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A six and two threes

Posted on January 14, 2015 by

We note with interest that the remarkable “I am not and have never been a Unionist” article about Jim Murphy, which vanished last night from the Daily Record website for several hours, has reappeared today. As far as we can see at a glance it’s the same as the original version with one slight alteration.


We’re not sure that was worth all the effort, lads. For most Scots, including a great many in the Labour Party, those are two interchangeable terms.

(And it seems the Record itself is still clear on the subject.)


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    1. 14 01 15 12:42

      A six and two threes - Speymouth

    67 to “A six and two threes”

    1. Bigdrone says:

      What, you cannae make this up!

      Should the wee box, very top left, not be reading –

      “Nous Somme
      Charlie Propre!”

    2. jimnarlene says:

      They are one in the same, as last nights vote shows.

    3. Mealer says:

      This is actually hugely significant.It is evidence that someone at the Record discovered this “anomaly”,quite possibly after reading a post on this website which pointed it out,and went to the bother of resolving it.It shows that the Daily Record will go to any lengths to protect Murphy from even the most trivial risk of damage.

    4. No no no...Yes says:

      The Daily Record found out yet again, ha ha ha.

      This latest guff is just another Murphy attempt to distract everyone from the fact that Ed Miliband is the leader of the Labour Party.

      Murphy does not lead anything other than a powerless Poundshop branch and the Scottish voters need to hear and see that everyday until the General election. He is not even in the Scottish Parliament and has no intentions of standing there until 2016!

    5. Roger Hyam says:

      I think you are in error. Jim Murphy is the name of a political party representing the interests of Jim Murphy MP.

    6. They of just added Jim Murphy after Conservative Party rather than replacing, more accurate.

    7. Grizzle McPuss says:

      You know the tune, ie the same old song…

      You like potato and I like potahto
      You like tomato and I like tomahto
      Potato, potahto, Tomato, tomahto.
      Let’s call the whole thing off

      You say damn Tory and I say Jim Murphy
      You say high expenses and I say Jim Murphy
      Tory, Murphy, expenses, Murphy
      Let’s vote the whole thing off.

    8. Jim Thomson says:

      Does the DR still do it’s own Glasgow based editing? Maybe they’ve outsourced it like so many other “Scottish” titles and the wee apprentice editors south of the border are just being honest in their view of the smurphster.

    9. Jim Thomson says:

      Sorry, just realised, I used the terms “honest” and “DR” in the same post [slaps forehead]

    10. gillie says:

      Even the Daily Record are forced to concede that Jim Murphy is a Red Tory.

    11. Mealer says:

      Rule Brittania,Jim.GSTQ.Dont be shy about your Unionism.Wrap yourself up in that union flag.Its nothing to be ashamed of Jim.Is it?

    12. donald anderson says:

      A bam is a bam is a bam.

    13. bookie from hell says:

      Jims Swan Song

      Sept 11th 2014 New Statesman

      One of the few hecklers arrived with a violin and played “Scotland the Brave”. It has come to something when the playing of one of Scotland’s great anthems is considered a way of making a political point.

      Jan 13th 2015 Daily Record David Clegg

      What should be Scotland’s national anthem? Jim Murphy calls on public to pick a new national song

      LABOUR leader calls on the public to be given the chance to pick a new national song as MSPs prepare to consider plans to officially adopt Flower of Scotland.

    14. macbeda says:

      Murphys Law really does exist.

    15. BrianW says:

      Much of a muchness really..

      I wonder how wee Johnny McTeeeer-nan is going to spin this one.. A Twitter Army Blitzkrieg?

    16. galamcennalath says:

      Raises the question … what mistakes did they make in the text of The Vow? It clearly wasn’t a genuine representation of the Three Stooges offer of powers!

    17. paul gerard mccormack says:

      I listened to the smugurph being interviewed on radio Scotland just there by Gary Robertson?

      I wondered, what is the point of interviewing a pathological liar?

      incredible. he actually believes his own confabulation

    18. Murray McCallum says:

      Is this the beginning of Jim’s pitch to be leader of the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party?

    19. tombee says:

      I see that Murphy is attending PMQS today at Westminster. I suppose he’ll be down to advise his boss, Milliband, of developments. Particularly that he, Murphy, is no longer a Unionist, and receive further instructions from HQ to be passed on to the Branch Office.

    20. Robert Whyte says:

      I always like a story or two on this web site about how inept the the other parties are. I would like a story or two about how the snp policies are working. For example the fact that renewables hit 98% last year but never widely published.

    21. r esquierdo says:


    22. Bob Mack says:

      Do you think the hammering of our message about Murphy is subconsciously getting home to even the Record

    23. jackie g says:

      He is at it again..

      Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy says his party “does not want” a coalition with the SNP if it fails to win a majority at the General Election.

    24. galamcennalath says:

      Anthem. I note the DR mentions Freedom Come A Ye, but it’s not an option in their poll!

      Perhaps the words don’t fit with the Unionist ideas of what Scotland was/is/should be.

    25. One_Scot says:

      Next he will be saying he voted Yes. The man is a fud. He would be nothing without unionist media backing.

    26. HandandShrimp says:

      In The Thick Of It had a moment when Malcolm is called a bully. He bristles with rage and yells

      “How dare you call me a bully…I’m so much worse than that”

      I think Jim is in the same camp. “How dare you call me a unionist…I’m so much worse than that”

      Let’s just go back to his street scenes. Did he call us Separatists? If so he is a Unionist.

    27. gordoz says:

      O/T :

      Interesting discussion at end of Andrew Marr ‘Daily politics’ show today about convoluted implications of Camerons stand re UK GE TV debates.

      Worth a watch of for discussion about BBC guidelines re politics
      Includes one ‘Nick Robinson’.

    28. No no no...Yes says:

      Remember there is no such thing as the Scottish Labour Party, it is a figment of Jim Murphy’s imagination:

      Archived Wikipedia page

      The Scottish Labour Party (Scottish Gaelic: Pàrtaidh Làbarach na h-Caesar![2]) (often branded Scottish Labour) is the section of the United Kingdom’s Labour Party which operates in Scotland.

      The Scottish Labour Party is registered as an Accounting Unit (AU) of the Labour Party with the Electoral Commission and is therefore NOT a separately registered political party under the terms of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000. As such Scottish Labour does not have a “party leader”, although Jim Murphy leads the Scottish division of the UK party, having been elected by members in 2014. At party conferences he appears under the title “Leader of the Labour Party in Scotland”.

      Scottish Executive Committee
      The Scottish Labour Party is administered by the Scottish Executive Committee (SEC), which is responsible to the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC).

      So Jim is accountable to the SEC and the NEC. He is not even a branch manager, he leads the Scottish DIVISION, which is very appropriate as that is what he is causing within the party.

      Come on Scottish journalists, take up the “Ask Jim who’s really the boss” challenge, you know you want to.

    29. BrianW says:

      From the Daily Mail link you gave on twitter Stu:

      The last sentence was a belter form Mr Cochrane.

      “You are a Scottish Unionist Jim. Enjoy it. After all, we won.”

      We must never let “Big Dim Jim” forget those words.. The rest of the MSM in Scotland will never of course let those words see the light of day.

      Be interesting to see if anyone could get passed the Cybernat Alert System to get that link onto the Scotland Live thingy on the BBC Scotland website.

      VERY selective on what they put on there (but then I have not long seen some Anti-Jim messages posted). The must have a work experience kid working the desk that doesn’t know the ropes.

    30. Brotyboy says:


      Did both Yes voters and No voters act out of self-interest? My analysis references Scott Minto on Wings, and others.

    31. One_Scot says:

      The greatest illusion the British State has ever pulled off, is making the world believe that Scotland rejected Independence.

    32. Swami Backverandah says:

      Pathological liar.

    33. BrianW says:

      @ HandandShrimp 12:43pm with In the Thick of It post.

      Brilliant. Got me thinking that Jim really is his very own walking Onmi-Jimny-Shambles.

    34. Macart says:

      No, a ‘renewed’ (Scottish?) Labour cannot be a home for YES voters. No one with a shred of self respect or conscience would consider Labour a home after yesterday’s commons vote.

      They wouldn’t know a socialist ideal if it jumped up and bit them on the arse.

    35. Morag says:

      I think Stu said he’d murder the next person who pointed out that there’s no such party as “Scottish Labour”.

    36. JimW says:

      Absolutely right. Jim Murphy is sadly out of touch with Scottish opinion if he still thinks that his mantra, “Vote Labour to keep the Tories out”, still has any traction here. For a great many of us it makes no difference whether we get a Labour government that we didn’t vote for or a Conservative government that we didn’t vote for.

    37. Jimbo says:

      They must’ve got a call from some Labour spad ordering them to make the necessary changes. We all know who runs the Record and the BBC at Pacific Quay.

      Everyone already thinks that Murphy is just another Tory in Labour clothes, Labour HQ will not be happy about the Record confirming it.

    38. Jimbo says:

      All this talk of anthems for Scotland is a diversionary tactic by Murphy and his acolytes in the Unionist MSM. They know it is a subject that can be divisive, gets people het up and distracts them from issues elsewhere.

      Since he raised the issue, it makes people think of Murphy. It distracts people from Labour’s ineptitude. No-one’s talking this morning about the 28 Scottish Labour MPs who supported the Tory cuts. No-one is talking about naming and shaming them. No-one is talking today about how the the London Parties have shafted Scotland re the VOW. All I heard (before switching off) on Call Kaye this morning was people arguing/debating what our anthem should be – Fuckin’ radio for dummies.

    39. Simone says:

      Sums up “Murphy’s Law”

    40. Faltdubh says:

      You really have to laugh at the ‘Scots’ media.

      Yes, Jim, you are a Unionist. I do agree that not everyone who voted Yes is a Nationalist, but EVERYONE who voted no was/is/are Unionists.

      And how the FUNK is it up to Jim Murphy to decide on what our anthem is?

      I have a couple of SSP pals and a Green. They are all voting SNP in May and I will return the favour in 2016 possibly SSP first. We count our cards right, we could have just over or under a 100 MSPs who back independence in 2016 leaving the Tories, Labour, UKIP, Lib Dems battling for the scraps.

      Let’s do this.

    41. think again says:

      No no no..Yes @ 12.48

      Re the wikpedia site, it is a protected site and can only be edited by specified users – due to disruptive editing it says -.

      We can therefore take it as being gospel – as much as anything from Labour can.

      In a genuine spirit of interparty cooperation I would point out however there is a small but significant – factual and provable – omission on the current page. Perhaps some of the Labour party members who read Wings could check it out when they get a chance and either point it out or edit it themselves if they are one of the chosen few.

    42. De Valera says:

      As Jim the patriot and the BBC would say : If you repeat a lie often enough, the people will believe it and you will even come to believe it yourself.

    43. gus1940 says:

      Hold The Front Page!!! Triumph For Jim Murphy!!!

      One of the Unionist letter writers who pollute the Letters on The Scotsman with their verbal excreta has joined Labour’s Scottish Branch.

      Could this be the start of an avalanche of new members electrified by the political genius of Pied Piper Murphy.

      You have been warned.

      Meanwhile the salacious smut content of the Retard increases by the day as they desperately try to stop the disastrous decline in their circulation.

    44. Dcanmore says:


      The greatest illusion the British State has ever pulled off, is making the Scots believe they had a county.

    45. Nana Smith says:

      What will it take to create an effective labour movement that takes the fight to employers, wins concessions and reverses the tide of defeat?

    46. Tîm Criced i Gymru says:

      BBC caption under clip of Deputy Doug, talking about the Commons debate on the TV debates:
      Labour election strategist Douglas Alexander: “There’s a very important principle at stake”

      … I say he wouldn’t recognise a principle if it hit him square in the face…. as it well might come May 7th!

    47. Nana Smith says:

      Labour planning to reform the house of lords by adding two more blairites.

    48. ClanDonald says:

      Do Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson have their own news category on the Daily Wreckord site or is it just Jim Murphy?

    49. Calum Craig says:

      I note the Record no longer allows commenting on their articles (how long has that been the case?). I wonder why that is…

    50. Robert Roddick says:

      Just since the referendum, although in my case much, much longer. In an anti SNP/NHS piece away before the referendum I posted politely as is my style that we should not forget that one of Nicola’s first acts when the SNP came to power in 2007 was to reverse the Labour/Lib government policy to close two Accident and Emergency facilities. My comment wasn’t posted and I was never able to access their comments page again.

    51. Chic McGregor says:

      “Do Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson have their own news category on the Daily Wreckord site or is it just Jim Murphy?”

      Its a work in progress.

      The Daily Jim Murphy plans to have sub sections for Ruth Davidson and Nicola Sturgeon in its Daily Record section, a new comic section featuring Soor Wullie and a change from Red Top to Blue Top.

    52. Chic McGregor says:

      Oh! forgot the new tag line ‘The only newspaper which supports indendence for Scotland in Northumberland.’

    53. No no no...Yes says:

      Nana Smith 2:05pm

      Straw and Jowell for the Lords, surely not! Ed Miliband said he will replace the Lords with a Senate:

      Right,lets see it i’ve got this right. Ed is going to get two of his cronies into the Lords and then abolish it. Why would you do that? Ah, I know, Ed has not intentions and will dump the policy if elected. Just like Rachel Reeves, he is a Chancer.

      Labour Party= no credibility

    54. kininvie says:

      The Murphy strategy

      1) Reinvent Jim as Scotland’s champion
      2) Make sympathetic noises to Yes voters
      3) Split the Yes campaign by being sympathetic to various causes espoused by Greens, WfI, Commonweal, RIC etc, picking the ones the Scottish Govt looks hesitant about – eg fracking
      4) Call for the Labour party to undertake a root and branch review of Trident, once elected.
      5) Move tanks onto SNP lawn by asking who is best placed to deliver more powers – a Scottish champion within a Labour govt, or a rump of SNP MPs who no one will work with.

      It writes itself….doesn’t it?

      And we’ll no doubt revisit the tactics that won the referendum: keep the SNP constantly on the defensive. Make opponents waste time refuting outrageous claims while already moving on to the next story…

    55. Kenny says:

      Don’t anyone mistake what Murphy is doing here. His “Glasgow Men,” the 190,000 former Labour voters who voted Yes in the referendum, are overwhelmingly Catholic. He’s already done his dog-whistling about what team he supports. He’s attacked the football act which (quite rightly) Celtic fans are furious about. (No, seriously, before you tell me that Rangers and Celtic are two sides of the same coin, explain to me how Scottish Government advisers on this act manage to equate The Fields Of Athenry with The Billy Boys. The act is an anti-Catholic obscenity.) Now he’s pointing out that he’s an Irish republican and pushing the old line, most recently used by George Galloway, that the SNP will persecute Catholics in their Presbyterian dictatorship.

      The Catholic vote in Scotland used to be pretty much untouchably Labour. They were the ones who were going to “protect our schools.” It’s also why they fought to keep abortion law out of the Scottish Parliament. If Catholics in the west of Scotland don’t instinctively vote Labour any more then it means a lot of VERY hard campaigning to try and win everyone else over.

      I don’t expect journalists to ask Murphy ANY hard questions any more, but it would be nice if someone – maybe at hustings or public meetings or whatever – would ask him why he feels the need to stoke religious division in the west of Scotland in order to win elections. I’d pray that our bishops and priests would take him to task too, but all he has to do is take them for a few nice meals and be seen at mass every Sunday and they’ll fall for it because he may be bastard, but at least he’s OUR bastard.

    56. jim heraghty says:

      Just wondering how many ‘No’ voters are comforted by the thought that they aren’t unionists either.
      It’s long been obvious that we live in a linguistic parallel universe from our ‘Betters’.
      Isn’t ‘The Union’ a basic tenet of the Labour Party?
      When/if a member of a political party denies one of its core values, what does the party say about that?

    57. john king says:

      BrianW @ 12.52pm
      “You are a Scottish Unionist Jim. Enjoy it. After all, we won.”

      Whoaw that must have been the equivalent of waking up next to a pig
      EH JIM?

    58. john king says:

      Chic McGregor says
      “The Daily Jim Murphy plans to have sub sections for Ruth Davidson and Nicola Sturgeon in its Daily Record section, a new comic section featuring Soor Wullie”

      Splutter cough choke,
      yea cheers there Chic
      I now have (specially selected) layered, raspberry and passion fruit yoghurt running out my nose, a liberally splattered all over my screen! 🙁

    59. JPFife says:

      Murphy seems to be nicking his stance of not being a Unionist, or did he hire Duncy? From 2011:

    60. macnakamura says:

      Daily Rwcord has printed a correction and an apology.
      it should have read

    61. Dave McEwan Hill says:


      Good post. But the act is not an anti Catholic obscenity. It is a dog’s breakfast but the general population think it is an attempt to deal with something that should have been dealt with years ago. Only a dimwit would think the Fields of Athenry is offensive but we do have our share of dimwits some obviously in uniform.

      When I had a pub in a Lanarkshire town I allowed both the Celtic and Rangers bus to leave from it and I allowed colours.
      My situation was quite simple. I reasoned that if someone wearing a Celtic scarf or wearing a Rangers scarf was offensive to you YOU were the problem. I had no trouble. Maybe I was lucky

    62. Lollysmum says:

      Have just watched Livestream’s video from Edinburgh North & Leith Common with Jeanne Freeman & Elaine C Smith-really good session but the Q&A session afterwards was a belter. A man was talking about SLAB & what they are up to so basically mirroring the conversations on here. He made several points

      1)JM is lining himself up for Ed Millibands job. Apparently he knows he has no future in WM whilst Ed in post (must have been a big falling out they had-my comment).
      2)JM is trying to empire build from a desperately low number of members-he quoted less than 4,000 with the intention of separating SLAB from Labour party (new party basically) & going his own way in Scotland. (Can’t really see him managing that one though because SLAB has no money & any assets they do have belong to WM Labour who are also massively in debt anyway).

      My point is that he was very knowledgable about Labour & Jeanne & Elaine then told a couple of stories about JM that you might be interested in (if you have the time to watch it)

    63. Brian Fleming says:

      “Even the Daily Record are forced to concede that Jim Murphy is a Red Tory.”

      That’ll be red in tooth and claw. Certainly not in his politics.

    64. Very good piece by Iain Macwhirter in this morning’s Herald, which explains Murphy’s “I am not a Unionist” comment; the Union he was referring to is that between mainland Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

      This is, of course, the great conundrum of the Irish-Catholic sect within the Labour Party’s Scottish Branch. They are all in favour of a united Ireland, with Dublin as the capital, but, all against the same freedom being given to Scotland.

      They simply cannot see that Scotland has the same right to cease being ruled from London as has Ireland.

    65. Kenny says:

      Dave McEwan Hill – I have to disagree. Anyone who equates the Billy Boys with The Fields Of Athenry (and believe me, I’ve seen SG-led training courses that do exactly that) is fundamentally wrong and, whether it’s deliberate or not, it comes across as anti-Catholic.

      I know as Dons fan, the Rev doesn’t agree on this issue at all, but as supporters of independence, we would all do well to pay attention to the Irish struggle and the lengths the British government has gone to stifle that struggle. The soldiers who murdered civilians on Bloody Sunday still have their anonymity, while one of their commanders – General Sir Mike Jackson – got promoted the day before he gave evidence to Saville that he’d lied for forty years about what really happened that day. The RUC officers who colluded with Loyalist paramilitaries to kill Pat Finucane and other civilians still walk free. These are real, current issues, not some ancient war that we’re too stubborn to forget.

      In purely political terms, the SNP and the independence movement should be extremely sensitive to these issues. Catholics are overwhelmingly the victims of sectarian crime, and around half of all anti-Catholic crime in Scotland is NOT linked to football. Never forget that a big part of the reason for the Union was about crushing “papists.” The Catholics amongst us will not have been shocked by the “succulent lamb” journalism around the referendum, having seen for years the way the Establishment treats Rangers, the Establishment club. “Both sides are as bad as each other” is a phrase we heard used to dismiss the mostly one-sided violence and abuse of the indyref, but Celtic fans have been hearing the same thing for decades about songs and violence at the football. The Orange Order, the Union flag, Rangers jerseys, Unionism/Loyalism, the British state and violence are intimately linked. I know it’s not true of ALL Rangers fans, but even they can’t deny the vile anti-Catholic heritage they bear – well, unless they gave all that up when the Oldco died. 😉

      The Labour Party has survived for a long time on the tribal instinct of Catholics to vote Labour because they weren’t the Unionists or the formerly anti-Catholic Nationalists. Jim Murphy is one of few people who sees how that constituency can be won back. If we on the Yes side don’t see that and head him off the pass – for reasons of justice AND political expediency, that strong Catholic Yes vote could easily be lost, and Catholics will be lost en masse back to the Labour Party who will continue to betray them.

    66. Ghillie says:

      How can Jim Murphy offer Yes voters a safe place to offer their votes when all he offers is lie on lie?

      I know Jim Murphy does not credit ANY voters with a scrap of intelligence and an ability to retain any facts, the facts we have seen unfolding before our very eyes over the last two years at the very least, or over many many years of observation.

      What an insult to the electorate.

      But of course that doesn’t matter to Jim Murphy or his hirelings. Because they mean absolutely nothing to him or all of New Labour.

      I know that no matter what every individual in this country votes in 2015, the people of Scotland will continue to look after those who need a helping hand. Labour won’t be doing it. We will.

      Labour sold their souls. They have nothing to offer. It’s gone.

      Scotland isn’t exactly turning it’s back on Labour. It’s just Labour in Scotland is no longer relevant. Evaborated. Gone. Lost.

      Scotland has important work to do.

      Lets get on with it.

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