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Little Baby Bull

Posted on March 16, 2019 by

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  1. 16 03 19 07:56

    Little Baby Bull | speymouth

415 to “Little Baby Bull”

  1. ScottieDog says:

    First class!

  2. Clootie says:

    What a great representation of Brexit. 🙂

  3. IZZIE says:

    Someone rescue that lion!

  4. Fillofficer says:


  5. Robert Louis says:

    Cruelty to Hamish.

  6. Tom says:

    Why aren’t these on the front page of the newspapers (By the way I know the answer)

  7. Robert Peffers says:

    The Lion’s been telling you something for years. When did you last have your ears tested?

    Can we send that Cairn’s cartoon to the EU parliament?
    Nice one Chris

  8. DavyS says:

    Sums it up perfectly Chris. Time for us all to plan a way to get Hamish out of there

  9. Breeks says:

    I watched a video from Ireland marking the 100 year commemoration of the 21 January 1919, the day the First Dáil convened in Ireland, and the same day two RIC policemen were shot at Soloheadbeg. Poignant stuff. Photographs. Video testimony. Plaques and headstones. History in the raw.

    When Scotland is Independent, there will be a National museum and gallery recording the process and how it all transpired. In that gallery, there will be similarly poignant stuff, photographs, testimony, plaques and all, and also a wall full of these Chris Cairns cartoons. Visitors to that gallery 100 years from now, will look at the pictures and understand everything they need to know about Scotland’s political emancipation from the Union.

    First class Chris. First class.

  10. winifred mccartney says:

    Ditto with Breeks, thanks Chris for keeping us sane and letting us realise we are not the mad, bad ones. TM thinks she can have 3 or 4 votes but the rest of us can only have one. WM is still living in the past thinking they are the colonial masters and everyone will dance to their tune. They don’t want everyone to be equal they believe they are superior and don’t realise they are now the emperor with no clothes. We will not be bullied and treated as slaves any longer. IndyRef2 cannot come soon enough.

  11. yesindyref2 says:

    I think Hamish is going to need a good wash down after escape.


  12. manandboy says:

    Yet another wonderful cartoon, Chris. Well done!

    The British Establishment has been and still is a criminally corrupt institution from its inception. The UK Government is its first line of defence, Theresa May is the Duty Officer.

    The UK is simply a rotten apple, particularly at its a Westminster/Establishment core.

    Scotland, it is time to divorce the Kingdom of England.

  13. manandboy says:

    A quick response from Donald Tusk, reminding Theresa May & her Government of who is boss in Europe.

  14. Morgatron says:

    My God, what an ugly baby and no one likes to see or hear a brat behaving badly,it needs its arse skellped! Beautiful cartoon though Chris.

  15. yesindyref2 says:

    Shocking really. BBC saying “England, Wales and Ireland all have a chance to win”.

    But Wales are on 16 points, England 15 and Ireland 14. So it should be “Wales, England and Ireland …”.

    Par for the course, frankly.

  16. Sharny Dubs says:

    The bad Brexit baby, brill Chris!!

    Cheered up my Saturday no end. On to Twickenham!!

  17. dom says:

    And the latest from Nigel Farage is that he is going to walk from Sunderland to London in protest at the result of the Referendum being ignored.

    Here was me thinking it was a UK wide vote.

    So why not start your march in Scotland Nigel?

  18. John Jones says:

    Scotland? Scotland? Wear the fox hat!

  19. X_Sticks says:

    A wonderfully apt too as always Chris. And what we can’t see, but are going to find out about, is that he’s sitting in a nappy full of bull shit.

    The plan is still to crash out. Everything else is just timewasting and distraction until the inevitable happens which is that on the 29th March we crash out of the EU BY LAW. Nothing has altered that as yet. Nothing Westminster has done will prevent that happening.

    13 days to go.

    Encouraging words from Ian and Mhairi this week. I hope they have a plan.

  20. S. Perspective says:

    This has to be the best yet – and words couldn’t put better what is going on in Westminster.

  21. manandboy says:

    This is powerful and enlightening stuff from someone you might not expect to take this view.

    But just remember, the figure depicted in the high-chair as a spoiled child, is in reality part of a corrupt and murderous regime – the UK Government /Establishment.

  22. Craig P says:

    Love this one Chris!

  23. robertknight says:

    The spoiled child would be more accurately portrayed standing on the chair, applying the contents of a overfilled nappy all over our Hamish – demonstrating for all to see what is usually termed ‘Normal Service’.

  24. Ken500 says:

    Foreign students to have the right to stay in the UK for longer after they graduate to growth the economy. (but not in Scotlabd?). More depopulation of Scotland. Westminster style.

    The Westminster liars have used foreign students nos. (fully funded bring monies and benefits to the economy). They have used foreign student nos to falisify the migration figures. The cone to study and leave, but now Westminster is giving themtome to stay lower to help the economy. A complete opposite policy to the hysterical migrant nonsense. Causing hardship, strife and unneccessary expense for so many prople. Just ridiculous and illegal.

    It is the foreign students being included that exaggerate the migrant figures. Now thin on the ground, The ‘surplus’ mainly is increased by foreign student numbers. 217,000. Take out these number. It is 68,000 less Take away ‘protected status’ number ie refugees etc. 18,000. Including 8,000 refugees. (Including 1000 people from Libya). After the UK blew the Muddle East to bits causing the biggest migrant crisis in Europe since 11WW. Therefore has responsibility to help and aid survivors.

    The figure left is 50,000. Consider the ebb and flow. A minuscule number of no significance in the grand scheme of things in a population of 62.5Million. They could easily be integrated. There are less people coming from the EU. The lowest figure since 2009. More are coming from the rest of the world ie Asia. So essential workers are now coming from Asia instead of people on the doorstep from the EU. Just another senseless manipulation for political monetary gain by a handful of delusional people in Westminster. The unscrupulous deluded Brexiteers. Trying to halt advancement for people and ruin the economy causing hardship for people. Total imbeciles.

  25. dakk says:

    Classic Chris. Pure genius.

  26. Ken500 says:

    @ 68,000 number left. Not ‘less’ predicted text.

    Annoying app steaming. Bill Gates, the richest man, from fraudulent activity.

  27. HandandShrimp says:

    So fed up with Brexit and the clowns in Westminster. I’m ready to roll on Scottish independence the moment the starting gun is fired.

  28. Ken500 says:

    Good grief @ Douglas Murray ‘Bloody Sunday’ account. .

    The deluded right wing? If the same named person. Or just a coincidence.

    The tide is turning.

  29. British John Bull might be happily soiling himself and throwing a/an hysterical hissy fit but is still keeping a very tight grip on his favourite toy Hamish,

    apt metaphor Chris.

  30. BrianW says:

    Very apt cartoon. Sums up events & UK behaviour beautifully.

  31. Abulhaq says:

    The masjid murders in Christchurch are wicked and have rightly received headline coverage in the English language media.
    Sadly, it is not the case when Christians in Islamic states or states with Muslim citizens are killed. News items of the kind are generally not headline. 40+ plus were killed and many injured in an Jihadist attack on a mostly Catholic village in Kaduna state Nigeria last month. I have found no reporting of the event in main English media.
    It has been normative for Christian places of worship to be protected by armed soldiers in the ME for decades, as a child I remember the big guns and bored faces well. Even that has not been enough to deter the zealous. The Christchurch attack by a social media fantasist has had the effect of increasing fear of retaliation among Christians thousands of miles away. Alas, no event occurs in isolation, certainly not in our brave new social media networking world.

  32. Dorothy Devine says:

    How I hope that lion is ready to spring !

    meanwhile keep up the chat at bus stops , in shops where ever there are ears to listen – no waiting for the starting gun.

    OT but stamps are going to increase in price by 3p this coming week – the 20th I think – so if you use them and need them get them in!

  33. galamcennalath says:


    Aye, but you’ll notice Bully isn’t throwing out Hamish – firm grip on him!

  34. auld highlander says:

    He’s sh1t scared to let his wee pal go.

  35. Calum McKay says:

    It’s ok for Mrs May to have as many votes as she wants no matter how heavily defeated she is!

    But the rest of us …………….

    Meanwhile the other cheek of that unionist arse, Mr Corbyn, he more or less shares the same opinion as Mrs May.

    Moreover, both tories and labour have thrown Scotland under the brexit bus, while the bbc and others rattle bushes elsewhere to distract Scots attention.

    Thank goodness this week Keith Brown has finally complained to the bbc of their coverage of Scotland by the bbc, more of this, highlighted it frequently / every occurrence, keep it in the mind of the public!

  36. One_Scot says:

    Lol, the two wee teeth.

  37. McBoxheid says:

    yesindyref2 says:
    16 March, 2019 at 8:40 am

    Shocking really. BBC saying “England, Wales and Ireland all have a chance to win”.

    But Wales are on 16 points, England 15 and Ireland 14. So it should be “Wales, England and Ireland …”.

    Par for the course, frankly.

    Scot Finlayson says:
    16 March, 2019 at 9:40 am

    British John Bull might be happily soiling himself and throwing a/an hysterical hissy fit but is still keeping a very tight grip on his favourite toy Hamish,

    apt metaphor Chris.

    galamcennalath says:
    16 March, 2019 at 10:07 am


    Aye, but you’ll notice Bully isn’t throwing out Hamish – firm grip on him!
    The London bubble, the BBC’S only concern will always put ingerlund first and foremost. No mention of Scotland, even if it about mentioning how Glorious England will put them in their place, and I sincerely hpoe that Scotland win. Another case of marginalising Scotland and ignoring them as if we don’t exist.
    @the ither twa
    Well spotted and beautifully crafted Chris. “Why are you not listening to me. I wan’t, I wan’t, I wan’t”, say’s John Bull holding firmly to his prized possession and in abject fear of loosing it.

  38. call me dave says:

    Jings! Not much wriggle room for Hamish. But soon I hope

    Great summation of where we are.

  39. Truth says:

    I can smell a dirty great backstop as well.

  40. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    1936 Jarrow March: People march from Jarrow, N Tyneside to London in protest against poverty & unemployment.

    2019 People from Sunderland, NE England (think Nissan etc.) & FaRadge (no typo) march from Sunderland to London to protest in support of Brexit and to drive themselves into greater poverty and increase unemployment in their area.


  41. X_Sticks says:


    Beat me to it:

    @liveIndyScot Livestreaming “Germans for Scottish Independence March” Live now

  42. chicmac says:

    Baby’s waiting for some magical solution to the Good Friday agreement. One might say a Good Fairy agreement, but I don’t see Junckers donning a tutu anytime soon.

  43. Dr Jim says:

    That’s a drawing of Tom Harris as a baby

  44. dom says:

    I just heard that today the English BritNats will play host to their counterparts north of the border, who are called the Scottish BritNats, where they will chase each other about a field trying to take an egg shaped ball from each others arms.

    It’ll never catch on,,,IMHO

    A sport that involves sticking your head up your teammates arse should be avoided st all costs.

  45. McBoxheid says:

    dom says:
    16 March, 2019 at 11:19 am

    I just heard that today the English BritNats will play host to their counterparts north of the border, who are called the Scottish BritNats, where they will chase each other about a field trying to take an egg shaped ball from each others arms.

    It’ll never catch on,,,IMHO

    A sport that involves sticking your head up your teammates arse should be avoided st all costs.

    And you are talking out of yours Dom. Look back a few posts and stop talking daft shite

  46. SilverDarling says:


    I’ve just listened to Tom Harris on Shereen’s show bemoaning the relived pain of the IndyRef. They were reviewing the IndyRef documentary. Despite being on the winning side he reiterated his side got so much more abuse so it was more painful. Maybe so.

    It strikes me it was so painful for a lot of No’s because they were going against instinctively what was right. They were actively seeking out reasons to denigrate their own country’s ability to manage itself and by implication its people.

    No wonder he can’t bear to revisit it. It’s a wonder he can sleep at night.

  47. Liam says:

    dom says:
    16 March, 2019 at 8:44 am

    And the latest from Nigel Farage is that he is going to walk from Sunderland to London in protest at the result of the Referendum being ignored.

    Exept he’s not. He’s only walking a bit of the way. Sometimes. When there are cameras about.

    Not that anyone else doing the route will be walking all the way either. They will be be bussed each night, from wherever they feel like giving up, to 30 miles further down the road to their next overnight accommodation.

    If they don’t die along the way.

    A spokesman from the Ramblers Association – I can’t find the quote – was doubtful that 20 miles a day for so long was really doable for the average sedentary gammon.

  48. Welsh Sion says:

    Wish us luck for the Grand Slam (even though it will be at the expense of your Goidelic brothers and sisters) as we wish you all the best against your (and our, and indeed, many others’) Old Enemy.

  49. geeo says:

    ‘Uncle’ Tom Harris is only bitter about 2014 because he personally paid the price with his cushy job, a job he will never get back.

    ‘Winning’ the indyref was supposed to keep Harris and Co, in jobs for life.

  50. galamcennalath says:

    SilverDarling says:

    it was so painful for a lot of No’s because they were going against instinctively what was right

    I am certain that is/was true for a percentage. Many NOs were torn between what they felt was best for their (and their families) finances and security … and what was the right thing. They were looking for excuses to vote NO. They put themselves before the collective good.

    Their pain comes from making that difficult decision. Especially if they now see it as the wrong decision for their future security!

    While they have reservations about having to face it all again, hopefully the morally right decision will also be the best one for security i.e. Yes!

  51. Dr Jim says:

    We live in a country that has been taken over by people from another country who call themselves *British* and we’re unhappy about that so we say we’d like a vote on separating ourselves from that country who call themselves *British* and the *British* people say NO you’ve already had that and the Scots voted to remain in our *British country* that we have taken over

    The Smith Commission was a system the *British* people devised as a bribe so Scots wouldn’t want to separate again and to allow Scots to decide which powers they wanted devolved to Scotland and it’s parliament, but then the *British* gave themselves unanimously three votes to two on that Commission by including three *British* political parties who voted against those powers being delivered to Scotland, and the *British* people said that was fair and just

    In the Scottish parliament one of the Scottish parties (the SNP) is the government of Scotland while the three *British* parties are the opposition, in that parliament the job of the three *British* parties is to oppose and attempt to repeal every decision taken by the Scottish parties of which there are only two (the SNP and Green party) on some occasions this has been successful by the *British* parties

    The most popular party in Scotland are the Scottish National party who are Scottish and in percentage terms around 40% next are the *British* Conservative party on around 23% followed by the *British Labour party on around 18%, The *British* Liberal Democrat party are in last place in the Scottish parliament with around 4 or 5% of voters favouring them so the balance of power in Scotland is held by the fourth position party the Scottish Green party who make up the difference

    The percentages fluctuate from time to time so are not 100% accurate, the point being that in Scotland we have a parliament supposed to work for Scotland yet the *British* make sure they keep themselves firmly anchored in Scotland so that they can make sure it does not

    The position of speaker in the Scottish parliament is called the presiding officer and that position is occupied by a representative of the *British* Labour party who is also a member of an organisation called *Scotland in Union* which is a *British* organisation who’s mission is to not allow Scotland to ever decide anything political for itself

    In Westminster the SNP are considered a Scottish party and everything possible is done to make sure they are not supported in anything they say or do and the *British* media is employed to assist in that, now if the *British* parties in Holyrood were treated like that there would be screams of discrimination and racism and anti Englishness

    The *British* deck is so heavily stacked in favour of themselves in order to convince the electorate in Scotland that *British* and *English* is the same thing so any word or deed against *Britishness* is seen as anti Englishness because at every turn this is used as a stick to beat Scotland with in an attempt to have the electorate view the Scottish National party as anti English and NOT what they actually are at all, which is Pro Scottish

  52. Dorothy Devine says:

    Welsh Sion , good luck and may the best team win .

    But St Patrick may take a hand in the result.

  53. SilverDarling says:


    Also, there was a fear of what the British state would do to us. Some people foolishly believed the British state to be competent and well thought of in the wider world and by turning our backs on them we would be isolated.

    That is all gone now. We see them for what they are, pathetic lying bullies protecting their delusion of an empire.

  54. Grouse Beater says:

    A spoilt brat, nice image, Chris. Be of good cheer, snowing here.

    Your essential weekend reading:

    In the Mold of Sturgeon:
    Good story, soft centre:

  55. Dr Jim says:

    @Silver Darling

    Yes Shereen is very *British* so Baby Tom Harris is a regular on her chat programme, then you have Angela Haggerty who originally claimed to support YES and who now supports *Who’s paying me to say stuff and where do I collect the cash*

    Tom Harris is also a favourite of STV news programmes as well for his political insight into his regular answers that include *I just don’t know*

    Tom Harris a man who led a political campaign in Scotland to remove us from the EU with *I just don’t know what’s going to happen*

    You would think this is a man of whom you wouldn’t want to ask questions, but let’s ask Tom Harris what he doesn’t know

    Unionists or British Nationalists call them what you will have drifted into their own world of insanity but become ever so offended if anybody notices it

  56. Cubby says:

    Dr Jim@12.35pm

    Excellent post. Always worth telling it exactly how it is.

    The only point I would add is that with regards to your comments on the Vow/ Smith commission you could have also pointed out that the referee LORD Smith is British as well. So in summary the Smith commission had a referee who was British and there were 3 British parties outvoting two Scottish parties and a Presiding Officer who is British. Hardly meets any definition of fair and balanced. It’s not surprising you never hear any Britnats raising the subject of the Vow/Smith Commission. Just another Britnat pockle.

  57. Welsh Sion says:

    Indeed, Dorothy Devine.

    Let’s hope he’s on the side of his fellow Brythons … 😉

  58. Phronesis says:

    Sunderland hasn’t really benefitted from the internal domestic politics of Britain (nothing to do with the EU) which tends to ignore anything north of the Watford Gap.

    ‘The Sunderland population experiences a higher level of social and economic disadvantage than the England average and there is a strong link between high levels of socioeconomic disadvantage and poor health. The English Indices of Deprivation 2015 are based around seven domains: income, employment, health, education, crime, barriers to housing and living environment. They show that 38% of the Sunderland population live in areas that are among the 20% most disadvantaged across England…

    As discussed in the previous section of this report, these are important causes of poor health and premature death in Sunderland. In addition, it has been shown that the effect of long-term exposure to air pollution on mortality is most closely associated with levels of fine particulate matter (PM2.5). Recently published data identifies Sunderland as having, alongside Middlesbrough, one of the highest fraction of mortality attributable to particulate air pollution in the North East at 3.7, although this is has been decreasing and is lower than the national average of 4.726. A recent report has identified that an effect on mortality equivalent to 143 deaths at typical ages in Sunderland could be attributed to human-made PM2.5 air pollution27’

    ‘Four companies are planning experimental UCG projects that pose as greater threat to the people of the North East as the gas fields fracking companies want to drill elsewhere in the UK’

    British politics can never recover from the betrayal of Brexit- it is time for Scotland’s citizens to March to Leave –in the opposite direction. Towards a frack-free future as an outward looking inclusive society that represents a balanced, localised democracy. Independent and making its own way in a globalised world.

  59. manandboy says:

    We can all see clearly the planks in Westminster’s eye. But at the same time, we in Scotland must try to honestly acknowledge, and eradicate the specks in our own. Independence will surely be a pretty steep learning curve for us all.

    Abulhaq 16 March, 2019 at 9:42 am

    Unpopular and unwelcome as this excellent comment of yours will be in large swathes of both Scotland and the rest of the UK , Abulhaq, it is nevertheless important, in an ambitiously inclusive Scotland, that statements like yours be repeated as often as possible. To that end,

    “The masjid murders in Christchurch are wicked and have rightly received headline coverage in the English language media.
    Sadly, it is not the case when Christians in Islamic states or states with Muslim citizens are killed. News items of the kind are generally not headline. 40+ plus were killed and many injured in an Jihadist attack on a mostly Catholic village in Kaduna state Nigeria last month. I have found no reporting of the event in main English media.

    (Ed) It has been normative for Christian places of worship to be protected by armed soldiers in the Middle East (Ed.) for decades, as a child I remember the big guns and bored faces well. Even that has not been enough to deter the zealous. The Christchurch attack by a social media fantasist has had the effect of increasing fear of retaliation among Christians thousands of miles away. Alas, no event occurs in isolation, certainly not in our brave new social media networking world.”(edited)

  60. McBoxheid says:

    Let us hope that all our rugby teams play well and England gets 50 against them. Good luck to Scotland, Ireland and Wales and hard luck to England. I wouldn’t want it said that I’m not inclusive. winky thing

  61. SilverDarling says:

    Ousted politicians who regularly appear to provide comment, are an interesting bunch. As time goes by they obviously have decreasing relevance.

    I wonder if all these appearances are quid pro quo for the leaks and tittle-tattle they provided when serving as MPs? Shereen’s show is such a lame and superficial vehicle to cover the big events. To be one of the regulars is really not a compliment. Although to be fair it covers stuff on the TV too…

    I must admit I hadn’t listened for a while but it seemed as if it was the same show from 2 or even 3 years ago. Politics and current affairs for those of nervous or incurious disposition.

  62. McBoxheid says:

    WRT the cartoon, I note that Hamish is pristine in his cleanliness. Representing the SNP MPs being the only party that is actually doing its job?

  63. Dr Jim says:

    @Cubby 1.10pm

    Lord Smith now how could I have forgotten our Great *British*
    impartial arbitrator and isn’t it strange how the last six letters of arbitrator sound familiarly like something else

    I just noticed that

  64. Giving Goose says:

    Did I see something about the LibDems (Paedos protectors) blocking an Indy Ref?

  65. Welsh Sion says:

    Now, now McBoxheid, you know as well as I do that *both* SNP and Plaid Cymru are the only Parties doing their job properly.

    Another reason to maintain my Membership of both.

  66. SilverDarling says:


    So many layers to Chris’s cartoons. They deserve revisiting a few times to get the full benefit.

  67. geeo says:

    @giving goose.

    I doubt it, since nobody can stop us holding an indyref.

    Why is this a difficult concept to grasp ?

  68. Robert Peffers says:

    @winifred mccartney says: 16 March, 2019 at 8:14 am:

    ” … WM is still living in the past thinking they are the colonial masters and everyone will dance to their tune.”

    Well, Winifred, it wouldn’t be the first time Westminster had sent gunboats to the Firth of Forth – and it wasn’t for refits at HM Dockyard Rosyth or Port Edger or to load up armaments from Crombie Armaments Depot.

    Last time was while they were forcing the Scottish parliamentarians to sign the Treaty of Union. Mind you we do know the aircraft carriers can at least get as far as Rosyth but why would they need aircraft carriers?

    Carriers are to transport aircraft to foreign parts where they can bomb and strafe thousands of brown people. The aircraft we pay for could just fly direct from around the Morey Firth area.

  69. manandboy says:

    More LibDem news, with Vince Cable saying that the Lord David Steel cover up/protection of Cyril Smith MP, would be dealt with by the Scottish Branch of the London based Liberal Democrat & Unionist Party.
    You would have to be rather slow not to recognise an attempt by Vince to divert attention away from Westminster, where of course the notorious resident paedophile ring of assorted politicians, civil servants & others has the complete protection of successive Home Secretaries, notable among whom was none other than PM Theresa May.

    In all I think 114 files were ‘lost’ in a demonstration of the British Establishment WATP principle – ‘No law can ever touch us’.

  70. HandandShrimp says:

    Re New Zealand it is incredible that a white Australian can go to another colonised country and rant about and kill over “white replacement”.

    Talk about tone deaf? This Barearsed Trabbant or whatever he is called takes the tone deaf biscuit.

    I hope the Mail and its ilk take note and realise pandering to the far right is a serious mistake.

  71. Dr Jim says:

    *British* Liberal Democrat leader in Scotland Willie Rennie whose party languish in fifth position in the Scottish parliament insist people who support Scottish Independence are a minority to be ignored and in no uncertain terms denied their democratic wishes, however his party are to be taken seriously because they represent *Britain*

    Now what position do the *British* Liberal Democrats hold in the *British* parliament again, Oh yes behind the SNP who hold third place even in that parliament

    Willie Rennie, a man taken seriously by Willie Rennie

  72. Robert Peffers says:

    @SilverDarling says: 16 March, 2019 at 12:50 pm:

    ” … That is all gone now. We see them for what they are, pathetic lying bullies protecting their delusion of an empire.”

    Well no, SilverDarling, those people you think of as British won’t change after independence. they will just be what they really have always been – English People from the Kingdom of England. However. I expect it won’t be too long after the Kingdom of Scotland ends The United Kingdom before Ireland reunited and Wales follows Scotland to independence.

    The United Kingdom is already dead – it just hasn’t had the sense to lie down yet.

  73. Giving Goose says:


    Lol I was being amusing (well trying to be).

  74. SilverDarling says:

    @Robert Peffers

    I think there will always be those for whom being ‘British’ is a construct they use to protect themselves from identifying with the worst of English Nationalism. Unable to say they feel Scottish they reside in a mythical hinterland. They will be ‘British’ till they die no matter what happens.

  75. Capella says:

    Good Morning Scotland couldn’t, unfortunately, find anyone in Scotland clever enough to explain the BREXIT shambles.

    So Gordon Brewer phoned Anne McElvoy – a British (i.e.English) journalist, Alex Massie – a Scottish journalist in London, and Ruth Dudley Edwards – an Irish historian who wishes she was British. (that’s really what her Wiki entry says).

    She wishes though she was British as her loves for them knows no bounds. She will even go to lengths to write anti Irish articles


    Needless to say, nothing of any importance for Scotland was discussed. That was probably why they couldn’t talk to anyone with a Scottish political background for fear of straying onto a minefield.

    At 25:52 – though not really worth it except for illustrative purposes:

  76. manandboy says:

    The Scottish view v The English view

    May I encourage the widespread practice of linguistically splitting Scotland from the rest of the UK, by always using the term ‘Scotland and
    the rest of the UK’, or even just ‘rUK’, both here on Wings and throughout Scotland.
    For example, to say ‘Brexit will be very bad for Scotland and the rest of the UK’, instead of saying ‘Brexit will be very bad for the UK’.

    The reason behind this ‘splitting UK’ idea, is that the term ‘UK’ contains implicitly the idea of English supremacy. For England, the word ‘country’ means the whole of the UK. But, in England, the term UK, also means England, with Scotland as a part or region, of England.

    Each time we split ‘UK’, we will be prioritising Scotland, putting Scotland first, instead of following the customary English usage in which England is first and Scotland is assumed to be be far less important – as befits a colony.

    Talking or writing about Scotland in the same way that England talks and writes about Scotland is hardly consistent with the aspiration to be a Sovereign nation in our own Independent Country.

    Please think about. And think, talk and write Independent.

  77. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Looks like the Scottish Indy march in Germany has drawn a similar number of supporters to Farage’s March of The Gammons.


  78. Robert Peffers says:

    @manandboy says: 16 March, 2019 at 3:43 pm:

    ” … May I encourage the widespread practice of linguistically splitting Scotland from the rest of the UK, by always using the term ‘Scotland and
    the rest of the UK’,

    Yes! Of course YOU would.

  79. keith brown says:

    Watching the rugby on S4C as martin Johston and John inverdale are doing my box in. Just building up to the big game when England could win the championship 16-0 to Wales at half time

  80. Capella says:

    Tom Kibasi pointing out how often BBC flagship programmes like Newsnight invite fascists on to explain their views. very helpful.

  81. manandboy says:

    Robert, it was supposed to read,
    ‘Scotland and the rest of the UK ‘,
    and NOT,
    the rest of the UK’.

    I blame it on the technology, you know. It appears to have a mind of its own sometimes. God help us when we get AI.

    Ps. Hope you’re well.

  82. Petra says:

    Another brilliant cartoon Chris and as Breeks says, your catalogue of (historical) cartoons will no doubt grace the walls of galleries for all time coming in an Independent Scotland. Would also make for a great visual teaching and learning tool kit that could be used to great effect in our schools.


    Wee baby bull sitting with egg on it’s face? Screaming it’s head off. Someone should stick a dynamite dummy in it’s mooth to shut it up (only kidding, lol). And I wonder how he’ll (she’ll) behave when his supply of baby milk, yogurt and ice-cream dries up?

    Worse still is replaced by imports from the US.


    @ Dr Jim at 12:35pm ….. ”British.”

    One of your best ever posts Dr Jim …. of many. Succinctly outlines the Scottish predicament. Add to that Cubby’s (1:10pm) point about the very ”British” Lord Smith.


    Posted by Nana on the last thread and well worth a read if you missed it. ‘Bloody Sunday and how the British empire came home’, by Adam Ramsay.

    …”It’s not the only new military base in the region: in 2015, the UK announced a major expansion of its military presence in Oman, where the current Sultan is a former UK army officer who secured his role in a British coup in 1970. He already hosts the only permanent SAS base outside the UK and three GCHQ bases which tap the undersea cables running from the Gulf under the Strait of Hormus. His regime, like that of Bahrain, relies on the use of torture to maintain its control. The UK’s biggest corporation, Shell, owns 34% of Oman’s state oil company – with 60% owned by the government. According to Mark Curtis, the two bases will provide the UK with its biggest capacity for military intervention in the Middle East since the 1960s.”…

  83. Dr Jim says:

    Very kind of you Petra

  84. HYUFD says:

    Silver Darling The British Empire effectively finished in 1947 with the independence of India and certainly was finished by 1999 when Hong Kong was returned to China. France has more overseas territories than the UK now

  85. HYUFD says:

    Robert Peffers Wales has a good rugby team but is highly unlikely ever to go independent, unlike the SNP in Scotland, Plaid has never won a Welsh national election and it also has much less support than Sinn Fein. Wales also voted Leave like England and does not have a strong enough economy to be independent. Wales was also united with England for centuries before Scotland and Ireland joined them to form the UK

  86. Legerwood says:

    manandboy says:
    16 March, 2019 at 3:43 pm
    “”The Scottish view v The English view””

    Referring to ‘Scotland and the rest of the UK’ .also normalises Scotland as a separate, stand-alone entity with its own priorities and policies. Just like an independent country in other words.

    By such subtle ways does the idea of independence lose its strangeness.

    Just like Ms Sturgeon’s travels abroad making friends and influencing people normalise the idea that this is how it should be. Scotland represented by someone Scots have elected.

  87. Petra says:

    @ Dr Jim says at 4:32 pm …. ”Very kind of you Petra.”

    Credit where credit’s due, Dr Jim. Imo, that post should be sent all over social media with the inclusion of Cubby’s Lord Smith comments. I’m sure that permission will be granted, lol. Additionally you should send it into the Letters Page of the National. It’s amazing how influential the National can be … articles AND letters. My husband leaves the National at work and recently a work colleague cornered him to discuss the contents of a letter in the National which had influenced him to vote Yes next time round. That was followed up with the McCrone Report article which seemingly now has this guy going crazy and moving into ”activist mode”, lol.

  88. Skintybroko says:

    Wow this is going to be a rout – bowing down to English masters ????

  89. Ottomanboi says:

    The French model is not the same as the British. Most overseas ‘territories’ ‘la France d’outre-mer’ have full integral and representational status as part of the French republic. The French state is more integrationist than the British.
    As for ‘empire’, it may have largely gone to the halls of history but the imperial mindset has not.
    I detect it in some Brexit rhetoric. With regards to Scotland that rhetoric has a first half of the twentieth century ring, proprietorial to say the least.

  90. manandboy says:

    This article should contain a caution, if not a warning. Personally I would advise caution to the average reader, and reserve the warning for the SNP Scottish Government. The reason is contained in this article by Adam Ramsay about Britain’s colonial history of extreme violence, torture and murder. That history continued unabated in its extremes into the ‘Troubles’, the war in Northern Ireland from 1968-1998, during which the British government drew on all its previous experience in its colonies and applied them without reservation or restraint against British citizens, just because they were Irish who favoured the cause of a United Ireland and resisted Loyalist oppression and violence.

    I say again, I advise caution, for this article will expose you to some of the very worst activities of the British State. That’s the same British State that we have today.

  91. Scottish Steve says:

    The problem being that the lion chose to remain with the screaming toddler and will most likely choose to stay with him again because…well, we cant look after ourselves can we?

  92. frogesque says:


    Wales has nevet beem united with England. It was conquered amd subjugated by England.

    I’m sure Robert P can give you the definativr history

  93. SilverDarling says:


    Hullo HYUFD! Nice to see you are finding something to chat with everyone here about.

    What does the number of overseas states have to do with anything? A delusional mentality is exactly that, there is no Empire but the British State would like the unwitting to believe in the spirit of the Empire. This is why they are so desperate to keep the original ‘Jewel in the Crown’, Scotland.

    Empire II was, I believe, the Brexiteers ill-fated working title for the UK once it leaves the shackles of the EU. An Empire made up of Gibraltar, The Falklands and The Chagos Islands.

    When we are independent Little England will be left proudly clinging to Rockall.

  94. manandboy says:

    Apologies, Petra, we must have been posting simultaneously.

  95. yesindyref2 says:

    Congrats to Wales for the Grand Slam, precision and as someone said, ruthlessness. But it was on from the 2nd half of the first match, and Anscombe has been the on form kicker of the 6 nations – why on earth anyone would suggest Biggar should take that first kick I have no idea, you pick the on form kicker.

    I daresay Welsh Sion will be a little bit chuffed and a whole lot pissed, almost tempted to drive down to Cardiff – plenty of time for a couple of days drinking!

  96. Jock McDonnell says:

    Funny how it’s only his opponents that think he’s world class.

  97. HYUFD says:

    Ottomanboi Some may do but the likes of Gibraltar and St Helens etc tend to be happy with their own legislative assemblies, if they demanded MPs they would probably get them.

  98. HYUFD says:

    Frogesque Wales has been formally united with England since the 1535 and 1542 Laws of Wales Acts and Wales has also had MPs at Westminster since those Acts were passed. Scot land did not join the Union until 1707 and Ireland not until 1800

  99. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    RE: Gibraltar

    Wonder what Spain will demand in return for not vetoing a Brexit extension?

  100. Alisdair says:


    Rockall is Scottish territory it’s included on the Invernessshire Ordnance Survey maps.

  101. Tom Busza says:

    @ SilverDarling 5.23 pm

    When did Scotland give Rockall away to England?

    “In response to a Freedom of Information request in 2012, the British Government stated that, “The islet of Rockall is part of the UK: specifically it forms part of Scotland under the Island of Rockall Act 1972. No other state has disputed our claim to the islet.”[1] In Scotland it is part of South Harris Parish.

    Even UK government says Rockall belongs to Scotland.

  102. Cubby says:

    I see the Britnat Tory England troll keeps coming back with his lies and colonial mindset.

    Wales is too small, too poor, economy rubbish etc etc = Britnat conditioning/propaganda. Where have we heard this before – everywhere Westminster wants to hold on to their resources.

    All the wealthiest (GDP per head) countries in the world are small countries. I am sure at some point in time some plonker told them they were too small, too poor to be an independent country.

  103. HYUFD says:

    Silver Darling I voted Remain but most Brexiteers aim is to expand trade with the rest of the World, particularly the Pacific rim and Far East where the global economy is growing strongest, do not forget over 50% of UK exports now go outside the EU. Talk of reviving the Empire is held by only a tiny minority of Brexiteers at most

  104. HYUFD says:

    Yesindyref2 Yes well done Wales on a comfortable win over Ireland and the Grand Slam, looks like England will secure second place, current score England 31 Scotland 0

  105. HYUFD says:

    Cubby Either because they have a vast amount of oil like Norway or Qatar or they pursue low tax, free market economics like Singapore. Wales does not have much of the first (Scotland admittedly does), nor does it pursue low tax, free market economics

  106. Welsh Sion says:

    Thanks for the congrats, everyone … 🙂

    Wales was *disunited* from England by virtue of the Wales Language Act 1993 Schedule 2 (although all references to England to cover Wales also had already been abolished by the previous Welsh Language Act 1967.)

    Soon Scotland’s Acts of Union with England will be repealed, too.

  107. Tom Busza says:

    Brexiteers’ aims to expand trade Asia and Oceania does seem to fly in the face of UK’s global environmental aims.

  108. Cubby says:

    “Scotland did not join the Union until 1707”

    Note he says – DID NOT JOIN

    This statement is typical of the misleading crap that the Britnat Tory from deepest engerland troll posts.

    There was no existing Union to join in 1707 – so why does the troll post this? He knows fine well that the Kingdom of Scotland created the Union with the Kingdom of England in 1707 as equal partners. I’ll tell you why it is to create the impression that the union is and always has been an English owned and controlled entity.

    It’s like a full time job to keep correcting the total propaganda crap he posts. If you read a post By HYFUD it’s pretty much the case that it will be full of lies and misleading Britnat propaganda.

  109. HYUFD says:

    Welsh Sion Did the Welsh Language Act repeal the Laws of Wales Acts? No

  110. HYUFD says:

    All the Welsh Language Act did was change the language provisions to ensure recognition of the Welsh Language, it had no effect beyond that

  111. Bill Hume says:

    I wonder what the letters HYUFD stand for???
    Perhaps we could have a wee competition?

  112. Abulhaq says:

    Man and Boy
    Most Muslims, sorry for the generalization, are appalled that Christian temples have to be constantly guarded by armed soldiers. In Egypt the scholars of AlAzhar, the great Islamic university condemn assaults on Christians and Jews as fundamentally un Islamic, however even they admit that in certain mosques going out and killing a Christian or a Shi’i may be legitimised by legalistic interpretations of the Qur’án and the Hadiths or events in history. Such a situation of ‘uncertainty’ does risk becoming normative for non Muslims. The Turkish republic still vets Friday sermons with a view to checking ultra interpretations.
    The situation in the ME is complex to say the least, poverty and political frustration compound the matter. Events such as this possible loner initiated attack on innocent worshippers will tend to reinforce the sectarian divisive narrative.
    The non-vengeful response of the Muslims of Christchurch is noteworthy.

  113. Petra says:

    @ manandboy says at 5:24 pm … ”Apologies, Petra, we must have been posting simultaneously.”

    No problem manandboy. I was actually pleased to see that someone else had been ”impressed” by the contents of that article. God only knows what they’ve been / are still getting up to, as I’m sure that what we are privy to now is just the tip of the iceberg. Futhermore one wonders what they’ve got lined up for us pre AND post independence. They’re not going to let us go lightly, FAR from it, as without us they’ll be left like a shrivelled up, detested nonentity of a country. Without our oil, alone, they’re finished.

  114. Cherry says:

    @Cubby, you just stopped me from letting rip at this total prat! I don’t think I’ve ever lost it on here but that pillock has totally pushed all my buttons….I need a lie down after reading his crap. Never before has there been a more self opinionated, butchers apron waving arsehole as this smug, self satisfied, deluded eejit posting on here and we have had quite a few, this guy is in a whole different category.

  115. HYUFD says:

    Cherry I have not posted anything remotely inflamatory, if you cannot even cope with that you really cannot leave the echo chamber

  116. Shinty says:

    I wonder what the letters HYUFD stand for???
    Perhaps we could have a wee competition?

    Thought about that a month or so back – need to look back my notes!

  117. Robert Peffers says:

    @HYUFD says: 16 March, 2019 at 4:54 pm:

    ” … Plaid has never won a Welsh national election and it also has much less support than Sinn Fein.”


    You wish. Now here’s a wee warning for unionists. I first began supporting the SNP way back in around 1946 as a schoolboy. We were treated a bit like Muslims are treated in England these days- either like the lunatic fringe or like dangerous terrorists.

    To the Establishment we were constantly under surveillance by Her Majesty’s Security Forces. Actual enemies of the state. We were then very thin on the ground.

    Yet here we are today – third party in size in the House of Commons and having been in power in the Scottish Parliament, (how did that happen), for several continuous terms and with Scottish independence within our grasp and the end of the United Kingdom looming rapidly in Westminster’s view.

    Thing is these things are like that – there is a tipping point and that tipping point happened very suddenly. Now consider this that great bastion of blind monarchist nationalism that is Northern Ireland now has more republican voters than it has knuckle dragging Orange Order numpties. There is little doubt that a unified Ireland is only a hair’s breadth away today.

    I wouldn’t be so cocky if I were a unionist today. The British Empire is dead and the two kingdom United Kingdom is sure to end soon.

  118. HYUFD says:

    Petra Even alone England would still be the 7th largest economy in the world out of over 190, hardly a ‘shrivelled up, detested nonentity of a country’

  119. Tom Busza says:

    60 minutes in and Eng 31-Scot 31 (HT Eng 31- Scot 7). 20 minutes still to play.

  120. HYUFD says:

    Abulhaq Having returned from Israel and the Palestinian Authority last month in Palestine there were a number of Christian churches who did good works providing schools etc. The local community was comfortably majority Muslim but provided the Christian community did not actively convert they were tolerated

  121. HYUFD says:

    Robert Peffers Indeed right, Plaid has never won a Welsh Assembly election, or most MPs or MEPs in Wales either. I would also point out the DUP also still won both the last Northern Ireland Assembly and Westminster elections. I am not remotely cocky, I voted Remain and obviously Brexit will increase nationalist sentiment in Scotland and Northern Ireland to some extent but Wales voted Leave

  122. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    What an absolute stonker of a cartoon. Might not get too much exposure in the BritNat press, but this could well be syndicated more widely. I can see it being taken up by all the major papers on the Continent.

    Get to it Chris! This one is a classic that will be referenced by history programmes in the future.

  123. Robert Peffers says:

    @Ottomanboi says: 16 March, 2019 at 5:17 pm:

    ” … The French model is not the same as the British.”

    Maybe that would be because there actually was never a British Empire. It was the United Kingdom Empire and the United Kingdom didn’t even include all of Britain. Now I’m no expert on the Crown Protectorates but I believe they are Crown Protectorates not Westminster Parliament Protectorates. More like the Queen’s personal United Kingdom than the United Kingdom government’s United Kingdom.

    Foe example they are not really full current EU Members but only Associate EU Members.

  124. HYUFD says:

    In fact an ‘Abolish the Welsh Assembly’ party polled 7% in a poll last December

  125. Robert Louis says:

    Not sure why you folks are wasting time arguing with a ‘british’ nationalist troll. He is clearly a pig-ignorant ‘british’ Nationalist, English supremacist dick.

  126. Welsh Sion says:

    Did the Welsh Language Act 1993 Schedule 2 repeal The Laws in Wales Act/”The acts of Union 1535-1542″.


    Maybe if you read the Act you’d see, HYUFD.

  127. Welsh Sion says:

    I’m still stone cold sober despite the Grand Slam. I only support my national team (from afar) I’m not an active fan who attends matches nor indeed pubs to watch games.

  128. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    There is a theory that the size of Mars Bars is an accurate indication of the state of the economy.

    In the same way, the number of postings by “LoDud” is surely a reliable indication of the BritNat state of panic that a full-on indy campaign is about to be unleashed. One that they are scared sh*tless they will lose.

    And for very good reason.

  129. galamcennalath says:

    manandboy says:

    this article will expose you to some of the very worst activities of the British State

    TBH much worse can be found online. The ‘British’ Empire wasn’t created and held without widespread brutality.

    What the article does very well, is remind us that the early 70s were close in time to the atrocities committed in Bahrain, Cyprus, Kenya, etc.. The imperial thugs who perpetrated those crimes would have been redeployed to NI. It all goes much further than a few out of control squaddies.

  130. Cactus says:


  131. Tom Busza says:

    Scotland take the lead at Twickers

  132. Robert Peffers says:

    @HYUFD says:16 March, 2019 at 5:30 pm:

    ” … Frogesque Wales has been formally united with England since the 1535 and 1542 Laws of Wales Act.”

    That is absolutely hilarious, HYUFD. Where did you learn your history?

    Here is a history question for you:-

    What was the Statute of Rhuddlan?

    Here’s a wee clue for you – Who made and passed The Statute of Rhuddlan.

  133. Essexexile says:

    Biggest comeback in Scottish sporting history, no question.
    Will be pinching myself for weeks!

  134. HYUFD says:

    Welsh Sion since when was Chapters 27, 34 and 35 the whole Act?

  135. Famous15 says:

    “Oh,ye of little faith”

    As my granny would say

    Raw draw

  136. Tom Busza says:

    Draw at Twickers. So close.

  137. HYUFD says:

    Robert Peffers The Statute of Rhuddlan simply set terms for the Government of Wales and introduced Common Law there, it did not formally unite Wales with England nor create Welsh MPs, it was the Laws of Wales Acts that did it

  138. HYUFD says:

    England 38 Scotland 38 Great match and well played both sides

  139. Welsh Sion says:

    You obviously don’t understand how English Law works, HYUFD.

    27 Hen 8 The Laws in Wales Act 1535 c.26 Extent of repeal: The whole Act, so far as unrepealed

    34 & 35 Hen 8 The Laws in Wales Act 1542 c.26 Extent of repeal: The whole Act, except section 47

    27 – The Regnal Year of Henry VIII
    c.26 – The number of the statute of that tear

    34 & 35 – The Regnal Years of Henry VIII
    c.26 – The number of the statute of that year

  140. Robert Peffers says:

    @HYUFD says: 16 March, 2019 at 5:34 pm:

    ” … most Brexiteers aim is to expand trade with the rest of the World, particularly the Pacific rim and Far East where the global economy is growing strongest”

    Just a wee jog for your memory, HYUFD, in all trade deals there are at least two states that need to agree the terms.

    ” … do not forget over 50% of UK exports now go outside the EU.”

    Oh! We don’t forget. Neither do we forget that you are quoting UK percentages and that includes also Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish exports. Not to mention that the way Westminster accounts what is individual UK country exports is by where they leave the UK and not which UK country actually produced them. Thus much of those , “UK”,exports are not actually English exports and Exports and there probably won’t be a United Kingdom in the very near future.

    Didn’t the SNP leader of the HOC contingent say, just the other day, “Scotland will not be dragged out of the EU against her will”? He didn’t say if or maybe he said will not.

  141. Abulhaq says:

    Conversion is a definitely a no no. The older Christian churches both Orthodox and Catholic do not attempt such. Conversions to Islam, is another matter. American financed Evangelical Protestants are active. In Egypt their unthinking proselytizing activities muddy the waters. Copts mostly get the flack.
    I am a Syriac Catholic and our communal experience has been ‘keep your head down’. In Iraq under Saddam Hussain that was de rigueur. Before that we wised up to the realities when the Sultan/Caliph was still living in Constantinople and before that whoever was in control. Like the Armenians we played the game by ear and with bags packed, just in case. Westerners do not know the half of it! It has made us very wise.

  142. Petra says:

    What a game!!!

    Nicola Sturgeon: ”OK, a bit heartbreaking at the end – but what a heroic, historic performance @Scotlandteam – well done to Gregor and all the guys. The Calcutta Cup is coming back to Scotland!”

  143. Cubby says:


    A post full of passion. I wouldn’t like to be around when you really let rip but some Britnats, especially the phoney independence supporters that turn up on Wings, deserve no less.

    Sneaky liars full of deceit and misinformation the lot of them. So don’t let me hold you back from letting rip.

  144. yesindyref2 says:


  145. Iain 2 says:

    Looks like your team let you down.

  146. Famous15 says:

    HYFUD sts on this site like a vulture on a baobab.

    Hoping for the taste of carrion to assail his nostrils.

  147. Welsh Sion says:

    c. in this context means ‘chapter’ which is this context is synonymous with Act (of Parliament) or Statute.

    You will still these on Westminster Statutes today, but the regnal years have been dropped.

    e.g. Abolition of Domestic Rates Etc. (Scotland) Act 1987

    (which set up the “Poll Tax” in Scotland) is also known as: 1987 c.47. This is said as “1987, Chapter 47” or “Chapter 47, 1987”.

  148. Dorothy Devine says:

    Well done Wee Wales! And well done Smashing Scotland!

  149. Skintybroko says:

    Wow – amazing comeback hats off to the boys I was rwally pissed off with them the first half

  150. Welsh Sion says:

    Patrick came good, eh, Dorothy Devine? 😉

    (Mind you had Ireland won, I’m sure our cousins would have said the same!) 😀

    Well done, Scotland – sorry you didn’t quite make it.

  151. HYUFD says:

    Welsh Sion Yes, so the Laws in Wales Act 1542 remains on the Statute book at Westminster, amended but not fully repealed

  152. yesindyref2 says:

    2nd half went to plan basically, get the scores, Townsend threw in his major subs, quite early this time, get near, England get rattled specially Farrell, he’s historic for late tackles (and off the ball ones), he does one (he did turn the shoulder though the commentators threw a wobbly), then gets rattled at a very close knock forward decision and that clever swine Eddie Jones immediately subs him for the level-headed Ford. But for that England wouldn’t have drawn level. Ah well.

    Calcutta Cup home to Scotland where it belongs 🙂

  153. Tom Busza says:

    @ HYFUD 6.18 pm

    Even alone England would still be the 7th largest economy in the world out of over 190

    And how do you arrive at that conclusion? What figures do you have to support your claim? e.g. GDP per IMF or per World Bank or per UN.

    In all cases the only GDP for UK is shown as UK and not as UK’s constituent parts (I use that term for convenience only).

    If you say England’s GDP would put in 7th position, then you are saying that England’s GDP is greater than that of Brazil (currently 8th position.

  154. Robert Peffers says:

    @HYUFD says: 16 March, 2019 at 5:56 pm:

    ” … Welsh Sion Did the Welsh Language Act repeal the Laws of Wales Acts?”

    I’ll ask you again, HYUFD, What was the Statute of Rhuddlan and who proclaimed it?

    Here is a wee quote:-

    “He, (EDWARD), gradually extended English influence, at least partly by chipping away at Welsh law and establishing English legal traditions.

    One of the tools Edward used to effect this change was the Statute of Rhuddlan (later, and erroneously called the Statute of Wales).

    According to this statute, the counties of Anglesey, Meirionnydd, and Caernarfon were created out of the remnants of Llewelyn’s Gwynedd, and staffed with sheriffs to collect taxes and administer justice – English style justice using English Common Law. In addition, the offices of justice and chamberlain were created to assist the sheriff.”

    There you go – Edward defeated the last native Prince of Wales then by military force imposed English law upon what was then not part of England and Edward was not King or prince of Wales.

    There is absolutely no doubt that England invaded Wales and forced English law upon the Welsh. I ask again, where did you learn your history?.

  155. HYUFD says:

    Robert Peffers Of course buy plenty of countries export a lot to the UK too and also want a trade deal. If you are saying Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland also export a lot outside the EU then it makes sense for them to focus increasingly on the growing Pacific rim economies too

  156. HYUFD says:

    Abulhaq Sensible comments, practice Christianity in the Middle East by all means but be wary of being too loud and evangelical about it

  157. dom says:

    So the egg chasin English BritNats ended up with the same number as the Scottish BritNat egg chasers.

    Does anybody give a monkeys???


  158. Iain 2 says:

    How could you believe the accounts of a country that hides the true wealth of the economy of its equal partner.
    You will be saying that gers is not a political propaganda tool next.

  159. dom says:

    And the Queens Eleven Ibrox lodge also drew with Kilmarnock today as well.

    Not a good day for the BritNats.

  160. Ottomanboi says:

    The French adopted a kind of Pax Romana perspective. Regardless of background, if you ‘became’ French, you were French and there was no restrictions on access to higher education. Generally, in the short term, it worked. However some of the most assertive liberators of the French colonial empire came from the seemingly assimilated, frenchified élite. Algeria, Syria, Vietnam and Sénégal spring to mind.
    It may well be from amongst the so called ‘assimilated’ that the revolt begins. Scotland may yet have surprises up its sleeve!
    I believe British extra-territories are designated ‘Crown Dependencies’. So useful for financial jiggery pockery! Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Jersey, Cayman, Bahamas, Bermuda…..

  161. yesindyref2 says:

    When it was 21-0 I fast-forwarded until I suddenly saw 7 for Scotland, rewound and watched from there with a lot of hope in my heart. A game of two halves after all, quite a few have been in this tournament. Was behind time because I had to watch Wales triumph and cup award thing and interviews. And go outside for a few ciggies and a break 🙂

    World rankings, we needed the draw to stay above France:

    1 New Zealand 92.54
    2 (?3) Wales 89.96 (+1.23)
    3 (?2) Ireland 88.69 (-1.23)
    4 England 86.27 (-1.00)
    5 South Africa 84.58
    6 Australia 82.40
    7 Scotland 80.17 (+1.00)
    8 France 79.42 (+0.70)

    Wales go into 2nd, above Ireland, that’s excellent for Wales.

  162. Welsh Sion says:

    I think HYUFD learnt his history in the same place as he learnt law – via Wikipedia or some other spurious source. (I’m half-minded to delete that word ‘learn’ as he obviously knows nothing about the field.

    I am quoting from the database of inter alia, English Law and he uses Wikipedia. It’s clear to anyone with half a brain that the “Acts of Union” between Wales and England (other than section 47 of the 1542 Act, and sections were only applied to Westminster Statutes in the 19th century) have been repealed. They are finished, dead, joined the choir eternal – and all other Pythonesque statements you’d like to add.

    I have a Bachelor’s degree in English Law, a Master’s Degree in Celtic Studies and a deep knowledge and understanding of the history, politics, law and language (my mother tongue) of my country.

    And I have better things to do than pass the time of day with someone who is blatantly ignorant on all these matters and has been shown up time and again by Robert Peffers, other Wingers and myself for the ignorant buffoon he is

    Tros Gymru / For Scotland.

  163. Dr Jim says:

    The *British* told Malta they couldn’t possibly be Independent like they’ve told all the many many other countries who released themselves from the yoke of Imperialism, I’m quite sure if and when Wales decides they want to be Independent then half the world will offer the same assistance as Scotland is about to receive and as seen by *Britain* Ireland has been supported by

    The world is watching the *British* establishment implode and no one is surprised and not a finger is being lifted to help it retain its imagined superiority, and it won’t until it realises it’s no more or less important in the world than anyone else

    Steve Rodgers of Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg and everything else world financial said: When Scotland becomes Independent they’ll take their oil and seas with them and without Scotlands assets England has nothing to sell so their financial rating will fall to around 18th place in the world leaving Scotland over a very short space of time a position of around 8th richest country GDP

    Don’t answer me Troll go and Troll Steve Rodgers tell him you know better, it’ll make a change from Trolling Wings and Scotlands First Minister

  164. HYUFD says:

    Tom Busza England’s economy is worth £2.4 trillion

    According to the 2018 IMF GDP figures that would put England just behind 6th placed India on $2.689 trillion and just above 8th placed Italy on $2.086 trillion

  165. yesindyref2 says:

    @Welsh Sion
    Awa ye hence from this place of HIFUD absolute and astonishing total ignorance, to an establishment that serveth alcohol and loads of Welsh and Irish supporters celebrating regardless of result, like it’s going out of fashion! Or many, one after the other. Been there, done that, years ago mind 🙂

  166. HYUFD says:

    Robert Peffers So again the Statute of Rhuddlan did not formally unite Wales with England or admit Welsh MPs to Westminster, that was the Laws in Wales Acts

  167. Welsh Sion says:

    Even the article our troll cites opens by using the past simple tense:

    “The Laws in Wales Acts 1535 and 1542 (Welsh: Y Deddfau Cyfreithiau yng Nghymru 1535 a 1542) *were* [my emphasis] parliamentary measures by which Wales became a full and equal [aye, right] part of the Kingdom of England and the legal system of England was extended to Wales and the norms of English administration introduced.”

  168. dom says:

    Scottish Rugby is run by BritNats, played by BritNats and supported by BritNats

    Only after Indy will we see a truly Scottish rugby team.

    But until then, the Scottish BritNat egg chasers will always see the Butchers Apron as their primary flag, with the Saltire an insignificant blot on the landscape.

  169. HYUFD says:

    Welsh Sion No the 1542 Laws in Wales Act has not been repealed, there are still Welsh MPs at Westminster and that is a direct consequence of the Laws in Wales Acts

  170. Fireproofjim says:

    I believe Stu’s survey showed that about 50% of Scottish rugby supporters are pro independence.
    I’m one for example and if I am not mistaken, so is Stu.
    Don’t be sour. Enjoy a great match.

  171. Dr Jim says:

    @Fireproofjim 7.52pm

    I believe you’re correct it’s around the 50% even split but todays match was definitely all Scottish 100% in the second half

    Well you have to take comfort, but hey we won something, well retained something but we’ll take that too

  172. dom says:

    Scottish Rugby is run by BritNats.

  173. Dr Jim says:


    So is our country but we’re trying to change that

  174. Essexexile says:

    Go away dom, you bitter little twerp.
    In case you haven’t noticed there are plenty of us indy supporters on here (including the site owner FFS) who are long time supporters of the Scottish rugby team and fans of the game in general.
    I watched the game today with good friends (supporters of England and Scotland were present) and it was a fantastic afternoon. A bit gutting at the end but a terrific few hours of entertainment.
    People who are determined to divide EVERYTHING into indy Vs Britnat, because they are too thick to understand the subtleties of the debate are just an embarrassment to themselves tbh.

  175. Welsh Sion says:

    Iechyd da, Yesindyref2. 😀

    I’ll take that as a “haste ye back” as well – when the nonsense spouter has gone!

  176. dom says:

    Scottish Rugby will show it’s true colours when IndyRef2 is up and running.

    They’ll be backing the Union.

    In that, there is no doubt.

    Scott and Gavin Hastings will be wheeled out to tell us mere mortals that we are to stupid to go it alone.

  177. Welsh Sion says:

    Sorry that you are stuck in your ignorance, HYFUD. I suspect that the Welsh MPs are still in place following the other “true” Acts of Union of 1707 and 1800 (when we were included under the term “England” as a signatory to them.

    That is why we do not figure on your beloved Butcher’s Apron nor on the Royal Standard. It was not until 1967 (WLA) and then confirmed in the 1978 Wales Act that we were identified apart from England for English Law purposes.

    The Union(s) is/are dead.

    Tros Gymru / For Scotland.

    And now I will take yesindyref 2’s advice and enjoy my evening.

  178. Cageybee says:

    I played rugby all the way through school and was a regular attendee at Murrayfield up till the debentures for the east stand ran out and they wanted a huge hike in price to secure your seat.Like fireproofjim says go and have a llok back at Stu’s piece re rugby it should make you , at least, moderate if not change your views.

  179. Robert Peffers says:

    @HYUFD says: 16 March, 2019 at 7:21 pm:

    ” … Robert Peffers Of course buy plenty of countries export a lot to the UK too and also want a trade deal.”

    Are you entirely devoid of reality, HYUFD? Just listen to yourself. Let’s just introduce you to a little reality.

    You state that other countries export to the UK and want a trade deal. Fine but what of reality? First of all there is every likelihood that in the near future there probably will not be a UK to trade with. Scottish Independence means that the legal entity titled, “The UK”, ends abruptly upon Scotland ending the union. The status Quo Ante of the Kingdom of Scotland leaving the Kingdom of England is there will be a return to the pre-union status.

    That is a return to being two independent kingdoms. There cannot be a legal United Kingdom of any kind – what signed the treaty with the Kingdom of Scotland was the Kingdom of England and not any form of united kingdom – neither Wales or Ireland became part of the Kingdom of England by treaty but by being forced to be in that kingdom.

    As if that were not enough of a disincentive there is also the fact that to be in a trade deal with the Kingdom of England would probably mean those other countries would lose their deals with the EU or at least have to pay the same rates as other WTO countries. So do you think the loss of good trade deals with the EU would be worth signing a trade deal with England? Just what exactly has England got to offer that any other country wants?

    Now for another little slice of reality – have you any idea how long it takes for the average country to do any individual trade deal? It can take decades. Even with Scotland’s oil, gas, fishing grounds, food & drink and renewable power an independent United Kingdom would struggle and the obvious threat of an independent united Ireland in the EU and perhaps also Scotland in the EU no one will be rushing to do trade deals with England.

    Not to mention that much of the World has scores to settle with the former British Empire -including the country on the end of the opium wars. The country on the end of two atom bombs and the continent providing the slaves for the slave trade. The list is endless.
    If you are saying Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland also export a lot outside the EU then it makes sense for them to focus increasingly on the growing Pacific rim economies too

  180. dom says:

    Scottish Rugby:

    The sport of BritNats.


  181. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Passed some brothers and sisters of the Orange Lodge walking in lovely Coatbridge today.

    3 degrees at least the snow had stopped.

    LOL marching in March ? Of course celebrating St Patricks day weekend. Saturday nearest St Pats day.

    I didnt realise the brothers celebrated St Patrick but there you go every day is a school day.

  182. Cubby says:

    ” in case you haven’t noticed there are plenty of us Indy supporters on here…….”

    Aye right – you may be a rugby supporter but you are no Indy supporter.

    “A bit gutting at the end…….”

    Obviously because England didn’t win.

    The Fud and Dr Doom – Essex’s finest minds.

  183. yesindyref2 says:

    @danny and a string of other forgotten names
    Your attempts at division are wasted, as will be your soon to come attempts at bigotry and anti-Englishness, as you get more and more rattled when nobody bites.

    @Welsh Sion
    Goes without saying haste ye back, just make sure you’re as sober as the rest of us ALWAYS are 🙂

  184. Robert Peffers says:

    @Welsh Sion says:16 March, 2019 at 8:09 pm:

    … “I suspect that the Welsh MPs are still in place following the other “true” Acts of Union of 1707 and 1800 (when we were included under the term “England” as a signatory to them.
    That is why we do not figure on your beloved Butcher’s Apron nor on the Royal Standard.”

    Very well said, Welsh Sion, your case is different from that of Scotland but no less valid. It has always been my belief that when Scotland breaks up the United Kingdom then Wales will follow in our footsteps.

    Mind you the way things are going ATM Northern Ireland might beat us both to the finishing line.

  185. HYUFD says:

    Welsh Sion It is still the Laws of Wales Acts which enabled Welsh MPs to be present at Westminster and still does, the Acts of Union had no mention of Welsh MPs specifically

  186. HYUFD says:

    The Prince of Wales of course has his own flag, separate to the Royal Standard, containing the 3 ostrich feathers and coronet as is also sometimes used as a symbol for Welsh rugby and Welsh regiments

  187. stu mac says:


    I think the lack of interest is in part … well, racism. The Christians in the Middle East (and in Africa and far east) are dark skinned foreigners (whose culture is alien to us) so tend to get ignored by our media. It’s a long term western attitude and in centuries past they were often seen as not being “proper Christians” as they had some different beliefs. Not surprising since in these times Christian sects in Europe were often at war with each other. Possibly the same attitude is taken by those christian fundamentalists someone mentioned. They will have the protection of the US but the local Christians who’ve lived there for centuries will not and thus are targets for Muslim fundamentalists.

  188. HYUFD says:

    Robert Peffers It would of course be illegal under WTO rules for the EU to forbid any country to do a trade deal with England in order to do a deal with the EU, so wrong on that point for starters (the USA, India, China, Saudi Arabia, Australia etc all currently have no trade deals with the EU).

    I know you are consistently and vehemently anti English but I would have thought even you would have known that it was the USA who dropped the atom bombs on Japan, not England and that it was England through Wilberforce which played a key role in ending the slave trade.

    On Welsh independence of course there is barely any support for it, certainly not in South Wales where around 80% of the population lives and Plaid have never won a Welsh national election for a reason

  189. HYUFD says:

    49% of Welsh voters even voted against having a Welsh Assembly in the 1999 devolution referendum and if devolution could not win by a landslide in Wales as to be fair it did in Scotland any independence movement in Wales has virtually no chance at all

  190. Iain 2 says:

    Robert Pefers, a free and independent Scotland will be for ever in your debt.
    I for one would never have known that the act of union was only between two countries not four.
    When we are free we should honour your contribution towards Scottish freedom.
    The end of the union is neigh, keep the faith.

  191. HYUFD says:

    49.7% of Welsh voters even voted against having a Welsh Assembly in the 1997 devolution referendum and if devolution could not win by a landslide in Wales as to be fair it did in Scotland any independence movement in Wales has virtually no chance at all

  192. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    HYUFD at 7.41

    Lets not confuse “the economy” or the size of it with the wealth or the prosperity of the people in it.

    India has a “strong economy” and folk working in it for 50P per day.
    The economies of Norway, Denmark, Sweeden, New Zealand, Ireland, Finland are tiny comapred to Engaland’s economy but their people are hugely better of than English peoples.
    Germany’s economy is bigger than England’s and its people are much better off than Englands’s people

    This “huge English economy” proposition is put forward for swallowing by the serially daft.

    We are not daft on this site but you are daft by imagining we are. But then the mind numbed,brain washed, patronising English exceptionalists are not even smart enough to realise they are the tamed and easily led political fodder for the Brit establishment.

  193. Iain 2 says:

    The britnats are panicking.

  194. HYUFD says:

    Stu Mac In many African countries Christians are actually the majority

  195. HYUFD says:

    Dave McEwan Hill Of the countries you list New Zealand actually has a lower gdp per capita than England on a PPP basis

  196. Essexexile says:

    Have a day off Cubby. Whatever you think you’re achieving on Wings, you really, really aren’t. A serial loser desperately trying to ingratiate himself with better calibre people on a rising tide.
    As I’ve asked many times before, please sod off and leave me alone.

  197. SilverDarling says:

    Mike Russell on the British State’s delusions of Empire.

  198. Macart says:

    @Dorothy Devine

    Been out all day and missed the news. Helluva result. Well done Wales rugby squad fer sure and from what I gather an amazing game for the Scotland squad.

    And I’m not even the sporty type. 🙂

  199. Dan says:

    yesindyref2 says:
    16 March, 2019 at 8:24 pm

    “@danny and a string of other forgotten names
    Your attempts at division are wasted, as will be your soon to come attempts at bigotry and anti-Englishness, as you get more and more rattled when nobody bites.”

    To avoid any confusion can you please aim that at the current name being used on the thread by the person you presume to have previously posted using the name Danny
    I understand the previous poster called Danny got kicked off.
    Danny is not me. Cheers.

  200. CameronB Brodie says:

    You’re a shit stirring, reactionary, troll. Why not play with your ego elsewhere?

  201. Bobp says:

    HYFUD . I wonder how many of those 49.7% welsh voters who voted against a welsh assembly in 1997 were actually welsh?

  202. HYUFD says:

    BobP They were residents of Wales and that gave them a vote, someone who was born in Wales but lived in California for example and was no longer on the Welsh electoral role could not

  203. Bobp says:

    HYFUD. well theres a lesson for Scotland, not to leave it too late.

  204. Ken500 says:

    The EU is the second largest economy in the world.

    Take in UK debt it is 26th.

  205. SilverDarling says:

    Well done Wales!
    Well done Scotland!

  206. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi dom at 7:46 pm.

    You typed,

    “Scottish Rugby is run by BritNats, played by BritNats and supported by BritNats.”

    I have been an SNP supporter since Winnie won Hamilton in 1967, when I was 15.

    I was born in Maryfield hospital in Dundee. My Dad was an insurance agent with ‘The Pru’; my Mum was a milliner in DM Browns. The first two years of my life were spent in Balfour Street, aff the Hackie.
    We then moved the Nethergate, above The Phoenix. In 1960, we moved to that hotbed of Britnattery, St Mary’s.

    As a result of that move, I found myself attending that other hotbed of Britnattery, Kirk’in Hegh, where I was introduced to Rugby in my first week.

    I was 4th reserve in the first game of the season. By the second game, I was left wing three-quarter and scored our try in the game against Linlathen High, that was a three-all draw.

    That first year at Kirkton, we travelled all over Scotland – PLAYING RUGBY. Pupils from one of the most working class schools in Dundee.

    My brother, 4 years younger than me, had a fairly successful career in schools rugby at Kirkton and in a local team after school – until he broke his leg – PLAYING RUGBY.

    Thus, I would suggest that you, as a newbie to WOS, and not having read the debate on Scottish Rugby, that was a feature of a page a week or so ago, would be advised to keep your class-consciousness (for that is what it is) to yourself, until you know the facts.

  207. Ken500 says:

    The Ref gave it away,

  208. dom says:

    Scottish Rugby is run by BritNats and will support remaining in this stinkin Union when campaigning in IndyRef2.

  209. Bobp says:

    Ken 500. I believe the ref was scottish. Your not thinking what i’m thinking ken?

  210. Cageybee says:

    another new troll joins the ignore list

  211. Ken500 says:

    UK wealth has decreased -2% from 2007 to 2017 because of the depreciation of the £. In the hands of a smaller number of people? Not equal. $9.9Trn wealth. Debt $2.4Trns?

    On other sites it is smaller countries are listed as wealthier Qatar, Norway, Switerland, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia etc,

  212. Bobp says:

    I apologise, i got the ref wrong, it was paul williams of new zealand.

  213. Cubby says:

    Dr Doom is not happy. I said he was one of Essex’s finest minds and he takes umbrage. Oh well these Britnats are never happy.

    I’ll try again. The FUD and Dr Doom two of the Britnats in England finest minds. Happy now.

  214. Cactus says:

    None the less and forever the more…

    Scotland XXX.

    It’s 2019.

  215. HYUFD says:

    Ken500 If you include any countries debt it will fall down the gdp table and Italy, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, France, Spain for example have worse debt as a percentage than the UK

  216. Cactus says:

    Evenin’ HYUFD, that was a cracking GAME ra day eh, how ye doin’ yerself the night, neighbour.

  217. yesindyref2 says:

    Hello Danny. Bye Danny. Not very bright are you?

  218. yesindyref2 says:

    If you include any countries debt it will fall down the gdp table

    HYUFD – that doesn’t even make sense, let alone remotely resemble any fact!

  219. yesindyref2 says:

    It’s quite funny reading the writings of the Dune Messiah on another forum …

  220. Colin Alexander says:

    I have received a response from the EU regarding my complaint that the attempt to drag the sovereign people of Scotland out of the EU against the democratic will of the people of Scotland is unlawful:

    “We are writing in reply to the complaint that you have addressed to the European Commission regarding the UK withdrawal from the EU, which has been forwarded to the Task Force for the Preparation and Conduct of the Negotiations with the United Kingdom under Article 50 of the Treaty on the European Union. Please accept our apologies for this belated reply.
    Regarding the legality of the UK’s referendum, let me recall that according to Article 50 any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements.

    The assessment of the constitutional requirements is a matter for the Member State concerned. The decision by a Member State to organise a referendum, and the modalities and arrangements for that purpose, are a matter falling within the competence of that Member State too. The precise requirements for invoking the right to withdraw from the EU enshrined in Article 50 TEU under the United Kingdom constitution were litigated in the case of R (on the application of Miller and another) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union before the United Kingdom Supreme Court.

    The Supreme Court decided that in order to invoke Article 50 TEU, the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister required authorisation from the United Kingdom Parliament. In March 2017, the United Kingdom Parliament passed an act granting the Prime Minister the power to invoke Article 50 TEU.

    As the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister thus invoked Article 50 TEU in accordance with the United Kingdom’s constitutional requirements, she complied with all the conditions for notifying the United Kingdom’s intention to withdraw from the European Union. In other words, Article 50 TEU was invoked in compliance with EU law.

    Regarding Scotland, we cannot comment on Member States’ internal political and constitutional issues.

    On the specific points you raise in relation to Scotland, it is not for the Commission to comment on issues of the internal organisation related to the constitutional arrangements / internal political issues in EU Member States.

    You also refer to the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: such an argument was indirectly addressed by the UK Court of Appeal in its judgment in case Shindler v Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

    The Court found that the EU Referendum Act 2015 did not fall within the scope of EU law given that EU law had recognised that the decision of a Member State to withdraw from the EU was an exercise of national sovereignty which was governed by its own constitutional arrangements. The UK Supreme Court later refused permission to appeal against the Court of Appeal judgment.

    As Commission Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier said many times, while we regret the UK’s decision to leave, we have to respect it.

    Yours sincerely,
    The Task Force for the Preparation and Conduct of the Negotiations
    with the United Kingdom under Article 50 TEU (AMW)

    European Commission
    Rue de la Loi 200
    B-1049 Brussels/Belgium”

  221. HYUFD says:

    Cactus Yes it was an exciting game and a great performance by both sides

  222. dom says:

    Let hope that ends the Scottish Rugby debate and we can finally all agree that the management running Scottish Rugby are a shower of Unionist bastards.


  223. HYUFD says:

    Yesindyref2 I was responding to Ken500’s claim that debt should be included in tables of gdp

  224. dom says:

    Anyway,,,howz Brexit hangin ?

  225. dom says:

    Prepare for a FOURTH Meaningful Vote.

  226. Heart of Galloway says:

    I’ll save commenting for another time.

    Except this from the blog rules: ‘Email us about suspected trolls if you want. But don’t engage them in debate if you doubt their motives, and DEFINITELY don’t engage in on-thread discussions about whether they’re a troll or not.’

    Come on Wingers, we have bigger fish to fry.

  227. Dorothy Devine says:

    Macart , me neither and I always have difficulty watching a Scot doing anything – from Andy Murray to the football and rugby teams of Scotland , all usually viewed from behind the couch or not viewed at all.

    Today I gave up watching and did a little house work instead , so sure was I that our lads were being mollicated by theirs.

    Imagine my joy and delight when I discovered via Wings and a Yessssss from Cactus there had been a major change in the score while I hoovered!

  228. Congratulations to England woman rugby for winning grand slam,

    and congratulations to Scotland men rugby for retaining Calcutta cup,it was classic `brains v brawn`,

    congratulations to Italy ,who didn`t win but should have,

    congratulations to the Wales team who blew away the second best team in the world.

  229. CameronB Brodie says:

    Colin Alexander
    Thanks for sharing that confirmation of how the EU respects national sovereignty. Just goes to show Scotland’s national integrity has been severely imperiled for no good reason. Westminster always had control of England’s cultural integrity, without resorting to highly unconstitutional political conduct that will seriously imperil the ‘national’ economy. Bloody English nationalists. 🙁

  230. Macart says:


    On the road all day, (seems to be my lot these days.. sigh), and just got back after eight to hear all the kerfuffle. Hardly even time to keep up on the reading matter. Anyroads. First smile I’ve had on ma kisser for a fortnight. 🙂

  231. Capella says:

    @ Dorothy Devine – the answer is self evident! Every time a Scottish team/ player is in a final, just keep hoovering till they win. I bet you stopped at injury time in the rugby?

  232. robbo says:

    Has anyone seen this fecking rocket man?/ Sorry know how to get better link its on that crap Daily Record site full of ads.

  233. CameronB Brodie says:

    Link and webpage for achieving future links. Just copy the link you want to sanitise into the long red box. It will tell you if the page has already been archived, so no worries about breaking anything. 😉

  234. Dorothy Devine says:

    Capella , will do! In fact I’ll iron , redecorate , garden , wash the car , cook , anything at all!

    Do you think I should do the same during Indyref2?? Would it help us win?

    Macart , it made me grin from ear to ear particularly as the pundits were so obviously shocked.

  235. Cactus says:

    Ahm back in Bonnie Balfron Bonnie Scotland 2019.

    In a country bar wae an open fire.

    Ahm an Aries.

  236. cynicalHighlander says:


  237. Cubby says:

    Examples of Britnat TV coverage broadcast in Scotland

    1. For the rugby union fans. STV news reports on the rugby but fails to mention the fact that Scotland won (retained ) the Calcutta cup today even though there was a full report on the actual game. I’m pretty sure that I remember them for many many years gleefully reporting the fact that England won the Calcutta match.

    2. Also big TV reports on the 200 mile walk for Brexit and Farage having another pint of beer. Of course there was absolutely no coverage of the 500 mile walk for Scottish independence last year.

    It will be nice when Scotland is a normal independent country to have normal TV coverage. It will be nice to watch TV and not have everything Scottish fronted with Scotland or Scottish as if Scotland is a foreign country. If something is English it is called the The National……… if it is Scottish it is called eg the Scottish National Orchestra. A bit like you might call the Austrian National Orchestra.

  238. cynicalHighlander says:

    Slow off the blocks.

  239. CameronB Brodie says:

    You calling me nippy? 😉

  240. robbo says:

    CameronB Brodie says:
    16 March, 2019 at 11:10 pm

    cynicalHighlander says:
    16 March, 2019 at 11:19 pm
    Slow off the blocks.

    Sorry guys it was me slow. I have never seen it b4 and didn’t look at date lol. Late sat fur me. But still raging at the twat anyway- tosser he was.

  241. AndyMcKangry says:

    The SRU is probably full of BritNat Unionists and a few of the “posher” clubs will be too, but the rest of your assertions are definitely wrong.
    I’ve been in and around rugby for many a year and there are more than plenty on our side of the fence.
    Fin Russell’s granny who only passed away a few years ago was a well respected stalwart of the SNP and the cause of independence all her days.
    Don’t tar everyone with the same brush.

  242. Cactus says:

    Hey Dorothy and hey Ireland!

    Not long tae yer day NOW!

    Free Scotland/Ireland.

  243. cynicalHighlander says:

    @CameronB Brodie says:
    16 March, 2019 at 11:22 pm

    Nah just my failure to refresh before postng.

  244. Cactus says:

    Welcome back to the Bermuda Triangle.

    And welcome back to yer Twilight Zone, Scotland:


  245. silverbuick says:

    Hey Cactus, I’m an Aries too. When’s the big day?

  246. Cactus says:

    Lil baby bull… He never grew up CC.

    But Scotland SO did.

    It’s still 2019.

  247. Cactus says:

    Hey silverbuick, ahm ahn early Apri, awe ra best Winger…

    Ahn ahm by a bonnie country fire.

    Aye start fires.

  248. CameronB Brodie says:

    Rugby is a sport. Cultural bias is only introduced to the practice of sport through the education system. This is, subsequently, sustained through the political support and social conservatism of our cultural elites. You don’t get to manage culturally significant institutions unless your ideologically sound. Such is the culturally-bound sociology of a society still structured through colonial practice.

    I went to a comparatively posh school that was exclusively rugby, when I attended. I played against enough teams from football playing schools to be convinced that rugby is a sport that transcends class boundaries and structural cultural bias.

    Scotland’s political culture is bound-up with a misguided class-consciousness that undermines cultural and political solidarity. This undermines the government of Scotland’s potential to defend the integrity of Scotland’s legal identity. This is a legacy of Britain’s colonial past. Though I’m bound to say that, being a bit of a post-colonial feminist and all. Radical?

  249. Cactus says:

    Cheers silverbuick, please join me for thru our nite…

    iScotland has lots to discuss…

    As do we.

  250. Cactus says:

    A merry St Ireland’s day!!!

    U are fuckin’ bonnie xx.

    Patrick knows.

    Ra 17th.

  251. Cactus says:

    Please don’t be put of by me and me happiness, readers.

    Ahm a pussy cart chez heart.


  252. Thepnr says:

    We’re all Independence supporters and should never be “tarring” any group with anything.

    That goes for rugby fans, Rangers, Celtic and Aberdeen supporters, Communists and Tories. Who cares where you’re from or what religion you are?

    I don’t and I think we’re better than that and that’s another reason Scotland will win her Independence as we can defeat the negative propaganda that sadly is used to poison the minds of many people.

    We don’t need to alienate any group on Wings, obviously such a thing is counter productive. If you’re serious about Independence but really do believe certain groups are worthy of your disdain then best keep your mouth shut for the sake of the goal you say you believe in.

    That’d be my advice but of course it’s your choice.

  253. silverbuick says:

    Cheers Cactus, I was wondering if it’s snowing in Glasgow. Stay warm by that guid fire.

  254. Cactus says:

    It’s Saint Patrick’s Day everybuddy!

    Be grand and drink 17…

    Yes X.

  255. Cactus says:

    The guid fire be grand silverbuick.

    We have snow in Balfron.

    Seasons changing.

  256. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Thepnr –

    Hear hear!


  257. Cactus says:

    Somebuddy on their Wings phone just realised that ah was beside them… it turns out Tam is a regular lurker, SO sweet in a small world, cheers to ye Tam, gies a comment.

    That was excellent and the fire remains HOT. Open till 1.

    Aye aye.

  258. yesindyref2 says:

    Worth a read. We already had the full Nick Robinson admission given a cut, what’s the odds this will be cut from the final part by the Biased British Cutters.

  259. Ken500 says:

    The Eurozone has to keep a ratio between debt and spending. An agreed limit for stability.

    Gini co-efficient. The UK way down the scale.

    Corrada Gini

    France, Spain, Portugal have different social structure and economy. Longer holidays and sunshine. A healthier diet. France pays (pro rata) a higher EU contribution. The UK gets a rebate. They have paid less for years Thatcher.

  260. Cactus says:

    ACDC on the jukebox chez ra Pirn Inn…

    Ahm pue pirrin’ like.

    Purrin’ 2.

  261. Cactus says:

    Be grand, be grand, be ye grand.

    We will soon be the same.

    Scotland has control.

  262. Cactus says:

    Back in Black PLAYing out at the Pirn Inn.

    Acdc kens.


  263. Cactus says:


  264. cynicalHighlander says:

    @yesindyref2 says:
    17 March, 2019 at 12:29 am

  265. geeo says:

    Dim dom still trying to smear all involved in Scottish rugby i see .

    Come on then dom, lets start with you NAMING all those who run Scottish rugby.

    Then you can explain, one by one, how YOU know their political/constitutional allegiences.

    Until you do so, we will all just stick with the safe bet that you are talking out the ‘wrong’ end of your orifices.

  266. Cactus says:

    Hey Daisy… they just started PLAYing the bonnie jovi in THIS TIME and place, ahm waeoot horse ra night, but and be still.

  267. yesindyref2 says:

    I tend to archive links to hostile articles, and provide a direct link to favourable ones for Indy. That way they can see which articles are more popular – and write more of them!

  268. Cactus says:

    Back 2 she was a sex machine, she kept her motor clean…

    THIS is important within sexy times.

    Callin’ ye Tam…

  269. Cactus says:

    Was thinking… IF aye ever get pulled in furra random ID parade in Glasgow, in the middle of the night, Billy J.

    Ahm more than cool…

    Wings has my back…

    Wings my written alibi.

    That is SO fucking cool Scotland.

    What say you… NOW!?

    Almost one.

  270. Cactus says:

    One CHOOSES to document it all…

    Howsabout U lurker Tam..

    Dae it, dae it, dae it.

    Room 101.

  271. Cactus says:

    Ah normally just shout about what the fuck?

    The word ‘CUNT’ be not SO much, till NOW…

    AnyScot AYE!!!

  272. ben madigan says:

    @Cactus who reminded us that

    “It’s Saint Patrick’s Day everybuddy!”

    Greetings from Ireland with some lovely new music

  273. Petra says:

    Another night of this garbage again? Pathetic.

  274. cynicalHighlander says:


    Fair enough its just that some of us don’t.

  275. Cactus says:

    Cheers Ben M.



  276. Cactus says:

    Cheers to you Scotland… you are beautiful, Love Glasgow.

    Cheers me Petra:

    Cheers xx.

  277. Famous15 says:

    Let us nip this in the bud.

    There is no suggestion following The David Steel bombshell that Willie Rennie is a paedophile and neither is alex Cole-Hamilton.

    Also it must be said that Jo Swinton did not charge the taxpayers with the cost of her makeup.

    They all deny these allegations and so they should. So stop alligating.

  278. defo says:

    It had to be done Mr Cairns,and well it was done!

    Is wee Bulley throwing PIE? Cyrils enabler liked it.

    Sir David seems to have had some utterly depraved associates.

    How long until the media whores start referring to him as the former PO at Holyrood?

    I hope your gifting yoursel’, in due course, to medical science Cactus 🙂

  279. cearc says:

    DD, 11.12,

    Sounds like a plan. I’m sure it would work even better if you came and did it at mine!

  280. cearc says:

    G’evening, Cactus,

    Eighth best city in the world, despite the weather!

  281. Cactus says:

    Kickstart yer heart baby…

    Next comment a comin’.

    Scotland knows.

  282. Cactus says:

    cearc, Lovin’ U babe, SO good tae see ye groovy coolin’ on the dance floor.

    Love U.


  283. Cactus says:

    Get ready for Indy Scotland!

    Our TIME has arrived.

    Would U like ice?

  284. Cactus says:

    Hey Balfron, wur in yer country…

    Come and join us all…


  285. Cactus says:

    Hey Alexa… good tae talk wae ye earlier at ma mates…

    Ah cannae talk tae ye Alexa, Glasgow, she’s bein’ a dick… GO Planet Rock!

    Ahm at Eddy’s crib.

  286. yesindyref2 says:

    I talked with Alexa somewhere and she’s fun and actually quite naughty 🙂

    I was gobsmacked.

  287. yesindyref2 says:

    Thing is too like twitter has “trending” which presumably twitterers are fooled into clicking on, the Herald has a Most Popular panel, and if we can help to get pro-indy articles into the top 10, it makes it more likely people will read them – rather than the anti-indy ones. Currently the top 6 isn’t bad:

    1 Sturgeon signals Indyref2 push before 2021
    2 Rangers 1-1 Kilmarnock: Steven Gerrard’s side held again at Ibrox
    3 Ferry firm reveals bid to return to Islay route
    4 Fidelma Cook: ‘Theresa May has lied, manipulated, sneered and shamed us all’
    5 Scotland restore pride with incredible comeback but fall short of historic win
    6 From glitz to gravitas: Clooneys tell Scots of world injustice index plan

    but could be better. Not that I’m suggesting manipulating the media you understand, same as those online opinion polls 🙂

    But every little helps.

  288. Cactus says:

    Ah’ve just bought a boat baby.

    To Loch Awe.


  289. Cactus says:

    25 foot of full pleasure.

    Come and join US.

    Ah’ve seen it.

  290. Cactus says:

    Here comes the rain again…

    Fawin’ fae yer stars PR.

    Summer’s comin’ 😉

  291. Cactus says:

    Dedication to bonnie one Ireland.

    This is YOUR 17 day…


  292. Cactus says:

    That should be amalgamate, s3xy scientists…

    The scientists know.

    Gammy time.

  293. Cactus says:

    C’mon baby, aooow…


  294. Cactus says:

    Aye like to take each step one by one…

    Cmon finish what ye started.

    Finish the UK.

    NOW baby.

  295. Cactus says:

    Hey Chris that’s a belter wae the Baby Bull.

    Ah guess they never grew up…

    Cunting Tories, politicians.

    It’s a step up frae fuck.

    Try that babe.

    Wae PR Boston.

  296. Cactus says:

    Take it away Boston baby baby baby…

    Ye hearing THIS?


  297. Cactus says:

    Ah fucked it Glasgow.


    It’s sounds like the cuntinuity on PR Planet Rock rock radio.

    If not… whom?

  298. Cactus says:

    Love yer Scotland.

    Love yer Wings.

    Aussi, fuck.

  299. Cactus says:

    Aye ain’t asking for fuck like.

    Just Contact.


  300. Cactus says:


  301. Cactus says:

    Cheers Laura…

    Aye can see that you can dance…

    Ahm ah checkin’ THIS out.

    Scotland X.

  302. Cactus says:

    Hey Paddy, be ye well, be ye grand buddy.

    Today is Ireland 2019.

    Cheers boss.

  303. Cactus says:

    Laura just rearrived back in Balfron 2019 just there.

    Everybuddy LOVES Laura.

    You have ur own Laura.

    Yo Sunday.

  304. Cactus says:

    Seems appropriate…

    Yes Laura knows.

  305. Cactus says:

    How ye doin’ Glasgow, workin’ IN the worky worky demographicals lah hehe, am on the Balfron tour ra night Dorothy…

    Ye intersested in urself Scotland?

    Yes2 is good, Glasgow.

    Get ready 4 crazy!!!

  306. Cactus says:

    There’s a party a comin’ real soon Scotland.

    Stay well tuned.

    Yer future.

  307. Cactus says:

    Hey Dorothy Planet Rock is TCoB.

    Help me out baby.


  308. Cactus says:

    Hey Glasgow YES demographic.

    We takin’ care of you:

    MSM radio is shite, but rock is cool Ozzy.


  309. Cactus says:

    Ahm untouched ever before our seventeen.

    Aye SO see you and aye ken ye like aye.

    Do something different

  310. Cactus says:

    Good People of Glasgow and good neighbouring neighbours.

    Ah’ve already arrived back within Indy Scotland.

    One has returned, just like you.

    She’s beautiful.

  311. Cactus says:

    Hey Scotland, everybuddy else has just crashed out here Joanna C, THIS time next month we SHALL be beautiful again. It’s just you and I, neighbours.

    Not that we were never not b4.

    Are U ready for iScotland?

  312. Cactus says:

    Hey Joanna Cherry…

    We shared ayes at the Edinburgh march.


  313. Cactus says:

    Today is the 17th of THIS time month…

    How ye HAUDing up Glasgow?

    We are the biggest D.

  314. Cactus says:

    Ahm SO lookin’ forward tae ra mornin’ when somegoodbuddy asks me… what the fuck are talking about Cactus!?

    Welcome to crazy times 2019.

    Try me Wingers.

  315. Cactus says:

    WTF are u talking about dude…

    Ain’t asking furra challenge.

    Just Contact Jodie xx.

  316. Cactus says:

    Gimme some contact Wingers, come in please merci…

    Ahm up till eight baby, awe yer love ra nite.

    Ye ken ahm keen.

    Ass RU ’42.

  317. Cactus says:

    Our day is dawning Scotland March 2019.

    Are you ready?

    Aye am.

  318. Cactus says:

    Brexit shall not darken our independence day.

  319. Ghillie says:

    Hey there Cactus 🙂

    And Brexit shall not darken our doorstep!

    The light of Independence shall shine through =)

    Aye! Aye am ready!

  320. Cactus says:


  321. Ghillie says:

    Happy Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!

  322. Maureen mangan says:

    The illustration either wasn’t required or was superfluous to the words. Not sure how Chris cairns got the gig with wings over Scotland but I think it’s time for some new talent.

  323. Cactus says:

    Ha ha ha, you’re funny Maureen 🙂

    Ghillie knows the happy happy.

    Scotland NOW knows.

  324. Cactus says:

    Ha ha ha Maureen he he, how ye doin’ lil lady…

    Aye have just one Q for U…

    What do ye LOVE about the UK (RIGHT NOW?)

  325. Cactus says:

    Nae answer was the faint reply commenter Maureen, yer no ah Winger, ye need tae LOVE Scotland tae begin with babe.

    Cairnstoon is excellent, SO fuck you 🙂

    Try me Maureen…

  326. Cactus says:

    It’s ah life in fast lane, rockin’ it up on the PR radio.

    Maureen, Maureen, Maureen!

    Ah’ll remember you.

  327. Dorothy Devine says:

    Morning Cactus and a very happy St Patrick’s day to you and all our Irish friends.

    My wonderful gran was orphaned along with her two sisters and brother when they were very young . None of the aunties and uncles wanted the burden of four kids and they were shipped off to a children’s home run by nuns in Ireland . She had very fond memories of the place and got her love of music from the nuns . One of them taught her piano and she played all her life. Every summer a small group visited Aberdeen , presumably lived in the very small convent there and they were invited to afternoon tea with my gran. ( if I ingratiated myself it was only to get the meringues !)

    Time for bed Cactus?!

  328. manandboy says:

    Dr Jim says:”Steve Rodgers of Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg and everything else world financial said: “When Scotland becomes Independent they’ll take their oil and seas with them and without Scotlands assets England has nothing to sell so their financial rating will fall to around 18th place in the world leaving Scotland over a very short space of time a position of around 8th richest country GDP. ”

    Let us never forget that for the past 50 years, the British Establishment has waged an ever escalating propaganda war against Scotland over Scotland’s vast reserves of oil & gas, without which England would be bankrupt and, without which, in addition, much of the institutional infrastructure of the British Ruling Class would crumble.

    What we see now, partly as a result of Brexit and partly as a consequence of the Scots waking up in 2011 from their long, political, propaganda – induced sleep, is the final battle to bring an end to England’s corrupt colonisation of the other countries in the British Isles, namely Scotland, Wales and the province of Northern Ireland.

    This is proving to be a difficult campaign for both Scotland and Northern Ireland, not least because England, at its Imperial heart, is deeply treacherous and devious, as well as heartless and cruel, in its treatment of its colonies, particularly when they show signs of unrest about their subservient and impoverished status under their Imperial British Masters.

    But like a cornered rat, England is fighting for its survival as a ‘global power’ of wealth and influence and in so doing is revealing to a watching world, that so much of its carefully crafted image conceals a dark and evil reality, and, as the EU is finally coming to realise, the title ‘Perfidious Albion’ is a perfect fit for a class-ridden country, whose Ruling Class almost invented the practice of treachery and who remain the masters of it to this day.

    It is time. It is Scotland’s time. Hail Alba.

  329. Cactus says:

    Groovy cool Dorothy…

    Ahm thinkin’ about daein’ it…

    Ah just want tae see whit Maureen has tae say fur herself.

    “Plant Rock news”

  330. Cactus says:

    When somebuddy chooses to dis Cairnstoon…

    Aye go into “fuck you” mode.

    Ahm hot blooded.

  331. Cactus says:

    Maureen, check it out, baby John Bull is wearing the No Deal potty on his heid.

    The United Kingdom is over.

    What do YOU see?

  332. Cactus says:

    Rocking out and IN thru this Scotland Sunday morning.

    Nana’s comin’ wae the truth.

    Hey Nana xx.

  333. Nana says:

    Here is the Contingent Revocation Bill that forces Brexiters to compromise and find a way forward.

    Body Shop has said that it will be making staff redundant in the UK as they move some of their operations to Europe amid uncertainty surrounding EU withdrawal.

  334. Nana says:

    Facebook faces fresh questions over when it knew of data harvesting

    Nigel Farage is not a friend to the people of Sunderland

    1. Day 10 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in two parts.

  335. Nana says:

    Last links posted are in moderation, check back later to see if they appear.

  336. Nana says:

    Hey Cactus 🙂

  337. Cactus says:


  338. Ken500 says:

    Off topic is available or nightly havering, More healthy to list consunotio f booze before folk keel over bad do not last long enough to see it, Now in plain sight. Or grt the help that they need to survive. Drink’s in the wit’s out. People make poor decisions.

    Just look at Westminster. Nae looking good, Not a good look. Westminster bad. Full of imbeciles trying to our do each other, They look like a bunch of fools. Appalling decisions being made. Tanking the UK Economy again, and the world economy,. In every which way. Leaving anxious, unhappy stress, distressed people unhappy and not able to sleep. Putting up health problems and the strain on the NHS . The funds cut shirt already by the Tories.

  339. dom says:

    I apologise if my thoughts on Scottish Rugby being run by a shower of Unionist bastards upset any of you.

    It is purely my personal opinion .

    If some on here think otherwise then I respect that point of view.

    We all have differing views on certain topics, that’s what makes Wings such a good platform to air them on.

    As the chap Cactus proves every night.

    It takes all kinds to reach our goal of Independence.

    Well done Cactus for the late night entertainment,,,,personally I don’t know where you get the energy from Cactus,,,but keep on keeping on mate.

  340. Cactus says:

    Cheers tae ye Ken D and dom.

    Independence never sleeps.

    LOVE is coming.

  341. Dr Jim says:

    Baby Tom Harris this morning bursting blood vessels and shouting over other guests and *journalists* on BBC radio Nicola Sturgeon wants a hard Brexit Nicola Sturgeon bad the Nats are bad, nobody could get a word in until he’d been semi silenced by the host, even then he continued to berate, and guess why, well baby Tom now wants everybody to vote for Theresa Mays deal

    Now there’s a turnaround eh

  342. Breeks says:

    Nana says:
    17 March, 2019 at 8:14 am

    Thanks Nana.

    Attorney General Geoffrey Cox there, trying to turn the Irish Backstop into the Irish Backstab.

  343. Essexexile says:

    …and I apologise if my ‘robust’ response was a bit too strong. In my defence I had just seen Scotland denied the greatest comeback win in the history of rugby, but still.
    In fairness, there is a strong impression that the game in England is run by blazer clad gammons (57 old farts as Will Carling once called them). There may be a bit of truth in that but at club level and certainly grassroots, rugby attracts people from all backgrounds.
    Oh, and when it’s played well, it’s the best spectator sport there is. IMO of course.
    Have a good Sunday.

  344. Ken500 says:

    Some nuns brutalised the children in Aberdeen and Ireland. People still remember it.,Some were taken to Court. Recently. Compensation given to the victims. The most despicable things were done to children. They have been many reports, accounts and films made about it. The appalling way people were treated. Many died or were locked up in Institutions for the whole of their lives for no wrong doing. Raped and murdered.

    All the Churches were involved in child abuse when they were supposed to be responsible for protecting them, it was swept under the carpet. Children were even deported like a commodity by the State. Many used as slave labour until they could survive. Horrific stories and tales of malnourishment and punitive punishment,

    Some people took children in and treated and cared for them sympathetically. They became well respected family, Hard times still within living memory for many folk.

    !Suffer the little children to come unto me’. Not in many cases. Pell just jailed for the rest of his life. A warning to others. Low lives abusing trust in the most appalling, arrogant way, Beyond belief.

    Thatcher, ‘Boys will be boys’. When told of reported abuse. Another crime, She should have been put in jail. It was all hidden by the Westminster sychopahs and covered up. ‘D’ Notices kept secret under the Offical Secrets Act. Reports destroy by the Westminster criminals and used for blackmail. It could still be being kept hidden, Hague, it was claimed, had been involved in destroying reports. He resigned and went to the HoL to stay in Gov. Quite suspicious. Or was he going to lose his seat. More corruption and abuse.

    Jobs for the boys. Good riddens to them all. One rule for them. One rule for others. Breaking the Laws that they make with impunity. A Law unto themselves. The DUP are corrupt criminals getting away with massive fraud and murder.

    Cable looks guilty. Resigning. before the full facts come out? Will he implicated. Did he know and cover up. Quite possible. (Sir) Vince Cable.Knighthood for favour, honours and for cover up.

    The SNP has extended help to prevent children going into care or fostered. They have extended kinship payments to families to keep the children cared for within the family by relatives. A win, win situation, The numbers of children in care had fallen drastically. More support has been extended to children fostered or in care. They can reside a longer time continued support. They are given other grants/payments and do not pay the council tax to get them on their feet. So they can eventually return to their families in a crisis or cope on their own.

    The ‘named person’ scheme was to help co ordinated or organise help especially in any emergencies. To bring agencies together in a co ordinated effort. Minuscule child testing in schools was to identify any additional needs characteristics so adequate help could be introduced as soon as possible. This is so important to overcome any difficulties.

    It benefits the whole school system and saves monies giving adequate extra funding in some areas where it is needed. It can’t be put in place sooner without identifying as soon as possible, Quite important for development of all pupils and schools. Saves in the long run.m

    Scotland has one of the best educational system in the world. It could be better without Westminster cuts and interference. Spending and squandering Scottish monies and resources illegally on illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud. Taking £Billions out of Scotland. Now trying to tank the Scottish/world economy with the illegal Brexit. A curse on all their houses. Oxbridge failures. Paid to fail,

  345. geeo says:

    Come on Dim dom, instead of smearing, and calling it ‘opinion’ (that is not an opinion, it is total presumption based on pure ignorance) show us all WHY you claim such utter gibbering pish as your ‘opinion’ ?

    I repeat, and note you completely avoided, the request last night of you.


    “Come on then dom, lets start with you NAMING all those who run Scottish rugby.

    Then you can explain, one by one, how YOU know their political/constitutional allegiences”.

    We know what you are here for, to spew ignorant bile and trying to make wings look like it is a place where ignorant zealots are welcomed.

    Guess what chump, not one decent person on here (and there are rather a lot) is buying your smear tactics, as they are way too intelligent.

    You are no different from the flurry of anti English bigots we recently routed from this place.

    Any more of your ignorant bile and you will be reported to the blog owner.

    We need people to declare for Yes to win any indyref, and that includes current No/DK thinkers, of which, many could be Scottish Rugby fans, and here you are, on a mission to try alienate them against Yes by your smears.

    There is an opinion as to what that makes YOU, dom, do you know what that is ?

    I think you do.

  346. dom says:

    Gee o


    Geeoo is due is medication.

  347. dom says:


    Or should it be “geezo”

    Coz you seem a bit of a pain.

  348. Abulhaq says:

    @Stu Mac
    Christianity in ME predates Islam. However, in the West many think all Christians are recent converts. Later this morning I will attend Holy Mass in Syriac a variant of Aramaic the language that was spoken in East Mediterranean region in the time of Christ. A language that carried Christianity along the Silk Road to the heart of China in the first millennium.
    The lack of popular awareness of the ethno-cultural composition and the turbulent history of the illogically named Middle East, actually the Near East, leads to such howlers and promotes an indifference to the lack of civil rights non-Muslims experience.
    I as a Christian have more chance of becoming president of Scotland than becoming a senior civil servant with authority over Muslim believers in for example Egypt where at least 10% of the population is Coptic Christian.
    There may be an element of racism in western attitudes eg look at their history it’s what you can expect from them, they’re all the same, backward, under developed etc.
    Scotland’s issues with sectarianism teach us that ignorance is frequently a driver of prejudice, but that in modern society ignorance is not a valid excuse any longer. And neither is turning a ‘blind eye’.

  349. Ken500 says:

    Imagine Teresa May claiming that Nicola did not ‘understand’ her plans’. May’s malicious, intrangent, arrogant ignorance. Does anyone? Even May herself. The Emperor new clothes. The Oxbridge failure. Losing it.

    Nicola understands, only too well May’s plan to fleece Scotland at every opportunity. They have form, like in the past. History repeating itself. The Brexit catastrophe which will devastate Scotland the most, especially out of the EU. A malicious intransigent move by the Tory unionists liars, which will be resisted at any cost to the economy.

    Nicola, Ian & Co are fit for them. Excellent. The Tory-unionists and others do not get away with it. Until it is time to move. The SNP will know the right time to move. They will be calculating it. Putting the structures in place. They need all the help that they can get. Not criticised. Or any madcap schemes from anyone. These can be considered in any case when Independence is won. Through the Ballot Box.

  350. dom says:

    Scottish Rugby is governed by a shower of No voting Unionist bastards.

    This is my opinion.

    Apologies if this upsets any wall flower snowflakes.

  351. Dorothy Devine says:

    Dom , someone asked for proof of your statement – your opinion just ain’t proof and the Rev has taught us , among many things , to show one’s workings – as they say in maths.

    Nana , that’s the house put on the back burner again- just as well I couldn’t bear to watch the rugby yesterday or I’d be knee deep in dust and dirty clothes.

  352. dom says:

    Dotty Devine

    I have stated that this is my opinion.

    Are you joining the geeo fuckin witch hunt.

    My your own fuckin business hen

  353. Nana says:

    Morning Dorothy, I know exactly what you mean. You should see the my ironing pile. Any volunteers? 🙂

    Last for today

    A warm welcome back to Corri Wilson, who is fighting fit and back in the chair for this week’s Full Scottish. Corri’s guests this week are novelist, playwright and performer, Alan Bissett and the fabulous Linda Fabiani MSP.

    Day 2 of the great march

  354. dom says:

    Happy St Patrick’s Day

  355. K1 says:

    Awcomon guys…everyone knows it’s the same guy…suuurely. 🙂

  356. Dorothy Devine says:

    Dom , thank you for that delightful response , sadly you missed the bit about requiring proof when making sweeping statements.

    No further response is required nor will any be accepted.

  357. Nana says:

    Aye K1, some of us do.

  358. Cactus says:

    Still awake and there still be snow on the Balfron hills.

    You should see and soak up THIS sun.

    Hey K xx.

  359. K1 says:

    😉 Nana

  360. Dorothy Devine says:

    Nana, nooooo , anything but ironing!

  361. dom says:


    Wise move.

    It had fuck all to do with you,,,but you just had to stick your nose in.

    In future pick on somebody else.

    It’s not my fault you are a greetin faced bastard.

  362. Tom Busza says:

    This is all remarkably familiar.

    Here we have someone giving of his/her “opinion” on something Scottish and freely giving unqualified medical advice.

    Definitions of “opinion” (per OED)
    1. A view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.
    2. A statement of advice by an expert on a professional matter.

    Where have we all heard this before? Sorry, can’t remember the handle previously, but I’m sure that that opinionated Doctor of Medicine was bounced off WoS.

    Huh-oh. Now I see the familiar tactic of insult and unnecessary profanity.

  363. Cactus says:

    Hey, Rev called it earlier on the Sunday thread…

    Go easy with it babes:

  364. Robert Peffers says:

    @Famous15 says: 17 March, 2019 at 1:47 am:

    ” … They all deny these allegations and so they should. So stop alligating.”

    Hey! You! Ah’m no am alligator – Ah’m an auld croc.

  365. Macart says:

    Mornin’ Nana

    Well, I say morning, but… 🙂

    Was travelling most of yesterday and got in mid evening. Sooooo, early bed and late rise.

    Onywise. Yeah. They’re none too subtle with the exercise gubbins and yes, I’d say that looks like a bribe to the DUP (shrugs). Yet another who knew(?) moment.

    Seems folk are still being treated like idiots by elements of the meeja and their chaintuggers right enough. Not a good look for them and not their smartest idea. (also shrugs, sighs etc.) 😉

  366. ronnie anderson says:

    Dorothy Devine Ah came back fae Tenerife last night Dey ye take in Washin lol am knackered wie aw that hot hot weather .

    Wee tip fur aw Wingers .

    The Wife & masel fancied ah fryup on Tues nite went tae the big Mecado supermarket got Burgers/ sausages ect ect , picked up half dozen eggs , all meats cooked mushrooms tamatas done cracked ah egg on rim of frying pan feking BOILED EGGS lol ( aye kids yous not ) ,
    sos the moral of this story is dont take Eggs from the top shelf of supermarket in Las Americas .

  367. Macart says:

    @ Dorothy Devine

    Sun splittin’ the tree down my way Dorothy. Might be forced to do that exercise thing with fresh air and stuff. Or…

    … Or there’s just playing catch up with a couple weeks reading. TBH. Other than a couple of Nana’s choice picks in the mornings, I haven’t looked at much since the meaningful vote before the meaningful vote, before the first meaningful vote, before the deadline, before the deadline before that back in January. 🙄

    When someone actually does something, other than can kicking, we’ll know soon enough. 😉

  368. Nana says:

    Morning Macart, new posts up on wings & as usual everything moving fast makes it difficult to keep up.

    I would agree, another bribe to the neanderthals coming along nicely. I’d like to know exactly where and by whom it will be spent or will it just be going straight into bank accounts somewhere offshore.

    As for the meeja, oh deary me where to begin!

    Morning Ronnie, I am still chuckling at your ‘egg’ story 🙂

  369. Robert Peffers says:

    @dom says:17 March, 2019 at 9:36 am:
    … Gee o
    Geeo is due is medication.”

    Well I don’t know if geeo is on meds or not, and it’s none of my business anyway.

    Just as I wouldn’t know one end of a rugby ball from the other – or even if there is a difference.

    What I do know is I haven’t the slightest interest in rugby nor in the childish argument going on between two people who should know better. No one has a duty to be interested in rugby and no one not interested in rugby should be critical of rugby or of those who find it of interest.

    or to put that a different way – common guys geeza brek.

  370. yesindyref2 says:

    It really is pretty thick, and after it gets kicked off as it inevitably will soon, we’ll even be able to spot it when it comes back under a different name, before its first post 🙂

    Sadly some don’t.

  371. Essexexile says:

    How do force somebody to tread in a turd?
    Make the pavement as narrow as possible and drop more turds further along in case they miss the first one.
    This is Treeza’s tactic to get her deal voted through.

  372. Dr Jim says:

    It wiznae us it wiz thame says the BBC in Scotland

    The biggest news of today should really be the BBC now admits they’re biased in favour of NO, well in 2014 they were and they say so, but they also say, in order to ingratiate themselves to the Scottish public that it wiz the big boys in London what came up to Scotland when they knew they were losing and promoted a whole swathe of political lies to denigrate the YES movement

    Then they go on to say Ach but that’s all water under the bridge and it’s OK now

    Well is it F..K and it never will be, and no BBC you’re not forgiven even though Gordon Brewer politics programme brings on a Daily Mail *journalist* to tell us they did excellent *journalism* in Scotland so we should be greatful for that and making it public will only stir things up all over social media again, (sigh) well we wouldn’t want the Daily Mail to be bored or upset for their part in being proved liars now would we

    The BBC are trying to pass this betrayal of Scotland off as an accident a wee mistake but honest to God we didnae mean it

    Even if you can’t hear it folks I can, listen hard and you’ll hear the BBC whispering *Tee Hee Hee I think we got away with it*

    Let’s not let the lying Bastirt BBC get away with it

  373. Robert Peffers says:

    @Abulhaq says: 17 March, 2019 at 9:45 am:

    ” … Christianity in ME predates Islam. However, in the West many think all Christians are recent converts.”

    Why the hell does it matter?

    In the first place no one has yet been able to prove such a thing as a God exists outside the fevered brains of people who, without a shred of proof, blindly believe in such a myth.

    What does matter is that such unsupported beliefs have caused more bloodshed, wars and murders than any other subject on Earth. Even sects of the same religion including Christianity cause sectarian hatred throughout the entire World. The World will be a better place without such slaughter and haltered.

    Prove to me that your particular God exists and I’ll become a believer but that means you have to show where such an entity exists. We humans are now exploring the very limits of the Universe and, to date, not a single sign of any of the several Gods have been found and if they were found the first question that should be asked of them is, “Why do you allow such hate and murder in your name”?

  374. Cactus says:

    Howde y’all, just had to remind myself that ah bought a boat last night.

    Happy happy Yesness:

    Trout season began 2 days ago in Scotland.

  375. Robert Peffers says:

    @Nana says: 17 March, 2019 at 10:07 am
    Morning Dorothy, I know exactly what you mean. You should see the my ironing pile. Any volunteers?

    Och! Nana, here’s a wee thought for you. What is the difference between an ironed shirt and a non ironed shirt?

    The answer is 5 minutes. The non-ironed shirt’s wearers body heat will, “iron”, out the wrinkles in the non-ironed shirt and the ironed shirt will gain wrinkles from body movement of the wearer.

    Now all you needs do is convince your shirt wearers of that argument and I’ll let you into a wee secret – most males wouldn’t notice any difference anyway.

  376. Cactus says:

    In the garden

    Eddy’s neighbour’s gotta stonking big saltire blowin’ fine

    Something’s just came over me in Balfron

  377. Dorothy Devine says:

    Ronnie , nae chance ! And I think I speak for Nana too!

    Hope you had a great time and have come back relaxed but battle ready!

  378. Dorothy Devine says:

    Cactus , a life on the ocean wave eh? Did you really buy a boat?

  379. Cactus says:

    Yeah Dorothy, she sits on Loch Awe in dry dock.

    SO excited about it all.

    Fancy ye a cruise?

  380. HYUFD says:

    Manandboy As I posted earlier England even on its own would be the 7th largest economy in the world

  381. HYUFD says:

    Robert Peffers Much of the world’s great architecture, universities and many of its hospitals and schools have religious origins and many foodbanks and homeless shelters are provided by religious bodies too

  382. Nana says:

    Haha Robert, believe me I try and get away with as little as possible. Ironing is the very last thing I want to be doing.

    I’ve a friend who irons underwear, crikey as if life isn’t short enough!

    @ Dorothy, I do what can be seen and no more 🙂 but I used to be a dab hand at turning collars and hemming trousers etc. Brought up when ‘make do and mend’ was the mindset of most.
    My dear mum taught me well but I tried my best to be absent when ironing was mentioned 🙂

  383. Jack Murphy says:


    In the 2017 General Election, Labour embraced Brexit in its manifesto, which stated in plain language: ‘Labour accepts the referendum result’.

  384. ronnie anderson says:

    Dorothy Devine Dont U be roping Nana intae the washing she,s enought tae dey lol . Relaxed ur U kiddin me oan ah hiv a loat of catching up tae dey but am battle hardened champin at the bit like ah loat of us tae get IndyRef 2 oan the go chist waiting oan Nicola tae say the word .

    Hoping your in good health btw am of the Robert Peffers persuasion Wash Dry an put it oan lol.

  385. Dorothy Devine says:

    Cactus wow! I have to tell you my ‘proud boast’ is being seasick in a rowing boat on the Adriatic, not to mention very proud owners of a yacht picked me up in Lamlash for a sail and had to put me off at Brodick in the pea green state. The tide was out and I had to scramble up the ladder of the harbour wall where your feet catch up with your hands but I managed it most gratefully!

    So now when I hear folk say ‘ you won’t be sick on my boat ‘ I ask ‘why – do you dry sail?”

  386. Hamish100 says:

    So you say. In 10 yearsbe lucky to. Be in top 10

  387. Ghillie says:

    Robert Peffers, that is the whole point about faith.

    Folk who believe in God do not look for evidence but many of us are shown very clearly that God is with us, above all, loving us all.

    If you want to find evidence of God for yourself, just ask, and let even just a little of the light in.

    Ask and you will receive =)

  388. Ghillie says:


    What will you name your lovely new boat?

    Or has she been graced with a good name already?

    You’ll have Wingers from all over lining up on the shore to all have a shot 🙂

  389. Robert Peffers says:

    @HYUFD says: 17 March, 2019 at 12:25 pm:

    … As I posted earlier England even on its own would be the 7th largest economy in the world.”

    Would that be with or without the Scottish 98% of oil & gas revenue? With or without the cheap Scottish Electricity? With or without the Scotch Whisky? With or without the 70% of Scottish Gin? With or without Scottish farmed Salmon? ad infinitem.

    You, as usual confuse the UK economy with England’s economy.

    Which economy is also boosted by the factual jobs and incomes of civil servants in England working on matters that affect Scotland, Wales and N.I. Not to mention the wages paid to civil servants dealing with Scottish, Welsh and N.I. matters at Whitehall is spent in England but would disappear if England were on its own.

    Also, for example, the figures quoted usually include such as DVLA and the income from road traffic throughout the United Kingdom. Then there is VAT collected from the entire UK. Road Fuel Duty, Alcohol Duty, Tobacco Duty, Betting Tax and much much more. It isn’t English economy it is UK economy.

    Oh! Nearly forgot – does in also include the share that Westminster forces Scotland, Wales and N.I. to pay for the Nuclear deterrent, giant aircraft carriers and RAF aircraft we do not need or require?

    The truth is that when independence comes about the whole spectrum of what passes for estimated figures will change.

    Let me explain it to you in another way. The Norwegian economy will be very close to that of an independent Scotland but, if anything the independent Scottish economy will be better than that of Norway as Scotland has better and more natural resources. Yet the figures the UK quotes for Scotland do not show Scotland as anything like as wealthy as Norway.

    Now there is good reason for that discrepancy and it holds good for any country governed by another country. Even if the legal fact is that the UK is supposedly a bipartite union of two equally sovereign kingdoms it is run as if England were the master country with three dominions.

    However, when a country runs its own affairs it doesn’t have to pay civil servants who work in the other country nor pay for such things as defence or security services or indeed MPs and tax, customs & excise. Etc. what work and pay tax in the master country and spend on property and everything else in the master country.

    Just think of the boost to Scottish cities & towns if Scotland had all those services based in Scotland. The employees work, pay tax and spend their earnings in Scotland instead of in England. Rest assured, HYUFD, these figures have long ago been worked out by Scots. Did you really imagine we were so naïve and stupid as not to have done so long, long ago?

    It does seem, though, that you have not. I’ll tell you what the figures show, (although Professor Gavin McCrone told them to Westminster many years ago and scared the shit out of them).

    The truth being that the Scottish economy would soar in direct opposition to that of England as it dived. To put it bluntly the difference in population alone would mean that the Scottish Per Capita GDP would increase so fast that Scotland would have to buy a foreign currency it did not need just to stop the value of the Scottish Pound Sterling becoming so great as to harm the Scottish economy.

    However, that other bought currency would be money in the bank while England’s pound would sink and either be devalued or the English National debt grow even faster. That is if anyone was daft enough to lend to a failing economy. That is what the McCrone report told Westminster and Scotland’s natural resources are even greater now.

  390. Robert Peffers says:

    @Dorothy Devine says: 17 March, 2019 at 12:54 pm:

    ” … I have to tell you my ‘proud boast’ is being seasick in a rowing boat on the Adriatic”

    Now I’m not kidding, Dorothy, I had a workmate at Rosyth Dockyard when we were apprentices, he got sea sick working on a fast patrol boat berthed in the non-tidal basin of the Dockyard.

    Not only that but it was berthed in the lee between a large ex-WWI liner converted to a submarine repair ship and the non-tidal basin wall. I’ve seen bigger waves in my kitchen sink but he went a very strange shade of green.

  391. Dorothy Devine says:

    Mr Peffers , I have felt distinctly queasy on floating platforms in the marina near Largs so I have every sympathy for your colleague!

    A fetching shade of green is my default position near water unless it is hot with bubbles.

    I am better on the Arran ferry as long as it is calm which is just as well because I like visiting my daughter , son in law and my gorgeous wee grand daughter.

  392. Confused says:

    – arguing with unionists is tiresome as a lot of their rebuttal is hard packed with a great many implied assumptions you need to dissect – (e.g FUD and his wikipedia copy-pastes)

    the underlying meta-assumption is this – “when everything changes, it all stays the same for england”; when scotland leaves, everything for it, is “up for grabs” and “open to question”, whereas england sails merrily onward JUST THE SAME … this is a lot to go into, but to summarise – IT FUCKING WELL WONT

    the general englander has a lot of brainwashed crap buried deep in his old noggin – a classic

    – “the city is an ENGINE OF WEALTH CREATION” – big subject to go into, but to summarise again – it FUCKING WELL ISNT. At best its a skimming operation; it is a supernode that connects into a network – it needs collateral, real wealth, largely provide by scotland to operate; its usefulness to those that use it is as a conduit, you can wash your money at this, a financial wild west show, and send it off to – the tax havens, the fleshpots, america, europe, anywhere. If it is no longer as “connected” as it was, it has little utility – everything it does can easily be replicated elsewhere – its merely software and servers. The point about (earlier comment re:) joe lewis is he is a forex speculator – and he screwed his own country, his own people, just to make a quick buck; this is the power of the markets, they are not benign and they know no allegiance to their “home” country. Forex boys scent weakness like sharks smell blood in the water.

    – another beaut, buried deep in the anglo mind is this – england = britain = uk is, or is close to being, an AUTARCHY – well, again, a lot to go into, but just to summarise – it FUCKING WELL ISNT, not even close; OTOH Scotland produces more food and energy that it needs and can export. England relies on imports and this is what brexit chaos will immediately affect.

    Any deep state black arts specialist will tell you (see venezuela) what it takes to bring down a country – its about critical infrastructure and basic needs – if there is no food on the shelves, petrol in the garages, the payment systems go down – its riots on the streets; for a modern, just in time, economy, the food trucks need to be stopped for about 3 days – and that could happen in a lorry park at dover/calais.

    – another assumption is that the english economy will, under the INVISIBLE HAND OF THE FREE MARKET, re-order itself like magic – the country will get back to “making stuff” and that the infrastructure that was ripped out and left to rot will suddenly re-appear. No one but a vulgar ideologue, or batshit austrian, really believes such nonsense. Those good jobs that went east, are not coming back.

    (Colin Dunns excellent infographics can make these points more concisely – if you are out there in enemy territory and you need to make a good point fast and you can post images, then posting his stuff is really effective.)

  393. HYUFD says:

    Robert Peffers England has a strong IT industry in Cambridge and London, two of the world’s best universities in Oxford and Cambridge, one of the world’s financial centres in London, pharmaceuticals in GlaxoSmithKline etc
    You are arguing Scotland will benefit from more civil servants, they will have to be paid for by Scottish taxpayers

  394. HYUFD says:

    As for North Sea oil, that is not all Scottish either, some of it lies in English waters and it will eventually run out anyway. There is gin, whisky and Salmon but stocks of the latter need to be conserved too

  395. Robert Peffers says:

    @Ghillie says: 17 March, 2019 at 1:13 pm:

    ” … God is with us, above all, loving us all.
    If you want to find evidence of God for yourself, just ask, and let even just a little of the light in.”

    oh! Come on! There is a great deal more evidence of the opposite being the case. I’ll tell you something, Gillie, around the same time I began to support the SNP I began to do volunteer work along with a group of friends. We were of mixed religions including a Christians, a Sikh, and of mixed races, (I went to school in Leith when Leith was still a thriving dockland area).

    I have been involved in volunteer work ever since. I’ve worked with everything of the most vulnerable in Scotland and much further afield. Now this taught me two things. There is a great deal of great and sympathetic actions for these so vulnerable people but also a great deal more cruelty and totally needless bad actions.

    What to you say when you meet an alcoholic who has had flammable liquid poured over him and set on fire?. A puppy used as a football? A church poor-box stolen by teenagers to go to a pop concert?

    Read the papers, listen to the news, watch the TV. What kind of evidence is that of God? On the other hand I met people who had next to nothing but who shared what they had with people worse off than themselves.

    There is a great deal of good and a great deal of bad but it has everything to do with human nature and nothing to do with imaginary beings that live in the sky. Strangely enough the good and the bad can often be found in the same person.

    What do you say about the person who has a bible in one hand and the other hand on the flaming torch he is about to use to burn an old lady someone accused of being a witch? As I said already – more people have died for worshiping what someone else thought was the wrong God than from any other reason it the World. Even killed for worshipping the same God in a different sect.

  396. Ghillie says:

    And all of the horrific examples you have given are the actions of humans who have the free will to behave as they do.

    As I said, people of faith do not always ask for proof (thinking about it, some do) but I know what I believe to be true and I have had proof, time and again, though I have never asked for it.

    Like I said, you could give it a try if you like. Your choice my respected friend =)

  397. Cactus says:

    Ye know ye’ve had a good night when ye wake up wae yer sunglasses still on hehe.

    To be newly named Dorothy, maybe INDYREF2 would be cool, ah’ll take some time on it to be sure to be sure.

    Makes sense since aye appear to push the boat out on here every other night. 😉

  398. yesindyref2 says:

    About 4% of the oil lies in English waters, 96% in Scottish ones. And the London financial scene is moving to Dublin, Frankfurt, and anywhere but Brexited UK.

  399. stu mac says:


    True, but the big money laundering operations with dirty money from all round the world will go on. That’s part of the reason why Brexit has happened.

  400. Dorothy Devine says:

    Cactus , the Independent Lassie ? Speed Bonnie Boat ?

    Sails of Freedom? or just Yessssss!?

  401. Tom Busza says:

    @yesindyref2 7.09 pm

    Does that 4% of oil lying in English waters include the 6000 sq. miles of waters annexed in 1999 by Blair?

  402. HYUFD says:

    Yesindyref2 The percentage of North Sea oil in English waters is open to variation. London remained the global financial centre last year

  403. K1 says:

    ‘global financial money laundering centre last year”

    There…fixed that fur ye.

  404. Cactus says:

    They’re excellent names Dorothy, cool, will deliberate over it 🙂

    Good to see the excitement building again for a new Wee Book!

    Baby Bull is in this footage with the other wild Westminster children:

  405. Ghillie says:

    Cactus, how about ‘Wee Blue Boat’ 🙂

    Though I really like Dorothy Divine’s ideas too.

    …how about lots and lots of names all over her!

    I take it there is already a boat on that particular loch named ‘Awesome’.

    Bless your lovely boat, all who sail in her and the adventures you will have 🙂

  406. Foonurt says:

    Cawit ‘Dignity’.

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