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A historic breakthrough

Posted on March 12, 2018 by

We could all do with some cheering up at the moment, so it’s with great pleasure that we can announce fantastic news for Scotland – the ancient plague of sectarianism has finally been defeated once and for all!

At least, we assume it MUST have been, because this week the Scottish Parliament is set to give its final assent – thanks to Labour, the Tories, the Liberal Democrats and the all-important Scottish Greens – to abolishing the Offensive Behaviour (Football) Act, against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the Scottish population.

And as we can plainly observe from events yesterday, they would only be doing that if sectarianism was no longer a problem and it was safe to send out an encouraging message to the bigots that their worldview is now acceptable in Scotland again.

Because we don’t know about you, readers, but nothing says “problem over” to us like hundreds of masked thugs dressed in black conducting an illegal march through the streets of Scotland’s biggest city, openly inciting violence against a minority group, because the police are unable to stop them even with 48 hours advance warning.

And we’re going to take a pretty confident guess that neither James Kelly, Richard Leonard, Ruth Davidson, Willie Rennie or Patrick Harvie live on any of those streets.

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    Flying with Wings –

578 to “A historic breakthrough”

  1. louis.b.argyll says:

    Thanks for the breakfast links Nana..

  2. Nana says:

    You’re welcome Louis b

  3. Liz Rannoch says:

    Links will have to wait ’til mid morning coffee today but thanks Nana.

    Wee day dream before I go – after Nicola Sturgeon meets maybot today, she stands on the steps of No10 and announces Indy Ref2. Ya hoady!!

  4. Macart says:

    Very sad news on the passing of Stephen Hawking. One of those very rare people who actually did add to the sum of human knowledge.


  5. Macart says:

    For those devolutionists out there. The reality of the Tories, the devolution journey and clearly the political union.

  6. yesindyref2 says:

    @Macart: “For those devolutionists out there.

    I hope we’re all devolutionists in here as well, even if we prefer Indy!

  7. Macart says:


    Some great links Nana and Mr Smith isn’t wrong. There is still time.


    For as long as a majority insists on pursuing devolution, then aiming for the fairest redistribution is an aim. Especially for those aiming for eventual independence. 🙂

  8. Hamish100 says:

    If ‘independence against brexit’ is announced May will declare it’s a distraction and when ‘we’ are under attack- well ex kgb agent. Where’s our Dunkirk spirit! She won’t return the dirty money back to the ruskie oligarchs though.

  9. louis.b.argyll says:


    ‘..we’re the public..aren’t we..?’

    ..hesitantly. Lol.

  10. yesindyref2 says:

    Like some others I’m wary of the SNP involvement in this, and bearing in mind the Russian Embassy have apparently asked for samples, they have that right, according to the CWC which they quote. I found this in Article 9, there may be more elsewhere:

  11. Meindevon says:

    I found myself punching the air with joy at your comment about Nicola announcing indyref2!

    Here’s hoping!

  12. Nana says:

    One of the 24 devolved powers Westminster intends to retain after Brexit: Hazardous substances planning.

    Search restarts for area willing to host highly radioactive UK waste

    We had better get independence soon

  13. Effijy says:

    Mr Tory Rabid Javid directly accused Russia
    Of the attempted murder of two former citizens
    Now residing in England?

    It looks like we have arrived in the desired Tory State
    Where no evidence is required in order to convict and
    The defendants request to examine the nerve agent is denied.

    I don’t see how it would be possible for England to have samples of
    Any Russian nerve agents to make comparisons with so the whole thing
    Is totally Tory contrived.

    I also ask if anyone who worked in the Russian equivalent of Portland down could not have stolen,
    Or re manufactured the agent for another state who were willing to pay for it?

    Could another spy seek revenge on a double agent who caused him harm?
    Could they have retained a sample of this agent from another mission.

    The Tories in particular constantly lie to me and my country, I do not
    Believe anything they or their media try to present as fact.

  14. Breeks says:

    Whether your religion is a tribal faith in witch doctors, or an established orthodox religion, all religions are fundamentally similar mechanisms of behaviour control designed by the few to induce conformity and obedience amongst the many.

    There are positive aspects, because religion can establish high moral ethics and inspire people to to be honest, decent, aspirational people. But there are many negatives too, because the mechanism depends upon creating an “us” to celebrate, and a reciprocal “them” to vilify. Furthermore, having any kind of control over people is a power which can be abused. We are biologically programmed to be social animals with a leadership, but it’s a whole different set of rules which determine whether that leadership is good, bad, or downright evil.

    At its best, a religion can inspire the people to coordinate their efforts and attain the highest examples of collective human achievement such as the construction of truly marvellous and stunning medieval Cathedrals, but at its worst, the same religious control divides people into their respective hatreds and gives rise to wars and sadistic extremists.

    Quite frankly, in my opinion, sectarian prejudice is only a few clicks away from the most bestial aspects of dysfunctional religion, and a country mile away from the tolerance and human inspiration at the positive end of the religious spectrum. Show me a sectarian bigot, and I’ll show you a person easily led, resistant to change, frequently angry with limited capacity to think for themselves.

    So much for religion in its abstract spiritual ideals.

    The prosaic reality however is that even a “good” religion has to recruit its flock, and ensure compliance and conformity so it can manipulate the way that flock perceives the world they live in. You will find most religions the world over are well versed in delivering praise and encouragement for the devout believers, with the appropriate counterbalance of scathing fire and damnation for the heretics and doubters. Sometimes the fire is literal.

    ALL religions fit this template, and with remarkable conformity. There are no exceptions.

    Do not however despise these religions, because even those scientists and secular non believers who resist the influence of religion are still constrained by similar conformity, and their position in accepted society. Rather than spiritual religion however, their “gods” and spiritual gospels are scientific papers, proofs and predictable certainty through logic. But when you think about it, how much of our modern science and technology can trace its origins back to someone being dissatisfied with a spiritual explanation for something and wanting to expose the truth? If it wasn’t for religion posing the questions, perhaps we wouldn’t have science trying to answer them. -At least in the beginning.

    I don’t believe in religion, but nor do I judge another who does. Religion is there to be debunked. I am comfortable that my world has its faith built on secular, terrestrial reliabilities rather than abstract spiritual faith. But even so, for all our scientific advances, we still cannot account for the creation of the universe, nor harness the essence of our living awareness as sentient individuals with a soul that departs our body when we die.

    I don’t feel afraid or intimidated by someone who is devoutly religious and claims to know what happens to the soul. That is mumbo jumbo. True, I might not know how the soul works either, but I believe science is a big yellow Pac-Man that will never cease chomping it’s way through darkness and ignorance until it knows everything.

    A religious person puts his faith in the resurrection of a deity. A secular person puts their faith in the belief that science will one day find all the answers. I don’t expect either revelation to be resolved in my lifetime, but I’m more comfortable in a world with science dominant and making the decisions. To that extent, I’m in a situation where my behaviour and conformity is something I’m comfortable with. Long way to go maybe, but at least we are on the right path.

    My idea of a heretic is somebody who knows about science but would still put religion before that knowledge, and curiously enough, that’s not a million miles away from somebody putting their blind faith of Britishness ahead of the obvious reality that Scottish Independence is the correct and logical order of things. Everybody knows Pac-Man is a YES voter.

  15. manandboy says:

    A reminder – Expertise in one field is no guarantee of even basic competence in another.

  16. galamcennalath says:

    Nana says

    “On the morning of 30 March 2019, as Britain wakes up to its “independence day,” Scotland’s unionist talking heads will have a new job – taking down Holyrood. In David Davis’ – almost Mad Max – apocalypse the very survival of England will depend on its ability to cling on to the last of its empire, or to the oil at least.”

    IMO his article is spot on. We need to have voted YES before Scottish independence becomes impossible.

  17. Ottomanboi says:

    When news that the Protestant William of Orange had defeated the Catholic King James VII at the Boyne reached Rome the bells rang and a Te Deum of thanksgiving was sung in St Peter’s basilica.
    This was a struggle of political power blocks, pro-French v anti-French not religious allegiance.
    In this case His Holiness Pope Innocent XI was an orangeman.

  18. Fred says:

    Going back a wee bit, the murder of Rasputin was accomplished by a British agent with a pistol when a couple of Russian Princes made a complete hash of the job. We have previous!

  19. galamcennalath says:

    Religion should like sex …. between consenting adults and conducted privately.

  20. Lenny Hartley says:

    Effijy Anybody with basic a chemistry O Level and access to Google coukd make that Nerve Agent
    Its was designed by the Russians between thirty and forty forty years ago to get around Nerve Agent treaties by being based on common over the counter chemicals. It does not require a Government funded lab to manufacture.

  21. jfngw says:

    Ofcom can only remove RT from Freeview and from the EPG on Sky/Freesat. RT can just broadcast from another country, still on the Astra satellite, you would still be able to receive it just need to know what the sat frequency is. And they can’t stop access on the internet unless they actively start blocking, still ways round this though.

  22. galamcennalath says:

    Ottomanboi says:

    …. Boyne … struggle of political power blocks.

    Indeed. Two snippets the Orange people omit:-

    Firstly the Pope contributed financially to Williams campaign as parts of the wider struggle to thwart the French.

    Secondly William didn’t take many English soldier on his expedition to Ireland because he didn’t trust them. At that stage it still wasn’t clear who England would fall behind.

  23. jfngw says:

    Just to add I don’t have a Sky box so I’m don’t know if they allow access to any frequency, my Freesat does.

  24. Fairliered says:

    If religion is the opium of the masses, sectarianism is the heroin.

  25. galamcennalath says:

    jfngw says:

    Just to add I don’t have a Sky box so I’m don’t know if they allow access to any frequency, my Freesat does.

    On a Sky box there is an ‘others channels’ option where you enter the reception details of non EPG channels.

    There are quite a few numbers/settings to enter.

  26. manandboy says:

    galamcennalath, when you say ‘Religion should (be) like sex …. between consenting adults and conducted privately.’, I fear your standards are much too high for many in contemporary Western culture, and certainly in the UK.

    Your comment,incidentally, debases authentic religion and those who hold genuine religious beliefs and who engage in public worship, usually in the nation’s churches.

    I cannot imagine Independence in Scotland being a success without intellectual rigour – in all things, including religious freedom.

  27. Robert Peffers says:

    @Dave McEwan Hill says: 13 March, 2018 at 11:54 pm:

    “To correct you on one major point. Catholic schools are only provided where there is no extra cost to the tax payer. That was a sensible provision of the generous 1918 Education Act. When they are no longer viable in those terms they are closed as has happened in many places already.”

    Indeed so, Dave. I replied to Liz g that I attended an RC primary School in an area of North Edinburgh then just being built-up after WWII. The RC school was an old one but the non-dom schools were new build. The RC school was bursting at the seams and there was no nearby secondary schools but a large non-dom secondary was under construction but provisions were made for the expansion and integration. In those days non-doms were still generally regarded by the public as Protestant Schools.

    Obviously the council had no plans for a separate RC secondary and to date there isn’t one in the area. Pupils travelled into Leith or other areas for secondary education.

    The primaries shared an annex and the staff shared a staff room. Any sectarianism was minimal, discouraged and soon dealt with. That was late 1940s.

  28. Breeks says:

    When does Nicola meet Theresa today?

    What time do the fireworks officially begin?

  29. Ken500 says:

    Stephen Hawkins has died. Talented Sad. Peaceful. Crowned in glory . ‘Off to the other side. Dark hole’ Is appropriate comment? Suffered abusive behaviour?

    @ Wee ginger Dog is brilliant. Great column. Excellent. Best ever.

    Welcome back Mark. An excellent constituency MSP. The end of the world is having another abusuve lying Tory or even worse abusive, lying Young, The end of the world as we know it. Perish the thought A night mare. Hard to get over. Scaring people and making them unable to sleep. That had better never happen. Ever, It took years to get rid of that despised crook. Never to return in any shape or form. A total disaster for the NE.

    The North/East has already lost the one of the best representatives in the world Alex Salmond, Angus Robertson and others. it would be fatal to lose another. Just look for another position and step down at the next election. Instead of putting up with the abuse and hassle. Time to regroup. There are better positions out there for talented people. To do more good, without harrassmebt and abuse from ignorant people. A travesty of justice. Get on with the day job doing the NE proud.

    More stuff and nonsense. A boss has an employee off for 6 months (on full remuneration?) in hospital and does know what is wrong with them? Supposed concerned boss doesn’t even call, text, e-mail or go around to see them. To find out they are OK? Scared of being accused of abuse or inappropriate behaviour. Someone gets a few ‘so called’ abusive e-mails (non disclosed) and is in hopsital fur six months? with no other lying causes. More lying? Is that true. Unbelieveable. More Someone is in hospital for six months. Incredible. Pull the other leg. Another fishy tail. Or is that an abusive comment. In www PC twisted world. Unnatual justice,

    People sending all the expletive abusive text and e-mails they want but creating the biggest hullabaloo of complain when they get any back. Natural justice? Do they think no one knows or has forgotten. If they can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.” ‘When the times get rough. The hot get hotter” or people’s fingers get burnt” and have to cool down. Another offensive, comment? Inappropriate, or just funny fake take on humour. ‘Nothing to get worked up about’. Offensive or normal re mark. Fair comment,

    Some folk would fake offence at anything. So precious, ‘They are so far up their own backside’. Is that a offensive, abusive comment. Inappropriate. A twisted meaning, Tough. The question is with the beholder. There is a block button to press or a switch off button. ‘Use it or stop the crap’ Is that offensive?

    Anyone but abusive, crooked Young. Along with the abusive mates. Is that an offensive abusive threatening comment. Or just the truth of the true state of affairs in corrupt unionist politics. People have had enough of the lies of the twisted electoral system and the abusuve Press. Totally biased and non impartial. Over the top offence and abuse. Trolling the public.

    Get lost abusive Tory ‘psycho bastards’,and the rest of the of the unionists. People are sick of the sight of them, 3rd rate useless rejects. They make folk sick and cause offence. Get off the fence where the trough is parked. Be gone for ever. Or is that an abusive. offence depressing and didtressing, . Tory – unionists. They depress and distress everyone.

    They even lie and distress and depress themselves, self harming lying tubes. Wound up in their own corruption. Trying to start WW3 and killing even more people. Sanctioning and starving people. They should hang their head in shame. The total offence causing, lying sycophants. Put your own house in order. The offensive midden at Westminster. Full of crooked, corrupt offence giving abusive liars. Above the Law with no penalty sanction in starving people. More concerned with their own interest and abuse then caring about others.

    What stories they weave when they try to deceive for bit of cheap publicity for self entitlement, Especially anonymously. Don’t tell anyone or get recognised. Don’t come, out. What tall tales they tell ‘playing with themselves’. Their own tails caught up.their own backsides. Or is that an ‘abusive’ offence comment. Or just the truth to be recognised.

    Get the thought Police. Tell everyone how to think. Brain wash the pop culture. with bland offensive crap. Ban RT. It can be streamed anyway, No freedom of speech. Forget that or any other thought control. Play with people!s minds. Lie to high heavens, The PC control. May – the Force goes with you. Just dump all people’s rights in the dump. Or just get lost and leave people in peace. Controll freak. Trolling the public. Be gone before too long. Go and whistle and retreat back to the suburbs,

  30. Camz says:

    No report on the BBC of the mock slave auction in your neck of the woods. Funny that. The BBC doesn’t like to stoke the flames of a divisive story in Engerlund; only Scotland and NI.

  31. alba says:

    Catholic Schools; I’d say leave them alone or independence is lost. GENERALLY Labour historically had the Catholic vote whereas the Unionist party had the Protestant vote; and SNP was (from a Irish Catholic perspective) viewed with distrust. Little wonder given the Scots-Ulster connection; inbuilt bigotry was only being held in Check by English influence.

    Is there any other justifiable reason to keep them? Yes. Cost. You close down a high school with a 1000+ pupils then that’s a large number of pupils that need to be catered for – and the Catholic Church wont be sharing the costs this time.

    Anecdotal evidence? Yeah. Faced with sending my children to the local High School which is situated in the midst of a sink estate, I enrolled my children In a RC High School. Not through wanting to brainwash them with Catholic beliefs (a couple of hours a week wont do that) but to let them experience a range of pupils from multicultural (large European contingent) and multi-faith (Muslim parents often prefer “religious” to non-religious schools) backgrounds with differing socio-economic perspectives.

    Do Catholic Schools breed sectarianism? From the comments here it would seem so, but I believe is more prevalent in the West coast, for thankfully the rest of Scotland (if not the world) doesn’t appear to have that particular cancer. Maybe the cause (and solution) to bigotry is closer to home than in the school.

  32. Dan Huil says:

    Amazed the Britnat media hasn’t blamed Russia for Hawking’s death.

    Meanwhile Britnat Empire2.0 relives the charge of the light brigade – with donkeys [apologies to all donkeys]

  33. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    I didn’t join the SNP 58 years to trot along behind the US/UK imperialist spin agenda and I have no idea why the SNP seems determined to put its oar into various international disputes which have nothing to do with us and will have nothing to do with an independent, progressive, peaceful non- nuclear Scotland. My major imperative all these years is to get out of this evil axis.

    I harbour no illusions about the unscrupulous nature of the Russian state.
    But neither do I harbour any illusions about the unscrupulous US one (and its little sidekick the UK)which has to, our certain knowledge over the past half century assassinated two heads of state, incinerated Vietnam, reduced Afghanistan to incoherence, invaded Iraq(twice) with anything up to 1million civilian deaths resulting and knocked Libya back to the middle ages. Match that, Mr Putin!

    As our friend Saudi Arabia destroys Yemen with British bombs and US/UK shell and kill thousands in the Iraqi city of Mosul with no media coverage whatsoever we have SNP figures repeating the utter nonsense we are being fed about Syria where the legitimate and democratically elected Syrian government is battling an invasion of externally funded and armed Islamic fanatics.

    Putin, of course, called the US bluff on Syria. That can’t be allowed.

    And what is entirely unacceptable is for the SNP to adopt contentious and divisive positions which many of us find unacceptable on matters that have nothing to do with our drive for independence.

  34. heedtracker says:

    Great links for coffee Nana! This one follows through from BBC r4 Today show torday and their amazing analyse of what could be happening, seeing as how London’s where loads of extremely rich Russian dudes call home, or rather their money does, thanks to UK gov’s big, come one, call all welcomes.

    Just kidding

    The oligarchs have been welcomed in London financial circles because of the amount of their money. They have been welcomed too by May’s Conservative party, which, according to recent reports in the London Times and Daily Telegraph, has received donations of £820,000 from Russian sources. Chancellor Philip Hammond has refused to return the money because he did not want to tar the oligarchs “with Putin’s brush”.

    Perhaps it is time to realise that if your country becomes a haven for dodgy people like Berezovsky then dodgy things are likely to happen.”

    Not heard even a single beeb gimp mention Russian’s donating so much to the tory party.

    Just the Scottish beeb gimps relentlessly smearing Salmond with it all.

  35. galamcennalath says:

    manandboy says:

    public worship

    When I wrote “conducted privately” I didn’t mean “in private”, I meant conducted within like minded groups rather than as part of the general society and state.

    I am tolerant of religion and religious beliefs as long as they don’t impinge on others. Unfortunately some religious people believe they have a right to interfere in others lives – I think that is morally wrong,

    I am also a firm believer in the state being totally secular. I think it is totally undemocratic that clerics are given guaranteed seats at WM. We live in a multi faith country and a non secular state inevitably means favouring one religion over others. I wouldn’t want to see an iScotland with an official religion and others unofficial.

  36. heedtracker says:

    Woohoo! Starve them in to work.

    How comes none of the beeb gimps in Pacific Quay have queried the Colonel on any of this latest toryboy creep out?

    Although Colonel Ruth’s DUP equivalent has blocked the toryboy war on poor children in Northern Ireland.

  37. galamcennalath says:

    Poll by STV.

    Yes 46. No 50. And a big majority are worried about Brexit.

    That is an excellent starting point, I would say.

    There has been massive anti SNP/SG/Scotland campaigning and virtually nothing to counter it. Just wait till we get started! 🙂

  38. Nana says:


    New poll for STV shows:
    @theSNP 13-points ahead in Westminster polling (up on GE17)
    Fewer than 1 in 8 people think Scotland’s economy will be better off with
    Support for indy up on 2014 at 48%, with majority support among under 55s

  39. jfngw says:


    I wasn’t sure if the ‘other channels’ gave you access to everything available or just the Sky EPG channels that were normally hidden in your area.

  40. Jeff says:

    Robert Peffers 2132 13.03

    Hang on there old boy. I said anyone can worship whatever religious nonsense that they want, I couldn’t care less – as long as it doesn’t affect other people. And that makes me a bigot? Hilarious.
    Anyway, done with you now, you obviously know everything about everything.

  41. galamcennalath says:

    jfngw says:

    access to everything

    Yes, but not things which are encrypted like RTE. You can tune into the signal, but see nothing, RT isn’t encrypted.

    Nana says:


    You are if course correct with don’t knows removed.


    Made my day, that did. Now for Nicola’s contribution:)

  42. heedtracker says:

    BBC keeping Orange Hitler scandal free over hear but some does ooze out from under their protection. Trump will be leading UKOK vote NO or Else 2 charge, unless he ends up impeached.

  43. Iain mhor says:

    I wonder how much of Brexit and support for Brexit is driven by religious sectarianism?
    I mean, travel mainland Europe and you are aware that most countries are predominantly Catholic. Quite a few countries operate a Church Tax (n.b – multi denominational) I’m not entirely clear on the opt outs terms, but believe the tax is in the region of 10% of income – I’m sure that’s something certain people would have a fit at if they lived there – even the irreligious. It would certainly stick in my irreligious craw.

    Though there are benefits accruing with those taxes in a way that doesn’t occur here; I believe in eg. Germany, around a third of hospitals and numerous Schools and Nurseries are church run, as well as giving financial assistance etc to newborns and parents.
    On the other hand the Churches, as well as being the second largest employer behind government are also second only to the Vatican in their accrued wealth – Though there are many grumblings across Europe about pay & conditions of Church employees versus its wealth. Anyway, I digress.

    From personal experience, though I would not say intolerance and persecution does not occur in mainland Europe, but they’re certainly more at peace with themselves religiously (Well from a Christianity point of view at least)
    Anyway, it does appear that the hardcore fundamentalist Brexiteers seem (to me at least) to also be drawn from a certain fundamental view of Christianity. Anglican/ Protestantism.
    Not to mention the ‘Sons & Daughters of the manse’ phenomenon we endure in the UK political makeup. There is also, of course our two estates of Parliament.
    Our unelected “Bishops” in the “House” have been quite silent don’t you think? Surely austerity, poverty, hardship et al is right up their alley? – Let’s for a laugh assume they are actively moderating, to the best of their ability, any suffering which may be imposed on their “flock” – what in the name of tbe wee man would we be getting without them? 🙂
    Though they are, with Her Maj, “Defenders” of the Faith” does that mean defending against European religious interference too I wonder? Was there something I don’t know about a power struggle with the Church and State across Europe – exactly how does the “seperation of Church and State operate anyway if you have a second house stuffed with Bishops?

    Well, it’s my amusing thought for the day… aaand it’s gone.
    Off to work again.

  44. Ken500 says:

    Get May telt. If anyone does not like the outcome. Nichola may tell. Just email, text or letter better. Give any opinion. They be delighted to hear from everyone. Or so they say. They love hearing comments from the voters, Talk together, Not better together, All the patter.

    The tragedy is the Westminster Tory unionists incompetent incumbent. Do not even know how Devolution works. They are so ignorant even after 7 years they have not even had the gumption to find out. What a bunch of simpletons. Beyond belief. How can there be the best settlement without any powers.

    May has not got a clue. Can’t even find a British spy worth their salt. Meddle with Trump the loud mouth, you get found out. Can’t keep it in. Land on yer big back side. Threatened from all sides. Plastered over over the Internet. The www. The idiocy. Blind sided. So folk do want to save the world. Even the crude crazies dudes are not so crazy as everyone thought. Who would have thought it?

    Did someone say politics was boring and bland. recently. Thing moving so fast on evey front. So fast people can’t keep,up. Crazy, Dizzy. Swirling. Dervish around. ‘All swirling around, giving it up but liking it like this’ Sweet music.

    Get her telt, Nichola. Or else. We know what’s coming. Regroup and get prepared. Times are going to get pretty exciting soon. This time it will be over the line. Freedom. No more Tory unionists. Peace and quiet. Prosperity, equality and fraternity. Freedom After nearly a century of hell. Worth waiting for. An unexpected anniversary present. A great surprise. The best prize of all in a lifetime. No more Tories unionists.

    School days the best years of your life? Or weather, better days are coming soon. All in play to play for better days. The admin is being put in place. For achievement. Steps are lining up. To go for it. Racing over the line.

    Freedom and happiness ? Smiley faces coming soon. Might even forgive the greens in the interest of harmony and reconciliation, Hard to forget.l Depending what kiss me Harvie does? Any day soon. Now telt. Or is that offensive. A hissy fit. Out of the pram. Out of the park. Guide lines get over. Over and out of the union. Till the day l die. Not after. Not a day too late, to wait or waste in the waste recycling bin. Jog, bike on the express lane. Get the train to train. Get prepared and busy. There were good days and bad days and exciting times. ‘Bring it on’ as Anderson said. So far down the line. Wonder what happened to her. Divorce or BT. Rapidly changing times.

  45. Ken500 says:

    Brexit is happening because the Tories and their associate want to continue to tax evade. Plain and simple. They are embezzling £Billions of public money to line their pockets and offshore the money. Religiously. The UK accounts website etc shows it. The only religion they have is money. Greedy, lying dishonest. In their seventh heaven? They will not be able to get through the eye of the needle. Gross. The fat cats with nine lives but not ten. Out of Ten Downing Street by then. Anytime soon. No longer able to destroy the world or the planet. Spaced out of their minds.

  46. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Dave McEwan Hill (11.31) –

    Hear hear.

    Theresa May showing the world that she has baws.

    Put them away Theresa, no-one wants to see them. Seriously.


    We’ve heard this fuckin record too many times before and it’s a total scunner to see the SNP giving it any credence at all.

  47. orri says:

    The one troubling aspect of this suspected attack by Russian agents on UK soil is that Nicola Sturgeon might have far more knowledge about what’s going on than she can tell us.

    As a member of the Privy Council she can access things the general public can’t. More to the point and perhaps it’s worth finding out she, alongside the rest of them, should be being fully briefed and updated on what’s going on. If she isn’t then either this is all propaganda or there’s been a sever break with protocol.

  48. Breeks says:

    23 Russian diplomats to be expelled….

    No British dignitaries at Russian World Cup.

    Phew. Guess we can all leave our bunkers now…

    Oh wait… not so fast. Still nothing heard from Nicola…

  49. Bob Mack says:

    Stephen Hawking had a regret. He said he missed the opportunity to run over Mrs Thatchers toes with his wheelchair when they met at a function. Says it all really. He was a genuine genius.

  50. geeo says:

    Nicola Sturgeon meets Treeza later today, a meeting which could soon result in a legal case to end the union, and people are moaning about (alleged) Russian shenanigans and religion !!

    Mere sideshows to the main event later.

    Lets not enable the media/WM blackout of brexit shambles huh ?

    Oh look..a poisoned catholic red russian squirrel…i mean..seriously !!

  51. Vestas says:

    @ Iain mhor 12:15 pm :

    “Quite a few countries operate a Church Tax (n.b – multi denominational) I’m not entirely clear on the opt outs terms, but believe the tax is in the region of 10% of income”

    The opt-out (its really opt-in) terms are basically you can’t be baptised/christened, married or have a church funeral. Not a problem if you’re an atheist/believe in a different imaginary friend, just say you’re not Christian.

  52. geeo says:

    While we are being distracted by meaningless guff, the likes of STV are pumping out this bollocks.

  53. Tinto Chiel says:

    So glad Scotland got its World Cup boycott in early.

    Who said the SFA were useless, blazer-clad clowns?

  54. Faltdubh says:

    The poll is encouraging, and whilst some might be critical of us still being behind let’s mind there has been no announcement of a referendum ; there is no campaign ; and Brexit has still not yet happened!

    Most if not all, polls since 2014 have had a Yes majority with the 18-54 age groups.

    The reason Roof and her the crappy Linesman are shouting NO INDYREF 2 etc are because they are shiting it!

    We are between 2-5% behind without any form of campaigning or Brexit.

    Sit tight folks, and be ready – it will happen and if we all dig in we can certainly win it.

  55. orri says:

    The only reason to question RC, and other denominational, schools is financial. I know of one instance where a teacher deliberately failed to take the training to give RE but was still required to do so.

    At first sight that might indicate that they’re being taught their religion at tax payers expense. However having got of my fat arse and actually looked,
    shows it might be the other way around or break even.

  56. Marcia says:

    The latest poll is very encouraging considering the amount of negative articles that flood the newspapers and BBC/STV news programmes about Scotland and Independence. The Yes side hasn’t even got out of their chairs yet.

  57. Les Wilson says:

    In my view anyway,there has to be serious doubt over the Russian allegations. There is no serious evidence that Russia as in the government of, had anything to do with it. It all seems supposition and propaganda.
    Listening to the rabid accusations in Westminster, including Ian Blackford is something to behold.

    Someone did it, that is true, but is it a false flag? There is at least a chance this is being used as misdirection by Westminster to cloak some brexit shenanigans. It may have been another group or enemy of the ex spy.
    Would the UK state have carried it out? For their own reasons, few would doubt they are capable of it, if not where is the evidence of collusion by the Russian state.

    Russia has many mafia style organisations within it’s borders,maybe they are connected with the right people to obtain the nerve agent?

    So Russia as asked to see the evidence, but strangely this has been denied, why?, Why would Westminster deny showing their evidence? If they had it I feel they would have disclosed it to prove their case beyond doubt. However they have not and won’t.
    It all stinks.

  58. galamcennalath says:

    Faltdubh says:

    there has been no announcement of a referendum ; there is no campaign

    Indeed. No campaign from the YES side.

    However in contrast, unrelenting anti Indy/SNP/SG/Scotland propaganda and campaigning. Think of it … the Tories actually fought the council elections on a no indyref ticket! Who could have predicted that their desperation would have led to that!?

  59. heedtracker says:

    geeo says:
    14 March, 2018 at 1:01 pm
    Nicola Sturgeon meets Treeza later today, a meeting which could soon result in a legal case to end the union, and people are moaning about (alleged) Russian shenanigans and religion !!

    It must be a really huge deal because BBC r4 lunchtime vote tory news hasn’t mentioned at all today.

    Sharp end of tory propaganda too.

  60. wull2 says:

    I have never stopped campaigning.
    Vote YES next time. Just in case some people missed it.

  61. orri says:

    Seen it mentioned somewhere that Russia asking for a sample is them asking for the UK to fulfill and obligation it signed up to as a member of an anti chemical warfare treaty. In other words, as things stand there’s no absolute proof that Russia did it but every proof the UK is in breach.

  62. heedtracker says:

    Perfect example of tory press brainwashing. Does it work though. They got the tories up from 1 to 13 MP’s last time, with incredible BBC Scotland support. So maybe.

  63. galamcennalath says:

    Sigh. The BBC take every opportunity to put a negative twist on stories.

    “MSPs have agreed to rein in powers Scottish ministers would take on as part of the Brexit legislation being considered at Holyrood.”

    My bold. What does that mean? The Bill is about reining in all powers from EU, and prevent them being nobbled by WM. The ambiguous language is used to imply MSPs ‘moderated’ the scope of the Bill, or something like that.

    Sometimes they simply omit news
    Sometimes they exaggerate negative stories
    Sometimes they play down positive stories
    Sometimes they repeat lies
    And, the rest of the time they just put a negative spin on

    Roll on the day when we have a state broadcaster which reports honestly and without bias.

  64. Macart says:


    The steady increase in pro independence support is encouraging as is the fact it forms a pretty sound baseline for any upcoming referendum campaign.

    Y’know what I find deeply depressing about that poll though Nana? That STILL a clear majority of people recognise that the current SNP Scottish government, after ten years in office, are doing a pretty fair job. A far greater majority than they enjoy on the subject of independence. They’re not wrong. They do a good job considering the restrictions to their powers. I sense a wait what though? Bear with me a sec.

    This would lead most reasonable people to conclude that a demographic within this voting intention clearly vote against the SG on constitutional matters. Also clearly, they understand and appreciate competent government when they see it, yet refuse to make that final step. Their courage and commitment to self governance gives out for whatever reason, but yes it’s super that they believe the right people are in the right place when required.

    I have bad news for these people. With the economic contraction that is drawing nearer by the day over Brexit? No devolved government can prevent the losses of businesses, services, jobs and personal hardships that this will inflict. They need to fully understand this before it is too late to do anything about it.

    The SNP, however competent, CANNOT reverse the economic and societal effects of Brexit or a near decade of austerity legislation if we are still party to the UK and underwriting that system of government. Whilst our economy, foreign affairs, taxes, benefits, resources, even our democracy are managed elsewhere, then no amount of mitigation or offsetting will prevent that catastrophic contraction.

    NO ONE should be under any illusion about what voting pro Westminster political union means at this time.

  65. Walter says:

    A few weeks ago hundreds of celtic supporters of the green brigade who like to assert their world view descended on a pub in Glasgow and DID wreak havoc and violence. Last Saturday innocent Rangers fans WERE attacked in Govan by celtic supporters seeking to impose their interpretation of their identity on others. You are becoming a master of the dark art of media bias Stu. Stick to political analysis and mainstream media analysis. You are good at that. You are too blatant in your dislike and hatred of Rangers.

  66. louis.b.argyll says:

    Walter, I do not think anyone needs to, or even can, further demonise Catholicism..

    What’s your problem?

  67. Haggishunter says:

    Sectarianism turns my stomach.
    It’s a tool used by the Brit state to divide and rule.
    It’s an idiots mentality. I don’t care about race, religion and tribalism.
    Scotland has to get out of the pretend union that encourages this brutality

  68. Rock says:


    “Say something nasty about the Colonel, Rock.”

    Guardian reader with a Slovene (ex-)girlfriend, I did a long time ago, when a certain pompous clueless armchair pundit was in awe with her:

    Rock (22nd June 2014 – Good faith and bad practice):

    “—Ruth “line in the sand” Davidson IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED ONE BIT, to say the least.

    She is a total bully on TV debates and her tone at FM Questions is disgraceful.

    She came 4th in her constituency with less than 10% of the vote yet she gets the privilege of abusing and insulting the democratically elected First Minister.

    She is worse than an English Tory and represents everything that makes the Tories so hated in Scotland.”

    yesindyref2 (10th May 2017 – Slicing the shrinking pie):

    “I have no idea why so much of the electorate actually respects Davidson, though in fairness I did before they became 2nd party and totally dishonest.”

  69. Rock says:


    “Robert Peffers 2132 13.03

    Hang on there old boy. I said anyone can worship whatever religious nonsense that they want, I couldn’t care less – as long as it doesn’t affect other people. And that makes me a bigot? Hilarious.
    Anyway, done with you now, you obviously know everything about everything.”

    Robert Peffers is an aggressive verbal bully here and almost certainly a nasty person in real life.

    And like all bullies, he is a coward who runs away the moment he is challenged.

    If he is as clever as he thinks, why doesn’t he have his own site to flog his “knowledge”?

    Instead of contaminating every article on someone else’s website with his verbal diarrhoea.

    Why hasen’t he ever written a book on the history of the union?

  70. yesindyref2 says:

    Making great use of that SELECT column1, FROM Wings_DB WHERE poster-“yesindyref2”; statement from the 77th Wings_DB I see.

  71. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Rockette.

    You did type,
    “Robert Peffers is an aggressive verbal bully here and almost certainly a nasty person in real life.

    And like all bullies, he is a coward who runs away the moment he is challenged.”

    Can you remind us of how many times you have turned up to have a blether at the WOS stall at George Square, or Glasgow Green, or Holyrood, or Dundee’s City Square over the past 5 years?

    Who’s the aggressive verbal bully and coward? Could it be the one who retreats behind his/her keyboard and fires off accusations from a position of anonymity?

    Gonna be at the WOS get-together in Glenrothes on 7th April?

    No, I didn’t think so.

  72. Walter says:

    louis.b.argyll says:
    14 March, 2018 at 6:07 pm

    Where did i day I had a problem with Catholicism??

    We will not win this argument with dishonesty.

    Show integrity.

  73. Independent Thinker says:

    Hatred is all around. Rangers hate Celtic, Celtic hate Rangers, Unionists hate Nationalists, Nationalists hate Unionist, Protestants hate Catholics, Catholics hate Protestants, SNP hate Tory, Tory hate SNP.

    The problem is in this modern society, people think their way, is the right way, and no other way has any validity. The problem is intolerance!

    I have to say, I have been equally disgusted with the bile that comes out from the Rangers, Celtic, Unionists, Nationalists, Protestants, Catholics, SNP and Tory sides. Every side is intolerant of the other. No side admits the level of intolerance from their own side.

    Making the other way illegal is not the answer!

    Arresting and imprisoning people for being vocal about their views is not the answer!

    Partisan politics is not the answer!

    I believe we need to start teaching tolerance. People can be passionate about their own view, but tolerant of other views. This should lead to respectful debate, and a better life for everyone.

  74. Willie says:

    Sectarianism is alive and kicking, it causes hurt, it causes harm and yet the opposition parties vote to remove this anti sectarianism legislation.

    Simple fact is that the unionist opposition don’t care if some poor soul is lying up to his neck dying in his fenian blood on a city street. It’s a price worth to pay to stick one on the SNP.

    But their actions will not go without results. The heady mix of xenophobic Brexit, the potential for hatred against the English, or the Muslim, or the Irish is now much fairer game. The message is out and we will reap the rewards.

    Hopefully it’s not you or I who have a son or a brother kicked to death by a chanting baying mob. In fact maybe it might even be the high profile Muslim labour politician whose party voted for repeal of the anti sectarianism Act while he complains about Islam sectarian hate threats.

    Sectarianism and racism in all its shapes and forms needs to be resisted and that message must go out.

  75. mark whittet says:

    Dear Wings over Scotland,

    As a (‘n offended’-) member of the public, I have sent the photos you published of the scum giving the nazi salute in the Union Bears demo to polis scotland via their ‘hate crime’ complaint form/ website.

    It’s bad enough that these scum gave the nazi salute, but what’s worse is that the photos showing plods standing about dae nothing!

    Mark Whittet

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