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What you’re willing to hear

Posted on January 18, 2023 by

The final result of our Twitter poll from yesterday was pretty conclusive.

(It was also by a distance the biggest response we can ever remember getting for one – normally our Twitter polls get around 3,000 votes.)

But of course Twitter polls aren’t scientific – they’re self-selecting and they draw from a biased sample, in this case people who follow Wings and are more likely to agree with us on most things. So we need a bit more data for a better picture.

Conveniently, someone else ran much the same poll yesterday, but to a much more “woke” audience. Bylines Scotland is a tiny and failing “progressive” politics website that’s extremely pro-trans, something easily discernible from both the contents of their Twitter timeline and the extremely loaded way they phrased the question, but they have a sizeable following of over 18,000 people.

Yet despite a woke sample base and a crudely blatant attempt to skew the response, their poll still comprehensively backed the UK government, with the “Yes” vote growing throughout the day until Bylines Scotland had had enough.

[EDIT 12.36pm: Bylines Scotland has tweeted a hilarious attempted justification for the deletion. Twitter allows users to block and/or selectively hide replies on any tweet they post, but seemingly that wouldn’t have been enough to protect their delicate volunteer from the replies she was apparently being forced to read, presumably having taken on the job unaware that sometimes people on Twitter disagree with you and can even occasionally be impolite about it. Although in fact we can find no evidence of abusive replies to the account yesterday.]

Others also tried to hide results they weren’t liking.

But some approaches were subtler.

The thread by former Labour justice secretary Baron Falconer basically amounted to “Yes, this obviously does trample all over reserved powers but all the numbers are so small that hey, who cares? It’s only women anyway”, and it also rather misrepresented the legal situation.

But that’s just our partisan take. What was more interesting was that the First Minister for some reason didn’t reference the other learned senior legal opinion expressed on the matter yesterday – that of former Supreme Court judge Lord Hope. (The Supreme Court being of course where the judicial review will eventually be decided.)

His assessment was very much the opposite of Falconer’s, but Sturgeon chose not to acknowledge the division of opinion. Which was very much in character, according to some rather pointed observations that were made about the First Minister a couple of years ago in an interview in Holyrood Magazine.

Readers may share our wry amusement on discovering the source of those comments.

No matter who asks, no matter how loaded the question, no matter how hard anyone tries to suppress the results, the facts remain the same: the people of Scotland overwhelmingly oppose the SNP’s dreadful gender reform plans, AND they support the UK government’s lawful intervention in the matter, whatever their political affiliation.

And however doggedly and stubbornly the First Minister jams her fingers into her ears and surrounds herself with sycophants saying otherwise, those facts will not go away.

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  1. 18 01 23 23:41

    Two simple steps to a vote on Independence >

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  1. Neil+Mackenzie says:

    This is the sort of thing you might reasonably expect a politician of integrity and stature would be willing to threaten resignation over.

    Oh, well. What can you do?

  2. Geoff Anderson says:

    PMQs today and Flynn still pushing Sturgeon’s pish!
    The SNP are out of touch with the Scottish People

  3. Ted says:

    The Telegraph in London carries an article by Cochrane that is headed: Nicola Sturgeon has given up on independence. He reasons that she has chosen the GRR as her hill to die on because it enhances her reputation in certain circles and “enhances her CV for a new international career”. It seems obvious to me that the controversy over the GRR will enhance the Unionist cause. Most Scottish people it seems according to polls, are sickened by the posturing of the SNP and Sturgeon especially, on an issue which has made a laughing stock of Scotland. If it were not for the government of the UK this nonsense would have become law.

  4. desimond says:

    The current bleating about how terrible this is, results in same old question “So what you actually gonna do about it?”

    The answer…Nada..Nowt..Heehaw.

    Which of course then shows up the absolute lack of actual power in the Parish Councils hands when they should even just start considering the chance of taking an actual stance against HM Govt in Westminster and not just a daft Judicial review Hail Mary.

    The box is warm and occupied and wee Jock/Janet Sparrow has been firmly placed back in it. The games a-bogey and I fear a few ALBA poll points for list seats wont do anything to change that anytime in my lifetime.

  5. robertkknight says:

    I’m hoping some wag will do another Downfall movie parody, with the Fuhrer ranting in the bunker about the SoS blocking the GRR Bill.

    Any takers?

  6. Taxi for Sturgeon says:

    Sturgeon is finished. She lost her Indy 2 strategy and now her terrible GRA Bill. She has been a disaster for Scotland. She is incompetent and surrounding herself with sycophants has been her downfall. She needs to go now but I suspect she will want to maintain that huge salary!

  7. Jan Cowan says:

    We’re fortunate to have you back. You always dig out the truth no matter how deeply buried.

  8. alistair says:

    A bit like the whole trans ideology then. You can hide from reality, but you can’t hide from the consequences of hiding from reality.

  9. Jeannie McCrimmon says:

    Scotland’s political class, with very few exceptions, humiliated the Scots by demanding an emergency debate. But worse was to follow, I was cringing at the false indignities as they read out their idiotic speeches.

  10. SusanAHF says:

    She is so pigheaded and arrogant, words fail me. I wish she would just fk off.

  11. Republicofscotland says:

    Yes the people of Scotland overwhelmingly don’t want it, Sturgeon chose to ignore this completely last night on a STV talk show, Sturgeon the Judas has been so used to getting her own way, that you could see in her face last night, and in those cold dark (shark like, apologies to sharks everywhere) emotionless eyes, that she wasn’t used to to having her will defied.

  12. Geri says:

    Exactly right. Typical of her to double down rather than type her resignation. How many £££s has she spent on this bull over 6 years? & All for something she was repeatedly told was a reserved matter & it did interfere.


    Another waste of questions to the PM with yet another pointless question on behalf of Scotland. Does self-ID pay anyone’s bills? Absolutely Sickening.

  13. Lorna Campbell says:

    It gets worse. Some are actually saying that this was the plan all along: to force a confrontation with Westminster and aid independence. So, the mutilation of children, the indoctrination in schools, the presence of Stonewall and all its arms in every public institution, the shedload of public money gifted to these malign organisations, the overthrowing of each and every right that women have fought for for over a hundred years, the condoning of fetish behaviour in all public spaces, the foisting of the aforementioned on all English and Welsh people without their consent has all been a cunning plan by the “feminist to my fingertips” to force a confrontation with Westminster in order to further Scotland’s independence bid? About as believable as ‘true trans’. Nah. The mad-as-a-box-of-frogs Greens forced the SNP to agree to this bilge as the price of their support for keeping SNP bahoochies warm and cosy on the nice seats in Holyrood and Westminster respectively. The virtue-signalling is the icing on the top. It’s all about power, careers, salaries, pensions and predilections. Nothing to do with independence and certainly nothing to do with ‘true trans’, that fictional state of being that resides in the heads of the deluded and their gullible handmaidens.

  14. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    Now why would a house-trained scribe for the Western, military industrial complex be pushing woke propaganda? It’s almost as if “culture war” is proxy war.

  15. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Some are actually saying that this was the plan all along: to force a confrontation with Westminster and aid independence.”

    But that makes no sense in an issue where most people – even SNP and Yes voters – actually oppose the GRR and back Westminster’s intervention.

  16. Adrian says:

    And to think I first voted SNP not because of Indy but because I could see Labour were just sending their 2nd rate politicians who couldn’t get a seat at westminster up here to push the London agenda. Now look what we have instead. I almost wish we could have Jack McConnell back.

  17. JGedd says:

    They’ve been conversing in an echo chamber for so long that they have lost their minds. All they hear are echoes.

    Sturgeon (feminist to her fingertips) has lost touch with the ordinary Scottish people and only has sycophants around her, so that the opinions of anyone outside the magic circle of delusion are not valid. Much like most dictators. Usually leads to their downfall though.

    The idea that Sturgeon should proclaim that she is defending democracy is laughable. The lead up to the passing of that bill ignored those who urged caution and actually tried to indicate that it would clash with reserved law in the UK. Those that voted for the GRRB are as guilty of not listening as Sturgeon. They all should be ashamed of what they voted for. The safety of women and children were sacrificed to the demands of a cult of unreason.

  18. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    Ted @ 12:22

    “enhances her CV for a new international career”.

    Aye, that’s about right. The UN and the Council of Europe may be out as these would require Westminster sponsorship, but there are plenty of other lucrative options.

    As recompense for David Miliband losing out in the Labour leadership contest to his (comparatively) socialist brother, he was hired as CEO of the International Rescue Committee. Starting salary in 2013 reported as £300k pa, rising to a reported £768k in 2021.

    On losing the Danish GE in 2015, Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt (wife of NuLabour ghoul, Stephen Kinnock) became CEO of Save the Children, reported starting salary $300k. That was just the start.
    Thorning-Schmidt’s current list of Directorships is a marvel to behold. A caricature of the NeoLiberal, global elite. A checklist for believers in the conspiracy of the global illuminati. Atlantic Council, check. Council for Foreign Relations, check. Centre for Global Development, check. Global Forum, check. Etc, etc..
    Most lucrative of all will be full board membership at Facebook.
    If the pitchforks and burning torches ever do appear, a résumé like that’ll reserve you a prime seat on the first tumbril.

  19. Andrew F says:


    “We did not foresee the fallout from this poll”

    “The poll was not intended to cause any disrespect to anyone”

    It’s entirely plausible that they really did remove it because of abuse they were getting – just not in the replies to the Twitter feed. Rather they were getting heavied by the goons of the woke agenda.

  20. Breeks says:

    Was there ever a wider open goal presented to Unionists and Tories alike, which promised to rehabilitate their sorry fortunes in Scotland, while further dividing the electorate and YES Movement, alienating women, and compromising Scottish Independence through it’s involuntary association with Sturgeon’s Pervert’s Charter?

    This legislation, with it’s flagrant disregard for science and objective reality is a retrograde absurdity which belongs in the 17th or 18th Century when the population lived with bizarre superstitions in constant fear of witches and fairies… not a progressive and modern Scotland in the 21st Century.

    Sturgeon’s stupidity is a curse and embarrassment upon the whole nation.

  21. Craig Watson says:

    An excellent article summarising the ongoing clusterf*ck that is the ScotGov sticking their fingers in their ears and singing la-la-la while everyone is telling them they really f*cked up this time.

    Was shaking my head at the quotation from Falconer “the law values you for being straightforward in the opinions you give to your clients” . On which planet does this happen!!? Any lawyer I’ve ever dealt with does the precise opposite – mibbees aye, mibbees naw is the best you can hope for!

    He had the measure of Sturgeon, I suppose. To me she typifies the managerial class that pervades politics and businesses. Bad news never goes upstairs otherwise the messenger gets shot.

  22. JGedd says:

    Vivian O’Blivion @ 12.53pm

    ‘Now why would a house-trained scribe for the Western, military industrial complex be pushing woke propaganda?’

    That jumped out at me too. Strange bedfellows indeed. Unless of course it’s all part of the same plan. Just keep the plebs in turmoil and fighting amongst themselves. That has always been the game plan of the elite establishments.

    It always struck me as sinister that the trans cult emerged out of nowhere before many of us noticed and despite being a tiny minority had already captured the major institutions of the establishment everywhere in the western democracies. I can’t think of any grassroots movement for minority rights which accomplished that. The gay movement had to struggle for many decades before achieving what they sought which was simply a recognition of their rights to exist without persecution and discrimination.

    There is nothing progressive about the trans ideology. It is authoritarian and intransigent. It is also uncompromising in its all-encompassing demands. A perfect vehicle, you might think, for those with a shadowy agenda of disruption of normal democracy. (Let’s set the cart on fire, give it a push in the right direction, crashing downhill among the habitations below, where the peasants dwell, and let it set everything ablaze it crashes into. They’ll be too busy down there, trying to put the fires out, to be concerned with who set the cart in the first place.)

  23. BroughtyBoy says:

    “Some are actually saying that this was the plan all along: to force a confrontation with Westminster and aid independence.”

    But that makes no sense in an issue where most people – even SNP and Yes voters – actually oppose the GRR and back Westminster’s intervention.

    It looks like a monumental SNP miscalculation Stu- if this was ever about Trans rights for SNP, the proper response to S.35 is to focus on Trans people, rather Supreme Court tub thumping.

    Utterly shameful by Sturgeon- but it will keep the party member seals clapping for a while longer

  24. William+Russell says:

    I’m minded to agree with those suggesting all Sturgeon is focused on now is her own personal gain. In the meantime she has wasted millions of pounds attempting to make life easier for rapists and abusers and decimated the cause of independence. The sooner she fucks off the better.

  25. James+F.+Mcintosh says:

    Well it does make sense if she is trying to f k independence

  26. Lorna Campbell says:

    Yes, I know it makes no sense – to anyone who’s not a dyed-in-the-wool carrot muncher or a conspiracy theorist. It makes no sense either to suggest that the Westminster government stepped in to thwart independence in the first step in a cunning plan to undermine all legislation emanating from Holyrood when people in Scotland actually wanted them to step in. This stuff was a clear and present danger to England and Wales, too. It makes even less sense when you think that women’s groups were warning that it was heading for confrontation with Westminster, when their own lawyers told them and they went ahead anyway. All this might yet lead to independence, but it will be because people demand the removal of this ‘woke’ cohort in Holyrood and bring down the SG.

  27. Ruby says:

    OK so we have a high percentage of people in Scotland who oppose the GRRB and are happy for the UK Gov to stop it.

    What I would like to know is what percentage of people in Scotland are in favour of the GRA 2004.

    The GRA 2004 says transwomen are women,they are born in the wrong body, you can change sex and you don’t need a GRC to live as a woman.

    ie India Willoughby & Eddie Izzard.

    Neither India Willoughby nor Eddie Izzard have a GRC or a diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

    They have just self-ided as women and are ‘living as women’ which is required by the GRA 2004 in order to gain a GRC.

  28. fruitella the hun says:

    A piece of the jigsaw must still be missing. The claim was Big Pharma stood to gain much by this gender law going through and that Scotland was a proving ground. Why then are the Tories blocking it? The notion it was badly drafted or incompatible with UK law doesn’t fit with the evidence I’ve read here and elsewhere that expensive lawyers and political consultants have advised this global campaign.

    Vestigial communists will weaponize any issue that has potential to disrupt bourgeois values – that‘s what they do in this post-Soviet and post-industrial trade unions era. They may also harbour the traditional Marxist contempt for nature, putting them on the same side of the ecology/economic divide as the right-wing nut jobs runing fossil fuel and genetic engineering industries. Thus an unholy alliance between Right and Left makes some sense. But why have the Tories, these financial industry Tories, blocked it? Will they turn round and support something much the same in its effect on historic notions of what humans are but with the free-for-all self-ID spikes knocked off? Who’s playing who?

  29. Nally+Anders says:

    Tweet from Lord Falconer shows he is clueless as to the effect of Self ID.
    Seems to imagine those with malign intent would be ‘ineligible’.
    He doesn’t understand that EVERYONE is eligible,that’s how Self ID functions. What else has he misunderstood if he’s failed to grasp the basics?

  30. ronald says:

    J Gedd

    ( nowhere before many of us noticed and despite being a tiny minority had already captured the major institutions of the establishment everywhere in the western democracies.)

    Think big Pharma

    The gay community didn’t need medication until Aids came on the scene but Gender Reassignment bring much Bucks to Big pharma for many generations who transition both not to mention the surgeons scalpel’s at the ready to slice n dice .

  31. robertkknight says:

    Heard a rumour the Dear Leader is being reported to the COPFS over missing funds.

    Be good news indeed – if true.

  32. Daisy Walker says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    18 January, 2023 at 12:56 pm

    “Some are actually saying that this was the plan all along: to force a confrontation with Westminster and aid independence.”

    But that makes no sense in an issue where most people – even SNP and Yes voters – actually oppose the GRR and back Westminster’s intervention.

    — It makes sense if Nikla’s not playing for our team, and she’s been handed this game plan from the British Establishment to follow (I do not for one minute credit her with the mental ability to come up with it herself).

    She will be able to ‘hand on heart, ‘believe with all her might’ that self ID issue is a human rights issue and is therefore a matter of conscience that she puts this issue first and foremost before the issue of Independence.

    It then becomes a faith held belief, (which is why it is so tactically clever) safe from all logic and fact based evidence, untouchable.

    Independence supporters will have to chose – unpopular, woke madness with the SNP or Westminster to the rescue (and they will never let us live that one down.

    Brilliant tactics when you think about it, and put into play and on the slow burn round about 2015 from what I can see.

    Sad thing is, once the Indy issue is damped down sufficiently, all the wokie badness will be pushed through by the tories one way or another – too much big pharma money at the back of it for them to stay away for long.

  33. Luigi says:

    A very big thanks to our FM, for giving the tories a perfect excuse to use their precious S.35. They couldn’t have done it without you. Now, for them it’s a nothing-to-lose action. I don’t think it will be very long before S.35 is used again. Even most independence supporters understand why WM has done it. What folk cannot understand is why the SG, after timidly accepting the SC decision on referenda, has now run straight into this spiky trap. Skewered by their own stupidity. Well and truly.

  34. Shug says:

    I am not sure I understand the risk to England. They accept the gender recognition certs from other countries, why not Scotland

    Well I know why, but what’s the difference

  35. BorderScarifier says:

    That is simply a brilliant article. The spot re Faulkenheim is just a thing of beauty.

  36. Alf Baird says:

    Geoff Anderson @ 12:21 pm

    “The SNP are out of touch with the Scottish People”

    In business theory we might equate this to what is known as ‘strategic drift’. What generally follows if the entity fails to get back on track is ‘liquidation’.

  37. Republicofscotland says:

    Worth getting behind, with Sara Salyer, Neale Hanvey and Yvonne Ridley involved with it.

  38. Daisy Walker says:

    @, ‘ Shug says:
    18 January, 2023 at 3:10 pm

    I am not sure I understand the risk to England. They accept the gender recognition certs from other countries, why not Scotland

    Well I know why, but what’s the difference’.

    Currently they accept a GRC from Scotland because the criteria met to get one is the same in England.

    I’m not sure they do accept GRC from other countries – it would depend on the circumstances, eg a tourist visit – would make no difference, but emmigrating to the UK and then changing/applying for UK official documents like Drivers Licence, Passport etc? That might make a difference, who knows, it’s not really the point though is it. This is about insisting the government of another country bows down to England changing its legislation.

    In any event, England cannot force other countries to change its legislation – it has no authority to do so – except when it comes to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  39. Ruby says:

    Has there been any articles regarding the implications for the NHS regarding sex changes.

    If you are issued with a GRC whether it’s in Scotland or England what does that entitle you to with regard to NHS treatment?

  40. Breeks says:

    OT But a wee smile for you…

    I’d also highly recommend the YouTube Channel… Scotland History Tours.

  41. crazycat says:

    @ Shug at 3.10

    Further to Daisy’s comment at 3.24:

    a) Scotland is not “another country” in this context; it is (alas) in the UK, and affected by UK-wide, reserved, legislation such as the Equality Act 2010.

    b) They don’t “accept GRCs from other countries”; if the issuing country uses a compatible process, it will be on a list, and people with GRCs from that country will be able to fast-track obtaining a UK GRC. Otherwise, they have to go through the standard UK procedure of diagnosis, two year wait, etc.
    The UK government has been tardy in updating its list, and some countries are now being removed because they have introduced self-ID which is NOT compatible with UK procedures.

    This article explains the position:

  42. James che says:


    Scotland History tours is a very good programme, full of interesting topics often with a amusing slant,

    I like the fact that he does not come from a bias’d point of view, being of mixed race, but his research and knowledge are amazing when it comes to Scottish history.

    His DNA test surprised even him.

    Very recommended.

  43. Geoff Anderson says:

    @ Alf 3:13pm

    However the strategic drift model fails when your income becomes more stable by pissing off the real Indy supporters. The Short Money, The salaries for MP and MSP office staff (pals), MP and MSP wages and Pensions and the hordes of SNP HQ staff (mostly rainbow lanyards) all depend on NOT gaining Independence. Murrell Enterprises is a unique employer in that not delivering the product gives the best turnover.

  44. Ian says:

    It should not be beyond the capabilities of a competent politician to navigate between competing interests, listen to concerns on all sides, and fashion a legislative solution which takes both interests into consideration.
    It shouldn’t even require saying, but that is the basic job of a politician. They are there to solve problems on behalf of the diverse people they represent. Why is that so difficult to understand or implement? The trans issue should never have got so out of hand as it has done, with no seeming tidy solution. Had it been handled competently, it would have been a minor issue, albeit important to the small segment of the population that is trans. Women would not have felt threatened, or their rights under the equality act compromised. And that would have been that.
    Instead, with this blunderbuss approach, particularly from the beginning when it was made clear that nobody else will be listened to, and anybody who questions to it is a ‘terf’ and a bigot. This was policy by decree, bullying, tone-deaf, and uncompromising. Based on ideology and not facts. And so we have had six years of culture wars, with the main feature being rancid attacks and smears on anybody who might think there is another point of view.
    That isn’t politics and has undoubtedly made the whole issue a touchpaper for all kinds of grievances and prejudices. They wanted to rush it through originally, avoiding debate, before anybody realised its implications. That is bad policy making by bad actors masquerading as politicians. And now they just continue to ramp it up, without any understanding that some compromises and understanding would diminish the whole ridiculous squabble.
    And that is why you couldn’t trust them with independence. They have shown how poor they are at administration and negotiation, not to mention clear policy making which carries public opinion with you, addressing the obvious and real concerns. if they can’t manage this minor legislation, how do you think they would handle the massive change of independence? I shudder to think.
    Time’s up, Nicola. You had your chance. Like all political careers it ends in failure. No politican, apart from demagogues lasts longer than ten years max, or two terms. You’ve had yours. You are now in the departure lounge.

  45. Three spaces is the solution. Men, women and trans each have their own safe space, thereby alleviating female concerns about male rapists, stalkers, pedophiles etc. invading their space.
    The reduction in men being attracted to self registration would I’m sure be eye watering.

  46. JGedd says:

    re Ruby @ 2.36pm

    Before trans ideology emerged on the scene, many years ago Eddie Izzard told us what he was; he said that he was a Lesbian trapped in a man’s body. He meant it to be amusing and it was, then.

    So, he was actually telling us that he is a male heterosexual who gets his kicks from dressing as a woman. Many years ago, at school, we were told that there were males who like to dress as women ( then they were known as transvestites) and despite our understanding then, we were told that they were usually heterosexual males who gained sexual excitement from dressing as women. (It seemed of minor interest to us then and didn’t flag up to us as dangerous. Just came under the heading of ‘Aren’t People Strange?’)

    Now Izzard can hide his fetish as a ‘brave and daring’ example of someone who has been able to embrace his ‘true identity’ as a woman. Hogwash. Many years ago he was more honest.

    Men who share his fetish can now claim actually to be women and have admittance to all the rights that natal women have as well as admittance to the safe places previously reserved for women. How mad do you have to be to accept that this will not present a danger to natal women and children?

    Men like this are now trying to coerce Lesbians into accepting them as sexual partners on the basis that they, too, are Lesbians. Again, what is wrong with people’s heads that they cannot recognise this is abuse and also homophobic? The sexual orientation of Lesbians means that they cannot accept men as partners – because these transwomen went through puberty as men and have male bodies which simply means that they are not sexually attractive to Lesbians. Obviously. Heterosexuals can understand that.

    The fact that other heterosexual women support this twisted logic is beyond understanding. I would say, just think about it but these handmaidens of the trans ideology have obediently turned off any critical thinking and surrendered to the irrational beliefs of trans ideology.

    Where are the satirists, too, who could bring down this house of cards of preposterous illogicality with ease and destroy it by simply showing up the absurdity of its beliefs? Oh yes, they have been got at too. They made an example of Graham Linehan just to demonstrate their power to others who might think of telling the truth about the hogswill they want us to swallow. Yet, the trans community are a powerless minority? (There are so many people outside the trans community who have lost all of my respect for the pusillanimous stance they have taken in the face of this authoritarian movement.)

  47. akenaton says:

    “Sad thing is, once the Indy issue is damped down sufficiently, all the wokie badness will be pushed through by the tories one way or another – too much big pharma money at the back of it for them to stay away for long.”
    Oh ye of little faith. We need to concentrate on the removal of Murrell & Co before we have any chance of achieving Independence. The Tories are correct in blocking this bill and we should appreciate that. Had it gone through, to be followed by all of the sexual and social madness envisaged by the perverts in Holyrood, the cause would have been lost, the voting public frightened into acceptance.
    At its heart Scotland is a conservative country on social measures and this act has exposed M&Co as an obvious threat to family life in general and to women and children in particular.
    Some of the greatest figures in Scottish politics were social conservatives and people like Jim Sillars should not be denigrated as we move forward

  48. James Che says:

    It would appear that Scotlands politicians are repeating history.

    In 1707 the Scottish parliament decided to join with the English parliament, against the wishes of the Scottish people, it caused protest and riots across Scotland, alas democracy went out the window, the parliament members had been funded and bought.

    In 2023 under the gender bill the same process and parallel is repeated.

    It occurs to me that if the protection of women and children must included in a Scottish Constitution.
    Then the legal limits of Sovereignty of a Scottish parliament must be restricted into the Scottish constitution,

    How about a limited set wage for politicians,
    A exspense sheet for public transport only.
    Flights fares must only contribute to half the cost of exspense’s.
    Hotel costs likewise.
    That any financial, monies, investments or rewards are illegal if laws are changed for their personal gain if connected to their political term in office.

    A politician should more or less be there to help the people and its country improve.
    To many politicians are in it for personal and financial gain, hence they lie to us,
    Let us reduce the privilege status of politicians more akin to a working man in office work,
    It will divide and separate a greedy man from a man interested in the well being of his neighbour and Country.

    And perhaps it might be a good idea to get rid of think tanks and advisors that eat up the public tax revenues and purse strings like there is no limit on finances, and are often draught’ed in to Scotland like, Stonewall.

    If a politician cannot think for themselves, why or how have they achieved office?

  49. Alastair Aitken says:

    How long can New SNP survive the Murrels. How many ostriches live in Scotland?

  50. d n wade says:

    Surely the simple version of what Sturgeon is doing is this. She insists on staying in power. She is, unfortunately for Scotland, an incompetent. The unending independence campaign is simply a deflection from the real problems. The gender nonsense also does this, but gets the Greens on her side. Her dishonest spin on the s35 is just another example of a career that seems to have started before she avoided being struck off as a solicitor.

  51. Stuart MacKay says:

    Breeks @3:37pm

    Just to give an enthusiastic thumbs up for Bruce Fummey. If you sign up on his Patreon,, you get a lot of interesting stuff. It’s money well spent. Perhaps not as much value as the Rev but it’s definitely up there.

  52. Stoker says:

    Stuart Campbell wrote: “No matter who asks, no matter how loaded the question, no matter how hard anyone tries to suppress the results, the facts remain the same: the people of Scotland overwhelmingly oppose the SNP’s dreadful gender reform plans, AND they support the UK government’s lawful intervention in the matter, whatever their political affiliation.”

    By keeping Scotland chained to Westminster Sturgeon has blown both her own feet off. Sturgeon will rue the day she prioritised the ‘Perverts Permit’ over indy. Bet she’s now wishing she pursued indy first. Time to resign, Sturgeon. And take all your “advisors” with you. 8+ Years of golden opportunities flushed down the sewer. Shame on all of you.

  53. Stoker says:

    And just to rub further salt into Scotland’s wounds here is the Unite union getting their reward for all their 2014 anti-indy work. They played a part in securing this for ‘Norn Irn’:

    “Historic moment for shipbuilding’ will see 900 jobs created in Belfast”

    “Union representative Joe Passmore, of Unite, hailed an “historic moment for shipbuilding in Belfast. He said: We campaigned for Harland and Wolff with a view to bringing new infrastructure and knowledge into our shipyards, and FSS will create jobs, skills and opportunities for young people in Northern Ireland.”

    Huge thanks are in order to all of you who voted ‘No’, especially if you are one of the fortunate few to be still employed in Scotland’s almost non-existent shipbuilding industry. Shame on Yous!

    Selling out your country for self-gain and now Yous are paying the price, a total reliance on Westminster throwing the odd morsel of defence work your way.

    You could have been part of something far greater, such as a thriving newly independent country competing with the likes of Norway for shipbuilding contracts etc. You reap what you sow.

  54. John Main says:

    @akenaton 4:28

    at its heart, Scotland is a conservative country

    You betcha!

    One day, just as many of us have recovered from the Covid lunacy, all of us will recover from the trans lunacy.

    As the sage wrote: people go mad collectively, but return to their senses individually.

    On that happy day, we can re-start the push for Indy by showing we Scots (and especially New Scots) the riches we will get post-Indy.

    As the other sage wrote: fads and fancies come and go, but diamonds are forever.

  55. Stoker says:

    Natalie Delon says on 18 January 2023 at 4:21 pm:
    “Three spaces is the solution. Men, women and trans each have their own safe space, thereby alleviating female concerns about male rapists, stalkers, paedophiles etc.”

    I have previously touted something similar. Three spaces: Male, Female and Communal. That way those who don’t have a problem with sharing can use the ‘communal’ toilets/changing facilities. Many folk have suggested similar ideas over the years but somehow this doesn’t go down well with the woke. We can only wonder why, eh! Sick individuals! 😉

  56. Stoker says:

    Tory scumbags waxing pish about new inflation figures and patronising us all about food & fuel prices rising by at least 17% etc. All this whilst sending their DWP attack dogs out to phone PIP recipients and asses them over the phone.

    NOBODY can have their health properly assessed from a phone call so it’s obvious the aim of the UKGov’s DWP is to cut the benefits of PIP recipients whether they should be cut or not. The phone call is just a prop being used in the UKGov’s deceitful games.

  57. George Ferguson says:

    I don’t completely understand why the FM and now Flynn think the cultural wars emphasis is a vote winning strategy. If you think about the meaning of culture being shared values, customs and beliefs in a community, and then consider the opinion polling on GRRB. It’s crystal clear GRRB has been rejected by the Scottish Public. The strategising outcomes of the SNP are out of kilter with the majority of the population. Evidence we are socially cautious. And now the movement is down another rabbit hole.

  58. John Main says:

    @Stoker 5:52

    Been out and about in Scotland lately?

    Seen the litter everywhere, the potholes, the boarded up shops? Heard about the ambulance waiting times, the unsolved crimes, the failing schools, the cuts in benefits, the excess death numbers?

    There’s no money for a 50% increase in safe spaces. None, zero, zip, nada.

    But I have a solution, so no worries. Peeps with dicks use one existing set of spaces, dickless peeps use the other existing set. All we need to do is vote in politicians who will apply this totally cost-free solution.

    The solution is free of time and effort too, meaning that the day after it is adopted, the politicians will be able to focus their time, energy and stupendous intellects on the problems I listed above.

    Simples. And a sure-fire vote winner.

  59. outraged of Lanarkshire says:

    Gwyneth King a solicitor at the Legal Services Agency wrote in Scottish Legal news today that no evidence has been put forward to show that trranswomen have abused females. Presumably they get funding from the death star.
    Anyway Nicola has succeeded in her policy on dividing the nation again.

  60. Stoker says:

    ‘Blocking gender Bill is ‘dangerous moment for devolution’, warns Flynn’

    “Mr Flynn said: “The Scottish Government kept their manifesto promise to the people, and thanks to support from members of all political parties in Holyrood the GRR (Gender Recognition Reform) Bill was passed.”

    I must have missed that “manifesto promise”.

  61. Stoker says:

    ‘The Brexiters are getting their bonfire of EU law – and democracy will lie in the ashes’

    “The idea that Jacob Rees-Mogg still has a useful contribution to make to national policymaking can be refuted by pointing to his endorsement of Liz Truss.”

  62. tridentitycrisis says:

    What a sad day. Just 500 people have applied for a GR certificate in Scotland. Yet this tiny marginalised, vilified minority are being portrayed as an existential threat to women and children. Sounds much like the Tory anti-gay rhetoric I heard all those years ago over Clause 28 – homosexuals are paedophiles = trans people are abusers of women.
    What a sad day. If the Section 35 veto is upheld on the grounds of threatening equality legislation, then because the Scottish bill only deals with the PROCEDURE of getting a certificate, then all current transgender rights legislation which permits certification must also be deemed to contravene the Equalities Act. The logical outcome is the outlawing of transgender identification altogether.
    What a sad day. Independence-supporting Wings Over Scotland appears to have morphed into Unionist Wangs Over Scotland. Why has the once-mighty Stuart, scourge of Anglo-nationalists, chosen to die upon such a small hill?
    What a sad day. It grieves me that the man who did so much to convince tens of thousands of Scots, especially working-class Scots, to back independence is in danger of being seen, in Trotsky’s words, as a “useful idiot” for pro-Union culture warriors of the right?
    What a sad day. The Tories have picked this fight not because, as Governor-General Alister Jack claims, they care for women’s equality or the welfare of trans people (!!! yes he really said that), but because they calculate that it’ll keep open the festering split in the independence movement that has developed over the GR issue. If there are abusers among trans identifiers (and there are certain to be some just as there are among paramedics, teachers, priests, SNP supporters and Wings followers), whatever the legal situation, they’ll not be deterred by it.

  63. Dorothy Devine says:

    Somebody should tell STV/ITV about the polls – they certainly gave the public the idea that Scotland had been unfairly treated – when it is only MSPs who voted through the bill, not the public whose views were ‘invalid’.

  64. SusanAHF says:

    The SNP are just like all the other British parties, they’ll tell any lie to keep their snouts in the trough. I’m finished with them

  65. Derek says:

    “Adrian says:
    18 January, 2023 at 12:56 pm

    I almost wish we could have Jack McConnell back.”
    Steady on, there!

  66. Republicofscotland says:

    Geoff Anderson.

    Nor was self-ID in their last Holyrood campaign literature, the SNP under Sturgeon’s tenure are fulfilling their own agenda, not what we elected them to do.

    It became apparent to me that they teamed up with the Greens which gave them a majority in the chamber, to carry out their own agenda, an agenda that the majority of the Scottish public don’t want.

    Sturgeon will drag the S35 issued by the UK government on the Equalities Act with regards to the unamended GRRB through the courts and fight tool and nail for it to stand as it is.

    Sturgeon never referred the GRRB to the UKSC, but she was quick to have her compliant Lord Advocate refer Holyrood’s competence to hold an indyref to the UKSC and when they said no she just shrugged her shoulders and went Oh well, how glaring then that she’ll fight tooth and nail for the unamended GRRB to stand even though it represents a tiny minority of the population, yet she has abandoned the fight for Scottish independence of which a majority of Scots want, and gave her countless mandates for, not to mention that we elected her on the promise that she would achieve Scottish independence.

  67. Willie says:

    These Twitter surveys tell us what we all know which is that the vast majority of people are against this GRC legislation and that they actually support the Westminster Government intervention.

    That frankly is an unbelievable position for ant party leader, for a First Minister to get themselves into.

    In a earlier post someone described the situation somewhat euphemistically as ” strategic drift”

    More like ” all washed up” more like from the lady who claims she wants independence.

    Truly time she was gone.

  68. crazycat says:

    @ tridentitycrisis at 7.00

    Just 500 people have applied for a GR certificate in Scotland. Yet this tiny marginalised, vilified minority are being portrayed as an existential threat to women and children. Sounds much like the Tory anti-gay rhetoric I heard all those years ago over Clause 28 – homosexuals are paedophiles = trans people are abusers of women.

    No. No-one is portraying a marginalized, vilified, minority as an existential threat to women and children.

    What people are pointing out is that this bill creates a gigantic loophole through which male predators and abusers will gleefully waltz while claiming to be identifying as women. The inclusion of a penalty for false declaration is useless; there is no definition of “living in the acquired gender” that would enable detection of a falsehood, and any punishment comes too late for the victims.

    If the Section 35 veto is upheld on the grounds of threatening equality legislation, then because the Scottish bill only deals with the PROCEDURE of getting a certificate, then all current transgender rights legislation which permits certification must also be deemed to contravene the Equalities Act. The logical outcome is the outlawing of transgender identification altogether.

    No. The Bill does not “only deal with procedure”. It also vastly enlarges the number of eligible people, thereby enabling the abuse of the system I have described above.

    There is a chance that the tiny minority you mention will be blamed for the behaviour of the bad-faith actors and careless legislators, and that is indeed sad. It could have been avoided if the repeated warnings had been heeded.

  69. Mia says:

    What I really would like to know is how much of our taxpayers’ funds this waste of space acting as FM has wasted in total in this gender nonsense during the last 8 years.

    How much in total have costed us all those dodgy government quangos, dodgy associations, think tanks and “charities”, buying off the press, hiring psyops and professional trolls to change public opinion, filtering this crap through every public/private service, schools, universities, colleges, institutions, government and administrative structures. And how much this waste of space is now going to throw at the English court despite knowing it is a loss cause and how much she has wasted us in court cases against women or anybody who opened their mouths against this gender nonsense.

    Then, once we know the scale of her disgusting misuse of our taxpayers’ funds with this nonsense, I think it is high time this narcissistic idiot is prosecuted and disciplined for ever thinking it was appropriate to misuse our parliament and such ridiculous level of taxpayers’ funds, time and resources to pander to the interests of the tiniest minority.

    I think, as citizens of Scotland, we have the absolute right to know until what extent this irresponsible idiot has abused her position of power to misuse our public funds to force this on us. Our public funds are for the benefit of the people of Scotland as a whole, and not to transform Scotland into her poisonous vision of a paradise for perverts, rapists, paedophiles and a paradise of riches with plenty of potential children to mutilate and chemically castrate by big pharma once their parents have been deliberately ring-fenced from their children.

    If she wants to abuse or thrown away funds at courts, dodgy quangos, perverts, paedophiles and big pharma, she can bloody use her own fucking funds and leave ours well alone.

    The only sane and dignifying thing left to do for this self-aggrandised idiot, is to resign in disgrace and to get out of our sight and out of our way of independence.

    But I think she will not rest until she burns through several million more of our taxpayers’ pounds by throwing them at the courts to pretend, after deliberately thwarting the independence of Scotland for 8 effing years, that she is “fighting” for the independence of our parliament. I wonder who she thinks she is fooling. You can no longer call Holyrood a parliament when it has been abused as a tool to ram through and to force on the people of Scotland toxic legislation knowing the majority of Scotland strongly opposes to it, and mainly with the purpose of deliberately opening a door for Westminster to stick its hand through and legitimise its intervention.

    That excuse for a lord advocate was very quick to refer to the English court legislation which had not even been debated in Holyrood. Yet, she happily looked the other way when this toxic legislation, that is in a direct collusion course with Westminster’s own legislation, entered Holyrood. This lord advocate is representing the crown in our cabinet. So should we understand from the lord advocate action/inaction that the crown is actively blocking any legislation that could actually effect the will of the people of Scotland to dissolve the union and it is also happy to invite Westminster interventions into Holyrood by the back door?

    I am convinced all this has been planned to justify Westminster’s sticking its hands into Holyrood. I am convinced that while Westminster will intervene on this thanks to the door this idiot and the lord Advocate opened for them, they will use this intervention as an opportunity to change a few things on the quiet and clip HOlyrood’s wings a lot more while we are all busy looking at the distraction this idiot has engineered with that ridiculous legislation.

    I consider Sturgeon’s intervention during the last 8 years to frustrate independence obvious and unforgivable. I consider the sly and deceptive way she has been helping the establishment to protect the union all along insulting. But her thinking it was ever acceptable to use women, parents’ rights and children as a bait for her stupid, cowardly and dishonest political games, was, in my view, crass, repulsive and offensive.

  70. Red says:

    tridentitycrisis says:
    18 January, 2023 at 7:00 pm
    What a sad day. Just 500 people have applied for a GR certificate in Scotland. Yet this tiny marginalised, vilified minority are being portrayed as an existential threat to women and children.

    Hmm. I think adults should generally be free to ruin their lives however they see fit.

    But this kind of thing is aimed at the children. It’s a proselytising religion, and there’s been a massive increase in the number of teenage girls suddenly identifying as male. This is happening in Scottish schools today.

    It’s obviously anorexia 2.0, i.e. social contagion. But they’re being actively encouraged – by adults – to take sterilising hormone treatments and get on the pathway to irreversible surgical mutilation of their bodies.

    I’m amazed at how much time, money and political capital the Scottish Government is willing to burn on a “tiny marginalised, vilified minority”. Almost makes you suspect they’re not a “tiny marginalised, vilified minority” at all.

  71. Merganser says:

    Who will appear at court for the Scottish Government in their Judicial Review of the s.35 order. Dorothy Bain, fresh from her Supreme Court fiasco? If she isn’t the one, we will know that doesn’t believe it has any prospect of success. If she is, God help the Scottish Government’s chances – and what would that say about Sturgeon’s power over her?

    What KC in his right mind would take the case on in view of comments by Roddy Dunlop and the retired Supreme Court judge? I suppose I would have a go if I was qualified, but would want a fee of £5,000,000 to compensate for the ridicule.

    How about Nicola herself – she is/was a lawyer.

    My money is on no independent lawyer touching it with a bargepole, so expect someone in-house. That way it avoids what happened in the Salmond case when they were told ‘you haven’t got a case.

    If I’m wrong, an FOI request about the fees paid would make interesting reading.

    She may yet find a way of backing down. She’s good at that.

  72. ronald says:


    Why don’t you go for a long walk of ah short pier ,we don’t need IDIOT’S like U on here .

  73. Lorna Campbell says:

    identitycrisis: there is no such thing on this planet as ‘trans’. There are people who have either a mental illness (dysphoria), are steeped to their eyeballs in paraphilias (sexual fetishes) or are caught up in a pervasive social contagion. That’s it. They can dress as they like, wear what they like, speak as they like, call themselves what they like BUT they will not cut a swathe through the rights of others. This GRR is very much more than an administrative procedural bill, as I have not the slightest doubt you are very well aware. Just 500, eh? The SG itself has stated that they expected the number of applications for a GRC to rise ten-fold as soon as this legislation passed. Politicians invariably try to underestimate anything they know perfectly well will not go down well with the population, so we can probably make that ten-fold their ten-fold, and that at a conservative estimate.

    The other thing that politicians always tell the people is that this or that legislation will be quite innocuous when it is anything but. This bill would have made a GRC so easy to get that every Tom, Dick and Harry in the ‘trans’ community would have been after one, making every one who had one a legal ‘woman’ or a legal ‘man’. For some reason that I cannot think of straight off, I suspect that there would be far, far more ‘trans’ identified men going after it than ‘trans’ identified women. This is nothing like the gay movement’s battle for equal rights or S28. A person’s sexual orientation is innate, it is not a choice of a thousand different hues on any given day. ‘Trans’ is a parasitical blemish and we are mutilating children at its altar. We have had a minuscule number of transsexuals who went in for total transition, but they are not a physical threat to women and children and have never sought to access women’s spaces, except for our toilets, which is still not on. Third spaces.

    Your nonsense about the Equality Act is just that, nonsense. Of course it would be affected. If a man can become a ‘woman’ in all legal senses, with a GRC, there can be no Equality Act and certainly no protected characteristics because every ‘trans’ person will want one. Not only do we seriously underestimate the number of ‘trans’ people, but we also seriously underestimate the number of people with a paraphilia. Do you think our heads button up the back? What kind of man would want access to female spaces and rights? What kind of man would want to make women and girls feel uncomfortable in their own spaces? You talk about working-class Scots backing independence. Well, most working-class Scots do not support this GRRB and Stonewall, a lobbying group masquerading as a charity, will not get to change ‘gender reassignment’ to ‘gender identity’ as the protected characteristic, opening the door to all and sundry.

    This whole ‘trans’ issue is one embraced by the middle-class. It is a hard left, faux social, infantile phenomenon which will drive our country, and, perhaps, the whole UK into the arms of the right. The hard left and the far right are two sides of the same coin, and, in my experience, both like their women out of the public space. Of course there are abusers in all walks of life. Perhaps you should read the statistics for men who are sex offenders and who identify as ‘trans’, and, before you protest that these men self-identity AFTER they have committed their crimes, try again. Many certainly do, but, hey, this never happens. Some, the ‘trans’ identified man who attacked a wee lassie in a toilet was already ‘trans’ identified, as have been many others, right across the UK. But, hey, that never happens either. The people who pull your strings want to destroy Western democracy and turn us into a totalitarian, corporatist jungle where everything is turned on its head.

  74. Republicofscotland says:

    “What I really would like to know is how much of our taxpayers’ funds this waste of space acting as FM has wasted in total in this gender nonsense during the last 8 years.”


    Off the top of my head I can think of millions wasted on the two hunks of metal that are supposed to be ferries, around ten million more wasted on the pursuit of setting up Alex Salmond, not forgetting the half a million quid paid out to the ex-FM for bias procedure by the Scottish government.

    That half a million paid out was attributed to Sturgeon’s best buddy LE and her bias procedure, LE has now stood down with a very generous pay package.

    Alex Salmond did build things that came in on budget, such as the Borders Railway and the new Queensferry Crossing, no doubt he would’ve done the same with the ferries.

  75. Jim+Tadgercock says:

    Well said Mia 7.53pm nail on the head.

  76. Allan Faulds says:

    It’s a smaller complaint in grand scheme of it, but already bored of the smug “Section 35 was in the Scotland Act so it’s part of devolution and by definition can’t undermine it” patter from some sections. It’s possible to do something AND undermine it with things against spirit.

  77. George Ferguson says:

    @Mia 7:53pm
    The answer to your first paragraph is at least 350 millon. The Ferries, the malicious prosecution against a football club, consultancies fees, grant funding to supportive organisations and of course legal fees.

  78. Republicofscotland says:

    “Somebody should tell STV/ITV about the polls”


    Yes it makes you wonder about their own agenda, STV is now totally controlled by ITV, have you ever noticed the huge increase in English football, rugby etc on a supposedly Scottish channel? I have.

    STV is Scottish in name only, its entire content is carried over from ITV. I’ve even read that in the borders of Scotland, Scots receive no Scottish content all on their tv’s their content comes from Northern England.

  79. Republicofscotland says:

    “SNP MSP John Mason has said the problems in Scotland’s NHS are being “somewhat exaggerated.””

    If this clown is your MSP god help you, lets get the SNP government out as soon as possible, whether they be in a council or at Westminster and Holyrood, get the useless rapist/paedo enabling troughers out.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  80. Ruby says:

    tridentitycrisis says:
    18 January, 2023 at 7:00 pm
    The logical outcome is the outlawing of transgender identification altogether

    Would that be such a bad thing?

    I find men masquerading as women very insulting.

    Why is ‘woman face’ OK while ‘black face’ is outlawed.

    I would back the repeal of the GRA 2004 and have all ‘sex changes’ banned.

  81. Ruby says:

    Lorna Campbell says:
    18 January, 2023 at 8:08 pm

    They can dress as they like, wear what they like, speak as they like, call themselves what they like BUT they will not cut a swathe through the rights of others.

    I would prefer that they didn’t masquerade as women. I completely understand why ‘blackface’ is outlawed and why black people found it deeply offensive I feel exactly the same about ‘woman face’

  82. Chas says:

    Let’s all be honest.

    Independence is dead until such times as the SNP is obliterated.

    At the last election they received approx 31% of votes, yet they continue to say they speak for the whole of Scotland which is patently untrue.

    The most worrying thing is that the majority of the electorate in Scotland have no idea what is happening and have no real interest. Today’s headlines will be quickly forgotten, especially when the next ‘disaster’ is revealed within the next week or so. Again this will produce concern amongst the more politically aware, letters/articles/posts will be written before, whatever it is, fades into obscurity, when it is replaced by the next scandal, which will follow soon after and on we go again. Nothing changes except the waste of millions of pounds.

    Politicians seem to be unaccountable in wasting money. We simply accept it. Why?

    Excuse my ignorance but do you get a bigger pension as a man or a women when you reach pension age? Also do you get your pension earlier depending on your sex/gender or whatever you call it nowadays?

  83. John Main says:

    @Ruby 8:39

    This has been covered before. Blackface is not against any law. Soz.

    You are not helping the argument against the GRR bill by making a spurious and false equivalence. Soz again.

  84. Alf Baird says:

    Republicofscotland @ 8:10 pm

    “I can think of millions wasted on the two hunks of metal that are supposed to be ferries”

    Yes RoS, £300 million wasted so far on 2 undelivered poorly designed ferries, each with similar car deck capacity as Pentland Ferries new catamaran ‘Alfred’, the latter delivered in 2020 and costing just £15 million, and half the cost to operate too! Which means that for £300 million the Scottish Government could have bought 20 x large ferries of the same capacity (100 cars), or replaced the entire CalMac fleet of 30 ferries of mixed sizes. Many island communities are not happy, now having to wait years for a new boat and dependant on old ferries that should have been scrapped.

    Other potential ferry cost saving options are presented here:

  85. George Ferguson says:

    At least 350 million. I better break that down. Jim McColl says the Ferries wiil cost 350 million. Let’s apply a previous owner discount, so we will say 300 million so only 200 million over budget. (And they probably won’t get a seaworthy certificate). Next I will apply an MSM discount, Glackin of the Sunday Times says 100 million wasted in Consultancy fees. So let’s say 80 million. Malicious prosecution of Rangers 50 million. Supportive organisations 20 million. Not including the salaries and expense of additional spin Doctors. 350 million at least.

  86. Border Scarifier says:

    John Main says:
    18 January, 2023 at 8:54 pm
    @Ruby 8:39

    This has been covered before. Blackface is not against any law. Soz.
    Why is it a false equivalence in terms of what it represents? Not saying you are incorrect, just want to understand your argument.

  87. Ruby says:

    Surely they are making this gender identification very complicated.

    If it were up to me the process would be really simple all that would be required is a 5 minute appointment with someone who could tell the difference between a penis and a vagina.

    Got a penis you are male got a vagina you are female.


    That didn’t take me 7 years to figure out I didn’t it in less than 7 minutes.

    Before you start calling me transphobic (whatever that is) the penis & the vagina can be ones acquired through female/male genital mutilation.
    aka bottom surgery/vaginoplasty.

  88. Ruby says:

    Chas & dave

    Got more rabbit than Sainsbury’s!

  89. Ebok says:

    George Ferguson says:
    ‘At least 350 million. I better break that down’

    Aye, George, if you break it down a little further, that’s £3,500,000 per month, every month for just over 8 years.

    I hate to remind us that she’s only one third of the way through this 5-year reign of utter uselessness, so, sticking with the same level of incompetence, there’s a further 40 x £3.5M yet to be squandered, that is £140,000,000.

  90. Jamie says:

    Sturgeon is the type of person who would get offended because there’s a place called Troon in South Ayrshire

    I’d like it if people who were claiming to be trans were rounded up and put into labour camps personally so they’d be finally made useful to society (99.9% of them are just nonces, Discord incels that didn’t grow out of children’s video games, or TikTok weirdos)…

  91. George Ferguson says:

    @Ebok 9:42pm
    All to secure an International position with the UN, EU or an NGO. Her personal reputation over the needs of the Scottish people. It would be easier to give her 10 million to go. Meanwhile a heart breaking case reported on the denial of life line services in Glasgow tonight. The removal of the funding for a care service in favour of progressive organisations.

  92. Kcor says:

    Natalie Delon says:
    18 January, 2023 at 4:21 pm

    “Three spaces is the solution. Men, women and trans each have their own safe space, thereby alleviating female concerns about male rapists, stalkers, pedophiles etc. invading their space.”

    The trans don’t want their own space.

    They want the freedom to use women’s spaces.

    Sturgeon and her SNP wants to give “Male rapists, stalkers, pedophiles” the freedom to invade women’s spaces.

  93. Kcor says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    18 January, 2023 at 8:34 pm

    “Vote Alba, Join Alba.

    You can’t force Alba down people’s throats.

  94. Andrew scott says:

    So newly appointed chief whip for sno at westminster leaves his post
    His wife also leaves her post as councillor
    Splits appearing over GRC cr@p??

  95. Red says:

    George Ferguson says:
    18 January, 2023 at 10:04 pm
    @Ebok 9:42pm
    All to secure an International position with the UN, EU or an NGO

    Oor Nic does give every impression of striving to be one of those identikit Important International Women. Like Jacinda Adern (my spelling may vary), the one with Maggie Thatcher hair over at the EU, or of course, her self-described political hero, Hillary Clinton (shudder).

    Cuttin aboot in a shiny new powersuit at glamorous shindigs in exotic locales, putting on her best fake laugh for the servile corporate media stenographers present, and getting paid handsomely for doing what Nicola does best: talk.

    Come to think of it, it makes sense that we’d choose the Hunger Games option for our dystopia, but hey. At least it’s not a Terry Gilliam story.

  96. Geri says:

    Regards Risk to England..

    Employment laws & reducing the age to 16 year olds stuck in thier craw.

    Regards Willoughby – they’ve always has rights against discrimination. This is what made this self-ID a nonsense. It seemed to me to be driven by a movement of angry misogynists & perverts who’d quite like to erase women & kiddie fiddle without interference from the law.

    They were no more Trans than I am.

  97. akenaton says:

    “Blackface” in traditional music and dance had absolutely nothing to do with race. I was orchestrated by the woke followers from the original purpose which was disguise.

  98. Lorna Campbell says:

    Ruby: I detest woman face, too, and I see no difference at all between it and black face. However, there are no actual laws against men pretending to be women and, if we ensured, with water-tight legislation (such as tightening up or rewriting the EA2010,) to keep them out of all our single-sex spaces and rights, sports, sex specific jobs, sex specific healthcare, wards, etc., out of schools and public libraries, I think we would see a lot less of them. They want access to female spaces and rights and to children’s spaces; that’s the whole point. If they are in a place of work, they get no extra privileges and no one has to put up with their pronoun nonsense. If they want safe spaces, they campaign for them and/or fund themselves. Stonewall is awash with public and private funding.

  99. PhilM says:

    I think it would be very unfortunate if some bright spark were to make a potentially highly misleading visual document utilising images of the SNP leadership sending their applause upwards in the direction of the public gallery just before Christmas and interspersing them with other equally uplifting images displaying a random member of said public gallery innocently advertising services of a public nature. It’s fortunate that no-one in their right mind would ever think of doing such a thing, not even in the interests of making a satirical point, for as we all know now satire is dead and it was Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson who killed it as a pleasant by-product of his leadership of our great country. It is lucky that we de Pfeffels are made of such stern matériel.
    I will say here for the public record that if the leadership of Scotland’s governing party cannot engage in fervent holiday greetings, nobly and disinterestedly displaying as the great and ancient Scottish nation’s most esteemed and worthy elected representatives the best that Scottish democracy has to offer, without some random miscreant casting unfounded aspersions on their political judgment, no matter how apparently well-meaning such an utterly misguided motive might be, then the world is surely a darker place than any upstanding proud Scot (but) can possibly imagine. That fine sentiment is surely echoed worldwide by the de Pfeffel community.
    On behalf of whom I can only offer,
    Thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers…in saecula saeculorum.

  100. Ruby says:


    Men who deliberately behave, stereotypically femenine (a lot of makeup, huge fake breasts, tight clothes and “slutty” behavior) to ridicule, make a woman’s face. It is a form of misogyny (sexism) that reinforces gender stereotypes.
    Drag queen right now is a form of womanface. They don’t support women anymore, they make fun of them.

  101. Ruby says:


    Dark makeup worn to mimic the appearance of a Black person and especially to mock or ridicule Black people

    The use of blackface is considered deeply offensive.

  102. Geri says:

    Ruby 9:12

    They make it complicated to bamboozle away from thier real agenda.

    It’s PIE.

    They don’t want medical intervention to reaffirm them.
    They don’t want thier own spaces.
    They don’t want a GRC.
    They don’t suffer gender dysphoria.

    They want to live out thier fetishist lifestyle in public without hindrance or interference from the law & to sexualise children without interference.

    Someone asked about big pharma – I’d add the porn industry too. Jeez, the money that changes hands by those sick fkrs & a willing billion plus worldwide audience paying upwards of 10 grand for a five minute clip of child torture on the deep web is unbelievable.
    It’s so strange that when they’re caught (Interpol) they always end up with a lenient judge who either reduces sentences or lets them out early cause it’s a shame for them FFS!! Hmmmm .. highly suspish!

    Anyway, this was never about genuine gender dysphoria. The law already covers them. Stonewall slipped up a few times which revealed thier real agenda. Pedophilia – or the shiny new name to try desensitise – Minor Attracted Person & Autogynephilia.

    I’ve been watching ‘soft white underbelly’ on YouTube. Individuals telling thier personal stories on all different topics. Trans is in there. If anyone loved ‘I survived…’ it’s a bit like that.

  103. Ruby says:

    Lorna Campbell says:
    19 January, 2023 at 12:01 am

    Ruby: I detest woman face, too, and I see no difference at all between it and black face. However, there are no actual laws against men pretending to be women

    You’re right there are only laws that allow men to pretend to be woman.

    We’ll need to put campaign to make ‘womanface’ a hate crime on our list of things to do.

    Lots of comments re not needing a birth certificate to enter a woman’s toilet. No birth certificate required but you did used to need the approval of the women who were in the toilet. Women weren’t slow in pointing out to a man that he was in the wrong toilet. But if you did that now you would be arrested.

    My view of ‘transpeople’ has changed dramatically over the past couple of years.

    I am now of the opinion that

    Transwomen hate women!

  104. Roger says:

    To those of you suggesting a ‘third’ toilet option – be it ‘trans’ or ‘mixed’ or whatever – there’s no point. The TWAW brigade want the identity of transwomen as ‘women’ validated.

    They won’t accept any compromise that doesn’t fully recognise them as women and that means going where the real women go.

    That’s not to say none of them have security concerns about using the gents, I’m sure some of them at least do. And such fears are not totally groundless, but that’s not what this is about. It’s about ‘validation’ – and ego.

  105. SusanAHF says:

    I don’t give a damn if some trans identifying men feel unsafe in the men’s toilets, that’s a problem for MEN to deal with, not women. As Roger, Lorna Campbell and Ruby among others have said; it’s not about that really, it’s about validation and for a significant number, intimidation and fetishism.

  106. David Hannah says:

    Charles to net £1 billion per year from the ScotWind reverse auction as per BBC news. Devastating stuff. Money that should be coming to the Scottish people.

  107. Roger says:

    O/T but…
    I see auld Starmer is off to Davos to reassure those who REALLY matter that any future government led by him will be good little neolibs/neocons.

    Labour under that shifty shrimp-eyed ? nonentity is nothing more than the Tories in disguise.

  108. Neil in Glasgow says:

    When do we substitute ardern for sturgeon? Seriously, if it’s good enough for Saint jacinda, it’s good enough for the dear leader. Watch this space I tell you.

  109. SusanAHF says:

    Ardern has taken a wrecking ball to NZ in the same way Sturgeon is trying to in Scotland. Good riddance! The SNP is unelectable now, irrespective of who is in charge. It’s packed full of degenerates, incompetents and spineless bastards.

  110. Breeks says:


    Is it… is it to burn it down?

    We haven’t though this through. What do we do with the big concrete bits?

  111. McDuff says:

    In a nutshell.

  112. stuart mctavish says:

    Well spotted Geoff Anderson @6:24pm.

    As others have noted it was also a bit disconcerting to see him give the Braveheart speech for the right of a husband to get herself castrated but at least if he was treating the speaker with contempt he may have been doing something voters had hoped for!

    In addition to your observation then, friends of Nadine Dorries might be interested to lean that, over and above the GRR being not clearly part of SNP manifesto, any trauma, including that of those who fear its abuse, has manifestly been exaggerated (rather than reduced in accordance with the promise of the relevant sentence* that was)

    *The near100 page version can be found online but pursuant to this particular episode it might be worth investigating further/ casting aspersions as to how, and by whom, the SNP manifesto gets written (UK civil service?) and approved in detail – presumably neither its members or the electorate have much say in the matter if they align broadly with the public view expressed above

  113. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Nicola Sturgeon: Destroyer:

  114. Republicofscotland says:

    Arden came from nowhere to being feted by the WEF and the media, she worked for the war criminal Tony Blair before her meteoric rise through the ranks, she’s been lauded by the rich and famous, and met and had a secret meeting with Bill and Melinda Gates.

    Its time for her to stand down and be replaced with another compliant puppet, the usual BS excuses have been expressed as to why she’s going.

  115. desimond says:

    Noticed a few folk raising the matter of millions wasted on “the malicious prosecution against a football club,” and “Malicious prosecution of Rangers 50 million”

    Lets be clear here…it wasnt prosecution against a football club…it was a targetted campaign by high level Rangers fans in the Police and Legal areas in Scotland against the various people involved in buying Rangers ( and its subsequent assets) from David Murray ( the actual man who had steered Rangers right it into destruction) as well as the Administrators placed in charge of said sale after Rangers entered Administration.

    I think the last targeted victim compensation talk was over £110m due to the despicable collusion, nastiness and sheer baseless shambolic horrific actions of the participants within Police Scotland and our judiciary.

    In return for such wasteful monies, so far Jock Public has had one Sheriff step down 6 month early for being “misleading”…ie lying…any of us of course would be straight to jail for sure.

  116. Geri says:

    Isn’t it weird that every female politician of late has turned out to be a cruel sadistic barsteward? The more twisted the higher they go..

    A far cry from the diplomatic peacekeepers everyone was selling.

    Sturgeon, Mayhem, Patel, Braverman, Jacinta, Truss… What a horror show. One as arrogant as the next. Or as thick as shit & in a position way above thier pay grade.

    Animal farm right enough. Rather than promise to be different they just end up the same or worse..

  117. Viscount Ennui says:

    Al Capone was finally brought down not by proof of his criminality, but by his tax returns.
    Why are the Murrells hiding theirs, I wonder?
    Is there a stream of funding that might explain why Nicola is so hostile to independence and why so enthusiastic about the whole gender issue?
    She apppears to have accumulated quite a stash of cash and assets.

  118. Ruby says:

    A transgender woman has denied raping two women with her penis

    Her penis

    What a joke!

    Those promoting the use of terms like ‘her penis’ are taking people for fools.

    Another one heading for women’s prison.

    I can’t decide if it’s very scary or highly entertaining watching the world go insane.

    Transwomen hate women

  119. Ruby says:

    Arden resigned when she had a sudden realisation that women do not have penises and all this gender recognition crap is about to blow up and she wants to be well out of the firing line.

    Expect Trudeau & Sturgeon to follow suit.

  120. Ruby says:

    I see the man calling himself Debbie is popping up in various newspapers & Twitter commenting on the trans issue.

    I used to have no problems with this man who calls himself Debbie but now I do.

    No more sex changes, no more men masquerading as women, no more drag, no more stories about ‘her penis’

    I am done I have had enough of this insanity.

    Transwomen are not women and women do not have fuckin’ penises.

  121. Ian Brotherhood says:

    ‘Hope I leave New Zealanders with a belief that you can be kind but strong, empathetic but decisive, optimistic but focused…that you can be your own kind of leader, one who knows when it’s time to go’.

    No-one seems to know for sure why Ardern has chosen now to chuck it. But if the reasons are anything to do with her handling of the ‘bug’ crisis, lockdowns, dangerous jabs, alleged kickbacks from Big Pharma etc, then there’s every chance that Sturgeon could have left herself open to similar pressures.

    But would she be able to deliver a similar statement without widespread ridicule? Replace ‘New Zealanders’ in that sentence with ‘Scots’ – would it ring true as the voice we’ve come to know?) The ‘time to go’ with any dignity has already been and gone.

  122. Confused says:

    Why does Maggie Chapman keep going on about ‘trans siblings’? Does she have trans people in her family? The word ‘siblings’ has a literal meaning. She and her fellow foreign weirdo Lorna Slater probably see the Greens as a fellow wackjob surrogate family to belong to. That I could actually see – water finds its level, and if ever a party was filled with utter lunatics and weirdos it’s the Greens, even more than the modern-day SNP. ‘Siblings.’ Modern-day religious talk, sister-brothers and brother-sisters! Can I get an AMEN?!

  123. SusanAHF says:

    Confused, I find the term trans siblings really creepy. They’re not my siblings. Yeuch.

  124. Neil in Glasgow says:

    Likely find they had no pals growing up so now latch onto to anyone and over emphasise the bond to make up for the fact. How jealous must they be of me? I have a real sibling I barely talk to and it suits both of just fine ha

  125. John Main says:

    @Lorna Campbell 12:01

    There are no actual laws against people changing the colour of their face, otherwise the polis would be on permanent duty at Prestwick, arresting every plane load arriving from Benidorm.

    I don’t know who first started this false equivalence between trans and blackface, but they need to knock it off.

    It’s a misleading distraction and not helping.

  126. Allan Faulds says:

    Pete Wishart is correct: Wings is now more interested in attacking trans people than fighting for independence:

    Wings’ attacks on pro trans gay people like Kezia Dugdale are also utterly vile.

  127. Geri says:

    I see Robin is on the ball regards what most of us have been saying regards America trying to hold on to it’s dying expansion.

    Another that’s heading for a reality check. Good luck looking for recruitment. They’re more interested in thier makeup than a gun.

  128. John Main says:

    @Allan Faulds 1:04

    I am convinced by the biology behind the X and Y chromosomes. These are elemental facts, laws of nature. They can’t be wished away by political sleight of hand.

    I am convinced by the polls showing conclusive majorities of Scots are opposed to any legislation detrimentally affecting women and girls.

    I am convinced by the evidence put forwards by pro women’s rights groups and others that this proposed legislation will put women at risk, and is therefore contrary to the wishes of most Scots.

    Why not look at the biological and democratic realities Alan?

  129. Red says:

    Allan Faulds says:
    19 January, 2023 at 1:04 pm
    Pete Wishart is correct: Wings is now more interested in attacking trans people than fighting for independence

    Are you that wee guy from the Green Party? How’s Pat doing these days?

  130. Alastair says:

    We all need some education
    We don’t need no thought control

    No dark GRR in our classrooms
    Teachers, leave our kid alone

    Hey Sot Gov, leave our kid a alone

    All in all, its thickest bricks in the wall
    Two-thirds MSP’s, are the thickest bricks in the wall

    If you don’t have yer science how you can’t have yer rules
    How can you have yer rules if you don’t have yer science

    You! Yes you, behind the mask
    Stand still, laddie

  131. Geri says:

    Wings can speak for himself but I’ve never found him anti trans.

    He’s anti shysters pretending to be.

    As usual the over dramatic language. Anti Trans.
    No, anti pretenders.

    Of which Pete Wishart is the cup holder.

  132. Red says:

    Allan Faulds says:
    19 January, 2023 at 1:04 pm
    Pete Wishart is correct: Wings is now more interested in attacking trans people than fighting for independence:

    In what way is the Green Party “fighting for independence”?

    John Main – Why not look at the biological and democratic realities Alan?

    Believing that women have vaginas is a disciplinary offense in the Green Party. I honestly wish I was joking.

  133. James che says:

    Watched John Kerry at Davos, explain that a few of them are special humans almost exterrestial that have been touched,
    These are the people that interfere, infiltrate and fund our governments like the snp.

    I tend to agree with him.

    They are indeed a ” special touched class” of people not working for the betterment of humans on this planet but “spaced out” and working against all humanity.

    That lot are left wanting for a place of worship and to be worshipped, we should give them a asylum

  134. James Che says:

    Allan Faulds.

    That comment with regards trans is in of itself a very good reason why Scotland not only needs to speed up independence for Scotland, but a darn good reason to annul a Proxy parliament in Scotland.

  135. James Che says:

    This group of spaced out group of people are funding the movement of gender issues around the world.

    Watch Viva Frie last night and he made the connective groups in Canada.whom are also having the same problem as Scotland.

  136. Republicofscotland says:

    “Pete Wishart is correct”

    Is it April Fools Day already?

  137. Republicofscotland says:

    The windbag, HorseBox Mike, has had his Twitter account suspended.

    “Taking to the alternative social media Mastodon, Russell said he had “no idea why” his Twitter account had been blocked. He suggested it was likely a “malicious complaint”.”

  138. akenaton says:

    “John Main”
    I cannot understand why you are abused and denigrated by so many on this forum.
    You write more common sense than most of us, tho’ you can at times be a little blunt.
    Anyway, your participation makes this place more interesting and less of a ranter’s corner, all in all a good thing.

  139. Mark+Boyle says:

    Allan Faulds says:
    19 January, 2023 at 1:04 pm

    Pete Wishart is correct: Wings is now more interested in attacking trans people than fighting for independence:

    Wings’ attacks on pro trans gay people like Kezia Dugdale are also utterly vile.

    Stu may have much the same ego and temper issues as Sturgeon, but he was fighting for independence when you were still an unfertilised ovum and don’t you forget it Faulds. People not AGREEING with you is not the same as being “attacked”.

    Come to that, Robin Harper – the former head of the resurrected Scottish Green Party – has said publicly he’s alarmed at the manner GREEN issues have been completely thrown under the bus by the current SGP in favour of LGBTQ+ politics and – and this is the guy that was campaigning for gay rights up here back in the days when wearing a rainbow scarf in public would get you a doing.

    The Scottish Green Party has become Lindi St Clair’s Corrective Party in all but name: at least as a prostitute it was pretty clear where her agenda came from. Where that of the current sickos, weirdos and adult babies that make up today’s SGP comes from is a matter deeply troubling to many old stagers in Scottish environmentalism – today’s current crop seem to have dropped the “enviro” part …

    Notorious local autogynephiliac perverts and convicted rapists suddenly declaring themselves “transgender” with an eye for the main chance is no “Glen/Glenda” moment: there’s a reason so many gays and lesbians have alarm bells ringing over transcultists – they remember how much the LGBTQ moment got its fingers badly burned by the PiE scandal in the 1980s. People who are clearly NOT TRANS are exploiting tunnel visioned fanaticism for their own sick ends – and any responsible human rights movement would have the guts to accept there are those of ill-faith and even iller intent whose support should NEVER be accepted at any price, in much the same way the anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa expunged those elements who wanted a race war.

    It’s long past the time you and the rest of your spoilt brat generation ceased using hysteria, tantrums and grotesque exaggeration every time you encounter dissent. It’s time you started listening to the warning from people experienced in these matters – not fellow manchildren whose ‘facts’ are whatever’s trending on Twitter (the 21st century equivalent of “a bloke down the pub told me”).

    Screeching “utterly vile” at anyone daring to have an unFauldsian thought is a sure sign you are not ready yet to be in an elected position controlling other people’s lives when you cannot even control yourself.

  140. James Che says:

    Scotland needs to defund and reduce politicians wages in our Country as a solution to the elite-tism between the over reach of political dictatorship and the the nation of people,

    Reduce the financial gap that causes politicians to think they are above the law, and can pay to be above the law.

  141. Republicofscotland says:

    Lesley Riddoch bumming up Stephen Flynn and Mhairi Black’s contributions in the HOC regarding the GRRB.

    Jaded columnists like Riddoch have been spewing out the same old shit since the 2014 indyref, I guess the likes of Riddoch are making a good living out of the toing and froing on the constitutional matter and the status quo, a real indy columnist would have seriously berated the SNP and called for Sturgeon to resign by now.

  142. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Pete Wishart is correct: Wings is now more interested in attacking trans people than fighting for independence:”

    I’ve tolerated a lot of mad shit from you, Allan, including the bizarre assertion that I’m gay, but I’m tired of the endless stream of abuse now, and when you’re citing Pete fucking Wishart in support this is as much to protect you from humiliation as to save the rest of us from your increasingly unhinged ranting. Bye.

  143. Republicofscotland says:

    Shame on the Aberdonian’s who are letting this go ahead, this vile creature has already been ran out of Scotland once before.

    “NIGEL Farage is set to host an episode of his GB News show from a pub in Scotland.

    The former UKIP leader has announced he will bring his programme to a pub in Aberdeen this April.”

    The venue is yet to be revealed due to security concerns, with details to be released 24 hours before the event begins.””

  144. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Believing that women have vaginas is a disciplinary offense in the Green Party.”

    Actually HAVING a vagina is an offence in the Scottish Greens.

  145. Geoff Anderson says:

    John Main @ 1:01pm

    Black face is exactly like TransCult behaviour. A Women is not an image to be worn for any reason. I think the comparison is extremely accurate. I will use it and I encourage others to do so.
    Biology is the only standard I accept.

    When did you attain site Warden Status?

  146. Ruby says:

    akenaton says:
    19 January, 2023 at 2:09 pm

    “John Main”
    I cannot understand why you are abused and denigrated by so many on this forum.
    You write more common sense than most of us, tho’ you can at times be a little blunt.
    Anyway, your participation makes this place more interesting and less of a ranter’s corner, all in all a good thing.

    Great that John Main has a pal he’s been very lonely since Andy Ellis decided to spend more time in his garden watering his tulips!

  147. Bob Mack says:

    Trans folk of any description are actually trying to be something they can never be. They want to change sex thinking this is the solution to all their ills. However,all they become is a counterfeit of their chosen sex. They can re assure themselves all they want by appearance and dress, but they remain the same.

    That is not problematic to anyone other than themselves.

    They are not the problem. The problem are those who will use any methods to achieve their ends, and please do not tell me that such folk do not exist. One is currently on trial at Glasgow Sherrif court for serious sexual offences.Even one offence affects the lives of many. Those offended against and all their family and friends.

    Offenders will use the system. The Met police are finding that out now. The Churches of whatever hue have found that out as well to their cost. Not necessarily by trans, but that will come with time.

    What we all are talking about are safeguards to protect women, who have fought long and hard for any rights ar all, and only achieved some in recent times. If it suits offenders they would claim to be liile bo peep if it made their life easier in some way pre or post conviction.They will use the system for sure.

    To believe anything else is naive.

  148. Republicofscotland says:

    SNP ran Glasgow City Council will probably axe 800 teaching posts in Glasgow. As well as more than 800 jobs being cut, primary schools would close early on Fridays to help cut £51 million from the education budget.

    Meanwhile the same city council has.

    “LGBTYS Just received £190,000 for Glasgow City Council. This was just approved last Thursday, despite them having just ‘referred themselves’ to the police due to my, and others, speaking out about historical abuse.”

  149. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:at 2:22 pm

    “Believing that women have vaginas is a disciplinary offense in the Green Party.”

    Actually HAVING a vagina is an offence in the Scottish Greens.”
    But only if you can sniff the right chromosomes I’ve heard …

  150. Ruby says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    19 January, 2023 at 2:22 pm

    “Believing that women have vaginas is a disciplinary offense in the Green Party.”

    Actually HAVING a vagina is an offence in the Scottish Greens.

    OK if it’s a ‘universal vagina’?

    Oh gawd! I’ve haven’t been right since I read about sissy porn.

  151. James Che says:

    Sooner rather than later, we are needing to gather together as a “sovereign people’s assembly” with the ” Right Of Self Determination ” and through off, the shackle’s of our Colonial master dictatorship working through a proxy Scottish parliament.

    When? will depend on people waking up to the position and condition they are in.

    Wether it is shivering in the dark in a energy rich Country like Scotland,
    Or when there “wife or child” has been attacked under non protective trans-gender laws.
    Or when their mortgage is to high for continued payments.

    When drugs are more available on your high street Than food for your table.
    When new laws reduce your vehicles to become illegal to use, as transport for yourself, and for family

    Or new laws introduced to curtail your freedom of speech or the right to protest without offending minority groups that over rule the majority groups in Scotland.

    When climate change laws start killing the old and vunarable.
    When climate change laws start culling the naturlised animals in Scotland.

    When farmers and fishermen cannot overcome the restrictive imposed laws to feed Scotland independently.

    When great swathes of Scotland are no longer under the old law of ” free to roam” but become gated and fenced.

    Bit by bit, Scotland, and its nation are being strangled until its last dying breath, the people of this lovely Country will either, freeze, starve, become drug addicts, or stuck at home with no car or fuel.

    ONE of these issues, is detrimental to the well-being of Scotland, But All of Them?

    Sooner rather than later it has to be.

  152. James Che says:

    Whoops,correction, please read as “throw off” not through off

  153. Geri says:


    I don’t think it’s the wages that need dropped but Sturgeons equality drive pish. Hire the best person rather than whats in thier Keck’s.

    Also, if we are to have a pretendy parliament then the next FM needs to bring about a way of sacking the government that doesn’t include eejits in the chamber but Joe Public.

    SNP, Labour are just allowed to become complacent rather than keeping on thier toes to keep thier position.
    Maybe change the term? 5 yrs it too long to jettison a political party who has gone rogue.

    It’s amazing the amount of supposedly educated ppl who not only push woo but ever thought they could just change reserved matters! Umm, hello? Independence movements on the phone!!


    Lolz! That’ll be cancelled unless he can easyJet in some punters along with him.

  154. Geri says:


    Now you’ll need to spill the tea..

    My Google search can’t take any more dodgy as fk web terms 😀

  155. The Usual Shite says:

    Rape Crisis Scotland does not approve of the UK government’s intervention in the GRR bill. This would not be anything to do with the trans creep running it, would it? Surely a coincidence.

  156. akenaton says:

    Sorry if you feel annoyed Ruby, I read and enjoy all the comments here, one of the last places on line where freedom of speech is protected.
    I love most of your comments when yer no gaun aff yer heid, they are fiery and straight from the heart and that is refreshing.

  157. McDuff says:

    Faulds farewell wlcomed rev, about time.

  158. TGC says:

    Is it true that WOS said this when asked if he is still YES

    “. No. Thanks entirely to you useless creeps
    and your rapists charter I’m the least Yes
    I’ve ever been. “

    If it is true perhaps a statement to WOS supporters should be offered

    Me ? This is me ,
    No matter what Westminster does
    No matter what Scottish government does
    No matter what SNP does
    No matter what Nicola Sturgeon does

    Scottish independence supporters will always be YES
    No matter what happens in the world
    If you do not agree you are not really a Scottish independence supporter and should say so

  159. Geri says:

    The Yes movement doesn’t belong to the SNP.
    Are you a wheest for indy?

    Would you kill yer first born cause, ya know, independence comes first no matter what?

    No one will vote for deviants at the cost of other ppls rights & safegaurds. There’s a few SNP MSPs already being told to GTF on the doorstep doing the rounds. First thing out there mouth along with nonce.

    SNPs obsession with other ppls children will halt indy in its tracks. It was well warned it would. It carried on regardless. You must be the only one left who believes the SNP are indy..

    Bubble burst.

  160. Ruby says:

    Geri says:
    19 January, 2023 at 4:00 pm


    Now you’ll need to spill the tea..

    My Google search can’t take any more dodgy as fk web terms ?

    Be warned I haven’t been right since I read about sissy porn.
    You might want to skip the following.

    (I’ll have to take care ‘cos this explanation contains a banned word.)

    A “universal vagina” is an an*us (“through which femaleness can always be accessed”), at least according to some activists broadly working within the realms of trans rights activism

    FF to 18:35 for more info about sissy porn.

    Enjoy. 🙂

  161. John Main says:

    @Geoff Anderson says:19 January, 2023 at 2:31 pm

    Black face is exactly like TransCult behaviour.

    Is it though? The worst example of blackface I can think of is some blackened guy gatecrashing the Notting Hill festival. The worst example of trans behaviour I can think of is some intact guy waving his bits in a female dressing room in front of mums and their daughters. I think the latter is a hell of a lot worse than the former. Soz

    Biology is the only standard I accept.

    Maybes you should accept then that pathologists and archaeologists can dig up a skeleton and tell whether it is
    male or female. They can’t tell what race it is, because as we are so often reminded, there are no genetic markers for race.
    Sex is immutable. Race is a social construct.

    When did you attain site Warden Status?

    You tell me. It’s an idea that exists only in your oan heid.

  162. Ruby says:

    I wonder who is going to come along and respond to the total pish that has just been posted on Wings?

  163. Pipinghot says:

    Riddoch realised that unless she towed the line she got cancelled. Pretty pathetic sell out but we all have our price apparently.

  164. Andrew scott says:

    I was approached by #snpeado canvaser to vote #snp
    I replied”i would rather gouge my eyes out than vote $snp now”
    He seemed a little put out

  165. Andrew scott says:

    Where may i ask was Joanna cherry when the debate took place in westmonster over the GRC cr@p
    Missing in action or not wanting to rock the #snpeado boat?.
    Why is she not Alba??

  166. Willie says:

    Over on Yours For Scotland it looks like the gremlins have gotten the comments section and vanished it from the site.

    Seems that the gremlins strike when there is an ALBA driven article. ( See ALBA – Levelling Up today )

    Could these be the same gremlins that vanish into the ether comments posted on Wings.

  167. PacMan says:

    TGC says: 19 January, 2023 at 4:36 pm

    Is it true that WOS said this when asked if he is still YES

    “. No. Thanks entirely to you useless creeps
    and your rapists charter I’m the least Yes
    I’ve ever been. “

    If it is true perhaps a statement to WOS supporters should be offered

    Me ? This is me ,
    No matter what Westminster does
    No matter what Scottish government does
    No matter what SNP does
    No matter what Nicola Sturgeon does

    Scottish independence supporters will always be YES
    No matter what happens in the world
    If you do not agree you are not really a Scottish independence supporter and should say so

    Cut the gaslighting and guilt-tripping as nobody is falling for it now.

  168. Republicofscotland says:

    “The UK Government’s decision to block gender reform legislation in Scotland has demonstrated that Westminster is the “worst of both worlds”, Nicola Sturgeon has said.”

    Yet Sturgeon the Judas has had ample opportunities to rid us of this onesided prison of a union, but has chosen to keep us locked in. Only when her precious unamended GRRB is rejected by Westminster does she make the above statement, Sturgeon the Judas is a fraud, and egotistical charlatan, who puts her own, and her party’s agenda ahead of what we elected her to do.

    Get the SNP out of office at every turn, and at every level, that also goes for the their rapist/paedo enabling buddies the Greens.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba

  169. Republicofscotland says:

    Jeez oh, I’m utterly blown away with Murray’s performance in this edge of your seat rally for one point.

  170. Dan says:


    I notice progressive as fuck Auld Reekie is going to raise Quorn fed bairns noo as meat is to be struck off the school menu. Skeptical pedants such as myself will recall that meat wasn’t struck off the menu at the recent COP27 “planet saving” event that all the VIPs attended in Egypt…
    But will the Capital’s bairns soon be munching on imported avocado & chia seed derived scran, or might it be a locally grown concoction of neep & sprout based fayre?
    On the positive side, at least all that veg based nosh will produce plenty flatulent wind to propel oor many wind turbine leccy generators, and create even more profits for the big corporates as oor ain fowk sit literally “chilling oot” because they can’t afford to heat their homes…

  171. Ruby says:

    robertkknight says:
    19 January, 2023 at 7:56 pm

    Posted without comment…

    I saw a similar article in the Times which I ‘commented’ on earlier.

    A transgender woman has denied raping two women with her penis

    The ‘her penis’ bit triggered my ‘transphobia’ caused me to swear.

  172. Tinto Chiel says:

    Independence is normal but she’s the one blocking it.

    In fact, she invited a pretendy English “Supreme Court” to rule against our ability to hold a referendum and she goes on about democracy despite the fact that no GRR Bill was part of the 2019 SNP manifesto and that she packed the NEC with her specially selected place-men and women to silence dissent.

    How can anyone keep believing this BS?

  173. Shug says:

    I had to laugh at Viceroy Jack on BBC saying the act conflicted with UK legislation so he is blocking in.
    So how does it conflict, that is for the Scottish gov to work out
    What are your concerns, it is not for me to say

    Think of any answer you like and get back on your knees jock

    Just do what your told

    The arrogance is beyond description.

  174. Shug says:

    Stop press the late news edited out the arrogant bit

    Thank you babe for sparing me

    We see you

  175. Derek says:

    “Confused says:
    19 January, 2023 at 12:06 pm

    …sister-brothers and brother-sisters…”

    (sings*) “…mother-sister, mother-sister…”

    *sort of.

  176. meg merrilees says:

    I wonder what strings Ruth Davidson is pulling behind the scenes here?

  177. Geri says:

    Look for the SNP having aspirations to become a UK wide party under the pish of having more clout at WM to deliver thier own S30 as being the official opposition. (They won’t obviously) It ticks all the boxes on paper to branch out..

    Pro EU for remainers
    Pro Pampers Brigade
    Pro environmentalists
    Pro warmongering
    Cloth ears & arrogance fitted as standard.

    They’ve been hinting for a loooong time – especially *where’s the rush) Pishy Pete since 2015 & you can’t read an MPs twitter feed without (placed?) adoring fans saying they’d vote for them if only they stood in thier area. Zzzz!

    Now that thier teas oot in Scotland & there’s no indyref or plebiscite in thier future they’ll have to find another way to cling on. The NEC is also going that route. Just the same shit, different day. They’ve already pulled the shutters down on interference from holding Conferences or talking with pro indy on a way forward. FFS it’s secret plan part #2

    Supposed Indy folks getting on board.
    Maybe Wings will soon have the option to vote for them in Bath 😀

    Ruby, cheers for the links I’ll take a look..

  178. Ian says:

    “What a sad day. Just 500 people have applied for a GR certificate in Scotland. Yet this tiny marginalised, vilified minority are being portrayed as an existential threat to women and children.”

    On the contrary. A 500 who already did it are not the issue. It’s that anyone and everyone who can do it henceforth just on a whim.

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