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Scottish Labour indyref clarity grows

Posted on May 30, 2017 by

Today’s Daily Record has a swipe at Jeremy Corbyn for, well, let’s call them “mixed messages” over a second independence referendum. It suggests his Scottish branch manager Kezia Dugdale would have “her head in her hands” over his latest comments, which is a bit rich considering Dugdale’s own history on the subject.

And since her headline boast when she took over as leader of the North British office was that people would know exactly what Labour stood for (and indeed she spent all of the weekend’s keynote Sunday Politics interview listing all the things she’d been very very clear about), we thought we’d have a recap and see how that was going.

Dugdale’s first outburst of unambiguous clarity was in September 2015, when she said that Scottish Labour’s MSPs (and MP) would be free to campaign for a Yes vote in any future independence referendum:

She was pretty clear in April 2016 that she might even vote Yes herself:

But later the same day clarified that she in fact meant the exact opposite of that.

She super-emphasised the latter point a few days later, although she avoided saying whether Labour MPs and MSPs would be whipped or expected to campaign against independence in a second referendum:

Dugdale was clear again in July 2016 that another indyref must not be blocked:

And her deputy wasn’t opposed to a new vote either:

Although nine weeks later he was:

Nevertheless, Labour was clear in October 2016 that it should be allowed:

But three months later, Dugdale no longer agreed with her July stance:

However, Jeremy Corbyn was clear in March that a second vote could go ahead:

But then, after being “flayed” by Scottish Labour, the party leader clarified his earlier clarity more clearly, by explaining that just like Dugdale almost a year earlier, he too had meant the opposite of the words he’d actually said:

By the next day, the position had reversed again:

…for three days, when Labour joined the UK government’s plans for such a block:

A fortnight ago Labour made a clear manifesto pledge to that effect:

Although the next day Kezia Dugdale didn’t sound so sure. Twice.

But she was back to being clear again just over a week ago:

Indeed, she went so far as to offer a “cast-iron guarantee” of opposition:

Except that today Labour noted that was actually completely wrong:

So where are we? We know, clearly, that Kezia Dugdale might back independence in a second referendum, except that she definitely won’t, and that she doesn’t think the UK government should block it, except it should, and Labour are absolutely fine with it happening, but they’ll do everything they can to stop it, although they won’t try to stop it, and Dugdale’s deputy is not opposed to another vote, except in the sense that he’s totally opposed to another vote, and that Labour’s manifesto (on both sides of the border) contains a cast-iron commitment to blocking a new indyref, but not if the Scottish Parliament votes for one, which it already has done.

We trust that finally puts an end to any ambiguity.

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    89 to “Scottish Labour indyref clarity grows”

    1. Thepnr says:

      When Scotland gains her Independence you’ll find that Kezia Dugdale supported it all along and that she was being misquoted by the nasty MSM.

    2. Daideo says:

      Thanx for clarifying the Labours Party’s stance on Independence

    3. Dunks says:

      Ma heid’s spinnin’

    4. freshmint says:

      Clearly Labour seek to avoid ambiguity over their position on independence by assuming every position simultaneously.

    5. Cactus says:


      One week is a lang time…
      Two weeks is a generation…
      Tree weeks is a lifetime…

      In politics.

      Only ‘a lang time and a bit’ left to go (8 days, 4 hours..)

      Where would Scotland be.. without the SNP.

      Vote for freedom of choice.

    6. Bob Mack says:

      There is only one Captain on this ship and it is not Kezia Dugdale. His name is Corbyn. Shout ,protest,argue all you want, but what he says goes —-for now at least.
      Everything else is just window dressing for the masses.

    7. heedtracker says:

      BBC Scotland only hears, SLab “guarantees no indyref2,” ever though, and if that crew alone decides that’s what they heard, em, it must be true, ordained, written in stone, cast in metal, amen. Holy christ make it end Scotland.

    8. Simone says:

      Would it really be so hard for Kezia to say
      “I’d prefer for us to stay in the UK but I respect the democratic process and it is up to each of my MSPs/MP to campaign and vote as they see fit”

      Problem sorted and then when Davidson started carping she could ask just what problem she has with democracy.

    9. Effijy says:

      They don’t call her Dippy Dug for nothing!

      She was on the BBC a short while ago embarrassing her embarrassing self, even though she had an east BBC ride.

      Of course as this is the Umpteanth Time that a Slab leader has tried to tell us that they are now autonomous, she will be told her new position tomorrow by her Westminster HQ.

      She linked herself to Ruth the Mouth in the above BBC Shortbread show on TV around 7pm this evening.
      Both will fight against United against Independence??

      I wonder if wee Ruth has offered her a job opening her mail when she gets sacked next month.

      Old Pals act I suspect. So much in common with each other
      and nothing in common with the majority of Scots voters.

    10. mike d says:

      And people will vote for this lot? Are they having a laugh.

    11. HandandShrimp says:

      The public will only understand the Labour position on this when it is clear that they have one.

      Of course if Corbyn wins there will be dialogue. Corbyn does dialogue. Corbyn may actually head an immediate indyref2 off at the pass by offering Scotland a place at the negotiating table on Brexit and be more relaxed about more flexible arrangements. I think Corbyn’s shift on an indyref are largely because he has a Kezia buzzing angrily in his ear. That isn’t likely to change.

    12. Geoff Huijer says:

      The Record: no self-awareness, no shame, no sense of irony.

      Yes, the paper that published The Vow saying ‘the Scottish public deserve honesty and clarity’

      You couldn’t make it up; that quote, obviously, not The Vow which undoubtably was.

    13. Iain More says:

      My heads hurts with all these U-turn’s. Tomorrow they will be tail spinning and twisting again.

      So how many “Coalitions of Chaos” do we have between the Red Tories and the Blue Tories on Scotland Local Cooncils now?

    14. BJ says:

      I blame the waxing and the waning of the moon. Would be interesting to note the dates of these events and what bearing they have on Kezias moods and opinions.

      I can’t really think what else would explain her stupidity. 🙁

    15. Lenny Hartley says:

      dippity is just carping from the sidelines!

    16. Dr Jim says:

      What is very clear is that the word clear has different meanings at different times of the day…..clearly

    17. Rock says:

      Dugdale is a totally vile and dishonest person.

      More so than the parcel of rogues that sold Scotland for English gold 310 years ago.

      She is doing it deliberately.

      Certainly not a fool and idiot.

    18. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      And almost every Scotland-based “journalist” just doesn’t get why WOS is read by more people than their own literary efforts.

      Why won’t we see this kind of dissection in the likes of the Herald, Scotsman, Press & Journal, Courier, and so on? Are they not up to it, or are they running scared of their pro-union lords and masters – and pay check signers?

      The Scots don’t want another “divisive” referendum. Oh, is that right? As many of us as possible should be at the march and rally on Saturday to show our desire and support for Scotland’s independence.

      The info about Saturday is at this link, which should be shared as much as possible in the next few days.

      The YES Bikers are meeting at the Showcase Cinema, Coatbridge at 11.30am, before heading for Glasgow Green. See here for info.

      Pass these links on peeps!

    19. John Moss says:

      I think the UK Labour party’s policy is clear………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. maybe.

    20. Iain says:

      Between wibly wobbly Teresa and dizzy Dugdale, Scottish politics is spinning out of control.

    21. nairnkev says:

      Clear as mud then!

    22. Dr Jim says:

      There will be no deals with the Tories says Willie Rennie,
      East Dunbartonshire council news
      Liberal Democrats go into coalition with the Tories to oust the SNP who are the largest party over SNP plans to reinstate traffic crossing lights at a dangerous crossing the removal of which disadvantaged blind people, deaf people, disabled wheelchair users, children, pensioners and the list goes on and for anyone who doesn’t know Kirkintilloch, this is a main four way junction right in the centre of town where all the traffic flows through

      The reason given for removing the traffic crossing aid
      To promote the helping of others in the community to cross the road

      The traffic crossing lights did that OK

    23. galamcennalath says:

      A suggestion for Labour, all of it, UK and sub-branch.

      On Weekend days you can oppose Indy.

      Starting on Mondays you will adopt a policy of accepting a referendum if voted through Holyrood.

      Tuesdays, you still oppose Indy but will fight Tory undemocratic intransigence trying to stop it.

      Wednesdays, you will allow members and politicians to decide what to back individually.

      Thursdays, you will campaign as a party for Indy.

      Fridays, you will be advocates of a new federal constitution.

      First thing on Saturday morning, you will outright oppose Indy …. again.

      There, crystal clear.

      ScotRef will be on a Thursday 🙂

    24. Free Scotland says:

      “But then, after being “flayed” by Scottish Labour, the party leader clarified his earlier clarity more clearly, by explaining that just like Dugdale almost a year earlier, he too had meant the opposite of the words he’d actually said:” (Fantastic!!!)

      It must be a labour thing, this business of misspeaking – let’s not forget how Diane Abbott claimed the cost of extra policing for England and Wales would cost £300,000 over four years before correcting herself to “about £80m.” She claimed she had misspoken, only to be corrected later by Corbyn, who put the figure at £300 million.

      People of Scotland, NEVER forget the Broken Vow.

    25. donald anderson says:

      Watched her being interviewed by Glen Campbell today. She seems more hysterical than ever with a manic hate obsession against Independence and the SNP. The poor wumman clearly needs help. Not even sympathetic Unionist Labour interviewers can save her from herself.

      It’s her parents I feel sorry for.

    26. jfngw says:

      Slightly amusing to see that the Ask Kezia on BBC One Scotland replaced the One Show with Jeremy Corbyn. So viewers in Scotland have had the chance to see the Tory leader in talk show mode, but not the real Labour leader. Oh well there goes more BBC balance.

    27. starlaw says:

      And down in Englandshire Tim Farran stands ready to do a deal with the Tories.

    28. defo says:

      Am I on the naughty step again ?
      Or does F followed by i get you slung in moderation ?
      Let’s see…

    29. dakk says:

      Just why is it that all elite Yoons and their organised appendages are just such Great British liars?

      There is not a one of them that has a shred of integrity.Not a one.

      Surely amongst half of Scotland’s population even just one might emerge and rise above this cesspit of deceit.

      Answers on a postcard please.

    30. Walter Scott says:

      Just recieived Labour’s election leaflet & was amazed to see that the moustacheod bald thug Ian “bayonette the wounded” Davidson is standing here in the Borders.
      Didn’t Kezia say that Labour had no chance in the Borders or Perthshire ?
      Is Davidson so desperate to get back to his favourite london pubs that he’s willing to put himself up for humiliation? Davidson also said when he was part of the 2015 slaughter of labour that he wouldn’t be standing again, ever! I’m far too old for this game now, were his words. Maybe he needs the money.

    31. Auld Rock says:

      Flip, Flop, Flip, Flop. How many more before the 8th June, any bets?

      Auld Rock

    32. cynicalHighlander says:

      Am dizzy!

    33. Thepnr says:

      The Independent has a great quote in the Independent from the other half of the Unionist leaders which is just as dumb.

      SNP mentions’‘fishing’ 27 times and ‘independence’ only eight times in manifesto

      Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said: “Nicola Sturgeon tried her usual trick today of trying to ignore independence in her speech but making sure she’s pushing for it in her manifesto. Nobody is fooled anymore.”

      Just imagine either of this pair of first class buffoons being First Minister of Scotland. I think I’d die of shame.

    34. Thepnr says:

      Hot off the press.

      “Kezia Dugdale denies Jeremy Corbyn split after he again refuses to rule out allowing second independence referendum”

    35. Capella says:

      This article illustrates why Kezia wanted Nicola to ban us all from reading Wings. Nicola hasn’t sent me the memo yet. So I’m still enjoying these clarifications.

      @ Thepnr – how embarrassing it would be to have either of these buffoons, or Willie Rennie let’s not leave out Willie Rennie, as FM. It would be almost as bad as being a US citizen watching Trump represent you abroad. The Return of the Cringe.

    36. twathater says:

      Watched Dopey Dora on leaders debate fur a laff almost almost (not quite )felt sorry for Campbell FFS that wummin wis burstin ma heed , she has obviously nae idea how utterly demented she sounds , her voice gettin quicker and quicker just in case somebody wid point oot her lies . The VAST audience ha ha ( did they have to bribe them to attend ) but maybe not as there appeared to be many liebour sympathizers

      Honestly if i were a liebour voter i would be embarrassed to tell anyone that her or her imbeciles represented me

      Her and tRuthless twa cheeks of a useless arse

    37. mr thms says:

      Fortunately, I watched Kezia Dugdale “Why?” with Glenn Campbell.

      It was the funniest thing I have seen on TV in the GE campaign “Why?”

      The looks on Glenn Campbell’s face were priceless…

    38. Bill McDermott says:

      I was quite impressed with Glen Campbell on the Ask the Leader show tonight. Impressed because he showed his utter frustration with Kezia’s attempt to avoid answering almost every question asked.

      I liked it when he tried several times to get clarity on her position on a second Indyref and gave up by saying “let’s move on because we won’t get an answer on that.”

    39. galamcennalath says:

      Have any Unionists actually explained how they will reverse the will of Holyrood and stop ScotRef?

      They could say, they will ignore any Yes result. No one would care, a majority is a majority.

      They could say, they will tell Unionist supporters to boycott it. That would guarantee a Yes win!

      They could refuse a Section 30, but that won’t prevent it.

      But no, they tell everyone they can/will stop it. How? What is their mechanism?

      I am genuinely at a loss to understand what they mean.

    40. interesting that while Corbyn has been 100% consistent, the Record chooses to blame him for Scottish Labour’s mixed messages.

    41. HandandShrimp says:

      Kezia is as relevant to Scottish politics as Willie Rennie

      The sad thing is that it is entirely Labour’s own fault.

    42. twathater says:

      Thepnr 9.01 pm

      OMG surely you don’t think tRuthless has discovered that Nicola is using the latest ACME telepathic thought process mind control device to alter into code this dastardly independence message, her saying that nobody is fooled means that some tractor has given away the secret

      I am now convinced that i am living in a parallel universe called HELL

      Beam me UP Scotty

    43. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Simone @ 20:06,

      There you go. Not too hard at all, is it? If “Scottish/Glasgow/Aberdeen/whatever” Labour had any sense, they should have you as leader instead. If you were so inclined, that is. (Two very big “ifs”, there.)

      The only thing that’s clear from this entire farrago is that if nice Mr. Corbyn needed to do a deal with the SNP to have a chance at power in WM, he wouldn’t hesitate, and Kez could go whistle, for all her protestations of sincerity. For quite some time now, her Scottish accounting unit has been even more discounted than usual by her own party, and this whole charade makes her look like a patsy. (As it equally would for anyone else in her place.)

      Labour in Scotland are approaching extinction, and after next week, for all the resources they are pouring into a mere one or two vaguely hopeful prospects, they will be lucky to have even one MP left. Labour in England have long given up on expecting anything effective from them, so why should the people of Scotland be expected to care?

    44. galamcennalath says:

      Huffington Post’s poll of polls take the trend forward to the Election Day. Extrapolating the lines gives …

      Con 33.0%
      Lab 30.2%

      Stick that in the predictor and it gives the Tories 3 seats SHORT of a majority.

      It’s close.

      And, we don’t want it to end up that the Tories get s small majority by taking some seats in Scotland!

    45. Morgatron says:

      Was settling down to watch episode 8 of better call saul, and decided to watch Dippity instead. Oh fuck , was in for a comedy treat? You bet i was. Laugh , i nearly shat myself again. She is the funniest woman i know on the telly. A true comedy genius who deserves real credit on her dead pan delivery when telling her unique one liners . PS no episode of bcs , some crazy American holiday so they dont screen such shows. I must admit , her interview this evening was just superbly awfuly funny.

    46. defo says:

      Why would posting a link about Boris (in his own words) conspiring to commit gbh continually disappear ? hmmmm

      It can be found on Craig M’s comment section. Page 2

    47. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Thepnr @ 21:01,

      Ruth Davidson:

      Nicola Sturgeon tried her usual trick today of trying to ignore independence in her speech but making sure she’s pushing for it in her manifesto.

      Oh, the mental gymnastics one has to perform to keep up with Col. Blimp! Apparently all this “incessant talking about indy” that Nicola has been doing (also according to Rude Gal, ceaselessly) is also fiendishly invisible.

      Oh, I get it. It’s the latest in electioneering high-tech. Nicola has been secretly messaging us all by ESP! The Electoral Commission must be told!

    48. Dr Jim says:

      Sky news are telling bigger lies than Trump now
      They might even be a tad worse than BBC Scotland with the absolute garbage they come out with
      I just heard two English “journalists” talking about how bad the SNP record in government is re all the usual lies
      but what struck me the most was it was all about Ruth Davidson was overtaking the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon is panicking

    49. joannie says:

      Sky News is so biased its unbelievable. Just saw their summary of the SNP campaign – “its all about getting away from England, no other policies” said to general laughter and agreement.

      Just beggars belief.

    50. Marie Clark says:

      I’m very clear, I have absolutely no idea where Labour are. Ur they cumin or gon as the auld expression says.

      It’s like that old song of Tommy Rowe, I’m so dizzy, my head is spinning.

      Hey ho, roll on next Thursday and cross everything for the result.

    51. galamcennalath says:

      “Theresa May protest song ‘liar liar’ hits No 1 on iTunes

      Captain Ska’s song, which calls the PM a “liar”, has been banned by radio stations despite reaching No 1 on iTunes.”

      For anyone who hasn’t seen/heard this ,…

    52. Cactus says:





    53. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Dr Jim @ 22:15,

      Don’t watch that channel, but not surprised at the heady effect of such a toxic brew of ignorance, antagonism and wishful thinking.

      As I tried fruitlessly on more than one occasion to explain to our southern interloper insensible, the Union would be safe if it wasn’t for the Unionists.

      They will have a helluva hangover, though, a week on Friday.

    54. John Jones says:

      could any of the unionists explain logically why they’re so against another referendum? Surely any answer to any question is simply resolved by a vote by the interested parties.I keep hearing the usual pish about causing division between us, surely the way to disarm this is to hold a referendum and settle the question.
      Are the unionists so insecure that they’ll do anything to stop us voicing our opinion? Or are they afraid of losing their nice well paid jobs in the hoc.

    55. Another Union Dividend says:

      Former SNP spin doctor Kevin Pringle on Sky Newspaper Review now

    56. W. Habib Steele says:

      Excuse a bit of digression. Kezia’s porposition of a new Act of Union puzzles me. The Act of Unon was 2 acts of Union passed by the parliaments of 2 sovereign nation states. The 2 states became 1 state and the 2 nations continued. The parliament of the 1 state, the UK, could, it seems to me disolve the union, which I think would need to happen for a new Act of Union (actually 2 new Acts of Union between the 2 sovereign nation states) to be passed by the English Parliament, from which the Scottish MPs would have withdrawn, and the Scottish Parliament, which would be at that time be the Parliament of an independent nation state, Scotland.

      Would the Scottish Parliament vote for a new act of Union? Would the English parliament?

      I’m not a lawyer, so I may be mistaken in this, but I wonder if Kezia has actually thought this through.

    57. heedtracker says:

      joannie says:
      30 May, 2017 at 10:20 pm
      Sky News is so biased its unbelievable.

      Check out tonights C4 teatime news, they’re a lot worse now too. They went round Perth today, found 4 or 5 tory vox popsters, all NO to indyref 2, tories making a comeback, first question to Sturgeon, “why is Ruth Davidson so good?” The tory vox pop guys all had blue ties! A coincidence I’m sure.

      Only consolation, if C4 tories are this aggressive SNP bad attack propaganda wise, something’s really spooked them.

      SUN today where I am front page, “Corb Crawler” Jezza’s crawling to the “nats” or something like that. Its interesting watching those sleazebags using kerb crawling for smear but that’s Murdoch’s goons for you. Lovely people:D

    58. Thepnr says:


      “Liar Liar” banned by radio stations you say. What’s going on with all this free speech thingymybob?

      Who cares, no doubt it will only make it all the more popular.

    59. Thepnr says:

      Ruth Harrison is close to having a mental breakdown I fear.

      The SNP will not have a mandate to hold a second independence referendum even if they win half of all votes cast in Scotland at next week’s general election, the Scottish Conservative leader has said.

      When asked during an interview with STV News if the SNP go on to win 50% of the vote as they did at the last Westminster election would she regard that as a mandate for a fresh poll Davidson replied: “Absolutely not. No.”

      LOL totally lost the plot now and off her rocker.

    60. Proud Cybernat says:

      YouGov poll tonight shows Tories will end up 16 seats short of overall majority.

      Game on!

    61. Sinky says:

      Game On according to YouGov poll in The Times which predicts Tories will lose seats and SNP with 50 seats would play a pivotal role in next Westminster Parliament.

    62. Arbroath1320 says:

      I know this article is about Labour and that we can NEVER take poll results seriously especially since the fiasco that resulted in egg on all the faces of the polling companies.

      However, if anyone wants some light relief from this fiasco of a General Election brought on by Feartie McFeartie because it was “in the bag” in her view then there is an article in tomorrow’s Times that is suggesting the Tories could LOSE 20 seats. 😀

      If, and it is a humongous “IF”, this poll result comes anywhere close the final result then Feartie McFeartie is going to look an even bigger LOSER than most of us already believe! 😀

    63. shug says:

      Given Dugdale is not a Corbyn supporter is he using indyref2 to undermine her

      Just a thought
      once she declares one way he goes the other and as a branch office she has to follow

    64. Effijy says:

      Absolutely disgusted with every aspect of UK Media and their Tory propaganda machine!

      ITV news announce that all SNP are about is a 2nd Indy Ref?

      Do SNP realise that half of the country doesn’t want a second Indy Ref?
      Do the ITV reporters realise that half of Scots do want it?

      Other reporter- one third of SNP supporters don’t want to remain in Europe?
      So WTF 62% of Scots do want to be in Europe and voted so!!!

      Democracy, Free Speech, and Truth all found dead in the UK

      We are in Tory Land 1984 and they are coming for you!

    65. Clootie says:

      Dunks covered it at 7:49….word for word what I was thinking!!!

    66. Free Scotland says:

      Can’t claim the credit for this one – I nicked it from someone commenting on another site:

      “It was an obvious mistake building a campaign around May’s personality – she doesn’t have one!”

      Yeah, the “Me-and-my Team” catchphrase seems to have died a death.

    67. Effijy says:

      Forgot to add another ITV new/propaganda special tonight.

      Reporter tells our First Minister that if she loses any seats
      it means that Scots don’t want Independence?

      Is he telling Threatener May that if she loses any seats the country doesn’t want her or the Tories?

      Absolutely pathetic excuse for journalism.

    68. meg merrilees says:

      Free Scotland @ 10.48

      George Osborne must be absolutely loving this. After being sacked by T May, revenge must be super sweet and he is in a prime position to stick the knife as so many London commuters read the Evening Standard on the journey home at night time.

      If it’s true that they are now branding her with a massive’ Conservatives’ background, I wonder if tRuthless will suddenly have to do likewise and use the Toxic tories logo!

      Hearing quite a bit on the doors about the r*pe clause; pension changes and heating allowance and people admitting they’re voting SNP or have already done their postal vote.

      If the latest polls are reliable then a remarkable change is happening in England.
      Don’t forget almost a million youngsters have registered to vote and if they actually do, then Corbyn could do very well indeed.

      I’d LOVE it if the Tories lose their one seat and don’t win any others – how would that pan out with their slogan ‘vote tory to stop indy ref 2’.

      Only 9 sleeps left…

    69. Liz g says:

      Galamcennalath @ 9.24
      They mean that they can legislate to block it.
      Any old time they like and in any old way they choose.
      And fast enough to make our head spin.

      They have the power,now, they always claimed they had it,but they didn’t and could only enforce it at the point of a gun.

      But now they have the 2014 vote which for the very first time said the democratic will of Scotland was to have it’s law’s made in Westminster.
      With … could be argued…… the full knowledge that Westminster claims for its self the right to make and unmake ANY Law.

      IF…. they do it,is another matter,but they certainly can.
      And if they think that they have enough of Scotland who agreed with them,also the media to confirm there position as the correct one.
      Our status becomes anarchists out to destabilise UK democracy cause we don’t like the 2014 result, and an internal issue , Westminster will need to deal with.
      Or at least that’s their story and they would stick to it.

      I do think that it is all bluff from them though….but still…
      How fucking insane was it to give the Westminster politicians that kind of power,but they do have it and legitimately now.

    70. Meg merrilees says:

      After all these questions to Corbyn of ‘Will you resign if you lose this election?’

      Who is going to be the first to ask T May the same question?

      Will she resign?
      Who will replace her?… David Davis, Amber Rudd, Liam Fox, Boris, Michael Gove, tRuthless!!!
      Scary thoughts!

    71. defo says:

      Who will replace her?
      The T-800, Model 102 Meg.

    72. liz g says:

      W.Habib Steel @ 10.21
      The misdirection from Kezzia Dugdale is IMHO very deliberate and,also quite common.

      The….ACT/ACTs/of the Union can be changed,tweaked added to by as far as I understand it Westminster.

      The reason that they can do this and it have the force of law behind it is…… because both countries are signed up to and are therefore BOUND by the… TREATY….of the Union.

      It’s the terms and conditions of the Treaty and not the Acts that hold us.
      I say it’s a deliberate miss direction because Kezzia Dugdale is not the only one to do it.
      All of them do, I have even heard a few English MP speak as though they don’t know we are in a TREATY agreement,but they clearly know what a Treaty is when it comes to Europe.

      That’s yer Union…. nothing more than an auld TREATY,they think it’s still a good one,but canny tell us why.
      We don’t.

    73. Ian McCubbin says:

      Some nice pics of Kez. I think at the end of UK and in an independent Scotland she will settle down and relax. Her mission will be over as there will be no more Indyrefs to oppose.
      As for the Tory, Ruth she will drive off in her tank south to a safe seat in the Cotswolds, (I hope). What a shame for the folk there.

    74. Sandy says:

      Re Indyref2
      Labour has more positions than the Kama Sutra.

    75. Dr Jim says:

      Have you ever watched Gogglebox

      Those people are allowed to vote

      I don’t know any people like that

      I’ve never even met people like that and I’ve been about

      It does make clearer however why English politicians and the news media get away with the absolute drivel and lies they spout if this is the target audience
      I’m really not an education snob but these folk would think a fiscal transfer was a tattoo

      And how dare they denigrate Scottish education when they’re actually proudly showing the level of their own on the telly

    76. Robbo says:

      If you believe polls this is.Bet she wishes she hadn’t believed the 25% lead.
      Game on-tories to lose seats lol So much for the landslide then.

    77. David says:

      Kezzia Dugtail, has changed her mind again, she was seen in a glasgow cafe today speaking to the waitress, she said never mind the onions i will just stick with the tripe please

    78. Macart says:

      The only thing crystal clear about Labour in Scotland, is that their tribal hatred, their sense of aggrieved entitlement, their intransigence, their ignorance and their naked self interest have made them blind to their own idiocy. The ultimate act of self harm and not a soul could stop them. They didn’t listen to anyone, not friend or opponent alike.

      They’ve betrayed everything they ever stood for and been betrayed in turn by those they allied themselves with.

      They delivered the very people they were supposed to protect into the hands of those they were created to oppose. They turned every achievement they ever historically made to ash in the process.

      Quite a legacy.

    79. Thepnr says:


      Sums up the demise of Labour well and never a truer word spoken.

    80. defo says:

      Fine summary Macart.

    81. Richardinho says:

      Labour’s position on independence: All of them!

    82. Richard Duncan says:

      Bang on the money Sam.

      Why does this little party get to interfere in so much of our lives.

      They have sold their souls in councils all over Scotland . We know EXACTLY what they stand for .

      Westmidden and the perks that go with it .

      And they have the cheek to call the SNP tartan tories 🙂

      Oh the irony 😮

    83. John says:

      Another car crash for Dugdale and it’s not even as if it was a challenging audience , let’s see what kind of audience Nicola get’s , another nurse perhaps !

    84. Allanbri says:

      Seems we now have quantum politics. All points of view are possible and what you see is dependent on where you’re looking from at any particular moment in time. I should stop looking as it could be bad for ones mental health. Roll on independence. The sooner we’re out of this crap the better.

    85. Jack Murphy says:

      jfngw said at 8:47 pm last night:

      “Slightly amusing to see that the Ask Kezia on BBC One Scotland replaced the One Show with Jeremy Corbyn.
      So viewers in Scotland have had the chance to see the Tory leader in talk show mode, but not the real Labour leader. Oh well there goes more BBC balance.”

      We changed from the Donalda MacKinnon channel to the One Show from TV London.

      Easy—most people in Scotland now have a choice—- use the remote to change to the London or England output. 🙂

      PS. Donalda MacKinnon is the Director of all BBC Scotland output.[the boss] and the buck stops with the Director.
      If we don’t like what the Scotland Director gives us—change.

    86. Not Convinced says:

      “”The Labour leader famously didn’t bother campaigning in the first referendum at all.”

      I’m sure I’ll be corrected if my recollections are wrong, but back in 2014 wasn’t Jeremy Corbyn a back bench Labour MP who most people had never heard of? I’d imagine there where any number of back bench MPs (from either the government or opposition benches) that could be so described and who also didn’t campaign in 2014?

    87. Kevin says:

      Kezia’s willing to make up claims and sound-bites as she goes-along, anything, for a few extra Slab votes. (Actually, Kezia doesn’t want Slab votes, she wants non-SNP votes)

      If Kezia’s willing to make up claims and sound-bites as she goes-along, do you think Corbyn is capable of this? you know, that lovely guy I keep seeing on my feed, that guy who’s already made it perfectly clear he’s 100% against an independent Scotland?
      Corbyn’s no fool, he’s a cunning old fox and there’s absolutely no-chance he’d support an independent Scotland, he’ll say and do what it takes to grab extra votes.

      Don’t trust anything in Red or anything in Blue, trust only the SNP. The SNP is Scotland’s party

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