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Glass half-chucked

Posted on September 06, 2015 by

A very brief post about football, because it was irritating to listen to the avalanche of gloom on social media on Friday night as Scotland lost to Georgia (again), and then have to watch this honking oaf go trolling.


Shut your faces, all of you.

The defeat in Tbilisi, where all Scotland’s qualification rivals have gone and won, was undoubtedly a setback, but it wasn’t a catastrophe. Group D currently looks like this:


Let’s assume the absolute worst and say that Scotland lose to the world champions tomorrow night, while Poland gub Gibraltar and Ireland beat Georgia at home (not a banker – only a 90th-minute Aidan McGeady winner gave them three points in Georgia – but we’re being gloomy here). That’d give us:

Germany 19 pts
Poland 17
Ireland 15
Scotland 11

Looks bad. But it’s the next round of games that really matter. On October 8 the Irish are at home to Germany and Scotland host Poland. Let’s imagine that we can beat the Poles, as is surely possible (the corresponding fixture in Poland was a 2-2 draw), and make the not-unreasonable assumption that Germany – who’ll still need the points at that stage no matter what – win in Dublin.

Germany 22
Poland 17
Ireland 15
Scotland 14

The final round of games three days later pits Scotland against Gibraltar, and while history tells us that you can take nothing for granted when Scotland travel away to minnows, Gibraltar haven’t come anywhere close to a point so far so let’s touch wood and assume the win, putting Scotland on 17 points.

In the other key game, Poland play host to Ireland in Warsaw. Points-wise there are three possible outcomes of that match (Germany should now be uncatchable):


Poland 20
Scotland 17
Ireland 15

Scotland finish in 3rd above Ireland and either qualify directly as best 3rd-place team or go into the playoffs, giving us a fighting chance.


Ireland 18
Scotland 17
Poland 17

Scotland finish level on points with Poland for 3rd. UEFA’s rules on tiebreakers for the tournament aren’t absolutely clear, but as far as we can tell it would come down to the head-to-head record between the two sides, which Scotland would win by virtue of having taken four points from six against the Poles (remember we’re assuming a win on the 8th).


Poland 18
Scotland 17
Ireland 16

Again, Scotland pip Ireland to 3rd.

So far as we can tell, then, if Scotland beat the Poles next month (and don’t slip up against Gibraltar) – and as long as Germany don’t go completely mad and lose in Dublin – Scotland will definitely finish at least 3rd and be in the playoffs at worst.

(If Ireland got a draw against the Germans it wouldn’t actually do them any good – at best they’d still be level on points with Scotland, and with Scotland having already beaten them and drawn, we’d go through on the head-to-head again.)

Should we take even a point against Germany, 2nd place and automatic qualification could still be up for grabs if Poland drop any points to Ireland.

Football’s a funny old game and any number of spanners could of course be thrown into the works. But all other things being reasonably equal, Scotland are now basically in a one-match qualifying tournament and it isn’t the one at Hampden tomorrow night.

No matter what happens against the Germans, any miserable-faced doom-merchant telling you the game’s a bogey before the 8th of October needs a boot up the kilt and a solid cuff around the Jimmy hat.

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      Glass half-chucked | Speymouth

    164 to “Glass half-chucked”

    1. Hughonabike says:

      Hmmm! Word of advise. Support Scotland, like me by all means but dina put any money on them to win anything worthwhile. And dont kid yersels only Germany and Poland are going thru to the next round………Isn’t the truth a bitch.

    2. handclapping says:

      What is it with Scottish journalists? TV, papers are front to back fitba and now its even spread to Bath! I know disasters sell papers but enough already.

      Let us mourn Sevco 5 Rovers 0 in peace

    3. Lollysmum says:

      Wow they did rile you 🙂

    4. Chitterinlicht says:


      Cheered me up that did.

    5. Colin Church says:

      The Kelly Kringe.

    6. Cuilean says:

      Scotland will beat Germany.

    7. Beefstew says:

      Shame about the rugby…

    8. mogabee says:

      “See you Jimmy” Quit cheering folk up! 😀

    9. R-type Grunt says:

      That Kelly guy really is a wanker eh? How can you take any satisfaction in your country’s sporting representative being defeated? Perhaps he really believes Scotland is not a real country. After independence I suggest we send him and his ilk packing. A modern Scotland looking to the future will be no place for ("Tractor" - Ed)s like him.

    10. Paula Rose says:

      I’m so happy all you footie folk can keep smiling!

    11. One_Scot says:

      Total arse does not even come close.

    12. Big Jock says:

      Stu,who’s to say we can’t take a point off the Germans at home as well. I think he has to play Griffiths from the start. The boy has no fear.

    13. thomaspotter2014 says:

      Thanks for that Stu,

      Fair cheered me up!

    14. Jamie says:

      The real problem with Scotland though is you never know who is going to turn up. The Scotland that drew with Poland and beat Ireland in which case we can beat Germany or the one that lost to Georgia in which case we will struggle to beat Gibraltar. I gave up expecting anything results wise from Scotland a long time ago not even Strachan changed that at any point. The best thing about Scotland games is the piss up and the occasional time the team play some decent football. We have players who are good on their day but overall inconsistent. Just like Celtic in Europe. Don’t see anything from Scotland or Celtic changing any time soon.

    15. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      The real point is, though, that even in the worst possible combination of results tomorrow, we’re totally not out of it, and we CERTAINLY aren’t out of it now.

    16. Dan Watt says:

      Wow Rev, surprising but uplifting article, nice work!

      Here’s hoping something resembling this comes true!

    17. RMF Brown says:

      Stu, did you take into consideration that results against the bottom team (Gibraltar in this case) are scrubbed so as to match the groups with 6 teams in them with 5 teams in them?

    18. The problem is not so much the result – as disastrous as it was – but the abject, pathetic manner in which we played. That’s down there with the worst I’ve ever seen and I was there when Costa Rica beat us at Italia 90. At least that day we had shots at goal – 27 in fact. We didn’t even have one on Friday and that’s unacceptable.

      Still, could’ve been worse. I might’ve spent money going to watch that drivel.

    19. andy smith says:

      He’s not alone,one guy at my work was wetting himself at the fact Georgia beat us, said his team’s England..go figure!

    20. Graeme says:

      My village in Spain has no street drains, no buses and is very small. We do however possess a full sized football stadium with a running circuit, tennis courts, swimming pool and basketball stadium. The last is used more for 5 a side football. Our football pitch has just been recovered in plastic and looks magnificent.
      It is easy to see why España is numero uno in football.

    21. call me dave says:

      I bought some treasure maps on e-bay today…and some rose tinted glasses too.

      But your half convincing me with your permutations … 🙂

      I’ll be like all the rest keeking from behind the settee through my fingers…

    22. Fergie McDougall says:

      Joking aside, kelly’s comments reveal that unionism depends on Scotland failing or being seen as a basket case.

      Bad Scottish news is to be welcomed from their perspective, if that news can be related to the SNP or independence, then brilliant. Positive Scottish news such as finding a gas field that would serve over 50% of Scotland’s needs over the coming years, is to be glossed over or some how tainted.

      A confident Scotland is not part of their agenda. In parallel we get team gb rammed down our throats.

      This strategy has been part of unionism for quite some time, Scoottish bad, uk good.

      Confidence is key to independence.

      Regards Scotland the football team, clearly the adminsitrators running the game have failed, they need to be replaced with people who have a passion for Scotland and can affect change in the game starting in schools and working upwards.

    23. The crazy loon was probably supporting Georgia against his own country.

      Please no gallant losers tomorrow,92.5 mins of negative braveheart defending and a last second breakaway goal from anyone in a Scotland shirt.

      Do not score before 92.5 min!

    24. De Valera says:

      So ex-provost, our national team are struggling? How does that mean we are Better Together? Better Without You more like.

    25. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

      How about swapping Better Together for 10,000 refugees?

    26. Geoff Huijer says:

      Kelly and his ilk won’t be happy until there is a football Team GB represented of course by England.

    27. Graeme Doig says:

      “Better together” because Scotland are shite at football.

      You’re getting a wee bit desperate there Mr Kelly. I wouldnae bother turning up at Hampden ever again if I was you.

      What is it wi these slimy wee brit Nat slugs? What an embarrassment to this nation.

      To be honest I’ll be happy if we manage a shot on target tomorrow. Expect the worst and hope for the best 😉

    28. liz says:

      Kelly is and always will be an Irish nationalist

    29. Marco McGinty says:

      @Colin Church
      “The Kelly Kringe”

      Kelly the Kunt, more like!

    30. Onwards says:

      How nice would it have been to see a Scottish Olympic squad next year? A nice boost for tourism too.

      During the referendum we needed less of the defensive, and more upbeat images like that. Of a future Scotland as a normal sovereign nation. That would have made a good billboard campaign.

      Nice colourful images of our athletes marching out at the Olympic opening ceremony under the Saltire.
      Our chair at the UN alongside the 193 other countries.
      Hosting Eurovision from the Hydro !
      A mouse hovering over ‘Scotland’ in internet drop down menus.
      Future newpaper headlines: “Scotland bans Trident”.. “Surge in tourism for Europe’s newest member.”

      Compared with the alternative headlines showing another Tory government.. further austerity cuts.. broken promises on home rule..

    31. galamcennalath says:

      Simps … this Kelly guy obviously hates anything Scottish.

      What is their to say about someone who talks down his own country, be it sports or aspirations?

    32. sandtcraig says:

      Kelly is an absolute dick. This from the guy who almost bankrupted Celtic.

      How can anyone take gratification in their country losing a game in an international competition.

      It wasn’t that they played badly, they just didn’t play good enough. We have seen all that before.

      Glad you posted this Stu because it just makes me rage more when total erses like this would down their country.

      Better Together? Yep you and all your NO mates.

    33. James123 says:

      Stop trying to lift our spirits with facts, we’re Scottish, we don’t do optimism.

    34. Bob Mack says:

      If only Rev.If only.

    35. James123 says:

      @RMF Brown
      Stu, did you take into consideration that results against the bottom team (Gibraltar in this case) are scrubbed so as to match the groups with 6 teams in them with 5 teams in them?

      That’s only to work out the best third place team who go through automatically. All other second place teams got to play off.

    36. Dr Jim says:

      Anybody noticed the most successful Commonwealth Games of all time arranged and hosted in Scotland has been airbrushed from history

      It’s only the Olympics that count

    37. Marco McGinty says:

      This Kelly is a right piece of work, as he’s now wanting a GB rugby team now, yet he offers proud and profuse congratulations to England’s cricket team. Shouldn’t that be a GB cricket team, you rancid hypocrite?

      And what about Glasgow having just the one football team then, with Celtic merging with Sevco, after all, he almost destroyed that club, or what about having just the one large unionist party, with the Tories merging with Labour?

      Oh, hold on, in all but name, that last one’s already happened!

      Michael Kelly making sense. Hah!

    38. Gavin says:

      I think that “Scottish” unionists like Kelly who constantly put down Scotland at sport (or anything else for that matter) are sad and bitter people. It is obvious that they are not interested in the sport at all, but rather there own pathetic agenda.

      One of my work colleagues is a scots born Brit, who supports South Africa at rugby. A die hard unionist he regularly puts down Scotland and Scottish sport. A few years ago I had tickets for the Scotland v South Africa game. On the Friday before the match he taunted me saying Scotland would lose by many dozens of points. When Saturday came, Scotland won !

      On Monday morning at work, I was the one with a smile on my face !

    39. Stoker says:

      andy smith wrote:
      “He’s not alone,one guy at my work was wetting himself at the fact Georgia beat us, said his team’s England..go figure!”

      Hey, Andy, have a look at these clowns:

      The very last Scotland game i attended was a 3.1 win over Spain.
      And just in case anyone out there thinks i’m on the magic mushies, Scotland hammering Spain, here’s the proof. It also holds special memories for me because i had taken my younger brother to his first ever Scotland game. Oh happy days.

      I gave up all interest in football shortly after that and have never looked back.

      Oh, and btw, that tragic waste of good Scottish oxygen, Kelly, was one of my reasons for becoming totally frustrated and angry at Scottish football, forcing me to give it up and focus on the important things such as independence. He is a weasley devious slimebag of a creature. Not that much different from the cretins running today’s Scottish game.

      Last of all, the BBC were at it on Friday evening, that’s what reminded me that Scotland had played Georgia, forgot all about it, that’s what the game means to me now. The usual BBC doom & gloom, it’s all over as Scotland crash 1.0 to Georgia etc. Couldn’t even be arsed to find out the truth, just accepted it as the expected usual.

      So, i’m glad someone has went to the trouble to blow the good old ship BBC Doom & Gloom right out of the water. It’s important because sporting success and hope are extremely closely linked to the feel good factor and aspirations of a countries people.

    40. Fairliered says:

      Looking forward to supporting Scotland at Hampden tomorrow. However, I would give up all future Scotland football & rugby successes, if I can be the first person to tell Michael Tractor Kelly the good news on the day we gain independence.

    41. Gary45% says:

      Michael Kelly, WTF!!!!
      What does this person know about football?
      As said on the previous post, like Oliver and Bradford he could get a job as an expert on football with the EBC.
      Scotland will win 27-0 tomorrow night, young Ryan Christie coming on with 10 mins to go and scoring 26 of the goals, (mmm this may be the Drambers kicking in,) or maybe I could get a gig with the EBC as a footy pundit, (with my obvious expertise!)
      No I would rather set fire to my nads, than work for those
      Set yourselves free from the EBC.

    42. Andy-B says:

      Thanks Rev, after seeing Scotland losing and now Michael Kelly bigging up the GB team, I’m kind of cheered up a wee bit by your pundit style analysis, of how Scotland could at least reach the play-offs, here’s hoping.

    43. msean says:

      I am not saying that Scotland will beat Germany,but it should be kept in mind that Scotland has taken something from teams who were world cup/European championship holders in the past.These results include wins against England in 1967, Argentina in 1990,Czechoslovakia in 1977,Germany in 1999,draws v Spain in ’65, Brazil in 1974.

      It’s not over yet.

    44. heraldnomore says:

      Yeah, GBs Miles Better. Now just fuck off Michael,

    45. msean says:

      This website gives Scotland results by country played

    46. Truth says:

      Aye and to think we could have been sending hundreds of athletes to represent Scotland at next year’s Olympics.

      Instead we’ll be underrepresented in team gb and overrepresented in medals won as usual.

    47. ewen says:

      Going to be fun going into work tomorrow. I work in Dublin and all my colleagues were praying for Georgia to win.

      Still, I wasn’t expecting a win with all the press hype and you develop a thick skin supporting Scotland. As for the rugby. I stopped following Scottish rugby after September 14th. The rugger buggers all seem to be unionists anyway.

    48. Gavin says:

      Beefstew says:
      6 September, 2015 at 6:40 pm
      Shame about the rugby…

      Yes, the Scotland team has struggled lately, and were unlucky against France last night, but let’s remain positive.

      Remember that the season just past has been the best ever for Scottish professional club rugby, with Glasgow winning the pro 12 for the first time and Edinburgh reaching a European final for the first time, and both teams have a good selection of home grown players.

      If club success continues then it will surely improve the prospects of the national side.

    49. Davy says:

      I liked that one “kelly the kunt” very apt, their is nae doubt the man is quite a unionist quizmaster, tractor hog, red blue and yellow tory with a large dash of earsewipe, but he is entitled to his opinion.

      Bit sa am I, and if the earsewipe thinks that opinion will help get him a peerage best of luck.

      I just can’t stand vile crawlers and earse lickers like Kelly.

    50. The Dog Philosopher says:

      There is a definite correlation between sport and politics, be it athletics, rugby or footie, in terms how we feel about ourselves. Scotland, as well as Wales and NI, are in the curious position of having independent national teams without having independent nationhood.

      No surprise then that we (pro-indy supporters) channel a lot of emotion and hope into these ‘games’ as they represent, for better or worse, a manifestation of political and cultural aspiration. We seem to ‘exist’ as a nation when a Scottish team is competing against other, more ‘legitimately independent’ nations. In the wake of the Soviet Union break-up it has been an eye-opener witnessing all these previously submerged nations emerge from the suffocating blanket of the USSR.

      In fact it begs the question why sporting authorities actually allow the UK to have more than one bite at the cherry. Could America not enter a team for every state? If Catalonia becomes independent will it still participate in the Spanish league, or will Barca become a national team? Or will it just be them and Espyanol every weekend?

      As for Kelly and his ilk (both sides of the ‘Shame’ divide). Yes they love to revel in a perverse sense of glee at Scottish defeat and misfortune, as it seems to underline their ideological belief that Scotland is somehow inconsequential in relation to the world stage. That it deserves no place. That it is and must be, subordinate to the ‘greater partner’ in the Union.

    51. Dr Jim says:

      Maybe somebody who knows more about Footy than me can tell me
      Were the results for Team UkGBEngerland better or worse before they’re leagues were getting a Squillian Quid a year from SKY TV and the like

      It just seems to me for a country as big as EngerlandUKGB.BBC they aught to be doing a little better

      I’m no expert on Footy but was Britains best Player not that Welsh lad Gareth Bale

      But I’m no expert you understand

    52. frogesque says:


      Scotland: shyte at cricket, worse at footy, nae better at rugby.

      They are just games. When it comes to elections we are feckin’ brilliant and we’getting better all the time.

      So, read and weep Mr. Kelly, your time is up!

    53. Bob Mack says:

      The majority of the Scottish public at the referendum were like the Scotland team the other night—- they did not put a cross in the box either!.

    54. yesindyref2 says:

      Yeah, who can forget Anfield in 1977 (I was there), or even the nail-biting match against the Netherlands which I watched in a bar with open mouth (and plenty of Amstel) while working in Amsterdam?

      Anyway, OT. What I really love is quoting from Unionist sources like the Telegraph (and perhaps NIESR as Dr Angus Armstrong later stood for selection as a Labour candidate in Edinburgh), to totally contradict the rubbish Unionists spout, rubbish based on fantasy and imagination and wish, rather than reality.

      Come on Indy Ref 2, let the good times roll. The Unionist media has left behind enough stuff to push its agenda on Indy Ref 1, for its own stuff to be used against it again and again, and again in Indy Ref 2.

    55. Clydebuilt says:

      Michael Kelly has run and owned his own PR company, since around 1984, how does he get this sort of thing so wrong……

    56. Andrew Scott says:

      I thought you were going to work in “a game of two halves” when i read “football’s a funny old game”. 🙂

    57. Giving Goose says:

      Scottish cringe gone overdrive from Kelly. Proudly taking it where the sun doesn’t shine from his London masters. He’ll slap the word “Scotland” in front of his proudscotbut Labour/Tory election banner like the hyposhit he is.
      Kelly, go and grow a pair and man up. You know you want to.

    58. Clydebuilt says:

      Liz @7.27 pm.. I would have thought most Irish Nationalists would have wanted their Celtic Cousins to do well.

    59. Graeme Doig says:


      We’re a tennis nation now. 🙂

    60. Robert Peffers says:

      My only comment is, “No comment“.

    61. Derrick barker says:

      Well, got the Scotland top with me this trip. Ship just came into Wilhelmshaven port. Bar sourced.

      Come on Scotland!!!

      Down side.

      Ship full of them that qualified last night.????

      Banter will be braw. Will get it from both lol.

      Any fellow “jocks” in town give us a shout!

    62. Golfnut says:


      Scotland’s track record stands up very well against France and Spain. Not bad considering the difference in population and money pumped into the game. We might be struggling now and indeed for the last decade or so, but we have nothing to be ashamed of. Unlike those who try to belittle our country and our people.

    63. Legerwood says:

      Why is it when Scotland plays in international football competitions you need access to log tables, a slide rule and a super computer to work out the permutations that will allow them to win/

      Why can they not just put the ball in the damn net – repeatedly – and save all the calculations?

      The Scotland team’s participation in international competitions has practically spawned a new branch of mathematics.

    64. Big Jock says:

      Unionists only accept Scotland when they win at sport. Murray is brilliant when he wins but a poor wee Scot when Federar beats him.

      Being a country is not jumping into a bigger country to gain sporting success. Being a normal small country means we will often get beaten. But beaten as ourselves rather than win as someone else.

    65. Taranaich says:

      Oh, I see how it is. When it’s a game of people kicking a ball around the grass, then it’s worth making a post about. But when it’s one of the languages of the nation, you have no time for it. I name you dastard, poltroon and villain, sir!

      *Mutters under his breath about being made to feel like an uncultured alien in his own land because he dares to have no interest in football*

      😛 (smiley to indicate post was made in good humour and not entirely serious)

    66. Paula Rose says:

      Um – is there a shinty world cup? We could enter a UK team.

    67. yesindyref2 says:

      PR agencies: “The truth is out there somewhere. But we’re not going to give you that …”

    68. The Dog Philosopher says:

      Dr Jim

      All things considered, Engerland must be the great under-achievers of international footie. At least in terms of trophies won. And there remain a few question marks about the Myth of 66!

      Yes, the English league is sloshing about in obscene amounts of TV money, but the underlying problem is that their major teams are stuffed full of non-English players which is not healthy for the native game, so to speak. One resulting problem is that few English players gain European experience at club level because the elite teams are composed mostly of foreign players.

      So the perception of the ‘Premiership’ as being the ‘best’ (most competitive, not necessarily most entertaining) in the world, is something of a distortion in terms of who they can field for the national team.

      One solution would be the 3 foreigners rule. Or the 8 diddy-rule, according to Only an Excuse.

    69. Cadogan Enright says:

      Took an early night during the referendum campaign to watch Scotland nearly beat the Germans in Germany summer 2014 in a pub in Forres

      Know nothing about soccer, but it was a creditable performance against the then world champions – the Germans were very lucky

    70. Effijy says:

      Excuse my ignorance, but is this the expert that drove Celtic FC so close to bankruptcy and Glasgow City Council into a den of iniquity?

      With regard to Football, and Mr Kelly’s beloved England, has he recognised how God, and Betty’s, glorious boys in white have performed in all the main football tournaments?

      If we look at England’s “proud” record, they have their name on one world cup win, a win against Germany, presented to them by a Russian Linesman who had the opportunity to admit that the England shot at goal did NOT cross the goal line.

      Now as the Russian’s nation, and family, endured sever losses when fighting against the Germans, just some 11 years earlier, was he willing to be fair to the Aryan Race, or make their allies, and host nation happy?

      That ball never crossed the line at any time, and although England went on to score again, this could be put down to the Germans having to make all out attack at the expensive of their defensive strategy.

      Moving on, lets look at other European with populations of 50 Million or More-

      Germany has won the world cup 4 times, had 1 stolen by a Russian, and they have secured 3 European Nations Cups.

      Italy have won 4 world cups and 1 European Nations Cup.

      Spain – 1 world cup and 3 European Nations Cups.

      France – 1 world cup and 2 European Nations Cup.

      Other lesser Football Nations such as the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Netherlands, Denmark and Greece have won one title each, while Engerland have never had a sniff at a final.

      Going further afield-

      Brazil has 5 World Cups,

      Little Uruguay has 2 world Cups.

      Argentine,without players from the Malvinas Islands, 2 world cups

      Again Engerland has never even made a Football Final other than that Dodgy win on home soil against the instigators of WW11.

      Scotland, with a population a 10th of the size of Engerlund,
      First played God’s team back in 1872 and over the next 100 years the Scots had won 35 matched again their opponents 33 victories.

      Now don’t let these Facts put off the UK Media. Of course they must yet again assure the world that in spite of Zero success over the last 50 years, these Boys will be favourites to win the next world cup against any Johnny Foreigner.

      Does anyone want to guess how Scotland’s Commonwealth Games Medal tally compares to England in proportion to their population?

      Does anyone what to guess which nation hosted the most successful
      Commonwealth Games in History. You can have a clue- Not Engerland

      Last question, do you know whether Westminster paid all of the costs for the London Olympics, or paid nothing what so ever toward the Commonwealth Games. Trick Question Warning!

    71. Croompenstein says:

      We were drawn in a pretty tough group so to still be in with a chance is good. Wales and Norn Iron had slightly easier groups and England’s group is very poor so let’s hope we can still do it.

      Iceland have qualified and Netherlands took another tanking tonight and may miss out so it goes to show anything can happen.

      Come on Scotland….

    72. Robert Peffers says:

      The wee lassie oan the news jist telt mi that Auld Lizzie hiz been oan the throne langer than ony ither monarch afore her.

      Ye wad hae thoucht ane o yon heid bummers doon by Westminster wad hae telt her aboot yon Senokot lang afore noo.

    73. James123 says:

      As we all know if Scotland beat Germany tomorrow that automatically makes us world champions.

    74. heedtracker says:

      Crash Brown in happier times, 2006

      “He also pointed to Gascoigne’s skilful goal that secured a 2-0 England win over Scotland in the Euro 96 competition as one of his most memorable football moments.

      He said: “[I have been to] lots of England matches, but the most memorable were the Euro 96 game against Scotland, with Gazza’s great goal, and the 0-0 game in Rome the following year when England held on to qualify for France 98.”

      And didn’t England love SLabour back. Hope no one left in SLab are still wondering why they’re finished in Scotland.

    75. call me dave says:

      @Paula Rose: We have that in curling!

      Just watching USPGA golf ‘sky team’ commentating for us ‘Brits’

      Lots of coverage Donald, Poulter, who I have a lot of time for (both english) both about -2 & -3 under par but nowhere on leaderboard. Superlatives and waxing lyrical.

      Russell Knox Scottish never seen him (barely visble) on screen only twice for a few seconds. -9 lying 4th or 5th on leaderboard.
      “Plodding on manfully” says commentator. 🙁 really!

      Now obviously 90% Amercican coverage + some Aussies + Co-leader Stenson from Sweden -12 who is Knox’s partner. Do Scottish golfers exist on sky? Don’t answer that.

    76. liz says:

      @Clydebuilt You would have thought so but too many have split personalities when it comes to Scotland.

    77. Midgehunter says:

      I’m running out of tests. 00.01 CET

    78. Fred says:

      Panic has set in amongst these clapped-out Labour has-beens. The shredders in Glasgow city chambers will be working round the clock when defeat stares them in the face.

    79. msean says:

      Well done to Iceland though,small population,but they qualified for the Euros for the first time.

    80. Stoker says:

      They don’t care about you

      Sidenote to Scunterbunnet – Take a look at Desimonds comment btl @ 12.59pm in the above link to a previous WOS article. Interesting!

    81. Stoker says:

      Michael Kelly?

      From rogue trader to robe trader!

      He’ll say anything for his ermine robe.

    82. snode1965 says:

      Michael Kelly is not and has never been an Irish nationalist. Kelly is a British Establishment placeman of the RedTory brigade, north Britain decision.
      It’s only now that we can see these placeman for what they are.

    83. Golfnut says:


      Scotland’s stats stand up pretty well against Italy as well.

      Link www 11v11 team/ type country.

      Only looked at Italy, France and Spain.

    84. Tackety Beets says:

      call me dave @10.40

      is Luke Donald not got a Scottish dad ?

      I’d love it if it turned oot to be the same Donald family of Dons fame , highly unlikely but a can wish.

      Me too , I just do not get the MK or the “ah support Engerland folk.”

      Naturally I appreciate folk here like Lollymum or Paula Rose may do so, nothing wrong with that.

      I have my lot,all 4 generations, all singing COYR and its only natural to support your fellow countryman.
      Aye , even lend support to your opposition(ie in football terms Motherwell or Dundee etc) when they are progressing on a Euro or global stage.

    85. charlie says:

      I wonder how many Celtic supporters are looking at him and thinking ‘he’s not mentioned the Repulic’s chances and he’s talking up the Union Flag’. Scottish Labour doesn’t care (or understand) how much they’ve lost their constiuency on so many fronts

    86. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Shouldn’t there be big banners at Hampden tomorrow night saying “Thank you, Germany”

    87. charlie says:

      but i expect we’ll outplay Germany get a draw, lose to Poland and needing to beat Gibralter will draw 1-1

    88. Jules says:

      RIP Ralphie Milne.

      Football genius.

    89. Neil Anderson says:

      Who gives a flying fuck? Football? When people are dying whilst fleeing a UK and US created war zone? Who gives a FLYING FUCK???

    90. Paula Rose says:

      Is football that game where only one gaudily dressed player is allowed to use their hands?

    91. K1 says:

      He’s always got gloves on too that one, must be cold waiting to catch the ball. And his gloves don’t match his outfit. Hmm.

    92. Paula Rose says:

      Do we get that silly off-side thingie explained again?

    93. CameronB Brodie says:

      Paula Rose
      I was a ‘winger’ when I played, which is kind of irrelevant.

      Rest assured though, “I take care to remove my gloves….” 😉

    94. Michael Kelly is just bitter because every other Celtic boss with SLab connections already got a peerage, and he longs to be the next weasel in stoat’s clothing @ £300pd.

      [Off-Topic Disclaimer: the rest of this is O/T]

      “Sidenote to Scunterbunnet – Take a look at Desimonds comment btl @ 12.59pm in the above link to a previous WOS article. Interesting”

      Thanks Stoker. Most of the transport companies have rules against ‘political’ advertising on their premises – which is why SPT removed the Wings adverts on Glasgow’s subway in response to a single complaint. Same applies to bus shelters and ads on buses. I believe it applies to Railtrack/Scotrail premises too. It’s a bizarre rule, seeing as 50 foot wide political roadside billboards are allowed. It’s also bizarre that the Rev’s billboards were seen as ‘political’ in the first place …

      Context, for any WoS virgins reading this…

      There was a discussion on this site’s comments a few months back, about the need for outdoor advertising, to make the public aware of alternative news sources like Wings, and to challenge what was seen as anti-Scottish, anti-Independence bias across the mainstream media. This led to the formation of a group called Inform Scotland.

      Inform Scotland will be seeking to put up crowd-funded billboard posters to challenge bias in the ‘Scottish’ media, and to make people who don’t live online (like us nerds) aware that there are alternative sources of news. The crowdfunding hasn’t started yet (a few technicalities need resolved first) but in the meantime you can join the group via the website at

    95. Paula Rose says:

      I know it’s a minority interest – but please explain it to us, after all we should encourage minority cultural pursuits, what is the ref. there to do?

    96. Paula Rose says:

      I suppose the big advantage of football is that we can see the trends in men’s underwear.

    97. K1 says:


      When someone’s been lost in the desert and is found, you don’t focus on how they got into that mess…you give them some water. That’s what we’ll be doing in our approach to the refugees. There comes a point when anger is the most futile of emotions, we have to ready ourselves to meet what’s coming with equanimity and humanity.

      This article is ‘light’ (nae offence meant to those who are very serious aboot their fitba’), and it’s a relief.

      The suffering is endless on this planet, always has been and always will be. We all know the causes, the endless greed by the few at the expense of the many, the heartless pursuit of profit.

      All we can really do is look out for each other instead of sinking into despair, which doesn’t ‘help’ others or ourselves. Take heart. There is still much beauty in our world, we have to remain open to that too. If we don’t then we too end up ravaged in the desert of desolation.

      The National was the first paper to put that picture (unblurred) on its front page, certainly in Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon showed tremendous leadership and compassion in addressing the reality of what is taking place, and many of us wrote to our MP’s to implore them to raise this in the UK parliament. We are dealing with those ‘effects’ and you are correct that the true ’causes’ are never addressed in the mainstream. But, we are one of the few western countries who are prepared to take a very genuine stand on this and we will follow through in terms of action.

      Importantly this does raise awareness, even for those who voted No in the referendum, as the differences between what our Scottish government’s true intent and genuine compassion is, contrasts starkly with the narrative that the UKgov has promulgated throughout with it’s anti immigration and stoking of hostility to ‘swarms’ of foreigners rhetoric.

      We are making an impact.

      The tide is turning Neil, and people are taking matters into their own hands now, setting up groups and going into to action to deliver food and clothing and assistance to those who are nearest geographically, at Calais. As well as donating whatever money they can afford to enable the relief agencies to manage the unfolding crisis.

      Our SNP MP’s have raised and are leading a debate on this crisis on Wednesday. And are insisting that Cameron be in the Parliament to answer the questions that they have ready for him.

      The spotlight will be fully on this, and people (who may not have been ‘engaged’ before), will and are starting to wake up and are asking themselves ‘why’? This is always the turning point when people begin the process of re educating themselves.

      So don’t despair, remain open to the unfolding goodness that is now shining through. All we can do is meet the new arrivals with compassion and perhaps offer them some water.

    98. CameronB Brodie says:

      Paula Rose
      Stop trolling and come join me in OT. 😉

    99. Kevin Evans says:

      Pretty desperate times when there using football to justify “better together”

      Shite together should be there slogan

    100. Juteman says:

      The BBC wants to ‘help’ run local news papers. The state propaganda machine wants even more control over what you read and think.

    101. ronnie anderson says:

      Bbc scot news 6.30 Carmicheal ( appearing in Electorial Court).

      If they cant tell the whole truth,Play the truth down.

      Its the Court of Sessions Bbc, you,s know The High Courts of SCOTLAND.

    102. Ian McNeill says:


      That is a Sky editorial decision not to show Knox at the golf until they absolutely had to. They must take the American coverage plus access to a couple of cameras and they chose Poulter and Donald for those.It became more ridiculous as the round went on with Knox doing well and nowhere to be seen.

      As for the likes of Kelly do they really want a UK football team playing at Wembley? England would not want that anyway as they discovered their own team in the nineties.

    103. Capella says:

      It’s 7.35 and the last comment I can see is ronnie’s about the BBC on Carmichael’s court case. That was timestamped at 6.41 am. Has nobody posted si ce 6.41? Or is the refresh delay getting worse?

    104. ahundredthidiot says:

      This fellas comments have nothing to do with football and everything to do with an attitude towards all things Scottish which, in my opinion, is shared amongst many Unionists.

      I never use the T word.

      But many years from now, they will be ridiculed by their grandchildren and assigned a miserable chapter in Scotland’s history.

      These people are beneath us.

    105. Macart says:


      Well said on all counts. 🙂

    106. Kenny Campbell says:

      The problem for Kelly and his like is that he isn’t sure who he supports. He is as happy to see Ireland through as anyone.

    107. JBS says:

      Oh, yeah?

      ‘“If the result of the referendum is in doubt, because it is seen by people that it was rigged and that the ground rules have been slanted to help one side, then it won’t be legitimate and people won’t accept the result.” ‘

      I don’t remember any Tory MPs saying anything of the sort prior to another referendum which took place only last year…

    108. galamcennalath says:

      JBS says:

      ‘“If the result of the referendum is in doubt, because it is seen by people that it was rigged and that the ground rules have been slanted to help one side, then it won’t be legitimate and people won’t accept the result.” ‘

      I don’t remember any Tory MPs saying anything of the sort prior to another referendum which took place only last year…

      No, but they all know exactly how they played it last year, they know half of Scotland has serious doubts about it, they know exactly why we don’t quite accept it …. and they are now concerned that the same tricks will be used to defeat their Euro sceptic side.

      It’s as clear an admission as we are likely to get of the way both WM and civil service trampled all over our purdah period. And, effectively admission that such behaviour should give us good reason to doubt the fairness of the outcome.

      Not just the purdah abuse, but the way in which the breach was used to make grandiose promises with no intention of fulfilling. That too could be done with the EU ref at the last minute.

      They have good reason to be concerned! Your are right, shame they didn’t show the same concern last September.

    109. Tam Jardine says:

      Radio Scotland was on fire thus morning on the borders railway. One if those ‘not everyone thinks it’s a good thing’ stories. Trouble was, the guy they got on who had ‘protested against’ the new line actually thought it would be a success but did not think the plan was ambitious enough and would lead to the line being extended in the future.

      Not quite the attack piece expected. The search goes on for an SNP baad angle

    110. highseastim says:

      Part of a corrupt cabal was Mr Kelly, who almost bankrupted Celtic. I remember well the days when Celtic park was packed full but the attendance figures did not match the crowd recorded. We’ve never found out where the extra gate monies went, but looking at Michael Kelly gives me a fair idea where it went!!

    111. Ronin Italia says:

      Never was particularly taken with football, rugby and the like, but since moving to a passionate rugby loving area of Italy I took an interest for a while. International relations helped by Scotland and Italy always being at the bottom of the 6 Nations pile. Post referendum there was/is quite a bit of irritation however with many Italian supporters complaining if Scotland isn’t a country, why is it in the 6 Nations? From their perspective playing against Scotland, England, Wales is playing the UK 3 times. How many times am I interrogated, is Scotland a Nation or not? I can’t help but agree

    112. call me dave says:

      Am I alone in listening to our National broadcasting radio station pillorying the new railway with ‘whataboutery’ all morning.

      Not ambitious enough, too much single track, needs to connect to dan Sarf, bridges to wee, a boon to only the house builders, should have been delivered in 2008…what about the A7 it needs more money spent on it bends where you have to drop down to 3rd gear…(what) and so it goes FGS! 🙁

      Bridges , canals, new by-passes, ferries… build with the wrong stuff or too late or too expensive or money wasted.

      I hear the BBC are going into co-operation with 100 local newspapers, more news this morning along with sorry tale that the BBC don’t have the money for a 2nd Scottish channel.

      PS: Bring it on

    113. Thepnr says:


      Got it. unlike Mr Kelly. Nice post.

      So we got our arse handed to us on a plate in the first round, Scotland 0-1 UKOK.

      That equaliser though on the 7th of May 2015 must have upset the usual UK commentators as they watched their UKOK team being destroyed from the sidelines once Scotland got on a roll.

      Now at 1-1 it’s all to play for, the UKOK defence is being run ragged and Scotland are now showing their mettle, they have all to play for.

      This could go either way, to be honest, but right now Scotland is in the ascendancy. All to play for in 2016 before this result can be certain.

      If I was a betting man though I would take Scotlands odds, UKOK are obviously struggling and are being overwhelmed by a defiant and determined Scotland.

      Will UKOK bring on Brown or Blair in the hope of salvaging something?

      I suspect they will, but both players are past their best and the Scots might just take comfort from what they see as a last throw of the dice in order to salvage something.

      The truth is, in this match, UKOK look to be on the way out!

    114. Colin says:

      Somebody correct me, but is this the same Michael Kelly who’s beloved Celtic fail in Europe each year?

    115. Ken500 says:

      Scotland pro rata won the Olympic Games. 10% of the population got 25% of UK medals

    116. The Dog Philosopher says:

      If Scotland doesn’t qualify, how do you say ‘GETINTAETHEM’ in Icelandic? Time to lend support to a ‘big team’, methinks.

    117. Andrew McLean says:

      Tam at 8:44 am

      Yes I listened to the crap excuse for a balanced broadcaster this morning too!
      Now I understand the journalists creed to robustly question and analyse the story, but in the lead up to the report we had a negative synopsis that, not knowing much about the subject, had me thinking what a absolute waste of money, it was only actually hearing from those who we against the idea in the first place, that I realised the extreme bias in the original report,.
      So it seams the only objectors were not on cost, but that it didn’t cost enough, as it should have been a dual line and went further, then we had the comment that “complaints were made about the over specification of the bridges, again it a so called negative, was actually the bridges weren’t made bigger!
      So in conclusion, from one who left school with two o levels, English not being on of them, I find that I could do a far better job than the professionals, so we are left with the question, is it malevolence or incompetence? I should leave the question hanging mid air, for you to judge, but hear this, did anyone hear the conversation on the same channel some weeks ago, referring to the decision to remove the confederate flag from public buildings in America, it was quite interesting, then the presenter asked a question about why did it look like the Saltire? The American guest, not understanding why a Scottish presenter would try and make disparaging remarks about their own country waffled on about the Scots Irish and the old south!
      So in the spirit of the BBC, I await the new BBC show, “Working into old age, the shame of Britain” why are we condoning abuse of the elderly, an old woman and her husband, well into their dotage, are forced to stand out in all weather and do some PR work, she should be at home with a cup of tea, watching antiques road show!

    118. Stephen Wood says:

      What time’s the Scotland game in Glasgow>

      What time’s Andy Murray on in New York?

      What time’s UKOK unionist Carmichael up in the High Court, Edinburgh?

      “UKOK Unionist in court” Should be interesting watching all our chums in the media UKOK reportage on this giant fraudster alone.

    119. dakk says:

      Re Kelly’s ‘ Team GB at the Olympics to look forward to’

      I’ve already ordered my Anyone But GB t-shirt.

      Might get it amended to include Ireland if I thought Mickey Kelly got any pleasure out of Ireland winning as well.:)

      Don’t know if Kelly is a BritNat or Irish nat.He is certainly a Scotland hater.

      As for Scotland.If we can play like we were playing this time last year,we have a chance.Recent performances suggest we are on a downward trajectory however,and if that continues then we better be looking at Russia 2018 and a new broom.

      I’d much rather be in World Cup in Russia and that group is doable, but only if we have the right manager,who may yet be Strachan.

      I’ll tell you after the next three games.

    120. Jimbo says:

      Somebody correct me, but is this the same Michael Kelly who’s beloved Celtic fail in Europe each year? – As expected?

    121. Andrew McLean says:

      Bookie at 9:19

      Bookie, as we wait for the fun to commence, I read something recently about Scotland’s first female MP. She was a conservative, but after realising what was happening in the Spanish civil war, sided with the Republicans, resigned the Tory whip and stood as a independent. All very interesting I don’t hear you say, but guess how they got rid, A leaked telegram purporting to come from the Russian Bolsheviks offering support, and signed by Vladimir Lenin!
      Old tricks!

    122. Andrew McLean says:

      Bookie at 9:19
      Bookie, as we wait for the fun to commence, I read something recently about Scotland’s first female MP. She was a conservative, but after realising what was happening in the Spanish civil war, sided with the Republicans, resigned the Tory whip and stood as a independent. All very interesting I don’t hear you say, but guess how they got rid, A leaked telegram purporting to come from the Russian Bolsheviks offering support, and signed by Vladimir Lenin!
      Old tricks!

    123. Andrew McLean says:

      Bookie at 9:19
      Bookie, as we wait for the fun to commence, I read something recently about Scotland’s first female MP. She was a conservative, but after realising what was happening in the Spanish civil war, sided with the Republicans, resigned the Tory whip and stood as an independent. All very interesting I don’t hear you say, but guess how they got rid, a leaked telegram purporting to come from the Russian Bolsheviks (the bogey men of the time) offering her support, and supposedly signed by Vladimir Lenin!

    124. G says:

      The thing about football is that a lot of the most affluent countries in the world tend not to be very good at it (think Norway, Denmark, etc) whereas a lot of countries where the majority of people are quite poor tend to be very good (Argentina, Brazil). Something to do with population perhaps?

      Maybe Kelly should move to South America, because England won’t be winning the World Cup any time soon.

    125. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I had a wee look at how Michael Kelly styled himself when he was a Celtic director. He had more letters after his name than in his name. Trouble was – most of his titles and honours were honorary – earned by keeping-in with the “right” people; saying and doing the “right” things.

      He is an Establishment man to his fingertips, so, when it comes to the matter of Scottish independence, we can pretty well ignore him. He will add nothing to the debate and will fight tooth and nail to preserve the status quo – just as he did when the biscuit tin which the Kellies and the other three families protected so jealously was found to be empty.

      Once Wee Fergus saved Celtic, Kelly and his ilk were straight in there brown-nosing, determined to hold onto their plush seats in the centre of the stand. Just watch, once Independence comes, his whole attitude will change.

      Good story about the Four Families. Gerry McNee was asked to write an officially-sanctioned book to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the formation of Celtic. At the proofing stage, he had to check a fact against the minute book for the 1920s and Jack McGinn, who was then running the club, told Gerry: “Aye Gerry, the book’s in the big safe there”.

      Gerry tells of opening the safe and being showered in rolls of £20 notes, tied-up by rubber bands. He asked Jack what was that.

      “Och Gerry – that’s the petty cash”, was the reply.

      Apparently the biscuit tin was a lot bigger than the fans imagined.

    126. Andrew McLean says:

      Bookie at 9:19
      Bookie, as we wait for the fun to commence with Alistair Carmichael, I read something recently about Scotland’s first female MP. She was a conservative, but after realising what was happening in the Spanish civil war, sided with the Republicans, resigned the Tory whip and stood as an independent. All very interesting I don’t hear you say, but guess how they got rid, a leaked telegram purporting to come from the Russian Bolsheviks (the bogey men of the time) offering her support, and supposedly signed by Vladimir Lenin!

    127. Andrew McLean says:

      Sorry, dont know why that happened, I will stand in the corner!

    128. Ken500 says:

      All the projects, of which any other country would be proud, are discredited by the discredited BBC.

      A world class new hospital, new rail links, new Forth Road Bridge, AWPR, new schools etc. Any other country would be celebrating. The Labour/Unionists constant attacks on Health and Education are just counter productive.

    129. Nana Smith says:

      Carmichael is not attending the court.

      However our Ronnie is there.

    130. BJ says:


      Carmichael has urgent business in London so can’t turn up at court today. Imagine that!!

    131. Sassenach says:

      Adverts cut out Lesley Riddoch, the other two Carmichael- men got full cover.

      STV – rubbish.

    132. One_Scot says:

      The Alistair Carmichael case to be shown live on STV. Hmm, I really have no idea how that case is going to go.

    133. Midgehunter says:

      That has to be Ronnie A (Ex-shed manager!)on Indy Live. or??

    134. Dorothy Devine says:

      If Carmichael doesn’t turn up ,does that mean there will be a warrant out for his arrest?

      Ever hopeful!

      I read the piece on how the ” helpful BBBC” is going to be even more ” helpful” to all those local papers crying out for BBBC ” Help” –

      Will this make the MSM a monopoly and does that mean the Monopolies Commission will investigate?

      Or are they as toothless/compromised as every other Commission?

    135. Thepnr says:

      With Carmichael not appearing don’t be to disappointed if todays proceedings are a washout, twas ever.

      This is just a flavour, I hope, before the fireworks yet to c

    136. The Man in the Jar says:

      I see that over on BBC Scotland website that Eleanor Bradford has been doing her usual shit.

      “14 complaints of bullying at the state hospital at Carstairs in five years” we are told.

      That’s less than three a year and considering that there are some not very nice people incarcerated in Carstairs then three “Complaints” per year is pretty good by my reckoning. Nothing about any of the complaints being upheld. BBC desperation again.

    137. Thepnr says:

      With Carmichael not appearing don’t be too disappointed if todays proceedings are a washout, twas ever.

      This is just a flavour, I hope, before the fireworks yet to come.

      Personally, I want Cameron on the stand.

    138. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Can anyone provide a direct link to the court proceedings, or is it only possible via the STV player?

    139. Midgehunter says:

      @ Ian B

      Up an at em…

    140. Thepnr says:

      Whether the good people who brought this action on behalf of the constituency of Orkney & Shetland actually win this case is open to question.

      Of course I believe they should and can win. No matter, it is a victory for the YES idea of what Scottish democracy should and must be.

      Well done to the four hardy souls who have taken this so far on our behalf. We will not let them down, you are watching history being made.

      Never forget that, and it was us that done it,

    141. Thepnr says:


      You might need to register, I did grrhhh.

    142. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      It’s also being livestreamed on STV’s YouTube channel.

    143. Nana Smith says:

      That’s enough for me, I’ve seen more life in the mortuary than in that courtroom.

    144. Flower of Scotland says:

      I just googled and got in Edinburgh STV without registering.

      Making as slow and boring as poss.

      Avoiding anything from Lesley!

      STV as biased as the Beeb!

    145. gillie says:

      My apologies for butting in like this, but this petition is important.

      Save the Free Beavers of Scotland

      “Mon Scotland and mon the beavers”

    146. Jimbo says:

      Sitting watching the case re Carmichael – I really hope I’m wrong but I expect the case to be thrown out. The establishment won’t tolerate MPs being unseated by your ordinary Joe Blogs who’s case has been crowdfunded by the hoi polloi. Heaven forbid, if they won their case we’d have commoners all over the country raising cash to get rid of their incompetent members. It won’t be the first time a judge will have been given “guidance” by the UK government on how they wish a case to be dealt with – especially against those of a nationalist bent.

    147. Midgehunter says:

      Sorry Ian B.

      That link was just to the video outside which starts at 09.30 and just repeats itself. Not the actuall court hearing – that’s STV.

      I’ve got the 20min waitng time with comments so can’t be quicker.

    148. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      O/T – I reloaded this page before doing my short post at 11.02.

      I submitted – my post didn’t appear. I then reloaded this page every 30-40 seconds until, at 11.18, my post and the two or three after it appeared in situ.

    149. frankieboy says:

      The privileged and well-placed Scots- hating Scotland since 1707.

    150. Dr Jim says:

      Carmichaels lawyer nervous and strangely arguing detriment law, meaning if Carmichael were to lose the case not only would it cause hardship to Carmichael but that a criminal charge could be made against him by the procurators fiscal

      This is not what I expected, I thought they would concentrate on Nicola Sturgeon not being the opposition to Carmichaels election so no other candidate affected

      The lie is the lie and in civil law they get away with that one
      None of this looks right and some of the points of law have no bearing
      Just a guess but it could be they are trying to drag this out for time by boring everybody to death with irrelevances

      Bit ahm only ah stupit punter no

    151. bugsbunny says:


      She doesn’t become the UK’s longest reigning monarch until 4.18pm BST on Wednesday 9th September. Until that moment Queen Victoria has that accolade. Bet you all are looking at your watches with baited breath for that happy and glorious moment? Lol. Err, perhaps not.

      I know an Orange neighbour who is decorating their house in butchers aprons on Wednesday and having a flag raising ceremony with the English Anthem blaring out, dressed as John Bull. As we say in Ayrshire, and this will only make sense to us honest men, “Has anyone got the phone number of the Ailsa?” lol.


    152. Luigi says:

      Tam Jardine says:

      7 September, 2015 at 8:44 am

      Radio Scotland was on fire thus morning on the borders railway. One if those ‘not everyone thinks it’s a good thing’ stories. Trouble was, the guy they got on who had ‘protested against’ the new line actually thought it would be a success but did not think the plan was ambitious enough and would lead to the line being extended in the future.

      Not quite the attack piece expected. The search goes on for an SNP baad angle

      Aye, BBC Labour did seem a little desperate this morning, groping around for a bad angle to put on a major success story and a shot In the arm for the borders. I couldn’t believe the negative stuff they were coming up with:

      “single track – useless, only commuters and builders will benefit, cost a fortune, blah blah blah”. 🙁

      How negative can you get? Well, I suppose BBC Labour have to put a “SNP bad” label on anything associated with the Scottish Government. No matter, those same sceptics will be falling over themselves, grovelling on their knees when Queenie comes up in a few days to officially open the line.

      Desperate stuff.

    153. Luigi says:

      Dr Jim says:

      7 September, 2015 at 11:29 am

      Just a guess but it could be they are trying to drag this out for time by boring everybody to death with irrelevances

      Or to deliberately drain his opponent’s limited financial resources. Another crowd fund may be required before this is over.

    154. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Thanks all.

      No doubt we’ll get all the gory details in due course.

      Good seeing the livestream outside, and Ronnie A doing his thing, the name-checks for Thepnr and BDTT – pesky Wingers everywhere!

    155. Petra says:

      As expected wee Carmichael has decided to give the Court of Session a body swerve. Is he hoping that Roddy Dunlop QC will manage to get the case (petition) dismissed today (or this week), following legal argument, so that he wont have to appear at the CoS at all?

      We have a panel in the STV studio comprised of Robert Brown Scottish Libdems (and lawyer), Professor James Chalmers Glasgow University (Legal expert) and Lesley Riddoch being interviewed by Bernard Ponsonby. Ponsonby of course has links to the Libdem Party having previously stood for the Lib Dems in the 1988 Govan by-election. Great choice of presenter, eh!

      Robert Brown supports Carmichael wholeheartedly and is adamant that this case is politically motivated by the SNP due to them wanting 57 of 59 seats. He should choose his words more carefully if not he may find himself standing in the Court of Session.

      Thank goodness we have Lesley Riddoch on the panel talking sense and showing up Brown for what he is, another totally biased and dishonest man. She’s pointed out for example that one of the complainants voted Green, another Labour and that she’s unsure if the other two individuals voted for anyone at all.

      Dunlop is one of the top QCs in the land and has no doubt consulted with others such as Keen QC. All they have to do is use material factors from former successful legal cases to topple this one or find a loophole in the Law and Carmichael will get off. They’ll want to bring these proceedings to a close ASAP to ensure that ‘others’ wont be called to give evidence, as it may open a can of worms, and of course Carmichael faces serious (criminal) consequences if found guilty.

      If that happens, Carmichael gets off, the people of Orkney and Shetland should protest to the point that he has to resign his post. Let’s face it that wouldn’t be the end of his career as I’m sure one awaits him in the House of Lords.

    156. Petra says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood says at 10:39 am ”Can anyone provide a direct link to the court proceedings, or is it only possible via the STV player?”

      Ian it’s on Channel 23 STV Glasgow.

    157. Thepnr says:

      Wigs, gowns and iPads just look ridiculous. That’s the establishment for you.

    158. Flower of Scotland says:


      I agree!

      All laughable in 20th century Scotland!

    159. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Ian B.

      YouTube livestream link at 11.02.

    160. Mark Harper says:

      John Prescotts intervention during the indyref declaring the proposed creation of a GB football team had me up out of my seat cheering. The one thing that would get many Daily Labour readers on the Yes side would be the disillusion of their ‘national’ team. A couple of No voters actually approached me saying “you’ll be gutted then” about Scotlandshires result in the fitba’. I couldn’t care less! In fact, I agree with Prescott! We should have a GB team!
      This ‘national’ team only helps the BritNat press maintain the illusion that Scotland is already somehow a country and that the Scottish government has some clout! We may have our own legal and education system, but the only place in the world where Scotland is recognised as a country is within the minds of these fitba’ fans.

    161. CameronB Brodie says:

      Wigs, gowns and iPads just look ridiculous. That’s the establishment for you.

      The British Establishment is an anachronism, simply as a product of its continued existence. It is counter evolutionary and so exists in opposition to the forces of nature.

      Thomas Malthus really was a fannybaws.

    162. Scott Borthwick says:

      Well, you called it right. Hope you had an acca on to soften the blow.

      So Scotland needs to beat Poland now. If they play like they did tonight, it’s possible.

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