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A Tale Of Two Men

Posted on February 10, 2023 by

Below are two news reports from the Scottish Sun this week:

Both of the people arrested were male-bodied individuals who identify as women. As far as we’re aware, neither of them has a Gender Recognition Certificate. They are both the same sex, biologically and legally, and both describe themselves as female.

Yet in giving statements about their respective arrests, Police Scotland called one of them a man and one of them a woman. And we’re having no luck finding out why.

(Once again, Wings Over Scotland makes no assertions as to the guilt or innocence of either person. What we’re concerned with here are matters of public policy.)

On being tipped off about Robyn Woof‘s arrest a couple of days ago, we contacted Police Scotland to confirm it, and we received a prompt and helpful reply within a few minutes yesterday afternoon (the same one that appears in today’s Sun).

We also got a reply to a follow-up question five minutes later. But then we asked this:

And ever since there has been only silence. (We also sent another email chasing up the first one two hours ago, which has also met with no response.)

Police Scotland’s stated policy on reporting the gender of victims, witnesses and suspects is very clear: it treats them as whatever they identify as.

(Interestingly, transgender people also have a unique entitlement to a single cell.)

We know that Andrew Miller has lived as “Amy George” for several years, and has identified as female even when using his male name.

So it’s extremely difficult to even hypothesise a rational explanation for why Police Scotland appear to be overriding his self-identified gender, while upholding Robyn Woof’s.

There no longer seems to be any material existence of the concept of human sex in our country. Sometimes men are men, sometimes they’re women, and there’s no detectable rhyme or reason to which is the case in any given instance or at any given point.

But we’ll keep trying to find out for you.

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  1. I. Despair says:

    It might simply be that when taken into custody, the police ask you what sex you are (I don’t know from experience what the questions are!) and for whatever reason, Miller said he was male.

  2. Jo says:

    Maybe one person has had an op on the genitals and one hasnt

  3. Daisy Walker says:

    Could it be, just possibly, perhaps, because one crime (the abduction of a child) made UK National healdines (and chilled the bones of every parent who was aware of it) … just days after they put a male rapist into the female jail, and therefore they are attempting to save the FM from having to do any more difficult press releases…

    and the other incident, involved a minor assault many months ago, which while unpleasant, resulted in no injury?

    Just a thought.

    Or perhaps one crime type is ‘beyond the pale’ and the other kind is deemed the broken egg shells of political omlette making by a loyal foot soldier, and by referring to him, as a her, it softens the event in the public’s mind pre trial (men can hit harder than women after all, in general terms).

  4. Al-Stuart says:

    Thankyou Sir Peter Wishart of Westminster-Dunroamin.

    You are owed a huge debt for pi55ing off Reverend Stuart Campbell.

    Had Sir Peter PishFart not brought Wings back to life, Scotland would, by now have been renamed “Wokeland” (1984 edition)

  5. TenV56 says:

    It seems the law does not know the law either? Be Nice has replace actual common sense as well as common law!
    I am waiting on some self identitifying rapist TW to sue for wrongful arrest as he has a GRC & his birth cert says he is now female, and women cannot rape! He has a lady dick not a penis!
    I tell ye it will happen. Sturgeon has opened that door!

  6. Antoine (tte) Bisset says:

    Super! If arrested, simply claim to be of the opposite sex to your own. That way you will get a cell to yourself and possibly a decent night’s sleep.
    If questioned in detail, possibly because of moustache and beard, pinstripe suit and size 9 shoes, simply reply that your knickers and bra are in the wash.

  7. Den says:

    What a complete clusterf**k , if ever there was any doubt that Police Scotland are in the SNP\Greens hip pocket this stuff proves it beyond a reasonable doubt.

  8. Johnny says:

    I. Despair, that would be such a helpful explanation that I cannot see why they wouldn’t just say that was why if that was what had happened.

  9. Garavelli Princip says:

    “There no longer seems to be any material existence of the concept of human sex in our country. Sometimes men are men, sometimes they’re women, and there’s no detectable rhyme or reason to which is the case in any given instance or at any given point.”

    Indeed, but I think we could all have a stab at the reason for this discrepancy – and I have a feeling we would be right!

  10. Wilson McBride says:

    I definitely think you have Sturgeon by the short and curlies here Rev.

    And this could lead to her downfall,,,if handled correctly.

    All the tools are there, it’s getting the right person in to use them with skill and subtlety, and you are that person Rev.

    You were put on this earth to bring down Sturgeon,,,go get the bastard.

  11. Louise Hogg says:

    I. Despair: If that were the case, why wouldn’t Police Scotland have simply replied saying that: suspect identified themselves as male. End of?

    Please keep pursuing this, Mr Campbell. It could be that the ‘you are whatever you say you are’ policy has been superseded by Ms Sturgeon’s recent one? ‘You are whatever you say you are, unless I decide otherwise. Eg dependant on what crime you have committed, are suspected of having committed or are charged with.’

    Thus if the Woof ‘individual’ is charged with assault, they are ‘a woman’. If that was changed to sexual assault, they become ‘a man’. If the Millar ‘individual’ is charged with abducting a child, they are ‘a man’. If that was changed to a food hygiene breach relating to their shop, they are ‘a woman’?

    An impressive misinterpretation of the phrase ‘by their deeds, shall ye know them’.

    I also think the Sturrell’s finances are worth continued digging. Could Mr Colin Beattie’s shuffling of the £600k have occurred without auditor negligence? If not, does the auditor have form? In my experience both negligence and dishonesty are habits, and rarely suddenly acquired in mid-life.

  12. Mac says:

    Seems like the SNPG have informally resurrected the amendment they infamously voted against that meant people guilty or accused of sexual crimes against women could identify as female and be transferred to woman’s prison.

    But they have not done so to protect the women of course, it is to protect themselves from more ridicule and media grilling.

    They are just making it up as they go along now and not even bothering with their own failed legislation. (I don’t know why they bother with the pretense of legislation anyway as they just enact it all without waiting.)

    Just my guess but the SNPG being total hypocrites and self serving wankers is the explanation here for the inconsistent application of policy.

  13. Ottomanboi says:

    Where the American Psychological Association has led..

    «[it] instructed therapists and clinicians to treat traditional masculinity (defined as stoicism, competitiveness, dominance, and aggression) as “on the whole, harmful” and entirely socially constructed»

    the «collective» is wont to follow.

  14. Antoine Roquentin says:

    Clearly and concisely argued, Ed.

  15. Lorna Campbell says:

    It was done to spare the FM from another humiliating interview because it would have finished her if she had gone on with her sub truths. This guy has been ‘trans’, or so he claims, for several years, so she couldn’t have used the ‘it’s just a man pretending and using gender for his own purposes’ excuse this time. As for the other larper, he probably insisted on being called ‘she’ one of those who, when they appear like a big, hairy ox of a man, flutter their eyelashes and say, “call me ma’am”… “I was wearing a pink suit and a pink scarf”. Woman facing Buffalo Bills: “…Killing [women] softly… with your words… ” Sexually-motivated larpers. Madame Lacrosse can hide but she can’t hide forever from her own stupidity.

  16. Luigi says:

    It appears that a lot of strings are being pulled behind the scenes in a desperate attempt to take the heat out of this. Panic, panic, panic. However, if the Scottish Government is feeling the pain and suffering bad publicity right now, just wait until the court actions begin. What a tangled web.

  17. Gregory Beekman says:


    Trans will say that they know they can’t change sex, that they know that a penis is not a vagina.

    Then they say they have redefined what it means to be a man or a woman. No longer do these terms refer to sex. Instead, they refer to ‘identity’ – thoughts, to you and me.

    But when did these terms get redefined?

    I think we have to blame the Labour party in Westminster. Ian Murray was on Question Time last week boasting of his party’s equality credentials. But UK Labour in government made the mistake that has led to all this – they said a trans person could get a Gender Recognition Certificate while awaiting the sex-change surgery because it could take years on a waiting list for it.

    This, I think, has led us to the current situation.

    So, instead of Ian Murray boasting of his party’s equality credentials, he should be hanging his head in shame and apologising for his party making it legal that you could change your legal sex without having a sex-change operation.

    NOTE: Ian Murray only became an MP in 2010, but the GRA was 2004 – so under Prime Minister Tony Blair’s watch. As much as I like Blair – yes, blame Blair for this! By saying you could apply while awaiting surgery, they went much further than was required.

  18. PhilM says:

    As the honorary head of the joint working group of the Scotch Butchery Committee, I have to relay our members’ concerns regarding media coverage of this important story. The credibility of official statistics is also part of this meaty issue. Whether your native tongue is English, Scots or Gaelic, the precision of language is crucial here.
    The media appear to be dripping with salacious glee at the actions of someone they term the ‘trans butcher’ but it is our understanding that this individual, whatever the gender may be, is no longer employed in the trade. It is our view that official statistics should reflect the facts: he/she/they/it/Sam Smith-like entity is not a butcher. Whether this individual self-identifies as such has not been made clear and as there is no valid lawful Butcher Recognition Certificate, and with so much at stake over this issue, our members would gently remind readers that deadjobbing can be harmful and ultimately life-threatening (no evidence needed). If it is absolutely necessary to refer to this individual, we believe Gammonside resident is more appropriate (apologies that should read ‘Gammonside’) and all ascriptions of butchery to that individual be put to one side.
    Thank you for your understanding in this delicate matter.

  19. Gregory Beekman says:

    PS Why does it now take so long for a posted comment to appear?

    PPS What happened to the print preview feature?

    PPPS Why do I have to reenter my name and email address each time I want to post when previously it used to remember them?

    PPPPS How many Ps can that S take?

  20. akenaton says:

    Been in the houses of several SNP supporters this week and i’m sorry to say that all stayed loyal to Murrell &Co.
    The prevailing opinion was that she made a mistake pressing the gender issue and shelving the GRA for the meantime would rehabilitate the senior partner with her adoring fans.
    When asked about the sycophants who supported Mrs Murrell in Holyrood and cheered for the diminution of women’s rights and children’s safety, they exhibited an embarrassed but none the less forceful view that they were working in the interests of independence and should be forgiven.

    My long held faith in the “common people” has suffered a severe blow recently, I believe that progressive Wokery is here to stay and traditional values are about to be completely written out of Scottish society. Isn’t it strange that Orwell could see this coming almost a hundred years ago yet the population of Scotland have become politically and socially blind in one decade?

    God help our children.

  21. lollysmum says:

    Anyone know where I can buy a mahoosive load of popcorn. This tale of political failure x 20 over the last couple of weeks means I’ve exhausted all stocks held locally.

    Very enjoyable watching the squirming going on before the backstabbing begins. 🙂

  22. Gregory Beekman says:

    PhilM @4:27 PM


    Thanks for the laugh, that’s hilarious!!!!

  23. Gregory Beekman says:

    Test post

    Time: 16:44

  24. gregor says:

    Thistle Thinking (10/02/2023): Twitter:

    “… Nicola Sturgeon…

    she is dangerous!

    She’s murdered Scotland”:

  25. Garavelli Princip says:

    i wonder what kind of clothing MISTER Miller was wearing on the day and time of the alleged offence?

  26. Red squirrel says:

    A tale of two offenders…
    One tabloid fodder & skilled trade…
    One university student & *only* telling women (the old-fashioned kind) what to do…

    First sells papers, wrong sort etc, second just displays an *acceptable* entitlement so nothing to see there.

    Spineless politicians can comfortably condemn the *not one of us* while keeping quiet about the rest & giving tacit approval. It’s the ScotGov way. It’s just another pillar of the community fudge that allows a blind eye approach to the more *deserving* of the *most vulnerable minority*.

  27. Astonished says:

    I do hope the Pulitzer prize people are reading this.

    It is exceptional journalism. It also shows how utterly subservient and useless the other journalists are. Shame on them.

    And I want an answer Police Scotland.

    P.S. Akenaton – I share your concerns. But not enough nuSNP voters are remaining loyal to the transcult. And the nuSNP transcult know it.

  28. Shug says:

    You are going to find your self pulled over for numerous traffic offences yet to be determined.

    Countless Nat’s will be willing to appear in court and give evidence against you and reporting will be by BBC only detailing the horrendous nature of your crimes. Closely followed by a programme by Kirsty wark.

    Enjoy your time sharing a cell with assange


  29. William Habib Steele says:

    Thanks for this. I’ve shared it and encouraged others to respond. I’ll respond also.

    Stuart, I think you are doing invaluable work on this matter!

  30. Ruby says:

    This reminded me of someone else although he wanted a new cottage.

  31. twathater says:

    How the rank and file Bobby must be feeling as they are at the coal face (or is that woman face Ruby)dealing with this LUNACY ,imagine attending a bar fight of football supporters and half of them want to be treated as women and the other half as men OR an orange walk or hibs walk where the same applies
    I think it would be so mind boggling that the desk sergeant would just throw up his hands and dismiss them all

    Scottish policing , Scottish justice, both SUPPOSEDLY world renowned institutions brought down to clown level imbecillity and failure by, corruption, deviance and collusion with a narcissistic psychopath
    PS what is happening with the £600,000 RING FENCED FRAUD INVESTIGATION ,wis it a man,wumman,individual,incel,rapist that’s responsible for its disappearance

  32. JGedd says:

    akenaten @ 5.35pm

    Unfortunately, it is a function of the human brain to create the best image of ourselves. ( It’s what stops most of us collapsing into a heap of shame and embarrassment and paralysing depression.) We often re-negotiate with our memory of events to mitigate and embellish so that that terrible mistake or woeful presentation wasn’t all that bad after all. ( You could say we carry our very own spin doctor with us.)

    The people you are talking to might begin to suffer from buyer’s guilt if they were to accept and agree with what you are saying. It would mean admitting to themselves that they have made a terrible mistake and been misled. Depending on the personality, this could be a crushing admission to make, so self-denial rushes in to save their self image and equilibrium is restored.

  33. Merganser says:

    Louise Hogg @ 3.29.

    Do you remember the TV show ‘Minder’?

    Arthur Daley famously said to the police inspector: ‘You are what you eat Mr. Chisholm. Pork scratchings?’ Arthur was a conman.

    Nicola is in the same line of business. She says: ‘You are what you can con. people to believe you are Beth. Lipstick?’

  34. JGedd says:

    akenaton @ 5.56pm

    Sorry, that should read ‘denial rushes in..’ Self-denial is something else entirely.

  35. mike cassidy says:

    Off topic

    (Though maybe not for long)

    For those who haven’t caught up yet

  36. Republicofscotland says:

    Gregor @5.05pm.

    Ellwood is also a psy-ops 77th Brigade active individual.

  37. Ruby says:

    twathater says:
    10 February, 2023 at 5:54 pm

    How the rank and file Bobby must be feeling as they are at the coal face (or is that woman face Ruby)

    Is that a joke?

  38. akenaton says:

    I had come to exactly the same conclusion Mrs G, but analysing these people is a thankless and fruitless task. I’m afraid many SNP supporters inhabit the world of Mel Gibson, King Billy and the Pope.

  39. Den says:

    Craig Murray’s contacts at wikileaks coming good
    With McDonalds emails ,Gonna be an interesting few weeks.

  40. Lorne says:

    “A man’s a man for a’ that” Police Scotland and
    Suspect number 2 allegedly spat in an adult human female’s face.
    That is surely an alleged hate crime?
    Though I feel impersonating women is to an extent.

  41. Lorne says:

    It is making a nonsense of the law, when suddely crimes against women and children are reported as being perpetrated or allegedly perpetrated by women. Including rape which is a penis haver only crime.
    And the law criminalises adult human females who beg to differ.
    As it is a crime to say a biological man identifying as a woman whatever that means is actually a woman.

  42. ViolentFemmes says:

    Fuckwittery Judiciary.
    How can it be for the protection of the society when
    Male criminals are not charged and reported as male?
    Not counted in male crime statistics because they conveniently identify with a fantasy that gets them off, get’s them time within the women’s prison estate and then gets them placed in a women’s hostel after release when they are really one of the following.

    1. In denial with themselves
    2. A Misogynist
    3. A whiny dishonest clype
    4. An intimidator of women
    5. An assaulter of women
    6. A sex offender
    7. A violent criminal mainly of women
    8. Most of the above or all of the above put together cross dressing radge.

  43. Lorne says:

    Correction….is actually…a man

  44. Effijy says:

    I’m with the biological females banners

    If you have a Willie you’re going to Barlinnie!

    Get your Boaby oot o’ my Loby.

  45. Lorne says:

    I don’t see how these two if held on remand can’t share a cell.
    Oh the rivalry for attention!

  46. Ruby says:

    Woman distributed indecent images over WhatsApp then claimed it was ‘role play’

    What do you think man or woman?

  47. Merganser says:

    Has Westminster decided to pull the plug on Sturgeon by giving McDonald’s emails to Craig Murray?

    Perfect timing for granting a s.30 perhaps.

    Or burying it for another ten or twenty years.

    How many headless chickens are squawking around Bute House and Holyrood at the moment? (ok headless chickens can’t squawk).

    All the cards are out of Sturgeon’s hands now and held by Westminster. I hope her supporters are happy.

    A Wings song soon to be played at Craig’s house: Someone’s knocking at the door, someone’s ringing the bell…

  48. Big Jock says:

    The Brit awards are having a non binary category. The world has gone insane.

  49. Shug says:

    Sturgeon must be sweating buckets now. Once Craig has been through them and had a chance to read the ones with Nicola and her hubby and if course the fat controller Wyman in Bute house well all bets are off

    But will the press cover it, will craig end up in jail again

    Another bag if popcorn on order

  50. Viscount Ennui says:

    A game of chess between WM and the Russians, or purely a domestic affair?
    Someone is pulling strings. It aint Sturgeon.

  51. Bob Mack says:

    Trans is the biggest con I can think of since the book “surrounded by idiots” by Thomas Erikson.

    Unqualified he wrote this book about human behaviour which has sold over 2,000,000 copies especially in Scandinavia

    Literally whole groups of people basically created problems in their life by believing the nonsense he wrote.

    Gender ideology is basically a similar successful scam.

  52. George Ferguson says:

    I am going to cut some slack to Police Scotland and the SPS, as organisations they are developing their responses to a collapsing Governmental situation. The GRRB which informed their decisions ahead of time is in the bin. Keep it simple. Men with tackle are men.

  53. Kcor says:

    “Den says:
    10 February, 2023 at 6:38 pm

    Craig Murray’s contacts at wikileaks coming good
    With McDonalds emails ,Gonna be an interesting few weeks.”

    Why did he have to announce it in advance instead of publishing them before anyone knew he had them?

    The police are on the case now.

  54. David Hannah says:

    Sturgeon and her husband Murrell will use their puppet in the clown office – who lives in bute house – to redact the emails.

    Just like they did in the failed conspiracy to jail Alex Salmond.

    Just like they did with Craig Murray. They locked him away, Scotland’s political prisoner.

    Get the emails posted on Wikileaks. Outwith SNP censorship. It should have happened in the Salmond Conspiracy.

  55. John Main says:

    @Ruby 6:34

    It is a joke, and a funny one too.

    Please don’t say I have to explain it to you. Isn’t it obvious?

  56. Geri says:

    A domestic affair.

    MI5 ripping the piss out of the James Bond wannabe.
    Scanning his emails in the name of homeland security checks given the nasty wee separatists friends list.
    He’s such a russiaphobe yet claims everyone who didn’t buy into the Skripal saga are *tin foil, conspiracy theorist russian mcbots!*

    He’s a feckin lethal weapon all on his own lol!
    He should’ve stuck to fluffing towels & arranging the sun loungers..

  57. Jacqueline says:

    Who is the wee lamb in the right corner?

  58. sarah says:

    O/T: Will there be a cartoon tomorrow? Chris Cairns’ twitter says he is in Amsterdam at the moment…

  59. Big Jock says:

    Shug. If the emails are in the public interest,neither Nicola nor anyone else can stop publication. Slightly different situation from Salmond, as that was a live case. It will be interesting to see what happens.

  60. Carol Neil says:

    I can’t copy and paste it but great piece on Graham linehan substack 4th February
    ‘Ma’am I am ‘

  61. George Ferguson says:

    The long arm of the Law has visited Craig Murray this evening. Can Craig get his book requests in early. I will send them this time. Anybody willing to serve two prison terms on behalf of Scottish Independence, I will say no more. Subjudiacy. Nicola Sturgeon the worst solicitor Scottish Universities have ever produced.

  62. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “The long arm of the Law has visited Craig Murray this evening. Can Craig get his book requests in early. I will send them this time. Anybody willing to serve two prison terms on behalf of Scottish Independence, I will say no more.’

    A warning about data protection, rather than other things, is excellent news. It’s really, really, really hard to get imprisoned for a data protection offence.

  63. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Will there be a cartoon tomorrow?’

    Sadly not.

  64. Lorne says:


    Once thing I noticed, that UK paedophiles often get really paltry sentences compared to their crimes.

  65. Lorna Campbell says:

    Akenaton: “… they exhibited an embarrassed but none the less forceful view that they were working in the interests of independence and should be forgiven… ”

    Yes, that is it exactly. I feel utterly disgusted by these so-called supporters of independence. The National is full of letters from (usually men, sorry to say) readers who want us all to just shut up about this in the interests of independence – an independence that the SNP has not the slightest intention of delivering now, or any time soon, or in the future.

    If they are that gullible, to both think that this stuff will not affect them eventually (I have news for them on the FIM front) and that independence is imminent if we all just keep our mouths closed and let Sturgeon do exactly as she wishes in every respect, I don’t know what to say – except that they will never be forgiven for this betrayal of so many of the women who voted for the SNP in the past. Most of those will not be voting for it in the future.

    Then, those self-same, self-serving dafties will blame women – as per – for their ills. I have no patience with such people. Knowing how to breath must be an effort for them. This stuff is just going to get worse and worse because those who are pushing it are as entrenched and hard of thinking as the Sturgeon loyalists. Bring out your newborn!

  66. Big Jock says:

    George. There are not many like Craig. Willing to risk all to expose the liars in our movement. When we get independence, make him the first president!

  67. President Xiden says:

    Can I suggest what we all do is e mail our MSP’s irrespective of what party they stand for and ask their opinion on this matter and then vote accordingly at the soonest possible opportunity.

  68. sarah says:

    @ Rev: “really, really, really hard to get imprisoned for a data protection offence.”

    I’d like to share your optimism but this is Sturgeon’s Scotland/COPFS/police and it is notorious independence supporter, Craig Murray. I fear they will pull out all the stops.

  69. robertkknight says:

    Popcorn at the ready!

    As revenge is a dish best served cold, I hope Craig has his hand on the fridge door…

    Bring it on!

  70. JGedd says:

    Surely that was a manufactured process to catch Craig Murray. I always thought that a process that applied only to one individual and no other, was the opposite of justice.

  71. Wilson McBride says:

    Why was Stewart Macdonald’s emails targeted?

    Couldn’t they have gone after a more high profile target within the Sturgeon government?

    Or does MacDonald have information relevant to our fight for independence AND help in the downfall of Nicola Sturgeon?

    Anyone know?

  72. Garavelli Princip says:

    The stars are aligning – and the air is thick with headless chickens coming home to roost.

    The possibilities for poetic justice are tantalisingly close.

    The man Sturgeon had jailed for honestly reporting the show-trial she arranged for the man who made her, but who threatened her position by maintaining his determination to free his country, has access to potentially devastating documents.

    And this blog – this true journalism – is revealing the sordid truth about the only men she appears to hold in any esteem. Men who pose as women in order to harm women.

    This alliance of men holds the prospect of bring down this woman betrayer of women!

    With the hopeful prospect that we can return to the real job of national liberation.

    It cannot come too soon. Stuart Campbell and Craig Murray. True Scots salute you.

  73. Geri says:

    SNP sycophants can piss off with any apologies, imo.

    We’d a glimpse of who’d be willing to throw women & children under a bus & it was puke inducing it was from our own side…

    And they chose the Greens & Unionists above a pro super majority parly (who the fuckety fuck would do that over a personality they didn’t like?) that would’ve slammed the brakes on this nonsense & cleared out a lot of yoons in the process.

    I don’t believe she has fans other than the trans cult & that’s on a shoogly peg now.

    She’ll only step down once the shredders have finished. I don’t know a single pro indy voter (in real life) who’ll vote for them again.

  74. BLMac says:

    I’ve had a genius idea to solve this gender problem. 🙂
    Replace all terms with a physical description.
    Got a willie, then legally you’re a penisman
    Got a fanny, then legally you’re a wombman.

    It’s almost as if someone thought of this before…

  75. ATaleOfWhiskyAndCake says:

    Been looking at polling. With one single policy catering to incels (because that’s what they are. Incels), Sturgeon has managed to make the Tories look credible again and torpedoed support for independence.

    Congratulations Stirling University. You guys did a number on Scotland.

  76. Andouilette says:

    You are not wrong, sentencing is a disgrace and it’s worse up here as I saw recently. A young person I know well finally saw the man who abused them sentenced for basically the same crime in both Scotland and England. In England the sentence was 8 years, in Scotland it was 5.

  77. David Hannah says:

    Murray says in his tweet Mcdonald is one of a handful of Sturgeon loyalists. His rejection of defacto referendum proves she is Unionist if he is one of her handful.

  78. Geri says:


    I’d hazard a guess there’s zero danger of any inside information about Scottish independence on his phone.

    I’d guess it’s the dodgy as fk company he keeps with lobby groups & the war in Ukraine.

    UK gov want rid of him meddling in foreign policy & have hacked him to find out what he’s been up to. It also throws a rocket up Sturgeons arse.

    I wonder what the two gossiped about when Flynn ejected Blackford lol!

  79. d n wade says:

    If anyone wants to know the history and development of this gender folly, I recommend the book called “Trans” by Helen Joyce, who sets it out in simple English.

  80. Kenny says:

    After Craig Murray revelations, it would be lovely to think the British press, unable to stem the mountains of stinking bile seeping from Sturgeon’s office, will finally uncircle the wagons that shield her, and will turn their backs on her. You know that look that says ‘We don’t give a damn’?

    I hope she, and her hellish entourage, are unable to sleep tonight from genuine fear of exposure.

    We’re grateful for your efforts, Stu. Keep the pressure on.

  81. Jacqueline says:

    Thanks Stu ?

  82. Ewano the prince says:

    The answer is very simple. Laws and procedures aren’t important in a fascist regime, it is only the orders from the ruling party that matter. Whatever the individual man, woman or rapist may think does not matter, it does not matter what laws or procedures may have been made in the past, the past doesn’t exist, what matters is what the current party orders are. And who wouldn’t want to live in an independent country under such leadership.

  83. twathater says:

    I watched the last 15 mins of a sam smith concert on the bbc last night because my wife likes his music, and OMG the exaggerated mincing and foppishness was enough to give you the boak
    This is what these puir wee sowels will never understand , no matter how much mincing you do or your exaggerated catwalk strut, no matter what wigs you wear, no matter what colour you chose to dye your hair, no matter how much you overpad your bra , no matter how big you wear your earings or how fancy you make them , no matter how much lipstick you wear or what colour it is , YOU will NEVER be a REAL WOMAN , REAL women are born NOT MADE UP OF FAKE BITS
    A pig with lipstick is STILL A PIG

    And BTW Ruby the woman face quote was NOT a joke, if you have read my comments over the years, when many wingers were ignoring this aberration I was vociferous in my support of women and vehemently outspoken in my condemnation of Sturgeon and her imbecilic supporters

    I have a wife, daughter and grandaughter who I will defend against this abomination no matter what, but I have also criticized women for their inability to see what the end result of this madness will do to their sex, and their safety and security ,women have to STOP being so kind and compassionate because these perverts will show no mercy

  84. I. Despair says:

    Johnny says:
    10 February, 2023 at 3:15 pm
    I. Despair, that would be such a helpful explanation that I cannot see why they wouldn’t just say that was why if that was what had happened.

    And Louise Hogg making much the same observation…
    Yes, fair point – I don’t have the answer. My only theory would be that the customary bald police statement like “A 28 year old man was today arrested and charged in connection with X” is all that such customary statements usually contain and Plod is not in the habit of then engaging in conversations if people ask “Ah, but why did you say such-and-such in that statement? Was it because the suspect told you this or told you that?”
    In other words, it’s an (unspoken) adoption of the stance that we don’t give a running commentary or reveal what someone said in interview.

  85. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    10 February, 2023 at 9:16 pm

    @Ruby 6:34

    It is a joke, and a funny one too.

    Please don’t say I have to explain it to you. Isn’t it obvious?

    twathater says:
    11 February, 2023 at 3:35 am

    And BTW Ruby the woman face quote was NOT a joke

    You are correct twathater ‘woman face’ is no joke.

    Sadly some folk find it funny.

    Good tip about not being ‘kind’.

  86. Marlelc says:

    Twater 3:35am

    ‘I have a wife, daughter and grandaughter who I will defend against this abomination no matter what, but I have also criticized women for their inability to see what the end result of this madness will do to their sex, and their safety and security ,women have to STOP being so kind and compassionate because these perverts will show no mercy’

    Well said!

  87. McDuff says:

    I see the National has Mike Russell bleating about the so-called frenzied attacks by the MSM towards the sturgeon and predictably all the posters vehemently agree with him and gush about their adored leader. There is no doubt that this rag and our masters are determined to keep the sturgeon in power but have to be seen attacking her with a few feathery negative to keep up the deception.

  88. akenaton says:

    I do hope that Mr Murray has some information which results in Murrell &Co being removed from Scottish politics and the whole disgraceful charade which is Holyrood disbanded.
    This would require the assistance of the UK government presumably, but whether they would be amenable is open to question.
    The return to political life of traditional figures who raised the profile of Independence within a sane world, would be the boost we need after years of dismay, disappointment and fear for women and children.
    One negative which must be borne in mind is that Mr Murray, who’s bravery and selflessness is unquestionable, still clings to the belief that “genderchange” is possible and laudable.

    This is ridiculous and the idea has been used shamelessly by members of the devolved administration in all Party’s, to push the whole LGBT++++ agenda onto the Scottish people.

    If we are about governing ourselves we must start to act like adult human beings, not media addled perverts.

  89. Big Jock says:

    Twathatar. Most ordinary gay people are probably embarrassed by people like Sam Smith. They are just normal people. They don’t see the need to camp everything up to prove a point. Ultimately wearing your sexuality like a ball gown, just shows you for the Peacock you are.

    Let the music speak for itself. People come to hear his music, not a Burlesque show.

    Society is collapsing because narcissistic behaviour is now normalised I.E our PR obsessed First Minister.

  90. Big Jock says:

    Russell must be one of the Napoleon loyalists then.

  91. akenaton says:

    Big Jock, Society is collapsing. In my youth, the family structure endured for a lifetime. Today, the family exists in most cases until the infants start to be influenced by members of the public services. Automatons of teaching and social care are under instructions to build barriers between parents and children to facilitate their indoctrination technics.
    The family structure is in the process of complete disintegration starting with the separation of parents and children. Once parental responsibility has been removed, our children are at the mercy of those who wield power and in today’s world that means all branches of the media backed LGBT+++ power structure.

    Don’t be kind. Be very afraid!

  92. Willie says:

    This is just another example of the political partiality of the police.

    No one, and I mean no one can have any trust in Police Scotland.

    Vindictive prosecutions, selective targeting, disregarding the offences the chosen whilst pursuance of others, they are rotten to the core.

    Policing is a difficult job. But when it is politically driven, with political motives, and political bias then we are sadly in fascist mode.

  93. stuart mctavish says:

    Sarah @10:30pm

    Suspect Craig is on the wind up, but as MacDonald* is on the security committee during a hot war with Russia, and as his emails were hacked by (ahem) Russia, it would be far more logical for the Swedish prosecutor to: collude with Kier Starmer, conflate the Murray case with that of the Clydebank romeo-juliet, and chase him into the ecuadorian embassy for next six years; rather than risk COPFS outing any 5 eyes from Murray’s source(s)

    *with bit of luck MacDonald will have full approval of his superiors to be in on the sting and there’s no risk of his doing anything quite as rude as lying in parliament about an individual he’d never met (or hiding in a library to ensure he never would)

  94. SusanAHF says:

    I agree with you akenaton except the blame should be aimed more at the TQ+

  95. McDuff says:

    So true.

  96. David Hannah says:

    Pete Wishart is terrified of Albist KGB hackers. His finger is sore from blocking the agents of Vladamir.

  97. David Hannah says:

    I wonder what Pete Wishart has to hide?

    Release the emails on Wikileaks. Lol.

  98. socratesmacsporran says:

    It is 10.15am on Saturday, and no cartoon on Wings.

    Is the dilettante drawer on-holiday again ?

  99. Terry says:

    Barry at the Jester on YouTube says they’re going to categorise by crime, not sex. Hmm. Looks like he could be right.

  100. akenaton says:

    Susan, As I’m sure you are aware, I have great respect for your views and comments on this forum, but I usually weigh my words carefully and I was against the legislation on “Equal marriage” mainly on grounds of damage limitation to the family structure.
    I have no objection to people of the same sex living, loving, or having sex with one another(none of my business), but legislation is a different animal in my view, especially when backed by a disreputable organisation like Stonewall who have been shown for what they are in recent years.
    I strongly believe that marriage should be between male and female to provide the population with the opportunity to reproduce within a family orientated template.
    Hense the LGB. Sincere apologies if you have taken personal offence.

  101. gregor says:

    Pete Wishart (11/02/2023): Twit:

    “An important and sensitively written article by David Leask.

    The far right will look at any opportunity to exploit.

    All of us must be vigilant.”:

  102. gregor says:

    Wikispooks: David Leask:

    “David Leask …has been openly working with the Integrity Initiative.

    In 2019 he was chief reporter for The Herald. He was introduced to the group by “former BBC Monitoring colleague of Chris Hernon”.

    Craig Murray termed him a “Russophobe nutter”.”:

  103. Geri says:

    Holyrood will never be shut down for the simple reason we’d be independent within a year.

    It was grudgingly given to us through gritted teeth to STOP the March to Independence.

    Maybe Sillars was right? Scots should’ve told them to shove it. It was strung up & bound from the get go & was a lie. It wasn’t the reconvening of the Scottish parly at all. It was a branch office. If demands for our own parliament had already reached the ears of the EU council the we should’ve stood in the same queue as Kosovo.

    Fucking labour. It’s always been a backstabbing bastard to Scotland.

  104. gregor says:

    Wikipedia: Institute for Statecraft:

    “…think tank founded in 2009 …based in Fife, Scotland.

    …objects are to advance …fields of governance and statecraft… funders include the UK government.

    The organisation manages the Integrity Initiative amongst other projects. It came to public attention in late 2018 when it was hacked and became the subject of controversy and of regulatory attention due to political posts on social media.


    …international hacktivist group Anonymous released documents about the Integrity Initiative, that purported to show the programme was part of a disinformation project to interfere in other countries…


    In December 2018, the Sunday Mail reported that The Integrity Initiative’s Twitter account had been used to attack then Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party and Seumas Milne, the director of communications for Corbyn…

    …charity was not meeting the requirements of a charity in Scotland because its purpose was not entirely charitable…”:

  105. Geri says:


    It’s the age of the internet.
    Influencers are the new guys in town.
    Pornified & stupified 24/7
    People can talk to anyone, anywhere in the world in an instant…

    Unless yer on Wings, then maybees give it about 10 minutes while the hamsters catch up ..LOL!

  106. akenaton says:

    Beware of weasel words in the Herald.
    This campaign instigated by Mr Campbell is just gaining momentum and could lead to the removal of the largest impediment to Independence……Murrell &Co and their disgusting supporters in Holyrood.
    It could also be a lifeline to women’s rights and children’s safety. Lets go for it wholeheartedly. There is no other way.

  107. SusanAHF says:

    Akenaton I was quite happy with the concept of a civil partnership, leaving the term marriage for heterosexual relationships solemnised by a recognised religion. I think children are the bedrock of a society and that is why I’m against indiscriminate immigration. We should make responsible child bearing and rearing a respectable activity. That is why the TQ+ are so set on social engineering the young. True sexual orientation can’t be taught but unfortunately TQ+ brainwashing can be, for a time anyway.

  108. gregor says:


    “Someone who is crazy, silly, or strange.”

    “He’s a bit of a nutter.”

  109. Ruby says:

    akenaton says:
    11 February, 2023 at 10:31 am

    Susan, As I’m sure you are aware, I have great respect for your views and comments on this forum, but I usually weigh my words carefully and I was against the legislation on “Equal marriage” mainly on grounds of damage limitation to the family structure.

    Same sex marriage means less need for sex changes!

    Not sure what happened before same sex marriage vis a vis your husband changing his sex.

    I’ll maybe have to have another look at the GRA 2004.

  110. gregor says:

    The Nutter Family Harmonica Band (2018): Scotland The Brave:

    (Live at Prostaid Jazz Bash. The Musician Pub):

  111. Breeks says:

    Wilson McBride says:
    10 February, 2023 at 11:05 pm

    Why was Stewart Macdonald’s emails targeted?

    Lowest hanging fruit would be my guess…

  112. akenaton says:

    Sorry to be posting so much, but Isn’t this a remarkable place?
    I contribute to a few forums, but this is the only one where an honest debate can take place without a disgraceful degree of “moderation”.
    Refreshing and life-enhancing. More power to you Mr Campbell, you put many to shame.

  113. Alf Baird says:

    Willie @ 9:25 am

    “Policing is a difficult job. But when it is politically driven, with political motives, and political bias then we are sadly in fascist mode.”

    In a colonial society this is the norm, because fascism sits at the very “root of colonialism” (Cesaire). This ever present fascism becomes much more noticeable as a people begin to nervously move closer to liberation; and whenever the colonized dare to question the oppressor, its “fangs” are revealed.

    What we are dealing with in a colonial society is therefore: “a very solid organization; a government and a judicial system fed and renewed by the colonizer’s historic, economic and cultural needs” (Memmi).

  114. gregor says:

    Pete Wishart (10/02/2023): Twit:

    “It’s hard to think of anything more contemptible…

    But there are some people below contempt…”:

  115. Mac says:

    Regarding LGB, I am done with adding the T etc, never again.

    Looking at Idiotboy McGregor’s wiki page he became an MP in May 2015. So it should be a decent trove of emails to go through.

    This period also covers the period of the stitch-ups of Salmond and Craig Murray. Be interesting to see if he made any comments about any of that. And of course it is not just his emails is it. I am guessing it will be everyone whoever replied to him etc…

    I fully expect the emails to show that the SNP under Sturgeon is a super willing and eager partner to US imperialism in all its guises. That I’d bet money on right now with supreme confidence.

    If I made a wish list of the people the emails will drop right in the shite it would be the Murrells first obviously… but I’d also like to see the former Lord Advocate, the leadership at Police Scotland and of course Lady Dorrian all exposed somehow but I know it is very unlikely. It was a ‘witch hunt’ and they all participated in it. The Police investigation, the ridiculous charges for Moorov, excluding all the evidence of the plot to frame Salmond from the jury… it was a witch hunt just as that whistleblower said it was. And then just make it up as you go bollocks to jail Craig Murray in revenge for leaking out the truth of the stitch-up… It is incredible they get away with it and it shows how corrupted Scotland is at all the highest of levels.

    Even if it is just gossipy type emails. We already know old McDonald here is not the sharpest tool in the box so here’s hoping he was flapping his gob to someone.

  116. Ruby says:

    Fake trans applicants ‘could trick universities’

    Anyone know how to tell a fake trans from a genuine trans?

  117. gregor says:

    Pete Wishart (08/02/2023): Twit:

    “It’s all over for the SNP” episode 147 of…”:

  118. gregor says:


    “A single event or group of related events.”

    “This latest episode in the fraud scandal has shocked a lot of people.”

  119. Mac says:

    “Anyone know how to tell a fake trans from a genuine trans?”

    That is a very profound question Ruby.

    They are utterly indistinguishable.

    It is like asking… are you a real-fake or a fake-fake?

  120. gregor says:


    “An object that is made to look real or valuable in order to deceive people.”

    “A movement that is made in order to deceive an opponent.”

  121. gregor says:


    “If something is genuine, it is real and exactly what it appears to be.”

    “Genuine leather.”

  122. gregor says:

    Fake Major (2013): Fiction:

    “…The story never ends

    If everybody ignores each page – after the first

    So go and tell the children

    They’re on their own…”:

  123. SusanAHF says:

    I always enjoy your contributions akenaton

  124. Ruby says:

    ‘She’s reduced to incoherence’ Alex Salmond slams Nicola Sturgeon over transgender controversy

  125. gregor says:

    Worst Minister (11/02/2023): Twitter:

    “A poisonous, self-serving cretin who’s done nothing but screech for others to resign while avoiding accountability for disastrous decisions and countless scandals under her ruinous watch.

    She’s finished.

    Even folk who don’t do politics have had enough.


  126. stuart mctavish says:

    Ruby @2:36

    Maybe he didnt get the memo about the indy minded clydebank casanova losing a special defence of consent because the judge insisted she was a woman

  127. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (14/02/2023): Twitter:

    “My English grandmother taught me that it is disrespectful to use pronouns and that one should always use the person’s name.”:

  128. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (14/02/2023): Twitter:

    ColonisedNinja (14/02/2023): Twitter:

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