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Not-so-pretty Greens

Posted on September 24, 2021 by

For many years now, whenever I’ve done one of those “Which Political Party Should You Be In?” online quiz things, it always says that I’m a Green, which is weird because I really hate cyclists. Nevertheless, it was still the result when I did one most recently, just last month.

So I decided that for the first time in my life it was finally time to join a political party.

I answered all the questions in the quiz with absolute honesty, including all the ones on gender, and therefore was confident that despite some areas of difference I was a match for their general position on the political spectrum:

(The reason that you can’t see the Green circle on the graph is that the star symbol representing me is basically right on top of it.)

So I went to the Green Party of England and Wales website, paid my first year’s fees and signed myself up, on 18 August. I got two confirmation emails straight away.

Now, full disclosure: my primary motivation for joining was in fact to vote for Shahrar Ali as the party’s new leader, in the light of his views on the gender debate. It seemed the perfect opportunity to strike a much-needed blow for sanity and science and women’s rights on the left of UK politics, by the proper democratic route – becoming a member of a party and voting to shape its direction.

The rules of the leadership election were absolutely clear: anyone who was a member before 27 August got a vote. I’d beaten the cut by nine full days.

Over the next few days I received numerous emails from the party, all of them to the email address I’d signed up with.

But I didn’t get any about voting in the election after the ballots opened on 2 September, so on 7 September I sent a very short email asking about it.

I got an auto-reply the same day saying “We’re very busy, we’ll get back to you.”

But two weeks later I’d still heard nothing and time was running out – the leadership ballot closed on the 23rd. So I searched the website and found I should have been sent a voting code. As I hadn’t, I filled in the website form to request one, and got a surprising response.

The party, which had emailed me numerous times all at the same email address, now denied recognising that email address. It had, of course, sent the email telling me that to the very same address.

I quickly replied, providing the evidence above showing that I’d signed up and been accepted as a member and verifying the email address as the one I signed up with. The same day I got a reply.

I was curious as to why the unnamed person replying only had access to a “subset of” membership data, but to assist the Membership Team’s investigation I sent some screenshots of the emails the party had sent to my email address. I got another reply, this time from a Claire Nash, with strange new information.

Now there was apparently a doubt over my membership’s “good standing”, which was both news to me and quite weird as I’d only joined a month ago and had not interacted with the party in any way whatsoever. I’d done absolutely nothing to attract any sort of sanction.

I pointed this out, and on the morning of 24 September – after voting had closed – was given the startling news from the Membership Team that I’d been first refused, then suspended, and then expelled, from the party, for an unspecified reason (and without having my membership fee refunded).

I’d somehow been suspended and expelled from a party I’d supposedly never been in at all, having been “refused” membership on 22 August, even though I’d had an email inviting me to join the Bath branch’s “Welcome Space”, whatever that might be, five days AFTER my membership had been “refused”.

(Despite not being a member I seemingly already had my own “” email address at this point.)

As I write this I still await both the explanation and the refund. I cannot begin to imagine any reason, other than my well-known views on the transgender issue. And disturbingly, that would mean that the party refused/suspended/cancelled my membership (their story keeps changing on which it was) – without telling me and therefore giving me no chance to challenge it while the leadership ballot was open – solely on the grounds that I was likely to vote for Shahrar Ali, who has the exact same views on the subject as I do but has NOT been expelled.

Those views alone cannot therefore be grounds for expulsion. The entire matter appears on the surface to be a clear and deliberate attempt to improperly influence the election against Mr Ali.

Quite a lot of people on social media said they’d joined the Greens to vote for him.

It would be interesting to find out how many more of them this happened to before the results of the election are published (whenever that might be), don’t you think, readers?


[EDIT 5.27pm: update.]

I have of course already done so. If I don’t get a satisfactory reply I’ll be raising it with the Electoral Commission as suspected interference in an election.

(Interestingly, as of this moment I’m still able to log in to the members section of the party website, where my subscription is listed as “Paused”.)

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114 to “Not-so-pretty Greens”

  1. Hazel Lyon says:

    Hahaha obvious much! I too would like to see how many this happened to, had just read your guest posts on Graham Linehan when yours popped up in my email. If it looks like a fix and smells like a fix, hmm

  2. Alex Browne says:

    Well, as far as I’m aware, both my membership application and my vote were accepted. ?

  3. Monica Worley says:

    I also found it interesting in a twitter post from Ali that they have been sworn to secrecy on when the actual count will be held. Mind-bogglingly obvious stitch-up.

  4. JGedd says:

    Any contortions are permitted to defend the indefensible. Democracy is such a bitch isn’t it? Desperate ends require desperate means. Always ends up the same way. Oh hell, let’s dispense with democracy.

    The pure image of the Green Party, so carefully cultivated, has collapsed under the weight of the Cult. How much of our politics has turned into the proverbial binfire because of this new religiosity destroying any idea of political debate. Religions always demonize.

  5. ronald anderson says:

    Looks like your notoriety is spread far n wide you’ll soon be required to carry ah bell Lol

  6. How can you be a Green Party member yet support Alba .Maybe I have your support for Alba wrong.

  7. stonefree says:

    Interesting, I watched for about 8 years both the Scottish and English Green parties,at the start the Scottish Greens were streets ahead of the English ones, the English ones I consider lost Tories, 2015-6 things changed at the time a friend was renting premises to someone who was doing a “green type project”, which proved sucessful
    To keep it short , Caroline Lucas put a lot of time and effort into getting the thing started. I was impressed
    She had little support, although the English Greens at Council level is reasonable circa 450 eats, Generally doing well for their constituents
    It was only a casual observation
    As for the SNP I twice triad to raise green issues,
    Thick as clogged U-Bend
    Up here the Greens just went backwards.
    Like Terry Malloy said “You don’t understand! We coulda had class. We coulda been contenders. We could’ve been somebodies, instead of bums, which is what we are.”
    Still Paddy is in a high chair now

  8. bmc875 says:

    I took the same ‘test’

    SNP – 92%
    Lab – 87%
    LibDem – 86%
    Tory – 34%

    I agree with one of their assessments. Can you guess which one?

  9. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “How can you be a Green Party member yet support Alba”

    Wow, there’s a lot of stupid packed into a small sentence there.

    (1) I’m NOT a Green Party member. Didn’t you read the article?

    (2) If I was, it’d be the Green Party of England and Wales, and therefore not in conflict with any Scottish party.

    (3) In any event, political parties make alliances and coalitions all the time. Don’t you watch the news? It just happened in Scotland less than a month ago.

  10. susanXX says:

    I bet someone recognised your name as being pro reality! Can’t have that in the Greens. You’re probably on a pre banned list.

  11. Breeks says:

    David Ritchie says:
    24 September, 2021 at 2:26 pm
    How can you be a Green Party member yet support Alba .Maybe I have your support for Alba wrong.

    No ALBA party in Bath David.

    If your poison of choice isn’t Green, it’s Lib Dem or Tory.

    Sure there’s another option too, but can’t remember what it’s called. Lots of red rosettes for second prizes or something…

  12. Ryan says:

    I wonder if they would had noticed you if you hadn’t used Rev. in your application or email name :/
    Saying that, how were you to know that you would be refused.

  13. Breeks says:

    Pity really… Bath ALBA sounds like something exotic from Arabian Knights…

    FFS don’t pull the donkey’s tai… Oh nevermind.

  14. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I wonder if they would had noticed you if you hadn’t used Rev. in your application or email name :/”

    I didn’t.

  15. Scott says:

    Does this mean you’ve been blackballed, greenballed or rainbowballed?

  16. Lollysmum says:

    Good to see you back Stuart even if only fleetingly. I miss your caustic replies that make me laugh but have the ring of truth within them.

    Thank you young man-you made my day 🙂

  17. Lenny Hartley says:

    Dave Ritchie , did Alex Salmond say in the run up to thevHolyrood elections that Alba Party members could also beva membernof another political party?
    Anyway its up tonStewart to decide what party to be a memberbofbor nonr.
    Nothing to do with you or anybody else.

  18. Effigy says:

    That yet again proves that democracy is dead in the U.K.

    Underhand and immoral methods employed in every political party
    and corporation to ensure those at the top get their way.

    They actually think that you are cheating them by paying your money to
    support one of their candidates on his out in the open platform.

    Customer services in the U.K. across the board should be renamed
    “you don’t want me” or possibly “due to unprecedented demand that we haven’t
    seen since all the days before”.
    Another favourite is “ If you go to our web site, you will get off our phone lines and be able
    to flap about there without success”

    I hate cyclists on our roads too.
    Stuck behind an 80 year old on country roads with 20 others as he reaches 5MPH downhill as
    we try to reach our business appointments.

  19. Breeks says:

    It is Bath remember.

    Maybe somebody lit the Torch Beacons and raised a militia when the name “Campbell” was mentioned. Fk sake Petunia! He’s one of “them”! A Scotchman! Let the dogs out!

    Apparently we’re fair game to be shot and killed by bow and arrows in York. So bear that in mind if you fancy staycationing in York. Don’t all rush at once now.

  20. Ottomanboi says:

    Despite the draconian Sturgeon’s repressive measures Scotland has the highest «infection rate» in Ukania. Seems she needs the army too. The Führerin having lost her grip on reality is losing it even in her fantasy universe.
    I think she ought to join the Greens, Brighton branch. Lycra not optional.
    We might crowd fund a bike to get her there.

  21. Breeks says:

    Besides, I seem to remember back in 2014, YES had spies and sleepers members cropping up EVERYWHERE.

    Tory Party, Labour Party, Greens, Press Conferences, COBRA meetings, Secret Committees… I’m pretty sure YES even had a seat on the UN Security Council at one point… I’m sure we did.

    It was like ULTRA, and YES had broken Better Together’s Enigma machine.

    If you found yourself in a room with two other people, you could be sure one of them was another Yesser… but which one was it?

    Sigh…. Happy times…

  22. Jeannie McCrimmon says:

    Jeez how I’ve I’ve missed you, in these politically turbulent times. Sturgeon’s Scotland is a creepy, frightening place for women & children.

    Baby come back, won’t you please come back?

  23. Prasad says:

    Wow, they seemed to have banned anyone with the name Stuart Campbell. Must be a lot of them.

    I joined and voted for Ali and i live in Scotland.

  24. P says:

    “Get involved in politics”, they said.

  25. Andy Ellis says:

    It does kinda make you wonder if the TRAs are preparing the ground to disqualify enough members to ensure Sharar Ali can’t win….?

    Is there some kind of record for shortest membership do you think?

    Mind you, the SNP expelled Gareth Wardell and from memory he wasn’t even a member at the time.

    SNP and Greens: birds of a feather flock together right enough.

  26. Republicofscotland says:

    On the Greens woke agenda, and their loose agreement with the SNP, the Childrens Commissioner in Scotland has told Sturgeon to rethink or halt her planned GRA reforms concerning children.

  27. Republicofscotland says:

    It must be Rev that your reputation precedes you, ergo the name Stuart Campbell along with mention of Bath, set the alarm bells ringing at the Greens HQ.

  28. Patsy Millar says:

    Kafka would have a field day!

  29. Republicofscotland says:

    Here’s an interesting idea Rev, why don’t you try joining other political parties (on a temporary basis of course) to see what happens.

    It would at the very least give you a marker against what the Greens have done. Then you could post the result for all of us to see.

  30. Cath says:

    Seems to me that parties of the left are expelling anyone who is known to be actually right where they claim to be on those political spectrum things. Because none of them are. In reality all of them sit at the authoritarian right now, and anyone sitting where they claim to be is considered “an extremist”. Same with the SNP and anyone pro independence enough to actually fight for it, rather than make the odd tweet before heading for a boozy dinner with a unionist hack and a few Labour & Tory MSPs.

  31. mike cassidy says:

    Judging by the comments below this on Graham Linehan’s substack page

    Its the ones who DON’T use their real name on social media

    But did use them in order to join/vote for Ali who had no problem

    I wonder if the GP created a blacklist

    Or you were just unlucky to be recognised

  32. Gaelstorm says:


  33. Gregor says:

    Today, which party would George Orwell vote for:

  34. Craig P says:

    I bet the Labour party wished they could have done this in 2015, and stopped the membership voting for a socialist leader.

  35. Anonymoose says:

    Stu, you should make a Subject Access Request to the Green Party E&W to obtain all the data they have on you.

    As a data controller they are obliged to comply by the ICO.

    It would be interesting to see what they based your expulsion without notice on.

    I’d also be looking up their membership policies with the Electoral Commission, as discrimination for holding a protected characteristic, such as a belief that women are adult human females (we know its a scientific fact), would be in breach of the Equality Act 2010.

  36. Robert Louis says:

    Well, well, well, who would have thought the green party in England and Wales would get up to such nonsense.

    So, when the result is announced, any candidate would have very good reason to challenge the result, because we know that the voting rights were effectively gerrymandered.

    This is why Scotland and the indy movement needs Rev Stuart Campbell.

    Meanwhile, only RT (and certainly not mainstream ‘UK’ media), seems to be reporting the arrest of the former president of the country of Catalunya, whilst in Italy. This arrest apparently comes from the Spanish fascist state, who currently rule Catalunya, as a Spanish colony through the use of force.

  37. Ruby says:

    It seems ‘Bumbling’ was wrong.
    Stuart has shown in this article that it really is ‘not easy to be a green’.

  38. Dorothy Devine says:

    Robert Louis , it was reported in the Guardian on line but I doubt we will ever get UK broadcast news to follow it up.

  39. Prasad says:

    “Craig P says:
    at 4:41 pm
    I bet the Labour party wished they could have done this in 2015, and stopped the membership voting for a socialist leader.”

    They did but there were too many.
    I joined and they changed the rules retrospectively.
    I couldn’t vote.

  40. Ottomanboi says:

    To paraphrase the Irishism, England’s difficulty is Scotland’s opportunity.
    Alas some wouldn’t recognize an opportunity even if it were presented in very big writing.

  41. holymacmoses says:

    Why did they suddenly change the way they addressed you? Were they implying that you were trying to hide who you were to start with?
    Do you have a constitution/set of rules which indicates what ‘good standing means’?. If not, I think you might be moving into interesting waters.

    It will be interesting to know how many of the people who joined the Greens in July and August actually got a vote. There will, of course, be those who didn’t know they were supposed to have one. I wonder if they will publish the numbers in their entirety?

    It does beg the question whether all political parties are trying to rid themselves of: ‘troublesome investigators’ or folk with straightforward integrity

  42. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I joined and voted for Ali”

    Or at least, you HOPE you did.

  43. ronald anderson says:

    Stuart knowing who you are they’ve applied the principle that bad publicity is still publicity .

  44. Andy Ellis says:

    @ronald anderson 6.26 pm

    Any thinking folk who remain inside the Green party (whether in Scotland or England) must surely be looking at the recent performance by Lorna Slater when she was attacked by Scottish Labour for abandoning Green party principles, and wondering if they are now the baddies?

    I mean, if Scottish Labour is taking the moral high ground against you, it says a whole lot about you, none of it good!

  45. Just checking the wiki page on the English Greens election,

    it mentions `backers` for various candidates,

    under Shahrar Ali it says,

    *Graham Linehan, television writer and anti-transgender activist,

    when you look up `View History` edit,

    it used to say,

    *Graham Linehan, television writer and womens activist.

  46. holymacmoses says:

    The Green party executive fall into the inevitable trap of finding that it’s far easier to judge than to think.

    If they finally surrender and give up on gender, how many will be wise enough to realise that they’re not giving up , but rather growing up.

    It’s strange how the Greens cling to science for Global warming and yet reject science on the matter of sex.

  47. Scott says:

    Oh ya fucker, I’ve just read the replies to Shahrar Ali on Twitter (as linked to in the article)

    The TRAs jump in because he mentions women & girls for what reason? Because he didn’t mention them by ‘name?

    The man announces that he’ll stand up for ALL protected characteristics of EA2010, while highlighting the need to reinforce that all of them are actually equal, subject to the exemptions allowed for in the legislation.

    What do they want, 8 protected characteristics with ‘gender reassignment’ removed?

    Because, if males ARE women just by proclamation, then there’s not really such thing as gender reassignment, is there. It’s more of an administrative error that requires Tippex. Tippex Rights Activists anyone? (I’ll get me coat)

    (Non-binary, gender fluid et al. is one of the biggest piles of horse-shit going and should never be classed as reassignment because all it is acting out, but here we are.

    *my opinion, honestly given. If the polis want to chap my door, they’ll need to bring a red key if they want to come in.)

    These narcissitic ideologues are stuck in a tautology that spins so fast it should be harnessed to create enough leccy for the whole planet.

    Psychiatric evaluation should be MANDATORY for anyone wanting to “trans”. It’s a form of psychosis at the extreme, and a form of malingering at the other, again in my opinion.

  48. Muscleguy says:

    Whoever blackballed you should have thought twice knowing the audience you have just on your blog Rev. The Streisand Effect raises it’s ugly face again.

    Also doing it to anyone who is journalist should have caused pause just on sensible operation. A journalist on the Record followed my twitter account last year. I thought about it and decided best to just leave it there. After all anyone can open my twitter page without even logging into twitter.

    I had your page open thus before your banning stimulated me to join the whack a mole party. So blocking someone like that is pretty much a token gesture at best. Don’t give people with a soapbox a reason to wonder at tyou. Especially on a tabloid. People’s lives have been ruined for less.

    But then the TRA’s and supporters do not seem to be the most sensible people on the planet do they? By banning you it got me, a person who once told his daughter to shoot him should I do any such thing. I’m established as a doughty fighter for women’s rights now. One down many more Wings tweeting instead. We are legion.

  49. Robert graham says:

    A similar situation happened when I was attempting to vote ( that’s when I was a member of the SNP ) me and my wife were attempting to vote in the depute leadership vote and were going to vote for Tommy Sheppard but you know who got the nod .

    I contacted Tommy and he didn’t seem bothered, I thought well If it was me I would have been bloody angry , then that reminded me of a interaction with my local MP regarding the border when the plague was just being rolled out , he gave me a link to the Daily Record ,

    So I thought if you fkrs don’t care Why the fk am I bothering after that and Princess Nicolas actions I ripped up my membership up and haven’t regretted anything about leaving because it was a waste of time and money , I haven’t been proved wrong . Con artists .Led by the biggest fraud in Scottish political history , she will be off soon with a good pension ,JOB DONE

  50. Rev

    As an experiment, will you try and join all political parties in the UK and see if you get a similar knock-back?

    Are most bloggers now effectively barred from joining a political party?

    I’m sure different rules would apply if you wrote for the Daily Record…

  51. stuart mctavish says:

    Lol also had some sympathy for the Greens but given the ease with which PH embraced flu based ID am most encouraged to see this.

    What odds they’re using an ’improved’ form of Ruth Davison style peeking that also identifies the errant voter on the sly.

    The ‘AN file for the leadership’ being a possible tell, what odds such anti democratic shenanigans (of an English sister party to the Scots’ coalition government no less) can also be substantiated – irrespective of the continued good standing or otherwise of Rita Rake, Tom Bone, Do me a lemon, etc.

    Well done sir!

  52. Flower of Scotland says:

    Oh God, how I’ve missed your daily news/ blog! Scotland in the U.K. has gone absolutely crazy!

    I’ve been an activist for the SNP for 57 years but joined AlbaParty this year and attended their Conference!

    I have in all my years never ever hated anyone, even Thatcher. She is from another country. However Nicola Sturgeon is the biggest tractor to Scotland of all time. I will never, ever forgive her and her wee cohorts in her wee circle.

    Please keep them coming Rev!

  53. Elizabeth Hagan says:

    Are there no honest political parties anymore? I despair.

  54. Scott says:

    No doubt this has been posted before but, just in case not, the ‘Recent Post’ links at the right are no longer clickable if using Safari on macOS or iOS (for me at least). Working fine on Chrome though.

  55. Scott says:

    Scott says:
    24 September, 2021 at 7:45 pm

    No doubt this has been posted before but, just in case not, the ‘Recent Post’ links at the right are no longer clickable if using Safari on macOS or iOS (for me at least). Working fine on Chrome though.

    Thanks for this.

    Works fine on Firefox for Windows 10.

    I’m not the same Scott that posted OP, for the record, I’m not replying to myself here.

  56. Captain Yossarian says:

    Stuart Campbell pisses too many people off with his style and that’s the problem. He posts things up and some folk love and some folk hate.

    Susan Aitken, Glasgow’s hopeless Council Leader pisses many people off too. They say she’s more unpopular in Glasgow than the Luftwaffe were during WW2. I reckon most Glaswegians would rather have Stuart Campbell sitting in the City Chambers any day of the week than Susan Aitken.

    Glasgow has become a giant playground for rats these days, you see them all over the place, and so he could bring his pets with him too. No problem.

  57. Al-Stuart says:


    PLEASE will you compile the evidence in your usual forensic manner and submit it to Avon & Somerset Police?

    I am utterly sick to the back teeth of the corruption in Scottish politics in which Sturgeon’s Trumpian lie factory has turned the Clown Office into a joke and has left a permanent and SERIOUS question mark over the promotion of Leeona Dorrian to the top job is the Scottish Judiciary.

    I still hold out hope that Lord Justice Clerk Dorrian WILL recuse herself from ACCEPTING the job of Lord President of the Court of Session Lord Justice General due to the conflict of interest in the gift of that job being in the hands of her personal colleague Nicola Ferguson Strgeon. In all circumstances surrounding the matter of Alex Salmond, Craig Murray and Lady Dorrian’s personal crusade to ABOLISH juries in rape trials, then such a promotion with much hid from sight, would, without doubt, bring the Scottish Legal system into dangerous disrepute.

    As for what CAN be done in Bath, England to bring JUSTICE back into GOOD REPUTE, from the prima facie material you have already provided Stuart, you are RIGHT to consider submitting the suspected electoral gerrymandering of this matter by certain unsigned missives form ignorant, alleged law breaking Green Party officials to the attention of the Electoral Commission.

    Green Party fraudster Richard Horton was handed a TWO MONTH SUSPENDED PRISON SENTENCE and £200 costs plus 100 hours of unpaid work in regards to his CONVICTION FOR ELECTORAL FRAUD….

    So I would recommend EVERYONE on Wings consider directing their energies to helping sort out the rancid, toxic electoral gerrymandering north and south of the Border by those who have been Woke Captured.

    When you hear the phrase…

    A report has been prepared and submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.”

    I have the reluctant admission at being the author of many of those reports.

    As a professional law officer, the state of the Scottish legal system disgusts me.

    Enough of the corrupt, dishonest perversion of Scots Law from the Dreghorn Dirker and her toxic regime.

    The time is fast approaching when the legal tables will be turned. Craig Murray languishes in prison and Alex Salmond WOULD BE SERVING THE EQUIVALENT OF A COVID ACCELERATED LIFE SENTENCE IN PRISON if Leeona Dorrian had had her way with her JURYLESS trial crusade.


    There is a moral imperative to start cautioning, charging and jailing some of these senior civil servants and political hacks who have, I have no doubt, commited the equivalent of misconduct in public office and a plethora of other infractions of various laws.

  58. Kevin Kennedy says:

    Kermit did say “it’s not easy being green”

    Or so I (and UN) are told by Boris.

  59. robbo says:

    You would have been better joining “the bhoys in green” Rev Stu. After all you’ve got one of our own bhoys there now et the Dons!

  60. Mia says:

    The cynic in me is convinced that the UK has been a one-party state since 8th May 2015. A one party state with two main objectives:

    a) to stop Scotland’s independence and keep the pretence that the Uk union still exists (in my view democratically it ended that day)

    b) to protect the anonymity and industrial scale ViP aristocratic taxdodging interests in tax havens.

    I have always thought that both the Panama and the paradise papers were a warning shot across the bows towards those privileged and influential families named in them to focus their minds on the risk of not supporting brexit.

    Since some interesting names emerged on those papers and giving the impeccable timing of their release, I have always been convinced that those papers were just the tip of a very large taxdodging iceberg replete with interesting names. Had more resistance from the British state been offered to brexit and more well-knonw names, and obscene quantities of tax evasion associated to those names, would have probably resurfaced.

    The way labour, libdems, tories, the spin offs of the tories (brexit party and UKIP), the electoral commission, the nonsense of Cummings and his contempt of Parliament, the fact the courts did not touch the EU referendum result with the excuse it was only advisory, the relentless propaganda through the MSM etc all colluding to help brexit go through, appear to support that too. The way nothing was done against the illegalities associated to the pro brexit side, tells a story of its own.

    I still remember in disgust and disbelief the libdems’s verbal acrobatics and how they tied themselves in knots to not be seen opposing brexit. I said then and I say today: the uK is a one party state and has been for quite some time.

    For quite a while now I look at the political parties in the UK (tories, labour, libdems, Greens, UKIP, Brexit Party and SNP) and all what I see is different, and well oiled, articulate parts of the same unique machine.

    When you take a step back an look in, you see that all the “parties” are working in collusion towards the same objective. We have seen this with Sturgeon helping the unionist parties to retain their Holyrood seats by asking SNP voters to waste their second vote. We see it in the way Sturgeon has effectively killed democracy and has deliberately seeded division in Scotland to preserve the UK. We have seen it in the way she has effectively destroyed the SNP as a vehicle for independence. We see it in the way the justice system in Scotland is now working to put pro indy supporters in prison to preserve the UK a bit longer. We saw it in the way Sturgeon’s government unleashed the lord advocate to help the british state derail the keatings’ case.
    We see it in the way that Sturgeon and Starmer are exactly the same: astonishingly unprincipled losers with no leading qualities whatsoever who miraculously, keep holding their post as leaders thanks to the fabricated, and convenient, chaos that is surrounding them and engulfing their parties.

    Since 2015, every time the tories are in trouble to get something passed in the commons there is always enough supply of unprincipled “rebels” form labour and libdems to cross the floor and vote with the tories. If the vote is tight, there is always just about enough absences of SNP, labour etc, to ensure the number of people voting opposite the tories is never enough to block the vote. If that is not even enough, then labour will simply abstain and let the vote go through. The same over and over again. You would be forgiven for thinking labour, libdems and SNP are just the tory’s private warehouse of rebels and abstainers on demand.

    There is no better proof that the UK is a one party state than the way STurgeon has behaved in the last 7 years: she has helped the british state to stop independence by making up some engineered veto in the form of an S30 and some fabricated need of a permission from England for Scotland to exercise its own fckng sovereignty. We also saw it in the way her government, the civil service, the COPFS, the judges, the MSM and the police helped the British state to rid of Mr Salmond – the only leader who can be trusted today to want independence for Scotland.

    We have seen in in the way Sturgeon and her praetorian guard in the SNP have embarrassed themselves to stop Alba getting into HOlyrood.

    Or indeed the way a now infamous Scottish judge helped the British state to put Mr Murray in prison to stop him going as a witness to Spain while pumping the smokescreen of the jigsaw nonsense. The English supreme court also worked as a nicely oiled part of the machine by denying him the appeal.

    We see it in the way Corbyn’s labour is being buried by a establishment puppet whose political tendencies are more linked to the ERG than to the working class.

    We see it in the way the SNP and the Green party are being wounded by this GRA crap. Again, how is it that the tory party is never affected by this?

    I know I am a cynic, but for a while I have been convinced that behind this politicised “Trans” movement, exactly the same as behind the now passe faux “antisemitism” callers was simply the deep british state machine trying to maintain the one party state and the status quo.

    The greens are the natural home of the labour left that Starmer is purging. Render the greens unelectable and you have that left completely disinfranchised and without a political vehicle to get into the commons and influence UK politics.

    The same is being done with the SNP since Sturgeon took over. Cleary they are desperately trying to flush the most active pro indy supporters and render the party undemocratic. Their problem is that Alba emerged as the natural home of those supporters and the deep British state has not had enough time to infiltrate that yet. But that they will try, I have no doubt. The day Sturgeon the betrayer and her praetorian guard stop criticising Mr Salmond and ostracising Alba, we will know it has been already infiltrated and is under the control of the British state.

    What Mr Cambpell has written above makes me believe that the Uk is a one party state even more and makes me wonder once again, if we were not robbed of the last Holyrood election. I am convinced we have, actually. Without an exit poll and without having a recording that demonstrates how all those poll boxes were not tampered with during that weekend they were left “to mature” before they were counting, we cannot tell for sure. Perhaps that is the reason we were never presented with those.

    As I say, all nicely oiled cogs working in the same unique machine.

    There is only one alternative to the unique British state party, and that is Alba. And that is why the entire British state apparatus, and that includes Sturgeon, were so desperate to stop it emerging and are so desperate now to silence it.

  61. Black Joan says:

    The German Greens are similarly intolerant of one of their own, who attempted to demonstrate the potential effect of self-ID:

    From the thread here:

    “It simply says: ‘Whoever defines himself as a woman is considered a woman.
    This regulation allows me to apply for a woman’s seat on the board. In my opinion, however, this possibility has a significant negative impact on women’s politics.”

    “However, on September 20th 2021, David Allison’s employment with a Green Party MP was terminated. David had previously worked as a research assistant for her. He was released from his duties with immediate effect. Die Grünen did not give reasons for the termination.”

  62. Robert graham says:

    But Reguarding a few posts above I haven’t been able to access WingsoverScotland on the latest version of IOS on the Ipad no links the page comes up but you can’t do anything.

    The more inquiring minds might want to see what Police forces are doing all over the world .Storm Troopers all in black and dressed for battle and all following the same tactics just a coincidence eh

    The main tactics seems to be assault and beat to the ground anyone they want the phycos in Melbourne are chasing demonstraters who are dispersing and then firing rubber bullets indiscriminately .

    NOT ONE REFERENCE ON OUR MEDIA it isn’t happening demonstrations in every city and in every country is not being reported

    Aye you better believe this is fkn serious and a lot of people believe if they just comply with this one inconvenience it will go back to normal .Sorry folks you can’t negotiate your way back to normality with deranged lunatics .its always bit more just do this and it will go back to normal this shite won’t stop until people stop obeying these fkn nutters.

  63. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Mia (8.28) –

    Good to see you posting again.

    I don’t know enough about the intricacies of it all to know whether or not your analysis is correct, but the hypothesis sounds plausible.

    Right now, Sturgeon herself needn’t bother with such intricacies either – quite clearly, the only game in town right now is ‘the bug’, and she’s fulfilling her role with the help of unelected, unaccountable figures such as Devi ‘Shwab Graduate’ Sridhar, Jason ‘Must-dash-I’ve-got-to-do-Anna-Botting-in-a-minute’ Leitch and Gregor Smith, who is our country’s Chief Medical Officer.

    Why should our FM, or anyone in her government, concern themselves with mere trifles such as ‘independence’ or resistance to the GRA (‘not valid’) when there is an ongoing global crisis with no end-date in sight?

    Not easy to segue to this, but here goes…

    The population of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, is almost the same as the whole of Scotland.

    Have we heard anything from Sturgeon about what’s happening? And in Melbourne?

    The police are out of control there. There is mounting evidence that private military companies are being employed by NSW/Victoria states to help control rising anger in the population. And that ‘control’ involves firing potentially lethal weaponry at unarmed civilians, curtailing the right of media to record what’s happening (e.g. by enforcing flight bans to prevent aerial coverage of large scale demos) and brazenly assaulting citizens who happen to be ‘unmasked’ in *outdoor* public places.

    A goodly % of Australia’s original ‘western’ inhabitants came from Scotland. Don’t they deserve a wee bit of solidarity right now?

    This isn’t meant as a criticism of your comment Mia – I’m hoping that this can be seen as a ‘supplementary’.


  64. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Robert Graham (9.33) –

    Sorry, we overlapped there.

    I hadn’t seen your comment before posting mine.


  65. Captain Yossarian says:

    “As a professional law officer, the state of the Scottish legal system disgusts me.”

    When an ordinary member of the public makes a complaint about a lawyer, it is sent to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission.

    They make the decision on whether it is a complaint about service, which they deal with themselves, or it is a complaint about ethics, which they pass-on to the Law Society of Scotland.

    But, what if it is a complaint about ethics and they just don’t pass it on?

    Has anyone tried to make a complaint? It is impossible. They ignore you for weeks at a time and then they tell you that they are too busy to deal with you.

    What we need is a really big case of obvious legal misfeasance. That might allow us to jail some of the bastards. If not, it will at least bring it to full public view.

  66. James Che. says:

    Nice to see you posting Mia.
    Australia is pretty horrendous for citizens at the moment,

    I have family in Australia and New Zealand and both sides of the world seem to be failing their citizens.
    And imposing severe violence towards ordinary people,

    France and Germany are going through the same,

    One wonders how inept the un is in all this.

  67. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Stu, you should make a Subject Access Request to the Green Party E&W to obtain all the data they have on you.”

    Good idea. Done.

  68. Ian Brotherhood says:

    How would you react if one of Scotland’s Finest did this to one of your daughters?

    If it’s true that Aus/NZ is a testing ground for this stuff, you really need to consider the possibility.

  69. James Che. says:

    Ian brotherhood.

    That is the new way to look after the health of your citizens?

  70. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @James Che (10.13) –

    The idea that any of this shite has anything to do with citizen’s ‘health’ is completely bogus, and anyone asserting as much is now complicit.

    That much should be obvious, even to folk who would still rather ignore it.

  71. James Che. says:


    Interesting reading the shinannigins that stu has been put through, did he get his refund I wonder,

    Your idea would make a second very interesting reading,

  72. James Che. says:

    Ian brotherhood.

    I tend to agree With having family in different parts of the world, including America, it would be hard for me to say this is localised in any way and not part of a bigger picture,

    But a media that is complicit in not reporting this news is what is keeping most people naive and fighting the wrong side.

  73. David Caledonia says:

    I would not join any political party that would have me as a member, that’s a sign of poor judgement as far as i’m concerned, allowing someone like me to be a member, you would really need to be off your nut to allow it

    Heh heh heh

  74. Tannadice Boy says:

    I have to say the experience of Stu sums it up for me. Which is why I am reticent about joining Alba. Their conference was first class. I haven’t done this political test. I think I am a centrist but maybe I am not. Where’s my circle I don’t know. I am against GRA and HCB and in favour of a balanced economic approach. Interesting. I will research.

  75. David Caledonia says:

    The Law Society of Scotland

    I won a case against a Lawyer, I got £500 compensation, his office forgot to send in an appeal which I was waiting to hear about

    9 months I was waiting before I discovered the appeal had not
    been lodged, the original case against me was a pack of lies by
    two women council officers, it was obvious to the justice of the peace and the woman prosecutor that they had made the whole complaint up at the behest of their bosses in the council
    I had been complaining to the council for a couple of years about a few services that they where not providing and I took it to the housing ombudsman which was a waste of time, the ombudsman just accepted the lies the council told them
    Imagine recieving letters from an ombudsman that contained a letter he recieved from the council that was spouting the same lies I wrote to him about, no investigation at all, zilch into my complaint against 2 housing people who ran the dept I was complaining about
    This was about 20 years ago this happened, I learnt a very valuable lesson, if you complain against liars, if those liars and in positions of power, they are deemed to be upstanding members of the community
    Well I have a conviction that proves they are not to be trusted, and certain lawyers are just in it strictly for the money
    I have a very good lawyer and QC now, if I need him I know he will do everything he can to help, we have had two cases together and he won them both against liars, but as usual, the liars where not charged, you could persue the liars, but honestly you get to a point where you say to yourself, is it worth it looking for justice against these liars, it can take up years of your life, your on this fecking merry go round of a money sucking system thats just not worth all the hassle
    No wonder the likes of Michael Jackson pay their accusers off without admitting liability, anything for a quiet life away from money grabbing lawyers, and a system that just sucks the life out of you and eats up your time dealing with it

  76. David Caledonia says:


    Taking the trouble to go to a political parties conference but not
    joining that party
    I joined that party and I never went to their conference which took place 3 miles from my house, I had something more important
    to do that weekend, so I never had the time to go
    But, they have my vote, as they are a party made up of people of integrity, as they have proved by leaving the pathetic SNP

    Interesting attending the conference
    but not joining the party.. 12 quid a year
    even I can afford that !

  77. David Caledonia says:

    Sometimes you try to read between the lines in connection with some people, I admit I have got this wrong so my times, and no doubt it will happen again

  78. Scott says:

    David Caledonia says:
    24 September, 2021 at 10:35 pm

    I would not join any political party that would have me as a member.

    Groucho Marx over here. It’s quite an apposite quote, given the screening done by political parties these days….Rev Stu has been banned because he liked some of the party’s principles, but also had others which they didn’t like.

    Now I’m off to watch the mirror scene in Duck Soup, which is the funniest scene ever produced by Hollywood.

    (Not a huge fan of Marx Brother’s films, but my favourite, and most read book is ‘Harpo Speaks!’ by Harpo Marx with Rowland Barber and I highly recommend it For balance and because I’m tired and emotional, my favourite fiction book is ‘Gridlock’ by Ben Elton)

  79. David Caledonia says:

    Politics in general bore me, and its for one main reason, its full of liars who continually insult our intelligence
    The sad fact is, we know who the liars are, they know that we know who they are
    But they don’t care that we know, as long as the die hards back them, they can do as they please

    Vote for who you trust, yes, give the rest my time and
    attention……………….. Not me, they can try, but
    they ain’t insulting my intelligence, ignoring them as much
    as possible is my policy

  80. David Caledonia says:

    The time is now 6.40 am in the philippines, going to messenger to have a chat with my friends there as I do every day.

    We never chat about politics

  81. Wee Crabbit Bas says:

    Maybe it’s because you hate ‘cyclists’, if you’ve declared the truth in your application.. Remind them – 30 day turnaround for the SAR response.

  82. Tannadice Boy says:

    @David Caledonia 11:42pm
    Time in your heartland is 00:12pm. And Europe is gubbed in the Rydyer Cup. I have been to 20 countries through work. It’s Scotland I am worried about. When citizens after the lost of their child say their conditions were 3rd World maybe you should return home.

  83. Scott says:

    David Caledonia says:
    24 September, 2021 at 11:42 pm

    The time is now 6.40 am in the philippines, going to messenger to have a chat with my friends there as I do every day.

    We never chat about politics

    We know you like a punt, so if you ever get any betting tips, you really should share them with those of us in the group who like a wee bit of ‘inside info’. Love Legend 16/1 and Supreme Speedster 8/1 spring to mind. Heard 2 guys talking about the former while drinking a pint in Diggers in 1990 (when 80/- was still a proper thing and beer choice and ordering of was simple and effective), and my travelling partner got a phone call at an airport in the south of France about the latter in 2006, we landed in plenty of time to place the bet in England and cashed in once we reached Scotland (Annan, I think). The reach of bookmakers has escalated too far, with their fingers in every sport with sponsorship and extreme range of in-play markets, which are open to manipulation via the wired-for-sound officials in charge of the match. Not saying it happens, but if it does, I would not be shocked in the least.

  84. Scott says:

    *And now I’m off to watch ‘Lucky Number Slevin’.

  85. robertknight says:

    “Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    24 September, 2021 at 10:01 pm

    “”Stu, you should make a Subject Access Request to the Green Party E&W to obtain all the data they have on you.”

    Good idea. Done.”

    Just make sure that it’s you, and not some fictitious Stuart Campbell who applied to join at roughly the same time as you, whose data you get sight of…

    “I’m Stuart Campbell”

    “No, I’m Stuart Campbell”

    “No… I’m Stuart Campbell…”

    (All together) “I’M STUART CAMPBELL!”

  86. Scott says:

    I’m Stuart Campbell. And so’s my wife.

  87. Scott says:

    The Life of Brian is a masterpiece, alongside The Meaning of Life.

    Does anyone know who wrote the Book of Cyril, and if it was ever translated?

    Being crucified IS better than being stabbed, but this only applies to childbirth really.

    Segueing nicely to, is it possible that somebody walked into a room one day right at the moment the mother asks “Is it a boy or a girl?”, “Now I think it’s little early to start imposing roles on it” thought they were watching a proper documentary and came up with the idea of “assigned at birth”?

    (It really is a sandal)

  88. Al-Stuart says:

    Robert Knight, you may be onto something.

    I was going to suggest we see if 1,000 Wingers can join the England and Wales Green Party (membership 53,000) and all write…

    I am Stuart Campbell

    Then each include our Postal Order to join the England and Wales Green Party.

    The Green Party is so WOKE CAPTURED that when you Google “How many members do the Green Party have?” the top row comes back as Green LGBT+ wing.

    ALL Postal Orders have to be processed by the gerrymandering crooks in that hypocritical outfit. By virtue of increasing their already incompetent administration by 100% THE CORRUPTED GREENS WOULD GET THE MESSAGE THEY HAVE BEEN RUMBLED.

    The media might even wake up and do some honest journalism on the matter.

    When the Green Party return the Postal Orders or equivalent “refunds” to 1,000 x “Stuart Campbell’s” we simply donate them to the real Stuart Campbell and the best part…

    This funds can be deployed to KEEP WINGS GOING FOR A FULL YEAR TO November 2023 (next year).

    But then something hit me and this might prove very interesting.


    If 1,000 of us joined the SCOTTISH GREENS legitimately in our own names (Scottish membership just 7,500) we would have significant CONTROL at the heart of the current Scottish Government.

    Including TWO Green ministers in Scottish Government.

    In effect we balance the toxic Woke element that has highjacked Scottish Independence.

    The origins of the Woke Capturing of New Zealand plus Scotland and many other smaller country governments originates from some agitating Americans. They are clever at what they have done, but bloody awful at staying within the law. Witness the corrupt Sturgeon SNP NEC meetings.

    Stuart has, in his wonderful mischievous best, followed the bizarre logic of the Ba’athist Green Cult and made a very elegant point in this post.

    But perhaps this is the genesis of something interesting in Scotland.

    Every one on Wings has seen a bloke from Bath raise well over £1,000,000 due to the quality of his research and writing.

    Riddle me this?


    If Sturgeon refused UDI, then the new Scottish Greens would PUBLICISE the dishonesty that has currently poisoned Scotish Politics and advice that if Sturgeon remains, then a Vote of No Confidence would be forced.

    Aye, we can all but dream. Just like the Woke Yank that worked out a way to fuck up and WOKE CAPTURE weak governments around the world to further their cause.

  89. Pixywine says:

    It’s not surprising that the Greens are at the political fuck around. I see them as deeply corrupt whose agenda is a billionaire agenda. Right now despite a small number of actual politicians in Parliament the Greens seem to be getting all their political ideological demands met. It’s amazing what money and propaganda can achieve.

  90. Willie says:

    Rev Stu. Wonderfully set out how the Green Party is rotten to the core.

    Joined as a member, acknowledged as a member, the subsequent manipulation of computer systems to deny you a democratic vote before thereafter throwing you out brings into absolute focus how manipulative and rotten the Green Party is.

    These are the actions of absolute thugs. Vicious manipulative thugs who manipulate and control a so called Democratic Party. This is the type of behaviour that people fought and died standing against in the 1930s.

    And in power, as their sister Green Party in Scotland is, what would they do. Remove people from the electoral role, manipulate the electoral role, deny people election communication, deny them the vote.

    The SNP in Scotland May indeed have similar bed fellows to themselves.

    It’s filth Rev Stu as your expose’ shows.

  91. Scott says:

    Pixywine says:
    25 September, 2021 at 4:19 am

    It’s not surprising that the Greens are at the political fuck around. I see them as deeply corrupt whose agenda is a billionaire agenda. Right now despite a small number of actual politicians in Parliament the Greens seem to be getting all their political ideological demands met. It’s amazing what money and propaganda can achieve.

    It’s the nature of the beast at all levels of society, enabled by design and promoted by request.

    Unless you’re in the mainstream with your views on whatever gender means you’re fair game for character assassination.

    Gender is a word that has no tangible meaning. Humans have a sex, they don’t have sex; they hump, shag, screw, fuck, ride *insert your personal forprocreationorpleasurenouns here* There are two sexes, female and male.

    This produces a single outcome at the birth of a child. ‘Male or female’ is a singularity, not a binary.

    (Ability to pre-choose the sex of an embryo is where binary choice would lie and only there)

    You can’t refuse to be a sex or deny reality by arbitrarily creating your own version. It’s totally irrational and fascistic to demand law changes to enable this behaviour.

    Some people are allowed to demand the right to exclusively choose which exemptions don’t apply to them? That’s not how Scots Law works. That’s what the Court of Session is for, so good luck trying to argue for the right to take away the rights of others.

    Changing of GRA will be withdrawn if the new Lord Advocate’s apparent knowledge of the flexibility afforded Police Scotland and the protections given to the citizens by the laws as they currently stand is anything to go by.

    It cannot be deemed a necessary or proportionate change to legislation. The cost of a GRC is less than a TV licence and can be waived. Lack of access to prompt assessment & treatment is touted as a reason for that option not being needed now through self id.

    It’s a circular argument on those factors alone and needs no further discussion.

    Any & ALL elected politicians who support those points should immediately resign in shame.

    Women and children who have been traumatised by men are perfectly entitled to the protection of statutory law when it comes to their current domestic situation. Refusal to house a transgendered male with women isn’t discriminatory. It is reasonable, proportionate, has a statable aim and is perfectly lawful. (Withdrawing funding from groups acting within the law is possibly vindictive and most likely unlawful)

    Again a matter for the Court of Session?

    And also for the Scottish Government & Parliament if there’s an edict from the Lord Advocate or even a just a reversal by the Executive.

    The Secretary of State and Advocate General are also on thin ice as it stands with GRA, with regard to the lawfulness and competence of their actions in allowing the debate to even take place using the given criterion in favour for self-id etc; they’ve failed on other matters too.

    Legislation is given Royal Assent under SoS name, at the request of the Presiding Officer. (currently the former co-leader of the Scottish Greens). The Seal of Scotland is held by the First Minister.

    When Alex Salmond made his statement under oath that the institutions of Scotland hadn’t failed merely those in leadership roles, Alister Jack and his predecessor will have been very much in his thoughts too. As well as Ken Mackintosh, possibly?

    Dorothy Bain shouldn’t have ever needed to have made the announcement about drug possession, so Nicola Sturgeon should resign, as a matter of principle. She used to be a solicitor, but systemic failure was fixable all along and obviously so, and without any change to legislation or the powers of our Parliament.

    Humza Yousaf, now at Health ironically, should also resign for his failure at Justice not to see this better approach. Again on principle.

    Should there be a General Election in Scotland based solely on these two matters, out of principle?

    I’m all for that.

  92. Mac says:

    I realize Wightman was not officially a Green during the inquiry but he along with the SNP never missed an opportunity to smear Salmond. Fuck those cocksuckers. (No offence SC.)

  93. Ian says:

    The membership rules for political parties is wide open to abuse, particularly financial abuse. I’m not suggesting in any way that this is the case with Stu, clearly it isn’t, but an example of what could be is that it seems that anyone (apart from a select few!) from anywhere in the world can join the SNP and therefore help fund them. I assume that it’s the same with other ‘Scottish’ political parties. That could be good or bad, but with dodgy money being the force that it is in politics, the scope for the SNP and others to have their membership numbers and finances inflated by dodgy overseas ‘members’, poses a lot of potentially serious issues.

    Maybe one part of a solution for this would be for political parties in Scotland to only be allowed to accept membership fees or donations from someone resident in Scotland. Overseas members could join, but not be allowed to pay membership fees or donate to any fundraiser. At the very least, the publication of membership numbers for all political parties should be mandatory each year, including stating aggregate country of residence figures. If membership fees and donations from those living outside Scotland are allowed and made, then aggregate annual amounts by countries of origin should be stated.

    Maybe in another life?

  94. Ingwe says:

    Off topic but what has happened to the Scottish police investigation into the missing “ringfenced” £600k? How hard can it be to look at this and report?

  95. Andy (not Wightman) says:

    Many political party names are acronyms: SNP = Scottish National Party, UKIP = United Kingdom Independence Party etc etc.
    However, I’ve only just realised GREEN is also an acronym:
    Gender Reassignment Eclipses Environment Nowadays

  96. John Main says:

    I’m gonna channel my inner Winston Wolf here:

    Rev Stu, please, pretty please with sugar on, please find some way to come back.

  97. Gordon Gekko says:

    Is Glasgow’s GreenPrint ‘for real’?

    Critics have described this as ‘green-washing PR for COP26’. Which it is.

    What would you do If you are fully committed to all of the EU rules like the SNP and Greens are ?

    How would you play it if you were the SNP and the Greens who support neoliberal globalist Europe?

    a) Make the tough decisions now so it is easier to rejoin. Lie about why you did the U turns today?


    b) Introduce left wing policies now. Only to be shredded apart latter by the EU treaties and the decisions made by the EFTA court. Which would be highly embarrassing and make them lose more support than New Labour in Scotland and allow Scottish voters .to finally see what EFTA and the EU is all about.

    Every decision they make from here on in will be consulted by lawyers to make sure any policies they do introduce moving forward from here does not make it harder from them to rejoin. Break with what is expected as a new joiner of EFTA or the EU.

    It is only going to get worse not better. God help us all, just imagine what it will be like back in the centre of Europe. When you look at what they are doing when they are not even members yet.

    I stand by my prediction from 4 years ago. Nothing has changed. If we win independence either the SNP or Alba will turn Scotland Tory.

    Why ?

    Because years from now once the Scottish voters realise what they actually signed up to with EU or EFTA membership. The Tories will be standing their with open arms saying we told you so.

    Like every country in the EU the rural areas will run to the far right first and the older voters. The liberals in Scotland will call them populists. It has happened everywhere.

    I was in Germany for the last 3 weeks and invited to a SPD meeting discussing the election this Sunday. Even the Germans are starting to wake up and realise what is going on and recognise Olaf Schultz for what he is. Never heard it being discussed at a SPD meeting in those terms before.

    French election could be a game changer. A bombshell.

    4 years ago I said the SNP would steam roll right over the top of everybody. They did.

  98. Skip_NC says:

    Ian @ 8:52am, anyone not on the electoral roll is limited to no more that GBP500 per year in donations and membership. I keep a spreadsheet to track my monthly membership along with any one-off contributions to party funds. I do not think it is unreasonable to allow those furth of Scotland to make modest contributions to a cause they believe in.

  99. One of the main strengths of this site is for the proprietor not to be a member of a political party .Joining a political party ends that.What happens now if the Greens come up with policies he disagrees with.

  100. stuart mctavish says:

    @David Ritchie

    One option would be to stand for leader(assuming the expulsion is overturned), change the crazy stuff, and incorporate independence for England.

    The way Labour is performing, he might even achieve it by next GE

  101. holymacmoses says:

    “There’s no limit to what a man can do, or where he can go, if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.”

    This would be perfect Stuart if it didn’t mean you had to get all the shit instead:-)

    How are the rats and the cats and the foxes and the bears?
    It’s a large family to feed.
    Maybe we could help feed them for you?

  102. David Hannah says:

    Dirty tricks within the Greens it seems.

    They are deliberately rigging the election contest against Shahrar Ali, because he believes that women are female and avouks have their rights to single sex spaces protected.

    You are a,superbly influential journalist a thorn in the side of the establishment.

    You have literally saved this guy by exposing the Cheating science denying narcasissm of the Gender zealots.

  103. David Hannah says:

    Dirty tricks within the Greens it seems.

    They are deliberately rigging the election contest against Shahrar Ali, because he believes that women are female and should have their rights to single sex spaces protected.

    You are a,superbly influential journalist a thorn in the side of the establishment.

    You have literally saved this guy by exposing the Cheating science denying narcasissm of the Gender zealots.

  104. Al-Stuart says:

    David Ritchie,

    I think you miss the point when you flag problems of Wings owner, Stuart Campbell joining a political party.

    When the remarkable journalist Mark Daly actually JOINED THE POLICE…

    I think we all cottoned on pretty quickly, Mark was not aiming at staying a moment longer than his journalistic requirements needed him to,

    Same seems to be the case with Stu Campbell.

    I’d wager a hundred squid, Stuart is playing Devil’s Advocate in that style which made him the MILLION POUND BLOGGER. The caps by the way are a compliment. How many journalists or mainstream newspaper word-whores would get £10,000 let alone £1,000,000 for the quality of their work?

    Besides, with Chris Cairns bowing out and that awesomely sad last political sketch with the Wings Batlight being extinguished, I am pretty certain, Stuart Campbell is already composing an awesome epilogue before swithching off BTL for several years.

    Unless of course, that other come-back-kid, the redoubtable Alexander Elliot Salmond manages to put Alba on the political map.

    In that event, all bets are off. Stuart Campbell and Chris Cairns will NOT be sailing off to play on a Spectrum ZX and an etch-a-sketch forever 😉

    Both these iconic gentlemen would get bored out of their nuts.

    If or hopefully when the Alba Party gets past the disgusting and corrupt BBC (et al) media blackout/ethenasia, and starts picking up seats, then Wings and Chris Cairns will be back in business.

    I’d say this much: IF JUST ONE MSP crossed the floor at Holyrood and joined the Alba Party, then ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE.

    It is a recurrent nightmare of Nicola Sturgeon that she is questioned in Holyrood by an Alba Party MSP.

    Why? Because an Alba Party MSP politically eviscerating Sturgeon in front of a television camera every week WILL end up being broadcast.

    The Scottish electorate are like a massive oil tanker. It takes a while to change course, but once the average voter gets a whiff of the corrupt stench from the Sturgeon fish that has gone off, then the SNP and it’s current, wilfully blind membership will dissolve FASTER than snow off of a Gordon Brown Labour Party.

    It’s all happened before.

    Tick Tock Nicola.

    I hear Craig Murray will be leaving his cell all clean and tidy with nice backstabber motif wallpaper on it, just to make you and Penfold £600k Murrell feel right at home when they do their 12 year stretch at HMP.

  105. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Well, while this page was still on-topic, it was good to see the number of “old” usernames, who came back out of wherever they were hiding, to thank Chris for his contributions to WOS over the years.

    Why had these usernames disappeared from btl?

  106. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Aargh! Posted on the wrong page!

  107. If you live in Bath what gives you the right to have a say on Scottish Independence or do you now think everyone in the UK should have a say.

  108. David Ritchie wrote:
    If you live in Bath what gives you the right to have a say on Scottish Independence or do you now think everyone in the UK should have a say.


    He has no vote on Scottish independence because he lives in another country. Anyone in a foreign land can express an opinion on our independence but only residents of Scotland can vote on it.

    This isn’t rocket surgery.

  109. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    It’s called “freedom of speech” David Ritchie. Your comment would appear to indicate that you believe a Scotsman who lives elsewhere does not have the right to comment on Scotland.

  110. Thanks for your comments folks and Rev yes I did read the article. Here is something in todays paper Lord McInnes of Kilwinning has been appointed the PMS advisor on the Union eh who.

  111. Oor Steve says:

    I guess you have found your calling!

  112. Starmer answered his critics big time today.

  113. Derek says:

    Oh well, he didn’t manage to win. I haven’t seen the numbers involved though – have largely been busy and haven’t remembered to look when I’ve been here.

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