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Souls in the system

Posted on December 03, 2014 by

We’ve been watching in some bafflement the continuation of this bizarre non-story from yesterday. (For which, incidentally, the P&J has published a correction today.)


As one in five Scottish children live in poverty and temperatures fall at the beginning of winter with many families facing the choice between heating their homes or buying food, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie apparently arrived at the conclusion that the most important thing he could be doing with his taxpayer-funded time was occupying the Scottish Parliament with a demand to know (for no immediately apparent reason) how often civil servants had accessed Wings Over Scotland in the six months leading up to the referendum.

The “independent” blog Lib Dem Voice published an intemperate rant of an article making a number of allegations and factually-inaccurate statements which the author repeatedly refused to back up with evidence when challenged, under the mindboggling title “Abusive site Wings Over Scotland is embedded into the Scottish Government”.

The article contained quotes from Willie Rennie which had appeared nowhere else, including the official Scottish Liberal Democrats website, suggesting that the blog’s “independence” from the leadership might be somewhat questionable. One of them was subsequently repeated in today’s Herald:

“With civil servants racking up 77 sessions a day on this nationalist blog site you would think they were issued with a prescribed nationalist reading list. This raises further concerns that the political neutrality of Scotland’s civil service has been tainted by this domineering nationalist government.”

We’re completely perplexed as to what Mr Rennie is suggesting here (though we do commend him on the number of times he manages to say the word “nationalist” in two sentences). If civil servants are reading a website of their own volition, or as part of their normal duties of analysis of various news and commentary outlets across the political spectrum, it’s hard to see how the Scottish Government can be responsible or how it can be in some way guilty of “domineering”.

Unless, that is, the Lib Dem leader is claiming that innocent and unwilling government employees are being FORCED to read Wings Over Scotland, perhaps by armed riot police standing menacingly over their desks with snarling Rottweillers.

Naturally, we very much hope that’s true.

For the record, though, to the very best of our knowledge Wings is NOT “embedded into the Scottish Government”, unless someone’s embedded us while we were out at the shops or something and we just haven’t noticed. (We have no idea what such an “embedding” would entail, but we feel sure we’d know about it if it had happened.)

We hope Willie Rennie gets better soon, in all sorts of ways.

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    107 to “Souls in the system”

    1. Gordon Smith says:

      I take it you will have another small by significant payement coming from P&J and Lib Voice sites due to this misrepresention.

    2. The cries of the panicking and the desperate.

      I suppose we probably all would invent straws to which we could clutch if we knew we were soon about to drown.

    3. Devereux says:

      Sometimes, one is just speechless.

    4. Gavin Alexander says:

      Maybe Willie Rennie is implying that Stu was actually CONTROLLING the Scottish Government and Yes campaign, just as the Scottish Editor of the Daily Telegraph was allegedly controlling the Better Together campaign…

    5. chools says:

      This ’embedded’, is this something like the relationship that the Lib Dems have with the Tories by any chance?

    6. steviecosmic says:

      They look at your readership, which can be easily verified by Google analytics, and the readership of The National (despite some major stores still not stocking it apparently), and exhale a collective ‘oh shitttttt’

      You are a threat, The National is a threat and the SNP and their membership are a threat, and what better way to counter all that than to say they are all one in the same ‘big bad thing’.

      Frankly I’m astonished that unionists (though Willie Rennie less so), would employ the same failed tactic that Labour used to discredit Labour for Independence during the referendum campaign; it didn’t work then, and it wont work this time.

    7. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Caron Lindsay

      She has gone seriously batshit crazy lately. Wonder what she will do after the 7th of May 2015 when she no MP’s to cheer on?

    8. Macart says:

      Willie Rennie…. Willie Rennie… hmmmm.

      I’ve heard the name somewhere I’m sure.

      Couldn’t have been important.

    9. Lol, thought this was going to be about the real non story that’s getting incredible coverage. Namely that some councillors burned a pamphlet and have been accused of being Nazi’s as a result.

    10. handclapping says:

      I think the embedded thing is probably a consequence of the LibDem’s propping up the Tories and … ( Oops, a Paula Rose moment there)

      However its the unsubstantiated nature of Willie’s claim that worries me. How many times a day is Wings accessed from Glasgow Council computers? Is that more or less per Council employee than the Scottish Government? And the same again for the UK Government, with or without the attempted access by GCHQ that constitutes the DDNS. What other governments is Wings embedded in?

      How with no comparatives can Willie make this claim? Apart from him being a Liberal Democrat, of course; I still think we should have asylums, care in the community doesn’t always work

    11. John lyons says:

      There is of course no such thing as the Scottish civil service. It’s a uk wide operation. It would be interesting to know how many thousands of civil servants there are. 77 sounds like a lot, but if it’s out of 77,000 people it not so much. Interesting to know if it’s Scotland only or across the uk and who asked them to access it?

    12. No no no...Yes says:

      Willie Rennie is thrashing about like a drowning man. He knows that he will be unemployed next year. He generates enough hot air to fly a balloon over the Atlantic, so a job with Richard Branson’s Virgin is a good one option.

    13. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ Chools

      It is the Conservatives who are embedded in the LibDems, and the Labour Party.

      Three cheeks of the same erse. \

      Which bring us nicely to Wee Willie Rennie.

    14. Betty Boop says:

      Well, at least it makes a change. Thought Willie Rennie’s only concern was getting nursery places for two year old kids. He should be careful of that multi-tasking stuff…

    15. Grizzle McPuss says:

      Willie Rennie…a legend in his own underpants.

    16. muttley79 says:

      The No campaign is continuing despite having secured a victory in the referendum. Basically the idea is to paint everything as the SNP being extremist, and representing blood and soil nationalism. If you look back over the decades there has been a constant desire to portray the SNP as Nazis/fascists. Of course to the objective person, it is batshit crazy mental to compare the SNP to Nazis and fascists. However, Willie Rennie is just the latest unionist to try this tactic. They have no clear vision for Scotland, so they are permanently stuck in this squalid, smearing politics against the SNP.

    17. Kenneth Shaw says:

      Lets not be too harsh on the man . Going in third at FMQ’s gives him little practice in asking any meaningful questions.

    18. Dan Huil says:

      I thought Rennies were supposed to stop you getting gut ache?

    19. Dan Huil says:

      Well done, Rev, on getting the despicable P & J to publish a correction.
      Actually I wish you could have taken them for a few quid as well. Or maybe you did?

    20. Fred says:

      With the glass-ceiling well & truly smashed Willie should be getting himself a pair of knickers.

    21. Clootie says:

      The LibDems are no longer a force in politics – who cares what they think.

      The unionists in general wish a return to management of information through media control – Get over it, the world has changed.

    22. Caroline Corfield says:

      Perhaps someone could do a FoI request and find out how often Wullie accesses the BBC news website?

      Will that make it embedded in the Liberal party?

      ffs I think Wullie has lost his marbles.

    23. liz says:

      I agree with the above comments.
      Project Fear is continuing and the SNP need to make sure they don’t over-react as in the suspension of the SNP 4.

      Wee Wullie tried to suggest the burning of the Smith front page was akin to Nazi Book burning.

      Also The National sales have dipped to 35,000, we need to make sure we continue to buy it.
      It’s only 50p and if we let it slip we will have lost an opportunity.

    24. Helena Brown says:

      John Lyons, reference there is no such thing as a Scottish Civil Service, there are people whose jobs are under the control of the Scottish Government, and they are paid by the Scottish Government, how independent they truly are I have no idea.
      Mr Rennie is a fool and as such is hardly worth the effort except he has traduced Stuart and us. Therefore he should be called to account.
      Too much bad behaviour in our Parliament which is never called to account by people who would not tolerate it being done to them.

    25. fred blogger says:

      they go after the credibility of others, don’t throw stone in glass house.
      i voted libdem @ the last ge, i would have normally voted labour, i was like many others horrified to learn that i had in fact voted tory.

    26. stonefree says:

      Who would have thought Willie Rennie could make past incumbents Tavish Scott and Jim Wallace look professional …….Eh naw, scrub Jim Wallace

    27. Thomas Valentine says:

      I suppose embedding means Rev pops in and out Bute House for tea and a chat. Along with a 700 mile round trip.

    28. AuldA says:

      This is typical political claptrap. There is no point of reference. How many sessions, at the same time, were established to the Daily Herald, the Scotsman or The Guardian online?

      (might be 200 or 300)

    29. Callum says:

      next FOI request:

      1. how many sessions were there from civil service connected computers to the Daily record?

      2. how many sessions were there from civil service connected computers to Deilia Smith forum?

      3. how many sessions were there from civil service connected computers to the Lego master builder website?

      result: civil servants are embedded with Cooking, Childrens toys and evil unionist media.

    30. Stoker says:

      Bugger (the Panda) says:
      3 December, 2014 at 1:18 pm
      “Caron Lindsay
      She has gone seriously batshit crazy lately. Wonder what she will do after the 7th of May 2015 when she’s no MP’s to cheer on?”

      She’ll still be in bed with the Tories.

    31. KennethC says:

      I can’t imagine what it is like knowing that people are being paid to go through everything you have ever tweeted or posted, looking for anything they can use to smear you with.

      The fact that they are still trying to demonise Wings and anybody who has the temerity to even read it is a testament to how important they think this website is.

    32. muttley79 says:

      In regards to the four SNP councillors: while there is clearly double standards from the unionists/MSM, I think they have not really given the SNP leadership much room for manoeuvre. I suspect that the SNP leadership are merely going through the motions of being seen to be doing something, and their suspension will be lifted in a quieter period, for example in a few months time.

    33. CameronB Brodie says:

      “With civil servants racking up 77 sessions a day on this nationalist blog site you would think they were issued with a prescribed nationalist reading list. This raises further concerns that the political neutrality of Scotland’s civil service has been tainted by this domineering nationalist government.”

      I commented recently, that Scots are bound in servitude by an unsympathetic and overbearing foreign government. Should I stop commenting, or just laugh at this little turd? Or am I assuming too much?

      P.S. I also comment some time back, about how the Labour movement has been tainted by the Fabians. Do you think oor Wullie, or his Project Fear controllers, read Wings? 🙂

    34. Grizzle McPuss says:

      This political ménage à trios between out three Unionist teams is the most stomach churning example of ‘embedded’ activity yet known to decent people.

      …and now I have visions of Willie Rennie in a pink patent leather G-string, whipping a computer keyboard.

      Jeezo, political trawling is stressful.

    35. Nuada says:

      They just don’t learn, do they? Never mind, Stu. This kind of claptrap is how you know you’re actually having a good effect. You’re in trouble if they ever offer you a knighthood.

    36. Ananurhing says:

      Caron Lindsay

      Sometime Caron you’re going to have to face the reality that your party lost. Deal with it and move on.

      Of course I’m talking about your party’s credibility. You’ve rendered yourselves unelectable for a very long time to come, and your rants just come over as the sourest of sour grapes.

      As for wee Wullie, most of us here secretly quite like him and look forward to his comedy gold every week. I mean, he tries really hard, and you can’t help but watch his efforts and think, “Aw bless.”

      I don’t know what we’re going to do without him.

    37. SqueuedPerspextive says:

      SG employed 17,200 at the time (source

      That means approaching half of one percent (0.45%) were accessing this website. Why were 99.552% (17,123) potentially ignorant?

      This is outragous!

    38. AnneDon says:

      You used the term “Cyber Control” too often during the independence referendum, Stu.

      Poor wee Wullie must have believed you!

    39. Cath says:

      With civil servants racking up 77 sessions a day on this nationalist blog site you would think they were issued with a prescribed nationalist reading list. This raises further concerns that the political neutrality of Scotland’s civil service has been tainted by this domineering nationalist government.”

      That’s mindbogglingly paranoid in a quite sinister, near Stalinist way.

    40. Willie G says:

      I would paint Willie Rennie with Bovril and feed him to said snarling Rottweilers.
      However if the dogs had any scruples they wouldn’t touch the paranoid a*****le with a barge pole.

    41. Sandra Wilson says:

      They are on the run, let’s keep them there. Perhaps they will run of our breath. Unfortunately in the meantime, we are subjected to their hot air. Seriously folks if you were running a businees would you give Rennie, Baillie, Dugdale, Murphy, Davidson a job. I sure as Hell wouldn’t. And I refuse to consider Cameron, Clegg, Milliband and the rest of the posh boys.

    42. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Perchance the Renfrewshire 4’s situation should be looked at in this context?

    43. ClanDonald says:

      What the Britnats are failing to grasp is that we’re here forever, we’re not giving up, we won’t give up until Scotland has regained its independence.

      So tough luck, Willie Rennie, you can’t stop us, we’re in it for life, if you want to campaign against us then you must accept that you’re in it for life too (or until we win).

      You don’t have a choice. If you don’t like it then you should retire from politics.

    44. galamcennalath says:

      I posted yesterday in relation to the P&J .. “Expect more” .. not prophetic, it was inevitable.

      And how many times did civil servants access the myriad of pro-Unionist news sites during the same period?

      Good to know at least some of our paid servants seek out balance in their understanding of events! Willie Rennie might try the same sometime.

      There’s a big difference between WOS and the MSM. I’m not talking about the bias, one way or the other. The MSM just repeat each others’ unsupported opinions … WOS offers researched and verifiable facts.

    45. Luigi says:

      If the Tories and Labour are cheeks of the same arse, then the LibDems are the hole in the middle.

    46. Free Scotland says:

      Somebody needs to raise a Freedom of Information Request to find out how many times Willie Rennie has accessed the S1-Jobs website since it became obvious that he hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of continuing in his present post.

    47. ClanDonald says:

      @CameronB Brodie: “P.S. I also comment some time back, about how the Labour movement has been tainted by the Fabians.”

      Yes, there’s a far bigger story here than most people realise

    48. arthur thomson says:

      Please advise Mr Rennie that this is a private site for wingers. Also, we like to talk amongst ourselves. What we do is our business and he should stick to his minor role in Project Fear. Alternatively thank him for being publicly sanctimonious and for publicising our cause. Isn’t it just amazing how cynical he and his cohorts are.

    49. Steve Bowers says:

      Why you dastardly rascal Rev, have you been playing us all, you puppet master you. Great fun watching the fearties starting to ramp it up against Nicola Sturgeon ( love the fish related jokes by the “comedians” on the Fred Mccaully show on Fridays) and I was glad to see that they could throw a bit of a “Russel Brand’s a feel loon” out today. Can’t have people questioning the overlords now can we, whatever next

    50. Chic McGregor says:

      He will be off the gravy bus soon enough.

      Some of us auldyins might remember his namesake Michael Rennie playing the lead in ‘The Third Man’ TV series.

      He’s probably just annoyed that even in a Scottish context he can’t claim better than fifth.

    51. Alan McClymont says:

      I’m presuming it’s not possible to find out how often civil servants bought a copy of the daily record over the 6 months in the run up to the referendum?
      I’m obviously being facetious but surely the question is relevant? Both are sources of news/opinion/commentary (delete as appropriate)and if the useage of one should be monitored then so, surely should the other.

      Just a thought Wullie

    52. garyjc says:

      @ Chic McGregor 2.51
      Was Michael Rennie not also Klaatu in The Day The Earth Stood Still. The new MR could easily play Gort, the gormless robot with death ray eyes, or would that Jim Murphy

    53. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ ClanDonald

      You mean Common Purpose?

    54. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ Luigi

      Perforated Erse it is then.

    55. john king says:

      Ananhuring says
      “I don’t know what we’re going to do without him.”

      It would be like missing Norman Wisdom,
      you would soon get over it.

    56. Chic McGregor says:


      “Was Michael Rennie not also Klaatu in The Day The Earth Stood Still”

      Aye. I feel a remake coming on, now who could we have as Gort the robot and what trigger phrase would stop him destroying the World?

    57. ronnie anderson says:

      Ah wunner how many times the WEE Willie has accessed WOS, we could give him a humour upgrade.Download failed notice appearing, sos Willie you,ll jist hiv tae wee wie whit you,ve goat.

    58. Grouse Beater says:

      his namesake Michael Rennie

      (OT) Good voice, wooden actor. Never known to play a role without at least one hand in his trouser pocket, cigarette in the other hand.

    59. yesindyref2 says:

      Presumably Willie Rennie has secretly converted to the YES cause, and is giving free publicity to perhaps [1] one of the most effective Pro-Indy websites around.

      [1] Ha!

    60. The term ’embedded’ is normally used to describe UK journalists who are attached to military units during a conflict and whose reports are tightly controlled by UK Government censors.

      By implication if Stu had been embedded in the Scottish Government then the Scottish Government would have been controlling all ‘Wings’ copy.

      Given recent disclosures, it appears Mr Cochrane of the Telegraph was Mr Rennie style embedded in the Better Together Campaign for either a cash advantage or possibly some bauble from her ‘Lizzieness’ at the palace come New Year. Using ‘big words’ like embedded out of context may appear to seem clever but actually demonstrates a high level of ignorance and smacks of desperation.

      I have long doubted Mr Rennie’s political acumen but now one must begin to question what remains of his sanity as well.

    61. ronnie anderson says:

      How many sessions were connected to the Elmer Fudd website,redirected to Willie Rennie’s earache releif advert.

    62. Brian MacLeod says:


      Isn’t that what happens when “Coke” Osborne is at the dominatrix?

    63. ronnie anderson says:

      @Nauda they,ll no offer a free bus ticket tae Knightswood,such is they’re love of the Rev.

    64. Grouse Beater says:

      All opposition parties should have room for the odd third rate, weak politician, and the ‘sweetie wife,’ but a whole gaggle of them?

      As for weary blurry hack Cochrane, from what I’ve heard of him on radio, and seen of him on television – ten minutes total – he’s thoroughly imbedded in his own butt.

    65. Marian says:

      Willie Rennie’s utterances to the media have become more and more bizarre recently as he wakes up to the fact that he is the head responsible for a tribe that will soon become extinct in Scotland.

    66. manandboy says:

      In every place of work
      outside every school gate
      in every street
      at every game.
      On TV and the internet
      in every medium
      old and young
      the ‘F’ word is everywhere.

      But there is no word anywhere which adequately describes Willie Rennie.

    67. Wee Jonny says:

      Maybe the S.G. embedded Wings (ooh Matron) that day yi wir oot, but they were too big (Ooh Matron) to go through yir door so had ti tak yir windee oot and go through that wiy? #mindmetigitanewwindee.

    68. wee folding bike says:

      Grouse Beater,

      Yes, bizarrely Michael Rennie did the first person voice over at the beginning of the Desert Fox but didn’t play the character on the screen.

      When he joined the RAF in WW II people laughed when he said he was a movie actor… then he turned up in a film a few days later.

    69. Proud Cybernat says:

      …then they come to fight you.

      Clearly, Stu, you are doing something right. More power tae yer pen.

    70. Martin says:

      Well, frankly, I read all the comments after that and the one over-riding feeling I have is one of embarrassment.

      Stu and others kindly reminded Caron of the fundamentals of backing up statements like the ones she made, and she couldn’t. Yawn. Where have I seen this before.

    71. CameronB Brodie says:

      This blizzard of Establishment figures (chapter 4), may give some indication of the recognition I think should be given to the linkage between the group of British colonial governors and placemen known as Milner’s Kindergartenand, and the Fabian Society. For example, Lionel Curtis, father of the Commonwealth.

      Curtis was both a fanatic and an idealist. But he’s not merely “a man in a hurry.” He had a fairly clear picture of of what he wanted. He did not believe that complete and immediate freedom and democracy could be given to the various parts of the imperial system, but felt that they could only be extended to the parts in accordance with their ability to develop to a level where they were capable of excercising such privelages. When that level was achieved and those privelages extended, he felt that they would not be used to disrupt the integrated world system of which he had dreamed, but to integrate it more fully and in sounder fashion – a fashion based on common outlook and common patterns of thought rather than on the dangerous unity of political subjection, censorship, or any kind of duress.

      The Fabian Society is embedded in the international capitalist and media elites.

    72. Barbara McKenzie says:

      Free publicity!

      To deal with a threat, first ignore, then if that fails, demonise. They’ve had to move to the next stage, Stu. You’ll be compared with Mugabe, Mussolini etc next.

    73. Valerie says:

      This whole episode has been truly bizarre, but the mad don’t really know they are mad, when they scraper off on an obsessive rant with zero substance.

      It can only be borne of huge paranoia, when a man sitting in Holyrood is obsessing about a political blog, and making wild accusations of ’embedding’.

      I have genuinely been incredulous, torn between laughter, and outrage that this man is an elected representative, being paid good money to look to the issues of his constituency.

      What a disgrace you are Mr Rennie.

    74. Peter Campbell says:

      I’m a civil servant, though sadly not of the Scottish Government, and I reckon, in the 6 months before the referendum, that I accessed Wings Over Scotland… er… um… carry the one… EVERY DAY!

      I accessed it when I was not on duty, ie lunchtimes and it’s been a great read I have to say.

      I can’t speak for Civil Servants in the Scottish Government but my office was very much a mixed bag of Yes and No supporters, possibly a majority of Yes (but then we are based in North Lanarkshire, much to my great pride), so Willie Rennie is very much at it if he thinks civil servants in Scotland, whether of the Scottish Government hue or otherwise, didn’t vote No for any other reason than that’s what their head and / or hearts told them to vote.

      PS Didn’t No win the referendum? Isn’t it time to move on Willie?

    75. ScotsCanuck says:

      In Wullie Rennie’s case I’m permanently perplexed …. the man from whom Village Idiots take their cue.

    76. RenateJ says:

      My lunch break wouldn’t be the same without checking Wings. Each time I go to the site I’m expecting it to have become blocked by the powers that be. If it happens now I’ll know who to complain to, Willie…

    77. yesindyref2 says:

      Willie Rennie is just trying to make himself relevant before the “overwhelming” humiliation the LibDems face. First 2015, then probably 2016 as well. What he should do is distance himself and his party from Clegg & Co. In fact he would probably woo more voters if he “came out” for Devo-Max, perhaps as a step towards the LibDem supposed ideal of Federalism. He’s an idiot if he doesn’t, and the LibDems in Scotland a party with a Dodo wish.

    78. Tattie-bogle says:

      Nationalists is a word embedded in Willie Rennie’s heid what a Pie

    79. Paula Rose says:

      So – it seems sensible that the SNP have kept their distance from Wings as it makes Rennie’s witterings even more pathetic.

    80. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      You have to wonder how Clegg’s revolting mouthpieces and spinners sleep at night after the yellow tories despicable demonising of the poor, vulnerable and the disabled as part of this disgustingly right-wing and intolerant westminster government of out of touch toffs.

      We’re proud to have campaigned on the side of the poor, disabled and vulnerable while the bigoted yellow tory smearers joined in with the likes of the Daily Mail, the BNP, the violent Orange Order and others.

      Nobody will miss the yellow tories when they get hammered by an electorate who already considers them a sick joke and an irrelevance.

      Clegg is one of the most despised political leaders in modern times which has been proved in poll after poll after poll. Though you wouldn’t know obvious truth from clueless and out of touch sycophantic websites like Lib Dem Pravda that live in a privileged bubble. Or from his paid spinners and MPs who grow fat off the ‘nice little earner’ of relentlessly spinning his incompetent leadership and the yellow tories in the best possible light while being Cameron’s little poodles.

      These unprincipled liars will not be missed and we all know that decent and honest former lib dems disgusted by Clegg’s lurch to the right then joined yes parties that stand up for the poor and oppose abominations like Trident.

    81. Lewis Benzie says:

      Who knew you had this much power & what do you plan to do with it 😀

    82. Andy-B says:

      I think secretly Rev, that the SNP admire your work, but they can’t openly say it, which is such a shame, as you tell it like it is.

      Its good to know MSP’s are reading and possibly even adhering to some of your principles.

      Keep the good work up.

      As for wee Willie Rennie, it appears he’s upset that his popularity never took off.

    83. Scotspine says:

      Willie Rennie……..fud

    84. Ananurhing says:

      John King

      “It would be like missing Norman Wisdom,
      you would soon get over it.”

      Could be John, but Norman was quite personable and only feigned being hornless.

      Whereas wee Wullie isn’t so self aware. He actually thinks he’s good. I find him laughable and jaw droppingly fascinating at the same time.

      You can’t detest him in the same way as say Murphy, or Sarwar, or Gray. That really would be like kicking a very small puppy.

    85. Gallowglass says:

      Rev – civil servants are free to look at any website within reason in their own time.

      The GSi has recently blocked NNS with a waffle reason given on the webwasher.

      Willie rennie is a moron.

    86. Lesley-Anne says:

      Oh dearie me.

      The unionists no longer have that horrible Alex Salmond to attack and they for fear of being accused as sexist dare not attack Nicola Sturgeon. What to do?

      I know let’s attack that nasty hive of cybernats Wings Over Scotland they are always good for the odd attack or two. What we really need though is some way of linking this nasty supremacist site WOS to those nasty SNP supremacists.

      Best get wee Willie warmed up he can lead the attack this time. I’m sure he can find a chink in the armour of that nasty cybernat site and get it closed down for all its nasty attacks on these poor innocent unionists supporters of the union like Gordon Brown.

    87. De Valera says:

      I always find that the Lib Dems aren’t actually very liberal or democratic.

    88. yesindyref2 says:

      The LibDems bodly went into no-mans land to parley with the enemy and find that nobody really wants to talk to them, or let them back in. They’re now in no-man’s land.

    89. andrea says:

      great publicity all the same….

    90. Dennis says:

      Does anyone listen to Wee Wullie these days. An insignificant pipsqueak who will find himself looking to find employment in his old job as a bus driver. Mind you I would be a bit worried if he was driving a bus I was on. He seems to be becoming more deranged by the day.

    91. HandandShrimp says:

      Poor Willie, there is no one reading Lib Dem sites, not even Lib Dems.

    92. Tobias Hendry says:

      You can buy newspapers from the staff canteens in Scottish Government buildings. This includes The Scotsman and The Herald who officially backed No. Those Nasty Nats really need to brush up on their brain washing techniques.

    93. fletch49er says:

      1st word 1st syllable ‘da’
      2nd syllable ‘lu’
      3rd syllable ‘sion’
      4th syllable ‘al’

    94. OHOO-EEE-OO-WAAA . . . Hey, oor Willie’s wearing that tinfoil hat for a reason.

      You ever sit down for a minute to read this website – get up and discover an hour has passed? Happens a lot, doesn’t it? Uh-hu . . . kinda weird.

      Do you find that afterwards your eyes nip, or you develop a slight headache, or you’re overcome by an irresistible need to sleep, or that you’re nursing an urgent need to pee? Yup, you know where I’m coming from – there’re thousands of us experiencing the very same side effects. Coincidence? HA! I don’t think so.

      You wanna know what they’re doin’ right? Keep it low volume, the guy in Bath may be listening. . . It’s subliminal messaging, man. The have an interrositer, man. We’re taking old school.

      You think 80,000 ordinary punters near all at once had nothing better to do than aggregate to form a seething mass of YES?

      Can you recall your own internal dialog when you did so? No you can’t ’cause they scrubbed it!

      All you remember is few disjointed fragments overlaid with what they want you to hear. . . “Strange, that politics shite I’ve avoided like the plague all my life,I now find it compelling, Fiona! Jings, I sense an irresistible urge coming on to join a political party, the one controlled by that wee nippy sweetie. I don’t know why, I just do! I think I’ll attend meetings in drafty halls from now on, rather than go down to the pub.

      This is some creepy shit, man. They’re in the Government -the media – they’ve even got a their own newspaper FFS! They’re controlling the horizontal and the fucking vertical, man! They’re everywhere! They’re coming for you! THEY’RE COMING FOR ALL OF US!

    95. Malcolm says:

      To misquote Gorgeous George- Slab and the Tories are two checks of the same arse. Willie is positioned in the centre.
      He will soon be back to racing around with a bag of anthracite on his back. Irrelevance made human.

    96. Malcolm says:

      Cheeks even.

    97. Barontorc says:

      Who says The National’s sales are down – it’s a fact they are beating the Scotsman – now let’s get the disgusting DR.

      The problem is, we Scots have too many third agents in our society – shameless carpetbaggers each and every one of them.

      God give us the will and strength to get this fixed.

    98. Croompenstein says:

      I wonder if the ‘Nationalist Bible’ LOL will get a mention at FMQ’s today by Silly Willie

    99. Lollysmum says:

      The last two days have been hilarious. First up was Willie & his idiotic claims using P & J as the willing vehicle. Willie assumes that people will believe his assertions. Wrong-people haven’t forgotten his 2012 belter when even his own supporters were challenging him to provide evidence & strangely enough none was presented.

      Next was the SLAB councillors & their letter-now that was a stonker-they couldn’t even keep that to themselves-they had to send it to people outside SLAB.

      What the red tories & yellow Tories don’t see is that they actually harmed themselves by their own actions by giving us here a field day-giving us an excuse to kick them when they’re down.

      Don’t know about you but I’m thoroughly enjoying their squeals of anguish. Long may it continue.

      SNP councillors-daft & thoughtless you may be but you need to sharpen up before May. Thanks for the laugh though-much appreciated.

    100. Barontorc says:

      Whit in the name of the wee man are putting up with this absolute buffoon for? He doesn’t even see how ridiculous he is toadie-ing to UK unionists who despise him and his fellow Lib-Dum travellers.

      We can look forward to their complete wipe-out in the coming elections and good riddance. A waste of space in many ways.

    101. frederick michael hessler says:

      ‘Embedded’….so, thats, like the Taxpayers Alliance and the Institute for Fickle Studies sharing offices with Tory Central Office in Smith Square kind of ’embedded’….
      or like, say Lord Popat, or Lord Norman Blackwell, or any of the other 24 Tory peers who stand to gain financially from private Health care contracts, which were once the preserve, silly me, of the old National Health Service….that kind of ‘ embedded’ ….

      Poor Wee Wullie, in his defence
      I’d say he hasn’t an ounce of sense
      He gies me acid, i’ll count my pennies
      then go tae Boots and buy some Rennies.

    102. drawdeaddave says:

      While most focus on the embedded part of wee Willie’s tantrum, i think the words “Domineering Nationalist Government” says all you need to know, heaven know’s how he is going to react when the Greens are going to be more dominant than the Libdems at both Scottish and UK level after GE15

    103. Robert Peffers says:

      @Macart says:3 December, 2014 at 1:18 pm:
      “Willie Rennie…. Willie Rennie… hmmmm. I’ve heard the name somewhere I’m sure. Couldn’t have been important.”

      An old lady I know, who tends to be really quite demure and ladylike in demeanour, made me laugh when I mentioned Willie Rennie to her during the referendum campaign. The look on her face was a picture to be seen and she spat out, “Bliddy wee nyaff o a man”. It was so out of character I could do nothing else but laugh out loud.

    104. Robert Peffers says:

      @Callum says:3 December, 2014 at 1:55 pm:
      “next FOI request:

      1. how many sessions were there from civil service connected computers to the Daily record?

      2. how many sessions were there from civil service connected computers to Deilia Smith forum?

      3. how many sessions were there from civil service connected computers to the Lego master builder website?”

      I wonder how many Civil Servants accessed, “William Hill”,and, “Paddy Power”, on their work machines during the same sample period? Probably a great deal more than those who accessed WoS.

    105. Gallowglass says:

      I don’t access WOS from work, primarily because it occasionally has youtube videos on the main page and they all hit the webwasher.

      If it wasn’t for that, I’d happily read WOS at work in my own time.

      Although it wouldn’t surprise me if it is blocked soon too, and it would be interesting if the National had a website so I could watch what happens with that…

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