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Something we need to talk about

Posted on November 10, 2017 by

Series 3, #1.

No, it’s not her.

(Previous series)

Alternatively, of course, for balance, there’s always this:

“I’m not Scottish, I have no Scottish relatives and no links to Scotland, I live in and am talking to you from London, but I consider your country to be a region of my country and therefore my property. Why won’t you love me?”

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  1. mike d says:

    It’s only the PSB’s who love their captors. They call it Stockholm syndrome.

  2. Peter Brunskill says:

    I don’t get voting No because we keep the monarchy – we would have kept the monarchy either way.
    I prefer to see the monarchy as a rather expensive irrelevance.

  3. stonefree says:

    There is an erse that wants to drag himself into the modern world

  4. Paul Miller says:

    Well, I’m convinced.

  5. Dan Huil says:

    Jings, that Scotland in union thingy is even more creepy, arrogant and ignorant than I thought.

    Thank god for real people like Bryce.

  6. ClanDonald says:

    “An ancient nation of five million people must stay ruled by a government they didn’t vote for and have their European citizenship taken away from them against their will so that I may wake up each morning with a sense of identity that’s like a gin which still has a tonic in it.”

    Spectacular, actually.

  7. Capella says:

    Another excellent Phantom Power film and thank you Bryce for spelling out how you came to change your mind to YES.

    But oh dear, Tom Holland, what can one say. He is supposed to be a historian but is clearly ignorant of what the United Kingdom is. Scotland can neither leave nor stay in the United Kingdom. If Scotland goes the United Kingdom is no more.

    Mr Peffers should send him a short account of the true history of These Islands.

  8. James Sneddon says:

    So the positive case for the union boils down to ‘just nice to have you around old chap’ Go away and think again Mr Holland when you’ve come to the logical solution to a democratic deficit let alone an answer to the austerity, death by design for disabled people, recession, tax evasion by royalty, celebrities, corporations and the attendant hypocrisy of the political class, the westminster system has us in. Free Scotland and then free yourselfs.

  9. Desimond says:

    You had me at “like A perfect gin and tonic”

    classic wind up stuff

    what?..wait…its not April 1st?

  10. Gary45% says:

    I take it Mr Holland has never lived in Scotchland, if he did he would see were are a totally separate COUNTRY in our beliefs, culture etc.
    His comments are a bit like me saying “Please Moon don’t go away” we need you in the sky, I’ve only read about, but never lived on you, Please stay “.
    He sounded a bit like the Kate Moss/ Bowie plea.
    London Bubble Syndrome.LBS

  11. Welsh Sion says:

    “The rest of us in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, value everything that you are doing and hope that you succeed in your campaign to keep Scotland in the UK.”


    No, we don’t – Not in our name.

    Who was it that said “Scotland” did not speak when it registered its support for Catalunya’s right to vote on independence? You can’t have it both ways, you yoon t*wts. And you have no right to speak for *my* country nor me on matters of Scottish independence, either.

    I hope you choke on your bloody G and T.

  12. Welsh Sion says:

    My apologies to all Unionists. I called you “t*wts”. I meant to call you “tw*ts”, obviously.

  13. Bob Mack says:

    It is the arrogance of the plantation owner who professes his workers loved him as a brother or father despite his decades of ill treatment and neglect of their welfare.

    Nauseating .

  14. galamcennalath says:

    I’m still waiting …. is there anything at all which the Union can offer Scotland?

    Forget the nostalgia. We should make decisions for the generations to come, not in memory of those which have passed. The future … what does the Union offer Scotland?

    I have the feeling I may wait a long time.

  15. FTDMail says:

    Tom Holland. If that’s the best you lot can come up with then you are totally f*cked.

  16. Holebender says:

    Sorry to say it but anyone who voted No on the basis that the Queen would still be head of State of an independent Scotland is a fucking idiot.

    Does he seriously think the United KINGDOM is more likely to become a republic than Scotland would?

  17. What a load of rubbish from Tom Holland, though I suspect his views, are probably representative of all those British nationalists who see Scotland as nothing more than a region of England.

    He also displays his complete ignorance of history and of Scotland.

  18. Helpmaboab says:

    Scotland In Union’s video output continues to be risibly entertaining.

    Perhaps only Alistair Cameron could be so uniquely tone-deaf about Scotland as to think “Who will sway Scottish opinion? Why yes! An ex-Cambridge author with a penchant for sentimentalising the British Empire. An awfully fine chap. Pillar of the Surbiton Caledonian Club, you know.”

    It almost makes their film of Archie MacPherson’s dark warnings about foreignenness look credible. Almost.

  19. Tanushiheadbash says:

    The 1 minute 15 seconds he spent doing that video was probably the longest he has ever given Scotland a thought.

    Run off back to your perfectly mixed G&T, there’s a good chap.

  20. Macart says:

    Another fine piece from Phantom Power there.

    As for Mr Holland? That’s some real deep thinking going on there.

    No discernible facts or historical constitutional legality getting in the way of that heartfelt plea, but deep and… gin and…reasons.

  21. HandandShrimp says:

    Thought the Tory front Scotland in Union had been replaced by another Tory front (and even more London based) These Sceptred Isles

  22. Ken500 says:

    The monarchy are supposed to be totally impartial. Not tax evading interfering total hypocrites. Tories used by a unionist Gov to ruin the world economy. The biggest consumers on the planet lecturing others. Taking part in illegal wars destroying families.

    There is an argument for a totally impartial head of State. Even an imartial. Not affected by political influence but that is not happening. Supporting a regime that is starving vulnerable people is not acceptable. Starving and maiming millions of vulnerable people.

    The Tories want out of the EU to continue tax evading.

    Unless the Tories are soon gone they will destroy the world economy leaving people in Scotland/UK in increasing poverty. They are appalling. The mess they are creating is almost unprecedented. Until considering the mess from before 1928 and onwards. From scandal to disaster every decade. Bankrupt Britain. £Trns in debt. Trying to destroy the world. The criminality hidden under the Official Secrets Act. Scotland’s resources used and wasted to keep these ignorant incompetents in power in Westminster. Consumed by secrets, lies and misinformation. Greedy incompetents and their associates. To the detriment of the Scottish economy.

    Scottish Independence will help the world economy. Make the unscrupulous Westminster operators think again.

  23. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Honestly had no idea who that was – thought it was Historywoman with a new haircut/specs combo.

  24. Ken500 says:

    Tom Hollander. Achievements? Destroying the world economy. Starving vulnerable people. £Trns in debt. Causing the worst migration crisis in Europe since 11WW. What a legacy. What a heritage. What a disaster.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. The corruption by Westminster unionists.

  25. Kininvie says:

    I find Tom Holland’s attitude very strange, and I’ve had a few exchanges on Twitter with him about it. His books on the ancient world are excellent, often because he looks at history from a different angle to received wisdom. He knows full well that political structures are never set in stone, and that the ancient world (especially the Greeks) was a constantly shifting pattern of alliances, in which nothing lasted for ever – or even for very long.

    So his emotional attachment to the Union must be at odds with what his head tells him about politics and power. That’s maybe understandable, but it’s disappointing in so far as it appears to limit his creative thinking. There are many different ways in which the relationships between the peoples of the British Islands can be redesigned, and to adhere so tenaciously to a Union which many (on all sides) think is past its sell-by date, is, to say the least, curious….

  26. stewartb says:

    Peter Brunskill @11:06 am

    You write: “I prefer to see the monarchy as a rather expensive irrelevance.” I wish it were just that but I’m afraid its not. The following serves as illustration.

    This is from an article in The Guardian (15 January, 2013):

    “The extent of the Queen and Prince Charles’s secretive power of veto over new laws has been exposed after Downing Street lost its battle to keep information about its application secret.

    Whitehall papers prepared by Cabinet Office lawyers show that overall at least 39 bills have been subject to the most senior royals’ little-known power to consent to or block new laws. They also reveal the power has been used to torpedo proposed legislation relating to decisions about the country going to war.

    The internal Whitehall pamphlet was only released following a court order and shows ministers and civil servants are obliged to consult the Queen and Prince Charles in greater detail and over more areas of legislation than was previously understood.

    The new laws that were required to receive the seal of approval from the Queen or Prince Charles cover issues from higher education and paternity pay to identity cards and child maintenance.”

    The article lists the broad subject areas that have been the subject of royal ‘influence’. Just to clarify, this is not about the Monarch ‘signing off’ legislation AFTER approval by Parliament – it is not about the so-called ‘Royal Assent’.

    I’ll also leave this link to a wider discussion of why the monarchy as it presently operates within the Westminster-dominated UK state should not be viewed as an “irrelevance” : .

  27. Alan says:

    Thank you Scotland for being one of the last bits of Empire on which my identity as English, oops, I mean British, depends.

  28. Dr Jim says:

    Two Twits in a row, one says NO because he doesn’t care for the completely totally powerless and irrelevant Queen and also doesn’t like the EU which Scotland would have had a different renegotiated relationship with anyway

    The other guy is yer typical Englishman who was dispossessed of understanding and empathy from birth and so full of his own self importance and lack of education he doesn’t even hear himself talk mince because he knows no better, in other words just a total Arse

  29. Muscleguy says:


    The guy has autism and I heard all manner of ridiculous and risible reasons to vote Yes during IndRef1. We just nodded and got out of there as soon as we decently could. Peatworrier relates how he was standing duty for Yes outside a polling booth when a woman, elated hugged him from behind. She had voted Yes because she thought it meant we would be out of Europe. Swallowed BT propaganda hook, line and sinker and voted Yes on the basis of it.

    Would it be nice if every single person who voted Yes to make us independent did so on the basis of solid, PC, reasoning? Of course, but we live in the real world. As a campaigner for Yes I don’t CARE what your reasons are, so long as you vote Yes.

    Insulting former No voters will not win us Independence. He has realised the error of his ways, leave him be.

  30. Lochside says:

    Gin and tonic?…more like gin and toxic.

  31. David Howdle says:

    Looking at Mr Holland’s website ( he does seem to have a liking for empires so maybe his attitude to Scotland isn’t so surprising!

  32. Peter Mirtitsch says:

    How the hell does someone with NO Scottish links have Scotland as part of their heritage???

  33. John Jones says:

    Sorry but I gave up watching the Tom Holland video within a minute (with so much steam coming out of my ears I was like the puffer the Vital Spark).

  34. Everyone in in England Wales and Northern Ireland need you to keep bankrolling us so please stay we need you although we will never admit it

  35. galamcennalath says:

    UK as a G&T ?

    Well the gin will probably be made in Scotland.

    The Tonic Water flavouring forms from the tropics.

    So what does England bring to the table?

  36. David Smith says:

    Anyone who still accepts the concept of someone being superior to them due to accident of birth clearly hasn’t applied anywhere near sufficient thought to the matter…

  37. Az says:

    So while Bryce now realises independence in the #1 issue, and queenie and EU very much secondary, it’s surely worth making sure everyone understands that independence is achieved by dissolving the Treaty of Union, and thus is purely about political independence, and also that Scotland’s default mode is kingdom which cannot be changed by the action of dissolving said treaty. If you want a republic, your best chance is Scotland. A bloody good chance I’d say.

    Tom Holland. That was painful to watch. Such a vacuous case for union. Sentiment. Vague loyalty. Boak.

  38. Liam says:

    galamcennalath said

    So what does England bring to the table?

    Since the water probably comes from Scotland as well (we do have a LOT of it after all)that just leaves the gas in the bubbles.

  39. Az says:

    @ galamcennalath 12.45

    England brings itself to the table and drinks the Gin and Tonic; all of it.

  40. Dr Jim says:

    My Journey to F… off UK

    Unfortunately Wales isn’t yet economically viable enough for Independence and Northern Ireland will likely never be in any foreseeable future so if you live in England you must be panicking about the cost of supporting these countries all by yourself without Scottish aid pouring in to the English exchequer to do that, and of course with the cost of the mahoosive defence bill continually mounting and Scotlands position on removing nuclear weapons from the Clyde

    The future isn’t looking bright from a Unionist point of view, so I guess that’s why they love us hate us so much all at the same time, and we selfish Scots should have a bit of consideration for that, after all it is all for one and all for England

    Vote NO to keep Scotland financing the poor downtrodden folk of England, and have some sympathy, we don’t want to make them or us foreigners after all by being Independent coz there’s apparently NOTHING worse than being foreign

    Remember to forward all compulsory donations for the refurbishment of the English House of Commons Buckingham Palace and the Bonging of Big Ben to the correct Parliament of England because these institutions benefit Scotland hugely I’m told

    We’re all British when it comes to taking our money but we become Scottish if we want some back

  41. Robert Peffers says:

    You just have to feel sorry for Tom Holland. Poor chap is a victim of the English Education system and is, if you pardon the pun, “literally illiterate”.

    He thinks that the country and Kingdom of Scotland is part of his country. His country that he calls, “The UK”, but those initials UK are for, “United KINGDOM”, which is exactly what it says it is – A UNITED KINGDOM. So apparently the poor man cannot read or he would know that it is a Kingdom and a kingdom is the realm of a monarch and need not be even an entire Kingdom. There are English Shires and counties that were historically English Kingdoms and there are kingdoms that contain several countries.

    Furthermore, Tom’s grasp of history is somewhat lacking for that United Kingdom he thinks is his country has only two signatory kingdoms on the treaty that formed it and they are both KINGDOMS but one of them contains three countries.

    Poor Tom is more to be pitied and educated than laughed at but poor Tom is not alone. Perhaps we Scots could, after independence, send missionaries down to England to educate the poor unfortunate native Englanders.

    Even more shocking is the fact that many Englanders are so badly educated they think that England is Britain. Apparently no one has told them that there are four, independent of the United Kingdom government, legislative countries that form part of the British Isles.

    I can only conclude that Thomas Gray got it right in 1742

    “where ignorance is bliss, “ ‘Tis indeed, “folly to be wise.”

  42. Kat hamilton says:

    Mr holland…few facts that maybe you might like to ponder…it’s ain’t grievance, chip on the shoulder or angst that is making more native scots want self governance…it’s a country waking up after centuries of misrule under perfidious Albion…oil wealth squandered, hidden reports to mask the wealth, nuclear weapons, coastal waters stolen, and constantly being undermined and made to look impoverished…yes mr holland that’s what Britain has given us and I reject your blinkered vision that’s outdated and empirical in tone…many other lands have broken with old blighty…how many have pleaded to come back…zilch being the answer….

  43. Liz Rannoch says:

    Muscleguy @ 12.24

    Got in there before me.

    Please everybody on here, know that Aspies THINK differently from ‘normal’ people. The fact that he was told by oor Eck that the queenie would remain our head of state (like Australia and Canada) probably goes to why he thinks this way. There are a good few Yes/Brexit people in Scotland.
    Our son (36) is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder ‘ladder’ and was only diagnosed officially 3 years ago. Life has been a bit of a battle to say the least. He won’t ever have a ‘normal’ life.
    Anyway, the point is that Bryce has now changed his mind (a very hard thing to do with ASD) and THAT’S the good thing.

    PS Very belated, very happy birthday to wos boss or qoSlIj DatIvjaj!

  44. Marie Clark says:

    Well Bryce, I’m still scratching my head at your reason for voting no in the indy ref, but, hey ho, you’ve come to realise that yes next time round is the correct option. Welcome aboard Sir.

    As for Tom Holland, oh dear, sigh! I thought that he was supposed to be a respected hstorian. Calling Robert Peffers, where are you Robert, someone here is in dire need of a history lesson. Jeez oh.

  45. HandandShrimp says:

    The BBC seem to be in total hate mode over The Alex Salmond Show.

    This is good. Little chance the first episode will go by unnoticed 🙂

  46. Liz g says:

    Well nae surprise there….
    A Londoner seems to think he is well served by the current Treaty arrangement between Scotland and England, and doesn’t want it to change!!!

    They are doing it again, just like Better Together before them, Scotland in Union seems tae think that this is a conversation that everybody should have a say in!

    It’s not…. this is a debate and a decision for the Scottish people,and the Scottish people alone.
    It has not a thing to do with anyone else.
    And they should have nothing to say about it!

    Only we in Scotland can Judge if we are being well served by the Westminster system of government,that the 1707 Treaty gave rise to!
    Because as far as I can tell there is no campaigning to get rid of it in England,so I can only conclude that they are happy with it.
    I have nae problems with England campaigning to either keep it or dump it.
    That’s their right, do it if they must and then vote on it,fairs fair!
    But they have no right to interfere in another countries constitutional decision making process.

    How would that have played out during the EU referendum if the other countries were encouraged to interfere and join in the campaign to remain in the Trade Treaty being discussed,and voted on?
    The other signatories (and there are 27 of them) quite properly stayed out of it.
    And this is a much more serious discussion,this is not just a Trading arrangement but rather this is about how an Actual Country want’s to organise it’s Government.

    By all means wade in around the right to self determination,that is indeed everyone’s business.
    Definitely highlight the lies and propoganda of the Media a global problem,of which Scotland is a classic example.
    Illegal activities of the current government and monarchy is IMHO a duty to expose.

    But reasons to stay with the current system or change it up that’s our business, ours alone and they should mind theirs.
    So says a Scot who has…how was it put?…”thought very carefully about it”….

  47. Marie Clark says:

    Robert Peffers @ 1.21, sorry Robert, I see that while I was typing out my post, that you had posted just before me.

    Thank you, that Holland fella needs to be educated right enough.

  48. Bob p says:

    Galamcennalath 11.32am.’what does the union offer Scotland?,let me see,Involvement in illegal wars,A privatised NHS, welfare cuts,Attacks on the poor and less fortunate than others, No eu protection for workers rights,basically Scotland will be left a barren wasteland.

  49. David Sharpe says:

    He believes that scotland is part of his country, not part of a union you understand, but part of his country, he must be english and related to a bulldog… heh heh heh

  50. Tinto Chiel says:

    I was going to say, “What an utter plank” but then I remembered he wrote “In The Shadow of The Sword”, a very brave book about the origin of the three main Old World religions, particularly Islam.

    Having said that, this is just the sort of condescending, delusional drivel which normally sane Oxbridge historians start to spout when they turn to Scottish matters.

    Frankly, I couldn’t give a flying Carmichael what he thinks about my country’s independence.

    Subtext to clip: “we desperately need a colony to keep and control as a pathetic imperial fig-leaf and to share the blame for the sins of Our Glorious Empire.”

  51. geeo says:

    Not sure why people are having a go at Bryce in the first film!!

    He has changed from No to YES ffs.

    Are you trying to change him back to No ?

    Put it this way, if the Rev had put up a ‘remember this guy” post, would you believe me if i told you he was now a Yes voter, would you believe him ?

    Probably not, would be a majority view in my opinion.

    Yet here he is, ready to vote Yes, and more importantly, ready to vote Yes first and foremost, and happy to sort out everything else out later, AFTER Independence is achieved, something committed Yessers could learn from.

    Independence first, everything else later, as without independence, there is nothing later.

  52. Macart says:


    I suspect Mr Holland is conflating the social union with the political one. Most unionists do and tbf it’s what they’re mislead to believe, that the two are one. They’re not and never were.

    What Mr Holland needs to be made aware of, is that Scotland is not his country, nor part of his country. It is party to a political construct. No more, no less. Social and familial unions however, span the globe and have no need of borders, political oversight, or indeed political permission.

    Once that’s straightened out, the world is his lobster.

  53. ronnie anderon says:

    Ignorance & Arrogance is a trait we have come to expect from the Uber Unionists .

    Git intae him oan Twatter Mr Peffers lol.

  54. Petra says:

    Another brilliant Phantom Power film and a big thank you to Bryce for sharing his journey to Yes with us.

    As to Mr Holland, well he doesn’t seem to ‘get it’. We’re not here to ”enhance his (or any other English persons) sense of identity.” Surely they don’t need Scotland or the Scots to do that? Or do they? Is the penny beginning to drop?

    I agree that ”we bring our own distinct traditions (to this Union)”, however he’s missing the point again. Many Scots loathe the more English traditions such as the Monarchy, the pageantry, the House of Lords and their penchant for warmongering, to name but a few. Most Scots are more concerned with promoting peace and living in an empathetic, equitable society: Living in a country where we get the Government that we voted for, not a corrupt cabal of soul-sucking narcissists.

    Watching a woman sitting on a lavish throne with a massive crown on her head bedecked with jewels (many robbed from other countries) whilst stating ”my Government is committed to building an economy where people who work hard are properly rewarded. It will therefore continue to reform the benefit system helping people move from welfare to work” just sums up the whole bl**dy toxic situation. It’s farcical in fact.

    In saying that I reckon that it’s an issue that should be dealt with after we get our Independence. No point in creating even more divisions before that time, imo.

  55. geeo says:

    Sorry for ot here, but guess what..turn out yet again, that yet another ‘randomly selected’ audience ‘contributor’ on Question Time is not quite as ‘random as they appear…

    “Chris Stevens is a Conservative councillor from Horley on the Surrey/West Sussex border.

    As an audience member during the Question Time debate, he was responding to claims that Conservative government policy had sent “disabled people to their deaths”.

  56. geeo says:

    Oops..forgot the link to last post…

  57. Big Jock says:

    How often did we hear English athletes when competing in the Glasgow Commonwealth games describing it as :”Home Soil”.

    I doubt a Scot competing for Scotland would ever describe Manchester as home soil. This arrogant attitude of not observing the existence of other countries in the UK , is very much an English disease.

    It’s the old Britain is England scenario. To an Englishman they lose nothing by Britain being conflated with England. For a Scot they lose their identity completely. I don’t ever expect an English person to fully understand how painful and exasperating this is.

  58. Alba 46 says:

    Rt Alex Salmond show.
    The state broadcaster getting their nickers in a real twist over the forthcoming show. Kirsty Wark does her usual Britnat spiel trying to debunk AS. As usual he had done his homework and listed the number of MPs by party who had appeared on RT. Christ they never learn.

    The print media going into overdrive about RT being funded by the Russian government. Where is the evidence?, if there is any provide it. Even if it is funded by the Russian government (and i am sure that it is) why is that different from our state broadcaster where it is a confirmed fact the they are funded DIRECTLY by the westminster government.One set of rules for them and a different set of rules for the rest of us.

    As AS said the state broadcaster could easily have taken up this show and broadcast on the bbc. But they didn’t. I wonder why?.Whatever anyone thinks AS is a very knowledgeable ex politician who plays westminster at their own game and usually wins.

    That they do not like.

  59. I would have thought that those who are historians, like Tom Holland, would have learned and understood the lessons from the history they have studied and write about.

    In my book whether or not he has conflated the social union with the political one here in the UK doesn’t excuse him.

    He should know better.

  60. Calum McKay says:

    I have never felt ruled or constrained by the EU, but on the rest, monarchy, bbc bias, uk solcial policies, I agree with Bryce!

    Come independence there are a few core areas er need a referfendum on, these include monarchy, NATO and nationalisation of some key services which should be in public hands!

  61. Petra says:

    @ David Howdle says at 12:27 pm …. ”Looking at Mr Holland’s website ( he does seem to have a liking for empires so maybe his attitude to Scotland isn’t so surprising!”

    It would suit him better to study the causes of the disintegration of Empires and the French and Russian revolutions. His and ‘Scotland in Union’s’ education seems to be sadly lacking.

  62. Katsoft says:

    Come on guys that’s got to be a windup. Either that or the loonies have really taken over the asylum. If this is the best the unionists can come up with then they will lose. I can only hope it is sooner rather than later.

  63. galamcennalath says:

    What is this British Identity of which they speak? Genuinely leaves me a bit puzzled about where they get a ‘rosy feeling’ about their UK.

    I’m guessing for many it has something to do with the widespread believe that the British Empire was good and wholesome, but most importantly, better than others. They want to belong to something special which comes with a sense of superiority and entitlement. They don’t want to be part of a wee country, one among many.

    It’s all mythology, of course. The Empire was nasty, both for workers at home and the millions of overseas subjects it systematically ripped off.

    Perhaps others are proud of more recent achievements like the NHS and welfare state, associating these with their UK. Well, I have news for them, that UK is being eroded and will soon be erased. And all the wishing won’t bring it back. Those values will be found in an iScotland, not a future UK.

    Me, I see my identity is as part of a wee country and only want have the same status internationally as all the others.

  64. Ian says:

    One of the many things that we really do need to talk about is how the UK economy is doing in a way that puts it into a proper context. Like this –

    Any guesses for how it’ll look after March 2019?

  65. HandandShrimp says:


    …not so much responding as howling the place down in irate fury. 🙂

    Always amazed at how many active political types get into QT. How do they manage it? …answers on a postcard to Biased Bastards Inc.

  66. Arbroath1320 says:

    I applaud everyone who has taken the opportunity offered by Phantom Power to make a video about their move from the NO side to the YES side. Every one has a unique view and unique reasons for moving to YES. I look forward to seeing many more in the future.

    AS for Tom Holland … well what can I say that folks have either not already said or thought?

    Scotland is a part of my country … WTF!!!

    Which particular country would that be then Tom … oops I forgot YOU are an Englishman so you are talking about England … obviously!


    OI! Tom whilst I recognise you area totally irrelevant and ignorant little Englander I hate to be the bearer of bad news for you … Scotland is not, I repeat NOT, part of YOUR little England. Scotland is a wholly independently recognised country in its own right ya bampot!

    Perhaps it’s the news that 70% of Gin sales in England are produced in … erm … Scotland that is the cuase of wee Tom’s concern. I mean after Scotland becomes independent where will he be able to get his Gin from, at a rreasonable price, for himto make his “perfect” Gin and Tonic? 😀

  67. Liam says:

    galamcennalath says:
    10 November, 2017 at 2:26 pm

    What is this British Identity of which they speak? Genuinely leaves me a bit puzzled

    It shouldn’t. It’s nostalgia. For a made-up world of vicarages and perennial tea time. An Agatha Christie Miss Read Homecounties fantasy theme park. Tea and crumpets and all that cosy crap. Re-enforced by endless TV nostalgiatainment from Upstairs Downstairs back in the day and Downturn Abbey more recently and endless endless Classic Serials and Poirots and Sherlock Holmeses and Poldark the endless bloody Archers

    It’s a fantasy.

  68. Port jim says:

    Why don’t we love you?

    We were joined to you in a shotgun wedding 300 years ago, when the alternative offered was rape and murder.
    In that time you have proved to be a controlling and abusive spouse. There may have been some mutual affection in the middle years of the marriage, but your old attitudes have reasserted themselves over the last 50 years. The abuse is now more psychological than crudely physical, but is no less brutal for that.
    Any trust that there was has gone, and we want a divorce!

  69. heedtracker says:

    Toryboy shall speak unto toryboy. Holland’s just another tory tosser.

  70. Arbroath1320 says:

    I know one or two folks have mentioned Alex Salmond and the furore by the Yoon “experts” over his new chat show beginning next Thursday on R.T. Well just for good measure the Yoon Olympics of idiocy has reached Holyrood. 😀

  71. Andy Anderson says:

    Once we get our Freedom we need to have a referendum on the monarchy and whether we want a democratic republic without them, or not.

    I believe we do not need the monarchy. Nothing against them as people but I think they would be an anachronism in a modern democratic state. Her family are of course welcome to keep and live in Braemar although I suspect they would sell up if we were independent and we voted for a republic.

  72. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Having read the comments I should’ve guessed what was coming. All the same, my mood was ‘immeasurably enhanced’ when I hit the stop button after 50 seconds.

    “Away and buy yersel a shirt ya fekkin roaster!”

    *shakes fist above head whilst grimacing*

    🙁 🙁 🙁

  73. Truth says:

    Well done Bryce.

    I sympathise with the idea of a republic, and my thought process during the referendum was once we can control our own decisions we can make the decision on the monarchy. We can make the decision on Europe, hell, we can make the decision on anything, and not have to convince a right wing big brother to follow our thinking (never going to happen).

    But you’ve reached the right point now, and I salute you. Please do your best to convince any no voting friends or relatives of your new position.

    All the best.

  74. Proud Cybernat says:

    Gawn yersel Bryce. Well said big man.

  75. Dan Huil says:

    Dearie me, the britnat bbc isn’t happy about our Alex showing everyone there is an alternative to the biased britnat propaganda currently polluting Scotland.

  76. yesindyref2 says:

    I actually don’t have a clue who he is, and can’t be bothered finding out either. Is he a British Lions selector?

  77. TheItalianJob says:

    Good on ya Bryce. Particularly liked your straight talking to Ruth the mooth.

    As for that e**e Tom Holland. Never heard of him. First and last time I want to hear him speak.

    A total uneducated numpty in my opinion.

    Well done Robert Peffers for putting him in his room place. Wish he could have seen or read your post.

  78. galamcennalath says:

    Remember Corbyn’s words ….

    “We are going to be looking at all options around devolution, about powers that are currently held in Brussels going to the nations and regions of England,

    Not a slip of the tongue, this is how he and much of the Anglo Centric London Bubble think.

    A more savvy and estute English politician might not have said it, however I’m sure in most of their minds UK=Britain=England.

    A more honest way to describe their thinking would be to call it Greater England.

  79. Arbroath1320 says:

    I hope everyone already has, or will have by next Thursday, a good pair of ear defenders. You are going to need them to fight against the Yoonfest of acid hatred and bile that will explode acoss all Social media sites, BBC/ITV/STV/SKY/MSM etc before,during and after Alex’s show airs on R.T.

    As a wee taster of what we can all expect next Thursday I’ll leave this here. 😉

  80. Liz Rannoch says:

    Right, probably missing something really simple here but.. I’ve been looking for AS show and even searching is bringing up zilch. Are we talking about RT HD on sky 512?

  81. Arbroath1320 says:

    Alex’s show starts next Thursady on R.T. at 9 p.m. Liz

  82. Robert Graham says:

    o/t – The BBC have a trending clip on their website, Re – the country that keeps being ignored and left off maps, in this case it’s New Zealand .

    Irony is definitely not the staff of the BBCs strong point, from a government organisation that has been trying to remove Scotland and anything that refers to anything Scottish for years, it’s f/n rich these b/rds have the cheek to highlight what they perceive as a distinct wrongdoing by big countries and organisations against a small country .

    That’s unless it’s that blind spot north of their civilisation as they like to perceive it , the bloody annoying Jocks would be better just disappearing, why can’t they just be English like the rest of us.

  83. Liz Rannoch says:

    Arbroath1320 @ 4.13

    Thanks, but when I go forward to Thur. 9.00pm it just says ‘News’. Done a search but no Alex Salmond either.

    Getting really annoyed now!

  84. Lollysmum says:

    And just to wind the Yoons up even more RT is broadcasting Alex’s show several times that day -woohoo go Eck & rub the unionists’ noses in it 🙂

  85. Arbroath1320 says:

    Here is the tweet from The Alex Salmond Show itself Liz.

  86. Lenny Hartley says:

    Liz Rannoch, don’t worry about the Electronic Program Guide being wrong I have noticed that it is not updated or has the wrong description now and again.

  87. Great feature; well done, Bryce. Independence first, then we the people will make our own decisions about the Battenburgs and the Euros.
    Tom Holland, you do not speak for England Wales and Norn Irn.
    I am a Scot, I don’t belong to you, nor am I ‘part of’ your Britain/England.
    Just fuck off, and mind your own English business.
    The sight of Sarah Smith, Jackie Baillie, David Clegg, Ruth Davidson, Willie Rennie, Kezia Dugdale, and UKIP Coburn, and the Yoon Plants in the UK GE audience, especially the globe trotting nurse, convinces me more and more that YES politicians should boycott this filthy little Brit Nat Fascist set up.
    Sturgeon was served up on a plate by BBC Scotland.
    It was an absolute Yoon Hatefest.

    No UK politicians, just Wullie and Ruth and Kezia, and Sarah Smith barging her way through anything NS had to say.
    Got her reward all right. She is Andrew Neil with a sex change now.
    What an evil wee Fifth Column BBC Scotland is.
    Come the Revolution, there won’t be enough wee Washington sinecures for these tractors.
    My advice to pro Independence politicians. Boycott the Media, particularly the BBC.
    They exist to set you up and distort the independence message.
    Just don’t turn up.
    As for the MSM crew Up Here. it is obvious that you have all been drawn from the same elitist, cultural, religious, socio economic background and were bred from birth to believe that you belong to the ruling Right Wing class, and that England is your Mother Country, not Scotland.
    Well, the storm clouds are gathering.
    Fuck knows what work you’ll find when we are a Free Nation once more.
    THe clip of that UK GE ‘Leadership’ debate is evidence enough that BBC Scotland is a centre of pure evil and far right tyranny.

  88. TJenny says:

    Liz, like you, I scoured the RT website schedules in vain seeking the Eck’s show. Good to know I haven’t missed it.

    However, I have Virgin TV and they have blocked RT from their menus, so hopefully I can watch it online on the day, (If I can find the link). 🙂

  89. AlbertaScot says:

    Maybe I missed something but where is the perfection in a gin and tonic?

    Throw some ice in a glass, a couple glugs of gin, fill up with Canada Dry (they do a tonic too) and, BOOM, yer done.

    If you really want to go all-in crazy add a lemon slice.

    Stu’s cat could probably do it with one paw tied behind its back – although you probably wouldn’t want to do that to a cat.

    And by the way, isn’t the grown up name for gin, London Dry Gin.

    Like in London, London.

    The booze that bonds the empire. Not.

    Where I come from it was been kicked off the property long ago by an Alberta Premium (substitute Highwood or Crown Royal if you like) and Coke or a Caesar.

    Went to the Canadian Finals Rodeo the other night and dang it if Alberta Premium whisky wasn’t sponsoring an event.

    Nice to know I’m giving back to the community.

    One glass at a time.

  90. TJenny says:

    Bryce – welcome to the fold. 🙂

    I heard of many people in the run up to our indy ref, who stated they wouldn’t vote yes as we would be keeping the queen and would defo vote no, and, er, keep the queen!

    I couldn’t get my head round it then or now, but if they all have your same change of view now, I welcome them all with open arms. 🙂

  91. Robert Graham says:

    Well as usual , The Bile and total hatred expressed in the comments section regarding Alex Salmonds spot on R.T. , I believe this encapsulates a whole section of Scotland in Union, Better together or what ever front they hide behind now , That’s all these people have ,vile hatred, how do you promote that as a selling point ? , f/ kd if I know , but for some reason it seems to attract some folk . Normal People from overseas can’t quite understand why the majority voted NO they are as baffled as me , this is not normal behaviour from adults it’s perverse and strange behaviour .

  92. Arbroath1320 says:

    Here’s a couple of links for Liz and others about the Alex Salmond show that starts next Thursday.

  93. Muscleguy says:

    Sorry Scotland, you can’t have anything nice because it would make Tom Holland sad. We can’t have self determination or sovereignty, economic equality, control over our economy, immigration, foreign policy, monetary policy, social welfare, defence. Our children, grandchildren and their descendants will still have to go to war with anyone Westminster or Washington wants to fight.

    We will have to host dangerous weapons of mass destruction just outside our biggest city because anything else would make Tom Holland sad.

    5million plus people here will have to endure all manner of bad things until Tom Holland shuffles off this mortal coil.

    Unique amongst all other people on earth our national destiny resides in the gift or otherwise of Tom Holland.

    I’m just off to make sure none of this books are on my Amazon wishlist, just in case.

    Will nobody rid us of this troublesome historian?

  94. Muscleguy says:

    Phew! just checked, none. Though my birthday is in 10days and one of the offspring might have bought one. Oh! potential woe is me! Having to pretend to like a book by our oppressor.

  95. HandandShrimp says:

    David Torrance’s hissy fit on the Guardian (where they appear to be letting Torrance moderate the comments) is hilarious.

    RT may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the fact that Alex has a show and will be on TV every week clearly has rattled the Yoonsphere and lame hangers on like Torrance. One cannot buy advertising like this.

    I am looking forward to watching the first episode.

  96. Robert Peffers says:

    @Marie Clark says: 10 November, 2017 at 1:38 pm:

    “Thank you, that Holland fella needs to be educated right enough”

    I have the capacity to say or tell the most outrageous things while keeping a perfectly straight face. Folks usually never know if I’m pulling their legs or not.

    It is quite comic to see some unionist’s faces when they use the terms UK, United Kingdom, Britain, or even England, wrongly and you correct them.

    I worked for the MOD, (Admiralty), so it happened frequently. For example some RN service person would say something about the, “British Navy”, and I would, with a perfectly straight face, enquire, “Oh! Which one?”.

    Then, of course, they would insist the, “Royal Navy”, or even worse, “The English Navy”, and sometimes they would insist that there was only one British Navy.

    The look on their faces when you tell them there was a Royal Navy but it belonged to Her Majesty and not to England, there was also A Royal Fleet Auxiliary, A Mercantile Marine and none of them were the property of England. There also is an Irish Navy:-

  97. jfngw says:

    The Herald seems to have gone into full orgasmic mode regarding Alec Salmond. With all the things happening in this country you would think they could have more important things to report than a TV show. But it suites them, takes the focus off the shambles of the current UK government. How long before they get a new editor, hopefully a better one but somehow I doubt it.

    Seems to be a title in sad decline, it will be no real loss to Scotland if it closes. After all it’s a crowded market just pandering to the ultra unionist section of Scotland in the MSM arena.

  98. geeo says:

    Sky News website calling Nicola’s suggestion she wouldn’t have chosen RT as a platform a “withering attack” on Alex Salmond…deary me..utterly desperate stuff.

    A certain State sponsored propaganda channel actually REFUSED to take Alex’s show..

    The BBC. …enough said!

  99. galamcennalath says:

    ” Here’s the first evidence Russia used Twitter to influence Brexit

    Russia-based Twitter accounts that targeted the US presidential election also used divisive and racist rhetoric in an attempt to disrupt politics in the UK and Europe “

    Makes you wonder! Is WoS immune? Are some of our agitating trolls perhaps based in the ‘troll factor’ in St Petersburg?

    Come IndyRef2, it would seem unlikely that we won’t see a repeat of Brexit style trolling from our Eastern neighbours. Will they actually understand the issues or will they be as gormless as NaeBorders in SinUnion?

    Something to watch out for!

  100. North chiel says:

    Off topic , however concerned if the “ unionist rulers” of our national sport get their
    way , then we will no longer have a “ national stadium “ for our nation’s football team .
    Is this the thin end of the wedge? . Hampden Park has been the historic focal point for our national game and is iconic in European & world football. Scotland deserves a national stadium . Money is no object when it comes to Wembley & London

  101. Graeme McCormick says:

    Mr Holland obviously forgets his talk with George Washington.

  102. Arthur thomson says:

    Maybe o/t but about this blood and soil British identity, I was listening in the car to LBC earlier. Shelagh Fogarty talking about a train journey where she experienced the ‘British’ value of passengers helping each other in a time of adversity. She laid it on like too much jam on toast.

    What is it about Britnats that they are so deluded as to imagine that civilised behaviour is exceptional to being British? It is just so much tosh but I suspect that she and they actually believe it.

    I guess I was so fortunate, in Portugal recently, to find a Portuguese pharmacist who had British values and helped me beyond the call of duty. I didn’t insult the pharmacist by telling her that she was being very British. Well as British as a foreigner could hope to aspire to. I just put it down to the the civilised values I have come to expect from Portuguese people.

  103. Clootie says:

    The best they can come up with is Tom Holland!

    The “Gin & Tonic” quote required the need for a screen cleaning period. The choice drink of the Empire elite. India / Scotland…just places that need our management of their resources.

    In summary just be a quite region of MY great country.

  104. frogesque says:

    Is the problem RT (aka Russia Today) or is the problem Alec Salmond?

    Could Alec and Slante Media be an embryonic competitor to Murdoch, a child to be euthanised before birth?

  105. ALANM says:

    Russia Today will have at least one more viewer from next week – me!

    Our unionist friends really have got themselves into a bit of a froth over this – they need to calm themselves down and come to terms with the fact that Russia Today has been approved by Westminster to broadcast in the UK and so it can’t possibly be a propaganda channel.

    Alex stated that he has full editorial control with RT. That’s something he’d never have been granted by the BBC, itv or Sky News. Even if – God forbid – the BBC were ever to offer him his own show it would probably be on condition that the script had to be run past Nick “and answer came there none” Robinson prior to broadcast.

  106. TJenny says:

    Arbie – thanks for the links, now bookmarked. 🙂

  107. Conan the Librarian says:


    The moderation on the Gruniad is one of the reasons I stopped going there; don’t ever criticise *any* feminist article, ever…

  108. heedtracker says:

    The RT Salmond show must be considered a pretty big deal by beeb gimps. BBC r4 vote tory creep show’s been going on and on about how RT was declared a threat to the west last year, or something like, by the CIA no less.

    It is weird listening to imperial master baiters at the BBC go all flaking like this.

    Imagine same beeb gimps having to report the YES win, indyref2:D

  109. Bill McLean says:

    Must watch Alex’s show on RT which so many unionists twerps have brought to my attention. Really desperate to know what they are so scared of!

  110. Greannach says:

    I’m not Bulgarian, bur I spent two lovely holidays there, one on the Black Sea and another in the mountains.

    I demand that Bulgaria rescind its independent status and join the UK. Because it’s all about what I want. Me!

  111. HandandShrimp says:


    Being critical on a Bidisha article would indeed merit a severe leg slapping. Maybe I am just not seeing them but I don’t think the Guardian hosts nearly as many contributors on that front as it used to do. The Guardian is also a lot less tolerant of criticism of itself. It has in fact become a surprisingly reactionary old blimp in its old age.

    They closed comments on Torrance’s article. I am not surprised. The article is a quite disturbingly bitter, fact free, zone and just begs to be kicked in the fork. Unfortunately any suggestion of even a twitch of one’s boot merited the comment being deleted. The article begs questions of Torrance’s mental state rather than any sensible critique of a show no one has seen yet on a station that may or may not be more biased than any other News channel.

    Of course they will all have to watch it…that is the bit that really tickles me 🙂

  112. heedtracker says:

    Journalism as tantrum. Graun is such a weird newspaper but it just shows how tories think they own the media completely.

  113. Ken500 says:

    Alex Salmond beating them at their own game.

    BBC, Fox News, CNN have been broadcasting their biased News forever.

    Now there is some completion. They do not get away with it.

    Torrance’s fixation with Alex Salmond is disturbing.

  114. TheWasp says:

    Disreporting foaming at the mouth and also showing plenty of clips from those against the Alex Salmond show. Patrick Harvie doing himself no favours with his daft comments either.

  115. Tinto Chiel says:

    Torrance on Salmond: “He’s desperate for attention.”

    Complete irony bypass.

    Astonishing, even for that Weetabix-themed spanner.

  116. Dr Jim says:

    So the phone call goes a wee bit like this:

    Hello Nicola it’s Alex, Oh hello Alex congratulations on the show you’ve fairly got the Yoons all riled up, Aye thanks Nicola hen I just wanted to thank you for the wee bit of free advertising, Och happy to do it Alex, you’ve even got the BBC claiming they’re impartial and everything, desperate stuff from Yoonworld now eh, Luvvin it Big man, Aye Nicola they’ll be desperately counting the viewing figures now hoping to report a flop, so thanks again for that Babe, see you

  117. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    As a paid up member of Republic I can say new members are very welcome.

    Having said that I don’t think we should go on too much about old Liz and the gang, we know they are a dodgy family living on state hand-outs but to go on about it too much may alienate some people whose support we need.

    We can, ahem, address the issue of their Royal highness at some future point following independence.

    I don’t agree with personal abuse, but will offer that Mr Holland appears to be an arse.

  118. Ian Foulds says:

    galamcennalath says:
    10 November, 2017 at 11:32 am

    ‘…. We should make decisions for the generations to come, not in memory of those which have passed.

    The future … what does the Union offer Scotland?’

    I think I shall try to use such words if I ever have to talk to a BritNat.

    Thank you.

  119. Dr Jim says:

    Patrick Harvie who’s every economic policy is based on Communism has a bit of a tongue wrapped all the way round his more than two faced cheeks
    He was actually serious in his condemnation of Alex, if there ever was a little limelight grabbing dictator it’s wee Patrick

    Does he think the BBC ISN’T an arm of the British state then

  120. Graeme says:

    I’m kinda struggling to grasp Bryces rational for voting NO because we’d still have the monarchy, I just don’t get that but I’m sure there’s logic there somewhere,

    Personally I’m a republican although I probably wouldn’t be against some form of reformed scaled down monarchy, more in line with popular sovereignty,

    For me the biggest problem with the monarchy are the monarchists

  121. Liz Rannoch says:

    Arbroath 1320 thanks for those links – saved to favs.

    I can only come to one conclusion – my telly is LYING to me! Where’s ma tinfoil bunnet?

    Mmm gin, not so keen masel’ but my sister loves her Rock Rose gin with a roasted sprig of rosemary. (other gins are available).

    O/T Forward As One are holding their first National Conference in Dunfermline, Carnegie Conference Centre on 17 Dec 12-5pm. Tea/Coffee.
    They are also looking for ‘grassroot’ speakers.

  122. Dr Jim says:

    The BBC Reporting Scotland tells us about a Romanian man who commits a sexual assault on a young girl, a horrible and terrible crime for which he’s jailed for a long time and that’s right and proper, but, when it comes to a man being trafficked and sexually abused as a child he becomes a man from Glasgow so that likely means he’s Scottish but that somehow seems less important

    When other nationalities in Britain commit crimes they don’t tend to tell us where they’re from or how long they’ve been in the country
    if you happen to be “British” and commit a crime were you English Irish or Welsh or how long have you been in the country

    So is it just nasty *Foreigners* we’re told are nasty *Foreigners*

    Some might say I’m too suspicious of the BBCs motives but if a crime is committed is it not the crime that’s important and less about the perpetrators country of origin
    Either report every country of origin of all criminals or none, but be consistent

  123. BillyT says:

    The lad in To YES does not understand the reasons for Brexit by UK

  124. starlaw says:

    Oh great, something worth watching on Thursday night, got to be more open and honest than our State Sponsored EDL run Question Time with its placed audience and placed questions. Does the Beeb think our heads button up the back.

  125. BillyT says:

    I mean in previous about tax evasion.

  126. Les Wilson says:

    Got to thinking, the Yoons may now not be quite as happy as they were, when ousting Alex by hook or crook from his seat in Gordon.
    It seems to me that he is far more dangerous to them when not being tied up with politics.

    It will us all good to see them foaming at the mouth,say too much and he might take up suing them as a hobby.
    Go Alex! We will be watching.

    Any news on the Johnstone press chairmans job?

  127. Liz Rannoch says:

    Graeme 7.17pm
    BillyT 7.33pm

    Please see my post @ 1.27 about ASD.

  128. PictAtRandom says:

    Gary45% says:
    “10 November, 2017 at 11:23 am

    I take it Mr Holland has never lived in Scotchland, if he did he would see were are a totally separate COUNTRY in our beliefs, culture etc.
    His comments are a bit like me saying “Please Moon don’t go away” we need you in the sky, I’ve only read about, but never lived on you, Please stay “.
    He sounded a bit like the Kate Moss/ Bowie plea.
    London Bubble Syndrome.LBS”

    Having given over a few inches of (non-digitally ‘enlightened’) bookshelf space to Mr Holland this feels like a bit of a smack in the pus. If he could write with feeling about Thermopylae than perhaps he could think about Killiecrankie, Glentrool and a few other places that might mean something. Or does he think, like his Guardianista metro friends, that lines on a map are just ‘accidents of history’?

    (I would still have a certain respect for Bowie on the basis of his later material — and for Kate Moss if she’d ever said anything interlecktual.)

  129. Liz Rannoch says:

    Graeme @ 7.17pm
    BillyT @ 7.33pm

    OK that didn’t work first time.

    Please see my post at 1.27pm re ASD, thank you.

  130. Liz Rannoch says:

    note to self – patience, patience.

  131. stewartb says:

    Ian Foulds @ 7:06 pm and galamcennalath

    ‘…. We should make decisions for the generations to come, not in memory of those which have passed.” I agree.

    I’ve always been with Thomas Jefferson, principal author of the US Declaration of Independence, when he stated:

    “I like the dreams for the future better than the history of the past.” 

    These factors may explain the key divide – in mindset, in attitude – between those supporting Scottish independence and those insisting that Scotland must remain wedded to the Union.

  132. Giving Goose says:

    How dare he!
    I mean…well…how dare he!
    He goes off and forms a production company without checking with us first.

    But it gets worse!

    Not only is he going to make a programme for the TV but he’s going to air if on a foreign TV channel.

    And he didn’t run it by us first.

    Who does he think he is? Tony Blair!

    It would bad enough if it were the Frogs, but no! It’s those Ruskies. Yes the Russians. Putin no less.

    I mean we wouldn’t mind. After all some of our chaps have appeared on Russian TV but at least they were one of us.

    Salmond didn’t didn’t run it past us. In fact he’s not one of us.

    He’s a Jock and not a tame Jock at that.

    Oh no, he’s not like that Jockie Birdy woman on our BBC Scotland TV. Or young Rennie.

    He’s not one of us. God knows what he’s going to say.

    I mean how dare he!

    The British Establishment.

  133. yesindyref2 says:

    Good film by Bryce which I now found the time to watch, it shows the different things that can matter to different people.

  134. Simon Curran says:

    Don’t forget for every patronising and condescending Tom Holland you’ve got many more who think we’re a bunch of ginger haired wife beating junkies or alcoholics who can’t string a single sentence together and who rely on the largesse of England to keep us afloat.

  135. ronnie anderson says:

    He’s no sweet an he’s no 16 but Alex Salmond’s Putin on some style LoL . gei them hell Alex.

  136. Scott says:

    Just noticed this one.

    Ex-MP is STILL paying back £18,000 in misclaimed expenses 12 YEARS after leaving the Commons (and we’re not charging him interest)

    Former Labour politician John Lyons has been allowed to return the money at the rate of just £100 a month

  137. Macart says:

    @Tinto Chiel

    Mr Torrance and irony… Two ships that pass in the night. 😀

    Seriously, I reckon he sees what the rest of the Yoonstream meja see and are just as alarmed. He’s merely writing his own narrative to compensate.

    Here’s the bottom line though, Alex Salmond is a private citizen with a wealth of political insider knowledge on both parliaments an the UK political scene in general. His grasp of a great wealth of subject matter is superb, he’s charismatic, an erudite and compelling speaker, not to mention somewhat well connected and thought of nationally and internationally. Right now he’s actively engaged in making in-roads to the media world, which as a private citizen with a particular skill set, he’s perfectly entitled to do.

    RT saw the potential and picked up what the UK media would not.

    And THAT scares them shitless.

  138. Graeme says:

    Liz Rannoch says:
    10 November, 2017 at 7:45 pm

    Graeme @ 7.17pm
    BillyT @ 7.33pm

    OK that didn’t work first time.

    Please see my post at 1.27pm re ASD, thank you.

    I didn’t mean to offend anyone Liz I’m sorry, I genuinely couldn’t understand but thank you for the explanation and like most folk on here I’m glad Bryce has moved over and welcome him

  139. yesindyref2 says:

    There’s a lot of people like Salmond, and quite surprising who some of them are. It shows perhaps politics is not always about party.

    I look forward to him having Putin on the show, that’ll be a world record viewing audience for RT! And Alex is just the man for that.

  140. Tinto Chiel says:

    “And THAT scares them shitless.”

    But it’s great entertainment, isn’t it, Sam?

    So much Yoonfrothing, so little time……

    Until Endgame: Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Sorry, I took that too far.

    *Takes beamer*

  141. Macart says:


    That’s the very point.

    Alex is connected. He’ll pull in just what he claims he will. Political movers and shakers, opinion makers, celebs and those who want to be both or either. He’ll give them a platform for conversation, not a grilling and they know it. 😉

    @Tinto Chiel

    I’m sure they wish he’d wither and fade away, but that’s not his style. They should have known that, just as they should have known that as a private citizen he’s a far bigger handful than as a parliamentarian bound by codes (one of the few who abided by those codes).

    Now? Now the breaks are off, as are the kid gloves. He’s a private citizen doing what he has every right to do. 😉

  142. ian murray says:

    We are so lucky to have Alex Salmond in our corner, he is getting on with his day job on behalf of Scotland.
    Speaking of Day jobs have a gander at Nicola’s tweets
    That lassie is seriously busy, i got tired just reading them.

  143. jfngw says:

    A lot of nose out of joint MSM journalists and MSP’s, I can only assume they have not been invited on the programme. If only they had the clout to be offered a show rather than the jotters some of them seem to be receiving.

  144. Scottish Steve says:

    I am a staunch republican and used to be against the EU, then all for it but now recent events in Catalonia have me on the fence. Perhaps a Norway style solution might be best for an independent Scotland.

    Once we get independence then we can worry about questions like the EU and monarchy. It wont bother me very much if we are in or out the EU or are a monarchy or republic. As long as we’re independent.

  145. Rock says:

    “but I consider your country to be a region of my country and therefore my property.”

    He can hold that view, and subject us to it, because 55% of the voting Scottish population endorsed that arrangement in 2014.

    Who do we blame, him or those who voted No?

  146. TheItalianJob says:

    @Scottish Steve

    Spot on. Agree with you there and so should many more.

  147. twathater says:

    Bryce thank you for your contribution , Tom be happy in your imperialism you never know someday you may awaken to reality .

    Watched STV news tonight and must admit I am frightened that it is already too late to stop the subversion of our right to decide our future , by the ever increasing number of incomers being interviewed and employed by tv stations

    STV were in Perthshire and interviewed 4 elderly people in relation to the mobile library , 3 were english and 1 was Scottish . STV is employing more and more english and irish reporters they are also pushing constantly an irish soap opera is it just me who is overly sensitive or is there just such a shortage of educated Scottish talent to report the news and produce interesting programmes
    Please note i have no animosity towards the english or the irish but as i have said i am extremely concerned that our RIGHT to independence is being usurped

  148. Hamish100 says:


    wakey wakey -we are nearly in 2018.

    old news old son. Move on.

  149. Petra says:

    @ Arbroath 1320 at 3:12pm ….. “Alex Cole-Hamilton.”

    Jeezo I’ve heard it all now! Talk about trying to suppress freedom of speech. Putin will be proud of Alex right enough. Alex Cole-Hamilton that is. Amidst the guff he spouts you can spot his real fear and that is that RT can reach a global audience.

    Strange that no one like ACH has questioned why the fair and impartial BBC hasn’t employed one presenter that supports independence in a country of around 50% of supporters. A country being fleeced of over £300 million every year in relation to the TV license fee. Stranger still is that the BBC et al is making a big deal of Alex appearing on RT when at least 50 Labour politicians and 20 Tories, including Fox, have already done so.

    And just to add that there’s an article in the National today entitled ‘New Scots MP Linden puts more questions to Government than others combined.’

    ….’Data from shows that David Linden SNP MP (Glasgow East) has put more pressure on the Tory Government than all other new Scottish MP’s combined in the first five months of service…..

    Linden has submitted 233 written questions. This compares with 217 from the 11 Tories, 6 Labour members and 3 Lib-dems put together (at that rate they’re 4,443 questions down) ……

    Not one question from Tory David Duguid who succeeded Eilidh Whiteford in Banff and Buchan.

    Duguid’s colleague Colin Clark who ousted Alex Salmond in Gordon is said to have submitted ONE, as has Christine Jardine of the Libdems ….

    What about the BBC informing the Scots of what their elected representatives are doing for them, or more so not, at Westminster? Worried that Alex will start doing their job for them?

  150. TheItalianJob says:

    The culture of what the MSM is doing to Scotland is being revealed for what it is. A total sham masquerading as balanced news which it definitely is not.

    People are seeing through this and all blocks are off now with buffoons like Tom Holland who I have never heard about. Total irrelevant non entity living in his own made up mad bubble.

  151. Big Phil says:

    Wee Alec and Tasmina wot a team, bring it on.
    A cannae wait. lol

  152. Derickski Fae Yellski says:

    Good evening comrades

    Fit laekski

  153. Petra says:

    @ twathater at 9:55pm …. “number of incomers.”

    It just beggars belief TH. It’s the same every night on the news now, especially on STV. There are some nights that my husband and I look at each other in sheer disbelief. Every night now, in fact. Wonder if there’s anyone left in Scotland that speaks with a Scottish accent. It’s become more noticeable over the last year or so. So bad that you wonder if they’re actually seeking out ‘incomers’ to interview. That doesn’t account for the rise in ‘incoming’ reporters right enough. One can only hope that they’ve come here because they detest the Westminster government and will go on to support independence.

  154. Fairliered says:

    The BBC complaining about Alex Salmond on RT really is Lord Haw Haw calling the kettle black.

  155. heedtracker says:

    Please note i have no animosity towards the english or the irish but as i have said i am extremely concerned that our RIGHT to independence is being usurped

    Don’t worry too much about tory media in Scotland. We were all bathed in Leave campaign shite and look at the 62% Remain Scotland result, every Scottish region Remain and so on.

    Fact is, its the NO Scot we have to bring back from the UKOK darkside:D

  156. Petra says:


    More trouble brewing in the Middle East in relation to Saudi Arabia and the Lebanon. It’s never ending.

  157. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Petra –

    ‘It’s never ending'</i)


    The shares of the arms manufacturers will get a nice wee fillip, the City will enjoy a concomitant boost on Monday…normal service resumed, allowing Davis and his buddies to maintain the ludicrous Brexit charade for another wee while…

    It all seems to be about containment, doesn't it? Just keep the plates spinning while the great heist goes on.

    Here's hoping that Alex Salmond fully exploits the space he's been given to build on the work done by Max Keiser/Stacey Herbert, the 'Watching The Hawks' team, Peter Lavelle (CrossTalk) and other RT regulars.

  158. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Sorry about the italic frenzy at 10.45.

    (I took a temporary lurch to the right…)


  159. Gary45% says:

    More trouble brewing in the Middle East, yep it will never end until the USA and Israel are put “back in the box”. Middle East conflicts increase the cost of petrol which in turn increases profits for the above countries.
    The USA went into Afghanistan which I think (please correct me if I’m wrong) has the biggest lithium vein on the planet.(read it somewhere)
    The increase in electric cars has not taken off the way the “BIG FIVE” expected, hence the demand for lithium has not lined the “Big Fives ” pockets. hence another conflict in the Middle East, “Mossad doing the dirty” again.

  160. Robert Peffers says:

    @Peter McCulloch says: 10 November, 2017 at 11:39 am:

    “What a load of rubbish from Tom Holland, though I suspect his views, are probably representative of all those British nationalists who see Scotland as nothing more than a region of England.”

    As far as my memory goes back, and I can remember things from when I was around 2 years old and I’m now an octogenarian, there has always been a mind-set that is fairly widespread in the English and indeed, because of these English, around the World that the terms Britain & England are synonymous. Some also include the United Kingdom in that conflation.

    There is, of course, an even bigger problem in that Scots unionists, or as our National Bard terms them, the Paircel o Rogues, are only too ready to deliberately adopt the poorly educated Englander’s ignorance’s.

    That belief, officially well sponsored by the Westminster establishment, is that the terms Kingdom and country are also mutually interchangeable.

    Thus they foster the belief that the United Kingdom is a unified country ludicrously formed from four distinct countries of which Scotland is also an equally sovereign kingdom in her own right as is the three country Kingdom of England.

    Kingdoms and countries are two quite different things.

    So the ignorant, remember ignorance is not the same thing as stupid, believe that the United Kingdom is actually a unified country and, in the worst cases of ignorance, that country is England.

    Thing is that during Indyref1 the Westminster Government actually attempted to make that a legal fact. They commissioned a paper by what they claimed to be experts which said that the Treaty of Union extinguished the Kingdom of Scotland and changed the title of the Kingdom of England to be, The United Kingdom and thus Westminster is supposedly the Parliament of the unified Kingdom and country of England.

    I kid you not -and the current Secretary of State – David Mundell has actually claimed this and confirmed it on national TV:-

    However, there isn’t a single word to back up these idiotic claims in the text of the Treaty nor in either Kingdom’s Act of Union. In fact the words country or countries does not occur in either the Treaty or either Act of Union.

  161. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “Really desperate to know what they are so scared of”@Bill McLean says at 6:20 pm

    The BritNats are scared of one thing Bill:


    They are seriously worried that the normal man and woman in the street understand the truth that they are being shafted so that others can be rich.

    Brexit for instance.

    Quite pertinent that in this 100th Anniversary Year of the Russian Revolution that ‘The UK Establishment’ are once again shitting it and their Red Tory Strawman, Broon is rolled oot again.

    British Labour were and still are a construct to con the workers.

    They neutered the Trades Unionists & Communists of The 1920s and kept Glasgow poor for 80 Years.

    Emancipation through education.

    The truth will set Scotland free.

  162. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Robert Peffers (11.08) –

    Cheers mister, for posting the link to that clip of Mundell.

    For many months now I have been troubled frequently by a nagging sensation – an itch ye canny reach! – that Mundell had done or said something particularly despicable which was sliding away from my memory, already crowded (as it is) with footage of him embarrassing himself and his compatriots…

    No longer!

    Ah’ve got a full gallery again, wi’ one ay the prize exhibits back on show!


  163. Fireproofjim says:

    Robert Peffers @11.08
    In saying that he believes Scotland was extinguished by the Treaty of Union Mundell has confirmed that he is at least two of these words which Stuart has banned.
    Scotland has survived invasions by Edward I, Edward II, HenryVII, Oliver Cromwell, and a host of others who would “extinguish” us but has survived them all and will soon be in the happy state of freedom —“ for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself”. ( Arbroath 1320)

  164. Fireproofjim says:

    On reading again the noble 1320 Declaration of Independence, it occurred to me that on the sixth of April 2020 it will be exactly 700 years since it was signed at Arbroath.
    Now wouldn’t that be a great day for a second Declaration.
    Stars aligning and all that.

  165. meg merrilees says:


    Apparently there’s a hoo-ha about M&S’s Christmas Advert. Santa doesn’t say much, but when he does, it seems that some people hear ‘Santa’ say ‘F*ck you’ to the bear-wrong- he’s supposedly saying ‘Thank you’.

    Must admit to being a bit mystified when I first glanced at the advert online. But the written explanation clarifies all – the man on the roof is a THIEF and Paddington Bear redeems him from his errant ways.

    Listen carefully because the only other words ‘Santa’ utters are ” A sleigh?’ and guess what,
    M&S’s thief has a Scottish accent!!!!!

    How’s that for subliminal messaging. Nice- not!

  166. Still Positive says:

    Fireproofjim @1 11.51

    It would indeed sir.

    I can’t think of anything better.

  167. dakk says:

    Good news about the new Alex Salmond show on RT.

    Much more grown up,honest and hard-hitting news channel than the immoral corrupt and bloated BBC,so it’s a good partnership.

    If our Russian friends somehow managed to install the Naranja Franco in the White House,then achieving the 5% swing to Yes needed at next Indyref should be a snip 🙂

    Little wonder the Yoon zoomers have jobbied a bit this evening.

  168. Dr Jim says:

    When Alex Salmond was FM the English treated him as a buffoon a thief stealing money from the English they called him a liar and a joke they even burned and effigy of him
    When he lost his seat to an actual buffoon nobody knows the name of they laughed and jeered and he told them then you’ve not seen the last of my bonnets and me, and still they mocked

    Now he’s got a telly show with his own media company and he’s going to be Johnson Press chairman into the bargain and they’re so afraid of what he says they’re still trying to silence him by ridicule

    So the next effort by the English run media is to attempt to create a fictional rift or row between the current FM and the former which is exactly what both FMs want because you can’t buy publicity like that and the stupid English press are doing it publicly on their own channels

    Nicola and Alex must be laughing their heads off
    I know I am

  169. Dr Jim says:

    George Osborne will likely print Alex Salmond’s a disgrace
    Hee Hee Ho Ho Ha Ha… Ma Ribs are sair

  170. Petra says:

    Forget about the BBC and STV plus numerous biased newspapers in Scotland; 99% of them. Our Scottish reporters, the vast majority of them, must be absolutely reviled the world over. A bunch of plonkers scraping the bottom of the journalistic barrel. Not one sign of a Pilger type amongst them.

    We’ve got Wings and people like Prof John Robertson, the National newspaper and of course Alex who has made many friends along the way such as Christen Ager-Hanssen, billionaire.

    More than anything we’ve got US and we’re not getting back into the box, EVER.





    Over and out time for the Union.

  171. Big Phil says:

    I was there Alex, we will win. Its not for us Its for SCOTLAND and oor weans. and see you psb’s ,we dont hate ye we only want ye tae OPEN yer eyes.

  172. twathater says:

    @ Petra 10.29pm & heedtracker the mair I think about it if reporters in Scotland are of the same calibre of toodle oo the noo or tank top Davy what a petty load of drivel in the graun I’m not surprised they have to import hacks, re incomers interviews surely even the most dim yins must notice their accents and ask themselves huv we been invaded . Read twatter re ACH letter whit a load o shi*e it really sticks in ma craw that these numptees are getting paid loads a dosh and not doing the day job

  173. Les Wilson says:

    Awake early this morning and watched Euronews via sky.

    Just caught a wee ticker clip saying that Gordon Brown has said “another referendum is against democratic principles”
    FFS, he IS completely bonkers democracy and democratic principles
    are exactly what it will be for!

    He is a real low life piece of shit.

  174. Ken500 says:

    It is just brilliant. Alex Salmond gives them the run around again. Got them on the ropes. That’s the way to do it take over the airways. Do not ban. Either boycott or take over. The poor wee hacks are greeting at their tax evading Non Dom lowlife employers getting marginalised. People waking up to their lies and distortion. The total lying, clueless hypocrites MSM controlled by the tax evading criminals.

    Westminster crooks ruining the world economy. Many of them are the fraudulent bankers who bankrupted the economy. Imagine, imagine giving foreign aid to the Israeli crooks. Illegal wars. Killing, starving and maiming millions of vulnerable people. Tax evasion set up by Thatcher. So the wealthy can destroy the world economy and starve other people. Just despicable beyond belief. The EU are going to sort it out.

    The Tories will end up paying more for less in EU contributions. No more rebate. No say in decision making. More red tape. No shared Defence costs. Losing £Billions. Unless they are gone. Sooner rather than later.

    The plunder of Scottish assets to destroy the world economy. Some people in Scotland/UK should waken up to what is going on. Being taken a lend of by a bunch of tax evading criminals.

    Well done Stu once again. Influence is power.

    Thank goodness for the SNP Gov standing up for Scotland and for everyone who donate and support it. Goodness knows the state Scotland would be in without Devolution. Independence will help save the world economy. Break the power of the Westminster lying. tax evading, ignorant, complete and utter unionist criminals at Westminster. Most of them should be in jail. If the Tories are not gone before long they will destroy the world economy again.

    Why are people watching SKy. There are plenty of alternatives. Do not give Murdoch any support. Phone hacking. Bribing public officials. Murdoch should be in jail. Boycott the lot of them. The sheer cheek of the Neil reports. Westminster/Thatcher off shoring and taking all the Oil revenues. Leaving Scotland in poverty. Using it to build up London S/E. Canary Wharf. Tilbury Docks.etc. The Bankers funding the Tory Party. The ‘loads of money bankers’ ruining the economy.

    Funding illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud. The Tory/Unionists are still at it. Embezzling public funds not funding essential services.

    Scotland budget has been cut 10% a year since 2010. Now £3Billion a year. Scotland has raised more in tax revenues every year. £4Billion a year. Scotland loss £20Billion a year to Westminster unionist mismanagement.

    Since 2010. The Tories have cut Education £6Billion a year. NHS £4Billion a year . Welfare £3Billion a year. £13Billion.

    They are spending £10Billion on Trident a year. £10Billion on HS2. £10Billion on Hinkley Point. That is what it will end up being spent. More on Heathrow. Over £30Billion. All a total waste of money. All disasters waiting to happen. All totally subsidised. There are plenty of cheaper, safer more feasible alternatives. The Tories wasting public money. Embezzling public funds. In consultancies, legal fees and bank charges. Osbourne brother in law and best man made £Millions in banking fees and charges in the Royal Mail sell off/ pension fund grab. His father in Law was a consultant on the HS2 fiasco with no credible business plan.

  175. Ken500 says:

    Wark the Labour Mafia. Millionaire no doubt tax evading company. Been broadcasting propaganda for years. What a cheek.

    People in Scotland could buy up the Scotsman buying shares in it. If they could be bothered. Or is it not worth the hassle. Propping up Johnston Press. With Wings etc.

  176. starlaw says:

    Love all the free adverts Alec is getting for his new show on RT at 9pm Thursday. That’s before the State Propaganda Broadcaster’s Questional Time

  177. Simon Curran says:

    Fireproofjim says:
    10 November, 2017 at 11:51 pm

    On reading again the noble 1320 Declaration of Independence, it occurred to me that on the sixth of April 2020 it will be exactly 700 years since it was signed at Arbroath.
    Now wouldn’t that be a great day for a second Declaration.
    Stars aligning and all that.

    I get fed up with the UK state controlling our calendar, I do hope that independence supporting groups have major plans for 2020 and that anniversary. Next year there’s also the 100th aniversary of John Maclean’s arrest and the following year the centenary of the British Govt sending tanks into George Square. Lest we forget.

  178. Nana says:

    Lord Kerr, the author or Article 50, tells @mrjamesob a no deal Brexit would be a “disaster” – but it looks a real possibility

    Following the hearing at the US Senate in which Twitter gave evidence

  179. Dorothy Devine says:

    Twathater, lovely name by the way, agree wholeheartedly we are being lumbered with Irish identities , presumably as a ‘look how united we all are ‘.

    I too am fond of the Irish , the Welsh and English and like their traditions but separately from mine.

  180. PacMan says:

    As I’ve mentioned before, RT takes a corrosively cynical view in their reporting of events in the west. They constantly change their political stance, from left to right, more times than I change my socks. They have an agenda and it is for the benefit of Russia only.

    However, what is the difference between them and the British Broadcasting Corporation and the right wing British press that takes a similar stance to all things Scottish, regardless if it involves Scottish indy or not? The same thing applies to the right wing British press and their treatment of Labour?

    Of course RT is biased but in between the bias it allows voices and issues to be heard that is ignored by the MSM. In that way, it is a good source as well as others to get a good view point of what is happening here as well as the rest of the world that you simply can’t get with the MSM.

    As the nonsense about RT and other Russian media outlets here and in the US, maybe if the MSM here did their jobs properly then we wouldn’t need to rely on foreign media outlets to get a more rounded outlook of news events.

    Besides, in this era of globalism and the greater importance of finding out what is going on in the world, it is a bit insular not to mention myopic to only want to get details of world events from our own media outlets.

  181. Steviesparkie says:

    1st ever post and o/t,sorry. Cancelled sky 4 weeks ago and been bombarded via email,text,mobile and landlines calls trying to keep me.
    Phone rang yesterday , wife answered – is this sky ? YES , wife (paraphrasing) “well f#ck off” . So proud.

  182. Liz Rannoch says:

    Graeme 8.34pm Last night

    “I didn’t mean to offend anyone Liz”

    No offence taken Graeme. No apology needed, I just wanted to bring to folks attention how confusing ASDs can sound to others. Most have heard of aspergers/autism these days but few understand (if you can!) their thought processes. As it’s a ‘ladder’ some are ‘better’ than others, and yet all are different from each other.

  183. AuldGranny says:

    Well said Bryce.

    I voted Yes – in the sure knowledge that one day Scotland would eventually have a referendum on whether we should retain the monarchy. (Probably after Liz popped her clogs!) Not many younger people want to support this overweaning privilege and anachronism to continue.

    I also believe that the people in Scotland wish to have a decent and humane benefits system.

    The point was that WE would choose. Not have the rest of the UKs choices thrust upon us.

  184. @Robert Peffers
    10 November, 2017 at 11:08 pm

    I don’t disagree with anything that you say, about the ordinary English person believing the terms Britain,United Kingdom & England being synonymous.

    That’s obviously what they were brought up to believe and taught at school about Drake Raleigh,empire and all that.

    Whenever the England football team was playing we used to see the English fans on our TVs waving the union flag believing it to be their flag.

    Though I didn’t really experience this nonsense when I
    was in the Guards, from members of the English guards regiments.

    Sure there was light hearted regimental rivalry and banter between each other,I would get ragged by my other Scots Guards colleagues for talking to members of the English

    It was only after I came out of the Guards, that I had my first experience of what you are talking about, when met an Englishman here in Scotland who equated Scotland with Yorkshire.

    However what I see now,coming from Westminster and the
    Scots unionists is much more serious form of British nationalism which is attempting to complete their 300
    year old assimilation of us into a region of England.

  185. Iain mhor says:

    Much derision about the “My country” theme.
    However, it is a very valid point to consider and shouldn’t be dismissed.
    The key to understanding is that this is a very real mindset, the concept of ‘one country’, not just an ‘English’ thing
    I don’t believe the majority view the United Kingdom etc. in dry terms of sovereignty, acts, ancient history etc it’s just an undefined daily place of attachment; So to those who hold the view, it’s a very real breaking up of that ‘intangible and undefined ‘country” Not neccessarily an Engish-centric view. Though a product of it.

    So, independence occurs when that mindset shifts. It’s not shifting greatly, how is it achieved? Primarily alienation I’d say. Ironically, the propaganda against Scotland is what is driving the shift to alienation.
    But it’s glacial because the ‘one country’ mindset is very deeply ingrained and is an emotional not a cerebral element.
    Focussing on an emotional shift may help.
    Sadly, we all know the strongest emotion. That’s not one the independence movement will utilise; However, the other emotion, love, is almost as strong and that’s the one which has been crushed in Scotland.
    The more we can love ourselves, the swifter the change of mind.

  186. Tatu3 says:

    Liz Rannoch @ 8.59.

    My daughter has Aspergers. Was diagnosed at the age of 4. She is now 30 and herself a mother. She is wise, clever, caring and a brilliant mum. She lacks a lot of social skills and does not make friends easily, if at all. Have found over the years that non Aspies, especially girls/women, are not very pleasant towards someone who comes across as different. It can be a very wicked world out there for most Aspies sadly

  187. CameronB Brodie says:

    Thank you Bryce, you’ve obviously put a bit of thought into things.

    British culture privileges feudal power structures and places great value on ‘tradition’. This is not a healthy state of affairs, IMHO, and ultimately opposes modernity.

    Right-Wing Populism and the Limits of Normative Critical Theory

    In his 1962 study, The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere: An Inquiry into a Category of Bourgeois Society (STPS), Habermas relied upon an interpretation of modern history as a dialectic of bourgeois society.[2] He examined the origins, development and transformation of the public sphere in Western Europe in relation to the uneven development of modern capitalism in England, France and Germany. During the period of the ascendance of bourgeois society, the public sphere was characterized primarily by its critical and – especially in France – even revolutionary function vis-á-vis the absolutist state and the remnants of feudalism.

    In English coffee houses, French salons and German universities, discussions of current events, literature, theater and philosophy sharpened the critical intelligence of the rising bourgeoisie and contributed to the creation of new forms of civil society which would assert themselves with increasing vigor and success against the arbitrary decrees, restrictive mercantilist economic policies, artistic and intellectual censorship of absolute monarchies.[3] With the triumph of bourgeois society in England and France in the 17th and 18th centuries, and the consolidation of its hegemony throughout Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries, this critical function of the bourgeois public sphere was – according to Habermas – increasingly undermined, as it was transformed from a forum for active rational debate to a platform for the passive consumption of advertising, political marketing and the “public relations” industry.[4]

  188. artyhetty says:

    Only just had time to watch this film. Very good to see someone with Aspergers not afraid to take on hugely important issues and take those responsible to task who are responsible for making those with any kind of disability that much more of a struggle.

    The only thing I would say, is that the monarchy issue is a problem because too many who may even want independence, are attached to the idea of ‘head of state’, ie the queen and her hangers on. So that has to be on the back burner until after a yes vote is secured. The EU, that has now taken on a different angle for sure, and as the young man says, to be decided on after independence.

    An independence referendum would certainly be very different to the last one. There are many unknowns, and those being created by the rUK are the most dangerous to Scotland and Scotland’s people.

  189. Jack Murphy says:

    Steviesparkie said at 8:49 am this morning:

    “1st ever post and o/t,sorry. Cancelled sky 4 weeks ago and been bombarded via email,text,mobile and landlines calls trying to keep me.
    Phone rang yesterday , wife answered – is this sky ? YES , wife (paraphrasing) “well f#ck off” . So proud.”

    Stevie your first ever post should definitely be framed,and your wife’s response is hilarious.

    Welcome into the sunlight. 🙂

  190. artyhetty says:


    It is much harder for women with Aspergers/ASD. Society expects women, girls to act in a certain way, even in 2017. If they do not meet the expectations of being sociaable especially, and have communication problems, they can be seriously misunderstood and isolated as a result.

    Have you heard of Temple Grandin? She is an American woman with Aspergers, now in her 40/50s, incredibly intelligent. Watch her talks on youtube, possibly on TED talks.

  191. Andy says:

    I’m normally a big fan of the phantom power films but for once I don’t agree with one.
    I think if you make getting rid of the monarchy part of the Yes vote, you risk alienating the change averse part of the population who are already going to be having independence? Hard Border? New Currency? thrown at them.
    You risk losing votes of probably more of the older generation who may have a fondness for the Royals.
    I struggle to believe there is a large chunk of no voters out there who would be swayed by saying we will get rid of the royal family.
    I’ve not no allegiance or fondness for the Royal family at all but to me its a separate issue much the way New Zealand or Australia treat it.
    Get independence then have a referendum at a later date on the Royals

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