and Crown Office as the stars…

    But I’d probably get the jail.

  39. Sir Fortescue Wankworthy says:

    I say.

    Poor show Mrs Sturgeon. Good luck with the 77 and the revenge of Lamech.

    Now good day to you.

  40. PhilM says:

    Fraser Nelson isn’t Bob Woodward, he’s Ben Bradlee (I know my Watergate), therefore, in this scenario, that means Andrew Neil has to be Katharine Graham!
    Suits you, sir!

  41. Louise says:

    The lord advocate answers to the Scottish parliament and as I understand it the only way he can be removed is by a motion in the Scottish parliament unless he can somehow be struck off as an advocate but I am not sure the latter would even then remove him but he can be removed by a motion in the Scottish parliament

  42. Robert Burns says:

    Beyond a joke now…

    “Scroll down to read the censored evidence”!

    What is the procedure to remove these people?
    Is there anything similar to impeachment for US presidents?

  43. Wee Chid says:

    highseastim says:
    23 February, 2021 at 8:11 pm
    Graham @ 7.36

    “I don’t know where your coming from, I feel entirely safe living in Scotland, but then I don’t live in the sectarian cesspit of the central belt.”

    Are you female?

  44. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Gordon Keane

    Let me assure you old bean plenty of voters have been put off voting SNP in May.

    Everything is off for the next few years until a new party rises and hopefully some folk are residing in jail.

    There comes a time when decent people have to take a stand and as things are now with the SNP decent folk cannot support such a party.

    The evidence is the silence coming from the majority of the party they know it the smell it yet they are silent.

  45. Captain Yossarian says:

    Is the answer to this stand-off an interview between Andrew Neil and Alex Salmond?

    Surely Andrew Neil should get that gig as it was his cash that got us this far?

    We can tell Glenn Campbell, Conor Matchett and other miscellaneous spoofs to fuck-off.

    Andrew Neil is utterly fearless of Holyrood and the Crown Office. Hence, just the chap we need just now.

  46. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    My o my what new hell is this. Marble mooth Nelson trying to take credit for Stu’s piece. Piece of shit that Nelso .

    There’s no shocks that Unionist MSM will try and take all credit for this as their big scoops.

    You’ve fucked us NS. Fucked us.

  47. Robert graham says:

    I hope everyone realises Stu ain’t getting into bed with the Unionist press , I believe he’s clever enough to use them and not be used by them it’s two entirely different games going on just now so don’t be confused into believing that he’s a MI5 stooge .

    That’s for the benefit of WGD lurkers .

    Still watching suckers even if you say you hate Wings and it’s despicable Mr Campbell who does more work than the entire Scottish press and media combined .

  48. Giesabrek says:

    I live in an EU country. I would GLADLY set up a wordpress site here and publish every bloody name and detail of this disgrace if I could get them. Good luck the Broken Crown Office trying to prosecute me here 😀

  49. Mac says:

    lol. So please can someone post the link to the latest redacted version from the Incurious-Inquiry so I can work out who the accusers are.

    Dearie me. We all just keep underestimating the ability of Linda to out-farce herself at every turn.

    About the only people in Scotland not considering Alex Salmond’s full unredacted evidence are the very people tasked with uncovering the truth about the false allegations made against…yep, Alex Salmond.

    Get the fecking McWhirter brothers on the phone. This is the King Kong of Farces.

    Linda Fabiani clearly has farce running through her veins. She is a master class in farce. Hats off, I would never have thought it possible to get away with 10% of the Fabiani Farce. The woman is a natural.

  50. Robert Hughes says:

    I’m in no way attempting to mitigate the part NS has played in this – the full degree of which we may never know – she has been duplicitous and ruthless throughout the whole affair and the carefully cultivated image of ” caring , sharing , nice-girl-next-door ” Nicola lies in tattered rags , but…..

    Could a calamity of this scale ,the brazen corruption , malice , sheer desperation to cling to power , the whole affront to responsible public service and the potential ramifications of it all for Independence and even the continuance of the limited autonomy we have as a nation be down solely to the known protagonists in this affair ?

    It just seems to me too outrageous , too severe , too damaging , in short , too perfect , from the POV of our enemies for it to be the product of the collection of parody politicians and uncivil servants, the dramatis personae of malicious but bunglingly incompetent ham-actors comprising this surreal pantomime .

    If some malign entity had imagined a way in which to seriously fuck-up the the SNP and by extension the momentum towards Independence they would have imagined something like what is actually happening

  51. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Robert Graham – agreed, Stu does the work and takes it as far as he can. Levy and McRae do the same. Unfortunately, we need the Unionist press just now. Is there any other way.

    For what it’s worth, The Spectator is well aware of the value of this site. They couldn’t do some of the work they do without it and they will not forget that.

    Sturgeon would knife Stu through the throat. There’s no comparison.

  52. Hamish Anderson says:

    From Crown Office to Clown Office in just a few weeks.

  53. Something stinks in Holyrood says:

    Everyone on here has a duty to continue to call this out. It’s been the most stressful period but the Scottish government need to be held accountable for their actions. Join twitter and tweet and share on Facebook. I try to share Wings links on most news stories covering this story. I think the Scottish are now falling apart. Something has to give soon. I am glad Alex is no longer attending with one hand tied behind his back. He will have much more of an effect doing a big press conference and he can use his own testimony to tell everyone what’s really happened.

  54. Richard says:

    If I was a gambling man, I think someone is sitting on some damming evidence pending her having given her own evidence.

  55. laukat says:

    @Captain Yossarian says:
    23 February, 2021 at 8:26 pm

    Is the answer to this stand-off an interview between Andrew Neil and Alex Salmond?

    I think you have something there. If the spectator is willing to challenge the COPFS advice on what evidence can be discussed it would seem they are in the best position to interview Salmond with all the facts at their disposal. Also whilst Neil is rabid unionist he still commands attention from other media outlets. A Neil interview with Salmond would be shared across mutiple outlets.

    Neil could also offer Sturgeon the same platform i.e. a complete chance to set the record straight. For him its a no lose scenario. Sturgeon doesn’t show after a Salmond interview Neill will make hay with that, Sturgeon turns up she will get roasted.

  56. Saffron Robe says:

    So Nicola Sturgeon is being protected by the English Crown. Whoever would have thought? The enemy in our midst.

    Independence is really the battle between the sovereignty of the people and the sovereignty of the English Crown over Scotland. The battle between democracy and absolute right.

    We will only truly gain our independence by becoming a republic.

  57. McHaggis69 says:


    The Crown office could get a job as stage magicians.
    Bad ones.

    A lot of what a stage magician does is mis-direction. They get you to look at something while they manipulate the trick where you are *not* looking.

    The Crown in this case have put a large neon sign, honking car horns, fireworks and clown cars at exactly the bit they don’t want you to look at.

  58. Woodward and Bradlee were (ex) secret services, both worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence,

    Deep Throat (the whistleblower/source) was Associate Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Mark Felt.

    Watergate was no `golden age of journalism` , it was secret services led to get rid of Nixon,

    not sayin Nixon wasn`t as corrupt as every other politician that breathes air.

  59. holymacmoses says:

    Mr Salmond’s safety, well-being and personal privacy is obviously of absolutely NO import to the Police or Parliament. A couple of Kickshaw kists if – ever there was

  60. Stephanie Taylor says:

    Can I suggest you stash some back up IT equipment at a pals’, because to be honest, you never know the minute.
    I have thought that if you lived in Scotland, you’d have shared Craig Murray and Mark Hirsts’ experience. So, because you can’t be lifted as you’re in Bath, the only option is to vilify you and hate on you and your acolytes as much as possible.
    Sane people rely on your input and some of us even like your turn of phrase. Contingency plan, cos these folk are nuts.

  61. Captain Yossarian says:

    @laukat – Andrew Neil is London’s honorary Jock. They’re scared of him there. He wasn’t a fan of Alex Salmond but he sees this disgraceful stitch-up as something which affects the reputation of this country the world-over.

    I’ve noticed in the past that he follows his own agenda. His agenda at the moment is aligned with ours and so we should make use of it.

    Plus, don’t forget, he financed Lady Dorian’s Court of Session hearing which would have been expensive.

    An hour long interview Neil/Salmond would be the best TV you, or any Scotsman/woman, would ever have seen in their life.

  62. Bob Mack says:

    Nicola Sturgeon has no excuses.

    Not only did she fill the party with these woke numpties,she actually had the chance to be rid of them, but instead made a video pleading for them to come back.

    Sidelined one of our finest intellects in Westminster to favour Angus Robertson in Edinburgh.

    Changed party standing orders to favour selected woke candidates.

    Surrounded the membership from having a view.
    No referendum on the horizon. Or even over it.

    If British state security have taken advantage it’s down to Nicola. She initiated the process to catch Alex. I grant it was a golden opportunity to make mischief,but it should never,ever have arisen. It was bad ,indeed criminal judgement on Nicolas part.

    She could have left the policy as created by Alex in 2010. Unable to act against him under that policy, the women would have to decide to go to the police themselves.

    Nicola used the policy to decide for them, using Evans as the assassin in chief. It was Nicola.

  63. Ian Kemp says:

    Wee Chid says:
    23 February, 2021 at 8:23 pm

    highseastim says:
    23 February, 2021 at 8:11 pm
    Graham @ 7.36

    “I don’t know where your coming from, I feel entirely safe living in Scotland, but then I don’t live in the sectarian cesspit of the central belt.”

    Are you female?

    Wow !. That question say’s it all about Scottish males.

  64. Alf Baird says:

    ‘Full Nelson’, what George Osborne called ‘the arms’ of the British state in Scotland – copfs, police and civil service.

    The Three Amigos. Holding Scotland and its powerless parliament in their grip.

  65. Feliks says:

    Am i missing something here? Alex Salmond cannot say certain things when giving evidence to the committee for fear of charges from the Crown Office. How, then can he say those things in a press conference or to Brillo and not run the same risk.

  66. Anonymoose says:

    McHaggis69 says:
    23 February, 2021 at 8:46 pm

    The Crown in this case have put a large neon sign, honking car horns, fireworks and clown cars at exactly the bit they don’t want you to look at.

    Correct, but with the notable exception that the Sturgeonites are deflecting it under the guise of “protecting the anonimity of the complainers from the criminal case”, which is a red herring – when in actual fact the redactions to Alex Salmonds latest submission removes the direct evidence that Nicola Sturgeon misled parliament on multiple occasions and also removes another prime witness who’s evidence would corroborate with Alex Salmonds evidence and was not allowed to be published to the committee, depriving the committee of more crucial evidence.

    It is not about the alphabet women, it is purely about protecting the First Minister and her coterie.

    If Nicola goes down what’s the bet that streams of whistleblowers from her coterie come forward from her inner circle offering evidence that refutes every single thing she has said in order to cover their own arses.

  67. Ian McCubbin says:

    I see the best in comments and suggestions here.
    I hope we all can educate some more of the NS fan club to the reality of what the English established secret service is about and doing in plain sight.
    This set if events is the clear way they have at undermining Independence.
    They are succeeding unfortunately.
    I hope and pray a phoenix arises from this storm and gives us a path back to our main cause.

  68. Mchaggis69 says:


    I can agree to all of that. Spot on.

  69. David Caledonia says:

    Your going Dilly Dolly and don’t dilly dally on the way, cause those handcuffs don’t half bite into your wrists if you have them on to long

  70. Frank Gillougley says:

    Surely, this also must be the end of the Fabiani inquiry? How can anyone take those lickspittles seriously?

  71. ScottieDog says:

    Hard to imagine the long arm of London hasn’t been heavily involved in Scotland’s undoing.
    I can bet that After 2014, they wouldn’t be taking any chances.

  72. Lothianlad says:

    That slimey bitch knows her days are numbered.
    HIGNFY sturgeon….. the indy movement will thrive despite your best efforts!!!

  73. James Horace says:

    McEleny, Cherry, MacAskill & MacNeil are all dissenting voices, and McEleny’s open letter was great.

    But who else within the SNP is willing to call out Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government?

    Who else is willing to stand up and go on the record?

    Can I ask Stu, do you reckon you may have a few new contributers soon?

  74. tartanfever says:

    if election hustings start taking place before the May election (Sturgeon talking today about re-opening large parts of Scotland late April) I imagine there will be a huge number of awkward questions being fired at unsuspecting SNP candidates regarding not only the Fabiani debacle but Hate Crime and GRA proposals.

    At least,I hope so, because every person that stands for the SNP deserves to be ridiculed and embarrassed publicly.

    Who in their right mind would stand for such a corrupt entity and claim any form of personal integrity or trust/

  75. Cenchos says:

    Current Shitting Forecast:

    Sturgeon, Murrell:

    NNE, at 6s and 7s. Increasing storm 10 later.

    Crabbit, with intermittent fake smiles. Cyclothymic. Becoming very poor later.

  76. tartanfever says:

    ‘Andrew Neil is London’s honorary Jock. They’re scared of him there. He wasn’t a fan of Alex Salmond but he sees this disgraceful stitch-up as something which affects the reputation of this country the world-over.’

    – Andrew Neil couldn’t give two hoots about ‘Scotland’s reputation’ on the world stage. He’s a right wing disaster capitalist at best, the only consistent view he takes is protecting the corporate classes and businesses. Politicians come and go, the so called ‘neo-liberal’ project of the last few decades doesn’t. He seeks power and influence, but not as a politician, but as a media figure tied into the corporate world.

    Personal money,power and influence – those are his motivations.

  77. Robert graham says:

    As ever, every move by Sturgeons government and inner circle has caused more damage than it was supposed to remedy , the whole fk up was intended to put a lid on the fiasco it’s had exactly the opposite result they couldn’t have made it worse if they had tried , this leads me to think is Nicola Sturgeon also being setup for removal , two birds with one stone and and the Independence movement being damaged and caught in the cross fire just a bonus and collateral damage .

    Now with opposing sides at each others throats it’s like a circular firing squad , with only one winner

    That’s the fkrs supplying the ammunition that I believe is the English establishment they with their compliant media who incidentally are handling Nicola Sturgeon with kid gloves and why wouldn’t they she poses no threat to the Union in fact she’s their best asset .

    And as usual the Jocks that could start a fight in a empty house are getting stuck in punching fk out of the wrong opponent.

    The only reasonable explanation is it would never have happened without a compliant SNP management intent in shutting one man up in order to do that they needed help , along comes a handy trusted accomplice a civil servant who has the means and the attention of the Cabinet ,not our Scottish cabinet the real cabinet the English cabinet the only one with real power .

  78. TNS2019 says:

    ames Horace says:
    23 February, 2021 at 9:02 pm

    McEleny, Cherry, MacAskill & MacNeil are all dissenting voices, and McEleny’s open letter was great.

    But who else within the SNP is willing to call out Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government?

    This, for me, is now pivotal.
    Sturgeon is so badly damaged that even if she survives the whole scandal, she can never forge the identity of a new independent nation.
    We should be looking to the new generattion, but where the hell are they?
    I do hope that everyone in the SNP understands that the current era will come to an end and that it will do so in ignominy. The risk is that the whole party will be so damaged that public support will evaporate, especially during a firecely fought indyref campaign when there will be a focus on who’s figures and claims can be trusted.
    Trust will be the key word.
    There are those on these pages who keep faith with the original movement and want independence whatever the cost might be. But I am out. No SNP vote, no Green vote, and nought for the rest either because of the shambles of an opposition that we have had over the last few years.
    I have given up.

  79. T.C. Nu says:

    Captain Yossarian@8:39

    ‘Unfortunately, we need the Unionist press just now. Is there any other way.’

    I think I’ve said it before, but we need the International press to pick this up. We need to be in a position where the mythophiles on the NS side can’t point and say ‘see, it’s the Unionists..’

    I’d also point out that we might as well forget about the leftpondians regarding this, considering the sort of shit that is going on in the US and Canada at present.

  80. More and more Divine in Pink Flamingos just comes to mind, for some reason:

  81. Ian Mac says:

    The really shocking thing about this Stasi-like performance of Sturgeon and co is not so much her, but the entire Scottish establishment, including parliament and the legal system is averting its eyes and not saying a thing. Is there really no-one in the whole state apparatus who is not prepared to call this out, and stand up and be counted by condemning it in no uncertain terms. It is a colossal failure of the whole class of people who supposedly make up the governance of our society. I find it incredible that are no liberal minds and voice who are prepared to say how appalling, anti-constitutional and totally unacceptable this gerrymandering is. There is no point whatsoever in the hundreds of millions spent on Holyrood if there is not a single person in that building prepared to take a stand, build some allies and come out against this utterly demeaning and fundamentally morally wrong situation. She is making a mockery of the whole establishment and they just sit there on their hands, hoping it will all go away soon, and they can carry on with their luxury wages and perks. That is what I find particularly galling and objectionable. And it bodes extremely badly for any kind of independence if this kind of rule by authoritarian diktat is a harbinger of things to come. I mean who wants to live in that kind of society, where justice is served according to your status in the eyes of the ruling junta?

  82. Ross says:

    I’m totally lost. Haven’t they allowed the evidence to be published but with redactions?

    So he could still talk about the vast majority no?

  83. Lost says:

    @Robert Burns 8:22

    They’re obviously hoping that not only do we forget what we read, but that the Internet stops at the border.

    Redacted and non-redacted together.

  84. Jack Murphy says:

    The Crown Office and the Lord Advocate.
    The Crown Office and the Lord Advocate.
    The Crown Office and the Lord Advocate.
    The Crown Office and the Lord Advocate.
    The Crown Office and the Lord Advocate.
    The Crown Office and the Lord Advocate.
    The Crown Office and the Lord Advocate.

    Welcome to Scotland’s Finest, and perhaps be just a little bit…

  85. Sharny Dubs says:

    Can someone not call an emergency meeting of the highest court in the land to discuss this?

    The presiding officer or someone.

    I have no idea about these things.

    Feel like someone is watching all this carefully, waiting for that late night knock on the door.

  86. PhilM says:

    What Andrew Neil and Fraser Nelson are doing can easily be explained in terms of newsworthiness alone. It doesn’t need justification in terms of the influence of shadowy secret state actors, which does NOT mean that that isn’t going on. What’s going on at the COPFS is far more important for us as Scots who should be very worried about the decrepitude of our own state, which is scary to echo the Rev’s word and if you have never experienced it, let me tell you it is the most soul-destroying thing ever. Utter helplessness.
    All that being said, if we are going to be serious about this apparent corruption, we should be worried about all corruption and that begins at the very least with organisations not following the law.
    We shouldn’t be kidding ourselves that we are more democratic or left-leaning than that England but suffer apathetically and look the other way at the endemic corruption rife in the public sector, over which we should in theory have some measure of control.
    Having recently clicked on his name and read the story, I can see the poster going by the name TNS2019 knows exactly what I’m talking about.

  87. Mia says:

    ““The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service is the independent public prosecution service for Scotland, and is a Ministerial Department of the Scottish Government the department is headed by Her Majesty’s Lord Advocate”

    If it is headed by “Her Majesty’s” Lord Advocate, then it cannot possibly be independent. Considering that the unelected “her Majesty’s” Lord Advocate sits in the SGov cabinet, then the government is not the Scottish government either.

  88. Jontoscots20 says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    23 February, 2021 at 7:39 pm
    Does Fraser Nelson fancy himself as Bob Woodward? I think he does.

    The few journalists pursuing this seem to be working for more right-wing publications.Of course you don’t need to Bob Woodward more Bob Service to pick up this conspiracy form Wings, Gordon Dangerfield, and others. Of course the Sturgeon cabal in Holyrood most of whom are too thick for nuance will paint it as a Westminster plot.

    No it’s because the bought press in Scotland with a few honourable exceptions have opened up a market space for them. The de frocking is Saint Nicola patron Saint of remainders Wokeists and Globalists everywhere is a big scalp.

  89. AL voice of reason says:

    I think MI5 and UK Government did not need to to look further than a psycological assesment of NS to see she was a psycopath and let her get on with it.
    “It’s not easy to spot a psychopath. They can be intelligent, charming, and good at mimicking emotions. They may pretend to be interested in you, but in reality, they probably don’t care”. (Applies to a lot of Politicians Globally)

    “They’re skilled actors whose sole mission is to manipulate people for personal gain,”
    Do all the corrupt actors in this shamful debacle not realise that to fail the Scottish people will not be forgiven.
    This is a people who kicked the shit out of burning terrorists at Glasgow Airport, do they not think that the same could happen to them all be it in a court of law.
    COPFS, potentially if found to be compliciant, could make previous cases brought by them deemed to be unstable in a Court and subject to review.

  90. Captain Yossarian says:

    @tartanfever – His cheque book financed Lady Dorian’s Court of Session hearing. What has anyone else done? Writing into Wings over Scotland won’t move this situation forward a millimeter.

  91. Dulwich says:

    This is a case of swallowing any prejudice you may have against Andrew Neil & or the Spectator. The Avenue they currently present to open up the gross injustice going on here is just to important. It’s been apparent for some time that team Sturgeon would do ANYTHING to suppress AS appearing in an open forum and state, under Oath, his version of events, with supporting evidence to back it up.

    All my life I believed that the legal system in Scotland was the epitome of the legal “gold standard” but recent events have comprehensively abused me of that view. I am thoroughly ashamed that we’ve sunk to this level of cesspit advocacy.

  92. true scot says:

    Sturgeon remains popular (thanks to Covid) – as is Turkey’s Viktor Orban. But take a look here. Interesting.
    The SNP under her leadership are changing the character of a country I’ve always been proud of.

  93. kapelmeister says:

    Being a government minister in Scotland is an honour. It is not a personal achievement, it is not a right, nor is it a glory, it does not lift an individual above compatriots. It is not meant to be a career with attendant financial benefits. All ministers, and all legislators are there to serve.

    That is not an unrealistic ideal. All countries have their corrupt public figures, but, in redemption, most countries also have public servants who carry out their duties – note the word duties – with some integrity. Under the Sturgeon regime the latter sort have been either banished from office or cowed whilst in it.

    Our current First Minister would protest that she serves and is devoted to duty. She might even be convinced of this. Her known actions speak of the opposite being the case. And she surrounds herself with close confederates in parliament and in the civil service who show complete disregard for propriety. The old adage of fish rotting from the head was never more vindicated.

    When a leader spends her energies on doing everything to simply stay in office and spends no thought on how to be worthy of that office then a line has been crossed. This far and no further.

  94. Mia says:

    “Unfortunately, we need the Unionist press just now”

    No, we don’t, actually. The pro independence bloggers are doing just fine, thank you. In fact they have done all the hard work, and I mean all, with very little resources and under constant threats and vicious criticism. Now the unionist press simply expects to waltz in get the recognition for their hard work, hide any sign that the British state had its fingerprints all over this to stop Scotland’s independence and portray the whole story as if it was the consequence of Scotland not being able to govern itself and needing Westminster.

    No thanks. We rather rely on the pro independence bloggers. They have demonstrated they can be trusted at all times. The unionist press on the other side, cannot be trusted. They will always spin everything against independence.

    “Is there any other way”
    Yes, there is, and that is for the opposition parties in Holyrood to start acting as real democratic representatives of the people of Scotland instead of the colonial agents of the British State. Why are Sturgeon, Swinney and the Lord Advocate still in post after this? Why haven’t they been sacked with a VONC on this failed government? Why is the Fabiani’s Farce still going when it clearly it is nothing but the lapdog of the crown office? Why is Scotland’s parliament tolerating this abuse of power from the Crown Office?

  95. richard richardson says:

    Sounds like this benevolent belated offer of “written guidance” that Salmond asked for for months will now be used by Fabiani to specify and instruct what is off limits for Salmond to refer to.

  96. kapelmeister says:

    Mia @9:53

    “In fact they have done all the hard work,..”

    So true Mia. Andrew Neil is just riding on the coat tails of others and playing his own game.

  97. Daisy Walker says:

    The Spectator is doing what – we – the Wingers – always said the media would do… finally run with this, just months before May election.

    And they’re not gunning for Nicla, they’re gunning for the Crown Prosecution Fiscal Service…

    Corruption at that level…

    Holyrood inquiry – nothing but a joke…

    What ho – best to shut Holyrood don’t you know.

    The fact that they’re using the facts that wings and others have been trying, (and succeeding) in getting out there for the last 3 years, ONLY NOW – its not a happy accident.

    Ozzcam, his razor, and the Met can all just Fuck Off.

  98. shug says:

    I really look forward to Andrew Neil interviewing Nicola at some point in the future. He will roast her slowly

  99. Career Politician says:


  100. Mia says:

    “The Spectator is giving the Queen the finger”

    But are they though? It seems like an illusion from here.

    It does not look like COPFS is just attempting to save Sturgeon’s and the conspirator’s arses here. The reckless, in your face actions of the COPFS suppressing the evidence and the malicious prosecutions, the reckless actions of the UK civil service in Scotland’s gov pushing forward a knowingly unlawful procedure, the attitude of Sturgeon’s cabinet and the SNP mandarins towards the evidence and even the police launching a very costly fishing expedition against Mr Salmond points more to a much bigger goal: to render in the eyes of the electorate of Scotland the Scottish government, the Scottish Parliament and the justice system as useless so they can be closed down and direct rule imposed from London.

    It seems to me that the Spectator might just be helping with that goal.

  101. Skip_NC says:

    O/T but can I just ask the assembled company a question?

    Am I alone in thinking that the SNP, under current management, is merely devolutionist and does that make me not in favour of independence for Scotland?

  102. Mappy123 says:


  103. kapelmeister says:

    We are fighting a war on two fronts. On one front against the unionists and on the other front against the Sturgeonites. That musn’t be lost sight of.

  104. A Person says:

    -Mia, Daisy-

    Yyyyuuuuppp. The corruption has been exposed by Wings and other independence supporters; but because nobody in the independence movement, with a handful of honourable exceptions, had the guts to do anything about it, it is now being used as a football by unionists, including the hard-right Spectator and folk like Galloway who want to shut down Holyrood.

    For the last umpteen elections the unionist parties have run the same dreary “vote to stop a divisive indyref” which appeals to their core voters but which anyone who isn’t a core voter just turns off from, a bit like Labour whining about “austerity”. But this issue has real salience- as does the GRA and HCB which no doubt we will soon be hearing plenty about as this site has warned us.

    I read a Ruth Davidson column in the Mail on Sunday the other day and I’m ashamed to say I agreed with its general thrust. This has been a gift to unionists, they have responded shrewdly, and I think it will work for them. Worst of all, it is all “our”, ie the Yes movement’s leader’s, fault.

  105. Jason Hoffman says:

    Has nobody considered why, in all of the publicly known mess that the SNP and Sturgeon are in, that Boris Johnson and the UK govt are not adding to their woes and giving the Scottish Govt and the SNP in Westminster an impossibly difficult time?

    The Salmond episode is ideal for Boris to hammer Sturgeon and push her to the point of resigning. He could effectively destroy the Indy movement in a matter of days.

    And yet there is nothing from them. The English MSM is quiet. I’ve seen tweets from folk in England asking what is going on.

    It’s odd, isn’t it?

    Or maybe the SNP don’t really want indy now. There are a lot of contented people with good jobs and salaries. There’s a lot to lose. Maybe there has been some offers of extra money and powers to a virtually guaranteed SNP govt in Scotland. The status quo helps everyone. Brexit is a done deal. Indy won’t happen because Boris won’t grant it. So, why no make the best of it.

    Another four or eight years as FM for Sturgeon and her MSPs. Some public shouting about Scotland being squashed again by Westminster, and another landslide SNP in the next Westminster elections.

    but otherwise, everything else can carry on as normal..

  106. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Could it be that the redaction is due to an ongoing investigation rather than related to a complainer?”


  107. Hatuey says:

    Cenchos says:
    23 February, 2021 at 9:12 pm
    Current Shitting Forecast:

    Sturgeon, Murrell:

    NNE, at 6s and 7s. Increasing storm 10 later.

    Crabbit, with intermittent fake smiles. Cyclothymic. Becoming very poor later.



  108. Meg merrilees says:

    Robert Burns @ 8.22

    I never ever thought I would want to congratulate the Daily Mail on their journalism but tonight I take my hat off to them.

    They have given a fair summary of Alex Salmond’s case AND printed the unredacted statement for anyone to read that has the time and the inclination.

    I’ve even heard a fairly good resume on the 10.00 news on BBC R4.

    I think that the shoogly peg may be about to fall down.

    Frank – get the door!

  109. Mr Bonobo says:

    Unbelievable watching the evening news. Salmond has won two court cases and released significant evidence of wrongdoing, plotting, breach of protocols. Sturgeon relies on a completely improbable defence of being kept in the dark by a coterie of colleagues, underlings, and family in a way that would be completely out of character for every single actor.

    Yet the Scottish news effectively call it out as he says/she says.

  110. Lisbon67 says:

    Uncle joe would have loved this crowd of rogues

  111. John Cleary says:

    There’s a key piece in Salmond’s submission that has been underappreciated, viz:

    “I believe that the Committee should ask the Lord Advocate directly whether he instructed two unwilling complainants to make police statements.”

    Those two statements were the grain of sand around which the conspirators constructed their “pearl”.

    What does it mean when a Lord Advocate “instructed” two frightened women? I’ll bet they both wish to God they’d never got involved.

    Who’s the abuser, ladies?

  112. Robert Hughes says:

    Mia @ 9.53 .

    100% agree . I’m extremely wary of the involvement of fully paid-up/off MSM Unionists in this and was thinking exactly as you say , we should be dealing with this ourselves , and , as you also say , we are ; the truth-telling bloggers and their audiences are providing the only alternative to political doublespeak

    We know the ” Scottish ” MSM is utterly useless and compromised , this situation may ultimately prove- should any more proof be needed-the value and crucial future role of genuinely honest and independent online information sources in Scotland

  113. Cudneycareless says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    23 February, 2021 at 10:15 pm
    “Could it be that the redaction is due to an ongoing investigation rather than related to a complainer?”


    And there was me thinking it was the plot twist at the end of the episode . Tune in next week or press the red button NOW.

  114. Hatuey says:

    Jason Hoffman: “It’s odd, isn’t it?”

    Not really. If he threw the boot in now, the SNP would have time to replace Sturgeon and recover for the election. Actually, there’s every chance they’d come out of it even stronger, with a much more aggressive stance on indyref.

    That makes it a timing issue. Also, though, and this is the bit that worries me, the ideal scenario for Boris is possibly a much wakened SNP with Sturgeon remaining at the helm.

    I think we can safely rule out a majority now. I’m seeing a lot of people saying they can’t vote for her. Even on WGD, normally a hive for SNP loyalists, every second comment is from someone saying that they’ve had enough.

  115. JSC says:

    I’ve been wondering what was driving all the alphabet women, even some of the more reluctant ones, and I realised something I’ve not seen mentioned yet (from memory)….

    What compensation would a woman be entitled to from ScotGov (i.e. the taxpayer) if their alleged abuser had been found guilty, and thus their employer had failed them in a duty of care. I’m thinking that a long-term pattern of sexual assaults would result in a payout well into 6 figures for an individual complainant, if the man they were testifying against was found guilty?

    Perhaps multiple carrots were dangled

  116. Lee says:


  117. Big Jock says:

    Sturgeon left a Covid briefing early. To make a statement on STV daring Salmond to bring it on.She knew he was just about to bring it on. He brings it on. Then the next day the Crown redacts and removes his evidence.

    Salmond cannot then appear at the commitee. I can only assume that the whole thing was planned over the last 24 hours. Murrel seems to be in control of the Crown.

  118. A Person says:

    Yes Robert it is particularly unnerving to see people cheering on the likes of Andrew Neil, a egotistical bully whose views on AIDS and climate change are abhorrent.

    However this also presents a problem for the future of independence. So many, ahem, “leadership supporters” came to the Yes movement from Scottish Labour with its ludicrous tribal “football team mentality” where you never listen to people outside your own party. You can see it in the National or in Twitter comments and it’s very arrogant and alienating. Most people aren’t as tribal and if they get abuse for listening to the likes of old Brillo, they might go “well piss off, I agree with him now”.

  119. Meg merrilees says:


    I’m no expert but my understanding is that by redacting the Alex Salmond statement before he gives evidence, he is unable to then discuss any of the redacted matter.

    The devious part is caused by removing that part of Alex’s statement because the contentious material will not be discussed in committee and crucially will therefore not be able to be considered by the Committee when forming their final report.
    Therefore, they cannot conclude e.g. that NS misled the Scottish Parliament if they have not been able to discuss that very matter because the evidence has effectively been banned.

  120. Meg merrilees says:

    I think the going rate is 30 pieces of silver!

  121. Anna says:

    This is a farce, its clever pantomime, the perfect distraction and destruction to scupper Independence. Nothing else. Salmond Sturgeon, the whole shingbang have been set up. Setting them all against each other, scattering the pigeons. Everyone needs to see it for what it is. . Get out there and give first vote to SNP in elections in May regardless who is FM, leaders come and go this isn’t about them. Play the schemers at their own game.

    Lesley Evans works for Westminster, thats not new.

  122. Effijy says:

    Remember FACTS

    Falsify charges
    Accumulate amiable accusers
    Corrupt Crown Prosecutors
    Tear up HR protocols
    Salmond Stitch Up.

    Remember this as it gets redacted tomorrow!

  123. A Person says:


    Agreed, and, not to go off at a tangent, but in apolitical world many are aggrieved that our “reopening schedule” is going to be slower than England’s for no discernible reason. Polls say that most people support a slow reopening, but that is a broad, amorphous sentiment, whereas among the (substantial) minority who are adversely affected, opposition is felt very strongly. How would you feel if you were losing your job in say hospitality or barbering while there’s images on TV of people going to the pub in England? And we’d all know exactly who to blame- because she’s been on every fucking broadcast and has taken credit for every decision.

    And as you say, more and more people, even diehard Sturgeon fans, are waking up to what has been going on.

    Add in the GRA and the HCB and it’s a perfect storm at the worst possible time.

  124. JSC says:

    Everyone that keeps going on about this being the work of MI5 or that it’s a nefarious plot by Andrew Neil, helped by James Bond in a 30-year game plan to get a UK plant at the top to scupper Indy….

    What a lot of shite. Listen to yourself and then open your eyes.

    This is entirely self-inflicted by Nicola and her paranoia, as well as the fantasy of thinking sisters are doin it for themselves. She’s surrounded herself with yes-women, which means there’s been no-one in the SNP with any balls.

    There’s been no-one to tell her a coven of witches might know how to stir a big pot, but they can’t do much else right.

  125. Wee Chid says:

    Ian Kemp says:
    23 February, 2021 at 8:54 pm
    No it doesn’t but you cannot deny that, statistically, women are at risk from men and allowing potentially predatory men access to women’s safe spaces is a worry for many. There is also every reason for both men and women to be frightened in a society where the stating of biological facts might get you a jail sentence.

  126. A Person says:

    Also, I read that the National is restricting comments to subscribers only? Is this true?

    If so, it’s unbelievably blatant. The yoons were right: “McPravda” sure enough.

  127. Famous15 says:

    Andrew Neil is a clown to call the Crown Office the Sturgeon Clown Office as every member of its staff is vetted by the Ministry of Defence ie MI5 as is every member of the “Scottish “ Civil Service at and above principal grade as is every officer in Police Scotland of Superintendent rank and above and lower ranks whose duties require such vetting eg detective constables in Special Branch.

    Members of the SNP such as those with the Right Honourable titles are vetted also.

    Ms Evans ,the most senior “Scottish” Civil Service is a central figure in British Intelligence and has been trained by them.

    Is Nicola Sturgeon complicit or is she a mere casualty dupe? I know not. Ask Mr Craig Murray perhaps.

  128. Anonymoose says:

    Anna says:
    23 February, 2021 at 10:37 pm

    This is a farce, its clever pantomime, the perfect distraction and destruction to scupper Independence. Nothing else. Salmond Sturgeon, the whole shingbang have been set up. Setting them all against each other, scattering the pigeons. Everyone needs to see it for what it is. .

    Get out there and give first vote to SNP in elections in May regardless who is FM, leaders come and go this isn’t about them. Play the schemers at their own game.

    Play the schemers at their own game by giving them a vote of confidence?

    I am sorry I cannot do that because I have this thing called morals.
    I will not vote for a party leader who absolutely reeks of the putrid stench of corruption in this whole fiasco.

    You can take your wheesh for indy intructions and politely shove them where the sun doesn’t shine, and for clarity since you are clearly devoid of any that is right up your backside.

  129. P Didds says:

    So MSM is happy to publish, but the Scottish Parliament isn’t..

  130. Big Jock says:

    Anna. The part you haven’t mentioned is Mr Murrels involvement. Unfortunately it was he who went after Salmond. Not Whitehall or GCHQ.

    The fight we are having, was not started by London or M15. The Murrells are corrupt, so it’s not easy to just ignore this.

    The other point is Sturgeon’s complete failure to deliver independence. Personally I think she is now a committed devolutionist. Independence will not come with her in charge, even with every seat in Holyrood.

    So it’s simply pointless giving her another 5 years to fanny about.

  131. AL voice of reason says:

    Jason Hoffman says 10:15PM
    Boris Johson and the UK Govt are probaly not reporting as they have given enough rope for the Scottish Government to hang themselves. At some point they can ask:
    Where did you spend the covid funding to support business ?
    Where was the Brexit fund used to support business ?
    Why did you financially screw up Bifab, CMAL ferry purchase, the Alex Salmond Inquiry, Rangers fiasco etc etc.
    Now Prestwick Airport is up for sale, will we get they 43million invested back.
    Why is the legal system so screwed up ?
    I can see at a later date that we could be stripped of devolved powers on the basis of incompetence by the Scottish Government.
    Damage which will take a long time to repair without a concerted effort by the Scottish People to rebuild our standing.

  132. The Oui Coupar says:

    Fine words and sentiment.
    In essence it’s about personal INTEGRITY
    When public service is seconded to self service that’s when disintegration starts.
    Me me I I I my me again. There’s a rotten fish weeping into those hair follicles.

  133. Derek says:

    @Captain Yossarian says:
    23 February, 2021 at 8:26 pm
    Is the answer to this stand-off an interview between Andrew Neil and Alex Salmond?

    That’d be interesting. The material under discussion has all been published for some time without a cheep from m’learned friends and they both know the limits. I reckon that you could have quite a conversation there, as neither of them’s what you’d call a shrinking violet.

  134. Alf Baird says:

    The best option is an independence plebiscite election folks.

    Thankfully one pro-indy party is up for it:

  135. John Cleary says:

    I probably shouldn’t do this, but..

    JSC says:
    23 February, 2021 at 10:43 pm
    Everyone that keeps going on about this being the work of MI5 or that it’s a nefarious plot by Andrew Neil, helped by James Bond in a 30-year game plan to get a UK plant at the top to scupper Indy….

    What a lot of shite. Listen to yourself and then open your eyes.

    This is entirely self-inflicted by Nicola and her paranoia, as well as the fantasy of thinking sisters are doin it for themselves. She’s surrounded herself with yes-women, which means there’s been no-one in the SNP with any balls.

    There’s been no-one to tell her a coven of witches might know how to stir a big pot, but they can’t do much else right.

    JSC, I don’t quite understand this.
    You are offering an opinion, no? In a rather aggressive manner.
    You don’t offer a scintilla of evidence to give any substance to your opinion, which remains, in the vernacular, “pure wind”, no?

    So what is the point of you?

  136. Lawrence says:

    Mike 10.18pm

    Brilliant John Lennon.

    Very apt.

  137. Lenny Hartley says:

    AL voice of reason s Ffs what a load of pish, you trying to say that Westminster is more competent than the Scots gov ????

  138. ian murray says:

    It would seem to be a very smart move by the Crown office to hamstring the Salmond submission.
    All they had to do was run roughshod over one of the Alphabet women’s rights

  139. ScotsRenewables says:

    I wonder how Alex would like us to vote…

  140. steelewires says:

    Can Alex Salmond aske for a judicial review of the Procedure including the Crown Office’s and Lord Advocate’s part?

  141. GlenIslay says:

    Sturgeons stupidity is setting the scene for Westminster to close Holyrood down, as they did with Stormont for a while.

    She is killing devolution. Literally killing devolution. This isn’t the Tories knifing it in the spleen…It’s the SNP.

  142. Corrado Mella says:

    I’ve had enough to be right and not to be listened to.

    I lived in a country and a city where I had to contend daily with sociopathic abuse, underhand tactics, craven corruption and insane levels of greed.

    I know how to protect myself against it and to turn the tables if needed.
    So I hereby affirm that we must take action, with no hesitation, to thwart a coup.

    The plan from both Scottish and UK Governments is to contain everyone in a now entirely unjustified lockdown to avoid mass protests.

    The protracted lockdown is entirely unjustified because the most vulnerable have all been vaccinated now, and wearing face masks is enough to limit accidental inoculums of COVID to small dosages that lead to no or very mild symptoms but, as a vaccination, triggers our immune response.

    Stop being afraid. I speak as an EX-COVID patient. I had it, in February 2020, it hit me hard, I won the initial battle and then engaged in a year long war with “long-COVID”. I won that too. It’s scary but if you keep fighting you win.

    It’s time to go out, masks on, and take back our lives, our party, our government, our nation and our independence.

    Or we will all die, of apathy and despair, rather than of a virus.

  143. Garavelli Princip says:

    Saffron Robe says:
    23 February, 2021 at 8:45 pm
    So Nicola Sturgeon is being protected by the English Crown. Whoever would have thought? The enemy in our midst.

    Got it in one Saffron. The Crown Office can thumb its nose at the Parliament because they do not answer to it. They know who their boss is and where their loyalty lies – and its not Edinburgh or Scotland.

    Remember a key player in this, the Crown Agent – to whom Lesley Evans passed the ‘criminal’ complaint, has been identified as an agent of MI5.

    There has been a big spoon stirring this pot and its handle lies in Westminster.

  144. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    A Spectator article from today by S. Daisley.

  145. Beaker says:

    @Alf Baird says:
    23 February, 2021 at 10:59 pm
    “The best option is an independence plebiscite election folks.
    Thankfully one pro-indy party is up for it:”

    Problem that I see, is that any organisation linked to independence is going to get tarred by a bloody big brush.

  146. Al-Stuart says:

    Dear Fraser Nelson,

    Thank your for your interest in this matter. If it is something you might like to study in further depth, there may be an exclusive.

    When I was being trained at Tulliallan Police College, a wise old instructor/sergeant was giving a lecture on dangerous people.

    To the astonishment of a class full of twenty new cops, his lesson was in relation to police officers stopping motor vehicles and the types of danger they would encounter.

    The sergeant said:

    “If it is a joyrider, they may have a joke to tell. If it is a housebreaker, they may harm you. If the driver is a murderer, they will be mendacious in their efforts to get away. But one of the most dangerous people you will ever stop is a former or retired police officer who holds a burning sense of injustice. For they may cost you your job as they likely know as much law, or more than you. So make sure you conduct yourself professionally, courteously and above all, your bearing and actions must always be in a lawful manner as nobody, not even a police officer is above the law.”

    Fraser, it is strange the things you remember from many years ago.

    The point?

    Nicola Sturgeon boasted tonight, on national television media that: “Alex Salmond doesn’t have a shred of evidence.”

    She is right.

    Alex Salmond has no evidence, because Nicola Sturgeon has hidden all of Alex Salmond’s evidence.

    We are VERY close to Nicola Sturgeon being accompanied to police interview under caution for allegedly perverting the course of justice and inciting civil servants to commit malfeasance whilst in public office.

    This is what happens when a law officer such as Nicola Sturgeon leaves sufficient evidence incriminating herself and thereby makes a police inquiry competent to initiate.

    If Iain Livingstone the current chief constable at Police Scotland fails to accept a formal complaint against Sturgeon and others, he can, for example, expect to be referred to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick for allegations relating to Livingstone and his officers neglecting their duty (he requires to be interviewed by an officer of higher rank). Livingstone can wave goodbye to his knighthood.

    Sturgeon is a solicitor, along with witnesses (or possibly an accused) James Wolffe QC. They know the law. Besides ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    So Fraser, if you would like to see how this progresses, please leave a note on this BTL thread and I shall be in touch.

    As for Sturgeon, the old adage paraphrased may apply: “Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorned nor harridan out to kill off her old boss.”


    Conversely, there is a quiet danger of a retired police officer who holds a burning sense of injustice walking into his local police station and handing across an irrevocable complaint that even Themis would think twice about delivering.”

    I thank my old sergeant, he was a wise and decent man.

    Fraser, methinks it is fast approaching time when, as Andrew Neil renames it, the Scottish Clown Office and the legal process that the amateur solicitor we endure as First Minister believes she can pervert, are all properly and independently investigated by an honest legal system and not one that gerrymanders the evidence like a cut price Paula McDaniels tribute act.

    Nicola, maybe time for you to telephone…

    Lord Jeffery Archer, Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, sentenced to


    The Rt. Hon. Jonathan Aitken, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, sentenced to


    The Rt. Hon. Chris Huhne, Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change, sentenced to

    There are dozens of other convicted politicians, and civil servants. The point is that nobody is above the law.

  147. Lawrence says:

    Corrado Mella 11.39pm

    So have we to guess which City you lived in???

  148. colin findlay says:


  149. Iain More says:

    re Al-Stuart

    Uhmm you forget the mass murderer Tory Blair. He hasn’t gone to jail.

  150. Hatuey says:

    According to Guido Fawkes and others I’ve read, the redactions made today related to accusations that Sturgeon had broken the ministerial code, rather than anything to do with complainers. I’ve seen a few comments on here that seem to imply that and support that claim.

    If that’s true, I don’t see why Salmond can’t appear tomorrow. Claims and concerns about the ministerial code are being handled by the Hamilton Inquiry, and as I understand it everything Salmond said in regards to that (outlining the occasions where he alleges the ministerial code was broken) has been sent to Hamilton and accepted as evidence.

    I guess there’s more to the redactions than we know. Otherwise, Salmond has no reason to stay away tomorrow. Also, if he did go even with the redactions in place, he might also choose, as I understand it, to return, just as Evans and others returned, to give further information if the redactions are removed.

    Just as important, he could also hold a press conference. I don’t see anything that would stop him saying what he wanted to say in a press conference since the information redacted today is well established in the public domain.

    This is as much to do with politics as it is the law. There’s political momentum right now; I’m seeing a real groundswell of interest and disgust at what’s going on. Salmond should be thinking about the politics of this and consider going all in.

  151. Saffron Robe says:

    As far as I understand it, Alex Salmond is being threatened with prosecution by the Crown Office if he presents his evidence. However, a judge has already found that his evidence is admissible. Surely then the Crown Office is acting in contempt of the law by not accepting the verdict, in the same way that Nicola Sturgeon is in contempt by not accepting Alex Salmond’s innocence?

  152. James says:

    Captain Yossarian; you’re a real Andrew Neil fan boy aren’t you?
    (I almost typed something else instead of ‘fan’).

    Neil is a Tory wanker.

  153. Meg merrilees says:

    Hatuey @ 12.43

    Never interrupt your enemy when they are making mistakes!

  154. Hatuey says:

    Meg, actually, that’s a pretty good call. They are making themselves look like a bunch of panicking fruitcakes right now.

  155. boris says:

    It would add greater insult to the injuries already inflicted on Alex Salmond if it is ever revealed that one of the most vociferous yet thoroughly discredited complainers had discharged a major role in the compilation of the illegal procedures providing for the retrospective pursuit of former ministers. Procedures that the Holyrood parliament has never approved.

  156. Beaker says:

    @Hatuey says:
    24 February, 2021 at 1:32 am
    “Meg, actually, that’s a pretty good call. They are making themselves look like a bunch of panicking fruitcakes right now.”

    They are trying to outsmart someone who has been in politics for years, and not only survived but thrived in the bearpit that is Westminster.

  157. iain mhor says:

    How daft am I meant to be?

    If there has indeed been a felony and the felons are trying to cover-up and the cover-ups and obfuscations have appeared to originate from variously; the ‘Scottish’ Civil Service, Government, Cabinet & Parliament – then that’s where the felons are – in each arm.
    So far, so obvious.

    Why on earth then, would the COPFS get in on the cover-up act with a pyrrhic nuclear option…?

    After all, little people come and they go – governments come, governments go – civil service staff come and they go – even the Scottish Parliament (for it ‘was not’, then it ‘was’ and it can be made ‘was-not’ again) but the Crown Office abides.

    Oh, wait.

  158. Returnofthebodysnatchers says:

    This gets more mind-blowing by the day! Do the Sturrell’s HAVE something on the Lord Advocate, or is he going to such extraordinary lengths and extreme contortions to protect them…entirely voluntarily…for some sort of personal gain, risking his professional reputation and career in the process? One has to wonder!

  159. Hatuey says:

    Beaker, he’s got it all worked out. It might take a year or two, but he’ll get there.

  160. Captain Yossarian says:

    @James – Comments like yours are meaningless and get us all nowhere. Fraser Nelson/Andrew Neil will get this solved and we are now very close. They may be Tories, I don’t know, but both are proud Scotsmen.

  161. Chris says:

    I’m an onlooker from half a world away. Not a Scot (unless you count a touch of Colonsay McFie four or five generations ago).

    When thinking about Sturgeon’s future (and maybe Murrell’s), I’m minded of Tony Ben’s three questions about power:

    1. What power do you have?
    2. In whose interest do you exercise that power?
    3. How do we get rid of you?

    What is the process for choosing a new SNP leader (and CEO)?

  162. DaveL says:

    Ah Captain, James is about right he just never said enough.

    You bounced in here several weeks ago like a demented tigger thing shouting how great it was and how it’s the place to be. A week or two down the line you commented that you came here several years previously and it was just shit. Your words.

    Posting like crazy you announced here there and every post I’m new here, I’m new I’m new. Regulars here knew you were new and some watched.

    It wasn’t too long before you were extolling the virtues of voting tory, vote tory you said, vote tory. Next up it was get rid of Holyrood, yeah that’s the thing that’s needed getting rid of Holyrood. Amongst calls for that were suggestions to cancel the forthcoming election, yeah that’s the way to go eh.

    Vote tory get rid of Holyrood and the election can fuck off too. Now Brillo’s your hero, leading the way, we’d be nowhere without the great Brillo.

    Go on tell us a story captain then crawl back in your bucket of tory sloor.

  163. Al-Stuart says:


    I am still trying to figure out if you are trolling or are genuine but a bit cranially challenged.

    Alex Salmond will not appear tomorrow because he has very good lawyers that are in his league.

    Alex and his lawyers know how dirty, corrupt and infiltrated the current SNP leadership is.

    The unassailable fact just now is that whilst PanNicky Sturgeon and Humza Yousaf are in their posts, they have their hands (and fingerprints) all over the levers of power.

    Hatuey here is the bit I hope helps you: Sturgeon can manipulate the CLOWN OFFICE and her tame STATE POLICE FORCE OF THE SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT to have Alex Salmond ARRESTED AGAIN and stitch him up again. Possibly for fake-rape, fake-sexual assault (Sturgeon has that dirty trick up her sleeve – to allege that Alex Salmond sexually assaulted her).

    Most likely FRAMING ALEX SALMOND for fake contempt of court or fake perjury is Blinkey PanNicky’s plan.

    Hatuey in answer to your posting above, the simple fact is the gerrymandered Fabiani enquiry is a TRAP.

    Alex Salmond trusted Nicola Sturgeon and was repaid by that poison 5’3″ dwarf stabbing him in the back.


    In fact, when this is all finished, some folk will feel sorry for Nicola Sturgeon and her toxic gang such will be their exposure the entire Scottish populace at what dirty work the Sturgeonite McWoke faction and their lickspittle spineless Comfy Feet Pete crew have been up to

    For those of us who have been at close quarters and watched Alex at his various returns to power, he is in the top 3 politicians of the past half century. He is kind and generous to a fault. A consummate professional, but if you cross him, he will verbally disembowel you and professionally terminate your ability to pollute politics forever. Have you seen the LibDem leader, Nicola Stephen’s “Merry Christmas” from Alex video?

    Alex Salmond is a dozen chess moves ahead of the amateur amadans that currently infest Bute House and the Clown House.

    Hatuey, you are watching history being made here. Once this Machiavellian tragedy has finished, Scottish politics will never be the same. I only manage half a dozen chess moves ahead, but would bet you £100 several of these crooks in Holyrood are going to jail.

    Just remember how many U.K. Westminster politicians went to jail. Count how many Westminster careers were finished by the MP expenses scandal.

    Billy Connolly chided Holyrood as a “pretendy wee parliament”. If the mother of parliaments at the Palace of Westminster can have so many careers ended and an unimaginable number of their ranks imprisoned, please be in no doubt, Holyrood is small potatoes in comparison.

    Personally I think the end-game is already written by Boris and Co. Holyrood will be closed down just like Stormont is open and closed like a Union Jack-in-the-box.

    Boris will transfer Holyrood’s function to the 3,000 civil servants standing by for deployment and the new HUGE UK Scotland Office that has recently been commissioned.

    In a couple of years Scotland MIGHT get a federal chamber back at Holyrood. A turbo-charged COSLA and no more. The Scottish Parliament will have been castrated by the Woke SNP. Someone in the security services REALLY earnt their knighthood in completing their task: destroy the SNP.

    The spineless SNP MPs and MSPs along with the lazy feckless Sturgeon worshippers at SNP branch level will have brought this on themselves.

    Whilst I want Scottish Independence, unless Joanna Cherry and Kenny MacKaskill and Craig Murray step up (add Chris McEleny to that) plus a few others, then a small part of me thinks what we have been manouvred to think by Westminster: the only way to get rid of the rancid Sturgeonite Infestation really is to close Holyrood down for a year or two whilst the stench of Wokeism is fumigated from that place.

    Right now, Scottish Independence means either being governed by what Ewan MacGregor calls effete wannkers from Englandd or corrupt arsseholes from Holyrood (sic to avoid website swearword swapper).

    To finish on a cheery note, here is what happened as a bit of nostalgia, when the English parliament gets its undergarments in a twist…

  164. Jimmy Riddle says:

    I downloaded the `old’ version just in case it got pulled – so I have it on my hard disc.

    Can any of you good people post a link to the `new’ redacted version? Just so that I can see for myself exactly what they have removed.

  165. Willie says:

    The Scottish Parliament is not worth a toss.

    A gutless parish council full of political pygmies. Not one of the so called independence members prepared to take a stand. Cowed into silence by pay and perks and an Lord Advocate acting on behalf of a corrupt First and Deputy First Minister there is no reason for the Scottish Parliament. It is rotten to the core – as is its police and prosecution service.

    This is now a fight for democracy that has moved out of the political arena. A rotten state using force to arrest, jail, censor at will ,with a prosecution service threatening prosecution of the parliamentarians themselves.

    Not one MSP prepared to read out the Alex Salmond testimony in Parliament because that is what should be done. And yet that could be done all so easily. What could the Lord Advocate do. Send the police in to break up and arrest the parliamentarians.

    But no, the members sit like cowed animals taking their pay and perks. Not one in disagreement with what is going on.

    Time to vote out every sitting SNP member and replace them. Time to get international observers in to supervise the forthcoming election. The country is in anarchy.

    No wonder the UK has been gaming troops in emergency control planning for deployment across Scotland.

  166. Kiwilassie says:

    The redacted clauses have nothing to do with the alphabet women & everything to do with Nicola & the meeting she had with Aberdein on the 29th.
    All clauses redacted are about when Nicola knew of the allegations & the real reason they have been redacted, is so those on the committee won’t be able to ask her questions regarding this.
    She knows if she has to answer questions pertaining to the redacted clauses, she will have to admit she broke the ministerial code, or will be committing perjury.
    The redacted clauses for those who have saved a copy of the original are 12,13,16,17 & 30

  167. Mac says:

    Time is now stretching out in front of Nicola and her plotter coven.

    What seemed like surviving just a few weeks more until safe harbour must now look like crossing the Sahara (without a camel).

    A day from now on will seem like a week, a week like a month, a month like an eternity.

  168. anon says:


    Crime, once exposed, has no refuge but in audacity.

  169. Camz says:

    Holy shite, there’s a lot of anti-Holyrood folk on here nowadays. Bet half of em don’t even vote there.

  170. Robert Louis says:

    I wonder what REVSTU or Craig Murray and others here, think of this thread by Martin J keatings.

    He raises an idea, which I have often thought plausible. If we put to one side, the gender woo woo nonsense and so on, which has caused divisions within the SNP, is what Martin suggests plausible?

    If we step back from all the events, could it be that both NS and AS are being played via the actions of the civil service and crown office? We do of course know their is a former MI5 person works in the crown office (public knowledge).

    So, I ask, is this feasible, are we all being played, in order to ‘divide and conquer’ the indy movement?? You see, despite the Lord Advocate being notionally part of the SNP government, are Nicola Sturgeon’s hands tied by the rules of office?

    As Martin points out, let us never forget that the British state has REAL form at sowing division all over the world, when they were losing their colonies. They did it to Ireland, firing up catholic and protestant divisions, we saw it in India, and, more recently, following the independence referendum, we saw just how quick they were to fire up bigots from N.Ireland and Scotland in George Square, Glasgow, with the full collusion of the colonial Broadcaster (BBC).

    Could this explain why it is salmond supporters only being targeted for contempt? By blocking the evidence, is the crown office ensuring that not only Alex Can’t talk about it, but NEITHER can NS? Could this explain the collusion of the BBC in smearing AS at the time of his trial? I mean we must admit, the notion that the BBC or Kirsty Wark were doing what Nicola Sturgeon wanted is laughable.

    As Martin points out, this IS how the British state has ALWAYS worked. Split the movement, cause rancour and dvidision. They have had several years since the referendum to orchestrate all of this.

    As regards the initiation of all of this, with the new harrassment policy, was it something that got out of hand? Did key operatives of the English government within the civil service see an opportunity to not only trash Salmond, but destroy Sturgeon as well? Was NS then placed in an impossible situation? Or os she or her husband wholly ‘compromised'(kompromat)?

    I’d really like to see an analysis of this and what it could mean. I am open minded to an extent, and do sometimes worry that perhaps we are all being played, on a very grand scale.

    When you really step back from all of this and put the gender p*sh to one side, it is abundantly clear, it just doesn’t add up, it really doesn’t.


    (You need to read back through the thread).

  171. Wee Chid says:

    Camz says:
    24 February, 2021 at 6:53 am
    “Holy shite, there’s a lot of anti-Hol2yrood folk on here nowadays. Bet half of em don’t even vote there.”

    I think you mis-typed “anti-corruption”. What would be the point of swapping the cesspit of WM for our own version of the same?

  172. Mac says:

    One of the things that really struck me reading Alex Salmond’s submission was “The Role of The Crown Office” (bottom of page 12).

    I quote.

    “The Crown Office has intervened three times to deny this Committee information for which it has asked.

    This has been done by reliance on legislation which was never designed to obstruct the work of a Parliamentary Committee acting in the public interest and investigating the actions of the Scottish Government. I know this to be true because I was First Minister when the legislation was passed in 2010. The true purpose of s. 162 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 was to prevent witness statements falling into the hands of the accused and being used to intimidate or exert retribution on witnesses and further because of instances of evidence ending up held or disposed of in an insecure fashion. The basis of the legislation was Lord Coulsfield’s Report (2007) and the intent was to clarify the legal requirements of disclosure and to establish practical arrangements to prevent the misuse of disclosure. Thus section 162 (and 163) had nothing whatsoever to do with preventing relevant evidence being presented to a parliamentary Committee and its misinterpretation as such by the Crown Office is a profoundly disquieting development which strikes at the heart of
    the parliamentary system of accountability.”

    There you have it from the guy who signed off on the very legislation now being twisted and perverted to maliciously prosecute him while hiding the identity of the plotters (because they oh so conveniently became accusers as well).

    Read what he says… “The true purpose of s. 162 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 was to prevent witness statements falling into the hands of the accused and being used to intimidate or exert retribution on witnesses and further because of instances of evidence ending up held or disposed of in an insecure fashion.”

    Does that sound like what the Lord Advocate and COPFS have been doing? No it does not. They both have twisted and contorted these laws to well beyond breaking point, laws designed to protect genuine victims of sexual abuse, and they have exploited them to persecute an innocent man while protecting the people conspiring to stitch him up and pervert the course of justice.

    Apart from the heinous crime of trying to send someone to effectively to die in prison for crimes they did not commit, this revolting exploitation of the laws designed to protect genuine victims, to instead protect the very people engaged in the blatant stitch-up is right up there as well in terms of high crimes. It is disgusting quite honestly.

    The damage they have done to these well intended laws designed to protect real victims by using them to shield criminal behaviour is incalculable.

    And all from people who pretend to be ardent feminists. What a sick joke.

  173. jockmcx says:


  174. Kangaroo says:

    Although the corruption is patently obvious, let’s consider the good news.

    This will come as a shock to those that have not been watching, which is virtually everyone, so don’t feel left out.

    Lizzie is the last monarch. She has been executed along with phil, charlie and others.

    Francis is the last pope. He has been executed along with a lot of cardinals and others

    Biden Obamas Clintons Bushes and others have all been executed.

    There are a massive number of people, hundreds of thousands, in other societies across the globe that have also been executed, or held in prison awaiting trial. Their crimes include but are not limited to human trafficking. It will be shown that Jimmy Saville was tame compared to that lot. Buck palace, vatican and white house are shut as they are searching for and freeing persons who are still alive.

    Whether the people you can see on MSM are clones, doubles or actors or simple CGI I can only guess.

    For those disbelievers, this will all be exposed on the MSM in the next month.

    In the meantime for those interested you can start here

    You can also google “arrests and executions”, dont bother telling me about the debunking and fact checkers that say it’s not true, they are paid shills and liars.

  175. Wee Chid says:

    Corrado Mella says:
    23 February, 2021 at 11:39 pm

    The vulnerable have only had the first dose of the vaccine. Nice that you survived – worldwide nearly 2.5m haven’t. There are at least three members of my direct family who probably wouldn’t survive and I don’t intend to take any chances with their lives. Let’s hope there are no nasty longer term effects of long covid that come back at you to make you regret your words. I actually find lockdown comforting as I no longer have to speak, in person, to w***ers on a daily basis or risk bumping into the local Yoons in the street. It’s not covid that is causing despair – it’s the uncontrollable corruption and the stench of rotting carrot coming from Holyrood. Even if we weren’t locked down, what would we do? March? Protest? How many marched against the war in Iraq? No appetite in Scotland for anything stronger than that so we sit back and take all the shit that they throw at us. Renton was right – “It’s shite being Scottish” – but then it’s shite for the majority everywhere.

  176. Wee Chid says:

    ScotsRenewables says:
    23 February, 2021 at 11:20 pm
    “I wonder how Alex would like us to vote…”

    I don’t care. I’m not voting woke.

  177. David Wardrope says:

    This is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but who had Lennon leaving Celtic in the Squirrel sweepstake?

  178. ScotsRenewables says:

    Wee Chid, it must be shite being you. Do try to cheer up a bit.

  179. Liz g says:

    Kangaroo @ 7.34
    This is a political site Kangaroo and we’re discussing the future of our Country.
    That batshit cray cray stuff is wasting our time and therefore quite rude of you to try and insert it here.
    The Rev does serious and documented research here, your fantasy ” pedos , pedos everywhere “dystopia might be better aimed at the George Galloway end of the Scottish political spectrum .
    Behave yer self man..

  180. Steve davison says:

    Captain yossarian
    You take the name of a character who plots to survive by any means necessary and believes that everyone is an enemy for either trying to or sending him to his demise.
    Strange choice of name

  181. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Steve Davidson – I’ve only been contributing for 6-weeks or so. Will Holyrood see-out the next 6-weeks?

    Does the present situation not remind you of Catch-22?

    ‘Alex Salmond does not have a shred of evidence’….he does have evidence, quite a lot of it in fact, but we won’t allow it to be published. This is an even better Catch-22 than the original.

    Many in Scotland now believe that Holyrood is their enemy and so the name ‘Captain Yossarian’ is a fine choice for the moment.

  182. Mia says:

    “What would be the point of swapping the cesspit of WM for our own version of the same?”

    We cannot change the cesspit of Westminster but we can clean the cesspit Sturgeon has created in Holyrood and flush her and her team of corrupt conspirators out.

    There is no comparison. The mere suggestion that it is better to go back to direct rule from London, which at all effects will be England’s dictatorship on us due to the ridiculous democratic deficit, is profoundly dishonest and no doubt follows a hidden agenda that does not have Scotland’s interests at heart.

  183. Muscleguy says:

    Every time shit like this happens the ISP gets new members. After the NEC ‘sign this terrible thing or don’t stand’ move at the weekend we got a deluge.

    A lot of these people will still likely vote SNP1 but they won’t be voting SNP2. They won’t be paying subs or donations either. We’re running on a shoestring, everyone’s a volunteer. But we expected that. The SNP will still outspend us many times over. My heart fails to bleed for them.

    Under lockdown they at least won’t have to face up to the dearth of willing canvassers.

  184. TNS2019 says:

    I am with Captain Yossarian.

    Just because you support the pursuit of the truth and thus Andrew Neil’s work of late, does not make you a ("Tractor" - Ed) to the independence cause.
    Good journalism comes first.
    AN appears to be one of very few journalists prepared to big deep to expose the corruption that affects us all.
    TBH I do not care whether that comes from the left or the right, or from nationalists or unionists.
    When the population votes in indyref2 it must do so based on the closest approximation to the truth. Democracy cannot work without an informed public, which is why we are winessing the current debacle, i.e. the perversion of due process in the AS case.

  185. Jontoscots20 says:

    Kangaroo @ 7.34

    As Liz G says Take your insane Ickian drivel elsewhere. This is a serious site on Scottish politics and we don’t want your nutjob fantasies to cloud it. We don’t to need fake clownish conspiracies as our elite are pretty good at concocting real ones.

  186. Wee Chid says:

    ScotsRenewables says:
    24 February, 2021 at 7:57 am
    “Wee Chid, it must be shite being you. Do try to cheer up a bit.”

    Denied my pension for six years, living below the poverty line and no independence in my lifetime. Sure, I’m happy as f*****g Larry.

  187. Wee Chid says:

    Mia says:
    24 February, 2021 at 8:31 am

    “If” we can clean it out. Please don’t suggest I don’t have Scotland’s best interests at heart. I don’t want a WM government any more than anyone else. I just don’t want a corrupt indy Scotland either. I don’t hold with the “At least we are being screwed by our own” mantra.

  188. Another_Ian_Blackford_Speech says:

    There’s no other options left, the crown office must prosecute itself!

  189. Breeks says:

    Robert Louis says:
    24 February, 2021 at 6:56 am

    …If we step back from all the events, could it be that both NS and AS are being played via the actions of the civil service and crown office? We do of course know their is a former MI5 person works in the crown office (public knowledge).

    There is a long answer to that, and a short one. If Sturgeon was being set up as a pawn, she could kick the table over and at a stroke, wreck their whole “super-conspiracy” and see Scotland romping away to independence by a week on Friday. So why doesn’t she?

    It would seem incredible that Evans might be so central in this, even, (we are led to believe), ostensibly ignoring Westminster’s advice against making the Complaints process retrospective, bypass the police, and liaise directly with Mi5 man Harvie at the COPFS to instigate criminal proceedings against Salmond, and that this ‘not’ be evidence of Mi5 statecraft in action… but it doesn’t explain Sturgeon’s willing complicity.

    I’ll say it again. The Peter Wright Spycatcher method to determine an agent’s loyalty is a forensic credit and debit account audit of their actions. In other words, weigh up all the things Sturgeon has done to further Scottish Independence and protect Scotland’s sovereign Constitution, and offset this against all the things she’s done to obstruct and derail it. To my mind, Sturgeon looks doomed by the objective nature of that process.

    I think too that Sturgeon has a glaring strategic ineptitude, a personal defect, which would I think make her easy to manipulate. Not unlike a modern day John Bailliol Toom Tabard. But still, giving her the benefit of every doubt, I doubt somebody being ‘coerced’ into abandoning Scottish Independence in lieu of Transgenderism, and similarly being coerced into a criminal conspiracy against Alex Salmond, and similarly coerced into a witch-hunt against Joanna Cherry, …would be so enthusiastic and determined about doing it.

    Can we rule out Nicola Sturgeon playing a roll similar to Col. Nicholson in Bridge over the River Kwai, and we’re still waiting for the “Oh my God what have I done?” epiphany? Hmmm… the Bridge over the River Kwai was fiction with a brutally non-fictional backdrop, and the roll of Nicholson was actually a gross insult to the real CO, who in reality did everything possible to sabotage progress on the Burma railway.

    But maybe I’m over simplifying things. Because there’s an intrinsic paradox between somebody who is so strategically pedestrian in their thinking, simultaneously being the Kingpin mastermind behind planning the whole thing, and being able to manipulate both the Lord Advocate and Head of the Civil Service to grossly compromise their own positions. That doesn’t compute.

    So what’s the truth? Only Sturgeon can say I suppose, but if I had to speculate, I think Sturgeons weakness as a leader and strategic incompetence has made her an easy target fo be influenced by “Establishment” people placed to be near to the First Minister, in elevated positions of influence in the Civil Service and COPFS, (and I think there must be a big Gender-Woo-Woo influence to complete the unholy trinity), and from the moment she took over, Sturgeon has been putty in their hands, but never quite smart enough to work out she was being used.

    I have a quiet theory that Sturgeon was naive, like the boy-king or Emperor ascending to the throne prematurely, and surrounded by corrupt court of crooked advisers on the make, and all too ready to scheme, manipulate, and plot the downfall of the Empire. It isn’t difficult to make that exploitation tick a lot of boxes.

    I’ve said it before too, I’m positive Sturgeon’s strategic genius of “Scotland will do nothing until we know the final details of Brexit” made her the toast of Theresa May’s Government. I rather think Sturgeon’s gullibility and paranoia has also made her the toast of Mi5, in a “couldn’t have done it without you” kinda way.

    But the bottom line I keep coming to is this… Whether she’s good or bad, I just don’t think Sturgeon is indispensable to the cause, but I think Alex Salmond is an altogether different matter. We need him more than ever.

    An Independent Scotland has two live wires in Alex Salmond and Joanna Cherry, and right now they need our protection and support, because the British State knows it too.

    Sturgeon? Meh.

  190. Andy Ellis says:

    It’s 10 weeks tomorrow until the Holyrood 2021 election. It’s difficult to to see now how that election can be turned in to a plebiscite: I fear we have lost that argument. Although proverbially a week isa long time in politics, I also can’t see how 10 weeks is sufficient time for the Sturgeonistas to be politically defenestrated, or for Salmond or Cherry et al to either “rescue” the SNP from its pwn folly, or stand up their own new party – nor have either of them shown any real inclination to do so.

    So where does that leave us?

    The only realistic alternative for that part of the broader movement which is scunnered with the SNP, who are horrified at the shortcomings in our political system exhibited in the current inquiries into the attempted framing of Alex Salmond, and impatient at the lack of progress towards either a second referendum or plebiscitary election, is a new party to challenge the SNP head on.

    That can either be built “de novo” or it might be the ISP. Either way, absent some political earthquake which denies the SNP a majority in 10 weeks time (and bear in mind the Scottish Greens are on course to increase their number of MSPs and are likely to support a minority SNP administration, just as they are doing now), it behoves us to start mapping out the road to Holyrood elections in 2026.

    If there is no significant change in the SNP (even if Sturgeon is deposed) and/or no split which sees Cherry, MacAskill etc leaving the party, it looks like the ISP will be the likeliest horse to back. Given recent events, I wouldn’t be surprised if a significant number of former SNP members and voters will now be prepared to jump ship. It’s up to the folks in the ISP to make sure they land in the right place!

  191. Sarah says:

    @ Breeks at 9.06: Captain Queeg comes to my mind – I think M/s Sturgeon has a psychotic personality. How else does she have the gall to go on TV to taunt Alex Salmond about producing evidence when she is preventing him doing so?

    I am writing to MSPs today to assure them that I will not be voting for the party until the rot is cleared out. If everyone else did the same then it might make them realise that their jobs are not as safe as they thought.

  192. Sarah says:

    @ Andy Ellis: the Action for Independence party looks a better bet than ISP because it is an umbrella for the smaller parties to come under whilst maintaining their own policies.

    Solidarity has come under AFI and have a plebiscite in their manifesto. I wish that Scotia Future and ISP would do the same. Then all these votes would be aggregated and may achieve at least one seat per region.

  193. Mia says:

    “I ask, is this feasible, are we all being played, in order to ‘divide and conquer’ the indy movement??”

    I don’t think it is.

    The yes voters are being played, that is for sure. The SNP membership are being played, that is for sure too. Mr Salmond might have been played (the man is very astute, so I do not discard the possibility that he saw all this coming well ahead any of realised of what was about to hit us).

    But there is no way Nicola Sturgeon was played. She is right at the centre of it. Look at the evidence. The woman is a lawyer, for goodness sake. It would have been startling obvious to her the fact that attempting to expand the jurisdiction of civil servants over private citizens who were no longer covered by the ministerial code was unlawful. It is not possible for her to breach the ministerial code so many times unless you do it deliberately.

    Even if she is a lousy lawyer and not that good at critical thinking, by the time Mr Salmond and his lawyers advised her the procedure was unlawful, survival instinct would have kicked in.
    Yet, instead of stopping the procedure on its tracks until ensured it was lawful, she forced it through.

    I don’t think there is any doubt the woman is ruthless. You just have to see how she threw under the bus MSPs and MPs that did not toe her line. Yet, here we see her extending the contract of a beyond incompetent Permanent Secretary allegedly responsible for an unlawful procedure that has embarrassed the Sgov as a governing entity and foisted over taxpayers millions in costs. Got a soft spot? hardly. This was done on purpose to allow Evans to finish the job.

    Then of course is the change where she becomes detached from the procedure to stop her stopping the Permanent Secretary investigating the complaints. What does that tell you? That tells you that before that point the FM could have stopped the process at any point, but she chose not to.

    And then of course is the fact that we have quangos like the RCS, subsidised by Sturgeon’s government attempting to interfere with public opinion and the work of the parliamentary inquiry to continue smearing Mr Salmond and protecting the conspirators, some of them perjurers. Sturgeon is not stupid. She could have stopped that on its tracks by threatening to stop subsidies.

    Then we have the fact that Sturgeon is now using every opportunity to smear Mr Salmond. Again, she is not stupid. If she did not want to fuel division she would not have done that.

    We also have members of her cabinet stopping the evidence being released – the only thing she had to do was instructed them to stand aside and let the evidence flow.

    Sturgeon has actively participated in the creation of division in the yes movement and there is abundant evidence that proves that.

    The division this woman has been actively creating has been three prone.

    a) political
    She has been directly attacking the two most respected political figures in the SNP, Mr Salmond and Ms Cherry.
    I do not know if you remember but months if not a year before this complaints procedure even started there were already rumours of political division in the SNP and mentioning of a team Salmond and a team Sturgeon. This went up to the run of 2017 general election. At the time we thought it was a fabrication of the unionists to give the impression of division, or to create division. It did not work. The SNP still won a majority of the seats in that GE.

    Well, isn’t it a fabulous coincidence that after that fabricated division between “team Sturgeon” and “Team Salmond” was tested on the run to the election, a real one was engineered a bit after by directly attacking Mr Salmond with this procedure?

    This was not coincidence. This was deliberate.

    b) Social and moral – re beliefs.
    For this Sturgeon is using the genderwoowoo and the hate bill as tools and forcing them on the electorate. These are incredibly blunt instruments that you either have to be very stupid or bad intentioned to not realise of the profound division and rejection they will create among the average population.

    Genderwoowoo cuts right across the social fabric and has alienated men, women, heterosexual and homosexual. But it also cuts across morals and religion. It is alienating those who practise certain religions.

    The hate bill directly attacks freedom of expression and thought. This attacks creativity and academia.

    c) our sense of right and wrong
    She has done this by allowing the democratic structures of the SNP to be completely taken over by a trojan horse that is despised by the membership at large. Allowing Cherry to be blocked out, allowing Fiona Robertson to come back to the NEC when she was specifically chucked out by the membership and allowing Spears to come back to the list when she was rejected and then forcing that definition of transphobia on her say so are far too much in your face for them not to be deliberate.

    These tools are being used in coordination: older people may no longer be concerned about the genderwoowoo, and neither are non religions people, but they are concerned about their right to express their own opinions and creativity or their sense of right and wrong and what is democratic or what is not.

    What we see here is psyops at its best. And judging how many different things they are trying to attack at the same time, they are throwing the entire sink at it to derail the yes movement and destroy the SNP forcing the membership out. We have been too close to the matter to realise.

    Those tools are directly attacking fundamental matters that identify us, define us, that represent the foundations of what we are. They deliberately pretending to deconstruct and shatter the world as we know it because they only work when they generate a visceral response, a response out of fear, not a rational response that comes from carefully thinking on this. That is why the genderwoowoo trolls have been so aggressive to shut dissent, both online and in the NEC. They have been deliberately provocative.

    It seems to me that what this fraud has been doing is to help the British state to deliver psyops in order to divide the SNP and the yes movement. I think an investigation should be conducted immediately regarding the association of Sturgeon’s government, MSPs and MPs, particularly those so active on the genderwoowoo, with entities like cambridge analytica or similar specialised in psyops.

    Sturgeon is right at the heart of the both strategies. She may not have been the brains behind it and just be a pawn delivering them, but she has actively and willingly participated.

    There is not way you can ever claim she did not see this coming when she has been from day one right in the middle of it and the main one fanning the flames.

    The number of psyops tools they are using here is so big, that is a reflection of how scared the british state is about independence.

    The SNP has been destroyed, but we can hit back. The way we can hit back is by those alternative pro indy parties in the list to include in their manifesto a mandate to terminate the union.

    Hit them where it hurts and deliver what they have been fearing all along: to open the eyes of the electorate in Scotland to the fact that we have never needed a referendum and that we can terminate the union via plebiscite in each and every single election we take part in.

    We have to start somewhere, so why not May 2021?

  194. Sarah says:

    @ Mia: excellent analysis of the state of the SNP and our vulnerable position.

    Please send it to all SNP MSPs and MPs immediately. They must be forced to deal with this situation – the MSPs could threaten to sit for the session as Independents and they could call a VONC. That would clear out the rot and then we could all support the
    SNP again with a clear conscience.

  195. John H. says:

    I agree with Breeks. I don’t think Sturgeon was actually recruited by the intelligence services. She was probably used unknowingly and maneuvered along at each stage. An unwitting tool. Maybe.

  196. Andy Ellis says:

    @Sarah 9.35am

    I’m unconvinced about AFI to be honest. I think we need one coherent party to tackle the SNP head on, both in the constituencies and on the list by 2026.

    It should be more radical economically than the SNP (which is hardly difficult), and advocate the immediate establishment of a republic, an immediate independent currency, membership of the EEA with a referendum promised on full EU membership, promise to raise state pensions to at least the average of those in EU countries, promise land reform to make it impossible for non residents to own huge estates in Scotland, and make a commitment to taking concrete steps to reduce inequality.

    I doubt an umbrella organisation is equipped to do this, particularly when many of the parties are ones which have already failed to reach electoral escape velocity in the past.

    Time will tell of course. I’ve little faith the SNP can be saved now, or will be worth voting for even if it ditches Sturgeon.

  197. Andy (not Wightman) says:

    I don’t want to ruin anyone’s excitement but it has been obvious from the day the Holyrood Enquiry was established how it would end. With a brief to only consider written submissions, a membership deciding who they would hear from rather than inviting anyone with anything pertinent to say to make a submission and the Crown Office both censoring written submissions and “guiding” Members’ questions there is only one possible outcome and it doesn’t matter whether AS refuses to appear under those rules or makes a heavily censored submission.

    Regardless of everything that is in the semi-public domain (semi-public because the mainstream media has only touched the tip of the iceberg of the full story) the Committee will be able to say “Nothing that has been put before us shows evidence of a conspiracy. NS may have made minor errors over dates but there is nothing to corroborate any wider allegations or indicate she intended to mislead parliament.” NS will apologise blaming the pressure of being FM and insinuate that AS makes up wild conspiracy theories as well as being a sex pest. If the non-SNP/Wightman four are brave enough to publish a minority report, NS will just accuse them of playing politics.

    I fervently wish it wasn’t so but she’s going to get away with it. Scot free!

  198. Mac says:

    It is not particularly important whether Sturgeon was working for someone else or was duped into being a rat, the outcome is the same at this point… as is the solution.

    I have no problem with people speculating based on what they see but it can only be that, speculation.

    The way I see it now, whatever motivations Nicola Sturgeon had, for green lighting the stitch-up of Salmond and the wholesale destruction of the SNP from within, is between her and her squalid little shriveled pea of a conscience.

    I would not want to spend one minute in her mind after what she has done, no matter what bullshit reasons she has for doing.

    You know the tree by the fruit it bears. Sturgeon has bore nothing but poisoned fruit. That is all we really need to know right now.

  199. Beflox says:

    So, it has at no point during all this occurred to you to hide a phone or a tablet somewhere where it would be impossible for police raiding your home to find. You’re telling your readers that you’d just accept they’ll take everything and there is absolutely no way you’d be able to then contact the outside world? Alrighty then … that really does ruin the credibility of what you’re trying to say, because that’s total BS…

  200. Ebok says:

    There is a lot of speculation surrounding the likely instigators of the current political tragedy in Scotland. Everyone has their own opinion on how (not if) AS was fitted up at HR, and how independence has been side-lined by those responsible for its delivery.
    I don’t buy the theory that the current mess has been instigated by M15/WM. They too are bit part players in the grand scheme of things.

    It is reasonable to assume that all political parties and influential groups will have been infiltrated by those who, over a long period, have accumulated immense wealth, now held by a relatively few individuals and families. Placemen enable these unelected and answerable to no-one lineages to exert total control on the levers of power.

    Whether self-inflicted or not, SNP, the great hope for independence, lies on life-support waiting for its moment in history to pass. Erstwhile followers, including myself, are in complete disarray, unable to comprehend what has happened, yet finding it unpalatable to consider switching to anyone else.
    Invisible anti-democratic powers have done it again, demonstrating just why divide and rule policies are such incredibly powerful weapons. Nowadays, this is of course aided by social media outlets that provide instant spin and misinformation, as well as the more traditional control of MSM. So, the task of attaining independence has just got that little bit harder.
    The plaintive cry I hear from some is for the formation of a new SNP model. In the short term this may seem like a reasonable solution, until you think about this: if, having felt the passion you had for SNP, and as you watched it implode in the blink of an eye, could you have complete faith in any form of political organisation again?
    If we open our eyes, we will see that the only thing that has changed in a thousand years is that the rich get richer and the peasant class has been reclassified as McJobs rather than Villeins.
    The dramatic surges in support for Corbyn, Farage, Trump, and SNP were simply the public screaming out for an end to the disreputable systems that gave us Iraq/bankers/austerity and dodgy political institutions. Now that these protests have been routed, what now?
    You don’t need to read too many comments on Wings to get a feel for the passion out there, but we are in desperate need of leadership. Something extraordinary needs to happen soon. Someone needs to emerge who can unify and inspire a people clinging by their fingertips to a dream. otherwise, we had better get back to the drawing board and learn from our mistakes.
    I think the main problem is that the party system has become deeply flawed, it is littered by ambitious university graduates who have never had a real job, who just don’t connect with ordinary peoples lives, who blindly toe the party line, and are devoid of independent thought.
    There are also many upstanding Scots who could help transform our country and fulfil its potential, but how to set that process in motion is for others, with far greater intellect than mine, to work out.

  201. holymacmoses says:

    John H. says:
    24 February, 2021 at 9:52 am
    I agree with Breeks. I don’t think Sturgeon was actually recruited by the intelligence services.

    I believe that people are still massively over-rating the intelligence of Nicola Sturgeon . There is NO WAY she is bright enough for the Intelligence brigade. There is a mediocracy on the march at the moment. Trump, Johnson, Sturgeon are all massive egos with an average mind and good communication skills. ‘The medium is the message’. Ordinary people understand ordinary thinkers and obviously, the ordinary brain is able to communicate with other brains on the same wave-length.

  202. holymacmoses says:

    Ebok says:
    Whether self-inflicted or not, SNP, the great hope for independence, lies on life-support waiting for its moment in history to pass. Erstwhile followers, including myself, are in complete disarray, unable to comprehend what has happened, yet finding it unpalatable to consider switching to anyone else.

    No Government, SNP or otherwise has total control over the power of a nation’s hope: that belongs to the people of the country.
    If the people want independence, they shall have it.
    India did it with one ‘small’ man igniting the passion of the people- NOT a party.
    The party is not the people

  203. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Alrighty then … that really does ruin the credibility of what you’re trying to say, because that’s total BS…”

    Thank goodness you’re here! I was just hoping a fucking idiot would come along.

  204. Beflox says:

    Yep – exactly the answer expected. Keep feeding your followers what they want to hear eh?

  205. holymacmoses says:

    Beflox says:
    24 February, 2021 at 11:08 am
    Yep – exactly the answer expected. Keep feeding your followers what they want to hear eh?

    Why are you reading here? If you think it’s bollocks then go and read YOUR version of truth and reality. And by the way, I’m trying to buy a car at the moment and have exactly similar problem to one Wings anticipates. Unless you totally ignore Covid rules (which I suspect you may do because you’re only semi-literate) it’s a very difficult process to ‘view’ cars 300 miles away etc, etc, etc . Stop being a smart arse eh:-)

  206. Kiwilassie says:

    Robert Burns says:
    23 February, 2021 at 8:22 pm
    Beyond a joke now…
    “Scroll down to read the censored evidence”!

    The Australian Daily Mail.
    It’s a long read but there’s some things there that hasn’t been disclosed in Scotland or England.

    The comment are scathing towards Sturgeon. Many posting from England.

  207. Ingwe says:

    Remember the old adage-“your enemy’s enemies are not necessarily your friends”. Andrew Neil, Fraser Nelson and The Spectator are right wing Tories who are not interested in Scotland regaining its independence or in the break-up of the U.K. They will have their own reactionary agenda for appearing to push for truth and disclosure. Don’t fall for it.

  208. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    I’m not going to reply to anyone in particular but there are many intelligent posters on this bog. Unfortunately and especially over the last few days I see much malice.

    Wings should be appreciated and respected for what he does. My God I really don’t know how Stu and Alex carry on. Men of strength.

    Tensions are running high and Scottish politic is at a critical juncture. It’s plain to me who are true supporters and who are writing on this blog to stir shit.

    Nicla has never been fit for office, she’s wild with power and will go. The YES movement will carry on and learn from this, kicking away the GRA and HCB, together with all the thick little weirdos Sturgeon surrounds herself with.

    It will be a sore lesson.

    Thank you Angus and Wings and all the sensible and critical thinkers here.

  209. Claire says:

    They may have their own agenda , but the by product along the way is what needs to be focused on .. I’m confident as a Welsh lady that the people of Scotland Know all about Andrew Neils politics .. This corruption needs to stop .. and I for one are more than happy for them to flush it out !

  210. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Kiwilassie.

    The link at “Dailly Mail Australia” actually takes you to the UK story.

    “Alex Salmond could be forced to WITHDRAW his bombshell ‘evidence’ accusing prosecutors of ‘covering up’ Sturgeon’s #MeToo plot to throw him in jail”

    Here it is archived.

  211. Lorna Campbell says:

    If this goes on, Westminster could try to suspend Holyrood, as they did to Stormont, on the grounds that actual government is coming to a standstill. Direct rule from Westminster. The SNP MPs and MSPs should be hanging their heads in shame.

    Whether you believe Mr Salmond or not, whatever you think about the whole case, there is simply no way any government should be acting like this, or the legal system, either. The minute you allow authoritarianism and centralization in the door, you won’t get it back out again without a helluva struggle.

    This entire episode has been about power, corruption of power and authoritarianism, and it is spilling out into other areas of Scottish life. From September, 2014 onwards to the present moment, a shift took place in Scotland at the highest echelons, and everything has followed from that: the whole UK Brexit approach; the foot-dragging on independence; the Salmond affair. Then the utterly unpopular GRA reform and hate crime bills.

    Intransigence, bull-headedness, bone-headedness, the co-opting of the legal system and a refusal to engage properly has been the hallmark of this administration. The pandemic has allowed much of this to occur under the radar, but it will not go on for much longer.

  212. Ebok says:

    We are not as far apart as you may think, but you must allow for some nuance in the opinions of others.

    “No Government, SNP or otherwise has total control over the power of a nation’s hope: that belongs to the people of the country”
    The people of the country didn’t change LP from socialist to neo-lib, or the GP from environment to trans, or SNP from Indy to woke. There are moles everywhere working to undermine the people, and unfortunately, they have been phenomenally successful.

    “If the people want independence, they shall have it” – well, we want it, so why don’t we have it? See above.

    “India did it with one ‘small’ man igniting the passion of the people- NOT a party.
    The party is not the people”
    That’s more or less what I said in the final 2 paragraphs of my comment ‘we are in desperate need of leadership.’ – ‘the party system has become deeply flawed, it is littered by ambitious university graduates’ etc.

  213. Alf Baird says:

    Andy Ellis @ 9:57

    “I think we need one coherent party to tackle the SNP head on, both in the constituencies and on the list by 2026.”

    There you go again with your endless gradualism. A majority of Scots are now ready to vote for independence. So why give the UK union charade another half decade?

    Get real. Plebiscite national election from now until independence. May 2021 is as good a time as any.

  214. Sarah says:

    Will everyone who is commenting btl PLEASE say the same to the MSPs right now?

    They must be stung into action to remove the rot and save Scotland from Westminster and Scot gov corruption.

  215. Al-Stuart says:

    Camz and Wee Chid,

    Behave yersels,

    It is NOT anti-Holyrood I posted about.

    It is the…





    Did you see the Dreghorn Dirker at her Covid TV Show today? She was bleating like a haggis mated with a bright red beatroot at being asked about Alex Salmond. Those journos poked a RAW nerve on La Sturgeon which had her fizzing. Those journalists got their questions from this website. The one that dare not speak it’s name.

    Wee Chid/Camz, I very much want Holyrood to stay open, but please can you answer me this: If Sturgeon survives and the gerrymandered ORWELLIAN MCWOKE HATE CRIME BECOMES LAW, do you really believe Stuart Campbell, Craig Murray or any of the 1,000,000 people who visit these two sites every month will ever have these sites to visit and exercise free speech again?

    What I am saying is the British State playbook, and as others pointed out the modus operandi when the British Empire were losing colonies such as India and Ireland’s is to infiltrate, split and divide. Are you so blind that you cannot see this exact British Empire playbook chapter 8 being run in Scotland right now?

    The end game to that is to make THEIR preferred result the more appealing to us, and by at I mean the entire Scottish electorate.

    I was simply completing the thesis that the incredible situation is arising where a signifiant minority of Scottish Indy supporters may find the only option to get rid of Sturgeon and keep free speech in Scotland is to support the option given by the British State: the temporary closure of Holyrood or the imposition of a LibDem government to clear out the current SNP MIDDEN presided over by the Coven Master Sturgeon.

    I do NOT want either, but get real, this is Hobson’s choice. They tried to jail Alex Salmond FFS. Wee Chid and Camz, you are being willfully blind if you do NOT at least try and look four or five moves ahead in this game of political chess.

    You can bet your house the British Establishment have this gamed out to the final destination. If you go into denial or trolling then as Fraser said in Dads Army, “We”re all doomed.”

  216. beflox says:

    Ingwe says:
    24 February, 2021 at 11:21 am
    Remember the old adage-“your enemy’s enemies are not necessarily your friends”. Andrew Neil, Fraser Nelson and The Spectator are right wing Tories who are not interested in Scotland regaining its independence or in the break-up of the U.K. They will have their own reactionary agenda for appearing to push for truth and disclosure. Don’t fall for it.

    This, exactly.

  217. Wullie says:

    What’s the end game here? I think the SNP have been infiltrated and various Politicians in the SNP cabal have sold out. History repeating itself. they Tried to put Alex in prison as they knew he would come back to front-line politics to fight for Independence. then there is Joanna, Stopped and abused by the SNP. it’s clear that many in the SNP must now be forced to leave. So the end game is to end the Scottish parliament, show it up as incompetent and Westminster then steps in to say this cannot continue we are taking over and ending this charade. Nicola must resign as well as murrell and others.

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