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Six questions for Nicola Sturgeon

Posted on March 03, 2020 by

There are now exactly two weeks remaining of the Scottish Government’s second fake “consultation” into its proposed reforms to gender law.

We say “fake” not out of cynicism or mad paranoia, but because the cabinet minister responsible for the reforms has already made it explicitly, publicly and repeatedly clear that she intends to press ahead with them regardless of the responses, and that the only purpose of the “consultation” is to try to persuade people to agree with them.

Shirley-Anne Somerville reiterated this position just days ago, telling Scotland Tonight that she was “absolutely determined” to enact the bill and only interested in silencing opposition and removing any “medicalisation” of the process of gender transition.

While the Scottish Government has met literally hundreds of times with transactivist groups with regard to the reforms, it has refused to meet women’s groups critical of them, and frequently lied about that refusal.

(It also funds transactivist pressure groups with hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayer money to create a “feedback loop” supporting its position. Gender-critical women’s groups receive no such funding, largely because the conditions attached to Scottish Government funding specifically and deliberately exclude them.)

The consultation document and the draft bill leave enormous logical and legislative gaps which are likely to cause untold chaos if the reforms are implemented. The Scottish Government has apparently learned nothing from the shambolic fiascos around the Offensive Behaviour (Football) Act and Named Person legislation, both of which have collapsed despite widespread public support – something the proposed gender reforms emphatically do NOT enjoy.

We’re obliged for the sake of sanity to assume that at some point the First Minister, the Cabinet Secretary or both will have to undertake at least one proper interview on the subject of these extremely serious and potentially catastrophic proposals.

For the consideration of whoever may conduct these interviews, we submit below some questions which a very considerable number of people in Scotland – primarily but by no means exclusively women, and encompassing a majority of every political and social demographic – urgently want answered.

1. “What is a woman?”

The big one. It seems extraordinary that a bill entirely concerned with whether people are legally men or women makes no attempt whatsoever to define the meaning of those terms. The existing dictionary definitions are both clear, and unambiguously exclude any possibility of people changing from one sex to the other.

No “transwoman” ever has produced or ever will produce an egg. No “transman” ever has produced or ever will produce sperm. The definition of “woman” absolutely and categorically excludes any man from ever meeting it, and vice versa.

(This article applies to transition in both directions, but will chiefly focus on male-to-female both for readability and because it’s the main issue of contention. Very few men feel at risk of any kind from transmen.)

The Scottish Government proposes to destroy these universally-accepted terms which have been in use for as long as human language, but is wholly unable to state what definitions it proposes to replace them with.

This is a self-evidently ludicrous and unsustainable basis for any legislation. You cannot make law on the basis of undefined terms. You may as well pass an act mandating a 25-year prison sentence for anyone caught froogsnorgling, even though nobody knows what that word means.

(Almost as basic is the fact that nobody can actually say what the word “gender” means either. Birth certificates and passports record a person’s SEX, not their gender, and gender is not in fact recorded in any legal document, yet transactivists insist that the two words do not mean the same thing. Vague circular gibberish about “it’s about your sense of yourself as a person”, with at least 178 variations available and new ones invented every day, is not the stuff of lawmaking.)

2. “The proposals require any person who proposes to transition to live in their preferred gender for a period of at least three months. How can this be verified? What does ‘living in a gender’ actually constitute?”

The Queen and an immigrant cleaner in Hackney working three jobs to try to keep her head above water live in the same city but do not, by any discernible measure, lead similar lives. We further suspect that the life of the pop star Lady Gaga is not at all like that of the average Hindu or Aboriginal tribeswoman forced to cower in a “menstrual hut” for one week of every month, or that of an African teenager subjected to female genital mutilation, or a Chinese woman covertly aborting her baby because it’s a girl.

(But how can they even tell, when sex is only “assigned at birth”?)

The only thing linking those women is their biology. Which of them will the Scottish Government require men wishing to “transition” to emulate? Which stereotypes will be deemed to be acceptable evidence of their new “femaleness”? Wearing pretty flowery dresses? Sewing and cooking? Getting paid less? Giggling?

How exactly do you “live as a woman” when all women are different? Once again, you cannot make law which refuses to define its own basic terms, so how could this law possibly be upheld or enforced or safeguarded against abuse? Which reminds us:

3. “The sole safeguard offered against abuse of this law is that people must make a solemn declaration to live in their chosen gender for the rest of their lives, on pain of a two-year jail sentence. What will happen if – as many people with gender dysphoria do – they subsequently change their mind and wish to revert to their birth sex?”

The draft bill, astonishingly, makes no provision at all for detransitioning. A person who alters their legal gender is expected to do so for their entire life. Even if they decide within a year that they’ve made a mistake, the proposals allow for no escape – they MUST remain imprisoned in what they now consider to be the wrong sex until death, on pain of actual imprisonment.

The implied reality, of course, is that in such an event the government would simply allow them to make another solemn lifelong declaration in the opposite direction. And then, if need be, another and another and another, back and forth, ad infinitum, making a mockery of the whole idea.

(Alternatively, the First Minister or Cabinet Secretary will be obliged to specify a limit on the number of do-overs allowed. Perhaps interviewers could also ask them if they favour such a limit and where they would set it. Odd or even number?)

This, we should note, is something that already happens elsewhere – half the people who get married make notionally lifelong vows then break them. But marriage is not a state that permits abusers special access to places normally reserved for vulnerable women. A man who marries a woman isn’t suddenly entitled to enter women’s single-sex changing rooms or refuges.

As a safeguard against abuse, the requirement for a solemn declaration is quite obviously completely meaningless and ineffectual.

4. “How could you ever prove a false declaration had been made?”

Let’s imagine for a moment that a rapist obtains a Gender Recognition Certificate via self-ID deliberately in order to gain access to vulnerable women, and commits rapes. He would then face conviction and sentencing for the rapes, and would in theory be subject to an extra two years for the false declaration.

(Which we’re sure would be a huge comfort to the victims, but hey.)

But if women can have penises – and under gender laws they can – then they can be rapists. So how could a court possibly determine whether the perpetrator was a man pretending to be a woman in order to more easily rape them, or simply an actual penis-wielding female rapist?

Plainly, short of a confession there is no possible way to make such a distinction. The “safeguard” is once again a meaningless nonsense. Which brings us conveniently to our next problem.

5. “You claim that convicted transgender criminals would be subject to risk assessment before being incarcerated in women’s prisons, and if judged a danger to women would instead be held in the male estate. Does this also apply to biologically-female offenders?”

The insistence of Shirley-Anne Somerville and Nicola Sturgeon that transwomen are actual literal women is plainly inconsistent with treating them differently in any way to biological women. So if we’re to accept that dangerous male-bodied “women” may be held in the male prison estate, there can be no justification for not doing the same with dangerous female-bodied women.

And yet everyone knows that will never happen. There would quite rightly be an outcry if a biological woman, no matter how violent, was ever placed in a male prison. On this alone, the entire premise of the reforms – and indeed the whole core fiction of the 2004 Gender Reform Act – collapses utterly. Transwomen CANNOT be women, because if they were you couldn’t treat them differently for any reason and they’d all have to be put in women’s jails no matter what they’d done.

6. “Does your risk-assessment process for prisoners also apply to any other situations, such as biological males being placed in women’s hospital wards?” 

Safeguards which only apply retrospectively are not safeguards at all, merely retribution. So women are entitled to know whether there will be any efforts made to determine the potential hazard represented by a male-bodied person being admitted to a place where women are especially vulnerable to attack or fear of attack.

Both the Scottish and UK governments have publicly committed for many years to end mixed-sex hospital wards for this and other reasons, and the practice is publicly abhorred and castigated by all parties both in government and opposition, yet the draft bill proposes no way to prevent abuse of self-declaration in this field.

Indeed, as with all other aspects of the reforms, patients complaining about having someone of the opposite sex placed on their ward are likely to be called a bigot by staff, accused of perpetrating a “hate incident” and questioned by the police.

(The law already makes it a crime to disclose, and in most cases to even ask, whether someone you suspect is not the sex they claim to be has a GRC or not.)

Almost none of the exceptions that the Scottish Government says will protect women’s rights to safe single-sex spaces can in practice be exercised without breaking the law by challenging a person’s apparent sex.

This, it should be noted, is already a problem with the current law, but the massive expansion in the numbers of people able to legally declare themselves the opposite sex will render a difficult situation impossible.

These are just a few of the most obvious and concerning questions that the Scottish Government has until now flatly refused to address regarding its proposals. We’ve put them here because frankly we’re not at all sure how long they’ll survive on Twitter under transactivists’ continual assault on gender-critical views on the platform.

We sincerely hope that at SOME point a representative of the Scottish Government will be asked to answer them, and that someone is on hand with a broom to sweep up all the wreckage after they do.

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    They appointed an expert group - Butterflies and Wheels

348 to “Six questions for Nicola Sturgeon”

  1. Xaracen says:

    I see that Q2 self identified as Q7, and got itself froogsnorgled! That’s bad!

  2. Pete says:

    Andrew Neil would be the person to do the interview.

  3. Doreen says:

    Great analysis, Rev Stu.

    Other points that people completing the consultation might want to mention are:

    – The SNP manifesto DID NOT give a mandate for these changes. All it said was a vague “We will review and reform gender recognition law, so it’s in line with international best practice for people who are Transgender or Intersex.” It did not declare up front that they’d be changing the legal definition of woman to mean any man, with no surgery or hormones, who can be bothered filling in a form, waiting a few months and putting on some nail varnish to prove he’s living in his acquired gender of womanhood.

    – The equality impact assessments have completely ignored the fact that transvestites/cross dressers and autogynephiles exist, some of whom are very predatory. These men are sexually aroused by wearing women’s clothes and entering women’s spaces. These men identify as men and are usually hetrerosexual in that they’re sexually attracted to other women. There is no assessment of whether or not this medically recognised class of men will seek to obtain a gender recognition certificates to legally become women. Indeed the draft bill pretends they don’t exist.

  4. Daisy Walker says:

    ‘Andrew Neil would be the person to do the interview’

    Would he though? – if you follow the money on this subject – big pharma is pushing the transgendering and sponsoring the ‘grass roots’ transgender activists at a high level.

    Follow the money.

    Thanks for another great collation of facts and article Rev. I personally don’t expect any answers from the SNP party any time soon.

  5. RedStarTrout says:

    It’s as if the SNP are taking part in a giant Milgram experiment, with us as the victims.

    The original experiment involved two rooms, linked by microphones and speakers. A member of the public would be invited into one room and told to ask the person in the other room a series of questions. If the second person gave a wrong answer then the questioner was to press a button which gave an electric shock. The size of the shock would increase with each wrong answer and the second person could be heard giving a yelp of pain at first, building up to prolonged sceams, them falling to the floor, and then silence.
    It was all OK, said the experimenter, with their white coat and clipboard. ‘It’s for their own good, don’t worry’.
    The person screaming was just pretending – there was no electric shock, just a buzzer. But Milgram worked out that 65% of people would continue pushing the button until the ‘shock’ reached a fatal level.
    Now it’s us in that next room and the pain is, or soon will be, real, but Somerville, Sturgeon and others are happily pushing the button to give us the shocks. And why not? The person in the white coat with the glittery unicorn badge and rainbow clipboard is telling them it’s for our own good.

  6. Almond Chutney says:

    Sex and gender should be differentiated.

    Sex is your biological genetic code, you cannot change your XX or XY chromosomes. Male or Female.

    Gender is ‘believed’ to be more fluid, you can become a woman or a man through the means of transitioning with the correct help, although this should also be confirmed and assessed by a specialist on a case by case basis depending on the individual.

  7. Allium says:

    The very idea of gender is an unhelpful social construct that limits both men and women through stereotyping, and as a concept it holds no underlying objective meaning. We should be acting to eradicate gender identity and gendered expectations, not promoting such facile and unscientific identity politics.

  8. Martin says:

    I think even the most woke person out there should be able to see from these questions that this is a really badly written law.

    Interestingly though there is actually a really easy (in theory) workaround for this that nobody talks about- spaces can be set up for “people with vaginas” or “people with penises” rather than men or women. Obviously the likelihood is low, but I do wonder how the transnazis would justify their opposition to this, as it lets them continue the pretence that they’ve literally changed sex and that women can be with penis.

    On Gillian Harrison’s tweet…when I did psychiatry placements I had people who deep down KNEW they were Jesus/a mars bar/already dead. We didn’t just accept this to be true, why is gender treated differently? Answers on a postcard…

  9. Rita says:

    Sent on 29 Feb by email to:- (Note also Green Party insist “transwomen are women” )
    To: Tommy Sheppard, MP
    To: Andy Wightman, MSP

    Definitions and GRA reform

    As my representative at Westminster and Holyrood respectively and also as members of the SNP and Green Party respectively I would be grateful if you could each let me know your answers to the following questions:

    1) are transwomen women? yes/no.

    2) is a woman an adult human female? yes/no

    3) in your understanding please define woman

    4) in your understanding please define female

    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely

  10. Mist001 says:

    Maybe Scotland shouldn’t be independent. This is like looking into the future and who wants to live in a country, independent or not, with parties like the SNP and their weird ideologies running the show? It’s a downright depressing thought.

  11. Contrary says:

    There is a remarkable lack of clarity, or interest in informing the general public, from the Scottish Government. The big flaw is that the supporters just keep claiming ‘it’ll be fine’ without addressing valid issues – the legislation WILL affect other legislation.

    In my more paranoid moments, I think of this as a part of Nicola Sturgeon’s plan to make a more equal society – a seemingly benign and seemingly noble aim. But how do you go about making society absolutely equal? Well, one idea could be not to have any sexes at all, we are all just individuals… A few issues there obviously, like how does a doctor treat you without being able to acknowledge,,, well, a lot of issues. So it crossed my mind, that if this is some kind of massive social experiment for someone in power to realise their (impossible?) dream, the knowledge that after a major change in circumstance, say like the country became independent, that power would be lost (after all, if your power is gained by promising one thing, and you deliver it, then you lose that power, do you not?), would surely make you avoid delivering on the reason you have that power, otherwise how do you usher in unpopular changes. So if this is part of a massive social experiment, we are unlikely to see independence before it’s done, or it has been outright rejected. Perhaps going along with it…? But, I am still trying to think of any one example where massive and widespread social change has NOT caused any harm,,, so can we reject and get the sources of the social experimentation put to long grass? It’s not looking good for Scotland’s prospective independence at the moment.

  12. Ian McLean says:

    It almost pales to insignificance among other nonsensical drafting, but why would a government which advocates a presumption against short prison sentences introduce a new offence with a maximum sentence of one year.

  13. gordoz says:

    A complete clusterfxck of a Bill as you say.
    Have responded to consultation.

    Sleeping dogs & all that.
    Should be dealt with way farther down the road. Way after full and thorough protection of the rights of the female sex.

  14. Belle says:

    Six excellent questions. Did you know there is a demo about EXACTLY this on Saturday March 7th at 2 pm, outside the Scottish parliament, asking the questions the Scottish government is refusing to answer? All women and men welcome!

  15. Patsy says:

    I also saw when ‘contributing to the consultation’ that if it can be proved later that the person (is this word OK?)did not have mental capacity to make the decision, the GRC could be rescinded. Surely this should be something sorted out beforehand. Oops, I forgot – there isn’t going to be any kind of medical assessment!

  16. lothianlad says:

    A man is a man, and a woman is a woman!! Its nature and science!

    As a man (male) I have XY chromosomes in every cell in my body.

    A woman (female) has XX chromosomes in every cell in her body.

    NO amount of surgery or drugs can change that !
    Spiritually – and in my faith, we were created male and female.

    Im not denying peoples emotions or how they wish to identify, but this legislation is wrong!! My opinion and im entitled to it the same as evry one is entitedl to theirs.
    This could also cause damage to the independence movement by the way this is being handled.
    Our poll tax moment !!
    Save us from the current SNP! and im a member!

  17. Sharny Dubs says:

    Everyone should put these questions in a letter or email to their local representative, and make them aware that we require logical workable answers. Raise same at local party meetings etc.

    The issue here I believe (for those who are struggling to rationalise this into some sort of lucid reality!) as the Rev has so succinctly pointed out, is practicality, how is this supposed to happen?

    As for the SNP and SG, what happened? They’ve gone completely off the planet never mind the plot! We gave them a mandate for independence, now what? So, so disappointed.

    Thanks once again Stu for being the voice of reason. Love that “I’m not going to commute from Bath” line … smiley thingy

  18. SilverDarling says:

    A huge part of the argument to make transition easier is that obstacles and delays affect the individual’s mental health adversely, indeed it is said to often drive them to suicide.

    Yet the provision for Mental Health assessment prior to and during transition is being removed. When the consequences are revealed that transition was not what was needed then already overstretched Mental Health professionals will have to deal with those consequences.

    In the meantime child and adolescent referrals stack up and opportunistic ghouls make a fortune off pushing transitioning early as a panacea to solve the epidemic of mental distress in a vulnerable population.

    The removal of Gender Dysphoria or Gender Identity Disorder as a mental disorder will have huge consequences for the medical professional and health care providers in years to come.

    Pandering to this socio-political movement is to the shame of those in power and to Nicola Sturgeon in particular. These questions need proper answers and if NS or SA Somerville cannot give them the proposed changes should not go ahead.

  19. Breeks says:

    Question for people who call others transphobic, what is so wrong with being trans in the first place that you have to deny being trans and insist you be “woman”? Isn’t that insulting to both trans people AND women? Isn’t that literally transphobic by literal definition? Seems you’re the one afraid to be trans, and you’d rather lie, deny reality, and present yourself as a biological female rather than accept the reality and live your life being perfectly comfortable with being trans.

    By demanding the right to usurp the biological definition of female and deny a transgender identity, you’re simultaneously both a misogynist against women, and whatever the word is for misogyny against trans people, – a ‘denier’ of a transgender’s rights and entitlements to be transgender.

    And for the record, whoever is behind the “successful” promotion of all this transgenderism, I suspect they have done more to sicken and annoy ordinary people with the whole issue, and driven any genuine acceptance of transgender people into full retreat. You really need to get yourself a better PR team, because you’re currently getting right up everybody’s noses, and you’re inviting a popular backlash against your ideals, and I don’t feel even a shade transphobic to say I look forward to the days when none of this shite appears in any political agenda, anywhere. All you’re doing is removing the dick from your groin and attaching it to the side of your head.

    Go ahead SNP, royally fuck up Scotland’s chance of Independence by promoting this garbage and denial of science, and see what a great and welcoming place Scotland becomes for anybody identifying as SNP or Trans.

    Now STOP FUCKING ABOUT AND DO WHAT YOU WERE ELECTED TO DO, and try clearing up some of this fucking shitfest you’ve created. Salvage what you can, because frankly, I’m lost to you now. You’re neither fit enough nor competent enough to be trusted any further with delivering Scottish Independence.

  20. kapelmeister says:

    Somerville & Sturgeon were board members of Yes Scotland. No wonder we lost in 2014.

  21. Vivian O'Blivion says:

    Elizabeth Warren has stated that if she becomes Prez., her pick for Education Secretary will be vetted by a trans school kid (not sure whether the kid is specific or generic). The Secretary of Education being selected by a teenager with mental health issues, what could possibly go wrong?
    May get my lazy arse over to Holyrood for the big protest.

  22. Ian Foulds says:

    if it is Ms Sturgeon’s plan to have a more equal society I suggest she concentrates on the 49.9% male and 49.9% females in the Country of Scotland and addresses their issues, rather than giving carte blanche to the remainder.

  23. Scaredy cat says:

    As someone who works with legislation on a daily basis, I have to say that your comments around the lack of definitions are spot on.
    Trying to interpret the law without proper interpretation of the language is extremely challenging.
    In such circumstances we generally have to look to a combination of the dictionary definition and the “spirit” behind the legislation.
    One wonders what happens whenthd two are diametrically opposed.

  24. Allium says:

    I always thought SAS was an idiot, but I admit to being surprised at Nicola Sturgeon. She isn’t a fool. I assume she knows the GRA reform stuff is bullshit in its current form, and electoral poison, but has made too many promises to back down now. I find it strange and embarrassing that this is the cause she’s going to be remembered for, her legacy. It makes me think less of her, and not just because I disagree over the policy itself. Its so crazy.

  25. Milady says:

    For anyone still to complete the comsultation, in my response I also brought in the impact to research and the robustness of statistical data that our health and science sectors rely so heavily on. If there is no such thing as sex, all data from drug trials, data on disease impact/epidemiology, and treatment responses etc all become worryingly meaningless. Women and men respond totally differently to health therapies and interventions.

    As a simple example: a transman with arthritic hips, if you treat ‘him’ as a man, might get hip resurfacing instead of a full hip replacement, but hip resurfacing in women has been proven to be far less effective, potentially unsafe, and is therefore usually contraindicated. Sex matters, biology matters. We must fight this.

  26. Ottomanboi says:

    SG employed similar tactics re same sex unions. Consultation indicated majority opposition but the self-righteous, self-styled progressives went ahead anyway.
    Trust our politicians? Only if you’re a sucker for their brave new world snake oil.
    There ought to be a damage limitation shelf life for being in political life.

  27. Martin says:

    “Milady says:

    As a simple example: a transman with arthritic hips, if you treat ‘him’ as a man, might get hip resurfacing instead of a full hip replacement, but hip resurfacing in women has been proven to be far less effective, potentially unsafe, and is therefore usually contraindicated. Sex matters, biology matters. We must fight this.”

    Exactly right, men and women ARE different. This was ignored for decades and research for men guided treatment for women with pretty crappy outcomes (real sexism in action). These things cannot be ignored.

    It’s like the whole “what IS normal, though” garbage- our jobs as clinicians is to know exactly what normal is and spot when we’re not looking at normal.

  28. H Scott says:

    Why is BBC Scotland’s SNPBad agenda not all over this, it would actually be welcome for once?

  29. jfngw says:

    I have a feeling in a few years after this bill has been forced upon us we the tax payers will then be funding compensation claims for those claiming the health professionals have not protected the properly. The current band of MSP’s that imposed it will of course be sitting pretty with their indexed linked pensions, also funded by the tax payer, making impressions of the three (un)wise monkeys.

    Get ready for the phone calls ‘have you been transitioned without proper safeguards, call us, no win no fee’.

  30. Tannadice Boy says:

    Excellent article I can feel the author’s frustration.

  31. Famous15 says:

    BBC Scotland is not all over this at the MOMENT because they are drooling at the mouth waiting for the woke wing of the SNP leading the party into the elephant trap.

    I left the party recently for following trendy but anti Scottish thinking which was never debated at Conference.

    Deja vu all over again.

    I will support independence with my last breath however. Others might not.

  32. robertknight says:

    Appears that the lunatics, with the help of the rainbow flag waving twitterati zealots, are running the asylum.

    If this keeps up, Scotland will be independent in no time – the English will be only too happy to give the cluster-f**k north of Hadrian’s Wall the boot!

  33. Muscleguy says:

    This. Gender Dysphoria is the only mental delusion which not only is indulged by professionals who should know better but MUST be indulged on pain of professional censure it seems.

    I’m a Biomedical scientist and I can sex newborn mice. Most people cannot ‘see’ the difference but I can and have been proven to be able to do it reliably. At birth all mice have a pretty identical urethral opening and an anus. There is no vaginal opening yet and the testes have not descended. I tell because the distance between the urethral opening and the anus is longer in half, roughly, of the newborns. These will be male, the extra space is needed for hte testes to descend through. Mice have BIG balls.

    But you need to look through them to be able to tell. I haven’t done it for several years so would have to look again but having seen it before I’m sure I’ll be able to again.

    IF I can do this in the absence of any other signs or tests and do it reliably doesn’t that imply sex is real? After all if I was doing it randomly that would show up.

    Papers have been published based on my determination of the sex of the subjects.

  34. macnakamura says:

    Do the 3 months have to be consecutive ?

  35. panda paws says:


    excellent point thanks!

    This whole issue has become so toxic and from my point of view it’s not because we non-men, as the Greens call us, are making it so. I’m fed up with being called a bigot for pointing out the obvious – that we can’t change sex and that gender is something socially constructed. The option to have a GRC should only be available to those who have been medically assessed as having gender dysphoria.

    I’m gone from being a big trans ally to someone actually frightened about the future safety of women, girls and the medically assessed transwomen who have been living alongside us causing no problems.

    I’d happily share my spaces with Debbie Hayton or Seven Hex, Jessica Yaniv and others of that type not so much.

  36. Garrion says:


  37. Republicofscotland says:

    Are Nicola Sturgeon and Shirley-Anne Somerville deliberately trying to alienate women, and if they are, why, (Are they in the pockets of the pubery blocker companies?).

    Don’t they realise that half of the population in Scotland are women, and this outrageous, ill conceived policy will see the SNP haemorrhage vast amounts of votes not just from women but men supporting their women, sisters, aunts, work colleagues etc at next years election.

    Those transitioning or those who self-ID are a very small percentage of the population, the SNP couldn’t possibly hope to make up the shortfall in votes lost by rightly disgruntled women and supportive men from this group of people, so why throw your party under the bus.

    Or are Somerville and Sturgeon so confident that we’ll still vote for them, because they’re at the moment the only alternative to the unionist branch offices in Scotland, and we wouldn’t dare vote for them.

    I foresee such a kick-up, such a stink about this hairbrained madcap policy, that the SNP are about to unleash in Scotland that even if the SNP are stupid enough to enable it,that its day are numbered and it will be repealed quite quickly.

    That just leaves us with the difficult poser as to who to vote for next year, and how do we maximise the indy vote into the bargain.

  38. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Relax people – it’s a cunning plan, devised by Jock MacBaldrick, the SNP’s Indyref2 guru.

    The plan is a two pronged one:

    Prong 1 – we find an unpopular piece of legislation, guaranteed to lose us support and we go for it, full pelt.

    Prong 2 – at the same time, we help set up Wee Eck for his court case and we make sure he is done over.

    Soon after the court case, SNP support plummets – Boris, confident the Sweaties have been neutralised, agrees to Indyref2.

    We then really go after the Unionists during the campaign, helped by Boris messing things up totally with Europe, leading to a break-down in negotiations and No Deal.

    Yes wins Indyref2, and, as soon as Independence is declared, it turns out, Wee Eck was the victim of a serious miscarriage of justice, organised by the UK Government.

    We are home and hosed in an Independent Scotland.

  39. Dorothy Devine says:

    isn’t this a worldwide agenda , not just SNP idiocy?

    The cricket player of the Year in Kent is a strapping 6 foot 4 transgender who did sweet FA in the men’s team but is doing remarkably well in the woman’s game – we are all supposed to be pleased , clap like seals and congratulate .

    It is madness but not just SNP madness.

  40. Republicofscotland says:

    “Why is BBC Scotland’s SNPBad agenda not all over this, it would actually be welcome for once?”

    Never interrupt your enemies when they are making mistakes.

  41. Liz g says:

    Ottomanboi @ 3.41
    That’s comparing apple’s an oranges and fine well ye know it.
    A Legal union between two adults has very little to do with what we’re exploring in this debate.
    It affects no one but the two people involved and equalised the right’s of all adults.
    Only the fools who think it was a deity who created marriage as we know it and not lawyer’s, invent reasons to impose restrictions upon it.
    That the opportunity to benefit from the legal arrangements marriage delivers should be open to all adults is so blindingly obvious only a fool would think otherwise.
    But that’s no the same thing as codifying human biology to fit an ideology.

  42. Confused says:

    a catalogue of absurdities, alas, reductio ad absurdum doesn’t work with postmodernists – that’s “logic” – which is merely another discourse, and one riddled with the oppression of the white patriarchy. Check your privilege.

    – if the SNP is short of cash, they could legitimately ask the Pritzkler family for a bung as their trans-advocacy has been non-stop.

  43. Republicofscotland says:

    “isn’t this a worldwide agenda , not just SNP idiocy”

    Indeed it is, however other countries aren’t fighting for their independence we are, and its the party that’s supposed to obtain it for us that’s introducing it.

    Talk about shooting yourself/us in the foot.

  44. Liz g says:

    Dorothy Devine @ 5.07
    It is indeed a global agenda Dorothy,and a very well funded one.
    It’s social engineering and any Trans inclined person who is buying what these people are selling will find out eventually how badly they are being used..
    Thankfully some Trans Woman are now speaking up too !

  45. MaggieC says:

    Interestingly they are debating International Women’s Day today in the Scottish Parliament , The debate finished at 5.00pm but if you scroll back on this link you’ll see the reporting of it .

    I’ve not had time to read it all in detail yet . You couldn’t make it up that they’re debating Women’s Rights with all the wokeiness that’s going on .

  46. Terry says:

    Outstanding post. As a woman I thank you from the bottom of my heart. But more importantly we should all be grateful. Once you ignore science and truth you are heading down the 1984 groupthink rabbit hole.

    As a woman it’s the whole ignoring of biology and the condescending bullshit of how they think women should act that is extremely irritating. The following really resonates –

    “The only thing linking those women is their biology. Which of them will the Scottish Government require men wishing to “transition” to emulate? Which stereotypes will be deemed to be acceptable evidence of “femaleness”? Wearing pretty flowery dresses? Sewing and cooking? Getting paid less? Giggling?”

    I also think you are saving the case of Scottish independence with this.

  47. Weechid says:

    Point 2 resonates with me. I’m a woman but I’ve no idea what it “feels like” to be a woman. I only know what it feels like to be me. Surely someone transitioning saying they “feel” like a woman means that they feel like a particular fantasy woman of their choice? Stereotyping womanhood seems like a huge step back to me and suggesting that children might be born in the wrong boddy because they display what society defines as “traits” of the opposite sex is potentially homophobic. (Along the lines of “I’d rather my kid was born in the wrong body than admitted to being gay”). I’m with the “follow the money” guy. There must be more to this than meets the eye because it defies all common sense. At the risk of being labelled a “conspiracy theorist”(as if I care) I’d say a combination of big pharma and ultra right wing seeking to cause fractions in the left to stop us co-operating and trying to upturn their world supremacy.

  48. Pete says:

    I’m afraid a lot of this nonsense is down to the SNP being grossly over represented with homosexuals.
    It’s a bit like gay marriage where the participating partners claim to ‘have children’.
    This defies science as children can only be conceived by a man and a woman participating in sex.
    Anything else is tampering with the rules of nature.
    To me, the word marriage contains within it the desire to procreate.
    In other words ‘maw, paw and the bairns’!!

  49. Republicofscotland says:

    Follow the money, there’s no big mystery why governments are pushing this agenda. The only real question is has the SNP taken the money.

  50. Bibbit says:

    Scots Govt most recent figures for the sex split in population is 2017. In 2017, 51% of the population were female and 49% male, although this varied in age groups. e.g. the younger age groups have far more males to females, as far more male babies are born to girl babies and the oldest age groups have more females to males, as females live longer.

  51. Mist001 says:

    Hey!! I just thought. Maybe when Ian Blackford announced to the world that the SNP would not allow Scotland to be dragged out of the EU against its will, maybe we got it all wrong.

    Maybe it was a different kind of drag that he was talking about!!

  52. Martin says:

    “Pete says:

    3 March, 2020 at 5:40 pm

    I’m afraid a lot of this nonsense is down to the SNP being grossly over represented with homosexuals.”

    You’re not following it very closely then- it’s being used quite extensively as a reason to shame/castigate lesbians who don’t want to have sex with men. Stonewall are really hapy to push this particular narrative too.

    Lesbians like women, that’s what makes them lebians. They’ve had enough shit to deal with over the years without Chasing Amy 2: The Decption rape.

  53. Stuart MacKay says:

    Pete @5:40pm

    Utter nonsense. Gays have as much to loose from this as anybody else. Why be gay when you can just transition.

    Perhaps in more conservative times the transitioning will be compulsory. I’m sure the Pharma companies would love the extra customers and a small investment in the right place might just be the way to secure it.

    I’d doubt you’d want to live in that kind of world.

  54. McDuff says:

    Just been watching BJ giving a press conference about the coronavirus and in the background were two folded union jacks with only the slightest hint of blue as it is arraigned in such a way that it is unmistakably the flag of st george.
    Also watched a docummentary on WW1 and it was all England,England,England,what a bloody insult to those in the rUK who fought and died for this so called union.

  55. June Maxwell says:

    Named Person was a simlar camouflaged policy, it masqueraded as respectable safeguards, but the reality was v different for those involved. Had to agree with Tories to oppose it ?.

    But those were the glory days when we all believed SNP would confront WM and deliver us Indy. So although I was supportive of WoS list party idea, I now hope (if possible) he stands for a constituency because I’d like to see some clarity, some honesty and some analytical insight brought to bear in HR. And there’s no one more capable.

    The utter betrayal from the SNP to Indy supporters and vulnerable women is criminal. I therefore fervently hope all concerned fall like ninepins at the earliest opportunity.

  56. Fireproofjim says:

    In 2050 a trans woman sadly passes away.
    In 3050 an archaeologist discovers the bones and analyses the remains.
    Does the archaeologist say this was a woman? Of course he doesn’t. He’s a scientist not a fantasist.

  57. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Breeks –

    ‘All you’re doing is removing the dick from your groin and attaching it to the side of your head.’

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  58. dakk says:

    Excellent article Stuart.

    Thought provoking indeed.

    The reality is that there there will be bad apples in trans and non trans, so trans will have the right to err and be punished like anyone else.

    The minutae of the issue/law has been expertly picked apart by yourself.

    Surely the legal minds in the Scottish gov will heed this insight.

    Mind and sing something when washing your hands.

  59. Tannadice Boy says:

    June Maxwell says…agreed I had to spend a lot it time money and effort opposing the Named Person. I find this legalisation a lot worse. My wife and daughter are nipping my head to do something. Absolute Power corrupts absolutely. The problem with the SNP they believe they are invincible. Our first port of call will be a legal redress along with others.

  60. Bob Costello says:

    Well al I can say is, LET’S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN, Which is probably what Nicola And Shirley Ann will be doing, That is of course unless they are locked up after the events of the next couple of weeks

  61. Capella says:

    Brilliant demolition of the lunacy of enshrining a scientific travesty in law. The GRA should be repealed, not extended to all and sundry.

    I’ve spent the afternoon ploughing through the documentation prior to responding to the consultation. There are five questions. It is tempting to answer each one with “This is lunacy – any government minister who proceeds with this is certifiable.”

    Question 1. Do you have any comments on the proposal that applicants must live in their acquired gender for at least 3 months before applying for a GRC?

    Question 2. Do you have any comments on the proposal that applicants must go through a period of reflection for at least 3 months before obtaining a GRC?

    Question 3. Should the minimum age at which a person can apply for legal gender recognition be reduced from 18 to 16?

    Question 4. Do you have any other comments on the provisions of the draft Bill?

    Question 5. Do you have any comments on the draft Impact Assessments?

    But I would encourage everyone to respond to this consultation. You can make your response as short and simple, or as complex as the advice given by Women and Girls Scotland. But whatever you do, please take this opportunity to make your views known. It could be a “once in a lifetime opportunity”!

  62. Liz says:

    Thanks for this. Clear and concise, it blows this crazy legislation wide open and makes me seriously wonder WTF the SNP are up to. It’s not the first piece of legislation that there have been issues with and makes me wonder who is putting this stuff together! There is obviously more to it than meets the eye, but big pharma is surely behind it – there must be a fortune to be made. Meanwhile we already have a case of a trans person wanting to take a clinic to court for giving them gender blockers (or whatever they are called) because they realise they’d made a mistake and want to change back.
    Furthermore, while all this is going on, Schools are deciding to scrap separate sex toilets and opt for ‘gender neutral’ ones in spite of the fact it is actually against building regs at the moment.
    The whole thing is seriously pissing me off right now. I really feel the SNP are taking their voters for granted – after all who else will we vote for if we want indy? They are acting the same way as labour used to and if they don’t get their act together soon they’ll go the same way. Who gets chosen as candidates for SNP for next years Scot election will be telling.

  63. Lothianlad says:

    Shirley anne Somerville and sturgeon go way back to the heady days of the YSN. The sad news is that their so called progelressive politics is really fucking up our chances of independence!

    When the opposition and the union is so weak and vulnerable, we should be attacking on all fronts. As it is we are allowing them to regroup . The dangerous assumption that time and demographics will deliver independence is very risky.
    What might well happen is that the unionist media will go all out again against us , only this time with real ammo.
    The honeymoon period is well past with the SNP and unless the members get together and boot out the leadership and their cronies, independence will be lost!

    Those disgusting careerists at westminster and Holyrood are pissing all over the independence cause!

  64. Cellar Shark says:

    You’ve missed your vocation, Stu. You could have been a half-decent barrister instead of a sweary gamer who can’t hold down a second Twitter account ?

    Keep up the good work.

  65. Al-Stuart says:

    Socrates MacSporran,

    In the depths of IndyDespair you have saved the day. Thank you.

    The MacSporran Clan Chief has won the Internet today with such a brilliant post

    So much so, that Socrates words are well worth quoting…

    “Socrates MacSporran says: 3 March, 2020 at 5:05 pm

    Relax people – it’s a cunning plan, devised by Jock MacBaldrick, the SNP’s Indyref2 guru.

    The plan is a two pronged one:

    Prong 1 – we find an unpopular piece of legislation, guaranteed to lose us support and we go for it, full pelt.

    Prong 2 – at the same time, we help set up Wee Eck for his court case and we make sure he is done over.

    Soon after the court case, SNP support plummets – Boris, confident the Sweaties have been neutralised, agrees to IndyRef2.

    We then really go after the Unionists during the campaign, helped by Boris messing things up totally with Europe, leading to a break-down in negotiations and No Deal.

    Yes wins Indyref2, and, as soon as Independence is declared, it turns out, Wee Eck was the victim of a serious miscarriage of justice, organised by the UK Government.

    We are home and hosed in an Independent Scotland.”

  66. robertknight says:



    “Also watched a docummentary on WW1 and it was all England,England,England,what a bloody insult to those in the rUK who fought and died for this so called union”

    A long(ish) time ago, in a galaxy not too far away, a small boy would watch the opening credits to Dad’s Army and wonder why was there a song about “old England” when they showed triangles on the south east corner of Great Britain with Union Flags emblazoned on them. Thereafter, England=GB/UK. Scotland=Other.

  67. Craig P says:

    I believe there are three levels of law. The first two are the laws of the state, and the laws of God. The laws of the state are what get you fined and jailed. The laws of God are the guiding light of human behaviour. Often the laws of the state follow these – do not murder, do not steal. Often, but not always. For example, neither lying nor adultery are illegal. If they were, neither Trump nor Johnson would be in office.

    As for the laws of God. One of them is to show compassion. And I genuinely believe this is all that proponents of GRA legislation are looking to do. To show compassion to those born in the wrong bodies and make their life a bit easier.

    Anyway. Like I was saying, there’s three levels of law. And the laws of nature trump the other two. The laws that say that a transwoman is male. And if we can’t show compassion without denying the laws of nature, we’re screwed.

    It’s not uncommon for the laws of the state to oppose the laws of God. Slavery and apartheid are two obvious examples. But I never thought we’d see the day that, in trying to be compassionate, democratic governments round the world would attempt to oppose the laws of nature.

  68. Effijy says:

    Would a man who would be a woman be entitled to free period products,
    IVF Treatment and have NHS Breast augmentation as not having breasts
    Is adversely affecting their mental health.

  69. Willie says:

    I love the idea of a gender reassigned woman not being screened for breast cancer whilst a gender reassigned man does nit get screened for prostrate cancer.

    I’m a woman Doctor, treat me as a woman, It doesn’t matter that I have the biology of a man. A well sir you can have the hysterectomy.

    Ah well, who needs independence when you can have policies like this. It’s insane! Totally and utterly insane.

  70. Willie says:

    A pregnant man walks into a hospital and says he’s a woman, which he has assigned himself to be.

    What therefore does the hospital do? He’s physically a man, not a woman,. Biology is biology is biology.

    What therefore am I. missing. Vote SNP. Vote for GRA. You know it makes sense. Nicola knows best. Maybe she truly is wee Jimmy Cranky. The party and its high command has lost the absolute plot. Who would vote for this nonsense.

    Time for a new Independence Party!

  71. Robert Graham says:

    Crist you lot still yaking about men that think they are women give it a bloody rest it’s boring beyond belief,

    Bawjaws behind the podium talking about the flu behind him in full view two flags both the cross of st george , now it takes a certain art to totally disguise the blue of the St Andrews Cross , or maybe i am mistaken maybe it was the english flag and it has replaced the Butchers Apron , Now thats a wee change , makes sense the way the tory lot are behaving, Aye well f/k you Bawjaws stick yer flag and yer empire up yer arse pal .

  72. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    This is all very sad, the SNP are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    The party I think have lost their way they have allowed a small pressure group of sad people to exert influence wildly beyond their entitlement.

    For the first time since 2009 I am now having doubts about remaining in the party.

    I don’t understand how we got here I honestly believed we were in sight of independence now not so sure.

    I will support independence for my country until I snuff it. My continued support for the, currently, only party able to deliver it is now in doubt.

    I actually feel very sad about this bordering on angry.

  73. Mike d says:

    Ma pals got man boobs and drinks strawberry flavoured pink gin. Does he Qualify as a wummin/woman.?

  74. Mike d says:

    Robert Graham 8.48pm I noticed that straight away . Cross of st George there. No probs with that. Let’s just abolish their f***in butchers apron full stop. Flag of st George for England, st andrews saltire for Scotland.

  75. Mike d says:

    St Andrew.

  76. Athanasius says:

    Unfortunately, it seems that Scottish independence is now off the agenda for a generation or so. Alex Salmond did great work making it a live and serious issue for the first time since, probably, Cullodon, However, when the mainstream leadership of the independence movement is down a rabbit hole like this, it’s apparent they’re not interested. It will probably be necessary for the SNP to collapse and the grassroots to raise up a new party to replace them, and that’s probably going to take 25-30 years.

  77. Ayeright says:

    Ahh shit!

    Independence “is now off the agenda for a generation or so” who’d have thought it?

    “Probably going to take 25-30 years”.

    Ahh fuck and it’s all the fault of Nicola Sturgeon. Deary me.

  78. dakk says:

    Just seen Phillipa Whitford on Sky saying 900000 cases 45000 survivors and 3000 dead,and it’s only a 1% kill rate.

    What is it I’m missing here?How do you get 1% from that?

    I give up.

    It’s probably just a wee chill everyone’s got then and I’m a hypochondriac inumetrate.

  79. Mike d says:

    Agree with posters here, re bojo’s flu speech, those background flags in an equal union would have proudly displayed a butcher’s apron. Why the propagandistic display of the English flag?. Scottish unionists, answers on a postcard please.

  80. jfngw says:

    I presume the next event will be the withholding of permission for AUOB marches due to the corona virus. They are bigging it up and many in the SNP seem ambivalent to marches, it just draws attention to their lack of action on independence.

  81. dakk says:

    Meant to say I numerate hypochondiac.

  82. dakk says:


    Autofill or Fix is it.

    Lost it.

  83. Mike d says:

    Well I’m off to bed and anyone can feel free to berate me all they like. I jist hope that Corona thing kills aw they auld unionist voting b’stards aff. ( apologies to auld voting yessers)

  84. dakk says:

    @Mike d

    So we wouldn’t even need to campaign?

    Thats a damned disgrace.

    How could anyone ever think such a thought?

  85. Mike d says:

    Dakk, I’m in a bed dreaming. Lol.

  86. dakk says:

    I’ll let you off then lol

    Sweet dreams 🙂

  87. dakk says:

    Hope it’s not a water bed or it might be a wet one.

    Taken that too far again.

    Ah well.

  88. mike cassidy says:

    One step beyond.

    This isn’t just a guy identifying as a woman.

    This isn’t just a guy identifying as a woman fecking up the sexcrime statistics

    This is a guy identifying as a woman

    saying that he doesn’t give a feck about being found guilty of sexually assaulting his home-carer

    because the trans-surgery he intends to have will make him unrecognisable.

  89. mike cassidy says:

    One step beyond.

    This isn’t just a guy identifying as a woman.

    This isn’t just a guy identifying as a woman fecking up the sexcrime statistics

    This is a guy identifying as a woman

    saying that he doesn’t give a feck about being found guilty of sexually assaulting his home-carer

    because the trans-surgery he intends to have will make him unrecognisable.

  90. jfngw says:


    Some of us are old enough not to need a water bed to have a wet one.

  91. JSC says:

    There are echoes of Labour’s UK-wide issues developing here. I stress I bear no ill-will to any of the groups concerned but strongly believe that when idealism meets realism, the latter must always win the day. Some may be offended by these following observations but it has strong parallels to what we see with SNP & GRA. Labour’s strength has basically retreated into inner cities, where immigrant populations are stronger, increasingly these are disproportionately Muslim in faith, so we have a situation where Labour support AND representation is of a traditionally anti-semitic background. This has a polarising effect on traditional support, with this new base attracting fellow travellers, but others (longer on the path) being forced off the road. The SNP equivalent is that with the (almost) demise of Scottish Labour, they (SNP) have become the sole “woke” main party of Scotland, and as politely referred to earlier, have become the spiritual home for most woke types, leaning towards academics, trans-advocates etc. Essentially what I’m driving at is that if you hang your coat on the one “niche” peg, yes you might attract a core voter base that doesn’t feel at home elsewhere, and you might get some stepping up to MSP/MP level, but it doesn’t mean the existing base hang around in ever-lasting loyalty. Sometimes a broad church is the best option, with a more exotic fanbase best left to it’s own devices.

  92. Liz g says:

    ——- Just Because…Scotland 🙂

    On this day March 3rd in 1960
    Elvis Presley made his infamous stop over at Preswick Airport

  93. dakk says:

    @jfngw says:

    That really is too far.

    I’m completely affronted 🙂

  94. Breeks says:

    Right Scotland, here’s your choice…

    Option 1. You can send one wee lawyer and his briefcase to the UN to demand International Recognition for Scottish Sovereignty and written Constitution, after the UK Treaty of Union was breached by Westminster’s colonial misadventure which broke both the Treaty of Union and Westminster’s Convention on Sovereignty by consensus.


    Option 2. You can fuck about aimlessly for another 10 years going round in circles getting frustrated, then calling other people who’re also frustrated Mi5 plants or Brigade 77 spies, then take a dozen mandates to hold a referendum and do nothing whatsoever with them until the disillusionment you’ve bred throughout the electorate doesn’t give you any more mandates. Along the way, you can surrender in impotence before every red, white and blue addled whim of Westminster, even after stealing your oil, Westminster screws your economy with Brexit and takes the absolute piss by dumping its Nuclear waste in the Clyde, then says you can’t have any democracy because you’ve been naughty, but under no circumstances will you make ANY attempt to defy Westminster or defend your perfectly legal and sovereign constitution in court. But none of that matters because the hill you choose to die on isn’t Independence, colonial subjugation or exploitation or Constitutional justice, it is the burning issue of whether a man in a gingham frock and heels can actually turn himself into a woman by the power of belief.

    Right, so, I think we’re all agreed it must be Option 2 because Option 1 would obviously be sheer reckless stupidity which might endanger the Union, whereas Option 2 is the good old ‘better the devil you know’ Option, and will only make us look like an embarrassing shower of useless, gutless, spineless dickheads in the eyes of the entire world, and we’re already quite used to that thanks to the sterling efforts of our fitba team.

    Ok. Take me when you’re ready Corona Virus. I’ve seen enough. I’m done here. It’s time for me to leave this stupid, asinine, brainless fucking lunatic asylum called Scotland. I’ve tried so hard to make them see. It so painfully obvious to my eyes, but there seems to something dysfunctional and contrary in all of them. I have failed in my quest.

  95. Ayeright says:

    Who farted?

  96. dakk says:

    Strange thing is.

    Seen two dog walkers on day off up mugdock reservoir today.

    Didn’t know which one was male or female,or whether they were both male or both female. They were mid twenties.

    Maybe trans thing really is a thing for today and tomorrow.

    Maybe we’re behind the curve.

    Get yourself up Mugdock

  97. dakk says:

    Oh , they had a schnauzer or lakeland or some other wirey type.

  98. Ayeright says:

    A work of art, best thing you’ve written and well worth repeating.

    Ok. Take me when you’re ready Corona Virus. I’ve seen enough. I’m done here. It’s time for me to leave this stupid, asinine, brainless fucking lunatic asylum called Scotland. I’ve tried so hard to make them see. It so painfully obvious to my eyes, but there seems to something dysfunctional and contrary in all of them. I have failed in my quest.

    I feel your pain.

  99. Footsoldier says:

    Wake up Nicola Sturgeon.

  100. dakk says:

    Another young doctor in same dept. as young whistleblower Dr. has now died of Covid19.

    Not good.

  101. dakk says:

    Re the asexual looking dog walkers.

    To the scientists.

    Maybe this is evolution.

    No procreation and the planet earth is saved.

  102. dakk says:

    Procreation of humans obviously.

    Not of other animals.

  103. dakk says:

    Ffs got it bad the night.

  104. Stoker says:

    H Scott says on 3 March, 2020 at 4:06 pm: “Why is BBC Scotland’s SNPBad agenda not all over this, it would actually be welcome for once?”

    The BBC are very aware, as are most in the ‘Yes movement’ that you *never* interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake.

    They know that this issue has the potential to damage the SNP beyond repair and at the same time would bring a shit-storm down on the BBC if the BBC were seen to oppose it.

    So their best move is to say as little as possible, sit back, observe and enjoy the show. And that’s exactly what they’re doing.

    This is also why the other main parties have stuck this issue on their back-burners then turned off the gas. They get to watch the SNP turn in on itself.

    The SNP are now being controlled by an extreme minority who have capitalised on other events.

    We were first told that a significant change in circumstances would justify another indyref. That moment came when England voted to drag the rest of us, against our will, out of the EU.

    At *that* moment moves should have been taken to challenge that in the courts with our so-called “Sovereignty” or whatever. But no, the situation was then reshaped as “well let’s just wait and see if Brexit really happens” blah blah blah.

    And just for good measure we’ll tell the electorate we have a duty to help save England from itself whilst standing up for the minority of Scotland who voted leave. When the reality was the SNP under the current minority dictatorship was making a disgraceful & shameful interjection on the result of another countries vote.

    And all this time the SNP are repeatedly telling us that “we will not be taken out of the EU against our will” blah blah fuckin ha ha. And running parallel to that pish we had Sturgeons pish lies being spouted by her & her flappin-tongued sycophantic pack assuring us “there will be another indyref in 2020” etc.

    But now it’s as good as not happening. And once again the stance has been changed and we’ve all just got to accept it, shut up, don’t ask any questions & trust in the liar Sturgeon. Not fricken likely. Now they’ll use the Budweiser Bug (Coronavir) as the reason to stall on pursuing indy matters but in reality they’re rubbing their hands at the thought of more time to run the minority issue.

    Sturgeon has either been complicit in this all along or she’s been outplayed & advised by people she appointed. People whose priorities in life are certainly not independence for Scotland for if it were they would never have brought this up at this stage in the game.

    It’s just one excuse after another and we are all being taken for mugs by an extreme minority of chancers who are utilising other events to help achieve their desires. And as i’ve said before Sturgeon is the only one with the power to put a stop to it so why doesn’t she? And don’t feed me the discredited pish of “best practice” which i see creeping back into play.

    Note for Sturgeon & her poison dwarfs, wee fact, indy can be easily won without the support of these dictators but it can’t be won without the support of most adult human females and their adult human male counterparts who back them.

    I’m seeing more & more folk every day saying they’re not going to be held to ransom, ‘indy at any cost’, and if they force this through they’ll not be voting etc etc. I’ve no idea how many of them are genuine or not but even putting that out there into circulation, and ever growing numbers doing it, is going to impact our quest for indy. And not in a positive way.

    One final point, there’s the formation of a real Scottish independence party right there – all those disillusioned with the SNP and/or their agendas/priorities. If Sturgeon doesn’t deliver her promised 2020IndyRef and at the same time approves of railroading this issue through against the wishes of the majority then she needs to go or there should be a breakaway party formed.

    She chose this “route to indy” and she must be held accountable for that choice. Support is stuttering and we even now have newbies to the cause such as ‘Mike Daily’ demonising WOS. Daily has only been a ‘Yesser’ for 2-years apparently. Prior to that he was a ‘No’ and Labour supporter.

    Campbell has done more for indy than anyone can measure, his archives on this blog are testament to that. He’s opened more eyes than all the newbie former Slaberites put together could ever dream of doing. And he’s certainly done far more for indy than ‘Mike Daily’ has.

  105. twathater says:

    BREEKS and STOKER yeese are on fire , aye right yer no right yer wrang

  106. Willie says:

    Now here’s a big question.

    What gender will our First Minister adopt under the proposed legislation?

    And if one can change their gender, how are the SNP going to manage or in fact impose equal numbers of female and male candidates?

    And getting a bit more serious again, what gender do we think Mhairi Black ( of the Flow Job drag artist for five year olds fame ) categorise under.

    Or wee Mackay? What about him? And who knows who else?

    Ah well at least the Coronavirus might take our minds off things as it maybe ramps up to a full blown crisis – and a Hollyrood where they all have their faces covered with masks to discuss the macro important GRA.

    Vote SNP!

  107. Al-Stuart says:

    Cannot remember the last time I read Breeks. Normally take 99% differing views. Not exactly fond of each other in the past.


    Breeks, your contribution at 11.21pm last night was one of the BEST posts I have read on WoS for a year.

    This current state of affairs is tragic and sad. Your words are a brilliant summary of exactly where we are.

    Breeks, it looks as if others recognise the best of what you have written and are starting to quote their favourite Breeksism. This part chimes with me…

    “But none of that matters because the hill you choose to die on isn’t Independence, colonial subjugation or exploitation or Constitutional justice, it is the burning issue of whether a man in a gingham frock and heels can actually turn himself into a woman by the power of belief”.

    I think, somewhere at at the desk of one of a hundred 77th Brigade computer literate IT soldiers, is a ranking officer that thought up this plan on the morning of 19th September 2014. He is quietly sipping a cup of Earl Gray tea and smiling inwardly that their 2014 Scottish internet version of the British Army World War 2 tanks known as “Hobart Funnies” as a way of defeating the enemy has actually worked in Scotland and looks like actually terminating and second effort at a Scottish Independence referendum.

    In the days and weeks after IndyRef1 when the British Establishment breathed a sigh of relied at squeaking through the 2014 plebiscite with a win for Better Together, the commander of Brigade 77 who allowed the plan for the Bloke In A Gingham Dress to kill off Scottish Independence is now, very happy with their sleeper cells and the fact they appear to have won.

    Breeks, you are spot on tonight.

    Tha mi sgith.

    Breeks, please do not give up.

    Do not commit harakiri with the 1% of those taken by the bogey nose Grim Reaper from the bush meat eating venerables of the Far East.

    EVERY fight for a nation’s independence has its ups and downs. Having been present in Belfast at the height of the Troubles, I would, frankly, be a lot happier with the poor soul, struggling with their biological identity and the right size of Gingham Dress – rather than having to stare down the business end of a Lee Enfield, or L1A1 as Street hardened troops jump out of their Tangi Landrover in front of you and brute force relatively ordinary looking Northern Irish civilians up against a wall, or worse parcel them up into the back of a Snatch vehicle for interrogation elsewhere.

    Gingham can be genuinely dangerous. But better the dress than the military dress uniform of the British Army on the streets of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness.

  108. robertknight says:

    It’s getting to the point where the whole temple that is Sturgeon’s version of the SNP needs bringing down.

    The primary party within our movement has been hijacked by a bunch of GRA-focussed zealots and cosy-devolutionist troughers who have zero interest in securing independence.

    We’ll go nowhere with her and her motley crew at the helm and the 50% in the polls, which let’s face it is down to BawJaws and his Hard-Brexit Little Englanders and nothing to do with the SNP, will slip back to the 40’s and become the next excuse to delay IndyRef2.

    She needs to go, and go now!

  109. Willie says:


    Breek’s various commentaries do indeed speak what so many think.

    I know fine well that the SNP is now full of spoiler plants. That goes without saying. The Salmond stitch up, the Sturgeon charade of saying she want independence whilst kicking the ball away from the goal, and now the. Lunacy of a GRA policy that virtually know one wants and an issue that will destroy votes.

    Destroying the party and the man who ran us so close, and could have done so again with success this time is what in truth this is all about. I may rail, as many do, about the detail, but the big picture is that the SNP are rotted from within.

    Someone once said recently it was all about taking back control and it’s a message we would do well to heed.. if we don’t, Independence will be off the agenda for a generation or more.

  110. Tony Hay says:

    I believe labour,lib-dems and Greens are backing the SG on this matter…..what’s the tories stance?if its anti GRA legislation are people really suggesting we vote for them next year.

    This is a serious question.

  111. susan says:

    I can’t vote for a party that wants GRA reform, so I will spoil my vote and it will be NS’ intransigence over such a reality denying stance over this issue that will be to blame. NOT myself, who votes for self erasure? Oh I forgot, women are supposed to be kind and self effacing (except the male variety).

  112. robertknight says:

    “NONE OF THE ABOVE” at the foot of the ballot paper.

  113. Breeks says:

    Yep,… very fair comment I think.

    In a sane world, you’d think that would be the end of it.

    My eyes are now firmly fixed on Joanna Cherry. As I read things, she has three options in front of her.

    First, Joanna has the Constitutional Fundamentalist route via the Courts. That’s my preferred option. It has layers to it, – an all out, go-for-broke snatch squad mission to the UN for Sovereign emancipation and international recognition, or the tiresome (to me) and gradualist beefing up of Holyrood’s Constitutional powers from within Holyrood. Of the two, I think supplanting Hollyrood’s colonial constitution defined by the Scotland Act will be tricky, especially with an off piste quasi sovereign and simultaneously devolved Constitution, which happily “can” hold a referendum. To me, this is just another round of “putting off the inevitable”… It will come to a question of ultimate sovereignty for the simple reason that it must.

    Second Option, Joanna Cherry could, I think, split and divide the SNP, leave, but provide a lifeboat for the long suffering pro-Independence majority within the SNP membership. She might take many of them along with her to pioneer a whole new YES/List/Alternative Indy Party, and leaving the SNP Wokists and fearties to paddle their own Petri dish. (That sound’s dramatic I know, but a Scottish Independence that is actually delivered, will mark the death knell of the devolved assembly anyway. Get used to it. Holyrood’s days and devolved Government are numbered. We need to start thinking like a Sovereign Nations Government).

    Or, third option, Joanna might affect a “corrective coup”, and somehow depose the Pretorian Guard of Wokists, remove or release Nicola from the prison she’s built for herself (and us), and then move quickly to undo the moribund stagnation of the SNP and revitalise the campaign for Independence through a fundamental redefinition of Holyrood. Holyrood at last defines itself as a Scottish Constitutional body, answerable to a sovereign population, rather than a Westminster super-committee, who’s constitution is defined by the colonial Scotland Act, to which the current SNP Government shows such repugnant fealty.

    Off course, only then would Scotland gets to grips with its “chicken and egg” Referendum… if you’ve proved you can hold a referendum because you’re sovereign, why do you need a referendum on sovereign independence? There is an easy answer to that. We don’t. The IndyRef Question says nothing about being or becoming a nation, but asks the Nation of Scotland whether we dissolve the Union.

    For the SNP under Nicola Sturgeon, IF it doesn’t drop GRA and get back in command of a progressive Independence Campaign with clearly defined objectives, and winnable, then frankly, our devolved colonial Government can go down with it’s devolved colonial Scotland Act constitution.

    A final twist however, would see the extremely capable Joanna Cherry delivering on all three:- saving Holyrood from it’s own impotency, restoring the SNP to better fortune and progressive initiative, and best of all, enhancing the prospects of a legal challenge Constitutional demand for Sovereign recognition at the UN by seeking it as a party in quasi Scottish Government…

    We could yet be an Independent Nation by Christmas, and perhaps even save ourselves from Brexit. Keep your eyes on Joanna Cherry, and be ready to support her. If anyone can do it, I think she can.

  114. stonefree says:

    @ Tony Hay at 7:59 am

    Interesting question, If the Tories take a stance fully opposing GRA,and get a load of sweeties and promises from Johnson,How many will be so sick of Sturgeon and her lack of drive for independence that they may be tempted to accept English Gold (again)…the question would be How Many? regardless Sturgeon would have scuppered independence for 50 years …. an interesting hypothesis

  115. susan says:

    @ Breeks: Thoroughly exciting scenarios. You’ve put a lot of thought into it and any would rejuvenate the march to independence.

  116. Ottomanboi says:

    We ought to be wary of administrations employing such buzz concepts as ‘progressive’, ‘equality’, ‘modernizing’ etc and who engage in acts of social engineering in the name of a particular definition of ‘rights’.
    Such administration finish by making a mockery of such terms and ideas, corrupting the language, contorting logic, dealing in the irrational and promoting the unscientific.
    What would once have been the subject of farce, satire and comedy becomes holy writ.
    The current fashionable rainbow spectrum has no crock of gold at its end but a Pandora’s box of physical grotesques and intellectual anomaly.

  117. cyril mitchell says:

    Find all this confusing.Suspect that some people drew the short straw at conception. Some men since childhood were different. They played with dolls and took part in girly pursuits,dressed up in their mother’s clothes. At onset of puberty they had the sexual desires of a female, and maybe mistaken for being homosexual.It is just bad luck and unfortunately these individuals just have to get on with their lives as best they can

  118. mike cassidy says:

    Re Holyrood election next year.

    The unionists don’t need to get you to vote for them

    Though they would be happy if you did!

    The tightness of the Dhondt system means they only have to get you not to vote for the SNP

    And it looks like the SNP might just manage that by themselves.

  119. kapelmeister says:


    Excellent post. Cherry does indeed have energy, intellect and strategic awareness. Sturgeon by contrast, looks tired and overwhelmed by the tasks at hand.

  120. Bibbit says:

    @ Susansays

    Well said Susan.

  121. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Put this poll up on Twitter yesterday afternoon, around 2pm.
    4,018 votes cast so far. Runs until Saturday, midnight.

    ‘One for people eligible to vote in Scotland…
    Which of the following is most important to you?’

    Women/girls ‘safe spaces’ 25.2%
    ‘Trans’ rights 1.2%
    SNP staying in power 1.7%
    Scottish independence 71.9%

    Not ‘scientific’, obvs. It is what it is…


  122. mike cassidy says:

    Nicola Sturgeon must defend women’s rights or lose the next election

  123. Ottomanboi says:

    In common with my fellow ‘Assyrian’ who posted on here it’s time to take a break.
    Everything that can be said has been said….ad nauseam.
    When Scotland finds the collective confidence to cut the unionist chains, physical & psychological, let me know.
    Until then,
    Shlama! Beannachd Dhé leibh! Ciao!

  124. Allium says:

    @ susan 8.42

    If my SNP candidate votes against GRA changes, they’ll get my vote as usual (though I expect the list vote to be gamed full of TRAs). So, if that happens, I’ll vote for whomever makes revoking the changes part of their election strategy. If no-one does that, I’ll vote for whatever party is likeliest to unseat the SNP in my area. Sorry not sorry. I’ll still vote for indy, not that I expect to get the chance to do that any time soon. I feel utterly bereft.

  125. mike cassidy says:

    This will take some beating.

    Bless you @patrickharvie for helping define me. Without your guidance I fear us women may have never made it up off the fainting couch. What would we ever do without your wisdom.

  126. grafter says:

    Enough of this crap. The SNP are a waste of time. We need a new independence party now.

  127. Willie says:

    Good post Breeks with your three point summary of actions.

    Cherry does indeed have the drive and the intellectual capacity to drive all three option and change needs to be adopted now. My own preferred route would be to change the SNP from within into what it should be, what it once was. But obviously that might not be possible unless the current leadership and malign influencers can be dislodged.

    One thing however thar is clear is that staying as is, is not an option. At least if we want independence!

  128. Daisy Walker says:

    I wonder if the Rev might add the following question to his list re the upcoming Censor questions.

    As I understand it – one of the questions on the form will allow those currently self identifying as other than the Gender they were born in, to self identify on the form…

    Given that one of the purposes of the Censor collation is to provide local authorities with the information needed in order to supply local services with the right amount of resources needed, and given that those Transgendering require a lot of medical procedures …

    If they chose to identify now as their preferred gender, and it falsifies the figures, how can the local authorities then provide the appropriate resources (to help those transgendering).

  129. Alex Montrose says:

    Lead on McDuff, or is it McFarage?

  130. Republicofscotland says:

    So a unionist gatekeeping advertising agency refused to allow its advertising billboards to promote a indy Scotland, however they had no problems allowing huge billboards showing Alex Salmond dipping Ed Millibands pockets, or other billboards showing Jeremy Corbyn in the breast pocket of Nicola Sturgeon.

    Several different billboards promoting a independent Scotland were put forward, only for the unionist gatekeeping advertising agency to say no you’re not using our billboards.

    We really need to escape from this God forsaken union, or be crushed under the unionsts jackboots till God knows when.

  131. Republicofscotland says:

    Once again a Tory from the London branch office in Scotland has told a former SNP MEP to go home Conrad Ritchie the Chair of the local Tory association told Christian Allard to go back to the country of his birth.

    The rise of xenophobic comments from the Tories is disgusting, they feel empowered to say these things by taking their lead from their vile racist bigot of a PM.

  132. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile infighting has broken out in the opposing camps between Joanna Cherry and Angus Robertson as to who should support who, and is it legal to approach (officially) other MSPs looking for support in the contest to see who’ll be picked as candidate (June is when we’ll know) for the Edinburgh Central SNP candidate.

    Some 1,200 SNP branch members will vote on who they want to challenge for the seat in June.

    Is this a struggle (In minature) for the heart and soul of the SNP, Robertson to keep the status quo and Cherry to make radical changes, I know who I want to win and its not Robertson.

  133. Shug says:

    Has Westminster planted the trans issue a wee bit like they encouraged the named person plan.

    Indy before anything in my book

  134. Republicofscotland says:

    Rural Economy minister, Fergus Ewing manages to claw back some of the stolen convergance money £82 million pounds thats due to Scotyish farmers from the Common Agricultural Policy.

    Westminster didn’t want to hand over the money to Scottish farmers, however payments were made from Monday onwards.

    Of course now we are out of the EU, well, almost a deal or a more than likely no deal still to come, Scottish farmers can expect nothing from Westminster in the future. Indeed it was reported that a English government said in a leaked document that Scottish farming wasn’t an important sector.

    Yet the Scottish farmers were a prominent part of the leave campaign. Very shortly in the coming years they’ll reap just what they’ve sown, and I don’t mean that in a agricultural way.

    Many will go bust wishing they’d voted to stay in the EU, the only way now is through independence, will the penny drop? Who knows.

  135. The SNP have succeeded where the media failed they have stopped us talking about independence almost and side. Tract us with this gender guff as I have said before the SNP have been penetrated by mi6 and are being destroyed from within as for N.S. And her crew I can’t help but remember Philby Maclean and Burgess and Blunt nothing else makes sense of the recent events in the SNP I mean N.S. I think Attended only one of the marches for independence and the other top ones in the SNP hardly any when they should have been leading,them ??? But they are marching and pushing a thing that most people don’t want it just does not add up ???Blair

  136. Republicofscotland says:

    The real heart and soul of the Scottish independence movement, no not the SNP, but the AUOB, and the grassroots movements, are to continue to march despite the Coronavirus, saying its the union that’s a health threat, very true.

    Marches this year have already been organised up until October, so don’t let the media scaremongering over the virus put you off from attending.

    Police Scotland say they’ve no intention yet, of stopping any indy marches. The next one is on April 4th in Arbroath, two days before the 700th or bicentennial anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, be there if you can.

    Glasgows next on the 7th of May, Peebles on June 6th, Elgin on July 4th,(USA independence day) Kirkcaldy on August 1st, Stirling on September 12th, and Edinburgh on October 3rd.

  137. gus1940 says:

    Everybody should read the excellent article on Coronavirus in this week’s Scottish Review.

    It is so good and informative it should be reprinted in every paper in the land and possibly a print version delivered to every household.

  138. Republicofscotland says:

    Apologies, the above comment not the bicentennial) of the Declaration of Arbroath, I was thinking about the bicentennial of the Radical war, which is April 8th when martyrs to Scottish independence Baird and Hardie were hung then beheaded, and their bodies forbidden to be buried in a public cemetery for many years after, to stop any homage to the fallen heroes igniting any further quests for freedom and justice.

  139. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile the English Home Office tells a young and very talented American girl who wanted to play football at the highest level in Scotland, no you can’t, is disappointed.

    I’m more disappointed in the gutless Scots, or is it apathetic Scots that have allowed this to continue unabated for decades if not longer.

  140. Golfnut says:

    @ RepublicofScotland.

    It does seem on the surface at least an unnecessary confrontation between Cherry and Robertson, since there are at least four seats that could be contested. If however there is a ideological battle in the background it does make more sense unless of course both candidates are also on the list for the second vote though that is a long shot for the SNP on D’hondt system.

    As far as our farmers are concerned, we need them, Scotland feeds itself and is a major weapon against the too wee, too poor meme.
    I would suggest that the leaked e-mail was a precursor to backtracking on Westminsters promise to maintain subsidies. Removal of those subsidies which will predominantly affect small farms rather than large will provide an opportunity to absorb the smaller farms into their larger neighbours creating super farms, no doubt they will be subsidised on condition they convert to GM crops, one of Bawjaws expressed aims.

  141. Babel says:

    If you want to have a laugh, google Yaniv. He is a Canadian ‘it’ that is fond of taking women to court for refusing to wax his genitalia when he self-identifies as female, even though down there he is male.

    P.S. It has couple of first names, Jessica and Jonathan seem favourites.

  142. mike cassidy says:

    The trans issue is not some recent machiavellian plot by the establishment to destroy the SNP

    In Ireland the refusal to allow someone to change their birth certificate was deemed contrary to the European Convention On Human Rights as far back as 2007.

    So this was always going to be an issue that had to be addressed.

    While we were in the EU at any rate, ironically.

    Ireland finally passed a GRA Act in 2015.

    And why work on digging a hole for the SNP while they are willing to dig one for themselves?

  143. Dr Jim says:

    Alcohol is advertised in the UK every 15 seconds, Advertising Standards Agency is fine and dandy with that, and as has been mentioned billboards placed by the UK government featuring images of Scotlands political representatives as thieves are also just fine, but billboards complaining about the UK government are offensive, for the third time

    Although gatherings and marches are under the control of Holyrood at the moment Boris Johnson is giving himself emergency powers using health legislation to order any gatherings not to take place should he see fit that they don’t, are we taking bets yet

  144. mike cassidy says:

    The situation in England.

    Schools don’t feel like safe spaces for LGBT teachers

  145. mike cassidy says:

    Even hermaphrodites got to patriarch

    “Evolution, what are those flatworms doing?”

    “Oh, they’re getting ready to penis-fence.”

    “Penis… fence?”

    “Yeah. They’re hermaphrodites, so either of them can inseminate the other one to reproduce, but neither one actually wants to be inseminated.”

    “They… don’t?”

    “Well, no. It’s much easier to be the inseminator. I kind of set it up so that actually bearing the offspring totally sucks. Haha, whoops!”

    “So… they’re going to…”

    “Try to stab each other with their two-pronged penises while simultaneously avoiding getting stabbed themselves, yes.”


    “The good news is that there’s no real reproductive opening, so they can just pierce the skin wherever and get the sperm in.”

  146. Stoker says:

    I think it’s about time we started hitting back at those who have sought to destroy and divide our movement in pursuit of their own self-serving agendas.

    They have been consistent & relentless in their goal of shutting down any forms of debate on the gender issue and that includes reporting social media accounts & blogs for doing nothing more than simply disagreeing with them.

    The more of us that play them at their own game the better. We have the numbers so let’s do this or they’ll completely destroy *any* chance of Scotland taking back its right to self-determination.

    May i suggest that anyone interested in playing this game keep their complaints civil at all times or you might find your efforts getting you the boot. And here’s a good starting point:

    The word ‘Terf’ has been classed in many sections of society as “hate speech” with its main existence designed to insult & shut down debate at the same time.

    Twitter claim to be all about encouraging dialogue & friendly debate etc etc but here we have a “Tweeter” not only using that word in its argumentative warning to others but also uses it in an aggressive fashion in its bio by stating: ‘F OFF TERFS!!!’

    Happy Twatter hunting & reporting, folks. LOL

  147. Dr Jim says:

    When I was a kid there was no TV until I was around 11 years old and all the experts at that time said TV would damage our health, turns out after all these years they were right, although not quite in the way they anticipated with the speed and explosion of Internet technology

    Now a kid in outer Mirumbia can see something happening in the Republic of Bogmanidor and demand they have some of what they’ve got or they’re being denied a freedom that was a lie invented by some mad git in Formenistan

    I’d like to go back to climbing trees, throwing stones into the canal and fishing for Baggie Minnies and Frog Spawn, taking it home and getting pelters for playing near the dump cause there’s poison there

    I never got poisoned once at the dump…..the Internet?

  148. Republicofscotland says:

    So Neil Findlay of the Scottish Labour branch office, who incidently supports Scotlands right to a indyref, has had a spat with Union Jack suit man, and London Labour deputy hopeful Ian Murray.

    Lonesome George who was the only giant tortoise of his kind on the Galapagos island of Pinta, Murray is the only Labour MP elected in Scotland at Westminster, frankly I found Lonesome George a more interesting and likeable character.

    Murray unreservedly backs Jackie Baillie to be the next deputy leader of the Labour branch office in Scotland. Baillie like Murray is totally opposed to Scottish independence.

  149. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile a Scottish ministerial aide who spoke truth to power by telling Dominic Cummings that he was unkind has been sacked.

  150. Republicofscotland says:

    Finally Tory MP Peter Bone wants a public holiday called United Kingdom Day that celebrates Brexit and the Queen.

    Right are you ready to stand on the pavements edge waving your little Union Jack whilst singing God Save the Queen? Naa me neither.

    Quick pass me the sick bucket.

  151. Liz g says:

    ——– Just Because —— Scotland 🙂
    On this day March 4th 1890.
    The Fourth Bridge was opened
    Built with 64,800 ton of steel,it is 1.6 miles long and 330ft tall.
    Predicted by experts to easily still be standing on its 200th birthday it is 130 years old today.

  152. KOF says:

    @Republicofscotland 17:00

    Re the Brexit Bank holiday idea, which is planned to be the nearest Friday to the 23rd of June. Doesn’t something happen in Scotland around the 23rd of June each year? Something near Stirling? Hmmmmm…?!

  153. bittie45 says:

    Stu, everyone, youse are just not thinking it through – for each MSP election, all here should self-declare and put themselves forward. Candidates guaranteed to be snapped up as policy. Simples.

  154. velofello says:

    First off, I’m so pleased that the Rev has resumed his articles, we need him.Me, I’m tired of the SNP’s timidity.

    Safe room for drug application? Just set them up and go. Who/what is going to prevent the installation and use, and prevent by what means? Would Westminster declare them illegal? Surely not.

    A referendum? Get on with it, why be concerned about a S30 bit of paper? Is Westminster going to block the polling stations? Declare the referendum “illegal”?

    Challenge this godforsaken Treaty of Union repeatedly.Challenge it’s grandiose assumption of authority. It’s what you were elected to do, and paid to do.

    Finally, in my view if Angus Robertson, a very decent man,noting public reaction, decides to withdraw his candidature for the Edinburgh seat then I believe that achieving independence is his priority. Otherwise I’m concerned over his political motives. Paddle your own canoe Angus Robertson, let others currently exposed by their disputed policies, look after themselves.

  155. mike cassidy says:

    Just in case some think the Cherry/Robertson contest is not evidence of a power struggle inside the SNP

  156. Republicofscotland says:

    So UK advertising authorities have banned scaremongering Coronavirus ads in the UK, the hype surrounding this vurus is in my opinion unprecedented.

    If the hype continues at this rate the global economy will be seriously damaged resulting in the loss of vast amounts of jobs.

    To put the Coronavirus or Covid-19 into perspective 1.6 million people died from TB in 2017. We never experienced the hype around that, that we’ve experienced with the Coronavirus.

  157. Effijy says:

    BBC Distorting Scotland reporting on convicted Tory Sex predator councillor being
    Upheld by his party as having every right to vote on budgets?

    They need the vote to get their budgets through so defending convicted sex pests
    Protecting them and happy to be working with them is traditional Tory fare.

    Disgusting and disgraceful deviants who’s party must be expelled from Scotland!

  158. Republicofscotland says:

    “Doesn’t something happen in Scotland around the 23rd of June each year? Something near Stirling? Hmmmmm…?!”

    Yep, the 23rd and the 24 th of June, Bannockburn, the 706th anniversary of the Bruce’s defeat of Edward II.

  159. Bob W says:

    Archive link

  160. Republicofscotland says:

    Bob W.

    Yes my apologies I completely forgot silly me.

  161. mike cassidy says:

    Surely at some point theere is going to be a court case where the offence is being caused BY the claim that men can become women simply by saying so.

  162. Paul E says:

    It’s a nonsense. Treat everyone with respect but stop pretending that the immutable is mutable. If I claim to identify as black and start wearing blackface I would, quite rightly be considered racist. And race is considerably less fixed than sex.

  163. Dr Jim says:

    Unfortunately the justice system was never designed to actually bring about justice or they would never have let lawyers design it to confuse it with law to create themselves constantly higher paid employment until the end of time

  164. Tannadice Boy says:

    Mike Cassidy @ 8 12
    Yes there will be a legal challenge. This article was a relevation, no bona fide attempt at consultation. However legak challenge will be on the fundamentals. Early days discussions ongoing.

  165. Stuart MacKay says:

    From the BBC:

    British firms exporting fish to the EU will face “some friction” after the post-Brexit transition period ends, the environment secretary has said.

    George Eustice told a Lords committee companies would “probably” need to fill in health and catch certificates when selling into the EU’s market.

    “Probably” – what’s this? Carry On Brexit?

    With leaders like these who need enemies.

  166. mogabee says:

    And this is why you are rated so highly Stu. Forensic laying out of facts and adding a touch of humour to hammer home your points.

    I continue to be at an utter loss as to why this issue, devisive as it is, heads merrily on towards implementation despite well constructed articles like this setting out why it just should not be!!

    I suspect that any answers from MSP/MP’s etc will be absent or management speak gobbledegook.

  167. Bill McLean says:

    o/t – reading about “fish” upthread reminded me of Pete “I want to be Speaker” Wishart on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning. Emma Barnett, the host, in regard to the virus “you’ll be glad to be in the UK now”! Pete’s reply reminded me of a wet fish. Some of these people are too comfortable at Westminster have forgotten completely why we elected them. Time Wishart called it a day!

  168. John Jones says:

    OK so we can’t use bilboards for our own ads. print them on large sheets and hand them out to us activists to hang all over our areas.I would pay for some myself to post on my area.

  169. cynicalHighlander says:

    The best response on this Gra nonsense is “I am gonna self identify as a turd cos I am feeling shite” anyone beat it?

  170. mike cassidy says:


    Just in case you haven’t yet seen this astonishing picture.

    We don’t need CGI in Scotland!

  171. mike cassidy says:

    Life is full of surprises.

    This isn’t one of them.

    Met Police clear Laura Kuenssberg of electoral crime after she revealed postal vote information during December election

  172. mike cassidy says:

    Notsopriti Patel’s defender not impressing people very much.

    In fact, so self-unaware that he posts the interview on his twitter page.

    And gets his coupon slapped even more.

  173. Dr Jim says:

    The EU demands border checks from Northern Ireland or the deal’s off on trade talks
    The Scottish government says if the UK Guv needs border checks they have to pay for it themselves because Scotland isn’t going to

  174. mike cassidy says:

    OT bedtime post.

    Someone who didn’t know Tom Cruise uses wires.

  175. ben madigan says:

    @ Republicofscotland who said :
    “So UK advertising authorities have banned scaremongering Coronavirus ads in the UK, the hype surrounding this vurus is in my opinion unprecedented”.

    I hope that what’s happening in Italy doesn’t happen in Scotland. The epidemic is hardly hyped up.

    here’s how week 2 went. Look at the numbers in hospital and in Intensive care Units. Italians are now practically on a” no inter-personal contact” set-up with a “keep your distance” recommendation and a shutdown of schools, universities, meetings etc

  176. Dr Jim says:

    Trump said Corona virus was a Democrat hoax
    If it takes hold in America with the cost of their health care system God help them

  177. MaggieC says:

    I was having a look around google tonight to try to find out how many people in Scotland have a Gender Recognition Certificate and found this interesting information from the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Office (Scotland ) .

    At the moment around only 250 people have a GRC and between 250 – 500 people are eligible for one but have not yet applied for it . Over 200 ? people are in the early stages of transition and receiving Nhs medical assistance , it’s unclear how many people present as transgender part-time without accessing medical assistance .

    So all these changes for possibly a 1,000 people plus the part-timers ? out of a population of
    5.438 million people in Scotland (2018 figures ) .

  178. Mist001 says:

    “Dr Jim says:
    5 March, 2020 at 12:25 am
    The EU demands border checks from Northern Ireland or the deal’s off on trade talks
    The Scottish government says if the UK Guv needs border checks they have to pay for it themselves because Scotland isn’t going to”

    That’s very reminiscent of Blackford and his ‘Won’t allow Scotland to be dragged out of the EU against its will’

    “We’re not going to pay for it” sounds great and probably stirs the masses but you just know that despite the words, Scotland WILL pay for it.

  179. ahundredthidiot says:

    Dr Jim at 1am

    No he didn’t. he used the word hoax while talking about how the democrats might try to capitalise on the potential crisis to personally attack him and damage his presidential campaign in that it would be THEIR new hoax – like Russia and impeachment. I don’t particularly like Trump, but he could cure cancer and the same old pish would be spouted (maybe ask why that is?) and then the repeaters would come along and re-pish talk it.

    COVID19 is serious though and he should be displaying a more presidential style of considerate authority – not firing petty shots at the inept democrats.

  180. Rm says:

    Watching RT Alex Salmond speaking to Kenny MacAskill and George Keravan , they both think Scotland’s people need to be more radical like they were in the past, if all the Independence hubs could meet at Arbroath try and push together, watching RT this morning fairly gave me a bit of heart.

  181. Breeks says:

    Mist001 says:
    5 March, 2020 at 7:42 am
    “Dr Jim says:
    5 March, 2020 at 12:25 am
    The EU demands border checks from Northern Ireland or the deal’s off on trade talks
    The Scottish government says if the UK Guv needs border checks they have to pay for it themselves because Scotland isn’t going to”…

    Altogether now… YAWN!

    Just more “pseudo-defiance”, and crocodile tears. A “true” Scottish Government and Constitutionally literate Scottish Independence Party would seize upon this internal border and be hammering home the explicit and direct violation of Article VI of the Union Treaty which it represents…

    “VI. ‘That all Parts of the united Kingdom, for ever, from and after the Union, shall have the same Allowances, Encouragements, and Draw-backs, and be under the same Prohibitions, Restrictions, and Regulations of Trade, and liable to the same Customs and Duties, and Import and Export..’

    By making a phoney protest that the “rebellious” Scottish Government won’t pay for it, yet another open goal to actually and materially denounce the colonial abuse of the actual Union Treaty to Scotland’s disadvantage, and thereby cite the Union Treaty as formally breached, is once again totally ignored by the inept and indolent SNP paper tiger.

    Wake up Scotland. We have two rotten rotten Governments and one rotten Establishment to overthrow, and not one of them is being any more honest with us than the other.

  182. Rm says:

    Time for the people to form another Independence Party, the SNP don’t see to have any fight in them at all, somethings wrong, what are we not seeing, hearing or understanding.

  183. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I note, from Craig Murray’s blog, the British Establishment is now trying to lean on him, after his satirical “Yes Minister” post of a week or two back.

    When the powers-that-be start trying to put the frighteners on individual bloggers, they are shiting themselves. Yet, with the British Establishment obviously in disarray, what are the SNP doing – fighting among themselves on needless and stupid legislation like the GRA, fighting like ferrets in a sack over who gets to stand in a single Edinburgh constituency next year, or quitting Holyrood in droves.

    This at a time when they should be going flat-out for Independence. I despair.

  184. Mike d says:

    RepublicofScotland. 4/3 1.13pm. You just know if she wanted to play for england, it would be granted immediately. Enough is enough of this sh**e now. Are you ready to get up off your knees yet Scotland?.

  185. Dan says:

    Have to say I’m marginally impressed with the progression of Edinburgh’s innovative new method of restricting vehicle speeds within the city.
    Not entirely sure who came up with the concept, but the idea of letting the roads get so badly fucked up and degraded to the point the driving surface is basically just a continuous series of potholes was genius.
    Average car speeds are now reduced as drivers slowly meander their way along the vehicular routes or risk damage to suspension or tyre and wheels.
    The apparent downside to the strategy is that more people have just bought big SUVs or 4X4s to traverse the mean streets, and with the resultant emissions these vehicles produce we can now rename Auld Reekie – Nouveau Reekie, coz we’re so European…
    Oh, I forgot, scrub that Euro bit…

  186. Tinto Chiel says:

    Re Breeks’ 8.14: funnily enough, I was thinking last week about Article VI and how the Poll Tax was a huge breach of the Union by imposing one tax in Scotland but not in England. Our being removed from the EU against our democratic will is another egregious example, of which there have been so many since 1707.

    Unfortunately, there seems no will in our leadership at the moment to walk down the broad and leafy Constitutional Road. Instead we’re stuck up a No Thoroughfare and the engine’s stalled.

  187. robertknight says:

    RM @ 8:22

    “somethings wrong, what are we not seeing, hearing or understanding.”

    Kompromat. Has to be. The only other alternative is the sudden onset of mass incompetence by the SNP ‘leadership’. Take your pick…

  188. Breeks says:

    robertknight says:
    5 March, 2020 at 10:12 am
    RM @ 8:22

    “somethings wrong, what are we not seeing, hearing or understanding.”

    Kompromat. Has to be. The only other alternative is the sudden onset of mass incompetence by the SNP ‘leadership’. Take your pick…

    The deafening silence is a bit unsettling too… but for some, that might be the calm before the storm…

    There are very good people in the SNP, but time and patience is very short indeed. I feel in my bones there is still time to salvage momentum and perhaps even stay in Europe, but we need to up the pressure 1000% and move quickly and decisively. We have squandered so much time and opportunity, but all is not lost.

    I think the next stage has to be Constitutional, it’s an absolute MUST in my opinion, and not just establishing the right to hold a referendum, but much more ambitious about pulling the wheels off the Union and bringing Westminster’s colonial misadventure careering to a grinding halt.

    We need Joanna Cherry I think, but with or without her, we need and an emphatic and determined Constitutional Challenge to UK Sovereignty and a blistering demolition of the integrity of the Union.

    Scotland HAS the power to dissolve the Union. It’s terms have been breached. Westminster has exceeded and flouted the terms and authority agreed. Scotland has been subjugated and it’s democracy and constitution unlawfully overridden. End the Union, declare it breached, and invite the UN to arbitrate on that decision with the expectation that Scotland’s Independent Constitutional Sovereignty will be restored and internationally recognised.

    We CAN dissolve the Union, and we can also LEGITIMATELY and with ALL good conscience, blame the improprieties of Westminster for the Union’s demise, 100%. As for any kickback, the Unionist community in Scotland CANNOT dispute Scotland’s lawful and Constitutional self defence, or hell mend them if they do.

  189. SilverDarling says:

    Yes, something is going on alright and a complicit media are keeping their secrets. One might almost think the SNP are being encouraged to carry on in this neutered form indefinitely.

    The not so sudden collapse in enthusiasm for pursuing the means to independence from the leadership while proclaiming otherwise. The settling for 5 more years and yet another ‘mandate’. The rewriting of history regarding AS and of course the trial. His allies retiring in droves.

    Was NS always like this? When AS returned to lead the party to stop her seeking the leadership back in 2004 was it because he already saw what she and Robertson et al were trying to do? In making her his deputy was it to protect the party from her? Was ‘in power’ without actual power always the aim?

    The testing of the waters for ‘Jordan’ and his announcement to seek a nomination to stand for Holyrood – whether serious or not – indicates a party being eaten alive from the inside out. The sudden influx of disaffected young men from elsewhere always puzzled me – how easily they got to be so essential to the workings of the party.

    Covid-19 will provide all sorts of get-outs. Working nicely with the UK Govt and of course the conference can be postponed indefinitely.

  190. Republicofscotland says:

    John Mason SNP MSP for Shettleston Glagow is announcing he’s to stand again for his constituency. Mason is in the patient camp and wants to wait until support for independence hits the 70% or thereabouts mark.

    Mason added once we reach that figure we’d tell Westminster we want a indyref.

    Two things jump out a me here, one 70% how many years if at all will it take to reach that figure, without naming an indy date.

    And two, we’ll tell Westminster, we can’t even get a consensus from Johnson just now on 51/52 percent, fat chance then he’d agree if it were on 70%.

    If Mason’s thinking is common across the SNP board then we’re in for a very long wait for a indyref to be called by the SNP.

  191. Republicofscotland says:

    Scots sheriff suspends Clara Ponsati’s extradition to Spain, now if only Assange could be so lucky.

  192. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile Sir Philip Rutman the permanent secretary at the Home Office, who resigned after alleging that (possible Israeli asset) the not so Priti Patel, the Secretary of State for the Home Office bullied him, is to sue the English government for constructive dismissal.

    Rutman who gave 33 years of service claimed he’d been a victim of a vicious campaign against him.

  193. Allium says:

    From the way Joanna Cherry is being portrayed in the papers, its pretty apparent that plenty of unionists prefer the current leadership to the prospect of a change at the helm, and quite a few SNP colleagues seem happy to help them keep the status quo. Its concerning.

  194. Stoker says:

    @Allium on 5 March, 2020 at 12:23 pm:

    Yup! They sure do prefer the current leadership to Cherry. The current leadership have proven to be unreliable and as much use as the proverbial chocolate teapot. And the BritNats now know it.

    As for this Angus Robertson nonsense he should not be up against Cherry. For all that some claim the current SNP leadership have it is crystal clear they have no idea what political strategy is all about. Unless they have a different agenda than the one most of us expect them to have?

    They badly need a proper tactical genius onboard instead of being guided by an extreme minority of plastic slappers in pursuit of pervy peepholes for paedo’s.

  195. Vestas says:

    ” Socrates MacSporran says:
    5 March, 2020 at 8:38 am

    I note, from Craig Murray’s blog, the British Establishment is now trying to lean on him, after his satirical “Yes Minister” post of a week or two back.”

    Its not the “British Establishment” leaning on him, its the Scots “Establishment”. The letter comes from the Crown Office (aka the Procurator Fiscal).

    From what I personally know of the case I can’t see a single reason the “British Establishment” would be having a go at him for that article/sketch.

    I think its far more likely members of the SNP/ScotGov/Civil Service are shiting themselves.

    Time will tell.

  196. kapelmeister says:

    Rep of Scot @ 11:55 am

    Mason isn’t the cleverest. A few years ago this highly religious man called for creationism to be studied in high school science lessons in order to provide “balance”.

    If he now thinks we should wait around for ages until Yes goes to 70% in the polls then perhaps he’s developed an enthusiasm for evolution after all.

  197. Republicofscotland says:

    So the US Farmers Associaton has said it will veto a trade deal withthe UK, unless we accept US food standards including chlorinated chicken.

    US tade deals are negotiated by an agency office called The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR). The head of the department is career lobbyist Robert Lighthizer appointed by Trump to the post.

    Leaked minutes of a meeting have shown that the USTR talks with the UKs similar trade negotiating body the UK Department for International Trade, that the US has emphatically rejected any proposals by the British government to protect and defend any sector within the Scottish and in general the UK’s food and drinks sector.

    On the NHS British medicine prices were a key area discussed US negotiators want and (FTA) Free Trade Agreement to enshrine the USA’s monopoly on pricing, which will probably lead to higher drug prices.

    The minutes of the meeting also showed that American business lobby groups such as Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America and the Association of Accessible Medicines demand the opening up of the entire service sector in the UK up to American corporations.

    The papers on the meeting are available to read on the Global Justice Now website.

    Well it does look like the US will get its way, and along with lowering food standards and higher medicine prices, we’ll still be trapped and treated with contempt in this unholy union.

    If only we’d had a great opportunity to exit this union over the past 4 years hmm….

  198. Breastplate says:

    What is all this shite about waiting for 70% support for independence.
    The SNP better wake up quickly, they have a covenant with the people who put them into power for a second independence referendum this parliamentary term.
    They can break it at their fucking peril as far as I’m concerned.

  199. Breastplate says:

    I think the sooner we have an alternative to the SNP the better.

  200. robertknight says:

    As they say in Rutherglen, John Mason’s an absolute roaster.

  201. Pete says:

    Republic of Scotland
    Don’t know what your problem is with chlorinated chicken as the chlorine makes the chicken safe but the EU system makes it unnecessary due to tougher animal hygiene standards in the EU.
    I go to the US for about a month every year and I find the food better than here both in supermarkets and in restaurants.
    In any case, if the food is properly labelled the consumer can make the choice.
    What’s the problem?

  202. Dr Jim says:

    John Mason’s real position on Independence is probably nearer 99% Yes before he’d want a referendum, and even then he’d likely hum and haw, it’s always amazed me how he ever managed to lie his way into the party, nobody pays any attention to him anyway, notice how in all his time at Holyrood he’s never been promoted, even if he keeps his seat he never will be

  203. jfngw says:

    Boris Johnson now prefers a tunnel across the Tiber, obviously his id has taken over and the phallic symbolism is more in line with his ego.

  204. Moonlight says:

    Republicof Scotland @ 1241

    The farmers have yet to respond to their Tory Chancellor’s proposal to increase the tax on red diesel.
    Ooops the fishermen use it as well.
    What will Duguid say?

  205. jfngw says:

    Looks like Mr Mason is making a bid to become the goto man for the MSM for quotes.

  206. crazycat says:

    @ Pete at 3.57

    Although you did not address your post to me, it’s there for all to read, and so I hope you will consider my answers to your question:

    Don’t know what your problem is with chlorinated chicken as the chlorine makes the chicken safe but the EU system makes it unnecessary due to tougher animal hygiene standards in the EU.

    No, it does not make the chicken safe; it merely allows it to pass various fairly lax tests. For some people the difference in animal welfare standards might be quite important, too.

    I go to the US for about a month every year and I find the food better than here both in supermarkets and in restaurants.

    You’ve been lucky; the overall rates of food poisoning are far higher in the US than here; “better” is also quite subjective – maybe you don’t choose the cheapest options.

    In any case, if the food is properly labelled the consumer can make the choice.

    Chlorinated chicken is likely to be cheap (like burgers made from mechanically-recovered meat rather than prime steak), and for a lot of people, that will be the most important factor in their “choice”.

    I will have a choice, and so presumably will you, but that doesn’t lead me to ignore risks to other people in more straitened circumstances.

  207. Liz g says:

    —— Just Because —–Scotland 🙂
    Scottish Footballers have twice won the World Cup
    They were champions first in 2007 and again in 2011.
    Because today March 5th in 2001, Edinburgh’s Mel Young the founder of The Big Issue magazine in Scotland instigated
    “The Homeless World Cup”
    as a way to unite homeless people around the world.
    The first event kicked off 2 years later in Graz Austria!

  208. Republicofscotland says:

    “Don’t know what your problem is with chlorinated chicken as the chlorine makes the chicken safe ”

    The techniques used to chlorinated chicken in the US does not kill listeria and salmonella.

    US farm animals have very little welfare rights, the American poultry industry is virtually unregulated, and compares nowhere near to the EU regulations.

    However its not just US foods that are the problem, Trump is on a mission to deregulate across the US, the knock on effects of this will have serious consequences for us via any unregulated or inferior products that hit our shelves.

  209. kapelmeister says:

    Did you know there’s actually a campaigning group that goes by the name Sturgeon For Tomorrow?

    But don’t worry, it’s not political. They are a laudable, nonprofit environmental bunch in Michigan USA that works to conserve that freshwater species.

  210. Republicofscotland says:

    “The farmers have yet to respond to their Tory Chancellor’s proposal to increase the tax on red diesel.”


    I can’t say with any certainty but radio comments on Red diesel, appear to suggest that the English government wants to phase it out.

  211. Liz g says:

    Crazy Cat @ 4.52
    Well said….
    The problem is not that the chicken is washed in chlorine.
    The problem is that the meat is filthy enough to require being washed in chlorine..
    Which as you said,offers minimal protection against food poisoning and most likely only offers protection to the producers liability.
    Any drop in food standards will also have a knock on affect on our NHS….As you pointed out the stats for food poisoning in the US are horrendous and, it’s all very fine for American companies to see a rise in patients but that’s an unintended consequence we don’t need to be visiting on our health services.
    US food may be the cheaper choice for the poor but it’s the Scottish tax payer who will pick up the bill while the American economy just pick up the profit!
    Food standards matter in more ways than one!

  212. Dan says:

    Talking of red “Cherry” diesel prices, the regular “Frosty Jacks” cheap shite white diesel is down at 1.17 @ litre at the supermarkets.
    I tend to spend a few pence more per litre on regular diesel from the likes of Shell, BP, or Esso as their fuel seems to combust better and burn cleaner so gives slightly better MPG to offset the higher price, with less EGR and VNT turbo issues.

    I noticed there’s been 3 tankers sitting off Dunbar for a couple of days. Wonder if they are waiting for the oil price to increase before they offload, or it could be they are sheltering from those recent storms on the West coast.
    From a search there’s also another few sitting in the Forth off Kirkcaldy.

  213. mike cassidy says:

    The Link to the Global Justice page on the trade deal revelations. (Nov 2019)

    And an update from March 1st

  214. mike cassidy says:

    Coronavirus perspective

    Since October, more than 4,000 people with confirmed flu have been admitted to hospitals in England with at least 70 deaths.


  215. Merkin Scot says:

    Interesting when the government is now telling us that the latest scam virus was actually caused by poor food hygiene standards in China.

  216. ahundredthidiot says:

    Start wearing face masks or suffer the consequences. Don’t be a fucking dick about it.

    ….and glasses/sunglasses/soft eye protection (so what, you look silly for a few weeks, some of you have been doing that your whole lives!)

    stock up, stay indoors.

    Unless you hate your elderly loved ones of course.

    (and for the fucking idiots amongst you – this is from the front line)

  217. Republicofscotland says:

    “mike cassidy says:
    5 March, 2020 at 6:19 pm
    Coronavirus perspective”

    Up 36,000 people a year in England alone die from air pollution related illnesses. In 2017, 1.6 million people died from TB.

    “German researchers estimate that as many as 8.8 million deaths per year globally can be attributed to dirty air.”

    Does that put the hyped up Coronavirus into perspective. Infact the Ebola virus killed 11,310 people, even though it had a high mortality rate and it reached the US and Europe.

    “The outbreak lasted from March 2014 to June 2016.
    Most people affected by the outbreak were in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia; there were also cases in Nigeria, Mali, Europe, and the U.S.”

    Of course Covid-19 hasn’t peaked yet.

  218. Dan says:

    I’ve looked out my old Strutter Bubble!

    3 mins of NSFW swearing and violence but worth enduring as you just can’t put a price on protecting yourself and loved ones.

  219. ahundredthidiot says:

    Not only has COVID19 not peaked yet, it will come in waves, be biphasic, have two different strains and will have no vaccine for at least a year.

    But, you know, if the Govt says (because they are out of and failed to stock up on) face masks are useless – you go right ahead and believe that. or take simple measures to protect yourself.

  220. ahundredthidiot says:

    The UKs NHS has no in-built resilience – they have been operating at capacity (exceeding it in winter) for years, these people will bend over backwards (as is their nature), but it will be broken very quickly. They need help.

    Reliance will be placed on Local Authorities, community groups, volunteers – so my question is this….in this war, will YOU step up to help?

    This is the stuff of heroes, of history, of your personal contribution.

  221. Willie says:

    And so the message from HM Government has been to keep washing and or sanitising one hands.

    And so going in to my local Morrison’s supermarket I observe the hand washing – sanitising shelves stripped bare. So people are taking the message.

    But then, on proceeding to the checkout I see the check out attendant swiping through the various food products before then accepting cash payments for the foodstuffs bought. Now considering that banknotes and coins are some of the filthiest objects that folks can handle and pass around I mention to the girl on the desk. Why no latex anti bacterial gloves. You’re handling dirty money and food stuff, albeit mainly wrapped at the same time.

    And the response was that the checkout staff were terrified of now having to handle dirty cash as the virus threat looms ever larger. But for the supermarkets, business as usual. They for one obviously don’t need to wash their hands. Only the masses do! – well at least according to HM Government.

    Thoughts anyone, or is it we don’t want to impact on commercial interests requiring even the most modest change to supermarket operations.

  222. cynicalHighlander says:


    Get off your hype scaremongering

  223. Pete says:

    Regarding the Coronavirus both myself and my wife have decided we’re not bothering other than to up our personal hygiene.
    We’ve both had a great life and we’re certainly not going to be held back by this.
    Business as usual.

  224. ahundredthidiot says:


    good to see you proving evolutionary theory – strongest (smartest) outlive the weakest (stupidest)

    Fuck it, why bother…..

    you’re a dumb cunt – I just hope you don’t live to regret your cynicism

  225. ahundredthidiot says:


    You’re a fucking tr*ll anyway, so please, go around licking surfaces why don’t you.

    you, and your ‘wife’.

    Troopy wants a coffee by the way – chop, chop.

  226. Dr Jim says:

    The TV remote control is generally the most germy place in the home, and can even more germy than your toilet bowl, especially if you’re a parents and kids family (fingernails, food, grease, folk very seldom clean the remote, they sit with it in their sweaty hands, use it as a backscratcher, rub their head with it, tap it on the side of their face, eat food while changing channels, think of it, killed by the TV remote while watching somebody else wash their hands Aaargh)

  227. ahundredthidiot says:


    good point – no great conspiracy though, big organisations are always slow to respond and show real Leadership – they tend to be more reactive than proactive to the ‘unknowns’. when people/companies are scared, they tend to follow the Leader (the Government) – people need to start thinking for themselves!

  228. ahundredthidiot says:

    Dr Jim

    So, I am guessing, like me, at least once a week you take anti-bacterial wipes to your remote controls?

    I have an elderly living with me and he couldn’t give a shit about hygiene, so I/we pick up the slack. And we’re on high alert so he doesn’t die through the weaknesses in society caused by pricks likes of cynicalhighlander or Pete.

  229. Stoker says:

    To all replying about Mason & his 70%, well said. He’s even more warped than the BritNats who believe it should be at least a 55% win to be acceptable. Utterly & totally delusional and corrupt beyond anything we’ve seen to date.


  230. Stoker says:

    To all replying about Mason & his 70%, well said. He’s even more warped than the BritNats who believe it should be at least a 55% win to be acceptable. Utterly & totally delusional and corrupt beyond anything we’ve seen to date.


  231. Dr Jim says:

    The hand washing thing can’t be stressed enough, because it’s not what you touch it’s what the person before you touched and so on, this virus lives on hard surfaces for up to 48 hours, soft surfaces even longer

    The person who stacked the shelves in the supermarket, the person before that who packed the produce, plastic or tins, any surface at all, the good thing is this virus can’t penetrate the skin but you can accidentally wipe your mouth or nose and that’s where you deliver it into your system, if you’ve got gel when you’re out and about great but keep washing and wiping the lavvy lever and door handles, light switches, all the things you might normally do every now and again you need to remember to do often

    Nothing will be perfect but if you’ve got elderly or low immune folk around your home it’ll help keep them a bit safer, one more thing the kids likely won’t suffer much from this virus but they can carry it

  232. cynicalHighlander says:


    I obviously got passed your bacterial defences hype is hype and I have permanent immunity from that thanks. Local supermarkets and other have shortages of kitchen roll, toilet rolls, soap, wipes and other cleaning materials because they believe the hype. It’s a virus and viruses can change fairly quickly you know like the Flu which kills some and others survive the biggest killer is by people taking antibiotics as a prevantive measure rather than some direct threat to their wellbeing. Compromise your own natural defenses by them makes one more vulnerable to succumb to the virus. Common sense is the best medicine in the alleged Coronavirus hype not panic buying or scaremongering by yourself because of your own insecurity.

  233. Stoker says:

    I’m not allowed to Twit on Twatter until tomorrow so thought i’d spread this over on here. How can *ANY* government have a “special relationship” with a country that carries out these barbaric acts?

  234. Stoker says:

    Cut out part of link in previous post. Try again: Barbaric:

  235. twathater says:

    Dan @ 6.56pm Dan 1st where can I get 1 , 2nd do they take tick

  236. Liz g says:

    Stoker @ 8.57
    Shocking but not surprising!I
    What would be surprising is if it were stopped!
    Even then to put a person through all that is still barbaric.

  237. twathater says:

    Breeks I was over on rev Stu’s twatter page and it appears you now have a following , as a matter of fact some even want you to be FM and quite honestly we probably would get independence quicker and less painless with you in charge

    The only drawback is that I would have to be your agent and partner in dosh

  238. Willie says:

    Dr Jim, the hand washing thing cannot be strewed enough. But the issue of handing over filthy banknotes and coins to a checkout operator who handles foodstuffs run contrary to the advice on hand washing.

    As you say it’s who has handled stuff before and money is certainly something that’s been handled.

    Breaking the transmission paths is key to minimising infection and as such the supermarket check out operator handling cash and food does seem to me to be a potential transmission route. So why no action whatsoever.

    Additionally, as we move into another phase of this virus crisis, why is the Scottish Government refusing to provide any information about where positively tested individuals come from. Refusing to say, save for the health board area from which the individual comes from is all that the SG will disclose. Otherwise it’s a secret and people have no right to know. Not exactly open government and in fact, quite the reverse.

    Do the public not have a right to know. Or does the state have the right to conceal what is happening. Like the Jews in 1930s Germany, we may find out too late.

  239. mike cassidy says:

    I believe the Coronavirus crisis has reached maximum Corporal Jones.

    Lourdes Shrine Closes Healing Pools as Precaution Against Coronavirus

  240. JLT says:

    After a few days of reading up on it and seeing the arguments, the final straw was reviewing an article in today’s Guardian where even the Scottish Poetry Library – a highly respected institution that highlights Scottish writing and culture in its own way – is now under attack from a hardened section of the transgender community.

    In a period, where the SNP should be focussing on taking on Johnson and his awful cabal of a cabinet; where we should be trying to win over the other 50% – the traditionalist as I call them – in debating about currency, the EU, financial stability, etc …the SNP instead, are focussed on the ideal of ‘true equality’, which in the end, does the opposite, as it actually weakens the status of females in Scotland.

    I can no longer follow a party that has lost direction. It has a First Minister who on one hand for the last 3 years, sat on her hands when it came to independence, and yet on the other, argued for the ‘Union’ during Brexit. We still have no idea of how to debate with the opposition on such things as currency, interacting with Europe, or how to take the case for independence forward. Instead, the SNP are determined to pursue an agenda that sees 50% of the Scottish nation lose their status and rights just so it can achieve a dream of ‘true equality’, that actually does the opposite for 50% of the nation.

    And because of this loss of direction and what they should be fighting for …I resigned from the SNP today.

  241. Robert Louis says:

    Just despairing at the SNP these days. They have no desire for independence, thinking up ever more convoluted reasons to delay actually doing something about it. The you have the gender rubbish, driven by conceited science-denying ‘trans’ bigots, who seem to think attacking women, lesbains and gay people is quite alright.

    Just one stupid, damaging statement or act, after another. It is like they are actively trying to destroy any support they ever had.

    All seemingly with the tacet approval of NS. Either that or she has lost control of the party she purports to lead.

  242. Robert Louis says:

    JLT at 1022pm

    Sadly, I did the same about e year ago. Cannot believe how damaged they have now become. Really lost their direction.

  243. Famous15 says:

    Laughter all round at the fingerlickin KFC corona virus spreading advert.

    Teehee he said spreading.

    At least he did not say a man born in the image of God could become a woman by just sayin so. In the name of Jesus I forgives you.

    No siree,I aint laughing neither. Truth is my dreams are shattered by eejits.

  244. Famous15 says:

    And I am a simple atheist scientist.

  245. SilverDarling says:

    Just remembering back to 2015 when Neil Hay (Paco McSheepie) was condemned by Nicola Sturgeon personally.

    Contrast that with Jordan Henderson’s litany of misogynistic bile going back years and Alyn Smith’s mealy mouthed defence of him. What has changed is the entitlement that being in power gives a certain group within the SNP.

    Will Nicola Sturgeon support her MSPs like Joan McAlpine and personally condemn Jordan Henderson?

  246. Baxter1967 says:

    Sturgeon is now past her sell by date. Just as Corbyn couldn’t control his anti semites she can’t deal with the the trans facist brigade and instead is indulging them all the way. The behaviours of her close colleagues Black and McKay shows how how little grip she has. This is not the SNP I knew and worked for .The woke princess needs emptied. I’ll give her three months.

  247. Lothianlad says:

    It’s absolutely heart breaking how the people could give the party of independence so much support, only for the nature grudges and brit infiltrated snp leadership to piss all over it.

    We have never been closer to independence and sadly it seems, further away!!
    Their strategy if Meek acceptance of westminster sovereignty is gut wrenching, and something the SNP of yesterday year would never have tolerated.

    So many good people who worked tirelessly for independence let down while the snp Westminster mps live it up whilst delivering Nothing!!
    How very sad! We need a new direction to get us to indy!

  248. Breeks says:

    Twathater says:
    5 March, 2020 at 9:31 pm
    Breeks I was over on rev Stu’s twatter page and it appears you now have a following , as a matter of fact some even want you to be FM and quite honestly we probably would get independence quicker and less painless with you in charge

    The only drawback is that I would have to be your agent and partner in dosh

    Ha! Ha! Ha! I do??

    Well, I’ve got some good news, and some bad news….

    The good news is, you can have it all. What’s mine is yours. You’re on 100% commission.

    The bad news is, ”It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.”

    So whenever you’re ready, night or day, please step up and present your ticket to the Freedom dispensary and allow them to fill your order. 😉

    (I do have a vacancy for a proof reader mind…)

  249. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Mike Cassidy @ 9.57pm

    Wrong Dad’s Army character Mike – I think, from that headline, we have reached Private Fraser territory.

  250. Pete says:

    I’m afraid that’s what happens when you vote in so many homosexuals into positions of power.
    Get rid of them!!

  251. Number Six says:

    @mike cassidy (4 March@10:39 am)

    A bit late (caring for a chronically Ill family member 24/7, I only get occasional chances to do things like read the stuff here..), but apropos Herr Harvie..

    cis?…it all depends on the context

  252. Dr Jim says:

    Feeling ill?, think you might have Corona Virus? if you live in America that’ll be $3.400 for the test please and no your insurance doesn’t cover pandemics, sorry

    Cash or charge?

    Coming to the country we live in courtesy of Tory England

    The whole of Scotland should be screaming their heads off right now for Independence but they’re not, they’re saying we’ll just wait and see eh mibbee it’ll no be that bad

  253. jfngw says:

    @Dr Jim

    It’s the acceptance of subservience I find unfathomable, the lack of ambition, the fear of taking responsibility for your on country.

    Even within the SNP, the famous Atyn Smith speech where he ‘begged’ the EU rather than ‘implored’ them to remember Scotland. Subservience is deep rooted.

  254. jfngw says:

    ‘own country’ not ‘on country’. Not sure if it’s me or my keyboard that has the problems, I’m blaming the keyboard.

  255. Pete says:

    Dr Jim
    You talk so much rubbish!
    You seem a decent bloke but you’re thinking is just so full of left wing crap that it blurs your intelligence.
    There is no way that the UK will ever move away from the NHS model of free at the point of delivery model.
    There may well be more private providers (just like all GP’s) but, if that can produce better outcomes then , so what.
    People like you seem to want the state to control everything like pharma companies, dentists, doctors, optometrists, etc.but this is not Cuba, thank God.
    Even you’re much revered SG has increased private provision within the NHS and well done to it.
    I know lots of people who have sent private because the NHS was overloaded.
    Again, fantastic.
    The patient only pays through their general taxation.
    Your example is just crap!!!

  256. Dr Jim says:

    @ Pete the troll

    You know lots of people do you Pete, how nice for you
    Your immediate missive and tone of reply indicate exactly how much you know and what your motivations are, fuck off on an Empire biscuit kid

  257. Republicofscotland says:

    SNP members, and the grassroots movement are furious at the SNP hierarchy, after it was announced that the SNP’s Spring conference will last just one day.

    The event in Aviemore on June 23rd (The beginning of the 700th anniversary of the victory at Bannockburn) for one day has left members feeling what’s the point if it starts at 10.30am, then there’s an opening speech of about 45 minutes which will only leave 45 minutes to pass any policy resolutions.

    Not to take in the costs of travelling just for the one day. Its as though the SNP don’t want to leave any room for discussions on how to proceed with the question that’s on all our minds, the one of independence and what next to achieve it.

    What on earth is going on with the SNP first GRA now this are they deliberately trying to alienate as many folk as they can.

  258. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile on the other side of the fence, the grass is definitely not greener, as Scotlands unionists doubt that Boris Johnson is serious about saving their precious unholy unfit for purpose union.

    The unionist acolytes in Scotland are upset that the Dunlop Review has been delayed, and they’re even more upset that Johnson had forgotten that he made himself Minister of the Union. Scotland in Union are particularly upset as they have no clarity on going forward.

  259. Liz g says:

    Pete @ 8.52
    LOL you know fine well you’ll get nae support fur that shite here….
    But you keep right on admiring Heterosexual politicians… They’ve all done such a good job so far,Johnston and Trump have especially demonstrated such political skill.
    But you really should stay off line as Turing’s sex life may compromise yer principles…..fool….

  260. Republicofscotland says:

    So Mhairi Black of whom I’m fast losing respect for, has accused Joanna Cherry of trolling and blocking her on Twitter. The crux of the fallout centres around Blacks stupidity in bringing a drag queen into the classroom to read to children, especially one with the title of Flowjob.

    Black claims crititcs of the drag queens visit are pretending to be livid. Black also doesn’t seem to realise that women and girls need safe spaces, where Self-ID individuals cannot invade.

  261. Effijy says:

    Pete says:
    6 March, 2020 at 11:43 am
    Dr Jim
    You talk so much rubbish!

    No Pete, it is you who talks so much Unionist Troll Rubbish.

    The Tories have already sold off 8% of their NHS and slowly but surely they will sell more and more.

    Recent documentary on a Doctor operating a hospital on a private basis in England had to close it as it was a disaster, Tax payer to pick up the tab now and lots of supplier left way out of pocket.

    Same guy wants another shot and the Tories are entertaining him?

    I like many could never have afforded long term intensive health care that family members required.
    Boris would Love to sell off the NHS to Trumpland but he knows it will have to be slowly.
    The Scottish NHS has less than 1% of its work privatised and that is something that they want to reduce.
    I have no fears of them puting money before life as we have seen in the NHS services in Mid-Staffs, Shrewsbury and more recently in Keny. 100’s of needless deaths across the board

    UK Media has brainwashed the country with sticking up for the ordinary workers is left wing communism and it doesn’t work.

    Its no more than common sense that we build a society for all but with the focus on the majority.

    You think the NHS on its knees, Food banks, Period poverty,
    a Decade of Austerity, Billionaires and large Corporations not paying their Taxes is the only way forward.

    As a Unionist Troll, Second Class, you are obliged to lie distort and attack the people here who put Scotland and the establishment of a fair and just society, but go get a Zero Hours contract to yourself elsewhere.

  262. May l advise you that as well as washing my hands I also use a mouth wash if I have been out as an extra precaution

  263. Pete says:

    To All
    What I am saying, contrary to Jim (he’s too thick to be any kind of doctor) is that there is absolutely no likelihood of the UK moving away from the ‘free at the point of need’ model.
    Please inform me of which political party is advocating that.
    We are so far down the NHS route that it would be almost impossible to move to an insurance based system.
    Despite its faults I know of no one who wants to ditch it.
    If you want a better service for certain things, you can pay private insurance or go pay as you go.
    Costly, but available.
    I keep saying on here but I think many don’t appreciate it, but GP’s are private contractors and are treated as self-employed for tax purposes. FACT!!
    Even in Ireland and Sweden, you pay to visit your GP. These are the sorts of countries which are often touted as models for Scotland to follow.
    As my old friend Joe used to say, you are all blinded by socialism which does NOT work.

  264. Breeks says:

    Dr Jim says:
    6 March, 2020 at 11:29 am
    Feeling ill?, think you might have Corona Virus? if you live in America that’ll be $3.400 for the test please and no your insurance doesn’t cover pandemics, sorry…

    It’s not just the cost or insurance rip off Dr Jim, though that’s ludicrous enough, it’s the fact that during a pandemic which depends upon control of the spread and sourcing infection, you’re giving people a massive financial incentive to seek ways of underreporting sickness, ducking testing and/ or avoiding quarantine.

  265. mike cassidy says:

    Just in case you thought the trans issue was something very recent.

    From 2011

    Should We Introduce Children to the Concept of Transgender People?

    From 2018

    Oh, Look!

    The ‘authors’ of the study mentioned above.

    Trans Goldsmiths lecturer Natacha Kennedy behind smear campaign against academics

  266. Liz g says:

    To Pete
    Are you not uncomfortable using a gay man’s gift to the world?
    This internet thing is homage to his research are ye no letting yer self down here?

  267. Pete says:

    You seem to be incapable of reading my posts.
    I am saying that there are TOO MANY homosexuals at the top of the SNP.
    They are quite happy with alternative lifestyles. Goes with the territory.
    You reap what you sow.
    I don’t know what Turing has got to do with that!!

  268. dakk says:

    I know loads of british nationalists like Pete/Joe.

    Their sole ideology is british nationalism.

    No matter if their britain was soviet style communism or fascism(which it indeed has/had aspects of both),they would be espousing the virtues of those whilst attacking any perceived threat to their hegemony.

    No principles whatsoever.

  269. Liz g says:

    —– Just Because —– Scotland 🙂

    On this day March 6th in 1920
    The “Times Atlas of the World” was first published which even today sets the standard for Atlases.
    The maps for it were drawn by John Bartholomew from Edinburgh.
    The work of his father and grandfather and then him are credited with devising the modern Atlas.
    Their use of shading to denote low and high ground and bringing the name Antarctica into use has been imitated the world over.
    John George Bartholomew was also responsible for the red shading to depict The British Empire.

  270. Republicofscotland says:

    SNP MP Angus MacNeil and Councillor Chris McEleny are set to ressurect their Plan B at the SNP Spring Conference in Aviemore.

    With the membership unhappy at the conference only lasting one day, (Probably to avoid difficult questions) who knows the motion for Plan B might pass.

    Here’s hoping it does.

  271. Liz g says:

    It’s the same principal….. Whom someone chooses as a partner has very little to do with their careers,say I.
    No says you there are limits!
    It is therefore hypocrisy to enjoy the fruits of Turing while decrying lifestyles similar to his.
    Every key stroke you enjoy Peter has a thank you Alan implicit within it….
    Are your morals a pick and mix Peter ?
    Will you tacitly approve by your patronage of Turing’s work because it suits ye?
    Or will you reject the internet as your stated principles imply ye must?

  272. Republicofscotland says:

    “Liz g says:
    6 March, 2020 at 2:05 pm
    —– Just Because —– Scotland ”

    “On this day March 6th in 1920
    The “Times Atlas of the World” was first published which even today sets the standard for Atlases.
    The maps for it were drawn by John Bartholomew from Edinburgh.”

    Interesting stuff Liz, Scots have given the world a plethora of achievements though many Scots still dont know about them such as:

    The first edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica was published and printed in Edinburgh for the engraver Andrew Bell and the printer Colin Macfarquhar by “a society of gentlemen in Scotland” and was sold by Macfarquhar at his printing office on Nicolson Street.

  273. mike cassidy says:

    For your amusement

    Watch Amber Rudd having somebody ‘no-platformed’ while they are on the platform!

  274. Liz g says:

    Anybody have any information about this covid 19 and animals?
    If it came from animals!
    Can it be passed back to pets, or get into the food chain?
    Either in its current form,it’s original form or another type of mutation?
    I can’t see any information anywhere about this!

  275. SilverDarling says:

    @ Liz g

    I was wondering about that to about pets. Would they act as a host or could they be ill?

    All I could find is this. In China one dog tested positive but had no symptoms-

  276. SilverDarling says:

    * Hong Kong not mainland China

  277. Liz g says:

    Silver Darling @ 4.13
    Thank you very much for that 🙂

  278. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Liz g –

    You may find this of interest.

    A friend sent it to me a few days ago and just got around to watching it this morning. Disturbing stuff. The part which refers to the possible origins of vaccinations to this and other ‘viruses’ is later on, past the 30min mark.

    *SPOILER : People who freak out at anything smacking of ‘conspiracy theory’ should not even think about watching this, just concentrate on stockpiling bog-roll and paracetamol if that makes ye feel better…

  279. Fireproofjim says:

    Ian brotherhood@4.18
    Why should I believe the ramblings of this apparently totally unqualified person who thinks that the current corona virus has been around long enough for it to be listed on hand sanitiser bottles.
    She doesn’t even know that this new virus is part of a large family of well known viruses which cause illnesses from the common cold to SARS.
    The current Covid 19 virus is a new strain of animal virus to which humans have no immunity. Nothing new there. It happens from time to time.
    No sinister plot by dark forces. That is just stupidity.

  280. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Fireproofjim –

    That was quick!


  281. Fireproofjim says:

    Ian brotherhood
    Quick maybe but only because there are less responders these days.
    Sadly I think the number of responses to Wings has fallen off since Stu got stuck on GRA. ( I agree with his conclusions but am not so worried.)
    A few years ago there would have been half a dozen responses in that time.

  282. Breeks says:

    Exclusive in the Press and Journal…. Bad penny alert…

    “EXCLUSIVE: Jo Swinson ‘mulling over’ Holyrood run amid rumours Willie Rennie stepping down as Scottish Lib Dem leader…

    Is there just no end to the hilarity?

    Can I possibly nominate Salvador Dali as the patron saint of Scottish Politics?

    I mean you can look at it, all the pieces are there, it’s just…. well,… everything’s f*!#ed and kinda melted.

  283. Dr Jim says:

    There was a suggestion that the crossing of domestic pigs with wild pigs may be the original cause of this outbreak in China and the story goes that in Wuhan the authorities slaughtered thousands of pigs, I found that a little odd because if pigs were the cause or even thought to be the cause the medics would be studying the pigs bloods for duration and effects seeing as how pigs in many ways are more or less like humans, by now they should know for a fact whether this is animal to human transfer or not, finding that out’s the easy part, the hard bit is killing the virus with a vaccine that doesn’t kill us

    But that’s just one more story with no confirmation

  284. Joe says:

    Just briefly and then im gone –

    I signed this.

    Anyone who is decent enough to put the protection of little girls from ideologically based sexual abuse and torture over their own politically correct, self indulgent narcissism should do so also.

    I know we are all decent humans here who wouldn’t make excuses. Aren’t we? 🙂 Cheers

  285. Dan says:

    @Dr Jim at 5.29pm

    I gotz to know, are bacon* rolls still ok to eat?
    There’s no point in me living in my Strutter Bubble and washing my hands every other minute if I’m still stuffing my pus with toxic bacon sarnies.

    *The Bacon is medium to well cooked with the fat trimmed off if it makes a difference.

  286. Dr Jim says:

    @Dan 5:42 pm

    The simple rule with bacon sarnies is as long as it’s got brown sauce on it yer fine, nom nom

  287. robertknight says:


    “Sadly I think the number of responses to Wings has fallen off since Stu got stuck on GRA.”

    When all that’s happening is that the party supposedly championing independence ignores the matter of sovereignty and instead opts to eat itself over a fringe issue, is it any wonder more contributors simply shake their heads in disbelief and walk away?

    I think Sturgeon has pressed the red button marked “Initiate Self-Destruct Mode” and is sitting in her office with a white Persian cat on one knee, a bag of popcorn on the other, and sporting a maniacal grin.

  288. Dan says:

    @Dr Jim
    Whit! I thought brown sauce was standard on a bacon roll. Are you inferring there are heretics out there that eat bacon without it.

    @robertknight at 6:09 pm
    Empires fall, and it looks like a few bpricks may be crumbling at the foot of the ivory tower.
    But whether that’s down to puberty blockers or political pressure, I couldn’t say.

  289. Liz g says:

    Ian Brotherhood @ 4.18
    LOL Brilliant Ian thank you…. I love a conspiracy theory 🙂

  290. mike cassidy says:

    Good News 1)

    Transgender SNP activist and fellow ally quit party over toxic GRA row

    Good News 2)

    Wonder what accent she’ll use if she does run.

    Jo Swinson ‘mulling over’ Holyrood run amid rumours Willie Rennie stepping down as Scottish Lib Dem leader

    “Why would she want to go to the Lords? She’s too young and too talented, we need her back fighting on the front-line”

  291. Pete says:

    Hey a Joe

  292. mike cassidy says:

    Good News 3

    Flowjob,the dodgy dragqueen, was shocked at being asked to leave a woman’s toilet

    By a casino bouncer!!

  293. meg merrilees says:

    Anybody clock Joanna Cherry’s speech on Parliament yesterday where she urged people to stand up to the ‘gender lobby bullies who are trying to shut down free speech’

    Worth a read.

  294. Bill Hume. says:

    Dear Stu, here’s a wee song for you……sing along to the tune of Aw ye canny shove yur granny aff a bus…

    If ye’ve goat a bobby…..yer a man,
    If ye’ve goat a bobby…..yer a man,
    If ye’ve goat a bobby,
    If ye’ve goat a bobby,
    If ye’ve goat a bobby…..yer a man.

    There ye go.

    Now for fuck’s sake can we get on with the job of making Scotland an independent country once more….

    It’s fucking important.

  295. Famous15 says:

    Shock horror.

    After GRA fanatics leave theSNP Joanna Cherry stands accused of making the SNP electable.

  296. Dr Jim says:

    @mike cassidy 6:38 pm

    Real world solutions by real people in real situations

  297. jfngw says:

    Jeez, the thought we may need to sit through Jo Swinsons strangulated language at Holyrood will certainly give us a chance to play ‘guess the accent’. Remember Trans Accents Are Accents.

  298. jfngw says:

    Right, that’s me in total isolation till this virus has passed. Currently fitting a flame thrower to my letterbox to instantly obliterate any virus the postman tries to deposit in my house. As I have not stocked up on anything I expect to lose some weight, it may not go as well as I hope.

  299. Dr Jim says:

    Secretary Alister *Union* Jack reckons because he’s got a posh accent that shouldn’t make us think he doesn’t care about Scotland

    Here’s the thing about accents, Scots wouldn’t know if an accent was supposed to be posh if it hadn’t been rammed down our throats by the people who have those accents and that our Scottish accents were considered inferior in the first place, we could remind this patronising Bastirt that English is a second language in Scotland by force of arms and education, why are Scots such good mimics, because every last one of us grew up listening to English radio and TV because Scotland wasn’t and isn’t *allowed* its own broadcasters (ref: Lord Leith instructs the BBC that all radio announcers use received pronunciation to educate the Scots the correct way to speak English)

    Of all the accents by all the people in the world who speak English do these self entitled posh English people tell them they’re inferior too, you bet your life they don’t, but the Bastirts think it because they wouldn’t get away with it on other people, just the ones they think they can bully

    If my boot ever connected with Union Jack’s Arse would the noise coming out of his mouth be posh then

  300. john jones says:

    Pete says
    Dr Jim
    I wish this country was like Cuba which hsa one of the best health services in the world.
    it sends hundreds of doctors all over the world to places where outbreaks of disease occur, for example in Africa at the outbreak of Ebola, didn’t see many of your English doctors there.

  301. john jones says:

    Pete says
    Dr Jim
    I wish this country was like Cuba which has one of the best health services in the world.
    it sends hundreds of doctors all over the world to places where outbreaks of disease occur, for example in Africa at the outbreak of Ebola, didn’t see many of your English doctors there.
    They had a vaccine for quite a few diseases before anyone else.
    All their health services are free,including dental, not like here.
    their schools and education system is way above ours, all with an embargo which has last decades thanks to the good old USA.
    try looking past the propaganda of the media and get educated.

  302. stonefree says:

    Re Dr Jim at 5:29 pm

    If true Should the Prime Minster and chums be worried given they are Bullington Boys

  303. Dan says:

    “Make Children’s Rights Real”… with a wee bit of product placement in pic 3.

  304. Dr Jim says:

    Two thirds of Cuba’s citizens earn the state wage of $20 per month, Cuba is one of the most unequal countries on the planet with extreme depths of poverty for the most and extreme riches for very few, just like Singapore only worse

    You Trolls really are a bunch of England superiority loving Tossers of the lowest order, get yourselves armbands, be proud of who and what you are, come out into the open you know you want to

    Now fuck off

  305. Ring-a-ring o’ roses,
    A pocket full of posies,
    A-tishoo! A-tishoo!
    We all fall down,

    The invariable sneezing and falling down have given origin finders the opportunity to say that the rhyme dates back to the Great Plague,

    a rosie rash was a symptom of the plague, and posies of herbs were carried as protection and to ward off the smell of the disease,

    sneezing or coughing was a final fatal symptom,

    and “all fall down” was exactly what happened.

  306. Ian Foulds says:

    More than a little off topic.

    The recent exchanges have been a little more than tedious due to our ‘illustrious’ leaders considering their agenda is more important than our Independence.

    May I suggest that we, Independistas, grab the call for Independence by the metaphorical short and culies and get us back on the road to Independence, notwithstanding all those in the SNP and their hangers on who are trying to divert us from this just cause? Thank you.

  307. Pete says:

    Dr Jim
    Agree with you about Cuba.
    Absolutely terrible place where the majority live in real poverty.
    Perfect example of failed socialism.
    Funnily enough, the Castro family were big into freemasonry. Make out of that what you will?
    I’ve been there and seen it.
    Also been to Singapore where there is very little poverty and the vast majority of the citizens from all backgrounds have a great standard of living.
    Can’t quite understand you on that country.
    Much wealthier than Scotland.

  308. dakk says:

    Cuba,Singapore, these neddy wee britnats fair get about.

    Sponging of the british state in one way or another for sure.

  309. Republicofscotland says:

    “A friend sent it to me a few days ago and just got around to watching it this morning. Disturbing stuff. The part which refers to the possible origins of vaccinations to this and other ‘viruses’ is later on, past the 30min mark.”


    Interesting video, one thing struck me though, that wasn’t explained, what about the people that have Covid-19 in countries that don’t yet have 5G or use 60Ghz.

  310. Republicofscotland says:

    “Agree with you about Cuba.
    Absolutely terrible place where the majority live in real poverty.
    Perfect example of failed socialism.”

    Even after roughly 60 years of US sanctions the Cuban health service is a credit to the country.

    I recall Michael Moore in one of his excellent videos take a group of American citizens including emergency service personnel from the 9/11 event to Cuba to receive free and and excellent health care, that America had failed to give them, so much for a failed state of socialism.

  311. Pete says:

    Republic of Scotland
    Yes, their health service is good but you don’t judge a country on just one facet of life.
    Take a look at the houses, the empty shops, dilapidated buildings., the queues for food, the terrible road system, the list goes on.
    Add to that, the complete suppression of freedom, lack of democracy and suppression of outside news.
    When I was there, the Haiti disaster was going on and they didn’t know about it albeit it was happening close by.
    Please go and take a look.
    It’s quite cheap.

  312. jfngw says:

    Why have the government not issued a Corona virus leaflet. ‘Protect and Survive: Don’t Die of Uncleanliness’ is what’s needed.

  313. Bill Hume. says:

    There are no extreme riches for the few in Cuba.
    I call bullshit.

  314. Pete says:

    Bill Hume
    Apart from the few apparatchiks within the Castro clan, I can agree that there are no signs of great wealth.

  315. Republicofscotland says:

    “Yes, their health service is good but you don’t judge a country on just one facet of life.
    Take a look at the houses, the empty shops, dilapidated buildings., the queues for food, the terrible road system, the list goes on.
    Add to that, the complete suppression of freedom, lack of democracy and suppression of outside news.”

    More people live in abject poverty in the USA than the entire population of Cuba, Obamavilles are on the rise in the US.

    “Current estimates on poverty in the U.S. The official poverty rate is 12.3 percent, based on the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2017 estimates. That year, an estimated 39.7 million Americans lived in poverty according to the official measure. According to supplemental poverty measure, the poverty rate was 13.9 percent.”

    “As of 1 January 2020, the population of Cuba was estimated to be 11,466,540 people. ”

    At least in Cuba, good health care is universal.

  316. ahundredthidiot says:

    I was gonna go to Balloch for a wee visit this weekend.

    Think I’ll skip it.

  317. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Republicofscotland –

    Cheers for response.

    Sorry, but I really don’t know the first thing about all this stuff, just trying to catch-up here and there. It would nice to have the time and resources to study it properly, and FWIW I believe the lass who presented it was sincere, obviously hard-working and totally committed to getting that message out. In that sense, the veracity of *everything* she says has to be separated from the personal bravery involved.

    That’s why I get fed-up with folk who dismiss so many troubling matters as ‘conspiracy theories’ and wave away any chance of discussion. We happen to have been born into a time where a tiny number of greedy, ‘evil’ people managed to persuade millions of us that there was anything ‘noble’ about the industrial-scale carnage of successive global wars. Only the gullible or wilfully ignorant cling to stories of honour and ‘fighting Fascism’, coddled by a MSM which knows every emotional trick in the fuckin book.

    But even the most hopelessly gullible/uninterested/stupid are ordinary humans all the same, and they have ‘votes’ Whether they use them or not, it only takes enough of them to behave in a certain way in order to have monsters ‘elected’ to positions of responsibility. And is ‘monsters’ too strong there, given what we now know (and still have to uncover) about the behaviour of MPs?

    The manipulation is now so blatant, so utterly shameless. Hasn’t this site been an educational tool for many of us when it comes to distinguishing between truth and lies on the most basic of ‘facts’? And don’t we already know the main culprits?

    Is it so fanciful that the same networks which have succeeded in mesmerising billions would use relatively ‘peaceful’ methods for population control? (we’re not too keen on having World Wars any more – no-one wants to go.) Cause they have to get it done, one way or another, ideally making some serious dosh in the process.

    Let’s never forget – for the real power-owners, the aristocrats, the oldest families? the American, French, Russian revolutions are relatively recent events. Large populations of ordinary people – especially if they are literate- frighten the skitters out of these elites. They’ve survived for a long time and aren’t going anywhere soon. Not without a fight.

    I wandered off the point there, sorry.

    For me, what these ‘truth seekers’ are doing is heroic. They won;t all be right. They can’t all be right. And we can’t all be right in who we choose to follow or believe. But we can, at the very least, listen to what people have to say.

    Had a cheery thought earlier – Thomas Paine was 53 yrs old when he wrote ‘Rights of Man’ and he’d spent most of his adult life doing relatively ‘normal’ jobs. A lot of folk have seen the portraits and know the name, then read the fluid, funny, angry work, and imagine he must’ve been quite a grand character.

    He was ‘just’ someone who was very aware of what was going on around him and wanted to set it all down whilst squaring it with his own thoughts. He asserted that as a ‘right’ and did something world-changing with it. He relied heavily on other thinkers, to correspond with him, in private and publicly, as he developed his arguments.

    Paine was a ‘pamphleteer’ i.e. the 18thC equivalent of a blogger.


  318. ahundredthidiot says:

    Ian B @10:41

    outstanding post

  319. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @ahundredthidiot –

    *18thC Blackadder style*

    “I do thank ye you most kindly!”

    *doff & curtsey*


  320. ahundredthidiot says:

    When the Truth is spoken
    and it don’t make no difference
    something in your heart goes cold


  321. Dr Jim says:


    The UK guv has issued a leaflet, I remember it, yeah *protect and survive* you’ve to get under the table or take the door off the hinges and get under it, either that or hang garlic round the doors and windows and don’t go out the door till Van Ice Creamson comes, it was one or the other

    My garlic’s in a jar so I’ll just eat it

  322. jfngw says:

    @Dr Jim

    Now, Now, don’t be facetious, are you suggesting the government advice is about as reliable as a Hammer Film script.

  323. Dr Jim says:


    Me, never, as long as folk don’t start coming alive again and marauding for *!!Braaains!!*

  324. Capella says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood – and Tom Paine’s book on the importance of independence from Britain, “Common Sense”, was influenced by the Scottish philosopher Thomas Reid of Aberdeen.

    At least that is the opinion of historian Dr Arthur Herman, author of “How the Scots Invented the Modern World”.
    Here he gives a talk on the subject to the St Andrews Society in Washington. It’s remarkable for the complete absence of cringe. He isn’t Scottish.

  325. Liz g says:

    Ian Brotherhood
    Part of the reason I love conspiracy theories is because of the side information they produce.
    They work so hard to demonstrate their premise that they throw up all sorts information that makes ye think and is worth pursuing in its own right.

    If you search online there are also lists of things considered to be conspiracy theories and dismissed as such that have turned out to be true.
    Including the term “conspiracy theory” it’s self being dismissed and considered crackpot to mitigate sensitive information leaking….. The whole genre is fascinating.

    Although the one you linked to has a fair few holes..
    EG…. Most of our technology started life as military functions,so…. Most Navy’s would be affected by the 5G claims here but this research mentioned only one Navy ship and then a whole curse line ….that doesn’t add up.
    Also the US theorists tend to loose me at God having to have a mention and most definitely do at the Pro Choice dig.
    The ones who go all pro life tend to be a hop skip and a jump from trying to prove abortion is really about reducing the black population in the US and controlling women across the board….as you can probably tell that would be a whole blogg all by its self 🙂

    Alex Jones Infowars documentaries in the early years of his show were also quite good….But be aware he is a right wing wing nut
    … After Sandyhook and in the lead up to Trump he struggled for material and lost the plot….
    What Really can be a more researched based show,but again right wing….
    The 9/11 and 7/7 stuff is a whole other world.. 🙂

  326. jackie says:

    Wings is s very slow burn these days, is it not?

  327. yesbot says:

    jackie says:
    7 March, 2020 at 2:47 am
    Wings is s very slow burn these days, is it not?

    Hi jackie

    So, do you think “Wings” is deep diving? Tell us more..

  328. Breeks says:

    What happened with the Andy Wightman lawsuit? Suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t heard anything.

  329. Dr Jim says:

    BBC Professors of experty things:

    BBC tells us this morning that London’s GDP is 30% higher than Scotland but the cost of living in Scotland is more than 30% lower making Scotland averagely better off than London and most places in England

    Scotland is only beaten by the South East of England

    On average the places who voted most strongly for Brexit will be the areas most affected by it particularly if there’s a no deal Brexit said the BBC professor of experty things

  330. susan says:

    Good news that some of the Wokus Dei have left the SNP. Carpetbaggers.

  331. Golfnut says:

    @ Dr Jim.

    The bbc are apparently just as bad as the treasury at percentages. Gers, Scotland’s population share of oil is 7.2%, geographical share is 8.7%, eh!. Remove London’s appropriation of Scotland’s oil and Scotland sits top of the tree.

  332. Breeks says:

    Golfnut says:
    7 March, 2020 at 10:07 am
    @ Dr Jim.

    The bbc are apparently just as bad as the treasury at percentages. Gers, Scotland’s population share of oil is 7.2%, geographical share is 8.7%, eh!. Remove London’s appropriation of Scotland’s oil and Scotland sits top of the tree.

    My mistrust in the unholy trinity of the BBC, GERS and Westminster is so absolute nowadays that I already distrust their narrative without checking. IF there is a modicum of truth in their waffle, it is only there to serve as bait on their hook to fool the unwary.

  333. Breeks says:

    susan says:
    7 March, 2020 at 9:45 am
    Good news that some of the Wokus Dei have left the SNP. Carpetbaggers.

    Aye, … ‘some’. There was a lot of high ranking complicity and undue tolerance with this toxic and ill-judged misadventure, and where Scottish Independence actually features in their questionable list of priorities still remains obscure.

  334. susan says:

    @ Breeks. Yep, independence. Your suggestions for kick-starting the drive to independence were damn good. Hope the SNP are reading this blog for ideas.

  335. jackie says:



  336. jackie says:

    I was only commenting on how quite Wings has become during the night.

    Just stating the obvious

  337. yesbot says:

    7 March, 2020 at 4:31 pm

    jackie says:

    Just stating the obvious

    What is obvious to you?

  338. Illy says:

    Still banging on about being a bigot living in England?

    Why did I expect better?

  339. jackie says:

    Are you fuckin nuts ,,,dickhead

    I only casually mentioned that wings does not have the same traffic that it used to have

    Please don’t reply to this

    I don’t want to end up looking like the prick you are

    Much obliged

  340. yesbot says:

    That is not what you “casually” posted. Goodbye.

  341. Sarah says:

    Just finished the Scot Gov consultation – what a fun way to spend a Saturday evening. I had the guidance to look at but still got rather confused as the comments that seemed appropriate were repetitive.

    My husband also did the consultation so that is two more responses on the side of sanity.

  342. Slackshoe says:

    What a sad, sad shadow of its former self this site has become. TERF brain rot writ large.

  343. Razuban says:

    I don’t disagree with the sentiment, but Christ did remind us to love one another (John 13:34-35) above all else.
    Problem: gender changing clinics are oot for profit, and such operations rarely go truly questioned. Once the novelty factor wears off, for a significant percentage of those who did a sex change operation, the awful, entrapping feelings of disphoria returns.(“”)
    LGBTQ agenda. On one hand, we have “queer pansexual” 12-year olds. What do most 12 yo understand about intimacy and sexuality to make that determination? hmmm.

    At the same time, I’d rather see a child raised by a homosexual couple, instead of the broken family with a still for a bathtub that snorts cocaine.

    If perhaps we don’t offer an equivalent civil status, we should expect them to become embittered.

    Warden of an Orthodox Christian parish.

  344. Sarah Houston says:

    Did anyone else find that the consultation was enormously and ludicrously complicated? It was almost as if the govt. wanted to put us off – silly of me to even contemplate such, I know…
    I’ve got a degree and two post graduate diplomas and a responsible, professional job but found it way to difficult and time consuming to get my head around or make sense of it. Deeply disappointed with SNP’s misguided direction here.

  345. Sarah Houston says:

    ‘…way TOO difficult and time consuming…’ So much for my academic qualifications, eh!!!??

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