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Just doin’ the day job

Posted on November 09, 2017 by

Wings Over Scotland turned six years old this week (on Tuesday, to be precise). We didn’t make any fuss or hoopla because we didn’t have anything particularly interesting to say about it, although we may as well note in passing that average monthly unique readership for 2017 to date has been 316,015 – that’s 24,000 up on the same period in 2016 and 16,000 higher than January-October 2015, despite this being the dullest year in Scottish politics since the site began.

(We did enjoy the replies to this nice tweet.)

But it’s just been brought to our attention that on our birthday the Scottish Government happened to publish its response to an FOI request from a notoriously mad and creepy Yoon troll who’s been repeatedly banned by Twitter but keeps coming back with new accounts. We thought you’d be modestly amused by it, because the Yoons are raging.

It’s been a difficult few months for a variety of reasons (although some of the technical aspects of that should improve in about a week’s time), but we’ll keep on keeping on.

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    1. 09 11 17 13:57

      Just doin’ the day job | speymouth

    295 to “Just doin’ the day job”

    1. John Lowe says:

      Happy Birthday Wings. Keep up the good work. It makes me happy when the ScotBrit gets angry and froths

    2. And it’s good morning to Ruth, Jackson, Murdo, Wullie, Jackie, Anas, that other leadership contender whose name still escapes me, Mr Bumble, Tavish, Coca Cola Hamilton, Neil Guevarra, and of course Professor Two Jobs WATP Why aren’t you in class delivering lectures? Adam Tomkins.
      Brilliant, Stu.
      Many happy returns.

    3. mark robertson says:

      Long may it be here for another six years anyway we rely on it for unfiltered news no bullshit

    4. Snode1965 says:

      Strange…Scotland in Union isn’t on the list! :@)

    5. Andrew Lonie says:

      Keep up the good work big man 🙂

    6. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      Belated Happy Birthday Wings.

      Onwards and upwards to an independent Republic of Scotland.

    7. One_Scot says:

      Lol, if they are looking for someone to lead the next Yes campaign, I think they have found him.

      But seriously, imagine what it must be like having a life so empty that asking this is even a priority for you.

      Yoons really are the most pathetic of creatures.

    8. Bawheid Bragg says:

      Many happy returns your vileness x

    9. David McCann says:

      Many many happy returns

    10. artyhetty says:

      Excellent. Yon yoons raging what a bonus! Load of prima-donnas, serves them right.

      Noticing the shops seem to have even fewer of the daily propaganda rags on the shelves this week, wonder why. 🙂

    11. Alex Clark says:

      Six years eh! You must be doing something right and doesn’t time fly.

    12. Ruglonian says:

      Keep up the good work Stu – and it’s great to see that the Scottish Government are keeping a wee eye on you too!

    13. cuilean says:

      Wings, the whole country’s ‘go to’ guy for the truth.

      BBC ‘toodle-o-the-noo’ Scotland? Forget that for an embarrassing carry-on.

      PS Ruth Davidson’s a tory.

    14. Alastair says:

      Well done lad, delighted to have been a supporter for most of that time, and looking forward to continuing with that small monthly gesture for as long as you need me, Hip Hip!

    15. Capella says:

      Kezia demanded Nicola tell her ministers and MSPs not to read Wings. What a rebellious lot.
      Many Happy Returns and we are fortunate that you have carried on in spite of the pressure to desist. And in such a boring and uneventful year too.

    16. CaGeyBee says:

      Brainwashed vile cybernat acolyte says sorry for not remembering the significant date on Tuesday.I am compelled to say “Keep up the good work. You need the sand in the oyster of life to make the pearls”

    17. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Happy birthday indeed.

      This should, in theory, become one of the busiest threads ever – not difficult to say Happy Birthday, so come on all you lurkers – we really wanna see those fingers!


    18. auld highlander says:

      Wings for real news,

      bbc for rubbish.

    19. Bob Mack says:

      Many happy birthdays yet to come I am hoping.

    20. Welsh Sion says:

      Penblwydd Hapus, fy nghefnder Albanaidd.

      Happy Birthday, my Scottish cousin.


    21. call me dave says:

      Happy birthday!

      I’ve been reading and commenting occasionally since 2012 it’s the best place to get a handle on what’s going on.

      I read every post here, except some stones which are best left unturned.

      Wings is an essential part of our lives here as many will testify. Thanks for all your work.


    22. jimnarlene says:

      Many happy returns, of the day.

    23. Lanarkist says:

      Hoppy Birdie Rev!

      Found WOS in mid 2012 and been hooked ever since.

      Will raise a toast to your Birthday this weekend at WOS Social in Broughty Ferry on Saturday evening.

      Thanks for all the laughs/ facts/ sanity sustaining debunking that you have produced over the years.

    24. Dr Jim says:

      I’m sure Murder Fraser is the most avid reader of WOS if only to see his name in print

      No matter how we spell *Squint*

      I still say we should have kept up with the recipes for Jackie Baille though

    25. donald anderson says:

      Happy Burthday and mony o’ thaim.

    26. Grey Gull says:

      Happy Birthday to WOS, a shining beacon of truth. I’m a lurker that reads this site every day. It’s the only place I know to go for the truth. Here’s to the next 6 Years.

    27. Heather McLean says:

      Many Happy Returns Wingsoverscotland! Happy 6th Birthday and here’s to many more!
      My number one “go to” website for the truth behind the tabloids, mainstream media and the British Brainwashing Company!
      Well done and keep up the great work!

    28. Andy-B says:

      Keep the good work up Rev, you give us inspiration. You’re ability to root out the Yoon BS is unparalleled.

    29. Grey Gull says:

      Not sure why I said here’s to the next 6 Years. I hope the Rev can continue as long as it takes until we get our independence. Ideally before another 6 years!

    30. Conan the Librarian says:

      Ah, the glory days of the September’13 march to Calton Hill…

    31. John Sm. says:

      Wings is the best – as acknowledged and endorsed by our Scottish Parliament.

    32. Robert Peffers says:

      @cuilean says: 9 November, 2017 at 12:53 pm:

      “PS Ruth Davidson’s a tory.”


      Wha says sae?

      Did she no rin in the Election as, “The Ruth Davidson – Not the Tory Party Candidate?”

    33. Jules says:

      What I can’t get my head around – and what I think we have to challenge – is the perception that Wings is a ‘political website’ in the same category as the SNP or Tory party websites.

      It’s not. It’s a media outlet, and no more (or less) political than eg the Daily Mail or the Guardian, each of which covers issues from their own political perspective.

      When we get that into people’s heads, we might start to see the media plurality that exists online being better reflected on e.g. the BBC. I’m an optimist, I know…

    34. Jimmy The Pict says:

      Wings and I share a birthday, though I am a wee bit older 🙂

    35. Alex Clark says:


      Nice wee plug for the Wos social on Saturday night, glad to hear that you can make it along. The more the merrier and all welcome 🙂

    36. Robert Graham says:

      OK – Ok Happy to you
      lets hope there will be no need for this and all other Indy supporting sites in the near future .

      This Tory Regime are being held together with chewing gum and string , i doubt if they will see the year out , it would be an act of kindness to see them put down .

    37. Reluctant Nationalist says:






      Happy B

      Happy Bi

      Happy Bir

      Happy Birt

      Happy Birth

      Happy Birthd

      Happy Birthda


    38. Ken Burnett says:

      Saw a list in Allthatissolid, an English, LP supporter run blog. I did the maths and realised that pro rata, in UK terms this has 3m readers. I am a Labour supporter in England but firstly, support the right to self-determination and secondly, would have voted “yes” if I’d lived in Scotland. I’m amused but not surprised at the treatment of the SNP by the MSM.

    39. Sheryl Hepworth says:

      Happy birthday WoS and many more. Keep tracking and obliterating the opposition Stu. Loving it!!! XX

    40. Marcia says:

      I can imagine the nutter who sent in the FOI request being deflated by the answer expecting hundred of thousands visits. How many times are newspaper websites visited to give a fuller picture?

    41. galamcennalath says:

      25 WoS sessions a day on average from Scottish Government devices. More than any other relevant political site.

      Wonder what it was for the Scottish Parliament? All MSPs? Others in the Parliament building?

      And here’s the interesting one perhaps – how many sessions from Unionist MSPs?

      The total from the Parliament building should be available using IP addresses from WoS’s site log, I would expect. 🙂

    42. manandboy says:

      Happy 6th Birthday, Stu. Life without Wings doesnt bear thinking about. For every hour of every day, thanks.

      For the site of your statue, might I suggest Meikle Bin, Arthur’s Seat, George Square and Prince’s Street.

      Only four, I know, but it’s a start.

    43. Victor Don says:

      Been an awfully long time since I posted and then it was only briefly, but I do read this site every day.
      Happy Birthday and keep up the good work Stu, excellent stuff.

    44. Muscleguy says:

      Time does fly, 2012 was FIVE years ago.

      I think we should be doing SOMETHING to get people paying attention and try and move the polls so Scotgov’s feet aren’t so fecking cold.

      Maybe we should fundraise for a poster campaign or something like that. Just highlighting WM hypocrisy and failures from BT promises/fearmongering. No manifesto for indy, just consciousness raising.

      SNP/ScotGov aren’t going to do it, are they? so the grassroots will have to.

    45. ScotsRenewables says:

      Happy Birthday Great Chieftain o’ the Cybernatz

      Keep on keepin’ on until the job is done.

    46. Flower of Scotland says:

      I can’t thank you enough Stuart Campbell for all the hard work you do on Wings. You started me on social media and I now spend a lot of time on twitter, Facebook and blogs doing my bit to get us to our goal of Scottish Independence.

      Don’t comment very often but visit here and read everything. I visit at least twice a day.

      So, Happy Birthday Wings and keep going on and on. Scotland needs you!

    47. john mclaughlin 58 says:

      Thanks Stu , You Really Pi– Off MSM and for that we shall always be in your debt , Happy Birthday Wings !!!

    48. Street Andrew says:

      Happy Birthday Wings.

      Quit yer flapping and soar with the eagles.:-)

    49. mogabee says:

      Surely now our intrepid Twitter re-loader will finally give up the daily toil of …Nah, he’s totally doolally!!

      If he’s reading now *waves with one finger*

      Been some ups and downs since you started Wings Stu but it’s been so worth watching the frothing as you carry on and prosper while they rage at being unable to match your popularity.

    50. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Migrated to WOS from Newsnet long before the Edinburgh Agreement and never looked back.

      Threads with 15-20 posts – names which went on to bigger things and fame..! Indyref-1 brought out some of the best that Scotland had to offer and brought us within an inch of freedom. (Only postponed) 🙂

      Nowadays if you’re not quick then it’s “catch-up” time and my index finger is about a centimetre shorter from scrolling past the various trolls, nutters and some folk who can’t write less than 16 paragraphs at a go..!

      WOS does us all proud – happy birthday and don’t dare stop..

    51. Dorothy Devine says:

      Happy Birthday and may I add my thanks for all your work , without you I would be an enraged ,muttering wreck.

    52. Arbroath1320 says:

      Mant happy returns Wings! 😉

    53. Graf Midgehunter says:

      @ Welsh Sion

      “Penblwydd Hapus, fy nghefnder Albanaidd.”

      Is that Albanian?


    54. Odet Beauvoisin says:

      Happy 6th Birthday WingsOverScotland.
      Congratulations to Rev Stu.
      Many thanks for providing all of us access to accurate information for 6 years.

    55. geeo says:


    56. geeo says:

      I think it is reasonable to say that this site has not only educated people over the last 6 years, but it has enlightened them.

      That is much more important in my view.

      A huge chunk of the electorate in Scotland are now savvy when it comes to politics and how

    57. Vestas says:

      Hope your hosting bills don’t rise by the same amount in the next 6 years 😉

      Well done for sticking with it, especially with recent events. I’m sure there’s been plenty of “wtf did I start this site” moments with probably many more to come.

    58. geeo says:

      Wow…for some reason i cannot post my full post i have just written out. (From mobile).

      Now it has part posted !!!

      Right, one more try.

      I think it is reasonable to say that this site has not only educated people over the last 6 years, but it has enlightened them.

      That is much more important in my view.

      A huge chunk of the electorate in Scotland are now savvy when it comes to politics and how the media are manipulative.

      People can soon forget a lie, when faced with a media propaganda campaign backing that lie, but nothing can make a questioning mind go back in the box.

      For example, Once you realise that,say, the headline is a lie, you then question EVERY headline, EVERY time.

      You judge news reports against your new suspicious mind and enlightened knowledge.

      The more insane the propaganda, the more you distrust it.

      THAT is a permanent thing, and that in my humble opinion, is this site’s greatest achievement of all.

      Independence will be the ultimate result of such enlightenment.

    59. Dan Huil says:

      Congratulations WOS. Six influential years. Scotland’s press media [the National excepted] is a stinking sea of Britnat lies and anti-Scottish polemic. WOS is an island of truth. No surprise about the released figures.

    60. Arbroath1320 says:

      Damn it!

      Screwed that last post up … DUH!

    61. wee bud says:

      Happy birthday and keep up the great work..

      If you could possibly add St Mirren goal alerts on your twitter stream and the tv listings I would be very grateful.. You are my daily news after all..

      O/T just saw a white tailed sea eagle fly by.. Impressive sight with about ten hooded crows mobbing it..

    62. Ian Brotherhood says:

      On this day, six years ago…

    63. Donals says:

      Well done Stu you’re an inspiration .

    64. dakk says:

      Happy birthday Wings Over Scotland.

      ‘The Hammer o’ the Yoons’.

    65. One_Scot says:

      Most of the access to Wings Over Scotland is probably from Yoon politicians trying to find out what is actually going on in Scottish politics.

    66. X_Sticks says:

      Happy birthday Wings Over Scotland.

      Look forward to raising a glass to that on Saturday at the Ferry with some of the Wings family.

      Your forensic analysis of the media is second to none. I’m very grateful you’re on our side.

    67. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Happy Birthday Stu.

      Your constant debunking of the BBC and Dead Tree Scrolls is helping more of Indy Ref 1s soft Nos to reevaluate their decision and change their minds based on events since.

      The truth is a powerful weapon.

      You are a perennial thorn in the side of the BritNat Media 🙂

      Please continue to GIRFU them.

    68. Stoker says:

      I think the words of this song say all that’s need saying.
      Come on folks, follow the words and sing along.

      Steve Wonder – Happy Birthday

    69. Chick McGregor says:

      Many congrats.

      Have an imaginary new wee book on me – ‘Now We Are Six’

      It would have lots of tales about unionist Robin’ and Pooh in it I’m sure.

    70. Arbroath1320 says:

      So as a wee follow up to my last wee “belter” to view I’ve found this for folks to view after having a wee breather from the first one. 😉

    71. Les Wilson says:

      You must be feeling the love today,along with appreciation for what you do.
      I have been following wings since you transfered your blog then to what it is now. I think sometime early(ish) in 2011 but correct me if it was earlier.

      In 2013 March from the high Street, I was about 10 yards from you with my grandson and wanted to say hello, but just too many people around you while waiting for marching orders.

      Anyway, I am still here with the same aspirations as then, obviously we all share the same dream. Come the day we get Indy, I would suggest you get government acknowledgement for your part,and it is no little part, that you had in us getting there.

      Meanwhile I will keep attending site and keeping up.
      All the best.

    72. schrodingers cat says:

      quite a commitment stu, on the pittance you take from your fund raisers

      but i believe we are very close to a victory.

      what follows is a complete clear out of the establishment at every level and department of government and media

      there will be a top job for you in our independent scotland, that you can be certain of

    73. Lass fi Dalkeith says:

      Came to this site mid 2014, and have been an avid reader/supporter/lurker ever since. Its the first place I send people to get a perspective that challenges the MSM and dead tree media.

      You provide an invaluable service to the people of Scotland and my hat is off to you for hanging in for those 6 years. While I fervently hope that Independence is achieved soon, I believe that this site should continue to hold the powers that be accountable … you are simply so good at it!

      Happy Birthday Wings!!

    74. Les Wilson says:

      Arbroath1320 says:

      Aye, but he forgot to add when he says “it effects all of us”

    75. Dorothy Devine says:

      Arbroath 1320 , that boke worthy piece should have a health warning.

      Somebody should tell that twerp that Scotland and England are different countries and do not wish to be lumped in as one.

    76. Alex Clark says:


      The more insane the propaganda, the more you distrust it.

      THAT is a permanent thing, and that in my humble opinion, is this site’s greatest achievement of all.

      There is no doubting the truth of that statement and the main reason I’m still here posting more than 3 years after the referendum.

    77. Alex Clark says:


      Where’ve you been? You’ve been missed, looking forward to sharing a glass with you on Saturday so great to hear your coming along.

      This will be the WOS finale of a momentous year that was expected to be so BORING LOL. Come along and have a good time all you lurkers.

    78. Arbroath1320 says:

      Your spot on there Les.

      Funny I was thinking something similar Dorathy as I “endured” his shite.

      Still never mind folks when he talks about the perfect Gin and Tonic always remember that 70% of Gin manufactured in this broken sinking corrupt Britain is made in … *drum roll* … SCOTLAND! 😀

    79. Nana says:

      Can not recall how I found this site but sure as hell glad I did.

      Thanks for keeping the blog going Rev Stu.

    80. Big Phil says:

      Happy Bufty tae Stu
      We live in a Zoo
      You point out the Monkeys
      and all their lies too.

      Thank-You Rev. 😉

    81. Stan Wilson says:

      A very happy belated birthday Rev. hope you will not be required to debunk the BBC and MSM for too much longer. Hope you will be able to carry on in a lighter vain after independence. [><]

    82. Stan Wilson says:

      A very happy belated birthday Rev. hope you will not be required to debunk the BBC and MSM for too much longer. Hope you will be able to carry on in a lighter vain after independence.

    83. Alex Clark says:


      I’m so glad you did find this site. Your a precious asset to Wings 🙂

    84. galamcennalath says:

      This is the debate everyone across the UK, and Scotland in particular, should be having …

      The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, has challenged Theresa May’s beleaguered government to address the fundamental question of whether Britain wants to deregulate and follow the US social and economic model or stay within the European mainstream.

      … six inch nail, big hammer, belted hard on the heed!

      That is what Brexit really comes down to. Many on the English hard right do actually want to turn the whole UK into a US style country. Brexit was never about immigration, it was about turning completely around and facing out across the Atlantic. Getting away from EU laws and regulations is necessary to achieve this.

      What percentage of Scots actually want to change society over to the US mode? – very few, I would say.

      And those nostalgic Unionists? The style of UK they want to live in is the welfare state of their youth, not small government America. I would say the vast majority of Scots want to stay in the European mainstream when it comes to how society should be operated. That includes Yes/No Leave/Remain.

      Let the debate now actually begin!

    85. Eck Smith says:

      Happy birthday to Wings, our first stop for the truth!
      Lang may yer lum reek!

    86. Gullane No4 says:

      Before I found Wings I used to read newspaper headlines and think ‘that can’t be right’.
      Now I don’t read newspapers at all and have recently been weaned off BBC Scotland news.
      STV seems a lot more honest and fair.

      Happy Birthday and more of the same please Stu

    87. TheItalianJob says:

      Happy birthday.

      Been a follower and contributer to Wings since I discovered it in 2013.

      Read it every day and some great posters some whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at various events over the year’s.

      Keep up the good work.

    88. TJenny says:

      Roses are red
      Labour’s now blue
      Where would we be
      Without our Stu?

      Keep on doing what you do.


    89. brewsed says:

      Wings over Scotland has more readers that Good Miserable Scotland has listeners. And that, in a nutshell, sums up the dilemma our (well ‘their’ really, as in not mine) national broadcaster continually fails to realise it is in. WoS also has more readers than any of the Scottish papers: The Herald (23,156), The Hootsmon (12,435), Daily Record (148, 985), Scottish Daily Mail (91,519), etc.

      Well, another year passes. While some bloggers are fading away (mind the GAP?), the Rev. dot. Stu keeps revving away – for which we thank yee.

    90. X_Sticks says:


      I’ve been lurking and tweeting. Life’s been busy but I’m looking forward to Sat and a catch up with you & the family.

    91. Iron Man says:

      Happy Birthday Wings.
      Lang may yir Lum Reek.

    92. One_Scot says:

      ‘STV seems a lot more honest and fair.’

      STV are as bad as BBC. You just need to look a bit closer.

    93. Ken500 says:

      What would we do without Wings. Thanks a Billion Stu. You are a genius.

      Keeping people in Scotland sane. Totally brilliant.

      Hedge fund May £2million of perks went to a dinner for Dacre 25 years of destroying the world economy. How anyone can buy these papers from these total evil hypocrites is just a mystery.

    94. Robert Graham says:

      o/t – All these tories playing musical chairs and the mooth marked absent.

      oh dear what a shame , as their rising star she’s strangely quiet.

      maybe destined for bigger things, or just been told to f/k off.

      who cares .

    95. manandboy says:

      “Britain is very weak’: EU and UK politicians planning for imminent May government collapse”

      RT reporting the EU poised to deal with the fall of the UK Government. (Sorry, no link on Tablet, via email.)

      Too much to hope for on Wings’ birthday.

    96. Tinto Chiel says:

      Few happy returns, Rev. 😛

      I want independence in the next eighteen months and then you can put you feet up forever.

      We’d be toast without you, Most Dangerous Man in Britain.

    97. Robert Peffers says:

      @Muscleguy says: 9 November, 2017 at 1:47 pm:

      “SNP/ScotGov aren’t going to do it, are they? so the grassroots will have to.

      So just what do you imagine that these lot are:-

      And that’s just a small random selection from the SNP’s party website. It is extensive.

      First of all the party can push many things for it is ONLY the memberships money that pays for the website and it reflects what the SNP as a political Party stands for.

      Then there is the Scottish Government website but for that to do political campaigning would be wrong, if not even criminally so for that is financed by the taxpayer who, quite obviously, are not all SNP or even independence supporting parties. No matter which party, or parties, holds office they should not be using the government’s website to push party politics.

      Add to the above that many SNP MPs. MEPs, MSPs and Councillors have either a website or a web presence on such as Twitter.

      What we do not have is the backing of national, (either Scottish or UK), press, TV or radio. In fact never mind the backing from, we don’t generally get other antagonistic and even downright abusive biased mentions from the current media.

      Mind you Mr Salmond is attempting to do something about that.

      In regards to getting the public to seek political stuff it is rather like taking horses to water. They will happily go with you to the water source but they, not you, will decide if, or not, that they will drink.

    98. winifred mccartney says:

      Happy birthday six times over.

      ‘Great chieftain o’ the Cybernatz’ brilliant.

      This is a media outlet and no more biased than the bbc and the MSM it just happens to call out lies and be on our side.

      Thank you so much.

    99. manandboy says:

      Robert Graham : The latter I think, Robert.
      Ruth might be Queen Frog in the Tory pond in Scotland, but at the Westminster sleaze pit, she’s just a junior tadpole when the Tory Grandees start to throw their weight about.

    100. Gary45% says:

      Nice one Stu,
      You have done more to highlight the deception in Empire politics in 6 years than any other supposedly “honest!! journalists”, (there are to many to mention.)
      I would say here’s to another 6 years, but I can see WoS going for a lot longer than that.
      Even with Independence I feel this site should continue as it is a shining light on giving useful /credible information to the public, because the Indy government whoever they will be, will have to be held to account on their decisions.
      Belated Humpty Bumpty.

    101. Jack Murphy says:

      Happy Birthday Wings. A Big Hug and many thanks. 🙂

    102. Ian Brotherhood says:

      It’ll be interesting to see if WOS’s longevity and effectiveness receives any acknowledgement whatsoever from the usual Yoonballs, either here or via Twitter.

      Wouldny bet on it, but you never do know!


    103. McDenster says:

      Nae rid coo juice required fir u Stu. Treble wide disnae daw ye justice. Onwards and continually upwards fine Sire?

    104. Robert Peffers says:

      I’ve had a great laugh today. Just heard a real twit on the radio news complaining that we need to do more to teach, “Britain’s”, Military history as a survey showed that some children, I must assume the children in question to be mostly English.

      What do the idiots expect when they have TV programmes with, for example, a signature tune that goes, “Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler if you think old England’s done”.

      Then there is fact that the adults teaching the children do not know the difference between Britain, Great Britain, The UK and England. When they have their history teachers tell them Nelson’s famous words, “England Expects”?

      Not to mention the Hollywood WWII output that had the USA winning the war single handed.

      We also have news reports there were 7,631 cases in 2015-16 of children referred to the government anti-terror programme. Of which only 381 required specialist help. Now who, other than teachers, would be making those referrals?

      a quarter of those 7,631 were under 15.

    105. Fiona Laing says:

      Thank you for all you do, your worth to the cause of Scottish Independence can never be overstated.

    106. Ken says:

      Congratulations Stuart.

    107. Desimond says:

      I raise a Jackie Baillie Peroni bottle in salute…have a Nettle and Butterscotch Rekordilig on us Rev, God knows you have earned it.

      In context…in 6 years…how many
      Labour Leaders have you seen off?
      How many face palms by James Kelly?
      How many Kez foot in mouths?
      How many Scotland football managers…sigh…

    108. Robert Graham says:

      o/t – seatbelts on school buses being debated just now haven’t been following the debate , whats the odds of a tory agreeing with the motion , indeed what are the chances of any tory supporting our government on anything .

      they dont recognise the parliament – they dont really want to be there can we dock their wages for inattention and bloody disruptive behavour .

    109. Gary45% says:

      It will be chaos if the Tories collapse,(they made the mess, they should clean it up). Much as I will revel in their demise, a UK election will see Labour becoming the next government maybe with an SNP coalition, because its clear the Tories are totally inept at governing, and it will be a poisoned chalice. The Tories will simply blame EVERYTHING on the other parties in government, and sure as shit the media will do likewise, then in 4/5 years time the scum will get voted back in by an easily led southern electorate.
      Hopefully we will be Independent by then, so I suppose I shouldn’t give a toss what happens dan saf, but I think we are all better than that, as there are many decent southern cousins who have no choice, then again Scotland welcomes all, so I suppose they do.

    110. Lenny Hartley says:

      Echo Fiona’s thoughts above, my viewing , reading and listening habits have changed beyond recognition since I found Wings about 2013 (link from Newsnet – I think) now don’t listen to
      UK Radio, Don’t pay the Propaganda Tax and only paper I buy is the National. Wings is my main source of information, read some links but don’t bother checking out other blogs apart from WGD and Craig Murray. When the day finally comes it will be in no small part due to you . Like others I would like to see you continue after Indy to keep both the MSM and keeping whatever Gorvernment is in power in check.

    111. ronnie anderson says:

      767 sessions Mundells 75 Propagandists ur oan Wings lol .

      Rev you keep on keeping on being that Vilest of the Vile Cybernats it pays dividends in readership numbers .

    112. sassenach says:

      Not at all sure how I’d cope without ‘Wings’ – always first port of call to get the truth (along with some laughs).

      Keep on truckin, Rev.

    113. wullie glasgow says:

      Heartiest congratulations, sir!
      You have kept many many thousands believing!
      May your vileness never end!

    114. Alex Clark says:

      I’m really enjoying reading the comments on this thread, so many are appreciative of the work you do Rev. Your influence is huge and you probably don’t even appreciate how huge.

      I’m glad I have stuck around, the ignorant media wind me up no end but Wings is the antidote and provides the ammunition needed to defeat their lies. Ta.

    115. Ann says:

      Six years. How time flies.

      Long may Wings continue.

    116. David says:

      Sorry people but this is madness. The SNP are NOT going to bring independence to Scotland with this kind of ‘progressive’ (note the inverted commas) BS. The thing im talking about here is the impact on kids. This is frankly fkng evil to allow potentially confused kids to mess up their lives.

      I will not support this joke of a party for any reason now, including independence.

      They have had too large a share of the vote simply because many ordinary people (you know, those people that pay the taxes and keep the country running and are not some special interest group whining about perceived inequality) have seen them as a vehicle for an independent Scotland.

      Watch the Tories do even better next election in Scotland.

    117. Silverytay says:

      Happy Birthday Stu
      Like many others here I found you through Newsnet Scotland

    118. Simon Curran says:

      Robert Peffers says:
      9 November, 2017 at 4:31 pm

      “I’ve had a great laugh today. Just heard a real twit on the radio news complaining that we need to do more to teach, “Britain’s”, Military history as a survey showed that some children, I must assume the children in question to be mostly English.”

      As someone who has taught in English schools I can assure that remark, about how ‘England’ won WW2, is very common. Forget the contributions from USA, other parts of the Commonwealth or USSR, let alone other parts of the UK. Needless to say students get challenged and corrected everytime!

    119. Bob sinclair says:

      Haw, David, why don’t you take your bitter nasty small minded prejudice somewhere else, nobody cares about your 1950’s world.

    120. Dan Huil says:

      @David 5:26pm

      Aye, right.

    121. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Lang may yer lum reek

    122. hopper69 says:

      Happy birthday Stu.

      Don’t let the door hit you on the erse on the way out Dave.

    123. Arthur thomson says:

      Thank you for your hard work. I read Wings because I have found it to be truthful. I can recommend it to others.

      When people see through the media they are no longer open to being deceived. When enough Scots are enlightened in this respect Scotland will become independent again.

    124. @Robert Graham

      `seat belts on school buses`,

      Always thought backward facing seats (not for the driver though:) would make traveling much safer.

    125. Les Wilson says:

      Thinking about a comment above referencing British Military History.Following one of Nana’s links I came across a statement from some bigwig to do with the Military.

      He was saying that they are finding it very difficult to recruit
      Scots into service. He found this highly unusual as it normally easy to do. He finished by saying perhaps it is because they may be scared that they may have to come back to join a Scottish army if Independence came around.

      Well I could easily suggest some other reasons for that happening!

    126. velofello says:

      I’ve been with you from the start,WOS is a simply outstanding contribution to Scotland.I don’t comment so much now as there so many readers and contributors providing data.

      Your ascerbic wit fits well with me.

      Sincere congratulations and thanks for a fantastic service.

    127. Meg merrilees says:

      “Happy Birthday to you
      For all that you do,
      Happy Birthday dear W-Ings
      And also to Stu.

      Thankyou for keeping the Dream alive and kicking.

    128. HandandShrimp says:

      Can’t recall when I first came to Wings, I had posted on Newsnet and had a few posts deleted, the moderation was fierce back then and someone, I can’t recall who, said try Wings. I did and never really looked back.

    129. ronnie anderson says:

      @David 5.26 Why dont you FUCK OFF ( as previously suggested ) with your small minded BS. To many young people have taken their lives through depression over their sexuality , i don’t expect a YOON clown like yourself to care about the loss of Young Lives .

    130. Robert Graham says:

      o/t again
      robert peffers – education
      Agreed catch them young , the damage that has been knowingly and willfully done to scottish children’s education , particularly in the teaching of our history , not GB or UK history our history by people who have deliberately set out to suppress any knowledge of scotland,
      I believe i have learned more being on here that i did at school by absorbing information thats been freely shared by people posting information , not hollywoods, and definatly not our MSM ,
      The MSM that is no more than background waffle and for the most part lies , this indoctrination goes back as far as the first films and radio broadcasts , the difference now is people who visit this site remember and will never trust our media again ,and recognise what is going on
      Not what we are told is going on.
      Again thanks to all who contribute to this site your efforts are not going unnoticed ,as the saying goes we all learn something every day thats how we progress the trick is to never repeat the same mistakes over and over again .

    131. Scotspine says:

      Gordzilla awakens and roars on BBC sweaty.

      “Scotland is unstable and we need to find a middle way. More devolution” says he.

      Whatever happened to the vow and Devomax?

    132. Effijy says:

      For me, the best web site in the world.
      It’s been a comprehensive education in how
      UK corruption strangles Scitland and the Truth.

      I’ve been selecting a spot for the Rev’s statue
      In Freedom Square, Glasgow when Independance
      Is delivered .

    133. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Les Wilson 5.47 I was reviewing DWP benefits yesterday & the decision to cut benefits to the 18 – 25 year olds the thoughts behind that decision would be to drive more young people towards Military Recruiting Offices & the £50 million spent by Osbourne to recruit for Cadet Companies .

      I’ve persuaded several young guys ( two close neighbours sons ) to think again , given that injured Service Personnel have to depend on Charities for psychological support & housing/Foodbanks after being abandoned by the MOD/Gov .

      And today Military visits to our Primary Schools . Scottish Gov should now BAN any such visits ..

    134. Bill McLean says:

      Many, many, many happy returns and thanks for the best read around!

    135. Ananurhing says:

      Been reading Wings since 2011 or 12 after weaning myself off slugging it out on The Hootsmon. Wings is probably the most influential source of info on independence. The Wee Blue Book was diamond. I couldn’t believe how many no votes were turned in the last couple of weeks of indy1.

      Many thanks Stu. Keep going. Hugely impressive effort.

    136. ronnie anderson says:

      Effigy NAW too many Pigeons n Seagulls , nothing and nobody’s gonnae shit oan the Rev Stu .

    137. Gary45% says:

      David @ 5.26.
      Its called freedom of choice, it doesn’t matter the colour of your skin, your religious beliefs, your sexuality, the list goes on. Freedom of choice is our own personal goal, I for one cannot understand why people voted Brexit/Tory etc but it comes down to freedom of choice.
      Up until recently it was a criminal offence to love/ have sex with someone of the same sex, we have evolved from those dark bigoted days of hatred to one another. If as you say the Tories will gather more votes because of this clause, then what does that say about the Tory voters!
      I suggest you take off your sepia tinted glasses. Disconnect from the Matrix dude.
      Its 2017.

    138. uno mas says:

      @ Scot Finlayson 5.40pm

      “Always thought backward facing seats (not for the driver though)
      would make traveling much safer.”

      I see where your coming from there Scot 🙂

    139. HandandShrimp says:

      So David, you think that people might vote for a party that has removed benefits from the terminally ill because they couldn’t make assessment interviews and as a consequence of which thousands have died because you have some bee in your bonnet regarding gender identity?

      What the Tories have done is beyond evil, real evil, not some handbag under the chin reaction to gender issues. I freely concede that these matters have no interest to me but that is no excuse to impose petty prejudices on others. It was exactly the sort of attitude that saw Turing take his own life. We have moved on since then and society continues to move on.

      Will the Tories do better? No I don’t think so. I think they have been found out. They are a shambolic shower of incompetents and reactionary throwback.

    140. geeo says:

      After watching Jabba the pish talker earlier today, trying to aqueeze political capital from Mark McDonald’s indiscretion, i was left wondering if Monica Lennon has OFFICIALLY lodged a complaint about her sex assaulter and the 6 witnesses who watched and did nothing about it ?

      Baillie should shut her pie-hole and sort out her own perv riddled house before preaching to others.

      Ever wonder why nobody in the media and elsewhere, wants to reference the WM paedophile scandal, when talking constantly about the current scandal..?

      Oh look…a squirrel..a pervy looking squirrel, but a squirrel just the same.

    141. sassenach says:

      It is long past the time that ‘military visits’ to schools were banned by the Scottish Government.

      There is too much glorification of the Forces in everyday life already, without vulnerable youngsters being targeted.

    142. geeo says:

      Meant to add to the above post…Labour have stated the other day that they will not investigate Monica Lennon’s allegations unless she makes an official complaint.

      Talk about victim support huh ?

    143. stamper says:

      At least 20 of those sessions are mine – I read Wings every day on my lunch break at my desk. Happy birthday and thanks for giving me quality material to pass the time.

    144. geeo says:


      The jingoism will go into hyperdrive next year as they “celebrate” WW1 ending.

      Guy on news earlier hit it on the head, he stated that rememberence Sunday was no longer about rememberence of the fallen, but simply glorification of war.

    145. Bill McLean says:

      Military personnel recruiting in primary schools!!!! As one who believed in UK until my mid-40s I find it unbelievable that every day i’m more and more disgusted by the behaviour of it’s servants!

    146. Macart says:

      Neatly done Rev. 🙂

    147. katherine hamilton says:

      Oh ya wee ticket. Second only to Nicola Sturgeon, you are the best thing we have. When independence comes, your contribution will be fully recognised. Until then you’re nothing more than a Cybernat bastard. Long may you continue, you bastard you. (And the rest of us!)

    148. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Came across WOS in early 2013, when I started researching the in and outs of the whole referendum thing.

      I’ve never looked back. I’ve learned so much about media bias and propaganda from Rev Stu’s input and the comments btl and a greater understanding of Scotland’s history from btl.

      Attended my first Wings get-together in Broughty Ferry in May 2014 and have been at every one since – Glasgow, Edinburgh and Invergowrie umpteen times, and Helensburgh and Aberdeen…

      Looking forward to the next one this Saturday in Jolly’s in Broughty Ferry, 7pm onward. A chance to see some weel-kent faces and a chance to see some new ones as well. (I don’t fancy the beach at this time of year so, hopefully, William Wallace will drag himself off the sand and get into Jolly’s.)

      Congrats, Rev Stu, on your perseverance – and building a community of Wingers over the past six years!

    149. fillofficer says:

      I’d love to know how many attempts have been made to shut ye doon, rev
      here’s hoping ye don’t need to do this for too much longer
      my daily fix

    150. mike d says:

      Wos,brilliant. Not a day goes by I Need my daily fix,great posters on here. I never tune in or listen to the britnat lying media. Dr goebbels would have been proud of them.

    151. TJenny says:

      From Nana’s link above @ 6.33: I’m absolutely disgusted and fuming mad that the armed forces are targeting our schools, in the poorest areas, showing them amongst other things, how to use guns. Perhaps if they showed them films of the maiming, mutilation and devastation said forces left behind, our future generations would be against war and become peace keepers.

      Is this why so many benefits have been removed from the young, in order to provide cannon fodder for her Maj?

      I also wonder whether they’ve used the same tactics in poor area schools in England, Wales and Ireland.

    152. kdmc says:

      Happy birthday wings.

    153. manandboy says:

      O/T In an email campaign, Gordon Brown hitching his name to a petition to tackle offshore tax fraud. A thinly veiled attempt to get people to believe that Gordon is on the side of the little guy. Image rehabilitation courtesy of 10 Downing St and the Unionist Alliance.

    154. Capella says:

      @ Jack Murphy 5 November 3:55 pm

      Just caught up with this post on a previous thread by accident. Thx for posting such a beautiful piece of music

      VIDEO. A beautiful piece of Catalan music played by the world famous Catalan cellist Pau Casals [Pablo Casals].El cant dels ocells [The Song of the Birds]. ?

      Also speaking as a very frail exile at the United Nations General Assembly in 1971.

      In 1938 Pau Casals vowed not to return until democracy was restored. He performed at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona on October 19, 1938,his last performance in Catalonia during his exile.

      He never returned.

      Pau Casals 1876-1973.

      YouTube video:

    155. TJenny says:

      manandboy – was it perchance a 38 degrees petition? They have previous for letting GB hijack their petitions, and when queried on this, the petition was just quietly dumped.
      (IIRC, the last one, re delivering ‘the VOW’, had @ 250k signatories when GB hijacked it)

    156. cearc says:

      Ronnie @6.25.

      He could be holding a Wings Umbrella?

    157. Marcia says:

      Brian Doonthetoon

      Alas I shall be in Belgium I hope everyone who attends have a great evening.

    158. heedtracker says:

      What an achievement!

      Well done Wings Over Holyrood:D

      What the stats really show, is just how awful all the UK meeja is, in their S____d region.

    159. Inbhir Anainn says:

      Happy belated 6th birthday to Wings Over Scotland the best pro indy website bar none. Long may you continue in bringing the truth to the people.

    160. ronnie anderson says:

      @ cearc Ah never thought of that but not to be confused wie that ither umbrella at Brigton X lol ..

    161. Clydebuilt says:

      Just heard on the BBC’s radio station in Scotland, the new Scotland , White top, White shorts, and . . . . . RED socks,

      Nice to see a plan coming together, first they get rid of Strachan, then they give us a Union Jack inspired strip.

    162. Clydebuilt says:

      Got that wrong. . . . Blue Top, White Shorts, and . . . RED Socks

    163. Nana says:

      The unionists will be in meltdown on hearing this latest news

      Very pleased to announce The Alex Salmond Show, produced by Slàinte Meida, broadcasting each Thursday from 9pm on @RT_com

    164. velofello says:

      “backward facing seats”; I had a friend who could ride his motorcycle facing backwards, slowly. So maybe backward facing seats for drivers, and forward facing seats for passengers, to keep the driver on track might work – I’m the world’s worst car passenger, I admit

    165. Paula Rose says:

      Only six? How sweet, so clever for one so young.

    166. ben madigan says:

      Many, many, many happy returns to Wings and Wingers.

      As i may have mentioned before, I came upon this site in the run-up to indyref1 when I asked a friend to recommend a site about scottish independence.

      Watching the live ceremony re-Convening the Scottish parliament on TV had convinced me independence would/will happen but conviction sorta slid into abeyance until indyref1 was announced and then it actually hit me “this is real”.

      Just before the day, my friend, a canny political analyst, warned me it wouldn’t go through – I didn’t believe him
      I shared Scotland’s grief and pain at the result.

      Anyway, upwards and onwards to Indyref2!!Preferably sometime between Sept 2018 and Feb 2019

      Am taking this opportunity just to show you Gordon Brown’s latest show of being out of step with political opinion,

      Best to the Rev and all at Wings

    167. Les Wilson says:

      I am truly disgusted at these school visits, seems to have been going on a while, I knew they were proposing doing this in England, I am shocked they are doing this here, it has to be stopped.
      I also, and hate to say it, but do not understand how the SG either did not know about it or did and kept stum.

      It is an outrage, SNP are in charge of education as such they must have the power to close it down,and now.

    168. CameronB Brodie says:

      I found myself here after getting banned from Newsnet Scotland in 2013, I think. I may have been considered a bit too radical and liable to scare the non-ideological voter. All’s well that ends well. 🙂

      Keep up the good work Rev.

    169. heedtracker says:

      ben madigan says:

      Nice slice of classic Gordo there, in that link. All the usual kinds of UKOK bullshit, fear, lies, so more fear, Catalonia, factions, and even more Gordon bullshit. As if our imperial masters, will “re-write part of our constitution” when there is no actual UK constitution, let alone send up a raft of powers, maybe float one down the Thames and see where it gets beached.


      Elsewhere in the interview, Mr Brown that despite voting to stay in the UK in 2014, Scotland “is not stable for the long term” and warned it could eventually face a Catalonia-style constitutional crisis.

      He said Brexit should lead to a raft of new powers for the Scottish Parliament, and again made the case for a semi-autonomous Scotland within a federal UK.

      “I see Scotland stuck in a rut, if we don’t watch, between two opposing factions that can’t find a way of communicating with each other,” he said. “I see a middle way that I would argue for and if there was a chance to do that, I would say that we have to re-write part of our constitution, accept that the current devolution settlement is not strong enough for the future, make sure that Scottish people feel more comfortable in the United Kingdom and that the United Kingdom feels more comfortable with the relationship they have with Scotland.”

    170. Phil says:

      And, another one: HAPPY BRITHDAY to Wings Over Scotland.

    171. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Nana 8.10 Noo thats caused me ah bit of ah dilemma Trumps oan Bbc1 at 9pm & Alex is oan RT at 9pm , whit tae dae whit tae dae ah wiz so looking forward tae Trump programme lol .

    172. North chiel says:

      Heedracker says @0837pm , Broon “ I see Scotland stuck in a rut” , sounds like the “ auld nag” getting an early media “ run oot” ahead of the future possibility of a Corbyn led gov. Methinks it’s “ Broons hoofs” that are stuck in a rut . Time for this auld nag to be “ put oot to grass”??

    173. seanair says:

      O/T I know but Tierny the new Scotland football Captain will not sing the “Scottish Anthem” on the field before the game.
      Little twat has never sung it since he was capped but being Captain tonight I thought he might have had a change of mind. No chance, too good for the team…..

    174. Gerry says:

      Found your site a day after the result. Read it daily share and quote often. Thanks for all your hard work.

    175. CameronB Brodie says:

      “I see Scotland stuck in a rut, if we don’t watch, between two opposing factions that can’t find a way of communicating with each other,” – Gordon Brown

      @Gordon Brown
      How would federalism work alongside the House of Lords? Do you not wish Scots to access their inalienable “Right to Development”? Have you an ounce of honesty in your body?

    176. heedtracker says:

      Time for this auld nag to be “ put oot to grass”??

      He’s an interesting historic dude though. If he had had the stones to actually hold a GE, instead of just ascending to the PMship throne, he’d probably have won. So with that full term of PM, quite a lot of tory shite may not have happened, certainly no Brexit.

      Its probably not in his book, the chapter, why I bottled it, for a GE, in the six to twelve months when I was not the most unpopular UKOK PM ever.

      His rage fights with his children’s godfather uncle Rupert Murdoch were funny though. Red tory meets blue, who comes out on top?

      Murdoch will be dead and gone soon though, interred in the great Snatcher Thatcher’s pyramid.

    177. Nana says:

      Aye Ronnie, it’s a dilemma right enough. You know you could always videotape [is that still a thing]one and watch the other later.

      Choices choices, pass me the chocolates!

    178. Chick McGregor says:

      OK, you all know I can’t resist attempting a humorous ditty given any opportunity.
      So here we go.

      Wee Books are Black and Wee Books are Blue
      And that’s why the Unionist’s gonads are too!

    179. Rock says:

      You are now the number one threat to the British Establishment.

      I hope you have adequate measures in place to protect yourself.

    180. Rock says:

      Rock (9th February “A division of principles”):

      “If anyone can tip the balance in favour of winning, it is this site and its author.”

    181. Alex Clark says:

      The Alex Salmond show on RT will be shown 3 times a day from next Thursday at 07:30, 18:30 and 23:30.

      Show will discuss Current Affairs and personality of Public Figures. He has a massive contact book apparently and we can expect some familiar faces. He will freely express his views, not a Metropolitan show but cover Scotland and the broader world.

      This is going to drive the Yoons MAD, Alex Salmond really is going for it now, I’m 110% behind him. The mans a genius and will be putting more than a few noses out of joint before all this is over.

      The gloves are OFF and Alex is in there with the head down.

    182. TJenny says:

      Alex – if AS show on now, can you provide a link. Virgin have blocked RT and I’ve wandered round RT’s website and canny see it on the schedules.

    183. Mary miles says:

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY WINGS. (from Tasmania). Follow from here daily and thank you so much for all the information you Stuart and all your genuine readers contribute. I don’t know you but feel as if I do and thank you so much regular contributors like Robert Peffers etc, Nanna etc. I Live in hopes of being in Scotland one day when Independence is declared and perhaps meeting up with everyone. Until then hope 2018 brings Independence closer I’ll certainly be praying for it.

    184. G. Campbell says:

      BBC News: Former First Minister Alex Salmond is to host a political talk show on the Russian television broadcaster RT. Broadcast each Thursday, the programme will include guests from the worlds of politics, business and entertainment.

      Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said: “What an unedifying spectacle to see a former first minister who fancies himself as the Michael Parkinson of Putin’s propaganda channel. “Nicola Sturgeon will have her head in her hands if this means another round of Alex Salmond interventions.”

      Here’s a half hour RT interview with Willie Rennie’s leader from last year:

    185. Calum McKay says:

      Many happy returns!

      Let’s hope Wings is short lived in its current guise, in the respect that it holds unionism to account.

      I look forward to the day when Wings can hold an independent Scottish Parliament to account!

    186. Fairliered says:

      Happy birthday Wings!
      Ligger Neil bumping his gums about AS being on RT.
      Pot. Kettle. Black, seeing as he earns his 40 pieces of silver from the Westminster propaganda outlet.

    187. Ken500 says:

      BBC liars doing another biased nonsense hatch lying job. Trump Development. A load of lies as usual. 90% of the NE supported the Development and still do. The BBC liars who campaigned against it. Now complaining about it no going ahead. They are a shower of bastards. There biased coverage was a disgrace at the time and a disgrace now. The fecking greens tried to stop the AWPR for years, the expansion of the airport and the Trump development etc.

      6 residents objected. There are 23 households on the estate. Most of whom supported it. Campbell is a total liar. Bastard. Fabricated lies. The BBC are an absolute disgrace, The local residents supported the Development 90%. All political parties, all businesses and tourist associations. There was no threat of compulsory ourchaes. Another lie. By Martin Ford. The waster of £Million/Billions of public money. The fecking green wasters.

      The biased BBC did everything to stop the Development.Total utter nonsense. Now complaining about it not being finished. When they did everything they could to stop it. It was to take 9 years before houses were built. No houses will be built before the Hotel etc.

      Scottish Natural Heritage can get lost. Just complete lies. Martin Ford applied to the British Geographical for an SSI to be put on Menie as soon as he knew of the plans. Breaking Council rules of confidently and impartiality. Ford was not even the representative of the constituency,but came sticking his nose in, Banning the Press from the local meeting. Arrogant, pompous waster.

      Glen Campbell can clear off. Liar.

    188. Chick McGregor says:

      Quite agree Alex, your namesake is an absolute star.

      Here is a link to his interview on R4 yesterday

      BTW still planning to pop into the gig for an hour or so at the W/E to meet you although I have had conjunctivitis most of this week.

      I’ll be the one wearing zombie. 🙂

    189. Lenny Hartley says:

      Seanair, Tierney is Manx why should he sing the dirge that we have for an anthem?

    190. Chick McGregor says:

      Sorry not R4 Radio Shortbread.

    191. cearc says:

      Well I guess the Wings-knees-up in Jolly’s, Broughty Ferry on saturday will have to be a sixth birthday party?

      Not many eggs at the moment or I’d have baked a cake.

      Quite a lot of people known to be going. Let’s hope lots of new faces will join us. C’mon folks come and say hello to each other in the real world, we don’t bite (apart from Paula Rose, of course).

    192. heraldnomore says:

      Birthday dram time, so here’s a larger than is good for me Dalwhinnie Stu. It’s been a blast, right from the Blethering With Brian days.

      All the way home to Indy from here, please.

    193. jfngw says:

      Government financed BBC website points out that Russia Today is a possibly a government sponsored channel. Rather amusing from a Corp that receives most of its cash from the UK government but pretends its from the licence payers.

    194. msean says:

      Re the Alex Salmond show,I’m sure there was a unionist supporter who campaigned for no,who also had a show on RT and another channel before that. Didn’t hear any moaning then about RT.

      How annoying it must be to have one whom you thought vanquished,pop up with a possible UK platform. 🙂

    195. The red and blue and orangyyellow yoons of Gordon that collaborated to remove one of Scotland`s greatest ever politicians (and replaced him with a noname yoon thing)have released/freed Salmond to become what the Yes side didn`t have, access to the `mainstream media`

      thank you yoons of Gordon, you red trousered gimps,

      hopefully Alex will have our own Mr Campbell on as a guest.

    196. Highland Wifie says:

      Happy Birthday and many many happy returns.

      I only started reading Wings a few months ago but now happily addicted. Knew about it a while before but was put off by inferences that it was beyond the pale! Well, happy to be beyond the pale if it means not being a mushroom any more.
      Increasing readership must mean a tipping point will be reached sooner rather than later. No wonder you’ve got them frothing. ?

    197. Brian Powell says:

      BBC is funded by the UK Government through a tax and the UK Government appoints the BBC Board members, so there’s nothing that can be levelled at RT that doesn’t apply to the BBC. Though like vampires they don’t see themselves in the mirror.

    198. Highland Wifie says:

      Sorry iPad has turned smiley face with sunglasses to question mark!

    199. Fireproofjim says:

      PBS TV The Scots who fought Franco. On now.

    200. Ken500 says:

      The Royal family caused the 1WW. The European Royals. German Victoria’ children.Intermarriage. Cousins married cousins. Inbred. ‘Divine right to rule’. Their rivalries caused the 1WW. Millions died. Led to most of their demise. They should apologise. Instead of constantly glorifying war. Trying to rewrite history. They should be ashamed. They never paid tax for years. Tory tax evaders.
      Royals, Tories, politicians and MSM defrauding the public purse. Prima donnas lecturing everyone else. The biggest greedy, consumers on the planets. Sanctioning and starving the vulnerable.

    201. Gary45% says:

      Have a look at the film “You’ve Been Trumped”. Its well worth a look. We put into the crowd funder for the film.
      Trumpet in all his glory!!

    202. heedtracker says:

      Nice display of just how hard beeb Scotland gimps need the rest of the tory UK press creep show. Severin is the sneakiest probably, and this is one of his sneakiest Scotland’s a shithole and the Scots cant run a piss up etc…

      “Trump accused of breaking promises and ruining Scottish dunes
      Ecologists expect Aberdeenshire sand dunes to lose conservation protection because of president’s golf course”

      Personally I wouldnt mind but I know Graun’s sacred “dunes” of Balmedie as well as any Aberdonian and there are lots of other golf courses all over this SSSI. But they’re all fine, its SNP bad and orange hitler’s what’s the real UKOK problem.

      They’re such a bunch of sneaky sh_ts, teamGB media.

    203. Capella says:

      How kind of Mr Putin to give us a chance to broadcast our views on on his personal TV Channel, RT. How that man can take time out to extend a helping hand to poor wee stupid Scotland is just astonishing.

      Of course, the British Broadcasting Corporation will get round to it some day soon. After all, they collect our £320m licence fees. But it must be difficult to find time amongst all the Great British bake offs and train journeys. The Scottish Six would have been too parochial.

      Melvyn Bragg did a 15 min programme on the Picts today. Why is so little known about them? asks Melvyn. Why did they disappear? Airbrushed from history like everyone else in North Britain.

      Good for Alex. He’s certainly “unleashed” now.

    204. Scotspine says:

      Ruth Davidson tweets “I feel sorry for Nicola Sturgeon, as Salmond takes the Russian Rouble”.

      I tweet to Davidson, ” how many shekels do you get to the pound”?

      Boom….just earned me another immediate twitter suspension.

      Thats two today.

      Getting the idea yet folks?

    205. Brus MacGallah says:

      Co-latha breith sona dhut!

    206. heedtracker says:

      Gary45% says:
      9 November, 2017 at 10:36 pm
      Have a look at the film “You’ve Been Trumped”. Its well worth a look. We put into the crowd funder for the film.
      Trumpet in all his glory!!

      Propaganda nonsense from a chancer up from England, paid for by beeb Scotland gimp network.


      Probably the oldest links golf course in the world, just down from orange hitler’s new course, all of which totally ripping off Royal Aberdeen, copying I mean.

      Just one of several courses on the dunes SSSI, just like orange hitler’s but the makers of You’ve been Trumped somehow never managed to pop in by any of them, just to see how the oldest links courses in the world somehow rub along with the environment n shit:D

      Only in teamGB, can the Scots not get it right enough, for our BBC imperial masters.

    207. caz-m says:

      Happy Birthday Rev,

      And well done to everyone who has contributed to it over the years.

    208. heedtracker says:

      Melvyn Bragg did a 15 min programme on the Picts today. Why is so little known about them? asks Melvyn. Why did they disappear? Airbrushed from history like everyone else in North Britain.”

      We’re still here, so fcuk Melvin Bragg:D

    209. Capella says:

      You’ve Been Trumped is a great documentary. I went to the premiere in The Belmont in Aberdeen. The director and some of the residents were there to answer questions. That devious vulgarian Trump and his lackeys should never have been given permission to ruin a SSSI.

      The habitat on the dunes is now so ruined that it will most likely lose its status.

      But we’ve been round this particular golf course several times already on Wings. So I’ll leave it at that.

    210. Alex Clark says:

      @Chick McGregor

      Looking forward to a discussion of interstelar space travel and the possibilities it offers to an Independent Scotland, just kidding of course see you Saturday. All welcome, come and meet those you may or hate. We’re all friendly I promise and you will be surpsised how good a time you have.

      A night not to forget is yours for the taking.

      @Scot Finlayson

      “hopefully Alex will have our own Mr Campbell on as a guest.”

      Brilliant idea, Alex take note 🙂 get the Rev as a guest we want to see it. “controversial blogger and VILE leader of the cybernats speaks out. Don’t care what anyone else thinks instead think of what is happening now and that we care.

      Gon yersel Salmond 🙂

    211. Tackety Beets says:

      A life long Indy guy so didnae bother much pre Ref.
      Guided to WOS by my brother circa late 2013 !
      FFS !
      Instant addiction ,and it was fun. I miss some of those early posters, too many to mention here. Who remembers …..ahem….. LA & her cough ……. LOL
      Yes I know she is still here , glad her cough has cleared up at last.

      Congratulations for 6 years Rev. …… We are blessed.

      The addiction has robbed me of my spare time, but iScotland has been a lifetime coming, as we say on the hill , a few false summits but we are nearly there now.

      “Keep er chappin'”

      David @5.26

      My youngest daughter was a surprise, ie my downstairs plumbing was still working, I’m considered to be an older dad.
      Growing up we used words like “dark@@” and “p??f” etc etc , now I’m the other side o 60.

      She arrived and all seamed well until she could talk & impart her view.
      She refused ,even at 2 or 3 to wear anything girlie, her mam struggled with this & things were tricky at times. Her older sister would buy really nice things, but naw.
      Every year about now all the girls are buying nice dresses for their PRim School Xmas party , my we gem wanted to dress like me when going to posh doo , suit bow tie etc at 7 , I just went with it , she was happy so I was happy.
      One evening whilst I was engrossed on WOS, my wee girl growing fast but still only 11 says “Dad , do you know what Demi gender is ?”
      Well truthfully I kinda didn’t but continued to encourage the conversation knowing where it was probably going.
      Now David …… Think about your views and YOU having that conversation with YOUR son or daughter.

      As they say in da movies
      “Quite frankly my dear I don’t give a F£ck”

      Guess what David , I had sprouted there and then into the proudest Dad in the world.

      A) At 11 she felt she could share it with ME
      B) We were both now at ease in every way about so many things
      C) She now did not carry this secret & she knew she had judged it right to tell me etc etc etc

      The thing is David, our faimly and our sexuality is F£ck ALL to do with iScotland , that said one may be wise to state
      “We could be good for each other”

    212. gus1940 says:

      The Clunking Fist has just spouted a load of bollocks on Newsnight.

      Eck’s Chat Show to be on RT – The MSM will be going hysterical.

    213. caz m says:

      Yes, Happy Birthday Rev

    214. Alex Clark says:

      @Tackety Beets

      What a story, glad you felt you could share it. That’s David telt and I’ll be honest your story humbled me because I once had these prejudices and knew no better.

      Thanks to Wings though I beleive I’ve become enlightened and learnt more. We Scot’s are very capable, I know that much, now we get down to the nitty gritty. We only need believe in ourselves.

      As you do Tackety Beets, I think your a great Dad 🙂

    215. heedtracker says:

      The habitat on the dunes is now so ruined that it will most likely lose its status.

      But we’ve been round this particular golf course several times already on Wings. So I’ll leave it at that.

      Indeed. Except, how come not a peep was peeped about all the other golf courses, industrial estates, army shooting ranges, open landfill dumps, even more courses, housing estates, and farming, what went on and goes on, all along the SSSI dunes north of Aberdeen?

      Because none of all that stuff cant be used to monster Scotland and Scottish democracy.

    216. jfngw says:

      Salmond trying to get in comment that the BBC could have commissioned the show if they wanted, cut off by Wark before he could finish. Not really an interview more just a series of attacks on him. Unlike the previous 5 min when Brown was allowed to witter on as he felt fit. Remember Scotland is unstable.

    217. Chick McGregor says:

      “@Chick McGregor

      Looking forward to a discussion of interstelar space travel and the possibilities it offers to an Independent Scotland, just kidding of course see you Saturday.”

      Eh? I may be a retired physicist but I assure you I am no space cadet, my expectations for an independent Scotland are all based on grounded, pragmatic and feasible do-ables.

    218. gus1940 says:

      Can I suggest the following as guests on Eck’s RT Show.

      Andrew Neil
      Andrew Marr
      Ruth Davidson
      Gary Robertson
      Gordon Brewer

      If they agree to appear (if they don’t – tellus)- it will be a novelty seeing them being interrogated.

    219. Alex Clark says:

      @Chick McGregor

      I’m well aware of that, just tickling your tummy 🙂

    220. stewartb says:

      Gordon Brown on BBC 2 Newsnight – he tells us, as best as I can recall, that:

      – Scotland is unstable

      – he ‘s concerned that Scotland could become like Catalonia – its people at “daggers drawn”

      – we must find a middle way for Scotland’s future between two “extreme” positions, the Tory’s status quo unionism and independence.

      And here’s me thinking that Brown’s intervention in 2014 – the Vow – had already provided Scotland with that ideal middle way he favours – achieved by the Vow being delivered. In other words, the Tory status quo unionism he refers to now as an extreme position is actually what Brown argued for and what we are told the Smith Commission and the Scotland Act provided. Or is Mr Brown implying that the Vow was not kept?

      This seems so, based on a careful assessment of his comments tonight. He appears to want the Scottish electorate to give him a second chance! He’s advocating another middle way between what we have now (what he calls the status quo position of the Tory’s at one “extreme”) – once referred to ‘the nearest thing to federalism’ as I recall – and independence. The term charlatan comes to mind!

      And then next up on Newsnight, the presenter Kirsty Wark casually slips in a comment about “concerns” being expressed over the prospect of Alex Salmond taking up the chair of Johnston Press. Who’s concern? Ms Wark (of course) offers no information to justify her claim.

      However, Alex was great – clearly enjoying himself!

    221. heedtracker says:

      Salmond trying to get in comment that the BBC could have commissioned the show if they wanted, cut off by Wark before he could finish. Not really an interview more just a series of attacks on him. Unlike the previous 5 min when Brown was allowed to witter on as he felt fit. Remember Scotland is unstable.

      Its the same as how a certain dog food salesman is or was always on the beeb Scotland tory gimp network but the owner of this blog never was r is, on their UKOK propaganda telly shows.

      Not that there’s anything wrong with being a dog food salesman. Dog’s gotta eat too:D So he’d certainly get the canine tory viewer,

    222. Big Phil says:

      @ Tackety Beets
      Beautiful story, 🙂

    223. Chick McGregor says:

      “I’m well aware of that, just tickling your tummy ?”

      Well with the weight I’ve put on since Wings came into existence you’ve got your work cut out for you. 🙂

      IMO it should come with a recommended calorie intake reduction warning.

    224. Tackety Beets says:

      @ Alex 11.15

      Cheers Alex .

      I agree , every playtime someone would say “a f£CK off ya p@@f” etc etc
      Like you “this place” has brought a massive change ….for the better.

      Today’s generation live in a very dif place now, especially compared to mine in the 60s.
      I wonder who remembers watching the BW TV and a couple have a wee snog and everyone is embarrassed including parents ……cringe !

      Talking of the old days, I miss the PNR avatar …. Was it the folded arms mannie with a bib pair o dungarees? I liked it, maybe parts o me are still “Aul fashint”

      Happy days

    225. Alex Clark says:

      @Tackety Beets

      Aye I miss the folded arms and the dungarees of Thepnr too *sniff* I’ll canvas those that turn out on Saturday at the WoS soiree to see if they want him back.

    226. schrodingers cat says:

      i would like to reiterate,
      the wage stu takes is about the same as minimum wage but with a lot more hours.

      he is only one of many who have given up a great deal for this movement, and not just in time and money. they also run the risk of legal action, arrest etc. this persecution is real.
      a few others deserve a mention

      craig murray
      james kelly
      wgd etc

      front line politicians are subject to death threats daily, someone even tried to run salmonds car of the road.

      some of the commentators btl have been subject to abuse and intimidation by the press and the police as well.

      congratulations are in order to everyone in the yes movement.

      we are still here and i believe we are winning.

      well done everyone to everyone who carries and keeps the fiery cross burning bright

      ps, really sad i will miss the jolly to brochtay on sat
      my best wishes go to all

    227. Still Positive says:

      Happy Birthday, Wings. Lang mae yoor lum reek.

      Think I found this site via ‘Yes Scotland’ FB page when one of the btl commentators posted a link. Or it may have been Bateman’s blog. Glad I found it and a daily visitor.

      Got my WBB from an SNP Councillor in my area.

    228. Iain mhor says:

      Congratulations on your anniversary!
      As a long time lurker and very occasional poster, I’ve found this site to be an education and inspiration.

      A brief thought on the military presence in schools :
      I’d suggest all secondary schools have their classes engage in full paintballing exercises, against some “professional paintballers”
      Now that will quickly disabuse the majority from seeking active service. I tried a few when I was younger and fitter. Several ‘games’ over big varied areas, all day – Dead.
      Bar one when I dug in and didn’t move, life expectancy is pretty much zero – gey sair too!
      Better to learn that lesson with bruises than a bodybag.
      Then choose.

    229. Still Positive says:

      Should add it was late January 2013 and first posted about a month later under the nom de plume “Free at 63”. Sadly it was not to be. Indyref was 2 days before my 64th birthday.

      Fervently hope to be free before my 70th.

    230. manandboy says:

      One of the UK’s worst Chancellors, as well as a dreadful PM and a cynical liar against Scotland, Gordon VOW Brown has again been selected as the Unionist Alliance front man against the next independence Referendum.
      As a son of Scottish Protestantism he must be making John Knox birl in his grave while being simultaneously sick.

    231. ScottieDog says:

      And don’t forget he still takes his shilling from the city of London – the people who he was in cahoots with as chancellor.

    232. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Alex Clark
      @ Chick McGregor In the Red corner discussing Interstellar space travel .

      Paula Rose
      Myself in the Blue corner discussing not one but two topics . 2nd Glacial Ice Age & Volcanic Fertilization .

      Shaping up to be a very good night & many other topics of conversation . Be there or Be there Lurkers come in as Lurkers & go out as Lurchers , ah hear oan the grapevine there’s ah supply of GripeWatter fur the Wains thats if they show up .

    233. geeo says:

      Piss off iain mhor.

      The military should be NOWHERE NEAR our schools you utter twat.

    234. Cactus says:

      Awe ra best wos boss ~

      I trust you had cake with six candles on top…

      …I wonder what you wished for 🙂


    235. Liam says:

      David said:

      This is frankly fkng evil to allow potentially confused kids to mess up their lives.

      Get the fuck back to Enid Blyton world, David. Like Tackety Beets I too am proudest Dad in the world. My Daughter was 11 when she came out.

      “potentially confused kids” (sic) don’t need to be hurt and fucked up by being crammed into moulds that don’t fit them.

      All that confusion, and anger, and upset, and not fitting in, and thinking they are weird, and WRONG and being taught they are bad people because they don’t fit, don’t CONFORM to rigid norms…. THAT’S what messes up people’s lives.

      This is not ‘madness’ it’s the sort of progressive action that makes me proud of my government.

      I presume from David’s comments he’s heterosexual. And happily so. Good for him. No one wants to deny him the right to love women.

      We’re all different. Isn’t that wonderful?

    236. Cactus says:

      Aussi, awe ra bday best to Jimmy The Pict from above.

      Thought I’d quote all of your earlier once again, in full…

      geeo says:

      “I think it is reasonable to say that this site has not only educated people over the last 6 years, but it has enlightened them.

      That is much more important in my view.

      A huge chunk of the electorate in Scotland are now savvy when it comes to politics and how the media are manipulative.

      People can soon forget a lie, when faced with a media propaganda campaign backing that lie, but nothing can make a questioning mind go back in the box.

      For example, Once you realise that,say, the headline is a lie, you then question EVERY headline, EVERY time.

      You judge news reports against your new suspicious mind and enlightened knowledge.

      The more insane the propaganda, the more you distrust it.

      THAT is a permanent thing, and that in my humble opinion, is this site’s greatest achievement of all.

      Independence will be the ultimate result of such enlightenment.”


      Cheers to all of the Wingers doin’ their day (and night) jobs.

      What are you doin’ on Saturday? You could be Jolly!

      A list is not required.

      It’s Friday again.

      I’m Jolly 😉

    237. Breeks says:

      I don’t think six years matters. Wings has changed the whole game. Wings has been very instrumental in discrediting the enemies of Scotland; the Tories, the Red Tories, the FibDems, The BBC, the BritNat “newspapers”,…

      For decades Scotland’s political discourse has been sick, diseased and dysfunctional, with the narrative set by propagandists and servile BritNats allowed to peddle their shite with absolute impunity or fear of objective scrutiny.

      The Unionists are still in command of the propaganda machinery, but the spell of their media monopoly and influence is broken, and awareness of their duplicity and dishonesty is now mainstream throughout most of Scotland.

      Is it really only six years? When the Credit Crunch changed the world in 2008 there wasn’t a Wings??? When Barack Obama and the Clunking Fist we elected leaders there was no Wings??? Good heavens. So much ground has been covered – and all in 6 years??

      What more can be said? If Wings didn’t exist, you’d have to invent it, and thank heavens Rev Stu did just that.

      Scotland hasn’t won yet. And still victory is not yet inevitable, but the truth genie is out of the bottle, and it’s not going back in any time soon. More power to you Rev Stu.

    238. Cactus says:

      I’m jolly, here’s how the pretty girls say it en francais…
      Je suis, joli!

      I reckon we could be in for a big story today.

      Cheers again for doin’ the day job:

    239. Les Wilson says:

      Stu can you do an article on the Military prepping our kids at school as future cannon fodder?
      Their tactics need to get out there, Wings can help do that.
      It must be stopped.

    240. Les Wilson says:

      Nana, do you not sleep? a lot of work collecting all these links.
      You are indeed a star.

    241. Almannysbunnet says:

      I suspect the figures will be much the same for “Scottish opposition devices,” probably even higher given that none of them have actual departments to run or jobs to do. In government that is.

    242. Ken500 says:

      ‘You been trumped’ is a lot if biased lies. It does not reflect the support for the Developnent. 90% in the NE and the still local support. It is just a hatched job by a small minority, of biased liars. Just a load of nonsense, The others side of the story the estate residents who were connected to the mains, The residents who took the offer of a new house at cost price and market value for their property. Local farmers received £Millions for their land. The majority of the households who supported the Development and knew the benefits it could bring to the area. There might even be a proper bus service. Instead of the buses passing by. Or one an hour. 6 miles from the City.

      The packed meeting of support. Until the handful of green liars etc took over the report. Many not even from the area looking for some free publicity to get in some donations. The other side was never told.The BBC actually made a report and interview 6 couples from the neighbourhood who supported the Development for over an hour The same of the majority in the region, The BBC cut it and ever showed any of it. Deeside has an abundance of golf courses and open spaces. Nothing is ever complained about there, The Craigendarroch does a roaring trade. So does the Marcliffe etc. The North of the City has the rubbish dump. Allegedly depositing untreated Oil waste. Another scandal supported by the unionist Council. The owners live at Deeside. The Bridge of Feugh.

      The millionaire landowner unionist council members trying to run the area like a fiefdom. Stopping essential road building for years. Paying the greens in their pocket to waste £Million/Billions of public money. In case the road encompasses on their substantial land holding etc, The 3rd rate Tory/unionists in politics to see what they can embezzle from public funding and syphoning off for them and their associates. Subsidies and over pricing etc. The only reason they join a unionist political Party, especially in Scotland. A bunch of hypocritical parasites. Holding back Development and costing jobs and benefits for the economy and the whole community. Reneging on green policies at every opportunity. Wasting money and cutting public services. The unionist/greens colluding at every opportunity.

      The corrupt regime. Kirsty Wark and Gordon Brown the Labour Mafia. Masons? Making a fortune out of other people’s misery. With false report. What is it about these tax evaders and liars who are never out of Church. Christian values? Sanctioning and starving millions of vulnerable people. Destroying the world economy. The BBC is evil. A criminal organisation supported by a criminal givernment of liars, perverts and greedy manipulates breaking the Law with impunity at every opportunity.

      The Development is still on going. No houses will be built until the Hotel. The local residents will see to that. Never has such biased lies ever been told about a Development. It was a shooting estate that no one could go on, Now opened up for public use. The public money that was wasted by the greens etc protesting about this Development.,the AWPR and the expansion of the airport etc, it is a public disgrace of waste. It makes the majority really annoyed and angry. The unnecessary Inquiries etc. Cost £2Million. Then they were trying to cut £2Million from the allocated education funding and complaining. Stop your unseemly artificial protests. About a green Development which will enhance the local areas. Bring tourism and jobs. It might even bring a regular bus service. Instead of buses passing by.

      The UTG project supported by the majority which would have pedestrianised the City Centre with an exit to the Green, Totally feasible. It would have cost £20Million with the Gift of £80Million. Yet the useless unionist Council said it was unaffordable. Instead spent £200Million on a non mandated grotesque mess in the City Centre. It is just appalling. An unnecessary Hotel and shops of unbelievable ignorance which will be leased back for over thirty years. years. The other shop in the vicinity are now lacking customers because the essential road has been closed shutting access to the area. Just a monstrosity, when people wanted open spaces and green areas. How it go through planning is a disgrace. People were protesting about it in the streets.

      The PJ/EE owned by a Dundee unionist. Attacks the SNP with lies at every opportunity.but supported this unionist motley crew. It is alleged that these parasites are going to occupy space in the monstrosity at subsidised rates? Subsiding a bankrupt Dundee football team. While Dundee is impressively improved by an SNP council.

      ACC the most corrupt council regime. A Tory Councillor now MSP at Holyrood. Keeping this unionist cabel in place. Changing council meetings to suit. £1.2Billion in debt. Illegally selling the City on the Stock exchange. Unbelievable. The Art Gallery will be shut for years. The vandalisism of the building. That did not even need destruction, just a renovation.. Especially in a climate of limited funding. £300Million being spent on a non mandated Conference Centre which will always be subsidised with public money. With no business case. It is being built 5 mins away from an intended new Football stadium/Conference Centre. Built with donation and private money. No subsidised with public money. Like some other football clubs breaking the Law with impunity, with offensive behaviour and being subsided with £Millions of public money. The public want a stop to it. Along with the Orange marches ever other week in some parts of Scotland subsidies with public money ruining the local economy. Sectarism destroying the economy.

      Orange Lodge exclusive, unequal racists, bigots and misogynists cluttering up the streets. They are banned in most areas including by the Police. Public order considerations. Not protected by corrupt unionists. If they want to march about do it on private ground and pay for it themselves. Not annoying every one else. The majority. Scotland is secular. The Churches have rights and privileges above the Laws. The equal opportunity Laws etc and get funded services from public money. Charitable organisational status. Do not abuse it.

    243. Ken500 says:

      Notice some Question Time editor gets a position of some head of ‘broadcasting’ joke in Scotland, That load of biased nonsense. Lying some prima donnas tax evaded pockets.

    244. Marcia says:

      It seems that the MSM establishment are trying to rubbish RT claiming it is biased. All they have done has been to give free adverts for AS’s TV show!

      Re RT bias claims, if someone brings that up, send them this link.

    245. stu mac says:

      @Capella says:
      9 November, 2017 at 10:42 p
      Melvyn Bragg did a 15 min programme on the Picts today. Why is so little known about them? asks Melvyn. Why did they disappear? Airbrushed from history like everyone else in North Britain.

      You know not everything is a plot against Scotland, and guys like you who talk as if everything is a plot against us just undermine the good arguments we can give about Scotland.

      There really is (and always was) a dearth of knowledge about Picts – and Dalriada and Strathclyde too – simply because there are very few contemporary records and those there are are pretty slim on detail. It’s a fact and historians of that period of our history have to make do with very few sources and the archaeological record (the latter at least has a potential for adding new knowledge as there can always be new discoveries in the field).

    246. Davosa says:

      Typical BBC twats to think that anyone is stupid enough to believe a word liar brown says. More shame on the establishment propaganda machine.

    247. Willie says:

      Top of the class Wings with the most sessions.

      Yes the Yoons hate Wings. That was made crystal clear with the Rev’s trumped up arrest and is a glimpse of what the establishment is capable of. And maybe you should do a rerun of the question about what happened to Willie NcCrae and the request for an enquiry.

      So much appreciation of the good work from Wings. A light in a dark place and long may it burn brightly.

    248. Clydebuilt says:

      Marcia . . . . the British Establishment have been trying to rubbish RT for some time now. . . .
      They don’t want RT undermining all their good work..
      There have been articles by Leask in the Herald. . . Propaganda . . . Let people listen and make their own minds up . . .

      Sam Delaney’s “News Thing” Sat and Sunday nights at 22.25hrs. . . Funniest show on uk TV

    249. gus1940 says:

      Surprise, Surprise

      Colonialist politicians and their fan club in the broadcast and print media unite in their own inimitable and inevitable way to attack Eck and RT over his forthcoming chat program on that dastardly alleged Russian propaganda channel.

      I don’t suppose it is a surprise that the grey figures who control and coordinate our broadcast and print media are not prepared to let Eck loose on the channels they control.

      Meanwhile all sections of said media give extensive uncritical daily coverage of the latest bollocks from the worst Chancellor and PM in history.

    250. Breeks says:

      OT @ Robert Peffers.

      Been reading that article by the late Prof David Walker.

      I’m struggling for a lack of legal knowledge and parlance to be honest, but to me, it does not address the issue of sovereignty à la Declaration of Arbroath mode, but instead addresses itself quite narrowly to the Annex A Opinion of Westminster – that which arrogantly presumes England would be the Continuer State if the UK broke up. The 1707 Union was between Constitutional equals, or meant to be, so it’s a mistake to assume the same Union would separate asymmetrically.

      It then goes on to argue between the Articles of a Treaty, and an Act. Thats seems to be important, in my layman’s terms the distinction is that Scotland consented to the Treaty of Union, but the Act of Union was never ratified or given “Royal Assent”. In legal terms, by my layman’s reckoning, the Act has no jurisdiction to alter the terms of the Treaty.

      Professor Walker also stated: “The proper understanding of the legal nature of the Union is that it was an agreement made in 1706-07, not by the parliaments of Scotland and England, but by commissioners appointed by the heads of the executive of the independent states of Scotland and England (both of which offices were then vested in Queen Anne, but acting in different capacities).

      The point being that both Scotland and England entered the Union through protocols common to both, – further argument that Scotland’s exit from the Union would not be as a lesser seceding State.

      My argument however is different. My OCD about Sovereignty would put its crosshairs over the roll of Queen Anne. Queen Anne was monarch both of Scotland and England, but Sovereign Monarch only over England.

      Professor Walker I think makes the argument that IF Scotland and England had been extinguished by the Act of Union as some allege it was, in lieu of a sovereign and unitary United Kingdom, then the roll of the monarch in Scotland would have extinguished, and that being impossible to resolve without the mirror removal of the English monarchy, and would have left an English monarchy ruling over Scotland without sovereign title to do so.

      I wouldn’t dare to presume I know a fraction of what the eminent late Professor knew, but what seems to be missing from Professor Walkers arguments is the issue of the Scottish Sovereignty being invested with the Scottish people, not the Scottish monarchy.

      Isn’t the whole point of sovereignty that Queen Anne was acting as the sovereign monarch of both Scotland and England, but by clearly understood definition, Queen Anne was not the sovereign monarch of Scotland, just the monarch, who served beneath the sovereign people?

      It seems to me there are terraced layers of legal principles and definitions which obscure the sovereignty of Scotland, and it would pay us handsomely to have the truth established – for better of worse we should be warned.

    251. @stu mac

      the reason there are few records from our ancient past is because Edward the first of England not only took away the stone of scone (Jacobs pillow) he also took away cart loads of our ancient artifacts,treasures,treaties,charters,anything to show Scotland as an independent country,

      years later Cromwell the English general came up here destroyed much of Edinburgh and took away what Edward had left of our ancient past,

      was supposed to have been returned to us but the ship (Elizabeth) that was carrying our ancient history back to us sank or got sunk with all our ancient history going down to the bottom of the sea,

      luckily nobody was hurt as the crew managed to be rescued by a passing Royal Navy frigate.

    252. Capella says:

      @ stu mac – yes I do know that not everything is a plot against Scotland.

      But perhaps “guys like you” could explain why there really is a dearth of knowledge about Picts and Dalriada.
      Why do some of the records turn up in a Paris museum having been sold in London in the 18th Century.
      Why is archaeology so late in coming to research this heritage?
      Why do I have a 16 volume Oxford History of England but no comparable academic history of Scotland?
      Why is “Scottish Literature” a minority subject in our Universities whereas “English Literature” is the gold standard?

      I think that it is cultural hegemony by the British State which has brought about this dearth of knowledge. But if you have an alternative explanation I’d be interested to hear it.

    253. Breeks says:

      stu mac says:
      10 November, 2017 at 9:03 am
      @Capella says:
      9 November, 2017 at 10:42 p
      Melvyn Bragg did a 15 min programme on the Picts today. Why is so little known about them? asks Melvyn. Why did they disappear? Airbrushed from history like everyone else in North Britain…..

      We should be aware too, the Declaration of Arbroath perhaps played a part in the airbrushing too…

      “… The Britons they first drove out, the Picts they utterly destroyed, and, even though very often assailed by the Norwegians, the Danes and the English, they took possession of that home with many victories and untold efforts; and, as the historians of old time bear witness, they have held it free of all bondage ever since”.

      Mind, DNA is beginning to draw a different picture…

    254. Clydebuilt says:

      The Herald had an article on 17 May . . . Russia turning against Scottish Independence because of SNP’s policy on Brexit. . . .

      Looks like our MSM got it wrong again. . . .

    255. galamcennalath says:

      Nana says

      A new wave of revelations strongly suggests that Russia interfered in last year’s Brexit referendum. Why is the UK government staying silent?

      That is a truly shocking article.

      No one should be surprised that national security services seek to interfere in the political processes of other nations. The CIA has probably been the worst, and most successful! In some ways this is their job, looking after the interests of their own nation, even at the expense of others.

      It is up to the countering agencies of each nation to attempt to negate any attempted interference.

      It’s a harsh world!

      However, it looks like the Tories have other higher priorities than national security and counter intelligence issues! They appear to literally to put their own party and positions before national interests.

      Utterly astonishing and deeply disgraceful.

      ” The entire story boils down to a single sorry fact: the British government has chosen to put its own political interests above those of the country and of national security. “

      All of this has bearing on the Scottish constitutional question and IndyRef2. We can expect dark money to pour in. We can expect industrial level state controlled online trolling. And we can expect strange bedfellows on each side!

    256. ScottieDog says:

      This is a great article by economist Steve Keen.

      Well worth a read and very topical given Alex Slamond’s coming show with RT.
      The guy who wrote the book ‘Debunking Econmics’ and who also predicated the financial crisis of 2008 doesn’t get any air time on the and the yoonstream but appears regularly on RT. This is why it’s shows are of such high quality.

    257. Lenny Hartley says:

      Breeks , re Declaration of Arbroath and Picts, when I lived in Aberdeen one of my Pictish Mates had a theory which I concurred with that the Picts were written out of history in that document so as to separate the heretical Picts from the “Catholic” Scots. The Celtic Church would have been seen as heretical to the Vatican, just over a hundred years earlier the Cathars had seen the full force of the Catholic Church, so I believe by saying the Picts were wiped out they were also saying the Celtic Church was Extinct in Scotland. So it was a political lie! Off course remnants of the Celtic Church were to linger for a while longer.

    258. Ottomanboi says:

      @STU MAC
      There are held by historians to be two signal reasons why Scottish historical records are scant, the long destructive wars with England and the predations of the Protestant Reformation.
      Monasteries and other religious foundations were the proto national libraries. They were vulnerable to assault during internal and external conflicts. Their content was easily burnt. The English king Edward I was reported to have carried away cart loads of documents and other artefacts in his train during his Scottish wars thus helping, by design?, to erase national memory.
      It is believed that less than 1% of Scotland’s ancient and medieval past survives in tangible form.
      It may be conjectured that given Scotland was a literate society documents in the ‘lost’ national languages of the the first millennium eg Pictish, Brythonic might well have existed.
      Scottish history is a politico-cultural weapon. What has been officially redacted with a view to appropriating our culture and accommodating it to a fabricated narrative is much more intriguing than the stuff peddled in the approved British standard texts.
      The first millennium is the period of our genesis as a nation of peoples sharing the same space.
      There is more to us than St Columba, Bannockburn, Marie Stuart and that dreadful ‘Union’.
      There was and is sophisticated civilisation beyond Hadrian’s wall but you have to seek it out and believe that history, even in these infantilising and anti-intellectual times, matters.

    259. Donald`s latest tweet,

      `In more and more places,citizens of SOVEREIGN and INDEPENDENT nations have taken greater control of their destinies,and unlocked the potential of their people.`

      slight edit,but nothing added.

    260. galamcennalath says:

      Nana says

      This highlights what I said at 3:23pm yesterday. This is what Brexit is about. I have the suspicion that a larger faction than we think within the Tories want a US style deregulated ‘devil take the hindmost’ future.

      ” Barnier … questioned whether the U.K. wanted to leave “the European model” of social, health and economic standards and instead embrace a less-regulated, U.S. style model.”

    261. bjsalba says:

      This many be of interest:

      According to WikiLeaks, the CIA uses the Hive malware system to build fake web certificates and stop anti-virus companies from accurately attributing its hacking operations. It said the documents show how the agency is able to “impersonate” Kaspersky Lab, a Moscow-based cybersecurity company that has recently been criticised by US politicians.

      So just how Russian-based is the interference?

    262. Capella says:

      @ Lenny Hartley – in Pictish custom royalty went through the female line. Inheritance of kingship was by becoming the partner of the queen. This is why Pictish king lists are not passed on from father to son. Macbeth became king by marrying Gruoch. His son did not inherit.

      Holinshed, the English historian, painted a completely false picture of Macbeth which Shakespeare turned into his famous play. The Stuart Kings, James XI, relied on primogeniture to legitimise their right to the crown. So Shakespeare did him a favour by rewriting history to claim that his ancestor Banquo was the rightful heir to the crown.

      The Declaration of Arbroath may well reflect the need to wipe out the memory of the Picts and their weird practices. Nevertheless, some written accounts survive in Irish and French records and, for all we know, in Kew.

    263. Gary45% says:

      Its not just the garbage food standards etc that will come in from the USA it will also be the Israelis who will be in control of the UK.
      One of the reasons Patel and the rest of the Tory/Brexiteers “special” relationship with the Zionists.
      We have no idea the extent the damage that we are facing as a country.
      Is this scaremongering? I don’t think so.

      Tackety Beets@10.58.
      Nice One.

    264. Bill McLean says:

      O/T In 1970 the author R.F. Delderfield wrote “God is an Englishman” – now we know who created this damned mess!

    265. HandandShrimp says:

      Watched the launch of Alex’s show which will be broadcast on RT.

      It was an entertaining launch and I think it bodes well for the programme. A good move by RT to secure the broadcast rights too.

      The screaming butt hurt from the Yoons is just an incidental bonus. 🙂

    266. Chick McGregor says:

      A few years back, the CIA came under very strong condemnation from EU leaders, especially Merkel, for their activities in gaining information about them.

      It would therefore make perfect sense, from within the CIA logic bubble, to carry on regardless but lay the blame off on the Russians with the added bonus of “Russia Bad!”.

    267. Robert Peffers says:

      @stu mac says: 10 November, 2017 at 9:03 am:

      ” … There really is (and always was) a dearth of knowledge about Picts – and Dalriada and Strathclyde too – simply because there are very few contemporary records and those there are are pretty slim on detail.”

      There is no sinister mystery about the Picts – they are still with us. They were not wiped out but just, like every other north Britain tribe, absorbed into the modern population of Scotland.

      In the first place the lack of knowledge is because the Picts did not have a written language. Thus we do not know what they called themselves. We only know what the Romans called them. So the first written recorded history began with the Romans and it was the Romans who named the many tribes in Britain but, as the Romans never really conquered what became Scotland, their knowledge was somewhat limited.

      Not to mention that much of the Roman records contradict each other and, believe it or not, were no different from the long standing Westminster never ending re-writing of our history. The differences were because Britain was seen by the Roman leaders as a way to enhance their political standing back in Rome. This is evidenced by those leaders in Britain that ended as Roman emperors.

      The Briton frontier was their doorway to the top. Note that the very first Roman, “Wall”, in the Roman Empire was the Gask Ridge and the Gask Road that was then extended to become the Antoine Wall. Followed by Hadrian’s Wall and the Roman efforts to protect their Empire behind defences.

      The fact that the Roman’s abandoned Roman Britain as part of their greater overall plan to protect their failing Empire shows how little they really valued Britain. Which abandonment began the stage in Britain’s history we still live with today.

      The South Britons invited the Germanic Tribes to replace the Romans and we still have the Germanic Royal family as legally sovereign in the KINGDOM of England and hereditary Anglo Saxon and Norman, (“Norman”, is derived from the term, “Norse men”, and that is still the Germanic Tribes invited to run Britain by the South Britons in Londinium. They were not from what we now call Germany but more from Scandinavia. The Normans arrived in what is now Normandy in the same way as they arrived in South Britain by invite with lands given to stop their raidings.

      For the very same reasons of political advantage and subjugation of local populations by larger and more imperial minded countries. Does that not sound familier to you?


    268. Capella says:

      BTW Hamlet is another example. When Hamlet’s father dies, Hamlet could expect to become king. But he doesn’t. His uncle becomes king by marrying his mother.

      Shakespeare may have been poking fun at the whole kingship idea, which would have cost him his head when Elizabeth “the Bastard” was alive. The Tudor claim was based on a lie when the first Henry Tudor married the heiress and became king.

      I’m not bothering with links since Mr Google can supply them if interested. It’s very OT, if not OTT.

    269. Chick McGregor says:

      Anyone get the National digital version today?

    270. Capella says:

      Oops – should have been James VI above, not XI – there’s not been that many of them, at least, not on the throne. Apologies.

      Hi Robert – thought you would be along to correct the errors. By a strange coincidence, I was just thinking of Empire Biscuit and “our imperial master” earlier today and wondering whether he will resurface soon. Thanks for posting the link!
      Must be something “in the air”.

    271. turnbulldrier says:

      Happpy (belated) birfday Wings..

      Trying to remember how I got hooked here.. 2012 (my first comment) was a *long* time ago, and loads of brain cells have since departed..

      Anyway, onwards and upwards 🙂

      Keep up the outstanding work Rev.

    272. Fireproofjim says:

      Re Picts.
      Robert Peffers is right (of course). The Picts and Brythons were all Celtic groups (as were the Scots) and they probably spoke a mutually intelligible Gaelic language, so it was easy and natural for them to be absorbed into the new Scotland. They did not vanish.
      The had a high culture based on tribal symbols, and their symbol stones exist across Scotland.
      I had the good fortune to find such a stone, carved with deer heads and mirrors, built into a wall near Strathmiglo, and it is now standing outside the Starthmiglo kirk.

    273. Robert Peffers says:

      @Chick McGregor says: 9 November, 2017 at 11:45 pm:

      “Well with the weight I’ve put on since Wings came into existence you’ve got your work cut out for you. ?

      Nah! It’ll be aa yon pop-corn whit’s tae blame.

    274. Tam the Bam. says:

      Belated Birthday Greetings Wings.

      Carry on fighting the good fight Rev….your congregation stands behind you now and forevermore.Amen.

    275. Ottomanboi says:

      Re ‘Scottish History’ when one continues to come across howlers such as St Columba introduced Christianity to Scotland or that the culture of Rome had little impact on the early Scottish centuries or that we had no literature or art to speak of in the first millennium or that the Scottish ‘enlightenment’ was entirely due the intellectual impact of the ‘liberating’ Protestant Reformation, a devoutly held belief of British Unionist historians, one realises what a creative plaything for the ‘imaginative’ history can be; for the victors that is.
      Much that we know about ourselves comes from foreign sources starting with the Roman propaganda of painted, naked savage warriors….in climatically challenging Scotland!
      For the history of the ‘Atlantic Archipelago’ ie the ‘British’ isles best read Norman Davies, the establishment hates him.

    276. Jack Murphy says:

      Sorry if this link has been posted already.
      RT UK TV has a quick chat with Alex Salmond.

      RT UK:
      On YouTube RT UK TODAY is just under 6 minutes:

      “It’s my time to ask the questions” says former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond ahead of his new show with RT.

      Check out the first episode on November 16……….”

    277. Lenny Hartley says:

      Capella, I’m very aware of the customs of the Picts having studied them when I lived among them most of my working Life in the North East of Scotland. As Robert Peffers says there still with us. What I was saying that in the Declaration of Arbroath they told a political lie to try and garner favour with the Pope.
      btw I recommend peter Ellis Berresfords book on Mcbeth, superb like many of his books.

    278. Petra says:

      Happy Belated Birthday Wings. Thanks for playing a MASSIVE part on boosting support for Independence to 45%. Keep up the good work and get us over the line, PLEASE X

      You’ve got them on the run! An oldie but I love it.

    279. Ottomanboi says:

      The ‘Picts’, a foreign name, are a blank canvas on which everybody and anybody seems free to contribute starting with the third century Roman Eumenius who probably never met one.
      Other than their stone towers, unique north of the Alps, pagan and Christian steles virtually nothing direct is known about them.
      The odd scraps of ‘text’ carved on such stones in largely unintelligible, equally the significance of the symbols, considered by some to be ‘hieroglyphic’. As a consequence even the linguistic group to which they belonged is open to speculation. We don’t have much to go on. But it is possible to make analogies with more modern communities.
      As Scotland’s population In the early centuries was comparatively small 100-150K and was possibly an ethnic-linguistic patchwork not unlike the Caucasus states where marked differences in language and custom were recorded by 19th century ethnologists within related communities and within relatively short distances an older population possible non-Indo-European in origin may have survived. As some of Scotland’s place names do not fit into the standard Indo-European classification the English academic Kenneth H. Jackson was given to speculate that there may have been a non-Celtic substrate in ‘Pictish’ which may even not have been one linguistic group but several. One of which he conjectured to have been a variant of the neighbouring Brythonic of Strathclyde and Lothian.
      The arrival of Christianity, first with Britonic missionaries from Lowland Scotland and subsequently from Gaelic Ireland with the Columban mission would have given a further stir to the Pictic soup.
      Picts, whoever they were, didn’t die out but were absorbed. Like the ‘druids’ they offer the romantics a broad space to play out their idiosyncratic race fantasies and provide opportunities for dressing up. In the unlikely event that there is unearthed a Scottish equivalent of the Rosetta Stone we possibly will have to put up with a fair amount of the latter.
      In modern Scotland we need more evidence based and factual research into our origins. Preferably carried out by Scots. This is yet another area of our culture woefully neglected under Britannia’s condescending, Herrenvolkisch imperium.

    280. Capella says:

      @ Lenny Hartley – will check out the Berresford book. Thx.

    281. Capella says:

      Just ordered it for 49p!

    282. Meg merrilees says:


      Part of the reason we have no 16 volume History of Scotland is because our early/ancient history was removed to London by the invading English -can’t remember which King… was it Edward 1st or later?
      It lay there for many years until the then King of Scotland and England – Charles 1 decreed that it should be returned forthwith to it’s rightful place in Scotland. Unfortunately it was sent by sea and there was a storm en route during which the said ship sank…
      That’s the official line at any rate. Think I read it at Stirling Castle.

      Open to correction if I’ve falsely remembered all of this!

    283. meg merrilees says:

      Scot Finlayson @ 9.30 am

      Apologies I hadn’t read your earlier post re Scotland’s Ancient history – but at least now I know I wasn’t making it up!

    284. Chick McGregor says:

      In response to various.

      Edward I, or as I think of him ‘Psycho Eddie’ not only attacked every available neighbour he had but to complete his claim to being Europe’s first historical prototype Hitler also was the first to exterminate and permanently exile Jews by law. The law exiling Jews from England was to last for hundreds of years after his reign before it was repealed.

      In regard to Scotland he not only physically removed any available Scottish literature his troops could get their hands on but burned many registries and libraries as well, like the famous library at Restennoth which allegedly had books dating back to 400AD in its collection.

      Cultural vandalism on an immense scale.

      In England he had already passed draconian laws to stamp out free speech there. Not only could someone be executed for purveying ‘false news’, i.e. anything he did not agree with, but anyone who failed to report such could also be jailed or worse as well.

      Nice guy, not.

    285. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Ade Edmondson was Europe’s first Eddie Hitler @Chick McGregor says at 11:52 pm


    286. twathater says:


    287. Capella says:

      @ meg merrilees @ Scot Finlayson – thx for info on the Scottish state docs. But we have had some history since Charles 1st.

      The only interesting fact I recall from Neil Oliver’s ghastly History of Scotland was his trip to a Paris archive to read the ancient Scottish king list. It was sold to the Paris archivists in London in the 18th century, said Oliver, no explanation of what it was doing in London.

      So it is still a puzzle to me that no University has an interest in producing a definitive history of Scotland. Yes, archaeology can help fill out the gaps. Even then, I hear it is the University of York which is studying Rhynie.

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