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Dawn Of The Imbeciles

Posted on May 09, 2021 by

The SNP collected slightly over 1 million list votes in Thursday’s election, which nevertheless elected just two list MSPs because SNP voters care about power for the SNP rather than about independence, and chose to let dozens of Unionist MSPs get seats rather than other pro-indy parties.

But the bigger tragedy is that one of those two was Emma Roddick.

Roddick (pictured above left, with infamously loathsome narcissist horrorshow Fiona Robertson) is a truly epic idiot, and if we were to start telling you why we’d end up with a post longer than this one. She only got to the top of the SNP list rankings because she has a mental illness called Borderline Personality Disorder (also more descriptively called Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder), and readers can decide for themselves if its symptoms sound like good traits for a politician to have:

(Personally we can barely think of a more unsuitable job for someone with BPD than being an MSP. It seems criminally reckless and irresponsible for the SNP to have put her in such a position.)

If her opening salvo as an elected representative is anything to go by, her unfortunate constituents are in for a rough few years.

Now, firstly that isn’t a disappointment because Joji is almost as appalling a dimwit as Roddick, but more to the point the tweet is based on a quite spectacularly brainless misunderstanding of how the list vote works, which is a bit disturbing from someone elected by the list vote.

 It’s based on this table (sorry for the poor image quality):

What Roddick has done, because she’s less intelligent than cheese on toast, is assume that because the SNP lost out to Labour for the last list seat in the North-East region by around 6500 votes, and Alba got a little over 8000 votes, then if Alba’s votes had gone to the SNP the SNP would have won the seat (and an overall majority).

But that’s not how the list works. It’s not a Single Transferable Vote system. The Alba votes would have been added at the START of the calculation process, and would immediately have been divided by 10 (along with the rest of the SNP vote, as you can see) because the SNP won nine constituency seats in the region.

So they’d only have added 819 votes to the SNP’s total, and the SNP would still have been in fourth place, thousands of votes behind Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems for the last seat. Anyone who’s read even a couple of sentences about the Holyrood electoral system would know that.

(To win the seat the SNP would in fact have needed over 210,000 list votes in the region, or 65,000 more than they actually got.)

But this, it breaks our hearts to tell you, is entirely typical of the standard of box-ticking identity-politics bonehead the SNP have chosen to carry the independence flame in this Parliament (because several others also made the same claim). We’ll all be lucky if they don’t burn the place to the ground with it in the first week.

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209 to “Dawn Of The Imbeciles”

  1. susanXX says:

    Scary, no not scary, instead disgusting that this waste of skin is considered suitable to be one of my regional MSPs. Abuse and temper tantrums when she doesn’t get her own way? How statesmanlike.

  2. Scott says:

    Can you please post a link for that table which shows vote tallies, for all the regions of Scotland? Thanks.

  3. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    Is your Google broken?

  4. Scott says:

    Borderline Personality Disorder is now called Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder. (It was previously thought to exist on the borderline between neurotic and psychotic)

    It shares a lot of “symptoms” with PTSD and is seen as untreatable in itself, only secondary illnesses like depression and anxiety are medicated for.

    One of the most problematic symptoms is ‘splitting’ – rapid change of opinion about someone or something…love/hate exist at the same time.

    I hope she can cope with the pressure that being a politician brings.

  5. susanXX says:

    I very much doubt it Scott, she’ll just be an embarrassment.

  6. As my granny used to say,

    `It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt`

    Miss/Mrs/Mizz Roddick might be grade 1 SNP stoopit but

    £65,000 a year for the next 5 years – £325,000 plus expenses,

    no that stoopit.

  7. jockmcx says:

    We have all been encouraged by by nicola sturgeon over the
    last seven years to talk to our no voting countrymen and
    women (sorry,countrypersons)…in order to show them indy is
    the way to go…so i have to ask… snp voters..

    What can you possibly say to me,an indy suppoter of 40 years
    as well as an snp voter for that time,that would make me
    support anything this horrible woman or her nasty party does.

    I can’t do it…Independence was about being better.
    it is worthless,if this is the kind of government and country we are to be.

    Why can’t you see what they are?
    It’s sickening!

  8. PhilM says:

    These troughers serve us up children’s paintings as if they’re really Picassos.
    Even though I was never a member in ye aulden times, I really feel Barrhead Boy’s pain when he reminisces about the old SNP, the one before it was turned into the North Korean People’s Marching Army of Presidential Excellence.
    As for Emma Roddick, surely she’s only towing the post-election party line that wants the scalpel to twist further into the beaten body of Alba. I’m not at all convinced she is that stupid…yet. Party politics will eventually make her as effortlessly brainless as John Mason…all in good time.

  9. Al-Stuart says:

    Good morning Rev.,

    Methinks you are going to struggle making Wings Over Scotland dormant whilst you take a well earnt sabbatical.

    Seriously, with the SNP List electing a cornucopia of roasters, you will be tempted beyond all resistance to start taking their inane and stupid ramblings apart and posting it on Wings, because…

    1). Forensically dissecting their cheese on toast can be delicious and tasty.

    2). There is a moral imperative to help educate the poor ordinary voter, the ones rushing about earning a living with 3 jobs to pay the taxes that fund these roasters. When ordinary members of the public start understanding the dishonesty and stupidity of Nicola and Co,, Alba will rise and rise.

    3). We should all be reporting these lying and/or stupid misleading McWoke MSP posts to Twitter/Facebook etc.and get them taken down. Plus have their authors banned. Take a leaf out of the transgender playbook. Ban the Sturgeonite McWoke MSPs like the BBC banned Alba. Great Karma.

    4). Report EACH AND EVERY LIE that these roasters come away with to the Holyrood authorities as material bringing the Scottish Parliament into disrepute.

    THAT is just for starters.

    Stuart, this really is an orchard full of low hanging fruit. Each time one of these monobrow Neanderthals comes away with their manure it means 100 to 200 ordinary voters realise they have been duped and move from SNP to Alba.

    The next set of elections isn’t that far away and we could do with getting down to work to get Alba representatives elected.

    Also, I think by the end of this year, AT LEAST ONE SNP MSP will have crossed the floor at Holyrood on point of principle.

    Once Alba have an MSP able to bypass the bias media and ask direct questions of Nicola Stagnant in the Holyrood Chamber, then that will be the beginning of the end of the McWoke SNP.

    All the very best Stuart and thank you for all that you do.

  10. robertknight says:

    Just another loyal Sturgeonite drone, ready to fall to their knees and worship at the feet of the Dear Leader. Lobby fodder says as lobby fodder does…

  11. Breeks says:

    In fairness, there seems little to suggest Roddick is any less of a strategic genius than Sturgeon is.

    Neither of them seem capable of rudimentary arithmetic, but then, there are so many zeros in a million wasted votes, it’s bound to be confusing, especially when you’ve so many zeros in the SNP.

  12. Wee Chid says:

    Al-Stuart says:
    9 May, 2021 at 5:15 am

    “Also, I think by the end of this year, AT LEAST ONE SNP MSP will have crossed the floor at Holyrood on point of principle.”

    Given their voting record on the Hate Crime Bill, i don’t know of any who have any principles so, unfortunately, I can’t see it.

  13. Carol Neill says:

    Good morning all as I wake up on my birthday , wings still here , my pair of wood pigeons canoodling on the fence , positive email from Eck in my inbox , going to see my mum for the first time in months , I still have a small spring of hope in my slippers 🙂

  14. Wee Chid says:

    Al-Stuart says:
    9 May, 2021 at 5:15 am

    “Also, I think by the end of this year, AT LEAST ONE SNP MSP will have crossed the floor at Holyrood on point of principle.”

    Given their voting record on the Hate Crime Bill, i don’t know of any who have any principles so, unfortunately, I can’t see it.

    As for Roddick’s lie – unfortunately people will believe it because they won’t even bother trying to work it out – they’ll just believe every word that comes out of her mouth. Imbeciles voted in by imbeciles.

  15. Wulls says:

    The “Both votes SNP” brigade are strangely quiet this morning.
    Wonder why ??????

  16. Ian says:

    Neat con job to have a voting system where a second vote, instead of this being used as an opportunity to vote for another Party as a signal that you don’t unreservedly support the first Party, means that when people do actually vote for the same Party on a second vote, in a fair system that would mean that people do unreservedly support the first Party that they voted for. It should therefore reinforce the first vote. We get the opposite where it penalises it. It’s no surprise that probably most folk think Scotland’s voting system is the former, supported as it is by the SNP, but having a voting system that the majority of voters simply don’t understand, combined with a system in Scotland that does the opposite of what it should (and is claimed to do) is just corrupt.

  17. Effigy says:

    Perhaps puting people with serious mental disorders into Holyrood
    is compensating for the lack of mental health facilities in the country?

    With £65,000 a years perhaps she can get private treatment?

    Mental. Just Mental!

    Perhaps we can search for a few misunderstood axe murderers who seem to be
    missing out on a political career here in Scotland?

  18. Dave M says:

    @Scott: BPD is actually treatable. It requires a specific type of intervention based on behaviour change rather than medication. With the correct treatment, BPD patients can and do recover. Why the SNP thinks it is a disability is beyond me.

  19. StanStan says:

    “…What do we want?”
    “when do we want it?”

    Based on the 2021 regional list vote it would seem that “NOW” is way too soon for those entitled to vote and who support the concept. The vast majority are simply in no rush, why else would they vote for the SNP and not ALBA!

    In hard vote numbers ALBA – 44,913 votes (1.6%)
    SNP – 1,094,374 votes (40.35%)
    Source –

    It’s clear that NS wants nothing to do with another referendum unless a “yes’ vote is certain and unfortunately that’s not coming out in the 2021 vote numbers.

  20. alzyerpal says:

    I have been diagnosed with BPD (among other things) and struggle to contain myself on twitter; if I were stupid enough to seek, and gain, election to Holyrood, Taggart would have to be on call 24/7.

    “Thur’s been ANOTHER murder.”

  21. Alibi says:

    If Alba is to survive, this bitterness and abuse needs to stop. Slagging off SNP voters and members, comparing them to North Korean drones, deprecating their intelligence, is not going to help achieve Indy, nor will it encourage many to join Alba. I was an SNP member until Saturday, when my membership expired, and so far I haven’t renewed it. I don’t much like the prevarication on Indy or the woke GRA shite, but neither do I like the constant abuse emanating from some Alba supporters. I was a strong supporter of AS & I think he has been treated disgracefully, but at the same time I can see that sadly he is tainted by the bad publicity, even though most of the reporting has been beyond biased. I don’t know how you get round that, but let’s see how he handles it. I get that Alba so far has been a damp squib electorally, but it is only in its infancy. Whether it grows or whether it withers is up to its members, and so far the social media reaction has done Alba no favours. I welcome a new party to the Indy movement and look forward to seeing what transpires, but concentrate on the real enemy. Remember most of the electorate are not that politically engaged.

  22. Hugh Jarse says:

    They’re here.
    Run for the hills.

  23. Big Jock says:

    Alibi- I wonder if you will still think this in 4 years time. When indy ref 2 hasnt happened, and the SNP continue with their weirdo policies.

    Time can do two things. Make you forget , or make you angrier. I think the anger will not be contained within blogs like Wings. It will spread to the general SNP voters. When they realise they didn’t vote for independence.

  24. Wee Chid says:

    Alibi says:
    9 May, 2021 at 7:19 am

    Tell that to Stewart MCDonald who won nobody over with his gloating tweet about Alex Salmond. We’ll never win over Britnats like him – and the SNP seems stuffed with them.

  25. Wee Chid says:

    Hoping “someone” will do an analysis of how many seats would have gone to Alba if the SNP list votes had been directed their way.( I know – I should do it myself, but I’ve got a shed to build today)

  26. Dave Sharp says:

    In amongst all the excitement, one nugget of consolation.

    At least a certain lazy,carpetbagging entryist who isnt too bothered about nepotism didnt get through on the list

  27. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I am in the dog house with my four university-educated daughters and my three adult university-educated grand-children, over ther Holyrood Election.

    My crime: I chose to spoil my Constituency vote, then compound what they see as that folly, by giving my List vote to ALBA. Apparently, I should have followed them by giving both votes to the SNP.

    In voting ALBA, led by: “that bigoted old sleeze-ball Salmond,” to quote my grand-daughter, I have shown myself to be: “an out-of-touch old mysoginist,” and have been exiled to my room in disgrace.

    When seven obviously intelligent people, all of whom say they want Independence, can get it so wrong, is there any hope for Scotland?

    If the Unionists can accept tactical voting in some constituencies – to halt the SNP, why cannot the Independence movement do the same?

    I thought tactical failures by Scotland had stopped with Ally MacLeod, or Craig Levein, apparently not. I fear, at 74, I will never live long enough to see Independence.

    If, in the face of this corrupt, lying, cheating Tory administration in London, we cannot persuade even half of Scotland to vote for Freedom – I fear we never will.

    I am very depressed this morning.

  28. ScottieDog says:

    I notice the SNP now peddling the “pro-indy majority”. The irony.
    The truth is Nicola is in her comfort zone with Annie and Murdo in opposition rather than people who effectively challenge her.

    The day got worse when I saw Paul Sweeny’s name on the list.. :’(

  29. Captain Yossarian says:

    Chas posted-up a week or so ago that the best outcome for Holyrood would have been a balanced adminiatration containing SNP, Labour, Tory and a few of all of the others.

    Spend the next 5-years delivering for Scotland and then we will all make up our minds who is best.

    All that I would add is that we need to get rid of James Wolffe and all the rest of the arrogant legal arseholes from Holyrood. They have no place there.

  30. Alba4H&I says:

    Roddick is going to be toxic. She was sacked from her staffer job at Holyrood before for being lazy, sleeping at her desk, lying on her CV, stinking after doing all nighters and coming straight into work, fabricating stories then briefing them to the whips, hacking an MSPs personal messages then giving them to the press and having a ‘close’ relationship with a married journalist. All in the space of three months. She has never held down a job for more than 3 months in her life but now she has been handed a 5 year job at £65k a year which she cannot be sacked from. You are right, she will burn the place to the ground in a week.

  31. Career Politician says:

    Its unbelievable how thick the Neo-politicians are.

    Until you realise they’re supposed to just shut up and do as they’re told…

  32. Luigi says:

    Wow – if you thought John Mason was an embarrassment to the party, it’s going to get a lot worse. The lunatics have taken over the asylum and the SNP leadership have only themselves to blame. Positive discrimination is anything but positive. Only a matter of time – the MSM are going to have a field day.

  33. Robert Louis says:

    My, my, Nicola has done a very good job of destroying the credibility of the SNP. With these ‘list’ folk elected, and all the wasted SNP second votes.

    To top it all, we have the seemingly cognitively-challenged Stewart McDonald, an SNP MP, literally mocking Alex Salmond. And here’s the problem, so far as that goes.

    Well, Steawrt McDonald, SNP, MP, here’s the thing, Alex Salmond actually WAS first Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond actually won a majority of seats for the SNP, Alex Salmond actually got a section 30, Alex Salmond actually hel;d a freaking independence referendum.

    What have you done for independence, Stewart McDonald, SNP,MP? I’ll tell you, sweet f*** all.

  34. robbo says:

    What we already knew was coming. The SNP betrayal.

    Update on Peoples Action on Section 30

    Dear Backers,

    So the election is over, the SNP have failed to gain a majority, they talk about putting forward the bill that they haven’t tested is competent or not and a legal battle between the Scottish Government and the UK Government is about to ensue (when the SNP eventually get round to their bill). That fight will be exactly the same one that this case was supposed to prevent, but due to the SNP opposing it at every turn, that question, which has festered for 22 years will now not be answered.

    It is questionable whether we will be able to overcome the difficulty of standing in the case, and we mere plebians who should not be attempting to stand in the shoes of parliamentarians (as the lord advocate on behalf of the Scottish Government said) may not be able to overcome that hurdle.

    The results for Mid-Scotland and Fife have not yet been returned, but it is likely that when they are, there will be 6 unionists on the list and the pursuer acting on your behalf (myself) will obviously not also become a parliamentarian to protect this case.

    We may not be able to progress further. I’ll be meeting with counsel this week to discuss next steps and if there is a route of appeal to the UK supreme court, and we will see what the plan of attack is, but you now need to know what could happen in the coming year because of all of this.

    I made an error over the last year or so, I put faith in the fact that a party that proclaims that “the people’s voice must be heard” would allow their voice to be heard and a very reasonable question to be answered. On that, I was grievously wrong. The Scottish Government have blocked this action at every point, which is a shame because it would not only have proven that the Scottish Parliament has the right to legislate for a referendum without a section 30 order, meaning that the UK Government would have had nothing to challenge, but it also makes such a challenge almost certain. What is for sure is that in the coming months, is that I, and you will be shoved under the bus by politicians for the purposes of covering their own backsides.

    My error was not to break from the normal rules of court and show you every document so you could see for yourself because I was trying to walk a fine line so as not to cause collateral damage for the movement by giving the unionists something to use against the SNP. For that, I apologise. However, I do not apologise for this action, because it was right and it was justified, even if those in political office want to act like children. You have all been an inspiration through this and I promise that I am not going to give up. I remember the pledge I gave you all at the start of this and I intend to see it through to the end, however far that goes.

    What I will say is that the warnings I have been giving for the past year and a half that the SNP were walking into a trap are now very real. When the UK Government challenges the SNP’s bill it cannot become law. It cannot gain royal assent. This is precisely what happened with the continuity bill. And while the SNP and the Tories are fighting it out in court I can almost guarantee that the tories will use that time to modify and pass legislation to take parts of the SNP bill out of the competency of the Scottish Parliament. The court having to rule on the law at the time, exactly the same scenario as happened with the continuity bill is likely to happen – the court will have to interpret the parts of the bill removed from competency by Westminster legislation as incompatible with devolution and consequentially the bill will be struck down.

    Or to put it in simple terms you’ve heard me use many times (and counsel) we’re about to face constitutional paralysis. I pray I am wrong but I don’t think I am.

    Anyway, I shall update you when I know more and heck, I can’t tell if I got 5 votes or 50,000 because it’s not been announced yet, but you never know – that rocket falling to earth might land on the table with all the ballots, open a chasm beneath them and we’ll have to re-run the mid-scotland and fife election. But I wouldn’t hold my breath. LOL

    For myself, the next steps are likely the UK Government and Lord Advocate coming after me for the fees for the other side when this is all said and done. No parliamentary seat, no protected expenses order. What I will say is that I would appreciate it if you could all stay out of this part of things – please respect that (because people have asked). If you involve yourself, you could open yourself to potential liability and I don’t want to see that happening. I knew what I was signing up for. I’ll face the consequences. Those consequences were what stopped any of the politicians becoming pursuers themselves.

    I shall, as usual update you when I know more. I hope you are all safe and well


    Martin Keatings

  35. John McNab says:

    There’s been a few comments on this forum recently about ‘disaffected’ MSPs crossing the floor from SNP to Alba, in breach of their electoral contract with voters. Well Alba seems to have proven to be truly Alex’s Last Big Adventure, and disaffection is equally conspicuous by its absence. It’s more likely that given current trends in the ‘independence movement’ (sic) the entirety of the pro-independence majority in Holyrood will now identify as women; even the women.

    The question now is, whither Scotland?

  36. Sara says:

    @Socrates MacSporran

    University education these days isn’t what it once was – then it was there to make you think.
    If your grand-daughter can call Salmond a sleaze-ball, I don’t think much of her reading skills or intelligence…no one could read/follow the case and call him that.

    No one comes close to Salmond in politics – in the UK not just Scotland.

    Console yourself that your intelligence is far greater than those in your household.

  37. Dorothy Devine says:

    It should be painfully obvious to any thinking being that the SNP whom one assumes understands the system and should therefore be advocating SNP1 and Green or ALBA 2 , do not want Independence .

    They want to be left in their cosy little Parish Council playing politics and introducing outrageous bills which are hidden from the public by a bought press.

    Socrates , I feel the pain of years passing too quickly for me to see my country free of Westminster and the better, fairer ,more prosperous country which I hope Scotland can become.

    The media have done a number on Alex Salmond and I am astonished by thinking beings who did not attend the trial , were not privy to the Defence councils evidence , who swallowed that number , and continue to swallow that number . Every insignificant interviewer and their ‘ when are you going to apologise …..’

    It really is about time the anonymity of the complainers was questioned, as I think there is a danger in that for ALL men not just Alex Salmond.

    I look forward to being really upset and offended by the BBBC in Scotland or STV or any newspaper so that I can sob my way to a police station and complain.

  38. panda paws says:

    @DaveM The definition of disability is

    “You’re disabled under the Equality Act 2010 if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities.”

    So BPD is disabilty, whether Roddick should be a MSP is quite another matter.

    The crying shame is that we lost Joan McAlpine and Paul Wheelhouse. Joan is reputed to have won the most members votes for list ranking not only in the South of Scotland but in all of Scotland. Paul Wheelhouse has an (unknown to me) disability but chose not to take advantage of it in the gerrymandered listing. Emma Harper did, leapfrogged over Joan and got the second of the 2 SNP list seats.

    Several women on twitter have said they would help crowdfund a legal challenge for Joan because as Jonathan Mitchell QC advised this gerrymandering is illegal and could cost the SNP a six figure sum if challenged in Court.

  39. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Wee Chid at 7:33 am.

    You typed,
    “Hoping “someone” will do an analysis of how many seats would have gone to Alba if the SNP list votes had been directed their way.( I know – I should do it myself, but I’ve got a shed to build today)”

  40. sog says:

    So would Narcissistic Personality Disorder also get a candidate to the top of the heap?

    No, don’t answer that.

  41. @Socrates MacSporran,

    FFS cut them out the will ,sell the house and give the money to Alba before they get their hands on it ,that`ll teach em 🙂

    Universities seem to be the breeding ground for anti-feminism and handmaidens of the patriarchy.


  42. highseastim says:

    Jeezo, you lot hurting much, get over it your a busted flush!!

  43. Laing b french says:

    Well all I can say to this outcome is Meh!..Meh!
    as I said previously I suspect the majority of SNP voters are indeed sheeples and do not and never will understand the scottish voting system. Tactics is not one of scottish peoples traits just brawn thinking a bit Culloden ish!
    I am very disappointed. On a good note Loyds of London won’t be returning back to Scotland lol!

  44. Garavelli Princip says:

    Ms Roddick sounds like Ms Sturgeon’s ideal MSP.

    As someone with a malignant narcissistic personality, Ms Sturgeon simply cannot afford to surround herself with highly intelligent, competent, people able to think for themselves, unless they repeatedly and publicly express undying admiration, devotion and loyalty to Ms Sturgeon – (about and for whom the whole movement exists) – in which case they are not highly intelligent, competent, people able to think for themselves.

    Ask Joanna Cherry!

  45. Robert Hughes says:

    Dave Sharp says:
    9 May, 2021 at 7:40 am
    ” In amongst all the excitement, one nugget of consolation.

    At least a certain lazy,carpetbagging entryist who isnt too bothered about nepotism didnt get through on the list ”

    Ah well , the SNPG will probably invent a generously-salaried new position for Mr Haile’s a Lassie .

    Minister for Enervated Weed Smokers or some such

    Qr maybe he’ll become an Anti White Fragility * Tsar *

  46. Big Jock says:

    Socrates- Just wait until Leslie Evans is dragged to a real court and Sturgeon as a witness. I prefer truth to popularity.

    If it’s any consolation , no-one believes me about Sturgeon either. Remember that a lie told in the press , spreads like a cancer.

    Alex will have his justice. If it removes Sturgeon from office, then thats also a victory for the yes movement.

  47. Mac says:

    So the SNP voters traded 1,100,000 regional votes for 2 SNP MSPs, one of whom is Emma Roddick, instead of for 20-25 Pro-Independence MSPs, with the Unionist parties soaking up all those lost ALBA regional MSPs that never were. Meaning about 18-23 extra unionist MSPs as well.

    And that is a ‘victory’ to the Sturgeon SNP. Wow.

    We really are dealing with imbeciles, hate-filled ones to boot. They do tend to go hand-h=in-hand.

    If the Rev does not retire I think these idiots will be providing a never ending supply of hilarity as the next five years are going to be a shit show of colossal imbecility.

    Pissing 1.1 millions votes against the shithouse wall and then fishing out the floating turd that is Emma Roddick as compensation heralds in the new SNP age, the Age of the Imbecile.

    All hail Nicola, Queen of the Imbeciles.

  48. Luigi says:

    Well folks you know what would really hurt the Scottish and British establishments? They may gloat now and they probably expect ALBA to fold soon. They still fear us however and all we have to do is keep going. I really hope Salmond and ALBA stay in the fight because there are going to be many unpredictable and unexpected twists and turns in the next couple of years. Council elections next year and under STV a real opportunity to destroy a few evil Yoon councils methinks. Hopefully the SNP will at last see the b benefits of an Alba Party fighting alongside. Probably not but heck we don’t need them anyway. All we need is time, organisation and a lot of effort. Furthermore the lock down cannot persist forever and folk will be out marching again. We can do this. Stay focussed and never give up. Don’t worry about the lunatics they will destroy themselves. They always do. 🙂

  49. `Death toll from Saturday’s girls school explosion in Afghan capital soars to 50 with 100 injured`

    poor wee souls.

  50. Patsy Millar says:

    Tried explaining the bias of the AS trial and the d’Hont system to two friends whom we ‘converted’ to independence in 2014 with absolutely no success. They were supporting Nicola and even if AS was found not guilty he was ‘still obviously a sleaze’.

    Independence in my lifetime? I’d almost bet two lifetimes wouldn’t let me see it.

  51. Big Jock says:

    BTW. Alba are holding a conference in June. I would urge all members to attend, or join the party. We have our eyes on the council elections next year.

    Remember independence is dead for 5 years. So let’s try and grow a new independence party, rather than wallowing in our grief.

    I listened to Tommy Sheridan and he always manages to lift my spirits. We have two choices. Forget independence, become a punter and watch Strictly and a zombie. Or get off our arses and fight for our country.

    Giving up is not an option for me. Its in my blood.

  52. Joseph Robinson says:

    WOW sorry cant bite my tongue here, but can we please be careful about how we discuss folks with mental health issues. Some of these comments are what id expect from trolls with nothing better to do. This is disgraceful.

  53. Robert Hughes says:

    highseastim says:
    9 May, 2021 at 8:28 am
    ” Jeezo, you lot hurting much, get over it your a busted flush!! ”

    ” You’re ” .

    If that’s the case why are you still hanging around like the proverbial noxious aroma ?

  54. Dan says:

    Swindler’s List – Episode 1 – The Chronicles of Roddick

  55. Stuart MacKay says:

    Socrates MacSporran:

    Chin up. Everyday just ask “Are we independent yet?”. At first they’ll think you’re getting a bit dottled but then the penny will finally drop.

    Everybody else:

    Anybody got any clue why the big disconnect between the reality here and the rest of Scotland’s. Sorry, the “Wings Bubble” effect doesn’t cut it. Why did nothing change since 2016? Why did all the women who wouldn’t wheest not only did so but apparently doubled down on Saint Nicola.

    Not picking a fight here, I’m genuinely curious. Routing around this damage and finding a way forward that works is going to need a deep understanding of why the political anoraks are so out of touch with electorate. Don’t bother with the “they’re stupid” response. The whole point of the process is to persuade the them to buy what’s on offer. That obviously failed.

    To get the ball rolling. I’m thinking it’s a mix of apathy and covid. People faith in politics is probably at an all time low. As a result “not much change” is really a damage limitation exercise. Unfortunately that tell me that radical change like independence is really not on the cards despite what people say.

  56. Ottomanboi says:

    Do the math! Unfortunately, the punters didn’t.
    The independence keys are in the door…
    What door’s that then?

    ALBA is a necessary reminder to the powers in office what their priority rationale is.
    It will have plenty of opportunity to do so.
    If the leader doesn’t lead then ALBA must.

  57. Breeks says:

    Alibi says:
    9 May, 2021 at 7:19 am

    … I was a strong supporter of AS & I think he has been treated disgracefully, but at the same time I can see that sadly he is tainted by the bad publicity, even though most of the reporting has been beyond biased…

    You were, were you?

    They said William Wallace was an outlaw and a ("Tractor" - Ed), then had him hung, drawn and quartered. They said Robert the Bruce was a murderer and had him excommunicated for it. They derided the Scottish Jacobites as “rebels” as they slaughtered them and dismantled their Highland culture. It’s what “they” do. It’s what “they’ve” always done.

    Alex Salmond is a grand strategist and international statesman, and in a fairer Scotland, a free Scotland, he would be celebrated as the father of an Independent Scotland. Not based on fictions or image as vetted and approved by an occupier’s media, nor popularity in rigged opinion polls, but because he’s extraordinarily good at what he does and Scotland’s enemies revile him for it, for daring to disrupt their unchecked, grasping exploitation of Scotland.

    I hope history will judge Alex Salmond more accurately and much kinder than the pack of jackals and charlatans infesting the SNP and Scottish “media”, who are nothing more than opportunistic parasites, cynically exploiting all of us who want to Scotland freed from unconstitutional colonial subjugation.

    Just imagine how many of those red and blue Tories taking their List seats in Holyrood might have been ALBA party Independendists resolved to terminating the Union. Alex Salmond would have made it so, and Scotland would have been free. Fuck Sturgeon, parasite in chief, and her conceited “both votes SNP” for it’s petty ignorance and greed, who have delivered nothing except another indefinite stay of execution for the Treaty of Union. She’ll be the toast of Westminster yet again. Becoming quite a habit now…

    Fall back into line and drink the SNP Koolaid? Nah. I’d rather spit it in Sturgeon’s face, and that’s with or without ALBA’s approval or endorsement.

    People should remember… For as long as a hundred of us remain alive … Alex Salmond would stand in that hundred, and so would I. I believe the future, or the failure, of ALBA will depend on whether they also stand firm on that principle. Not cuddling up to rotten, corrupt and compromised SNP party infested with so many thieves of Scotland’s destiny.

  58. Franky says:

    Ok, all you SNP voters, what happens now?

    Nicola is back where you wanted her.

    It was you lot who wanted this mythical Supermajority.

    It was you lot who attacked anybody who even suggested Voting for Sarwar in her Constituency Vote. They were labelled as Yoons, 77th and other strange childish names.

    So you have got your way, what’s the next move?

    Or have we to just sit and wait?

    Or are you just going to just go on to Wings and call the very people you voted for, all the thick perverted Bastards under the sun?

    You lot are the thick hypocritical nutcases the SNP lap up.

  59. Meg merrilees says:

    My niece is a highly intelligent, forensically analytical, practising engineer. She is strongly pro Indy and voted Yes in 2014. Ardently wants Indy and is fairly politically aware. Her partner and his brother both voted ALBA but not her.
    We had a conversation a couple of weeks ago about voting intentions and I was shocked that she was SNP both votes. She understands D’Hondt and she could see the aim for a supermajority but I could tell she was uncomfortable discussing it.
    I did press her further and she eventually admitted that she couldn’t support someone who had behaved SO inappropriately towards women and there were more important things just now e.g. the recovery from Covid.
    I tried going over some of the court case and AS defence, his being cleared of charges doesn’t matter because he behaves inappropriately. GRA isn’t really a threat. She didn’t know about the missing £600,000 and I urged her to do some research.

    I guess being in her thirties makes her feel that there is more time ahead to gain Indy but I was genuinely shocked.
    Is this how the younger generation are thinking?

  60. ALANM says:

    Now we sit back and watch the game of “let’s pretend” play out. Nicola Sturgeon will pretend she’s going to deliver independence and Boris Johnson will pretend he’s going to block it. Five years from now we’ll be no further forward. By then, many of the stalwarts who’ve dedicated their lives to building the movement will have fled the country in despair or in fear of being locked up for saying the wrong thing or holding an illegal opinion.

  61. Big Jock says:

    Stuart- The majority of people are consumers of news, not seekers of truth. The MSM can create their own reality. Subliminally punters soak up the narrative.

    People like us pointing out an alternate reality, cannot break through the resistance of their cognitive dissonance. Its like passing in the wind.

    They chuck it back in our faces, because they can’t deal with something so disruptive to their internal reality.

    You have to drag people kicking and screaming to the truth. Nicola relies on misinformation to hide the truth. She has created the Nicola bubble.

    Maybe the Lesley Evans Court case will burst that bubble. It might take legal prosecutions before people realise what is actually going on.

    This morning SNP 2 voters are still blaming Salmond. He didn’t take one list vote off the SNP. They handed the yoons 20 seats. Nicola wanted this. She created this result.

    That tells you everything you need to know about what she is.

    Alba will not be silenced. We will grow , and the truth will out in time. The reality is that independence is dead for this term of government. We shouldn’t hide from that, nor should we despair.

    Its exactly where we thought we would be. This is the last SNP government. She knows that, we know it.

    Alba need to be ready to fill the void.

  62. BLMac says:

    Welcome to the Matriarchy.

  63. Meg merrilees says:

    Breeks count me in that cohort of one hundred.
    The dream will never die!

  64. Stephen says:

    SNP2 was a wasted vote as your picture nicely illustrates.
    It squeezed out any hope for Alba and shows that the most dominant emotion within Nicola Sturgeon is a visceral hatred of Alex Salmond.

  65. ScottieDog says:

    “ Council elections next year and under STV a real opportunity to destroy a few evil Yoon councils methinks. Hopefully the SNP will at last see the b benefits of an Alba Party fighting alongside. ”

    I’m not so sure especially given that AS will take Leslie Evans to task and hopefully get justice at last. The MSM having all but destroyed his reputation already will use that as a stick to beat ALBA, as will the SNP.

    Through no fault of his own AS has become ALBA’s X factor and also it’s Achilles. The SNP is like an impermeable political membrane which stands between the people of Scotland and independence and of course the media help to reinforce that membrane.

    If, and it’s a very big if, the SNP/green coalition got us to the negotiating table with the U.K. it would be a bloodbath. We’d have given most of scotland away before we even started, not to mention paying them some ‘solidarity’ fee. Our dear leaders would shrug and say that’s what we wanted.

    We need people like salmond, Cherry, McCaskill etc to negotiate independence for Scotland.

  66. Mia says:

    I have something to say to this lady:

    1. What exactly makes you think all us Alba voters would have voted for the SNP if Alba did not exist?

    2. What exactly makes you think you can just count our votes as if they ever were SNP votes? They were not, they are not and they will not be.

    If you were even moderately aware of what is around you, you would have realised that Mr Salmond did your boss a favour. Yes, despite all what she put him through, he still proved to be the better person of the two and put country before himself for the sake of independence, in contrast with your boss, who always puts her own overinflated ego before anything else and always chooses tactics that push independence down the road.

    Mr Salmond managed to get quite a few extra votes for the SNP in the constituency that otherwise would become spoiled ballots or go somewhere else. I am still waiting for your acknowledgement of that and for your thanks to the Alba voters for lending your undeserving party their constituency votes.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Not that the party that your boss has completely eviscerated as an independence party deserves the favour. But still Mr Salmond did it for the sake of a supermajority that would have accelerated independence. A supermajority that your boss together with her praetorian guard were so keen to trash by preserving the seats of the unionists. The arrogance of your boss, her total contempt for independence and her treating of voters as cannon fodder to massage her ego, simply deliberately destroyed that supermajority by asking SNP1 and SNP2. All because she could not possible stand having ALBA represented in the Holyrood chamber demonstrating just how little appetite for independence she actually has and how mediocre as a leader she is.

    If an average person like me with a calculator can work out that the SNP would lose most of the list seats this time round, so could her, so could Smith, so could the expensive advisers she is paying with our taxpayers’ money and frankly so could you, if you only had the interest to do so.

    Well, by asking SNP1 and SNP2, Nicola Sturgeon simply deliberately threw over one million votes in the bin. And in doing so she allowed the unionists to keep her seats. Perhaps this was her purpose after all. I cannot think in any other reason.

    Are you going to ask from her to apologise to the SNP voters for destroying their possibilities of a supermajority and for using their votes as at tool to preserve the unionists’ seats as she used previously our yes votes to preserve the union and to force on us toxic policies?

    It is always so easy to look at the bit of dust in the eye of the neighbour but so difficult to actually look at the chunk of wood that is in your own. To criticise Alba for handing over their votes to the SNP in the constituency but to ignore the fact that yourself and your boss have in fact asked over one million SNP voters to waste their SNP list votes so the unionists could keep their presence in Holyrood and so Johnson can continue denying us the referendum is profoundly dishonest.

    I do not know what makes these people, and you, think that our votes are disposable.

    Just in case you did not realise yet, some of those Alba voters in the list only voted SNP with a peg in the nose and containing their impulses to vomit because Mr Salmond asked them to do it. Those people, in the absence of ALBA would have spoiled their ballot or actually voted for another party. So their list votes are not for your party’s to consider its votes. They are not. Your party ALREADY lost those votes and will lose even more when all that one million SNP voters who wasted their list votes in the altar of your boss’ ego, realise what your boss and you were asking them to do.

    So it is about time you left the arrogance aside and start to be grateful to those ALBA voters for their generosity lending their constituency vote, morally quite difficult, to the SNP.

    Those generous voters do not include me, by the way. I could not resist the impulse to vomit when attempting to put a cross near to the SNP, peg or no peg. When my pen got anywhere near that square, suddenly, the corruption, the disloyalty to Mr Salmond, the insulting way Sturgeon kept in post the most incompetent permanent secretary in Scotland’s history, the hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ funds used in her narcissistic exercise to block the only person that the SNP can call a leader in the last 20 years, the way, under her watch, she allow the ring fenced money to disappear, the contempt shown to yes voters by denying us our democratic mandate for indyref and our democratic mandate to remain in the EU, her contempt for women forcing on us such toxic policies to erode our rights, her contempt undermining our popular sovereignty and handing over our powers to Westminster came rushing through to my mind like a furious tornado.

    You can confidently say that 2019 was the last time the SNP saw my vote. I will not vote SNP in 2024 for the single reason that if there is still a GE in 3 years’ time, it will be because despite having all the majorities and votes they have ever needed to progress the cause of independence, under your boss they have deliberately failed to do so and therefore deliberately failed to fulfil the main reason why I have ever lent them my vote.

    In conclusion, I do not know what makes you think our vote for Alba in the list is transferable to the SNP when if Alba did not exist, I would have spoiled it before endorsing a disembowelled party that is so rotten morally and democratically that still keeps the most corrupt FM of Scotland’s history, an individual that appears to be allergic to independence, as “leader”.

    Have a nice day.

  67. Breeks says:

    pixal says:
    9 May, 2021 at 9:12 am

    the Alba party line was “SNP 1 Alba 2” not “no votes SNP”

    you lost Alba this election, own it

    Get is right. The ALBA party line was Maximise the YES, Both Votes YES.

    But thanks for proving my point and skewing the narrative to smear the only Party trying to deliver Independence. Which are you pixel, a parasite or a jackal? Same difference really.

    The Both Votes SNP just squandered a million votes and let the Tories and Labour back into Holyrood. Are the SNP going to “own” that? Of course the fuckers won’t. Selling out Scotland is what they do, and the twisted fucks are even proud of it.

  68. Franky says:


    You don’t hauf talk a lot of fuckin shite mate.

    How did your plan to vote SNP and to tell everybody we know to vote SNP work out?

    Al Stuart, 5.15am

    That’s an awful lot of reporting and grassing you are doing there Al.

    Of course you’re an expert at that int ye Al?

    How many grassin emails have you sent off to the Rev?

  69. Gordon Gekko says:

    ” We’ve now had two Scottish elections where a new pro-independence party win the election ”

    Let’s rephrase that with the truth

    We’ve now had two Scottish elections where a new pro-Brussels to run Scotland party win the election.

    Brussels will set the budgets and thus determine how Scotland will use their skills and real resources. So not independence at all.

    There’s not a thing you can do about it. You are going to get mugged and you can’t even see it.

    Welcome to the world of fiscal surveillance.

    Scottish voters are now pro austerity as long as Brussels do it.

    The Brexiverse when the right acted like the left and left turned into the liberal elite – The Tories stole left wing clothes spend, spend, spend, spend whilst the left hugged and kissed Brussels austerity.

    See North East of England for details or just keep burying your heads in the sand and stick yer arse in the air.

    The working-class revolt against Labour nails it.

    The real issue is Indy think Tanks think they have more power than they actually have. You thought you could convince voters to vote for Alba – See the power you have is not what you think.

    Bella, Common weal are the same you all have very little power.

    So even if you do see the real dangers of EU membership there isn’t a god damn thing you can do about it. It is delusional to believe otherwise.

    The only thing that stops fiscal surveillance from being implemented by Brussels in Scotland now is it We lose the next referendum.

  70. Meg merrilees says:

    Carole Neill @6.23

    Happy Birthday and have a lovely day with family. Scotland is still here and we will get out of the rabbit hole eventually.

  71. Captain Yossarian says:

    I notice the forensic MSP from Dumbarton held her seat comfortably in the end.

    What Nicola Sturgeon would do to get rid of her right now……

  72. robbo says:

    Carol Neill says:
    9 May, 2021 at 6:23 am
    Good morning all as I wake up on my birthday , wings still here , my pair of wood pigeons canoodling on the fence

    Well Carol Neill. Happy Birthday.

    My two widdies were having a wee tiff this morning and flapping wings at each other on my neighbours roof. Whether that was a wee fall out because one was for Alba and one for SNP I don’t know. Anyhow looks like none of them will sow their oats this morning. Think the marriage is off for a wee bit with them. No doubt they’ll make up, lol

    SNP and ALBA on the other hand I doubt it. The woman is Medusa without any of the beauty, but plenty of snakes around her head.

  73. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Meg Merilees

    Thanks for that. Your experience rather mirrors mine.

    I have no doubts, the msm and in particular the BBC are defending Sturgeon, they do not see her as a threat to the status quo.

    Also, they denied ALBA any publicity – had Eck been on the debates and able to get striaght into the muppets, ALBA would have soared.

    My lot were not interested in the missing £600,000 either. They would simply not consider SNP 1 – ALBA 2. I am convinced, come Holyrood 2026, we will be no closer to an Independence referendum – this gives ALBA five years to hammer home the message. Mind you, perhaps by then, they will be taking-on the SNP in the constituencies as well.

    I would suggest Eck has been fatally holed by the msm. If he can nail Leslie Evans, this position might change. But, while he still has a key role to play behind the scenes for ALBA, maybe it is time for Kenny McAskill to become the face of the party.

    Eck should maybe “do a de Gaulle, retire to Striche-les-deux-Eglises, write his memoirs and secure his true legacy.

    However, ALBA MUST DO what the SNP has failed to do – properly cost Independence.

    This will mean forensic research, establishing once and for all, how much Scotland subsidises the UK, and proving how false all the UK pish such as GERS is.

    Put together a workable currency plan, and push the advantages of EFTA over the EU.

    I would also be pushing the case for Scotland joining the Nordic Council – this would give additional international leverage to the Independence case.

  74. Meg merrilees says:

    Gosh – it looks like the ‘strangers’ on this website must have been given a day off post election and are now putting in a shift. Same old, same old.

  75. Stephen says:

    Captain Yossarian
    It doesn’t matter how forensic, pertinent and to the point the questioning is.
    Nicola does not answer it.
    And the sheep don’t call her to account.

    The forensic member for Dumbarton is like a voice calling in the wilderness and would as well be dumb for all the real effect she has.

  76. J Galt says:


    Yes a “University Degree” now is the equivalent of a Higher National Certificate from say Stevenson College in the late 1970s. Probably in a few years they’ll just hand them out on “Fresher’s Day” and be done with it.

  77. Gordon Gekko says:

    If you want fiscal surveillance implemented in Scotland by Brussels then you are insane. Mad as a box of frogs.

    Realise Andrew Wilson and Nicola Sturgeon holds all the power. You don’t have any.

    Well you do that’s not fair. Indy think tanks have a little bit of power at the fringes.

    They’ll steam roll right over the top of all of you like they’ve done a dozen times already. There isn’t a thing you can do about it.

    The simple truth is fiscal surveillance implemented by Brussels WILL be implemented in Scotland if we win independence under the Greens and the SNP and Alba.

    You can lie about it you can try and fudge it but that is the truth. Wings is supposed to be about telling the truth.

  78. John McNab says:

    Gordon Gekko at 9.36am

    “ Let’s rephrase that with the truth. We’ve now had two Scottish elections where a new pro-Brussels to run Scotland party win the election.”

    Ain’t that the truth, Sir! While the Great Helmswoman preens herself on achieving the most votes ever, much of them will have been garnered from the increasing constituency of what I call secessionist/remainers who want to punish the UK voters for leaving membership of the EU and see it as a way to indulge their supranationalist fantasy.

  79. Meg merrilees says:

    Gave a cheer when Jacquie Baillie was returned. Let’s hope Sarwar gives her a suitable role and I’m looking forward to Murdo’s contributions as well.
    Alex has said that he may step down as leader although he very much wants ALBA to continue. He’ll decide after the June conference.

  80. Davie Oga says:

    I’m going to be positive today despite my better judgement. Time was bought yesterday that’s all. Time for the union, time for the criminals at the heart of the SNP. A little time was bought using a corrupt wee electoral system designed to keep Jock in the box. That’s all. All that effort, criminality, expenditure, media black out etc. It just bought them a little time.

    No majority was inevitable. The system is designed to prevent it, it suits the devolutionist imposter in Bute House, it suits Westminster, it suits Scottish unionists.

    I had €1570 on No majority on Betfair at prices between 2.4 and 1.67 that returned €3200 plus €150 @ 1.85 on 365 and €150 @ 1.67 on smarkets

    I was close to going against Robertson in Edinburgh Central at 6.25 but what tipped it for me is the fact that he’s a friend of the security services and his wife is…. (can’t say anything more about that can we). In the end I thought he was a cert and managed to get about 800 on him at 1.39 and 1.3. Also found a crazy 1.12 on Sturgeon to win her seat but I could only get €100 on it.

    The last couple of years have been the most depressing, disgusting, example of unchecked power in government that I can recall in my lifetime.

    I wish I still cared enough to do something about it, but I don’t live in Scotland and I certainly would not move my wife and child to somewhere that will make us poorer with a significantly lower quality of life.

    In fact I have no intention of returning to Scotland until The SNP are no longer in power because I’m afraid that I will be imprisoned for things that I have tweeted.

    My wife and I were talking about it yesterday. We live in Ireland because she was refused entry to the UK five years ago. Like everyone else, we’ve been locked in the house for a year, but in Ireland we are cash rich. My business has been comprehensively destroyed and we’ve never been wealthier. Fantastic state support by the way.

    Anyway, she has Irish status now and suggested that when the restrictions are lifted we go over to see some family and show my daughter where I grew up. I had to explain that it’s no longer possible for me to return. That I exposed the criminality of the wife of a minister in the next government on twitter and I’m afraid that I will be arrested as soon as I step off the boat from Belfast. Fortunately she’s from a country that has been ruled by either the military or total thieves for most of it’s existence so she understands these sort of things

    I’m not an ex ambassador with social media skills and no previous convictions either!
    I’ll go downtown on the fast train to the big hoose in Riddrie quicker than I can say “What do you mean what gender am I?”

    A question and a statement for any SNP types here?

    Is it possible to self ID as an irrelevant political exile in the SNP’s shiny progressive Scotland?

    And, constitutional issues aside.

    It’s all about pussy for me. The look, feel, touch, and taste of pussy. Real pussy too. Not some imitation, designer pussy, carved from other cells or grown in a test tube, in a “style” that you’ve chosen in some NHS Scotland brochure. Won’t have the smell pal. And the smell is part of the real pussy, which is part of the real woman.

    No God given natural pussy and you are not, and never will be a woman to me.

    I’ll treat you like anyone else, I’ll call you whatever name you choose. I’d be the guy that would step up to defend you if you were being attacked while everyone stood by and watched. But I will not be told what to say and think thank you. Up is down, black is white, might work on your electorate but they don’t fool people not exposed to your propoganda.

    Looking in from outside, Scotland appears as a half Bantustan, half ex Soviet Republic with the resultant corruption and weirdo, incompetent rulers enthralled to the dominating power. Who knows how it ends up.

    I’ve never felt more distant to the nation that begat me but the only thing certain in life is change. (I know I stole it from Hereclites)

    Good to see Wings here this morning.

  81. The sneering and gloating from many in the SNP, including some of their elected representatives has been a real eye-opener. They’ve conveniently forgotten that they owe their salaries, pensions and gold-plated expense accounts to the man who transformed them from a protest party into a vote-winning powerhouse, breaking Labour’s iron grip on Scotland in the process.

    Careerists and trough-swillers the lot of them.

  82. Lost says:

    So the “Both Votes SNP” strategy didn’t work. Who’da thunk it, eh?

    One thing is clear we’re at that stage of pinning a yellow rosette on a donkey and it would be elected.

    One moment I’m swinging from relief/being pissed/apathy.

    Already the excuses are in for not delivering Independence Ref straight away’ economic recovery’ blah, blah, blah.

    I wouldn’t put it past the SNP to blame the voters for not getting a majority, despite the message being “Both Votes SNP”. If its not them it’s the big bad Boris Johnson.

    Let’s sit back and watch the excuses trundle out.

  83. Dave Hansell says:

    Alibi, 07:19 am,

    It would seem reasonable to point out from the available evidence that all the bile you talk about is in the opposite direction to that you are portraying.

    Over the best part of the last half century we have lost a lot of skills and experience in these islands to the point that the only remaining stand out skill is that of extracting the urine – and there’s plenty of meat on that bone at present to feed skilled exponents of that art like the author of this blog site.

    As matters stand it would perhaps be best if you directed your efforts in this regard to those charletans and those who doff their caps and tug their forelocks to them whose consistent actions and behaviours mark them out as being insufficiently mature to cope with objective reality and any opinion which does not accord with their own rather than wasting your efforts on a few mild, in term of actual harm done, piss takes.

    Fact is if you don’t actually stand up and tell people the consequences of their actions, particularly when you put them in positions in which their decisions can harm a great many people including yourself you become part of the problem rather than part of the solution. To use the analogy from an old soap advert, responsible action requires that if someone has B.O. you tell them so rather than let everyone else suffer.

    The practical outcome and reality of where we are now cannot only be credited to those who are not fit for purpose (what we used to refer to in the army as ‘US’ – Unserviceable) who have now been given a further blank check to do more harm than good but also those who put them there who should be constantly reminded of their own responsibility for shoving us all into the isocracy.

    On which subject it would seem reasonable to ask Socrates MacSporran whether or not the MacSporran household, which has obviously spent a great deal of their time working to earn the money to put family members through higher education, whether or not they have engaged legal council to obtain a refund in all cases?

    On the evidence Mr Socrates has already provided on this site there would seem to be reasonable grounds for optimism that such an action would succeed.

  84. Franky says:

    For all you posting telling us how really really bad Nicola Sturgeon and her cult are, there was some of us on Wings who knew all that long before the 6th of May.

    Glad to see the slow thinkers are catching up.

    Jesus fuck.

  85. Daisy Walker says:

    Socrates MacSporran says: ‘I am very depressed this morning’

    I am taking great comfort from the fact that nothing good is ever wasted.

    However I do think we are banging our heads against a brick wall playing a rigged game.

    This is a very necessary time to step away from the telescope and turn it all the way round.

    And while we do so, the SNP/Greens and your grand daughters – need to Own their Victory.

    What are they doing to save Scotland.

    With regards the Rev’s article as thick as she is, I believe this is going to be (and has been) the party line. Alba splitting the indy vote.

    They are going to want to keep pushing that line from now on – a little difficult for them with no Alba elected – however they need to keep it going until the GE. Prevent anyone crossing the floor.

  86. Davie Oga says:

    You better lay off Roddick Stu. With her CV you could be getting stuck into the new justice minister there. Tread carefully, lol

  87. Dave Hansell says:

    Idiocracy, not isocracy.

  88. Gordon Gekko says:

    Snap out of this delusion. Stop trying to deny it. Right now Fiscal surveillance cannot be stopped if we win independence.

    Who’s going to stop it ?

    You won’t you couldn’t even get voters to vote for Alba in this election.

  89. Franky says:

    I’m learning very quickly how to hate my country.

    Totally pissed of with it.

    NOT Voting for the SNP should have been a No Brainer.


  90. robertknight says:

    What Roddick and the like fail to appreciate is that if it wasn’t for AS promoting the SNP 1 ALBA 2 strategy, the likes of me would’ve either stayed at home, or adopted SPOIL 1 ALBA/ISP 2.

    So all the Constituency votes the SNP picked up because of ALBA voters like me would’ve gone asking. As it stands, the SNP likely picked up 40,000+ votes on the Constituency due to ALBA voters and Roddick has the brass neck to complain. Muppet!

  91. Patsy Millar says:

    @Captain Yossarian, the % increase in Jackie Baillie’s vote was almost identical to the % decrease in the Conservative vote and a lot of her election funding came from Conservatives and ‘Anonymous’. The SNP candidate ran a very good campaign but had no chance against that kind of tactical voting.

  92. John Martini says:

    Getting beat by a worthy opponent is bad enough but getting beat by that lot must really hurt.

    Facts as you are finding out are irrelevant in a pist-truth world.

    If I was you I would give up.

  93. Robert Graham says:

    Alex is on LBC shortly

  94. Ottomanboi says:

    The British are supposed to have more political savvy than most. However, in reality, they simply mark a piece of paper and imagine that’s democracy, just like all the rest.
    Rather infantile, but that’s the way the system wants it.
    Just sign here, dont trouble yourself about the details and that small print stuff.
    Trust us, we’re politicians…very likely in the pocket of some mega rich «humanitarian».
    If ever a group needed constant 24/7 oversight.
    Wings, ALBA….more power!

  95. Mac says:

    I always find it is the people who say they know he was stitched up who trot out the ‘mud sticks’ stuff about Alex Salmond.

    It is you fuckers who make the mud stick.

    Fuck your SNP voters. I could not give less of a fuck what they think, want or like at this point.

  96. Dan says:

    @ Meg merrilees

    It is very dissapointing to read about the reasons some folk give as to their voting actions.
    If yer niece is so switched on and concerned with inappropriate behaviour then why the hell did she vote SNP at all.
    There are many accounts of inappropriate behaviours relating to sexual interactions by many still in the SNP that have been glossed over or covered up.
    Plenty screwing around, touching folk up etc.
    Are these abusive behaviors only deemed an issue by principled people if they are carried out by certain individuals whilst others get a free pass.

    Unless she was in North East Region she wouldn’t actually be voting for Alex, she’d be voting for the local candidates.
    EG. In Mid-Scot & Fife Region the choice between the SNP or Alba ranked 1 candidates was either SNP – Stefan Hoggan-Radu, or for Alba – Eva Comrie, who I understand is a lawyer specialising in family law who was initially ranked 1st on the SNP List. So she had passed SNP vetting and was deemed suitable and more worthy than Stefan, but she decided to move over to Alba.

    Bottom line is most folk didn’t have a fuckin clue who they were voting for, or the policies their respective Parties are pushing for because they lacked the gumption to check the candidates credentials.
    Scotland has a switched on electorate my arse…

  97. @J Galt,

    Stevenson College was my Alma Mater

    i got my city and guilds for mechanical engineering at Stevenson,

    when apprenticeships meant something not like these `modern apprenticeships` which is just cheap labour for the `man`,

    we used to look down on Ramsay Tech which was more for the lesser trades :),

    universities are just money making businesses, quantity not quality,

    Edinburgh university is a multi £billion business,

    would like to find out how much our taxes go to Edin Uni just to produce a bunch of eejits with a degree in Social Sciencies a privileged attitude and a nose ring.

  98. Gordon Gekko says:

    Stop chasing Squirrels.

    Drop the EGO. The battle of look it’s a man, now it’s a women , no it’s transgender is over.

    It finished months ago but you can’t let it go. Drop it like a load of bricks and move on.

    How you stop fiscal surveillance from being implemented in Scotland by Brussels. Is the most important issue of our times. Most important issue for the last 100 years.

    So what are your plans to stop fiscal surveillance ?

    Do you have anything concrete ?

    Or is it stand with your fingers crossed behind your back ?

    The only way to stop it right now today is to lose another referendum vote. That is simply unacceptable.

  99. Onlooker says:

    Emma Roddick? Fiona Robertson? Various other lunatics and arseholes? Their relationship to Nicola Sturgeon?

    Well, it’s easy to shine in shite.

    Scottish politics is finished.

  100. Franky says:

    The best plan should have been to take a hit at this election.

    It would have meant a Yoon majority, but at least we would have voted the SNP out of office.

    But the selfish SNP 1 Voters just couldn’t wait another five years, so they went for broke and voted for the SNP, hoping ALBA would have some kind of influence over the SNP.

    Now any idiot could see that was never going to happen.

    So, all those who wanted Sturgeon and the SNP to remain in power, this is your baby, and by the stench coming from Bute House, I think it needs it nappy changed.

  101. Allium says:

    SNP office holders are now more like late-era, erratic, highly troubled Big Brother contestants. Yes, expect Roddick to have a senior cabinet role within months. Probably finance. Then FM. Angus was a decoy, this superb politician really is the Chosen One.

  102. MaggieC says:

    Mrs Blinkty blink is on the Marr show just now .

  103. Big Jock says:

    The majority of Scots, even yes supporters. Are not sophisticated enough
    to understand D’Hont.

    This suits the SNP. It suits WM. The reality will kick in, when GE 2024 comes along, and Nicola asks for another mandate.

    The SNP will do badly. Not fatal. The fatality will come in 2026.

  104. Scott says:

    Gordon Gekko says:
    9 May, 2021 at 10:03 am

    Stop chasing Squirrels.

    Drop the EGO. The battle of look it’s a man, now it’s a women , no it’s transgender is over.

    It finished months ago but you can’t let it go. Drop it like a load of bricks and move on.

    How you stop fiscal surveillance from being implemented in Scotland by Brussels. Is the most important issue of our times. Most important issue for the last 100 years.

    So what are your plans to stop fiscal surveillance ?

    Do you have anything concrete ?

    Or is it stand with your fingers crossed behind your back ?

    The only way to stop it right now today is to lose another referendum vote. That is simply unacceptable.

    Did you sit on your keyboard?

  105. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Marr cannot help himself – still promoting Project Fear. The BBC will never change.

    I look forward to an Independent Scotland telling the BBC to GTF and establishing a Scottish Broadcasting Corporation.

  106. Stephen says:

    Our anodyne democracy only works when the government’s powers are strictly limited and individual liberties are protected and respected.
    That’s why some of us are objecting so strongly to the Hate Crimes Bill and GRA, etc.
    They represent government overreach.

  107. Breeks says:

    Gordon Gekko says:
    9 May, 2021 at 10:03 am
    Stop chasing Squirrels.

    Chasing squirrels eh?

    The SNP has just progressed from interminable procrastination on Independence to now physically subverting a pro Independence initiative to break six years of deadlock and actually secure Scottish Independence, and you just want us to look the other way? Move along, nothing to see. Aye righto.

    I utterly revile the SNP now, truly despise them. Their only competence is hiding their own ineptitude.

  108. Lothianlad says:

    Excellent analysis rev.

    Being a fucking bampot and/or a careerist pervert, is a must have to qualify to be an SNP candidate!

    Whilst an independence supporter, My other half used to refer to the SNP as the special needs party.
    Many a true word said in jest!

    I would mind these dad individuals wanting to to get o in life, but fucking up the independence cause is far too high a price!

    Greedy thick bastards subservient to the chief wich is harming independence.

    Bunch of sad pathetic hunts now popular the SNP!

  109. Dulwich says:

    OK; not a good outcome and perhaps an alternative approach needs to be taken and focus upon issues that require the SNP to actually do something effective. Education, a clear plan on fiscal responsibility, their plans to deal with a border crossing with England, currency plan post Independence, rejoining the EEC and how they plan to meet the required standards. Oh, and did I mention EDUCATION & why the standards have fallen so far during their decade long reign.

  110. laukat says:

    James Kelly has an article which suggests that Patrick Harvie’s band of gender warriors missed out on a couple of list seats because voters may have mistakenly voted for the “Independent Green Voice”. It seems that the “Independent Green Voice” are not even a party that promotes ‘Green’ causes and are instead a right wing British Nationalist Party.

    Isn’t it terrible when people call themseleves something they are not and deny an opprotunity to those that are truly the real thing? If I was the Green party I would demand laws to protect situations like this from happening again

  111. Lothianlad says:

    Damn predictive text

  112. Robert Graham says:

    Oops I forgot to add the tellytuby Fat hunt Blackford is also on I bet he won’t go head to head with Alex because that would be really embarrassing for to clown Bawjaws regularly laughs at

  113. Gordon Gekko says:

    If Scotland’s name ever appears on this.

    It is simple you have betrayed the people of Scotland and not given them independence at all.

    You can lie about it and fudge it but that’s the truth.

    Do be independent means you carry out your own fiscal surveillance.

    It is not rocket science.

  114. Captain Yossarian says:

    ‘SNP office holders are now more like late-era, erratic, highly troubled Big Brother contestants. Yes, expect Roddick to have a senior cabinet role within months. Probably finance. Then FM. Angus was a decoy, this superb politician really is the Chosen One.’

    Couldn’t agree more – you missed that dishevelled old-tramp James Wolffe though. If ever there was a number-one highly troubled Big Brother contestant at Holyrood it would be him. Where does fit-in?

  115. President Xiden says:

    Any word from the police on the street shouting match involving two wimin in Glasgow’s south side the other day?

  116. Salmond dindunuffin says:

    Alibi says:
    9 May, 2021 at 7:19 am
    “If Alba is to survive, this bitterness and abuse needs to stop”

    I fear you are probably right. It won’t be easy to turn down the temperature though, while making every critique of the SNP necessary, because there are so, so many. For example, what are above the line here rightly called “box ticking identity politics boneheads” are put in place largely for the simple reason that they’re pliable cogs in a party machine.

    We’re talking about a taxpayer funded 65K a year position that largely revolves around reading the room and expressing the most sycophantic sentiments towards the leadership humanly possible in the subtle form of a spicy take on Twitter. If that isn’t worthy of polemic, what is?

  117. J Galt says:

    Scott Finlayson@10.01am

    I went to Stevenson myself in 1988 to do a one year photography course which I thoroughly enjoyed and the teaching was generally very good, so perhaps an HNC from that era is more than the equivalent of the “Degrees” that are showered out today by the kid on universities.

  118. Wee Chid says:

    Stuart MacKay says:
    9 May, 2021 at 8:58 am

    I really don’t know Stuart but I can tell you that when I’ve talked to both votes SNP fans in my area some felt that in Dumfriesshire it was necessary to get Joan McAlpine back in. I don’t know if they realised that Joan was not top of the list due to Harper’s “disability”. I tried to bring this up but just got “No. it has to be both votes SNP”. Some were even happy to campaign for Harper and couldn’t understand my hostility because “She’s SNP, so that’s OK”.

    I’ve also tried to raise the issue of women’s rights but my protests fall on deaf ears. They either don’t believe it’s true or believe that we can “fix everything after indy”

    Many still think it is part of Nikla’s big master plan and she is being very clever in not revealing her strategy to anyone.

    What is most worrying is that these are not stupid people but they are people who are so desperate for independence that they don’t seem to want to believe that the SNP are not going to deliver.They are older people who saw this is there last chance and who see the SNP as the only route. I feel sick that they have been lied to.

    I’m an older woman who didn’t wheesht but it feels like there is only one women that SNP diehards are willing to listen to – and they swallow every lie she tells.

  119. Gordon Gekko says:

    The wee ginger Dug.

    Was promoting a banking cartel economic paper by the London School of economics

    Why because it supported independence and used Slovakia as an example.


    Let’s take a look at Slovakia

    Page 6 2018 assesment.

    Slovakia budget deficit is 1% of GDP. To be cut to zero.

    That is a private sector surplus of 1% of GDP to be cut to zero. That would mean in Scotland Scottish households and businesses surplus would be slashed to zero by massive spending cuts and tax increases.

    Why ? Why ? Why ?

    Why does the banking cartels that are being built on either side of the Clyde support this ?

    Here’s why in great detail.

    If the SNP, the Greens or Alba win a referendum. That is coming to Scotland and what EU fiscal surveillance means.

    But you are chasing squirrels ?

  120. Wee Chid says:

    By the way – I’ve searched for the breakdown of regional list voting figures but can’t find them on my google machine. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

  121. Gordon Gekko says:

    The wee ginger Dug supports austerity on steroids as long as Brussels do it.

    Only objects when London does it.

    The election results show the Scottish people supports the same.

  122. panda paws says:


    “ALBA MUST DO what the SNP has failed to do – properly cost Independence.

    This will mean forensic research, establishing once and for all, how much Scotland subsidises the UK, and proving how false all the UK pish such as GERS is.”

    Well they have 3/4 economists on board, Salmond, George Keraven, Jim Wilson plus Craig Berry of Common Weal so the expertise is there to do that. The trick will be presenting in in a way that the lay member of the public can digest.

    One of the things this election and your family experience shows is that people are either too stupid, too biased or too busy to absorb complex messages.

    Both votes SNP was monumentally stupid if you wanted to deliver a pro indy parliament but by God it was easy to parrot and easy to remember.

  123. ClanDonald says:

    So we have Emma Cheat of the North and Emma Cheat of the South – Emma Harper, who also took advantage of the equality mechanism (that a QC said was probably illegal) in South Scotland by cliaming diabetes is a disability, enabling her to steal Joan McAlpine’s place at the top of the list. I hear the local memership are furious, having voted for the hugely talented, smart and competent Joan WAY ahead of dunce numpty Emma Harper.

  124. panda paws says:

    @wee chid

    Full results inc list here.

  125. Ottomanboi says:

    Stephen 10:10
    As i understand it under the British «constitution» mps are not representatives. Once elected they may do as they please as long as they do not breach parliamentary protocols. In effect they are not actually accountable after election to the electorate that selected them.
    The msp John Mason elected on an independence ticket seems to have decided that that must wait until a notional number of Scots support it. Bet that wasn’t in the election literature.
    Accountable representatives are styled deputies. We need responsible deputies not free as air, full of wind msps.
    That also entails an electorate of a different order.
    The word for that is «engaged».

  126. Mr Bonobo says:

    While it is laudable that legislation and company policies protect disabilities within the workforce, it has to be common sense that some disabilities are incompatible with some occupations.

    Personality disorders, violent mood swings and erratic and unpredictable actions are as incompatible with being an elected politician as blindness is to a pilot or spinal injury to a ballerina.

  127. Gordon Gekko says:


    EFTA is not independence for fuck sake !

    EFTA surveillance authority

    You have to go to a neoliberal globalist court to try and determine how Scotland would use it’s skills and real resources.

    If they say no sorry you can’t use your skills and real resources the way you want.

    You can appeal to the ECJ the biggest neoliberal globalist court of them all.

    Just look at some of the decisions the EFTA court has made. It is right wing on steriods.

    Are you delusional Pixel are you ?

    At what point in your thought process does standing in front of a court that decides how you use your skills and real resources Independence ?

    Are you mad ?

  128. Cenchos says:

    The role of the BBC in this, and in spreading gender pilgrimism, cannot be overestimated.

  129. Kevin Evans says:

    I remember when a personality disorder was just termed as being an asshole.

  130. David A. says:

    Imagine actually choosing to vote for this. Especially shameful for the people who should have known better as they’re steeped in politics.

  131. Shocked says:

    How’s the “holding Nicola’s feet to the fire” working out today?

    The only option this election was to get rid of sturgeon and her corrupt New SNP cabal and rebuild the party. Instead a bunch of clowns voted for someone they all know is corrupt, a liar and has broken the law numerous times.

    Oh how Queen Nicola and her darling Peter must be laughing up their sleeves today. They practically stole a country live on TV, destroyed its justice and legal systems, banned freedom of speech, cancelled half the population and then raided the party coffers for their own greed and the dumb shits they stole from voted them back in for more of the same.

    Scientologists could learn a lot from that pair.

  132. Gordon Gekko says:

    The debate on EU fiscal surveillance and EFTA surveillance authority has been so bad in Scotland because people chase squirrels.

    It is quickly becoming the most important debate in the last 100 years bar none.

    And Scottish voters are sleep walking into a neoliberal globalist nightmare. The SNP the Greens and Alba are walking them there.

  133. Moira Girvan says:

    That 1 million SNP voters willingly wasted their second vote on the list – utterly defies reason and logic. But whatever spin the SNP hierarchy likes to put on it – there will be NO Indyref2 in this parliament. It’s just not going to happen – not because of Big Bad Boris – but because NS doesn’t want it. Will she even last the five years as FM? Seemingly the media “knows something” that we plebs don’t regarding NS plans. I think we can all make an educated guess what that might mean. Methinks a plum job awaits somewhere – where her ‘right on’ credentials will be viewed in very favourable terms. I wonder what they know?

  134. Alasdair Roy says:

    Re: Clan Donald at 10:38 am and panda paws earlier on. Do we know what is the alleged disability which catapulted Emma Harper to the top of the South of Scotland list over better people? I think we are entitled to know since this is the basis upon which she has been elected.

  135. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Gordon Gekko

    Your rant against EFTA is proof positive – you are a total numpty.

  136. ClanDonald says:

    I just had a week look around twitter and found some eye watering stuff about Emma Roddick – what a nasty piece of work, she has maade lot of enemies in her short political career so far.

    For example, I found this archive thread where she’s having a dispute with an ex-SNP staffer colleague and threatening legal action when the colleague mentioned Roddick was sacked after her sudden departure from the post. The colleague accuses her of lying.

    Not exactly a professional way to conduct yourself on social media.

    There was another occasion when a women’s pledge member wrote a private letter to Roddick about signing the women’s pledge and the letter “mysteriously” ended up being reported on in the press along with a total “anti-trans” smear job on the woman, a lesbian. Roddick denied all knowledge despite being the only person who received the letter. What a hideous woman she is. Don’t ever write to her as your MSP as she clearly can’t keep correspondence confidential.

    The truth is the unstable Roddick would be nowhere near power if she weren’t elevated there as one of the First Minister’s trans activist youth pets. She’s exactly the sort of person who would never have passed vetting until these mens rights activists seized control of the SNP then started manipulating the rules to get their yes men in place.

    Hovever, her erratic instability should provide us with plenty entertainment and popcorn moments going forward. Not so sure the FM will enjoy it so much though.

  137. Wee Chid says:

    ClanDonald says:
    9 May, 2021 at 10:38 am

    Crowd funder for a legal challenge?

    One thing that really pisses me off about all this is that by using positive discrimination Govts can point to the successes and say “Look, you can overcome your disability”. Not everyone can and this just makes it harder for them as other people use these examples to say “If they can do it, why can’t you”. This leads to people being demonised and also makes it much harder for them to claim the benefits they need to lead as near to normal life as possible. They are doing disabled people a great injustice.

  138. Hoonose says:

    We had become desperate. Then ALBA was born and Alex came back to the political scene. Our hearts and minds soared and gave us the impetus to surge forward in hope.
    We are a romantic, Latin, Celtic and passionate people.
    Reality has, as so often before, come back and slapped us in the face like a cold, wet kipper.

    In the cold light of dawn, let’s look at the options from here on. I’m no genius but I do have a good basis of common sense.

    ALBA is right for our future. Several seasoned politicians in whom we have confidence have taken the huge leap of faith and will now have to make sacrifices to keep the momentum going for ALBA.
    They need our support and encouragement.
    Martin Keatings’ excellent crowd funded initiative is in grave danger of not only being ditched but of being used against us to stymie us for the foreseeable future.

    Now is the time to regroup, analyse the situation, grit our teeth and plan a better strategy.
    The posts here (and my own deductions on social media) reflect that Young Scotland has been adversely and maliciously groomed by Nicola Sturgeon personally and the MSM in general to sew a huge label of sl***e on Alex Salmond’s back and have been ostensibly pointing to it at every opportunity. Would we not, as young idealists tend to believe what we read and hear and echo that opinion? I probably would have too in those circumstances.
    ALBA and TRUTH and GOOD GOVERNANCE will prevail! It’s now on for the long haul, probably not in my lifetime but we will win. Alex Salmond needs to be forensic, persistent and systematic in restoring the truth, in showing through the courts who he really is. This means that he MUST, for the sake of our young population and for history expose all falsehoods purported against him. The public will support the costs, I have no doubt.
    Hopefully and indeed as history shows us, the truth will out at some point and the villains will hang themselves all by themselves.

  139. Kiwilassie says:

    Socrates MacSporran says:
    9 May, 2021 at 7:41 am
    I am in the dog house with my four university-educated daughters and my three adult university-educated grand-children, over ther Holyrood Election.

    Cheer up you did right. The upside of this is, you have 5 years to educate your university educated family on the De’hordt system of voting.
    Don’t stay banished in your room too long. The scales will eventually fall from their eyes.

    Don’t let the young ones get you down. Many of us oldies have similar battles. OH! to be young & naive eh! 🙂

  140. Bartleby64 says:

    I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, the BBC bloody stinks. They are only interested in people like them. Urban, wealthy, slightly liberal when it suits them, Blairite knobs. The rest of us are but dust beneath their expensively shod trotters. They will back the SNP in its current form because it suits them to do so as it upsets everybody else.
    Putting that to one side. I do see hope for Alba, lots of hope. Somebody will need to be there when Sturgeon eventually explodes and takes her disgusting clique with her. It’s time to build. Time to fight every available election, council, general, Scottish. Concentrate on Sturgeon and her band of misfits, take the battle to them. Tories? Labour? An irrelevance right now, as proven by the recent results, they are all preserved in aspic and not capable of moving forward as things stand. Their leaders are crap. Pick your target and go for it with everything you’ve got.
    Yes I am a unionist but I can also see how very bad things are up here and the need for good people to come to the aid of their country in droves. Alba droves because Scotland has nothing else.

  141. Cuilean says:

    Wee Chid,

    Twitter Account @ballotboxscot has a full list of figures.

    It was there I noticed that the two SNP ‘Gains’ from the Tories, in Banffshire & Buchan and also in Ayr were due to the fact that the Alba voters in both seats gave their first votes to the SNP. I held my nose and did the same, where I am.


    someone very dear to me suffers from the same disability. The person I know is kindness personified, one of the most intelligent person I know and suffers terribly.

    The condition is terribly stigmatised by society at large terribly. I hope and pray the person I know does not read this article, as your pejorative narrative on the condition would hurt them hugely.

    I know that you too are a very kind and caring person and I just don’t think you may have realised the repercussions and ripple effects on sufferers your words might cause to them.

    I am so glad you have not packed up and I hope you stick around for the fights to come.

  142. Stephen says:

    You are correct that the powers of the elector are limited mainly to voting for a particular candidate at election time. Powers of recall have recently been introduced.
    Full “Greek style” democracy is not practical.
    (Of course the Greeks didn’t have government for the people by the people either)

    A move towards a more engaged electorate with greater powers vis a vis their “representatives” is perhaps necessary to combat the over-reaching of government into the private lives of the individual.

    Quite what these greater powers should be is a matter for debate.

  143. Stuart MacKay says:

    Wee Chid,

    Thanks. Seems there’s two class of people in the electorate: 1) highly motivated and 2) apathetic. Just another dimension to add in the highly polarised world we have.

    One reason for Alba’s lack of success based on a data point of exactly one – I was trying to persuade my sis to vote Alba and her reaction was that she was sick of the court case and hearing Sturgeon going on about it ad nauseum so voting for Alba meant more of the same and she wasn’t up for that. There were no sides taken and she knew about the Alba and the acquittal but the thought of the MSM going on and on and on and on about this for the foreseeable future was too much. She does know that Nicola is not going to deliver on a referendum so it wasn’t just ignorance or partisanship.

    (I guess that 3 million was about the only good financial decision the government has made).

    Another possibility is that people look at the parties and know, deep down, that there’s nobody in Holyrood is capable of delivering independence. So this whole “making a case for indy” is just theatre in which everybody plays a part. Unless people really start to hurt there’s little motivation to get the S.S. Independence to actually leave port and head off into completely uncharted waters.

    Still think this election needs to be dissected and understood before any progress can be made. Another five years of SNP incompetence with the Rev chucking stones is going to take us absolutely nowhere. Not that the Rev. should stop chucking stones but there needs to be alternative approaches – preferably more than one.

  144. Red says:

    I’m sure people in Turriff and Mintlaw are gutted not to be represented by a Nigerian Muslim woman whose only qualification is being a Nigerian Muslim woman and whose main interest is getting more Nigerian Muslim women elected onto the Scottish politics gravy train / clown car. But Allah obviously doesn’t will it, and for that I am thankful.

    At least the good people of Stornoway have an emotionally abusive mentalist to represent them. I think I might shit my biodegradable locally sourced adult nappies out of sheer joy at how stunning and brave, and brave and stunning, and brunningly stave (don’t mock my dyslexia or I’m phoning Humza) having Glenn Close’s character from FATAL ATTRACTION making our laws IRL is going to be. Tough luck, bunnies.

    Btw, is Fiona Robertson a man, or is the SNP secretly experimenting with supermutants like in Fallout 3?

  145. Gordon Gekko says:

    Scotland can be a prosperous independent country and keep both the EU and EFTA at arms length.

    Fiscal surveillance has nothing to do with trade. When you swap a ship of Salmon for a ship of Tomatoes and lettuces.

    Both the EU and EFTA try and link fiscal surveillance to trade so they can control you

    You tell them to FUCK OFF !

    Introduce a job guarentee and create full employment in Scotland and they will be begging and screaming to sell their goods and services to Scotland and try and steal some of that aggregate demand.

    You tell them if they want to do that then they leave your fiscal policy alone. Our fiscal policy is none of their business.

    Or they can also fuck off. Countries who accept that can trade with us.

  146. mike cassidy says:

    Those who hated the revelations of this site have their independence majority


    Let’s ask them everyday

    When is the independence referendum happening?

    Maybe the Rev can put a countdown clock at the top of the page

    Showing the number of days left to the next Hollyrood election

  147. ClanDonald says:

    @Alastair Roy:

    Emma Harper’s disability is diabetes. The whole point of any disability mechanism is to help those who struggle with day to day activities due to adverse health and physical conditions. Emma Harper’s diabetes is fully managed and never held her back a day in her life, she worked as a busy ER nurse, goes jogging every day and then had no trouble getting elected. Disability my a*rse, such an insult to people with real disabilities. Cheating b*stard more like.

    But she stole Joan McAlpine’s list seat and that was the plan so they’re all high-fiving each other at HQ because they’ve all been so clever and their plan worked.

    The SNP cliamed that the disability mechanism was required because there were no disabled MSPs. This is while Harper was a sitting MSP. She wasn’t previously classed as disabled! The fact she wasn’t gave them the excuse to introduce the mechanism. But now she suddenly is disabled? Aye right.

    Do you know what: even Tory Theresa May always said her diabetes never held her back and that it doesn’t stop you leading a normal life and achieving the highest office in the land. Imagine that, a senior tory with more integrity than an SNP MSP.

    A relative with diabetes is also very pissed off – she’s always advocated that diabetes isn’t a disability (it isn’t), she says Harper has actually set things back years by her claims that it is.

  148. Stephen says:

    Thanks for your reply on the other thread.

    The question is, what did Neave do after MI9?
    It seems clear that he worked in the security services whilst an MP and up until the time of his death.
    There is some speculation that he was involved in the smearing of political figures/Northern Ireland and that he may not have been killed by the republicans.
    His wife’s appeals for an enquiry, before her death, imply this.

    I say all this to illustrate the form the security services have if smearing political figures.

  149. Claire says:

    for Rev Stu

    Less intelligent than cheese on toast ! Priceless ????? now that has made me smile for th

  150. Claire says:

    That has made me smile for the first time in days

  151. Ottomanboi says:

    Mind your language. Censor your thoughts. Banality rules OK.

    «Ofcom will be given the role of producing and enforcing codes of practice for online platforms, setting out how they must operate in order to prevent ‘harmful’ content from reaching users»

  152. David A. says:

    @Socrates MacSporran
    Don’t take it personally. University teaches people to be conformist to the controlling power above all else. That’s been proven in a number of studies. It’s why they come out more woke than ever on average. They’ve been political indoctrination centres for some time by now.

    @Mr Bonobo
    Suggesting those people can’t do those jobs will probably be a crime by this time next election cycle.

  153. Red says:

    ClanDonald – Do you know what: even Tory Theresa May always said her diabetes never held her back and that it doesn’t stop you leading a normal life and achieving the highest office in the land. Imagine that, a senior tory with more integrity than an SNP MSP.

    Maggie Thatcher never asked for special treatment because she was a woman, and that was back in the 70’s when sexual harassment was basically mandatory.

    And to be fair, Boris Johnson has never allowed being an erotically incontinent, compulsively fabulist albino gorilla in a fright wig hold him back, so, uh, half a cheer for the Tories?

  154. David A. says:

    @Gordon Gekko
    A guarantee of work would sure turn things around so we didn’t get the sad sight of people begging for a zero hours contract shift that day at Greggs or whatever and the owners using that as an excuse to treat people like garbage with no rights as they’re too scared to lose on the only money or sniff of a job they can get. Productive and secure people who can hold some dignity are happier and don’t have the abusive stress of the current system grinding them down.

    Every time I hear about some menial job getting hundreds of (obviously doomed) applications in despartion for anything I despair as it’s another sign of failure in how the country is run.

  155. Scott says:

    Kiwilassie says:
    9 May, 2021 at 11:23 am

    (2 ) I also have put on line one of the yucky alphabet women.

    You’ve done it again on here now….why? Trying to get this site shut down?

  156. panda paws says:

    @ A Roy

    Emma Harper I believe has diabetes. Don’t know which type.

  157. DJ says:

    Franky says:
    9 May, 2021 at 10:04 am
    The best plan should have been to take a hit at this election.

    Sorry, Franky, you are as clueless as many on here. The SNP were always going to win, so whether you ‘lent’ your vote to Sarwar or spoilt your constituency vote, absolutely nothing could have changed the outcome.

    SNP 1 Alba 2 was a plan, albeit a forlorn one in hindsight. Because it assumed SNP supporters would reciprocate in some way. My mistake.

    Thus ends my 55+ years support of the SNP.

    By the way, who was that creepy person in Westminster interviewed by the BBC yesterday afternoon, talking about no independence referendum for 30 or 40 years? Chilling.

  158. David A. says:

    Looks like we’re reaching nearer the endgame for the power grab and future tech based dictatorship. It keeps creeping in slowly and it’s slow enough people don’t even notice it moving until it hits them. These systems will obviously be used to police speech and thought and simply nip in the bud any dissent or independents that try to advocate any political opposition that they do not control or approve of.

    It’ll be a jackboot stamping on a human face forever, but every five years they’ll let you choose what colour the boot is and you’ll be thankful for that “right”.

  159. Ruby says:

    It’s really scary how easily manipulated people even the ‘highly educated’ can be.

  160. Republicofscotland says:

    Again another million plus votes wasted on the list for the SNP.

    Now we’ll have five more years of Sturgeon the Betrayer saying they’ll be an indyref, and five more years of Johnson, and if he has a successor, saying no and the stalemate will suit the SNP to a tee.

    We’re caught in a vicious circle where independence is the main casualty.

    As for women and girls in Scotland God help them if they complain when a bearded bloke in a dress encroaches on their safe spaces, the police will arrest them, and they’ll be in court for a hate crime quicker than you can say Patrick Harvey.

  161. Mia says:


    You may want to have a look at comment
    9 May, 2021 at 11:23

    This person keeps doing this. This is at least the third time I have noticed they have done it. Not always in the same blog, but they always appear to find a way to sneak this nonsense in. They may be abroad but your blog is not. I wonder if what they are after is to force your blog to close down.

    Please watch your back.

  162. DJ says:

    Ruby says:
    9 May, 2021 at 11:33 am
    It’s really scary how easily manipulated people even the ‘highly educated’ can be.

    Not really, Ruby, look at Nazi Germany.

  163. PaulaJ says:

    “When seven obviously intelligent people, all of whom say they want Independence, can get it so wrong, is there any hope for Scotland?”

    Which just goes to prove that, nowadays, a university education doesn’t provide you with any encouragement or ability to think for yourself.

  164. Ruby says:

    DJ says:
    9 May, 2021 at 11:36 am
    Ruby says:
    9 May, 2021 at 11:33 am
    It’s really scary how easily manipulated people even the ‘highly educated’ can be.

    Not really, Ruby, look at Nazi Germany.


    Was Nazi Germany not scary?

  165. James says:

    that’s its then.Im standing in the next election, if you lot are stupid enough to vote for total fuckwits.Then I’m coming home.Half these muppets are winging it on the claims of health issues. Nothing to worry about, if your a chancer, with the neck to talk shite and pretend you agree with absolute nonsense.
    I don’t know how Stu finds the strength to continue.

  166. Mia says:

    “Trying to get this site shut down?”

    That is what looks like. This person keeps dong this over and over and over again. I have counted at the very least THREE times they have done this. They clearly know it is wrong because other posters keep highlighting it to them, but they still keep attempting to sneak it in. I have come to the conclusion that it is either deliberate to have the blog closed down or an incredibly selfish exercise in attention seeking.

  167. David A. says:

    Some of the wisest and smartest people about reality and life I’ve met were ordinary women and men doing jobs like cleaning that the “smart” people looked down on as some kind of invisible class or lesser beings. They didn’t learn what they knew about life from university and no university teaches it, sadly.

  168. DJ says:

    Ruby says:
    9 May, 2021 at 11:38 am
    DJ says:
    9 May, 2021 at 11:36 am
    Ruby says:
    9 May, 2021 at 11:33 am
    It’s really scary how easily manipulated people even the ‘highly educated’ can be.

    Not really, Ruby, look at Nazi Germany.


    Was Nazi Germany not scary?

    Yes, it was, Ruby. But that was not what I was referring to. It was the “easily manipulated” part of your post. Being highly educated is no guarantee of immunity against the insidious nature and the manipulative power of propaganda. Nazi Germany had some of the greatest minds of the 20th century who fell victim to Nazi ideology.

  169. Ruby says:

    The problem with anonymity for the Albabetties is that people start to speculate.

    In this strange article Mr F says

    “The anonymity rightly afforded to my wife in law has been both a blessing and a curse. I shudder to think of the consequences that would be caused by a fraction of the online abuse reaching our actual doorstep.”

    There is no reason why his wife couldn’t wave the anonymity. I wonder if that is what he was trying to do when he announced that he was women F’s husband.

  170. Ruby says:

    DJ says:

    Was Nazi Germany not scary?

    Yes, it was, Ruby. But that was not what I was referring to. It was the “easily manipulated” part of your post. Being highly educated is no guarantee of immunity against the insidious nature and the manipulative power of propaganda. Nazi Germany had some of the greatest minds of the 20th century who fell victim to Nazi ideology.


    I’m guessing you read scary as surprising.

    It’s scary that university graduates can be as easily manipulated as those who fell victim to Nazi ideology.

  171. David A. says:

    That’s because social pressure and the culture you are steeped in works on people to inform them of what is right or wrong and works independent of your ability to design a car, run a business, invent a synthetic dye, pass a test or whatever. It’s a whole other part of the mind and as research into manipulation and marketing continues from corporations, intelligence agencies and governments they get better and better at knowing how to push the buttons.

    In the future if nothing changes you’ll be seen as the new nazis due to your non-acceptance of the ever expanding woke agenda as the morality of that future will say anything other than total acceptance would be evil, as we see hints of that already in the twitler youth fringe groups that are gradually taking over. Universities will teach how evil people like you are, it’s all much as was warned about in 1984.

  172. Bartleby64 says:

    Thank you too, for your reply. I cannot say what he did after MI9, it is possible he was involved in a lot of things… or very few. All I can say is that having got to know him quite well in the last couple of years of his life, he was a man who had been deeply scarred by his experiences and particularly so by Nuremberg. He seemed tired. Feel free to take that with a pinch of salt, I was still a child. He treated me with great kindness and respect, his death was an appalling shock. As to the motivation for his death I wondered then and still wonder now if it wasn’t a hoof beats and zebras thing. He was close to Thatcher, his death was a huge blow to her. Maybe that was enough. Maybe he was more careless of his security than some.

  173. David A. says:

    University graduates are on average more conformist in nature than those who didn’t go through the system. So it’s not surprising that they are “as easily” manipulated as they are despite education, but rather that the education is what helps make them so easily manipulated in the first place. That’s why they come out more woke than ever after the system is finished with them.

    If you wanted to indoctrinate people with beliefs there’s not many better ways of doing it.

  174. Mac says:

    How many actual votes did ALBA get? What was the final count across all regions?

  175. Dan says:

    @ Mac

    This is how the list votes broke down:
    SNP 1,094,374 = 2 seats.
    Cons 637,131 = 26 seats.
    Lab 485,819 = 20 seats.
    Greens 220,324 = 8 seats.
    Lib Dems 137,152 = 0 seats.
    ALBA 44,913 = 0 seats.

  176. Saffron Robe says:

    Unfortunately logical analysis, along with basic arithmetic and grammar, are incompatible with being an SNP MSP.

  177. Liz says:

    I was surprised at the collapse by Asian Scots votes in NSs constituency for Alba.
    There were big names in the community, campaigning and financing Alba.

    I later found out that someone I know in that community, SNP, resigned joined Alba, then returned to the SNP.

    I have a feeling that a lot of promises have been made.
    I am speculating that some in that community used the visible support for Alba as a negotiating position.

    I’m not criticising anyone because in all seriousness, that’s what clever people do.
    We need to stop being nice, SNP 1 was a bad idea, I’m glad I didn’t do it.

    I did notice Alex was a lot more critical of certain folk on the Barrhead boy podcast, keep it up Alex, cos they hate you anyway.

  178. Prasad says:

    I left my postal vote to the last minute because i couldn’t vote SNP1. What made me decide was that if i didn’t vote for Jenni Minto (another idiot by the way) it would increase the chance of Emma Baldrick.
    So now i have both!

  179. Mac says:

    Thanks Dan.

    So 45k near enough.


  180. holymacmoses says:

    On Ms Roddick’s twitter feed. The intelligentsia of the SNP elite. Does she walk on her head? OR does she have multiple disabilities, some of which may remain undeclared?

    ‘I was told yesterday I could use any door to reduce the distance I’d to walk, but this guy stood in front of the door and wouldn’t let me pass.

    Got really upset, had to phone the agent to stick up for me and eventually was let in by council staff. Building manager apologised.
    2:31 pm · 8 May 2021·Twitter for Android
    Emma Roddick MSP
    Replying to
    Shouldn’t make a difference, but I was thinking – I am using a walking aid. How would someone with an invisible disability have been treated by this man?

    He even told me he was there to ensure security for candidates – assuming of course that I wasn’t one.
    Emma Roddick MSP
    Disability representation in Parliament, anyone? Pensive face?
    Emma Roddick MSP
    Also, while I understand the no-phones rule at a count, have also been told I’ve to go outside to receive/make one. Just not disability-friendly.

    She has a few issues, certainly:-)
    I think I want the people of Scotland to be contrite about their treatment of Mr Salmond BEFORE we get Independence. We are proving to be way more treacherous than Burns’ ‘rogues’ and frankly, many folk get everything they deserve. Perhaps that’s always been the case and it’s why we don’t have Independence? So many Scots have had to leave in order to prove their worth and ability – maybe it’s been as much to do with ‘being driven’ alongside ‘driving them’ out?
    The more I think about our situation, the more I believe that the TWO priorities towards independence are
    (a) Peter Murrell’s loss of at least £600,000
    (b) the set-up of Mr Salmond.
    These MUST be exposed in such a way as to PROVE the corruption abounding at the moment
    And when people like Craig Murray begin to shout their mouth off about how we alienated many people by apparent identification with an obsessive and irrational hatred of trans people….
    That part of the rant over.
    It’s possible that Sturgeon could be ‘hoisted on her own petard’ , so to speak. It looks like ‘down sowff’ and the Yoon Press have decided to try and force Sturgeon into having a referendum. Good luck with that one Boris – but you never know – she may find herself on a single-track road without a fork .

  181. Alasdair Roy says:

    Thank you ClanDonald and panda paws for that information. Taking out Joan McAlpine is a despicable act and I hope it will have consequences. It can only benefit the trans lobby on our party. And that point about Theresa May is a good one. It was one of the things I admired about her that she never made an issue of her condition.

  182. Dan says:

    @ Mac

    Aye, bit shit for sure.
    Especially after articles like these.

    @ Kiwilassie

    That’s your earlier post deleted now after it was reported, so it clearly isn’t acceptable to repeat posting stuff along those lines.
    I trust you take that onboard so as not to continue putting this site at risk.

  183. Harry mcaye says:

    Who was the Lib Dem that lost their seat? Googled, couldn’t find the info.

  184. Karen says:

    Stu, surely its time to fight fire with fire,

    Wings party.

    Come on Stu, at least we know you will vet them properly.


  185. Ruby says:

    Here we go! What will she/her say to that?

    “Michael Gove says majority voted for parties opposed to a second independence referendum

    Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove told the BBC’s Andrew Marr that independence was not a priority for the people of Scotland.

    Gove told Andrew Marr that “a majority of people who voted in the constituencies voted for parties that were opposed to a referendum” and that Nicola Sturgeon “didn’t secure a majority as Alex Salmond did in 2011.

  186. holymacmoses says:

    Ruby says:
    Nicola Sturgeon “didn’t secure a majority as Alex Salmond did in 2011.“

    Unfortunately, I think Sturgeon got what she wanted

  187. Kiwilassie says:

    Maia says
    I have come to the conclusion that it is either deliberate to have the blog closed down or an incredibly selfish exercise in attention seeking.

    You are so wrong on so many counts. For your information the last thing I would like to do is harm Stu or his site.

    Next you will be saying I’m MI5, or is it MI6?

  188. wull says:

    Hello Kiwilassie and Socrates,

    I don’t suppose you’ll see this now: I am too late. Everything moves on so fast, and I am so slow.

    But I cannot help wanting to sympathise with Scocrates in his present plight.

    Maybe, he should feel honoured o accept a small share of the suffering of his namesake. As far as I know (and the MacSporrans will know a lot better than I do) the ancient Socrates was condemned to death for ‘corrupting the youth’!

    Although that sounds sinister, it isn’t. Not for us oldies, at least. After all these centuries, the exact same accusation has been levelled by the younger members of the clan against the Chief of the MacSporrans, the current Socrates, causing MacSporran the Elder to be confined to his bedroom, this very day. he one of today

    Poor ol’ Socrates, like his contemporary, was simply guilty of trying to make these young ones think! He was ‘corrupting their minds’ by posing the right questions to them, moreover at the right time. Something that modern University education apparently shies away from. ‘Think straight, young man – and answer me this question: …’ And, by the way, ‘when you do, I’ll pose you another one …’

    Thinking of the plight of the Elder MacSporran, locked down (or up) once more, made me think of my own younger days … and my own (much-beloved) faither. How often did he say to me, with a perplexed but kind look ‘… If youth only knew …’ always to be followed up, perhaps more wistfully, with the inevitable partner to that phrase ‘… if age only could …!’


    Or else, with a shake of the head, still looking at me, he would say ‘… Ye cannae put an auld heid on young shou’ders …!’ A cry of despair, perhaps, but was it not ever thus?

    Maybe not always. But it certainly was with this particularly headstrong youth he had as a son. I could never understand what he was on about. But I do now. I always thought he was miles wrong, but now I know he was right. My defence? ‘I didnae ken …!’

    Which means I can just see him looking down on me from wherever he is now, saying: ‘Ah weel! Ye ken noo!’

    Indeed. So, I do.

    All that, Mr. MacSporran – if it’s any consolation – just to say, ‘your time will come!’ If they think you’re daft now, the penny will eventually drop, they’ll at last twig to what you were telling them … And you will, at last, deservedly, be held in the highest esteem!

    Retrospective honour is still honour!

    So, ol’ MacSporran, don’t despair! And don’t do what your ancient namesake was obliged to do: don’t drink the hemlock! Just keep asking the questions!

    The truth will always win through in the end. Our superficial perceptions of things and events eventually shed away from us, drop off from us, melt into thin air and … disappear. Eventually, we do begin to see things as they are. It took me a long time to get there, or anywhere near there.

    But reality does loom over the horizon. And there does come a point when instead of simply looming, it suddenly rises up, comes rushing towards you, and hits you stracht in yer e’en.

    Don’t give up. It’ll happen to the younger MacSporrans as well. The truth WILL OUT! It can’t be suppressed for ever. Meanwhile, in your temporary exclusion zone, your present confinement area, you’ll just have to thank God for the Truth – and thole it!

  189. Mia says:

    “For your information the last thing I would like to do is harm Stu or his site”

    Your actions prove otherwise. If you didn’t want to harm the blog or Stu or deprive the rest of the readers of the opportunity to do so, you would have desisted on trying to peddle what you know could have the blog closed down the first time you were warned of it. This is not the first nor the second. I so far counted at least three times you have tried to peddle this under the radar.

    If you are so desperate to peddle it, how about you create your own blog and fill your boots on releasing materials that can be construed as contempt of court. But if you are going to do so, do it under your own name and your full responsibility and your only. This blog far is too valuable for its readers to simply let you gamble with their main source of information for the sake of some misplaced attention seeking.

    Please stop.

    MI5 or MI6? Please give me some credit. Your posts aren’t that sophisticated. At best I consider you a paid troll working under Murray Foote’s payroll. At this moment in time, I suspect the SNP leadership is the party most desperate for having this blog taken down.

  190. madridjim says:

    Unionists will never collude on the constituency ballot, they said. They don’t bring the Jack to the FPTP vote, they save that for the AMS ballot.
    Results in NEF, Ed Southern, Ed West, Dunfries, Galloway, Eastwood, Dumbarton & Aberdeen West prove otherwise. Unionists, encouraged by their 2016 AMS successes, crossed the Rubicon and voted a different shade of Tory on the FPTP ballot paper too. They were horrified at what the polls had said for months… SNP simple majority… 68-71 FPTP seats….They acted fast and there wasn’t anything we could do about it.

    The SNP couldn’t stop that move but refused to welcome the formation of ISP on the list only ballot which would’ve countered that unionist maneouvre on the AMS vote.

    The ISP gave us an AMS alternative. Colette Walker & Julie McNulty worked their socks off to get their party up & running during lockdown. They did everything by the book, including a thorough vetting procedure to keep carpetbaggers and infiltrators out of their ranks.

    The Wheeltapper & Shunter misogynists of AFI joined the worst of the worst wokies from the SNP jumping on their case immediately. Will it transpire that Solidarity MkII + ex SNP members Thompson &co. were just buying time for Eck and ALBA to launch once the eternally delayed Fabiani Commission published their findings? Evidence of their party trajectory would suggest so.

    They only just managed to get registered with the EC in February after almost a year of amateur screwups with name, office bearer nominations and their comical “we solemnly swear to obey the SNP” Constitution. They hadn’t even reached 5% of their £50k crowdfunder but were due to announce the names of their 42??*vetted* candidates on the same day Eck launched ALBA. Their Exec Committee undemocratically stood their candidates down an hour after ALBA announced their 32 causing their *star* signing, Martin Keatings, to join ALBA and beg for a place on the MSF list. They hadn’t paid one deposit for any of their candidates…A ghost party if ever there was one.
    Hopefully that’s the last we’ll hear from them – though I doubt it.

    What next for ALBA?

    Defiant words from Eck yesterday but we need a cold hard reality check as well as a trip to arithmetic school before making things even worse than they are already looking for indy at the moment.

    Council elections 2022 where a defiant new variable enters the polling booths – direct competition between SNP & ALBA on ballot papers.Can see only one winner there and it ain’t indy.

    Now the unionists have voted tactically in HR elections does anyone seriously think they’ll revert to their old habits in next year’s elections? They’ve tasted Indy blood at two successive HR elections and are enjoying watching us turn on each other. They know how to defeat the SNP now and they won’t be going back to their old parochial tribalism. A vote for ALBA or ISP next year will only do WM huge favours as Council after council is won by unionist collusion using their “how to beat the SNP” playbook. We’ll only be helping the demise of indy if we vote for Eck or Colette.They’ll finish off the SNP at 2024
    elections by pulling the same stunt they’ve just pulled.

    ALBA & ISP members, it’s time to rejoin the SNP and oust Sturgeon and the wokies from within.They’ve been at it since 2014, we know. It was a valiant effort by ISP & ALBA to convice the electorate we could get the supermajority by voting ALBA on the list. It didn’t happen. The Unionists have taken the measure of the SNP & know how to beat them. We have to go back in and get the party back. There’s no other alternative. We need to apologise to those stalwarts who remained behind and get them to finally put their money where their mouths haven’t been since 2014 and save indy and their party.

    Our attempts at getting through to yessers using arithmetical reasoning that a SNP2 vote was a vote for unionists didn’t work. It won’t work next year either as we will be in direct competition with SNP for votes. That arithmetical argument should stop us in our tracks. We can’t accuse the SNP of being power obssessed sellouts, ignorant of number reality if we split the indy vote in the council elections.

    Alba has to retire from representative politics and take the YES movement over. AUOB, Now Scotland, Yes Hubs all singing from same hymnsheet with a wily political fox and his ALBA team pulling the strings. Alex Salmond has to find a worthy successor to lead ALBA/ISP to the 2026 list ballot too, hopefully better vetted than the Sturrells were.

  191. Mia says:

    “ALBA & ISP members, it’s time to rejoin the SNP and oust Sturgeon”

    No. SNP members tried very hard before to push Sturgeon off the driving seat and did not manage. Why? Because the SNP MPs and MSPs did no help. Once the party is infiltrated, it is almost impossible to steer back in to course. Look at what the blairites have done to Labour.

    Time is up. If we could not fight the SNP from inside, it is better we stop wasting our time and do it from the outside. The only thing that joining the SNP now will do is to hand over another supply of cash to keep Mr Murrell’s and others’ obese pay checks going and to help them cover the hole for the ring fenced money.

    Sorry, the SNP had their chance and they blew it big time. The SNP leaderhip had in their hands to secure a supermajority today in hOlyrood. Instead, they used over 1 million voters of SNP voters to secure 46 unionists seats and leave ALBA with none. It is time to leave the faux pro indy troughers to it and give other party, this time a real pro indy one, a chance.

  192. crazycat says:

    @ Harry mcaye at 1.21

    The LDs lost their list seat in the north east; it had been held by Mike Rumbles, but he did not seek re-election.

  193. Willie says:

    Putting it bluntly, intemperately even, there’s 1,094,300 dafties who bought the SNP message of second vote SNP.

    Now know you should never attack the voters but surely hordes of them must be asking the question as to why they were encouraged to vote SNP2.

    Take poison, eat dog shit, oh OK Nicola, you’re the brains.

  194. Westeros says:

    I am utterly passed off with Emma Roddick’s elevation by selection and not election. She has previously failed vetting because of her behaviour and sacking at the Scottish Parliament. The SNP vetting system should have been consistent, however she kept on applying until she was finally allowed to stand, despite of the many objections and concerns regarding her suitability.

    Questions still remain unanswered about her involvement in the cover up of Richard Laird’s departure and her removal of all tweets which show her association with him even after she knew what he had done.

    On two occasions she hasleaked private messages to the press and there are others who are very nervous just now as she has much more intimate information on much bigger fish in the party.

    She is going to be the party’s biggest car crash despite multiple opportunities to prevent her getting elected. When she goes into a full meltdown, she will take anyone she can with her. A warning to all of those in parliament is not to get too close as she will turn on them and use whatever information she had to destroy them. You have been warned!

  195. holymacmoses says:

    I have watched Enemy of the State a couple of times – enough to know that the destruction of character and credibility is a modus operandi of the controllers.


    SNP have already tried that with Mr Salmond and legally they’ve failed but they’re still winning in the MSM stakes.
    What has to be done is good old fashioned research journalism to prove who leaked the first story about Mr Salmond (is it a coincidence that Ms Sturgeon’s 1998 failed legal career was about to be exposed by that same newspaper?) and secondly Mr Murrell’s misappropriation of the SNP monies must be discovered. Once we can get two ends to two good threads to unwind – others will be unravelled in the process.
    We can’t WAIT for the fall – we have to dig away at the foundations of the edifice and make it fall.

  196. Liz says:

    Council elections 2022 where a defiant new variable enters the polling booths – direct competition between SNP & ALBA on ballot papers.Can see only one winner there and it ain’t indy.

    Sorry disagree. Council elections are stv, so if ISP aND Alba stand and don’t make enough votes their second choice gets those extra votes. Presumably most indy supporters would put SNP candidates ahead of Unionists on their list so what’s to lose?
    AS can’t just move in on Now Scotland which is set up and running.
    Most Alba members would not be seen dead rejoining the SNP at this point in time – assuming they were allowed back in, and fixing the SNP from inside? That boat has sailed.

  197. Carol Neill says:

    Hours late but I’ve been oot

    ‘Is your google broken ‘


  198. Harry mcaye says:

    Crazycat – belated thanks.

  199. David R says:

    All you nasty misogynists must accept that the future is female and if anything goes wrong it’s the patriarchy that did it.

  200. @Stephen
    why do you think Greek style democracy is not possible?

    It comprised two principles, executive councils chosen by lot, and direct popular votes on important issues.

    With modern technology direct voting is much easier for whole countries than it was in the past. At Glasgow University Computer Science School we developed Handivote, a secure system for direct democracy using cellphones.

    The other element, councils chosen by lot, are already being reborn as citizens assemblies. Reintroduce both of these and Edinburgh would deserve the title Athens of the North.

  201. highseastim says:

    Stephen 9.19 am :- my SNP 2 vote was certainly not wasted as they took the constituency and list seat in Moray.

  202. Stephen says:

    Firstly, I admire your argument and I would also argue that technology could and should be used to provide direct democracy.

    The question is complicated and this is not the place for any detail but here goes….

    I believe that Greek democracy is not possible for three reasons – because the conditions necessary for Greek democracy do not obtain now, because of technical difficulties and because it is not possible to identify what is meant by Greek democracy.

    Greek democracy depended on slaves and the disenfranchisement of women.
    Greek democracy was the preserve of the wealthy who had time for decision making and debate.

    The flaw in your argument is how important issues are identified and how questions to be put to the electorate are designed.

    Then there is the issue of identifying a point in time which we can say is archetypal “Greek politics”.
    Then there is the contrast between Greek political institutions of whatever time and the politics found in the theoretical works of Plato and Aristotle.

    And within the works of these philosophers there is much variation.
    Within Plato, for example, do we chose the Republic or the Laws for the received view.
    And Plato is very different from Aristotle.

  203. Stephen says:

    Ok, let me amend what I said.
    SNP2 votes throughout Scotland were largely wasted.

  204. Liz says:

    highseastim says:
    9 May, 2021 at 9:27 pm
    Stephen 9.19 am :- my SNP 2 vote was certainly not wasted as they took the constituency and list seat in Moray.

    Oh aye – is that Emma Roddick the new list MSP? Good one. Just think, they could have had Tom Wills of Shetland – would have been a good stepping stone to wrest Shetland from the libdems next time around. Ah well it’s no longer the ‘best’ candidates that get chosen is it?

  205. Louise Hogg says:

    2 observations:

    1. The characteristic of ‘splitting’, in which someone with BPD switches between extremes of love and hate for a person close to them. (Can also be present in complex PTSD. Perhaps in a more treatable form, IF the sufferer prioritises addressing it.) Both extremes can present almost simultaneously. And exceedingly trivial triggers can cause the switch.

    An example might be, you hear an emotive rumour about your closest friend, who you’ve known for several decades. As a result, you hate them and are entirely consumed for years in plotting their downfall, even at the expense of your other relationships, aims, reputation and health.

    This may ring a bell?

    2. It is VERY healthy to be willing to support and empower people to succeed IN SPITE OF any mental health conditions they may have. To NOT impose false ceilings on them.

    Current policy, however, seems to be to promote people FOR having mental health conditions; which is reckless, endangers the public, and is ultimately cruel towards the sufferer.

    A refusal to impose healthy boundaries on those who lack the self-awareness or insight to know their own limitations is NOT responsible, or ‘kind’.

  206. Scott says:

    Louise Hogg says:
    10 May, 2021 at 2:22 am

    2. It is VERY healthy to be willing to support and empower people to succeed IN SPITE OF any mental health conditions they may have. To NOT impose false ceilings on them.

    Current policy, however, seems to be to promote people FOR having mental health conditions; which is reckless, endangers the public, and is ultimately cruel towards the sufferer.

    A refusal to impose healthy boundaries on those who lack the self-awareness or insight to know their own limitations is NOT responsible, or ‘kind’.

    EUPD & insight aren’t mutually exclusive, however volatility to some degree is to be expected. Not every expression that is seen as exaggerated poses danger to the observer, but the aftermath tends to be a rerun in slow motion explaining all the stages that lead to the ‘incident’ in the first place.

    It’s a right laugh at times…lol

  207. Scunnert says:

    “Roddick is going to be toxic. She was sacked from her staffer job at Holyrood before for being lazy, sleeping at her desk, lying on her CV, stinking after doing all nighters and coming straight into work, fabricating stories then briefing them to the whips, hacking an MSPs personal messages then giving them to the press and having a ‘close’ relationship with a married journalist. All in the space of three months. She has never held down a job for more than 3 months in her life but now she has been handed a 5 year job at £65k a year which she cannot be sacked from. You are right, she will burn the place to the ground in a week.”

    I didn’t know most of this or the other things posted above about her. However, I did know other things which are also very worrying.

    The SNP members who voted for the list candidates for the H&I did not want her. She came way behind the constituency candidates who also stood on the list (Fergus, Maree and Kate) and well short too of Tom Wills of Shetland but, of course, she has a disability so got shunted up into first position. So we now have an incredibly unstable person sitting as an MSP with all the risks from that – and it is a situation which is also unlikely to be good for her personally due to her diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder.

    And, to rub salt into the wound, we have also missed out on the chance to have the very promising Tom Wills in Holyrood. This should have been his list seat.

  208. Lazy susan says:

    Interesting to hear that Emma Roddick was sacked from the Holyrood job, Alba4H&I. She was close to being sacked from her position in the ambulance service too. Argumentative, constantly off or hungover! The council job could not have come sooner for her. She was never here, plenty time to be out in bars though.

  209. wee monkey says:

    Luigi says:
    9 May, 2021 at 8:41 am
    Quote :- …”Don’t worry about the lunatics they will destroy themselves. They always do.” ?

    14 years of snp malignancy has just seen them voted into another 5 years. Doing the Maths thats almost, but not quite, 2 decades of policy and governmental negativity to reverse.

    I don’t think you quite understand the scale of the damage that has been done and that is about to be continued..

  210. James Che says:

    EU passed laws for meal worms and crickets to be in pasta, biscuits and whey powder products.

    Are we going to take back our sovereignty yet, so we do not have experimental food products in Scotland, which am sure the scottish government will be enthusiastic in bringing in,

  211. James che says:


    Westminster parliament boasts on its site that the Scottish parliament ceased to exist in 1707.

    In that case so did the treaty of union with Scotland, that was arranged but never came into fruition.

    Westminster parliament is a parliament of one, with a annexed Wales, until N, Ireland joined it,

    It is impossible for non existent Scottish parliament in England to hold a position of joint treaty of the union OR to be subsumed into Englands Westminster parliament if Westminster says it does not exist.

    This is our get out clause, from the proxy scottish political parties, we cannot be in a treaty because we ceased to exist,
    We cannot have members from a ceased Scottish parliament in Westminster today without a extensive imagination, magic wand and jiggery pokery.

    It is impossible for a Scottish parliament to be in & out of the treaty of union at the same time.

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