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Well Ye Huv Noo

Posted on May 19, 2023 by

Just over a year ago, Shona Robison – then the Cabinet Secretary For Social Justice, now the Deputy First Minister – told the Scottish Parliament this:

There now follow some quotes from the media regarding the case of Andrew Miller, aka Amy George, who yesterday admitted the kidnap and repeated sexual abuse of an 11-year-old girl at his home in Galashiels earlier this year.

All emphasis is ours.

“Miller started using the name Amy George six years ago. He was vocal on social media about transgender issues and supported the former first minister Nicola Sturgeon’s moves to make it easier for people to change their sex.”

“Miller, whose finger and toenails were painted red, was dressed as a woman when he offered the young girl a lift home in his plush Jaguar around 27 hours earlier. The child, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, told officers she was approached by “a lady in her car” who asked her if she was ok. The victim did not consider Miller, whom she did not know, a threat and accepted his offer.”

“Ms Glancy told the court that Miller was a butcher who had his own business locally. She said: ‘It is understood that the accused identifies as a transgender female named “Amy George” and reports that he is in the process of transitioning to a female. At the time of his arrest, he was presenting as Amy.

“The girl later told police she had been unable to get a bus home and so started to walk when she was approached “by a lady in a car” who offered to give her a lift. She said she had accepted the offer and got into the Jaguar car because she was cold and believed the “lady” to be non-threatening.”

“During a six hour interview, Miller told investigators: “It was like a motherly thing eh. I was trying to be nice. I put her in bed with me to warm up. Her phone went under a heater and accidentally melted. I don’t know why I did it, it’s just one of these things.”

“The court also heard that Miller mainly wore a bra and female pants for the duration of the time that the child was held but that on one occasion, the child saw that ‘Amy had a penis’ as he went to use the loo.”

“Miller was still sleeping when he was arrested and was found wearing a bra with silicone breast inserts, female pants and tights.”

Readers may feel that it certainly sounds a lot like Andrew Miller was pretending to be something else in order to carry out abusive and predatory behaviour. But when that was put to Shona Robison last night, she didn’t have a word of contrition, nor even a word of concern for the poor child Miller put through a horrific ordeal.

All she was concerned about was the defence of trans people.

Curiously, Robison repeatedly insisted that Miller was indeed a “predatory man”, even though he identifies as female, even though her government is still pushing for a law that would allow him to become legally female on his own say-so with no safeguards of any kind, and even though she and other ministers voted down an amendment that would have blocked that right in the case of sex offenders.

Indeed, last night the First Minister – while unlike Robison he did manage a few words for the victim – refused to rule out Miller being sent to a female prison.

Yousaf used male pronouns for Miller, although he didn’t say that he believed Miller to be “completely at it”, as he did in the case of Isla Bryson, who he’d nevertheless repeatedly refused to use male pronouns for, evasively using “they” instead.

The only explanation for that curious anomaly is that Miller had requested male pronouns be used to refer to himself in court “for simplicity”.

Or in other words, the First Minister of Scotland was deferring to the feelings of a convicted rapist and a convicted paedophile respectively, presumably so as not to upset his coalition partners in the Scottish Greens, a party with a long track record of association with rapists and paedophiles.

This is where we stand now, folks. These are the people who notionally represent the Yes movement in Parliament. These are the people we’re supposed to get behind on the basis that they allegedly want independence for Scotland. These are the people who supposedly stand on the moral high ground, for “progressiveness” and “inclusion” and “equality”, for freeing ourselves from the UK in order to create a better nation.

But of those things, there really IS no evidence.

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0 to “Well Ye Huv Noo”

  1. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Odd bunch.

    No credibility now for the SNP who should stand down allowing real pro independence parties to get on with the job.

    They would be welcomed into Scottish Labour, remember them, after all that’s where a lot of the oddballs came from.

    It is almost funny to watch the contortions as they choose their words so as not to offend any mentally ill folk and sex offenders.

  2. Dave M says:

    Utterly, utterly appalling.

  3. duncanio says:

    Self-identifying social engineers like Sturgeon and Robison that should be kept away from positions of authority at all costs.

    They make Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest seem benign and sane.

  4. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    End your monomaniacal, vindictive persecution of Trans folk now! You must know that these uniquely virtuous people are incapable of committing crime. You should henceforth be transported to a political re-education facility to have your heretical thoughts purged by the pastel dungaree wearing Red Guard of the New Cultural Revolution.

  5. Cuphook says:

    That little girl would have ended up in the trans butcher’s shop, and his customers would have disposed of the evidence as they chanted, “Transwomen are women,” and played along with his fetish.

    Of course, it would be a hate crime not to play along.

  6. fran says:

    Oh yes, the police/courts/press/ministers/public all must defer to the feelings of a convicted paedophile, lest they are attacked for being bigots. These fekkin clowns make me sick.

  7. Ian says:

    I think the main reason he requested male pronouns is so he is charged under his actual name.

    When released from prison, he can then ‘change to female’ and get rid of his criminal record.

  8. Astonished says:

    Robison must go. And go today.

    Anyone who remains a nuSNP MSP and MP is just as guilty. If the truly vile actions of Robison hasn’t convinced them to get off the gravybus – Nothing will.

    I hope to God, that not a single one of them is re-elected.

  9. joolz says:

    Robison completely misses the point, as always. She keeps defending transwomen, but this isn’t about TW. It’s about men, ALL men. Because we cannot tell which men are the good ones and which are the paedos, rapists and predators.

    Decent men understand this and wouldn’t dream of accessing women’s spaces. Every male who accesses women’s spaces without our permission is, by definition, a predator, regardless of his ‘identity’.

    Presumably she is lucky and hasn’t been the victim of a sexual assault or a paedo. If she had, she would understand how victims feel about seeing a male in our safe spaces and having PTSD triggered. It’s retraumatising victims.

    It’s also disregarding the freedom of Muslim and strict Jewish women who won’t be able to use women’s spaces with men there. What provision have they made for these women in hospital wards and prisons so they aren’t housed with men?

    There are so many ramifications of this idiotic policy. They just haven’t thought it through. It’s absurd that SNP politicians are committing hate crimes under their own laws in an effort to defend predators. Even a moron would see that as a sign to rethink the policy. But Robison is thicker than any moron and isn’t capable of thinking her way out of a paper bag.

  10. Ian Brotherhood says:

    ‘Well ye huv noo.’

    Where is that from?

    It’s driving me crazy…


  11. Jeremy Wickins says:

    “Her phone melted…”??? I suppose once you’ve adopted one position utterly divorced from reality, the rest of the lies come easily.

  12. Martin says:

    Sadly even before Robinson spouted her drivel there WAS evidence of exactly this sort of thing. Any change in law which potentially could make access to vulnerable people easier WILL be used by these sort of scumbags to get that. Even if it means wearing a frock. Stonewall have let society and the gender dysmorphic down badly by shutting down debate and pretending it’s for the trans community’s benefit.

    Had we been allowed reasonable debate and grown up discussions about safeguarding issues there could be very sensible legislation which would help trans people (both through safeguarding and psychological support) and reassure the wider community. But no. We got doctrine and meaningless recursive slogans instead, polarising society. There will be a disastrous backlash which will harm the wider lgbt community.. But by that point the rapists and paedo’s will have moved on to infiltration of the new in vogue group, starting the cycle again.

  13. Antoine Bisset says:

    When I am out and about, socialising with supermarket checkout operators, shop assistants, petrol station clerks, I sometimes need to use a public toilet such as these places happily provide*.
    For preference I use the disabled toilets as they are generally vacant, are more spacious, for one person only and typically very clean.
    Perhaps soi-disant “trans” persons could be compelled to use (single use)disabled toilets? They would not then be intruding on, or sharing, the spaces of normal people of either sex.
    Armbands and electronic ankle tags might help, but perhaps a step too far?
    One further thought. Perhaps the Scottish government could build a separate “trans” prison where both/all varieties could be incarcerated together?

    * I don’t get around much any more.

  14. James Che says:

    You will speak how you advised to do after you took the financial funding for you and you’re party.

    Stick to the Script and you will receive the rest later.

    We only pay out when the job is completed.

  15. Liz says:

    Genuinely believe, these people are sociopaths.
    Nothing touches them.
    They have no self awareness, no empathy, no sympathy.

    Their whole mantra has been like this for ages.
    Evertime they have been asked about women, they answer about transwomen.

    It seems they’ve all been trained in the same way.
    Sturgeon accepted a TRA ally award, on the same day, we heard about that poor wee girls ordeal and she bleated on about her fucking feminism.

    Everyone of these people need drummed out of office.

  16. James Che says:

    Funding pays for completely missing the point.

  17. Shug says:

    I hear Nicolas nick name used to be “knasher” on account of an incident in a relationship.

    It did make me chuckle

  18. Mairi says:

    Useless Yousaf oozes smooth insincerity with every word he speaks.

    Shona Robison is a tortured clown continually trying to defend the indefensible.

    I want the NuSNP and the Greens to fall flat on their progressive incompetent faces These charlatans couldn’t achieve independence for Scotland if it was handed to them on a fucking plate.

    Get all of these shysters out the way and let’s have some proper leadership via the Alba Party.

  19. James Che says:

    You would near think that a good deal of them were on drugs judging by their lack of empathy to victems.

  20. Lee Floyd says:

    This is a unique moment in time, a special landmark in social history. Not since the late sixties, with the rise of the counterculture movement in the US, has a society been deflected, reimagined, changed. I suppose the only difference – and it is a huge one – is that this change today is being driven by a subset of the liberal polity, different to the mainstream liberal polity, and this subset includes prominent and powerful, if circumspect members of The Establishment. Hippies, love ins, free love, drug culture, anti Vietnam war protests – all driven from below, by the participants acting without collaboration, support or protection with their contemporary elites. Indeed, some of the most repressive police action against these mostly young people was seen in the same places the counterculture grew from. Today, these elites drive from above. Laws are changed to protect the current radicsls. Ordinary people are imprisoned if they oppose. Media is (unlike the 60s) completely captured.

    Much of what passed for extreme politics in the 60s – women’s liberation, political plurality, sexual emancipation – are today seen as normal. All of today’s extreme politics is decidedly abnormal. 50 years ftom now, will our future selves have eradicated women? Children? Science, truth, objectivity, grace, moral rights and wrongs? Or will we repeat yet another period of US history, and in the wake of some defining moment or event, live through our own Army hearings, and reject our own Mccarthys?

  21. Beauvais says:

    This mentally-challenged fool is now the Finance Minister in the SG. Jeez!

  22. Casper1066 says:

    A five minute search on the internet will give you story after story of these predatory men doing just that.

    They care not to learn, so you have to ask yourself why?
    Their world collapse when facts are brought into it.

    Are they being funded or donations of considerable size…

    SNP have given a lot of money to these people…

    Maybe the 600k we keep looking for.

  23. Casper1066 says:

    A five minute search on the internet will give you story after story of these predatory men doing just that.

    They care not to learn, so you have to ask yourself why?
    Their world collapse when facts are brought into it.

    Are they being funded or donations of considerable size.

    SNP have given a lot of money to these people.

    Maybe the 600k we keep looking for.

  24. Johnlm says:

    ‘Playing the system’ has replaced logic and reason; for all of us.
    I blame the education system myself.

  25. rogueslr says:

    Antoine Bisset says:
    19 May, 2023 at 11:35 am

    Perhaps soi-disant “trans” persons could be compelled to use (single use)disabled toilets? They would not then be intruding on, or sharing, the spaces of normal people of either sex.

    Fair enough, they are mentally disabled by their dysphoria. Problem solved.

  26. Gregory Beekman says:

    It’s almost as if they think “trans” and “men” are different things…

    (trans are decent people but become men when they commit a crime)

  27. Stuart MacKay says:

    It’s right there in mile high letters – “It was a motherly thing” – you’ll never remove the “man” from transwoman – biology trumps willpower every time.

    A wolf will always be a wolf regardless of the number of sheepskins it wears.

  28. Stephen O'Brien says:

    There’s a price to pay for being different. Always has, always will be.

    Virtue signalling has it’s own cost, especially from hypocritical, bandwagon jumping politicians.

    The referendum carrot, a perfect example of their dishonesty.

  29. London Scott says:

    Joolz says:

    “It’s also disregarding the freedom of Muslim and strict Jewish women who won’t be able to use women’s spaces with men there.”

    Quite. I wonder if the Imans, at Humza’s local mosques in Pollokshields, would welcome these ‘ladies’ into the women’s section of the mosque.(Should they convert to Islam in prison.)

  30. Johnlm says:

    @LeeFloyd 11.52am

    Well said.
    Divide and rule has always been the game.
    Bankers are happy to be Capitalists or Communist as long as they can run the show.
    We can disagree but should never let ourselves become divided.
    There are more of us than them.

  31. James Che says:

    Stuart MacKay.

    A wolf in sheepskin clothing is a very good analogy.

  32. robertkknight says:

    To state that I loathe Sturgeon’s rancid SNP and everybody in it would, I’m afraid, be an understatement.

  33. Beauvais says:

    I took a look at Pension Pete’s Twitter just in case he had anything to say about all this. He didn’t. However he has today posted a photo of himself and Swinney visiting a Perthshire farm.

    They’re pictured standing in front of a field of rape.

    They don’t help themselves much do they?

    Well no, NuSNP do help themselves…to quite a lot.

  34. SusanAHF says:

    No disrespect to those of other faiths joolz, but I’m an atheist and I like to think I have equal rights to single sex spaces and activities as them

  35. Anton Decadent says:

    Reading the room well there was an article in yesterdays Herald by one of its resident not born in the UK Spurs fans. It compared the singer Morrissey with Roman Polanski and Woody Allen and said that whilst all three have issues all three should have their art separated from the person. Morrisseys crimes were to speak out about the erosion of his culture and things like the bombing at Manchester Arena. A couple of years ago as he had a new album coming out the Guardian contacted every single person who had worked on that album and tried to shame them into condemning the singer. I do not recall them doing that when Allen or Polanski had a new film coming out but, then again, the Guardian is also full of Spurs fans.

  36. Mia says:

    “There is no evidence that predatory and abusive men have ever had to pretend to be anything else to carry out abusive and predatory behaviour”

    I am sorry, but either Ms Robison is thick as two planks of wood, she is living in some kind of fairy bubble or she is unashamedly lying to our faces. In any case, when she is so far removed from reality, she clearly lacks sufficient judgement and sense to continue to cause damage as deputy FM.

    If predatory men never had to pretend to be anything else to carry their heinous crimes, you would not have entire departments in the police all over the world working undercover trying to catch paedophiles posing as teenagers online to get the trust of their victims.

  37. James Che says:

    I see the bank of England is still faking bein the bank of the UK in the financisl times,
    When in reality thay are only answerable to England and Wales on record.

  38. Lynn says:

    The Scottish Parliament is broken beyond repair .
    I am sick to hear her complete lack of care regarding the victim . It should have been left , right and centre of her comments .

    Until we get someone trustworthy to vote for irrespective of political parties I think we should protest by abstaining . We are not being listen to or considered . Why on Earth should we continue to vote any politician into power and financial gain when they are so disconnected to the mainstream .

  39. James Che says:

    Melting your victims phone to prevent them from phoning for help, would suggest a pre- plan was being implemented by the abuser.

    All in the Devolved government are a vipers nest sent to Scotland,

    It has spoken of changing prostitution into a career,
    it has bought in the Rape Clause ( tories) ,
    and now the trans gender men as wolves in sheep’s clothing imitating Women. Sexually assaulting females.
    It has also insured that victims are afraid of coming forward to talk of their abuse as it is now men that they have to talk to posing as women.

    The devolved government to Scotland is fast becoming A perverts paradise.

  40. Johnlm says:

    Re the ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ mentions above.
    Why did the Fabian Society use this as their coat of arms etc.?

  41. Fireproofjim says:

    Ian Brotherhood
    A hell fire preacher was admonishing naughty boys in the congregation – “an when ye are burning in the eternal fires ye will look up an say ‘Lord, Lord we didna ken’ and the Lord in his infinite mercy will look down an say ‘ Well ye ken noo’!!

  42. James Che says:

    Meanwhile they have avoided sticking to any promises made in their manifestoes, ignored all mandates given by the Scots for independence.
    Failed on energy.
    Failed on ferries,
    Failed over Brexit.
    A devolved government that fails on all policies except perversion legislation and shutting down free speech while with a quick twist of the hand magically disappears money,

    Why would any Scot? consider as a good piece Westminster of legislation under a Scotland Act that can be disputed since the day the Scottish parliament was dissolved 300 years ago,

  43. PacMan says:

    Robinson, Sturgeon and these other government minions aren’t trying to protect Transwoman, Trans ideology or anything else.

    All they are doing is trying to justify the actions they had made and in doing so, protecting their own careers.

  44. Northcode says:

    Kurtz: Did they say why, Willard, why they want to terminate my command?

    Willard: I was sent on a classified mission, sir.

    Kurtz: It’s no longer classified, is it? Did they tell you?

    Willard: They told me that you had gone totally insane, and that your methods were unsound.

    Kurtz: Are my methods unsound?

    Willard: I don’t see any method at all, sir

  45. James Che says:


    Interesting observation.
    Perhaps it is one of their indirect branches funding the devolved government parties.

  46. James Che says:

    Sorry for the confused sentence mix up, fighting my Dyslexia is constant thorn in the side.

  47. Derek says:

    He was charged as Anrew Miller, I think, so presumably will go through the system as Andrew Miller.

    Well, you’d hope so…

  48. James Che says:


    Your Previous post at 12: 51 Pm.

    Brilliant, and logical. Thumbs up to your commentary.

  49. Effijy says:

    Alex Salmond hit the nail on the head- very unpopular low emissions zones, calling men in frocks women and spend whatever it takes to get those damn ferries out at sea before comparing the cost to Labours Holyrood construction. bill, their PPI initiative with interest payments 6 fold greater than their cost and move on to £45 million Tory waste for broken track and trace, £150 million Brexit ships that never existed and the Billions wasted on Tory Pals PPE garbage that can never be used.

  50. Northcode says:

    My comment @1:48pm

    I’ve just realised.

    Apocalypse Now is based on Joseph Conrad’s novel: Heart of Darkness

    Seems appropriate somehow.

  51. Gregory Beekman says:

    Transwoman or transwokeman?

  52. Robert says:

    As others have said: “This is already a group of people in Scotland who face and accept restrictions because of the bad behaviour of a tiny minority of their members – and rightly so. This group is called “men””.

    There’s may be other groups who need to accept global restrictions because of the behaviour of a tiny minority of their members.

  53. Ruby says:

    Robison talks about a trans community.

    What kind of community is it?

    Is it made up of:

    Transherosexualmen & transherosexualwomen who have relationships?

    Transgaymen who have relationships with other transgaymen?

    Translesbianmen who have relationships with other translesbianmen?

    Transwomenlesbians who have relationships with other transwomenlesbians

    By warned my next question will be about Sissytranswomen.

  54. Stuart MacKay says:

    Johnlm @ 1:27pm

    Wikipedia is your friend,

    According to author Jon Perdue, “The logo of the Fabian Society, a tortoise, represented the group’s predilection for a slow, imperceptible transition to socialism, while its coat of arms, a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, represented its preferred methodology for achieving its goal.”

  55. Ruby says:

    “There is no evidence that predatory and abusive men have ever had to pretend to be anything else to carry out abusive and predatory behaviour”

    It’s simple they pretend not to be predatory and abusive men.

    Let me know if you need me to give examples of men pretending to be something they aren’t.

  56. John C says:

    Robison should resign if she had any sort of integrity. She hasn’t, and instead leaps to defend the feelings of an accused rapist in a situation she herself said ‘never happens’. She was warned this would happen. She was shown evidence going back years that abusive men use anything they can to get victims. She was given a chance to factor in safeguarding. She did nothing but pander to people who are now leaping to defend Andrew Miller from being ‘misgendered’ while the victim (and in saner days would be the focus of this story) is often dismissed as an afterthought or worse, ignored.

    If anything displayed how this isn’t just a men’s rights movement, but also an abusers charter, then this is the case that’ll do it. By now we’ve all sussed why he wants to be charged and tried under his birthname as he’ll transition in prison, serve his time then be released with a new name to vanish into the general population. All facilitated by the Scottish Government and Trans activists.

    The Scottish Greens are corrupted beyond repair. The SNP are tainted forever. Holyrood, devolution and independence has been damaged, possibly for most of our lifetimes.

    I don’t think we’re going to get rid of Trans ideology as simply as we thought 3 or 4 years ago. Back then many of us thought a case of two like this one would turn the tide along with children being mutilated and told it’s ‘affirming’ by people who should protect them. We’re going to see people now in the their teens or 20s in a decade or less realising what’s happened to them and wondering what on earth are they doing to do with a body nobody wants but perverted pornsick old men?

    Governments are helping create a healthcare and mental health timebomb that is now slowly going off but will explode by the end of the decade. How are we going to cope with thousands upon thousands of detransitioners trying to fix their bodies and minds when it may well be the case that the politicians tasked to answer those questions are the same ones who made it easier for them to be groomed and mutilated in the first place?

  57. John H. says:

    I feel that we have reached a turning point now in Scotland. Most people are well aware of the trans madness that has taken over in our country today. The SNP may be the biggest party after the next election, but I think they will struggle to form a government. Things are moving so quickly now that they might be out of the picture altogether. I hope so, for they bring shame on Scotland.

  58. John C says:

    Robison talks about a trans community.

    What kind of community is it?

    Back when this all started in the late 90s it was made up primarily of men, mostly transexuals and transvestites, but some women not to mention most of them seemed to be heterosexual. It was in effect a men’s rights movement from the off but Queer Theory brought in paedophiles as well as a design, not an accident.

    During the 2000s it hit the early internet, mutated, targeted younger people (gotta have a pipeline of followers/victims) so you had the first cases of Transwomen stealing women’s sporting titles, young boys and girls transitioning surgically (Jazz Jennings for example) so going through untested hormone therapy and highly experimental surgery to ‘turn them into the opposite sex’. Of course no human can change sex so this is really about Transhumanism/Queer Theory mixing with young people spending more time online and the ideology being spread by the like of Tumblr.

    The ‘Trans community’ now is basically a death cult as well as not just a men’s rights movement, but a charter for the worst perverts one can imagine to be allowed to shape younger people’s bodies in a way which will feed a pipeline for them to use as they will. One of the reasons why Trans people don’t mix well with the rest of us is they’ve been so transformed mentally that regular interactions are gone to them along with their grip on reality. If you were to write a horrific dystopia then you’d be hard pushed to imagine what we have here but we’ve got it.

    So we’ve got pornsick men, handmaiden women, an increasingly smaller section of LGB people,transexuals, paedophiles, AGP men and grifters like Owen Jones all making it so that we have what would normally be a youth cult that’d burn out in a decade or so being pushed on and on because it benefits them either financially, sexually or by giving them extraordinary power.

    That’s the reason they’re always so vague about the ‘Trans community’. If they said what it actually was this ideology wouldn’t have lasted long after 2016.

  59. John H. says:

    Sorry to be o/t on such an important thread, but I thought I should mention this.

    Bond Street station in London opens £570 million over budget. It’s part of the Elizabeth Line, which is £4 billions pounds over budget.

  60. Morgatron says:

    The SNP are really getting to sound like a readers letter out the Viz. A young girl has been sexually assaulted, kidnapped and they are still protecting a .4% of society. I don’t give a monkeys what anyone’s bent is , I’ve got a couple myself , but these freaks are scary and twisted.

  61. twathater says:

    I always have suspicions over people who push this progressive venal pish, you only have to look at the likes of wee paddy, tranada lorna , or the repellent beast Chapman to realise that they are “DIFFERENT”, I have no problem with ugly people possibly because I am self identifying as one, but honestly how could anyone not look at these things and not realise that they are not only ugly on the outside but that ugliness bad as it is is totally surpassed by their ugliness within

    Unlike Robison who has children none of the other green transformers do have, yet they can state with unequivocal certainty what goes on through children’s minds

    And AFAIC politicians and people who support this deviance their children should be protected by removing them from these perverts

  62. Robert Louis says:

    Madness. Utter, utter madness.

    The pervert, Andrew Miller, is a clear cut case, according to the Scottish government, of ‘Schrodingers trans. This is a modern day phenomena created by the SNP, whereby when doing something really bad (like being a paedophile and kidnapping little girls), Andrew Miller is just a man. A Big bad man. But in ALL other circumstances, he needs sympathy and understanding because he is ‘trans’ and is, according to the SNP loonies, an actual bona fide lady.

    These People, Humza Useless and Robison, are just too, too STUPID for words. Absolute freaking morons.

  63. James Jones says:

    James Che at 1:05 pm.
    “I see the Bank of England is still faking being the bank of the UK… when in reality they are only answerable to England and Wales.”

    What do you mean by “answerable”?
    It’s just a historical name. It was a private company established in 1694 to act as the bank of the English government and was nationalised in 1946. I can see how it might bother some people. Maybe you should start a petition.

  64. Lorna Campbell says:

    He knew he would not be placed in a female prison, or thought he would not, so he did the next best thing for his own skin: by identifying as male, he knows he will have to be placed in a special unit in the male prison estate and receive protection – and he’ll need it.

    I read the piece in The National. Shona Robison did not offer an iota or scintilla of sympathy, let alone empathy, for that poor child. No, it was all about the ‘trans’ community and how we should not blame them all for this man’s odious behaviour, as if we have the pitchforks primed.

    Point one, Shona Robison, you would need to be really, really determinedly thick as mince to not understand the reams of evidence that is in existence that these men are 100% or close, to ALL being sexually-motivated. If they are not autogynephiles, they are paraphiliacs/fetishists. Point two: how can the SG expect females to tolerate this kind of thing in their spaces, even if these men are not outwardly dangerous? These men are porn-addled fetishists, many of them. You would not wear false breasts, women’s pants, etc. unless you were a fetishist, a cross-dresser. Gay men do drag, but for a very different reason from that of heterosexual men (most ‘trans’ are heterosexual) and no self-respecting gay man would entice children into that world.

    There is no ‘true trans’; there are only mentally-ill men who cannot contain their need to debase themselves as females. They really do not want to be women because they envy us, that is baloney. They get their kicks out of alarming women and girls, they feel sexual excitement at the thought of being female because they see females as subservient and not quite human. They enjoy our discomfort.

    I know that sounds far-fetched, but, those who have spent time and effort on studying the phenomenon by studying the kind of porn that ‘trans women’ look at, it is mainly in the realm of ‘females’ being humiliated and made to do things they do not wish to do, under the brutal heel of a man, and most of them play both parts in their imagination, simultaneously male and female, simultaneously the brutaliser and the brutalised. It is not a persona they adopt so much as a fundamental aspect of their personality, so saying that SOME will commit sexual offences while pretending to be females is rather pointless, when even the mildest ones are mocking women and girls in a sexual way.

    You can forgive ignorance or even gross stupidity in the general public when the person involved has little or no capacity to learn or to understand, having no access to the research (albeit, it is widely available on-line to study) but when people who have stood for parliament, campaigned for people to vote for them as our representatives, making huge and far-reaching decisions that affect all of us, there is no excuse, none. The wealth of evidence is at the fingertips of all party researchers. That means that they are being deliberately obtuse, and that they know what they are doing.

    Virtue-signalling, sanctimonious excuses for human beings. We told you over and over that this would happen because we made the effort to research this stuff. I speak for myself only, but I loathe those moral vacuums that we call MSPs and MPs (those who voted for self-ID and who voted down the amendments). They have let us down over independence and they have let 51% for the population down with ‘gender identity’.

    They are all a disgrace, a blot on Scotland – all of them, not just the vile Greens and SNP, but Labour, Lib Dems and even a couple of Tories. They are all vile human beings and we cannot condone their existence in Holyrood and in Westminster for another minute, let alone several more years. Someone asked why ‘trans’ shouldn’t use disabled loos? People with real, physical disabilities have to use the disabled loos. Better ask: why should they not use third spaces?

    Why not campaign for their own spaces? Every other group has had to do so. The answer is simple: they want female spaces and they want them now. Gaining access to female spaces, sports, jobs, services, etc. is not really about validation; it is about making females feel uncomfortable and lacking safety and dignity. All that adds to the sexual frisson these men experience. Most are probably narcissists, and that also gives them a power kick. Some are psychopaths/sociopaths who enjoy humiliating and harming females. Unless we actually get a handle on what this movement is – and not all want to access female spaces, we have to remember that – we have no hope of saving our society.

    I keep on saying that we must get rid of the enablers in parliament – all of them – before starting on the public services and institutions – and we have to do that BEFORE independence, or we bring this vile queer and kink movement with us. Ireland is an independent state, and it is going through an existential crisis right now because of this despicable, deviant sex-driven movement which has a grip there. Sex is a powerful biological determinant but who would have believed that it would come to determine our every action, thought and decision, relegating everything else to the margins – common sense, reality, truth, biology?

  65. Minekiller says:

    Scotland is run by insane perverts. That’s the key problem.

  66. sarah says:

    @ Lorna: hear hear. Why politicians and organisations are prepared to humiliate women and girls by saying that we must be kind to these men, I really cannot imagine. I will not vote for any person who takes that line.

  67. Gregory Beekman says:

    Campaigning for Scottish independence is transphobic.

    You bigots.

  68. Chris Downie says:

    The election results are coming in thick and fast from Northern Ireland and once again, the Unionist majority is being eroded. For a long time, the DUP types asked at debates “what would an independent Scotland mean for Tha Yun Yin?” but it’s looking increasingly likely a United Ireland will happen before an independent Scotland, though the former seems almost inevitable (albeit gradually) and the latter is in a state of limbo. Perhaps the time has come to reverse the question and ask “what would a United Ireland mean for the UK and Scotland’s place in it?”

  69. McDuff says:

    Where are all the voices of the decent people in the establishment who must be disturbed by this sordid business. Why this silence.

  70. orri says:

    Thing is even this case might not be evidence to counter the sophistry as the perp dressing as a woman during the abduction doesn’t mean they had to do so but from the victim’s testimony it sure as hell made it easier.

    OTOH there’s middle aged women who could afford the things they shoplift who for some reason seem compelled to do it so in a way they had to do so.

  71. Christine Sinclair says:

    An elm tree doesn’t become a Scots pine by wrapping a kilt round it. Only men can be trans*women* Humans cannot change sex. The Stupid Noncy Party are attempting to force a legal fiction on us. Its madness

  72. willie says:

    The story about this foul trans creature is appalling. He lifted an innocent girl off the street and then incarcerated her in his home.

    Predatory, predatory, predatory screams out at you. But he is not the only vile trans pervert who has emerged recently. But this is who, and I use the word appropriately, scum like Shona Robinson defend.

    Looking at the picture of Robinson who is a well paid politico on the SNP gravy train, and on reading her comments can I be the only one that looks at her and her ilk with utter detestation. I don’t think so.

    The SNP are no longer a party supporting independence. They actually do the reverse and squander mandate after mandate whilst undermining Scotland as a people, as a nation accepting of Scotland’s colonial status in the UK.

    Nor do they deliver on basic services for which they have control.

    But on top of all of the foregoing, the SNP’s support for predatory perverts is the tip of an absolutely rotten edifice that once had Scotland and its people at its heart.

    All of these things together for me mandates that we need to get them out at next election. Time they were gone and they will be.

  73. ScotchedEarth says:

    Presumably, Chris Downie (19 May, 2023 at 9:56 pm) is celebrating the NI council election results that saw Provisional Sinn Féin up 21 seats.
    That result should be remarked with regret, not enthusiasm. Sinn Féin is the political wing of the Provisional IRA, a terrorist group that murdered 2,128 people—almost half of NI’s sad total in the last episode of the Eternal Irish Conflict(*): men, women, children, infants, elderly, horses, dogs, Australians, Spanish, Germans, Protestants, Catholics, Sikhs, Muslims, Jews—even Mormons (how many Mormons in NI? But the IRA still managed to find some to murder—that’s the IRA: if it can breathe, it can be murdered).
    Those 2,128 people included some of our fellow Scots, most notoriously the three young and unarmed off-duty Royal Highland Fusiliers shot in the back on a Belfast hillside in 1971: brothers John and Joseph McCaig, 17 and 18, along with their friend Dougald McCaughey, 23.
    SF-IRA’s terrorist campaign saw them plant bombs in pubs, shopping centres on Mother’s Day, and solemn memorial services; it saw the IRA shoot dead sons and daughters in front of their mothers, and fathers in front of their sons; it saw the IRA cowardly and evilly force fathers into bombed-up cars that they remotely detonated as they drove into army checkpoints (gotta give some points to those jihadis on suicide missions—at least they do it themselves, not threaten some poor sod’s wife and kids to get others to do it for them); it saw the IRA employ torture, even on mothers of young children (Caroline Moorland who was kidnapped, held, interrogated and tortured for three days before being shot, her body dumped near the border; the priest who gave her the last rites described her face as ‘mutilated beyond recognition and her head completely disfigured’); it saw the IRA commit vile atrocity after vile atrocity.
    For these evils and others did Irish nationalist John Hume describe the IRA as ‘the nightmare of the Catholic community’—not the British, not even the loyalist terrorists, but the IRA:
    One of their main claims is that they are the defenders of the Catholic community. Of the 1,194 members of the Catholic community who died, 46 per cent were killed by Loyalist paramilitaries, 37 per cent by people describing themselves as republicans and 17 per cent by the security forces. And in the last 10 years since 1 January 1978, of the 306 members of the Catholic community who have lost their lives, 112 have been killed by people describing themselves as republicans. In the last 20 years Republicans have killed more than twice as many Catholics as the security forces and in the last 10 years have killed more than the Loyalists. Some defenders!’ (Addressing the SDLP’s annual conference in 1988)
    Evil is the IRA’s good, and so the IRA collaborated with the Nazis in the Second World War while so many Jocks were fighting the evil of National Socialist Germany or suffering beneath German bombs. And to this day, the Republic of Ireland stands shamed as the only nation outside of Ukraine to put up statues to Nazi collaborators (Tom Barry, Frank Ryan, Seán McCool, Seán Russell).
    The IRA—Provisional, Official, New, Real, in whatever incarnation—are the most vile and evil scum in history and the world; and anyone who flies their murderous flag is no Scottish ‘patriot’ or ‘nationalist’ but the most vile of ("Tractor" - Ed)s, someone who cheers on the murderers of his own people.
    btw, given topic of our host’s post, Sinn Féin have embraced ‘Wokeness’, including all the trans bs, with as much enthusiasm as the SNP; another reason to regret their gaining electoral ground.
    (* ‘Eternal’ as it long predates any English involvement, with Irish raiding Romano-Britain even before the Romans left—and, of course, ‘Scotland’ is so named because of the Scotti who came here from the north of Ireland.)

  74. John C says:

    McDuff says:
    19 May, 2023 at 11:31 pm

    Where are all the voices of the decent people in the establishment who must be disturbed by this sordid business. Why this silence.

    Virtually all of them have either been silenced via cancellation, bullying, death/rape threats or have been marginalised. People were protesting this and warning about it in the late 90s but most people either didn’t listen or wrote the Trans thing off as a passing fad.

    Institutions were captured by ideologues slowly throughout the 2000s. Critical voices were removed at this time with most branded as ‘bigots’ and ‘transphobes’ for warning about what now, finally, is starting to be taken seriously which is why the forthcoming Cass Report is going to be crucial. The interim report was completely damning of Trans healthcare and how basic science and healthcare was dismissed for an ideological basic method based on bad science and, at best, misleading statistics.

    It’s only now the ideology is feeding into the world outwith academia and middle class circles that there’s now a huge backlash to it. There’s also serious reviews in other European countries with Finland and France especially providing more info as to how terrible all the ‘settled science’ about Trans healthcare is far from being settled or even anything like science at all.

    One of the reasons Trans activists are getting more and more frantic is the more light shone upon Transgenderism the more it’s exposed for what it is. Also if Trans ideology fails in the UK, we can expect a domino effect as that gives other countries the urge to push back as well.

    So the next few years are going to be massively important but the fact is voices have been shouting about this for 25 years nearly and most of didn’t listen.

  75. Martin says:

    I realise she’s trying to engage in sophistry with they’ve never *had to* pretend to be anything else. But even that falls at the first hurdle. I doubt any have ever approached a vulnerable person with “Hi! I’m a predatory and dangerous man. Fancy coming into my van for a bit of rape and murder?”

    Truly, we hurtle towards the end of human thought by promoting these utter fools.

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