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How it started and how it’s going

Posted on May 01, 2021 by

Our always-alert readers will probably have noticed that Nicola Sturgeon’s constant catchphrase this week has been how Yes supporters still need to “build the case for independence”, rather than actually do anything to achieve it.

But the thing is, she’s the leader of the SNP. Building the case for independence is literally her job, and she’s now been doing it for six and a half years. So how much progress have we made?

The first 10 opinion polls after Sturgeon took charge of the SNP two months after the 2014 indyref returned an average Yes vote (excluding Don’t Knows) of 45.6% and an average No lead of 1.1 points.

The 10 most recent polls have found, on the same measure, an average Yes vote of 44.9% and an average No lead of 1.2 points.

For mathematically challenged readers that’s a decrease of 0.7% in the Yes vote and an increase of 0.1% in the Unionist lead.

(If you try to help Sturgeon out by taking 20 polls rather than 10, to include much more of the recent pro-Yes sequence, her first 20 average to 45.5% and her most recent 20 average to 45.45%, still a decrease.)

That’s despite an incredibly favourable series of events, most notably Brexit but also years of shambolic, corrupt and weak UK Tory governments, including two and a half years when Theresa May had no majority and the SNP held the arithmetical balance of power at Westminster for almost the only time in UK history – a position of unprecedented leverage and power with which the SNP did precisely nothing.

May’s successor was even more of a gift. There hasn’t been a UK Prime Minister more unpopular in Scotland than Boris Johnson for 40 years. His administration has overseen 120,000 needless deaths of UK citizens and unimaginable amounts of money corruptly and very publicly funnelled to Johnson’s pals, and still Nicola Sturgeon hasn’t been able to shift the dial a millimetre in persuading Scots to escape London rule.

Those six and a half years have been wasted, at best. The case is in fact weaker now, because questions which had viable answers when she took over – most notable currency and borders – now don’t. That’s mainly due to external events, of course, but the Brexit vote that changed those things was five years ago. She’s had half a decade to come up with a credible response and done nothing – this week she told the Today programme that she’d offer voters some answers when there was a referendum and not before.

Her only tangible contribution to the indy case has been the vastly unpopular Growth Commission report, which has provided Unionists with ammunition (and greatly disheartened most Yes supporters) since the day it was published.

Nothing has been done to either make the case for independence or enable the holding of another referendum. In those six and a half years a court case could have established the legality of Holyrood having the powers to call another vote, and strategy could have been adjusted according to the result. But instead Sturgeon sat on her hands and instructed her law officer, the Lord Advocate, to obstruct an ordinary member of the public who tried to do it for her.

The cold statistical facts are that Nicola Sturgeon, with every political advantage imaginable landing in her lap and no domestic opposition, has taken independence backwards. If the job is building the case, then the inescapable truth is that she has failed utterly at it, in every measurable way. Her failure to come up with a serious plan for a referendum is actually comparatively irrelevant among her other failures, because as things stand we’d lose it anyway.

(To call her the Derek McInnes of Scottish politics would be to do a grave disservice to Derek McInnes, who at least took Aberdeen from a regular 9th place in the league to an average of 3rd place and a constant presence in Europe no longer enjoyed by the country as a whole. Sturgeon inherited a party with an absolute majority at Holyrood, lost it at the first opportunity, and looks increasingly likely not to regain it next week.)

All she’s actually succeeded in is turning the SNP into a totalitarian personality cult whose campaign buses now don’t even feature the word “SNP” (and definitely not the word “independence”) but urge voters to give both their votes to her personally, for vague meaningless pledges of “strong leadership” and “Scotland at heart”.

And – like the previous bus which lied to voters she’d “STOP BREXIT” but at least still said “SNP” on it – she’s produced nothing but a string of empty and broken promises.

Sturgeon said some time ago that if she was starting now she wouldn’t choose the name “Scottish National Party” and was embarrassed by it, but now she’s effectively changed it anyway – SNP now appears simply to stand for the Sturgeon (Nicola) Party.

Given a whole truckload full of bricks and cement and an army of willing workers desperate to get on with building, all she’s done is take selfies with them.

Six and a half years is long enough to prove yourself. The evidence is plain: anyone waiting for Nicola Sturgeon to build an unassailable case for independence, let alone convert that case into an actual achievement, will be waiting a lifetime. We haven’t got that long.

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279 to “How it started and how it’s going”

  1. Sandra says:

    I assumed SNP = Stonewall and Nonces Party.

  2. ScottieDog says:

    She seemed all to happy to claim credit when polls were on the rise.

  3. aulbea1 says:

    If she’s not actually working for the british state – she’s doing a very great imitation of working for the british state.

  4. PacMan says:

    Why be grounded with the turkeys when you can soar like an eagle?

    Vote SNP 1 Alba 2

  5. Merkin Scot says:

    Exactly as things stand, Rev.

  6. Mia says:

    Under Sturgeon,

    SNP= Sell your Nation Pronto

  7. stonefree says:

    This’ll be the start to the “we need money campaign” along with It’s all A Salmond’s fault”

    Honest to goodness I’m seriously Fkd off with her and her Perverts,

    Just a question to all you Sturgeonites, Why the hell do you cover up for the party’s questionable characters?

  8. A Person says:

    Your penultimate paragraph is very to the point!

    She lucked out by becoming SNP leader after her predecessor had built up a huge amount of momentum, and that led her to the 2015 win. She lost seats in 2016 and 2017, and only regained some in 2019 because the Tory leader was a lunatic. She’s simply been lucky- she’s not very good at politics, and she’s achieved absolutely sod all in her years in power.

  9. Daisy Walker says:

    Aye, but steady as she goes, don’t scare the horses, we should only hold another one when we know we can win it, more bees with honey’.

    I think the response to the, I’ve been speaking to former No voters and they think Nicla is doing a great job, ‘more bees with honey’ tactics – is to ask, ‘in that senario, given the damage Brexit is doing, who is the bee, and who represent the honey in that proverb? Because I rather think its the Former No voters who are playing us at that tactic rather than the other way around.

    Besides we don’t have any more time for it. Its the last chance saloon, or the end of any chance for Indy.

  10. Bob Costello says:

    I firmly believe there actually was a clever plan but it had nothing to do with Scotland becoming independent. Up to now it has worked

  11. Jamsie says:

    The British state must have something on her. No genuine supporter of Scottish independence would behave in the way she has.

    For her to actually say she would order her MSPs to side with the Tories and vote against any motion for a referendum brought forward in the Scottish parliament makes her a supporter of the union, not independence.

    She is a narcissist, happy to have the adulation of her followers while glorying in the mantle and the privileges of being First Minister.

    She has become a cult, (and one or two other ‘C’ words) but she is heading for a big fall as more and more of the genuine independence supporters within the SNP start to see her for what she is.

    As for her hubby, I hope he goes on trial for what I believe to be the theft of up to £600k, stolen from independence supporters under false pretenses, and frittered away by his cohorts within the SNP.

    Sooner they are both gone, the better.

  12. Stephen says:

    Nicola has taken independence backwards
    She is like the White Queen in Alice through the Looking Glass.

    “””You couldn’t have it if you did want it”, the Queen said. “The rule is jam yesterday and jam tomorrow, but never jam today””

    Will the voters give a thumbs down to the White Queen’s overreach at the election?
    Or will the electorate continue to ignore her absurdity and abuse of power?

  13. BuggerlePanda says:

    The SNP is going down with no guns firing.

  14. Robert Hughes says:

    The only ” case ” Sturgeon is building is a lead-lined coffin marked R.I.P Independence

  15. kapelmeister says:

    Now she has two election busses. One all for her and one for the lesser mortals of her entourage.

  16. Mia says:

    “Given a whole truckload full of bricks and cement and an army of willing workers desperate to get on with building, all she’s done is take selfies with them”

    Actually Rev, it appears much worse than that. Her actions are akin to injecting Phosphoric acid and trisodium phosphate in that cement (by stalling the movement, by handing westminster a veto, by denying the yes movement the tools to progress it which are a deadline and a campaign, by infesting the SNP with a political trojan horse that destroyed its democratic structures, by setting up against dissenters a campaign of fear with malicious prosecutions against yes supporters and by using covid as the excuse to stop progress).

    But because that cement is too damn strong and not dissolving fast enough, she has now taken to it with a jackhammer (the derailing of Martin Keating’s case).

    This woman has never had any intention whatsoever to deliver independence. All what she has ever done since she became FM and leader of the SNP is to derail it. She is without any doubt the best weapon the British state could come have come up against independence. I am inclined to think this woman is and has always been a New Labour plant.

  17. kapelmeister says:

    Was the reason that she was such a neglectful solicitor because that job was just a front and she was an agent of the state?

  18. Red says:

    Ms Sturgeon said: “The word is difficult. If I could turn the clock back, what, 90 years, to the establishment of my party, and choose its name all over again, I wouldn’t choose the name it has got just now, I would call it something other than the Scottish National Party.

    Humza said something similar a wee while ago. It’s fair to say the SNP is no longer a nationalist party and hasn’t been for some time. Being a Scottish nationalist will probably get you expelled from the SNP, or at least despised by the high heid yins and locked out of having any say.

    The alternative to nationalism, which the SNP promotes, looks a lot like gender self-ID:

    Firstly, that it doesn’t matter where you come from, if Scotland is your home and you live here and you feel you have a stake in the country, you are Scottish and you have as much say over the future of the country as I do.

    So Scottishness has been divorced from any real, organic connnection to the Scots as historically and culturally constituted, and transitioned into some sort of vague emotional state plus a postcode test, whereby anybody who steps on the miraculous tarmac at Glasgow Airport magically becomes Scottish as soon as they say they have a “stake” in our country. (Do you stop being Scottish when you change your mind?)

    Help ma boab.

    It’s understandable, and even to a certain extent admirable that politicians should want to avoid getting into things that could turn a bit Ukippy and potentially racist. But rushing to the opposite extreme – denying the reality of human beings and how they actually relate to each other in the real world, where
    complex questions of national identity and heritage and all the things loaded on that particular freight train don’t simply disappear in a puff of virtue signalling, is no better and might be worse.

    Stands Scotland where it did? These people don’t even believe in “Scotland” as anything more real or enduring than the temporary population of an airport passenger lounge. For so long as one hundred of us remain alive, we will never submit to a reduction in the Barnett Formula! Stirring stuff.

    They’re everywhere and nowhere, baby.

  19. Sharny Dubs says:

    How did she ever manage to reach such a position.

    A failed lawyer.

    A failed politician.

    A failed human being.

    Sick of the sight of her.

  20. Lorna Campbell says:

    Even the salivating worshippers will come to see that she has no intention of ever delivering. Alec Salmond has just delivered an invitation on co-operation for a supermajority. She will turn it down on some pretext or other, blaming him and ‘the time is not right’ a la May. If she doesn’t show some kind of forward movement on independence very soon, we will be walking over her political corpse. Leaders of parties who will not listen and who have shown utter intransigence always fall or are pulled down.

  21. Mist001 says:

    Like I said yesterday, Scotland is now a regressionist country. It is no longer a progressive country. It’s rapidly on its way to becoming the Northern equivalent of ‘Englands green and pleasant land’ and all that that implies.

    This is happening because the SNP have gone beyond parody. The joke used to be that the SNP were ‘Tartan Tories’. That joke has now become a reality. The SNP are indisputably conservatives.

    If any political party isn’t progressive, then they’re not worth voting for because they’re not interested in moving the country into the future. They want it to stay the same.

    The Scottish Regressionist Party.

  22. SilverDarling says:

    It’s all just too difficult for her.

    Nicola Sturgeon is that person who is constantly moaning about how much work they have to do but when you look carefully, they are all bluster and front and they do f*** all.

    She used to at least talk a good game but not even that now. Why is she even in a job she seems to find too difficult to do well but won’t give up?

    Judge her on education – not great. On the pandemic- too willing to follow Boris. Finally, on Independence, her supposed lifelong passion – terrible. I fully expect her to support nuclear weapons at this rate.

    Oh and a nice photo of her with Angus Robertson’s wean – a show of solidarity with the Macbeths.

  23. Patrick Jones says:


    You still SNP 1

    Just asking.

  24. Les Wilson says:

    It seems to me she wants to be biding her time, after all her and Murrel are drawing in a packet from public funds. If, as seems likely she remains FM, she will continue to draw these wages as will hubby.

    yet, after all these years in power what have the YES got to show for it? Nothing really, everything she does all the social laws as well as the insidious ones the SNP and the Greens have came up with, are geared to making more publicity, and of course how good a FM she is.

    That is of course until she is cornered of just feels that she is tired with all the pandemic and needs to leave on health grounds, real or imaginary. All the people who pinned their Indy hopes on her are going to be let down, while she and Murrel will be in a poss retreat somewhere warm and cosey, far away from the maddening crowd.

    I think the have their next move already planned, perhaps to a job in the UN as has been suggested by others in the past. One way or the other I do not think they will be staying in Scotland in the future.
    Having deceived the Scottish people now for a long time, bring no results towards our main goal, the one the SNP were created for.

    Watching her on the Marr show last Sunday, yes she gave him what for, unusually so.
    This was because very many Scots would have been watching, a facade I would suggest, trying to show she is really committed to Independence, where I would think it was to hoodwink the people for their voted in a few days time.

    I did at one time believe in her, I do not now, not for a long time, she talks frequently about Indy, but has shown no resolve to actually try and do anything towards it.
    I have resigned from the party, I have signed up with Alba, after a long time hoping, I realise there is nothing there for me in the SNP, they are not the party I signed up to with Alex Salmond in charge.

  25. Alan Austin says:

    The state of play in the Yes/No vote is entirely due to the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon. The 14 years they have been in power was a period they had the ability to show the No vote of their competency and ability to do good things. As you all know they have had 14 years of failure to achieve anything to change No voters to Yes. As long as they are in power the NO vote will be larger than the YES vote entirely due to their performance in Government.As a unionist I am quite happy with this but this is not good for the people of Scotland.

  26. tolkein says:

    There was a referendum in 2014 – once in a generation, as I recall – which Yes lost 55-45 on a huge turnout.
    I know you’re pro independence, but what justification have you for a second one, so soon after 2014? When there’s no consistent obvious majority for a Yes vote? Why don’t the SNP actually run Scotland properly? Say in education, or drugs deaths, or growth, or jobs, or NHS or the economy? Why not have some policies that address the border issue, if Scotland were ever to become independent and join the EU, or getting the deficit down to 3% (ignore the pandemic, it was 12% pre pandemic), or a policy for a central bank? You know, as if it was serious, rather than a bigged up version of a corrupt old local government, which has now got some grand job titles?
    I hope Scotland stays in the Union, so you can call me biased, but if you want independence, how about showing that you can run a country properly?

  27. kapelmeister says:

    Alan Austin 12:44

    So you’re happy with something that is not good for the people of Scotland.

    At least you’re an honest sort of idiot.

  28. Daisy Walker says:

    Back in 2013 I said to myself I would make sure I left nothing in the cupboard in order to achieve Indy, but once I’d done that, if we lost, then I would walk away.

    I could take it forever and a day, if it were the Britnats against us.

    But when its our Former Yes/Indy folk that are clutching at Nicla’s PISH – and pushing Both Votes SNP – some of whom I know for a fact are well aware the second vote gets tories into a seat!!! That’s wicked, and that’s folk that genuinely – for whatever reason (and I think its a combination of fear and a desire to belong to the biggest party) genuinely don’t want Indy.

    They want the Prospect of Indy, to be forever chasing the rainbow. Just like New Labour. And they are prepared to lie to their fellow countrymen and women in order to remain in that status.

    The SNP are done, they just don’t know it yet, a hollowed out party.

    The question is, have them enough clout left to hollow out the Indy movement and destroy their own country.

    I don’t know the answer, but I fear its far too close for comfort.

  29. Hudson says:

    How many more threads does the Rev have to post before the penny drops that by voting for a continuation of the same government will be as lost opportunity to rectify all Sturgeon has done wrong.

    It’s so obvious that by voting the SNP back into power for the next five years, then you will be powerless to do a single thing until the 2031 Election.

    Dear God, it’s not rocket science.

    You’d need to be an absolute fruitcake to vote for Sturgeon or any of her SNP candidates.

    And that goes for Harvie and his Freaks Crusade.

  30. Alan Austin says:

    I voted against a Scottish Parliament as I saw it as a waste of money which it has proven to be. The money spent on useless politicians would be better spent on closing the equality gap and improving our educational standards both of which the SNP have failed to do despite promises.

  31. Helen Yates says:

    Would that be the yes voters that she now has at each others throats?

  32. Mia says:

    “You still SNP 1”

    No. As per my comment in the thread “The Poisoner” today at 9:25 am, I am no longer voting for the SNP in the constituency. The last communication from Mr Keatings regarding the S30 case was the last straw for me. I cannot remove from my head the thought that this political fraud has deliberately waited until the last possible minute to bring a draft bill rather than a real one to derail the Keatings case. She had plenty of time to pass the Hate bill though. I cannot accept that the rest of the SNP MSPs and MPs sat on their hands like amoebas allowing her to betray Scotland and the yes movement like this and did nothing.

    I will not be voting SNP1 anymore. I have now identified an alternative pro indy candidate in my constituency and he will get my constituency vote instead. Just as well, because otherwise I would have to spoil my constituency vote. I will never contemplate endorsing a unionist with my pro indy vote so they can use it against me. Either I vote for Scotland’s independence, or I do not vote.

    Needless to say I will of course vote for Alba in the list.

    Does that answer your question?

  33. Hudson says:

    So going by those buses above, Nicola would rather the Party was just called:-


    So who is still Voting for the Sturgeon Party then?

  34. Alastair says:

    Nicola is the disappointment of my life. When I briefly met her on Calton Hill back in 2012 I wish I had seen then what I see now. Back then she was (apparently) part of the leadership of the movement for Independence, credible, likeable even. I have to say that when she became leader and strode out in front of the cameras with the Chanel look, complete with shoulder pads and high heels, I had a slightly queasy feeling.

    That was the day a cult was born and democracy in the SNP died. It took a while for that to become established fact, and it will take a while for the army of Nicola supporters to wake up to where we are now, though I suspect that moment has long been anticipated in the Murrell household and the longer term plan will be visible for all to see, probably in about 12 months or so when that skeleton laden closet finally blows it’s bloody doors off.

    So it will be pastures new for The Leaderine, and an unholy mess of deceit and missing funds for the new leadership to firefight when they need to be focused on getting us out of this Yoonited kingdom, which will by all informed accounts be well on the road to enforcing the colonisation of Scotland by force of law.

    Gird yir loins folks, the skirmishing will shortly be over and the final battle will commence. There can only be one outcome, but the British will try everything in their well worn playbook to prevent that happening, at least if Nicola is gone they won’t have fifth column support.

  35. Captain Yossarian says:

    I think the problem is ‘trust’ and the reason that Boris Johnson is having problems is because folk don’t trust him any longer. The same goes for Nicola Sturgeon and I suspect it is all over for both of them. It’s just a matter of who goes first.

  36. Freddie French says:

    Build the case, eh? So we’ve got to be means tested by the media and the UK establishment before we get independence? Is this woman seriously leading the SNP?

  37. Gruff Williams says:

    Born in Scotland:
    2000 87.13%
    2011 83.32%
    2021 almost certainly below 80%
    Time is not on your side.

  38. The Dissident says:


    I have decided today that I am not voting SNP either.

    That was my position pre-Alba launch but reconsidered after Alex presented his case.

    Today’s post brought the latest guff from SNP HQ. A (very bad) photo of Sturgeon with the line ‘Last year our world changed.
    This year let’s change it for the better.’

    And I thought, you know what? I will – by voting you out. I know it won’t be enough in this constituency but at least my little world will be better for the knowledge I did not help this fraudulent fuck stay in office any longer.

  39. Patrick Jones says:


    Didn’t see your apology to all those who went before you telling anyone like yourself that it would be crazy to vote SNP 1.

    You and your Wings SNP Clique jumped down the throats of anyone who ever suggesting that.

    And what about the thought of voting for Sarwar to unseat Sturgeon, how are you with that idea?

    Or would you rather Sturgeon made it back as an MSP to continue where she left off.

    Do I think you are bullshitting about not Voting SNP?, well to tell you the truth Mia, yes I think you are bullshitting.

    You just can’t stay away from Wings, so to take the heat off of you, you done a complete U turn.

    How does this sound Mia?


    Once a member of the Wings SNP Clique,,, Always a member of the Wings SNP Clique.

    Infact Mia, I saw a copy of your ballot paper and it said,,,

    SNP 1 AND SNP 2.

    I’ll personally be Voting Labour 1 and ALBA 2.

    Purely based on kicking Sturgeon and her gang of Non-Independence Perverts out of Scottish Politics for good.

  40. Robert Hughes says:

    Outstanding posts from ( among others )

    Lorna . Daisy . Red . Mia

    If only there were people of such calibre in positions of power .

    Ever thought of standing for election ” guys ” ?

  41. Patsy Millar says:

    If the ‘Scottish National Party’ was a good enough name for Cunninghame Graham it should be good enough for Nicola Sturgeon and Humza Yousaf!

  42. Wee Chid says:

    My very first thought when I read the “build the case for independence” statement. “Isn’t that your job Ms Sturgeon and why have you failed so miserably”?

  43. Rikali says:

    Gruff Williams says:
    1 May, 2021 at 1:00 pm
    Born in Scotland:
    2000 87.13%
    2011 83.32%
    2021 almost certainly below 80%


    It’s the neo-liberal Capitalist dream to destroy local culture and communities and replace it with an anomic “global” (i.e. US) culture.

  44. Wee Chid says:

    there was a big convoy for Yes happening in my area today. I didn’t go – I don’t see the point. Not going to happen any time soon and probably not in my lifetime.

  45. Confused says:

    Nicola’s desire for indy is as fake as a tranny’s fanny.

  46. Cenchos says:

    Aye, it is the MSM-generated-middle-class ‘value’ system that is the cause of a lot of shite:

    the airspace given to the tranwoke cult; the sense of entitlement; ‘gentrification’; rural and urban Airbnb ‘culture’; the patronising ‘be kind’ moral totalitarianism; the ‘my little daughter doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to’ disaster parenting; the shunning of the ‘wrong sort’ of people; the complete lack of decency when it comes to treating workers; zzzuburban ghettoization; pension-plan pub bores; fine-dining gastropubs for the holiday-let wankers and the locals can getae.

    All bound up in the nice meddle cless families and their nice circle of blessed friends all wanting to be thought of as metropolitan.

    Meantime, is it still fashionable to vote ezz enn pee, Rupert? Yah?

  47. Anton Decadent says:

    The movement for Scottish Independence was usurped by globalists and people are slowly waking up to this. These people oppose all nationalism as a sickness and as soon as they get near the levers of power they bring in laws making it illegal to criticise them.

    It is all about becoming a member of an EU superstate with a single currency, its own laws, its own army etc. Letting a minority party form a coalition was a mistake for which Scotland is now paying the price. These people literally hate us.

  48. Harry mcaye says:

    Rev, have you seen the Twitter post by the good Neil Mackay? I’m on a tablet and I don’t know how to do a link, sorry. Basically, it’s about the lead up to the treaty of union and includes the line ” …Scotland’s cause was repeatedly undermined by the action (and inaction) of the leader of the party of independence, the Duke of Hamilton, which repeatedly handed the English time and opportunity “. Spooky!

  49. Mia says:

    “Didn’t see your apology to all those who went before you telling anyone like yourself that it would be crazy to vote SNP 1”

    And you will never see it.

    Now, if you don’t have anything remotely interesting to say, other than trolling on behalf of the british state or their pathetic unionist puppets, so mediocre and vacuous they need to have opportunistic vultures like you (metaphorically speaking) saving their dignity by playing dirty to drag some votes away from a rotting carcass, I would appreciate you leave me alone.

    Frankly, I have today more than enough demons of my own to face with the resolution of the Keatings case, the realisation of how this political fraud stabbed us in the back yet again while the rest of the SNP MSPs and MPs watched and did absolutely nothing to stop her betraying her own country and voters, and to face to the fact that those of us who trusted the political fraud with our votes for the last 5 years have been scammed, to actually give a damn for your faux virtual signalling and built on foundations of air political moralist stance.

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy using your trolling script.

  50. Astonished says:

    The SNP is now a damp squit.

    Surely she has to go by the 10th May.

  51. Lady Lyon says:

    I wondered why there were 2 buses and if it was a last minute tour because Alba have the best campaign running. A spare bus to pick up some of the few remaining activists to make it look as good as Alba? News on the ground is they’re struggling to get the usual folk out as they’re mostly campaigning for Alba now. Just need to look at the photos on social media to see they’re lucky to raise a handful of folk. I know the booby prize is struggling big time

  52. Meg merrilees says:

    Bumped into a solitary SNP leafletter this morning.

    He commented that there were 4 of us he’d met already ( 8 actually spread out) out for ALBA and only him doing that whole area for the SNP.
    He wished we could be doing it all together since we’re all on the same side.
    We all had a little chat and most of us said we couldn’t believe NS anymore, the party has changed too much, not listening to the members.

    He took one of our leaflets to read and might vote ALBA 2.

  53. Alastair Naughton says:

    I assumed it was now the Scottish Nasty Party

  54. Patrick Jones says:

    Hahaha Mia, you just can’t stomach the idea that you were wrong all along and that the No Vote for the SNP contributers were correct all along.

    You realised that your little SNP Clique were turning into a shower of Pariahs, so you came up with a plan to tell everyone you had saw the light and that you will indeed not Vote SNP.

    But we are not as daft as you think we are , and we see through your stupid plan, we know you are all, dyed in the wool Sturgeonistas.

    There is not a hope in hell of you NOT Voting SNP 1 and 2.

    You, like your wee SNP Clique are all Salmond haters and would never dream of giving him your vote.

  55. Patrick Jones says:


    You’re a bigger fraud than your hero Sturgeon.

  56. Meg merrilees says:

    Is anyone listening to Any Questions on R4 just now? 1-2pm.
    Catch it on playback.
    Jacquie Baillie, Murdo Fraser, Christine Jardine, Lorna Slater and Ivan Mc Kee.

    5 Scottish politicians being asked lots of interesting questions. Just discussing “What is the definition of a woman”

    Have to say Murdo Fraser is the only one telling it as it is. Lorna Slater ( Greens) coming across as a raging bully trying to defend trans rights, TWAW, should we object to a male cleaner in female toilets cause someone’s unemployment.
    Lorna is shouting down as untrue Murdo Fraser when he said there are ‘full-bodied’ males in womens’ prisons.
    Murdo nailed it when he said the worry comes from self ID as there is then no regulation.
    Refreshing to hear some difficult topics being aired.

    Lorna Slater sounds like a know-all and won’t let anyone else speak!

  57. Minekiller says:


    Absolutely spot on. We have exactly the same middle class progressive revolutionaries here in N Ireland.

  58. DJ says:

    Patrick Jones @ 1.48pm

    What did Alex Salmond say…oh yes, SNP 1 Alba 2. That’s good enough for me.

  59. Minekiller says:


    Passionate stuff. You just made the argument for not voting for the SNP.

  60. 100%Yes says:

    Just have a look at this from Alec, excellent.

  61. James Che. says:

    Patrick Jones, you are recognised on here as a bully, with no political brain content.
    Leave others to make their own choices,
    The independence movement for Scotland will vote how they wish,
    They do not need a lower unintelligible school yard bully attacking them, go do your own votes under even, you know, the David Cameron law, that did more to break the union than Mia ever did.

  62. Stephen says:

    If you are trying to persuade people you are going the wrong way about it.
    Also, reasons for believing are multifarious and in a sense irrelevant.
    The point is that people do believe for whatever reason.
    The collective recognition of the validity of each person’s individual reason for believing is the basis for a movement such as that for independence, where all are united under the same goal.

  63. Garrion says:

    @Mia, I’m sorry you have to deal with, currently, “patrick Jones”. I don’t usually mind howlingly obvious trollery, but when it’s heavily slathered in implicit misogyny it must be a bore.

    I’m thinking we need a slightly revised version of the Guardian btl mantra, “comment is free, fuckwittery isn’t”.

  64. James Che. says:

    EVEL, spell checker does not know how to spell,

  65. Mia says:

    “you just can’t stomach the idea that you were wrong all along”

    Was I though? Because I will not know until the 7th May.

    How do I know that sinking the SNP on 6th May and stopping us voting for it is precisely what this political fraud and trolls like you are seeking to achieve on behalf of their masters to stop a pro indy majority?

    That is the biggest demon I am having to face up today and I can tell you it is not easy. The possibility that I am falling in the fraud and her unionist handlers’ trap by not voting SNP is one I cannot easily dismiss and find very, very difficult to cope with.

    How exactly is right to give your pro indy vote to a staunch, opportunistic unionist like Starwar who does not even have the balls to vote against the Hate bill, and who will use your vote against you to tell you that you don’t want independence? Sorry

    How is it right to simply behead the SNP (metaphorically speaking) when the next tainted british state puppet is already waiting in the sidelines to get in?

    How is it right to simply remove Sturgeon when the SNP MPs and MSPs have happily sat on their hands watching their boss butchering the party, destroying democracy and derailing the yes movement and when the next puppet is already in place to take over?

    How exactly is right to give the political fraud the easy way out without making her face to the consequences of her actions and have her properly scrutinised by a real pro indy leader?

    I do not have the answers to those questions and without those answers I can not possibly know if I am wrong or not by not voting SNP in the constituency, and frankly, neither are you unless what you are seeking is precisely to stop that pro indy majority and to preserve the presence of useless, gutless unionists in Holyrood.

    One thing I do know though: to give your pro indy vote to a unionist so they can throw it in your face and use it against you is never right.

  66. Garrion says:

    @ “Patrick”

    As my granny, who could probably have kicked fck out of you, would say, “ wee man, big dug”.

  67. SilverDarling says:

    @Harry mcaye 1.23 pm

    This one? You are so right it is history repeating itself. Although we all know NS is no historian and prefers fiction.

  68. Ottomanboi says:

    Might it be that the FM is suffering from «muzzleitis»?

    Long-term health consequences of face covering:
    Increased predisposition for viral and infection illnesses
    High blood pressure
    Cardiovascular disease
    Alzheimer’s disease
    Exacerbation of existing conditions and diseases
    Accelerated aging process
    Health deterioration
    Premature mortality
    Yay! The health of the nation is my priority!

  69. kapelmeister says:

    Sturgeon declares that she would order her MSPs to vote against an Alba independence notion. Thereby highlighting that she wouldn’t bother to consult anyone else in the party on the matter first. Just an outright order to vote the way she wants.

    It’s clear what the phrase “Strong Leadership” on the side of those buses means.

  70. Republicofscotland says:

    The SNP is now a personality cult led by the Betrayer Sturgeon, she has no intentions of pushing for Scottish independence, the goal is for her party to remain in power in Scotland with an authoritarian grip on Scottish society, anyone stepping out of line will feel the full force of the Lord Advocate he is up to his neck in it. Sturgeon the Betrayer will appoint a similar successor when the time is right.

    In between elections Sturgeon the Betrayer will throw us a few socialist policies that the media of which she is partly funding with our taxes will shout from the rooftops on how wonderful the policies are. The rest of the time Sturgeon the Betrayer will be strengthening her grip on power in Scotland, gorging herself at the taxpayers trough, and introducing gender policies that virtually nobody wants or likes.

  71. Shocked says:



    Surely that’s a wind up….

  72. Republicofscotland says:

    In reality the SNP wants Scottish independence as much as the Tories do.

  73. Steven Allen says:

    I’m not Scottish and would prefer Scotland to remain in the UK. My interest in this site is due to having family up there.

    I’m wondering if there has been no increase in indy support since 2014 is because that’s just how it is amongst the voters now. Some people will want independence at any cost and won’t be swayed and vice versa. i.e it’ll take more than a daily television program to convince the UK supporters?

    Good luck to all who want a better life in this world, I’ll still spend my British pound every summer in Aberdeenshire come what may. 🙂

  74. Hamish Anderson says:

    There are more useless dykes in Scotland than in the Netherlands.

  75. Ian Mac says:

    That was a Freudian slip when she moaned about the name of the SNP. What it betrayed was her discomfort with the whole notion of Scottish independence. Clearly her preference is to be the glorious leader of a devolved administration, which merely uses independence as a rhetorical device to gain support and to differentiate her from other parties.

    As the evidence shows, not only has she done nothing to advance the cause of her party, she has actively shut down attempts to do so, snubbed other movements which would be natural allies, and refused to debate the detail you have to know if you are going to champion indy. But what she has done is to put all her efforts into cementing her own position through ruthless control of her party, along with her trusted and enriched allies. And she has used that to force through policies no-one voted for, while burning taxpayers money on economically illiterate schemes and the attempt to jail her predecessor.

    Her covid record is poor, her only contribution the daily PR which she used to bolster her position and attack AS. Her record in economics, health, land reform and politics is warmed-up neoliberalism, in a party which used to be a classic social democratic reforming body.

    No wonder she hates the name. She really hates everything the party stands for, as demonstrated in her record.

  76. MaggieC says:

    Just another reminder about Chris’s crowdfunder ,

    Please give what you can , every £ helps ,

  77. DJ says:

    Steven Allen says:
    Good luck to all who want a better life in this world, I’ll still spend my British pound every summer in Aberdeenshire come what may.

    And you are very welcome to do so.

  78. kapelmeister says:

    Republicofscotland @2:14

    The SNP is, as you say, a personality cult. And the most ludicrous aspect of it is that she doesn’t have much of a personality. When did she ever say anything clever, witty or original?

  79. The Buchan Loony says:

    There is more than one reason Alex is saying to vote SNP 1 and ALBA 2…once the old fox is inside the hen coop then he can choose who to eliminate!

  80. Patrick Jones says:

    Garrion 2.02

    You’re funny.

    Howz your wife, she still got that birth mark at the top of her thighs?

    Me an the mates used to spend many a night around that area.

    It was a Bastard if you were Last though.

    Send her our love.

  81. Liz says:

    Was out campaigning on Thursday eve and today with members of Asian Scots for indy, all Alba supporters.
    They handed over a very substantial cheque to Alex S, he was there Thursday.

    They told me& my pal, that virtually all the Asian Scots in NSs constituency have moved to Alba. There was also a feeling that not all will vote SNP 1, they think Anas will take many votes, though might not win.

    They feel NS has taken them for granted and one lady I know of, who was a massive NS fan, was sidelined because she was a strong highly educated woman. They had expected her to be promoted to stand on the list. She has now joined Alba.
    So fingers crossed

    They suggested as many as 12,000 votes will go to Alba

  82. Ian says:

    It isn’t just Sturgeon that has failed, it’s the SNParty. An organisastion that doesn’t get rid of a totally ineffective leader, sooner rather than later, usually fails due to the amount of damage that has been done. Whatever has happened within the SNP, collectively they mainly have and continue to let this Sturgeonist personal agenda overrule the supposed key SNP goal.

    I blame the SNParty more than Sturgeon for what has happened since 2015. There is strong evidence that she fits the description of a narcissist, along with other notable ‘leaders’, but that nothing was done to address this can only mean that the SNP has become the organisational equivalent as well –

    ‘It’s not really surprising that people with personality disorders are drawn to political power – narcissists crave attention and affirmation, and feel that they are superior to others and have the right to dominate them. They also lack empathy, which means that they are able to ruthlessly exploit and abuse people for the sake of power’.

    ‘pathological leaders tend to attract other people with psychological disorders. At the same time, empathetic and fair-minded people gradually fall away. They are either ostracised or step aside voluntarily, appalled by the growing pathology around them’.

    Sound familiar?

  83. PhilM says:

    The article your comment is based on has been retracted by the editor of Medical Hypotheses. It took one click to find this out and less than a minute’s reading to discover why this ‘peer-reviewed’ article was so problematic.
    If you can’t be bothered to find this out on your own, you shouldn’t be posting alarmist comments.

  84. Frank Gillougley says:

    Like every nationalist in Scotland (other than SNP voters), we no longer know what the SNP is for, other than a flag of convenience under which they, the self-serving, bureaucratically-minded, can sail towards their pensions.

    Theirs is a spectacular triumph of banality.

    Spoil 1 Alba 2

  85. Shocked says:

    Buchan Loony; thanks to Salmond’s decision to shy away from decapitating the New SNP he won’t even get through the coop door and will left freezing his arse off outside. As long as any of the sturgeon cabal remain in charge of the New SNP Salmond will be completely ignored and spend 5 wasted years howling at the wind while no one listens.

  86. James Che. says:

    Patrick Jones I think it’s Time the Rev stopped you commenting on this site, your vulgar, verbally abusive to his commenters, you have nothing to add to the discussions, and a bully, and you stoop to gutter level low life tactics, if they can possibly be called that.
    If your trying to wreck the independence movement, you just failed,

  87. sarah says:

    @ Steven Allan at 2.20: “..would prefer Scotland to remain in the UK”.

    I am curious to know why?

    I don’t think a single English person would vote for England to be governed by another country. So why do you want Scotland to have all its income and rights of self-government taken by England?

  88. cirsium says:

    @Harry mcaye, 1.23
    Scotland’s cause was repeatedly undermined by the action (and inaction) of the leader of the party of independence, the Duke of Hamilton, which repeatedly handed the English time and opportunity “.

    Yes, Scotland came close in 1708 with armed citizens from all airts converging on Edinburgh only to be betrayed by the leader, the Duke of Hamilton. The Earl of Mar took up the mantle in 1715. Having betrayed the cause, he ended his days being paid by the British state to spy on Jacobite exiles. Then there was BPC and now there is Nicola Sturgeon.

    However, Scotland is still here. I, for one, don’t feel like giving up.

  89. Mia says:

    “while no one listens”

    I am listening and will listen to every word he has to say.

  90. cirsium says:

    @Ian Mac, 2.22

    Well said.

  91. robertknight says:

    What do we need Indy for if we can live in a country when a man can simply put on a dress, slap on some lippy, demand others refer to him as “she/her” and access areas previously only accessible by women and girls?

    Sturgeon and her acolytes have obviously concluded that we’re better off without Indy, but with a political class who accept inflated salaries for doing nothing other than to inflict policies and laws upon us which we neither want nor need.

    All hail the Dear Leader!

  92. Lothianlad says:

    100% accurate analysis. Sturgeon is a fraud who is out to sabotage independence.

  93. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    A new blogger (and former Sunday Herald, New Statesman, Scotsman, Independent and Scotland on Sunday journalist) has joined the pro-indy blogging community and left the MSM written word community.

    Here’s a quote from one of his articles today.

    “Sadly, this all matters because the Beeb remains, by far, the dominant source of news – north, as well as south, of the Border – because of the vast publicly-funded resources at its disposal. Yet anyone who wants to get a proper handle on how the most crucial Holyrood election since the dawn of devolution is shaping up must switch off their TVs and instead surf the blogosphere – whilst still being legally compelled to purchase a TV licence fee.

    It’s at a time like this – when the survival of the British state in its present form is under serious threat – that the BBC reminds us that it is, ultimately, the British state broadcasting service.”

    Have a read of his “About”.

  94. Mia says:

    “You’re a bigger fraud than your hero Sturgeon”

    Do you think?
    Well, I am not sure. I don’t call myself a feminist but I cannot stand those who use the claim they are to avoid scrutiny when they abuse power to destroy female’s rights for the sake of keeping foreign corporations sweet. I don’t have a problem saying it loud either.

    I do not rush to get pictures taken while I hold somebody else’s baby only to then by the back door attempt to pass bills that will restrict mothers’ rights to fight to protect their children and that will harm those children.

    I don’t ask people for their votes on false pretences to progress independence only to use those votes to deny them democracy, to deny them the independence they vote for, to hand their powers to another country and to preserve the integrity of a union that is harming Scotland.

    I don’t claim to be a pro independence supporter and then viciously attack posters that refuse to endorse Sarwar.

    But hey, if refusing to endorse a unionist coward who claims to take the moral high ground in the matter of women when he did not even have the balls to vote against the Hate bill, when his party refused equal pay to Glasgow women for years and when is going to transform my pro indy vote into a vote against independence, just like Sturgeon has done, make me a fraud, hell bring it on. I will gladly wear the accolade on my sleeve as a badge of honor.

    “Called a fraud for refusing to endorse an unionist arsehole”

    I think as an epitaph has a nice ring to it, don’t you agree?

  95. Cenchos says:

    Sturgeon’s getting so tedious and boring the SNP should really be sponsoring Mark Selby. Or vice versa.

  96. Steven Allen says:

    @Sarah at 3.03

    I’ve never felt like it’s England who is ruling Scotland. It’s felt like one country to me. My Grandmother was Scottish and both sides of my family English and Scottish always visited each other so often. Grandma never lost her Scottishness and was loved by all her English neighbours. We drove her back to Edinburgh before she died and carried her up Arthurs seat for the last time.

    I would never involve myself in how people would vote up there, only the people of Scotland know how they feel, I would just feel sad when you do go.

  97. Frazerio says:


    “Nicola Sturgeon, with every political advantage imaginable landing in her lap and no domestic opposition, has taken independence backwards.”

    Thats not cybernattery, keyboardwarriorism, demagoguery. Just a simple, unarguable statement of fact. Thank you Pension Pete. Thank you Peter Murrell. Thank you Mhairi Black. Thank you everyone who supports Nicola and espouses the scandalous ‘both votes SNP’ position which absolutely guarantees more Unionists MSPs. Well done you all.

    When your position becomes untenable, when all the evidence shows you’re position is fallacious, all you need to do is own up, switch to the sensible, evidence led position and het on with pushing for what is best for Scotland. Not, what is best for a political party or worse, a self important numpty like Sturgeon.

  98. Stephen says:

    Sturgeon has had six and a half years to make her case.
    She now blames everyone else for not doing what she should have done.
    Discussions on independence were actively discouraged within the SNP.
    Craig Murray attests to that.

    No preparations or route to independence has been worked out.


    Because she doesn’t and has never wanted independence.

    A vote for the SNP is a vote for more of the same.
    In fact it is worse than before.
    It used to be a vote for independence in name only.

    Now a vote for the SNP is a vote against a referendum.

  99. Wee Chid says:

    I assume that English is your first language and that you understand what rhetoric is?
    If not you are no doubt wondering why Johnson isn’t dead in a ditch and why many footballers aren’t, literally as “sick as parrots”.

    If you won a “once in a lifetime prize” and, by some chance won another “once in a life time prize” would you refuse the second one?

    The once in a generation throw away line meant nothing so pack in the reference to it – it’s old and boring.

  100. Captain Yossarian says:

    “You are put on notice that this is a criminal investigation,” the email said. It warned that staff who “knowingly falsify, conceal, destroy or otherwise dispose of information” “could be committing a criminal offence of perverting the course of justice”.

    This has just been sent to staff at the Tory Party re Boris Johnson’s flat refurbishment. ‘Hand-over all information you have to my officers straight away’. Sounds pretty straightforward to me. Compare this with the actions of our Lord Asvocate during the course of the Fabiani Inquiry. No comparison, is there?

    This is the sort of stuff that all at Holyrood really need to sort-out. If Westminster are seen as more straightforward than Holyrood, then independence is a long way off.

    This is self-inflicted and needless and I imagine it is what is angering many independence supporters just now.

  101. John Martini says:

    Also Nicola swore to them in the wilderness that she/her would not bring them into the land which she/her had given them, flowing with milk and honey, which is the glory of all lands

  102. Ottomanboi says:

    Identify yourself with a .scot domain name.
    So, why is it very much cheaper to get a .uk?
    Wake up!……

  103. Angry Weegie says:

    You’d wonder if Sturgeon and the MSM are in cahoots in their badmouthing of Alex Salmond and Alba. Perhaps censorship of political ideas will be permitted in Sturgeon’s Scotland.

    Meanwhile, are the SNP censoring themselves?

  104. Shocked says:


    Come back to me (in short form pls) explaining how you are going to be a senior MSP in the New SNP government who actually calls the shots.

  105. Breeks says:

    Lothianlad says:
    1 May, 2021 at 3:24 pm
    100% accurate analysis. Sturgeon is a fraud who is out to sabotage independence.

    What if?

    What if that is absolutely true?
    What if the smearing of Alex Salmond was 100% conspiracy to destroy him?
    What if overruling Scotland’s Constitutional democracy was deliberate and premeditated?
    What if capitulating to Brexit was done for the UK’s benefit?
    What if the IndyRef procrastination is a deliberate delaying tactic?
    What if sacking Joanna Cherry was to derail her legal / constitutional challenges?
    What if the Trans nutters are meant to divide the YES community?
    What if Sturgeon really is a bigger villain than the Joker in the Batman Films?

    What if ALL the answers to those questions were indeed the worst case scenario made real; 100% true, that the SNP is being deconstructed from the inside, and Sturgeon IS rogue?

    What if NOT voting SNP1 and ALBA2 was exactly the rogue Sturgeon’s end game objective?

    There are ways to rid ourselves of Sturgeon, and ways to repeal the worst and most divisive Laws she can devise, but we do not have to forfeit a pro-Independence Parliament to Unionists control to achieve that aim. That might readily be Sturgeon’s actual intention from the outset, and by spoiling your ballot, you might be doing precisely what was predicted… predicted to happen by a Unionist infiltration and conspiracy to destroy the Scottish Independence movement.

    I appeal to all YES people- Get Holyrood to hold as many pro Independence bums on seats as possible, as possible, and trust that Alex Salmond can shame, discredit, and bring down Sturgeon’s rotten cleek, rekindle the worthwhile parts of the SNP which can be salvaged, and unite the YES movement behind a solidly pro Independence Scottish Parliament.

    That’s the strategy from the Boss. SNP1 and ALBA2, and maximise the YES vote.

    And if that sets all the trolls into a frenzy, so be it. Ask yourself whether they are really upset about crass and badly conceived laws which can easily be repealed, or are they instead squarely focussed on sabotaging any prospect of contrition, unity, common purpose, and an undivided pro-Independence Holyrood Supermajority?

    I don’t know the answers. I’m not going to judge people who feel they cannot vote SNP. You must do what your head tells you. But when you don’t know the answers, you have to play the percentages, and I DO know that an SNP rout and a Unionist Administration in Holyrood is a disaster for us.

    If however, Alex Salmond can get himself elected, then unhorse Sturgeon and steal her YES foot soldiers to create a rock solid pro Independence Holyrood Parliament, then that is a disaster for the Union. That’s the percentage my money is going on.

  106. the friendly sassenach says:

    Tolkein – a county is entitled to reach for its independence whenever it chooses.
    Any notion that 2014 was a once in a generation event was in any case invalidated by brexit.

  107. Tom Kane says:

    SNP 1. ALBA 2.
    And leave to SNP to sort itself out after the election.
    Scotland’s safest chance.
    Unionists with a mandate at Hollywood would be disastrous.

  108. Patrick Jones says:

    Breeks 4.24

    So everybody is a Troll, all except you and the Wings SNP Clique?

    Good yin.

    Even the Rev, Breeks?

  109. Patrick Jones says:

    When you read some of the posts trying to justify why we should all vote SNP 1, they get more pathetic by the day.

    Do non of you ever read a word the Rev posts?

  110. TNS2019 says:

    The strongest case for independence would have been built through competence.
    I laughed when I typed those words.
    WM has us where they want us. Weak, corrupt, and thoroughly divided.
    The mismanagement of the economy, of health and education, and the political subversion of the justice system have all rendered us defensive about the concept of independence when we should be speaking with a united passion and pointing to our national successes.
    AS many have pointed-out on so many occasions, the case for indyref2 has been dismantled by the very party that purports to believe in it.
    Stu is right (as ever).
    NS has had her chance and what a chance it was.
    Time for new blood and proper leadership.

  111. Stephen says:

    Tom Kane
    Isn’t it better to spoil your constituency vote Tom?
    Otherwise the SNP will surely carry on regardless, feeling justified in doing so because of their renewed mandate.
    If their vote goes down they will be more likely to reconsider their trajectory.

  112. lumilumi says:

    A few years ago she did a “heartfelt” (oh, poor me!) interview in some paper or magazine, revealing that she suffers from the “impostor syndrome”.

    Ya bam, it’s not a “syndrome” if you actually ARE an impostor!

    Sympathy points from me: 0 (zero).

  113. cynicalHighlander says:

    @James Che.
    1 May, 2021 at 3:02 pm

    Wholly concur.

  114. Frazerio says:

    Breeks, spot on as usual and underlined by the troll attacking you.

    Folks, if a troll starts spouting off, dont engage. Why does this need said. Opposing viewpoints – fine. Trolls – ignore.

    Canny believe folk keep falling for it.

  115. Captain Yossarian says:

    @TNS2019 – ‘the political subversion of the justice system’. You have it in one there sir.

    In England just now, folk have been instructed to hand-over all documentation relating to the redecoration of Johnson’s Downing St flat. Those not doing that have been warned that they will be subject to criminal prosecution.

    Here, we get the shredders going and the redactor pens and we coach the witnesses to lie on oath.

  116. DJ says:

    Patrick Jones @ 4.59pm

    Sorry Patrick, I have more faith in Alex Salmond than I do in you. So it will be SNP 1 Alba 2.

  117. jockmcx says:

    Nicola Sturgeon has proven not to be a big number one…
    she will only ever be remembered as a big number two.

    please go away nasty nick.. you are pointless now!

  118. Sweep says:

    @Steven Allen 3.45pm:

    I was struck by two lines in your post:

    “It’s felt like one country to me.”

    That sounds to me more like your sadness is to do with the thought of the break up of the union, rather than Scotland’s independence. As does the second line:

    “I would just feel sad when you do go.”

    But also, where exactly do you think Scotland is ‘going’ to? The country is part of a land mass which is not going to change shape, size or geographic location by a single millimetre. You and your family will not travel any further to visit one another than you do now.

    If your family lived in France would you say you couldn’t visit them because they’re in an independent country? Or, post-Brexit, because we’re no longer in the EU with them?

    I imagine those thoughts wouldn’t even cross your mind – you’d still visit each other just the same.

    So why would you apply such a negative outlook towards Scotland?

  119. Paul McRae says:

    It’s a pity that the Alba Party is so named, as I penned a ditty called “Alba Mama” about you-know-who and drawing heavy inspiration from Neil Young’s “Alabama”. In homage to another of his greatest songs, “Southern Man”, I cobbled together “Stirling Man”; I’m sure that the discerning readers will work out the subject matter very easily

  120. Stephen says:

    Two possible outcomes
    1/ The SNP with a reduced number of seats and forced to change tack.
    2/ The SNP with the same number of seats, Nicola glorying in her mandate and in no mood for concessions.

  121. PaulaJ says:

    A bit harsh, Rev Stu, with Boris’s “administration has overseen 120,000 needless deaths of UK citizens”.
    Median age is still around 83, mainly with co-morbidities, so ‘needless’ could read ‘inevitable’, since a severe winter flu would probably have taken a similar number.
    Add to that, the statistical body-swerve of covid deaths registration requiring only that one died within 28 days of a positive test. And add to that the fact that Scotland, like England, managed to clear beds for covid by sending untested elderly patients back to their care homes to die, but not before infecting others.
    What can’t be argued is that, prior to the relative success of the UK’s vaccine programme, the covid response had been a horror-show, and the fact that neither Labour under Starmer, nor SNP under St. Nicola can even make a mark on the Tories’ shiny limo tells us just how awfully poor they are as politicians.
    When the young folk finally realise what this mess is going to cost them over the next few decades, some political careers are probably going to be getting well and truly flushed.
    In the meantime, that scraping noise is just the deckchairs being rearranged.

  122. McHaggis69 says:

    “Alan Austin says:
    1 May, 2021 at 12:52 pm
    I voted against a Scottish Parliament as I saw it as a waste of money which it has proven to be. The money spent on useless politicians would be better spent on closing the equality gap and improving our educational standards both of which the SNP have failed to do despite promises.”

    Never, EVER, mistake the criticism of Nicola Sturgeon as some kind of indicator that this forum is anything but 100% for an independent Scotland.

    You can get in the sea with yer pish.

    Once NS is out the way, watch the charge for indy.

  123. oneliner says:

    If George Galloway is elected to Holyrood, he may have to obey the rules of the chamber and lose the titfer.

    In that case, he might need a consequential Barnet.

  124. McHaggis69 says:

    Thanks for that hard hitting and completely objective analysis PaulaJ.

    Its clear that unlike me, you didn’t have to bury any members of your family due to CV19.
    For folks like me, the pandemic hasn’t just been a raw statistical analysis.

  125. sarah says:

    @ Steven Allan at 3.45: “it never felt like England ruling Scotland – it always felt like ne country”.

    First I’d like to say what a lovely family yours sounds to be, carrying your grandmother up Arthur’s Seat. Beautiful.

    I was brought up in England and lived there 50 years and all my relatives are there [or NZ!] – like you I never thought of Scotland as being ruled by England. In part that would be because in those days Scottish matters were dealt with by Scottish MPs at Westminster so the colonial rule wasn’t so strong. But also because in England one thinks of things from an English angle, not realising the different culture and history in Scotland.

    Scotland wouldn’t be “going” anywhere! All the ties would still be there. Scotland would just be responsible for all decisions affecting us, like all the other countries of the world. We would be great friends with England, of course, whilst starting the long road back to regaining our cultural and economic health.

  126. Republicofscotland says:

    According to the National newspaper Boris Johnson is gearing up to refuse a S30 request from Holyrood should there be a majority. Johnson is prepared to go all the way and take it to the courts if necessary.

    The bluffs from both sides are out in force, and will never be called for Sturgeon the Betrayer has no intentions of requesting an S30, and similarly Johnson knows fine well that if Holyrood wanted to go ahead and hold an indyref it would regardless of what he thought.

    This election should’ve been a plebiscite election, but Sturgeon the Betrayer wouldn’t hear of it. Even after this election is over Sturgeon the Betrayer will snub ALBA MSPs when they call for it.

  127. Robert Hughes says:

    I’m baffled why people here are still giving that clown ” Patrick ” ( the entity with more names than Allah ) the courtesy of a reply .He’s a blustering buffoon whose only intent is to thwart a Supermajority , I’d have thought that was pretty clear by now .

    Ignore the cunt

  128. Hatuey says:

    As it happens I was in Pollokshields today and saw Sarwar. I beeped my horn and gestured support. He waved back and for this little fleeting moment our eyes met and I heard trumpets, like a fanfare played by angels…

    It’s the Sturgeon effect.

    Seriously, I think Sarwar could do it. And what a humiliation it would be if he did.

    I look at these video clips of Sturgeon and there’s no trumpets or angels. There’s a darkness to her, in her eyes. She’s a complete phoney.

    It’s going to be a tough week for the SNP. Nobody can stand her. Everything intensifies and accelerates in the final few days.

    Let them blame bloggers and naysayers like us. I’ll wear that badge with pride.

    Go Sarwar.

  129. More like the Still No Progress party.

  130. Republicofscotland says:

    Kapelmeister @2.27pm.

    Yes that’s correct Sturgeon the Betrayer has charisma of a wet kipper, on the other hand Salmond easily quotes important Scottish figures from history, and he easily incorporates them into his speeches and talks he has the charisma and presence that Sturgeon the Betrayer lacks.

  131. President Xiden says:

    Would this ‘building the case’ for independence involve the same strategies as they used to ‘build the case’ against Salmond?

  132. Tom Kane says:

    No Stephen, too many spoiled constituency votes is just what the unionists ordered.
    The super majority only comes with SNP 1.
    NS believes she is the SNP. And, for now, her wish is its command.
    That’s not going to last the year.
    SNP 1. ALBA 2.

  133. Carol Neill says:

    I can’t vote for my local snp mp , she’s useless , I’ll spoil my continuancy vote , Alba on the list , sorry Eck

  134. The Oui Coupar says:

    Scotland’s No Party ?
    The only way to vote SNP 1 is to stop reading this blog and calm down.
    Some enthusiastic types collecting Alba stickers at the Kirk Torrance Manavan in Moray today.

  135. Carol Neill says:


  136. Merganser says:

    The comparison between BoJo and Nicla is often made on this site. Not much to choose between them, so why are both still so popular to the public?

    The one thing that Boris has done which the majority of the English people voted for was Brexit. So he is forgiven all his many sins because he delivered it.

    The one thing that Nicola has done which the majority of the Scottish people voted for was to keep Scotland in the Union. So she is forgiven all her many sins because she delivered it.

    Does this mean that a majority of Scottish people are also now happy with Brexit?

    This doesn’t sound right but I need someone to spell out why.

    For there to be any prospect of Scottish independence the charade of entrusting it to a party pretending to be its champion has to be ended.

    Is there a personality in Scottish politics strong enough and able enough (faults or no faults ) to convince a majority of the people that independence is the right way to go, and to then deliver it?

  137. PaulaJ says:

    McHaggis 69 says:
    Its clear that unlike me, you didn’t have to bury any members of your family due to CV19.

    It may be ‘clear’ to you, but that doesn’t make it true. I had to bury my mother. Sent back from a hospital bed to a care home bed. She had been quite ill for some time, so her death wasn’t unexpected, but the way she was treated by a panicked government certainly was.

  138. Andy Ellis says:

    @Tom Kane 6.25pm

    It’s obvious that no supermajority is possible without the SNP, but a supermajority is pretty pointless unless the SNP uses it. Few apart from ultra-loyalist Sturgeonistas actually believe she will use it to any effect, since she patently has no real desire to push for #indyref2 still less actual independence, and she will not co-operate with Alex Salmond or Alba as a party.

    The only realistic scenarios where the supermajority really matters is that Sturgeon and her cabal are deposed by the SNP membership due to lack of progress on independence. That seems like a very unlikely prospect given the supine nature of the rank and file membership so far. If anything her overthrow is even less likely now as most of those with any get up and go in the SNP have already got up and went as it were!

    Assuming for the sake of argument she is removed however, the new leadership would then have to change policy and cooperate with the other pro-indy parties to call fresh elections on a plebiscitary mandate.

    A supermajority on its own achieves nothing other than giving some people in the Yes camp a hard-on. The British nationalists will simply ignore it, and will rubbish any claim that it is a step change or that it qualifies as a mandate for a referendum or for independence. It only matters in practice if it is used as a trigger for plebiscitary elections: gaining a supermajority of seats which doesn’t reflect a clear majority of votes on a specifically plebiscitary mandate is pointless, however pleasing it is to take seats from unionist seat warmers and some misogynistic Green moon howlers.

    I don’t share your confidence that her party will politically defenestrate her, but I will read her political epitaph with huge pleasure.

  139. Lost says:

    So Nicola Sturgeon feels she needs to build a case for Independence, even though she’s has nearly 7 years to do it. If she feels we aren’t ready for Indy why put in all those Section 30s then?

    Now the SNP, leading Indepence party is going TO VOTE AGAINST holding an Indy Ref.

    She talks shite, c’mon people of her constituency get her tae fuck. This is beyond comedy now.

  140. Ian Mac says:

    It takes some gargantuan brass neck to proclaim that ‘people need to be persuaded’ before a referendum can happen when you have done more than anybody to suppress talk and debate about independence, and have failed to articulate a vision which will do that persuading and one which people can get behind. As the Rev says, you don’t really have any other job.

    Unfortunately for us, you have made up your own job description as the pretend leader of a pretend government, elevating yourself to a quasi PM, with all the trappings, but none of the actual power. What devolved power you have you have used to implement policies close to your personal life, but which have no mandate whatsoever. As well as misusing the power you do have to compromise most of the major institutions in Scotland, with your cronyism, corruption and favouritism.

    And now, just to cap your Boris-in-drag impersonation, you get a bus plastered with slogans – as false and empty claims as Boris had.

    You’re in for a big letdown next week, but your arrogance will not allow you to look in the mirror but instead you will lash out at the all the people who rumbled you some time ago, and your fury at the fact they dared to oppose you and suggest more realistic visions of the route to independence.

    Go now, spare us all from years more sanctimonious fake ‘leadership’ of Scotland with your fake pretence about independence:

    The Great Brass Necked Pretender.

  141. Tinto Chiel says:

    That’s one hell of a rap sheet on Nicola Sturgeon, Rev, reminding us concisely of the colossal pig in a poke we have been sold by this charlatan.

    The scales only finally fell from my eyes at the end of January 2020 after her disgraceful “no wildcat referendum” white flag speech, when we had been assured by the Nicola fanatics on here, who have since decamped elsewhere, that she would whip out her Multi-gamed Masterplan and with one bound Jock&Jackie would be free. I don’t know how anyone can believe even a syllable of any word she spouts now.

    @ oneliner 5.46:

    “If George Galloway is elected to Holyrood, he may have to obey the rules of the chamber and lose the titfer.

    In that case, he might need a consequential Barnet.”

    Great stuff but we normally rely on kapelmeister for such pure kwality rejoinders here 😉 .

  142. Tom Kane says:

    Andy Ellis… Andy, I am not saying it’s guaranteed. But I am saying that leadership and leadership strategy can change very quickly in politics. With a supermajority, the Tories would be reluctant to become the hammers of the Scots again.

    Part of the fun for the far right is watching Scotland being pillaged and it’s people impoverished.

    No Scottish Parliament will allow it… So, two roads to indie that don’t involve leadership change… Tories trying to go Full-on Thatcher; a forced change of direction within the SNP.

    Only possible with ALBA in there and a supermajority.

    The alternatives are seriously bleak.

  143. Al-Stuart says:

    IF PatrickJones/Gordon//Rock/kcoR/Andy/Labour4Indy is really the best that the Labour Party and/or the British 77th Brigade can do, then I take comfort from that as with village idiots such as the current PatrickJones Troll, I reckon the Alba Party may surprise everyone with between 12 and 24 Alba MSPs.

    The latest “contribution” BTL from the odious fake ID Troller is this.

    Patrick Jones says:
    1 May, 2021 at 2:37 pm
    Garrion 2.02

    “You’re funny.

    Howz your wife, she still got that birth mark at the top of her thighs?

    Me an the mates used to spend many a night around that area.

    It was a Bastard if you were Last though.

    Send her our love.” .


    On what planet can that abuse by the Patrick Jones Troll be acceptable as “debate”?

  144. Wee Crabbit Bas says:

    “And nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all
    The needle returns to the start of the song
    And we all sing along like before
    And we’ll all be lonely tonight and lonely tomorrow”

  145. Don says:

    Well all the photos of Nikla i have seen over the past few days has a smile on Her coupon, she couldn’t be happier that support for Indy has dropped and takes pressure off Her to actually deliver a referendum

  146. Garrion says:

    @ Al-Stuart,
    the most surprising thing about the bold Patrick’s missive was that he put the apostrophe in the right place. Apart from that, the claim to that he’s actually got friends was the second.

    Ah well. Morons gotta moron.

  147. Don says:

    @PaulaJ 1 May, 2021 at 6:47 pm

    “It may be ‘clear’ to you, but that doesn’t make it true. I had to bury my mother. Sent back from a hospital bed to a care home bed. She had been quite ill for some time, so her death wasn’t unexpected, but the way she was treated by a panicked government certainly was”

    Sorry to hear of your loss, Scotland is a country of different experiences with CV19 , those who lost relatives and those who didn’t and who even have not experienced anything to do with it and not even having it themselves. I nearly passed it on to someone elderly god knows how they didn’t catch it from me when it was still developing,if they had it wouldn’t have had a good ending.

  148. Mikey d says:

    Sweep 5.34pm. Well said.

  149. ScotsRenewables says:

    Looks like Nicola is on a mission to self-destructive.

    Vote SNP1, ALBA2 and watch her self-combust shortly.

  150. chas says:

    Would a coalition SG be any worse than an SNP led Government? Part of me thinks that a coalition might go some way to heal the scars and division which are rife within Scotland, solely down to the SNP. A combination with either Alba Tory’s, Labour, Lib Dems or all, but hopefully no Greens. SNP unfortunately will be the biggest party
    5 years of sensible policies for the benefit of ALL of Scotland, repairing the damage and allowing the desire for Independence to grow organically and leaving behind the current Unionist SNP.
    The big danger is that a coalition Government might actually work!

  151. Mikey d says:

    If its good enough for Alex its good enough for me and my family.snp1 Alba2.

  152. Mark Boyle says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon says: 1 May, 2021 at 3:32 pm

    A new blogger (and former Sunday Herald, New Statesman, Scotsman, Independent and Scotland on Sunday journalist) has joined the pro-indy blogging community and left the MSM written word community.

    Translated: he can’t get a job with them and they’re not interested in his freelance work. Ken Smith began spouting much the same pish a few years back when the Rangers fanzine pumped him for a dolly bird (with the brain to match) on “workplace experience”.

    Aye, they’re all born again in principles once there’s not a wage to be had. It’s like those bands that start their own label once the record company drops them and no one will pick ’em up, there’s lots of crap about “creative control” and “refusing to sell out” … when the truth is their records don’t sell out, their concerts don’t sell, and that’s why they’re without a contract.

  153. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Chas – I for one think you are right there. Holyrood worked much better in the early days. It wasn’t perfect because Jack McConnell was in charge but, as you say, there was a healthier balance.

    I would also agree with you on, no Greens. I would add to that, no Lord Advocate either.

  154. JB says:

    Scottish Narcisists Party, or Sturgeons Narcissism Party?

  155. Cadogan Enright says:

    Over on Scot Goes Pop James has the Alba election broadcast

    – excellent with Alex also calling for constituency votes for the SNP

    He has the SNP one too which is outstanding

    Running a BBC TV licence boycott the way I do, I don’t have TV. So it was my first chance to see them

  156. mel says:

    @ mia

    Unionist handlers? Do you have evidence of this or is it too hard to believe she is just being over cautious?

    I’m not a sturgeonista, quite the opposite in fact, but I can understand where she is coming from, its fine to keep hammering on about a referendum but what if she gets one and then loses it? Which, though entirely possibly, is never even discussed.

    I can understand anger at her, but I can’t understand the concept that she is some sort of Unionist puppet. As far as I can see, this is all entirely of her making, she has simply squandered opportunities. But through being timorous, not because any unionist ‘handler’ made her.

    I can see no unionist, of MI5 or whatever influence, simply because there has been no need, the SNP have dug their hole and seem to be trying to find Australia. All the unionists have to do is watch from the sidelines.

    To bring the notion of Unionist handlers into the equation is surely to simply excuse her actions? You’re suggesting the big boys did it and ran away.

  157. Stuart says:

    My conundrum for the evening (if the “Phantom Troll Hunters away having his fish supper) is do I love Del Ametri because they’re Scottish, or because I love their words or music (which I do as personally aside from the Beatles, boo hiss, English and have their album on constant repeat, sad I know)

    My answer so far is I love their words and music and am in fact very proud they come from the country of my birth…..any thoughts?

  158. ahundredthidiot says:

    SNP 1 ALBA 2

    Stand Together

  159. ahundredthidiot says:

    Agree, but nit-picking…

    ‘His administration has overseen 120,000 needless deaths’

    Yeah, going to take a different view on that one…..I had it in Dec 2019, so the old and infirm were always going to cop it, regardless of what BJ did.

    Unless you are suggesting that Fauchi re-staring the funding of the Wuhan programme in 2017 (that Obama previously banned because it was too dangerous and Trump was blind-sided on) was known by BJ (at the time of the Lab leak) – and I doubt that.

  160. Shocked says:

    Rev Stu 2021 – “once again folks look at the state of this 7 year long slow motion flaming oil tanker wreck that’s only going to get worse”

    Sturgeonites – “Let’s give Queen Nicola another chance, it’s everyone’s fault but hers and anyone who disagrees with us is a unionist troll.”

    Rev Stu 2026 – “once again folks look at the state of the 12 year long slow motion flaming oil tanker wreck that’s only going to get worse.”

    Sturgeonites – “Let’s give Queen Nicola another chance, it’s everyone’s fault but hers and anyone who disagrees with us is a unionist troll.”

  161. Mia says:

    “is it too hard to believe she is just being over cautious?”

    Yes. Impossible to believe, actually.

  162. Karen says:


    All your comments on youtube are blocked. You need to enable them again.

    You tube annoying people again


  163. cynicalHighlander says:

    @Stuart @ 8.59pm

    Played quite often on here Webcom radio.

  164. Stephen says:

    Quite right Mia.
    In order to get the full picture it is important not just to look at Sturgeon’s words but toconsider why she says them.
    Evaluate whether the explanations she gives for the positions she holds are credible.
    And ask yourself – does she have an axe to grind?
    Is there something which she is not saying which might explain her position.

  165. Daisy Walker says:

    Wee update on leafletting for Alba today in Perth.

    Starting to see Alba signs in windows and on buildings, in addition to the SNP ones.

    In Perth we need a ‘steady trickle’ of Alba votes, the bulk will be collected in Fife and Stirling.

    Perthshire has been staunchly ‘both votes SNP’, today though, I think the trickle is starting.

    4 more days folks, lets keep it up.

    Scot Goes Pop has stated he thinks the SNP Constituency Vote is in danger of not holding up…

    Can I just say folks – I TOLD YOU SO, I SAID THIS WOULD HAPPEN. Thanks.

    As long as folk give their list vote to Alba. Do what you have to with the first.

  166. Mia says:

    “what if she gets one and then loses it?”

    If she had “got” one and lost it at least she could still be seen as a democrat who respected the people of Scotland’s democratic will, the UN charter and the right of the people of Scotland to exercise their self determination, just as Mr Salmond did.

    As it is, not only she has completely lost all credibility of being loyal, of being pro independent and even of being a leader. She has actually lost all credibility of being honest, or actually mean even a single word of what she says, of being a democrat and of having anything other than contempt for the Scottish people’s right to self determination.

    If she does not have the guts to deliver indyref despite having asking for a mandate for it several times in 6 years, then either she is a liar who has continuously conned people into voting for her party on false pretences, or she is in the wrong job.

    Either way, the result is the same: she has lost us 6 years of revenues from our assets, she has lost us our EU membership and EU citizenship rights, she has lost us more powers than all her predecessors combined, she has undermined our popular sovereignty, she has told us without words that she sees our democratic mandates as worthless and she has totally wasted our majorities and 6 years of our time.

    A liar or a coward. You can choose the option that is more palatable to you. I most certainly know which one I choose.

  167. Lee Floyd says:

    ‘Building the case for independence ‘ is ‘literally NOT her job….’….that would be running Scotland. No wonder you have worse health, education and social outcomes than the rest of the UK. Too busy worrying about challenging in areas for which the SNP have no legal remit, unlike health, edication, and social policy….when will you see whst is as plain as a pikestaff? The SNP are unserious politicians.

  168. Stoker says:

    There’s a chunk of your £600K being spent right there folks. On the Deadwood Stage Coach. LOL!

    Has Murrell been huckled yet? How is that investigation going, Police Scotland?

  169. Daisy Walker says:



    Well done ALBA.

    Clear, plain speaking, no nonsense. The adults are back in the room.

    Share this far and wide folks. Absolutely ridiculous that it needs saying, but I suspect Alba is probably one of the first parties in the world laying it out on the line and standing up to the Trans Woo BS.

  170. cynicalHighlander says:



  171. Heaver says:

    If there is the slightest chink in Sturgeon’s armour after this the media will be into her like piranhas, last one in gets the shittiest bits. It’s going to be the bloodiest disembowelling in british politics. All those obedient to her now, hate her, want her dead, msm, police, judiciary, her own msps and mps.

    Both votes yes for me,
    ALBA X
    SNP. X

    because the mere presence of Alex Salmond back in Holyrood throws all things up in the air, why, there may even be the ghost of forgiveness for our previously disloyal msm, and they know it, they know they are nothing but fawning courtiers, and must show earliest loyalty to the new reality.

  172. Don says:

    @ahundredthidiot 1 May, 2021 at 9:15 pm

    “Yeah, going to take a different view on that one…..I had it in Dec 2019, so the old and infirm were always going to cop it, regardless of what BJ did.”

    You think you had it in December 2019 ? That is highly unlikely as its too early , more likely to have been OC43 coronavirus, a nasty one but still not CV19.

    ” He thinks she and many others probably had another coronavirus, OC43, which can also cause respiratory illnesses.
    OC43 can be really severe. It can cause recurring infections in your lifetime like other coronaviruses. There’s no surveillance of it, and it’s impossible to go back and check,” he says.

  173. Stoker says:

    Made my decision today and informed Paul Wheelhouse he can suck my vote out Sturgeon’s arse because for the first time in fighting for indy for nearly 40 years i just can’t do it. Had enough! I’m staying true to my principles. That way, when Sturgeon shafts everyone again i’ll know i didn’t back her cult.

    ALBA will get my support from now on and hopefully next time around they’ll stand in the constituencies. Sturgeon will deliver nothing, she’s already using the poor poll results as the evidence the case for indy still needs to be made. Denial just doesn’t describe it does it folks?

    Trully heartbroken & seriously depressed today. Did get a wee bit of joy in my heart for a brief moment. SNP canvasser putting a sheet of their shite through my door with my windows covered in ALBA materials. 🙂 Joy didn’t last long though. Just feel i want to hibernate for ever.

  174. Thomas says:

    ” THE Labour candidate for the Hartlepool by-election has been accused of being a ‘hospital hypocrite’ after it emerged he was commissioner of a report that supported the removal of critical care services.

    Dr Paul Williams, who was also MP for Stockton South between 2017 and 2019, has been campaigning to bringing services back to the University Hospital of Hartlepool as part of his campaign to be the town’s new MP.

    But it has emerged that Dr Williams was a commissioner of a report that decided that services, including critical care, be removed from Hartlepool Hospital – a recommendation which was adopted in full. ”

    The hypocrisy of brit nat labour being exposed once again down in Engladnshire.

    Any scot thinking of voting these muppets for any reason deserves all they get.

    Labour…..keeping scotland tied to the union for the last century and counting with pie in the sky promises of la la land for the poor and vulnerable.

    A vote for anas sarwar or his party is a vote for the union

  175. Mia says:

    “I can’t understand the concept that she is some sort of Unionist puppet”

    They say “follow the money”

    Who is the main beneficiary of Scotland being stuck in the union so England can continue to be connected by an umbilical cord to Scotland’s assets?

    Who is the main beneficiary of Scotland being dragged out of the EU so it is now much more difficult for us to get back in?

    Who is the main beneficiary of this woman handing a veto for Scotland’s right to self determination to the England as the Uk government?

    Who is the main beneficiary of Scotland’s assets being locked in a trade agreement with the USA thanks to this woman handing our powers to England Mps?

    Who is the main beneficiary of Scotland’s food standards being trashed with the internal market bill so it can no longer go back into the EU and England can continue flooding our markets after it has dropped its standards for the sake of a trade deal with USA?

    Who is the main beneficiary of totally trashing the reputation of the only leader the SNP has ever had that brought us anywhere near independence?

    Who is the main beneficiary of the SNP being eviscerated as a pro indy party and transformed into either an unelectable vehicle for independence or another compliant political puppet of the British state?

    Who is the main beneficiary of £600,000 of ring fenced money not being available to campaign for independence?

    Who is the main beneficiary from dividing the yes movement with toxic policies and attacks on females’ rights?

    Who is the main beneficiary of Scotland’s borders not being closed so the virus could have re-entered continuously for the entire last year so we “had” to be put in continuous lockdown and unable to meet and demonstrate?

    Who is the main beneficiary from the SGov sending the Lord Advocate to join sides with the UK government to trash the Keatings case?

    Who is the main beneficiary from this woman not passing an actual bill for indyref but waiting until the very last minute to pass a draft instead?

    Follow the money.

  176. cynicalHighlander says:

    Hope this works

  177. Stuart says:


    I was actually moved by your post earlier in the day where I could see quite clearly your moral dilemma and then your response to some individual basically saying “see you you’ve changed your mind, so there nah nah.

    The latest screed from the epistle not that you care and should not…. not so much.

    Remember this if nothing else. IF ALL YOU HAVE IS A HAMMER EVERYTHING LOOKS LIKE A NAIL, true of all of us I’d say.

    Best Regards, your honesty and integrity shines through whatever my perspective, and before this awakens the “phantom Troll Hunter” I actually do mean it!

  178. Elmac says:

    Some things are important in life such as honesty, decency and morality. That is why I cannot condone the current SNP by voting for them. I know the argument is that a vote on the constituency ballot for SNP will increase Alba’s chances on the list, but that will contribute to another 5 years of Sturgeon which I believe is the worst possible outcome for Scotland. If we have to undergo 5 years of a unionist coalition in order to be rid of her then so be it. If her government survives to live another day then Scotland will be the losers. Sorry Alex, I understand where you are coming from, but the most pressing need is to rid Scotland of Sturgeon who is a lying fraudulent criminal who will do more damage to our aspirations for independence if she continues in power.

    I hope the good folk of Glasgow Southside do us all a massive favour and vote to oust this poor excuse for a human being. For all of us who care about Scotland it should be vote AGAINST Sturgeon – vote for whoever has the best chance of beating the SNP in their constituency.

    When Sturgeon loses power the wheels will come off her bandwagon and what she and her cronies have done to our once reputable country will be exposed. Criminal action will undoubtedly follow against Sturgeon, Murrell, Wolffe, Evans, Loyd, the Alphabetties and a few others. They are hanging by a thread – cut it on May 6th by voting AGAINST all of them.

  179. Elmac says:

    I missed out Swinney!!!

  180. Stoker says:

    Love this idea! I’d support it every step of the way.

    Karen says on 30 April, 2021 at 4:13 pm: “Stu, Time for you to put up a “Wings Party” for the next election. Alba can go for constituency seats and Wings can go for the List seats. We have 5 years to set it up.”

    The BritNats like Murdo Fraser would go apoplectic with rage. That would seal the deal and shut every one of them out. Watch London rush to either close Holyrood down OR change the voting system/rules or whatever. Guaranteed! Wings & ALBA dominating Holyrood. Oh the thought’s orgasmic! LMFAO! 🙂

  181. Thomas says:

    While the labour party lectures us scottish regionalist scum as anti english racists , recism and prejudice runs deep within the labour aprty anfd is being exposed down in englandshire at every turn…..

    Peterborough City councillors suspended in Labour anti-semitism probe

    LABOUR Deputy Mayor Suspended In Slough

    Labour humiliation. Sleeze and corruption.

    Latest @BMGResearch
    preferred Prime Minister poll:

    Boris Johnson: 40% (+5)
    Keir Starmer: 24% (-4)

    What is Keir Starmer doing wrong?

  182. steve davison says:

    News flash
    Nicola and SNP keep away from independence as rocking the boat may cause gravy train to come off its tracks
    Nicola and SNP passed records show not fit to run the country in any form
    Nicola and SNP using corrupt and illegal actions with the collusion of the authorities to cover up the two facts above
    Add in a few left of field ideals a cult of denial ,top it off with a MSM not prepared to uncover this and bingo that’s Scottish politics and independence screwed for the next 5 years
    Alba is in its infancy and it’s too much to ask for it to be able influence change for now .My question is what damage will the SNP have done to Scotland by the time it’s in a position to change things ,you can bang on all you want about the lost revenue of independence but the SNP is strangling the country right now and soon you will be not allowed to speak out on it

  183. Stuart says:


    Well said and even if I come from a different perspective on this issue, I find no joy in my fellow Scots seeing what happened to a person and party before their very eyes, quite the reverse.

    I get where the “Brit State” theories comes from and understand why, but is it not like blaming everything and everyone but the people/people you so trusted? Its called human nature I guess.

    To a committed unionist as I am , the incompetence of the Unionist side in both Westminster and Scotland, when having a wide open goal to Bury NS, suggests not conspiracy but incompetence they are unfortunately renowned for.

  184. Thomas says:

    Over 40 labour party councillors , mps , and english mayors now under investigation/charged/suspended in the last 6 months alone.

    In what sort of a fecked up world would scotland vote labour to cut its nose to spite its face?

    How many chances have we given this party ?

    SNP 1 Alba 2

  185. Stuart says:

    sorry meant Elmac not e-mail… doh

  186. Stephen says:

    Good Songs
    Anything by Merle Haggard
    Including, “Sing me back home”

  187. Alfred says:

    Elmac – Alba are not standing in the constituency so a vote for the SNP cannot increase Albas chances on the list anymore than a vote for any of the other parties

    Vote 1 – tactical – anybody who can remove the corruption in Scotland Vote 2 – Alba

    Lets hope next election Alba will be standing in the constituency

  188. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    It looks like it wasn’t the SNP who left me.
    It was the Nicola Sturgeon Party who left me.

    She has totally lost it !

  189. Stuart says:


    Inadvertently you may have answered you own question about Sir Kneel Starmer, he of the fence sitting, photo ops gone wrong, and barely concealed antipathy to voters. Perhaps Google his time as DPP and grooming gangs and see what I mean

  190. MaggieC says:

    From the Alba Party twitter account with the link to the video

    Watch as some of our amazing female candidates make clear that the ALBA Party will always stand up for women and girls’ rights ?
    ? On May 6, For Scotland, For Women – #VoteALBA
    #AlbaWomenRising ??????? #WomenMatter #AlbaRising


    And another reminder about the link to the crowdfunder for Chris McEleny , please give what you can to help get Chris into Holyrood . There’s only one day left on it .

  191. Thomas says:

    @ stuart.

    Dont need to google, i know all about starmer and his multi millionare champagne socialst branch manager sarwar ,im voting for my country not any personality.

    Keir starmer and his labour party are a bunch of cants as far as im concerned.

    Dont care who leads them or their branches labour wont get my vote.

    SNP 1 ALBA 2

  192. MaggieC says:

    Me @ 10.45 pm

    Ignore the question marks .

  193. Elmac says:

    Alfred @ 10.25

    Sorry Alfred but a vote for SNP on the constituency obviously increases the SNP chances of winning that constituency and under the De Hondt voting system the more constituencies they win the less chance they have to secure list seats which increases Albas chances on the list. This is what is behind the Alba strategy of SNP1 Alba2 but for some of the yes movement, despite the obvious logic, voting SNP1 is a bridge too far.

  194. Colin Alexander says:

    Under Sturgeon the SNP became colonial administrators.

  195. boris says:

    This is the BBC

    The way in which BBC Scotland is run, the quality of care it shows for the many good people who work for it, the standard of what it does, the public service in Scotland ethos it supposedly represents are some of the more important questions facing the Scottish nation. But it is doubtful they can be successfully addressed within the control systems that prevail at the present time. The result is that the BBC is failing Scots when they need it most. The primary blockages firmly implanted the minds of those who retain control of the British state media output are:

    “That the BBC, is the glue that holds Great Britain & Northern Ireland together and any weakening of the corporation will bring about its end. So the quality of the paste is suspect and yet the BBC dictatorial powers decide the daily agenda for the Queens subjects, how they talk to each other and what about. This being the case it is imperative that Scots are able to trust the BBC and feel they have a personal investment in it, otherwise it will be lost and Britain with it.”

  196. Kcor says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says (“The Poisoner”):
    1 May, 2021 at 11:24 am

    “If Giugliano wins Baillie will get in on the list and quite likely bump out Ross Greer, so come on Toni. (Who at least has dared to question the trans lobby to some degree.)”

    Rev. Stuart Campbell, you still have three to four days to present that sort of analysis, at least for a few key constituencies.

    The vast majority of your genuine independence supporting readers have full faith in you and would follow your advice.

    I am sure it would make the difference between life and death for Scottish independence.

    And please, please present a very strongly worded article supporting a vote for Labour (Sarwar) in the Glasgow Southside constituency to unseat Sturgeon.

  197. Thomas says:

    @ Elmac.

    Not fur me is the logic a bridge too far.

    The idea i will vote for a unionist politician or party to spite the snp is laughable.

    Even the symbolism of voting snp despite sturgeon and her cliques flaws is damaging to the precious onion.

    SNP 1 ALBA 2

  198. robbo says:

    Elmac says:
    1 May, 2021 at 10:53 pm
    Alfred @ 10.25


    What area are you in Elmac ?

  199. Lochside says:

    Sarwar…phoney millionaire hypocrite. The guy who pays his workers below minimum wage. One of the first constituency M.P to have a wumman flung oot by bailiffs on the basis of the Bedroom tax.

    From November ‘Wings’ 2013:
    A protest is taking place today from 3pm at 9 Scotland Street, Glasgow G5 8NB, the location of Anas Sarwar MP‘s constituency office. The purpose of the protest is to register people’s disapproval at Mr Sarwar’s failure to attend this week’s House of Commons division on a motion proposing to abolish the so-called “bedroom tax”, which was defeated by 26 votes and at which 47 Labour MPs didn’t turn up.


    We urge any readers who are constituents of Mr Sarwar to go along, though we suspect that Mr Sarwar himself, true to his character, will elect to dodge this weekly surgery. But if he’s there, please don’t hurl abuse, jostle him or throw bricks. Instead, we’d be grateful if you could politely and calmly ask him two simple questions for us.

    1. Where exactly were you at the time of the vote?

    2. If you were “paired” with an absent Conservative MP, which one?

    We all pay Mr Sarwar’s wages. He is accountable to his constituents, but also to all UK taxpayers. We believe it’s legitimate and reasonable to enquire into the reasons for his absence from his workplace, particularly when citizens have provided such a large supplement to Mr Sarwar’s salary specifically to enable him to attend Parliament.

    We’re sure the answers will be satisfactory and put an end to the matter.’

    The Rev back then—–Nuff said all you loathsome Unionist ’77’ privates.. ( should the collective term be ‘genitalia’ of ’77’s?)
    Sarwar is a unscrupulous Unionist glove puppet UJ wrapped tra*tor like all the rest and not worthy of anything other than derision. An anti-democrat How can he be anything other than one, when he denies Scots the absolute sovereign right to vote for Independence? Yet all the Dennison Barracks’ cardboard cutouts with the literary handles that pop up on here like poisonous boils keep the lies coming….oh yeah,the Brits are not really handling Sturgeon because after all the oil etc is gone..blah blah and voting in a crowd of Unionist puppets even if it means ALBA suffer and voting Unionist is better than what? How about Orwell ‘ a vision of the future… a boot stamping a face forever; by the Boris’ Brit bastards?

    Shetland has an oil fund of over £340 million arranged by the Viscount Stansgate( call me Tony) Anthony Benn in 1976, as Energy Minister under Labour. Classic divide and rule by the Brits. Aberdeen got SFA, but London and the S.E of England did. Norway extracted less oil and has a £3 billion oil fund. Check the London skyline along the Central Thames and compare 1900-1990…our revenue was pumped into England/Uk coffers by Labour then Thatcher into inflating London & S.E England’s building and infrastructure programme. The resulting housing boom allowed the ‘white flight’ into Wales and Scotland that we see today.

    Some troll on here mentioned his ‘family’ in the ‘isles’. Well the Western and Northern Isles have gradually been ‘planted’ by these enriched escapees and our indigenous young have been forced out due to being economically disadvantaged. In the past thirty years Edinburgh in particular and the salubrious parts of our cities and countries are being occupied by these unionist supporting nouveau riche settlers. We will end up like Ulster..outvoted and ejected from our own country by economic colonial emigration.

    Sturgeon never cared about Scottish Sovereignty. I highlighted her betrayal years ago on here when she denied the name of the party as unpalatable. I knew then but hoped I was wrong that she was a tra*tor. A reckoning is awaiting her and the scum who have sustained her. I hope it is an electoral disaster for the SNP but not for ALBA. A paradox, but one that this two faced dissembler has forced on us. But she is finished. A busted and dishonourable flush and a stain on the tapestry of Scottish history. Let’s pray that the Scottish electorate give her an unequivocal thumbs down one way or another.

  200. Hudson says:

    Best post of the day by a mile, read and learn:-

    Hatuey says:
    1 May, 2021 at 6:07 pm

    “Ask it happens I was in Pollokshields today and saw Sarwar. I beeped my horn and gestured support. He waved back and for this little fleeting moment our eyes met and I heard trumpets, like a fanfare played by angels…

    It’s the Sturgeon effect.

    Seriously, I think Sarwar could do it. And what a humiliation it would be if he did.

    I look at these video clips of Sturgeon and there’s no trumpets or angels. There’s a darkness to her, in her eyes. She’s a complete phoney.

    It’s going to be a tough week for the SNP. Nobody can stand her. Everything intensifies and accelerates in the final few days.

    Let them blame bloggers and naysayers like us. I’ll wear that badge with pride.

    Go Sarwar.”

  201. Thomas says:

    @ hudons feck off you unionist troll.

    @ lochside Good post mo charaid.

    Anas Sarwar the unionist multi millionare labour party branch manager lmfao.

  202. Hudson says:

    More and more people are seeing the light.

    The SNP 1 Brigade are becoming an insignificant minority.

    Let’s aim for a hung Parliament, where Sturgeon can’t get any of her freaky Reforms voted through Parliament.

    Sarwar will take her at the polls, she is toast.

    Vote Sarwar in Glasgow Southside and anybody but SNP in other Constituencies around Scotland.

  203. Hudson says:

    Don’t be an SNP loser.

  204. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Lochside (11.10) –

    ‘a stain on the tapestry of Scottish history.’


    That’s a keeper.


  205. Elmac says:

    Robbo @11.09pm

    South Ayrshire. The SNP candidate is a good one and ordinarily I would vote for her but not while she represents Sturgeon’s party. I would think more of her if she saw the light and quit the SNP for Alba.

  206. Hudson says:


    No,,,fuckin,,, chance.

    Vote Sarwar 1 and ALBA 2

    Thomas, I’ll take the Rev’s advice rather than yours, thanks.

  207. Shocked says:


    Your theories are hilariously bonkers. Sturgeon is not anyone’s puppet. I know you need to believe this because you can’t accept the truth. The truth is that sturgeon is a corrupt lying narcissistic psychopath who is in this for herself alone. She does not and never has given a shit about anyone else and in Peter Murrell she has found a like mind, like peas in a pod that pair have corrupted and stolen their way through the last few years and here you are still unable to accept the truth when it’s right in front of you. You have started rot open your eyes but you need to open them a little more.

  208. Ian Brotherhood says:

    I don’t ‘do’ Facebook, but Alba has already won Twitter hands-down.

    Hard to keep up with the torrent of positive images from all over the country.

    Who needs a big bus, let alone two?

  209. Hudson says:






  210. Elmac says:

    Thomas @ 11.08pm

    Sometimes we have to put our prejudices aside and vote for what would be the best outcome. That is NOT another 5 years of Sturgeon. Hold your nose, you will be voting AGAINST her rather than for anyone else and her defeat will see a mass clear out of the SNP or the rise of Alba and the prospect of independence in the short term rather than never. The woman and her government are corrupt and criminal. They need to be gone.

  211. Hatuey says:

    I just want to say “well in” to Daisy Walker and all those who are out campaigning and leafletting for Alba.

    Sincerely. You have my full respect.

  212. David Caledonia says:

    The SNP are going to get back into power that’s as certain as the sun rising from the east and setting in the west.
    So anyone on here that does not vote for them are just kidding themselves that they have some kind of principles in that matter, principles and morality have never gone together in political circles. its a dirty business inhabited by a lot of people I would not trust to be alone with a tea cosey and not try in on their silly nappers.
    A man I had immense respect for was Tony Benn. Tony was not a yes man, I think as far as he got politically was labour health minister, he would have been a brilliant Prime Minister because of his inherent belief in fairness for all.
    Galloway said he was a friend of Tony Benn, maybe slightly, but I find it hard to believe that Tony did not see what that chancer was about.
    Tony would never have come to scotland in cahoots with a tory as galloway has done, you see Tony had principles whereas galloway will use any one and anything to get what he wants, he is a buffoon and a bandwaggon jumper oner, and that is what most of them are, greedy money grabbing chancers who like to be noticed and heard, even though they are mostly all to thick to do anything else to earn a living , its to bloody easy to get into politics, not have any real skills in the job and still collect a great salary for basically knowing very little about anything.
    Can get a bit wearying having all these idiots ruling us.
    Sturgeon telling us to stay at home while she travels from Glasgow to Edinburgh most days, that says it all, she is not like you and me, she is more godlier than us, we can pass a virus on but she believes that rule and many others do not apply to her, is she as thick as a plank, yes, are we stupid, yes, we let her and her ilk get away with it

  213. Hudson says:


    You are one of the sharpest minds on Wings.

    Don’t let the SNP bullies stop you.

    Just keep posting up your wise words.

  214. Famous15 says:

    Soyou suggest SARWAR1 Eh?

    Alex and Alba say SNP 1 Alba 2.

    You must be wan o they “Stools” ah keep hearing aboot. BTW what is a troll without a bridge?

  215. Labour 4 Indy says:

    I agree with this post being the best post of the day:-

    Hatuey says:
    1 May, 2021 at 6:07 pm

    “Ask it happens I was in Pollokshields today and saw Sarwar. I beeped my horn and gestured support. He waved back and for this little fleeting moment our eyes met and I heard trumpets, like a fanfare played by angels…

    It’s the Sturgeon effect.

    Seriously, I think Sarwar could do it. And what a humiliation it would be if he did.

    I look at these video clips of Sturgeon and there’s no trumpets or angels. There’s a darkness to her, in her eyes. She’s a complete phoney.

    It’s going to be a tough week for the SNP. Nobody can stand her. Everything intensifies and accelerates in the final few days.

    Let them blame bloggers and naysayers like us. I’ll wear that badge with pride.

    Go Sarwar.”

  216. Labour 4 Indy says:

    Salmond is a decent man, holding out the hand of friendship to Sturgeon.

    And what does she do?

    She spits in his eye.

    This woman is pure evil.

    As others have said, how could you honestly vote for her or her Party?

  217. David Caledonia says:

    A football team does not get to the top without good tactical awareness, good tactics can take time to accomplish your objectives, but without them you will never succeed in anything

    SNP 1
    Alba 2

    Thats using tactics for success

  218. Labour 4 Indy says:

    A hung Parliament would let us sort out everything that Sturgeon has fucked up.

    Our legal system needs a major overhaul.

    Our civic side needs reforming.

    Education, housing, drug addiction.

    You name it, Sturgeon has fucked it up.

    The National Indy fight can be taken up in 2026.

  219. Hudson says:

    At this rate, with Sturgeon running the show, support for Indy will soon be stuck around the 40% mark.

    Keep on keeping on NIKLA.

    What a grand job you are doing hen.

    No wonder she’s addicted to cocaine.

    She knows she has screwed up big time and can’t handle the pressure.

    People in her State of mind have been known to commit the ultimate act. It’s the cowards way out.

    And in doing so, she leaves us to pick up the pieces.

    She wouldn’t do that,,, would she?

  220. ben madigan says:

    Well done the ALBA Women

    With regards to women’s rights in the sex vs gender debate I found this report from “Fair Play for Women” interesting and encouraging.

    “In spring 2021, we took the Office for National Statistics to court and won. A High Court order made them change their flawed guidance on how to answer the question, ‘What is your sex?’ to comply with the law and stop self-ID by the back door”.

    “The Census case was specifically about the law governing the Census, so it does not set a legal precedent more widely. But it provides a strong signal that sex in the law does mean legal, not self-identified, sex, and that it is hard to argue otherwise. It also signals that resistance is mounting against the casual dismissal of women’s sex-based rights, and that those who listen only to trans activists could end up looking very foolish, very publicly.”

    Anyone that’s interested can read the full story in the link

  221. Famous15 says:

    Hudson! Know your place. Below stairs. Below the bloody horizon

  222. Hudson says:

    Not a fan Famous?

    Tough, I’m here all week.

    Vote Sarwar, you know it makes sense.

  223. Labour 4 Indy says:

    Tomorrow’s Herald,

  224. Red says:

    Robert Hughes – thank you

    Gruff Williams says:
    1 May, 2021 at 1:00 pm
    Born in Scotland:
    2000 87.13%
    2011 83.32%
    2021 almost certainly below 80%
    Time is not on your side.

    Aye. I mentioned earlier how the SNP believes being “Scottish” is like Gender self-ID. Thinking about it a wee bit more, it’s even more incoherent than that.

    Genderwoowoos at least get the opportunity to define their own gender. Nicola simply declares that anybody who lives in Scotland and has a “stake” in Scotland (which is a redundancy) is “Scottish”… whether they want to be or not.

    The real world doesn’t work that way, and people who actually have roots here aren’t interchangeable with random people from other parts of the world who turned up ten minutes ago. Those people have their own ideas and their own roots.

    Plenty of my neighbours are fairly recent arrivals from England or Europe. They’re good people and I like them. But they’re not Scots. It’s an insult to them, and it’s an insult to us, to pretend otherwise. It’s just another version of The Cringe.

    The most important issue of our time and all times, given that we’re a mammalian species that perpetuates itself by sexual reproduction, is the birthrate.

    It’s also completely ignored by politicians. We’ve heard more about Boris Johnson’s wallpaper in the past week than we’ve heard about our suicidal fertility trends in the last decade. (At least Boris is doing something about the birthrate)

    Why? A national that fails to procreate is a nation that’s going to join the Scythians and the Sarmatians in the history books under “nations that no longer exist”.

    There’s a kind of collective madness in the developed nations of the world. Gender insanity is one manifestation of that. People behaving like endangered pandas who are endangered because they can’t be arsed making little panda babies is a more serious one.

    I saw a crazy woman from Extinction Rebellion on the internet the other day crying about how she’s determined not to get pregnant for “the environment”. Some unkind people thought this was funny, but it isn’t. I assume we don’t want to live in the CHILDREN OF MEN cinematic universe or be conquered by hordes of Boris Johnson’s Village of the Damned weans, so something needs to change.

  225. Hugh Jarse says:

    Anas sends the butler into the fray!
    Unpaid OT no doubt.

  226. Labour 4 Indy says:

    The Sunday Post,,,

    “Alex Salmond is less popular than Boris Johnson with Scots voters, according to a poll suggesting the Greens, not his Alba Party, are the biggest threat to the SNP winning a majority.”

  227. Confused says:

    – we are being fed the notion, right now, from various sources, that the logic of SNP voters flipping on the second vote has been accepted … but they are doing it for the Greens, who are now predicted to do much better than expected, some say 11 seats.

    I don’t buy it; I would have thought the bedrock of SNP voters are still fond of Salmond – this suggests they now want “MORE WOKE – FASTER TRANNY-CAT FASTER”

    I mean come on –

    Patrick Harvie is a scrofulous execrescence – a libertinesque Mr Potato Head – the kind of guy who looks like he is about to offer you sex with a midget in a back room

    and Lorna Slater just looks like a tranny FGS – and I don’t mean a Thai Ladyboy

    (they should get married and have babies … evil, twisted creatures, cursed by God)

    A formal SNP-Green coalition? What evil-fuckery is this? What shall we see – a Pride March on every street, every week, attendance compulsory; perhaps the Orangemen will save us, unashamed to vocally complain about “freaks and weirdoes in fancy dress blocking the streets all the time, for no reason, in triumphalist celebration of their perverse beliefs …”

    – it could be this is all just a cover story, being planted early, for a lot of ALBA votes “going missing” between Friday and Saturday. Everyone hates ALBA, it is in everyone’s interests they get humped – and why no exit polls, and why the count being stopped instead of running through? Covid, aye right. One hand washes the other – Labour, Tory, Lib-Dem and now SNP and Green; it’s a cosy club, and “gatecrashers” are not welcome. Even one ALBA seat, with Salmond re-entering Holyrood, would be a massive statement.

  228. John Martini says:

    The tide has turned on independence. People using their own minds have decided it is not a good idea.

    Time to revisit home rule methinks.

  229. Labour 4 Indy says:

    For the sake of Scotland, Sturgeon MUST be defeated on 6th May.

    As must Harvie and his Perverts.

  230. Billy says:

    If I hear the phrase ‘the freedom of the press’ ever again I think I will throw up. The Murrells have made sure that no such thing exists in Scotland. I am totally disgusted by non coverage of Alba in this election campaign. TV and newspapers have buckled under the pressure from Nicola Murrell and her cartel and the worrying thing is the Scottish public don’t appear to have noticed. Added to that it also appears that the majority of the population haven’t got a clue how the voting system works and are not particularly interested. Scarey times indeed when you have an electorate who have been indoctrinated by Mr and Mrs Murrell (I love using this term because I don’t think she likes it), it’s like lambs to the slaughter and they even have a dangerous Wolfe on their side.

  231. Mel says:

    @ mia

    Whether or not she has your respect, if she lost a referendum she would fall on her sword. Unlike Salmond, who is respected for trying and for almost getting there, she would be remembered as the Leader who timed it wrongly and threw it all away.

    Perhaps it is simply the fear of failure which is hog-tying her, rather than this theoretical unionist handler.

    But if your theory is correct, then there is merit in Salmond’s supermajority hopes.

    Sophie’s choice on Thursday for Independence supporters. And I don’t think this situation has anything to do with interference from outside of Scotland.

  232. Hatuey says:

    My advice to democrats on the south side of Glasgow is to keep a very close eye on how the vote and count is managed. Remember, the British State wants Sturgeon in power for another 5 years; they have a lot riding on it.

    In essence Sturgeon represents and is the embodiment of British State interests in Scotland. She became all that and more when, contrary to international law on our right to self determination, she formally surrendered to Britain’s Section 30 process.

    Assume they are capable of anything. Actually, know they are capable of anything. They absolutely are capable of anything.

    I am hoping Sarwar signals this week that he might be open to a referendum on independence. He has little to lose since most of the staunch Unionists in his area are probably going to vote Tory anyway. That’s probably true across the whole country. Of course, he could do that whilst remaining a Unionist himself.

    Curiously, it’s probably the case that we would have a far better chance of achieving indyref2 in the next few years if Sarwar won that seat on the south side of Glasgow, rather than Sturgeon. Think about that. It’s nuts.

  233. Hatuey says:

    Lol @ “she would be remembered as the Leader who timed it wrongly and threw it all away.”

    Please, please, take it from me, no matter what she does in the future, she will be remembered for far worse than that.

  234. A. Bruce says:

    I’ve just finished reading a really big article in Der Spiegel, one of the most influential European news magazines, entitled ” Is Scexit coming” What a load of shit!
    It starts of with a couple of paragraphs about Mike Blackshaw described as one of the High Priests, and his Edinburgh Yes Hub shop.
    St Nicola comes in for of course masses of praise, about all that she has achieved, all that she’s going to do; she’s right up there with Angela Merkel.
    The high point of 59% supporting independence which then started slipping was of course laid at the door of all the mud slinging due to Alex Salmond, who was accused by several women of sexual attacks which didn’t affect the SNP to waver from their course. St. Nicola “is planning a longer game, even though her predecessor Salmond with his Ultra nationalist Alba Party is demanding a referendum this year”
    Angus Robertson even gets a mention as being the “Strippenzieher, The Puppetmaster”
    The prat in the hat Galloway with his “All for Unity gets 4 paragraphs.
    Valentina Severa Clavell a young Spanish New Scot in the SNP warns us of the Catalonia danger of illegal referendums.

  235. DJ says:

    I believe in independence. I believe in the political skills of Alex Salmond who will take us there. I don’t want to see another unionist, including Sarwar, in Holyrood. He, and his ilk, will never bring Scottish independence any closer. SNP 1 Alba 2

  236. Al-Stuart says:

    Oh crap.

    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for spotting “HUDSON” the newest incarnation of PatrickJones/Gordon/Rock/kcoR/Andy.


    Plus the old master baiter account of “Labour4Indy” has woken back up.

    Some of us here try and follow a decent line of BTL debate.

    EVERY THREAD is spaffed by the idiot Troll who seems to think he/she or it has high principles, yet keeps having to dishonestly change it’s fake SOCK PUPPET ID to get back onto Wings Over Scotland.

    Hudson/PatrickJones/Gordon/Rock/kcoR/Andy/Labour4Indy you are one and the same.

    What should have happened on Wings Over Scotland is those wise heads on these BTL threads would have had the space to help support the Alba Party. Instead the volume of crap and distraction drowns out meaningful discussion. It’s like trying to walk through a field where 5,000 incontinent cows have dumped dung everywhere. Helluva difficult to navigate without getting ankle deep in KoKR Rock-Hudson shite.



    “1 May, 2021 at 2:37 pm

    “Patrick Jones” AKA “Hudson” says:

    Garrion 2.02

    You’re funny.

    Howz your wife, she still got that birth mark at the top of her thighs?

    Me an the mates used to spend many a night around that area.

    It was a Bastard if you were Last though.

    Send her our love.”


    Aye and to the snide troll-pall still licking his wounds and coming up with the “phantom troll-hunter” pish. You are just as bad as your best pal who thinks it is funny to joke about WOMEN BEING GANG RAPED. You are both a disgrace to the human race with this sort of comment.

  237. JB says:


    So, because the Scottish Government currently isn’t living up to your standards of what good (devolved) governance should be, therefore Scotland doesn’t deserve independence? OK…

    But despite the UK currently being governed in arguably the most dangerously incompetent and corrupt manner in over 100 years which has blessed it with:

    – The 5th highest absolute Covid death toll in the world

    – The 3rd highest per capita Covid death toll amongst countries with populations over 10 million

    – The worst Covid economic hit amongst all major economies

    – Raging, nearly fully “structurally integrated” corruption and cronyism on a scale which makes the Salmond/Sturgeon affair seem like a minor parish council dispute

    – A disastrous decades long economic policy which has seen productivity and wages stagnate; a crippling, cynical and backfiring austerity campaign; vast swathes of the UK denied much needed investment at the expense of the SE of England, with only a failing attempt to paper over the cracks of all of this with artificially inflated house prices, extractive financial services (London is the money laundering capitol of the world btw) and other types of economic sleight of hand

    – The singularly appalling Brexit debacle

    you are happy for Scotland to remain in the UK and see no need for it to be scrapped despite its “World-beatingly” bad performance?

    P.s. as you reflect on this conundrum you may also consider that ‘devolved’ powers are by their nature limited: ‘Power devolved is power retained’. I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Sturgeon myself, but what can be done in regards to education, jobs and drug deaths etc will always be drastically constrained by what Westminster has done: it still holds all the big levers of power. So – given the integral interconnection of all these issues to broader UK government policy, especially economic – blaming the SNP for drug death levels is like a man having his neighbour break into his house, wreck all his furniture and break all his windows, and then get a patronising lecture from him on how poorly he’s maintaining his property!

  238. akenaton says:

    I despair, Sturgeon and her gang are obviously bad for Scotland, won’t deliver Indy and more importantly are in cahoots with the media and social services into turning our country into a crude joke based on sexual perversion and a mad interpretation of what “equality” means.
    The Scottish people and all of their leaders carry as much blame as the criminals who rule them. Does anyone think we as a nation are fit to implement Independence?

  239. akenaton says:

    Nothing has dented the intentions of the people outwith these pages to vote for “Braveheart Queen Nicola”.

    Get used to it and weep for Scotland!

  240. John McNab says:

    In a sense, the Great Helmswoman (or given the cult of personality, should it be Stàilinn?) is correct. No credible case for breaking up the UK – for that is what it is – has yet been made. In fact, no necessity to do so has yet been identified. If all you’re doing is hanging out for some 50% + 1 at an internal opinion poll held at Holyrood to do so, it’ll not happen. If your only other platform is the obsessive hatred and denunciation of those who you choose to identify as a Tory, it’ll not happen.

    Just because the current incumbent at No. 10 is a balloon, in an ever lengthening line of shoddy, inept and venal governments, whose ineptitude, venality and stupidity is allowed, unopposed, indulged and ignored by supine and compliant Parliamentary opposition, is not a good basis for secession. Any PM can be replaced, any government can be brought to heel, even brought down. Why don’t they do it? Because governance in this country has become a “couch for luxury and damnèd incest”, that’s why.

    To try to secede from the UK because of “this broken Union”, a phrase I see regularly on platforms such as this, instead of joining with our compatriots to fix it, is not achieving independence, it’s running away, it’s cowardice.

    Perhaps that’s why the colour chosen for the Scots nationalist movement is yellow.

  241. John McNab says:

    DJ at 2.36 am

    Well then, you’re going to be awfy disappointed.

  242. Captain Yossarian says:

    @John McNab – the other way of looking at it is the quality of governance in a country is measured by the way the government investigates itself when it stands accused.

    Wee Patrick Harvie calls this ‘politics’. It’s not politics of course it is governance – they should be two separate things.

  243. stuart mctavish says:

    McHaggis69 @5:52pm

    Paula’s point might better be understood by thinking of the 60,000 US casualties from the Vietnam war and realising that the surviving contemporaries of those needlessly sacrificed must still be about 10 years younger than the average age of a covid statistic despite having enjoyed an additional 50 years of opportunity (excluding the one where children were sent to school masked up like something out of an adult baby’s bondage closet).

  244. bjsalba says:

    @Don 1 May, 2021 at 7:35 pm

    This is the original:

    Looks like Nicola is rebranding SNP to hide her failure of the last 7 years.

    Previously it was up to SNP to persuade voters. Now suddenly it is the Yes Campaign’s job.

    So, unless SNP gets a new leader with a different viewpoint, there is no reason to vote SNP any more, is there?

  245. Eugene Henderson says:

    Al Stuart

    You have got to be the most childish, immature, pain in the Arse that has ever visited Wings.

    You are obsessed with a list of names that nobody gives as fuck about.

    What has been your contribution to any of the threads over the last few months?

    Give it a fuckin miss pal, you are a boring pest.

    What have these guys done to turn your whole life into harassing these guys.

    I suppose you are endlessly keeping the Rev updated on your childish, immature findings by email. And I’m sure the Rev just loves a pain in the Arse like you contacting him daily. I mean it’s not as if he has anything else to do.

    Is it because every one of the guys you have hounded is against Voting SNP 1?
    and you are all for a return of your hero Sturgeon.

    We should all be free to express an opinion.

    Or do you want a site full of people who all agree with what you think.

    You want an echo chamber.

    The world doesn’t work like that.

    I personally can’t stand the site of Sturgeon, and Salmond is completely wrong in is advise to vote SNP 1. I’ll go with what Rev Stu says.

    So I will vote for the candidate who can unseat my SNP trougher.

    Al Stuart, it would be nice to hear your opinion on why you think Sturgeon should get another five years in power.

    The only five years Sturgeon should get is in Corton Vale Prison.

  246. Hudson says:

    Al Stuart is NUTS!!!

    You have lost the plot mate.

    Tell the Doc to up your dosage.

  247. Hudson says:

    This man posts exactly what should be done.

    He posts wise words.

    Hatuey says:
    2 May, 2021 at 1:59 am

    “My advice to democrats on the south side of Glasgow is to keep a very close eye on how the vote and count is managed. Remember, the British State wants Sturgeon in power for another 5 years; they have a lot riding on it.

    In essence Sturgeon represents and is the embodiment of British State interests in Scotland. She became all that and more when, contrary to international law on our right to self determination, she formally surrendered to Britain’s Section 30 process.

    Assume they are capable of anything. Actually, know they are capable of anything. They absolutely are capable of anything.

    I am hoping Sarwar signals this week that he might be open to a referendum on independence. He has little to lose since most of the staunch Unionists in his area are probably going to vote Tory anyway. That’s probably true across the whole country. Of course, he could do that whilst remaining a Unionist himself.

    Curiously, it’s probably the case that we would have a far better chance of achieving indyref2 in the next few years if Sarwar won that seat on the south side of Glasgow, rather than Sturgeon. Think about that. It’s nuts.”

  248. Captain Yossarian says:

    The Times and The Sun reported all Conservative Party staff received an email from human resources in the name of Alan Mabbutt, a senior official and registered legal officer, about the Commission’s inquiry which told them: “You are put on notice that this is a criminal investigation.”

    The email instructed that all communications had to be provided to the investigation by May 7.

    The Times added that Mr Mabbutt said if staff “knowingly falsify, conceal, destroy or otherwise dispose of information” then they “could be committing a criminal offence of perverting the course of justice”.

    This is how a competent governmental investigation is carried-out. Something for our Lord Advocate, James Wolffe QC, to study. This is how it is done sir. Dead easy, really.

  249. Hudson says:

    Not long to go until we all decide whether Sturgeon and her repulsive cult are re-elected for another five years.

    We have to do everything within our power to make sure her Party is not elected back into government.

    They have all contributed to taking the percentage of Scots wishing to become an independent nation backwards.

    And she done it without showing any guilt.

    We know she isn’t interested in Indy, she probably doesn’t even want any debate on Indy.

    All she and Harvie want is to push through as quickly as possible their Freaks Charter.

    Our best shot is to take Sturgeon out at the Polls. I wouldn’t have a problem with Sarwar taking her away.

    Then, for ALBA to take the List seat in Glasgow Southside.

    Make sure the SNP don’t win any List seats in Glasgow.

    Then after that, we should be aiming for a Hung Parliament, that way her and Harvie don’t have their majority needed to get any of their perverted policies put into Law.

    Indy is off the table for at least five years, but it will take that to right all if Sturgeon’s wrongs.

    She has destroyed the YES Movement and she has destroyed any chance we had of taking this opportunity to win our freedom.

    Don’t shoot the messenger.

    Don’t vote SNP or Greens.

    Let’s take back control of our Country.

  250. Famous15 says:

    Hudson there is no list seat in Glasgow Southside as you probably know the d’Bonk system better than me.

    It most be difficult for a Sandhurst graduate mincing his grammar to appear and patronise the working class. Eh?

    SNP1 Alba2 is the very cunning plan for quickest cleansing and pushing for indy.

  251. Hudson says:

    No wonder the Indy Polls are in reverse.

    Sturgeon has ripped the heart out of the YES Movement.

    I wouldn’t touch anything to do with Scottish Independence until Sturgeon is taken out of the equation.

    It would be a total waste of time and energy.

    As has been the case since Sturgeon to control.

    And to think that Bastard had no intention of pushing for Independence, while we were out in all sorts of weather, marching up and down High streets all over Scotland.

    She is a disgusting Bastard who should be completely barred from holding office ever again.

    But to my dismay, there are actually people in n Scotland (and here on Wings) willing to give her ANOTHER five years to do as she wishes with us.

    Absolutely amazing.

  252. Daisy Walker says:

    For any in the Perth area.

    Alba Leafleting today meeting points 1030 and 1300 hrs, Asda Car Park – at the McDonalds end.

    Just if you wanted to lend a hand.

  253. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Lochside 11.10 and Red 12.39:excellent contributions and well worth a read for anyone who missed them.

    Nicla’s SNP=Select Notional Pronoun.

  254. Mikey d says:

    ‘I wouldnt touch anything to do with s Scottish independence’

    ‘While we were out in all sorts of weather marching up and down high streets all over Scotland’…..which is exactly why regardless of sturgeon, independence comes first. Snp1 Alba2.

  255. Mia says:

    “if she lost a referendum she would fall on her sword”

    In light of the evidence, I think that is just wishful thinking on your part. The level of corruption under her watch uncovered during the inquiry, the unnecessary cost of a civil court case inflicted on taxpayers because of her determination to continuing with the case, forcing the taxpayers to continue covering the salary of the most incompetent and untrustworthy permanent secretary in Scotland’s history, throwing the whole force of the COPFS to suppress incriminating evidence, an unnecessarily high number of deaths in Scotland due to COVID because this woman refused to lock the borders and the vanishing of another half million pounds in ringfenced money from the SNP coffers under her leadership should have ensured this woman had fallen over her sword many times over by now.

    If she had any professional ethics, dignity or respect for the Scottish taxpayers she would have resigned in January 2019. Yet, there she is. No sense of loyalty, no sense of duty, no honesty, no transparency, no dignity, no ethics, no integrity, no principles, no sense of right and wrong. Just absolute contempt for justice, democracy, women and Scotland.

    So, what is worse in your view, to fall on your sword because you fulfilled your duty of delivering the democratic mandate you were elected on to the best of your ability and you gave YES a chance with a decent campaign, like Mr Salmond did, or to be seen as the untrustworthy, selfish coward who chose to be remembered as the undemocratic and incompetent liar who deliberately stopped campaigning for independence and wasted Scotland’s best chances at ending the union because the embarrassment of watching the people of Scotland exercise their right to vote no was too hurtful for her pride?

    And that is of course if you have the assumption that she ever wanted to achieve independence, which I don’t, because her actions in the last 6 years say the precise opposite.

  256. Mia says:

    “I don’t think this situation has anything to do with interference from outside of Scotland”

    You are entitled to your opinion like everybody else in this thread is. We just have to accept that your opinion and mine are diametrically opposed. I am convinced this woman is a willing or unwilling plant who has been working for the British state since 8th May 2015 to stop independence.

    So far, I have seen nothing at all in her actions that disprove that.

  257. Laing b french says:

    I hope and wish that the scottish electorate see through this pathetic salary grabbing self serving incompetent woman and vote her out. It will cost us dearly as a country but it will reinforce my trust in my fellow kinsmen otherwise means we like all the rest of the planets population are merely a bunch of sheeples with our heads tightly shoved and stuck up our own arses!
    Sadly I won’t be holding my breath. My postal vote has already been posted. Maybe it’ll end up in the same place as the 100k votes that went missing in 2014. You never know whats gonna happen next in this corrupt so called democracy.

  258. Stuart says:

    Red 12.39am

    Spot on and needs serious discussion. I have to admit though, chortling at the very earnest young greenie the other day when she declared “I am grieving for my unborn babies”.

    Don’t know why just reminded me again of the Life of Brian, to be fair much of life these days does, aside from the humour which is sadly lacking.

  259. Nemisis Benn says:

    Looking at the picture of her by HolyroodElex she looks like a fish that is well past its “bin by” date (forget “best by” or “best before”)

  260. Stuart MacKay says:

    For me, a big part of understanding the conspiracy was trying to make sense of a situation that initially seemed implausible. One one hand there was what the Rev and others in a position to know were saying and on the other there was “why go to all that trouble?”.

    Struggling to reconcile the apparently irreconcilable is the hard part. However it’s a waste of time. There’s no way anyone can have an objective opinion. There are always biases and perspectives to consider. Even previous experiences colour how you view something new.

    The only thing that really matters is to take a “scientific” approach – does the theory explain the currently available facts and more importantly can it predict the future. What matters is whether the theory is workable.

    So “Nicola Sturgeon as MI5 operative” fits all available facts and you cab predict her reaction to a supermajority and a new referendum with enough accuracy for you to plan and act accordingly. It’s neither here not there that it might be wrong.

  261. Stuart says:

    I know I shouldn’t but am going to bite….

    Hi Al Stuart, if you could please show me where ever I have condoned “gang rape” by anyone would be most grateful.. thanks.

    I have a feeling you are very disturbed (in all senses of the word), please seek ,medical help.

    Mostly today I will be liaising with my handler on the banks of the Thames, not using zoom rather the encrypted smoke signal system that has been developed by special ops Caledonian division.

  262. Al-Stuart says:

    Ahh, Eugene Henderson one of Patrick Jones GANG RAPIST AGAINST WOMEN ADVOCATES.

    You think your words pass for rational debate? Never heard of you. Likely with that rancid attack you are either a whack-a-mole 77th lagger having a feinting spell, or a Sturgeonite McWokeist.

    You ask for one example. It’s replicated below. We SHOULD have been helping the Alba Party the day after launch. Instead MANY on Wings are having to wade, knee deep though the 30% of repeat shite on EVERY BTL article with the SEVEN fake ID twat that Hudson/Rock/KcoR/tnuC/Gordon/Andy/Labour4Indy post.

    Or Eugene, maybe you are one of these yellow fountain types. You like it in the shitter?

    Y’know, I kinda felt uncomfortable when TwatHater used that name. He’s one of the good guys you can have a rational debate with. But it always felt strange addressing someone as “TwatHater”. Now I’d gladly register as a TwatHater. Because I cannot abide timewasting twats like Hudson/Rock/Gordon/Andy. Now we have his wee GANG RAPE WOMEN back-up pal Eugenie Nomark Henderson to deal with.

    There is very little point responding to turgid little lumps of Unionist or Sturgeonite trolling excrement. But you asked for an example of what I’d been trying to say.

    If we had all written to our MSP when there was enough time and fewer fake ID Trolls on Wings, we would have maybe secured some more MSPs for Alba.

    Eugene, just you go talk amongst your 77th laggers or Sturgeonite McWokeists and leave the ones that want self-determination for Scotland alone.


    Hi Twathater,

    I owe you a pint, or a perhaps a fine dram of your choice ?

    BTL is like a swamp of 5hit somedays with the Trolls from the 77th Battalion of cowardly anti-democratic snakes.

    It is good folk such as yourself and Breeks and those fine, decent people who believe in the principle of Scotland having its right to self determination that make Wings BTL worth reading.

    Twathater, I was scunnered earlier and maybe just as well cannot lay my hands on the waste of skin Squaddie that cowardly hides behind Rock/Andy/Kcor/Gordon etc. What he/she/it said was disgusting abuse pure and simple.

    The reason I reacted is having had to attend post-mortems of murdered kids during my employment in the emergency services. The coward Kcor/Andy/Krap/Gordon/Liebor-for-Indy is paid by our taxes to fuck up this website and keep the energy levels down. He also manages to hit the occasional red button.

    Well that areswipe failed utterly. He/she/it gave me an idea. Wings used to have a lot more energy before these British State leeches were instructed to disrupt this site. So here is a suggestion…

    How about we ALL write to our CONSTITUENCY MSP CANDIDATES along the following lines. FOR EXAMPLE…
    Angus Robertson
    Scottish National Party
    Gordon Lamb House
    3 Jackson’s Entry
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    EH8 8PJ

    Dear Angus,


    On 6th May 2021 I want to lend you my CONSTITUENCY vote. To be clear I wish to vote…


    However, Nicola Sturgeon’s many public media appearances with her evident hostility to the Alba Party is personal, offputting and makes no logical sense.

    Many members and former members of the SNP have suspicions that the last FIVE mandates supporting IndyRef2 have been wasted by Nicola and that she is, at best a careerist politician who will only vote/support the Devolution we already have in order to remain in the luxurious high office to which she has become accustomed.

    Angus, if Alex Salmond can be the bigger person and put aside the attempt to ruin him and jail him for a swathe of offences that a majority female jury found him innocent, and STILL campaign for SNP CONSTITUENCY vote, then here’s the deal…

    If you come out now and advocate SECOND VOTE ALBA, I will forgive the sins of the current SNP leadership and give you my CONSTITUENCY vote for the SNP on 6th May 2021.

    If you are NOT inclined to agree that a SUPER-MAJORITY is a BRILLIANT opportunity for the Scottish Independence movement, then I will know exactly where you stand and shall lend my vote to someone other than you.

    Please ensure a reply to me as your CONSTITUENT in plenty of time BEFORE the 6th May 2021 as if I do not hear from you, I shall automatically lend my vote to someone else on the CONSTITUENCY ballot.

    Whatever else, the ALBA PARTY will be getting my LIST vote.

    This may seem a simple point, but it lets me and many others know exactly where you stand.

    Your answer will help many fold work out whether to LEND their vote to you.

    Yours faithfully

    Al Stuart

    I am thinking if we Wingers can email at least ONE of these missives to EVERY prospective SNP constituency candidate then their answer will help those of us here tempted to SPOIL our ballot.

    This is my way of dealing with the efforts of 77th Brigade Trolls trying to kill off Wings BTL.

    Cheers Twathater, you fair made my day.

  263. McDuff says:

    I don’t believe Sturgeon is just about money or power, there is something else at work here, a plan.
    You don’t have the leader of an independence party suddenly actively fighting against it.

  264. Willie says:

    Sturgeon’s intimation that she will instruct SNP MSPs to oppose Alba brings into absolute full glare how anti independence she actually is.

    No one can now be in any doubt about what she and the party she leads has become. Voting Alba and returning Alba MSPs is our lifeboat, our vaccine to keep the independence movement alive. The SNP have sold out.

    Our MPS who once had, and in fact still do have the key to progress independence negotiations
    sit quietly taking their not inconsiderable pay pension and expenses. Paid sinecures, at least for the present, they deliver nothing.

    And in our devolved, and set to be neutered Hollyrood parliament another tranche of freeloaders sit implacably opposed to independence and focussed on hugely unpopular policies catering for the freakish micro minority who would turn our society upside down.

    And a tranche of SNP MPS who let Brexit happen, who have let the Conservative writ of austerity stalk our land, who sit compliantly accepting of the U.K. internal Market bill that removes Hollyrood authority from everything from fishing to farming to health care to the environment be dictated by Westminster, and who have further sat quietly as Westminster builds its U.K. Government ( in Scotland ) offices.

    Shafted we will be not by Westminster but by the lushes of Sturgeon’s SNP. No wonder she wanted to change the name and drop the National from it.

    This Party is no longer worthy of our vote. It is corrupt, malign, undemocratic and I for one wonder how folk can in good conscience give a vote to the SNP.

    Alex Salmond and the Alba party has done everything to support SNP1 and Alba 2 and he is right in that instinct. And that is the only thing that will keep me on that message. But we do need to get rid of Sturgeon and her rotten ilk.and how we do that will as we move forward to Thursday will be troubling many voters minds.

    But make no mistake, Sturgeon wants to bury independence and create a freakish trans sexual driven country.

    Response was great. Very much like the referendum spirit folks reacted well. Even the unionists

  265. John Main says:

    Rev Stu

    Your post is a masterpiece of journalistic summary and factual analysis but it leaves you wide open to accusations of unfair bias.

    You forgot to mention the baby boxes.

  266. John Main says:


    People don’t come to Scotland to live and work because they think Scotland is the great wee place they saw in Braveheart. They don’t come here as missionaries divinely called to improve the morals of the Scots. They come here to better themselves and to improve their own living standards, health and wealth.

    It really is not complex. If the case for personal gain from Scottish Independence is clear-cut and obvious, immigrants will be amongst the most supportive voters for Yes.

    If, as you suggest, immigrants are mostly hostile to Scottish Independence, then go figure why that may be so.

    If you are saying that Independence will make us worse off but that all “true Scots” would accept that price willingly, then I think you are mistaken.

  267. Pixywine says:

    Sturgeon the Tupperware Nationalist. I stole the “Tupperware” line from a hilarious comment on here or was it youtube? Seems appropriate for a case of ” imposter Syndrome”.

  268. Stuart MacKay says:

    John Main

    If only it were that simple. Any push for independence brings uncertainty and that’s a default vote for “No”.

    You can never take all the uncertainty out of such a decision. If you offered dual citizenship, preferential tax rates, etc. etc. you still have a problem as all the “default noes” might still have financial assets or family or anything south of the border. So despite doing everything you can to persuade you still don’t have control over the situation. All the Westminster government has to do is to wonder out loud that their UK citizenship would have to be reviewed and everything you’ve done turns to dust.

    The moral stance is that recent arrivals to the country should realise it’s not their place to say and take themselves out of the equation. A nice position but pretty unworkable. Ultimately I think the problem is simply intractable and any position is equally bad as all the others.

  269. Mel says:

    @ Mia

    If you have nothing to prove it then, then it just remains your theory.

    We don’t have different opinions because I have no opinion about it and I didn’t say you were wrong. I was merely asking if you have evidence of a handler and wrote that their could be other reasons for Sturgeon behaviour.

    My opinion is that Salmond’s reasoning is correct. And my opinion is that no ‘handler’ is preventing them both sitting around a table discussing this.

  270. John McNab says:

    John Main at 10.43 am

    “They come here to better themselves and to improve their own living standards, health and wealth.”

    But the fact is John, they aren’t coming. Despite accelerated waves of immigration to the UK in the post – WW2 period, they aren’t coming up to Scotland. There are a few hardy souls who come from elsewhere to make a life, and if it wasn’t for internal movement within the UK, some of the more remote parts of our benighted land would be in a worse off state than they are.

  271. Annie 621 says:

    “120 000 needless deaths” to which Sturgeon contributed to by over 10,000 so far…and you’ve got to think, willingly, as fealty to the British state so that she could grandstand every day to retain her control..

    Scottish National Parcelorogues!

  272. Jontoscots21 says:

    Red @12.37

    Spot on this has been my concern and at root is the idea that they don’t like the Scottish people or culture very much.

  273. Stuart says:

    Annie 621,

    “120,000 needless deaths”????

  274. Freya says:

    I cannot find the post in which someone has suggested immigrants are mostly hostile to Scottish Independence. What is this person talking about, has he/she even talked to immigrants? Obviously not.

    I happen to be one and every single one of my friends – of which I have many since I have been here for 21 years, exactly half my lifetime – is going to vote either SNP, Alba or (one of them, a girl who is half German half Czech) Greens.

    In the case of Spaniards pretty much everybody who comes from a region with a pro-independence movement (Catalonia, the Canary Islands, Basque Country and, to a lesser extent, Navarra and Galicia) is very much invested in Scottish independence, to the point I have two friends who are SNP candidates for the elections this coming Thursday.

    There are a lot of us volunteering our time for this to happen, learning Scottish Gaelic – which some of the locals ridicule us for – and donating money whenever we can for the cause.

    I personally cannot wait until I get my Scottish passport, and I am finding increasingly frustrating that due to Nicola ”Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” attitude this could be delayed quite a few more years.

  275. Stephen says:

    I can’t find the post either.
    The poster was probably referring to English people living in Scotland who are more likely to be unionist than not.
    The poster could have used the word “immigrant” lazily when they probably meant “English”.
    I think we are generally hospitable people and I trust that this has been your experience.

  276. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Freya and Stephen.

    Is this what you’re looking for?

  277. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I think some people are confusing Tactics and strategy.

    The strategy of pro-indy individuals and parties is to regain independence for Scotland.

    What tactics can be employed to reach that goal?

    Well, as the Greens were already wishy-washy on independence and the SNP appear to be going the same way, what we don’t want is the SNP or the SNP & Greens having an outright majority in their own right.

    What tactic can be employed to alleviate the risk of that happening?

    By voting, tactically, to reduce the number of SNP MSPs in specific constituencies. As has been mentioned before, Sturgeon, Yusaf, Swinney, SAS and Robertson should be tactical targets. The tactic, as has also been previously mentioned, would be to hold nose and vote for whoever is most likely to keep the SNP out.

    My sister lives outside Pitlochry. She’s always been an SNP voter but doesn’t like Swinney anyway (for various reasons of personal impact), so I suggested she votes for Murdo Fraser. She baulked at voting for a Tory but I left her thinking about it.

    It takes tactics to achieve a strategy.

  278. akenaton says:

    One of the main reasons I voted to leave the EU was the parasitic use of immigrant labour.
    Our young people who should be contributing to the repair and renewal of our infrastructure were being guided into further education for life while our services depended more and more on people from poorer, often Eastern European countries.
    These people just like the Scots have nations to build and their own countries are short skilled labour, while we use their people as cheap labour and house them in squats.

    I will never forget Blair’s bold announcement, “We need mass immigration to make this country competitive in a global economy” Is that the sort of Scotland we want? Men in frocks serviced by poor underpaid immigrant workers? No thanks, better that we all get a life and start addressing the realities.

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