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The succulent bams

Posted on January 13, 2015 by

Jim Murphy didn’t turn up at Westminster today to vote with the Tories for £30bn of austerity cuts, like 28 of his Scottish Labour colleagues did. That’s because he was taking some Scottish journalists to lunch to explain an important thing to them.


We’ve been sat staring at a blank paragraph for the last 10 minutes trying to think of something satirical to say. We’ve got nothing, readers.

Luckily, a subversive Daily Record employee was on the case for us.


[EDIT 8.39pm: The story has already vanished from the Record website, having been online for less than an hour.]


“Part of my argument is that we are stronger in a union. I’ve always thought that workers are better off in a union at work and Scotland is better off in a union of the UK. I know it’s an old fashioned idea for some but this sense of unity being strength is as true today as it’s ever been.”
– Jim Murphy, 10 June 2014

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    247 to “The succulent bams”

    1. Jamie Mcewan says:

      So he’s not a unionist and he’s from an Irish Catholic background… republican then?

      He’s clearly aiming for the Garngad vote there, but what are the odds on him turning up on the south side of Glasgow claiming to be loyal to the Queen?

    2. jimnarlene says:

      So what was all the ranting, atop an Irn Bru crate, for?

    3. Lanarkist says:

      That’s fascinating, just above the words Scottish Labour are three wee tags with arrows between them;

      News > Politics > Conservative Party.

      Jim Murphy might “not be a Unionist” but the Retard recons he is a Tory!

    4. mary vasey says:

      So Jim is too dim to realize we none of us believe the lying drivel he spouts AYE

    5. kendomacaroonbar says:

      This is on a par with Bobby Ewing’s shower scene in Dallas…and that WAS made up

    6. Barbara McKenzie says:

      I believe him. He is clearly a fifth columnists imbedded in SLAB. Consider all his words and actions since he became leader, carefully calculated to bring Scottish Labour into disrepute. Finest hour must be the announcement that the South-East will fund 1000 nurses in Scotland via the mansion tax, leading to a leap in the polls for the Tories.

      Mind you, the thought that he might be working for us is a serious worry – Labour can keep him!

    7. Ian Borge says:

      That’s because he’s not anything.

    8. Jimbo says:

      Fuck me, I must have slept right through the whole referendum campaign and only dreamt that Murphy was part of the Better Together/Project Fear.

      Either that or Murphy is taking the whole of Scotland’s electorate for complete morons.

    9. heedtracker says:

      He’s the most unionist unionist the world has ever known. If Murphy were any more unionist, he’d be purring and not like a cat either.

    10. Donald Kerr says:

      Murphy really is making all this up as he goes along.

    11. Stephen Armstrong says:

      If he is not a Unionist, then he must be a British Nationalist. If he is not a British Nationalist, then what is he?

    12. Rob Outram says:

      Nope me neither!

    13. Martin D says:

      I’m sure you’re not alone in getting nothing.
      It boggles the mind.
      A bizarre sentiment expressed to the Scottish electorate who are supposed to forget about his very recent past and buy into the idea of temporary alignments and other such deals as though it where quite normal for a political leader to do such things right under their noses without blinking an eye.

    14. Roger Hyam says:

      I’m in tears!

    15. UncleBob says:

      He’s just taking the crap.
      Anyone out there who’s a psychologist?
      The man is lost.

    16. Paula Rose says:

      Big Rim Jim

    17. Croompenstein says:

      Has anyone told that wee wummin in Ayr, I think she’s still there waiting on #CreepyJim

    18. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      The tears of laughter are rolling down my thighs.

      We know at least he is not a Socialist.

    19. fred blogger says:

      jim murphy admits regret that he didn’t fight for scottish indy.

    20. M4rkyboy says:

      Jim Murphy is a Chimera.

    21. boris says:

      A Video Record so his words can be heard.

      Unionist politician, Jim “Spud” Murphy: I find it difficult to express my disgust for Quisling Murphy. In every situation he takes the smarmy anti Scottish line. Have people like this no pride? Do they ever tell the truth? Is their personal career all that matters? How exactly do they differ from the bankers?

      Alistair Darling: He was determined to force through the shotgun sale of Scotland’s largest building society despite an unprecedented backlash from its board and the Scottish Government. His decision meant the Dunfermline Building Society was broken up, its savings business taken over by the highest bidder and the taxpayer footing the bill for losses on its loans.

    22. msean says:

      Thank you to all those MPs who at least registered their disagreement,however futile.

    23. james mcgrellis says:

      How’s this for a union Jim, my foot in your face

    24. Jimbo says:

      News Politics Conservative Party

      “Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy insists he is ‘not a unionist'”

      Obviously preparing us for the ‘Grand Coalition’ when two become one.

    25. galamcennalath says:

      The “subversive Daily Record employee” deserves a big thanks. Very nicely put, calling a spade a spade LOL

    26. Lesley-Anne says:

      I can confirm that wee Jimmy the Smurph was not in Westminster today. He obviously thought that lying to journalists was easier on his brain cell than trying to figure out which door to walk through when he would have had to vote on the Rainbow Tories austerity measures. Still plenty other Labour M.P.’s from Scotland walked through the AYE door holding tightly onto the hands of their beloved Tory leaders. 😀

      There was however one exception, in my case at least. Mundell the Blundell has been reported as M.I.A. 😛

    27. Dr Jim says:

      He’ll be voting SNP then, another convert, life’s good..

    28. Andrew Haddow says:

      A unionist is in favour of the union. Murphy doesn’t give a flying fuck about the union, he is only in favour of himself.

    29. gillie says:

      Jim Murphy’s persona in complete melt down.

      Here is John Denham Labour MP calling Jim Murphy a ‘unionist’.

      Who were these journalists that stopped Jim from voting on the Tories Austerity Charter?

    30. Graeme Doig says:

      Worth going off to make some headlines with more piss taking drivel so you can then say you didn’t vote with the blue tory’s. The man is a genius.

      Uncle Bob

      No need for a psychologist anymore. You were right in your assessment.

    31. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Jim voted yes. Youse yins know that. vote Labour & GSTQ

    32. HandandShrimp says:

      There clearly has been a meeting, they may have borrowed Johann’s bunker to hold it. How can we get those fecking Yes bastards at Wings to leave us alone was the brief to be discussed.

      “I have an idea” says Willie Rennie (who, confused, accidentally attends the meeting) let’s say that Jim is a separatist”

      “Too unbelievable” says Magrat in a moment of lucidity, “tone it down…say you are not a Unionist”

      Slow murmurs and nods “it just might work”, Torquil reaches for the phone to call in the story.

    33. mogabee says:

      We need a darkened room…!

    34. Dr Jim says:

      Now you see him, now you don’t, He’s over there, no he’s… BEHIND YOU!.. So much fun…

    35. john king says:

      Kendomacaroonbar This is on a par with Bobby Ewing’s shower scene in Dallas…and that WAS made up”


    36. K1 says:

      So Home Rule was never mentioned in the last few days of the vote by Gordon Brown or any one else as an incentive to vote No, and now Jim Murphy is not a unionist who fought atop irn bru crates espousing why we should stay in the union.

      Hmmm…Was there a referendum?

      Did we win it?

    37. MajorBloodnok says:

      “I am not, and have never been, Jim Murphy MP” added Jim Murphy MP.

    38. Sinky says:

      I trust someone is keeping a record of his attendance record at £65,000 salary plus almost £200,000 expenses on the few occasions the house of Commons is meeting up to May.

      Some of top “Scottish” Labour MP expenses 2013 /14 (in addition to their salary)
      Anas Sarwar £204,606.89
      Jim McGovern £201,808.49
      Jim Murphy £196,969.33
      Ian Murray £189,015.53

    39. Democracy Reborn says:

      And Margaret Thatcher wasn’t a Tory…

      Is this *seriously* the best that MacDougall & McTernan can come up with? What happened to ‘pooling and sharing resources within a strong United Kingdom’? Did Murphy not just spend weeks standing on the Irn Bruce crate extolling the benefits of the Union?

      As long as Jim Murphy subscribes to the British state governing Scotland and the ultimate supremacy of Westminster, he is a unionist.

      Incidentally, I never read the Daily Record but I made a point of going online after this comical piece. What a grovelling, subservient rag. In its ‘Politics’ section I counted about 24 different articles whose themes were generally either about Jim Murphy/anti-SNP/anti-Scottish Govt/anti-Salmond/anti-Sturgeon. No wonder their circulation figures are going down the toilet.

    40. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Jim’s jumped the crate now !

    41. wee sandy says:

      Should I be astonished by Murphy’s statement?
      Should I laugh at it?
      or should I be scared by it?
      Does he REALLY think Labour voters in Scotland who voted “YES” will now be persuaded to vote Labour in the GE because he is now implying, by denying he is a unionist, that he now favours an independent Scotland?
      Or does he REALLY believe in what he is saying?
      That’s the scary part!

    42. snode1965 says:

      Ha! Ha! Ha! The desperation oozes from their every pore! Sooo Smurphy today has demanded recognition of a Scottish national anthem ( rise and be a nation again? ). Then gathers his media bitches to an emergency summit to proclaim that he is not a Unionist….how stupid does he think the Scottish electorate are? I haven’t been so excited to view the next episode of a drama since Breaking Bad!

    43. Jimmur Phymp says:

      Maybe he meant to say he’s “not a runionist” ?

    44. Alex Clark says:

      Am I on Wings or BBC Scotlandshire? Help I’m losing my mind.

    45. farrochie says:


      You mean the Labour Party press release.

    46. JPFife says:

      Looks like the page has been taken down.

    47. caz-m says:

      The man is a mentally ill unionist. He should be getting treated at his local hospital for severe memory loss.

    48. Lesley-Anne says:

      mogabee says:

      We need a darkened room…!

      WE … already have a darkened room mogabee. It is large and comfortably fitted out with large wrap around chairs and sofas. Plenty of liquid refreshment is available as well. 😉

      In fact the *ahem* “Darkened Room” has had to be enlarged about three or four times in recent years just to accommodate everybody. 😛

      In fact I think I may need to hold some further planning meetings with Macart to ensure we do not need to carry out yet another enlargement of the “Darkened Room.” 😀

    49. rkb66 says:

      Could we have a Murphy free month or year please? The old saying there is no such thing as bad publicity. Why are indy supporters being this man’s own personnel PR department?

    50. Stoker says:

      Stephen Armstrong says:
      “If he is not a Unionist, then he must be a British Nationalist. If he is not a British Nationalist, then what is he?”

      A Red Tory Traitor!

    51. snode1965 says:

      Also Smurphy eats lunch with his hareem, while SLabber MPs vote to bestow 5 more years of austerity MAX on our serfdom! WHAT THE F#CK.

    52. Croompenstein says:

      I checked to see if this was an ‘and finally’ tagged post… Holy F it isn’t….

      I always preferred margarine….the Anchor butter men

      I’d rather have a coffee….the Tetley tea men

      I love the calm summer days….Windy Miller

      My old man’s a dustman….Postman Pat

    53. Maureen says:

      Sorry for the tangent but who pays for the lunch? Does he claim it on expenses and therefore it’s us? Or is it part of his labour party work and therefore paid for by the labour party? Or is it the journalists so that they can write a book about it? Just asking.

    54. Schiehallion! Schiehallion! says:

      Can’t wait for the howls of complaint from Diane Abbott.

    55. davidb says:

      An opportunist?

      An to fit in in Garngad these days he may be better becoming a Pentecostalist.

    56. caz-m says:

      “I am not Jim Murphy”

    57. Schiehallion! Schiehallion! says:

      Re Andrew Brown’s article in the Grauidan today on Facebook snoopery, I wonder what algorithm could make a personality out of Jim Murphy.

    58. Stoker says:

      @ Jimmy Phymp.


      Dim Jim the Runionist – fits the bill to a ‘T’ – excellent!

    59. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @john King

      Boaby Ewing was killed off in Dallas only to resurface many episodes later filmed coming out of his en suite shower very much alive.

      The explanation…it was all a dream and alicsammins fault

    60. Chic McGregor says:

      @Dave McEwen Hill

      Thanks, I needed that.


      Take it that was a direct quote from the chameleon himself.

      We need a joint cartoon from Chris and Greg where instead of a toaster for a brain he has a slot machine.

    61. John Walsh says:

      “A man got all seasons” or everything to everybody ” not a Unionist” maybe a republican? Who does he see when he looks in the mirror? What does it say on his office at Holyrood where he isn’t a MSP . Is Jim Schizo or Psycho?

    62. Wuffing Dug says:

      Succulent bams? Radge psycho bams more like. This is getting entertaining. Raw meat for the balcony! Is there an agitator at the record?

    63. caz-m says:

      Is a Unionist not someone who believes in the Union between Scotland and England?

      Did Murphy not campaign to keep the Union together?

      Therefore Murphy MUST be a Unionist.

      Why are you so ashamed of being labelled a Unionist Jim.

    64. Macart says:

      Sorry, too busy gathering my jaw off the deck to comment effectively. 😮

    65. Quentin Quale says:

      First time in ages they print the truth and whoosh, gone within the hour.

    66. Dan Huil says:

      I struggle to comprehend quantum physics when clever people tell me a single electron can be in two different places at the same time.

      But this…?! Please, somebody help me.

    67. alexicon says:

      Jim Murphy from the say anything do anything to get into power party, then do hee haw.

    68. Effijy says:

      Anyone want to speculate on whether Smurphy puts this journalist feast down on his expense?

      On behalf of the journalists, many thanks all Scottish Tax payers
      for funding this junket.
      They will probably suffer indigestion when lying to you tomorrow.

      Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

      The apostles gathered around Jim and reported to him all they had done and taught. Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some reconstituted diatribe from my Westminster HQ, near Jockland.”

      Then Jim directed them to have all the people shit themselves with scaremongering headlines en masse. So they sat down and counted in groups of hundreds and fifties of thousands of gullible readers. Taking the five Oafs, Cameron, Miliband, Clegg, Brown, and Darling, and the Stories too fishy to tell the educated, Jim looked up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke all of his previous oaths. Then he gave them to his disciples to distribute to the people. He also divided the too fishy to tell Stories among them all. They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken promises and headed for Fleet St and Pacific Quay.
      The number of the men who had eaten was five thousand.
      The number to deceive, 5,000,000

      My apologies to any religious readers, who are not journalists.

    69. drawdeaddave says:

      Are they still putting the DR with the other papers, or with the kids comics? It’s almost worth buying and collecting the DR for it’s headline comic value, could always put it away for posterity and bring it out to give the kids a laugh when they grow up..

    70. farrochie says:

      “Ich bin kein berliner” JF Kennedy

    71. ‘[N]ot a unionist’. Jim never had much time for them – all those sweaty plebs. But a Unionist? Good God, man. Jim went to hell and back to defend the Union to the point of sustaining grievous wounds from an attack by a weapon of mess destruction. Fair ruined a good shirt.

      That sort of physical violation stays with you and can lead to a rare morbidity wherein the sufferer believes he can fool all of the people all of the time.

      Though many may disagree, if Jim believes a majority of the electorate is as thick as two short planks, he does have a recent NO vote he can offer in evidence.

      Were there a reasonably balanced MSM, Murphy would be eviscerated for asserting something so carnival-barking dingbat crazy. He is trying to remake himself in the crudest, most artless way. It is his signature M.O. It is metamurphosis.

      It must be something in Labour’s Kool Aid served at party conferences, for like George Robertson and his assertion of global armageddon should YES prevail, the current manager of their Scottish branch has elevated camp and hyperbole to the level of a clinical disorder.

    72. Chic McGregor says:

      To murder Descartes:

      “You don’t think therefore I am what ever is convenient.”

    73. Tamson says:

      As said above, this isn’t aimed at anyone with any interest in politics. It’s simply about “making the right noises” to make sure that the ill-informed don’t rouse themselves from their apathetic slumber.

      Murphy/McTernan/McDougall’s entire strategy just now is of damage limitation: if they can dial back the SNP rise to anything below 20 it will be seen as a triumph, particularly in London circles. That puts Jim in an excellent position in Westminster circles regardless of the actual election result.

      If the Tories win, Miliband goes and the Blairites are in the ascendency, as Labour lurches rightwards again. If Labour win, Murphy holding back the SNP tide (his narrative, not mine) means Miliband owes him big-time. If it’s a hung parliament, he looks like a contender among many.

      Simple rule: it’s never about Scotland or Labour: whatever Murphy does is always about Murphy.

    74. red sunset says:

      The Record page placing suggests this piece was submitted as a press release from the Tory party, and ‘David Clegg’ just put his name to it.

    75. gerry parker says:

      Great material Stu and good to see so many new names posting over the last couple of topics.
      Was at a branch meeting last night with over 100 people there and 40+ apologies. Over 1000 members in the branch now. Never run into so many ex Labour voters that say they’ll NEVER vote for them again.
      I see our MP was missing for the vote, that means he was quite happy to see it going through then. Roll on May 7th. Roll on tomorrow. Lots of opportunities for letters to local papers.

      Dropped into the Dunoon “Forward” shop today. Great to see it so busy with so many people still with full of enthusiasm.

    76. If wee Jim the eggman’s master is happy to work with the SNP, after the election, then wee Jim will just have to sell his principles if he wants to survive. Maybe he should get out his Iron Bru crates and go around Scotland asking for forgivness

    77. Chic McGregor says:

      Maybe he meant he doesn’t support the unions? That would make sense. (Fair dos. They don’t support him after all.)

    78. Grizzle McPuss says:

      “Some say that he casts no shadow and that he has no reflection in mirrors. Some say “I smell shite” whenever he is mentioned.

      All we know is that he’s called…The St…Jim Murphy”

    79. droid says:

      Jim Murphy is clearly being mentored by Craig Whyte

    80. Mealer says:

      A unionist believes Scotland and England are two countries united to make one.Whereas,Mr Murphy believes Scotland is a part of England aka Britain.

    81. Schrödinger's cat says:

      The electron is smeared over a certain area but it’s exact position isn’t known until it is observed, at which point the electron wave collapses into an actual particle in an actual position within the smeared area…….it’s called Murphy’s uncertainty principle, similar to why jeely pieces always fall jeely side down

    82. Stoker says:

      Say no to Dim Jim and his love of nuclear weapons.

      Put your mark on the map.

    83. morgatron says:

      I believe him , hes a fu*^!n idiot.

    84. gillie says:

      This is a feckin disaster for Jim Murphy. Ducking out of the vote on the Austerity Charter. Now this “I’m not a unionist” fiasco at the Daily Record.

      Who would have thought that Jim Murphy’s leadership would implode so dramatically and so soon.

      Murphy is clearly buckling under the pressure.

    85. Author_al says:

      So the Daily Record becomes the Hourly Record…

    86. jim mitchell says:

      Forget about the unionist thing, that’s just him headline hunting again but it would be more useful if we could get an answer as to why he thought it more beneficial to be with the journalists, did he, the undisputed leader of Scottish Labour leave any orders as to how they should vote? What media types were there? who picked up the tab? What was on the menu? where was this high powered meeting held? did any of the media ask why he wasn’t at the vote? i’ll bet there’s some excuse!

      I am sure wingers can think of more and if Jim and his media friends are shy we can keep asking those labour supporters who stick up for him, but won’t even say if they voted for him in the leadership campaign.

      Wonder if he will be somewhere on telly soon?

    87. Geoff Huijer says:

      Ah, The Daily Record.

      Wipe yer esre wi it n more shite’ll come aff the paper.

    88. And what about this, linked on the same page:

      “Labour MP Jim Murphy rules out challenging Johann Lamont for Scottish party leadership”

      LMAO 🙂

    89. Jimbo says:

      Regardless of what we think about Murphy and his recent absolutely ridiculous comments re ‘1000 + nurses’, ‘I’m not a Unionist, etc. he’s certainly got everyone talking about him – and at the end of the day, that is exactly what he, and his spads, wants.

    90. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Daily Record says Jimbob Murphy’s ‘WOW’ – delivered in full.

    91. Lesley-Anne says:

      Apologies for O/T but Pete Wishart is on *cough* Scotland 2015 tonight to talk about his bill to *ahem* “demolish” of the House of Lord’s. 😉

    92. Tam Jardine says:

      Nicola must be having a guid laugh. I wonder what the talk is tonight in the Westminster bars between labour MPs, careers hingin by a thread. Big Jim making a pure arse of himsel in the press instead of showing a united front.

      What do the Holyrood ‘lefties’ think, the Chisholms and Findlays? And poor old Kezia’s hitched her wagon to the wrong horse… better get started on that buik Kez (it’s too late to switch now!)

      All we need now is special agent McLeish’ to say what they all must be thinking ‘Jim wasnae the answer – we need a fresh start’

    93. yesindyref2 says:

      There’s certainly some very strange things going on. For instance, Disney is now coming out for YES, pity they didn’t do it last August.

    94. Patrician says:

      So Mr Murphy is not a tory, he isn’t a socialist, a separatist nor is he a unionist. So what does he stand for or believe in? Simple answer, he is a Murphyist*. His only aim is the promotion and betterment of Jim Murphy, nothing more, nothing less.

      *No slur meant on anyone else who shares the surname.

    95. One_Scot says:

      The only redeeming feature Jim Murphy has that I can see, is that he is testimony to how far someone can go in life with the right protection.

    96. donald anderson says:

      We know what the great Patriot was feeding the compliant journalists. Somehting begining with bul?

    97. Schrödinger's cat says:

      I remember tavish during this debate, he said “vote for the snp if you want independence” so many times that he sounded like a party political broadcast for the snp.

      Of course, he was trying to avoid the point being made about whether he supported a referendum not independence

    98. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      Can we not safely place the Record and Murphy in the Zany Comic Relief section of Wings now? 😀

      Simply astonishing stupidity and incompetence. 😮

      I suspect the hand of the world’s least competent spindoctor John McTernan at work. Expect far more of this comedy genius to come from ‘team Eggman’. 😉

    99. Schrödinger's cat says:

      Jumbos right
      Murphy is the only thing in the news at the moment
      We need to up the snp output and not just from Facebook

    100. Schrödinger's cat says:

      Jimbo sorry, auto correct

    101. desimond says:

      Did Jim believe folk should be in Unions when he played The Great Dictator when he was in charge of the Student Tuckshop brigade and stopping committee members showing the solidarity he now forever talks about(what a disgrace to poor Lechs memory!)

    102. jim mitchell says:

      I hope he really enjoyed that lunch especially as there are those who cannot afford such luxurys as regular meals!

    103. roddy says:

      Behold the amazing MORPHY…Plasticine man!!

    104. Thomas Valentine says:

      I get the feeling that these journalist meetings are more of a “here’s what you’ll be printing, now go and do what your told”.

    105. crisiscult says:

      I like to think I elicited this from him (yes, I am a fantasist). I tweeted Labour the other day to clarify what Jim meant when he constantly described himself as a patriot. They’re nipping it in the bud now by clarifying that he is most definitely not a British patriot/nationalist.

    106. jim mitchell says:

      Strange how the BBC news page seems to think that this is one story about Jim Murphy that nobody would be interested in!

    107. Marie clark says:

      Well my flabber has never been so gasted. Is this no the eejit that wis goin aboot wi and Irn Bru grate and shoutin at auld wimmin who aked sensible questions?

      I ken I’m gettin auld, but I’n no in my dottage yet, nor dis my heid button up the back.

      Oh joy, oor dim jim is no a unionist. Whit is he then, is it animal, vegetable or mineral? Answers oan a postcaird tae EBC at pacific quay, care o the big burd.

    108. caz-m says:

      Chic McGregor

      I think you’re right Chic, The Daily Record meant to headline with,

      “Jim Murphy is not a TRADE Unionist”

      That would be nearer the truth.

    109. gillie says:

      There must be concerns in London that Jim Murphy is losing it.

      It is one thing to make the headlines but it is completely different to be the headline.

      This “I’m not a unionist” line has McTernan’s fingerprints all over it. This is a PR disaster because everyone will recognise that Murphy is talking nonsense and taking the piss with voters.

    110. Stoker says:

      Q & A Session, from January 2012, with Dim Jim the non Unionist

    111. Laura McEwan says:

      There’s suitable medication for his condition. If he doesn’t get help soon, he’ll be running naked through the streets of Glasgow with an Irn-bru crate on his head – Murphy’s Law.

    112. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I saw the story at this link today and wondered what could have caused it.

      Now I know! The ordinary peeps are having their brains addled by Murphy’s ability to change his philosophies almost willie-nillie, and have turned to drink, to try to make sense of his proclamations!

    113. Roboscot says:

      Jim Murphy is a chancer.

    114. annie says:

      Wonder who picked up the tab for lunch today, will it appear on an expense account, anyone know if Jim Murphy paired with someone for the austerity vote?

    115. Mark Mair says:

      I reckon there’s a private bet (one dollar) to see who can take the piss out of the Scottish electorate the most. But then that wouldn’t be surprising as they’ve already traded places…..I’ll get my coat

    116. Graeme Doig says:

      Stoker @ 9.30

      Cheers for that link. Happy to put my mark. Quite a few suggesting the Thames as an alternative, myself included 🙂

    117. clochoderic says:


      Just listened to a report about Aberdeen and the price of oil on the BBC news on Radio 4.

      One of the featured interviewees was introduced as Barney Crockett, a “local historian.”

      What a coincidence that a local historian has exactly the same name as a local Slab bampot cooncillur.

      BBC is worth every penny i pay them …

    118. Early Ball says:

      Very interesting effort from Tory blogger Iain Dale. He has predicted every seat for the Westminster election. He sees the Tories getting 3 seats, their best result for a generation or more. The Libdems retain five seats which seems high. Labour to do spectacularly well in Glasgow only losing Ann Mckechin’s seat.
      Bottom line is he cannot understand the national polls.

    119. G. P. Walrus says:

      Jim tries to fool ALL of the people – including himself.

    120. Alex Clark says:

      Jim M has exposed himself!

      He is useless and should have stayed in the Westminster cupboard. He chose not to and we are seeing the results.

      This excuse for a politician must be ridiculed and laughed at wherever possible. Balloon.

    121. Lollysmum says:

      Come on folks-look at this sensibly.The lunch was his excuse for not being at WM for the vote. He couldn’t turn up because he would have had to follow the labour whip & vote with govt.

      He can now honestly say he didn’t abstain or vote aye for austerity. He wasn’t there at all.

      Only thing is the excuse doesn’t wash with me-all they had to do was email, text or call each journalist to tell them what to write. After all, that’s what they normally do & what they did before & during indyref.

      You also have to look at how quickly he got his excuse out into the public domain. Nah this like other events was set up to give him a plausible excuse for not being in Westminster. To quote many posters on here-load of pish 🙂

    122. kininvie says:

      Those who dismiss this as laughable are wrong – it’s extremely dangerous. We are watching the reinvention of a political character and a corresponding set of ‘principles’.

      Many Yes voters will be looking for a reason to vote Labour again, and Jim is giving it to them. They will be happy to believe anything if they think they are getting back a party that they can vote for with an easy conscience. Playing up the independence of ScoLab and ‘I’m not a unionist’ is absolutely deliberate. Both may be a complete fantasy, but that is not what matters. People believe what they want to believe (A lot of Yessers do that too) and all that matters to Jim is how the ballot goes in May.

      We’ll next see Jim putting his tanks on the SNP’s lawn with the idea that only he is capable of giving Scotland what it wants and of healing the divisions caused by the ultra-extreme Nats within a nice, cosy, Scotland first unionism. Hell, he may even say he might have voted Yes if it weren’t for the horrible Alicsammin…

      Four legs good, two legs bad….four legs good, two legs better….That Orwell chappie knew what he was talking about.

    123. BrianW says:

      So hitting the road with Mr Mundel shouting the national unionist cause with better together, no thanks uKOK wasn’t really unionist in any shape or form (no wonder that he left uni after 9 years if he can’t figure that out) very fitting that under the conservative section

      So the Daily Rec really believe he’s a Tory.. Brilliant.

      The Record are having a time of it eh? The self written Vow. Can’t count dogs, labelling Jim Murphy as a Tory under their politics > Conservative section. And other shite sundry articles (take your pic of them)

      Brilliant how the story has just vanished. When did they employ the Great Suprendo?

    124. bookie from hell says:

      Jim Murphy isn’t a Unionist
      John Mcternan doesn’t swear
      Daily Record never made up Vow

    125. Bob Mack says:

      This man Murphy could walk across the face of a rainbow and you would never see him!!

    126. Stoker says:

      Aye, Graeme, best place for them.

      WOS getting a brief mention on Scotland 2015.

    127. Jimbo says:

      While Murphy was having (a no doubt expensive) lunch today with journalists there was a bill going through Westminster’s House of Commons to reduce further the pittance for people on benefits.

      Murphy couldn’t be arsed attending Westminster to oppose this bill as he (obviously) considered his newspaper profile more important than fighting for the underpaid, the sick, the pensioners and the unemployed.

      He’s supposedly the Leader of the Labour Party in Scotland. Twenty eight of the MPs he supposedly is in charge of voted for the Tory Austerity Bill. Since he is their boss, are we to assume that they were following Murphy’s orders?

      People who depend on foodbanks to see them through the week will no doubt be happy to know Murphy is not a Unionist. That great news will no doubt sustain them when their benefits are cut further and while they watch their children starve.

    128. Rock says:


      Il n’est pas Charlie.


    129. Papadox says:

      Listening to the ENGLISH lawyer fellow on Scotland tonight along with Lordy george Foukes, the message that I got was that the HOL was better value than the COMMONS. The lawyer stated the lords were truly great value since they are “unpaid”

      So appears to me we should abolish the House of Commons and put all our money on our lords and masters “unelected” of course.

      Aye things get weirder and weirder and the unionist side becomes more detached from reality each day. Foukes is just a clown. Pete Wishart was the only one to talk any sense, well done Pete.

    130. Aidan says:

      If Jim isn’t a unionist.
      McTernan isn’t really an orc.

    131. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      “We are watching the reinvention of a political character and a corresponding set of ‘principles’.”

      Or more precisely, a particularly inept and hilarious attempt at one.

      You think the Record hurriedly took it down because they it was a devastatingly clever piece of spin or because it was laugh out loud funny and completely unbelievable?

      Even Labour No voters would wonder what the fuck Murphy was babbling about as it can hardly have passed them by that this was their unionist eggman. It doesn’t pass the first test for any spin which is can it possibly be believed? This can’t and is so wildly out of touch with reality it’s hilarious. Simple as that. If this is the best Murphy and McTernan can come up with then they are going to get hammered by the scottish public.

    132. Roll_On_2014 says:

      It sounds as though Murphy and his team are on Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), a throwback from the sixties.

      LSD is a powerful hallucinogenic drug – this means that users are likely to experience a distorted view of objects and reality, including seeing and sometimes hearing things that aren’t there (these are hallucinations).

      The experience of taking LSD is known as a ‘trip’. Trips can be good or bad, but until you take it you don’t know how it will affect you – and once it’s started you can’t stop it.

      Aye oor wee Jimmy is on a TRIP.

    133. Alex Clark says:


      I don’t like to disagree with you, but your wrong.

      This Labour spin will win very few back to the fold. In fact the opposite. It gives the EX Labour voter like myself exactly the ammunition they need to open anothers eyes.

      Murphy is a right wing Blairite and in fact a gift to Scottish politics, he will change things alright but not in the way he hopes.

      The gift that keeps on giving, loving his input so far. He is an arse and makes it obvious, thanks to McTernans advice.

    134. Stoker says:

      At the request of Alex Clark:

      The Financial Times – 10th November 2014

    135. O/T – Tory spending plans will lead to Dickensian future – Danny Alexander
      In the Guardinan – Liberal Democrat chief secretary says George Osborne’s plans to keep making cuts after 2017-18 will decimate public services.
      For goodness sake, did Danny he not help make these plans?

    136. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

      I AM a unionist. That’s why I promoted a YES vote.

      If you believe that, then you’re as thick as mince!

    137. Macandroid says:

      Dan Hull

      We know that with quantum referendum physics an electorate can be in two different places at the same time!

      I don’t know what I mean either…

    138. Les Wilson says:

      Aidan says:
      Oh he is an Orc alright, one of the real, slavering ugly ones!

    139. heedtracker says:

      Just as mental, Flower of Scotland could be Scotland region national anthem, sung by future Scottish FM and “I actually voted YES separatist” Murphy, no doubt accompanied by Wullie Rennie.

      Scotland’s always had more than its fair share of nutters but it is getting worse. I couldn’t keep a straight face singing it let alone watching NO voters going “we stood against them, la blah blah blah badadeeda.”

      If the cringers and proud Scot buts vote for this, we’ll be laughed at from stadium to stadium and rightly so.

      Also, tomorrow Daily Rancid headline, “I voted YES, sez Jim Murphy, so vote Slab, the honest party”

    140. Graham Scott says:

      Slightly O/T, but not really as it’s from the austerity debate today.

      David Mowat (Warrington South) (Con):

      Starts (paraphrase): “Labour have no principles, at least the SNP/PC/Green are opposing on principle, even if they are idiots”…

      Continues (verbatim): “Why is the Labour party going to troop through the Lobby to support the Government? I have only one explanation. I may be wrong, and it is possibly above my pay grade to get involved, but I think that Labour’s decision to support the Government tonight is the start of overtures around a grand coalition. I think Labour has realised that the polls are changing and it is not looking too good out there for it. It has few options left other than to start this dialogue. That is why the hon. Member for Brent North, who spoke so eloquently about the unprincipled Government position, is going to support the Government today. If he did not, Labour would not be signing up to our fiscal compact, and it would be difficult for them to join us in a coalition in May.”

      This is from Lesley-Anne’s link at 8.31, rather than me actually having seen it, so I have no idea about tone etc. His next statement (jab at ed balls) suggests he isn’t really serious, but it does read like what I used to do as a kid (and still do to be fair) when I would half-heartedly throw out an idea to see if anyone agreed with me.

      Or it can read like the Conservatives are expecting Labour to push for a grand coalition.

      Either way, I think it’s odd.

    141. Barbara McKenzie says:


      Thank you

    142. Roll_On_2015 says:

      Stoker: at 11:13 pm

      At the request of Alex Clark:

      The Financial Times – 10th November 2014

      Thank Stoker for the FT link. I was especially drawn to the following paragraph:

      As Britain hits the midway mark of its decade of planned austerity, the findings suggest that far from the cuts becoming lighter after 2015 – as the chancellor and prime minister David Cameron have suggested – they are poised to become much harsher for departments outside the protected areas of health, schools and overseas aid.

      [Austerity Cuts] are poised to become much harsher for departments outside the protected areas of health, schools and overseas aid.

      Protected areas My ASS

      The Tories are planning to cut education budget by 25%.

      This will have a serious knock-on effect in Scotland through the Barnett formula.

      I also make the following disclaimer… apologies for the source.

    143. CameronB Brodie says:

      There’s none blinder that those who choose not to see. Bet you all feel a bit foolish now, thinking JM the typical unionist. If you weren’t all so blinkered in your opinions you would have noticed there’s nothing opaque about the new ‘champion’ of Scotland’s pathogenesis, he’s “Son of the Invisible Man”. 🙂

    144. Roll_On_2015 says:


    145. caz-m says:

      Also, did anyone else notice the Saltire proudly pinned to Jim The Patriot’s lapel while he was being massaged by BBC Scotland’s Gordon Brewer on the Sunday Politics show.

      He must be a non-Unionist if he wears a Saltire, right.

    146. cearc says:

      So let me get this right. SLAB have lost their voters in droves campaigning for No with the Tories and Dim Jim is seeking to redress this by losing the unionist voters as well?

      Graham Scott,
      The problem with a ConLab coalition, from Westminster’s view, is that the SNP would be the official opposition and as such would have to be given more coverage. I guess the Beeb would retire QT pretty quickly!

    147. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

      Murphy: A neo-fascist in a Muppet puppet’s clothing.

    148. Jamie Arriere says:

      What is oor Jim?

      A riddle wrapped up in an enigma hidden in a warehouse full of bullshit

    149. robertknight says:

      Love the thoughtful profile shot which the Daily Wreckered uses for Murphy…

      To me he simply looks as though he’s trying desperately to keep his trap shut in order to stop more **** from flowing out of it. (Doesn’t work sadly).

    150. manandboy says:

      Murphy/ McTernan are aiming at all times for the 1 million strong elderly vote.
      If it’s in the Record, the elderly will believe it, either consciously and willingly or subliminally and subconsciously.

      Murphy/McTernan know that whoever wins the massive postal vote will probably win the seat.

      They’re not playing games and they’re not cracking jokes. They HAVE to win in GE15 to stop the Independence momentum.

      They KNOW how to win – target the elderly with a massive campaign – BBC & DR – in their houses, in care homes.

      Has the SNP started to do that yet.
      Does the SNP even INTEND to target the elderly.

      They didn’t in Indy – and we lost.


    151. CameronB Brodie says:

      Mark Mair
      No need to get your coat man. It’s a sair fecht that the ‘Mother of all Parliaments’ has more than it’s fair share of “Duke & Duke” types. After all, xenophobic/racist elitism is at the heart of the British establishment.

    152. kininvie says:


      Disagree away… that’s what this site’s about and if we all agreed, there would be no point in commenting.

      I’ll stick with my position though. Don’t forget how (comparatively) few we are in terms of the DR readership, and how many Yes Labour voters would just love to be put back to sleep and go back to taking the tablets if they have an excuse. That’s what the Murphy redesign is all about. Will it work? I dunno, but I still think it’s dangerous.

      We’re doing a wee canvass in a solid Labour area this w/e to see if the results on the ground reflect the recent polls. It wouldn’t surprise me if we detect a swing back. If not, it’s good news.

    153. Famous15 says:

      Pleease stop using words like Traitor,Quisling etc as it indicates a wrong but brave stance. Use the more factual and literal term SELLOUT. They would sell teir granny for a ha’penny.

    154. manandboy says:

      The Unionist Alliance at Westminster have a strategic meeting before Christmas.
      There’s only one topic for discussion – how to kill off the Independence movement.
      They look ahead to GE15 and they ask ‘ what is our worst nightmare’? Answer- 40 or 50 SNP MP’s in the Commons.

      Resolution; Assemble task force, Murphy/McTernan plus BT backroom team, unlimited resources, total media support, IndyRef fear and smear campaign to re-run, target the one million elderly Scots voters. Don’t wait. Get on with it.

      SNP GE15 Strategy meeting before Christmas – postponed till sometime in the New Year.
      Not sure about the agenda yet. One or two ideas floating around but nothing concrete yet.
      Got to tidy this office up a bit – all these new members – what a mess.
      We’ll have to tell the members something …..

    155. ClanDonald says:


      All those nursing home and elderly voters you mention are the ones that voted no and unlikely to vote for the SNP anyway.

      The Three Murpheteers are hoping to win back yes voters with this guff, the very same yes voters that saw through their indyref guff. No one’s falling for it…

    156. Malcolm says:

      You know, I think this is one of the most truthful things Jimbo has ever uttered.
      He is not a Unionist, he is not a Nationalist, he is purely and simply a careerist.
      I fear old Granny Murphy was sold a long time ago.

    157. Clootie says:

      Stop Press:

      “Bear denies shitting in Wood”

    158. Cuilean says:

      The Tory Bill for more Austerity was passed in the Commons today. The 6 SNP MPs all voted against it, as did Katy Clark. But the latter’s vote is lip service only with a cynical weather eye on the General Election. Let me just list the Scots Red & Yellow Tories who marched through the ‘Ayes’ lobby shoulder to shoulder with the Blue Tories:
      1.Douglas Alexander (Paisley Renfrewshire South) 2.Margaret Curran (Glasgow East) 3.Danny Alexander (Inverness Nairn Badenoch Strathspey – yellow tory), 4.William Bain,(Glasgow North East), 5.Gordon Banks (Ochil South Perthshire), 6.Dame Ann Begg (Aberdeen South), 7.Russell Brown (Dumfries & Galloway), 8.Sir Malcolm Bruce (Gordon – yellow tory), 9.Michael Connarty (Linlithgow East Falkirk), 10.Mike Crockart (Edinburgh West – yellow tory), 11.Ian Davidson (Glasgow South West), 12.Thomas Docherty (Dunfermline West Fife), 13.Brian Donohoe (Central Ayrshire), 14.Frank Doran (Aberdeen North), 15.Gemma Doyle (West Dunbartonshire), 16.Tom Greatrex, (Rutherglen, Hamilton West), 17.David Hamilton (Midlothian), 18.Tom Harris (Glasgow South), 19.Jim Hood (Lanark & Hamilton East), 20.Cathy Jamieson (Kilmarnock & Loudoun), 21.Charles Kennedy (Ross Skye Lochaber – yellow tory), 22.Michael McCann (East Kilbride Strathaven Lesmahagow), 23.Gregg McClymont, (Cumbernauld, Kilsyth Kirkintilloch East), 24.Dame Anne McGuire (Stirling),25.Iain McKenzie (Inverclyde), 26.Michael Moore (Berwickshire Roxburgh Selkirk – yellow tory), 27.Graeme Morrice (Livingston), 28.Ian Murray (Edinburgh South), 29.Pamela Nash (Airdrie & Shotts), 30.Fiona O’Donnell (East Lothian), 31.Alan Reid (Argyle & Bute – yellow tory), 32.John Robertson (Glasgow North West), 33.Frank Roy (Motherwell & Wishaw), 34.Anas Sarwar (Glasgow Central), 35.Sir Robert Smith (West Aberdeenshire Kincardine – yellow tory), 36.Jo Swinson (East Dunbartonshire – yellow tory), 37.John Thurso (Caithness Sutherland & Easter Ross – yellow tory).
      16 Scots MPs did not bother to show up, including Jim Murphy, Gordon Brown, Alistair Carmichael, & Alistair Darling, aka Project Fear’s first eleven. It seems after scaring us all to death, they need time off.

    159. Capella says:

      @ red sunset I think you’re onto something. The reporter’s name “David Clegg” must be spoof name made up of David Cameron and Nick Clegg. They’ve taken to writing DR press releases for the Labour Party in a bid to save the Union. We separatists will now vote for JM!
      OR – He was a NO but he regrets that now and would vote YES if there was a referendum tomorrow.

    160. Capella says:

      @ Cuilean What a shameful list. Incredible that the Labour Party has sunk so low.

    161. ronnie anderson says:

      DimJim the Charlatan mair faces than Charlie Chan

    162. tombee says:

      So Dim Jim isn’t so Dim. He was giving himself a cast iron alibi for not being at Westminster for today’s vote for more austerity measures. He wanted to be able to say to the Scottish electorate that,”It wisnae me, I wisnae there, it was them others who did it”. But I’ll bet he’ll be backing it to the hilt he being a red Tory. Trident lover, warmonger,and liar, betraying pensioners with lies and deceit.
      How’s the expenses claims doing these days Jim?. Still voting against free school meals for bairn’s? . Still renting the hose out in London while claiming for rented accommodation? .

    163. kininvie says:

      Actually, +1 to Katy Clark. Some flickering of principle within the party automaton?

    164. Dr Jim says:

      George Bush, remember him, Jim Murphy, it’s the same guy, every time Murphy opens his mouth George Bush speaks drivel..

    165. K1 says:

      I noted earlier Rev and others saying the article has disappeared from the record’s site, but the story is in the herald. I can’t get reading it as It’s doing that blocking thing. So would someone archive it for us so’s we have proof that it wasn’t just a massive illusion we’ve all partook of, especially as the record is just so good at making up really big stories that people believe and then make important decisions after they read them. (Yeah, I know it’s all illusion and delusion from the party formerly known as Labour, maybe we could just use a wee squiggly symbol to denote them now? Like this : ~~~ …smirk)

    166. Colin Thomasson says:

      No, I don’t suppose Murphy is anything so honourable as a straight down the line Unionist,
      that is a perfectly reasonable and morally defensible position,
      one which many of the older generation of Scot Brits or Brit Scots hold and defend with a consistent courage and honour, as is their democratic right.

      But Mr Murphy is a profound socialist,
      so profound and deep run in his socialist faith that he is a leading light of the Henry Jackson Society,
      a member of the Advisory Council of that singularly capitalist society of self worshiping blowhards.

      it is quite impossible to tell from its own statement of principals what it stands for, other than the glory of US hegemony and world rule…see here

      its statement being self contradictory, and wildly inconsistant throughout, though one thing they are most reliable on is no mention of socialism.

      indeed, the whole tenor of that organisation would seem to be an unwritten desire to crush socialism in any form without mercy to promote rampant capitalism and to worship the free market and the sacred right of the shareholder over every human right

      So, it is perfectly understandable that such a charlatan socialist could happily defend the Union he now says he does not, and never did support, against the hopes for self determination by a people whose every instinct is social cohesion and the Common Weal, that, and the propagation of a real, actual on the ground practical socialism, bourne of the most basic desire of the human spirit to live in peace and by peaceful means, getting rid of weapons of mass destruction sort of real, actual land of social cohesion and just principal
      no suprise to find that a man of his fundamental perfidy could and did in public office wholeheartedly support an illegal, immoral war waged against an innocent people on a notoriously false prospectus and yet still stand tall and proud of his achievements, why he would of course, inevitably be in the vanguard of Project Fear and then expect to have another false prospectus accepted as a basis of his being the next First Minister of Scotland as Leader of a political party that does not even exist, except under yet another false prospectus…the Scottish Labour Party

      a false man in charge of a false party hellbent on delivering Scotland into the oblivion of whatever false belief lies at the false core of his false being

    167. Aidan says:

      @Les Wilson
      Les Wilson says:
      “Oh he is an Orc alright, one of the real, slavering ugly ones!”.

      Yes Les.
      Should have capitalised just trying to save a wee bit of ammunition for closer to May.

    168. IAB says:

      I’m beginning to suspect that Murphy has been set up and will fall hard when Red Tories fail in Scotland. His latest is that he does not want a coalition with the SNP. He’s obviously soaking up all the media time and making it up as he goes along.

    169. Patrick Roden says:

      Can I just point out to folks, that it wasn’t an Irn Bru crate that ‘C U Jimmy’ was standing on, it was in fact a Coca Cola crate.

      We are all mistaken, I should know, I read it in the Daily Re-Word.

    170. Patrick Roden says:

      @ Dan Huil,

      It’s Photons that are in ‘two places at once’ as you say.

      Electrons are those wee things that burl around the protons in an atom, a bit like flees around sh…or rather like Labour MP’s around ‘expenses claim sheets’

    171. r esquierdo says:

      Is Jim purging his waste disposal pipe. It is all pure shite but remember fellow wingers The hard to educate are easily drawn in.

    172. yesindyref2 says:

      The article’s back in the Record. Either it was released too early, there could have been whatever they call it, an interdict until say midnight, or they put it back because the Herald is carrying it.

    173. Sandra Wilson says:

      So folks here is my professional diagnosis, based on careful assessment of the “patient’s” recent behaviour – The Right Honourable Jim Murphy MP is a Charming Manipulative Psychopath and anyone who stands with him, behind him, alongside him will be deceived, manipulated and tossed carelessly aside. To be avoided at all costs.

    174. john king says:

      Has anyone given a thought to the likelihood the poor mans teleprompter has just broken down?
      will he get a riddy when its switched back oan eh?

      Or even,
      here’s another thought
      Stu has had a deep sleeper activated and he’s switched the buggers scripts,
      noo thats clivver.

      Oh a cannie wait tae see whit else the rev’ll mak him say thats fair stupit! 🙂

      Cunning rev cunning,
      can we take it your were controlling JL’s speeches as well?
      that’s the only answer. 🙂

      Kendomacaroonbar @ 9.06

      I should have enlarged on my WHAT?

      As in,
      that wasn’t true?
      then he wasn’t kidnapped by aliens after all?
      do JR miss Ellie and swellin know?
      ps does this mean I can take those giant shoulder pads off now?

      But on the subject of Smugurphys miraculous conversion,

      I’m confused,
      can we go back to good old fashioned DUCKSPEAK?
      I know where I am with straight from the hip duckspeak!

    175. john king says:

      I’ve just thought of something REALLY scary
      That man was in a position to get his hands on a tank!

    176. Ken500 says:

      The ‘papers’ are disgusting for promoting liars. Liars promoting liars. People are being sanctioned and going to food banks because of these digusting people.

    177. caz-m says:

      No mention so far on BBC Scotland of yesterday’s austerity vote at Westminster. Did it happen or did we just imagine it.

      Murphy is on Radio Scotland GMS after 8am this morning, maybe he can clear things up for us. I hope Gary Robertson is not too hard on him.

    178. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      It’s back in the Record under

      Home-News-Politics-Jim Murphy.

      It’s also in the Herald. The Courier has also covered it but does not reveal the ‘not a unionist’ proclamation in its headline.

    179. Stoker says:

      @ caz-m

      The info (voting list etc) of yesterday’s vote and procedures, put on the other thread by liz @ 7.11pm has also disappeared.

      Went to check if someone was on the list and it had vanished.

    180. caz-m says:

      Today is voting day in Paisley South to see which candidate will represent the SNP at the Westminster GE.

      Whoever wins will be up against the wee rodent himself and supporter of Tory austerity cuts, Labour MP Douglas Alexander.

      I will be voting for Mhairi Black. She is an up and coming politician with a great future ahead of her. You may remember her from the SNP Conference or the recent Hope Over Fear Rally in George Sq.

    181. What’s that quotation again – something about tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deveive.

    182. Whoops!! Should read: What’s that quotation again – something about tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive. (Thick fingers first thing in the morning).

    183. BJ says:

      The Herald online today has the story that he says he has “never been a unionist” !

    184. boris says:

      Video record covering 2009 -2014. Loadsa vids of Megamouth Murphy covering all the issues. Watch as he offers gold plated guarantees worthless dribble. A must have for use in the May 2015 GE

    185. BJ says:

      Mhairi Black on Twitter profile says it’s more important to be a jags fan than a woman’s officer for the SNP.??

    186. Stoker says:

      caz-m says:
      “Today is voting day in Paisley South to see which candidate will represent the SNP at the Westminster GE.
      Whoever wins will be up against the wee rodent himself and supporter of Tory austerity cuts, Labour MP Douglas Alexander.
      I will be voting for Mhairi Black. She is an up and coming politician with a great future ahead of her. You may remember her from the SNP Conference or the recent Hope Over Fear Rally”

      I remember watching her at the conference, one of the stand-outs.

      I was impressed and she was one of my favourites.

    187. Roll_On_2015 says:

      I don’t know why but the only thing that comes to my mind, about Murphy and his motley crew, time and again is… HUMBUGGERY.

    188. Luigi says:

      So, who were the MSM concubines who had lunch with Red Tory Murphy? It’s important to know who sups with the devil.

    189. Luigi says:

      Help ma boab! Smurph back on BBC GMS right now. A bit of damage limitation, methinks.

    190. heedtracker says:

      Rancid old Graun only reporting Jim Murphy in Scotland now, BBC take Scottish region weather. This must be UKOK media version of Chairchoob Davidson’s bayoneting the wounded up there. They won, now pretend Scotland does not exist, unless its reigned over by future FM Murphy.

      Rancid Graun’s take on yesterdays latest teamGB says vote Slab farce who now has says YES voting women on Murphy’s side too sez Libby Carrell?

      “Speaking at a lunch organised by the Scottish Parliamentary Journalists’ Association on Tuesday, the new Scottish Labour leader accused the Holyrood government of planning for failure, echoing the sentiments of a grassroots campaign against the proposal which has garnered support from women activists prominent in last year’s yes campaign.

      “We’re imprisoning too many women, and too many mums in particular,” Murphy told the group. “The number of women in prison [in Scotland] has doubled since devolution and that’s not right.”

      Brain washing/bayoneting wounded?

    191. caz-m says:

      BJ 7.52am
      “Mhairi Black on Twitter profile says it’s more important to be a jags fan than a woman’s officer for the SNP.??”

      I know, I’m not sure what she meant there.

      But I am sure she will clear it up, she is a very committed person, a kind of female Tommy Sheridan (I hope I’m allowed to say that) I do hope she wins and I look forward to helping her boot out Alexander.

    192. jackie g says:

      Today is also voting day in Midlothian to see which candidate will represent the SNP at the Westminster GE..

      Our current MP David Hamilton (Midlothian) was on the list of labour MP’s who voted with the austerity cuts yesterday.

      need i say any more.

    193. Lollysmum says:

      Stoker & caz-m
      The list hasn’t disappeared.At the end of each day the proceedings from that day are converted into a report called the Official Record & is moved to a different web page.

      This page has a pdf file of 119 pages detailing every word spoken in WM yesterday. The list is on page 44-45

    194. caz-m says:

      Murphy’s latest policies are to keep trident coz North Korea might bomb us and to build a women’s prison outside every town in Scotland coz Murph thinks it’s a vote winner.

      Vote Scottish Labour and have your very own women’s prison built in your very own town centre. And if we are attacked by terrorists then we can beat them to death with our very own nuclear missiles.

      Murphy really has his finger on the pulse of the Nation.

    195. scotspine says:

      Ha ha ha ha. BBC jock region “good morning jockanese” talking about the horror in Paris comments “journalists and broadcasters – what do you put in and what do you leave out”?

      Easy enough for them, chuck in spade loads of anti SNP, anti current Scottish Government, anti Independence and truck loads of pro Murphy, pro Labour etc and omit any positive SNP, Scottish Government and Devo Max, independence stories.

    196. Hamish says:

      On British Biased Corporation Radio Scottishland this morning . I
      heard it from his own mouth. “I am not a Unionist!”” So the No posters were in fact all about him saying No to Unionism. The DUP supporters will be pleased.
      Murph reminds me of the character in The Vicar of Dibley when asked a question says No No NO NOO yes!

      What a liar

    197. ScottieDog says:

      So what about those loyal labour unionists who firmly believe in the UK and campaigned alongside murphy up to the referendum. Bit of a kick in the teeth isn’t it.
      Then again their opinion will sway in the breeze I guess.

    198. Wilma says:

      Can someone find out how many Labour have now converted to SNP that would be interesting to know.

    199. ScottieDog says:

      Get ready to be Monsanto’d….

    200. Macart says:

      @ Cuilean

      Name and shame.

      The press won’t do it.

      An unbelievable 63% of Scottish MPs. Now seein’ as how there’s only one Tory, there’s pretty much no doubt about which parties voted in support of Westminster’s austerity measures. In fact, let’s call it like it is.

      There are no ‘parties’ there are only the haves and the have nots. There are no Conservative, Labour or Liberals out there. You couldn’t put a fag paper between these charlatans anyway. There’s only the establishment and the people and in September, the fox had just been given leave to run the hen house.

    201. Calgacus says:

      Spud on radio jockland talking the biggest load of rubbish I have ever heard in my life. After being initially concerned about the new leader of labour(branch office) I now have a big smile on my face as I realise that only an arsehole could vote for this shower of shite.

      He repeated his assertion that he is not a unionist as he is an onanist.

    202. scotspine says:

      @ Calgacus,

      Oh Plllease! I now have an indelible image imprinted in my mind of Spud hunched over with his face contorted…..

    203. Anne says:

      I laughed out loud. He must think his fellow Scots have permanent amnesia or are total idiots.

    204. Famous15 says:

      National anthem? How about two minutes silence?

    205. Training Day says:

      Has Labour’s complicity in the austerity vote been reported anywhere in the ‘Scottish’ MSM? Anywhere?

      Or are our journalists too busy banging on about how fearless journalism is a prime characteristic of a free society to bother reporting it?

    206. No no no...Yes says:


      I agree that the Murphy makeover is a deliberate play for the reasons you gave. Their plan is simply and that is to limit the loss of seats to the SNP. Murphy will do and say whatever it takes, remember it is Labour first.

      I would add that he is also dangerous for UK Labour and I bet Miliband had stern words about his recent Nurses pledge which seems to have lost votes for them in the South East of England.

      We need to be setting the agenda and NOT merely reacting to Murphy’s mutterings which are designed to distract attention. We need to go on the offensive and attack the Labour Party record and policies, as well as challenging their lack of vision and ambition for Scotland.

    207. The Man in the Jar says:

      BBC on line News have just put up an article regarding the televised leaders debate. Scotland doesn’t even get a mention never mind the SNP.

      The article is however open for comments. 😉

    208. HandandShrimp says:

      I saw a clip of David Mowat (Conservative Warrington South) taking the rip out of Labour for voting for the Tory austerity plans…asking if they were practising for their Grand Coalition.

    209. AuldA says:

      Resurrect Magritte.
      Ask him to paint a portrait of Jim Murphy.
      Entitle it ‘This is not a unionist’.

    210. Caroline Corfield says:

      Dan Huil

      Wrt quantum mechanics and electrons, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle says if you know exactly where an electron is then you know nothing about it’s speed or momentum for example. Essentially you can only ever know one thing and the rest becomes unknown. We know Mr Murphy has his own self preservation at heart and consequently can know nothing about how low he will stoop or where that self preservation may take him politically as a result.

      All this ‘I’m not a unionist” is trying to sow uncertainty into the equation, we might then think there is a level he will not dive under or a political extreme he will not extend to.

      Simply observe his own self serving actions and his ‘wave function’ shall collapse neatly.

      Hope that helps 🙂

    211. Robert Peffers says:

      @mary vasey says: 13 January, 2015 at 8:08 pm:

      “So Jim is too dim to realize we none of us believe the lying drivel he spouts AYE”.

      Every time I see, or particularly when I hear, Jim Murphy talk it generates a wee mental picture of the fictional villainous character, “Hissing Sid”.

    212. Said it before, and I’ll say it again. It doesn’t matter how ludicrous the statements made by Murphy are, or anyone else on the unionist side for that matter, they all have the unstinting backing of the M.S.M. They are the ones who deprived us of a referendum victory, and now they will be trying their utmost to limit the damage that is going to be done to the unionist parties in the forthcoming G.E.And just to answer a point made earlier by @ manandboy, at least in our area we made a point of targeting both nursing homes, and sheltered housing complexes during the referendum campaign, and while the results from these places were mixed, we still won every ward. And no doubt we’ll be doing the same in the coming weeks and months ahead.

    213. Jim says:

      There is a piece in the scum today about Murphy not wanting a coalition with the SNP. It says that despite pushing for a no vote in the referendum Murphy insisted, “I have never been a Unionist”. So there you go.

    214. Author_al says:

      @AuldA. Think a painting by Picasso might be appropriate, showing Jim Murphy with more faces than an Icosahedron.

    215. Brian Powell says:

      Rather sad for Women for Independence. They raise issues about the new, women’s prison Murphy comes along and said he agrees with them., they say something about so this means we ar being noticed.

      They’ve allowed themselves to become part of his campaign. They are simply going to be swallowed up by Labour and become irrelevant as a force.

      Next Margrit Curran and Jackie Baillie will be inviting herself to their meetings, and that will be the end of them.

    216. Calgacus says:

      @Famous15,aye 2 minutes silence is about right. The thought of a no voter singing Flower Of Scotland gie’s me the boak.

    217. galamcennalath says:


      Mair faces than the toon clock

    218. BrianW says:

      I’ve just got a vision of Jim (or Daily Record Staff) doing the distress signal from Team

      Showed a friend at work this, and after pissing ourselves laughing his point was – He’s not a unionist as in the UK or he’s not a unionist, as in the trade unions..

      So either way he stand for none of the Unions.. Well there’s a revelation.. Do you think Irn Bru will let him use their crates after that bombshell..

    219. ScottieDog says:

      @caroline Corfield,
      And of course the ‘observer’ very much changes the behaviour of that being observed – I.el Murphy.

    220. Craig Murray says:

      I have shared a platform with Mhairi Black a few times. She’s a real star.

    221. Robert Louis says:

      Jim Murphy is a joke. Of course he is a unionist, since he devoted six months of his life last year to campaign to ‘save the union’.

      Utter utter Labour duplicity and bullshit. They really do still think the people of Scotland are stupid.

      This brazen lying by Labour and happily reported by somewhat ‘surreal’ so-called journalists of the Herald, makes me even more motivated to ensure we defeat these lying t*rds in May.

      It is a clear sign of just how pathetic the so called ‘journalists’ of Scotland really are, that Murphy even thought he could get away with making such a dumb statement.

      The question that really needs asked is this, why is Murphy now ashamed to support the union?

    222. Author_al says:

      I am confused. On Jim Murphy’s Wiki page it states

      “In 2011, The Daily Telegraph published documents, compiled by a senior US official at the US Embassy in London and published by WikiLeaks, stating that throughout 2009, Murphy was in charge of organising a coalition of Unionist parties whose aim was to “block an independence referendum” in Scotland.[17][18]”

      Why organise a coalition of Unionist parties to block an Independence Ref if you are not a unionist?

      I see he got free rein on the media to bang on about random stuff today. Why are the SNP not holding him to account more? Or at least challenging the lies.

    223. Helena Brown says:

      Considering that 55% of the electorate proved amenable to the drivel spouting from the likes of Jim Murphy, he obviously thinks lying is a useful tool. I doubt he is a Unionist, those who admire the United States tend not to like Unions and our Jim certainly gets his marching orders from across the Atlantic.
      He could have had his fingers crossed whilst saying it.

    224. Helena Brown says:

      Author Al, Indeed and who would report anything they said if they did, haven’t you noticed that there is almost a news blackout on the SNP. I heard just about every main stream party mentioned this morning except the main Scottish one.

    225. starlaw says:

      I think it would be an excellent idea for SNP not to be included in televised debates as all other parties would focus their attack on them spouting god knows what drivel. Their exclusion will speak louder than words.

    226. gordoz says:

      Had a listen online to Murphy’s performance on Establishment Radio.

      Pathetic ‘I am not a Unionist’ blurb will come to be seen as a real gaff.

      Very wobbly on everything and his fuax patriotic dig at Cameron’s heritage was even embarrassing for him surely.

      Did not come across as confident at all; and as usual was all over the place relating to pertinent issues regarding Scotland.

      A very poor performance in deflectionism.

    227. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Author_al at 10.31

      Are you suffering from the misconception that rebuttals or anything at all the SNP says actually gets reported in the papers or the BBC?

    228. Chic McGregor says:

      Mighty Morphing Murphy?

    229. think again says:

      Chic McGregor aka Rene Descartes @ 9.17 pm.

      Saw it last night, but no good at typing on a smart phone, still chuckling this morning because the truth can be very funny and make you despair at the same time.

    230. Wee Jonny says:

      News > Politics > Conservative With The Truth >
      Jim Murphy – I am not a unionist.
      Stuart Campbell – I am not a Reverend.
      John – I am not a King.
      Kendo – I am not a Macaroon Bar.
      Brian – I am not doon the toon.
      Panda – I don’t like to be buggered.
      Jim – I don’t know any Arlene.
      Paula – I am NOT a man I am a rose.
      Fred – I am not a blogger.
      Jim – I am not a Dr.
      Lesley – I don’t cough *ahem* a lot.
      Bloodnok – I am not a Major
      Jonny – I am not wee.
      Ronnie – I am not a fan of Wings.
      Alex Salmond- I am not Jim Murphy and never will be.

    231. crisiscult says:

      Found it: can anyone read this and distinguish this from the classic ScotBritnat i.e. it’s great that Scotland is in the UK cos Britannia rules the waves.

      This is from Jim Murphy’s blog:
      “When the Security Council and the G8 make the big decisions that affect the whole world, Scotland, as part of the UK, is there at the centre of what matters. The Nationalists want to take us out of that, not because it’s good for Scotland but because it fits the logic of the campaign. No more and no less. No country in peacetime history has ever given up that degree of global influence. All of us who are patriots rather than nationalists don’t want Scotland to be the first to do so.”

    232. Bigdrone says:

      All together now….

      “An arsehole of a rogue in this nation!”

    233. David Agnew says:

      what fresh hell is this? Murphy is not a unionist? What the hell is he then? The man campaigned on an Irn Bru crate, provoking punters & hoping someone would pelt him with an egg!

      Once again I see the wraith like hand of McTernan in this. A poundland Cardinal Richelieu if there ever was one. The appeal to labour voters who voted yes continues. Supported unquestioningly by the Daily Record.

      This is like watching a car crash in slow motion.

    234. Fred says:

      And when were we last at peace might one ask?

    235. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Wee Jonny of course am no a fan of wings am ah member of a Big Big Family, of brilliant inteligent witty People.

      am no ah fan of her either

    236. caz-m says:

      Craig Murray 10:24 am
      “I have shared a platform with Mhairi Black a few times. She’s a real star.”

      Yes quite agree with you there Craig.

      I will be voting for her today as the SNP candidate to oust Dougie Alexander from his seat.

    237. crisiscult says:

      was just reading the comments on the Herald piece about Murph not being a unionist. Someone has said Murphy is about class politics rather than identity politics. So I think we can see which class he belongs to in the quote I placed above from his blog. Murphy is in the ‘political class’. Here’s an interpretation of that class on wikipedia. Does it seem familiar?

      “the political elite is undemocratic and has an agenda of its own—especially the aggrandizement of its own power—that is hostile to the larger national interest, and which ought to be opposed by grassroots of populist movements.”

    238. Author_al says:

      My question was rhetorical about why isn’t the SNP holding Murphy to account more. It was said knowing full well that the bbc don’t give SNP airtime… The answer is because the Scottish Gvt is sidelined. What to do about this is the real question. Just emailed and called out the bbc again over its continuing bias. i am sick of wall to wall Murphy and total lack of journalistic nous/integrity from most media outlets.

    239. Robert Peffers says:

      @gillie says:13 January, 2015 at 9:33 pm:

      ” … Who would have thought that Jim Murphy’s leadership would implode so dramatically and so soon.”

      That’ll be me then. I thought it, and said it, within a minute of hearing he was the new leader.

      O/T I’m reading an item now that there is a Whitehall Civil Servant with a Civil Service associated IP address spending hours altering and editing Wikipedia entries on Scottish Football clubs and players. There are changes made to Dunfermline Athletic FC’s squad and individual players goal tallies among the 45 edits made in the past week alone.

      The BBC has had an on-line bot monitoring Whitehall associated IP addresses but one has to ask just why the BBC are monitoring the changes made by Civil Servants to Scottish Matters? Could it be the BBC knows the Establishment is making an all out push to amend all forms of Scottish history?

      It was noted by several commenters on Wings that the Broadcast media were indeed attempting to either amend or erase all things Scottish to be North British.

    240. Dcanmore says:

      @boris 8.28pm

      ‘How Dunfermline fell’

      BBC Robert Peston’s blog in 2009 follows the party line but just look at comments 4 and 8 below it. It confirms the £25m loan was needed and not a £100m bailout as reported.

      Brown was PM, Darling Chancellor and Murphy Scottish Secretary … Dunfermline Building Society was destroyed by the Labour Party!

    241. Blackhack says:

      If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s an effin duck….Simples.

    242. Taranaich says:

      If you believe that Scotland is a region and the UK is a nation, then I can understand if you don’t want to consider yourself a Unionist – after all, a Unionist is someone who believes the UK is a unitary state between nations, right? So if you think of the UK as your country – as so many Tories openly do – then you could campaign for a No vote, yet technically deny that you’re a Unionist.

      It just makes you a British nationalist, true, but, well…

      @Malcolm: You know, I think this is one of the most truthful things Jimbo has ever uttered.
      He is not a Unionist, he is not a Nationalist, he is purely and simply a careerist.

      That’s the truth of it, really.

    243. Rock says:

      Barbara McKenzie,


      Thank you”

      It is heartening that there are at least some people in Europe who can see beyond this mass hysteria and are brave enough to say so.

    244. Barbara McKenzie says:

      @ Rock.

      Greatest exercise in hypocrisy and moral selectivity in the history of mankind.

      Back to topic of indyref, kind of: I notice that JK Rowling and some others who signed the celebrity letter have made Charlies of themselves. NOT Frankie Boyle or Limmy last time I looked. Choose your friends …

    245. Rock says:

      Barbara McKenzie,

      “Greatest exercise in hypocrisy and moral selectivity in the history of mankind.

      Back to topic of indyref, kind of:”

      To think that Yes supporters on this very site too defended “the rights of journalists”.

      The same journalists who published numerous untruths and ommited to publish numerous truths to defeat us during the referendum campaign.

      Nous sommes tous ‘gullible’.

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