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Professional jealousy

Posted on January 16, 2015 by

Alert readers may recall this baffling story from last month, in which we discovered that Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie hadn’t been able to think of any more pressing issues to occupy himself with than finding out how many times Scottish Government civil servants had accessed Wings Over Scotland in the six months leading up to the referendum.


So we were intrigued when we got an email from a viewer who just for fun had sent a Freedom of Information request to Holyrood and asked them the same question for the official Scottish and UK Liberal Democrats websites. The results are below.


Aw, bless him.

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  1. 17 01 15 00:43

    Professional jealousy - Speymouth

110 to “Professional jealousy”

  1. John says:

    The establishment parties really do hate you 🙂

  2. Iain Gray says:

    Awe. Puir wee Willie!

  3. blackhack says:

    Sometimes it’s better not to ask questions, rather than get an honest answer……Don’t you think Mr Rennie ????

  4. mogabee says:


  5. Ewan MacKenzie says:


  6. Lesley-Anne says:

    I’m thinking there is a saying in here some where … something to do with a lot of glass … and houses if I remember correctly. Now how did it go again … oh that’s right “People in Glass houses should NOT throw stones!” 😀

  7. Ian Brotherhood says:

    I knew I’d seen that face before!

    (Ooh-er, we don’t want to get his dander up…)

    Check this out:

  8. Bob Sinclair says:

    Better to say nothing & appear stupid rather than to open your mouth & remove all doubt…..whoever said that was a seasoned observer of Wee Wullies career.

  9. No no no...Yes says:

    Steady, Willie is not professional, he is an amateur in every sense.

  10. HandandShrimp says:

    I’m surprised it is as much as that 😉

  11. Democracy Reborn says:

    If you can’t beat ’em, Willie….

  12. BrianW says:

    Is poor wittle Willie suffering from some sort of online hit rate penis envy..

    P.S I can’t helping think on Just William when I see Mr Rennie. He should be stood there is school shorts, school cap, squint tie and a scrapped knee when Ruthy karate chopped him to the ground.

  13. Ian Brotherhood says:

    If you don’t believe Rennie’s well-‘ard, have a listen to what he did to Nick Clegg, just a couple of years ago…utterly shameless:

  14. Valerie says:

    Haha well done to the alert reader.

    Bob Sinclair at 10.50pm sums it up!

  15. Croompenstein says:

    Never in the field of Scottish politics was so much pish talked by so few to so many

  16. R-type Grunt says:

    @ John at the top

    Correction – the establishment parties really do hate Scots.

  17. big jock says:

    He`s the village idiot and every parliament should have one. He is pure entertainment!

  18. Dr Jim says:

    Ya gotta love these guys
    Still, just shows how much they enjoy your work Stu,
    Appreciation from all sides,

  19. Ian Brotherhood says:

    And here’s how seriously he takes his ‘job’ – as if he’s ever going to reach the dizzying heights scaled by Lib-Dem behemoth Danny Alexander!?

    In the general context of Scottish political history, Willie Rennie is Mr Bumfluff’s bum-fluff.

  20. manandboy says:

    Willie Rennie is a joke.
    But Jim Murphy is presented to us as a serious politician; the Scottish branch manager no less.
    The dogs in the kennels know that Murphy is just a warm up act.
    As with IndyRef, when Alistair Darling was stood down, to make way for Gordon Brown, so too will Jim Murphy have to give way to someone greater than he.
    But will it be Gordon?
    Of course it will!

    So, until Gordon makes his entrance to bribe the Scots once more, we can smile at Jim’s antics and tolerate his fantasies, but please, let’s not adorn him by heeding what he says.

    The man is an act; a stage character, whose task is to tell fairy stories until his audience is either asleep or confused.
    Either way he doesn’t care,for at tatoint he will leave the stage and collect his money on the way out.

    That is the deal he has accepted – there was nothing better on offer.

  21. heedtracker says:

    Don’t bless this twerp. Freedom of speech is under attack from all kinds of freaks, creeps and weirdos. This is really funny though. What a great FoI.

  22. Martin D says:

    Curious how UK Lib. Dems. seem more interested than their Scottish counterparts.

  23. Lesley-Anne says:

    big jock says:

    He`s the village idiot and every parliament should have one. He is pure entertainment!

    I think I doth protest here BJ.

    Wee willie never was, is or ever will be the Village Idiot … I AM! I hope you realise I fought long and hard to win this notorious title and I’m not about to let some little jumped up pip squeak think he can just waltz off with MY title no way no sir! 😛

    I hold my title in great esteem and not just any old crackpot will get his grubby wee paws of it! 😀

  24. liz says:

    Wullie Rennie is treated by all as the village idiot, the establishment are not scared of him as they know he is a joke.

    The fact that he is ‘leader’ of the LibDums in Scotland you would think would embarrass LD supporters so much they would be calling for him to be replaced by anyone who could command a modicum of respect.

  25. Betsy says:

    Poor Willie, he’s the Biscuity Boyle of Scottish politics. Bless.

  26. liz says:

    @big jock- honestly I didn’t know you had said the same!!

  27. Aidan says:


    Guess Willie Rennie was asking for that.

  28. terry says:

    Whether it’s political gold or comedy gold Wings always hits the spot. The man’s a compete tool.

    On a slightly different note I heard a slab politician blithering on about HS2 on Radio Scotland saying that it should come all the way up to Scotland as that would unite the country after the referendum, like it was a favour to us – meantime completely ignoring the fact that we’ve paid for it anyway. And on Any Questions tonight some politico was banging on about the railway saying it is to run the length of our long thin country (clearly meaning england) and the UK neeeds it just like Japan – cos theyre a long thin island too. He was obviously forgetting the scots at the top who helped fund the thing. Thomas the Tank Engine could do better. Question – can anyone see Farage as the Fat Controller?

  29. jimnarlene says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……takes deep breath, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  30. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    I just love Wings and all their Alert Readers.

  31. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @manandboy (11.14) –

    re Brown.

    I hope you’re wrong. I truly do.

    But if you’re right? It could be the proverbial final straw. Here’s hoping that Brown himself daft (or compromised) enough to do an encore.

  32. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Lollysmum Happy Birthday to you hope you,ve had a nice day.

  33. boris says:

    WoW that was a shocker. I expect the wee man is routinely checking the site in an attempt to pick up tips on how to do things. His difficulty is that he is a bit short on the grey matter.

  34. boris says:

    Sarah Smith tells of her shock at the sexist culture she encountered during her time at the BBC.

    Might be a contributory factor in why they present biased reporting. Could be a honey trap or two in place.

    I cannot remember any investigation of these allegations. Disgraceful if true!!!

  35. Fat boab says:

    @Nana Smith, at 11.47 pm
    Yet again – Thank you so much, Nana. That is some welcome news after all these depressing Panelbase stats. It’s about high time the unions got their arse into gear. This could be the start of something – let’s hope.

    As for ‘Oor Wullie’ – I know for a fact the man is nothing more than an inconsequential wee bawbag – a sentiment with which I’m sure Soapy and Wee Eck would concur if they happened to exist in a parallel universe: (and they must do, surely . . . )

  36. morgatron says:

    Wee Willie Rennie in his night gown , sorry thats Wee Willie Rennie is a right clown.

  37. ronnie anderson says:

  38. charlie says:

    Oh, Willie Boy, the votes, the votes are falling
    From seat to seat, and down the suburban side.
    The summer’s gone, and all the polls saying,
    ‘Tis you, ‘Tis you must go and we must bide.

  39. Gallowglass says:

    Make a FOI re wings for Whitehall.

    That would be interesting. 🙂

  40. Lesley-Anne says:

    Excellent Charlie. 😀

    Leave it to a Winger to put the sense of any thread into song 😛

  41. Big Tam says:

    Rennie is a wee jobby

  42. Dr Jim says:

    There’s no village idiot in the Lib Dems
    Everybody gets a turn….Boom…Boom…

  43. Robert Peffers says:

    @Lesley-Anne says:16 January, 2015 at 10:46 pm:

    “I’m thinking there is a saying in here some where … something to do with a lot of glass … and houses if I remember correctly.”

    Way back in the 1950/60s I had a pal who came from a large family, all male bar the last one, who was a wee girl. The youngest male was, I suppose understandably, of a rather jealous nature. On one occasion he was so upset at being the last in line for something or other and his retort on being told to get to the back of the queue by the next up in line was the classic, “Stick bubbly and I hope yer rabbits die”.

    This became the equivalent to, “People who live in Glass houses should not throw stones”, in the large family. If I recall correctly there was around 16 to 18 of them.

  44. KennyG says:

    It just shows you how many of these politicians visit wings. I think, ultimately, they are now aware that the referendum result was just one big lie. I think they realise that they are baw deep in that lie and are willing to go to any length to cover up the truth. That is what they fear telling us the most. The honest truth.

    I really pity those poor souls who loose their homes and have to rely on food banks who would turn to Mr Rennie for help only to be told that he had more pressing matters to deal with.

  45. Robert Peffers says:

    @Dr Jim says:17 January, 2015 at 1:24 am:

    “There’s no village idiot in the Lib Dems
    Everybody gets a turn….Boom…Boom,

    A sort of Muggin’s – Err! Err! Buggin’s Turn sort of thing?

  46. robertknight says:

    Willie who?

  47. CRAIGthePICT says:

    Stuart’s previous description of him as the ‘low-watt Lib Dem leader’ about nails it for me, will be stealing that 🙂

    O/T Incredible membership surge across the UK for the Greens over the last 2 days.

  48. Macart says:

    Oh dang! 😀

  49. Gary says:

    Ha ha ha ha! That is all I have to say.

  50. john king says:

    Its like Guy Fawkes on here every day


    Aa wid hiv put ma response tae you in caps lock Wullie bit yer no wurth it, ya wee nyaff
    awa an bile yer heed! 🙂

  51. tactile vision says:

    Wee Willie Rennie
    runs through the town,
    moaning and whinging
    while wearing a frown.
    A successful Scot’s gov
    gets Wee Willie down,
    so he bleats like a sheep
    and behaves like a clown.

  52. Ken500 says:

    HS2 – Japan

    UK pop 62Million

    Japan pop 100million

    That’s where the sums are wrong

    Osbourne gets it wrong but all the family and the associates are making £Millions out of it from public money. Consultant – father in law. A waste of public money. The Royal Mail sell of made Osbourne’s best man and brother in law £Millions. That’s why the crooks are in politics to line their pockets. People are being sanctions and going to food banks.

    Scotland had better not be paying for it. The line from the central belt to the North of Scotland. has not even bern electrified, taking much longer.

  53. Lesley-Anne says:

    John, John, John what have ah telt ye? You must always relax … R E L A X before posting. It does not do your blood pressure any good to keep things bottled up like that. Now come along with auntie L-A and we’ll do it together. 😉

    You lot keep it clean or I’ll be back for you next! 😀

    IN … HOLD … OUT … IN … HOLD … OUT … there that’s much better now isn’t it. Now go on me son go get ‘im! 😛

  54. Lollysmum says:

    @ Ronnie Anderson
    Thanks Ronnie:-)

    Charlie-brilliant adaptation of the song 😉

    @ Stu
    You redeemed yourself with this last post-was having a rotten day till I saw this.

    So Lib Dums website was accessed from Scot Gov 3 times a day for the 6 months prior to the referendum eh? Sounds more like someone was checking to make sure they were still there 🙂

  55. Ken500 says:

    There is a report Westminster are going to dump the nuclear waste from submarines in the Scottish abandon nuclear station.

    Britain and France carved up the Middle East. Britain, France and the US have been creating havoc in the Middle East since 1917. The Balfour Declaration. They have caused the migration to Europe by causing chaos, illegal wars and supporting Apartheid States and absolute, despot Monarchies.

    Vote SNP/Allance

  56. Effijy says:

    ‘Morning Willie,

    With the Rev’s Stats regarding Lib Dems on the “Wings” web site,
    it looks like all 5 of you on morning, noon, and night.

    It’s a Very good idea to check the site out regularly.
    The Rev can let you see what you are up to, as you obviously
    don’t have a clue yourself.

    Could I ask if all 5 of your MSP’s travel to parliament in the one Taxi?
    Good for the environment to get a whole party in the one cab.
    Maybe consider a low mileage unicycle for the party in May.

  57. steveasaneilean says:

    There’s a more serious issue here for me which strikes at the heart of our alleged democracy.
    Mr Rennie was democratically removed from office in the May 2010 Westminster election. Almost immediately he was appointed a special adviser to the ConDem coalition (presumably at tax payers expense). Then he reappeared in the Scottish Parliament as a list MSP – the list being the most anti-democratic stitch up this side of the House of Lords.
    So where is his democratic mandate to speak about anything beyond the smoke fill room (under the stars) of the LibDems?

  58. Lesley-Anne says:

    Hawd on steveasaneilean it’s the Lie Dems we’re talking about here they don’t do Democracy. What they do do is sit on the fence and then only jump off when they see who the biggest group is and run up to join them! 😉

  59. Lesley-Anne says:

    Sorry I’m O/T but just read this on Twitter from Norman Wilson, don’t titter now no … don’t. 😛

    BBC radio Scotland now claiming Norway’s oil fund is too successful! Apparently they have far too much money. Lucky we don’t have one.

    I so really want to say you can NOT be serious or you can NOT make this up but really it’s our favourite radio station, BBC Scotland, so of course they are being serious, extremely … apparently. 😉

    All I can say is that I am so thankful I voted NO. I mean can you imagine the outright indignity of it all having an Oil Fund with TOO MUCH MONEY! 😀

  60. manandboy says:

    Willie Rennie reminds me that lying can quickly develop into a habit, and like many other habits, can become so ingrained that it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to give up. I suspect this is true of a great many UK politicians, not excluding Willie Rennie.

    I suspect the problem goes even deeper, whereby many will find themselves believing their own lies. The Alexander’s spring to mind, Douglas Alexander, in particular, certainly appears so sincere and concerned about absolutely everything he says, and being a deeply religious man in his private life, why wouldn’t he be; and yet he lies all the time.

    But a more spectacular example must surely be Gordon Brown.
    I can imagine him now, shuffling impatiently in the wings, awaiting his cue to appear, and with another virtuoso performance of lying, bribe former Labour voters to return to their spiritual home in politics, the Labour Party, Scottish Branch.

    But I digress from Scotland’s, and the UK’s, most inept politician, Willie Rennie. Sadly, and in spite of being the very embodiment of almost everything that’s wrong with UK politics, Willie will still be with us after he loses his MSP seat in 2016. For as before, being such a staunch Unionist, he will be supported by the Establishment and a way found for him to prosper at the taxpayer’s expense.

    There are certainly no signs whatsoever that the UK politics industry is about to change it’s ways – quite the opposite. A seat on that Westminster gravy train is so highly prized, that even at the risk of losing one’s very self, getting onboard and staying onboard, is seemingly more important than life itself.

    Just ask Willie Rennie. If you can find him.

  61. Effijy says:

    Just in case some of you never registered an official complaint
    with the BBC, I thought that I would advise you on how their
    “complaints process” operates, or perhaps doesn’t operate.

    You lodge your complaint and one of the BBC employees decides if the BBC have broken the rules regarding their charter.

    They avoid most of your points, give you a couple of condescending
    lines and tell you that you are bad and they are good.

    You can reject their claim and move it up to the next level, where a higher salaried patronising BBC employee goes through the same motions, but in a more lengthy letter.

    You can again reject to nonsense they have presented as justification and take it on to the next level.

    Really high salaried BBC employee now gets a bit fed up that you
    will not take a telling, so you get it confirmed in triplicate,
    you Bad, BBC champion of all things virtuous and incapable of wrong doing.

    Last and best bit I’ve pasted below, you can appeal again to the BBC Trust, but recognise that they don’t deal with all appeals at this stage? If they did take your complaint at this level, they have the final say, and no one outside of the BBC can judge them.

    The strategy is, go away, go away, go away, we are going away.

    “As I see no grounds for changing my finding on the particular item under consideration, I’m now finalising it on the basis set out in my recent letter.
    This means that it’s open to you, if you wish to pursue your concerns further, to ask the BBC Trust to review your complaint on appeal.
    However, please note that the Trust does not consider every appeal brought to it. If a question arises as to whether an appeal ought to be taken, the Trust is the final arbiter. Any appeal should be lodged within 20 working days of the date of this email. The Trust may, exceptionally, take an appeal brought after this date if it considers there is a good reason for the delay. The appeal should not exceed 1,000 words and should clearly state the points you raised with the Editorial Complaints Unit which you want the Trust to address, with your reasons. The Trust will not normally consider new points. You can find full details of the complaints procedures here: Correspondence for the Trust should be addressed to the Complaints Adviser, BBC Trust Unit, 180 Great Portland Street, London W1W 5QZ or to

    Meanwhile, a summary of the matter, making clear the extent to which complaints have been upheld, has now been published at . I hope you’ll accept my apologies on behalf of the BBC for the breach of editorial standards which you identified, and my thanks for giving us the opportunity of investigating your concerns.

    Yours sincerely

    Fraser Steel
    Head of Editorial Complaints

  62. manandboy says:

    Another weekend, and the British electorate are blissfully unaware that UK politics is currently being conducted by Russian propaganda theory and practice.

    Perhaps John ‘Anatoly’ McTernan will explain how that has come to be, the next time he decides to appear on the BBC or to write a column in the Scotsman.

    (Anatoly is a Russian name with Scottish undertones and is best pronounced slowly)

  63. Albaman says:

    Go easy on Wullie, he’s reading your comments, and having read them all, I don’t think he will recover, recover from the realisation that we, and that is a sizeable section of the public, look upon him as a complete “dunderarse”!.

  64. 400 out of those 693 Scottish Lib Dem views was from Willie

  65. gerry parker says:

    @ Effijy.

    A very neat procedure. And if you should happen to take your complaint to your MP, as I did to Tom Clarke, the response will be.

    “please take this matter up with the BBC directly on their website”

  66. ronnie anderson says:

  67. Lesley-Anne says:

    Sorry I’m O/T again but Matt Culbert just posted this up on Twitter. Looks like them dastardly unionists are up to their old tricks again folks. 😉

  68. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Rennie is the absolute epitome of the political dwarf who operates in Scotland. The drive towards independence is producing these people,the expendable front line mouthpiece of the unionist cause with nothing sensible to say but saying it anyway and having it widely reported in the media.

    It became very obvious to me during the referendum that the campaign was actually Tories against Scottish independence. There are still more of them than polling figures would suggest and they disproportionately inhabit the upper reaches of our economy and our various levels of administration.
    Their power has always been able to affect, misinform and influence a significant section of our population and they did so again during the referendum.
    The hopeful sign is that a very large section of the population, particularly of the well informed section who routinely have supported Labour, saw the light and this section is growing

  69. Snode1965 says:

    Wullie always reminds me of Stan Laurel. He could team up with Ruthy, Oliver Hardy, what a double act. 🙂

  70. call me dave says:

    Yes (Prof) Milne says the oil fund is a curse, too much money and investing it in industries and other business is a headache as it brings to much influence to bear when making decisions about where to invest.

    Look Scottish people, best not to have the oil …or the oil fund. 🙂

    Plonker. funny old world init!

  71. JET JOCKEY says:

    @ Effijy
    The Law Society have a similar complaints set-up if you point out a serious breach of ethics “a criminal act” they completely ignore it , If you had clear evidence of collusion by two opposing solicitors in a court case , The head of the complaints department Philip Yelland sends you a standard letter stating that the Law Society are now closing your file and will no longer respond to any further communication. The Law Society should report this to the police , but this never happens , and the police will do nothing unless they hear from the Law Society, quite a nice cosy arrangement.

  72. call me dave says:

    Prof Milne’s first name is Richard. I say no more!

  73. Hahahaha Most thespians in politics are liars and wings are doing an amazing job waking the sleepers up to that fact.

    Keep up the good work, great page.

  74. ronnie anderson says:

    Wullie Rennie He is a keen runner and is a member of Dunfermline’s Carnegie Harriers. He was also runner-up in the 2006 Scottish Coal-Carrying Championships held in Kelty. Rennie was one of the 50 MPs who ran a mile to raise money for Sport Relief[5] finishing close behind the winner, David Davies.

    He must be shittin Briquetts wie every step noo, an they will be the CocoPeat wans. Made from NUTS an shite could,nt smell any sweeter.

  75. desimond says:

    @Call Me Dave

    You can just picture those sad Norwegians looking at a map of Manhattan and asking “How the hell did we have to end up owning all this prime real estate,why us God?…why? Why?”

    Wullie Rennie….its Prosecution 101…Never aska question you don’t know the answer too!

    (I just looked up his Wiki…he actually claims to have worked in Public Relations between Lib Dem posts!…I assume he was a Chugger ( Charity Mugger..keep it clean now!)

  76. Giving Goose says:

    Willie reads this?
    Don’t be put off by the negative comments Willie. You’re a credit to the Independence movement.
    It’s people like you that convince me that my belief and support for Scottish Independence is absolutely the right thing.
    Keep doing what you do.

  77. caledonia says:

    Re FOI requests how do you know the person on the end of it is telling the truth
    For example if i sent ont to uk parliment on how many times they looked at wings for example
    They would not want the figure to be high so can put what they like or does it have to be verified
    By someone else

    Basically i am asking how it works without linking me to a thousand page document

  78. caz-m says:

    gerry parker

    Complaining to the BBC is very much like complaining to your local MP. I wrote to Douglas Alexander the other day to ask why he supported the latest Tory austerity policies, and that many Scots are going to suffer because of these planned cuts.

    His reply was that the Labour Party had to have a costed plan for reducing the deficit so these cuts will be have to be made by a future Labour Government.

    Red Toy, Blue Tory, nothing seems to embarrass them anymore.

    Totally ruthless.

  79. Nana Smith says:

    @Ronnie Anderson

    Ta Ronnie for cheering me up on a cold wet morning.

    Wee Willie “shittin Briquetts wie every step noo” LOL!!!!!

  80. Macart says:

    @ Lesley-Anne

    Kinda lets you know the calibre of bod you’re dealing with. I’ve only been commenting for about the past four years, but in that time its been an education to be sure.

    A question I’ve often asked myself over that period is, who does this? What kind of campaign, what kind of individual sets about deliberately, covertly and with malicious intent, inciting argument and division for political gain?

    Just grim.

  81. Ron Maclean says:

    As a taxpayer I was shocked and indeed disappointed to learn that Scottish civil servants were allegedly using public money to access LibDem websites. I demand we wheel out a professor or at the very least a compromised Lordy and hold a public enquiry. Wait a minute! 693 views! I wonder if that website has any salacious content. I better check in case I have to warn the Meenistair.

  82. Helena Brown says:

    Goose, I so agree with your sentiment, Willie inspires me. He inspires me to work really hard to get shot of him and his ilk from my sight.

  83. Jim Thomson says:

    @Caledonia 10:59am

    It’s all fine. You can trust everything they produce. They are our employees. Totally trustworthy.

    Sleep easy now.

  84. Dan Huil says:

    Here’s an interesting extract from Rennie’s official website:

    “Trapped wind is a common condition causing pain or discomfort, usually due to a build up of pressure in your stomach or abdomen. You can suffer from trapped wind in different parts of your digestive system, causing a range of symptoms including a bloated stomach, bloated abdomen and flatulence.
    There are different causes of trapped wind; such as eating too quickly or wearing clothes that fit tightly around the waist. Almost everyone suffers from it at least once in their lives, although few would admit it due to the ‘embarrassing’ symptoms like gurgling noises and flatulence.”

    Willie was only looking for help. Pardon.

  85. john king says:

    Lesley-Anne says
    “Sorry I’m O/T again but Matt Culbert just posted this up on Twitter. Looks like them dastardly unionists are up to their old tricks again folks. ;)”

    Its easy seen they unionits hiv goat plenty money when they can afford twa identities whereas we in the yes camp are too poor too wee and too stupit tae go oantae their sites wi sudo, psudo, swudo, er ither names instid we yase oor ain names.
    Mind we’re no ashamed to be seen for who we are, are they?

  86. Les Wilson says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:

    Ian, that is wee Willie over the back, recommend all watch it, when you picture this being Rennie is very funny, and rather apt for the wee lad.

    Maybe he could watch this and think, “hey I could do this”
    a pure natural LOL!

  87. Les Wilson says:

    Seriously, and we all may jest about wee Willie’s incompetance, but this costs tax payers money, and a total misuse of resources.

    Not at all funny in that respect. Rennie himself though, is an entirely different matter!

  88. john king says:

    Dan Huil says
    “Here’s an interesting extract from Rennie’s official website:”

    Does it tell you how to get red wine stains out of a carpet?
    an dinne Aa say pour white wine oan it, de ken hoo much that stuff coasts?

    Does he say anything about teenage acne?

    Does he have any advice for not being photographed with your tongue sticking out the side of your mouth making you look like an absolute dick?

  89. Patrick Roden says:


    BBC on-line reporting that 25% of 16 to 18 year olds were so enthused by the referendum vote, that they have since joined a political party to become activists.

    they didn’t say what party these kids joined (of course)
    but this may go a long way to explaining why a lot of unionists don’t want this age group to have a vote in normal elections.

  90. HandandShrimp says:


    It would have been interesting to see the breakdown of who they joined but as Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems aren’t reporting much if any increase in membership (and let’s be honest if Labour had a big increase they would be singing it from the rooftops) then the only question is whether they preferred the SNP, Greens or the SSP. I’m guessing a fair few joined the Greens. I think I read somewhere that their youth group is bigger than their previous total membership.

  91. john king says:

    Mcart says
    “Kinda lets you know the calibre of bod you’re dealing with. I’ve only been commenting for about the past four years”

    ONLY 4 years?
    people have gone mad in that space of time, I’ve been posting online for 3 years and Im losing a grip on reality, and look at you, you still have a full head of hair, and face and er palms,
    Ok Im going now (WALKING SLOWLY BACKWARDS) 🙁

  92. Capella says:

    @ Patrick Roden
    What the Unionists seem not to realise is that 16 – 18 year olds GET OLDER. And when they finally can vote, will be very very annoyed at the hurdles put in their way by the Unionists. So if they miss out in 2015, they will all be voting in 2017 and half of the in 2016.

    Great video in Bellacaledonia of Pete Wishart speaking against the house of Lords

  93. tombee says:

    So that’s wee Willie’s job then. He’s had Nick ‘up’ twice and he’s going to get him ‘up’ again. Good for you Willie.

  94. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I think Greg Moodie’s cartoon interpretation of wee Willie is spot on.

    Go find on Bella.

  95. HandandShrimp says:

    Meanwhile over on the Guardian Labour Spad says of Scotland

    “Yeah. Obviously. But we’ve got a new leader up there now, and he’s making the weather”

    Given the weather over the last few weeks that statement made me smile. I can blame Murphy for the drive home in driving snow last then? 🙂

  96. Faltdubh says:

    I couldn’t believe at the time that the Libs choose Rennie as their Scots branch leader. He couldn’t be anymore “toon councillor” and even then that’s being polite, he’s more like the wee naff that hangs around with the big boys at high school, but they are using him as he has all the parties – yeah a shitey analogy, but hopefully ye ken what I mean.

    He constantly is sideswept during FM Qs and all the political shows on TV, we all remember when Brewer on Politics Scotland, haha where he just repeated the same line over and over without giving an answer.

    There’s no doubt at all he is much like his party are in Scotland,and probably soon to be in the UK, a irrelevence. They have what, 4 or 5 MSPs in a Parliament that is voted in through proportional representation! Fingers crossed in 2016 those 5 Libs will go to the SSP, Greens.

    I’ve never liked the Libs. I’m ashamed to say one of my first votes when I was 18 in 2001 went Lib. I to be frank, didn’t have a scoob, but have seen their election ‘tactics’ and I think I’d even vote Tory (boak) over them now adays.

    Fingers crossed, we seen some large SNP gains in the Highlands taking out the Fibs.

  97. manandboy says:

    Most 16/17 yr olds tell it like it is and everything else is bullshit or crap – or so my 17 yr old informs me.

    People like that – pre-indoctrinated – are of little use to the political tribe of Unionist professional liars.

    In the story of the Emperor’s clothes, there’s only one child.
    Can you imagine if there were thousands of them.

    How would Cameron cope?

  98. “WINGS OVER SCOTLAND: 13,913
    UK LIB DEMS: 823”

    Well these figure only go to prove Mr Rennie is right. The Holyrood cohort of Her Majesty’s Civil service is infested with subversive NATS.

    What other possible explanation could there be for the vast imbalance in these data? This so-called “Wings over Scotland” really is a suppurating boil on the arse of the Union’s body politic. An instrument of insurrection directly controlled by Alex Salmond Nicola Sturgeon, and operated by a Bath-based games reviewer (good God) and malcontent, whose remit is to attract the weak-minded, some of whom are then recruited to infiltrate the Service.

    This insurgent black-ops operator and rabble-rouser habitually stoops to employing empirical evidence backed by original-source citation to incite discontent among the masses.

    He does not have the ethical standards or pedigree of a Severin Carrell or an Alan Cochrane. No, he has to rely on dispositive evidence to convince his swivel-eyed devotees.

    He lacks the gravitas and consummate professionalism of a Carrell or Cochrane to confect narratives for his readers to swallow whole. Rather he resorts to the underhanded use of logic and tediously meticulous research to hawk the nefarious and deeply damaging trope that the jocks can manage their affairs without guidance from Westminster.

    We know the Scots have no head for affairs of state – even one of their own leaders has admitted they’re not genetically programmed to make political decisions on their own. They’re like children, really.

    Be warned, this rabble is dangerous and there is urgent need for a police enquiry into their insidious doings. Mr Rennie is to be admired for his selfless devotion to his country and his great physical courage in standing up to these thugs.

    They are fifth-columnists bent on undermining our sacred three centuries old and most royal Union. God bless Her Majesty! Long may she reign over us and our beloved realm.

  99. Chic McGregor says:

    With Burn’s night in the offing, I am reminded of his ‘Holy Willie’s Prayer’. The lampooning of the Calvinist doctrine of Double Predestination.

    And satirical efforts like that from men of the Enlightenment e.g. Voltaire, did manage to get that genie back in its box, kind of.

  100. Macart says:

    @ John King

    It’d drive you barking some days…

    Ah’ll get ma coat.

  101. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Macart ur you runnin a sledge wie ah team of huskies noo.

  102. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Macart as to ma last post am no goan oot its to cauld,an ah might git knoked doon by a team o huskies lol.

  103. David L says:

    Willie who?

  104. cearc says:

    Christian Wright,

    Excellent, LOL!

  105. Macart says:

    Spookily Ronnie, ah’m jist watchin’ the first flakes fallin’ right now. The bears hiv been oot awe day doon ma way and its been threatenin’ fur days.

    Ah think ah’ll dae ma howlin’ at the moon from the fireside the night. 🙂

  106. Andy-B says:

    Kudos to you Rev, I bet they’re still clicking on Wings, after all, everyone knows Wings is where the truth is.

  107. Natasha says:

    Careful, Christian, you might get accused of being a troll again. Some of us don’t do irony. 😉

  108. r esquierdo says:

    Reminds me of a wat fart

  109. a2 says:

    How about how often have lib dem members and officials accessed wings over scotland? ( hi willie 🙂 )

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