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Scotland’s Dregs Problem

Posted on January 26, 2023 by

Man, we wish we hadn’t used this headline up two days ago.

BBC Scotland’s Debate Night programme last night was rather peculiar. It took place in a mostly-empty studio, but clearly not due to COVID precautions because the people who were there were all jammed tightly together in the middle. (In fairness, given BBC Scotland’s audience ratings they may still have outnumbered television viewers.)

On an all-female panel it featured, “by popular demand”, someone presenter Stephen Jardine described as “one of our best-loved comedians”, a former electrician called Susie McCabe, who we’d never heard of in our lives. (She apparently presented the channel’s Hogmanay show, something no sane adult has watched since 1982.)

She made one particular contribution that set social media aflame.

McCabe later complained that the clip in which she talked about “transgender” rapist Adam Graham had been cropped out of context (by the BBC) – going so far as to threaten Alba member and former SNP councillor Chris McEleny with legal action for retweeting it – so we’ve recorded the entire segment so you can judge for yourself.

One observer eloquently nailed our own immediate impression of the speech, noting “she’s not voicing an opinion, she’s chastising people who don’t respect this guy. It’s a sermon, a lecture from someone fully convinced that they are the better person.”

It’s an attitude you see constantly in so-called “civic Scotland” – especially from groups funded by the Scottish Government to “educate” the plebs on how to think correctly – but we wondered how this particular individual had come to be elevated to the role of opinion former. After a quick bit of Googling, we concluded it definitely can’t have been because of her gift for searing social-commentary comedy.

(Hold onto your sides, folks.)

We did however wonder if there might perhaps have been a small clue in the fact that the video above was hosted on the account of The Stand, the multi-venue comedy business owned by SNP MP Tommy Sheppard.

And then imagine our surprise, readers.

Sure enough, McCabe seems to have some clout in high places, because as of this morning both the clips Debate Night had posted of her have been deleted.

But what of the point she was making, such as it was? Her defence of the placing of the dual rapist Adam Graham (now known as Isla Bryson) in Cornton Vale – beyond that fact that the poor wee lamb was somebody’s son and a human being deserving of respect – was that he was in a “segregated unit” so everything was fine. But there’s only one such unit in the prison, and the reality of it is rather less comforting.

Oh no! What a nightmare for a rapist! The very LAST thing he’d want is to be trapped in some communal showers with a load of vulnerable naked women incapable of even expressing themselves, let alone defending themselves! That’ll teach him!

The case of Graham/Bryson is so extreme and absurd that it at first sounds like it was devised by satirists to highlight the ridiculousness of the Scottish Prison Service’s approach to transgender prisoners. According to his estranged wife, Graham never showed the slightest signs of being trans until he was on trial for rape.

(The “ACAB” tattoo is a lovely romantic wedding-photo touch.)

His “transition” was so cynical his lawyer even tried to use it as a defence, with an extra twist of rather ambitiously trying to blame the rapes on… his wife.

But none of that carries any weight with the SPS, whose terrifyingly dim “Head Of Operations And Public Protection” Fiona Cruickshanks told Scotland Tonight that whether a rapist was put in a women’s prison depended solely on “how they choose to identify themselves and how they’ve been living in the community”.

(Graham didn’t decide he was a woman until he was on trial.)

She went on to add that a “robust risk assessment” would be carried out before a final decision was made, because clearly people need to think very hard about whether a convicted multiple rapist might possibly represent a risk to women.

So women in prison in Scotland have been neatly stitched up on all sides. The Scottish Government passes the buck over housing rapists to the SPS, the SPS lets the rapists make the decision, and it “segregates” them in something akin to a rapist’s sweetshop.

Meanwhile idiot media figures arrogantly and patronisingly assure the simple-minded public that everything’s fine, swat it all away with jokes about “golf-club feminists” and use their influence at the highest levels of government, media and civic society to get the evidence deleted if there’s a backlash about it, while the SNP’s vicious little rainbow stormtroopers hurl accusations of bigotry at anyone who dares object.

(We’d never heard the phrase “golf-club feminists” before last night. Golf clubs are usually portrayed in popular culture as places that exclude women, or are frequented only by lesbians. We wonder what could have put such a weird concept as a “golf-club feminist” into Susie McCabe’s mind?)

But of course it’s not just prisoners. All women in Scotland are being betrayed by both their government and every other institution that’s supposed to protect them. The truth is that under Nicola Sturgeon’s administration the entire country is rotten from top to bottom, with most positions of power and influence held by the very worst scrapings and dredgings of its people.

(The state of the panel last night was stupefyingly grim even aside from McCabe. It also featured Emma Roddick, the dimmest bulb on the SNP’s Holyrood benches – no small feat – along with some toe-curlingly theatrical drama student of a “historian”, Jackie Baillie, and lastly an obscure Tory MSP who was outnumbered four-to-one on the gender issue in terms of bodies, but not on braincells.)

And as the Tories take advantage of the SNP’s gender madness to implausibly grab the moral high ground on the protection of women, we suppose we should be thankful that Sturgeon has no genuine intention of making Scotland independent. Because as things stand, that nation would not be a safe place to be a woman.


[EDIT 1.33pm: As this article went to press, Nicola Sturgeon told Parliament that Bryson would be removed from Cornton Vale within 72 hours, so frightened women will only have to dodge him in the showers for three more days. She did not specify where he would be moved to – Cornton Vale is closing within weeks anyway – or whether it would be within the women’s estate, nor did she announce any general changes to policy about transgender sex offenders.]

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  1. President Xiden says:

    There now follows a party political broadcast
    Vote SNP for much more of this.
    Vote Nicola Sturgeon for much more of this.
    Continue to vote all of the above for much more of this.
    You know it makes sense.

  2. Al-Stuart says:


    I bet you £1,000 that Pete Wishart is pi55ed off he caused you to come out of retirement 😉

    WetFart may actually have served some useful function in his 40 years settling down at Westminster.

  3. Red says:

    it featured, “by popular demand”, someone presenter Stephen Jardine described as “one of our best-loved comedians”, a former electrician called Susie McCabe, who we’d never heard of in our lives

    Last time I saw her, she was demanding paperwork from Mike Wazowski.

  4. Egg says:

    Even describing her as “A comedian” would have been gaslighting too.

  5. Oneliner says:

    Pardon me, I am not a golf aficionado but from the bottom pic it looks as if Sturgeon has no ‘follow-through’

  6. meg merrilees says:

    I would love a reputable journalist (yes there are still quite a few) whilst interviewing Nicola Sturgeon or other high -fallutin’ SNP politician to answer two questions.

    Is a Transwoman a woman -Yes or No?
    If the answer is YES:

    If we accept that a Transwoman is a woman then why is there a problem with sending a woman to a women’s prison?

    The First Minister said this morning that ‘There is no automaticity ( automatic right) for a trans woman convicted of a crime to serve their sentence in a female prison even if they have a gender recognition certificate.” but, haud on a wee minute, a Transwoman is woman Yes or No?
    Why are we not allowing a woman to be sent to a women’s jail?
    I’d love to know the official reason – could it be because the said person isn’t a woman? Are they abusing the system? Do some trans-gender people walking around in Scotland have a Gender Recogniiton Certificate that is not recognised in Scotland?
    Bonus question:
    Does this mean that a Scottish Gender Recognition Certificate is not worthless?
    Oh – and i thought that Nicola has said that anyone abusing the gender transition process would be committing a crime and would be punished…. will wait to see that outcome.( holds breath indefinitely)…

  7. Ruby says:

    The Scottish justice secretary has refused to stop the imprisonment of rapists in women’s prisons after a party colleague accused a double sex offender of “gaming the system”.

    Nicola Sturgeon says trans rapist will be moved from female prison
    First Minister says Isla Bryson will not be held in Cornton Vale women’s jail either in the ‘short-term or long-term’

  8. Mr Jones says:

    I remember Tracey Ullmann made an extremely witty short film with a very well-written script about the girlfriend of a golfer who is captured by her own relatives and sent to conversion therapy to “pray away the gay”.

  9. Liz says:

    Sick to death of this small group of in crowd people in Sturgeons Scotland.

    She’s using our fucking money to support her pals.

    She never looks so happy when she’s with her ‘own group’.

    There has to be a clear response as to where this rapist is going to end up.
    If as you say, Cornton Vale is closing, is this just another word play from her?

  10. Les says:

    McCabe hit the big time with a few appearances on Frankie Boyle and to be fair she was…funny..
    but she’s fvked up here

  11. David Beveridge says:

    That McCabe video… I think I laughed more the time I got my willie caught in my zip.

  12. Roger says:


    That was perfect…

  13. ronald says:

    Susie McCabe is a regular guest on the Frankie Boyle show / if she’s scotlands best comedian its worser than I thought

  14. Callum says:

    Note: Cornton Vale prison has had a huge amount of renovation lately and will be closed, then reopened under a new name. The new buildings are almost finished. Someone will know better, but I think it is being Called Stirling Womans National Facility.

  15. Effijy says:

    McCabe appears regularly on the Frankie Boyle show.

    Was she trying to make a joke out of this that bombed?

    SNP and SPS are making the jokes here.

    Latest news says Sturgeon assures this rapist will not be held in Cornton Vale but won’t say

    So is she saying this man you says he is a Transwoman is a woman and can’t have female rights?

    There are only male and female institutions so will this criminal be sent to a different woman’s prison or to a male prison?

    Does this prove that it just cannot be practical to allow people to say they have changed sex at the drop of a hat.

    The answer is YES.

  16. James Che says:

    The truth is, The reason that the snp are getting away with trialing trans-gender in a small Country like Scotland with this social experiment, falls on the support they are receiving from outside Scotland,

    From the BBC, home of Jimmy Savelle, the UK government home to the likes of Cyril Smith, etc, and the Monarch, whose brother had dodgy connections to Jeffery Epstein, and now the Pope,

    Our devolved Scottish government is legislated by a Country connected with abuse, assaults and phaedophilia.

    Why do you expect the SNP working together and connected with THAT establishment to be clean, and funded by the likes of stonewall and its subsiduary branches in our proxy government from abroad, to be anything else.

    Scotland, the colonial captured country by England whom was the first country to self-ID as the British government & parliament ( without) a certificate.

    A country that had colonial stock in Scotland in their Westminster parliament legislation,
    And took land from the Scots under Westminster Colonial legislation laws.

    It begger’s believe that we now sit and moan about the world wide interference of converted perversion gender now entering Scotland by the back door, ( no pun intended)

    The SNP work for Westminster through legislation and statues from Westminster, and Assent for this bill comes from the Monarchy.
    The Snp are useful idiots, I agree, for those whom have a long history of abuse. But are not the root of the problem, that is world wide in the “establishments” for many centuries, and it is those establishments that are backing the Snp and the greens right now.

    Not the Scots.

  17. Eileen Carson says:

    He is not and never has been Adam Graham.
    He was born BRYSON ADAM BINNIE M 1991 577 / 402 HAMILTON it appears he used his wife’s name Graham to hide from her from shortly after their 2016 marriage in Falkirk until now. I strongly suspect that’s not all he was hiding from.
    TBH Stu I’d never heard of Susan McCabe either.

  18. Lorna Campbell says:

    Rev: Ms McCabe was on the Frankie Boyle show a few times, and she ranted against independence on that. I have heard her speak about ‘trans’ before and realised she is into this stuff up to and beyond her proverbial oxters. Frankie Boyle never says anything either positive or negative about ‘trans’ nor about independence, to be fair. He just keeps his head down on both those issues. Ms McCabe is not stupid, and she can be funny, but, like so many others, on the ‘trans’ issue (and independence, come to think of it) she leaves her real head at home in the barn and borrows Worzel’s turnip one.

    Meg Merrilees: excellent points. They refuse to allow ‘trans’ men (women) into male prisons either. Why, unless they understand only too well what biological sex is and that a woman would last less than five minutes in such an environment. Even if she’s been phalloplastied, some of these hard nuts would rip off her falsie and use it for a rolling pin. Putting a man in with biological women is an extra form of punishment for females who are there for (mainly) petty, repeat crimes. It is a game of who breaks first – and it is not going to be women.

  19. William Habib Steele says:

    In Scotland any man who wants to be a woman can become a woman, perhaps already is a woman in his heart. All he has to do is dress in women’s clothes, adopt women’s mannerisms, walk like a woman, talk like a woman (raise the pitch of his voice?), wear make-up, and sit to pea, for three months, and behold, he is a woman! Thus being a woman is only a matter of appearances? No, not even appearances because those things are not what count as living as a woman. Or do they?

    Is Nicola Sturgeon a woman? How does she know? Well, she feels like a woman. How does she know what a woman feels like? She knows because she’s a woman. But if being a woman is only a matter of feeling like a woman, how does she know that her feelings are the feelings of a woman? We’re in Humpty Dumpty’s world!

  20. PhilM says:

    A little observation:
    I saw that group picture earlier on twitter…if you do a pinch zoom, you can see the person taking the picture though their face is somewhat obscured. You’ll notice the unknown woman and Anne McLaughlin are wearing the same top – some kind of animal-print – a tad unfortunate, maybe that’s why one of them is taking the picture…and as for what Sturgeon’s wearing…it’s like something from the days of rationing. Can’t afford the leccy for the dryer, bring back the mangle! Dig for victory!
    So I’m asking myself what are these people spending their money on? Their lives are so cosseted, expenses, homes, food and drink, platinum-grade pensions,…Sturgeon and Murrell would be the worst-dressed people in any office night-out up and down Scotland, AMcL clearly has no interest in style unless it’s 70s Coronation Street chic, Councillor Campbell looks like the sad homeless person who used to play the tambourine on North Bridge in the late 90s…and as for the comedy legend…I don’t even know where to start…the Fred Perry/Michelin Man style classic perfected by middle-aged fitba fans only weeks away from heart attack numero uno…
    So where’s all those hundreds of thousands of pounds going exactly?
    In Italy, il bel paese- my go-to comparator for Scottish public life these days – the politicians let voters know how corrupt they are by flaunting their ill-gotten gains with pride, con brio…there’s a kind of honesty there…but our lot are pretending to be of the people when they’re nothing of the sort.
    Need a loan to tide you over to pay-day, come to Murrell National Bank, wiv got a pile doon the back o’ the settee…bad credit score?…nae bother!
    A car-boot sale outside Holyrood is looking like a better and better business idea…maybe I can get a start-up grant to buy a Chevette or a third-hand Vauxhall Viva…

  21. Bob Mack says:

    They have become really rather incestuous. Small cliques satisfying each others life aims at cost to (US) the taxpayer numpties who provide the money.

    It reminds me of those American reigious pastors on TV, promising redemption and Gods word for a few bucks donation.

    They make millions from the gullible whilst Sturgeon and co milk us for cash, votes, and dispenses hope with feint promises of a better tomorrow.

    I fully expect to see SNP members selling flowers outside airports to boost party funds any time now.

    I despair. I really do.(

  22. marion Collins says:

    I thought that was Lewis Capaldi in the *comedy* sketch ?

  23. Milady says:

    Happy to declare myself a golf club feminist. If the members of my local club are anything to go by, the ladies are a diverse mix of ages, beliefs, ethnicity and political leanings. All are well read, well informed, and respectful of others’ views. Now they are all outspoken in disdain of Sturgeon and the SNP. What an achievement the party have wrought in just a matter of 4 of 5 years though. She simply has no supporters.

  24. robertkknight says:

    I wonder if Craig Murray could persuade some of his contacts in Saughton to write en masse to the Governor, stating that with immediate effect they wish to transition to a female gender, live as a woman and, in three months, be transferred to a woman’s facility for the remainder of their sentence.

    Let the shit-storm commence!

  25. James Che says:

    Meg Merrilees.

    Keir Starmer cannot identify a woman either in his interview,
    And the green party are the worst at identification.
    There are tories that have been accused for the same idealogical philosphey,
    This gender ID is running rife through british politicians and the establishments,

    But lets remove the veil on what is its purpose.
    It is to occupy the people with Chaos, to prevent them noticing the bigger picture.

    And that works exceedingly well in Scotland as a squirrel to deter independence of Scotland.

    It has been used time and again,

    Brexit was a good example.
    So were the mandates that never happened,
    So was covid that prevented all Scottish independence marches but allowed other marches to carry on as normal during that time period,
    As with the section 30 nonsense.
    Restricting free speech
    And climate change are other examples of social engineering.

    Perpetual Political Chaos is a game of social snakes and ladders,

    Just as people get near the top rung of the ladder, They are swallowed down by some snake legislated law above them.

    We need our own government in Scotland, where these politicians are not protected by the State, where we can kick these arses that are closer to our boots out of office.

  26. Ottomanboi says:

    By now we all should have got message.
    Hey dude, what’s with the chainsaw?

  27. Sean says:

    No fucking words left.

  28. desimond says:

    Another day, same old guff.

    Is this the battlefield now?
    Its constant.

    Classic squirrel tactics from Establishment…cue more excuses for delaying anything Indy related and we all go along like before..

    Bloody heartbreaking.

  29. SusanAHF says:

    True Stu, Scotland already is not a safe place for women and under the SNP/SGP coalition after independence things would be worse. Affirming people’s delusions, God what belle’s.

  30. SusanAHF says:

    True Stu, Scotland already is not a safe place for women and under the SNP/SGP coalition after independence things would be worse. Affirming people’s delusions, God what bellends

  31. Ruby says:

    marion Collins says:
    26 January, 2023 at 2:29 pm

    I thought that was Lewis Capaldi in the *comedy* sketch ?

    Had it been Lewis Capaldi it would have been funny.

    Lewis Capaldi is funnier than any of these SNP comedians.
    He’s also a brilliant singer/songwriter.

    Too bad for McCabe that Sturgeon has suddenly changed the script and even if Bryson, Adam, Isla is the someone’s son or daughter he’s no going to a woman’s prison.

    Update on changes to transgender prisoner policy framework

    This seems to be saying if you have male genitalia you will go to a male prison.

    That sounds like a sensible idea.

    The old GRC whether it’s Scottish or English wont help.

    Now we need some updates on other women only spaces.

  32. Big Jock says:

    ” In olden days a glimpse of stocking , was looked on as something shocking. But nowadays in Sturgeon’s Scotland , heaven knows. Anything goes.”

  33. panda paws says:

    “we suppose we should be thankful that Sturgeon has no genuine intention of making Scotland independent. Because as things stand, that nation would not be a safe place to be a woman.”

    Well Scotland currently isn’t a safe place to be a women whilst we’re not independent. At least if we were, folk would stop thinking they needed to vote for SNP/Greens for indy (given she’s poisoned folks minds against Alba and ignores ISP) and we could have a second revising chamber and/or frequent referenda on important matters as Switzerland does.

  34. lothianlad says:

    It almost defies belief that given where we were in 2014, then 2015, and with huge mandates , that Scotland has been reduced to this!

    Thhis is happening because of the SNP not the traditional unionist parties.. Even the mid 1980s seem less hostile than this.

    Sturgeon, being totally owned by MI5 has put the SNP membership to sleep, backed by the unionist media, im sure she thinks she will get away with all this.

    Thank Heavans for wings!

  35. robbo says:

    I thought it was up to the SPS who goes into the women’s prison ? Now N Sturgeon has been skewered these past few weeks it’s been decided by her/he/him/they/them HER THAT this rapist will go to male prison.

    Oh ma sides.

  36. lou says:

    BBC World At One, 17:45 in, with Rhona Hotchkiss is very interesting. It seems a Minister may have be involved.

  37. James Che says:


    Here is a further adaptation of abuse of Children and female gender that is going on with men.
    This one comes from America. And a must watch if you want to be informed of the direction these gender issues are forming in child molesting and trafficking under the guise of mother and father men.

    The Conservative Twins, watch on you tube.

  38. robbo says:

    And what the actual is that wee scroat Owen Jones all about.

    The vast majority of women should not be in jail. Where should they be like?

    I’m sure there’s a few who shouldn’t, but if you commit crime then a prison is where you go dumb dumb.

  39. Stuart MacKay says:

    It’s even worse than you think…

    All these decision makers have one eye on the decision and the other on what the higher ups will think. Not much of a surprise there but when every decision is political and must fit in with the narrative pushed by the government everything rots and falls apart. Remember,

    No one ever got fired for choosing what Nicola wants.

  40. Jontoscots21 says:

    what a headline “Scotlands Dreg’s Problem”. I watched this car crash and thought Jardine was appallingly biased just like big noise Beattie another bought broadcaster. . At one point a young girl remarked on how the SG have imposed gender-fluid toilets as standard on new school buildings and refurbishments. You could see the trans cult and its handmaidens looking daggers at her both from the platform and the audience of carefully selected student roasters and kept quangocrats. She very quickly backtracked as she felt the ire of the identitarians. A broader Scottish audience would have understood and supported her. But the fact is that Scottish politics has become the NUS in power. The younger ones are all identity zealots, as are the middle class globalist grifters who promote them. The older former councillors and union leader dunderheids go along with what they think will keep the zealots happy, and them in their plush seats. Then there are the only sceptics old left, traditional right, and feminists who believe that is actually about women.

  41. SusanAHF says:

    Yes panda paws a Switzerland type system of referendums both regional and national would be good.

  42. Wee Chid says:

    Lorna Campbell says:
    26 January, 2023 at 2:18 pm
    Frankie Boyle has voiced his suuport fro trans issues and has been in a spat with ricky Gervais over the issue.

    As for McCable, I’m sure I’ve heard her on a few Radio 4 panel shows. I wondered how she got the gig – now we know. Doesn’t she think that the women who were raped and the women in Cornton Vale are also someone’s daughters – and should be protected from cowardly wee creeps like Mr Bryson?

  43. Geoff Anderson says:

    I made the mistake of starting to watch this!
    I switched off after McCabe’s “lecture. Another one of Sturgeons drones launched to deflect any debate back into the “be kind” arena. I don’t know who the Clown on the panel was they brought up from England to put us right, “what is the problem, it will only be a few hundred certificates”.
    I was wondering how the rape victims and their families felt while she demanded that we think about this poor rapist and his family.

    Amazing how much of the debate and reporting seems to be dominated by the Sturgeon loyalists.

  44. Eddie Munster says:

    Seems if you want to be a comedian, you don’t need to be funny or witty, you just need to pass the stonewall sensitivity programming.

  45. Confused says:

    Tom Shields Diary used to be a lot of fun – one of the stories was about the screws at Barlinnie putting up a notice asking for volunteers to

    “wash the windows at Cornton Vale”

    – oh how we laughed.

    in the womens prison
    there are seven-tee women
    and I wish it was with them
    that I did well

    massive u-turn from Nikki there; is this her stalingrad moment?

    Is this Peak-Woke?

    – has the counteroffensive begun?

  46. SusanAHF says:

    Be kind – be damned

  47. Livionian says:

    I am not going to refer to Adam Graham
    by any other name, even in the context of discussing a nationally important news story, because it almost gives the scumbag’s bullshit legitimacy.

    I encourage all of us to do the same. Please folks, don’t refer to Adam Graham by any other name.

  48. MrMilkshake says:

    @desimond- If it makes you feel any better there’s a high chance we’ll all be turned to radioactive glass in the very near future.

    I plan to identify as a bottle of Becks.

  49. Republicofscotland says:

    I’ve read in the media that women prisoners in Corton Vale prison are now too afraid to use the showers for fear of being attacked by men pretending to be women.

    Scotland is corrupt from top to bottom, we make some banana republics look positively sane places to live in.

    Get the SNP out at every turn and reverse this madness.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  50. George Ferguson says:

    Many people have commented previously on the huge amount of political capital expended by the SNP/Green Government on GRRB. Existential for both of them. Especially the Greens. The majority of the Scottish Public intuitively knew it was wrong. Now we see the consequences. But folks you haven’t heard nothing yet. A Bill is not always enacted in its entirety straight away. We have the HCB to be fully enacted in 2024. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Perhaps another S35 in the making.

  51. Linda McFarlane says:

    Well McCabe goes on my list of where I WON’T be spending my money.

  52. John H. says:

    I’m more than ever convinced that Sturgeon doesn’t give a damn about trans people. She is doing this to divert attention from the subject of independence. Politically, this is the only thing people in Scotland are talking about these days, and that suits this little fraud perfectly. Someone with a brain is behind this with the purpose of keeping Scotland in this so called Union.

  53. Ted says:

    Exemplary investigative journalism as usual from Rev Campbell. His work has in large measure been taken up by the British press on this Bryson issue. But Scotland has been reduced to a laughing stock by the SNP. And people are stunned that despite all of this there is no serious outcry against this woman and her party (except on sites like this) and it’s a pound sterling to a Brussels euro that the Scottish electorate will still vote for her.

  54. James che says:

    Panda Paws.

    The Sweden style of regular referendums, for Scotland and within Scotland is to be encouraged for better people democracy.

    Totally agree,

    Perhaps a starting point is the “question” of wether the Snp manifesto talked of a coalition with the green Party on the lead up to the Scottish election?

    Because I do not remember that was the result of the Scottish elections. The snp introduced their green party support coalition after the election.

    Where would the Snp supporting votes come from to pass legislation or a bill? , if it were not for the green party in the Scottish government,
    Which actually failed to gain much votes in of itself.
    Sneaky politicians.
    The Scottish government are controlled by Westminster government and have to ask permission to change a light bulb, then they have ask how many people can be authorised in Scotland to do this task,

    I am sure the people of Scotland however would be entitled to hold their own referendums, without permission though from the SNP.

  55. Republicofscotland says:

    George Ferguson @4.13pm.

    When the HCB is finally enacted, Sturgeon will inform her head lackey at Police Scotland Ian Livingstone, to make some high profile arrests on the matter, to shut the rest of us up, a kind of warning to the masses to shut it or else.

    Bain will make sure the cases pass through the courts quickly with hand picked judges dishing out the maximum sentences, and the compliant media will report widely on them.

    Welcome to the new Scotland the banana republic of the north.

  56. James che says:

    Panda Paws.

    The Sweden style of regular referendums, for Scotland and within Scotland is to be encouraged for better people democracy.

    Totally agree,

    Perhaps a starting point is the “question” of wether the Snp manifesto talked of a coalition with the green Party on the lead up to the Scottish election?

    Because I do not remember that was the result of the Scottish elections. The snp introduced their green party support coalition after the election.

    Where would the Snp supporting votes come from to pass legislation or a bill? , if it were not for the green party in the Scottish government,
    Which actually failed to gain much votes in of itself.
    Sneaky politicians.
    The Scottish government are controlled by Westminster government and have to ask permission to change a light bulb, then they have ask how many people can be authorised in Scotland to do this task,

    I am sure the people of Scotland however would be entitled to hold their own referendums, without permission though from the SNP.
    As legislation only stops the Snp goverment from asking us.
    It does not prevent the people themselves holding a referendum.

    So a peoples referendum on gender ID could be held immediately. The only provision being that you are actually live in Scotland.

  57. JGedd says:

    Wee Chid @ 3.37pm

    Yes, I thought Frankie Boyle had been captured by the trans issue which is the reason I don’t watch any more. Last time I did see him on tele he looked as if he had literally been captured as he had to appear with assorted other ‘media’ folk sitting on stage with him, like minders, in case he went off-message. They all looked very uneasy

    Boyle had been under some sort of cloud as far as the BBC were concerned, so in order to get back on, I suppose he had to submit to this kind of oversight. It was so obvious that he was under supervision that it was almost laughable – or would be, if someone was so willing to humble themselves in order to get a gig that they would submit themselves to this.

    Money talks, of course, but he’s pathetic now rather than funny and that applies to all the other comedians who self-censor for the sake of their careers. I can understand the thought control though, because the trans ideology is so ridiculous that it would collapse like a flimsy house of cards under the scathing, forensic attack of even some half-decent satirist. For heaven’s sake, the material would write itself. Graham Linehan would know that, but they’ve made an example of him to frighten the others.

  58. James Che says:

    Perhaps right here we could kick start a scottish peoples referendum on Gender Identity. Some thing similar to a poll and a referendum combined to get the the issue voiced among the public,
    Which the SNP have avoided consulting.

  59. Red says:

    Wee Chid says:
    Frankie Boyle has voiced his suuport fro trans issues and has been in a spat with ricky Gervais over the issue.

    I remember when Frankie Boyle was funny. He’d get cancelled and probably arrested if he tried that today.

  60. David Hannah says:

    I’m voting Alba. If the SNP wants to restore its reputation then they should bring back Alex Salmond to lead the country to Independence. To bring in his own highly talented minds. Here’s more connected than Sturgeon the guy has everything to offer Scotland.

    Sturgeon’s offered us identity politics, and policy capture at all levels of government which could not be more evident after this.

    Sturgeon must resign and facilitate the Holyrood referendum.

    She’s despised and I highly doubt she had ever played golf in her life either. Sturgeon claims to like books. I suspect the only thing she likes is looking at herself in the mirror and seeing Margaret Thatcher. She has nothing to offer. Good riddance to her.

  61. James Che says:

    John H.

    Nice to see you have grasped the gender issue being introduced in Scotland and its purpose.

    Especially following on from all other white elephant nonsense,
    Brexit delaying issues,
    Covid marches issues.
    Mandate issues
    Scottish courts V Supreme court issues.
    Trans gender issues
    Energy crises issues in a energy rich Scotland.
    Climate change issues.

    All Weaponising Chaos and confusion as stalling tactics to Scottish independence in the Snp and Green party backed up by the MSM and the establishment,

    I would not suggest infiltration of the SNP, I would suggest they are joined at the hip as one and the same.

  62. George Ferguson says:

    @Republicofscotland 4:35pm
    And the Scottish public are largely unaware of what’s coming. You cannot legislate to control people’s thoughts. Or force them to think that a Misogynist is some male that won’t agree with Nicola. Meanwhile back at the ranch we have wasted our public services. And it’s the Tories and their section 35 intervention we have to rely on. I joined Alba a couple of weeks ago. We don’t have much time left to usurp Nicola and the LadyBoys.

  63. Cenchos says:

    Scotland’s drag problem.

  64. David Hannah says:

    Sturgeon. The SNPs bad actor. I hope this is what finally brings her down. For the Independence cause she has to go. I wish we could sack her.

  65. Morgatron says:

    I want more juicy on Alex Hole Hamilton.

  66. smitty says:

    So my Holyrood insider tells me that Sturgeon ordered the male rapist to be turfed out of Corton Vale as Regan had tweeted that against the Gov and she was going to tear Keith Brown and Sturgeon a new arsehole at FMQs. Apparantly they are petrified of Regan as they think she can be the one to do a ‘Geoffrey Howe’ in the chamber and tell Sturgeon to go. They had seriously underestimated her when she resigned. The comms and SPADs teams tried to run a briefing campaign against Regan, however she is much quicker on her feet and she is meant to have a ‘super’ spin doctor helping her and they saw off all of the attacks making the gov comms team and SPAds look like a right bunch of amateur fannies.

    Also, everyone is refusing to go out and bat for this one as they know that it is a failing policy and all MSPs (apart from the rebels) are getting absolute shit from their members. So this is why they are using the serial dipshit Emma Roddick to go in TV, giving the comms trans a lot of worries in case she goes completely nuts or has one of her pseudo fainting episodes live on TV. The only other one to front this is Karen Adam who is now facing a serious backlash and a campaign to oust her in her constituency.

    They all thought it would go away once it is was voted on with a few MSPs now openly admitting that they wished they had voted against it after seeing how all the 9 rebels are getting plaudits whilst they are still getting burnt.

  67. Daisy Walker says:

    I do hope the First Minister isn’t playing ‘clever’ and moving him out of the closing down Corton Vale and into the new women’s prison with a different name, then thinking we won’t notice. That kind of jolly wheeze/rues will NOT go down well.

    On the plus side, since Scotland now has 2 convicted rapists with male attributes who have self declared their womanly status and been put in the womens’ jail ….

    Can we not transfer them to the secure wing of the male’s prison and let them be room mates. If they don’t like it, it will be up to them to prove why their, ‘I’m a real female, honest’ room mate isn’t a real woman, and then we can call them biggots for a change.

    I’m being flippant, but actually, I’m not. House ALL the self Identifying tran’women’ together. It will be easier to staff, from a risk prevention point of view, and if the prisoners don’t like it, it cannot possibly be because the other prisoners ‘aren’t real women like them’.

  68. Jan Cowan says:

    I totally agree with John H Have believed this of Sturgeon for several years and never believed a word she uttered.

  69. Derek Soence says:

    On the subject of Golf,la Sturgeon is really handy with an iron.

  70. SusanAHF says:

    Daisy Walker, good idea

  71. Joyous Hate says:

    With every passing day I find it harder to escape the thought that UK Labour and the SNP are following orders from above to make the Tories look like the only sensible option.

    The depressing thing is – it will probably work.

  72. Robert Louis says:

    So, here is this madness in a nutshell, for the cognitively challenged (almost the entire SNP and Scottish parliament).

    A serial rapist thug lowlife – a guy who enjoys dominating and , to coin a phrase, ‘shagging’ and raping GIRLS and women. If imprisoned for life in a MAN’s prison, he would not be able to have ANY sex at all with women, until he is a very old man. Just let that point sink in.

    Then, he gets told, all he has to do, is say he is a women, wear a wig, put on some lipstick, and change his name to Jemima, and BINGO! He can keep his tackle, doesn’t even need to shave, and the dimwits in charge will move him into a secure prison FULL of NOTHING but WOMEN.

    Why, why, WHY can NOBODY in the freaking SNP, Labour or the Libdems see the issue. I mean, the guy likes shagging lasses. In a man’s jail he can’t, in a women’s jail he can.

    This really is NOT rocket science, FFS.

  73. Kcor says:

    “The truth is that under Nicola Sturgeon’s administration the entire country is rotten from top to bottom, with most positions of power and influence held by the very worst scrapings and dredgings of its people.”

    This one sentence is an accurate summary of all the articles you have posted since un-retiring.

    It is now entirely upon the plebs to do something about it, on their own initiative.

    Someone please please arise to guide the plebs to recover the country from its rotten to the core institutions of state.

  74. Liz says:

    @smitty I do hope so.
    They wished they’d voted against! What a bunch of spineless arseholes.

    When the chamber rose to clap that knife wielding pervert, Christina Mckelvie was amongst the most enthusiastic, I did think a load of them looked very uncomfortable.

    Some one told me that James Dorman, remember him, told him ages ago the GRR would not get as far as a vote and if it did, he’d vote against.

    I’m glad Ash Regan is getting support, she deserves it.

  75. Lorna Campbell says:

    Wee Chid: thanks for that. I didn’t know that. I thought he was an out-and-out coward. So just a woman-hater, then?

    Robertknight: Craig Murray would do nothing that would show the ‘trans’ in a bad light, I’m afraid; he seems happy to kick women’s feet from under them.

    The inescapable fact is that the whole adult male ‘trans’ bulls**t is sexual – from beginning to end. Escalating fetishes that have become obsessions. Every Pride March tells us – they are telling us – who they are. The silly wee lassies and the innocent children are a smokescreen (and sex fodder) for these men. We need to keep on hammering that home because this is what enrages them because they know we know what they are, and, worse, they know what they are. Almost all proponents of Queer Theory have been actively sexual with minors or fantasise about it.

    The porn industry, one of the biggest money-makers ever, is driving this, along with other corporate interests, but, essentially, is is all about pushing the boundaries of sex to exploit everyone and everything. Their need to dehumanise women and reduce them to bit and pieces of anatomy is all part of the overriding need to deny their own fetishistic compulsions. We must keep on holding up that mirror to them and their sexual fetishes which consume them to the point of trying to enforce a nihilistic, totalitarian regime on the rest of us. They are sick, sick people.

  76. Robert Louis says:

    Joyous hate at 0622pm,

    Indeed. It is truly hard to fathom that the SNP wish to sacrifice the rights of half the Scottish population (actual REAL women), and lesbian and gay folk, just to indulge their gender ideology nonsense.

    They, the Labour party and the Libdems have literally handed the ‘moral high ground’ to the Tories, on a plate.

    Never saw that coming. Tha half wit dougie Ross, the ‘good guy’.

  77. Lorna Campbell says:

    Daisy Walker: spot on. Let them have sex with each other since so many claim to be lesbians.

    The solution to this whole madness is excruciatingly simple: keep all biological men, transitioned or not, out of female spaces, rights, services, etc. Could be done overnight. Repeal the 2004 GRA and strengthen or rewrite the 2010 Equality Act. That is what the UK government should have done instead of putting S35 into action because, in spite of what so many seem to think, they will not be able to use it again so easily without bringing Scotland into uproar. Let the ‘trans’ get their certificates more easily and more cheaply, but stipulate that it is not and never can be a key into anything female and that all original records will be kept by the state. The politicians are dumber than a bag of spanners. Or were they being sleekit and thought we would not notice? Or both? I’d plump for both.

  78. robbo says:

    I do hope you’re right Smitty. Lets see what transpires .Also we’ve yet to hear from Kate Forbes ?

  79. George Ferguson says:

    @Lorna Campbell 6:45pm
    I signed a petition several months ago to amend the Equality Act 2010. Basically that sex as a protected characteristic, means biological sex at birth. I received an email to say Kemi Badenoch was well late in her response. Still waiting, what is the point of e petitions process if Government Ministers ignore the process. I think an amendment to the Equality Act is the way forward to protect single sex female spaces. To access female safe spaces you were a female at birth. I am not asking for Kemi Badenoch to perform contortions as the Equality Minister. Just accept single sex spaces are reserved to females that were born female. Job done!.

  80. Republicofscotland says:

    The bottom line is if you want to protect the women and children in your families you need to get the SNP and the Greens out, for they will not stop pushing their twisted agendas such as drag queens in schools and rapists and paedos in women’s prisons and their private spaces, and the soon to be enacted HCB will shut you up with the threat of prison, as one of their twisted plans is juryless trials.

    Lets put a halt to the SNP/Greens Kafkaesque Scotland.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba for the sake of the women and children.

  81. Ruby says:

    Frankie Boyle criticises Ricky Gervais for saying nasty things about people!


  82. Stuart MacKay says:

    Lorna Campbell @6:35pm

    The porn industry exists solely to convert testosterone into money. It has very little to do with sex and more to do with males innate desire to find out who is doing it with who, which was probably quite useful in tribal societies.

    Anything that increases the conversion rate is pursued and misogyny is probably quite an effective driver of that. Moreso, with the rise of the incels.

  83. aLurker says:

    Wee Chid says:
    26 January, 2023 at 3:37 pm

    >Frankie Boyle has voiced his suuport fro trans issues and has been in a spat with ricky Gervais over the issue.

    This strikes me as a non-nuanced interpretation of a nuanced exchange. I paid particular attention at the time, but in going looking now I could only find this after-the-event-rehash online.

    ## Grounded with Louis theroux

    # bare summary:

    As Frankie Boyle famously used to do he was using the vehicle of the joke to also make an important point which might provoke the audience to actually think about it.

    He does comment on the meta nature of this, and that Some people fail to see the nuance! 😉

    Wish I could find that recording… Without it the context is lacking. 🙁

  84. Viscount Ennui says:

    A (perhaps) dissenting voice.
    The current debate is toxic and has been made so by the blind ignorance of NS and her advisers and the ultra-crapitude of the opposition at Holyrood.
    One of the key facts that has been downplayed during the whole debacle is the fact that many of those who identify as trans have comorbid mental health issues. Not ‘disorders’ or ‘illnesses’ per se, but needs that might benefit from expert assessment and input. The trans population is thus a very vulnerable part of society and succeptible to exploitation by among others, politicians and the media.
    In a more temperate climate, we might be arguing for more expertise and more specialised services, but NS and her thick cronies have latched onto self-ID and the exclusion of mental health professionals from the whole process.
    So these folk,most of whom would not hurt a flee, are left unsupported whilst those with the biggest issues find a voice through the gullible at Holyrood. The former are victims whilst the latter are misguided.
    As a founding trustee of a charity established with the principal aim of supporting women with a specific ‘condition’, we found ourselves hamstrung by the demands from funders to become less ‘exclusive’ and to admit males to female safe spaces where prior to that, we had been able to protect them. the fear amongst those women was real. But we were not permitted to acknowledge it.
    In time, the current madness will subside and sanit will resume.
    But not under the current administration at Holyrood.

  85. Viscount Ennui says:

    That was a poor post because I omitted to differentiate between those with ‘genuine’ gender dysphoria and those with a fetish. My humble apologies.

  86. Big Jock says:

    Surely if these men were serious about becoming female. They would not object to castration.

    While they have dangly bits they are men. Chop them off and they are still men, but at least they can’t rape women with no penis.

    Even the ones who go through the whole chopping off business are still men. Sure you can do it , it’s none of my business. But equally it’s scientific fact that you can never be a biological female. So you are not she to me whatever the law says.

  87. George Ferguson says:

    @Viscount Ennui 7:50pm
    On the contrary your post was a good one. Because supposedly none of us can differentiate between the infinitesimal small genuine dysphoria cases and the need to compromise over half the population that happens to be female.

  88. Shrugging says:

    It’s clear that the deeply unfunny, gay McCabe is Sturgeon’s new token working class comedian pal after the insufferable manhater Janey Godley rendered herself radioactive with her racism.

  89. Merganser says:

    Confused @ 3.55

    ‘Up in the female prison, there are seventy five women,
    Tis amongst them I wish I did dwell.

    ‘Then the auld triangle, would go jingle ja-angle,
    All along the banks of the Roy-al Canal,
    All along the banks of the Roy-al Canal.’

    The Dubliners version is the best. Heard them sing it in The Blue Lagoon, Sligo in the 1970’s.

  90. David Hannah says:

    The trans rapist has killed Self ID stone dead.

    The SNP has nothing else to hide behind now apart from their domestic governance.

    The Tories will win the next UK election under 2 snacks.

    The Republicans will win in the United States and bring an end to the era of woke.

    The SNP has nothing left to offer apart from Sturgeon resigning and moving on Independence.

  91. ClanDonald says:

    Oh dear, poor Nicola, everything she touches turns to sh*t.

    It turns out that passing the GRR bill has, ironically, been the worst thing ever to happen to the gender revolution – because blocking it gave the tories a huge political incentive to declare all out war on it. The debate is now Westminster versus Holyrood and it’s no surprise who’s side the British media are taking.

    The tories and MSM will have no qualms about throwing the trans lobby under the bus if it means an opportunity to undermine the SNP. Expect lots more of this kind of coverage in the coming weeks and months as they turn the public fully against the gender agenda. Nicola Sturgeon can’t say she wasn’t warned.

    The days of Trans rights activists crushing debate with bullying and intimidation are over. Their actions are now fully under the spotlight. The tories and MSM probably don’t even care about women’s rights but the opportunity to use them trash the SNP and wreck the independence movement is too good to pass up on. All thanks to the incompetence of Nicola Sturgeon.

  92. Geoff Anderson says:

    It keeps coming back to one simple reality that 99.7% have more critical events in their life and we are all being told to put those issues to one side and follow the dictates of Sturgeon.
    We have the language of society being modified to make 0.3% feel happier. Although I suspect it will never be enough. It will be demand after demand and it will lead to sub group after sub group being “special”….from flurries to perverts

    An entire culture is to live in the fantasy World that they wish to inhabit.

    Why should we?

  93. Ebok says:

    As we justifiably express our anger at the GRRA and its consequences, almost unnoticed, alarming ‘new’ figures reveal that 18% of Scots – almost 1 million – were living below the poverty level, and life expectancy between the richest and poorest areas was a shocking 24 years.

    The above is in past tense as the ‘new’ figures are the latest – from the first year of the plague.
    Given the impact of cost-of-living increases since, it is reasonable to conclude that these damning stats have become much worse.

    Perhaps the coward from the highlands is secretly working hard and will address this scandal when/if she returns, but I won’t be holding my breath.

  94. Roger says:

    When is a transwoman not a woman?
    When he becomes politically embarrassing for NS….

  95. P says:

    Ffs comedian?
    Does Sheppard make any money out of these “comics” ?
    Must be a front for something else…

  96. George Ferguson says:

    @Ebok 8:37pm
    Compared to maternity and paternity rights in my day I think Scottish society has made progress. Women in particular have won hard earned rights. So I see the attack on the Highland woman as unfair. Of course I wanted a political intervention but she decided not to intervene. Her right her maternity her baby. Regan on the other hand has won the high ground. A leadership challenge is imminent.

  97. Shug says:

    Well the MPs and msps must be bricking it, if they are worrying about their pensions.

    Nicola is determined to trash the SNP and the indy movement.

    Imagine handing this Tory government the moral high ground.

    Talk about a low bar

  98. Confused says:


    the pogues at barrowland is as far back as I go

    I think the auld triangle was on the “rum, sodomy and the lash” album; oddly appropriate for this crowd

  99. Merganser says:

    Come on Alex – dish the dirt on Sturgeon. She’s made herself very vulnerable. One more push and she could be toppled.

  100. Ebok says:


    This bill had been coming for some time. She could have indicated where she stood. It has been pointed out on these pages that she didn’t have to attend HR in person and could have voted from her home.
    If that is not the case, I withdraw the offending sentence.

  101. Ruby says:

    Viscount Ennui says:
    26 January, 2023 at 7:50 pm

    That was a poor post because I omitted to differentiate between those with ‘genuine’ gender dysphoria and those with a fetish. My humble apologies.

    What is the difference?

    I’ve read that

    “Autogynephilia is defined as a male’s propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female. It is the paraphilia that is theorized to underlie transvestism and some forms of male-to-female (MtF) transsexualism.”

    Autogynephilia is commonly know as ‘cross dressing’

  102. Ruby says:

    I should have added the following to the last post

    Fetishes are nontraditional sexual interests or behaviors (kinks) that are, for a particular individual, a deep and abiding (and possibly even necessary) element of sexual arousal and activity. Paraphilias are fetishes that have escalated in ways that have resulted in negative life consequences.

  103. Karen says:

    My 28 year old daughter, when pushed, thinks virtually all men are opportunistic predators. Her solution would be to freeze their sperm at 16 then castrate them. No more rapes, no domestic abuse, no violence, no wars. And top quality sperm for future babes. I think this is a bit strong, but would be worth considering. Tell Nickla. Men need have no concerns.

  104. Viscount Ennui says:

    Can NS survive this? In all seriousness?
    She has handed a life-line to the Tories when they appeared dead and buried. The only saving grace is that Labour and the Lib Dems are seriously damaged too.
    The cynic in me would say that this was part of the plan.
    It is a shambles and Scotland has become a laughing-stock.

  105. George Ferguson says:

    @Karen 9:31pm
    That’s a better joke than McCabe ever come up with. Unfortunately no where near Scottish Society needs to be.

  106. Karen says:

    Transgender rapist moved to male jail, top of the UK BBC news just now!

  107. Ruby says:

    If it is the case that gender dysphoria is just another name for autogynephilia and transwoman is just another name for a cross-dresser shouldn’t politicians like Sturgeon be saying

    ‘Cross-dressers are women.’

    Cross-dressers are women because they wear women’s clothes.

    That would give them the answer to what it means to live as a woman which they have been struggling with.

    When asked what is a woman they could answer

    A woman is someone who wears woman’s clothes

    To live as a woman all you need to do is wear women’s clothes.
    Pink is always a good colour to choose. False boobs might also be required.

    In this picture of Adam Isla Bryson Graham or whatever his name is he’s all in pink even the handbag and the shopping trolley are pink. He doesn’t seem to have secured his false boobs very well it looks as if one is about to fall out.

    He was called sir even when wearing a pink coat and a pink scarf. Shocking! Surely folk must know blue for a boy pink for a girl!

    PS Where is Hautey? I stopped using bold to please him and now he’s scarpered.
    Show yourself Hautey or I will go back to using bold

    Weird that both he & Ellis disappeared at the same time.

  108. PacMan says:

    Viscount Ennui says: 26 January, 2023 at 7:44 pm

    In a more temperate climate, we might be arguing for more expertise and more specialised services, but NS and her thick cronies have latched onto self-ID and the exclusion of mental health professionals from the whole process.

    I had always thought one of the reasons for Self-ID was to slash costs regardless of the consequences.

    In regards to the male rapist going to Corton Vale, lags having been self-ID’ing for years in order to get an easy life in woman’s prison but only now it is plastered all over the papers.

    It was obvious that this would happen and yet Nicola Sturgeon went with it. It defies belief and to think posters on here who call her Sturgeon the Betrayer are criticised.

    I should be angry about this but it is so pathetically predictable that I just can’t be bothered anymore caring.

  109. PacMan says:

    Not sure if some people are still having problems with their comments not appearing for a long period, I have just posted one and pressed the F5 key to refresh the page and it instantly appeared.

  110. George Ferguson says:

    @Ebok 9:17pm
    OK let’s do a parallel example. My daughter is currently on maternity leave. Had a baby on Hogmanay. In the hoose by the way none of yer woke pish. So her employer wants to speak to her about an urgent case. Of course that would be up to her to respond or otherwise. Ditto for Kate Forbes she put her baby first. I have no complaints about that. Her decision.

  111. Ruby says:

    Karen says:
    26 January, 2023 at 9:31 pm

    My 28 year old daughter, when pushed, thinks virtually all men are opportunistic predators. Her solution would be to freeze their sperm at 16 then castrate them. No more rapes, no domestic abuse, no violence, no wars. And top quality sperm for future babes. I think this is a bit strong, but would be worth considering. Tell Nickla. Men need have no concerns.

    Is your daughter a lesbian Karen? 🙂

    Way back before I was past it I quite liked dating the ‘intact male’.
    There was the odd occasion when the earth moved. I have seen when ‘Harry met Sally’ so I also knew how to fake it.

    Problem better not to give Nicola any ideas.

  112. Ebok says:

    George @10.06pm

    Her daughter was born in August.

    But, as you say, she was on maternity leave and put her child first.

  113. stupidactingsmart says:

    Despite the focus having slipped from independence to gender issues for what seems like an age, I’ve still been a semi-regular visitor here. But, with all due respect, voting Tory is my jumping off point. There’s no excuse.

  114. Karen says:

    Ruby no, she just has a low opinion of young men. Maybe too much tiktok. She has a gentle boyfriend.

  115. Geoff Anderson says:

    This madness will never stop….another cult demand will follow each success. They will arrive to attack each new barrier and they will keep doing so until WE say enough.

    The Furries are already making their demands. We have a school tolerating a girl behaving like this

  116. SusanAHF says:

    This madness will not end until a stop is put to putting ideology over material reality. 2 sexes: male (XY)and female (XX); sex is immutable, is determined at conception and no one is born in the wrong body. That should be in the Scottish constitution.

  117. Big Jock says:

    Geoff. Its probably not any worse than Eddie Izard dressing like bad pantomime dame. It’s a free world and nobody can stop him. But don’t expect me to think he is normal. I think he is delusional and sinister.

    Where it goes wrong is when society starts making it normal for a man to dress as a woman. Or for a girl to pretend she is a cat. I believe that mental illness should be understood and treated where appropriate. The girl is not normal and the behaviour should be addressed, not simply ignored.

    Eventually it will become so normal to be abnormal. That people with mental health issues will no longer be treated. They will just be left to their own devices.

  118. Jontoscots21 says:

    Anyone see the Green election broadcast? A proper little pierced prick of an alleged“poet” called Gray, appealing to feck knows who. He wanted , high benefits, open borders and of course trans acceptance. I think he wanted transcendental meditation too. I think he wanted to stop oil and gas and he mentioned independence in passing mainly in connection with re- joining the EU. No sign of Penfold or Looony Lorna just this roaster’s riffing about his vision of Scotland. The thing is everything he wants they want in Davos. Despite his stretched earlobes he was every bit the globalist shill who views Scotland as a playpen for his unreconstructed student politics.

  119. George Ferguson says:

    @Jontoscots21 1:10pm
    Thanks for the update I didn’t see the Greens broadcast. But a pierced prick that has never worked a day in his life got to be Ross Greer.

  120. SusanAHF says:

    Just got an email from ukgov. They think the equality act as it stands is satisfactory on sex ie lack of stipulation of biological sex. Very reassuring- not. Let’s get to the 100,000 mark

  121. twathater says:

    @ Jontoscots21 @ 1.10am The wee twat you are talking about also said live in the broadcast that we would EAT the tories and a voice off camera said you are not allowed to say that Gray, gray then carried on wittering another load of green pish
    If the EATING part was a mistake why was it allowed to be broadcast, surely DROSS must now question STV

  122. twathater says:

    @ SusanAFH 1.54am I got the same email susan , it just proves what I have been saying for ages that the tories are also in agreement with this GRA but their blue rinse brigade threatened uprising, the tories have NEVER been averse to some perversion or deviances you only have to look at their history and their sex scandals
    They are only using the GRR to ridicule sturgeon and independence,once she is gone they will quietly introduce similar legislation under a different guise

  123. robbo says:

    That Greens broadcast is not new. I’m sure thon chump was on before. I think it’s the same. Could be wrong but most of what he said I’d heard before.

  124. Robert Louis says:

    The SNP, and every single one of their nodding donkey, do-nothing, MSPs, really, really need to wake the f*** up.

    How can it be made even more simple? People do not want this gender nonsense.

    Is that simple enough? Stop drinking the gender lunacy kool aid, please.

    In England, the only alternative is voting Tory, at least in Scotland, we have the ALBA party. That is who will get my vote (and I used to be in the SNP!).

    Mibbes somebody in the SNP needs to put up a wee sign in Sturgeon’s office, like James Carville did with Bill Clinton in 1992, saying;

    1. Independence

    2. The economy, stupid.

    3. Don’t foget the NHS.

    The SNP really, really, have lost their way, big time.

    They really need to wake up, and dissociate themselves from the student politics of the likes of man-boy, greer and his coterie of ‘green’ gender nutters.'s_the_economy%2C_stupid

  125. Robert Louis says:

    ..and just as a further point, while Sturgeon and her cabal of gender fetishists drink the madness kool-aid, at least one political party in Scotland is actually fighting for Scottish independence.

    This, the very day the SNP screws things up even more, and avoids independence, the ALBA party actually are working for Scottish independence, with a billboard campaign. Come election time, remember this, 26th January 2023, the ALBA party are focussed on independence, whilst everyone else in Scottish politics runs around like headless chickens, chasing the votes of 0.001 percent of the Scottish population.

    Alex Salmond, is the real deal. Want indy? vote ALBA.

  126. Roger says:

    So some woman called Proudman on Twitter says “transwomen are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse than perpetrators of it”

    That may or may not be true, but what is 100 percent true is that a transwoman convicted of rape is a perpetrator – 100 percent of the time.

    Jesus, but it’s hard to have patience with this devious TRA logic twisters and the deceitful games they play…

  127. Roger says:

    That scot goes pop idiot seems to have a fixation on Stu – I wonder if it’s a case of unrequited love?

  128. Geoff Anderson says:

    Far too many unhealthy links uncovered in this article!
    Who funded those SNP MPs trip to Ukraine.
    Why are so many SNP MPs linked to this organisation which opposes Independence?

  129. Geoff Anderson says:

    Why are Police Scotland not investigating such serious claims?
    Do the TransCult now have such a powerful grip on our society?
    Ribbons, scarfs and tweets are to be investigated but below is not?

  130. Stoker says:

    Sex offender Graham, according to bbc text service, is being moved to Edinburgh. Sturgeon’s ‘Pervert Permit’ is crashing in on her as the facts are revealed.

    As for ‘Debate Night’ acting as if that “comedian” was never on their tin-pot show? All Wingers on social media should link this article on to Debate Night’s social media accounts. Accompanied with the words: SHAME ON JARDINE & CO.

    We should *NEVER* let any person or outlet away with distorting any part of this rancid extreme minority debate. All the females in our lives futures depend on it. Hold every outlet accountable.

  131. Stoker says:

    Meanwhile, in other “news”: Jacob Rees-Mogg has been signed up to front his very own tv show on ‘GB News’.

    Farage and Rees-Mogg, with Eammon Holmes taking up the rear. Who can resist such a cast? All they need now is George Galloway for a full set. LOL! Just LOL!

  132. stuart mctavish says:

    Suzie’s not as wrong as you might think since the suspiciously timed case touches on the more profound issue of the extent to which the sovereign citizen is entitled to be treated with respect/ treat other sovereign citizens with disdain.

    That and the law(yer) being a donkey*..

    Taking it to a higher court, even God himself must be wondering how Eve managed to let Adam’s pleasure become a damsel’s distress given that had his lawyer identify him as a politician, journalist or prince he’d surely have been offered more respect in public (let alone Holyrood) than Isla gets as a woman !

    *Potentially smart one at that since, given the current state of the law/ legislation (thanks in part to Conservative intervention), and the likelihood that jury conviction rate of alleged (trans) women rapists now stands at 100 % guilty compared to whatever the conviction rate is for politicians, journalists and princes facing not dissimilar charges, it should be blatantly obvious that Adam/Isla will be entitled to immediate release and substantial compensation when the conviction is overturned on several technicalities.

  133. SusanAHF says:

    Stoker, Edinburgh has a women’s unit so will he get access to that?

  134. Cuilean says:

    I would never vote for a party that supports this Gender Cult/Destroy the Concept of Woman. So I can never vote SNP/Green/Labour/Libdem.

    The could nebver vote Tory, either.

    The 2 other alternatives are:

    a) Spoil my ballot paper but then the loonies still get elected

    b) Vote Alba.

    Guess it’s Alba.

  135. Ruby says:

    Roger says:
    27 January, 2023 at 7:22 am

    So some woman called Proudman on Twitter says “transwomen are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse than perpetrators of it”

    Someone posted the following on Twitter:

    Some gay men medically transition to attract heterosexual men. The classic transsexual.

    They are the ones who get killed/attacked – often because they lied to the man they had sexual contact with.

    If ‘transwomen’ are looking to fool heterosexual men that they are women then they put themselves at risk.

    Who do ‘transwomen’ date? Who are Beth’s clients?

    Is Beth a ‘sissy’?
    Who are attracted to ‘sissies’ is it gay men or heterosexual men or just everyone who is into sadomasochism?

    If you are into sadomasochism then you can hardly complain if you are being sexually abused.

    Why you might ask do I want to know all this.
    I want to understand exactly what the trans movement is all about. What it is that ‘transwomen’ actually want and what is meant when they chant ‘trans rights are human rights’?

  136. Geoff Anderson says:

    It’s how I feel…..
    I may be a rapist but I’m “a WuMan”. Where are the showers?

    SPS take their guidance from a Trans Organisation. Idiots like me thought some consideration for biological Women would have come into it.
    I suppose you need to get your Stonewall points to get up that league board.

  137. Bob Mack says:

    Meanwhile on WGD, several former posters on here are actually trying to defend the SNP morons who initiated this cluster#*”!.

    They feel the SNP MSP who wrote to Alister Jack asking him to intervene should resign as she has damaged the saintly Nicola.

    A prime example of the cult of personality overriding reason.

    Unsurprisingly ,most saying this are men, wjho apparently feel they know what makes a woman feel safe
    They are beyond hope.

  138. ronald says:

    And on other news Jeremy Hunt will turn britain into Silicon valley ! what ah SillyCon .

  139. Ruby says:

    Why would he be sent to Saughton & not a prison in Glasgow?

    Maybe the bullying in Saughton isn’t as harsh as it might be in Glasgow.

    He told the court that inmates insist on singing John Denver’s Leaving on a Jet Plane to him. . 🙂

    Any suggestions what the bullies in Saughton might sing to Isla Adam Graham Bryson?

    What about Lou Reed’s Walk On The Wild Side?

    Holly came from Miami, F.L.A.
    Hitch-hiked her way across the U.S.A.
    Plucked her eyebrows on the way
    Shaved her legs and then he was a she
    She says, “Hey, babe
    Take a walk on the wild side”

  140. Gordon Currie says:

    Here is the an extract from the text of the response to the petition aiming to change the Equality Act to make “sex” = biological sex:

    The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have published guidance on the existing legislation which provides much needed clarity to those offering single-sex spaces. It does not change the legal position or the law.

    As the guidance makes clear, it is entirely acceptable for providers of single-sex services to take account of the biological sex of their service users. Where it is a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim, the Equality Act 2010 is clear that service providers can exclude, modify or limit access for transgender people, even where they have a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC). This includes where a service provider has concerns that the presence of individuals who are biologically male could prevent them from meeting their aims, such as in the example below, included in the guidance:
    “A group counselling session is provided for female victims of sexual assault. The organisers do not allow trans women to attend as they judge that the clients who attend the group session are likely to be traumatised by the presence of a person who is biologically male.”

    It is important that providers of single-sex services are clear that biological sex can be taken into consideration when providing services.

    The Government is committed to maintaining the safeguards that allow organisations to provide single-sex spaces. It is important that the principle of being able to operate spaces reserved for women and girls is maintained. Government is committed to tackling harassment and abusive behaviours by all individuals, and ensuring single-sex spaces are safe for those using them.

  141. Luigi says:

    The fact that someone threw a spanner into their wee woke plans came as no surprise. The fact that it happened so quickly surprised even the nasty politicians responsible – they never even had time to run for cover, hence all the blame/onus shifting currently under way. Wait until the legal challenges start – you won’t see those responsible for dust.

  142. Mia says:

    “I want to understand exactly what the trans movement is all about”

    And I want to know why the hell male prostitutes are dictating policy in our parliament, are treated as VIP in our parliament, have our MSPs/MPs clapping at them like seals, and why our MPs/MSPs think to protect the fetishes and wants of male prostitutes and male rapists is far more important and urgent than protecting the wellbeing of children and the female population in Scotland.

    Who are the VIP clients of these male prostitutes and why do they have so much power over our MSPs?

    Are we here before another “black book” situation?

    How many of our MSPs, MPs and their spads/aids are compromised by this filth and potentially abusing their position in parliament to force legislation through that goes directly against the interests of the Scottish population, so those compromised individuals can protect their own reputation or sexual interests?

    I am of the opinion that there should be an public inquiry about this.

  143. Dan says:

    @ Bob Mack at 10:15 am

    I’ll give this old article and btl comments a bump as had some decent input and discussion from many folk.
    Sadly some are no longer with us after putting in a great deal of their time and effort over many years to the cause of returning Scotland to self-governing status.

  144. Anne Johnston says:

    I think SNP read the Revs’ articles every day to see what they have to spin. That transfer of the rapist seemed to coincide with this piece perfectly.

  145. Stoker says:

    SusanAHF says on 27 January 2023 at 8:49 am:
    “Stoker, Edinburgh has a women’s unit so will he get access to that?”

    Who knows, Susan? I wouldn’t rule out anything these days. And it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if he did. For some considerable time now it has seemed that criminals have more ‘Human Rights’ than the rest of us.

    Or they certainly get their “rights” respected far more than ordinary law-abiding folk do. I’m a believer in criminals losing *all* human rights when convicted of a serious offence. Can’t do the time don’t do the crime.

  146. Franck says:

    The misleading point about the “court order” to imprison was never corrected. Warrants to imprison don’t include ancillary conditions as to how the SPS are to house their guests. They are turned over to the SPS, who decide themselves what is best in the particular circumstances. A classic example of building a strawman argument (if you can call it that) on pillars of sand.

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